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JZMJ c10,ff fQ b r o n x v I I I e n 9 W Y o r k The gate is open wide To ever flowing knowledge. Our progress and our pride ls Sarah Lawrence College. The beat of freedom's drum ls sounding far and near. A call to all who come To tell, 'ro fell, to tell that we are here gf 11 5 Y E' f' x F K 4 X," S' 1 1, I I 1? Q 'a f E, .AK J R 2 xi Y Ay, Q. Mk? 4 'Pm 1f. Sw 'm eww 'ii an K M!! DEDICATION YOUR FAITH IN OUR ABILITIES AND YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND UNDERSTANDING C-AVE US THE SECURITY TO LOOK BEYOND OURSELVES. PgS RUDOLPI-I ARNI-IEIM OLIVE CARTER AMES january 29, l927 . . . Oklahoma City . . . Classen High School, Oklahoma City . . . Hits and Misses, Dance Ac- companist . . . Art Club . . . Music, History and Sculpture .. . Further Study in Music, Travel and Colt. f fx fx IOAN BELLAMY February 26, l927 , . . Cleveland, Ohio . . . Hathaway Brown School, Cleve- land . . . Senior Class President, Cur- riculum Committee, D.Q., Dimensions, Voice Club, Chorus, Student Council, Student Council Committee . . . Music and Literature . . . journalism. A, Page Nine IANE BINNEY September 4, 1926 . . . Milton, Mass. . . . Winsor School, Boston, Mass. . . . Dance Group President 1946-1947, 1947-1948, Hits and Misses, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer, Chorus, Faculty-Student Committee, Art Club . . . Dance and Social Science . . . Dancing. X x 54 R BARBARA BIRKELUND September 19, 1926 . , . Glencoe, III. . . , Mills College, Oakland, Calif. . . . CAMPUS Advertising Manager, French Club . . . Political Science, Fashion Promotion. go, ff? 1 2 Page Ten IOAN C-ROSVENOR BLAIR September 25, l926 . . . Bryn Mawr, Pa ..., St. Margaret's School, Water- bury, Conn .... Art Club, Community House . . . Art and Science . . . ln- definite Plans. LILIAN THOMAS BRADFORD May 24, l926 . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. . . . Bennett junior College, Millbrook, N. Y .... Chorus, Radio, S.L.C. Eco- nomics . . . Research in the Advertising Field. it Tie.-. Page Eleven l iovce CARLETON December l2, i925 . . . St. Paul, Minn. . . .Summit School, St. Paul, Minn. . .. Scholarship Fund, European War Relief Committee . . . Psychology . . . Post- Graduate Work in Psychology. eo MYRA COHN August l7, i926 . . . Beverly Hills, Calif .... Fairfax High School, Holly- wood, Calif .... Chorus, War Board, CAMPUS Literary Editor, Dimensions Editor, Hits and Misses, Curriculum Committee, Poetry Hour Chairman, Radio S.L.C .... Writing . . . Graduate Work and Writing. V, f Page Twelve HARRIET M. CO March l5, i927 , . . Lo . . . Louisville Collegiate Sc ville, Ky .... Art Club, NNER uisville, Ky. hool, Louis- Community House, Hospital Service . . . Art and Child Psychology . . . Marriage. A Q ,x+Y,,LD BRENDA COOKE March 8, l924 , , . Honolulu, Hawaii . . . Kingswood School, Crownbrook, Detroit . . . Poetry Hour, Air Raid Warden, CAMPUS, Fire Warden, Looking Class . . . Oriental Art and History . . . Work as Oriental Art Curator. 51 X X. X C wp Page Thirteen CARLOTTA D'AlVIANDA August l8, i927 . . . Rochester, N, Y. . . . The Harley School, Rochester, N. Y .... Hits and Misses, Religious Round Table, Field Work Committee, Community House, Radio S.L.C .... Social Science and Theatre . . . Further Work in Theatre. lv aw iw HOPE DECHERT january l5, 1927. . . C-ulph Mills, Pa. . . . Agnes Irwin School, Wynnewood, Pa .... Prom Committee, Art Club, Sleep-Until-Noon Club President . , . Writing and Contemporary Civilization . . . Marriage. 453 C Qi-Z Page Fourteen EVE DU PONT August 6, l927 . . . Wilmington, Del. . . . Westover School, Middlebury, Conn .... CAMPUS . . . Composition and Design . . . Work in Advertising. - it jANE PAGE EDMONDSON january 23, l926 . . . Elizabeth, N. I. . . . Battin High School, Elizabeth, N. l .... Athletic Association, Work Program Co-Chairman, P.A.C., Dance Group . . . Social Science . . . Produc- tive Living. 8 9 Page Fifteen BARBARA ELIZABETH EISNER july 2, l926 . . . Rockford, lll. . . . Chatham Hall, Chatham, Va .... Span- ish Club, Art Club, College Events Committee, Prom Committee l946- l947, l947-i948 . . . Art . . . Work with an Architect. GLENN ELLIS july 24, l925 . . . Greenwich, Conn. . . . Smith College, Northampton, Mass ..., Chorus, CAMPUS News Editor . . . Music, Literature and Writ- ing . . . Composition of Music. W l Page Sixteen IUDITH NULSEN CAMBLE june 16, 1926. . . St. Louis, Mo. . . . john Burroughs School, Clayton, Mo. . . . Chorus Manager, Prom Committee, Film Committee, Art Club, Scholarship Committee . . . lnterior Planning . . . Further Study in Art and Travel, K X MARY PERRY C-ERSTENBERC August 3, l926 . . . New York City . . . Madeira School, Greenway, Va. . . . Chorus, French Club . . . Litera- ture . . . Graduate School. g 2 Page Seventeen DONNA HELEN GI BBS April 6, 1926 . . . Pasadena, Calif. . . . Anoakia - Flintridge School, Arcadia, Calif .... CAMPUS Art Editor, Art Club, Yearbook Editor 1946 - 1947, 1947-1948, Hits and Misses Treasurer, Prom Committee, Film Committee . . . Psychology and History of Art... Marriage and Graduate Work in Art Criticism. 0 yf 4 .7 ELIZABETH C-ILLIES june 25, 1926 . . . Albany, N. Y. . . . St. Agnes School, Loudonville, N. Y. . . . Art Club, Philosophy and Religious Round Table, Dining Room Co-Chair- man, Scholarship Committee, Prom Committee 1947-1948 . . . Art Com- position and Design and Philosophy . . . Industrial Design. Page Eighteen NORIVIA BROIVIBERC- GOODMAN lMRS. Eu.ioT R. cooDMANl December 28, 1925 . . . Brookline, Mass .... Simmons College, Fenway, Mass .... P.A.C., Philosophy Round Table . . . Psychology and Political Sci- ence . . . Work in Psychology and Political Science. I, . CHARLOTTE SCOTT HANNAFORD May 8, l927 . . . Winnetka, Ill. . . . North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, lll .... Chorus, Hits and Misses, Athletic Association President, Yearbook . . . Arts and Psychology . . . Travel. 4,4 r. X QL N P kg Page Nineteen CYNTHIA HARDER October 26, i926 . . . New York City . . . The Chapin School, New York City . . . Religious Round Table, Art Club, Community House . . . Art and Social Science . . . Graduate Work. 'ax ill' fiill l,l i,!,-at i ii, ,., ATH ENE HEALY july 28, l924 . . . Chicago, Ill. . . . New York Institute for Education of the Blind, Bronx, N. Y .... Chorus, Poetry Hour, Voice Club . . . Music and Writing . . . Graduate Study in Litera- ture. Page Twenty VIRGINIA VEY HEIDENKAMP March 7, I926 . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass .... CAMPUS Feature Editor, Chorus, Col- lege Events Committee, Spanish Club, Radio Dramatic Workshop, Music Club, Dance C-roup, European War Relief Committee . . . Social Science and Arts . . . Work in Education. CORLENE ANN HOBBS September 30, I926 . . . Chicago, Ill. . . . Ethel Walker School, Simsbury, Conn .... Hits and Misses, Art Club, Chorus, Fire Warden . . . Psychology and Art . . . Work in Interior Design. Page Twenty-one DANIEL HORWITZ February 17, 1921 . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . , . james Madison High School, Brooklyn, N. Y .... Radio Dramatic Workship, Recreation Committee . . . Chemistry and Music Graduate School. ' I Lvl RITA iuoo june 26, 1926 . . , Honolulu, Hawaii . . . Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii . . . P.A.C., Student Council, Robinson House President, N. S. A. Delegate, l.S.S. Delegate, CAMPUS . . . Social Science . . . Political Field. 'Six ' ,l X . 2 XY x 4' ' F N Page Twenty- two qi ,, DEBORAH KATZ May 22, l926 . . . Baltimore, Md. . . . The Park School, Baltimore, Md .... CAMPUS Drama Editor, Yearbook Business Manager . . . Writing and Psychology . . . journalism and Social Work. xi ALISON KI MBALL February 2, l927 . . , Greenville, Del. . . . The Westover School, Middebury, Conn .... Dimensions . . . Writing and Literature , . . Writing. f --'Si , sh ' I I Page Twenty-three POLLY KI NNEAR April 6, i926 . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Conn. CAMPUS Editor l947 Chorus, Religious Round Table, Recre- ation Committee. . . Social Science . . Social Work, MARGARET KNIGHT january 21, 1925. . .San Diego, Calif The Bishop's School, La jolla Calif .... Chorus, Student Council junior Class President, Music Club Student Council Committee . . . Sci- ence and Music . . . Work in Science 5,159 if Page Twnniy lmir LISA C-ILMAN LEICHTON September 22, l926 . . . New York City. . . Chapin School, New York City . . . Painting.. .Teaching QT... i Lx J ,Q 9 Vi' li f i l MARGARET BRETTUN LUCAS May 3, l'-925 . . . Villanova, Pa. . . . Bradford junior College, Bradford, Mass .... Gilbert House President, Student Council . . . Literature and Writing . . . Marriage and Publicity Vifork. Page lwvnty live BARBARA TGBOCO MARCUS December 18, 1926 . . . West Hart- ford, Conn .... Mt. St. joseph Acad- emy, West Hartford, Conn .... CAM- PUS . . . Poltical Science . . . Politics. ii IOAN HENDERSON MARSHALL December 2, 1926 . . . Providence, R. I. . . . Pembroke College, Providence, R. 1 .... Chorus, Yearbook Advertising Manager, Theatre Benefit Drive Chair- man, French Club . . . Social Science . . . Fashion Work. "x ' ll Q Page Twenty-six JOAN L. MEESKE March 4, l927 . . . Muskegon, Mich. . . . Ethel Walker School, Simsbury, Conn .... Fire Warden, Recreation Committee, Chorus . . . Painting . , . More Painting. ll All till Q. vi i BARBARA MOFFETT july l3, l9Z6 . . . Canandaigua, N. Y. . . . Stevens College, Columbia, Mo. . . . Chorus, Dimensions . . . Writing . . . Free-lance Writing. gb? x fill A list H, 'nl lx,,a . M W Page Twenty-seven IANE MARIE IVIOTT luly 25, l926 . . . New York City. . . Garrison Forest School, C-arrison, Md. . . . Chorus President, Community House President, Art Club . . . Painting and Social Science , . . Marriage and Painting. 3 x A mv if-WE MURRAY july l, 1926... New York City... Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Radio S.L.C., Community House . . . Literature and Writing. . . Script Writing tor Radio. ,-'1 Vgyf -f MW lllfl 21 ..cllQ.f""l i t ll 3 v Page Twenty r-ight PHYLLIS MURRAY july l, 1926. . . New York City... Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Philosophy Round Table, P.A.C., Dimensions , . . Psychology . . . Gradu- ate Work in Sociology at the Univer- sity of Chicago. P" if Q 2425 f ll ff, it mb IRENE PEARLMAN September 26, i926 . . . Chicago, lll. . . . University of Chicago High School, Chicago, lll .... CAMPUS, Religious Round Table, Radio S.L.C ..,. Psy- chology . . . Marriage. .-ff 1 Winn? 'iff W fl."i5l26 . R523 Q ' maui' ' Q Page Twenty-nine VIRGINIA PENNEY March 28, l926. . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Buffalo Seminary, Buffalo, N, Y .... Chorus Secretary -Treasurer, Music Club, Student Federalists, Religious Round Table . . . Music . . . Teaching Music. 1 If N RUTH K. REXTREW july II, l925 . . . Albany, N. Y. . .. Smith College, Northampton, Mass .,.. Radio S.L.C., Dimensions . . . Writing, Literature and Child Psychology . . . Writing. Page Thirty WILLEM WESLEY ROOSEN january 9, l925 . . . Kreteld, Holland . . . Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. . . . Dimensions, CAMPUS, Radio S. L. C., Radio Dramatic Workshop, Scholarship Fund Committee, Athletic Association, Ski Club Chairman . . . English and Science Graduate Study. P SALLY SAMPLE December l5, l926 . . . Lake Forest, lll .... Madeira School, Greenway, Va .... Voice Club, Chorus, Spanish Club, Yearbook . . . Voice and Psy- chology . . . Graduate Work in Psychol- Ogy. X .X C f , s Page Thirty-one JULIA ScHAuFFLER March 20, i927 , . . Portland, Ore, . . . Catlin School for Girls, Portland, Ore .... Chorus, D.Q .... Art and Literature . . . lndefinite Plans. sf? we in ELAINE SCHLESINGER April 8, i926 . , . Denver, Colo. . . . East Denver High School, Denver, Colo. . . . P.A.C., Community House, Dele- gate to Swarthmore Conference . . . Child Psychology and Science ., . Work with Children. m l ll , :L "' Page Th i rty-two ANN N ICKERSON SEARS April Zl, i926 . . . Chestnut Hill, Mass .... The Winsor School, Bos- ton, Mass .... Music Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, Chorus Manager i945- l946, I946-l947, Chorus Accompa- nist, Hits and Misses, DQ. Manager, Piano Club, Dance Accompanist . . . Music and Social Science . . . Further Study in Music. Qx i it U JACQUELYN Huci-iEs STAUFFER November 4, l926 . . . Hagerstown, Md .... Greenwood School, Ruxton, Md .... Child Psychology and Writing . . . Work with Children, Marriage. , ll 1. 2,7 c ' 9 I I -5' Jus Page Thirty-three JULIA ANNE STURGES November l8, l925 . . . Princeton, N. I .... Milton Academy, Milton, Mass .... Chorus, French Club, Span- ish Club, Music Club President, Tennis Team . . . Music . . . Further Work in Music. rj ,A Xvi x 4342? Ag: JOAN WATERS july 24, 1926. . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . The Buffalo Seminary, Buffalo, N. Y . . . Psychology . , . Social Work, Page Thirty-four IUNE wHlTE june 29, l926. . . New York City.. . Walden School, New York City . . . Student Council Vice-President, P.A.C. Chairman, Curriculum Committee, Chorus, DQ., College Assembly, Per- kins House President, Social Science . . . Trade Union Work and the Study ot Law. 9 SALLIE LOUISE WILENSKY December l6, i926 . . . New York City . . , Horace Mann School for Girls, New York City . . . CAMPUS Dance Editor, Dance Group, Chorus, Dimen- sions, Yearbook . . . Literature and Arts . . . Criticism of the Arts, and Graduate Study in Literature and Arts. Fw is Y F - lll W if do f'lQ11A, f2' f.""?' fl? Page Thirty-five BONNIE WILKONSON March Zl, i926 . . . New York City . . . Hunter College High School, New York City . . . CAMPUS, German Club . . . Psychology and Writing . . . Mar- riage, and Graduate Study and Work in Psychology, r- iii T KARIN ZUIVISTEC- November l5, i927 . . . New York City. . . Riverdale Country Day School, Riverdale, N. Y .... Scholarship Com- mittee, Community House. . . Political Science . . . Post-Graduate Work in Political Science. il' B so R , Page Thirty-six . . 5 S - Sffiiiff : 5. X .2 -kk-- ff?-5. K . -C -kk f . X jEAN BAKER September 29. l927 . . . New York City . . . Hunter College High School, New York City . . . CAMPUS, P.A.C.. Student Council, Perkins House Presi- dent , . . Philosophy and Pre-Medical Course . , , Medical School. MARION DIC-GS GLSEN IMRS. RANDOLPH 5. oLsENi May l4, l9l3 . . . Bronxville, N, Y. . . . Evander-Childs High School, New York City , . . Psychology and Writing . . . Study at the New York School of Social Work. ELLEN SHAW CARRlSON February l4, l926. . . New York City . . . Briarcliff junior College, Briar- cliff Manor, N. Y .... Chorus , . . Social Science . . . Study in Ceneva. f 154 . 74 P5 l l:N'll l .gf X 'ffl 71 Page Thirty-seven ALISON TAYLOR KELSEY january 9, l927 . . . Chestnut Hill, Mass .... The Winsor School, Bos- ton, Mass .... Chorus, Student Coun- cil, Voice Club, Student Development Fund Committee, Westlands House President . . . Music . . . Magazine Work. ff T WILLIAM HENRY MANVILLE August 5, l926 . . . New York City . . . Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Basketball Team, Radio S.L.C., Dimensions . . . Writing and Psychol- ogy. . . Explorer. ANN L. KI ERNAN February 27, l926 . . . New York City . . . Westover School, Middlebury, Conn .... Community House . . . Lit- erature and Writing . . . Work in Advertising. G99 DONALD S. PRATT june 5, l92l ...New York City , .. Amherst College, Amherst, Mass .... Student Council, College Events Com- mittee, CAMPUS, Basketball Team . . . Literature . . . Reading and Contem- plation. Q f Z A Wifi., Ll ., Page Thirtyveight i-:ANS 1. ROGGER September 9, l923 . . . New York City . . . City College of New York, New York City . . . CAMPUS, Curriculum Committee, P.A.C .... History . . . Graduate Work in International Rela- tions. VICA SCHNIEWIND july 2, l925 . . . Greenwich, Conn. . . . Barnard College, New York City . . . European Relief Committee . . . Russian Studies . . . Work in Russian American Relations. 7 , lON jOSEPH SUGRUE GUNILLA SERGEL February 23, l923 . . . Yonkers, N. Y. Stockholm, Sweden . . . july l5, i927 . . . Yale University, New Haven, . . . Nya Elementarskolan For Flickor Conn. . . . Chemistry . . . Graduate . . . History, Literature . . . Internation- School. al Relations Club. . . University studies if vhuaw in Sweden. Page Thirty-nine ilk-,'-v"""' nl K uf . J iv"KR , ai 553 km., may -43, K, -, v. 5 2 ,mp s gf?- Top row, lett to right: james Merritt, Betsy Thompson, Carol joselott, Sally Church, Ciarvall Booker, Carroll Arrott, Patricia Means, Kathleen Dorrance, Martin Fox, Peggy Shilling, Sally Hillman, Peggy Talbott, Walter Stevens, Howard Goodman. Middle row: Patricia Aldred, Ellen Stollenwerclc, loyce Geary, Marcia Cold, Margaret Hunt, Louise King, Layne Kantor, Gwen Brown, Betty Midkift, Pan jacob, Dulce Collada, late Baldwin, Mimi Parker. Bottom row: Natalie Bassevitch, Mary-Reed Clark, lrene Correale, Maria Fotila, lean Ciridley, Constance Cathcart. Page Forty- two ada' , wiv, ,,.4.,.,,.-, ,,,v.. Q1,.'1., M' W' V1 - W 'A g vu fn 4... ,.,,v4-,W W my gf M E . ,ai 5 kj'-1+ ws., K - 1 mv Vs. fs R, a A if M MM-W 11. , '-'ff- ,QA W1 .ASQ- ,QW 3, , f 'Qi' L wa- af E' f , 5' ,,,A:, WL 5 . Q ,A,,W,. wmv' Y p A ! H gil ' , A V . M . ' g -Q --V as f H.. 7 K gi, .,, 1' :.,, I ,fxaf -3,52 -:-,,.: qi 'ff W V " ' W gif Qf ,.- M 1' . U , A J, J 9 , t' M K 0 . WJ W . fi: f. r r ,Val mwx , In E f"-XE i a if Q 2 'ei 5 3 3 5 , 5 I S Egg x. 334812 ln. M-Nmmw wwmu-.ww-. Top row, left to right: Ann Fletcher, Susan Read, Caroline Hanson, Patricia Straus, Lucetta Crisp, Margaret Whitaker, Hope Macartney, Paula Sperry, Elizabeth Brooks, Rita Krasne, Ann Morgan, Beatrice Silverstein, Patricia Zeman, Pamela Burden, Elizabeth Ellis, Suzanne Sisson, Lydia Stone, loan Paton. Middle row: Selma Horowitz, Sally Olmstead, Lucy lobson, Patricia Casey, Carlotta Sherwell, Gladys Chang, loan McLellan, Nancy Rigler, Patricia Post, Renee Edelstein, Helen Hughes, Phyliss Trencher, Barbara Seigle, Luba Monosevitch, Theodora joffe, Ruth Blumenstock, Sally Uftord, Raber Ramey, Virginia Stewart, Carol Larsson, Mary Lou Ireland, Yvonne Lohn, Nanette Swift. Bottom row: Pricilla Endicott, Mira josetowitz, Mrs. Beverly Cannold, Suzette Baron, Marion Knudson, Gloria Welch, Carol Cook, loan Kelleher. NOT IN PICTURE: Susan Ackerman, Ruth Aldis, Garth Allen, Nina Lee Allen, Henry Altman, Sylvia Angevin, Elizabeth Augustus, Benita Barnes, john Barnes, Mrs, Beatrice Page Forty-six Q ., ,.A, , swf M at ,EGU "1,f,,.gg'4'ZT2 f 'ii Q M, 'W A Ax .I 'bit ,L,, , ,LHA Q 5 gg! .QS if f' W 4 rn , 4 "sa my Q 'f-M1., -w-,.--':.f::::2:w- . My . :,.,,. H .--,,m,,..4--5 . . . "1 -H1 .,,,-.,,,,. :::aaa'.. Qizffxfffw-fan A, Um ,W - fm,-:S-A , f ,.., H., , Q sf. Hex 'F ff v K- 'Q if , 'ef 1 5 ,. ..,,.., .,.... 4 I 2 , ..,... , , up 3 4 W Br ai 4 QW-sa M 5-1--1' ZA fs A , 8 L f my W- FRESHMEN wikis. MQWEISQB 5 i N i l 1 i l i Top row, left to right: Marcia Barnett, Stanley Brooks, Elinor Dameshek, Betty Powell, Marion Richey, loan lessup, loan Humphrey, Helen Kincaid, Barbara Bloch, Elisa Eder, Peggy Eppen- stein, loan Weber, loanne Thomes, Mary Hooker, Beth Horelick, Audrey Odell, Mary lane Herroitt, june Carry, Patricia Forsyth. Row two: Mary Lou Hollarnan, lerorne Weiss, Patty Penisten, loan Diener, Elizabeth Collin, loyce LaRoche, Mary Tullis, Adrian Clow, Mary Pal' Zachery, lean Rynerson, Mariam Sandbank, Carol Falley, Katherine Kramer, Gizella Cross, Pisa Stuart, Lestra Carpe, Alice Craig, lo Anne Gillette, Ruth Sheinfeld, Anna Muhlenburg. Row three: Anita Coleman, loan Rosen, Eve Dahnken, Melissa Pell, Muriel Greenhill, Elsey Page Fitty Van Kleeck, Martha Saunders, loan Spencer. Bottom row: Dorothy Fraser, Alberta Lagare, Rima Attman, Barbara Shiffman, Marcia Zucker, Madelon Delany, Suzanne Hoeber, Carol Levi, Cizela Fischer, Ann Birnbaum, Nancy Smith, Patricia Callander, Patricia Littiere, Elise Mudd, leanne Closuit, Susan Block, Rosamond Kayes, lean Marquesee. NOT IN PICTURE: Molly Bruce, Denise Bucheton, Mary lane Foster, loan Greenburg, Mrs. Naomi l-layden, Beth l-lorelick, Anne Larsen, Suzanne Mosser, Patricia Peterkin, lean Rassieur, loan Rassieur, Emily Smith, Varney Thompson, Marje Visse't Hooft, Barbara Walters, Cecil Warrick, Sally Wheeler, Margaret Wrench, Helen Yaspan. Page Fiftyeonc UZ? 