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• . A . c V V . x( .- : o .£ ' j AURORA 1972 The quietness of the early morjiing hours . Shandin Hills Jr. High School San Bernardino, California . . . changes to a scene of busy activity as students par- ticipate in the business of learning. Dedication: Mr. Talcott was a principal for the first time at Iowa Falls, Iowa, in 1950. Now ... Iowa is famous for its corn - so, Mr. Talcott ' s skill in popping corn could account for his love of telling jokes. W e dedicate the 1972 Aurora to Mr. William R. Talcott, former principal of Shandin Hills Junior High School. He helped us as we began as a new school last year, establishing traditions, showing friendship and understanding to everyone. As we went through growing pains, his encouragement caused many to gain recognition in roles of leadership while he was working quietly behind the scenes. Mr. Talcott has been with the district for 20 years. He first taught math at Sturges JHS, and then he was appointed as Dean at Richardson JHS. He was the principal at Fremon JHS, Arrowview, Curtis and here at Shandin Hills. Originally from Iowa, he and his wife, Una- belle, live in Del Rosa. They have three children - Philip, Virginia and Donna. Mr. Talcott accepted the job of principal in February of 1971, re- placing Mr. Feeny, Shandin Hills first principal. Mr. Talcott ' s favorite sport is golf. FORE ! ! The Junior Human Relations Council, a group Talcott, was sworn in by the Mayor at a speci formed by Mr. al assembly. Administration: MR, CURTIS GLASS, principal of Shandin Junior High School - J ? i A ■C... ' i MR, MARSHALL ADAMS. Counselor MR. LARRY WOLF ' , Dean MARY LOU MOLONY, Secretary to the Dean and Counselor. EILEEN TREA DWELL, Secretary to the Principal. TONI MOORE, Security Guard. MARJORIE STEMEN, Matron. staff WANDA GARCIA, Secretary ILMARPUST, Night Custodian ' ? ' l ' Tmm H ffli[iv. ' fnr 3 June and Helen in the teacher ' s lunch room just what are they cooking up? Lan ' Sakes - you startled me! MARSHALL ADAMS PAT BRENNAN Counselor Social Studies Typing Language Arts ANITA BUER LEE CRAWFORD Science, P.E. Math LUDMILLA DAENICHEVA Social Studies Spanish, R. Reading VANN DANIELS LOUIS DOODY Lang. Arts, Lang. Arts, Chorus French ANTHONY EAGAN IMOGENE FOREMAN NANCY FRANS ON Science, P.E. E. H. P.E. MYRREL HENDRICKS DAVID HILL MARIE HOLM Social Studies, E. H. Publications, Lang. Arts Lang. Arts LANE JONES Math J. BERNARD LEMAY Math , Algebra ROSS McMILLIN HARLAN McWHORTER JOSEPH MACK P.E. Social Studies Special Ed. Student Govt. DAVID MAHDAVl Agro-Science Metal Shop JAMES MARTIN Reading, Art FRANCIS ROBINSON MADELINE Soc. Studies and SEYMOUR Student Govt. Special Ed. (1st Quarter) RICHARD SIMPSON Librarian VIOLA STOWE Science, Math DONALD SUTTON Lang. Arts, R. Reading EUGENE TALMADGE LARRY VIZARD BILLY WYCKOFF Opportunity Science, A.V. Gen. Shop, Class Indus. Drawing JAMES GIBFORD, Instrumental Music Faculty RALPH COOPER, Art, Typing THELMA TRUSS, Home Economics JAMES STEPP, P.E., Science, Metal Shop IDEALS are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guide, and, following them, you reach your destiny, by Carl Schurz Chris Alsip George Arnold Deb Baker Guy Bird Jonathan Alvear Jim Arnold Charles Barnett Dan