South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN)

 - Class of 1965

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South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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1 H+ Wa P 4 . E I' 14,4 uf .QP 'ata N nl, v- 4 ,1 -. va. dn ,, Ajgxiltiux-V A I 4 f 'of 9' A' K I 1 Y 1 2 Y 5 I X F gfe csenfbr GQJS C50 U15 Qzuffon cgcfoof jjrouog ygfesen fs yfe 765 CDQU1' zer gy On our crty s Southern border Reared agarns the sky Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by Hold her standards hrgh Thrs our motto old South Fulton Proudly do or d1e ' 0 0 May we ever sing her praises, . I I 4 , .pfzwgz W S Xxx ' S' xx Q' sv ik 1 A if , V K ,U ' si' in if 1 M- .Q Q Q N Q 5 ib- ws x N RSX cm.. nfl R iw Y qs X nw x 1 , essex . ww Q :SSW X w Q x . X Y . X, 55 R F? , ' ' n Ft or 11,9 1, : 55,5 The Senior Class of 1965 is dedicate this annual to one of Mrs, Cannon. Throughout our she has served our class as a cated teacher and friend nual, the most valuable offer, is the best way we can express and appreciation to her. I A K .veiwr - -s 'x X s 9121514 Gkss 5,0 01250143 MRS, CANNON MR STRAUSS MR. WARD uperzbfen 06212105 fl essaye It is my hope and desire that every child be educated to the ultimate of his or her ability. For this to come about? Sgtakes at harmonious relationship between the g gg ho1ne,J,:sghgg1,sand church. . Leihtiiswstrive to have the best homes, best schools, Q H and best churches in the nation for our children. This can accomplished by all of us working together and doing the very best we know how to do. D PARR Superintendent of Obion County Schools 214122 czyoafs essaye I consider it a privilege and an honor to express my congratulations to the graduating class of South Fulton A High School of 1965. I have had many of you in class or have worked with you in theqoffice or in the other eri- deavors that you have undertaken.. You have always ek- hibited hard work and intelligence in your undertakings. l shall never forget the fine senior class of 1965, and my best wishes go to you, for you to have a successful life in a democratic society. d s Lester S, Betty, Principal Finn uaf GSW Editor - Corky Stinnett Co- Editor - Patricia Connell Photography Editor - Lynn J etton Assistant - Brent Burrow Feature Editor - Melva Matlock Assistant - Vava Finch Organizations Editor - June Vincent Sports Editor - Charles Colley, Judy Neeley Copy Editor - Mary Elizabeth Fields Faculty Editor - Linda Duncan Senior Editor - Miriam Walker Junior Editor - Betty Malray Sophomore Editor - Pamela Greer Freshman Editor - Marilyn Mills Art Editor - Mildred Cole Business Manager - Jimmy Gurley Head Typists - Brenda Bennett Assistants - Brenda Carson Beverly Cummings Phyllis Faulkner Carolyn Lucy Salesmen - Dianne I-Iollie Melody Brundige Claudette Stunson Jimmy Thorpe Bobby Mckinney Danny Thorpe Publicity - David Long FACULTY 5 af! MR. WRIGHT Science Math MRS. CANNON Science Shorthand MR. HA DLEY Mathe matics MRS, NELMS Mathematics MR. WARD Commercial Coach MRS, ROBERTS Physical Education Coach MRS, CA RDWELL History MR, AKERS Coach Social Science MISS CUNNINGHAM