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: 1. .- ,gg ,. U , ' L.. , , w,1,5,-x- 4. ' .H ,. ,. .,. . ,que--., ,-f N' 01 X me Y . . 1237? me THE 1959 CRUSADER OF THE PRESBYTERIAN DAY SCHOOL f x ea ,X 5. l 757 1. FFWW ' yn f 1 H5 - 5 ' 151 . X ---Nj : , - -- 'Miss I b. -- -,A I "I r, ' A. ' .1--,.,....-y-1 L23 Lia Lei! W 'ai az .IQ I ' 3 I T ai mg Fa. lllfi' 5225 fir: S.-X . , 'wig gg X' i 5 ' a A, Q 5, Q? 3. Our nation is crowded with extraordinary children of extraordinary intellect, few of whom have the opportunity to cultivate their talents in a stimulating atmosphere. Many of them are permitted to clot in indifferent school systems. As a result, each year we suffer an appalling waste in the very human resources on which our salvation depends. ' What we are able to do here at Presbyterian Day School is very little in terms of the total national problem. But we can hope that we may - in some small way - en- lighten the problem, set a standard and encourage so great a respect for human intelli- gence here as to communicate greater respect for it everywhere. Henry B. Roney, Ir. - Headmaster THE DAY SCHOOL COMMITTEE W. Stuart McCloy, Chairman Theron M. Lemly Miss Eleanor Richardson A Walter P, Sprunt, Jr. MIS. Paul T. Graves Dr. Henry E. Russell, ex officio N- A- CHIICI. Jr. Dr. Bruce C. Boney, ex officio DF- Ross M- I-YM Henry B. Roney, Ir., ex officio MRS IUNEG RI-IEA DEDICATION The 1959 CRUSADER is respectfully dedrcated to Mrs June G Rhea a superxor teacher who possesses re markable creative abrhty and exhibits a deep sensmvrty toward her world and the people rn rt We love Mrs Rhea because she loves us CONTENTS FACULTY CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS l A-gm I' 'I xi! 1 ,, Q! xx. QT' HT! ,U ! ii!! EZ Sig M' S!! 1 WI E!!! 1931 ,A I' s ,. ,M W llH.,, in ' E 1 Y I. . 1 Lg- -f . .if HENRY B, RONEY, JR, Headmaster Arithmetic Davidson College, Emory University Duke University, Columbia University B,S,, M,A,, M,Ed, if PETER WEBB Social Studies Arithmetic Physical Education Memphis State University B.A.,Tw. . sail, 5 we y 1 1' 'M I xy fi 'fn A -an-f Q-5. 'ig 'Lu LEIGH W, MACQUEEN School Athletic Director Science Bible Southwestern at Memphis Vanderbilt University B,A, X get f 1' 553 Y -1 MRS, H, C, MCKENZIE Sixth Grade Senior Choir University of Kansas Kansas State College QFort B, S, in Education Haysj 5' MILTON DAVIS Church Recreational Director Physical Education University of Texas B. S. 1.1 MRS, FRANK HODGSON Fifth Grade Bible Ward Belmont College Memphis State University Siena College University of Chicago University of Tennessee Professional Certificate 'Y' MRS, GENTRY C, CARROLL Fourth Grade Memphis State University Siena College Professional Certificate s azgsggqf, ,Q . 'K 'f -'---2m...,,,,k MRS, CARTER HUDSON Third Grade Southern Methodist University Memphis State University B.S.. M.-A. '43 . r,4- , l N l In MRS, MILTON L, WRAY Fourth Grade Southwestern at Memphis Memphis State University B. A . Ae, B is . 5 L bo MRS, WILLIAM T, SULLIVAN Third Grade Mary Baldwin College Southwestern at Memphis B, A . MRS, JAMES T. STUCKENSCHNEIDER Third Grade Millsaps College Memphis State University B.A. ""Ws,,wi' MRS I W KIRKWOOD Second Grade Choral Music Florida State University Temple University Professional Certificate I J MRS, TED TURNER ll dpi Second Gra de 6 ,gtfzpl Choral Music X Memphis State University "S QQ B.S.. M.A. 5 , xv, , f ,y J ya MRS, JUNE G, RHEA First Grade Middle Tennessee State Memphis State University University of Chicago University of North Carolina Professional Certificate ki, 0- In C 1 opfl bfi Simi, MRS, EDWARD E, BLAND Second Grade University of Tennessee Memphis State University B.S. Q?-uz,f .-4 , w-vw If 1 - W 5 wwf X F ff? ll QI' 0 lit MRS, ALFRED F, MILLER, IR, First Grade Union College fKentuckyy Cumberland College University of Kentucky University of Maryland B,S, in Education MRS, JOSEPH B, HOPPER First Grade Southwestern at Memphis Memphis State University B.A.. M.A. 1 W1 f .n'55'7 0 1' f, WSH!!! MRS REITER WEBB Kindergarten Director Memphis State University Texas Kindergarten Workshop Vassar College Summer Institute Professional Certificate MISS MARY ANN VICKREY Kindergarten Assistant Instructor in Art, Grades 1- Memphis Academy of Arts Southwestern at Memphis Memphis State University B, F,A. MISS FRANCES MCFADDEN Director of Music, Piano Ward Belmont College Peabody College Juilliard School of Music Memphis College of Music Evergreen School of Sacred Music 11 741-4 Fun-iq .4 Fm- 19129--iv '74...,f MISS ELIZABETH LILLY OWEN Secretary, Bookkeeper 41 gil MRS. I. S. CALMER Librarian Smith College Memphis State University Certificate in Library Science B.A. 4 5 4 is , KJ R "' -L ...