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794Jfwf2 QNZMJWNLH 6344 595 f J' ijnifzf' WQJJ '15, ,Z-Q., , 'ff Z MQ,7 , , fwgfff' u' V,-M-7 , ', - , LJ M. .WH I . J . gk J , W5,i?,Z J, If 1'V'Vf09,4-fi" D fi-Zim , JE W9 ' ' W fL ' UL ffffjfwfwf MWP ff 5fZijf jM53!i, fj W gzfffgdkil ZZ' MJF 9w,6 . - .ffff V, I 'XQWV 'Vi 9' JW 4 iw wld M M Le' M f f CZJMVJ deff! QLW ,QWTW 0 1 1 fi s. Ach MJ M . rj WQ , sw MW J' N 'J5q ':y'6vjg2N ' QE S4 Q Mgwjgv va 'i Rf Efjfjbd N 5, I Yf XT 1 Y Ji' Av M5 . ,X W H I in 4 V , -1-T" . ff ff, Q yy Vw Uxxvvc xx X , uJ1',' ' ff Y L 01 :lilly H ' Y' VF A Qu if V 144141 ILM 'QM ya ffqu 0743? "L 'fm jig, fayj Nofw. 1,014- fx .X ,Off 3,7 X W 'lg D 'Y-1 7 4' I V Q' V " S 1 I ' ,J . f ' r I .f W Q 7 'f 41 it 1 . I , V A of . -f fl . , . ?fZ, Y'f, I rg 1' 4 1' fx" rf' ' f- ,.,' ,l K, .-YK JQYY -., "M I' ,M ,7"vr. 677, V1 ' ' 4 1 F 6- , 'r ,fn- lf P4 v fp , xj. ,, . ' HP' . ,-M. .K I 6 1 Y V rl F 'mit' 1 'Y. 71. " ffjpfv ' . 1 f' LL C 1 5 Y' ' A P K , rj xl ' ' f ,F 1 h ,y ., 1 4 7 pf if Q , f ..,-' ' . . wx - fff V ' Q' . I . X 3 Sv N' N x Nr 15 , 5 v YN: The JN XX xv Y wx X 5 A' X X HX ' f 4 A y 5 V. , w 9 x BX-. fm , 3 N x , V WB xxxifmxi-J N ii Q50 . 9 REDFIELD HIGH SCHOGL Presents 1950 PI-IEASANT .sew ia - Klflfe . . . "Morning comes early and bright with" a quick breakfast, the dash to school, classes, study periods and finally the noon bell signaling lunch period. Afternoon classes are followed by sessions with extracurricular activities, after school jobs, study- ing, and having fun. For Redfield High students that might be the routine of an ordinary day. But between the alarm clock's buzz in the morn- ing and the last snack before bed lie the little things that make school life un-ordinary. It is that excited thrill of your first day of school or the feeling of sadness as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma. It is stage-fright before the first per- formance of the junior class play or the feeling of pride for your A on a history report on which you spent hours. Who, after dancing the night away, would regret sore fingers or loss of sleep from working on a prom? Excitement reigns after win- ning a conference championship and gloom takes over after a heart-breaking tournament loss. Best of all is the inner glow that comes from being with a "swell bunch of kids" and "those wonderful teachers." School is made up of the ordinary and the un-ordinary, the typical, and the unusual. Behind every activity are the students. They are the ones who make a school what it is, and so we dedi- cate this 1950 Pheasant to the students of Redfield High School, that they may never forget the moments of happiness and dis- appointment, fun and work that made up this year in R.H.S. FALL P747 X fffff M un or Fra 5?f' ,PY Q . 4' '51 wVrI09 ee 'ffffq' 0'1- Sg CI 11 I Oc ober' 5 e, Iv 3- i W X cj X ,b .1-7 ua o W q I GII .P X Calendar of Events September REGISTRATION AUGUST 29 30 SCHOOL BEGAN SEPTEMBER 6 FOOTBALL SEASON BEGAN SEPTEMBER 9 AT HURON SISSETON SEPTEMBER I6 VAN CAVEL ASS MBLY PROGRAM SEPTEMBER 23 HOMECOMING SEPTEMBER 29 30 October SOUTH DAKOTA PRESS ASSOCIATION ASSEMBLY PROGRAM ROTC SPEAKER ACE TEST November HALLOWEEN PARTY CLARK GAME FOOTBALL ENDS ASSEMBLY PROGRAM JUNIOR PLAY DECLAM CONTEST THANKSGIVING VACATION OCTOBER 8 OCTOBER I4 OCTOBER 20 OCTOBER 24 25 NOVEMBER I NOVEMBER 4 NOVEMBER 9 NOVEMBER 9 NOVEMBER 22 NOVEMBER 24 28 I A 0 .su .21 a 4' It f Q' '?l"3,gz 7:49 'N Z, C15 is ,.. 50' I f If is Foo I ji ' ji? 'Ing I 0040 U"'5,, ,O ,jeux I 9,5 YXOWQ tg XX f "7-c LZG I "Y NI R I 'T' x I QQ X X ............,..,....,.,.,,.,.... ffffffffffflffffffffE'I . I X oacnfsm Review ocrom I9 N! .....,..Qilllllil1Qllliififilliiiff,gf''W - TZ- f fi MQ """' S'fffffffffffffflflfff "4' - ZZ! MH SUPERINTENDEN T PRINCIPAL Dear Diary: Today is another school day of many events. The schedule and staging are similar, but the experiences are very different for both stu- dents and teachers. These experiences aim toward that same goal-the development of the whole of one's self. They may make some pupils stronger, some pupils kinder, some pupils nobler. They may establish some faith, never to be violated, some heart never to be corrupted. Some experiences may overcome pride, defiance, and stubbornness. They may cause some student to see the great objective of education, preparation for the service and usefulness of himself for humanity. If these events do this, our school day is successful. Lester H. Baumann OUR SCHOOL BOARD Dear Diary: The usual school day in the Principal's of- fice is a happy round of greeting and counsel- ing students. Some students come for permits to attend conferences, tardy students come for admitsg absentees have to be admitted and those who have lost sight of their course be- cause of grades or social adjustments have to be re-orientated. These meetings are pleasant and the experiences are real. When, in the future, the going should become difficult, may you look back upon your record in this book and say, "I was a winner. I can still win." Iver C. Berg SECRETARY checks school records Ralph Syverson, Ollie Myrum. Above: Mrs. Edith Cole, school secretary Left: Bill Lothrop, Kenneth Parsons Lester Baumann, President Glen Cole OUR STUDENT COUNCIL Seated around the table Cleft to rughtl Galen Gnllette Jean Engle Shirley Gavetle Bull Syverson Gnlberr Watson James Kennedy Mary Hull Pobert Clark Gordon Larson Eugene Lutlel Richard Boub Standlng Mr Baumann SEPTEMBER Rules of parl1amentary procedure forgot us durmg the summer or was lt we forgot them? Anyway It dxdn t take the councll long to get 1n the swmg of act1v1t1es Home- commg was the f1rst b1g act1v1ty we tackled Major catastrophe was when the letter Q blew off the float durmg the parade, makmg the t1tle read UEEN JUNE Galen G1llette student councll Prexy outl1ned the year s program Mamtenance of the YC was number one on the 11st A councll member must be 1n charge of Youth Center The councll bought gowns wh1ch w1l1 be used for chorus members and graduatron A s1zzhng hot campa1gn,to elect new oihcers ended the mayor aCt1V1t1eS of the school year There were three lovely Iadnes The Councll helped fmonce the Gary Weiss Ray Hoff and Tam cost of the gowns vhlch were pur Chnshansen at the Halloween chased for use for chorus members Party MC Boub gsves them vm Gnd Qrddudhon mng pnze 1950 Sl Student Council Of fncers are Secretary Treasurer Mary Hall Vnce Presudent Eugene Lltrel First RHS Wo man Presldent Treva Smntll I I I V I X I I 1 . . , . . , . . . . . . . H ,, - - - ca as - ' 9 . . , . , . ' . - I 1 ' ' I .B r . if Q Q l 3 g ,. N N f' x 4 K3 li ' . X . . V ? M! I t ll , ,l 1 rg. ,WL l f I ,, - I l 4 1 . - - , ,rj 1 1 Q - Q f , I h 1 1 5 a' - CUB FACULTY JEAN ALISON Soma! Studnes my if, MELVIN BUCK hop EUNICE CROUCH Englmsh Vocal Musrc KENNETH GREENO Athletlc Director RICHARD BENTLEY Bond Orchestra 7...- JESSAMINE COOLIDGE Engfnsh Llbrorrom FLORA GOTAAS Mothemorucs 139' ALBERT KEMPF Baology, Assnstont Coach 1 ' i K s ' J Q.. . EN E Q kr ' A S , I 4 I 'Z' A OUR FACULTY rf' -'U MARVIN LARSON MARIAN LYLE Acmculture Home E owomucs 4 ROY MORGAN ARVILLAMAE NELSON General Scuence Chemustry Englrsh Dromorrcs JEAN PRICE FLORENCE PUDER Commercuol School Nurse WARREN SCHIMNOWSKI ' LAUREL WINJUM Socrol Scsence, Boys Glee Club Commercial, Physical Education JUNIOR CLASS Front Row: Cleft to rightl Arlene Larsen, Betty Schwartz, Rita Schade, Darlene Zens, Mona Oeschle, .loan Shaffer. Second Row: Donna Marlow, Peggy Mandery, Marilyn Schultz, Edith Roberts, Marion Schultz, Eugene Littel, Charles Parsons. Third Row: Mrs. Gotaas, Lawrence Weikum, Mary Lou New- man, Treva Smith, Lavonne Miller, Dallas Thomas, Warren Rice, Gary Weiss, LeRoy Stapp. Fourth Row: Joe Werner, Marian Stahl, Lyle Michels, Marvin Newman, Bob Matthews, Alfred Noren, Arnold Larsen, Gordon Larson, Daryl Schultz. OFFICERS: lLEFT TO RIGHTJ SECRETARY-TREASURER, EU- GENE LlTTELg PRESIDENT, FRANK HOFFQ VlCE-PRESl- DENT, LeROY STAPP. Front Row: lleft to rightl Mary Ann Ferguson, Mary Lou Edgar, Joanne Joragoske, Elma Hagen. Second Row: Roger Appel, Wallace Anderson, Dale Drown, Barbara Dawson, Virginia Eidsness. Third Row: Paul Baxter, Edward Buchholz, Bob Clark, Roger Denker, Ronald Day, Mary Hill, Miss Nelson. Fourth Row: Forrest Gibson, Max Downs, Frank Hoff, Harley Hanson, Robert Fuss, Richard Jackson, Lyle Crook. SOPHOMCDRE CLASS First Row: lleft to rightl Dorothy Hardie, Beverly Crites, Arlene Gabriel, Violet Hormonn, Ada Rae Compton. Second Row: Henrietta Heppler, Anita Badger, Pat Cunningham, Helen Buchholz, Marian Hull, Charleen Burshiem, Darlene Borness, Velva Baker, Third Row: Lois Hoffman, Bennie Drown, Clifford Hagen, Keith Hardie, Shirley Gavette, Gloria Gange, Darlene Brown, Dorothy Cooper. Fourth Row: Allan Fisher, Gary Blaeaorn, Bruce Baker, Ronnie Betten, James Carter, Duane Day, David Hanson, Mr Moraan. Gale Fisher. First Row: lleft to rightl Lucille Jandel, Betty Paananen, Koriene Tewell, Katherine Keller, Joan Mather, June Sprague, Jean Yoda. Second Row: Barbara Leesch, Rath Miller, Juan McCarty, Connie Jessen, Lu Anne Jungvvirth, Wilma Kearney, Marlene Pfister, Hilda Pfister. Third Row: Miss Winium, Marion Seemon, Bernadine Pfister, Marilyn Miller, Anno Mae Niekish, Jean Kloth, Mary Lou Rausch, Bob Van Vleet. Fourth Row: Bill Syverson, Milton Mayden, Jack Larsen, Marvin Marlette, George Larsen, Daelyn Sanger, James Jungwirth, Delbert Johnson, Gordon Muellenberg Q ii CLASS OFFICERS: lLEFT TO RlGHTl VICE-PRESIDENT LU ANN JUNGWIRTHQ PRESIDENT CONNIE JESSENQ SECRETARY- TREASURER JAMES CARTER. g F RESI-IMAN CLASS Front Row: lleft to rtghtl June Wall, Mary Ann Zens, Dorrtne Pnndle, Beverly McKay, Darts Mommer, Colleen Michels, Phtltp Tewell. Second Row: Marlts Newman, Erma Tubant, Doris Vetter, Martone Stemper, Valerre Marlette, Verna Oeschle, Ronald Peterson, Delbert Weiss, Mtss Cooltdger Third Row: Mr. Schtrnnowskl, Sharol Olson, Shirley Schwartz, Kay Schntttgrund, Betty Norbeck, Robert Newman, Leola Stemper, Darlene Orrock, Leattnce Tomsha. Fourth