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REDFIELD HIGH SCHOOL 1951 PHEASANT Drillmaster For servlce a ve an y 1950-51 Pheasant to a man who has served our school for the past s1x years as a better than average coach and as a fnend Standmg up agamst the usual cntxclsm of a coach, th1s man has produced several champlon shlp teams wlth no other reward than the satxsfactlon of domg a good Job We hereby ded1cate this annual to Mr. Kenneth Greeno our coach ' bo d be ond the call of duty, we, the annual staff, wish to dedicate the Company Commanders The series of experiences which have been a part of this eventful school year become living memories ll you open the pages which follow. All that have been your school life remembrances are many. Successes have been frequent! Above all, rubbing shoulders in a common cause has brought us a finer, Pheasant Spirit, it has made us bigger and stronger. May this yearbook be your reminder of a pleasant school year for 1950-51. A. P. Sonstegard I have heard it said, "We must be on the alert. The enemy is ever on the alert." The theme of our yearbook supports the idea of watchfulness. Early, honorable, strong but kind, loyal but good, and ever ready to fight a good fight of faith. May this book testify to you that in that kind of living you will find real joy, satisfaction and glory. Congratulations and best wishes. Iver C. Berg COITIDCIHY Clerk Board of Stroteoy' Seated, Left to Right: G. M. Cole, President: Ralph Syverson, and Ollie Myrum. Standing: W. O. Lothrop, Kenneth Parsons, and Mr. Sonstegard. Absent: R. W. Willis. Edith Cole, School Secretary General JEAN ALLISON Social Studies J or .QQ EUNICE CROUCH Enghsh Vocal Mus1c KENNETH GREENO Athletlc Dlrector ALBERT KEMPF Blology Assistant Coach Staff MELVIN BUCK Shop I FLORA GOTAAS Mathematxcs HELEN HOLT Enghsh MARVIN LARSON Agnculture , I if Q 0. I X l ' 11 . , A I . 1 t ' ..--.,--.L--- ---M WJ l General Staff As MARIAN LYLE ROY MORGAN Home Econonrucs General Sclence Chemxstry ARVILLAMAE NELSON JEAN PRICE Enghsh Dramatlcs Commerclal FLORENCE PUDER WARREN SCHIMNOWSKI School Nurse Socxal Science Music MAYO WEISFLOCK LAUREL WINJUM Band Commerclal Liaison Staff Left to Rlght Mary H111 B111 Bacon, Kay Schmttgrund, Frank Hoff Joanne Jara oske, Eugene Littel, Bill Syverson Leroy Stapp Vu'g1n1a Barnes James Carter ennle Drown Adviser Mr Sonstegard After a three month furlough the Student Council began 1tS year s work At Halloween time the Counc1l sponsored its first all-school party another was held th1s Spring Eugene L1tteL as Presxdent d1d a splendid Job as head of this year s Councll Dur1ng the last s1x weeks a very as V1ce-pres1dent and Shirley Gavette servmg as Secretary Treasurer W1th the Company m such hands, we have no worries as to the coming yea.r's events New othcers Benny Drown Shxrley Gavette Our ever-smlllng Student COUIICI1 Presl and Gale Flsher dent, Eugene L1tteL , ' ' 7 . u exciting election was held. As a result we have Benny Drown as the new President, Gale Fisher ASSES ' W 3 2,2 5 W I , K V Lf- p U E 'r Z? vw Wx all ,373 WL I FE' 42' WALLACE ANDERSON Quiet' I thmk he s gomg to speak. VIRGINIA BARNES I hops' all the boys dont get Chorus 1 2 3 4 Gxrls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Vocal Ensemble l 2 3 Solo 3 4 Junlor Play Student Councll 4 Keyettes Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety EDWARD BUCHHOLZ It rattles but It runs Football 3 4 Basketball 1 2 V1SU81A1d 2 3 4 LYLE CROOK Put your troubles in a pocket with a hole in it. Track 4. RONNIE DAY Aw! Don t you love me any more? Football 1 2 3 4' Basketball 1 2 Trackl 2 3 4' R Club3 4' Chorus 1 2 3 4' Boys Glee Club 1 2 3 4gSolo-4gBand 1,2 3 ' orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, ROGER APPEL There IS TNT Ln those f1sts! Boxlng 3 4 Track 4 PAUL BAX'I'ER Dependable IS the Word. Seruor Play Chorus 1 Boys Glee Club 1 Declam 3 Keys ROBERT CLARK I nught not always be rlght but I m never wrong 234Track1234 R C b 2 3 4 Juruor Play Chorus 1 2 Boys Glee Club 1 2 Student Councxl 1 3 Pheasant Call 1 2 3 4' Keys PAUL CUCURS On the ladder of 'success h have a place among the best. Basketball 4' Keys BARBARA DAWSON After men came women and she s been after them ever smce. Junior Play' One Act Play 2' Girls Glee Club 23 Keyettes' Of- fice G1rl 3' Alternate Girls State' Annual Staff 2, 3 43 National Honor Soc1ety 3, 4. l I Semor Captams I 1 ,mack 2.3: 4:9,,R,, Club 2' 5, 4? Football 1, 2, 3,.4g Baslietballul, e'll , , ' -"' , ,ll , ' ' 1 3,4 1 I ROGER DENKER I dont 11ke to brag folks but I really am good Football 3 4 Basketball 2 3 ack234 RC1ub23 Jun1or Play Band 3 Key Club DALE DROWN There s a Ford 1n h1s future Basketball 2 Senlor Play A Chorus 2 3 4 B Chorus 1 Boys Glee Club l 2 3 4 Band2 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 Key Club VIRGINIA EIDSN ESS Shes w1se shes pretty shes 1n love what a p1ty A Cheerleader 3 B Cheerleader 1 2 3 Dec am 3 Class Presl dent 1 Keyettes L1brar1an 3 Annual Staff 2 3 ROBERT FUSS Wake me up when the bell rmgs ELMA HAGEN Come on down and well have a Party Senlor Play Keyettes I Semor Captams MAX DOWNS Ah C8111 t go fellahs a hm broke Football 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Track 3 4 Boxmg 3 R Club Key Club MARY LOU EDGAR Very qu1et but of a surmy d1Sp0Sl tlon Keyettes Usher 3 4 MARY ANN FERGUSON It s mce to be natural when you re naturally DICE Jun1or Play B Chorus 1 G1I'lS brarxan Z 3 FORREST GIBSON A qulet tongue shows a wise mmd Football 2 3 4 Basketball 34 Track1234 R Cub Key Club HARLEY HANSEN Where can I fmd a gxrl my size? Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 234Track1234 R Cub l 2 3 4 AChorus3 4 BoysG1ee Club 2 3 4 Band 1 Key Club Class V1ce Presxdent 1 Student Councll 2 Class Treasurer 4. I I ,: ,.4: s""'f Tr A 1 1 l U U 1 1 ' , , 'Q . 1 ' 'P 5 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q , .1 6 ' o . 