Blaylock Renee Anderson Jeff Austine Joni Bates Bill Blaylock Nada Botts Keith Boylin Brenda Braggs Class Of 72 Ooh my head! Class Of 72 w A Pat Brennan Veoletta Calhoun Mary Child Terri Brennan Scott Cantrell Dennis Clark Michelle Broadhead Bruce Carver Mike Coleman Brian Brody Gary Chamberlain Charlene Concha Russell Byid Undrra Cherry Caren Cotton On no, it ' s burning! Cathy Cowen Michael Cowen Mark Cox Danny Crawford Arthur Daniels Marshall Davis Diane Dawe Scott Dawson Debbie DeBarr David DeBerry Teri DeMers Phyllis Dugas Doug Duncan Cheryl Eliker Danny Fair Lilah Fenn mmntti jfttitfT.iia iJ 0 The Shandin Hills gang. Class Of 72 Gary Ferguson Cindy Franklin Nancy Gibford Liz Forshee Tim Franklin Sheryl Gilmer Tom Fountain Theresa Francis Tom Gotowt Gary Fox Lisa Fuentes Burt Goulding Vicki Franke Robert Garcia Robert Gonzales Brian Crasser Andrew Green Phillip Green Jeff Hall Penny Hall Virginia Harbert Susan Harrington Brenda Harris Cindy Havens Kelley Havens Laura Henke Kevin Henry Debbie Hernandez Ralph Hernandez Cindy Hickman Terri Highland SgSNV Oh that ' s it! Class Of 72 1 y I Now 2+2 = 5 Mary Johnson Caren Land Lynda Lundgren Richard McCoy Joe Magee Judy Knox Sherrie Lee Lynn Lundgren Jacqueline McDonnell Teri Marcum Jaci Leach Peggy Long Diane McCleary Voda McKay Keith Mardis Class Of 72 Sylvia Martin Dennis Martinell Tracy Maynes Bob Meador Connie Meers Jacie Mejia Larry Minor Diane Molinar Judy Munkittrick Teri Navor Debbie Neal Charles Nichols Frank Nichols James Nichols Peggy Oliver You just wait! Rocco Pallante Dale Pelch Norman Potter Daniel Prentice Colleen Rampenthal Herbert Reed Kim Ricketts Lisa Ricketts Susan Rines Randy Robbins Charles Robison Cindy Robinson Cynthia Satallants Jimmy Sanderson Bill Schmidthuver Come on, just one more! Class Of 72 Class Of 72 This is one of our teachers! Donn Schwartzkodf Judy Smith Robert S paries Laurie Scudder Roberta Smith Scott Spath I SIi IIhI I Kenn Sievers Lisa Snyder Brenda Stevens hI II I I I Robert Silbaugh Seanna Sovereign Dennis Stoudemire Sandra Simpson Annette Sov ard Dennis Sutter Move I want to get it! Martha Sutton Keith Tasker Teryl Tolle Bill Tompkins Mike Utley Steve Valles Daniel Von Meter Debra Vasser Floyd Walker Rickey Walker Ronnie Walker Wanda Ward Betty Warhack Richard Watkins Gloria Webb Class Of 72 ■a£ 5 j «3SS «. lAllMl i Have a happy day! Debbie Whiting Debra Williams Debra Whiting Donald Williams Kay Wickert Joe Williams Michael Wiley Ronald Williams C a«® o - " I can ' t help everybody! Jeff Holdren Douglas Hooker Bob Hudson The watchful eye. 9th GRADE: NOT PICTURED: Rebecca Baldwin Brenda Braggs Joanne Branen Sherry Bryan Dorothy Castillo Gus Castillo Dennis Chapman Joe Clark Linda Drais Lillian Green Ruth Harris Michael Horn Tyrone Jones Carolyn Jackson Jeff Jackson Kimmie Jenkins Clint Johnson Kenneth Johnson Glen Miller Samuel Martin Richard McCoy Ricky Miner John Minar Alan McKay Dennis Morris Baron Mrkva Joyce Pearson Arthur Purl Debi Ramsey Cheryl Schmuff Arthur Webb Anthia Williamson Jimmy Williams April Wisdom That ' s one way to keep Penny quiet! Bob Garcia brought home top honors by winning a superior rating. In MemoHam ROBBIN BENSON Dead! And the sun cannot find him. And the searching wind sweeps o ' er the plain