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Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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5,-:L '54 -J . 'ex 5. 7, 5 -i f. xii' 'L .24 , Zi ,rf f-rv , - 1. ,,, 55 ...H fs' ,Q f .4 V 4 mf, 'Z57' ' ' F fi- ,x " .k ,gg Y ,1 NFS-5 fi. -V ll: 1 1 , fi !. .C Qi 'Q ,.. v A f , H s-. A- x ,V .f K 1-fe. . 5 X ,V , ,UP 47 Q1 1 P f 1, ww. . , , f Vr3sffprw7p'f1ffw'-ww 51 1 , jfhtir: , . ,T vi f., Fm . .fl WX 1 5. SSW ' ,Fiw T uqvfff 2 1 Eff: rmgp? ,f ,, .pfy Asgjibfkf, ' gif Qu V . ., , xv , , jf' I ' vf Y. A 5, I, J ,r 3' qs' ' 3 ff if MA'- rh Z 9? - J a 8' rf, : ' k' ' ' Q . Aw '1- " 4-MQW ' 175' 'Wu 5- ff 4141 . -1' Q... ,' -. - . 1 ,. , -'nw ff " ' - 4' ' ' 5141, ' , .kxvi I ,ll f. 4. " v . ' . H4 A . . W ' , as 'jk ' -.'P'1.4 A 'L-I 2 . N-Q .f . . Y ,P-vs: 7a bf' N ,. N W if my 1 4 X 'fixgadg 5' ' " v .gifffi . f-nv-. ' fx-.N 5' 'M , if F 'ffm -1 9' '. , I 5. A J 5 Q fg' ,c ,,, .gui - 'gwbsiii . ' ' I 'fi-'Y kart if . H? L Q2 . fl, ,, ,O ,At " vgQ'4"s1. .-fi .4 'X 1031-wsza, . ,. H L., f "' xlaxkfi ,, I .4 '-546 .- - A L'-. 'r - K . 144 - 'Qfg 4. as .f .M- ' 4 -- - , . . S . 5QQ1...4 ily -,vq-4 . .' , fx.-. fi 'V-fw nf if -v W' xff uf" Avlik , -3,56 - 5 -f W. . -! f' f L+f1::- V K, '-A , . X ,QA H 1, .M .- -,,' .- '-,pm-Q, v " 4 - ' as , .. 1 .- . s - ,' , -x ,,, , - - . 1 A K x . A -, K' fu F' ' ' 4 f' .5 , K . , , V .in ' 4 w ann f x 1 K vs. ' ' - " e vii ' 3 ,-.:.,,.Mx- - ' V 'UQ 1.51: 3' 'f 1 'Lfg' , g K - ' ' ' ' if-L--3-v-:NN ,- .W K - 'N' . .., " ' M ' mfff-M., F57-'iXm.,,, aim C04 EEEW in 2 L smunnn HIGH scuum W J I ' nga" . - Q n 4 . I ..f-?2Q?fii4N?.5ii:s1ie'1i'1-x.- .. . kr, ,H 5 ' my-2 Ni-M.r.f:Qt-Q-.N 1, MA er.,.,, .wwf ,M xxx..... M. ,L .. . M. ,555 .V r .: QS ffw 'V L jzalis? " Mi? e x"'f2?Qsi:S N' ' X, - . ,,,, - V Z Q A z 3 1 Q1 1' X -t -2 ws -Q K X 1 S . Q M .. ev: Wa:R:21Xf: iispissia. s3e:Xa1Q:Q:f:rs1f2a,k XP 1 - ,fm Q1 e- 1- Mm. - ' 9125.4 ,Z1:3iQ'SF.5S?-'Hi,F1::'t3l figxiiv- --Txgyoll iq f.ggf?1iz-.'X:f4e?Sf.fg Xa Fifq-g,?i.S?5g3g,Q:ifQ :Q C0-edlror C d . O e not ' ' - ix Q5 iffy 1 BUSIDCSS Manager . VISOI' . . - Q My .W .. ,die KS W- an Lp X nw EQ .he 'f auf is I 962 2.515119-?RS' Typist . . Typist . . ..... . -- ..o. . Alana Boldman . . . . Iohn Stone . . . . . . IudyDavis Mrs. W. G. Sanford, Jr. . Mrs. John Hutchinson . . .Thelma Wortham ... . .. Pat Patton 4 X Mr. Fred Covington "Ateacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops."' Henry Brooks Adams Many words could be used to describe Mr. Covington, but few are so apropos. His energy and determination have distinguished him as an out- standing leader and teacher in our school. But We the seniors of 1962 humbbf dedicate this annual to our sponsors its Mr. Karl Steakley Atime to work, a time to play, and Mr. Steak- 'ley watches the clock. Learning is obtained at a fast pace underMr. Steakley, but not at the expense ofhfa dull classroom. Wit is a major asset to his personality, at the same time being a definite con- tribution to his teaching ability, for through wit comes reason, and through reason knowledge, that elusive substance that he pounds into our brains so well. Goodhumor and dedication sum up this man, who as one of our sponsors has helped pull us through these high school years. basically the major influence Mr. Covington has had, is that he instills in his students an urge to- learn, to seek, to search for knowledge. This a v J' . all is most important, for a teacher can not to ff teach all there is to know to a studen u he is Z . . . . t D, e C oayv' x we be proud of the job he e. fi if able to inspire him to furth in yiuiiliff, as X flwi in T 661511 ers I ,yd his f , ' ww WU X .Q pf NQj W KX A XX X I J L , C , i -1' i,... Waiting for those grades. Chaos in the Chemistry Lab. Morning Bull-Session. 7 Our Mr. Mac. IHdiSpeHS2lbfe MIS. Hib 4 Mr. Kemp describes the World Mr. J. J. McWilliams 'Princzpal A firm hand of discipline, owned by a man of good will, a friendly manner, and a basic sense of justice and fair play. . . S M Mr. John H. Buckner Mr. Fred Covington Mrs. Claude Hibdon T.P.I.-B.S.g U.T.-M.S. M.T.S.C.-B.S. M.T.S.C.-B.S. Vocational Agriculture English Secretary Mr. Carl Steakley Mrs. W. G. Sanford, Ir. Mrs. Clyde Richards QM.T.S.C.-B.S. M.T.S.C.-B.S., Peabody-B.S. U.T.-B.S.g M.T.S.C.-M.S. Trigonometry, Solid geometry, in L.S. General Science, Chemistry, l Advanced Arithmetic, Algebra Librarian, Latin I, Latin II Physics ,- , I, Algebra II Q 1. :Y 1 A,L', - 'VW or Lx-V, - Q - I-,kj -1 EXVJV I DMrs. Thomas Walkup Mrs. Sam Turney Mr. Bud Raikes ax' qw" , " U.T.-B.s. M.T.s.c.-B.s. M.T.s.c.-B.s. Na, ' F Home Economics English Coach Mrs. Marion Rogers S Mr. Charles Kemp Mrs. J0hI1 Gildrlel' M.T.S.C.-B.S. M.T.S.C.g U.T.g-B.S. University ofMinnesota Mathematics, General Science Social Science General Science '7th and 8th grades ' Mrs. Charles Tilford Mr. Erskin Ra1phJohnson Miss Jeanette Peyton M.T.S.C. Sc U.T.-B.S. M.T.S.C.-B.S. Vanderbilt University-B.A. '7th and 8th Math, Biology, General Science Language Arts Guidance Miss Geneva Farris Gentry Mrs. Thomas Stockard Mrs. Sam Ogan M.T.S.C.-B.S. David Lipscomb College-B.S. South Western State, Okla.-B.A Business Education 'lth and 8th Social Science 'lth and 9th Math Mrs. Leland Jennings Mr. Bobby L. Spann Mrs. Ray Leonard M. T. S. C.-B. S. Freed-Hardeman College M. T. S. C., B.S. Health, Physical Education Henderson, Tenn. David Lipscomb College Nashville, Tenn-. , B.A. History 7-12 Mrs. John H. Hutchinson Mr. Joe Van Sickle M. T. S. C., B.S. University of Kansas-B.M.E. 8th grade George Peabody College-M,A. English III We S , Mrs. Rebecca Carrigan Mr. Billy Moore Howell Mrs. Joe Messick Tenn. College for Women-B.S. M.T.S.C., B.S., M.A. M. T. S. C., B.S. State Teachers College-M.S. History, Basketball Coach Typing, shorthand Speech, 7 8a Sth English 8 f I Seniors 6 Acme, gczci a.QLUcu7Q Qwm QQ your: ouawfu. ,Qz,e,Qfc1kp Clio 0,55 gDbwM1aAl7A H dm, 4240 kkkx K W ' so x 4? Q As- N- 1 ,,.. Mx K 2 5 P' N " : -bfhs f gg. ' X X x - -if 'W J X S x X Q , Xa, X .mt 3595 XR rx DWWE' X , is s A ,gases , :.. sets? , -. . .. ,xx,......, rt, .1 is ""' " "sr-,. k ' 5-5' , .. 'si BARBARA JEAN ADAMS "A kind quiet friend and well liked." F.H.A. '59,'60,'6l,'62g Science Club '59g Beta Club '61 R '62g Pep Club '61. A' WILLIAM RANDY AKIN "The deepest rivers flow with the least noise." F.F.A. '59g Drama Club '60g Pep Club '60g 4-I-I Club '59 ' XS g 3 V 60. s ' ' as ss? . as ' Rss K',, . - K . 'tii 5 -S P M .... t,ie . MARGARET ANN ANTHONY "If silence is golden, I'm bankrupt." Girls Athletic Association 'Glg Science Club '59,'6 1, '62g F.H.A. '59, '60,'6l,'62, Historian '62, State Convention'61, JuniorHomemaker's Degreeg Senior 4-H Club '59, '60,'61, '62, Secretary and Treasurer '62g F.T.A. '59, '60,'61,'62g Dramatics Club'6 1, '62g Glee Club '59,'6Og Pep Club '59, '60g "500" Club '61, BERNICE ELLEN ASH' "Natural charm and Winsome grace, sincerity coupled with a lovely face." Transferred from Limestone High School, L i m e s t o n e , Maineg Drama Club '6O,'6l,'62g Pep Club '6O,'6l,'62g Library Club '60,'6l,'62. RODNEY HOWARD BAKER 'Little we think, less we do. Isn't it funny how we pull through." W11.LIAM HERBERT BERNAL "Laugh and the world laughs with you." F.F.A. '59g Piano '59g Drama Club '62. SUZANNE BERRY "The small courtesies sweeten the lifeg the greater ennoble it." Science Club '59,'60g Glee Club '59,'60g Reporter '59 Freshman Classg Treasurer '60 Sophomdre Class: F.T.A. '59g Press Club '59g Dramatics Club '6O,'6l,'62g Snow QueenCandidate '59g Pep Club '60,'61,'62g 500 Club '60g Basketball '59g Cheerleader '6lg Letter Club '61-9 French Club '60,'61. RONALD EUGENE BINGHAM "All great men are dead or dying and I'm not feeling well. " Drama Club '59, '60, '6l,'62g Science Club '6O,'6l,'62g Beta Club '6O,'6l,'62g Vice PresidentBeta Club '62g Presi- dent French Club '60,'61,'62g President Spanish Club '62g Library Club '6lg Annual Staff '62: Pep Club '60,'6 1. A . HELEN SUE BLAIR "Who knows her knows a friend.4" F.H.A. '59,'6O,'61,'62g Drama Club '62g F.T.A. '59, 160, '61,'62gLibraryClub '60g PepClub '60,'61,'62g "5OO "Club '6lg 4-H Club '59,'6O,'61,'62g Cheerleader '62g "S" Club '62g Annual staff '6 l,'62g French Club '61g Science Club '62g F.H.A. Convention '6lg F.T.A. Convention '60,'6lg Most Popular Girl '62, ALANA BOLDMAN "None knew thee but to love thee, none named thee but to praise thee." Transferred from Narimasu H. S., Tokyo, Japan, 1960g F.T.A. '60,'6lg Pep Club '61,'62g Dramatic Club '61,'62g French Club '61, '62g Reporter '6lg Vice-President '62g MARILYN LEE CHATFIELD A head full of knowledge and a heart full of laughs Transferred from Dreux American High School French Club '61 62 Drama Club 62 Science Club 62 4 H Club 62 Pep Club 62 IERRY W CONOVER 'Why worry? I'l1 live only once." French Club '60g Spanish Club '62, Class Sergeant-at-Arms '62g Science Club '62g Press Club '60,'61,'62g Annual Staff '61,'62g Co-Editor '61g Editor '62g "500" Club 'Gly Student P.T.A. Publications '62g Fire Prevention Attendant '62, ' . ADELINE BREWER "Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstasy." F.H.A. '59,'6O,'6l,'62g 4-H Club '59,'60g Science Club '6 1, '62. MARY EVELYN BRINK "Speech is silver, silence is golden." F.H.A. '59,'60,'61g4-H Club '59, '62g Gir1's Athletic Asso- ciation '61. PAUL SHIPP BRITTAIN "Greater men than I have lived, but I doubt it." F.F.A. '59,'6O, '61, '62g 4-H Club '61, '62, NEWTON B, CARTER, IR, "His heart as far from fraud as heaven from earth." Journalism Club '61g Office Assistants '59g Library Assist- ants '6Og Library Club '6Og Photography Club '61, Presi- dent '61g French Club -'62g Drama Club '62, ' ,, .., , , .... , ...,... .,,. , .i .s,--- - .. . V. - SHARON MARY CUMMINGS "Good nature and good sense must ever join." Transferred from Central High School, London, England '6lg Class Reporter '59g Class Secretary '59g Newspaper '59g Art Club '59g Chorus '59g Dramatics Festival '59g Music Appreciation Club '60g French Club '60,'6l,'62g Drama Club '6O,'6lg C.Y.O. '60g Play Cast '6lg "500" Clubg Science Club '62g F.T.A. '62g Drama Club '62g An- nual Staff '62g Library Club '62g Press Club. I HERBERT LEE CUNDIFF "He carries his troubles in a pocket with a hole init." Drama Club '59,'6lg Pep Club '61g French Club '59g Sci- ence Club '58,'59g Transferred from Battle Ground Acade- my '6l. GARY SCOTT CURTIS "If worry were the cause of death he would live forever.' Football '6O,'61g Drama Club '62g Spanish Club '62. JUDY ANN DAVIS "Her charity and kindness are the guideposts that light her way." Science Club '59, '6l,'62, Secretary and Reporter '6 lg F.T. A. '59,'6O,'6l,'62g F.H.A. '59,'60, '61, '62, Historian 'Glg Glee Club '59,'60,'62g Class Reporter '60,'6lg Class Sec- retary '62gPressClub '60,'6lg Pep Club '60,'6l,'62gDrama Club '6l,'62g "500" Club '61g Annual Staff '62, Business Managerg Friendliest Girl '62, LINDA GAYLE COOK "Of surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth." Transferred from Roswell, New Mexico '6lg GAA '59,'60, '6lg Latin Club '59,'60,'6lg Drama Club '60, '61g F.H.A. '60,'61,'62g F.N.A. '61gG1ee Club '6O,'6l. MARY SUE CORNWELL "Cute and sweet and very petite." Class Treasurer '6l,'62g Class Secretary '59,'60g Cheer- leader '6l,'62g "S"-Club '61,'62g "500" Club '6lg Pep Club'6l,'62gGlee Club '59,'60gChorus '62, Secretary '62g Drama Club '59,'6O,'61,'62g