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 - Class of 1962

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,. ,.. s? . '- A - , . , .ff-uf Qf' f- lr' ., ,: f' . ,J ,. - --1. f:1..'A f ni, rf. 7.5111 ill , 504- H '-.Hnf 215,51 2.,fif's..',,,-A -. +?""f - f '-flgpf-w ' n A f "1!Q!h" f we it.. I Rf. ,. 15 ,,4 'Sf V . rmwnvfwnl R' " ' ,J N A . f W"WW -f ,f f v---'ww frqfwfnf- .,-T-. ,,...,,-.,,,,-f w,,.,,,.,.,, Q J It v iu' t7 l-f' A: . 1w.B7M'W'- SML? i?i..g A-Q1-1.1 - N U ,w,....,L........4 'fri f'Q53:GL1-Q. 9 . igififfgfg X 1 S i 5 35:1 'ff 5341! 1455: in ,2j1',Q,,,'i.-AJ: if-!?'?, Z- f ,W v 12 J :iff .gfivjfjgyg . f-as N. 'ff .ww www. , R ,A . -, ., S6 wax 1.2 . 4- 1 fg?f?'im?'ffQsAf .vL.z'f5v N Pf?f5'f!Vf!!V!1' WZ. I!! 01' !'Hf ,Q K gb Mp 1 is v 4 V, K2 KK ' It' 1' u f If 4 Ay J, , . , ,ff 5a, ff EF , V' ly -Y , ' me A3 . ' ' ' :J . .Q ..' , ' ,- :TTI T EDITOR Ellen Highsmith ASSISTANT-EDITCR: Susan Long BUSINESS MANAGER: Charlotte Edwards .5714 UU!!! 1 , . H! 'Y 1 A. x 'yn 52 T-of s,. w sr ' . 1 11,1 .Y v f rx H .4 2 SL Mk 2 -1.1 2 '- iw 5 A .. M K .5'P6'!!V6'f!HI H 679' Ai iff .5 "gf, 1.4, M.: . is in L iifvfgg, ,W ,ai 1 uf 9. J- t 'iff H X-1 B- V- A- 1 5'-,TFQQ fqcilfl '5 7 ' ' fr? 11,4 'Z 51' 'TK 'ifx . ' 4 51 , A5 '- ' 255. ni-'lair P ' --3 .N . 1.1. ,V fq.5f,, Q-,I 1- f S'P:21J2'1 , 2- Ll- fl -371, I lag..-525, . efifij-IGM .:5.'L:'1553-If " 1fia:?f 'f2H? . g . K - y y.. .1 L 25,1- a .5fL'!'f5.-1'-,.1 -5 F 5. v 3 U fri , L -ff?-W" .5'6'H00l -LW. 37:1 qs-5 w .F 14149-4 ' 'ilifiifdiis , ,ffrfy ,y 135.2 ,?"9f3Cn.1" .WE V ., 01 ' qfwf Myra Efilff Q' fH!6' IJ' 7001? llff if f , sr S if my V r . H i fw, -- 1 i I 1796 + 5 676' P14 Wff ffffffww There comes a time in the school life of all SHS students when they find that textbooks must be supplemented, not only with the printed matter which they can find in the li- brary, but, also, with moral and mental guidance. When sucha time comes, we, the students have always been sure of the one person to whom we can turn. Regardless of our socialor emotional status, we find her willing to help us better ourselves, and when we leave, there is a distinct spiritual, if not material, improvement which comes only from being understood by one who considers our interests, hers. Therefore for her untiring efforts to better the school, for her understanding, patience, and able guidance to the students, we, the ANNUAL STAFF, proudly dedicate the '62 GOLD Sn WHITE to our librarian, Mrs. Winifred K, Miller. ll 111111 ll 111111 1' 1 1 ll 1. 1, us' 'L 'C 1752 ivitxl Z2 'Eli' 2 1 1110 1111 1111 1 V119 1 " 1" 1 121115111-i,'1i'i,'11 1 11 1 1 gi',Q,1i1511zl,11,1Li,1 Saw, 1 '- lla? 1 1 1111 1,1 1-111 1 1 1 i l 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 5 ' 1 V 1 ,il1'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11ii il 11 i i 11.k111111111111111111. 1 iiii 1 1 1 Kill, V 12 11:11 111 fwlff' f40!W!!lf!.5'f6'f4!7U!V Dorothy Gower, Secretary W. Boyce Smith, Asst. Principal Joel, Jackson Prlncrpal f46'!flfl' James Armstrong Philip B. Bell 7' Rex Vf Coles Ruby L. Bell ff I- 4. ,F if Vx sfo , , ,FQ Sfg.5Qf.' 4,5-gfiwr ji lf: gf Y f' s ,fl Q 4- f !7',"v af' A ,A M ,. fn vf WS' ,xxx , Wayne E11is Rosa Anne Henry David McPherson Juanita Merrill Catherine P. Holman Rebecca B. Johnston Peter P. Koss 'Ann Krisle 'pf Ruth Padfield J if JoycePardue! ,g,.J!73,W,-,QJ if NN' L N V if if N Ng '- X In XJ, U 0 UU in Xfy in Avi fWf1A U nw L J l V James Suter Conrad C. Templeton Winifred K. Miller Katherine Mullins Erna Tipps Wayne Tipps Johnnie Williams 5ffVf0f9f5' wav f - 3342 - L K Joe Mac, Mary Dixie, Charles, Ellen, Mary Ellen .5'f!V!0f? 6714.9 J' 0fH6'f6'.5' President --------- Charles Gower Vice President ----- M ac Lipscomb Secretary -------- Mary Ellen Burr Treasurer ------ Mary Stubblefield Reporter -------- Ellen Highsmith Catherine Holman Rosa Anne Henry James Armstrong 5' P0116 019.9 MARTHA ABHINATHY Basketball 1g F.H.A. 1: Library Club 4. TOMMY E. AUSTIN Football 2,3,4g T. gc I. Club 4, Publicity Comma Industrial Arts Club 1,2, Sgt.-at-Arms, Ir. Varsity Basketball 1,2,3. MARY BETH ADKINS Basketball 1,2,3,4g Drama Club 1,25 Band 1,23 F.H.A. 1, Ir. Degree. JAMES AUSTIN BARBEE F.F.A. 1,2,3, Sentinel 2, Secretary 3. BETTY ADAMS F.H.A. 3,43 Girls Chorus 3g Library Club 3,43 Mixed Chorus 4. WILLIAM E. BAIRD Annual Staff Photographer 2,3,4g Key Club 2,3,4g Drama Club 4g Honor Cotmcil 4. H. KAYE ADAMS F.l-LA. 1,2,3, Jr. 85 Chapter Degrees, Barnwarming Att. 15 Glee Club 1,2,3g Drama Club 23 F.B.L.A. 4. .TERRY WAYNE BALDWIN F.F.A. lg F.B.L.A. 4. PATSY APPLE Basketball lg F.H.A. 1,2,3, Jr. and Chapter Degree l,2g Library Club 3.4. THOMAS WAYNE BILYEU PAULA SUE BENTON F.l-I.A. l,2, Jr. and Chapter Degrees. WAYNE BIRDWELL lnd. Arts Club 3g Football 1,2,3. aetemwmmmufa WANDA KAY ANDERSON LARRY BATES F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Reporter 25 President 35 V.-Pres. 45 State Convention l,2,3,4g National Convention 25 State Degree 3g Sub- Dist. President 4. UNA BROWNING F.H.A. 1, Jr. Degree. BOB BROWN Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant 2,3,4g Ctorus 2,3,4, Accom- panist 2,3g Dramatics Club 49 High School Accp. 35 Wittiest 4. RUTH BURNETT Band 1,25 F.l-LA. 1,25 Basketball 15 Office Asst. 3,4. ROBERT M. CALLOWAY I R. Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,4, Pres. 45 Honor Council 3,4, Chairman 45 Boys' State 35 Bachelor of Ugliness 45 Most Popular 4. EVELYN MARIE CARNEY LARRY R. COOK Basketball 4. MARY ELLEN BURR Band l,2, Majorette 1,25 Dance Band 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 45 All-State Chorus 35 Drama Club 2,3,4, V.-Pres. 35 Honor Council 35 Alt. Girls' State 35 Class Rep. 1, Treas. 2, Secretary 45 Class Favorite 1,2,35 Homecoming Att. 1,2,3, Queen 45 Miss S.H.S.45 Most Popular 4. I OE CASEY Honor Council 15 Ind. Arts Club 25 T. 851. Club 4, Pres. 4, Pub. Committee, Chairman. MARVILYN CARDEN F.l-l.A. 1, Ir. Degreeg Glee Club 1,2,3. I AMES R. CLAYTON Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant 2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 All- State Chorus 35 Key Club 45 Basket- ball 15 Drama Club 4. CHERYL COHEA Transferred Garces High School, Bakersfield, Cali- fornia 3g Drama Club 4, Treas. 