4 ' 1, 2g Junior l531ayg,Girls Glee Club 5, G1ee, Club '2, ag Keyettesg Li- ! ' 1 j l l A W I I 3 12 2! . s . . . in " 1 5 l -' . MARYHILL Whats work for some for her IS slay she knows her lessons every HY Jumor Play A Chorus 3 4 GITIS Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Solo 2 Band 1 234 PepBand234 Or c estra 1 2 Debate 2 Declam 2 3 Qu1l1 and Scroll Keyettes Gxrls State Annual Staff 2 Natlonal Honor Soclety Sec Treasurer of Student COUIICIL RICHARD JACKSON A qulet boy but qu1te a boy Boxmg 4 Key Club Natlonal Honor Society ARLENE LARSEN Lxfe IS short so lets be merry hfe s no fun ln a cemetery Semor Play B Chorus 2 Usher 3 4 Keyettes EUGENE LI'I'1'EL Hrs frlends are many HIS foes are there any? Football 1 3 Boxmg 2 3 4 R Club 2 3 4 Orchesga 1 Key Club Vlsual Ald 2 4 Boys State Natlonal Honor Soclety Class Representatxve 3 Student Councxl Pres1dent ROBERT MA'I'I'I-IEW S I hke to stuay m the mornmg but I always forget to get up Football 1 2, Basketball 1, 2, grzck 1, 2, Boxxng 43 "R" Club 2, Semor Captams FRANK HOFF Hes runnmg cornpet1t1on wxth Wlnd Cave Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 Track2 3 4 R Club2 3 4 Jumor Play Key Club Usher 4 V1sualA1d 3 4 Boys State Class Presndent 3 Student Councll V1ce Presldent JOANNE JARAGOSKE Shes full of amb1t1on and music Cheerleaderl 2 Semor Play A Chorus l 2 3 4 G1r1s Glee Club 1234 Tr1o3Band123 Pep Band 4 Solo 4 Sextette 4 GORDON LARSEN Not green Rlpe ' ' Football 1 2 3 4 Boxlng 3 4 R Club 3 4 Senlor Play A Chorus 4 B Chorus 1 Boys Glee Club 1 3 4 Solo 4 Band l 2 3 4 PepBand12 3 4 Cass Presxdent 2 Student Counc1l 3 Pheasant Call 1 DONNA MARLOW I favor a flV8 day weekend A Chorus 2 3 G1I'1S Glee Club 1 2 3 ep Band 1 2 Class Vxce Preadent 4 Annual staff 2 3 Keyettes LYLE MICHELS Dont ask foollsh questxons you know I can t answer them Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Boxugg 2, 3: "R" Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Jumor Play: One Act Play. l I , . , . .. . ' 1 , . 1 ' It ' ' cl 11 ' E 1 1 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' l . 1 1 il 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . 1 I , . 1 1 5 . - . . 3 : : 2, - - : , . D : 3 1. ' 11434, A 1 , , , .. . 1 ' ' ' 3. 3 ' wi 1 I , ' 3 . , , 1 Q , . .4: 1' D 1 . Keyettes, offlce Glrl 3, 4. ' . . , - . , I y , , , , , 1 ' , : ' , , ll U 1 ' Q U D I 1 D 1 I - S I 1 1 9 2 1 1 , 9, , , . 1 .1 Z 2 . : ' , . 1 1 1 1 in n f 1 1,P 1 ' ' : , : 2 , : 1 l 1 1 1 . ' : , : . . 3 , , 3 ' i 5 - 1 . 1 1 1 - - , , 1 , 'i ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 LA VONNE MILLER There s a ring on her finger Senior Class Play Usher 4 Keyettes Librarian 4 Office G1r13 Annual 1 2 3 MARYLOUNEWMAN Mnlqovvvvv One Act Play 2 Chorus 1 2 3 Girls Glee Club 1 2 3 Class President 4 Keyettes 4 Office National Honor Society 4 MONA OECHSLE I 11 give you a clue One Act Play 2 Senior Play Chorus 1 Declam 3 Keyettes Office Girl 4 Usher 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 1 2 WARREN RICE No future in worryin . Football 1' Track 1 3' Visual Aid RITA SCHADE Le s have a watermelon fight. Senior Play, Girls Glee Club 2, 39 Class Vice-President 1, Key- ettesg Office Girl 2, 33 Librarian 3, 4, Azmual Staff 2, 3, 4. qv- l 9 9' 'l 155 MARVIN NEWHAN When work mterferes with love affairs forget the work Footballl 2 3 4 Track 1 Lettermens Club 2 3 4 ALI' NOREN He has a sixth sense common sense Football 3 4 Basketball 'I'rack 3 4 Lettermens Club 4 Boys Glee Club 3 4 Soloist 3 4 Keys National I-fonor Society CHARLES PARSONS Im sorry professor but you re all wrong Student Manager 2 3 4 Letter mens Club 3 4 Jumor Pla One Act Plays 2 Senior Class Play Chorus 1 2 3 4. Boys Glee Club 1 2 3 4' Soloist 2' Band 1 2 3 4' Orchestra l 2 3' Debate 4' Declam 3' Pheasant Call 3 4 Keys' Boys State' Pheasant Staff EDITH ROBERTS A smile for everyone B Chorus 2' Keyettes' Ushers DARYL SCHULTZ Please ladies you re just wasting your time. Boxing 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 4, Chorus 1, 23 Boys Glee Club 1, 23 Keys, Visual Aid 1, 2, 3, 4. . I Semor Captams a ..... V ' . .s 3,,:,,.3 ,Va 1: , 3,g: Girl 1, 3, 4g:Annual Staff 2, a, 4, - 2 45 Senifir Class Play: .Chorus 31 . ' 9 . 9 . l 1 ' A A 'I "' , , 4 ey 1 I . .3 5 ' S' , , , , :.,,..S YE 3' 4 1 , 1 g . 1 ' ' ' 2, 3 ' ' v , . ' MARION SCHULTZ A good word and a smile for all. B Chorus 1 2 Band 4 Pep Band 4 Keyettes Usher 2 3 BETTY SCHWARTZ If silence were golden shed be a pauper Senior Play Keyettes Office Gxrl 4 Usher 1 2 3 SHIRLEY SMITH Late hours arent good for one Cheerleader 2 B Chorus 1 Girls Glee Club 2 4 Mayorette 2 Class Secretary 4 Keyettes LEROY STAPP Small, but so is a stick of dy- namlte Footballl 2,3 4'Track2 3 4 Boxing 4' 'R Club 2 3 4' Key Club. DARLENE ZENS You don t appreciate her until you get to know her Girls Glee Club 1, 2 3 Band 1 2, 3 Pep Band 2 3 Keyettes' or- nee Gil- 3, 4, MARILYN SCHULTZ A fnend of everyone B Chorus 1 2 Band 4 Pep Band 4 Keyettes Usher 2 3 JOAN SHAFFER Race you to the door A Cheerleader 2 3 One Act Play 2 A Chorus 1 2 3 Girls Glee ubl 2 34 Bandl 2 Keyettes MARLAN STAHL Not tonite fellahs dance Football 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 R Club 4 One Act Play 2 A Chorus 2 3 4 B Chorus 1 Boys Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 Key Club Visual A1d 3 4. GARY WEISS I can waste more time in half an hour than most people can in a week. Football 1 2 3 4' Basketball 3 Track 1 2 3' Boxing 3' R Club 2 3 4' One Act Play 2 I I Semor Captalns S E: ,:. 5 I I ,Ig og' ": 3 ' G... C3 ,,,E,',9,',3,-13 Kr 5.