F.H.A. '59,'60,'61,'62g Re- porter'60, Vice President '61, Convention '60gF.T.A. '59, Vice Presidentg French Club '60, Secretary '60g Annual Staff '62g Science Club '59,'62g Graduation Usher '6lg Spanish Club '62g Home Coming Queen '62g Prettiest Girl '62, ATRICIA ANN DAWSON "If the worl orth winning, think, oh think it worth enjoying." - Glee Club '5 O,'6l,'62g F.H.A. '59, '6O,'6l,'62g F.T.A. '59, '60,'61,'62g Science Club '59g Drama Club '6O,'61, '62g Pep Club '6l,'62g Choral Camp '61, DONNA JO DeLACEY "We have given our hearts away to a girl always smiling and gay." Transferred from Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Va. '60g Riding Club '59,'60g Latin Club '59,'6Og F.H.A. '59, '60g Pep Club '59.'6O,'61,'62g Drama Club '61, '62g Biology Club '60g Newspaper '60. GP RODGER DALE DUGAN "Humor is the harmony of the heart." Transferred from Thomas I ef ferson High School, San Antonio, TexasgGlee Club '62g Sergeant-at-arms for Class. '62g Drama Club '62, Spanish Club '62g Arts and Crafts Club '59g R.O.'I'.C. '60g Operetta '62, BILLIE ANN EPPS "Best is she who is a friend to all." F.H.A. '59,'60,'61,'62g DramaClub '60,'61,'62g 4-H Club '59,'6O.'61,'62g PepClub '6l,'62g Glee Club '59,'60g Bas- ketball Manager '62, hfses ssss l-i, 1 ,Y vig, , Nkbs .. E in WALTER KEENEY FERGUS is C A "Athletic, witty, full of fun, he's made a friend of every- , I one." A I ' Science Club '6l,'62g Drama Club '61,'62g "S" Club '60, '61, '62, Pep Club '61,'62g Class Sergeant-At-Arms '61g Annmstaff '62g Basketball '59,'60,'61,'62g 4-Hcmb '59, - ""' ' '62g "soo-' Club '61g Cutest Boy '62. q,,:, , , ry ies C PAUL THERMAN HOAKES S "Worry makes only gray hair, while laughter keeps you Q1 Transferred from Clinton Junior High School, Columbus, gyyp M Ohiog French Club '6 1,'62g Football '59,'61,'62g "S" Club ,r,,m,. as ppp, '6l,'62g Science Club '61, '62, Pep Club '61, '62, Drama Club '60,'6 l,'62g F.B.L.A. '59g Press Club '59, LARRY I AMES HOLLOMAN "A question of books he's never in doubt. There's nothing so hard but he finds it out." Science Club '61,'62g Attended Iunior National Science Academy Science Fair '61, VIRGINIA HOOVEN "To gain one friend is worth a thousand foes." Transferred from Donelson High School, Donelson, Tenn. '60g 4-H Club '59,'60,'61, '62, Vice-President '61, Presi- dent '62g "500" Club '61g Pep Club '6l,'62g Science Club '62g F.H.A. '6l,'62, Reporter '62g Drama Club '62, PATRICIA FAY HUNTER "Beauty is power, a smile is its sword." Glee Club '59,'60,'6lg All State Chorus '61.'62g Choral Camp '61g Chorus Operetta '62g "Sextet" '61g Girls' Trio '62gPiano '59,'61,'62gF.H.A. '59,'60,'61,'62, Pianist '61, Songleader '62gF.T.A. '60, Reporter '60g Drama Club '60, '61,'62g Pep Club '61.'62g "500" Club '6lg French Club '60,'61g 4-H Club '61,'62, Songleader '62, Science Club '59, '61, '62. ' IUDITH SUSAN JOHNSON Transferred from Ardmore Oklahoma- F H A '60 '61 '62- T pf F.'If,A. '60, '61,'62g Drama Club '60, 61,361 Pep CIub"61: '62g Glee Club '60,'62g Library Club '62, RITA ANN JOHNSON "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter." Science Club '59g Glee Club '59, '60g French Club '60,'6l, '62g Beta Club '60,'6l,'62g PepClub '61g Spanish Club '62, RITA RAYE JOHNSON "A sunny disposition is the very soul of success." Transferred from Arizona in l960g Spanish Club '6l,'62g F.H.A. '61, '62, l FRANKLIN LaDELLE JOLLY If Iwant to say something--I'll say itg if I'm not supposed to--I'll try anyhow." 11 GENE HOWARD IUDD O time! Turn backward in thy flight and make Gene study-- just one night." F.F.A. '59,'60,'6l,'62. 11 DELORES EVELYN KILGROW "All the world loves a quiet girl." F.H.A. '60g"500" Club '6lg GleeClubIuniorHigh '5'7,'58g 4-HClub '6Og Chorus '61,'62gPepClub '60g Press Club '62g Drama Club '62g Treasurer Of Home Ec. '6l,'62g Vice President of Chorus. LOIS GERTRUDE KILGROW "Silence is more musical than any song. " F.H.A. '59,'6O,'6l,'62g F.H.A. State Convention '61, Re- porter '6lg Parliamentarian '62, Junior Degree '62g F.T.A. '59,'60,'61,'62g 4-H Club '59,'6O,'61, '62g Science Club '59g Glee Club '60g Chorus '61,'62g Reporter '62g Dra- matics Club '6O,'61,'62g Library State Convention '6l,'62g Reporter 'Gly "500" Club '6l. JAMES LARRY LEE "An absence of fun is no restg a mind so full is a mind distressed." F.F.A. '59,'6O,'6l,'62g Judging Team '59. RAYMOND RALPH LUND "Whateverhe did was done with ease. In him 'twas natural to please." ' Transferred from Frankfurt American High School, Frank- furt, Germany in 19595 Drama Club '59g Science Club '59, '60, '62g French Club '59,'6O, '61, '62g German Club '59, LOWE MCCRARY "He livesa life of joy and fun, a loyal friend to everyone." Transferred from Kittrell in '59g F.F.A. '58,'59,'60g Letter Club '58, '59, '60, '61g 4-H Club '58,'59,'60.'6lg Sergeant- at-Arms '62g Drama Club '62g Basketball '58,'59,'60,'61. '62. ' IIMMY MCGOWEN "He neverhas much to sayghe just works and goes his way." 4-I-I Club '60,'61, '62g Chorus '62. LARRY DEAN MERRITT "All the world loves a lover." Drama Club '61gS. Club '61,'62gFootball '60,'6l,'62gAn- nual staff '62g Pep Club '60, '6l,'62g Captain Football Team '62g 4-H Club '60, CONNIE ANN MITCHELL "Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined." Science Club '59,'60, '62g Science Club Tre a surer '61g Drama Club '60, '61,'62g Glee Club '59,'60,'62g Pep Club '60, '61, '62g "500" Club '61g Press Club '62g Class Reporter '62g Annual Staff '62g French Club '6l,'62g French Club Reporter '61,'62. Q 5 QQ . f f-ff, '1 ffyiffi .t4,w2ffff'f'ff ' riff' p M GLORIA IEANETTE MCPEAK "Kindness gives birth to kindness." F.H.A. '59,'60, '61, '62. INNA RUTH MADDLE "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind." F.H.A. '59, '60,'61,'62, Sub-district '59gScienceClub '59, '60g Drama Club '61,'62g Pep Club '6lg French Club '6Og Chorus '6l,'62g "500"Club '6lgPressClub '62gF.T.A. '6O. JIMMY BAYLESO MALLONEE "Quitness often leads to fame." Football '57,'58g Pep Club '60, 'Glg Spanish Club '6lg Drama Club '61g Science Club '6l. LADDIE WAYNE MAWERY "Whatever he did was just the sarneg he kept the rules and played the game." Transferred from East High Schoolg Drama Club '6l,'62g Basketball '60,'61,'62g S. Club '6l,'62g Pep Club '61, '62, I X BARBARA ANN MOELLER "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Transferred from Ardmore, Oklahomag Glee Club '59,'6O, '61, '62g Drama Club '60,'6 l,'62g Science Club'62gF.T.A. '60,'6l,'62g F.H.A. '6lg G.A.A. 'Gly "500" Club '6Og Pep Club '6l,'62g French Club '60,'6l. ROSEMARY MONROE "It's deeds, not words, that make the person." Transferred from Melvindale High, Melvindale, Michigang F.H.A. 'Glg Pep Club '59,'60,'6l. JACKIE IERONE MORTON "Blessed are those who go around in circles, for they shall be big wheels." Football '59,'60g Pep Club '59,'60,'6lg 4-H Club '59, '60, '6 lg Spanish Club '6l. RALPH ALSUP MULLINS "He is a gentleman on whom all build an absolute trust." F.F.A. '60,'61,'62, SecretarygDairyJudging Team '6l,'62g County and Mid-State F.F.A. Skill Contest, Parliamentary Procedure Team '62g Glee C lub '59,'60, '61, Treasurerg Drama Club '62g Annual Staff '62, JERRY MURPHY "Quiet, reserved and demureg a friend upon whom you can always be sure." F.F.A. '59, '60,'61g Drama Club '6lg 4-HClub '59,'6O,'61g Basketball '59,'60g Letter Club '60g Pep Club '60,'6 l. .MARY ANN NEAL "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Axial s. ki . P I 2 - ' SHIRLENE OATLEY "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and allherpaths are peace." Y-Teens '59, '6O,'6lg Drama Club '61, '62g Girls League '6O,'6lg Pep Club '59,'6Og Little Theater '6O,'6lg F.H.A. '6lg Press Club '61, ELIZABETH ANNE OGAN . ' "I take all knowledge to be my province." Glee Club '59, '60gAnnual Staff '61, '62g Beta Club '60,'6l, '62g "500" Club '6lgFrenchClub '61,'62g F.H.A. '60gGirls State '6lgDrama Club '6l,'62g SpanishClubTreasurer '62. 11: 'R RITA FRANCES PARKER "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart F.H.A. '59,'6O,'61,'62g Science Club '59g Pep Club '61 VICKI LYNNE PARKER "Life, force, and beauty to all she imparts Transferred from Chateauroux High School, Chateauroux Franceg Basketball '59g Class Secretary '59g G.A.A. '59 French Club '59,'61,'62, Treasurer '6l,'62g Pep Club '59 '6l,'62g Drama Club '59,'6l,'62- Science Club '62- P.T.A '61,'62g Convention Usher '61- Annual Staff '62- P.T.A Executive Committee '62- Beta Club '61 '62' Beta Club Treasurer '62g Usher forBaccalaureate and Graduation '61 S. Club '61,'62gCheerleader '6l,'62g CheerleaderCaptain '62g "500" Club '61. JUDY MAXINE PARROTT "Full of life and full of living, always smiling and for giving." Transferred from Glencliff High School '59g P.T.A. '59 '62g Cheerleader ' 6 1, ' 6 2: Cheerleader Co-captain '62 DramaC1ub '61, '62g PepClub '61,'62gLetterClub '61, '62 "500" Club '61g P.T.A. Membership Committee '62g Sci- ence Club '62. GLENDELL PATRICIA PATTON "Awinning smile, a star athleteg for an all-around girl she can't be beat." F.H.A. '59,'6O,'6l,'62gLetterClub '59,'60,'6l,'62gBasket- ball '59, '6O,'61, '62g Glee Club '59,'6Og Science Club '59g "500" Club '61g Class Secretary 'Gly Most Athletic '60g Junior Valentine S w e e th e a rt '61g Sophomore Carnival Queen '60g Annual Staff '62g Girls State Representative '61g Best All Around '62g Pep Club '59, '60, '61, '62g French Club '60. .... N . ,., "Casa .ss ' 755 rl: ri. . ,fx 1,5 1, Q JERRIE LYNNE PAIR . "A friend to all, both far and near." Scribblers '59,'60g Homeroom Secretary '59g Homeroom President '6Og Transferred from Central High School, Murfreesboro, Tenn. '61gPepC1ub '6O,'61,'62g F.H.A. '61, '62, Senior Vice-President '62g French Club '61, '62g Re- porter '62g Drama Club '62g Press Club '62g "500" Club '61 BETTY JEAN PARKER "There is no argument equal to a happy smile." HARRY MARTIN PAUL "I can believe anything, provided it is incredible." F.F.A. '59,'60,'61,'62g Basketball '59. MARY JANE PRICE "Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius."' ' F.H.A. '59,'60,'6l,'62. r X we CHARLES JESSE RICHARDSON "For nature made him what he is and never made another." CAROLYN ROBINSON "There is no argument equal to a happy smile." PepClub '61, '62, ScienceClub '59,'6O,'61,'62gF.H.A. '59, '6O,'6l,'62g4-HClub '60,'6l,'62gF.T.A. '60, '61,'62gDra- matics Club '61, '62g Chorus '59,'61,'62g Press Club '59g "500"Club '6lgF.H.A.Convention '59g F.T.A.Convention '61. 'Y lf: 1 El 'S Sash sem X as Sm gates? MARSHALL WAYNE SHIER Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain character- istics of a vigorous 1ntellect." ' Transferred from General H. H. Arnold High School, Wiesbaden Germany Student Council Representative '59, 60 Homeroom President '59,'60g Student Council Wel- coming Committee 605 Laboratory Assistant '61g Junior Class Council Representative '6 lg Carnival Committee '6 lg Drama Club 62 Science Club '62g Beta Club '62g Honor Roll 59 60 61 62 SPENCER EARL SHIPLEY Goodness does not consist of greatness, but greatness of goodness." Basketball Manager '59,'60g Football '61g Basketball Man- ager '61, '62, E A ,le xx R Q QF' Q f s . is H D x s S, if it iw' Q K... nw , V K '- -' X. -s-:Fir - ,:.S?3'r2x1"'i as ' BF'-,::.a. I, was ri: -:ef .. in i - :fig ' . .t K " F wart" . K it,-X -keg ,Timm fi-Q S QF 1 ill ass ' me ., ,, . . . 