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D E D I CAT I 0 N We dedicate thid tooh to you you i AediUee to- the .dtudentd and to tUe co-tlec e dudmcf, the fiadt 6 yeaAd and jjGA keiucf ,duck a Aiaett cfmf, FUREWURU So many things have happened during the two years the Class of ' 45 has been a part of the Sacra¬ mento College that we cannot enumerate them all. We feel that a resume of some of the outstanding events may serve in later years to startle you with the rapid changes you lived through, and to clear your recollections of the good old days at Sacramento College. Two years ago, with the Campus suddenly deprived of college men, the girls, deciding they must grin and bear it, were comforted by members of the STAR Unit stationed out here. However, there were no plays—no football team—no basketball team. Campus life was often dull. Everyone seemed apathet¬ ic, listless, and only turned out for events such as the Assembly at which great hunk of man Mature appeared. The gals, sitting on the lawn eating their home packed lunches, gazed longingly through the cafeteria windows at the luscious food being served their khaki-clad friends. In the Pony Office the staff was busily arguing over women ' s rights and what Count di Luna ' s opinion might be—and in the Sen¬ ate, the members debated the question Should we buy Riverside Eaths? The Art Ball was as success¬ ful and almost as profitable as in normal times. And there came a night when the entire SC Student Body, along with the rest of Sacramento and vicinity, moved down to the Memorial Auditorium to see Harry James hand a bouquet to Shirley Haskell, pretty Pioneer Queen. But remember how the pace stepped up in ' 44- ' 45! We ' ve done things at Sacramento College this year that two years ago none would have dreamed possible. We had a football team and a basketball team; a better than ever Art Ball, on the South Seas theme; many successful social affairs; and even one play. Student government has been more active. The Christmas Assembly was one of the most beautiful affairs we ' ve had on the Campus. The news of President Roosevelt ' s death came like a bolt of lightning down on the Campus as well as all over the world. V-E Day was spent quietly and classes were held as usual. The Graduation Picnic will be remembered by all those who attended, and who will ever forget those bridge games in the Corral? The Cosmetology Building offered something of interest to the campus one morning, when out of its doors came two pink-haired boys. The outdoor election rallies were new to this class, as was checking on the student body officers by the Senate. If one had been visiting the campus around 1:00 P. M. one day, he would have found the students raving about one Nadine Jansen, pianist and trumpeter, who had just given a fine performance in the Auditorium. The Drip was one of the favorite columns in the Pony, while her boy friend was the favorite campus Frankie Sinatra. There were numerous other events I could mention—the Tolo Dances, Pioneer Day, the Freshman Balls, the Stag-Stagettes and many, many others that each individual student might think important. But in a few years when you, the Class of 1945, are earning your living and doing your part in the world, don ' t be too busy or pre-occupied to open the 1945 Pioneer and recall those good old days at Sacramento College. GLORIA ODLIN Pioneer Editor, Spring Page Three nve -TS’s.-flSwsSisSi °°«° ie ruu ;£?