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 - Class of 1950

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'il 'W' 7 '1 W., Aw. K . 1 , . ., gihmghfikk Af. V . 1 . . . -V ,V f aj..,i,g9.. . , V+ ' , V+ Viv iii? ,V-v-U, .VV -,'.-- V I,-gi V V - - .Vx ' -5. ,. . . rigs, 12,11 5 9.5.3 "',., .V VP - Q.. f: V. Va I f ' . V--4: - L ,. f A Y fb-1 .H . ., V J, A .5 , . . E---5, 1 ,55-,.,, - V- . A A, V ' yr,-j'f'fa AQ .. .' -, '. "iff: .,, . - -- . X Y V V, ,, ,Q ,gf 1.7.9-..?j,5Q 111- 'L-V ...., , . - - . 1' VV 1 fff- -' V'.'f1'-91'-,133 3' Jr g,-5 gh' ..- ,..:,g.,'. Q", ,E M, U, Q' wx.- , V , QQ., NM W U K, 4 V My F . - -f .- :-. If .Vy'.. 1-.. V V ..V'- 'f' VVV , ,Q 73. -Q ,xp q w pq- Vw- -,W-A -,NV ,... N g V .. . -3, K-'Vp W - . , . . . . , 1,-.-M .. .- -VV. I., ..-..,.,, V I V, --.5 ,Y-,w,..., , , E . , ,,' , V 1593 'aw 'V . bv Q xr 11. Q. Q: X W' MG in s K lu . Q? Q 5 ,Ks 4 P Wk jx, , ,- 5 H, ,iv 'fix ,rv wr na . W A! 1 7 K Q I 1 3 U' , H A il-va " K1 .A Q4 E ,j :Q hmm an-v':"w A I NYJ' f ff izeri iv ,, ff' 1 2 0 - K f ., ,W my " L: , 3, HM, ji, -f P ' , if al' 5795- giiizjgiigkg ' g I 54 'x 'Q A Hg :Mi qv . D2 f ., :I Q. W 4, ' fLQ'e:..:7.9fa!lI2f,. fig, 5-w a I 2 1-A 3 554, tel ,nf ,L V. , l 7iZtg:,,:g3Af? 37 -. if 1' "'.g,,", . 'RL '. , . f L A . , Wayan., -V .fa 'gi:1'. I , ,.. Ea - :avr , A, - ,ra ,V - uh, f X, A1 F 1 A l WK Q:-Qiglf wr-16, - , , Q. fa Ji' ff .W ,i ,Q Q, "' 4. Q ar 1, - vi A HL., Wx. ., !1.1E'2,- f ' - ,-.K . V ,K ,V V -.A ,, -. .. "K f' , f . .Q ,S ' 1 1- 1 . f 1 A 5 - ,Q 4, b ,M if 1 . K x 'S' Q "" -V-A 4 . by Q uw' , A , t' 3 M T gm! if-EQ-S' X wr ... M... . 1 W., u '-' 'ww af 1' f?r,,.,3' . lk ,, .... .......,,.,. xr L i,3,,,a ,,,, I -sa-A., f"':. - V , h ,R R W., an L42 'ix ' , .R ,L ...W 5 ,- 2 'if' ' ' ' "W fQ.f"?'Pf'fW,-1f Tf'37"n"f ,,,, f ' K M' ,, .. . xv ...K U F7Q'R Na H. lf.. x f , ! Y ' X' -, L . if 1 Q ,- - 'I N if E' . ' f 'I . an in 'Q al gi, uf 5 if A 2 ki 'nfs 'M . 9 A . P, f' Q nv Q ' " W M Q ' 'ff 4 ,' 1, ' My 5 at Q", is Q- .2 Q 1 W5 Q an 1 7. 5 Q A , fy, .L gt lmxm 'Eg wi' -5 . Ex 'V gi -d'5r" L 4, in N-fax 1 'lv 9., ,M I Z: .M ga ,W ld' .,v,,g. , 4 A , M 'mv , r- Mgmn fx ing lui l .,2.'k. ii' V' vffd ,fuxa . 5 Ag"-.4 S Fm SI-, 5 -'f' .X E , , -J ,YK , ' rf , ' . if Y" :fri 'wits 5 1 ' ,lm ,i , 3 , V." s , ,scifi QQ, in 'V 1 K . Dean Esther Raushenloush No concern of ours so trivial- Nor any problems so great- That you would not pursue in your clear, quick way, Applying your interest, patience, and liumor, Despite there being only twenty-four hours in a clay. Dellilzalitln -.W M, f 'x . , ' Y n..3.'?Ll,,,m. 2 'L' + -x ' f K N M l "M ' - f vw- f , . 'J' A ' ' S ' , A -q z ' . - - - ,5 -. '- - . . - " , N 1 fwu.-:. , ' - Q. Wx- ' , . -M. IMMQA X. Q. -N, ,V ir M Q A N A wk M M WZ, N Ni? L Li qw -YM -1 ' bw., J , QM, "M Xl. 4 L: 'Y - x, x 1, - " 4 X- , s "iv---, W. K -Q., 'W , .Max ..,,,?.. Wm , ...qi x ,N T XR. .task my . QC ,A ,lk .w Vx 11, ., V- , lv K , xr J 1 .ix K vw My . Q km . :W W x iw 4' A - Z 1 -4 --' 'A -M . r- 'fn - .' ' - f 'W-. M' 7' 4' 4' ' K S I. 3- ' Q, N' W -f 'si MJ' X, gain ' -- XM- ,1 Y 1-H'-'X -.L k . ,5 5 -. ' ,S Q' mf xafak w.,,,,K . - Nf - . -.1-.-f . N. - . . ,- H'-N-:f - -'www -. -.Q wg. Q Q.. --... g, -Q 1 N, H 'P - , wr., N , ff - - wi 'f "5-uni, , A . ' 'W i 'f'-.N . W- 11'-75 ye ' - 1, , 'J-wwf, , ""'f-,ii . '-M . . eq am .,j'fi-evf- --was-2 um. " v ,Vw .1 x N 1- , 9-'. ' w Wkff . - W. '-w xg W . s - ' N 'A '. "9L"'m. , ' N fu , ' ,,..,,,', ff., ,tg 4'-N, Z ' MMV' -W 1 .11 K , X' ,!' Y'?""5"'f1 d L .x L feh rf YES.. yn-f?"Q"'aL., ' 0 O Q' i,..i,' xvlf' E ,, if ,. ,Q 4, . ..,.. I l ,f"".41 ' , W ffm? 1. n-Pwiag ' Y 1 w Y dl. 41' 'yang' - f' '12-.. 3 'Z 'ibwef' 3 3 Hu ML -Q4' a, ""g,z. 5 'Q -3 Dr. :mtl Hflrs. Taylor, Mary, Iennifer, Ben, and Bill. President ". . . I speak continually of the needs of the individual student, because I believe that unless we think of the individual, and con- sider carefully the Ways in which we make him an independent and responsible person, who thinks and acts for himself, we cannot prepare him to meet his situation in contemporary life. The modern citizen needs to be secure enough about his ovvn judgment to face any idea or situation that he can form his own conclusion. He needs discipline enough to observe the rights of others, and to aid others to share his privileges. He needs depth enough in his emotional re- sponse to enjoy life at its best and to sustain himself at its worst. He needs an aim in life towards which his future is directed, and which his education is helping him to fulfill. He needs teachers, deans, and administrators who realize that universities and colleges exist to help him achieve these qualities by whatever means can be devised. He needs all these things because his world today is confused, overpower- ing, and tense, and he and his friends in our anxious age, can help to put it rightf, l1'ving G0lLl11'll7l1'Z, Kingsley Price, Till- uum Breiseth, Clmrles Trinlmus, lane judge. Paul Aron, Dleyer IQLIIYINIIZ, lNl03'11'1LT1'l Della joio, Isabel Garcia Iorcu, Alice Bowzrcl, Hlarc Slouinz. lllaurice Irvine, Robert Fiizgerzzlal, Helen Mclllasier. Rudolf Arulzeim, Louis Iougldu, fumes Hill. IffH'UILZ VVie11eV, FLIIUKITL1 P0I011'1o11, Ruth Sirodt. Clzzzrlottc Houteruzmzs, Rolf Altsclml, Ruth SH11L1SfTO11Z, Alacfelinc Grant, Henry Alfumn. Theodore Roszak, David Smith, Lucie lowers, Ezio Alrzrthzelli. 101111 Holmes, Putricizz AIO'!'lfgO11181'j', N Jladalyn Crazy, Hiclmrl Christie, Doris Biker. Louis Buff let, lfftlzcr RTIISCIISIIIJIISII Bessie Sclzmzlwrg, Helen Lynd, Il'l'i17l2 Gohfuzzzll. june fudge, IoelSl1or, Saul Bczzison Emma Llewellyn, Hugh Ross, Cath- ryn Mansell. Mary Milligan, Margaret Freeland, jesse Bidwell. Adele Breloner, Ierome Swinford, Alhert Lauterlaach, Horace Gregory, joseph Campbell, Edith Yalden- Thomson. Nellis DeLay, Hugo Fiorato, Ierome Swinford encore, Andre Singer, Edmund Haines, Dorothy DeLay. S z 2 2 E i 2 E 1 Seniors NIN ALEE ALLEN lndicrnnpolis, Imi. K 'N 'C Art . . . Clitlirniun of tlie Pliilosopliy is , X- Round Tableg Arts Exchange ClOlUI1lllICCQ "' Religious Round Table. is fj W HENRY C. ALTMAN New York City, N. Y. iiffvxx I! il 1 Chemistry. CMedical Schoolj . . . Physics il A x lm R Seminar. fx l"'Q'f, ELIZABETH GRACE AUGUSTUS r,f:C5fQ,'B lVillo11gl1la3', Olzio V fi .5 35' Social Science . . . Secretary of Student L1 J, ,- , - Council ,49g Bleinber-ut-large of Student Ei In ' , Councilg NSA Delegateg lnternntionul Rc- 2,1 .M ,M 4' lations Cluldg Chorusg NAACP. kg? MQ" t5j K IO ER ALDWIN ffsakjx JOAN IHURB B K 12327 South Orange, N. 1 Literature and Arr . . . Hits and Missesg kkxx X WSLCQ Chorusg Yearbookg the Campttsg ' D O vw JOHN ARTHUR BARNES 3-'mv' Larchmont, N. Y. Q QNX? wit Literature . . . Business Manager of Kg, 'A 2' :T WSLQ Hits and Missesg Arranger for 03 '-X5 DQ. SUZETTE BARON X X Forest Hills, N. Y. , IV I 9 Psychology . . . Student Admissions Com- CL mitteeg Nominating Committeeg YPAg Tr Philosophy Round Tableg PAQ Head of Student Self-help Committee. 11 JULIA BELL MERRILL BAUER Clwrs. Edward W. Tuckahoe, N. Y. Q5 Literature and Art . . . Chorusg Dance Croupg PACg Poetry Round Table. My BETTY LEE BENNETT Anmrillo, Texas Sufi 7' J ei-eb Psychology and Pre-medical . . . Co-director VV 60572 of Student Waitress Program. - EAW W 5 V' XC-D 'iff Q-,Z Q SALLIE H. BLACKMER Englewood, Colo. W' Vik. G Literature and Social Science . . . Adver- S 3 fig! tising Manager of the Cmnpusg Interna- tional Relations Clubg Westlands House ,ck X President ,493 Student Council Member- at-largeg Vacations Committeeg Chairman of Student Planning Committee. 12 Q EDITH M. BOORSTEIN fr- f N f Mmfzhasset, L. I., N. Y. Ll .V f History and music . . . PACg Di11191'lSi01'lSj WA Editorial Writer for the Cmnpusg NAACPg Priiyl ,,,,,,.- Q Q5 . ' X 1 'f N X I X YPAg Student Councilg Perkins House " President '5Og Philosophy Round Table. X x ef.. iam M MAR1 s. BROMWELL LwM'lil1l5?'M Lake Forest, Ill. tw fl Literature and Social Science . . . the fl if Campusg the Y emflaook. H-.71 ,QR CYNTHIA DIANE BROWN r"?'n7N ' Q93 M Sioux Falls, S. D. N-r QF X1 Child Psychology . . . European Relief r l X K Committee. WNW h2':.4, X ffl. mln, f 13 PAMELA MAUDE BURDEN New York City, N. Y. Theatre and Designing . . . Chorus: Sec- retary ,49, Manager ,48, President 'SOQ WSLCQ Dance Croup. ELINOR N. CASE Urbana, Ill. Child Study and Children,s Literature . . . Dance Croupg Chorusg Planning Com- mitteeg Commencement Committeeg lun- ior-Senior Prom Committeeg Religious Round Tableg International Relations Club. VALENTINA CATENACCI Rome, I taly Literature . . International Relations Club. ' 14 f f X ,rr -S my l' - Kr ' fill? P P 532524 J My gg CLADYS KWA-EONC CHANC Tuckahoe, N. Y. IN ' was I Social Science . . . WSLCg Chorusg A.A.g Q Sophomore Class Presiclentg Curriculum Committeeg Planning Committeeg Student Council President '49g Senior Class Presi- Hentg Kdmissions Committeefi' p f ,x ELIZABETH M. CLEMONS X ' N' 1, -. Wg! Orange, Conn. , - f N Literature and Art . . . WSLCg Chorusg JI Music Clubg Literature Eorumg A.A.g 1 j , Chairman of Current Events Eorumg Scholarship Committeeg Chairman of Ad junior-Senior Prom Committee. CAROL BLAKESLEY COOK ,f1'sL'Q, f St. Louis, Mo. f Sculpture . . . Chorusg the Yearloookg the X fp K QL Cczmpusg Philosophy Round Table. 15 LISA DEAN Y IU01fLtclmni11, Del. f"'N Literature. R i "g 17 if g ff SELMA HOROVVITZ DINCE 14: QMIS. Paul RJ X The Bronx, N. Y. . . 52555 M Social Science . . . the Campusg College 76,15 Q Events Committeeg Student Advisory Com- 9,1 mittee on Adrnissionsg Student Councilg NAACP. - I .x .Q 1 WI 'Y' 2 Q M I! f X 54 Q 9' ' ' 43 if , i 23? x 5" 33.