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Salvation Army School for Officers Training - Sasfot Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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:i J ' d 1963 SASFOT . . . Salvation Army School for Officers X Training. The name of the book - an abbreviation of the name 5 of our school SASFOT ... Its purpose: to give to you a quick glimpse of life in Training and to remind us of the year that has passed SASFOT . . . Published by the Cadets of Salvation Army Officers Training School, San Francisco, California Cadet TKiVuiefK Vuniafi Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14 The sudden death of Cadet Marilyn Dunbar brought this to mind. She had dedicated her life to representing the Light which had come into the world to overcome the darkness. That Light had taken the darkness out of her life and well did she witness to that fact. Music was her might. She had need to apologize to very few for the melodious strains which she created with her brass companion, the cornet. To her, music was a means of witnessing to that Light, conveying not only a heaven- ly air, but a heovenly message as well. Yes, we miss her and realize that her death means a great loss to the cause of Christianity. But because we have placed our trust in God, rather than sorrow we will rejoice over her witness and the lives which she has brought closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. She arrived at the end, faithful. May we each strive to do the same. i y L-« I OniicU 0 SenwiCe . , . We are soon to be launched into an Orbit of Service. To where, for how long, and under what conditions, we do not i now. m But we are assured that we do not go alone nor need we ever taste final defeat. For our strength and our guidance comes from no one less than the cosmic Christ. May we always be constrained to launch out farther into the depths of His love, and achieve ever greater orbits of faith. CONTENTS Administration Academic 15 Field Training 31 Activities 41 Commissioning 49 7 ifc ( CKenal V etCen. . . . General and Mrs. Wilfred Kttching of recent visit to the Training School. My dear Cadets, As Cadets of the Servants of Christ session you will have been reminded again and again of the significance of the name you bear. The Salvation Army Officer Is often spoken of as a servant of all. As a Salvationist true service for others Is motivated by the knowledge that one is serving Christ. He Himself was a Server, for wherever there was need He stretched out His hand to lift the burden of those in sin and weakness. Servants of Christ must ever remember that their lives have been placed on the altar of service, to be to the people what Christ would seek to be to those in need were He here once again in the flesh. True service is not reserved, there are no divided interests, there are no wrong motives, and there Is no unwillingness to spend and to be spent, even to the laying down of one ' s life, if by that service people can be better served. I charge you. In the Name of the Perfect Servant, Who Is the world ' s only Saviour, never to allow anything to swerve you from your task. The Salvation Army as a Movement, must be one of God ' s avenues for service to mankind. I believe It is, but the Movement Is made up of individuals, and It is what individuals are personally m sanctlfication and service that makes up the strength of the united force. The Army has built up for Itself, through service of other days, a reputation in many ways, unequalled and unmatched In the Christian world, and if that reputation is going to be maintained then you must serve by prayer and perseverance, and by personal purity of motive. As your leader I count on you, the world to which you go counts on you, but above all else it Is Christ Himself Who has given you a great trust. In His service there is great delight if love for Him is supreme. Live by your best moments and not by your worst, and whether