1 S ' 0 I . . , v . ' I 1 I I I 1 1 , . ll JOHN NEELY ROSS "Teachers and classrooms are his only objections to an education." Football Manager '58,'59g Basketball Manager '59,'60g S Club '59,'60g Science Club '59g FrenchClub '60g Pep Club '59,'60,'61,'62g Drama Club '61,'62g Annual staff '62g Most School Spirited '62. REBECCA ANN RUSSELL "A happy combination of cheerfulness, studiousness, and thoughtfulness. F.H.A. '59, '60, '6lg 4-H '59, '60, '61, '62g S g t - A t - Ar m s Sophomore Class '59,'6Og French Club '59,'6Og Usher at Graduation '61g Science Club '61, '62g Annual Staff '62g Homecoming Queen Attendant '62g Cutest Girl '62g Beta Club '62. BETTY RUTH SANDLIN "God's rarest blessing is, after all, a good woman." Transferred from Robert 8s Lee High School, Jacksonville, Floridag Cheerleader '59g F.H.A.: Editor on yearbook staff '60g Student Council Representative '60g National Honor Society '60, Cheerleader '6Og Delta Y-Teens '6lg Little Women, Secretary Assistant '61g Drama Club '62, Science Club '62g Pep Club '62. LINDA ANN SCHLAMP "Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul." if DOYLE GENE SHORT "If studying is a sin, l'm heavenbound. " French Club '60g Sgt-At-Arms '6Og 4-H Club '62g F.F.A. '59,'60,'62g Class Sgt-At-Arms '59g Class Vice President '6Og Dramatics Club '6Og Pep Club '62, GARY DWIGHT SLUSHER "He knows when to speak and when to be silent." Football '6l,'62g French Club '6l,'62g Science Club '60, '62gDramaticsClub '62gLetterClub '62g PepClub '61,'62, ERNESTEEN SMITH "To be efficient in a quiet way is her aim everyday." A F.H.A. '58,'59,'6O,'6lg Library Club '59, I Class Bowling Team '60,'61g Lettermen's Club '62gFrench Club'59,'62g Science Club '59,'62gRecord Club '60g Poli- tics Club '6 lg Drama Club '62g Annual Staff '62g Beta Club '62, JOHN WILLIAM STONE "He looks for what is good and strong and tries to imitate it. " Honor Society '59g Student Council '59g Transferred from Kaiserslautern High School, Kaiserslautern, Germanyg Bas- ketball '60g Scholarship Award '603 Beta Club '6lg Scholar- ship Award '61g Latin Award '6lg Science Club President '62g Beta Club President '62g Annual Staff Co-editor '62g Senior Class Vice President '62. g V35 A- ' S. .rf E 'if I as 1. A, few. J - " ' -i , , WFS I - ww EQ YE w ES if, ki "ia i s. iw Fl N 1 Q sf sf rs 'K X 1 A XX Ss ii ss ts X t XE N Sf' X X S X S 5k3x.,,.,. A , I x Q . f 1 wt J , . - -fa, 1' ss' Q - X as, gf K C: .i 1-yes. sexe' 2:15-Q. as IANIE LEE SMITH maiden of grace and modesty." Beta Club '60,'61,'62g Sgt-At-Arms '62g Dramatics Club '60,'6l,'62g F rench Club '60, '6l,'62g Pep Club '6l,'62g "500" Club '61gG1ee Club '59,'6Og Chorus '6l,'62g Pianist '62g All State Chorus 'Gly Girls Quintet 'Gly Music En- semble Festival '61g Girls Trio '62g Operetta '62g Trans- ferred from Gene Autry High School, Oklahomag Basketball '59g Piano '59. ..A EARL CALVIN SMITHSON Y'Brevity is the soul of wit." Transferred from Murfreesboro Central High School '59g Football '59g Basketball '6O,'61,'62g Letter Club '60,'61, '62g Football Manager '6lg "500" Club '61g 4-H Club '60, 1 '62g Spanish Club '62. I EDWARD RUDOLPH SNOW "I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know." FrenchClub '6O,'6l,'62g PepClub '60,'6l,'62g DramaClub I '61,'62g Transferred from Anchorage High School, Alaskag Rod and Gun Club '58,'59. l I HENRY B. STANFIELD "We gazed and our wonder grew, how one carry all he knew." Transferred from Wheelus High School Football '59, '60g Baseball '60g ager 62 .-sw ::,:.e's, ss sf 'SQ -if X . so A.Lk - ,. il' K k . .. , . X , X X 1' . ,... inf. sc .. G, 'X ai? X ,X l ii s - 5 as ' x 1. . Qsfksxs- gg SANDRA LEE THONE "Silent went she, unaware of her charms." Transferred from Johnson High School, Japxang Pep Club '60 Glee Club '60g Drama Club '60, '62g F.H.A. '62. BETTY SUE TUCKER "Silence is the one great art of conversation." 12,1-LA, '59,'60,'61,'62g Pep Club '6l,'62. DAVID RAY TUCKER "Self-conquest is the greatest of victories." IESSIE LEE TUCKER "She's a quiet girl, but quite a girl." GleeC1ub '59,'60g 4-H Club '59.'60,'61g F.T.A. '59g F.H. A. '59,'60.'61.'62- t , , ,t -- - my WG . eimiffe- - it Q --QQ! if , , S, , ... .. , --- RETHA PAULETTE THOMAS ' "A1ways jolly and quite carefree, life may be dull but never is she." A l te rn a te Cheerleader '59, '60g F.H.A. '59, '60, '61, '6'2g Vice-President '62g F.T.A. '59,'60,'6l, Secretary 'Glg French Club '60,'6 1, '62g Program Director '6 lg Glee Club '60g Dramatic Club '60, '61,'62gLibrary Club, Reporter '6Og Pep Club '60,'6l,'62g Beta Club '6l,'62, Secretary '62g 4- H Club, Reporter '62g "500" Club '61, CHARLES CLAYTON THOMPSON "Amiability begets riches." Beta Club 'l960 M. NATALIE VALLAS ' "There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness." Transfer Student, Yamato H: S., Japan: Sophomore Council '6Og Tennis Club '60g G.A.A. '60, 'Glg Pep Club '60, '61g Katana Staff, Junior Section '6lg Prom Committee '6lg F.H.A. '62g Career Day '60, Chairman '61, b CHARLES EDWARD VANCE "Its great to be great, but its greater to be human." F.F.A. '59,'60,'6l, '62, Reporter '59,'60, President '61,'62g "500" Club '6l. 1 ' mr Y 1215? ,J 1- . ,. ""' ---- s- . Q 3 " , e..,sl'??5 .z fi zr " ' A .. . 5:2 7 QI' -'-- s ' gg. 1 " T ' FV f '7 .- - T as ,,A ,N Q , L fins. s . 3, is a . - .2 X, . .N .. . ,X. Q is QQEEQ -st ERT c MARVIN FLOYD VINCION "Wise to resolve, patient to perform." F.F.A. '59.'60,'61, F.F.A.CreedContest '59g 4-HClub 'Glg Science Club. JAMES THOMAS WAGGONER F.F.A. '59,'60,'61.'62. BERTRAM FREDERICK WAKELEY "A poet could not but be gay in such joined company." Transferred from Central High School, London, England - '61g Football '59,'60,'61g Dorm Council '6Og Wing Chief '60gStudentCourtIudge '60gChorus '59,'6O,'6l,'62, Presi- dent '62g Letterman's Club '60g Glee Club Vice-President '6Og Drama Club '61, '62g Science Club Vice-President '62g Annual Staff '62. KATHLEEN WALKER "Tis well to be merry and wiseg 'tis well to be honest and true." ' Class Vice-President '59g National Honor Society '59g FrenchClub '59g Majorette '6Og Dorn'1Council '6Og Drama Club '61,'62g "500" Club '61g PepClubg Annual Staff '62g Science Club '62, Secretary '62g Beta Club '62, ' sss . 4. -5- .- f X JESSE WILLARD VAUGHN, IR, "Looks are only skin deep, but his heart is all right, too." F.F.A. '59,'60,'61,'62g Judging Team '61. KENNETH WAYNE VICTORY "He is a leader of leaders." Class Vice-President '59g Class President '6O,'61, '62g Bas- ketball '59, '60, '6 l,'62gFootball Manager '59,'6Og "S" Club '59, '6O,'61,'62g Pep Club '61, '62g Science Club '60,'61, '62g 4-H Club '62g Annual Staff '62g President of Student PTA '62g Drama Club '61,'62g Played in DAFFY DILLSQ "50O "Club '61g Most Valuable Basketball Player Award '6l. x K K . REBECCA RUTH WARREN "The hand that has made you fair has made you good," F.H.A. '59,'60,'61g 4-H Club '59g Girl's Athletic Associ- ation '61, Reporter '6lg Usher at Baccalaureate '6lg Usher at Graduation '61. ALLEN JACKSON WARRICK "He who knows others is learnedg he that knows himself is wise. " F.F.A. '59,'60. KATHY SUSANNE WEATHERBEE "Her joyous presence and sweet company in full content we did long enjoy." E Transferred from George Washington High School in Guam, '59gDramaClub '60,'61gPepClub '60,'61,'62g "500" Club '6lg P.T.A. Executive Committee '62, BARBARA IEAN WESTMORELAND "The only way to have a friend is to be one." GleeC1ub '59,'60g 4-H Club '59, '60, '61g F.T.A. '59g F.H. A. '59,'6O,'61,'62g French Club '62. sz' -- . f i - A ooou f . -- ,fs sa I if fit. si ar , X? f", . R s X s X .. . a:..s - llfixssi ' I , s -1. asses . ' , atm as C S P fgstgxiaf . ' .. 1: 1. , .5 -P jf- ,fa GERALD LYNN YERKES "Every man isavolume if you only know how to read him." Football '5'7g Band '59,'60g Drama Club '6l,'62. CHARLES DAVIS YOUNG "Work is work and must be doneg nevertheless, Ihave my fun." F.F.A. '59,'60,'61,'62, Vice-President '62g 4-H Club '61, '62g Pep Club '62g Parliamentary Procedure Team '62, LINDA MAE WILLIAMS "Silence is sweeter than speech." F.H.A. '59,'60,'61,'62. AMMON ISAAC WILLIAMSON "A good man possesses a kingdom." Transferred from Colombia Military Academyg 4-H '60, '61g Pep Club '62g "500" Club '61. CHERYL ANN WORLEY "Earth has nothing to show more fair. " Transferred from Hampton High School, Hampton, Virginia '60g Drama Club '60,'61,'62g National Thespian Society '60g French Club '6O,'6lg Pep Club '61,'62g Cheerleader '62g "S" Club '62g Feature Editor of newspaper '59g Cast member of THE DAFFY DILLS. ' Tl-IELMA ANN WORTHAM "We are happy to think of all she has done. " F.H.A. '59,'60,'61,'62g 4-H Club '59,'6O,'61,'62g French Club '60g "500" Club '60g Pep Club '59,'60,'61,'62g An- nual Staff '62g Basketball '59,'6O,'6l,'62g Letter Club '60, '61, '62g Most Athletic Girl '62, ' , R. M MELVINA PATRICIA BENYON "A girl in which laughter and wisdom are mixed." Transferred from Richrnansworth High School, England French Club '59 Sailing Club '60, '61 Dramatic Society '60, '61 Choir '60, '61 School Magazine '60, '61 A Producer of School Film '61 Art Club '60, '61 Spanish Club '62 ' Senior Play '62 Silltiklilrklkilkllfililkliifillillkillllllililllilkiiillfllltllllilllililfkflfiliflilili Our Fine Gir1's Trio l r All dressed up and no place to go At work in Home EC. 24 n . QXQM W4 X NX ,X Mx! M 5 C, Underclassmen X -if ME, , WW Q N 'V ' X J , KN fm X325 x ,322 KXNW w W Z 4 FN aim IR! .Xi '- ,Q 'R if if QP' x l Q? M, V ' fm Y K K i B, . -iw Q . :Q . 2' uf' .gp-...-.Q---f-'--f " ' ffwyjgw. , Qi Aww is 5E:1i5'Lwiiiiii .523 221' 4 - a, fi we as ff-Q-av CN v . is 'i f xi is s Q? 1 QQ :.: as was to 3? 55 is f SAL gig sa Vs W X X l a NQQSY X i s X Q t is ,, E as X " elm Ceaman Comer Wayne Corley Joe Corritore Sandra Craig Mike Cryer Sharon Dieckman James Dye Mary Elkins Davis Fann Mildred Farmer Margie Fisher Stanley Foster Stephen Foster Jimmy Francis David Gambill Joe Gambill Ellen Adams Irene Adams Jimmy Baker Mike Bannister Louise Barrett Mary Barnett Charles Burley Harry Campbell William Carter Eddie Clower Eddie Cole Margaret Collins 1 1 4 is ia ,, :X Q..-.1 1 we s N X if ii' .i we as X Q f Ewa SA , '35 ' 2 15. is X s , xi Q ..... . - S? 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Georgia Sauer Birgit Schua rtz Georgianna Sheehy Roger Shier Beverly Short Suzanne Slusher Gregory Smith Robert Smith Paul Strickland Mary Strubble Pete Tallant Harold Tarpley ' .a s G ,,E. c r r .i X X YF V 3503 X X Vg N Q, 1, x X. QT R, rl, Qu . Q.. xi, Q Kg ,- f a .... A--We :XM W, ,rw Q af Q . ,, ...., .. ww' SE.. A ' '- , kxkr Sit N it S S S r v- ' X i: ss' wif 5 F V . V ., wavy X :m am Q-Reeve. . ---- Q ,, -rf . it . 1: - ., 1: ""' "eric , " 'Qt w -- 4 R 1 ' - ' u . .., - -iw Q - eff' -:Sa g e Ween wgf.. :1 X XS Q? .M ..,..,.. 7 1 -:Q-,eg so t N , it SQ, 31 it fa. . M sfo . -. ' E "S at N si K SNK as r X X X4 was rg ..... X X e R as N Cx ive girl -- A A FZ:- S X 3, A S r rw x X gf f . ' . 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N X X , r Q 4 Q i N x N N f 1 1 N 4 .... .X .lla S e?i?' lLsfN's-551 , , i, 9 Fi '- Jimmy A11en . John Alsup BeV?f1Y Andefson f I Leslle Ash - f B111 Ba le SW g Y . .... ,. .. .,.. as . W. . . , Bonrue Claire Barrett X :sig ' ' sf 'sg 5 ' Margaret Barrett Hope Boswell Betty Benbrook Vera Bentley Helen Brink Donnie Carter Faye Carter Margaret Carter Blake Cawthron Butch Chambers Edward Chipkevich Betty Christopher s 1 K: rf . NN? . ' : X " -. Lx V! kk X ..... . A v C so p p y , f W " S t' , .,..... f 'X . g .. 1 Q - 215555. '-me 1-:isisfelis-1:2,g:.,'e . f . . 5 .