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4-4- Highlander Published Scotland High School Scotland ihe C1888 of 'Su South Dakota 1 The 19511- B7 Z9 D.9C'CZ9.9c97Z We, the senior class of 19514, deoicate our annual to Miss Murphy and to the County Charrps To Miss murphy, our very capable sponsor, vewish to ex press our slncere thanks for her willing and helpful guidance through our years of "'3l.,.. To the County Champs who have brought much honor to our school by winning the county tourna ment and placing second hthe S E S D Conference 2 ff: W high school. 6?D7'7.9'77.9S9?C2999Z SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT Clerk, Uilllam F Hansen, Wesley Palmer, Leighton Gemar, Ralyh Hermann, Presldent, Cy Rasmussen, W J Treick, Superlntendent, L P Decker, Gus Weldenbach, Treasurer Laurence P Decker Superintendent U S History Lorraine Sayler Secretary 3 pacwxay Florence Murphy Prlncipal, Librarian Gov't , Soclology Int Relations AQ Elmore Lund Junior Hlvh Math Audrey Schnabel iol , Chemistry EC 1:11, I1 Allen Baker Harry Savage Ath Coach Speech,W Hist Geom , Shop Eng IV, Debate 4 if Myrtle Robinson Shorthand I Janes Jurrens J nu: TYPinS I James Hukki Physics, Drivers Ed. Alg.I,Math. 5 F7 l James Anderson A I, II, I John Scott Eng I,II,III Dramatics 2 1 il ," n'Q?g . dnt iyping I, II Q n Va-: ' go x e , 191 'T' X Marlys Savage Joan Tischler Junior High Junior High English I gX Warren Colberg Gen Science Vocal Music STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT Shirley Stevenson, Mlss Murphy, Sponsor, Shirley Gall, Karen Ireland, Judy Hermann, Arthur Orth, Larry Simantel, James Kautz, Ronald Peterka 6 Q 5165555 Frances Drey nShe has a lot of freight on her train of thought N Band 1 2,3,M Pep Band l,2,3 M Swing Band M Brass Sextet 1,2 3 M Horn Quartet 3 M Student Council l Glee Club l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus 2 Girls Octette M B Staff l,2,3 M Annual Staff M Pep Squad l,2,3 M Declan 1,3,M Debate M F H A 1, , Junior Play 3 Horn Soloist 1,3 M Senior Play M Donald Maruska nBecause A man doesn't talk is no sign he has nothing to say Glee Club 1 LeRoy schuette uHas a hobby of collecting letters athletics ' Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus 1,2 3 M Boys' Octette 3 M Football 1,2 Basketball l, 3 M Track l,2,3 M s Club 1,2,3 M S Club V Pres 3 Student Council Class Sec 2 M Class Treas 3 F B Co-Captain M Annual staff M SE7?.90?S 'E ' 7:9 Larry Simantel nMakes every word count double value.n Track l,2,3 M Student Council Boys' State 3 Class Vice Pres F F A 1, , , S Club M Science Club M Class Pla 3 Basketbal Mgr 3 Ruth Grosz nHer efforts are worthy of being copied H Glee Club l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 3 F H A ,2 Science Club M Bagplpe Staff 2,3 Science Club Sec M Declam M Senior Play M Donna Dieds nGives an extra special smile to each person she meets D A R Candidate M Queen Attendant M Band 1s2n3:h Pep Band 1,213 H PSP Squad l,2,3 A Pep Squad Treas M Science Club M Sc Club Officer M Annual Staff M A Staff Editor M Class Pres 2 Class Sec 1 B Staff l,2,3 M B A Editor 3 C Queen Attendant Librarian 2 H A 1, , Senior Play M . Q H I . 3 ' . . . 2 3 M , J , v 1 . ,u , ,3lu' ' ' , , . . . 2 3 ' H ' :L . . . 1 ' ,H WUI Il? .N x , 1 M m ' 1 t in in any kind of at at Band President M o si I 9, I I A , 0 1311+ , ' 2, , " , E - , 1 if 0 , , , fi f ,' 1 J O I 1 : ' 1 ' , , , ' F. . . 2 3 Myrna Newell II Love is 1 ke the measles, we all go through 1 N Band l,2,3,M Bagpipe Staff l,2,3 M Annual Staff M Glee Club l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus 4,3 M Trombone Quartet M I A 1 2, Sclence Club M Pep Band l H,3, Senlor Play M Pearl Hermann N I'll be merry, I'll be free, I'11 be sad for nobody Band 3 M Glee Club 1,2,3 M Mixed Chorus 1 2,3,M Mixed Octet M Girls Octet 3 B Staff 2,3,M Declam 1,2 Class Play 3 Annual Staff M F H A l 2, , Science Club M Vocal Solo 3 M Lee Shelton nLife isn't worth living alone Basketball 1 Football l 2,3,M Track 1,2 Band 3 M Boys' Octette 2,3,M Mixed Octette l,2,3 M Brass Sextet M Class Play 3 F F A Sentinel M Bagpipe Staff M A 1, , S Club 3 M Pep Band M Senior Play M Marlen Palmer 'He ls Great Just ask hlm Football l,2,3 M ac. in 3 