Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN)

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Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Q . A Q49 Q , tu A " . . xx5,2JJl',LQ9pS'49ff7"k.. -k 1 If Q, ff , I if J' fbff f' iff , f 1+ ATS' 5? " Mffww I ' 511 , ff fi' A4 fig, E ' . 3 Q' Jaffvdfx., Lfgvtfvfxgr XA SRX ' 5 ONLQ 11 ow AV OMJQ 4, Q - . Q SX wx , :R G , QA X jj? Q, Egg gh N ,W . me N' -1 , Q i T x7 im-1 , S xi-L XS, il .ill ff 'v'!fkf'Lfg 5 A TWP. - has N? ' A LU- ,-, , .., , M. A-i . 1 1 I:-lava A , , P N R S O ' -t - xx A v-is X, ' .XD . T' A ,. V V .f:'- S? , X -7 Ay ' , ii .., 4..- fsa6i,f' 'f+'-'01-" J XJ X EU . - A ,. M . - ' W yxp VH 9 M' A WJ' '7 V ' f ' C, Q: O . 6 ,fl . 1 , sob.. 1 -- ' - f' " .fy I A , - Te A' J , 1-P 9 Wifi 1 , - -.fw, ,p,k,' . ' f" :f 'P' , k W' '-H-7.,- , , L. .v-.s4i'f" 2'1',. i 3 -Qgxg -7 rv. 5, ' T" QT"-If Lfij wk ' , " ' li' '- -C7 I .. : -:va vf- . ,. - -I, MEA. -4-1 lf. 'A Z 1- .d 1, Lil I V -F W. I f .- "M . 'jLb?f ' ' - .mm I, . ' "a , I 7 -' fd-a I ta., V. ' '5'?f! ' ' .. L -MEF' ' . - VV I- ' ,f ii! IA K 4 3 . Jfk,wQ yffffbiivfhi X - I , 9 , " M Q55 Uvlnffibf Kkmm 5 fffwdwwwzkb MQCQDS-N905-,V My 225,55-5. Xb fl QQ- fe- X . M Cgfi, GH sh 'sgdgg , A ' ' W - N bf! WWMWWM W ali A wfgfjfpbfy WW games Q Qfiuwl MMM WWW KQWW U, g W , C'7,fflZy,Wf,fW W Jffe effffj M554 M-i'Zgf OW pwxo .,Q,QzcM P J .i 'xy W . M fbffziwfwf 53:11 W M if M Wfjw a W1 ,M 45" Owfdwiiffffpw figfajjfggw Uwgwinggfnwwgdw 1 wj3iil50flf5iDi5?WMWQW' W . ' ' - - ff M JWM W W Wboiiizyibfp if C9 . n A W ,Q df ne ,fi n ew! f Q7 Alf ee 'A n '9f1fLf K f f , 'W .--' e vc! Lffvfffflffpf f- ZLMQ 7'2f1,5'1J J Awif Jah U n Q dw ' ""' gf f MX'-'fff E XCQ , 07 A llfi V6 Z f iiffnjjfgf E3 WC?-N UL 5 . If B+ W Q Z 5 5228 js gig SMYRNA HIGH scHooL n ' Smyrna, Tennessee Q Q Betty King Hughey, Editor AXNWQ QP!! W O gb QM wk n W nn ns N .1 WWQR QQ 'N ' A 3 ' i is w? QW X Q WN utherford County Champions .. Q My af Qmyfm AW. Q iuzday, 2nd Place, Rutherford County QW ' , fc' C' I V : 2 - Effcai. A 19f'2fL .bf ,fx QT, v Locker Room Agni' C7 ltd' fa A V uf .... Afgqdy ggllllllglllff. .. .. DezQ0dfea' af 64 b 555 i Telephone Time Cafeteria Sportsmanship Award David Young, Footballg Patricia Patton, Girls' Basket- ballg Johnnie Howse, Boys' Basketball. 4 Mm. .. aww' an Spina .. WMM 3 var .f'0i00l if 2259 iff' ,Qmyffza 14!fyi.llf FACULTY ,, 'ZF X XX Ni? W Xfa XX X N N EX x 'g lx. . gyfls. -.1 J. J. McWilliams, Principal Billy Moore Howell History, Coach Mrs. Sam Ogan Mathematics 'A ' 'pw R A fi U noi' 0 Q William Green Commercial Mrs. Claude Hibdon Secretary, Civics Sue Spivey Commercial Mrs. Ed Price Music Donald M. Martin Algebra, Science Mrs. Ann Sanford Librarian, Latin IT X1 A lil X. ,I LN lf -X X J V r J YS' :z'f'm""'l'maan Fred Covington English Mrs. Fannie Turney 7,5 English ' If Yeg.5,,eC-ffl-f'u'f7 '55 wg., 1" ,J 1, LL 1 Lf 1- l'L't" Jack Jolly Physical Education, Coach Mrs. Clyde Richards Science Mrs. Samuel Newman French, Biology, English Mrs. Rebecca Carrigan Seventh and Eighth Grade English Speech Robert Raikes Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Health Mrs Thomas Stockard Mrs. Charles Tilford Seventh and Eighth Grade History Seventh and Eighth Grade Arithmetic Home Economics Geography if J-fffft M Q Q AGSES X N fp. X E?fgfs if ,, - N 4,aJv.6Jy,c"J WW 14" SPENCER DILLON SHORT President "For they can conquer who believe they can." A Class President '59,'60, Class Sgt. at Arms '5'7,'58, F,F,A, '5'7,'58,'59,'6O, Glee Club '57,'58,'59,'60, Football '57,'58, S. Club '57,'58, F,F.A. President '60, Vice-Pres- ident '59, F.B.L.A. '60, President '60, F.F.A. Convention'59, '60, Usher Gradua- tion '59,Annual Staff'60,Science Club '57, '58, 4-H Club '58,'59. GENE HILL Vice-President "He's full of wit, this clever lad, never gloomy, never sad." Senior Class Vice-President '60, Football '58,'59,'60,SClub'59,'60,Science Club'58, '59,'60, Glee Club '59,'60, Dramatics '59, '60, President '60, French Club '60, Dra- matics Play '59, Glee Club Librarian '59, Usher Graduation ' 59, Usher Baccalaureate '59, Most Popular Boy '60, Wittiest Boy ' 60. THE SENIOR CLASS BETTY KING HUGHEY Secretary "A girl in which laughter and wisdom are mixed." Glee Club '5'7,'58,'59,'60, Pianist '57,'58, '59,'60, President '59, Sextet '5'7,'58, Choral Camp '57,'58,'59, F.H.A. '5'7,'58, '59,'60, Pianist '57,'58, Sub District Pianist '58, Convention '5'7,'58, Annual Staff '58, '59,'60, Co-Editor '59, Editor '60, Cheer- leader '57,'58,'59,'60, Captain '59,'60, Class Secretary'58,'60, Beta Club '58,'59, '60, President '60, Science Club '5'7,'58,'59, Secretary '58, Treasurer '59, Press Club '58,'59,'60, Business Manager '59, Social Editor '60, S Club '5'7,'58,'59,'60, French Club '60, Dramatlcs Club '59,'60, Secretary '59, Snow Queen Attendant '59, Junior Scholarship Medal '59, Chorus Medal '59, Latin Medal '5'I,'58, Volunteer Girls State '59, Best All Round Girl '60, Most Popular Girl '60. BARBARA LYNN BAKER Treasurer "She steals the hearts of all she greets, for this fair lassie is very sweet." F.H.A. '5'7,'58,'59,'60, Homecoming Atten- dant '58,Class Treasurer '59,'60, Science Club '59, Secretary '59, Dramatics Club '59,'60, Vice-President'60, Beta Club '59, '60, F.B.L.A. '60, Treasurer '60, Annual Staff '60, Glee Club'59,'6O, F.H.A. Treas- urer '59, Press Club '59, Pep Club '59. F I96O N J 5 SENIOR ROY DAVID ADAMS "Don't judge my ability by what I have done." F.F.A. '5'7,'58,'59,'60. SANDRA ELIZABETH BARTLETT "A smile for every girl-two for