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 - Class of 1953

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Y K X Z X '-ATM l -L-3 If K jif ,fwErQ X -A . n ., .91-fifxx-V hack? a Q ,- . O A x x I . x A . f I 1 . . 1 , x ' - M f' 'Q , n 1 l , K X.. .1 4 , nfl v ' ' , 1 . -A -- fm fi' :'i.f1J'v'i-..ff'7'i2'- , .. .J-3.71 4 A V y . ,. 4. .A 1, ,ff .-,..v',xlvf:'Mvvy.:':mfg , 'ww Jn.. Q A 4. ,1 . -,Q 'z ' fa -wif .X 5- Tl ' E Y-. X J. ,za . -f Q , . . . N31 1 x -FK gs , , ,wr r- ..,, ,. A ,tw E 3 5 S 3. 1 1 'THE naw PRACTICAL BIBLE TRAINING SCHOOL John A, Davis MemoriaI BibIe School, Inc. OFFERING BIBLICAL, THEOLOGICAL AND DIVINITY COURSES BIBLE SCHOOL PARK, BR E COUNTY, NEW YORK PRESENTED BY we C7066 O! Holding forth the word of life, Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.' Philippians 2:16 Dedication WE, the Class of 1953, in consideration of his faithful and devoted service to our Lord and to his high calling in Christ Jesus, wish to dedicate our Theologue to our beloved Bible teacher, Dr. Marmion L. Lowe. Dr. Lowe, in our three years of study here at P. B.T.S. , has impressed upon us the im- portance of knowing God's Word and of being able to apply it in our every day lives, not only for our own good, but also for the turning of the lost to Christ and for the building up of Christians in the faith. By his own phrase, Christ is seen as 'f in each Book of the Bible, it has become clear to us that Christ is the Key to the Scriptures. He has imparted to us rich spiritual truths that will greatly inspire us to serve Him with our whole hearts. Our preparation is complete because Dr. Lowe has not only taught us the Word but his life has exemplified his teaching in every way. Sponsored through the courtesy of BROOME COUNTY MEN 5 BIBLE CLASS Rev. M. L. Lowe, Teacher Meeting second and Fourth Tuesday of each month 7:45 P. M. Volunteers of America Chapel 2 that I may rejoice in the day of TO HIS STUDENTS TO HIS FAMILY he has been a real inspiration as a Christian parent, teaching them in the nurture and ad- monition of the Lord, and, thus rewarded of God, has witnessed their personal salvation. TO HIS STUDENTS he is a continual source of blessing as he imparts to them the deep, spiritual knowledge of the Word of God. Great is his gift of teaching through the countless heart-touching and also humorous experiences of his own life. He is unsurpassed in the field of humor, and in his ability to use these illus- trations for our edification. His faithfulness to God and to the School will always be a challenge to our lives. TO HIS FRIENDS he is a challenge to Christian Service. Unlimited are his efforts in serving Christi Dr. Lowe has traveled extensively throughout this country proclaiming the good news of salvation. His deep study of the Scriptures has aided many in rightly dividing the Word of Truth. ' ' TO HIS LORD, above all, he is faithful, Holding forth the Word of Life. And so, Dr. Lowe, we covet God's richest blessing upon your life and your service for Him, that when you shall behold the Son of God, He may be able to say, Well done, thou good and faithful servant. TO HIS FAMILY Sponsored through the courtesy of GORDON STUDIOS EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH Washington Street Clearfield, Pa. EndlC0I'f, N.Y. Rev. Homer E. Gauntt, Pastor 3 . .... -. '+-x ' ' ' .,,di-gg::i,it1.,3.,.s'.1-Q.f.g..g.,-,,--,-.-..'.-..-'-'--J.-.-.4-:.'.-.,N. 1--.--Q - -1 - .... , PRE PARATION: The world today is a world of preparation. Men prepare for war and peace, men prepare for the comforts of life, men prepare for future vocations, men prepare for old age: and many even pre- pare for death, but the majority of men fail to prepare for the long journey through eternity after death The story is told of the court fool who was called into the king's chamber to receive a prized cane from the hand of the king for being the greatest fool the king knew. The king suggested to the jester that when he found a greater fool than himself, he present that one with the cane. In the process of time, the king became ill and was facing death. Upon hearing of the king's illness, the jester came to pay his master a visit. The king informed his faithful servant that he was about to go on a long journey. The court fool asked the king how long he had known about this journey. The king replied, All of my life. The jester asked, Do you know your destination? Are you going to return? Do you know what lies ahead? and Have you made any preparation? To these interrogations the king was compelled to answer, No. The court fool then said, You are a greater fool than I, and with that, handed the king the cane. God has made provision for man's long journey after death. You can prepare for this trip into eternity by accepting God's simple plan of salvation. In the words of Amos, the prophet, Prepare to meet thy God. YOU NEED A SAVIOUR: Because you have sinned. Romans 3:23 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Because you are lost. Psalm ii9:i76 I have gone astray like a lost sheep. Because you will be judged. Hebrews 9:27 lt is appointed unto men once to die, but after this, the judgment. JESUS IS THE SAVIOUR YOU NEED: Because He is the Son of God. Hebrews 4:14 We have a great High Priest, Jesus the Son of God. Because He died for your sin. Isaiah 53:5 He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed. Because He lives to intercede for you. Hebrews 7:25 He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them. ' HE WILL SAVE YOU NOW: If you repent of your sin. I John I:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If you receive Him as your Saviour. Acts l6:3i Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. If you confess Him before others. Romans 10:9 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him. Sponsored through the courtesy of A. J. PHILPOTT AND SON, BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS R. D. I, Endicott, New York 4 The Site and Source of Uur Preparation b , , It ., . e x 12 ' sf Zi?-f-1 K iii. hi.,-V fff' rd X ' 7 fl f r -eWt..iMf1 fx ' f iii1igt r Q gjpgggfm X , f-fggfrrfk' , . b W 'f ,X f 'XM'X C o 0 C' W v w -..Afzg----Ak fx ff rr 4 Pl 1 , mf .LQ t' W N V fr V' 'N 'AV X Ephesians 6:14 Stand therefore, JM, 1 having your loins girt about with -fix Xx K nf ff X f 3 Y-T , AU' ,ifl'5i1 ?Q15?'?F'?3'f5Saff S'3if2Q?gsi,i25i:3r 55335-F'5?5fE?'i'5's,zv.:2 Qzvwqicf-Mazen mvfmrdaww-fPS:':-4 Yip!4z2xe1'i:3i-Maxx, I 2S'EWffr5g3+w'?i5 W, .? :F-.qui an ,My Mc'Ufi?I1f17I-'w.lJ-Y.'5- .rm-p N-f-fh1g:5g,-1zZ,12,43e , egg1::'ff.,5'f.v3'5.,,flie,tiggZr Alma Mater 'LT-imi 'glefi7'c' ' , Y -. . V-. v , , ., .-,--,W--,Q-1,-, , -Q, an-pw.-4-n , .- 'r1'qs:'q5r'rvr A ' il H-'f ' sc 'H -1-S?-'ar--fra- 1-'s--l'-'-W5-'J- '-'-'12 ',.'i-If:-s?1barvf?-vs! 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P.B.T.S. , how we love you And your teachers dear. We will all pray daily for you Though we're far from here. We must part now for He calls us To a wider field, And though we are loathe fo leave you, For His sake, we yield. P.B.T.S., don't forget us As we go our way, And while we are in His service, For us won'f you pray? .X 1 P. v iv., 9-9:31 35574 952' ,- .,.fx,-, . Qi..vQc,y'gyf? Z-NE'-31.194 :ff-2.9165 ssiwf .,q ' ug, 5:5512 yfk -9955. N ff--'5,'.1. ?'z'5'5Jf:--x .wr 9. .L - -241, 'f,1 aiyJ-. Sflu vgiq lr-if'1'- v , M3455 ply?-912:61 siffiizif 52 Wiu5? ifqfblai'-s' efwfff aff:-:sig ':f,p,,:g: f-glffzfifefl .g,-19.5 ,u E K, I sliifh'-iff -J. 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WE who are about to graduate know definitely that our beloved school was prepared for us by God. When we think of the fact that at one time these grounds and these buildings harbored all manner of sing when we think of our founder, Dr. John A. Davis, who had a vision of a Bible School where young people could study and go out into the fields white unto harvest , when we think of the Christian scrub woman who gave the first dollar to help make that vision come true, when we think of those who have gone before, who are even now laboring in the places where God has called them, when we think of the consecrated teachers and staff members who are so precious to us, and when we think of our call- ing to study here, we know that P.B.T.S. was prepared for us by God. This is haw God's purpose was made manifest. Dr. John A. Davis, noted evangelist, in the summer of 1900 organized a Bible class which met evenings in a hall room over a store. The class grew to such proportions that it was decided that a permanent school building should be obtained and a Bible school established which would give instructions for both day and evening students throughout the year. Land was donated for a school building. The first certificates of the completion of introductory studies were issued under date of September 1, 1901. ' The naming of our school is of interest. A number of people urged Dr. Davis to call the school The Davis Bible School , but he was determined not to name it after himself. He insisted that what he wanted to give was a practical working knowledge of the Bible to young people, which would enable them to be of unusual service. Again and again, he would say that he wanted a practical Bible training course. The institution was finally named The Practical Bible Training School. In 1911, by the grace of God, it became possible to move the school to what was until that time a notorious amusement park known as the White City. Since then, buildings have been enlarged, remodeled and additional ones built. The campus itself is most impressive. Each time our eyes wander over the acres abundant with trees, shrubs and flowers, we are reminded of Psalm 19:1 -- the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork. To sit on Sunset Knoll, enjoying the beauties of nature and meditating on God's Word is the ultimate in peace and contentment. When we came as freshmen, we knew it was God's chosen place of preparation for us. Some of us had known for many years that God would lead us here. Others came to that decision only shortly be- fore the Fall term opened. Many came with the full approval of loved ones and friends, while others came in the face of strong opposition. Still we knew that this was where God would have us, and, in His infinite wisdom and grace, He has tried us where we needed trying, comforted us where we needed comforting, supplied our every need according to His riches in glory, and above all, loved us with a love beyond human measure. Each one of our class periods has been a precious time. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our teachers have had a hand in weaving together the threads of a beautiful tapestry which we will always treasure. We have studied and found how deep are the riches of God. His Word can never be exhausted and we are inspired to go on and study further into its pages. At P.B.T.S. we have been drawn closer to God. We have learned to live together, work together, pray together, to the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here we have learned to share one another's burdens. We have had sweet Christian fellowship which will always be remembered. When we leave these halls, we may never return. There will be some of our fellow students whom we shall never see again on this earth. But wherever we go, whatever we do in the service of God, we know that He has singularly blessed us in the place of our preparation for service. In the words of our school song, we can truly say: P.B.T.S. how we love you, and your teachers dear, We will all pray daily for you, though we're far from here. Sponsored through the courtesy of AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE, INC. Box BB, Sta. Eagle Rock, Los Angeles 41, Calif. 