'C-II-CFXJD11 1 f HA ESTHER RAUSHENBUSH Director ot Education M ROLD TAYLOR President R. AND MRS. TAYLOR ALICE BGVARD Director of Admissions ALBERT LAUTERBACI-I Economics HELEN MERRILL LYND Philosophy STEPHEN SPENDER Poetry UW mifgwwigf' MARGARET WING German MAI-IONRI YOUNG Art - Communications SIR BERNARD PARES Russian History Page NORMAN IVIACKENZ I E Government SIX EDWARD SOLOMON Sociology ROBERT FITZGERALD Philosophy - Literature I-IORACE GREGORY HELEN MCIVIASTER Writing Literature LEO SMIT Piano KURT ROESCH Pairitirig Rag KATHRYN MANSELL Literature BERT IAIVI ES LOWENBERC M. . .4 L f f 'iv-yn-swf' Fift American History MARC SLONIM BESSIE SCHOENBERC Dance Russian Literature ADDA BOZEMAN International Relations RUTH STAUFFER Literature THEME WITH VARIATICDIXIS September 23, I947: October 24: October 30: November l5: November 26: December IO, ll, Page Sixty I The curtain rises on a going concern . . . new pills for our ills, new props for our brains and new brains for our profs. . . some of the gals losing their pals playing musical chairs. Football week-ends start as well . . . then the campus is populated by the faculty and the Chrysanthe- mums flood the gates . . . poor Ernest! The work pro- gram and cleaning rooms emphasize THE WHOLESOME SIDE. Alumnae benefit. "How I Wonder" . . . lDid I bIunder?I Freshman party: singing talent. . .acting talent. . . beau- tiful girls. . . are we slipping, or just passe? Trustee's week-end. We are still in their good graces. Thanksgiving recess . . . a breather. The Theater Workshop presented "Yerma' '... Twila Comer played the part of a barren woman who kills her husband, Art Edelman. Highlight: marriage has lost its popularity as a topic of conversation. December 13: December 17: january 6: january 16, 17, 18: February 4, 5, 6: February 6: February 13, 14: March 4: lnformal dance. Singing DQS . . . watched PQS . . . booze . . . Monday blues. Ye all-college Christmas dinner with ye olde Yule log and ye olde steaming cauldrons. Back to college: sounds reasonable-maybe even pleasant. All-college ski week-end. Falling frolic . . . hits and misses. "Hay Fever" presented by Theater Workshop. Light comedy for once . . . no message, thank God. Poetry Conference. A disagreement of great minds. The Scholarship Fair and Formal Prom: chiffon pie and light punches . . . with plenty of kick . . . money raised . . . Bates razed . . . orchestra jazzed . . . teachers razzed . . . balloons, balloons. lose' Ferrer on "ls Anything Wrong with the Theater?" Answer: everything. The up-beat came when he recited Chekov's Tobacco speech. He cried and so did we . . . what you might call a delightful tear-jerker. Page Sixty-on 3, 24 March 22, 2 March 25: April 7: April 20, 27 April 2l, 22: April 24: April 28, 29, April 30: May 6, 7: May 7: Page Sixty-two Hits and Misses: an "oldie" with a new slipcover. An "Inside Out" hit. Easter bunny time with a health cure thrown in. Leon Barzin and the National Orchestral Association again played the compositions of our music students. All-College meetings on domestic and foreign issues: lt's hard not to scald our tongues on other people's soup. Two-day vocational conference: so many people are highly educated these days . . . who'll do the work? junior-Senior Prom: where a woman's crowning glory is a man's scalp. joint Production: "Noah" . . . "The animals are coming, two by two" . . . lWere we supposed to be included?l Open Session: lParent's dayl . . . How drear to my heart are the scenes with my parents. Opera Workshop: putting on airs. Alumnae Reunion: Old heads with the "new look." May ll, l2. May l3: May l4: May Zl: May 28: Reflections: Dance Evening: An undulating evening with plenty of bounce and see-worthy legs. joint dance and Chorus concert at Times l-lall: They shared the honors and doubled our enjoyment. A.A. Play Day at S.L.C.: The get-together of brain and brawn. Chorus singing with the Apollo C-lee Club at Yale: good singing . . . masterful flirting. Commencement: lt is the end of life with father . . . at least for sixty-six of us. The Friday night movies . . . sometimes good, but it wouldn't matter if they weren't because they're free and it's dark. Religious Round Table merged with Philosophy Round Table . . . religion takes action, philosophy you can just talk. The Greasy Spoon is still one of our most popular escapes . . . there's no accounting for taste . . . some like their atmosphere clean while others prefer it greasy. The C-ram: same people . . . same liquor . . . cleaner, and harder on the pocketbook. Ah well, it's spring. Gloria Welch '50 Page Sixty-three Qui? THE STUDENT COUNCIL President Sally Hillman Vice President june White Secretary jane Binney Honorary Member Alison Kelsey Members-at-large - Carvall Booker, Carroll Macracken House President Betty Midkitt AVVOH, Maml Knight, Pe88Y Talbott Dudley Lawrence House President Men's Representative Martin Fox Sfeplianle SCl'1leHle" Day Students Represenfafiye Titsworth House President Helen Hughes Mitzi Nonnemacher Cilbert House President Peggy Lucas NSA. Delegate Robin Roberts Andrews House President Babs McAllister Senior Class President loan Bellamy Robinson House President Rita ludd junior Class President Deborah Choate Warren House President Mari Bahe Freshman Class President Piza Stuart Perkins House President lean Baker Westlands House President lean C-ridley Morris House President Marcia Cold Page Sixty-four THE CHORUS Patricia Aldred joan Bellamy Peggy Boyd Eve Dahnken Gisela Fischer ludith Gamble Charlotte Hannaford joan jessup Marion Knudson Barbara Moffett Nancy Markham jane Mott Anna Muhlenberg jean Rassieur julia Schauffler Bunnie Whitaker Lucetta Crisp Caroline Hanson Muffy Hazard Joanne Besch Pamela Burden joan Epstein Toosie Griffin Mira Iosefowitz Alison Kelsey loyce La Roche Nanette Swift Mary Tullis Elsye Van Kleek Kate Williams jean Rynearson Sallie Wilensky Patty Peniston Elizabeth Ellis julia Merrill joanne Herbert Virginia Thompson loan Humphrey Corleen Hobbs Stanley Brooks Lestra Carpe Gregg Coward Mary Gerstenberg Sue Frenzel Mary Glassberg lean Gridley Polly Kinnear Marnie Knight jo-an Meeske Susan Read Martha Saunders Lydia Stone Peggy Talbott Helen Kincaid Yvonne Lohn Virginia Stewart Piza Stuart julia Sturges Sarah Wheeler Page Six! y-si EDITOR-IN-CHIEF STEPHANIE SCHEIFFLER ASSOCIATE EDITOR SUSANNE I-IOEBER Virginia I-leidenkamp Clenn Ellis Kay Reynolds Feature Editor News Editor Make-up Editor Literary Editor Myra Cohn Dance Editor Sallie Wilensky Drama Editor Deborah Katz Art Editor Donna Gibbs Reporters: Ruth Scheinteld, Marione Richey, M. I. Foster, Mary Tullis, Melissa Pell, Polly Haydn, Rita ludd, Renee Edelstein X Feature Writers: Skippy Katz, Willem Roosen, Robin Roberts, loe Papaleo, Hans Rogger Art Manager Susan Read Photographer Lou Ireland BUSINESS MANAGER PAT ZEMAN Assistant Ann Morgan Advertising Manager Barbara Birkelund Assistant Sallie Blackmer Circulatlon Manager Connie Cathcart General Assistants: Selma I-lorowitz, Pat Latiere Copy and Make-up Assistants: Melissa Pell, Marcia Zucker, Ellie Dameshek, Marione Richey, Au- drey Odell HITS AND MISSES DQ. Peggy Talbott Mary Sickels loan Bellamy julie Scbauttler late Baldwin lean Cridley Kate Williams Mutty Hazard Ann Sears Patricia Post Myra Colm lane Binrxey late Baldwin Carlotta D'Amamda Ann Sears Corleen Hobbs Charlotte Hannatord Donna Gibbs Olive Ames Page Sixty-seven 29, COMMUNITY HOUSE European Relief Committee Teddy lotfe, Chairman lo Anne Liebenberg, C0-Chairman Volunteer Committee Sue Sisson, Chairman ChiIdren's Village Committee lane Mott, Chairman Drives Committee Sue Ackerman, Chairman Nancy Rigler Chairman Lee Williamson Business Manager Betsy Clemons Technical Chairman Bill Head Publicity Pat Post Secretary Bitsy Harris Production and Programming Cecil Warrick Script Head joan Spencer Production Manager B. Wrench Programming Assistant Page Sixty-eight THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Lucetta Crisp President Ruth Aldis Vice President Mary Lou Ireland Pan jacob Peggy Stoudt Nancy Wheatland Koki Kelleher George Young Garth AIIen Charlotte Hannaford Elyse Van Kleek Ellen Stollenwerck Audrey O'DeII june Carry Page Sixty-nine THE SCHOLARSHIP FAIR We have had a dream, past the wif of man to say what dream it was TI-IE ACTION THE I-IIRED I-IELP SLICI-IT MOTION DIMENSIONS STAFF Editor Myra Cohn Editorial Board: joan Bellamy, Alison Kimball, Babs McAl- lister, loyce Geary, Barbara Moffett, Phyllis Murray. Willem Roosen, Sarah Utford Business Staff Betsy Elmore, Barbara Shitfman SCHOLARSHIP COMM ITTEE Nancy Hamburger, john Keliikan Co-Chairmen Ruth Rextrew Donation Chairman loanne Herbert Donations Sue Ackerman Publicity Ruth Left Faculty Participation loyce Carleton Financial Manager Mike Gillis Decorations N.S.A. COMMITTEE Mary loan Harriot Anita Coleman loan Epstein Rita ludd Lovey Kolchin Robin Roberts, Delegate Beatrice Silverstein Mimi Sandbanlc Raber Remy The function, ot this committee is to carry out social and organizational projects ot NSA., all problems which do not directly concern Student Council and cannot be directly care ried out by them. Page Seventy-one CURRICULUM COMMITTEE lune White Myra Cohn Eleanor Williams Gwen Brown Esther Bufferd jans Rogger Allan Hecht Vera Van Panhuys Gladys Chang Mimi Mulenberg Sue Bloch This organization acts as a sounding board between the stu- dents and the Faculty Curriculum Committee. They receive suggestions and criticism concerning the curriculum, and relate these to the Faculty for definite action. Y.P.C.A. ludith Alling lean Baker Sue Baron, Treasurer Bea Benkov Sol Benkov Ruth Blumenstock Garvall Booker Edith Boorstein, Researcher Martin Fox Lovey Kolchin, Publicity AI Mannings Anne Norton, Chairman Irene Pearlman Raber Remy, Secretary Nancy Rigler Robin Roberts Elaine Schlesinger Reatrice Silverstein Irene Hunt I W'lk' Polly Hayden Caro I ms Eleanor Wlilliams Rita ludd, , Vice Chairman lune Wh'le Pauline King Marcia Zucker Member-at-Large Page Seventy-two IMPRESSIONS GF SARAH LAWRENCE BY A GRCJUP OF FOREIGN STUDENTS iv pw 5 1 'i W 1 V ,wk 4 'v 1 -A ls 3 wgyka 5 4 A wif' fm S . s ,wir QS? . xiwjif-QR is--A "" rixis -wx x f'gifX'Em Tim' R. ig-x Q. x sk M' ' 222' ' 5 51. bi .Q jg qi. 1 QQ Jw, S rm viii i? .1 Qs-1 Q' . 