45 F.H.A. 4, Ir. De- greeg Basketball 3,4g Annual staff 4g Class President 2. HARVEY L. CRAFT F.B.L.A. 4. F AY CRAWFORD CHARLES SEAY CRAWFORD Transferred from Greenbrier I-ligh School 4. FRANCES LORINE CARR Transferred from East Roberrsong F.H.A. l,2. RONALD LAWRENCE CRABTREE Class Secretary lg Football 23 Ind. Arts Club T. 8: 1. Club 4. JUDY PAULLETTE DOZIER Glee Club 23 Library Club 2,4. RONALD WAYNE DE LUNA Transferred from Clarksville High School 3. SUE EDEN Transferred from East Robertsong Glee Club 35 F.H.A. 2. FREDDIE EDWARDS F.F.A. 2,3, Sentinel 2, Treasurer 35 Ind. Arts Club 1,25 T.8al. Club 4, Sec.-Treas. 4. BETTY FARMER Transferred from ,To Byrns 35 Drama Club 35 Glee Club 45 F.B.L.A. 4. TONY FYKE F.F.A. 15 Ind. Arts Club 1. CHARLOTTE ANNE EDWARDS Annual Staff l,2,3,4, Business Mgr. 45 Drama Club l,2,3,4, 'Ihespian Troupe 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Treas. 3, V.-Pres. 45 Math Contest 2,35 Highest Average 25 Honor Council 1,25 Class Secretary 3. JAMES RONALD FELTS Ind. Arts Club l,2,3, Secretary 35 T.8cl. Club 4. PEGGY CAROL ELMORE Band l,2,35 Glee Club 2,3,45 All-State Chorus 2,35 F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Ir., Chapter, State Degrees, State Convention 1,35 F.H.A. State Chorus 35 V.-Pres. 35 Drama Club 2,3,45 Dance Band Vocalist 3. DAVID FY KE Ind. Arts Club l,2,3, V.-Pres. 25 T.8LI. Club 4, Chm. of ritual committee. PATRICIA ANN FARRAR Transferred 35 Glee Club 3,45 F.B.L.A. 4. RONALD LOGAN HARDAWAY F.F.A. 1. IINNYE DEE FULLER F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Jr., Chapter, State Degrees. RONALD GENE HARVEY Key Club 3,45 Glee Club 3g Football 2,3,4. SHERRY LOUISE FARMER Band l,2,3g F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Jr., Chapter, State Degreesg Office Asst. 3,4. CHARLES WILLIAM GOWER Band 1,45 Key Club 2,3,4, V.-Pres. 4: Class President 45 Basketball l,2,3g Annual Staff 3,45 Dance Band 1,3,4g Boys' State 3. JUDY FY KE F.H.A. 1, Jr. Degree, Glee Club l,2. ,TACK LYNN HEAD Football 1,2g Basketball lg Incl. Arts Club l,2. MARlE GENTRY Band 2,3,4g F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Song Leader 2, V.-Pres. 3. Photographer 4, Jr., Chapter, State Degrees, State Convention 3,4g Barnwarming Queen 2, Glee Club l,3,4g Drama Club 35 F.B.L.A. 4, Treas. 4. DONNIE GENE HELTSLEY Ind. Arts Club l,2,3g T.8LL Club 4g Football 4g Basket- ball 1,4. N. ELLEN HIGHSMITH Math Contest lg Basketball 1,2g Glee Club 1,27 F.H.A. l, Jr. Degree, Annual Staff 2,3,4, Asst. Editor 3, Editor 4g Band l,2,3,4, Sergeant 2,3,4, Treas. 3,4, Band Council 3,4, Majorette 1,2,3,4, Solo Twirler 3, Head Majorette 43 All-State Band Alternate 3g Drama Club l,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4g Thespian Troupe 3,45 Class Secretary 29 Class Reporter 4: Most Studious 85 Most Likely to Succeed 45 DAR Medalist. LEONARD B. HOLMAN IR. Ind. Arts Award 2, Ind. Arts Club 4. BRENDA GREEN F.H.A. 1, Jr. Degree, Basketball l,2,3,4g Band l RAY HENDERSON JR. Band 2,3,4, Sergeant 3,4, Band Council 3,45 Asst Drum Major 4, Drama Club 4g Ind. Arts Club 2,3 F.B.L.A. 45 Glee Club 3,4. CAROLYN HAUN F.H.A. l, Ir. Degree: Glee Club 3,4. DONNIE HENDRIX Ind. Arts Club l,2,3g T.8LI. Club 4. MARGARET I OHN SON Drama Club 2,3,4g Thespian Troupe 3,43 F.H.A. l, Jr. Degreeg Wittiest 4. TEDDY KNIGHT Football 43 Ind. Arts Club 1,2. DORIS FAYE .T ONES F.l-I.A. l,2,3,4, Reporter 3, Ir., Chapter and State Degrees, State Convention 33 Band 2,3,4g Glee Club lg Office Asst. 3,4. I OE MAC LIPSCOMB Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g F.F.A. 2,3,4, President 43 Class President l,2,3g Class Vice-Pres. 45 Best All Round and Most Athletic 4. MAPJORIE DELORES HUNTER F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Ir. and Chapter Degreesg Glee Club 2,3,4g Drama Club l,2,3g Library Club 1. WILLIAM B. ,T ONES Football l,2,3,4g Glee Club 35 Key Club 4. MARY JANE KRISLE Glee Club 1,2g Library Club 3,4g F.B.L.A. 4g Basket- ball 2. LARRY MINNIS Ind. Arts Club l,2,4, Vice-Pres. 1,27 Football 2,3,4g F.F.A. 1. ZORETTA LUCILLE LAWING F.H.A. l,2. WAYNE MINNIS Ind. Arts Club l,2,3, Vice-Pres. l, Secretary 2: F.F.A. lg Football 4. REBECCA ALIXANDRA MATTHEWS Jr. Varsity Cheerleader lg Cheerleader 2,3,4g Basketball 2, F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Jr., Chapter, State Degrees, State Convention 2,3g National Convention 3: Glee Club lg Drama Club l. .TERRY MURPHEY Dance Band l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g All-State Band 3, Key Club 3,43 Annual Staff 3,43 Basketball lg Honor Council 2, Class Vice-Pres. l. MARY YVONNE LEE F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Jr., Chapter, State Degrees, Chapter Reporter 4, State Convention 3,45 Band 2,3,4g Office Asst. 3,4. BILLY MORELAND Ind. Arts Club l,2,3g T.8cl. Club 4. LINDA ELAINE MARLOW F.H.A. l,2,3, Jr., Chapter Degrees, Song leader 35 Glee Club 2,3,4g F.B.L.A. 4. JIMMY MOULTON Football 3,41 T.8LI. Club 43 Ind. Arts Club l,2,3. NAOMI SUE PHIPPS Glee Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Historian 3, Sub- Dist. Vice- Pres. 3, Convention 2,35 F.B.L.A. 4. WESLEY PEPPER Football 1 ,4. CAROLE RAWLS F.H.A. lg Glee Club 1. .TERRY PORTER LINDA PIERCE MURPHEY Drama Club 1g F.H.A. 1, Jr. Degree: Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 1g Varsity Cheerleader 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4. CHARLES HERBERT NEAL Football 23,43 Basketball 2,35 Key Club 4. JANE RAWLS F.H.A. 1,2,3, Ir., Chapter, State Degreesg Glee Club 1. GARRY PORTERFIELD ELIZABETH F. ROSSON Class Vice-Pres. 2,33 Honor Cotmcil 4g Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant 2,3,4g Dance Band 1,2,3g Majorette 3,45 All- State Orchestra 25 All- State Band 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Drama Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice- Pres. 4g Thespian Troupe 3,4g F.H.A. 1, Ir. Degree, Convention 15 Business Comm. 