7 The O L1 I1 C I' W DR. JOHN A. DAVIS D R. John A. Davis prepared the way, charted the course, and built the School for hundreds of young people to fit themselves for Christian service. Dr. Davis had many slogans which he used to challenge the students. One most often used was Forethought. TE wisdom of his own forethought of preparation has proved itself more and more through the years. He saw the need of consecrated young people who had little money but a great desire to serve God, having a school where they could be trained and prepared for full time Christian service. It was his forethought of preparation that resulted in the starting of the first Bible Class in Lester- shire, that prompted him to pray for these grounds while they were still in the hands of the wicked: that directed him in acquiring the Old White City Amusement Park and converting it into the beautiful school and campus we now enjoy, that guided him in gathering around him teachers of the Word and building an adequate curriculump that helped him choose the name Practical Bible Training School and make it not only a name, but an actuality in the lives of the students, and that led him through years of discouragement and depression to depend upon the living God who never fails. ln short, it was his forethought of preparation and his great faith in God that made the Founder of our School the great builder that he was. How well he prepared the way is shown in the great School he has left as a monument to his faith and forethought. He has been with his beloved Lord and Master now for nineteen years, but his great work continues to progress because he prepared it so well. How often those of us who knew him heard him say: Students, be prepared, Adapt yourselves, Use forethought. He, himself, was an excellent example of these slogans. Sponsored through the courtesy of BUTLER HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH ' AUSTINBURG BAPTIST CHURCH Butler Hill, Pa. Austinburg, Pa. Walter E. Pifer, Pastor Walter E. Pifer, Pastor 8 w Q And J i s i c 1 MRS. JOHN A. DAVIS A S we review the life and work of a saint of God, we can see that God begins to prepare that life from youth for the place and work of the future. It was even so with Mrs. John A. Davis. When she was young, her father was killed in a railroad accident, and being one of the older children, she had to assume responsibility in the home. As a school teacher, she had the opportunity of being with and dealing with people. Later she became the wife of a pastor and evangelist, which also gave her a vast and varied experience. All of these things equipped her to be of valuable help in training the young people of P.B.T.S. for the Lord's service. A prepared one is needed to prepare others. To the students, the life of Mother Davis was an example of thelubeliever in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. Often she quoted these words in l Timothy 4:12 to the students be- fore they left school for a vacation period. She was an example of Christian womanhood - Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Many lessons were gleaned from her quiet manner and calm composure. She always had a word of encouragement and a cheery smile for all. She was an example of Christian leadership, dealing in love, tact and wisdom. When wronged by others she showed a Christlike spirit in speaking well of those who wronged her. Her prayer life made her able to be strong in the Lord , no matter how dark the way or how heavy the load, and, because He was her Burden-Bearer, she manifested the ioy of the Lord. The consecrated life and testimony of this saint of God was of untold blessing to thousands. In loving memory of our Mother, Mrs. John A. Davis DR. and MRS. GORDON C. DAVIS 9 CQIHPUS INK, . iq.. MN my-fl ' rw , we Q A L. ygw , A , 1 Scenes Z ' f-,pf7VNFVN- , , IYNFX T1 ?'+-3 FY vt 24 ww- The Overseers of Qur Preparation ..Nx ,SQQQF X, V ,fig A A Wffmn' fm -- 'vf14 ln4'Yr C C C 1 c C O J.t.fxXf- ,--- n 'll i fffxxx.,-. t iz .i2L xx X 'rx A S Aifl X .ld i i- ' 'Li' -Y. I 'x S-.SMX 4 -ix Eph 6 14 Stand thereform N h g y r loins g t about fav! th t th, and having on the b tplate of rights u ss Our President DR. GORDON C. DAVIS B UT God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his nam in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister. We thank God for the vision of Dr. John A. Davis which you have so faithfully maintained and carried on through the years - the vision of preparing young men and women for Christian service. Truly our hearts have been blessed and our lives enriched because of your example of Christian leader- ship. As we have watched your life, we have seen the fruits of the Spirit manifested therein. We have ap- preciated your thoughtfulness, your patience and your willingness to help us individually, regardless of the difficulties that confronted you. Your love for the Lord Jesus has challenged us to press toward the mark with a greater determination to please Him. Prayer is the power of a Christian leader and this characteristic in your life has taught us to draw nigh unto Him, who is the author and finisher of our faith. The Class of i953 is looking forward to future service in the great harvest fields, and as we go, we shall not forget the precious lessons we have learned and the golden nuggets we have accumulated here because of your teaching and your life as a great pattern before us. God bless you, Dr. Davis, in all that you endeavor to do for our Lord, in the greatest task God has given you, that of preparing young people to work in His great fields of service. Sponsored through the courtesy of MARSHALL NASH MOTORS 30-3l Collier Street Binghamton, New York 6 I 2 l And I-Iis Wife fi M ,Wx A MRS. GORDON C. DAVIS AS we look back over the precious days we have spent here at Practical Bible Training School, we thank God for calling us here to prepare for service for Him. Our hearts are indeed grateful to the Lord for the privilege of knowing you, Mrs. Davis. Your sweet consecrated life has been a great blessing. We can always look forward to seeing a smile on your face, whenever or wherever we meet you - a smile that shows forth the love of Christ in your heart. Your prayer life has meant much to each one of us, for we knew that you were remembering our individ- ual problems and needs before the Throne of God daily. Your life shows that you have a close walk with your Saviour and challenges us to walk close to Him, too. As we remember the day we entered these doors as Freshmen, we realize the responsibility that was placed upon you. Because each of us would face entirely different needs and problems, this responsibility was great. You had patience and understanding, and you undertook the task that was set before you. Many of us were homesick, and by helping us, you showed us that Christ had called us here to prepare for the great work of Spreading the Gospel. In our preparation for the wonderful call for service set before us, the following words that you often quoted were a great blessing and a constant guide: Get all you can while you are here, because you will need every bit of it later. Also by quoting the following words you have taught us to live closer to Christ and to put Him first in our lives: God has His best things for those who stand the test, He has His second best for those who will not take His best. May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to serve your Saviour here at P. B.T.S. Sponsored through the courtesy.of Compliments of A FRIEND RICHFIELD FEED STQRE LOU KORCHAK'S SERVICE STATION Richfield, PG- Binghamton, New York Lee Shellenberger Prop. and Owner T I 3 Board REV. M. C. PATTERSON Th. D. , D. D. Vice-President Bible School Park, N.Y. Director of the Students' League of Many Nations REV. HARRY W. VOM-BRUCH D . D. Long Beach, Calif. Evangelist, Former President of National Convention of Evangelists, located at Winona Lake, Ind. DR. and MRS. D. U. GOULD Sherburne, New York MR. C. W. STEWART II9 Oakwood Drive Elmira Heights, N.Y. Secretary President, , New Method Varnish Co. Christian Layman Leader REV. CHARLES S. YOUNG Watsontown, Pa. Conference Director Evangelist Sponsored through the courtesy of I4 Directors REV. MARMION L. LOWE D.D. Bible School Park, N.Y. Teacher at P.B.T.S. Bible Conference Speaker MR. CHRISTIAN J. UTSINGER Verdun Street North Plainfield, N.J. Christian Layman Leader ELMER ANGEVINE AGENCY INC Insurance - Real Estate 145 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. The Stewards of Qur Preparation ,A 4 -',. Je re f a -L 55 JEZLQDL 'C Q2 .,.3L.j I JLT5-J-C -JJ 'W l 1 I li ' 3 ' MT' Kg!! 'i I ll ' Cm '-A . I DC U Q as ' -E Q ij 6005 1.4 I! Q I A1 VW Jr r IM N 'fa ' - E h 6:15 d your feet W h d wzth the tion of W h G l f P X C 6 1 L L ' ff X 5-i g, QS X' Z X I n X X ospe o prepara eaceg PSYCHOLOGY AND PRE ACHING ..... Instruction is given the student in this course in the important facts and truths of the principles of psy- chology. It gives those principles of psychology which are most helpful to the preacher in his work of dealing with people. The student also is given a knowledge of leadership and an enthusiasm for it. He is given the important equipment of human understanding and tact which will en- able him as a leader to convince people, rather than to force them, to accept his message willingly. HOMILETICS .... . This is the study of the preparation and delivery of sermons. It includes a detailed study of the different types of sermons, source materials, and illustrations. COMPARATIVE THEOLOGY ..... Various reasons for the necessity for Christians to be Critical Apologists are given in this course. It is to prepare the Apologist to be able to defend the Bible, as well as to believe it, in order that he may be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh him a reason of the hope that is in him. I Peter 3:15. A general study and refutation of Anti-Biblical theories of the cause of the universe, and a study course on the Harmony of Science and the Bible are also presented. PUBLIC SPEAKING This is a three year course devoted to the development of an exercise and method whereby the diaphragm lift upport of the voice production is established. In the first year, the student is started on the method In the second the voice is more securely placed and supported and the method becomes more automatic, and in the third the Seniors build on the foundation which they have laid in the past two years. SENIOR VOCAL Vocal lessons supplement the Public Speaking course , and help the student to develop a .sing- ing vonce as vlell as a speaking voice Psychological qualities are also developed which will enable him to speak in HAZEL B. DAVIS REV M c PATTERSON Suwfinfendenfof Women MRS. M. C. PATTERSON T D D D Mahon Assistant Director Director of the of the Students' League of Many Nations Students League of Many Nations Assistant Financial Field Representative Financial Field Representative Courtesy of WALTER L MILLER COMPANY JOHN R. RUCH Binghamton, New York Northumberland, Pa I6 REV. MARMION L. LOWE,D.D. English Bible Old Testament Interpretation New Testament Interpretation HILDA I. COPLEY, M. A. English 4 Literature Christian Education Shorthand Church Secretarial Methods ENGLISH BIBLE .... . This is an interesting course in which a simpli- fied system of Bible marking is used. It informs the students of the basic facts, persons, and incidents of early Biblical record. Every promise, law, type, and chapter of the Old Testament story is dis- covered to have its final, fullest expression in the Lord Jesus Christ. OLD TESTAMENT INTERPRETATION ..... This is also a study of the Old Testament and has as its aim the finding of Christ in every book and chapter. The student seeks to gain the true meaning of Scrip- ture in the light of the Gospel of Grace and to acquire the living eternal message of each book for the times in which we live. NEW TESTAMENT INTERPRETATION ..... The law of Biblical in- terpretation and exegesis is to find out the mind of God through the Word of God, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Dr. F. E. Marsh. This study deals with the laws of interpretation and is a definite study of the important truths of the New Testament. ENGLISH 4 ..... A course in College English, designed to build on the foundation of High School courses in composition and grammar a thorough knowledge of correct and appropriate speaking and writing on a college level. LITERATURE. .... A study of American Literature on a college level, with a special emphasis upon authors whose lives and writ- inigs furnish illustrations for sermons. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION I ..... A History of Christian Education is taught together with story-telling and the use of the flannel- graph. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 2 ..... A study of Child Psychology of the various age levels of childhood and adolescence. Attention is given to the physical, mental, spiritual, and social characteris- tics, interests, and needs of each group. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 3. . . . . A study of. the use of Visual Aids' in the Church. A practical course of instruction in the use of var- ious kinds of VisuaI Aids and equipment. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 4 ..... A study of Principles of Christian Education, including methods in Vacation Bible School, and in Youth Work in the Church. Also, a course in Administration of Church School is taught in this year. Sponsored through the courtesy of PAUL GRIFFIS - PASTOR AND DIRECTOR Little White Church Lake Arrowhead Bible Conference Conklin, N.Y. Arrowhead Christian Center Binghamton, N. Y. Radio: Songs at Sunrise l82 Court St., Binghamton, N.Y Ten Full Weeks in '53 T.V.: Down Memories' Lane Bibles, Books, Gifts, and June 28 - September 7 WNBF - Binghamton, N.Y. Records I7 NELLIE A. MANLEY, B.A. Assistant Registrar Secretary to President Secretary in Financial Office Secretary and Bookkeeper in Matrons' Department Church History Missions Class Teacher '53 REV. LEROY C. WESTBROOK Bible Doctrine Biblical Theology Systematic Theology Greek 2 Class Teacher '54 fResigned December I, I952J CHURCH HISTORY I ..... In this course the history of the Christian Church through the different periods is traced, it includes the Apostolic Period, the Ante-Nicene Period, the Post-Nicene Period, the De- velopment of the Papacy, the Ascendancy of the Papacy, the Decline of the Papacy, and the Reformation. CHURCH HISTORY 2 ..... A further study of Church History assigned for the Theological Diploma. It presents the revivals of the Eight- eenth and Nineteenth Centuries, together with a study of the more important denominations which have developed since the Reformation. MISSIONS ..... The history and progressive development of Christian Missions from the time of Paul to the present. It includes also bio- graphical sketches of important pioneer missionaries, and a study of the qualifications and preparation of the individual for missionary work. Research study is made and a presentation of home missions is given. BIBLE DOCTRINE ..... The doctrinal teachings of Scripture are studied in this course. The teaching includes a study of the Attributes of the Triune God, God's dealing with the problem of sin, the substitution- ary atonement of Jesus Christ, the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, and some dispensational truth. BIBLICAL THEOLOGY ..... This is a Messianic and Prophetic course in which much consideration is given to God's method of Revealing Himself to mankind. This of necessity puts the study of Israel in a prominent place. The prophecies of the Old Testament are consid- ered and compared with their New Testament fulfillments particularly in the Person of Christ. SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY ..... This is a detailed study of Bibliology, the Atonement, and the Holy Spirit. This supplies the student with definite and exact information to stabilize him in the faith as he leaves school. Sponsored through the courtesy of CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Cresaptown , Maryland Rev. William L. Stroup - Pastor I8 REV. WOODROW BROWN Assistant in Men's Department Evangelism Biblical Antiquities Greek I Greek English Biblical Theology Assistant in Doctrine Basketball Coach ' -11 Hs. REV. CLIFFORD A. ELSBREE A. B. in Th. Biblical Introduction EVANGELISM. . . . . The course of Evangelism undertakes to furnish the student with a working knowledge of the Scriptures so that they can be used in leading lost men and women to the Saviour. BIBLICAL ANTIQUITIES I ..... The study of the history of all nations from Antiquity. Included also is the study of the setting of the New Testament together with the happenings of the Inter- testament years. Some time, too, is devoted to a study of Bible manners and customs in the land of Palestine. BIBLICAL ANTIQUITIES 2. . . . . An advanced course of Bible History in which recent archaeological discoveries and their corroborative values are studied. GREEK I. . . . . A study of the basic principles of New Testament Greek grammar. ' GREEK ENGLISH I.. . . . NEW TESTAMENT WORD STUDY. . . . . The student in this study gains the deeper meaning which is con- tained in the Greek words without the details of grammatical usage GREEK ENGLISH 2 ..... NEW TESTAMENT WORD STUDY ..... The discovery of hidden truths in the Greek words in this course inspires the student to do independent research in this inexhaust- ible gold-mine. BIBLICAL INTRODUCTION ..... All Christians reioice in the fact that they have God's Word to read and study. However, few of them know the experiences through which it passed in order that we might have it today. The purpose of this course is to search out the origin of the sacred Scriptures and to learn of the great experiences in hard- ship, fire and hatred through which it has passed. Through all of these experiences God has miraculously preserved it for His people A knowledge of this subject is necessary, though much neglected. The course gives the student a foundation upon which he may build more detailed Bible study. Included also are suggestions as to qualifications necessary and methods for more fruitful study of the Bible. Sponsored through the courtesy of PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH RALPH Y. KONO'S GARAGE Ackley and Floral Ave. , Johnson City, N.Y. 317 12th Avenue Rev. C. McGuinness, Pastor Seattle, Washington I I 9 REV. ELLIOTT ACKERLY B.S. in Music Music Theory Sight Singing and Ear Training Choral Conducting Harmony Piano and Organ REV. JOHN E. KARENKO A. B. , B. D. New Testament Greek 3 Greek 2 MAIN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Main and Chestnut Binghamton, New York Dr. Gordon Brownville, Pastor MUSIC THEORY... . . A course in the theory and practice of the fundamen- tals of music. After this study,Harmony I and Melody Writing will be offered. SIGHT SINGING AND EAR TRAINING. . . . . The pupil learns to read music. and to detect the pitch, dynamics and intervals of music. CHORAL CONDUCTING I ..... This is a course in which the pupil learns to conduct songs of different time measures. This course includes Hymnology. In the course the book, 40 Gospel Hymn Stories is studied. A list of hymns to be used for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, Easter, Communion, Bclptisms, and invitations are given. CHORAL CONDUCTING II. . . . . This is a continuance of and an enlargement upon Choral Conducting I. It specializes in choir techniques, evangelistic choir programs and materials, and music appreciation. HARMONY .... . It is the sequel to Music Theory and Sight Singing. The art of chord building and melody writing is studied along with chord classifica- tion and transposition. PIANO AND ORGAN. . . . . Beginner students soon learn to play simplified hymns. Suggestions are given for evangelistic piano playing to the advanced students. Organ is taught only to the advanced piano students. Music History will be offered in '53 - '54. NEW TESTAMENT GREEK 3 ..... This is an advanced course in Greek where the student goes on to use his Greek in a more practical way. . .namely, the translation of certain Epistles from the original language in which they were written into our own language. GREEK 2 ..... A foundation of grammar is laid in this course to acquaint the student with the fundamental facts of Greek. REV. PAUL GmFFls,B.A., Th. D. Systematic Theology REV. WM. S. CRANDALL Teacher Emeritus Ph . D. , D. D. Sponsored through the courtesy of Irvin R. Waltman WHOLESALE LUMBER CO. Owego, N.Y. Towanda, Pa. 20 Prom The Faculty Y OUR Lord would have you prepared. I once heard a man say that if he had but five minutes in which to shave he would spend three of them in preparation. Men wait for some one prepared, of a clear vision, and of a pure heart, to bring them the Message of Life. Preparation must be Particular. ln preparation for Medicine, men do not spend their years in the study of Agriculture, nor does a candidate for the field of Engineering take a full course in Pharmacy. Yet all too often the Ministerial Student studies everything else but the Bible. You are to be congratulated, Dear Seniors, that you have chosen a Biblical preparation. Preparation ought to be Public . You could not in a life time of private study acquire what you have gained here in three short years. Some of God 's greatest servants, past and present, have come into the Field without formal training. Most of these men would advise you to get all a Bible Institute has to offer. Preparation must also be Private. Some of the most precious lessons can never be gained in any School Room. Your body and mind must have private preparation. Your human spirit must breathe the ex- hilarating air in the Highlands alone with God. , Preparation at best is only Potential. Never consider yourselves fully prepared. Keep working, keep adding to your store of knowledge, always be a Student. For you, Dear Seniors, this is but Commence- ment. Preparation must be Prophetic. You are making preparation for Q- 2 life, its long battle-day, its labors, its demands. You carry the evangel of life, of hope, and of peace. lf a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work. To The Pacult F OR your faithful deliverance to us of the Word of God and for the countless other ways in which you have helped us in our preparation for the Lord's service, we give our sincere thanks and Christian ap- preciation. We cannot praise God enough for the blessings we have received at our beloved School be- cause of your labors of love. . Your lives have truly been examples of the believer in every way. ln your classes, we have received valuable instruction which we will carry with us all ourlives. We have been taught how to present Christ effectively -to all people in every situation. Your spiritual lives have challenged us to draw closer to the heart of God. The love and understand- ing that each of you have shown to us have aided us in many ways. We have been inspired to seek the will of God and let Him direct our paths. Only Eternity will reveal the full extent of your ministry. We know that you have sacrificed greatly in order that we might be taught the Truth. Your devotion to Christ and His call was greater than all other needs. Humility has been an outstanding characteristic of your lives. Truly they have shown forth the fruits of the Spirit at all times. You have not only prepared us in our studies here for future service, but you have opened up many fields for future study that we might show ourselves approved unto God. As you continue to labor here for Him, our prayers are for you that God will use you to the highest ex- tent for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the present student body and those to come be enriched by your ministry as we have been. Sponsored through the courtesy of A. l.. WATERS FRANK ENTERLINE 95 Franklin St. WOODROW TEATS Sunbury, Pa. Owego, N.Y. Northumberland Pa 21 Staff MARCELLA GATHANY Assistant Matron Supervisor of Women's Manual Work FRANCES L. SAWYER English 2 Secretary in charge of Echoes Book Room ENGLISH 2. . .A con- tinuation of the study of English Grammar. MRS. EDNA GARDINOR Staff Member HELEN J. GARDNER Assistant in Matron's Department Assistant in Greek 2 SARA LENORE SWAN Secretary in Telephone Exchange Assistant in Matron's Department DANIEL L. CONN Superintendent of Emeritus Grounds and Buildings Supervisor of Men's Manual Work Assistant in Men's Department DOROTHY GARDINOR MRS. DANIEL L. CONN Alumni Librarian Secretary, Treasurer Sponsored through the courtesy of CLAYTON WELSH West Edmeston, New York f' -r MH x I Sta MILDRED U. CLARK School Nurse Assistant in Matron's Department LOIS ELLEN LEE Superintendent of Laundry Assistant in Motron's Department JOHN H. HOAGLAND Maintenance Assistant HELENE HEMENWAY English I English 3 Assistant in Matron 's Department ENGLISH l ...... This course deals with the Fundamentals of English grammar. ENGLISH 3 ...... This course in composition helps to equip the stu- dent to present the Gospel effectively. 23 Z. GEORGE CHAYET Maintenance Assistant I Member of Student's League of Many Nations MRS. MARION SPURR Culinary Department MRS. MYRTA HAWLEY Assistant in Culinary Department Sponsored through the courtesy of UNION CENTER CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Union Center, New York From The Staff I N Psalm 80:8-9 we read Thou hast brought a vine flsraeli out of Egypt, Thou hast cast out the heathen and planted it. Thou preparest room before it, and didst cause it to take deep root, and it filled the Iand. As Israel was God's earthly people, so Christians are His heavenly people. As Israel was brought out of Egypt, so you Seniors were brought out of the world. As God prepared room for Israel, so God has prepared room for you here at the Practical Bible Training School. As Israel took root and filled the land, so grad- uates of P .B.T.S. have gone to the ends of the earth because they were prepared. All preparation is not necessarily received in the class room. Many phases of it come from the homelike atmosphere of the Dormitory where the student learns to live harmoniously with others, respecting ideas of someone other than self. It often necessitates taking the place of a follower rather than always being a leader. Another phase of your preparation comes from learning to work about the school, often doing the dis- tasteful tasks assigned to you. There is much repairing and mending that you have learned to do when you would no doubt have preferred to work with new materials. But God was preparing you through this for some sphere of service He has planned for you. Your preparation would have been incomplete without learning to share the ioys, sorrows and problems of new-found friends. Your prayer life was deepened by these experiences perhaps more than by the actual study of the power of the class room. Although many staunch friends were left at home when you came, the bond of Christian friends made here shall last forever. Surely God did prepare room for you here. We pray your preparation has taken deep root so that you will fill the land with the Gospel' which is the power of God unto Salvation. To The Staff T O you the staff, the members of the Class of 1953 wish to express our most sincere appreciation for your labor of love, and work of faith. Your consistent Christian lives have been a real source of inspiration to us as students, that we might strive to Iive closer to our wonderful Saviour. Sometimes when problems and burdens oppressed us, it was a blessing to know you and to talk with you, knowing that you had experienced the same problems and burdens. Your guidance and encouragement was something that will help us in the field of service that God has called us to. Your faithfulness to Christ and to the School has enabled us to more fully enioy the training we received here. We do thank you for the prayers uttered in our behalf. As God hath placed you here, we are praying that God will give you many more years of service here at Practical Bible Training School. We leave you now, but we can look forward to that day when we will be reunited in the presence of our lovely Lord and Saviour. That will be glorious to see the One who made our training and this blessed fellowship possible. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Sponsored through the courtesy of GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Howard and Burton Avenues JOHN YOUNG BIBLE HOUSE Binghamton, N. Y. Christian Literature Back to the BibIe Broadcast - WKOP I43 Washington Street Broadcast Time 9:I5 to 9:30 A.M. Mon. thru Fri. Binghamton, New York 24 xx ak A 2, -.25 Yeoh N XVQW o Yi-. ...E -'sf OTVYQ ' III' Jo F96 Pf1f'50n Brown Q60 ff.-3 vm Oy? The-tologuc Staff Honorary Editor - MISS NELLIE A. MANLEY Editor-in-Chief - LARRY DRAPER Associate Editor - GUY TILLEY Literary Editors - MARGUERITE WHEELER and DAWN STANARD Feature Editor - MARY ELIZABETH GLOVER Art Editors - MRS. SHARON WHEELER, SHIRLEY ALLEN and MERLE JOHNSON Photography Editors - MARY GOODSON and GORDON WIMER League Editor - GLENN OVERDORFF Alumni Editors - VIVIAN WARNER and WILMA SNYDER Sports Editor - DICK THOMAS Humor Editors - BETTY REICHARD and CARL SILVER Business Manager - STUART HENLINE Circulation Manager - RAYMOND RUCH Treasurer - DAVID FISHER Secretary - GLORIA JULYAN Hymnologist - JEAN A. LAWSON Class Historian - NANCY MAURER Class Prophecy - GLENN MCCAULLEY Class Will 4 WILLIAM SHROYER The Classwishes to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Stuart Henline, Mrs. Guy Tilley, and Mrs. Harry Martin for their help in editing the Theologue. Curriculum FIRST YEAR SECOND YEAR THIRD YEAR Name of Hours Name of Hours Name of Hours Subiect Per Week Subiect Per Week Subiect Per Week English Bible 6 Old Testament Interpretation 5 New Testament Interpretation 6 Bible Doctrine 5 Biblical Theology 5 Systematic Theology 4 Biblical Antiquities I 3 Greek 2 4 Christian Education 4 3 Missions 3 Jr. Homiletics 3 Greek 3 3 Biblical Introduction I Church History I 3 Sr. Homiletics lPsychoIogy Evangelism I I Greek-English I fAssigned and Preachingl 3 English 4 3 for Theological Diplomai 2 Comparative Theology Public Speaking I I Evangelism 2 I lCriticaI 'Apologeticsi 3 Greek I - I Christian Education 2 I Greek-English 2 Christian Education I I Christian Education 3 fAssigned for 'TheoIogicaI Fr. Homiletics I fAssigned for Theological Diplomal 2 English 2 QAssignedl 3 Diploma, I Church History 2 English I fAssignedI I 3 Biblical Antiquities 2 I fAssigned for Theological Shorthand fEIectiveI 3 Public Speaking 2 I Diploma, ' I lNot offered in '52 U Literature I Pastoral Efficiency I -'53I English 3 fAssignedI 2 Public Speaking 3 I Typewriting fEIectiveI 2 Church Secretarial Methods fNot offefed in '52-'53I fEIectiveI 2 Vocal Sponsored through the courtesy of MC LEAN'S DEPT. STORE TUTHILLS PHOTO SHOP Binghamton, N.Y. Everything in Photography Court and Chenango 26 Faculty, Staff Families THE DAVISES fn, 7. qi is u i,,4 W THE PATTERSONS THE WESTBROOKS Kira 'NL 137. 3293. . THE ACKERLYS THE BROWNS Sponsored through the courtesy of MR. and MRS. JOHN W. GLOVER McCIellcndfown, Penno. 27 242112513 M FE THE CONNS THE-HOAGLANDS . MM!!! ejj l SAMSONS f--gf N-. The Students in Preparation if ISC' it Ephesian 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye sha l be able to quench all the iery darts of the wicked. X f' ff' M 1 5 0 , ' O f- 0 G 0 Q O 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 gi! o ouytjggff 0 o ,174 0 ...i- 5 ' 0 of' 1 0 0 ,.. U , TT G . C- e 2 0 I - ' o o .I. '... '01 -iL I L' V o i ! l 1 , S Q Z D f 0 1 -f '1- Class Teacher 11 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth, to the Jew first, and al- so to the Greek. Romans 1:16 NELLIE A. MANLEY, B.A. W E are grateful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit when He led us in the selection of Miss Manley as our Class Teacher as we prepared for His ministry. Our Preparation for Leadership has been portrayed perfectly by her as the leader of our class in the management of thegmany problems we have faced individually and as a class. Any matter with which we dealt was taken to the Lord and through Him we were guided and drawn closer to Him. Her plans we are sure were God 's plans and we know she is a real instrument in His hands through which He can guide young men and women into a place of real service for Christ. Our Preparation for Service has been strengthened by her. She has shown us by her yielded life that God will bless us only as we let Him have right-of-way in our lives. Indeed her devoted service to our Lord, our School, and our Class, has given us inspiration and challenged us to go on even when the path has seemed dark before us. We have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit working through her to teach us the things God called us here to learn, that we might go forth with a better knowledge and understanding of His Word and our place in presenting it to the lost souls in these last days. Our Preparation for Life has been deepened in Christ through Miss Manley. Her example in Christlike living -is treasured by each member of the Class. Her life and her testimony are like that of Paul when he wrote, For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. As we go out from P .B.T.S. into our various fields of service wherever God calls us, we know that her prayer will be that the life also of Jesus might be manifest in our bodies. ln parting, we pray that God will abundantly bless you, Miss Manley, in all that you undertake for Him. We will never forget you nor the ioy you have brought to our hearts in these past three years. Sponsored through the courtesy of BOULEVARD METHODIST CHURCH--Rev. M. J. Dodd,bMinister Floral Avenue and Grand Boulevard Binghamton, New York 30 PRESIDENT VICE-P RESIDENT CLASS C OLORS: CLASS FLOWER: CLASS MOTTO: C LASS VE RSE: CLASS some. LARRY J. DRAPER, Prattsburg, New York I m glad Jesus came glory to His name His own life He gave my sinful soul to save, naw l am from sin set free. How I reioice that I am saved and that I am called to serve. May I be found faithful and fruitful in His service. Psalm 62:7,8 DAWN MERELYN STANARD, Gates Road, Jamesville, New York Once I was drifting, lost, and in sin, Once I was dying, darkness within, Now I am Iivi ng, the way He planned, Harbored in Jesus, kept by His hand. I'm thankful that I'm a child of God through faith in His dear Son. He gives me peace that the world never could give, neither take away. Psalm 37:4,5 MRS. SHARON M. WHEELER, Bible School Park, New York To think that He who formed the worlds by His Word should care for a sinning, insignificant individual such as I is a wonderful thought to meg but He does, and through faith in the shed blood of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, my sin has been pardoned and now my citizenship is in Heaven where I shall walk with Him eternally. Philippians 3:20 GORDON I. WIMER, Bible School Park, New York There's no friend to me like Jesus, He my every need suppliesg He not only saves but keeps me, Nothing good from me denies. Yes, in Him I'm fully trusting, Yes, through Him l'll conquer all, For I know He saves and keeps me, And He'll never let me fall. Isaiah 65:24 Green and White Dogwood All Because of God 's Grace II Corinthians 4:10, Il Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. ' May Christ Be Seen in Me. Sponsored through the courtesy of MR. and MRS. STUART HENLINE Jane and Dana 31 Owhat Q friend is I-le. - SECRETARY TREASURER ,sein flfl ,gm Tfiwf SHIRLEY ELIZABETH ALLEN, 3I lf2 Charles Street, Cortland, New York Since my eyes were fixed on Jesus, I've lost sight of all beside, So enchained my spirit's vision Looking at the Crucified. Thy will I choose, I give to Thee All of the life Thou gavest me. Thy will I choose, no life I ask Except to do Thy given task. Psalm 62:I,2,5-8 CHARLES F. BARINGER, JR., Toledo, Ohio My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed.'i Psalm 57:7 AIthough the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines, the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat, the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls. Yet I will reioice in the Lord, I will ioy in the God of my salvation. Habakkuk 3:I7, I8 SHIRLEY A. BURNHAM, R.F. D. No. I, Little Valley, New York My trust is in my Saviour, I share His grace divine, Believing in His promise I know that He is mineI I praise the Lord that one day He became my own per- sonal Saviour. He filled my heart with ioy and peace which I never knew before. My desire is to go forth to win souls for His Kingdom. Psalm 27:1 ELLIOTT CALDWELL, R. D. No. I, Curwensville, Pennsylvania What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear! What a privilege to carry I Everything to God in prayerl O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry Everything to God in prayer! RITA ANNE FORD, R.F.D. No. I, Keeseville, New York I have found the sweetest flower that ever grew, Jesus, 'Rose of Sharon' fair and pure, He's my ioy and comfort, blessed Friend so true. He blooms within my heart evermore. I praise God that He counted me worth of His holy call- ing to serve Him who sacrificed His onfy Son on the Cross for me. I praise Him for my training and experiences at P . B.T. S. Psalm 28:7 WILLIAM T. COMPTON, Bible School Park, New York No one has ever amounted to anything until he has sur- rendered to a person, a passion and a principle. Surrender to the person, Jesus Christ, surrender to the passion, to win souls, and surrender to the principle, GIadly spend and be spent for Him. I praise Him for the ioy of serving Christ and want my life to Count for Him' ll Corinthians l2:l5 ,, .X-rx .- 6 I'f' Sponsored through the courtesy of In l ory of our Mother and Father Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Ford GLENN, KATHLEEN, CLAIR and RITA FORD 32 has CHAFFEE'S BARBER SHOP 259 Floral Ave. Otto Chaffee, Prop. MARY ELIZABETH GLOVER, Box 37, McCIeIIandtown, Pennsylvania I love my Jesus, Who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. Were the whole realm of nature mine, That were a present far too small, Love so amazing, so divine, Demands my soul, my life, my all. DAVID L. FISHER, Bible School Park, New York That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made con- formable unto His death, Philippians 3:IO I thank God that after these past years, I do know Him better and pray that I may learn of Him still more as I go forth in His service. MARY GOODSON, R. D. No. 3, Oakland City, Indiana I am amazed that God would ever save me, Naught but the Cross could take away my sing Thro' faith in Christ eternal life He gave me, Now He abicles for-ever more within. O how I love Himl How I adore Himl My breath, my sunshine, my all in alll The great Creator became my Savior And all God's fullness dwelleth in Him. STUART R. HENLINE, Sedro-Woolley, Washington Therefore being iustified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:l I shall never cease to thank my Lord for this everlast- ing peace which was established at Calvary. GLORIA GAY JULYAN, 326 Puget Avenue Sedro-Woolley, Washington Never, O Lord, will Ireclaim The life I lay here at Thy feet, Thy will shall ever be my aim Obedience, my portion sweet. How wonderful it is to know I belong to Him. I have found in Christ everything I need and desire. He alone can give inward satisfaction and a hope for Eternity. Romans 8:38, 39 MERTON W. HIBBARD, Star Route, Addison, New York The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1 Praise God through our Lord Jesus Christ for the peace which He gives us in our lives. Sponsored through the courtesy of DUNDEE BIBLE CHURCH ' 33 Seneca Street Dundee, New York David Fisher, Pastor 33 W' JEAN ANN LAWSON, I0 Glen Avenue, Binghamton, New York The Lord Jesus is precious to me. I praise Him for His love for me, though unworthy, in saving my soul and calling me into His wonderful service. May I ever be found faithful unto Him for