Library Latin MR. KILLEBREW Mechanical Drawing Shop MRS, ENNIS English MR, STRAU SS English MR, BETTY Principal MRS, THOMPSON Home Economics QSXUOQJQX jeacfezis STANDING: Mr. Barker, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Hadley, and Mr. Perkins. SITTING: Miss Cutlip, Mr. Speight, and Miss Lashlee. N X B XX Q A ' ' ' 1 X . Z-Q NM X A W N xx NN x XX X ' 1' 21255.:.:.::.E:E:EQr:'-I3:i""1'7'7 f :EN if-:--:-:-:rg-Q -Nl' 5-:ffl:Q:.:.:5:, JL My X SENICRS Hy xx ., x l Q ? lx ----N- N A . ' ?a:::,s , 1:s1, ,.., 1 -: ' in -. at X X x k , . NX. ix X " ' ,-.-,- ..,. , 4 - ' "-' ..,Q is A . Q kkk. X - X E' -:':::- isxvggff- -1' xy X , Qkz.. . Q X X .3f,, vw ' -Qzgii : f sg,L SN ,, A ' 1 xx ix X X X X xW WN xxx X xxx xg Sf xi xx . X , Q. .X ..,. .. .X . . X , -- W --" f ""' 'f -iif f f my-:Q xxx. A W. T,gg4g:z,, . . mw, ,,,, ,.... , . . .,.. ,H . W . ., , L Wx.. . Q1 .xX.x, X X. K fx , TEEN W2 Q K 5 Q it XMXS9 W SL if f? nw-X wg k Wxw, , my x SQ x SX Q N ew, Wx em: -ex X NN 'X is N .f 5. x K Q 1-my QR S 1 X ,., ' i - I x wx ...X V... , ..,e. X X Q x Q " 'Z x --ff .- . -' Q xr G?z:hR::::.i:.'f'?:NK X X O .X : QQ Sgx l W E J 3 X X A x x x 55 2 EK 2 E WR if X ---- -- - UgQ0fcf0r15p , Csczfzfaforzdn VAVA FINCH, PATRICIA CONNELL Qsenzbr mn or Q3fu0Q12f5 SEATED: Patricia Connell, Larry Alexander, and Vava Finch STANDING: Marilyn Mills, Brenda Bennett, and Betty Malray , ,XX-M W-:XA m,,.,W4,,w- ,W .X...., . NNW-1.-N WQWM W MN..- si 1 s Q A .eq-:1X,:: 5-A ' :- S X , ' X X X 5 zzzz, L X hz, . 5:55 wggiyj ww X is-'X :iw sg. X Q is X .. X:.Q :E gg X sg ,XX XX XV X fri 'SX-fx .W R .fn X j S A X X - N Vid. , 5 Nia X . X S wXQ Sfiniexkiifsf -se -SSsfFsz N. , 5 gx .?X,X X.. -S ,,:. , qsl lx . 3 ' AMX , . X, 2 2211 Xa, ,mkex xr, hey A-X-EX XQxXgfgX.6qXg SX XX' XNXXXS ' X Yi? ,,,+X.:.gXgQs-.-:,.,,.,. 35:31 I. XX 6 X ww- QN- X X X NR 5 NX 0 NSR S2 .f 4 ,sa fy Xu K 'S is! x sl X X X K xg X 'N Hi. X 91' CT" 1: J f 5 . 2659 xxx X I Y N E X X X E .X S Q , XX X X X X gx xi Y X X ies fy .WF X' ii 4 X x- Xi XX eil-. MSX x AN lf . X Qx X XXNX X . X X, X X - 'X XA X XX., X Ms. Q.-I-fr .si XX XFX'Xi5?'1 X X59 XQX NO 5 X E555 FX- X XX XXX X -NXXQXQ 11 Ki .A X xi XX gs S xx X A x X N X mg xx xx x NT! S ,X X X. ,A X. X X X XX, , XX ' x., X1 f'-Sy Iwi, cgi X X K N .x X t - Q - . XX.- X '- - X X ' XX.X N WMD X W Q .xy M X , wx XX QE A - g X -fy - X 'X r- " ' ' :X X.. -' f l' 'X X W Xkfxiif Xi 'fl X N:?3"1.2ff5:5.-X.,-.X,- Q X sX ' - 114 , , QQ'- lik XXSXX 5,2124-'F I' Q gk X fxirk: fi f ,L ' UQ X RQ:-21:8 ,X gt N Q :K Xl.: .Ni-:MIX .sg X Xxx ffXfFX Q X-X5 Q rsiw wx. XX X XNEXX-x.' SS-Sd Q-. .2::a:.:..- ,:X Kg X X Q WN is ' 11 1. xiffsv S ,,Q. X X ,, X 4 X - EWU? NYU Eswx . 