-.f::...g:, -i 1. ,.: ,,,Q.:::, , , ' glee ,s .N S .s.,,,,:g-,t-:, . - 1 . ' s exft-sas - K 1 2 .sex K s 'Q A vt 'J ff' 4-I' .'.-- '-uct: -aaa sh Y-111'-B5"521iL2A"-fi. X 4'-it--sh--Q--dass X 1 - .-sf - px. ,V we 1 : Ame W' 1' l""Nu. Sf - r f b ' ' 'rw' -wikis , -IF: Sie s- "i:5X:."x3 1'-. if 53 I. Fifi' -'sX...,.... on ML K V, H :N , YM 5 I W., H VW .... 3 mg li.: . 5., ,ap s-saww It ,Q X t -. . .tir , Q Q, ,.:r , 1- 55 A .r X . . Ms, s X E QW ' .- if .. , gs" me age , :., .- is-s A :Ns 1 - - - X2 " 4 3 2 X C .ts . A W if B N X X X Er s tt f-S -- C sas, ,s .fix -:ss el-,Q fs: -sg Q 1 W ,max ,jfs ,sr X are X X X Q X R x is Q s X ixwxv . .. WM N s X is sk x X X is - 2: gs i' ax .ss Ms E? gras xt, X rx X s N ss: x n. li ,, NS, l K, Qfw t 7 'irrele- .M V, ...sf Sb Maawa. kg r as 1 2 - , s. ,ess P- s s. :ss - 3511 fr E X . rs, X BBQ N ks t N W as N We 32 .. . . ., L21 X as 5 K X in S. N X N X X s X 5 to rr 0 3 X X ss Q f X C 2 Ng is X Q X g s Xfx sl, Cleve Coffey June Conover Cheryl Counts Rosemary Cowan Linda Crabtree Jeffery Craig Rex Creviston Janice Cummings Jimmy Dale Stephen Darnell Tommy Darnell Kitty Davenport Bob DeMunck Gary Dettman Danny Duke Ioe Edmondson Bobby lean Edwards Clara Epps Linda Ann Epps Donald Evans Terry Evans Clifford Flippen Peggy Fisackerly Dietmar Fouche x X V . xrffg -WX X or nnnnnnv Frnnnrr 1.Q, r Renney Fnnen ., , .L 2,. X 'Charles Grrven X "L Linen Gentry nn' '.'n' W n' . Bnenee Givens nnnlneee x hxw gy, nn X .X is X Q '3-. 1, x 'if-Xe -,4:X"i2,SS S... :tary r 51 W N it L as L Pansy Io Goodman , X p Sam Graves Suzan Gray X Come 5,8 0, 8 Y charms Hall f ., ' X, if ex N Q J X. A X X X wr., .. em X X 4 4X r X X X nfs ,sr EQ R X x Holt Harris Billy I-leckathorne Faye Hewgley Larry I-liles Sandra Hobbs Gloria House Harriette Hughey X Merry Jernigan r , err- r Martha 101135 . 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Ss 5 ki? is S F x Barbara Newbert LaNae Nord James Parker Donnie Parrott Phillip Patton Deborah Pavette Cheryl Rheinsheld Charles Richardson Dwight Richardson Barbara Robinson Thomas Rowlett Tommy Scott X S- 33 .W glial . ' if 322 . ., W' -t l--M ----, L X .sr at X N s s as his -A Q aw ag TY: ,Q NVQ. Q N 5 5 :Ms .. fi g, ,, ' ' '15, 5' '-IN. 5 TQ: -r N a s -'--- '---rm :sr :L S K' frfggfffa 2? gb, .. X.. sei. X-R s -me r ' X va:--A: a. -- ' 'xr x 1 1:5--'F -. ' gs J as 22 -. gi , W A, ,E 0,158 . , 7. ,, mf1,t 25114, K , F f .2 1 -"asf X ' if sv W rv , ,My if Q X 2 so : ff Phil' :lf :: -sr. ..a ..,.. -wr . ag ,,,-, ,g f qxzx.. N at M we QQ 2553! xx A X w X 1 r S -s : .ts . - .. , .:. sw ., -fi. S --1-a W X S ' .ia L S' lk 'X if sig as 'Q X K Peggy Short Mike Short Dennis Snow Ronald Strickland Ronald Stout William Stover Herman Toombs Richard Vaughn Gary Waldron Frieda Wallace Vicki Walls Charles Warrick Martha Weakley Rodney Whitaker Don Wright Yvonne Wray N34 -4 I f' , ,gr 1 M i 9 as s wa X 'gr S X is E R ff K s X QQ x, as Q- if w ibggb , + -rs ss? K -- - g- -'if' . , 5' X wx 5 X S5 X gf W. N My A ,xx iw X S .. Q N, X N 94 4' L XXX x Q 1 , M A -.,. - ...X . K A N-.. Hum., Q ...., 'wvzvsg -f Q. ' -Q -- , E A W N wb Q, W NM wx N Rx M x X K I S9 M -ww H 'Nw X KSN N Qi' K W 1 Qi, .L.X W M A Wiggw gwgfifag . S A A v - FSQAIQS. 5 ' 'wig sarees xx we 1 :EM cg as ' X xi ix ix sg Ns K AX.,-X, -s --.. I.,-ee as ..-. - , r1f'..,f es. l 4- ,. . Q .xxx X . .. --... , .M lf.. -Sf?-?fSl:.SX :.. My X Elissa: ' H if ..:, sis.. 2- "" N. eg 1 .SSE Xii. f .K .1 ...s-s, . . X.. Xf.. f sig X as i X Sa X 0 r X sV"X me XS li. ir B X N X Q W Q X Fw, 53 if I -ni - ' xx X X Qi X X K 5 .MX-,... 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'fr' :. 4 Q - Q-. 2 fr K. :-.. sw 'Ts rw Donnie Heath Janie Hennesey Alan Hicks Charles Hiles Linda Hill Myrtle Holley David Hooven Roger Inglis Eddie Isbell Mailene Johnson Wayne Jones Dorothy Jordan Charles Kimmel Charlynne King Lee Kopelke Danny Land Bobby Lavender Mike Leaver Randy Lewis Jimmy Lively Donna Loggins Douglas Lunn Clarence Lyles Dan Lynch Thressia McAlpin 37 r i.., , as 5. s s s L. sr X is is we N X N Sir Eldon Parker Ni: ff .-ww . : . .. 'SSE 528.3 Helen Parker Steve Parker Peggy Patterson Billy Perryman Bill Phillips James Phillips Iimrny Pope Alfred Ragland Tom Ray Betty Redmond Richard Redwine Floyd Richey Pat Ross Jerry Russel Jean Sanders Jerry Sanford Walter Sauer Randell Schlamp Roy Schneider Tom Selby Reba Sellars David Seyfer Brenda Sharp 38 Ronnie McGuire Sharon McKnight Pat McCoul1ough Wayne Maddox Patsy Mankin Lauren Marble Patricia Mason Robert Meyers Mary Monohan Billy Moran Ray Morrow Ricky Morrow John Morton Martha Mundy Diane Nadeau Kenneth Neeley Harry Oatley Mike O'Bryan Lester Ogan Buddy Parker X . who . Sag ag 2 X X 7 2 .. .. X REQ? R st-E sas ef gssraiiggde im j.ik5TLr:5m5S.5r1LNfX1gK .W .5-,X se isir2Xi " ' sie 3 A X--gf1f.s11,z-stewarea i fwfsss-sa:2s'?sw'Ls swag T 1' if r r-rss: 'rg T: as 3 X R as :qs R2s,fE,5.f5m.-Q If -. S .Si X ,X its Bfiesie s 4 Q X X XXX Jie ' 5 I X R X X ag Q S5 SX Fa X it 3- 2 r Ss- E xg I . Q E X Irv "'- 3' 'ii-1 qX Jaffe? 1 as -IF, X X ,:t.- . 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B.: it W :iss 21241 ' , , .t Q Q.: xv. 1 'ide A eif- "fig : o r 1 , E22 1 ' ff. nga: ,. ..,,, L , S fa f -1 isa? , ,ur-Q 5'1'a?iLIE H: S- ' " - Q-' ' :ima . Y , xr. aaa -, ' ,- Q, ' -5.3 .... : an X 5 Y in r Q X X X 5 Y use at X X ' R Q, 'XX X K we S M rr , gf E, K4' xx Q35 X X XF Sli vw K La-.4 X l -Q ,I 5 vw -+ E .r,. 1 rg. .,5l:..1 ,, ri, r-le .t,, ,--- 1 , rf . 5-EUXXQF X ik X rx ,Y ' are 2 rs Q I Q5 . N M 'PS X i i - 1 8th Grade Class Officers Cleft to rightj INSET fleft to rightl Jim Berry-President SEATED- Tom McNeil-Sgt.-at-arms George Walls-Sgt.-at-arms Suzanne Nicholson-Secretary, Treasurer Charlie Gentry-Vice-President Chelia Adams, Roger Ash Ann Bagley, Doug Baker Rebecca Ball Vickie Barnheart, Larry Barnickle Billie Jean Barrett, Lillie Mai Barrett Dawn Beasley, Sandra Bentley Jim Berry Nora Jean Bingham, Lera Ann Blair Kay Blakely, Marcia Booker Carol Cantrell, Mike Chaney Donna Chipkevich Charles Coffey, Sherry Cundiff Letha Curtis, Donald Davis Jimmy Davis, G. C. De Munck Dana Diekman Ronnie Dixon, James Eddins Steve Fergus, Patsy Fowler Ben Gambill, Tommy Garner Shirley Garnier W X I sl S X Y Y is N - . r r M. it N . , ..., , '- '19 . - . ess- ,Q - A L 3' V 'kkk A - Y ,L JE --w. , " swf fest - i A .Hx K L2 .Q - W - 1 as - as as I ' ' Q - an . , was 3 f- : -W - , 1 -- as Q W. ..' miss? -rw -r-s M ., - W V - J Z sr- mg -K K- - - - - 1 ,. - My --.. ,-f - 9- -. I v iva ' -- .-Y ---rr f-If-T-, QE., 1 Q, A .1 fs- K ! xx fb rss las sa 'Q t wg? use- sis s is we K K r vs s se Q X , as 1 f X s 1, ass , f- K -- .iss - ,-,iss - 1 Sw , as 4 ,. . xg A 'W 'Kgs 4 X J r I SQ X Xa X K my ss' 2 V- ..- .-as.--. - -s,. is g . Q . -- --1 - :ww- - 9 . :F-:ser-:wi fr -- i - . 2 "" Yr' 'NE MS X. ' -- . esisfsv-r.-as-Q Valarie Gazarek, Charlie Gentry Peggy Hale, Reba Harmon Jan Harrington, Gene Harris Glenda Harris, Dale Harvey Kenny Hightower, Joyce Hiles Jay Hitzellberger, Dean Holland Ronnie Holloman, Mattie Bell Holloway Walter Howland, Cecelia Hunter Gladys Johnson, Walter Jordan Kenneth Langford, Linda Lee Wayne Lee, Johnny Lenord Craig Lewis, Lonnie Mankin Billy Martin, Elizabeth Mason Jo Ann McGuire, Tom McNeil Betty Meyer, Herbert Miller 4-ff? as . 1:-we ','fe2EEsesaEe it ff is - f J si. 'f Q78 ,aww f -,s ii- -s N252 ' ' s '- ' ' ffii- '3.:1N .n ':: -' ' as "ar-.rr . .,, 5 iw? gi-'M ir E5 E , Ti? .r gg .-: ' raw jfs- er,-,ag -r Q - - - -- ., ., ..,:5, . 3 Ee X .0 3532 X new 1 gg N 3 is S X ' News -aa r 1 -- We Sys 5 1 -1 T T3 'ZE7 -, ., -V sea-sa ,. - . t' are serif . all sealy -g r i NSS V f wa., ,,r,- ,fs V-.. X -- fi i t KL'. f - fail' a 2 Y Q X X S at A a ,Q 5 , , N X Q X aa , . K s . Zzl R 21,-'fiif 9iE??:rE?H'2Y5fEss35?-KH-.fl X as ' - ai X'?ki'S-'1isi6"'S:?3 51" Q.: , 5 r is X 5 39 L' E Q E K s X a , K PX' Ng Q S v bu- ge X Q ,gs X i t 3 sr 5 X E , SPX' s Es "'i.-.. . L if ,: Q. as Q- Q x f I . aff' Zi ,XP ..x.t r i K N rv if nga, L-Q Q X wifi' 5 X Q R .R-fsw.qt.f,i. --iw,-s are ,M-r Q-, . - :arm "X 7393 liiiffix' I ' 2 '-K: 2 X M we t Xa ,. as as 4 X S r - X N X X ' s S J me s X Eg K asus X 3 J X J -trr--r-i - L- si. f' -1 - ga ze- X K-vang-Q. 213935: - 3 ' :r. we - 'sa ga s, I-H. -' -.1 3. as sas f r ma S Q i , - J ,,,, . J -1. . - ze. L-F .1 C, mg, stan- - . ,, r , ,,.., aa.. 5: ,rr .. ,,, Q . ua. . , is . - -'-- . J J a is W K Q5 Se wp 3 N -1 w X his X -. s N 'K f J 1- -if r , 1. .1-1, gi aside? ggi, E A Ms N X 1 N a E N K N X 3 4- X N r J 5 s S, , +155 H s s is sa ' er, lr., 53 , ,.,, A - - Q' : . Xu, .Ji Kia? if "" 5 5' . 'tai' , " e S ' .Sf-:Ear is ,lv f' ri X' :- Q r VR N R s si at Q at i N is Qi x s is SE J r:,.- : '- r X se K S r 'Ka Sssiifii 3:7 it Y Xb N i Q X s ss Q if ss R S sir a QW wg Q55 S X-A , x S is QQ -2-Q .,.r :Q s as lla' li K wx W gs 4 rr sv 'S , . tt.. S X w as ,... . " sm rr.. a ' V ' ..... .. ' A 1 - I - ' f S - Sandi Millican, Daniel Moody David Nadeau, Suzanne Nicholson Sharyn O'Connor, Gary Pair Lucille Patterson Ann Patton, Jeff Phillips Karen Phillips, Ronnie Ragland Mack Rinehart, Bobby Rice Steve Roberts Jimmy Rogers, Jim Sanders Susan Sanders, Gray Sanford Roy Snider, Tommy Stillwell Ryan Swah June Tapley, Elaine Thomas Patricia Thompson, Emmett Toornbs Kim Trigg, Dorothy Trotter Paul Waldron Sandra Waldron, Steve Waldron George Walls, Ronnie Williams Mike Woods, Buddy Young Melvin Young ' 7th Grade Class Officers Cleft to rightj Larry Hall- President Donna Nadeau-Sgt. -at-arms Sandra Francis-Secretary Ralph Gentry-Vice-President . . . as-'ps -1,-sf. iz: ses .-ss: ff -: Xt X X e Q a N .. , r,.r, X was as N 3' Ska-is - I: is :Ste oar Q, N is s iss X, as 'X c Q9 5? 'Q' X ,Z as Sf' sm, Q x X Q w w g l X Rs A as e f Q s QQ ,I s Q its y X sas L r r -- ,flea s c t as me X X Bassas- Q X as X Q' ""' 1: xl: nr- 'im . fx 3' X 'i .g.f' i5If:?9 ' X .a ,,.. is B . , if it , org RM. , is Vx Q. x-952: -:rss N 'IE ni N Q 3 si- 1 i 3 E XL it :ss , it' g s N agile :riffs-sriis F .s - i- , A se Sf-rim Q asa sc X ' : ' -YT? ' " H' " '- gi X sc f' r . Q S . r ' -' 5' -5, -f. - ---'sir 252 1 t- , s LS" -' -K. ' ' 1 sv isa i sa s sy Lv. f .s . t .rx N , fs. ., -B K . 'L E , N, .if is as X i N ss X95 A -:PX X at X , X i f as 1 3? , Qs we X BQ as x safe ea C Eh , L ,xxx s Q X-. , S st , ss X ,AX W , Lela Adams Parn Ash Jean Bagley Mike Barganier, Eddie Barnett Frances Ann Barnett, Lee Barnett Dorothy Barrett, Namoia Bird Alan Bishop Donna Bishop, Kenny Braswell David Britain, Kenneth Brown Mary Buchanan, Shirley Burnett Linda Carter Phillip Carter, Paul Castro Roy Chitturn, Adona Comer Richard Compton, Deborah Cook Gerry Cox ,- Lynn Cutler, Carol Dale Billy Dean Davenport, John Davis Elaine Durham, Iohn,Durham William Eddins Pat Epps, Gary Fasset Dennis Fec, David Fergus Robert Forman, Sandra Francis Dawn Franklin David Frazier, Joseph Gazarek Jane Gentry, Ralph Gentry Robert Goins, Carolyn Goodwin Garry Griffin Larry Hall, Kay Herrod Mike Hewgley, Claudia Hobbs Dennis Holloman, ,Sue Margaret Hoover Sherry Hughes Paul Kirchheiner, Donnie Lane John Lee, Lanny Lester Lynn LeSuer, Mary Lewis Robert Lewis Kay Mallonee, Pam Mankin Della Mason, Linda Mason Jimmy Merritt, Beverley Meyer Dale Milton Dorothy Mosley, Cathy Muirhead Donna Nadeau, Debbie Neeley Cynthia Nord, Peggy Norris Jane Parker James Parsons, Rodney Patterson Gary Patton, Bobby Pope Roberta Potts, Tommy Richards David Ricks Bill Ridley, Sam Ridley Don Schneider, 'Annette Sellars Linda Sellars, Mike Sheehy Patsy Slusher Luke Stanfield, Robert Stone Mary Stover, Margaret Tallant James Farl Thomas, Andy Toombs Brenda Toombs Paul Toombs, Larry Trigg Shirley Tucker, Harriett Vallas Ernestine Vaughn, Renee Vaughn James Victory Tom Waldron, Ruby Wallace Larry Warnack, James Warrick John Daniel Warrick, Nellie Warrick Rose Warrick Ruby Warrick, Richard Wylie 5 Larrie Kay Yost, Wanda Young" Gladys Youngblood, John Zimmerman . .s 'rr-kk Q K .. Q X s . . X -N --. . -- " - ri - X " ., .. N "' ' I fl' ii.