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Editor — Michael Kammermeyer Business Manager — Lindalie Austin-1- This book is dedicated to the students who have graduated from my portals: to the boys and girls of the twenties who ushered in the age of the machine; to the children of the thirties who faced a jobless world with wistful eagerness and hope; to the young men and women of the fourties who left their names emblazoned on the battlefields of Normandy and Iwo Jima; and to the youth of the fifties who stand, cleareyed and unafraid, on the threshold of the atomic age!-3-. . . fi Wrtltf Ct My lawns have known the feet of countless future leaders. I've had innumerable glimpses into the private lives of students. No audience has seen playlets so intriguing as have I. But then, no audience has been so consistently attentive as I. Intimate vignettes have been daily acted out on my lawns, in my halls, and in my classrooms. On the passing panorama of youth, love has come and gone. My grounds have absorbed tears of sorrow and joy. Now a wise old patriarch, I am about to retire.mmj . - - a WWtWlVPA My class rooms are haunted with the ghosts of myriads who have sat here for a breath of time — carved initials in my desks, laughed and cried, and worked and loved. I have seen them delerious with victory, shrunken with defeat. I have known the heartache of their disappointments, the hopelessness of their failures, the satisfaction of their achievements, and the whispered tenderness of their first loves. Progress decrees a new building for their children and their children's children -- but to them I am still the mother of their memories. Thirty-four years of living and learning have taken place within my walls. My stairs and corridors are worn with the footprints of thousands who have passed through my doors, stayed to work and dream a little while and then moved on. My halls resound with the cries of youthful voices — echoes of the past no longer young.AMiftbiPify (wd Through the united efforts of Provo High's ambitious officers, the year's activities were successfully planned and produced. -10-Uadmliip Studentbody president Dan Elton energetically led the way to a memorable year for everyone. He served faithfully and with spirit. Excelling in football and basketball, he dedicated his "all" to the welfare of the school. Dan's friendly and courteous ways won the hearts of everyone. Helping to make the last year in the old high school one of the best, Jim Westover worked hard and enthusiastically as vice-president. Conduct in the lunch line and assemblies greatly improved as a result of his untiring efforts. Petite, peppy Jeannine Hawke, serving as secretary, added spice to the governing body. She had the ability of making everyone feel that he was an important part of the school. She kept the minutes and records accurate and up-to-date. The responsibility of handling the school's finances was given to capable and efficient Bob Okey. He handled the money wisely and knew the value of a dollar. Student body officers: Dan Elton, President; Jim Westover, Vice-president; Bob Okey, Business Manager; and Jeanine Hawke, Secretary.-14-A powerful Green and White eleven rolled over its opponents and ended the season at the top of Region Three. Proving their power, Provo High ran away with an easy victory over Granite in a pre-season tilt. The Bulldogs got off to a bad season start, however, when Spanish Fork edged past them 12-7, but they came back to tally up five wins and no losses. Probably the biggest upset of the season found the Bulldogs topping the heavily favored Carbon Dinosaurs 33-0. This victory put Provo and Carbon in a tie for first place which resulted in a play-off that Provo won 20-6. The Big Green went to the state semifinals for the first time in several years but were defeated by a lucky Murray team. The outstanding signal calling by Richard James; the running by seniors Dick Gardner, Arvel Hemenway, Murray Johnson, Dan Elton; the all-around good playing of junior Joe Beecroft; and combined efforts of a bruising line gave Provo its strongest eleven in years. Coach Dick Hill, working in his second year as a grid coach for P.H.S. fired our eleven with a determined spirit that led them to the region championship. Coach Dolan Condie successfully stimulated the hoop team to win many triumphant conquests. Coach Frank Witney, our tough, driving matmen trainer, guided the Bulldog grapplers through a victorious season. Coach Dick Hill Coach Dolan Condie -15- In mud up to his neck, a Bulldog player lunged at a Murray opponent. Coach Frank WitneyOur mighty men on the gridiron were: Row One: Frank Sumner, Norman Winn, Kent Van Wagenen, Jerry Morley, Joe Dewey, Don Stubbs, Clyde Stephenson, Rush Sumpter, Bob Dorius, Dick Gardner. Row Two: Manager Bob Dyer, Brent Ford, Will Wat- son, Jay Chappie, George Thomas, John Roe, Marion Lund, Charles Fetterley, Hugh Rowley, Arvel Hemenway, Bill Clark, Bob Lewis, John Jorgensen, manager Melvin Madsen. Row Three: Coach Dick Hill, Jimmy Cowgill, Jimmie Kimber, Don Liston, A Springville man was dragged down by Lonnie Gleave, end, as a host of Provo players moved in to assist in the action. -16-Don Liston Tackle Dan Elton back PRE-SEASON Dick Gardner Granite — 7 Provo — 12 back Olympus — 27 SEASON Provo — 13 Hugh Rowley back Spanish Fork — 12 Provo — 7 Springville — 0 Provo — 20 Carbon — 0 Provo — 33 Lincoln — 7 Provo — 33 Payson — 6 Provo — 21 Joe Dewey Carbon — 6 Provo - 20 guard Murray — 14 Provo — 0 Jay Chappie guard -17- Richard James back Rush Sumpter back n Cloward, Kennith Reed, ichael Williams, Murray John- n, Lonnie Gleave, Joe Beecroft, in Elton, Richard James, Lynn eave, Gary Russell, Paul Pao-ti. Coach Frank Witney.Provo High was well represented on the All-Region Team by Lynn Gleave, Richard James, and Don Stubbs. Lynn Gleave, left, also gained outstanding recognition as a member of the All-American fourth team. Shown during a tense moment of a game are coaches Dick Hill, Dolan Condie and Frank Witney, and managers Bob Dyer and Melvin Madsen. A Provo arid man was brouqht to a halt Members of the grid team who were injured and un- after making the necessary yardage to ob- able to complete the season were Art Fullerton, David tain a first down. Snyder, Brent Dickson, and Bob Mitchell.Don Stubbs Norman Winn John Jorgensen Kennith Reed Brent Ford Guard Guard Back Tackle Center Jimmie Kimber Tackle Georqe Thomas End Paul Paoletti Tackle Jimmy Cowgill Guard Bob Dorius Back 6 ipw (ml [ lhitt Giuddm Varsity athletic managers were Melvin Madsen, left, and Bob Dyer, right. Managers of the soph eleven were David Nuttall, middle left, and Clark Whitlock, middle right. "Get off my back!" moaned a smothered Lincoln player as the Provo and Lincoln men pulled themselves out of an entanglement. -19-Members of the Soph grid squad were: Kneeling: Managers David Nuttall and Clark Whitlock; Row 1: Ronald Robbins, Robert Babcock, Kearn Kendall, Dennis Larsen, Kenneth Bunnell, Robert Taylor, Paul Paoletti; Row 2: Ronald Scott, Paul Greiner, Bill Lewis, Alvin Harward, Jack Atkin, Eugene Olson, Richard Ashton; Row 3: Gary Craythorn, Dean Conant, Charles Fetterley, Douglas Schaerrer, Jerry Geyerman, Roger Menlove, Dale Kenison; Row 4: Coach Condie, Merrill Greenhalgh, Robert Carter, Bruce Gammon, Russel Garrett, Gordon Swapp, Dave Cropper, Ted Hansgren, Bruce Dahle. Arvel Hemenway Kent Van Wagenen Bill Clark Back Tackle Back Marion Lund End Will Watson Back Bob Lewis Back SOPHOMORE SCORES Springville 0 Spanish Fork 0 Springville 6 Pleasant Grove 12 Lincoln .... 0 Payson 6 Provo ________ 19 Provo .........36 Provo ...... 18 Provo ...... 13 Provo 13 Provo 2 -20-Provo High's 1958 State Champ contenders surged through a very successful season guided by Coach Dolan Condie. Suffering their only defeat at the hands of a strong Payson eleven, they never lost their fighting spirit. Joe Beecroft Clyde Stephenson Gary Russell Lonnie Gleave Michael Williams Back Back End End Center Jerry Morley Tackle Murray Johnson Back Charles Fetterley Guard Ben Cloward Tackle Frank Sumner Guard -21-Provo's eleven-year dream at last came true—the supreme glory of a State Basketball Championship, earned by the greatest green and white cage aggregation of the past decade. Tourney week was overcrowded with tense moments which furnished an abundance of chiMs to tin-ale every spine. Provo was awarded the big gold trophy when they overcame each of their opponents by only one point. Shown: Presentation of trophy to Dan Elton by Principal Bachman. Lonnie Gleave dunking an important 2-pointer. Provo's contribution to an All-State team — Lonnie Gleave, first team; Lynn Gleave, second team, and Fred Allred, third team. Regular season team members: Row 1: Dan Elton, Bob Lewis, Lonnie Gleave,- Row 2: Dick Gardner, Fred Allred, Lynn Gleave, Darryl Steele,- Row 3: Dolan Condie, Bob Dyer, Richard James, Paul Day, Mark Clarke, John Rowe, Joe Beecroft, Dick Hill.Lynn Gleave, with flashing championship cage form, got the tip from Kay Lewis in the Alumni game. The battling hoopsters of Provo High swept through pre-season basketball games with a record of six wins and only two defeats, one at the hands of the Alumni and the other through the efforts of an alert squad from Ogden. In season play, the Bulldogs really showed their stuff. The combined talents of each player, plus the magnificent teamwork and the fighting spirit, went to make up the champion green and white team. With characteristic determination the Bulldog team fought its way to the very heights of basketball glory with only two losses throughout the season. Arvel Hemenway Guard Members of our hoop team were: Front Row: Dick Gardner, Mark Clarke, Dan Elton, Fred Allred, George Thomas, Wayne Snow, and Bob Lewis.Dick Gardner Guard Mark Clarke Forward Joe Beecroft Guard John Rowe Center-Forward George Thomas Forward Back Row: Coach Dolan Condie, Joe Beecroft, Richard James, Gerald Overly, Larry Dimick, Lonnie Gieave, Lynn Gieave, John Rowe, Paul Day, and manager Bob Dyer. -25- Larry Dimick Center Lynn Gieave Center-Forward Fred Allred Forward Wayne Snow Guard Paul Day Forward Bob Dyer ManagerChmkadm: ImqA Cheering our team to victory were cheerleaders Marsha Bray. Leslie Fechser, Lynn Fechser, Dave Stewart, Johnnie King, and Don Rasmussen. "Where did it go"? is probably what Lonnie Gleave and two opponents said as they displayed "Artistry in Basketball." PRE-SEASON SCORES Fred Allred, with a graceful motion, pushed away a shot as Lvnn Gleave prepared for the rebound, which proved needless. Alumni 59 Provo 58 American Fork 33 Provo 40 Loqan 38 Provo 54 Olympus 39 Provo 61 Oqden 60 Provo 44 Weber 47 Provo 54 West 49 Provo 63 Granite 52 Provo 71 SEASON SCORES Lincoln 40 Provo 42 Springville 38 Provo 56 Spanish Fork 28 Provo 52 Payson 40 Provo 65 Carbon 44 Provo 56 Springville 47 Provo 45 Lincoln 55 Provo 54 Spanish Fork 55 Provo 57 Carbon 43 Provo 57 Payson 41 Provo 66 Weber 46 Provo 60 Building school spirit and supporting the team in all activities were our cheerleaders of the Big Green. -26- TOURNAMENT SCORES East 56 Provo 57 Murray 55 Provo 56 Jordan 41 Provo 42 JUNIOR American Fork VARSITY SCORES 43 Provo 44 West 36 Provo 51 Granite 71 Provo 56 Lincoln 29 Provo 40 Springville 30 Provo 54 Spanish Fork 36 Provo 33 Payson 36 Provo 37 Carbon 47 Provo 53 Springville 36 Provo 39 Lincoln 46 Provo 53 Spanish Fork 42 Provo 40 Carbon 41 Provo 51 Payson „ 35 Provo ...... 51 Bob Lewis Guard Dan Elton Guard -27- Richard James Gerald Overly Forward Forward Lonnie Gleave Center-Forward Darryl Steele GuardRichard James "got one off" in Knees to the breeze. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders spite of the grimacing efforts of Mary Braun, Mary Ann Pollock, Karren Davis, and an American Fork eager. Madeline Sumsion "strut their stuff" before a game. Lonnie Gleave went high into the air to tank a jump shot for Provo High School. Heavy action was shown in a J. V. game as Dean Conant (30) lifted the ball right out of his opponent's hands. East's Dick Sawyer and Provo's Lynn Gleave seemingly floated in mid-air as Sawyer tried to block this shot by Lynn. -28-SOPHOMORE SCORES Pleasant Grove 37 Provo _ 41 B. Y. High 44 Provo _ 46 Pleasant Grove 45 Provo... 60 Lincoln 38 Provo ... 35 Springville 36 Provo 33 Pleasant Grove 44 Provo ... 50 B. Y. High 43 Provo 46 East 25 Provo 38 Pleasant Grove 35 Provo ... 57 Springville 32 Provo 59 Lincoln 29 Provo 30 Wasatch 49 Provo 47 "We've got the green! We've got the white!" Mary Braun, Mary Ann Pollock, Madeline Sumsion, and Karren Davis. Junior Varsity cheerleaders, exercised their vocal chords in a pre-game practice session. Sophs in Splits This year's Sophomore cagers were: Row 1: Manager Roger Menlove, Dave Cropper, John Chambers, Douglas Schaerrer, Merrill Greenhalgh, Dennis Larsen, Ronald Robbins, Manager David Nuttall; Row 2: Coach Hill, Ray DeSpain, Russel Garrett, Paul Vincent, Bruce Dahle, Dean Conant, Michael Woodward, and Brent Boyack. -29-The tumbling team, which participated in various pep rallies and half-time programs, showed muscular corodination and control going into a formation. Our precision performers were: kneeling: Bob Watson, Myrth Wooton, Ernie Milner; standing: Norma Hedquist, Carol Lee Snow, Jane Anne Bown. Absent were Roy Anderson and John King. Tmbtm Provo High sent Ronald McKinnon, Errol Raven, Murray Johnson, Joe Dewey, and Melvin Har- "Please, ref, don't let him pin me!" pleaded Mark Fullmer as Bob Dorius launched a knee-level attack. -30-P M . Bwtbwdm Members of the Provo High wrestling team were: Row 1: Lee Allen, Gene Reid, Robert Babcock, Murray Johnson, Charles Fetterley, Joe Dewey, Bill Clayton, Jimmie Kimber, Coach Witney, Manager Melvin Madsen; Row 2: John Zaccardi, Robert Carter, Don Liston, David Snyder, Kenneth Bunnell, Jimmy Cowgill, Richard Ashton, Errol Raven, Ernie Milner, Bruce Gammon; Row 3: John Duckett, Dale Kenison, Marian Hunt, Ken Van Wagenen, Michael Williams, Mark Fullmer, Melvin Harward, Ronald Moulton; Row 4: Alvin Harward, Clyde Stephenson, Bob Dor-ius, Mickey Alger, Grant Draper, Bill Clark, Jay Chappie, Norman Facer. ward to state. Dewey placed third and Murray David Snyder and Melvin Harward grim- captured first in their re- aced and groaned during an after-school spective weight divisions. practice grappling session. The wrestling squad, coached by Frank Witney, completed a very successful season through the efforts of every participant. Our most outstanding wrestler this year was Murray Johnson, who pinned every man he fought during the entire year. -31-Members of our baseball team were: Row 1: Wayne Snow, Joe Baird, John King, Dan Elton, Mike Hoff. George Thomas, Joe Beecroft, Dick Page, Bob Dyer, Manager Norman Winn; Row 2: Jerrv Geyerman, Ronald Robbins, Kenneth Leatham, Murray Johnson, Bruce Dahle. Richard James, Jimmy Neebling, Bob Lewis, Mark Clarke, David Nuttall; Row 3: Coach Condie, Manager Clark Whitlock. John Chambers, Brent Ford, Lonnie Gleave. Dean Conant, Bruce Belliston, Dick Gardner, Gerald Kisan, Manager Roger Menlove, and Student Trainer Hershel Pederson. In the dugout, PHS baseball team members smiled as the game turned in their favor as Joe Baird prepared to go to the plate. -32-Left: Up, up, and over went David Snyder, ace PHS pole vaulter. Right: Off to a flying start were cinderburners Kenneth Bunnell, Mike Liddard, and Richard Ashton. High stepping, leg thrusting style was a prime requirement for all PHS thinclads. Cmdm Members of our track team were: Row 1: Bob Dorius, Adam Colunga, Mark Fullmer, Lee Allen, Joe Dewey, David Snyder, Kent Van Wagenen, Will Watson, Richard Ashton, Mike Liddard; Row 2: Manager Melvin Madsen, Gary Johnson, Robert Carter, Merrill Greenhalgh, Richard Harvey, Arvel Hem-enway, Clark Nuttall, Richard Barrett, Jack Atkin, Frank Sumner, Jimmy Cowgill, Jay Chappie; Row 3: Dave Cropper, Paul Paoletti, Gary Buckley, Dale Kenison, John Jorgensen, Bruce Gammon, Kenneth Bunnell, Larry Dimick, Alvin Harward, Norman Facer, Shirl Clayton, Coach Hill. -33-IfcA Members of our tennis team were: Kneeling: David Barber, DaVar Thatcher, Ronald Duffin, Fred Morris, Dennis Larsen; standing: Bill Wood, Jack Morris, Harold Hintzie, Glenn Allman, Mike Kammermeyer, Raymond Verbeck, Coach Witney. Mike Kammermeyer kept his eyes on the ball but had trouble keeping his tongue in his mouth as he prepared to return a practice serve. Fred Morris demonstrated his flashing backhand style in a pre-game practice session. Jack Morris seemed determined to put his weight behind the next ball as he got warmed up before a match.Members of the golf squad were: Row 1: Eddie Wolsey, John Duckett, Wayne Johnson, Norman Pyne, Jay McGregor; Row 2: Lyman Tracy, George King, Errol Raven, Edwin Richards, Michael Leeman, John Jorgensen,Coach Kenner; Row 3: Ted Dowling, Russel Garrett, Lynn Gleaves. Edwin Richards concentrated on top putting form as he prepared to sink one on the sixteenth hole. Golf Coach Glen Kenner displayed state championship golf trophy that was won by last year's crack links squad. "Mmmm-boy, don't they shine pretty!" said Michael Leeman as he polished one of his favorite irons.Ro j Chloe Ann Madsen, a pretty blonde coed, won the coveted title of Girls' Day Queen. She was a co-chairman of the School Spirit Committee, and was always on hand at games, rooting for the Green and White. Calm, efficient Lindalie Austin reigned over football festivities wearing the crown of Homecoming Queen. Active in numerous school activities, Lindalie also took the responsibility of Provost business manager. After nearly one month of nerve-fraving suspense Fred Allred was crowned Boys' Day King. Fred was one of the "Dark Horse Heroes" who brought PHS to the head of the A tournament teams by his calm, smooth playing. Smiling, dark headed Fred is looked upon with admiration by his fellow classmates. -36-The PHS feminine set chose bashful Dick Gardner to reign as Preferred Man. A transfer from South, Dick was immediately liked by everyone. Though strong in sports, Dick blanched at the prospect of being showered with kisses in front of the student body. Representing Provo High in the state Future Farmers of America contest was FFA Sweetheart Jerry Sue Sundwall. With a radiant smile and personality pl"S, Jerry Sue quickly adiusted to hiah school life, making the most of her sophomore year. -37-Prior to the Preference Ball, Glenda Glover and Geraldine Jones made their bids with committee chairmen Kathryn Budge and Johanna Baker. Proceeding with the next step, Monya Austin shyly handed the official date invitation to Norman Facer, her choice for the dance. Fhuw of mu foefenwct Shy senior Dick Gardner won the coveted title of Preferred Man. Barbara Larsen crowned him as attendant Jim West-over watched. Dan Elton, other attendant, was absent. Preference Barbara Larsen instructed her committee — DeAnn Nielsen, Elva Spencer, chairmen of the dance, and Kay Pierpont, Karen Keith, directors of the assembly — in further plans. -38-With a new dress, her favorite fellow, and a happy evening ahead, Betty Moulton and her date, Richard Harvey, embarked on an evening of enjoyment. The assembly dramatized the need for a new prince to replace their ailing king. Participating students were: Back row: Sondra Smith, Elaine Killpack, Laura Fleming, Diane Nelson, Patsy Wright, Barbara Larsen, Connie Bailey, Geraldine Jones; Front row-. Karren Davis, Kennith Reed, Clark Bowler, Carol Lee Snow, and Mary Lynne Duckett. One dance of the evening was dedicated to the Preferred Man and his attendants, whose popularity was thus acknowledged by their fellow students. $ -39-"Did you do it, Liz?" Thespians asked as they pantomimed the Lizzie Borden scene from the Broadway musical, "New Faces." Serving as emcee, Woodrow Whitlock introduced stage enthusiasts who reproduced a theatrical musical show. Jane ............ Freida __________ Alice ___________ Eve______________ Sharon ........... Shirley Tennessee _______ Shotput............ Mary ............ Phyllis _________ "Monotonous," sighed Carol Lee Snow as Arlen Waters, Ronald Verbeck, Roy Anderson, Marcia Allen, and Deloris Nelson placed her as their ideal. Narrating the Thespian assembly. President Carol Hafen fold of the three divisions of the theatre — drama, comedy, and musical. "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion" accounted for the dramatic phase, while comedy was illustrated in the one-act play, "If Men Played Cards as Women Do." Musical was represented by a portrayal of the Broadway production "New Faces.""Nine Girls," a three-act comedy-mystery, featured a tense story of murder in a sorority clubhouse. The neurotic murderess, as tradition goes, was revealed in the final act of the play. The suspense of the performance was successfully achieved by using flashbacks and dialog. CAST Jane Hickman, Merle Day Ann Haynie, Diane Markham Jane Ann Bown, Pat Smith Earlene Hawkins, Janet Perkins Frances Groneman, Lesleigh Bee Kay Lynne Bwsterud Nancy Stewart, Rosalie Betts Marcia Allen, Sherry Hiatt Deloris Nelson, Carolvn Brickev Gail Schenck Director Gayle Bishop instructed her two assistants, Sally Thorne and James Bunnell, in the stage techniaues which must be followed in order to present a pleasing performance. laying t e S akespearean actress. Concealing the body of the victim. Applying stage makeup is a "must" be- Lesleigh ee recite t e seep- jar,e nne g0wn, proved fatal to fore a performance, according to ac- walkmg scene rom ac°et ' the murderess, Deloris Nelson. tress Carolyn Brickey and Vivi Raunholt. enhancing the play Nine Girls.CAST Mrs. Savage ....................... Sally Thorne Titers_________________________________James Bunnell Samuel ____________________________ Roy Anderson Lily Belle _______________________ Vivi Raunholt Dr. Emmett ......................... Dave Stewart Miss Willie ________________________ Lynn Fechser Fairy May ...................... Stella Hughes Florence ......................... Karen Thompson Hannibal ........................ Ronald Verbeck Jeffery _______________________ Bryon Hurst Mrs. Paddy __________________ Danielle Christiansen Director ................... Mrs. Gayle Bishop Student Director ------------------- Earlene Hawkins Painting flats, getting properties, and doing all behind-the-scenes labor occupied the stage production staff, which included Deloris Nelson, Earlene Hawkins, Ann Haynie, Jane Hickman, and Arlen Waters. Scheme of the play centered around an elderly lady, Mrs. Savage, who claimed an inheritance of a million dollars. Her selfish step-children, wanting the money for themselyes, committed their stepmother to a mental hospital. The acquaintances made at the hospital by Mrs. Savage, assisted in regaining the money and her leave of absence. )) -42-"The Lady of Lockspur Lotion” "Money in the morning or out you go!" yelled the landlady as the disillusioned alcoholic and writer rid themselves of her. Refusing to accept the realities of life, the writer believed himself to have written Broadway productions, while the "Lady of Larkspur Lotion" "managed" a Brazilian rubber plantation. CAST Mrs. Hardwick Moore _________ Mary Ann Nelson Mrs. Wire_________________________Marsha Bray Writer------------------------ David Jeppeson Tennessee Williams' psychological work, "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion," was chosen as the 1956 contest play. The one-act dramatization qualified at region and proceeded to win state honors. Director----------------------------------Gayle Bishop Student Director__________________________Jane HickmanBob Watson gazed soulfully into the eyes of the alluring statue, Michael Ann Tyler, as his jealous girl friend, Glenda Glover, looked on. Beformaled coeds and their dreamy-eyed beaux drifted through a modernistic haze as they danced to the music of the Jerry Hyde Combo. "Utepia" Junior Prom Junior class officers Lynn Fechser, Mark Clarke and David Thayne directed the energy of prom planners. -44-Weeks of frenzied activity on the part of the juniors finally terminated on the memorable day of the Junior Prom. The juniors built their assembly and dance around the modernistic theme, "Utopia." In keeping with their theme the juniors decorated their dance hall with mobiles and atoms. The bigaest social event of the year exceeded all expectations — "Utopia," the state of perfection. The junior assembly enacted a story of a sculptor, discontented with his present being. Fallina in love with a statue, his own creation, only enhanced the plot when the immortal creature became alive. Thinking the "orass is greener over the fence," the sculptor left "Utopia," with his ambitions and loves behind. The statue by his side, thev traveled through many walks of life, finally returning to the exalted world of "Utopia." In her anger the sweetheart he left at home smashed the statue, bringing the artist back to his senses. Jane Ann Bown, Rush Sumpter, Pat Cullimore, Ernie Milner, Helen Wilde, Janece Clinger, Frank Sumner, Lola Van Wagenen, Deloris Nelson, Richard Muhle-stein, Carol Ball, Evelyn Oaks, Lynda LeVitre, Margene Symons, Venita Perry and Merle Day planned and directed Junior Prom day activities. Bill Wood, David Thayne, Art Fullerton and Darryl Steele "whoop it up" during pre-assembly practice as they prepared for the dance scene.Sue Elton's "dream" took on the semblance of a nightmare, as she pictured her wayward beau in the arms of a night club belle. Pictured are: Tamara Thorpe, Kathleen Coon, Paul Vincent, David Alger, Russel Garrett, Jack Atkin, Bruce Dahle, Cady Joy Oveson, Michael Leeman and Sue Elton. The entire cast sang "Dream" as the curtain closed on a happy ending for "the girl back home." -46- Dream Conversing over the big day at the Sophomore Dance were couples Sue Elton, Ted Hindmarsh, Ca-roLee Joyner and Lavell Anderson.The search for the perfect valentine took place at the Phi Gamma Psi assembly with the laurel winner Provo High's FFA Queen, Jerry Sue Sundwall. AsumbUm Modeling appropriate and attractive clothes for the girls' modesty assembly were Sue Hughes, Norma Hedquist, Linda McKell, Beverly Harding, Jeannie Leonard, Shirley Elliott and Merlynne Weight. Boosting school spirit throughout the basketball season were the many assemblies, pep rallies, and skits sponsored by the School Spirit Committee. They contributed to the school our bulldog, "Vic."Swing music from the Y's Men Band provided an evening of jitterbug dancing for hep lads and lassies. Girls’ Day "My Bonnie Lassie" put on her spring frocks, took her favorite beau by the hand, and had an enchanting evening at the girls' choice affair. Welcoming the mothers and daughters to the afternoon tea was the pleasant chore of teachers and the Girls' Organization officers. -48-Chloe Ann Madsen, PHS blonde coed, reigned as Girls' Day Queen. Honoring their queen were four captivating attendants that included Leslie Fechser, Sylvia Vincent, Jeannine Hawke, and Kay Pierpont. On the Girls' Day assembly talented students portrayed the gay life of the Scots by presenting quaint songs and dances from the highlands. To swallow a sip of her sweetheart's brew was the intent of Jerry Sue Sundwall. With bright plaids and bagpipes Joe Beecroft, Paul Day, Stella Hughes, and Paul Speckart added to the atmosphere of the assembly. -49-Senior Hop The very depths of Hell opened up to spew forth the theme for the senior assembly, "Terror." The witch of evil, surrounded by inky blackness and the smell of burning brimstone, resurrected before the startled eyes of a suspense-filled student body the finished products of her work. The day, Friday the 13th, was shrouded in mystery and gloom from the time of the nerve-shattering assembly to the end of the mood-haunted dance that evening. Students attending the dance had a hard time trying to keep gay and light-hearted, as they kept bumping into ghouls and tripping over open coffins with death-white bodies. The Senior Hop created a memory which will long be remembered by all attending students. -50- Seeking revenge upon the evil witch played by Sally Thorne were victims Julie Elliott, Jay McGregor, and Michael Weeks, in whose lives she mysteriously meddled. Seniors enjoyed the satisfaction of a job well done as entranced couples danced beneath the huge web spun by the spider in the center.As the vault was sealed, silence reigned. Suddenly an ominous creaking was heard. A gasp arose from the audience as the coffin lid began to rise. Horrified shrieks rent the air, as the "corpse" quit his resting place to frantically fling himself at the closed door of the burial chamber. Again the hideous spectre of Hades had wrought her work of "Terror." Kenneth Reed and Leslie Fechser consoled crippled patient Stella Hughes as the evil spirit, Carol Lee Snow, enticed her to walk. An air of anticipation filled the hall as seniors Pat Peck, Jane Hickman, Betty Harding, Jim Westover, Naomi Meservy, and DeAnn Niel-completed the finishing touches on the dance decorations. Looking anything but terrified, Marsha Bray, Lynn Powell, Mary Ann Nelson, Patricia Peck, Naomi Meservy, Betty Harding, Jack Boardman, Geniel Schemensky, Jane Hickman, and Lee Ann Hinckley made last minute plans for Senior Day activities. I la Kay Halladay, Kennith Reed, and Jack Boardman produced a scene of terror, using the twisted, distorted shapes of tree stumps, draped with moss and depicting a dangerous swamp.Homecoming assembly dramatized a serviceman's memories of high school. Alumni were welcomed back by the assembly cast. Meeting many new and old friends highlighted the Homecoming Dance. This was the last year that friends and former students would be welcomed to my halls. But memories of their -52-thoughts and deeds would remain forever, carved within the records of my past history. Pictured upper right: Barbara Larsen, Lindalie Austin, and Kay Pierpont — homecoming royalty. Homecoming queen finalists included Jeannine Hawke, Barbara Larsen, Lindalie Austin, Geniel Schemensky, Leslie Fechser, Kay Pierpont, and Marsha Bray, lower right. Center are Dixie Innes and Kathleen Kammermeyer. Lower left are cheerleaders — Lynn Fechser, John King and Marsha Bray. Homecoming -53-UNITED NATIONS SPEECH WINNERS Evelyn Oaks and Rush Sumpter placed first and second in the school's United Nations speech contest. In the state contest Evelyn won second place and a trip to New York. Reporting PHS news over radio station KOVO every Saturday morning, Mary Ann Nelson and Clark Bowler kept Utah County informed on happenings at Provo High School. Tkif Forensic students Mary Ann Nelson and Michael Kammermeyer, as state legislators, successfully passed their bills. Lynn Powell and James Bunnell won honorable mention in debate, and Marsha Bray tried out in extemporaneous speaking. The "I Speak for Democracy" contest held annually in the fall was won by Evelyn Oaks and Vivi Raunholt with Vivi winning first place and Evelyn taking second. -54-STATE DRAMA WINNERS Mary Ann Nelson, James Bunnell, Marsha Bray, Clark Bowler, Dave Jeppson, Mickey Alger, Ronnie Verbeck, Mary Lynne Duckett and Danielle Christiansen won excellent rating for drama at the State Meet held in Provo. Jim Westover attended a three day Rotary Youth Convention in Salt Lake City. He was selected as the official delegate from Provo by the PHS faculty for his leadership and scholastic ability. SmwlMift UNITED NATIONS DELEGATES Delegates to the mock United Nations Assembly included Sally Thorne, Carol Hafen, DeAnn Nielsen, Danielle Christiansen, Jane Hickman. Row two —Lin-naea Harrison, Venita Perry, Evelyn Oaks, Lynn Powell, George Williams, Robert Olsen, Katherine Jones, Marsha Bray, Mr. Asay, and Mary Ann Nelson. Representing France and Cambodia, these delegates proposed motions that would create better international relations. -55-Jack Bordman, senior class president, led the class that was "up for parole" through one final year of books, sports, and social events. The little leader in the yellow suede jacket sat in on the school Board of Control and proved to be an officer with real leadership and ability. The blond brain, Lynn Powell, who held down the Veep office of the senior class, was always running hither and thither to keep on top of his many responsibilities about school. Geniel Schemensky, senior class secretary, worked hard for the seniors. Attractive and shy, she was a runner-up for the Homecoming Queen title. -58- David Jeppson Deanna Couch David Anderson Earlene Hawkins Lynn Powell Nadine Jones Ronald Pulley Sylvia Griffiths Dan K. Elton Dorathy FlygareDavid Shields Jineen Greenhalgh Connie Jensen Julie Elliott Richard Barrett Joan Davis Carol Pace Karla Nelson David Borget Joe Baird Jim Westover Mary Ann Nelson Jane Hickman Emma Lou Clark John Jorgensen David Jeppson — Thespian Club '55; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; "Importance of Being Earnest" '55; sophomore vice-president '54; Melody Kings '56. Nadine Jones — Sextette '54, '55, '56; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56. Deanna Couch — Pep Club '56; yearbook staff '56; dance committees '54, '55; assembly committee '55, '56; seminary graduate '55. Ronald Pulley — ice skating '54, bowling '55; basketball '55 David Anderson — seminary graduate '55; Spanish Club '55, '56; hunting and fishing - hobbies. Sylvia Griffiths — A Cappella '56; journalism '55; orchestra '54, '55, '56; Twirlers Club '55; Girls' Concert Chorus '55, '56. Earlene Hawkins — speech meet '54, '55, '56; seminary graduate '56; "Importance of Being Earnest" '55; "The Curvacious Savage" '56; Thespian Club '55, '56; Pep Club '56. Dan K. Elton — Student-body president '56; Legislative Council '55; football and basketball teams '55, '56; baseball team '55; state honorable mention basketball team '55. Lynn Powell — governor of Utah-ldaho district Key Club '56; Vice-president senior class '56; Science Club '56; Debate Club '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56. Dorathy Flygare — seminary graduate '56; dance review '54; Phi Gamma Psi '56; decorations for Preference Ball '56. David Shields — attended school in Canada while a sophomore; transferred from B. Y. High; interest -auto mechanics. Julie Elliott — seminary graduate '55, dance review '55; assemblies '54, '55. Carol Pace — seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; dancing. Joe Baird — baseball; basketball; football; Student Council; school play. Jane Hickman — Pep Club '56; Debate club '55, '56; Legislative Council '56; seminary graduate,- drama and forensic meet '55. Jineen Greenhalgh — secretary of Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; Pep Club '56; Junior Prom decoration committee '55. Richard Barrett — interested in radio and has it as his hobby. Karla Nelson — yearbook '55, '56; talented artist; Girls' Organization. Jim Westover — Studentbody vice-president '56; attendant to preferred man '56; Boys' State '55; yearbook staff '56; seminary graduate '55. Emma Lou Clark — orchestra '55; Girls' Concert Chorus '54, '55, '56; A Cappella '55, '56; seminary graduate '56, Phi Gamma Psi '55, '56. Connie Jensen — Junior class assembly '55; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Ski Club '56; president of Dance and Music Club '56. Joan Davis — seminary scholarship and graduate '55; dance and fashion review '54; Pep club '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. David Borget — speech meet '54, school play '55; Boys' Organization. Mary Ann Nelson — best actress award '54; seminary graduate '55; junior class secretary '55; Provonian Provost staff '55, '56; KOVO reporter '56. John Jorgensen — seminary graduate '55; football '54, '55, '56; Letterman's Club '56; wrestling '54, '55, '56; assemblies '54, '55, '56. 