-as MISS ESTELLE LAMB HOOD Receptionist University of A Iabama MRS, WHITNEY E, LELAND Dietician Madison College fVirginiaJ B.S. in Home Economics 6 . ,... f' . 7 Q 3'-6' CERIEQ , 13,4 613 cnooo , ries? iw e- Q L W e' SN , X X MA R of gl A ,QM W lp W Q W QugQu , isoc- I ,. 4 And those who serve us. X'-'-uw ul, Y1 A--.N ww..- f,,..f-' g WILLIAM ANDREW ALLEN BORN: October 13, 1947 AMBITION: Lawyer ACTIVITIES: Class President 58, 59: Christmas Pag- eant 57, 58: Student Council 57, 58: Basketball JV 57, 58, 59: Science Club 57, 58, 59: Lab Assistant 58, 59: Paper Editor 58, 59: Annual Editor 58, 59: Science Project 58, 59. THOMAS GIBSON AUSTIN BORN: December 28, 1946 AMBITION: Farmer ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59, Basketball JV 57, 58: Varsity 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57, 58, BORN: January 24, 1947 DAVID LESLIE BOWLIN BORN: March 30, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Choir 58, 59: Basketball 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 58, 59. ROBERT MALCOLM BUXTON BORN: October 9, 1947 AMBITION: President of E. E. Buxton and Company ACTIVITIES: Choir 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57, 58: Fire Marshal 59. BLAND WILSON CANNON. IR. AMBITION: Neuro-Surgeon ACTIVITIES: Librarian 58, 59: Choir 57, 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57, 58. WILLIAM DUNLAP CANNON BORN: September 21, 1947 AMBITION: Criminal Lawyer ACTIVITIES: Christmas Pageant 57, 58, Basketball 58, 59. STEVEN WAYNE CHAMBERLIN BORN: February 11, 1948 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59g Christmas Pageant 57, 58. ROBERT CARL DICKERSON IH BORN: January 5, 1948 AMBITION: Professional Athlete ACTIVITIES: Red Cross 58, 59, Science Club 57, 58g Christmas Pageant 57, 585 Basketball 57, 58, 59, Library 57, 58, 593 Science Project 58, 59, CHARLES BROWN DUDLEY IH BORN: August 28, 1947 AMBITION: Civil Lawyer ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58,59g Safety Council 58,593 Basketball 57, 58, 593 Baseball 58, Project Science 58, 59, Lab Assistant. PHILIP FONDREN FLOYD BORN: September 4, 1947 AMBITION: Professional Football ACTIVITIES: Christmas Pageant 57, 58, 593 Fire Mar- shal 58, 59. ROSS ALLAN GILSON BORN: August 18, 1947 AMBITION: Chemist ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59, IV Manager 57, 58, Yearbook Representative 58, 59, Science Club: Christ- mas Pageant 57, 58,595 Choir 57,58, 59, PAUL TROW GILLESPIE, JR, BORN: June 6, 1947 AMBITION: To be a success ACTIVITIES: Choir 57,58, 593 Basketball 57,58, 59, Baseball 57,58, Christmas Pageant 58, 59, Paper Staff: Annual Staffg57g Junior Fire Chief. WILLIAM WOLF GOODMAN BORN: January 12, 1947 AMBITION: Professional Athlete ACTIVITIES: Basketball 58. 593 IV: Baseball IV 57, 583 Camera Club 57, 58 Christmas Pageant 57, 58. ARNOLD EDWIN GRABER BORN: April ao, 1941 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Fire Marshal 58: Annual staff 57, 58: Christmas Pageant 57, 58. HENRY ROBERT HELLER IH BORN: March 31, 1947 AMBITION: Piano Salesman ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59g Safety Patrol 58, 59, Basketball Manager "B" Team 58, 595 Christmas Pag- eant 57, 58. GRANT LESLIE HOPKINS BORN: June 12, 1947 AMBITION: Submarine Commander ACTIVITIES: Annual Representative 58, 59, Choir 57, 58, 59, Christmas Pageant 57, 58, FREDERICK WILLIAM HOOPER III BORN: May 30, 1947 AMBITION: A successful businessman ACTIVITIES: Basketball 58,59g Christmas Pageant 58, 59. JOHN JONES HUGHES BORN: February 10, 1947 AMBITION: Surgeon ACTIVITIES: Library Representative 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57, 58, CHARLES ROBERT HUTTON BORN: October 10, 1947 AMBITION: Rancher ACTIVITIES: Choir 57,58, 59: Safety Patrol 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57,58. FREDERICK PHILLIP JACOBS III . BORN: December 8, 1946 AMBITION: Professional Basketball ACTIVITIES: Choir 57,58, 59, Red Cross 57g Christ- mass Pageant 57, 58, 59. JOHN BROOKE LATHRAM BORN: May 22, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 595 Student Government Rep, 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57,58g Science Club 57, 58, 59g Saturday Science Class 58, 59: Paper staff 58, 59: Basketball IV 57, 58, 59: Spelling Bee Winner 58: VP of Class. JAMES IEFFERY KEIRNS BORN: July 1, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Choir 58, 59: Basketball Manager 58, 59, Varsity: Christmas Pageant 58. CRAIG LOVE BORN: April 17, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59, Christ- mas Pageant 57, 58: Safety Patrol 58, 59 58, 59. JAMES MCCARTY McCARROLL BORN: August 19, 1947 AMBITION: Florist ACTIVITIES: Choir 58,59g Fire Marshal 58, 59, Christmas Pageant 57, 58. BEWIS KAVANAUGH McKEE, JR, BORN: April 11, 1947 AMBITION: Air Force ACTIVITIES: Christmas Pageant 57, 58: Library 57 , 58: Basketball 57, 58, 59: Baseball 58: Fire Marshal RICHARD ALVAH MILLER. JR. BORN: April 3, 1947 AMBITION: Scientist ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59: Basketball 59: Sci- ence Club 58, 59. STEVEN CLINTON MINKIN BORN: April 28, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: QTransferJ Christmas Pageant 58 CHARLES WINSTON MOORE III BORN: Iune 4, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 595 Red Cross Representative 58, 59, KENDRICK TERRY NATHAN BORN: March 23, 1947 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Baseball Manager 57, 58: Basketball Q81 57, 58: Red Cross 57, 58g Christmas Pageant 56, 57, 58. JOHN ADDISON NICKEY BORN: October 7, 1947 AMBITION: To be a success ACTIVITIES: Choir 56, 57, 58, 59: Basketball 58, 59: Baseball 57, 58: Fire Marshal 58, 59: Christmas Pag- eant 57, 58: Paper Staff 58, 59: Science Club 57, 58, 59, BERL BRENDAN OLSWANGER BORN: December 28, 1947 AMBITION: Piano Manufacturer ACTIVITIES: Christmas Pageant 56, 57, 58, THOMAS STAFFORD PALMER BORN: August 25, 1948 AMBITION: Lawyer ACTIVITIES: Choir 58, 59: Basketball 57, 58, 59: Fire Marshal 58, 59: Project Science Course 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57, 58: Art Club 57, 58, 59, MICHAEL JOSEPH PEREL BORN: October 29, 1949 AMBITION: Architect ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 5 Christmas Pageant 57, 58 " COOPER YERGER ROBINSON, IR. , BORN: August 26, 1947 AMBITION: President of McCallum and Robinson ACTIVITIES: Choir 58, 59: Safety Patrol 58, 59: Christmas Pageant 57, 58. THOMAS CHARLES PAUL BORN: May 19. 1946 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Basketball 58, 59: Junior Varsity: Christmas Pageant 57, 58: Sci- ence Project Course 58, 59. 8, 59: Basketball 57,58: E THOMAS HARSH SHEARON BORN: January 6, 1947 AMBITION: Lawyer ACTIVI'I'IES: Choir 57, 58, 59: Safety Patrol 58, 595 Christmas Pageant 57, 583 Science Club 57, 58, 595 Science Project Course 58, 59g Paper Staff 58, 59g Annual Editor 58, 59: Lab Assistant, IERE HOYT TAYLOR BORN: December 28, 1946 AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Fire Marshal 58, 59g Christmas Pag- eant 57, 58. KENNETH WILLIAM TRIBBY BORN: July 11, 1947 AMBITION: Pathologist Safety Patrol 58, 59g Annual Photographer 58, 59g Christmas Pageant 57, 58. SENIOR AWARDS - 1957-19' 8 Faculty Trophy for General Bccellence - Charles Burgess Ledbetter A. W. Dick Trophy - Frank Cornell Tenent Athletic Trophy - Alvin William Wunderlich, III Robert J. Hussey Scholarship to Memphis University School - Thurston Roach Moore ACTIVITIES: Choir 57, 58, 59g R f Gigi xx gs. ie. 452. f ma., 1 R BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Eddie Gentry, Jimmy Friedman, John Saunders, Lee Moffatt, Ed Glover, James Robinson, Johnny Adams, Blue Hoyt, John Bouton, Jimmy Wagner. TOP ROW: John Carrier, Brig Klyce, George Stratton, Richie Montgomery, Ferd Heckle, Henry Doggrell, Murphy Smith, Chuck Smith, Monty Williams, Tommy Curtis, Mark Kaminsky. FIFTH GR DE Sw. ak his --v- 4 ,gi x',, ..Q..- Culture corner ,. .Lf- Attack! -Q5 ...X u-.- A- , Os..