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Smyrna High School - Gold Dust Yearbook (Smyrna, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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W ma L 'Hai' F M? W iff ff' we if fffgif Efigfif YEFSI jj ' yV s i1 XJ' J V Qgf M' Q' 315.90 sm QU Am 'Mgl DJLJNQQQ . , D,c1UQ, 1mx w 55 A14 wi Qkogfyxmwjlma Um QQALD , g42??F Www 5. W CKY A J X' x0Xx.mtfvQx5,u.1lf2Q'5Tf1 .,f Cm.. A QJJJM X Q , k31PfYk0.A . MJQJBUQJ CL X V6 Qfxobd Lsiimbjr SX Xxffubxlflj ww QMJ 'LCUf'JZw Y XMAS Qu Guns CLD TX ' :ZW J L, Ud ' MXJXDQGNA, S Wi, f ' Q3 . -B R ,A Q f Q 'xfjiu Chix E Q5 mi if QTY Y ggi K3 mm W N9 55 XQQYQQ9 Qwcwm, by 5 4,6 R mfwfw S5 ,366 , jim, AWD , My Dgwwwjygyxx X B'JjtPL'ffgE0f.0DfWW!6 , fa Koi , gjgavbvy-.ydpbs 'UEe,.,wU'9!Uf. if Mlfgg Jwalgw 1 4 JDJ' I t Q . ' 4DQbmfg'S0P,Jm91 mxglw .- - , fG2Sf3if,i5f3 2' C,b'23fff Wf ,R fbfgywfffw Qs fb Y wg . , 'fplgigfmgmjx 5 334 Wgwgyfqkif Q? 0' My ak CH3IJDlEHJS15 2? 1958 ,Q SMYRNA SCHOOL ,..- ll g. ,ah KW", Fix N 27' -um H-ill With the fi r s t day of school in the FALL come thoughts of football bat- tles to be won as well as subject matter to be learned. Through the WINTER time we read and study hard and enjoy indoor sports and games. SPRING time is play time - -drarnatic plays we mean. Many after school hours are spent memorizing and practicing lines. AT LAST! ZW The year's work over, many r ewar d s won, having grown in statue, we graduate. The GOLD DUST staff of 1958 give 5 you thi s SEASONAL PRESENTATION of our year. 3 N ,I .1 ol V P 1 ADMINlS'fRATION .0 E J. J. MCWILLIAMS at x X1 'J N' 'sv S Principal 4 MRS. OPAL JACKSON MRS. CLAUDE HIBDON MRS. ANN SANFORD Commercial Commercial Librarian Civics Latin 1' fy , kg- Q g2yfgv'4"" ' j z! N-4 xx MRS. CLYDE RICHARDS DEAN M. HOLLAND MRS. BILL WALSH Science Physical Education Home Economics Health Coach BILLY MOORE HOWELL MRS. -FANNIE TURNEY History MRS. THOMAS LUTTRELL English Coach English 1 C 1 wall A .. . MRS. TRAVIS WINDROW JOHN H. BUCKNER MRS. NORMA LOHNER. Mathematics Vocational Agriculture Music Guidance x ,xx X AI 15 ' Q! 0 fffvwvl MRS. cHAnLr:s TILFORD Mas. DEAN HOLLAND Mas. ' Eighth Grade seventh Grade 5 fi N . f y,fJQ'if lie! ff f' ,4? , 7 1 I ' ,I N' ff' W' WL W MRS. BOYD c LEMAN Mas. NELAURA LEWIS Mas. JEAN WILSON Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade MRS. ANN DAWSON MRS. THELMA DAVIS FRANCES K. COLEMAN Fourth Grade Third Grade Third Grade , , faire MRS. E. C, LEE ANN ELIZABETH SWAIN ELIZABETH E. LOWRY Second Grade First Grade Second Grade ,Y Y ,- 3 I A yffgg' 4,43 " ' ij :milf , 1,7 MRS. GEORGE HUGHEY MRS, HATTON WARD MRS. MARIE LAMPLEY First Grade First Grade Music LASSE . R. l l THOMAS LEE RUSSELL The things he did were well done5the things he accomplished were great. Class President 56, 57, 585 Annual Staff 57, 585 Beta Club 56, 57, 585 Sgt. at Arms 585 F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 585 Parliamentary Team 565 Dairy Judging Team 555 4-H Club 57, 585 Dairy and Soil Judging Teams 5751-Ionor Club 57, 585 Press Club 585 Science Club 585 President 585 Mathe- matics Medal 575 Junior Play 575 Usher Bacca- laureate, Graduation 575 Voic e of Democracy Contest 585 Most Popular Boy 58. GERALD BURGESS LEE If I want to say something--l'll say it5 if l'm not supposed to--I'll try anyhow. F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 585 President 585 Dairy Judging Team 565 Varsity Visit 565 Class Vice- President 57, 585 4-H Club 565 Soil Judging Team 565 Football 55, 56, 57, 585 Basketball 57, 585 Press Club 57, 585 Annual Staff 585 S Club 58. X 564.4 . J EVELYN JANE JOHNS Why cry over spilled milk when there's more to spill? F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 585 Secretary 575 Basket- ball 55, 56, 57, 585 All County 575 All District 575 Most Athletic 575 Best All-Round Girl 585 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 585 Secretary 575 Honor Club 56, 57, 585 Beta Club 57, 585 Secretary 585 Press Club 56, 57, 585 S Club 56,'57, 585 Glee Club 555 Clas s Reporter 555 Secretary 56, 585 Junior Play 575 Annual Staff 57, 58. MARTHA LOUISE DRENNAN Friend hip cannot be measured, only the re- sults can be tallied, Class Secretary 55, 57, 58: Prettiest Girl 555 F. F. A. Sweetheart 555 Co-Editor 57, Editor 585 Club 57, 5.85 F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 585 Parliamen- tarian 57, Convention 56, 575 Home Econornics Medal 575 Beta Club 56, 57, 585 Treasurer 57, President 585 Convention 57, 585 Press Club 55, 56, 57, 585 Business Manager 575F. T. A. 56, 57, 585 Secretary-Treasurer 57, 585 Library Club 57, 585 Vice-President 57, President 585 Con- vention 57-5 Glee Club 55, 57, 585 Librarian 57, 585 Junior Play 575 Usher Graduation 575 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 585 Piano 55. Reporter 565Treasurer Football Attendant 55: Annual Staff 56, 57, 585 Cheerleader 57, 585 S M... . wigs DORIS ANN ROBINSON Happiness is the firm foundation on which life is based. Glee Club 55, 56, 57, 585 President 585 Opera 563 Home Room President 56: Girls Sextette 57, 585 Junior Play Usher 573 Annual Staff 583Press Club 583 Class Reporter 58. SARAH JUANICE ODOM Life can be merry, fo r the world is better with a smile. 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 58, Treasurer 573 Re- porter 58: Honor Club 57, 583 Glee Club 555 F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 58g Treasurer 57, Basket- ball 55, 56, 57, 585 All District 573 All Mid-State 57: Class Vice-President 56: Reporter 583 Home- coming Attendant 563 Queen 583 Annual Staff 56, 57, 585 Business Manager 583 Press Club 56, 57, issgsera Club 56, 57, 583 s Club 56, 57, sag Junior Play 57. WALTER LEE GAMBILL To know him is a real treat, for he's a fine boy and a grand athlete. F. F. A. 57, 58g Science Club 57, 583 Press Club 57, 583 S Club 56, 57, 58g Football 55, 56, 57, 58g Captain 58: Basketball 57, 583 Captain 58g Best-All-Round Boy 583 Class Sgt. at Arms 57, 58. JOHN FRANKLIN FANN I like workg it fascinates meg I can sit and look at it for hours. Class Sgt. at Arms 57, 58: F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 58: Reporter 58: Science Club 57, 4-H Club 57. 2.