Practical Bible Training School - Theologue Yearbook (Johnson City, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Practical Bible Training School - Theologue Yearbook (Johnson City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 12 of 88
Page 12 of 88

Practical Bible Training School - Theologue Yearbook (Johnson City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 11
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Practical Bible Training School - Theologue Yearbook (Johnson City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 13
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Page 12 text:

,ifl'5i1"?Q15?'?F'?3'f5Saff S'3if2Q?gsi,i25i:3r 55335-F'5?5fE?'i'5's,zv.:2 Qzvwqicf-Mazen mvfmrdaww-fPS:':-4 Yip!4z2xe1'i:3i-Maxx, I 2S'EWffr5g3+w'?i5 W, .? :F-.qui an ,My Mc'Ufi?I1f17I-'w.lJ-Y.'5- .rm-p N-f-fh1g:5g,-1zZ,12,43e , egg1::'ff.,5'f.v3'5.,,flie,tiggZr Alma Mater 'LT-imi "'glefi7'c' ' , Y -. . V-. v , , ., .-,--,W--,Q-1,-, , -Q, an-pw.-4-n , .- "'r1'qs:'q5r'rvr A ' il H-'f ' sc 'H -1-S?-'ar--fra-" 1-'s--l'-'-W5-'J-"'-'-'12 ',.'i-If:-s?1barvf?-vs! 'Ha-:S 21fi+'f,as:3f. 32235?1'i0!4-W-1-1eEf".Q:2112G:,'fij451'2'ES3:2f!2rEM:Qf31,2e1fi352:?i-'zuI W-.J 1' ' 'v ..':"I5'.f' ' XM fr ,- -tl. 'J"'w.1- ' f-, '11 '. .. .. as .,f- 1-1.-f 3 .s',11.f-,4,,',J4g..z,--rlfifgg, -. :J-f. . 1 : fffiu.-4-Q',i'Qx4g..LF13-Uqqflu-T51 ,gr .QI,'g12.,:"' ' L 4-..,,q-AL .,,4rrg- 11- --.11::eG- gg-:9-I 12- 4-vlixia-..E1w iwgfqgg-he--,gh Ihr. PN N--H ' 11 ,GI-'rc "5 v-f4'iqv'-it pw. 5l1Tfv-'4N1Wi3"P '4'f-l'T-5-- -if-41,a'--y-l.'N-1521-.1"2 - " 'Z-1. -' , 51-12-' 5'-'MLJ'--f 'fffi-gf-if-'f -?r'vr'1b'Y'Js:.Q,fu"s'- VPS..-1 " -1 ' 'Ya rf ' ' ' 4 4 1 ww -wen, x -if mi? If-.-,y Ai- u--1.g,.uy gdm.y', n.,g'., fu--'Q -'94' iw fp 4 94- .-144.--'?,Eg.2q'-".-4'x.Vne', --,QP1 " .:!4v"' H'b:,GI- -'g-.g.,-- -f .5 :N ggi? --I-'sg-4 gc. . f ' V'-j,.sv1 'C buf., f, ,, '2'lf5,j'QS2'S-4i'32?Q6'195j,fET',:ES4-AQSfachgmfehkibflFc"5l4'3L::f-Zi?-'Z-EeH'F?'?iQ'x'SiZEgif'-?2?.'A'::12'-kvglakifkigiiia4es9J?5'S2S:s-fgaikrlifvfx-:11i:5'lf'f5Ses.'5fE:.4i'g.i" -31353. .-H 'uf' A, jr, '.'fm-1-:r'mSeJ?Fs::ng F131-:lu-GS zyV51,'Jv4--'51 5'i',-'3--aug:-Q3-K?fm5l2i-g :-s2Y,.. sr we-cgi'-3-v-.3 g+g,,Uy,Qf,1.':5:Je-rl. f . ala, -4::wsA,mvfw:Qnei- 541,---L --M-jT'f:g.1:' 5ff1"53'P'Fi5'?'f?3'f-2-'f . ,-.,-,, s .- vgihi' inf:-'Q--n'Af:1q15 . , 4, 3 4. nip., . 'r':'.Lstfe-"QF5'f'-ghaizlf aQf::x::"i?m,f fY::!:'w: ffwrugvgzafggszafafaiz l:Z4QS:-42f-fv1- 6-Mi-11-.:f'fLg1fJzaa41'Ps-'11 g,:RC.jquIb.fS1'fr:rZ!2:9-'g "'2i13-eS5'-'RW-fTf.'-31-iii-. kv-'in .5 'ga'--u ,sa 'ffl 1x?fri91t1ff'M.f"e"57-14' M-,'3u4:4g:-.,g'5E5?gcQ4 , .., : J X ' ,' L-1 ,Pi ,VI 22vqz.f6iais3n42bgg:y,a .' . 