Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN)

 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1957 volume:

Q ' , v vjEx,'LQ:gI':..l :,-,,.L4j Q Q ??.f??7-f!fY T',Ti'1', , T-lik .",, XXA , un x, vga Y ,qu-u:n9,g.q. - 35 ' WW WBA '-fi +f C2 . W. 'VQZMAJJQQ A Q 'f li! M WWW . QA , ,W Wy Q, W '5 VW' Q- Q IA ' 'wi Nw- W fy Of WW ew, Wxgwmwk WV W S kia., g W Off L' , Z Mm! ZW jg . 'W . ki iff WWWWXZML , J -67 . 1 fflwffffgsf faJM , , fl fi,.Ti2giZff'Qfff4Wf wwf rg, ."Um Li? lyvyi MMLW ' 7M ffm! 'W JVLLG9 ' 4 , MMM- wg . ' IEW. Mez: 9 -fl n649AM1D y W F UL wg " wr" :','y3J +3 9' My fi 4' ul? Jsffbsb Q" JX W6 jg !Y,.-Ri-iff: ,gy W iffy W ' ii 2 WW Az: i 3- 0' , U9 Ml. 3935 mgggpf X12 BME 5 Vfwyfiw T1 :ga 1 'WW 'W ff 0,5 Qfgjffg -5212? Q fQm MJ A.,. gggu .4 k-AA -,:' Av A H MMT W FV J wwf jy W az JJ Wk 5 'ip' jfljvbb NW, 'WW E271 ' X Q I If " -W Jgsxti E9 ,WM f xcwa 'X l, E Wx vvw a ,HW Nl' ,Q-sf X f it ' IA M' - A .0441-'SQ "1 2559 EX A' W ,, -GSW si' i:3""'::tg-+ A , X7 . A R B Y' ' P ,055 .W X faux . E535 1 39 X so?-Af. '73'e,,:gn"'-Q' M WT! E wg ESR 5 ' All Af., DSU ., ' M x I -f- W My is V QQ ,3 I j .VU Qu QV 53 h - QE Q If 7 WVCJV ,P fy VW ,XJ , U yi -fe ly 55. -J A 5 , NJ? of WMD NU5 yy .lul .Z 5 fig fy W X li, +I, fa, ' KW I I ,I Am RA 1-'SD Z7 . 5 xi by Niffx, RQH jfggfff 1215 f 3 2 , G U , D-blk S? 9662? fmlw 6i!H.51'UU .mvqysf J ffm U f , ' V f -vJ'?y9lfZ'c'3 JJNN ' -xx L -fi,-do 762,19 M 1137 X L7 LWJU EJZQLML' 1 ff R ff ., 74, J, Q gi, f , .v fa' aj M1 If """'94f! WMJW VJ A HJ! MJ'-pffif WJ 'K A 'X in K jj if' J MMM? JXAM U f ,fv,,x,wf'UM 05 "'Hf4l' J , f-f' M " 'A JCVJ? L-f' "Jy " Mu fl M 63fLfL,!2'f,ff5?1J At fl11AE7ew U M fl! Of f EW :Qw A. 1 N Vx ' ' W Jkmgiixliafxv- 'x XJ Q 'Vw .K ' ,Vz' ,X-Q1 Nsfm-X R A ,, ,6- Zu blue-i gg Qwff-5? ' M , , 4 Q 0,,fJL If Mu D V Yfjdf H7 ff img Jwjf, aw JM' Z A, A Q ff W 4. W ,,MJ,W, f iw' f K f in ,SM D W3 4 af Q Q? VJXIJCE In K Q PL Vx uf! I mf' J4 JPN! nf-W I' . 49 Mxgwbpzfffy .JQWM Wie PM SXPXJ 193532 X40 RFQ ,QQ Q Q V ' rg Rfifgf a ffx , Qfpffb r3ji, ,fD LVN 3 ' Vw X Q .VU ,,f 'L . 1 1 '. , 2 if fig, WA'lx,Xf5b ,Uo'fJigjf2jL ef5'V1bl jmlfx .W If .U vu 1 JQV ,NL ' , YWWN WSVWQA if A W JEL Nb Evcvb b K XX NT? -N ' wx Q? k NN .QKQX Q 1. , W Q . 'Q Q25 is ES? K mth., x "" Vw' fig, N ik M ...w. . , , ..,, U i 5 , , Li: K . 9 'T 1.35 ' .ff UG' -'af 0 ff? ax H 'lwv gf f 1 in 00 1 2 F F 3 5 5, 2 x DEDICATIO To the parents of the members of the Senior Class we dedi- cate this book. For their understanding devotion to their duty as guardians and counselors, for their love which has continually surrounded us, for the sacrifices which have often been necessary to provide for us the necessities of life, for their sympathetic understanding which has directed us in solving our problems and difficulties, for each of these man- ifestations of their love which have carried us through 1ife's hardship and for the many others which they have bestowed and will continue to bestow upon us, we wish to express our deepest gratitude. as -x was Nr 4- ALMA MATER Just across the flowing river, Stands old Kingston Highg She's our Alma Mater ever As the years go by. She's a fair onep she's a true oneg She's our do or die- Hail, to thee our Alma Mater Dear old Kingston High. Cherished by our sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng. Here 's to you our Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Onward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail- Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Kingston High, all hail. 5 KIN GSTON IAN ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR .... ..... .... B u ck Singleton CO-EDITOR. ......... . . .Charles Rudder BUSINESS MANAGER. . ..... ...... H elen Burger ADVERTISING MANAGER. . . . .... Gerald Laurence SPORTS EDITOR. ...... . . .Annabelle Stegall COPYIST ....... .... I erry Cardwell PHOTOGRAPHER. . . . . . .Johnny Ringle 6 SENIOR SPONSORS Mrs. Mildred Carroll and Miss Gertrude Blye l We, the Senior Class, honor Mrs. Carroll and Miss Blye, our sponsors, for their un- failing patience, their outstanding ability and their unending endeavor to forward us through our high school activities and ac- complishmenrs. SENIOR Class Officers President. . . . . Vice President. . . Secretary. . . . . . Treasurer. . Reporter. . . . . . .Dale Allstun . . .David Koon . . . .Libby Hayes . .Frances Presley Annabelle Stegall Y JANICE BRYANT "Jan" "Boyfriends Aare nice but a hus- band is spice." ULAUDE DRISKILL "Claude the Cat" "A Plain Honest Man Without any Pleats" MARY BROWN "Mangy" "Be good or you will be lone- some." JACKIE DUFF "Georgia Peach" "Men of few words are the best men." MARLENE CABE "Onions" "Always smiling, always neatg forever nice, forever sweet." HELEN BURGER "Hazel" "Not too quiet to be boringg not too loud to be annoying." EDITH BROWN "Jerry" BOBBY I-IENLEY "Bob" "A Merry Smile shows a bit of "Tain't no use puttin' up um- her Sunny Disposition." brella 'til it rains." XXX ROSCOE I-IARMON "Rooster" "Not too serious, not too gay." l i GLENN GODDARD "Little Sam" JERRY CARDWELL "Birdie" "Little but not necessarily unno- "If ever she knew an evil thought, ticed " she spoke no evil words." 