Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA)

 - Class of 1964

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Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 44 of the 1964 volume:

f':L-1 h'E-121 -iff- Lf ' ff'-21. ' n .' v X 1 fl--:--fy v-1-Ill---5 1-5-w - l V..-' L-LI1 tv rw' I MC , , , fwq 'gk yi? if -. i V lady' A C9 I f N r AW! ,q fx! jf, M QU JM ml, -! I 'Q ,'- - ' , V, LM ,L acwfvw if ,-QWW Nfl - 1 if WL' 9355. X., 1 v 1 f .J ku. , . V Lk' i?, XM-in .FQQB--. ' Obi L-F25 . V V -A - ff 6:22 - 0 :fini lfq2.f -ig J f 1 MD, ' Qi ' , ,135 ' if 39 CZ W jf' '-.Q Y ig lf! 2 'H FQ Q'jQ f 3 Q56-Q T5 Qs , 3 Dsl!! ig , -3 Jil 2 5 J f Lg fi 1' J - I ' fx 'itil Q'-sf!!-5 V- 425 if - ., 'DQ H? -B 6f'5eL QQ di D yi, V- A P '32, +3 DH 'fb , j'5 . 5 THE RHIH JUHIUR -I fum-Aeafg n. RICHLAND TOWNSHIP JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL I 1 JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA , 72g,A,m0 1 4 THE RAM JUNIOR STAFF ft The publication of the first volume of the Ram Junior was a cooperative effort of Junior and Senior High students. Jim Sell, Barbara Barto, Barbara Rifrle, and Cary Cuppett were responsible for the opera- tions at the Junior High building. 3, M gli rr V, V 'nw ' S r as i Q' Q ararmlb.-eau H 1 rr. Under the close supervision of 'their advisor, Mr. William Maquilken, the real workhorses of the staff Nick Sichak, Editor Barry Wingard, Chuck Taormina, and Ron Machtley spent many Sat- urday afternoons completing layout, typing, photo developing and printing and other year- book requirements. Pat Slavich and Pat Marunich were responsi- ble for the copy which appears in the Ram Junior. 2 DED1CAT1oN y Q Z , N:u.11.X'lLilx'1A,x' HH H, N1Iwlw'.1H W, NEW H W 1 HN11..i Ymg',,ijj,1j,Ll7fQ1 A This ,en fi iff-lb-.. ' ' 2 'q 1 2' page 1S set aside in honor of one ,ei LTER IC IIIIHDIR In imu aww-,m,1 x. ! is mam ww: 9 EN 113. 1 2 He Beg 3 N Eh 4 Ere ' 'ra fs.-.,..,, fi 45223 1 ' :Sy 33 !AvA ' , W 5,3 WMA v l zififftygrlg X Rb 'EM 38 Y E., TMWESA d Y, YYXML Q Lh:f:L Alix HT rw staged E 'din ..!.g,s' use 'ET' Xe yzaa ggi' 79 Allip 35? ff 6- 1'-12 QQNALD FYO CK f Pl.,--F whose presence during his many years at Richland has made him one of our best- liked and most-respected teachers. We know him as a person whose principles and integrity have served both him and each of us as a guide in our education and daily life. For these reasons we proudly dedicate the 1964 Ram Junior to our friend and teacher, Mr. Donald Fyock, -:' 3 X31 527 X, X X C, SKILLF UL LEADERSHIPM Mr. Campitelli, the Richland Junior High School principal, is a graduate of Windber Area High School. He attended college at Slippery Rock where he re- ceived his B. S. in education. He then taught English at the Richland High School. After teaching several years he returned to school at Penn State where he did post-graduate work. Upon his return to Richland he became assistant principal. He then moved to principal of the junior high. Mr. Campitelli is not only principal, but he is the advisor to the student council and head junior high basketball coach. During his coaching career he has had many victories. The past three years his teams have taken the Conemaugh Valley League champion- ship. Mr. Campitelli has done much to help the Rich- land Junior High School, and he continues to make it a better place for future students at Richland. 5 -M -W-.Wm .MW l EFFICIENCY PLUSH Miss Burns, a l96l graduate of Richland, is secretary to Mr. Campitelli. It is her daily work to type the bulletin, write letters, and perform many other duties to keep the office functioning smoothly. Miss Burns' cheery smile and efficiency are an asset to the Richland Junior High office. ENGLISH ignmm 735' ' QW sf rim + Ernelio DeMarco Jr. Tressa B. Ercole Louis J. Heinze BA St. Francis College BA Juniata College BA Susquehanna Univ. A. ner' H mu Zn 1 7 4.1 ,,- Mary Morgan Bernard T. Westrick BA Bethany College BA St. Francis College LANGUAGE READING Berry C, Blough y Robert Mucciola AB Juniata College BA St. Francis College W. Stevens Mayer lr. AB Princeton University AM'Indiana University SOCIAL STUDIES E' Elsa Calderwood Nora Covode Judy Hambright BA Thiel College BS Indiana State College BS Indiana State College 1 'Hr Clarence Harrison BS University of Pittsburgh Paul Wissler' Edward Pfuchmc BS Aibrigm conege BS Indiana State College ' William Ream BS Indiana State College Master of Litt.- University of Pittsburgh MATH Arthur Blough Patricia Boback Carl I-Ieptner Goshen College BS Indiana State College BS University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh MEd. University of Pittsburgh Frank Logrando BS St. Francis College l SCIENCE i N Harry Coulson Jr. Galen Hoffman BS Lock Haven State BS Juniata College College M. of Letters- Donald Fyofm , University of Pittsburgh BS Penn State University a VOCATION Jo Ann Feeley Richard Frazer Betty Hooper BS Ifldian-2 3121116 BS California State BS Penn State University College Cgllege Vfffi? 