Row: Fordyce Yoda, Roger Sanger, Retnhold Mager, Duane Rtchmond, Gene Maher, Walter Peterson, Ray Schoenheld, Gtlbert Watson, Robert Man- dery, Jack McDermott, Rtcharcl Mueller, Merle Muellenberg. OFFICERS: lLEFT T0 RIGHTJ SECRETARY- TREASURER JUNE WALL, VICE-PRESIDENT ROBERT MANDERY,PRESIDENT MADONNA LITTEL. Front Row: lleft to rightl Karen Jackson, Joan Etnspahr, Donna l-lerren, Maxtne Appel, Sally Afdohl, Madonna Littel, Martlyn Badger, Jeraldtne Clark, Drone Galle, Eeyerly Jorgensen, Delyln Ellis. Second Row: Berwym Crook, lmajean l-leppler, Irene Heppler, Donna Htlkemeter, Marlene Frtese, Arltne Ferguson, Nadine Esser, Shtrley Freeburg, Norma Haskell, Manlyn Bancroft, Phyllts Leonard. Third Row: Mtss Lyle, Norman Johnson, Wesley Clark, Larry'Appletoft, Larry Denntson, Dean Ltnderman, Darlyce John- son, Darlene Boyd, Maryerl Fitzgerald, Marjorie Leesch, Kenneth Brnger. Fourth Row: Charles Htll, Wayne Jenson, Delbert Boyd, Wayne Fisher, John Bottum, Douglas Hancock, Melyrn Htlkemeter, Gordon Johannesen, Duane Hoffman, James Jungwrrth, Dayud Esser, Herbert Afdahl, Roger Ferguson. '13 Gver the Forty Yard Line ti gs IQ 'G- If-5.1 P"'W Q- 0 x , W I N FIRST ROW: RIGHT HALF BOUB, LEFT GUARD BRACHVOGEL, QUAR- TERBACK CHRISTIANSEN, RIGHT HALF CLARK, LEFT HALF COMPTON, RIGHT GUARD DAY. SECOND ROW: FULLBACK DENKER, LEFT END DOWNS, CENTER GIB- SON, LEFT END GILLETTE, RIGHT END HANSEN, LEFT TACKLE FRANK HOFF. THIRD ROW: CENTER RAY HOFF, RIGHT HALF HUGHES, QUARTER- BACK KENNEDY, LEFT TACKLE GEORGE LARSEN, LEFT GUARD GORDON LARSON, RIGHT TACKLE LESSELYOUNG. FOURTH HOW: LEFT HALF MICHELS, FULLBACK NEWMAN, RIGHT TACKLE NOREN, LEFT END SANGER, RIGHT GUARD WEISS. "Ankle" over and Coach Greeno will fix you up. On the Goal First Row fleft to rlghtl Ray Hoff Gary Welss Roger Denker Tom Chrlstlansen Rlchard Boub Jlm Kennedy Walt Brachvogel Galen Glllette Joe Lesselyaung Second Row Bob Clark Bull Syverson Frank Hoff Alfred Naren Harley Hansen Lyle Mlchels Duane Sanger Max Downs Coach Greeno Third Row Ronald Day Forrest Gibson Gordon Larson George Larson Marvln Newman Ronald Betten Bennie Drown Eddue Hughes Gllbert Watson I saw the 1949 Redfield Golden Pheasants run up an 1mpress1ve record as they won SIX games while losmg only two In Northeast Conference competition they had a record of five w1ns and only one loss Th1S enabled them to finish m second place 1n the standings behind undefeated Milbank In the first game of the year the Pheasants played the Huron T1gGTS at Huron Redfield scored first and held a 7 0 lead over the hlghly rated Tigers but the Tiger power showed ltself late ln the game and they pulled out a 13 7 win over the Pheasants After loslng the1r first game of the year the Redfield team took three w1ns over Northeast Conference foes This included a 24 0 wln over Groton on Homecornlng Day Thls seemed to make HOmeCOm1ng a l1ttle more of a sucicegslto ine as It d1d to most of the RHS student body The other two wins in this strmg came over Slsseton an o an A strong Milbank team was the next foe for the Birdmen The Bulldogs led 20 0 at the end of the first quarter ln this game and seemed to be on the way to a rout The Pheasants had different ideas and kept them from time 20 7 In the second half the Pheasant defense held Mllbank to a total of eleven yards net rushlng but the Mllbank defense was also strong and the Flock went down to a 20 7 defeat The followlng week the Pheasants came to life with a roar and t1OIl'1p9d the Webster Bearcats 33 7 at Web ster The next opponent for Redfield was the Class A Pierre Governors The Governors had had only a medlocre season up to the tlme they met Redfield and seemed out to make this game one we would never forget The Plerre boys scored on the third play of the game but the Pheasants came back to lead 7 6 Up until the end of the third period the Governors seemed to be holding a defirute advantage and held what seemed to be a dec1s1ve lead 25 14 The last perlod was one of the most thrilling parts of a football game I have ever seen Traxlmg 25 14 Redfleld scored a touchdown halfway through the perlod to make the score 25 21 then with less than a mlnute 1949 REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD FOOTBALL SCORES HURON SISSETON GROTON DOLAND MILBANK WEBSTER PIERRE CLARK to go Tom Chr1st1ansen passed to Harley Hansen who lateralled the ball off to Skip Boub and Sklp raced across for the wmmng touchdown 27 25 Outstanding defensive play on the part of the Pheasants featured th1s game The Pheasants wound up the1r season with a 62 0 w1n over the Clark Comets ln a NE Conference game The entire squad played good football and the team turned in a sparklmg performance scoring the rest of the game. Redfield pushed over one. touchdown in the second quarter but trailediat the half UA.. 1 l , , - . D 7 13 35 13 l ' ' - 24 o ' . ' - - - 47 0 - ' I 7 20 33 7 27 25 0 aw? lt s a Touchdown WJ? my '56 1' Furst Row lleft to ngbfl Cllfford Hagen Rag r Ferguson Bob Newman David Esser Ronnre Peterson Delbert We ss Rlcbard Mueller Second Row Wesley lark Lowren e We kum Gordon Muellenberg Jack McDermott Bob Mandery Jock Larsen Cene Mohar Thlrd Row Bull Syverson Duane Hoffman Dowd Hanson Gnlbert Watson James Jungwlrtb James Carter Bennie Drown Two Wms and two losses were chalked up by the B football team under the d1rect1on of Asslstant Coach Bud Kempf SCORES OF THE GAMES WERE 0 HURON GROTON GROTON REDFIELD REDFIELD REDFIELD W-f7 1' if REDFIELD 6 MILLER Left Football co captalns Sk1pBoub standmg and Walt Brachvogel seated d1SCUSS the 1949 season and sm11e at the camera Rlght Carrymg coats and water or watchlng the ath letlc Off1CE, kept M. fy U---Q-.ii 1949 50 student manager, Chuck Parsons, busy FLOATING ALCNG "4'-ll":P"'4O'.IJ 'uni 'g 'uns he Pheasant Queen June Freeburg September 29 Although September twenty mnth and th1rt1eth may never be recorded 1n a hlstory textbook we W1ll record those days 1n our memorles as the 1949 Homecomlng Where d1d you get a truck? or I ve got to rush to coronat1on practlce were common phrases ln the halls whlle we planned for the celebratlon F1na1ly the day arrxved w1th an alumm banquet as the openlng event All was Pomp and C1rcumstance as Queen June Freeburg wearmg a wh1te formal and the trad1t1onal blue robe entered the aud1tor1um on the arm of Student Councll Presldent Galen G1llette She rece1ved her crown from 48 queen Bonme H1lkeme1er Harford Attendmg the queen were senlors Jean Engle Leanne Han son Joan H1lkeme1er and MHXIDS Welss Hold that Tlger became the battle cry of the sp1r1ted Pheasants when the cheerleaders took over to lead yells and songs A snake dance down Maln Street ended at the theater where we saw a free show Top: In the background the mxxed octet serenades the newly crowned queen and her attendants wxth "Oh, Hall Our Pheasant Queen." Mlddlez Home conung queen. June Freeburg. at the top of the stairs, sm11es with her attendants ltop to bottoml: Jean Engle. Joan H1lkeme1er. Leanne Hanson. and Maxine Weiss. Bottom: "Football Boogie. Opus Twenty Two." was the theme of the skxt whxch starred Jackze Levtzow. Coach Greeno and the en tue football squad. 1... I' 'fm 1, 3' I". . V x I K ' 6 f . -' ' . 1 Q ' Q ' C . ,mg . l - an . of r t t r Q it . ,E , , Q ll' 1 cz - n uv ' ' 77 s KK ' 77 7 1 . . , ' s u , - ! I ' 44 - va mf RAISINCOFTWCROSS Above: Bronzed juniors depicted "The Raising of the Cross" to win first prize. September 30-Chicago had nothing on Red- field as the next day dawned windy. Undaunted, we rushed to school and then out to put the iinishing touches on that special float. By two o'clock no one could have guessed that "Red- field High Wasn't There," for the floats por- trayed historical events. J udged "tops" were the juniors with "Raising of the Cross" and the seniors with their peek into the future-a buried Groton team. And bury them the Pheasants did, to the tune of 24-0. Everyone cheered his lungs out, includ- ing Queen June, who broke precedent and ar- rived in time to present the captains with the ball. The band added color with their new blue uniforms and flashlight drills at the half. What is better to celebrate than a Homecom- ing victory? A glance at the Legion Pavilion and the sound of Lynn Dorsey's orchestra made us realize that the answer is, "Nothing," Thus ended two days of history-not world-shaking, to be sure, but certainly R.H.S. shaking. -,xr Top: June, with Delbert Bottum's help. presents the ball to the game captains. Middle: Pig pile--the ball must be under there somewhere! Bottom: Who missed "that" tackle? Gary Weiss. Joe Lesselyoung. Tom Christiansen. and Ray Hoff can't forget the game. even at the dance. Left: The Statue of Liberty was almost "blown over" but she managed to pass the judges' stand so the seniors could place second. CURTAIN UP 11 JUNIOR PLAY CAST Seated In front of davenport lleft to rnghtl Mary Ann Ferguson Barbara Dawson seated on davenport Treva Smith Peggy Mandery Vurgmua Bames Mary Hall Vnrg ma Eudsness Bob Clark Standmg Lyle Muchels Roger Denker Charles Parsons Mr Morgan Mass Lyle Frank Hoff November 8 I d1d not have any 1dea what to expect when I Went to see the J un1or Class Play Half Past Teen as dlrected by Mlss Lyle and Mr Morgan But 1 Wlll assure you that I enjoyed every mxnute of lt from the flrst chase by Denker after Barb to Franks Whlskmg Peggy out by the ear Ouch' I say It dealt W1th the many problems of teen agers and that IS a problem 1n any famrly mme lncluded Barbara Dawson as the lead Treva Smlth as her best buddy Roger Denker as the guy who wants Treva Bob Clark as a super wolf who chases anyone Chuck Parsons and Lyle M1chels as real 11ve cowboys Mary H111 as the old school teach r and Frank Hoff as the father of a brat Peggy Mandery comprlsed the personnel of the productlon The makeup 1S now washed from the actors faces but the play Wlll long l1nger 1n our mlnds Stage Crew On the Stage .V -.sw W .a,,.,.. A, if 5. sv u Left to right: Miss Nelson, "Resolved: that the President of the United States should be elected by the direct vote of the people." When we entered our first debate at Huron we did not even remember whether the U. S. had a president. Stupid? No, just scared. After this first excursion we were brave enough to face other debate teams at Madison, Pierre, Mitchell, and Watertown. Because all four of us were just beginners we felt very proud to end the season with seven wins and the necessary 20 points to become members of N .F.L. .......... ....