59-•K John C. Heninger William Guy Lund Jeanette Small Don Rasmussen Penny Anderson Carol Hafen Donna Johnson Louise Cox Esther Campbell Charles Norman Jim Daley Patricia Smith Charles T. Greiner Fern Webb James E. Bunnell Shirley Barrett Myrleen Rieske June Dahle Edmund Davenport Sheila Bailey Verona Lee Peay Woodrow C. Whitlock Ruthmary Braithwaite June Wright James Watkins -60-iwm' P. H. S. hostess Mary Frances Taylor showed a school visitor around. Hostesses were newly instituted at Provo High School this year. John C. Heninger — president Photographer's Club '56; reporter on Provonian '56; Ski Club '56; participated in World Jamboree '56. Carol Hafen - Girls' State and Girls' Nation '55; president Thespian Club '56, secretary French Club '55; Ski Club '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Jim Daley — speech meet '56; president shop class '55; school spirit committee '56; president world history '54; DECA Club '55. Shirley Barrett --assemblies '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; DECA Club '56; Pep Club '56; dance chairman '56. Myrleen Rieske — Phi Gamma Psi '56; dance review '55; A Cappella '55; fashion show '55 assemblies. William Guy Lund — president Key Club '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; band '54; boys quintet '56; seminary graduate. Donna Johnson — fashion show '55, '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Junior Prom committee '55. Patricia Smith - Phi Gamma Psi '56. June Dahle — string trio '55, '56; orchestra '54, '55, '56; debate team '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56. Edmund Davenport — seminary graduate; FFA vice-president. Jeanette Small — Girls' Concert Chorus '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Louise Cox — Girls' Concert Chorus '54; Dance Club '54; seminary graduate '56; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Charles T. Greiner — Junior Prom committee '55; Radio Club, '56; Projectionist Club '54, '55, '56; Photography Club '55; Concert Band '54. Sheila Bailey — Spanish Club '54; junior assembly committee '55; Girls' Organization '54, '55, '56. Verona Lee Peay — Spanish Club '54; dance review '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Girls' organization '56; fashion show 56. Don Rasmussen — cheerleader '56; Junior Prom committee '56; school spirit committee '56; assemblies '55, '56. Esther Campbell — Girls' Concert Chorus '54, A Cappella '54; seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56. Fern Webb —seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Wood-row Whitlock — lettermen's club '56; athletic manager '54; Debate club '55, '56; Thespians '55, '56; Boys' State '55. Ruth-mary Braithwaite — girls' captain '56; seminary graduate '55; assemblies '54, '55, '56; president of Phi Gamma Psi '56; vice-president of German Club '56. Penny Anderson — Spanish Club treasurer '54; Riding Club '55; fashion show '56; interests -outdoor sports, riding, and training horses. Charles Norman — football '55; DECA Club '56; tennis '55; track '54. James E. Bunnell — school play '55, debate team '55, '56; Thespian Culb '56; school plays '56. June Wright — A Cappella '54, '55, '56; commercial contest '55; secretary of seminary '56. James Watkins — Concert Band '54, '55, '56; Peo Band '54, '55, '56; seminary graduate '55; junior class assembly '55. Dick Gardner — football '56; basketball '56; Lettermen's club '56; preferred man '56. Sylvia Manton seminary graduate '55 dance review '55; DECA Club '56, Phi Gamma Psi '56. Sherry Lynn Hiatt — debate team '55; Thespian Club '56; A Cappella '56; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Gary Russell — basketball '54, '55, football '54, '55, '56; assembly '55; Lettermens Club '55, '56 Rayanna Larsen — girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '56. Dick Gardner Sylvia Manton Sherry Lynn Hiatt Gary Russell Rayanna Larsen -61-Office girl Helen Blackburn and Secretary Anna Lou Jones hunted through the files for needed data. The "Quest for information" occupied much of the time of the office staff. Alice Thomsen Burnell Reese -62- Don Asay — president of school DECA Club '56; Legislative Council '55, '56; assemblies; seminary graduate. Kathry A. Taylor - Junior Prom committee '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56. Frank Sumsion — chemistry lab assistant '56; president Math-Science Club '56; director of junior assembly '55; Ski Club '55, '56; spirit committee '55. Alice Thomsen — girls' captain '56; A Cappella '55, '56; seminary graduate '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Pep Club '56. Burnell Reese —Boys' State '56; Boys' Organization; supports school activities. Clark Bowler — school spirit co-chairman '56; KOVO reporter '55, '56; Thespian Club '56; yearbook staff '56. Clair Garrick — band '54, '55, '56; interest, mechanics, radio. Donna Mae House — A Cappella '56; orchestra '54, '55, '56; Dance Club '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '56. Sylvia Vincent — president of Girls' Organization '56; Pep Club '56; Thespian '55, Girls' State '55; " I Speak for Democracy" finalist '54. Kayle Cloward — Seminary graduate '55; basketball '55; baseball '55; Ski Club '56; football '54. Charlene Bingham — Girls' organization; dance review. Pro-log staff; seminary. Jack Boardman — seminary president and graduate '55; senior class president '56; DECA Club '56; assemblies; Ski Club. Deola Griffin — Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '56; Girls' Organization; hobby - sewing. Mary Jo Henricksen — seminary graduate '56; vice-president of Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56; assemblies '54, '55. Edward Wolsey — tennis team '54, golf team '55; assemblies '55, '56; Lettermen's club '56; seminary graduate '56. wlfahCntJack Cluff — Pres 'Teen Kanteen; seminary graduate. Janice Sorensen — seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; yearbook staff '56; Phi Gamma Psi program chairman '56; Ski Club '55, '56. Glenn Allman - vice-president of Key Club '55, '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56 senior boys' quartet '56. Mary Ellen Penrod — junior class dance committee '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; fashion show '56; interest - secretarial work Mary Frances Taylor — Pep club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56 girls' captain '56. Ann Strebell — seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Girls' organization. Robert Thorson — seminary graduate '55; Boys' Organization; hobbies - fishing, swimming; interests - business, automobiles. Leslie Fechser — junior varsity cheerleader '54 varsity cheerleader '56; Thespian club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56. Lavoy Hardman — Concert, Pep and Dance Bands '54, '55, '56; orchestra '54, '55, '56; assemblies '54, '55; A Cappella choir '56. Royle Johnson — seminary graduate '55; Spanish Club '55 DECA Club '56. Charlene Bingham Jack Bordman Deloa Griffin Mary Jo Henricksen Edward Wolsey Jack Cluff Janice Sorensen Glenn Allman Mary Ellen Penrod Mary Frances Taylor Ann Strebell Robert Thorson Leslie Fechser LaVoy Hardman Royle Johnson -63-Frank Reed Dimick — assemblies; Boys' Organization; enjoyed outdoor sports; excelled in art; liked to tinker with cars. Marsha Bray — junior class vice-president '55; "I Speak for Democracy" '55; cheerleader '56; FFA Sweetheart '55; Girls' State '55. David Snyder — Letterman '54, '55, '56; assistant stage manager '54; member of football, track and wrestling teams '54, '55, '56; third place in state track meet '55. Turid Samuelsen — seminary graduate '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; German Club '54; girls' captain '56. Nadine Snow — Girls' Concert Chorus '54; assemblies; dance review '55; seminary graduate '55; A Cappella '55, '56. Richard Harvey — Lettermen's Club '54, '55, '56; assemblies '55; athletic manager '54, '55; track '54, 55, football '54. Barbara Larsen — Preference Day chairman '56, homecoming attendant '56; FFA attendant '54, '56; Ski Club secretary '56; editor of Pro-Log '54. Jeannine Hawke — Girls' Organization vice-president '54; "The Importance of Being Earnest '55; Studentbody secretary '56; girls' captain '56; Pep Club '56. Lee Ann Hinckley — seminary graduate '55; secretary of Pep Club '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; assemblies. Michael Kammermeyer — Provost editor '56; Boys State '55; Thespian Club '55, '56; Legislative Council and Board of Control '54, '55, '56; "Importance of Being Earnest" '55. Geniel Schemensky — senior class secretary '56; Pep Club '56; seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Naomi Meservy — yearbook staff '56; Pep Club '56; seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; senior committee '56. -64- ■ Sophomore David Nuttall admires proud possession of Senior Kennith Reed. Frank Reed Dimick Marsha Bray David Snyder Turid Samuelsen Nadine Snow Richard Harvey Barbara Larsen Jeannine HawkeBob Okey Saundra Innes Linda Lee Harris Claude Nielsen Pat Bingham Fred Allred — seminary graduate '55; basketball '54, '55, '56; Lettermen's club; commercial contest '55. Betty Moulton — seminary graduate '55; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56 DECA Club '56; girls' captain '56 Will Watson — football '56; Lettermen's Club; vice-president Ski Club; senior assembly '56 Marorie Murry — Pep club '56, sem-ary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; dance class and review '55. Shirl Clayton — track team '56; Ski Club '54, '56; French Club, '55. Deon Davidson — debate team B. Y. High '55; dance club B. Y. High '55 seminary graduate '56 Phi Gamma Psi '56, girls' captain '56. Dick Page — baseball '54, '55; basketball '54, '55; Lettermen's club '54 '55; interest - cars and hunting. Patricia Peck — Legislative Council 54; seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Girls Assembly chairman '56. Bob Okey — concert band '54, '55; A Cappella '55, '56; Student body business manager '56; office assistant '56. Saundra Innes — Phi Gamma Psi '56; fashion show '55. Linda Lee Harris — Pep club '56; French Club '55, Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56, assemblies '55. Claude Nielsen — A Cappella '54, '55, '56; vocal ensemble '56; seminary graduate '56; assemblies '54, '55, '56; dance floor shows '54, '55, '56. Pat Bingham — A Cappella '54, '55, '56; Girls' Concert Chorus '56; Pep Club '56; assemblies '54, '55, '56; seminary graduate '55. Paul Day — Legislative Council '54; seminary student council '55; basketball '55, '56; Lettermen's club '55, '56; Dance Band '55. Shirley Morgan — assemblies '54, '55, '56; seminary graduate '56; A Cappella '55, '56; school spirit committee '56; senior committee '56. Sandra Weitzeil — seminary graduate '56; Pep Club '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; assemblies '54, '55, '56. Kenneth Fryer — seminary graduate '56; Concert Band '54, '55; Pep Band '54, '55; hobby - hunting. Karen Keith — sextette '54, '55, '56; Pep Club '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; junior varsity cheerleader '54; assemblies '56. Lee Ann Hinckley MichaelKammermeyer CELEBRITY CELEBRATES Geniel Schemensky Naomi Meservy Fred Allred Betty Moulton Will Watson Marjorie Murry Shirl Clayton Deon Davidson Dick Page Patricia Peck Paul Day Shirley Morgan Sandra Weitzeil Kenneth Fryer Karen KeithNadine Peay Janelle Slaton Bob Curtis Louis Seimer Claudette Box Melvina Bulow Melvin Loader Coleen Finlayson Rita Jean Thomsen Clyde Stephenson Gerry Thomas Belva Hollerman Clair Rees Margaret Lewis Giles Baum TENSE MOMENTS . . . Nadine Peay — seminary graduate '55; dance review '55; Girls' Concert Chorus '55, '56. Bob Curtis — assemblies; seminary graduate; school spirit committee; hobby - cars. Claudette Box sophomore sox spree '54; Junior Prom committee '55; Girls' Organization '54, '55, '56. Melvin Loader — seminary graduate '56; interests - aviation, radio, chemistry, industrial arts. Rita Jean Thomsen — fashion show '55; Junior Prom committee '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; junior class dance '55; girls' tea committee '56. Janelle Slaton — school spirit committee '56; Pep Club '56; French Club '55; created scenery for assemblies '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' organization '56. Louis Siemer — Boys' Day assembly '56. Melvina Bulow — Dance Club '54; Pep Club '56; social chairman Phi Gamma Psi '56; yearbook staff '56; girls' captain '56. Coleen Finlayson — girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Clyde Stephenson — FFA '54, '55; Lettermen's Club '55, '56; football '55, '56; wrestling '55, '56. Gerry Thomas basketball, baseball mgr. '55; seminary student council '55. Belva Hollerman — seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; dance review '54, '55; hostess '56. Clair Rees — Provonian editor '56; yearbook staff '56; orchestra '54; assemblies '54, '55; Board of Control '56. Margaret Lewis — German Club '54; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi, '56; girls' captain '56; secretary to Mrs. Barnett '56. Giles Baum — supported school activities. Boys' organization ‘54 '55, '56. Sylvia Clark — seminary graduate '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Norman Facer — Pep Band '54 '55 '56; A Cappella '55, '56; -66-Contert Band '54-5-6 wrestling team '54-5-6; track team '54-5-6; seminary graduate '56. Sheila Harris — A Cappella '54, '55, '56 yearbook model '55; girls' captain '56; DECA Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56 Gregg Johnson — school spirit committee '55. Jerolyn Brown — Pep Club '56, seminary graduate '55; assemblies '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Maureen Sorrells — Pep Club '56; yearbook staff '55, '56; yearbook salesman '56; girls' captain '56; interest - majored in art. Adam Colunga — Lettermen's Club '55; track; wrestling; Boys' Organization. Kay Pierpont — Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Thespian '56; homecoming attendant '56; girls' captain '56. George King — golf team '54, '55, '56; assemblies '54, '55, '56; concerts '54, '55, '56. LoRetta Ford — dance review '55; fashion show '55; fashion show narrator '55; bicycle court recorder '56; seminary graduate '56. Gene Reid — wrestling team '54, '55, '56; football team '54; Lettermen's club '54, '55, '56; Science club '56; German Club '55. Ila Kay Halladay — Pep Club '56; seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56; assemblies '54, '55. Belden Durtschi — interests - chemistry, biology, and botany; hobbies - cars, playing guitar. Danielle Christiansen — president of junior class '55; secretary of Debate Club '55, '56; orchestra '54, '55; Board of Control '55 Merrill Nielson — played the trumpet; interested in mechanics, cars, hunting, type, and music. Sylvia Clark Norman Facer Sheila Harris Greg Johnson Jerolyn Brown Maureen Sorrells Gene Reid Adam Colunga Ila Kay Halladay Kay Pierpont Beldon Durtschi George King Loretta Ford Danielle Christiansen Merrill NielsonJoan McClure Weston White Neil Anderson Wayne Cowley Sharlene Field Earline Carter Nanette Hinckley Janece Clinger Robert Blackwell Murray Johnson Bruce Belliston Chloe Ann Madsen Jubilant Bulldog fans celebrate their first Srate Basketball Championship in ten years. Lucille Edwards Carol Ann Murdoc Don Orme TtmfMRdMm Joan McClure — yearbook staff '55; Riding Club '56; loved outdoor sports. Wayne Cowley — Concert Band '54; Dance Band '55; Science Club '55; Key Club '55 Nanette Hinckley —seminary graduate '55; A Cappella '55, '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Thespian Club '56. Murry Johnson — president Lettermen's Club '55; football team '55 '56; wrestling team '54, '55, '56; track team '54, '55, '56; seminary graduate '56; State Wrestling Champion '56. Lucille Edwards — excelled in sports; talent of making other people laugh. Weston White — seminary graduate '55; Kanteen member '55, '56. Sharlene Field — Spanish Club '54; seminary graduate and banquet committee '55; Junior Prom committee '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Janece Clinger — Pep Club '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; assemblies '54, '55; seminary graduate '56. Bruce Belliston — basketball '54; baseball, '54, '55; Concert Band '54, '55, '56; Lettermen's Club '55, '56. Carol Ann Murdock — "Night of January 16th" '54; Thespian '55; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '56. Neil Anderson — interests - hunting, fishing and sports. Earline Carter — seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Girls' Organization '54, '55, '56; fashion show '54 Robert Blackwell — Orchestra '54 '55; Dance Band '54, '55; assemblies '55, '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; German Club '55. Chloe Ann Madsen — co-chairman spirit committee '56; seminary graduate '55; A Cappella '56; assemblies '54 '55 '56; Pep Club '56; Ski Club '56. Don Orme — FFA Club '54, '55, '56; seminary graduate '55. Judy Daynes - Junior Prom co-chairman '55; German club '54; orchestra '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; assemblies. DeAnn Nielsen — seminary graduate '55; Provo High's winner of the future homemaker of tomorrow contest '56; girls' captain '56; Preference Ball co-chairman '56; Pep club '56. Ted Taylor — Provonian '54, '55, '56; Provost '56; Junior Prom chairman '55; Hi Scribes '55, '56; Pro-log; yearbook salesman '54, '55, '56. Jerry Stubbs — president of shop class '56. Board of Control '56. Dorothy Brown — Pep Club '55, '56; seminary graduate '55; girls' captain '56; DECA Club '56; dancing class '55. -68- Judy Daynes