-'ifu ARTHUR JAY EDELMAN New York City, N. Y. l pau f Hum! Theatre. K , fs 6 Q ' Q73 16 , 3 RENEE EDELSTEIN YOVZIQBTS, N. Y. X. K E Social Science . the Campusg WSLCg l Spanish Clubg French Club. QQ E2 5 c X X X-"VN ELIZABETH C. ELLIS - x X357 Langhorne, Pa. .fx X fl, A Q 88,474 Art CDesignD . . . Chorusg Secretary of AKA 6 , z H5343 Current Events Forumg Childrenls Village YHA K x " ,:"",f EXAM Committeeg junior-Senior Prom Commit- nxu K5 X ,S 5 tee. Q. f-Xxx JEAN WINIFRED FREAS fx A Bethesda, Mol. Q.. V5 Writing . . . Student Councilg Dudley Lawrence House President '49g Student Admissions Advisory Committee, CSenior if- V-X j Memberlg NAACP. 17 JUDITH LEE Hams f , ff " Kansas City, Mo. Psychology . . . YPA. l NANCY HAMBURGER Xi W 4, .f,, . ,. ,. ' x X .2 X ,,,,' -.3 WI., Ml-,,.,, , ,, 4- W slr NS . , it ' .Qltgx -'- Baltimore, Md. . Q f at Theatre Art . . . Head of WSLC, Films gf Committee, Planning Committee, Chair- N man of Scholarship Committee ,48. W9 Ex 275 aa 'wx KATHLEEN ELIZABETH HARRIS Providence, R. I. X Music . . . Program Director of WSLC, Curriculum Committee, Religious Round ' Table, Commencement Committee, Com- 'f munity Fund Committee. X 1 18 MARGARET LOUISE HARRIS X St. Louis, Mo. v Art . . . A.A.g Chorusg Head of WSLC. if Y ffx NEIL W. HEAD W Bronxville, N. Y. .PX Pre-Medical . . . CGracluate Business If 'F' 0 SClfIOOlD . . . WSLCg Yearbook. If MONICA HODGSON fm Wim Brentwood, England 91- History and Literature . . . International W Relations Clubg Civil Rights Committee. X' x 19 MARGARET HOUSTON New York City, N. Y. X Anthropology . . . Student Councilg Co- head of Student Waitress Program. J HELEN HUGHES gig ,SA Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y. e-3' - lp Literature . . . Entertainment Committeeg European Relief Committeeg Titsworth 1 'QI' House President 348g Student Council. 1 XX SHN O' All ll GREGG COWARD JAECKAL f ll ClVIrs. 'HugoD 2 n,. I l fri Mount Kisco, N. Y. J Psychology. 'AVNSSX NX: if 'ki N -J , A X .J 20d E THEODORE JOFFE fini 1 New York City, N. Y. ' Social Science . . . Chairman of European gateg Civil Rights Committee Chuirmung f VV.-" g 1 -441' 4 if AQ x D . .1 President of Student Council '51 MIRA JOSEFOVITZ I-'I 475 New York City, N. Y. 2 +5 ' 9 ,BQ Music . . . Chorusg WSLQ Philosophy X f Round Tableg Poetry Club. l' J lhlllii f 1, u I A , Y 'lil 3lig5fli5l Q JOAN BRADFORD KELLEHER i fy f, f l 5 Vl707'C8Sf6T, lllczss. . Art and Psychology . . . A.A.g Spanish l...'?f? Clubg French Clubg Films Committee: Q Business Manager Of WSLC. 21 Relief Cominittccg NSA Alternate Dele- RITA KRASNE New York City, N. Y. K l 5 History of Art . . . Religious Round Tableg the Cmnpus. vlffel lf MICHELLE LA BRANCHE 6 New York City, N. Y. G X-JN Lb ' . Literature . . . Chorusg International Re- Sig L LQ j.. lations Clubg the Campus, Business Staff: XCR-I ., Yearlvookg Spanish Club. S IUZIIXJ' 'Zf1n,,5'U!i5-' I .- X 5 5 llllluf- X CORNELIA LYNDON LANGER K Wasl1i11gto11, D. C. K 5 Vvriting . . . Editorial Board of Dimen- C' -D Lf xlib sionsg NAACP Executive Council. K Q L! re 5 J K., N- 22 RUTH LEFF LEVIN CMRS. MORTON SQ 4:2 .3 Q New York, N. Y. 7 315 . . ,, Q Q I, Child Psychology and Education . . . Cur- ""'.Q.1I, if.-Q: , P riculum Committeeg Student Councilg . 35 Chairman of Scholarship Committee. IO ANNE LIEBENBERG fx 'M Minneapolis, Minn. gg XE! Art and Psychology . . . Community I 43, V Houseg European Relief Committecg Art I Q j Editor of the Caiizpnsg Religious and EJ, Philosophy Round Tables. KMA YVONNE LOHN A Beverly Hills, Calif. ,Wi 42, my Theatre . . .C1wmS5yvsLc. ee Q? 3 1 1 V y 2 7 1 gf: J! J 1 Mit HOPE MACARTNEY fi St. Paul, Minn. xl 2 Music . . . Opera Worksliopg Scholarship A Committeeg Commencement Committee. XTX? ELLEN CATHERINE MACGILVRA A Wellesley Hills, Mass. 5gJ Z2 Social Science . . . Chairman of Student S X ,P Curriculum Committeeg Member-at-large Xi we of Student Council' Chairman of Work V 5, Program. MARY LOU MCEACHERN B E Richmond, Vu. ' Art . . . Co-chairman of International Re- K A' ,w lations Clubg Scholarship Fair Committeeg VP, My Westlands House President '5Og Student V . Council. lf- 'I,.Q -- 24 JOAN MCLELLAN E, Bedwood City, Calif. iisggg l' Theatre . . . XVSLCg Scholarship Coin! '-'-' I mitteeg Hits and Misses. , Us 7 M q Y LUBA MONASEVITCII N 'iff Y Los Angeles, Calif. ii dv' wy Child Psychology . . . Nominating Come "xi mittee, Films Committee, the Cmzzpzzs. 1, , ' M 9 as C .QQ I ,,,,,: , 'ww' Huw, Wx G' s ,pf f-sr --ff SWA nf- . 51 , yff'L'a52Bi" 4 E! V V -L . ' ' ' Qfiffeei' ig ' 49" U93 L , - N 2,1 Q . , WAV ANN JUDSON RTORGAN Bridgeport, Conn. Physical Science . . . Business Manager of the Yearbook, Business Manager of thc Campus, Nominations Committee, Inter- national Relations Club. 25 SUSAN WILKOFF MOSES CMrs. Jack JLD -hgh 2 2 Philadelphia, Pa. 2 'E -19 . . ,. - - Social Sclence. 49 ,gf 5 . f A v ANNE A. W. NORTON New York City, N. Y. M rv Social Science CEconomiCsD . . . YPAg -JH NAACPg Voice Clubg Marxist Study Z3 eeii gig Groupg Dimensions. Kimi Wu Q ws 'X it W X QN X Ixx X SARAH OLMSTEAD Longmeadow, Mass. X- Psychology . . . Assistant Head of Work N Programg Hits and Missesg Chorus. ' E1 26 WM cf K 5 SQ X' WEQX ,QQ Ir, E1 'S ? ' '-A V 1' 3 ,f' "' .D M l 4 Z VERA E. VAN PANHUYS Aerdenlfzout, Holland Literature . . . Philosophy Round Tableg the Campusg Robinson House Presidentg Student Council Memberg Curriculum Committee. ROBERT N. PATY Dolobs Ferry, N. Y. Social Science . . . Student Council. JAMES s. POLK Bronxville, N. Y. Philosophy . . . Films Committee. 27 J A , "WV T KN Y QA f was N Q W' 3,- CQ JCM Sim lv bELMA SILBERMAN RATTNER " Q f? CMIS G SD XL. . ff 9 it-TL XXQXII 5' Q , 9' D! X 1 A :ee 3 "",tJCf-' b X QS Qty ,Qc X . f AQQ f, fk' J C252 SUSAN READ O1'CI1H1'C1 Park, N. Y. Art and Literature . . . the Cmizpizsg Chorusg Arts Exchange Committeeg Editor of the Yemfbook. HOWARD HUNT RICHARDSON, Ju. New York City, N. Y. Education. IUDITH ROSEN RQSENTHAL New York, N. Y. Anthropology . . . NSA Delegate ,505 Student Councilg Admissions Committee. 29 BARBARA SEGAL . New York City, N. Y. I I M5 ,- Literature and Writing . . . the Cmiipits, X-,KDS R Editor of Dimensions, Nominations Com- 'J 7' A Yi mittee, Arts Exchange Committeeg Chorusg X05 A Community House, Scholarship Drive. ' CARLOTTA SHERWELL 45 "s. New York City, N. Y. I V V5 glw gff-I Theatre . . . WSLCg Dance Group. if 5 :T A N .-.. ,laik , .ii mi X 4 BEATRICE D. SILVERSTEIN Rochester, N. Y. f tsl Nli. Psychology . . . Morris House President, iq Student Council, Dimensions, Arts Ex- UU change Committeeg NSA Committee. Q' -gi? X N fx, J X NL .N K if I N i If v W 51? X I xv ln. A 'X , Air W. 17 4 . ' X N D If Q, X i VA - 'K kj, 5 -7'7 I ll I U f' K X x H C '?J1 xx 9, K Jfx 5 'U 5 SAA 30 SUZANNE MOORE s1ssoN Providence, R. I . P I . Ur, Art . . . Chorusg Community Houseg the Sp 1 Campus. , 1A'a 1-if :Mfg 'W f J iii pn. KATHERINE ANN SLOSS San Francisco, Calif. Literature . . . NAACPg Radio WSLCg the Campus. JOAN LEE SNIDER ' 5.4- 3.1.1 Magnolia, Mass. Art . . . Assistant Business Manager of jg WSLCg Aff Club. 'JI 2 -V-ibff f ii F TW 5' 31 CLARE AMEY SOUTHERLAND VVil1ningt0n, Del. Theatre and Social Science . . . Student Councilg MacCracken House Presidentg Chorusg Hits and Alisses. LYDIA H. STONE Providence, R. I. fi , W ix' v 1 ii . fi. it 1' , , RX fy .I W ,ff ,W Av' ,ggi Mwin Art CPainting? . . . Chorusg junior-Senior LL Ng, . L - L ' 9 Piom Committeeg the Yearbookg In,er- v:.x,. 1- ,jxlidfff national Relations Club. MARGARET F. STRAUS Washington, D. C. Historv and Literature . . . Chorusg NAACPgSDA. 32 .,,, Mud' . ,.. ,x9,.1,, ,,.. 3,5 ,,3y?,'v'-,','.,a,"' 1 J .. M ..?.5,g,. , ,l. U -. ,,-, , u, , -..-1 VX ' 7 5 ' g '13 fi 4 ' JU 4, if "F ,I f' ff I ' Y If 4 I ,. 1 JE 1 . iioi BARBARA F. TAYLOR lf' .fl xx it chicago, 111. ' H Psychology . . . President of Morris House Wllfxv ,505 Student Councilg Community Houseg Philosophy Round Table. H932 gf?-my PATRICIA PItnlILI.l:'S T ERHEUN Q "Qi, New York, N. Y. Zig xg Painting. Ml lj if Concnygw MARION KNUDSON TREAT dm, 'T ii! mfs. Sanford M. Jig Ke Tuckahoe, N. Y. 1' L' Spanish and Voice . . . Chorusg President in A of spanish Clubg AA., voice Club. 'VJ-nvgwi 1 Q f 33 SARAH WILLIAMS UFFORD f New York City, N. Y. Kg Literature and Science . . . European Re- V! M fy lief Committeeg Di11'zensio1fL5g Dance Group. A :XJ ui:ifffl,3" CAROL VIRGINIA WILKINS 1 Arlington, Mass. N L , X Dance . . . NAACPg Dance Groupg YPAg N wwf ' College Events Committeeg Radio WSLC: Warren House President. MILDRED NONNENMACIIER WoLFF qiul-S. Ronald HQ 4 1- Q ke--,f J Psychology . . . Student Council, Day 1 Student Representativeg junior Class L s O Presidcntg C0-chairman of the Work Pro- 6 I X? grain. I 'li 34 GEORGE A. YANNANTUONO A lllount Vervzoiz, N. Y. Theatre . . . WSLCg Radio Dramatic R .R Worksholvg A.A.g lXlcn's Representative on Student Council. ii A 9' K Y QL- f 'TQ Q iz lx fsx UW i Q: 0 1. Q! ,-'TX '-2? ml fm' ,l -x IM-of A -wt V 'gk , iifilikpe. '61- s Q: v' inx PENNY RECHT MAN YARROW ClVIrs. M. William? Elkins Park, Pa. Social Psychology. PATRICIA SALLY ZEMAN 1 s gy New York City, N. Y. I mu Q . N-iuwf5,O',2.i1am 1 A Ygigvgllp-'lin' iw :uw 'f.'1MT.f . .zgfiiri-Lax-xl , .7 A 'ia list Child Psychology and Dance . . . Assistant Business Manager of the Cmizpusg Scholar- ship Committccg Dance Group: Vice- chairman '49, Chnirinun '5O. 35 ,Qu-Hwiyxflqxl , MARGARET REYNOLDS ALDIS . J Lake Forest, Ill. Art . . . Junior-Senior Prom Committeeg W - Secretary of Athletic Association, Co- . chairman of Publicity for Scholarship . Drive. I A 1 x RUTH LATHROP ALDIS qxQ?n'ng,-L, Lake Forest, Ill. ' Art, Science . . . Athletic Association: I i KW! Vice-President, Secretaryg World Federal- istsg Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, Com- KX munity House, Cochairman of Publicity V j' V for Scholarship Drive. 