-Q... :jf- vf f im' ,fr-v adviser, Ruth Miller, Jim Carter, Marian Hull, Leattrice Tomsha. Eleven students were entered in the four divi- sions of the local declam contest November 22. From the judges' decision stepped forth four winners. They were Patty Dvorak, dramatic, Paul Baxter, humorous, Jackie Levtzow, ora- toryg Marian Hull, poetry. Frankfort was host to the district contest the following week. Red- field placed fourth in the contest with two "goods," and two "excellents." Left to right: Miss Nelson, adviser, Mona Oeschle, Patty Dvorak, Mhrian Hull, Virginia Eidsness, Paul Baxter, Jackie Levtzow, Mary Hill, Shirley Gavette, Charles Parsons, Helen Buchholz, Xl Pheasant Call VOLUME 26 REDFIELD, SOUTH DAKOTA Tuesday, November 22, T949 Number 3 P , P .Y e V 3 Around the table: ilett to rightl Joyce Michels, Mary Hill, Harriet Parsons, Dick Wood, Bonita Larson, Juanita Larson, Treva Smith. Second Row: Darlyce Johnson, Marvel Fitzgerald, Marion Seeman, Connie Jes- sen, Martin Predoehl, Charles Parsons, Roselle Cook, Jackie Levtzow. Third Row: Helen Buchholz, Shirley Gavette, Lucille Harms, Peggy Mandery, Nadine Esser, Darlene Boyd. Fourth Row: Bill Syverson, Bob Clark, Gilbert Watson, Colleen Michels, Mary Ann Zens. I? Pheasant Call gives scoop on school news Publication includes news, sport stories, features, editorials, and pictures A m o n e y . November 22-Redfield High students to- Upper left: m a k i n g J PI'0P0Siti011 day received the third issue of the Pheasant as Ch 90 k i I1 8 Call. Six more issues will be distributed be- ' ts C 0 H t S H li fore the end of the school year. Staff of the Pheasant Call is chosen from volunteers from all four classes. 'l"'- tourna- ments. Lower left: Editors Dick Wood, Juan- ita and Bon- ita Larson, and Harriet Parsons scan pages of ear- ly morning editi0I1- in Quill and Scroll. The November issue reports the trip, on October eighth, to the South Dakota High School Press Association Conference at Brookings, taken by editors: Joyce Michels, Juanita Larson, and Harriet Parsons, and publication advisers: Miss Coolidge and Miss Price. Ultimate goal of the staffers is membership WENTEIE Tanuary lQ5'o M50 .Sun urs Fra Sd' I WOT X I L, 7 S 95, 4.27-'Lf 4? of xozx S63 Y Q Y I3 I4 04 0 Ae R0 Y 0 5 J -2 0 JZ I 'fx '0 61- 614' D' I 4 Q 4 f' oo I 900 FI Q 'I' J' P bk' Z I If 3, I Os X 1:5 BX I J X www A-I O Gr' JS In 2 YS, 1, I W If W N W QAM S f Calendar of Events 'I' December BASKETBALL SEASON BEGINS FROSH PARTY CHRISTMAS PAGEANT KEYETTE CHRISTMAS DINNER VACATION BEGINS Ja nuary VACATION ENDS KEYETTES JUNIOR MAGAZINE KEYETTES PA RTY February BAND CONCERT ASSEMBLY PROGRAM BASKETBALL SEASON ENDS UNIVERSITY TESTS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT BASKET SOCIAL FACULTY DINNER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY 3 JANUARY 9 JANUARY I8 JANUARY 23 FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY Z FEBRUARY Z2 23 FEBRUARY 27 FEBRUARY 28 X" q 1 Q vm Q I q Xb ' . 60 -P v fp sf IJ' thnx . l' d C ff IA I Q' Dr, - X X. of, 'I ff 2 I Q Q 5 ' 'fx I 1 ' eh 9- L ' X 1 F -' 'R -'Lx' NX fgd 1 IB - ' - :UQ . ' fef--'eee--A-e---ve-eeeeeee-------AA--ef--eeeeeeeAA--e'efeeAA---'----eee 7 L ' .rerI.rr..,,,,,,......,.eA..,.,..,.vre,r.I... , eev.... I4 F Y ....r,r,eeI..,..,,r,rr....rrree E.. I9 .,rrrIrr,. Irrr.rIrr.,rrrrrrrI4r.,,IIIr,.....,r, zz xgff' V swfsm ?fQE5pfffffffffff IIII ffffIfffffffffffffffffffffffIJffffffffffliqum 12-13 ' X , YIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIYI IIJI IIYYJII YIIII I I I JIIIIIIIIII I IYJ III X . .rrrrrr.., ,rrrr I I I,,VII , rrIIA.II , VIIr.I..,rI E ,4r, 1 f' ee e e A A ee e H ' w ' ,,,.VrrrIrr,rAr,rarrr,I,..Irr rrrr..,. 1 4 ,D 4 o 'b .Q ' r'r'A""'rrrrrrrB "rrrrr 4"'rrrr "r"r'r"r'r'r"rr'r'S' ' 5 . X ---- H ff - --er - -f-" - -----'-- 1 1 Z4 ve' A STRIKE UP THE BAND Flute - Onilee Robsahm, Connie Mcliayg Clarinet - Bonnie Larson, Juanita Larson, Charles Parsons, Mary Hill, Joan Hilkemeie Cook, Bernadine Pfister, Joanne Jaragoske, Darlene Brown, Lucille Harms, Betty Paanonen, Joan Shaffer, Roberta Albrecht, McKayg Saxophone - Doris Marlette, Betty Backer, Mary Lou Rausch, Bill Syverson, Donald Gommer, Darlene Zens, Mary Hirtzel, Tubondtg Trombones - Jack Engstrom, Virginia Fogelsong, Ronnie Day, Barbara Leeschg Baritone - Joe Lesselyoung, Gordon Tuba - Roger Denker, Treva Smith, Cornets - Ray Schaffer, Gordon Johonnsen, Avon Hauffe, Charles Hill, Denny Reimuth Gavin, Patty Day, Majorettes 4- Betty Backer, Lois Hoffman, Hilda Pfister, Patty Cunningham, Gerry Hammond, Band Director Richard Bentley. Pep Banol Maj orettes Roselle Beverly Beverly Larsong Gordon Mr. Upper left: There is a sound of two bells. Suddenly like a cloudburst one may hear the clash of locker doors, the toot of a horn, the banging of chairs. What is it? lt is the pep band members dashing for their places in the pit. And five minutes later the entire pep band is ready to furnish the music for a peppy yell or the recessional for the cheerleaders. Very closely connected with the pep activities are the majorettes. Strutting their stuff from left to right are Betty Backer, Lois Hoffman, Geraldine Hammond, Patty Cunningham, Hilda Pfister. THE CDRCHESTRA Flrst Row ileft to rlghtl Phyllns Drown Wesley Cretslnger Valerse Morlette Jackne Levtzow Luculle Harms Marian Hull Faye Snyder .loan l-lllkemeuer Second Row l-larrlet Parsons Vlvnan Allen Donad l-lansen Charles l-lull Betty Backer Mary Hlrtzel Omlee Robsahm Connle McKay Patncla Dvorak Bonuta Larson Pat Syverson Emma Meyers Katherine Kellar Frances Muller Darlene Davls Thlrd Row Mary l-lull Charles Parsons Peggy Mandery Avon l-lauffe Mr Bentley Director Joyce Myrum Upper left Who put the pen ny 1n the dumdot slot" Frances M1l1er and Pat Sy verson 7th grade songsters Upper nght Lovely Lena Horne alxas Jxm Carter, g1VeS an old song a new oomph Who IS the clown? Lower 1 ft Meet the Alec Templeton, better known 1n RHS as J ackle Levtzow Bonn1e Appletoft IS the every where clown Lower r1ght Baby It s Cold OUtS1d6 " It doesn't look too stormy Duane Sanger and B111 Syverson 0 R R E C V H I E E S W T R A " ." ' . e - J' " CHORUS First Row: 'left to rlghtl Jacqueline Levtzow, Lucille Jandel, Betty Pcanonen, Joanne Jaragoske, Virginia Barnes, Ronald Peterson, Wesley Clark, Robert Mandery, Jack MQDerrnott, Duane Day, Dorothy Hardie, Betty Norbeck, Harriet Parsons, Beverly McKay, Miss Crouch. Second Row: Alice Bottom, Joan Shatter, Leanne Hanson, Joan Hilkemeier, Jean Engle, Bill Syverson, David Hanson, Richard Boub, Charles Parsons, Dale Drown, Be-niarnin Drown, Donna Sisson, Phyllis Drown, Patty Dvorak, Third Row: Juan McCarty, Pat Cunningham, Peggy Mandery, Lucille Harms, Roy Schoenfield, Gordon Johcnnsen, James Carter, Ed Hughes, Ronald Day, Marlan Stahl, Mary Lou Newman, Kay Schnittgrund, Jane Freeoarg, Darlyce Johnson, Onilee Rabsahm Fourth Row: Marilyn Miller, Bernadine Pfister, Treya Smith, Bonita Larson, Mary Hill, Charles Hill, Alfred Noren, Harley Hansen, Joe Lesselyoang, Shirley Gavette, Virginia Fogelsong, Darlene Davis, Dana Smith, Shirley Freebarg, Phyllis Erickson. , TRIO gh 11.2 fi P J ' Left to right' Joanne Jaragoske, Gerry I l-lamrnond, Phyllis Erickson. SEXTETTE ' n 'iff , L-, 4 'P V. H, 5 L . , , A t get eft to right, Shirley Freeburg, Darlyce 5" ' xx " Johnson, Barbara Leesch, Patty Cun- T .3 9. I V ningham, Betty Paananen. Missing is ' Marilyn Miller. , A . , 1 I ,.,1.i.QJZ29,Jl J we, , QM, , ,, , , cf! ' " se Fi A Left to right: Phyllis Drown, Virginia Fogelsong, June Freeburg, Bonita Lar- son, Peggy Mandery, Juanita Larson, Alice Jean Bottum, Virginia Barnes. 5. J - GIRLS G'-LEE CLUB mf FIRST SOPRANO Alce Jean Bottum Irene Bnnk Jean Engle Vlrglnla Barnes Mary I-'Ill Joanne .laraaoske Peggy Mlandery Joan Shaffer Treva Smnth Darlene Barness Marlon Hull Juan McCarty Betty Jane Paananen Bernaaune Pflster Martlyn Badger Duane Colle Ima Jean Heppler Irene Heopler Donna Jean Hrlkemeler Madonna Llttel Manore Stemper Pot Canmngham SECOND SOPRANO Gerry Hammond Leanne Hanson Lucllle Harms Joan Htlkemeuer Bonnne Larson Juantta Larson Dons Marlette Verna Quttsch Maxtne Werss Mary Ann Ferguson Ruta Shade Lu rlle Jandel Barbara Leesch Marrlyn Muller Anna Mae Nrclash Mary Lou Roos h Joan Ernsoahr Marlene Frlese Karen Jackson Bevery Jorgensen Valene Narlette Sharol Olson Le-ata Stemper Leattrlce Tomsha June Wall FIRST ALTO Rath Andersen Darlene Dayls Phyllrs Enckson Jane Freeburg Jackle Levtzow Hornet Parsons Onllee Robsahm Donna Stsson Shtrley Gayette Dorothy Hardue Lots Hoffman Shar ey Freeburg Darlyce Johnson Beverly M Kay Dons Mommer Betty lxorbeck Kay Sfhnlttgrana SECOND ALTO Phyllus Drawn Patty Dvorak Vurglnra Fogelsang Dona Srnlth Mary Lou Newman Darlene Zens Hllda Pfster Front Row: l eff to hgh' Robert Mcndefy, Wesley Clark, Jack Millermott, Doane Day, Robert llewr-nan, Joar I-ltikefneler, Warren SCIWTW- nmsk Second Row: Ponzi Peterson, Eu Syuerssn, Dayd Hansen, Ptzhard Eoaa, Chores Parsons, Date Drown, Eenwffllft Drflwn. SGW Etseicrn Third Row: lla, Df"O'EVlltQl'f, Cordon Jortcnnsen, James Ccner, Ed Hagnes, Ronao Day, MOflCV1 5'Ghl, JOCI4 LGVSOVII AVOVI tfaatte, Mcrtn Prodozhl Fourth Row: Charles Hrll, Jae Lesselyoong, Ronald Seven, Alfred Noren, Harley Hansen, Arnold Larson, Cordon Larsen, Ceorge Larsir, Doug as Honiock, SOLO FLIGHT '5 Left to right: Harriet Parsons, Phyllis Drown, and Jacqueline Levtzow won superior ratings at the District Contest, Aberdeen, April 12. Alf Noren Cabovej won an excellent rating in this con test also. "B" CHORUS It is not discriminating to be in "B" chorus. We, who are the members, have not had the experience in note reading