-i n K .. ,X A .ss 1 I f -X R K N X N X s X N X .S b Q A A S u I - - : . RONALD WILLIAM BEAVER Happy am Ig frorncareaml free. Why aren't they all contented like me? Transferred from Elizabethtown, Ky. 57g Football 56, 57, 58: Baseball 55, 56: E Club 565 S Club 57, 585 Hi-Y Club 565 Sgt. at Arms 565 Press Club 57, 583 Scienc e Club 57, 585 4-H Club 57, 58. LENNIE JANE BREWER Little said is soonest mended. F. H. A. 55, 56, 573 Science Club 56, 573 Usher at Junior Play, Baccalaureate 57. ROWENA JANELL CUMMINGS She came to us with a heart of gold, and a helping hand for all. Transferred from Greenville, S. C. PAUL RONALD EDWARDS I'rn not going to kill myself studying if I never die, F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 583F. F. A. Sentinel 58. xr X X . beebt. -eee THOMAS EUGENE HAYES Work is work and must be done neverthe less I have my fun WANDA LAURA HEATH Engoy today and forget about tomorrow Glee C1ub55 57 F H A 55 56 F T A 55' 4-H Club 55 56' Basketball 56, 57, 58: S Club 57, 58g All County 573 Junior Play 57, Li brary Club 55 JOHN DAVID HILE Why be difficult when with a little effort you can be impossible EVERETT DOUGLAS KILGROW His wit springs eternal from--from where? F. F. A. 56, 575 4-H 55, 56, 57. 583 Press Club 56, 57, 58gScience Club 57, 58: Junior Play 57. I FAITH RAY GOODLOE Those who try succeed. F. H. A. 55, 56: 4-H Club 56, 575 Science Club 56, 573 Beta Club 57, 585 Pres s Club 56, 57, 585 Co-Editor 58g Library Club 585 Reporter 58: F. T. A. 56. ROY HAROLD GOWEN The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. Press Club 55, 56, 57, 583 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 583 Science Club 57, 585 F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 58g Basketball 57, 58: S Club 57, 58. MOLLIE DOLORUS HAITHCOCK Laugh andbejoyful--this is the key to happi- ness.. F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 583 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 58: Secretary-Treasurer 585 Annual Staff 583 Press Club 56, 57, 58:Beta Club 56, 57, 589 Re- porter 58g Glee Club 55g Basketball 56, 57, 58: S Club 57, 585 4-H Honor Club 57, 58. WAYNE ROBERT HAY Here is alad both good and kindwhose equal one does seldom find. Basketball 55, 56, 57, 585 Glee Club 55, 57, 58, Vice-President 583 T enor Medal 573 Male Quartet 57, 58g 4-H Club 56, 57, 58: Songleader 57: Honor Club 57, 585 Annual Staff 583 Press Club 56, 57, 585 Football Manager 56, 57, 585 Science Club 58g S Club 57, 58. Q Hvwrm""' , 'Ti M DELORIES AILEEN KING Theylsay silence is golden-who wants tobe rich? Class Treasurer 55. 563 Secretary 573 F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 583Photographer 563 Presi- dent 573 Convention 573 Glee Club 55, 57, 583 57, 58: Vice-President 573 Pre s s Club 55, 56 Business Manager 583 Annual Staff 56, 57, 583 F. T. A. 55, 56, 583 Vice-President 56, 582 4-I-I Club 55: F. F. A. Sweetheart 563 Junior Play 572 S Club 56, 57, 581 Cheerleader 56, 57, 583 Captain 582 Most Popular Girl 58. ' NINA JOYCE LUNN A girl in which laughter and wisdom are mixed. F. H. A. 55, 56, 573 Convention 563 Science Club 57, 583 Tr easurer 583 Beta Club 57, 583 Glee Club 573 U she r at Junior Play 573 Press Club 583 Annual Staff 58. JERRY LEE MADDUX What I want I'll get, what I don't want hasn't been thought of yet. F. F. A. 55, 56, 57. 583 Football 583 S Club 58. LINDA LOU MADDUX A smile for every girl--two for every boy. F. H. A. 55, 56, 57. 583 Glee Club 57, 585 Science Club 56,583 S Club 583 Junior Play 573 Cheerleader 58. 3 .3 X if 3 . . - 5 .. 'Q . f KT . 1. ' - 55E5':75 .sz-3... Q ..., HENRY RAY MILAN Nothing is impossible for the man who does not have to do it himself. F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 58. JANE EVON MILLER Her pathway is honesty, her goal is truth. F. H. A. 55, 56, 573 Science Club 56, 573 Glee Club 573 Usher Junior Play 57. HAROLD WAYNE MOONINGHAM A woman is the holiday of man, and every man is entitled to a holiday. Class President 553 Press Club 56, 57, 582 Glee Club 55, 4-H Club 57, 583 Annual Staff 57, 582 S Club 581 Science Club 573 Football 55, 56, 57, 583 Junior Play 57. DOROTHY CAROLYN MULLINS Devout yet cheerful3, active yet resigned. F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 583 Convention 562 Press Club 56557. 58S Co-Editor 573 Editor 583 Library Club 55, 563 Sgt. at Arms 553 President 56S Glee Club 55, Secretary-Treasurer-57, 583 Girls Sextet 57, 583 4-I-I Club 56. 573 Song Leader 56, 573 Science Club 56, 573 Beta Club 56, 57. 583 Con- vention 573 F. T. A. 563 Junior Play 573 Usher Graduation 57. E 5 BURL HENDERSON PATTON Take good care of me, good men are hard to find. Football 55, 56, 57. 58: S Club 55. 56, 57, 583 4-H Club 55,56,57,58g Science Club 57,583 Glee Club 55. TED HU TCHINS PIERCE Silence is sometimes better than speech. Transferred from Seattle, Washington 58. RAYMOND C. PINNEY There's a lot of fun in the world if a fellow only knows how to find it. Football 55, 57, 585 Basketball Manager 57, 58: S Club 583 Usher Graduation. LINDA LAURA POPE A mild manner and a gentle heart. Class Reporter 565 F. H. A. 56, 57, 585 F,T,A, 56,57,58: Press Club 56,52 ,385 4-H Club 56,,57,58g Glee Club 57,583 Science Club 56,57,58g Beta Club 57,583 Convention 57. CLYDE FRANKLIN MURPHY Everytime there's a. fire drill, he prays for a fire. F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 585 Sgt. at Arms 56. SHIRLEY JOYCE NIXON A laugh for everyone, and understanding for all. Class Reporter 565 F. H. A. 55, 56, 57, 58: Song Leader 575 Convention 56, 57g Cheerleader 55, 56, 57, 58: F. F. A. Sweetheart 575 Prettiest Girl 585 Glee Club 55, 57, 583 Librarian 573 Girls Sextet 57, 583 SC1ub 55, 56, 57, 58: F. T. A. 56, 57, 58g President 57, 58: Convention 575 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 583 Library Convention 575 Junior Play 575 Annual Staff 585 Typist 58g Press Club 55, 56, 57, 583 Co-Editor 57. FRANCES JOYCE PARKER Sxnile your way through worries: laugh your way through life. Science Club 585 Press Club 585 Basketball 56, 57: Athletic Club 56, 575Volleyba.ll Team 55, 56, 57: Junior Play 57. NORMAN JERRY PATTERSON Q The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. F. F. A. 57, 5854-H Club 58gPress Club 57, 58: Science Club 58. U .. ooio 6 A - --hr - E . 7 X if M 0 JAMES TYRUS ROBERTS JR. He was born talking and hasn't had a relapse yet. , Transferred from Weturnpka, Ala. NORMA FAY RONE ' Enjoy today and forget about tomorrow, F. F. A. 55, 56, 573 Science Club 57, 58, Glee Club 57, 58. DONALD RAY STEELE Abit of smiling personality and a sweet disposition,he left his mark upon our hearts. Press Club 55, 56, 57, 58: 4-H Club 55, 56, 57: Science Club 57, 58: Beta Club 57, 585 Basket- ball 56, 57, 583 S Club 56, 57, 58: Sgt. at Arms 56g Clas s Reporter 57: F. F. A. 56. 