4g Highest Average 1. BRENDA sUE SHELTON F.H.A. 1, Jr. Degreeg F.B.L.A. 4. MICHAEL SWANN Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3. LINDA SAMPSON F.H.A. 1, Ir. Degreeg Library Club lg Drama Club 3,45 Thespian Troupe 3,43 Office Asst. 4. GARY SCHNEIDER Football 1,2,3g Ind. Arts Club 1,2,3g Drama Club 23 T. 8a I. Club 4. .IOAN SHEARER Class Reporter 3g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Ir. Degree Accom- panist l,2,3,4, State Convention 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus Accompanist 4g Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant 3, Lieutenant 45 Student Director 3,4. FRANK SMITH DONNA SMITH F.H.A. l,2, Jr. Degree, Glee Club 2,43 Drama Club 4. ROBERT WAYNE TATE Basketball l,2,3,4. SHERRY STORY F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Jr., Chapteri State Degrees, Reporter 1, President 2, Historian 3, Chapter President 2,3, State Reporter 4, State Convention 2,3,4, National Convention 3, Nat. Chorus 33 Drama Club lg Glee Club 2,3,4, Chm. 3,4g Annual staff 43 F.B.L.A.4, President 43 Activity Books 3,4. THOMAS VADEN LINDA SLOAN Band 2,3,4g Drama Club 35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Historian 2, Secretary 3, State Convention, Jr., Chapter, State Degrees: Glee Club 3,4. MARVIN TABB Football 2, Basketball 1,2g Key Club 25 Ind. Arts Club 4. I MARY DIXIE STUBBLEFIELD Basketball l,2,3,4, All-Tournament CDist.D 35 Class Treasurer l,3,4g Class Reporter 2g Jr. Varsity Cheer- leader 1, Captain lg Varsity Cheerleader 2,39 Drama Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Thespian Troupe 3,4q F.H.A. 1,2,3, Jr. Degree: Glee Club 1: Annual staff 4, Best All Round 4. THOMAS H. WORSHAM Ind. Arts Club: T gc I Club 4. BEVERLY KAY TAYLOR Glee Club 2,3,4. BETTY IDU THOMPSON Glee Club 2,3,4g Drama Club 35 F.B.L.A. 4, Reporter 4. MARTHA WAGNER F.H.A. l,3, Jr. Degreeg Basketball 2,3g Library Club lg Drama Club 3. CAROLYN WALLING Library Club 1,2,3,4, Reporter 1, President 45 Glee Club 2,3,4. LOUCETTE WILKINS F.H.A. 1, Ir. Degreeg Glee Club 3g Library Club 4. BETTY IO YATES F.H.A. 1,2,3, Jr., Chapter Degrees, Parliamentarian 2 Glee Club 1,23 .... fr if 3, ,i 'E 4,- Q fit-fyfylg 51,455 H!.5'f0!?l' On a sunny September morn in '57, all SHS seniors, juniors, soph- omores, and freshmen craned their necks to see the herd of pigtailed boys and crew-cut girls who were stampeding down the auditorium aisles--the EIGHTH GRADE had arrived. QEveryone cheerlj In their own quiet way they chose dunce, Bob Calloway as president, shy Jane Rawls as vice-president, untalented Joan Shearer as secretary, and little Libbey Rosson as treasurer. Sneaky Ellen Highsmith and cheat- sheet Charles Gower were elected members of the Honor Council. Thru dirty politics Calloway and Rawls became class-favorites and Rawls later became homecoming attendant. After a riotous summer in '58, the same group returned to their beloved schoolby means of various scooters, tricycles, and pogo sticks. This year the green FRESHMEN starred in their junior varsity games while cowardly members of the class sold concessions. Puny Mac Lipscomb was chosen to lead the group, while Jerry Murphey became vice-president, Ronnie Crabtree--secretary, Mary Stubblefield--treas- urer, and Mary Ellen Burr--reporter. Honor council members were Charlotte Edwards and Joe Casey, Mary Ellen represented us at Home- coming andunpopular Mac joined her as class favorite. Lubus Green and Race-Horse Stubblefield were freshmen participants of the varsity basketball team. In 1959, we became big sophisticated SOPHOMORES, knowing just as much for more, as any junior or senior. Our officers were Mac Lipscomb lpres. j, Libbey Rosson fvice-pres. I, EllenHighsmith Qsec. D, Mary Ellen Burrftres. I, Mary Stubblefield Qrep'tj, and Charlotte Ed- wards and Je rryMurpheyKhonor councill. Mac and Mary Ellen repeated as class favorites and Mary Ellen was again homecoming attendant. The next autumn we learned what study really was. Nevertheless, we jolly JUNIORS kept the teachers laughing with our spit-balls, torpedoes, and tacks. Chief Executive was Mac, while Libbey was his Gal Friday, Charlotte tooknotes, Mary Dixie collected the pennies, and Joan report- ed everything. On the honor council were personal enemies Bob Callo- way and Mary Burr. Guess who were chosen class favorites?? Our Junior-Senior Banquet was away out success even though Alan Shepherd was unable to attend. Again we had a booth at the fair and sold con- cessions at allvarsity athletic functions. CNo wonder all senior gals are fat! lj Ellen Highsmith was our representative to Boys' State and Charles Gower and Bob Calloway attended Girls' State the latter part of the year. We're SENIORS - CLASS GF '62, There is so little to do for home- work that we have oodles of time for planning the Homecoming Barbecue and Senior play and paying for rings, pictures, and caps and gowns. Our insipid leaders this year were: President-Charles Gower, V. Pres- ident-Mac, Secretary-MaryBurr, Treasurer-M. D. ffor the third time lj, Rep't. -Ellen H. Bob Calloway did a poor job as chairman of the honor council and Bill Baird and Libbey did nothing as delegates. Since Mary Ellenhad alreadybought her dress for Homecoming, our generous hearts gave in and we elected her Queen. Disregarding any wins, losses, or ties, we were especially proud of our football team because we did beat Litton and we did beat MBA. As we leave, we say-- Thanks for a lovely four years, SHS, and AU REVOIR! .67f4A'Hfl01? UF l!6'l!1Vf.5' 6' lW.5'.5' 5.194 .ST J'f!I!!0f? .5'!!Pff?lf4f!Vf.5' 6757 141 I -XMIIIVU Mary D. Stubblefield Joe Mac Lipscomb Myff 67U0!UU6' Ellen Highs mith Charles Gower JH!! f4f!Vf.5' Wff 1759 f M067 Afbflfffi' Brenda Green Joe Mac Lipscomb .ffflffi !lM.5'l' PUPUIAH Mary Ellen Burr Bob Calloway WH' Mifflfkflf fi .5W6'6'ffU Ellen Highsmith Charles Gower I H0!Wi6'0!W!!l!6' UUHA! 0? Q Junior Attendant OLIVIA WAGNER Escort DONNIE SMITH 'L if x . , ,,.:f. .. ,-:thgigsefsej 5.17. 5. 