-., ks but are all right ,for two. ASht0I1-' , y H in .K v., .. : . I nl : v ' SIIVGI Star WIHHGIS Valedxctorxan Mary H111 Co Salutaionans Eugene L1tte1 Charles Parsons Semor Ofhcers Top to Bottom: Harley Hansen, Treasurer, Mary Lou Newman, Presldent, Donna Marlow, Vxce Pres1dent, Shlrley Smlth, Secretary I I ' E 'ffl ,iW 2 Q ' 1 , . . . G A Junior Lieutenants ., fy If ,,Vk , , i 5 lx, 0 , af, , Front Flow fLeft to Rlghtj Anita Badger Violet Hormann Beverleye Cntes Dorothy Hardle 14015 Hoffman Lucille Jandel Arlene Gabriel Second Row Adviser Mlss Lyle Darlene Brown Lue Ann Jungwxrth Pat Cunnlngham Shirley Gavetfe Connie Jessen Gary Blaedorn Gale Fisher Thurd Row Bruce Backer Clifford Hagen Keith Hardle Duane Day Allen Fisher David Hanson Ronnie Betfen James Carter Bennie Drown Mrs Gotaas Advlser Squad Leaders Bill Syverson V1cePres1dent Lue Ann Jungwirth Secretary Treasurer Daelyn Sanger Presldent Front Row CLeft to Rnghtj Mary Lou Rausch Nlaxlene PG ter Kwthermr Kvllmr Karlene Texxell June Sprague Joan Mather Bcltv Padnanen Jean Yada Second Row Adxl CI M1 s lvl on I nhfu a Icc-sch Ruth Nllllfl Anna Mae NlCklSCh Juan IX C Carlv Jean Ruhc Pcrnqdlne Pfnstcr 'Vlirlon gttllllll XX lnm kr nnu .Im an Klothm Bob Van Xlut Thnrd Row B111 Syxerson Marxm Marlette Mllton Maxdnn .Hines Younpxnth Groxgg Lgnsen Daelyn 5dng,Lr Arnold Larsen Jack Larsen Gordon Muellenbexg Adviser Ml Buvk Sophomore Sergeants Front Row fLeft to Rightj: Nonnan Johnsen Jeraldine Clark Karen Jackson Maxine Appel Irene Heppler Berwyn Crook Delvin Ellis Joan Einspahr. Second Row: Adviser Mr. M. Weisflock' Elizabeth Jensen, Darlene Boyd, Donna I-lllkemeier Marilyn Badger, Sally Afdahl, Arline Ferguson Diane Guile, Norma Haskell Imajean Heppler. Third Row: Darlyce Johnson Marvel Fitzgerald Marlene Friese Donna Herren Shirley Freeburg, Nadine Esser, Herbert Afdahl David Esser, Jesse Hansen Larry Appletoft Larry Dennison. Fourth Row: Wayne Jensen, Roger Ferguson Wesley Clark, Wayne Fisher Kenneth Blnger, Gordon Johanneson Charles Hill, Duane Hoffman John Bottum, Roger Dubois Delbert Boyd Comellus 'Fink' Adviser Mr. A. Kempf. Squad Leaders fLeft to Rnghtj Vice President, Merle Muellenberg Secretary Treasurer Betty Norbeck Presi dent Robert Newmar- Front Row fLeft to Rughtj Beverly McKay Lois Noy June Wall Madonna Llttel Marlis Newman Donnne Prmdle Shirley Schwartz, Betty Norbeck Vxrgie Reihe Beverly Jorgenson Dons Mommer Colleen Mxchels Second Row Adviser M1ss L Wlmum Delbert Weiss Mary Ann Zens Darlene Orrock Verna Oechsle Sharol Olson Lydia Wllhelm Doris Vetter Marjorie Lee-sch Kay Schruttgrund Phyllis Leonard Manorle Stemper Valerla Marlette Leota Stemper Third Row Richard Mueller Gene Maher Merle Muellenberg Robert Newman James Jungwirth Duane Richmond Ray Schoenlield Reinhold Magel- Gllbert Watson Jack McDermott Fordyce Yada Roger Sanger Adviser, Mrss E Crouch Q95 Freshman Prwates First Row fLeft to Righty Donald Gommer Roger Herkdle LeRoy Gardner Joyce Gabriel Jean Halder DaVonna Klebsch Norma Davis Bonnie Blaedom Jerry Hardie Terry Gxlbert Second Row Jack Enstrom Duane Chrlstman Roberta Albrecht Darlene Hoffman Shlrlee Goodell Mary Ann Clausen Phyllxs Koester Patty Day Dallas Fogelsong LaDel Hart Merilss Fitzgerald Third Row Richard Carrlco Donna Blume Janet Grllette Mary Hxnzel Gale Hagen Donald Hansen, Henry Gibson, Bill Bacon, Bill Badger Lyle Gardner, Lonme Fzsher Dons Ehnch Adviser Mr Sclnmnowski Squad Leaders Janet Gillette Vice President Don Han sen, President and Joyce Myrum Secretary Treasurer Flrtt Row QLeft to Rughtl Gale Mord, Joyce Myrum, Faye Snyder, Emma Lee Myers, Marlene Taylor, Shirley Zens, Beverly Tubandt, Beverly Rausch, Maxine Sumner, Joan Mason, Lyle Paske Second Row Dons Oechsle, Valeria Mager, Barbara Rice, Sandra Motley, Joan Sprague, Virg1e Slsson, Jerry Ruddy, Mavrs Thomas, Shu-ley Matthews, Charles Van Vleet Thard Row. George Welkum, Manly Olsby, Roy Myer, Reuben Miller, Conrad Stemer, Charles Rhelms, Bob Williams, Allen Maddox, Rodney Manz, Dennis Relnmuth, Lyle Wxlbelm Standing ln back, Adviser, Mr Morgan l ' f ' 4 f . ,. fr - ' :A ' ? ff 1'. fl? V9 1' "".Y" if nw f Wm A gguhp , , fn D 'hh M , " . up Q .wi 3 '45 h ' - T3 'Q Q M 1,4 ,f 1 J,-Y "" , his nf Q 4 1' we 5 2 f mfx sf Q 1-w' we 42 "MQ 'QM s I ' ow up 'im N ,ai 2 , agar 1 S Tank Division First Row lLeft to Rightl: Bennie Drown, Marvin Marlette, Gordon Muellenberg, Bob Anderson, Bob Van Vleet, David Esser, Bill Syverson, LeRoy Stapp, Gary Weiss. Second Row: Bob Clark, Marvin Newman, Lyle Michels, Roger Denker, Ronald Day, Edward Buchholz, James Carter, Allen Fisher, Marlan Stahl, Roger Ferguson. Third Row: Gordon Larsen, Forrest Gibson, Max Downs, Frank Hoff, Harley Hansen, Alfred Noren, Ronald Betten, Gilbert Watson, Gordon Larson. Football Co-Captains: LeRoy Stapp, Gary Weiss. These five tough looking individuals are: Gary Weiss, Marvin Newman, Roger Denker, Bob Clark, Lyle Michels. Redfield B Wess Springs B Tank D1V1S1OH First Row lLefi to High!! Wayne Fisher Roger Ferguson Marlen Brown Merten Pfister Gale Ha en Wesley Clark B111 Bacon Don Hansen Jack Larsen John Bottum Second Row Mr Hoshor Jac McDermott Bob Newman Delbert Weiss Roger DuBo1s Duane Day Duane Hoffman Cliffo Hagen Mr Kempf Third Row Gordon Gavin Norman Wall Gene Mahar Merle Muellenberg, Denms Reinmuth, Reuben Miller Lonnie Fisher Marlen Sterud John Blackburn. The Redf1eld High School football season was successful because of the excellent teamwork the Pheasants showed With this continued playing Webster beat the Golden Pheasants only by a slight margin but everybody felt defeated as this was our Home- coming game Highest score of the year was Lyle Michels with 75 points Bob Anderson followed with 44 points Harley Hansen and Roger Denker respectively had 31 and 25 pomts B Football Schedule Redfield B Redfield B Redfield B Redfield -........27 Redfield .i.....40 Redfield n.....1..36 Redfield -..-.....45 Redfield ..l...40 Redfield ........-.13 Redfield -1.1.13 Redfield ......t-.46 Wess Springs B Miller B Miller B A Football Schedule Pierre -- Sisseton ..i....... Wess. Springs -- Groton ....1.... Doland .,........ Milbank W... Webster -........,. Clark uni..-..- Football Fans gig?-.u--an-Q Tw The first football game of the year was between Redfield and Wessington Springs. Here we caught a picture of Coach Greeno with his brother, Rolly, who coaches the 'Wessington Springs team. Awid football fans at one of our home games are Cleft to Tlghtl Dr Perrw M1 and Mrs Sjodin and Laurel Winjum Must be something going on out there' Mr Schimnowski had charge of the PA system for all foot ball games Here We see Paul Baxter Mr Schimnowski and Daelyn Sanger holding down the broadcasting booth w1th two unidentified spectators 7. - V v ' - 1 r ' 1 53 4 5. 