your life be long or short I charge you to live daily in the knowledge that one day the Saviour of the World will return and we must all prepare ourselves for that moment when by God ' s grace we can hear the blessed word, Well done, thou good and faithful servant . Mrs. Kitching would join me in praying God ' s blessing upon you all. Yours sincerely, Kitching enniCofUal eadaid. . . , Lieut. Commissioner and Mrs. Glen Ryan Territorial Commander Colonel and Mrs. William Parkins Chief Secretary Colonel and Mrs. Emil Nelson Field Secretary ADMINISTRATION Leadership is as much a matter of destination as it is of strength and magnetism. Lacking a sound goal and honorable motives, propulsion becomes compulsion and faith is betrayed at its source. Leslie Cornell My dear Comrade Officers, The Servants of Christ You bear a name that reflects the spirit of Isaiah 53 in its message about the ' Coming One , called the Servant of the Lord . You are commissioned to The Ministry of the ervant . You join a company of Officers who have set an ex- ample in spirit, faith, courage and love in this Christ— like service for the lost and needy. I charge you to be faithful and true to your covenant and dedication, remembering the impulse born of God ' s Holy Spirit, that has brought you to such a life and experience. Let none be faint— hearted! Be a Servant with a heart of love. The wounds of the world and its people are deep, and their sor- rows are immense. Let compassion be your con- stant companion as you walk in the footsteps of a Saviour whose name is Love. Mrs. Larsen joins me in faith and hope and love. N P. He Lt. ' S nel TRAINING PRINCIPAL Lieut. Colonel and Mrs. Harry Larsen SE ,«€ Major and Mrs. Gene Rice General Secretary Men ' s Chief Side Officer Major Doris Fisher Women ' s Chief Side Officer Stu . Captain and Mrs. Raymond Dexter Education Offi cer It is almost trite to say that the staff does not have an enviable position. So mony roles need to be filled. In- numerable things have to be done and time is very limited. The demands of organizational responsibilities, spir- itual example, and the natural call to fellowship are great and sometimes con- flicting. We commend the staff for their performance in this difficult orbit of ser vice. Now, just how serious is it? Cqpto n Lorraine Wilson Women ' s Second Side Officer Captain and Mrs, James Goode Field Training Officer Captain Neil Saunders House Officer Captain Janice Burr House Officer Captain Sheryl Rudd Brigade Officer Lieutenant Maxine Ensley Brigade Officer The staff meets weekly to discuss schedule, regulations and other matters pertaining to Training, S ieccal K ifiuictdn . . . Major Wiseman has convinced both cadets and the congregation at the San Francisco Citadel that he is well qualified to teach a class in Homi letics. Mrs. Lt. Colonel Winterbottom displayed an abundant quantity of current knowledge, an ob- jective, positive attitude, and genuine personal association as she sought to crystali ze for us the many aspects of Social Work. Mrs. Colonel Layman ably taught Finance and Business Procedures, drawing upon her rich experience in corps, divisional and territorial capacities. Major Murray capably taught Corps Finance and Bookkeeping, impressing us with the importance of thorough and accurate records. Major Herbert Wiseman Mrs. Colonel Arch Layman (R) Mrs. Lt. Colonel Norman Winterbottom Major G. Ernest Murray 13 SmfuUcfec , , . The Training School could not function without the assistance of its seven employees. The cook and her two helpers always manage to keep our raven- ous appetites appeased. Parents can perform their duties, worry-free, knowing their children receive the best of care in the nursery. The two office workers are decided assets, as is our maintenance man. Miss Audrey McCloud, receptionist tArs, Thais Steams, nursery care Mrs. Simms, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Guzmen, cooks Mrs. Gertrude Scott, secretary Mr. Arthur