57: Cattle Judging Team 56: Glee Club 55, 56. JOHN POWELL TALIAFERRO Girls are always running throughhis mind-- they don't dare walk. Class Vice-President 555 Sgt. at Arms 575 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 583 Glee Club 553 F. F. A. 56, 57: Pre s s Club 56, 57, 583 Annual Staff 57, 58: S Club 57, 58: Science Club 575 Junior Play 57: Football 55, 56, 57, 58: Co-Captain 58. A 5 JAMES AUBREY TUNE If I'm studying when you find rne, me up. Basketball 57, 585 Glee Club 55, 57. 585 4-H Club 55, 56, 57, 583 President 58: Honor Club 56, 57, 585 Junior Play 57: Usher Graduation 57. HOLLIS LINDELL VAUGHN - Work is work and must be done, neverthe- less I have my fun. F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 58. i A PATSY ANN VINCION A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. F. H. A. 55, 56, 573 Science Club 565 Glee Club 57, 58: Usher Junior Play 57. MELVIN CLAY WALDRON A man of few words is often wisest. new A A X R Z f .,,,, qQ:EiL: I 5 - A 5 - A A A F is in .Q LIBBIS .X WALTER H. WHARTON Why trust to fate when 'wel have our own charms. ,- ' Transferred from Murfreesboro, Tennessee 58. Best Looking Boy 58. A AUBREY LEE YOUNG If success is won byworking hard--then who wants success? ' ' F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 583 Vice-President 58g Football 58. A MRS. CLYDE RICHARDS SPONSOR MRS. FANNIE TURNEY SPONSOR NOT PIC TURED: VAN GARY TENPENNY, RICHARD KEITH BURNS, .TACK J. WYLIE. X X segfa- 61?-. ' 15 CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: Helen Cathey. Secretary: Louise Parker, Treasurer, Emily Lee, Vice-President, Jerry McGuire, President: Johnny Johns - Earl Patton, Sergeant at Arms, Woodrow Hunter, Reporter, absent. T ---- , X X X i g KX ,Q X .X . X X2 X N N VX xx X X X X ' XX 6 x Q XX Q . XX, .,,r W , , .. . X K Xt . -i N .X X . .rrrr .X , r.r-. . . , X .L X at XX X kr X X 3 Q X X xx S X fs... K .... W X X X X X IXX X N X ri XXX E X X X 1,-.:. i .E '- ,X .XX X :::X If Q. 1 X XX Nd bi S x X' Nw N ,NX NN NN Q X X X X Xi X1 X X XX . X i S fx as X X X X Q X X, X - 1. f V:-.5 , 15 -Xe 6 as eee. 16 JUNIOR CLASS Adkerson. Ronald Barrett, Charles Bingham, Ann Brittian, Betty Carter, Shirley Cathey, Helen Dunn, Mai Ellen Dye, William Edwards, Gay Edwards, Gloria Gentry, William Goodman, Sherry Graham, Carolyn Haithcock, Patsy Hewgley. Katherine Hile, Janice Hilliard, Johnny Hunter, Woodrow Jackson, Judith Ann Johns. Johnny Johns, Randy Jordan, Ann Kelsay, Dale Kelsay, Donald Lambert, Howard Langford, Percy Lee, Emily Leonard, Jimmy Leonard, Marie McGuire, Michael Mitchell, Ted Murphy, Patricia Parker, Louise Patton. Earl Potts, Eugene Potts, Geraldine Ross, Jerry Ross, Joan Russell, Kenneth Ryan. Barbara Shirley, Jo Ann Smith, Ruth Spivey, Donald Toombs, Jerry Vaughn, Melvin Vaughn, Vernon N Vincion, Nora Lee' Ware, James e ' Williams, David Wolfe, Leon Williams, Bill Wright. Martha - K pk. 1, X Q X ' X555 Q . X K... 1,5 X X X X X X s if X Q X X VwXTXf5lN-il? 1-ix? sX 12: X X -XX. .51 at fax", uv X . -z. I 'X X XX X X QSN X X. X Y X ' X Xt N dx XX.. .X X X XS X if N X . X ' ' . x X, X as x ,, ,Xi X :RN i K gs, is-,kiwi X , XX X X X X fif .. , fr X N .es J. r sf -' N as X- ' X X ' ' ,Xzz on e X X XX - XX. - - -Xi X g Ss S X X X N 5 ,gc X ,sg X X X X X X X R X X is X gi X X .X .. . X.. X x X X X , 5 fx' 'sk X X Q X Q X , S Ei N Six Ei XSSQQW NSE x? wi X my XXX xX :iii ii i . EL 5fFfQf'2gg.-Q iq T- f. . x xv is 3 17 S 'rf -235 1 W W 1 W ff? 'MLM f f ' W1 Iv ' 1 , jg, ,, ,W W 7,421 2 Vw W W ff 1- X TJSNYSS X N f I 5 . R11 , ii 'X' Q ' - s g. 1 .- 7"f"k' K - 'x . fi kfexi 5 P tx: Xi iiw 'rin 'W .. CLASS OFFICERS t - . , ,Q , Roy Mullins - Rresig-ent Dannis Ross - Vice-Pre sident Joyce Slusher - Reporter Jim Ross - Sgt. at Arms Sandra Pinney - Treasurer Betty Hughey - Secretary ix - Isfiix - es 4 asf Q 5 X X 1 1- M if x C ki , X age, 3 -.xs. . in E rw as wN snide, N N exe S' m Spencer Short - Sgt. at Arms ,Q Lt gh x - oor.x.ro1 , orfrf:..,r . ow . Q e e A L ' fait - " . ,L .. . .. qbx . 1, aes ff Ser r een? i oe so . S B Q eere - 1-1-1-. Sv S f 5 - ff L H. 4 In , ' ff Y ' , x we , is 'faAL'yf' , , it L 1, X 5 . l A l SCPHOMORES Adams, Roy Atmore, Barbara Baker, Barbara Brandon, Annie Brewer, Jennie Brittian, William Cathey, Buster Clayton, Charle Coles, Barbara Duke, Jenny Edmondson, Margaret Elkins, Maxine Evans, Betty Farm, Ruby Fowler, Doyle Francis, Myrtle Gowen, Karen Gross, Kathy Harris, Bob Hayes, Johnny Henley, Christine Hill, Gene Hix, Faydean Hix, Mayrine Hoover, Jean Howse, Johnny Hughey, Betty Hunter, Carol Johns, Nancy Kelly, Jimmie Lambert, Linda Langford, Margaret Lawrence, Ronald Mayes, Janice Mayo, Linda McPeak, Nancy McPeak, William Milan. Jerry Miller, Thomas Mooningham. Yvonne Morrison, Penny Mullins, Roy O'Henley, Donald O'Neal, Betty Parsley, Janie Patterson, Ann Paul, Ben Ed Perry, Jack Pinney, Sandra Roberts, Beverly Rone, Joyce Ross, Dannis Faye Ross, Evelyn Ross, Jim Ross, Patricia Rowlett, Joyce Ryan, Joan Short, Spencer Slusher, Joyce Stacey, Ray Thomas, Catherine Thomas, Franklin Thomas, Wilson Tucker, Billie Ann Tucker, Marie Tucker, Thomas Waldron, Cecil Warrick. Alberta. White, Patrick Young, David Young, Mattie Young, Tommy Jr. S Y . N- Xi Q x X Qxa X ks- gi: e e- K -K K 55 A e S eee 1 1 iiee - ,J e W - A no Xiii--' ' J M - - " ' so 1 x p 1 Sify 1? X 39 . - 'wi A - - . - l - i Q .,.- fx - E it X f. is lf' 'f L " we S- 'Qs sse- J e yseee in 1 ,ttol X - 4 M ., , ' f rx, I X - -' F A 19 f .J ML.. Seated: Elizabeth Merritt, Secretary, Sue Lee, Reporter. Standing: Jim Walls, Sgt. at Arms, Harry Dennis, Treasurer: Pat Adam, President, Nancy Cosmos, Reporterg Carney Harris, Vice-President. FRESHME A X X f 1 Q- 5 rrr Lr2L . A , r .Q ..:' ,X .1 r.rVL X, A rL.r . N A s , Q- . 1 ,..:xs . as K ' of f - .g - X - .r Q - . r 1 ,... -, . .. .. ,., A . '- A. ' . ,---- . s ' .1 , X Q - . V . ., f 1 K r X . y N 1 sq- aa .., .. ,. ' , . ww. mx K .. v - 5 . X- on as .EE as r. sf . R: L ' sb 5,43 55555. N .. - 1 , 55.2 -r ,gg , ,wg X . . ,. - ,,., . 1 I r . A . A . 5' ' . 1 Q: Q gg .. .... .. .x . '-'LE-'I'ke: X I' f e ' Xi Rf? gf m e Y-Q, ' :- ' 1 -, -- ' N ,, EN, ,' -- - . i. as v 1, . . 77 " i : ,f fl ' ,. 7' it . . . rx ,ga . x , A. . .X .. A k - Q ,ag rx k K 12, -,QE 1 .. . . f - ' . K .:. XQQQ N Q Y X 5.4 L wk -P55 1-W irmflmxsi - - x X .5 ' til 'X K ITA 20 ,J .,.. - ,1. f' Nl . A , sl, ,, i M 271 3 is -M11 W offx : . 