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THE STUDENT BODY of RUSTON HIGH SCHOOL PRESENT THE !I96O f RESUME RUSTON, LOUISIANA VOLUME XII EDITORS - VICI JONES Editor ' SUSAN RITCHIE Associate Editor 0 MARY HELEN LOVE Business Manager 0 MISS RUTH JOHNSON Advisor FALL Administration Faculry Seniors Foorloall TABLE OF SPRING Sophomores Organizarions Track CONTENTS SUMMER Freshmen Feaiures .SporTs Graduaiion WINTER Juniors Music Activities Baskeiball .wmmw A'MmH'W"fi'Mm"L"'f:' L"""L 'I' " ' N "W """"' V' 3 Ei 52 5 25 gg 55 5 ?? Q 1: Q, 39 2 ea 3? si if ' ' ' 'V' ""'W"wW""Q f ""M'W""x""m""'l'z"""W""WmWii i"' 'aww W ' Am' 9 ADMINISTRATION MR. T. J. JUDD Lincoln Parish Supervisor President of the Ruston Chamber of Commerce. MR. MORELLE EMMONS Superintendent of Lincoln Parish Schools Fulbright Grant - 1960 MR. R. L. SEEGERS Visiting Teacher LINCOLN PARISH SCHOOL BOARD 1959-1960 J. C. Ritchie, Dr. Felton Green Presidentf William A. Marbury Charles A. Terrill, T. W. Green Vice-Presiclentg Lamar Colvin Simmie Whitman, L. M. Napper S. L. Nobles, William Smith Superintendent Morelle Em mons, Secretary-Treasurer. ADMINISTRATION MR. R. G. HANCHEY Principal MR. MORGAN PEOPLES Assistant ,Principal MRS. GEORGINA RUSSELL Guidance Counselor MISS JUDITH CRYMES Secretary FACULTY MR. R. W. PHILLIPS Social Science: Football Line Coachy Sophomore Class Sponsorp Freshman Track. MR. MORGAN PEOPLES MRS. J. E. MITCHAM MR- IRVIN RYLAND Social Studiesf Debate Civics. Social Science: Key Club Club. Sponsor. "l'm not here to Teach you English or Mathematics, Mrs. Lewis fills in for Mr. Peoples during Mr. but l'm still boss of this end of the halI." Hanchey's illness. SOCIAL SCIENCE Our social science classes offer facts concerning the past, information pertinent to the present, and probable f- if f s2-:4Q.f'm.1g- fssefggff : f ,fa :sum-,,..5.ffi-,1s,-5,5 Q tt.,.s:.1 N, A as fwffw. u?1wfW1s.,f.Z. Sasggfgagrfsxiii,-?fse,1f 5' 'sara Qilsfszg.S5EQ1x5'f.ggs1.gfgwsaylsgt:t?aJ.s'vJg?3EQgtLf351f.gisfisggytlgyigzvgggtgr its--:fjl5,g'r'ns::5j5Q .. 4 .' 25-wiiiifi'VE.E35'i5.g?f'f5::s:v2Ki.'.T::-ffif5SEi5f5QQ,"f'f 91.,"-1535.21-fjgigfijuiQxff. fwvsvsw,-,,,,.,1z,.f ls: , ,2--V. Q..-is-.fffa-' f 1fsZ.,s?f::ser-ww.f. ,fu gf ,35mf,f.ssf--f 26: ., "lilli71TL Fifi' :-:?iI:S .f'sf 5325? isxilg xiii .'g?'i5fl5?f'57i5EifTffisl-f?i7?'Q?4-,i'fifffiizixi 'TYW 'fferisiik A "1f55:1':e. ,::-'twsz':.-ffv'sn"2'- L11 fl I-u,,fr5 M53fgkggt:ffz,g7.:'izs:?qf-v:e,:s18l.H4Ny,,s5.5.' ts, ,fn -f'zsx,!S'g gk., .,.srfmgkfxJfrf.s,Wz2f',?1s1e.ffsisffiwssf-Q as K .,,.fs1gss?5ls wlfgarflf ? ...1'fi'ff2.2 "rr -'fiwfxrfy-time-'fsfiftiefta'ffWe,iwhsisfgL?gg,.eg.gsw. cm s, - Q.ts,5,g1gfsgi: szmwsyg ,flaxsw-Ie-f?5if".s:t - if.5342:rQrf3ff2gsfgsge2r57ffgga.3P425.5fgf?fff1,gfg.?:m?1g.gfQfif :g?5sgJgwgxgq5s . : . sf 's-2s,s,:si:Qf'2-a.f,"f.fzv1.:,'5wb ffifff ln. ' - A 1 f1"r:s:.ff, E.. at g,'s:,.w- , 1, . ..-f?:ai6M . :- . ri? ww- my -f..,s:'Esz.f585.ffs3t . V .1, P15l,'wff"'1,L:v--. staff' 'ws1z1uf?z11..f,ywfz sw. az'ss5:.P,gms,5ze:sift.,we'vefsws'sw-f1,.fz. C' .-2,..f". lm '4f1a?f'i,fs2.t . 4 Vff'2.s'i52FW'Q,'Y . xRiif2!f':s2E9ff--figgf-,fsfeiisgfmislgsegg, QW . f'5.:iSg.,.s,.., 5,5315 M .1gs,,.,.ts3fi.fa.fgW.i?.g7a.f..,:f,....,.M , as f A--iwaa 2 zfztsfggsiaggsz it Q It is the responsibility of every American to learn Mr. Ryland discusses influence of events in Europe these facts about our government and laws. upon the rest of the world. FACULTY MR. H. E. BEI.ISI.E MR. B. G. CAMPBELL MR. J. DENMAN GARNER MISS RUTH JOHNSON Algebra I. Algebra 'lp Freshman Foot- Geometryp Basketball Algebra Ili Senior Mathp ball and Basketball Coach. Coach. Mr. Campbell introduces the freshmen to algebra. MATHEMATICS Mathematics is one of the most essential tools of man. We must use every opportunity to acquire knowl- edge and skill in These courses. Trigonometryg Senior Class Sponsorf Resume Staff Sponsor. A good background in Geometry is necessary to success in trigon-ometry. I3 FACULTY BUSINESS EDUCATION MRS. WILMA BOOLES MRS. EDNA ERLE Business Education KAVANAUGH Business Education Mrs. Kavantaugh has a cheery smile for everyone. SCIENCE Mrs. Booles is usually seen walking d-own the hall with a cup of coffee in her hand. l MRS. SYBIL EDMUNDS MR. FRED MR. THOMAS E. STEWART Mrs. Edmunds shows Oscar to her Biology pupils. Biqlogy HIGGINBOTHAM Che-mistryf Physics: Gen- Football End Coachg Track eral Sciencep Science Club Coach. Sponsor. I Mr. Higginbotham, known well by all Ruston High students, can be seen in his spare time at the recreation center. Mr. Stewart explains the Vandegraft demonstrator to his classes. FACULTY MISS MARTHA CLINGAN MRS. MARY A. GARRETT MRS. ELIZABETH MISS MAGGIE HINTON MISS CHARLOTTE LEWIS English, Speech. English, Freshman Class M. GILBERT English, "Chatterbox" English. J0Uff1all5mi "Chaf- Sponsor, Student Council English, French, National Sponsor. terbox" Sponsor, Quill and Sponsor. Honor Society Sponsor. Scroll Sponsor. I English requires endless hours of checking com- positions, themes, and other written work. ENGLISH A wealth of information is contained in this set of term papers. English leads us, follows us, and identifies us wherever we go. I ln addition to teaching Freshman English, Mrs. Gilbert also teaches French. Mrs. Garrett gets the freshmen off to a good start. Fortunate are the students who study literature with Miss Hinton. I5 FACULTY VOCATIONS MR. JACK HARPER MRS. SOPHIA COOK MISS CORALIE SAUNDERS Agriculture: F.F.A. Spon- Home Economicsy F.H.A. Home Economicsy F.H.A. sor. Sponsor. Sponsor. Through the combined efforts of Mrs. Cook and Miss Saunders, Ruston High girls learn the techniques of housekeeping. PHYSICAL EDUCATION , , .. " 9?35?5i'aW g .. . . fxmg ,seizgipigsi film g,-L-:..1 f 1f' s , 5 ,1 .wr f.v,,ff2.sgkgsgg,11'f..:fcwas"fL.s'f2.saQ 3,1--gif . 253 V ..,A 9s,gsw.23.q gget..q3ie:fi,sf1E:w,sz-1--zsflmgs' . faitiayx fi ai -imfiftiiiii'-fe:'2if.-'iilfiiliiiwt 'FI T si? . .,.. if 1. A. .1 as. f,. f. .. -5 , ,..1s..:.wg,b3, f A .- .--,H -I-5g,fq5k:g-gig-5 ysqgiggfigsz- ,fgkgsf -f fi - . ' 4 -K .- K K MRS. EDNA ERLE MAYS Physical ettes Sponsorg Girls' lntra- murals. I6 MR. L. J. GARRETT Boys' Physical Educationp Head Athletic Coach. Educationf Pep- Mr. Harper teaches his pupils the correct procedure 'For Parliamentary Law. Mrs. Mays was first introduced to R.H.S. life through the summer Pepette practice. Coach Garrett's chair is well-worn from the 23 years of se-rvioe at Ruston High School. FACTLTY MR. H. E. BELISLE MISS ALICE GRIFFIN MR. S. K. HEARNE lndustrial Arts, industrial Librarian, Library Club Vocal Music, Choir. Arts Club Sponsor. Sponsor. The library provides a quiet and well stocked center for added learning at R.H.S. Many industrious noises are heard daily as Mr. Be-lisle's students make useful obiects in the "shop.'5 FINE ARTS Fine Arts are also important for a well-rounded education. They broaden one's viewpoint, increase one's culture, and help develop one's personality. "Open your mouths," is an unusual request from a teacher, but out of the music room come many beautiful sounds as ihe result. MR. OSCAR BARNES Instrumental Music, Band. Perfect timing is the key to Mr. Barnes' peppy group. Stirring marches and symphonies are the order of the day. I7 Our senior year has been brimming full and overflowing with an abundance of activities which have made this our most exciting as well as most educational school year. We entered into the Fall season with renewed ambitions to be good scholars and to participate whole heartedly in all phases of school life. A quick inventory reveals that we were very successful. To outline our program we would list first, a full schedule of classes. Many of us earned the maximum number of units by scheduling as many classes as we could. We attended Careers' Day at Lou- isiana Tech and feel that it was most profitable to us. . Impressive to all of us was the planning of and the participating in: our last Homecoming at RHS, the last football game, our last Pepette trip, the last State Track meet, our last pep rally, and our last basketball game. At the Senior Banquet the full im- pact of the fact that we were grad-- uating, gave each of us the mixed emotion of ioy and sorrow. Then the invitations came and we enioyed ex- changing personal cards. No words can describe the feeling that we had as we "chirped" our Alma Mater at the conclusion of our last class assembly, Graduation. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Edwin Davis, Vice-President, Pat Shows, President, Betty Mad- den, Treasurerp Cherry Pratt, Secretary. SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS Miss RUTH Joi-iNsoN Miss coRAuE sAuNDERs ' MRS. EDNA E. KAVANAUGH MISS CHARLOTTE LEWIS SENIORS SHIRLEY MAYE ANDERSON Les Amies Club, Rush Chairman, Recreation Council, FBLA, Marching Band, Majorette, Cadet Band, Concert Band, Spring Concert, Intramural Champions, Letter Award, 4-H Club. VIVIAN ELAINE BARNES Quill and Scroll Society, Chatterbox Staff, Typist, Annual Staff, FBLA, Kit Kat Klub, Vice- President, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4-H Club, Secre- tary, Short Course, Letter Award, Honor Roll, Intramurals, Champions, Choir, Music Festival, Band, Senior Representative, Marching Band, Concert Band, Spring Concert, Music Festival, Maiorette, All-District Honor Band, Recreation Council, Student Teacher Day. WILLIAM DAVID BARNETTE DON JACKSON BEASLEY Intramural Champions, Two Years, Tennis Team, Band. JOHN DAVID BELL Band, Spring Concert, Music Festival, Key Club, Senior Favorite, Senior Who's Who - Wittiest, Intramurals, Champions, 4-H Club, Speech Class Play. BETTY LOU BERRYMAN Les Amies Club, 4-H Club, Library Club, Science Club, Chatterbox Business Staff, Glee Club, Music Festival, Spring Concert, Speech Class Play. SEN IDRS WILLIS YOUNG BODDIE Future Farmers of America: Intramurals: In- dustrial Arts. PATRICIA ANN BRENNAN Chatterbox Staff: Quill and Scroll: Honor Roll: Future Homemakers of America: Intramurals. ROY GLYN N BRYAN Varsity Football: "R" Club: Letter Award: Marching Band: Concert- Band: Music Festival: Spring Concert: Sophomore Most Handsome: Key Club: Intramurals. CAROL FRANCES BURKHALTER 4-H Club: FBLA: Student Council: Junior Lead- ership Conference: Quill and Scroll: Intramurals: Sub Deb Club: Head Cheerleader: 1958 Jam- boree Queen: Homecoming Maid: Homecoming Queen: Honor Roll: Freshman, Sophomore, Jun- ior, Senior Beauty: Glee Club: Secretary, Stu- dent Teacher Day: Tennis Team: Letter Award: Annual Staff: Debate Club: "Miss Twirp - I959": Music Festival: Spring Concert: Chatter- box Staft: Pe pettes. VIRGINIA SUE BURNHAM All-District Sight Reading Clinic: Concert Band: Marching Band: Spring Concert: Music Festival: 4-H Club: Future Homemakers of America: Let- ter Award: Intramurals, Champions. NANCY BYRD Concert Band: Marching Band: Music Festival: Spring Concert: Intramurals: Letter Award: Honor Student: Quill and Scroll: Glee Club: Pepettes: Senior Who's Who: National Honor Society: Chatterbox Staff: Sub Deb Club. SENIORS SANDRA JOYCE CHANDLER Pepettes, Kit Kat Klub, Intramurals, 4-H Club, Senior Who's Who. WOODROW WILSON CHEW Honor Roll, Science Club, President, Track, District Champions, Letter Award. DAVID CURTIS COLE NANCY FAITH COLODNY Cadet Band, Concert Band, Debate Club, Re- porter, Chatterbox, Editor, Les Amies Club, Reporter, Vice-President, Pepettes, Intramurals, Letter Awarcl, Quill and Scroll, Glee Club, 4-H, President, FBLA, "Teen Talk" Reporter, Honor Roll, Music Festival, National Merit Scholarship Test, LSU Press Conference, Spring Concert, Student Council, North Louisiana Speech Festi- val, Excellent. FRED PIERCE COLVIN Basketball, District Champions, Two Years, Honor Roll, Key Club, "R" Club, Science Club, DAR Award, Baseball, Tennis, Intramurals, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Test, Senior Who's Who, North Louisiana Rally - Biology, Second, American History - First, World History - First, National Honor Society, Letter Award, Boys' State Alte-rnate, American Legion Award. RUBY MARIA COLVIN Naftional Honor Society, Honor Roll, Sub Deb Club, Pepettes, President, Choir, Treasurer, Sextet, Glee Club, Sextet, Ensemble, Intra- murals, Key Club Pianist, Spring Concert, Music Festival, Annual Staff, Homecoming Court, Senior Who's Who, FBLA, Student Council. SEN IDRS ROBERT CLAUDE COOK WILLIAM ROBERTSON COOK, JR. Football, "R" Club, 4-H Club, Track, Freshman Basketball, Letter Award, Student Teacher Day. LINDA IRENE COPLEN 4-H Club, Reporter, Intramurals, Chatterbox, Assistant Editor, Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca, Quill and Scroll Society. GEORGE ARLTON DAVIDSON Football, Football Captain, "R" Club, Honor- able Mention All-District. PATSY SUE DAVIDSON Future Homemakers of America, Beta Club, Honor Roll, "Trading Post" Reporter, Future Teachers.. BILLY DAVIS Intramurals, Honor Roll. SENIORS JAMES EDWIN DAVIS 4-H Club: Key Club: Student Council, Vice- President: Senior Class, Vice-President: Senior Who's