Janet Kingsbury — yearbook staff '55, '56; Pep Club '56; girls' captain 5o; yearbook salesman '56; PHS hostess '56. Bob Mitchell — sophomore president '54; football '54; Board of Control '54; Legislative Council '54; foot ball '56. Anna Loye Van Wagner — seminary graduate '56; sextette '54, '55, '56; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56; Pep Club '56; assemblies '54, '55, '56. Kent Snyder — loved to tinker with his car; enjoyed hunting; a transfer from California '55. Nancy Lynn Majors — Girls Organization '54, '55, '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; fashion show '56; seminary graduate '56; hobby -sewing. Kent Coles — Ski Club '56; commercial art '56. Ted Taylor Jerry Stubbs Dorothy Brown Janet Kingsbury Bob Mitchell AnnaLoye VanWagner Kent Snyder Nancy Majers Kent Coles “69“Mayo Thurston Margene Wride Elva Spencer Lynn Gleave Harold Hintzie Diane Whitehead Betty Harding Phillip Speckart Robert Smith Delmar Leach Raymond Verbeck and Danielle Christiansen helped to decorate for the Senior Hop. Mayo Thurston — band '54 '55 '56; Dance Band '55 '56; assemblies '56. Elva Spencer — seminary graduate '55; Preference Ball co-chairman 56; girls' captain '56; yearbook staff '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Harold Hintzie — played the clarinet; tennis enthusiast; school's noted humourist; Boys Organization. Betty Harding — seminary graduate '55; senior committee '56; Pep club '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56. Robert Smith — westling '55; Science Club; interested in electrical engineering; hobby - radio. Margene Wride — transferred from Spanish Fork High School '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Junior Prom Committee '55; seminary graduate '56. Lynn Gleave — captain of football team '55; captain of basketball team '56; member of golf team '55; vice-president of Lettermen's Club '56; vice-president of Boys' Organization '55; A Cappella '56. Diane Whitehead - Dance Club '54; home room representative '55; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Pep Club '56. Philip Speckart — president of Electronics club '55, '56; band '54; assemblies '54 '55 '56; Radio Club '56; Photography Club '56. Delmar Leach — A Cappella '54 '55 '56; seminary graduate '56; Key Club '56; orchestra '54; Science club '56. Arlen Waters — seminary graduate '55; A Cappella '55 '56; Thespian Club '56. Norma Scott — junior class assembly '55; decorating committee '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56 seminary graduate '55. Louise Weitzeil — girls captain '56; Pep Club '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; fashion show '54, '55; Junior Pr«wi committee '55 Dee Pritchett — chemistry lab assistant '56; vocational chemistry '55; Science Club '56. Virginia Gale — seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; Girls' Organization '54, '55, '56; fashion show '54. Heber Dunn — excelled in violin playing '54, '55, '56; string quartet '55. JoAnne Alger — seminary graduate '56; Thespian Club '54; debate team '54, '56; "Night of January 16th" '54; Pep Club '56. Roy Anderson — speech meet '55; "The Curious Savage" '56; Ski Club '56; Tumblers Club '56 Mary Allman — seminary graduate '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; fashion show '55, '56. Gary Norton — president of mixed chorus '55; Illinois All State Chorus '55; boys' chorus and mixed chorus '54, '55, '56; Illinois Spring Concert Glee '54, '55. Helen Blackburn — French Club '55, '56; assemblies '55, '56 Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '56. Vivian Van Leuven — Phi Gamma Psi '56; assemblies '55; seminary graduate '56. Carl Reid Saxey — wrestling team '54, '55; created advertisements for school activities '54, '55, '56; interested in art. Mahlon DeLange — seminary graduate; FFA; interested in cars. Emma Lou Webb — seminary scholarship '55; Pep Club '56; president Dance Club '55; Thespian Club '56; DECA Club '56. Pat June Villard — French Club '55; Dance Club '55; seminary graduate '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; dance and fashion review '55. Dave Stewart — varsity cheer leader '56; Tumbling Club '55; Music and Dance Club '56; Thespian Club '55, '56; yearbook staff '56. Marcia Allen — debate team '54; seminary graduate '55; Thespian Club '54, '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56. Lindalie Austin — yearbook business manager '56; junior varsity cheerleader '54; A Cappella '54, '55, '56; bookstore assistant '55, '56; Pep Club vice-president '56. Joyce Williamson — orchestra '54, '55; Pep Club '56; girls' captain '56; German club '56; seminary graduate '55. Elden Mecham — band '54; seminary graduate '55; FFA Club. -70-Gary Norton Vivian Van Leuven Mahlon DeLange Pat June Villard Marcia Allen Joyce Williamson S Helen Blackburn Carl Reid Saxey Emma Lou Webb Dave Stewart Lindalie Austin Elden Mecham Fred Allred, Geniel Schemensky and Don Rasmussen prepare "bodies" for Senior Hop. JoAnne Alger Roy Anderson Mary Allman —71 —Rayanna Larson and Jean Nelson apply a few daubs in a painting class. $wiiM Raymond Verbeck Gary Williams Johanna Baker Frances Groneman Francis Mooney Nancy WilkinsRaymond Verbeck — school plays '54; school spirit committee '56; assemblies '56; Teen Kanteen Council '56; Key Club '56. Gary Williams — seminary graduate Johanna Baker — seminary graduate and scholarship '55; Preference Ball and Junior Prom committees '55 '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls' captain '56; Pep Club '56. Frances Groneman — Pro Log staff '54; German Club '55; Debate Club '55; Legislative Council '56; seminary graduate '56. Francis Mooney — track '54; football '54; interest — welding. Nancy Wilkins — Pep Club '56; Dance Club '55; Girls' organization '56; orchestra '55; seminary graduate '56. Russel Woods — Ski Club; interest — customizing cars. Ann LaVern Bowen — chairman of March of Dimes '54; Phi Gamma Psi '56; DECA Club '56; decoration committees '54. 55; interest — collecting coins. Don Bergen — A Cappella Choir '54 '55 '56; quartet '55; quintet '56; hobby - hunting. Evelyn Frandsen — Girls' organization; interest - outdoor sports. Alma Ann Haynie — secretary Spanish club '54; Debate club '56; Legislative Council '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '55. Melvin Har-ward — Lettermen's club '54 '55 '56; education '54 '55 '56 Boys' organization. Jay McGregor — Ski Club '54, '55, '56; A Cappella choir '55 '56; golf '56; interest - water skiing. Harlow Brown — auto mechanics, radio interests. Kathryn Budge — Pep Club '56; German club treasurer '55; Thespian '56; Preference Ball committee '56; girls' captain '55; Laree Baxter — A Cappella '55, '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; seminary graduate '55; Pep Club '56. Bob Boardman — wrestling. Sally Thorne — winner "I Speak For Democracy"; school plays '54 '55 '56; Girls' State '55; Thespian club and assembly '54 '55 '56; essay editor school magazine '54. Stella Hughes—Pep Club '56; girls' captain '56; Phi Gamma Psi '56; school plays '56; seminary graduate '55. Joe Dewey - Thespian club; football '54 '55 '56; wrestling -all state '54 '55 '56; Lettermen's Club '54 '55 '56; stage manager '54 '55; track '54 '55. Jay Chappie — Preference assembly '56; track, football and wrestling '54 '55 '56; Lettermen's club '54 '55 '56; FFA Club '54 '55 '56. Jerry Lees — Hobbies - fishing and hunting. Carol Lee Snow — co-chairman of dance review '55; best supporting actress award '55; A Cappella '56; Pep club '56; assemblies '54 '55 '56. Clark Nuttall — track '54 '55; U. N. model assembly '54 '55 '56; UN Club '55 '56; Ski club '55 '56; Science club '55, '56. Virginia Harshman — Junior Prom committee '55; Phi Gamma Psi '56; girls captain '56. Ronald Carrick — hobbies - cars, hunting and fishing. Jay McGregor Harlow Brown Kathryn Budge Laree Baxter Bob Boardman Sally Thorne Jerry Lees Stella Hughes Joe Dewey Jay Chappie Carol Lee Snow Clark Nuttall Virginia Harshman Ronald CarrickJuuwi Cfom Junior Class President, Mark Clarke; Veep, David Thayne; and Secretary, Lynne Fechser, didn't spend all their time loafing on the steps. Usually they were busy planning junior-sponsored activities. Looking forward to a still brighter year in the classrooms of the new ultramodern high school building came the juniors. Each student's individualism will play a part in the beginning of a new tradition, which will be passed on from year to year and will grow with each new group of wide-eyed sophomores. Though last year bewildered them and this year left them wondering, next year will bring the assurance and confidence of having accomplished well. With the master role of senior beckoning the final glory of cap and gown was not far off. Diane Nelson Fred Jones Nancy Bullock Connie Leonard Robert Carter Venifa ParryJane Anne Bown Carol Borget Kenneth Roylance Alta Giles Kay Brandon LaVae Burns Connie Buckley David Laws Gloria Day Jacqueline Boswell David Thayne Wanda Brimhall Perry Prows Vivian Anderson Rush Sumpter DeAnn Clinger John Rowe Merle Day Kent Jolley Irene Ammons Stanley Allman Ann Oakley Diane Cox Jack Roe Afton Mayberry Jimmy Duane Bill Clark Liane Bradley Robert Watson Norma Waisner LaVon Allred Kay Richmond -75-Joanne Guerri Beverly Daniel Harding Tommy Crowley Don Liston DeAnn Adamson Marilyn Purvance Sandra Heal James E. Wind Bob Dorius Jean Nelson Kay Lynne Busterud Bert Anderson Norma Evans Jean Clark nCwwkoit Carol Christensen Blaine McClellan Ted Dowling Shirlene Nelson Jim LeVitre Helen Brown Fae Coleman Betty Lee Woodard Roy Griffiths Darleen Morrill Duane Chapman Pat Johnson Derene Walker Dale Zufelt"Sippin' soda through a straw. He was her man, but he was doin' her wrong." Do you suppose there was a pistol-totin' gal waiting outside for Vern Crandall or was Beverly Anderson his one true love? Norma Dee Hedquist Joyce Mitchell Sherwood Gordon Sandy Moulton Jack Morris Gayle Anderson Richard Duke Karen Dennett Joyce Childs Boyd F. Clayson laural Humphrey Ronald Moulton Darlene Brooks Martin Weeks Leola Nazaryk Lois Christensen Eugene Peay Lucile Harvey Pat Cullimcre Sue Hughes Jimmie Kimber Margaret Spendlove LuAnn Turpin Bob LewisLola Van Wagenen and Doloris Nelson smiled slyly as they imposed upon Mack Alger's chivalry. Why was Mack smiling? Maybe he was anticipating a lipstick-smeared reward. Pace Sette iA fm Urn l lm Lynda LeVitre Steven Parker Sally Thielen Julie Morris Gordon Thornton Karen LaVon Luce Vicki Peterson Neil Fernler Marian Peterson Naomi Dorthy Waters Shirley Williams Jim Miller Jeanette Thomas Ronald Thomas Carol Peay Max Peay Iva Dell Schaugaard Beverly Stephensen Ronald Verbeck Ilia Hymas Phil Peterson Bill Wood Sondra Hanseen Michael Rodrigue Joyce Allman Carol Simmons Lawana loveridge Nedra Housekeeper Mary Lou Jensen Sue Nelson Sheryl Garrick Carla Reynolds Larry Dimick Norman Winn Dixie Jensen Dennis Fehr Rosalund Kinsey Joe Beecrof? Betty Ann Wilkins Mary Mecham Frank Sumner Shrrlene 3ooth Maureen Jensen Mary Johnson Shirley Taylor Schmf1 Patsy Wright David Cook Marion Ream Beverly Anderson Irene Ivie Brandt Ellsworth Michael Morgan Ben Cloward Margaret McEwan —79— David Harris Nancy Stewart JoAnn Knight Nancy Wi scorn be Phil Bullock Peggy Jensen Virginia Washburn Gail Schenck Muriel Salerno Alan Menlove Connie Jones John Taylor Glen McKell Gary Graham Jessie Ripple Carolyn Jensen Robert Carter Teddie Ulibarri Jeanene Sims Mary D. Johnson Bruce Barlow Margene Symons Michael Ann Tyler Bill Clayton Patsy Throckmorton Don Clark Lola Van Wagenen Mark Clarke Helen Wilde Sheryl Tilton Vivi Raunholt Marian Hunt Sherry Jones Melvin Madsen Ernie Milner Karen Thompson Jeraldine James Rell Sproul Evelyn Johnson Lou Voe Wilcock —80—Lola Van Wagenen, Joyce Mitchell, Miss Wanda Scott, Frank Sumner, Doloris Nelson, and Rush Sumpter laid plans for the ultra-modern Junior Prom. In keeping with the Modernistic air of the Atomic age, the committee decided on "Utopia" for the theme. Kay Smith Mack Alger Louise Prestwich John Young Richard Finlayson Annette Ross Brent Dickson Karen Edwards Errol Raven Nanette Christensen Annette Myrh Wooton Merlynne Weight Kenneth Leroy Leetham Melva Morgan Lesleigh Bee Wayne B. Johnson Joy Ann Rasmussen Florence Booth Robert Olsen Velma Liebhardt -81-Glen Castleberry Joy Madsen Patricia Bush Susanne Rooney Stanley Penrod Eloise Adams Gaylene Gay Connie Jensen Evelyn Oaks George Thomas Jeniel Prothero Glenda Kay Glover Cecilia Edwards Darryl Steele Alan K. Van Wagonen Laura Fleming Betty Pehrson John George Ray Clements Jean Darling Linnaea Harrison Pauline Harness Peter Nordeen Emily Peterson Janice Mitchell Shirley Elliott Frank Harris Joan Clark DeAnne Adams Irvin Wright Sue Farmer Marianne Startup Vern Crandall Monya Austin Deanna Eyre Jerry Morley -82-Roy Whitehead and John Buckley seem to be having transportation troubles. (Or are they requistioning hubcaps?) Michael Williams Beverly Garret Joan Carter Mary Newton Carolyn Anderson Lynn Church Penny Moore Lewis Ray Sutherland Joan Cardon Suzanne Harris Garth Allred Ann Clayton Dean Benson Ann Mecham Sally Clements Ruth Killpack Marilyn Rowley Barbara Blackett Dean Buckner Deanne Norton Carol Ball John Buckley Doloris Nelson Clifford Holt Lonnie Gleave Janice Green Colleen McConkie Merlene HalladayLeading the sophomores of 1955 and "56 in their class activities were Paul Greiner, vice president; Jeannie Leonard, secretary; and Tonia Scott, president. Diane Darling Vincent Shepherd Mary Christopherson Paul Vincent Mary Ann Pollock Kaye Peterson Janet Peterson Beverly Simons Bill Snow Sherry Lynne Olpin Clark Whitlock Kathleen Coon -84- _____________________________________________ft Ruby Harding Richard Penrose Karen Sperry Gary Church Yvonne Prather Marilyn Prior Tina Bowen Dale Groneman Cady Joy Oveson Miles Decker Jeannie Leonard Robert Babcock Dixie Gordon Patricia J Harmon Lyman Tracy Stephen R. Clark Virginia Halladay Virginia Haws Jack Atkin Devers McElrath Sharon Hyde Phyllis Edwards Gordon Swapp Nancy Leishman Lewis Shipley George Williams Madeline Sumsion Judy Thomson David Nuttall The awe and amazement that was written across their faces as they first entered these halls was finally replaced by the confidence of familiarity. The fledgelings found their wings and were anxious to try them. No longer the bashful shy sophomore, each stepped forth toward gaining a higher education, holding school offices and participation in a whirlwind social life. As the year progressed the low man on the totem pole rose a notch. The classification of sophomore, the eternal underdog would be passed on to a new unoriented group in the fall. -85-Janet Gough Gary Craythorn Bonnie Hoover Janet Carter Arleen Harding Karl Seethaler Ray DeSpain Mary Braun Lyman Duke Judy Ann Woodward Bruce Dahle Doris Elliott Myrna Dee Gardner DeVon Johnson Beth Black Dave Cropper Mary Lee Thatcher Charles Trotter Linda Thomas Kathryn Rawlins Delbert Eatough Carol Jean Hadlock Morris Castleberry Judy White Gary Craghead Linda Bickerstaff Merfa Rae Sorensen Ronald Robbins Charlotte Britsch Joan Kingsbury La Rae Woodard Gordon Hansen Susie Mitchell Patricia Leibhardt Kenneth Jones John Sudweeks -86-Suzanne Webb Dennis Larsen Glenn Pace Karen Strong Hope Rasmussen Richard Van Wagenen Tom Parris Elma Sampson Kathleen Kammermeyer David Markman Garn Harris Tamara Thorpe Lunch hour brought a welcome break for Paul Gammon, Richard Cox, JoLayne Clark and Marilyn Jones. Jack Hansen, left, and LeGrande Jackman vied for the attentions of pretty Myrna Dee Gardner during a class change. -87-Lee Brown Geraldine Jones Jimmy Cowgill Carolyn Brickey Darlene Brown Brent Boyack Paul Greiner Carolyn Kish Diana Markham David Alger Jeanine Madsen Jo-an Dearing Ann West Kearn Kendall Sue Elton Barbara Berge Wayne Robertson Linda Beck Roger Menlove JoAnn Saxey Lavell Anderson Patti Crane Paul Jensen Katherine Jones Rita Ann Liddiard Patricia Roylance Dennis Hoover -88-Betty Jean Anderson Clark Bird Fern Baxter Connie Bailey CaroLee Joyner Sara Archuleta Bruce Furr Jol Layne Clark Jerrie Sorensen Ross Van Leuven Gerda Petersen Joel McDonald Sandra Woods Ann Carter Dale Bird Deanne Morgan John Michael Leeman Beverly Williams Bruce Hinkins Susan Firmage Marlin W. Mercer LaWanna Walker Sharon Rose Wellington Donna Payne John Duckett Frances Seyersdahl Beverly liebhardt Lynda Lee Madden Robert Taylor David White Patricia Thornton Beth Roylance Dean Conant Judy Hundley Nana Lee Van Wagenen Janiel Clark I -89-Brent Anderson Venera Davies Annette Smith Jerry Geyerman Jeanne Long Arlene Laird Steve Belmont Patricia Clark Judith Robinson Russel Garrett Fay Hutchings Merle Barbee Vernon Young Lorraine Knufesor Patsy Sorenson David Carter Reva Lynne Bennett Sandra Swapp Mary Soutas Mary Joan Knight Jerry O'Neal Janet Brand Greg Cockrell Karen Felker Ted Hindmarsh Mary Lynne Duckett David Lyman Valene Georges Lloyd A. Morley Sybil Sheriff John Chambers Mary Dawn Hawke John Burton Karen Beesley Ronald Scott -90-Thm Afoul Rank Jimmy Cowgill, Lee Brown, John Chambers and Pat Harmon discuss plans for the coming night. To many, Friday night meant date night, a welcome break. Dalene Reese Stanley Ford Joe Hamilton Karren Davis Ruth Baker Steven Mitchell Rita Becker David Fryer Eva Mae Smith Revelle Taylor JoAnne Pace Lynda La Tronico Alvin Harward Michael Woodward Janet Perkins Dale R. Kenison Patsy Dillinghom Ranee' Rowan Patsy Harris Janice Rowley Richard Carter Connie Small Ruth Ann Paramore Joanne Ward Margene Cox Ronald Fackler JoAnn Farrer -91-Marj O'Lee Miller Billy Bennett Karen Breinholt Richard Cox Frieda Steineckert Marcia Wiser Reed Guymon Molly Watkins Robert Carter Sondra Smith Pollyanna Ferguson Russell Young Seloma Cluff AlJean McGregor Dixie Innes Paul Speckart Avona Taylor Merrill A. Greenhalgh