Great is His faithfulness unto me. There's no disappointment in Jesus, He's all that He promised to be. Praise His Holy Name. Lamentations 3:22,23 ROBERT W. HOLMES, R.D. No. 2, Owego, New York I stand amazed in the presence I OfJesus the Nazarene, And wonder how He could love me, Asinner condem'd, unclean. How marvelous! How wonderful l And my song shall ever be. How marvelous! How wonderful ls my Saviour's love for me. NANCY K. MAURER, IO6 N.W. Fourth Avenue Clearfield, Pennsylvania Whom have we Lord, but thee, Soul thirst to satisfy? Exhaustless spring! The waters freel All other streams are dry. Praise God for the living water, Jesus Christ, who died and shed His blood that I might be saved. How blessed it is to drink continually of that water as I grow in grace and knowledge of Him. I Thessalonians 2:4 MERLE H. JOHNSON, 908 Selma Road, Springfield, Ohio In loving kindness Jesus came- ' My soul in mercy to reclaim, And from the depths of sin and shame Thro' grace He lifted me. From sinking sand He lifted' me, From shades of night to planes of light, O praise His name, He lifted me. BETTY A. REICHARD, R.D. No. I, Northumberland, Pennsylvania Lord, I thank Thee for salvation, Grace so mighty and so free, Take my all in consecration, Glorify Thyself in me. I thank God for saving me and calling me to Bible School to study for His service. That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suf- ferings, being made conformable unto His death. Philippians 3:10 GLENN J. LONG, McAIisterville, Pennsylvania I am very thankful for Jesus Christ who died and shed His blood in remission for my sins. I am thankful for those people who showed me the Way to Eternal Life. I want to live my life in service for my Lord and lead other people to know Christ that they might be delivered from their sins. Sponsored through the courtesy of A FRIEND 34 MRS. MARY L. SAMSON, 215 Baldwin Street, Johnson City, New York He is not a disappointment, Jesus is far more to me Than in all my glowing daydreams I had fancied He could be. And the more I get to know Him, So the more I find Him true, And the more I long that others Should be led to know Him, too. HARRY MARTIN, JR. , Route 2, Springfield, Ohio Holding forth the Word of Life, that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain. Philippians 2:16 EDNA M. SMITH, R. D. No. 5, Towanda, Pennsylvania I praise the Lord that He saved me by His shed blood and called me to train for His service. I thank Him for supplying my needs and I am willing. to serve Him wherever He would have me in the' great harvest field of the world. Psalm 41 :10 GLENN L. MCCAULLEY, 3419 Fifth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania I praise God for my salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, not only for the Peace that He gives in this life, but for the Glorious Hope of spending Eternity with Him in the Heavenlies. My prayer is that I might be faithful to the task which He has given me to do, which is spreading the Glad Tidings of the Gospel. Colossians 1:10 WILMA DAWN SNYDER, Crescptown, Maryland But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed. I shall never cease to thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ who loved me and gave Himself for me. Psalm 91:2 H. GLENN OVERDORFF, R. D. No. 2, Marion Center, Pennsylvania Moy Jesus Christ be praised is the song of my heart. How He could ever love a sinner as I, ransom my soul from eternal damnation, and give me eternal life by His victorious resurrection will amaze me throughout endless ages to come. Titus 3:5 Sponsored through the courtesy of ECHOES BOOK ROOM Bible School Park New York 35 H? DORIS MARIE VAN SANT, 1810 Sweely Avenue, Williamsport, Pennsylvania O teach me, Lord, that I may teach The precious things Thou dost impart, And wing my words that they may reach, The hidden depth of many a heart. I praise the Lord for the assurance I have in my heart of my eternal home in Heaven. I want always to be in the center of His will as I serve Him here. Luke 17:33-37 RAYMOND RUCH, I King Street, Northumberland, Pennsylvania O sing unto the Lord, a new song, for He hath done marvellous things: His right hand, and His holy arm, hath gotten Him the victory. The Lord hath made known His saIvation: Psalm 98:1 ,2 I am glad that by faith I know the victory of His salva- tion, the Lord Jesus Christ. VIVIAN EDITH WARNER, R. D. No. l, Mayfield, New York I thank God for salvation through Christ in His death on the Cross. In Him, we have joy, peace and happiness which the world cannot give. God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him. Philippians 4:19 RICHARD L. SHAW, R. D. No. 1, Conneautville, Pennsylvania Lost, but Jesus found me, - blind, but now I see, - bound, but Hallelujah! Christ has set me free. I praise God that His boundless love reached even unto me, and snapped the chains of sin, bringing me into the personal fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ. My prayer is, that I might ever serve Him who died for me. MARGARET S. WITHEROW, Kerrmoor, Pennsylvania The perfect will of God, I may not see Nor trace with ease, the path of His decree, I can but follow where His hand may lead Content to know, there's grace for ever need. But I shall understand in Heaven's glorylland Where all the leadings of His will are plain. The plan unfathomed here, will then be bright and clear. I'll understand, when Jesus comes again. WILLIAM B. SHROYER, Route 2, Box 2106, A Bellevue, Washington But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. May I be found faithful to Christ until He comes. Sponsored through the courtesy of ALBERT FOX AND FAMILY Northumberland, Pa. 36 WM - . a ':,f1':, I Sli MARGUERITE A. WHEELER, 66 Bullis Road, Buffalo 24, New York How wonderful that God should love me and choose me for His servicel How can I help but say, The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly reioiceth, and with my song will I praise Him. Psalm 28:7 CARL SILVER, HaIIstead,Pennsylvania 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, Just to take Him at His word, Just to rest upon His promise, Just to know, 'Thus saith the Lord' Jesus, Jesu, how I trust Him! How I've proved Him o'er and o'er! Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! O for grace to trust Him more! RICHARD N. THOMAS, 96 Floral Avenue Binghamton, New York According to my earnest expectation and my hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness as always so now also Christ shall be mag- nified in my body, whether it be by life or by death. Philippians I:20 I truly do praise Him for the privilege of being in His service . GUY E. TILLEY, JR., New Milford, Pennsylvania There's joy in serving Jesus, new-found ioy from day to day, His smile dispels the shadows, His presence lights my way- Rich blessings He is sending - such love and grace un- told! Tho' foes be round about me, I'm safe within His fold. JEROME D. TRAVIS, Kirkwood, New York I thank God for the salvation He has given me through His Son, Jesus Christ. John 3:l6. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who- soever believeth in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life. - HAROLD G. WINTER, Cresaptown, Nlaryland These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God, that ye may know that ye have eternal life and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. I John 5:13 I relolce for that day when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour NORMAN W. KNAUSS, 2707 Auburn Street, Rockford, Illinois Jeremiah 33:3 Sponsored through the courtesy of DOROTHY GARDINOR Representing the Alumni Association A 37 Class Teachers Message DEAR Class of '53, your days of preparation at P .B.T.S. are nearly over. Soon you will be leaving to take the place prepared for you by the Captain of your salvation. Be certain that you are fully equipped with the whole armour of God that you may be good soldiers of Jesus Christ. Preparation is the watchword of our day. Our government is receiving millions of our youth into the Armed Forces that we, as a Nation, may be prepared against the enemy. These young people are being trained and equipped to fight against the enemies of our land, enemies of flesh and blood. You, too, have been preparing to fight against a very real foe, the enemy of the souls of men, for you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It is, therefore, ex- ceedingly imperative that you take unto you the whole armour of God. In no other way will you be able to stand against the evil forces. How graciously our God has provided all the equipment necessary to prepare us for the great strug- gle. Every member of the Class of '53 is assured victory provided each has put on the whole armour. My sincere wish and fervent prayer is that you have your loins girt about with truth, that you have on the breastplate of righteousness, that your feet be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, that you take the shield of faith so necessary to turn the darts of the wicked one, that your heads be covered with the helmet of salvation, that you carry, not only in your hands but also in your hearts, the Word of God which is the sword of the Spirit, and that you ever be watchful in prayer. God has made no provision for retreat, so may you press forward in the battle ever trusting the victorious Christ to lead you on. As you fight the good fight of faith, faithfully holding forth the Word of Life in simplicity, wisdom, tact and love, souls will be won to Christ, Christians will be built up in the faith and your service will be pleasing to Him who has chosen you to be soldiers. Then, great will be your reioicing in that Day when you stand before the Captain of your salvation for His WeIl done. Sponsored through the courtesy of REV. RICHARD BOYTIM In memory of My Brother Howard Baker YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY Gone To Be With The Lord First Baptist Church MISS MARY BAKER Rev. Kenneth C. Robb - Pastor Missionary to Africa 38 L Class Song .. , ,, JEAN A. LAWSON JEAN A. LAWSON ALL BECAUSE OF GOD 5 GRACE GLENN L. McCAULLEY 3 ' iii? l Pj efggtili 4.3, SHE I . tf l. All be -cause of God's Grace fGod's Grace, we heard the callp '2. All be - cause of God's Grace fGod's Grace, we shall not failp 3. The heathen we'll go and tell of Christ our Lorclp mit' EJ C igljELjtlg3'J gfsiijjg :l.l5ll.595'5 All be -cause of God's Grace fGod's Grace, we yielded allp All be- cause of God's Grace fGod's Grace, we shall prevailp Of whom they've never heard - - The Living Worclg A ff J -l J fd al 1 il' l T , ff I ' , 1 355.153 5 E .Ll if fl-ggi 3 st 1 His Grace has saved us from our sins and now we'll tell the Though Satan's clouds our path may hide we'll trust Christ as our The one who died on Cal'-vry's tree from sin to set them EsjVj,gL5l5 grjjligfldl , 1 world of the peace and ioy we found in Him. fwe found in Him, guide, as the one who's walking by our side. fBy our side, free, This our task for Christ shall ever be. fshall ever be, 3L,2!?Egjgj'j' 'LA 39 ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done ,E MW A unto you. John I5:7 I-Ionorar Members The greatest Master to serve, The most thrilling Message to preach, The most satisfying Life to live, The most effective Power to use, The most perfect Future to anticipate. The word I would like to leave with you is that declaration of Paul - one which he tested and found to be true through many years of experience - I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Never forget it! My prayer for you is that the day which is iust breaking may continue to brighten into full glory of noonday when our Saviour shall be able to say: WelI done, thou good and faithful servant. STEPHEN MORRISETT IN AND OUT Our Lord told His people, I am the door: by me if any man enter f' in, he shall be saved, and go E1-and out, and find pasture Uohn 10:91 In Bible School you have learned the-Facious lessons of going IN to the presence of God, nestling close to our Saviour's bosom in prayer and Bible study for strength, comfort and daily food, you also have learned to go OUT to the lost world with the Gospel of Grace, to win men to Christ. Continue to go both IN and OUT for strength and service. FRED JOHN MELDAU As an honorary member of the Class of '53, I want to extend to my class-mates congratulations and the Lord's richest blessings. That the Word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified in you shall be my constant prayer for you all. B. MYRON CEDARH OLM If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, 5 ? Redd Harper lMr. Texas, 40 .. Q Class Histor O N September 18, 1950, fifty-seven eager Freshmen entered the doors of P .B.T.S. At last we were in the place to which God had called us and we were ready to begin our training for His service. We will not forget how the Juniors and Seniors came to our rooms, introduced themselves, and made us feel at home. Get-acquainted Night came, with the Pennsylvanians