1 'sf Ss-Q 'Es Rosalie Hollman nHer smile is llke turnlnz up a lamp I Bagplpe Staff 2,3 M Student Councll 2 Jlee Club 2,3J ixed Chorus 2 3 M Annual Staff M Councll Sec 2 rlie Syrlng An unspoken ord never does arm Ootball 3 Basketball 3 M rack l,2,3 lee Club 1,2 dixed Chorus l,2,3 F A 1,2, s Boys' Octette M Mixed Octette M Science Club M Sc Club Treas M S Club 3 M Senior Play M Vern Haase 'Not too qule , not too gay, but a very nice fellow in every way ' Football 3 M Tmck3 Office Staff 2 F F A Treas M Boys' State 3 S Class V P S Club M Student Council 3 Senior Play M Sylvia Jerke 'Happy go luck , fair and free, there aren't many things that bother me Glee Club l,M Mixed Chorus M A Librarian M Basketball 1,2,3 L, Annual Staff LF S Club 2 3 M Bagpipe Staff M M Shlrley Dawson nFr1endlj s a ba ket of puoole Glee Cl b 3 llxed Cxorus Class Bl y 3 1 A l,a, Science Club Annual Stuff Declam l Library Staff M PGP Squad ls513xu P0p t ff l,2, Vance Breen uHe can slng, e can dance, he has a knack for ro mance All state Chorus 3 M Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Mixed Octette 2,3 Boys' Octette 2,3,M Football l,c,3 M Basketball l,2,3,M Track 1,2 Vocal Solo 3,M Bagpipe Staff M Sports Editor M S Club 2,3,M Senior Play M Darleen Gall nTo be happy is better than to be wise N Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus 2 3 M F H A 2 F H A Reporter M Bagpipe Staff M Stage Crew 3 Laverne Bierle nLikes to shift his brain into neutral and just rattle on W Football l,2,3 M Track l,2,3 M Basketball 3 S Club M F F A 1,2, Vllmer Gran Ulu 1S better to remaln silent than ask foollsh questlons A l 2, F A V Pr Track l,2,3 M Football 3 M S Club M F F A Nat 1 JoEtta Hauck HA young la y with quiet dignity Jlee Club l,c,3 M Mixed Chorus 3 M Bagplpe Staff M Declam M Annual Staff M Senior Play M Larry Bierle Nmeets life as calmly as if it were his own in vention Football 3 M Basketball 2,3,U F F A 1 2, 1 Track l,2,3n7+ Science Club U s club 3 L+ Annual Staff M Marvin Suess million dollar smile Possessor of a Glas Club 1,2 M1xed Chorus l,2,3 M Basketball 2,3,M Football 3 M Track l,2,3,M F F.A 1,2, , F F A Officer 2,3 Class Officer 3 Declam 2 Annual Staff M Boys' Octette 2,3,M Vocal Solo M Junior Play 3 Senior Play M Archie Ireland nGentlemen may prefer blondes but a wise man takes a brunette 3 F A Pres M Club 4 3 M Club Treas 3 Class Pres Class Treas Student Council 2 Glee Club 2 3 L, Mixed Chorus 3 M Football 1,2 Basketball l,4,3 M Track 1:5:3:u Annual staff M Science Club M Class Play 3 Robert 'A one always behind Mehrer speed man a little time U Track l,2,M Football 2 A B Ball 1,2, , Mixed Chorus M Glee Club M A 1, , Analyn Hauck nHer mind is like a sundial it records only pleasantness Glee Club l 4,3,M Mixed Chorus 3 M Science Club M Bagpipe Staff M Librarian M Declam 1 Luverne Bierle 'School won hurt anyone if they take it easy.u Football 2,3,M Track 1,2 3,M s Club 3,f+ F.F.A. l,2,3,M "' "5'nqg.esf di!! Ruth Meyer Reserved an shy, but not to everyone Band l,4,3 M Band V P M Pep Sax Sax Pep Pep F H Band l,2,3 M Solo 3,M Quartet 4,3 M Squad 13213 M Squad Sec Annual Staff M Glee Club l,4,3 M Mixed Chorus 4,3 M Queen Attendant 3 Queen Candida+e M Charles Deutscher 'Talking developes the wind U Football 3 M Track l,4,3,M F F A 1 4, , F F A B B811 c, , Clee Club 4,3,M S Club 4,3,M Mlted Chorus 3 M F F A Sentinel Carole Fischer nHer heart lS like the moon, there's a man in it Band 4,3,M Glee Club l,2,3 M Pep Band 2 3,M Mixed Chorus 3,M Bagpipe Staff M Science Club M Sc Club Officer M Librarian M F H A ,2 Stage Crew 3 Raymond Woehl nBecause he falls short is naturals fault alone.n Football 1,2,3,M Track 1,2 S Club 2,3,M FQFQAU 1,2,3,M. Darlene Batterman 'Letters before studles Physical Education Mixed Chorus 4 3 M Glee Club 2,3 M F H A Richard Ronan nJust the quiet kind whose natures never vary Band 2,3,M Glee Club l c,3,M M Chorus l,2,3 Boys' Octet M Brass Sextet M Brass Quintet F F A 1,2 Trombone Solo 3 M Band Treas M Marna Jensen 'Number please, Sorry, mine's busy, CPermanentlyD Physical Education 1 A Glee Club M Mixed Chorus Eunice Freitag 'School is like a prison, the better you behave the sooner you escape Band l,2,3 M Bagpipe Staff 2 3 M Glee Club 2,3,M Mixed