1 . , ig, 1 K f, 'K ' . 4. "Z 15 1 Q K gm.-,v,, A ,., . J...---v . - a .... V M., -M V - 4 , . W5 mfsa., if - X ' if :,,3:w',:,u-wi., S 1 K , f ff , nf vfazr' 'J f W ' 1 Air Corps Left to Right Benme Drown B111 Syverson Jack McDermott Gllbert Watson Forrest Glbson Alfred Noren Harley Hansen Max Downs Ronnle Betten Roger Denker Bob Clark Marlan Stahl The Pheasants had an up and down season but showed unusual sklll 1n marupulatlng the basketball They won the D1Stf1Ct Tournament at Conde by defeatlng Mellette 85 35 and came w1th1n elght po1nts of w1nn1ng the Regwnal Tournament at Hlghmore Our opponent by the way was Harrold who took the State Tournament Redfleld lost 7 out of 23 games and ended the year w1th an average of 52 pomts per game The average of all our opponents was 42 A BASKETBALL Seasonal Record Redfleld Mobrldge Redflelde Emery Redfleld Redf1eld Redfleld Redflelde Redfleld Redheld Redfxeldr Redfleld. Redhelde Redfleld Redfleld Redf1eld Redf1eld Redfleld Redfleld. Redfleld Redfleld Redheld. Redhelcl Redfleld De Smet Doland Mrlbank Clark Frankfort Mad1son Mmn Ortonv1lle Mum Mlller Webster Slsseton Doland Groton Yankton Clark Groton Frankfort Faulkton Mellette De Smet 44 Harrold lbw Basketball Co Capiains for the year Roger Denker and Harley Hansen ' ....... - .,.,,, .51 ' - ...... -----45 ' .,,.,.. -.----41 -----------------48 ' ...... - ...,. 5.53 -- ...l...... -----3'1 ' ,...,........... 29 .........,....... ..---36 4 I ' ---------A-----44 ' --------u---Q---un-n40 , iff? ' ,,.,..,,,,,,,,, 44 -. .......,.,.......,........ 45 A 5 4 ' i--,--M-,---- --49 -,A4,,,,,, - ---.--,, 33 A 5. 4 2 4 fn 44 ' ............,.., 45 ' , ' . ,.... ----3 5 y 4 ' ,.,,,,,,,. ,.,,58 ' , ' . ---.63 fl Nfl L' 4 Z , i ......,........ ' ...................... -.-ig Y VV y Q' 4 Redfield ....,..........4 56 Britton.- ,........... - ......... 40 'ij -in fl' , aft , ' .............,.. 51 ' ....................,... 49 or , an ' ............ --.54 ............ - ..... --..5s arta 4 by-A ' .---.---- F ----- 60 A-.-----..- an------31 ftr' ' 'f , ' .,..,,,,..,,.,.. 45 mm, ,...,. was 4 - mm-up ---w 56 ---------------------41 3 M . ' ---------.-57 ............,.... -----40 4 4 ' ............. -72 -.i.-44 ' ....,........., 58 ....... ,--.44 ' .-,-.-----.,a5 -.-l .... -,--35 ' ' .... -,-.57 .-..--49 - ' 5-...-- -.......--52 6 3 5 fl Air Corps sl Q Y, . J qi i I t 5, t x -A jf 3 : 4- Af' Loft to Right: Dennis Reinmuth, Lonnie Fisher, Marlan Sterud, David Esser, Roger Ferguson, Jack McDer- mott, James Carter, Donald Hansen, Bill Bacon, Wayne Fisher, John Bottum, Milton Mayden, Coach Kempf. "B" Basketball Schedule Redfield B.-,........37 Redfield B-......-..26 Redfield B .... - ..... --.26 Redfield B--.......39 Redfield B-..--.37 Redfield B.---.---.2l Redfield B-...----..32 Redfield B...,..-.49 Redfield B...-..--46 Redfield B..---...--.39 Redfield B-..-.038 Redfield B-B.-----.34 Redfield B ,...... ---...20 Redfield B--- ...... M34 Redfield B- .....,........ 34 Redfield B.---.-.-.--.36 Redfield B Redfield B Ashton -.--.- ........ -24 Tulare .-.....-..-.---..27 Doland B ,............... 18 ' 38 Northville ,,., , ,.,,.,-.., Clark B -..--..---.--.25 Athol ....,,.. - .... ,.,.-.,29 Cresbard M- .,.. - ..,. 61 ' 32 Miller B -,.--,,....-.v Frankfort - ...... ---.68 ' 17 Orient ,,ee. ,..-,N.,f,,, Doland B ,.,. ..- ..,,,,.. . Groton B ,,,,,. -W Yankton B Mellette ,,,, , ..,,,,, ,W 27 22 33 Clark B we ,.,-.,,- -0,27 59 34 Groton B , ,....... .. Sunshine Tourney .-.-..3 l .,.....38 Orient - ...-.... .,.. .42 Athol -------....40 "B" Basketball Redfield B's were the 1950-51 Northeast B Champs with an undefeated season of 6 wins and no losses. Redfield B's ended in fifth place in the Sun- shine conference standings with a 3-5 record for a .375 percentage. With the experience these players gained this year, many of them will be able to ade- quately replace the seniors of the A team. Coach Larsen gives a word of advice to his "Ag" B.B. team. Clifford Hagen, Ed Buchholz, Warren Rice, Daelyn Sanger, Dale Drown, Eugene Littel. Self Defenders Hn FD 1 'F N 5 440' 'O QQ!!! W wx-9 'W .,!X..r-ny? if First How lLeft to Rlghtl Charles H111 Gordon Larson Robert Matthews Dxck Jackson Daryl Schultz Eugene Llttel B111 Bacon Second Row Denms Remmuth Charles Van Vleet Gordon Muellenberg Gene Maher Roger Appel Berwyn Crook Delbert Welss Reuben M111er Dallas Fogelsong Ga11 Fxsher Coach Greeno Boxmg was the same as usual a httle messy For those who could stand to watch, they were glven excellent performances Congrats to you boxers who have to take such a beating whether you w1n or lose At the r1ght are the two Co Captams, Roger Appel and Eugene L1tte1 X x 'xxx BXQ-X 44'- At the left, Roger Appel takes a punch at one of h1s many defeated opponents. - n A I 1 -345 .7 I ? ,f QB X Fx. Q 6 'Q N3 ffyk .u , may " 1 ' M vw --I 4 -. , ,Q .4 Q I V I M 1 5' 24 .31 A V I . , W L 1 V f + -4' "Q 1. 4' I ju Ae xtlj ' K 1 af p Q if A 54, I ' ,K 4 s-,"dg'AA fr 7 ' 1 A ' if g X . ,f 'L A Y 1 ! Y 7 I i iwfif lg ,w be A ,Vl',HA'f 5 at- 2 , 1? Letterman s Club fN ggxagiogulgiftlio Sight! Cornellus F1r1k B111 Syverson Robert Van Vleet Roger Appel Eugene Llttel, o z arles Parsons Benme Drown Coach Greeno Second Row Dav1d Esser Duane Day Marlan Stahl Marvm Newman Ronald Day Roger Denker Daryl Schultz Gordon Larsen Bob Clark. Third Row Gordon Mullenberg Delbert Boyd George Larson Forrest G1bson Alfred Noren Harley Han iglttllim Downs Ronnie Betten Allen Flsher Marvm Marlette Gllbert Watson Milton Mayden Robert The Lettermens Club 1S composed of boys who have lettered ln any one of the varlous athletlcs 1n whlch they competed Thls year the lettermen sold enclls P wlth the basketball schedule prlnted on them These were a favorlte among the students Also th b d e oys serve as ushers at the basketball tournaments th1s was done as a courtesy to the v1s1tors Headlng the Lettermens Club were Alfred Noren Presldent Forrest G1bSOH VICE Presldent and Roger Denker Secretary Treasurer Plctured at the left IS Chuck Par sons who has been Student Manager for the past three years We feel that lt 1S about t1me he was glven a l1ttle recog'n1t1on for h1s deeds Chuck has not only helped the boys at the varlous games, but he has kept the equlpment ln shape and ready to go for the next season So we feel that "Chuck" deserves a Good Conduct Medal for hlS servlce 'H W, l, .5 - v Q1 5' aft: I N , ' ' I . U Rx ' R I 6 . 