1 ' ' 2-wg . -' ,w - .' .-,,. Q Ng- -15 c-lair" fifffagg Qf.1l?-4:"Q'gfQ:-365,44 - . .. . . x5g2fE3:ewgff5fa:N12 f'-as-55 '?Ms1?4:11n1'i1Z .Pm ,ILE-gL,'.Nsf',1x?0' ,.-q,.,,4.,, ,.,,, ,,,,J5,gx, ,-,rm '-'mel'-frffira.-nelfs '-W Qf,wi':.u7:Wga-i:sE'z-mime r ,Ms UR.:-R .1-N-lgflfl: QQA .v!2',, pw ic2yiiQ.w"511-LQQ-424515 :sg4s:3,f:5'.f:yg51Lf:.3ppg K-if-:5'2':5-S1'1Q'2:'?'iS' A JQf:+q,,s?-rf.-:::as?1e1 l 1 5'l'!'a'S" 'Z""i'5'7""'?fz we - - - 1 P 9 -2?gggSg.5:':ff. 5114: Riffs? 'g . - v gon- egg- 7.' ' Nfbffaif-ifi:3:,k"-fiffdi ,C-S' 4 r-, A Q? f-mir-5--75 .-lapse! Q -vf+.w2me-1L,5v-sf - . 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P. -S-I-'fg S--za-.'-.f.1vvfa 'fr'-2 Zxv'.A-feivigvv'-'1' , mvx., .5.2g,:-tm imfl., ,pig w"nfg.-wg R'f4""r-'S-L Mr 1 'f.. ,7 . ..w -f f '. --. ,rr '. 1 f ' s ' L., 'I u'- " -, ,an wg, ,H .1 -A... fvsifhjifl-'GQGE' iifffm-4 W-fi-'fa04h:b'Sev5i?-2 .wnrfzefwfsapka-azz kEf5Xl?!I4,5.i'?v,'27'ZK2??i7f 21492-zifwrmwi-f2:':ffi J2:.ffaJh:5--fi1P!':- Qi +141-2S'fiQ3w'4G:f 'P ea.-nv'--q-' ..7,3w1:P, P2"2'b X'-gif' 'za' yuh'-1 r:i4Q2+f5i's3e0Ef?i :ns 11.-P9 ferktfti-211.-Q' 545 f,g2,'62i5- -,?1,g,q iktl N- V, .5 Lf.. gag- - .,.,.., .. .,., ,. ' - :."'.F"':' mfr-e:f2::w:7s+eWf111a hr aff: -'Fa'-:f15:uJ:?+u mHi:'2P-'ffif-iii? 'i"7?'55 .g. l?.y5,,g-5 ,.,Js5-urls, .-V,-3 .- " - -.nv-Q. ':.wg.5-ef.-7zgfs1,-iE5-deze Le:-.a-"r:5:4 n,5.'v,1'2"J w' ggigifjfgi.-5.-Af's'.155.'7iLf wmv.rg.1fffn:,g' .-J, -5:57--'.11. .4'---nm. '-" ,rg-,.g-:n-figviyxt--5:54 5 : Es..-1-L:"IL :f-Tlcfiffij anna.f:.:-.,r.m-,rar-.1229 On the banks of Susquehanna In God's chosen place, Sfands our dear old P. B.T.S. Subject of His Grace. P.B.T.S. , how we love you And your teachers dear. We will all pray daily for you Though we're far from here. We must part now for He calls us To a wider field, And though we are loathe fo leave you, For His sake, we yield. P.B.T.S., don't forget us As we go our way, And while we are in His service, For us won'f you pray? .X 1 P. v iv., 9-9:31 35574 952' ,- .,.fx,-, . Qi..vQc,y'gyf? Z-NE'-31.194 :ff-2.9165 ssiwf .,q ' ug, 5:5512 yfk -9955. N ff--'5,'.1. ?'z'5'5Jf:--x .wr 9. .L - -241, 'f,1"aiyJ-. Sflu vgiq lr-if'1'- v , M3455 ply?-912:61 siffiizif 52"Wiu5? ifqfblai'-s' efwfff aff:-:sig ':f,p,,:g: f-glffzfifefl .g,-19.5 ,u E K, I sliifh'-iff -J. L' 'LJ 2 439 71.Jp2gf.yf'g ,,..,, q,.i iwsmv. 1-N s. :A E -infer: cik-v-42:1 5-1:7-53. l75'5.Z,3::? .5 'Aga ' .155-in-455 "6-135121 Hr:-'izigg fff-Zlfffiifak L'l4.'N:-'G-it '.:R'1'-if-'fig 31233-af ' YK 'K lv.tV4--'-1? i'.'IgfT15?'2- EE-:.25'5Efl 6 eg, C32 rc 5511, I '15