And the peering stars lean from the heavens There are tears in the soft falling rain. Dead? When he roams Heaven ' s meadows, Knee- deep in the daisies and grass, Y—v With a starry rapture of gladness ■ j fhich rose-tints the clouds as they pass? ,3 t H f r Dead? Then why is that lark singing? Our eyes are but blinded with tears Our senses are saddened with grieving The funeral dirge seals our dull ears. Dead? He is breathless with wonder. Understanding at last His grace, Feasting his eyes on the matchless Loveliness of His face. Selected by Jonathan Alvear, Robbin ' s best friend. Y ' o ' C Y . Gfudent Government Norman Potter, President; Cindy Robison, Vice President; Judy Munkittrick, Secretary; Cindy Sattal- ante, Treasurer; Cindy Hickman, Girls ' Social Chairman; Keith Tasker, Boys ' Social Chairman, The Student Body Officers welcome our new principal, Mr. Curtis Glass to Shandin Hills. Activities: Our Swingers. The President. The friends . " The Muffins Dances Penny Hall and Preston Atlas " Breakin ' Down. " Get it, Clint! Band ' s Eye View 8th GRADE IDEALS ARE THE ARCHITECTS OF CHARACTER, THE CORNERSTONES OF ACHIEVEMENT, THE BLUEPRINTS OF YOUR VERY SOUL. William Riley Franklin ij w CJJJjb, 8th Grade: (NOT PICTURED) Clifford Acles Carlos Adame Joanne Belvins Bradley Bright Yvonne Castillo Tim Chapman Charmin Chavez Wadricka Clark Edward Cruz Carmelita DeBacco Bryan Dedrickson John Dixon Brenda Duanez Don Harper David Walker Stacey Webb Tony Williams Lisa Harris Allan Hodges Mary Ann Kelly James King Deborah Kissinger Gary Lee Mary MacGreggor Ann Miller Phyllis Millsap Terry Mooney Nancy Ownbey Carlos Purl Norman Riley Paula Robinson Daniel Ruble Terry Samuels Kevin Sanders Carol Shaney Michael Smith William Smith Mary Stanford Chris Strawbridge Sheila Still Robertina Thomas Carla Thomasson Greg Thompson Jim Alburto David Alemar Karen Alvord Dave Anderson Kathy Anderson Albert Angeli Debbie Arriola Doreena Arriola Ralph Atkinson Matt Austin Mike Austine Kim Bacon Cynthia Bailey Doreena Barajas Debbie Basco Steve Bauman Susan Beaird Beth Beeman Karen Benson Annette Bertrand Phillip Bond Patricia Braggs Nina Braithwaite Picture Not Available 28 Mike Clark Judy Clay Donald Clemz Michele Cloutier Jeanette Concha Gwendolyn Conley Karen Corns Andrea Cosper Dale Cox Jeffery Cramer Thomas Danchuk Merwyn Davis Mary Dawson Bonnie Dayton Byran Dedrickson Ef Mike DeQuattro Lorretta DeWitt Carol Duncan Michael Duval Jerry Eatherly John Elder Nohemi Escamilla Danny Estrada Andrew Fardreburk Eddie Farris Jeff Easley Denton Fenn Ronald Fennory Tammie Ford Robin Francis Ron Gabriel Mark Gaffko Wanda George Dennis Gerke Yvette Gonthier Allen Goodall Eula Gray Ray Gsoell V Brad Hurlsey Lynsey Hurley Vickie Ingram Mark Jackson Dora James Machele Jero Anthony Johnson Keith Johnson Ferrill Jordan Rick Jordan John Kaphan Brenda Kelly Tony Kinkade Terrance Kirley Don Klemz Anna Lechman Robert Leach Cynthia Lee William Lee Jody Lindner Brenda Lint Ricky Littrel Brenda Locke Robert Long Rebecca Luna Steve Luna Mike Lynch Cindy Malafronte Teddy Marble Sherrie Mardis Jessie Marshall Jerry Moya Shaun Murphy Joyce Niemeyer Hsiuli Noffsinger Mary Lou Oliver Donna Osborne Elizabeth Ownbey Charles Pam Pam Pilkerton Barbara ftude Kimberly