'T 2' ww ffl W im im 541 W get W W a.a u w H David Aikey BS Indiana State College Daniel Wess BS California State College ARTS Ben Manotti BS Edinboro State College 9 Robert Neville BS Indiana State College MA Columbia University 1,1 Q Y . L' LV' Richard Matey BS Slippery Rock State College MEd. University of Pittsburgh PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ik? I Sally Silk Elizabeth Patrick BS Slippery Rock State Miami University College Elizabethtown College Charles Puckey BS Concord College SPECIAL SERVICES Ioan Moss Bs, EdM. Indiana -H- ' State College I ,N,, i ,,, - if--,,, ' . ' '? 1 Z tm .. F354 ek f-'E -Q H, w M it Mary Wissler J BA Albright College Stevens Burr BS Indiana State College IO COOKS LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Phizachlea, A. Stub- lar, J. Schaller, D. Stroscio, S. Susherba, I. Sell, R. Marsden, L. Morley. 1 CUSTODIANS LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Schlee. M. Miller. J. Marcinko, S. Kause. J. O'I-Iara., Graham Wissinger HEAD CUSTODIAN I 1 2590 X if QNW! . ,- ' I x - .. . ,g -w--1- ..., .....-LEU: :..1 il , .. -1 AL , N -'f:.:T4 E:'.f.-Lfq ii Wt! s I. ALBERT B. ALLISON G. BALOUGH T. BARRETT M. BARROW B. BARTO S. BEABES H. BEAM A. BEEGLE S. BEENER S. BELL L. BERKEBILE D. BHEAM M. BIER E. BIRKHIMER D. BIRTLE W. BIRTLE D. BLALOCK L. BLOCK J. BLOUGH P. BLOUGH R. BOS WORTH S. BOYER D. BOYER D. BOYSZA M. BOYSZA K. BRANDLE P. BRO WN W. BRUSH G. BAUMGARDNER R. BURKE W. BURNS D. BYROADE M. CHUBA R. COATES L. COLEMAN K. CANNONE A. CORDEK C. CORNELL L. CORNELL I. COSTLOW K. COSTLOW R. COYLE L. CRELLI B. CRUM J. CRUM L. CRUM C. CUPPETT D, DAVIS 1, J. DAWSON ' ' C. DET WILER , if at I A -'H 9777 - iii .,.. .L ,V ,q ,nit-JD 1 N ,V . J- ., , , sa A W A 4 x :1 s . j I od QS 4-'7 . ' ' 7vv .x-W1 -.J 1 -5, ,4 - - I. ,. , l I V I Jxfdv ,' , , -Get-W 'YF ... v- 4' 9TH GRADE OFFICERS WHY Sfofkov Treas-. Rodger SHYIOI, V. Pres., Karen Llng. Sec., Jim Blough, Pres. 'v uf .1 -of , -.., K lpvtfs 1 il -.--v, fi' 'v 2 I3 Ci? . av 'I ,- wtf -.- f W ..- K .IA - , 'i.2:f-if-'C'f:1AFQ ' ' 'iff' 4' ? I 'gl I ffm - M., 5'f'1 ' We , - A ra -A - H ,. ,, x l T .ov 'L L LI- fn A , ' I ,' ' .J .4 ' H 'ur Nr- 4 X . 'O' - ' wg. ' 1 N' W H 1-' ., '.4.'... - MT' 'W 11- Y' 1? ' ' 1 2 I A A A . ,, 7 l 'J 9' Y 5. -, f....- .6 .M- ' ' 3- XXAE' 7 'Ei9iaiE1: ' M if ' f 35.435 E. I. I. T. DOYKA DOYLE DRAVIS DROSKY W. EASH D. A. S. I. C D. J. G. E. J. G. S. K. D. R. EIC!-IER ELVIN ERB FALLON FARABAUGH FET ZER FISHER FLECKENSTEIN' FRIEDHOFF FYO CK GALBREATH GALL' GALLA GHER GA STON GAS TON GEORGE B. M. GEORG R. G. B. I. K. P. J. B. T. L. M I. P. N. I. R. C. T. D. I. S. T. J. M GERBER GILLET TE GINDLESPERGER GONTKOVIC GORDON GRAY GREENE u GRUSH HABERKORN HADARI . HANCOCK HARDEIS HARD ER HARRIS HELDIBRIDLE HILLEGAS HIRONIMUS HOCKENS MITH HOFECKER HOFFMAN HOGUE HOLLAND HOLLIS HORTON HOSTETLER D. H. . ICKES M. IVANCIC M. .TACKO J. JARDINA D. IES SELL R. JORDAN D. KAUFFMAN A. D. L. R. K D I. R. R. C D D KA WCHA K KELLY KELLY KEPPLER . KETTERER KIDD B. . KILLEN KNE PPER A . KOMIS KRING . KUZMIAK . LAMBERT LAMBING M.. LANGHAM LAPE L. M. LAPE P. LAVELY I. LESOSKY MQW 9- 'S- M N-iff 'Pr 7 N - f ' lib f, HQ 40 W ' A, W w .I-W ,fff-2 A 1: 'sd ' .iii N25 f'-r .XA fy? if - ...- ,wa .J mfg .1 I4 rua 1-. 7' faq ,. 5 fe ' -r V 4' K I ,W s-.v X fl: A w 1 va 'if L PETRO E. PETRUNAK I PIETRON L. mea P. PITERA L. PLUNKARD N. POLSTER F. POMPUTUIS c-. PoPov1cH The Cheer to B. LEWIS KAREN LING KATHY LING J. LIVELLA L. LUSHKO D. LYDIC P. MAINHART S. MAINHART L. MAHER N. MAKIN P. MARCINKO J. MARSDEN L. MCGREGOR J. MCHKENDREE B. MCKENDREE J. MCCULLOUGH T. MCQUAIDE S. MEEK D. MEIR C. MELLOTT W. MEREDITH R. MICHAELANGELO DARLENE MILLER DAVID MILLER DAVID L. MILLER S. MOLNAR W. MORLEY S. MOTTER D. MULHOLLEN J. MUNDOK B. MUNDWILER D. MYERS N. NAUGLE K. NITCH S. NOWADING D. ODGERS R. OSBORN T. PASQUERILLA A. PATTERSON ' - fi 1 gm!! I H N - 1 1 Q -A H! L V 1 1 ' ff . '-.w 35m'A5 .f. :.. Sha N, l ,, IEILQQ H4 1 : 1 ' fin' 4 :fwt fftfxg 7 f ia S . Q Q W x ,Jfx 1 , J 6 W sf ,K J 'E- SCHOOL SPIRIT HELPS If-.Z ASG? ,L . wi-faiww avr mf! I . ' W , . , F. , mi 5' I K. POTCHAK G. POWELL D. PRAZICH R. PRAZICH J. PRIEST R. PURBAUGH C. PUTO s. PYER P. REAM S. REYNOLDS D. RICHEY B. RIEELE T. RISH N. RIVELY J. ROBEL L. ROMAN S. ROSEBERRY P. ROUDAEUSH S. ROXBY C. ROWE E. ROWLEY S, RUSNAK B. SANBORN R. SAYLOR H. SCHNECK L. SCHOETELD J. SEESE L. SEIGH J. SELL B. SCHAFFER J. SIDOR R. SIRKO J. SLONKA B. SMITH I. SMITH L. SMITH T. SNYDER A. SOIKA L. STANSICK N. STEWART L. STOFKO H, STOUT S. STRICT J. STULL K. TABLER J, TAYLOR S. TOMASELL1 J. TRENT 1, TREXELL S. TURNER J. VARNER B. WAC1-is K. WAGNER ,LJ WALKER A. WASHNAK A. WATKINS J. WEAVER D, WEYANT C. WILDNER K. WILSON K. WINGARD N. WINCARD B. WISSINGER M. WONDERS T. WORRELL D, WRIGHT E '??9 7T.PT i' ?Q ' I Qw f 1 K, 2 ... ..,. ,..mm5.T,.NF , MJ ...Q , . 1 VI Trng. f : f'lZ??'., FF L12 1 fi? 1 '-.- - -..Swv F5Y775Z?f 11 AL: , '3 '1.:e, 1- 'A C R - W sv 'Hg V' .. 1- ' ' g Q.. -Q 1 in - N- . I .SA ' V 5 -5 - V M, 'vw ' - -1' as w - ,.. - -. f 3 V ff 1- 1 T f Q 1 ' -il . 'Q O' ', fm... V' if '- U Yr K: T ' ! 1 A, 1 I ' 1' T f 1' , L , 'W 57- J-.ff g .QR , I, Q .. . , E513 X at ' :QM ww .1 51,1 T N .sm , ' X T 'Al 1' ii E flL S ' fax ' ' 'M' 3 - .- R ,H SAR 'T . , Ng uf X ' I A Pl.- .,, .aff ' R .1 :F dh f' '..'Zf- . T ,,,.z . T I L . 