10 BOYD JACKSON "Bunnie" Our Big Milestone MARY CHILDS "Cisco" "I never think of the future, it "A merry light of mischievous- comes soon enough." ness beams in her eye." MARGARET CHILDS "Nan" "A smile for all who come her way. n FRANCES CHANBERLAIN llFranll "I'm sorta bashful but just let CARL LAWSON "Jink "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest of me get GERALD IAWREN CE "Speedy "Where boasting ends, here dig- nity begins." fy M yetn f , L. SL LI" hifi ff' ,qw , . fi' men." DAVID KOON "Coon" ff ' FAYE CIARK "Sleepy "Football is a real man's gameg "She knows not when to be si- that 's why David plays the lent." game." 11 Our Big Milestone BILL CASON "Case" FRANKIE GALIAI-IER "A-hunrin' he will go." "Duck Butter" "And it's remarkable that they talk most who have the least to say." MARTHA ELROD "Bo" "Martha is one of those quiet lasses, yet she is far from the bottom of her classes." MARY CLARK "Shotgun" DON BRYANT "Daddy-O "Why take life seriousl ou'.ll "Everything comes if only a man Y: Y never get out alive." will wait." FRED MAYER "Hot Rod" "He mixes wit and mischief half and half." GORDON MASON "Gordy" JACKIE GALYON "Poncho" "Nor too serious not to gay, but a "Men are queer, I like queer good sport when it comes to CIGHUHICS-" fair play." 12 ROBERT MORSE "Meatball" "When he's around, something's bound to happen." PAULINE MCMAHAN "Polly" "Modest, wise and sweet, a girl you would like to meet." X tl Milestone Our Big :X T . 'V P , . R A 1 My ALICE SUSAN HENRY "Sue" "In her we find beauty, brain and most of all hiendliness. MILDRED HENRY "Smitty" "A manner so quiet, a brain so fine, A better girl is hard to find." ERVIN PARKER "Lash" han "Nor spoke he no word more t ' was his nee:-ij" LfPL1,M.Aft lkvwl " cf- GENE PARKB "Bum" "Better happy than wise." REDF ORD NORMAN "Red" GUSSIE HUMPHREYS "Slim' "Learned nothing and forgotten "She has a certain earnestness nothing." we all respect." 13 JOHNNY RINGLE "Rin 0" S "A willing and cheerful heart." JOY KELSAY "Jucilene" "When duty and Joy clash, let duty go to smash." Our Big Milestone HELEN LITTLETON "Shorty" "A manner so quiet and fine." JAMES ROBERTS "Bill" "I never trouble trouble 'til trou- ble t1'oubles me." CHARLES RUDDER "Preach" "Ambition has no rest." 14 ANNE MALONE "Midnight Flame" "Early to bed and early to rise, makes her flirt with all the guys-" RAYMOND SINGLETON "Buck" "The1'e's our Romeog where's our Juliet?" BETTYE MOORE "Proxy" "Happy I am, from care I am freeg why aren't they -all con- tented like me?" I 1 CHARLES SOUTHARD "Cat" "He just plods along with gentle, quiet waysg He asks not for honor, for glory or praise." Our Big Milestone DOROTHY QUIETT "Dot" "Silence is god of fortune." JOSEPH VANDEVER "Joe" "He is witty, he is clever I-Ie is an all round good fellow." PEGGY MORRISON "saggy" "The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none." FRANCES PRESLEY "Granny" "She is jolly, good natured and true." More than her share she is will- ing to do." J OE WATSON "Evie "Beware the fury of a patient man." MAX STOUT "Maxie" BARBARA SAWYER "Bobbie "He manages to get into mis- "Her friends are many5 'her foes 1 chief," are there any?" 15 DONALD WHITE "Don" "If women interfere with work, quit work." SARAH SIMONDS "Sue" "Fu.ll of fun and a smile for all." CLARENCE WOIBAMOTT "Brainy" "He is every inch a gentleman." Our Big Milestone BARBARA SMITH "Smitty" "Sweet and gentle as a little lamb." ANNABELLE STEGALL "Kitten" "Her voice is soft and gentle as rightly a woman's should." 16 LJ GIENDA WATSON "G.lenny" "Whose smile is gentle and full of goodness." D IS WILLIAMS 'B1ondie" OR ' "The longer you know her, the better you like her." NELLIE WILLIAMS "Snooky' "A gentle quiet miss." Our Big Milestones STEVE LAWSON "Stevie" "Steve lov es to pore over the the pages of a book Perhaps from this his great know- ledge he took." SAMUEL McFALL "Sam" "Still and quiet and deeper than you think." CATHERINE WRIGHT "Kat" "I knew she was there because I heard her giggle." ANNE YOUNG "Benny" "She's little but she's wiseg She's a terror for her size." LIBBYE HAYS "Lib" "Acheerfu1 heart and a charm of friendship all the while." 17 CAROLYN CHRISTOPHER uBe-Ben "She puts all her troubles in the of her heart, Sits on the lid and smiles." l , GALE PICKENS "Pick" "Sometimes quiet and sometimes not- But,easy going and that's a 1ot." SENIOR ROMA BARNARD FHA 1,45 Paper Staff 3. MARCELLA BRANSON FHA 13 KOY Club 23 P.E. Student Leader 23 Ttunbling Team 23 Senior Who 's Who. JANICE BRYANT Class Secretary 13 Pep Club 23 Glee Club 1,2,33 Trans- fer from Twinsburg, Ohio: Glee Club 4. EDITH BROWN FBLA 43 FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 43 Chemistry Club 33 Beta Club 2,3,4, Reporter 43 Band. HELEN BURGER FHA 1,2,3, Historian 33 KOY Club 1,2,3,43 P.E. Student Leader 23 Tumbling Team 1,23 Senior Who's Who3 Annual Staff 43 Chemistry Club 3, Secretary 3. MARLENE CABE FHA 1,2 3 Chemistry Club 33 KOY Club 3,42 Basketball 1,2,3,43 "K" Club 3,43 Senior Who 's Who. JERRY CARDWELL FHA 1,2, Pianist 2s Glee Club 13 Chemistry Club 33 FBLA 43 Senior Who 's Who3 Annual Staff 43 Bookkeep- ing and Typing Award 33 Library Assistant 23 Com- mencement Usher 3. FRANCES CHAMBERLAIN FHA 1,2,3,4Q Chemistry