Who: Spring Festival: Marching Band: Concert Band: Football: Basketball: Track State Champs: FBLA: All-State Track: Boys' State: Student Council Delegate State Convention: Intramurals: Recreation Council: "R" Club: Let- ter Award: Home Room President. JOHNNY LEROY DEFREESE Football: Marching Band: Concert Band: Boys' Quartet: Intramurals: Band Festival: Choir Fes- tival: Boys' Ensemble: Letter Award: 4-H Club: "R" Club. MARSHA KAY DEFREESE Cheerleader: Kit Kat Klub, President, Reporter, Historian: Pepettes: Quill and Scroll Society: Student Council, Treasurer: Annual Staff: Chat- terbox Staff: Senior Who's Who: 4-H Club, Reporter: Choir: Glee Club, Trio, Sextet, En- semble: Music Festival: Spring Concert: Letter Award: Intramurals: FHA: Honor Roll: National Merit Scholarship Test: Student Teacher Day: Nation-al Poetry Anthology. MARY GWYNNE DEVILBISS FHA: Beta Club: Intramurals: Parish Govern- ment Day: 4-H Club: Glee Club: Oak's Staff, Literary Rally: Honor Roll: Honor Student. RODNEY LEMAN DRIGGERS Football: 4-H Club: Tennis: Concert Band: Marching Band: Chatterbox Staff: "R" Club. JAMES PATRICK DUGGAN SENIORS ROBERT MARVIN ELLIS, JR. Track, State Champions, Football, "R" Club, Letter Award, FFA, 4-H. MARTHA ELIZABETH EMMONS Student Council, Secretary, FBLA, Treasurer- Elect, Sub Deb Club, Vice-President, Pepettes, Vice-President, Tennis Team, Rally, Literary Rally, Lincoln Parish Awards Banquet, Letter Award, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Class Favorite, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Society, DAR Citizenship Award, Intra- murals, Pelican Girls' State, Junior Leadership Conference, Debate Club, Junior Class Secre- tary, National Merit Scholarship Test, Honor Roll, Glee Club, Annual Staff, Class and Feature Editor, Chatterbox Business Staff, Student Teacher Day, Recreation Council, Honor Student. JIMMY RAY FALLIN Key Club, Debate Club, "R" Club, Quill and Scroll Society, Letter Award, Annual Staff, Boys' Sports Editor, Marching Band, Concert Band, Spring Concert, Music Festival, Basketball Man- ager, Baseball Manager, Boys' State, Honor Roll, Student Teacher Day. AMELIA JOSEPH INE FAULK Glee Club, Speech Play, Debate, Honor Roll, 4-H Club, Music Festival, Kit Kat Klub, Intra- murals, Student Teacher Day, Junior Red Cross. JANICE MARIE FERGUSON Pepettes, FHA, Historian, 4-H Club, Chatterbox Staff, Intramurals, Student Teacher Day, Kit Kat Klub. LILLIAN DIANNE FLOYD Concert Band, Marching Band, Spring Concert, District Festival, RHS Swing Band, Maiorette, Les Amies Club, Secretary, Chatterbox Staff, FHA, Quill and Scroll Society, Honor Roll, In- tramurals, 4-H Club, Song Leader, Student Teacher Day, National Merit Scholarship Test. SENIORS DOROTHY LOU ISE FOWLER Pepettes: Senior Scouts, Sergeant-at-Arms: Les Amies Club: Debate Club: Intramurals: 4-H Club: Chatterbox Business Staff: Speech Play. MARY ARDISTINE FOWLER Kit Kat Klub: Marching Band: Concert Band: Spring Concert: Music Festival: Band Jacket Award: Top Salesman Award: Honor Roll: Na- tional Honor Society: Merit Scholarship School Finalist: Intramurals: FHA, Assistant Reporter, Vice-President: FHA Conference: Letter Award: Junior Red Cross: Chatterbox Business Staff: Key Award: North Louisiana Rally: Student Teacher Day: National Poetry Anthology: De- bate Club: Honor Student: 4-H Club, President, Reporter, Secretary: Junior Leadership Confer- ence: Public Speaking Awards. WILLIAM DAVID FRANKLIN Cadet Band: Marching Band: Concert Band: Music Festival: Intramurals: Letter Award: In- dustrial Arts Club. PATSY ANN GARNER Intramurals: Choir: Music Festival: Spring Con- cert: Glee Club: FHA Club: Library Club. JOSEPH RICHARD GLASGOW Key Club: Freshman Basketball: Freshman Foot- ball: Recreation Council: 4-H Club: FBLA: Honor Roll: Intramural Champs: Golf Team: Student Teacher Day. SPENCER N. GREEN Marching Band: Band Festival: Choir: Music Festival: Spring Concert: 4-H Club: Football: Track: Intramurals: Student Council: All-State Choir. SENIORS DONALD GEN E HAMMON Varsity Football, All-District, All-State: Band: Choir: Music Festival: Student Council: Track: Key Club: "R" Club: Letter Awarcl: Senior Who's Who: Student Teacher Day: All-Star Football Game. JOHNNY RAY HANIMONS Track: Band: Music Festival. LORY WILLIAM HAMNER Football: Track: Letter Awards: "R" Club: Music Festival. TALMAGE WILLIAM HANSON Football: 4-H Club: Scien-oe Club: Track: Intra- murals. THOMAS WILSON HAYS FFA, Secretary: 4-H Club: Intramurals: Rally: Speech Play. SANDRA JANE HENDERSON Choir, Trio: Glee Club: Pepettes: Kit Kat Klub: FBLA: 4-H Club: Intramurals: All-State Choir. SENIORS CAROL sua HICKS Intramurals: Library Club: Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll Society: Chatterbox Staff: Speech Class Play: Glee Club: Spring Festival: Club: Les Amies Club: 4-H Club. DOUGLAS HICKS Freshman Basketball: Intramurals. JUDITH LINDA HIGHTOWER Debate Pepettes: Intramurals: Choir: Music Festival: Letter Awarcl: Spring Concert: Glee Club: Fu- ture Homemakers of America: Library Club. LESLIE FRANK HINTON ELMER LESLIE HOLLIS Intramurals: Marching Ba-nd: Concert Choir. NANCY CAROL HOLSTEAD Sub Deb Club: Annual Staff, Class and Editor: FBLA Club: Letter Award: Qu Scroll Society: Chatterbox Business Honor Roll: Intramurals: Tennis Team: Rally: Student Teacher Day: Pepettes: Fair. Band: Feature ill and Staff: Tennis Science SENIORS FELTON WARREN HOOD Football: Track: "R" Club: Student Teacher Day. CECIL EUGENE IVY Intramurals. HAZEL PATRICIA JONES Honor Roll: Student Council: Pepettes: Intra- murals: Marching Band: Cadet uBand: Concert Band: Music Festival: 4-H Club: Kit Kat Klub: Letter Award. LINDA JEAN JONES Pepettes, Maiorette: Les Amies Club, Presi- dent: Music Camp: Letter Award: Honor Roll: Intramurals, Champions: National Honor So- ciety: Student Teacher Day: 4-H Club: FHA Club: Quill and Scroll Society: Chatterbox Staff, Exchange Editor: Annual Staff. VICTORIA ELLEN JONES Annual Staff, Editor: Sub Deb Club, President, Reporter: FBLA: Intramurals: Pepettes, Treas- urer: Letter Award: Chatterbox Staff: Senior Who's Who: Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll So- ciety: Student Teacher Day: Junior Leadership Conference: National Merit Scholarship Test. LIN DA LOU KAVANAUGH 4-H Club, President: Pepettes: Debate Club, Secretary: FHA, Treasurer: Annual Staff: Chat- terbox Staff, Business Manager: Literary Rally, Superior: Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomor- row: Safe-Driving Road-E-O Winner: Choir: Spring Concert: Music Festival: All-State Cho- rus: Les Amies Club: Ho-nor Roll: Intramurals: Quill and Scroll: Junior Leadership Conference: National High School Poetry Association: 4-H Short Course: Letter Award: National Honor Society: Louisiana High School Speech League. SENIORS GLENDA MARIE KEES Letter Award, 4-H Club, FHA, Library Club, Les Amies Club, Pepettes, Student Teacher Day, Glee Club, Spring Festival, Spring Con- cert, Intramurals, Honor Roll. BETTYE EASLEY KIRK Allied Youth, Annual Staff, Booster Club, 4-H Club, Reporter, Vice-President, Parish Secretary, FHA, Reporter, Historian, Parish Secretary, French Club, Intramurals, "Sig-nal Fires" Staff, Honor Roll, Honor Student. JAMES HOSEA KITCHENS, Ill Science Club, Speech Play, Tennis Team, Honor Roll. BETTY ANN KOSS National Honor Society, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Science Club, 4-H Club, Secretary, Treas- urer, Library Club, Junior Leadership Confer- ence, Chatterbox Business Staff, Les Amies Club, North Louisiana Literary Rally, Senior Scouts, Letter Award, Awards Banquet, Stu- dent Teacher Day, National Merit Scholarship Test, Honor Student. HELEN CARLEE LANGFORD National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll So- ciety, Debate Club, Pepettes, Pepette Maior- ette, Senior Who's Who, North Louisiana Rally, Leadership Conference, Student Council, ln- tramura-Is, Chatterbox Business Staff, Annual Staff, Sub Deb Club, Reporter, Honor Roll, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Glee Club, Letter Award, Student Teacher Day, Lincoln Parish Awards Banquet. LYNDA PAUL LAWRENCE Senior Who's Who, Honor Roll, Letter Award, Tennis Team, Pepettes, Squad Commander, Chatterbox Staff, Student Teacher Day, Intra- murals, 4-H Club, FBLA, All-State Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, Music Festival, Spring Con- cert. SENIORS THOMAS BRYAN LEDFORD, JR. Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball: Honor Roll: Marching Band: Concert Band: Spring Festival: Intramurals: Letter Award: Boys' En- semble: Boys' Quartet: Spring Concert: Student Teacher Day. BERL WAYNE LEE Football: Sentinel of FFA: Parliamentary Law Team: Literary Rally: Student Teacher Day: "R" Club. MARY HELEN LOVE FBLA: Choir, Pianist: Letter Award: Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll Society: Homecoming Court: Intramurals: Glee Clubz: Music Festival: Spring Concert: Ensemble, Sextet: Annual Staff, Busi- ness Editor: Senior Who's Who: Cheerleader: Pepettes: Sub Deb Club: Girls' State Alternate: Literary Rally: FBLA: Student Teacher Day: Honor Student. JACKIE SUE LOWERY Music Rally: Choir, Trio, Sextet, Soloist: Intra- murals: Pepettes: Letter Award: Spring Con- cert: Music Festival: Honor Roll. JANICE LYLES Senior Good Citizenship Award: 4-H Club: Intramurals: Honor Roll: Kit Kat Klub: Letter Award: Glee Club: Music Festival: Spring Con- cert: FHA, Historian, Parliamentarian: Student Teacher Day. MARGARET ELIZABETH MADDEN Student Teacher Day: Intramurals: FBLA: Pep- ettes: Pepette Head Maiorette: Sub Deb Club, Secretary: National Honor Society, Vice-Presi- dent: North Louisiana Literary Rally: Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll Society: Chatterbox Staff: Annual Staff: Lincoln Parish Awards Banquet: Letter Award: Senior'Class Treasurer. SENIORS WALLACE LEONARD MARTIN Student Council, Sergeant-at-Arms: Key Club: FBLA: Football: Basketball: Track State Champs: "R" Club: All-District: Honorable Mention All- State: Sophomore Favorite: Junior Favorite: Mr. RHS: Senior Who's Who: Letter Award. BETTY ZAN E MAHAFFEY Marching Band: Concert Band: Music Festival: Spring Concert: All-District Sight-Reading Clinic: FHA Club: 4-H Club: Letter Award: Les Amies Club: National Merit Scholarship Test: Hon-or Roll. JAMES GORDON McCULLlN industrial Arts Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Football: Intramurals. ELIZABETH JUNE MCKNEELY National Honor Society, Secretary: FHA, Pres- ident, Secretary: VTA "Student Standout": Sen- ior Class Favorite: Senior Who's Who: March- ing and Concert Band, Drum Maior, First Lieutenant: Spring Concert: Music Festival: Annual Staff, Business Staff, Class Editor: Homecoming Court: Student Council: Honor Roll: Letter Award: Quill and Scroll Society: Intramurals, Champions, Girls' State Alternate: Chatterbox Business Staff: Student Teacher Day: Sub Deb Club. CHARLES MEEK Intramurals. SAN DRA EUGEN lA MOORE Pepettes: Kit Kat Klub, Secretary-Treasurer: Intramurals: Choir: Reporter, Sextet: Glee Club: Spring Concert: Music Festival: FBLA: Honor Roll: Letter Award: Student Teacher Day: RHS Reporter: 4-H Club. SENIORS SHARON ANNE MOORE Pepettes: Kit Kat Klub, Parliamentarian: Glee Club: Spring Concert: Music Festival: FHA: Science Club: Honor Roll: Intramurals: Letter Award: Annual Staff, Class Editor: Quill and Scroll Society: Chatterbox Staff: National Merit Scholarship Test. LOU ISE ANTOIN ETTE MUSSATO Library Club: FHA: Speech Class Play: Intra- murals: Honor Roll. JERRY LEVON NORMAN Secretary, Industrial Arts Club: Speech Class Play. MARY KAY NORRIS Pepettes, Maiorette: Honor Roll: Letter Award: Intramurals: FBLA Club: Annual Staff: Chatter- box, Business Staff: Sub Deb Club, Treasurer, Historian-Parliamentarian: Student Teacher Day: Homecoming Court: Quill and Scroll: Marching Band: Concert Bancl: Music Festival: Spring Conce-rt. JAMES MERLE OTWELL BILLY JACK OWEN SENIORS NANCY PADGETT Future Homemakers, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative, Dallas Federation of Music Clubs, Accomp., Pan American Society, Cecilian So- ciety, President, Vice-President, Art Service Club, Pep Squad, Chorus, Y-Teens, Teen Tim- ers Club, Hi-Fi Club, Honor Roll. JAMES DON PARKMAN Intramurals, Honor Roll. FRED DAVIS PEE FFA, Intramurals, 4-H Club. JOHN WORTH PERRITT, JR. Varsity Football, Student Teacher Day, Key Club, Treasurer, Track, Science Club, "R" Club, Baseball, Basketball, Recreation Council. GWENDOLYN HUTCHINS PISTORIUS Debate, Red Cross, Journalism. JOHN ALLEN PORTER Varsity Basketball, All-District, All-State, Bobby James Memorial Trophy, Track, Baseball, Stu- dent Council, President, Student Teacher Day, Principal, Choir, Rally, Key Club, HR" Club, Letter Award, Senior Who's Who. 