595- I? fb 5 -SA . TQ . F 1 1. x E: .. M Q- a. ' 1 fi ff. A 5 -'-' ' X. :I Q 15' .L , ,f If 4, l Nrsi J, - ff . .f g-Z-4 fig it - .TJ -I S' x ., ' . fu , 1 . 'R ' V A T ' ' : r T ' Y V wr K X? ' r 'V' 5 I J 1 K S 'V I A If If 1 .., -, . 4- 1?j '.,,', . - .' , -.5 -.A SR fm., f . A V, ' -X K .151 y, , f , R f . 4 'ig , H. 7, Q Qi .. fz.. I ' lil l ' S' . X-?': 'M .4 S S51 S MV R !! ...., ,ff , , . .g,1,9j Z hu :, iV,,., gf! . Q U Vis 0 . 1:-in ,4,. 'K , '7 , ' 1 -, ...pai - I I A 3 1 xl I6 F. M. Anderson K. Ankeny A. Arcurio F. Arcurio T. Armstrong N. Basko M. Batovich I. Beamer S. Bee S. Bell D. Berkebile K. Berkebile D. Berkey N. Birlle D. Blough D. Boltz D. Boxler B. Boyd W. Brown A. Brumbaugk L. Bruch R. Bunn I. Burgan D. Burkett B. Burkhart B. J. Burns V. Cafeo S. Calafiore D. Callihan M. Cassidy M. J. Cemo K. Chapple L. Cober J. Coco I. Cole D. Cover R. Coyle D. Crilly K. Croft D. Crum B. Custer R. Custer J. Curry G. DeFrain K. Dickey D. Dunmire T. Dynice T. Easterbrook M. Elchin B. Enderlein C. Evans I. Fondelier K. Frederick S. Frederick J. G. G. K. Garretson Gay Gelles Georg .c, I w. w. 9 'v l .A uv Cr pl' u-I ,N ,v. 1 w - 4. 8TH GRA DE OFFICERS F 4. his ,li 1 B 5 V LEFT TO RIGHT: PRES.-S. KUHLMAN V PRES :rr f , f Y X S D. CALLIHAN, SEC.-s. BEE, TREAS.-F. ARCURIO, at V. P ,. . , . , X P , .I Q l A Q an U L' 4' Y in M ax ,.. , Au , xxx mr Ai m M H 1-.J W! L f ' -I Q -V J- 3' f-J' lj FD. N M -.u 'H 1 ff- in .L rf, --zw 'M r 'M sv' ,ll J . 1' ,s. - .R V :fz i 1 X. f-L51 W V . M , p H. gf' lk 'U ' il A i-iv, ' h i 1 ,iviii in 1 f J I i Y S ' N friw B -r.' L B ' i ue . B My F wg.. ii- 5' .5 Q-Q A 11 X' xii' ' ' Ai J ' 'S U rem !!' 1 , , ...M I ua' 3? ik fd I w 1 -. .3 , v--1' f Aff f. ' 2,153 A 7' ff 1 :SYN A-1 Y-cv' -if 7, - I7 :iv l ', 'lnP ,I 'wr off II I sf JN K 'U D. George K. Gilbert J. Glessner D. Gomulka S. Goss I. Goughnour C. Greene T. Greene T. Gregg G. Hagins K. Hagins M. A. Hall J. Hanak L. Haney R. Hanshaw M. Harclerode B. Harris D. Hayes I. Heldorn A. Hetzlein D. Hillegas C. Hinterliter S. Hironimus P. Hoffman C. Hultzman R. Horner B. Howard R. Hrivach D. Hutchison K. Jacoby R. James I. Jaap R. A. Johnson A. Just A. Karson T. Karshin K. Klesyk J. Kline R. Kensinger A. Koontz D. Koontz S. Kuhlman D. Kurtz J. Kurtz G. Kurtz T. Kurtz R. Kyler J. Lambert I . A. Lambert C. Lape B. Layton S. Leese D. Lengyel J. Lentz P. Leone P. Lichts D. Lint F. Lipinski J. Lohr G. Longstreth S. Lynch C. Main Cynthia Main D. Makin K. March D. Marks M. Markum F. Martin N. Marunich N. Mayer D. McFarland L. McKendree L. McMil1en D, Metzler P. Midile G. Mihalick C. Miller I. Miller J. Miller 'if' W 'C CC K1 ,tr - Q -1 r ' .1 I T ,Er , I r ef 1 y . K 'i VW ' T 'ff' 'Q ' ' F 1 -L '- U ' , Y- 1, . , . ' ,,,.n- . '1' - ' 'i ni' 'N r .aw . R ff L TV. ai ,F -he ,.f+ ' .f .N I ,Z , . M Rn. i W f A n K, Y 1 i , if A r ,, V'-Y W f me at .fa is . ,fc if f --1 J - ' ,U o r,.f--,...-,,,,,, E,- - .VL ,L-V.- ,W -E.. , 5 1 f x -'E 'V ' '-1 f i ' - 'A 1.1. f- 'N . :T 4 '-'V ,R 4. -v ' , Q ... K af.-1. -' H+ A fi. L 1-1 ff 24 .Li X' 1 .., . . ., vii: , f .:f'- 1 N' Q' .ns f!'Rr'...y-H14 ri it A- ,, we X rr' 4- ' ' fir ff 'fir' M LI' Q74 r . ,,p,AA,4AAi fC'L 2 'f. gli' . f Lv -L , - Q, ' Mu. , WI' '- , -1 , .F 4 'g ,rr H, - . .. .s 1- y i M' 5 i .4-Q '22 ' ,- LA..-,-y - V 1-- L 'Ul L ' Y-IL' xr' W' ' ff-X f ' rg .I -- T ff IJ ' I! :gl 1 3, K . f- Yr Qi . 1 . -, rw ' ' ' we- ' . Q 3.3.2. A ,yin . ... M X, ,gift -fp ,. rf.. ' ' -f A..-I I 'R 'f,.,N L., Hifi, x . , 1 XJ 'tx fer, 4 Avi Y . . , , U , I I X' . U .. L' 1 ' i 1 V FEV 31- ' 'fa .153-fa . .-T-fig C '- r . .. fi t ' r -1 .. l 1 at U Q N. W ,: Q W . :gqgw I . J ., ' , .Q-XS H .,, i I -, 'Z' Y 5' rr , 5 Z 1 L K , 5, .-ff .:....... 2 Y - 3 , . :I , tx IP u fx V35 3 .7 ' o . 1 t, ' . v - . . 'Q , .X is E Z , L lr ivfi.. , ,w I ' A-G or 0 X .. X ' My 1 E -- , vsaff F E 1 my 4 . I a f Ma .Lf ', mil .' ,.: M H AY gee? .- 'V' Q L A L ' ... L- .,-1..,- e- :gr v' . r A I ' .. 3. .. , gt, I T .ik U N Q .nf mfr! -4 K- 7 Y sl A . . ig I V, 7 4' . 5 Y' ifix e 5. r rr S' 5- i Q-I -4- 5.5 -F J, xi ? . 4 -:Wg L is JN'-vi 4' - . if , ' s , ij 94735 1- fi A f l ,' ,f .f 11'-if fa! ,. .1 541 2 ,, N, iff . hw 'ff' fa! .. -W '71!f-lifffi-inf , E ' Les. lit.. J' iff 215' Li: r gif -, -- iff-161.944 rf H J i ,y .g f 5 , V 1 1 f I 3. 1 f ,V ... 4 f- - . 5, . ' . it s 5 X , 4 ' j 5- 1 ' 3 1 V , , . if ,. -- ., ,-, . X-f tr ,, w ... JJ' 5:1 ' 51 ' ,M 82-7.,,r - .1 gp m. 1 . me-14 , If 'M Pi - - 18 V. - 1 W '-v W L. Miller P. Miller M. Mishocl- B. Molnar L. Morbit S. Mowery D. Murphy M. Murphy P. Myers B. Naugle L. Naugle D. O'Cormor H. Ola S. Osborn. K. Parker J. Petro J. Phillips K. Post G. Rager D. Riblett K. Richey C. Riggleman R. Rightnour L. Riley G. Ripple M. Ritzman C. Robel D. Robel S. Rose D. Rossman A. Roth D. Rush S. Rusnak D. Ryan M. Rygel D. Salem M. Saintz S. Sanders M. Schrader R. Shrock R. Searle D. Seese E. Seese K. Seese L. Seese D. Senchisen C. Senft C. Shaffer R. Shaffer V. Shaw C. Slack R. Smatlack T. Smith P. Statler H. Strict G. Stull G. Sweringen S. Trent S. Tresise S. Wachs F. Wachko V. Walls L. Walker P. Weber I. Weaver S. Weaver W. Sipe K. Wentz K. Wilson L. Wissinger F. Witkosky J. Wolfe P. Weyant New-TPS-'-:Wh-' .. J jr . g 2 f - 461 l l - X ,, Ir l V . k MV, ' . ',. -Q , A 5-,fv-S .l ,L Ji - , ..., 'V'- -' ...W ' - . N.. .:E - H W 24' G :EL Q-' f-I., M - G .wi .y Q .. - .Vvww . .N . kj M . rlgw ji .