Mary Ann McFadden Anna Mae Perry Coleen Weight Max Nuttall Lidy DeGraaf Helen Abbott Eugene Olsen Melvin Childs Jeanie Dixon -92-Michael Vick Carolyn Johnson David Wright Sharen Ferre Carolyn Williams Tonia Scott Colleen Williams Gary Baum Kathleen Shelley Hopfamwi "Viteam" Vera Lewis Elaine Killpack Marilyn Jones Mae Nielson Gayle Cornaby Larry Johnson Gerald Brown Karen Madden Barbara Clark Jerry Sue Sundwall Rosalie Betts Vivian Pons -93- Margery Berwald Christine LyonLanguage Clubs 104Lindalie Austin, Karen Keith, Leslie Fechser, Jineen Greenhalgh, Earline Hawkins, Ann Hay-nie. Row 2, Emma Lou Clark, Deon Davidson, Carol Murdock, Rayanna Larsen, Emma Lou Webb. Row 3, JoAnne Alger, Shirley Morgan, Anna Loys Van Wagoner, Nancy Wilkins, Ruth-mary Braithwaite, Laree Baxter. Cmnmdm GROUP PICTURES ARE GIRLS ORGANIZATION CAPTAINS. Shirley Barrett, Stella Hughes, Diane Whitehead, Louise Weitzeil, June Dahle. Row 2, Janece Clinger, Jerolyn Brown, Linda Harris, Sandra Weitzeil, Norma Scott, Nanette Hinckley. Row 3, Melvina Bulow, Esther Campbell, Mary Jo Henrickson, Kathryn Taylor. Sherry Lynn Hiatt, Jane Hickman, Johanna Baker, Kathryn Budge, Belva Hollerman, Row 2, Joan Davis, Turid Samuelsen, Alice Thomsen, Donna Mae House, Patricia Peck. Row 3, Louise Cox, Sally Thorne, Judy Daynes, Marcia Allen, Carol Pace. Danielle Christiansen, Jeannine Hawke, Chloe Ann Madsen, Marsha Bray, Betty Harding, Connie Jensen, Row 2, Mary Ann Nelson, Betty Moulton, Barbara Larsen, lla Kay Halladay, DeAnn Nielson, E. Ruth Hanks, Row 3, Geniel Schemensky, Elva Spencer, Naomi Mes-ervy, Janice Sorensen, Lee Ann Hinckley, Carol Hafen. -96-0 i£ja uzotKtw Efficiently planning and carrying out the jamboree and Boys' Day activities were Boys' Organization officers; left to right, Richard James, president; Frank Sumner, vice president; and Robert Taylor, secretary. Immediately after the rights of women to vote were established, . . . Wham! They organized. Even at PHS a girls' organization is in existence. After making a few stabs at trying to prove that women are superior to men, they settled down to promoting useful campaigns and staging school activities. The gals used the ruse of Preference Day to present an applause provoking assembly and to inveigle their favorite men into dancing with them. They even dragged blushing Dick Gardner onto the stage to crown him "Prince of Our Preference." On Girls' Day the "weaker sex" came forth with another assembly and dance. And to prove that gals could violently oppose men on every move they made and at the same time be feminine, they held a tea. Sylvia Vincent, center, president of the Girls' Organization, met with Gloria Day, left, secretary, and Mary Braun, right, vice president, to discuss and plan activities for the girls. Mary Frances Taylor, Virginia Harshman, Joyce Williamson, Fern Webb, Maureen Sorrells. Row 2, Margene Wride, Donna Johnson, Mary Ellen Penrod, Rita Jean Thomsen, Dorothy Brown. Row 3, Marjorie Murry, Sharlene Field, Coleen Fin-layson, LoRetta Ford, Janet Kingsbury. -97-"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears." Since the days of Mark Anthony's time, the art of public speaking has been the mark of a leader. The Provo High Forensic Club has encouraged members to become proficient in the use of the politican's eternal weapon. The club participated in the Weber Invitational Speech Meet and in the Regional Forensic Meet, where the "pros" and "cons" were debated. Jane Hickman, president; James Bunnell, vice-president; Paul Speckart; Ann Haynie; Danielle Christiansen, secretary; standing — Merle Day, Sally Thorne, Lynn Powell, Sherry Lynn Hiatt. Oirifafo ffrl As the members mount the speaker's stand in days to come, they will be bringing into use the ancient art they learned with fellow students in high school years. Emm it ami D.E.CA. (Ma Potential managers and businessmen joined the Distributive Education Club of America, whose objectives were to create an appreciation for and an interest in the distributive field; to encourage high ethical standards in business; to develop and foster a feeling of civic, social, and moral responsibility to business and to society; to encourage and develop an active school spirit and to promote good school citizenship. Kay Pierpont; Leslie Fechser; Don Asay, president; Richard James; Carol Murdock. Row 2 — Sandra Weitzell, secretary; Geniel Schemensky; Jack Boardman; I la Kay Halladay; JoAnne Alger; Shirley Barrett; Sheila Harris; Joan Davis; Belva Hollerman. Row 3 —Frank Sumsion; Charles Norman; Royle Johnson; Mr. Lloyd, supervisor; Betty Moulton; Sharlene Field; Sylvia Manton; Emma Lou Webb; Pat Villiard. Jeannine Hawke, vice-president, was absent when picture was taken. 98-With the motto, "True friendship merits recognition," Phi Gamma Psi, senior girls' organization, strove to create lasting friendships and to develop in each member qualities of honesty and high ethical and moral ideals. Their once - a - month meetings provided words of wisdom from guest speakers. These words helped the girls obtain their goals. As a club project they bought a set of dishes which they paid for with money from a cake sale. They also sponsored a Valentine assembly. Standing—Melvina Bulow, social chairman; Janice Sorenson, program chairman; Mary Ann Nelson, reporter; seated—Mary Jo Hen-rickson, vice-president; Ruthmary Braithwaite, president; Jineen Greenhalgh, secretary. Phi Gamma P i mtUM.Ckbi Seated—Venita Parry; Mary Ann Nelson; Carol Hafen; Evelyn Oaks, vice-president; E. Ruth Hanks, president; standing—Merle Day, secretary; Mr. Asay, supervisor; Sally Thorne; Linnaea Harrison; Robert Olsen; Rush Sumpter; Lynn Powell; Jane Hickman. Dag Hammerskjold may not have been there, but a model U. N. meeting was held anyway. Members of the United Nations Club, together with other members of similar clubs throughout the state, gathered in Salt Lake City to hold a model U. N. council meeting. The meeting is an annual affair and is held to further the understanding of the United Nations. -99-Sherry Lynn Hiatt, Clark Bowler, Michael Kammermeyer, and Mary Ann Nelson whoop it up during play practice. "Out,out, brief candle. Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage." Thespians studied the art of enacting drama, tragedy, and even comedy. As the actor gained experience, he learned to live the part of the person he was portraying. Members of the Thespian Club: Sally Thorne, secretary; Earlene Hawkins; Emma Lou Webb; Stella Hughes; Row 2, Carolyn Brickley; Diana Markham; Gaylene Gay; Nanette Hinkley; Row 3, Marcia Allen; Jane Hickman; Sherry Lynn Hiatt; Sylvia Vincent; Row 4, Mrs. Gayle Bishop, supervisor; Kathryn Budge; Carol Hafen, president; Marsha Bray, vice-president was absent when picture was taken. Everyone, including the victim, seemed to be enjoying themselves as Dave Stewart throttled Jane Hickman, while a shocked, but smiling Frances Grone-man looked on. -100Officers of the Ski Club were Will Watson, vice-president; Ken-nith Reed, president; Mike Kammermeyer, business manager. Down the slope in a flurry of white speeds the hickory artist executing the classic and very basic maneuver, the sitzmark. Though this maneuver is usually the first to be learned by budding skiers, more complicated and intricate feats are practiced until the beginner becomes a frost-coated ski expert. Ski Club Members: Lewis Shipley, Marianne Startup, Barbara Larsen, Annette Myrth Wooton, Norma Dee Hedquist, Carol Lee Snow, Row 2, Russel Woods, Carol Ha-fen, Janice Sorenson, Deanna Couch, Mary Ann Nelson, Linda McKell, JoAnn Knight, Row 3, Clark Nuttall, Danielle Christiansen, Betty Harding, Geniel Schemensky, Row 4, Paul Paoletta, David Harris, Robert Watson, Kenneth Reed, Will Watson, Row 5, John C. Heninger, Ronald Verbeck, Verl Morgan, L. Andy Goad. -101-A mass of lovely legs, lettermen's jackets, and potato sacks, dancing to the romantic strains of "Sixteen Tons" proved that the Pep Club didn't AIWAYS wear their green and white uniforms. While the "potato faces" didn't necessarily help the "looks" of the cavorting girls, one must admit that the head wasn't the central point of attention anyway. Diane Whitehead; Mary Frances Taylor; Donna Mae House,- Jineen Greenhalgh; Row 2, Lee Ann Hinckley, secretary; Louise Weitzeil; Dorothy Brown; Geniel Schemensky; Row 3, Naomi Meservy; Alice Thomsen; Morjorie Murry; Melvina Bulow. Ondei (mi Janice Clinger; Joyce Williamson; Margaret Lewis; Nadine Jones; Karen Keith; Mary Ann Nelson; Sylvia Vincent; Row 2, Marcia Allen; Jerolyn Brown; Sandra Weitzel; Earlene Hawkins; Barbara Larsen,-Lindalie Austin, vice-president; Kay Pierpont; Row 3, Danielle Christiansen, president; JoAnne Alger; Betty Moulton; Janelle Slaton; DeAnn Nielsen; Janet Kingsbury; Nancy Wilkins. "We're up at seven, don't get to bed until . . . half past eleven ..." The gals in the green and white always did more than their share to lift school spirit and to give the school something to be very proud of. The perky pretties marched during the halftime at basketball games and at football games. They were always present en masse at pep rallies and assemblies. On days when games were scheduled, each member donned her uniform and did her part to promote enthusiasm and sportsmanship among the students. -102-Lynn Gleave, vice-president and secretary; Murray Johnson, president of "Lettermen." The boys in the green and tan leather jackets were the guys who won the games. Each one earned the title of "Letterman" and was proud of it. Through the different playing seasons, in padded shoulders, gym shoes, or wrestling tights, each one distinguished himself in competition with teams of other schools. M ttifo Adam Colunga, John Jorgensen, Melvin Madsen, Joe Dewey, Kenneth Rush Sumpter, Alan Kent Van Wage-nen, Row 2 Paul Day, Dick Gardner, Clyde Stephenson, Bob Dorius, Jay Chappie, Arvel Hemenway, Dan K. Elton, Row 3, James Bruce Belliston, Richard James, Lonnie Gleave, Bill Clayton, Joe Beecroft, Marian Hunt, Gene Reid, Row 4, Kayle Cloward, Dick Page, George Thomas, Lynn Gleave, Kennith Reed, Frank Sumner, Brent Ford, Row 5, Don Liston, Michael Williams. Wayne Snow, Ben Cloward, Mark Clarke, Woodrow C. Whitlock, Fred Allred, Richard Harvey, Bob Lewis Gary Russell, Will Watson, Murray Johnson. ..Utt mm Sherry Lynn Hiatt, Shirley Barrett, Stella Hughes, Jeannine Hawke, Chloe Ann Madsen, Connie Jensen. Row 2, Kathryn Budge, Laree Baxter, Jane Hickman, Betty Harding, Maureen Sorrells, Linda Harris, Row 3, Louise Cox, Emma Lou Webb, Joan Davis, I la Kay Halladay Pat Bingham, Johanna Baker. -103-GERMAN CLUB Diana Markham, treasurer; Ruthmary Braithwaite, secretary; Carolyn Jensen; Marilyn Rowiey; Joyce Williamson; Irene Cooper; La-Von Allred; Calvin Bartholomew, supervisor. Row 2: Michael Morgan; Ronald Fakler; De Von Johnson, president; Robert Tnomas,-Nancy Steward. Row 3: Richard Bullock; David Draper; Glen Ray Clayton; Leo Black; Mahlon De Lange,-Belden Durtschi. "Sprechen sie Deutsch?" "Jahwole, Jahwole!" Members of the German club studied, not only the German language, but also the history customs and traditions of the Fatherland. Officers of the Math and Science Club were, Frank Sumsion, president; Jeff Caves, secretary; Brent Dickson, vice-president. Joe Dewey; Shirl Clayton; Lynn Powell Jim Westover; Jerry Lees; Kenneth Roylance; Jack Roe; Mack Alger; Row 2, Jeff Caves; Heber Dunn; Weston White; Clair Rees; Wayne Cowley; Frank Sumsion; John Taylor; Mr. Rudolph Reese, supervisor; Mr. Wayne Cowley; Dr. Peterson, B Y U. MATH AND SCIENCE CLUB The world of the atom was studied through the universal language of mathmatics and science by the P H S Math and Science club. Lmqmti -104-FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS: Kay Smith; Lynda LeVitre, president; Joe Hamilton, secretary; Carolyn Jensen, vice-president; Kearn Kendall; Charles W. Fetterley; Row 2, Margaret Spendlove; Dee Ann Adamson; Sue Nelson; Geneel M. Harris; Mae Nielson; Mariellen Higgins; Molly Watkins; Row 3, Carolyn Kish; Sara Archuleta; Penny Moore; Joy Madsen; Wayne Carle, supervisor. "Come wiz me to zee Casbah." French club members learned quite a bit about the French people and their language, but couldn't for the life of them discover why Frenchmen were so popular with women. Mid sts SPANISH CLUB Our neighbors to the South were the subject of the study of the Spanish club. Beautiful costumes were shown to members, and those who had been south of the border related tales of fascinating dances, and picturesque bullfights. Veneta Davies; James Bunnell; George Williams,- Row 2, Pat Clark; Beverly Simons; Margene Cox; Francelle Sorenson; Mr. Paul Lloyd, supervisor; Mr. Anderson; Row 3, Patricia Thornton; Jackie Parry; Beth Davis; Lidy DeGraaf; Bill Lewis; Fred Boyd; Row 4, Teddie Ulibarri, president; E. Ruth Hanks; Virginia Haws,- Marj O'Lee Miller; Kay Woods,-Row 5, Christine Lyon; Beverly Anderson; Ruth Killpack; Kendall Law-ton, vice-president; Row 6, Blaine McClellan, Paul Paoletti; Robert Eugene Robertson; Sally Clements, secretary,- Vern Crandall; David Anderson; Roger Menlove. 105-St WM ubi Raymond Verbeck; Delmar Leach; Lynn Powell; Revelle Taylor; Jimmy Cow-gill; Marion Lund, secretary; Mr. Mc-Adam, representative of Kiwanis Club; William Guy Lund, president; Ronald Fakler; Wayne Cowley; Glenn Walker Allman, absent when picture was taken The Provo High Key club worked to fashion the leaders needed so much by the world. Sponsored by the Kiwanis, the members tried to develop initiative and leadership throughout their activities. Keif CM) Officers of the Electronics club were DeVon Johnson, secretary; Ralph Phil Bullock, vice-president; Philip Speckart, president; Ted Hindmarsh, treasurer, was absent when picture was taken. EMtmum Just prior to the time the lights were pulled, an Electronics club member was busy in the sound and movie control booth, as he readied the machine for action. Members of the Elec-troncis club didn't content themselves with just running and taking care of the school's movie and sound equipment. They strived to obtain a better understanding of electronics. -106-"CQ . . . CQ . . . CQ . . A member of the PHS radio club would quickly jump to his transmitter upon hearing the "CQ" call come over his receiver. Here would be a chance to make a new acquaintance via the air wave. The idle "CQ" call, the call of the lonesome HAM who would like someone to "talk shop" to, and other more important calls were learned by club members. RcACM Officers of the Radio club were Philip Spekart, Phil Peterson, vice-president; Seated, Phil Bullock, president; Lewis Ray Sutherland, secretary, was absent when the picture was taken. PlwfoqMipkj CM The life of a photographer, as members of the PHS photo club soon learned, was not always that of blinding flashbulbs, light meters and camera settings. Some of the photographer's time was spent in the dark, with only the dim glow of a colored bulb and the vile smell of yellow tinned chemicals for company. Members of the Photographer Club were: John Chambers; Vern Crandall; Glenn Pace; DeVon Johnson; George Williams; Standing, Phil Peterson; Karl Seethaler; Douglas Williams; Gary Craythorne; John Heninger, president was absent when the picture was taken. -107-School spirit committee for last half of the year were: Carol Ball, Sherry Lynn Olpin, Anna Loye Van Wagoner, Jane Anne Bown, Joyce Mitchell, Row 2, Penny Moore, Linda Beck, Mary Ann Nelson, Sandra Weitzeil, Row 3, Bob Curtis, Kennith Reed, Bill Clayton, Kenneth Rush Sumpter, Frank Sumsion, Frank Sumner. TkEt es ©ftk School Spirit Committee for first half were: Lola Van Wagenen, Norma Dee Hedquist, Mary Braun, Lee Brown, Chloe Ann Madsen, Jane Anne Bown, Row 2, Janelle Slaton, DeAnn Clinger, Clark Bowler, Row 3, Roy Anderson, Raymond Verbeck, Don Rasmussen. The School Spirit Committee was the committee who planned a large portion of the school's activities. Arranging and planning pep rallies and assemblies was the responsibility of the committee members. The colorful posters foretelling games and dances were made by the commiittee members. Sdmt Spirit Cmmittm -108-Skill and coordination plus good looks was the right combination to produce a successful twirler. PHS, it seemed, had plenty of girls who filled the requirements. The flashing baton and the captivating smile of the shapely twirlers were presented to the view of the studentbody on many memorable occasions. SdwVA tiUpmYwi Jeannie Leonard, Nancy Wiscombe, Jeraldine James, Barbara Berge, Row 2, Margery Berwald, Helen Wilde, Carolyn Anderson, Doloris Nelson, Marilyn Purvance, Row 3, Monya Austin, Barbara Blackett, Connie Leornard, Jeanie Dixon, Charlotte Britsch, Ann Clayton, Pat Cullimore. High-stepping at one of the games were: Shirley Elliott, Ann Clayton, Barbara Berge, Annette Myrth Wooton, Nancy Wiscombe, Marilyn Purvance. -109-I I I I I ILiberal Arts page 126Dr. J. C. Moffitt, Superintendent, advisor, administrator, friend. I knew you first when you came to occupy the principal's office in the main building back in 1930. Your hair was brown then and not quite so far back on your forehead, but your eyes had the same friendly twinkle and your hand clasp was warm and kind. I have watched your growth and your development from the principal of a fairly small high school to the superintendent of a large city school system — from the principal to an educator of state, and national renown. I have seen you late and early sweating over the problems of over crowded classrooms, and poorly paid teachers, and coming up with the answers. I have watched hundreds of board members, teachers, parents and pupils enter your office and leave with happy faces and light hearts. For these numerous actions I, along with the students want to lend the warmest of thanks. Provo High