Adams, maintenance 14 ACADEMIC • • ■ hi irnvelling, a man must carry knmcledge )iUh h if jie would bring home knowledge. Samuel JokuMon Sefwcutt 0 0inM . . . We, the Servants of Christ, came to Training with many ideals. Some remain while others have been altered. We see that God sometimes works in mysterious ways as He molds the minds of His people. We are thankful for the experiences of Training. It has been almost surprising to us that courses of varying nature can dovetail and form a very substantial unit with definite purpose and direc- tion. We know that equally as methods must change with the times, principles must remain fixed. We pray that God will give us the wisdom and cour- age to take the Army ' s principles and apply them to the challenges of the coming days. Officers work from sun to sun. Cadets work is never done. Sidney Freeburg Oakland Citadel Mrs. Merle Freeburg ( Warriors Session) Stanley Helms San Di ego Temple Mrs. Kitty Helms San Diego Temple 17 Roland Jones Boi se. Idaho Mrs. Emma Lou Jones ( lntercessors Session) Ralph Looker Pueblo, Colorado Mrs. Ruth Looker Pueblo, Colorado James Miller Bakersfield, California Mrs. Mary Mi I ler Bakersfield, California Ri chard Oberg ( Intercessors ' Session) Mrs. Nancy Oberg Eugene, Oregon Arthur Stillwell Ingle wood, Coll fornia Mrs. Irene Stillwell Inglewood, California Lucyl Give Linus bock his blanket! Harold Wells Fresno Citadel Mrs. Dorothy Wells ( Heralds ' Session) Howard Lee Deterding Santa Maria, California Joyce Bowington Huntington Park, California Max Cri stoma Denver Citadel I s Studious? Such concentration! Olin Hogan Aberdeen, Washington Jeanette Jameson Pendleton, Oregon Beth Koemer San Francisco Citadel Sue Miller Redding, California Eva Ann Phillips Lewision, Idaho 21 John Roeder Medford, Oregon Wolda Scott Anchorage, Alaska Donald Tronaas Pasadena, California Kenneth Watltins Seattle Temple Helga Wilzek Denver Citadel It ' s all very puzzling... Very puzzling. I don ' t remember just which box it is in. :! enM 0 tie €Ut6. . . . From seven divisions, thirty— nine Heroes of the Faith ' reported for training, each conscious of God ' s call to be officers and Heroes . We came to a changed environment, to make new friends and adopt a different way of life. The men learned to iron shirts, the women to control a buffer, and all to depend on God daily. That first day our bewildered faces evidenced that we did not know what was ahead, but soon War Cry routes, open— air meetings and classes became familiar routine. Free time was a cher- ished commodity. However, we realized that in all of these was an opportunity to serve our Lord. As the newness wore off we began to work in teams and finally to test our wings as we com- bined with The Servants of Christ in brigade activities. We look forward to the completion of our trial run and our summer appointments — the first solo flight. Front: Cadets J. Beard, D. Montgomery, R. Russell, F. Shadel, H. Brodin, A. Metcalfe, C. Nichols, D. Duff, Colonel and Mrs. H. Lorsen, P. Bandy, A. Carl, C. Buchanan, C. DeWitt, E. Clem, A. Summerfield, D. Davenport, A. Murkin. Rear: Cadets P. Jolley, K. Huffman, J. Davis, J. Brodin, M. Met- calfe, V. Duff, M. Nosh, J. Beard. J. Gromann, L. Huffman, E. Clem, P. Arant, J. Sailor, A. Burr, S. Bawden. LVA ri ON AS - ' %%%t f W • • t • • f « A . . ' d P l |i l 1 ' :?- ' V . J l J 1 Ir James Beard Aberdeen, Washington Mrs. Joanne Beard Aberdeen, Woshington H a ro I d B ro d i n Aberdeen, Washington Mrs. Joann Brodin Aberdeen, Washington E. J. Clem San Jose, California Mrs. Betty Clem San Jose, California De Loy Duff Salt Lake City, Utah Mrs. Velta Duff Salt Lake City, Utah Arthur Metcol fe Los Angeles Congress Hal! Mrs. Morylou Metcolfe Los Angeles Congress Hall Robert Russell La Grande, Oregon Mrs. Bonnie Russell La Grande, Oregon 24 apr; Patricia Aront Pot Bandy Sharon Bawden Annette Burr Son Francisco Mission Corps Medford, Oregon Salt Lake City, Utah San Diego Tempi e Chris Buchanan