'I 'Lf 'IAQ' 'mb' EN ,AY f x If Y X ' X XY Adam, Patricia Adams, Ronald Baker, Dannie Baker, Rodney Barlow, Claudine Barrett, Archie Barrett, Jean Barrett, Margaret Bell, Sylvia Blair, Martin, Brown, Sandra Carter, John Cauthern, Ann Clark, Herman Cooper, Charlotte Cosmos, Nancy Davis, Helen Deardorff, Carolyn Dennis, Harry Duke, Marie Dunn, David Edwards, Cecil Edwards, Fount Finley, Virginia Fowler, Sandy Francis, Sara Frizzell, Dennis Goodman, Kay Hale, Janis Hall, Frank Harris, Carney Hartman, Ann Harvey, Lala Hazel, Charles Hooper, Lucille Johns, Tommy Jordan, Rebecca Kemp, Linda Lee, Bill Lee, Sue Leonard, Carolyn Maxwell, Hazel Mayo, Paulette McAllister, Judy Meyers, Judy Merritt, Elizabeth Miller, Shirley Minton, Carolyn Mitchell, Jimmy Mullins, Geraldine Murry, Donna Neal, John O'Henley, Karen Patterson, J. B. Patton, Barbara Parker. Dorothy Parker. Jackie Parker, Virginia Perry, Bob Pope, John Rone, Eddie Ross, Bill Simpson, Earl Short, Janice Smith, James smirhey, wiuie wart Thompson, Frank Towns, Anna Lois Tucker, Barbara Tune, Betty Victory, Earne st A. Vincion, Flora Waggoner, Ann Waggoner, Shirley Waits, David Walls, Jim Webb, Fay White, Thoma Williams, Carolyn Williams, Carolyn Williams, Jeanette Williams, Paul Willoughby, Ha rhnut Wise, Linda Young, James R. Young, Marie Young, Nancy Young, Sarah Young, Shirby , X ..., X ., SMX .K X 5 gg i, x X X 'N K i ii- Q12 S X X X Y :X E ,Wm X X X S is ..., ig X Q X S , N v S S0 ,, X gxk x , X rr 'Q X 5 SF X xx N if SX Q' 3 x X K S s 'X X N X, , xv -X.: N S NSF' N XX x X, Sa X X 1 X X X X X K RS .list -f . . fitfg r-S T Q X X X X X X X- 1 X , XSS XX Xi if ,X X 2 X - X X X Q X YS' X X X X , :Xa -. 'S . Se FQ S . . X X R Y s X S X X QS ji 2 X2 is ,i i X QEW Q si 'Vx X X X Xa fx Q ' FS : Q: - . .XX -L Xa ' up .SP E K, X:X, . X 'Q 3 5- 5 Nw X . R - RR, EIGHTH GRADE I Kms? ' :Q i K .4 SEVENTH GRADE 22 eg., X .Q a s we iss X QB as x r. R X xx X Appleton, Bob Berry, Suzanne Blair, Sue Brittain, Paul Cox, Carolyn Cundiff, Herbert Cur is, Gary Davenport, Roy Davis, Judy Dawson, Patricia Deaidorff, Clinton: Fergus, Keeney Fondern, Frieda Ford, Randall Goins, Tommy Heath. Mack Heath, Paul Hedgepath, Mike Jackson, Glenna Jenkins, Elizabeth Johnson, Julia Johnson, Rita Kilgrow, Delores Kilgrow, Lois Lane, Jesse Lee, Larry Mallonee, Jimmy Merritt, Larry Mitchell, Connie Morton, Jackie Neal, Mary Ann Olivier, Louis Richardson, Charles Ross, Johnny Sasser, Gail Taylor, Leroy Thomas, Paulette Tucker, Betty Sue Tucker, Jessie Lee Vaughn, Harry Vaughn, Jesse Vincion. Marvin Warrick, Allen Westmoreland, Barbara Westmoreland, Kenneth Williamson, Ammon Windrow, Johnny Baker, Jimmy Barnett, Mary Barns, David Barrett. Louise Brandon, Harry Bossier, Lynn Burley, Charles Carter, William Comer, Ceaman Elkins. Mary Gambill, Joe Clendenin, Jimmy Gowen, Coleman Haithcock. Betty Sue Hale, James Hall, Charles Harris, Judy Hart, ,Linda Holland, Shirley Hoover, Ned Howse, Clara Jordan, Helen Jordan, Jackie Langford, Betty Jo Lee, Ray McNabb, Billie Jane Neal, Roy O'Nea1, Ruby -Parker, Janice Powell, John Sanders, Ann Strickland, Paul Tallant, Pete Tosh, Jayne Waldron, Johnny Warrick, Elizabeth Wray, Yvonne Young, Jack Altman, Jeff Bagley, William Bell, Ronnie Brittain, Sally Carter, Faye Chambers, Butch Coffey, Cleve Counts. Cheryl Covington, Jimmy Davenport, Kitty Davenport, Mary Marie Davidson, Sandra Devlin. Bonnie Evans, Terry Fowler, Jim Francis, Sammy Fulton. Rodney Gentry, Linda Givens, Brenda Harris, Clifford Hickson, Marianne Hiles, Larry Hughey, Harriette Johnson, Bill Lewis. Lula Loggins, Juana Marable, Lenelle Meyers, Lucky Mitchell, Fred Mize, Linda Perry, Donna Pomeroy. Don , XX kg Qi . " Xb-.. I f e ,s We ' X S tai -' R 'Mi l 1 5 X ' va X - X XS t .t . 'ii' - ' K ' XXX X. W - . 2 .X X X "- ' X s fQr 1-za ,X X . 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David Sparks, Frank Street, Billy Taylor, Daniel Toombs, Herman Smith, Elaine Smithey, Lilly Strickland, Ronnie Waldron, Everett Waldron, Garry Warrick, Charles Weakley, Martha Len Aaron, Roy Barnett, Ann Barnett, Barry Barnes, Jimmy Bishop, Peggy Blansett, Bobby Buckner, John H. Burch, David Burley, James Cantrell, Terry Carter, Mai Davis, Bettye Dickerson, Jo Ann Flowers, Robert Garnbill, James Gossett, Roy Grimsley, Buck Grissom, David Gwynne, Anne Hankins, Nancy Harcourt, Ruby Hazel, Bobby Heath, Donnie Hedgepath, Edna Hiles, Charles Johnson, Dick Johnson, Mailene Jordan, Dorothy Lavender. Bobby Lively, Jimmy Loggins, Donna Mason. Patricia McAllister, Barbara McGuire, Ronnie Miller, Norma Morton, John Parker, Steve Redman, Betty Kay Sanders, Jean Sellars, Reba Sharber, Steve Sinor, Terry Smith, Chip Smithey, Katie Steele, Talamadge Taylor, Peggy Thomp s on, Charlotte Tune, Dick dx I Vaughn, Ernestine Vaughn, Pauline Walls, George Warrick, Ruth Ann Weakley, Elizabeth Williams, Ronnie Williamson, Barbara Williams, Janice Windrow, Beverly Wood, Sandra Wylie, Romana Zody, Tim Bagley, Ann Barrett, Betty J. Belle, Patricia Berry, Jim Bishop, Allen Blair, Lera Ann Braswell, Kenneth Britt, Merrill Brittian, David Cantrell, Carol Cauthern, Vickie Coffey, Charles Cundiff, Sherry Dell Curtis, Letha Dameron, Eloise Davis, Donald Davis, Jimmy Dearoorff, Judy Dixon, Ronnie Edding. Jackie Fergus, Stephen Fleming, Ronnie Fondron, Joe Frazie, David Gambill. Ben Garnier, Shirley Gazerak, Valeria Gentry, Charles Gentry. Jackie Gray, Shirley Hale, Peggy Harris, Patsy Hiles, Joyce Higdon, Bill Hodge, Charles Holland, ,Dean Holloway. Mattie B. Hoover, Sue Margaret Hunter, Cecila Johnson, Gladys Jordan, Walter Langford, Kenneth . Lee, Linda Lee, Wayne Lewis, Craig Mallonee, Kay Mankin, Lonnie Mason, Bobby P 1 XX XX L X S X X X X X b sXxX,b.5HXsJi X? X P PX S h A ' P es X 3 JJ "fo -SP- Y PPP P K P PP PP X P P P X P X XX X P - X X 4i5fi5'iSSXX:ff3XiT fi ' I P P' 2 Zi Xr' JX E S S B255 as P X . X X J X Q w XPX J X a sa: 9 X Q J t. Ps P XX SX JX P XP J 'P J F X All JJ 3' X SX 2 FCURTH GRADE X. S Xi S 5: fffw J, X J X ,,,, XX -J TMP, K X X P A X , P X P L, X x P S X X X ..o- X -.P, X X gg 1, ..... X N-.X X N Y NP ' .ffm JX X fx,jQiJr J X J 'P I X i v l as. v J JJJJ:Xf Xgfgg P Xi ,X 4 ,J PJ P .P.-P fe :X X ,,.. X - :NX . 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Eddie Taylor, Carol Elaine Rickie Andy Emmett Andrea Steve Tom Milton Thomas, Thomas, Toornbs, Toombs, Trudeau, Waldron, Waldron, Warrick, We st. Gary Westmoreland, Billy THIRD GRADE f- .Q , Q :X K . f J XX . ,r N. . . k X . fee . x t '- X1 1 e + xi , .3 its X- , ' 't':' X K . ...., ,,, Q is is Wm , :M X W .,,, r ., iw f -. 'h - ' N 533 ' ,,1,gk1.,, . C X 151,52 21 .,- ik- E ff ,ix-1511 5, ' , ' -, , ' 'SF' N- 9 ' E ,.n 1- " MQ ' X I . ' like J 'X X iiiih 7 Alix 9 1 , . - 'lik fee ' lo - , ft-i - we -',-,X,e.XX-w A '- ve X.X. Q '- ir k 15 3'?'iS 'Q-i..q.... .n ng ....