'eg-Lx SUZAN R. FRENZEL A-IQ, Indianapolis, Ind. K, rf X' Theatre . . . Chorus, European Relief f X N Committeeg Radio WSLC. W V 7 36 -v r JB 4 f-Puff 1 Grp' ff f, X I 1 I vi , CONSTANCE LERNER -ix 'gawk Ifij5iE?il't Ki . Q I J K V . x New York Czty, N. Y. QM, : 9Q3x A l A Literature and Social Science . . . French x X J i Clubg Nominations Committee. sk: ' ,Lf 'Y C RX PATRICIA METCALF H , - X AX? Stamford, Conn. A Dance . . . Dance Croupt 'X 'ii , N: ...iii if--Af?-.225 I ALLEN SCHAUFPLER f , Q New Britain, Conn. fl 8 i, Sociology . . . Chorus Librariang Nomina- Hqut , ' 1 tions Committee. T31 I ff f 27557. ..FZfY 37 x f flgmfqa 049 ff e,1 Giga 4 I if G-V ' ffl 7 is a ny rj 6 X 1 09 W 1 ? x xx-ffl!! QW GLORIA WELCH New York City, N. Y. Theatre . . . Literary Editor of the Year- Iaookg Radio WSLCg Philosophy Round Tabieg Spanish Cluhg German Club. vw' ' .S fs ff - -':' ' M 1 A 5+ 3 W f wah '- iw VK Q. Cr .ff ,- ' ,Xi t 4 . , xv, x . ,, N -W 5. 1 . , , xy v' ,N W K h K 5 ,, 0 ' H xx " X iwjfi. if .-Q39 i 15 91:"gqf '?"? f-'+,,1 ' ig- my ,f ' Y? - .':9'x,Ql4Zkf.', x 4 ,mfg if Uingjfk R aff! ,ik A fx , . f X we Q , S x af S x s :H X ' Q Y , ' .. V ,,?'5b We kwg ' rv ig, ' gig' V . x ,. .r mu 7' ., 3 I M? A v Y . ii' im is ,L M Q K .hw 3' on '- L4 -1 f K X gfi' . A ,, 218,55 ei f 'rf A - :' . !5W',i?g 1.3 . 4 ,, A yn 5, , Q . . K 4 wf 1 ,QQ - 1. ,, K7 ' W fn: .- 7: + . f W, ' SL! , , 1 v + I' , n A ,K A y 4 X' -H' , qv, E Q A -.Y-3f.f'!5'f E - 1 fx if 3 ,+ 1 , - - W Beds MH- ,. w 4 , . X , w 6, . Q, ., N, . K3 x , ,K , 1, . . - 9 , - 'f Q. A . , Q 1 v v, - -. K --Y , 4 ,,- Q ff we gf x V -asa 1.a:w A- Y: Y, 3 L J mfg , sf Q ,, W 'pw .K L ' 1 : ' . V ' " ,Q 2 ' -f hu-A Q " -Q !v""'xL' A J L Q if .fu 1' -ar A ff www In Q g . up at W ' A" 'QW .ya 6, , of ., 'wfxu '.A 1 . - -44 , ,- v 5. , ' ' N lies? ji, Q f' , Q if 'Q " x gm , .fm,.,wf '14'TWSF5?5ff33gQ1fg1aaau2fw43w5?i:fiz2awww,. . . . , M 3 .xml M N E Q a 5 1 5 5 5 4 Q E i a 2 2 I I 3 s Tudor walls and dccorous exterior conceal the chaos of this hallis interior: the Students' outraged shrielas, the quiet moans of Faculty who curse the brazen phonesg nevertheless, we proudly boast the Store which, tempting us with calories galore, Dullle awrence Lux el l.fl67'l'lllL1SSCA aclorns our basement. Nearby, the Athletes to Hex their muscles within Eve square feet of ofhce. Next cloor the journalistic din suggests the Cmnptrs deadlines going in. All in all, we think this hall superior for having overcome its decorous exterior. First row: G1'861'1l71L1'g, B. Deslion, Rosen, ill. Leff, C. Levi, C. Baer, Nl. Anzflrews, M. Hooker, B. Slhffmmt, Gillette. Second row: B. Lielvermcm, R. Kayes, ll. Beines, B. Kmsne, Snicler, N. Blanc, L. Riclumm, Taylor, A. Watsofz, A. Birnlmum, L. iwesser, E. Stmzrt. Third row: M. Iosefovitz, D. Kirsclaenlmum, E. Reveley, E. Bayes, P. Zemcm, A. Odell, D. Slezalz, B. Dlcmolel, B. rroreifck, Rl. Sterlm. IHCCI Hilbert . . . . ilzat same olrl witclreruft wlzen your eyes meet mine . . .H . . . And here is Gilbert: Gilbert, where Leefrees presidential hair XVas torn in Vain, Her neat domain- Cllespite the Greenboolfs horrid bane?- Heeaine a eatfantlfrabbit lair. Gilbert, which the goat-girls haunt: The way between the urgent want Of food, and food To lill the void- Clf aught of goat is in one's bloodl- ls eompassed by the mountain jaunt. Cats, goats, and rabbits-g Uncle lacks Wlhat could one truly say it lacks Left to riglzf, front row: S. Read, C. Freeman, president, N. Harnlonrger, M. Norton, E. Hletcczf, N. Vlfinslow, Vlfelver, il. Gewirtznlan, Cowan. Second row: Al. Zucker, B. Harris, Ill. Her- riott, G. Gross, R. lllnscillo, L. Schiff, R. Okura, N. Solomon, R. Sclreinfelol, Brown, Zalrorslcy, S. Chesney. Tlzird row: A. Lyrnczn, P. Alolis, C. Gralfmrn, Allen, Hurnplzrey, P. Friezlnuzn, I. Snlwitz, E. Blmnenfelll, E. Margolis, R. Alzlis, S. Sclalapp. Missing: G. Brenner, ,l. lacolason. F 1 . A alzllralzken ". . . this ptmnier pozzf tzfclzezl up witlz iz rose can be gay and festive in striperl or metal-Sfmt taffeta . . .H BOYS, NOISE! First row, left to right: A. Sarolea, P. Vllolf, M. Goerlze, F. Bingham, A. Larsen, E. Collin, P. VVazlswortl1, I. Hassieur, I. Hynearson, S. Quillen, S. Slaughter, A. Dodge. Second row: S. jackson, E. Harninernfzan, M. Fleming, 1. Goodrich. S. Robinson, A. VVillia1ns. Tlzircl row: R. Landon, I. Gilloert, J. Carlton, C. Ania, S. Fitzpatrick, D. Butler, C. Brown, D. Curtis, S. Frenzel, L. Kallir, L. Gani, Al. Selies, E. Swartz, V. Lawrence, I. VVilson, R. Livingston. w E "Bhi'iGfiYL'K'5.l!lu. . il? ,. K S.. 1' 5 Titswnrth ffnrrerzt mul choice- lhe trouhle with meetings is that they meet. lhe horror of stairs is high heelecl feet. XVL- like each other hut loathe all noise. Wie do love men hut were tired of boys, So, kindly use the outside phone .-Xml ALVVAYS leave our name alonel left to rfglzf, front row: M. Sporlziu, Y. Lolzu, Il. iUcI.ellm1, K. Kramer, H. fllacartnmf, F. Novo- grodsky, ill. Rolrlwirzs, C. Slzepurbl, 1. Barros. Second row: A. Holler, S. Greenl7urg, P. Sfmrrders, A. Slieuer, N. U7olf, J. Guzy, F. Aulv, B. Kerstein, E. Klutz. Third row: VVedeen, A. Craig, E. Massie, M. Hoyt, D. Morrow, il. l,imlq1iisr. Fourth row: A. Colemzm, Al. Hexter, B. vl!lllf61'S, M. Applelmu111, L. Long, P. Goelzenour, S. Yates, Glassmmz, A. Tyson, S. Plavin. Last row: B. Hurwilz, M. Mueller, R. Alexander, M. Slzolvef, ill. Greenhill, IU. Straus. Wesllands I Ili IUZOIUGLZ you uns coming Ilcl e lvrolze my leg-" ,lille liulnz VX7l1Cre all Ollicialcloni Sends bulletins And edicts from. The rulu: You must- CUnless you stuyD-- Sign your weekend Life away. 'llic Hub: The date You blindly chose To meet lierc, l12lSHlf Any nose. First row: S. Blackmer, H. Holien lverg, Bl. AlcEacl1e1'11, Bl. La- Bmnclze. Second row: L. Dean, j. Kelleher, ill. B1'O'l11'L'l78ll, C. South- e1'lam1. Thiwi' row: E. Ellis, L. Stone, A. Morgzm, S. Sissou. Fourth row: E. Case, K. Hrzrris, P. Skid- more. Fifth row: I. Cecil, L. Tam- uses, S. V1-lO1'1'lgT91'Z, R. Ferer. Sixth row: P. HOH:111U'l'Z, K. Lelz11za11, L. House, M. Thompson. Andrews "..n1zti we know lie lmsrft clay feet . ." XVe are the watchers of innocence growing: Flowers, and clear little children unknowing. YVe are the listeners who moan without ceasing As little Qless deurD ones our pence are unpieeing. Nl' . Wie are the house that the Bendix machine Shakes as it makes all uncleanliness Clean. XVC are the Squires, who, far from urbanity, Love our bueolia, sure of our sanity. Left to right, front row: 1. illclvor, B. Levin, Rl. illiller. Second row: A. Potter, A. Eckel, I. Wolosoff, Bakker, B. lVCSf1WLZ11, I. Strand, L. Iwonasevitclr. Back row: P. Post, president, N. Alorams, E. Cahn, L. Burleigh, E. Kirkpatrick, P. Alper. -11 at Prwn laf! fo right: Sue Bnrmz, in Ifze slzrzdu: lllil Boorsrvin, luuglzing umizfg 130113 licnnelf, sllirtmilx rnrl then Annie l.rnac11l1ei1n, l,IUl'C'S no Lloubtg Beflj lim, in the lll'HIj' fnliglaerg Ellen A11lL'c:iIl'l'L1, loolcing wzgvr, Lovcy Kolclzin, fsince L1L'lJtll'fL'L1Nf Jlzzrgie Hmtslmz, w 1l't1l'HIAllCLll'ICLi. xhld Tixlz nm! Suv, Ronnie and .Uiljw tlzerek IWHKINS for jon- lmpprm- wif sclzizzyf ,rw aw 'I-his UVIIIILI ln' nn atypical MORRIS house 1llUC1illQ I7E'Cl1llSL'I'- 'VL'LILUllALf ufypiczrlly Vigil! to leftk -:lieu Sillvureirl isn'1 mlkirzg, Put .Hvlculf is11't LZLIVILJIIQ. Allen Sufmzffflur isnt singing, Burlv Segal inf! firm' Lzlnrnling, ,ff1.'Xr111c Lielwlzlwrg inf! creating, Hrnzulx PIII flax ixn'! NfH111il1U. Cjflllllil' I,w'ncr isn'r dating, BKIVII . , fi I-njlnr isn't nrgzfiflg, Connie Iimlnu Isn'i ice creunzing. Ann Mcffolluxtw' iSn'f crnnpming, 17141 wlzere is Snplziu BCVIILHII? ffm! irpiuzlly tUL1i1zg.'P , - 1, f . - n -W 1... 1110 1-117111151 110131,YSO,X': -1-L'L1L1j 111110. 0111111 111 510111111 1111110 801111, 111111'111011g 15111111 fuss, 111111111 .-111011 keeps 111 X1C'Il'1 13UVlI1L'L' 511111111011 5111111110 111111111111 1101' f6'111's: 1111,1 0011110 111.x 131101111 111 11111011 1:0011 11111 xvUV1l 11111 .- 1JiIlI1Illv1S, ll'1NL'. 1Cf1111r110 1'r11111'1'1111t: 111111 fxllll XUH1111 111'0 LlS1L'L'l7 llI.NlL1L'.' N'1'X111111.N 111000: 11111 1111111 t110 111135 of t11e F. 13. 1.. 111110 1ICVlIHlL'S f11I1110s 111111 ll 11111zge1'1111s gllyg from 1011 to 1110111 ll s11s110cI cruu' 5 ll71ltl1'S 1111 their 111111115 is 111: to 11111: 111111011 121111101 "0o'111c 111114 111 IHC'-yj VVe'iss, 1.. ":z:z:z:::"g M11111111 S11111z011110rg 4'w11i1f11-111i1111t0-lei-11112 111111152 P11111 13lll'tf1L'Il H1IHl'Vj' UP, Hlj' 1111t11w11te1' is 01'e1'- 1111111111155 lictsy 1X11g11s111s" . . any 17110118 messages for 1110?"g ff111'111 YVi11ci11x U1l'1lL'lI 10111 Stci1z1111111's co111e?", Co1'1101i11 1.1111g01' "11011-O su'00Iic.' 11's so good to 116111 111111' l'Il1L'L'1Hj 11111111 11111111x is xitliug 1111 t11e floor COII' S1l1L'l'1llLf 1111 11l1l1,LfN 11131011111 111111 t'H!1,71l'1Ct111.1"Q C111'1ott11 S1IL'V'll'L'11 111111, U1'1l11i11Q,x. 11's NOT just ll 111of111."': 51111111 1:1SL'11L'Y' "1 01111 11111140 U1lS11j LI 31111011 of 0111-100 1IL'1'fH'L' 1'011U111'S111." The DAY STUDENTS: Indu-strions Alice Rinenlaerg, Ruth Alexander, familiar with the Erg, Elizaheth lvelt, who Delves, Selma Dince, who works from Twelve to Twelve, G. Chang, the Nficrocosrn, and Bulahling AI. Hodgson. Second row: Ruth Rodman Frienzan, who forsook Smith, and Gwendolyn Brmnston-Cook, Viva- cious Leda, and beside Aer: another Airs.: Renee Schneider, ,lulie Bauer, Cupcake Dweller, Penny Coe, whose hair is Yeller, Jeanne, Fatigueless, Green- 'll11'll71'8llflldj R. Blmnenstock, whose word is valid. Las! row: Valentina, BI. Knudson Treat, the Stoic, Edel- stein, Renee, whose bearing is Heroic, Grave Bainsi Houterinans, and Laughing Doris B., Uf-ford, Sarah: femme extraordinary, Carol Lewis, looking Shy, lane Reiffel, all the others: FIE! for not appearing here! The VETERANS, from left to right: ,lack Barnes, Composer, Paty, who Orates, jerry Weiss, whorn AI9lM1'lClflOljf' hates, there's Arthur, posing as an Ogre, George Young can he a rogue 'r not: depending on his part, f'Chas. Durfee joined, to inake the picture laiggerl, Roger Hall, and Henry VVOYH, sans Beaver, last of all is Ralph, Equitahle Arranger. fThe others didn't coined Y Q uiflififllfse , K ,wie uw WWSQQQQ X . J - Q" 5525? 