every boy." Transferred from Ardmore, Oklahoma. GleeClub'57,'58,'59,'603Pep Club '57,'58, '59g Science Club '5'7g F.H,A. '58, '59g Spanish Club '58,' 593 French Club '60g Dra- matics Club '59. ANNIE MAE BRANDON "Discretion in speech is more than elo- quence." JENNIE MAE BREWER "A smile, a laugh-she had much wit, and was never shy of using it." BetaClub'58,'59,'60g ScienceC1ub '57,'603 F.H.A, '57,'58,'59g Convention '57g Histori- an '58g Sub District Historian '59g F.T.A. '57,'58g Wittiest Girl '60. WILLIAM SETH BRITTIAN "Determination is the key to success." Football '57,'58,'59,'60g S C lub '60g S c i e n c e Club '57,'58g Beta Club '59,'60g F.F.A.'5"l,'58,'59,'6OgReporter '6Og Judg- ing Team '60g Public Speaking ' 575 4-H Club '57,'58. MARY CATHERINE BULLARD "A good disposition is worth more than gold." Transferred from Murfreesboro Central '60. F.H.A,'57,'58,'59g 4-HC1ub'5'7gBib1e Club '59. THOMAS RAY BULLARD "He never has much to sayg he just works and goes his way." Transferred from Murfreesboro Central '60. Latin Club '57g 4-H Club '5"!,'58g Spanish Club '59. BUSTER CLARENCE CATHEY "Work is Work and must be done, never- theless I have my fun." Science Club '58,'59g F.F,A. '57,'58,'59, '6Og4-HC1ub'58,'59g S Club '58,'60g Bas- ketball '59,'60g Class Sgt. at Arms '59. SENIOR MILDRED ANN CHITTUM "Theworld's no better if We worry, life is no longer if we hurry." F,H,A, '57, Glee Club '57,'58,'59, French Club '60, Pep Club '57, Science Club '57, G.A.A. '57, Band '56,'57. VIRGINIA CAROLYN DUKE "Here's a gal who's cute to see, and just as sweet as she can be." F.H.A,'57,'58,'59,'60,Vice President '60, Science Club'57,'58,'59,'60, Reporter '60, F.B.L.A. '60, F.T.A. '57,'58, Press Club '57,'58,'59, 4-H Club '57,'58,'59,'60, Glee Club '57,'58,'59, Library Club '57. BETTY MARIE EVANS "A winning smile, a pleasing way." F.H,A. '57,'58,'59,'60, Science Club '57, '58,'59,'60, F.T,A, '58,'59,'60, Secretary '60, Secretary Treasurer '59, Dramatics Club '59, Glee Club '58, Piano '57,'58,'59, '60, 4-H Club '57,'58. DOYLE FOWLER "Men of few words are the best men." F.F.A. '57,'58,'59,'60,Footba1l'58,'59,'60, S Club '60,Pep Club'59, 4-H Club '57,'58, '59. MYRTLE LOUISE FRANCIS "She makes the world a friendly place by showing it a friendly face." F.H. A. '57, '58, '59, '60, Parliamentarian '59, Science Club '57,'58,'59, Press Club '57,'58, '59, Basketball '57, '58, Manager '58, 4-H Club'57,'58,'59,'60,Beta Club'59, '60, Reporter '60, F.B.L.A. Club '60, Annual Staff '60' F.T A '57 '58 '59' G1 . - ee Club '57,'5s,'59, nsher Graaufiuoi '55, Pep Club '59, Beta Convention '60. ELIZABETH GARNER "Ahappy combination of cheerfulness, stu- diousness, and thoughtfulness." Science Club '58,'59,Glee Club '57,'58,'59, LibraryClub'57,'58,'59,'60, F.B.L.A, '60, Press Club '59,'60, Beta Club '58,'59,'60, F.H.A. '57, Dramatics Club '58,'59, Annual Staff '60. WILLIAM S. GIBBS "A lover of sports and ladies." Basketball '60. VIVIAN KAREN GOWEN "A smile for all, a greeting glad, a lovable, happy way she had." Cheerleader '57,'58,'59,'60, Science Club '57,'58,'59, Press Club '57,'58, Assistant Business Manager '58, Secretary '59, Annual Staff' 58,' 59,'60, Assistant Business Manager '59, Business Manager '60, F.B. L.A. '60, Secreta.ry'60, Beta Club '59, '60, F. H.A, '57, '58, '59, '60, Parliamentarian '59, S Club '57,'58,'59,'6O, 4-H Club '57, '58, Glee Club '59, Usher Graduation '59, Piano '57,Pep Club'59, Beta Club Conven- tion '60. SENIORS JOHNNY WAYNE HAYES ' "Worry has killed manyamang why die?" F,F.A. '57,'58,'59,'60g Reporter '59g Sentinel '603 Parliamentary Team '58,'59, '60g Science Club '573 Glee Club '605 4-H Club '57,'58g F.B.L.A. '60. FRANCES JEAN HOOVER "Life is short, so let's be gay." Press Club '57,'58g Science Club '5'7,'58, ' 59,'60g Secretary '60g Glee Club '5'7g F.H.A. '58,'59,'60g Reporter '5'7g Treasurer '603 4-HClub'57,'58gSClub'58,'59,'60g Cheer- leader '58,'59,'60g Library Club '58. JOHNNY MURPHY HOWSE "Always striving forthebest, til he's through he will not rest." Basketball ' 57,' 58,'59,'60g Science Club '57 '58,'59,'60g Beta Club '58,'59,'60g Press Club '58,'59g Sports Editor '60g Annual Staff'6OgS Club '58,'59,'60g Glee Club '57, '58,'59,'60g Treasurer '60. CAROL ANN HUNTER "Good nature is worth more than gold." F,H,A, '57,'58,'59,'60g Pianist '59g Science Club '59,'603 4-H Club '57,'58g Dramatics Club '59g F.T,A. '58,'59,'60g Reporter '59g Glee Club '58,'59,'60g Piano '57,'59. NANCYE ANN JOHNS "She lives alife of joy and fun, a loyal friend to everyone." Cheerleader '57,'58,' 59,'60g Beta Club '59, '60gSgt.AtArms '60g Class Secretary '59g F.H.A. '5'?,'58,'59,'603 Vice-President '59g SCI b'57'58'59'60'P Cl b'57'58 '59,'l250g cJrreSp0HdmQEgff:- ' 5:5 4-H2:1u6 '57,'58,'59,'60g F.B.L.A. '60g Annual Staff '60g Glee Club '57,'58,'59g F,T.A. '57,'58g Science Club '58,'59. MARGARET LANGFORD "Smile your way through worriesg laugh your way through life." F.H.A. '57,'58,'59,'60g Science Club '57g Press Club '57,'58g Glee Club '58g S Club '59,'6Og 4-H Club '5'7,'58,'59,'60g Basket- ball '58,'59,'60g All County '59g Library Club '58g Secretary. FREDERIK SCHOULLER LYON "To lmow how to hide one' s ability is a great skill." Transferred from Murfreesboro C entral '58 Glee Club '59 gScience Club'59g Best Look- ing Boy '60g Dramatics Club '59,'6O. JANICE MAYES "Enjoy today and forget about tomorrow." Glee Club '5'?,'58g 4-H Club '5'7g F.B.L.A. '603 French Club '60. NANCY McPEAK "Life can be merry for the world is better with a smile." F.H,A, '5'7,'58,'59,'60g 