Colorado Springs, Colorado New cook — New recipe. Dianne Cagle Seottl e Temple 25 Arch Carl San Francisco Citadel David Davenport Fresno Citadel Judy Davis San Francisco Citadel Charles DeWitt Saxman, Alaska i: Jacqueline Gramann Seattle White Center Corps Karen Huffmon Compton, Call fomi a Loui so Huffman Port Angeles, Washington Patri ci a Jolley Long Beach, California Who s who in the 200? v - Margaret Martin Billings, Montana Dennis Montgomery Santo Monica, California Jack Murk in Santo Ana, Colifornia Murriel Nash Colorado Springs, Colorado Clayton Ni chol s Lahaina, Maui Gl enda Ozonne Yakima, Washington Ray Peacock Denver Citadel Joan Sailor Santa Cruz, California Fred Shadel Portland Citadel Albert Summerfield Missoula, Montana 27 Joe, John, Jim, Jay Beard Stephen Miller fcau 0cuUU To watch them grow spiritually and physically... To catch the spirit of their laughter and enter for a moment into their world of imagination... To be challenged by their simple faith... This is for us to prove that a little child shall lead them. LeAnn, Dennis and Becky Duff Robert and Stanley Helms Rob n, Tommy Stillwcll 28 Penny, Lioyd, Tommy Russet! Jeffrey, Laurie Lynn Ctem Keith, Kenny We s Judy, Nancy Oberg Jeffrey, Valerie, Steve Jones 29 Servants attend Territorial Board meeting, one of their weekly institutes. ( iOAAC . , , . ' A little more alto, please, ' ' Now, in dealing with the skeptic., ' lis d I FIELD TRMNING 4 The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as J they are, Samuel Johnson Field Training serves to synthesize the theo- retical and the practical. The result — something meaningful and orderly, as well as useful. Many Cadets will testify that it is not always easy to apply that learned in the classroom. Few would dare to refute the adage, experience is the best teacher . Field Training offers some of that valuable experience. Field Training is expressed through weekly open— airs, brigade activities in neighboring corps and institutions, ten— day evangelistic campaigns, and participation in the divisional Christmas effort. War Cry sales, tavern col- lections, and caroling at Christmas are also significant features of Field Training. An extended period of field work is made pos- sible by assigning Cadets to corps or institu- tions during the summer months between school years. This period has proved invaluable. Also opportunity has been extended for Cadet partici- pation in local corps, institutional, and depart- mental Christmas activities. 32 On we morcfi wifh the Blood and the Fire... An important part of Cadet training is open air warfare. Would you be free from your burden of sin... The story of Salvation for the whosoever is toid. Just as I am without one plea... The repentant soul brings a blessing to the Cadets. To God be the gloryf 1 SniB 1 BBIIi ill BH H K9 m fsM ■k W ' ' — ' ■ — ' B»i»? ' -« mSSn Ww-- — K il W f 1 ' yH k b La H lini SALWATIQHt ARMY HARBOR LIGHT n Suffer the itf e children to come unfo mc.for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. ' Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. ' God bless you, sir! w IHII - THE WS;ONA RES. Cadet B. Koemer, Captain J, Burr, Cadets K. Huifm J. Brodin, Captain S. Rudd, Cadets D. Cog e, J. Jomesi J. Saf or. To: Centralla, Kelso and Vancouver, Woshingfon. THE FIRE BRIGADE . Cadets J. Beard, D. Duff, P. Bandy, J. Reeder, 5. Helms, D, Davenport, J. Murkin, Captain J. Goode. To: El Centra, California and Phoenix, Arizona. 35 EN COURIERS . Cadets R. Looker, K. Wafkins, H. Deterding, Captain R. Dexter, Cadets C. Nichols, H. Brodin, F. Shadel, R. Oberg. To: Santa Ana and San Bemadino, California. THE CONQUERORS . Cadets P. Jolley, M. Martin, Major D. Fisher, Cadet V. Duff; Cadets J. Gramann, N. Oberg, H. Wilzek, S. Bawden. To: Salem and Roseburg, Oregon. r HALLELUJAH LASSIES. . . Captain L. Wilson, Cadets P. Arani, M. Miller. W. Scott; A. Burr, J. Bowlngton, S. Miller, K. Helms. To: Redondo Beach a d Riverside, California. CHRIST ' S AMBASSADORS . Cadets R. Russell, D. Tronaas, S. Freeburg, R. Peacock, O. Hogan, D. Montgomery, A. Metcalfe, Captain N. Saunders. To: Salt Lake City, Utah and Cratd Junction, Colorado. 