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'R ugh- '4 , 1- -2-349221 6'-1 6 I 4 A .P .. V , A, ' 'ff' 4v?f?"55f'4 : '-:- ' Qsjf' 'i 'ri -it-Q9 -4 2? y i. 'kia -Y. f .".au,.f'v9," , g 3, 1 r -0 1' 1'- f z"S"j in 1 S.. ii' J .L Ltrrfl g. f' ,. 9 it Sl' 4 -I r .' .4 Qu? 1-3 - :af if -2 I W .S W . u , v M 'V W 'E + n a K gh 'R W ' , ' ' Q ' "' Q , 'fQ?!559'?K5 X -1 .1 M .Q Q4 'N Q ,, ix, m ' Hs N . ' , 1 nf 9 91 1- ,f A gf W V. .N f is A V , VTE 35 ' 'i J v ,, I 4 , X ., AA V J I S - ' 2- . R ' 7,5 3 fmngil ' ,rr .X ', ei.. W "" whims I ., WF ' 35, 1 , nf V9 , W M. 1 ,, 'H' ' , ,wg ' Y 4 ' Qwiwi vw ,Q .I V A1 G H fv, ,- A is -Q , m' 8- A. ff . A k S. V J gf . r 4.5 'gm ' V' QW 5" Q X . I? WJ- 3'w,,, Qi " . '31 , 2 mph 1 - -1 -f Q.: 12,3 :iw 1 , R ,vi ,gi in if 4, WW.. had -W X W ,,- www -, ff.. K ff, . iY'f: ',., . 1:51 fi , wi.. jk K3 J- wif-W,5g,fg .,,. .X . Q- , f , . -f 'PE 5' fa ,-1 'A - J V ww '.p,'v'i2a W- ,.. ,'. "5-Y 'st f 1 .2 'Q' ,pf fu gr. -3-f--M 1 . -, , V , . za- rf- ' z' -V W, A Q gi' ., T E, "2 :3'wfT,Tff' ' Af 7. 2:75 H ' , ,:"f"',- x if -. A-, . 1 l -'41 ,QM f , M4 "4 -5 f 5 Hi A- 3"p",,5":. MQ: ,f wi'-aj 'wi -HP 1, 1 k,Jg:'ipf-5 3. V u..,Ay.-.1g. 5 ,KKLV f ,VW i-',14n3W.x.1 ....ug.,,.f,,. xi: i F UM 615.5 V 4 qs, -+4 - i.. ff: , ,Q--aw l sf' . ww ' .V " -- ' in , l -:Q :if ' '-:. I -Q 713, " 4: - . an . x hx ,ff-1 gf. N, fgwgi ' v 1.12. , '155 U I 'Z If-,f , ' .:f 3- -. , -, '1 'wc -.2 .. Q- .fffl - Q - 3M,. V 4, ,Aa V ,,, s S' 1 , 17 'K i ' na ,Ng xc 2 fx :MwmQ.ae.m -Lf., :ww . - 'mfilub'-R , Qifhfwh J," " 4""fff'fT',' H ,igiq -111 x - ' ' f 'P X ,. if wwf k " fm,-z., X ' " ' ff QYN.-?1 ,4.u,,, -.gwj',4 f 'ff-1--Tg,'fff 1 if 31gf':',1, Aki , f - Sn ' if ,J 4 4 LUHIBEHJHII4 SPRINGHILL HIGH SCHOOL Springhill, Louisiana VOLUME 17 Gary Pool, Editor Janis Nations, Assistant Editor Russell Burnham, Business Manager K N I w W 4 2 l I August 31, 1965 V 8:10 A. M. Springhill High School Arkansas at Church Street Springhill, Louisiana A The The session CGA traditional ring of the school bell. official beginning of the 1965-1966 school NEW YEAR FOR OLD TRADITIONS" '66 Seniors Treasure Center Aisle Excitement prevailed! The seniors slipped jubilantly into their auditori- um seats on the "left-frontf, They had only moved across the aisle, but their progress heralded the year to march down that aisle. A small change! "But oh! the difference to themf, Their exuberance spread to the juniors and the sophomores. The freshmen, as excited about begin- ing a high school career as the seniors were at fin- ishing one, caught the spirit. Mr. Ed Olive, acting principal, welcomed the stu- dents. The theme of his speech was "A New Year- A Changef, He announced a new acting assistant principal, former science teacher, Mr. Hastings Merritt, and a new secretary, Mrs. Virginia Waters. He introduced 7 new faculty members. The student body adjusted quickly to the school life routine. Spirit and study united to begin '66 A NEW YEAR FOR OLD TRADITIONS THE AXETTES-LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Cathy Bishop, Patricia Flournoy, Donna Nichols SECOND ROW, Patty Quina, Barbara Mize, Elaine Sanders, Cheryl Meyers, Gwen Wynn, Linda Robertson. THIRD ROW: Ann Craig, Rita Kay McDonald, Margie Smigiel, Stephanie Lineberry, Claudia Quina, Pam Kersh, Gayle Craigi FOURTH ROW: Elaine Lineherry, Cathy Cadenhead Sherry Hughes, Brenda Gryder, Vicki Cardwell, Cynthia Williams. New Clubs Join the Traditional Ones New organizations joined the S. H. S. roll of activities. The Quill and Scroll, International Journalism Honor Society, and The Spanish National Honor Society were initiated, The Radio Club held its first meeting. The Pep Squad organized a drill group, The Axettes, to perform at half time during basketball season. A Boys' Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Maxine Pender, entertained students in the Christmas assembly. The new clubs joined the regular ones in doing their traditionally excellent Work in '66-A NEW YEAR FOR OLD TRADITIONS. Superintendent of Webster Parish Schools, Mr. R. O. Machen, Vickie Cardwell, program chairman, Mrs. Jane Tidwell, sponsor, and Mr. Ed Olive, principal, were responsible for the success of the District' Future Teachers meeting held at S H S last fall. 4 Coach Ted Souter, Nancy Smith, and Harold Modisette enjoy refreshments at the stadium at an informal reception given by the cheerleaders after the game. SHS Hosts Social Activities Social occasions occurred more often at S H S in '66 -A NEW YEAR FOR OLD TRADITIONS. Open house was held for the football players, their dates, and their parents after Lumberjack home games. Open house was held by the student council in the office lobby for faculty, alumni, and friends during all schoolhours on the day of Homecoming. Parents were honored at receptions after the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society inductions. The student council held a tea for Mrs. Paul Hildreth, from Shreveport, after she gave a book review in assembly. The pep squad invited students and faculty members to be their guests after the Minden basketball game. Traditionally S H S honored the parents of the Lum- berjacks in pre-game ceremonies before the Springhill- Q Menard Homecoming game. The band and pep squad spelled Mom and Dad as a background for the special appreciation ceremonies for the parents of the football players. Yellow chrysanthemum corsages were presented to the mothers by the cheerleaders. Decorations appeared at SHS in '66. In addition to the traditionally decorated doors, 2 Christmas trees appeared in each hall way. These trees were a National Honor Society innovation. Colorful decorations appeared in the cafeteria. Each week a different club was responsible for dec- orating. The Spanish Club set pace for others to follow. Enhancing the upper hall was the student coun- cil's new 9 foot long bulletin board to be used for their calendar of events, which they post monthly. A new vibrance resulted from all the "first-time" events. Spirit reached an all-time high. The Spring- hill-Jesuit game will be remembered as a traditional standard of what can be accomplished by outstand- ing team effort. Tradition has always been an important part of school life at SHS. This year it continued to be. We kept the old but we added the new. The result was a successful one. 766 A New Year for Old Traditions will he remembered as a good one. Honoree Coach Travis Farrar ln 766 we honor a person who is to us a symbol of SHS. He is modern in his thinking, but he is old fashioned in his morals. He seems a stern figure on first appearance but he becomes a warm person when he is known. He is a serious man at Work, a mischievous one at leisure. He is demanding of effort and appreciative of achievement. He led us to our greatest moment this year when his spirit and leadership called forth our best effort. We honor in-'66-a man who knows the value of winning and the humility of losing- COACH TRAVIS FARRAR Mrs. Janet C. Stephenson-Guidance Counselor-BA Centenary College- M. Ed. Northwestern State College- member of the Business and Profes- sional Womenis Club-is in her SHS office on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. Mr. Hastings C. Merritt-Assistant Principal-BS La. Tech-MEd Univer- sity of Mississippi-former SHS sci- ence teacher-is in charge of school discipline and maintenance-gives un- selfishly of himself-expects the same from others. Office Staff F urnishes Guidance Mrs. Virginia Waters-secretary- new in her position this year-a long time friend of SHS-interested in all youth and their activities. Principal- Mr. Ed Clive BA Louisiana Tech- M Ed Louisiana State Uni- versity-Former a s s i s t a n t principal-toured West Point Academy this Winter with oth- er Louisiana educators 9 A New Year for Old Traditions Administration 8 Faculty and Curriculum 10 Features 28 Activities 58 Athletics 72 Organizations 94 Classes 120 Advertisements 160 Faculty and Curriculum The SHS faculty realizes that the student is the true center of the educational process. They teach pupils, not subjects. ln a professional and ethical mariner, they satisfy the basic want of "someone to make us do the things we can do." Teachers Work closely with students in an at- mosphere conducive to learning. Clean, comfortable class rooms and modern equipment lead to active participation in a laboratory, independent study in a class room, lectures and discussions, and solu- tions to math problems. All areas of knowledge are made interesting. The curriculum is based on the philosophy that the years a student spends in school are to prepare him to take his place in a changing world. Teachers strive 'to make pupils aware of the ideals of democ- racy. They encourage students to accept responsi- bilities and to meet the obligations of an adult society. The curriculum includes the teaching of skills which will lead to further educational training. It also includes subjects which will prepare a student to enter the business of industrial world after high school graduation. SHS accepts its responsibility for developing each individual to his fullest potential. 4 wie Branch Dean Flanakin .I ones Olive Robertson Stone English Department Has 6 Teachers Works Closely With the Librarian MRS. DOROTHY F. BRANCH-English IV-B.A. Cen- tenary College-Senior Class Sponsor-Lumberjack Staff advisor-parliamentarian of Nu chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma-program committee of the Webster Parish Chap- ter of the L.C,T.E. MRS. BARBARA B. DEAN-English I-B.S. Louisiana State University-Freshman Class Sponsor-co-sponsor of The National Honor Society. MRS. ELUIDA FLANAKIN-English III-B.A. Northwest- ern State College-Junior Class Sponsor-Student Council advisor-eo-sponsor of the Future Teachers-president of Nu chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma-member of Kappa Kappa Iota-program chairman of the L.C.T.E. MRS. DOROTHY B. JONES-English III and IV-B.A. Mississippi State College for Womenf-Senior Class Spon- sor-co-sponsor of The National Honor Society-president of the parish L.C.T.E.-member of Delta Kappa Gamma. MRS. FREIDA S. OLIVE-Librarian-B.S. Northwestern State College-Senior Class Sponsor-co-sponsor of The Axe Staff-past treasurer of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians. MRS. KATHRYN F. ROBERTSON-English II-B.S. Uni- versity of Southwestern-Sophomore Class Sponsor-co- sponsor of The National Honor Society-treasurer of the parish unit of L.C.T.E.-member of Kappa Kappa Iota, MRS. BESS M. STONE-English I and II-B.A. Louisiana Tech-co-sponsor of The Axe Staff-Freshman Class Spon- sor-program committee of the parish L.C.T.E.-chairman of Committee of Research in Delta Kappa Gamma. ,, .......,,,,.,.c, Z.. ,ZH 'mxwmwm 5 : -t....."TfTfT7'1Ii7 ::.::i1.p,. -'!--'!-- 1 X li me 7 C ..4U Mrs, Jones helps her first period English IV class with their "green" English College Placement workbooks. These books concentrate on the location of error and its correction. Courses in English Aid All Fields 4 years of English are required of S. H. S. graduates. 27 classes of English are taught, daily by 6 teachers. New equipment for the department this year included 6 new record players, 30 new dictionaries, and additional copies of HA Cavalcade of World Writing." All accelerated students saw "The Rivals" by Sheridan at La. Tech. A junior group saw '6The Sound of Music" in Shreveport. A sophomore class visited the trade school Senior Juanelda Nolan worked with Mrs. Harris at the Book Fair held last spring. in Shreveport. The Book Fair was held this spring for the second time. In April, accelerated students presented '4An Evening of Fine Artsn for the parish English Council. Classroom work emphasized correct usage, researcn, comprehension, and creative expression. A knowledge of English is vital to success in all fields. Jasper Pittman and Carolyn Smith portray Calpurnia and Caesar in Mrs. Rohertson's English II class. Bowen Hinton MR. W. TOXEY BOWEN-Chemistry and Physics-B A Centenary-B S Centenary-M.Ed University of Southern California-Junior Class sponsor-Science Club sponsor -Webster Parish Junior Academy of Science sponsor- vice-president of parish L. T. A. MRS. VICKY R. HINTONfCeneral Science-B.S. La. Tech-Freshman Class sponsor MRS. PEGGY MERRITT-Biology and Algebra-B S La. Tech-M S University of Mississippi-member of Kappa Kappa Iota-Freshman Class sponsor MR, 'IAMES TIDWELL-Biology-B S La Tech-Sopho- more Class sponsor-Future Nurses Club sponsor. Ronald Keene and Jerry Markham prepare an apparatus to perform an experiment in chemistry class. Merritt Tidwell Physics Students Visit NASA Mr. Bowen, chemistry teacher, and guest speaker discuss topics of current interest with students. Flreshman courses in science offer students a basic founda- t1on for the higher sciences. These students are members of Mrs. H1nton's class. Science Department Has 4100 Students The Science Classes supplement text hook Work with field trips. The physics class went to a space seminar at Louisiana Tech and visited N A S A headquarters in Houston, Texas, While biology stu- dents took a Week-end field trip to identify plant and animal life in our area. A representative from each general science class visited a hospital laboratory and reported to his class. In the spring, students entered projects in the Shreveport Science Fair. Last year they won 8 local and LL regional honors. The chemistry classes saw a motion picture of research scientists and their quest to improve the health of mankind. The film was entitled HA Search With,No Endn. Mr. Danny Scott discussed the N A S A program with those students enrolled in general science courses. The Science Department replenished its old equip- ment this year. The biology classes. received 6 new microscopes, while the physics class was issued new text hooks. Approximately 400 students are currently enrolled in the S H S Science Department. Pat Wolfington and Larry Stone enjoy the conductivity of solutions. Physics students, Don Addison, Gary Blanton, Bill Burnett, and Lester Roan, measure the size of a molecule. Mr. Manning, Assistant Supervisor, speaks to the student body on science and its part in your education. MR. ALTON FRANKLIN-American History and World History-B S Louisiana College-Junior class sponsor- assistant football coach-track coach MR. CHARLES JACKSON-American History-American Government and Economics-B S Northeast-.lunior class sponsor-assistant football coach MR. TED SOUTER-Civics-B S University of Arkansas -freshman football and basketball coach-varsity end coach-freshman class sponsor Civics and American History are required for graduation. Other subjects which are electives are World History, American Government, and Eco- nomics. Students learn of their responsibilities as citizens, and they explore man's struggles and achievements through the ages. The courses offer a study of periods of history ranging from pre- historic to modern times. Having completed Coach Franklin's test on the Civil War, students wait quietly for the bell to ring. Franklin Jackson Souter .500 Students Take Social Studies Required outside reading, maps, and films aid classroom study. Current events, reports, research papers, lectures, and discussion give the student a better understanding of his world. 500 students are enrolled in social studies classes. Future politicians, economists, teachers, and foreign diplomats will come from students Who have ap- plied themselves in this field. Mr. Whimpy, sponsored by the H. L. Hunt company speaks on Americanism to climax the study of anti-com- rnunism. ,I U L ,J 6 2' "x J QAM l W ah , rf f Ji if ' 4 ,ful . , I 9.1. -ft, H . Harper HHYIICS MRS. LELIA HARPER-Algebra H and Senior Arith- metic-B S Louisiana Tech-Senior Class sponsor-Pi Delta Math Club sponsor-treasurer of Kappa Kappa Iota 2 Credits in Math Required MRS. ELBA HAYNES-Algebra I-B S Southern State -Freshman Class Sponsor-Christian Youth Club sponsor. Math students may choose 2 courses from General Math, Algebra l, Algebra II, Geometry, Senior Arithmetic, Trigonometry, and Advanced Math. Col- lege bound students should take Algebra I and II, Geometry and Trig. Math students had new text books. All math teachers had received instruction in modern math. Accelerated geometry students built scale models of a skew quadrilateral. Students in Mrs. Haynes' algebra I class were watching her factor a problem on the board until the photographer appeared. Sguter Tidwell MR. FLOYD SOUTER-General Math-B S.Arkansas State Teacher's College-Freshman Class Sponsor MRS. JANE H. TIDWELL-Trigonometry and geometry- B S Louisiana Tech-Senior Class sponsor-Future Teach- er's Club sponsor-secretary of the Webster Paris Council, Teachers of Mathematics Senior Arithmetic students made a thorough study of income tax and social security. Uutside speakers were guests of the class. Five teachers in the math department used various methods of instruction to teach their students the importance of mathematics and its value in the world today. Careers in architecture, engineering, research, and teaching await good mathematicians. Mrs. Peggy Merritt teaches a class in algebra. Her students are working problems from a mimeograph sheet. Jim Gayle signs the register as the first president of the Spanish National Honor Society. The Banana Sisters, who practice each Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Bryan, sang for The Spanish National Honor Society initiation. MRS. MARGARET BRYAN-Spanish and Civics-B.A. Northwestern State College-M.A. University of Southern California-Junior class sponsor-Spanish Club sponsor- Spanish National Honor Society sponsor-The Banana Sis- ters sponsor-member of the American Association of Teachers of Portugal and Spain. Students Observe Spanish Traditions The purposes of Spanish I and II are to create a better understanding among people of different nations and to stimulate a desire to be able to talk their language. Working in a pinata decorated classroom and using a tape recorder and records, SHS Spanish students so well achieve these purposes that in both 1964 and 19.65 Spanish l and II stu- dents have earned lst places at district literary rally. Students read extra-curricular simplified novels and newspapers. They study grammar from the text. They learn conversation by records and tapes. They sing in Spanish for diversion. A fun time class project is the observance of the Spanish New Year tradition of eating one grape for each month just as the clock strikes the new year. The number of grapes one can eat without inter- ruption determines the months of happiness a Spaniard will have. Bill Lodge smiles after his election as president of the Spanish Club. He succeeded .leanii Harrison. Students Present MRS, GLENDA M. TAYLOR-Speech l, Speech ll, and American Government-BS Louisiana Tech, sophomore class sponsor-Dramatics Club sponsor-Senior Play Di- rector Llvely Assemblies Speech l and Speech II are taught at S.H.S. Speech I emphasizes public speaking. Debate, after-dinner speeches, parliamentary law, and round table discussions are studied. Speech II students enter the American Legion Ora- torical Contest. They prepare a 10 to 12 minute oration on Americanism and Constitution. Speech II students also study drama. They study lighting, staging, and applying make-up. They pre- sented a play for the English classes. Speech classes provide interesting assembly pro- grams. On January 27th they presented two melodramas --"To The Moon" and "The Featherweight Champ." Two students gave comic readings. Kenny Wreyford talks to Darlene Scuter on stage. Kenny had the lead in the play 'LTrue Blue and Trusted". Donna Myers, Richard Huber, Nancy Weible, Bill Curry, and Butch Slack are discussing U.S. Forces in Vietnam. Larry Stone and Skip Wayland read over script for Speech ll class assembly. MRS. AUDREY SHAW-Home Economics-B. S. North- western State College-Sophomore class sponsor-Future Homemakers Club sponsor Home Ee Students Learn by Dolng Carolyn MCKIHHIS Emily Allen .loyce Allen, Cathy Fish, and Jane Madden make CO0k16S in Home Ec. ll class. 