'f , 3 ' . . . . . . . . ' -1 1 1 I 1 1 ' , , . 2 , , . . ' P 1 1 . 1 1 ' , 1 . 1 l 1 . 1 . 1 " ' 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - ' 1 . . . , , . . . . - . l - 7, 7 1 1 1 1. ' - ll 77 1 ' ' ' IK H ACTIVITIES . A ,un-f.f.d-haf. if - ,gi of 3, IQ' Diplomatic Corps Declam Students - Seated. left to right: Dorothy Hardie, Katherine Keller, Gale Fisher, Shirley Gavette, Ruth Miller. Standing. left to right: Jean Yada, Jerry Ruddy, Darlene Hoffman, Doris Ehrich, Juan Mc- Carty, David Hanson, James Carter, Bernadine Pfister, Lois Hoffman, Lue Ann Jungwirth, Marlene Pfister. Beverleye Crites. Debate The pro's and con's of "Should America Reject the Welfare State" were heatedly argued most of the season by debaters. For most of them this was a new experience, but after nightly sessions and study hall periods they Won the district and regional tourna- ments. To keep things from getting too dull, they were snowbound for a day in Mitchell. Miss Nelson, as coach, patiently bore with the debaters all through the season. Declomdtion As November 15 drew near, Miss Nelson began to sigh, despairing over unlearned declamations, because that fatal date marked the evening of the home declamation contest. The students in the contest got up with chat- tering teeth and shaking knees to deliver their selections. The winners, Shirley Gavette, Gale Fisher, Dorothy Hardie and Ruth Miller, accompanied by Miss Nelson and the rest of the class, went to N orthville, where the district contest was held. Red.field's con- testants all received third place honors. Seated. left to right: James Carter, Virgie Sisson, Jean Haider, Marjorie Leesch, Joan Sprague, Ruth Miller. Standing, loft to right: Dennis Reinmuth, Jack Enstrom, Charles Parsons, Gale Fisher, Wayne Fisher, Jack McDermott, Bennie Drown, Miss Nelson. Staff Censors K Seated tLefi to Rxghil Janet G1llette Phyllls Koester Jerry Ruddy Marvel Fltzgerald Bob Clark, Mary H1ll Marlon Seeman Shlrley Gavette Beverleye Crltes Conn1eJessen Second Row Colleen M1chels Maxme Sumner Beverly Rausch MCFUSS F1tzgerald Dlane Gu1le Roberta Albrecht Faye Snyder Emmalee Myers Norma Haskell Sally Afdahl Nadlne Esser Mary Ann Zens Third Row Darlyce Johnson Sh1rley Freeberg Betty Norbeck Mary Hlrtzel Marjorle Leesch G1lbert Watson, Arnold Larsen Arlene Ferguson B111 Syverson Jack McDermott Gale F1sher Charles Parsons Top ed1tor1al pos1t1ons on the Pheasant Call are usually ap- pomted on the baS1S of a year s experlence Ed1tor 1n Ch1ef tlus year was Mary H111 news edltors were Marlon Seeman and Marvel Fltz gerald feature edltor was Shlrley Gavette and sports edltor was Bob Clark The Pheasant Call dates back to 1928 for ltS beglnnmg and has a perfect record of not rrussmg an ISSUE The goal for staffers IS to rece1ve memberslup ln the Qulll and Scroll Soctety Four Jumors and one sen1or were accepted th1s year The S D H S P A DlStrlCt meet1ng held 111 Conde was attended by Marlon Seeman Conme J essen Beverleye Crltes and Shlrley Gavette They secured many helpful hlnts and were entertamed w1th two mov1es Next years meet1ng w1ll be held 111 Bath, and attendlng w1l1 be Jumors of the Pheasant Call , JESSAMINE COOLIDGE Year after year each Fresh- man Class each Pheasant Call Staff each student in English I each seeker in the library each co-worker on the faculty has found ein you a willing adviser an enthusiastic helper and a generous friend. Company Band Clarinet: Charles Parsons, Mary Hill, Bernadine Pfister, Darlene Brown, Joanne Jaragoske, Joan Shaffer, Betty Jane Paananen, Roberta Albrecht, David Sonstegard, Beverly McKay, Terry Ann 'I11eber, Diane Guile. Horn: Marilcfn Schultz, Marion Schultz, Shirley Matthews, Elizabeth Jensen. Saxophone: Mary Hirtzel, Bev- erly Tuban t, Donald Gommer, Norma Haskell, Mary Lou Rausch. Corners: Gordon Johanneson, Charles Hill, Dennis Reinmuth, Kenneth Binger, Gordon Gavin, Bruce Backer, Gary Holman, Patty Day. Tuba: Duane Hoffman, Donald Hansen. Baritone: Gordon Larson, Lyle Wilhelm, Bill Syverson. Trombone: Ron- nie Dagi Jack Enstrom, George Norbeck, Barbara Leesch. Cymbals: Darlyce Johnson. Drums: Dale Drown, Joyce yrum, Kay Schnittgrund, Marjorie Leesch. Band Director. Mr. Mayo Weisflock. Moi orettes COMPANY MAJ ORE'I'I'ES Left to Right: Marlene Taylor, Jerry Ruddy, Lois Hoffman, Janet Gillette, Faye Snyder Maxine Sumner. DRUM MAJORETTE Pat Cunningham Pep Band and Ensembles Fust Row iLeft io Rxghil Davxd Sonstegard Joanne Jaragoske Darlene Brown Mary H111, Patty Day Dennls Re1nmuth Charles H111 Gordon Johanneson Second Row Mary H1rtzeL Beverly Tubandt Shrrley Matthews Betty Jensen Manlyn Schultz Marlon Schultz Darlyce Johnson Joyce Myrum Thud Row Lyle Wxlhelm Gordon Larson Duane Hoffman Romue Day Jack Enstrom George Norbeck Barbara Leesch Dale Drown. Brass Sextette Seated CLeft to Rxghtl Gary Hol man Patty Day George Norbeck. Siandmg Gordon Larson Duane Hoffman Betty Jensen Trombone Quartet A Left io Right: Ronald Day, Jack Enstrom, Barbara Leesch, George Norbeck. 2 A Chorus Fu-si Row lLeft io Rxghtl Beverly McKay Lols Noy Marxlyn Badger Shlrley Schwartz Vlfgle Szsson, Betty Norbeck Dorxs Ehrxch Faye Snyder Beverly Tubandt Joanne Jaragoske Joyce Myrum V1rg1n1a Barnes Betty Jane Paananen Maxme Sumner Second Row Emma Lee Myers Madonna L1tte1, Lydia Wllhelm Mary Hlrtzel Kay Schmttgrund Shlrley Gavette Mary H111 Janet Glllette Pat Cunnmgham Juan McCarty Drown B111 Syverson Marlan Stahl Bob Wxlllams Duane Day Dale Drovsm Gordon Larsen Ray Schoen fleld James Carter Jack Enstrom Dennls Remmuth Donald Gommer Manly Olsb Fourih Row Ronme Day Charles Parsons Davld Hanson George Larsen Charles H111 Alfred Noren mold Larsen Harley Hansen Gordon Johanneson Ronnle Betten Donald Hansen, Jack McDermott, Bob Newman Lonrue Flsher ThlS year the A Chorus presented a very beautlful Chr1stmas program The stage scene was made up of angels, shepherds Mary and Joseph Superb hghtmg effects added to the beauty of the presentatlon . I T : D , . Y . , . , . . ' ', I 1 I 1 1 9 b 1 . . 