Chorus 2,3,M Debate M . .A. , Band Librarian M Annual Staff M Swing Band M Pep Band 1,2,3 M Clarinet Quartet 3 M Clar. Ensemble 3 M Vocal Solo 3 M Janet Pike Boys are bother some, but I l1ke to be bothere Glee Club l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus 2,3 M Bagpipe Staff' M A Lambert Pravecek NAS restless as a willov A 1 Donald Fall 'Handsome ls a handsome can get away with U Declam l Glee Club l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M F F A 1 2, A E Bal Track l,2,3 M Football 3 M F B Co Captain M Basketball 2,3,M S Club 1,2,3 M S Club Officer M Class Treasure 2 Class Pres M A Sec Bagpipe Staff M Annual Staff M Homecoming King M Senior Play M Carol Schmidt HA teeny weeny firecracker with a great big bang Glee Club l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus 2,3,M Cheerleader 2 3 M Pep Squad 1,2,3 M . .A. , F.H.A. Reporter 2 Queen's Attendant ' Queen's Candidate M ChssV.Pms.2 Annual Staff M B. scarf 1,2,3,M Roy Soukup 'If I'm studying :hen you come in please wake me Track 1,2 F A 1,2, Ferne Carey nlhe woman be hind the news earnest work, fr1endly to all Glee Club l,2,3 M Glrls' State 3 G S Jr Counselor M Bagpipe Staff l,3,M SDEA Journallst M Mixed Chorus 2,3,M Student Council 3 S C Vice Pres 3 Class Play 3 F H A 1,2, Science Club M Sc Club Off1cer Annual Editor M Debate M Declam 1 Offlce Staff 2 Llbrary Staff 3 Alice Weiland 'Although s doesn't shock you, she's a llvewire Band l,2,3,M Glee Club 1, Bagpipe Staff 1 2,3,M PSP Squad 1:2:3!u Mixed Chorus 2,3,M Cheerleader 2,3 M Pep Band 2 Mixed Octette M H A , Science Club M Sc Club Officer M ',uad V Pres M Quartet M Annual Staff M Shirley Stevenson WA queen in all our hearts Queen's Attendant l Queen M Class Pres 1 Glee Club 1,2 M iixed Chorus 2,3 M Student Council M Pep Squad 1,2,3,M Cheerleader 2,3,M Bagplpe Staff l 2,3,M Annual Staff M Junior Play 3 S Council Pres M Pep Squad Pres M A 1 Allen Borszich uDo unto others before they have a chance to do unto you Track l 2,3,M Football 1 3 F F A 1 C, : Iona Kost nHer musical talents have Won her many honors W Band l,2,3,M Pep Band l,2,3,M Swing Band M Student Director M Trumpet Solo M Mellaphone Solo 3 Brass Quartet 3 Brass Sextette M Trumpet Trio 3 M F H A 1,2, Debate M B staff l,2,3,M Office Staff 1 Class Treasure 1 Annual staff M A Editor M Glee Club 1,2,3 M Mixed Chorus c,3,M Mixed Octette 3 Girls Octette 3 M All State Chorus All State Band M Accompanist M Vocal Solo 3 v .n .n F. . . 39h ' F 3 I i L F , 11 . , ' ll ' ' ' F.H. . 1 2 ' 0 0 0 31h A ll F.H.A. Historian M ' . ' M ' , . . . .' 3 M ' -he ' .ll 2,3,U I , I I . .,. 3 F. . . 1 2 r 'Im . . 11 - I - I I ' A 3th 13 JUNIOX CLASS BACK POW Cleft to Pl htl Mr Anderson, Sponsor, Morrls Grosz, Duane Stevenson, Bruce Farus, Arthur Orth, Donald Vogt, Rlchard Soukup FOURTH ROM Erwin Kaul, Lars Jezek, Gerald Maruska, James Kautz, Paul Deutscher,Erwin Bentz, Marlow Pedersen, Leighton Schneider THIRD ROW Gale Wagner,Duane Sheffield, LeRoy Haynes, Wayne Nelson, Orville Dingman,Tom Konrad, Don Diede,Earl Van Driel Ruby Colwell, Idella Woehl, Shirley Slmental SECOND ROW Miss Schnabel, Sponsor,Dorene Orth, Mavis V1tek Bernlce Auch, Donna Hebbert, Verletta Schlechter, Velda Schlechter, Elalne Brown, Shirley Gall, Mary Ann Peterka, Jane Heasley, Merry Patten FIRST ROW Lois Hauck, Marjean Waltner, Deanna Catton, Velma Bjorum, Marlene Frey,Katherine Schmldt, Carol Mueller, Emlly Meyer, Carol Van Driel, JoAnn Nelles, Johanna Weidenbach, Sandra Jungman, Mrs Robinson, Sponsor Miss Schnabel, Mr Anderson, Mrs. Robinson, Class Sponsors Earl Van Driel, Bruce Farus, Duane Stevenson, Marlene Frey Donna Hebbert, Class Officers 14 SOPHOMORE CLASS BACK ROW fleft to P1 htj Mr Lund, Sponsor, Cllfford Roth John Foley, Donald Schanche, Junlor Mraz, Gerald Albert, Rlchard Dawson, Billy Vedr r, Mr Jurrens, Assistant Sponsor FOURmd ROW Ronald Hermann, Arthur Orth,Ronald Orth, Douglas Mehlhaff, Francls Pravecek, AlV1H Diede, Delmar Schanche, Daryl Jerke, Gary Baltzer THIRD ROW Wayne Bertrand, Marlene Suess, Nauine Orth, La Verna Bittner, Karen Ireland, Marilyn Thum, Elsle Blaalld, Donald Stevenson, Ronald Ganske SECOND ROW Elsie Gran, Arlene Biorseth, Norma List, Agnes Novak, Gail Decker,Carol Palmer, Laverne