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X QNX 'RX x zxqgkxx X ww? 5' X X X N KENNETH WATTS SAM WHITE BETTY WOLFE BRENDA WOOD We were finally freshmen! The new building had been completed during the summer and was now ready for the sixty-two enthusiastic, fun-loving freshmen who were ready to occupy its halls for the next four years. Although we were the typical "green" freshmen, we managed to make a place for ourselves among the older more seasoned upperclassmen. With boundless energy the freshmen eagerly participated on the student coun- cil, library staff, and Future I-lomemakers of America. Also the new Freshmen organized the school's first chap- ter of the Junior Classical League. Our class was es- pecially pleased when a few freshmen boys got to go to State Tournament with the more sophisticated "men. " On the quieter side of our year, our class business was taken care of with our President Lynn Jetton surrounded by 6 willing? female officers and two women sponsors, Mrs, Virginia Cannon and Mrs. Sallie Ferguson. With an added touch of confidence, seventy sopho- mores began the 1962-63 school year. Back with us were our sponsors, Mrs. Cannon and Mrs. Ferguson, Shoulder- ing a little more responsibility the class progressed to another interesting year. This year a sophomore won district recognition, Judy Neeley, first string forward on S.F. 's team, was chosen all-district best offensive player. With the traditional slave auction, 9 sophomores were initiated in to the National Beta Club. School recogni- tion had come to our scholastic achievements. Being a sophomore was impressive, but like all other things, it had its set backs. Miss Cunningham proved to be just as hard in Latin ll as she was in Latin I. The girls were still in command as class officers con- sisted of 6 girls and 1 boy. Yet under this leadership, our sophomore year passed without incident. jlglsfory gf Gkss, 0 76.5 Study, fun, and athletics proved to be the main sub- jects for the '77 students who entered the familiar hall of S.F. for their junior year. Study paid off for several juniors who were again in the- Beta Club and other scholastic activities. The juniors also made a place for themselves in ath- letics. Our girls and boys on our basketball and football teams seemed to us the best players ever. Once again the class shouldered responsibility in clubs and other school organizations. Two of our girls excelled in Future Homemakers work and earned the highest de- gree in this field for high school girls. We were very proud as each of these members of our class excelled. An example of this was two of our students who were elected to Girls' state and Boys' state. With the selection of our rings and announcement of the new Devilier staff, we thought, "Just one more year." We had made it. We were the "sophisticated" Sen- iors! Corky Stinnett was elected to lead our class as Pres- ident. Helping him and the other officers were our Sponsors, Mrs. Cannon, Mr. Ward, and Mr. Strauss. Many of our students received the highest honors of our school during their Senior year. Betty Malray and Carolyn Lucy were lovely as our football and basketball queens. Vava Finch was elected vice-president of the state-wide Future Homemakers of America. The entire student body honored two of our students when they elected Charles Colley and Betty Malray as Mr. and Miss South Fulton. Vava Finch became our valedictorian and Patricia Connell our salutatorian. The day our rings arrived was a big letter day in our year, Proudly showing our rings to others we felt at last we had something definite to show that we were