- 1 5 gy '51 YM' ' V 5 . gf W nf ' ' 'E L5 fn H f "' 5 - .. X A' ,,n m ' if "ffm - ' ' ' ' elaiiil iiiax ' ive E 1 ' 2 siiii1gq2i6' f M ' e ig Q E f fm M M 531 955, W Rl- , ,,4,,A'. .3 . , A ' h ' fr . f'f A QTZLT , M f ,L Q 5 'W "Q AE fm' W' ri m 11' ' 2 - - ' Y , .,., - M n Q ., J A .3 1 2 ,-, rv ii . , if Y , Q e 'iff ' m ' 'A ':,-iq., S b s ' A L, 5 f ,cf ' 'MA ' 2 A gg f ' Wi g ,E I I H' Q fi 53 mall' ,Q Z Q42 I ,X fx Q v X ,T 1 gi 9 F115 W" A 4 ' Qin 4, yi 5- I l " Q 192 A Q M333 F1 ,if .,, 1. Q2 -in We BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Lancelot Minor, Walter Sprunt, William Kahn, Reid Sanders, Frank Cole- man, Rodney Baber, Richard Alan Stevens, Alfred Sternberger, Charles Krivcher, and Lewis Donelson. TOP ROW: Carter Davis, Donald Mann, Randy Moskovitz, Douglass Winters, Walter Wills, David Widdi combe, Malcolm McRae, Jack Erb, Charles Livermore, William Bryce. FOURTH GRADE swf 1 "1 kr10w!" Friendly? ? ? BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Tom Hutton, James Robinson, Mark Wolf, Bayard Snowden, Curtis Tay- lor, Marc Cooper, Ames Yeates, Tommy Goyer, Steve Newman. TOP ROW: Barclay McFadden, Jack McNeill, Stuart Dornette, Sam Pepper, Michael Stark, Alfred Davies, Alex Dann, Edward Koller, Henry Myar. THIRD GR DE -in Spook Day , , and read the book to find out what happened fs 5 ,T c ji BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Edward Storer, Alun Turner, Gilbert A. Robinson, Christopher Canale, Clyde Billings, Daniel Fisher, James Pool, Terry Wilson. TOP ROW: Mhhael O'Brien, Harry W,Laugh- lin, Cleo "Steve" Stevenson, Martin Pryor, Douglass Warren, Richard Feinstein, Charles Costello, Peter Schutt. ABSENTg Barry Blumberg, . THIRD GRADE f f: Mfr V' Combinations "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again 1 Ita 'E A ' Q x A 11 . E . X. xx x BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Jim Lee, Curtis Pope, Rip Carloss, William Roberts, Everett Cook, David Camferdam, Nelson Freeburg, Snowden Todd, Glenn Allen, Jim Smith. TOP ROW: Sidney "Trip" Farns worth, Eric Gioia, Andy Hummel, Earl Smith, Woods Weathersby, Lawrence Keesee, Stephen Martin, John "Jay" Mack, Richard Humphreys, Hal McGeorge. ABSENT: Robert Allen. ECOND GRADE .sy hi Taking notes. "Is mine correct?" 1 4 I A BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Barlow Mann, Billy Parrish, Cynthia Sandford, Kirk Frederick, Steve Wolf, Patricia Gray, Kathy Floyd, Leslie Carloss, Bill Whitworth, Mary Linda Wright, Mason Kauffman, Gerry Lee, Alexander Schmidt, Tiffany Como. TOP ROW: William Pritchard, Preston Battle, Jay Cole Gordon Carloss, John McFadden, Lucian Minor, John Gray, John Garner, Chris Boatright, Robert Phelps, Hal Loveless, Gray Beale, Michael Bean, James Beeson. ABSENT: Woody Reid, Jimmy Clark. KINDERGARTEN -rs 9231 ll ..........:.4s. ii Block time Where is the show? FRONT ROW, left to right: David Martin, Mary Elizabeth Koeppe, Jim Shields, Warner McQuire, Mer cer West, Nora Marchisio, Scott Rachels, John Hobson, Christine Love, Lela Crump. Martin Clough, BACK ROW: Edwin Bozeman, Bart Elliott, Arthur Best, David Gilliland, Jim Dickerson, Tom Jones, Robert Fallis, Robert Pierce, Arthur Halle, Hubert Turley, Shelby Lee. ABSENT: Steve McLaughlin, Diane McDonnell. KINDERGARTEN Annie Oakley? Be my Valentine fa W . ' X , gggw ', im:1?i,- 4 . f Y V' t If 'QT-Pkg , ,,.-4 53:51, A,5-hiiwiisk J- .- Pete Webb, Instructor in Physical Education Leigh W. MacQueen, School Director of Athletics Milton Davis, Church Recreational Director Through the athletic program of the Day School we are striving to develop strong useful bodies, quick resourceful minds and a spirit instilled with the ideals of fair play and teamwork, We do not expect all of our boys to become great athletes but we do expect them to learn the skills of the games and to do their best whether in the games played at school or in the bigger game of life, The variety of activities offered in our athletic program gives each boy a chance to gain proficiency in several different sports, something we feel is most vital in the development of a well-rounded personality, To this end the athletic staff has dedicated itself. As a matter of interest, we have found through our testing program that boys havin received this training rank far above the national average in athletic achievement, Sports included at the Day School are soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics Qtum- bling and trampolinej, softball, track, games, and calisthenics. 5 n Q, ,, , ,Q 7,5 L, ki V .Mfr .. f ,"""f"?5RBQ7i-' 'S ' MV K 'ML A E.,.E,k: , N: fy S fx ' ' R f ' l f Z , ,, ., 4 tu- .Sv ,, My . I ,. ,.