1 ii, L45 A Vis ,yr IMPRESSIGN I I have been asked the following question: what can Sarah Lawrence College give you? Now, many foreign native students have probably been asked this question and through the years I am sure that one quality or another of this College as an interpreter of American life, has been mentioned. Yet I am not afraid that my answer will, through lack of originality, be boring to the reader. According to one's own special background one is able to get different things out of the same situation or experi- ences, method or institution. Maybe I am wrong in this case in saying "out of the same situation or experience, method or institution," for this college has a unique char- acteristic-Sarah Lawrence is alive! What do you mean? I-low can an institution be characterized as being alive, in contrast to any other institution? The People who are standing behind the title "Sarah Lawrence College" have succeeded not to be, nor appear as people working and struggling along in an institution which has been built and composed some years ago, and which, after having estab- lished certain principles and methods, stays firm and un- moving in spite of the flowing life all around. This usually happens in places which have acquired a reputation some- where in the past, and which then feel bound to that uname." The people in these institutions must move within the line which one traced the "name" of this place. If they don't, they are misfits, for there is no room for individual- ists in the cliche institution. Page Seventy-fine The other kind, the Sarah Lawrence kind of institu- tions, have made their reputations, too, but the people who stand behind that name are not convention's slaves. They change with the tides of time, with the schools of thought and stand for the present and the future-not the past. Here teachers and students go along on fresh shadowy, and sunny paths which to them seem to be the right ones, without taking into consideration the much used, dusty narrow country road. Every new discovery, every new atti- tude, every new science is studied and approached with the same serious inquisitive and respectful attitude, as are the older sciences, arts, and attitudes. Classics are found side by side in the library with psychoanalysis and Stalin- ism. The teacher in the class is no more the all powerful, ex-cathedral, respect-needing man who hands over to the poor ignorant student some of his once acquired knowledge. Teachers and students are both explorers of the abyss-like depth of the philosophy of Life, Wisdom, Art, lvlan. I am afraid this all will sound too ideal to a stranger. As a matter of fact my first impression of this place was: an ideal community. You, my reader, will at once ask me: But what happens next? What when the student leaves this Utopia of an ideal community, this oasis, and enters the wide "real world," the desert? I knew this was coming. I felt that as much as I would explain about this college and its work, as many illustrative points I would give, I wouldn't be able to give you the whole answer. I have given you an indirect answer in Page Seventy-six describing the attitude of the people with whom one works at this college-especially their way of approaching Life and its manifestations. The "Ideal Community" we live in is a positive proof that there can be such a kind of life where people are guided by free, rational and broad think- ing, by spontaneous, irrational and sincere emotions- instead of being guided by narrowmindedness, prejudices and suppressed emotions, as people today are. We do not, however, get lost in this seventh sky, nor do we apply blinkers towards the problems in the world around us. Through the broadminded and unprejudiced attitude we are willing and trying to attain, we are aware that we must not be and are not separated from the world, but part of it. The only difference which may actually exist is that through our understanding we may be more willing and more prepared to work for a "better world." ln general, I feel that this year here in Sarah Lawrence College has influenced my whole attitude towards life and has brought me nearer to the attitude the Ancient Greeks had towards life. As Aristotle said: "Happiness is the con- templative life." l couldn't withhold mentioning my own dear country- men. But who does? After all, the Ancient Greeks are no more my ancestors than anybody else's. That is why l feel free to praise them. Can you see now why I felt so impertinently sure that my answer would be one of the many but not one like the many? Maria V. Fotila '50 Page Seventy-seven IMPRESSION ll The other clay at Westlands, a group of us were dis- cussing why we came to Sarah Lawrence. Some said it was because they wanted to be near New York, some agreed that their parents had decided for them, still others were either interested in the progressive system of education or simply had craved free time and no exams. I had a different reason. When mother and I traveled up to the States from our home in Argentina, we were put off the plane for several days in Panama. Some of our friends met us at the airport. They settled us in a hotel and then took us to a club where they introduced me to several American boys in uniform. In the course of our where-do-you-come-froms, they hap- pened to ask me where I planned to go to college. "I don't know," I said, "I am so pleased to be settled in Foxcroft that I haven't given college a thoughtfi "Oh, Vassar's the place for you," said one. "Nol Smith!" shouted another. I turned to a tall dark boy to see what he would say. He asked me to dance. They called him Alf and he came from Scarsdale. I liked this quiet man immediately, for he did not behave like Andy Hardy, or any of the funny paper heroes, which typified Americans to me. He was tall and serious and very good-looking. His green eyes teased me when I pronounced some word wrong. I introduced him to Ivlother, then, and she also liked him very much, far more than she had ever liked any boys I had known. Page Seventy-eight The next day, mother went down to the desk ahead of me to see if she couIdn't arrange an earlier departure. just as I stepped off the elevator she met Alf in the door- way. "Oh, are you looking for Gloria?" she said. I saw a slow blush rise from the tips of his ears and momentarily transform the face of a man to that of a boy. as he smiled and said, "yes" From then on we were together the entire ten days, for Alf had obtained leave. "l'II tell you how I got it," he said, as if we were in a conspiracy. "I went to the commanding officer and asked whether he needed a torpedo part fixed and if so, could I take a few days off and do it. Then he said, 'Ulterior motive?' and I HAD to say yes!" Mother and Alf and I had a wonderful time together. We went swimming and motoring, and sometimes even on double dates. The three of us enjoyed dinner most, how- ever. They teased me because I couIdn't eat, and although this worried Alf, mother and I knew that it hadn't anything to do with my stomach. Then one night we got back to the subject of college. "You know, quidarra" - he meant to say querida - "why don't you go to Sarah Lawrenceg it's only five miles away from where I live." In the States I began to look about me and try to see this fast-moving country through his eyes. Then one day I heard that his PT boat had been sunk in a skirmish. Page Seventy-nine I am happy I came to Sarah Lawrence: I love the freedom which I have never tasted before in such abund- ance-although sometimes I sorely feel the need for more guidanceg I love the atmosphere and the intangible "spirit" which prevails within each person rather than withoutg I love to be treated as an adult and to test my capabilities to see whether I am prepared to act as an adultg but always I will love it because it gives me something in particular-I am only five miles away. Gloria Welch '50 T11 - Page Eighty STAFF DIRECTORY FACULTY AN D STAFF TAYLOR, HAROLD ............... ...... P resident 24 Brook Road, Bronxville RAUSHENBUSH, MRS. ESTHER Director of Education 62 Merriam Avenue, Bronxville ALTSCHUL, ROLF ............................,....... Chemistry 25 Parkview Avenue, Apt. 5M, Bronxville ARNHEIM, RUDOLF ..............,............... Psychology IO Center Knolls, Bronxville BARILLET, LOUIS .,............ ...................... L iterature Locust Road, RFD 4, Greenwich, Connecticut BARTA, MRS. IUDITH Director of Physical Education and Recreation I IO Bedford Road, Pleasantville, New York BENISON, SAUL .......................................... History 570 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn 6, New York BIDWELL, IESSIE .......,.............................. Recorder IO3 Douglas Place, Mount Vernon, New York BLANKENCHIP, IOHN .... Theatre Design and Lighting 3I2 West 92nd Street, Apt. 4A, New York City BORDEN, BARBARA .................... Library Cataloguer Sarah Lawrence College BOVARD, ALICE M. .............. Director of Admissions I I I West I Ith Street, New York City BOZEMAN, MRS. ADDA B. .... International Relations 24 Beall Circle, Bronxville BREBNER, MRS. ADELE .................. ..... L iterature 8 De Witt Avenue, Bronxville BUBIER, MRS. HELEN K. Secretary, Office of Education 64 Sagamore Road, Bronxville CAMPBELL, IOSEPH ................................ Literature I36 Waverly Place, New York City I4 CARR, MRS. HELEN B. Assistant in the Comptroller's Office Alpine, New jersey CHALMERS, RUTH Assistant to the Alumnae Director Chateau Touraine, Scarsdale, New York CILLEY, MRS. RUTH .... Assistant to the Comptroller 64 Parkway Road, Bronxville COATES, WILLSON H. .........,............. ...... H istory I344 Midland Avenue, Bronxville CRAIG, KATHARINE .......... Teacher, Nursery School Stoneleigh, Apt. 3C, Alger Court, Bronxville Page Eighty-two DELLO IOIO, NORMAN .............. Music Composition Wilton, Connecticut DICKERSON, MRS. FLORENCE E. Secretary in the President's Office l3O Horton Avenue, New Rochelle, New York EMANUEL, MRS. MAUD Assistant Director of Field Work 520 East 84th Street, New York City FIORATO, HUGO ..... Chamber Music and Ensemble 47I Central Park West, New York City FITZGERALD, ROBERT ,..................... ...... L iterature I737 York Avenue, New York City FREELAND, MRS. MARGARET W. Secretary to the Director of Education 3902 Spuyten Duyvil Parkway, New York City GARCIA-LORCA, ISABEL .........................,.. Spanish 3I6 West 94th Street, New York City 25 GARDNER, MRS. ELLIOTT P. .... Director of Publicity 909 Palmer Road, Bronxville GEISSINGER, DR. RUTH .............. College Physician 65 Pondfield Road, Bronxville GILLESPIE, IANE E. ....... .......... T .... A lumnae Director 848 Palmer Road, Bronxville GOLDMAN, IRVING .......................... Anthropology 33 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, New York GREGORY, HORACE ................................ Literature Palisade, New York HAGGARD, ERNEST A. ........... ...... P sychology I-A Brooklands, Bronxville HILL, IAMES C. ....................,................. Economics IOO9 Edgewood Avenue, Pelham Manor, New York HOUTERMANS, MRS. CHARLOTTE .............. Physics Sarah Lawrence College IRVINE, MAURICE ........................... ..... L iterature I I2 Cassillis Avenue, Bronxville IONES, DOROTHY W. ...................... ..... L iterature Butler Hall, 88 Morningside Drive, New York City 27 IOWERS, LUCIE G. ........................... ............ A rt 270 Bronxville Road, Bronxville IUDGE, MRS. IANE G. ............................ Psychology 29 Overhill Road, Scarsdale, New York KING, MRS. HORTENSE F. ...................... Literature The Croydon, 35 Parkview Avenue, Bronxville STAFF DIRECTORY KIRK, ROBERT L. ...........,................ ,.,., P hysiology 3 De Witt Avenue, Bronxville KNOELLER, HELEN ...................... Assistant in Voice 299 West I2th Street, New York City KNOWLES, MRS. MARTHA B. ................ Secretary 280 Bronxville Road, Bronxville KRAMER, MRS. ANN ....................,........... Secretary 300 Hayward Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York KUTNER, BERNARD .............................. Psychology IO3 Raymond Street, Cambridge 4O, Massachusetts LAFFERTY, PERRY F. .................................... Radio 405 East 58th Street, New York City LANGMUIR, MRS. MARY FISHER .......... Psychology l48 East 48th Street, New York City I7 LAUTERBACH, ALBERT .................. ........ E conomlcs 545 West 236th Street, New York City 63 LIDDELL, KATHARINE F. ..,..................... Literature Hotel Lafayette, University Place and 9th Street, New York City LIMON, IOSE ..,....................................... ..... D ance 2O East I3th Street, New York City LIPPOTH, MRS. ELIZABETH F. Administrative Assistant in Library 629 West II5th Street, New York City LLEWELLYN, MRS. EMMA C. Economics and Statistics 285 Riverside Drive, New York City LLOYD, NORMAN ........................................ Chorus 28 Hollywood Avenue, Crestwood, New York LLOYD, MRS. RUTH ...................................... Dance 28 Hollywood Avenue, Crestwood, New York LOEWENBERG, BERT IAMES ........................ History I5 Center Knolls, Bronxville LYND, MRS HELEN MERRELL ........ Social Philosophy 75 Central Park West, New York City MacKENZlE, NORMAN ........................ Government 3I Desmond Avenue, Bronxville MANSELL, KATHRYN .............................. Literature 59 East 34th Street, New York City MARTINELLI, EZIO .............,...................... Painting 2022 Mount Vernon Street, Philadelphia 30, Pa. McCREARY, IOHN K. .............................. Psychology 26 Pondfield Road West, Bronxville McKAY, MARY ELISABETH Assistant to the Director of Admissions 235 West I Ith Street, New York City MCMASTER, MRS HELEN N. .................. Literature 23 Desmond Avenue, Bronxville MILLIGAN, MARY .......... Secretary to the President Glen Washington Road, Bronxville MINNICK, MRS. LUCILE Secretary in the President's Office 42 Pondfield Road West, Bronxville MONTGOMERY, PATRICIA Theatre, Costume Design I42 East 37th Street, New York City MORRISON, EDITH G. .......................... Comptroller 3 Brooklands, Apt. H., Bronxville MOSELEY, MRS. MARGARET Secretary in Office of the Director of Education 2OI Parkview Avenue, Bronxville MUNROE, RUTH L. ...............................,.. Research I3O East 67th Street, New York City MURPHY, MRS. LOIS B. ........................ Psychology I3I Echo Avenue, New Rochelle, New York O'SHEA, MADALYN .......... Director of Theatre Arts I I9 East I7th Street, New York City PARES, BERNARD ...................................... History Hotel Grosvenor, 35 Fifth Avenue, New York City PARME, MRS. BEULAH S. ...................... Psychology I Bronxville Road, Bronxville PAVLICK, MARY ........ Assistant Director of Health Sarah Lawrence College PRICE, LUCILE ..................... ...... M usic Librarian IO Wildway, Bronxville PUYANA, MARIA .... Secretary in the Alumnae Office I88 East 4th Street, Mount Vernon, New York RADIO SARAH LAWRENCE Bates Recreation Room RETI, MRS. IEAN ........................... ..... ..... M u sic I3I Riverside Drive, New York City ROBINSON, MONNA Secretary to the Director of Admissions I346 Mildand Avenue, Bronxville ROESCH, KURT ............................. .... P ainting I2 Casino Lane, Bronxville ROSZAK, THEODORE ........ Composition and Design I St. Luke's Place, New York City Page Eighty-three STAFF DIRECTORY ROYCROFT, MARGARET Secretary to the Dietician and to the Director of Buildings and Grounds 73 Rose Avenue, Tuckahoe, New York SALISBURY, ALICE .... Assistant in Physical Education l24 Ancon Avenue, Pelham, New York SANDSTROM, MRS. RUTH H. .................... Biology 3804 Greystone Avenue, New York City 63 SAZONOVA, MRS. IULIA ............................ Russian Nevada Hotel, 2025 Broadway, New York City 23 SCHONBERG, BESSIE .................. Director of Dance 9 Mclntyre Street, Bronxville SEELY, MRS. ELIZABETH C. ...... Assistant Librarian I37 Cedar Lane, Bronxville SEKAER, MRS. ELISABETH H. Assistant in Nursery School 503 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, New York SENN, DR. MILTON I. E. Pediatric Adviser, Nursery School 577 Forest Avenue, New Rochelle, New York SHUEY, BETTY Psychology, and Supervisor of Teaching, 'Nursery School Stoneleigh, Alger Court, Bronxville SINGER, ANDRE ............,............................... Music l28 West 78th Street, New York City 24 SLONIM, MARC ...........................,.......... Literature 63 West 70th Street, New York City SMIT, LEO .................................................... Music l0l West 78th Street, New York City SOLOMON, EDWARD C. Sociology, and Director of Field Work l82 North Broadway, Yonkers, New York SPENDER, STEPHEN .................................. Literature 8 Stratford Road, Scarsdale, New York SPITZER, EDITH L. .............................. Bacteriology I6l5 Townsend Avenue, New York City 52 STAUFFER, RUTH M. .............................. Literature I I Cedar Street, Bronxville STONE, ERMINE ........................................ Librarian 523 West I I2th Street, New York City STRAUS, DORIS M. ................... ................... F rench 352 Cathedral Parkway, New York City 25 Page Eighty-four STRODT, MRS. RUTH ........................ Mathematics 35 Mayhew Avenue, Larchmont, New York SWINFORD, IEROME ...................................... Voice 40 East IOth Street, New York City TOUGH, MARGARET ........,................... Housekeeper Andrews House, Sarah Lawrence College TRINKAUS, CHARLES E., IR. ...................... History Southbury, Connecticut, Box 441 TURNER, ELIZABETH L. .... Teacher, Nursery School 23 Bayberry Street, Bronxville WALTON, MARION .................................. Sculpture 3I West I2th Street, New York City WEHRLI, FLORENCE .................. Director of Health Sarah Lawrence College WEIL, DR. ANNEMARIE ...... Consulting Psychiatrist 49 East 86th Street, New York City WEISMANTEL, MARTHA M. . .... ........ .... D i etitian Sarah Lawrence College WHIPPLE, MRS. MIMI S. ................ 'Night Secretary 37 Sagamore Road, Bronxville WHITEHOUSE, GEORGE H. Director of Buildings and Grounds I I0 Marquand Avenue, Bronxville WIENER, HAROLD S. L. .......................... Literature 54 Walbrook Road, Scarsdale, New York WILLE, ROSE ................. ,...... M anager, Supply Store 80 West Grand Street, Mount Vernon, New York WILLIAMS, IEAN .......................................... Music 62 West 89th Street, New York City WING, MRS. MARGARET .......................... German 62 East End Avenue, New York City YALDEN-THOMSON, MRS. EDITH .......... Economics I9 East 86th Street, New York City 28 YOUNG, MAHONRI S. ...... Art and Communications 460 West 22nd Street, New York City YOURCENAR, MME. MARGUERITE French and Italian 549 Prospect Avenue, West Hartford, Connecticut dezul.uETA, CONCHA- .............................. spanish 4l4 West I2Oth Street, New York City 27 STUDENTS DIRECTORY Ackerman, Susan-Conestoga Rd., Devon, Pa. Aldred, Patricia-25 Grotto Ave., Providence, R. I. if:AIlen, Garth-6l Hillside Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Allen, Nina Lee-Sarah Lawrence College iiiAltman, Henry G.-900 Bronx Park South, N. Y. C. 60 Ames, Olive Carter-408 N. W. I9th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Angevin, Sylvia-7l5 Ivy Ave., Glendale, Ohio Arrott, Carroll-921 Beaver St., Sewickley, Pa. Attman, Rima-I73O Harrison Ave., Bronx 53, N. Y. Augustus, Elizabeth-Waite Hill, Willoughby, Ohio Bahe, Mari-2600 Lakeview Ave., Chicago, lll. Baker, lean-I I54 Leland Ave., N. Y. C. 60 Baldwin, loan-377 Ravine Drive-So. Orange, N. I. Barnes, Benita-2300 Harcourt Dr., Cleveland 6, Ohio :fiBarnes, john A.-Larchmont Acres, Larchmont, N. Y. Barnett, Marcia-839 Keene Lane, Woodmere, N. Y. Baron, Suzette-65-38 Booth St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Bassevitch, Natalie-54 Whetten Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. Bellamy, loan-ZZOI South Overlook Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio iiiBenkov, Mrs. Beatrice B.