- -J ',wV'l?Mw ff! f I 1 '1 any ..,,- , . Q irri .... . li 'fgail - a. - M gf' x vm. - Y Y - a 'W' ' ' H' , ' -gxnii' W' ' '- , . 3 4 - ref? 4 ' ,1 2 1 , - W -nw ff.. 5 l . V'-.iff ' 43 .5 gp .. W .,- , fs' ' 'auf -5 9 91, QQ E ,M l Q..- it i . I :KZ , v , W .X K W -.-1, f ,., if i, , X , f 'NW -V .f M 'f ' . - f F f . 7 ., .r .V , , .1 x , 4- , ' i il? I ,r Q' fb ' 1 . ' A ' -L ' ' I an .-.1 mea '-me 1 fe- . - 1 , Pb. F alggqj 'P-4 rj K 1-+3 l M 1 J 5 ' Q-. . iii fe- , . a 3 y 1 ' ly-.ig n X gi 3. f ' W m. 0- V XXL? , ' - V- , ' I - ' I .I xg.,- .a 1 R 1 Q., . s- .ff ui 1 ai if l . , V. C.. . , .,, , f , ,,. Y 'Vigil r ' I -Tr-ru we S. Alwine C. Allen C. Allison D. Allison D. Altemus I. Apple B. Askey F. Balough J. Barber J. Barber N,.Barker P. Barndt I. Barnhart D. Basko D. Bender S. Benzon J. Berkebile R. Berkey Randy Blough Dave Blough Dennis Blough Rick Blough B. Blowers D. Boerstler D. Brandt C. Bush C. Burman C. Bumosky M. Burns R. Cassidy A. Cawzhorn D. Charney C. Chudik 1, Claycomb F. Cordek J. Corry D. Custer R. Custer C. Crilly D. Crum J. Diehl C. Dlosh D. Dysert G. Durica R, Eash C. Eisenhuth J. Elchin K. Elvin R. Emerick M. Evanchic S. Fabrizo L. Foust G. Frasier B. Fronzoli D. Fuller David Fuller C. Fyock B. Gadosh , PV' :-' lx Jw sl 1 r 1 Jr 'L 1 . , , 1 - -3 1. G , -, 1 '. ' I 'X 5 .X 1 . -.L - .4 X ,'f .U .N .' ' My rf' r-3. 5 I n sf iw A - Y. Q' f' Mg Qpwgu. N . E ' N f V hr xy K 'fl , Mia J ' F ' V AfN '?Q.' , ...... 1. . , , , ' - - r F in - .., - S HJ L . A I l .1 . , U F fs' l xy :np ,qi 8 ., ll H , V, 1 ,' s r 'Y V1.7 gi? . . .Q v . . ll. P' 5, ,: 'f,1 5 ,. L iv? A iff: 1' r !'f lv: . wif an 'f, A un f: ?r f A' ffl 1 ., if r ' - X. ' r 5 X X E I HN f , W , . , . l. 'hr 7 J . 3' -. in l l I . Gaston S. Gaston T. Gaston L. Gaydos L. Geiser D. Gennet D. George R. Gherros L. Gincllesperger B. Golby R. Gregorchik L. Guillarmod M. Gurka D. Hammer R. Hadari S. Harris B, Hayes B. Heaney B. Heindorn C. Hershline B. Herrick J. Hettle C. Himes J. Hinterlirer D. Hoffman J. Hoffman P. Hoffman G. Hoffman T. Hogue J. Hoover M. Horne I. Horner K. Horner D. Horner K. Jacobs A. Johns J. Kapitan R. Karshin D. Keppler J. Kermin A. Kessler A. Kirshman G. Kluchan B. Knepper J. Knepper D. Koller V. Kohur M. Komisar D. Kornprobst T. Krause N. Krivach L. Lambert W. Langerholc M. Lee J. Leon J. Levenrry L. Livingston M. Logan J. Long R. Lopresti J. Lesser D. Luciew P. Lewis T. Lydic S. Mackel S. Makin J. Manges R. Manges B. Marsh J. Marsh P. Martin K. Longstreth p.-PM -vz., ffm... 48 1 .aff I-lv' Wm -.v 5 53 ...av I r r D, ..- ' rs' , ' F ...I , X .wo . NH 3'Yr'f1' 'N-' J' ,' 5, ' 17 . . 'is N' '-ri .-2. .M Mmfff 5 3 r.-V 1 in Q 1- 2: - f 4 ' + 'LIL sd ' 6- ff.. I L ','f Q L.-f ? ff'- H .R f ' ,,,, . - 1 w r s-, if 'L f .gg-3, ' 5 1'1 IN ,-...., t ,,g 1 'J Wav X L ..-lr 2 I -P-. if iii r M. Matetic N. Matula P. McCombie T. McDowell S. McGregor C. McKendree F. McKendree D. McVir:ker C. Meek D. Meier M. Meizwa J. Messler L. Meyers R. Michaelangelo B. Midile K. Mihalko M. Mihaiko D. Milavic F. Miller I. Miller L. Miller M. Mishock L. Misler D. Molnar D. Montag C. Moore K. Moore D. Morbil I. Mottern B. Mulhollen C. Mundwiler B. Murphy L. Nagle T. Nagle G. Neff G. Nesmith N. Noon D. Norrhcraft A. O'Donne11 M. Oriosky A. Orris L. Parker J. Penrracr R. Phenicie P, Pritt T. Pudliner A. Radabush S. Ream B. Reidenbach J. Repp T. Riggieman J. Rively K. Roberts R. Robertson S. Robbins ' D. Romano D. Rossman T. Rowe I. Rowland J. Russo D. Sanders W. Sarlois K. Sayior S. Saylor .T . Schmid L. Schmidt D. Schofield P. Schuster G. Seamen P. Secora L. Seddlemeyer R. Seifert ' : W V' Y' A41 .. ? f ag., 1 -. . 'T Y Q. ' , F 4. S' ' V ' eiglfim' X5 5 .N , I , .P of Q V .5 , .x - E -'.. Y ., . W1 1 F- ., . , L ' ' i Z V N I ' -if , . A. ' .- ' 1 ' I 3 V N gf A N E ,Qb N . 112 1 pi. i.. F , Y . D n . - H , .' 1' '1-Jf2ia?'l L2- . X73 ' 1 e ' -..nga , ii I .4 N ' lf fs. N , P . A M2 i If '- li Iva -2 - . nr..-.,:1 ., Vw Y 1 ' , 1 , 'f 'j 1, 2 mf. -.. -- rf--f S-' . ' , i for . ...H 5 ...R . -1 .. F , f if XM., 5 -'jx - ' .ff ' 1-fy? I , V. y f ,JSI Q V - 44,4 1 sf F412-544 -g 1? A Q1 I-7 ' U ,qu P N....a in ' .H -6.4 '.', ' -S 'V fi , Z,-4 re. .e.w?-E-rw . , . as 4 r on -.v -a .be- af 'on 5 A .fa 'X g fy 1-an .-7 - . I 4.2 -'-r+fvwf--- JB.,-,,5,. N f J 2 '24 ,V-A .aan c-1 TTY? e L - , - - 1 ' ' X , f, f, , W W '5 !L. i 1 1.153 ,li ..,. I - , . A , ' 5' f fe ' 2 1 - ' , -v u ' FEE X- , iQ , ' I 1 '55 1 6 , Rv' 22 ,... L. Shaffer B. Siehl J. Shawley T. Sheck B. Sheets S. Sholtss G. Simmons R. Simmons R. Sirokmen S. Skiles G. Slatcoff P. Slaventa K. Small R. Srnay C. Smith D. Snow P. Spicker J. Spomak B. Statler S. Stall B. Strait G. Strandquest J. Stull E. Stypula P. Suhyda S. Szadvari T. Tallion S. Terchanyn K. Tilton J. Taormina B. Taylor M. Turner M. Uncapher N. Visnosky R. Voyrko C. Wagner H. Waynik C. Wolfe S. Weeks L. Wentz J. Wever D. Wildner K. Wildner I . Williams L. Winters C. Wissinger J. Wilson Barb. Wolf Betty Wolf M. Yamber Marilyn Yost Melinda Yost T. Young D. Zakrayek L. Zelenok ,. f , ' If ll I U ,-PM-YQ-. -'Q if - f V V .1 R, 1 '1-i Q.. 