'wi "Y E ,.,..! Home Economic student, Frankie Strickland, adds the finishing touches to her new dress. Home Economic students have many opportunities to learn by doing. They hosted the faculty at a Halloween tea. They helped serve at the National Honor Society and The Spanish National Honor Society receptions. They baked cookies for an Min service" teacher's group. They made a field trip to study fabric selection. New to the department this year were 7 gas ranges and one electric range. They received other smaller items for the food and clothing labs. Frankie Strickland, Carolyn McKinnis, and Toni Burkett serve tea at the Halloween faculty party. MR. JESS EASELY-Industrial Arts II and III-B S Northwestern State College-Sophomore Class Sponsor- I A Club sponsorvnamed outstanding I A Club sponsor in the state l964LI965!commended by Superintendent Machen for his outstanding work with youth MR. ,TERRY KIDD-B A-Arkansas State Teacher's Col- lege MR. VINCENT TUMINELLOQB S Northwestern State College A Study of I.A. is Vital to Many Fields Lecture, discussion, demonstration, laboratory, mock-up, and models are used to teach I A classes. All techniques are necessary to complete the pre- sentation of the materials. Reverend Jerry Kidd taught I A I and IV the Ist semester. Mr. Vincent Tuminello joined the staff at mid-term. The department used 3 sets of new textbooks this year. The students entered the annual Craftsmanis Fair in Natchitoches. A study of Industrial Arts is vital to many fields. Whether used for profession or pleasure, I A helps a student gain important building and designing concepts. Industrial Arts students focus their attention on the lecture being given by Mr. Easely. Easely Kidd Mr. Tuminello gives E. G. Walden private instruction in Mechanical Drawing class. Mr. Turninello joined the SHS faculty at mid-term Ricky Strother and Danny Edens learn the art of designing leathercraft. Butts Rhodes 265 students take shorthand, typing, bookkeep- ing, and office practice. A student must have com- pleted typing and shorthand to enroll in office practice. Office practice polishes shorthand and typing skills, ano teaches filing and the use of the dicta- phone and the calculator. It stresses business Eng- lish. The business department received 33 new type- writer desks, which are adjustable to height. The business department also received a new calculator and dictaphone for use by the students. The completion of business courses enables some students to take secretarial positioifs immediately following graduation. 265 Students in Alice Byrd doesn't let the photographer interfere with her typing. MRS. BETTY BUTTS-Shorthand and Typing and Office Practice, BNS Northwestern 'State College, Senior class sponsor-FBLA sponsor MR, LYNWOOD RHODES-Typing and Bookkeep- ing-BS Northwestern State College-MED University of Arkansas-.lunior class sponsor-Financial Admin- istrator of the Lumberjack Staff and the Student Council Ann Masters operates the calculator in Office Practice class ' c Business ourses Betty Hood, rally student, works on her practice set in bookkeeping class. MR. BOB PENDER-Driver's Education-B.S.-Northwest- ern-M. Ed.-Northwestern-Basketball coach+member of Louisiana Coaching Association Drivers Ed. Is Popular Course for Freshmen at SHS for the course. year and sophomore year. The purposes of Driver's Education are to reduce insurance premiums and to protect hves 6 weeks of classroom instruction teaches the students rules and regulations. Actual drlvlng rnstructlon with a competent advisor gives the student experrence Age and physical competency are necessary prereqursrtes Students take driver's training in their freshman Automobiles for the program are furnlshed by local Ford and Chevrolet dealers Elaine Rhymes and Martha Smith show interest in learning the parts of the automobile engine. Driver's education car returns to school after a day s driving course has been completed. The music department of S.H.S. includes a 75 MRS. MAXINE M. PENDER-Chorus-BS Louisiana Tech -Music teacher at Howell School. MR. LOUIS L. PUND, JR.-Band-BS Drexel Institute of Technology, BD Faith Theological Seminary-Music Club sponsor. Physical Education, required, Music, elective Band members listen as Mr. Pund explains a new song. Mr. Pund, band director, calls the band to order and begins a day of rehearsing. member Girls' chorus and the 82 member S.H.S. band. A Boys' Chorus, organized in November, is new this year. The chorus meets each day at the regularly scheduled 6th period. They present two concerts a yeai. Chorus counts credit. Band practice is held each day at 11:25 A.lVl. Band counts l credit. The band functions as a marching unit until football season is over. It then converts to a concert organization. Cecil Thompson, Pattie Quina, Sara Allen, Patty George rehearse for chorus concert. Carroll Farrar MISS OPHELIA CARROLL-P E III and IV B A Cen- tenary College-Kappa Kappa lota Society-basketball coach-intramural sponsor-tennis team-volleyball MR. TRAVIS FARRAR-P E I and II-B S Southern State -M Ed University of Arkansas-S Club sponsor-1964 IAA Coach of the Year Varsity boys prepare for their weight lifting competition with Texarkana. Bill Burnett receives pass from center in P.E. class. David Faircloth and James Martin will block for him. Judy Stephens, Shirley Loschen, Linda Smith play rook in the multipurpose room as their classmates play ping pong. Marshall Stegall MR. VAL MARSHALL-P E III and IV-B M Loyola University of the South-M Ed Louisiana State University -sponsors the Radio Club MISS PATSY STEGALL-P E I and II-B MS Northeast Louisiana State College Junior Class sponsor-Pep Squad sponsor-Axette sponsor Physical Education teaches the fundamentals skills for participation in individual and team sports for use now and in the future. The girls take track, tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball, and rhythmic activities. The boys have touch football, basketball, and softball, volleyball, handball, and soccer. Boys make field trips to the bowling alley, tennis courts, and the golf driving area. Six Weeks of classroom study about health and safety is required. P.E. counts a full credit. FEATURES 180 days a year for 8 hours a day, students are busy with school life. For some, the activity ends here. For others, the day must be the borrower of the night so that extra hours can be found to study harder, to meet with committees, and to participate in the many extracurricular activities available at SHS. As a student travels his 4 year high school road, he encounters many opportunities for service. Some do not accept these. They put self first. They are busy with their own work. They want to get their business settled first and then worry about making decorations for the banquet or writing their 'article for the paper. Others do accept! They find them- selves working on yearbooks until 5 oiclock, going to play practice at 6-and coming home at 9- tired and exhausted-to face homework. Someone once said "We succeed ourselves in di- rect proportion to the way we serve others." Those who give unselfish service win recognition and hon- org they become leaders. They know they must make good grades so they study harderg they gain good scholastic averages. Because they are busily involved in Wholesome activity, their character is strengthened. In the feature section we honor those who, in all areas of school life, have been busy accomplishing something extra to benefit SHS in '66-a new year for old Traditions. VICKY CARDWELL Vickie Cardwell, Senior Class favorite, was elected beauty in her freshman year. She is a cheerleader and a member of F.T.A. JANIS NATIOHNS Janis Nations is a 4 year beauty winner at S. H. S She is a cheerleader, assistant editor of the Lumberjack and a Teen Town Council member. Senior Beauties Are S.I-I.S. Leaders Nancy Smith, a first year beauty winner, was the 1965 Homecoming Queen. She is the president of the Student Council and a member of the Teen Town Council. NANCY SMITH Patty Twitty, a Majorette, has been elected beauty for 3 years. She was junior Homecoming maid in 1964-. She is managing editor of the Axe Staff. PATTY TWITTY 9 TERRI CURTIS Terri Jo Curtis has been elected beauty for three years. Last year, she was Class favorite. She is a cheerleader and a member of the Axe Staff. PAM KERSH Pam Kersh was also a beauty in her freshman year. She is a member of the Axe Staff, Spanish Club, and Teen Town Council. Juniors Elected Popular Brunettes Elaine Sanders was a freshman beauty and class favorite. She is a member of the Pep Squad and vice-president of the Dramatics Club, ELAINE SANDERS Cathy Wynn was also a sophomore beauty. She is a cheer- leader and a member of the Dramatics Club. CATHY WYNN ALICE BYRD Alioe Byrd is a member of the Pep Squad, Lumberjill Basketball team, and the Dramatics Club. CATHY CADEN HEAD Cathy Cadenhead is Sophomore class secretary. She is a member of the Pep Squad, Dramatics Club, and Teen Town Council. Sophomore Beauties Are lst Time Winners Nancy Weible is secretary-treasurer of the Music Club and an alternate majorette in the Band. NANCY WEIBLE 30 Carolyn Woodard was elected Sophomore class favorite this Year. She is a member of the Lumberjack Staff and the Band. CAROLYN WOODARD SARA ALLEN Sara Allen is a member of the Chorus and Spanish Club. She represented SHS at the Northwestern Spanish Rally, Linda Juckett is freshman class secretary this year. She is a homeroom representative and a member of the Dramatlcs Club. LINDA .l UCKETT PAM DUKE Pam Duke was freshman homecoming maid. 'She is a member of the Dramatics Club and an alternate homeroom representative. Barbara .lo Pease is a member of the Sportsmanship Council. She is also a member of the Dramatics Club. BARBARA JO PEASE 2 Seniors Win Top Beauty Honors i Q Miss Lumberjack J anis Nations and Princess Patty Twitty. N Princess Patty Twitty 33 l Senior Class Favorites KENNY WREYF ORD Centlemanly Kenny Wreyford has a kindly greeting for everyone. He has won an athletic scholarship to La. Tech for his excellent performance as a Lumberjack center: Kenny is a senior class officer. 34 VICKI CARDWELL Versatility is the key to Vicki's lively personality. Her interests lie throughout the School, as a cheerleader, a beauty, a member of the National Honor Society and the FTA. Enthusiasm and service have earned her this honor. Junior Class Favorites RICKY STROTHER Ricky -Strother, an able athlete, is a member of the "S" club. He gained this admittance by his participation in both football and track. Ricky's friendly personality and witty ,remarks make him well liked and respected by everyone. REBA HARVEY Reba Harvey, a pert brownette, is Junior class favorite. Reba is treasurer of the pep squad, a member of the cho- rus, and will serve as vice-president of the F.T.A. next year. A winning personality and a knack for doing a job well reveal in Reba the perfect qualities of a junior class favorite. Sophomore C ass Favorites CAROLYN WOODARD ROSS PICKETT Carolyn Woodard is 3 SHS- beauty and a member of the Ross Pickett is vice-president of his class. He plays end on Lumherjack Staff. Her quiet, courteous manner is pleasing the 50Ph0m0fC LUl'I1bCTj21Ck Squad- His Calm, CHSY going to all. Her smile is worn at all times, not just on special manner makes him 3 Mf3V0Tite,, t0 CVCFYUUC- occasions. N- Freshman Class Favorites BILL PICKETT Bill Pickett, an avid guitar enthusiast, is an upcoming quarterback for the Jacks. Bill's quiet Ways but quick wit make him a favorite among his many friends. An ability for sports and a Willingness to serve make Bill the perfect representative for the 1965-66 freshmen. LINDA LASITER Linda Lasiter exemplifies the friendly attitude of the freshman class. Linda, an active member of the pep-squad, dramatics club, and a future Lumberjill, is active in all phases of school life. Linda's quick laugh and easy going manner make her the perfect choice for freshman class favorite. Homecommg Honors ueen Nancy and Court NANCY SMITH Heralds Stephanie Lineberry, Susan Nickerson, and Janis Nations officially opened the '65 Home- coming celebration in assembly on Thursday, Octo- ber 14th, 1965. Court Jester Kay Baucum announced the maids and their escorts. Entertainment was given by the mixed quartet. Using the homecoming theme, "Since days of old, .lacks are Bold", the stage committee chose a setting of an inside castle scene. From the background Miss Nancy Smith, 1965 Homecoming Queen, and her court greeted their subjects. Members of the court and their escorts were Queen Nancy Smith and Donald Woodard, senior Donna Nichols and Rudell Vaughn, junior Claudia Quina and Larry Stone, sophomore Cathy Cadenhead and Jim Gayle, freshman Pam Duke and Roy Dale Strother. A feature of the Program was the presentation of an alumni representing each class from 1916 through 1964. Among these were Mrs. G. I. Rey- nolds, the schoolis first graduate. Friday October 15th the traditional Homecoming parade moved through the streets of Springhill. Each club sponsored a float emphasizing the theme. Hon- ored in the parade, in addition to Nancy and her court, were former Homecoming Queens, retired teachers, and Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. E. S. Krouse, and Mr. Gilmer Pickler, early S.H.S. graduates. Climaxing Homecoming festivities, Mr. Ed Olive, principal, crowned Miss Smith 1965 Homecoming Queen at half-time ceremonies during the Springhill- Menard game. Miss Smith was escorted by her father, Robert Charles Smith. H. D. Gray escorted Donna Nichols. Claudia Quinnais escort was Stand- ford Harkins and Pam Duke's was Jackie Flores. 'un iii' X, 3 my MISSES MERRY CHRISTMAS ANN AND GAYLE CRAIG STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT NANCY SMITH TWINS SHARE CHRISTMAS TITLE Ann and Gayle Craig, popular senior twins, served as official hostesses for the Christmas parade, sponsored by the Chamber of Com- merce. They have been active participants in S.H.S. school life. They are officers in the Future Teachers Club and the pep squad. They are members of the National Honor Society. NANCY SMITH LEADS COUNCIL Miss Nancy Smith has been active in student council work throughout her high school career. She served as a homeroom representative in her freshman and sophomore years. She was a sena- tor last year. This year she leads the group as president. Nancyis family participated in the student foreign exchange program. She shared with us her Brazilian sister, Terri Bothello. Nancy toured Europe last summer with a student council group from all over the United States. She plans to attend Louisiana Tech after graduation. l' w E E Executive Committee STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVES ARE CONVENTION GOERS The Springhill High School Student Council has 12 executive members, 28 homeroom representa- tives and 28 alternates plus 2 ex-officio members- ,leanie Harrison and Larry Millar. Nancy Smith is president. Other officers are William Slack, vice- presidentg Linda Robertson, secretary, Beverly Cor- bell, treasurerg David Halterman, parliamentariang and Babara Harris, corresponding secretary. The group meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. The ex- ecutive council has a regularly scheduled 3rd period. Executive members have earned the title "conven- tion goers". One member attended the National Stu- dent Council conventiong 4, the state conventiong 3, the Southern Convention. 5 went to the state work- shop and a large group attended the Northwest District Meeting. Mrs. Elouida'Flanakin and Mrs. Lynwood Rhodes are Student Council sponsors. Attends Conventions LEFT TO RIGHTQ David Halterman, parliamentarian, Beverly Corbell, treasurer, and Jimmie Sterling, senior Senator, went to Lafayette, to attend the Southern Conven tion. LEFT T0 RIGHT, Pam Staten, Pat Cooper, Namcy Smith attended the National Student Council convention. LEFT T0 RIGHT, FIRST ROW: .lanis Nations, Vicky Cardwell, Patty George, .lo Ellen Haynes, Laura Barfoot. 2nd ROW: Gary Pool, Ann Craig, Linda Sue Henslee, Kay Baucum, Patty Twitty, Nancy Smith, ,leanii Harrison, Gayle Craig 3rd ROW: Richard Huber, Eddie Farabough, Don Woodard, William Slack, Larry Stone, Eloy Farrington, Russell Burnham, .lim Gayle National Honor Society Initiates 21 Seniors ln a fall ceremony based on the lives of great pres- idents, The National Honor Society initiated 21 seniors who had shown outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, and character during their high school career. The ceremony was followed by a reception for the students and their parents. Meeting in the homes of students and sponsors on the 2nd Tuesday night of each month, the group became one of S H S's most active organizations. They collected 35150 for the muscular dystrophy fund. Each week they placed a sign giving a famous 42 quote in every home room. They undertook the study of an honor code for S. H. S. students. Individ- ual members gave private instruction to students who needed help in school subjects. Officers of the group are Gary Pool, presidentg William Slack, vice presidentg Patty George, secre- tary, and Larry Stone, treasurer. Sponsors are Mrs. Katie Robertson, Mrs. Dorothy Jones, and Mrs. Barbara Dean. A second election of members was held in the spring. lst ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Pool, Laura Barfoot, Janis Nations, Beverley Corbell, Linda Henslee, Vickie Weible, E. G. Walden 2nd ROW: Pam Staten, Susan Nickerson, Terri Curtis, Patty Twitty, Clydeanna Cobb, William Slack. 3rd ROW: Kay Baucum, Kathy Odom, Pam Kersh, Johnny Robinson, Barry Musgrove. 4th ROW: .leannii Harrison, Russell Burnham, Linda Robertson, Curtis Nesbit, Pat Cooper. 5th ROW: David Halterman, Nancy Smith, Richard Huber, Larry Stone, Tommy Pease, Jimmy Knighton. S.H.S. Charters:Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. Membership is a distinct honor and is reserved for those out- standing publication staff members who meet the basic requirements established by the Society and its local chapters. Candidates for Quill and Scroll membership must have demonstrated fully to the satisfaction of their staff advisor that they merit the award through high scholarship, journalistic achieve- ment, and service. At the time of their election to membership, stu- dents must be of a junior or senior classification. They must be in the upper third of their class in general scholastic standing, either for the year of their election, or for the cumulative total of all their high school Work. They must have done outstanding work in some field of journalism. They must be recommended by their sponsor, and they must be approved by the Executive Secretary of the Society. Quill and Scroll was organized April l0, 1926, by a group of high school advisors for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achieve- ment in journalism and allied fields. Since its or- ganization, the society has granted charters to more than 7,500 high schools. Quill and Scroll has more than 400,000 alumni. Students pictured above are charter members of the S.H.S. chapter of Quill and Scroll. They are members of the Axe and The Lumberjack staff. SEATED LEFT T0 RIGHT: Kay Baucum, Katie Caughman, Kathy Beene, Sharon Beth , M ' G 'ff' L S ' h, STANDING: Peggy Burns, Clydeanna Cobb, Tommy Vaughn, Barry Musgrove, Larry Stonj-:yNanc?fniSmithi Blill Edldjge Hlflliny Farrington, Larry Sexton, .lim Gayle, Stephanie Lineberry, Janis Nations. i Spanish Honor Society Is New to S.H.S. The official name of the Spanish National Honor Society is the Sociedad Honararia Hispanica. lts purpose is to create an earnest desire to speak Span- ish as a second language and thus create a better understanding of the Hispanic world. The organiza- tion promotes high standards ot grades and morals among Spanish students. To be eligible for membership in this society, a student must have completed 2 years of Spanish with an A or B average or 1 year with an A or B and be enrolled in 2nd year Spanish. He must be a student of good standing and must have above aver- age grades in all subjects. Meetings are held 3 times a year in the homes of sponsors or members. Club projects are financed by the dues paid by the members. A special event of this year was the initiation serv- ice conducted in Spanish before the student body. The members held a reception for their parents following the ceremony. Officers of the charter chapter of this organiza- tion are president, ,lim Gayleg vice-president, Larry Stoneg and Secretary-treasurer, Stephanie Lineberry. Sponsors are Mrs. Margaret Bryan and Mrs. Kath- erine Robertson. If .ty EF. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Cindy Horne, Sara Allen, Barbara Harris, Vickie Weible, Mary Beth Rhea, Patty George, Sharon Bethany, Ann Craig, Glenda McDonald, Brenda Baker, Linda Henslee, Jeanni Harrison. 2nd ROW: Russ Burnham, Con- nie Smith, Barbara Rhymes, Linda Robertson, Nancy Spencer, Linda Tripp, Qwen Davis, Betty Burell, Daphne Roberts, Peggy Burns, Lane Smith. 3rd ROW: Lester Roan, Terry Tyler, Betty Hood, Judy Harper, Ann Masters, Elaine Lineberry, Caroline Smith, Peggy Andrews, Stephanie Lineberry, Clydeanna Cobb, Elizabeth Slack, Clarence Reeme, 4th ROW: Tommy. Vaughn, Thomas Markham, Gary'Wilburn, Richard Huber, Larry Sexton, Tommy Britt, Skip Wayland, Larry Stone, David Halterman, Gary Combs, Outstanding Scholars Go to Rallies Competition based on scholarship and talent is emphasized in the 2nd school semester. The Literary Rally is held on the campus of La. Tech early each spring. Tests in all high school subjects are given to outstanding students from area schools. lst, 2nd, 3rd, and 41th place winners are announced. S. H. S. competes in the double A division. The Speech Rally is held at a different time on the same campus. Students compete in extemporane- ous speaking and interpretative reading. The Music Rally is held on the LSU campus in Eaton Rouge in conjunction with the State Literary ally. This year SHS will send approximately 50 stu- dents into these contests of scholarship and talent. Girls lead the field of entrants, they number 32. 