1:'Hf?A2Yf . . ' ' 13 . A. . , , 1 wif f ., -,4:,f,glg, P 2 ,w.f- - M,-mmf. -2 SS ' f'3'Q1:',i'?5i'?I!"i1' ,iwfw f . ' ' 'L Af,fLlb.,g., ,,L.Z ,V ILV, ,S Z , 5 3 L K, .f5?fWfiTfs?:4f1'fisf?9"fHifQz1s'm 21,'1s,ffSZii?s5"' -'W-z?f's5'g2TYiAi 1 q,.,"f'fs , ' Eiixwyfw-1-f WqwffwSWE!fame'mwfgfnmfii rgfwgfafh, M- f, Ugg 4 A M yi - ,fggQi:sg'H1gq ,imgqfffiias,fwf.vQ Wi,','v1,gf'1'ff,i.22'iff,-W, Hswfff- may-1:.2ff , M W2 rw sswfff I X291-mxzfg lw 7 v L R , H 5. 2 5:- 1, 'Q X Q31 mx' A i :sg xx 3'- K W ,, I W , . ' 1 - ' ' ' 2 Q' in QD L S ' V f" ',h. g A I ,, V h 6' h xy K ' X. . ,, , , , ,:-' W 5 V. fi Student ljnunlzil Left to right, sitting: Odell, secretary, NlucGilvru, Freeman, Stuart, Solomon Hoeber, Vvilkins, Rosenthal, VVz1ltcrs, Augustus, Boorstcin, VVolf, Kolcltin Sfmzding: Chang, Dincc, Van Punltuys, Tlmomcc, vice-pruxitlentg Joffe, presi dent, Post, Houston, Ytmntmtuouo, Mcliucltcrn, Bluckmcr, Slllflllllilll. Left to riglzt, back row: Saunders, Skidmore, Hhs. Barra, Ruth Alclis, 1'iceA preside1ztg Miss Ewcrt. Front row: Vlladswortll, Peggy Aldis, Larsen, Collin, prcsidentg Freeman. thletit: Assntziatinn Y.P.A Left to right: Hadas, Lesser, VVilkins, Hodgson, Pomerantz, Bamey, Boorstein, president, Novorgroclsky, Jacobson, Kolchin, Rosen. Front row: Robinson, Clemons, Skidmore, mmmgerg Vvalser, Treat, Cory, Hoffman, Sarolea, Howes. Second row: iXlcCollester, Herriot, Nluellcr, Barros, Straus, Aub, F., Beiffel, Blank, Greenhill, Hexter, Vvolosoff, Burden, president. Third row: Bayes, VVedeen, Leff, Robbins, Landon, Alper, VVeyerhauser, Schaufiler, Starr, Freeman, Schlapp, Craig, Goodrich, Brown. Fourth row: Ahola, Allen, Whatson, Taylor, Schneider, Abrams, Stuart, Humphrey, presi- dent, Vvolf, VVinslow, Saunders, hluscillo, Polingcr. Fifth row: Bosenblatt, Thompson, Paine, Beines, Livingston, Slezak, Burleigh, Kirkpatrick. Knot in picture-:Case, secreta1'y.J M Ehnrus Yuarhnuli Left to right: Anne Willianrs, Maria Zucker, photography eolitorg Doris Slezak, Joanne Brown, Susan Read, eclitorg Ann Eckel, advertising manager. fnrissing from picture: Ann Nlorgan, business rnanagerg .late Baldwin, Nlarjory HeXter.J Left to right: Audrey Von Clernm, Anne Williarrrs, Betty Powell Fox, Jeanne Rassieur, presidentg Jean Rynearson, Caroline Freeman, Enid Hammerman, Helen Ahola. Cmissing: Jack Barnes, arrangerj Duuhlle lluartels Left to right: Edith llcvelcy, edimr-ineclziefg Sally Starr, Regina Landon, Bev- erly VVestman, Shirley Plaviu, Paula Alper, Ann Blorgan, Suzanne Hoebcr, Barbara Vllalters, Nina llaginsky, DL-by Kirsclicnlnaum, Anita Coleman, Claire Aub, Klareia Applelxaum, 'llillman Breisetli, faculty adviser. VVe speak, lzerir, 111111 see no evil. 53 Campus 1.11.11 Left to right, on floor: Slaughter, Case, Levi, Hoffman, Thompson, Lieberman, La Branche. Second row: VValser, president, Mrs. Bozeman, Kirschenbaum, Goodrich, Gillette, O'Hara, lVlcKinley, lNlcClellan. Standing: Fitzpatrick, Swan, VVeyerhauser, VVolf, Robinson, Morgan, Alexander, Hohenberg, Sheinfeld, Mcliachern, Livingston. Left to right: Joyce Barros, publicity manager, Pat Saunders, Marcia Apple- baum, Nina Baginsky, Janet Salwirz, Phyllis Friedman, Pat Skidmore, business manager, Cornelia Langer, Beatrice Silverstein, Barbara Segal, editor, Joan Humphrey. lllmenslnns 54 Fnreiqn Belief Enmmittee Left to right: Cynthia Brown, Betsy Cohan, Beth Hurwitz, Nlariann Sehes, Margaret Paar, Enid Hammerman, Monica Sterba, Dorothea Curtis, Ann Perry, Gizclla Cross, cn-clmirmzm, Cmissing: Beatrix Bludhorn, Joanne Gillette, Patricia Forsyth, CO'Cl7fliT1VHZH.J Left to right: Ann Lesser, Blanche Mandel, Martie Branche, Ann Norton, Caroll Shepard, Barbara Kerstcin, janet Rosenwald, Raber Ramey, lladelon Delaney, president, Marcia Zucker. .IL A. II. P. Hamlin WSLII left to right: Put Lettiere, Cynthia VVcSt, Nancy Halnburgcr, Carol Freenmn Gwen Brown, Cl7,tIl1'111LI1Zj janet Taylor, Barbara Dcslion. Hits and Misses Left to right: Sally Olmsteacl, Carol Vllillains, ,lerry Gilbert, Anne Vvilliznns, Audrey Von Clemm, clmiiwmmg lack Barnes, joan Nlclscllan. ,.-wma WLM ., reg?-, 5 if F4 i ' 115 'K ,xfifj 'rx-R Wm' Q.. wgw M A , ,, .,-. ,Q M A if Y f A A wwffex-A Q, M7235-.f2z7V49z?-SYS' 'fri fw35?lL': 'f'-JAM' 52151 wi? ?5gif?s,fE I , ,, , sk W" if is ,K W. , if A 1 f, Y 'SaE?"I'5fii:'g 'f""ihHf lib 'mf ' Xl'-il f55w'f:!,Al . 'H L 5, L em- . L f K' 5FLxUsf 75- K I ,K YM, 5' W ' 1 4 ' Y ' W A :xg rug i Mm , f "': -. gig A, Q Q 'Y , I ix F Y 5, fr: fa f 5 Q , W 1 E N. K' x , BQ' 'Y a Q Qfkfkiilsfgg ., igfig-1 ff 1 I 1' n if SEPTEMBER 20: Nothing seems to have changed: Harry's at the Spoon Cugood to see ya, doll"Dg Earnest is still here to keep us on our tip-tocsg the Freshman advisees advise the ad- visers: the three courses we picked are Hllcd up -and so are the tennis courts, Ninais post-cight- thirty heart has grown no softer, although thc medium eggs have, Cllhank Godly . . . Oh, there are two changes: there are now dormitory rooms underneath the ground in Gilbert where they used to raise mushrooms, and l have a new ring:---. Another years moss-gathering has begun. THERE YVILL BE CIIEST XARAYS ON TUESDAY: NO PINS, HOOKS, EYES, OR SNAPS. CI'm all yours in buttons and bows.D i'You know there is no smoking in here?" QNina, these mental blocks play havoc with my memoryj . . . The entertainmen. Committee, in the vigour of its youth, imported Columbia and Fordham for a square dance, prompted by some- one's remarking: HI wanta know more menli' CMore than you'd wanta remember came.D Ars Longo Perkins began the Scholarship Drive with a card party and an empty house, and lVlr. Lauter- bach showed a film called "The World Is Rich." O unworldly SLC! . . . Well, for IIeaven's sake: look what Bryan Green has done! . . . They've given up trying to decide whether the Sales- manis Death is tragic, new problem: "VVhat is "I should say, my dear, that your problem is psycho-somatic." Tragedy?',, anyway? CBut Mr. Fitzgerald, I thought a goat song was simply "Baaaaaav.D I DON'T WANT TO ERIGHTEN YOU GIRLS: BUT ONE OF THE STUDENTS HAS COME DOWN WITH THE MEASLES. REPORT TO THE INFIRMA- RY AT THE FIRST SIGN OE A RASH. CGood grief! Suppose this isn't acnelj An Athletic event! Gilbert, abetted by Mr. Rab- ban Cont of uniformD vs. MacGracken: volley- ball. lXIaeCracken had two ringersg Gilbert won a moral victory . . . Halloween: leaky milk- straws, cider, and a body that got itself out on a limb. The Freshmen roused our curiosity with enigmatic little signs, and then satisfied it with their show: "Somebody's Always Lookingn, an interpretation Cwhimsicalj of john Dewey's fairehaircd girls. Grande finale: IfVe are as arty as pictures lay Renzbrozndt We are as nutty as butter pecan All the world thinks we are high-powered drinks And a menace to civilized man. CThe tune was rather familiarj Buses came and went one night early in De- cember, full of girls in heavy black skirts:- something about a chorus concert. Another trifoliate course has been opened for us: generally, to be characterized by the new word CLEAN. Division A deals with that roily ulccr-bed, the dining-room: herein one is battered through the kitchen to witness the endless life-and-death struggle between the cooks, to be galvanized by the blood-curdling shricks ol' the dish-washer: 'iOver heRE!": one is obliged to play the role of a pendulous vulture, and to realize with horror that the hands, at the end of a week's plate-snatching, become un-- controllable, self-motivating birds oi' prey. Di- vision B is less wearing: the community is its concern. Cldow we ramify into zillions of abilities here! Dnce it took me half an hour and a broom to sweep the hall: now live min- utes, mopping docs it. l think the air is getting cleaner, or something.D Division C: the room. Closer to the Hoor, one comes to know all the dusts: the feathery little individuals, the less independent colonies, and dust condensed to grime. Oh much-lamented maids! my knees threaten to give out, and where will cleanliness be then, poor thing? Ilidden underneath the ring around the tub. But we have survived such drudgeryg life is embellished by other things: psychology films are a pleasant diversion, if only because of their titles and sequence: A'Life With Babyn, "Over- dependencyn, 'Feeling of Rejection", "Grief" . . . And then i'Cat in the Puzzle Boxv. Qltis Dust we are, to dust retumetlt-" "Ours not to reason why-" become more obvious why Betty Bennett calls those volumes about psychology "bug booksfilg and as for more legitimate drama: 'iluno and the Paycockw. December may not have been a winter wonderland, but sure'n l'm after thinkin! l saw one too many lepreehauns dart- ing around corners, and Mdarlinu is IlOt such a darlin' word any more, loxer Daly! VVorksheets and a prom before Christmas vaca- tion: the one attended to with universal lack of enthusiasm, the other attended by some, and cursed by a great many others whom the din kept awake . . . Beau geste before the mass exo- dus madc by Miss Weismziritelz the Christmas Dinner. If only Charlie Dickens had been there: Boar's