'iz f ' - If. ,- . - C27 V - 91 -1, 1. ' .1 Y H Y 'VM V X . W 1 ' 1. x 2' ' -Cf-1 1 w . ' -,:, 1, w , ..Q,f51.1.,f 1 I 1 L -.'3'f' 7' ' 7'j t. .L fd ' - QQ, gf.. l uxf , , 1 I Y L.j.g.,f ' V -Q, ' 'Z My .gan I . N N lv h 4' 'Al ily. 5. 5 Ti 1' 9 Y, . Lg f 1 A ' DST W - i 1 X 1 H A . -,.... 1 vw-.av ' I X..- 1 H V . 0 I N A-A, 'I HI er' .P'f,.43 , L A' f?'l3l5f' Vpmw' It U4 t X t . , 4 I A la'1f rf igf1MfiAi?.-1 l , 1'- J -it , Q7 N fy 1 - 'ff ' Q fff. ,H El f H. , I. an M . t , 2' 4 f V , S- Q A 1 -:Sr w ' 'fi' W xii' w A l Ysrd. nu en '-'-xv' .l, .H , . in f w W wi sn 1 , -. - ,,,. Q. if n n ... I , 4 W 1 1 1 I -e I 9419135-N X FOOTBALL In .N lip i 1 E i . 1 g'. ' . .3 3 61,65 5'9- 1 x 1 WL J.- cw. 172. W 4 X Q - 9' lu! ' ROW lg R. James, P. Marcinko. ROW 2: J. Hoffman, T. Gregg, T. Rowe, P. Secora, G. Slatcoff, J. Taormina, D. O'Connor, J. Kline, P. Leone, R. Kensinger, D. Montag, G. Hagins, B. Birtle, G. Longstreth, M. Boysza, B. Allison, D. Byroade. ROW 35 Mr. Matey, Coach, I. Blough, J. Goughnour, I. Sell, D. Kauffman, P. Pitera, B. Meredith, C. Hironimus, C. Rowe, B. Kidd, B. Brush, D. Birtle, J. Albert, Mr. Delvlarco, Coach. ROW 45 D. Wright, G. Baurngardner, L. Cornell, I. McKendree, M. Ickes, K. Tabler, J. Livella, E. Langham, I. Marsden, E. Birkhimer, T. McQuaide. J. Robel. Junior High Football Coaches, Emil De- Marco and Richard Matey. 1963 - RECORD Westmont 7- 13 Conemaugh Twp. 13-7 Ferndale 6- 13 Shade Twp. 42- 0 Franklin 45-'7 Adams 27 - O BASKETBALL ROW lg L. Cornell, T. Gregg, E. Langham, R. Michaelangelo, T. l-Iockensmith, M. Ickes, G Baumgardner. ROW 2: Emil DeMarco, coach, B. Allison, D. Kauffman, M. Ivancic, P. Mar- cinko, R. Saylor, Nick Campitelli, coach. PRELIMINARY .. fi - A ROW 15 D. Hayes, D. Allison, T. Rowe, D. Montag, D. Burkett, F. Arcurio, mgr. ROW 2: D. Byroade, mgr., D. Boltz, T. Kar- -,R shin, D. O'Connor. R. Blough, A. Roudabush, J. Young, L. Stofkogil mgr. ROW 3: J. Kline, J. Miller, J. Hanak. J. Plunkard G. Rager, ' R. James. H -- 26 if ' CHEERLEADERS . . ROW 1: D. Lydic, J. Fallon, R. Purbaugh, L. Crelli, K. Wingard. ROW 2: A. Beegle, J Priest, P. Blough. J. Smith, M, Cemo. . . . IN ACTION l 1 , Cheerleaders show their school spirit while leading the students in a rousing cheer during the Richland- Westmont game. 27 ,Gb-QHIUZQ, F N- STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES ROW lg Mr. Campitelli, J. Kapitan D. Lint, C. Smith, S. Kinsky, H. Strict. A. O'Donne1, D. Sanders, S. ROW lg K. George, S. Terchanyn, D. Dysert, S. Benzon, S. Kuhlman. ROW 2: S. Rusnak, T. Young, J. Priest, D. Charney, J. Albert, M. Hancock, G. Ripple, R. Blough. ROW 3: C. Cuppett, K. Gilbert, J.'Marsden, D. Metzler, D. Wright, K. Croft, K. Ling, F. Ar- curio. OFFICERS Guillarrnod, D. Burkett, K. Wingard, D. Ceil. ROW 2: T. Rowe, J. Weaver, D. S. McGregor. ROW J. Burgan, C. Main, Kauffman B Barto R Sa lor J Fallon, , . , . y , . 3: L. Crelli, S. Nowading, R. Rightnour, K. Ritchey, S. Leese, D. Salem. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pres.-M. Ivancic. ASS'f Chaplain-K. Ketterer, Sec.-P. Blough, Chaplain-R. Kring. Treas.-L. McGregor, V. Pres.-R. Purbaugh. 29 GEOGRAPHY CLUB pd NH1:WH,Zigi,,::11::,,Yr55Egi il M W--. N WU- r, ,. ,WM H,:,,,,,.,L,.. ,. , - l 2 ROW 1: G. Cuppett, Treas., B. Barto, Sec., J. Smith, V. Pres., R. Purbaugh, Pres. ROW 2: K. Georg, R. Horner, W. Brown, R. Shaffer, I. Elchin, S. Califiore, ROW 3: D. Rossman, B. Sedlemeyer, D. Boltz, F. Arcurio, D. Burkett. R. Murphy, J. Lesser, J. Williams, T. McDowell, S. Bell, D. Siehl, D. Kornprobst. ROW 4: D. Keppler, J. Curry, G. Ripple, D. Koontz, R. Kensinger, V. Cafeo, A. Karson, P. Harder, K. Wingard. J. Fallon, J. Taylor, S. Turner, I. Gontkovic, J. Stull, M. Georg. ROW 5: I. Stull, E. Stipula, I. Hettle, S. McGregor, D. Milavic, N. Visnosky, M. Matetic, L. Livingston, M. Anderson, D. Robel, D. Ribblett, P. Weyant, B. Blowers, K. Jacobs, K. Wentz, D. Iessel. ROW 6: Mr. Jacoby, Mrs. Covode, K. Ripple, M. Mishock, D. Cover, C. Burnosky, A. Kess- ler, A. Beagle, B. Gindlesperger, H. Schneck, D. Metzler, M. Ivancic, I. Fyock, M. Milavic, S. Goss, M. Shrader M. Batovich, B. Molnar, L. Walker, M. Hall, Mr. Mayer. HISTORY CLUB 5 , L A. ROW 1: G. Mahalick, L. Seigh, S. Rusnak, S. Sanders, S. Weaver, Mr. Ream. ROW 2: D. Mulhollen, G. Gal- breath, T. Stout, P. Marcinko, M. Boysza, K. Marsh, M. Rose, S. Leese. ROW 3: R. Gaston, C. Miller, A. Koontz, M. Batovich, K. Wentz, M. Shrader, L. Cober, T. Armstrong, B. Boyd. ROW 4: I. Beamer, R. Bunn, W. Brown, D. Rossman, A. Karson, L. Coleman, C. Wildner, B. Enderlein. IWAITICLUB ROW 1: J. Glessner, R. Kensinger, F. Arcurio, B. Munclwiler, D. Killen, M. Ivancic, A. Karson, B. Wachs, E Rowley. ROW 2: S. Hironimus, C. Chudik, B. Spiker, M. A. Evanchik, S. Kinshey, I. Horner, S. Saylor, M. Komisar, D. Meier, B. Wolf. ROW 35 D. Wachs, R. Goehres, M. Turner, B. Layton, M. L. Gurka, J. Hoover, S. Robbins, I. Barber, L. Miller, R. Sirokman, S. Terchanyn. ROW 4: R. Hillegas, K. Nitch, K. Wagner, L. Roman, G. Mihalick, D. Metzler, D. Callihan, B. Wolf, J. Leone, J. Russo, R. Blough. ROW 51 Miss Boback A. Hetzlein, N. Birtle, J. Marsh, T. McDowell, D. Montag. JETS ,ir L Er L... L, r ., .L LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Smith, J. Claycomb, C. Rowe, Mr. Logrando, G. Longstreth, K. Jacoby, T. Rowe, D. Kohler. 