1 . , 4 - ' : . . , 1 , Barbara Leesbh, Valerie Marlette, Donna Jean .Hilkemeierx ' Third Row: instructor, Miss Crouch: Benme . 1 1 1 . A s u 1 1 l ' 1 Y ' l 1 l i X' : 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 .1 . I 1 I I ' , . Boys Glee Club R h M Sch owski Donald Gommer Robert Newman Jack Enstrom, B111 Syverson, F1151 Row lLeft to lg il r mm Duane Day Davxd Hanson Charles H111 Plamst Beverly McKay Second Row Manly Olsby Lonnle Flsher G d L r n Ga Blaedom Donald Hansen Jack Larsen Marlen Stahl Ronald Day Charles Parsons or on a se ry Thud Row Denn1s Remmuth James Carter Jack McDermott Dale Drown Bennle Drown Bob Wllhams George Larsen Arnold Larsen Fourth Row Ray Schoenfxeld Gordon Johanneson Alfred Noren, Harley Hansen Ronme Betten Due to the fact that the negatlve of the Glrls Glee Club plc to g1ve you one Glrls Sextet 5' Left io Right Madonna Lxttel, Shlrlei Freeburg Barbara Leesch Faye Snyder Joanne Jaragos e and Betty Jane Paananen. I ' : , l I , ! , ! ' I Y y I . , 1 l . 1 ture- was lost before a picture could be printed, we are unable n I v Q Y A N G1 I B Chorus Fxrst Row lLeft to Rxghtl Beverly Rausch Joan Emspahr Colleen M1Ch91S Karen Jackson MarJor1e Stem per Devonna Klebsch Leota Stemper Dor1s Momrner Second Row Joan Mason Shxrlee Goodell Donna Blume Shlrley Matthews Joan Sprague Mavls Thomas Jean Halder Instructor Mr Schunnowskl Thurd Row Gall Mord Mary Ann Zens Nadlne Esser Ruth M1ller Donna Herren Norma Haskell MEITISS Fxtz gerald Dor1s Vetter Reuben M1ller Fourth Row Herbert Afdahl Jerry Ruddy Sandra Motley Phyllls Koe ster Sharol Olson Drane Guxle Jera1d1ne Clark M3.f1lS Newman Roger Du Bols Solo1sts Joanne Jaragoske Alfred Noren and Vlfglnla Barnes all recelved F1rst Place honors 1n the Reg1onal MUSIC M1ss Crouch IS the person who IS to be glven the credlt for produc1ng such a fme chorus and glee club f"N, : . . S , . Y J ! , D ! Y ! y . 1 t. . - n v l ' - . : . s 1. s ' Y ! D ! ! ' . . 1 v , 5 l f. . Contest held in Aberdeen. i 1 5 xv' , A Company Boosters Look no legs' Here are the cheerleaders who kept the A games peppy and cheered the boys on to v1ctory They are left to rlght Sally Afdahl Juan McCarty Kay Schmttgrund Mar11yn Badger Dorr1ne Prmdle Below are the cheerleaders who led the B game cheermg fans They are Beverly McKay Dor1s Ehr1ch Vlfgle Srsson Bemadme Pf1ster Lucrlle Jandel Grade School Gfflce G1rls B-,,-A 'T 7X4 Sealed lLeft to Rxghtj Emma Lee Meyers Arlene Larson Mary Lou Edgar Mona Oechsle La Vonne Miller Dor1s Oechsle Mary Ann Zens Siandm Anna Mae NlCk1SCh Verna gechsle Mertxss Fltigerald Valerle Marlette Mar 11s Newman Beverly Jorgensen Mrs Gotaas Hioh School Gffice Girls Seated lLefi to Rxghtl Nadine Esser Jean Klothe Conme Jessen Marlon Seeman Shlr ley Gavette Standmg Kar lene Tewell Marlene Pflster Katherlne Keller Marvel FltZ gerald Verna Oechsle Mar JOT18 Stemper Ushers Seated QLeft io Rxghtlz Juan Mc Carty, Mona Oechsle Standmgz Lue Ann J ungwlrth, Pat Cunnlng ham, Betty Schwartz, and Joanne J aragoske I I -- KW, V, , 1, my- , : l ' -G 5 " A H . 6 f cw cf V K' I 1 - . y . A I I Y - x . : ' Q 4 L 1 wx v Y . I -5- ' , . , ' , . 4 . . h Y , - W A ' I 'V - ' f J - If Y l ...1 ' 'X- b A -A I . rf ' 9 : Y Y . , 1 , , y . , - I ' ' Y 3 - , . l , Kitchen Police Q J , I at , .,, , . A L 4 A - f A r HOME EC CLUB Seated fLeft to Righty: Joanne Jaragoske, Pat Cunningham, Lue Ann Jungwirth, Lois Noy. Front Row: Lucille Jandel, June Wall, Nadine Esser, Shirley Freeburg, Mary Ann Zens, Beverly Jorgenson, Maxine Sumner, Joan Mason, Arlene Gabriel, Shirley Zens, Beverly Rausch, Joan Einsphar, Jean Yada, Leota Stemper, Jean Haidcr. Second Row: Juan McCarty, Madonna Littel, Marlys Newman, Jean Reihe, Donna Hilkemeier, Dorrine Prindle, Beverleye Crites, Wilma Keamey, Ruth Miller, Irene Heppler, Virgie Sisson, Shirley Matthews, Karen Jackson, Patty Day, Dorothy Hardie, Joyce Gabriel, Emmalee Myers, Faye Snyder, Joan Sprague, Shirley Gavette. Third Row: Miss Lyle, Valerie Marlette, Marjorie Stemper, Sharol Olson, Colleen Michels, Doris Mommer, Marlene Taylor, Roberta Albrecht, Darlene Hoffman, Jerry Ruddy, Imajean Heppler, Virgie Relhe, Norma Haskell, Phyllis Leonard, Valeria Mager, Barbara Rice, Norma Davis, Connie Jessen. Fourth Row: Karlene Tewell, Barbara Leesch, Marvel Fitzgerald, Darlyce Johnson, Doris Ehrich, Darlene Boyd, Virginia Eidsness, Marion Seeman, Bemadine Pfister, Marjorie Leesch, Jeraldine Clark, Phyllis Koester, Donna Blume, Arlene Ferguson, Sandra Motley, Shirlee Goodell, Beverly Tubandt, Mertlss Fitzgerald, Joan Mather, Lois Hoffman. i The Home'Ec .Club was a newly estab- The F.F.A. Club, under the direction of lished organization this year, but never- Mr. Larsen, was again a very active one. theless much was accomplished. Many They attended various judging meets and parties were held from the cornbmed agriculture meetings and brought home efforts of the Home Ec Club and the their share of "blue ribbons." F.F.A. F. F. A. CLUB Front Row fLeft to Righty: Lyle Paske, Bob Van Vleet, Reuben Miller, Eugene Littel, Rodney Manz, Ladell Harr, Jerry Hardy, Berwyn Cnook, Delvin Ellis. Second Row: Larry Dennison, Wayne Jensen, Roger Sanger, Paul Baxter, Norman Johnsen, David Esser, Dallas Fogelsong, Bruce Backer, Keith Hardy, Gordon Muellenberg, Charles Van Vleet. Third Row: Cornelius Fink. Roger Appel Gene Mahar M l M ll ' , I , er e ue enberg, Dale Drown, Bud Yada, Allan Maddox, Marvin Newman, Daryl Schultz, Marvin ggette, Gale Hagen, Bill Badger. Fourth Row:. Mr. Larson, Delbert Boyd, Eddie Buchholz, Duane Hoffman, Duane Richmond ord Hagen, John Bottum, Daelyn Sanger, Roger Du Bois, Henry Gibson, Dick Jackson, Wallace Anderson, Marlan Stahl: Warren Rice, James