Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN)

 - Class of 1958

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? Wwwce, Ji' J W I , ,MW , , WM .Y W QW LZZJQJWW if X? fWfff0f Mw ' Evqgxb if G AUWW AL 1 dw? Qgws-,gk Vjjxgfnpiv. 3 ff? df 2 Q Jixx-13.23-Eb? TQ is 5 cb AWWQCI W? 3 gf 3 S3 JN Q .3 X3 my wg,i-32 k N Fw ij X QQ ag B 3 sw We Q X wr R M EE 351.5 fx X w19w Q3 3 Av, E 1 w, . gs ax ,. '22 K avi Q3 X251 is 5 msg ix Muir Qxpgx XR 'P' 45-2 3 .W511 sw +3-533 X ww. www J 344.1 md, ,5,1,,,,,,, WW Gia UW 6fX1JL21"4-4f'2'f202ff KJJJQAJ M1 7 MMO , Q Eifawfpool-ff A I Www -MW Jmpx Wfkwgw 13' 'K . Nato 'gg xv' JWW'34MnLW'?"'Q'NW' Z1Q'Z,Q1g95"QSQ, , iii Ea W Fi g?fQJdE76,yJQ iii Gig' 5Qjf5gy?gvf 5NM7zM2 4 5 , my 3 QQ Awwgalwiauyb gif- My , Q M,4.,,::ff,,e:,M A ,Sf sf' C7 'M QQ js? if WJMJSQK M R, wg UN Xrlilwyx X X Vydygwjmc Si PEM? V12 W Elsa N fy? M? f is , -'hw , by MEM. Q 5 N fm, V7 W waxy if 7 'Qfzf0 , ,557 Hmwfwwglw, WM ' 777 6 ' 1 H7 9-W"'U ,,:lm1,A,,.,W, W ' Jo ff vbA.mmgfJW"W9 7L"""J" ,IJMMQMAM LAZGMJJ, ' , ' Magi mf GWMJMM - MWWAW .MM JQZZMQ Mwyfmgwg J www QAM f'ffwVw4JLf4WfMLfwf.,j WM M JWmWVg"vf+QfM kA""':'!"'2""'2"J gvwww WW? WW. M Sims W Www M mmf M . , :Wm Af Mil? fimflfgfw Wfww' gg, 4?73f'ff5?m . X Aja, MW? E , iw .gfgxj ki 5 , 'bgtxiikua 5 3? IP 3?vWifX X iQN 9 wx 5 Q fr 'wlkfgkiieiggi pqpgggba Y Q 5 E MQ mi , ,S in lAt J EA V? ., QA aww, W -in a 1 . K , '71 Q I 0 A , L 5 , K? V, N - ,,,f f . Y 'P k if , L1 . Wi ,, Q ,Am?4VLA ml 4 ,, . 3, i H 'iff ' if V , 47:1 ,K Y is , , 1 ,. If ', !,- A "xl 'i 1 f!' vm . I f w Hg" w g 'jf' ' X fwff 1 I wp IL' I XL V xg 1 'UIQ f ' V 1 '11 '- V' ' w111 erifzounter 11 meqkaus There ablfe coLEdf1egs,xfIpqt'steps you mnpst cherlshed , we remember As usual, Mr. Evans held the upper hand in all matters. Remember those study halls in the library. R.C.H.S. girls will remember hours spent in Home Econom- ics. We shall never forget those busy typing classes. Most Sophomores conformed to class order such as thisg but at other times, they let their hair down. The lunch room was crowded -------but we ate. Most students made their way to school via the school bus. Those 3 min. never seemed long enough to make our way through the crowded halls. Remember those c-r-a-z-y movies! Some of t.he students prefer red to go steady while others played the field. Senior girls will long r ber the lunches that were eaten aromxd the radiator. The Class of 1958 dedicates this issue of THE KINGSTONIAN to Mrs. C. L. Rymer and Mrs. James Anglin, who have faithfully sponsored us through four years of school. They have shown interest and friendly cooperation, and have worked hard to assist us as in- dividuals and as a class. In making this dedication, we extend to Mrs. Anglin and Mrs, Rymer our thanks and appreciation. DEDICATION Mrs. C. L. RYMER AND Mrs. JAMES ANGLIN 5 4 'u H 5 4 Q. 4 Q N 4 N 4 5 4 5 4 7 5 DAVID H. EVANS, Jr. MRS. GRACE RYMER MRS. MARTHA WYATT MRS. KARNESE MERRITT BILL INGRAM MRS. FRANCES ANGLIN DAVID H. EVANS--B. A. University of Tennessee, Principal. MRS. KERNESE MERRITT--B.A. University of Tennessee, English and Civics. MRS. GRACE RYMER--B.S. University of Tennes- see, Home Economics. BILL INGRAM--B.S. Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, M.S. University of Tennessee, Health and Physical Education. MRS. MARTHA WYATT--B.S. University of Tennessee, General Science, Chemistry, and Home Economics. MRS. FRANCES ANGLIN--B.S., M.S. University of Tennessee, Typing and Bookkeeping. 8 MRS. GLADYS BROWN LOWELL POWELL MRS. MATTIE LESESNE NEIL HOLLOWAY JOHN SOUTHERLAND MISS ELIZABETH LITTLETON if MRS. GLADYS BROWN--B.S. University of Tennessee, English and Gen. Science. NEAL HOLLO- WAY--B.S. Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Athletics, Civics, and Arithmetic. LOWELL POW- ELL--Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Band. JOHN SOUTHERLAND--B.S. Carson-Newman College, Civics and U.S. History. MRS. MATTIE LESESNE--B.A. Coker College, Latin, Biology, and World History. MISS ELIZABETH LITTLETON--B.S., M.S. University of Tennessee, English and Librarian. 9 ALFRED FERGUSON MRS. INA ORAN GERALD ROSS MRS. MILDRED CARROLL HUGH E. WYATT REEVES DERRYBERRY ' 'S ALFRED FERGUSON---University of Tennessee, English and Gen. Science. MRS. MILDRED CARROLL--B.S. Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Algebra and Geometry. MRS. INA ORAN-- B.S.Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Health, Biology, and Physical Education. HUGH E. WYATT--University of Tennessee, Building Trades. GERALD ROSS--B.S. Tennessee Polytech- nic Institute, Band. REEVES DERRYBERRY--B.S. Middle Tennessee State, Athletics, Physics, Economics, and Gen. Science. 10 4' N f N P N v' Q v' 1' 5 4 N 1 Q 4 5 4 5 i 5 i N i Q V' N 11 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Marshall Koon . . . .... President R. C. Brashears. . . . . Vice President Janet Morrow. . . . . . Secretary Mary Rodgers. . . . . . Treasurer v . Not too long ago---Selling Candy---homework---bewitched, bothered, bewildered changing classes---pep rallys---decorating for banquet---that first corsage---beat Harriman---real-gone dates---reducing diets---rouge, powder, and paint---these were the in-between years. 