31 BAND ROW 1: S. Benzon, A. Koontz, J. Horner, L. Riley, M. Horne, D. Meier, C. Himes, D. Siehl. ROW 2: R. Bunn, G. Nesmith, P. Hoffman, M. Komisar, S. Cawthern, K. Hagins, D. Luciew, C. Miller, J. Marsh, I. Lesser, D. Rossman, S. Ream. D. Burkett, D. McFarland. ROW 3: D. Dysert, K. Dickey, C. Eisenhuth, A. Just, A. Orris, S Bee, D. Sanders, S. Saylor, K. Wilson, D. Keppler, C. Slack. J. Rowland, B. Brown, R. Blough, D. Metzler, P. Miller, S. Leese, N. Barker, S. Sanders, G. Mihalick, Mr. Aikey. ROW 4: QSTANDINGJ B. Murphy, R. Horner, G. Rager, J. Lentz, R. Keppler, I. Stull, J. Russo. CHORUS IJ! fig-' in . .rrn 'n W il ui S y ROW lg D. Lydic, J. Smith, K. Wingard, M. Boysza, G. Gillette, R. Purbaugh, A. Kawchak, S. Nowading. ROW 2: J. Crum, J. Doyle, S. Beener, D. Killen, M. Bier, D. Lambert, P. Blough, P. Harder, S. Bell, L. Berkebile. ROW 3: S. Reynolds, S. Beabes, D. Boysza, C. Puto, J. Trent, D. Hofecker, K. Brandle, J. Jar- dina, J. Taylor, K. Wilson, P. Mainhart. ROW 41 D.Ricl'1ey, A.Cordek,I. Harteis, S. Roxby, B. Gerber, B. George, P. Marcinko, L. Hadari, B. Riffle, L. Coleman, R. Komis. ROW 5: K. Ling, D. Boyle, L. Zelenok, G. Balough, P. Roudabush, D. Miller, J. Knepper, N. Harris, L. Block, J. Varner, M. Lape, B. Wachs. ROW 6: J. Slonka, S. Erb, S. Meek. S. Turner, P. Gray, S. Boyer, L. Stansick, L. Lushko. M. Langham, E. Rowley, S. Hogue, N. Naugle, P. Brown. ROW '71 Mr. Neville, D. Meier, B. Mundwiler, L. McGregor, L. Smith. LIBRARY 'ASSISTANTS .SL-..mAl K H ROW lg R. Johnson, S. Turner, I. Taylor, B. Golby, D. George, B. Herrick. ROW 2: D. Gennett, I. Manges, C. Meek, C. Longstreth, A. Johns, D. Mier, C. Cordek. ROW 3: L. Zelenok, J. Rively, M. Evanchik, J. Horner, S. Weeks, B. Wolf. ROW 43 D. Northcraft, D. Ribblet, P. Weyant, L. Miller, I. Trent, G. Balog, P. Roudabush. ROW 5: C. Mundwiler, J. Diehl, D. Hammer, J. Varner, C. Puto, S. Roxby, L. Roman. OFFICE ASSISTANTS I ROW 1: R. Gerber, D. Wachs, E. Rowley, N. Naugle, S. Hogue, Miss Burns. ROW 2: G. Balough, S. Rusnak, L. Coleman, S. Erb, J. Slonka, J. Doyle, D. Richey, D. Hutchison. ROW 31 S. Roxby, P. Brown, L. Block, C. Puto, S. Beabes, D. Boysza, S. Pyer, D. Northcraft. ROW 4: A. Elvin, N. Rively, K. Wilson, L. Stansick, Karen Ling, M. Iardina, S. Bell, Kathy Ling, J. Trent. ROW 5: J. Crum, D. Miller, J. Varner, P. Roudabush D. Senchisen, A. Arcurio, L. McKendree, M. Murphy. 33 RADIO CLUB ROW lg B. Grush, J. McCullough, M. Hancock, M. Wonders, N. Stewart, L. Stofko. ROW 2: A. Beegle, B Mundwiler, T. Rish, S. Strick, K. Wilson, M. Georg, M. Yost, K. Ketterer. ROW 3: R. Kring. I. Livella, E. Freidhoff, B. Lewis, E. Rowley, S. Motter, J. Fisher. ROW 4: D. Killin, A. Kawchak. J. Stull. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB .,,.,.,--34.1 X fiil. ' ROW 1: Mr. Frazer.J.Livella, R. Saylor, I. Sell, L. Stofko, Mr. Wess. ROW 2: R. James, R. Prazich, I. Blough, E. Friedhoff, D. Prazich, M. Cassidy, D. Hayes, S. Kuhlman. ROW 3: P. Ream. W- Grush. H. Hostetler, L. Walker, H. Stout, G. Longstreth. J. Albert. 34 PEP CLUB 3 omega ef! oboe SP4 or a..,a,,a. ROW lg Mrs. Silk, K. Gordon, I. Barnhart, I. Leventry, B. Gaydosh, S. Ream, C. Mundwiler, C. Hershline, A. Kirschman, D. Hammer, A. Johns, D. George, C. Meek. ROW 21 J. Hertise, D. Hutchinson, L. McGregor, R. Komis, M. Yost, J. Fallon, D. Salem, R. Purbaugh, J. Smith, K. Wingard. D. Lydic, A. Arcurio. ROW 3: L. Crelli, L. Coleman, N. Stewart, I. Dravis, M. Jarclina, S. Meek, M. Ritzman, M. Jacko, S. Erb, M. Georg, A. Beegle. ROW 41 D. Richey, P. Weber, P. Harder, S. Nowading, K. Ketterer, J. Stull, S. Boyer, A. Kawchak, D. Killen, L. Morbit, S. Beemer. ee -aaen r r f. If Ov Y, VIZ- g3...,,., 2 ROW lg P. Martin, M. Yost, D. Hoffman, D. Luciew, C. Longstreth, M. Matetic, C. Burman, B. Herrick, L. Guillarmod, L. McGregor, S. Terchanyn, D. Gaston. ROW 2: F. Lipinski, L. Riley, L. Stansick, M. Weyant, C. Cannone, D. Gennett, B. Shaffer, M. Cemo, D. Iessel, M. Anderson, J. Doyle, D. Boyle. ROW 3: K. Tilton, I. Priest, D. Ribblett, K. Wentz, L. Roman, K. Wagner, G. Fleckenstein, G. Gay, S. Bell, B. Riffle, B. Mundwiler. ROW 4: I. Wolfe, M. Wonders, B. Rightnour, L. Smith, P. Gray, N. Basko, C. Green, K. Gil- bert, N. Polster, K. Croft, J. Stull, S. Turner. -.nvug Y A it Y-TEEN F9 ROW 11 L. Miller, S. Skiles, J. Koontz, B. Reidenback, C. Longstreth,.I. Diehl, C. Burnosky, N. Mayer, S. MacGregor, J. Leone, J. Corry, B. Hayes, P. Martin, D. Senchisen. ROW 2: M. Mihalko, B. Marsh, C. Mundwiler, V. Smay, M. A. Hall, N. Marunich, L. McMil1en, B. Golby, T. Eas- terbrook, L. Riley, F. Lipinski, L. Walker, M. Murphy, M. Matetic, B. Hetrick. ROW 3: V. Kohut, I. Glessner, C. Wildner, M. Barron, J. Lambert, B. Mundwiler, L. Mc- Gregor, L. Berkebile, S. Bell, J. Doyle, K. Potchak, S. Hironimus, B. Askey, K. Small. ROW 4: I. Gontkovic, K. Wingard, L. Crelli, B. Custer, P. Meyers, 'J. Trent, J. Wilson, N. Visnovsky, D. Dunmire, D. Ribblett, M. Cemo, S. Trent, J. Fallon. ROW 5: K. Tilton, G. Fleckenstein, L. Lusko, S, Weaver, L. Crum, K. Gilbert, D. Miers, N. Polster, A. Kawchak, S. Nowad- ing, P. Mainhart, R. Coyle. . Mara ROW lg Miss Calderwood, E. Stypula, M Saintz, R. Sirokman. D. George, S. Stull, M. Horne, L. Livingston, D. Hammer, K. Seese, B. Midile, D. Hoffman, D. Gaston I. Miller. ROW 21 C. Riggleman, M. Yost, T. Armstrong, J. Elchin, L. Gindle- sperger, J. Jaap, D. Hillegas, A. Arcurio, M. Anderson, L. Haney, D. Crilly,.D. V Morbit, L. Shaffer, B. Gaydos, ROW 3: L. Schmidt, C. Meek, S. Rose, S. Frederick, J. Priest, B. Shaffer. I. Hadari, P. Brown, K. Mihalko, C. Burman, D. Jessell, D. Cover. ROW 4: R. A. Komis, M. Elchin, D. Lydic, M. Yost, R. Purbaugh. I. Tay- lor, J. Smith, K. Cannone, B. Barto, D. George, B. Molnar, B. Enderlein. ROW 5: M. Georg, K. Ling, K. Frederick, S. Erb, S. Beener, D. Callihan, M. Jacko, D. Salem. D. Richey. J. Wolf, K. Ankeny, K Ling, I. Dravis. ROW 6: P. Harder, P. Blough, K. Croft, S. Boyer, C. Main, J. Harris, K. Ketterer, L. Smith, B. Right- nour, D. Killen, M. Wonders. if HALL MONITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Pruchnic, D. Miller R. Saylor, D. Birtle, J. Stull, S. Boyer, C. Cornell. 36' LOST 8: FOUND J. Phillips D. Lydic D. George R. Rightnour STAGE CREW M. Chuba D. Murphy D. Rager B. Coates G. Fetzer X If J , W , w 5 a 6 ,fi J W' S STUDENT' SUPPLIES Cemo to-5 ' Callihan h D. Salem S N K. Croft N r' Fritz Abel Airport Market Ann's Pizza Ashbridge Oil Co. Bab's Market Bel-Air Barber Shop Ben Franklin Store Bender's Atlantic Service Station Betz Garage Bloom 's Pharmacy SPONSORS Catena 's Service Stationn-Windber Cover Studios Dravis Lumber Co. Dutch Maid Bakery Eureka Stores-Windber Frank's Market Gaye's Jewelry-Windber Geistown American ' Geistown Service Station, Geistown Sunoco Geistown Texaco Service Geneva 's Beauty Nook George's Song Shop Gresh Home Building Co. Hofecker's Landscaping Jacob M. Hoffman Inc. Ishman's Beauty Shop-Windber Maurice Herdman Stop and Shop at Iohn's Market -Windber Johnstown Bank and Trust Co. Jolly Roger Restaurant 8r Drive -In Clyde Kimmell 's Garage Mr. David Aikey Mr. Arthur Blough Mrs. Betty Blough Miss Patricia Boback Mr. Steven Burr Miss Elsa Calderwood Mr. Harry Coulson Mrs. Nora Covode Mr. Emilio DeMarco Mrs. Tressa Ercole Mrs. JoAnn Feeley Mr. Richard Frazer Mr. dc Mrs. Donald Fyock Mr. Clarence Harrison Mr. Carl Heptner Mr. Galen Hoffman Mrs, Betty Hooper King 84 Lively Men's Clothing Leon's Restaurant Lincoln Lumber Lopresti Market Marhefka Chevrolet Inc. C. S. McCall and Co. Inc. W. C. McQuaide Inc. Mid-Way Market Petro's Service Station Raymond and Lewis Lawnmower Sa Reach Sciotti Motors Reed's Sinclair Richland Barber Shop Richland Bowl Richland Esso Richland Greenhouse Richland Shoe Service Rite-Way Insurance Agency Saylor Brothers Charles Schenkemeyer and Sons Shafer Drug Store-Windber S.M.S. Furniture Barn Stuver's Quick Service Drive -In Suburban Cleaners Tesh Auto Body Tiara Beauty Salon Inc. Taranto's Barber Shop Whalley Ford Sales-Windber Wiesheier's Market Young American Furniture Each sponsor contributed three dollars. Each star indicates an additional one dollar con- tribution. FACULTY PA TRON LIST Mr. Jacoby Mr. Frank Logrando Mr. Ben Manotti Mrs. Mrs. Ioan Moss Mr. Robert Mucciola Mr. Robert Neville Mr. Edward Pruclmic Mr. William Ream Mrs. Sally Silk Mr. Bernard Westrick Mrs. Mary Wissler Mr. Paul Wissler Bethel S. D. Society Mrs. Cover Mr. Nick Campitelli Mary Morgan les and Service A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. 85 Mrs. James Albert Mr. 85 Mrs. R. Dean Allen Mr. 85 Mrs. Ward Allison Mr. 85 Mrs. Henry V. Alt Mr. 85 Mrs. Melvin Angus Ann 85 Hay Mr. 85 Mrs. Raimonde Aubrey Mr. 85 Mrs. John Bafile Cindi Jane Barnhart 61 Mr. 85 Mrs. Jack Barnhart Mrs. Fred Beam Mr. Sc Mrs. John E. Benford PATRONS Mr. 85 Mrs. Wilbur Gaston Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward A. Gilbert Jim Gindlesberger Andy Gonda J.H.S. Mr 85 Mrs, Mr 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr Sc Mrs. Mr gc Mrs. Mr 85 Mrs. Dr. Sc Mrs. Mr 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. James Wm. Gray Regis Gully LeRoy Hall M. J. Hammer S. Paul Hancock Thomas Harder Clyde E. Harriger C. E. Harrison K. E. Hayes Margie Heinrick Robert M. Heinze Mr. 85 Mrs. Frank S. Herning, Sr. Allen Hunt Bruce Berkebile Mrs. Lucilla Berkebile Mr. 85 Mrs. Phil P. Berkebile Mr. Sc Mrs. Feryl Berkey Dr. 85 Mrs. Robert Berkey Bill 85 Fonda Mr. 85 Mrs. Thomas A. Blackburn Mrs. Martha Bloom Dr. 85 Mrs. Dalton Blough Mr. 85 Mrs. R. Martin Blough Mr. 85 Mrs. Morgan Blough Mr. 85 Mrs. William Boltz Mr. 85 Mrs. William A. S. Boyd Mr. 85 Mrs. Arthur Boyer Mr. 85 Mrs. Jay N. Braughler Mr. 85 Mrs. D. L. Brendle Mr. 85 Mrs. Fred Herlinger Miss Kathy Hershberger Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Vincent L. I-Ietrick Regis Hettler Jack Heverly Edward Hilbrecht Miss Rhonda Hilbrecht 6l Mr. 85 Mrs. Frank R. Hillman Dr. 85 Mrs. Charles Himes Mr. 85 Mrs. E. L. Hoffman Mr. 85 