School Dmwfes of Sckwl1 Sap tvii -112-Principal D. V. Tregeagle and Superintendent J. C. Moffit studied plans for the new Provo High School building. They often found it necessary to closely co-ordinate their work. Dear Principal Tregeagle: My halls and building knew you first when you entered as a junior student in 1921. I saw you at various times after graduation, when you, a beginning teacher, brought groups of students from the Farrer Junior High to participate in activities in my gymnasium or auditorium. I heard the students affectionately refer to you as "Deb" and saw the light in their eyes when they talked about their favorite English teacher. As a teacher of social science and English in 1942 you came back to my building. You led many of these same students through three more years of schooling. I watched your popularity grow with faculty and students. When Mr. Weight left in 1947, you were made principal as the result of the votes of your fellow teachers. Your love for me has grown with the years; and I salute you, my friend, as you leave me for newer horizons. Provo High School Members of the Board of Education, Dr. Milton Marshall, Ray Murdock, Algie E. Ballif, Merrill Christopherson, and Rachel Heninger, met often to plan and direct the activities of the Provo schools. But fc u ctf Better -114- Educational supervisors Stell Oaks and Edith Stimpson worked for higher educational standards throughout the district. Planning menus and supervising the lunch program fell into the hands of Amy Taylor.Edimtfm Secretaries to the Board of Education were, left to right, Dorothy Woodward, Elma Penrod, and Maurine Robinson. Elodia Goss, Pauline Thorne, Mary Farrer, Emily Liddiard, LaPearl Roberts, and Mary Harding, from left, daily prepared the delicious noon meals served to the students. Harold Boyack, Board of Education Student coordinator, Dr. Loyd C. Whit- Clerk was in charge of finances. His lock helped students to discover and was the hand that doled the money. develop their individual talents.Members ot the Legislative council were left to right, Bruce Gammon, Dave Jeppson Don Asay, Margery Berwald, Shirely Barrett] Mary Braun, Kathleen Coon, Jean Clark] Jeannine Hawke, Mr. Weight. Row 2, Jerry Stubbs, Eddie Richards, Bob Okey, Ruthmary Braithwaite, Sylvia Vincent, Nanette Hink-ley, Marian Peterson, Lynda LeVitre, Penny Moore, Chloe Ann Madsen, Marsha Bray, Jeraldine James. Row 3, Bill Lewis, Lindalie Austin, Leslie Fechser, Danielle Christiansen, Jane Hickman, Joyce Mitchell, Ann Haynie, Fern Webb, Merlynne Weight, Lynn Fechser. Row 4, Paul Greiner, Phil Bullock, E. Ruth Hanks, Sherwood Gordon Lynn Powe i Dan K. Elton, Frank Sumner, Sue Blundell DeAnn Clinger. Row 5 Menll Greenhalgn Woodrow Whitlock, Joe ai Peay, David Thayne, Frank Sums.on. l lwkm um The Provo High School Boards of Control met Wednesdays and efficiently disposed of problems concerning the school and its activities. Members were .seated left to right: Jim Westover, chairman of the board; Tonia Scott, Dan Elton, Sylvia Vincent and Jeannine Hawke. Standing, left to right were Richard James, Bob Okey, Mark Clarke, Clair Rees, Jack Boardman and Mike Kammermeyer. -116'Custodians Glen Kirkwood, Moroni Cottam and Gregory Antiuchowa kept PHS clean and habitable in spite of the best efforts of the local litterbugs to make it otherwise. Max Warner, dean of boys, gave invaluable assistance to Principal Tregeagle and solved many of the boys' problems. Justin J. Winkler, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, was in charge of the upkeep of all the schools in Provo district. Few students recognized them, but they were there, working and striving to make PHS a better school. The governing bodies met often to co-ordinate and plan the school's activities. Members of the board of control were called together on Wednesday morning to dispose of urgent school business and to keep the studentbody activities running smoothly. Students seeking advice on scholastic and personal problems sought out one of the deans, Max Warner or Libbie Hayward, who also kept files and records of their wards. Cleanliness was maintained through the constant and untiring efforts of the sanitary corps. Though the halls were littered by the end of the day, morning found them spick-and-span. Such behind-the-scene workers were indispensable at P. H. S. Libbie Hayward, dean of girls, sponsored the Girls' Organization and gave counsel to those who needed it. -117-Patsy Wright, Emma Lou Clark, Gaylene Gay and Penny Moore hit the books during their library science class. Libbie Hayward, English IV Dean of Girls, head of the Girls' Organization. 7k Pm w Miqhtffl Shown are temporary book worms Mary Francis Taylor, Gene Reid and Vivian Van Leuven. Joan Cardon and Gary Graham spend an English class diagramming sentences. -118-Wayne Carle: English II, French I, Journalism I, II. Advisor to Provonian and Prolog staffs. Anna Smoot Taylor: English III, IV. Corrected Provost literary copy and helped the Girls' Organization. Milton Nelson: English III, IV. English curriculum chair man, co-chairman faculty socials. Calvin H. Bartholomew: English II, III, German I. Advisor to the sophomore class and Projection club. Voit Roper: English II, III. Key Club co-chairman, Debate Club advisor. IkmUte Sumd They worked and toiled, split infinitives, and diagramed sentences. Some learned that they weren't too familiar with their mother tongue. As the terms rolled by, they studied literature and made some attempt to appreciate the finer works. Poetry had its turn, and, of course, there was the inevitable spelling. Once a week they cracked the pages of their favorite love or mystery stories and lost their worries of tests and past-due assignments in the adventure of the printed page. Adventures in books. -119-The international flavor of Europe intrigued Glenn Pace, who showed on the map exotic countries to Lee Brown, Shirl Bevard and Brent Boyack. Pat Harmon and Sheri Bevard located foreign countries on the globe for the -120-ofei of CiviPmtmt (AtMtet Kenneth Weight: Economics Greater Utah, American History. Chairman in charge of student elections. Advisor to the student council and cheerleaders. Bert Asay: World History, Psychology, American Problems, Attendance Committee, helped with the Voice of Democracy contest. H. Roy Slack: World History. In charge of graduation applications. Barbara Doermann pointed out a scene in southern France to interested onlookers Reid Saxey and Robert Smith. Keith Wilson: American History, World History. Helped with United Nations contest, and Parent Teachers Assn, panel discussions. The mighty battalions of Rome marched again in all the pomp and splendor of Caeser's time as history books unfolded the intriguing tale of civilization. All through the past students traveled, visiting the arenas of Rome, the battlefields of France, and the disease-infested jungles of the Amazon. Mighty battles were waged again on the blood-spattered no-men's lands of the world. Dictators and politicians were resurrected to replay their role on the stage of life. Yes, to some the colorful pages of their history books proved as interesting as their favorite novels. -121-Lois Howell: English II, Clothing I, II. Chairman of fashion review. Senior class advisor. Ronald Moulton, Gail Es-kelson, Jimmie Kimber and Terry Herbert gather around Don Liston, FFA president. -122- Vesta Barnett: Homeliving, Elementary clothing, sophomore Goals. Chairman Phi Gamma Psi, obtained flowers for graduation. Josie Vincent: Foods, Clothing I, II. Chairman American Junior Red Cross, Sophomore class advisor. Fred H. Cornaby: Agriculture I, II, III. Acted as advisor to the Future Farmers of America club.The banging of pots and the clashing of pans notified the school that the cooking class was in session. As the delicate aromas permeated the halls, students outside the cooking room began to feel hunger pangs, while inside the girls suffered from chronic ptomaine, the occupational disease of the home economic classes. Meanwhile another group of future housewives diligently cut and sewed to produce inspired garments of somewhat accidental design. The farmer boys studied the earth and the crops and worried only about the way their future wives would cook their food. -123-TfaUouHmd. Frank Chambers: Algebra I, II, Commercial Arithmetic, Drafting. Chairman of Assembly-Dance Committee, Advisor to the Junior class. Rudolph Reese: Earth Science, Plane Geometry Solid Geometry and Trigonometry. Selected student participants for the commencement program and helped students in applying for scholarships. Dick Gardner, left cleaned test tubes while John Jorgensen heated metal during one of the many chemistry laboratory experiments held during the school year. Examining a piece of apparatus that seemed to be a relic of the prohibition era were, from left, L. A. Goad, Jan Slaton, Woodrow Whitlock and Eddie Wolsey. fs -124-Wayne Cowley: Physics, Algebra I, II. Handled the scheduling of projection machines. Frank Whitney: Coaching, Biology. Coached boys in football, wrestling and tennis. Advisor to the Lettermen's Club. Rees E. Bench: Chemistry, Vocational Chemistry. President of the Provo Education Assoc. U ft(y Amwi Ivan W. Young: Heredity Physiology. Helped with the Boys' Organization Albert Johnson: Biology Zoology, Botany. Key Club co-chairman, chairman Boys' Day Dance. -125-EcfucorfieR in Palma Diane Lundahl: Dancing, Physical Education II, III. Faculty advisor to the Pep Club. Above: Dorothy Black: Dancing, Physical Education II, III. Was Dance Review chairman and Girls' Organization advisor Below: Janice Mitchell, lla Kay Halladay, Jackie Boswell, Nancy Wiscombe, Marian Ream, and Geneel Harris mixed it up during a game of kickball. The re-opening of the drive-inn season demanded strenuous exercises and judo tactics as the gals prepared to meet the amorous advances of the school's male motorists. Hut-two-three-four! Hut-two-three-four — As the exercise cadence rang out, scantily clad students bent and groaned under the watchful eye of the gym instructor. After exercising, they teamed up and joyfully participated in organized mayhem. The exuberant, would-be athletes learned to apply the basic rules of sportsmanship and fair play. Students quickly trimmed off the surplus weight gained during a liesurely summer. Bruises and bumps, hurts and cuts were forgotten when the bell rang and one and all relaxed under a tingling hot shower. -126-Glen Simmons: Physical Education I, II, Algebra I, Alumni Team Coach. Dolan Condie: American History, Physical Education. Basketball and baseball coach. Max Warner: Physical Education. Chairman of the Boys' Organization, Dean of boys. Richard Hill: Physical Education II. Track and football coach. Richard Bullock, Norman Pyne and Lyman Tracy, from left, looked on as Bruce Furr prepared to shoot. Boys practiced constantly during P. E. classes in hopes of "making the team." -127-John Hilgendorff: Orchestra. Was paramount in school concerts and public service programs. Provo High School's string quartet played in cities throughout the state on many different occasions. Members were, from left, Jeff Caves, Kent Van Wagonen, Jack Morris, and Jay Young.The flashing bows rose and fell as the music changed from a sparkling staccato to a deafening cresendo. The Maestro gave the final downbeat, and the orchestra rested their instruments in a shower of applause. As the months went by, the orchestra drilled and practiced, preparing for numerous performances. The members were tireless in their efforts to improve their timing and intonation. Practice continued at home as they gradually welded their orchestra into a unified body with the entire group playing as one. String quartets and other special ensemble groups were formed. They played at different schools and social meetings. Though the members may never enter the field of music professionally they will always remember the smell of rosin and the feel of the bow with a lingering nostalgia. Julie Morris and Peter Nordeen added the deep voices of their bass violins to the string orchestra. Members of the orchestra were left to right Row 1, Jeff caves, Heber Dunn, Billy Lamb, Miles Decker, Jay Young, Muriel Salerno, June Dahle, Jack Morris. Row 2, Donna House, Sylvia Griffith, Kent Van Wagenen, Norman Winn, Pollyanna Ferguson, Beth Roylance, Eva Mae Smith, Loyd A. Morley, Jerry Sue Sundwall, Judy Daynes. Row 3, Mr. Hilgendorff, Pete Nordeen, Julie Ann Morris. -129-Rex L. Sutherland: Concert, Cadet, Dance and Pep Bands. Directed many concerts and other public service programs. Over the sound of the rolling drums came the blare of the trumpets. As the call ended, softly with the muted French horns, portraying the calm after the storm. Hundreds thrilled to the beautiful music of the concert band. Sometimes joining the a cappella choir, they presented music of the masters. The dance band lent wings to the feet of many students at the school dances. Its music serenaded dancing young lovers and aided the work of Dan Cupid considerably. With a left-and-a-right-and-a-left, the marching band made its appearance, marching in the Fourth of July parade and in the B.-Y. U. Homecoming celebration. The straight-backed rows of spotless gray and green carried the banner of P. H. S. before an appreciative public on many occasions. Members of the Dance Band were left to right. Row 1, Kim Bargeron, Gary Cray-thorn. Dean Benson, Sheryl Garrick. Row 2, Bruce Belliston, Jim LeVitre, Wayne Cowley, Kendall Lawton, Jim Miller, David Daniels, Tommy Spaulding. Row 3, Verl Morgan, Jerald Wilde, Jim Neebling, David Markham, Morris Castleberry, Roy Griffiths.Members of the band were left to right, Row 1, David Thayne, Mike Weeks, Paul Day, David White, Valene Georges, John Chambers, Roy Griffiths, Kenneth Harward, Ronald Scott, Martin Weeks, John Heninger, Larry Johnston, Janice Cooper, Patsy Harris, Ruth Baker, Carolyn Jensen. Row 2, David Fryer, Mike Leeman, David Laws, Glenda Wright, Nancy Smith, Kay Richmond, Melvin Childs, Delbert Eatough, Jim LeVitre, Merrill Greenhalgh, Karl Seethaler, Reed Guyman, Lavell Anderson, Joe Larsen, Ross Van Leuven, Norman Facer, Paul Pao-letti, Glenn Pace, Lewis Sutherland, James Watkins. Row 3, Janet Perkins, Tom Parris, Sheryl Garrick, Gary Craghead, Brent Boyack, Steven Mitchell. Standing, Patti Crane, Dwayne Alleman, David Harris, Bruce Dahle, Jimmy Neebling, Wayne Johnson, Leon Buckner, Richard Van Wagenen, Rex Sutherland, Kenneth Reed, Sue Elton, Rex White-head, Darryl Steele, LaVoy Hardman, Lyman Tracy, Dean Benson ,Clair Garrick. ami BPimi of Hie lhk% ■131-Abel John Peterson: led the three separate vocal groups in school A Capella, Girls' Chorus, and Boy's Chorus. Left: Don Bergen, Glen Allman, David Jeppson, Claude Nielson, and William Guy Lund, under the name, "Melody Kings'', sang for assemblies and other entertaining gatherings. Right: Rita Ann Liddiard, Ruth Anne Paramore, Suzanne Webb, Arleen Harding, Kaye Peterson and Charlotte Britsch comprised the Sophomore Sextet, accompanied by Marcia Wiser. Mmk m ftifm Hm mMembers of the Girls' Concert Chorus were Row 1 — Diane Nelson, Laura Fleming, Kathleen Coon, Marcia Wiser, Susie Mitchell, Elaine Killpack, Lee Brown. Row 2—Monya Austin, Lindalie Austin, Janice Tolman, Valene Georges, Rella Sproul, Patricia Clark, Judy Thomson, Judy Ann Woodward. Row 3—Sylvia Griffiths, Jeanette Small, Karen Sperry, Al Jean McGregor, Marcia Allen, Louise Prestwich, Marian Peterson, Pat Bingham, Laural Humphrey, Belva Hollerman. Row 4—Nancy Leishman, Marian Ream, Sondra Smith, Karen Breinholt, Karren Davis, Pat Roylance, Kaye Pe- terson, Connie Bailey, Ruth Anne Paramore, Mary Lynne Duckett, Geraldine Jones. Row 5—Frances Groneman, Sue Farmer, Joy Madsen, Lou Voe Wilcock, Coleen Weiqht, Shirlene Booth, Hope Rasmussen, Marilyn Prior. Row 6—Jeanine Madsen, Mary Braun, Pat Leibhardt. Suzanne Webb, Arleen Harding, Charlotte Britsch, Rita Ann Liddiard, Norma Waisner, Emma Lou Clark, Janet Kingsbury, Janice Green, June Wright. Row 7—Fern Baxter, Karen Felker, Kay Lynne Bustrud, Darlene Brooks, Carol Simmons. Katherine Jones. Carol Jean Hadlock, Wanda Brimhall, Afton Mayberry, Colleen Williams, Barbara Clark. "What's so pleasing or so perfect as the sound of voices lifted in song." The inspiring voices of the A Capella Choir thrilled audiences throughout the school year. From the deep, resonant rumbling voices of the bass to the high trill of the soprano, the choir sang loud or soft, harsh and discordant or soft and melodious. Through the many moods of the classical composers the choir carried its audience. Music indeed lived in the song whenver the vocal group sang. -133-Heading the big business were the many students of the pen, typewriter and the adding machine. Future managers were taught the basic fundamentals of office work and some of the helpful "tricks of the trade." These students of the dollar sign may not double the nation's income upon graduation, but they will be a welcome asset to the world of industry, business. TOP: Girls who won their 100 word-per-minute pins were: (front row) Barbara Larsen, Pat Bingham, Linda Lee Harris; (second row) Margaret Lewis, Jineen Greenhalgh, Shirley Morgan, Margene Wride; (third row) Marsha Bray, June Wright, Carol Hafen BOTTOM: Female invaders to the men's world of business. Etta Jones: Library Science, Type I. Helped with graduation. -134-TOP: Mariorie Murry and Dorothy Brown smiled wickedly as they prepared to mimeograph another test. RIGHT: Margene Wride showed Wayne Johnson some of the finer points of operating an inkslinging machine. (Hasn't she got lovely eyes?) A Glenn Kenner: Coaching, Shorthand I II, Office Practice. Took care of the bookstore. LaNora Allred: English II, Bookkeeping I II. Chairman of the Girls' Organization. Wanda Scott: Type II, Shorthand I, Intermediate Type. Sponsor of the Girls' Organization. Paul Lloyd: Spanish I, World History, Consumers Education Business English, Merchandising. -135-Cleston H. Rigby: Com merical Art I II, Year book Art, Painting I II Head of all Art Contests Asael H. Fisher: Applied Art. Took care of construction of properties for programs. Betty Pehrson, Johanna Baker and E. James Wind displayed artistic talent in Cleston Rigby's art class. Mi Sherry Jones and Karla Nelson carefully shaped and molded the clay die for the head of Vic, P H S mascot, before it was covered with paper mache. -136-George Thomas waited his turn to use the band saw as Marian Hunt's project took shape under the whirling teeth. Richard Muhlestein, Pat Johnson and Jimmy Fisher learned to wield the pencil and brush in one of the school's art classes. Acqwntd Jim Daley "made like a colored gentleman" while his fellow speech students—Jo-an Darling, Nanette Hinkley, Sheryl Tilton, and Kathleen Coon—altered their natural appearances. Gayle Bishop: Speech I II, English II. School Plays Speech Activities —137-Michael Kammermeyer and Lindalie Austin, PROVOST editor and business manager, get together to discuss financial and publication problems of the yearbook. (Sitting) Janice Sorensen, Deanna Couch, Clair Rees, Karla Nelson, Bruce Barlow, Mike Kammermeyer, Jim Westover. (Standing) Elva Spencer, Phil Peterson, Mary Ann Nelson, Janet Kingsbury, Maureen Sorrells, Naomi Meservy, Ted Taylor, Melvina Bulow, Clark Bowler, Dave Stewart, and Mr. Cleston H. Rigby. "Hey, who's the kid in this picture?" . . . "Tomorrow's the deadline for my section, what am I going to do?"