- .?.L,- .t-.,. , --' 1 ,mf . M , KN: -,-mt, ,5m.,, -1136-...An . ,Z I 7 f if q, , 5. A3 WE 35 11 25 15 19 27 25 28 18 46 15 9 gk gg, X ' N3 'A 6 4 ur BASKETBALL TULTS Junior Varsity St. Dominic Training i2 Davis Juniors Rebels ,Training 442 Davis Juniors St. Dominic Rebels Training Davis Juniors Rebels 1 i i i x E 0 is sag I 1 X.. e X ,, Xt 1' qs If at lf, R y A -K. a '- 4 MP Pi DJ' QUS 9 0 n.X.,,,, fl QUS CL X D J' 9 J' I I' Fw J e FRONT ROW, left to right: Ferd Heckle, Manager, Kent Wunderlich, Fred Hooper, Richie Montgomery, John Nickey, Trow Gillespie, Bill Wills, Manager, SECOND ROW: Jimmy Keims, Statistician, Johnny Adams, Bob Dickerson, Chip Dudley, Tommy Austin, David Bowlin, Mac McKee, Dunlap Cannon, Coach McQueen, C0-Captain TOMMY AUSTIN VARSITY BA KETBALL vo, Captain BOB DICK ERSON Gillespie in for a lay-up The 1959 basketball season is rapidly draw- ing to a close with the Crusaders requiring one more victory to clinch the league championship for the second consecutive year. The round- ballers have a 9-1 record to date, having scored 249 points to the opposition's 121, Led by for- ward, Tommy Austin, who is near the individual scoring record for the school, the team has played with a deliberate style of offense and a strong zone defense. With Gillespie, Wunder- lich, McKee, Austin, and Cannon holding down the starting positions and followed by excellent bench strength such as Dickerson, Montgomery, Hooper, Nickey, Dudley, Adams, and Bowlin, the team hopes to complete the season with on- ly one loss, thus setting a won-loss record for the school, Returning to Crusader basketball next year will be Wunderlich, Montgomery, and Adams. FLASH - PDS wins League Championship defeat- ing Davis in a double overtime 15-13, McKee pulls one down fic-1 Adams rebounding The coach's bench ,.,,' 2 Q o.s 5 Y-9--Q' ff f sQ.n..s'i Q.0.,g A ' 5 ,Q'o"'3E i 9.0.-iii r "Lf 7 ii A 7, N 5 Q. n..: 3 ir. a.,4g FRONT ROW, left to right: Brig Klyce, Statistician, Reid Schadt, Mark Kaminsky, Philip Jacobs, George Stratton, Bob Heller, Manager. SECOND ROW: Franklin Anderson, Manager, Richard Miller, Tom Pal- JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity, led by guard Andy Allen and forward Brooke Lathram, has turned the tables on last year's record to bring the won-loss record to 5-5 for the 1959 season. The team has played fine bail, losing several games by very close scores. Aiding in the success of the season thus far has been the rebounding of Tommy Paul and Tom Palmer and the clever playing of Reid Schadt. SCHEDULE WE 13 Second Presbyterian 6 Varsity 6 Second Presbyterian 2 Training 41 6 Shelby Juniors 16 Second Presbyterian 7 St. Dominic 16 St. Dominic 17 Idlewild 11 St. Dominic THEY 7 35 11 O Qforfeity 52 2 9 8 8 12 KNEELING, left to right: Coach MacQueen, Frank Tenent, Trow Gillespie, Chip Dudley, Dan Farber, John Nickey, Barham Ray, Terry Nathan and John White, Managers. STANDING, left to right: Bob Ru bin, Richard Walker, Bill Wunderlich, Greg Warren, Sloan Young, Bill Quinlen, Mac McKee, Gary Ut- kov, Fred Goldsmith, Scotty Heppel, Statistician. SOFTB LL 19 8 For the second consecutive year the Crusader softball team won the Junior League championship, Behind the tight pitching of Gillespie and Nickey, who allowed only 7 runs, Wunderlich, Utkov, Tenent, and Warren combined their big sticks to bring in four victories while helping to score 45 runs. Aiding in the team drive for the championship were Tenent, Walker, and Rubin, who made up one of the strongest outfields to play at the Day School. Returning letter- men will be Nickey, Gillespie, Dudley, and McKee. SCHEDULE WE THEY 8 Guthrie 4 14 Neighborhood House 2 9 Wesley House 0 qforfeity 14 Porter 1 47 ink? 35 - g, 4. f L V L v 2 n K 4. J if: su- 'Qs 4 ef-f , is .V i 0 - 'gf' .f :elim E if . I .4 itll TTY f',w 'ff A, , . ,ijt W' N '-f vfif 5 ' Q 4 -. ff mf" " 4" X x L 'K' M 1lf'J?5.., , X , , . it 1 H Q A in-'?fWfww 4 U x K 6 d 2.11 km an , K 4 5 . I, sp Lb, 5 .,,,:, , x, . 