discovering that there were more from that State than from New York State. Our first Retreat came quickly and we found that those three days of each year are filled with ,rich blessing. ' Before anyone realized it, the first term of School was over and it was time for us to go home for the Practical Christian Work Campaign and Christmas vacation. On January 2, 1951, everyone was again deep in studies and the blessings they bring to us. The Winter Term is also the basketball season and we stood behind our team, win or lose. Our class organization meeting was held January 9, 1951, and the following officers were elected by the Class: William Shroyer, President, Eloise Evans, Vice-President, Dawn Stanard, Secretary, Gordon Wimer, Treasurer, and Miss Nellie A. Manley, Class Teacher. Prayer Day was held on two half days this year in order that the married students might attend the entire session. This was a time of increasing our spiritual development and of drawing us nearer to our Lord, Jesus Christ. ' The Spring Term brought Clean-up Day that we had heard so much about. Several of the students came down to breakfast dressed in unusual costumes and it was a time of fun and laughter for all. By evening, the School sparkled inside and out and everyone was tired but happy from a day of work. Shortly before Commencement, we served the Seniors at mealtime for two weeks. Each group put on a short skit and devotional program for them. Graduation came with the sadness of leaving Bible School Park and the ioy of going into service for our Lord and Saviour. The summer quickly passed, September was here again, and Bible School Park came alive with students returning for another year of study. Dr. Stephen F. Morrisett was our speaker at Retreat and what a thrill he brought to our hearts as he opened to us many precious truths in the Book of Philippians. It was our happy privilege to make him our first Honorary Member. Since our President felt it necessary that he resign, and our Vice-President did not return, it was necessary to elect new officers. The Class chose Larry Draper as President and Mrs. Sharon Wheeler as Vice-President. This was the year we were to choose a Class Proiect. After much discussion in the Class and with Dr. and Mrs. Davis we decided to purchase stainless steel utensils for the kitchen. In May, we went to Taughannock Falls, New York, for our Class picnic . This was a blessed time of fun and fellowship. It also befell our lot in the Spring to decorate the Dining Room and King Hall for the Seniors in the theme of a rose garden. The girls of our Class later served them at their banquet. Graduation was here again and we said goodby to another group of Seniors as they went forth into God's harvest fields. Our Senior Year at last! With new zeal in our hearts, we 'began this year pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. The Theologue staff, which had been chosen at the end of the Junior year, met at the beginning of the first term and started work on our Theologue. Retreat this year brought Dr. E. Schuyler English and many spiritual blessings. 4 We can truly thank God for these three years of preparation at P .B.T.S. We have been drawn nearer to Him and have grown in grace and knowledge of our Lord. May we too, as others, go forth to serve Him abundantly and to tell others of His saving grace. A Sponsored through the courtesy of EBENEZER EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH Ebenezer, New York A FRIEND Fred Drew 41 A wwf? wx ya. tat? .'..,?,,f - 1 i' H ' ff'- hy f 53 wif .4 ,, 1 pf ' C' 5 -fi , if ,gg O E5 ...QQ f 7 'L A , jgiliakfx X PEWT Of R HTS. Q, I 95-W ww ' 1, .5-A QW V .a i W. X I I y- The Lau ndhy 2' H D X .QA fzme H -H131-Food! STU ff 0 VJaTer' Srudyi nq LDNT5 Can dl-LCTEVI ing'-ay 7 4 . 1 n- 42 Last Will And Testament fr. .1 L ,M s W Y-Q, E--llf 'W K ..- i,,- WE,THE CLASS OF I953, being of sound minds and memories, do hereby make, publish and declare this instrument to be our Last Will and Testament, in manner following, and we direct that the provisions of said Will be legally carried out by Miss Nellie A. Manley. LARRY DRAPER'S conglomeration of iobs, that go along with being President, to the up and coming Billy Tobey. SHARON WHEELER'S unlimited knowledge of the Greek language to Donna Compton. DAWN STANARD'S secretarial ability to next year's Freshman Class. GORDON WlMER'S and BOB HOLMES' Parish in Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania to any Washingtonian who would give his right arm to settle down in beautiful Pennsylvania. SHIRLEY ALLEN'S blushing to Charles Sild. ELLIOTT CALDWELL'S faithful alarm clock to Kenneth Wymer. MARY GOODSON'S ability to make good tea to her successor. CHARLES BARINGER'S razor to any Freshman fellow who has a good crop. DAVID FISHER'S iob in the Post Office to those who have trouble receiving mail. BETTY GLOVER'S position as Miss CIark's right-hand woman to the young lady with the strongest con- stitution. SHIRLEY BURNHAM'S dimples to Elizabeth Miles. BILL COMPTON'S good looks to Fred Krueger. STUART HENLINE'S iob as night watchman to Eldrid Ankney. Do you like your coffee black? JEAN LAWSON'S toy mouth organ to those who work in the kitchen before breakfast. GLORIA JULYAN'S shoes, that she does not wear in Class, to those who like to sit in the rear of the room NANCY MAURER'S inspiring vocal numbers to the outstanding vocalist in the Class of '54. MERTON HlBBARD'S talkativeness to Everett Fox. HARRY MARTIN'S ioke-book to any antique collector. MARY SAMSON'S recipe book to any unmarried student who would like to be able to use one. GLENN LONG'S New Year's noisermakers to Ronald Simmons. GLENN OVERDORFF'S title of Ping-pong champ to Dale Baker. BETTY REICHARD'S one-year supply of spaghetti to Dr. Lowe. GLENN McCAULLEY'S barrel chest to Harry Dornheim. RAYMOND RUCH'S deep thinking to Sylvia Stupke. WILMA SNYDER'S Vibra Celeste to music lovers everywhere. CARL SILVER'S ventriloquist ability to Harold Beckley. EDNA SMITH'S iob of peeling onions to Audrey Jensen. ' BILL SHROYER'S ability to foId-in his ears to all who have tried in vain. DICK SHAW'S list of tract publishers to next year's tract society president. Postage stamps extra. DORIS VAN SANT'S extreme extrovert characteristics to some needy introvert. DICK THOMAS'S Greek book to Don Hubbard. VIVIAN WARNER'S seat in the Social Room to anyone with hope. HAROLD WINTER'S huge supply of Maryland erl to Dr. Davis. GUY TILLEY'S knowledge of year book editing to next year's staff members. PEGGY WITHEROW'S trip to Washington to Simon Dodson. MARGUERITE WHEELER'S soft hands to the needy ones in the dishroom. JEROME TRAVIS'S self-determination to George Brasser. MERLE JOHNSON'S red room to Merle Johnson. RITA FORD'S ability to laugh, whether facing ioy or gloom, to Laura Oakes. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hand and affixed our seal the 28th day of November, 1952. L.s. 43 -1113 THE WHATS AND WHEREABOUTS OF THE CLASS OF '53' IN '63 That bird that keeps chirpin' at Larry Draper is not a South American iungle bird but his little Irish canary Mrs. Sharon Wheeler is still waiting for hubby Jim to get out of School. Just can't get that Greek. Miss Dawn Stanard is still with the Students' League of Many Nations and iust received a well- deserved promotion - she's the new bus driver. Mr. Gordon Wimer and family are successfully following Wimer tradition blazing the trails of Africa. Shirley Allen is teaching the Lift on How to Overcome the Giggles. Elliott Caldwell iust had the stitches taken out of his thumb. But no luck, it wouldn't stay on. Mary Goodson is now enioying her work at the Rescue Mission in lndianapthe prospects are greater. fNo Jordan Riveri. Charles Baringer is having a very successful ministry reaching the lost in the rural sections of our country. Missionary Betty Glover is making many friends with her pills but not so with her needles. David Fisher sat under Dr. Lowe's teaching too long, he now drives a Nash station wagon. Shirley Burnham and Peggy Witherow have opened a roadside snack shop. Their specialty, Onion Sand- wiches. Bill Compton has teamed up with Abu Sobha Dass and together they are traveling the length and breadth of India . Wilma Snyder iust finished a continental tour in which she gave Vibra Celeste concerts. Raymond Ruch has returned to Bible School Park as an outstanding Theologian. Nancy Maurer is still singing, but the tune has changed to Brahm's Lullaby. Glenn Long is out and out in fireball Evangelism accompanied by Glenn Overdorff as musician and chauffeur. Jean Lawson would get married if she could decide which pair of glasses would best match her wedding gown. Stuart Henline has taken a pastorate at Joint Water Junction, Pennsylvania. How does it feel to be in civilization? Mary Samson is still feeding her husband vitamin pills, he still hasn't carried her over the threshold. Merton Hibbard, Jerome Travis, and Carl Silver are taking turns as Acting Superintendent at Bates- Troy Laundry. fNight shifti All guests are now received in the office of P .B.T.S. by the smiling countenance of Betty Reichard. Harry Martin is prospering in the ministry, and likes his new FORD more than all his past automobiles. I knew if he tried it, he'd drive it. Edna Smith has returned to Bible School Park as the new cook. Guy Tilley just set up a feed store in the back of his parsonageg he says it helps out fine with expenses. Marguerite Wheeler is doing a fine iob as Secretary of a Foreign Mission Board. Dick Shawis now President of the Little Brother Tract Band. Doris Van Sant is superintendent of the Good Will Mission No. 2 in her home town. Dick Thomas has finally mastered the Lift and has done away with the loud-speaking system in his new church. Gloria Julyan is kept busy in her newly-founded Children's Mission in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Bill Shroyer is using his size and weight to good advantage down in the West Indies. QAII 97 pounds of itj. Vivian Warner is busily engaged in the duties ofa housewife, but still finds time to put her training to good practical use. Bob Holmes is doing a splendid work in the Children's Home in Kentucky. Patsy's little helper. Rita Ford has successfully succeeded in establishing Bible classes and is getting the Gospel into the public schools. Merle Johnson has finally caught up on his sleep and is singing on the Songs at Sunrise over WIZE, Springfield, Ohio. Harold Winter is busy building a Church for his growing work in Maryland. Glenn McCaulley has been giving vocal lessons to the young peoples' choir of his Church. Daughter Glenna is his prize pupil. I Sponsored through the courtesy of PRATTSBURG BAPTIST CHURCH Prattsburg , New York 44 NWC Q1 za XSD Off? Fresh mgyl Q ' r 'V cs 'C R X... 173, 'Q ,slifgfx .Z fro . A em 2 sv 4 1, , f Look +4 of em www My ,U : flifggegf V - ,774 . CJ 0,1 The Iuniors Speak WE, the Class of l954, are happy that we can prepare to go forward with Christ into the fields, which are white already to harvest , having all confidence that we can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us. Our preparation here at School consists of various phases. Most important is the study of God's Word, that we might first of all be approved of God to be workmen in His great harvest field. In this phase of preparation we must learn how to sow the seed, and how to'reap the fruit. Another phase is our prayer life which also is of great importance. We are commanded to pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send forth labourers. We believe that as we prepare to be one of these labourers, we must also pray that the Lord will send us forth individually into His field of service. A third phase of our preparation for future Christian service is witnessing. We were to begin our wit- nessing, by the power of the Holy Spirit, at'our home town, Jerusalem , spiritually speaking. Then we were commanded to go into another section of the country, Samaria , where we are now, the Practical Bible Training School. We are preparing here by witnessing to those round about us as we work at various secular part-time iobs, or as we do Christian work and other activities away from the School. We must be faithful here in order to be sent unto the uttermost parts of the earth. The secret of our success in preparation here at School is our submission to the will of Him who guides us still. He has been faithful in guiding us thus far, and we have confidence that He will continue to guide us until we reach that greater field of service. Sponsored through the courtesy of FOREST and MARY JOHNSON I Seattle, Washington , Assemblyman Richard H. Knauf's C 's5 of '33' 34 TRIPLE cmes OPTICAL co. 80 Court Street FREE DRIVE-IN CHRISTIAN FILMS Binghamton, N.Y. I block So. of T900 W. Mound St. Columbus, Ohio 46 uniors REV. LEROY C. WESTBROOK CLASS TEACHER PAULINE R. WELLS R.F.D. No. 2 Portland, Michigan BILLY A. TOBEY 34 Sfurdevanf Street Johnson City, New York The