£»- • wt h pPV £ive up th ° ' best S ir Th is 18 a t 0 n. filing ° Uittf ° n {v ar thiuB 8 . no exception ft 3 be , to oo«»» -r t at tni 6 a llitr, on ■“ - thia 8 ; except -- I £ tCrtV 3 Ajiy° ne Aether uw 0 freedom. ooun try- et • day, •”’ ’ »»-; sr »- „“»S££5?3? • 5S£sr-Ss: s-- - “ ' - c.-- ■-- ' » --rss»- • g Hfc f - lS5 s u those »oh M • b £ 0 — •Wg: ?u«eo ' t • ? « ’ vou Botn -God Bl»»» ' foU In the 1944 Pioneer a two-page spread was dedicated to the A.S.T.P. Unit that was sta¬ tioned at Sacramento College from August 1943 to May 1944. One of the soldiers, PFC Burt T. Krueger, was designated to pose in a series of pictures as the typical A.S.T.P. stu¬ dent. On January 8, 1945, PFC Krueger was fatally wounded on a battlefield somewhere in France. This book is in memory of him and of others who have given their lives in this war. To the left is a portion of a letter written by Krueger to his parents in June, 1944, that was published this April in a pamphlet as an Easter message to the men and women of the Tractor Works in Chicago who are serving in the Armed Forces. Former Sacramento College Students Killed in Action Achenbaugh, Wayne Hose, Alan Edgar Peaslee, John H. Akins, Kenneth L. Hudnutt, George D. Jr. Porter, James Askins, Vernon R. Jr. Ireland, John Staton Purvis, Thomas Baker, George Jackson Jackson, Donald D. Redman, Wynn H. Jr. Baker, Walter H. Jacobsen, Frank Reese, Jay Barkwell, Robert Lee Jordan, Thomas R. Robinson, Ralph Beattie, Robert C. Kahn, Samuel E. Sanders, Jack H. Bell, Walter H. Bertagna, John H. Bishop, Floyd E. Bittner, John J. Boylan, William Lacey, Melvin LeMasters, Donald M. Lemis, James Ramon Lynd, John Saunders, Jack Schultz, Robert L. Sevey, John Sherbourne, Ray Simmerman, Neil E. Burke, Thomas Mack, Samuel Singleton, Daniel H. Christiansen, Hans Chris Mansfield, Richard James Stacker, Jack Cole, David Mason, Wallace A. Jr. Stafford, William Collins, Hubert R. Mayhood, William Teague, Edson H. Couch, Thomas McLarty, William Keith Suber, John C. Cox, Atlee DeBolt McLeod, Vernon E. (Dick) Tiffreau, Edward Medric Davis, Roland Miller, Glenn Tuttle, Richard Edwards, Albert B. Mills, John W. Vandenberg, Byron Fensler, Robert W. Minear, Richard John Wai, Francis Fontaine, Arthur B. Miyaeka, George Suetomo Warren, Robert C. Furgerson, Teris Moore, Craig C. Watson, John C. Jr. Goff, Boyd M. Morrin, James Donald (J. D.) Wiard, John D. F. (Jack) Griffith, J. C. Neff, James (Dean) Willett, Kenneth Hansen, Clay O ' Connor, Thomas Wilson, Stanford E. Holsinger, Robert G. Parmer, Raymond R. Yost, Noah H. The foregoing list is as nearly complete as available records permit. The Administration of Sacramento College will appreciate the co-operation of the general public in forwarding additional names of former students of the College. Page Five ADMINISTRATION A MESSAGE TO THE GRADUATES DF 1945 Historians now seem to be agreed that Thomas Paine with his pen contributed as much toward the winning of the Revolutionary War as did Washington with his sword. Such praise for Thomas Paine may be attributed in part, at least, to research which reveals that wars are fought with moral might as well as with physical power. Thomas Paine united the people behind Washington by writing a best seller, The Rights of Man. This book was a potent influence in providing the moral support which Washington and his army needed, particularly in critical days. Today we need someone who can