Head, Apple, Plum Pudding, and all. QBut shades of Scrooge! They sat like miser's gold, untastcdj The Scholarship Committee descended with another money-making scheme: ll' you bought tickets you could answer ques- tions. VVho was Emmeline? bliss Milligan guessed Emmeline was an erstwhile resident of Sheflield: a cow. Miss Milligan won a pink shirt. CML lXlartinelli made a very ivivzmt talyleau as he ate six pieces of pumpkin pie.D . . . The Chorus finally performed at home that night! i'E1'eryl10dy luis to get into the act." VVhat Ross hath wrought! Though the frost was crufel, there were some conscientious min- strels who sang under Bronxville windows- until one window was slammed. A pox on'tl Vacation . . . fthe small-library-travelling-com- panion might as well have collected dust in the rooms at schoolg but, taken home, at least they are safe from the Misses StoneD . . . Can the sweet mystery of life be Sleep? It was very nice . . . the hrst few days, at any rate, before thc others returned . . . IAN UARY 3: Back to sharpen our noses again, proverbially. A bare left hand looked awfully bare, suddenly. Edith Sitwcll hasn't ever been engaged. CBut gee-she doesnit look very happyj lmpassioned notes to Dons from the AA. Office: vacation had not made the muscles of the disenchanted fencing class any more supple.ASomehow the Hrst blaze of romanticism -that brought to mind Douglas Fairbanks and 'lihe Prisoner of Zenda-died away with the scicntihc exercise of the eu gnrtle position, Cin sneakersl, and class attendance shrank propor- tionately . . . Joe Campbell spoke on "Good and Evil" while New Years irresolutc Resolutions were still slightly rememberedg but the usual shortage of time left us with inchoate questions that had no hope of being answered. QVVhen will the library wait ,til eleven to close??D TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! THIS IS VERY GOOD XVEATHER FOR PNEU- MONIAYP Qld call it EVILFD 'lihe Masquerade Ball: chivalry hasn't died! Even if a lady is half Hsh, there are some gal' lanrs left in the world who'll wheel her in a barrow . . . january was a lovely month for fish: Mrs. King brought us D. Salinger and his Banana Fish. CVVe expected a scrawny little pale manell Friday night suppers didnt im! prove, however: the same haddock for twice as many. Clhe population is heavy in january: contracts and little news from where the mid- terms hold sway.D . . . "Can the lntellect Sur- vive?" But Mrs. Mclntosh, if l let men know how inielligent l really am. theyll be afraid of me. ls it all right if l let mine survive incognito? . . . Wie went to this meeting because of the "Have11't I seen you somewhere l7CfU1'C?ll A fremlian S lip. speakers name: Swami Nikilanandag anyone with such a poetic name must have something important to say. VVhat did he say?-T don't knowg but he had the most lveautiful handsl . . . Amazing feat of imagination: Bates became a chapel for one fantastic half an hour, as televi- sion cameras recorded us marching to "Onward Christian Soldiersf, . . . hir. Gregory paid his an- nual visit to the cafe and made a vast deduction: "T am DELIGHTED to see that the cafeteria has become a common meeting-ground for the students and facultyf, . . . The S.S. Scholarship Dinner: a horrible grinding sound and Bill lleads much-magnified voice saying 'ANOYV HEAR TI IIS!" Qflow could we help but hear it?D Tags on the silverware at our left hand: i'Fork Over." CT-his is the first time they've asked us for donations colloquiallyllfand the Faculty show: a new singin' and dancin' sensation in l. P. Birdbathg Three Little Maids From School: Esther, Margaret, and Alice B. Vlflty slmultl we lve so introspeetual? lfVe'll lve completely inefectualg Cringing despairfi Sometimes a girl lms feelings- Csotto vocefi -wlzielz are -not intellectual. T Script-writer Hillis directions. VV hy donlt we all just move to Broadway? February began with a hlm to end all Friday night films, with the END OF REEL ONE coming in the usual critical spot: "Dead of Nightfl T don't think Charlie NlcCarthyis very funny any more . . . Hard work was beginning to derange us a little. Announcement at dinner: "There will be a meeting for all those interested in having a meeting at seven oiclock in the Em- ployees! Lounge." NOW YOU HAVE A GOOD OPPORTUNI- TY TO REST UP. Interim week: " . . . a week will be set aside early in February to enable Students to finish up back work . . . and, generally, to relaxfl A most inaccurate veneralization. T hev meant to 5 . HYUH ean't get a man with a gun" say, 'ia time when the Students realize, en masse, that they have all the symptoms of mononucleoe sis and all the responsibilities of Atlasg a time when nothing remains but to forget these horri' hle facts in sleep . . ." And who can sleep with those worries preying on the mind . . . The llits and Misses pulled a show together in record time, Cencouraged and aided by an actor with a genius for punetualityj 'Sworth-the new name For that self-conscious dormitory-had its usual rivmzt gnrde and distorted view of the production: everything that went on haclcstage was old news to them by the time "Take 0. Nunilucru was ready for the puhlicg hut it loolied quite different from the audience. L. Primo Canasta was the man whom crime payed, Clinal- lyllg Annie Wlilliams was crazy with canariesg and there was a Groucho Marxfish psychiatrist, whose patients attestedg llfeire sold on Freud llfith DT. ole Tlwid Psychiatry can be fun. QBetween that and the ,Cocktail Partyn, psy- chiatry seems to he taking over the theatre.D . . . Parents' Day: they showed off to advantage, Cand to our disadvantagel, in class. And they didn't even think the noon meal was strenuousl lt's not the younger generation that wears rose- eolored glasses. Repercussion of their visit: one father was so upset by the memory of Mr. Gregory's holding conferences in a poorly con- verted coatecloset that he started a new fund . . . someday, no claustrophobia. i'Take 90141 hands 0 my lilvirlo, young man!" 62 Proportional reprexeniafioiz Mysterious husses came and went again, with the same heavy-skirted crew. Bach seems to have instigated this migration, judging from the shouts of "Mi'XGNll7lCiX'li" that preceded it. Our arch-rival, Bennington, appeared in the per- sons of two very couth and intelligent girls who spoke of l3cnnington's 'igcographical drawhacksu ffand it takes us half a months allowance just to get to Stowelj-hut their "wild surroundingsv didn't seem to have affected their crudition a whit. Wleie practically twinsl . . . "'l'hree Sisters -joxer Daly, disguised as a Russian, with another deathlcss expression: Uchikehik, chik- chiklu Busses, hlaek skirts, shouts of "For Cod, for country, and for etcfl MacCracken did its stint toward money-raising for the Universal Cause: jewelry sale. We dis- covered our discarded lzijoiix looking suddenly magnificent on our friends. Wlell, we can always borrow . . . Remnants of the olden golden days: two spruce equestriennes, chests ahlaze with green ribands, leaving Vllestlands at sunrise to ride in the St. Patrickis day parade . . . Spring vacation at lastl XVC left while the metaphorical lion was still roaring and returned to lind halmy breezes blowing. Some of us looked more anaemic than ever, and made frantic visits to MacCraeken's roof: hut while the ex-Bermudans retained their hronze magnificence. we only got cold, or red. But, tanned limhs or no, the men- tal rigours continued: just see the drawn laces of those seven who must put all their 'lihoughts and lmaginings about the "Divine Comedy" into the cruel confines of a test-Ca form of self- examination that has heeomc distressingly preva- lent this year. ls progressiveness regrcssing lzere?f . . . St. joan was hecoming more and more impassioned. striding up and down Nancy Hamhurger's France: you could hear her shout- ing, "l am AITRAIID to diem. almost every afternoon at four . . . llronxville was heeoming curiouser and curiouser ahout the recurrent ap- pearance of the Diaper Service truck at Perkins: the Bendixes were rather startled, too, having tiny dresses to contend with in lieu of the usual hluc jeans. The answer: Mimi is getting her degree. Chlrs. hlclntosh was right: she answered her own question with "Yesl" . . . Three girls from Smith came for a day or two, "To follow knowledge like ri sinking sim' Heies pic 111 your eye. and amazed us with their admiration of that bane of meal-time happiness, the microphoneg they tactfully avoided mentioning the new proud-Hesh color of the Faculty Dining Room walls. CVVe hadnit recovered yet from the shockg we couldn't have answered coherently to criticism or praisej . . . The Scholarship Fair and the Iunior-Senior Prom were coming, with their promises of renewed bankruptcy. Those who were brave enough to remain at college the night of the Prom, with hooks and no date, felt envious of the nonfpromfgoers who had fled, and contemplated the wisdom-Cand the possihilityl -of contemplation in such a hectic atmosphere. . . . The Scholarship Fair, heralded hy inexhaust- ihlc Aldi gags and gimmicks: "Mother Goose was on the Loose", but we lost sight of her in the melee, until the pie-eating contest hrought the Simple One hack to mind. No gamhlingl VVell, not really, B.P.D.g this is what is known as scientific luck. CEven the Police make al- lowances for the Universal Cause.D . . . The end "Oh, go alzeacl-jump! lt's not far! of the year was approaching awfully rapidly. Brettel made a Park Laneaish gesture and offered rides to New York for just as little as the up- starts. Who will win? CNO one can ever hope to equal the thrilling one-minute Brettel rides to the station.D . . . Fritz was putting the flowers out, each in its own square inch. How can we be vague surrounded by such precision? . . . As the weather got hotter, and MacCracken roof filled up, a few pioneers unbarred windows, wedged open trap doors, and found tarry de- tours to that ineffable star. ltls a rare face that isn't fiery. CWe donlt use the name of the color per se, anymore-D. And then, the last worksheet struggled over- Cand taken to Miss Bidwell for the last time, what will we do without her?D-5 the last ate' tempt made to win Ben's friendshipffwho is now and ever shall be a one-man dogg let us face the factj-we find the vacation pm' excellence upon us. QExcept for the poor Seniors. Hal They have quite another kind of vacation. All the time in the world, and they want the world.D Good-by, Johnny, Peter, Mrs. C., and Mr. Whitehouse. My furniture is untagged but lim sure you,ll recognize it by its me-ness.