- X " NWN -- X J X i .Q " Q - .X 26 Bagley, Jean Barnett, Eddie Barnett, Francis A. Barnett, Lee Bishop, Donna Blair, Pamela Blanton, Judy Brandon, Bobby Brown, Lawrence Busch, Steve Carter, Phillip Clendenin, Jerri Comer, Adona Cox, Gerry Davenport, Billie D. Davis, Eddie Davis, John Eddins, William Elmore, Myra Francis, Sandra Frazier, Scottie Fergus, David Garnier, Kay Gazarek, Joseph Gentry, J. E, Gentry, Ralph Goin. Robert Gray, Cheryl Grimes, Peggy Gullion, Robert Hazel, Alicia Hedgepath. Linda Hickson, Christine Higdon, Arnold Holland, Donny Holland, Ronnie Hughes, Debby Hughes, Sherry Sue Johnson, Don Lee, Johnny Lewis, Robert Lovin, Cassie Major, Ronald Mason, Vera Q. , Meyers, Kenneth Middleton, Mike Modine, Brenda O'Nea1, Mike X ., ,Q 7 rr.. in xy, Patterson, Rodney Richards, Tommy Ridley, John Sam Sasser, Glenda Sellers, Annette Snavely, Keith x K Tallant, Margaret Thomas, James E. s Q, Nl Tucker, Patricia - . Tucker, Shirley . Q, l Vaughn, Renee k ' Victory, James N' A hx' X 'Q Warnack, Larry 'S Willoughby, Martin ,- zlcr -X X wyne, Richard - 'S Young- Wanda -ff i-. QS. Y S Aaron, Jennifer Barrett, Lanny Berry, Jackie Black, Darrell Bradford, Lynn Branurn, Sharon Browne, Kathy Burch. Steven Claude, Elsie Comer, Gaylan Counts, Larry Covington, Jackie Davenport. Edwin Dickerson, Bill Q K ' .. . .pe 1 ,. ' 'rv x .. Dixon, Jimmy 1 I mm.. 1 . -u 'S-TQ . as Q X s so sEcoND GRADE R i is is if .. 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Danny Feistner, Steven K Fergus, Bobby Finch, Judy Ford, Charles Fowler, Johnny Frazie, Jo Ann Gentry, Lydia Margaret Givens, Larry Goin, Peggy Going, Joyce Going, Mary Sue Griffin, Rusty Ham. Natharn Hankins, Connie Hedgepath, Howard Hicks, Clyde Hicks, David Hiles, Sheila Hodges, Richard Hughes, Gail Hulett, Tommy Jense, Neal Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Deborah Jordan, Jack Keith, Carol Jane Keith, Delores King, Patti Lane, Larry Lavender, Stephen Lewis, Michael Lovin, Roger Mallonee, Tommy Mason, David McDerman, Sandra McDuffie. Julie Messer, Kay Milazzo, Cynthia Mitchell, Mary Moore Mobbs, Roy Morgan, Rebecca Moser, Jimmy Moye, Janet O'Neal, Cynthia Osborne, Clifford Osborne, John Pearcy, Danny Pinkley, Donna Potts, Della Eden Powers, Fred Prince, Tommy Ray, Jimmy Reed, Ruby Richards, Walter Roberts, Karen Rogers, Alfred Ross, Michele Sasser, Gloria Sellars, Melvin Shumate, Robin Smelcer, George Smythia, Danny Stoker, Richard Strong, Dickie Taylor, Helen Troglin, Kathryn Tucker, Blanche Vance, Kenneth Victory, Vernette Wade, -Elizabeth Waldron, Robert Warrick, Margie Warrick, Maureen Wayne, Richmond Weist, Mike Weist, Frankie William s on, Vickie Williams, Barbara Zody, John ri X X is as ., : S. .i,.. tw ' xx N 1? QS X XX x f 'Q X Xi , 5: fhg lg, h ,s .. . as 'A' Q E S W . . X XX X .i L -ef? , Q .... . , , . .ff ., X fm ws, is Xiu in X Y X 2 A ix ixlg Y Q I 'Nl X Nxt'-53 If ' . :Fi Q X x e s Q Q as Q X may X " WPC.-5 NWA X G , - -. wire, - X. ' , 'ring' -. ' 'Xp - I x ix. X xx K S ' X N, X : gi rl . . 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' 1 zjxi, .9 fig' EI I Zia .L Eg, . i X i 'L V A, ' Q s .X 5 fcf Q - 3 . -- we 1 Q1 X ' ..... .X ff ' A 11, 35545. w 1.:1.Si?2, Q Q 'NSE .N ...- fl K5 5, . egg N N 29 1 X Q 1. s . f Q I 7 W My V www resr X E E E E 5 E E E DONALD may STEELE - ' Class of 1 958 4 ' . it at E . 5 . me X - f 1 :xg ' ' K JAMES LARRY WILLOUGHBY Class of 1957 '1,w'Jms- Niki..-:i . Sak X x Eiflsw xx x 'Es - 1 ks 'E -554 5. ,-we X 2, zpvi --aff: ' A I xx +. N asia. ss -p -. Mit as E 5 Q. L .. A is iii ff-5,3 - M X .er -- X X ,X is . A . ' A Ei- - -. X - is-f - X N .fiwsg .. gags' 4 'wg-,ks sw.. fs N. Y - br. ss Q r qkhk. r . . X M, .X .. x is ssewx -MPX W K+ X X X X X X N It el. N i sw JIMMIE LOUISE KELLY Class of 1960 MEMORIAM AWAY I cannot say, and I will not say That they are dead. They are just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand They have wandered into an unknown land, And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be, since they linger there. And you--oh you, who the wildest yearn For the old time step and the glad return-- Think of them faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Hereg Think of them still as the same, I sayg They are not dead--they are just--away! James Whitcomb Riley 1 if E ERSH 3,5 HW 'fini' lfvs wwwwnwu We aww x 'W ,ivgxgxgsxixx 5 T,,,p,kv.icoln.w-IM md' Ii' Q ffm A ixw E x FEATURE ,W . - S X f Y gg.:,v5:M . . MW M ef, Wiii ffixivfsgxw U30-f5Gxsfww1g vim! SSQVSNEQ mfs. N Lb .KN QQ-. vw PRETTIEST Shxrley Nxxon BEST LOOKING Walter Wharton I 7 I H I 33 1' v 1 2 ' 1 s 1 Y 34 BEST PERSONALITY: CUTEST: Rowena Cummings Martha Drennan Jimmy Tune Aubrey Young sENloRs CHCICE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED WITTIEST: Carolyn Mullins Linda Maddux Jimmy Tune Bud Kllgrow A ,W CHEERLEADERS From left to right: Shirley Nixon, Nancy Johns, Martha Drennang Linda Madduxg Lois King fCaptainl3 Karen Goweng Jean Hoover, Betty Hughey. Homecoming Queen, Miss Juanice Odom and her attendants. From left to right: Patricia Adam, FreShmB-H3 Barbara Baker, Sophomore, Juanice Odom, Senior-3 Ann Jordan, Junior. Crown Bearer, David Holland, Flower Girl, Nell Patterson. sp 'ic or ' . L we X- 1... I. Pictured from left to right: lst Row: F r izzellg Thompson: Claytong Dennisg T. Youngg Lee: Tommy Hart- Mascotg Harrisg Hillg D. Youngg McGuire3 O'Hen1ey52nd Row: B. Harrisg Fowlerg Brittian: Thomasg Beaverg Taliaferrog Pinneyg Madduxg B. Pattong Hunterg T. .Tohnsg 3rd Row: Dale Kelsayg Gambillg J. Johnsg Mit che llg Kelsayg E. Pattong Williamsg Mooninghamg Leeg A. Youngg Victoryg Dean Holland, Coach. , ,.Q,,, fue" Q, . ,. . 'N lmlx' . B ,v".s?, Coach Dean Holland f Q, waner Gambiu - captain in 1 A I QQV- --1 John Taliaferro - Co-Captain " - xxx.-My, msg- Q ' - 1 Walter Gambill John Taliaferro Center Left Tackle 'klk . ..L. 1 it T. iw? ik , S Xl Vx ESX X Ronald Beaver Ray Pinney Left Guard Wingback Q S IL. .. as 5 - gi X Burl Patton Gerald Lee Wayne Mooningharn Tailback Left End Right End Aubrey Young Jerry Maddux ' Right Tackle Right Guard Earl Patton Fullback Mike McGuire Blocking Back Coach Howell N X x.....x .. .N X X X X xg - was iff X 3 .. 5: . E K 0 - Juanice Odom A Forward . L All-District 1956-57 L 3rd team A11-Mid-State-'1956-57 Sf ' I X S . 9 L Evelyn Johns Forw ar d K A11-District 1956 - 57 K A11-County 1956-57 N . K X. . c I' Dolorus I-Iaithcock - Guard L Ruthefford County A Charnps 1955-56-57-58 Thirteenth District Champs 1957-58 m fEmi1y Lee ' Q Forward A 5 A11-Regional 19-56751 GlRLS' B!XS KETBA f.L .gf K i S ' 1 XM L 5 Q . 