and vocal exercises as have the members of "A" chorus. By being in the "B" chorus for a year, we are then ready to sing in the "A" chorus. We are more fully trained. Front Row lleft to rightl Korlene Tewell, Dorrine Prindle, Phyllis Leonard, Beverly Crites, Ruth Miller, Katherine Keller. Second Row Erma Tubandt Donna Herren Jaroldine Clark, Darlene Orrock, Nadine Esser, Doris Vetter Third Row: Ronald Tewell, Marion Hull Arline Ferguson Marvel Fitzgerald Shirley Schwartz, Helen Buchholz, Mary Ann Zens, Warren Schimnowski, Fourth Row: Larry Apple- toft Melvin Hilkemeier Robert Newman Duane Hoffman, Norman Johnson, Deon Linderman, Roger Ferguson, "KEYS" OF THE SCHOOL L..?Z Front Row, Cleft to rightl: Joe Lesselyoung, Martin Predoehl, Raymond Hott, James Kennedy, James Huss. Second Row: Avon Hauffe, Don Linderman, Walter Brachvogel, Edward Hughes, Ray Schaffer. Third Row: Richard Wood, Daryl Yada, Richard Atdahl, Tom Christian- sen, William Koester, Richard Boub, Galen Gillette, Robert Compton, Delbert Bottum, Mr. Morgan. The Key Club is one of the most important clubs in school. Every Senior boy is entitled to membership in this club. We are sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Redfield. Walter Brach- vogel is the President, Delbert Bottum and Duane Sanger are Vice-Presidents, and Torn Christiansen is our Secretary. Mr. Morgan is our Faculty Adviser. Our projects for this year have been admin- istering aptitude tests, making Red Cross drives and serving as ushers at athletic events. The Keyette Club is the Woman part of the situation. Headed by President June Freeburg, Vice-President Roselle Cook, Secretary Lucille Harms, Treasurer Phyllis Drown, the Keyette Club sponsored a t'SWan" soap cover drive in cooperation with Lever Brothers. Old news- papers soon vanished when the girls began to make paper disposal bags for the hospital. All Keyette girls are also members of the Senior Girls Club whose sole purpose is the Activity Prom Production. KEY ETTES First Row, lleft to rightlf Phyllis Erickson, Bonita Larson, June Freeburg, Lucil'e Harms, Virginia Foglesong, Joan Hilkemeier, Geraldine Hammond. Second Row: Darlene Davis, Juanita Larson, Donna Sisson, Harriet Parsons, Jacqueline Levtzow, Phyllis Drown, Alice Jean Bottum. Third Row:Rutl'1 Anderson, Jean Engle, Delvonna Mager, Ramona Davis, Edith Mager, Alice Compton, Verna Quitsch, Dona Smith, Onilee Robsahm, Doris lvlarlette, Patty Dvorak. Fourth Row: Joyce Michels, Donna Dvorak, June Baker, Audrey Olson, Bonnie Appletott, Roselle Cook, Leanne Hanson, Connie McKay, lrene Brink. FROM THE FREE THROW LINE Kneeling - Left to Right: Ed Hughes, Skip Boub, Galen Gillette, Bob Compton, Jim Kennedy, Gary Weiss. Standing - Left to Right: Harley Hanson, Alfred Noren, Joe Lesselyoung, Max Downs, Ronnie Betten, Roger Denker. Redfield 30 ......... Redfield 36 ....... - ......... Redfield 37 H ..... Mobridge ,. lpswich Huron Redfield 40 .- .... ....... . DeSmet Redfield 33 -.-.. -.- ............ Doland Redfield 36 ....... .,...-.f. M ilbdllk Redfield 63 ....... - .,f.v.. Cldrk Redfield 42 ,,.,... ,.,,.,. F 0Ullll0l1 Redfield 43 .,....,. .,,,,,, F runkfort Redfield 41 ..,..,, ,.,,,,..,.. H oven Redfield 33 ....... .V..... W 2bSfef Redfield 49 .- .,.,,... ....,.. B rill0fl Redfield 37 .,..... .... - Sisseton Redfield 39 ....... ....... D Gland Redfield 67 .,,... - ..,... - .ff.. - Cldrk Redfield 51 .-..-..- ....... 2 ...,,. -... Groton 29 30 35 51 27 27 Zl 33 40 25 48 27 53 42 29 40 The bags were packedg the drivers were at the wheels. The RHS "A" basketball team was ready to start on a road trip to Mobridge and Ipswich where they would make their debut of the season. And if you will peek at the score sheet the debut was successful - yes, they won the two games. Heading south to Huron the next week, the team's winning streak held with them. Beating Huron for the first time in eleven Another tourney photo: Denker is in there tough-fight- ing against the strong Conde team who beat us 62-38 in a cheek-moistening game. years is not a bad record. The team was off to a hot start in spite of the fact that they were small. The Pheasants went down in defeat to the powerful De- Smet team. Hopes for winning 5 ' of 1 F Z ., , ..v wsgfm - t W'lli'f Galen Gillette was chosen by his teammates to be honorary captain of the l949-S0 "A" basketball squad. Top: We beat Frankfort 55-33 at the District Tournament in Conde. Noren goes up in the air for the ball. Bottom: Kennedy shoots and the players watch eagerly where the ball will go - in the basket or out. We beat Northville in the tournament, 59-40. the conference dimmed when the Pheasant team suffered losses to the Sisseton and Doland squads. But the RHS team went on fighting and scoring to cop third place in the Northeast Conference. Ending the season with twelve wins and four losses was the doing of the l949-l950 basketball team. Conde was host to the District Thirteen Tournament. All games were played in the new gymnasium. Redfield won the runner- up trophy at this tourney, bowing to the Conde Spartans, who went on to play in the Region IV Tournament held at Gettysburg. Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield Redfield 27 ,,,..,. ..,, - ., Athol 24 ,i,, , 34 ,,,.,,...., .,,A,.,. Z9 ,,,,,.. ........, 23 ,,,.i.. ,.,...,. C resburd 44 ZI ........ ,.,..... . Frankfort 43 28 ,A,....,,,A... .,......, N orthville 35 42 ,..,.. - ,,,..,,,,. .,,. ..,. A s hfon I9 2ll.--z.. .A......,. - .,.. -Alpena 30 29 ,...... -V .... -..- ......i Frankfort 34 25, .,,,, A. - ......... Orient I5 31 ,....,, e,...... , z ,,A... Doland "B" I8 48,..-..-....- ......,. - .... Groton "B" 25 27...- ,,,....... ,.., z z.lTulare 3I 32,,-,,,-...-,, ,..,.,.A,, Clark "B" I7 24 ,.,......,, ..,,,...,, G roton "B" 29 49 ,,,.....,,, .- ,,...., Tulore 3I Sl-IGOT. II ll N fi B Team r Schedule 32 ,,,...,, Huron "B" 28 Melletfe 24 Doland "B" I7 Kneeling, llefr to rightia Ronnie Day, Marlin Stahl, Bennie Drown, Bill Syverson, Bob Clark. Standing: Buzz Moyden, Frank Hoff, Daelyn Sanger, Forrest Gibson, Gilbert Watson, Harold Booze A season's record of eight wins and nine losses was chalked by the "B" basketball team. The team, coached by Bud Kempf, plays in the Sunshine Conference against first string competition from smaller schools. In Conference play the team had four wins against six losses and in North- east Conference "B" competition, three wins and one loss. Consolation championship of the Sunshine Tournament was won by the "B's." They were first defeated by Frankfort, but went on to win over Orient and Tulare for consolation honors. Tournament Tumbles ITS A GOOD CNE' Freshman Basketball Schedule REDFIELD HURON REDFIELD FAULKTON REDFIELD ASHTON REDFIELD HURON REDFIELD 39 ASHTON Gilbert Watson Wayne Fisher Roger Ferguson Jack McDermott Stand ng Phul p Tewell John Bottum Delbert Werss David Esser Wesley Clark Douglas Hancock Duane Hoff man Redfleld Hlgh School s Freshman squad coached by Marvin Larson has won two games and lost three durlng the season The defeats came at the hands of the Clark B team and a strong Huron frosh team whlch holds two v1ctor1es over the Redfield club The v1ctor1es have come at the expense of Faulkton and Ashton Gllbert Watson has been the Blg Gun for the frosh as on two separate occaslons he scored thlrty po1nts 1n one game once aga1nst Ashton and once agalnst Huron Jack McDermott Bob Mandery Duane Flsher Roger Ferguson and several other boys played outstand1ng basketball Although they lacked s1ze they played 1mpress1ve basketball on all occa s1ons Coach Larson IS hoplng to schedule several more games next year There was not a tournament although talk centered around the fact that there was supposed to be one 1n the latter part of March Starthnq Statlstlcs from the Sports World Wh11e browsing around 1n the coach s Off1C9 the other day coach and I got to talklng about our usual subject sports I found out that many events occur that go unheard of such as the fact that seventy seven RHS boys out of a boy populatlon of one hundred and slxty one competed 1n 1nter school athletics durlng the season of 1949 1950 The mile relay team which took first at the Reg1on Four Track Meet 1S the first to go from Redfield to the state meet s1nce about 1931 Did you know that the 61 0 score of the Redf1eld Clark game 1S the highest score any Pheasant football squad has made? I I 29 .,,......... - ,..... 53 48 ,.........,.,,.....V 13 48 ,,..... - ....,.....V 44 4l,..-, r....,.V..., 1 50 -H, ,r,,,, W, w-,s, , 29 Kneeling, lleft to rightl: Mr. Larson, Ronnie Pedersen, Robert Mandery, Ray Schonfield, , ' , ' , . i 1 'i , . . , , 7 7 ' GL H , . . . . . . ' H ' !, I n . - Q . ,a , . . 7 7 7 I . . . , . ' ' Q . , FUR T H E P1-IEASANTS HN' CBEEY-LEP-DEV-Sz .isdn qkgnfiq Eidsness, Hornet P06005- Schokief , f "' Koi Scimittgr und, Dov mite Yr ,,.f""i' W! W indie , Are you ready? Yaa, mani "Were ready to iead a yeh or a song, to pian a skit 'ror the next pep meeting, or t to have a routine practicef' an- " PQ' cheerieaders. Dressed iris ied cheer- tbaii ius sw ered the ' biue and white, the g "PF iootbaii and baske District Tourna- inute', in ing, at aii games and at the t Oops, excuse them a m a bit yoiceiess. wen . they seem to be Luciiie lundei B" CHEERLEADERS: lu M C ,gy M ' essen Seven! Pxgiicyi 0 ' unwn Budget' Ginnie I , ss 11 teams Y Wherever you iound the B piaying, there you round the HB' cheerieaders iending their suppoft with noise. That meant cheerieading at GM "B" iootbail and basketbaii games and at the Sunshine Tourna- ment. F F ICE GIRLS Mary Lou New- man, Donna Sis- son, Roselle Cook, Barbara Dawson, Donna Dvorak, a n d L a V o n n e Miller Cleft to rightj. Missing on this picture is Jo- anne Jaragoske. USHERS With a supporting arm and a cheery smile come the ushers Cleft to rightj Geraldine Clark, Mona Oes- chle, LaVonne Miller, Beverly Jor- genson, Marilyn Schultz, Betty Schwartz, Arlene Larson, Marion Schultz, and adviser Mrs. Gotaas. The girls are employed at basketball games, plays, concerts and graduation exercises. LIBRARIAN S Peeking their heads through the library window are: fleft to rightj Mary Lou Rousch, Connie Jessen, Alice Jean Botturn, Mary Ann Fer- guson, Betty Schwartz, Virginia Eids- ness, Treva Smith, Peggy Mandery, Bonnie Appletoft. The girls are in charge of the library during one of their study halls. Keeping order, checking books, and assisting stu- dents with reference material keep the girls busy. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION First Row llett to ngbtl Leanne Hanson Joan l-lllkemeter Betty Backer All e Compton Phyll s Ernckson Irene Brtnk Second Row Jean Engle Jane Baker Dona Smlth Romana Davls Robsabm Dons Marlette James l-luss Fourth Row Dlck Afdahl Avon Haaffe Dan Ltndermon Ray Schaffer Ed Thomas Bob Compton Mr Berg advuser VISUAL AID If you thmk Presrdent Truman has h1s troubles, you should have been around last Fall to talk to Prmcxpal Iver C Berg Mr Berg IS teacher of DlStflbUt1V6 Educatlon When th1rty five stu dents turned out to take advantage of the voca tronal course offered 1n merchand1s1ng and sell mg, trouble brewed The classes of former years usually numbered about f1fteen Imaglne the shock when he saw there was barely standmg room The purpose of th1s course IS to prepare the student for part1c1pat1on III the bus1ness world They get actual exper1 by workmg fifteen hours and more per week A dellcate rnachlne some RHS student power behmd 1t, and the class 1S ready to see one of the many vocat1onal I'I1OV16S that are shown to the var1ous classes through out the year Whether the movle IS show1ng IOHS and protons or the proper breakfast dlet, the class thorough ly enjoys the whole set UP Vrsual A1d at RHS started way back ten years ago Srnce then It has grown untrl th1rty schools belong to a coop eratrve film 11brary Standing left to rlght Mr Buck Mr Larson Arnold Larson Fr nk H ff Melvtn Htlkemeter Culbert Watson Bruce Backer Walt Brach V0Q9l DO9lYV' 50fWQer Darrel Scnultz Bob Van Vleet Bull Koester D an Ltnderman Ed Bachtoltz Marlnn Stahl Eugene Lsttel Seated lett to nght Delbert Bottum Danavon Llnderman Jack McDermott .gf " 17 ' . .J I f I A 4. -n Q 0 1 ' ' ' 5 V Darlene Davus, Rath Anderson, Third Row: Audrey Olson, Bontta Larson, Danna Dvorak, Onrlec GDCE WOI'ki1'1g ClOWI1tOW1'1, 7 fr' ' ' Y . . , ' X 9 U V G I 'f l . . ' ' l 1 1 , 5 , l 1 , - I I Q ' STATERS 12' 1 vx 'Ni alternate. While there, the boys set up a model state and were taught the principles of good citizenship MR. HCDLLAND MR BACON The power behind those mops and brooms is supplied by RHS custodians, Mr. Holland and Mr. Bacon, who keep our building neat and clean. Around Homecoming Mr. Ba- can, an accomplished artist, is kept very busy drawing pos- ters for the various skits and floats. Mary Hill and Treva Smith Cleft to right abovel repre- sented Redfleld High at the fourth annual Girls State held in Mitchell on the Dakota Wesleyan campus While the girls were there a model state was set up and they learned about the American system of government Serving as alternate was Barbara Dawson Redfield High was represented at the 1950 Boys State held at N.S.T.C., Aberdeen by Eugene Littel Charles Par sons, standing, and Frank Hoff left with Daryl Schultz as SPRING msc APE" 1450 sun Wm s..f I '99 AQOSBX .2 7 8 '55 0 X 9 Qis q I -T 15" 2 ' . I1 I7 ff I'PbFg1jj45g 2411 24 25' .17-29 2. Q' X Track 150 rf, xv f 9 X ,L I '39 X1 QQ xx X6,I , Calendar of Events March FRESHMAN PARTY F FA BANQUET HOSPITAL FOLLIES ACTIVITY PROM BOXING AT REDFIELD Apr: PALM SUNDAY MARCH MARCH MARCH 20 ZI MARCH MARCH APRIL Z KEYETTES GUESTS AT B P W BANQUET APRIL 3 BOXING AT HOVEN EASTER VACATION ONE ACT PLAYS PHYLLIS DROWN RECITAL SENIOR PARTY CAREER DAY F F A CONVENTION APRIL 4 APRIL 6 APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL 24 2 JUNIOR SENIOR PROM AND BANQUET APRIL 2 May MILTONVALE CHOIR MUSIC FESTIVAL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BANQUET MOTHERS DAY CONCERT SENIOR PICNIC MAY MAY MAY 9 MAY I MAY I SEMESTER TESTS MAY I9 22 STATE TRACK MEET MAY I9 20 BACCALAUREATE SENIOR PLAY AWARDS NIGHT COMMENCEMENT NORTHEAST CONFERENCE TRACK MEET ABERDEEN RELAYS MAY 2I MAY 23 MAY 24 MAY 25 MAY 26 MAY 30 W XAQO N f fzfo 59' V QP '7-4 g X! Y U10 G54 6 9' fi' Iojq 'I 'QCA 04 ,L , 1 o XUJY N-,Xt 4 X '96 Q? I6,,.. W, ., V! Q1 . . . ..w,I.V.....V...........Iw. , ...IVV...II..,I..YIII,,.I.........,......... . I5 W AIIIIIIII,, AIIII,,AI,,IA,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,I I I. 29 f X Ki A LSSLLS LLSSSSSSSSSSSSSLSSSLSSSL LLSLL LLLSSSLSLSSLLLSASSSALSLSLSLLLSLLS A A A A .1 . I,QffffjffffQffffffffffffffffffffffQffQffffffff,fffffffffffffff ,... I IIIII,AI,,IIIIIII,IIII III,1,,IIIIIIIA,,1,,,.,,,,,,,,III,wIIIII,,IIIII,.I...III. 1 9 REDFIELD RELAYS ,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,AA,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A.A,.... A PRIL 20 . . . ,.,,, , ,,,,,,,I,,, ,,,,A........Y,,.......vVV,,V,.,VV..VVV,A . U - 5 - 1,II,,,,,III,,I,II,II I IIIIAI.III. 9 A xb 'L . I I IMffffffffflfffjfiiilfiffiffilf 2 . ' III,IIII,,,II1A,,,.,,,,,,I fIffQlQQiQffflfffflflf 4 Because I H if We oliol this . March 25-We had a s-w-e-e-t time tonight. Where? Why, did not you know, at the Activity Prom, sponsored by the Senior Girls Club. But who would not have a time like this one in a CANDYLAND environment. Gum- drop trees, pink cotton candy sky, and a jaw breaker well set the scene for the punch stand. Klitz Kids Band, secluded in a candy house, broke forth with some of those mellow blues. The trio consisting of three sweet girls, sang "Three Young Maids Went a-Wooingf' Those who were too ex- cited to sit climbed aboard the train, destination CANDYLAND. Just drip- ping with gooey good stuif were the three huge sundae mountains decorat- ing the north wall. After all was said, and the evening danced away, any- thing but candy kisses was passed around. We were able to enjoy this 61" I, ONE-ACT PLAYS Appearing in the cast were fleft to rightj Bill Syverson as Mr. Crawford, Gale Fisher as Bob, Lu Anne Jungwirth as Alicia, Juan McCarty as Margaret, and Marion Hull as Mrs. Ames. THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN was a comedy. Mar- garet, who has a crush on her chemistry teacher, Mr. Crawford, invites him to dinner at her home. She insists that her brother Bob act like a gentleman. Her sister Alicia comes home from college, and at once Alicia and Mr. Craw- ford take an interest in one another. Mother can't seem to get anyone to eat, but Bob rounds them up in his own way. -If ln the cast of five are David Hansen, Mr. Samp- song Billy Meyer, Mr. White, Katherine Kel- ler, Mrs. Whiteg Clifford Hagen. song James Carter, Sergeant Morris. That is Miss Nelson, the director, in the far background. THE MON- KEY'S PAW centers around the superstition attached to the paw that its possessor may have three wishes granted by asking them aloud. Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds-amount due to pay mortgage. His son is killed at a factory and he wishes that he might be restored to life. There is a knock at the door and before the mother can answer it, the third wish is made. CAREER DAY Confused was the word that perfectly described us on Ca- reer Day, April 19. Confused about our vocations and con- fused about the conferences. But as the day ended we had a clearer and brighter picture of our chosen profession and that was exactly the purpose of this day. There were out-of-town visiting seniors. making a total of 453 people who attended the conferences. To your upper left you will see photo glimpses of Career Day. Ray Hoff seems to have something very interesting to sav to Ed- die Hughes and Jim Kennedy who are unconcerned. The girls in lower left see slides in the home economics confer- ence. FUTURE FARMERS GF AMERICA Right: Duane Sanger, FFA President, presides at the Father-Son Banquet March 15. Lower left: Fathers and sons alike feast on swiss steak, mashed potatoes, and all the trimmings. Roselle Cook and Frank Hoff are the coffee "pourers." Middle: Left to right-LeRoy Stapp, Treasurer, Duane San- ger, Presidentg Lyle Michels, Reporter, Walter Brachvogel, Vice-President, Marvin Lar- son, Instructorg Eugene Littel, Secretary. Below: Mr. Charles Dalthorp, Republican candidate for South Dakota Governor, talks about the Missouri River and its development. dna Something new has been added to RHS. The thirty Future Farmers of America, who make up the vocational agriculture class, are the first of their kind in RHS. The boys went on several judging trips to Huron, Sioux Falls, State School and Brookings. Picking corn was one of their money making projects. It was not surprising to see a group of Ag boys pester a person at basketball games until he submitted to a purchase. The money financed the Father-Son Banquet which is a get-together for sons and fathers. Meetings were held twice monthly' some of these were work meetin s' others social. , 8 , , Front Row: ileft to right! Norman Johnson, Merle Muellenberg, Roger Appel, Melvin l-liikemeier, Fordyce Yado, Benfvin Crook, Delvin Ellis, Gene Maher, Larry Dennison, Clifford Von Vleet, Mr. Larson. Second Row: Clifford l-lagen, Delbert Boyd, Eugene Littel, Lyle Michels, LeRoy Stopp, Paul Baxter, Ed Buchholz, David Esser, Duane Richman, Wayne Jensen. Third Row: Roger Sanger, Billy Meyer, Walt Broch- vogel, Marvin Newman, Marvin Morlette, Bruce Baker, Daryl Yoda, Dale Drown, Duane Hoffman, Fourth Row: James Youngwirth, Warren Rice, Richard Jackson, Lyle Crook, Wolloce Anderson, Joe Werner, Robert Fuss, Daelyn Sanger, Bill Koester, Marlon Stahl, Daryl Schultz, John Bottum. PHEASANT STAFF Around table: 'lleft to nghtl Charles Parsons, Barbara Dawson, Juanita Larson, l-larriet Parsons Joyce Mlchels First Row Peggy Mandery lrene Brink, Alice ,lean Bottom, Jean Engle, Darlene Davis, Ruth Anderson, June Wall. Second Row Colleen Mlchels Marvel Fltzgerakl Donna Slsson, Betty Schwartz, Morlns Newman, Shirley Schwartz, Marllyn Schultz, Connie McKay Third Row Martun Predoehl Darlene Boyd, Phyllis Erickson, Darlene