write another best seller, whose title may be, The International Rights of Man. As in the days of the Revolutionary War, the great need today is for unity and the moral might that will make world brotherhood a reality. How is such need to be met? You, college men and women, are best qualified to answer that ques¬ tion. If that need is met as it should be, we can say with assurance that your future is not at all dark. Indeed, the prospect of world brotherhood, recognizing the international rights of man, points to a very bright future. We can make brotherhood a reality if we are guided by this thought: Grant that I may not so much seek to be understood as to understand. . . . Where there is doubt, let me sow faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light. Eest wishes and warmest personal regards. NICHOLAS RICCIARDI Page Eight MR. SKIDMORE Dean of Men DR. TYLER Vice President DEAN COOK Student Activities DEAN BRICKLEY Registrar MAM STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Pictured are the three student lead¬ ers who, with the aid of appointed officers, led the student organiza¬ tion in an active Fall semester. Highlights of the semester were the Stag-Staggette, the Freshman Ball, Tolo, and the re¬ vival of football and basketball games, which had not been played on this campus since the begin¬ ning of the war. Committees which play an im¬ portant part in the functioning of stu¬ dent government are the Activities Committee, the Senate, the Su¬ preme Court, the Budget Commit¬ tee, the Rules Committee, and the Cabinet. With the aid of these various commit¬ tees, the pictured officers helped to formulate a suc¬ cessful calendar for the Fall semes¬ ter. WAYNE BOULDING FRED WELLER JERRY LEE Page Ten STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS These are the student officers who are respons¬ ible for one of the most active and successful semes¬ ters the student- body of Sacra¬ mento College re¬ members. They are the people who did most to revive that intangible thing called school spirit ' which is so important in mak¬ ing a success of student govern¬ ment and activi¬ ties. Mary Didion, who was elected to the office of Wo¬ men ' s Vice-Presi¬ dent, deserves a great deal of cred¬ it for the role she played in student government. In the middle of the se¬ mester, both the President, James K avouris, and the Men ' s Vice-Presi¬ dent, Jack Puffin- barger, resigned, and Mary finished the semester as acting president. The former Men ' s Vice - President, Puffinbarger, act¬ ed as Activities Chairman for the remainder of the semester. MARY DIDION JIM KAVOURIS JACK PUFFENBARGER Page Eleven SUPREME COURT Bob Simi Lucien Meyers SENATE Front Row: Dorothy Cunningham, Pat McNeely, Barbara Oleson, Marjorie Hagus, Iola Odgers, Maxine Alexson, Catherine Knittle, Virginia Babcock, Gloria Odlin, Norma Cheek, Kathleen Barr, Pat Ballantyne. Middle Row: Rosemary Sawtelle, Albert Coons, Boyd Williamson, Ernie Simons, Bill Basich, Charles Welch, Charles McDonald, Bob Larson, Betty Jo Arnold, Barbara Jean Simas. Back Row: Joe Sands, Douglas Bell, Harris, Bob Ramsey, James Burch. FALL CABINET Front Row: Jerry Lee, Gloria Odlin, Mary Didion. Back Row: Fred Weller, Marshall Harbinson, Don Veihmeyer. Page Twelve The Senate is one of the most important organizations in any student government. It is this body which determines the laws which rule the student association, and adds or eliminates