11- . -,ff -S 1 1 i 'sk X Walte r Gambill Captaing Ce nte r Langfordgx Johnny Howseg Roy Mullins. Back- Row:-L iRaLy fPinney, Manager. Gerald Leej LJirigui:gyi?f1'y.inr-3: Wayne I-Iayg Wglter Gambillf, il-Iagfqld Qowanzi Coach Holland. . .A'. .:-A AAA-A A A 5 7 J Front R.ow: Woodrow Hunter: Percy Percy Langford Guard . K . ..L. -L kL,..L X Wayne Hay X Center A Forward OV 4 1 5 . , XX . SW ings' m Harold Gowen X L .w G - - o-Captaxn, Forward vm I Ge rald Lee Forward X , X, E .Timmy T une Forward Woodr ow Hunte r Forward X - Johnny Hqwse Guard Coach Holland Ronald Beaver . .js 5 '5 ' Q " ' 1 Wayne Hay Dolorus Haithcock Harold Gowen Martha Drennan K Q- Patsy Haithcock Karen Gowen Walter Garnbill Wa da Heath was ' " Betty Hughey Evelyn Johns Nancy Johns Dale Kelsey Emily Lee Linda Maddux Mike McGuire Lois King Gerald Lee Jerry Maddux 'red Mitchell . ' Wayne Mooningham Shirley Nixon Juanice Odom I Wilson Thorna s Aubrey ,Young John Taliaferro Ray Pinney Burl Patton Janie Parsley Donald Steele Earl Patton 44 I ai X. . - sm-an R' X? X S LIBRARY CLUB , From left to right: Emily Leeg Nora Vinciong Katherine Hewgley, Secretary- T r e a su. r e r 3 Martha Drennan, Presidentg Martha Wright, Vice-Presidentg 1 bfi- Louise Parkerg Faith Goodloe, Reporter. 5 '- s, ' Q Sf 1: X p N , xi: xl. xm' -Xl: B SCIENCE CLUB Front: Janis Hile, Reporter: From left to right: Ann Jordan Sgt. at-arms: Joyce Lunn, T r e a s ur e r 3 Tommy Russell ' Presidentg Jimmy Tune, Sgt. at Armsg Randy Johns, Vice- Preaidentg Betty Hughey, Secretary. - :i?iQ'ifg '1 KE il -ii gf-:if ,mg -f is X ,. A A r-rms... vase- E :ny p 'Qxw KS 3' JR We 1 R N X A K X . A me 21-Q 5' A 'Vik i S S J A ,fff ,WW f' ff V 3! A ,ciffl ,W , my it Martha Drennan Editor W Juanice Odom Busine s s Manager Fi ANNUAL STAFF 51133555 Seated: Rowena Cummingsg Wayne Mooningharng Doris Robinsong Shirley Nixon, Typistg Juanice Odom, Business Managerg Martha Drennan, Editor: Emily Lee, Co-Editorg Lois King, Typist. Standing left to right: John Taliaferrog Martha Wright, Assistant Business Managerg Randy Johnsg Johnny Johnsg T ornmy Rus sellg Gerald Leep Mrs. Ann Sanford, Sponsorg Jimmy Tune: Betty Hugheyg Dolorus Haithcockg Evelyn Johnsg Joyce Lunng Wayne Hay. E if 2 B Q x - rx r Clwurrzll BETA CLUB Martha Drennan - President Emily Lee - Vice-President Evelyn Johns - Secretary Randy Johns - Sgt. at Arms Dolorus Haithcock - Reporter Johnny Uohns - Treasurer Mrs. Ruth Hibdon - Sponsor 3 N Q-Qw.S..N ., 'L ' S E Q' Q "FN w E M? V7 .M,..i1..M ..., A..x K H i kk :Up u ,WI 'Ns 0 f7 dTl01v4f va 1 'II RE L 4, L i E A F.F.A. SWEETHEART and A lrlldd f NE F.F.A. Gera1dLee 5 E x' FWD P-1 EFA oz' -QD cu 'Q FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Officers: John Fann, Secretaryg Aubrey Young, Vice-Presidentg Martha Drennan, '55 Sweet- lgeartg Gerald Le e , Presidentg Emily Lee, '58 Sweetheartg Kenneth Russell, Reporterg Paul Edwards, Sentinelg Shirley Nixon '57 Swe ethe artg Advisor, John H. Buckner. Absent, Lois King '56 Sweetheart. Q Q E 5 G Xl " i'm"?'f"X?-YT , My ' "W" "' " "W M' R5 , N?-1,--2r?"'..e L , ,N , ..haHwm'f""' bmf"2"" LW, - ---- 'EES SENIOR 4-H OFFICERS Seated left to right: Jimmy Tune, Presi- dentg J u a'n i c e O do m , Reporterg Ted Mitchell, Songleaderg Dolorus Haithcock, S e c :r e t a. r y -Treasurerg Mike McGuire, Vice-President. X JUNIORJ 4-H OFFICERS Johnny Ro s s , Reporterg Suzanne Berry, Presidentg Sue Blair, Secretary Treas l11'e1'. B LU C LEE G fx asurerg IE Mullins, Secretary -T Carolyn ce-President Hay, Vi ayne W right: lst Row from left to llins, Librarian. Znd Row: brarianp Roy Mu nnan, Li IE D ha ntg Mart C sid TC P obinson R oris D 9. mg Randy Johns Karen Ada at P HCC TC HW ald L 011 R 1 addux M nda g3Li Kin ong Lois ix N Shirley liams Nancy Johns Myrtle .-. Wil Carolyn PS CID aK nd Li Si WI1 To Anna Lois fe Wol 8011 O'I-Ienleyg L 3 eg Jo Ann Shirle il nice H Ja WZ Ro ner, Director. 3rd oh aL tersong Mrs. Norm Pat HH A rancisg F C as D-1 bw U C1 03 Z Ii G 232' I-I Lvl D C! 'a 2 U cz. o IL mv fo s: .,. .-Il G O U1 .... H H o 2 bs n if 'i D5 :: cc o 71 BB L: 'J o D-1 A-1 ni aa G5 cn ID Fl o E G1 1- F-14 G! M N UJ th Haithcock. 4 5V Pat errittg lizabeth M Cautherng E HH A ucker T arbara ngB ngg Barbara Rya 011 Y if KD 3 hnny Ho Jo Hunter TOW ood w: David Waits Betty Hugheyplanie ParsleygMike McGuiregW Ro sg Janice Mayes Faydean avi D CH ng Hel Tune 5 Patsy Vincio mY yeg Jim mD Willia ort Spencer Sh iller . M eeg Shirley L Emily Betty Tuneg Janice Hale Hixg A il-as ks USN C fee-. ,Qs if S 5 K Carolyn Mullins 'ii Q, Editor PRESS CLUB Front: Randy Johns, Co-Editorg Mike McGuire, Mimeographist. Standing: Martha Drennang Karen Gowen, Assistant Business Manager: Sue Lee, Lois King, Business Managerg Ann Jordan, Secretary, Joyce Parkerg Faith Goodloe , Co-Editor, Carolyn Mullins, Editorg Mrs. Fannie Turney, Sponsor: Nancy Johns, Correspondence Editor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA lst Row left to right: Janice Hile, Reporterg Sara Francis, Reporter, Shirley Nixon, President, Martha Drennan, Secretary-Treasurerg Lois King, Vice -President. 2nd Row: Vivian Leonardg Linda Pope, Jimmie Kellyg Billie Ann Tucker: Elizabeth MerrittgDorothy Parker, Shirley Millerg Linda Wiseg Sylvia Belleg Jennie Brewer, Carol Hunterg Betty Evans. ,.. , , , . Q ,, LM. , MUSIC STUDENTS lst Row Left to right: Donna Tagliente, Debbie Waldron, Karen Magarity, Pamela Mingle, Kathy Gwynne, Lynn McGuire, Carolyn T aylo r , Barbara McAllister, Lydia Gentry, Francis Barnett, Eddie Barnett, Sandra Francis, Myron Palmer, John Buckner, Mike O'Neal, Della Mason. Znd Row: Jennifer Aaron, Suzanne Nicholson, Judy Blanton, Terry Sinor, Ann Bagley, Andrea Trudeau, Jean Bagley, Valerie Gazo r ek, Charles Gentry, Patricia Belle, Anne Gwynne, Lera Blair, Rita Moye , Betty Redmond, Granville Mullins, Joan McGuire, Jo AnnDiCkerson, Tommy Richards , Wanda Young, Carol Cantrell. 