37 MASTER ' S MESSENGERS . Cadels E. Phillips, R. Looker, J. Davis, M. Metcalfe, M. Nash, J. Beard, L. Huffman, Lieuienani M. Enstey. To: Bakersfield and Eureka, California. MEN OF VALOUR . . Cadet E. Clem, Major E. Rice, Cadets J. Miller, A. Summer- field, C. Buchanan, A. Carl, M. Crisostomo, C. DeWitt. To: Yakima and Spokane, Washington, This is my Father ' s world... Snow and all! One mirror for all those girls? A warm welcome. every corps. United effort at indoor meetings And out in the open air... ' flp ■Kf lii ■ ji3v • ■l t t «M R C y lOfrn 1 B tt K r ' I H WwKb J mm %«- • j H I « — :tffll H Results: Dedicated lives for ChristI We re on the homeward trail! 40 ' Good company in a journey ma. to seem the shot Isaac Walton Cadets participate in Holy Week services at Union Square, ■ li SfiinitMl . . . A Hallowe ' en party. ..A day at the beach. Whatever the activity, it is a part of our Christian fellowship and nothing is secular. Each day, eoch activity begins and ends in prayer. 42 Sold to the man with the gleam in his eye! Se V acU . . . Oh Doctor, am spiritvally blind also. The Self— Denial effort is greatly emphasized at the Training School, and well it might be, for the needs of the mission fields are very great. A Harvest Festival dinner and auction, caroling at Christmas, and Brigade projects are usual means of raising funds. This year, for the first time, an Hawaiian Luau was presented and proved to be very enjoyable for those attending and very successful financially. Brigade projects included window-washing, yard work, painting, food sales, shoe shining, corsage sales, and a host of other fund— raising schemes. Jusi like Hawaii, Commissioner? A missionary play entitled God ' s Fool was en acted by Cadets locally and in several Southern California locations to further stimulate interest. We culminate our Seif-Denia! effort with our own Self— Denial ingathering here at the Training School. Speech Banquet: The Army post, present and future. I I I Oh Santo, I want a new tricycle... S ceaC . The Hallowe ' en Party brought forth a variety of strange creatures, as costumed cadets and officers gathered for games, entertainment and refreshments. Highlighting the evening was the Peanuts presentation, The Great Pumpkin . Santa, snowballs and singing made our Christmas Party complete. The Training School family , with Commissioner and Mrs. Ryan as guests, assembled to watch skits in the holiday mood. Following this the Territorial Commander brought a devo- tional message. A littie mood music for Hallowe ' en. 44 Tommy, bring your fife and c rum... I ' m dreaming of a white Christmas... Happy birthday to us echoed throughout Sigmund Stern Grove. It was the annual Everybody ' s Birthday Party , providing a welcome change of pace. There was ample food, games and music. Everybody loves a picnic. We all enjoyed the eating, the recreational facilities and just loafing at this annual affair. ' Mary Boy Chile.. .borr) on Christmas day.. 45 Tftu ic . . . Music finds its expression in the Cadets ' Band, Chorus and timbrels. Special classes provide instruction in brass and string instruments, song leading and sight reading. I tf ■ Kl mm ( MkMMK.- ■ ■ ms Fo ; Cadets J. Miller, 0. Hogan, president, V. Duff, secretary, J. Clem, B. Koemer, Captain R. Dexter, advisor. Spring: Cadets F. Shadel, P. Arant, secretary, J. Mttler, president, B. Koemer, D. Tronaas, Captain R. Dexter. The Cadet Council provides a channel of communi- cation between the cadets and the staff. It allows for expression and mutual understanding of one another ' s position and purposes. The Council is composed of five cadets. The entire cadet body elects a chairman and each session chooses two representatives. Elections are held bi— annually. The Principal appoints a Training School officer