4-H Club '57. WILLIAM McPEAK "Every man is a volume if you only know how to read him." F.F,A. '583 4-H Club '59. THOMAS MILLER "Everything comes if only man will wait." F.F.A. '57,'58,'59Q'60g Judging Team '58 '59,'60g Football 's'z. ' MURIEL YVONNE MOONINGHAM "Along with beauty, wisdom, too, A merry heart that laughs at care." Basketball '5'1g F.H.A, '5'7,'58,'59,'60g Beta, Club'58,'59,'60gSgt.atArms '593 Conven- tion '58 '6O' S Club '59 '60- Press Club gvi7,'58ii59,',6tOg cgflri3s5p5nu11f1g Editor 'ssg ass epor er ' C eerleader '59 '60g Photographer 13res,s Club '6Og Annual Staff '6Og F.B.L.A. '60' Vice-President '60' 4-Hc1ub'5'1,'5a,'59,'6ogGlee Club '57,'59E Snow Queen Attendant '59 5 Science Club ' 57, '58,'59g Dramatics Club '59g Pep Club '59g I2s6her at Graduation '59g F.F.A. Sweetheart Senior English Teachers' Break PENNY MORRISON "A pleasant ma.nner is a treasure worth having." F.H.A, '57g F.B.L.A. '60g Glee Club '57, '58,'59,'605 Science Club '58, ROY ELVIS MULLINS "There's successwaitlng for him. Failure cannot come to one with so much ability." Class President '5'7,'58g Basketball ' 57,'58, '59,'60g Football '57,'58,'59,'60, Captain '6Og Glee Club '57,'58,'59,'6Og President '60 Small Ensemb1e'59 '60' Beta Club '58 '59i'60g 4-H Club '57,'58,:59g Dramatics Club '59g Science Club '57,'58,'593 Press Club '60' Annual Staff '60' S Club'58'59 '60g Best All Round Boy ',60Q Most Lilcelyz to Succeed '60. BETTY ANN O'NEAL "Quiet andfulloffun, she has won the heart of everyone." F.H,A. '5'7,'58,'59g 4-H Club '5'7,'58. LEWIS ANITA PATTERSON "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Science Club '57,'58g F.H.A. '57,'58,'59, '60g Secretary'58g F.B.L.A, '60g 4-H Club '58,'59g Glee Club '5'7,'58,'59,'60. Senior Home Economics Llbrafy R S NIOR BEN ED PAUL "A rightjolly fellow here you seeg and one as friendly as can be." F.F.A. '5'7,'58,'59,'60g Judging Team '60g Vice-President '60gAnnual Staff '603 Bas- ketball Manager '59g Senior Class Best Personality '60. SANDRA LOUISE PINNEY "She is as cute as the day is long." F.H.A, '5'7,'58,'59,'60g Convention '58g Class Treasurer '58g Valentine Sweetheart Attendant '58g Science Club '593 Glee Club '593 Press Club '59g Beta Club '59,'6Og Convention '60g S Club '59, '60g Cheer- leader '59,'60gF.B.L.A. '60, Reporter '60g Annual Staff '60 3 Dramatics Club ' 593 Cutest Girl '60. JOHN ELVIS POPE "He doesn't say much, but he is always there." F.F,A, '5'7,'58,'59,'60. GLENDA JOYCE RONE "She's never too serious to be gay." F,H,A, '5'7,'58,'59,'60g Science Club '593 Glee Club '59,'60. DANNIS FAYE ROSS "A merry heart maketh a cheerful counten- ance." Science Club '5'7,'58,'59,'60g Treasurer '60g Beta Club '59,'60g Class Vice-Presi- dent '57,' 58, '59g Class Reporter '60g F.H.A. '57,'58,'59gSClub '58g Press Club '5'7,'58, '59g4-HClub'57,'58,'59,'60g F.B.L.A, '60g Annual Staff '603 Glee Club '5'7,'58,'59g Basketball Manager '58. JAMES LOWELL ROSS "Life is short, death at hand, I'l1 enjoy it while I can." F,F,A, '5'7,'58,'59,'605 Tr e asu r e r '60g Class Sgt. at Arms '58,'59,'60g Glee Club '59 ,'60 5 Usher Graduation '59g Science Club '58,'59gUsher Baccalaureate '59g 4-H Club '57,'58g Annual Staff '60. PATRICIA ANN ROSS "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." F.H.A, '57,'58,'59,'603 Glee Club '57,'58g Pep Club '593 Science Club '57gDramatics Club'59g Press Club '573 4-H Club '57,'58, '59, BETTY JOAN RYAN "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." F.H.A. '5'7g Glee Club '57,'58,'59,'60g Beta Club '59,'603 F.B.L.A. '6Og Science Club '58. N if .. SENIOR ROSS SANDERS "He came to us with a heart of gold, and a helping hand for all." Transferred from Chateauroux High School France. Soccor '59, Basketball '59, International Relations Club, '59 Baseball, '57,'58,'59, French Club, '57, Science Club, '60, Bas- ketball, '60. WILMA JOYCE SLUSHER "Small and jolly, full of fun, there's no bet- ter under the sun." F.H.A. '57,'58,'59, Science Club, '58,'59, '60, Beta Club, '59, '60, Dramatics Club, '59, Glee Club, '59, Press Club, '59, F.B. L.A., '60, Class Reporter, '58, Annual Staff, '60, Most Likely to succeed, '60. RAY STACEY "Why take life seriously when we don't ever get out alive?" F.F.A. '5'I,'58,'59,'60, 4-H Club, '59. SANDRA DeETTE SUTTER "A happier girl you'll never see, for all the world smiles on me." Transferred from West Phoenix High School '58, G.A.A., '57,'58, Archery team, '57, Girls League, '57,'58, Art Club, '57,'58, Masque and Gavel, '57,'58, Make -up director, '58, Pep Club, '57,'58,'59, Science Club,'59,'60, 4-H Club '59, Glee Club, '59, Cheerleader, '60, S. Club, '60, Prettiest Girl, '60. MARGARET CATHERINE THOMAS "A Merry heart and true." Basketball '57, F.H.A. '57, '58,'59,'60, Science Club, '57, '58,'59, Glee Club, '57, '58,'59,'60, Press Club, '59, Annual Staff, '60, 4-H Club, '5'1,'58,'59, F.B.L.A., '60, Usher Graduation, '59. WILSON THOMAS "Everything comes to him who waits, there- fore why should I hurry?" F.F.A. '57,'58,'59,'60, Secretary, '60, Glee Club, '59,'60, Sgt. At Arms Senior Class, '60,AnnualStaff, '60, Science Club, '58,'59, S Club, '57, '58, '59. ANNA MARIE TUCKER "Happy go lucky is her trend, but all in all a very good friend." Glee Club, '57,'58,'59, F.B.L.A., '60, 4-H Club, '57, F.H.A. '57,'58,'59. CE CIL WAL DRON "Do not try to solve everything,time will." F.F.A., '57,'58,'59,'60. SENIORS PEGGY WARPOOL "Lots of girls you will meet, but none could be half as sweet." F.H.A. '57, '58, '59, '60, Photographer, '59, Science Club, '57, '60, Sgt. At Arms, F.B. L.A. '60. ALBERTA WARRICK "Valuable things come in small packages." F.T.A. '57, F.H.A. '60. Q PATRICK I-IARRELL WHITE "A right good fellow here you see,and one as friendly as can be" F.F.A.'57, '58, '59, '60,Football, '57, '59, Manager, '58, F.B.L.A. '60 Sgt. At Arms, '60 Glee Club, '60, DAVID KEITH YOUNG "Alwaysjolly and quite carefree. Life may be dull but never is he." Football, '57, '58, '59, '60, Beta Club, '59, '60, F.F.A. '57,Annual Staff'60,S Club'58, '59, '60, Science Club, '57, '58, '59. of 1 , ..,. 