'WEA aim ,,,g.....,.aW SENIORS CHERRY DAUCE PRATT FBLA, Band, Student Council, Honor Roll, Hon-or Student, Scholastic Awards Banquet, National Honor Society, President, Sub Deb Club, Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Pepettes, Cheerleader, Junior Class, Treasurer, Senior Class, Secretary, Intramurals, Annual Staff, Let- ter Award, Tennis Team, Jamboree Queen, Senior Beauty, Homecoming Court, Girls' State Representative, Student Teacher Day, Quill and Scroll Society, Senior Who's Who, Miss RHS, National Merit Scholarship Test, American Le- gion Award. ROBERT EARL PUDDY Key Club, Lieutenant Governor, Football, Base- ball, Basketball, Track, Marching Band, Concert Band, Music Festival, Spring Concert, Honor Roll, "R" Club, Intramurals, Letter Award, Stu- dent Teacher Day, Student Council. BARBARA JOYE QUARLES FHA, Library Club, Honor Roll, Intramurals. WILLIAM CHARLES RAMSEY Intramurals, Track, Freshman Football Team. WILLIAM CALVIN READER Track Team, National Honor Society, Honor Roll. SAMUEL POOLE RISER Varsity Football, All-District, Track, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball, Key Club, Treas- urer, Student Council, Senior Who's Who, 4-H Club, "R" Club, Annual Staff, Letter Award. SENIORS DOROTHY LOU ISE ROSTRON Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, Music Festival, Spring Concert, Glee Club, "R" Award, Les Amies, Sergeant-at-Arms, Science Club, Secretary, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Society, Intramurals, Honor Roll, 4-H Club, Song Leader, Reporter, President, An- nual Staff, Chatterbox Business Staff, R.H.S. Prayer Group, Student Teacher Day. MARY LYNN SHELOR National Honor Society, Honor Roll, 4-H Club, Library Club, Les Amies Club, North Louisiana Literary Rally, Senior Scouts, Letter Award, Awards Banquet, Student Teacher Day, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Test, Pepettes. JAMES PATRICK SHOWS Football, All-District, All-State, All-Southern, Scholastic All-American, Wigwam-Wiseman All-American, Most Valuable Back, Two Years, Captain, Two Years, Louisiana High School All-Star Game, All-American Game, Senior Who's Who, Junior Class President, Sen- ior Class President, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Society, Chatterbox Staff, Sports Editor, Student Council, Parliamentarian, Student Teacher Day, Assistant Principal, "R" Club, Letter Award, Key Club, President, Freshman Favorite, Freshman, Junior, Senior Most Handsome, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Honor Roll, Recreation Council. JERRY GALE SKINNER Pepettes, Chatterbox Staff, Intramurals. JAMES DAVID SPENCER Cadet Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, Music Festival, Marching Festival, Intramurals, Letter Award, Senior Who's Who, Senior Scho- lastic Award, National Honor Society. JUDY CAROLYN STEPHENS Marching Band, Concert Band, Music Festival, Regional Band, All-District, Band, Letter Award, Literary Rally, Student Teacher Day, National Merit Scholarship Test, National Council of Teachers of English Scholarship Test, Debate Club, Science Club. mins SENIORS SILAS ADAM STEPHENSON ANN HARRISON STRAHAN ARDIS PAUL STUCKEY V Football: "R" Club: Key Club: Student Teacher. JAMES RONALD TAYLOR 4-H Club: Key Club: Football: Student Council: Marching Band: Spring Festival: Track: Concert Band: Football Manager: Intramurals: "R" Club: Letter Award: Student Teacher Day. JEAN LANELL TOLAR FBLA: FHA: Les Amies Club: Honor Roll: 4-H Club: Student Teacher Day. DONALD EUGENE TOWNSEND, JR. Basketball: Tennis Team: Rally: Student Coun- cil: Honor Roll: Band: Choir: All-State Choir: Science Club: Annual Staff: Chatterbox Staff: "R" Club: Key Club: Scholastic Letter. SENIORS BERTHA JEAN TURNER Pepettes: Honor Roll: FHA: 4-H Club: Intra- murals: Student Teacher Day. DARIUS JOHN WALL Football: "R" Club: Track: Intramurals: Parlia- mentary Law Team: Literary Rally: 4-H Club: FFA. BOBBY N EAL WALSWO RTH Speech Class Play: Perfect Attendance Record: Glee Club: Choir: All-State Chorus: 4-H Club: FBLA: Music Festival: Freshman Football: Fresh- man Basketball Manager: Band Manager: Intra- murals: Spring Concert. DOROTHY LEE WATT Glee Club: Music Festival: Spring Concert: Choir: All-State Chorus: National Honor Society: Honor Roll: Letter Award: Scholastic Awards Banquet: Recreation Council: Student Teacher Day: Sub Deb Club: Tennis Team: Intramurals: FBLA, Song Leader: Pepettes, Secretary: An- nual Staff: Chatterbox Staff: Junior Leadership Conference: "Miss Twirp": Senior Who's Who: Quill and Scroll Society. VIRGINIA EDWINA WHEATLEY FHA: Library Club. DONALD EVERETT WILDER Basketball: Baseball: Tennis: Key Club: "R" Club: Honor Roll: Choir: Spring Con-cert: Music Festival: All-State Chorus: Letter Award: March- ing Band: Concert Band: Student Teacher Day: National Merit Scholarship Test. SENIORS EEE? E Y DELORIA ALICE WILSON Letter Awarolg Honor Roll: National Honor So- cietyp Future Homemakers of America: Pepettes Library Club, Treasurerp Glee Clubg 4-H Clubp Student Teacher Dayy lntramuralsg Spring Con- certp Music Festival. PATRICIA ANN WILSON 4-H Clubp Future Homemakers of America, In- tramurals. SARAH AN N WILSON Pepettes Future Homemakers of America I tramurals Glee Club Honor Roll Music Fes trva MARY NELL WORKS Pepettes FBLA Future Homemakers of America Honor Rollp Band Festival: Latin Clubp Intramural Champion wma! CHARLES HAROLD YOUNGBLOOD I5 F Basketball, Coach's Awardp Marching Bandg Concert Band: Spring Concert: Music Festivalp Honor Roll. The 1960 seniors on "cloud nine." Y F K J L 1959 FOOTBALL TEAM No. VVgt 77 140 78 125 79 130 80 170 81 155 82 200 83 165 84 155 85 170 86 130 87 130 88 230 89 125 90 120 91 140 92 165 93 140 94 165 95 150 96 170 97 130 98 140 99 150 52-B 120 86-B 1 00 57-B 150 81-B 110 93-B 150 Name Pos. No. Wgr. Name POS. Perrirr, Johnny ,.w...........,, B 50 150 McKenzie, Darien .B Ayecock, Ray ...., ....., E 51 135 HSHOWBY, DOD YY... ........ B VVHHanw, R. B. ,............... E 52 140 BEE, Johnny 0- ,Nuns Davidson, George ...,.....,., T 53 175 Payne, Nlike .V-.----,. --f---, G Graham, Ronny ....,.........,. B 54 165 Puddy, R0bert ..... ,---.--V E Rives, Billy ..,........ ,,,.,,... B 55 155 Barnette, Jerry .A... ........ T Lee, Wayne .,.,.............,..., T 56 150 Norris, Sonny ..... .....,. B Gallagher, Jimmy ..........., B 57 130 l-0WI'y, Jimmy ....--, ,--e---. T Driggers, Rodney ............ G 58 135 Capshaw, Mike ----- ,-,.--,- T Shows, Par ,,,.,,.....o.oo,..o,o, B 59 160 Davidson, Bill ..... Y.vv.-. B Hanson, Talmadge ............ B 60 155 Taylor, Larry ...... .E Bryan, Roy ,,.,,...,.......,,,,,, T 61 160 Hood, Felton ....... .....,,. T Covington, Van .,.,,..,,,,, G 62 145 Parker, Tommy ................ G Riser, Sammy .,.,,, AA,,,.6,. C 63 160 Anderson, Dwight .......Y B Martin, Wallace .......,..,..... B 64 185 Rabb, Larry ...................... E Jackson, Ronny ,,,.,,,...,..... G 65 190 Hammons, Don ...., .A,Y,.. E Hood, Jerry .....,. ..,...... E 66 190 Frazier, Charles ..... ...E Ellis, Robert ...,......,,..,,,. E 67 135 Hamner, Billy .... .T Richardson, Paul ........,... B 68 160 McFadden, Neal ..... ...,,... E Larance, Joel ,... ...,,,,,. B 69 135 DeFreese, Johnny ....,.....,. C Gandy, Dewell .... ,.....,.. B 70 145 Rogers, Whit .......A .E Cook, William ...,,..,, E 71 160 Herbert, Wallace ..,.A..,. ..,G Nobles, Jimmy ..,a ......., G 72 160 Afeman, Barry ..... ........ T Kirby, Charles .... ,.......6 B 73 160 Baskin, Toney ,..., ,WB Stuckey, Ardis .,.. ,..,,.... C 74 155 Mizell, Robert ..,, .G Brewster, Gene ,..........,,, B 75 150 Wall, Jimmy ..,...,. ,G Carpenter, Allen .......,..., G 76 150 Stewart, Tommy .,............ G Clark, Andy ........,,........,.,, C .,:. :ff ig le .,., 4655-5QEaiE55?Bii,giE ir: ra,,,, ' - . i"' ':" COACH L. J. CHOSSD COACH R. W. CMOOSEJ COACH FRED GARRETT PHILLIPS HIGGINBOTHAM Head Coach Assistant Coach End Coach Athletic Director Line, Coach Track Coach FOOTBALL RUSTON 28 MINDEN 12 "Game of the Week." This was the way sports scribes all over Louisiana were describing the Ruston-Minden tilt. Minden, a pre- season selection to win the state championship, was a two touch- down favorite over the Bearcats. Ruston surprised the Minden throng almost from the first. The Minden Tide narrowed the gap to 14-12 at intermission. ln the second half, Ruston's line was brilliant, Minden hammered out iust I4 yards, and lost 37. The Tide ended the second half with a minus 17 yards. Shows scored the four touch- downs and Hood kicked the four extra points. - RUSTON 35 SPRINGHILL 19 The Bearcats were now ranked the number one team in the state. However, there was still doubt in some peoples mind. As the gun sounded the end of the fourth -quarter there was no doubt left. Shows again scored four more touchdowns, but this time with con- siderable help from fullback, Wallace Martin. Martin rammed over the line for the fifth touchdown. This was Shows eighth touchdown for the season. Hood kicked the five extra points, beginning his record of 18 straight PAT. RUSTON i4 OUACHITA O It was Shows again who engineered the 14-0 victory over a stubborn band of Ouachita Lions in Monroe. The win was Ruston's third straight. Shows scored both of Ruston's touchdowns and gained a total of 207 yards. Standouts up front for the homelings were big end, Jerry Hood, tackle, George Davidson, and guard, Mike Paine. Offensive fullback Wallace Martin turned in a savagely effective linebacking job on defense. RUSTON 28 HOMER i3 Some 3,000 paying customers filled James Stadium for the first Thursday night game in the history of the school. lt took the Bearcats iust five plays and about two minutes to score after they took the opening kick off. The big gun in the drive was fullback Wallace Martin, who scored from the two. Ruston led an early 7-0, after Hood's Perritt, with cheering him over for his of the game three carries, Hood. Hood placement. Shows traveled touchdown, following a patterned swarm two tackles on him, who on. The final Bearcat score twelfth touchdown of the in addition to Perritt, who the 46 yards to the next of blockers. It was Johnny made it 21-7, the crowd came when Shows banged season. Another highlight piled up 37 yards in iust was the incredible foot-work of Bearcat flanker Jerry ran his string of perfect conversions to 'l5 straight without a miss. FOOTBALL RUSTON 34 WINNFIELD i4 Bearcat fullback Wallace Martin ran 65 yards straight up the middle of the field for Ruston's first touchdown against the Winnfield Tigers. Shows scored the next three touchdowns, the last on a 99V2 yard run from scrimmage, to lift his season total to 90 points. The other Bearcat score came on an 80 yard touchdown pass-play to end, Jerry Hood. Cat end, Jerry Hood ran his consecutive PAT booting streak to 18 in a row before missing a conversion in the third period. OCTOBER i6 'Twas Neville's lucky night!!! RUSTCN 28 JENA 8 The powerful Ruston High Bearcats trampled past outclassed Jena 28-8 in a rain soaked battle on the Giants' field. The win gave the Bearcats a 6-i record for the season. Pat Shows and Wallace Martin directed the rugged Maroon to an early lead, then Head Coach L. .I. Garrett completely cleared his bench as the Bearcats romped to i6 first downs on a muddy slippery field. Shows scored in the first and third quarter, the last on a 48 yard scamper. Fullback Martin, finding the going to his liking, blasted over the middle for a 29 yard touchdown run to put the Maroon in front. Junior right half, Billy Rives, got another touchdown with a one yard drive in the second quarter. The Bearcats mighty forward wall held Jena to only 6 first downs. RUSTON 28 HAYNESVILLE 7 For the Bearcats' incredibly successful head coach, it was the 200th career victory - a record believed to be unequaled in Louisiana schoolboy football coaching. Shows, recaptured the North Louisiana scoring lead as he picked up three touchdowns on runs of 3, 35, and 8 yards. Wallace Martin gave the harrassed Haynesville team every bit as much trouble as Shows. Davidson, Hood, Paine, and Hammon were once again defensive standouts. RUSTON 32 JONESBORO 6 Ruston High, rolling on toward another banner season gained revenge for two years of defe-at at the hands of Jonesboro-Hodge with a decisive 32-6 win over the Tigers in a 2-AA tilt. Shows, the state's leading scorer rambled on to four touchdowns. Martin added the fifth and final Ruston touchdown. The Jackson Parish Bengals, fired- up for the annual traditional contest could never get rolling against the Bearcat forward wall headed by end Don Hammon. The 'Cat record climbed to 8-i, good enough to be ranked second by the United Press International rankings. Rustotv 14 WEST MONROE 28 Spurred on by a skin-tight defense West Monroe's underdog Rebels shocked the powerful Bearcats with three second quarter touchdowns and romped to a 28-14 victory. However, ,the 'Cats' were without the services of their Captains, Davidson and Shows due to iniuries. Wait till next fall. 4 With winter's crisp weather, students settle down to se- rious business and welcome those fes- tive occasions when we rest awhile to to play. WINTER Juniors Music Activities Basketball 43 UNIOR So now they are upperclassmen. Jun- iors are important and a little more grown up. Juniors look forward to ordering Senior rings, giving the Junior Hi-Fi Fol- lies, and planning the Junior-Senior Prom. In the spring thoughts turn to Pelican Boys' and Girls' State, Junior Leadership Conference, and becoming Seniors. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . at V' win, G X , ,WM 1 - A Van Max Hays Q1 or R Aw YQ W S 5 Q as A 1 X Y J 5 5- , ay? my N56 J 9 as f f 6 i a , X M ? yn 5 K ww , 2 ,sw Q 6 3,2 4 iii f in iff: W X1 K3 , . . ' if VICE-PRESIDENT Jerry Hood PRESIDENT smw- 'MPN' SWHSHM- ,S , SECRETARY Martha Hood JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS TREASURER Kathy McBride Mrs. Mary A. Garrett Mrs. Revis Mays A MV. T- E. Stewart Mr, Irvin Ryland Miss Martha Clingan' 5 X i l r 'A gi X P NNX mf' K? l gin! E n i , A its Qs? 5 K sf Jerry Barnette Linda Barnes E. W. Batson Johnny Bice Mary E. Blackwell Judy Bonner Patsy Bonnette Bobbye Boyd Frazier Bratton Bobbie Brennan Robert Bretz Gene Brewster J UN IORS Sidney Aaron Barry Affeman Chuck Anderson Dwight Anderson Frances A. Andrews Frances R. Andrews Frank Andrews Johanna Andrews Phil Andrews Thomas Aswell Ray Aycock W. L. Barmore Bettye Cooke Van Covington Edith Cowan Curtiss Crowell Donnie Ray Davis Thomas Driskell Judy Dunnahoe Tenna Ebert Sue Elliott Lloyd Elwood Jim Frazier David Foster J UN IDRS Peggy Brooks Julia Brothers Vicki Bump Allen Carpenter Linda Carter Pat Chandler Johnny Clary Billy Colvin Lena Gay Colvin Mack Colvin Royce Colvin Wayne Colvin J UN IORS Andrea Farley Janet Fiehler Jackie Floyd Jimmy Gallagher Dewell Ray Gand Jeff Gardner Nancy Garrison Becky Gay Ronny Graham Minnie J. Gulletf Sfephanie Hearn Mary T. Hendershoi Gail Hesfbeck David Hicks Bill Higgs Billy Hinton Berfye Hollingsworth Don Holloway Marvin Holloway Ronald Holloway Ann Hood Jerry Hood Martha K. Hood Nan Hood JUNIORS Brenda Howard Wayne Howard Ronny Jackson J B Jenkins Doris Jiles Patsy Jones Bill Ray Johnson Mary Lou Johnson Billie A Knight Joel Larence Pete Larance Tommy Larance Don Lazrus Richard Lee Virginia Liner Waynette Liner Pat Luther Robert Mahaffey Shirley Martin Kathy McBride Neal McFadden Dale Mitchell Imogene Mitchell Judy Mitchell JUNIO-RS Robert Mizell John Mobley Sylvia Moody Lana Moore Rusty Moore Jimmy Nobles Susan R. Nobles Mike Nolan Harold Otwell Sue Owen Lamar Oxford Glenda Parker George Parks Mike Payne Alice Pesnell Tommy Pixton Jo Ann Price Sherry Rainwater Jean Rasbury Regina Ray Sue Reader Bud Richardson James Richardson Molly Richardson JUNIORS Kay Riser Minnie Lou Ritter Billy Rives Willie Robinson Paul Richardson Jackie Rockhold Joyce Rogers Manell Sanderson Janet Sheppard Bobby Sims Edna Fay Singleton Bruce Smale Sandra Solomon Melba Spillers Norma Jean Stephens Charles Stewart Sharon Swearingen Linda Taylor Larry Taylor Ann Temple Linda Teagle Joel Tellinghuisen Eudora Thomas Shirley Turner "A DIET OF DATES" Presenied by the Speech class JUNIORS Randy Tobin Mary Ellen Voitier Linda G. Watson Clifton Whalen Robbie A. Willard Tommy Williams R. B. Williams Peggy Williamson Sherry Williamson Efhlyn Wilson Van Max Hays 5 RUSTON HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR TW' r ', . gi. f-21:-- ':.:If.f: , 'ff MR. S. K. HEARNE MISS MARY HELEN LOVE Director Accompanist VOCAL MQFSIC MIXED QUARTET JUNIOR GIRLS' TRIO BOYS' QUARTET John Porter, Sue Elliot, Jackie Lowery, Joel Johanna Andrews, Beffye Hollings- JOIWH POVISVI VBHMBX HBY5, Joel T9llIf19l"UI5ef1, Tellinghuisen. worth, Sherry Williamson. WBYNH COIVIF1- GIRLS' SEXTET BOYS' ENSEMBLE Johanna Andrews, Linda Carter, Beitye Hollingsworth, Andrea Farley Waynetie Liner, Sherry Williamson. 52 MU IC BOYS' QUARTET BOYS' SEXTET BOYS' QUARTET SOPHOMORE GIRLS' SEXTET SOPHOMORE GIRLS' TRIO SOPHOMORE GIRLS' QUARTET FRESHMAN QUARTET FRESHMAN GIRLS' TRIO FRESHMAN GIRLS' TRIO FRESHMAN GIRLS' ENSEMBLE FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB SOP!-'IOMORE GLEE CLUB The 1959 edition of the Bearcat Band par- ticipated at every football game at and away, rain, shine, sleet, or snow - win or lose!! In addition this band participated in civic functions of every season. Christmas Parade - December 4, 1959 Christmas Concerts - December 16 December 17 December 18 December 19 December 22 District Music Festival Miss Lincoln Parish Parade - April 22, 1960 interstate Highway 20 - April 23 Concert Tour - May 3-4 Awards Banquet- May 20 THE BEARCAT BAND Eastland Ruston Elementary Hillcrest Railroad Park Ruston High School April 2, 1960 54 it j ii tl RUSTON HIGH SCHOOL 'F tl it R. G, HANCHEY, Principal fi Ei if ll Q' presents it ll ll .V it il il Il The Concert and .1 .5 4. El Cadet Bands li l lt OSCAR BARNES, Director ,- ., qi lg if It in 1: li fi ll ai jg SPRING CONCERT if ,L lg Sl li if Tuesday, May io, 1960 1: 7:30 P. M. HIGH scHool. AUDITORIUM l if al t Program THE CADET BAND The Avenger March The Alaskan Night ,,,,, Ballodaire ,,,,,, The Enchanted Prince ,, Air ond Morch ,,,,. Keri l. icing cert rrongkiser Frank Erickson Horolo lonnson Henry Purcell ' ' INTERMISSION ' ' THE CONCERT BAND Allegro from woter Music Suite . .,.,, George Fredrick Handel Allegro Con Grazia from Sixth Symphony ,W ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Peter llyitch Tenolkowsity Concerto in D Minor for Piano onri Bonrl ,..,,...,.,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,, Jonn Thompson Robert Wallace '63, Soloist Antionony for Winds Gerald Keenley Selections from The Music Mon ,,,,, ,,,, M eredith Willson Moron-The Vcnished Arrny ,,,,, Kenneth J. Alford RUSTON HIGH SCHOOL BANDS 1959-1960 Officers money Byrri, Captain, ornrn Motor lone Mexneely, lsr Lienrenonr, orilrn Moior Dorothy Rostron, zno Lieutenant Eloine Barnes. Senior Councilman site Elliott, Junior Councilman Byron Lee, Sophomore Councilman Richard Smith, Freshman Counciimcin Concert Band FLUTES - lnnot l-'trnler notty nrnlnniroy Mni-get-et woes urnni. For-nnolz .rill colnony ones - Dionne Floyd IZASSOON - Peggy Brooks E FLAT CLAIIINET - sno rznrnnern B FLAT CLXRINETS Jonn ttnrlrnlot June Mclinccly vtrtriein cnnnrller .lirnnry llnnnn tfrnnres Antlretys Doi-triny Rostron Nor-ron str-plrens BASS CLARINET - Merry Fowler ALTO SAXOPIIONE - Nnnoy Byrd cnnrmrs itntl 'rlwltlr-Hrs - non 'rnwnsonnt Lone any colt-in Jnrnos Bozornnn 'gliornns Tlnonnrs 'rnornns Letltorn rzrtilyn wtlson mill, Jnrrnnn nonys - Lntiiso 'rernplo Goil 1-lr-stboek lontirl Jones Elnino lsnrnes moxmoxrss - Byi-on Lee Leslie llnllis xlielniol Dlllsnse unrurroses - Jnrlitln stonliens or-oi-ue lfnrlt 'rursns - .lnnsos sprnooi- Plnillrn Anril-on-s sxme mums - rtlinrlr-s Frnrier Pntsy lsonnotte Mnry wnllror rlnss umm s-re rilirott cnmnns - nlioo Pesneu -run-AN1 - lsoelty any Cadel Band m1.u'ms - Clint-lotte Smith umm E. Snnron Dtitidy unssoox - Cnsrlnttn Ledford B FLAT CLARINETS - Merry nostron csil cnrter lilnriion Hinton Gwendolyn Hinton .rolyn slnton nite Pee Auto slxxorl-loNr: - Thomas Ford CDRNETS and TBU'NlPETB - Jann Martin Jimmy Hstoh Robert Wallace Etlrlie Benner Linde Kemp Brodie 'relfoni James Bryant Joel Nolan vet-non Stevens nonrvs .. Jonn Hollis Pntrteln Emil Bruce- Smale Kathleen Higgs TKOMBONES - Richard Smith Billy Qnnrles Douglas cnrrnnelt nAm'roN1:s - Tnornss Aswell Robin noekott John Strickland 'turns - Craig' Clark Curtis stewart slvnma mum - Ronnie enytorr miss DRUM - .lim Martin ovmnnxs - sendrs Aycock KYMPANI - Quincy Blanton Thursday, May 12. wee THE CHATTERBOX Page 5 Porter Sees Campaign Promis Student Council Year Termed sy Nucx' comusr lzelare .luhn Porrer wus eleererl pr-esrrlenl or rhe slurlenl counoil larsl spring, ire esmnnisnea rn me manner- ei ell srurlenr counell nresioenrs me-reeling lrrrrr, lie nrnne pr-nnrrses. Looking river- rho renoras, one enn see lhe huge nmnrrnr or work nr-eornnlisheri ily lhe r-ouneil rhrs rerrn ana rlrar Porler eurnpleleri nlnrosi every one ol hrs enrnpargn nrnrnrses The one e-rreprlrrn was lrrs idea ol lravrng rrrusie ln ine lienreeurrring ar-r-irerl rn oelolrer rrrlh ine hanoy or-osneer of bring, rng lraele nlrl lrlenrls and grarlusrles. cherry Prarr rras eharrrnsrn uf lhe day. enlrrlerl -rrerrrlre Trvenly nl mis", ann lllnr-ra Colvin, Eznrrrrrr liarrs. and Kay lieireese were ere rhalrmen. "Ter-rrnr lwenlyu nrrs also n srrlure ro conoh 1. .l car- rerl lfoorlrnll nrograrns solrl ny rhe Felrelles lsrsl irrll. were compiled l-r me lflsx-lui-A eouneil members. M., Y re , ,Y as rr rrronn, raising or-oreel, 'rlre Bobby James Gymnasium Dedicated Sat. The laolrzn ianres lrlernor rnl grrrre nnsirrm, norrrrerl ro vhs erly muh ann r-r-erearror nnnr-rl hy me-rrlrers ei rlre .lnrrres inrrrrll nnrl lrr-mls ul nrrlrrg, .larnrrs rrrgs rlsnrerrrsrl las: srrrrrr-rlrrl' 'rlr- flnrlrr-alory mr-ssnge rrus grr. nn lr, ner llorr xlnrr-rs, ,rssurrner rarrslur ul rhe Chur-nh rlnllas rxrrrung rlrose rierllnarrrrn rrern nrenrlrers or snurhf nuslrerlrrrll lennr Frrsl xleihrrrirsl rrlrn nrienrleei llre ern Melhurlrsla nn-l ronelrrng srnil Also nr-esenl sr l.nrrrs llsrrrlcs rrss lsolr Pellrl, professional lr.rslrellr.rll player .rrrrl n ner-sonsri ir-reno ul llre lure liolrlly Jerrnes lrrelrrrleri on llre nr-eslnrrr rrere Tellinghuisen, Council Head For Next Year .luel Tgllrngnrusen has been eleelerl lsslifnl srurlenl cuurrnll nee. srrlenl 1-he oulslanelrng rumor is a rnernner ol :he sludenr Connell llrls year, n rlrr-ee year rally velernn. anrl n member- of rhe Nalional l-in nor sorfrels. Choir nnrl Key clulr Pen rallies llelur-e rrrrnorllrrrl rrarlr nreels, more assernlrly nr-re grams, ann er lrrreierr-errehrrnge slurlerrl are some of lhe planks ine elrrnen in Joels plarrnrm, vine-nresrrlenr of nes: year-'s oorrnoil is vrrn Mas l-lays van. rrresinenr of lhe irrnror elnss, is on llre lrnnor roll nnel a member of rlre eholr, Key clrrlr, nnrl lr-neil renrn. olher- olfreers lor nee: year- are as fnllnusr seereinry, Knlhy sle- lzrrrle: rrensurer, Loyee car-ren: rnrrlrrrrrrenrrrrran, Chrn-les shura rl.-lrl: nnrl sergennl-arsarnrs, lllilre cnpsnarr. xirs. L. J, cur-r-ell rs sponsor of rlre srunenr couneil. ilrnjeel, rlrrorreh llre eiiorls oi Elise anelh lznrnrens, has repealed lhrs year, and fire horner-eorn renresenl, nrires eanvasserl rhe rrrrrn rn pairs sellrrrg ans for nexl years pro lzrnnrs snrrrller Programs .ls rrreerl lry coaeh Gal-r-erl, lne srurlenr corrnerl vena ro ehange rlre loollnrll nrngrerns The size of rlre eras has neen lleereasea. new .rnrerrisenrenls arlrierl, and nrelrrres Sophs Study Early Novel ISD' FHEDKICA LEE "A enrlri more lnr-in nll olher gills viral ear-ln can olier ra oleelrnrng rnnn, lsr-ings hope wrlh il, and lor. rrerra loolrlng llroughzslil Tnese lines ny wer-rlsrnorrn rlepier rlre A ihvmc ni SILAS MAFLNER, lxhich me sophurnnre English elasses rbllll during the IHSI. Six weeks, 'lilrrs novel, whieh eonlnins greni parlrus, rrsrs wr-allen alrour an rrn. irrr-rrrnare man, srlns zllarner, who uns aeeuserl and lounrl grrrlry or u errnre ire riinnw ennrmir eller lnis irrrlrienl, srlas lnsl all farrh in God nnrl rrrlrn, and neearne .r miser, luring only lrrs rnrrney. His frrilh rrns regarnerl rlrrrrrrgn rhe love of a ehrlri, lspnre annie enrne ro nun when he was rn one ul his rnyslerious lrrrrrees, rlnr-rng rylrrelr rl rrns lrelrerleri his soul len hrs norly When sllrrs iorrna Elrele, lrrs whole life was aller-eel. rrnrl he .renin learneol lo trust and lore God and man This is a lrrrly lrenrserrarrrring srory reeommenll- ed lor bnllr lrrrys and girls as a mrrsl on rherr reading lisr. Resume Nearing Completion Stage release sign my annual " 'll-lere. sign on lhls page" These are some oi lhe rernarlrs lhnl will be lrenrrl in uugrrsl, when rlre ne- srmre is rlrsrrllrrrreo nnorher year oi senool aeririries will ire record, ell in vhe lroalr organised oy snr- elenr erlrlers and their sponsor. l-lrrrlr Johnson Miss Enelr seolior-l of me yearbook is es Fulfilledp Successful rr llre players rrrll show rhem rn grorrns rnrher llran ns rnrlrvrrluals. 'Thuullh lliu Siu' of thc booklet is rleerenseo, a larrser nr-oirr, rrnieh goes rnrrarrl nrrrnlrnslng rrrrrrlrnll e- ., nrrrnnrenr, urll be mane l . 1 rr or , ! :YQ rg Vs . ea neeernlrer ll san- llre lreglnnrng oi lhr- sehool lrrrnrorlernenl llrrre rr-lien rrueslronnarres were nrsirrlr uren ro ine slrrrlenls Tire eamnargn rr-sulrerl in rhe Horrnr cole .rnol rhe sell-elrurr ol Janree l.yles. Jenn hnslorrry, cirru-les Frazier, .rnrl non- lrn llnrsnarrr as nesr clrranns sure For rlre annrurl soon cheer olrrr-e unrler rhe rlrreerrrrn nl Pnl slrmrs, lirr srunenr cnrrnerl eollenlerl 2.012 eans, rr nrrnrner- lar eseoenrng nee- rrous years lrrrrrrenlrarely follorrf ing llre rlr-ne, rrrrrlr rr-ns hegrrn on er slsrr lor slrrnr Nlglrl and srrrrlenr 'renrlrer my orr February 3- 'rlre nerr- lrophy eases rn rlre loe- lry. rlrough lrurlr ny me selrool 'Fee ,fi sf ? 