60019 MARY ELLEN BURR Homecoming Queen yi, N 31 S Y .iii - K rA,,L, if fax 1 - , .m,,i it fn., C 1 as Sophomore Attendant Queen Freshman Attendant SARA ANN MORRIS MARY ELLEN BURR PEGGY CRAFT Escort Escort Escort JOHNNY TINSLEY CHARLES GOWER DICK SMITH, IR. axvaffmznfffzn Shelly Rosson Larry Mathews 'Wf?!ff.5' Bill McPherson fu K, . . . ., - f "..e?ifw2 J: K JUIVX I6' ,iw '- Donnie, Olivia, Nancy, Susan, Gaylor David McPherson Erna Tipps Wayne Ellis JUIVIWY 6714.9 5' Jfffffif President -------------- Donnie Smith Vice-President ----- ----- S usan Long Secretary -------- ---Olivia Wagner Treasurer ------ ----- G aylor Cole Reporter ---- ---- N ancy Richards .5'P0fV.S'0!1'.9 JZIXVXUAZS' William Adcox Elaine Atkins Lonnie Batey Judy Bell Bessie Benton I oe Blackwell Rickey Boyte Io Ann Bradley Velvet Brinkley Katie Brinley Johnny Brooks Ernest Burns Sue Burton Dotsie Byrd Christ-y Cage Kathy Carroll Danny Carroll Mary Carroll Sarah Carter Paul Casey Gaylor Cole Linda Cooper Max ie Cherry Danny Crawford William Creek JUXVXUXZS' Peggy Croslin June Dorris Carol Estes Leslie Graves Glenda Harrell Au Miles Curtis Faye Duffer Jerry Farmer J. R. Greg Wayne Hayes Mike Darraugh Brenda Davidson Frank Dorris Linda Durrett Jane Eaton Tommy English Billy Gainous Jerry Goodwin Kenneth Graves Tommy Hale Gene Hall Susan Hampton Jerry Highsmith Lee Hodges Marilyn Hollingsworth .!!ffV!0f5'.5' Carol Holman Billy Jackson Wallace Jones Susan Long Jean McIntosh Sandra Holman Preston Holt Faye Hulsey Kenneth Humphrey Edwin Jackson Gary Jackson Jean JHCRSOD David' JOHSS Bobbie Kearney Don King Dale Lane Jan Lane Alexandria Manos Jane Martin James Mathews Carolyn McCroy Bobby McKnight Linda Moore Billy Morris Judy Moulton JUXVXUHJ' Jerry Murphy Mary Powell Russell Rippy Jimmy Shelton Ralph Stack Virginia Murphy Steve Price Suzanne Roe Brenda Smith Kenneth Starks ary S N X 1 .V ,, i , 5, wif .' f 5 4354451 no mom AVAILABLE Judy Neal Rudy Reddick Mike Sawyers Donnie Smith Eddie Taylor Jimmy Nelson Connie Reynolds Bob Shannon Susan Smith Wayne Taylor Fay Poston Nancy Richards Donnie Sharp Cissie Sprouse Hugh Traughber JUWXUHS Qlgfnr 4 SZQEJZN flvfagidtfbig-Q W Nancy Vi01SIIe Olivia Wagner Billy Watson George Weaver Earl Woode J'61'1'Y WOOCIGH John Wooten Fred1a Zeck '41 X 6' Za! 1 632 4 JS gf! Qfffj' ' L My I w M in r N M JY . W , 1 W if I A M jf' '7147 , if '.'7,7.f 1 f fff wffff Ted, Larry, Donna, Johnny, Eugene Ruth Padfield James Suter Rebecca J okmston Ann Krisle Peter Koss J'0Pf9W!W0f?f 01,455 0fH6'f6'6' President -------- --- Larry Mathews Vice-President -------- Johnny Tinsley Secretary -------- ---- D onna Dickens Treasurer ---- ---Ted Stubblefield Reporter ---- ------ E ugene Beck .5'P0!1f.5'0f6'5' 'fer wk 4 .5WPfWflW!?f.5' N1 News NC? 'ID H1.f"' Q 5-311 A , ' ,X 1 E I X, . CA, T., P6 kQNffT.r an in , if gmfuo vkoro PHOTO YUTAVAILABLE N. Adams . Beck . Birdwell Brinley C. Cotter Adock Bell Blackburn Brown Currie R. Anderson R. Bell J. Blackburn P. Brown J. Crawford D, Appleton P. Benton P. Blizzard S. Brown D. Carr B, Baldwin L. Binkley l-I, Branch J, Carneal J, Cook Batey Brinkley Bridges Cohea Corbin .5'UPHOM0f9f.5' ZQJXQS AVNLABLE so Asif 4 5UPPY . N0 PHOTO :ff-'sfq 'Y Alowfwmwanmnss fg.?at:lw 1. "' 'i" D .. Q 3 . 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Taylor .5WPH0!W016'f.5' D, Taylor I. Taylor J, Walker J. Walker B, Webb G, Whittaker I, Wingo K, Wooden I. Tinsley A, Ward G. Wildmone E, Wynn Trevation D, Trumphour D, Trumphour Washer B, Watkins W, Watson Wilks M, Wilks N, Williams Gilstrep J, Mink T, Walling ., YY, ...rv M ,, , ,WW - - --.-. Mir -,., , ,,..-.., .. WW V-,T-7 iiifw 3 ei .f 1 ,. ffsw ' if, f 7 U .L:-F'-21523-'-,,, 'vi , . .f f ' ,- ff.M2vf1,1 . ,W ' fglfggfyf V- ww if , gt- ,L ,G A -1 , f - - f - - -A ,fa,1y3'x:,sz x . g 11,- 5 'AA,A l I A' wsxigs,-,,f 7-,, . - ,L zzzeiifk f gn m 1' . .f 1 X .f - ' 'Q ' 2 fixfie . 711f2Y?'ff?5", ' um Alix . 7: . ,,,X ,, , :gf , K My nf. L ., + , . , MM . ,wg " H 2, , .vw-4wz,.m,, 7 - ,ia.f,-,216 e nb W1 , , ,Q ,Q ,i w,,,1,QW'Q X 5 LQSQQPW 4 , -, Y: K M6 , 5 ling' A6232 7. Q ,,i19awm. . ' ,wwfl 5.3 ,TPM 1 3555315 fr ' mg-uv A , A , A ,-,-1af3'Waef1f2 1 W :xggiia , ,yzzqf-,A r fxvxzifffib ' 'ffl 95,5 ,, .ri . ff f - K,,, ,,,k , vm mf, 'ff' '1 WM . zz' ':fxmWE3'?'sE115'f' , A ai . 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Jackson M, A, Jernigan B, I ones Jones I. Keeton B, Krisle L. Lane Lipscomb L. Long P. Long D, Lunsford Mantlo M, E, Mason R. Mason J, McKee Middleton P. Miller D, Mills R, Morris I ones Lawrence Mantlo McPherson Morris R. D. R. L. C. .25 Q i if Q G fx . sf i 6 we I ones Leding Mantlo Mears Moultor ff?fJ'HfWf!V D. W. S. S. C. Murphey Parrigin Pharris Prince Roe Murphey Pendleton Phillips Ragland Sawyers V. Nadler F. Pendleton R. Pike C. Redfern A. Shaw Neal B. Newberry Pendleton J. Perry Porter 1. Porter Redfern S. Richards Shearon A. Smith Osborne Perry Powell Roark Smith f!?f.5'H!WffV ,ff ...cg-.. Photo not AV.-KlI.AI3I.E C. Smith S. A. Stagner M. Travathan M. Wagner L. Whitaker D. Smith D. Starks M. Tucker B. Walker J. Wilkison K. Smith Story Turner Walker Wilson P. Smith S. Summers C. Tweedale J. Walton C. Wooten Spicer Swann Vaden Warren Wren Spro use Taylor Villines Weaver UAWAXVZ4 17 1V-5' 1.952 5010 :Q Wbffff .57f4ff Miss Joyce Pardue Sponsor Ellen Highsmith Susan Long Editor Asst, Editor Charlotte Edwards Business Mgr. CLASS EDITORS STA FF Charles Gower ---- --- Seniors Carol Holman --- ------ Juniors Jimmy Meyer ------- Sophomores John Wilkison --------- Freshmen PHOTOGRAPHER Bill Baird Jerry Murphey Donnie Smith Susan Hampton Ellen Pitt Polly Miller Linda Earl Swann David Mills ASST, BUSINESS MGR, Dick Kimmins TYPISTS Cheryl Cohea Mary D. Stubblefield Sherry Srory W wfvm AWIIXVAVZ Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Peggy Craft Sara Ann Morris Linda Durrett Libbey Rosson Lewis Burnett Ronnie Bell Edwin Jackson Bill Baird Chairman-Bob Calloway Advisor-Joe L, Jackson W mf 51067 A dViS01' Treasurer President Vice- President Secretary Philip B. B611 Donnie Smith Bob Calloway Charles Gower Steven Price fnot picturedj fUfU1?f f9W!WfM4Kff?.5' 6Wf4Pfff? I President ---- ----h--------- C arolyn McCroy Reporter -------------------- ---- Y vonne Lee Vice-Pres, -M ---- Nancy Richards Historian -------- --- Sherry Farmer Judy Neal Parliamentarian ---- --- Jean Jackson Secretary ----- ---- P eggy Croslin Song Leader ------ --- Faye Poston Treasurer ------- ----- G ene Hall Ph0f0gr3Dh2r --- ---- Marie Gentry State Reporter ------------------ ----- S herry Story Advisor --------- ---- ---------------- R u bye Bell President Vic e- Pres. ---' ' ' ' ' Secretary Treasurer ----- flfflffff f9WfWf!Wf4Kf6',5' 6'1964P!'ff? I ---'- Judy Bell Nancy Adams Patti Blizzard Diane Douglas Beverly Brown Reporter ------------- Parliamentarian --- ---- Imogene Gray Historian ------- --- Song Leader - - Advisor ------ -- --e--- ----- M ary Wilks Jean Moreland Donna Dickens A --- Rubve Bell Uf?f4!llf4f!6'.5' 511167 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ellen Highsmith Libbey Rosson Mary Stubblefield Cheryl Cohea Advisor Catherine P. Holman I N fHf.5'PA4!V f1?0UPf 1.904 Advisor Catherine P. Holman E 2 E 5 5 if 2 ir 2 fr gr ff1fm'ffff,41 Am' My W d President Vice-Pres, Secretary Advisor George Hall Bill Currie Danny Crawford James Armstrong 2 S S e i E E 3? 5 5 2 3 ii 2 Q 3 3 ,s 3 52 ,x -1 w N Y W W fUfUf7f ff4!?fWff7.5' C President ---- ---- ---- J oe Mac Lipscomb Treasurer ----- ---- I erry Goodwin Vice - Pres, - - - --------- Larry Bates Reporter- ---- ---- D anny Crawford Secretary --- ------ Preston Holt Sentinel ---- --- Donnie Hardaway Advisor - Conrad Templeton l!67f5'f4fW 51067 Reporter President Advisor Vice-Pres, Sec, -Treas, Judy Neal Carolyn Walling Winifred Miller Faye Poston Peggy Croslin f!!!'!f19f 6W.5'!!Vf.5'5' l64If6'5' President --- ------------- Sherry Story Treasurer -------------- ---- M arie Gentry Vice-Pres, - -- ------- ----- D ale Lane Reporter ---- ---- B etty Thompson Secretary ---- - -------- Naomi Phipps Advisor ---- -- Rosa Anne Henry 6 wgwvs W agen 6610! Head Majorette Ellen Hi ghsmith Mascot Linda Estes Flag Twirlers Susan Smith Connie Ragland 11114190 HIXV6' 654110 Captains - Joan Shearer Susan Hampton Lieutenants - Steven Swann Sergeants Libbey Rosson Jimmy Clayton Jerry Murphy Elaine Atkins Ray Henderson Ellen Highsmith M416 .a W, .. , -f: 193 ,wif ka if f 's if' 'li'-W' ' My , , , ig: , X. - , if, 'WH " 23ml ,V I-Q5 K ,L Qi.. 'ff I in X, I f I- , If ff V , r H X if 'V-iff -f A . ' ' ,' ' ' W, 1 ' .55 ' I - 'fi' lf- .s , , ma . . ., nf .. i ii' ' e .12:," Suzanne, Jane, Libbey, Lin- Susar Drurr 'E E wxlfffaf 641110 Student Director -------------------- Joan Shearer Librarians --------- Susan Hampton, Glenda Harrell Publicity Chm, --------------------- Carol Estes Treasurer ------ ------- ---- E 1 len Highsmith Repair ------ --- Kenneth Humphrey V759 Ellen, Carol, Shelley Connie fo Stud an eflt .eafe D11- 1' ector Majorettes Suzanne Roe Jane Eaton Libbey Rosson Carol Estes Shelley Rosson Majorette sponsor-Erna Tipps i S 1 5 2 3 5 1 ww ffmw' President Vice-Pres. Sec, -Treas. Librarian Mary Ellen Burr Charlotte Edwards Jean McIntosh Mary Lynn Stamrner Publicity Chm. -Peggy Elmore Director-Wayne Tipps 676' 5 ' JWOf?!!5' 5 a 2 i Q i 1 2 E S 5 2 E 1 E 2 E I T- ., -..,m 5' H 5' 6'HffHlff40f!Z5' Sara Ann Morris Velvet Brinkley Cissie Sprouse Ianyth Moulton I Nancy Violette Becky Matthews Nancy Richards i ! 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' x .- v -- fl x it A X I, -1 . I I s r- Q 1 Lf- Wf 1 -N Tgzg X 6 k W ? N . . Nm 4-' ,wifi Q. Tb, La: ,- N Q, a 2: 5 AJ S. V1 i i 'n Q92 L L f46'!70fV 9' 335. Lai "X Q".-fs Q 67075 '65f.5'Kff634ll s - I ' - 1 5 ' ' x I - I I X x I I X 5 A f X l . I 1 . X I X I . I . . 1 4 x A S ' . I 1 - r"'0' ."- n " v . . N ' . . I 5 . X w 4 W! x I I I , I I I - ' n COACHSUTER ? Q Ls Q- Q 4 4' f Q K A 1? x ff LA .Q-:W JR 5 0 Z . . 3 3 F' Ig '4' PS- 51- aas M J- '42 fi ggi- L as ,S ,- kwa, fl 1'-3' 1 41, va Q 3 3 Q + Q. Y Q K ,1 asv: - - ' ' A -,ij j 146' f IU!!! 5,3 sz WIN Z3 mm f!l!AP.5W0f.5' SOPHOMORE 7 FRESHMEN JUNIOR SENIOR ffffffmz fzfrffww "Mrs. I. , may we go to the back to do some very im ortant research?" . , P 'Why, those crazy teachers Just never will learn how to grade! " Vt .- v' ' "Hot dog! Now I weigh almost Verv imoortant researchlhr as much as Mary Dixie!" Real b0SS Of SHS! ff Q- 5 ,,j'7 Q W52 N ew Q W, , 'Q ' -J' 4 XS '?' ff' fx N -6 SM q Q , 4 f f sw. ' ff 5 9 , . Qi A ll ., Q... A, le s ' 3 V V W. 3 Q f fv mf? l ' QKXM ig! 1 -Q g3 k. f KN---9 L - --av vw "1 F X31 S , Q i s o . ioii s o l i as i 5 11- if-, -15.2 . . ' ' 'YK K 'if . 2. 1 . ' W? , ,.,'.. -egg . ' ' - . They finally put Mrs. Tipps where she belongs! Don't anybody strike "I've got to end it all. I flunked an Algebra test!' Greenbrier High contribution signs autographs. a match! The"Be11" witch returns! "Ringling Brothers will sign us any day now! "What?! ! ! ?" fffkwv .A X W 1 D Newly formed Forensic Club at work. QMrs, Krisle Sponsorj "But, honey, I could have sworn your birthday was tomorrow! ! !" This little "boy" is Linda E. Swann!! Wide awake seniors give strict attention to Mr, Basford. This 1itt1e"gir1" is Ronny Crabtree! ! Can you find these former Girl Scouts? Burnett, Edwards 123, Shearer, Prince, Burr, Adams, l Walling, Highsmith, Farmer, Rosson, Green, Carden, Murphey. F. W ef, L 15' 1 -VS' fa K fif,::E" 'K 5:.5 ",iH!'f- 3' "5 'if ggi, , ss tw MQ, f fs Km r 5 W 3' s ,Q ' iff Y ' H ' it .rw '- - ,, My Hr at .-s ..- -- Q1:,LQ:,r45.s, Lk s3:,,,,,,V5fVisL1g 2 A -gsygg .. .f , ,, Senior class prexy! I "Lovely day, isn't it?" sf L Susan Downey 81 John Wilkison XJ' fH!6' H6411 if Mi? See if you can recognize your schoolmates from these old pictures J. R. Gregg Boom Moulton Patsy Perry Nancy Turner Eliz. Farmer Rosson Junior Class Rogues Gallery Jimmy Meyer Ruth Burnett Bill Jones Dick Smith r u .k. ,Zn eh, fgu, 3 I -V R i Q. , ig. I 'L rf s V ,r ws y Dorris Jones Sc ? YVOIIHC L66 Bill Baird :fi . SRM 4, Ag ile W., 31 y wgx - mwy Pat Hudson Polly Miller 85 Linda Susan SmiLh I I Cissie Sprouse ,ir 1 Earl Sw ann . hm , . 