15 boys will compete. lst place winners at Ruston will go to the state rally. The following students, by a testing program within the school, have been named the rally con- testants for 1966. They are listed by departments. English, I Judy Harper, II Lane Smith, HI Linda Robertson, IV-grammar, Elizabeth Slack, IV-literature-Jeannii Harrison, 1V-spelling, Thomas Markham, IV-pronunciation+Sharon Bethany. Science: Larry Williams, chemistry, Tommy Britt, physics, Clarence Reeme, general science, Gwen Davis, biology. Social studies: Gary Wilburn, World- history, Betty Burrell, American historvg Davy Holliday, civics. Mathematics: Daphne Roberts, Algebra Ig Tom- my Pease, Algebra II, Gary Combs, geometry, Richard Huber, trigonometryg Connie Smith, gen- eral mathg Vickie Weible, senior arithmetic. Home Economics: I Melba Sciortinog II Glenda McDonald, HI Peggy Andrews. Spanish: I Cindy Horne, Il Stephanie Lineberry. Business: Betty Hood, bookkeeping, Ann Craig, shorthand. Speech: Nancy Spencer, Barbara Harris, Larry Stone, Skippy Wayland, Linda Henslee, David Hal- terman. Music: Patty George, Tommy Vaughn, Russ Burnham. Masonic Award Winners Are "A" Students The Masons present a certificate of merit to students who maintain a 4 point average for the entire school year. These represent excellence in scholarship. Sen- iors receive their award during the Hon- ors assembly in the spring. Underclass- men are given their certificate in the first assembly of the next school year. Winners last year were Gary Combs, Linda Reerne, Linda Robertson, Russ Burnham, Tommy Vaughn, Johnny Rob- inson, Tommy Pease, and Larry Sexton. 46 Student Council Honors Corbell and Sterling Each year the Student Council honors those students who, the sponsors feel, have given service beyond the expected. This year Beverly Corbell and Jimmy Sterling gained the award. Beverly is treasurer of the executive coun- cil. She served as chairman of the finance commltteel Jimmy headed the committee responsible for acquiring the new "calendar of eventsn bulletin board. DAVID HALTERMAN Oratorical Winner 46114.- FIRST ROW: Barbara Pease, Ann Masters, Benny Wreyford, Marilyn Goodwin, Larry Stone, Clydeanna Cobb, Linda Reeme, Richie Chambless, Pat Cooper, James Sears, Terry Tyler, Billy Foy. Sportsmanship Council Evaluates Spirit Lumberjacks Win Honors and Scholarships Don Addison Gary Blanton .lim Gayle L.S.U. all-district fullback Glhdi-9WiC75 halfback Larry Stone Roy Strother Rudell Vaughn Q Tulane all-district guard La Tech, all-district tackle David Cutchins La Tech, all-district end Kenny Wreyford La Tech, all-district center T' S -MM 47 ,. ,g,,, f if mf-"d raw' fi X Af 1,14 4 , 1 xg .x 3 z 'Br ' ma, Z A f' We v 4 fx I 5 'WM ff , na ,Q was -w?w,y,,r1f3-W2 . 'V M ' .. t ,,, f-ri - I M -V - - 4 , 2 , 4- "' "lf AW? ' T YW W' s Cathy Wynn 1 year 1 wir Eff ? ,. as Kay Baucum Vicki Cardwell 2 years 1 year - .A rl 'G fs ,. :2 't.f:i, l y 52, Bw .fi- f in V H A Janis Nations Terri Curtis Linda Henslee 3 years 2 years 3 years C eerleaders and Jacks Have Busy Season The cheerleaders helped promote "Beat Jesuit Week" with a downtown pep-rally. Cheerleader elections are held early in the spring. The six lucky girls, chosen by the S.H.S. student body, begin their work almost as soon as they are elected. During the summer the cheerleaders paint victory signs. learn new yells and attend a cheerleader clinic. This year the girls attended S.lVl.U. cheerleader C-qlmnl in Dallas, Texas. The cheerleaders are a vital part of S.H.S. Their enthusiasm in serving S.H.S. ,is seen throughout the year-at bonfires, pep-meetings, in signs, and gaily decorated goalposts. This year the student body chose to re-elect four experienced cheerleaders. Vicki Cardwell and Cathy Wynne were two new members elected to complete the sextet. Led by head cheerleader, Linda Henslee, the group became the official spirit of Springhill High School! U --44 .q,,f"rg QM:2t..J?'f I f S 5 A 5- Y 5 s 1 5 1 s an J - 1 -K - fr- ' ,J - 'viii-w'Slx1Gvfi'YiKnisv.l.sn1Ii ' ww-R. L 1 W ! E i DRUM MAJOR: DONNA BOLTON-Senior Majorette-3 years Drum Major-1 year HEAD MAJORETTE: DONNA NICHOLS-Senior Majorette- 3 years Head Majorette 1 year NANCY WEIBLE-2nd Alternate DEBBIE TIMMONS-lst Alternate The drum major and the majorettes lead the hall in all performances. They spend many hours after school plan- ning twirling routines, practicing with their band instrument and marching with the other members. They twirl with fire and flags, as Well as with batons. LAURA BARFOOT Senioril year DIANA RODC ERS ScniorA1 year 6 Seniors, 1 Soph DIANE WICIBLE Senior-1 your PA TT Y TYWITTY Scniurf-1 yvur Lead S.H.S. Band EVELYN JUNE MCMULLAN Sophmnorc-1 ycar SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Barfoot, Vickie Weihle, Linda Henslee, ,lanis Nations, Beverly Corbell, Patty Twitty. SECOND ROW: Gary Pool, Russell Burnham, Jeanii Harrison, Nancy Smith. THIRD ROW: E. G. Walden, Curtis Nesbit, William Slack, David Halterman, Larry Stone, Kay Baucum. tudents Win Honors at Leadership Leadership conference is held annually on the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge. It is designed chiefly to train students in journalism fnewspaper and yearbookl, speech, library assist- ance, and recreation, but it also gives the students the chance to become acquainted with many new and different people. Each year outstanding students who are completing their junior year are chosen to attend this worthwhile summer workshop. Classes were held in the morning and afternoon, but at night planned activity was available for every- one. The delegates to Leadership enjoyed such things as 'LGet Acquainteda' night, Recreation night, a picnic and swimming party, a dance, a talent show, and to climax the conference, a banquet honoring the students, their sponsors, and all persons connected with Leadership. This year Gary Pool, Russ Burnham, Janis Na- tions, Nancy Smith, and E. G. Walden were rep- resentatives for the yearbook division, ,leanii Har- rison, Vicki Weible, Patty Twitty, Larry Stone, Kay Baucum, William Slack, Linda Henslee, Laura Bar- foot, Beverly Corbell, David Halterman, and Curtis Nesbit were representatives for the newspaper di- vision. S. H. S. students represented our school with overwhelming enthusiasm as two of the newspaper delegates were elected to a high office on the Leader- ship Voice. They were Vicki Weible, Editor-in-chief, and Ieanii Harrison, News Editor. In tryouts for the talent show, Larry Stone was selected as the Master of Ceremonies. Russ Burnham David Halterman Jeanii Harrison Jo Ellen Haynes Janis Nations Curtis Nesbit Cary Pool Patty Twitty S.H.S. Pelican Stater Named Outstanding Citizen Pelican State is held each year in August on the L. S. U. campus. Junior delegates are chosen by the faculty and former Pelican Staters to spend 10 days learning the duties, privileges, and responsibilities of American citizenship. Each delegate to Pelican State is assigned to a city and a parish. During the l0 days of Pelican State each city and parish is responsible for a project. Within this pe- riod, the courts are established, the Senate and House of Representatives convene, and the party conventions are begun. ln the conventions the candidates for state offices are selected, and the parties begin their major cam- paign. The parish party chairman and the state party chairman are also selected. The winners of state offices are announced at the Covernoris Ball, the traditional closing event of Boys' State. Last summer Jeannii Harrison and Gary Pool served as senators. Janis Nations, Patty Twitty, and Russ Burnham were representatives. Jo Ellen Haynes and David Halterman were Police ,lurors and Curtis Nesbit was on the School Board. Russ Burnham was selected as outstanding citizen of his city. '66 Hall of Fame Don Addison Don is S. H. S.'s only 3 sport letterman. He has worked with the Student Council fl. years. He plays the guitar in a local combo. He will call L. S. U. his future alma mater-perhaps as their ,68 quarter- hack. 'QNX Q Kay Baucum Kay Baucum, well known in all areas of S. H. S. life, chooses to be remembered for her participation in speech and dramatics. She. has won many honors in this departrnent. She is also a model and a dancer. t I 15 di . Russ Burnham Russ Burnham, 3 year memlier of the Lumber- jack staff, is interested in music. He sings in the Boys' Chorus. He is the band captain. He plays the piano and composes. He has had an A average the past 2 years. Beverly Corhell Beverly's determination to succeed and her will ingness to work have given her the success she deserves. She headed the Teen Age March of Dimes drive this year. She is an active member of the band, the Axe staff, and the student council. s hmmqlwaf tggawr va TH!'fiiZ1!5E t Linda Sue Henslee Linda Sue Henslee has been a cheerleader 3 years. She was elected class beauty 3 times. She is circulation manager of the Axe. Typical of her Willingness to serve, she works in the library during her study hall period. Gary Pool Gary Pool is the editor-in-chief of the Lumber- jack, and the president of the National Honor So- ciety. He attended Leadership and was a senator at Pelican State. He serves on many committees because everyone knows that he gives his best. Janis Nations Janis Nations has been chosen beauty for four years and this year was honored with the Miss Lumberjack title. She is the assistant editor of the Lumberjack staff. She has been a cheerleader for 3 years. She is a member of the 766 volleyball Team. Nancy Smith Nancy Smith is president of the S. H. S. student body. She was elected Homecoming queen and a class beauty this year. She is a 4 year member of the Lumberjack staff and a member of the Teen Town council. qxzwaz gi., of William Slack Larry Stone Larry Stone is president of the Sportsmanship council, vice-president of the Spanish National Hon- or Society, a member of Teen Town council and the Axe staff. His athletic ability has Won him a schol- arship to Tulane. Hall of Fame Gives Service William Slack was a Masonic Award winner during his sophomore year. He is Vice-president of the Student council, a member of the S club, the National Honor and the Axe staff. ACTIVITIES Only parents of students, other than the admin- istration, faculty and student body, can conceive of the many activities SHS includes in her schedule. Rarely a day passes that does not necessitate a call meeting of some group, there is always a practice for some thing. The Banana Sisters meet every Thursday at 4. From January to the end of Feb- ruary the Lumberjack Staff works from 3 until 5 each day. The student council meets every second Tuesday at 3rd period. A result of all this activity is a happy, high spirited SHS student body in '66- a New Year for Old Traditions. Students go to work early. When we arrive on registration day, we find them holding signs telling us where to sit. On each class room door, We find the teacher's name and her schedule. Homecoming is always our first big activity. A special assembly and a parade, featuring the Queen and her court and floats made by the clubs, are anticipated events. Throughout the fall are the pep meetings held to inspire the Lumberjacks. Momentous this year was the spirit of the "Beat Jesuitn week. Amid all this activity is the personal part of high school life-pride in having made the best grade in the class-unhappiness in having lost the election- anger in quarreling with a friend, boy or girl. And above all else is the class room work- always interesting and challenging. Without it, there would be no SHS. Education is our reason for being. N, env ff-,fe W H ' l ' if file, A Qu:mef:fag2::gee5am1e,f- i , ..,,,,, Z E The school year begins with various elections. Here, the student council executive officers and elections committee count votes for the first election of the year, Homecoming Queen. Between classes students enjoy conversation with friends. Seniors, Lany Stone, Beverly Corbell, Delbert Wilks, and Wayne Timmons help students find their class sections on the first day of school. Gary Flint uses his time wisely by concentration during study hall. The first school assembly was dedicated to the Leadership, Pelican State, and Student Council workshop delegates. Alice Byrd, Darlene Souter, and Mike Bright enact a humorous skit for the enjoyment of the Dramatics Club. 'Q An empty hall confronts DeWanda Baker as she hurries to her next class. Grey Barham and Cathy Wynn discuss a slight differ- ence of opinion, The S.H.S. Band, led by Drum Major, Donna Bolton, leads the annual Homecoming Parade. 1965 Homecoming Honors Nancy Smith ,.,,,,. ,.,,,, V5ffhT?S?f5??. The 1965 Homecoming Court smiles happily soon after learning of their election. Nancy Smith, Homecoming Queen, receives the traditional kiss from the principal, Mr. Olive. Susan Nickerson, who served as a herald in the homecom ing assembly, announces the Queen with a fanfare. The Spanish Club Float, displaying a castle of old S ain won th' d l h p , 1r p ace onors in the Homecoming Parade. 5 u Larry Stone, Nancy Smith, Cynthia Williams, and Jim Gayle discuss results of the game at after-game coke Iiarty held for the Lumburjacks. S.I-LS. Students I-I Chierleadcrs Vicki Cardwell and Terri Curtis spcnd recess boosting the Jac s. Don Addison injured during the major part of football season, rejoined the squad for the last three games. Ve Varied Activities The majorettcs entertain the student body with a twirling routine at the Jonesboro pep rally. These lovely ladies captured the five top spots in the S.H.S. He-vMale Beauty Contest Donald, Woodard reads carefully in order to do his best on I. T. E. D. tests. Patricia Flournoy, Jimmy Yates, and Donna Bolton spend their free hour in serious study. The He-Male Beauty contestants await nervously before going onto stage. Jimmy Sterling, publicity chairman of the student council, is in charge of publicizing activities.. Barbara Harris and Beverly Corbell show their school Hllack LumberjaCk,, was awarded each week to the heme Spirit bYWCHIiI1g 00105111 Sweatshirts- room exhibiting the most school spirit. Spirit Reaches All Time Peak During "Beat Jesuit" Week S.H.S. 'cheerleaders show their devotion to the Lumberjacks as they lead them onto the football field. - i Springhill merchants express their desire for the Lumberjacks to beat Jesuit by sponsoring a downtown pep-rally. Merchants, teachers, and stu- dents alike did much to make '4Beat Jesuit Weekii the huge suc- cess it Was. During the week many contests were held to inspire the students and create as much spirit as possible. Trash can decorations, sweat shirt gimmicks, and sign contests were only a few of these. Wednesday and Thursday nights pep rallies were held at Gibsonis and A 81 Pis parking lots. During recess on the morning of the game, downtown merchants formed a line and circled the school several times to help boost the Jacks. As a climax to "Beat Jesuit Week', students and teachers marched down town for a pep rally. M . ' ' ' - . nB1gaiftIifijitXoxlrl2iwliagen won first place as being the best decorated car during Nancy Smith, Janis Nations, and Gary Pool take time out from their yearbook work for recreation. In the Powder Puff game, football players Gary Toms Ricky Strother, and Gary Farley become cheerleaders. itudents Take Time Out to Enjo Themse ves in Less Serious Activities 'Ifhe class favorites represent the friendliness and courtesy typical of S.H.S. students. "Snoopy Spotless" served as an inspiration t S.H.S. students to keep the campus clean. Industrial Arts Club members show their holiday spirit by decorating the school building. Then Turn to a ore Demanding Pastime-Our School National Honor Society members, Gary Pool and Patty Twitty, decorate the Christmas tree in the office. Students are well behaved and studious during Mrs. Stone,s study hall. a School Helpers Make the Joh EHSICP Many students devote their study hall and spare time to help carry out the evenyday functions of the school day. 3 il I Sai f Left to Right: Mr. Moore, Library workers Linda Sue Henslee and Wanda Stanford aid Kaye Stewart in checking out a book. Mrs. Dees, Mr. Duke. Mr. Williams The American spirit of helping others prevails at S.H.S Left to Right: Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. McCartney, Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. Franks, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Olglee, Mrs. Hall . 3 ATHLETICS Lights blazing! Bands blaring! Pep squad yell- ing! Whistles blowing! Leather knocking! Lumber- jacks loosing! Footballs flying! Tension mounting! Fans applauding! Lulnberjacks winning! Remem- ber the excitement of an important game? Competitive sports promote spiritg they unite the student body in a common purpose. They teach us to cooperate and to work together during times of tension and pressure. In ,66-A New Year for Old Traditions, spirit rode high at SHS. Athletics are an important part of school life. Approximately 100 persons participated in the ,65-'66 football program, and approximately 35 boys are out for track this spring. ln addition to these sports, SHS has boys and girls basketball, golf, tennis, and volleyball. The SHS athletic participants have gained the reputation of being good sportsmen in all fields of play. Lumberjacks and Lumberjills are known for their rugged playing, their rigid training, and their spirit of determination. They donit win them all, but they play each one to the best of their ability. Their competitive attitude has earned them the respect of the students and the community. -f f-f-f f f-fff-ff--ff,-ff-f,-f-ff,--ff-ff---'f-ff'---ff,--Wf,- f f-f',- :w ff-ff 1 --'f, :f:-:,:1fw:u VL-fM-fm:iff:Q::1:::mm:w,.m,,MQ ..W, .W1-IW-f,.Q,,W1,,m.,,f,M-,,:f1Mfw1mf:fs..Mf.f,a.f,,,,.w.M,h,,p,w1w,..M Jacks Boast 6-3-1 Season From the first toss to the last Whistle, the 1965 Lumberjacks showed hustle and determination. Although hurt by injuries to key players, they ended up in third place Within the district and proved to be worthy opponents for everyone they played. Captains Vaughan and Strother call toss of coin for Home- Jacks and fans bow heads while listening to opening prayer. coming. The 1965 Jacks, coaches, and managers. wf, it"ii slyat i i i? ,ry ,W i if yyass f f yyo ig i yee' j ty y y y '52 ttia leii T aissi erresf 'fru rnf's s inneor i rnoft i i V ., 511. pp.r, ,l..l,i, rsy, ,ll, a,.., 1 cs,aos, c ,. ,,l, all ,V We .ff ' 4 Q ttlie iiieiel soasel ' ' , iilii' ' - tg We iii - it I IC M A so i g w h e n y n iii is y -r f r.yty 'ff' r Q iiiiii i T if 'i" Y -1 , . lv Y lb , a '- i 'i ei e e ra 74 Sidelined Jacks await opening kickoff. Jacks Take First Four Games Simmons carries ball while Vaughan cuts down opposition. SPRINGHILL 18 HAYNESVILLE 0 The 1965 Lurnlwerjacks began the season with a victory over the Golden Tornado. The offense rolled Well with ,lim Gayle scoring once, and Don Addison scoring twice on a keeper and an intercepted pass. The defense took up this year where "the hungry nine plus two" left off last year and did a very convincing job. SPRINGHILL 27 BOSSIER 6 Triple A Bossier was the Jacks next victim. A tough defense and a breakway offense brought the .lacks into the victory room. George Simmons scored first after a recovered fumble. ,lim Gayle took a punt 78 yards for a touchdown. In the second half the Jacks scored twice more with Addison running for one and Simmons picking off a pass for his second score. Seniors Receive College Bids Gayle is stopped as Woodard and Farley look on. SPRINGHILL 20 JONESBORO 7 The Jacks traveled to Jonesboro for the next encounter with the ranked Tigers. The Tigers scored first, hut Springhill came back just before the half when Addison took it over to make the score 7-7. Spring- hill came out in the second half ready to play ball. Gary Blanton scored once, and Danny Edens added another with an inter- cepted pass to pile up the final margin. SENIOR JACKS: FIRST ROW: Coach Souter, Jim Gayle, David Landers, Gary Flint, Don Addison, Rudell Vaughan, Coach Farrar, SECOND ROW: ,Coach Jackson, Roy Strother, Mike Martin. Raymond Carson, Larry Garrett, Don Woodard, Kenny Wreyford. THIRD ROW: George Simmons, Danny Edens, Ronnie Thompson, Gary Blanton, Coach Franklin. FOURTH ROW: Delbert Wilks, John Dunn, William Slack, Phillip Jackson. Farley downed by Eagles after short gain. 35 Lumberj aeks Reeelve Letters SPRINGHILL 39 NORTH CADDO 0 In the first district game the ,lacks showed they were ready to defend the title they Won the Jacks scored almost at will. George Sim- mons scored on the first play from scrimmage Wlth a 62 yard run. Before the night was over he had scored twice more. To help carry the scoring load, ,lim Gayle scored twice and Gary Blanton once. The ,lacks defense con- tlnued to do their fine job. f 0 I last year. Over a relatively young Rebel team Lumberjacks score with Gayle carrying SPRINGHILL 0 HOMER 26 After winning the first four games, the ,lacks tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of the Homer Pelicans. With Don Addi- son, senior quarterback, watching from the sidelines in street clothes, the ,lacks couldn't get started. The only scoring threat the Jacks could muster came in the first half, but time ran out only inches away from the Pelican goal. l Coach Farrar issues instructions at halftime. 