1. -sslcgs A X S Q Ni NSN, Si X El MATTIE YOUNG "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough." Science Club, '57, '58, Beta Club,'58, '59, '60, F.B.L.A. '60, 4-H Club, '58. ' TOMMIE YOUNG, JR. "Everything comes if only man will wait." F.F.A. '57, '58, '59, '60, Football,'57, '58 '60, 4-H Club, '58, '59. MISS SUE SPIVEY, Sponsor Not Pictured, Mr. Billy Moore Howell, Sponsor. I8 l XV.. .6 7 at .llll -www: - Q 1. X 22,-A ix Q N fi Q . a JUNIOR OFFICERS First row, left to right: Kay Goodman, Secretary, Thomas White, President, Pat Adam, Vice-President. Second row: Carney I-I a r r is, Treasurer, Jerry Cornwell, Sgt. at Arms, Sara Francis, Sgt. at Arms. FRESHMEN OFFICERS Left to right: Diane McGriff, Reporter, Pete Tallant, Sgt. at Arms, Edward Garner, Re- porter, Carol Brodecki, Re- porter, Jim Morrow, Presi- dent, Mary Barnett, Secreta- ryg Ray Lee, Treasurer, Mar- tha Rohinson, Sgt. at Arms. Not Pictured, Eddie Clower, Vice-President. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Left to right: Kenneth Victo- ry, Presidentg Suzanne Berry, Treasurer, Ranny Anderson, Sgt. at Arms, Sue Cornwell, Secretary, Doyle Short, Vice President. Not Pictured: Becky Russell, Sgt. at Arms, Judy Davis, Re- porter. JUO Adam, Pat Adams, Betty Adams, Ronald Baker, Rodney Barrett, Jean Barrett, Margaret Bell, Sylvia Blair, Martin Bradford, Wayne Brewer, Donna Cauthern, Ann Clark, Herman Cooper, Charlotte Cornwell, Jerry Cowan, Kathleen Cummings, John Cutler, Sharon Darnell, Patty Davis, Helen Deardorff, Carolyn Duke, Marie Dunn, David Ellis, Cecil Farinetti, Ray Francis, Sara Frizzel, Dennis Goodman, Kay Hall, Ollie Harris, Barbara Harris, Carney Hawkins, Don Isbell, Jackie Johns, Tommy Jordan, Rebecca Kemp, Linda Knudtson, Conrad Lee, Bill Lee, Sue Leonard, Carolyn Loughrey, Karen Mankin, Philip McKnight, James Menefee, Ann Merritt, Elizabeth Miller, David Miller, Shirley Minton, Carolyn Mitchell, Jimmy Murry, Donna Parker, Dorothy Parker, Jackie Parker, Virginia Patton, Barbara Ray, Don Rogers, Clyde Rone, Eddie. Self, Carol Shellnut, Roger Short, Janice Smith, James Smith, Linda Taylor, Carolyn Towns, Anna Lois Tucker, Barbara Tune, Betty Vaughn, Jesse Vaughter, Lonnie Vincion, Flora Waggoner, Ann Waggoner, Shirley Waites, David Walls, Jim Webb, Fay White, Thomas Williams, Carolyn Williams, Jeanette Woollen, Susan Young, Marie Young, Nancy Young, Sarah Zimmerman, Tony JU IOR -wi rf - f- sss- -ix SOPHOMORE Q t r X kg X XX Ce Fr s tk X Na X l x McPeak, Jeanette Merritt, Larry Mitchell, Connie Moeller, Barbara 22 , Adams, Barbara Akin, Randy , Anderson, Ranny l Anthony, Margaret Ash, Bernice Benton, Carolyn Bernal, Billy Berry, Suzanne Bingham, Ronnie Blair, Sue Boldman, Alana Bowldman, Dorothy Brewer, Adeline Brink, Mary Ann Brittian, Paul Campbell, David Conover, Jerry Cornwell, Sue Creviston, Max Cundiff, Herbert Curtis, Gary Davenport, Roy Davis, Judy Dawson, Patricia Deardorff, Clinton Epps, Billie Eubanks, Linda Fergus, Keeney Fondren, Frieda Ford, Randall Harris, Jayne Heath, Charlie Hewgley, Annie Hoakes, Paul Hunter, Patricia Ireland, Sue Jackson, Glenna Johnson, Judy Johnson, Rita Judd, Gene Kilgrow, Delores Kilgrow, Lois Kosman, Richard Lee, Eleanor Lee, Larry Maddle, Ann Mallonnee, Jimmy Mason, Don McGowen, Jimmy Morton, Jackie Mullins, Ralph Neal, Mary Ann Ogan, Ann O'Hara, Patricia Oliver, Louis Owens, Sue Parker, Betty Jean Parker, Rita Parker, Vickie Parrott, Judy Patton, Patricia Paul, Harry Pauls, Richard Price, Jane Richardson, Charles Robinson, Carolyn Ross, Johnny Rowlett, Nancy Russell, Becky Schlamp, Linda Short, Doyle Sills, Delwyn Slusher, Gary Smith, Janie Stewart, David Stone, John Tamburo, Andy Taylor, Leroy Thomas, Lee Thomas, Paulette Thomas, Wayne Tillery, Carol Traylor, Ronald Tucker, Betty Sue Tucker, David Tucker, Jessie Vance, Charles Victory, Kenneth Vincion, Marvin Waggoner, James Warren, Becky Warrick, Allen Warrick, Dorothy Westmoreland, Barbara Westmoreland, Kenneth Wheeler, Jack Williams, Linda Williamson, Ammon SOPHOMORE Woollen, Eddie Wortham, Thelma Young, Charlie Lund, Ray 23 8' ' is-Q1 L Qi if iz QS ' 1 if S gi 5 We X-if..--Q.: - .fs .- F-k.X 1, FRE HME li f A i wa X X Q Y X 'fa Q X X Q X X X wx s N X X X X X X ' l X X X X X Q s X X NNW X X X XX Y if X Q X s. X - . -- "-1: i Ni- 'A - .w X. Q Q ..,, X V K X X, X .. X X ' - XX X R X X il X X W X X S .t X is .S g -. m ....,, , ' X ,X I TX ifggg X. .XXX gf XXX XXX XX at K Q 4 It X US. XX .-,Yi XB. XP.-XQXX , XX X, f V4 Qian' ,N X X f X .ef ' . Xu,-i L,-X, . YS ..,. .,. , i .. .:- XG., I. ,, Q. .. Q Q X, . ,Q S. 25:5 S L X X.. Q . 3 X y " X E X 1 X Xe Q X s x X 1 at if X . as -. 1 X X S -. Q, U X X X K., X X X 1 X , X if 5 N X .. .. 5 gs . 