12 KAY LUTHER KOY Club 1,23 Latin Club 23 Baccalaureate Choir 1,23 Paper Staff 33 Football Queen 4. HAROLD TRUE Football 3,43 T at 1 Club 43 "K" Club 4. JIMMY HOWARD Football 1,2,3,43 KOY Club 2,3,-43 KOY Club Presi- dent 43 Boys' State 33 Commencement Usher 33 Chemistry Club Vice-President 33 Class Vice-Presi- dent 33 Senior Superlative 43 Annual Staff 43 "K" Club 4. ANN TUTTEROW Class Secretary li Fl-IA 1,2,3,43 FHA Secretary 2, Vice-Pres. 3, President 4, Sub-District Sect. 3, State Vice-President 43 Jtmior, Chapter, and State Degrees3 KOY Club 1,2,3,-13 Beta Club 2,3,43 Beta Club Award 33 Annual Staff 43 School Paper 3,4, Editor 33 Chemistry Club 33 FBLA 43 Head Com- mencement Usher 33 Senior Superlative. CARROLL MURCHISON Paper Staff 33 Library Assistant 3,43 Chemistry Club-4 JANET TAYLOR Leader's Club 13 Transfer from Oak Ridge, Tennes- S663 Basketball 2,3,4Q Basketball Captain 43 "K" Club 43 Vice-President of FBLA 43 Paper Staff 3,-1. CAROLE LAURENCE KOY Club 253,45 FHA 1,2535 FHA Secretary 35 Beta Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Valentine Queen Candidate 25 Tumbling Team 25 Paper Staff 3,45 FBLA 45 Commencement Usher 35 Chemistry Club 3 Annual Staff 4. ALLAN RUDDER Class President 25 Tumbling Team 15 Chemistry Club 35 KOY Club 2,3,45 Paper Staff 35 P.E. Student Leader 253. ESTAL ROBINETT T at 1 Club a,4. JOYCE SUE NICHOLS Fl-IA l,2,3,4, Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees5 Photographer 25 Dramatics Club 2,35 4-H Club 1,2,35 Centennial Pageant Chorus 6: Cadet 35 Transfer Stu- dent Cumberland County, Crossvil1e5 Glee Club 35 Baccalaureate Choir 35 FBLA 45 Paper Staff 3,4. JANET MORROW Transfer from Oak Ridge 25 KOY Club 253,45 Chem- istry Club 35 Football Queen Candidate 35 School Paper 3,45 Class Secretary 45 School Paper Co-Editor 45 "K" Club 45 Basketball 45 FBLA 45 Senior Super- lative5 Library Assistant 4. XAN WALKER T 8: l Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 45 Basketball 1,25 Football 45 "K" Club 4. PAUL WILLIAMS Beta Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 35 Senior Superlative. EVA GRACE GUETTNER Beta Club 253,45 Secretary 35 FHA 15 Valentine Queen Attendant 25 Football Queen Attendant 25 P.E. Student Leader 2,35 4-H Club 15253545 4-H Club President 35 Vice-President 2545 All Stars 45 FBLA Secretary 45 Commencement Usher 35 Senior Superlative. BARBARA WHITE FHA 1525 P.E. Student Leader 253,45 Beta Club 253,45 Beta Club Treasurer 35 Paper Staff 35 Senior Superlative. HUGH MELVIN JOHNSON Football 253545 Baseball 1525 T 8: I Club 35 KOY Club 15253545 "K" Club Vice-President 4. 1W"jw'WZ 'Wy ROSEMARY BRADFORD Band 1,253,45 Majorette 15253545 Chemistry Club 35 KOY Club 15253545 Beta Club 2,3545 Beta Secretary45 Commencement Usher 3. R. C. BRASHEARS 4-H Club 15 T 8: I Club 15 Football 15253545 Football Co-Captain 45 "K" Club President 45 Class Vice- President 4. FRANK HARMON Transfer from South Harriman High 3, FBLA 4. CONLEY HUTTON Basketball 2,35 Transfer from Kirkman Vocational High School, Chattanooga 4, T 85 I Club 2,3,45 T 8: I Treasurer, Auto Mechanics. fr, N rg 5' - fx: is A sir? 1- Jie PHIL PRESTON Transfer from Oak Ridge, Tennessee 15 KOY Club 2,3,4, Chemistry Club 35 Glee Club 3, Annual Staff 4. MARY BROWN GAA 1, Pep Club 1,25 Y-Teens 1,23 Transfer from Twinsburg, Ohio 35 P. E. Student Leader 4. PHYLLIS HOLLAND FHA 15 School Paper Staff 3, P.E. Student Leader 3,4 JERRY PICKELL Chemistry Club 4. PEARL scoTT, Jr. Football 2,3,45 T .sl 1 Club 3, "K" Club 4. LORETTA JENKINS FHA lg Student Librarian 23 Paper Staff 3. JUDY PERKEY FHA 3,45 4-H Club 13 Glee Club 35 P.E. Student Leader 3,4. BOB NALL Baseball 3,45 Chemistry Club 4. ,. ,Z LLOYD LEDBETTER T ef 1 cmb 3,4. CARL DUFF Spanish Club 1,25 Chemistry Club 35 Glee Club 3 RONALD SEAVER Projection Club 15 Radio Club 15 Transfer from Oak Ridge, Tennessee 15 KOY Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Chemistry Club 4. GLENDA WHITTAKER Cheerleader 1,2,3,-45 Tumbling Team 1,25 Class Treasurer 25 Class Secretary 35 Editor School Paper 35 Commencement Usher 35 Chemistry Club 35 Senior Superlative. BILL CAGLE Transfer from Bridgeport, Alabama 25 Football l,2,3,45 KOY Club 3,45 "K" Club 45 Senior Superlative. ANN WHITE KOY Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 Basketball Manager 2,3,45 Class Reporter 2,35 Paper Staff 3,4, Editor 45 Beta Club 2,3545 Chemistry Club 35 Girls' State 35 "K" Club 45 Baccalaureate Usher 35 FBLA 45 Cheerleader 45 Annual Staff 45 Miss Senior Class. SHIRLEY WEBB KOY Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Class Treasurer 35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Beta Vice-President 3, President 45 Chemistry Club Secretary 35 Commencement Usher 35 Alternate to Girls' State 35 FHA 45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 35 "K" Club 45 Senior Superlative Superlative. MARSHALL KOON Football 2,3,45 T dz I Club 35 KOY Club 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Class President 3,45 Boys' State 35 "K" Club 45 Senior Superlative. JUDY WEAVER Cheerleader 15 Class Secretary 15 FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA Parliamentarian 15 Band 1,25 Transfer from South Harriman to Harriman, Tennessee5 Majorette 25 Transfer from Harriman to Kingston 45 FBLA 45 Paper Staff 4. NORVAL B. Hoc T Sz 1 Club z,3,4. CARL MCPEEK T ac 1 Club 2,s,4. SARAH FARMER FHA 1,25 School KMAN Paper 3. X E PEGGY CRUMLEY KOY Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 152,35 Class Secretary 25 School Paper Staff 3,45 Typing Award 35 Chemistry Club 35 Valentine Queen Candidate 15 Annual Staff 45 Tumbling Team 25 Senior Superlative5 FBLA 4. RALPH CRASS Basketball 15253545 Basketball Captain 45 T Sr I Club 3,45 Senior Superlative. BILLY JOE