1 x has NJ, . . vein Y I x' Y Q. ax an 1. ,fy E9 L, 'ev FW 4 E Je 1 Q1 . ,U , if it r . , , 9 ii? ,, if' 1 a. i 4 Q54 5 5 uw 'F' ls CTIVITIES 1 ,401 Q i Ili i U31 111 H D351 mi Q " 4' kg:-2 ,M Q we if ig, Em, Q ' l is fs" '35 W' MUSIC UE wg Cf-'11-S i Q al .1 ,vt J-9 ' s STANDING, left to right: Warner Phelps, Tommy Curtis, Steve Warner Bruce Smith, Horace Houston, Bland Cannon, Kenny Tribby, Mike Stark, Frank Jem isorr, Robert Smith, Henry Cannon, Henry Bunn, Rob Allen. SEATED left to right: Stephen Gilson, Curt Taylor, Miss McFadden. To know what is good music, to under- stand it and to take part in it, widens the mind and deepens the heart, MUSICAL LOOM by Frances Gorman Risser My piano keyboard is a loom The threads are notes I play IfI am patient, I will weave A tapestry some day: A lovely, tuneful masterpiece Spun on this magic loom, To decorate the endless walls Of earth's vast living rooml - 52 ,Q 5 s ., .' s A '..x N. 'ww' ' P n V 9 Q!-1 SENIO '1 H C MCKE QZIE, Dlrecror ' 9 u X 1- ' 1 I I X HOIR DDEN, Accompamst nA...x.w.m..m1 Q 1 Q ' 15' 1 zmga:'??!1 1 Wi.. 2' t l I ff 1 V262 'gimme A x .nlgir-1?i'1 kt, fn, 9.15, ' .- My 8:6 Q 3 fi? S' I' Q 7 . i E N :Q Q . FN X Qyiiug , E JVM? xx SK V 'I ' . v Y fe W, it 1 all .W 'A' , I 1 'nr fig K , yri Q gli , 7. fi 133 57. A 9, ' 1 i 'WY 15 FA ' T ,fi ,Ryu I ' ,sy 1 gi' 'A-N., K ' VSAM 1 . - V ,uw ,tm v : x K ,wh - , ,F , 4, ,. -lfiiii 1,. 1 V - , Y I V L .234 5 5 f 5 E F I D 2 A L5 Q ' 4' ifw- .gun ,Q MAG ' ' mr ' M .M-' X- M v 2 , gl ,Q y A ,gtk 5 A ' 7?:A A M " ' ., J' 'ff 1 Q A V a L ,V ss- . ,, 1 H J ' , ' ' T 2 N -I , . ' fr: - f 'ii - .7 Ni' v-ff wSi: g . g 4 . -, I - Q Lx 1, S . . K ' Nfl' - .. . .. ,P 1 4 nr W IHHJCROSS U-NJ 4? it 2 O 4 so -9 GJ '60 CROS FRONT ROW, left to right: Rip Carloss, Clyde Billings, Ben Martin, Billy Ayers, Vance Alexander, David Klyce, Bill Mitchell, Richard johnson. STANDING, left to right: Ar- nold Graber, George Stratton, Bruce Smith, Tommy Curtiss, Charles Moore, Bob Dick- erson, Randy Moskovitz, Walton Tomford, James Robinson. SCOUTS I nu, , 4 ,nrvhvh 1,34 ,- 4,,' 13.418 , .V X .I R 'P' il x X 'A B is FRONT ROW, left to right: Cary Whitehead, III, Marc Cooper, Frank Pidgeon, Bill Ma- honey, Mike Stark, Billy Hoehn. MIDDLE ROW: Ricky Miller, Walton Tomford, Don- ald Mann, Bayard Snowden, Kevin Young, Jim Pool, Martin Pryor, Tommy Palmer, Tommy Paul. BACK ROW: Hank Mays, Bland Cannon, Kenny Tribby, Grant Hopkins, Billy Goodman, Arnold Graber, Philip Floyd, Johnny Hughes, Frank Jemison, Iere Taylor. gov' SCIENCE CLUB STANDING, left to right: John Nickey, Kit Owen, Tom Shearon, Andy Allen, Brooke Lathram, Charles Moore, Frank Jemison, Jimmy Keirns, Chip Dudley, Mark Kaminsky. SEATED, left to right: David Bowlin, Bob Dickerson, George Stratton, Brig Klyce. P PER STAFF STANDING, left to right: Steve Stevenson, William Roberts, Bill Cade, Mark Kamins ky, Stephen Crump, Trow Gillespie, Eric Dierks, Tom Shearon, Brooke Lathram, Gor- don Greeson, Reid Sanders, John Pettey, Dewitt Shy, Bob Montgomery, Lewis Donel- son, Mike Clark, Alfred Davies, George Madison. SEATED: Andy Allen. ABSENT: George Stratton, John Nickey, ob' SX AUTOGRAPHS CORPORATION ANDERSON-TULLY COMPANY THE SPRUNT Compliments of B. C. LAND COMPANY C all RODNEY BABER AND CO for Printing and Mailing Service Adve rti s ing BOBBITT DOERR DRUG COMPANY 3163 Poplar Ave 21 So second sf Memphls Memphis 3 Tenn Phone GL 8 2687 JAckson 5 6733 "Specialists in Direct Mail ' ' ll ' . , u - GEORGE F MAHONEY ARCHITECT CHARLESE WILLIAMS Associate 3387 Poplar Ave - Memphis FA 7-4326 DOUGLAS KING San Antonio 6, Texas Cornpllrnents of STERNBERGER, MAY AND CO Cotton Factors 84 S Front St Memph1s OSCAR MABE Esso TAYLOR MACHINERY COMPANY TRI STATE FLORAL CO 1403 Unlon BR 5 2164 Cornphments of FRANKLIN SIMON 3480 Poplar Lad1es' Ready to Wear Men's and Ch1ldren's Clothmg Phone FA 7 7341 ENRII BEAUTY SALON Phone FA 3 5881 CO. ' 9 Compliments of FRANK COSCIA AND SON 4908 P M h NATIONAL GUARD PRODUCTS 5 J' k M h LYTLE McKEE COTTON COMPANY CARTWRIGHT AND BEAN S M ph BR 5 1941 Oplar 40 ac son Ave. emp is, T nn. emp is, Tellu- Compliments of 560 o. Cooper St. em is, Tenn. Cornplunents EQUIPMENT CQMPANY, INC CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 5025 Mulberry Memph1s Tennessee TRI-STATE THE WILLS FARM M1ch1gan C1ty M1SS1SS1pp1 Best W1shes From G M BAIRD AND co Donatlon From CONNORS BROKERAGE BURTON PHARMACY 4936 Poplar Compllments of PAPER PRODUCTS coMPANY JOHN GRAY 8. SON A Servlce Store That Truly Serves A Home lnst1tut1on for Home People Memphls, Tenn Compllment s of PEACOCK RUG CLEANERS Be Proud of Your Rugs Phone JA6 3107 NIXON LUMBER CO INC 1340 E. Mc:Lemore Ave Wh 2. 