6 Lumberjacks Win District Honors SPRINGHILL 0 MENARD 0 Even Homecoming couldn't put Springhill in the win column again. The Jacks met the state quarterfinalists on almost even terms. With Addison still out, the Jacks had trouble scoring against the spirited Menard defense. The ,lack defense likewise held the Menard ballcarriers in check all evening. This tough defense and lack of offense accounted for the scoreless tie. SPRINGHILL 7 RUSTON 0 After doing everything but scoring in the last two outings, the ,lacks pushed across a score and then held on for the victory. The lone score came on a 25 yard pass from junior quarterback Gary Toms, who took over start- ing chores for this game, to ,lim Gayle. The Jack defense kept up their good work by denying Ruston a point. Cutchins warms up before Jesuit game. SPRINGHILL 20 JESUIT 21 With spirit bubbling over, the Jacks were out to knock over the highly touted Flyers. With Don Addison back in action, the Lum- berjacks scored twice in the first period. Jim Gayle scored on a 48 yard punt return, and Danny Edens returned an intercepted pass 35 yards for the other. All hopes were dashed in the second half, however, as the Flyers came to life and eked out the win. Sophs Compile 8-2 Record A host of Lumberjacks halt Jesuit running attack. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Springhill 20 North Caddo 6 Springhill 7 Sarepta Springhill 0 Minden 12 Springhill 20 Cotton Valley 141- Springhill 6 Texarkana 20 SPRINGHILL 0 AIRLINE 27 The strong Airline Vikings of Bossier City cates. A little Worn out after the tremendous showed why they are so highly regarded, but effort for the Jesuit game, the ,lacks couldn't the game Wasn't as one sided as the score indi- get rolling. Gayle returns punt for touchdown against .Tesuit's Blue Flyers. SPRINGHILL 25 MINDEN 0 The Lumberjacks completed a successful remained until the fourth quarter when the season, at least in the Won-lost column, by de- ,lacks scored three times behind Gary Blanton feating the Crimson Tide. Addison struck first and ,lim Gayle. This brought the season record on a 1-yard plunge to make it 7-0. That score to 6 Wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. 3 Frosh Awarded All-League Honors .lacks take well-deserved rest. ' 1 ' . 'i W' " L':l,LViw'k'1, Ifw' 4-4' ,2f2a,'y1:'f:wf'www ' ' ' ' - H i 1 ati we IW' rf LUMBERJACK COACHING STAFF: Jackson, Farrar, Franklin, and Souter. Football Banquet Jan. 24+ 011 January 24, the annual Springhill High FOOD David Crowe Award recipient was Jim Gayle. Both hall Banquet WHS held. COaCl'1 JOC Aillet, head coach boys are Seniors and are to be Cgmmended for at Louisiana Tech, was guest speaker. The Ed the fine effort and sportsmanship they displayed. Shultz Award went to Don Addison, and the John 8l 'Ilan 'wins U f WW 4:1 W A--w,.,.. Q ' -:mm - 1 uri?-b fli .. ':m,.m -- ,- v L' Q, P' r , N , ef QA? Wayne Tirnmons!Seni0r C' Q - ,L' L is ,ASSE ew K Pat Cooper-Junior rtis Nesbit, Pat Cooper, Don Addison-Senior " Curtis Nesbit-Senior Jerry Tyler, Johnny Robinson, l KNEELING: Mike Willis, Charles Peterson, Mike Hearne, Jerry Tyler, STANDING: Johnny Robinson, Steve Gosdin, Mike Atkins, Tommy Pease, Larry Williams, Terry Tyler Addison, Hearne, and Nesbit battle for ball. Jacks Win Two Tournaments DISTRICT SCHEDULE ..... f-Y Y X Springhill 73 Jesuit 58 . Springhill 67 Homer 44 9 Springhill 74 North Caddo 74 Springhill 69 Jesuit 59 Springhill 70 Minden 74 Springhill 56 Homer 49 Springhill 42 North Caddo 70 Springhill 56 Minden 72 " f ' efetr 9 t1'i swf, ,f-, 1 FIRST Row: Barry smith, Jamie Pool, Lynn McKeachern, Mike piiy up - Eason, SECOND ROW: Comer Brown, Clarence Reeme, Scott ,,.i' X N Cardwell, David Holladay, Ritchie Chambless THIRD ROW' Harold Modisette, .lerry Wolf, Donnie Peterson, Roy Hamus, J0hnnY ROMUSOH-funiof Tflmmy Pease-Junior .lerry Pedron 3 Cooper sinks foul shot against Blue Flyers. ll Tournament inners A 5 X Q ,L ,Q PQ Yr., Q l R 1 sd es X - - r ...a.... l 'Q S , wi, gay I Q 'k ww K A I' in wx "' 1 P 1 ' K 'S -2,5112 ' ... . -. ,E ff 1 I H .k..: P Jerry Tyler-Junior WV-, , i X Wx XX aww 'Rs 51 , 4 r -as , X 2 'QR Wig EY I SAMSS tag 11. 1 1' .A -ix -.. .x.. rs--a lf. . X. Nw :ini-sfff . '- ' W 0 P5 W. os,' J L i f ' K -awvggvff nl 51. fm-:ff.'1'E::f ,H 'Y1 ' gfgxrffffi, I V , -, , Buddy Hearne-Junior Left to right: Savage, Vascou, Nesbit, Branton, Cooper, Duke. y ,, I . X I .ag ,,,,,,,W,g, g 1 Sl fi ' l 1 uusu a ,. . , "v. 1 . -'if11g,i5f'4 JW' 5 ' K 5 Q i 1, ' izizzifilar.f-Wfxxfnii'15Ti2i5fasa1-f:::.,, ,, , ' V ? 1' . as W Addison fires in tw oin Bill Lodge-Senior Larry Williams-Junior KNEELING: Peggy Burns, Teresa McConnell, Alice Byrd, Sherryl Hall, Linda Reeme, Connie Smith. STANDING Darlene Souter, Barbara Harris, Donna Smith, Glenda Smith, Susan Gilliam, Mildred Harvey, Pat Wolfington. COACH OPHELIA CARROLL 86 msQfmf:f,s:,s,,f-,of ,,f,- ,, .f,,' Y. ,ff-i -..,,,-L,,.,,,,,,,a,,,..,.,5,i .,,. Girls Basketball The S.H.S. Lumberjills defeated the Minden Tidettes to clinch the district title for the thirteenth consecutive season. The Jills, led by Coach Ophelia Carroll, began their season with only three starters from last year. The inex- perienced Jills were soon rewarded for their hard Work and long practice hours. The J ills won first place at their doubleheader and also at the Cotton Valley Tournament. A desire to win, plus that "extra effort" resulted in a Winning team. Smith shoots while Burns and Reeme prepare for rebound. Gilliam goes high for tip. Girls Capture District Crown for 13th Time Barbara Harris dribbles ball to forwards. 87 Smith drives for shot. 88 FIRST ROW: Alice Byrd, Teresa McConnell, Darlene Souter, Connie Smith, SECOND ROW: Kay Stewart, Jo Ann McWilliams, Debbie Timmons, THIRD ROW: Kathy Lodge Cathy Fish, statistician, and Patricia Pope, managera helped boost the Jills to the district title with their "behind the scene" efforts. Glenda Smith sinks a foul as Reeme and Burns look on. Linda Reeme and Glenda Smith close in for rebound. Freshmen: Pam Duke, Shirley Rogers, J ana Price, Jan Sanders, Linda Lasiter, Connie Neely, Debbie Murph, Kathy Hollan, Becky Willis, Martha Smith, Pat Witte, Linda .luck- ett, Cindy Reynolds. FIRST ROW: Gayle Craig, Barbara Pease, SECOND ROW: Stephanie Lineberry, Martha Smith, Ann Craig, Peggy Burns, THIRD ROW: Mary Alice Beck, Jan Sanders, Debbie Murph, Linda Reeme, FOURTH ROW: Sue Boucher, Judy Stevens, Patricia Pope, Sherryl Hall, Donna Nichols. Intra-Mural Sports Popular ith Girls lntra-mural sports are becoming a favorite ac- tivity among the girls of S.H.S. To become eligible to play, one must obtain an intra-mural card. This card is purchased from Miss Carroll for ten cents. This money is used to buy new equipment and other useful items for the gym. The intra-mural games are played after school. Some of the games which the girls play are softball ping-pong, and volleyball. Left to right: Donna Smith, Jo Ellen Haynes, Glenda Smith, Janis Nations, Linda Reeme, Pat Wolfington. Volley Ball Team Attends "Sports Day" More and more girls are participating in volley- ball. This sport is on the rise at S.l'l.S.-due mainly to the interest created by the intramurals. The volleyball team, composed of l2 members, is spon- sored and coached by lVliss Ophelia Carroll. The members of the team practice daily after school. The highlights of the volleyball season are the district sports rally held in April in Ruston and the Hsports day" held at Southern State College. The volleyball team also competes in games with sur- rounding schools. ,,1Qw!W14 'Mi - a......a. 'ass fri' I ' j " "CV 'P ,. . y ' 1 l FIRST ROW: Mike O'Bier, Ricky Strother, Daniel Singleton, Mike Robertson, Larry Talley, Jimmy Sterling, Eddie Parkerson, Ashley Disotell, and Teddy Eubanks. SECOND ROW: Larry Williams, Gary Combs, Larry Stone, Eddie Farabough, Carl Ragus, Danny Parker, Buddy Burke, Craig Tripp, Kenny Wreyford, David Cutchins, Buddy Hearne. Cindermen to Host Lumberjack Relays Eddie Farabough runs the 880 relay. Mike O'Bier tries his luck at David Lee Cutchins throws the pole-vaulting. shot-put. C S.H.S. Tennls Team FIRST ROW: Gary Pool, Teresa McConnell, Jimmy Sterling. SECOND ROW: Tommy Pease, Mike Atkins, Steve Singleton. s.H.s. Golf Team FIRST ROW: Grey Barham, Johnny Robinson, Steve Rutledge, David Spence, Jerry Tyler. SECOND ROW: Dale Slack, Ronald Dunn, Bill Lodge, Tommy Britt. 93 ORGANIZATIONS Clubs and organizations offer each student the opportunity to become a part of a smaller group and to work closely with others. Active participa- tion in these groups develops qualities of leader- ship Because we receive from what we give, stu- dents develop a sense of loyalty and school pride through club service. S.H.S. offers clubs covering every area of in- terest. Most of these meet at the regularly sched- uled club period on alternate Thursdays. Others hold after school and night meetings. Clubs enrich not only the student who joins them but others as well, for they contribute to the cul- tural aspect of school life. The school yearbook and newspaper result from club effort. The Banana Sisters, sponsored by the Spanish Club, appear before many civic groups. The Dramatics Club and the Chorus present a traditional Christmas As- sembly. The Student Council sponsors Mrs. Paul Hildreth, from Shreveport, who reviews a book for the student body. This year she presented HLove or Perishi' by Dr. Smily Blanton, co-worker of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. The council arranges other outstanding speakers. This year we were honored to hear Congressman Joe Waggoner. Four new clubs joined the roster of S.H.S. in 766 a New Year for Old Traditions. Y Y, , 7 3:1 FIRST ROW: Jan Nations, Cary Pool, Linda Henslee, Vickie Cardwell, Cathy Cadenhead, Cindy Horne, Brenda Burnham. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Lineherry, Linda Juckett, Mary Barfoot, Terri Curtis, Jo Ann McWilliams, Dianne Hampton, Jeanii Harrison, Lane Smith, Patty Quina. THIRD ROW: Johnny Robinson, Sam Waller, Ritchie Chamblcss, Craig Tripp, Gary Toms, Gary Combs, Elaine Lineberry, Patricia Sterling, Susan Nickerson, Kay Baucum, Don Woodard fnot picturedl. Executive Committee Plans Student council president, Nancy Smith, explains schedule to representatives Johnny Robinson and Gary Pool. UMW" ' ' --. Twenty-eight home room representatives and twenty-eight alternates are the link between the executive council and the student body. They be- come announcers, salesmen, decorators, vote count- ers, and ambassadors of good will. The level of school spirit is dependent, to a great degree, on their effectiveness. This year the council arranged for Congress- man Joe D. Waggoner to speak to the student body. They also presented Mrs. Paul Hildreth, who gave a book review. The council is responsible for all assembly pro- grams. They hold all school elections. They con- duct a Freshman Orientation program for Junior- High students. Representatives and Alternates Act This year the council had a permanent calendar of events made. They promoted a student art ex- hibit. They taught flag etiquette. They sponsored a clean up campaign. The executive council is elected by the student body. Representatives and alternates are chosen by individual homerooms. Peggy Griggs, Pam Duke, and Melissa Graves, homeroom alternates, are prepared to defend themselves in the snow fight. FIRST ROW: Kathy Beene, Peggy Griggs, Barbara Pease, Pam Duke, Melissa Graves, Janice Moore, Mike Thomas, Linda Monk. SECOND ROW: Mary Bonner, Vicki Weible, Sherryl Hall, Denise Nelson, Sharon Masters, Carole White, Marie Griffin, Gwen Wynne, Laura Barfoot. THIRD ROW: Danny Parker, Raymond Carson, Jasper Pittman, Roy Dale Strother, Elaine Dennis, Carolyn Woodard, Pam Kersh, Alice Byrd. ... 4 FIRST ROW: Cathy Cadenhead, Kay Baucum, Janis Nations, Jimmy Sterling. SECOND ROW: Linda Robertson, Pam Kersh Scott Cardwell, Harryette Manuel. THIRD ROW: Gary Toms, Nancy Smith, Bill Curry, Jo Ann McWilliams. FOURTH ROW Eddie Farabough, Buddy Burke, Pat Cooper, Larry Stone. Teen Town Council Sponsors Dances The Teen Town Council is an organization of S.H.S. students who plan social activities for week- ends and special occasions. The 16 members are chosen by the council members themselves. The Club meets once every two weeks. The council has sponsored many combos from different parts of Louisiana and Arkansas. Of these groups the Uniques are the most popular. Approximately 600 youths from the Ark-La-Tex were guests of the council at their Thanksgiving dance, featuring John Fred and the Playboys, from Baton Rouge. The Uniques played for the Christmas dance, one of the best dances of the year. The Valentine dance featured The Basement Wall from Baton Rouge. The council has also sponsored such other 'bands as Ron Gray and the Countdowns, from Springhill, the Nomads, from Magnolia, and the Cobras, from Monroe. The Teen Town Council is noted as the leading organizer of teen recreation in Springhill. Jimmy Sterling is the council's president. Mr. Richard Johnson is the club's sponsor. The Uniques hold top spot in popu- larity with the local teen-agers. Led by Joe Stampley, the group composed of Bobby Stampley, Bobby Sims, Ray Mills, and Mike Love, has already contributed important hit sounds to the now-a-days pattern of "inn music. Appearing in night clubs and TV and in the New York Paramount, they have won national followers. One of the very first things to be noted about uThe Uniquesn is that they all are vocalists aside from being instrumental masters. Most of their recordings, however, feature notably the singing of Joe Stampley. Among the most popular records of the Uniques are uNot Too Long Agov, "Fast Way of Livingn, and "You Ain't Tough Babyv. They have also made an album entitled "Uniquely Yoursu. The group records for Paula Records. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Stampley, Mike Love, Ray Mills, Bobby Stampley, and Bobby Sims. niques Perform for Majorit of Teen Town Dances Senior teen town members discuss oncoming dance featur- lng "The Basement Wall". Gary Pool and Kay Baucum demonstrate the latest dance while interested teen town members look on. FIRST ROW: Curtis Nesbit, Patty Witty, Laura Barfoot, Linda Henslee, Vickie Weible, .Ieanii Harrison, Beverly Corbell, Kay Baucum, William Slack, SECOND ROW: Richard Huber, Kathy Odom, Clydeanna Cobb, Terri Curtis, Susan Nickerson, Layne Smith, Jo Ann McWilliams, Larry Stone THIRD ROW: David Halterman, Carolyn Smith, Linda Robertson, Pam Kersh, Tommy Pease, Jasper Pittman, Barry Musgrove, Jimmy Knighton. Axe Staff Initiates "Quill and Scroll" Members of the publication staffs "go western" for their annual spring party. Planning copy, making assignments, writing arti- cles, writing, heads, proofreading, pasting up, mak- ing final check, counting papers, distributing copies, exchanging papers with various schools .... And another issue of 'The Axev is put to bed. The pleasure of reading the high school paper is all that remains. Twenty-six students, supervised by sponsors, Mrs. Freida Olive and Mrs. Bess Stone, and editor-in- chief Jeanii Harrison, complete this routine six times a year. This year the Axe staff led the Way in the organization of the charter chapter of the '5Quill and Scroll" International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. Advertising sales completed. Subscription campaign ended. Bills mailed. Planning could begin! The budget must be adequate-the yearbook must be planned according to the money the staff had earned. Planning the arrangement of the book-Taking pictures-Writing Copy-Finding out what was happening when so a photographer could be present -Always having your nose in someone else,s busi- ness so you could tell their story in print. The story of the lives of 12 Lumberjack mem- bers ended with the distribution of 615 yearbooks. 90? of the student body owned a copy. The '66 staff was a success. Lumberjack staff members relax after meeting Christmas deadline. '66 Lumberjack Staff Sells to 90 '70 of Students FIRST ROW: .lan Nations, Gary Pool, Russ Burnham. SECOND ROW: R N' hl L Staten, Judy Green, Carolyn Woodard, Nancy Smith, Linda Boswell, E. G. Wgl,denjCPczitS,Coo?did .llohyrlhlyi Igiialiiffgogglleri Pam a . . , , L i 1 1 1 2 sit Elf FIRST ROW: Vickie Lyons, Debbie Timmons, Kathy Lodge, Pam Wesson, Cathy Cadenhead, Teresa Mobley, Barbara Pease, Harryette Manuel, Stephanie Lineberry, Linda Stanford. SECOND ROW: Trudy Simmons, Peggy Griggs, Debbie Murph, Sue Boucher, Pam Duke, Linda Juckett, Kathy Bishop, Linda Crowder, Marty Piepenbring, ,Ian Sanders, Linda Lasiter, Connie Smith. THIRD ROW: Anita Kay Allen, Lela Smith, Carolyn Wallace, Pat Wolfington, Shirley Loschen, Alice Byrd, .lana Price, Claudia Quina, Melissa Graves, Barbara Lee, Mary Gillespie, Edie Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Franks, Nancy Smith, Darlene Souter, Elaine Sanders, Barbara Flora, Judy Nichols Parkerson, Nancy Spencer, Elizabeth Slack, Christy Haynes, Patty Quina, Patricia Sterling, Sandy Bell, Susan Holloway. FIFTH ROW: Robert Talley, Steve Rutledge, Mike Bright, Skip Wayland, Guy Farley, Kenny Wreyford, Tommy Campbell, Wayne Timmons, Ronnie Thompson, Byron Sanford, Jerry Tyler, Mike Hearne. Dramatics Club Offers Acting Experience Elizabeth Slack explains script to Sandy Bell. The Dramatics club's purpose is to 'offer students the opportunity to perform in short plays and skits and to train them in the fundamentals of play production. Members perform during regularly scheduled club periods. The club presented a play before the club day study hall group. It won second place for its Home- coming iloat. It sponsored an after football game dance. The club presents each senior member a certifi- cate oi merit and gives a gift to the most outstand- ing senior. The club presents an award to the out- standing actor and 3Ct1'6SS in the Senior play. Elizabeth Slack is the president: Mrs. Glenda Taylor is the sponsor. Other officers are Elaine Sanders, vice-president: Wayne Timmons, secre- tary: Sue Boucher, treasurer, and Claudia Quina, reporter. Thirty-six students meet the third Monday night of each month at 6:45 p.m. in students, homes to deepen their appreciation of the values of mathe- matics. Study, recreation, and social activity are found in biographical reports on mathematicians, mathematical games, riddles, and spelling bees. Officers of the club are Benny Wreyford, presi- dent, Laura Barfoot, vice-president, Linda Reeme, secretary, and Don Woodard, parliamentarian. Mrs. Lelia Harper is the sponsor. David Halterman and Jo Ann McWilliams prepare refresh- ments at math club meeting. Pi Delta Meets on 3rd ondays FIRST ROW: Linda Reeme, Peggy Burns, Sharon Bethany, Gayle Craig, Ann Craig, Vickie Witte, Laura Barfoot, Lane Smith. SECOND ROW: Mary Barfoot, Marie Griffin, Vicki Cardwell, Patty George, Becky Grigg, Robert Talley, Pam Staten, .lo Ann McWilliams, Susan Nickerson, THIRD ROW: Susan Holloway, Pat Pope, Jasper Pittman, Carolyn Woodard, Nancy Smith, Johnny Robinson, Billy Foy, Barry Musgrove, David Spence. FOURTH ROW: Delbert Wilkes, Byron Bright, William Slack, Guy Farley, Jim Knighton, David Halterman, Tommy Pease, Donald Woodard, Eddie Farabough, Benny Wreyford. The S.H.S. Science Club encourages initiative and creativity in scientific endeavor. Its purpose is to emphasize the part science plays in everyday life and in the progress and safety of the nation. This year the club heard Dr. Hull, from North- western, speak on bacteriologyg Dr. Hugh C. Land, from Northwestern, on nature study, and Dr. Ralph A. Worley, from Shreveport, on general astronomy. The club attended the Regional Science Fair in Shreveport and the International Science Fair in Dallas. Tommy Britt is president of the club. Grey Bar- ham is vice-president. Terry Bandy serves as secre- tary-treasurer. Mr. W. T. Bowen is the sponsor. Science club members await the arrival of their guest speaker, Dr. Heigh C. Land. Science Club I-Tears Outstanding Speakers FIRST ROW: Francis Carson, Elton DeLoach, Terry Bundy-secretary-treasurer, Pat Wolfington, Lushen Stewart, Johnny Hicks, Steve O'Glee. SECOND ROW: Tommy Hampton, Billy Lindsey, Kenneth O,Glee, Tommy Helms, Grey Barham- vice-president, George Simmons, Lester Roan, Wayne Lemons, Duck Wesson. THIRD ROW: Tommy Harris, Jimmie Fritz, Larry Williams, Jerry Markham, Don Griffith, Eloy Farrington, Bennie Smith, Roy Lemons. FOURTH ROW: Ray Huddlcston, Tommy Brittgpresident, Mike Parker, Dale Slack, Chuck Burford, Bill Burnett, Harold Peterson, Tommy Formby, Johnny Powell. The Radio Club, S.H.S.'s newest club, was formed this year to provide an opportunity for those persons interested in gaining an amateur radio license. The 12 members have learned the Morse Code and other basic radio theory. An F.C.C. amateur license will be required for membership beyond the first year. The club meets on regular club days, on Monday nights, and after school 2 days a week. Mr. Val Marshall is the sponsor. Mr. Marshall explains the intricate details of radio con- struction to Larry Miller and Larry Yates. Richard Gray smiles approvingly. Radio Club to Earn Amateur License FIRST ROW: Jerry Eubanks, Byron Bright, Robert Woodard, Rodney Burns, Ron Keene, Teddy Eubanks, Richard Gray. SECOND ROW: Cary Boucher, Jimmie Stewart, Larry Smith, Mr. Marshall fsponsorl Larry Yates. coming parade, had the winning float in the pa- OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Terry Benson, President, Ronnie Darst, vice-president, Buddy Burke, secretary, SECOND ROW: Tim Jester, historian, Ricky Darst, assistant historian, Jimmy Stewart, treasurer. .A. Club Wins 2nd Troph For the second year the l.A. Club won the honorary trophy for the stateis second most out- standing I.A. Chapter. This year they furnished all wood for the bonfires, cleaned up after the home- Current projects are the furnishing of concrete benches for the courtyard and helping to keep the city park clean. They cooperate with the state project of collecting wood and pine cones for forestry kits used in elementary school. rade, built the set for the Senior play, and decorated The Outstanding club is sponsored by lVlr. Jess the outside of the building at Christmas. Easely. FIRST ROW: Loy Clements, David Faircloth, Joe Carathers, Steve Singleton, Diane Farley, Emily Allen fhonorary secretariesl, Lamar Farrington, Bruce Smith, Jess Easley. SECOND ROW': Gary McLain, Larry Bilbray, Merlyn Arnold, Mike LeMay, Ronnie Darst, Wayne Knippers, Kenny Barnard, Duck Wesson, Bob Burns. THIRD ROW: Charles Parker, Ronald Alexander, Dennis Ward, Thomas Jester, Ricky Lucas, Jerry Brown, Ricky Lindsey, Jerry Grisham, Larry Barmore, Larry Umphries. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Perkins, Lonnie Crowder, Ronnie Edwards, Mike Collins, Van Bolton, Gary Combs, Terry Benson, Teddy Pearson, Gary Mouser, Bill O'Brien. FIFTH ROW: Jessie Henson, Gary Boucher, Reynolds Dunn, Dennis Nelson, George Gray, Ronald Shaver, Charles Hudgeons, Jimmie Ebarb, Jimmie Stewart, Buddy Burke, Mike Parker. FIRST ROW: Gayle Craig, Brenda Hawthorne, Sharon Bethany, Janice Moore, Cynthia Williams, Jimmy Sterling, Cathy Wynne, Vickie Witte, Ann Craig. SECOND ROW: Kathy Beene, Barbara Mize, Donna Nichols, Dianne Dickson, Peggy Burns, Marie Griffin, Jo Ellen Haynes, Dianne Brown, Sandra Kendrick. THIRD ROW: Ann Masters, Sherryl Hall, Mary Alice Beck, Barbara Harris, Patty George, Vicki Cardwell, Bibbi Barnard, Sue Derryberry, DeWanda Baker. FOURTH ROW: Juanelda Nolan, Mary Barfoot, Linda Reeme, Sandra Masters, Pat Hanson, Sarah Rich, Barbara Thomas, Brenda Modisette, Reba Harvey. FIFTH ROW: Stella Thomas, Peggy Andrews, Judy Stevens, Susan Gilliam, Steve Mobley, Diana Brown, Sue Morse, Phyllis Morse, Charlotte Modisette. F.T. . Hosts District Workshop Janice Moore, Jimmy Sterling, and Steve Mobley pay close attention to lectures given at F.T.A. Club meetings. Patty George, president, Mrs. Jane Tidwell, spon- sor, and the fifty members of The Future Teachers of America Club were hosts to the 4th District Workshop in November. Mr. R. O. Machen, Super- intendent of Vvebster Parish Schools, was their speaker. In February members attended a Workshop at Woodlawn High School. In April representatives heard Dr. Willa Faust, National Director, speak to the State Convention in Baton Rouge. Officers for '65-'66 were Ann and Gayle Craig, vice-president, Sharon Bethany, secretary, Peggy Andrews, treasurer: Charlotte Modisette, reporter, and Vickie Witte, historian. The installation of new officers was held at the annual spring banquet. FIRST ROW: Mary Edwards, Emily Allen, Carolyn Wesson, Linda Monk, Sherry Hughes, Cheryl Thompson, Clydeanna Cobb, Anita Thompson, Renee Oller. SECOND ROW: Bessie Key, Diane Farley, Sheila Lyons, Peggy Sullivan, Gloria Cochran, Ann Moore, Renae Pickard, Patricia Farrington, Lynda Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: Carolyn McKinnis, Joyce Allen, Janice Taylor, Deborah Jackson, Becky Lee, Gail Sears, Becky Grigg, Terry Bandy, Barbara Cheatham, Eileen Holden. The Future Nurses Club, S.I'I.S.'s largest organi- zation, serves as Candy Stripers at the two local hospitals and at The Fountain View Nursing Home. Serving after school hours, on weekends, on. holi- days, and during su.mmer vacations, these students give invaluable aid to the local staff as they in- Nurses Give Unselfish Service crease their knowledge of the basic routines of nursing. Sixty hours of service entitle a student to wear a cap. After sixty hours of service, the Future Nurses also earn a pin. The F.N.C. held its Christmas party at the American Legion Home on December 23rd. FIRST ROW: Jo Brown, Brenda Beshea, Margie Smigiel, Gloria Strange, Nelda Brown, Becky Smith, Sandra Franklin, Judy Robertson, Shirley Smith. SECOND ROW: Jeannette Smith, Donna Wilson, Annie Cole, Betty Burrell, Shirley Hearron, Bobbie Woods, Belinda Budwah, Dolores O'Brien, Edna Wright, Ann De Loach. THIRD ROW: Karen Franklin, Pat Pope, Gwen Davis, Barbara Hicks, Sharon Masters, Sandra Collins, Linda Tripp, Drucilla Jones, Vickie Woods, Debbie Hudnall, Mary Shaffer. FOURTH ROW: Donnie White, Gail Hall, Belinda Edwards, Elizabeth Gray, Cheryl Myers, Margaret Tripp, Carolyn Wilburn, Linda Gerrald, Rita McDonald, Donna Smith, Mary Mason. ,,.' . "" i :t'.. 1 :,'. A fi I' ii I N f " . ' K K - I g if. ii VVVV, W I 1 'jig FFT my - ' J ' t. . 1- ..... g, ..,'- A j I . t -W J . cdee' ,M i"'ii . 1 Y -it 4. 551.11 --": W... if' 2' F W1 1 if saves-sf ff ,: r ' f ,vs tiisr , I. I ,"' vi I HP -' " zllfxf' - ' -'Y wgQz'a'2f2. fc :eras -'-, f at ' f .2 . faq imminf. .?fWW.: "u:fMwa" erM.f , ' -- MLW ,- ,..,,. -f k fs,.1,W,V,,MMv f I A 'fr S - ,.... v .4 yryy - f 35' fy f f- "-- ' "QSM wwf. L Rv,ii21ffiGf fi . f , '. H '-'5IEEfREi'!F522'i W i t"' f will? - I A A ealiiifif uf' W f?"Wi5'7F' I .A Fiailfl' it pfiifikv it V, M , pm, ,XM JT., V. , w , - , 5 .t.t s f . 1 , gg af -,,, ,.,... , 5' ,,,,. -05,5 -,L K 'Zh ' 'Y L' K Y ll . .t. f i sigh, K xwffyily .3 ..-U,L,.,, . ,.,k , 5 ., .,,k K rl Mig, . .ir Q, WMWHT5 aww imma ,mwwww Ji: +:ln IW vnf A I ,'.' T Jdeswewwwmnwwcw nw'l .. 2. .w In QR? 1 .::,.r 4... adke I ! an. iii: - r gym, In . vs. :1'f"E..',':,..,,"'- wi Mwn'.f 5 ii . x E gas gag? AE igmf . f 9 I ' " 'ir 4 6 , 2, 6 1 ,f ,aaa Ly 1 5 .. f is-R ,. gg' 5 of gf ' t 5, 'f is t , 1 X , Y, G M at fC"" , 1 v MFT 1, -13 'F .. fe A tc M ftgsvgilmgg J nh- af lg gi ' lard? ' 1 H. -Q :w,','f :il K ff? ., ,- .wy- Iiwwf ,. 4, xg, , , . 'A ,.,. I . .... .c ,r. ...ig 13 mt i?'i. .fb my vzgxffhyrf V efv.2z?W.M ' ii liligffliiwfli . .,,5g:,, 1 :1,2i.,ff5:zU,g 7 if l ff . 2 f Y rz'.zlgt"fffm?g:.,5'-.xxzzf cltlwwwdaa FIRST ROW: Ann Hair, Linda Smith, Barbara Bandy, Brenda Baker, Becky Willis, Belinda Willis, Carolyn Sewell, Gwen Wynne. SECOND ROW: Elaine Rhymes, Etta Dees, Kathy Tyson, Glenda McDonald, Portia Williams, Theresa Taylor, Karen Jones, Melba Huckabee, Darlene Johnson. THIRD ROW: Sheila Watson, Brenda Faircloth, Vicki Smith, Mary Brown, Jackie Dubois, Sylvia Hale, Cathy Fish, Mary Mills, Judy Smith. FOURTH ROW: Oneita Ketchum, Linda Parker, Wanda Stanford, Becky McEachern, Jackie Collins, Cynthia Greene, Kaye Stewart, Faye Taylor, Janice Thompson, Brenda Maus, Jane Madden. FIFTH ROW: Nona Hampton, Bonnie Dumas, Barbara Austin, Peggy Morris, Melba Sciortino, Sue Lee, Brenda Williams, Janice Pharr, Donna Rayburn, Donna Hartley, Betty Kilpatrick. 62 F.H.A. Members Serve Others FHA members listen attentively as their guest speaker, Brother Jerry Kidd, speaks on home and family living. The sixty-two members of the Future Horne- makers of America gain an appreciation of the satisfactions of homemaking. Their programs are enriched by qualified speak- ers. Rev. Jerry Kidd spoke on The Christian Home. Mrs. Ann Harper explained '4Careers,'. Miss Careece Perritt stressed "Good Health, A Valuable Assetn The club presented a Thanksgiving program at the Fountain View Nursing Home. They carried fruits and magazines to the patients. They gave financial aid to the Mentally Retarded Adult Group. At Christmas they collected toys, clothes, and food for needy families. FIRST ROW: Katie Caughman, Sandra Evans, Donna Nichols, Janice Moore, Linda Henslee, Jan Denmon, Connie Nealy, Marcille Shaver, Dina Gildon. SECOND ROW: Frankie Strickland, .ludy Teague, Linda Crowder, Sharon Wesson, Donna Spencer, Edith Stewart, Laura Barfoot, Marilyn Goodwin, Janice Eharb. THIRD ROW: Betty Dennis, Sandra May, Glenes Davis, Diane McGee, Frances Hunt, Brenda Gryder, Shirley Rogers, Elizabeth Slack, Reba Mullins, Donna Myers. FOURTH ROW: Mildred Harvey, Phyllis Jackson, Loretta Nelson, Gary Wilburn, Thomas Markham, Ronald Dunn, Benny Wreyford, Glenda Smith, Betty Hood. Helen Thurman, Elaine Dennis, Tricia Witte. F.B.L. . Enters the World of Commerce FBLA members pause before meeting begins. V91 i. 1,-'RJ ,Q lx", 1' Forty-one business students under the direction of Future Business Leaders of America club spon- sor, Mrs. Betty Butts, and president, Frankie Strick- land, learn more about the world of commerce. One speaker this year Was Mrs. Margaret Bryan. She detailed the experiences involved in owning oneis own business. The F.B.L.A. sells candy, has cake sales, and sponsors an annual smorgasbord to finance its activities. The club attends all F.B.L.A. conventions. FIRST ROW: Lester Roan, Raymond Carson, Grey Barham, Jlm Gayle, Mike Martin, Jerry Tyler, David Landers. SECOND ROW: Danny Parker, Philip Jackson, George Simmons, Roy Dale Strother-vparliamentarian, Rudell Vaughan-secretary treasurer. THIRD ROW: Don Addison-president, Curtis Nesbit, Danny Edens, Pat Cooper, Gary Flint. FOURTH ROW: Delbert Wilks, Gary Blanton, Bill Lodge, William Slack, John Dunn. FIFTH ROW: Coach Farrar, Tony Doster, Kenny Wreyford, David Cutchins, Larry Stone, Donald Woodardw vice-president. "S" Club Members Earn arsity Letters Members of the "S" club show great exuberance in antici- pation of the Jesuit game. "S" club membership is limited to those who have earned a letter in a varsity sport. Twenty- seven boys, representing football, basketball, track, and golf, are members. Don Addison is the only member who has let- tered in three sports. Six football lettermen made the All-District team. Kenny Wreyford was chosen for All-State. Five boys received athletic scholarships. "S" club members give service to the school by doing cafeteria and hall duty. Officers of the club are Don Addison, president, Donald Woodard, vice-president, and Rudelle Vaughn, secretary-treasurer. Coach Travis Farrar is the club sponsor. The Spanish Club, sponsored by Mrs. Margaret Bryan and led by president, Bill Lodge, attended a performance of Don Quixote at the Marjorie Lyons Theater in Shreveport. They sponsored the Spanish National Honor Society initiation. They featured the Banana Sisters, who appeared on a Shreveport television program on Christmas Eve. They entered a float in the Chamber of Commerce Christmas parade. They sold tickets to the American Legion suppers. The club meets in the home of the members. Larry Stone is vice-president, Clydeanna Cobb, secretary, Stephanie Lineberry, reporter, and Johnny Robinson, parliamentarian. ' Spanish Club members scramble for candy after Clyde- anna Cobb breaks the pinata. Los Conquistodores See Don uixote FIRST ROW: Mike Willis, Sharon Bethany, Stephanie Lineberry, Peggy Burns, Katie Caughman, Sherry Hughes, .Ianice Moore, Mike Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bryan, Linda Reeme, Jan Nations, Cindy Horne, Ann Masters, Sara Allen, Claudia Quina, Beverly Corhell. THIRD ROW: Wayne Smith, Jim Gayle, Shirley Loschen, Lane Smith, Kay Baucum, Clydeanna Cobb, Susan Nickerson, Patricia Lineberry. FOURTH ROW: .Iohnny Robinson, Pam Kersh, Kathy Odom, Donnis Jarrett, Sue Boucher, Christy Haynes, Janet Sapp, Dianne Hampton, Pat Pope, Cheryl Myers, Carolyn Smith. FIFTH ROW: David Spence, Jerry Brown, Jerry Markham, Byron Bright, Bill Lodge, Larry Stone, Barry Musgrove, Gary Combs, Mike LeMay, Jasper Pittman. ...J FIRST ROW: Randy Kirkley, Jeanne McLaren, Nancy Weible, Dianne Weible, Brenda Burnham, Daphne Roberts, Scott Cardwell. SECOND ROW: Diana Rodgers, Anita Hughes, Ronnie Smith, Bill Stevens, Theresa McConnell, Debbie Wood, Patricia Flournoy, Susie Haynes. THIRD ROW: Sam Waller, Roianna McCormick, Judy Harper, Mary Beth Rhea, Donna Bolton, Diane Starritt, Jerry Blake, Ronnie Hearnsberger, Paul Davis. FOURTH ROW: Donald Bartley, Donald Camp, .lunior Brown, Mark Hunt, Billy Foy, James Pennington, Steve Keith, Sandra Wimberly, Curtis Robertson, David Spence, Jimmy Yates, FIFTH ROW: Tony Cheatham, Tommy Vaughan, Calvin Knighton, Larry LeMay, Carry Knighton, Mike Craig, Sidney Farmer, Butch Slack, Gary Toms, Michael Atkins, Eddie Farabough. The Sounds of Music Echo From the Band Room Stephen Keith, an enthusiastic member of the Music Club, displays his talent on the trombone. The music club gives band students and other musicians the opportunity to play music not sched- uled in their regular band period. It also serves as a music appreciation class. Mr. Louis Pund, band director, is the sponsor: Dianne Weible is the president. Other officers are Mike Atkins, vice-president! and Nancy Weible, secretary-treasurer. The Christian Youth Club, an interdenomina- tional club of religious minded youth, was or- ganized last spring. Their goal is the promotion of Christian standards in the school. Richard Huber heads the group as president. Other officers are Gary Wilburn, vice-president and Reba Mullins, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Elba Haynes and Mrs. Betty Butts co-sponsor the group. The club holds a weekly chapel service each Monday morning at 7:55 a.m. As a fund raising project, the club sponsored a "Songspiration.', They also sponsored the "Melodi- Aires" from Natchez, Mississippi. Frances Hunt, Loretta Nelson, Gary Wilburn, and .lo Brown discuss chapel plans with Mrs. Butts. The Christian Youth Club Holds Chapel FIRST ROW: Elba Haynes, Reba Mullins, Jo Brown, Nelda Brown, Mary Brown, Linda Crowder, Drucilla Jones, Danny Smith, Betty Butts. SECOND ROW: Betty Dennis, Linda Parker, Linda Tripp, Carolyn Wilburn, Elaine Dennis, Barbara Flora, Loretta Nelson, Georgie Watters, Billy Henson. THIRD ROW: Robert Parkerson, Gary Wilburn, Larry Miller, Ronald Dunn, Benny Wreyford, Frances Hunt, Sue Morse, Thomas Markham, Richard Huber, David Landers. CHEERLEADERS: Cathy Wynn, Janis Nations, Kay Baucum, Terri Curtis, Linda Henslee, Vicki Cardwell. FIRST ROW: Sharon Bethany, Ann Craig, Reba Harvey, Joyce Allen, Gwen' Wynn, Gayle Craig. SECOND ROW: Anita Kay Allen, Betty Hood, Cynthia Williams, Emily Allen, Bonnie Dumas, Marilyn Goodwin, Vickie Witte, Brenda Gryder, Shelia Lyons, Phyllis Jackson, Katie Caughman. THIRD ROW: Sherry Hughes, Beverly White, Margie Smigiel, Barbara Mize, Kathie Beene, Linda Robertson, Pam Kersh, Stephanie Lincberry, Susan Nickerson, Claudia Quina, Pam Staten. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Grey, Vickie Lyons, Christy Haynes, Sue Boucher, Jane Madden, Rita Kay McDonald, Sharon Wesson, Elaine Sanders, Janet Sapp, Brenda Martin, Pat Pope. FIFTH ROW: Pam Duke, Linda Lasiter, Cathy Cadenhead, Patty Quina, Elaine Lineberry, Cecile Thompson, Pam Wesson, Peggy Griggs, Kathy Lodge, Sandra Bell, SIXTH ROW: Debbie Jack- son, Debbie Murph,-Connie Smith, Alice Byrd, Judy Harper, Reba Martin, Dianne Pepper, Diane Hampton, Carolyn Wallace, Linda Monk. SEVENTH ROW: Darlene Johnson, Gloria Cochran, Belinda Willis, Teresa Mobley, Mary Bonner, Barbara Pease, Marty Piepenbring, Patricia Sterling, Teresa Price, Cheryl Myers. EIGHTH ROW: Janice Taylor, Becky Willis, Jan Sanders, Jana Price, Sara Allen, Mary Gillespie, Kathy Hollan, Melissa Graves, Cindy Horne. Pep Squad Performs at Ball Games The Pep Squad serves as the official booster of spirit at football and basketball games. Led by the cheerleaders, the Pep Squad becomes the voice of S.H.S. They also perform on the football field in pregame ceremonies. This year at homecoming the Pep Squad performed at half-time with the band in honoring the queen and her court. The Squad also marched in the homecoming parade. This year, for the first time, the Pep Squad formed two dance teams and performed at basket- ball games. They also formed two teams and played a girls, football game. Gayle Craig serves as president of the Pep Squad. Gwen Wynn is vice-president, Joyce Allen is secretary, and Reba Harvey is treasurer. The drummers are Ann Craig and Sharon Bethany. Miss Stegall is the sponsor. PIANIST: Mary Barfoot. FIRST ROW: Gayle Craig, Ann Craig, Jan Nations, Cathy Wynne, Cecile Thompson, Marilyn Goodwin, Vickie Witte, Jo Brown, Peggy Griggs, Cathy Cadenhead. SECOND ROW: Donna Wilson, Beverly Corbell, Nelda Brown, Portia Williams, Harryette Manuel, Diane Brown, Barbara Mize, Margie Srnigiel, Edith Stewart, Renee Pickard, Judy' Smith, Donna Spencer, Sara Allen, Patty George, Sharon Bethany. Boys' Chorus New to S.H.S. FIRST ROW: David Wesson, Dale Reynolds, Jerry Blake, Stephen Keith, Russel Burnham, Butch Slack. SECOND ROW: Tommy Vaughan, Donnie White, Benny Wreyford, Eddie Farahough, Jimmy Yates. 3, ,RX --+I' ,R 3 I. p Q 4 THIRD ROW: Sharon Wesson, Sylvia Hale, Cheryl Thompson, Marcille Shaver, Renae Oller, Vickie Smith, Becky McEachern, Brenda Martin, Brenda Gryder, Judy Harper, Bobbie Woods, Mary Brown, Linda Smith, Cindy Horne. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Ann Holmes, Jo Ellen Haynes, Terri Curtis, Shirley Loschen, Terry Bandy, Janice Ebarb, Gwen Wynne, Melissa Graves, Elaine Lineberry, Janice Thompson, Shelia Watson, Delores O'Brien, Mary Shaffer, Mary Mills, Mable Farrington, Brenda Folks. FIFTH ROW: Linda Tripp, Drucilla Jones, Vicki Cardwell, Vickie Woods, Becky Lee, Dianne Pepper, Donnis Jarrett, Carolyn McKinnis, Rita Kay McDonald, Barbara Cheatham, Margaret Tripp, Judy Parkerson, Pat Hanson, Kay Baucum, Patty Quina, Sue Boucher, Reba Harvey, Dianne McGee, Glenes Davis. Girls' Chorus Numbers 75 The Girls' Chorus presents two annual concerts -one at Christmas and one in the spring. They perform at a Christmas assembly. Approximately seventy-five, girls will attend the chorus festival in Ruston and the All-District Chorus in Monroe. Representatives from the group will also attend the music rally in Baton Rouge. The 1965 Chorus attended the state chorus festi- l , val. Mrs. Maxine Pender is the chorus director, Patty George is the chorus president. The Boys' Chorus was formed in late November. A strong interest on the part of the group made Mrs. Pender willing to practice with them after school and at night. They gave their first perform- ance at the Christmas assembly. XYAGHI 3 J 1 Q me-ra V FIRST ROW: Donna Nichols, Donna Bolton, Laura Barfoot, Elizabeth Weible SECOND ROW: Brenda Burnham, McLaren, Sandra Wimberly, Evelyn McMullen, Patty Twitty, Diana Rogers, Anita Hughes, Patricia Flournoy, Debbie THIRD ROW: Teresa McConnell, Debbie Timmons, Judy Stevens, Kathy Odom, Carolyn Woodard, Russ Burnham, Staritt, Marilyn Farley, Eileen Holden, Elaine Dennis, Nancy Davis, Ronald Keene, Susan Gilliam, David Halterman, Jo Haynes FIFTH ROW: Jeanii Harrison, Cathy Fish, Diana Bill Stephens, James Pennington, Loretta Cheatham SIXTH Spence, Eddie F arabough, Mike Atkins, -Mike Craig, Byron Pund, Donald Bartley, Bruce Robinson, Steve Keith, Tommy Brown, Sandra Craig, Darlene Souter, Karen Jones, Jerry Bright, Junior Brown, Randy Kirkley SEVENTH ROW Weible FOURTH ROW: Daphne Roberts, Beverly Corbell, Ann McWilliams, Betty Dennis, Roianna McCormick, ROW: Brenda Hawthorne, Mary Beth Rhea, Billy Foy, Jeanie Wood Diane Gwen Susie Blake, David Louis Britt, Calvin Knighton, Gary Knighton, Mark Hunt, Jimmy Fritz, Linda Reeme, Gary Pool EIGHTH ROW: Donald Camp, Curtis Robertson, Paul Davis, Richard Gray, Benny Wreyford, Tommy Vaughan, Guy Farley, Tony Cheatam, Jimmy Sterling, Jimmy Yates X, .,fj,Q.fl tg, 5, .. . .1 Band Has Self-Governing Council The 1966 Springhill High School Band is one of the school's outstanding organizations. Under the leadership of Mr. Louis Pund the band com- pleted a successful marching season in November and then spent the remainder of the year in con- cert work. This was the second year that the hand had functioned under a self-governing council. This year the band council was headed by Russell Burnham, Captain, and Donna Bolton, Drum Ma- jor. First Lieutenants elected to the council were seniors David Halterman and Elizabeth Wieble and juniors Linda Beeme and David Spence. Second Lieutenants were sophomores To Ann McWilliams and Curtis Robertson and freshmen Patricia Flour- noy and Scot Cardwell. The majorettes were repre- sented by the head majorette, Donna Nichols. Laura Barfoot served the band this year as secre- tary. The band had as special guest conductor and clinician Mr. Jimmy Reynolds, Director of Music for Louisiana Tech. Mr. Reynolds visited the school in January. Besides its regular marching dates, the Lumber- jack Band participated in the annual State Fair Parade in Shreveport. CLASSES "lt is the men and women so poured in and out all day that gave the building a soul of dreams and thoughts and memories? Carl Sandburg A sound of laughter- A boy and a girl Walking down the hall- Books falling from a locker- A cheerful goodmorning greeting- Students reciting "Pope" in preparation for a 8:10 test- Another laugh- The ring of a bell- The rushing to a class- Silence- Another day begins at S.H.S. in '66 A NEW YEAR FOR OLD TRADITIONS. The high quality of S.H.S. students is traditional. ln their search to know themselves and others, they go unassumingly but sincerely about their task of growing up. Mr. Olive said of them, "I am proud of you as a school. I am proud of you as an indi- vidual student. It is gratifying to Work with stu- dents Who still believe in ideals, morality, and spiritual values." The ring of a bell- Footsteps-lockerdoors closing- A cheerful goodbye- Silence- The building is emptied- But tomorrow again they will bring their dreams and thoughts and memories and the building shall have its soul. w it v ! i Y I 2 5 a 2 s v I Q 3 Q s 5 4 i 5 5 W ' - LEFT TO RIGHT: David Cutchins, Kenny Wreyford, Donald Woodard, Curtis Nesbit, Danny Edens Senior Class Officers Donald Woodard-President Danny Edens-Vice-President Kenny Wreyford-Secretary Curtis Nesbit-Treasurer David Cutchins-Sergeant-at-A rms DONALD RAY ADDISON Football-3, 4, Team Captain-4, basketball- 2, 3, 4, Baseball-l, "SH Cluh-2, 3, 4, President -4, Class Vice-president-1, Class Favorite-3, Homeroom Representative-2, 3, Senator-4, Na- tional Student Council Convention-3, Ed Shultz Award-4, Hall of Fame-4. REBECCA ALBRIGHT FBLA-3, 4. ANITA KAY ALLEN Pep Squad-l, 2, 3, 4, FBLA-1, Drainatics Club-2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports-4, Senior Play EMILY KAY ALLEN FBLA-1, 2, Pep Squad-3, 4, Squad Leader- 4, Honorary Secretary of IA Club-4, Senior Play JOYCE FAYE ALLEN FBLA-1, 2, Pep Squad-3, 4, Secretary-4, FNA-4 PEGGY ANDREWS FTA-1, 2, Convention-3, Treasurer-4 DAIL AUSTIN, JR. IA Club-4 EMMA BAGWELL FHA-1, 3, FBLA-2 BENNY BAILY DeWANDA BAKER Pep Squad-1, FBLA-1, Dramatics Club-2, F TA-3, 4 LAURA ANN BARFOOT Pep Squad-I, FBLA-I, 4, Spanish Club- 1, 2, Band-2, 3, 4, Council-4, Majorette-4, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, Exchange Editor-4, Math Club-3, 4, Vice-president-4, District Rally- 1, 3, State Rally-3, Alternate Homeroom Rep- resentative-4, Leadership-3, Quill and Scroll -4, National Honor Society-4 GREY GARDNER BARHAM Science Club-2, 3, 4, Vice-president-4, HSN Club-4, Golf-2, 3, 4 LINDA BARNARD VIVIAN INEZ BARNARD FTA-1, 2, 3, 4, Class Favorite-3, Class Beauty -3, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Pep Squad-1, 2, 3 BILLY KAY BAUCUM Class Beauty-1, 2, Pep Squad-1, 2, Cheer- leader-3, 4, Dramatics Club-1, Homeroom Representative-I, 4, Class Favorite-2, Class Secretary-2, Debate Club-2, 3, Treasurer- 3, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, State Rally-2, 3, District Rally-2, 3, Speech Rally-2, 3, Spanish Club -3, 4, Spanish Honor Society-4, Northwestern Cheerleader School-2, SMU Cheerleader School -3, Senior Play, Quill and Scroll-4, National Honor Society-4 Hall of Fame-4 MARY ALICE BECK F.T.A.