- Good-by Angelo. See you LATer. Director Abrams, Nancie Lee 36 Magnolia Avenue Newton, Mass. Acheson, Nancy C. 6844 Penham Place Pittsburgh, Pa. Ahola, Helen Marie 651 Fairview Avenue Oakland, Calif. Aldis, lN1argaret 135 East Deerpath Lake Forest, Ill. Aldis, Ruth 135 East Deerpath Lake Forest, Ill. Alexander, Ruth 875 West End Avenue New York 25 Allen, Jeanne 557 West 141 Street New York 31 Allen, Nina Lee 51 West 42 Street Indianapolis, Ind. Alper, Paula 7810 68 Road Middle Village, N. Y. Alther, Sybil Kappelstrasse 35 Zurich 2, Switzerland Altman, Henry G. 900 Bronx Park South New York 60 Altman, Ruth-Marie Manursing Island Rye, N. Y. Andrews, Mary 164 East 72 Street New York 21 Applebaum, Marcia 263 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn 16, N. Y. Aronsohn, Sue 40 East 88 Street New York 28 Attman, Rima cfo Grant, 54 Langdon Terrace Bronxville 8 Home: 1730 Harrison Avenue Bronx 53 Aub, Claire 1040 Barry Lane Cincinnati 29, Ohio Aub, Frances 233 Prospect Street Belmont 78, Mass. Augustus, Elizabeth Waite Hill Willoughby, Ohio Baer, Cynthia Route 9 St. Paul 10, Minn. Bakker, Judith 426 Lake Road Webster, N. Y. Baldwin, Joan 377 Ravine Drive South Orange, N. Baran, Sophie cfo Mount 18 Wellyn Road Yonkers, N. Y. 65 Barbour, Sharon 3232 Reservoir Road Washington, D. C. Barnes, John A. Larchmont Acres Larchmont, N. Y. Barnett, Marcia 839 Keene Lane Woodmere, N. Y. Baron, Suzette 65-38 Booth Street Forest Hills, N. Y. Barros, Joyce Kings Highway Dover, Delaware Bauer, Julia Merrill CMrs. Edward W. Jr.D 32 Lake Avenue Tuckahoe, N. Y. Bayes, Eleanor 103 East 86 Street New York 28 Bennett, Betty Lee 2106 Tyler Street Amarillo, Texas Berdan, Virginia 1035 Devon Road Pittsburgh 13, Pa. Bernheim, Frances Reinfeld CMrs. Daniel BJ 67B Meadowbrook Place Maplewood, N. J. Bingham, Farr 442 Mountain Road West Hartford, Conn. Birnbaum, Ann 575 5 Street Brooklyn 15, N. Y. Blackmer, Sallie 4400 East Quincey Avenue Englewood, Colo. Blanc, Natalia 16 East 65 Street New York 21 Blank, Doris 730 Fort Washington Avenue New York 33 Blank, Libby 65 Somerset Road Brookline, Mass. Bludhorn, Beatrix Zeinlhoffergasse 6 Vienna V, Austria Blumenfeld, Erika 500 Washington Avenue Brooklyn 16, N. Y. Blumenstock, Ruth 229 West 105 Street New York 25 Boelitz, Lux 39 Barrow Street New York 14 Bond, Jane 588 Beckwith Street S. W. Atlanta, Georgia Boorstein, Edith 1050 Plandome Road Manhasset, N. Y. Bramston-Cook, Gwendolyn 1328 Midland Avenue Bronxville 8 Branche, Martie 71 Highland Street Roxbury 19, Mass. Brenner, Greta 8 Montgomery Circle New Rochelle, N. Y. Bromwell, Mari 800 N. Sheridan Road Lake Forest, Ill. Brown, Cynthia 1310 South 4 Street Sioux Falls, South Dakota Brown, Gwendolyn 62 Boulder Trail Bronxville 8 Brown, Joanne 4 Kent Road Scarsdale, N. Y. Browning, Ellen Bellefonte Ashland, Kentucky Burden, Pamela 10 East 85 Street New York Burleigh, Louise 1 Kelwynne Road Scarsdale, N. Y. Butler, Deborah 436 Holly Avenue St. Paul 2, Minn. Cahn, Elizabeth Ann 1165 Park Avenue New York City Calafati Diana 56 Rockdale Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. Carlton, Jean 1142 Summit St. Paul 5, Minn. Carpe, Lestra Route 1 Putnam Valley, N. Y. Case, Elinor 612 Ohio Street Urbana, Ill. Cass, Flora 494 Edward Street Johnstown, Pa. Catenacci, Valentina 10 Kraft Avenue Bronxville 8 Cecil, Jane 2314 Monument Avenue Richmond 20, Va. Chang, Gladys 171 Longview Terrace Crestwood, N. Y. Chang, Morley Loy 171 Longview Terrace Crestwood, N. Y. Chesney, Shirley 1021 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Clemons, Elizabeth Lambert Road Orange, Conn. Coe, Penelope 399 New Rochelle Road Bronxville 8 Cohan, Betsy Jane 393 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, Mass. Coleman, Anita 55 Central Park West New York City Collin, Elizabeth 630 East Drive Sewickley, Pa. Cook, Carol 5250 Westminster Place St. Louis, Mo. Cory, Ellen 333 West End Avenue New York City Cowan, Janet 2749 Landon Road Shaker Heights 22, Ohio Craig, Alice 736 West Clinton Street Elmira, N. Y. 66 Curtis, Dorothea 39 Blvd. Sultan Hussein Alexandria, Egypt Cushing, Antonia 210 East 78 Street New York 21 Dameshek, Elinor 38 Willow Crescent Brookline 46, Mass. Dean, Lisa Montchanin, Delaware Delaney, Madelon 617 West 145 Street New York 31 Deshon, Barbara 525 Peniield Road Rochester 10, N. Y. Dince, Selma Horowitz CMrs. Paul RJ 2460 Grand Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Dodge, Anne 1821 Alamo Avenue Colorado Springs, Colo. Douglas, Dita 988 Fifth Avenue New York City Eckel, Ann 215 Scarboro Drive Syracuse, N. Y. Edelman, Arthur 2700 Grand Concourse Bronx 58, N. Y. Edelstein, Renee 132 DeVoe Avenue Yonkers 5, N. Y. Ellis, Elizabeth "The Village Farm" Langhorne, Pa. Ferer, Ramelle 6721 Davenport Street Omaha, Nebraska Fischer, Gisela 180 Riverside Avenue Old Greenwich, Conn. Fitzpatrick, Sara Ann 496 Portland Avenue St. Paul 2, Minn. Fleming, Mary 2945 Lazy Lane Houston, Texas Forsyth, Patricia 152 East 82 Street New York City Foy, Cynthia 60 East 93 Street New York City Freas, Jean 19 Wilbur Place Bronxville 8 Freeman, Caroline 30 Freeman Parkway Providence 6, R. I. Frenzel, Suzanne 5204 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Ind. Friedman, Phyllis 814 East 21 Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Frieman, Mrs. Ruth Rodman 410 West 24 Street New York 11 Friess, Ann 460 Riverside Drive New York 27 Gant, Lucy Lee 1101 West Front Street Burlington, N. C. Gewirtzman, Joan 50 Glenwood Avenue Jersey City, N. J. Gilbert, Joan 150 Central Park South New York City Gillette, Joanne 4416 Greenwich Parkway Washington, D. C. Glassman, Joan 50 Longview Drive Scarsdale, N. Y. Gochenour, Patricia 445 Lee Avenue Clarksburg, W. Va. Goerke, Madelyne Llewellyn Park West Orange, N. J. Goodfriend, Gloria 5001 Atlantic Avenue Ventnor, N. J. Goodrich, Joyce 7736 North Beach Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin Graham, Carol 1212 Summer Road, S. E. Washington 20, D. C. Greenburg, Jonnie 771 West End Avenue New York 25 Greenburg, Susan 771 West End Avenue New York 25 Greenhill, Muriel 262 Central Park West New York 24 Gross, Gizella 196 Elm Street New Rochelle, N. Y. Guzy, Judith 553 Hartford Court South Orange, N. J. Hadas, Judith 1310 Manheim Kansas City, Missouri Hall, Roger 9 Brookside Circle Bronxville 8 Hamburger, Nancy 6102 Biltmore Avenue Baltimore 15, Md. Hammerman, Enid 385 Palos Road Glencoe, Ill. Harris, Kathleen 442 Brook Street Providence 6, R. 1. Harris, Margaret 27 Picardy Lane, Ladue Lane, Missouri Hart, Nancy 86 Buckingham Street Waterbury, Conn. Head, Neil 11 Wood End Lane Bronxville 8 Hecht, Alice Pen-Y-Bryn Garrison, Maryland Herriott, Mary Joan 616 Green Tree Road Milwaukee 9, Wisc. Hexter, Marjory 1155 Park Avenue New York 28 Heymann, Ruth 296 West 236 Street New York 63 Hirsch, Suzanne Cloverly Lane Rydal, Pa. Hodgson, Monica cfo West 10 Kraft Avenue Bronxville 8 Hoeber, Susanne 4349 North Ninth Street Philadelphia 40, Pa. Hoffman, Phyllis Zena Road Woodstock, New York Hohenberg, Honey Route 5, Box 640 Memphis, Tenn. Hollaman, Mary Lou Smith Ridge New Canaan, Conn. Hooker, Mary 601 North C Street Tacoma 3, Washington Horelick, Beth 10 West 96 Street New York 25 House, Louise 93 Lancaster Avenue Buffalo 9, New York Houston, Margaret 115 East 90 Street New York City Houtermans, Giovanna Sarah Lawrence College 67 Howell, Shirley 530 East 86 Street New York City Howes, Edith 69 Woodland Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. Hoyt, Margaret Mill Road, R.F.D. 1 Stamford, Conn. Hughes, Helen Riverdale-on-Hudson New York 63 Humphrey, Joan 452 Glyn Wynne Road Haverford, Pa. Hurley, Patricia 45 Tudor Road Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. Hurwitz, Beth 1250 West 61 Terrace Kansas City, Mo. Jackson, Sarah Ann 96 Merriam Lane Watertown, Conn. Jacobson, Janet 222 West 83 Street New York 24 Joffe, Theodore 25 East 86 Street New York 28 Jones, Gaynor 470 Washington Road Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. Josefowitz, Mira 250 West 94 Street New York 24 Kallir, Lilian 285 Riverside Drive New York 25 Kayes, Rosamond 1031 East 26 Street Brooklyn 10, New York Kelleher, Joan 4 Everett Street Worcester 2, Mass. Kerstein, Barbara 8 East 96 Street New York 28 Kilsheimer, Ralph 897 Webster Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. Kirkpatrick, Ellen 1169 Cherry Street Winnetka, Ill. Kirschenbaum, Deborah 463 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn 11, New York Klotz, Elinor 145 Central Park West New York 23 Kolchin, Lovey 6 Flanders Road Toronto, Ontario, Canada Konner, Joan Weiner CMrs. I. AQ 19 Bronxville Road Bronxville 8 Kramer, Katharine 101 South Parkway Columbus, Nebraska Krasne, Rita 115 Central Park West New York 23 Kroll, Barbara 50 West 67 Street New York City LaBranche, Michelle 225 