Page 11 text:

The Site and Source of Uur Preparation b , , It ., . e x 12 ' sf Zi?-f-1 K iii. hi.,-V fff' rd X ' 7 fl f r -eWt..iMf1 fx ' f iii1igt r Q gjpgggfm X , f-fggfrrfk' , . b W 'f ,X f "'XM'X C o 0 C' W v w -..Afzg----Ak fx ff rr 4 Pl 1 , mf .LQ t' W N V fr V' 'N 'AV X Ephesians 6:14 Stand therefore, JM, 1 having your loins girt about with -fix Xx K nf ff X f 3 Y-T", AU'

Page 13 text:

, gs. .. :-2-: :...:-:gm':.:.::.:.f.: egg.:-3-24.-:-1-:-:Q ,41:2:gs:f.1::1r-'.-Size:I:1:1:f.f:- 3.feszlsif-EfE2ErEf?15f:k?1'2is.1-flxfzizli3:f:!fl.rifiilifffiiitm' "1:f:2:I:f:S'41.2:f-:-S-r1-2:1-L-'4.g11i-imf'5s:1f:-:-35- -',,44g,E:,'-.png-'..51.g.-5-.gzfc-az-g-1:-:1:2-:iz-:Sm. :it-2 -I-Q2:1:211.'1.:3:2'i:':2:'Z-if-I'3gf:35:ff:!'-4-Ze,f:-9:'.:2.2:rzgfqg:-1-:-:-z-1-3:1-:-:2:f:-:-. ti-1535-52531Qfgfizsfggigii '1:fr-.'ff-SRQ2:1f:1-PI:-5 s:2:!:1S-' E'1f'-in-sf..'i:1'1f:f:' :Y:':1fA: Sf':.:f:1:f'I:1s:.:' - '1:'.4:s-:f:l:- ,.:f'-.-:-tips:-ak:-2 :1:j.f:1:1:f:1:'3i:I:2i : ::5:,53fgf5g:1sgfgf:::Q, u 1:f-:g.gQg.5s:35,.g.,353:25,25153:5:5::gf4a,5:5:g1s52:gg:, 4-:4:-Lf.-te 1.314 3.-.-I-I '-at-15:2 '.-11-1"-3:1-5-:wg-:1-za. 52.1.-.g.g-:L-z ss-1-1. 45:-L-2-:-:-:-9 -ag.g..-55:-5-S: 3,215:::.:L5S55,:.:::.?,..:-:.,,im:?:,,A,,:.:3:::, a, Ce 0 a nl 1316-Id:-2fflf,-155131: 4.5 '-:gn-3-,rggzlggz--q.g,: '12421E255231271iilillfillffizwrlr 3-fiiisfft-.118 '-2?ni"-.42725133"1Ei':?:1i1:5!'i -241-:':13-24511-is.-as -5-.-:Q .+L-5:2111 -1-1-:-2-1-1-I-.-:-24 s Q .o."'1'1:f:1'-' :f:1:?"-bi-2-: .gggfgl-Z-:r:.g.3t51:-L-.g., -:-2:-Q.:-5 '-I-A-1-1-5- -p.-. .-3-1-g.f-7-C 7-A-1-1.55191,:-s 'fwfzl !':':-:-'.-i:2:- :1-1-Qt-1-'-' 2- I-fc:-ff:-. .-'f:,:-1-1- ez-:-:-:li - ,-:-: .sz-cf:-: .-:-:-Q-slr., :-g.- ,-gs, -. 1.3. ,:-.:':f.,g.-z.,-:-.4-:f.'.-.-.-.-.-:-4-1-as .-. . :4-r-1.3. . :az g g.-.-:-ss:-as rf- '-2'-'-v-":1z1-2, e-La:-1-2:-.1'-zefzr'-.2-z-i::s':e:?':-2."a::1-"-123-wise:-a-?s:e.s-2-:-:.fs '-fambe-E:f:2"-:-:!:2:-'-:-:-3-2-ra-sff-:-1-also1-1-'11-r-.41:f'2-:-11:-:sfzlzhi-!"+f-:-:-'-rf.1'Z-?Ar1-5-:-:- :-:-4.24 -2:-1-2:11 :-:4-ff:-2-rfrfz-1' :2:j:,:Qf-1f.f'I-.qZ:31E1E1E1:-.irisgift'.-:Ep1E'I1:2Ei?Sf5:3'Q92f-FW?3.-,f:2l12:1?f2Lf.klizgvi..'iii2225.5355:5:232k3,fSRi:2:31:25tf3iff1L2?fEZ33fi5..irE2151:-tilifgfzi:5'G'212:1.-:fifE23:322'15:f:25:i'ZQ55:11-:kilt-21:E'iTi2EfK:f:2??:f:2:iE22tf 1:-t-.J 'rf-'--'?'I'1'l'7""ILEAP?"3152?-'i'5'Zi:"f:-27:51:25Wt:-,IFES-51-ff' :Z-z-Z-.Q-te-':2:2:1+.i-7-A-PI.Ss?-:mf1-t-:-:.:1r24:-9:-Iftflsfirsg:-Q-'-:-1.-'-:-1--if-:-5-".:-3-1:-t-21-".-2:2."1"t-2-I-1-.-2-ts -7-..1-:-ff:-I'-.-3 '--1-2pf-.-2-::. :-'- -'-1-2-!'i-fd!-519. WE who are about to graduate know definitely that our beloved school was prepared for us by God. When we think of the fact that at one time these grounds and these buildings harbored all manner of sing when we think of our founder, Dr. John A. Davis, who had a vision of a Bible School where young people could study and go out into the fields "white unto harvest", when we think of the Christian scrub woman who gave the first dollar to help make that vision come true, when we think of those who have gone before, who are even now laboring in the places where God has called them, when we think of the consecrated teachers and staff members who are so precious to us, and when we think of our call- ing to study here, we know that P.B.T.S. was prepared for us by God. This is haw God's purpose was made manifest. Dr. John A. Davis, noted evangelist, in the summer of 1900 organized