-4, Senior Play-4g Transferred from Arkansas High, Texarkana, Arkansas TERRY BENSON Industrial Arts Club-2, 3, 4, vice-president-3, president-4 BILLY SHARON BETHANY F.N.A.-15 Pep Squad-1, 2, 3, 4, Drummer-4g Spanish Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian-1, Banana Sisters-4, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4, State con- vention-3, 4, Secretary-4g Math Club-3, 4g Girls' Sextet-45 All-district Chorus-4 LARRY BILBRAY Industrial Arts Club-4 GARY BLANTON , Science Club-1, 2, P.E. Club-3g MS" Club- 3, 4, Football-3, 4, All-district-4 DONNA LOUISE BOLTON Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette-1, 2, 3, Drum Major -4, Executive Council-43 Dramatics Club-1, 23 F. N. A.-35 Alternate Homeroom representa- tive 3g Senator-4, Student Council Workshop -4g Senior Play-4 THOMAS M. BRITT Golf-4, Music Club-1, 2g Science Club- 3, 4, Parish representative to Jr. Academy of Science-3, president-43 Local 81 Regional St State Science Fair Winner-I. 2, 3g Rally 4 .I O BROWN FNA-I, 2, 3, 43 Candy Striper-2, 3, 4, Secre- tary-4g CYC-3, 4 JERRY WAYNE BROWN CYC-3, 4g Spanish Club-4, Science-3, 43 PE Club-2 BILL BURNETT IA Club-l, 23 Science Club-3, 4 RUSSELL CLIFTON BURNHAM Music Club-lg Band-1, 2, 3, 4, President-45 All-State Marching Band-3, Masonic Award- 2, 3, 4, Literary Rally-3, State Music Rally- 3, 45 Annual Staff-2, 3, 4, Business Manager- 4g Quill and Scroll-4, Boys Chorus-45 Leader- ship-3 Pelican State-3, Senior Play, National Honor Society-4, Hall of Fame-4 TONY BURKETT TOMMY GLEN CAMPBELL Science Club-I, 2, 3g Dramatics Club-4 VICKI LYNN CARDWELL Beauty-1, 4g Homeroom Representative-4, Al- ternate-1g Math Club-2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian -3, Dramatics Club-lg FTA-2, 3, 4, District Representative-4, Student Government Day Al- derman-2g Pep Squad-1, 2, 3, Cheerleader- 4g SMU Cheerleader School-3, Senior Playg Intramural Sports-3, 4g Class Favorite-4, De- bate Rally-3g Debate Club-3, 4, FTA State Convention-3, 4, Axettes-4g National Honor Society-4 RAYMOND CARSON Football-3, 45 HS" Club-45 Homeroom Alter- nate-4 SANDRA CARTER KATIE LOU CAUGHMAN FHA-1, FBLA-2, 3, 4, Treasurer-4, Pep Squad-1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club-4, Spanish Honor Society-4 BEVERLY KAYE CORBELL Class Treasurer-I, Pep Squad-I, Dramatics Club-I, Spanish ClubA2, 3, 4, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, Music Club-2, Bandf2, 3, 4, Student Council, Homeroom Representative-l,, 2, 3, Treasurer-4, State Convention-I, 4, Leadership -3, Quill and Scroll-4, All-District Chorus- 4, Senior Play, Hall of Fame-4, Student Coun- cil Award-4. JESSICA ANN CRAIG FNA-lg FTA-2, 3, 4, Secretary-3, Vice-Presi- dent-4, Convention-3, Pep Squad-I, 2, 3, 4, Axettes-4, Miss Merry Christmas-4 ,Math Club -2, 3, 4, Literary Rally-4 Intramural Sports -3, 4, Alternate Homeroom Representative-3, National Honor Society-4 SAMANTHA GAYLE CRAIG F.N.A.-1, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4, Reporter-3 Vice President-3, State Convention-3, Math Club- 2, 3, 4, Sportsmanship rally-3, Pep Squad- I, 2, 3, 4, President-4, Axetts-4, Intramural Sp0rtsw3, 4, Miss Merry Christmas-4, Alter- nate homeroom representative-2, National Hon- or Society-4, Chorus secretary-3 MICHAEL BENSO'N CRAIG Bandil, 2, 3, 4, Music cluh-2, 3, 4 LINDA CROWDER FHA-I, Dramaties Cluh- CYA-3, 4, FBLA -4 DAVID LEE CUTCHINS Class sergeant-at-arms-I, 4, NSU club-I, 2, 3, 4, Football-2, 3, 4, All District-4, Track- 2, 3, 4 RONNIE RAY DARSVI' Industrial Arts Club-2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian -3, Vice president-4, P.E. Club-I Seniors Emerge as Leaders in '66 Linda Henslee smiles as she reviews Mrs. Branch's latest English IV assignment ? Vicki Cardwell poses for Mr. Walden at his downtown studio. These pictures are but one of the distinctions common to seniors. .leanii Harrison and Russ Burnham, senior members of the band, collect souvenir eagle from the Publications Float in the Homecoming Parade. Nancy Smith, David Halterman, Jan Nations, and Beverly Corbell examine sample senior rings held for them by Donald Woodard. Seniors Evaluate Themselves, Plan Careers F MARVIN DAVIS PE Club-l, 2 Q QON A ETTIE PEARL DEES FHA-1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Helper-2, 3, 4 ELTON DeLOACH Science Club-I WILLIAM MONTELE DICKSON Spanish Club-3 ROY ANTHONY DOSTER Science Club-2, Basketball Manager-3, 4, HS' Club-3, 4g FTA-4 BONNIE SUE DUMAS Vice-President-4, Pep Squad-2, 3, 4 I26 JOHN DUNN Band-l, 2, 3,,4g Football-3, 4, Senior Play RONALD DUNN Senior Play WILLIAM DANNY EDENS. PE Club-Ig "S" Club-2, 3, 4, Class Vice President-3, 4g Basketball-2, 3g Football-2 3, 43 Track-1, 2 Football Manager-lg Science Club-2, 3, 45 FHA-1, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer-29 Secretary-35 PE Club-lg Music Club-23 "S" Club-3, 4: PE Club-1, Science Club-2, 3g CYC-3, 4, SANDRA JEAN EVANS F.B.L.A.fI, 4, FHA-+3 EDWARD ELLIOTT FARABOUGH Music Club-I, 2, 3, 4, Math Club-3, 4, Treas- urer-4g Teen Town Council-3, 4, All-Star Band-lg All-State Marching Band-3, Track- 3, 43 National Honor Society-43 Senior Play-4 DIANE FARLEY FBLA-I, 2, FNA-3, 4g Honorary Secretary of Industrial Arts Club-43 Pep Squad-4 SIDNEY FARMER Science Club-lg Music Club-2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Band-I, 2, 3, 4 JOHN ELOY FARRINGTON Science Club-4, National Honor Society-4 GARY FLINT Science Club-Ig PE Club-2, "S" Club-3, 4, Foothalli3. 4 BARBARA ANN FLORA FHA-19 Dramatics Club-2, 3, 43 CYC-3, 4, TOMMY FORMBY Science Club-2, 3, 4, Parish Representative-4 SANDRA KAYE FRANKLIN FHA-1, FNA-2 LARRY GARRETT Football!4g "Sr" Club-4 JAMES AGURS GAYLE JR. Science Club-Ig Spanish Club-2, 3, 4, Treas- urer-4 Football-3, 4, All-District-4g HS". Club -3, 43 National Honor Societyfflg Spanish Hon- or Societyg President-4, John David Crowe Award-4 PATTY GAYNELL GEORGE FTA-1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President-4, State Con- vention-3, 4, Math Club-2, 3, 4g Alternate Homeroom Representative-3g Class Secretary- 3g Music Rally-3, 4, All-District Chorus-3, 4, Chorus Trio and Sextet-3, 4, National Honor Society, Secretary-4 MARILYN GOODWIN FBLA-I, 2, 3, 4, Historianw3g Pep Squad- 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer-3g Sportsmanship Council- 4g All-District Chorus-4 AVERY ELBA GRAVES III GEORGE HARPER GRAY Industrial Arts Cluh-l, 2, 4, PE Club-3 ANITA MARIE GRIFFIN FTA-1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club-2, Spanish Club --3, Math Club-4, Literaiy Rally-3, Spanish Honor Society-4, Senior Play, Alternate Home- room Representative-4 DON GRIFFITH IA Club-I, 2,, P.E. Club-3, Science Club-4 BECKY DEE GRIGG Pep Squad-I, 2, 3, FTA-1, Dramatics Club- 2, FNA-3, 4, Math 'Club-4, Intramural Sports -3, 4 BRENDA GRYDER Pep Squad-2, 3, 4, FHA-1, 2, 3, FBLA-4, Senior Play, Axetts-4, Intramural Sports-3, 4, Parliamentary Team-4 DAVID EDWARD HALTERMAN Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Council-I, 3, 4, Music Club -I, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, Student Government Day fAIdermanJ-2, 3, Student Council, Home- room Representative-3, Parliamentarian-4, Speech Rally-4, Senior Play, Math Club- 4, Pelican Boys State-3, Leadership-3 Amer- ican Legion Oratorical Winner-4. NONA HAMPTON FBLA-2, FHA-3, 4, FNA-2, Candy Striper- 2, Pep Squad-I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports-3, 4 THOMAS WADE HAMPTON Science Club-4 BARBARA HARRIS Pep Squad-I, 3, Spanish Club-2, 3, Historian -2, Dramatics Club-I, 2, FNA-3, Student Council, Corresponding Secretary-4, FTA-4, Speech Rally-4, Intramural Sports-3, 4 .IEANII HARRISON Dramatics Club-I., Pep Squad-1, Speech Rally -I, 2, Literary Rally-I, 4, Student Council, Homeroom Representative-1, 2, Teenorama Col- umnist-3, 4, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, Editor-4, Band-2, 3, 4, Math Club-3, Spanish Club-2, 3, 4, President-3, Lumberjack Statistician-2, 3, 4, Debate Club 2, 3, Leadership-3, Pelican Girls State-3, Senior Play, National Honor So- ciety-4, Quill and Scroll-4, Hall of Fame-4, Student Government Day, Alderman-2 MILDRED ELAINE HARVEY FBLA-2, 3, 4, FTA-1, Basketball-2, 3, 4 .IO ELLEN HAYNES FTA-I, 2, 3, 4, Convention-3, Rally 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports-3, 4, Pelican Girls State-3, National Honor Society-4 LINDA SUE HENSLELE Homecoming Maid-I, Beauty-I, 2, 3, Home- room Representative-3, 4, Alternate-I, 2, Pep Squad-I, Cheerleader-2, 3, 4, Cheerleader School, NSC-2, 3, SMU-4, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, ,Circulation Manager-4, Dramatics Club-I, Math Club-2, Speech Rally-4, Leadership- 3, Senior Play, National Honor Society-4, Hall of Fame-4 BETTY CAROL HOOD Dramatics Club-I, FBLA-3, 4, Pep Squad- 3, 4, Intramural Sports-3, 4, Literary Rally- 1, 2, 3, 4 RICHARD COUGLASN HUBER Literary Rally-1, 2, 4, CYC-3, 4, President-3, Axe Staff-3, 4, Business Manager-4, National Honor Society-4 FRANCES ROSE HUNT Dramatics Club-1, FVLA-I, 4, Convention- 4, FNA-3, Candy Striper-3, Pep Squad-4, CYC-4 PHILIP JACKSON Football-3, 43 FBLA-lg PE Club--25 "S" Club-3, 4 PHYLLIIS JACKSON FBLA-I, 2, 4g FHA-3, Pep Squad-1, 2, 3, 4 THOMAS MARION .IESTER JR. Industrial Arts Cluhsl, 2, 3, 4, Historian-3, 4 SANDRA MCCANN KENDRICK Pep Squad-1, 2, Drumatics Club-1, 2, 35 FTA 4 BESSIE FARNELL KEY Dramatics Club-Ig FBLA-2g Pep Squad-2, 3, FNA43, 4 CALVIN KNIGHT ON DAVID LANDERS Track-2, 3, 4, "S" Club-3, 43 Football Man- ager-2, 3, 4g Christian Youth Club-3, 4, CYC President-4 LARRY GLEN LeMAY Music Club-1, 2, 3g Band-1, 2, 3, 4 ROY LEMMONNS Science Club-4 BILLY LINDSEY PE Club-23 Science Club-4 GEORGE WILLIAM LODGE III Basketballf4g Golf-3, 43 "S" Club-4, Span- ish Club-2, 3, 43 President-45 Spanish Honor Society-4 SHEILA KAY LYO-NS F.B.L.A.-1, 25 F.N.A.-3, 4g Candy Striper-3, 43 Pep Squad-2, 3, 4 THOMAS ELTON MARKHAM C.Y.C.-3, 4, F.B.L.A.-3, 4g Literary Rally MIKE MARTIN Football-2, 3, 45 "S" Club-2, 3, 43 P.E. Club -3 GERALDINE MAXEY SANDRA GRAHAM MAY Dramaties Club-1, 2g Pep Squad-1, 2, 33 FBLA-3, 4, Literary Rally-3, 45 Speech Rally -33 Debate Club-2, 35 FBLA Rally-3, 4g Parliamentary Law Team-3, 4, Homeroom Rep- resentative-1 MICHAEL DANE MAYFIE-LD FBLA-I, 2g Stage Crew 3, 4 CAROLYN MCKINNIS Homeroom Representative-lg Alternate-2, 35 Drarnatics Club-lg FBLA42g Music Club-3, FNA-4, Treasurer-4g Band-3 GLEN MINOR STEVEN CLARK MOBLE-Y Spanish Club-3g FTA-3, 4 CHARLOTTE ANN MODISETTE FTA-1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter-4 .IANICE LOUISE MOORE Pep Squad-1, 2, 3, 4g Drarnatics Club-I, 2, 3g Math Club-2g Spanish Club-4, FBLA-4g FTA-45 Alternate Homeroom Representative- 4g Senior Play ROGER MORELAND REBA GAIL MULLINS- FBLA-1, 2, 45 FTA-35 CYC-3, 45 Secretary- Treasurer-4g Intramural Sports-3 JANIS RENAE NATIONS Cheerleader-2, 3, 43 Pep Squad-lg Beauty- I, 2, 3, 4, Lumberjack Staffgl, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Ed. 4g Teen Town Councilfl, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-4g Sportsmanship Council-33 Homeroom Represen- tative-4, Alternate-I, 2, Class Secretary-lg Math Club-2g Spanish Club-3, 4g Class Favor- ite-Ig FNA-2, Pelican Girls State-33 Lead- ership-3, Cheerleader School: NSC-2, 3, SMU -4, National Honor Society-4g Fair Princess Candidate-1, 25 Quill and Scroll-45 Spanish Honor Society-4, Hall of Fame-4 NOLAN CURTIS NESBIT Homeroom Representative-1, 23 Class President V23 Axe Staff-2, 3, 4g Leadership-33 Pelican Boys State43g "SH Club-45 Basketball-3, 43 Class Treasurer-4 DONNA NICHOLS Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Majorette-2, 3, 45 Head Majorette-4g Senator-45 Homeroom Represen- tative-33 Student Council Workshop-3g Dra- matics Club-1, 2g FTA-3, 4g Intramural Sports -3, 4-g Homecoming Maid-43 Intramural Sports -3, 4g FBLA-4-g Axettes-3, 4g Senior Play .IUANELDA NOLAN Dramatics Club-lg FHA-2, 3, Treasurer-35 Library Helper-3, 43 'FTA-4 DALE NUGENT Science Club-1, 2, 3 KENNETH O'GLEE Science Club-2, 4g PE Club-3 Popular seniors, Ann and Gayle Craig, pose in their roles as Mlsses Merry Christmas in Springhill's annual Christmas Parade. The school's newspaper, The Axe, is an important part of any seniors life. Here Don Griffin and Dulane Wesson read the latest edition. Senior Courses Require Added Stud MICHAEL THOMAS PARKER Science Club-l, 2, 3, 4, Science Fair-1, 2g Webster Parish Representative to Jr. Academy of Science-2 JUDY NICHOLS PARKERSON Dramatics Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer-3 HAROLD PETERSON PE Club-3, Science Club-4 RITA JANICE PHARR FHA-3, 4 WILLIAM GARY POOL Music Clubvlg Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Executive Council-2g Debate Club-2, 3, President-3g De- bate Rally-2, 3g Lumberjack Staff-2, 3, 4, Busi- ness Manager-3, Editor-43 Math Club-2, Re- porter-Zg State Speech Rally-2g Christmas Play-2, Student Government Day-33 Leader- ship-3g Pelican Boys State-33 Tennis-3, 4g Homeroom Representative-4, National Honor Society, President-4g Senior Playg Quill and Scroll-4, Hall of Fame-4 KENNETH POWELL Industrial Arts Club-1, Z, 4, 'Science Club-3 SARAH RICH I Science Club-2, Jr. Academy of Science, Sec- retary-2g FTA-3, 4 LESTER LAVELL ROAN, JR. Music Club-lg Assistant Football Trainer-2, 35 "Sw Club-3, 45 Science Club-4 PATRICIA DIANA RODGERS Band-1, 2, 3, 43 Majorette-4, Intramural Sports-l, 2, 3g FNA-33 FBLA-2g Dramatics Club-lg Music Club-4 GEORGE SIMMONS PE Club-33 Football-43 "S" Club-43 Science Club-4 WILLIAM DALE SLACK Science Club-I, 43 PE Club-2, 3 VASSAR ELIZABETH SLACK Pep Squad-I, 2g FTA-23 Dramatics Club- I, 3, 4, presidentg Math Club-23 Sports Rally -33 Literary Rally-43 Intramural Sports-3, 43 Senior Play WILLIAM ROY SLACK State Rally-13 PE Club-23 Track-23 Math Club-3, 43 Axe Staff-3, 43 Football-3, 43 Stu- dent Council, alt. Homeroom Representative-23 Senator-33 Vice-President-43 Workshop-3, Leadershipi33 National Honor Society, Vice- President+4g "S" Club-43 Class President-33 Quill and Scroll-4, Hall of Fame-43 Masonic Award 2 BENNIE SMITH Science Club-4 GLENDA SMITH FBLA-I, 2, 3, 4, secretary, 43 Volleyball-I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball-3, 4 LARRY SMITH Science Club-2, 3g Radio Club-43 Senior Play LELA GALE SMITH FBLAf13 Pep Squad-I, 2, 3g Homecoming Maid-23 Dramaties Club-2, 3, 4 NANCY MARGARET SMITH Lumberjack Staff-1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Squad-1, 2, 33 Math Club-2, 43 Spanish Club-2, 3, 4g National Honor Society-43 Spanish Honor So- ciety-43 Teen Town Council-2, 3, 43 Student Council: Homeroom Representative-1, 23 Sena- tor-33 President-43 Conventions: State-43 SouthernV3, 4g N.A.S.C. 'European Tour-33 Sportsmanship Council-33 Homecoming Queen -43 Beauty-43 Quill and Scroll-43 Leader- ship-3. Seniors Choose Green Stone for Ring Skippy Wayland and Curtis Nesbit support green as ring color-and green it was! Two S.H.S. seniors Janis Nations and Vicki Cardwell view Home-Coming parade after completing the route them- selves. NANCY SPENCER FHA-I, 2, 3, Parish Treasurer-2, Parish Rep- resentative-2, 3, Local President-3, CYC-3,. Dramatics Club-4, Senior Play ,IAMES L. STERLING, IR. Class Sergeant-at-arms-I, Band-2, 3, 4, Lit- erary Rally-2, Music Club-3, Teen Town Council-3, 4, President-4, Dramatics Club-3, Student Government Day, City Judge-3, Tennis -3, 4, Track-4, FTA-4, Student Council, Senior Senator-4, Senior Play, Student Council Award-4. EDITH STEWART FBLA-I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President-3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Vice-President-4, Intramural Sports- 2, 3, 4, Parliamentary Procedure Team-4 .IIMMIE WAYNE STEWART Industrial Arts Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer-3, 4 LUSHEN ANDREW STEWART Science Club-I, 4 LARRY MILLER STONE Science Club-I, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, Spanish Club-2, 3, 4, Spanish Honor Society-4, Sports- manship Council, Vice-President-3, President- 4, Teen Town Council-2, 3, 4, Student Govern- ment Day-2, 3, Speech Rally-4, Football-2, 3, 4, Track-2, "S" Club, Senior Play, Leader- ship-3, Quill and Scroll-4, National Honor Society, Hall oi Fame-4 FRANKIE STRICKLAND FHA-I, FBLA-2, 3, 4, President-4 ROY DALE STROTHER PE Club-1, IA Club-2, 3, Football 3, 4, Captain-4, NS" Club-3, 4, Sergeant-at-arms- 4, Alternate Homeroom Representative-4 .IAMES ROBERT TALLEY Science Club--I, PE Club-2, 3, Math Club- 4, Dramatics Club-4, Senior Play BARBARA FRANCES THOMAS FHA-1, 2, Vice-President-2, FTA-3, 4 STELLA ELIZABETH THOMAS FHA-1, 2, Literary Rally-3, FTA-3, 4 RONNIE DOYLE THOMPSON FBLA-1, PE Club-2, Dramatics Club-3, 4, Football-4, "S" Club-4 HELEN FAYE THURMAN FBLA-I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Representative-2, Literary Rally-I, Intramural Sports-3, 4 ALLEN WAYNE TIMMONS Class Favorite-I, Class President-I, Home- room Representative-1, Alternate-2, Student Government Day-I, FTA-2, Dramatics Club -3, 4, Secretary-4, Basketball-4 PATRICIA ANN TWITTY FTA-1, Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Majorette-4, Axe Staff-2, 3, 4, Managing Editor-4, Beauty- 2, 3, 4, Princess-4, Homecoming Maid-3, Pelican Girls State-3 Beverly Corbell, senior Student Council member, waits Sh-H011 Bethany helps Bobbie Woods iH Preparing f0T b21CkSI2lgC during the school year's first assembly. pictures to be used in the Senior Section of the Lumber- jack. Seniors Dream of Honors Day and Graduation KENNETH WARREN TYLER LARRY UMPHRIES Industrial Arts Club41r RUDELL WATSON VAUGHAN Science Club-1, 2g Music Club-2g NS" Club- 3, 43 Secretary-Treasurer-43 Band-1, 2, 3, 45 Football-2, 3, 45 All-District-3, 4g Alternate Homeroom Representative-I E. G. WALDEN Industrial Arts Club-1, 2g Photographer-2g Science Club-35 Leadership-3g Lumberjack Staff-4g Quill and Scrolli4 TRACIE ANN WATKINS Beauty-2 WENDELL THOMAS WAYLAND Science Club-I, 25 Stage Manager-1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club-4g Speech Rally-4g Senior Play-4 ELIZABETH DIANNE WEIBLE Bandil, 2, 3, 4g Majorette-4g Executive Coun- cil-4 Music Club, President-4 VICTORIA RUTH WEIBLE Transferred from Marymount International School of Romeg Quill and Scroll-4g Leadership--35 Intramural Sports-3, 43 Feature Editor-49 Al- ternate Homeroom Representative-45 Rally-4 CAROLYN BEAL WESSON FBLA-I, 2g Band-3g Music Club-3g FNA-4 I34 DULANE WESSON Science Club-2, 3, PE Club-3, IA Club-4 GARY OMER WILBURN CYC-3, 4, Vice-President-3, 45 FBLA-4g Lit- erary-Rally DELBERT JOE WILKS Football-2, 3, 44 HS" Club-2, 3, 4g Math Club -4 CYNTHIA ANN WILLIAMS Transferred from Neville High in Monroe, Louisianag Pep Squad-4, Leader-4g Axettes- 4g FTA-4 VICKIE JEAN WITTE FTA-1, 2, 3, 4, Historian-45 Pep Squad-3, 4g Intramural Sports-3, 4g Math Club-2, 3, 4 DONALD MURRAY WOODARD PE Club-2, 33 Football-3, 43 HS" Club-3, 4, Vice-President-4, Math Club-4, Parliamentar- ian-4g Class,Vice-President-2g Class President -4, Class Favorite-2, Homeroom Representa- tive-4g National Honor Society-4 BOBBIE JEWEL WOODS FNA-I, 2, 3, 4, Candy Striper-4g Pep Squad -1 BENNY REED WREYFORD Science Club-lg Math Club-Z, 3, 4, President -45 Music Club-2, 3, FBLA-4 Band-2, 3, 4, Sportsmanship Council-4 KENNETH R. WREYFORD Football-2, 3, 4, -All-District-3, 4, Honorable Mention-2, All-State Honorable Mention-4g "SN Club-3, 4g Class Sergeant-at-Arms-33 Class Secretary-4g, Class Favorite-43 FBLA-lg FTA-2, Dramatics Club-3, 4, Sen-ior Play-4 JIMMY V. YATES Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Music Club-l, 2, 3, 4 LARRY YATES Science Club-2, 3g Radio Club-4 LYNDA RAYE ZIMMERMAN FTA-lg Dramatics Club-2g FNA-3, 4, Pep Squad-2, 3 Seniors - "Ye Shall Know the Truth and he Truth ill ake You Free" UNIORS President-Larry Talley Vice-President-Jerry Tyler Secretary-Stephanie Lineberry Parliamentarian-Gary Mouser 161 Juniors Become Upperclassmen David Allen Mike Atkins Barbara Austin Emma Bagwell Terry Bandy , .414 'ff. Mary Barfoot Jeanne Barmore Donald Bartle ' ii'i H i A Kathy Beene Sue Boucher B " we 51 y f .,,,L 2 If Q iii an Robert Bradshaw Mike Bright Diana Brown Diane Brown Jerry Brown Mary Brown Chuck Burford Buddy Burke Peggy Burns Betty Burrell Donnie Camp Glen Carver . Barbara Cheatham Tony Cheatham Clydeanna Cobb Mike Collins Annie Cole Pat Cooper Terri Curtis Gwen Davis V .Zig SHS Finds Strong Support in Junior Class -i--' ' W' W 5 X iss X Q v"l"i5lF" wt. S?