GUINN Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Outstanding Player in J.C. Bowl 25 All Conference 2,35 All State 3rd Team 3,45 All Cormty 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 T 8: I Club 35 "K" Club 45 Senior Superlative. BILLIE RUTH MILLS Valentine Queen Attendant 15 Class Treasurer 15 Majorette 15 FHA 15 KOY Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 Paper Staff 3,45 FBLA 4. JIMMY WEAVER Baseball 1,2,3,45 KOY Club 45 Football 3,45 "K" Club 45 Chemistry Club 4. WANDA FANNIN FHA 1,25 4-H Club 45 Chemistry Club 35 Paper Staff 3. SANDRA WILLMARTH FHA l,2,3,45 FHA Song Leader 45 FHA Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees5 Glee Club 2,35 Chem- istry Club 35 Commencement Choir 1,2535 Beta Club 2,3,45 KOY Club 2,35 Library Assistant 2. LARRY FINCI-I Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Track 15 Transfer from Oak Ridge, Tennessee 25 Baseball 25 Com- mencement Usher 35 "K" Club Reporter 45 FBLA Reporter 45 Senior Superlative. WADE GRAY KOY Club 15253545 Glee Club 152,35 Cheerleader 35 Chemistry Club 3. MILDRED EDMOND FHA 15 Paper Staff 3,45 FBLA 4. FRANKIE GORDON Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain 35 FBLA 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Miss Junior Class5 Annual Staff 45 "K" Club 45 Senior Superlative. DEWITT JOHNSON T Sz I Club 45 Senior Superlative. VIRGINIA WYATT Glee Club 1,25 Tumbling Team 15 Fl-IA 1,2,45 P.E Student Leader 45 Football Queen 3. MAX RAY HOLLAND Football 3,45 T az 1 Club a,4. KENNETH WILSON T dz 1 club :s,4. JACKIE TILL KOY Club 2,3,45 FHA 1,25 Band 1,25 Library As- sistant 35 Paper Staff 3,45 Glee Club 35 FBLA 4. LILLIE MAE WEATHERLY FHA 15 Tumbling Team 15 Beta Club 2,3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 FBLA 4. HAROLD BRANDT School Paper 35 Annual Staff 35 Chemistry Club 3. TERRY ROBBINS, Jr. Band 1,2,3,45 President of Band Club 45 Glee Club 3 KOY Club 2,3,45 Chemistry Club President 35 Senio Superlative . JACKIE WILLIAMS Class Treasurer 15 KOY Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary and Treasurer 45 P.E. Student Leader 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Chemistry Club 35 FHA l,2,3,4, Song Leader 2,3, Sub-District Song Leader 45 FHA Vice- President 45 Commencement Choir 1,25 Candidate for Valentine Queen 25 FBLA Treasurer 4. 5 r BARBARA HAMILTON Basketball 3,45 "K" Club 45 Paper Staff 3,43 4-I-I 1,2,3,45 FBLA 4. DONALD GULLET T dz 1 Club 2,a,4. LARRY LITTLETON Baseball 1, 2,3,45 P.E. 1,25 T Sc I Club 3. WILMA BIDWELL Student Leader 45 4-H Club Teens Club 15 Song Leader lg Transfer from Mclvlinn High, Athens 25 Glee 1,2,3. Club 35 Baccalaureate Choir CATHERINE ADCOX KOY Club 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 2, FHA 1,2,3g School Paper 33 P.E. Student Leader 25 Library Assistant 45 Senior Superlative. RAY CANT RELL Football 2,3,45 T Sz I Club 35 "K" Club Secretary4. NEAL COKE Baseball 15 Glee Club 25 Transfer from Clarksville, Tennessee 4. MARY RODGERS FBLA 35 Paper Staff 35 Class Treasurer 4. NORMAN PAUL MORGAN Paper Staff 3. BARBARA RUDD Girls Chorus 15 Transfer from Oak Ridge, Tennessee 25 KOY Club 2,35 FHA 3,45 FHA Con- vention 35 Glee Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Paper Staff 35 Library Assistant 45 Senior Superlative5 Commencement Pianist 2,3. JEANENE KEATING Glee Club 1,25 Class Vice-President 15 Cheerleader 1,3545 Dramatic Club President 15 Transfer from Birmingham, Alabama 35 KOY Club 25 Football Queen Candidate 45 FBLA 45 Senior Superlative. LLOYD BURNETT Baseball 1,2,3,45 Football 45 Basketball 45 P.E. Student Leader 45 T Sz I Club 35 "K" Club 45 Mr. Senior Class. JIMMY WRIGHT Bookkeeping Award 35 School Paper 3,4, Editor 35 FBLA 45 Head Usher at Baccalaureate and Com- mencement 35 Senior Superlative. GERALDINE BRACKETT 4-H Club 1, FHA 1,4. PATRICIA CARUTHERS Band 1,2,3,45 FBLA 49 Chemistry Club 3. DAVID KING KOY Club 1,2,3,45 chemistry Club 2. SALLY LESESNE Science Club 15 JHA 15 Transfer from Charlesto South Carolina 25 Library Assistant 2,3,4g KOY Club 2,3,43 Paper Staff 3,43 FBLA 45 FHA 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Parliamentarian 4. ROBERT L. CABE T 8: I Club 33 Football 3,45 Basketball 35 "K" nr Club 43 Chemistry Club President 43 Commence- ment Usher 3. BERTHA GIBSON FHA 1,23 School Paper 3,45 Biology Club 23 4-H Club lg Baccalaureate Choir 3. TOM NIEREDITH Chemistry Club 4. DOUGLAS SAMS T 8:1 Club 3,43 Chemistry Club 4. JIMMY BURNETTE Football lg T 8:1 Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. RONNY GAITHER Basketball 1,2 ,3,4g Class Vice-President lg Baseball 25 Class President 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Transfer from Auburn High School 45 President FBLA 4. SHIRLEY YOUNG FHA l,2,3g FBLA 43 Library Assistant 25 School Paper 3,4. GERALD HENSLEY T all Club 3,45 4-H Club 1,2. RICHARD CARDWELL Chemistry Club 3. EDWARD SCHUBERT T 8:1 Club 3. DOUGLAS DUFF Glee Club 35 Paper Staff 35 Library Assistant 4. SUE GALLAI-IER 27 FHA 1,2,3g Paper Staff 3,45 FBLA 4, 4-H Club 1,2. NOT PICTURED RALPH JEROME MALONE T all Club 3,4. WILLARD BIRCHFIELD Baseball 1,23 T 8:1 Club 4s Chemistry Club 3. D. A. R. ' clrlzENsl-HPAWARD ANN TUTTERROW , N .K 1 , a QQ E' W' ,Q MQ' Us See Zen ?cm, Wand 2 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . . . Vice -President Secretary ..... . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . . .Larry Ladd .Margaret Duff Rany Singleton . . Gail Marks Carolyn Pierce Tina Alvaro Joe Arwood Don Bailey Paul Baker Wayne Bryant Hugh Burnette Edith Burns James Cantrell Bert Carney Wayne Childs Eric Christenson Mary Helen Clowers Clifford Cole Glenn Collett Ola Mae Comer Joe Crichton Margaret Duff Patsy Duff Gaynell Dutton Larry Earick Wilma Jean Eblen Kathryn Ginn Paul Godsey Barbara Hale Jeanette Hall Jeanice Hall Paul Hamilton Judy I-leddleston Della Hembree Eva Ann Hensley Sue Hicks Buford Holt Linda Johnson Nelda Kelsey Larry Ladd Eudean Ledbetter Pat Lowe Margaret Luttrell Gail Marks Joe McFal1s Betty Meredith Sandra Meyers Johnnie Miller Vernell Miller Ronnie Morton , Jan Osborne Paul Pickell Carolyn Pierce Shirley Pierce Margie Plemons Billy Pomfret Charlene Reeves Sandra Richards Sharon Rivers Don Sawyer Scott Schrock Stanley Scott Nelma Shelton 'Rany Singleton Virginia Southard Hester Stafford Mildred Stanton Norma Teffetellar Russell Thronton Katie Timmerman Johnny Tutterrow Polly Waller Buddy Walzel Rachel Ward Martha Weatherly Norma Weatherly Elfreada Wehrman Sandra Wehrman Archie Ann White Chuck Young Carol Zachry Cathy Williams WWW NOT PICTU RED Wallace Cato William Green Carl Ownby Kenneth Price Earl Shubert Glenn Woody 34 M4 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . , , Treasurer , Reporter S . . . Ronnie Henry . . ...JimNa11 . . . . Diane Fultz . . . . . Pam Jackson , , , , Robert Buttram Ztpmdzfaeafg 7: 35 Linda Adcox Patsy Alexander Joanne Bailey Luke Banker Judy Bartley Willis Babb Ronald Blanton Larry Bonnell Beverly Brown Daisy Brown Bobby Brumlow Reva Bumette Robert Buttrom Sue Byrd Barbara Caillouette Frankie Cantrell Terry Capps Cereta Carter Ray Cavenger Tom Chadwick Mary Chandler Tommy Childs Linda Christopher Warren Clift Janice Coke Winston Cox Eugene Crabtree Jeanette Dake Byron Davis Robert Denton Kay Derryberry Vivian Edgemond Jeanette Ellis Joan Ellis Rosemary Felknor Donna Foster Milton Freels Diane Fultz Barry Gaither Betty Gallaher Henry Gambrell Michaell Gamer Norma Gillentine Joyce Ann Goddard Jane Green Raymond Guettner Betty Harvey Tommy Harris Bill Hart Charles Hawk Mary Alice Hayes J. C. Hedgecock Ronnie Henry Wayne Hillbert Roy Howard Howard Huffine Shelby Hughes Eddie Humphrys Rose Marie Hunter Bill lsenhour Neal Jackson Pam Jackson Charles Jones Roger Kessing Judy Keylon Bowden Ladd Shirley Lesesne Don Manis . Robert Mathis Jack Monday Sue Morrison Judy Murray Jim Nall Jimmie Newby Eugene Oaks Joel Parker Frances Pesterfield Ann Puckett Laura Quiett Carol Robbins Freya Ryan Errol Scogins Eddie Scott Mickey Shaffer Jean Speers Alice Stout Joyce Swicegood Katherine Teffeteller Wayne Tilley Sandra Todd Billy Van Bever Gena Watson Elizabeth Watson Carolyn White Don White Juanita White James Woodward NOT PICTURED Mary Belle Ariks Gloria Jones Nancy Miles Alice Stout Betty Jo Whitten f-ifzyzwzza WMS ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President .............................. Bobby Brackett Vice-President. . ..... Eddie Elrod Secretary .... . . . Carolyn Browder Treasurer. . . .... Judy Woods Reporter . . . . Jimmy Cash 39 Jackie Abbot Jane Abbot Margaret Amos Carolyn Anthony Bobby Barnard Margaret Bartley Carolyn Beard William Birchfield Larry Bolden Ronnie Boring Bobby Brackett Margaret Brackett Mary Ruth Brackett Teddy Breeden Annette Bridges Janice Britt Carolyn Browder Joy Brown Mack Bryant Howard Buck Charles Burger Jr. Burns Virginia Camisa Ronald Cantrell Phillip Carriger Sammy Carrington Jimmy Cash Doyle Chadwick Peggy Claiborne Joey Clayton Phyllis Clift Frankie Come r Charlotte Copenhaver Fay Craig Tom Dake Bruce Davis Gloria Dobbs Eddie Dodson Judy Dolson Bill Drinnen Lillian Ellis Eddie Elrod Judy Erskine Johnny Farris Ann Felknor J e an Fitzpatrick Peggy Forrester Bill French Donna Frey Eugene Fritts Jerry Gillentine Roma Gillentine Gordon Goddard Jimmy Godsey Bill Goolsby Ethel Graham Betty Grigsby Arthur Grishim Bobby Guinn Junior Guinn Jackie Hamilton Ronald Harmon Betty Hart John Harris Betty Hazelwood Betty Hembree Loretta Hendricks Walter Hensley Sue Hicks Mary Hockman Jerry Holt Rosella House: Pat Humphery Paul Humphreys Ginger Hunter Scott Hurston Harold Isharn Bobby Jackson Norma Jackson Patricia Jarvis Gary Jewell Janie Johnson Robert Johnson Gloria Jones Robert Jones Larry Joyner Nancy Kaylor Barbara Keylon Dale Kiplinger Ronald Kittrell Martin Koon Henry Ladd Gracie Lamphere Lonnie Ledbetter Hal Leffew Glen Liles Harold Liles Nan Littleton Peggy Loposser David Love Janice Lowe Ralph Luttrell Gale Martin Creta McCormick Marvin McFalls Kelmer Melton Eddie Meyor Mariana Michener Nancy Miles Marie Miles Newell Miller Steve Monday Nancy Moore Heneritta Morrison Gayle Morrow Paul Morton Janice Mullins Don Nabors Bormie Rose Norm an Doris O'Berry Jean Ollis Judy Oran Richard O'Shell Dottie Page Frances Palmer Linda Parker Paula Parker Phill ip Parks Roy Parks Sue Parks Sybil Parrish Wenifred Peleau Terry Perkey Debbie Pesterfield Alma Jean Phibbs Donnie Pierce Buddy Plemons Bobby Pomfret Lois Price Mary Sue Price Doris Quiett Lois Quiett James Reed Charles Reeves Betty Renfro Rowland Rennie Gerald Roberts Marilyn Roberts Jimmy Rodgers Deborah Rosander George Russell Joyce Russell L. D. Russell Vida Russell Pat Sampson Phyllis Sawyer Elaine Schubert Margaret Schubert Thelma Schubert Larry Schultz James Siniard Thelma Scott Sandra Shannon Nina Shelton Mickey Shields Gloria Shoates Linda Smartt Wanda Smith Connie Spence Joyce Stacy Don Steere Patsy Stepp Sten Lee Stenik Allene Stratton Arthur Summers Sheryl Summer Wayne Surcey Jack Tate Roy Tate Ruth