the laws as its members see fit. No student government can function successfully unless it has a good Senate, and we have been very fortunate in the discretion the students have shown in the choice of Senators. The Senate is composed of a certain number of students from each pre¬ cinct, and some of their terms are for a semester, and some for a year. Senators must maintain a C average in their classes, and must be passing in at least 10 units. SPRING CABINET Mary Didion, Jerry Lee, Bob Simi, Forrest McCormick, Bruce Brown Page Thirteen I Betty Cavitt, Jerry Lee, Wilma King. Page Fourteen Fall Booster Front Row: Marian Gallichotte, Martha Meade, Anna Mae Wong, Mary Didion, Janet Dalzell. Back Row: Lois Pierini, Betty Leitch, Jerry Lee, Helen Applegate, Pat Jerome, Betty Cavitt. Fall Rally Committee Front Row: John Patterson, Bob Akins. Back Row: John Shepard, Keith Corrall, Jack Prittie. Fall Associated Women Students f Spring Boosters Violet Fong, Pat Alexander, Sue Proctor, Mary Didion, Marjorie Hagus, Dorothy Cavitt, Barbara Morrison, Marilyn Bradley, Back Row: Marilyn Cooper, Mary O ' Neil, Nedra Hazleton, Margaret Emigh, Beverly Frasier, Marie Throchmorton, Jeanne Ward, Gloria Odlin, Ivy Mae Cotter Spring Associated Women Students Ivy Mae Cotter, Mary Didion, Marjorie Hagus, Barbara Morrison Spring Rally Committee Back Row: Bob Roche, Bob West, Bob Ramsey, Jim Roberts. Front Row: Ben Hamilton, Bob Simi, Dick Porter, Harold Harris. Middle Row: John Maquardsen, Bruce Brown, Jack Puffinbarger Bill Basich Page Fifteen ACTIVITIES ■ PUBLIC PONY EXPRESS PONY EXPRESS STAFF — FALL Editor .Anne Garson Associate Editors.Barbara Mayers, Jerry Lee Society Editor.Pat Jerome Feature Editors.Rita McCarthy, Elizabeth Niess Men ' s Sports.King and Welch Women ' s Sports.lanice Driver Military Editors.Alpha Fong, Violet Fong Circulation Managers.Gloria Odlin Gene Rackerby Reporters—Carol Dundee, Margie Haaglund, Pat Stromnes, Mary Bulgar, Mary Cox, Claire Schluer, Phyllis Doyle, Billie Woodall, Pat White. PONY EXPRESS STAFF — SPRING Editor .Barbara Gillette Associate Editors.Ellen Moll, Claire Schluer Student Affairs Editor.Dorothy Downey Feature Editor.Elaine Donaldson Photographer .Andy Anderson Society Editors.Pat Jerome, Jerry Lee Men ' s and Women ' s Sports.Jack Puffinbarger Fashion Editor.Janice Driver Military Editor.Violet Fong Art and Music Editor....Mary Cox Circulation Manager.Elaine Donaldson Reporters—Juanita Reta, Carol Dundee, Eleanor Vance, Susan Reckers, Dorothy Downey Top—Barbara Gillette Left—Claire Schluer Right—Ellen Moll Printed at the Sacramento College Press under the di¬ rection of Mr. George T. Smisor by Don Nepstetd, Norman Pierce, Alex Batis- tella, and Jim Abraham, students of printing. Top—Anne Garson Left—Barbara Mayers Right—Jerry Lee Page Eighteen Front: Carol Dundee,, Gene Rackerby, Jerry Lee, Juanita Reta, Claire Schluer. Back: Dorothy Downey, Elaine Donaldson, Billie Woodall. A T I O N S PIONEER Gloria Odlin Paul Manolis Anne Garson PIONEER STAFF — FALL Editor .Barbara Mayers Associate Editor.Anne Garson Business Manager.Jack Puffinbarger Art Editor.Charles Lee Photography.Mr. Vernon Smith, Carl Sturges Sections Social.Nola Van Harlingen, Pat Jerome Campus Activities.Jerry Lee, Mary Bulgar Men ' s Athletics.Charles Welch Women ' s Athletics.Gloria Odlin Art Ball.Claire Schluer Graduates .Corrine Scott Advisor.Miss Marjorie Graham PIONEER STAFF —SPRING SEMESTER Editor .Gloria Odlin Associate Editor.Anne Garson Art Editors.Shirley Woods, Charles Lee, Ruth Rippon Photography.Jean Culp, Daryl Anderson, Carl Sturges Sections Administration .Jerry Lee Organizations . !. ...Claire Schluer Men ' s Athletics.Charles Welch Women ' s Athletics a Juanita Reta Sororities and Frnt arniti a«; Barbara Mayers PIONEER STAFF—Jerry Lee, Claire Schluer, Gloria Odlin, Lorna Cooley, Juanita Reta, Charles Lee Page Nineteen Page Twenty Approximately two thousand Sacramentans were present at the 19th Annual Art Ball which was presented by the Art Students ' League of Sacramento College on November 10, 1944. All of the many weeks of preparation and anxious anticipation were culminated in one of the most successful art balls ever presented. Carrying out the enchanting theme of the South Seas was a huge idol worshiped by the island natives. In front of this awesome background a pageant was un¬ folded which abounded in tropical my¬ stery, native rites, and beautiful island dances. Soft-colored lights, music ac- compained by t h e beat of island drums, and the writhing bodies of the dancers were perfectly co-ordinated to conjure the tropical atmosphere of the South Seas. Page Twenty-One ORCHESTRA Back Row: Norma Nelson, Gloria Holly, Warren Van Bronkhorst, Jo Nelle Miner, Le¬ roy Burdick, Ann Day, Sarah Kwok, Gene Pence, Aub¬ rey Penman, Har¬ old Evans, How¬ ard James, Bessie Anton, Gabby Gerhauser, Mar¬ garet Corcoran, Annabel Perkins, Mr. Tulley (direc¬ tor). Front Row: Mar¬ jorie Whitaker, Lois Pierini, De- lores O ' Neil, Jose¬ phine Giordano, Doris Klein Lou- anna Thale, Nora Cochran, Muriel Whitaker, Dixie Millspaugh. CHORUS Front Row: Jo Nelle Miner, Ann Day, Dor¬ othy Jordan, Virginia Williams, Clara Wil¬ liams, Dorothy Hud¬ son, Pat Bidstrup, Doris Klein, Louise Hendricks, Naomi Phelps, Donna La- Vine. Second Row: Frances Burks, Pat Armstrong, Bessie Anton, Gloria Sing, Julia Rice, June Gunn, Mary Lee Bell, Nancy Edgar, Mar¬ ion Serra, Billie Woodall. Third Row: Sarah Lopez, Norma Nelson, Bill Rase, Betty Belle Robinson, Shirley Ad¬ ams, Bill Nicponski, Mary Ellen Johnson, Lillian Jaeger, Amelia Munsch, Barbara Wire, Gladys Nix, Louise Biorn, Audrey Dillon, Beverly Baker, Ruth Fellow, Nora Cochran, Mr. Tulley (director). Fourth Row: Harold Evans, Virlin Hillman, LeRoy Burdick, Gene Pence, Don Stover, Gabby Gerhauser, Hector Rivera. Page Twenty-Two MUSIC ASSOCIATION Front Row: Josephine Giordano, Delores O ' Neil, Pat Bidstrup, Melba Osborne, Don¬ na LaVine, Betty Jo Arnold, Louise Hend¬ ricks, Bessie Anton, Margaret ,-Corcoran, Barbara Rone. Middle Row: Mr. Tul¬ ley (sponsor), Doris Klein, Audrey Dillon, Annabel Perkins, Muriel Whitaker, Jo Nelle Miner, Norma Nelson, Ann Day, Marjorie Whitaker, Belle Robinson, Nora Cochran, Louanna Thale, Mr. Frazee (sponsor). Back Row: Birlin Hill¬ man, Andrew Millett, Gene Pence, Gabby Gerhauser, Le Roy Burdick, Warren Van Bronkhorst, Aubrey Penman. First Row: Bertha Betschart, Elaine Cohodes, Betty Cavitt, Dorothy Cavitt, Connie Connell. Second Row: Janice Driver, Carol Dundee, Gwen Francis, Jeannette Francis, Barbara Gillette, Katherine Griffin. Third Row: Norma June Gross, Noreen Herbert, Carol Keith, Wilma King, Jean Lindimer, Marie Luchsinger. Fourth Row: Jean Noble, Barbara Oleson, Shirley Pearson, Faye Pinsler, Carol Riley, Mary Lou Samuelson. Fifth Row: Evabelle Seavey, Barbara Scheel, Nancy Shoemaker, Nancy Shower, Carol Stannard, Norma