-XS: , .Il 1. afsisagfs X sf Q 2 X X N X 3- XEXN X X 2 E R XX 19 X R X Y , .,..., , , . :t,::t. ,:- . aa, me X ,L , S246 , N M agp ,i 1 sr 3-S X r 5 i X f r 13-3, 1 is yi? es, N Q riiiii ---- T , 2 E a s . ., QR. X ... L, , ,qnq , . XA .. j L i Sgff? . Xxsiii are ,, ,. . ., Q -se.. -- .V - . .M .V P a -,rt X - : XM . .. wwf si or fu nn . ' 0 .N s rr 5 :- 'H -as '. - .bfi :ef " N. , :-? -az - X X K a X X N is was s a X R N X 2 X. . . Jw. - "N .. 1 :.T ri5'aLsie. 1 S xx . -. - ' N -X i is e has -9 , Y rx , seas sg, 2 X' 'ef R .,,, .. Nw ll-r cw Q is X as P Q r X X X we sv, xii X env X ,E A X as 9 ig, U NN Pr 'Q Y 'L :""', ',,. " -'. . "ns-hh ,fa , X f if x' ,B - .'5'.:213f:I'12 'ffiii' , . iv st W K ki, K A at 9 X , s. Q il X is if S as M E .Av gg, is F. fs 15 L .,...r :1 ' . f' X.N.., -,, . R. A. A ,A ,F ,X , X X. NX E Q: ,ies - N N rx N X XX 3 X Rig N S r,,. get -K ..,. 1 X gg X X X s is X gs E 1. r s 3 - P ' . . , ,, QXQRXN X sms X X r N Q N I we sl, X X3 K ai , at . rt, J . X KX ,lx X X LF? S X Q. , X' pm - 5. -s :si r as so si W . as Q, XS, . x xx . ... Q Q x r V N ' I X 5 Q R QX K s 'x .Xi QX WX 'fi X .gs Q Fix wr fig 'Sf-'29 is if, T .Jw ini YIM W., 1 V1 If A .L L ? I W. NT. w , , .. ,J,AM,,7 V . , -lf.. W M I W 1 ., .m......f4':: 1" L'- Q ' SL v- 'N' 'N wx if ! gg "F" S Q, Y J 1x ' rw? 1 ff- A7 x NX l Z Athletics ave players, but few have ' those team members whos ' else, and when if asked, ' y o you play? they will simply say, "Because llove the game. " TV WEQV 1129! , gif ywcfffv szjgff X Ygjfkbunlul fiiig ffl! QU 5 QTXWQ ix ll J Wwwlfl! ff! X wflifl fl SQ is MW , Q X x W 'X aww f 'S M p, MXN P gf-Q I Ml WWW Left to ri ht: 1ST ROM? John Herman Buckner, Butch Chambers, Charles Thompson, Coleman Gowen, James Parker, Paul Hoakes. 2ND ROW: Edward Toombs, Ronnie Strichland, Steve Foster, Joe Gill, Edward Chipkevich, Spencer Shipely, David Fann, Kent Grant, Gary Slusher, Mike Banister. 3RD ROW: Dean Merritt, Baraden Lee, Eldon Parker, William Carter, Stanely Foster, Charles Hall, Bob DeMunch, Larry Hiles, Ed Garner, Donnie Carter. 4TH ROW: Maylen Burns, Joe Gamble, Everett Waldron, Ned Hoover, Phillip Patton. Herman Toombs, Henry Stanfield, Charles Jones, Dewitte Robins, Earl Smithson. Football Team Coach Raikes I: y- NH H. , . I . if 1 X? Q , xkggf ,v rl .Fi f Sfgfmf . gfyxfi V ix,-QI3i,,:,f.. fx Yih. X,-sf .S3:k?g,w,,,. x NSD- vxfkT GTA sg Nw cites, 4 Q SHQAJX S 4 N rv-,A Dm' si 'HB Si - s rf 5 M A-at ,LX was ., 5 X XR W Q 1 ,xx A Y ag E a. A KX x' i' 54 -rr . my X wi X 5 Xe' W x K i ax f x Q Qs X M it ff k A s sw x Ig X- gg .fx :SRO xv X., K 'W if rs, A 'fa ax R as 'K " V 3 F, ,X r an x A r wr- QL Q, f .Q X92 f Ps' 0 N a n ar Q4 as ? wr- wifi rw gg " 2' 1 ri ff Q ix? E Y I if :vw ay at ' -,fry if-.. S - . V Q. . Q., rr . A I M ,. gg . 5 - 2:-.M qs, Y' -' 4 ,fi , mir wx ,. vw. X1--r if viiiiwi Y ff 'Q fr. .1 A wana, 'f,.-ara-ram . can ' Y 334 Q ran? :lg 393' X ww mankwmr Edd Garner Stanley Foster Steve Foster Davis Fann W n ' 1 V Joe Gambm Everett Waldron Larry Hiless ' Dewitt Robins r Herman Toombs Coleman Gowan - U i I I f William Carter M W .Toe Gill Kent Grant Mike Bannister James Parker Ronnie Strickland Braden Lee H omecomiiz g Queen Sue Cornwell Semor Attendant Beckre Russell .Tumor Attendant Georglanna Sheehy SR fi Sophomore Attendant: Merry Jernigan Freshman Attendant Nancy Wrlson Coach welcomes team The Queen is Crowned The Queen and Her Court Queen Sue Beauty and Brawn Queen and Court at Dance. S, 5 X S 2 1 5 E U Q9 2 G S as 3 ,XVI 'S .k vw L :E o o 0 'E 'Pl N CE :Ps H +-I 0 Q2 C O H +-1 CU D4 4-1 ru D-e I1 O va Cl 'E 5-D t, Maylene Ct 1'1' Betty Ba .cf UI o P' cu 1: :A G! 9"l 51 5 KD rd 'cs r:: ll-I ...1 E rd 'E I-I o 3 cv E F-1 ID .-G' P' E-T m an E o r-r r-r 5 6 STANDING are managers Bessie Lee, Billie Judy Harris Clara Epps. Harriet Hughey, Bonnie Clare Barrett, Margaret Barrett, S EPP 3,1106 of the perform roud YP 6 316 VCI' 1961- 1962 season. W he of 35-7 for t had a record IU his great tea T n the Invitational Tournament in Trophy i hip Champions he ey won t Th GHIS. III girls in the tourna these '+- O in the phy o be H o o INS Pl o.. -cs I-I 'r-4 4: E-f an 4: 0-F +5 II E GS 1: S-I 5 o I-1 bs J-I sz: :s o U 'cn I-4 o '-4-4 1-4 GJ E E ua .43 yin ph Tro pionship nklin, the Cham ' Ffa Tennessee, of ce in the State la phy for Fourth P IO ool the T Sch Smyrna High Ol' f 0l'1 IW C11 Tournam Boyas Basketball Team BACK ROW fleft to rightj: Richard Thomas, John Alsup, Dewitt Robbins, Lowe McCrary, Laddie Mawery, Herman Toombs, Bobby Blansett, Rodney Fulton. FRONT ROW fleft to rightp: Keeney Fergus, Coach Raikes, Kenneth Victory. Starting Five CLEFT TO RIGHT51 Keeney Fergus, Lowe McCrary, Laddie Mawery, Richard Thomas, Kenneth Victory. 3 5 s 5 2 3 2 3 5 i Q 5 a Q 2 3 S E 3 ! 3 'R -Q5 Honors S 3 I L X2 49:1 4 ,. , x2 if ' ff m N W wr ...... X5 f-'FL-3i "':5.,S?4' Best All-A round Boy Best All-A round Gzrl A .W Fw S q 354 N -X V M' ?i,1fkwf. P ff:- 4- 'ub- S N5 N-. Q N X N X My - x.,., 5 s x A J f + . , .... . - " 'I , .K Q., ..-ps " Lfgf . , V , ,, , ,... . x ' ws. f..,r V QS J! 1. " ' , .gif f t mf ..-MA ' - Ng. S , 4 Q si S+! Q Q e t if 1 . -.Q ., s 4 Q, , Ig: : 'Q 'N ' ff A S. X r 'Slam :W -'vm 5 1 an 4. -ww w ,fslpzb s i .iifvx " T Q , if X N g 4 k xg K Q Y V1 x 5 X X x xr fi Q 2. r x Q fl by Q Q. 5 f , wi gigs 9 Eg Eg SM 'K , , 'F -5, gf.: 1 V ' . , ? . .Q5.,3?..g5. 5: X gk 4 it Y xr :S . iq YQ, .. Nt if ,S .F Q X i x Z N Qs X Q ':xJ',. g XT? A Q Q x Q 5 ik Q 3 x xfgx fgigx QQ 5 1 x N v fig nk lj' ii x 4 if X W " ii 94 , . . is SE 4 Qi? la 2 i . 5 'S is ,, -- EQ, 3 ei A w r- L M Q, . s Q N fb g f N l Q ,., .54 - '- : .. 1 L 5 Ha X Q f Q: 2, .. f 'Va 5 5 3 N A 1 X Ri, X X SK H ' QQ 2 ..-if X x 51 ff QU-'QI ui 5. .. IK E:' - ENE 533 A fi 21 KH z ff 4 - Q 5953? by IQ 1 4, 63 . 3' ,N 53 j 2' W fq 3 " X , 5 1 1 -Q Q N mx 5 ' i if ' -SRV:-bww . ...N-.............................. f Z 2 1 USR g ge A X 4 5 E - . E 2 , Fr S , L 5' ,,, . , . . N x rv" , ' 5 L E.: A , , D EPS . E ' ' -2 E 1 ' "" K x .5 4 5 fi K J Q f ' wg .5 fd . 5 v Im. ,AWA , . " 'L f ? 3 .-.NNWENQ E X Q Q S . : i W. ' 1 :EQ ' A .. X. i -Q Senior Stars WITTIEST - Marilyn Chatfield, Bert Wakeley BEST PERSONALITY - Rodger Dugan, Cheryl Worley CUTEST - Becky Russell, Keeney Fergus MOST ATHLETIC - Thelma Wortham, Spencer Shipley FRIENDLIEST - Judy Davis, Ronnie Bingham MOST SCHOLASTIC - Kathy Walker, Wayne Shier , ,YYVYYV ------ M ost Likebf to Succeed Sharon Cummings and John Stone M ost Schorol Spirited Judy Parrott andJ hnny Ross J WL XD W W if WWW MEM! af SR 'Li 'k -- in-. X x N-X QW: X1 ,. X - x X X? Q y EE.. Q X Q 5 1 : . Wk 5 ' fx K X x IW? Win gy 3255 F ' L 2 w XS is xx J ,.,, 51 RA 2- U Organizations n g' ? I 3 M xx ff ,' if S v Q ai .. cog, -P A Q me Al A 69 Cook and Carey: who are responsible ance of our school. for the fine appear- How much longer IR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM till one o'clock? JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW Left to Right Dean Holland, Jim Berry, Charlie Gentry, Gray Sanford, Ralph Gentry, BACK Row Leftto Right HQ f1QrQ1Qgtf,H,'Lf,I,Q'yQgQ'BQQQQfa Hg3Qalgf ' A Steve Waldron, Gene Harris, George Walls, Melvin Young. The Band ' FIRST ROW, Bottom Left to Right: John Sam Ridley, Ralph Gentry, Ray Morrow, Ricky Morrow, Joe Griffith, Terry Cantrell, Charles Hodge, Ann Barnett. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Danny Land, Bill Buchanan, Roger Inglis, Francis Ann Barnett, Lee Barnett, Tommye Hankins, Tim Worley, Jimmy Baker, Larry Holloman, Betty Jean Davis, Gary Fassett, Steve Roberts, Peggy Bishop, Deborah Cook, Suzanne Nicholson. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Marsha Bucher, Donna Bishop, Wanda Young, Naomi Bird, Janice Howard, Diane Lewis, Linda Carter, Walter VanCleve, Jim Berry, Luke Stanfield, Mike Woods, Wayne Mullins, Barry Barnett, Doug Baker, Jim Morrow, Bob Lavender, Bill Ridley, J ay Hitselberger, Joe Gourley, Cleve Coffey, James Thomas. LAST ROW, Left to Right: Charles Gentry, Charles Coffey, Tommy Richards, Kenneth Hightower, William Conningham, John Zimmerman, Joe Gazarek, Dennis Fec, David Fergus, Kenneth Braswell, Chip Wood, Lenelle Marable, John Lee, Kenny Brown, Valorie Gazarek, John Buckner, Ray Bird, Ramona Wylie. Daily Practice one and two and three 71 Q 1 . Chorus TOP ROW, Left to Right: Sandra Thone, Pat Dawson, Linda Crabtree, Bonnie Barrett, Joe Gill, Jim Jernigan, Bert Wakeley, Roger Dugan, Jimmy McGowan, John Bortell, Janie Smith, Gloria House, Cookie Sauer, Wanda Manoli. MIDDLE ROW, Left to Right: Pat Hunter, Linda Mize, Delores Kilgrow, Suzanne Berry, Georganne Sheehy,James Meyer, Bob Poythress, Wayne Mullins,J ames Hale, Betty Langford, Martha Robinson, Judy Johnson, Lenel1eMarable, Hope Boswell. BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Shirlene Oatley, Connie Gregory, Merry Jerni- gan, AnnMaddle, Lois Kilgrow, Helen Brink, Carolyn Robinson, Beverly Anderson, J uanna Lo'ggins, Sue Cornwell, Connie Mitchell, Judy Davis, Mary Alice Manoli, La Nae Nord, Patsy Trigg. This has been theSenior High Glee C1ub's most successful year. We have done some things never previously attempted at this school. Our energetic chorus decided to produce an operetta, entitled THE TOYMAKER. After many wearisome practices, we presented it and, to our satisfaction, it was well accepted and praised. In doing this production, we not only improved our singing ability, but gained self-confidence by appearing before a large audience. THE TOYMAKER is proof of our striving for a greater variety in academic excellence. Another proof of this is our trio, which we are all proud of, for we well-know they are enjoyed by all. All-State Chorus is anotherpfunction where we have been honored to represent our schoolf All in all, it has been a year of hard work, fun, and early lunches. 72 gmws. A ,AL-Nkmg: Q gg as f Q K X K M X . .es 5 +1- wx. wg 'gli' QQ ii i x' TSW ' 'fL'.'T ,+G -N Wg K., -fx A K - 1 Nw K , N 16 -lives N- -:rv fSQw.m,Nw f - ,MW '71 Junior High Glee Club 4 FIRST ROW Cleft to righrj Mike Hewgley, Sandra Waldron, Sandra Francis, Letha Curtis, Pamela Ash, Patsy Slusher, Lynn Le Suer, Richard Wiley. STANDING Cleft to rightj Gerry Cox, Renee Vaughn, Cyn Dee Nord, Johnny Leonard, Lynn Cutler, Wanda Young, Suzanne Nicholson, Della Mason. Boy's Trio QLEFT TO RIGHTJ Rodney Patterson, Johnny Leonard, Mike l-lewgley. Library Club STANDING, Left to Right: Clara I-Iowse, Patsy Goodman, Lois Kilgrow, Vicki Walls. SITTING Deborah Pavatte, Carol Wilson, Sharon Cummings, Judy Johnson, Bea Ash, NOT PICTURED: Mrs Ann Sanford - Sponsor. , ,:f'lgQ- ' E! 2, Y ,yggfww-, .ws 1 ,I Q ri ' ' '1 ggifgggigy-yfg Q In .3 : S 0 ' I ' ' ' 5 S .gvrfm ,4 X ,135 - X K 1 as ' .135 1 ' 'K as e ' A 5 ' ' ggggggigggffh H .,.X ,sei N WW S.--1 .2 x i , .. Q ff W ,:- ,. A 1 Xi., N A ,. Q: Q 1 ffl 1.7 .m- , mf ' :X .. Q1 X 1 SS 2. , . 