Tate Jack Taylor Vaughn Thacker Sterling Tilley Mac Trap Glenda True Tommy Tutterrow Joan Vandever Brenda Wade Jimmy Waldan Douglas Walden Robbie W arden Kenny Wattles Ronald We atherly J ame s We e ks Fr anda Whisnant Betty Jo Whitten Mary Wilford Carolyn Wilkes Don Williams Wayne Wilson Judy Woods Ronald Woody Bobbie Jo Wright Joyce Wright Baxter Wyatt Joe Young Don Young Margaret Rudd NOT PICTURED Nat Blankenship Betty Jo Cato Evalyn Currens Roy Parks Jack Phillips Ann Poland Jack Speers Judy Whitten Hugh E. Miles Billy Nabors Linda Manis Sylvia Marlowe Kay Greer 44- Twelve years of fun and naru work drew to a close as the Senior Class marched down the aisle for the last time. All too soon the year was over. Deserted corridors and vacant lockers reminded them of "one of the best years of their lives." Having been given the title of "superior seniors," they took charge of great responsibilities. An active participation in school activities was an outstanding characteristic of this class. Wwe Me 0 . FRIENDLIEST E G ace Guettner and Ralph Crass MOST ATHLETIC Frankie Gordon and Billy Joe Gui MOST STUDIOUS Ann Tutterow and Jimmy Wright MOST DEPENDABLE Barbara White and Paul Williams MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Shirley Webb and Jimmy Howard MOST MANNERLY Janet Morrow and Marshall Koon ga 5 Q' W I f .pAhP' fr Q L L1 E3 w 'W 'A y L f? r 5 P x . BEST ALL-AROUND Glenda Whittaker and Bill Cagle MOST TALENTED Barbara Rudd and Terry Robbins WITTIEST Catherine Adcox and DeWitt Johnson BEST DRESSED Peggy Crumley and Larry Finch BOYS AND GIRLS' STATE Marshall Koon, Ann White and Jimmy Howard ff: PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Jeanene Keating and Bobby Nall OUTSTANDING UNDERCLASSMEN ,li ? FAVORITE FRESHMEN. K Mmm Con Judy Woods JAUNTY JUNIORS V ginl Southard Don Medl SAUCY SOPHOMORES Llnda Christopher Jim Nall an fn 4 'N N A ' 5 .4 Q ' .4 74a guna! 7044 .ledlq Q I 1 ' dvtdfzftdvt l Rosemary Bradford Rany Singleton LEFT to RIGHT: Janet Heddleson, Judy I-Ieddleson, Cereta Carter, Katie Timmerman, Rany Singleton, Rosemary Bradford, Carole Zachry. Judy Heddleson Carole Zachry Chuck Young BAND OFFICERS SEATED, Left to Right: Chuck Young, Sgt. of Arms, Katie Timmerman, Secretary, Carole Zachry, Representative. STANDING: Rany Singleton, Reporter, Terry Robbins, President, Judy Heddleson, Treasurer, Bowden Ladd, Vice President. 'q'K" CLUB OFFICERS: R. C. Brashears, President, Hugh Johnson, Vice President, Ray Cantrell, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Finch, Reporter. ,W ,X LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: Judy Bartley, President, Pam Jackson, Vice President, Roger Kessing, Secretaryg Shelby Hughes, Treasurerg Neal Jackson, Publicity, Luke Banker, Program, Bill Isenhour, Social Director. CHEMISTRY CLUB OFFICERS LEFT to RIGHT: Don Medley, Vice President, Katie Timmerman, Secretaryg Bobby Cabe, President. NOT PICTURED: Xan Walker, Treasurer. '71 SEATED: Gail Marks, Treasurerg Sandra Willmarth, Song Leaderg Sally Lesesne, Parliamentariang Ann Tutterrow, President. STANDING: Charlene Reeves, Historian, Sharon Rivers, Secretary, Kay Derryberry, Reporterg Jackie Williams, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Vice-President. i EAST TENNESSEE STATE FHA VICE-PRESIDENT The Roane County High Chapter of FHA is proud to have one of its members, Ann Tutterrow, elected as the 1957-58 East Tennessee State Vice-President. This was the first time that our school has ever had a state officer, Several expense-paid trips were among Ann's activities. She was one of the two official pianists at the National FHA Meeting in June at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. She attended district workshops at Middle Tennessee State College, the University of Tennessee, and Memphis State College. She had the respon- sibility of helping plan these workshops, participating in programs, leading group discussions, and presiding over sessions. Then in March came the State Convention with all its fun and glamour. Besides helping with the planning of the convention, there are numerous responsibilities that a state officer assumes. To Ann this year in FHA was a year of fun, work, and reward. v 1 1 T 8. I CLUB Mr. Hugh E. Wyatt, Sponsor f nf f r WN QL' M BETA CLUB JA I., OFFICERS President . . . . . Shirley Webb Secretary ,,,, ,,,, R osemary Bradford Vice Pres. . . . . Carole Lawrence Treasurer . . . . . Neh-na Shelton Mrs. Martha Wyatt, Sponsor I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I A ,ew .ig If P Sift IQ? W 5,33 Q hggigygeaxxz, gm Ii zffw ISQQI I,IgyI,:,Xgg3i W I F I I I I I I I I I I I I , Msqgdggim fh?f1i4Sf:f: FIIEtI???m ' I I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I f- .-f - f ' - . ...MM .... MMS R. C. H. S. FOOTBALL SQUAD .rfedizeaffzamzzow a Head Coach Reeves Derryberry Assistant Coaches Neil Holloway Co-Captains Billy Joe Guinn B111 Ingram R. C. Brashears BILL CAGLE, Senior, End, 6' 3", BOBBY CABE, Senior, End, HUGH MELVIN JOHNSON, 175. Vicious on defense and 6' 1", 160. First year on first Tackle, 5' 9 180, Senior let very powerful blocker on offense. string. Expert pass receiver terman Hard to move on RCHS 34 RCI-IS 28 RCI-IS 0 RCI-IS '7 RCHS 20 RCHS 19 RCHS 12 RCHS 27 RCHS 26 RCHS 0 PEARL SCOTT, Senior, 5' 9" 160. First year on first team. Very fine blocker downfield. Quick on defense. Impossible to run around on defense, and a smashing blocker defense. Coalfield Crossville Harriman South Harriman Spring City Oliver Springs Rockwood Homestead Dayton Loudon , JIMMY HOWARD Senior, R 6' 1", 170. Third year as regular center, good blocker and strong on defense. MAX RAY HOLLAND, Senior, 5' 9", 145. Halfback, Letter- man, but this is his first year on the varsity team. Excelled on defense. HAROLD TRUE, Senior, End, WAYNE CHILDS, Junior Center, 5' 1O", 160. Glue-fingered receiver and expert kickoff 6' 1", 175. Was valuable as a defensive line -backer. Shows man. Very fst and hard signs of being stand-out on next charger on defense. 