East 73 Street New York City Landon, Regina 709 East Main Crawfordsville, Indiana Langer, Cornelia Hotel Roosevelt Washington, D. C. Larsen, Anne Shore Road Green Farms, Conn. Lawrence, Virginia Stamford Road Bedford Village, New York Leff, Nlarjorie 115 Central Park West New York 23 Legare, Alberta Kent Place Suffield, Conn. Lehman, Kaywin 625 Park Avenue New York City Lerner, Constance 162 East 92 Street New York 28 Lesser, Ann 515 West 122 Street New York 27 Lettiere, Patricia 6 River Road Trenton, New jersey Levi, Carol 5318 Locust Kansas City 4, Mo. Levin, Betty Lee 5 Chelsea Parade Norwich, Conn. Levin, Ruth Led CMIS. Morton SQ 105 East 63 Street New York 21 Lewis, Carol 270 Convent Avenue New York City Liebenberg, Io Anne 4730 South Humboldt Street Minneapolis 9, Minn. Lieberman, Barbara Grace 602 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn 18, New York Lieberman, Marcia 5952 Manchester Drive Oakland 18, Calif. Lindau, Connie 262 Central Park West New York 24 Lindqvist, june Narre Gade 8, P. O. Box Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas, V. I. Lippincott, Joanna Meadow Farm Penllyn, Pa. Livingston, Rita 116 Overlook Road New Rochelle, New York Lohn, Yvonne 301 South Camden Drive Beverly Hills, Calif. Long, Lu Ann 2444 West 18 Street Los Angeles 6, Calif. Louchheim, Ann Studene Farm Bethayres, Pa. Love, Noel 713 Park Avenue New York City Lyman, Anne 939 Hillside Road Fairfield, Conn. Lynch, Signa 570 Park Avenue New York City Macartney, Hope 18 Crocus Place St. Paul 2, Minn. MacGi1vra, Ellen 21 Laurel Avenue Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. Makowsky, Lucile 411 East 39 Street Paterson 4, N. I. Mandel, Blanche 2018 Dorchester Road Brooklyn 26, N. Y. Margolis, Elaine 501 Second Avenue Montgomery, W. Va. Marqusee, Joan cfo Mrs. B. G. Meyer Leiferts Road I-Iewlitt, New York Massie, Elizabeth 7 Stonehenge Lane Albany 3, New York McClellan, Gay Windridge Gouverneur, New York 68 MeCol1ester, Ann 24 Gramercy Park New York 3 McEachern, Mary Lou 107 Nottingham Road Windsor Farms Richmond, Virginia Mclvor, Janet 13 Auburn Street Concord, N. H. McKinley, Margaret 24601 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid 23, Ohio McLellan, Ioan 820 Lombardi Lane Hillsborough San Mateo, Calif. Messer, Linda 45-27 193 Street Flushing, New York Metcaf, Esther 66 Cooke Street Providence, R. 1. Metcalf, Patricia Old North Stamford Road Stamford, Conn. Milam, Patricia 1894 Edgewood Avenue Jacksonville, Florida lN1iller, lN'1ary 200 VVest 86 Street New York 24 Milton, Marilyn One Beekman Place New York City Monasevitch, Luba 6421 Moore Drive Los Angeles 48, Calif. Morgan, Ann 225 Brooklawn Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. Morrow, Dorothy 90 Riverside Drive New York 24 Moses, Susan Wilkoff CMrs. Jack 2018 Spruce Street Philadelphia, Pa. Mosser, Jo Suzanne 8 Westover Road Fort Worth, Texas Mueller, Marcia Ann 3061 North Hackett Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wise. Muhlenberg, Anna Marie High Road Wyomissing, Pa. Museillo, Romola 1072 Westchester Esplanade New York 61 Neuberger, Ioan Nutswamp Road Red Bank, New Jersey Norton, Anne The Shoreham Hotel Washington, D. C. Norton, Mary Harrods Creek, Kentucky Novogrodsky, Esther 160 East Third Street New York 9 O'Brien, Kathleen 4819 C Kahala Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii Odell, Audrey 540 Crabtree Lane Lake Forest, Ill. O'Hara, Patricia 1236 S. American Street Philadelphia 47, Pa. Okun, Rhoda 100 Riverside Drive New York 24 Olmstead, Sarah 182 Englewood Road Longmeadow, Mass. Osborn, Sarah 159 Whitworth Ponca City, Oklahoma Oven, Joan "Uplands" Enid, Oklahoma Paar, Margaret 23 Amherst Road Great Neck, New York Page, Deborah 1603 East 21 Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Paine, Martha 300 Hammond Street Chestnut Hill, Mass. van Panhuys, Vera 44 Bratrle Street Cambridge, Mass. Paty, Robert 15 Grandview Avenue Dobbs Ferry, New York Perry, Ann 701 Frankline Avenue Lexington, Kentucky Plavin, Shirley 220 Sabattus Street Lewiston, Maine Polinger, Leda 19 Columbia Place Mt. Vernon, New York Polk, James 25 Parkview Avenue, Apt. 4D Bronxville 8 Pomerantz, Charlotte 150 Riverside Drive New York 24 Post, Patricia 112 South Oxford Avenue Ventnor, N. Potter, Anne 1128 Clover Street Rochester 10, N. Y. Powell, Betty 1275 George Street Plainfield, N. J. Purviance Sharon Casilla 2468 Santiago, Chile Quillen, Susan Penllyn, Pa. Rabinowitz, Judith 1006 East 28 Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Raginsky, Nina 41 Kew Gardens Road Kew Gardens 15, New York Ramey, Raber 1063 East 98 Street Cleveland 8, Ohio Rassieur, Jeanne 3663 Flora Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri Rassieur, Joan 97 Arundel Place St. Louis 5, Missouri Rattner, Selma Silberman CMrs. Georgej Peter Cooper Village lst Avenue New York City Read, Susan East Quaker Road Orchard Park, New York Reiffel, Jane 45 Popham Road Scarsdale, New York Reines, Joan 167 South Main Avenue Albany, N. Y. Reveley, Edith 4431 Greenwich Parkway Washington, D. C. Richardson, H. H. Jr. 41 First Avenue New York City Richey, Marione cfo Shropshire 101 Bella Vista Street Tuckahoe, New York Richman, Lorna Dee 1480 President Street Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Rinenberg, Alice 39-64 45 Street Sunnyside 4, L. 1., N. Y. Robbins, Mary North Valley Road Paoli, Pa. Robinson. Sarah 1401 Bennington Avenue Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 69 Roller, Ann 6209 Kilmer Street Cheverly, Md. Rosen Joan 61 Babcock Street Brookline, Mass. Rosen, Judith 1349 Lexington Avenue New York 28, N. Y. Rosenblatt, Merle 153 Neptune Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. Rosenblueth, Helene cfo Grant 54 Langdon Terrace Bronxville 8 Home: 711 Walton Avenue Bronx 51, New York Rosenthal, Judith Rosen 440 West 34 Street New York 1 Rosenwald, Janet Meetinghouse Road Jenkintown, Pa. Rynearson, Jean Sunny Slopes Rochester, Minn. Salwitz, Janet 285 Riverside Drive New York City Sarolea, Ann St. John's Place New Canaan, Conn. Saunders, Martha Idlewild Farm Bryn Mawr, Pa. Schaffer, Gloria Wilinski CMrs. EugeneD 827 Elm Street New Haven, Conn, Schaufller, Allen 318 Lincoln Street New Britain, Conn. Scheinfeld, Ruth 196 Beach Road Glencoe, Illinois Scheuer, Amy Rose 115 Central Park West New York City Schig, Lilian 82 Lee Road Scarsdale. New York Schlapp, Sylvia ' ' 6383 Ellenwood Avenue St. Louis, lX'1o. Schneider, Renee Woolf CMrs. Stanley DJ 82 Brookfield Road lV1t. Vernon. N. Y. Sebes. Nlariann cfo Dr. Hans Svz Clapboard Hill Road Westport, Conn. Segal, Barbara 140 West 86 Street New York 24, N. Y. Shaaker, Bernice 1184 East 18 Street Brooklyn 30, N. Y. Shepard, Carroll 4927 South Michigan Chicago 15, Ill. Sherwell, Carlotta 419 East 57 Street New York City Shiflfman, Barbara 750 Grand Concourse New York 51 Shohet, Marcia 135 Willard Road Brookline, Mass. Silverstein, Beatrice 66 Requa Street Rochester 5, N. Y. Sisson, Suzanne 18 Arnold Street Providence, R. I. Skidmore, Patricia 1158 Fifth Avenue New York 29 Slaughter, Suzanne Fort Knox, Kentucky Slezak, Doris 711 West State Sycamore, Ill. Sloss, Katherine 19 Wilbur Place Bronxville 8 Snider, Joan Normandy Magnolia, Mass. Solomon, Nancy Blvd. 5360 N. Pennsylvania Street Indianapolis 20, Ind. Sonnenberg, Marion 4503 Fieldston Road Riverdale 63, N. Y. Southerland, Clare 1 Red Oak Road Wilmington 51, Delaware Sporkin, Martha 1539 Pine Street Philadelphia 2, Pa. Starr, Sara 3122 38 Street, N. W. Washington 16, D. C. Sterba, Monica 861 Whittier Blvd. Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. Stone, Lydia 9 Benevolent Street Providence 6, R. I. Strand, Judith 3730 First Avenue Hibbing, Minn. Straus, Margaret Linnean Hill Porter Street and Kingle Road Washington 8, D. C. Stuart, Elizabeth Lake Road Menasha, Wisconsin Swan, Helen 16 Oriole Avenue Bronxville 8 Swartz, Elsa 2703 Queen Anne Road Baltimore 16, Md. Tamases, Leslie 160 Van Nostrand Avenue Englewood, N. J. Taylor, Barbara 4612 Michigan Avenue Chicago 15, 111. Taylor, Janice Mann Lot Road North Scituate, Mass. Tepper, Eileen 328 Tillou Road South Orange, N. Terl-leun, Patricia Apt. 31H Waldorf Astoria Towers New York City Thomee, Joanne Orchard Hill Lane Greenwich, Conn. Thompson, Millicent "St. Hubert's" Frontenac, Minn. Thompson, Varney 144 Brattle Street Cambridge, Mass. Tishman, Louise 175 East 79 Street New York 21 Torngren, Sandra 141 Highland Avenue Winchester, Mass. Treat, Marion Knudson CMIS. Sanford M. 4 Park Drive Tuckahoe 7, New York Tyson, Alice 448 Riverside Drive New York City Ufforcl, Sarah cfo Jessup 5 Midland Gardens Bronxville 8 von Clemm, Audrey 7811 Huron Street Philadelphia 18, Pa. Wadsworth, Martha The Homestead Geneseo, N. Y. 70 Wadsworth, W. Perkins The Homestead Geneseo, N. Y. Walser, Mary West Oenoke Avenue New Canaan, Conn. Walters, Barbara 998.Fifth Avenue New York City Watson, Alice 1101 Dale Drive Silver Spring, Md. Weber, Joan 2850 Paxton Road Shaker Heights 20, Ohio Wedeen, Joan 235 West 76 Street New York City Weiss, Jerome 68-37 Yellowstone Blvd. Forest Hills, N. Y. Welch, Gloria 322 East 57 Street New York City Welt, Elizabeth cfo Bozeman 24 Beall Circle Bronxville 8 West, Cynthia 10 Kraft Avenue Bronxville 8 Westman, Beverly 113 Simpson Street Saltste Marie Ontario, Canada Weyerhauser, Vivian 294 Summit Avenue St. Paul 2, Minn. Wheeler, Sarah R. F. D. 1110 Fairfield, Conn. Wilkins, Carol 23 Draper Avenue Arlington, Mass. Williams, Anne 3 Garden Lane New Orleans 18, La. Wilson, Jo Anne 607 Heights El Campo, Texas Winslow, Nathalie Sunset Farm West Hartford, Conn. Wolf, Nancy 2 Arbor Court Hamilton, Ohio Wolf, Peggy 2800 Woodley Road, N. W Washington 8, D. C. Wolff, Henry 55 Vernon Avenue Mt. Vernon, New York Wolff, Mildred Nonnenmacher CMrs. Ronald H.j 26 Pearl Street Hawthorne, N. Y. Wolosoif, Ioan 69-50 Ingram Street Forest Hills, N. Y. Yannantuono, George 121 Wallace Avenue Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Yarrow, Penny Rechtman CMrs. M. Williamj 415 Chapel Road Elkins Park, Pa. Yates, Sara 2911 Sixth Avenue Fort Worth, Texas Zahorsky, Iean 15 Arundel Place St. Louis 5, Missouri Zeman, Patricia 389 Lloyd Avenue Providence 6, R. I. Zucker, Marcia 1444 So. Beverly Glen Blvd. Los Angeles 24, Calif. Special Day Students jaeckal, Gregg Coward CMrs. Hugol Mt. Kisco, New York 71 O Millard, Emmalie W. CMrs. W. J. Jrj 133 Griffen Avenue Scarsdale, N. Y. Nishimura, Nana cfo Mrs. Toru Matsumoto Larchmont Gables, Larchmont, N. Y. Russell, Paula Sperry CMrs. John RJ 201 Clinton Avenue Brooklyn, New York Winner, Robert 2277 Andrews Avenue Bronx 53, New York Faculty and Staff from Directory 0+-11'-H21-HZ'-H214-11'4'55-I-11'+'Z?1+-1?