Baker, Roberta Erps Donavon Dean FIRST ROM Joan Petrlk, Joan Pravecek, Marilyn Jerke, Myrna Schneider, Bonnle Konrad, Dorothy Deutscher, Karen Chance, Agnes Vollmer, Mary Jo Souhrada, Alice Blerle uf'-rf Nr Lmm,lU Jmwmm, Mr Scott, Class Sponsors Alvln Diede, Marlene Suess, Donald Stevenson, Class Officers 15 sm 1. FRESHMAN CLASS BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Mr Savage, Co Sponsor, Joseph Pekas, Ronald Peterka, Lynn Palmer, Bud Pedersen, Roger Zweifel, Clifford Zeeb, Davld Eberhardt, Lawrence Mehlhaff, Mr Baker, Sponsor FOURTH ROW Allen Dingman, Gary Wold, Robert Kaul, Allen Bierle, LeRoy Suess, Walter Burke, Dennis Bloch, Elden Bjorum, Ronald Schoon, Carl Soukup THIRD ROW Ferne Lagge, Patricia Focer, Judy Hermann, Carol Freitag, Allen Gall, Wayne Bentz, Dennis Nelles, Eugene List Roland Furney, Leonard Moser, Henry Kowalsk1,Robert Pravecek SECOND ROW June Larson, Janice Collins, Verna Orth, Char lotte Weber, Julie Haynes, Marliss Batterman, Iona Auch,Rita Schlechter, Marjorie Gall, Cecil Neudlgate, Carol Gunderson, Carol Neth FIRST ROW Deloris Weltz, Bonitta Johnston, Betty Zeeb, Shlrlene Palmer, Betty Hollman, Joan Hesla, Donna Bender, Delores Hauck, Carol Gunn, Marlene Muhnel, Rose Lyons, Pat ricia Albert I-.I Mr Savage, Mr Colberg, Mr Baker, Sponsors Donna Bender, Cecil Neudigate, Lynn Palmer, Dennis Nelles, Class Officers 16 T Q W 59 .. ,gill , My V621 7 .1-'4"""' BAND BACK ROW fleft to rightj Dwaln Orth, Carole Fischer, Rlch ard Dawson, Don Diede, Donna Dlede, Arthur Handel THIRD ROW Dorothy Deutcher, Marlene Muhwd, Arlene Blorseth, Carol Mueller, Robert Frey, Donna Hebbert, Deanna Catton, Janice Collins, Roberta Erps, Merle Cole, Alice velland, Myrna Schneider, Frances Drey, Duane Sheffield SECOND ROW Laverne Baker, Karen Chance, Cecll Neudlgate, Joan Hesla, Elsie Gran, Allce Bierle, Rose Lyons, Ruby Col well, Gail Decker FIRST ROW Margean Waltner, Judith Hermann, Eunlce Freitag, Joan Petrik, Idella Voehl, Marlene Frey Jurrens, Director nbnr S25 Lee Shelton, Donna Died y Richard Ronan, Eunice Freita 'Dre Ruth Meyer, Iona Kost, Band Officers . 18 BAND BACK ROW: Kleft to right? Lynn Palmer, Lee Shelton, Mr. Jurrens, Director, Johanna Weidenbach THIRD ROW: Janice Haase, Joseph Pekas, Ronald Peterka, Wayne Fertrand, Katherine Schmidt, Karen Ireland, Shirley Gall, Iona Kost, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Laverne Bittner, James Kautz, Lonn Sweet, Myrna Newell, Richard Ronan SECOND ROW: Emily Meyer, Tom Konrad, Carol Palmer, Velma Bjorum, Carol Neth, Carol Gunderson, Pearl Hermann FIRST ROW: Bonitta Johnston, Carol Freitag, Marilyn Thum, Elaine Brown, Ruth Meyer 50 TRUMPET TRIO SAXOPHCNE QUARTET Left to Right: Karen Ireland, Left to Right: Tommy Conrad, Shirley Gall, Iona Kost Velma Bjorum, Elaine Brown, Ruth Meyer 19 TROMBONE QUINTET BRASS SEXTET Left to Right James Kautz Left to Right Lee Shelton, Laverne Bittner, Lonnie Sweet Emily Meyer: Ri-Chard Ronan, Myrna Newell, Richard Ronan Frances Drey, Shlrley Gall, Iona Kost BRASS QUARTET CLARINET QUARTET Left to Right Lonnie Sweet, Left to Right Marjean Waltner Myrna Schneider, Karen Ireland Judy Hermann, Eunice Freitag, Gail Decker Laverne Baker MIXED CLARINET QUARTET WOODWIND TRIO Left to Right: Marjean Waltner Left to Right: Judy Hermann, Eunice Freitag, Marilyn Thum, Idella Woehl, Carol Nath Carol Freitag 20 IIXED CIORUS BACK ROW Cleft to right? Bruce Farus, Vance Breen, Duane Stevenson,Lawrence Mehlhaff, Donald Vogt, Joseph Pekas, Paul Deutscher, larvin Suess, Archie Ireland, Lee Shelton, Donald Gall, Arlie Syring, Mr Colberg, DlP6CtOP FOURTH ROW Rlchard Soukup, LeRoy Schuette, LeRoy Haynes, Alvin Diede, Arthur Orth, Gary Wold, Duane Sheffleld, Bobby Mehrer, Arthur Handel, Ronald Orth, Allen Gall, LeRoy Suess, Elden Bjorum, Clifford Zeeb TTIQD ROW Margean W ltner, Emily Meyer, Janet Pike, Sylvia Jerke, Pearl Hermann, Carole Flscher, Ruth Meyer, Sandra Juneman, Elaine Brown, Velma Bgorum, Johanna Weidenbach, Deanna Catton, Carol Mueller, Marlene Frey, JoEtta Hauck SECOND ROW Dorene Orth, Analyn Hauck, Myrna Newell, Ruth Grosz, Frances Drey, Iona Kost, Darleen Gall, Elsie Blaalld, Norma Llst, Katherine Schmidt, Verletta Schlechter, JoAnn Nelles, Shirley