1 sas uu BILLY JOE GUINN, Senior, I-Ialfback, 5' 11", 155. He is one of the fastest players on the squad. Excellent jump passer. Co-Captain. MARSHALL KOON, Senior, Quarterback, 5' 8", 155. Used as part-time halfback because of speed. Was as fine a passer as was a quarterback. R. C. BRASHEARS, Senior, Alternated fullback and tackle, 5' 10", 185. Excellent defensive line-backer. Co-Captain. JIM NALL, Sophomore, Quarter- back, 5' 11", 150. Played a lot of ball because of injuries to key players. Shows promise of excellent ball-handler. years team. JIM WEAVER, Senior, Guard, 5' 9", 180. Fine blocker on offense. Hard to move on defense. LARRY LADD, Junior, Fullback 5' 1O", 155. Power running fullback. Able replacement for Varsity man. I CARL OWENBY, Junior half-back, 5'9", 145, enthusiastic and co- operative player, with much de- termination. RAY CAVENGER, Sophomore guard, 5'11", 170, has the ability to become a good lineman, an all-around good player. HUGH L. BURNETTE, Junior end, 5'11", 160, has much pass- catching ability, and should shoulder much of the load in next years campaign. XAN WALKER, Senior full-back, 5'10", 155, has much spirit and determination. EUGENE CRABTREE, Sophomore tackle, 5'9", 200, immovable on defense, and promising for the future. RONNIE HENRY, Sophomore haliback, 5'10", 155, exceedingly fast and rugged, with much deter- mination. WAYNE HILBERT, Junior guard, 5'10", injured early in 1957 sea- son and played very little, but shows promise for l958. BILL ISENHOUR, Sophomore tackle, 5'11", 200, strong line- man and shows promise of being valuable to next year's team. DON MEDLEY, Junior end, 6'1", 160, elusive pass receiver, good on defensive plays. 2. 6, '24 S, Vw 246336 KAY LUTHER - HOMECOMING QUEEN I-let sweet disposition, her lovely personality, and her friendly nature make Kay, a Senior, richly deserving of this honor. 66 HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS During the half-time of a winning game with South Harriman on a rain soaked field was the home- coming coronation. Preceding the queen were the seven attendants with handsome football players as escorts. These young ladies are as popular as they are pretty, and their smiles add glamour to Roane County High. SEATED: Norma Gillentine, Virginia Wyatt, 1956-57 Homecoming Queen, Jeanene Keating, and Virginia Southard. STANDING: Donna Frey, Marilyn Roberts, Kay Luther, the Queen, Carol Jane Robbins, and Shirley Pierce. 67 r Q LEFT to RIGHT: Bill Isenhour, Manager, Clifford Cole, Jrmmy Nall, Hugh L Burnette, Ronnie Morton, Donald Medley, Glen Collett, Ronnie Gaither, Larry Ladd KNEELING Larry F1nch, Co Captain, Neil Holloway, Coach, Ira Lee Crass, Co-Captain. BOY'S VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM The Kingston Yellow Jackets have in the past been a power in this areag and this year has been no ex- ception. Their lack of height was offset by their speed, alertness and agility. Coach Ho11oway's two time captains, Larry Finch and Ira Lee Crass, led the team to victory after victory. Ira. Lee Crass Ronny Gaither 2446726 Don Medley Qui 704014 Hugh. L. Burnette Larry Finch Jimmy Nall Larry Ladd l 0606? Clifford Cole Om mm 70 Glenn Colette Ronny Morton STANDING, Left to Right: Steve Monday, Tommie Tutterrow, Ronnie I-Ienry, Hal Leffew, Neil Holloway, Coach, Paul Morton, Bobby Jack Guinn, Robbie Warden, Jimmy Rogers, Manaer, KNEELING: Eddie Elrod, Barry Gaither, Co-captain, Jack Barton, Jimmy Nall, Co-captain, Newell Miller. BASKETBALL B-TEAM 71 Coach Holloway's "B" team com- posed of 12 members had a very successful season. In View of their youth, ability and desire to learn, Kingston? basketball future appears very bright! ,wymw fm we ' ,'.-, 1 Q 'L " K' -Y iff? fl? "'L' M f' .lgQw4ffm1iL-M. . W ' ' fb f- amz. i Af 1, 5 ,mf in .E ... 4 -":'i',:f-sv. 441, ' ff- A515-,vw ' If , LL, ,, 5 1 1 V- K vf-- 1 A 1 fx 1' F' , , 5 X , . ? 4' A 4' X why Q ' K W Q If , ,V ,fy I . -U3 2, Q 4 , if , 1. f , M ii- W - ' f-f if vm, W fffqiv- I I 3 ww' o f JANET TAYLOR-captain DON L-'ND YRp,NK1E c:-.OR A CHRISTOPHER 66254 gn ' dz Speak BARR ARA ETTE hr- sn HAMIL TQN REV p, BURN MARGARET DUFF 73 W STUDENT LEADERS, Front Row: Jackie Williams, Barbara White, Linda Parker. Back Row: Judy Perkey Mary Brown, Virginia Wyatt. STUDENT LEADERS, Left to Right: Lloyd Burnette, Larry Littleton, Jimmy Nall, Larry Ladd. V, hx ., I A , hh yr . I 4 ,, ,X K, I L Z wail' :W ' ur ALMA MATER Just across the flowing river Stands old Kingston High- She s our Alma Mater ever As the years go by. She s a fair one- she s a true one- She s our do or die- Hail, to thee our Alma Mater Dear old Kingston High. 78 Cherished by our sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng. Here s to you our Alma Mater As we sing this song. Onward ever be our watchword Conquer and prevail- Hail to thee our Alma Mater Kingston High. all hail. The Arms and Frankie go over plans for yearbook. 