Rampenthal Joyce Reese Renee Rhynes Renita Rhynes David Rigney Denise Riley Earnest Roberts Barbara Roberson Debra Roberson Curtis Robinson Cindy Rousell Kevin Sanders Charles Saporiti Jeff Seleman Carol Shaney Shiela Shaw Larry Shelton Bill Shields Debbie Shields Randy Shugard Darla Simmons Robert Skinner Debra Stober Kathy Stoudemire Linda Strickland Sandy Sylvester Lisa Tasker Wanda Terry Regina Thornton Sharon Torrez Shirley Traylor Lonnie Turner Steve Utley Jessie Velasco Tommy Walker Gina Walker William Walstrom Robert Ward Cindy Warren Stacey Webb Terry Wells Jim Wharton Tom Whiffen Dwight Williams Linda Williams Steven Williams Vivian Williams Trudy Wills Kenneth Woodford Lori Wright Angela Garcia Lisa Harris £fl Forward March! 7th GRADE If you would accomplish anything in life worthwhile, and have a measure of happiness, then choose an IDEAL, be loyal to it, fight for it with and abiding faith, and in time you will reach your goal. 7th GRADE: (NOT PICTURED) Desmond Carson Raviwer Khlon Deborah Acles Patricia Cruz Kim DuUk Deborah Hackett Edward Forrester Skyler Fragon Joanie Mable Anthony Hijia Jr. Goldsburough Purnell Karen Kilpatrick Randall Leach Emile Monroy Tony Lewis James Martinez Jeffrey Neiman Patricia Ramsey Denise Stratton Elizabeth Fafoya 37 Kim Thomas David Fafoya Reginald Thompson Barbara Thomas Rita Viselle Melanie Warner David Walker Webster Williams Michael Willis Willird Young Debbie Aleman Diane Aleman Mark Angeli Matt Arcaris Sharon Archer Mark Austin Lynn Bacon LaTanya Bailey Vincent Baker Denise Harnett Sherry Harnett Ranae Bauman Jeff Belcher Gerry Bennett Bob Bergman David Berry San Bertrand Janet Bias Patricia Bigham Beverly Bird Debra Blackwell Rita Boster Dawn Branch Jim Braithwaite Michael Hrermen Bradley Bright Blake Brody Daniel Brown Carol Huechner John Buechner Ralph Burnett Victoreen Burns Dorrance Byrd Scott Byrum David Calhoon Larry Chamberlain Elizabeth Chavez Robert Chilcote Patrick Child Joe Childers Bruce Clark Larry Cohen Ivory Calloway Cathy Conn Danny Conley Glenda Conley Charlie Cooper Jay Cotton Cindy Crocker Leanne Culberson Derick Culber Candy Curry Cheryl Dalke Randy Dalke Ronald Damron Diane Davis Oscar Davis Mark Dawe Kathy DeBarr Daniel Dellenbach Michele DeMers Candy DeVault Douglas Dillon Sharon Drais Brenda Duval Shandin Hills Gourmet Steven Eatherly Thomas Ecret Julie Ege Jeff Elder Michelle Eliker Michell Erwin Robert Ferguson Steven Ferguson Kelly Filz Lillie Flennory Renee Poor Maria Gallardo Tom Hall Steve Hannum James Hardesty Ellen Havens Judy Heimericks Gilbert Hernandez Joy Hernandez Leslie Herrbach Albert Higley Scott Hill Laura Hoffman James King Jeff Krause Shari Lakes Joe Land Curtis Lee Anna Legarreta Terri LeMere Gilbert Limus Jeff Lindgren Anthony Litt Loe Lopez Lorrie Lowman Joanna Lucey Darryl Lumbattis Tony McCoy Kathy McSkimming Nancy Malstedt Holly Mann Karen Marcum Rudy Marrufo James Martinez Debbie Meador Cathy Mains Dale Meyer Michael Miller Veronica Miller Joey Minar Janet Moore William Morris Kharon Mrkva Jim Mulligan Larry Munoz Ginger Naylor Up Up and away Shelly Nielson Janice Northois Ken Okerson Jeffery Osborn Darlene Padilla Carmen Pagan Allen Palmer Joey Pasillas Beth Patchan Lori Patterson Dwight Schmidt Jodi Scudder Renna