3 ff in '6:C"'w51'i': ' x-" " ' -I 31,2 .,.,:. I Velvet Brinkley Vicki Nadler Rosemary Goad Shelly Rosson Suzanne Roe Elaine A. , Wayne T. ? Senior girl Fan Club Watch out for sharks, Abernathy! "Anybody got a k1eenex?" "I've just decided. I ,, d0n't wan: to be a Ecks sub-debberz " a mouse!" Oh, Patty, where are you?" Mr. McPhearsou ponders a difficult problem. Z K f . I LK . "' l 1 gg, M -If 'j ""'wLi? , 1 ':f4'f' :rin V W 3 ff N KV ' ff- X, f ' xp '- X! . y . , Q i ' ' ' gf ,A , 2 E M t fax Y bm X ' f Q lg I ff f kgs if 1' L V, I A 'L'LL , w a k ffm ,. . , 'L .ZE4 55 5552112- V Z A1 A 6 i D l W ' 1? n pf 'T ' wb , f , X 1 544 if 5 A 'X 3:5741 51 I x 'Q xg A ' V " 'P ' ' l, b , ,.,V, A? 'K i 5 Q H ,lk Rf f-V I" -ff gif' 'A iw " ., Qc.-W x ii I w, Q l l k V J' ,lfiiqggitz NM ,Z K Sf...i'f ' , W E H .ir ,. . WWW f-WW-J-,..,,,.p gsfwff , f' - - Q' M. ' , A ,f ' . K A Qi w 1 i , Q, 3- - 2 L1 -f'- K ,, Y 1 1.-.J-gf, my ' -A M x2v,',--X1 -Q Vff if V, ,, . 553.1 . . E , ,, A ,W F , ,.,,. , .A MN? Q V. x . ry at qi, J qv S S 9 , :Zigi , - ff l' :EQ if f I , Wx W A. . : . .f i 4 Q- -- -z I-1 U f Lei- ,rv- g4gggmE,Q M, N, fue, Q gm, y . Wag,-:Q - .. ,. x A . f:M+-:- it , 5 K Q I "Man, Look at that Bertha THIS is " BIG BERTHA" gooooo! ! ! !" 5 "Thank goodness for MASTER PLOTS! " Mr. Harris on Duty. "Where in the world are my "No-doze" pills. "But Mr. Jackson, these are the latest fashions! " "Now what could I have done with those five trombones'?" "Not here, Mike! Yours is down the hall on the left!" "Oh, Lordy, if that air1't the ' Silliest , ' "I knew I forgot something-- thing I ve ever MY HORN! !.. heard of ! ! Where the GIRLS are! It ain't that bad, Pam . "I led three lives- -housewife, librarian, lifeguard. " What?! Jane Eaton isn't doing all the talking! ! "Geronimo! I I " A vfeffffnffmfs AXVXVUAZ 1900.9 f ff? P. S. BROWN REX V. COLES TOM E, ESTES BATES ELLIS CLAUDE R. COLES BUDDY HOLMAN JEAN HOLLAND ONEIDA LYONS O'BRIEN PRICE .IEANNE WELLS LAZORA LESLIE W. DOSS JANE BEDWELL DOUGLAS RAY ESKEW HARVEY C, HERNDON, G. K. ANDERSON BOB POWELL E. BRYANT BURNETT MILLER RUTH WOODRUFF MR. S. 1. H. HARVEY BILL BRANTLEY MARGARET FELTS RAYMOND A. LAYNE WAYNE TIPPS BRUCE DORRIS .TOE HOLMAN ORMAN CLINARD CHARLIE BRANDON BOBBY ROSSON .IIM GREGG SARA DEAN SAM T. BIGGER ROBERT H. RALSTON ED HIGHSMITH S. E. MEYER J, E. WILKISON I, B. DORRIS JOHN W, BRILEY VIRGINIA BRYANT EDNA HARRIS RALPH C. SMITH ROBERT A. WEST SYLVIA C. SWANN WASH CLINARD GEROGE L. ECKLES JOHNNIE E, HARRIS I. W. BROWN REBECCA GOAD R. H. BURNETT JOHN R, LONG, JR. DAVID BENTON I. DAVIDSON ELDON WALLING LYNN B. FREEMAN S. L. SWANN August l 29. Registration. Eighth graders not so eager as they sit in auditorium all morning. 31. No senior English this year. Mrs. J. lost notes over sum- mer holidays. Mrs. Tipps breaks leg. Injury received while chasing ostrich for majorette feath- ers. Peggy Elmore sent back to Main Street. Mistaken for 8th Grader. l COMPLIMENTS OF Automotive Pa rts Charles Baker, Mgr. Walling Radio Service "Your Philco Dealer" Television and Appliances Sales and Service North Side Public Square Phone 384-5885 Joe T. Holman, Jr. Jimmy H. Dunn Holman 8 Holman Agency Inc. All Insurance Lines Znd Floor Bell Building Phone 384 -42 30 Springfield, Tenne ssee COMPLIMENTS OF The Family Store Sun Valley Drive-ln Carden-McReynolds Market 8 Donut Shop Gas Co. Open 7 days Store Hours 5 AM to 12 PM Owners and Managers Ray Kimbrough Iven Woodlee Phone 384-3571 A ' 1 1 lil? ell ffl! M00fH1Y FU!! Whenever you are U. S. 41 South Springfield, Tennessee TAC KE 73515.50 OS TE F? mJLm Embbb F5 e" "7f'.z.,'! g ---' mimi? gem fy 'G' 5'B'M!ir7?l rWjc?9"W'4:w""W . X-f wlfm Q 9196053 Lam ' ' 'llpwl-j' .'.,. " . N9-'if' EX giueeimhg iwi Q Q7 . Wi? ' ?3u,Vi FWEYZ1' Q5 'We Oqpimjze' Qi? QWWWWEJEQE S2 msg 4?iN gfbww W 2 5 'H MMM Gwyn? 9 .ff-Oijryij G sq 5 ' M ' 3av'x'Q:"fA19fQ4,5L eo W -15 ' B ,g m '6 19.9, QE M Gxzvggf giiwiifigfgf J' EQ Qsw, f.-Fwy? xixqiwwgwyg G. S. Moore 8 Son Real Estate - Farm Loans Insurance Real Estate and Livestock Auctioneers Phone 384-5506 Springfield, Tenne s see "Insure and Be Sure" with Erskine Empson S Co. Insurance of All Kinds September 1. Calloway passes to rabbit in effort to stop attacking Leb- anon te'am. 7. Majorettes attend Dick Dean Twirling Camp. 16. Mrs. Padfield and Mr. Bell seen riding "the Whip" at the Fair. 17, Hospital overcome with teen- age visitors to see Mrs. Pad- field and Mr. Bell. 20. Senior girls have mass fainting spell as Josh Powell sings in assembly. 29. Martin French loses band music. 30. Mrs. Padfield flips as Ronnie Crabtree declares, "Sure, I love you, baby." COMPLIME NTS OF Springfield Woolen Mills Company Division of CHATHAM MANUFACTURING CO. E lkin, North Carolina Pearson's Shell Service Station Lubrication Washes Premium Gasoline "Have Your Home of Tomorrow Today" Joe Harvey McClanahan Robertson County's Outstanding Home Builders Low Cost Financing Arranged Phone 384-5518 COMPLIMENTS OF SPRINGFIELD PURE MILK nc: Iggmiavgizirxf -Od -1 32325230 5 QQMP AN y 1108 Batts Blvd. Phone 384-7576 KQUIIHI' If .EIILIQPQQ X156 6 I October Mr. McPherson graduates! Double trouble Mullins goofs! gives bookkeeping test to one of her other classes. Six weeks test, Crummy day! Miss Pardue has English classes. English? ? ? ? !! As Physics students are performing delicate experiment, Joe Mac Lipscomb overturns a 20 gallon glass tank. While mopping up the water, Joe M. hits overhead light with mop handle. It crashes to the floor, J. M. manages to break a graduated cylinder while he is disposing of broken light bulb. Better Block Co Concrete Products Phone 384 -4634 Springfield, Tenne s see Mr. Koss brings ABC blocks to school for J. M. to play with while Physics class doesexperiments! November 1. Mr. Coles and rest of town a wreck as Halloween finally over. 3. Cheering section mistaken for city morgue. 10. Majorettes lose bubbles. . .Martin French loses music!! 16. Mr. Ellis dismissed for serving time at Krogers. 