Zens, Rita Schade, Treva Srnlth, Virginia Foglesong, Marlon Schultz Fourth Row Frank Hoff Dorlyce Johnson, Donna Marlow, Mary Lou Newman, Vlrgunra Erdsness, l.aVonne Miller, Donna Dvorak Bonlta Larson Roselle Cook Dons Mar lette, -:N sfwfsjlfli' ix' l5NLf"T' D fy f Yearbook staffers work: Upper left: Sacking popcorn for sale at the Sun- shine Tournament. Upper right: The table holds candy bars, the pop is in the back. Profits helped to pay for the book. Lower left: Junior Editor Bar- bara Dawson and Editor Joyce Mich- els plan a page. Lower right: Joyce Michels and Harriet Parsons paste senior pictures. ON YGUR MARK Jim Kennedy was chosen by his teammates as honor- ary captain of the 1950 track squad. UB" Track Squad First Row: 5 :mn 4 lleft to right' Deon Linder- nacn, Rtword Must er, Kenneth Ringer, Bob New- rncn, Cltffgrd Hogan, Deltrn Ellis, Dunne Riin- rncnd, Second Row - Kneeling' Gole Fisher, Ducne Dov, Cnorles Hull, Dowd Esser, Woyne Fisher, lo,k McDermott, Gene Moher, Third Row: Wesley Glork, Gory Bloedorn, Buzz Moy- Cen, Gilbert Wotson, lorries Cotter, George Lor- I sign, Eennre Drown. Our teeth chatteredg our knees shook. It was track season and we were cold. The first workouts were tough on us guys, but we soon got used to the chilly weather of early spring. We motored to Pierre for our first meet April 15. Frank Hoff won the shot with a throw of 44 feet 71!2 inchesg Kennedy tied for third place in the pole vault. The two mile relay team finished fifth. Six days later at the Redfield Relays three records fell. Kennedy broke the pole vault record with a vault of 10 feet seven inches. Hoff won the shot put event. The low hurdle shuttle team composed of Michels, Weiss, Hansen, and Denker won their event in the time of 1:02. On to the Aberdeen Relays April 28-29 became our cry. But because Old Man Weather poured forth all his efforts-inches of slushy snow-the meet was postponed until May 30. At the Corn Palace Relays, April 21, Kennedy and Hoff won in their events. The Northeast Conference scheduled May 5 was rained out. It was postponed until May 26. May 13 found the RHS track squad in Pierre participating in the regional. Coach Greeno took eleven boys to the State Track Meet April 19-20 who all qualified at Pierre. 0 HA" Track squad First Row: Svnj - Weft to right' LeRoy Stopp, lt- ill' L il -lR:ritz't T.luc',entverg, Jim kennedy, li-33 'ii 1 I fwrficft Second Row, Kneel- t twin, Aired Keren, Forrest G0- VWC0, tlanne DQ., Eduard Eric'- tss Third Row: Lyle Mtghctg, I Lfesfltot." Hrrle Henson , - cr-- I rig! J I PK FUNK HGH, Rirjrd Emu J 1 . YY, 1 ,,,..,X 5 N ,Y QM! ite... Top right: Relay Queens Cleft to rightl Madonna Littel, Dorothy Hardie, Marilyn Badger reign over the track activities at the Redfield Relays April 20. Upper left: The boys gather together out on the field. Could it be that they are talking "shop"? in 5 M 3' mix' ,iq , h I. The crowd gathers and a relay team is off. 2. The shuttle relay team placed first. Michels comes in and Weiss takes off. 3. Jim Kennedy, Ace pole vaulter, goes over the bar in the neatest attempt ever made. The Pierre hills are in the background. 4. ls he going to make it or is he nat? By him we mean Joe Lessel- young, high jumper. 5. lt's been a good day, hasn't it, Coach? 6. Over the high hurdles come, left to right, Hansen, un- identified, and Michels. BOXING First Row: Cleft to rightl Roger Appel, Lawrence Weikum, Allen Fisher, Cornelius Fink, Delbert Boyd, Doryl Schultz, Second Row: Gory Weiss, Lyle Michels, Gordon Lorson, Roy Hoff, Mox Downs, Dollos Thomos, Gordon Muellenberg, Not pictured: Eugene Littel. Eleven wins, eight losses and three draws were chalked up by the fourteen lettermen. Gnat weight boxer was Roger Appel: lightweight men were Delbert Boyd and Lawrence Weikum: Max Downs. Gordon Larson. Gary Weiss. Ray Hoff were the mlddleweight boxers: the only flyweight man was Cornelius F ink: Allen Fisher, Eugene Littel, and Gordon Muellenberg were listed as featherweights: last but not least were the wel- terweights. Dallas Thomas, Daryl Schultz, and Lyle Michele. lvl '-xg e, A Y Eugene Littel, g tough, fighting, 2, r little mittman was is f , elected honorary f xi if captain by his fel- r E low boxers. Left: ,Eb i This photo was tak- en at the bout in RHS. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Back Row: Cleft to rightl Forrest Gibson, George Larson, Roger Denker, Tom Christiansen, Frank Hoff, Alfred Noren, Harley Hanson, Joe Lesselyoung, Max Downs, Ronnie Betten, Ray Hoff, Second Row: Cleft to rightl Mr, Kempf, Mr. Larson, Roger Appel, Eugene Littel, Jim Kennedy, Bob Compton, Ed Buchholz, Bob Clark, Gary Weiss, Coach Greeno. Seated: Cleft to rightl Bennie Drown, Eddy Hughes, Bob Matthews, Marvin Newman, Gordon Larson, Lyle Michels, Walt Brachvogel, Skip Boub, Ronnie Day, Charles Parsons, Galen Gillette. Even sprained ankles, floor burns, black eyes and stiff muscles seem worthwhile when they pay off in "R" Club membership. Eligible boys are those who have won an "R" for participation in football, basketball, boxing or track. Football and basketball players win their letters by playing at least one-fourth of the quarters with the "A" squad. Boxing letter winners must get a knockout, technical knockout, decision or two draws in a regularly scheduled match. A first, second, or third in a major track meet entitles a boy to a letter. Purpose of the club is to honor the HR." Tom Christiansen headed the club as president, Ray Hoff was vice-president and Skip Boub, secretary-treasurer. Upper left: This is the way to hold on to that football. Lower right: White uniforms make that "A" squad look sharp. Middle: In there tough behind those ropes are two RHS boxers. Right: Shoes must be tied iust right before the track meet. I UN IOR-SEN IOR Pink candles fra r nut CUPS adorned g ant pink rose - th sy and km and a MEMORYel:3:1ies' A gayly decozfsfjd petal Upper: Phyllis and Dale Drown enjoy a glass of punch at the wishing well rom whence came the punch. The well carried a miniature bucket at the handle but the punch was in the traditional punch bowl buried deep in the well. Lower: Harriet Par- sons and MC Frank Hoff swirl to the music of Lynn Dorsey and his band. Was '13 - , 4, A Placed at each cove? Dear Diary, April 29 My "Memory" book is filled - and I'll never for- get the wonderful time we had at the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. For weeks before, the juniors spent their spare moments making crepe paper roses to carry out the Rose Festival theme. When we arrived in the gym on Saturday night for the banquet, we saw a lovely rose garden complete with stone walls, shrub- bery, a rock garden, and a wishing well. fLater we dis- covered that we could get punch from that well!J .PRO WELCOME BY "KlNG OF ROSES" TOAST TO SENIORS .... VOCAL SOLO- "LOVE SENDS A LITTLE GIFT OF ROSES" ......... "MOONLIGHT AND ROSES" AND "ROSE PETALS" - CLASS WILL . . "TOMORROW'S BUDS"-PROPHECY . SPECIALTY NUMBER ....... "RAMBLlNG ROSES" ..... . . VOCAL SOLO-"ONE DOZEN ROSES" . "SCHOOL OF BUDDING ROSES" . . TOAST TO JUNIORS ....... "MIGHTY LAK' A ROSE" .... FAREWELL .......... PROM-BANQUET g everY ISE:2feEaI:gyDIelv0Ima Mager h vugmla Fogelsong T. Lett Roger Denke' danrcxoinvgrxt oi dancmg are Avon And oh how good was the food fru1t cup then h am plneapple creamed peas baked potatoes a fresh vegetable plate and for dessert angel food cake w1th wh1pped cream and strawbernes all prepared by the un h J lor mot ers and served by sophomore warters and waltresses Fol1ow1ng the program of speeches and mus1c tables and chaxrs were cleared for danclng to L n D y n orseys orchestra Re1gn1ng at the Prom were June Freeburg and Delbert Bottum as kmg and queen wxth Juamta Larson and Duane San e d g r an Onrlee Robsahm and Walt Brachvogel as attendants FRANK HOFF BOB CLARK PEGGY MANDERY READ BY RAY HOFF AND TOM CHRISTIANSEN READ BY ED HUGHES AND JOE LESSELYOUNG BY A GROUP OF FIRST GRADERS MR BAUMANN ALFRED NOREN MR GREENO GALEN GILLETTE OCTETTE FRANK HOFF S1tt1ng agaxnst a back ground of a stone wall are Verna QU1tSCh Shxrley Johnson Delvonna Mager and Edxth Mager Also hav mg fun IS the faculty whxch m th1s partxcular p1cture re- veals Mr and Mrs Kempf D A V N c pf E ik D s X GRAM IIIIQQIN' pg , 1 - .' Left to right: Joyce Michels, Alice Jean Bottum, Richard Boub, Bonita Larson, Martin Predoehl, Juanita Larson, Joan Hilkemeier, Jacqueline Levtzow, and Harriet Parsons. Upper Right: Richard Boub, Alice Jean Bottum and Joan Hilkemeier take the pledge instructed to them by President Juanita. These three members were initiated in early spring. Lower Right: The new members are ushered on to the stage by the old members. QUILL AND SCROLL Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service are the virtues stressed for mem- bership into the National Honor Society. Officers for 1950 were President - Juanita Larson, Vice-President - J ac- queline Levtzow, and Secre- tary - Joyce Michels. Other active members were Harriet Parsons, Martin Predoehl, Bonita Larson. On May 9 the Junior members initiated were Barbara Dawson, Eugene Lit- tel, Charles Parsons, Mary Hill and Treva Smith. A banquet honoring all members was held in the Coffee Shop. It is not so back breaking and disillusioning to stay up nights trying to get an inspiration for a feature story or digging our brains out for a headline when we have been informed that we are members of the Quill and Scroll organization. Coming down the hall to your left are Juanita Larson, Joyce Michels, Harriet Parsons, Bonita Larson. New members selected for membership were Mary Hill, Treva Smith, Peggy Mandery, Jackie Levtzow, and Dick Wood. SENIGRS PICNICKING wail? ,fc WRT,-P' 'iwhggfalfa 'si 1 We went to Flshers Grove 111 two trucks Here IS one-loaded down Wlth klds bats balls and food 2 A more relaxxng form of recreatlon 15 teeter tottermg enjoyed by Vrrgnua Fogelsong Ramona Davls Betty Backer and Donavan Lmderman 3 Mlss Alhson looks surprxsed It couldn t be because a camera was present or could lt" The spectators gathered around her are amused 4 M1ss Alhson and Phyll1s Drown attempt to bulld a flre to roast wleners by uslng the Boy Scout method It doesnt look too successful 5 Walt Brachvogel and Sk1p Boub go for a tussle on a rubber txre swmg 1n other words a flght m the axr 6 Jean Engle and Darlene Davls try thexr luck at badmmton Somebody IS lookmg for a b1rd1e 7 Coach Donavan Ramona Davxs and Phylhs Drown just rest on a teeter totter 8 Some more badmmton fans are Ears and Harrxet Parsons versus Ray Hoff and Mxchels J ackle Levtzow IS the score keeper . ' ' 6 9 , A Rt! l I , 1 ,, .' ' . " N' . ' f, rv - ' . M- 1. rg , h A ' 'I , in , l .K V I , L - ,Mfr , , fy: ' ' y f few- Q' 1 I A tix a' 'A ,, ,Rs , ww I T5 1 - V .