Club 33 FBLA 4. MARGARET CHILDS Class Parliamentarian FHA 13 Transfer South Harriman 13 FHA 1,32 Chemistry Club 33 KOY Club 3. NMRY CHILDS Transfer South Harriman 13 FHA 1,33 Tumbling Team 1,31 Chemistry Club 33 KOY Club 4793 P.E. Student Leader 43 Glee Club 4. PAYE CLARK FBLA Club 43 Salesmanship Award 3. CAROLYN CHRISTOPHER Transfer Clinton High: FBLA 4, Treasurer 4g Paper Staff 43 Senior Who's Who. MARY CLARK FHA 13 Chemistry Club 33 FBLA 4, President 43 Basket- ball 4. MARTHA ELROD National I unior Honor Society 13 Transfer Chattanooga 2g Band 2,32 Head Usher at Graduation 33 Beta Club 3,41 KOY Club 3,43 FBLA 43 Senior Who's Who, Paper Staff 43 Office Assistant 4. FRANKIE GALLA HER Fl-IA 1,2,3,4: 4-H Club 1,2,33 Glee Club 23 Library Assistant 4. JACKIE GALYON FBLA 4, Secretary 43 FI-lA 1,2,3,43 PTA Camival Queen 23 Paper staff 3,43 4-H Club 1. LJBBYE HAYS Student Council 1,25 Bowling Club 1, Sub-Debs 1,23 Transfer Oak Ridge 3g KOY Club 3,42 Football Atten- dant 43 Class Secretary 43 Chemistry Club Treasurer 4. MILDRED HENRY Beta Club 233,45 Vice President 33 Delgate State Beta Convention 33 Chemistry Club 33 KOY Club 33 Band 2,35 Office Assistant 3g Senior Who 's Who. GUSSIE HUMPHREYS FHA 1,2, Class Hisotiran 13 B Basketball 23 Y-Teens 2s Latin Club 23 Pep Club 1,23 Transfer Bradley High 33 Chemistry Club 33 KOY Club 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Club 3,43 Beta Club 3,43 Office Assistant 43 FHA 3,4. JOY KELSAY KOY Club 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Valentine Queen 33 Tumbling Team 1. HELEN LITTLETON FHA 1: Transfer South Harriman 23 FBLA 4. ANNE MALONE FHA 1,2,3,43 Parliamentarian 3, President 4, Delegate to State Convention 2,3, Junior Degree 1, Chapter 2, State 33 Beta Club 2,3,43 President 3,4, Delegate State Convention 3,43 4-H Club 13 Library Assistant 1, Chem- istry Club 33 Tumbling Team 1,23 Office Assistant 3,43 Graduation Usher 3. BETTYE MOORE Student Librarian 1,2,3,4. PEGGY MORRISON FHA 1,43 Valentine Queen Attendant 33 4-H Club 1. FRANCES PRESLEY Class Treasurer 1,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,43 KOY Club 2,3,4j FHA 1,23 4-H Club 1: Senior Who 's Who. DOROTHY QUIETT FHA 1,2,3,4. BARBARA SAWYER Y-Teen 2, Hi-Teens 13 Class Treasurer 1,23 Transfer Charlotte, North Carolina: KOY Club 3,43 Senior Who 's Who. DIRECTORY SARAH SIMONDS 4-H Club 13 Glee Club 1. BARBARA SMITH Basketball 1,2,3,43 4-H Club 13 Senior Who's Who. ANNABELLE STEGALL Basketball 1,2, Manager 43 KOY Club Secretary 2,3, Treasurer 43 Annual staff 43 Football Queen Atten- dant 1,22 FHA 1,2,3,43 Junior Degree 1, Chapter De- gree 2, Reporter 33 Class Secretary 1,21 Reporter 43 Graduation Usher 3, Girl's State 33 Chemisuy Club 43 Senior Who's Who. GLENDA WATSON KOY Club 3,4. DORIS WILLIAMS Pep Club-13 FHA 13 Transfer Paducah, Kentuckyg FBLA 4. NELLIE WILLIAMS FBLA 4. CATHERINE WRIGHT Chemistry Club 33 FHA 1,2,33 FBLA, Vice President 43 Tumbling Team 2. ANNE YOUNG Class Reporter 13 FHA 13 Transfer Harriman High 13 Glee Club 13 Baccalaureate Choir 1,25 Tumbling Team 1,22 Band 2,3,43 Majorette 2,3,43 KOY Club 1,2,3,43 Senior Who 's Who. PAULINE MCMA!-IAN FHA 2, Y-Teens 2, Latin Club 2, Girls Chorus 23 Trans- fer Sevier County High: Glee Club 4. DALE ALLSTUN Class President 2,3,43 Mr. Freshman3 KOY Club 1,2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Basketball 3,4Q Senior Who's Who. JOHN BROWDER Senior Who 's Who. CLAUDE DRISKILL T 83 I Club 2,3,4. JACKIE DUFF T 83 I Club 2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Senior Who 's Who. BOBBY HENLEY T 8: I Club 3,4Q Chemistry Club 33 KOY Club 3. DA VID KOON Football 1,2,3,43 Captain 43 Basketball 3,43 KOY Club 2,3,4, President 43 T 8a I Club 23 Boy 's State 33 Class Vice-President 43 P.E. Student Leader 3,43 Sen- ior Who's Who. GERALD LAURENCE Latin Club Vice President 13 Football 13 Transfer Gads den High 13 KOY Cl-ub 2,3,4: Annual Staff 43 Senior Who 's Who. CARL LAWSON T 83 I Club 3,4, Convention 3. STEVE LAWSON KOY Club 33 Chemistry Club President 33 Paper Staff 33 Band 2. GORDON MASON Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain 43 KOY Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 43 P.E. Student Leader. FRED MAYER Band 13 Glee Club 13 Class Vice-President 2. JOHNNY RINGLE Glee Club 43 KOY Club 4g Basketball B Team 13 Annual staff 4. CHARLES RUDDER KOY Club President 1,23 Football 1,2,3,43 Chemistry Club 33 Class President 13 Vice President 23 Secretary 33 Tumbling Team 13 Senior Who's Who3 Annual Staff 4. BUCK SINGLETON KOY Club 3,43 Football 3,45 Latin Club 1,23 Spanish Club 23 Senior Who's Who3 KOY Club Executive 43 Annual Staff 4. CHARLES SOUTHARD Transfer Oak Ridge Highs KOY Club 3,43 Chemistry Club 4. MAX STOUT Transfer Fort Payne, Alabamag Glee Club 3,43 Chem- lstry Club 43 KOY Club 3,4. JOE VANDEVER Spanish Club 13 Transfer Oak Ridge: KOY Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 33 Senior Who's Who. DONALD WHITE T 83 I Club 2,3,4. , CLARENCE WOLGAMOTT Stamp Club3 Transfer Oak Ridge High3 Chemistry 4. Valedictorian Carolyn Christopher Salutatorian Anne Malone D. A. R. Award Annabelle Stegallf American Legion Award Gordon Mason 2 0 LET THE GOOD TIMES RGLL I am a Presley fan! Whew! The annua1's done. Love like a see-saw. Aimi-U8 at fhe 59110013 ! ! Wild little Willie. , L, LR' Www .