Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA)

 - Class of 1968

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Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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V A b. V ,1 $ h, m , w- A rmwkwm-Hs 37k mug 4' . .33qu l , , g 4.1,. '53 1 II I , $ 11.. i,m 2 7.... 393' :1 g ?:?:s 'i . l Vallejo, California Springstowne Junior High PamHanvold...........-................Editor EarlTrumbull....................Ass'tEditor Tomahawk Staff Linda Blaziek School Spirit Mr. Cencirulo , Advisor - : V , n 1 TV VY: Pam Hanvold Earl Trumbull Editor V L , , Z , V Ass't Editor 9th Grade 9 ' LI a , VK V . V V Publications Popularity P011 V ' ' Sports Janet Owen x. ,, IV V L ' If k John James Student Body K K V A 7th Grade 9th Grade A u R . A V JAN Candids , 5 ' Kwikil, Debbie Ingram a 1 Jerry Powell 8th Grade I u ,, .; V V' 7 y A Music Clubs a . Honor Societies N I V , V . NLR , $ f Ale Kw ,3 V VNW Vb KEMXQXV QX, Dedication -Nv.vyMM7WWWWM' Teaching in the Snack Room Period I English or instructing Journalism students, Miss Levine always shows a a h great deal of interest in us, no matter what it may be. The Yearbook Staff dedicates this year-' . Vi book to her and would also like to include 3 .11, the 12 other new teachers. Naturally, 1 you can see there wouldn't be enough space to include all of them. But they are: Mr. Allen, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. .ymvt A y a Cole, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Gonzalez, Mrs. N, x y p ' f ' Huneke, Miss Marmer, Miss Mitchell, I l ' , Mr. Torry, Mr. O'Hara, Mrs. Price, 1: and Mrs. Stahlkopf. Q , .1, We of the Yearbook Staff hope to show our appreciation to all of them by select- ing a new teacher for our, dedication. v On the other hand, it is also not to ' detract from our sincere thanks to Miss Levine for helping to make this an en- joyable year for all of us, whether it is in her English classes or bringing out -, an exciting new issue of our school ' newspaper, "The Warrior". $$uiym:sm.ummnau ., . u Q. r??? ; x $ mp z Q $$va yw X w 2 . c1 It is fitting that we express our appre- ciation and thanks to our Yearbook staff and advisor, Mr. Cencirulo, for this splendid Tomahawk they have produced for us. This TOMAHAWK will become more valuable to us in the years to come as it serves to remind us of our many happy and successful days at Springstowne. Congratulations and thanks for a job well done. Warren L. Max Principal Miss Michel: 9th Grade Counselor; Mathematics Mr. Norlin: 8th Grade Counselor; World History To editor, Pam Hanvold, her yearbook staff, and their advisor Mr. Cencirulo, we are greatly indebted for this fine year yearbook. I personally wish to express my gratitude for the splendid coopera- tion and accomplishments of our student body and staff during the past year. These have been achieved through tre- mendous cooperation of students, parents and staff. Wesley Mathews Vice-Principal Mrs. Hantke: 7th Grade Counselor; Reading tmnwmu u..-" 1'5" t ,Ab 4x1.- : W W '25-st . - + .uw-t-:v ball ' 1. antiiul ; w'xn. ; La-.. A. --e ,1.k7r;,,44 v, .ai Wx Mr. William Williams History Mr. Robert Wright Physical Education Mr. Joseph Young Mathematics Mr. Carl Allen Mathematics Mrs. Joanne Argyres Spanish Mr. William Bartlett Mathematics, Algebra Mr. Nathan Beauchamp Mathematics Miss Sandra Bishop Art Mrs. Awilda Burroughs Spanish Mr. Elton Cencirulo Student Activities, World History, Yearbook Mr. Raymond Chock Metal Shop Mr. Morris Coats World History, U.S. History Mrs. Barbara Cole Mathematics, English Miss Charline Erwin English Mr. Angel Garcia 1 Spanish Mr. Rene Gonzalez Science Mr. Gerald Hanlon Science Mr. John Holland English Mr. Raymond Hubbell World History, U.S. History Mrs. Joan Huneke English Miss Lois Levine English, Journalism Miss Betty Marmer English -. Miss Dorothy Marsden 4 3h La" 75 7 4 11 . Library ' ' m Mrs. Edith Mason Clothing Mr. Robert McMaster Wood Shop Miss Karen Mitchell Spanish Miss Rose Morrow School Nurse Miss Shirley Oakes Physical Education Mr. John O'Hara Mathematics, Algebra Mrs. Felice Price English Mrs. Audrey Shabbas History Mrs. Jean Sklove Foods Mr. Charles Sprouse Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Carole Stahlkopf English Miss Andree Temple Physical Education Mr. Robert Titus History Mr. Roger Torrey Band, Choir Mrs. Maureen Van Tuyl French w xmnmmwwmmxxxxxmm . , .ankW xmxxxxxwwxxxwvwmxxxmxwxwwm BOARD OF TRUSTEES, left to right: Dr. John W. Nicoll, Elsa Widenmann, Phillip Album, Alfred W. Newman, Geneva Brownridge, David L. Max, Edna J . Kozak. Attendence Office Library Staff Miss Adele Anderson Mrs. Peters, 'Miss Marsden Main Office Staff Mrs. Ogle, Mrs. Smith Cafeteria Staff Mary'Farmer, Grace Swinnie, Sadie Hammons. Head Custodian Mr. Thompson Q Ben Almario Patty Ames Ray Amsbaugh Barbara Anderson Steve Anderson Linda Andrews Whig. xmwviam .. FALL CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Neal Colombo, vice-presi- dent; Dorothy Johnson, president; Kathy Peters, sec. -treas. , Mr. 4! Holland, Advisor. Q . Wu .J; . . I'I'IUJ :UCD I-IZ- x .. .; K SPRING CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: E11ie Holt, vice-presi- dent; Darliena Liwanag, president; Gay Bera, sec. -treas. Julie Angell Steve Apple Michele Apple David Arbizo David Asher J ennie Bates Lam-JEvd;zA-b;:.