-I9I Cook Ave., Yonkers, N. Y., clo Bittner ffiBenkov, Sol-I9I Cook ave., Yonkers, N. Y., cfo Bittner Bennett, Betty-ZI O6 Tyler St., Amarillo, Tex. Bentley, Alice-I42I Lake Rd., Lake Forest, lll. Besch, loanne-68 Willett St., Albany 6, N. Y. Binney, jane-65 Green St., Milton 86, Mass. Birkelund, Barbara-lO55 Bluff Rd., Glencoe, III. Birnbaum, Esther-574 Fifth St., Brooklyn 45, 'N. Y. Blackmer, Sallie-44OO East Quincy Ave., Englewood, Colo. Blair, loan--Roberts and Ashbridge Rds., Bryn Mawr, Pa. Bloch, Barbara-2652 Falmouth Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio' Block, Susan-I3OO North State Parkway, Chicago IO, lll. Blos, Mrs. Merta-I74 Sullivan St., N. Y. C. I2 Blumenstock, Ruth-258 Riverside Dr., N. Y. C. 25, iIfBooker, Garvall-409 Edgecomb Ave., N. Y. C. 32 Boorstein, Edith May-IOSO Plandome Rd. Manhas- set, N. Y. Boyd, Peggy--Heron Cove, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Fla, Bradford, Lilian-I 5 Carstensen Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Bromwell, Mari-8OO North Sheridan Rd., Lake For- est, III. Brooks, Elizabeth-White Horse Road, Paoli, Pa. Brooks, Stanley-Wayzata, Minn. Brown, Cynthia-I 3IO South Fourth Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. Brown, Gwendolyn-62 Boulder Trail, Bronxville Bruce, Molly-IO7 Charlecote Rd., Baltimore l8, Md. Bucheton, Denise-6 rue des Champs Ferrand, Nevers, Nievre, France Bufferd, Esther-I2I Church St., Torrington, Conn. Burden, Pamela-IO East 85th St., N. Y. C. Callender, Patricia-289 State St., Pasadena 2, Cal. Cannold, Mrs. Beverly-I9 Franklin Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. Carlton, loyce-I I42 Summit Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn. Carpe, Lestra-Route 3, Peekskill, N. Y. Carry, june-I55 East Onwentsia Rd., Lake Forest, lll. Casey, Patricia-57 South Dr., Plandome, L. I., N. Y. Cathcart, Constance-773 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Chang, Gladys-I 8 Monroe Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. Choate, Deborah-Old Elm Farm, Winona, Minn. Chglgch, Sarah-26l2 Guilford Rd., Cleveland Heights, io Clark, Mary-Reed-Turtle Pond, Saranac Lake, N. Y. Clemons, Elizabeth-Lambert Rd., Orange, Conn. Closuit, leanne-SI I Argyle, San Antonio 2, Tex. Clow, Adrian-Carolands, Burlingame, Cal. Cobb, Patricia Anne-320 East 72nd St., 'N. Y. C. Cohn, Myra-9476 Readcrest Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. Coleman, Anita-55 Central Park West, N. Y. C. Collada, Dulce-45 Christopher St., N. Y. C, I4 Collin, Elizabeth-630 East Dr., Sewickley, Pa. Comer, Twila-444 Westover Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Connor, Harriet--4OO Mayfair Lane, Louisville, Ky. Cook, Carol-Box 23 Vigus, Mo. Cooke, Brenda--3058 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii Correale, Irene-228 North Laurel St., Hazelton, Pa. Coward, Gregg-Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Craig, Alice Price-736 West Clinton St., Elmira, N. Y. Crisp, Lucetta-Brookville, Glenhead, L. I., N. Y. Dahnken, Eve-1280 Third Ave., Salt Lake City 3, Utah D"AIm:?1da, Carlotta-305 Oxford St., Rochester 7, Dameshek, Elinor-38 Willow Crescent, Brookline 46, Mass. Dean, Lisa-Montchanin, Del. Dechert, Hope-Gulph Mills, R. D. No. I, Bridgeport, Pa. Page Eighty-five STUDENTS DIRECTORY Delany, Madelon-467 West l44th St., N. Y. C. 3l iliDeRefler, Seymour-370 Garden Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Dick, loan-I63 East 8Ist St., N. Y. C. 2I Diener, loan-I2805 shaker Blvd., shaker Heights 2O, Ohio Dorrance, Kathleen-2300 Pine Valley, Houston, Tex. duPont, Eve-Box 52, Wilmington, Del. iiiDurfee, Charles-22 Sheldon Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. ifiEdelman, Arthur-2700 Grand Concourse, Bronx 58, N. Y. Edelstein, Renne-I 32 DeVoe Ave., Yonkers 5, N. Y. Eder, Elisa-Avenida 2a No. 5-23, Cali, Cofombia, South America Edmondson, lane-36 Aberdeen Rd., Elizabeth 3, N. I. Eisner, Barbara-Spring Creek Rd., R. R. No. 2, Rock- ford, Ill. Elliott, Barbara-No. 44 Malibu Colony, Pacific Pali- sades, Cal. Ellis, Elizabeth-"The Village Farm," Langhorne, Pa. Ellis, Glenn-Quaker Ridge Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Elmore, Betsy-39 Fifth Ave., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Endicott, Priscilla-Bayberry Lane, Greenwich 2, Conn. Eppenstein, Peggy-I432 Astor St., Chicago IO, Ill. Epstein, joan-4l Irving Pl., Buffalo, N. Y. Falley, Carol-I47 Dempster St., Evanston, Ill. Fenton, Marilyn-835 Pond Lane, Woodmere, L. I., N.Y. Fischer, Gisela-l8O Riverside Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. Fitzgerald, loan-730 Sheridan Rd., Winnetka, Ill. Fletcher, Ann-953 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. Forsyth, Patricia-580 Park Ave., N. Y. C. Foster, Mary lane+23799 Lyman Circle, Shaker Heights 22, Ohio Fotila, Maria V.-3I Ypsilandou, Athens, Greece :IiFox, Martin I.-I44-28 73rd Ave., Flushing, L. I., N. Y. iiiFraser, Dorothy Ann-"Lovat," Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Freas, lean-2634 Newton St., N. E., Washington l8, D. C. Frenzel, Sue-5799 Sunset Lane, Indianapolis 5, Ind. Fuerst, Lenore-43 Rockledge Road, Bronxville :IiFuller, Brad-82I Palmer Rd., Bronxville Gamble, ludith-26 Wydown Ter., St. Louis 5, Mo. Garrison, Ellen-I 33 East 64th St., N. Y. C. Geary, loyce-56 Linares Ave., San Francisco 22, Cal. Page Eighty-six iIiGemson, Richard L.-356 South Palm Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. Gerstenberg, Mary-I8 West 9th St., N. Y. C. I I Gibbs,'Donna-29l3 Lombardy Rd., Pasadena IO, Cal. Gillette, lo Anne-393i Cloverhill Rd., Baltimore l8, Md. Gillies, Elizabeth R.-8 Circle Lane, Albany, N. Y. Glassberg, Mary Ann-29 East 64th St., N. Y. C., 2I Gold, Marcia-The Fairways, Wynnewood Rd., Pel- ham Manor, N. Y. if:Goodman, Howard-l8OO East l8th St., Brooklyn 29. N. Y. Goodman, Mrs. Norma Bromberg-I49 Naples Rd., Brookline, Mass. Greenburg, joan-77l West End Ave., N. Y. C. 25 Greenhill, Muriel-262 Central Park West., N. Y. C. 24 Gridley, lean-"Robin Hill," Locust, N. I. Griffin, Priscilla-Wawa, Pa. Gross, Gizellatl96 Elm St., New Rochelle, N. Y., cfo Morrison Hadas, ludith Lee-I 3lO Manheim, Kansas City, Mo. Hale, Margaret Elizabeth-Bittersweet Lane, Scars- dale, N. Y. Hamburger, Nancy-6lO2 Biltmore Ave., Bal-timore l5, Md. Hannaford, Charlotte-I4 Indian Hill Rd., Winnetka, Ill. Hanson, Caroline Edwards-Robinson Bay Road, Way- zata, Minn. Harder, Cynthia-Tuxedo Park, N. Y. Harris, Margaret-27 Picardy Lane, Clayton 5, Mo. Harris, Mia-3762 Harvard Acres, Mariemont, Cin- cinnati 27, Ohio Hayden, Mrs. Naomi jones-Sarah Lawrence College, cfo Mrs. Houtermans Hazard, Mary P.-Peace Dale, R. I. :IiHead, 'Neil-I I Wood End Lane, Bronxville Healy, Athene-275 Bedford Ave.. Mount Vernon, N. Y. iiiHecht, Alan-254 Nuber Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Heidenkamp, Virginia-538 Glen Arden Drive, Pitts- burgh 8, Pa. Herbert, Ioanne-800 Rivercrest Rd., Fort Worth, Tex. Herriott, Mary loan-6l6 West Green Tree Rd., Mil- waukee 9, Wis. Hillman, Sally-Parish Lane, Morewood Heights, Pitts- burgh, Pa. :3Hobbs, Charles+909 Palmer Rd., Bronxville STUDENTS DIRECTORY Hobbs, Corlene-l 300 North State St., Chicago, Ill. Hoeber, Susanne-4349 North Ninth St., Philadelphia 40, Pa. Hollaman, Mary Lou-I Gracie Square, N. Y. C. 28 Hooker, Mary Huntington-60l North C St., Tacoma 3, Wash. Horelick, Beth-IO West 96th St., N. Y. C. 25 Horowitz, Selma-758 Brady Ave., N. Y. C. 60 :liHorwitz, Daniel-3786 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Howard, Patricia-Smith Point, Manchaster, Mass. Hoyt, Kaidi B.-Riverbank Rd., Stamford, Conn. Hughes, Helen-5040 Independence Ave., Riverdale- on-Hudson, N. Y. C. 63 Humphrey, loan--452 Glyn Wynne Rd., Haverford, Pa. Hunt, Irene Margaret-l23 Ashby Rd., Loughborough, Leicestershire, England Hyde, Constance-76 Penhurst Park, Buffalo, N. Y. Ingalls, Louise-Stanybrook Farm, Chagrin Falls, Ohio Ireland, Mary Louise-7 Wheeler Ave., Worcester 5, Mass. jackson, lane Scott-96 Merriam Lane, Watertown, Conn. lacob, Anitae-Parsonage Rd., Greenwich, Conn. lacobson, PhyllisA944 Pleasant St., Worcester 2, Mass. lessup, loan-Warner Ave., Roslyn, L. I., N. Y. lobson, Lucy-3 Vine Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. loffe, Theodora-25 East 86th St., N. Y. C. 28 losefowitz, Mira-250 West 94th St., N. Y. C. 24 loseloff, Carol-59 Sycamore Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Iudd, Ritafp. O. Box 3264, Honolulu, Hawaii Kantor, Laynee-l l50 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. 28 Katz, Deborah+2609 Talbot Rd., Baltimore l6, Md. i':Katz, Mortimer-9 Brookside Circle, Bronxville KaLes,YRosamond-l03l East 26th St., Brooklyn IO iiiKeljikan, john George-ISI Forest Ave., New Ro- chelle, N. Y. Kelleher, loan-4 Everett St., Worcester 2, Mass. Kelsey, Alison-l65 Crafts Rd., Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. Kiernan, Ann Louise-I7 East 89th St., N. Y. C. Kimball, Alison-Greenville, Del. Kincaid, Helen-Paula Freitas IOO, Rio de Ianeiro, Brazil King, Louise M.-I7 Midland Ave., Bronxville King, Pauline N.-44l8 Kahala Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii Kinnear, Polly-North Drive, Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh l5, Pa. ifiKlein, Wells-I9 Wilbur Pl., Bronxville Knight, Margaret-I787 Titus St., San Diego l, Cal. Knudson, Marion-4 Park Dr., Tuckahoe 7, N. Y. Kolchin, Lovey-6 Flanders Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada Kramer, Katherine-IOI South Parkway, Columbus, Neb. Krasne, Rita-I I5 Central Park West, N. Y. C. 23 LaBranche, Michelle-225 East 73rd St., N. Y. C. Langer, Cornelia-Hotel Roosevelt, Washington, D. C. LaRoche, loyce-95 East Levering Mill Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. Larsen, Anne-50-60 Congress St., Fairfield, Conn. Larsson, Carolf63l Garland Ave., Winnetka, Ill. Leff, Ruth leanne-I I5 Central Park West, N. Y. C. 23 Legare, Alberta-Kent Place, Suffield, Conn. Leighton, Lisa-Hillside Rd., Fairfield, Conn. ' Lettiere, Patricia--425 East State St., Trenton 9, N. I. Levi, Carol-53l8 Locust, Keeees city 4, Me. 4 Liebenberg, lo Anne--4730 South Humboldt St., Minneapolis 9, Minn. Lohn, Yvonne-3Ol South Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. Lucas, MargaretfWistar Rd., Villa Nova, Pa. iliLurie, Edward-l Sl -I8 Kildare Rd., jamaica, L. I., N. Y. Macartney, Hope-I 8 Crocus PI., St. Paul 2, Minn. MacGilvra, Ellen-Zl Laurel Ave., Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. iiiManings, Allan S.-2l7 Hamilton Ave., Staten ls- land I, N. Y. iliManville, Williamf97 Chittenden Ave., Crestwood, N. Y. Marcus, Barbara-I 8 Robin Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Markham, Nancy-clo American Embassy, Paris, France Markusee, loan-Elysee Hotel, N. Y. C. Marshall, joan-IOS Prospect St., Providence, R. I. Martinson, loan-l75 West 93rd St., N. Y. C. McAllister, Babsf-4Ol 8 Euclid Blvd., Youngstown, Ohio McEachern, Mary Lou-I07 Nottingham Rd., Rich- mond, Va. McLellan, joan-l4I I Webster St., Palo Alto, Cal. Means, Patricia-267 Maine St., Brunswick, Me. Meeske, loan-Route l, Forest Park Rd., Muskegon, Mich. Melohn, Anita-6lO Forest Ave., Highland Park, Ill. Page Eighty-seven STUDENTS DIRECTORY Merrill, julia Bell+2l 5 Boston Post Road, Weston 93, Mass. iiMerritt, james Hugh-445 Gramatan Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Midkiff, Betty-"Luakaha," Honolulu, Hawaii :l:Miller, john F.