- J! Waiter Please? . Don't pomt at me! 21 Princess Grace and Prince Ranier Country Girls? Mug Shots! Hey! Quit Cheting. Wanta Join us! 22 I'll Pose For You! UNIOR Class Officers Marshall Koon . . . Jimmy Howard . . Glenda Whittaker Shirley Webb . . . Annwhite .... . . . . . President Vice President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter Robert Adkisson Catherine Adcox Harold Brandt Gale Agee Robert Br:-:shears Sandra Allred James Burnett Wilma Bidwell Lloyd Burnett Rosemary Bradford Robert Cabe Mary F. Brown Billy Cagle Barbara Bryant Ray Cantrell Patricia Caruthers Richard Cardwell Loretta Cone Arnold Chadwick Peggy Crumley Ira L. Crass Mildred Edmonds Carl Duff Wanda Fannin Douglas Duff Sarah Farmer Larry Finch Sue Gallahar Wade Gray Frankie Gordon Billy J. Guinn Eva G. Guettner Donald Gullet Barbara Hamilton Frank Harmon Phyllis Holland Gerald Hensley Loretta Jenkins Max Holland Jeanene Keating Jimmy Howard Neta Kimbrough Dewitt Johnson Carole Laurence Marshall Koon Sally Lesesne David King Kay Luther Lloyd Ledbetter Johnnie Miller Curtis LeEew Billie R. Mills Larry Littleton Janet Morrow R. J. Malone Judy Perkey Carl McPeek Ann Pickel Tom Meredith Joyce Nichols Paul Morgan Mary Rogers Bobby Nall Barbara Rudd James Oran Shelia Surcey Jerry Pickel Janet Taylor Gale Pickens Jackie Till Terry Robbins Ann Tutterrow Estal Robinette Freada Wallace Allan Rudder Lillie M. Weatherly Douglas Sams Shirley Webb Kenneth Scarbrough Ann White Edward Schubert Barbara White Pearl Scott Glenda Whittaker Xan Walker Jackie Williams James Weaver Sandra Willmarth Paul Williams Virginia Wyatt Kenneth Wilson Shirley Young James Wright Carroll Murchison Shovel it quick! Hi! Gertie! Look ma I'm grown up! The Three Mousecaters Little mama Talking it up! SOPHO ORE Class Officers President . . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . . . . Larry Ladd . . Hugh L. Burnett Katie Timrnerman . . . . Linda Brooks . . .Don Medley Joe Atwood Fiorentina Alvaro Williard Birchfield Geraldine Brackett Larry Boone Linda Brooks Burel Brooks Edith Burns Bernard Brown Frankie Cantrell Wayne Bryant Mary H. Clower Hugh Burnett Ola Mae Comer Robert Burns Margaret Duff James Cantwell Patricia Duff Bert Carney Gaynell Dutton Jerry Carroll Wilma J. Eblen Wayne Childs Vivian Edgemon Eric Christensen Rosemary Felknor Clifford Cole Kathryn Guinn Glenn Collett Barbara Hale Joe Crichton Judy Heddleston Larry Erick Della Hembree Michael Garner Eva A. Hensley Paul Godsey Sue Hicks Don Bailey Linda Johnson Paul Hamilton Margaret L. Jones Buford Holt Nelda Kelsay Billy Hoover Eudean Ledbetter Raymond Jenkins Barbara Lemons Hugh M. Johnson Patricia Lowe Charlie Jones Margaret Luttrell Bowden Ladd Gail Marks Larry Ladd Linda Mathes Don Medley Betty J. Meredith Ronny Morton Vemell Miller Joe McFal1s Jessie L. Norman William Parker Carolyn Pierce Paul Pickel Shirley Pierce William Pomfret Marjorie Plemons Phillip Preston Charlene Reeves Don Sawyer Sandra Richards Scott Schrock Sharon Rivers Stanley Scott Willie M. Patterson Ronald Seaver Nelma Shelton Russell Thorton Rose Simonds Harold True Rany Singleton John Tutterrow Virginia Southard NOT PICTURED Nancy King Earl Shubert Shelby Mays 33 Richard Walzl Hester Stafford Chuck Young Mildred Stanton Katherine Teffteller Norma Teffteller Katie Timmerman Jo Paulette Waller Rachel Ward Martha Weatherly Norma J. Weatherly Elfreda Wehrman Sandra Wehrman Archie White Kathy Williams Betty C. Wright Carole Zachery Carl Ownby At the end of things! Eating up the math! Kiss of Fire! 34 Don't step on my Blue Suede Shoes! Good Loving! FRE SHMAN Class Officers President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . . John Brewer . . Bill Isenhower . . . . Parn Jackson Elizabeth Watson . . James Newby xl l rr' Ibn N J m.- 1 :I , r 1 ' ' l A P X ij lu ylfqvjx ml xy 9: U Willis Babb H Mary M. Amo " Luke Banker Linda Adcox Esco Abbott Patsy Alexander Robert Barnard Nancy Anthony Jack Barton Joanna Bailey Lynn Birrnley Judy Bartley Larry Bonnell Mary Brackett George Brown Beverly Brown Mitchell Brummitt Daisy Brown Terry Capps Reva Burnette E1n,1nlLQl12LS1yli9L Sara S. Byrd Thomas Childs Barbara Caillouette Warren Cliff Mary E. Chandler Kenneth Cline Linda Christopher Winston Cox Martha Dake Eugene Crabtree Flora J. Ellis Robert Denton Margaret Ellis Milton Freels Jean Fitzpatrick Henry Gambrell Peggy Forrester Gordon Goddard Donna Forrester John Greer Diane Fultz Raymond Guettner Betty Gallaher John Harris 3, U XX x X S Tommie Harris Norma Gillentine Charles Hawk Joyce Goddard Ronald Henry Gladys Gregory Wayne Hilbert Betty Grigsby Roy Howard Mary Alice Hayes Eddy Humphreys Betty Hazelwood Howard I-Iuffine Pam Hildreth Douglas Hunter Rose Hunter Bill Isenhour Pam Jackson Harold Isham Jane Johnson Jerry Isham Gloria Jones Bobby Jackson Judy Keylon Robert Johnson Shirley Lesesne Roger Kessing Peggy Loposser Ronald Kittrell Linda Manis Henry Ladd Doris Miles Robert Mathis Nancy Miles Marvin McFa1ls Henrietta Morrison Jack Monday Sue Morrison Steve Monday Judith Murray Martin Moore Sybil Paris Donald Nabors Linda Parker Williams Nabors Jimmy Nall Frances Pesterfield Eugene Oaks Ann Puckett Billy Ollis Doris Quiett Larry Oran Laura Quiett Joel Parker Lois Quiett Winifred Peluaru Carolyn Rose Jack Phillips Vida Russel Kenneth Price Joyce Ann Russell Howard Rash Freya Ryan James Reed Thelma Schubert Charlie Rodgers Kay Simonds 1. D. Russel Sandra Smith Edward Scott Wanda Smith Michael Shaffer Jean Speers Arthur Summers Alice Stout Jerome Swenson Alene Stratton Jack Tate Joyce Swicegood Roy Tate Wayne Tilly Thomas Tutterrow Sandra Todd William Van Bever Elizabeth Watson Robinson Warden Gena Watson Kenneth Waddles Juanita White Ronald Weatherly fiat? D We-1? 