Youngwirth. Basic Training Uv-W N l Standmg lLeft io Rxghtl Mr Buck Robert Van Vleet Marlan Stahl Kenneth Blnger Daelyn Sanger Arnold Larsen Rlchard Mueller Edward Buchholz Mr Larson Daryl Schultz Seated Roger Hekerdle Manly Olsby Eugene Llttel V1suc1l Ald At the begmnmg of the year, Mr Buck started to show some boys how to operate the mov1e projector After a short apprentlce sh1p these boys were ready to solo wrth the mach1ne and courageously passed thexr flrst movles w1th flymg colors plus Just a few blackouts The operators gave up therr study halls at varlous lntervals to brmg Joy to the1r the f1ne Job they d1d Maybe somet1mes they have trouble but after all there are a lot of buttons on that pecul1ar mach1ne Dlstrlbutlve Educcmon An lrnportant part of the act1v1t1es of Red freld Hlgh School 1S the D1str1but1ve Educa tlon class whlch IS sponsored by Mr Ber The students enrolled rn th1s class are grven 1nformat1on pertammg to salesmanshrp and reta11 bus1ness operamon Each day one hour IS spent 111 class and three hours are spent dorng practxcal work 111 some Redfleld bus mess estabhshment Front Row lLeft to Rlghtl Shrrley Smlth Joan Shaffer Vlfglnla Barnes Betty Schwartz Arlene Larson. Second Row Darlene Zens Mona Oechsle Marlon Schu1t7 Elma Hagen Maryann Ferguson Marllyn Schultz Vrrglma Eldsness Barbara Dawson Thud Row Mary Lou Edgar Ed1t.h Roberts Robert Matthews Gordon Larsen Max Downs Robert Clark Mary Lou Newman Donna Marlow Mr Berg it ,A 3 1,4 .. rf- ' 4 o at 4 f 2 ' In . I I 2 ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 5 ' : 1 , . I I I I , . . . . u h . v . . Q g l p g. classmates and are to be complimented on . . . . . . . . I Q , . . . . . . 2 , . , I 7 I 1 I ' ' Staters Benny Drown B111 Sy verson Gale Fxsher lk Conme Jessen Shlrley Gavette Betty Paananen Company Custoohans W'- Mr Bacon Mr Holland T,',y2,.lo I . X 3 ,- , .fl 1 gc'- n . ' ga K..-W 5 , 1 f x . . Q f f . -5 ng B K 1 f,-fliw' PM X 'i Personnel Service KEYETTES Front Row KLefi to Riglul: Virginia Barnes, Joanne Jaragoske, Mar Hill, Barbara Dawson, Arlene Larson. Second Row: Joan Shaffer, Shirley Smith, Elma Hagen, Maryann Fserguson, Mary Lou Newman, Marilyn Schultz. Third Row: Edith Roberts, Mary Lou Edgar, Darlene Zens, Rita Schade, Mona Oechsle,-Virginia Eidsness, Donna Marlow, Betty Schwartz, Marion Schultz. Advisers: Jean Ann Price and Jean Allison. The Senior Girls of Redfield High School organize every year to form the Keyette Club. The Keyettes this year organized and began holding monthly meetings, headed by their President, Joanne Jaragoske. The Keyettes are sponsored by the Business and Professional Women's Club of Redfield. The Key Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Redfield, was very active this year under the guidance of the boys' president, Eugene Littel. During the year the Keys were called upon to perform many tasks, which they finished with success. Mr. Mor- gan, the Key Club adviser, can be given much credit for the success of the Key Club. KEY CLUB Front Row QLeft to Rightl: Dale Drovsm, Paul Baxter, Eugene Littel, Robert Denker, Robert Clark, Harley Hansen. Second Row: Paul Cukurs, Marlan Stahl, Alf Noren, Richard Jackson, Forrest Gibson, Daryl Schultz, Charles Parsons, Max Downs, and Mr. Morgan. K7 fa Vwrw I-'X sv -vw-U m 1 ' 1 ' iv dw 3 ' ,I , , if W 1 ' fig? , - xy 225 hiv I 5 ' ming ml." gunman, W -. fs "Qin , ,Hun gl. L a , if fy . ai U, V 5' 6 Q? ???l'52 f1'wg ,bv 'S X, IL, AA' V Y 1,55 , - , gg 'E . V"f..n , W AW? ' 45? ,V , Ni MQ. Hyir'-Q' 53? , gmwgw 1 2.W,4' ,f .r+ U Kaya-T gmyf QL . Q. M 1 'Ulm 'Q ,Rik -FG' 'K ' I li U, E , UQ. S.. Overnight Pass ....--.gang I V, ,, . ' J 1 gl' XL. Mm v QL 9 Homecoming King Roger, Queen Joanne and Flower Girls. 21:1 Front Row iLeft to Rxghtl Flower Gxrls and Crown Bearers Second How Attendants Eugene L1ttel Vlfglnla Erdsness Barbara Dawson Mary Lou Newman V1rg1n1a Barnes Third Row Harley Hansen Frank Hoff LeRoy Stapp Homecommg whlch xs one of the ilrst act1v1t1es 1n the school season started out with stowed upon Joanne Jaragoske and Roger Denker Followmg the coronat1on the cheerleaders took over 1n leadmg the assembly m some roof ra1s1ng yells Such cheerlng IS yet to be heard The followmg day dawned a wmdy sunny day but everyone was all ln the Splflt of decoratmg floats and makmg the day a success The parade rolled off exactly at 2 00 and was a colorful array of floats everyone felt that they had ach1eved a very successful parade After the hubbub of the parade everyone went home to 3W3lt the evenmgs game auth this Webster Bearcats ln whlch to everyones dlsappomtment, the Pheasants were e eate What IS a better way to end a gala affan' than to dr1ve out to the pavlhon for an evemng of engoyable musxc by Lynn Dorseys bana' x i , If f 1 pf' I the beautiful ceremony of the king and queen coronation. This year the honor was be- . D U , Distinguished Service af' Miss Lyle, Mr. Morgan Seated., lei! 1 ' ht: Gail Fisher, Bernadine Pfister, Marion Seeman, Connie Jesseg,rBi11 Syverson, and Bennie Drown. Standing: Duane Da , Dael Sanger, Lue Ann Jungwirth, Jean Klothe, Katherine Keller. anX1Shir1ey Gavette. On the night of October 9, the Junior class presented "The Custer's Last Stand," directed by Miss Lyle and Mr. Morgan. In the production, Bill Syverson and Bennie Drown find out that at the cost of a little excitement they might lose their two newly found friends, Connie Jessen and Marion Seernan. Others on the cast were Daelyn Sanger and Katherine Keller, Ernogene Custer, Lue Ann Jungwirthg Esther Custer, Bernadine Pfisterg Terence Van Ayrsdale, Duane Dayg Lavinica and Lavernia Platt, Shirley Gavette and Jean Klotheg and Georgy Little Bear, Gale Fisher. The play cast looks a little more human without all the grease paint and such. STAGE CREW Loft to Right: Arnold Larsen, .George Larsen, Pat Cunningham, MBILXLOU Rausch, Beverleye Crltes, Jean Yada, Joan Mather, Lois Hof an, James Carter, Bob Van Vleet. Ct1V1tY Prom 1 Above Gale Flsher and B111 Syverson are seen croomng to the crowd Left Even 1f Mary H111 does