1551 . - . , . 1 . . 9 At White Station o g o Compllments BOYLE INVES TMENT COMPANY Amer1ca's Frlendly SCHRAFFT S CHOCOLATES Slnce 1861 Compllments of HECKLE BROTHERS YOUNGTOWN INC 3474 Plaza Ave GL 8 3322 of Gesture 1 SHANNON BROTHERS LUMBER CO. INCORPORATED HOLIDAY INN OI1 Long Beach Mlss Owned and Operated by W D JEMISON AND SONS ' a ' Holiday Shores a ' ' Compl1ments GARRETT LOAN AND REALTY COMPANY 612. Goodwyn Trust Bldg Compllments DAVID T GILDART AND COMPANY for Rent MEMPHIS U DRIVE IT 70 N Cleveland BR 6 1828 SHELBY LANDS INC ' of ' New Cars - Trucks Complirnents of r CURTIS PHARMACY Your L1fe" 4615 Surnmer Avenue Phone MU 5 82.75 Memph1s Tennessee "Our Prescription May Save . 9 Compliments of W. G. PETTY 8: SON, INC. Butane Gas 3733 Lamar GL 8 4478 MARK TWAIN CAFE TERIA South's Most Beautiful Cafeteria " Make Your Farnily Night Out a Treat" 4320 Summer Ave Memphls Compliments of SAM WATSON GEO H HOLLEY INSURANCE AGENCY INC Compliments MEMPHIS READING CLINIC Compliments of C W HUSSEY C O BEESON COMPANY All K1HdS of General Insurance 2158 Union Avenue Suite 520 BR 2 0577 Memphls, Tenn JOYNER HEARD REALTY CO Poplar Hlghland Plaza FA 3 5502 JOHN B GOODWIN COMPAINIES Real Estate Insura.nce Mortgage Loans 62 S Prescott St FA1rfax 7 5636 of Realtor s HUM K0 CREAMOGENIZED SHOR TENING BOSWORTH, INC REALTORS Sales, Leases Investrnents, Apprausals HUGH BOSWORTH Phone BR Z 2403 MRS GIBSON HARRISON 663 South Cooper St O WINSTON E. CHEAIRS, JR. Central Bldg. Compliments of PHILIP A. PEREL PEREL AND LOWENSTEIN Mernph1s Tenn Compliments CHICKASAW COTTON CO. 111 S0 Front Street Congr atu1at1ons From ROMAC INC Mutual 5 9555 NATIE S INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S WEAR 469 5 Poplar Memph1s, Tenn NATHAN S KAUFMAN HAPPY DAY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 1649 Un1on 3090 Poplar Phone BR 8 0246 for Dehvery Servlce Comp11ments MR AND MRS YORK ARMS co Sport1ng Goods Cornphments ALLIED INVESTMENT co 162 S Maln JA 6 1217 Dupont Bldg 22 S Second 3434 Plaza Ave GL 2 1173 Memph1s, Tenn of 842 S. Highland ABE KRIVCHER Compliments of BILLY HOLT ELEROY HOLT NAVY YARD COMPRESS M h GORDON S M 11 HOLLOWAY S EtM1kDd P t emp is, Term. - ---- ----- X ,x X TRANSPORTS, INC. a i u s and Reeses emp is, Tenn. eanu Butter Cups Buslness Phone Re s1dence Phone BR 2 2438 MU 5 0844 REDI MIX CONCRETE Furn1shed or La1d Del1ver1es Made Monday Through Saturday Crane Servlce and Gradlng CARRIER EXCAVATION 8: FOUNDATION CO INC 2141 Persons Avenue Memphls Tenn Cornphrnents of HOEHN CHEVROLET CO. 367 Unlon Avenue Memphls, Tennessee WILLIAM P. CARRIER, Vice President E.H.CRl-IMP as CO. it JOM Qwwafawm nguoi Fire Automobile and General Insurance Lmberal Real Estate Loans Real Estate Sales V F BOTTO 124 North Court Avenue Memplus Tennessee Toys Establxshed 1877 COMPANY AND COMPANY LEHMAN-ROBERTS Compliments of D. CANALE AND COMPANY Bird's-Eye - Topmost - Betty Crocker Nest1e's -F F V Cookies ROBINSON IVERS AND POND LOAN AND FINANCE COMPANY PIANO CO Manufacturers of Ivers and Pond 164 Mad1SOn Memphis Tenn Memphis and Henry F, Miller Pianos 0-. 5 ...lg TUDDLE HOUSE Quan You BN-WL! 'TUDDLE HUUSE Good Food at 1ts Best' Your fr1end1y Toddle House welcomes you Z4 hours a day w1th the best 1n h1gh quahty food, cooked to per meal v1s1t the Toddle House nearest you You'11 flnd lmmedlate serv1ce, pleasant surround1ngs, and the frlendly atmosphere that have made the Toddle House Amer1ca's favorlte host Stop by for a famous S1ZZ11I'1g hamburg r or treat yourselftoataste temptmg steak d1nner' Snack tlme or meal trme, you're always sure or de11c1ous food, qulck SCFVICC at the Toddle House' AMERICPUS 24 I-OUR HOST THE NATIONAL TODDLE HOUSE CORPORATION 5 North Th1rd Street Memphms, ennessee fection. For a quick snack or for a well-balanced , . . . , ' ' e . . . ' T Comphments of A 8. G Comphments of MID SOUTH LITHGGRAPHIC SUPP LY REFRIGERATED WAREHOUSE Ph JA6 3415 226 Un1on Ave Memphls, Tenn 1100 E Parkway S Memph1s 4475 BERCLAIR FURNITURE EXCHANGE Summer Phone Mu3 We Buy and Sell Antlque Furn1ture, Cut Glass, and Hand Pa1nted Ch1na 1813 Have Your Doctor Phone Us for Prompt Dellvery on A11 MCd1Ca1 Needs WHITE STATION PHARMACY MU 5 5434 Ph MU 5 5471 TOM GU THERIE Memphls, Tennes