- , w-m-uV...im.-.s.. x ,. 1 ; c r "WWWW Wanda Bauder Gail Beckman Valerie Bengal xwmmmimw Gay Bera Steve Berry Pam Bettencourt Chris Bevis Mary Bjorman David Blaziek Linda Blaziek Barbara Blue Carolyn Bohannon Fred Bonnifield Ramon Bonton Larry Borgo Greg Bradford Gary Brook Terry Brooks Tony Brown Connie Brown Laura Browse Sue Burchfield Fred Bush Sue Capitani Cliff Carneiro Nancy Carrillo Alice Casey Cathy Castleberry Jody Christy David Clark Mick Claxton Carl Cockrum Sue Cogan XMX NYxMxM ' Penny Coleman Belinda Collier Jeff Collins Roger Collins Neal Colombo Eileen Combs Rod Cornelius Diana Correia Ron Cotten Diane Cox Patty Cresteno Peggy Crimmins ,xMWWz J anice Cunningham Deborah Cusseaux Louise Davis Debbie DeLacy Judy Dolph Randy Donato J 0y Doutt Danny Dungan Virginia Eding'field Lynn Eleyet Terry Ellis Debbie Eppler Dave Fernandez Leann Ferris Kent Fingold Debbie Flynn Tom Folland Kity Forbush Rick Foster Frank Fowler Arlene Fox Diane Freudenberg Lonnie Gaab Marie Gano Cathy Carrido Cindy Geist Peggy George Russ Gerig Bill Giltner Jeff Goforth Ronni Golub Charles Graham Yvonne Graham LaVonne Granger Dave Grayson Debbie Green Dorsey Green Pat Greene Elayne Greene Garry Grigg Rocky Grissom Darlene Grzelak mm",- wan Barbara Guidi Donna Gulde Pat Hall Robin Haltom Mike Hanneman Pete Hansen Pam Hanvold J eff Harris Cathy Hart Tom Hendrycks Tom Herren Charlie Hetzer W , a 'L ,, I , ijwm J ames Hicks Mark Hight Cindy Hillman Elizabeth Ho Leslie Hockin Randy Hodge m Chris Hoellwarth Troy Holbrook Diane Holman Ellie Holt Dennis Holtz Debbie Holzschuh Rich Hopkins Martin Hurd Marlene Hurd Debbie Ingram Tony Ingram Lorie Jackson L ' , L AX ' : , ; , WX John R. James John T. James Dorothy J ohnson x ; Ricky J ohnson -' , ; " x x Scott Johnson I L Pat Jones Roger Jones Connie Jumper Terri Kaufman Lambert Kelly J ohn Keyt Kim Kilpatrick ,ZU Johnnie King Charles Knight Ed Knight x ww 71y, 7 4 ; zzw yiy w Mike Koepke Debra Kuehl J ohn Kurz g; 74 MW ; 2 NW Ellen Ladd Linda Lamb Mona Lancaster w ??x W Danny Landers Patty Larsen Sharon Lawrence Wes Lawrence Lillie Lee Barbara Lesko Rebecca Lewis Roberta Lique Debra Lira Darliena Liwanag Dale Lorincz J eff Lougheed Mark Lowe Tom Lucas Johnnie Mack Wade Magill Dave Marbury Denise Marino Eddie Marks Paul Martin Lucinda Martinez J im Mathews Marcia Mathews J anette Matney Karen McDonough Deborah McGinley Roger Mchmsey WWMHMWWI Gary McKee J eff McQueen Peter Meruez Judy Meredith ' u . , , , , , L x : Connie Miller , , -' , , . 1 L L , ,, Gary Mitzel Debbie Moe Cheryl Mogica Phyllis Moore Rick Morris Robert Morris Donna Murrell firm 1r Jim Muth Steve Novosel Phil Nugent Cindy Ochoa Dave O'Hara Carla Olsen um '2' alassv luv Dave Ormiston J anet Owen Pam Parker Lynn Patterson Lona Peacock WM ,m , Mike Peck Kathy Pedicord Peter Peralta Robin Peretto Patty Perreira Kathy Peters Mike Peters Debbie Petersen Cheryl Peterson Toni Pine Chris Piper J im Podplesky Rohn Polson J erry Powell J erry Price Steve Puccetti Rick Purser Jim Pye Gary Rae Gerry Raible WX$ Louise Reddy Nick Richmond Cindy Ricks Clay Rider Charles Ridout Ray Rivera Marshelle Roades Laurie Robak J im Robertson J an Robinson Jessie Romero J oan Ross Robin Rowe Mike Rummell Garnett Runnion Freda Rush Ed Sabthia Tim Saddler Rhonda Sager Leaster Sandefur Randy Scott Scott Searls Cindy Seaton Greg Sessler Ralph Settembrino Jackie Setzer Sandy Shankles Linda Shiner Debbie Shinn Carol Shurtleff Marilyn Shuyler Rick Sibert Robert Sibley Betty Simons Kinney Sims Doug Smith Neil Smith Mark Smith Ron Smith Pam Snyder Tim Snyder Debbie Soliday J eff Solomon Raye Souza , ; , , - , , Robin Stanley ,, ' . . , V ; W x , , . MW , . L ' , Jim Steele Tom "Butch" Stephens Dan Stevens Pam Studebaker Wayne Sylliaasen Ed Tanner Dave Tavalero Barbara Taylor Amelia Tholmer Dennis Thomas Kathy Thomsen Pam Thrash Dwindal Toliver Dorothy Trolinder Jim Tronnes Mike Trujillo Earl Trumbull Mike Turk Bruce Turner Debbie Turner Larry Turner Becky Turner Carolyn Uhl Debbie Vail Larry Valdez Mark Valdez Chris Variz Vicki Velardo Barbara Walker Jessica Walker Bobby Walker Bill Waller Linda Walling Cheryl Watterson Debbie Webb Patty Welch Judy Welling Patti West Cliff Wickens Mike Williams Teresa Williams Walter Williams Bobby Wilson Christy Wilson mvmmgwmmww W w; K773 4? W1; :wMwa- ., M, Brad Wilson Tom Wilson Wanda Wilson Marilyn Windsor Dan Wirbick Sherrill Wise Carl Wong Russ Word Danny Young J 1111 Reardon Bruce White Remember? Well it all started September 5, 1967, our fist day at running things. Remember the campaigning for Cheerleaders and Pompon Girls? How about the first dance of the year? WOW! Can you recall all that school spirit we had at the first rally, October 