known as the Council Advisor. The Cadet Council functions in an advisory capacity, but has contributed greatly to the cadet and staff relationships and coordination. Bargains galore. ..the school store. Seated: R. Peacock, J. Gramann, W. Scoit, R. Looker, K. Watklns. Standing: H. Wilzek, D. Tronaas, J. Reeder, M. Martin, H. Brodin, J. Brodin, J. Jameson, V. Duff, J. Miller, M. Miller, R. Looker, C. DeWitt. Not pictured: J. Davis, C. Nichols. Sa Stiz . SASFOT.,, Answer to DYS ' s recru fment profa ems. Editor Assoc. Editor Business Manager Ad Salesman Layout Copy Circuloti culation Cover design Photography Jacqueline Gramann Arthur Stillwell Kennetfi Watkins Clayton Nichols Ray Peacock, editor Hetga Wilzek Margaret Martin Jean Jameson Jim Mi II er Waldo Scott, editor John Reeder Judy Davis Joann Brodin Ruth Looker, chairman Mary Mi II er Velta Duff Ralph Looker Charles DeWitf Advisors Certain R, Dexter, Captam N. Saunders 48 A NING Though lie travel the world over to find the beautiful ice must carry it ivith us if we find it not. Ralph Waldo Emerson S ' So send I you . . . To labor unrewarded To serve unpaid, unloved, unsought, unknown, To bear rebuke, to suffer scorn and scoffing. So send I you, to toil for me alone. So send I you . . . To bind the bruised and broken, O er wandering souls to work, to weep, to ivake. To bear the burdens of a tvorld aweary. So send I you, to suffer for my sake. So send I you . . . To leave your life ' s ambition. To die to dear desire, self will resign. To labor long and love ivhere men revile you. So send I you, to lose your life in Mine. So send I you . . . To hearts made hard by hatred. To eyes made blind because they will not see. To spend, tho ' it be blood, to spend and spare not. So send I you, to taste of Calvary. ' ' As the Father hath sent me, so send I you. ' ' E. Margaret Clarkson 51 COMMISSIONINQ OF CADETS Presiding Lt. Commissioner Glenn Ryan Nourse Auditorium Saturday, June 15, 1963 — 7:30 p.m. Preliminary Music 7:00-7:30 p.m The Los Angeles Congress Hall Band Harry S-J-iliwell, Jr. — Bandmaster Fanfare and Processional (Audience remain seated) National Anthem Prayer Brigadier David Moulton Congregational Song (Tune: Moscow 368) Colonel Wm. J. Parkins Chief Secretary Christ for the world, we sing, Christ for the world, we sing, Christ for the world, we sing, The world to Christ we bring The world to Christ we bring The world to Christ we bring With loving zeal! With fervent prayer. With one accord. The poor and those who mourn. The wayward and the lost. With us the work to share. The faint and overborne, By restless passions tossed. With us reproach to dare, Sinsick and sorrow-worn Redeemed at countless cost With us the cross to bear Whom Christ doth heal! From dark despair. For Christ our Lord. Scripture Reading Mrs. Lt. Colonel Harry Larsen Announcements and Offering Colonel Emil Nelson Selection The Congress Hall Band PRESENTATION OF THE NATIONAL COMMANDER and MRS. COMMISSIONER NORMAN S. MARSHALL Presentation of Silver Star to Representative Mother Mrs. Lt. Commissioner Glenn Ryan Cadet Speaker Cadet Arthur Stiilwell Session Song — Cadet and Mrs. Sidney Freeburg Cadets ' Chorus Presentation of Servants of Christ Lt. Colonel Harry Larsen, Training Principal TERRITORIAL COMMANDER RECEIVES CADETS CHARGE TO THE SERVANTS OF CHRIST ' SESSION and COMMISSIONING OF CADETS BY THE NATIONAL COMMANDER Congregational Song (Tune: Onward, Christian Soldiers 379) Lt. Colonel Wm. J. McHarg Onward, Christian Soldiers, Like a mighty army Onward then, ye people! Marching as to war. Moves the church of God; Join our happy throng. With the Cross of Jesus Brothers, we are treading Blend with ours your voices Going on before! Where the saints have trod. In the triumph song. Christ, the royal Master, We are not divided, Glory, laud and honor Leads against the foe; All one body we, Unto Christ the King, Forward into battle One in hope, in doctrine, This through countless ages See His banners go. One