22. Mr. Armstrong gets new boiler room partner. lSmoky Mc! H 29. Mrs. Bell wins international de- bate contest on merit of volume. Wins a talking aid. 30. Coach Smith furnishes shoulder pads. Mr. Suter furnishes cleats as Girls Basketball team makes first appearance. McCord S Harris Drugs, Acme Paints, Wallpaper Complete Soda Fountain Service A Belle Camp and Whitman Chocolates Phone: 384-4561 "The Rexall Store" COMPLIME NTS OF "Cowans" Dry Goods - Shoes CONGRATULATIONS SE NIORS of '62 H. G. Hill Company School Books - School Supplies Eekles Printing Company Typewriters Sale - Rent ROyal - Remington - Underwood Phone 384-5119 A s I N GiillScVii'llHNi Security Federal Savings and Loan Association 9110.418 X tgl I I xg msuizenf ws.-.Q CONGRATU LATIONS SE NIORS of 1962 White MeClanahan Paul's "Springfield's Finest Men's Store" Hart, Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes Florsheim Shoes December Miss Pardue observed collecting Kellogg box tops. Miss Pardue sporting diamond ring! Contrary to first impression, it came from Kellogg Company. "Lady" Merrill seen buying feminine frills at LeRoy's. Unanimous decision---Koss's Krack are Koolsville!! Mrs. Krisle gets fallout shelter for Christmas. Santa Claus good to everybody but 1 Bob Brown. McGregor sportswear y Arrow Shirts l CONGRATULATIONS Springfield Herald SENIORS of 1962 "News While It's News" Over 15, 000 Readers in Robertson County Published Every Thursday Commercial Printing Office Supplies Phone 384-5533 Leroy Sigman Rachel Wilks Editor Society Editor Bill T. Anderson Business Mgr. "73 Years of Service" Springfield 5 S IO Springfield' s newe st luncheonette 384 -3600 Payne B ros. Motor Co. Sales, Parts, and Service Chevrolet and Oldsmobile since 1926 QPE oslff xl' 3 '0 'rtgyytl ,56lA Q ,I XACHEN-KOLET7 5 Y l Y X 9 Gnvic' Fi ': h Q O :hx 'Q Q3 5539 . as j 41 COMPLIMENTS OF rst National Bank "Home Owned and Operated" Member of F. D. I. C. Compliments of Stewart Williams Company Household Furnishings and Electrical Appliances 638 Tire Company "Quality Tire Rebuilders" Service Since 1920 C ity Cash Grocery Proprietor, Fyke Farmer Groceries, Fresh Meats Fruits and Vegetables Phone 384-7763 Bell-Browder Company lJohn C. Browderln "Sound Insurance Since 1922" January Many droopy-eyed students return to face the torturers. Mr. Koss-health fiend-does not eat in cafeteria. Mrs. Bowie faints and cafeteria goes broke as nobody eats lunch. English III classes take French test and make better grades than French students. Rex "the wonder dog" finally gives Latin II class a test they can pass. Donnie Smith seen looking unim- portant for a change. Mr. Jackson gets lost en route to bank with noon deposit. Sentenced to V100 years. Bell's Springfield's Style Center for Men and Boys Auto Machine S Supply Co. Phone 384-4161 Wholesale Auto Parts Poular Chain Saws - Cushman Motor Scooters Clinton Engines - Lauson-Power Products 408 Willow St. Springfield, Tennessee The Friendly Store Phone 384-4631 "Where Service and Customers' Satisfaction Count" "Try Gambles for Your Every Need" RALPH D. SMITH, Owner Gunn 's Shell Service COMPLIME NTS OF George A. Price Your State Farm Insurance Agent 121 5th Ave. W. Springfield, Tennessee Treasure Chest Gifts of Distinction West Court Square Phone 384-4500 February l 5. Fire department summoned to extin- guish smoking bleachers. l l 6. Several senior boys overcome by smoke. 9. Martin French drops music during Winter Concert. 14, Mr. Coles sends 346 valentines. Receives one--from Mrs. Bowie. 2.2. Students blinded by flying glass as Mr. Bell sings "Home Sweet Home 28. Basketball girls' spring practice gets underway as Mary Dixie demon- strates the "hoss". COMPLIMENTS OF Western Auto Associated Store Chandler's Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear Springfield, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Williams Jewelers Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry 518 Main Street Springfield, Tennessee Tenn. Ltg. S Appliance Co. V. C. Roe and Son Frigidaire Appliance s Zenith Radio, Television and Stereophonic Record Players Central Heating and Air Conditioning "We service anything we sell" COMPLIMENTS OF Shannon Drug Company Student Headquarters Free Delivery Phone 384-3511 COMPLIMENTS OF Bentley's 5 S IO 700 Main Street When you are looking for anything in this line visit us first. We have the most complete variety line in Springfield. Shop Bentleys first and save! March Merchants of Springfield complain about hearing Jane Eaton's voice clear in town when she is practicing talking at home. Roll thrown in cafeteriag hits sophomore. Shelley Rosson, sophomore, in hospital with fractured skull. Mr. McPherson succeeds! Plane Geometry class understands definitioi of a theorem. Mr. Suter hospitalized! Trampled by ravenous students enroute to that delicious food in cafeteria. Craft's Food Market Free De livery Phone 384-4554 Roy L. King Real Estate Farms and Homes Sparks Esso Servicenter Tires, Batteries COMPLIMENTS OF B 5 C Auto Sales Co. And Ace Auto Repair Sales and Service pllmmulll Plymouth - Valiant il Pick up Musa? And Delivery Service Phone 384-4596 CONGRATULATIONS FR OM Downey 8 Jones Fred M. Smith 8 Son Reliable Insurance Service Phone 384-5193 1115th Ave. West April 1. April Fool's Day--no teachers show upg wonder why? ? ? ? 6. Jimmy Clayton QPuddin' Headj expelled from Band when he wears green and purple knee socks and Bermudas to practice. 13. Mrs. Holman wins role of Scarlet O'Hara in S. H. S. version of Gone With the Wind. 17. Senior Play stars Marvin Tabb as t great Hercules. 25. Coach Smith resigns after first day of spring practice. Declares: "Matthews brothers are just too much!" 28, Annual Editor visits M. T. S. C.3 Never returns. A S Fann's Ladies Wear Hose, Lingerie, Sportswear Shoes, Dresses, Coats, S t Pub lic Square Springfie ld, Tenne ssee 'Sylvia's Salon IKGJ K S.. we I Q7 Nlgdal l fl, "A Complete Line of Beauty Service for You" Sherwin Williams Co. 384-4689 608 MAIN STREET FREE COLOR SERVICE Associated Funeral Home Springfie ld, Tenne ssee Greenbrier Adairvill. PAINTS WALLPAPER phone 334-4494 COMPLIMENTS CCMPLIMENTS lliegace lo or ST j " OF Storage Battery and A! ii ' we"l2', Key Motel Electric Company COMPLIMENTS Clinard Texaco Service Memorial Highway Phone 384-5175 OF Bill's Grocery Ill!!! Right Way Cash Market Phone 384-4494 . 