10? Remember how we buttered our teachers up as they marked our first report cards? But did it help? And the Fall N. B. L. Conference at Cook Jr. High in Santa Rosa on November 4, ,1967. . . . You might even be able to recall the the basketball game between the 7th, and 8th grade boys. We never did find out what the French Club learned on their field trip, December 15. We all can look back at those two glorious weeks of reste-Christ- mas Vacation. Of course, the Student Body and Class Officers can remember all of their hard campaigning in J anuary, 1968. On Feb- ruary 9th, the 9th grade Honor Society sponsored a Valentine Dance. Can you remember the Spring N. B. L. conference at Solano on March 9, 1968? Some of us might even remember the Faculty v. s. the boys' basketball--and some might Wish they couldn't remember it. But when our beloved Pompon Girls and Cheerleaders played. . . some of them probably decided that basketball just wasn't their sport. Of course we all enjoyed the concerts by the Hogan band and choir, and the dance the 9th grade class sponsored May 3. And last but not least our 9th grade party June 7, 1968, the final activity of our memorable times at Springstowne. , ???X? f , wk ,ygzM Patty, Matney and Debbie, Toni Pine Mark Hight Linda Blaziek 8 . Debbie Ingram and Pam Hanvold Rick Purser Judy Dolph Robin Haltom ancy, and Sharon John James Ralph Wilson " Linda Blaziek Dennis Thomas Joan Ross and Pam Parker Earl Trumbull Dan Landers . Cathy Castleberry Gay Beta Toni Pine Jimbo Polsons Janet Owen Janette Linda Lamb N '7 . 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 18. 19. 20 21. 22. g.gmwwgwagd a? , ha Most Popular , MOST LIKELY TO SUVCCEED: : Mark LoWe and Janet Owen W A: MWWW W w , MR. AND MISS CONGENIALITY: Neal Colombo and Patty Perreira . WWW w WWwif ENGLISH: Ronni Golub Janet Owen, f Dale Larincz; not pictured, Robert Wlllson. JALGEBRA: Dale Lorincz, Ronni Golub. ART: Jerry Powell, Carolyn Uhl. INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Wayne Sylliasson. HOMEMAKING: Cindy Geist. MUSIC: Dorqthy Trohnder, Laurie J " Robak John James, Wayne , TYPING Da liena Liwa gJ'Ben W'HIS'TDKRY: vai'erie Bengal; Dari Lorincz, Gay Bera, Darhena LiWana'g. LANGUAGE-wFRENCHi Valerie Bengal, Dorothy Johnson, Mark Lowa, not pictured, Jackie Setzer. W4 mam L. Rm mp Nadine Abbott x , Cathy Adkins W53 5 ' - 7'9 , ,, , Mike Allen Wyn Jeanne Amunrud :ZaX , ; y, x , Mike Anderson , ' Virginia Anderson J im Angell J im Arata Linda Arnold Rick Ash Ken Astorg Cindy Au semus FALL OFFICERS7 left to right: Chuck Dooly, Sue Paden, Mr. Norlin, Vic Chiono R010" Bagg Thresa Baird X Kristy Barber Rita Barnes Candy Bartholomew Karen Bathurst Kathy Bathurst , Diane Beach X7 Dave Becky Jackie Berry Greg Bizzell SPRING OFFICERS, left to right: Dana McCollister, Gail Robinson, Debbie Clayton. . . Kathy Black Gary Bleamel Cindy Bohl Linda Boucher Eugenie Brewer Gary Briggs J acquelyn Broaden Don Broder Robert Brooks Mike Brown WW. Bob Brown Tina Bruhn Stan Brunner Bob Budzinski Bill Bullis Laura Burrell Dean Caldwell Kevin Cameron Emily Carroll Dennis Carslund Kathy Cartier Patty Case Pam Chandler Wayne Chandler Vic Chiono Judy Clausen Laverne Dennison Kenny DeStefano Greg Didoha Linda Doig Sandra Doig Chuck Dooly Chris Dooly Kathy Doughty Kathy Doyel Michele Drolette Renee Duesbury Mary Duffy Jerome Dugas Ricky Dupper Kathy Durrant Randy Ecklind Muriel French Paul Frevele Curtis Frolich Denise Fulps Colleen Galea Howard Garcia Rhonda Gasper Vivian Geiger Terri Ghirardo Don Godding Merrilee Golovich Linda Golub Eddy Goodrum Aron Graham Susan Gravelle Kurt Grimmett . 3x, 4K, Debbie Clayton Denise Clayton Steve Coburn Sue Coffman Sue Coley Joe Collier Terrie Cook Connie Costa Glenda Craw Linda Crockett Jeff Curtis John Curtis Anita Dailey Sandi Damitz Richard Davis Janice DeBenedetti Jack Ellis Rob Emge Bob Evans Mario Fajardo Paul Fernandez Dan Flaherty J erry Flahetty John Flynn Kathy Folland Tryna Forbush Debbie Foster Linda Fox Lynn Fox Louis Franchetti J im Frazier Stuart Freeman Gafy Gross LuAnn Gruttemeyer Laura Haddix Kathy Hall Kenneth Hall Louise Halstead Deanie Haltom Ruth Hammontree Kathy Hart Darlene Hamness Lori Hawkins Ron Hays Pam Hewes Denise Hoey Cindy Holbrook Deedre Holzschuh MM? Julie Just Ed Kelly Rick Kersting Ken Kilpatrick Cheryl King Marilee King Stephanie Knox Lynn Koepke Randy Kowalsky Michelle Krisha J ohn Kugelman Carla Landreth Debbie Lawrence Phil Lawrence Earl Lee John Lee Becky March Darlene Mathews Dana McCollister Shane McElroy Gary McGinley Donna McGovern Erica McGriff Nancy McGrogan Glenn McManus Tony McManus Rich Merkling Keith Meyer Bruce Miller Don Miller Mike Miller Pat Miller Dennis Horne Mark Hudson Joyce Huffman Lynn Hunt Susan Hurst Joan Hiff Doug Ivey Mike J acks Chuck J ohnson Linda J ohnson Vic Johnson Bonnie Jones Gary J ones Mark Jones Della Juarez Sandra Jumper Sam Lem Kathie Lenford Mike Lenzi Bev Lewis Gordon Lewis Nick Lewis Ray Lofton Mike Logan John Lourenco Barb Lundeen Jan Lundgren Denise Lyons J