4 Y NOT PICTURED Errol Scogin Ray Wallace Betty Jo Woody Laura Ollis a Don Manis Dexter Price Jean Ollis 4 Carol Robbins Betty Harvey Donald White Carolyn White Donald Williams Betty Jo Whitten Wayne Wilson Judith Whitten James Woodard Betty W illiams Ronald Woody Joyce Wright Marion Clark Rebecca Surlock Neal Jackson Shelby Jean Hughes J. C. Hedecock Harold Liles James Newby Hey, Whacha doing? I just gOt married! Great Pretender! Lonesome For A Lover Don't be Cruel 40 CHEER WITH US AS WE ENJOY OUR SPORTS Captam E SUE HENRY L sawxmf WBC WDA BR00Ks 4 1 JEANENE KEATJNG WADE GRAY GLENDA WHITTAKER R. C. H. S. Yellow Jacket Football Squad FIRST ROW: fleft to right, Buck Singleton, Bill Cagle, R. C. Brashears, Jackie Duff, Jimmy Howard, Hugh Johnson, Bill Roberts, Don Bryant. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach Ingram, Gordon Mason, Hugh Burnette, Jim Weaver, Bobby Cabe, Ronnie Henry, Pearl Scott, Redford Norman, Ray Cantrell, Lloyd Burnett, David Koon. THIRD ROW: Coach Derryberry, Raymond Jenkins, Charles Rudder, Max Holland, Marshall Koon, Dale Allstun, Bobby Nall, Bowden Ladd, Billy Joe Guinn, William Parker, Gordon Goddard and Manager Paul Hamil- 12011. The R.C.H.S. Yellow Jackets have received three great honors in the season of '56, The first is the accomplishment of an undefeated season which has n't been obtained for Kingston since '33. The sec- ond great honor is winning the title of "Tri -County Conference Champs." Last, the Jackets won the Jaycee Bowl for the second consecutive year. Coach Derryberry and Asst. Coach Ingram have coached this Squad with an untiring and faithful will for the past four years, and with their guidance and confidence have built a winning team. Don Bryant and David Koon captained the team. KINGSTON S STARTING ELEVE GORDON MASON -QB- The Houdini of the Jacket "T". A11- County, All-East -Tenn., All-Tri- County. One of the best college prospects to come from Kingston in many years. An excellent passer, and punter. DALE ALLSTUN -I-IB- Speed Merchant. Tough as they come. Added much reserve strength to the team. BILL ROBERTS -Guard- All County, All-Tri-County. A transfer from Lafollette. Just what the doctor ordered. Fast and excellent body blocker. Strives to please and usually does. "JUMPING" JOE GUINN -HB- Possesses all the qualities of a good runner. Top scorer of the Conference. Second year All- County back. All-Tri-County. CHARLIE RUDDER -I-IB- One of the best subs anywhere. The type boy a coach is glad to have around. JACKIE DUFF -Gua.rd- Good defense as well as offense. Dependable. Fast, alert, and hart-hitting. LLOYD BURNETTE -End- A glue-fingered pass receiver. An expert at getting in the clear. DON BRYANT -Tackle- Hard to move on defense, and a smashing blocker on oiense. Hard worker and determined player. An excellent Captain. REDFORD NORMAN -Guard- Shouldered much of the defen- sive load. Gives very little ground. JIMMY HOWARD -Center- Solid as a rock. Can be depend- ed on to get off a good snap no matter what. MARSHALL KOON -QB- Has MAX RAY HOLLAND -HB- As promise of being adequate re- placement for the departing Mason. Good ball handler and runner. RAY CANTRELL -End- One of the strongest boys on the team. Great on defense. Capable of playing anywhere in the line. BOBBY CABE -End- One of the hardest tackling ends on the squad. Will see a lot of service in '57. good a defensive back as we have on the squad. Fast and elusive BILL CAGLE -hd- "Towering" Bill was hard to run around. Superb defensive man. Fxcelled in the art of blocking. R. C. BRASHEARS -Tackle- Fast, powerful and alert. Great at crashing through and stopping the play before it can be started. Can be depended on in back- field or wing. PEARL SCOTT -Guard- Shows promise of being an outstanding guard. Fast and strong. H UGH MELVIN JOHNSON -Tackle- V i c iou s tackler. Strong and quick. Does his best at all times. LARRY LADD -FB- Fast and powerful. Will be counted on heavily in '57. I-IOMECOMING QUEEN AN HER ATTEN DAN TS Kingston was victorious over Oliver Springs for our Homecoming game. Miss Virginia Wyatt, a junior was selected Homecoming Queen. The attendants were Qleft to rightj: Bill Roberts, Miss Carolyn Pierce, Dale Allstun, Miss Janet Morrow, David Koon, Homecoming Queen Virginia Wyatt, Buck Singleton, Miss Libby Hayes, Gordon Mason, and Ivliss Elizabeth Watson. ROANE COUNTY H. S. 1956 FOOTBALL RECOR RCHS 26, Coalfield 0. RCHS 27, Crossville 6. RCHS 34, Harriman 13. RCHS 32 So. Harriman 20. RCHS 40, Wartburg 0. RCHS 25, Oliver Springs 7. RCHS 68, Midway 0. RCHS 39. Homesteads 0. RCHS 19, Dayton 6 RCHS 19, Rockwood 7 . D Left to right: Dale Allston, Don Medley, Ira Lee Crass, Bobby Cabe, Gordon Mason, Billy Joe Guinn, Hugh Burnett, Larry Finch, Redford Norman, Mgr., Buddy Koon and Paul Hamilton, Coach Reeves Derryberry. Boys' Varsity Basketball Team The Kingston Yellow Jackets have in the past been one of the most respected basketball teams in the area and the 56-57 aggregation was no exception. The team possessed a balance of scoring power and made up for the lack of height with an a- bundance of fight and determination. Coach Derryberry's squad was captained by two outstanding performers and All-Tourn- ament players, Gordon Mason and Redford Norman. if 3' ,si WE? ,W by A . A f:..1i'w9i'?? 