Seniors. Yes, being a Senior was being happy and having fun and also being a Senior was knowing that this was our last year to be together as a class. Indeed, all these things make time fly for us. With these things we be- camehonored enough to be SENIORS! GGIQOQOC? .7 .? Gam era V l l t t S E 3 E s C001 in H S Ei 3 Quick! Get the girls out of the halls. Coke or not, I still think you're a fink Whata you mean the engine's in the rear? X . W -, - gf N I ::, X. M . . Hai ' N" x H K N YQ X X X X X xX? xS5xq X w x . sian . -- X X X X X X Qx N N X Q 4 1 xgw Q' xv' A Q' Y ,. X QNQIQSS X S Yix xx -vu, X::-. :: . X S wk Nw' ' A Y x if x K Q. W N NN? A K X x ,K : X f Q 5 IORS X me Us JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: Linda Nanney, Reporterg Susan Burrow, Denise Barnes, Historiansg Linda Holland, Secretary. SITTING: Donnie Parr, Treasurerg Larry Sammons, Presidentg Jack Simpson, Vice President, Judy Adams Mollie Alexander Brenda Archer Denese Barnes Sherry Brockwell Clyde Bunch Jerry Bunch Susan Burrow Martha Bynum Gene Cannon Ray Carver Velma Carwile Nelda Clement Brenda Clinard Linda Collier Jim Conner Richard Conner Barbara Cruse Nancy Cunningham Carol Dixon Joe Duncan Harry Elliot Danny Faulkner Shirley Flowers Peggy Fuller Dickie Gossum Elizabeth Green Ronnie Grissom June Harris Frankie Harris Larry Heath Linda Holland Sandra Horton Judy Hughes Sandra Kendall Kenneth Lacewell Dorthy Minor Roger McAlister Philip Moss Robert Moss Linda Nanney Jean Neeley Johnny Osler Donnie Parr Dora Patterson Teresa Pennington Richard Perry Sidney Philips Peggy Pirtle James Ray Treasure Rogers Larry Sammons Dianne Sharpe Jack Simpson Craig Simrell Perry Sneed Charles Stunson Tony Taylor Aletha Tegethoff James Weeks Paula Whitlock David Wiley Perry Williams Dick Winter Monty Wolfe Joanna Woodruff Bobby Wright Danny Zickefoose SCPHOMQRES C5 OIU5 0122 Of?-5' Historians - Larry Crocker and Dianne Fosterg Treasurer - Susan Maynardg Secretary - Sheila Loweryg Vice President - David Bloodworthg President - Steve Green. Edward Ackles Phyllis Alexander Michael Algee William Arnold Paula Bell David Bloodworth Phillip Bradley Mary Alice Camp Johnny Campbell Mike Cantrell Gary Cathey Jerry Clark James Counce Glynn Crittendon Larry Crocker Stanley Cummings 60,05 0122 OFQS Jimmy Dedmon Kathy Elliott Keith Faulkner Dianne Foster Darrell Fozzard David Frields Brenda Gattis Donna Giles Jane Graves Steve Green Linda Grissom Patricia I-lollowoy Phyllis Harris Treva Lou Hedge Lee Ingram Nancy Jones Gayle Kimbel Debra Laird Sheila Lowry Susan Maynard Christina McKinney Rebecca McKinght Paula Mclvlinn Nancy Moss CS OXUAN 0122 OPQJ' Delbert Mulcahy Belinda Newton Jacky Olds Charles Pennington Ronnie Phillips Ada Ruth Pirtle James Pruett Kenneth Robinson Jerome Rose Terry Ruddle Linda Sills Calvin Speed Phillip Stephens Peggy Sturgis Mary Alice Taylor David Thomas Vernell Thomas Brenda Vaughn Billy Ward Jeanie Watts Joyce Webb Gordon Willbanks Hal Williamson Anna Worrell FRESHMEN Tom Dame Billy Davidson Wayne Davidson Lane Douglas Edye Dowdy Deborah Ellis Brenda Elliott Calvin Elliott Teresa Fields Joyce Forehand Virginia Fulcher Marinan