- ' f -V., , " f ' -., ,V HM wr... fm mf' 'iii , N' , rw, Q I 4 ,L ' ' ' W , ' , if -N , f' I " it 'f"'A' I "ill 4 :Q V fp .5 3? Q? I 9 'I nf l ' .fx I .4 M ,K- W ,4 f-'WN A 1 am i L A r ' 'raft LW . I is .. Q ' ,, "7 SVA L-AN y , f ' , ,5- y . A 'S , 3 I' 1, 5,1 2, , ' ...el , .LMW A A ' 5 'ff ' . , . - . . - ' 9 1 a Q a ' , , . . . . . , , . . . 1 ' - 0 , I 0 . "' , 4 . . . . . . . , . . . , , ' - - u u - . . - . NGARDEN OF THE MOQINE' Cost from left to right Phyllis Drown ...... ...K .... .............. Jenny Bonnie Appletoft -1--,..e-.,........-, Clara A Alice Compton ...... - ...... -,,,..-...... Prompter ' Jacqueline Levtzow .-,.. ..... ..,,..,....1-., Katy Roselle Cook .... --.-...--,-..,.-....... Prompter if Harriet Parsons .-.W ......,.. ..,.,,,,,,,.e,,.,- Carol 'P F Virginia Fogelsong e.-,,-......- Isabelle Freary Avon Hauffee lsittingl Edward Thomas ..,. -.-.. Ray Hoff .......- ' Miss Nelson .. ........ ...--... Stage Manager Martin Predoehl ....-...-..- Joyce Michels ,... -- ..... - ....., ..- Professor Gaylord Betty Lou Palmer Donna Sisson ,.... -e.....-.---......-.-.. Gladys ......... Brent Carson ....-,.,,- Preston Dunn .......-......---...-... Director 'LAf..l.f If Jim Kennedy ...... ..n...- ....,. -.....-. Jasper Rabard j A+-12: Q1 Joe Lesselyoung .e..........-,..- Herbert Brown A Roger Pederson --.-.........-.---- Leo Saunders Galen Gillette ...-..-- Professor Maxim lsittingl Missing is Gerry Hammond - Alice, and Dick -A Wood as Mr. Palmer. ,,, 1 1. This is the "Garden of the Moon." Professor Gay1ord's house is to the left. Rose bushes, marble bench, pedestal, and trees give the garden a touch of reality. 2. Appearing in the second act which takes place in 1900 is the quartet composed of Gillette, Kennedy and Hoff. J oe Lesselyoung is not pictured. Thomas as the college boy and Pederson as his rival in love are the modern boys living in the year 1938. 3. Peeking to us through the mirror is Joe Lesselyoung. Applying his makeup in a rather delicate fashion is Hoff. The boy to the left is Kennedy. Could it be that he is getting stage fright? 4. One of the tender, romantic scenes from the play is when Betty Lou overhears Jerry Gaylord giving her back to her father - Mr. Palmer. AWARDS NIGHT 'N I ,QI it 1 Harrxet Parsons valedlctorxan IGCQIVBS scholastlc medal from Mr Blackburn Co salutatorlans not plctured are Martm Predoehl and Delvonna Mager 2 Coach Greeno awards lettermen certlfxcates 3 Pat Cunmngham H1lda Pflster Geraldlne Hammond Betty Backer rece1ve maJorette medals from Mr Bentley 4 The A s uad cheerleaders Harrxet Parsons Vlfglnla Eldsness Joan Shaffer ay Schmttgrund and Dorrme Prxndle are glven awards by M1ss Wlnjum 5 Rece1v1ng the Danforth Award were Ahce Jean Bottum and James Kennedy Plctured IS M1ss Pr1ce presentmg the book I Dare You to Jlm 6 Journallsts are glven Qulll and Scroll pms by M1ss Coohdge The members are Mary H111 Peggy Mandery Treva Smlth and Dlck Wood Not pxctured IS Jackle Levtzow who also recelved p1n 7 For those who were outstandmg 1n vocal work there are letters presented by M1ss Crouch to V1rg1n1a Barnes Peggy Mandery Phyllls Drown Bomta Larson Juamta Larson and Jackle Levtzow Many other awards were gwen but due to lack of space all could not be prmted if ,1 A45 M or " Q Y- P ' :yi fi , xfjf-'EPQ M W Wsx, I Xa 1 ,J , N ,vs 'M E V f m1 I Mfr' Q 1 A ' P If M L G . , . . 1. . . 0 H 1, . z A , .fk PH ' . . . . . ,, ,, . A . g . .. . , i , . , ,fp 'J' F11 Q 1. 1 ' . W' f B My I '7 , P . 'r l " Y I 1 0 , J GRADUATION Top: The fifty-eight seniors gather together for the last time, just before marching into the auditorium for the commence- ment exercises. Middle: Staunch and sober stand the seniors as they march in to 'tPomp and Cir- cumstancef' Treva Smith, Stu- dent Council President, and Frank Hoff, Junior Class Presi- dent, lead the seniors. Bottom left: Gazing into the heavens seems to be the "doings" of the members of the octette as they sing two numbers on the pro- gram. Miss Crouch directed and Jackie Levtzow accompanied. Bottom right: Mr. Charles J. Dalthorp addresses the seniors with an inspiring message "The Challenge of the Future." PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL ....,..,.,,... HIGH SCHOOL BAND INVOCATION .,., THE REVEREND H. C. ERNST "PRAYER OF THE MUSIC MAKER" GIRLS' OCTETTE "0LD FASHIONED GARDEN" - ........ H- .........Y..,....,. - ...,... GIRLS' OCTETTE INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER LESTER H. BAUMANN "THE CHALLENGE OF THE FUTURE" CHARLES J. DALTHORP PRESENTATION OF CLASS .,.,.. IVER C. BERG PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS V.- .....,.....,...,........... KENNETH C. PARSONS "NOW IS THE HOUR" ..,, .,..... SENIOR CLASS BENEDICTION ..,,.,,,..THE REVEREND H. W. CRETSINGER RECESSIONAL ........., - .... HIGH SCHOOL BAND FIFTY-EIGHT I Q ,i -12' W . .44 ' f -if f gf ,xx RICHARD AFDAHL - Key Club. RUTH ANDERSON - Glee Club 2-3-4, B Chorus l-2, Senior Glrls, Vice-presudent Keyettes, Annuol 4, Offtce Girls l-2-4. BONNIE APPLETOFT - B Chorus 3, Orchestra l-2-3, Sensor Girls, Keyettes, Sensor Ploy, Lubronon 4. BETTY BACKER - Bond 2-3-4, B Chorus l, Orchestro 3-4, Sensor Glrls, Keyettes, Office Girls l, Pep Bond 3-4. JUNE BAKER - Bond l-2-3, Grode Offuce 3-4, Senror Gurls, Keyettes, 4 4 Q g ' at The Seniors were ruled by a group of , mm people known to the average man as class officers. Sitting from left to right are Secretary Alice Jean Bottum, Treasurer June Freeburg. Standing from left to right are Vice-President Duane Sanger and President Delbert Bottum. ALICE JEAN BOTTUM - Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus l-3-4, President Senior Girls, Keyettes, Notuonol Honor Society 4, Annuol 4, Li- bronon l-2-3-4, Bond 3-4, Octette 4, Usl'er 4, Closs O'fieer 2-4, DELBERT BOTTUM - Key Club Vlce Pres, Footboll 3, Trock l-2-3, One Act Ploys 3, Closs Offtcer 4, Vlsuol And Operotor 2-3-4. SKIP BOUB - Bond l-2-3, Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Orchestro l-2-3, Student Counml 4, Key Club, Footboll l-2-3-4, Bcsketboll 2-3-4, Trock l-2-3-4, Notlonol Honor Soclety 4, Closs Offlcer l, Sec. Lettermons Club 4, Boys Stote, Peo Bond 2 WALTER BRACHVOGEL - Cflee Club 3, Chorus 3, Student Council 2, Key Club Presldent, Footboll 2-5-4, Trock l-2-3, Class Ottlcer 3, FFA Vrce Pres, Boys Stote Alternate, Lettermons Club 3-4, Vusuol And Operator 3-4. IRENE BRINK -4 Glee Club 4, B Chorus l-2-3, Senior Girls, Keyettes, Annuol 4, Office Glrls 2-3-4, Llbroruon 2, wid SEN IORS N 22 ,a J I 1, TOM CHRISTIANSON -- Key Club, Sec-Treas 4, Football l-Z-3-4, Ecskerball l-2-3, T l 2 Le erma Pre ALICE COMPTON - Glee Club l-2-5, Sen or Girls, Kevelres, BOB COMPTON - Football l 2 4 Basketball I Z 3 4 Track 2 Lerferrncns Club 2-3-4 ROSELLE COOK - bond 2-3-4, B Chorus l-2, Senior Gzrls, Keyerre N e P es Annual 4 Offnce G rl DARLENE DAVIS - Clee Club 34, B Chorus l-2, A Chorus J-4, Sen or Gris 4, Keyerles, Annual 4 Off ce Glrl l 2 Not very many people can read that hen scratching in shorthand books but these gals can. They are mem- bers of the shorthand II class. From left to right are Joan Hilkemeier, Delvonna Mager, Gerry Hammond. Second Row: Alice Jean Bottum, Bonnie Appletoft, Lucille Harms, and Way in the back are Phyllis Drown, June Freeburg. 1 ,wfvf-wf,,m,f lf .5 "xl I RAMONA DAVIS - I3 Chorus 3, Sen or Clrls, Keyertes PHYLLIS DROWN - band l-2 5 4 Pres 4 Clee Club 2 3 4 Chorus l 2 3 4 Crfi'es'ro l-2-3-4, Senior Girls, Kew-tres Treasurer, Peo Band 2-1-4, Tra Offsite 2-2 4 Llbr r DONNA DVORAK Chorus l-2-3, Senor C- rls, Keyefles, Annual Stoll 4, Of?-in Glrls 3-4 PATTY DVORAK - B Ch rus l Band 7 4 Grade Librarians 2 3 Or cresrra 3--1, A Chorus, De lnrn 1-4, Km-1-"es, Senior Clrrls JEAN ENGLE - Glare Club 7 A C ns 4 Dec am 2 3 dent Counfl Sec -Treas 4, l-iegettes 4, Sr C' rls 4, Ofhge Glrls 2 GRADUATE A A' -J ' N 1 1:1 if f rl 2 PHYLLIS ERICKSON - Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus l-2-3-4, Senior Girls, Keyeltes, Pheosonf Coll, Annuol 4, Trio 4, Librorion l-2-3. VIRGINIA FOGELSONG - Bond 2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4, Chorus l-2-3-4, Orohesfro 3, Senior Girls, Keyetfes, Senior Ploy, Deolom 3, An- nuol 4, Bond Vice-president 4, Ocfelfe 4, Librorion l-2, Off ce Girls 3. JUNE FREEBURG - Chorus 3-4, Glee Club l-2-3-4, Senior Girls, Keveffes Closs Officer 4 Ocfeffe 4 l-lorneoorning Queen 4, Junior Prom Queen 4, Librorion l-2 GALEN GILLETTE - Glee Club l-2, A Chorus 1, srudem oauhfii i, Pres' 4, Key oiub, Foofboll i-2-3-4, Boskefboll l-2-3-4, mek i-2-3, Junior Ploy, Closs officer 3, Boys Store, Lefterrnons Club 2-3-4, Senior Ploy, Bosketboll Cootorn, GERALDINE HAMMOND - Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus l-3-4, Senior Girls, Keyetfes, Deolorn 3, Office Girls 3, Trio 4, lvloiorette l-2-3-4 This is a snap of the National Honor fx - g Society Banquet which was held i M K' May 9 in the Coffee Shop. Leaning over and squeezing through still did not enable everyone to have his face show in the picture. The two head , people, Jackie Levtzow and Martin , l Predoehl, were there but not here. I I , , ,,i,,,, LEANNE HANSON - Bond l-2-3, Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus 4, Junior Ploy, Offife Girls 4, Cheerleoder l-2-3, Senior Girls, Keyettes Sec 4 LUCILLE HARMS - Bond 3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, E