Seever James Shaw Judith Shipps Kathleen Shugard Lorinda Sieracki Glen Sitton David Smith Donald Smith Leo Smith Martha Smith Paula Smith Vaughn Smith John Snell Donna Snyder Audrey Soward Judy Spencer Lori Ann Spinnato Jim Stanford Keenan Thomas Leroy Thomas Monica Thompson Sherri Thurmond Bob Tittle Daniel Valles Martha Vellasco Kim Walters Conine Ward Linda Ward Geraldine Warmack David Warren Claudia Watkins Albert Watters Teresa Way Teresa Wesch Laurie Wheeler Burnis Williams Ricardo Williams Rodney Williams COACH McMILLIN and MR. EAGAN The tall and short of it. 9 P R T 9 CHARGE! I hope he doesn ' t hit me! Hmmm! Alley oop! Now, pay close attention! E I e c t I V e s What ' s cookin ' ? Watch it grow! The zapper strikes again! Girls Sports Modem Dancing - Lisa Snyder and Kim Dulik Qhandin Hills Band And Orchestra The Shandin Hills Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. James Gibford, performed in three parades. This picture was taken at Victorville. The banner, hand-sewn by members of the band, was proudly displayed for the first time. 1st R: Mike Duval, Cathy Conn, Jim Arnold, Janice Northis, Charles Nickols, Gilbert Lemus. 2nd R: Ferrill Jordan, Glenn Sitter, Jeff Osborn, Vickie In- gram, Lilah Fenn, Keith Tasker, Joanne Branen, Deborah Meador, David Rigney, Steve Eatherly, Terry Johnston, Andrew Green. 3rd R: Rick McCoy, Bill Shields, Jeff Jackson, Ken Woodford, Curtis Lee, Bill Gnuschke, Bruce Carver, Jerry Eatherly, Mike Stansill, Jeff Elder, Jack John- son, Bill Clark. 4th R: George Arnold, Dennis Sutter, Bob Meador, Greg Gresenz, Jonathan Alvear, Kevin Henry, Bob Garcia, Sam Martin, John Elder. sa A trophy was presented to the band for winning j) 1st Place in the Junior Marching Band division of a parade in downtown San Bernardino. Left, right, left, right, left, left! 1st R: John Buchner, Paul Rigney, Jerry Bennett. 2nd R: Cheryl Eliker, Cynthia Sattalante, Cheryl Woodford, Michelle Eliker, Cindy Franklin, Debbie DeBarr, Kathy DeBarr. 3rd R: Robert Meador, Andrew Green, Jeff Elder, Lilah Fenn, Joanne Braniien, Keith Tasker, John El- der, Kevin Henry, Bob Garcia, Jerry Eatherly, Tom Danchuk, Bill Clark. The Shandin Hills Orchestra. DHII Team - t It ll ' A ||[UJl y Mm Hl ■ RRI H S KSi • ura Raindrops keep falling on my head! The Shandin Hills Drill Team, under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Franson, marched in three parades this year. This picture was taken in Victorville. The other parades were in Riverside and San Bernardino. Barbara Prude and Kim Bacon, drill team majorettes, led them in an outstanding performance. Jessie Marshall is the drill team drum Major. Drill Team Members: Diane Aleman, Debbie Aleman, Kim Bacon, Doreen Barajas, Susan Beaird, Beth Beeman, Pat Braggs, Teri Brennen, Vicki Burns, Brenda Braggs, Carmen Carson, Michelle Cloutier, An- na Corcovelos, Debbie DeBarr, Teri DeMers, Brenda Duval, Teresa Francis, Cindy Franklin, Paula George, Wanda George, Nancy Gibford, Yvette Gonthier, Rachel Graves, Laura Hall, Bren- da Harris, Lisa Harris, Laurie Huff, Lynn Hurley, Voda Mc- Kay, Cathy Meins, Jeanine Minor, Jackie McDonell, Judy Munkittrick, Debbie Moses, HsiuLi Noff singer. Dona Osborn, Darlene Padilla, Beth Patchan, Lori Patterson, Barbara Prude, Roxanne