Gardner Louis Gormon Deanna Gray Nancy Gregory Stuart Hallmark Herbert Hamilton Mac Harrod Barbara Hill Charles Holt Ricky Hopkins Dorothy Horton Bobbie Huffine David Hughes Alan Ingram Johnny Lucy Susan Malray Vickie Mayhall Umphrey McKendree Harry McKinney David McMi11in Cindy Meadows Linda Meadows John Minor Charles Misher land h 1 D I IS 3 Lavelle Williams Joyce Wilson Sammie Wilson A Lucy Winter Mike Wright Jimmy Young iI. S 53 E I fig! bij .X I I Q " VU: I I , . i I fi I 5 I , I - iss' I ' Q12 ' ,Eg I ' I w a jx X N Q I- . ,, N v I I- W Q S I. Q IX I .K Q I I . W up LI X Ii X Q NXQSQ - x X ACTIVITIES x - N K I : XM- , If NX xX-- I SX x N I 2 5 Q I N-F I X: AES X Q xl? my NS' X :SQ WIS wk X X x Wfosf Gourfeous .TUNE and BRENT M50 75 Zen' Qvqrouncf JUDY and CHARLES gemzhzhe - Wascufhe PHYLLIS and ED T050 ybjesf yjersonafky MARY and LYNN Weffzbsf - JYQJQ ofvomesf MARIAM and CORKY 978251 fklmfeaf JOY and DEE .,..,.xx..w..M WQ up -N ffmimmwmgmifwmwwfxfvm ms.e,m-mmmwmm Qzrzbzzofesf CAROLYN and JIMMY Wosf Qsopfzlsfzbafeof PATRICIA and TONY Was! fD31feQ fo CSUCCQQJ VAVA and LARRY gfklfzlesf - yes! DIANNE and DANNY EOUOQSX - Quzbfesf BRENDA and JIMMY yuzbsf MELVA and DAVI D Es! Wfflazifkz MARION and TOMMY wzffzbsf BRENDA and .TIM ygesf Cgporfs MARILYN and BOBBY gauorzfes SEN I ORS ..4 V i Tommy Brenda I UNI ORS Linda Tony SOPHOMORES czoorzfes Steve Jane FRESHMEN Suzy JOYIHHY r f ORGANIZATICN X 1 S S , Nm, 5: Q, ,. x .-Q - s : ,I ,E ,, S Q X 2 S Q f 5 -..,::::. E X sz S S S1 S S E S wx S Q S X J 3 2 Y S 4 xx X 3 3 Q A Q ,..: :II ,:,, ,.,. . E I, :f -' ,E:.-1:55 ' 5 .E 5 I fi. Qu, 1 w X -X 'QQ 1' z - Qi X S92 ws Zefa OFFICERS: President - Betty Malray Vice President - Teresa Pennington Secretary - Molly Alexander Treasurer - Denise Barnes Reporter - Dickie Gossum SPONSOR: Mrs. Nelms B I X fm! S f wr NK 4' CHARAcuR x A NN . MS X X +1-:N w A X X4 V x N X x V A xx N X X X XX X Q 'sew : ww S :eg X 2 Q kqM,,f,. x W .f-Qf,f, X N xwxwik NC ISQMNXK.. 3- yiskji 9 Qffgqg 'X X 'A K N. 'QFSNQSW' K M ' ' x 675: ggx ii SQA qw SN: X wa.. - X 4 . g x 12 1. -5:l:- Xx ,S www ' xx lxgm b " . S' xiikx Q Q X N N ygcl, qw .N w a 33 xy X x x S , f ,Am wi ' .Xmssyx N' Y S M N Offgce QSXM Velma Carwile Betty Wolfe Judy Adams Miriam Walker Marilyn Mills Phyllis Faulkner Martha Bynum Jo Nell Bellew Mr. Betty Nancy Cunningham President Charles Colley Vice- President Lynn J etton Sec. -Treasurer Teresa Pennington Reporter Christina McKinney csfuogfzz' Gouncz' Ezfrary President: Linda Duncan Vice- President: Marilyn Mills Secretary: Betty Wolfe Treasurer: Danny Zickefoose Reporter: Linda Grissom zznzbz' Gfzsszca eayzze President: Steve Green Vice- President: Charles Walker Secretary: Dianne Foster Treasurer: Karen Taylor Reporter: Shelia Lowry Dana Puckett 5756 Qbwnm ! DIRECTOR - Mrs. Buddy Roberts ACCOMPANIST - Mrs. Nelson Tripp A Eeffer President - Charles Colleyg Vice-President - Steve Greeng Secretary - Linda Collierg Treasurer - Judy Neeley Mollie Alexanderg Reporter - Larry Alexander. 