Gall,Karen Ireland, Velda Schlechter, Bonnie Konrad FIRST ROW Mavis Vltek, E nice Freltag, Shlrley Stevenson, Rosalie Hellman, Lois Hauck, Bernlce Auch, Carol Schmldt Alice Welland, Mar1lyn Thum, Joan Petrlk, Laverna Bittner, Myrna Schnelder, Gail Decker, Ferne Carey, Marllyn Jerke s9i Elf! ll IN lllll ll MIXED OCTET LEFT T0 RIGHT Gary Baltzers LSROY Haynes, Pearl Hermann, gggnsggigig, Dorothy Deutscher, Alice Weiland, Arlie Syring, 21 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BACK ROW Cleft to right! Julle Haynes, Cecll Neudlgate, Roberta Erps, Norma Llst, Agnes Novak, Dorothy Deutscher, Karen Chance, Deanna Catton, Carol Mueller, Emlly Meyer, Marlene Frey, Sandra Jungman, Velda Schlechter, Merry Patton Mr Colberg, Dlrector FIFTH POW Diane Hofer, Ruth Meyer, Laverne Baker, Joan nesla, Tavis Vitek, Lois Hauck, E1Sl6 Gran, Elsie Blaalid, Rosalle Hellman, Laverne Bittner, Marlene Suess, Mar'lyn Thum, Verletta Schlechter, Myrna Schneider FCJRIH ROW Patrlcla Albert, Carol Palmer Marjorie Gall, Bernlce Auch, Verna Orth, Rita Schlechter Elalne Brown, Velma Bgorum, JoAnn Nelles, Ferne Lagge, Deloris Weltz, Shlrley Slmantel TIIRD ROM Bonitta Johnston, Carol Flscher, Janet Plke, Analyn Hauck, Sylvla Jerke, Elizabeth Zeeb, Donna Bender, NSFIS Mallock, Marllyn Jerke, Nadlne Orth, Joan Petrik, Jane Heasley SECOND ROW Marliss Batterman, France! Drey, Iona Kost, Eunlce Freltag, Margean Waltner, Darleen Gall, JoEtta Hauck, Pearl Hermann, Johanna Weidenbach, Kather1ne Schmldt, Gail Decker, Carol Neth FRONT ROW Dorene Orth, Carol Gunderson, Bonnle Konrad, Shlrley Stevenson, iyrna Newell, Ruth Grosz, Ferne Carey, Judy Hermann, Karen Ireland, Alice Welland, Carol Schmldt, Shlrl all, Carol Fre1tag GIRLS' OCTET LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Drey Emily Me er J he a W ' Katherine Schmidt Elaine groan vyle' -Oh1nnht'eldenba?h Decker, Iona Kost, , e Ga bc ec er' Gall 22 FNI' ella BOYS' GLEE CLUB BACK ROW Cleft to Plghty Gary Wold, Joseph Pekas, Paul Deutscher, Arlie Syring, Richard Soukup, Wayne Nelson, Clifford Zeeb, Mr Colberg, Director THIRD ROW Don Vogt, Orvllle Dingman, Bob Mehrer, Arthur Handel, Lee Shelton, Archie Ireland, Richard Dawson, Alvin Diede, Donald Schanche, Gary Baltzer SECOND ROW Elaine Brown, Accompanist, LeRoy Haynes, LeRoy Schuette, James Kautz, Duane Sheffield, Ronald Orth, Arthur Orth, Billy Mehrer, Marvin Suess, Delmar Schanche FIRST ROW Vance Breen, Bruce Farus, Duane Stevenson, Law renee Mehlhaff, Richard Ronan,Allan Gall, Elden Bjorum,LeRoy Suess, Roger Zweifel, Eugene List BOYS' OCTET LEFT TO RIGHT: Vance Breen, Gary Baltzer, LeRoy Haynes, Le- Roy Schuette, Richard Ronan, Arlie Syring, Marvin Suess, Lee Shelton 23 inn,- W S' KING, QUEEN FWD ATTEJDINTS LPFT TO RIGHT Donna Bender, Marilyn Tnum, Donna Hebbert ning, Donald Gall, Queen, Shirley Stevenson, Donna Diede, Ruth Meyer, Carol Schmidt CHILDRFN George Zinck, Diane Gemar, Nancy Foss, Billy Neudigate V " 'Hr +-- ,Z ROYALTY 24 l l PE: SQJAD BAC? RCX Kleft to rightlvelma Bgorum, Elalne Brown, Shlrley Jall, rlene Suess, Katherlne Schmldt, Nadlne Orth, Bonnie Kon ad, Ddth Meyer SECCTD O! Johanna Gld61b8Ch, Marlene Frey, Frances Drey, P ren Chance, Laverne Qaker, Carol ralne Marilyn Jerke, Shlrlev D son, Donna lede, Fail Decker FIQSl WC De nna Patton, Margean ltner, Donna Hebbert, Carol UP8lt8g, Judlth Hermann, Karen Ireland, Marilyn Thum, lss urphy, Sponsor Alice 9l1cDd, Shlrley Stevenson, Carol Schmidt, Gceerleadms Carol Schmidt, Shirley Stevenson, Alice Weiland Cheerleaders Judy Hermann, Donna Bender, Carol Freitag, Cheerleaders ,,f 25 60 Fill ANNUAL STAWF BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Larry Bierle, Donald Gall, Lee Shelton, LeRoy Schuette FIRST ROW Carol Schmidt, Myrna Newell, Pearl Hermann, Shir ley Dawson, Frances Drey, Sylvia Jerke, Rosalie Hollm n, Jo Etta Hauck, Eunice Freitag, Shirley Stevenson, Ruth Meyer, Alice Weiland SEATED Ferne Carey, Miss Murphy, Sponsor, Donna Diede, Iona Kost, Archie Ireland, Vern Haase, Marvin Suess Marvin Suess, Archie Ireland, Vern Haaee, Business Managers Ferne Carey, Donna Diede Iona Kost, Editors 26 F IPF TAFF BACK ROW Kleft to rivhtj Carole Flscher, Analyn Hauck, Sylvia Jerke, Myrna Newell Pearl Hermann, Al1ce