Thayer. Sixth Row: Marie Throck¬ morton, Eleanor Vance, Nola Van Harlingen, Norma Wagner, Barbara Wire, Barbara Wyatt. Page Thirty-One AMERICAN RED CROSS COLLEGE UNIT The College Unit, organized in June, 1944, completed its first year of activity. During the first semes¬ ter, students met one afternoon each week to make surgical dressings, and worked on knitting projects. In the second semester there was active participation in the War Fund Drive. A work shop for the repair of furniture was set up under the supervision of the Camp and Hospital Chairman, and here the girls learned to tear down, tie springs, adjust new webbing and padding, and cover chairs for hospital day rooms. Much credit was due to Anita Hawkins, Sharlott Schultz, Margaret Robinson and to mem¬ bers of Sigma Iota Chi Sorority which sponsored the project, and to the able instruction of Mrs. C. A. Ecklund. During the year, a group of college girls under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret Harrison have made trips every two weeks on Wednesday evenings to DeWitt Hospital at Auburn for the purpose of furnishing entertainment to hospitalized servicemen. Officers: Patricia Jerome, Chairman, First Semester; Doris Mae Woolford, Chairman, Second Semes¬ ter; Virginia Bennett, Vice President; Dolores Stadler, Secretary; Mrs. Frederick P. Vickery, Chapter Chairman for the College Unit; Mary Stafford, Faculty Sponsor. Page Thirty-Two SPORTS BLOCK “S” Back Row: Gene Pence, Tom Brennan, John Maquardsen, Bob Simi, Bob Parsons, Dick Porter, Bob Ramsey. Front Row: Coach Kay, Jim Roberts, Lucien Meyers, Jack Puffenbarger, Bill Basich, Jim Sayes. FOOTBALL First Row, Standing: Dr. Ricciardi, Coach Weldon, Walter Beard, Jim Roberts, Tom Brennan, Jim McDon¬ ald, Clyde Johnson, Ted McGimsey, Jack Doerr, Mohammed Alei, Wayne Boulding, Gene Pence, John Wheeler, H. A. (Hack) Applequist. Second Row: Dick Porter, Bill Basich, Lou Kenourgios, Jack Puffin- barger, John Maquardsen, Jack Rugaard, Ed Farr, John Franks, Ben Cubberley, Coach Kay. Third Row: Dan Zuccaro, Lucien Meyers, Bob West, Bob Simi, Don Veihmeyer, Jim Fisher, Bob Willett. S. T.C- tlW VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, Back: Coach Weldon, Gilbert Elmasian, Bob Parsons, Mike Thomas, Hugh Bunnell, Pen Page, Don Veihmeyer, Mel Winkleman. Second Row, Front: Wayne Boulding, John Patterson, Ted Wallace, John Stanich, John Ostman, Jerry Perich, Arthur Mower, Dr. Ricciardi, Coach Kay. CUBS First Row, Back: Coach Weldon, Jim Roberts, Dick Nickels, Dick Rominger, Ed Farr, Mohammed Alei, John Cetinich. Second Row, Front: Clarence Machado, Bernard Monetta, Gil¬ bert Elmasian, Lucien Meyers, Fred Weller, Marshall Harbin- son, Dr. Ricciardi, Coach Kay. CUBS Sacramento 32 36 Lincoln High Sacramento 27 41 23 24 Folsom High 36 47 61 29 Mather Field 63 19 32 30 Sacramento High 93 18 34 44 McClatchy High 60 51 36 25 Modesto J. C. 56 39 34 49 lone Town Team 38 51 45 50 Christian Brothers 60 57 37 45 San Juan High 26 20 Christian Brothers Wins, 4; Losses, 6. Page Forty VARSITY Chico State Sacramento 47 61 Modesto J. C. Chico State 46 48 San Francisco J. C. Placer J. C. 84 41 Salinas J. C. Placer J. C. 56 44 University of Calif. Blues Grant J. C. 47 43 San Francisco J. C. Chico State 50 41 University of Nevada Chico State 67 fiO Grant J. C. Modesto J. C. 55 46 University of Nevada Wins, 11; Losses, 5. TRACK Coach Kay Mike Campanella — Broad Jump, 100 Yards. Ed