-2944 josephine, Denver, Colo. Moffett, Barbara Ann-lO4 North Main St., Canan- daigua, N. Y. Monasevitch, Luba-642l Moore Dr., Los Angeles 36, Cal. Morgan, Ann-225 Brooklawn Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Mott, jane Marie-Mill River Rd., Oyster Bay, N. Y. Mudd, Elise-l 550 Oak Grove Are., Pasadena 5, Cal. Muhlenberg, Anna Marie-High Rd., Wyomissing, Pa. iiMulcahy, Robert H.-l4 Custer Ave., Yonkers 2, N. Y. Murray, jane-820 Park Ave., N. Y. C. 2l Murray, Phyllis-820 Park Ave., N. Y. C. 2l Nonnenmacher, Mildred-l lS Marquand Ave., Bronx- ville Norton, Anne-225 East 79th St., N. Y. C. lO Odell, Audrey-540 Crabtree Lane, Lake Forest, lll. Olmstead, Sarah-5 Pleasantview Ave., Longmeadow, Mass. Olsen, Mrs. Marion Diggs-30 Milburn St., Bronxville Osserman, Carol-l lO7 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. van Panhuys, Vera-44 Brattle St., Suite 8, Cam- bridge, Mass. :fiPapaleo, joseph-4029 Lowerre Pl., N. Y. C. Parker, Miriam-2905 Tishomingo Lane, Memphis, Tenn. Paton, joan-St. james, L. I., N. Y. Pearlman, Irene-573l Kenwood Ave., Chicago 37, lll. Pell, Melissa-St. Andrews School, Middletown, Del. Peniston, Patty-Red Oak Lane, White Plains, N. Y. Penney, Virginia-58 Tudor Pl., Buffalo 9, N. Y. Peterkin, Patricia-3239 Ella Lee Lane, Houston 6, Tex. ffiPolk, james--22 Drake Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Post, Patricia-Wardman Park Hotel, Apt, 308-H, Washington, D. C. Powell, Betty jean-1275 George St., Plainfield, N. j. iiPratt, Donald-7l Washington Square South, N. Y. C. I2 Ramey, Raber-lO63 East 98th St., Cleveland 8, Ohio Rassieur, jeanne-33 Ridgetop, Richmond Heights l7, Mo. Rassieur, joan-7230 Maryland Ave., St. Louis 5, Mo. Read, Susan-East Quaker Rd., Orchard Park, N. Y. Page Eighty-eight Rechtman, Penny-4l5 Chapel Rd., Melrose Park, Pa. Rextrew, Ruth-lO Colonial Ave., Albany 3, N. Y. Reynolds, Katherine--l42O Lake Shore Dr., Chicago IO, Ill. il:Richardson, Howard H., jr.-708 West 3lst St., Wilmington, Del. Richey, Marione V.-6 Deshon Ave., Bronxville Rigler, Nancy judith-l576 Vincent St., St. Paul 8, Minn. Roberts, Robin-564 Broadway, Nyack, N. Y. 'liRogger, Hans-238 Fort Washington Ave., N. Y. C. 32 :l:Roosen, Willem-4503 Fieldston Rd., N. Y. C. 63 Rosen, joan-6l Babcock St., Brookline, Mass. Rynearson, jean+Sunny Slopes, Rochester, Minn. Sample, Sally-lOO Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest, lll. Sandbank, Miriam-Avenida Atlantica 790, Rio de janeiro, Brazil Saunders, Martha-Idlewild Farm, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Schauffler, julia-3026 S. W. Bennington Dr., Port- land l, Ore. Scheiffler, Stephanie-l6Ol South Sylvester St., Olympia, Wash. Scheinfeld, Ruth-l 96 Beach Rd., Glencoe, lll. Schenck, Marti-Astor Lane, Sands Point, L. l., N. Y. Schilling, Peggy V.-The Country Knoll, l Burgevin St., Kingston, N. Y. Schlesinger, Elaine-99 South Downing St., Denver, Colo. Schniewind, Vica-North St., Greenwich, Conn. Sears, Ann-l47 Chestnut Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. Segal, Barbara Ruth-l4O West 86th St., N. Y. C. Sergel, Gunilla-6 Angskarsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden Shelwell, Carlotta-254 Hillside Ave., Waterbury l, Conn. Sherwin, Martha-Waite Hill, Willoughby, Ohio Shiffman, Barbara-750 Grand Concourse, N. Y. C. 'Sl Sickels, Mary-74 Macdougal St., N. Y. C. l2 Silberman, Selma-I l9ll 83rd Ave., Kew Gardens IS, L. l., N. Y. Silverstein, Beatrice-66 Requa St., Rochester 5, N. Y. Sisson, Suzanne M.-l 8 Arnold St., Providence, R. l. Sloss, Katherine Ann-3070 Pacific Ave., San Fran- cisco l5, Cal. , Smith, Emily-l66O Lombardy Rd., Pasadena 5, Cal. Smith, Nancy-"Gypsy Run," Gwynedd Valley, Pa. Snider, joan Lee-Normandy, Magnolia, Mass. Southerland, Clare-l9OO Woodlawn Ave., Wilming- ton Sl, Del. STUDENTS DIRECTORY Spencer, joan-2825 East l32nd St., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio Sperry, Paula-Wilton, Conn. Spinoza, Marilyn-Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, Mass. Sprague, Lucy-l4 Otis Pl., Boston, Mass. iiStevens, Walter B.-82l Palmer Rd., Bronxville Stewart, Virginia Lee-642l High Dr., Kansas City, Mo. Stokowski, Lyuba-Cloud Walk Farm, New Milford, Conn. Stollenwerck, Ellen-4l9 South Highland Ave., Mem- phis, Tenn. Stone, Lydia-9 Benevolent St., Providence 6, R. l. Stoudt, Margaret-Route l, Riegelsville, Pa. Stauffer, jackie-818 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Md. Straus, Margaret-Linnean Hill, Porter St., and Klingle Rd., Washington 8, D. C. Straus, Patricia-720 Park Ave., N. Y. C. Stuart, Piza-Lake Rd., Menasha, Wis. Sturges, julie Anne-50 NfVestcott Rd., Princeton, N. 1. iiiSugrue, jon j.-974 State St., New Haven, Conn. Swift, Nannette-29 Waterbury Rd., Montclair, N. I. Talbott, Peggy-450 East 52nd St., N. Y. C. Taylor, Barbara-46l2 Michigan Ave., Chicago l5, lll. Taylor, Beatrice-Jacobs Hill Farm, Seekonk, Mass. ::iTerHeun, Patricia-77 Boulder Trail, Bronxville Thomee, joanne-Orchard Hill Lane, Greenwich, Conn. Thompson, Betsy Ann-"Woodside" Farm, Kennett Square, Pa. Trencher, Phyllis-3875 Waldo Ave., N. Y. C. 63 Tullis, Mary-9Ol Rosemary Rd., Lake Forest, lll. Ufford, Sarah-l77 Macdougal St., N. Y. C. l l Upson, lustine-Tranquility Rd., Middlebury, Conn. Van Kleeck, Elsey-5 Rosalind Rd., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ifrwanef, joseph-2950 Bainbridge Ave., N. Y. c. 58 Walters, Barbara jill-The Buckingham, lOl West 57th St., N. Y. C. Warrick, Cecil-5820 State Line Rd., Kansas City 2, Mo. Waters, loan-38 Middlesex Rd., Buffalo l6, N. Y. Weber, joan F.-2850 Paxton Rd., Cleveland 20, Ohio Wegrzynek, Sophie-66 Tennis Pl., Forest Hills, N. Y. ifiWeiss, jerome-68-37 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills, N .Y, Welch, Gloria-322 East 57th St., N. Y. C. Werner, Lizzie-Pueyrredon l500, Martinez, Argen- tina Wheatland, Nancy-l l Gray Gardens West, Cam- bridge 38, Mass. Wheeler, Sarah Ann-R.F.D. lO, Fairfield, Conn. Whitaker, Margaret--l l5 68th Pl., Kenosha, Wis. White, june-l 871 Seventh Ave., N. Y. C. 26 Whiting, lean-79 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Wild, Mary-70 Hillside Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Wilensky, Sallie--12 East 87th St., N. Y. C. 28 Wilkins, Carol V--23 Draper Ave., Arlington, Mass. Wilkinson, Bonnie-lO6 Bedford St., N. Y. C. l4 Wilkoff, Susan-i526 Fifth Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Williams, Eleanor-P. O. Box 422, Chatham, Va. Williams, Kate-Mulberry Plantation, Camden, S. C. Williamson, Lee-Chestertown, Md. Wilson, Shelley-4Ol8 lngersol Ave., Des Moines l2, Iowa ifiYannantuono, George A.-l2l Wallace Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Yaspan, Helen Sara-784 Park Ave., N. Y. C. 2l Zachry, Mary Patricia-4Ol Torcido Dr., San An- tonio 9, Tex. Zeman, Patricia-389 Lloyd Ave., Providence 6, R. I. Zucker, Marcia-724 Warner Ave., Los Angeles 24, Cal. Zumsteg, Karin-375 Park Ave., N. Y. C. 22 Special Day Students AIling,ludith-150 West 57th St., N. Y. C. l9 Eagle, Mrs. Ann Sickels--74 Macdougal St., N. Y. C. l2 Kilsheimer, Ralph L.--897 Webster Ave., New Ro- chelle, N. Y. Marquand, Mrs. Rita Kip-520 East 86th St., N. Y. C. Richter, Mrs. Melissa Lewis--2 Brookside Circle, Bronxville Yoder, Mrs. Cynthia-l67 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd., Darien, Conn. iliVeteran Page Eighty-nine ,C ga - la -Q .ar , -Q., 4-'tv ' MMM s 'iw-wvwjvfg, .,,, Miami lf, l+ DONNA CIBBS Page Ninety Editor i946-47 i947-48 YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief Donna Cihhs Business Manager Deborah Katz Advertising Manager loan Marshall Assistants Peggy Tallzott, Mimi Parker, Connie Cathcart Circulation Manager Charlotte l-lannalord Assistant Sallie Wilenslcy Literary Editor Ciloria Welch Photography Manager Caroline Hanson Assistant loan Weiner Cartoons by Susan Read, late Baldwin Faculty Advisers Elliot Gardner, Edith Morrison Senior Photographs Gabor Eder, New Yorlc Francis Fallcenbury, lr,, Bronxvilleg Sldpp Adelman ot "P.M.," Sam Shere ot "Lite," F. l, Campbell, Fritz l-lenle, Rizzolla Photo Service Other Photographs Printing Progress Associates, Inc., Caldwell, New jersey Engraving Iahn and Ollier Engraving Co., Chicago, lll. Cover Design Donna Cihhs C ai, , if It is through the courtesy ot the following advertisers that this yearbook has been made possible. Our thanks go to thern and to our many anonymous contributors. Page Ninetv-on 000,000-0 0.0-0004-00-4900 Q 0.9 MAKE TRAC KS! PATRONIZE AMERICA'S RAILROADS BACKBONE OF OUR NATION QQQQQQQQQQ Q 0-0009900009 : : QQ00oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo "Hail to the class of forty-eight At last mature and graduate! Hail to Sarah Lawrence College And little women full of knowledge. Equipped with Radar-Television ln this moment of their schism Understanding atom-smashing. Soon they will be corned-beef hashing. . Driving husbands to the station Discussing the affairs of nation And, as far as they are able, Gently rocking lunior's cradle- So hail to the class of forty-eight At last mature and graduate!" oocoeoooooooooooo COM PLI IVIENTS OF HENRI BENDEL lO WEST 57th STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. : : QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Q ooooooooqeaaoeaooooa Page Ninety-th ree QQQQQQeoooeooooooooooqoeooogq---QQ rv ,ln fr jeg :V ll ll A X aa "lt's all right, Mr. Frisbee, he'd rather dance than eat , , , he used to belong to Arthur Murray!" Qooooooooooooeo -Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ RUMSEK READ SQKIMBERLY Ivo REAL ESTATE INSURANCE RUMSEY READ KIMQJERLY l62 FRANKLIN STREET BUFFALO 2, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND voooooo----------- Q0-0-0-0oooooooooogogfceaooQ Page Ninety-four -ooooo 0000000-00009 Q. Q-- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ AAAAAA -A --- A00--QQ-po-::QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ o--AA--ooo--ov--A -- It Has Been Our Pleasure to Serve SARAH LAWRENCE STUDENTS Since l926 0 BRONXVI LLE TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments ot IEAN Fox BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK Compliments of A FRI EN D : :Qooo::::oQQo::::oo: :Q It is a Pleasure to Serve the Student Body and Faculty of S.L.C. SPORTC RAFTS 40 PONDFIELD RoAp Bronxville 2-6644 IVIICI-lAEL'S TAILOR SERVICE 4 DAY SERVICE Cleaning - Pressing Pick-up and Delivery Service lO8 KRAFT AVENUE Bronxville 2-4535 : : : :QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ o::o: :-::::: Page Nin ety-five oooooooooooooooooxoooo0oooooooooooooooaoooo-ooceooooooe PRESENTS UNLIMITED, INC THE PLAZA NEW YORK Expert Shopping Service Weddings and Receptions Planned at No Extra Charge Write-HOTEL PLAZA, NEW YORK or Telephone PLaza 3-i740 -- Ext, 234-236 COM PLI MENTS OF Rosette enninglon "Yoo-hoo KM Sarah K 0 H Vi Lawrence Ref R K ff h M ra arrr - gf girls!" 