ack Magner Vickie Maher Mark Manges Mike Manion w m-wxm, A x w m; sxwmm Susan Miller Betty Mills Anna Milner Susan Minahen J in: Mitzel Doug Mogica Steve Moore Steve Moyer Karen Nakamura Rodney Neeman Linda Norville Midgie Odell Don O'Hara Laura Olson Ricky Orta J eannie Owen Shirley Randal Denise Razle Mike Read Bill Real J anet Reece Gwen Reid Joe Rice Bob Rice Gary Richmond Debbie Ridenour Nancy Riedle John Rives Gail Robinson Sandy Rojas Ted Roop Debbie Rose Toni Simmons Judy Simmons K.J. Simmons Yasmine Simmons Sandra Skaggs Debbie Smith Vonda Smith J an Snell Gene Scares Jimmy Sorensen Glenn Spears Sue Speed Kathy Stanfill Michelle Stanley Mark Stanton Diane Stebbens Sue Paden Craig Patton Ken Peavey Susan Pechar Bruce Peck Tom Pedersen Raymond Pellant Debra Perez Nancy Pettigrew Vanessa Pilate Cindy Plautz Kevin Powers Mary Prenkert Steve Puleo Kathy Raab Amadeo Ramos Joe Rotter Nay Sabathia Jerry Saffle Angie Salinas Ken Sammons Jeff Samuels Carol Sandusky Sandra Sawyer Sheldon Schmidtt Lisa Schneider Bill Schwegler Cathy Scott Lloyd Settle Carene Shaver Rhonda Shultz Gary Silveria . -. mum. Gary Steele Matthew Steinberger Eide Sternbach Marshall Stevens Rodney Stoneking Dave Stover , V . Deborah Straub ,"""""""""'l'twmww r ' ' '1 , , ; , I ' Joanne Strong Maureen Sturn Dennis Sullivan Debra Talken Kathryn Tate Gwen Teat Robert Thomas Merrinisa Thompson Robert Tidd x g, wz, x. Roslynn Tiernan Denise Toliver Eddie Treadway Sheila Tuckness Bevin Turner Nancy Udell Lonnie VanSchaack m. ' .354 nun ' Gary Varing Michael Vukovick Jeff Wagner Mary Walck Vicki Ward Deborah Watson Stephen Weeden James Wesson David West Connie Wheeler Randall White James Whitecotten Deborah Whitney Anthony Widemon ,v William Widen EWKE , W 7 James Wilkes . IZQQQ V. ??ANW , Diana Williams Leilani Williams Rhonda Williams Sharon Williams Johnetta Wilson Susan Wilson Jack Wojton Debra Wolff Larry Wood Major Woolard Joyce Wooten Ronald Wooten Joe Wright Kerneen Wright Mark Wright Kathleen Young Aw Marcia Zibalese Melody Casebolt Pete Colan Bonnie White W. 'VwaRngf :2 "g W xx WW an www...n.4,.a:a.. 5- Darlene Mathews Sue Wilson Debbie Rose Michelle Drolette Gail Robinson Nancy Riddle Chris Dooly Rene Sturn 9 . Graham and Dog Sock it to me. Clayton Twins 4. 5 10 1 a. .. I -Vl... limit! m , - , , v s... $$meiaminummik... ". mu... 5 1 X .WV w W W1 Karen Bledsoe SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: Sherree Olson, Mr. Young, Advisor; Gary Nancy Mazzoni, Rick Mathews. Boatwright 0W A W I KXMW n. WV $ m w. w WWW . AW x3 x Xxwx Mr. Young, 7th GRADE ADVISOR a v XXX V X '.:..' nlw'nnzilmk ' .agk4hiiwm: 4:9. Rxwxxx 3 . - . p . , ' Virginia Camacho XXX 1 X v ' ,,' x . : :2, x x Dennis Capps I x ' ' Ray Carrillo Ed Casarino Cathy Case Pam Case Tom Cassinos Dawn Casteel Pat Cecchini Calvin Chase Julie Chin Carol Clausen Bill Clelland Pat Coffman Paul Cogan Diantha Collier Valerie Colon Joe Cooper Scott Corbin Rick Cornelius Marie Cornett Kathy Craig Rebecca Craig Darrell Crow John Cushing Bryan Dalton Gail Davis Linda Davis Greg DeGrange Bonita DelCarmen Kim Del Turco J in: Dennison Katie Dodson Wanda Dodson Carol Doss Darwin Drake John Drake Ellen Dufford Valerie Dugas Don Dungan Mickey Dupper Chris Eamer Rebecca Echols Paul Ecklind Dennis Eichner Ray Emmans Doug Emmerick Mike Pagan Jachin Fernish Dan Ferronato Celia Flaherty J eanne Foote Denise Fountaine Roger Foreman Linda Foster Charlotte Fowler Janice Fox Melanie Fox Cheryl Frank Fred Frazier J ean Freeman David Froehlich Danny Frohrib mxwx Peter Fuller Sandra Fulps Mike Galmukoff Geraldine Garcia Marie Garrett David Gaul Cathy George Don Gecrgetti Sharon Gilcrest Guy Goodenough Terri Goroski Dwight Graham Cori Grate Michael Greene James Grissom Kevin Guthrie Barbara Halstead DeEtta Hamilton ' "-34 twp: u Mark Hanes Alex Hansen Raymond Harley Don Hart John Helli Russell Hensley John Henslin Iris Henry Will Henry Janette Hillery James Hilton Gwen Hockin Elizabeth Hoey Michelle Holder Karen Holland Rosalyn Holmes Carma Hooper Lynne Hopper Gloria House Carin Howard Tracy Ingram Mark J acks Marilyn J ensen Debbie Johnson Mark Johnson J im J ones Linda Jones Michael Jones Brent Jorgenson J ohnny Juarez James Kelly Kathy Kerr Richard LaComb Patt Landers Mark Lavezzo Kim Lawrence Margie Lawrence Charlotte Lawton Rose Lawton Greg Lewis John Lim Mary Lim Lewis Linville Patrick Logan Monti Lucero Ray Lyons Camille Mack Darrell Macklin Mike Madsen Roy Magnet Stanley Maher Bryan Manges Don Manuel Linda Manzano Carole Marquez Mike Martin Scott Martin Rick Mathews Nancy Mazzoni Steven McCauley Marilyn McClusky Kelly McElroy Steve McElwain Greg McGavern Geoff McNeilly Debbie Meadows Dawn Mendivil Carol Merrill Tim Minahen Mike Monroe Kathie Moore Lisa Moreno Joe Margado Sue Morgan Mike Murrell Everett Newby Sheryl Nixon Greg Nyland J anet Ochs Debbie O'Dell Ellen Olson - .. .A... w . um. wm ' m-gx- . . ".M-..