9mw0,.S Qgfafe Dickie Gossum Susan Burrow Linda Holland Donnie Parr uzzfbr 012 or QSfz10Q12fs STANDING - Nancy Cunningham, Susan Burrow, Linda Holland SEATED - Teresa Pennington, Dickie Gossum, Denise Barnes m ,, wa ww s. r. ww fafe JY zce J reszknz' 5 5? .". '57 For her outstanding academic and leadership abilities Mary Elizabeth Fields was chosen for the 1965 D.A.R. award Vava Finch brought honors to S.F. this year when she was elected to the office of vice-president for the state of Tennessee CD, Ui . 776041- That's the last time he'11 fail me in history! But Why? Danny, I've heard about you. Graduation only a month away and me with no date to the prom. Why? Why? ATHLETlcs 'W A 1 ggif .. . 'P , 1 x 1 W X J 5 'Sb N ' XC F N H as S iz xy, X X A -r 1 X X KN X x Ns X X X Q x 4 f - - Q - - X ..:v-.wrfhiwztg I -, X , -- .rv 'i:-:. E. '::: . z SWF 39 Y, ' T ,X .ff . .fx + WV. lg? 3 x X fx X 9 ff Www ? 5 as S ME CHP ll 0172 Go- Gapfazh Oiafkes 3056 GOLY 77Zi17Gymey gfe 1964 goofgafjaoyafy QUEEN Betty Malray ESCORTS Bobby McKinney Charles Colley FIRST MAID Judy Neeley ESCORTS Jimmy Thorpe Larry Alexander SECOND MAID Nelda Clement ESCORTS Tommy Toon Jimmy Daugherty f Q X .,+A:z,owix -Msn .-:gf-: 1 x R Xy- xf X ' Q A ! . . . A v . . Q. , E QQ , x ,N . X SK 2 3 SW Y XY A M Q . Q , , W, www-sw 4 S R S S ,f 1 E i 1 5 M i 1 . ni ,, ,wx , 1. nz , " wwmm S' 5 x tg, A 1 1 wr i K .N 1 Q K x X X, -.:.:1Xrx,X I: ISR, f X VX, Xu X I XXX. F ' iii,-XIX ,L vm' R XS X X X X . . ,X XS X 5 X X ew N -XXX .. ,X ....,., ::5 . 6:,:i,:, 4 M, :XX .N A X1 ss XX W x' KE Q X x XNQ Wigwam was vm as XXMWWX-.X-ww XXXXXXXXSXSQXXME QXXXXNXXXUXXXX-.XXX-X-NX-XXX.XXXXs.. WX, , X . 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XS if '- - E i , X ...., -' X Xxx X X ' X 5' X .XX XXX: XQNWQTX -- X X 'X KX. -K ,Qing X, -X X XXXXXW-QXX-'X M, -XXX - TOMMY TOON Halfback Y, CHARLES COLLEY Captain Quarterback CHARLES MCMORRIES Guard C JIMMY THORPE End JIMMY DAUGH TERTY I-Ialfback ROBERT MOSS Guard RAY CARVER End BOBBY MCKINNEY Co-Captain Guard LARRY HEATH Tackle DICK WINTER Center HM CON NER End PHILLIP BRADLEY End DONNY PARR I-Ialfback JAMES RAY Halfback TREASURE ROGERS Haliback JAMES COUNC E End DAVID BLOODWORTI-I Halfback CHARLES PENN INGTON Guard JACK SIMPSON Fullback STEVE GREEN Quarterback JOHNNY LUCY Quarterback Aug Aug. Sept. Sept. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. DARRELL FOZZARD Tackle SCOTTY BOYD End 1964 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE - - - Dresden - - - - Lake County - - - Greenfield - - - Gleason - - Sharon - - - - Alamo - - ---- Dover - - - - FultonCo.High - - - Martin - Fulton City High - - - Obion Co. Central QDe01Q!'fes 122 fzcffbn X x Y X X X 1 H X X X ' X X5 X X N QX Q ww? . 1? . 513- A W . .QM Q S x . 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Suggestions in the South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) collection:

South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 92

1965, pg 92

South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 97

1965, pg 97

South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 6

1965, pg 6

South Fulton High School - Devilier Yearbook (South Fulton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 23

1965, pg 23

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