5' - .fh . xii Yi 3: f 'Jil 25551 -- Q3P?iESc5?3W4i 5? mwwzw , ibgerfyfvv-L15 ,, Q , . .. Wgiggsw f4l:,i?5fi555I5'.fi53?mfEi3y?VX E r f 'E Y Q I 35 .V , ' ' . i iff' 4, w,,,i-, Q W m fy wg ,S V ,-,. 5- K ., -, + Vw, :LM SLA PFA, 5 1115 V 4.1, ,:i:fe,3,A assi ' gyy ..:,1M44ss. SM. ,, ,K fm: f5fg5'l5lfEfi47f: 517, -Q. Coach Bill Ingram 's "B" Squad was composed of some of the best basketball material it has been Kingston's fortune to have. In view of the youth, ability and de- sire to learn, Kingston's basketball future appears bright. Boys' B-Team Basketball Squad Left to right: R. Warden, S. Monday, J. Barton, Co-Captain L. Ladd, C. Cole, T. Nall, R. Morton, B. Van Bever, W. Peluau, L. Oran, Captain G. Collett, Coach Bill Ingram. Left to right: Joy Kelsay, Shirley Webb, Sheila Surcey, Carolyn Christopher Marlene Cabe, Gussie Humphreys, Bar bara Hamilton, Frances Presley, Frankie Gordon Janet Taylor, Mary Clark, Barbara Smith, Managers Ann White and Annabelle Stegall, Coach Reeves Derryberry Girls Basketball Team It's been a good year. We've had our good games and our bad ones. We've had our heartbreaks and thrills. But on the whole it's been a wonderful time! ! ! I For seven seniors, it's really been a swell year because high school basketball is over for them. To Joy Kelsay, Carolyn Christo- pher, Marlene Cabe, Gussie Humphreys, Frances Presley, Mary Clark and Barbara Smith, we all say "Swel1 games you played girls!" QW. Q, . , .ww ,, .. ,, 1. , :Q . ..EZ ,:..: ,... ,,., . Qiivv-IK ih,.f .l 1 :- "fi . Yrs., Nl f -' '"fi-iszfibzi?-fidfiilffzffff .H I . M "Lf:I'-TSW ' - 1, .M ,, 3' 2 X , - .. 3 Zszfzf, g.fgmEZ.Ws,..., ,f .K ,,.. if 1 E W K A? mah sf- dv X - X..- hxixh 4 J . 5 7:4 at E ' i 'sw-wfwz V aimggfgggmgg--wgaziwg Q13 iq, Q- -ui , W 1, ,V VKVV W XMI., wnf,W1gf' l,lg wiE2?es'f?,mw3ir44 Sak S K as 'lt .r s H, ,f , ,, X. wwf ,,,W'm fi, ..V. , ,W NL, H ,ix A qfffiffw1sL,lzg X 1 1. 5 1... as q nr s x N 3 Q . Viv 2 kph S51 . . - ' M , H M ' f ez 'QQf"IijZfLi?" ATHLETIC FIELD ROANE COUNTY HIGH 1924 The "Yellow Jacket" Coaches from 1924 57 1924-34 I. R. Heifner 1934-37 Wesley Pickel 1938-42 John Roberts 1943 J. O. Bowman, Max Jackson 1944 Sanders Bowman 1945 Max Jackson 1946 Gene Alford 1947 Bob Clower 1948-52 Sterling Roberts 1953 Bob Clower 1954 Reeves Derryberry, B111 Ingram 56 STUDENT LEADERS: Loretta Cone, Barbara Bryant, Phyllis Holland, Mary Childs, Miss Rose, Barbara White, Judy Perkey, Jackie Williams. STUDENT LEADERS: Redford Norman, Allan Rudder, Gordon Mason, Dale Allstun, David Koon. 57 CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS 59 Q by X. is r is F: Roane County High School Band Director: Miss Pat Hood Majorettes Ann Young Rosemary Bradford Carol Zachery Nelle Luther -A K. 0. Y. Club Officers LEFT' TO RIGHT: Redford Norman, Reporter, Rany Singleton, Executive, Gordon Mason, Vice President, Ann White, Secretary, David Koon, President, Annabelle Stegall, Treasurer, Buck Singleton., Executiveg Ann Young, Executive, Dale Allstun, Executive. D Chemistry Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Robbins, Presidentg Libby Hayes, Secretary, Mrs. Martha Wyatt, Sponsor, Shirley Webb, Treasurer, Jimmy Howard, Vice President. F. H. A. Officers SEATED, left to right: Jackie Willrms, Song Leader, Neta Kimbrough, Parliarnentariang Jerry Brown, Historian, Sally Lesesne, Reporter. STANDING: Anne Malone, President, Carol Laurence, Secretaryg Ann Tutterrow, Vice President, Sharon Rivers, Treasurer. Trade and Industry Club Sponsor - Mr. Hugh Wyatt K 'x L X A . R . fs NPV rf! Glee Club L N vi Director - Miss Pat Hood f Beta Club Sponsor - Mrs. Rymer Future Business Leaders of America Club Sponsor - Mrs. James Anglin SENIOR MOST POPULAR Dale Al.lstun and Libby Hayes BEST ALL AROUND Helen Burger and David Koon MOST TALENTED Jerry Cardwell and Fred Mayer SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC Gordon Mason - Barbara Smith BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Johnny Ringle - Sue Henry MOST POLITE Marcella Branson - John H. Browder PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Barbara Sawyer Buck Singleton SENIOR MOST DEPENDABLE Roscoe Harmon - Frances Presley MOST INTELLECTUAL Martha Ehod - Steve Lawson BEST PERSONALITY Redford Norman - Mildred Henry SUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Charles Rudder - Annabelle Stegall FRIENDLIEST Joe Vandever - Carolyn Christopher BEST DRESSED Gerald Laurence - Marlene Cabe F LIRTIEST Jackie Duff - Ann Young R SCHUOL SL . 