Lord is With God is Fullness of Joy My Righfeousness PRESIDENT ' VICE-PRESIDENT IONA J. SHAYLOR SIMON D. DODSON Columbia Cross Roads G Sipesville Pennsylvania Pennsylvania The Lord is my Sdlvufion Halleluiah, Jesus is Mine SECRETARY TREASURER 2- Sponsored fhrough the courtesy of THE CLASS OF I954 47 ROSA AESCH R.F.D. No. 2, Box 329 Gloversville, New York My Delight is in the Lord HAROLD P. COBB Hallstead Pennsylvania I Love the Name of the Lord NORMA J. AUGHENBAUGH Star Route Curwensville Pennsylvania , The Lord is my Helper HARRY E. DORNHEIM, JR. 396 West Race Street Somerset, Pennsylvania The Lord is my Shield Carbondale, Pennsylvania RICHARD E. EDMONDS Sherburne New York God is the Preserver of my Soul JACQUALYN A. BARRY Lyndonville New York The Lord has Filled my Heart with Gladness GERALD E. GRAYBILL Richfield Pennsylvania God Dealt with me Mercy in ESTHER A. BELL I6 Archbald Street I am in the Shadow of His Wings Sponsored through the courtesy of MEMORIAL BAP TIST C HURCH 26 S. Sandusky St. Columbus, Ohio 48 F' GORDEN P. HAY Berlin Pennsylvania The Lord is my Strength MRS. DONNA S. COMPTON Bible School Park New York More about Jesus Would I Know i'x'f!1 4 f' WILLIAM F. HAYNES Walhalla South Carolina I am in the Hollow of His Hand DOLORES R. CORRELL I30l Maple Avenue Belvidere, Illinois My Trust is in the Lord VIDA JANE DUNN R.D. No. I Medina, New York In God clo I Put my Trust DONALD R. HUBBARD R.D. No. 2 Ulster, Pennsylvania I Reioice in the Lord ELIZABETH R. MILES Bible School Park New York The Joy of the Lord is My Strength CHARLES F. KILOSKI l70 North Oraton Parkway East Orange, New Jersey The Lord is my Redeemer Sponsored through the courtesy of REV. Naples, N.Y. R.D. '4 Wellsboro, Pa Evangelist Evangelist KARL J. MARGESON 92 Massachusetts Avenue Johnson City, New York l am in the Cleft of the Rock LAURA L. OAKES 210 Willow Road Garden City Chester, Pennsylvania The Lord is my King CHARLES SILD Bedel Avenue Clintondale, New York O God, Thou Art My God JAMES A. WALTER Box l02 Rockwood, Pennsylvania The Lord is my Rock RONALD E. SIMMONS R.D. No. 5 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania My Defense is of God STANLEY A. SMITH Bible School Park New York ln God is my Secret Place GERALD F. VANAMAN Confluence Pennsylvania . The Lord is my Fortress CLASS RESPONSE Class Colors: Blue and white Class Motto: Forward with Christ Class Verse: Philippians 4:13 l can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Class Song: Submission Sponsored through the courtesy of KEESEVILLE METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Rowland S. Conklin - Pastor The Freshmen Speak T HE fifty students in the Freshmanvclass of the Practical Bible Training School are in the initial stage of being trained for the work of the Lord. Many came here believing that they would be equipped in three years with enough knowledge for a lifetime of Christian service. Soon they were to discover that formal education only opens the gateway to paths of learning which lead in many directions, and that they are merely here to establish a foundation for their future education. For example, an analogy may be drawn between the mind and still water. Both will become stagnant if not reinforced. For those who are fortunate enough to be led to attend a Christian institution, there is much prepara- tion. The student's spiritual, financial, and educational needs have to be met, but most of all the stu- dents must have the will to learn. ll Timothy 2:l5, Study to show thyself approved unto God'l should be in his heart at all times. Unfortunately, once formal preparation is begun,individual achievement may fall short of individual ability. The Freshman student here at the Practical Bible Training School does not lack in ability, but he must be continually mindful to ask God to motivate him to his fullest extent. To draw another analogy, a machine which stands idle in a shop is capable of doing a certain kind of work, but to make it work motive power must be applied. The motive is very important in preparation. For each student it should be to learn about the Trinity in such a way that the plan of salvation can be successfully and convincingly told to others. A fervent prayer life and study of God's Word are two mediums through which this incentive may be reached. As the three years of formal preparation pass rapidly by, it would be well for us to keep Ephesians 5:15-l7 in mind. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. Preparation is a continuous process. Let us, the Freshman class who came to the Practical Bible Training School in September l952, not stop by the wayside. Sponsored through the courtesy of CLASS OF '55 51 Freshmen I Tlikf FRONT ROW: Lois Beverly Huff Mdlindo Sleighf - Secretary - Rowene Olney Elsie L. Houck June Stone Sylvia Stupke SECOND ROW: Shirley A. Wetmore Naomi L. Shirk Mrs. Mary E. Brooks Velma Rae Reasinger Dorene Curry Rosalee Vidigson Betty Colburn THIRD ROW: Sandra F. Goheen Lucy A. Lowe Ruth Wentworth Gladys R. Neeley Iva Hoover - Vice-President Frances I. Gibson Jane Counts Joan C. Griffin FOURTH ROW: Jeanette Van Hart Elsie Knapp Elsie Wentzel Audrey Jensen Rebecca M. Heflin Nancy Lorraine Weale JAMES C. NEY Bible Depot Sunbury, Pa. Hagerstown, Maryland R.D. fl, New Castle, Pennsylvania R.D. 42, Naples, New York 37 Carlton Street, Girard, Ohio Box 721, Concrete, Washington 80 West Main Street, Cortland, New York R.D. fl, Branchport, New York Richfield, Pennsylvania 269 North Main Street, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania 224 Maple Avenue, DuBois, Pennsylvania 1 North Clark Street, DuBois, Pennsylvania R.D. 42, Addison, New York 58 North Broad Street, Wellsville, New York Tyrone, Pennsylvania Bible School Park, Broome County, New York R. D. 32, Naples, New York 105 Erie Avenue, Gowanda, New York R.D. '91, Dallas, Pennsylvania R.D. 42, Springboro, Pennsylvania Kirkland, Washington 41 Wheeler Street, Deposit, New York Box 102, Conklin, New York Bluff Point, New York 1382 Nichols Avenue, Lorain, Ohio R.D. fl, Vestal, New York R.D. lil, Front Royal, Virginia R.D. 444, Binghamton, New York ACE RUG COMPANY Floor Covering Furniture and Appliances 69 Main Street Binghamton, N . Y. Sponsored through the courtesy of VICTOR GUBIN Northumberland, Pa . 52 Freshmen its FRONT ROW: Harold L. Beckley Everett C. Fox Floyd M. Harris George L. Brasser John C. Uplinger Richard Jones SECOND ROW: Dale E. Baker Roderick A. Tidd Elwood M. Simons Kenneth Wymer Roger L. McManus Jorge J. Raheb Saigh THIRD ROW: James E. Godley, Jr. Charles L. Brooks Fred Krueger James H. Dods James Wheeler - President Ti'1OfTlCS BCKCF - Tfeqsufer Robert P. Swingle Harold E. Rays NOT PICTURED: Eldred E. Ankney Clare Patterson .1 R.F.D. 02, Williamsport, Maryland Naples, New York Bible School Park, New York Millport, New York R.D. '72, Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania R.D. 53, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania 420 Duke Street, Northumberland, Pennsylvania Black River, New York Box 23 Rossie, New York Route 45, Box 201, Mt. Vernon, Washington Friendsville Stage, Binghamton, New York 54 Cedar Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 34i8 Parklane Drive, Parma, Ohio 269 North Main Street, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania 46 Lambert Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 902 Fidalgo Street, Seclro-Woolley, Washington Bible School Park, Broome County, New York 50 Jefferson Court, Danville, Pennsylvania R.D. ill, Waymart, Pennsylvania R.D. P4, Binghamton, New York First Baptist Church, Sedro-Woolley, Washington Bible School Park, Broome County, New York l....---4,.c.----c--.c.......-...-,..2----W . - , .-,,-,,,,..,-,,..,,,.m.,,,,,,... Sponsored through the courtesy of MR. and MRS. BROOKS 53 maa lz In f 459 ii M' X ! Di nity fig - , - f ' ' 1- f ,f i, ,4 . ,ff ' gr w N. ' ,wvf-fff' W fly- .- 41 .-if if XXV W -'7 HYYXYYX fYU'Vl ,ML- The Activities of Gut Preparation Nilllg 'Q .1 S -E zz- f' ' f - Z' - k ff ff f Q Q 4 1' fi C o I n ' h K :EX if c 2 ' 'M Q r 1 X s 1 -1 Q 2 ,ff ,lf Q 0 e .7 'riff F - .Z -5 W 4 X15 fb '. fig? 1? , ' ' 4 'V A , A v . X, ,A W If ' 3' . N X , S ffl VXXN ' AF' a t- I' 1 jf, f 11 V . 7 J mis ' 11 'JAX , ' If 1 if I iffy A 1 ' Z 4 t - 1 if f x ' ' 27, 611-ff Z! f flfff ff, '- ,QL fjpffx 1 W G t 0 R' V, J 9 6 1 n W K Z' X I ,ff X f ff , if X 1 ' y if t 'X fffy' c C 5 0 c lf' D' : Ephesians 6:17 And take the ,gi ' G helmet of salvation, and the ll' : A sword of the Spirit, which is 'A A ' the Word of God: fl Zim vi ' Q IMI Q 7 UP 1: -Y -14 N 9 A A 4 r. , , If th, ,gr 'I A 1 . X6mVl : ,, - --, 1' ' 4 f' Q...-5 '- :mama . Ig lx-. ,,. -----141-.-4.,. , - e- '31 A , , The Students, League of Many ations 1 U NDER the able direction of Dr. and Mrs. M. C. Patterson for the past 26 years the Students' League of Many Nations has gone forth proclaiming the Matchless Name of Jesus Christ. The Students' League of Many Nations was born on Thanksgiving Day of 1922 after several of the students, who represented different nations,were asked to dress in their native costumes and speak in their native lan- guages. This was so well-liked by Dr. John A. Davis that he asked them to put on the service the following Sunday. They began to get invitations to all the surrounding towns, villages and some of the larger cities. This then became a full-time work for the Lord. The service has been given over 7,000 times, in every State in the Union, in Canada and Mexico. Through the many years of service, the Lord has blessed with the Salvation of many souls and the consecration of many lives for full-time service for the Lord. The students who are privileged to travel on the League are given wonderful experience that will better prepare them for the full-time service to which the Lord has called them. They are prepared also to witness with a more intelligent understanding of the needs of the people because of the different churches in which they minister. The students are as follows: First Row--Malinda Sleight, German, Kathleen Davenport, Irish, Mrs. Patterson, Dr. Patterson, Dawn Stanard English, Jean Lawson, italian. . Second Row-- Vida Jane Dunn, Scotch, Raheb Saigh, Syrian, Harold Beckley, German, James Godley, bus driver, Everett Fox, English, George Chayet, Jewish, John Uplinger, Scotch, Sylvia Stupke, Czechoslovakian. Sponsored through the courtesy of THE STUDENTS' LEAGUE OF MANY NATIONS 56 I Prayer Groups RONALD SIMMONS, Treasurer: ROSA AESCH, Secretaryg BETTY GLOVER, Vice-President: ROBERT HOLMES, President. MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP Titus Coan once said, Lord, send me where Thou wilt, only go with meg lay on me any burden, only sustain me, cut any cord but the one that binds me to Thy cause, to Thy heart. The Missionary Fellow- ship meets once a week to pray for those who are preaching the Gospel in the hard places round the world. The Fellowship also prays for the Lord's will to be done in each member's life. NANCY MAURER, Vice-President: JACQUALYN BARRY, Secretaryg RICHARD SHAW, President: GLENN LONG, Treasurer. MESSIANIC FELLOWSHIP Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God is that Israel might be saved. Rom. lO:l . We are preparing to proclaim the Good News of Salvation to the Jews as well as to the Gentiles. The purpose of the Messianic Prayer Fellowship is to set aside time for prayer each week for the salvation of our Jewish brethren and for the empowering of those preaching the Gospel to them. Y Y' f it CHARLES SILD, Treasurerg MARY GOODSON, Secretary: MARGUERITE WHEELER, Vice-President: GORDON WIMER, President. GOSPEL TRACT LEAGUE To serve God effectively, we must be prepared to win souls individually. The Gospel Tract League plays an important part in this preparation as it pray- erfully selects tracts and displays them for the use of the students. A weekly prayer meeting is held where we ask God to prepare our hearts and the hearts of those who receive the tracts. Praise be to God for the blessings of this work. We are now better pre- pared to go forth to reach the lost. Sponsored through the courtesy of M' 'M CXLVKRYFBAFTIST CHTJRCH T Chenango St., At Moffat Ave. W. A. Haggai,Pastor, Duane W. Bell, Asst. Practical Work JA IL WORK He that winneth souls is wise. ONE of the best ways for the students to prepare for soul winning is to take part in the Binghamton iail service. Here we learn by experience how to conduct a Gospel service. After the service, we deal individu- ally with each prisoner, urging them to turn from their sins to Christ. In this way we learn to apply that which we have learned in the Class of Evangelism and in the other Classes. F11 lit BIBLE CLUB WORK THE Bible Club work reaches many boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The students of P .B.T.S. conduct these clubs in private homes in var- ious parts of the city and surrounding towns and also at the Binghamton Mission. Those who work in these clubs are rewarded by seeing many of the children come to know the Saviour. Mrs. Esther M. Hooten, a Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship, visits here once a week to give help and instruction to those who work in the Bible Clubs. The lessons learned are a vital part of the preparation For His service. HOSPITAL VISITATION E VERY Sunday afternoon, some of the students visit patients in a local hospital. They are dealt with in- dividually about their soul's salvation and many of them accept Christ and others are encouraged and comforted by the reading of the Scripture. It is a great blessing to talk with those who do not know the Lord Jesus and then have them come into assurance of eternal life. This practical work is very valuable to the students. Sponsored through the courtesy of Former Graduates and Students of P . B.T.S. Working at the Bethel ChiIdren's Home BETHEL CHILDREN'S HOME Harold W. Meland, Director Box 619, Jackson, Kentucky 5 ld 62 OPRSY F8658 J' M4 fv O4 G49 Qfb l S1 Q0 Eff SY O X LEAGUE TRIO sf fat, vi NIO A Y' 4' CIR Golf Qi-7f?lO 59 XX, Pastors ' 9 '. 