3rd Row: Jimmy Baker, Linda Kemp, Jack Young, Merrill Britt, Sue Tucker, Martha Weakley, Rita Johnson, Betty Haithcock, Janice Hale, Johnny Windrow, Ronnie Baker, Betty Evans, Roy Lewis, Sherry Cundiff, Bettye Davis, Ann Barnett, Patricia Mason, John Pomeroy, Ke nny B r as we ll. Absent, Elizabeth Merritt. Mrs. Marie CAFETERIA STAFF From left to right? Mrs. Roy Blansett, Mrs. Grady Haynes, Supervisor, Mrs. Mary Toombs, Mrs. T. T. Davis, Mrs. Wilson Hunter, Mrs. Willie Barrett,Mrs. Robert Duke. Lampley, Teache 1' . , N w S 'M' ix QSIL We appre ciate the Carrie and Joe Tho CX cellent services of mas Rxchardson Where would Smyrna be without a Lee? 54 WALTER KING HOOVER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service x07 ' drug'-' io -Q + 'I .rx gtgikv Kina ,uin,fa, -as ,Al u , .L 1' 'I' " so 1- Agents for Flowers for any Occasions - Investigate Our Burial Association Phone GL 9- 3410 Smyrna 101 - 10 3 Division St. Tennessee Compiiments of COMMERCE UNION BANK Member F. D. I. C. Murfreesboro Phone TW 3-5941 Tennessee THE BRIGHT SPOT RESTAURANT 81 DRIVE-IN Food for all the Farnily Private Dining Room Smyrna Phone GL 9-8219 Tennessee Compliments of Y DELBRIDGE STUDIO N "Your School Photographer" Murfreesboro Phone TW 3-8922 Tennessee HUDDLESTON Oll. CO. T. L. Huddleston - George B. Huddleston Distributor s for PAN-AM Murfreesboro Phone TW 3-7050 Tennessee BATEY'S Office Equipment and Supplies, Cameras 8: Photographic Material Phone GL 9-2471 Phone TW 3-8552 - Church Street at Vine Smyrna Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee TAYLOR FLOWER SHOP JENNINGS 81 AYERS FUNERAL HOME Chapel Service - Funeral Insurance - Ambulance Service Phone TW 3-2422 Murfreesboro 217 East College Tennessee P UNITED ARMY SURPLUS STORE RINCESS THEATRE Phone TW 3-2402 113 West Vine West College St. Murfreesboro Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICE Life-Fire -Auto-At Cost J. Edward Dillingham Robert E. Rose Phone TW 3-1419 Phone TW 3-1213 Phone TW 3-8359 Murfreesboro Masonic Bldg. Tennessee HAYNES BROS. CANDY CO. TILFORD LUMBER CO. o esa e Co ections Phone TW 3-4411 Wh 1 1 nf ' Phone TW 3-6961 West Burton St. Murfreesboro Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee A. L. SMITH 81 COMPANY Prescription Druggist Hollingsworth's Candies School Supplies Murfreesboro Phone TW 3-7971 Tennessee THEATRE GRILL DAR!-DIP A Good Place to Eat "Good Food" Smyrna Tennessee Smyrna Tennessee X? L I WALDRON'S SUPER MARKET "Your Friendly Grocer" Phone 3-2.351 FRANCIS SUPER MARKET Locker Plant and 5 8: 10 Phone GL 9-3291 LaVergne Tennessee Smyrna Tennessee Compliments ol , GOLDSTEIN'S T RAIKES "Good Clothes" BEAUTY SHOP 200 Hazelwd. Dr. Phone TW 3-6765 Smyrna Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee 5 T ll Ecco K - J una 0 Permanent Displays New York, Chicago, San Francisco, High Point Altavista Virginia Compliments of WOLFE'S "Women's Apparel Direct from the Factory to You" Phone TW 3-5 904 Murfreesboro Tennessee I SMYRNA DRUG COMPANY "Rexa1l Drugs " 20 Years Prescription Service Film, Candy, Ice Cream, Sundaes Phone GL 9-3411 Smyrna Tennessee Compliments of LION OIL PRODUCTS W. J. Henderson Distributor Phone TW 3-Z 332 Murfreesboro Tennessee CHICK'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Curb S ervice Phone TW 3-49 32 Murfreesboro Tennessee Compliments of SMYRNA AUTO COMPANY MARTHA WHITE BAKERY Phone GL 9-2661 Murfreesboro Tennessee Smyrna Tennessee DEMENT 8: STEPHENS MOORE'S QUALITY MARKET Ford Tractors Phone GL 9-3231 Murfreesboro Tennessee Smyrna Tennessee MINGLE MAcmNE sl-lor RUTHERWRD FARMERS CO-OP 30 Years Experience Back Our Service Owned Sz Operated By The Farmers of Rutherford Co. General Repairing Electric and Oxyacetylene Welding Phone Tw 3 6212 Phone GL 9-3215 115 West Vine Street Jefferson Street Smyrna Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee W iri OODFIN MORTUARY P "The Chapel by the Side of the R.oad" If-""r-,gf ,Nl , vt. 1 ,f,, , Z - is ,, ,I b l'e .,- ! . fi '74, CL.,.z 1, u. .sw ,g 14, ALJ' Phone GL 9-3254 Phone TW 3-5151 Smyrna Murfreesboro JULIE MITCHELL'S FLORIST "Flowers of Distinction" Anytime and Anywhere Phone GL 9-2770 SEVENTY-NINE BODY SHOP Wrecker Service Phone TW 3-2672 Murfreesboro Tennessee FRANK 'S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone GL 9-2583 403 N. Lowry Smyrna Tennessee Smyrna Tennessee PRINCE OIL COMPANY Conoco Products JOHNS 8' SON Phone TW 3- 6288 Murfreesboro Tennessee SMYRNA FLOWER SHOP Phone GL 9-2465 Old Post Office Building ESSO STATION Rufus Johns, Owner Phone G1 9-3429 Smyrna Tennessee MARAB LE 8. WEAKLEY Drygoods - Shoe s -Houseware s - Paints Phone GL 9- 3271 WALDRON BARBER SHOP Phone GL 9-3461 Smyrna Tennessee BROWN'S SHOES "Shoes for the Entire Family" Smyrna Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee MINGLE-MINGLE Welding and Machine Shep MULLINS JEWELRY TW 37872 Diarnonds-Watches-Silverware Murfreesboro ' Tennessee Musical Instruments KING 'S GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas Phone GL 9-3221 Smyrna Tennessee Expert Watch Repair Phone TW 3-840 3 Murfreesboro Tennessee Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG CO. Manche s te r Pike Phone TW 3-2554 Murfreesboro Tennessee OSBORN-HARRELL-HOOVER Hardware Company Phone TW 3-8732 Murfreesboro Tennessee G. R. McGI-IEE, JEWELER Diaxnond, Elgin, Bulova Phone TW 3-6690 Murfreesboro Tennessee FRANK MARTIN DRUG CO. Frank Martin-Maurice Carr Phone TW 3-9326 Murfreesboro Tennessee KLASSIC KLEAN ERS 'Qy can-Q' I :.::. ' -"f-...'-..4 Phone GL 9-2411 Smyrna Tennessee AULTMAN'S JEWELERS "Buy With Confidence" Nationally Advertised Jewelry Phone TW 3-1 833 Murfreesboro Tennessee STEPHENS MOTOR CO. For Your Car's Every Need Phone TW 3-5963 401 w. College sr. Murfreesboro Tennessee HOME FURNITURE CO. "THe friendly Store Where Less Money Buys More" "Ten Floors of Good Furniture" 106-110-112 South Maple St. Murfreesboro Tennessee DAVIDSON INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance W. H. Davidson Sr. - W. H. Davidson Jr Phone TW 3-8090 123 E. Main Murfreesboro Tennessee GIL'S SUPERMARKET No. 1 and No. 2 SMYRNA HARDWARE a d LUMBER COMPANY f' Shelf 81 Heavy Hardware Lumber Bt Building Materials G. E. Appliances GL 9-2329 GL 9-2611 Trailer Town Smyrna Smyrna Tennessee THE DAILY NEWS JOURNAL FIRESTONE STORES Firestone Rutherford County's Home Newspaper Since 1849 Murfreesboro Tennessee Tires - Tubes - Batteries Phone TW 3-57 33 Murfreesboro Tennessee MURFREESBORO READY MIX CONCRETE CO.. INC. Precast Concrete Septic Tanks Clothes line posts Tables and Benches Flower Boxes beg. Cast Stone Fence Posts Lintels Window Sills Door Sills Nucl-loLsoN onus co. C"""f"""" of Ca-lneras and Equipment J. W. FLETCHER 8- SON Prescriptions Soda Fountain "Your Wholesale Grocers" Phone TW 3-9573 Phone GL 9-3245 Smyrna Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee Compliments of BENSON CLEANERS BELL JEWELERS Phone TW 3-2921 "Your Quality Jewelers Since l879" 630 West Burton 117 South Academy TW 3-9162 Murfreesboro Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee MUSIC 8- HOBBY SHOP Vine 81 Church Sts. wn.soN a. soN EQUIPMENT co. "Ferguson Farm Machinery" Sales and Service Phone TW 3-4061 