'X of ., .... . ... , 2 i X 1 fo X 3 . ,... , , .... E ai: is .ta . may .. . X. .X .. . . . sf f --- fig gifs ' 5:-rf -:f 3 Fif i -L-:fl --"k 'M r 5 E or 'LL- aa M Mm X, e MMM, A -Wm , f ,W , , if W uf M, i 2 WW, aff, 'ZW' M4 Jordan, Helen Jordan, Jackie Adams, Donald Adams, Irene - Adams, Joe Allen, Roy Baker, Jimmy Baker, Sharon Barnett, Mary Bourdette, John Boyken, Ann Brandon, Harry Brewer, Carolyn Brewer, Helen Brodecki, Carol Buckley, Pat Bullard, Ernest Burley, Charles Butner, Charles Butner, Truman Campbell, Brooke Carter, Margaret Carter, William Choate, Randy Christopher, Betty Clawson, Judy Clawson, Roy Clendenin, Jimmy Clower, Eddie Cobb, Rayne Comer, Ceaman Corritore, Joe Cox, Margie Creviston, Rex Dixon, Linda Duke, Peggy Dye, James Elkins, Mary Fisher, Margie Foster, Stanley Francis, Jimmy Gambill, David Gambill, Joe Garner, Edward Gill, Joe Good, James Gowen, Coleman Gregory, Christine Hale, James Hall, Charles Harris, Judy Hart, Linda Haithcock, Betty Hewgley, Edgar Hodge, Barbara Holley, George Hoover, Edwin Howse, Clara 2 4 W Kessler, Jeff Knudtson, John Langford, Betty Lee, Ray Logan, Mike Manola, Mary Marler, Connie Morrow, Jim McGriff, Diane McPeak, Johnny Medlin, Roger Medlin, Thomas Minnis, John , Mitchell, Don ' Murphy, Shirley Nelson, Gary Nikel, Ewald O'Hara, Dick 0'Nea1, Ruby Parker, Donald Parker, Wayne Patterson, Jerry Perrigo, William Perry, Douglas Pope, Billy Powell, John Robinson, Martha Rooney, Larry Rowland, Linda Sanders, Ann Sanford, Patsy Sauer, Georgia Savage, Patricia Schmoldt, Sharon Schneider, Karl Shellnut, Sidney Short, Beverly Short,'Sharon Slusher, Suzanne Smith, Gregory Smith, Robert Strickland, Paul Tallant, Pete Taylor, Bernice Thomas, Richard Tillery, T. J. Tosh, Jane Trinkle, Mike Vaughn, Harry Waldron, Johnny Weddle, James West, Faye Westmoreland, Roy White, Jack White, Nancy Young, Bobby FRE HME NH " gf, if : 15 i s Q Q ,E 'Na z.. xlx X si X X x N N Yu N s ,, X . sr Q- S sat , ,Q w Sirk N 511 MXQXN , X 5 S W N .. . X s, rin - N 1 xt i 5 is K XM? i ix X X X. X Q Q SN WX S XX X N as in W .. x X we X XX X X , t , ,, X L j . :.: ' 95 he , 5. so of-XX E4 XX Ng X RX X X X x S it N x. 12, s QXXA Sim, , I- ' TSS: X R 'r si X X .X is X2 if is . L l, -fvisitf, . 5 , X X X , X 5, 5 ,X Q s 1 2 ESQ ' X t . I X X ,E E if ,I , 1 .als X E 5 X? X X X as x , X 6 sk Ri: ff NR xx :B Xa X as X ' S W 25 Young, Jack : as rr, iw SS' N3 E x W -' ' 5 Y . s X , XX S ,A x K x N VB ii X , W QX SPS k Q, Q Q Cv S S wa 2, S X .N x . EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS X x 5 X N : Q X - X .1- RSX Q, -X ., .,,, ,. Qs X X S xv X SR X x N 'X ba .se S X M Smal? X Q X sg X S it X x X se s X " A x:., M 515 Edward Chipkevich Bessie Lee Linda Gentry Fred Mitchell Rodney Fulton Larry Hiles Lenelle Marable Davis Fann Sgt. At Arms Reporter Treasurer President Vice-President Treasurer Reporter Sgt at Arms SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS M . 'SNL ' QXX , AY x X X R NS R NX xx SQXO N w reyes XS X X N we X K 8 ae it wr Q an EXL X X NF Xe W XS Q , X . XXX gg, W E , Q X R l Q 'R X we Xl X X Ricky Morrow Roy Aaron Bruce Gentry Vice-President Vice-President Secretary EIGHTH GRADE X X X X QX .. X... Bagley, William Bell, Ronald Bentley, Vera Brittian, Sally Carter, Faye Chambers, Butch Coffey, Cleve Conover, June Counts, Cheryl Cowan, Rosemary Crabtree, Linda Davenport, Kitty Davenport, Marie Davis, Jack Duke, Danny Epps, Clara Evans, Terry Francis, Sammy Givans, Brenda - Heckathorn, Billy Hughey, Harriette Johnson, Bill Jones, Ellen Kirkland, Gregory Lee, Braden Loggins, Juana Mankin, Patsy Miller, Diane 26 Not Pictured: Alfred Ragland, Sgt. At Arms Mullins, Wayne Parrott, Ernest Richardson, Dwight Robbins, Dewitt Slaton, Linda Smith, Ellis Smithey, Blanche Strichland, Ronnie Thetford, Jerry Toombs, Herman Waldron, Everett' Waldron, Gary Warrick, Charles Warrick, Charles Weakley, Martha Wortham, Jimmy Wray, Yvonne Young, Clarence Young, Jerry Young, Jimmy Youngblood, Barney Youngblood, Mary Ash, Roger Baldwin, Leo Barnett, Barry Bishop, Peggy Blansett, Bobby Buckner, John Burley, James Cantrell, Terry Carter, Mai Crabb, Charles Davis, Bettye Jean Denton, Mike Dickerson, JoAnn Dixon, Cecil Franklin, Gail Gambill, James Garner, Peggy Gibbs, Phyllis Gwynne, Ann Hankins, Nancy Hays, Carl Hazel, Bobby Heath, Donnie Hiles, Charles Hewgley, Faye Inglis, Roger Isbell, Eddie Jernigan, Shirley . . se., ' f S 122-'51 Z I if we if QW N Pi X X N X f ix x Nx N X N hw X N6 N as N r , t , si.. X. . Y ' X E I - fr: Ji X XJ EAN . my 2 -- Y' s ak. fx-fi X Y ,ge n Qtr: :X Kyi is 1- s if F X r 6 . la y an ,x X tx K at E 1 . , X as-be H1 ig, -s'a' X e P SEVENTH GRADE 27 is XX S x it a- X. XeX , X N N X N Q ' 5 s X, Qs pi as X X Xxl 5 Q ni X SX X X KX is K X X at X l is X XS X NX We X as aa ii N gm R XX XX ----- 2 Q nw R N X Q xx , X X Ss? ' 5 X X KX X if is E15 XX 5 XX X sw Hx Xssaewf X SXXXXQX iw? EXie ,Xe X X X R S . sl -W iss X-Nu .ix Sifsrl t RX s XfSan,1vXX XaXb . w ,XX X X XM X XX 5 XX ii X, Q X K V Q EN' A. XXXSSS 5155 QI-'1XXi is X N X X X X Ny Qt , X X X ik X X X ' X S N X N v-NXM X X XX W.. .. .XXXXXX .1 Q X M Q WW r, -im ' ,iwffyfzawf LQ Qwwya M 2 f f W 1 f ' . fi ff 4 W ! f 'f W , f pf 3527! f ffl f H ' H MN W " ,, 5 K Q ,, gi S il- . , ,, , i Qi 535 2 5 . 11 X 3 2 i XX ,K X 1 X ,ga t 3 - E I " ' XXX .. QSSXXQQX , - Xe XA . XXX :L -X X , , X X X, - 'X' it i' tri? X ' . WTX W 'Stir MM ,.,,. . it . Xie ii N E if 3 if -raw:-,It-.Xi sg Nwi,i'1 Xxv Windrow, Beverly Wood, Sandra Wylie, Ramona Y oung, Loyd 25 as 51 Q X . XPS Y ,X X X 5 W X W ' a X! 5 X 2 b Johnson, Dick Johnson, Mailene Jordan, Dorothy Kopelki, Lee Lavender, Robert Lively, Jimmy Loggins, Donna Mason, Patricia McGuire, Ronnie Mitchell, Marion Monohan, Mary Morrow, Ray Morton, John Mundy, Martha Nadeau, Diane Ogan, Lester Ray, Thomas Redmond, Betty Rowe, Mike Sanders, Jean Savage, Kay Save, Walter Schneider, Roy Selby, Tom Sellars, Linda Sharber, Steve Sharp, Brenda Slaton, Helen Slusher, Jo Smithey, Katy Taylor, Peggy Toombs, Edward Tune, Dick Vaughn, Ernestine Vaughn, Pauline Walls , George Warrick, Warrick, Weakley, Wheeler, Williams PGESY , Ronnie Williamson, Barbara John Ruth Elizabeth x 1 !'N xx ,Q , VS 2 ii E 21 E 3 x i e 2 . . iii, riff? gs X 'r N ff M3 XqLr.x,N -.P .