Chorus l, A Chorus 3-4, Orrhes'r: l-2-5-4, Pres 4, Senior Girls, Keyettes Detlorn l, Pheosonr Coll 4, Orfh:-:'ro Ouorref 1 AVON HAUFFE A Bond l-2-1-4, Glee Club l-2-,:-4, Chorus l-2-3, Orchestre l-2- 3-4 Key Club Pep Eond l-2-3-4 JOAN HILKEMEIER - Bond 2-i-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Sen or Girls, Keyetfes, Nofiono hlorlor So' ef, Office Girl 5, Girls Stare Alternate 3, Peo Bond 4, O.fe"e 2-3, L bforion l-2, Accomoon st 3-4, Orchestre 2-3-4, Seo. 4 RAY HOFF - Foofboll 5-4, Trozk L-4, Leffermons Club 2-4, Vroe-Pres, 4, Key Club, Senior Ploy. THURSDAY EDWARD HUGHES - Glee Club l-2-4, Chorus I-2-4, Key Club, Football I-2-S-4, Basketball l-2-4-4, Track l-2-3, Boxing 3, Junior Play, Class Otticer l, letterrnans Club 2-3-4 JIM HUSS - Glec Club l, Chorus l, Key Club, Fcolball l-2. SHIRLEY JOHNSON - Chorus l-2-3, Office Girl 4, JIM KENNEDY -- Band l-2, Cllee Clib l-7-3, Chorus l-2, Vice-Pres Student Council 4, Vice-Pres Key Club, Football 2-5-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Track l-2-E-4, Junior Class Play, Class Ott-ier l-2, Quartette l-2, Lctterrnans Club l-2-3-4, Senior Play, BILL KOESTER - Glee Club 3, Chorus l-3, Key Club, Basketball l, Track l, Visual Aid Operator 2-3-4. What is the recipe for a good time? Here is a never fail! A prom, two handsome lads, a lovely girl and a couple glasses of cold punch. That is exactly what we have here from left to right: Bob Compton, Joan Hilkemeier and Jim Kennedy, taken during the festivities of the Activity Prom March 26. BONNIE LARSON - Band l-Z-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus l-2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Senior Girls, Keyettes, Junior Play, Declam 2, Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, Pheasant Call l-2-3-4, Annual 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Pep Band l-2-3-4, Octette 2-3-4, Cheerleader I, JUANITA LARSON - Band l-2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, Chorus l-2-3-4, Orchestra 3, Pheasant Call l-2-3-4, Senior Girls, Keyettes, Jun- lor Play 3, Declarn 2, National l-lonor Society 3-4, Annual 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Pep ,Band l-2-3-4, Octette 2-3-4, Cheerleader I. JOE LESSELYOUNG - Band l-2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Senior Play, JACKIE LEVTZOW-Glee Club l-3-4, Chorus l-2-3-4, Orchestra l-2-3-4, Pres 3, Senior Girls, Keyettes, Junior Play, Debate 3, Declam 4, National l-lonar Society 4, Pheasant Call 4, Annual I, Girls State, National Forensic League, Senior Play, Quill and Scroll. DON LINDERMAN - Key Club 4, Visual Aid Operator 3-4. MAY 25 3' 'G' jyz 5 DELVONNA MAGER -- Glee Club l, Senior Girls, Keyettes EDITH MAGER - B Chorus l-2, Senior G'rls, Keyettes. DORIS MAR LETTE - B Chorus l, Glee Club 2-3-4, Annual 4, Office Girls 3, Senior Girls, Keyettes. CONNIE McKAY - Band l-2-3-4, Orchestra 4, Office Girls 2-3-4, Pep Band 4, Senlor Girls, Keyettes, JOYCE MICHELS - Qulll and Scroll 3-4, Girls State Alternate, Offlce Gvrl 2 National Honor Society 3-4, Sec. 4, Junlor Play, B Chorus l-2, Senlar Girls, Keyettes, Annual 2-3-4, Editor 4, Pheasant Call 2-3 4 Llbrarlan 3, Senlor Play. Teachers have their rare moments too. What is Mr. Larson all up in arms about? Other in- terested bystanders are, left to right, Mr. Buck, Miss Winjum, and Mrs. Cole, who enjoy coffee and cookies after a trying day. That is the hand of Mrs. Gotaas on the right corner of the pic. L, AUDREY OLSON - Sensor Girls, Keyettes, Otflre Glr's l-2-3-4, Llhrarart -4 HARRIET PARSONS - Band l-2-3-4, Glee Club l-2-3 Senior Grrls, Keyettes, Junior Play, One Act Plays l, Nat-anal Honzr Samet, A-4, Pheasant Call l-2-5-4, Annual l-3-4, Girls State, Quill and Scroll 5-4, Octette 2, Cheefeader l-2-5-4, Llbraran 3 MARTIN PREDOEHL - Gee Club 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3, Key Club, Jun Play, National Honor Society 5-4, Pheasant Call 4, Boys State ROGER PEDERSON - Bona l-2, Glee Club l, Chorus l, Key Club Basketball 2, Train 2, Boxing 3, Peo Band l, VERNA QUITSCH - Clee Cp: J-4, Crcrus l-2, Sen or Culrls, Keyettes, Oftlce Girls 2-3 4 1 3 . , 1950 13' 5 -452' ONILEE ROBSAHM - Bond l-2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Sec 3, A Chorus 2-3-4, Orchestro 3-4, Vice Pres, 4, Treos Senior Girls, Keyettes, Declcm 3, Office Girl l-2, Pep Bond 4, Cheerleoder l-2-3 DUANE SANGER - Glee Club 3-4, Key Club, Footboll 4, Bosketboll 2-3, Trock l-2, Closs Officer 2-3-4, Pres. FFA. 4, Lettermons Club 4, Visuol Aid Operotor l-2-3-4 RAY SCHAFFER - Bond l-2-3-4, Orchestro 2, Key Club, Junior Ploy, Pep Bond 2-3-4, DONNA SISSON - Glee Club l-2-3-4, A Chorus 3-4, Sec, 3, Sec Senior Girls, Declorn 3, Keyettes, Annuol 2-3-4, Office Girl 4, Senior Ploy. DONA SMITH - Bond l-2-3, Glee Club 2-3-4, B Chorus l, A Chorus 2-3-4, Senior Girls, Keyettes, Office Girl l. Discussing and recussing the tournament game that they just saw are the motives of these in- dividuals seen in this picture. A bottle of coke seems to help solve their minor troubles and en- lighten their hearts. Standing in the foreground with his hand upon his hip is Ronnie Day. Leaning over the banister so tired like is Marlis Newman, probably waiting for some service from the annual staff salesmen. Gathered around the steps are Eddie Hughes, Jim Kennedy and Galen Gillette Cleft to rightj. EDWARD THOMAS - Boxing l, Student Monoger l, Junior Ploy, Debote l, Letterrnons Club l, MAXINE WEISS - Chorus l, Glee Club 2-3-4, semof omg, iceyerres, Declom 3, Office Girls 3. Dick woon - oiee Club 2-3, Chorus 2-3, Kev Club, Pheeseftf CO" 23-4- DARYL YADA - Key Club, Football 2. if - 5 L I REDFIELD BOOSTE I INDEPENDENT REDFIELD A GB CHEVROLET E L SHULTZ P NY HFHLTH CE-N7FR COMPANY WSURHNCE AGENCY OIL COM A NATIUIVAL TFA k'f10F1fLo Lnwvonv ADRAIN MOTOR H W SIUE-IGHT 'STORE I COMPANY A I OLDIIVG FAIR STORE' IRWIN OIL E EE-DFIELD PRESS WAKNE PHARMAC Y LUMBER E'E'DF'lE'I. ALBPECHT CZFANERS FARGO INSURANCE' 650,665 BINC REX PARTS COMPANY 5' TAILOR5 AGENCY ANDERSON BROS H J MAETSFIFLD JERCIES ff'Df:'IE' DRY CLEANERS sf SON faurcmsmna PAINT 5f,s'onY WEST 'Sw'-" CAFE' 5 COLEMAN 5rSOAI FARMERS UNION COMFANY O J JON C E-WALDORF' MD TFRMINAL ASSOGATI DRUG 57-ORE, FARMERS UNION NOETHW TFEIV REDFIELDOAZOTOE L1 BEN FRANKLIN OIL COMPANY PUISLIC SERVICE SALES c ANY NUDE' Z IE6 LE TRANSPORTAWON EUICK COMPANY SANDERS FOOD J C PENNY GRAIN COAQQQEOAST fmsr NATIUNAL JOHN Jocmfcn SNACK 51-10,0 W UL FF MOTOR COMPANY BANK CHQQQQQXQIEN 5 EEDFIELD BRANCH OLSONLS JEWEL RY Sfmvxcvwvrv amvff COFFEE' DAKOTA HA GMI COOK5 BAKERY GAMBLE' STORE LUMBER COPWANY ER IV 'I OHM J PARSONS Hneoumf armor cf BOYEE' GALLUP SHOP LIVESTOCK COMPANY Sfzof- RE-PAIR .fofwuf THILL STYLE, HOP PED S J' 5 WHNSONS E T JOB R' TIIIG PLUMBIIG MARGARET ANDERSON SPINH COUNTY A cr nl cow Df HANUS G HOCH as HE rfNc Geoczl omit 5:-SAN DR L R LUALSTON HOTEL 5-PINK COUNTY nfs .scnLLnv PERRY GOODFLL pens Home GROCERY MILLER mmkf IOHILARD WC FARM IMPLEMENT SPIIVIT COUNTY DRU HARLAN PACKARD PEA VE' 1007855 C OMPANV C0 OP SE-.PVICE LDUKES I3 HARDIF AIARLOIU MARY JANE 5 SERVIOMPANY 7-5-KRY5 BAR OUTER' TEXACO SERVICE BEAUTY -SHOP MOT O? C RHL57' SHEVLINS SER VI C E- COMPHN MUIYUMENT WORK S EAST .SIDE- GROCE-RY HAKRY5 STATION -DE-N RED F'I EL E' LWLHARRING ON T! T HILL Morofc PARTS MONTGOMERY .STORE GR MHOUSE, ST E C.. FL In Appreciation On behalf of the 5IudenIs and faculb, we' wish Io express our apprecroffofz Io II16 Redfield I3oo5Ier5 More gmfefal Lay 5 for Ihe mlercstarrd faffh you havem L15 our acflwffes and our school May we aIuf0ys be wofllzy of MLS Irusl an - ' - - D . . . LD . . ,Q 1 1 . I - . . V 1 L I s -'TU 5 rcnexv L1 vw Huss - LL GEOG KFNNEY5 APPAREL IMPLPM ggfevlff Gefevfce .smnav I ' ' I ' ' P L RY Y . , , 1 Y x - X CE, ' ' ON 1 I . . 0 l I . . . ' . . .. 1 I J CLASS FLCYWER CRI ASS CWOLORS of JJ' My wxd jf6QMn40 jAfZ,A,44vwy,w4J,w-Qzflaf 7,wJ 25-fvfffffwivfafell ,ovcL7Z2'f,y,,f,!df-LQU 77-5a4z!,wfJ.,VfN CLASS MGTTCD: "TODAY WELL LIVED MAKES EVERY YES AND EVERY TOMORROW A VISION .1 I L, IL., .1 - - I- PINK ROSE SILVER AND ROSE 37207 Max? I MN Lb! VLA' -MfLq,tf L Il nf'-Q bd, C6111-Lk -9,X,,f XM! MMM ,J If f 1 ,UL uf tl.. W 7 Pwf M4 WAI WM IM is MM- z4,.,LUwd W hw' 1424. Mc ff K 2 I I J Q L LW L, f I 4' '. I ,lf all . awk, X I 1 'Lk 5 A K1 MA ' f I 1 jf 2 '4"1' Lf- 4 num f - ,,f N f- A X 1 J , fx. A I v .. Y 4 "L fn It X " u. rkxffs-kg f , 'H' f fL1'1 ,, .f ' U .V 5 pf il. A . L L J 4 U' ' 2 1' kf , 7 4,LX1 , N w 'C y 7,7 5 --'fy vx UQ' gn gl-L GX 14 55 4 -Q-I , Q I HNIMN N Q, N NA K, , .Nl F yi xx x K N lj l :Xxx K .S , 1 a N. IN W1 fx J 151' I Wifi, Xpjln ,ffl fffff6f ,jf MIIIF 14-j,,vA?'flJWfL',47 0 -J Zd WMM? ff-41 J!! in .zfyf f M Ng X533 gi 53 S Mix? K SSRN fuk 46- kwa' .d4,,nA-f if us. 4LA44'f,M,,u,, ff? ff9'o" 4v'f4,v'foc ERR' gk a 150 wal V.. ificyj X3 Rlfigx Q ik 7 X7 Juv' 1 1' ,.,1Q , I ', f' il., ',?5'1f:..f LI' I X '. ... Nw 5 r. I J f - -pg A5 ,,-. ? 'wi ,Qld-. UK F ' wL",L.,.-, , A xx '54 -95: "fy'if'?E' zi?Q.,.4 filglrifi- if '. rl ' Z WJ xi ML ifgaff ,.,-- A ,f at ' XX 'LW K ' -15311-w .w,.,,,A 'W Y""' ', 1 41' x s A f' ux MQ N ff ' 1 -, . N f X A lux A' J I 1 "V 1 ., X l uf Q Q fy-gf? ,- 4 4' A H x I 2 wx K "f L . 'x A ' ' XA I : Lfgvcka, 1445 Nu I I .,K, . , ' 1 f . J A X ',. ', ffjgr j XX I 1 , Ljif, wh . K1 i - ,. , , ,. JZ' Q 7 ,f A . ,Z . . n. 1 , A ' - ' 1'-' , . 1, " Q 6, - I , :Z X 4 H- l I if .J qgslf If I, .lf 1 Q," , , 'ul ' , " ' ' 5 L I j' 'K 1- -in fin , - I L 'h wh 2 f A fy if , ,af , 'L In Q' gk f E ffl' M Qrx 6 M ,xL' J K ' M . ' r 5 V V K V , , '1 -' U ' 4' A .. - 7? f 1, . b X-ff ix , " ff gf, , ' ff. A 'I . 1 2' ls- " Q - g , Y .ff fkif' r 77 . I ' ! ' X , - ,V f, -Xctxwjkgf It XL lx if Nj 'l , , 'F 3 A ,sp ' 7 " , 3' L' 7 . I . - , , I A I , ! - ll ' .X 1 f I - V , . f- ,iffy 'Y Cr 2 L- di h ,' ' V , if ' l f J A ' 5 " , , , . . L,f,, 4, X . F fm , Q 4 A I ' , "IQ ,fa l Lf Q K A !, . 'X , ,.M, , 1 V , S-Q QQ N . q 33 5 . 1 S1 E -3 X 3 S 3 N 3 mix Y . J 'J v l , If 7' 1' 'gf I'- v I,

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