1?-,.,T-fffvflsffl,--1,fi,'i?ff5,-1,1 ,1f,., 1-i"L! V4 , g . 4 4,-L .,,A, ,..i , , 4,,A 5, k.':h 1, ,-,,- ,,,::x KZ f.:., ,- if V :.kj9,M.,1,5f,f N, ,X , K A..,,,:sf...-,iw -L-'ff ,i ,lf . .k , . V f Lg' :,f.f:1,5M :zgwf 1,f1zgef+fff'1fiff::v 'ww-g ,, , 4 If 'Z -1 'f ,:- r ,M,-k1f,.se':wgzi,fg:,.s2'.fe:Qifpg:g.'aj:?f-qw' +V-W , M f f 'Hg ' 5 fx 4 , ,,k'-, A gl ,K f, , H vgigmf L :Ci 'f 1' ff if if-1 -,JK :km-:xii-'4i ff'ffS:'.fs-Zvi'fm? 1, m- fy r KW, .L A ,., ..,,f,,,.,,i,f ,.,:3.w.w .. , - ,- ,wpfm,,wi1,11,.fk:.'fm.w'f12,1',mqvz-. wa: ,..M:f,,m.,p-.1rg,w..p-, A:.',, V- 4' 1: rt' ' f ...,' Q I - 'ffihi f Em il 5517 , ,, . K. ., VH f1, V ...H wg K. ' 4 Q , 'j 'j5-A--:ffrixigfaszwf-f 5? - 'f , ' , An 1. ,.,g, 'wie' .mfr-,..' 32.-, 1 f X .1 ,, W S Q gg 5, ,Q uf.. X " SK xx ,ff , 1 ab ew H w- f L. ,R ,QT 2 F, I fx' Nr 4 'L GI K ff Q' 1 W M 1 ws ,N 1 M 1 as H - " C Q " rf ' gi? ff Q L f i J E is , 5, M .,. .4 , .Q k Kaya., gg "-L W Q, 'TT :'vf5,-5-Mix " ',3 ,M :5rJ 'HQ 1 4: ' N " " 'L " . ... Q, ,, ,W . , , ... A ,,,,, i Mui , ZX Q., 51 F 2? 4 2 J, ,f 1 1 6 . 41, I 'V f . J ' ,... .. '- ' ' -I f ' . ' S'- ' 1""i3f3G -, " f My f'f7'Lx?,'f' il--W: -5. 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EVANS, Jr. Principal Mrs. MATTIE LESESNE Latin, World History, Biology b31ffZ53?Hi?1g3531iiHgQ'4:i5-553-fi? .9-5 - J: A M M.-s1,,5M -srwl dm, .,,vgS5.,, 1 f .. f:5SP35i?F3a'sf'Yil'5 1 diisqyixgfsgghg -' -fs-'mf wwf 1-- :2Qea'fdg:5ek35s WS5ev'?fi2sLE : iggfieiwwzgf ' " 5Q5wewasg1Xswaass,5fsg3m23fsQw2-f gow wzfmgfsgw7--A-:if-if -W. -- ,fvgAT,,-qgsigil-5-Zggbiufwylkifi, 45. .i - X- ,zgg w y-2' 4 :"-,wgi--55-,,-.,. 'i-now:--1 qf wwfgfgemg:,g-ewft-me-bi,-iziwglaegg - ma ' fs qefzgw-eirggyffgsffiif' J' ' -Egitiri' -,,-,Lis-Q1-iwggigvig,Q-11--Q--:1,, , s,,,W,,mg, .,.,,fW-1,,3 W.,,,,M.fs,fX-vf f - - U1 sf WW'-l,E:SLf'e: 'W RWE fsrfivf 9653? as msn '- , a,w,fM,,,f- f,.,.MMEfs - .V rL,.. lrr X-:pg i.a,ii,.w--,ga fi, ,. f- th-aek?w..,-ff .rg www--:,, Z - is f,,--fir-gms?--4 ,,,Q-f.f.g--Vw gi 16 wiim K X ' L, wifi-4531 fffljn'-:V 1,li1sg5f'?3if:Qf3,y i:q,i,.gwg.m . si M KW., is ,-1, eq- , --- W-?i"" 'S' M EJ 'fYf.x,-iflzvas 5552 mi 31 r gffp wif, is UH Si'9ff.ex,'.s-f!.1!st5,: ' fa ms ,. 1smsqpvwfiw-.fe-A-fs , 12- ,L-Q,-l5.w-22 a-a-fmw- 1- mm,-W Sf ' --Limo 1, 1-.:rggg.:bZ5-55 yQ'iggSz1l5waig2fZ, -fe Klip-fx-vi,-affwxgz ,. JfO5f'ffK -"f.f:Ex23'X .1 1f 'H155Eif::.u-v I . u.,, 9-1. ,,,,. , 4.n--35125352 X . .H -Was,-:-5 , --.,r H- -L,,.. -fi MM ..2,.m,-VH ?m-wrvsw m.Me-:sf-ww .M Q-F,,,, 5 S1 U scifi-liz-our--ww Q. -w-Sw mugwzvg-,w2W?2:1f9f -w ---1 ,- Z ,-im. -4,,,,, ifiidkisggifzi ,'ifQ2i:511'Ef. "': ".::' :'-:'..' I---,IE ' fiezizifif 5931-zL'g:5 - K S amjgisiir-1'4gQ-args .-: ,assi-swf-m4sv?w -9-of. ,- 11, :- g-fyssiiiriggi " f sZlfi3x5'ifI'i5Y,3f?:ii??x iw? Fl, 'f usQ'5'5k1?f- 21532 ms 1 uf .,E'1'f' ff .. : ,E R ,,gq,gi'-f -an -35 's: 833531562 W gasifi- 4 SMM xx -at -g, ls- H - .rigl-Masai, . .--rw' ' 1 .z Af's,.p:Q'Zig:'cx:-sing I? f, L, 1255 Q ,- 23 ,ws ' " is iz fa F 91 if sifff Q 555-Iv W H' - - f-, ., : 15- w' - 2 1 ix:-,g , H. ,A ,U f-,, 1, -- -Q --1 ,fm-7 Q Mr. HUGH E. WYATT Building Trades -serfisg is Mr. REEVES DERRYBERRY Athletics, Physics, Economics Mrs. GLADYS BROWN English Mrs. NANCY SHANK English, Math Faculty Mrs. FRANCES ANGLIN Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping Mrs. E. H. MERRITT English, Civics- 71 Miss MYRA ROSE Health, Physical Education Miss ELIZABETH LITTLETON English, Librarian 'WI F Ei rasgiiriif fiffgiia MSHA 2 is .,,,.. ,. .... El ar? ss f Q if r g gg sggg g sm si 5 nirE?a?g?212QaEgigf gg 2 E fi ri E355 is Q f fi 15952, 5 5352 Esiiiw gr Em g ggigi 2 , EV MQ 75 23 650 25155 5 V 535955555 sggfig -- Wes 515515 3- 75591 fir?1f?rgfgff5.i5 92 52? W f L 1 55235 2225 fiirrifgiigffigiiiggiiiizi if W een EW?'e25?7 P5 3555! gg M2 2 is 52 Wi A Q E255 :, 953 Hgliiiii gieiggfsigik 33552 g5ES 53iQ w 2 EiES Eig2Q 2i ,iii 2233? ,Bi z '::: K .A K? S5 K1 'fl ' yi ig i i isi igf Sf 5 - gg 5 ql Q 2 E" ,, if 5 5 E5 5 ? si V hnng ifgi s 2Lf2 wg Qi swf? 253 2 Nor PICTURED B A 5 E Q M' K W a 'A-ea . 1 Miss Gertrude Blye Mrs. Isenhour H :L K Q, fs S 51 Q S K S E 1 ! E 4 CONGRATULATIONS Ssmons We congratulate you upon your attainments and high ambitions. Wood-using industries and Tree Farms have played a part in your past. We hope they will be still more important in the future. HIWASSEE LAND COMPANY Kingsfon Tennessee Growing ond Producing PULPWOOD for Boworers Southern Paper Corp. FARRAGUT LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Lumber, Millwork And Building Supplies Office 81 Yarcl ll0 S. Kentucky Street KINGSTON TENNESSEE Phone FR - 6-6117 AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE CO of GALVESTON, TEXAS , Specialize in Life Hospitalization, Accident and Health Insurance Our Policy is Perfect Protection For information call or write J. C. Clemmer, Dist. Mgr. H. P. Caphwood, Mgr. l7'l5 N. Central or 304 Burwell Bldg. Knoxville, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Phone 3-4234 Phone 4-4426 or 36424 DAVIS DIN ER Tennessee Phone 9148 Midtown lllYA,l3 3 portable A warn TWIN-PAK me ONLY QUICK CHANGE i Elf'-v . 