4 V e- ,f Q N' 447. It A , agua W A W .W X k X llnrrrol, rrere ine resrrll nl John Porlers suggeslron Again, he hall lrrlrrllerl n eanrpnren promise nee corrrrrll Bus, The nerr-erruon Connell. an oil- srrring or rlre sluoenr crrurreil, harl an erenriul year. sponsoring nan- ees and parrres nr lhe nee Pres, irienl or me Ree cunneil is srelrh, anre l-learn, The olorlrrng rrlrrrie lor lhe prior- ,rrrrnle or rlre lxrlironrlnelr Morin, lillns wound up the SONGS ni Liu- rrrrrres for rlre your Hi rrrunl in ernnlrnsne rhe iaer limi lt ll w0ren'l fur MVS L J. rznrrell. our sponsor, we eerrlrlrrz have erer erseorrrnlrsnsri renal rr-e ora," snys nounerl pr-esinenl Porler. 7 Seniors Cop Dual Titles In 'Who's Who' seren seniors ealerurerl dual vo. silrons rn 'he reeenl wlro's wha eleelrons ennrirrelen ny ihe Resume slafl Those eleoleol were ers follows: wrnresr, lvariirl neil, Key De- lzrlrorn lreese, Mnsl Enereelio Davis, Do: wnlr. Resr All Round, wrrllnre slarlrn. Cherry Pram Mase solruol sph-rr. lzrirvrn Davis. lllnrin colrfrrr. r H. working on nrolre-no loner, aasinsrrr erlrro.. and iso nrorrrlrs lorer Dfuflerlla l.lcs.l Martin, Pratt Mr., Miss RHS Svllicri Wallace Marlin and Choi'- rr Prerr rrerfe ,rerenlly named mir alla llliss mls rn nn onrrrrnl selronl- rrrrle eleerion ennnrroren ny -rlre charrerllns lsallols were rlrsrrrlsrrr, Pd io flrsi Ilolll' classes :md slit' dams ielvxlrli 3 Senior l.7U3' and girl rrlru llrey llrorrglrl rruulri lresr ren- l'l'svhi Ruston Ulelll Silldcni vntnrs Hehe the follow- ing reasons lor seleeling wallaee ann rlrerr-,r rrr lhe nosrriun rhey hmc lmlilershlp ilblllly und ilnr frrenrlls, allrnerrve, and rnlelligenl Runners up ln the curlll-wt were popular- seniors .lune lllelcneely, carol larrrlshnlrr-r, John Ferrer- ann Var Shows V I lrlrss Russ many nnlrvrlres ure rlrrrle slurlenr cnunerl, hunnr roll. sun nerr clrrli, rlesrrme sian, rlreerlerrrler Nnlronnl l-ionrrr soerea rr nresirlenr, lerrer nrrarrl, rennrs tram, Srniol' class bcauiy, Horns- rornrng rorrrl, senior wnrrs Who, lkst lneixlier, Best All Round, and THE CHATFERBOX me-sr Lender-s, John Por-lei-, Cher. Qrull and Scroll ry Pfnfii V051 Aflmfive- Wm Tlrerrllrarrir-e lrlnrrlslrnnlriesinf Pnl-rer Mary l-ielen Lore: lrlose dude ML lawns rmrlerln looarn. Tnlenrerl, Don Terrrnsenn, Nanny and ,phdrng nyrn, lllnsr lnrellrgenl, .larnes Th ,NMFS M W. RHS m, Spam-er, carlee Langlorrl, Mosl W S ft F , , Q 'fwoysm cnrrrrenrrs, sammy lzrser, viel Cl""LCm MOM' or Jones. lviosl nenenrlrrsle, Sammy Riser-. vrer Jones: xlosr sunhrslrearerl sanrlr-n chandler-, Don ilamrnnnsr , Wlusl Athletic, Pai Shows, Lynda lnrrrenneg Mosr Fr-ienuly. anne E nlexneely. wallnee lllarnn: and hlrrsr Lrlrely To srreeeen, Nuney lcey clrrlr, irrlllraels on looloall lr-nm. slrlrlenl Corlnerl Sgr, al Arms. senrur wlro's who, Fr-iendiiesr, laesl All lmurrrl, and an rnvilalron ln plrry rn rlre wsu All-srnr game rn rsarorr neuae. Born Mr. ann llliss Rl-ls lllen ln nlrenri college eller graduamfi- Achievement Day Highlighted " in U12 ff'mPl0fi0'1 WEE according - l' cherr-rr rr-ill rrllenn Louisiana Teelr B S I C ' lo vrer Jones, lzesume eriilor. BW' and FM Clflvm new all srrrnrrier senrrol, and Hsrrurlf' rg hs y e owl oronayllon H nn "ws, -02' ' - lmuwn io many. rrill lreern ee , rr, rr rnlrghls oi rlre ana rrinners rrrere: rmrny -a a, 4 eg. mr-enls. me fall on n ioornall srnrrlar- nxlgnilcolf Fish M, Auhme, Wrynpvgwrg m,,,.ssDD, ,e Ros, 2 'S snirr. neg r, 3. e. sr Qifrfgfr Aye . " June McKneeI Vistas! li' W ' A +M9v"":lllA ' L , y .s.o. f.. we :gin ring , ..,f-se - as rs.. Ywx, . . . r. Yi - j 2 2 ' '- " l ,, - - . , r f 4 e: we ' - e - e e . r ' . -Al 6, Ties ln Parish lr C .woe fe- . . , , l, . . W, rr. gee D'-5. - s. 1 5 Q , 1'r.2ri233gf3i3f , r ' ' -. f' f. PF 1 o 1l. Beauty Contest i . i - es l friyrrsgget g V Weiner June llielcneely lied wlrh Vicki . , ". r. x 1 ' sg ii o 1 je lzrehnrrlson for rhe lirle af Miss i :S-2 . .Y V iz Irs... .gg gyrggg D Qgnw W . b l if r , . . W1 r .. Nancy Garrison r s- . New FHA Prexy up I, - - eerigreeengyi The new pr-esidenl ,, va! ' H . is my .affisnnr lrrlnnry narrnrrrnrr soars orer nie as. is rnsnn is ana r . rl. ni snr' g A g I -orher rrfneers are:.Kayl Riser, naar meer. we sen.. rarrlrer rr erroerrea nf ,ei ralrlaisif :ani ' ' unner me rirrernrrrr ni srrrrlerrr cerrnerl oresrrlerri-elses Joel Tellnrglrrnselr, 9 N ,XA b vice prwdeflil Pdlrvrla Wllksr se- mln meer eenrorrow. she new rrsrnrrll allrfe? :ry rue... for rrerrrdyear. Prey aaa van Marr nays, GW Em SYS orernl-yr Eeltye Cooke, rr-easrrr-el-: ries ores. ern ee e lr., mee... ,nerr err., me Wen, rmrrnrren M N ' , . cnarlr slnrlireld, porlranrenrononl Mike coosrrow, sergeanr-or-arnrrs In Debqfe ary mms 'CPorler'BMl'Yo""g ana Kam, Mearirle, seerernry. Nine slrrrlenls rr-ere reeerrerl inln .ha nenare chin, follorr-ing lhe lrye hrslnr-ianq Linrla Kay Taylor-, ora. nrslr and weynem Liner, song leader. ACTIVITIES COMI G 1 9 H ME 9 all ,. x l 3 , 5 ll. The theme of the T959 Homecom- gs. I ing was 'lA Terrific Twenty at RHS." The Student Council planned the assembly, the parade, the tea, and it the dance following the game. Each of these carried out the theme of - Homecoming. Many alumni were ' seen around the campus of RHS on Q Friday, October T6. I fi l E . i l MISS MARY HELEN LOVE, Maid MISS CHERRY DAUCE PRATT, Maid Senior, Cheerleader, Sub Deb Club, Senior, Cheerleader, Sub Deb Club, Honor Student, National Honor National Honor Society, Honor Stu- Society. dent, Senior Beauty. Many clubs participated in the The assembly was called "The Devil parade Friday afternoon. The band and I.. J. Garrett." Student Council and pepettes marched. The Les Amies members participated in and planned Club won first with their float, the the assembly. The Tea was held in the Sub Deb Club was second, and the Home Economics Cottage with the Industrial Arts Club was third, Home Economics students as hostesses. MISS CAROL FRANCES BURKHALTER Queen Senior, Cheerleader, Sub Deb Club, Senior Beauty. The game with Neville was dis- appointing, but exciting no-ne the less. The final score was 14 to noth- ing with a very unhappy crowd leaving the stadium. After the game, a dance was held at the Rec. The decorations were highlighted by a great big anniver- sary cake in the center of the room. The dance ended the T959 Home- coming festivities. MISS ELIZABETH JUNE MCKNEELY, Maid MISS LOYCE GARRETT, Maid Senior, Band, Senior Favorite, Sub Deb Club, Sophomore, Cheerleader, Sophomore Favorite, Drum Major. ' Cheerleader, Sub Deb Club. 57 ACTIVITIES SENIOR i BABQUET 1960 xqbo' we Sen via Nl r N695 lo Many smiles appeared as we reminisced shots P about the past four years. l Fnre Q ff - Byrd aggmsnf f Mary Ho? me e617 Ev . love enlng . was Drov. Each was eagerly awaiting the reading of the class "will" ,ded 5y and "prophecy," Nan CV U IOR-SENIOR PROM-1960 What in the world is a "penny dance," any way? Who knows? - We soon found out!! 58 Each year in the spring, the junior class of Ruston High School gives the senior class a prom. This year it was "Bon Voyage" to the seniors of 1960. Travel pos- ters from different countries decorated the walls. A good time was had by all as the juniors paid their tribute to the seniors. Miss Dot Wat? Recreafion Miss Carol Burkhalter Yearbook Miss Vici Jones Yearbook ACTIVITIES OR LEADER HIP C Miss Elizabeth Emmons Recreation Miss Carlee Langford Speech Miss Beity Koss Library Miss Linda Kavanaugh Speech PELICA BOYS' A D GIRLS, STATE I9 9 GIRLS' STATE Elizabeth Q Emmons Cherry Pra1f BOYS' STATE Jimmy Fallin Edwin Davis GIRLS? SPORT SENIOR DIVISION VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS JUNIOR DIVISION VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS' tt. YD Left to right: Mary DGVIIIDISS, Dottie Rostron, Nancy Byrd, Mary Left to right: Shelia Williamson, Elazabeth Mooney, Katie Abegg, Fowler, Barbara Quarles, Carol Burkhalter, Linda Jones, Sue Burn- Joan Kuprionis, Toni Liner, Glenda Mitchell, captain, Carolyn Morgan, ham, Elaine Barnes, captain. Pat Ezell, Shirley Hill, Shirley Colvin, Patricia Wilks, Mary Walker, Louise Temple. Girls' sports include various activities throughout the year, such as tennis, badminton, tumbling, softball, and corrective exercises. Included in these are intrarnurals with champions in volleyball and basketball in iunior and senior divisions. Mrs. Edna Earle Mays is the director of physical education. SENIOR DIVISION BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS JUNIOR DIVISION BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS I I . I I I . W. I , Left to right: Ann Temple, Martha Hood, Mary Nell' Works, Vicki Bump, Peggy Williamson, captain, Kay Riser, Judy Dunnahoe, Linda LaRue, Diane Henry, Reba Wright, Carolyn Watts, Jackie Matthews, Taylor, Teena Ebert, Sylvia Moody. captain, Jill McCormick, Carolyn Pratt. Left to right: Angela Jones, Marsha Matthews, Julie Anderson, Jean 60 Ruston .......,... Ruston Ruston ,,,, , ,....., Ruston ,,u,,,,,,u,, Ruston--...-------- BASKETBALL SEASON'S SUMMARY Simsboro ,uu,. Tioga ,,,,,.,..,, Jonesboro ,,,,,,,,....,, Ouachita aaaa, Saline ....,,,a, Ruston Jonesboro ...,.,., . .,..v Ruston .,,....,... . Minden ....a,aaa..a...... Ruston .,,,.,,,..., Waldo, Ark. Ruston ssss........ Emerson, Ark Ruston Summerfield Ruston Bossier ....,,. Ruston ...s.. .... .... O u achita ...., Ruston Saline oa,.,s Ruston Castor ,,,,.. Ruston Ruston Ruston Ruston Ruston ,..... Neville ,o,.... Jonesboro .,,,....sss Haynesville ,,,,,..... -- Haynesville ,,,,..,,.... Neville ,,,,..,..,..,... -- Ruston Jonesboro ,,.......,,,. . Ruston West Monroe Ruston ,,-,,,,,,,,, 72 NaTCl'1ll'OCl"leS ,,,,...... 62 Ruston ,,,,.. ,, ,..,, 77 Minden .,,,,.......A..... 78 At the end of the year came the game the whole area had - the playoff game between Ruston and Minden who had the 'Cats once by eight points. The 'Cats lumped to an early until the beginning .of the fourth period. In the fourth period Charles Youngblood goes up for a rebound in the playoff game with Minden. Jerry Hood, All-State center, drives in for a lay-up in the Minden game. been waiting for already defeated lead and held it the Tide knotted the score and the lead see-sawed back and forth, neither team having more than a three point advantage. With a minute left and the 'Cats trailing one point and - having possession of the ball were charged with a technical foul which gave Minden a free throw and possession of the ball. This miscue gave the Tide a three point margin. The 'Cats made a desperate try, but all they could muster was two points. The final score was Minden-78, Ruston-77. bl BASKETBALL JOHN PORTER, Sr. JERRY HOOD, Jr. DON WILDER, Sr. CHARLES YOUNGBLOOD, Sr Forward Center Guard Guard All-District All-District Second String Coach's Award Third String All-State All-State Ail-District Bobby James Rebound Trophy Memorial Award DI TTRICT CHAMP , 1960 For the second straight year the Bearcat Roundballers had a very successful year, finishing the season with a very respectable T7-6 record. Under the leader- ship of Coach Denman Garner the Bearcat Roundballers walked off with the District Championship and with the Oil Belt Tournament Championship in EI Dorado, Arkansas. In district standings the 'Cats had a 5-T record. Their only loss coming at the hands of the Jonesboro Tigers, whom they had defeated three times previously. FRED COLVIN, Sr. DON TOWNSEND, Sr. ROBERT BRETZ, Jr. CHARLES SHUFFIELD, Soph. Forward Guard Forward Center BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Cleft to rightj: Charles Frazier, Jacky Floyd, Curtis Crowell, Leon Barmore, Pete Larance. BACK ROW Cleft To righfl: Tommy Kolb, Billy Weafhersby, Lawson Swearingen, Charles Anderson, Bill Higgs. F T URE VARSITY FRONT ROW Cleft To rightjz J. S. Donnahoe, Donny Oxford, Jimmy Siokes, Edwin Koss, J. W. Foster, Donnie Edminsion, Jerry Waltman. BACK ROW Cleft to rightjz Troy Biscomb, Tommy Ford, Bob Holliday, Carroll Cathey, Earl Bump, Jackson Thigpen, Alan Tufen, manager, Coach Bobby Campbell. 3 2 E W V --U - ,-v.----,,---, ,...........1.,H--wma.-fzwnwmm mw Hail to The glorious spring when every living Thing Takes on new life! Slu- clents burst forth with vim and vigor, e n T h U s i a s- Tically completing The schedule of The year. SPRING Sophomores Organizalions Track 55 Grateful that our freshman year is history, the sophomores are the most important group in school, we know. We are going to be the most as iuniors too. Byron Lee Linda Wright Reba Wright Beth Young i SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS .S b'l Ed d . . . ' ' MTS Y I mun S Mr. Jack L. Harper Miss Maggie Hinton Mrs J E Mltcham SOPHOMORES Katie Abegg Alfred Allen John Andrulot Mary Grace Atkins Emual Audrisch Leon Barmore Tony Baskin Eddie Joe Baxter Martha Kay Belton Jesse Bennet Johnny Black James Bozeman Penny Brooks James Bryant Velsa Bryan Sandra Burch Mike Capshaw Jennifer Cargill Douglas Carmaclc Harrell Chandler Gregory Chapman Andy Clark Shirley Colvin Kenneth Cooke Bill Davidson Jim Davis Mike DuBose Roy Echols OPI-IO ORE Patricia Ezell Alton Fallin Donna Fernholz Charles H. Frazier Gloria Woods Frazier Thomas Charles Frazier Loyce Garrett Frank Gerig Jo Ann Ginn Eddie Grafton Dan-ny Gray Billy Green Rene Hancock Jimmy Hanna Evelyn Hanson Charlotte Henderson Wallace Herbert Annette Hightower Shirley Hill Jean Holtzclaw eil 2 E117 it-.fmgmt - W- S is : f'l'z'H5li:H.'