Welland, Carol Schmidt, Lee Shelton, Vance Breen, Donald Gall THIRD ROW Dorene Orth, Eunice Freitag, Marjean Waltner, Velma Bgorum, Johanna Weidenbach, Elsle Gr n, Elsie Blaalld, Darleen Gall, Ruth Grosz, Shlrley Stevenson Hauck, Shirley Gall, Katherine Schm1dt, Jo Etta Hauck, Shlr ley Dawson, Mrs Robinson, Sponsor FIRST ROW Iona Kost, Frances Drey, Donna Diede, Elaine Brown, Mavls Vltek, Ferne Carey, Bernice Auch, Agnes Novak, Carol Palmer, Laverne Baker Mrs Robinson, Sponsor Ferne Carey, Editor 27 4 ' 'X I ' M ,J QR BA J P L , . . SECOND ROW: Janet Pike, Donna Hebbert, Sandra Jungman, Lois 3 J . l DECLAMATION BACK ROW Kleft to rightl Mr- Savage, Frances Drey, Sandra Jungman, LeRoy Haynes, Jane Heasley, JoEtta Hauck, Mr Scott FIRST ROW Mrs Savage, Shirlene Palmer, Carol Freitag, Ruth Grosz, Karen Ireland, Gail Decker, Judy Hermann J' C? 1 DEBATE LFFT TO RlGHT Eunice Freitag, Iona Kost, Fr nces Drey,Ferne Carey, Mr Savage, Coach ABSFNT James Kautz, Ga1l Decker 28 Senior Play Cast and Crew Back Row Cleft to rightj Wilmer Gran, Allen Borszich, Arlie Syring, Vern Haase, Lambert Pravecek, Larry Bierle, Lee Shelton, Vance Breen, Marvln Suess Front Row Carole Fischer, lyrna Newell, Marna Jensen,Analyn Hauck, Frances Drey, Ruth Grosz, JoEtta Hauck, Donna Diede, Mrs Savage, Director Absent Donald Gall JUNIOR PLAY CAST AND CREW BACK ROW: Cleft to rightl Johanna Weidenbach, Leighton Schneider, Marjean Walther, Duane Sheffield, Carol Mueller, James Kautz, Velda Schlechter, Arthur Handel, Deanna Catton, Student Director FIRST ROW: JoAnn Nelles, Marlene Frey, Elaine Brown, LeRoy Haynes, Shirley Gall, Tom Konrad, Emily Meyer, Paul Deutsch- er, Velma Bjorum, Donna Hebbert, Ruby Colwell 29 BACh ROW Cleft to riphtl Rose Lyons, Laverne Baker, Arlene Biorseth, Diana Hofer, Elsle Gran, Coach SFCOND ROW Betty Hollman, Shlrlene Carol Gunn, Patricia Albert, Roberta FIRST ROW Charlotte Weber, Carol Norma List, Mr Savage, Palmer, Cecll Neudigate Erps, Gall Decker Palmer, Elsie Blaalid, Donna Bender, Judith Hermann, Betty Zeeb, Agnes Novak, Allce Bierle SCIENCE CLUB BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Carol Palmer, Ronald Ganski, Don Diede, Duane Stevenson, Larry Bierle, Arcnie Ireland, Arlie Syring, Larry Simantel THIRD ROW Donna Diede, Carole Fischer, Pearl Hermann, Analyn Hauck, Myrna Newell, Wayne Bertrand, Arthur Orth SECOND ROW Laverne Baker, Marilyn Thum, Karen Ireland, Roberta Erps, Ruth Grosz, Shirley Stevenson, Alice Weiland FIRST ROW Mr Lund, Sponsor, Agnes Novak, Arlene Biorseth, Elsie Blaalid, Mary Ann Peterka, Velma Bjorum, Ferne Carey 50 BACK ROW Cleft to right! Richard Soukup, Donald Gall, Morris Grosz, Gerald Albert, Larry Simantel, Ray Woehl, Carl Soukup, Leonard Moser, Marlow Pedersen, Earl Van Driel, Roland Furney, Robert Pravecek, Allen Bierle, Allan Dlngman FOURTH ROW Orville Dlngman, Larry Bierle, Archie Ireland, Lee Shelton, Marvln Suess, John Foley, David Eberhardt, Allan Gall, Roger Zweifel, Leighton Schneider, Wilmer Gran, Roy Soukup, Ronald Orth, Dennis Bloch THIRD ROW Arthur Handel, Luverne Bierle, Gale Wagner, Ronald Hermann, Donald Vogt, Clifford Roth, Bud Pedersen, LeRoy Suess, Allen Borszich, LaVerne Bierle, Donald Schanche Vern Haase, Henry Kowalski SECOND RCW Donavon Dean, Lambert Pravecek, Duane Sheffield James Kautz, Tommy Konrad, Gerald Maruska, Lars Jezek, Wayne Nelson, Paul Deutscher, Dennis Nelles, Alvin Diede, Gary Baltzer, Francis Pravecek FIRST ROW Mr Anderson, Sponsor, Erwin Bentz, Daryl Jerke, Junior Mraz, Donald Stevenson, Douglas Mehlhaff, Bllly Mehrer, Wayne Bentz, Eugene List, Delmar Schanche, Lawrence Mehlhaff, Elden Bgorum va-1 MT. Anderson, Sponsor Archie Ireland, Pres. 31 eqqe earn BACK ROW Cleft to right! Mavis Vitek, Karen Ireland Laverne Baker, Dorothy Deutscher, Karen Chance, Carol Neth Judith Hermann, Carol Freitag, Donna Bender, Betty Zeeb, Joan Hesla, Alice Bierle FOURTH ROW Dorene Orth, Gail Decker, Marlene Muhmel, Roberta Erps, Carol Palmer, Patricia Kocer, Marie Walloch, Ferne Lagge, Deloris Weltz, Bonnie Konrad, Joan Petrik, Mary Jo Souhrada THIRD ROW Myrna Newell, Bernice Auch, Elsie Gran, Arlene Biorseth, Idella Woehl, Ruby Colwell, Marjorie Gall, Nadine Orth, Verna Orth, Marlene Suess, Darleen Gall, Myrna