5:4542 zfmaf-if Ann Tutterrow - Editorg Ann White - Associate Editorg Frankie Gordon - Business Managerg Shirley Webb - Adver tising Managerg Jimmy Howard - Sportsg Peggy Crumley, Carole Laurance, and Jimmy Wright - Copyistsg and Phil Preston - Photographer. Other staff members helped in recording the activities of the yer. Hi . W K. FL ,rfgtmrxigsri 'Hz Phil Preston, Photographer 1 2 1 5 1 5 I 7 2 z 5 1 1 r 5 1 3 A 5 L 1 9 i V W I Wow 6446 5464 gem ag aw: 64 am, we mazda Zdke 1:4 pw- eewt Me ,beapde cada dedped Congratulations and Best Wishes 150 The Senior Class of '58 TENNESSEE PRODUCTS 81 CHEMICAL CORPORATION Roane County Plants: Roane Electric Furnace Plants Rockwood Blast Furnaces Tennala Pipe Division WAGGENER 8: SMILEY Herff-Jones Company l7l7 West End Ave. Nashville 5, Tenn. In appreciation for their cooperation and help throughout this year of 1958, we dedicate this space to the faculty of R.C.H.S. - SEXTON BUICK COMPANY I Telephone 1250 Ii 2 u 5I4-5I6 Walden Sf. Harriman Tennessee WHEN ETTER AUTONIOBILES ARE BUILT Il in I 1: II me 5X I X f Compliments of THORNTON'S JEWELRY Kingston Tennessee Headquarters Keepsake Dzkzmonds - Elgin - Bulova - Wyler Watches Parker - Sheaffer Pens - Electric Shavers - Speidel Bands WATSON-MCGOLDRICK FURNITURE CO. Drexel-Wade Brown KINGSTON FR - 6-9546 LUCILLE BROWDER BEAUTY SHOP For Appointment call FR - 6-535I Specializing in Haircutting and Styling Kingston Tennessee PICKLE SERVICE CENTER ' G. D. Pickle, Manager Compliments Phone FR - 6-6744 E: . 53 On the car wheel balancing BELLY-ACRES DRIVE-IN Goodyear Tires, Tubes gl Batteries Pick-up 84 Delivery ls Our Business Midtown Tennessee Race Street Compliments Of CLARK-JONES-MUSIC fYour one complete music storej Downtown Oak Ridge PRICE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP "Shop of Dependable Service" Bonded Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Service Telephone 5-1343 - Day Night - 5-4709 1201 Turnpike Oak Ridge "OUR BANK" BOWMAN-EVANS HARDWARE CO. is the Feed, Seed, and Admiral MIDTOWN AUTO BANK APPli""Ce5 Resources 4 Vzlllillion Pl'1Orle 28 MEMBER F. D. 1. C. Rockwood Tennessee XX l f 4 Let Us WRIGHT JEWELERS Make Your House A Home Y BILBREY FURNITURE CO. our diamond Store Your General Electric Dealer G Rockwood-Crossville-Harriman m Rockwood Rockwood Ave. Phone 576 MEREDITH'S MARKET N. Kentucky Street 4 Blocks North of Post Office We Have Your Every Need In Groceries, Fresh Meats, Fresh Produce, School Supplies, Health Aids, Household Items, And Many Other Products Too Numerous To List Open Until Midnight, Seven Days Each Week Plus A New Meredith Pan-Am Station Directly Across Street From Meredith Market GEO. W. BROWDER 8: SON ' Elec. Appliances Seeds - Hclwe. - Furn. 24 Hr, Service Ph. FR 6-7606 Kingston Tennessee SERVICE CENTER KINGSTON GRILL Washing - Lubrication Home Cooked Food Atlas Tires - Batteries Homemade Pies Accessories "THE PLACE TO MEET AND EAT" KUWQSTOH Tennessee FR 6-9273 Mrs. J. B. Tutterow - Owner Kingston, Tennessee Phone FR 6-9137 24 HOU' wfecker Sefvlce HAMILTONS FARM a Town, INC. PICKEL FURNITURE COMPANY Hardwares Farm Supplies Home HorPolNr SALES a SERVICES FUf"'S'1"1QS ROCIHS Sf. Ph. Ol' Phone Harriman Harriman Compliments l'lAl.l.'S JEWELRY from Watch Repairs Fine Watches - Beautiful Diamonds G Also Gifts Phone l899 514 Roane St. ROCKWOOD FRIEND l Harriman, Tenn. MOLYNEUX CHEVROLET CO. Tennessee's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET SERVICE Rockwood, Tennessee FRED,S TAX' Compliments 24 Hr. service of Phone 1239 PATTONS JEWELRY A11 Passengers Insured Harriman Tennessee Rockwood Tennessee Compliments NORRIS CREAMERY INC. Grade A Dairy Products Phone 330 Harriman, Tennessee Compliments Of JOHNSON'S ADKISSON'S FLOWERS Phone 975 If lt's About Music - See Us! Harriman Tenn. Harriman Tennessee Phonograph-Records-Books C Z. t Omp lfflefl S Of Musical Instruments BILBREY FURNITURE COMPANY Harriman Tennessee THE WCOD IN YOUR LIFE Newspapers keep free people in- , formed. Behind this week's head- lines are the skills and talents of rnen and women who write and print Americas l 1,000 newspapers. Behind them stand our forests where trees are cut according to plan. With wise woodland man- aqernent there will be plenty of Wood to feed the nation's presses next month, next year or next century. Wood is a crop. I+-ll P EVENT FOREST FIRES KEEP OUR STATE GREEN HIWASSEE LAND COMPANY GROWING AND BUYING PULPWOOD FOR BOWATERS SOUTHERN PAPER CORP. Kingston ARMouR's MIDTOWN Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes MANUFACTURING COMPANY Gentfs Furnishings "Manufacturers of Molding and Interior Trims" Phone FR 6-5-'06 Junction U. S. Highways 27 and 70 I P. O. Box 409 Kingston Tennessee Kingston Tennessee Compliments Of HILL AND HUMPHREY KINGSTON Midfewnf Tennessee GIFT AND BEAUTY SHOP Phone FR 6-6073 Phone FR 6-7636 Kingston Tennessee Compliments Compliments of of ROBERT'S SUPERMARKET ROADSIDE CAFE and Bob and Wilma BUD'S BARBER SHOP - Kingston Tennessee I Phone FR 6 M27 North Kentucky Street Kingston Tennessee MUECKE SERVICE STATION ROSE SERVICE STATION your Johnson Mom, Gas-Oil-Tires and Tubes Batteries and Accessories Lone Star Boat Dealer Concrete Products, Cement Blocks and Tiles Kingston Phone FR 6-5347 Kingston Tennessee cuuGHEIfliGlKM to the graduating class nomso UNDER Aun-lonnv or THE cocA-coLA COMPANY sv COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS COMPLIMENTS 0F DOCTOR PEPPER BOTTLING CO ir City Tennesse Congratulations Seniors Complete Builders Service KINGSTON LUMBER COMPANY Kingston