?:1'a2H'QM-'r,' . 'a"e5f:s1'f's?V?: fi: Q 5 V 't"t'i-:'Z': " ' ' 554' -w 5 agagrxmfi' ' '-2 si? . 2 r " 'fs : ff. EE 2922552152 S'i13Y'4S'fi'li' - Q if 22? - ' - . X gang? me? 92,f"mff.fz2'Efiii3 m iter 5 ' l iiiifiilf 9 , Y 9 . A x Q. Q fl x. fe gf X wr H 15, J K ia E 6 fiiafiieg Ea E i 352W 8 gs eg g ' ac'-1 X t , l if .if l lil . I M3453 W W Katherine Hood Albert Humphries Deward Jackson Billy Jarmon Douglas Jenkins Tommy Jenkins David Jones Sandra Johnson SOPHOMORES Fredrica Lee Mary Esther Lewis Toni Liner Jimmy Lowery Jackie Matthews Darien McKenzie Tommy Meek Glenda Mitchell Elizabeth Mooney Mary Darden Mooney Carolyn Morgan George Norris Mary Norris Judy Odom Wayne Oxford Tommy Parker Jerry Parr Faye L. Pilley Carolyn Pratt Elvis Pylant 'W'mwM19m'hWWfWi'l"il'- ZWMW SOPI-IOMORES Peggy Roberts Janice Robinson Whit Rogers Paul Rogers Merry Rostron Charles Shuffield Rebecca Simmons Katherine Skinner Leroy Skipper Jody Slaton George Small Johnny Smith Gerald Snipe James Stewart Johnny Strickland Lawson Swearingen Louise Temple Tommy Thomas Jeanette Traylor Roy Wade as Mary Walker Wilma Walker Carolyn Watts Margaret Weas Billy Weathersby Linda Sue Wheatly Patricia Wilkes Shelia Williamson QMAKER 4' OX Ns S O O 41? ' x7 3' ' K 2 70 5 , 1 'EG 5 Be L gf 4 0 Y-xo NEW Yi NATIONAL HONOR SOCEETY S i ? " l -- 3 " 5 W A S i N 1 i ' a t l lll l l fx i V . , - : Q W l l LW 1 l.L,,4 f 6, aa X4 A 'Tig 4 Q:a . ! N5 l ,f aft' I l 6 ' llloqxmflolvqe T " 2 . f03'3li?'.I ASX lik -fr-, 14, change Membership in organizations affords valuable ex- periences. Good leadership training and much whole- some recreation are products of club activities. RIZESUMIE. TAFE The Resume staff begins early in the Tall To plan The book. A Theme must be chosen and the cover must be designed. Many hours ot work go into The layout and organization of The Resume. The loook is planned to be a lasting memory of your 1959-1960 high school days. Vici Jones and Patsy Jones check pictures for the 1960 Resume. MISS RUTH JOHNSON VICI JONES PATSY JONES MARY HELEN LOVE Advisor Editor Asst. Editor Business Editor JUNE MCKNEELY PATRICIA JONES CARLEE LANGFORD KAY NORRIS ASSY- BUSin9SS ECliTOf Asst. Business Editor Asst. Business Editor Senior Class Editor I I l RESTQME STAFF 5 Q ELIZABETH EMMONS VICKY BUMP KAY RISER SHARON MOORE MARY B. KIRKLAND Sr. Class Editor Jr. Class Editor Jr. Class Editor Soph, Class Editor Fr. Class Editor MICHEALA WELLS LYNDA BROOKS CAROL HOLSTEAD CHERRY PRATT CAROL BURKHALTER Fr. Class Editor Fr. Class Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor BETTY MADDEN DOT WATT NANCY GARRlSON JIMMY FALLIN SAMMY RISER Organizations Organizations Organizations Boys' Sports Boys' Sports ELAINE BARNES LINDA JONES DOTTIE ROSTRON KAY DEFREESE ROBBIE A- Vvll-l-ARD Girls' Sports Girls' Sports Snapshots Snapshots 5naP5l10l5 ATIOM 'AL HO- OR OCIETY 5'v President - Cherry Pratt, Vice-President - Betty Madden, Secretary-Treasurer -- June McKneely. Charles Anderson, Peggy Brooks, Nancy Byrd, Maria Colvin, Elizabeth Emmons, Mary Fowler, Nancy Garrison, Van Max Hays, Gail Hestbeck, Martha Hood, Doris Jiles, Linda Jones, Patsy Jones, Linda Kavanaugh, Betty Koss, Carlee Langford, Mary Helen Love, Betty Madden, Kathy McBride, June McKneely, Cherry Pratt, William Reader, Dorothy Rostron, Mary Lynn Shelor, James Spencer, Joel Telling- huisen, Dot Watt, Clifton Whalen, Robbie Anne Willard, Deloria Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert. TUDE T COU CIL yy The 'I959-60 Ruston High School Student Council, under the leadership of its officers and sponsor, Mrs. L. J. Garrett, had a very successful year. Planning began last summer for the year's activities. The football program was completed and taken to the printer early in June. It had more advertising, more pictures, and more pages than ever before. The council was quite active the first week of school in a freshman orientation program. "Ask Me" tags were worn by all representatives who worked hard to answer the countless questions of "lost" freshmen. Plans for Homecoming began the latter part of July when the theme, "A Terrific Twenty at RHS" was selected. This project could be termed successful because more grads were present than at any other previous year. Bearcat Booster tags, sold by the council, were proudly worn by 500 students during the entire week. The Student Directory was in the planning stages the first months of school. Completed by the end of the first semester, it contained the names, addresses, an-cl phone numbers of 575 students and faculty members. As Christmas holidays drew near, the Student Council laid plans for its annual Good Cheer Drive. Coach Phillips', Mr. Belisle's, Coach Camp- bell's, Coach Higginbotham's and Miss Lewis' first hour classes collected the most cans to lead in the contest. The grand total amounted to 2180 cans, exactly twice as many as last year. The largest and probably most successful proiect the council undertook this year was setting up the Ruston High School Code of Honor. The first step made by the council, after getting the whole-hearted support of Mr. Hanchey and the faculty, was presenting a questionnaire to the student body to find out if there was a need for a Code of Honor in our school. From the answers given we saw that a thing of this type could be useful. These ideas were presented on Student Teacher Day in an assembly program. Some most cooperative teachers gave the student body an opportunity "to see themselves as others see them." The skit was follgwed wifh serious Speeches abouf The problems given by Sfudem. COUl'1Cll fTt6TTtbEI'S. Affel' the assembly The RUSTOFI High School COCle of Honor Wag Written, printed gn Wallet-gized C3fd5, and 3 Copy was given tc? leivery student. At this time he was given the opportunity to pledge himself to full cooperation with the Council in carrying out the Code o onor. Collecting clothing for needy children of the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky, sponsored by Save the Children Foundation, was a proiect the Student Council participated in at the end of the year. Student Council Election, held the latter part of April, was the last proiect of the year. The winner was the "Peanuts" ticket, headed by Joel Tellinghuisen. Much is expected of this capable group. Masai President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arms JOHN PORTER EDWIN DAVIS ELIZABETH EMMONS KAY DEFREESE SAMMY RISER WALLACE MARTIN 75 TUDE T COUNCIL The Ruston High School Code of Honor was displayed in the halls on the bulletin board made by Mr. Belisle and the Industrial Arts classes Ruston High School Code of Honor mfg' s w ioooii . T l Cover of the Code ot Honor designed by Michaela Wells. Mf'iff.. These familiar and welcome tags were bright spots to bewildered freshmen the 'first week in September. 76 As a student of RHS, I, mm, in order to improve the qualities of my personal life and those of my school, will endeavor: 1. To establish a character built upon honesty, intelligence, and dependability. 2. To show respect for my teachers and fellow students, and myself. 3. To do my part in taking care of school property and showing respect for the belongings of others. 4. To conduct myself in a proper manner in the everyday life of my school as well as at its social and athletic events. 5. To build lasting friendships by practicing unselfish- ness and loyalty. 6. To show Christian principles in the many phases of my school life, as well as in my family life. This wallet-size card was presented to each student in school. S I ' 'LZ .rffkfwirili '71-is , k If -esyw are Aim W .. t lJ3i,if,,,, 3, 2 - - h . lflll'l"g.:.',Qlvii2, gf " l ' I ' I- , 3.-H ':l7'L7." A ,M '-.5 f""'7lLii ,,,, 1- V I .. 42 we i fsswfftl i3, W .Lf . l ""' 1 Dial RHS. TUDE T COUNCIL u it 1 r i i S., i -I gl 1 .ss - V tv V 3 f , , 1, ,sw Jsxizsyn in - if g f-f-ef 'QQ N :fs S, ,V , msg , s g - . g ,Z 5. i q ,, is m e 2 -I M7331 fy wffefiffa' 7 -'L Efifsfii? -f m i -15. it ig 5 i A 1524" W i f if if A 'fig W W! -' Q 1 QW W . stag- ff- ww? ' 5 i 1 ag ilu tzpfq 2- - , Y f ' i z i , w it WN 1 i if . 1 F i t at F 1 gi 3 . -,.A r '- H ' ' 'i , , . A spot for a cool drink, doiminoes, ping-pong, or cards. Only one of these could be president. ? Making others happy at Christmas was an easy way to get John Porter addresses the student body in the capacity of student the Christmas spirit. body president. The one we really wanted was lost at Baton Rouge. CIE CE CLUB FIRST: Merry Rostron, Louise Temple, Gail Hestbeck, Nancy Byrd, Sharon Moore, Dottie Rostron, Donna FernhOlZ, JBFIG-T Fiehlef- SECOND: William Green, Mr. T. E. Stewart, sponsor: James Stewart, Woodrow Chew, Bill Higgs, Jimmy Kitchens. E UT RE HOMEMAKER OF AMERIC FIRST ROW: W SECOND ROW: Glenda Parker, Linda Kay Taylor, Imogene Mitchell, Cooke. THIRD ROW: Judy Brothers, Shirley Turner, Frances Ruth Andrews, Kay Riser. FOURTH ROW: Glenda Kees, Shirley Colvin, Minnie Gullet, Katherine Margaret Sue Weas, FIFTH ROW: Sarah Wilson, Patsy Garner, Patsy Davison, Linda Coplen, aynette Liner, Mary Ellen Blackwell, Patsy Jones, June McKneely, Nancy Garrison, Patricia Wilks, Janice Lyles, Mary Fowler. Deloria Wilson, Lanell Tolar, Ethlyn Wilson, Linda Lou Watson, Betty Katherine Hood, Mary Lou Johnson, Virginia Liner, Eudora Thomas, Skinner, Mary Norris, Nancy Padgett, Teena Ebert, Billy Jean Atkins, Beth Young, Miss Saunders, Mrs. Cook. Qhlmtfk, 1 ..,.,E, Wh 410 ,X x NEW rl' 78 ,boil 'o, 5 ll isfmfag' SP1 'Y 11? THE CHATTERBOX EDITORIAL STAFF This staff was spon- sored by Miss Charlotte Lewis and headed by Nancy Colodny. The Chatterbox is a school paper published monthly during the school term. The editorial staff is in charge of writing the paper. SDH vt- 0 Ss 19 5 'l fl IBZI 'L 5 4' x JJ' 05 A 5 S B9 Pat Shows, Nancy Byrd, Nancy Coloclny, Linda Coplen, Janet Feihler, Rodney Driggers, Jerry Skinner, Mary Ellen Voitier, Kay Riser, Carol Sue Hicks. The Chatterbox BUSINESS STAFF The Business Statt, sponsored by Miss Mag- gie Hinton and headed by Linda Kavanough, dis- tributes the paper and handles the advertise- ments, Vicke Bump, Rebecca Gay, Reba Wright, Patsy Jones, Linda Kavanaugh, Gail Hestbeck, Janet Sheppard, Kay Norris, Miss M. Hinton, Betty Madden. 79 A 4 .1 X Q' f R as ri at H Q ,L wma mfg SE , f Uig ifisiii-fv4"Es , N gs? 3 ysx Q? gfY:'T's:f'i: T : rugs? .. , . . . i Y5 .'3'.'. . .I . , 5' A a s L' 'ffsgg2sfzrfQ.m ,w Sw.-fsw c sf-t W-,f...,..s,.i..., ,a .V 8 fwsg RL' T OX HIGH CHOOL PEPETTE The Ruston High School Pep- ettes is a voluntary organization composed of high school girls. Each girl must maintain a 2.0 average to participate. These girls plan pep meetings, make posters and tags, and attend all athletic events. ln addition to the march- ing squad there are six cheer- leaders and four maiorettes. 80 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARIA COLVIN ELIZABETH EMMONS DOT WATT VICI JONES MAJGRETTE Linda Jones Carlee Langford Betty Madden Kay Norris Peggy Williamson Cherry Pratt Mary Helen Love Kay Defreese Loyce Garrett Carol Burkhalter Head Cheerleader IN MEMORIAM F LRTURE FARMER OF AIVIERIC FIRST ROW: Willis Boddie, Frazier Bratton, R. B. Williams, Jim Frazier, Lamar Oxford, J. B. Jenkins, Tommy Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Raymond Snipe, Larry Nolan, Raymond Lee Snipe, Elvis Pylant, Walter Hogan, Ronnie Bell, Bud Richardson, Felix Chlastak THIRD ROW: Paul Rogers, Kenneth Monroe, Jimmy Wall, Don Lazarus, James White, Robert Mahaffey, Albert Humphries, Gene Brewster, Ralph Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Martin, Harlson Forbes, Thomas Hays, Fred Pee, Wayne Howard, Wayne Martin, Joe Stephenson, Raymond Duke, Jimmy Hanna. ,f it 0 "b1f O gsm Agn ilk -4, -, u o - Q- flcudo MISS LOYCE GARRETT F.F.A. Sweetheart PARLIAMENTARY LAW TEAM OF I959-T960 FIRST ROW: Frazier Bratton, Jim Frazier, R. B. Williams, Don Lazarus, J. B. Jenkins, Tommy Jenkins SECOND ROW: Mr. Martin, Thomas Hays, Willis Boddie, Jimmy Wall, Fred Pee, Lamar Oxford. 83 I Usfro HIGH -H SENIOR 4-H MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Linda Coplen, Betty Mahaffey, Deanne Floyd, Dottie Rostron, Betty Koss, Mary Fowler. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Fowler, Lanelle Tolar, Betty Berryman, Amelia Faulk, Linda Kavanaugh, Elaine Barnes. THIRD ROW: Thomas Hays, David Bell, Rodney Driggers, Jimmy Wall, Sue Burnham, Mary Lynn Shelor. JUNIOR 4-H MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Richard Lee, Imogene Mitchell, Teena Ebert, Shirley Martin, Kathy McBride, Molly Richardson, Lana Moore, Peggy Williamson. SECOND ROW: Allen Carpenter, Jackie Floyd, Joel Larance, Linda Barnes, Stephanie Hearn, Ann Hood, Bobbye Boyd, Kay Riser, Ann Temple, Sharon Swearingen, Sue Elliot. THIRD ROW: Robert Bretz, Ray Aycock, Billy Rives, Ronny Jackson, Jimmy Nobles, Neal McFadden, Larry Taylor, Mike Payne, Sylvia Moody, Edith Cowan, Nan Hood, Billie Ann Knight, R. B. Williams. FOURTHYROW: Charles Kell , Pete Larance, William Barnette, Paul Richardson, Tommy Larance, Mary Ellen Voitier. Y FIFTH ROW: Marvin Holloway, Jimmy Gallagher, Jackie Rockhold, Dewell Gandy, Alice Pesnell, Jo Ann Price, Judy Dunnahoe, Pat Chandler. SOPHOMORE 4-H OFFICERS FRESHMAN 4-H OFFICERS President- PEGGY ROBERTS President-J. W. FOSTER Vice-Presiolent- BILLY GREEN Vice-President-CHERYL MOODY Secretary-Treasurer - LYNDA WRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer - MIKE WELLS 84 DEBATE CLUB FIRST ROW: Bobby Sims, Loyce Garrett, Sandra Aycock, Mary T. Hendershot, Mary Fowler, Nancy Colodny, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lewis, Charles Lewis, Doug Jenkins, Minnie Lou Ritter, Donna Afeman, Lynda Brooks, Sydney Aaron. THIRD ROW: Fredrica Lee, Penny Brooks, Melinda Allen. KILL 81 CROLL OCIETY FIRST ROW: Dot Watt, Nancy Byrd, Nancy Colodny, Carlee Langford, Pat Shows, Carol Holstead, Betty Madden, Kay Norris, Mary Helen Love, Cherry Pratt, Elizabeth Emmons. SECOND ROW: Linda Jones, Deanne Floyd, Kay Defreese, Sharon Moore, Dottie Rostron, June McKneely, Carol Burkhalter, Carol Sue Hicks, Pat Brennan, Linda Kavanaugh, Elaine Barnes, Jimmy Fallin, Vici Jones. THIRD ROW: Marsha Mabry, Alumnae: Mr. A. J. Colodny, Guest Speaker: Mr. R. G. Hanchey, Principal: Mr. Morelle Emmons, Superintendent of Lincoln Parish Schools: Miss Ruth Johnson, Sponsor: Miss Charlotte Lewis, Sponsor. qwrznm,-.tioNAL IH 85 PAT SHOWS DON HAMMONDS President Vice-President MR. EARVIN RYLAND Sponsor RUSTO HIGH CHOOL KEY CL B RONNY GRAHAM SAMMY RISER Secretary Treasurer The Ruston High School Key Club is a civic organization sponsored by the Ruston Kiwanis Club. The Key Club's many activities include painting the tennis courts, the annual Stunt Night, a banquet for school leaders, and a Key Club party in the summer. The Key Club also main- tains a school directory in the lobby ot Ruston High. Dwight Anderson Ray Aycock Jerry Barnette Tony Baskin Robert Bretz 86 Roy G. Bryan Allen Carpenfer Andy Clark Fred Colvin Edwin Davis Jimmy Fallin Dewell Ray Gandy Van Max Hays Jerry Hood Richard Lee Johnny Perriff John Porter Robert E. Puddy Paul Richardson Billy Rives Larry Taylor Joel Tellinghuisen Don Townsend Charles Shuffield Don Wilder LIBRARY CL B FIRST ROW, left to right: Johanna Andrews, Billie Ann Knight, Linda Carter, Betty Koss, Andrea Farley, Doris Jiles. SECOND ROW, left to right: Miss Alice Griffin, Ann Savell, Becky Beckham, Deane Frazier, Audrey Hollingsworth, Bonnie Andrews, Bettye Hollingsworth, Sherry Williamson, Betty Berryman. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in literature and library work. ' .J Books are Keys to wisdom's treasures, Books are gates to lands of pleasures, l Books are paths that upward lead, Books are friends, come, let us read! flffr xx NN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer High and Part, Reporter BETTY KOSS DORIS JILES ANDREA FARLEY JOHANNA ANDREWS LINDA CARTER BILLIE KNIGHT 88 2 E 9: 3 i E E A 4 Q 3 s 5 K E 5 5 f , W . A f -WM nfmmMW,-,fffwmfwmw4p,M,-,Awww ww-+2-..s,...,:w1aensswmxfsvzza:zvx2eamrswma1ff:'fv1amw.M. "WWM1wwm,,mww.'x:e!s1GaeuMm,:WTT..QLix:JwNffS 1960 DISTRICT 2-AA CHAMPIONS For the first time in five years the Bearcat Tracksters went to a state meet and were defeated. Nevertheless, the 'Cats made a very fine show- ing throughout the season. ln the Byrd Relays the Bearcats placed third behind powerful Byrd and Sulfur, both AAA teams. Following that they entered the Northwestern Relays and walked off with top honors. Then in their own backyard at James Field the 'Cats took first place in the Ruston Invitational track rneet. These boys worked hard beginning in September running cross-country to get in shape for the track season. They shaped themselves into a team that any school would be proud to call its own. In the District 2-AA track meet, held at Louisiana Tech stadium, the Bearcats took first place, gaining the opportunity to attend State at Baton Rouge. The track team, Pepettes, and Band journeyed southward to the track meet. Though disappointed at losing the crown, we were proud of the Bearcats, especially the Mile Relay team. Better Luck to the 'Cats of 1961. Edwin Davis is undoubtedly one of the best quarter men to ever run on the Ruston High School track team. His per- severance and leadership in September was the force that shaped the track team we had in March, April, and May. Edwin holds the state Mi mile record with a 49.5 MILE RELAY TEAM Undefeated, composed of John Porter, Jim Frazier, Woody Chew, and Edwin Davis. This team took first in every track meet it entered. It beat AAA state cham- pion, Byrd's team the first time in many years. Allen Carpenter, a iunior that did more than his share this season, and is on his way to being one of the finest if not the finest hurdler in the state. In district 2-AA he took first in both the low and high hurdles. He has the making of a very fine trackster. .sl 5 in 'SM , w w is '- : , W V 'lie 6 W K Ki . A M. f :sig I ,greg min 153 .2 Sv' f ,, ,W 5 5 . ' , ' .,,,. ' if 1 1 .. " 7' 'ff , ILL: 4- My '75, f i' if' ' f H - Q- y A K 5 A 5, . 5, I I ,-5531-5:-4,1' VK .f:5:,:5i '- ,Wik ' fi, Q ' 'Y' .W -f5f"3If, '.. l-4'ff.f :V .f QWFQW , ry ,ix ' viii . M . - V, fy 1 , iq: , ffuj ..-::Q :f :', - 'fig f W5 . . N w ,M 1-,r'i,- ,, . at - . 432. K , - M L1 f ' ug , y 3? f A . 'iii' Z 1 , Givfgbzfz " I' 5 K ' . gs A iffzgq, M J V gum f1-v ,, 1L'1 ww' w-my-u -wmv mnwmar This class is The nevvesT. They have experienced The Thrills of enTering high school, joining clubs, supporTing The BearcaTs, and becoming members of The RHS communiTy. NexT year, They will no longer be The youngesT, There will be a new class of freshmen To Take Their places. FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Sophia Cook Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilbert Mr. Fred .Higginbotham Mr. H. E. Blelisle Mr. Bobby Campbell Linda Faye Bowlin Karen Bracken Clyde Brasseal Pamela Brewster Lynda Brooks Artie Brown James D. Brown Fay Bruner Buddy Bump Nelda Burnham Mymie Caldwell Gayle Carter Carroll R. Cathey Craig Clark Linda Clary FRESI-IMEN Len Aaron Donna Afeman Diane Alexander Russell Alexander Melinda Allen Julie Anderson Bonnie Andrews Sandra Aycock Becky Beckham Ronnie Bell Kathleen Bennelf W. Troy Biscomb Ricky Bla-cksiock Quincy Blanton Paul Bonner ihgyvezwsewmwavz , J, Dunnahoe Brandon Durden Donnie Edmiston Eddie Edwards Johnny Emanus Tommy Ford J. VV. Foster Gary Franklin Kenneth Franklin Linda Franklin Diane Frazier Denny Garner Sarah Glasgow Jomes Gouedy Wayne Gray FRESHMEN Jill Colodny Gwendolyn Cooper Gwenette Cooper Sherry Ann Corley Gayle Crowell Gayle Culpepper Don Davis Donnie Dean Linda DeFreese Jimmy DeMoss Jimmy Dodds JoAnne Driskill Camille Duchesne Sharon Duddy Raymond Duke Ricki Jo Hood Linda Howard Wesley Irby Bobby Jefcoat Alta Jimmerson Carol An-n Johnson Lawrence Johnson Angela Jones Donna Kaspar Linda Kemp Linda King Dorthy Kirby Mary Belle Kirkland Phillip Kitchens Edwin Koss FRESHMEN Sand-ra Grigsby Jerrell Hanson Linda Ann Harrell James Hatch Margie Hays Shirley Hays Thomas Hebing Diane Henry Kathleen Higgs Chester Hilburn Gwendolyn Hinton Mariion Hinton Bob Holiday Audrey Hollingsworth Johnny Hollis f s - I -- 1 Cheryl Moody Jimmy Moore Joel Nolan Larry Nolan Kathy Ormond Donnie Oxford Ronnie Payton Buzz Post LaNeTTe Pruett Bill Ragsolale Linda Reader Sammy Richardson Johnny Richmond Donald Rocket! Charles Rogers FRESHMEN Joyce lairsce' Jean LaRue Phil Lawson Charloite Ledford Jeni-Su Lee Linda Lee Charles Lewis Rosemary Loria Eric Mahaffey Jimmy R. Martin John D. Marlin Wayne Mariin Marsha Mathewes Darlene Mlfchell Barry Mobley Joe Stephenson Curtis Stewart Jimmy Stokes Gregory Stone Bryan Storey Linda Strickland Margaret Ann Sumrall Diane Taylor Jim Tait Brodie Telford Jackson Thigpen Allen Tuten Vicky Van Hooser Bob Wallace Jerry Waltman FRESHMEN Eddie Rundell Sandra Sanderson Ann Savell Sandra Selle Anita Frances Shadow Laural Sharp Dorothy Skinner Mike Small Charlotte Smith Edna Rae Smith Jimmy Smith Richard Smith Raymond Snipe Raymond L. Snipe Barbara Solomon , pm-1-.-M.,-m Faye, - . , ., .. 1, ., ww1,..g,.s,..wawfa-:wr'aw www-n:,ww.:m:-was-:mam Were you there when - He said, "Eighth graders next." Bonita Worsharn David Wright Rozan-ne Wylie Picture Not Available Mary Aliene Atkins Anita Benson Becky Boswell Carol Harmon Johnny Johnson Connie Monroe Rita Pee my N, Joyce Pyles Gayle Smith Jimmy Smith Ellen Snow Vernon Stevens Dorothy Venable FRESHMEN Michaela Wells Marianna Whitlock Claudia Williamson Tommy Wilson Billy Works X XI III I EA B xg' 5 3 Cf I ,221 II 5 fg WW I CLASS FAVORITES CLASS BEAUTIES WHO'S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS ,N-...-L. N 'lf--' L. 4 if ggi Au- -.x ,,....--,Nh :ng 'k 6 4 E 'lgygu 1. --, ..w:sZ?-fin ,if . Vg L.. 1 "' if'.fLAe43.5- vv ': fi- f-if-2' ' .,,... ENIOR BEAUT CAROL BURKHALTER SENIOR BEAUTY Q Q, N E! Q Q if 2 if 5 523 754 SQ 55 3 2 3 333 x 3 is I E 5 5? HE 2 gs E 4 5 mmm Qs Q F 5 2 se E 5 P E S S 5 1 5, ?i s 2 5 E 1 E ? S g. E 3 SENIOR MOST HANDSOME f ff?ff i , 'Lf 'ff JUNIOR BEAUTY NAN HOOD SOPHOMORE MOST HANDSOME TOMMY KOLB I07 2 3 5 ik 3 X 1 Q S w Q Q 3 fi Q 3 E Q E fi 2 S K Q x S X 3 SOPHOMORE BEAUTY CAROLYN PRATT FRESHMAN MOST H ALLEN TUTEN MAN BE DOT KIRBY SENIOR FAVORITES E1 eil IQ is 5, Q 2 S IZ is 5: 1? 12 I if ss IE I If an R? DAVID BELL JUNE MCKNEELY I I I JUNIOR FAVORITES KATHY MCBRIDE JIM FRASIER S :Q K if 2 5 i X i E 4 .- Q 5 2 x F RESHMAN FAVORITES MOST COURTEOUS Vici Jones Sammy Riser MOST TALENTED Nancy Byrd"'L" Don Townsend lI5 MOST DEPENDABLE Vici Jones Sammy Riser II6 I MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Byrd"Q" Fred Colvin WITTIEST Kay De Freese David Bell MOST INTELLIGENT Carlee Langford James Spencer II7 BEST LEADERS Cherry Pratt John Porter SENIOR WHCYS WH MOST ATHLETIC Lynda Lawrence Par Shows MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Maria Colvin .J fs-'ii Edwin Davis SENIOR WHOIS WHO MOST FRIENDLY June McKneeIy Wallace Martin I 9 MOST SOPHISTICATED Sandra Chandler Don Hammon SENI I20 MOST ATTRACTIVE Mary Helen Love John Porter MOST ENERGETIC Dot Watt Edwin Davis BEST ALL-AROUND Cherry Pratt Wallace Martin I2i Q. Je 8 THE CHATTERBOX Thursday, Moy l2, 1960 Lt' "" Phe 1 -.-- n lrs- v f 2' still?-i ci ": i , labl gtg 7'.' li f ' '- 't rw ' .', W ' Q ,V ty ig T , , 9lPf g rex , tlll- fi T -H it of ..,... . H .f a .1 1 ' 12,1 'sig . x , ' . My fy--mam. M I mae., he 'Q my , fi 2, t it 5 if f ref sift? 1 ' 3 if Q fi f tits gs El Q 4 gy ,psp 71 ir! . a,,, 1-.RM t as ,KL 19 UI n 11 . 50Ci' 2 Soc'ety Cherry Pratt leads initiates in H ' S ne i lilly pdogram last week. xcial I 0 r - nitrates 20 iff- ashman Adwses , ' th' The National Honor Society wel- WUL . L T S d comed 20 students into membership an 'I i 0 y last week: Nancy Byrd, Linda Lou gif I l of all, don't make it harder than it Kavan-Hugh, Lind-2 JOHS, lfary 9 ' . '," Hel Love, Betty oss, ary ynn COT llgh is . Sheloqr Deloria Wilson James mm , was He had already decided before ' ' ave 9- -. , idson, Naiicv Padgett. Glenda was fsmoihell. lssue .mElt. Several Rrightows solution tn the kind of s, . - 9 fhlf i960 HONOR GRADUATES ' - SEATED: Carlee Langford, Betty Kirk, Cherry Pratt, If Mary DeViIbiss, Betty Koss, Elizabeth Emmons, Mary H JI' re you IJICICID one of those people who ty earnestly the science of los- tonnage? Have you plowed iugh such works as "Eat All Want but Lose Anyway" or xy Slim Without a Tapewormf' you nibble on Helps and Outline id? so, you have probably dis- 2re':1 how inadequate these com- ated tgods are, and you as fam ever - alas, still ' ' U e f olnr iuiicii iiuui. ooimy mepiieuson said that someone should nail some walls on the bicycle shed. Mary Nell Works wrote that the attitude of the students toward most of the teachers should be more con- sfderate. Elizabeth Emmons would like to change those people who don't care about studying and are not taking advantage of the opportun- ities offered at RHS. The attitude that it you date one boy about twice, everyone assumes that you ' e v be chang- ,V Mary Fowler, Nancy Byrd, f. elen Love. I d Y schools in the country." The Techster has maintained his "B" average since leaving high school but finds it is a hard job. "When l was in high school, I made good grades without doing too much studying, but when a person gets to college, he has to study continually in order to keep up his grade." Budget Time Dave's advice to incoming fresh- men is to "learn how to budget your time, don't take on too many coming to Tech not to join any clubs or organizations except church until his sophomore year. "1 feel by then I will have gotten used to the change, and I'll be more established." Sang in Choir While attending Passaic High School, Dave participated in the choir for three years, was on the football team, track team, and baseball team tor two years. l-lc was also on the annual statt. "Do not expect your teachers in college to treat you as an individ- ual. When you are hearing a lec- ture, you are expected to get it then and there and not as in high school, when the teacher went slow enough for you to get every word," commented the freshman, Spencer. Charles Anderson, Nancy Garri- son, Van Max Hays, Gail Hestbeck. Peggy Brooks, Martha Hood, Doris Jiles, Patsy Jones, Kathy McBride, Joel Tellinghuisen, Clifton Whalen and Robbie Anne Willard. A freshman ensemble, composed of 18 students, presented "O God Creator Blest," after which Betty Madden gave a brief history and the purposes of the nation-Wide or- ganization. Character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service, the four princi- ples of the society, were reviewed by Maria Colvin, Carlee Langford, Elizabeth Emmons, and Dot Watt, respectively. Principal R. G. Hanchey present- ed the candidates, and Cherry Pratt administered the pledge. The singing of the Alma Mater, led by lu he ro am. ew., . s ...M Www... . t ' fr ,gsritl g "lf the eey ene rhe nrehr nre sueh :her yeu ereer there vrrlh rey, end 5, s M llfe emits cl Fragrance lllse llowers and sweet-Scented herbs, is more elostlc, 5, reere slerry, rnere lrnrnerrel,-rhet rs yeur sueeessf' 4 , Henry oevze Thereeu . is ,S . K, M ' Preeesslenel-"Perne and Circumstonceu March ...,. eleer , .gk Ruston Hreh seheel Bene l T , lnveeerlen , . . . ,... Rev, H. E, Henderson ' A , Pesler,seuthslrle Eeerlsrchureh e 54 LQ ' - 'flarernel l.lfe" ..., . . , . , , Duneenesrlelsler r 3 "You'Il Never welll Alone" . .,r.... . Reegers-Henrrnersreln - V Ruston High School cherr l ? 