-, 3 N H sl ., , as .2 ,.., R in-nik W S f y Sue Derlyberry Ann Deloach Don Denmon Ruby Dennis Diane Dickson Jeff Doster Elbert Dunnigan Reynolds Dunn Janice Ebarb Jimmie Ebarla Teddy Eubanks David Faircloth Gary Farley Cathy Fish Karen Franklin Linda Gerald Eugene Gildon Billy Giles Susan Gilliam Jerry Grisham Ami Hair Sylvia Hale Gail Hall Sherryl Hall David Harper Ona Hartley Reba Harvey Brenda Hawthorne Christy Haynes Buddy Hearne Juniors gather at lunch table during noon break. Mr. Souter enjoys junior conversation in the halls Eileen Holden Ruth Ann Holmes Bobby Jester Gary Johnson Karen Jones Drucilla Jones Ronald Keene Steven Keith Pam Kersh Calvin Knighton Jimmy Knighton Don Lindsey Stephanie Lineher Shirley Loschen Butch Lynd Jane Madden Jerry Markham Brenda Martin James Martin Sam Martin Juniors Enjoy Leisure Times TY .xeluaks if f' iw. i i "'?vfbf1"v ' 1 -,,, A- -f, . Nr ,L sw aw. --If - '19'z1.',iL-e1,1.2- 1 Jeff? sess 1 my 1 'Wi 'N 2 i' gf iis s , w M 1 M! I e Milk A W' K' j . I i f ,-. , iiii ' ti Jumor Splrlll Soars at Rallles and Games Sandra Masters Mike May Mike Mayfield Roiana McCormick Rita Kay McDonald Becky Mclifachern Diane McGee Gary McLain Larry Miller Barbara Mize Brenda Modisette Peggy Morris Sue Morse Cary Mouser Barry Musgrove Loretta Nelson Jimmy Nickerson Susan Nickerson Kathy Odom Renee Oller Charles Parker Danny Parker Tommy Pease Charles Peterson Renae Pickard Lynn Pickard Pat Pope Ray Powell Claudia Quina Donna Rayburn Jimmy Knighmn and other juniors enjoy dress-up day Johnny Robinson and Pat Cooper raze the Yearbook Juniors Participate in Club Activity Linda Reeme i:i'A l H' MZ, Mary Beth Rhea " i t 7' fi - , f Judy Robertson gg Linda Robertson ' fmww G1 A ' V I n if 'lk Viykrr- Q ' ent! D y if yyyyy,y ' Johnny Robinson y A Steve Rutledge i1,, Elaine Sanders if ' Janet Sapp " Larry Scott ,rl" l," . Larry Sexton Murcille Shaver Harry Shows Larry Shows Steve Singleton Sallie Sistunk Margie Smigiel Donna Smith Linda Smith Nancy Smith Tommy Vaughan studies while waiting to have his Susan Nickerson, an active Junior member of the Axe 501,001 picture made, Staff, works on her Christmas Edition article. Larry Talley Heads Juniors as President Wt' Mesa se Rebecca Smith Vicki Smith David Spence Wanda Stanford Danny Stanford Diane Starrit Pam 'Staten Judy Stevens Ricky Strother Peggy Sullivan Larry Talley Judy Teague Anita Thompson Mike Timmons Gary Toms Pam Kersh and Tommy Pease aid honor society in Peggy Morris, Butch Lynd, Sue Derryberry, and Jimmy decorating Christmas trees. Nickerson do research work in the library. Juniors Gain Knowledge, Give Information Bill Torrey Linda Tripp Jerry Tyler Tommy Vaugham Shiela Watson Sharon Wesson Wayne Whaley Larry Williams my :" 1'n - Robert Williams Sandra Wimberly Pat Wolfington Tommy Woodard Donald Wright Edna Wright Cathy Wynne Gwen ICJ' SUPHOMORES President-JHSPCT Pittman Treasurer-Ronnie Alexander Vice President-Ross Pickett Secretary-Cathy Cadenhead S ergeant-at-A rms-Jesse Henson Ronald Alexander Merlyn Arnold Brenda Baker Mike Baker Larry Barrnore Kenny Barnard Sandra Bell Jerry Blake Van Bolton Cary Boucher Byron Bright Nelda Brown George Buckley Bob Bums Rodney Burns Paul Burton Andrew Butler Alice Byrd Cathy Cadenhead Joe Carathers Sharon Carter Skipper Cobb Gloria Cochran Cary Combs Johnny Cox G. W. Coyle Jeaneane Coyle Lonnie Crowder Ricky Darst I an Denrnon Sophs Are Lal' est Class at S.H.S. AV kk V ' a B' . rrl 'YK Sam' Splrlted Sophomores Support Jacks Betty Dennis Elaine Dennis Ashley Disotell Ronnie Dyck Belinda Edwards Jerry Edward Ronnie Edwards Jerry Euhanks Brenda Faircloth Guy Farley James Farnell George Farrington Mable Farrington Danny Flint Brenda Folks Billy Foy Sharon Franks Charles Garner Steve Gosdin James Goss Judy Greene Peggy Griggs Jerry Grisom Dianne Hampton Pat Hanson Ronnie Hanson Tommy Harris Glenda Haynes Mike Hearne Shirley Hearron The sophomore class elected Cathy Cadenhead as their Alice Byrd, Patty Quina, Pam Wesson and Sherry Hughes cla s maid. are active members of the pep squad. I-Iomecomin Means Parades and Assemblies Tommy Helms .lessie Henson Barbara Hicks Susan Holloway Danny Hough Ray Huddleston Rolan Hudgeons Sherry Hughes Gladney Hunt Bonnie Jaggers Dennis Jarrett William Juckett David Kennedy Mary Ketchum Betty Kilpatrick Wayne Knippers Jacky Lawrence Larry Lawson Linda Lea Rebecca Lee t W. 1 f ' .w A as 3 2' W 5 A A ,t ,,,, t- 1- ff 1 tl,t . 5.2153 w f 5 t21-1-' .9 V, ew t. . L WW? Sophomores Study Seriously a r y r Y s Q s " f ' , r i - i siii is , A if lik 4 ' o A1 ., o ie nsiris 1 - 1 reis , if n iiiss i ff . 11. f :ssi Mike Lernay Elaine Lineberry Kathy Lodge Ricky Lucas Lonny Lyons Vicki Lyons Harryette Manuel Reba Martin Mary Mason Ann Masters Brenda Maus Theresa McConnell Glenda McDonald Evelyn McMullan Jo Ann McWilliams Dennis Minor Bobby Misenheimer Linda Monk Ann Moore Willie Morris Cheryl Myers Alvin Neal Robert Nealy Danny Nugent Delores O,Brien Bill O'Brien Mike O'Bier Tommy Oswalt Linda Parkerson Eddie Parkerson Sophomore, Sandra Bell, and Senior Lela Smith partic- lpate ln dramatics club play. Larry Patterson James Pennington Diane Pepper Johnny Perkins Ross Pickett Jasper Pittman Larry Pool Teresa Price Patty Quina Allison Redman Dale Reynolds Danny Rich Melba Richardson Curtis Robertson James Robinson Daryl Royston Byron Sanford Gail Sears Jimmy Sessions Laddie Sewell Patty Quina and Judy Greene lead tour on freshman orientation day. Sophs Contribute Service 2 X ,, ,. .1 ,..,, . 5 . ,, f, gl ky , , , .s , Jasper Pittman Serves School a eee e e x . at Carolyn Sewell Terry Sexton .lesse Shaffer Ronald Shaver Trudy Simmons Daniel Singleton Sandra Sistrunk Butch Slack Ronnie Slack Carolyn Smith Barbara Smith Jeanette Smith Connie Smith Connie L. Smith Rennie Smith Judy Smith Wayne Smith Darlene Souter Donna Spencer Linda Stanford Kaye Stewart Gloria Strange Gerald Talley Faye Taylor Raymond Taylor Sandra Teutsch Mike Thomas Bobby Thompson Cecile Thompson Cheryl Thompson ophomore President Janice Thompson La Donna Thompson Robert Thompson Debbie Timmons Craig Tripp Margaret Tripp Johnny Tyler Terry Tyler Cathy Tyson Danny Veatch Donna Veatch Carolyn Wallace Dennis Ward Nancy Wieble Johnnie Welch Pam Wesson Beverly White Carolyn Wilburn Travis Wilburn Portia Williams Belinda Willis Mike Willis Donna Wilson Carolyn Woodard Sherry Hughes, Ann Masters, Donnis Jarrett, and Lane Smith enjoy Spanish Club party. , . f , . " 'f ., ,, ,A f .. , , ,C , .-W I, , , m - r , Jw , 1 j 5 A W R meg W ff raw W, 'NEW any li 6 T ss IQ! f Y fi X 4' , 1 M' S ' Xp K f 61 in F X f 1, we te, .es,ff,.f:K - 1 F , ,n av- ,N f , fl 431 L. L M V :ff ":f' v iii ' t I Q wi F RESHMEN President-Clarence Reeme Vice-President-Bill Pickett Secretary-Linda Juckett Sergeant-at-Arms-Patricia Sterling Orientation Da Helps Ineomin Freshmen Sara Allen Barbara Bandy ,lack Barmore Robert Benson Terry Benson Thomas Benson Brenda Beshea Kathy Bishop Mary Bonner Linda Boswell Danny Brown Larry Brown Sue Brown Walter Brown Betty Bucklin Freshman Orientation Day aids Freshman in learning of life at S.H.S. L- 1 '12 QV . QVVVKVDV V VV V ig ., it J 5 -. , .- V17 22' 'I 6 . isri B sr B A' Belinda Budwah ' i A 1 ' ir , V V V 'Li Cdf1B11dWah . f Q 'io M we esrl r V Brenda Burnham , f 'I ' ii,,.i Donnie Caraway V V iiii i'1' V ,V,V,,,,V ',i Scott Cardwell V BE QEQVQVVL , ' iii ui . 'e '- 11, Q 1 iifin "H ree enyr rrr - Ffrancis Carson Alva Dean Caughman Ritchie Chambless Loretta Cheatham Loy Clements Freshmen Become a Part of S.H.S. Denny Collier Jackie Collins Sandra Collins Sandra Craig Bill Curry Willis Curtis Paul Davis Steve Day Bryant Dees Eddie Dennis Greg Doster Jackie Dubois Pam Duke Mike Eason Danny Edwards Mary Edwards Marilyn Farley Lamar Farrington Patsy Farrington Ralph Fish Patricia Flournoy Jimmie Fritz Dina Gildon Mary Gillespie Donald Grashot Melissa Graves Elizabeth Gray Cynthis Green Gary Gribble Judy Harper Francis Carson and George Mayfield wait to have school pictures made. Greg Doster, Shirley Rogers, Linda Thomas, and Melba Sciortino anxiously wait for lunch. Loggers Become Lumberjaeks Mike Haynes Ronnie Hearnsburger Billy Henson Johnny Hicks Davy Holiday Kathy Hollan Cindy Horne Melba Huckabee Debbie Hudnall Thomas Hudson Anita Hughes Edris Hughes Paul Hughes Mark Hunt - Deborah Jackson David Jeter Darlene Johnson Jimmy J uckett Linda Juckett Karl Keaton ' :ZA H Hif i 'Haw' rl , ,,l. i a n . M ' J 2 J X 3 , , , .e .4 . ,,,' , ,. ,, -N, 1. Q ,ii.,. an .E w a E F rosh Are Eager to Learn K Ayrk Hiiifi Il' kk" fi? ,: 1 Q yy as eyrriya '. , K -f as Vhf: I -: , K V A' F .f , D ,L .. - AAVIL A s f ' Nw new 1' -. a E? s l 5 7 L.L n . . 5 :i',:,f"1., .z -!1fL'5i,1 - i e wer e K ,,.., . :T sasslsa Q 5. we-Q, N il f yayysn no i Y D iii: me Z 5 T2 .la . W 7953 V - J Ji U . if by Q ., fo if SHN 11 Q W , V- Af ef: ,L 53 R Gary King Randy Kirkley Carry Knighton Don Kottenbrook Linda Lasiter Barbara Lee Wayne Lemons Ricky Lindsey Brenda Martin Sharon Masters Rodger Maxey George Mayfield Lynn McEachern Mike McGee Jeannie McLaren Mary Mills Teresa Mobley Harold Modisette Gloria Montgome Phyllis Morse Debbie Murphy Donna Myers Connie Nealey Denise Nelson Dennis Nelson Annie Newton Roy Nichols John Nickerson Melba Nickerson Steve O'Glee TY Lynda Oswalt Robert Parkerson Jacky Pearson Teddy Pearson Barbara Pease Jerry Pedron Donnie Peterson Glynn Pickard Bill Picket Marty Piepenbring Jamie Pool James Powell Johnny Powell Jana Price Kelsie Putman , r' 0,1 gl ,. fr 1.- i ii fp. ,.-f X 1 W W Hd ,,iJ Tkl V6 - 1. '12 1 ,k,,,A, .Y 3 gg K iv Y, X.. , ,Q ,.. 4 an 5 sf 6 5' as ' VE' Q F jg..-M , , 5 J , ,. ,, if . R' "N 45 H 1' - : KVVL , , M -' Z . ' 'f""Y Clarence Reeme Ji Donnie Rester ' Cindy Reynolds 'gi Q , ,.e. Elaine Rhymes ,4 'x Daphyne Roberts f A A1 j Freshman, Mike Robertson receives help from Mike l'..eMay Mrs. Dean's Freshman English class concentrates hard on Freshme 1n drawing class. their studies. Il Find tudies a Challenge 1Wi,...11 f i 3 Freshmen Are Willing to Help Others fw sfffz, v P fe- .s f 1- A . A Vi 1 at te? W F 'X X .R -1 :rl - Wi I ..., ' , ..1,Q f V .,. I -.e , a .. Q L . ,.. . ' , , Ab,. Q , . , S S it P I ' 1 .. . ,,,' 1 :Qi - . ,.., B, MW L, N, ,N Q 1 X--s , ,,.. . S E .. it . . Q ., . ,.,, llllelleeel i leellleelel ..2, ,eeeeeeiigelleeeleleeell in ,, 'lee A ,Q A - - rz. 9,.....- ,, fast Tx Y +1-K am, M 'ST' K "-. 1 .1 K , fx 1- i ' e - A S5 fi' ' S 1 . li' """ It 'X ' iee -- S S ,ell eele e.ee Q l ee S Mike Robertson Jerry Robin Bruce Robinson Robert Rodgers' Shirley Rogers Thomas Rolan Billy Ray Sanders .lan Sanders Freddy Sanford Melba Sciortino James Sears Mary Shaffer Barry Smith Bruce Smith Danny Smith Juanita Smith Martha Smith Ricky Smith Robert Smith Shirley Smith David. Starr Patricia Sterling Bill Stevens .lean Strange, .l aneice Taylor Larry Taylor Theresa Taylor Linda Thomas Sharon Thomas Terry Thompson Dennis Nelson helps Carole White with her books. Allen Timmons Delores Wallace John Wallace Sammy Waller Ronnie Weible Tommy Welch David Wesson Carole White Donnie White Kenneth Wilburn Brenda Williams Ronnie Williams Becky Willis Mickey Wise Patricia Witte Gerry Wolfe Debbie Wood Vickie Woods Donnie Zimmerman Larry Brown, Alva Dean Caughman, Martha Smith, Edris Hughes, enjoy the library during study hall. Freshmen Are Everywhere J f V' 55 5 f f f 5 91 J I f f and - I , i n et t 1 ffif 4 it I 'L ft W V 1,t i t 1 57 rQ'i at fiftfififi ' ar W eaa ADVERTISEMENTS The S.H.S. student body is aware of the interest of the merchants of Springhill in them. Their con- fidence in youth has been shown on every occasion. 4- modern schools, a summer recreation program, a recent school bond issue, support of the athletic program, interest in the band, a willingness to appear on guidance day programs, a lighted gold water tank with the name Lumberjacks on it-all of these and many more show the pride the town has in its young people. Because of the kindness and cooperation of the merchants, it is possible to have the '66 Lumber- jack. We wish to express our appreciation to each of them for their interest in an important part of our school life. As we go our separate way, we shall remember the attitudes and building establishments of these citizens, the business people of Springhill. 'i f .- 'tin iQlfw'f.-:,11-- I K 1 . K f ' I K '--M mrf52-iffazzwzwexzaiieinem: -1, -, fam-wa:1xa:g:fffz1z:fm: :qz1zsef,.-ftifasmwfozueiwii,, MRS LULA HOLLIS SMITH 38Y Rt d It ls Rewarding to Be Back Home and Near Those Who Hove Spent a Lifetime Educating SpringhilI's Youth I939 MR. J. L. CATHCART 40 Years Retired I963 MRS. DOLL BEARDEN MISS IRENE MONCRIEF 30 Years 43 Years Retired I959 Retired I963 MISS GEORGIA HOWELL l62 ELVIS CTOMJ BARNARD PHARMACY JOHN DAVID CROWE Heisman Award Winner LINDA SAIL BAUCUM l957'l958 Miss Louisiana I963 JOHN COX Governor of Pelican Slaie Union Governing Board Presideni-L.S.U. SHERRY BOUCHER "Shepherd of ihe Hills" Slar Miss Holiday of Dixie Queen Phone 539-3622 Springhill, La. Friendly Service Complimenfs and Bes+ Wishes Complimenfs of MELVIN Boucl-:ER SUPER-SAK REA'-TY Bes'r Wishes J. B.'S SERVICE SECURITY FINANCE LYMAN G. McKINNEY Manager Ph. 539-4706 zlo Reynolds s+. SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA Washing-Greasing-Polishing-Waxing PETE AND MARGARET STERLING inviI'e you Io visii Ihem aI 'Ihe COLUMBIA CAFE On Reynolds SI'reeI' Complimenfs of CORLEY'S BARBER SHOP Complimenfs of Ihe DAIRY WHIP H. M. DOTY Candy Vendor I043 Annis'I'on Sf. UN I-3329 SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA Compliments of B 81 S SUPPLY BUILDING MATERIAL AND RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION DEPT. Building Malerials-Elec+rical and Healing Conlracling Air Condilioning-Flooring-Plumbing-Painl' and Hardware SPRINGHILI.. LOUISIANA YOUR ONE STOP STORE Home Furnilure lo Fil Any Budgell For I9 years working people have known llwal, in lhe long run, il has been cheaper lo buy Good Furnilure From I-lull's, llme Your Appearance slore willw llme clarlc brown lronl. Is Broyliill Premier-Tl1omasville- Empire-Bassel+-Simmons- Drexel-D ra peries-Carpel gilinnlemoiaefle l-I - ' "W""' F'if"'i' M""' . HOME FURNlSHINGf SERVING THE SPRINGHILL AREA Ph. 539-2505 SINCE I946 Ph. 539-2284 lbs Our Concern Cheatham Grocery Stevens Bros. Grocery SPRINGHILL, LA. - PHONE 539-47:2 SPRINGHILL, LA. - PHONE 539-28l6 D. C. Hughes Grocery TAYLOR, ARKANSAS-PHONE 694-226: ALL STORES HAVE FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Moc's Grocery SPRINGHILL, LA. - PHONE 539-zona Bowen Grocery SPRINGHILL, LA. - PHONE 539-3217 Curtis Bros. Grocery CULLEN, LA. - PHONE 539-53I3 I66 WILSON FURNITURE CO., INC. ' n COMPLETE HOME EFURNISHIISIGS III-I I3 SouI'h Main Springhill, Louisian The Oldest, The Largest THE STORE WITH THE MOST FAMOUS NAMES TELEPHONE 539-3 I 24 Give 'em I'I1e Axe! TEN NYSON'S DRUG STORE OLIN MILLS CompIimen+s of THE TOGGERY "S+yIe Cenfer for Men and B y and BRYAN'S SHOE STORE "SpringhiII's Exclusive Shoe S+ things gg better th Cglke 'rlAn:-Mun Q OF THE COCA-COLA C COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO INC Mind L WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE A. J. PRICE, JR., Owner SpringhiII's Leading Aufo Accessory and Spor+ing Goods Sfore SPRINGHILL. LA. Congrarulaiions "Jus+ Good Is Noi Good Enough" QUALITY CLEANERS D. D. DIEHL MAH ER'S LADIES' READY-to-WEAR PHONE 539-22l9 SPRINGHILL. LOUISIANA CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY SPRINGHILL. LOUISIANA Large Enough Io Serve You Time Enough Io Know You THE MERCANTILE COMPANY ILPAHGA4 O 4 XRESISUPP I K ly OTASCO TIRES, BATTERIES, STOVES, AIR CONDITIONERS, REFRIGERATORS AND OTHER APPLIANCES. A , , .wr 9 ' 7 Q, Q, W, .jf I, I BLANCHARD'S for Men and Boys I A ' 'X '.,1 01" E4-'f' 1-A' " f ' ,I -1.4-I.-' f ff, f "SI 4 "" - EI 5" ITB ,J X' .JM , , -If J gf ,S K ...K ,N -7.1 Jimfn REPS' :lf A"' I vf ',V,f aD -1' ff M 12:2 1' 555 f . C fpjif ' SVI, YT I STERLI NG5, SPRINGI-IILL's A LEADING VARIETY STORE CompIimen+s of ALLEN'S LYND'S APPLIANCES CLEANERS Compllmems Besi' Wishes NICHOLS IMPERIAL SHOES AND SERVICE INC. NICK SHOE STORE LYMAN G. McKINNEY Manager JOE FREEMAN SOFT WATER SERVICE SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA Wafer- Your Problem--Our Business A Good Place 'ro Eai' AXE RESTAURANT 800 Nor+I1 Arkansas SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA VVEBSTER BLHLDERS SUPPLY "Everything for the BuiIder" 539-357l Springhill SPRINGHILL PRESS 81 NEWS-JOURNAL PrinI'ers-Publishers-S+a+ ioners Typewri'I'ers-Adding Machines-Cash Regis'I'ers I27 Main S'I'ree'r PHONE 539-35II 0SVHURTLEFF'S Sewingf Cen+er Se yv and Save SPRINGHILL, LA. Besf Wis es MARLENE'S BEAUTY SHOP WOODARD BROS GROCERY Complimenfs of q14,A.Z.-Las, Complimenfs of B EN F RAN KLI N Your Friendly 5 81 I0 Sfore W. C. WHITTLE, Owner Complimenfs of PICK wEsT's AND PAY SPRINGHILL, LA. h Y CITY OF SPRINGHILL JAMES ALLEN Mayor Aldermenz Clerk and Tax CoIIec'ror .........v...... LETTIE HENDRIX CLARY ANTHONY Wa'I'er Clerk ....4.......,4..... ........ D OLLIE COLVIN ED SHULTZ Police Chief ............,... .... R . H. O'NEAL ROYCE MCMAHEN Sup'I. of U+iIi+ies ....... ............... R OY TYLER BILLY SMITH Sfreef Foreman ..... ......... J . L. GORE, SR. C. O. WARMACK BOUCHER 84 SLACK INS. AGENCY, INC. INSURANCE THAT SATISFIES 539-354I Springhill, Louisiana FLEMING'S MOBILE STATION "S'rop aI Ihe Sign of 'rhe Flying Horse" HODGES oNE sToP sHoP COMPLETE SELECTION of Sporfing Goods Hardware Groceries 539-40 I 5 mapa- 1-:rcs BEALL'S QEPARIMENT JSTORE SPRINQ-HILL, LouuslANA Open a Beall Op'rion Accouni' Take 30 Days or Even Monfhs +o Pay I74 INSTITUTIONAL FOODS COMPANY Branch of Norih Louisiana Grocery Corp. 520 Wes'r 6IsI' S+. Phone 865-5I04 SHREVEPORT, LA. I Complimehte A of 621264K 61- ugh iam ,viz U-QQ' 1444 ag 12141124 ,MJ dffww SPRINGHILL QQ!! :Lf--12 CL Ziff My 92 ,zffm 0142! X 41,464 BANK AND TRUST Hai COMPANY 3 New Locaiions +0 Serve You ,J Zf4lL'Zff.0' ,dfagzfiaafqkf IM 0- Mlm- ,622 Jwrgjql Cape, 64-64"-26 0JZc0ff1g, , X142 V' il-QM. .fda c,1oQ!uZb2'J I 75 I Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY ff B?5-l' fx ,. SPRINGHILL in Food Values I We Give Gold Crown Slamps 0 Double Slamps on Tuesday and Wednesday TOMPKINS - KENYAN HOLIDAY MOTEL ROSS Don Hardware and Appliances Air Condilioned -TV Swimming Pool Flowers and Gills S. Ark Hiway Phone 539-355I 119.121 N, Main SPRINGHILL SPRINGHILL LOUISIANA Florine Howard An Insurance Agency Is Known by fhe Company If Keeps ANTHONY-BRYAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. REPRESENTI NG: Aetna Life Affiliated Companies HARTFORD, CONN. REMEMBER: Profecfion is a Job for Professionals SEE US FOR PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE SERVICE PLUS P.S. T IPERSONAL SERVICEI ANTHONY-BRYAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. YAN P .I + BERYL ANTHONY v P CLARY ANTHONY S T I3I N M Sp gh II L Phone 539 255I ROBERT BRYAN Direcfor Complimenis of HORNE'S JEWELRY Formerly Robinson's SPRINGHILL'S OLDEST AND FINEST 2I2 Norfh Main 539-4Ol7 Complimenfs of SPRINGHILL TELEVISION SERVICE BENNIE DON PEARSON K. B. S. F. Compliments of R. L. HARKINS Your Texaco Distributor 604 GILES 539-30l I i Compliments of NATIONS BROS. PACKING CO. HAROLD and J. R. NATIONS, Owners MIDWAY TEXACO STEVENS BROS. STATION GROCERY 81 MARKET 539-28 I 6 SPRINGHILL, LA. HUEY HAMMONTREE Manager Service for the Sick HIGGIN 81 BOTHAM DRUG INC WALGREEN AGENCY Phone 539-24l9 Springhill, La. A. C. HiGGiNBOTHAM. Reg. Ph. Compliments of SANITARY DAIRY ALL-JERSEY MILK Complimenfs of 8' sure LINE EMD? DRIVE-IN PHONE 859-2304 Sand - Gravel - Remi Concre're CompIImenI's of TOOTUM'S TEXACO 539-3410 Hiway 7 SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA SERVICE ....... To serve is perhaps man's highesi Raef' X . 1 5 calling-and Io serve well is his I' Q grea'res'r achievement ' ll I3 Today, more Ihan ever, educa'I'ion X 5 . I is a demanding prerequisile 'ro I service in almosl' any field. As Q graduafes. you have cerlainly earned applause and a place of u 6 I' IH N honor. 0 ' 'I' I Congrarulalionsl And besl wishes as you con'rinue your progress ' p Ioward making even more valuable A conrribulions Io yourselves and N ' your counlry. From your friends and neighbors a+ f LOUISIANA POWER sr LIGHT "' COMPANY - I F "Helping Build Louisiana FOUNTAIN VIEW SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA 2I5 Firsr SI'ree+ N.E. Springhill, La. 539-3956 "Convalesce in I-lomey ComIorI"' LEO M. CADENHEAD, JR. Adminislralor rib? I' l J -E". 