-gf' N 1 1 ws 5 0 4 65 M 4 13 lx 1 ',J g . , N N gigs- , .4 Y5 XR XL X-1 vm xx if X M N B fl- ,S N Fc fx. Q1 X 1' A S . -:Ja Q K 1-, .Sw :fi-' . yy. lwx, X x f wif, , 'Y,,.a was .q S S. 1 rage., Wx 2 I x f Q Q g L I! 1, 1 Y ' Y Q fx is 1 1 I . 1' , A 4 ' , iff ' 5 ,"'! PRETTIEST GIRL Sandra Sutter 32 SAM Xi wg it cfm fix. 1 W X QA N R X xg SS lx, ESR X -:J , ,.....-own X C X i X . Sk QNX 'i K xx . -xx ff L K SE tyn.-...Q S . Y 'A' 44" M e Slutiher WI TTIE S SUCCEED OST L1KELYa'5g Roy mums SENIQR STARS I' and Ge - '16 Hill it 1 L qt f fm' V: -'? L 19 sv L L . .. ,-44" -. M L.:-L LL, P -x N - Q1w'f' gL:?L44 L j gf L L L N, L W is J .ncfgig j m K QQ L sv L if i x- V R R f i , 4 K"- ik' i 514 L f x x A ' ' Q L vm 'L - L '? NQA4 ill I X 5 X new YS ara Bake RSONA r and Be LITY H E L g- Q SJ' L ,Y K CUTESROSS Same d paul MY an Sand . Ya Pin -N 1 ix L ' i X? 'S S x S Sex gtg S 'Nu x X x I 1' -- . , N kv Q f A www Q S x .QQN ,mmm M.,- asswx we mm, x Q X N ws'-wg? x s X AM 1 ,nv A i gi A as ,E Y? 5 Q X Q N W Q A49 M f w Y. 'S - X f S .X , X ix- X 'X X N .XXX .ix RX 1 .-X ' ' I X Eg --.XX xg K .XX X XXX.. I M33 :QE gXX- r' S. si-X me 155-:Sis-X Yi SE? k R X 5 g, X x Wx X E. Ag --X X 5 XX Sklif XX VS i 1. v .K gig. . as x is A SX si if X- R5 , 1-.. is E. S 5? 2 43 525. W 55 - -. 1.345 ' F i Sig ily R 2 5. Q . S X S 'Q 2' 5 gf Q I s 1? z I 1 E35 xg ig. .E . 3 X . ,,.. ' if .X ,X A TIVITIE nw A X wi Q wx 153 X 3 X N X . . 1 5 XX S XW 5 X SX ,Q X S . X X 3 L .. x X N x3 X .X X X. XX. - Xing . K, , ' VX . F. NX E 3 in Sz Qfzfl. f Eg. 5 M Xgf M 5 X X h .E Vg SX ,v S . K ' x 1 i N ix X is I X 'X YS N K' is sit XX X N X ii .kgs '54 K, an XX XXX ii X X :E X' 1 fs X X, ,. Q si' X X 1 it X a Q 5 Q I 53591 , a A .3 .fxv if ,X 1: ii .ix kk. . -X 'u 'k . GX X X . Xi wwf Y? S , wx Zn. ggi .xx vw fs . L X. Ek, K X . x 1 msg? ' 9 :Si.?4fi4ea. ' .I 2 '32 SS-5 is E Judy Harms Forward i 1 w BASKETBALL Margaret Langford N m Guard 8 Patricia Patton Guard Mane Duke Forward Jane TOSII FOI'W3I'd Patty Darnell Guard abs Y 1 95' Q gi 'Nw X . X 6' X53 jf V, 2 -X. i X x XV NRA- .15 15 5 .- X - X QW X G: s. QS, QMS ,seq 'Q Q QQ A. x ig QM 1 ,M we r is rv Y ...,....'- ig:- mx 6 Y 'Qi 6 wx r X Q f v 4 F In front: Roy Mullins, Captain, David Young, Co-Cap tain. Standing: Robert Raikes, Jack Jolly. FOOTBALL First row, left to right: Ross, Manager, Cornwell, Hoakes, Carter, Gowen, Merritt, Logan, Garne r , S . Shellnut, D. Young, Victory, Manager. Second row: Brittian, Campbell, Anderson, Walls, Lee, Hill, Foster, Tillery, Smithson, Mallonee, Blair. Third row: Pauls, Clark, Frizzell, Fowler, Brittian, Mason, Mullins, Shellnut, Traylor. 'X 5 S . X X X X 2 3 Liam 3 ? ix qggxmx w R NNUAL TAFF Seated: Roy Mullins, Nancye Johns, Myrtle Francis, Sandra Pinney, Elizabeth Garner, Karen Gowen, Business Manager, Catherine Thomas, Sue Lee, Asst. Bus. Manager, Jim Ross. Standing: Betty Evans, Pat Adam, Co-Editorgwilson Thomas, Joyce Slusher, Ben Ed Paul, Betty Hughey, Editor, Dannis Ross, Johnnie Howse, Yvonne Mooningham, Barbara Baker, Spencer Short, Sara Francis. Officers: President, Betty Hugheyg Vice-President, Pat Adam, Secretary, Sara Francis, Treas- urer, Dannis Ross g Reporter, Myrtle Francis, Sgt. at Arms, Nancy Johns, David Young, Sponsor, Ruth Hibdon. BETA CLUB SCIENCE CLUB Officers: James Smith, Presidentg Wayne Thomas, Vice-Presidentg Jean Hoover, Secretaryg Dannis Ross, Treasurerg Ginny Duke, Reporter. Officers: President, Ronnie Bingham 3 Vice-President, Patty Darne11gSecretary, Sue Cornwellg Treasurer, Jim Wallsg Sgt. at Arms, Suzanne Berry and Doyle Short. . FRENC CLUB SENIORS J UNIORS FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF AMERICA Off1cers Sh111ey M111e1 , Pres1dent, Gmny Duke, Sue Lee, V1ce Presldents, Nancye Johns, Sec retal y, Jean Hoover , Treasul er, Sara Young, Parllalnentarxan, Anna Towns, Song Leader, Becky Jordan, H1stor1an and Photographer Sue Cornwell Reporter Nancy Young, P13.!11St K AKIQJ. 4' X ONIWB E SOPHOMORES FRE SHME N 3 , 9 ' ' - M -.X ,. Q 1 'Ax 5, u u u -11 2 - f 1 - ' L"f 'xii b V7 1 ..... V t XXX X W W . Y X 'Mix M N iw X .f 59 if . Q sa N Y .N 5 X .XXX X as S 335 X x KX X X Wx WM XX WN X X W 5 2 x K X S Q Xb xg k x X Q S . S' Q X 5 Q 3 ' A , if . X - - ' j Ny: Q ..:: Y is Y 2 , wi 5 Q S K W. .xx N S ,RY I w X S 1? A iss is X S1 XX SE g S Q T "'. x ef Q X X Q X w. is Ng K' - gk Q my , s - - A E A , x 3 X ta. X S R ns . - .k gk 'Ex " X5 5 X . g k , k sk. NX 5 N-Q XX 3 X 53.7 X . . Q Q i S kk gs Q X i XXX N EX... 'Qi E 1 X X X X X fx Egg gmwS giXFXSiQiQSN5 Q XYSX KK, 'XXX fs 5 XX XX X. 1 S ,X X X 'Sm Y' S s S XX? wx if lm , gs xr x X N E E Q X XX R' E , Kgg X X ,. .,.: 1 3 X S -k'AtL if-1 XS ' XL gf' K . x ' L:,' 5 -f wa- XXX- ' Q X X1 K Q Km gi ' " X A fx I X is A.: 'W K Q X an 1- LIBR RY LUB Seated: Paulette Thomas, Reporterg Sue Blairg Anna Lois Towns, Pres- ident. Standing: Elizabeth Garner, Vice-Presidentg Fay Webby Annie Hewgleyg Eleanor Lee, Secretary- Treasurer. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB P F.B.L. . Officers: infront: Barbara Baker, Treasurerg Sandra Pinneyg Yvonne Mooningham, Vice President. Standing: Kathryn Thomas, Sgt. At Armsg Patrick White, Sgt. At ArmsgKaren Gowen, Secretary. Not Pictured: Spencer Short, President. 50 erson LETTER cLuB Jean Barrett William Brlttian Buster Cathey Jerry Cornwell Keeney Fergus Sara Francis Martin Blair David Campbell Herman Clark Marie Duke Doyle Fowler Dennis Frizzell Edward Garner Karen Gowen Carney Harris Jean Hoover Betty Hughey Margaret Langford Don Mason Roy Mullins Gene Hill Johnnie Howse Nancye Johns Bill Lee Yvonne Mooningham Patricia Patton Richard Pauls Sandra Pinney Tommie Young Jim Walls g Jayne Tosh Sandra Sutter Spencer Short Johnny Ross David Yonmg Kenneth Victory. Wilson Thomas Earl Smithson Roger Shellnut 51 JUNIOR TYPERS CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Mrs.Spencer Short, Mrs. Grady Haynes, Supervisorg Mrs. Wilson Hunter, Mrs. Roy Blansett, Mrs. Robert Duke, Mrs. Willie Barrett, Mrs. T. T. Davis. GYM CLASS SEWING SENIORS I 1 HEY GANG! GLEE CLUB PRACTICE Jean Barrett receives the trophy at the finals of the Rutherford County Tournament, Feb- ruary 20, 1960. BAND Carrie and Joe Thomas Richardson Our Canadian friend. .fx XX W,QzmxwMrMw. anna-N1 Y wv1l,1.fg-LX A- 31- 1- S .-af 4 '-E-' WALTER KING HOOVER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Agents For Flowers For Any Occasion Investigate our Burial Association Phone GL 9-3410 101-103 Division Street Smyrna, Tenn. THE LANE COMPANY OF TENNESSEE, INC. y Wor1d's Largest Users and Buyers of Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 14521.52 Smyrna, Tennessee "Timber is a crop--treat it as such" Phone GL 9-2521 HUDDLESTON OIL COMPANY ' T. L. Huddleston George B. Huddleston Distributors for Amoco Phone TW 3-7050 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of MURFREESBORO BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY' Member F. D. I. C. Phone TW 3-3562 Murfreesboro, Tennessee A. L. SMITH 8. COMPANY Prescription Druggist Hol1ingsworth's Candies School Supplies Phone TW 3-7971 Murfreesboro, Tennessee , '55 I QD' Q . me WOODFIN MORTUARY 5507 . O O ECM WX N xx QQ NW J f" W Lil- V7Zf C-Laps! Ig M: og fl: goal' Ambulance Phone GL 9-3254 Phone TW-3-5151 Smyrna Murfreesboro AGEE AUTO SERVICE Sales-JEEP-Service 1011 Broad Street Phone TW 3-5054 Murfreesboro, Tennessee HUDDLESTON 84. JONES AGENCY General Insurance and Bonds Phone TW 3-5481 Office: 126 East Main Murfreesboro, Tennessee BROWN 'S SHOES "Shoes for the Entire Family' Murfreesboro, Tennessee GLENDALE R0llER RINK "Where Friends Meet" Highway 70S La.Vergne, Tennessee JoHN's STATION Tires-Batteries gl Accessories Pick-up Sz Delivery Service Clean Rest Rooms Phone GL 9-2904 Highway U.S. 41-70 N. City Limits Smyrna, Tennessee RUTHERFORD FARMERS CO-OP Owned by Farmers Feed-Seed-Fertilizer Oil-Tires-Hardware 115 West Vine Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee IDEAL BARBER SHOP Phone TW 3-2712 Murfreesboro, Tennessee SEVENTY NINE AUTO BODY SHOP Polishing-Waxing-Fender Repair Body Repair-Repainting Phone TW-3-2672 603 W. College St Compliments of J C PENNEY COMPANY Flowers Designed by JULIE MITCHELL FLORIST "Our Flowers Make Happier Hours" Phone GL 9-2770 Smyrna, Tennessee u Murfr boro nes WM f f X IGHT SPOT RESTAURANT TERRY'S DRIVE IN Smyrna., Tennessee AU LTMAN'S JEWELERS "Buy With Confidence" Nationally Advertised Jewelry Phone TW 3-1833 Murfreesboro, Tennessee BUCHANAN 8. TARPLEY "The Prescription Store" C 2 ! TW 3-2322 Q Murfreesboro, Tennessee TILFORD Sz MAXWELL BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY R. C. Maxwell, Owner All Kinds of Lumber gl Building Supp. 610 W. Burton St. TW 3-4411 Murfreesboro, Tennessee WALDRON'S SUPER MARKET Phone SW 3-2351 LaVergne, Tennessee FRANK MARTIN DRUG COMPANY Frank Martin--Maurice Carr Phone TW 3-9326 Murfreesboro, Tennessee MARABLE 8. WEAKLEY Dry Goods--Shoes Housewares---Paints Phone GL 9-3271 Smyrna, Tennessee BARNETT FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture Sz Appliances Phone GL 9-3443 210 Lowry Street Smyrna, Termessee Compliments of J. W. FLETCHER 81 SON "Your Wholesale Grocer" Phone TW 3-9573 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of RALPH'S GULF SERVICE Murfreesboro Highway IQ'IIGHT'S CLOTHING Phone TW 3-3501 Murfreesboro, Tennessee THE FABRIC CENTER "The Girl Who Sews Buys Better Clothes" Phone TW 3-7933 109 S. Church Street Murfreesboro, Termessee MINGLE MACHINE SHOP 30 years Experience Back Our Service General Repairing Electric 8a Oxyactylene Welding Phone GL 9-3215 Smyrna, Tennessee BENSON CLEANERS Cleaning gl Laundry Service Murfreesboro Sta-Nu plant 630 W. Burton 117 Academy Phone TW 3-2921 Murfreesboro, Tennessee HAYNES BROTHERS CANDY COMPANY Wholesale Confectioners Phone TW 3-6961 Murfreesboro, Termessee MURFREESBORO READY- MIXED CONCRETE CO., INC. Concrete Sz Slag Blocks "Solidify Your Savings With Ready Mixed Concrete" . ,fm Phone TW 3-7146 65311 e Murfreesboro-Smyrna 'WR FRANCIS SUPER MARKET Phone GL 9-3291 Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of RUTHERFORD COUNTY SH ERIFF W. H. 031115 Wilson Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Manchester Pike Phone TW 3-2554 Murfreesboro, Tennessee THE DAILY NEWS JOURNAL Rutherford County's Home Newspaper Since 1849 Murfreesboro, Termessee HOME FURNITURE COMPANY "The Friend1yStore Where Less Money Buys More" 106-110-112 South Maple Street Murfreesboro, Temiessee JACKSON BROTHERS ,, GRABEWS H Chevrolet Kr Oldsmobile sales gl service The Store ',f,Q?t3S2Xgg You More 531 N. W. Broad