4 a'4aa Groceries Fresh Me fl ii ' i COMPLIMENTS L a W n g 'S OF O D a I r y Q u e e n J . C . P e n n ey "The Cone with the Curl on T C om p a n y COMPLIMENTS OF Sify l . Y A464 B rl n k I e y g Mah Motor Company Memorial Highway T h e Vogu e "Cute Fashions DX Service Station for Memorial Blvd. and 16th Ave. Phone 384-31 17 Cute Girls" 5 5 Compliments of Memorial Highway Stores Hours . Monday thru Thursday - 8 to 6 Friday - 8 to 8 Saturday - 8 to 9 ,PHY l lps Phone 384-7620 Free Parking Springfield "ee" Draper 3 Darwin Leding's Station Stores 1312 S. Main Street Custom Grinding ary 8 Mobile Feed Mills Popular Priced Merchandise MASTER 8: Milling Springfield, Tennessee -' E On the Farm Feed X7 Service I Compliments of Claude Coles - County Court Clerk W, Earl Swann - General Sessions Judge L nn B. Freeman - Circuit Court Clerk Robert A. West - County Judge Y Retha B. Benton - Tax Assessor S. L. Swann - County Trustee T. B. Corbin-Sheriff Bates Ellis - Registrar C. F. Fisher - Supt. of Schools Commerce Union Bank Springfield, Tennessee Members of F, D. I. C. May 4. No trombones for Spring concert as Martin French breaks 5 and LOSES lll the other 5. 9. Ralph Lipscomb, Jimmy Harris and Forest Holland voted the most well-mannered boys of the year by senior girls. 16. Mr. McPherson finally works Geometry problem, with the help of Jerry Murphey. 20. Bob Calloway goes on weight gaining diet to fatten his legs up for his appearance in Ber- muda shorts the last day of school. 22. Seniors fail to show up for exams. Mr. Jackson finds missing sen- iors, but loses Juniors. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Rain of confetti all over school. Teachers discover empty book covers! J. I. Baldwin S Son W Pit Barbecue 1- Wholesale and Retail Phone 384-3426 Springfield Springfield Auto Parts Company Your Home Owned Parts Store Phone 384-7571 Comer Fowler and Sons Owners Springfield Lumber Co. Building Materials - Home Improve ment Mechanical Equipment' for Buildings - Mill Work 508 Mable St, Phone 384-7561 Randolph House S Company Phone 384-5528 Springfield' s Quality Department Store Bell's Feed 8 Farm Store Dealer for Surge Products All Kinds of Feed Mobilgas and Oil Springfield, Tennessee Compliments of Browning 8 Smith Flowers and Greenhouses Phone 384-7558 CITY OF SPRINGFIELD Mayor E. M. Beck E. M. Dillard RiChard Roark Commissioner City Clerk C0mmiSSiOHeI' "Knowledge Is X the Key to the Future" Compliments of I 3 , -C h 1 , S D e - I n 1 I I IISQQIIIY-Fxhu,1vlun' 6 M a rk e t Memorial Blvd. I Springfie ld, Tenn, Open 7 days a week 7-10 Compliments of Barber Pontiac I "Your Grandmother Was Our Customer" 616 South Main Street 'rnucxs PORTER BROWN LIMESTONE COMPANY Home Office - N. Walnut Street P. O. Box 496 Springfield, Tennessee Plant Phone 384-5578 Office Phone 384-352.4 Materials Manufactured Plant Locations Agricultural Lime Springfield, Tennessee Manufactured Sand Cross Plains, Tennessee Concrete Materials Maylene, Alabama Crushed Stone Sylacauga, Alabama All Types Stone Atlanta, Georgia G lover' s Au to Co. Congratulatifms Seniors of '62 00496 Rainbo om: nqnse 3 TRUE -'E S Charcoal Room Compliments of Car and Home Supply Store 804 South Main Street Springfie ld, Tenne s see Compliments of SUUTH SIDE DRUG G0 Accommoomue, DRUG-QISTS 7 2 5 'Zi??i 'fT':5Ef2: Bedwell Oil Co. Your ESSO Distributor . Springfield, Tennessee The GOLD 8: WHITE STAFF ex- presses its appreciation to all of these business firms for their sup- port in the publication of this, the 1962 annual. Z, In Ufzl rift ly.. ri? aawcrqgdskqgglv 5wQ2 mAwwm1mr'ff 55643 A af. AWJWWM- xxly ZL,,M,-of QNE L' 54344 A ,L vwvxp:-Egg 5 gy :dl X ,4: fvq QQ gy I4 Lfi JPY-v"i'v s . X. fc " A X N' of fy Q34 GMM A ho :ffl Vyigfwf, I Q2 'W' Qffiw Jw 'aww as wf j 5 X S N Q, Q X . E big!! W V S E ?J,5?y'j!XQ,Q Oxmg5'E - l Q X? NJ' QB ef 3 NTT, wig A A sf Q5 5 XQ, OJ W A if Kg? 2? A 9 3232? v 4 .. - Abql . . jy 5334 J QW XML QW UgIlvCLP5M 1 , Xl? EJFVQVDX dQvyUyA' F ' ,.i5U ' N 5 ,WM Q1 if W i, .M 5539 ,, 1 DJ JJ aww V Q 5220 ' W M WT 6595 Z., 3593 r . 3 Q, LUDQKWUWW ' Wy, 'gjfg' 22' "6w M 5' W' ww 2253 54 5,7-g I . ' W .W Aix l'c,,f ,. H L LL Q Qif Q3+f Q qwallfryrky L FP' jf, ml 'ig-Cyndi Qjulb VX VW wi M' 1 Qs Q , .Il ff aff' i V Liv n Q" 4, A Lzffli J - My Awww XY' M! ,ff -,V xi Z, Q K we j j" 51 VJ gr JL 3' ,fb ff M ff iilf gif ywf yr 55 fgjf? C 'T' V wg Ngw I my QMSL ,dx AQ., J!-1 : pgyj I Vp A if ZDCz5L 1-,ffvgfil i2!?fi2?':w Sf JM Www "jf?,j9L.lk'.fp2J Awww' dc,-WL vo 4WQ,J,f,LfzQ11,gMf Mflvgw X 5,4 G' -' 'Q'-'-N -- . -- -r- .lw1rF---v-2-a-W e1vlu!lw51+?f.rf. mr? , . ., ..al'rr'vm'n.-f-Q.fQ-4 vw - , , JO . g'Mf,,4:fL7 ' ,Qc I QM .-- , fLw0" , 5 J! ' Q A Q? ESSEQQ I 1".j6 W,,,,4' I K LPM' ,J , 2 ,-'fivfww' 'ywff jjm Q?-:IA A h I 51, ,A if-5 .4,!afL1A cfl A gg' , 1' 1 1 z wQ+M fmQ GEMM, GJ i ffwiw 61 My ,WQWVW W, qua n w vifwd MMM mdbfi, fm, EQZKLYZX-FL QVJJSMM f ' 44406 f'Jf,z,, -- -Q-53 096640 fm my up ,Aiwa vw ff? JUURQU ML XQZLLMZH f' , QQ? LQLQLL, Q1 fue ILL QM dig, Qfxflx LLJLQJLQJ Qi Sup C523 3-Aungj dLbMfm,, I X gm Z"?jSs"kU T JWL Q' f 5,1 Lifvvu --f " l adfigmmvgml LM.,-W1 K 1 5 wwf 9,9421 WMWJWYW ww W WWW 'WZJLY aww? Chgfj VW QW Wfggfgf2,i?25' W JW few ' Miz 'xtfiio WyfdW7fW7F 7 L,-X - - - ' A' ,. ffdg, , CW , Ax xi rw I QA,-ffylzfcxs W. N'fv3Nh fV ,im x R ,Q .J-xv"s,2d fs,-A,QI"l7 ,I WW bww W0 K ,Aw ' - il F , VFW I ' cm f1Jfi'f'LfA 7 6-A ' VQTQEKTQQW ww . , l , NW A63 M 3,44 QNUQVWUTYV V H Q , ,,,nffK7f J-off' 1 QLAQANY AV 6 , ' W N pg, 7 - I V6x 1 .-N 'O Add , Q' if Q6 Q , G: W3 L w - -5 'A CJ C95 ln. WQVNA ,1-7-If,-rl fi 5

Suggestions in the Springfield High School - Gold and White Yearbook (Springfield, TN) collection:

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Springfield High School - Gold and White Yearbook (Springfield, TN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 118

1962, pg 118

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