Schneider SECOND ROW Agnes Novak, Laverne Bittner, Sandra Jungman, Marilyn Thum, June Larson, Janice Collins, Charlotte Weber, Iona Auch, Rita Schlechter, Helen Souhrada, Verletta Schlechter, Julie Haynes FIRS1 ROW Miss Schnabel, Sponsor, Elsie Blaalid, Elaine Brown, Shirley Gall, Ferne Carey, Donna Hebbert, Marlene Frey, Johanra Weidenbach, Velda Schlechter, Patricia Albert, Rose Lyon , Carol Gunn Kiss Schnabel, Sponsor Elaine Brown, President 52 5741157965 - N f X' ll H ll LDFT TC RIFWT fr Baker, Coach, Gerald Maruska, Luverne Bierle, Tom Konrad, Ray Loebl, Don Diede, James Kautz, Paul Deutscher, Duane Stevenson, Laverne Blerle, 1arlen Palmer, Vance Breen, LeRoy Schuette, Donald Gall, Lee Shelton, Brm F rus, Archle I eland, Marlow Pedersen, MHPVlH Suess, Blerle, Vern Haase, Larry Slmantel, APll6 Syrlng, M11 Gian, LeRoy Haynes, Mr Savage, Assistant Coach ' Mr Savage, Mr Baker, Coaches t Marvin Suess, LeRoy Schuette, I ggnild Gall, Marlow Pedersen, f Y .. cers - 54 FOOTBALL SQUAD BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Larry Nelson, Bud Pedersen, Ronald Peterka, Donald Vogt, Lynn Palmer, LeRoy Suess, Allen Blerle Robert Kaul FOURTH ROW Wayne Bertrand, Douglas Mehlhaff, Lars Jezek, Le Roy Haynes, Gale Wagner, John Foley, Erwln Bentz, Wayne Bentz, Assistant Coach, Harry Savage THIRD ROW Coach Allen Baker, Arthur Orth, arlen Palmer, Konrad SECOID ROW Wllmer Gran, Raymond 'oehl, Gerald Maruska, James Kautz, Vern Haase, Larry Blerle, Duane Stevenson, Marlow Pederson FIRST ROW Bruce Farus, Donald Gall, Paul Deutscher, Marvln Suess, Archle Ireland, LaVerne Blerle, Luverne Bierle Lee Shelton LeRoy Schuette, Donald Gall, Co Captains 35 1 ,, ,, i .. .. Vance Breen, Le Roy Schuette, Wayne Nelson, Don Diede, Tommy . . ' Hatha RJ-J-Ja BASKETBALL SQUAD LEFT to RIGHT Vance Breen, Marlen Palmer, Donald Gall, Ie Roy Schuette, Archie Ireland, Marlow Petersen, Larry Bierle, Richard Syring, Duane Stevenson, Brace Farus, Coach, Allen Baker TRACK SQUAD LEFT to RIGHT: Larry Simantel, Marvln Suess, LeRoy Schuette Richard Syring, Archie Ireland, Donald Gall, Larry Bierle, Luverne Bierle, Tommy Konrad 36 Z2 W V ,, Q W, .Qt A, L rlll 'x 1 al X E llci L . .1 3, 5 34 32 35 '25 X29 5 23 6. 5 , f S 23 Q ef 90- 1l - GRADE EIGHT BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Mlss Tischler, Larry Hebbert, Lonnie Sweet, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Sylvia Anderson, Audrey Glynn, Dorothy Jochims, Ronald Talsma, Carl Neumeister FIRST ROW Dale Stevenson, Joey Schmidt, Carol Maruska, Francis Serr, Judith Bender, Arthur Silvernail, Joyce Novak, Rodney Burke, Lynette Maruska GRADE SEVEN BACK ROW: Kleft to right, Betty Schaeffer, John Hess, Marlys Hermann, Arthur Vollmer, Shirley Krieger, George Holm, Betty Haynes, Harvey Serr, Janice Haase, Gale Gunn, Mrs. Savage SECOND ROW: Gloria Albert, Mickey Frey, Phyllis Dawson, Larry Decker, Yvonne Magstadt, Merle Cole, Jerome Rudolf, Marvin Mueller, Jimmy Talsma, Donald Zeeb, Larry Hall FIRST ROW: Gary Hamberger, Russell Silvernail, Kay Kayser, Gordon Johnston 58 GRADE SIX BACK ROW Cleft to Plght, Emery Gross, Dwaln Orth, Patrlcla Lyons, Jackle Bu ke, John English, Verda Catton, Betty Bettenhausen, Joyce Nelles, Allen Krieger, Eileen Steven on, Du Wayne Schoon FRONT ROW Roger Lee Walter, Ronald Schatz, Bobby Colllns, Roger Koblas, Nellie Holm, Alice Schaeffer, Gregory Schmidt, Kenny Zeeb, Joseph Wasson, Bobby Clough ABSENT Charles Conrad FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW Kleft to riphtl Carol Weiland, Deanne Clough, William Schelske, Clarlta Hellman, Lyn Wagner,Char1em1Glynn Glenn Chance, Marilyn Nelson, Frank Burke, Doris Kay Ford, Barry Goodwin, Shirley hocourek SECOND ROM Miss Ewing, Dorothy Glynn, James Hess, Cneryl Nelles, Darrell Jogck, Erma Vollmer, Myron Wruck, Robert Zeeb, Howard Soukup, Doris Heckenllable, Duane Dean, Robert Cvrk 39 Ur' id GRADE FOUR BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Miss Fenenga, Teacher, Marlln Burke, Carolyn Holm, Melvin Holm, Karen Anderson, Shirley Schuette, Ronald Glynn, Judy List, Darrell Magstadt FRONT ROW Donna Silvernail, Delmar Gran, Iva Kay Fischer, Carol Coles, Marjorie Bettenhausen, Tommy Farus, Elta Zinck, Gary Bauder GRADE THREE