... "How about helping me with my copy?" Moans, groans, screams and yells, intermingled with the popping of flashbulbs and the intermittent stacatto of typewriters in operation heralded the beginning of another day's yearbook class. They daily worked to preserve the memory of ever - beloved "school days." -138- The yearbook salesmen wheedled, begged and pleaded to find buyers for the PROVOST. Shown are Madeline Sumsion, Maureen Sorrells, Barbara Larsen, Mary Braun, Lynn Gleave, and Janet Kingsbury.Top: Robert Olsen, Maureen Sorrells, and Ve-nita Parry whipped some of the sections of the yearbook into place. Middle: Janice Sorensen, Clair Rees, Naomi Meservy and Elva Spenser wrote the copy for the PROVOST. Bottom: Jim Westover, Phil Bullock and Dave Stewart worked on the sports section and the photography end of the yearbook. Yearbook faculty advisors Glenn Kenner, Anna Tay- Bruce Barlow, Janet Kingsbury, Melvina Bulow and lor and Cleston Rigby examined yearbook layouts. Ted Taylor planned page layouts.Distribution day. Shown folding papers are Joy Madsen, Wayne Carle, Kenneth Roy-lance. Jack Roe and Wood-row Whitlock. Wayne M. Carle: Directed the efforts of the PROVONIAN and Jack Roe and Joan Cardon inspected Bulldog Bark box for letters to the editor. the PRO LOG, in addition to teaching French and English. Examining latest copy of PROVONIAN were staff members Joy Madsen, Wayne Carle, Kenneth Roylance, Jack Roe and Woodrow Whitlock.The newshounds weekly contacted their news sources and kept their eyes and ears open for "tips." After a hot tip, the journalists hurried to pour over their smoking typewriters. After all the copy had been written and copyread, the page editors decided where the stories would fit on the page. They sometimes worked into the wee hours of the night to meet the looming deadline. Staff writer Mary Ann Nelson concentrated on the day's work while Clark Bowler let his mind dwell on other things. (What's that he was looking at, a blonde?) Hmwk Phil Bullock literally flashed through the school year as PROVONIAN staff photographer. PROVONIAN editor Clair Rees chuckled with advisor Wayne Carle over some of the published Boo-Boo's. Jack Roe, Woodrow Whitlock, Blaine McClellan, and Clark Bowler prepared to distribute the hot-off-the-press PROVONIAN,"Gosh, now what did we do wrong?" Jolene Boel, Katherine Jones, and Vivian Pons asked. Editor Ted Hindmarsh, at the typewriter, looked worried too. The sophomore journalism class got their first journalism thrill when the product of their labors came off the press. The green and white student directory supplied the wolves of the school with valuable information and was used widely by the other members of the student body. Karen Strong and Karen Felker, two PRO LOG staff members, stared at the cameraman. (He couldn't be that strange looking, could he?) "What's SHE doing in the Junior Boys' section?" exclaimed Rita Ann Liddiard, Jeanine Madsen, and Patsy Sorenson. PHS SupportersCASTLETON'S Three dolls from Castleton's . . . Kaye Peterson wearing a Rose Marie Reid swimsuit... Lynn Fechser modeling an ever popular White Stag outfit. ..and Madeline Sumsion wearing a Jantzen Bermuda shorts outfit. -146-BENNETTS Colorizer Paint. .. Glass ... Wallpaper and Sporting Goods 272 West Center Street FR 3-7830 SHIPP'S JEWELRY Lynn and Chloe Ann find the fine selection of diamonds at Shipp's mighty interesting. Here you can be sure of the finest in quality and the latest in style. FIRMAGE'S Sandra Moulton, wearing Bobbie Brooks skinny pants and a blouse with wooden buttons that match her smart looking shoes, and Kay Lynne Busterud, wearing a striped Bobbie Brooks play suit with matching black Sun-Step shoes, are sure to be right in style with sportswear from Firmage's. -147-BERT'S WESTERN AND SPORTS SHOP Sports enthusiasts will find both equipment and sportswear at Bert's! 32 North University Ave. FR 3-4918 M. R. ROGERS SILVERWARE COMPANY For the best in silver and dinnerware, see the fine selection at M. R. Rogers Silverware Co.! 250 North University Ave. FR 3-6940 RANDALL'S Clair Rees found just what he wanted 'n s 10es at Randall's, Provo's finest shoe store! 154 West Center Street FR 3-5220 -148-REGAL'S AND FREDDIE'S For Bowling . . . Shuffleboard . . . Pool . . . Ping-Pong . . . Full Course Dinners ... or Snacks . . . Meet your friends at Regal's Recreation and Freddie's Grill. 1180 North University Avenue FR 3-1863 TAYLOR'S Marian Peterson and Jerry Sue Sundwall are sure to be in style with their Jantzen swimsuits from Taylor's sportswear department. See the fine selection of Jantzen and White Stag outfits at Taylor's. -149-RECORD HUT For anything in records, you'll find it at the Record Hut! 120 West Center Street Provo, Utah IMPERIAL PAINT COMPANY If it's paint, wallpaper, or art supplies you need, be like Connie, Stella and Jay, and shop at the Imperial Paint Company. 83 East Center Street FR 3-8000 LEVEN'S The store for men and boys in Provo, Utah. Home of Michael Stearns suits ... Manhattan shirts . .. Jarman shoes . . . and Swank jewelry. 116 West Center Street -150-V-S‘ 11 HEINDSELMAN'S MUSIC COMPANY Louise Prestwich and Karen Brienholt seem interested in a Ukulele at Heindselman's. This recently remodeled store not only has instruments but everything you want in sheet music! 120 West Center Street PR 3.5143 KIRK'S DRIVE IN When you want a meal or a snack, stop off at Kirk's Drive In in North Orem. BRADSHAW AUTO PARTS When in need of auto parts or tools, see the complete line at Bradshaw Auto PartsT 335 West Center Street pp 3.7052"SPRING FEVER AT CLARK S For Him and For Her Mike Tyler and Rush Sumpter are ready for fun under any sun in "Clan Plaid" match-mates swimwear by CATALINA. Mike's suit is $10.95. Rush's combo is $4.95 - $5.95 ... Kay Pier-pont in "Tartan Tale" suit with famous hour glass styling by ROSE MARIE REID. $17.95 ... Leslie Fechser and Frank Sumner are smartly bedecked in casual comfort "Ivy Look" sportswear by PATTY WOODARD, LORY, WEST-HOUSE, FREEMAN. STOKES STUDIO Specialists in Yearbook and Party Pictures 141 North University Avenue FR 4-0180 Your School, Office and Photographic Supply STANDARD SUPPLY 83 North University Avenue SHRIVER'S Provo's Finest Store for Young Men Distinctive Young Men's Clothing ★ Varsity Town Clothing ★ McGregor Sportswear ★ Florsheim Shoes -152-Congratulations Graduates GRADUATION GIFTS ★ Rings of 1956 ★ Watches ★ Pens and Pencils FISHER SMITH CO. From Jewelers FRANK J. MULLETT Jeweler On the Avenue 184 West Center Provo, Utah Congratulations Graduates of 1956 Phonograph Records Sheet Music GLEN BROS. MUSIC HEDQUIST DRUGS Everything Musical Prescriptions 57 North University Ave. Provo, Utah 104 West Center FR 3-2672 Band Instruments .. . Pianos ... Organs -153-e i me For the Best in Photographic Equipment See ALLEN S PHOTO SUPPLY 24 North University Ave. FR 3-4440 Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes — at — Provo's Finest Store for Men SHRIVER'S Provo :: Utah Congratulations Graduates of 1956 CITY DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions 2 West Center FR 3-7210 Happiness and Success to the Class of '56! MADSEN CLEANING CO. STUDENTS: Without Our Provo Merchants, We Would Not Have This Yearbook! Show Our Appreciation . .. Buy From Them Remember the PROVO BAKERY for Fine Baked Goods and Ice Cream 57 North 1st East FR 3-4191 Provo, Utah Best Wishes From PROVO FLORAL 201 West 1st South FR 3-7001 Provo, Utah -154-For Glamour in Portraits ... Portraits Weddings BIDDULPH STUDIOS 53 North Second West FR 3-2415 To Be Sure Your Clothes Get the Best of Care ... Take Them to MODERN CLEANERS DYERS 44 South Second West Provo, Utah Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors! Where Quality Prevails DALEBOUT'S BAKERY Fresh From Our Oven to You! UTAH OFFICE SUPPLY 1197 North Third West Provo, Utah Congratulations Graduates! BEESLEY MONUMENT VAULT COMPANY STUDENTS-THANKS TO YOU! CONSOLIDATED CORPORATION Where You Can Buy With Confidence! We have moved into our new building across the street at 350 West Center, next to Seaboard Finance Company. 255 West Center FR 3-3482 Provo, Utah MODERN SHOE REBUILDING 350 West Center FR 3-9262 Provo, Utah -155-ofDoujsGimBtf After a year of constant drive and determination the Provo High yearbook staff has produced this book, which I hope will present to you in retrospect the last year in old Provo High — a year truly deserving the title, "the last the best of all the game." Lacking experience but full of fresh new ideas, we created layouts, fought deadlines, and finally gave a sigh of relief as the closing pages were "put to bed." Then followed the excitement of seeing our book before us on paper, alive and real. These pages contain the labor and patience of many people too numerous to mention in detail, but a special vote of thanks must go to the following: To the Press Publishing Company, who furnished a continuous supply of skill. Without their patience and understanding this book would not be possible. To the Larsen Studio for their assistance in photography. To the Daily Herald for the use of special photographs. To the faculty for an abundance of cooperation and counsel. And finally to you, the students, for the important role you played ... for bringing life to the school... for displaying such marvelous school spirit. .. for your confidence and support. I sincerely hope the enjoyment I have derived from preparing this collection of memories will be shared by you in the years to come. Sincerely, Editor Mike Kammermeyer -157-Allred, LaNora P. 135 Lloyd, Paul 105 135 Asay, Bert 54 121 Lundahl, Palma Diane 126 Barnett, Vesta W. 122 Moffitt, J. C. 113 Bartholomew, Calvin H. 104 119 Nelson, Milton A. 119 Bench, Rees E. 125 Oaks, Stella 114 Bishop, Gayle H. 41 100 137 Peterson, Abel John 132 Black, Dorothy 126 Penrod, Elma 115 Boyack, Harold J. 115 Reese, Rudolph 104 124 Carle, Wayne 105 119 140 141 Rigby, Cleston H. 136 138 139 Chambers, Frank G. 124 Robinson, Maurine 115 Condie, Dolan 18 20 22 23 25 32 127 147 Roper, Voit 119 Cornaby, Fred H. 122 Scott, Wanda 81 135 Cottam, Moroni J. 117 Simmons, Glenn 127 Cowley, A. Wayne 104 125 Slack, H. R. 121 Fisher, Asael H. 136 Sutherland, Rex L. 130 Hayward, Libbie C. 117 118 Taylor, Anna Smoot 119 139 Hilgendorff, John 128 Tregeagle, D. V. 113 Hill, Richard 18 23 29 33 127 147 Vincent, Josie 122 Howell, Lois J. 122 Warner, Max 117 127 Johnson, Albert 125 Weight, Kenneth E. 121 Jones, Anna Lou 62 114 Whitlock, Lloyd C. 115 Jones, Etta 134 Wilson, Keith 121 Kenner, Glenn R. 35 135 139 Winkler, Justin J. 117 Kirkwood, Glen 117 Witney, Frank 18 31 34 125 Young, Ivan W. 125 -158-5lU(teietIwctet AAA Abbott, Helen 92 Abbot, Paul Stephen Adams, DeAnne 82 Adams, Eloise 82 Adamson, Dee Ann 76 105 Alger. David 46 88 Alger, Jo Anne 71 96 98 102 Alger, Mack 78 81 104 Alger, Mickey 31 55 Alleman, Dwayne 131 Allen. Lee 31 33 Allen. Marcia 40 71 96 100 102 133 Allman, Glenn Walker 34 63 132 Allman, Joyce 79 Allman, Mary 71 Allman, Stanley 75 Allred. Fred 22 23 24 25 26 36 64 103 Allred, Garth 83 Allred. laVon 75 104 Ammon , Irene 75 Anderson, Bert 76 Anderson, Betty Jean 89 Anderson, Beverly 77 79 105 Anderson, Brent 90 Anderson, Carolyn 83 109 Anderson, David 58 105 Anderson, Gayle 77 Anderson, Jim Anderson, LaMarr Anderson, lavell 46 88 Anderson, Neil 68 Anderson, Penny 60 Anderson, Roy 40 71 108 Anderson, Vivian 75 Archuleta, Phill Archuleta, Sara 89 105 Asay, Don 62 98 116 Ashton. Richard 20 31 33 Atkin. Jack 20 33 46 85 Austin, Lindalie 37 51 53 71 96 102 116 133 138 148 Austin, Monya 38 82 109 133 BBB Babcock. Robert 20 31 85 Bailey. Connie 39 89 133 Bailey, Sheila 60 Baird, Bonnie Baird. Joe 32 59 116 Baker, Johanna 38 61 72 96 103 136 Baker, Robert Baker. Ruth 91 131 Ball, Carol 45 83 108 Barbee, Merle 90 Barber, David 34 Bargeron, Kim 130 Barlow. Bruce 80 138 139 Barney, Geraldine Barney, Merlin Barrett, Richard 33 59 Barrett. Sh.rley 60 96 98 103 116 150 Batchelor, Larry Baum, Gary 93 Baum, Giles 66 Baxter, Fern 133 Baxter, Laree 72 96 103 Beck, Linda 88 108 Beckor, Rita 91 Bee, Lesleigh 41 81 Beecroft. Joe 16 21 23 25 32 49 79 103 Beesley, Karen 90 Belliston, James Bruce 32 68 103 130 Belmont, Steve 90 Bennett, Billy 92 Bennett, Reva Lynne 90 Benson, Dean 83 130 131 Berge, Barbara 88 109 Bergen. Don 72 132 Bcrwald, Margery 93 109 116 Bethers, Dale Betts, Rosalie 93 Bevard, Sheri 150 Bickerstaff, Leroy Bickerstaff, Linda 86 Bingham, Charlene 63 Bingham. Pat 65 103 133 134 Bingham, Richard Bird. Clark 89 Bird, Dale 89 Black, Beth 86 Black, Harold Black, Leo 104 Blackburn, Helen 63 71 Blackett, Barbara 83 109 Blackwell, Robert 68 Blood, Verona Blundell, Sue 116 Boardman, Bob 72 Boardman, Jack 51 58 63 98 116 Boel, Jolene 143 Bona, Kenneth Booth, Florence 81 Booth, Shirlone 79 133 Borget, Carol Borget, David 59 Boswell, Jacqueline 126 Bott, Roger Bowen, Ann LaVcrn 72 Bowen. Tina 85 Bowler, Clark 39 54 55 63 100 108 138 141 150 Bown, Jane Anne 30 41 45 108 Box, Claudette 66 Boyack. Brent 29 88 120 131 Boyd. Fred 105 Bradley, Liane 75 Braithwaite, Ruthmary 60 96 104 116 Brand, Janet 90 Brandon, Kay 75 Braun, Mary 28 29 51 64 86 97 108 116 133 138 Bray. Marsha 26 51 53 54 55 96 116 134 Breinholf, Karen 92 133 151 Brickey, Carolyn 41 88 100 Brimhall, John Brimhall, Wanda 75 133 Britsch, Charlotte 86 109 132 133 Brooks, Darlene 77 133 Brown, Darlene 88 Brown, Dorothy 69 97 102 135 Brown, Gerald 93 Brown, Harlow 72 Brown, Helen 76 Brown, Jerolyn 67 96 102 Brown, Lee 68 91 108 120 133 Brown, Nancy Ann Brown, Ross Brown, Sam 8uckley, Connie 75 Buckley. Gary 33 Buckley, John 83 Buckner, Dean 83 131 Budge, Kathryn 38 72 96 100 103 Bullock, Nancy 74 Bullock. Phil 80 106 107 116 139 Bullock, Richard 104 127 Bulow. Melvina 66 96 102 138 139 Bunnell, James E. 41 54 55 60 98 105 Bunnell, Kenneth 20 31 33 Burns, LaVae 75 Burton, John 90 Bush. Patricia 82 Busterud, Kay Lynne 76 133 147 ccc Calder, Doris Campbell, Edward Campbell, Esther 60 96 Cardall, Gary Cardon, Joan 83 140 Carling, Ronald Carrick, Ronald 73 Carter, Ann 89 Carter, David 90 Carter, Earline 68 Carter, Gene Carter, Janet 86 Carter, Jerry Carter, Joan 83 Carter, Kennith Carter, Margaret Ann Carter, Reva Ann Carter, Richard 91 Carter, D. Robert 80 Carter, Robert 92 Carter. Robert 20 31 33 74 Cartery, Wayne Castleberry. Glen 82 Castleberry, Morris 86 130 Caves, Jeff 104 128 129 Chapman, Duane 76 Chambers. John 29 32 90 91 107 131 Chappie. Jay 16 17 31 33 72 103 Childs, Joyce 77 Childs. Melvin 92 131 Christensen, Carol 76 Christensen, Lois 77 Christensen, Nanette 81 Christiansen. Danielle 54 55 67 96 98 101 102 116 Chrisfopherson, Mary 84 Church, Gary 85 Church, LeRoy Lynn 83 Clark, Barbara 93 133 Clark, Bill 16 20 31 75 Clark. Don 80 149 Clark, Emma Lou 59 96 133 Clark, Janie! 