see Comphments of G W PALMER al CO "Wear more cottons' HOHENBERG BROS COTTON COMPANY CAMP HOPEWELL RESIDENT CAMP Boys and G11-15, 7 to 12 MRS JUNE RHEA FA 3 9028 C omp11ments HARRY JOBE'S LEADWAY 376 9 Southern Avenue CO, - No. 1 4990 Poplar No. 2 5061 Park ' l Pho ' D -- l I of CCMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FORSYTH-WILLIAMS INC. 34 N. Lauderdale JA 5-7673 Phone-MU3-2516 JOE TAYLOR TIRE SERVICE Amoco Tires and Batteries Brake Service Motor Tune Up Wheel Alignment 4830 P0P1a1' and Balancing - Memphis Compllme nts of BESS MARTIN MUTUAL OF OMAHA and UNITED OF OMAHA 1015 DELTA COTTON COMPANY Falls Bldg 6 0747 TOOL SUPPLY INC 1482 Madlson Ave BR 5 7423 T W FRAZIER STAAG FOAM or HAIR AND SCALP CROOK HUDSON DRUG COMPANY 4637 Poplar Avenue Memphls The Rexall Store We Dehver "S1gnet" MIITOT Manufactured by the World's Largest CAROLINA MIRROR CORP D1str1buted by DYKE GLASS AND PAINT CO , JA - ' 0 - f Sec'y, -Treas. . . S Comphrnents A FRIEND PRYOR MOTOR IMPORTS Memph1s, Tennes see MARX 8. BENSDORF INC Insurance Real Estate Mortgage Loans SIDCC 1868 Compllments of A FRIEND of 2545 Summer Avenue Comphments of B 8. J REALTY co 111 So Front St Compl1ments of MR JAMES JACKSON EDW LE MASTER CO Falls Bldg JA 7 8521 Real Estate JA 7 8521 AY RES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MU5 7080 STRINGER BROS NURSERIES 2974 Poplar Avenue GL 8 7534 Comphments of JOSEPH PALVADO Compllments of WENZLI-:R EXCLUSIVE R R KIMBROUGH CLEANERS Plck Up Dehvery Servlce AND CO Central and Eastern Sectlons REALTORS INSURANCE 2917 Poplar FA 3 4507 Compllments of THOMAS P CTOMQ MITCHELL STANDARD DRUG CO 3984 Park Avenue 1054 Perkins Road WICKS ORGAN co So Representatlve R F SMITH 41 S Goodlett GL2 9901 Memplus Compliments of DR AND MRS R BEVERLEY RAY THE COTTON TRADE JOURNAL H1ckman Bldg Memph1s 3 Tenn Cotton's Spokesman for More Than Half a Century WILLIAM B CLARK AND CO Bu11ders Real Estate Insurance 4900 Poplar Ave MUtua13 5252 DIXIE SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS Sheet Metal Vent11at1ng Warm Au' Heat1ng Telephone JA 6 6751 496 S Maln St Memph1s, Tennessee Comphments COUNTRY CLUB CLEANERS CHARLES REED BUICK CO 2505 Poplar Avenue GL 2. 1105 Snack B BRUNO S BY RYT 5043 Park Ave Memph1s, Tenn ar MU 3 3543 9 0 " ' ' . Q . g n . - - Memphis, Tenn. ' of 1 WHITFIELD KING AND COMPANY INCORPORA TED INSURANCE Compliments of BLAKE'S BEAUTY SALON 4629 Poplar Phone MU 3-6380 Compliments of BEST HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES INC 3455 Summer Ave Memphis FA 3 7606 TREADWELL AND HARRY INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Compliments NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO LLOYD SARBER Custom Made Draperies Awnings Blinds C818 CONSTRUCTION CO 2369 Airways Memphis Commercial and Industrial Construction of CO. l83 So. Camilla - BR 6-2719 . HELEN SHOP INC 1808 Umon Avenue Memph1s Broadway 8 0867 LAWSON CAVETTE 9 N Thlrd Street JA 5 2725 Jackets Hunt1ng Equ1pment Shoe Skates 3147 Cornphments of HAL DANIEL CURTAIN SHOP C omphments of CHAS W COSTELLO JR JEWELERS Poplar Ph 244 5 St6I'1Ck Comphments of T C HANNUM GENERA L CA BLE CORP CITY Compllments of W S KINZEL NSURANCE AGENC Y 205 Sterlck Bldg Phone JA7 7681 INC Cornphments of BAKER'S BIG STAR 4638 Qumce Comphments of BLUFF CITY COTTON CO 11150 Front St I - I . COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND AND ANOTHER FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND Absent when class pictures were taken: Standing, left to right: Billy Maury, Jeb Russell, Bobby Allen, Barry Blumberg, James Wetter, The editors of the annual wish to express their thanks to the following boys who worked so hard to make the CRUSADER possible: ROSS GILSON GRANT HOPKINS FRANK JEMISON BRIG KLYCE BILL BRYCE ROD BABER EARL SMITH CHIEF BOSWORTH CURT TAYLOR BARRY BLUMBERG TOMMY ROBINSON DICK WILLS STEPHEN GILSON f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The Lic' fi f Be-1' 'sew ook: A'eTa,:'-H1521-: ma.-A .. ..,......- . - Aw. .-fi" 'www ' 4, ff? -5. fu.n'. 'H-,pl ,nw - , , ,'.'w.4f!f 1 fi., V ,, , , , , ., A gfl 1.-. , ,. Q .,v,, 1...,,., , ,A F .2 . .1bl. -1, .1 .4.,. , 1,1 ?1

Suggestions in the Presbyterian Day School - Crusader Yearbook (Memphis, TN) collection:

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