Tennessee J. D. Bowman R. M. Delaney Ph. FR 6-6440 Center Ferry Rd. BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS AT ROANE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL from N H I N G Mr. and Mrs. G. S. WEBB, ' WEBB'S PHARMACY on the NEW 1957 O R U Kingston Tennessee Our Business - "Service to the Sick" P 0 R TA B L E A Pharmacist Ready To Serve You Day or Night Day Phone FR 6-6452 Night Phone FR 6-6380 Also Distributors For Polaroid Cameras and Films and Flash Bulbs Nunnalys Fine Candies - American Greeting Cards Argus Cameras - Parker and Sheaffer Pens 'Up to 24 MONTHS to puy Make It a Habit to Meet Your Friends at WEBB'S 777.7 ,gl 942415, 505 f!f,5ff,i 4'ab!Zfd I Compliments i die,-.41avz,aaA,,,75 of U UNION CARBIDE NUCLEAR CCMPANY Division of Union Carbide Corporation EARL TUTTERROW, AGENT RAY REAL ESTATE TENNESSEE FARMERS Real Estate, Mortgaged Loan MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. New Homes Life, Auto, Fire, F. C. L. , ' ' Box 164 Kmgsfon Tennessee Kingston Tennessee Phone FR 6-6092 Compliments TAYl.0R'S SHOE REPAIR of For Super Comfort Have Your Shoes Repaired at Taylar's KINGSTON BANK and Kingston Tennessee TRUST COMPANY Kingston Tennessee KINSER DRUGS INCORPORATED Registered Pharmacist on Duty at all times The favorite hangout of students for over 20 years. Always Welcome at Kinsers Day Phone FR 6-5157 Night Phone FR 6-7542 Compliments Of TALLENT FUNERAL HOME SANITARY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Rockwood Tennessee In Business Since 1927 Phone 195 Lenoir City Tenn. Compliments ROBERT'S FOOD MARKET Complhjfents WAMPLERS WHOLESALE o DOWNTOWN HARDWARE 165 Wilson Sireef Oak Ridge Tennessee Phone 5-4339 MILLS FLOWERS AND CAMERAS Special Prices on Group Corsage ond Flower Orders Flower Shop - Tyrone Rd. AT Hospital 5-4336 Camera Shop - 263 Main St. 2-'ll44 Oak Ridge Tennessee MEATS INC. Makers of Pure Pork All Kinds of Custom Slciughfering and Processing Compliments Of MACK'S BARGAIN STORE Shop, Sove at PENNEY'S Downtown, Oak Ridge Where Fashion Doesn't Cost A Fortune BALLOFF'S, INC. CG I, Men's Fine Apparel Downtown Oak Ridge Compliments Of PATTERSON INSURANCE AGENCY Grove Center Oak Ridge, Tennessee In Kingston Before and After The Game Meet Your Friends at THE HUT Delicious Sandwiches - Rich Thick Malts French Fries - Donuts, Fresh Daily Home-Baked Pies - Cakes - Hot Choc. - Hot Fudge E. Paul Walsh, Owner-Operator Where c THOMAS-HILL STORE IVIen's Sz Boys' Wear Iothing and prices both fit y Phone FR 6-6205 Kingston. Tennessee LAVONNA BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in Hair Cutting Permanent Waving Q, our needs Hair Styling Kingston FR 6-6003 Owner - Dollie Crumley Compliments 0 f DIXIE BOAT COMPANY A. L. CLOWER 81 SON MARKET "For Most Fun and Comfort Afloat" Q Kingston Tennessee GLASSPAR - iVi.F.G. - CHEROKEE EVINRUDE MOTORS GATOR TRAILERS HON AKER ELECTRIC COMPANY Kingston, Tenn. Ph. FR 6-6656 Housewiring and Appliance Repair PHONES Residence FR 6-6633 Office FR 6-6032 Compliments of ROANE AND FAMILY DRIVE-IN-THEATERS Harriman Tennessee BOOSTERS WRKH, Radio St Rockwood Service Cab, Rockwood Earse Adcox Pat Steere Mac O'Dell Cumberland Music Co. Hugh Allen A Friend Zirkle Real Estate Senior Portraits in This Yearbook by lVORY'S STUDIO Dayton, Tennessee LADD 81 WRIGHT General Merchandise Feeds and Fertilizers Texaco Gas and Oil Phone FR 6-6025 Kingston Tennessee Highway 70 HTWENTY-FIVE" YEARS BUSINESS EXPERIENCE" NOBODY WOULD BUY ME M AUTOGRAPHS W ,gizwziifjw M iffiiif W 12 2 'ff' 'QQ M. W Tim Jffflfbif M5641 AM? M5iLfL,'LZf,ZiL1 if-f 5 W Q ggffwl CWW ,LQMJ MW., A4214 by Lwwyw Uv LUC- J2 ua.A:.44a,1,o.,-341,441 H, 9'0" mwfud 9"'ME"V u.L.9'mL4, MAA!-vu.7 A-4'r"-'-' ,YM7 Z ml ,pw wa' .5-5144-lv: Q ZAMJAUWJHU -J-ww 049- D 0ZLn Www M 2 LMT' Qmwvlwfww - 1 M2076 J b W' K Wifi 4 A ,.'. !Ef3UwiVMmff !1?TL'Vf7 fWm'i'f 'x' M diff fff'M5"f'fMf1f QAM L' M091 . :il QXCLDQJ WMMQQPFW Cum! ibm 1 mtjiwgywb . t6 dw EQCTLMQ, ' , 5Wf34U fgfffifffkf jg MWSQQQW zcQ1A,WmM,,,,,ff,,,6f, f Qfwalifkjfw SJMWM Q4 giyf Jw? M ffwfw ffffffffg 'M' Liffffwffilm XM by y,,w MMMMW wwf W6 f1 w MM ff! ,LQ M fi W W W W , A QQ! H 52 5527? k igggjigv Z ga N fig? Efxwf CSQQA A wap ffg by 6 .QE NSE mmf Tj? 'Y 53855155 A 2222 W5 ' - 99315 2 wy , 59, 3555 Qfz as , 354' ,Agfa , B..,.1' ,LMJQ-Jllxn 0' ' l WZQQZKJ M-qvvwxeqwr ,Eb fwlbwdi '1"""-'JWK I I Z7 ggi 1 jmuy ' fQ':Qf' W Z1 ffffffw Mfza-wwf W wvj jaw' 'OM-yu xmwbl' a, ,gmgf fig? :QQ p , WW, ig? yywd MMM W S W Q +095 M 1"'N5S7wsCXf.5 IW7, g Es? if Us Haw W USQJUOEKQS fad 1,0 777 Nw sg R x if i53gg39Q VU Q x, 3 Qj Qc I' 3 Xa Q5 f D17 4 SJ if ff 7727 r flfwlx U Q1 ,ju gnffff' ,f Q f F f? c ,776 77 jfzyypw ?77?-777f ff aa ,zwiyf ,J , fzffv ff P f ,XFX Jar, 1 Q ' 1 O , Q 'f jill JI. , 7 J df U JJ' fffml I . ty ' ' . , EJ .J J 'Y ,7-T11 ' GW . U 535 . 0, 5 - v6 'Pj ,Lg 7450 5 Xp, A an ff' QJC., - 'uf JV - - A - X A X. f X X ,, , N A X ' . . , DN w L 2 if - Q , 3 U X' N 'i A V . ' I' b x f H- 54? V. A WV W ,J L ll U ig R 1 J U 0 - X 'N f I TU 0 Six If X Qin ff- Q Q 'D QQ ffl A xx.: ' W ga f N A rg M f 2 N 2 . 1- Q ' A D 0 1.1: J! . x ,Qi X ,Qin , ,L i 5, V ,S , ? 5- -4 . f 77. fl A ni. 'N-+ I' ' 'P-'f" r1, .H 5 J K fy f 'ff E jd! 'X f X, l 'A xxx I X 2 ,wwf fix-122 - . ' , 4 MLA f 'gill f-f U .7 ' ,w . YZVCR A I 4 I 7!f 6: kxx ' if :af I 'W 'Wy , Iliff' 7 llim if ,Zin IWKZ- X 72" I9 'ivy' '21 51107 gal! ' ' f . 'ffff ' I 1, y """.f 'I 'f -f, ' ' -,Q Q' Wg' 'W f"

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