Casey—Pole Vault. Don Veihmeyer—Discus, Pole Vault, High Jump. Jim Crawford — 100 Yards, High Jump, Broad Jump, High Hurdles. Bob Dorian—High Hurdles. Dr. Ricciardi GOLF Coach Kay, Pen Page, Bry¬ ant Page, Bob Dorian, Bill Ogden, Dr. Ricciardi. March 24, 1945 — College 71 2 , Mather Field 71 2 • March 26, 27, 28, 29, 30— Wm. Ogden, Jr., Winner of Northern California Junior Golf Championship in San Francisco. All the members of the team competed. April 4, 1945—College 10l 2 , McClellan Field 1 1 2 - April 11, 1945—College 4, Mather Field 8. April 18, 1945—College 10, McClellan Field 2. May 2, 1945—College 4i 2 , McClellan Field 4y 2 . TOTALS—Sacramento Col¬ lege: Won 2, Lost 1, Tied 2. Page Forty-One WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Back Row: Mary McCullough, Mildred Slaybaugh, Eleanor Cain, Janice Mallett, Dorothy Jordon, Audrey Smith, Lorna Cooley, Gloria Odlin. Middle Row: Marilyn Casstevens, Jean Desselles, Carol Kruegar, Mary Jonas, Virginia Bennett, Catherine Cervich. Front Row: Catherine Muns, Bonnie Vaughn, Juanita Reta, Alice Enz, Mary Riola, Evelyn White. FALL—President, Gloria Odlin; Vice President, Lorna Cooley; Secretary, Catherins Muns; Treasurer, Naida Stevenson. SPRING — President, Mary Jonas; Vice President, Marilyn Casstevens; Secretary, Mary McCullough; Treasurer, Patricia McNett. Some of the girls appearing in the Style Show given by the Woman ' s Physical Education Department were: (Standing) Ivy Mae Cotter, Colleen Nelson, Lona Dale Tammen, Carol Dundee, Carol Krueger. (Sitting) Faye Pinsler, Darlene Gordon. Clothes were obtained from a downtown department store. Page Forty-Two Marilyn Cooper Mary Jonas Marilyn Casstevens Janice Mallett Janice Mallet Fannie Johnson Marilyn Casstevens Juanita Campos Lila Otterson Pat Pearson Shirley Pearson Carol Keith Joyce Breech Page Forty-Three GRADUATES Td the 1945 Graduates: It is with mingled feelings that I address this final message to you. I rejoice that you have successfully completed your requirements for graduation and are about to take the next great step in your educational careers—but I regret that you are to leave our campus and that I shall not have the continued privilege of daily association with you. ' t Your two years with us have been unique in the history of our college. You watched our campus change almost overnight from a strictly educational institution to an army set-up when the Army Spe¬ cialized Training Program, Star Unit, was established here, when our gymnasiums and upper floors became barracks, our cafeteria became a mess hall, and the young soldiers, books in hand, marched in military formation to the library for study hours. Then you saw the army fold Intents ' ' and vanish to other fields, while we struggled to return to as near normal as possible. You have participated in the Red Cross work which has been functioning on our campus by giving hours of service to the Bandage Rolling Unit, and also hours of real effort to remaking furniture for the Camp and Hospital Unit. Some very excellent furniture for the use of the convalescent soldiers has been rebuilt and reupholstered by you and your associates. You have seen the south wing of our main building converted into a Veteran ' s Rehabilitation Guid¬ ance Center, and you have welcomed scores of returned veterans to our campus or greeted them as they passed through the center. You have watched our boys march off to war and have courageously