-M.. . i' Al .SL, n4 h, -,. . Trude Richardson Brian Roades Roberta Roberts David Robertson John Rockwood Neal Rockwood Bonnie Ross Kenn Runyon Terry Rush David Russell Mike Sabathia Frank Salas Fred Salmon Terry Samansky Jim Sandoval Lynelle Sargent Steve Schaechtele Ron Schaeffer Rhonda Schmidt Roxanne Searls Paul Sessler Dennis Shankles Rhonda Shanks J ohn Shaver Rick Sherouse Ralph Sibley Don Siemens Kevin Sigler Melody Simmons Rhonda Simmons Constantine Smith Don Smith Rhonda Smith Fern Solomon Dennis Sousa Steve Sousa Claudia Southard J anet. Sprankle Harold Stanford Eric Stark Barry Stillwell Theresa Stora Doug Stover Rich Straub Nicki Talbot Steve Tamargo Bob Tanner Latricia Tholmer Cindy Thompson Joseph Thompson John Thurber Debbie Trader Greg Trewin Glenn Trimmer Sherree Olson J 0y Owen Kathy Padilla Kathy Pannell Dan Patterson J enny Paul Pam Peavey Twila Pechar James Pedersen Bill Pellant Richard Perez Debbie Peters Kathy Petersen Don Phillips Debbie Pistore Ray Pizante Blair Pollen Geph Polson Elizabeth Powell Antonette Proper Harold Prophet Darryl Prophet Helen Pults Diana Raab Douglas Reynolds Debbie Richards Lisa Richards David Trumbull Randy VanPelt Vern VanSchaack Sherry VanVelsor Edna Villanueva Chris Voss Debra Wade Bill Wages Patty Waldron Joan Walker Mike Waller Leslie Waterman Kathy Weathers Keri Weed Gail Weiss Tom Wenn Patti West Russell Whitaker Debra White Danette Whitt Bari Wickens Linda Wild Jacqueline Wiler Louis Wiley Lene Wilkes Rebecca Williams Avis Wilson Ralph Wilson Bill Wise Debbie Woodruff Leroy Woodson Linda Woolard Mike Young Winston Young Lash LaRue Ellen Robertson Cathy Ashenfelter Jim Peters Kenny Guess I wawkwwOMNwwAwavmvwv m . Mm M A xvx " mezww r: bU ' aZ-r Miss America Finalists Dave Trumbull 7 . What did you say? 8 . We heard you. Dave Trumbull and A likely bunch Ray Carillo 3 . Do you want one of our 4 . They look better empty. 5 6 9 10. Sx ,, ???;E ,m z y; x ,lrl . pVFMVxhwWW :64? .a. ??????:i Wm WM WWMW 4, V E w W357 xx 9 2 , , I 1 WW 7 W Presentation of a plaque for appreciation The Yearbook Class Garbage Can Detail Linda's Idol Winter Queen and runners ups One of Springstowne's Bands Pompom Boys Charlie's Chicks and Rays Cuties Russ's Rats Cheerleaders , 3m" , ghak 44 a JIK X Z 2 2 i i i f, ? ? , MW mxx mmxm "A" Football - Champs COACH: Mr. Crawford SCORES Springstowne 20 - Franklin Springstowne 2 - Vallejo Springstowne l9 Solano Springstowne 25 Franklin Springstowne 15 Vallejo Springstowne 24 Solano u N'V i..- .' n . pyra' RAJ D55; 12.v Id 9 , .rOKJQX. JPC FIRST ROW: Steve Apple, Mark Lowe, Mike Turk, Wade Magill, Russ Word. SECOND ROW: Martain Hurd, J eff Harris, Dorsey Green, Roger Collins. THIRD ROW: Jerry Price, Carl Wong, John James. wr-nwbiw .. ' CAPTAINS: Mark Lowe, J eff Harris HuMiLAOiiJ-Wmhx buhLIp-iskuiV-aing-ar-u-Ax .. . v "1w: Vm . . . - . SCORES ? "ax '- - - Springstowne 13 - Franklin 6 IJCOACH: Mr. Crawford 1.9.. . .. Springstowne 6 Vallejo 22 -' ' ' -' - Springstowne 6 Solano 32 Springstowne 14 Franklin '12 Springstowne 12 Vallejo 19 Springstowne 0 Solano 35 FIRST ROW: Tom Wilson, Jeff Collins, Mike Rummel, Neal Colombo, Johnny King. SECOND : ROW: Rick Purser, Mike Trujillo i -' f Trujillo, Wes Lawrence, Bobby 1 Walker, Randy Donato, Walter Williams. THIRD ROW: Robert Morris, Charlie Hetzer, James Hicks, Wayne Sylliaasen, Robin Peretto, Rod Cornelius. xxx W444, K . 4 1.4-; 4.. 4.x.i; .v -..;,,. .-K..L...Z-4.,.;.;L,A 4 4 FIRST ROW: Rod Cornelius, Charlie Hetzer, Mark Lowe, Jeff Harris. SECOND ROW: Ray Amsbaugh, Jim Reardon, Mike Turk, Dave O'Hara, Russ Gerig. THIRD ROW: Bob Jankiewicz, Dave Grayson, Martin Hurd, James Hicks. K SCORES , , Springstowne 50 - Franklin COACH: BOb Jankiewicz 4 , ' Springstowne 52 Vallejo Q Springstowne 37 Solano Springstowne 44 Franklin Springstowne 63 Vallejo Springstowne 44 Solano WWWWjNvmyr vmxwm Wwaxxxxw, FIRST ROW: Tom Herren, Gary McKee, Tom Wilson, Bobby Walker, Ricky Johnson, Greig Sessler. SECOND ROW: Bob Jankiewicz, Jim Tronnes, Randy Donato, Mark Smith, Mike Rummell, Johnny King. THIRD ROW: Wade Magill, Chris Hoellwarth, Wayne Sylliaasen, J im Robertson, Neal Colombo, Robert Morris. SCOR ES Springstowne 33 - Franklin COACH: Bob Jankiewicz 5 ,, I , ' Springstowne 36 Vallejo " Spr ingstowue 36 Solano Springstowne 62 Franklin Springstowne 49 Vallejo Springstowne 45 Solano ?Jmai M.m n ww..;,mws2x2nnm.uwum . 2m .m-.v..w..,.m.. . 8th Grade "A" Basketball u..:.. --,;.. sgnA W92, ka WWW, , -.L .N ; .....- -1.......' , FIRST ROW: Chris Dooly, Joe Rotter, Rick Dupper, Mike Miller, J im Wesson, Greig Bizzell. SECOND ROW: Bob J ankiewicz, Tony Brown. V Mn. VngL-w SCORES Springstowne 41 - Franklin Springstowne 37 Vallejo Springstowne l7 Solano Springstowne 26 Franklin Springstowne 23 Vallejo FIRST ROW: B111 Real, Bob Budzinski, Mario Fajardo, Steve Moore, Amadeo Ramos, Robin Bagg, Mark Hudson. SECOND ROW: Bob Jankiewicz, Chuck Dooly, Randy Ecklind, Raoul Salathia, Bob Brooks, Vic Johnson, Steve Puleo, Ted Roop. SCOR ES Springstowne 38 - Franklin Springstowne 44 Vallejo Springstowne 19 Solano Springstowne 53 Franklin Springstowne 24 Solano Baseball FIRST ROW: Martain Hurd,' Charlie Hetzer, J eff Harris, Mark Lowe, Rod Cornelius, Gary McKee, Ron Cotton, Johnny King, Russ Word. SECOND ROW: Gerald Hanlon, Robert Spenser, Ricky Johnson, Rick Morris, Robert Morris, Russ Gerig, Mike Rummell, Cliff Carneiro, Chris Hoellwarth, Eddy Marks. THIRD ROW: Dave Ormiston, Mike Turk, Peter Peralta, Mark Valdez, Rocky Grissom, Randy Donato, Tom Wilson, Mike Trujillo, Wes Lawrence. M.r-'lnu-4L;nx . ... ... "A" TRACK TEAM WMN- "B" TRACK TEAM "C" TRACK TEAM ; MW; ' w, wwmwmm "D" TRACK TEAM xxx MMJWMM A1 .sf STREET SHOES 2.: uuc; .. . . N NNJ...