1, V1 fr ,S :E ..., CID. W Compliments of WALDEN'S STUDIO ! 5 . v Compliments of The NEW CAR Dealers SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA BRANCH BROS. MOTOR CO. HUGHES BUICK CO. SPRINGHILL MOTOR CO. Darst, Ronnie 21, 69, 106, 125 Assistant Principal, Bowen, Toxey 14 Branch, Dorethy 12 Bryan, Margaret 18 Butts, Betty 14, 22 Carroll, Ophelia 25 Dean, Barbara 12 Easley, Jess 21 Farrar, Travis 7, 25, 76, 78, 81 Flanakin, Eluida 12, 60 Addison, Don 15, 41, 47, 54, 57, Principal, Mr. Ed Olive 2, 4, 9, 68 Mr. H. C. Merritt 8 61, 83, 84, 85, 111, 123 Albright, Becky 123 Allen, Anita 70, 102, 115, 123 Allen, Emily 20, 106, 108, 115, 123 Allen , Joyce 70, 108, 115, 123 Andrews, Peggy 70, 107, 123 Austin, Dail 123 Baker, Dewanda 61, 107, 123 Barfoot, Laura 42, 43, 50, 52, 61, 97, 100, 103, 110, 119, 123 Barham, Grey 56, 61, 93, 104, 111, 123 Barnard, Vivian 107, 123 Baucum, Kay 42, 43, 44, 52, 54, 57, 61, 66, 64, 76, 96, 98, 99, 100, 112, 115, 117, 123 Beck, Mary Alice 90, 107, 124 Benson, Terry 21, 69, 106, 124 Bethony, Sharon 4-4, 45, 70, 103, 107, 112, 115, 117, 124, 132 Bilbray, Larry 70, 106, 124 Blanton, Gary 15, 47, 111, 124 Bolton, Donna 41, 50, 65, 119, 124 Britt, Tommy 93, 104, 124 Brown, Jerry 112, 124 Brown, Jo 108, 114, 117, 124 Burnett, Bill 15, 25, 104, 124 Burnham, Russ 13, 42, 46, 52, 53, 54, 57, 101, 116, 119, 124, 126 Burkett,,Toni 20, 96 Campbell, Tommy 3, 102 Cardwell, Vicki 4, 28, 42, 64, 66, 68, 96, 103, 107, 115, 117, 124, 125, 132 Carson, Raymond 76, 97, 111, 124 Caugliman, Katie 44, 110, 112, 115, 125 Corbell, Beverly 34, 41, 43, 46, 52, 55, 57, 59, 60, 61, 66, 100, 112, 117, 119, 125, 126, 132 Craig, Ann 4, 40, 42, 90, 103, 107, 115, 117, 125, 131 Craig, Gayle 4, 40, 42, 90, 103, 107, 115, 117, 125, 131 Craig, Mike 113, 119, 125 Crowder, Linda 70, 102, 110, 114, 125 Cutchins, David 47, 79, 90, 92, 111, 122, 125 Davis, Marvin 126 Dees, Ettie Pearl 70, 109, 126 DeLoach, Elton 104, 126 Dickkson, William 126 Doster, Tony 82, 111, 126 Dumas, Bonnie 109, 115, 126 Dunn, John 111, 126 Dunn, Ronald 76, 93, 110, 114, 126 Edens, Danny 21, 76, 111, 122, 126 I86 F acult Index Franklin, Alton 16, 76, 81 Harper, Lelia 17 Haynes, Elba 17, 114 Hinton, Vicki 14 Jackson, Charles 5, 16, 76, 81 Jones, Dorothy 12, 13 Marshall, Val 25 Merritt, Peggy 14 Olive, Freida 11, 12, 164 Pender, Bob 23, 82 Pender, Maxine 24 Pund, Louis 24 Evans, Sandra 110, 127 Farabough, Eddie 42, 61, 90, 92, 98, 99, 103, 113, 116, 119, 127 Farley, Dianne 106, 108, 127 Farmer, Sidney 113, 119, 127 Farrington, Eloy 42, 44, 104, 127 Flint, Gary 61, 76, 111, 127 Flora, Barbara 70, 102, 114, 127 Formby, Tommy 15, 104, 127 Franklin, Sandra 108, 127 Garrett, Larry 76, 127 Gayle, James 42, 44, 47, 64, 65, 76, 77, 80, 111, 112, 127 George, Patty 24, 42, 45, 103, 107, 117, 127 Goodwin, Marilyn 47, 110, 115, 117, 127 Graves, Avery 56, 127 Gray, George 106, 127 Griffin, Marie 3, 44, 97, 103, 107, 128 Griffith, Don 104, 128, 131 Grigg, Becky Dee 3, 14, 103, 108, 128 Gryder, Brenda 4, 115, 117, 128 Halterman, David 41, 43, 52, 53, 100, 103, 119, 126, 128 Hampton, Nona 70,, 109, 128 Hampton, Tommy 104, 128 Harris, Barbara 3, 56, 40, 41, 60, 66, 86, 87, 107, 128 Harrison, Jeanii 18, 42, 43, 52, 53, 55, 57, 61, 82, 96, 100, 119, 126, 128 Harvey, Mildred 63, 86, 110, 128 Haynes, .lo Ellen 3, 42, 53, 91, 107, 117, 128 Hensley, Linda Sue 13, 42, 52, 55, 57, 96, 100, 110, 115, 125, 128 Hood, Betty 22, 110, 115, 128 Huber, Richard 19, 42, 43, 114, 128 Hunt, Frances 114, 128 Jackson, Philip 3, 76, 111, 129 Jackson, Phillis 110, 115, 129 Jester, Tim 15, 106, 129 Kendrick, Sandra 107, 129 Key, Bessie 70, 108, 129 Landers, David 76, 111, 129 LeMay, Larry 3, 113, 129 Lemons, Roy 104, 129 Lindsey, Billy 129 Lodge, Bill 18, 44, 56, 83, 85, 93, 111, 112 Lyons, Sheila 108, 115, 129 Markham, Thomas 110, 114, 129 Martin, Mike 76, 11, 129 Maxey, Geraldine 129 May, Sandra 110, 130 Mayfield, Mike 70, 130 McKinnis, Carolyn 20, 70, 108, 117, 129 Rhodes, Lynnwood 22 Robertson, Katherine 12 Shaw, Audrey 20 Souter, Floyd 17 Souter, Ted 5, 16, 76, 81 Stegall, Pat 25 Stephenson, Janet 8 Stone, Bess 12 Taylor, Glenda 19 Tidwell, James 14 Tidwell, Jane 4, 17 Tumenello, Vincent 21 Seniors Minor, Glen 14, 130 Mobley, Steve 107, 130 Modisette, Charlotte 63, 107, 130 Moore, Janice 97, 107, 110, 112, 130 Moreland, Roger 130 Mullins, Reba 110, 114, 130 Nations, Janis 28, 33, 42, 43, 44, 52, 56, 57, 66, 68, 91, 96, 101, 112, 115, 117, 126, 130, 132 Nesbit, Curtis 52, 53, 61, 70, 82, 83, 84, 85, 100, 111, 113, 130, 132 Nichols, Donna Nolan 4, 14, 38, 39, 43, 50, 62, 70, 90, 107, 110, 119, 130 Nolan, Juanelda 14, 43, 70, 130 Nugent, Dale 130 O'Glee, Kenneth 130 Parker, Michael 104, 106, 131 Parkerson, Judy 102, 117, 131 Peterson, Harold 104, 131 Pharr, Janice 109, 131 Pool, Gary 42, 43, 52, 53, 56, 57, 59, 68, 69, 93, 96, 99, 101, 119, 131 Powell, Kenneth 131 Rich, Sarah Jean 107, 131 Roan, Lester 15, 104, 111, 131 Rodgers, Diane 24, 51, 64, 113, 119, 131 Simmons, George 75, 76, 104, 111, 132 Slack, Dale 93, 104, 132 Slack, Elizabeth 61, 102, 110, 132 Slack, William 43, 41, 42, 52, 57, 60, 76, 100, 103, 111, 132 Smith, Bennie 104, 132 Smith, Larry 105, 132 Smith, Glenda 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 110, 132 Smith, Lela 102, 132 Smith, Nancy 14, 38, 41, 42, 44, 52, 56, 57, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 68, 98, 101, 103, 126, 132 Spencer, Nancy 102, 132 Sterling, Jimmy 3, 41, 46, 60, 65, 92, 93, 99, 107, 119 Stewart, Edith 117 Stewart, Luschen 104, 132 Stone, Larry 15, 42, 43, 4-4, 47, 52, 56, 60, 61, 64, 90, 98, 99, 100, 111, 112, 132 Strickland, Frankie 20, 110, 132 Strother, Roy Dale 47, 64, 74, 76, 97, 111 Talley, Robert 102, 103 Thomas, Barbara 107, 132 Thomas, Stella 107, 132 Thompson, Ronnie 3, 76, 102, 132 Thurman, Helen 110, 132 Timmons, Wayne 60, 82, 83, 102, 132 Twitty, Patty 28, 32, 42, 43, 52, 53, 64, 69, 100, 119, 132 Tyler, Kenneth 3, 132 Umphries Larry 106, 132 Vaughn, Rudell 47, 64, 74, 75, 76, 111, 132 Walden, E. G. 21, 43, 52, 99, 101, 132 Watkins, Tracy 132 Wauland, Skippy 19, 70, 102, 132 Weihle, Dianne 24, 43, 51, 64, 113, 119, 132 Allen, David 137 Atkins, Mike 84, 93, 113, 119, 137 Austin, Barbara 109, 137 Bagwell, Emma 137 Bandy, Terry 104-, 108, 117, 137 Barfoot, Mary 96, 103, 107, 137 Barmore, Jeanne 137 Bartley, Donald 113, 119, 137 Beene, Kathy 44, 97, 107, 115, 137 Boucher, Sue 90, 112, 115, 117, 137 Bradshaw, Robert 137 Bright, Mike 61, 137 Brown, Diana 56, 107, 119, 137 Brown, Diane 107, 117, 137 Brown, Jerry 21, 106, 112, 137 Brown, Mary 109, 114, 117, 137 Burford, Chuck 104, 137 Burke, Buddy 56, 69, 90, 92, 98, 137, 139 Burns, Peggy 44, 86, 87, 89, 90, 90, 103, 107, 112, 137 Burrell, Betty 108, 137 Camp, Donnie 113, 137 Carver, Glen 137 Cheatham, Barbara 108, 117, 137 Cheatham, Tony 113, 119, 137 Cobb, Clydeanna 43, 44, 47, 100, 108, 112, 137 Collins, Mike 106, 137 Cole, Annie 108, 137 Cooper, Pat 41, 43, 47, 82, 83, 85, 98, 101, 137, 141 Curtis, Terri 29, 43, 64, 100, 115, 117, 137 Davis, Gwen 108, 119, 137 Derryberry, Sue 107, 138, 143 DeLoach, Ann 108, 138 Denmon, Don 138 Dennis, Ruby Lee 138 Dickson, Diane 107, 138 Doster, Jeff 138 Dunigan, Elbert 56, 65, 138 Dunn, Reynolds 106, 138 Ebarb, Janice 110, 117, 138 Ebarb, Jimmie 106, 138 Eubanks, Teddy 90, 92, 105, 138 Faircloth, David 25, 106, 138 Farley, Gary 68, 76, 77, 138 Fish, Cathy 20, 56, 88, 109, 119, 138 Franklin, Karen 108, 138 'Gerald, Linda 16, 108, 138 Gildon, Eugene 138 Giles, Billy 16, 138 Gilliam, Susan 86, 87, 107, 119, 138 Grisham, Jerry 106, 138 Hair, Ann 109, 138 Hale, Sylvia 109, 117, 138 Ha , Gail 108, 138 Ha 1, Sherryl 86, 90, 97, 138 Harper, David 138 Seniors eont'd Weible, Vicki 45, 52, 97, 100, 132 Wesson, Carolyn Beal 134 Wesson, Dulane 3, 104, 106, 131, 135 Wilburn, Gary 110, 114, 135 Willys, Delbert 60, 76, 103, 111, 135 Williams, Cynthia 4, 64, 107, 115, 135 Wine, Vicki 103, 107, 115, 117, 135 Woodard, Donald 42, 56, 60, 65, 76, 96, 103, 122, 135 Juniors Hartley, Ona 138 Harvey, Reba 35, 68, 107, 115, 117, 138 Hawthorne, Brenda 70, 107, 119, 138 Haynes, Christy 112, 115, 138 Hearne, Buddy 83, 84, 85, 90, 92, 138 Holden, Eileen 108, 119, 139 Holmes, Ruth Ann 117, 139 Jester, Bobby 139 Johnston, Gary 139 Jones, Karen 109, 119, 139 Jones, Drucilla 108, 114, 117, 139 Keene, Ronald 14, 105, 119, 139 Keith, Steven 116, 117, 119, 139 Kersh, Pam 4, 18, 29, 43, 97, 98, 100, 112, 115, 139, 143 Knighton, Calvin 113, 119, 139 Knighton, Jimmy 43, 100, 141, 139 Lindsey, Don 139 Lineberry, Stephanie 4, 16, 44, 90, 96, 102, 112, 115, 136, 139 Loschen, Shirley 25, 102, 112, 117, 139 Lynd, Butch 139, 143 Madden, Jane 29, 56, 109, 115, 139 Markham, Jerry 14, 104, 112, 139 Martin, Brenda 115, 117, 139 Martin, James 25, 139 Martin, Sam 139 Masters, Sandra 107, 140 May, Mike 140 Mayfield, Mike 140 McCormick, Roianna 113, 119, 140 Mcnonald, Rita Kay 4, 108, 115, 117, 140 McEachern, Becky 109, 117, 140 McGee, Diane 110, 117, 140 McLain, Gary 106, 140 Miller, Larry 70, 114, 140 Mize, Barbara 4, 107, 115, 117, 140 Modisette, Brenda 107, 140 Morris, Peggy 70, 109, 140, 143 Morse, Sue 107, 114, 140 Mouser, Gary 21, 106, 136, 140 Musgrove, Barry 43, 44, 56, 70, 100, 103, 112, 140 Nelson, Loretta 110, 140 Nickerson, Jimmy 140, 143 Nickerson, Susan 43, 61, 63, 96, 100, 103, 112, 115, 140, 142 Odom, Kathy 18, 43, 100, 112, 119, 140 Oller, Renee 108, 117, 140 Parker, Charles 106, 140 Parker, Danny 90, 92, 97, 111, 140 Pease, Tommy 43, 46, 82, 83, 84, 93, 100, 103, 140 Peterson, Charles 16, 84, 140, 143 Pickard, Renee 108, 117, 140 Pickard, Lynn 140 Pope, Pat 70, 88, 90, 108, 112, 140 Powell, Ray 140 Quina, Claudia 4, 38, 39, 62, 102, 112, Woods, Bobbie 108, 117, 132, 135 Wreyford, Bennie 47, 103, 110, 114, 116, 119, 135 Wreyford, Kennie 5, 19, 34, 47, 56, 68, 76, 90, 92, 102, 111, 122, 135 Yates, Jimmy 62, 113, 116, 119, 135 Yates, Larry 105, 135 Zimmerman, Lynda 108, 134 115, 139, 140 Rayburn, Donna 109, 140 Reeme, Linda 46, 47, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 103, 107, 112, 119, 141 Rhea, Mary Beth 113, 119, 141 Robertson, Judy 108, 141 Robertson, Linda 4, 13, 41, 46, 56, 60, 61 65, 98, 100, 115, 141 Robinson, Glenes 110, 117, 141 Robinson, Johnny 43, 46, 56, 82, 83, 84, 93, 101, 103, 112, 141 Rutledge, Steve 65, 70, 93, 141 Sanders, Elaine 4, 29, 102, 115, 141 Sapp, Janet 112, 141 Scott, Larry 21, 141 Sexton, Larry 44, 46, 64, 141 Shaver, Marcille 110, 117, 141 Shows, Harry 141 Shows, Larry 141 Singleton, Steve 69, 93, 106, 141 Sistrunk, Sallie 141 Smigiel, Margie 4, 108, 115, 117, 141 Smith, Donna 86, 91, 108, 141 Smith, Linda 25, 109, 117, 141 Smith, Nancy 17, 102, 141 Smith, Rebecca 108, 142 Smith, Vickie 109, 117, 142 Spence, David 56, 93, 103, 112, 113, 119, 142 Stanford, Wanda 70, 71, 109, 142 Stanford, Danny 142 Starrit, Diane 24, 113, 119, 142 Staten, Pam 41, 43, 61, 101, 103, 115, 142 Stevens, Judy 25, 56, 90, 119, 142 Strother, Ricky 21, 35, 68, 90, 92, 142 Sullivan, Peggy 108, 142 Talley, Larry 65, 90, 92, 136, 142 Teague, Judy 110, 142 Thompson, lnita 70, 108, 142 Timmons, Mike 142 Toms, Gary 24, 56, 68, 96, 98, 113, 142 Torrey, Bill 143 Tripp, Linda 70, 108, 114, 115, 117, 14 Tyler, Jerry 56, 82, 83, 84, 85, 93, 102, 111, 136, 143 Vaughn, Tommy 444 46, 113, 116, 119, 142, 143 Watson, Shiela 109, 11 , 143 Wesson, Sharon 110, 1 5, 117, 143 Whaley, Wayne 143 Williams, Larry 83, 84, 85, 90, 92, 104, 143 Williams, Robert 143 Wimberly, Sandra ,113, 119, 143 Wolfington, Pat 15, 86, 91, 102, 104, 115 143 Woodard, Tommy 143 Wright, Donald 143 Wright, Edna Fay 108, 115, 143 Wynne, Cathy 4, 29, 61, 66, 107, 115, 117, 139, 143 Wynne, Gwen 109, 115, 117, 143 187 7 Alexander, Ronald 144, 106, 145 Arnold, Merlyn 145 Baker, Brenda 109, 145 Baker, Mike 145 Barmore, Larry 106, 145 Barnard, Kenny 106, 145 Bell, Sandra 149, 102, 115, 145 Blake, Jerry 119, 116, 113, 145 Bolton, Van 106, 145 Boucher, Gary 105, 106, 145 Bright, Byron 103, 105, 112, 119, 145 Brown, Nelda 114, 145, 108, 70 Buckley, George 145 Burns, Bob 106, 1451 Burns, Rodney 105, 145 Burton, Paul 145 Butler, Andrew 145 Byrd, Alice 61, 86, 147, 145, 88, 97, 102, 115 Cadenhead, Cathy 4, 145, 147, 144, 96, 102, 98, 115, 38, 39, 62, 117 Carathers, Joe 106, 145 Carter, Sharon 145 Cobb, Skipper 145 Cochran, Gloria 108, 115, 145 Combs, Gary 92, 106, 112, 145, 90, 46, 60 Cox, Johnny 145 Coyle, G. W. 145 Coyle, Jeaneane 145 Crowder, Lonnie 106, 145 Darst, Ricky 106, 145 Denmon, Jan 110, 145 Dennis, Betty 110, 114, 119, 146 Dennis, Elaine 11, 97, 110, 114, 119, 146 Disotell, Ashley 92, 146 Dyck, Ronnie 146 Edwards, Belinda 108, 141 Edwards, Jerry 146 Edwards, Ronnie 106, 146 Eubanks, Jerry 105, 146 Faircloth, Brenda 109, 146 Farley, Guy 102, 103, 119, 146 Farnell, James 146 Farrington, George 146 Farrington, Mable 117, 146 Flint, Danny 146 Folks, Brenda 117, 146 Foy, Billy 47, 103, 113, 119, 146 115 Franks, Sharon 102, 146 Garner, Charles 146 Gosdin, Steve 70, 84, 146 Goss, James 146 Greene, Judy 101, 149 Griggs, Peggy 97, 102, 115, 117, 146 Grison, Jerry 21, 106, 146 Hampton, Diannc 96, 112, 115, 146 Hanson, Pat 107 Hanson, Ronnie Harris, Tommy 104 Haynes, Glenda Hearne, Mike 70, 84, 108 Hearron, Shirley Helms, Tommy 147 Allen, Sara 24, 31, 112, 115, 117, 153 Bandy, Barbara 109, 153 l88 Sophomores Henson, Jesse 106, 144, 147 Hicks, Barbara 108, 147 Holloway, Susan 102, 103, 147 Hough, Danny 147 Huddleston, Ray 104, 147 Hudgeons, Rolan 147 Hughes, Sherry 4, 108, 112, 115, 147, 151 Hunt, Gladney 147 Jaggers, Bonnie 147 Jarrett, Donnis 117, 147, 151 Juckett, William 147 Kennedy, David 147 Ketchum, Mary ,147 Kilpatrick, Betty 109, 147 Knippers, Wayne 106, 147 Lawrence, Jacky 147 Lawson, Larry 147 Lea, Linda 147 Lee, Rebecca 108, 117, 147 Lemay, Mike 106, 112, 148 Linberry, Elaine 4, 96, 112, 115, 117, 148 Lodge, Kathy 88, 115, 148 Lucas, Ricky 106, 148 Lyons, Lonny 148 Lyons, Vicki 102, 115, 148 Manuel, Harryette .98, 102, 117, 148 Martin, Reba 115, 148 Mason, Mary 108, 148 Masters, Ann 22, 47, 107, 112, 148, 151 Maus, Brenda 109, 148 McConnell, Theresa 80, 88, 93, 113, 119 148 McDonald, Glenda 109, 148 McMullan, Evelyn 51, 64, 119, 148 McWilliams, Jo Ann 88, 98, 100, 103, 119, 148 Minor, Dennis 148 , Misenheimer, Bobby 148 Monk, Linda 97, 108, 115, 148 Moore, Ann 108, 148 Morris, Willie 148 Myers, Cheryl 4, 18, 108, 112, 115, 148 Neal, Alvin 148 Nealy, Robert 148 Nugent, Danny 148 0'Brien, Delores 108, 117, 148 O'Brien, Bill 106, 148 O,Bier, Mike 90, 92, 148 Oswalt, Tommy 148 Parkerson, Linda 114, 148 Parkerson, Eddie 148 Patterson, Larry 149 Pennington, James 113, 119, 149 Pepper, Diane 115, 117, 149 Perkins, Johnny 70, 106, 149 Pickett, Ross 36, 56, 68, 144, 149 Pittman, Jasper 13, 97, 100, 103, 112, 144, 149 Pool, Larry 149 Price, Thersa 115, 149 Quina, Patty 4, 24, 96, 102, 115, 117, 147, 149 Ragus, Carl 90, 92, 149 Redman, Allipon 115, 149 Freshmen Barmore, Jack 153 Benson, Robert 153 Reynolds, Dale 116, 149 Rich, Danny 149 Richardson, Melba 149 Robertson, Curtis 113, 119 Robinson, James 149 Royston, Daryl 149 Stanford, Byron 102, 149 Sears, Gail 70, 108, 149 Sessions, Jimmy 149 Sewell, Laddie 149 Sewell, Carolyn 109, 150 Sexton, Terry 150 Shaffer, Jesse 150 Shaver, Ronald 106, 150 Simmons, Trudy 102, 150 Singleton, Daniel 90, 92, 150 Sistronk, Sandra 150 Slack, Butch 19, 116, 150 Slack, Ronnie 150 Smith, Carolyn 13, 100, 112, 150 Smith, Barbara Lane 44, 56, 150, 151 Smith, Jeanette 108, 150 Smith, Connie 86, 88, 102, 115, 150 Smith, Connie L. 115, 150 Smith, Ronnie Smith, Judy 109, 117, 150 Smith, Wayne 112, 150 Souter, Darlene 19, 61, 88, 102, 119, 150 Spencer, Donna 110, 117, 150 Stanford, Linda 102, 150 Stewart, Kaye 71, 88, 109, 150 Strange, Gloria 70, 108, 150 Talley, Gerald 150 Taylor, Faye 70, 109, 150 Taylor, Raymond 150 Teutsch, Sandra 150 Thomas, Mike 97, 112, 150 Thompson, Bobby 150 Thompson Cecile 24 115 117 150 Thompson: Cheryl 108, 117, 150 Thompson, Janice 108, 117, 151 Thompson , LaDonna 151 Thompson, Robert 151 Timmons, Debbie 50, 88, 102, 119, 151 Tripp, Craig 90, 92, 151 Tripp, Margaret 108, 117, 151 Tyler, Johnny 17, 151 Tyler, Terry 47, 56, 59, 84, 101, 151 Tyson, Cathy 109, 151 Veatch, Danny 151 Veatch, Donna 151 Wallace, Carolyn 102, 115, 151 Ward, Dennis 106, 151 Weible, Nancy 19, 50, 113, 119, 151 Welch, Johnny 151 Wesson, Pam 102, 115, 147, 151 White, Berverly 151 Wilburn, Carolyn 108, 114, 151 Wilburn, Travis 151 Williams, Portia 109, 117, 151 Willis, Belinda 109, 115, 151 Willis, Mike 84, 112, 151 Wilson, Donna 104, 117, 151 Woodard, Carolyn 36, 68, 96, 97, 101, 10 1.19, 151 Benson, Terry 106, 153 Benson, Thomas 153 3 Freshmen eont'dJ Beshea, Brenda 108, 153, 155 Bishop,.Kathy 4, 102, 119, 153 Bonner, Mary 97, 115, 147, 153 Boswell, Linda 101, 153 Brown, Danny 153 Brown, Larry 84, 153, 159 Brown, Sue 60, 153 Brown, Walter 153 Bucklin, Betty 153 Budwah, Belinda 108, 153, 155 Budwah, Carl 153 Burnham, Brenda 24, 60, 96, 119, 153 Caraway, Donnie 153 Cardwell, Scott 84, 113, 119, 153 I 154 Eason, Mike 17, 84, 154 Carson, Francis 104, 153, 155 Caughman, Alva Dean 153, 159 Chambers, Ritchie 17, 47, 84, 96, 153 Cheatham, Loretta 119, 153, 157 Clements, Loy 70, 106, 153 Collier, Denny 154 Collins, Jackie 107, 154 Collins, Sandra 108, 153, 154 Craig, Sandra 119,154 Curry, Bill 19, 98, 154 Curtis, Willis 154 Davis, Paul 113, 119, 154 Day, Steve 154 Dees, Bryant 154 Dennis, Eddie 154 Doster, Greg 17, 54, 155 Dubois, Jackie 109, 154 Duke, Pam 31, 38, 39, 62, 89, 102, 115, 147, Edwards, Danny 158 Edwards, Mary 108, 154 Farley, Marilyn 119, 154 Farrington, Lamar 106, 154 Farrington, Patsy 108, 154 Fish, Ralph 154 . Flournoy, Patricia 3, 4, 24, 65, 113, 119, 155 Fritz, Jimmie 104, 119, 154 Gildon, Dina 154, 155 Gillespie, Mary 102, 115, 149,154 Grashot, Donald 154 Graves, Melissa 97, 102, 115, 117, 149, 154 Gray, Elizabeth 108, 147, 154 Green, Cynthia 109, 154 Gribble, Gary 154 Harper, Judy 113, 117, 154 Haynes, Mike 155 Hearnsburger, Ronnie 65, 113, 155 Henson, Billy 17, 114, 155 Hicks, Johnny 104, 155, 157 Holladay, Davy 84, 155 Hollan, Kathy 89, 115, 155 Horne, Cindy 96, 112, 115, 117, 14 Huckabee, Melba 109, 155 Hudnall, Debbie 108, 155 Hudson, Thomas 155 Hughes, Anita 113, 119, 155 Hughes, Paul 155 Hunt, Mark 113, 119, 155 Jackson, Deborah 108, 115, 155 Jeter, David 155 Johnson, Darlene 115, 155 Juckett, Jimmy 155 9, 155 Juckett, Linda 31, 89, 102, 152, 153, 155 Keaton, Karl 155 King, Gary 156 Kirkley, Randy 113, 119, 156 Knighton, Garry 113, 119, 156 Kottenbrook, Don 14, 156 Lasiter, Linda 37, 68, 89, 115, 156 Lee, Barbara 156 Lemons, Wayne 104, 156, 157 Lindsey, Ricky 106, 156 Martin, Brenda 115, 117, 156 Masters, Sharon 108, 153, 156 Maxey, Roger 156 Mayfield, George 3, 155, 156 McEachern, Lynn 84, 156 McGee, Mike 156 McLaren, Jeannie 24, 96, 113, 119, 156 Mills, Mary 109, 156 Mobley, Teresa 102, 156 Modisette, Harold 5, 84, 156 Montgomery, Gloria 156 Morse, Phyllis 107, 156 Murph, Debbie 89, 90, 115, 156 Myers, Donna 19, 119, 156 Nealey, Connie 89, 155, 156 Nelson, Denise 97, 151 Nelson, Dennis 156, 159 Newton, Annie 117, 156 Nichols, Roy 59, 101, 156 Nickerson, John 156 Nickerson, Melba 14, 156 O,Glee, Steve 156, 157 Oswald, Lynda 157 Parkerson, Robert 114, 157 Pearson, Jacky 157 Pearson, Teddy 106, 157 Putnam, Kelsie 153, 157 Reeme, Clarence 14, 84, 152, 157 Rester, Donnie 157 Reynolds, Cindy 89, 157 Rhymes, Elaine 23, 109, 157 Roberts, Daphyne 113, 119, 157 Robertson, Mike 90, 92, 157, 158 Robin, Jerry 158 Robinson, Bruce 119, 158 Rodgers, Robert 158 Rodgers, Shirley 89, 155, 158 Rolan, Thomas 158 Sanders, Billy Ray 158 Sanders, Jan 89, 90, 102, 115, 158 Sanford, Freddy 158 Sciortino, Melha 109, 155, 158 Sears, James 47, 158 Shaffer, Mary 108, 117, 158 Smith, Barry 14, 84, 158 Smith, Bruce 106, 158 Smith, Danny 17, 114, 158 Smith, Juanita 158 Smith, Martha 23, 89, 90, 149, 153, 159 Smith, Ricky 158 Smith, Rpbert 158 Smith, Shirley 108, 158 Starr, David 158 Sterling, Patricia 56, 96, 102, 115, 152, 158 Stevens, Bill 113, 119, 157,158 Strange, Jean 158 Taylor, Jean 158 Taylor, Janeice 108, 115, 150 Taylor, Larry 59, 101, 158 Taylor, Theresa 109, 158 Pease, Barbara 31, 47, 90, 97, 102, 115, 157 Pedron, Jerry 84, 157 Peterson, Donnie 84, 157 Pickard, Glynn 157 Pickett, Bill 37, 68, 152, 157 Piepenbring, Marty 102, 115, 149, 153, 157 Pool, Jamie 84, 157 Powell, James 157 Powell, Johnny 104, 157 Price, Jana 89, 102, 115, 157 Thomas, Linda 14, 155, 158 -Thomas, Sharon 158 Thompson, Terry 158 Timmons, Allen 159 Wallace, Delores 159 Wallace, John 159 Waller, Sammy 113, 159 Weible, Ronny 159 Welch, Tommy 159 Wesson, David 116, 159 White, Carole 147, 159 White, Donnie 108, 159 Wilburn, Kenneth 159 Williams, Brenda 109, 159 Williams, Ronnie 3, 155, 159 Willis, Becky 89, 109, 115, 155, 159 Wise, Mickey 159 Witte, Patricia 89, 110, 159 Wolfe, Gerry 84, 159 Wood, Debbie 113, 119, 159 Woods, Vicki 108, 159 Zimmerman, Donnie 159 I89 Qtlfwznxflbvwv Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" ?' 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Suggestions in the Springhill High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Springhill, LA) collection:

Springhill High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Springhill, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Springhill High School - Lumberjack Yearbook (Springhill, LA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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