9-XS. i 4 . . yi ,sy , .M , L- 'Ke' x 355, - kip e- , 'Qs M l F l r '55 ""5 2 5' . ii E 35 1 3 4 . 5 sg ---.3 SOPHOMORE F.H.A. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Rheinscheld, Virginia Jones, Bonnie Barrett, Clara Epps, Margaret Barrett, Linda Gentry, Mrs. Walkup, Billie Edwards, Brenda Givens. SECOND ROW: Vera Bently, Barbara Robinson, Lenelle Marable, Faye Carter, Martha Lynn Weakley, HarrietteHughey, Freda Wallace, Linda Crabtree, Kitty Davenport. THIRD ROW: Betty Benbrook, Merryl ernigan, Juana Loggins, Beverly Anderson, Bessie Lou Lee, Patsy Goodman, Beverly Short, LaNae Nord. Connie Gregory, Yvonne Wray, Sue Manole, Margaret Carter, Doris Jones, Margaret Barrett- Chairman. F.H .A, BANQUET ' Mr. Womack - Main speaker Mrs. Walkup, Home Economic Teacher Girl's Trio provides entertainment -...Mass 2152 X -H Club BOTTOM ROW QFront to Back-left to rightj Billy Francis, Steve Minton, Charles Garvin, Larry Waldron, Bobby Francis. ZND ROWfleft to rightj Mary Alice Manoli,J ean Sanders, Nancy Hankins, Debbie Van Sickle, Ramona Wylie, Phyllis Gibbs, Margaret Barrett, Reba Sellars, Peggy Taylor, Peggy Brewer, Peggy Short, Martha Johns. SRD ROW fleft to rightj Cheryl Rheinscheld, Linda Mize, Donna Loggins, Joann Dickerson, Mary Brink, Peggy Garner, Linda Gentry, Martha Len Weakley, Helen Brink, Billie Epps, Beverly Anderson, Juana Loggins, Bessie Lou Lee, Patricia Mason, Martha Robinson, Cookie Sauer. 4TH ROW Qleft to rightj Ann Gwynne, Elizabeth Hume Weakley, Betty Jean Davis, Jean Wallace, Mai Carter, Sandra Wood, Virginia Hooven, Janie Hennessey, Bonnie Barrett, Betty Barrett, Mailene Johnson, Linda Roland, Linda Crabtree, Pamela Gowan, Sue Blair, Mar- garet Anthony, Becky Russell, Vera Bentley, Ruby Hartman, Gail Franklin. TOP ROW Cleft to righty Charlynne King, Ann Barnett, Doyle Short, Braden Lee, Charles Young, Richard Thomas, Paul Brittain, Jackie Morton, Jerry Conover, Lowe McCrary, Laddie Mawery, Everett Waldron, Ray Lee, Roger Medlin, Jerry Murphy, Bobbie Blansett, Sandra Hobbs, Faye Carter, Harriette Hughey. The Pledge: I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service, and my Health to better living, for my club, my community and my country. . 4-I-I Club work teaches boys and girls from 10 to 21 years of age, in or out of school, the latest and best agri- culture and home economics practices in a practical way. It helps young people to keep in touch with the finer things in rural life and to become good leaders and citizens. g ,,4. Junior 4-H Club Officers Lgft to Right STANDING Donna Chipkevich. Doug Baker, SITTING Lama cunts, Charles Gentry- Wayue Lee. President-Charles Gentry Vice-President- Wayne Lee Secretary-Donna Chipkevich Reporter- Letha Curtis Song Leader-Doug Baker -4 4-H Club Ojicers Left to Right STANDING- Pat Hunter-Song Leader Paulette Thomas-Reporter Margaret Anthony-SecretaryTreasurer SITTING- Bonnie Barrett-Song Leader Lowe McC1-ary-Vice President Virginia Hooven-President 1 i fl: 4 mtxmx Q f S X L A ,nm N i S5 S W. S E 5, if N 3w,.W- ,wsg f-S fA'Wkf3Q: Y? 4 mi Q. NANS Y if -s Hifi. X A .. Q: .gy are 1 s . , gf Qswwys It-- :.,, Q. Q E Q -T 'jx X aw iff if W , ,,., . , ' i sis: X 'K . Letter Club BACK ROW C1STy fLeft to Righty Vicki Parker, Cheryl Worley, Sue Blair, Cheryl Counts, Judy Parrott, Rena Land, Sue Cornwell, Stephen Foster, Ronnie Strickland. ZND ROW fLeft to Righty Bonnie Clare Barrett, Mar- ' garet Barrett, Betty Haithcock, Thelma Wortham, Patty Patton, Dewitt Robbins, Mike Bannister, Larry Hiles. 3RD ROW CLeft to Righty Ken Grant, James Parker, Edward Garner, Braden Lee, Spencer Shipley, Joe Gill, Everett Waldron. 4TH ROW fLeft to Righty Joe Gambill, William Carter, Gary Slusher, Henry Stanfield, Laddie Mawery, Larry Merritt, Stanley Foster. 5TH ROW fLeft to Righty Davis Fann, Herman Toombs, Lowe McCrary, Kenney Fergus, Kenneth Victory, Coleman Gowen, Paul Hoakes. LETTER CLUB OFFICERS: President, Kenneth Victory, Vice-President, Pat Pattong Secretary, Thelma Wort- ham, Treasurer, Judy Parrottg Sgt.-at-ArmS,J2lyH6 Tosh, Spencer Shipley, Reporter, Bonnie Barrett. The Letter Club was formed this year at Smyrna to promote the Union and Fellowship of Smyrna High lettermen. P Sig? ? X, sq., ? il :rf if N , , Sf 5532 g f by Ki gg W M f ,NE , Q Q 3555 w NSR. ' ' - Q3 i .Q X.1gil555 1 SQ Q -.gk X ,Ag -at S- 1 if . " ,.,..1 X MX, '-5wSg5gy2?Q'f Q QQg,+-4? sf'-'-ML+,.1 5, gg 1 ' ' 5 ' - 2 Lwwwns,g,fW' ,,,,.,...-- , i' 1 e . .bQKE"Sf3,,i,XgWL5W.'5 .f----Q-...,.,,x 5 6 5,3 +,z'Efkg' m.i',g,l,Q.' x AK 1: Q fin i 4 g ' A y ,,, , Lik,,gA-,. -Vg wh 5 A 35 wg .V .. Q -sm if we 35 'lf . S E 'ff .H wg? , ' ' X. X-Q. Q A X2 . . A ' 4 1 sis f "The P1edge" "Candlelight Initiation" The basic use of the Beta Club is that of recognition of high scholastic ability and good moral character. In addition to this, the Beta Club carries on several projects during the year. This year the main project of the Beta Club is to landscape the campus, added to this was our Christmas project of food baskets for the needy. All in all the principal aim of the Beta Club is to promote better citizenship through useful projects and an incentive for good grades. Paulette Thomas-Secretary Vicki Parker-Treasurer C Linda Hart-Reporter ss Buenos Dias! l ' FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS QLEFT TO RIGHTJ Margie Fisher - Program Directorg Ronnie Bingham - Presidentg Merole Walker -Treasurer. NOT PIC- TURED - Alana Boldrnan - Vice-Presidentg Heidi Van Sickle - Secretary. t SMYRNA HIGH LANGUAGE CLUBS Havinga newly equipped language laboratory, the language clubs-had their responsibilities augmented by the need for classroom materials. The Spanish Club bought new records for the laboratory. These, along with full co-operation with the teacher, has broadened the language department of our high school. Miss Peyton, ournew language teacher, by using modern techniques of language training used the facilities at her command to the best interest of her students. She combined a program of oral teaching with a system that used the recorded lessons. This program led to the proficiency of the students in SPEAKING a foreign language. In our modern school, this should be the aim of all language courses. 'H OFFICERS QLeft to Righty Vice-President Larry Hiles President Ronnie Bingham Treasurer Anne Ogan Sectetary LaNae Nord Spanish lub A 1ST ROW Left to Right Randy Lewis, Joe Corrotore, Ronnie McGuire, Robert Meyer, Anne Ogan, Ronnie Bing- ham, LaNae Nord, Larry Hiles, Lester Ogan, Ronnie Strickland, Tom Selby. 2ND ROW Dorothy Jordan, Debbie Van Sickle, Jo Slusher, Cookie Sauer, Birgit Schwartz, Butch Chambers, Vicki Walls, Merry Jernigan, Leslie Ash, Sue Cornwell, Coleman Gowen, Merole Walker, Barbara Robinson, Beverly Anderson, Bessie Lee, Juanna Loggins. 3RD ROW Jerrie Pair, Rita A. Johnson, Rita R. Johnson, Harry Oatley, John Alsup, Russ Martin, Mike Borghese, Jim McNeil, Fred Mitchell, Edward Chipkevich, Jimmy Mallonee, June Conover, Bonnie Barrett, Helen Brink, Patsy McCullough. 4TH ROW Miss Jeanette Peyton, Sponsor, Ed Garner, Everett Waldron, Earl Smithson, Tom Borte1l,Rodger Dugan, Jerry Conover, Gary Curtis, Roger Shier, Joe Gill, Johnny Waldron, Steven Darnell, Bob Demonk, Miley Toombs, Stephen Foster. Alana Boldman-Editor Linda Hart, 1963 Editor John Stone, Co-Editor Judy Davis, Business Manager Annual Stajjf A n . X A - sss FIRST ROW: Johnny Ross, Par Patton, Mrs. Hutchinson, Judy Davis, Alana Boldman, Linda Hart, Bea Ash, Sue Cornwell, Kenneth Victory. SECOND ROW: Sharon Cummings, Vickie Parker, Ronnie Bingham, Thelma Wortham, Ann Sanders, Clara House, Keeney Fergus, Sue Blair, Connie Mitchell, Beckie Russell. THIRD ROW: John Stone, Larry Merritt, Kathy Walker, Bert Wakeley, Ralph Mullins, Henry Stanfield, Ann Ogan. Mrs. W. G. Sanford, Jr. MIS. John H. Hutchinson Annual -Slajjf Sponsors To Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. Hutchinson I would like to express my personal appreciation along with that of the rest of the staff for their constant help and supervision, withoutewhich this year- book could never have been published- John Stone-Co-editor Senior Pictures Annual Staff Typists 87 Parent, T eaeher, Student Association I. STANDING Qleft to righty Vicki Parker-Program chairrnang John Stone-Room countg Richard Thomas-Par1ia- mentariang Larry Merritt-Publicityg Ronnie Bingham-Ways and meansg Kenneth Victory-Presidentg Rena Land- Membership. SEATED Qleft to rightj Kathy Weatherbee-Historian: Mary Barnett-Secretary:JudyJohnson-Hospi- talityg Ronnie McGuire-Safetyg Sharon Cummings-Founder's Dayg Kathy Walker-Citizenship. BOTTOM ROW Cleft to rightj Linda Hart-VicePresidentg Cheryl Whorley-Founder's Day: Linda Gentry-Ways and meansg Lenelle Marable-Treasurer. This year for the first time the Parent-Teachers' Association incorporated students into its membership. Each student was given a specific office or position, just like the offices and posi- tions that the parents and teachers hold. The purpose of this was to have a student work with his counterpart so that a better working organization might exist, to benefit all. 88 We ,W , F l f Q Q .N sn , -- ..,, .W Y ...: Q., ..:, .::::- ..,, . . x .:, TZ, , .,,, .. ,,,, ,,,, XHYV Y A N , X N ---- ww X x 5 S J X. 3 V 'lib Science Club Left to right 1ST ROW: Vicki Parker, Gary Slusher, Steve Minton, Barry Klein, Paul Hookes, Steve Darnell, Ronald Stout, David Hooven, Cleve Coffey, Sue Cornwell. 2ND ROW: Alana Boldman, Betty Sancllin, Martha Robinson, Jackie Jordan, Ann Sanders, Heidi Van Sickle, Margie Fisher, Betty Jo Langford, Marilyn Chatfield, Connie Mitchel, Judy Davis, Cookie Sauer, Becky Russell. 3RD ROW: Mr. Johnson-Sponsor, Bill Stover, Bill Bagley, Kenneth Victory, Rena Land, Barbara Moeller, Keeney Fergus, Ray Lund, John Powell. Virginia Hooven, Judy Parrott, RonnieBingharr1, SueBlair, Adeline Brewer, Mrs. Clydie Richards-Sponsor. 4TH ROW: John Stone, Wayne Shier, Sharon Cummings, Henry Stanfield, Steve Foster, Bert Wakeley, Kathy Walker, Larry Holloman, Sharon Diekrnan, Stanley Foster. OFFICERS: John Stone, President, Kathy Walker, Treasurer and Secretaryg Bert Wakeley, Vice President. This year has been an exceptionally busy one for the Smyrna High School Science Club. Once again, in conjunction with the Rutherford County Courier, our Club put on the annual Rutherford County Science Fair. During the months of January and February the science lab was continually in use, as students put the final touches on their projects. We, the members of the Science Club, would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Richards and the other science teachers who were so helpful to us not only with our projects, but in all our science activities throughout the year. 90 a 2 E E 5 ' I , .. 5 A I Y Q V Q I - . x K X .7 g il QS? . .9-'RA' Xxfl X A 35 Q 5-in A-53,1 Y ' sl ag K if 1' 7:52 X 1. ..,, " f F1 Q' 3 ff- ,B 'MX Y' S S :gg bfifiig gfzgfigxs S . wg R X ! X XX wk bw K :Awww M.: bN..:wA -N N , N.. .X - X x gsm!! iv NES- .QQQQE Q . 