and cheerfully faced campus life as a predominantly feminine group. And finally, you have had the experience of entering Sacramento Junior College and of graduating from Sacramento College, for during your two years our name has been officially changed. My very best wishes go with you. Very sincerely, your friend, BELLE COOLEDGE. i i Shirley Adams Patty Alexander Lorene Andrews Betty Jo Arnold Virginia Babcock Frances Bair Beverly Baker Pat Ballantyne Myrtle Barquist Kathleen Barr Douglas Bell Mary Lee Bell Barbara Beloat Doris Bennetts Dorothy Bennetts Page Forty-Six 19 4 5 Tom Bigelow Frances Bishopburger Ruth Blunk Constance Bower Frances Brown Margaret Brown Gloria Carissimi Betty Cavitt Dorothy Cavitt Amy Chan Dora Chow Carolyn Christians Nora Cochran Lorna Cooley Ivy May Cotter Beulah Criss Dorine Crotta Jackie Cubberley Dorothy Cunningham Rhea Dewsnup Gloria Dickenson Mary Didion William Dong Dorothy Downey Carol Dundee Betsy Edwards Norma Ecklund Anne Edenhofer Margaret Emigh Alice Enz Page Forty-Seven 19 4 5 Betty Farewell Nancy Fereva Dorothy Ferrick Jane Findlay Norine Folck Alpha Fong Anna Mae Fong Gladyce Fong Priscilla Fong Daniel Foy Pauline Fung Dorothy Hammaker Katherine Hart Peggy Hobrecht Marjorie Huber Onalee Huffman Marian Irving EllenJang Ruth Johnson Virginia Johnston Pat Jerome Gloria Kauffman Carol Keith Norma Kimler Alfaretta Kinch Priscilla Kleppel Catherine Knittle Virginia Kuns Esther Larson Bob Larson Page Forty-Eight Charles Lee Jerry Lee Betty Leitch Sylvia Loo Marie Luchsinger Mette Lund Viola MacMillan Barbara Mayers Dorothy McClellan Joyce McCluskey Forrest McCormick Bettio McKinster Martha Mead Margaret Mealer Dixie Millspaugh Jo Nelle Miner Mary Moffett Pat Morton Joyce Moskvitz Catherine Muns Norma Nelson Luverne Neves Edith Nicponski Charlotte Oberholser Gloria Odlin Barbara Oleson Lila Otterson Lorraine Pannell Lotta Parsons Pat Pearson Page Forty-Nine 19 4 5 Carolyn Peaslee Gene Pence Aubrey Penman Lois Pierini Betty Pillsbury Helen Pribble Eloise Price Jack Prittie Sue Proctor Ida Pucci Gene Rackerby Mary Rackcliffe Barbara Reines Carol Riley Virginia Roberts Margaret Robinson Gustav Rouser Barbara Scheel Betty Schwilk Corrine Scott Phyllis Sherwin Barbara Jean Simas Ernie Simons Argiro Skrepetos Delores Stadler Carol Stannard Violet Stuart Mary Helen Swenson Eva Taverna Louanna Thale Page Fifty 19 4 5 Norma Thayer Marie Throckmorton Evelyn Tick Bob Tufts Virginia Vanderford Nola Van Harlingen Lois Vegors Donald Veihmeyer Nancy Vogel Jean Ward Georgian Weigt Charlotte Welch Fernelaine Wetherbee Marjorie Whitaker Muriel Whitaker Eunice Willet Henry Wing Lillian Winston Barbara Wire Nancy Wise Margaret Wong Pan Wong Janice Wyckoff 3 I Page Fifty-One GRADUATE PICTURES GIL CULVER STUDIOS ENGRAVING SACRAMENTO BEE ENGRAVERS PRINTERS HASKELL BERRY COMPANY COVER SILVIUS SCHOENBACKLER SACRAMENTO CITY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. IOHN E. KENNEDY MRS. J. F. DIDION MRS. P. D. BEVIL MR. HARRY B. SEYMOUR MR. WILBUR HAINES J. R. OVERTURF Superintendent of City Schools and Secretary of the Board GEORGE C. JENSEN Assistant Superintendent WILLIAM J. BURKHARD Assistant Superintendent EXECUTIVE OFFICERS OF COLLEGE DR. NICHOLAS Rl’ dtARDI, President BELLE COOLEf5GE, Vice-President DR. HENRY T. TYLER, Vice-President PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF SACRAMENTO COLLEGE

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