5 52 assesses QQQ P' Nhsgggzeesses av Up lo 24 Months 'O wr e . """' is ' J Q DEALERS NAME .,...,,,., . ,.,,,. . ,.,,. ,.... e,A, ,.,..4.e,.,., ,.,..,., ,.,,,.,....,,,. . , A Best Wishes To The Students o f Roane County High School from Mr. and Mrs. G. S. WEBB WEBBS PHARMACY Kingston, Tennessee Our Business - "Service to ihe Sick" Pharmacists ready to serve you Day or Night Day Phone FR 6-6452 "' Night Phone FR 6-6380 Also Distribufors For While Shoulders Perfume Polaroid Cameras, Films and Flash Bulbs Nunnallys Fine Candies - American Greeting Cards Argus Cameras - Parker and Sheaffer Pens Make it a habit to meet your friends at WEBBS JOHNSON'S If It's About Music - See Us! Phone 3I7 Harriman Tennessee PHONOGRAPHS - RECORDS - BOOKS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN KINGSTON Before 81 After The Game Meet your Friends At THE HUT Delicious Sandwiches - Rich-thick Malteds French Fries - Donuts, fresh daily Home-baked pies-cakes - Hot Choc.-Hot Fudge E. Paul Walsh, Owner-Operator WAMPLER'S WHOLESALE MEATS Makers of Homestead Brand Pure Pork Sausage Lenoir City Tennessee 'I283-W Compliments of Compliments U. S. 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PEPPER BOTTLIN G C0 Lenoir City, Tenn ssee " OOD FOR LI CUMBERLAND CHEVROLET COMPANY CHEVROLET - CADILLA C HARRIMAN Ch g t N S b B d COMPLIMENTS 01' SWAN'S SUNBEAM BAKERY READY BUILT HOMES, INC g 1 T Phone Fr. 6-7647 PRICE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP "Shop of Dependable Service We Wire Flowers John and Hazel Price T021 Oak Ridge Turnpike Oni: Tenn, Compliments Mrs. L. M. STONE of Real Estate Broker New homes, lots, acreage, and farms EMORY FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE Office Kingston - Highway 70 Phone - FR - 6-6193 Compliments of Let's Go Where the Crowd Goes REEDER MOTOR KINGSTON DRUG Ca, C009 Sodas, Sundaes, and Sandwiches All the Latest Records Record Players We have all your drug needs and gifts PRESCRIPTIONS Oak Ridge Tennessee ACCURATELY COMPOUNDED. BOOSTERS Mr. 8a Mrs. Von C. Williams Boots Cook Honaker Electric Co. Tom Watson CLay's Potato Chip Companyj Dr. A. F. Ferguson Sterling Roberts Dr. Sugarman O. K. Grocery "A Friend" C. W. Roberts, Trustee Mrs. J. M. Kinser Jane Neergard Compliments of HOWARD BURNETTE Mayor of Kingston NOBODY WOULD BUY ME. AUTOGRAPHS Compliments of KIN SER DRUGS INCORPORATED Registered Pharmacist on Duty at all times The favorite hangout of students for over 20 years Always Welcome at Kinsers. Day Phone FR-6-5157 - Night Phone FR-6-7542 NORRIS CREAMERY INC. Grade A Dairy Products Harriman Tennessee Congratulations to the Graduates ofthe Roane County High School Class of 1957 "May the guidance and training you have received during your high school years continue to influence you in the future so that you will develop into responsible citizens, respected in your community and in your chosen profession." UNION CARBIDE NUCLEAR COMPANY A Division of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation com zimems of l P Nllllllff THORNTONWS JEWELRY S X4 Kingston Tennessee Headquarters for Keepsake Diamonds - Elgin - Bulova - Wyler Watches Parker - Sheatfer Pens - Electric Shavers - Speidel Bands Senior Portraits in this yearbook by RODDY'S STUDIO Rockwood Tennessee Compliments of PATTON'S JEWELERS Kingston Tennessee .l. C. JOHNSON GROCERY Phone for your meat - we deliver Phone FR-6-6534 Kingston tg 5 'Af Tennessee 5- , , i X tim' 92 - a If T Aj 7.19: , -.. in , , ,Q 'fi-1 Q: .sis T' 11- .JJ-4,4 ,I E. A Gifts for all occasions at P. A. MASHBURN, JEWELERS Where lt's 0.K. to Owe P.A. Lenior City Tennessee Compliments of KINGSTON BANK AND TRUST CO. H Established 1889 PICKEL FURNITURE COMPANY TAY'-0R'5 E550 SERWCENTER Phone 6-9273 Home Furnishings Hwy. 70 and West Race St. Phone 417 Harriman Pardon our noise but your car IS our business. BARNARD'S AUTO 8t HOME SUPPLY FENNELL'S Kelvinator and Maytag Appliances Ladies and children's wear Emerson -I-'V' Auto Accessories, Esso gas and oil Kingston Race Street Kingston FR-6-6794 The annual staff members of Roane County High would like to take this means of ex- pressing our sincere thanks to all business concerns participating in our advertising drive for the year 1956-'57. Without your cooperation it would have been impossible to publish the "The Kingstonianf' ,.,,,,..... H 5 I K '7f""7"Z4""7- ,Q,,,,,QZ'1f,1 l 231-W-I 5 f' my , X ' ,ajaf g-7726: I C-ff? A , - ,ffaf-,'+a.7ff-v-of my M, Jw, -iwmfnffffff-W4Wm' W ff 1 WM!!-ALMA hmglixuqwiw WW V .M wV2Wlw'W5y4VfjLW J MWU W W ffiiwww , ,M vis? W Jfyxwgf HQ YfWQfxk ,M A Sjgffgifs fy Qi G22 Op J' fa , , Q? djyxl M if Zig G'Qty'f2fW M5233 " mba? w-m . L. A yi W rw, W7 ,Q W wwf WZ f4fA QWfW fwfmfwwfb M WJWZZWVM ,WWW ,4,,,,!ffMW6' ff,bZj0iMf"WdZAffM, f- f wfffjbffjjw 361114 fsvfmfd' KP fffff? he X 0 3 3 2353 2 sag il R2

Suggestions in the Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) collection:

Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 74

1957, pg 74

Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 35

1957, pg 35

Roane County High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, TN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 44

1957, pg 44

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