a Bible class which met evenings in a hall room over a store. The class grew to such proportions that it was decided that a permanent school building should be obtained and a Bible school established which would give instructions for both day and evening students throughout the year. Land was donated for a school building. The first "certificates of the completion of introductory studies" were issued under date of September 1, 1901. ' The naming of our school is of interest. A number of people urged Dr. Davis to call the school "The Davis Bible School", but he was determined not to name it after himself. He insisted that what he wanted to give was a practical working knowledge of the Bible to young people, which would enable them to be of unusual service. Again and again, he would say that he wanted a practical Bible training course. The institution was finally named "The Practical Bible Training School." In 1911, by the grace of God, it became possible to move the school to what was until that time a notorious amusement park known as the "White City." Since then, buildings have been enlarged, remodeled and additional ones built. The campus itself is most impressive. Each time our eyes wander over the acres abundant with trees, shrubs and flowers, we are reminded of Psalm 19:1 -- "the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork." To sit on Sunset Knoll, enjoying the beauties of nature and meditating on God's Word is the ultimate in peace and contentment. When we came as freshmen, we knew it was God's chosen place of preparation for us. Some of us had known for many years that God would lead us here. Others came to that decision only shortly be- fore the Fall term opened. Many came with the full approval of loved ones and friends, while others came in the face of strong opposition. Still we knew that this was where God would have us, and, in His infinite wisdom and grace, He has tried us where we needed trying, comforted us where we needed comforting, supplied our every need according to His riches in glory, and above all, loved us with a love beyond human measure. Each one of our class periods has been a precious time. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our teachers have had a hand in weaving together the threads of a beautiful tapestry which we will always treasure. We have studied and found how deep are the riches of God. His Word can never be exhausted and we are inspired to go on and study further into its pages. At P.B.T.S. we have been drawn closer to God. We have learned to live together, work together, pray together, to the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here we have learned to share one another's burdens. We have had sweet Christian fellowship which will always be remembered. When we leave these halls, we may never return. There will be some of our fellow students whom we shall never see again on this earth. But wherever we go, whatever we do in the service of God, we know that He has singularly blessed us in the place of our preparation for service. In the words of our school song, we can truly say: "P.B.T.S. how we love you, and your teachers dear, We will all pray daily for you, though we're far from here." Sponsored through the courtesy of AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE, INC. Box BB, Sta. Eagle Rock, Los Angeles 41, Calif. 7

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