6 "Three lzllrnenslens efnleuneenr Llyzneff , , , Mary Helen Love , . . - .5 Q . Agn "The Economic Angle" ,. ...,.... Nancy Eyrd ' r "The seelel Aspect" . .. . , . Mary Arelsrlne Fowler "The lzellgaeus View" . . . . . , Cherry Pratt s y K Avrerds Aweralne of Diplomas ...,..,........,.., Merelle Emmons Superintendent, Lincoln Parish Schools "Alma Meter" e t lsenerllenen ......r................ Rev. l-l. E. Henderson Reeesslerrel-"wer March at the Priests" .....r Mendelssohn Vol. XLI-No. 8 Ruston High School, Ru5'D"Hl9i'5c'm'BQ"d Letters, Medals, Trophies Presented in Assembly Forty-eight students of RHS were recognized for outstanding work in scholastic and extra-curricular ac- tivities at the annual awards day assembly held recently. After Mrs. Edna Earle Kava- naugh had briefly explained the point system by which letters are awarded, Mr. Hanchey presented letters to the following students: Barry Afeman, Chuck Anderson, Frances Ann Andrews, Johanna Andrews, Mary Ellen Blackwell, Peggy Brooks, Linda Carter, Pat warded to John Porter, Fred Col- vin, Charles Youngblood, Don Townsend, and Don Wilder. Jerry Hood received a certificate for being chosen by the coaches to be a member of the All State basket- ball team and also for being the highest scorer, averaging 20 points per game. Students who took part in the North Louisiana Literary Rally were also commended by Mr. Peo- ples. nano ulrecror Guest Conductor At Parish Clinic As guest conductor of the annual Franklin Parish music festival, Mr. Oscar Barnes directed the 80- Diece all parish band at Winns- boro recently. The festival was a type of clinic, in which students tried to learn all fheyggould in two days, The best bandsters from units all over the parish were invited to attend the clinic. On Thursday and Friday Mr, Barnes rehearsed the group to Pre. -L , e n l.l-..--. f1---l---1- T- I - l SEN! shrrley Meye Aneersen Vlvlan Elaine Barnes wrlhern oevre aernene oen leetsen laeeslev Jehn Devra lzell laeny Leu lserryrnen wrlhs veune laeaere Perrrere Ann lzrenrren any olynn Bryen cerel rrenees aurlshelrer vrrelnze sue surnhern -Neney ayre senere levee cleeneler weeerew wrlsen chew oevle currrs cele Neney Penh celeeny Free vreree celvln auley Merle celvrn Retrerr cleuue ceels wrllzern aeeerlsen Cook, Jr. Lrnee lrene ceelen oeeree Arlren nevresen Persy sue Devresen Bllly Rey Duvis lernes :earn oevls Jennny Lerey oefreese Mershe Key oerreese 'Mery evvynne oevrlelss lzeelney Lernen orrggers lernes Perrrelr nueeen Robert Marvin Ellis, Jr. 'Merrne slrreeelh ernrnens lrnsrsry lzey Fellln Amelia Josephine Fnulk Jenree Merle Fereusen Lrllren menne rleye 'Mery Arelstlne Fewler oererhy Leulse Fevrler wrllrern oevlel Frenlrlrn Persy Ann oerner leseeln lzlehera elessrevv seeeeer N. Green oenele Gene Hernrnun lehnny any Hernrnens Lory William Hummer, Jr. Telrneee wllllern Hensen Themes wrlsen Heys senelre Jene Heneersen cerel sue Hzsles neueles Hrelrs luellrh Llnrle Hrehrevrer Leslie Frenls l-lanren elrner Leslre Hellrs, lr. Neney cerel l-lelsreea lfelren werren Heea ceell Eugene lvy l-lerel Perrzele lenes Llneu Jeerr Jenes vrererle ellen tones ' - wrrh Heners supervisor of Industrial Arts Edu- cation, re-enacted the presentation of a trophy to Ruston for being the most outstanding Industrial Arts Club in the state. This loving cup is called a "floating trophy," be- cause it must be won three years in succession before a school may keep it. Judges based their decision large- ly on the excellent scrapbook kept by the RHS Industrial Arts Club. Bound in leather, with a black lace trim, the scrapbook is lined in black suede with the club emblem embossed on its cover. s irk. ORS Lrnee Leu lrevenurreh elenee Merae Kees 8 aerlye Key zesley lclrle lenses Hesse lchehens --seny Ann lcess HSI HHelen cerlee Lenelere Lynee lveul Levrrenee , Thernes aryen teulera, lr. gn lzerl weyee Lee wrery Helen l.eye y ,leelne sue Lewery er lenlee Lyles of Mereerer sleeeerh Meeeen Berry zene Mehelfey MC welleee Leenerel Merrrn lernes eeraen Mecullrn 'he slaruleerh June Melcneely cherles Meels senere eueenle Meere sheren Anne Meere Leulse Anrelnerre Mussele lea lerry Leven Nerrnen Mery lcey Nerrls t I arlly Jeels owen Neney Peeeelr jym lernes Den Perlrrnerr , Free nevls Pee en . Johnny Worth Perritt, Jr. r Gwendolyn Hutchins Pisrorlus if John Allen Porter, Jr. Cherry Dauce Prntt Robert Earl Puddy Berlsere leye oeerles en wrlhern cherles Rennsey gvrllrerrr celvin Re.-leer hrs omue Poole Riser ' oererny Leerse Resrren LW Mery Lynn sheler y 1 lernes lverrrels Shows lerry cele stlnner :ues James David Sbencer luey cerelyn sreehens , srles Aeern svephensen N111 Ar P l s lr els eu rue ey Jernes aenelel Teyler IA :een Lenell Teler oenele Eugene rewnsenrl, ir. art Eertlln .lean Turner C nerves lehn well oe ern L e wen nearly lies l welsvverlh by vlreanre eevvrne wheerly y laerrele evererr waleer Delnrle Allee wrlsen Hg Perrrere Ann wrlsen , sereh Ann walsen ly Mery Nell werles cherles Herele Yeunelrleea .lvill ide: Chl in. erintendent df Schools Morelle mons will present the gradl their diplomas. Other members of the Sc Board who are to attend as hc ed guests are Dr. Felton G1 Mr. .Tack Ritchie, Mr. Charles rill, Mr, W. Ay Marbury, Mr. mar Colvin, Mr. Watson G1 and Mr. Lee Nobles. The Choir plans to sing "Y Never Walk Alone", and "Etc Life." The Band will play the ditional "Pomp and Circumstat by Elgar as the processional "War March of the Priests" Mendelssohn as the llzgsional Immediately follo 1 the H455 '-'HW if1P3ZrrJErf1cn f E UNIVERSAL uoqwinr E - U e r vi 5 e i sxijfk B55 44566 M W ml IC ,W Home Laundry w. M EQ27z fffff'?eQ f' ' EN itissvr f 315171101 Um PH Fngldulre 1 , 5,153 B U I C K Q- Illllzmnlllll 5 41 1 PIINTIAC., SUKNGQ f msum f fn C0 Esso XQQORYQ DEALER M ' x X vii 1, cmis coNoco Q XV SERVICE . L. JAMES AND CCMPANY Q E 2 s Z ? if Q 22 1 ? ,X 12 :L 2 Q K, sr 52 Q is E QE Q Ti ii Qi 12 lr .xg if xv 545 Q1 FS Qgi ff? i i fi: 5 fi xii xi Q K, RUSTON STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corpora RUSTON OFFICE 81 PHOTO SUPPLY RITCHIE'S BESS CO0K'S Favoriie Shopping Spo'r RUSTON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION EarIy's Chevrolet - Pontiac - Cadillac, I Guy Baker Motors Hardage Ford White Buick Wallace Lincoln-Mercury RUSTON PHARMACY DODDS' SHCES THE FASHION Engrgtgjutiuus graduating class LINCOLN ENTERPRISES HOOD'S DRIVE-IN DREW'S SHOE STORE o N h T Shoes for the Entire Family KROUSEL'S SHOE STORE H7444 R gg FAST 1. SERVICE - ' W. Mississipp A AL5 3883 BELLE'S BEAUTY SHOP J Q!! Farmerville Hwy. AL 5-209 I W. S. YOUNG CONSTRUCTION CO STINSON'S MUSIC BOX GLASGOW'S MEN'S SHOP MARY LOU'S RUSTON LUMBER 81 SUPPLY 4 RUSTON HARDWARE LEWIS 81 COMPANY EARLY AGES NORRIS LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS X ana x J RUSTON SANITARY PLUMBING Q, Plunsnm Z , ,E , X Jonesboro Hwy. Q WEST BROTHERS Depar+men'I' S'rores The Home of Good Values EVERYTHING FOR MEN. WOMEN. AND CHILDREN RIDE ROSE YUUR FRIEND Ride With ROSE Complimen+s of Ros Ol Swim ming Pool - TV - Restaurant MR. AND MRS. H. B. MAXWELL, Hosi AL 5-45I2 E. Georgia Ave.-Hwy. 80 Easl' LINCOLN COURTS Bes+ Wishes From V. L. PRATT SOUTHWEST NATURAL GAS Dislribulor Mobil Oil Proclucls . . . bolh now and in lhe fu'l'ure, wherever you may live, GAS is 'lhe besl' fuel you can have. H' is modern, clean, cool and economical. Ph. AL-5-2053 Box 383 AL-5-30l4 AL-5-30l5 RUS-I-ON' LA' RU STON. LA. a f SW WN ? 406 Q I is W2 M as Complimenfs of SAM THOMAS APPLIANCE Across 'rI1e SI'ree+ From 'rhe Posi' Office A J isa 5 Q. Q 'ffl-1 S+iII Firs'r WiI'I1 More Savings PIGGLY WIGGLY SI1revepor+ Hwy. IPENNEYSI ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Always a Bargain J. C. PENNEY'S BEST POLICY AT ALL 5145 TIMES 3,1 1. ., ,,i,,.,,.,.1.,,, I Z 22 Q4 QPU ,.,1i ,..., E Q . s-4 5... A MW Cf MILAM DRUG cop ge I - Phone ALpine 5-3973 'BEPENDABLE Q Prescripfion Druggis+ 61 R Dkueelsr ?"' 'f SERVICE CLEANERS Zwwileaning A .-'Zi 17 xi' c.,, W QQ 'J ' W V fi 'rv fkg LET us no Youn , "Q WORRYING r,-4 1-U' f 5:44 M CHARLES NAYLOR AGENCY H EMENWAY- LAWSON FURNITURE COMPANY T. J. PEARCE 31 C0- Furnl+ure, Floor Covermg Lumber and and R B Appliances uilding Supplies Ph. AL-5-4280 l We Fill All Dociors' Prescripfions BEAIRD'S DRUG STORE Phone AL-5-0458 Rus+on's Leading Depar+men+ S+ore Where Price Meefs QuaIiI'y BEALLE'S 2II Norfh TrenI'on RUSTON, LOUISIANA WALPOLE TIRE CO B,EGoodrich LOG CABIN GROCERY AND MARKET ROBERT M. DowLiNe JOEL Louis DOWLING Q uaIi+y Groceries - Mea+s ALpine 5-4604 We Deliver BALDWIN'S JEWELER Qualify Jewelry .Lama EX gy ,f I1 I 7 I, TERRY'S DRESS SHOP ' MISSISSIPPI AND TRENTON Feaiuring Sporfswear g2155GE?5?j? O 434 -QQ CompIlmen+s of THE MAGIC GRILL ' 81 CLINTON for Fme Food gb? Insurance fs-gf fy EQ., " 8 Vai 5'Q sxoro mf -BROOK'S M Q SERVICE STATION -2- IRBY'S SERVICE STATION TURNER'S Complimenfs of SC-S-I "We Enjoy Serving You" INSURANCE CO. RUSTON - ARCADIA THE POST OFFICE , CAFE CompIlmen'I's of 70, GOOD FOOD GLAMOUR BEAUTY SHOP 027 b f? 1 , 'Q' fr 4 YI 5 Qfg,, V CU PP'S DRUG STORE Cosmefics QuaIiI'y Drugs Friendly Service Sensible Mon'rhIy Paymenfs a+ PACIFIC FINANCE CO Il2 Sou+I1 Tren+on PII. AL5-I890 DAVID P. COLVIN--Manag HINTON'S FEED 81 SEED Trenon SI'ree+ COOK'S GROCERY 81 MARKET COOKTOWN RD. Ph. AL 5-I395 Complimenfs of RUSTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SQVINFS PLANS I:.I'I.A. I I P I G I BROOK s INSURANCE my pagmen 0, R g I L CURRENT RATE 3V27o GRIGSBY'S JEWELERS Diamonds - Wa+cI1es - GIHS Wa'IcI1 Repairing and Engraving II3 WEST MISSISSIPPI RUSTON, LOUISIANA Complimenfs of AN DERSON'S FOOD MARKET For +I1e Finesf in Movie EnI'er+ainmen'r TECH THEATRE Complimenrs of MORGAN AND LINDSEY Srore of Couriesy Tren'I'on S+ree+ RUSTON. LOUISIANA DRUGS Your HeaI'rI'1 Is Our Business MARBURY REXALL DRUGS Nor+I1 Railroad Ave. PI1. AL 5 0783 THE HUB Finesi CIo+I1es in Town Complimenis of HILL APPLIANCE COLE-COLVIN ff- xx f Q mnmens y X N INSURANCE QQ cnoup Q fnffflffw f' A-lx XB mn. , hx BEN'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION WRECKER SERVICE 'Ph Supplies and Accessories OIL CHANGED AND CARS GREASED PH AL529l6 We Carry a FuII Line of ROSE BEAUTY PARLOR Hair Fashionisis BARRY AND RUTH TEAGLE Owners Closed Sa+urdays 5I5 W. Mississippi Ave. AL5-4670 TOWNSEND'S GROCERIES 'D JT is ' 1- ea 7Zaw0w Open 7 Til II IOI S. Trenlon dy WEEKDAYS AND SUNDAY Ph. AL 5-2013 LOUlSE'S FLOWER SHOP V Complimenls of SUMRALUS HlLBURN'S SEED 81 DRY CLEANERS Sliirl' Service. and Dry Clean Pick-Up ancl Delivery A-IOO LATEX House Painl- fi SUPER KEM-TONE f N KEM SLO Qualify-Service-Econom Walkin lAmerica's Favori'I'e Enamell B Phone Al 53833 L YW +26 ox 5lI Rus+on, a. 6 . u A SHERWIN-WILLIAMS KENNETH SELLE Complimenls of THE BOOTERY TOWN TECH "Disl'inc+ive Foo'rwear" H 206 Mississippi JACQUELINE CONNIE PARIS FASHION 204 W. Mississippi "FOR CLOTHES CORRECT SHOP TOWN TECH" Complimenfs of LEADER PUBLISHING CO. Complimenfs of BILL'S BARBEQUE TECH CAMPUS RUSTON OIL MILL 81 FERTILIZER CO. RUSTON. LA. RUSTON GLASS 81 MIRROR Thanks to Our Generous Advertisers, Rusl'on's Friendliest Folk gf TAYLOR PUBLISHING COM!-ANY 6 "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" OMG .lsr "9l! il I 1 E C .Q af l 'U ' i 5 1 1 T l is fx :L I 5 1 ? I 4 tx

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