in charity. Men and angels sing. CHORUS: Onward Christian soldiers. Marching as to war; With the Cross of Jesus Going on before! Benediction Lt. Colonel Richard Fitton ittfy 0%6u . . . To: Speak hope to souls in dark despair. Wipe tears from a child s eye. Trudge through rain to visit the sick. Comfort each lonely sigh. Show confidence in wayward teens And guide them to the right, Be eyes for the blind, feet for the lame. Take into the darkness a light. Tell the news that God is Love, Bring life to souls that are dead. Called by God to serve mankind Into Orbits of Service we ' ' re led. Cadet Judy Davis [7 SAM 0. SEIKI SIM S. SEIKI 620 POST ST SAN FRANCISCO 15, CALIF. Fl 6-5010 UTHENTIC JAPANESE GIFTS HARDWARE APPLIANCES TV REPAIR REGISTERED PLUMBER typewriters Adding Machines Calculating Machines SALES RENTALS SERVICE NEW RECONDITIONED BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Phone EX 2-1005 517 MARKET ST. SAN FRANCISCO Congratulations SERVANTS OF CHRIST on your Commissioning MOAGAN . BAACLAY CO.JnC. office supplies -office furniture -printing 561 Mission Street. San Francisco 5 YUKON 2-43Z1 OF SAN FRANCISCO 8 LAGUNA STREET SPECIALISTS S. F. BAY AREAS INCOME PROPERTIES SALES AND EXCHANGES MA 1-6900 Ask for MR. EAGLE MA 1-6900 ATLAS ELECTRIC ENGINEERING CO. 617 -7TH STREET SAN FRANCISCO 3, CALIFORNIA KLondike 2-3676 SERVICE IS MY BUSINESS DIETZ SUPER SHELL TOM DIETZ, PROPRIETOR GOLDEN GATE BUCHANAN STREET SAN FRANCISCO ELECTRICAL SERVICE AND INSTALLATION COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE ERVING SAN FRANCISCO AND SAN MATEO COUNTIES SINCE 1920 54 TOWING SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ' Best wishes in your services to all humanity. New Married Couples Residence JACKS and IRVINE GENERAL CONTRACTORS 620 Market Street San Francisco STATE FARM INSURANCE AUTO LIFE FIRE LOW COST AUTO INSURANCE 2055 MARKET ST., S. F. MA 1-4414 GORDON MILLER JOE MICHAEL for portraits- commercial photography TURNER PRODUCTIONS 2257 Market Street HE 1-2522 San Francisco GIANT HAMBURGERS JVo One Can Please Everybody But We Try A. SCROGGiNS OWNER Phone JO 7-3545 DELIVERY SERVICE 1724 D ' FARRELL SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. MILK SHAKES • PIE • SOFT DRINKS MARTIN FRIED INC. A RELIABLE PAINTING CONTRACTOR 1465 PAGE STREET UN 3-3327 SAN FRANCISCO 25 Years in the Bay Area 55 CONGRATULATIONS SERVANTS OF CHRIST ' THAVtlTOUHS U £X±onaLLZ£ d Jra.ue.L c:3£ SCHEDULED AIR LINES • STEAMSHIP • FOREIGN TKAVEL • HOTEL RESERVATIONS • BUS LINES Charles W. Marx U N D E R H I LL 1-1420 1205 Market Street san francisco, calif. MEMBER: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TRAVEL AGENTS, INC. DAY OR NIGHT CALL DO 2-3632 BETTER SERVICE — ALL WAYS Vice Fres. J. G. VETRANO Pres. A. R. BATEMAN Sec.-Treas. E. S. LANG TAIMARAS SUPPLY CO. 1020 HARRISON STREET. SAN FRANCISCO 3 • HE 1-1316 r— TAMARAS SUPPLY CO. CITY o£ PARIS DRAPERY CLEANING QUALITY SINCE 1936 PROFESSIONALLY DRY-CLEANED AND DECORATOR-FOLDED TO GUARANTEED ' PERFECTION ;j FREE ESTIMATES (No obligation) • REMOVED...PLEAT FOLDED nninrniro • REPLACED ON YOUR RODS UllAl lKIlO • SPECIALLY DESIGNED EQUIPMENT, • EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL GUARANTEED PERFECT... FLAMEPROOF NO SHRINKAGE... STRAIGHT HEMS FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY (Ask about our special cash and carry discount) HE 1-5881 JANITORIAL, PAPER AND HOTEL SUPPLIES CITY OF PARIS DRAPERY CLEANERS 69 DUBOCE AVE., SAN FRANCISCO SERVING S.F., MARIN and PENINSULA 56 TS VICE IS IS

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Salvation Army School for Officers Training - Sasfot Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 38

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Salvation Army School for Officers Training - Sasfot Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 38

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1963, pg 30

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