- N ,x ,- A ,N ,N. a "'vb'iJNc-NA- . . WNM ?gN ?hw Miss Oakes checks tumbling stunts in the 9th grade class. , Ammz mamme mo , ,, 1f Z4? , A W " ,W'M WW" .. E! . , .351: :5 '4 .n . Innihnl k: :1! slll lgx $$i: KSSSSE F, WW Kg??g wW W? Wm M ,V A 4 , z , 1 w mm, W 5;? V 71 2 , x M Chris Hoellwarth A not too successful play Dorsey Dorsey not quite making it A successful play Interception by Vallejo A penalty Where's the football? Bob and Mike in action n4 ...;...N.-., .. .A A w, :mn-ymmw YM'KR n m" .ml-I .x. ,uh u..- f f' ,, ,, WWm, , WW, w , , ,, m , W wiwyWWwaxxwmm. , ,Wm Xz g Z psww MMWWHWAe x V , N g; y; ? xi 6 WW WW0 X VWM w WV WWWM, my ,,,, ies I' m Act Q $ $$ $$ kkkxxXNxxxxx$ $ xi$x$$z ikxxxxxxx xxxx$$$xx$$ .3. axxxSxxu. saggxxxfxxxx? $ ,gsxxkxkxxyf 1Z1 , x117 byw? iva . x Xx a , ixxxxxxx .2 2M? $K$V ixxxxx33z , 7?? V 74? 2,23 x , :MMMR ya, xxx gxxxxw kaix ,2 xVJVMWM , 2;??i 4 . ggz W11; ? 656,7? 3??? g; ? 9 C $$$921$3$$xx . z. 09 ? liggk , , . ??;???an . frigidalaiizfox , Vi , , xx . 1x 24 git! , wiwwgtq ?NUMHHW .V ?2 , V. a; 4 62:52 1z 63 , 261V; . 2143 II 51,295; 57? 32v? , 14,124 V ggx z; Vii; 015x54 17g Us 2V1? ; vmwwwMW4 School Spirit 5.: .w .2 4;. Cheerleaders ""11- Senior Cheerleader: Teresa LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Dolph, Lorie Jackson, Teresa Williams Williams, Cheryl Mogica, Janette Matney. , Nv Lorie J ackson J anette Matney II'iI' P s O O In c s k .w G n o P m o P Patty Head Pompon Girl Perreira Patty Perreira, Pam Freda Rush, LEFT TO RIGHT lson. Hanvold, Christy Wi Freda Rush Pam Hanvold Oath .V Castjeber 11V Christy Wilson '13 mm Pet! 61 , Student Body - 'kawmmwww g? ' 6 W, FALL STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT J anet Owen my 29,!51WCM N! WW Teresa Williams, FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS--FRONT ROW: Senior Cheerleader; Louise Davis, P. T.A. Representative; Gay Bera, Treasurer; Linda Lamb, Secretary. BACK ROW: Janet Owen, Presi- dent; Robin Peretto, Vice-President. x N- mx VVW wwmw Student Wm; SPRING STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT J anet Owen 2 very m2 4777M-.0M gwr SPRING STUDENT BODY OFFICERS--FRONT ROW: Debbie Ingram, Treasurer; Teresa Williams, Senior Cheerleader; Connie Miller, Vice- President. BACK ROW: Janet Owen, President; Lillie Lee, P.T.A. , 2, ' i, 22 , Representative; Kim Kilpatrick, Secretary. V ' y, ' Wig??? FALL STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Robin Peretto FIRST ROW: Greg DeGrange, Barbara Blue, Teresa Williams, Cheryl Mogica, Patti Perreira, Pam Hanvold, Neal Colombo, Freda Rush, Nancy Carrillo, Louise Davis. SECOND ROW: Dana McCollister, Gerri Raible, Vic Chiono, Gary Silveria, Jim Mathews, Leroy Woodson, Chuck Dooly, Judy Dolph, Vickie Maher. THIRD ROW: Christy Wilson, Barbara Anderson, Gay Bera, Kathy Peters, Janet Owen, Lillie Lee, Antonette Proper, Linda Lamb, Toni Pine, Diantha Collier. FOURTH ROW: Ellie Holt, Linda Shiner, Cathy-Castleberry, Debbie Ingram, Steve Puccetti, Robin Peretto, Bruce Turner, Janette Matney, Kim Kilpatrick, Dorothy J ohnson. SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Connie Miller FIRST ROW: Robert Budzinski, Teresa Williams, Barbara Blue, Gail Robinson, Della Juarez, Lorie Jackson, Cheryl Mogica. SECOND ROW: Judy Dolph, Freda Rush, Pam Hanvold, Christy Wilson, Patti Perreira, Jim Mathews, Kathy Doyle. THIRD ROW: Gerri Raible, Barbara Anderson, Gary Silveria, Nancy Mazzoni, Toni Pine, Virginia Camacho, Gay Bera. FOURTH ROW: Roberta Roberts, Becky March, J anette Matney, Kim Kilpatrick, Lillie Lee, Debbie Ingram, Beth Albee. 13mm? l w IV,W..-,.Q -m SPRINGSTOWNE JUN!OR HIGH SCHOOL; Volume XII, No. 4 i Q x in order to d 4:011 char r Friday, February 2, 1968 oundhog can See his shadow, , will be frightened and crawl ,ack into his hole. This is 2suppased to mean that therewm fbe Six more weeks of winter 73gweather. But if the day is loudy and the groundhog cannot e its shadow, he stays out 3 :3 .- Ll... I...1- lnaa 1-! 33$ SYQQF Ellie E:Q::3 Ram: $303883 ., . 3 , Jeff Collins a. . ,. i, 133:: ngan . . :Eike Eamemau . . , . . Arlene Fox . . . . . TEES Typing Classsss . : Ben Aimario, Gay Bara, Jeff V . ; M ;mmzlzm, 32m Dungan? Arlene Fax? Russ Gerig? Mlka Hammman, Ewe .HSIQ Lmda Lamb? Ram Poison, Doug Smith 3322: mailer. Q Q QX: TQQ QM Clubs U. N. E. S. C. O. --1eft to right: Louise Davis, Jeff Curtis, Tina Bruhn, Kathie Lenford, Janet Owen, Katherine Durrant, Lisa Schneider, Mrs. Shabbas, Linda Lamb, Jeannie Owen, Gay Bera, Carol Sandusky, Linda Norville, Kathy Hall, Sheila Tuckness, Virginia Anderson. SPANISH CLUB--FIRST ROW: Steve Novosel, Louise Davis, Ron Smith, Angie Salinas, Cindy Plautz, Virginia Anderson, J eff Curtis, Lucinda Martinez, Dave Tavalero. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Argyres, Sue Burchfield, Barbara Blue, Cindy Ochoa, Sheila Tuckness, Linda Norville, Debbie McGinley, Marcia Mathews, Nadine Abbot, Laura Olson, Colleen Galea. THIRD ROW: Cindy Ausemus, Cheryl Watterson, Linda Walling, Michele Apple, Gerri Raible, J eff Solomon, Linda Doig, Vickie Maher, Kathy Doyel, Lynn Fox. FOURTH ROW: Jim Wesson, Chuck Dooly, Gay Bera, Linda Lamb, Janet Owen, Jackie Setzer, Marie Gano, Kathy Hart, Pat Jones, Amadeo Ramos. FIFTH ROW: Jeannie Owen, Ben Almario, Jeff Goforth, Rod Cornelius, Charlie Hetzer, Barbara Walker, Ray Amsbaugh, LaVonne Granger, Roger Jones, Vic Chiono. FRENCH CLUB--FIRST ROW: Gary McGinley, Rocky Grissom, Marilyn Shuyler, Denise Hoey, Darliena Liwanag, Tom Wilson. SECOND ROW: Kristy Barber, Paul Frevele, Debbie Shinn, Valerie Bengal, Kathy Peters, Chris Bevis, Miss Pierre. THIRD ROW: Ralph Settembrino, Katherine Durrant, Dave O'Hara, Robin Peretto, Donna Murrell, Chris Dooly. ilk! $ngsz ;mn.us...;...w..n MISS ERWIN'S CLASS OFFICERS--FIRST ROW: John Cushing, Blair Pollen, Dwight Graham, Kim Lawrence, Joe Thompson. SECOND ROW: Tom Wenn, Terri Goroski, Sherry VanVelsor, Mark Manges, Don Georgetti. THIRD ROW: Cathy George, Elizabeth Powell, LeRoy Woodson, Winston Young, Micki Broder. FOURTH ROW: Antonette Proper, Richard Sherouse, Camille Mack, Dennis Capps, Becky Echols. cky ZLOSTQSWUND-y :al, . . ; g , , V . LOST 8z FOUND: Darryl Prophet, Connie Boyton, e ' - .. g x f , i ,, V Joe Cooper. BACK: Mr. Chock. ly. mx$mxwmxx Y-TEENS--FRONT ROW: Glenda Craw, Connie Boyton, Bev Lewis, Kathy Black. BACK ROW: Lynn Keopke, Debbie Clayton, Sue Wilson, Lillie Lee, Denise Clayton, Mary Duffy, Mrs. Mason. m 4h... . .. rt' famvprga Magw NINTH GRADE HONOR SOCIETY--FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Tavalero, Louise Davis, Sue Burchfield, Barbara Blue, Lucinda Martinez, Jeff Collins, Scott Searls. SECOND ROW: Advisor; Mr. Hubbell, Darliena Liwanag, Ronni Golub, Peggy George, Cheryl Watterson, Terry Brooks, 'Pam Hanvold, Rocky Grissom. THIRD ROW: Gary Brook, Cheryl Peterson, Robert Walker, Chris Bevis, Cathy Hart, Gay Bera, Barbara Guidi, Marie Gano, Rohn Polson. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Settembrino, Ben Almario, Linda Lamb, Valerie Bengal, Dorothy Johnson, Lillie Lee, Roger Jones, Mike Koepke, Dan Dungan. FIFTH ROW: Dale Lorincz, Jerry Price, Robin Peretto, Mark Lowe, Tom Hendrycks, Wayne Sylliaasen, Russ Word, Dave O'Hara, Jackie Setzer. 5': i5: 7th GRADE HONOR ROLL FIRST ROW, left to right: John Thurber, Chris Voss, Harold Stanford, John Lim, Rick Mathews. SECOND ROW: Mike Jones, Greg Trewin, Mickey Dupper, Robert Satterlie, Roberta Roberts, Scott Martin. THIRD ROW: Tim Minahen, Geoff McNeilly, Don Dungan, Lyn Bennett, Sandra Fulps. FOURTH ROW: De Etta Hamilton, Sheryle Nixon, Patty Waldron, Marilyn McCusky, Barbara Halstead. FIFTH ROW: Julie Chin, Mary Lim, Nancy Mazzoni, Lynn Hopper. SIXTH ROW: Susan Ho, Dawn Casteel, Nicki Talbot, Rhonda Schmidt, Jeanne Foote. SEVENTH ROW: Mark Bauder, Kathy Graig, Danette Whitt, Constance Alicata, Edna Villanueva, Mr. Allen, Advisor. 8th GRADE HONOR ROLL FIFTH ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Snyder, Maureen Sturn, Chris Dooly, Ron Hays, Kerneen Wright, Kathey Durrant, Jeff Samels, John Kugelman, Jeannie Gwen, Linda Golub. FOURTH ROW: Linda Doig, Denise Fulps, Kristy Barber, Bob Evans, Jack Ellis, Mike Logan, Ted Roop, Doug Mogica, Linda Norville, Lisa Snyder. THIRD ROW: John Rives, Ken Astorg, Chuck Dooly, Eide Sternback, Susan Coley, Cindy Ausemus, Vic Chiono, Jim Wessen, Major Woodard, Marcia Zibalese. SECOND ROW: Kathy Cartier, Jeff Curtis, Vanessa Pilate, Vickie Maher, Sheila Tuckness, Deb Talken, Steve Puleo, Nadine Abbott, J anet Lundgren, Nancy Pettigrew. FIRST ROW: Rhonda Gasper, Ed Kelly, Cindy Plautz, Laura Olson, Debbie Lawrence, Denise Razle, Denise Hoey, Kathy Hall, Angie Salinas, Mark Jones, Mr. Norlin, Advisor. wthv-wmw - A. . - ... .. m'" M'MMM m mmemw FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Peters, Mary Lim, Joe Thompson, Valerie Colon, Jackie Wiler, Marie Cornett, Mark Brooks, Rhonda Ayers, Alex Hansen. SECOND ROW: Douglas Wooten, David Gaul, Jim Pederson, Harold Stanford, David Robertson, Greg McGavern, Don Siemens, Roy Magner, Becky Williams, Kim Lawrence. THIRD ROW: Don Smith, Patty West, Alice Stokes, Trude Richardson, Danette Whitt, Cindy Thompson, Debbie Meadows, Pam Peavey, Iris Henry, Jimmy Jones, Mr. Torrey. FOURTH ROW: Janette Hillery, Helen Pults, Rhonda Schmidt, Doug Stover, Susan Ho, Calvin Chase, Allen Bohannon, Debbie O'Dell, Sue Morgan, Cathy George. 