FRONT ROW: Cleft to right! Barbara Hesla, James Fiedler, Anita Lyons, Gene Baker, Jeanne English, Barbara Hebbert, Harlan Rudolph, Sharon Hirsch, Joan Mumm BACK ROW: Oren Long, Betty Novak, Richard Talsma, Carol Hamberger, Danny Peterka, Nancy Decker, Erna Vollmer,Lavonne Jochims, John Zeeb, Joan Burke, Dennis Conrad, Miss Fisher, Teacher 40 ' GRADE ONE STANDING Cleft to rightJ Tom Goodwin, Billy Neudigate, Darlene Heckenlaible, Edwin Vollmer, Russel Ireland, Gary List, Roger Decker, Nancy Foss, George Zinck, Lois Magstadt, Miss Peterson, Teacher SEATED Chuck Silvernail, Jerry Gran, Diane Gemar, Mary Ellen Long, Ruth Ann Hebbert, Orville Weisz, Sharon Schelske Ronnie Retzer, Margene Novak, Shirley Ford, Kathy Behl, Diane Kocourek GRADE TWO FRONT ROW Kleft 110 right? Diane Hall, Gerald Schaeffer, Lonnie Chance, Mary Mum , Judy Hirsch, Ronald Clough, James Cisar, Rita Clough, Sandra Nelson BQCK ROW 99015319 Burke, Danny Lipkie, Vickie Hirsch, Merle Z HCR, K8-Perl Herman, Mrs Drey, Daniel Christensen, Judith gsgggd, Mike Rogers, Phyllis Fiedler, Dennis Mohr, Trudy 41 ABSENT: Morris Wruck, Loretta Bauder 14? MSM Q2-.vt vim 5629115955 555' - I Xs P38131 CITY JAIL AKE OKOROLI IA Pb K 45 '1 1 .J ! ',. Y 1 l hr 1: ,I . V 5 "atv '-if ' V 'Q 1 K 2'f?f' J 2 N 1 Q F 'f ma, q 4 Q fl ,i V ks.: V,-. A -M: , 'ff ,V , I Ye 'mn' ' 9 """"""-ww.,...'5""-."'...,.,,,-w-..., E ' I , ,WA4 'Q' 1. 5! mf! 'ks film A' r .,,f-915,12 ff.: tw F A? 1 :dw -1a..1 Uv ,.-""" NK xx' Fila R ww, xi 4 K I L.. fi 1 an 'fr-00 H414 NL! Egg We 95 Spa Q' ,ax fb 6 SFU 77S0?S Carolll mhe Toggerv Kiltle Cafe hold's Store Zinck Studio amble Store Scotland Cafe Scotland Bakery Rivin Brothers' Scotland Journal Glmbel Shoe Shoo Scotland Crocery Clough lmplemen Breen's Pharmacy Al's Barber Shop Scotland Lockers Scotland Hatchery Scotland Creamery Scotland Furniture Nestle Beauty Shop Hesla's Farm Store Al's Clothing Store Pillar Buick, Pontiac Charlies' Barber Shop Jim's Standard Service Muellers' Farm Service Scotland Bowling Alley Central Lumber Company Wm F Hansen, Attorney Ewing Implement Company Compliments of Ed Pillar Brown and Donley Hardware De Lux Cleaners and Dyers Dr W J Treick, Dentist Peoples' Telephone Company Scotland Implement Company Jungman Clinic and Hosp1tal Henry Serr, Service Station Northwestern Public Service Joe's Produce, Cream and Eggs Ted's Radio and T V Service Koblas and Rebel, Meat Market Farmers and Merchants State Bank Scotland Roofing and Paint Store Coast to Coast Store, Wilber Foss Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company 47 . Q - G s Max Drug Store . t O I I . . . . . YILXK WELCOME TO SCOTLAND Scotland High School, with the backing of the business men of the city, extends a cordial invitation to eighth grade graduates to attend Scotland High School Scotland High School is fully accredited by the North CentralAssociation of Colleges and Secondary Schools There fore, when considering our school, you may be assured that it is fully accredited by more than just the state accredit ment standards Our high school assures all students of a large choice of subjects and a varied and interesting assortment d'extra curricular activities In our curriculum we include voca tional, commercial, and college preparatory courses Vocal music, band, and athletics make up the greatest portion of the activities Other activities include debate, "S" club, science club, pep squad, F H A , F F A , and journalism As you page through our annual, your attention will be drawn to the many opportunities our high school provides Rural students are always assured of transportation as Scotland has a very efficient bus system This annual is presented to you with the com liments of the Board of Education of Scotland Public Schools. le sincerely hope that you will begin making plans to attend Scotland High School next year. 48

Suggestions in the Scotland High School - Highlander Yearbook (Scotland, SD) collection:

Scotland High School - Highlander Yearbook (Scotland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Scotland High School - Highlander Yearbook (Scotland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 52

1954, pg 52

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