St., Murfreesboro, Tennessee ' Murfreesboro, Tennessee FIRESTONE STORES 303 College Street Phone TW 3-5733 Farm-Tractor-Truck-Passenger Tires Recapping Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of PALMER PRODUCE COMPANY Murfreesboro, Tennessee -QIIUZGMB 'IASWG' VDJOGQ X, Qx .ie 'P X U3?f55f We-eo QV XJ f3ff?in10A5fJi'.05' Qi VJ QUUQIIICXPO CHFXVNX 3 af XQSJ JENNINGS 81 AYERS FUNERAL HOME Chapel Service-Funeral Insurance-Ambulance Service Phone TW 3-2422 217 East College Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of HAYNES BROS. SUPPLY CO. 739 N. W. Broad Street Phone TW 3-1515 Murfreesboro, Tennessee SMYRNA SERVICE CENTER Hardware-Furniture-Appliances Phone GL 9-2558 Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of M1NGLE'MINGLE 'roP's DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT WELDING 5fv1f'?7'ggg1qE SHOP Murfreesboro, Tennessee T ' Murfreesboro, Tennessee NICHOLSON DRUG COMPANY Cameras and Equipment Prescription-Soda Fountain Phone GL 9-3245 Smyrna, Tennessee ELLIS GRAY GRAIN 8. MILL CO. Buyers Sz Ginners of Cotton 416 South Front gig? 3 Murfreesboro, Tennessee WESTERN AUTO Appliances Household Sz Auto Supplies Phone GL 9-2578 Smyrna, Tennessee G0lDSTEIN'S "Good Clothes" Phone TW 3-6765 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of EVERETT WALLER Register of Rutherford County EVAN 'S BEAUTY SHOP 511 Hazelwood Drive Phone GL 9-2859 Smyrna, Tennessee MOORE'S QUALITY MARKET Phone GL 9-3231 Smyrna, Tennessee BEATRIC E MEADOW GOLD l272t1tl'iC2 Mec1dowGoId MEADOW G. 4. A500 PH nwc' GOLD ICE CREAM Beatrice Foods Company 1710 Church Street Nashville, Tennessee Phone AL 5-5475 DEMENT 8. STEPHENS HENDERSON OIL COMPANY Sales Service Lion Oil Products T R A C T 0 R Murfreesboro, Tennessee Phone TW 3-2332 Murfreesboro, Tennessee FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICE Life-Fire-Auto-At Cost Robert E. Rose--Phone TW 3-8359 Phone TW 3-1213 Masonic Building 630 N. W. Broad Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee LITTLE FOLK'S SHOP "Everything for the Kiddies" HUDDLESTON ENGINEERING CO. Transit Mix Concrete Phone TW 3-4084 Phone GL 9-2250 New Nashville Highway 1 Smyrna, Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of DELBRIDGE sruulo ' "Your School Photographer" TW 3-8922 Murfreesboro, Tennessee W G N S BELL .IEWELERS 1450 OH Your Dial Diamonds-Watches -China.-Silver Your Mutual Friend Guts Phone TW 3-9162 Murfreesboro' Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee I g MASSEY-FERGUSON FARM MACHINERY Sales Sz Service Phone TW 3-4061 Lebanon Road Murfreesboro, Tennessee ARMY SURPLUS STORE Housewares -Hardwares -Sporting Goods-Ladies Ready-to Wear- Men' s Furnishings -Chi1dren's Wear-Fatigues -Uniforms-Paint "Murfreesboro's Most Unusual Store" 113 W. Vine Street TW 3-7295 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of THEATRE GRILL Smyrna, Tennessee KLASSIC KLEANERS Phone GL 9-2411 Smyrna, Tennessee Compliments of PASTIME BILLIARD PARLOR Phone TW 3-9915 114 South Maple Murfreesboro, Tennessee McFARLIN FARM IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Sz New Holland Machines Gravely 8: Garden Tractors 8z Equipment--Sales Sz Service Homelike Chain Saw Phone TW 3-3822 Murfreesboro, Tennessee FRANK'S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone GL 9-2583 410 North Lowry Smyrna, Tennessee FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SMYRNA J. N. Barnett--Cashier 0. B. Coleman--President Member' F. D. 1. c. COPE'S MOBIL SERVICE MUSIC SHOP B. F. Goodrich Sz Mobil Products "Everything in Music" Phone GL 9-3340 or GL 9-8217 102 E2.St Vine Smyrna, Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tennessee COMMERCE UNION BANK Murfreesboro Office Murfreesboro, Tennessee CROSSLIN SUPPLY COMPANY "Everything to Build Anything" Eagleville Sz Smyrna Phone CR 4-2321 Phone GL 9-2854 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Sales -Service-Rentals BATEY'S Church at Vine Street Phone TW 3-8552 Murfreesboro, Tennessee DAVIDSON INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance W. H. Davidson, Sr. W. H. Davidson, Jr. Phone TW 3-8090 123 East Main Murfreesboro, Tennessee LEE'S TEXACO STATION Phone GL-9-3226 Smyrna, Tennessee C. B. LEATHERMAN Sz COMPANY "Over '78 Years of Selling Good Merchandise" Murfreesboro, Tennessee BELL BROTHERS 8. CO., INC Paint-Lumber-Glass Phone TW 3-3652 Murfreesboro, Tennessee STICKNEY 8. GRIFFIS Prescription Druggist Phone TW 3-4682 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Compliments of WOLFE'S "Women's Apparel Direct From The Factory To You" Phone TW 3-5904 Murfreesboro, Tennessee SMYRNA DRUG COMPANY "Rexa1l Drugs" 20 Years Prescription Service Film, Candy, Ice Cream, Sundaes Phone GL 9-3411 Smyrna, Tennessee JOHN WOODS Magazines Sponsored by V. F. W. Post 4575 Phone TW 3-1238 CNightb Murfreesboro, Tennessee J OHN'S ESSO SERVICENTER Phone GL 9-3429 Smyrna, Tennessee MULLINS JEWELRY Diamonds -Watches -Silverware Musical Instruments Expert Watch Repair Phone TW 3-8403 Murfreesboro, Tennessee TWO OPERATORS Mrs. Phyliss Earl Sz Mrs. Patricia Holpp RAIKES BEAUTY SHOP 200 Hazelwood Drive Smyrna, Tennessee I . W-..1: I Q. , ...ff wi 'bfi 1 ' i'Ff"35- I I t' N' ' Q. 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Suggestions in the Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) collection:

Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 41

1960, pg 41

Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 59

1960, pg 59

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