5. Future Farmers 0 America FIRST ROW Bottom: Charles Garvin, Wesley Naron,JohnnyMcPeak, Charles Nabors, Holt Harris, Bobby Francis, David Hooven, Steve Parker, Otis Parker, Douglas Lunn, Randall Schlamp, Thomas Neal. SECOND ROW: Joe Edmondson, Pete Tallant, James Parker, Braden Lee, Pete Young, Harry Vaughn, Steve Minton, Mr. Buckner, Robert Smith, Mike Short, David Young, Anthony Mullins, Jerry Patterson, Jerry Sanford, Gene Judd. THIRD ROW: JamesDye, Kenneth Fowler, Ceaman Comer, Richard Thomas, Ray Lee, Glenn Fowler, Clifford Flippen, Bruce Gentry, Donald Parker, Marvin Ricks, Thomas Rowlett, James Gambill, Henry Brewer, Charles Young, Jesse Vaughn, Larry Lee. FOURTH ROW: Harry Paul, Jimmy Wortham, Charles Hall, Joe Gambill, David Gambill, PaulBrittain, Phillip Patton, Steve Dollar, Ralph Mullins, Eugene Bonds, James Waggener, John Alsup, Jerry Murphy, David Tucker, Charles Vance. to-uname-wasacan-:sauna-ris-:macaroni-nano:mea-savannas:-annumwana'-an Sports, clubs, science fairs, all have their place in a fine school, but the major purpose of a school is still to learn, to develop scholastic competance. It is for this reason that we are happy and proud to recognize: , Ronnie Bingham and Wayne Shier ,P NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS Class Prophecy Date: 1972 Place: Smyrna, Tennessee Mr. Covington has just arrived backin Smyrna from his ten year honeymoon trip around the world. He pulled over to the curb to buy a newspaper from a not-too-bright looking newsboy whoturn- ed out to be JOHN STONE. John almost didn't recognize Mr. Covington who was sporting a new red mustache. Mr. Covington. recognizing John immediately, inquired as to where he might get a square meal in Smyrna. John assured him that the best food was served at the Parrot Cage, owned and operated by none other than JUDY PARROTT. John informed Mr. Covington that Judy was a tremendous success in the restaurant business as she didn't eat up any of the. profits ---- she always had her foot in her mouth. Mr. Covington then motors to the restaurant whereludy greets him with open arms and informs him that many of his old students of 1962 are in and around Smyrna. Judy has four of his old students employed at the restaurant. SONNY CARTER got his early restaurant experience at Nix's and is now employed as head dishwasher. The waitresses are: LINDA SCHLAMP, BECKY WARREN and SANDRA THONE. Mr. Covington then asks Judy if the face of the chief-of-police who just walked in wasn't familiar and Judy said it was none other thanJIMMY McGOWEN. Jimmy came over to talk with his favorite old teacher and told him that two other of his old students were on the police force. They were CHARLES VANCE and JERRY YERKES. Jimmy also told Mr. Covington of the rapid growth of Smyrna. Actually now Smyrna has a population of 15,000 and has added many services for its citizens. One of the new services afforded them is a new gar- bage disposal. Chief Garbage Disposalman is KENNEY FERGUS. Other garbage truck drivers are FRED FINLEY, LARRY HOLLOMAN, and RAY LUND. "Oh, and by the way." Jimmy added, "guess who the new mayor is?" "When I left it was Sam Ridley," said Mr. Covington. "Well, now it's EARL SMITHSON. Some others on the city council are RODGER DUGAN, DOYLESHORT, JIMMY WAGGONER, and RANDY AKIN This was almost too much for Mr. Coving- ton to take so he ordered a second cup of coffee and opened the newspaper to become better in- formed of happenings around Smyrna. On the front page ofthe paper in bold type was "County Court Meets". County Judge GARY CURTIS presided over the Rutherford County Quarterly Court in the rendering of many important decisions for the benefit of many Rutherford Countians. The court appointed CAROLYN ROBINSON latest courthouse stenographer. Another office filled by the court is that of county Dog Catcher, DAVID TUCKER, Also on the front page were the headlines, "J ohn- son sends Lee to Cuba." "President Johnson in- formed the press today that his chief diplomat, LARRY LEE, was being sent to Cuba to either nego- tiate a more peaceable settlement to the U.S.- Cuba situation or inform Mr. 'Castro that we will send hatchet-man JOHNNY ROSS over to get the job done more quickly. To accompany Mr. Lee .on the trip are MARVIN VINCION and JESSE VAUGHN, another one of Johnson's top aides," the paper stated. Much to Mr. Covington's surprise, another ad also stated that HENRY STANFIELD won the Mr. America Contest. Also advertised on the second page of the paper was a new business opened by ERNESTINE SMITH. It was a new turtle riding school. Miss Smith learned the art of turtle riding in Sarasota, Florida. where she has resided for the last eight years. She says she would love for all of herold friends to come by and get in on the fun. Another ad on the same page was "Drop by the Dare Dip for cold hamburger." ' The Dare Dip is now owned and operated by BARBARA WESTMOR- LAND. Her present-time waitresses included PAULETTE THOMAS, BETTY SUE TUCKER, and SUE BLAIR. Mr. Covington then turned to the Society Page on which he found many announcements concerning the many citizens of Smyrna, Among them was the article: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony announce the engagement of their daughter MAR- GARET to COL. PAUL BRITTAIN of the United States Army. A Lonely Hearts Club was organized for those in the Smyrna area. The first meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club met at the Masonic Hall and the following officers were elected: President-ALLEN WARRICK5 Vice-President- CONNIE MITCHELL, and Secretary-Treasurer BERT WAKELEY. Thehighlight ofthe year of social gatherings in Smyrna was the WILLIAMSON-BRINK wedding. Miss Brink wore a lovely pair of blue bermuda shorts, trimmed with scarlet lace. Mr. William- son was attired in a pair of dungarees and match - ing jacket. The best man at the affair was RALPH MULLINS. The Bridesmaids were BETTY SAND- LIN, NATALIEVALLAS, BARBARA GREEN, LINDA COOK, LINDA WILLIAMS, and MELVINA BEN- YON. Ushers were JERRY CONOVER, HARRY PAUL and CHARLES THOMPSON. Next Mr. Covington turned to the Sports Page where many events were taking place be- tween athletes of Smyrna. DEAN MERRITT, now' doing a high dive is working with Ringling-Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus. His speciality is doing a 200 ft. dive into a five gallon bucket of water without spilling a drop. To accomplish this feat one must use his head! The heavy weight cham- pion of the world, PAUL "Pokey" HOAKES, is scheduled to defend his title against WAYNE "GARGANTUA" SHIER, the well-known challen- ger. This fight will be fought with a no time limit, no disqualification. The referee is the much respected official BILLY "HONEST" BER- NAL. Smyrna girls star forTrackTeam: RITA ANN JOHNSON and RITA R. JOHNSON. Rita Ann is the famous shot put artist, Rita Raye's speciality is the 100 yard dashg other members of the Old Class of '62 onthetrackteam are LOIS KILGROW- high jumpg ANN MADDLE-broad jumpg and SHARON CUMMINGS-pole vault. Mr. Covington continued to thumb through the paper till he came upon the odds, ends and ads. On page ten he saw a dime a dance parlor known as DeLacy's Dive owned and operated by DONNA DELACY, located in the old Golden CamelBuilding. Ten of the most beautiful chorus girls inthehistory of show business were employed here. ANNE OGAN was featured as the "Twist" specialist. The other members of the chorus were ADELENE BREWER, BARBARA ADAMS, JUDY DAVIS, PAT DAWSON, BILLIE EPPS, PAT HUN- TER, SHERLENE OATLEY, and RITA PARKER. The highlight of the evening's entertainment is GENE JUDD and JUDY JOHNSON doing the "Charleston." Also located on page ten is the announce- ment of Mr. "Mac's" hiring of four new teachers. Mr. "Mac" states that Miss Gentry has accepted a position at the University of Minnesota and she recommended that her position be filled by her favorite student "BUTCH" CUNDIFF, although SUZANNE BERRY had been given due considera- tion for the position by Miss Gentry. In the final analysis "Butch's" pleasing personality won out over Berry's and she had to teach the first grade. CHARLES YOUNG is teaching first and second grade Music, and MARILYN CHATFIELD has a position in her favorite field, boy's physical edu- cation. Mr. Covington glances at the bottom of the page and almost falls out of his chair. RODNEY BAKER is in the pen for six months while attempt- ing to writea book entitled WHAT PRISONS AND SCHOOLS HAVE IN COMMON. Warden RONNIE BINGHAM of the State Pen made the announce- ment that the chief guards, FRANKLIN JOLLEY and JIMMY MALLONEE would aid Baker in ob- taining the background material for his book. Just as Mr. Covington was putting his paper down, in walked his old friend, DELORES KIL- GROW. She greeted Mr. Covington and came over to chat. Mr. Covington asked if she could fill him in on the location of some of his other students. She informed him that BECKY RUSSELL was in Hawaii looking for a husband. MARY JANE PRICE had married SPENCER SHIPLEY. She also said that BARBARA MOELLER and LOWE McCRARY were both teaching English at Smyrna. SUE CORNWELL had just finished writing a song known as "Tom, the Bomb." VICKI PARKER was now a well known cheerleading instructor at Ohio State. At the present CHERYL WORLEY has given up cheerleading for a position coaching football. VIRGINIA HOOVEN was still at Smyrna High taking high school English courses under the instruction of Lowe McCrary. LADDIE MAWERY and PAT PATTON had just announced their en- gagement. BEA ASH finally convinced "COON" VICTORY that they should elope but "Coon's" motherhad the marriage annulled. JANIE SMITH is now an airline hostess for T.W.A. and ALANA BOLDMAN is modeling for Playtex. J ERRIE PAIR is in New York modeling new hairstyles for wo- men -- crewcuts. JACKIE MORTON also em- ployed by the same company, is modeling the latest styles for men - ponytails. KATHY WALKER runs a service station on Main Street and this is one of the chief-of- police's, JIMMY McGOWEN, favorite hangouts. BOB ANDERSON and KATHY WEATHERBEE are married and have a thriving funeral home business. They have a big neon sign out in front saying "Come In And See About Our Lay- a-way Plan." JERRY MURPHY is now a boxing instructor at Central High School in Nashville. GARY SLUSHER now has a job as a barker with the world's largest carnival. Mr. Covington was amazed at the many occupations and happen- ings of his old students, but the worst was yet to come. THELMA WORTHAM had become a card shark in Las Vagas and CHARLES "SKIP" RICHARD- SON had become a gambler on a river boat that sails the Mississippi River. This being all too much for Mr. Covington to hear-- jumping into his car, and speeding away, he vowed never to return again. ,games 0- yg -h x MQ- ,-T Oiflow , 'J PSQFQF A Ocqlcu L-fag J 'Siva 1. Q D LY 'lf My .x 7 X Z' gk W 'S l fnx 3 ' 5 ' wa 5 - . - F F A Sweetheart Trick 01' Treat Happy JOSC' Relaxing in the hall. 1 r 7 i e es- 95 x 1905. J ,Q,,QLJ5,J QMS Sims- fn-sc3..f9.a.,. p,QJ..:.QJs,o..L. ONQJSQ QRWQQ-MXSSQ QQH-jx Q9 cQcsw-SSX 'Uxol LQANXCJJ.. H,eeiyQD-AQ, LQAJ-OJL c?Q,m.c5zi. -Ramen. Age,e,...7f' tulsa!-N mcwsg u5e,U65e95M1 Q9 Q-,JE nu-owe KLASSIC KLEANERS X LTTTLE FOL i-QSLIOP vi JQMLQQJ 11 252411 wah? J one - "Everything for eKiddies" P , Smyrna, Tennessee 'N-LVLANEJ Lai S QM gli-JVX-9 QMS L60-U-N. QR "" OAL- Y o - 5, f Phone 459-2250 M 5 A 'Y If ' Smyrna, Tennessee dig ML XQx0..vc9-5- e.GOJ-fQ3.qo.,Qfv'-'Q,L- f0imo.UJ2f9 X Q ,,..,f,.g-emi' 1, J:-MAIUQ fbfdw Ofwzavv..