1W SENIOR CHOIR--THIRD ROW, left to right: Darlene Mathews, Joyce Wooten, Jim Muth, David West, Lloyd Settle, Tony Brown, Jimi Pye, Nic Lewis, Marlene Hurd, Bruce Miller, Cindy Seaton, Gwen Reid. SECOND ROW: Mr. Torrey, Carolyn Bohannon, Howard Garcia, Jennie Bates, Cynthia Ricks, Diane Stebbens, Rebecca Turner, Susan Gravelle, Virginia Milde, Debbie Flynn, Cindy Bohl, Sandra Skaggs. FIRST ROW: Billy Roosa, Micheal Claxton, Diana Williams, Rhonda Williams, Joyce Huffman, Marilyn Shuyler, Darlene Hartness, Nick Richmond, Cathy Stanfill, Bev Lewis, Roberta Lique, Richard Alicata, Jerry Powell. , "Wm , ' , ' Mn . W MW M$dw WI 7 X ' ya, WKMM 7 0 N 29 .K $ SENIOR BAND--THIRD ROW, left to right: Sherrill Wise, Steve Moore, John Lee, Rick Hopkins, Don Godding, John James, Rick Dupper, Jack Ellis, Paul Frevele, Mike Miller, Dan Dugan, Dean Caldwell, Wayne Sylliaasen, Charles Ridout. SECOND ROW: Mr. Torrey, Mary Bjorman, Lorie Robauk, Renee Duesberry, Sandra Doig, Kathy Bathurst, Lillie Lee, Kathy Thompson, Mary Duffy, Angie Salinas, Dorothy Trolinder, Dana McCollister, Wanda Bauder, Debbie Soliday, Cathy Scott, Kenny Hall. FIRST ROW: Johnny Mack, Aron Graham, Joe Collier, Paul Fernandez, Randy Ecklind, Steve Coburn, Vic Chiono, Dave Becky, Randy White, Jeff Curtis, Mike Logan, Earl Lee, Rohn Polson, Kevin Powers, Bill Schwegler, John Kugelman, J im Angell. JUNIOR BAND--FOURTH ROW, left to right: Mr. Torrey, Ken Runyon, Dave Trumbull. THIRD ROW: James Kelly, Eric Stark, Brent Jorgensen, Steve Bacom, Geph Polson, Ray Pizante, Mark Bauder, Dan Dungan, Dave Burchfield, Steve Schaechtele. SECOND ROW: John Shaver, Richard Mathews, Robert Satterlie, David Froehlich, Nicki Talbot, Lisa Richards, John Helli, Patty Landers, Peter Fuller, Rick Dupper, Steve McCauley. FIRST ROW: P.T. Cogan, Kevin Sigler, Keri Weed, Ramona Becker, Richard Aton, Denise Fontaine, Patrick Coffman, Geoff McMielly, Paul Echlind, Mike Madsen, Mike Martin, Ray Lyons, Mike Monroe, Greg DeGrange. A 199W" nywu-JH; - mmxxxxvmm WW Dave and Debbie Ingram Dave and Linda The Owens Diane Holman Linda Andrews Toni Pine chris piper Earl Trumbull Debbie Ingram Earl playin' it COOI Patty cake Pam Big Flirt Pam Hanvold 2 3 4. 5. 6 7 8 9 HHHH wNHO 7m l m a m :mmmni 7 3 NW WV wmm Index ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS G4 ATTENDANCE OFFICE 6 BABY PICTURES 19, 27, 33, 63 BANDS 62 BASKETBALL 9th tAl 38 BASKETBALL 9th Oil 39 BASKETBALL 8th tA 8: El 40, 41 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 6 CAFETERIA 6 CANDIDS 19, 2'7, 33, 34, 45, 46, 47, 48, 63 CHEERLEADERS 50 CHOR 60, 61 CLUBS 56, 57 COUNSELORS 4 DEDICATION 2 EIGHT GRADE 2246 EIGHT GRADE OFFICERS 22 FACULTY 5 FOOTBALL U10 36 FOOTBALL tBl 37 HEAD CUSTODIAN 6 HONOR SOCIETY 58, 59 INDEX 64 JOURNALISM 55 LIBRARY STAFF 6 MAIN OFFICE STAFF 6 MOST DESERVING STUDENTS 21 NINTH GRADE 8-18 NINTH GRADE ADVISOR 8 NINTH GRADE OFFICERS 8 POMPON 51 POPULARITY POLL 20 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE 4 SEVENTH GRADE 28e32 SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS 28 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS 52, 53 STUDENT COUNCIL 54 TITLE PAGE 1 TRACK 43 VICE PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE YEARBOOK STAFF 55 Acknowledgements The last page of our TOMAHAWK yearbook is always saved for one thing: Acknowledgements. Well, here are the yearbook staff of "68" '5 "Acknowledgements, " which are all very well deserved. First and most important, Mr. Cencirulo, who would always say, "We have to check and recheck!" We'd just think to ourselves that it isn't necessary and when we finally did check it t2 days before yearbook dead- linel, you'd hear the woeful cries, "But I don't know how that mistake got there. " Mr. Benmark, one of our favorite people. He always seemed to make us smile, whether taking Our picture or not. Mr. Carter, our publisher. Without him the TOMAHAWK wouldn't be as great as it is. Thanks to the teachers for letting us interrupt their classes day after day. Thanks to all the students for their co-operation, help, and pictures. And finally the Staff who worked so hard and met all their deadlines. WFM . "wmw :3, Wm? ??..Ww "1",?ng W I I E ! l I V 1m W 7 A39: . M 27-91.... , cum -7 a ' nu... .- . 4...,g .. 3r: or a; : L'th 1'4..- -'- u. .N' y'- F 7571210'14 w -12 ; -il: IV JTD . . . I M -' . ' 12 13 14 15 B 17 19 '1 WNMIAT'13N-1 j y . 1 ' f V, I 7 "n - V M d l - a 'gi "A I . V .. , ' N H I.- l V t - 1 I I - r I r W- I ' 1 4 . , I "WA 77-, l 1 1 ' 1 .. 1. E euq M eluefjew pea moneA ueeJ 9 uer 1 Y 3 1003 1A edwoo uew 6111 Q i i i 1 aha:- A: 1? V 1 '1

Suggestions in the Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) collection:

Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 8

1968, pg 8

Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 72

1968, pg 72

Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 57

1968, pg 57

Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 32

1968, pg 32

Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 7

1968, pg 7

Springstowne Junior High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 70

1968, pg 70

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