89 Clark, Jean 76 116 Clark, Joan 82 Clark, JoLayne 87 89 Clark, Kay Clark. Patricia 90 105 133 Clark, Stephen 85 Clark, Sylvia 67 Clarke. Mark 22 23 24 25 32 44 74 80 103 116 Clayson, Boyd F. 77 Clayton, Ann 83 109 Clayton, Bill 31 80 103 108 Clayton, Glen 104 Clayton, Shirl 33 64 104 Clements, Ray 82 Clements, Rex Clements. Sally 83 105 ciinger. DeAnn 45 75 108 116 Clinger, Janece 68 96 102 Cloward, Ben 16 21 79 103 Cloward. Kayle 63 103 148 Cluff, Jack 63 Cluff, Seloma 92 Cockrell, Greg 90 Coleman, Fae 76 Coles, Kent 69 Colunga, Adam 33 67 103 Conant, Dean 20 28 29 32 89 Cook, David 79 Coomes, Richard Merril Coon, Kathleen 46 84 116 133 137 Cooper, Irene 104 Cooper, Janice 131 Cornaby, Gayle 93 Couch. Deanna 58 101 138 Cowgill, Jimmy 16 19 31 33 88 91 106 Cowley. Wayne 68 104 106 130 Cox, Beverly Jean Cox, Diane 75 Cox. John Lymon Cox, Louise 60 96 103 Cox, Margene 91 105 Cox. Richard 87 92 Crandall, Vern 77 82 105 107 Crane. Patti 88 131 Craghead. Gary 86 131 Crayfhorn, Gary 20 86 107 130 Cropper, Dave 20 29 33 86 Crosby. Caroline Crowley, Tommy 76 Cull.more, Pat 45 77 109 Curtis. Bob 66 108 DDD Dahle, Bruce 20 29 32 46 86 131 Dahle. June 60 96 129 Daley, Bonnie 60 Daley, Jim 137 Daniels, David 130 Darling, Diane 84 Davenport, Edmund 60 Davidson, Deon 64 96 Davies, Paul Davies. Veneta 90 105 Davis. Beth 105 Davis, Deanna Davis, Joan 54 96 98 103 Davis, Karren 28 29 39 91 133 151 Day. Gloria 75 97 Day. Merle 45 75 94 98 Day, Paul 23 25 49 65 103 131 Daynes. Judy 69 96 129 Dearing, Jean 82 Dearing, Jo-an 88 137 Decker, Miles 85 129 DeGraaf, Lidy 92 105 DeLange. Mahlon 71 104 Dennett, Karen 77 Derenburger, Patricia DeSpam, Ray 29 86 Dewey, Joe 16 17 30 31 33 72 103 104 Dickerson, John Dickson, Brent 18 81 104 Dillingham, Patsy 91 Dimick, Frank Reed 64 Dimick, Larry 25 33 79 Dixon, Jeanie 92 109 Doerman, Barbara 121 Dorius, Bob 16 19 30 31 32 74 103 Dove, Marvin Dowling, Ted 35 76 Draper, Albert Draper, David 104 Draper, Donna Draper, Grant 31 Duane, Jimmy 75 Duckett, Mary Lynne 39 55 90 133 149 Duckett, John 31 35 89 Duffin, Ronald 34 Duke, Lyman 86 Duke, Richard Dunn, Heber 71 104 129 Durtschi. Beldcn 67 104 Dyer. Bob 16 18 19 23 25 32 IE! Eafough, Delbert 86 131 East, Jolene Edwards, Cecilia 82 Edwards. Jackie 77 Edwards, Karen 81 Edwards, Lucille 68 Edwards. Phyllis 85 Elliott, Doris 86 Elliott, Jerry Elliott. Julie 50 59 Elliott. Shirley 47 82 109 Ellsworth, Brandi 79 Elton, Dan K. 10 16 17 21 23 24 27 32 58 103 116 Elton. Sue 46 88 131 Eskelson, Gail S. 122 Evans, Norma 76 Eyre, Deanna 82 FFF Facer, Norman H. 31 33 38 67 131 Fakler. Ronald 91 104 106 Farmer, Sue 82 133 Farnsworth, Lee Farnsworth, Lynn Farrer. JoAnn 91 Fechser, Leslie 26 49 51 53 63 96 98 116 152 Fechser, Lynn 26 44 51 53 74 77 116 146 Fehr, Dennis 79 Felker, Karen 90 133 142 143 Ferguson, Beula Ferguson. Pollyanna 92 129 Fernley, Neil 78 Ferre, Sharen 93 Fetterley, Charles W. 16 20 21 31 105 Field, Sharlene 68 97 98 Finlayton, Coleen 66 97 Finlayson, Richard 81 Firmage, Susan 89 Fisher, Jimmy 137 Fleming, Laura 39 82 133 Flygare, Dorafhy 58 Ford, Brent 16 19 32 103 Ford, lo Retta 67 97 Ford, Stanley 91 Frandsen, Daniel Frandsen, Evelyn 72 Franks. Sharon Kay Fryer. David 91 131 Fryer, Kenneth 65 Fullerton. Art 18 45 Fullmer. Mark 30 31 33 Furr. Bruce 89 127 GOO Gale, Virginia 71 Gammon, Bruce 20 33 116 142 Gammon, Paul 87 Gardner. Dick 16 17 23 24 25 32 37 38 61 103 125 Gardner, Myrna Dee 86 87 Garrett. Beverly 82 Garrett, Russell 20 29 35 46 89 Garrick. Clair 63 131 Garrick, Sheryl 79 130 131 Gatenby, Bob 159-MMlwtrn Gay, Gaylcne 82 100 George, John Karl 82 Georges, Valene 90 131 133 Geyerman, Jerry 20 32 90 Gibson, Lee Giles, Alfa 75 Glcave, Lonnie 16 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 42 83 103 Gleave, Lynn 16 17 18 22 23 24 25 26 28 35 70 103 138 147 Glover, Glenda Kay 38 44 82 151 Goad, L. Andy 101 124 Gordon, Dixie 85 Gorgon, Sherwood 77 116 Gough. Janet 86 Graham, Gary 89 Green, Honalee Green, Janice 83 133 Greenhalgh, Jineen 59 96 102 132 Greenhalgh, Merrill A. 20 29 33 92 116 131 Greiner, Charles T. 60 Greiner, Paul 20 84 88 116 Griffin, Deloa 63 Griffiths, Roy 76 130 131 Griffiths, Sylvia 58 129 133 Groneman, Dale 85 Groneman, Frances 72 100 133 Guerri, Joanne 76 Guymon, Reed 92 131 HHH Hadlock, Carol Jean 86 133 Hafen. Carol 54 60 96 99 100 101 134 Halford, Glenda Hall, Neil Halladay, David Halladay, lla Kay 51 67 96 98 103 126 Halladay, Merlene 83 Halladay, Virginia 85 Hamilton, Joe 91 104 Hammond, Joan Hanks. E. Ruth 96 99 105 116 Hanseen, Sondra 79 Hansen, Douglas Hansen, Gordon 86 Hansen, Jack 87 Hansgen, Ted 20 Hanson, Norman Dale Harding, Arleen 86 132 133 Harding, Betty 51 70 96 101 103 Harding, Beverly Daniel 47 76 Harding, Ruby 85 Harding, Stanley Hardman, LaVoy 63 131 Harmon, Patricia J. 85 91 120 Harness. Pauline 82 Harrington, Larry Harrington. Patsy Harris, David Harris. David 80 101 131 Harris, Frank 82 Harris, Garn 87 Harris, Geneel M. 105 126 Harris, Linda Lee 65 96 103 134 Harris, Patsy 91 131 Harris, Sheila 69 98 Harris, Suzanne 83 Harrison, Linnaea 54 82 99 Harshman, Virginia 73 97 Harvey, Lucile 77 Harvey, Richard 33 39 64 103 Harward, Alvin 20 31 33 91 Harward, Darrell Harward, Kenneth 131 Harward, Melvin 30 31 72 Hatch, James Hawke, Jeannine 10 49 51 53 64 96 103 116 Hawke, Mary Dawn 90 Hawkins, Earlene 42 58 96 100 102 Hawkins, Paul E. Haws, Virginia 85 105 Haynie, Alma Ann 42 72 96 98 116 Heal, Sandra 76 Hedquist, Norma Dee 30 47 76 101 108 Hemenway, Arvel 16 20 24 33 103 Heninger, John C. 60 101 131 Henricksen, Mary Jo 63 96 Henrle, George Herbert. Terry 122 Hiatt, Sherry Lynn 61 96 98 100 103 Hickman, Jane 42 51 54 59 96 98 99 100 103 116 Higgins, Mariellen 105 Hill, Emma May Hinckley, Jerry Hinckley, Lee Ann 51 64 96 102 Hinckley, Nanette 68 96 100 116 137 Hindmarsh, Ted 46 90 143 Hinkins, Bruce 89 Hintzie. Harold 34 70 Hoff, Michael 32 Holdaway, Don Hollerman, Belva 66 96 98 133 Hollerman, Sandra Holt. Clifford 83 Horn, Barry Hoover, Bonnie 86 Hoover, Dennis 88 Hoover, Margaret Hoover, Stanley Hopkins, Frank Hopkins, Paul House, Donna Mae 63 96 102 129 Houskeeper, Nedra 79 Hughes, Stella 49 51 72 96 100 103 150 Hughes, Sue 47 Humphrey, laural 133 Hundley, Judy 89 Hunt, Marian 31 80 103 137 151 Hurst, Bryon Hutchings, Fay 90 Hutchings, Wayne A, Hutchison, Neil Hyde, Sharon 85 Hymas, Ilia 78 III Innas. Dixie 51 53 92 Innes, Saundra 65 Ivie, Irene 79 JJJ Jackman, LeGrande 87 Jaggi, Sally James, Jeraldine 80 109 116 James, Richard 16 17 18 23 25 27 28 32 97 98 103 116 149 Jarvis, Tony Jense, Tom Jensen, Carolyn 80 104 105 131 Jensen, Connie 82 Jensen, Connie 59 96 103 Jensen, Dixie 79 Jensen, Mary Lou 79 Jensen, Maureen 79 Jensen, Norma Jane Jensen, Paul 88 Jensen, Peggy 80 Jensen, Tom Jeppson, David 43 55 58 116 132 Johnson, Bill Johnson, Carolyn 93 Johnson, DeVon 86 104 106 107 Johnson, Donna 60 97 Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Eddie Johnson, Evelyn 80 Johnson, Gary 33 Johnson, Gregg 69 Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Mary 79 Johnson, Mary D. 80 Johnson, Murray 14 16 21 30 31 32 68 103 Johnson, Patricia 76 137 Johnson, Ray Johnson, Royle 63 98 Johnson, Wayne 135 Johnson, Wayne B. 81 131 Johnston, Larry 131 Jolley, Douglas Jolley. Kent 75 Jones, Connie 80 Jones, Fred 74 Jones, Geraldine 38 39 88 133 Jones, Katherine 54 88 133 143 Jones, Kenneth 86 Jones, Marilyn 87 93 Jones, Nadine 58 102 Jones, Sherry 80 136 Jorgensen, John 16 19 33 35 59 103 125 Jorgensen, Stanley Joyner, CaroLee 46 89 KKK Kammermeyer, Kathleen 51 53 87 Kammermeyer, Michael 34 54 64 100 101 116 138 Keith, Karen 38 65 96 148 Kellogg, Aretfa Kelson, Reed Kendall. Kearn 20 88 105 Kenison. Dale R. 20 31 33 91 Kennedy, John William Kerby, Robert Kiggins, Merna Killpack, David Killpack, Elaine 39 93 133 Killpack, Ruth 53 83 105 Kimber, Jimmie 16 19 31 77 122 King, George 35 67 King, Johnnie 26 32 51 53 150 Kingsbury, Janet 69 97 102 133 138 139 Kingsbury, Joan 86 Kinsey, Ellis Kinsey, Rosalund 79 Kisan, Gerald 32 Kish, Carolyn 88 105 Knight. JoAnn 80 101 Knight, Mary Joan 90 Knufeson, Lorraine 90 Lll laird, Arlene 90 Lamb, William A. 129 Lamoreaus, Erwin Lamoreaux, Keith Lamoreaux, Robert Larsen, Barbara 23 38 39 51 64 96 100 102 134 138 Larsen, Dennis 20 29 34 87 Larsen, Don Larsen, Joseph Larsen, Rayanna 61 96 Lassen. Eugene La Tronico, Lynda 91 Laws, David 75 131 Lawton, Kendall 105 130 Leach, Delmar 70 106 Lee, Douglas lee, Elaine Leeman, Michael 35 46 89 131 lees, Jerry 72 104 leetham, Kenneth Leroy 32 81 Leishman, Nancy 85 133 Leonard, Connie 74 109 150 Leonard, Jeannie 47 84 85 109 LeVitre, Jim 76 130 131 LeVitre, Lynda 45 78 105 116 Lewis, Bill 20 105 116 Lewis, Bob 16 20 22 23 24 26 32 77 103 Lewis, Margaret 66 102 134 Lewis, Vera 93 Liddiard, Darrel Liddiard, Mike 32 Liddiard, Rita Ann 88 132 143 Liddiard, bamule liebhardt, Beverly 89 Liebhardt, Patricia 86 133 Liebhardt, Velma 81 Linford, Joe Liston. Don 16 17 31 76 103 107 122 Loader, Melvin 66 Long, David long, Jeanne 90 Loveridge, lewana 79 Loveridge, Tamara Lowe, Floyd Luce, Karen laVon 78 Lund, Marion 16 20 106 Lund, William Guy 60 106 132 Lyman, David 90 Lyon, Christine 105 MMM Macfarlane, Donald Madden, Karen 93 Madden, LyndaLee 89 Madsen, Chloe Ann 36 49 68 96 103 108 116 147 Madsen, Jeanine 88 133 143 Madsen, Joy 82 105 133 1 0 Madsen, Melvin 16 18 19 31 33 80 103 Madsen, Robert 77 Majors, Eugene Majers, Nancy 69 Mann, Erwin Manton, Sylvia 61 98 Markham, Diana 88 100 104 Markman, David 87 130 Martin, Bob Martin, Tinzie Mayberry, Afton 75 133 McClellan. Blaine 67 105 M1 McClure, Joan 68 McConkie, Colleen 83 McDonald, Joel 89 McElrath, Devers 85 McEwan, Margaret 79 McFedden, Mary Ann 92 McGregor, Al Jean 92 133 McGregor, Jay 35 50 72 150 Me Kell, Glen 80 McKell, Linda 47 77 101 McKinnon, Ronald 30 Mecham, Ann 83 Mecham, Elden J. 71 Mecham, James Nels Mecham, Mary 79 Menlove. Alan 80 Menlove, Roger 20 29 32 88 105 Mercer, Marlin W 89 Meservy, Naomi 51 64 96 102 138 139 Meyer, Nick Miller. Jim 78 130 Miller. Marj Ole© 92 105 Millett, Darrell Milner, Ernie 30 31 45 80 Mitchell, Bob 18 79 Mitchell. Janice 82 126 Mitchell, Joyce 77 81 108 116 Mitchell, Steven 91 131 Mitchell, Susie 86 133 Mooney, Francis 72 Moore, Harlene Moore, Penny 83 105 108 116 More, Joy Morgan, Deanna 89 Morgan, Melva 81 Morgan, Michael 79 104 Morgan, Shirley 65 96 134 Morgan, Verl 101 130 Morley. Jerry 16 21 82 Morley. Lloyd A. 90 129 Morrill, Darleen Morris, Fred 34 Morris. Jack 34 77 129 Morris, Julie Ann 80 129 Moulton, Betty 39 96 98 102 Moulton, Ronald 31 77 122 Moulton, Sandra 64 77 146 Muhlestein, Richard 45 137 Murdock, Carol Ann 68 96 98 Murdock, Jerry Murry, Marjorie 64 97 102 135 NNN Nazaryk, Leola 77 Neebling, Jimmy 32 130 131 Nelson, Diane 39 74 133 Nelson, Doloris 40 41 42 45 78 81 92 109 Nelson, Jean 76 Nelson, Karla 59 136 138 Nelson, Kent Nelson, Martin F. Nelson, Mary Ann 43 51 54 55 59 96 99 100 101 102 108 138 141 Nelson, Shirlene 76 Nelson, Sue 79 105 Newton, Mary 83 Nielsen, Bjarne Claude 65 132 Nielsen, DeAnn 38 51 54 69 96 102 Nielson, Mae 93 105 Nielson. Merrill 67 Nordccn, Peter 82 129 Norman, Charles 60 98 Norton, Deanne 83 Norton, Gary 71 Nuttall, Clark 33 73 101 Nuftall, David 19 20 29 32 85 Nuttall, Dee Larry Nuttall, Kenneth Nuttall, Max 92 ooo Oakley, Ann 75 Oaks. Evelyn 45 54 82 99 Ogren, Carla Okey, Bob 10 65 116 -160-Stadmtlndm Olpin, Sherry Lynne 84 108 Olsen, David Olsen, Dick Olsen, Jerry Olsen, Robert 54 81 99 139 Olson, Eugene 20 92 O'Neal. Jerry 90 Opheikens, Karen Orme, Don 68 Overly, Gerald 25 27 Oveson, Cady Joy 46 85 PPP Pace, Carl Pace, Carol 59 96 Pace, Glenn 87 107 120 Pace, JoAnne 91 Page. Dick 32 64 103 Paoletti, Paul 16 19 20 33 101 105 131 Paramore. Ruth Anne 91 132 133 Parker, Steven 78 Parris, Tom 87 131 Parry, Jackie 105 Parry, Venita 45 54 74 99 139 Pay, Lawrence Pay, Tim Payne, Donna 89 Peay, Carol 78 Peay, Donna Peay, Eugene 77 116 Peay, Max 78 Peay. Nadine 66 Peay, Verona Lee 60 Peck, Patricia 51 64 96 Pohrson, Betty 82 136 Penrod, Mary Ellen 63 97 Penrod, Paul Penrod, Stanley 82 Penrose, Richard 85 Perkins, Janet 91 131 Perry, Allen Perry, Anna Mae 92 Person, Jay Ronald Petersen, Gerda 89 Peterson, Emily 82 Peterson, Janet 84 Peterson, Kaye 84 132 133 146 Peterson, Marian 78 116 133 149 Peterson, Phil 78 107 138 Peterson, Vicki 78 Petroff, Lee Phillips, lleen Pierpont. Kay 38 49 51 53 67 98 102 152 Pino, LeLand Pollock, Mary Ann 28 29 84 Pons, Vivian 93 143 Powell, Lynn 51 58 98 99 104 106 116 Prather, Yvonne 85 Pressett, Terry Prestwich, Louise 81 133 151 Prior, Marilyn 85 133 Pritchett, Dee 71 Pritchett, Marie Prothero, Jeniel 82 Prows, Perry 75 Pulley, Ronald 58 Purvance, Marilyn 109 Pyne. Norman 35 127 RRR Rasmussen, Don 26 60 108 Rasmussen, Glade Rasmussen, Hope 87 133 Rasmussen, Joy Ann 81 Rasmussen, Ray Raunholt. Vivi 41 80 Raven, Errol 30 31 35 8 ■ Rawlins, Kathryn 86 Ream, Marian 79 126 133 Reed. Kennith 16 19 39 51 101 103 108 131 Reed, Leonard Rees. Clair 66 104 116 138 139 141 148 Rees, David Scott Reese, Burnell 62 Reese, Dalene 91 Reid, Gene 31 67 103 Reynolds, Carla 79 Richards, Edwin 35 116 Richmond, Dixie Richmond, Kay 75 131 Rieske, Myrleen 60 Ripple, Jessie 80 Ririe, Paul Roberge. Gary Robertson, Robert Eugene 105 Robertson, Wayne 88 Robbins, Ronald 20 29 32 86 Robinson, Judith 90 Rodrigue, Michael 79 Roe. Jack 75 104 140 141 Rooney, Susanne 82 Ross, Annette 81 Roundy, Leland Roundy, Voneal Rowan, Ranee’ 91 Rowe. John 16 17 22 23 25 75 150 Rowley, Hugh 16 17 Rowley, Janice 91 Rowley, Marilyn 83 104 Roylance, Beth 89 129 Roylance, Kenneth 104 140 Roylance. Patricia 88 133 Russell. Gary 16 21 61 103 sss Salerno, Muriel 82 129 Sampson, Elma 87 Samuelson, Turid 64 96 Sandberg, Selene Saxey. Carl Reid 71 121 Saxey. JoAnn 88 Schaerrer, Douglas 20 29 Schaugaard, Iva Dell 78 Schemensky, Geniel 51 53 58 64 96 98 101 102 Schenck, Gail 80 Scott, Norma 71 96 Scoff, Ronald 20 90 131 Scott, Tonia 84 93 116 Seethaler. Karl 86 107 131 Sessions. Patty Seyoold, jimmy Seyersdahl, Frances 89 Shelley, Kathleen 93 Shepherd, Vincent 84 Sheriff. Sybil 90 Shields, David 59 Shipley, Lewis 85 101 Shoe 11, Larry Siemer, Louis 66 Simmons, Carol 79 133 Simmons, Jerry Simons, Beverly 84 105 Sims, Jeanene 80 Slaton. Janelle 66 102 108 124 Small. Connie 91 Small. Jeanette 60 133 Smith, Annette 90 Smith, Bar‘h Smith, Eva Mae 91 Smith, Kay 81 105 Smith, Nancy 131 Smith, Patricia 60 Smith, Robert 70 121 Smith. Sondra 39 91 133 Snow, Bill 84 Snow, Carol Lee 30 39 40 51 64 73 101 148 Snow, Nadine Snow. Wayne 24 25 32 103 Snyder, David 18 31 33 64 Snyder, Kent 69 Snyder, Norma Sorensen, Janice 63 96 101 138 139 Sorensen, Jerrie 89 Sorensen, Linda Sorensen, Merta Rae 86 Sorenson, Francelle 89 105 Sorenson, Patsy 90 143 Sorrells, Maureen 67 97 103 138 139 Soufas, Mary 90 Spalding, Tommy 130 Speckarf, Paul 49 92 98 Speckart, Philip 70 106 107 Spendlove, Margaret 77 105 Spencer, Darwin Spencer. Elva 38 70 96 138 139 Sperry, Karen 85 133 Sproul, Rella 80 133 Startup, Marianne 82 100 Steele, Darryl 23 27 45 82 131 151 Sfeineckert, Frieda 92 Stephensen, Beverly 78 Stephenson. Clyde 16 21 31 66 103 Stewart, Dave 26 71 100 138 139 Stewart, Nancy 90 104 Stowell, Paul Strebell, Ann 63 Strong, Karen 87 142 143 Stubbs, David Stubbs, Don 16 18 19 Stubbs, Grant Stubbs. Jerry 69 Sudweeks, John 86 Sumner. Frank 16 21 33 45 79 81 97 103 108 116 152 Sumpter, Kenneth Rush 16 17 34 45 75 81 99 103 108 152 Sumsion, Frank 62 98 104 108 116 Sumsion, Madeline 28 29 85 138 146 Sundwall. Jerry Sue 37 47 49 93 129 149 Sutherland, Lewis Ray 83 131 Swapp, Gordon 20 85 Swapp. Sandra 90 Symons, Margene 45 80 TTT Talbot, Barbara Talbot. Maureen Taylor. Avona 92 Taylor, John 80 104 Taylor, Kathryn 62 Taylor. Mary Frances 63 97 102 Taylor. Revelle 91 106 Taylor. Robert 89 97 Taylor, Shirley 79 Taylor. Ted 69 138 139 Taylor, Wanda Thatcher, DeVar 34 Thatcher. Mary Lee 86 Thayne, David 44 45 74 116 131 Thielen, Sally 78 Thomas. Bob Thomas, George 16 19 24 25 32 82 103 137 Thomas, Gerry 66 Thomas, Jeanette 78 Thomas, Linda 86 Thomas, Robert 104 Thomas, Ronald 78 Thompson, Jerald Thompson, Karen 80 Thomsen, Alice 62 96 102 Thomsen, Rita Jean 66 97 Thomson. Judy 85 133 Thorne. Sally 41 50 54 72 96 98 99 100 Thornton, Gordon 78 Thornton, Patricia 89 105 Thorpe, Tamara 46 87 Thorson, Robert 63 Throckmorton, Patsy 80 Thurston, Mayo 70 Tilton, Sheryl 80 137 Tolman, Janice 133 Tracy, Lyman 35 85 127 131 Trotter, Charles 86 Trotter, Dahl Trujillo, Gloria Tucker. Rachel Turpin, LuAnn 77 Turpin, Reynold Tyler, John Tyler, Michael Ann 44 80 152 uuu Ulibarri, Teddie 80 105 VW Van Cott, Shirley Van Leuven, Ross 89 131 Van Leuven. Vivian 71 Van Wagenen, Alan Kent 16 20 31 33 82 103 128 129 Van Wagenen, Lola 45 78 80 81 108 149 Van Wagenen, Nana Lee 89 Van Wagenen, Richard 87 131 Van Wagoner, Anna Loye 69 96 108 Verbeck, Raymond 34 72 101 106 108 Verbeck, Ronald 40 55 78 Vick, Michael 93 Villard. Pat June 71 98 Vincent, Paul 29 46 84 Vincent. Sylvia 49 63 97 100 102 116 Voorhees, Beulah WWW Waisner, Norma 75 Wagstaff, James Walker, Dereen 76 Walker. LaWanna 89 Ward, Joanne 91 Washburn. Virginia 80 Waters, Arlen 40 42 71 Waters, Lester Waters, Naomi Dorthy 78 Watkins, James 60 131 Watkins, Molly 92 105 Watson, Robert 30 44 75 101 Watson. Will 16 20 33 64 101 103 148 Wayman, Owen Webb. Emma Lou 71 96 98 100 103 Webb. Evelyn Fern 60 97 116 Webb. Suzanne 87 132 133 Weeks. Martin S. 77 131 Weeks. Michael 50 131 Weight, Coleen 92 133 Weight, Merlynne 47 81 116 Weitzeil, Louise 71 96 102 Weitzeil, Sandra 65 96 98 102 108 Wellington. Sharon Rose 89 West, Ann 88 Western, Lee Wesfover, Jim 10 38 51 55 59 104 116 138 139 150 White. David 89 131 White. Judy 86 White, Weston 68 104 Whitehead. Diane 70 96 102 Whitehead, Ray Whitehead, Rex 131 Whiting, Bonnie Whitlock. C Woodrow 40 60 103 116 124 140 141 Whitlock, Clark 20 32 84 Wilcock, Lou Voe 80 133 Wilde. Gerald 130 Wilde, Helen 45 80 109 Wilden. Kay Wilkins, Betty Ann 79 Wilkins, Nancy 72 96 102 Williams, Beverly 89 Williams, Carolyn 93 Williams, Colleen 93 133 Williams, Douglas 107 Williams, Gary 72 Williams, George 54 105 107 Williams, Michael 16 21 31 83 103 Williams, Shirley 78 Williamson, Joyce 71 97 102 104 Williamson, Robert Wilson. Merlin Wind, E. James 136 Winn, Norman 16 19 32 79 129 Wipf, John Wiscombe. Nancy 80 109 126 Wiser, Marcia 92 132 133 Wolsey, Edward 35 63 124 Wood, Bill 34 45 79 Woodard. Betty Lee 76 Woodard, La Rae 86 Woods. Kay 105 Woods. Russel 72 101 Woods. Sandra 89 Woodward, Judy Ann 86 133 Woodward, Michael 29 91 Wooton, Annette Myrth 30 81 100 109 Wride, Margene 70 97 134 135 Wright, Boyd Wright, David 93 Wright, Glenda 131 Wright, Irvin 82 Wright, June 60 133 134 Wright, Patsy 39 79 YYY Young, Alma Young. Jay 128 129 Young, John 81 Young, Roberta Young, Russell 92 Young, Vernon 90 zzz Zabriskie, John Zaccardi, John 31 Zobell, John Zufelt, Dale -161-AtftMfMpl lAAatoqncipltAAitfoqiwpliAAuitoqMipk Aufitoj!tophiAutoq tftptaAirttoqMipltAAuffoj rftpfwAuteq iaptaAufibq iaphAAuftoq MpkA| I • | f I • I il M f? »ik i (ii mill '

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Provo High School - Provost Yearbook (Provo, UT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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