1:2-J P Rise ix ff QV mr-W X 'Qc 'S You'll make lots of dates with Leo, the genial Lion of M-G-M Pictures, because he's got many coming attractions you'll want to see. A few of those current and in the future are: CLARK GABLE - LANA TURNER Anne Baxter - John Hodiak in "HOMECOMlNG." if SPENCER TRACY - KATHARINE HEPBURN - VAN JOHNSON Angela Lansbury - Adolphe Menjou - Lewis Stone in FRANK CAPRA's "STATE OF THE UNION." 'k IRVING BERLIN's "EASTER PARADE" in Technicolor - Starring JUDY GARLAND - FRED ASTAIRE Peter Lawford - Ann Miller. 'k "SUMMER HOLIDAY" in Techni- color - MICKEY ROONEY- GLORIA DEHAVEN - Waller Huston Frank Morgan - Butch Jenkins. 'A' JUDY GARLAND - GENE KELLY in "THE PIRATE" in Technicolor. 'A' "X IOVQI ll in'X?0iW'CfiOr And -T jg-Sir ? U , ManY .Q ,E Q ve Other Q M'G'M Pictures ,.,1r T0 Hold HE A Hands lii q.,:, ,,,,,.,5:,:: Page Nine QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0-9-0-0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER FIRST: Attractive rooms suitable for sleeping. Can be used for study with some alterations it found necessary. LOCATED NEAR DIRECT TRANSPORTATION TO NEW YORK BERMUDA, FLORIDA and YALE, HARVARD, PRINCETON PREFER UNIVIARRIED LADIES UNDER FIFTY SOME STUDENTS OF DANCING - BASKET WEAVING AND BELT EIVIBOSSING CAN BE ACCOIVIIVIODATED ADDRESS ALL INQUIRIES TO: GRADUATING SENIORS Znd FLOOR GILBERT SARAI-I LAWRENCE COLLEGE ----..--------------.---------------------------------------...-... Page Ninety-eight 00000000000-0000000000000000000 For the Bride on a Budget All-Purpose LINEN TROUSSEAU for Bed, Bath and Table 76 pieces with duotone rnonograms S198 Specially priced Lingerie Trousseaux Write for detailed brochure Plaza 3-6700 :Ili Q2 I Creators ot Fine Linens - Lingerie - Blouses 745 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 22, N. Y. Paris - Chicago - Palm Beach URSA CARRIERS zi? Lightweight Leather Luggage STINA LARSON 343 EAST Sist STREET NEW YORK 0000000000-000000000 0000-0-000 0---0-00000-00 Page One Hundred 00000000000000000000 000000000000000-0- BOOKS AND COMPANY, INC. BOOKS Special Bindings Fiction Non-fiction ChiIdren's AND COMPANY Overseas food parcels Bon Voyage packages Winnie the Pooh and other toys Ciitt wrappings BOOKS ond CO., Inc 435 PARK AVE., at 56th ST. NEW YORK 22, N. Y. PLaza 5-48l 8 Best Wishes to the Class of '48 WHITE MOUNTAIN LAUNDRY I T 0000000--0-000-000-0000-00 COIVIPLIMENTS BEECHWOOD TRANSPORTATION COMPANY HAZLETON, PENNA No service customer is too t tth grea a store offering the to a is finest in luggage and leather gifts. o Our complete selection ranges from a tiny lc t ey case o an Amelia Earhart wardrobe trunk, similar to the one we were recently commissioned to make for the Princess Elizabeth, T. ANTHONY Specialist in Luggage MADISON AVENUE at 65m STREET NEW YoRK 21, N. Y. REgent 7-2573 Page One Hundred One oo0-40-00000-0000090ooo-0ooooooooooosoooeg-00-9-9000 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Compliments of H. E. STOUDT ond SON, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ALLENTOWN BETHLEHEM PENNA. PAN ETTI ERI BROS. Established l909 Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Meats - Fancy Pastry 20-24 PALMER AVENUE Bakery Phone BR 2-l484 Grocery and Meat Phone BR 2-5090-I-2 KURT'S HAIR DRESSING 26 PALMER AVENUE BRONXVILLE, N. Y. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-000-000 oooooooooooooooo Page One Hundred Two SCOTCH YARN SHOP I5 PARK PLACE BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. PETRUZZI DRUGS, Inc. Prescription Specialists Dolly Madison Ice Cream 66 KRAFT AVENUE Bronxville 2-3340 - 334I BRONXVILLE FOOD STORE Bronxville 2-8901-4I We Deliver 34 PALMER AVENUE Choice Meats - Delicatessen - Grocery Fruit - Vegetable "THE STORE OF QUALITY" BR 2-396i Specializing in Cold Waves - Hair Tints GRAMATAN HAIRDRESSER A. M. onion 25 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. Electrolysis - Pedicuring - Spot Reducing Royal Reducevac for Slenderizing Registered Nurse CORN ELIA ASHLEY Dresses 65 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE, N. Y. BR 2-H56 ooooooooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQgoqoocoooooooooooooooO000O00"0"" 00""""""" BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '48 WHITE MOUNTAIN LAUNDRY SAVELI-SAVELI BEAUTY SALON I8 EAST 55th STREET NEW YORK CITY EMMA A. MALOOF, Inc. Lingerie - Negligees - Teagowns 444 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK PLaza 8-2350 SEAMAN SCHEPPS IE W E L R Y 399 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY Qoeqooooooooooooooo ooeooooooo COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND f ' 5 Q Beautiful Shoes - Hose - Bags 58 MAIN STREET TORRINCTON, CONN. PONDFIELD SHOE SHOP, Inc. IOI PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE, N. Y. Bronxville 2-O7I7 - ..... ---- .......................... .. Page One Hundred Th ee . ooooooeoggggooooooo PARK PLACE HARDWARE CO. Hardware - Paints I9 PARK PLACE BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0QQooooooqoooooogqoooeooooaooooooo BRONXVILLE FURRIERS Fine Furs CERTIFIED DRY COLD STORAGE HOLLANDERIZINC Telephones BR 2-606I and 2-2472 2 CEDAR STREET BRONXVILLE, N. Y. Bronxville 2-I IOI MARTIN LUNDCARD Hairdresser IVIAYFAIR SHOES, Ltd. 38 PONDFIELD ROAD Featuring BRITISH WALKERS 67 PON DF I ELD ROAD BRONXVILLE 8. N. Y. Charge Accounts Invited COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF EVE RTS-BARTHEN PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Bronxville 8, N. Y. 09.00000090000oooooooooeeoQooqeooooooooooooooooooooo Qgeoooooooooooooooo Page One Hundred Four -Qoooooooooooo0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Bouquets to the Class of '48 from THE NOSEC-AY BronxvilIe's CORNER FLOWER SHOP Compliments of A FRIEND COPE-CARROLL, Inc. IVIen's and Women's Luggage Leather C-oods - Women's Accessories 46 PONDEIELD ROAD Bronxville 2-2170 Compliments of THE BRONXVILLE RUC CO. 54 PALMER AVENUE Dealers in Oriental -- Domestic and Hook Rugs QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ PONDFIELD HOUSE 124 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE, N. Y. Congratulations to the Graduating Class from Nick Bronxville 2-2306 DINING - DANCING C-EOLECTRIC Radio - Television Sales - Service 135 PARKWAY ROAD BR 2-2413 BENNET TOWBIS G SON Est. 1900 Upholsterers - Interior Designers 70 PALMER AVENUE Bronxville 2-5127 ANTHONY'S PARKWAY LIQUOR STORE Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors 127 PARKWAY ROAD BRONXVILLE, N. Y. Opp. Bronxville Trust Co. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooooooooa QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ.--oo Page One Hundred Five QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qgeoooooooooo NElLSEN'S lce Cream - Fine Candies 95 PONDFIELD ROAD BRONXVILLE Phone 2-335l Compliments of VILLAGE GRI LLE THE BRONXVILLE lEWELER L. Witzling 78 KRAFT AVENUE lTl'1eatre Blockl BRONXVILLE 8, N. Y. Tel. BR 2-502l THE HEREFORD HOUSE Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Specializing in lUlCY l LB STEAKS Whole Broiled Maine Lobsters and Other Grill Specialties Located at Street Floor Level HOTEL GRAMATAN BRONXVILLE, N. Y. Orlo Q. McOsker, Managing Director A Lawrence Property ooeooogooooooooooooooooooooooeokooo LAWRENCE PROPERTIES ond BRONXVILLE FORM AN INSEPARABLE STORY Houses Are Available Near SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE also small estates on Lawrence jasmine Chappaqua Management - General Brokerage Real Estate Counsel - Mortgage Servicing Appraisals 4 VALLEY ROAD Bronxville 2-0400 Compliments of A FRIEND QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooooooooooeooo Qaoooooooooooooooooo Page One Hundred Six ooo Qoqqooooooooooqqqqo QQQQQQQQQQQ BRONXVILLE BOWLI NC CLUB Opposite Oxford Tavern PALMER BAKERY 24 PALMER AVENUE Bronxville 2-I484 Fancy Pastries - Homemade Ice Cream Cakes for All Occasions Compliments of A FRIEND THE VIRCINIAN RESTAURANT "Specializing in Southern Cooking" PALMER AVENUE BRONXVILLE, N. Y. 0009.90000-000Qooooopooooqgoooooqqeoooo -.- DULETO Fine Tailoring in All Its Branches Cleaning - Pressing Suits and Skirts Made to Order 40 PALMER AVENUE Bronxville 2-4070 Make a Note! for "Artistic Portraits of Lasting Beauty" l'S DAVID STECHER 8 Studio Arcade - Bronxville 2-59l0 40 E. 50th St. - Plaza 3-9538 THE TAP RESTAURANT LUNCHEON - DINNER A La Carte RElSCHMEYER'S BRI. 2-5900 Bronxville 2-l0l0 BRETTEL-PETERSON TAXI CO. N. Y. Central R.R. Station l947 Packard Limousines for Hire by the Hour, Trip - Week or Month 24 HOUR SERVICE The Oldest Taxi Service in the Village QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0-00-00oo00009909000000-9000000000000 -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Page One Hundred Seven P g O H ndred Eight ZH, , O" smuwiiinnu rx - 1 ww f Q L Y- .'.'4 X r- I fml f S Q 5 -, lr as i i t i Q I gl lifmvfgfw f'-,Air Eu 'I .jfcii nifty vlllvxx A GQ 1 X-'lf OEIIE ' Wd' s NGK: , 7 I ' C ' l' 'CIAHN 2 OLLIER AGAI " A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and en- graving. We have found real satisfaction in pleasing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photog- rapher and your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD.. CHICAGO 7. ILL. Cnld

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