Rhynes, Debra Rober- son, Barbara Roberson, Loreli Rose, Laurie Scudder, Renna Sievers, Sheila Shaw, Lori Sny- der, Donna Snyder, Lisa Snyder, Seanna Soverign, Kathy Stoude- mire, Christy Sturgis, Debbie Stober, Linda Strickland, Lisa Tasker, Kim Taylor, Gloria Webb, Kim Walters, Cheryl Woodford, April Wisdom, Jes- sie Marshall, Regin a Thornton. Where the palm trees sway- Gold Key Winners: Debbie Brown and Susan Rines with Mr. Cooper. You ' re kidding! Hit it, Ronnie! The Talent 9how Hold ' em! Phyllis and The Harlems. Da: " Boo boo pee doop. Let me hear an AMEN! Nina plays! Raggedy Ann and Andy. " Smiling faces. " " Put Your Hand in the Hand. The commercial announcers. DRAMA CLUB: Sponsors, Mr. Myrrell Hendricks and Mr. Pat Brennan Acfivities Wow! Am I tired! ! Lookout! Here they come! This is Great! Skafing Parties Ooops! That smarts! Ha! Ha! Can ' t catch me! Here Comes the Judge! Shandin Hills Best BEST PERSONALITY BIGGEST FLIRTS Wanda George and Jerry Francis Marcus Green and Paula Robinson FRIENDLIEST MOST POPULAR Jeff Easley and Renee Anderson Dennis Clark, Paul DeDoes, Debbie Whiting, Teri Highland BEST SENSE OF HUMOR BEST DRESSED GIRLS Bob Garcia, Kathy Stoudemire BEST DRESSED Virginia Harbert, Michele Hoel Cheryl Gilmer RFCT ATT An TTXTT Jaiiies Shaw and Danny Crawford BEST ALL-AROUNE) MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Deborah Moses and Andrew Green Paula George and Michael Irby Honor Choir The Honor Choir, under the direction of Mr. Van Daniels, per- formed in a special Christmas program. Cindy Robison, Mistress of Ceremonies A Voice Ensemble Honor Choir Officers for 1st and 2nd Semesters Publications " What ' s Happening Now Staff - Debbie Baker, Brad Hulsey, Debbie Whiting, Terry Samuels, Paula Robinson, Randy Robbins, Ricky Walker, and Ronnie Walker. Aurora staff - Judy Smith, Carla Thomason, Phyllis Dugas, Regina Thornton, Voda McKay. Aurora Staff - Sheila Shaw, Debra Roberson, Larry Shelton, Allan Goodall, Debbie Baker. Aurora Staff - Debbie Moses, Teri Navor, Michele Hoel, Mari Child, Bob Hudson. R0E9CH LINE9 Buses for Charter TU 5-4465 24644 Ninth Street Post Office Box 229 San Bernardino, Ca. O S C M BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE We Appreciate Your Patronage T G Y 40th and Watterman Wildwood Plaza LOGO FAMILY CENTER ALVIN ' S MUSIC CENTER 1721 West Base Line, San Bernardino, Ca. 885 5180 Latest in Phonograph — 4 and 8 track auto stereo tapes. Custom Taping ' V Edwards Photography drewn 4 ffofoco or COKPOKATION r " v B009TER PAGE Congratulations to the Class of 1972 from BASELINE LIQUOR STORE, 1383 West Baseline, San Bernardino, California. Your favorite wine and liquors. Phone 885-4671 Best Wishes, Class of 1972! Roberson ' s Mobil Service, 495 South Waterman, San Bernardino, California. Phone 884-8904 Tires, Batteries and Tune-Ups. We wish you the best of everything, Class of 1972! Talmage D. Hughes, Notary Public General Insurance, Real Estate, and Rentals. 964 Mt. Vernon Ave. San Bernardino, Calif. Bus. 885-6259 yMANTED P.T.A. MEMBERS FOR 1972-1973 ■,o V -:. t v- v : - K. ' ■ v " o - ?- 1p ;s. . rf M 3 WifA - N ffv - vx- -t -ct O C 5 2 O-o-e- t .C . .3 B ci. o .■ ' 1: ' X v ' VP ? U - ; V ■

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