- h sA1'EY's ROYAL 51. DK Q9 1-Ypgwkmgkg ew , FRANK MARTIN DQUG QE 43,Q-Oful Ck-0 Cindy-Q, LSLQAS' Sales-Service-Rentals J ' ' Frank Martin-Maurice Carr JN kQ,,.,9,pJ1.,t,tr-A-fs-2 ,Quai O'N'-51-J Church at Vine S Ph 893 326 treet Us ' Ph 893-8552 ' 3 . -9 ' urfreggforo, Tennessee if 2 Ljfls U'-DX-U-1 Murfregslsoro, Tennessee OAA4'?9'jt ' 1 M Dewi OMG WALTERbKING HOOVER aeeeoca Q53 et, FUNERAL HOME Y-www ti t . . . Ph 459-3410 63 ff ' - 101-103 Division ree m rna, ennessee Q.AA.J-. I as ' X xx L6 X - . . G-lg KIUS.. MD 8 fjfvgy RL cn ' 3 ' 1 ! I Ambulance Service ..2i?',,f., 1 -" "" -'Agehbts For Flowers For Any Occasion Inves ga e our Burial Association 52'-in H 5-if one J 'Z 1' ' I St t S Y T Q19 N-f L0-Xi I - -.ld COMMERCE UNION BANK AU'-T GJQMQAQQMCQMA MAN'S JEWELERS "Buy with Confidence" Nationally Advertised Jewelry Murfreesboro Office Murfreesboro, Tennessee Phone 893 - 1833 Murfreesboro , Tennessee WILSON 8. SON TWANA ANN'S EQUIPMENT CO. CAF ETERIA Sales and Service Lebanon Road 730 W- College Sf- Ferguson Farm Machinery Jct. Hwys. 70S-41-231 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Open 7 Days A Week A Murfreesboro Tennessee ww, we Mana IW-fl-Q awww- SKQWN jpmgc WA. 5:21 ',. ov-q3,Q,w-D . Oi- '-ft!-M-I-i W1-QVG WWW , GANQV-it-2- Mk vG0,Vi?.:mpl1 s of Qru-Ll owx-J J. W. ELET HE 8. SON Q ' ' , dna. . I-iw-V: H an 4' "Your WholejEdxeNGrog5r" Phon 893-9573 B 'ea' I D KQX- Iwgufreeslgzrg. Tenngsee - 0766K-fb f ' , it v f I-luonLEs1'oN ' gi ' , - AG N ' 'y ' , 62- I Generall ur ce f rs' f 893 I . 4, "'llI I '.- JI fic6: E xx x? u i 9 . is . I Highway 41-'70 So Phone 459-8290 Good Eats-Gas-Oil-Diesel Smyrna, Tennessee : V Ox' v - . , 1 .- v qv ' H n n , . ui 0 V MI fr, 1 . -Q :I co., INC. , X I 4 1 1 'Q lag Blocks , I "Solidify Your S gs With Ready HUDDLESTONV ENGINEERING co. Transit Mix Concrete Mixed Concre - I New Nashville Highway Phone 893-'7146 A 5,6 svn Phone 893-4084 Murfreesboro, Tennessee uuzrkfgaa Murfreesboro, Tennessee MOORE'S QUALITY MARKET Phone 459-3231 Smyrna, Tennessee BELL JEWELERS Diamonds-Watches-China -Silver-Gifts Phone 893 - 9162 Murfreesboro , Tennessee LA VOGUE BEAUTY DAVIDSON INSURANCE SALON AGENCY Hair Styles Created Just For You All Kinds of Insurance Operators: Helen Lester-Nell Baise W. H. Davidson, Sr. W.H. Davidson, Jr. 459-4742 116 Front Street Smyrna, Tennessee Phone 893-8090 220 East College Murfreesboro, Tennessee sax- Compliments of THE BRIGHT SPOT RESTAURANT 81 TERRY'S DRIVE IN Smyrna, Tennessee RAILROAD sALvAGr co. C""'P'f"'e"'S 'f 331 N. Front Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee Phone 893-0791 Thomas Davis Owner - Operator DARWIN'S FOOD MARKET 315 N. Front Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of PASTIME BILLARD PARLOR Phone 893- 9915 114 South Maple Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of DARI DIPPCI- Phone 459-3822 Smyrna, Tennessee "Good Food" Compliments of PALMER PRODUCE CO Jf' C' N Wholesale FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Murfreesboro , Tennesse Telephone 893 - '76 '72 216 South Front Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee WILLIAMSON RADIO 81 TV SERVICE Phone 459-3555 Smyrna, Tennesse l l ,QQ 1,425.6 94 an 7 W' Q66 62414, A Cgfyc Mr , A M tu, WQLCM IL! f , "Created in a Million Miles of l" Chinese, Polynesian and American Foods N , Smyrna, Tennessee MINGLE MACHINE SHOP 30 years Experience Back Our Service General Repairing Electric 85 Oxyacetylene Welding Phone 459-3215 Smyrna, Tennessee SMYRNA SERVICE CENTER Hardware - Furniture Appliances, Sales 8s Service Phone 459-2558 or 45942559 Smyrna, Tennessee ELIZABETH FLOYD BEAUTY COLLEGE HAYNES BROTHERS CANDY COMPANY 893-2530 Mrs. Carl R. Floyd Wholesalers of Candies, Health Aids Approved by State Board of Education School Supplies, Etc, and V. A. Murfreesboro. Tennessee HOME FURNITURE ' coMPANY Dave Cohen and Sons Murfreesboro, Tennessee MU LLI NS J EWELRY Keepsake Diamonds Hamilton-Bulova-Gotham Watches Expert Repair 8: Engraving Phone 893-8403 ' Murfreesboro, Tennessee PIGG 8. PARSON'S "A Place To Go For The You Know" Jackson Heights P3:i g Center 893 - '75 93 Murfreesboro, Tennessee SMYRNA DRUG COMPANY "The Rexall Store" Phone 459-3411 Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of SMYRNA JUMP AND GOLF CENTER A ' , BR Q: t R15 libs: for the Entire Family" Murfreesboro, Tennessee SPORTSMAN'S PARADISE George Franklin - -Owner Phone 45 9 -26 97 Smyrna, Tennessee Scott Outboard Motors CROSSLIN SUPPLY COMPANY "Everything to Build Anything" Eagleville 8s Smyrna Phone 4-2321 Phone 459-2854 J NNINGS Ka AYEHS FUNERAL HUME A 'ML 31353 bmenfs, , Chapel Service-Funeral Insurance-Ambulance Service Phone 893-2422 217 East College Murfreesboro, Tennessee My any 4 f , :I V: ' , 'Q J ,w EEF ff W W W fOneo t - '- inesw o H t' P ICE HARRISON For Reserva o s Call :1 -1394 Open Lanes At imes ir Courtflerk 941 North Broad Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee ,I Compliments of I DELBRIDGE STUDIO "Your School Photographer" 893 -8922 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of BROWN'S TIN SHOP 231 South Spring Street COM PANY 893-6972 Manchester Pike Carrier Air Conditioners Phone 893-2554 . Murfreesboro, Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee WESTERN AUTO Appliances, Household 8a Auto Supplies Phone 4-59-2578 Smyrna, Tennessee Flowers designed by GOLDSTEI N'S JULIE MITCHELL FLORIST "Our Flowers Make Happier Hours" "Where Quality Speaks For Itself' Phone 459-2770 Phone 893-6765 Smyrna, Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee VICTORY'S ELECTRIC 81 PLUMBING SERVICE Telephone 459-2185 Smyrna, Tennessee THE LAN E COMPANY OF TENNESSEE, INC. D ced Lo g . World 's Largest Users and Buyers of Aromatic Red ar gs in "Timber is a crop--treat it as such" 0 Phone 459-2521 Smyrna, Tennessee WALDRON ENTERPRISES Phone 793-3121 Phone 793-2323 LaVergne, Tennessee Real Estate Sales-Rentals-Home Builders-Commercial Industrial Property Sl , 1 QE, .S BODY Body Work 24-Hour Wrecker Service "Noi Too Big--I?Too Small" k LG'-rsffx 60.0.9 si Body Repainng ' ' -Free Estimates Day or Night-An time Phone 15? "-:X WSH' 227 0 HAYN ES BROS. SU PPLY COMPANY Lumber - Millwork 739 N. W. Broad Street Phone 893-1515 Mur rees oro. f b Tennessee l m um ROSS TR-AILER COURT Jefferson Road 45 9- 4898 S myrna , Tennessee J. L. ROSS CONSTRUCTION CO. Jefferson Road 459-4898 Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of ROBERT W. SANDERS CECIL ELRoD's E, 0 LCQDX Cs-5 A005 Q feaeoezq Murfreesboro, Tennessee V165 Ve 'T Dvlfuoeo ID THE MEN'S SHOP Hart 8: Marx Clothes McGregor Sportswear Iantzen Sportswear 119 North Maple Murfreesboro, Tennessee Buck Deavours Lra Cravens Your Esso dealer LEE'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER hee Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone 4-59-3429 Hwy. U, s. 41-vo-s. frnncroivl DEMENT 81 STEPHENS 620 West Burton Street Murfreesboro Tennessee JOHNS MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Dodge Dealer Polara-Dart-Lancer-Trucks 898-2561 Sales - Service 809 N. W. Broad Street A Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of LORD INVADER AND THE PENETRATERS MCFARLIN FARM IMPLEMENT CO. Phone 893-3822 Murfreesboro , Tennessee IDEAL BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments Of , Ultra-Modern Phone 459-4651 Owned and Operated by T!SGT' and MRS' A- R' ROBINSON ' Lilly Bucher and Nell Mills Trailer Town Smyrna, Tennessee MURFREESBOR0 UNIVERTY OF BEAUTY Students trained in all phases of beauty culture 216 W. Burton 893-1346 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Sarah Endsley-Owner Sr Mgr. PERK'S FIREWORKS Wholesale Distributors -Importers Display Fireworks 1410 Dickerson Road Nashville 7, Tennessee P. O. Box 147 LaVergne, Tennessee HARRY C. RICE REAL ESTATE Sales -Rentals 115 Avondale Drive Smyrna, Tennessee GIL'S BARBER SHOP Phone 459-2329 Smyrna, Tennessee JoHN's STATION Q05 S s ow-.. , S Pick-up 8: Delivery Service Clean- s Highway-U. s. 41-70 North City Limits Phone 459-2904 Smyrna, Tennessee MARABLE s. WEAKLEY Dry Goods - Shoes -Housewares - Paints Phone 459-3271 Smyrna, Tennessee EVAN'S BEAUTY SHOP 511 Hazelwood Drive Phone 459-2859 Smyrna, Tennessee STICKN EY 81 GRIFFIS Prescription Druggist Phone 893-6482 Murfreesboro, Tennessee FISHER'S srons Fon MEN as BOYS West Side of Square Phone 893-3343 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of FOUNT PITTS County Court Clerk Compliments of WOLFE'S " WornenQu -I Direct From the Factory to You" Phone 893-5904 Murfreesboro, Tennessee BUCHANAN 81 TARPLEY "The Prescription Store" 893-2322 Murfreesboro TCIIIICSSSB A Qoifmlelu 32+-AAOW' SINGER SEWING MACHINE 50. 117 Norm Marple H - Phone 893-soars Oxgfcfozlgsirfirliafiifsfflng Murfreesboro, Tennessee Mm- I-eegbo 0, Ten sgee A. L. SMITH 81 COMPANY Prescription Druggist Hollingsworth's Candies School Supplies Phone 983-7971 Murfreesboro, Tennessee IDEAL BARBER SHOP HOOVER PAINT COMPANY 107 West Lytle Street Phone 89343712 Phone 893-5756 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee SMYRNA AUTO COMPANY "Your local Chevrolet dealer" 108 Lowry Street Smyrna , Tennessee CAMPBELL'S RECORD RACK FRANCIS SUPER MARKET Public Square Records-Guitars-Arnplifiers Phone 459-3291 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of CUNDIFF'S CEE BEI Las Ogliif- Le Q,.Q.JE QQQLC. ' FOOD STORE Phone 459-2265 Smyrna, Tennessee SOUTHERN FURNITURE COMPANY Q 214 Noun Maple Street C0mPl1meH'S Of New and Used Furniture Phone 893-0444 MR. and MRS. JI. L. Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of SMYRNA HARDWARE 81 CINDERELLA LUMBER COMPANY BEAUTY SHOPPE Shelf and Heavy Hardware 4120 East Main Street 893-1616 Lumber and Building Material LINDAIS HOUSE UF BEAUTY 130 N. Church St. 893-8581 Smyrna, Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee WOOD'S RESTAURANT "Best Pizzas In The State" Smyrna, Tennessee 459-4856 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. LEE VICTORY MUSIC SHOP "Everything in Music" 102 East Vine Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee Phone 893-4241 GIL'S SUPERMARKET Complete Shopping Center Phone 459-2329 Trailer Town Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of BVERETT WALLER Register of Rutherford County Compliments of G-LENDELL ROLIER RINK " For Healths Sake, Roller Skate" THE FABRIC CENTER "The Girl Who Sews Buys Better Clothes" Phone 893-7 933 109 S. Church Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee su u.wAN's DEPT. stone Jackson Heights Plaza Murfreesboro, Tennessee "Where Shopping Is So Easy" Compliments of MURFREESBORO BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member F. D. I. C. Phone 893-3562 Murfreesboro, Tennessee 5yff'Q,fL yn r 19 Wx my if if r U FP wwf' yr! PM X fg S? ef mf rf V,fA 'LYXOJJE THE RUTHERFORD 4,55 COURI ER Sewing Smyrna, LaVergne and Sewart Air Force Base TILFORD 3a MAXWELL BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 893-4411 THE LOVELY LADY SHOP 610 West. Burton 51 Penney Plaza 893-6304 .'M111'f1'ee5b0f0 T C Murfreesboro, Tennessee A FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICE Life-Fire-Auto-At Cost Robert E. Rose--Phone 893-1213 Phone 893-8359 N ,C rwff Q W WHLHIFIN MURTUARY My W Vywrcm ance W 59e3 N UN A by W N hone s9a-5151 - -Muffreesbomre e ee WV J ,Uv er AAAPNQ Q6 f for ij X Di 1 471. GLW: 4, LL, 51.1, 414. f2.,..z' MwWW3ffZj2 - MEADUW SEBEATRICE MEADO GOLll F0 PHUIIUCTS 1 Ap, j milllmng-Sales Manager gig? Y3Q'g,f7I-gS mer NY NasnQ111e, T J ww' '5 Q4 ,Z AMW! Aj MA 223' 01, fwfjfwazu ffl! g'fi,,1?ffQZf7 X of WW W ffziffgffwf 7 if fyfww, ZW 70 If GJ' M6 ff' Z We if , h wi 1 . , , , . 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