Mrs. John Hoover Peggy Hornick 63 Mr. 85 Mrs. Joseph T. Horvath Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert Howard Rolf M. Hudson Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert L. Burman Mr. 85 Mrs. Fred Caldwell Mr. 85 Mrs. William Callihan Mr. 85 Mrs. Luther Chaplain Mr. 85 Mrs. E. H. Churchey Mr. 85 Mrs. William Connor Mr. 85 Mrs. W. R. Cover Mr. 85 Mrs. Michael H. Croft Mr. 85 Mrs. Melvin Crum Mr. 85 Mrs. Frank Cummins Mr. 85 Mrs. Roland Daugherty Dr. 85 Mrs. J. Davis Mr. 85 Mrs. Dereani Mr. Sc Mrs. J. C. Dolan Mr. 85 Mrs. August Donate Mr. 85 Mrs. Norman Eppley Mr. 85 Mrs. Blair S. Fair Mr. Sc Mrs. William H. Feathers Mr. 85 Mrs. Clarence Fisher Mr. 85 Mrs. Lewis Freeman Donald F. Frick Mr. Sc Mrs. William Friedman Tom Galayda 61 Mr. cgi. Mrs. Mr 85 Mrs Mr 85 Mrs. Mr 85 Mrs. Charles H. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. John Hutzler Robert Irons Andrew Ivancic Kaltenbaugh Jr. James Karl 85 family John F. Karl 85 family Mrs. John J. Karl 85 family Mr. 85 Mrs. Alex Karmendy Bill Kaufman 5'7 Mr. 85 Mrs. Irvin Kehl Mr. 85 Mrs. Donald Keiper Mr. 85 Mrs. Forrest Kelly Miss Stager and Miss Kerr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs 85 Mrs Sc Mrs 85 Mrs 85 Mrs Bernard J. Kessler R. Owen Ketterer John P. Killen Jr. L. A. Kirschman James Kline C. R. Koontz Matthew Krasovic Jr. Faber Krise Karl W. Kuehne Frances Terchanyn 64 Mr. 85 Mrs. Donald Lambert Larry Langerholc Mr. 85 Mrs. Larry Langerholc Assemblyman Cecil K. Leberknight Kitty Ann Leberknight 6O Mr. 85 Mrs. Michael Lesinski Mr. 85 Mrs. Herbert Lesser Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert Leventry Arthur I. Logan Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward Logar Mr. Frank Logar ' Mrs. Mary Logar Mr. 85 Mrs. lack Lythgoe Mr. 85 Mrs. K. C. Machtley Mr. 85 Mrs. William Maguilken Mr. 85 Mrs. Wendell McDowell Wilson I. McLeary Mr. 85 Mrs. Orrin L. Meek Mr. 85 Mrs. E. W. Miller Mr. David A. Mills Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward F. Mills Richard R. Mills Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert T. Mills Mr. 85 Mrs. Jay Mock Mr. 85 Mrs. Rudy Mrsnik Mr. 85 Mrs. Charles A. Ness Ir. Mr. Sc Mrs. William Parker Mr. 85 Mrs. Andrew Pataky Mary Paul Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert F. Petz Mr. 85 Mrs. Donald Prazich Mr. 85 Mrs. Frank W. Purbaugh Mr. 85 Mrs. Richard I-I. Ream Mr. 85 Mrs. Stewart Ream MI. 85 Mrs. Harry Redick Frank H. Reed Mr. 85 Mrs. Harold Reesey Mrs. Edith Rhoads Mr. 85 Mrs. Bruce Ribblett Mr. 85 Mrs. William L. Richardson Mr. 85 Mrs. Earl Ripple Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Fred Robel Mr. 85 Mrs. George Rish Fred A. Robel Ir. Rayford Robel John Roberts I. Owen Robertson Mr. 85 Mrs. William S. Rose Mr. 85 Mrs. E. G. Rowland Skip Rowland Mr. 85 Mrs. W. L. Samuel Eugene A. Sanker Mr. 85 Mrs. Sanford Mr. 85 Mrs. John Sedlmeyer Mr. gc Mrs. William Sedlmeyer Mr. 85 Mrs . Howard Shaffer Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. Sc Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Harry Shoenthal Thomas F. Sigmund Francis Skelly 59 John Slavich Byron Small Robert Smay E. L. Smith A. I. Stacklouse Lynn States Carl Steuer Strait John Stull Mr. John Suto Mr. 85 Mrs. Thomas Swearingen Gwen Terchanyn Harry Terchanyn Susan Terchanyn 69 Miss Thomas Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Nancy fGalayday Weisserman Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Arthur S. Timmeney Frank Treece Harold Trent Paul A. Trexler Rudy Verhonsek Iohn Vonau Ir. L. Walker Diemer Wasson 5 William Weyant Thomas Widmann Dr. Dean M. Wilson Kerry Wilson Mr. 85 Mrs. A. C. Wingard Barry A. Wingard Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward Wingard Mr. 85 Mrs. Marlin Wingard Mr. 85 Mrs. R. Owen Wingard Mr. 85 Mrs. Mcgee Withers Roy Wonders Jim Wood Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert W. Yarnick Mr. 85 Mrs. Albert C. Yost Mr. Sc Mrs. Herbert Yost Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. James Young Steve Zelenak Each patron contributed two dollars Each star indicates an additional one dollar contribution. fir PX CAUMJK. 4 WJ ' .JUJBLQQX M 'U W 150 W 'wgfky W ,WAFWQU5 V QU lJW,1fU23fjj,yDE I 'wfmpl , ,5 N 'J' 1 I fxf fy .P mfs N fi 'I ' A L 1 7 X3 --A imp! O' GV Vx fl' A. cfjlk 'IU I yd ' LV' ' AW C N f' me ' A F ff H L WX '1 fi ' , gf? ., K 0- 1 HT rw I 5' , I x , ff YV 'X 'fix M- ,QA x 1 fuxa J ffm f ff f Q1 ,fffw ,fm X , . , fp mfg, 9 'Ni fx , ,, L or rw ,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, W , ,, ....L

Suggestions in the Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) collection:

Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 33

1964, pg 33

Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 44

1964, pg 44

Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 44

1964, pg 44

Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 7

1964, pg 7

Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 9

1964, pg 9

Richland Township Junior High School - Ram Junior Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 34

1964, pg 34

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