Lebanon Road Murfreesboro Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee MURFREESBORO FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASS'N Loans and Investxnents Savings Accounts Insured Up To 510,000.00 Murfreesboro Phone TW 3-2174 Tennessee FIRST NATIONAL BANK STICKNEY 8. GRIFFIS Of SMYRNA Prescription Druggist J. N. Barnett O. B. Coleman - Cashier President Phone Tw 3 4682 Phone GL 9-3371 Murfreesboro Tennessee Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN 5 8- I0 Phone GL 9-3611 Smyrna Tennes see ENGINEERING COMPANY Transit Mix Concrete Phone TW 3-4084 New Nashville Highway Murfreesboro Tennessee Compliments of SMYRNA SERVICE CENTER BUCHANAN 81 TARPLEY "The Prescription Store" Service 8: Hardware ! Phone GL 9-2558 TW 3-2322 Smyrna Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee FERRELL STUDIO Our Constant Airn . . . . . "Fine Photography" Jimmy Carnahan, Photographer Phone TW 3-3832 Murfreesboro Tennessee Compliments of PALMER'S PRODUCE CO. Murfreesboro Tennessee THE FABRIC CENTER "Sew and Save" Phone TW 3-7933 109 S. Church St. Murfreesboro Tennessee BELL BROS. 8. CO., INC. Paint - Lumber - Glass Phone TW 3- 365 2 Murfreesboro Tennessee HUDDLESTON 81 JONES AGENCY General Insurance and Bonds Phone TW 3-5481 Murfreesboro Office: 122 East Main Tennessee Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. Murfreesboro Tennessee LITTLE FOLKS SHOP "Everything for the Kiddie:-1" GL 9-2250 Smyrna Tennessee BRIGHT STAR SERVICE STATION Shell Gas and Oil Firestone Tires M. M. Meeks, Owner Phone GL 9-3384 ELLIS GRAY MILL 81 GRAIN CO. Buyers and Ginners of Cotton M. ' Is: Itifsfii 416 S. Front - Murfreesboro WESTERN AUTO STORE Appliances - Auto Ass. Phone GL 9-2578 Smyrna Tennessee BARNETT FURNITURE CO. Phone GL 9-3443 210 Lowry St. Smyrna Tennessee VlCTORY'S ELECTRIC 81 PLUMBING SERVICE Telephone GL 9- 3612 Smyrna. Tennessee A. N. MILLER INSURANCE Fire Sr Automobile Phone TW 3-9522 IDEAL BARBER SHOP Phone TW 3-2712 Murfreesboro Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee ROSS TRAILER CT. r 1 ! ' I E 1 City Water Sr Sewers L, ,L----.,,,,, s 1 ' as - - Call Glendale 9-3252 Smyrna At edge of City Limits 2 Miles from SAFB Tennessee LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT L We the Senior Class, being of unsound minds, frazzled nerves, and a complete dislike about graduating so soon, do hereby leave and bequeath these--our last wishes and poss- essions. To the Junior High School, we leave this building hoping it is still standing by the time you get here. To the Freshman Class, we leave hoping your years here will be as enjoyable as ours have been. To the Sophomore Class, we leave hoping that they ac- quire a new gymnasium before they are Seniors. To the Junior Class, we leave our hi story projects, te rm papers, poems, r e s e a r c h papers and slightly used history books. To the Faculty, we leave gray hair s, relieved sighs, tattered nerves, indigestion, and a hope that all classes will not be as trying and destructive as we were. To Mrs. Turney and Mrs. Richards, we leave with the fond hope that some Senior Class in the future will have the sweet, understanding and considerate sponsors we have had. To Mr. Mcwilliarns, we leave with him still chasing us out of the halls, and trying to push us through the door of success. I, Ronald Beaver, leave my po s ition on the football teaxn to Jim Ross. I, Lennie Jane Brewer, leave my chewing gum to Ann Bingham. I, Richard Burns, have left. I, Rowena Cummings, leave my ability to get along with the Russell boys to Janice Hile--Good luck. I, Martha Drennan leave my many activities and offices to anyone who will work hard and do a good job. I, Paul Edwards, leave by Fin history to Ronnie Adkerson. I, John Fann, leave my position in the concession stand to Jaxnes Ware. l, Walter Gambill, leave the position of fo otball and basketball captains to the next deserving boy. l, Faith Goodlo e , le ave to become the first woman businessman. I, Harold Gowen, leave my place on the Road to Woodrow Hunter. I, Dolorus Haithcock, le ave my ability to date Junior boys to my sister Patsy. I, Wayne Hay, leave my position as director ofthe tenor section in Glee Club to Roy Mullins. I, Thomas Hayes, leave my s il ent ways to Kenneth Russell. I, Wanda Heath, leave my long eye 1 a she s to Sherry Goodman, I. John Hile. leave my good disposition to Jack Perry. I, Evelyn Johns, leave my ability to say witty things without fir st thinking about them to Emily Lee. ' l, Bud Kilgrow, leave--how did this occur ? I, Lois King, leave mybig mouth to t.he next captain of the cheerleaders. I, Gerald Lee, leave to go to the post office. I, Joyce Lunn, leave my position as paper girl to Louise Parker. I, Jerry Maddux, leave still partial to Antioch girls. I, Linda Maddux, leave my brain to Martha Wright. I, Ray Milan, leave still matching pennies. I, Evon Miller, leave my ability to get engaged to any- one who wants it. I, Wayne Mooninghaxn, leave my big brown eyes to any- one who needs them to get a girlfriend. I, Carolyn Mullins, leave to become a housewife. I, Clyde Murphy, leave to distribute my talents to all the world. I, Shirley Nixon, I e av e my cheerleader's position to Yvonne Mooningharri. 1, Juanice Odom, le ave my position on the basketball team to Marie Duke. Jerry Patterson, leave with Joyce. Burl Patton, leave my position on the football tearn to Buster Cathey. I, Ted Pierce, leave only to r etur n again next year. I, Ray Pinney, le ave without a girlfriend--tough luck girls! I, Linda Pope, leave to become a missionary. I, Jimmy Roberts, leave all my gripes to Mike McGuire. I, Doris Robinson, leave my ability to wait to Carolyn Grahaxn. l, Faye Rane, leave my long hair to Janice Hile. I, Tommy Russell, le ave my leadership ability to the next Senior Class President. I, John Taliaferro, leave my position as slave to Jimbo Mitchell. I, Gary Tenpenny, leave to own a service station. I, Jimmy Tune, leave my only steady girlfriend. I, Patsy Vincion, leave my history book to my sister, Nora Lee. l, Melvin Waldron, leave to become a Marine. I, Walter Wharton, leave my hair to Earl Patton. I, Aubrey Young, leave my elbows to Wilson Thomas, hoping he will use them in football. I. I. Witnessed By: I. C. U. Who R. U. U. R. Silly C. U. Someday So. R. U. y Vx' WWW EMM vjgww WMWW WJ 3 JW? wk' Q3Q MZii, - will Www X W9 OWJJMVEBW g Qww, JMQACQ ll Sqjl J, f w Q My 0' 3'WiZ37"fj M Wil f -- fb 'til' Q, ALM! "jx " V5 l , 41:4 5 - .,, 14 5 Mb W M M WMWIWL

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