look sleepy she 18 workmg very hard on the decoratlons Rxght The Sen1or glrls m all d1fferent POSIUOIIS are colonng the background for the prom The Senxor g1I'1S worked very hard to add to the success of the Act1v1ty Prom The theme was Harbor Llghts, On one wall you could see the sllhouette of the great clty of New York Even lf It was snowlng the mght of the Prom everyone had a wonderful tune dancmg to the muslc of Lynn Dorsey and Ins orchestra Everyone had such a ood tune that no one remembered to take any plctures for time annual so consequently all we can show you 18 the work that went mto the makmg of the prom. ei Distinguished Service NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Left to Right Eugene Llttel Barbara Dawson Charles Parsons Mary H111 Alfred Noren Mary Lou Newman R1Ch8Td Jackson Vlrgmla Barnes The Qulll and Scroll IS an orgamzatxon for the students who have won recogmtlon 111 Journahsm These are the students who break the1r backs trylng to get that one and only Pheasant Call out on tune The Qulll and Scroll IS a natxonal orgamzatlon there- fore, lt 1S a great honor to become one of 1ts few honored members Membership 1n this orgamzatlon 1S hunted that IS why only the ones who work the hardest become members of the Quill and Scroll Character Leadership SCh012.I'Sh1p and Servlce are the vlrtues stressed for member ship 1n the Nat1ona1 Honor Soc1ety The So- ciety this year started to prmt a student hand book but due to the lack of trme It was not completed On May 16.there were f1VE mem bers of the J un1or class lllltlated into the Redfield Chapter of the National Honor So- c1ety They were Lue Ann Jungwuth Betty Jane Paananen Ruth Miller, Benny Drown and Daelyn Sanger QUILL AND SCROLL-Left to Right Marxan Seeman Conme Jessen Shlrley Gavette Mary H111 Charles Parsons Beverleye Crxtes 'K 1' kx - ' 2 ' , ' , . ' I l I I I ' Y l 7 7 u n - - ' ' 1 Y 7 7 . S - ' . 3 . . . , ! . : . , . v . 1 , , , . , J! as L I 5, A . ' ,W 1 1 97 2 -Q 1 rv. H.: YM. - ,. lj Z if-ll 5. a ft f ' A -' , Q-1 ' 1 , if X 6 1 1 X 512, . 1 Here we see Student Council mem- ber LeRoy Stapp making a tremend- ous sale to Robert Clark. Who could pose for a better picture than our future members of the P. X., the eighth graders? The Youth Center is a place where one sees a great many Redfield High and Jr. High students two nights out of the week. Dancing, ping pong, and checkers are the three most-liked activities. At the left we see two fellow class- mates battling a checker game out to the finish. Ping Pong, one of the favorite sports, is being played here by Clifford Hagen and an unseen opponent. Week end Pass Above Daelyn Sanger Toast master grves out vnth one of h1S Jokes Whxle B111 Syverson 1I'1V6St1g3.t9S a b1te Rlght Mees and what a ter r1f1c rneal It was' Bglow Eugene Lmttel gnes the Semor reaponse MISS Crouch and Joanne Jaragoske on erther slde of Gene Tumor Semor Banquet and Prom MME Daelyn Sanger B111 Syverson Faculty Tr1o A P Sonstegard Gale Flsher Eugene L1tte1 Alfred Noren Daelyn Sanger CLASS MOTTO Each tune 1n l1fe comes but once make the most of It Above 1Left to Rightl Attendants Eugene L1ttel and Mary H111 Klng Lel-toy Stapp and Queen Gmny E1ds ness head the Grand March Left Betty Paananen and Ronme Day dance to the hltmq strams of the Lynn Dorsey Orchestra She would have sm11ed had she seen Chuck 1n txme Below 1V11ss 1Jr1ce and Mr Holland seern to be enjoylng themselves for a couple of old sold1ers an X iw Qvw' J . 1 ? m e XF 'Wu T? 1 wi"bf'9"! M A, Command Performance Q Seated on the floor are Lavonne Mlller and Arlene Larson On the davenport are Mona Oechsle Paul Baxter Joanne Jaragoske Charles Parsons Elma Hagen, and Dale Drown Standmg m back are Alf Noren Gor don Larsen Rlta Schade and Betty Schwartz Lower left Lavonne and Arlene are trylng to see 1f they can plck up some pomters from a book on How to Get Your Man that Betty has been usmg Lower rxght Alf IS trymg to persuade the Sm1ths 1nto selhng the Old Rellable to h1s company for a cons1derable amount of money The Sen1or Play L1fe Wlth Mama was presented on May 22 Papa Smlth fCharles Parsonsl was havmg trouble w1th a competmg cha1n store Mama Uoanne Jaragoskej was w1Ll1ng to help but Papa dxdn t want her to So she went to Harry Hammond the local banker lPau1 Baxterj, who 1nc1denta11y was her old beau and asked hun for a loan Hammond was wllhng to g1ve the loan unt11 he and Papa got 1nto a f1ght over a sh1rt But the day 1S saved when Hammond wants to buy some of the patent med1c1ne that Nancy the Sm1ths daughter CLaVonne M1llerJ and Ramona fArlene Larsenl have mvented Kane Jerome fAlf Norenj a representatlve of another cha1n drug company wants the locatxon of the Sm1ths store and 1S w1ll1ng to pa hlghly for It It IS a good play w1th a touch of romance between the Sm1ths daughter L1ndafElYma Hagenj and the Hammonds son fDale Drownj who elope 1n the end Also the pollceman QGordon Larsenj and the Sm1ths boarder fR1ta Schadej Medals of Honor 1 Harley Hansen recerves the Paul Schleher award It 1S bemg presented by Mrs Schle her 2 Here we see Mr Sonstegard presentmg the Valedrctorran and Salutatorlan awards 3 MISS Wrnjurn presentmg the cheerleadrng awards 4 Barbara Leesch and Valerre Marlette are seen recervrng the1r awards for havmg thelr poems pubhshed 5 Thrs long string of R.H.S. boys is not the line-up"it is Coach Greeno presenting the athletlc awards. 6. Mrs. Forsyth is presenting the B.P.W. award to Lue Ann Jungwirth. G-Day Fifteen minutes to go, and everyone .is waitmg anxlously for the big moment. Miss Allison guts a collar on Maryann's ro e while Arlene looks on. Daelyn Sanger and Shirley Gavette lead the seniors on their last trip into the audi- torium.

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Redfield High School - Pheasant Yearbook (Redfield, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 39

1951, pg 39

Redfield High School - Pheasant Yearbook (Redfield, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 51

1951, pg 51

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