-F2r-H?-Hb+-1Z'-H3r-H?-?'81-h1Z'-I '31-H1--Y9+-11'+'Z2r+-11'-H21-HZ'+'31-?-1Z'+'Z,'r-!-1Z'-H22-H1'+'3v+-iZ'+'!2f-h"-! EVARTS BARTHEN PHARMACY Prescription Druggists I5I Parkway Road "SERVING SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE SINCE IT BEGAN" BRONXVILLE BOWLING CLUB Air conditioned for summer Bowling FREE INSTRUCTIONS BR. 2-9773 44 Milburn sneer Compliments of WILLIAM AND MARY HAIRDRESSERS A. D. DULETO 8. co., Inc. Fine Tailoring in All Its Branches CLEANING - PRESSING Suits and Skirts Made to Order 40 PALMER AVENUE BRonxvilIe 2-4070 DRESSES SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES 72 PONDFIELD ROAD COMPLIMENTS or FRED'K S. STEINMANN APOTHECARY THE TAP A MODERN RESTAURANT with POPULAR PRICES I2 PALMER AVENUE BR. 2-II76 LAWRENCE PROPERTIES and BRONXVILLE FORM AN INSEPARABLE STORY Houses Are Available Near SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE also small estates at Lawrence Farms Chappaqua Management - General Brokerage Real Estate Counsel - Mortgage Servicing Appraisals 4 VALLEY ROAD BRonxvilIe 2-0400 '31-HZ'+'8r-3--11'-H22-HI'-H21-I-12'+Qv+i1'+'Zb+-11'+tZb+i?+'3f+-2?-H?1+i?-7 '55-HZ'-Y45+-11'-H72-f-11'-7-'31-HI'-P054-11'-H54-Z1'+'25+-2I'+0+f.?+Yb+-.: 7 '94'Z''R'34'T?',"37'f':"f'C7'fi:","37'f'u'Nf'i:5'y'u"y':f2i',':5a,'3'+':","3W'?:.?+ '81-HZ'-f'3r-5-2'+'32+-21'-N254-11'-H31-H?+'3v+-ZZ'-7-421+-21'-H324-11'-P31 Y-."-I The Bronxville Jeweler L. Witzling 78 KRAFT AVENUE BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. Telephone BRonxviIIe 2-5021 Xavier Printing Company,Inc. Engraving: Social- Weddings Job Printing - Publications MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. BLESS Tl'lElRk HEARTS! 'THE RESCUERS' Fred'k. S. Steinmann APOTHECARY DRUGGISTS AND DISPENSING CHEMISTS ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS 52 Ponclfield Road BRonxviIIe 2-6090 Compliments of Smith-Cairns Motor Sales Co., Inc. IO PAXTON AVENUE BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. BRonxviIIe 2-8100 - 2-8101 BRonxviIIe 2-1945 THE FASHION SHOP Claire Heineman 49 Pondfield Road Bronxville, N. Y NEILSEN'S Ice Cream - Fine Candies 95 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE Phone 2-3351 The Yearbook Thanks Open-Hanclecl Students IApoIogizing to W. E. Henleyj OUT OF THE PLIGHT THAT LOVVERED ME MORE IN THE RED EACH DAY IALACKIJ I THANK WHATEVER ONES YOU BE FOR DELIVERING ME INTO THE BLACK. '314-11'-I0+-Z?+0+C'+0+-ZZ'-10-?-?:+'3w+-11'-?'C5+ -214'-fb-7 -11'-3-'Cr-7 LZ'-N 'fb-I-11'-H5-H1'+'3v+-11'+'Z5+-11'+'Z2f7-11'+f0'+-11'-H.5-?-11'-f'i?b+-11'-H32 7 -5' Y Q+G+04S+G+0+6+0+64G+0+G+0+G+64G+6+G904G+0+G+0+G+0+0+0+0+6+Q+0+O+04G+0+Q9 RUMSEX READ 8cKD1BERL1C ING. RUMSEY KIMBERLY REAL ESTATE READ INSURANCE I 62 FRAN KLI N STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK PERIDOT GALLERY l'ePI'eSenTS 6 East Louise Bourgeois James Brooks Arthur Drexler Seymour Franks Weldon Kees Leonard Edgar Negret Reginald Pollack Melville Price Alfred Russell PAINTINGS SCULPTURE PRINTS 'l2th Street, N. Y. C FRAMES Q+G+0+Q+6+G+09046+G+6+0+6+G+9+6+Q+G+0+0+94G+0+G+0+0+6+Q+0?G+O+Q+G?G+0+G9 74 E + 0 + G + 0 + 6 + 0 + 3 + 6 -lf G + 6 + U + 0 + G + 0 4 G + 0 + 9 'lr Q + G 4 0 + 0 + 0 + U + Q 9 G + 0 + G 4' 15 4' CF 4r 45 4r Z3 4r 15 if if if Q5 4r 13 'P PO HM BRAVE HARRY, SAY BUT ONE GOOD WORD: ON!" OH, WOE! BEGONE! w NOR LET THE FEAR 2, Lf OF BREACH OF CONTRACT, Q ,Q FAITHLESS DEAR, JE gt CORRUPT THE PRESENTS 51 'B PLEASANCE. 3 IZ POO NEIHM OH, GREASY SPOON! Ln I I E TIS NEAR, TIS HERE, I L- WHERE, TABLES PACKED 2 2 WITH CHECKERED CHEER, 5, O 2 THE DREAD OF LESSONS 8 W LESSENS. E LU .9 I L- ZCIHOMS ONldVEl'l V EDIIT ClEldVElT SCIEIOM EIHJ. GNV IT Has Been Our Pleasure TO Serve SARAH LAWRENCE STUDENTS Since T926 '23 BRONXVILLE TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Member Federal DepOsiT Insurance Corporation 9+O+0+0+6+0+6+0+0+0+0+U+6+0+0+Q+6+G+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+G+6+0+0+0+0+Q+0+0+0+G+ 75 0-H?445+-1?-H5-HZ'-f'31-HZ'-N31+i1'+'3w+-11'+'32+-2Z'-?-'Z2r-l-11'+'3I-H1'4-'Eb-H1'4'0-HI'+6413-H21+-Z1'-H3v+-11'-P3r+-i1'-3-'425+i1'-H?1-7-21'-H'5'r-hi'-7 Compliments of KENSINGTON PLAZA GARAGES, Inc. 42 PAUVIER AVENUE BRONXVILLE, N. Y. BRonxville 2-2210, 2-2211 BEAUTYCRAFT HAIRDRESSERS 211 E. Post Road, White Plains, N. Y. Phone WHite Plains 9-0240 "HAIR TINTING CONSULTANTS" GRAMATAN HAIRDRESSER A. M. Dillon 25 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. WILLIAM J. FEE COAL CO. COAL FUEL OIL Electric Furnace-Man Delco-Heat Stoker Burners Automatic A General Anthracite Motors Burner Product 15 SOUTH THIRD AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. MOunt Vernon 8-8884 - 8885 FAirbanks 4-3948 New Rochelle 2-1412 WILFRED L. FEE, President FRED C. ROSCHER, Inc. COMMERCIAL AND SOCIAL STATIONERS 19 FOURTH AVENUE Mount Vernon, N. Y. MOunt Vernon 8-7410 BRI. 2-5900 BRonxville 2-1010 BRETTEL-PETERSON TAXI CO. N. Y. Central R. R. Station 1947 Packard Limousines for Hire by the Hour, Trip - Week or Month 24 HOUR SERVICE The Oldest Taxi Service in the Village Qwwvd' N222 .QQ :I R 0 s e I I e ennington 20 E. 56th Street, N. Y. 22, N. Y. also Arther Morris in Norfolk, Va. '3v+-L1'+i?f+-1':+'3r+-2'.'+'Z?1+-11"l'231-!-11'+'Z?S+'1Z'-H31-i-Z1'+"J1-bil'-H31-N-1'.'+ '3f+-11'+4?r+-11'+'31+-I':-H5-I-Z?-H3287 -11'-!'55-H.Z'+'Z?1-?-'.i'+'2f-h'I:-H'Jr-HZP'l 0+0+6+U+0+U+0+G+0+Q+04Q+6+G+6+0404Q+0+G40+0+0+G+6+Q+0+G40+G+0+G+0+U+0+Q9 , 0 fy? .ey 6 5 g ij'sQMwWM hw v we S . FW 6 E3 520 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF 1950 and Thank you for your cordial patronage. We hope we may continue To be of service To you. 0+049+G+0+0+6+Q+0+G+6+G+0+G+6+G+0+0+9+0+0+G+6+G+64G+0+G+0+G+0+G+64G40+Q+ 77 -'81-NT-H5-Y'IZ'-H5-H?-PQ1-H?+0+iZ'+'01+-ZZ'+17r+iZ'+'32+i1'+'2r+-Z1'-7 '39--13+0+-11'-H224C'+15-r-1?-!'8v-HI'-H?1+iZ'-f'Zb-f-D-l'Zb-H1'+'3f-f1i?-3 "BOUQUETS" TO THE CLASS OF '50 from the NOSEGAY I3RONxvILLE'S CORNER FLOWER SHOP BRonxville 2-5127 SCarsdale 3-3939 BENNETT TOWBIS 8g SON ESTABLISHED 1900 UPHOLSTERERS 81 INTERIOR DECORATORS 65 Pondfield Road 136 Garth Road Bronxville, N. Y. Scarsdale, N. Y. KURT'S Hair Dressing 26 Palmer Avenue BRONXVILLE, N. Y. BEDSIDE RADIOS PORTABLE RECORD PLAYERS EXPERT SERVICE "To Meet the College Budget" GEOLECTRIC 135 PARKWAY ROAD BRonxville 2-2413 as .2 I' -LU Qoqlviltxxi UNUSUAL GIFTS BT REASONABLE PRICES 105 Pondfield Road BRONXVILLE FURRIERS Fine Furs CERTIFIED DRY COLD STORAGE HOLLANDERIZING Telephones BR 2-6061 and 2-7262 2 CEDAR STREET and 49 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE, N. Y. HARRY P. HOBLIN, Inc. Hardware - Paints - Housewares G. E. Electrical Appliances Sporting Goods BRonxvilIe 2-9400 94 KRAFT AVENUE BRONXVILLE, N. Y. SPORTCRAFT'S Sporting Goods - Men's Wear AGENTS FOR A. G. SPALDING 8. BROS. 40 Ponolfield Road BR. 2-6644 WOMRATH BOOK SHOP 115 Pondfield Road BRONXVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF SPENCER'S APPAREL, 1nC. 69 PONDEIELD ROAD, BRONXVILLE '32-H1'+'S5+-11'+0-f-IZ'-H25-Y-1'.'-H3r+-ZZ'+'Z2r-HZ'+040-50+-540409 'D+C'-7-'85-HI'-HG'-HZ'+'Z22+-11'-?"Jv+H1'-H2r-?-Z1'-HZBr-?-21'+'31-H1'-7-'32-!-I?5 Ri '9-HZ'+0+G'+'55-H1'-?'31'?i1'+'3'+iZ'+'C-4'1i'-H'2r-!-1Z'-H2r-h11'-H714 G+ 'SS4-11'+04-11'-N55-I-D+C'-H1+45-711i+'3r+C'+'31+i5+42'+i?+'G1-I-1':+ Robert Browning Baker Mlllllrle THE BRONXVILLE STUDIO 143 PARKWAY ROAD BRONXVILLE, N. Y. BRONXVILLE, N. Y. BRonxvilIe 2-5I5I GOWNS Otticial Photographer to SUITS SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE COATS HATS "Distinctive clothes for those SPECIALIZING IN BRIDAL of discriminating tastes." AND CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY DRESSES FROM 529.95 Telephone BRonxville 2-8800 l Xu. x RN., 'I U2 YS QT' if ITALIA Ci If g :E wif' pail: I f ,gg ?"5,I5. Two Famous Olive Oils CALLISTO FRANCESCONI EXTRA I FILIPPO BERIO The leading brands of Italian Olive Oil for over 50 years Both packed in Lucca Cltalyj For sale in original tins at specialty stores handling quality food products Yi .f",,.-f N Y. A ge IIIIISIIIIIII Qi SQ? L. EIN X X ,fr y - '- X. -, - Q M-in ul D ,Vf llllllla l jfr I ' "' T?" Fii- 7,2-iE33T'ff',1 ' Y xiii? I , VA gn-fgffik 5 I x J ' .-4 - N. I f A ' " '-5 1-' -E .i 57-'li l ggi - - 1 -.QQQ ', X.. ' -,JQL5 X,-Q 1 I , fit? I - IA-'Q if A I llllllllfe -wx. A 'Org I , 'af-.W f , , V.-' , . 1 ,rizmf , , .A ,t,' 3 NT 1 ' sfifgl -1 ragifijfgf. llllll ' I .5495 . 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Suggestions in the Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) collection:

Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 83

1950, pg 83

Sarah Lawrence College - Yearbook (Bronxville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 21

1950, pg 21

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