4 V ll Ll!! S in N I9 WHILE preparing for the Lord's service at Practical Bible Training School, we thank God for the oppor- tunity of practical work in preaching the Gospel. Each year many of the students accept calls to be pastors of churches, while others open closed church es or accept the challenge of starting a new work. These churches or new woris are mostly found in rural communities and villages near the School where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not preached at all. Being a pastor of one of these churches certainly is a joyous experience and one never to be forgotten. Though we often have great opposition and hardships, which require us to pray much for God's help, yet these experiences will prepare us even more for our future service as we leave the halls of P .B.T.S. Sponsored through the courtesy of CHARLES and ELIZABETH JOHNSTON 701 East Church Street Elmira, New York 60 Sports YZ' H. vm. w- Vo sch r E. Vox' Co ge . . G- Bm ks. ssff' , B100 . NNKORWQR totes' C ., ' S geckkni- Qiasssh 5' , ' n ,I en 1 wi- 'f,mfnPt Bake- s Tia ' ' D' R- xdoiii' nanyaixt . G. Ove G. va QSYYY' grown' . Sang! vi-Cach vi . , Goa wfson ' E ACH Fall Term we enter another year of sport activities at P .B.T.S., and, although sports are not great- ly emphasized, yet they play an important part in the recreational life of the students as well as afford- ing them opportunities for fellowshipping with neighboring churches and schools. During the Fall, upon entering the Lecture Hall, we find a group of students gathered around the Ping- Pong table where an exciting game is under wayp then, on going to King Hall, we hear the shouts of the students who are engaging in a friendly game of Volley Ball. Our maior sport is Basketball. Last year we left the familiar King Hall and iourneyed to North High School to play our games as a member of the Evangelical Church League. When the league season opened we were on vacation and only a few members of the Varsity were available. After the vacation interim we began to win more games than previously, ending the season with a 9 won, 5 lost record. Our second team entered the League after another team had dropped out and took over their I won, 6 lost record and ended in third place. At the end of the season several of the boys were chosen to play on the All Star team. In our experience with this League, we have been greatly impressed with the Christian sportsman- ship of the teams enrolled in it. We are looking forward to another blessed year with many opportunities to give silent testimony to the ioy of knowing Christ as our Saviour, and also the privilege of looking to Him in prayer before entering each game. Sponsored through the courtesy of UNION CHURCH Hopbottom, Pa. Wimers 8- Bob 61 X 0 Boss: Why are you late? , Sec 'y: I got married. W' N Q Boss: Well, cIon't let it happen again. ffsggzh A student was surprised to hear that he. could come to P. B.T.S. by Buffalo. He thought it was by train Did you ever hear of the Scotchman who-blew out four tires getting free air? Mr. Wimer frushing to the trainl: I wish I had brought the piano. Mrs. Wimer: Don't be sillyl Mr. Wimer: I'm not being silly, I left the tickets laying on it. Thomas: What's your dog 's name? Student No. I: I feel like a broom. Shroyer: Ginger. Student No. 2: How so? Thomas: Ginger bite? Student No. I: I'm sweepy. Shroyer: Ginger snaps. Ruch: I'd like about two bushels of those Washington apples. Henline: Do you think that we would cut up one good apple iust for you? Chayet and Dr. Lowe were visiting in a home: Dr. Lowe: Chayet, did you know that the moon is macle of green cheese? Chayet: Is it really? How do you know? Dr. Lowe: A sailor told me - he went out to sea. Everybody puts his nose into my business. Cheer up. I'm not growling. I manufacture handkerchiefs. Judge Compton: Why did you strike this dentist? Prisoner Tilley: Because he got on my nerves. An American lady tourist on a flying visit to the Holy Land came to a tourist office to ask for some in- formation on motor roads in Israel. She was informed by one of the clerks that it was now possible to go by car all the way from Dan to Beersheba. Do you know, she replied, l never knew that Dan and Beersheba were places. I always thought they were husband and wife like.Sodom and Gomorrah. Reichard: I had a swell iob last summer. Van Sant: You did? How is that? Reichard: Why, I even had 300 men under me. Van Sant: That's great. Where did you work? ' Reichardz' In a cemetery. Chinaman to Dentist: Doctor, when can you fixee my tooth? Dentist: 2:30 dll right? Chinaman: Yes, tooth hurtee, when can you fixee? Shaw: lf yo' was rich, what would yo' want most of alI? Johnson: An alarm clock wid a busted buzzer. Do you remember? -- The time Donna Summers Compton came into the first class without combing her hair? When Harry Dornheim broke the chair in half in the dining room? When Betty Glover rang the toll bell for Study Hour? '--., Clowns Clark, Swan and Gardner at the Senior Banquet? When Mr. Crippen had a funeral for the dead letters? 62 EARLY CLASSES ANDREWS, MRS. SADIE DIAMENT Deceased BENNETT, MRS. EMILY BADGER Box 105, Willard, Mo. Pastor's Wife BENNETT, MR. LEW CASS Box 105, Willard, Mo. Pastor BIRDSALL, MR. Deceased BIRDSALL, MRS. Deceased CARR, REV. RALPH Deceased CARR, MRS. ELSA SAWYER - Deceased CATLIN, REV. LESLIE E. 79 Grove St., Lynbrook, N. Y. Pastor COLT, MISS JOSEPHINE Deceased CRABILL, EVANGELIST ERNEST G. Deceased CRABILL, MRS. ERNEST G. Deceased DAVIS,'MRS. JOHN A. Deceased DUNHAM, MRS. T. D. Deceased HOLDEN, REV. FRANCIS L. Deceased HOLDEN, MRS. MARIE Castile, N. Y. Teacher LEWIS, REV. S. E. 65 Grand Boulevard, Binghamton, N. Evangelist and Supply Preaching MILLER, REV. CHARLES Deceased PARSON, MRS. FOREST N. 1836 Orchard Ave., New Kensington, Pastor's Wife PARSON, REV. FOREST N. 1836 Orchard Ave., New Kensington, Pastor PARSONS, REV. HARLOW Headquarters of HCJB Radio Station Flushing, N. Y. Field Director of HCJB Radio Station RICHARDSON, WILLIAM Deceased STODDARD, REV. MJ H. R. D. 1, Prattsburg, N. Y. Retired Pastor STODDARD, MRS. M. H. R. D. 1, Prattsburg, N. Y. Housewife WAGNER, REV. H. H. 31 Cambridge Place, Brooklyn 5, N. Y Bible Conference Teacher WALTON, MRS. ROPHIE Deceased WILKERSON, MRS. C. A. 9 Jane St., Vestal, N. Y. Young Peop1e's Work CLASS OF 1911 BLUM, LENA 81 Park Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. Nurse, Church Worker DEPUY, ADA Deceased KLAWSON, MRS. ANNA Deceased ORTON, REV. GEORGE Deceased YOUNG, REV. ARTHUR Address Unknown CLASS OF 1912 HARRISON, MRS. FAN YON Uniondale, Pa. Evangelist's Wife HARRISON, REV. JOSEPH B. Uniondale, Pa. Evangelist NEWTON, GRACE S. Afton, N. Y. Nurse PETERSON, REV. EDWARD Scotch Plains, N. J. Pastor CLASS OF 1918 CAMP, REV. EARL Penland COOK, MRS. BERTHA FOX cfo Rev. George R. Cook, Box 185 Doraville, Georgia Missionary Home on Furlough WHITNEY, REV. JOHN 221 N. Elmer, Sayre, Pa. Pastor Y. Pa. Pa. Afumm' CLASS OF 1914 ALBRO, MRS. GLADYS SPENCER R. D. 3, Marathon, N. Y. Church Work SAYENGA, LENORE 2317 Almont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Pastor SCOTT, REV. WALTER Address Unknown Pastor CLASS OF 1915 CHRISTENSEN, RUTH M'Boula, via N'Gaoundere via Coula Missionary French Cameroun, West Africa Missionary FOOTE, ORA BELLE Deceased FREEMAN, MRS. HARRIET R. R. D. 2, New Milford, Pa. Housewife LEWIS, MRS. EDITH GAVITT Hopbottom, Pa. Active Christian Work POWERS, REV. IRVING 121 So. Bunkerhill Ave., Room 1 Los Angeles 12, Calif. Pastor WEAKLAND, DR. ROY Box 776, Jamestown, N. Y. Pastor CLASS OF 1916 GREGORY, ISABELLE 2 Hamilton Street, Binghamton, New York Mission YVork HINES, MRS. BERTIE KUNARD 3101 So. Wayside, Houston, Texas cfo Rev. Fred Rawlins LYON, MARIETTA 2961 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, New York Dean of Women in Buffalo Bible Institute MacARTHUR, MRS. A. HARTER Ill E. Seneca Street, Oswego, N. Y. Practical Christian Work MacARTHUR, HOMER H. Address Unknown NICHOLS, REV. HARRY M. P. Keller, Virginia Pastor SHEPARDSON, MARY Port Crane, New York WIGHT, MRS. MARGARET FINK Hartwell, Georgia Pastor's VVife CLASS OF 1917 ASCHENBACH, MRS. FLORENCE BELL Park Memorial Baptist Church Springfield, Mass. Pastor's Wife ASCHENBACH, REV. WALTER Park Memorial Baptist Church Springfield, Mass. Pastor BEAM, MR. GUY 44 St. Charles Street, Johnson City, New York Real Estate Broker BOGGS, MRS. MARY FIELDS 1828 Maple Street, Humboldt, Tenn. School Teacher EARPS, JAMES Address Unknown FURNESS, VADA BELLE Deceased GEORGIA, GRACE 104 Prospect Street, Port Jefferson, N. Y. School Teacher GRANT, U. SCOTT Box 364, El Monte, California GREASER, REV. EARL Address Unknown Pastor GWYN, REV. WALTER 339 North Avenue, Medina, New York Practical Christian Work HARPER, MRS. LIVINIA HART 14808 So. Brand Blvd., San Fernando, Calif. HARTER, REV. BENJAMIN A. I. M. Blukwa, Djugu, Congo Belge via Leopoldville, Africa Missionary HARTER, MRS. BERTHA HENRY A. I. M. Blukwa, Djugu, Congo Belge via Missionary HAWLEY, REV. FRED ' Deceased JONES, REV. WILLIAM J. Address Unknown MILLER, ICA DORA Address Unknown 63 ROCKWELL, REV. PAUL Marietta, Ohio Printer SHEERER, REV. HARRY 7157 So. Princeton Avenue, Chicago 21, Ill. Christian Work at Large SLOCUM, REV. JOHN C. cfo Wheaton College Academy, Wheaton, Ill Returned Missionary VUORI, REV. ARTHUR Address Unknown WYKE, REV. ALBERT Address Unknown CLASS OF 1918 CUSTARD, MRS. MARIAN FAIRCHILD Holland, New York Housewife DAVIS. MRS. HAZEL BOWDEN Bible School Park, New York Supt. of Women and Matron at P.B.T.S. HAMILTON, REV. CHARLES Nelliston, New York Supply Preaching HOAG, BERTHA I. R. D. No. 2, Delhi, New York Teacher SHAVER, H. CARLTON 1107 Pearl Street, Ypsilanti, Mich. Pastor WILSON, REV. PIERCE Deceased CLASS OF 1919 CARPENTER, MARY E. Deceased DAVIS, MRS. MAE PHILLIPS 1416 Oram Street, Scranton, Pa. Business DREXV, REV. FRED 1189 Union Road, West Seneca 24, New York Pastor DURGAN, MRS. ETHEL ANTHONY Address Unknown FARGO, REV. ROY A. Deceased FLETCHER, ELIZABETH 48 Allen Street, Johnson City, New York Teacher in Baptist Bible Seminary GAVITT, ETHEL Hillside State Hospital, Clarke Summit, Pa. HAWVER, MRS. RENA MILLER West Edmeston, New York Pastor's Wife HEINZ, MRS. ALICE STURDEVANT 1791 Franklin Park, So., Columbus, Ohio Church Organist and Music Teacher HUTTON, REV. LOUIS V. S. 44 Summit Avenue, Catskill, New York Pastor IMHOF, LIDA F. 10416 Park Heights Rd., Cleveland 4, Ohio Jewish Mission Work JANEC REV. HOWARD Deceased JONES, REV. FRANCIS G. 1106 Orchard Street, Utica, New York Pastor LOWE, REV. MARMION L. Bible School Park, N. Y. Instructor in P.B.T.S. LUSK, MRS. JUNE KNICKERBOCKER 234 Lynwood Ave., Elmira Heights, N. Y. Pastor's wife QUIGLEY, BESS Box 394, Zephyrhills, Florida Nursing REID, MRS. MARY CHAMBERLAIN R. D. No. 1, Troy, Pa. Housewife THOMPSON, MABEL Deceased TUCKER, BEATRICE 1407 Providence Avenue, Chester, Pa. VIBBARD, HAZEL L. 48 Allen Street, Johnson City, N. Y. Teacher in Baptist Bible Seminary CLASS OF 1920 BAILOR, REV. ALBERT Angelica, N. Y. Farmer BURCHFIELD, MRS. MILDRED FRANCES 1221 13th Street, Altoona, Pa. Pastor's wife 1221 13th Street, Altoona, Pa. Pastor CROMER, BELLA Address Unknown 4 CUSTARD, REV. S. S. Holland, New York Supply Preaching DAVIS, REV. GORDON CARR Bible School Park, N. Y. President of P.B.T.S. ELDRETT, MRS. M. STEVENS Address Unknown HEINZ, REV. ALBERT 1791 Franklin Park, So., Columbus, Ohio Assistant Pastor and Professor of Music HOLLY, MRS. L. PALMER Deceased IVES, CORA S. R. D. No. l, Silverdale, Wash. Church work JAMES, MRS. LEROY 352 Second Street, N.E., Carrolton, Ohio Pastor's wife OSTRANDER, MRS. LYDIA DIXON Deceased RALSTON, MRS. EDITH ROBERTSON Address Unknown SMITH, MRS. LAURA YATES R. D. No. 9, Box 407C, Charlotte, N. C. Pastor's wife SMITH, REV. JAMES R. D. No. 9, Box 407C, Charlotte, N. C. Pastor SOUTHARD, MRS. MAYBELLE Fort Plain, N. Y. Office Work SPICER, MRS. LEVA LARRABEE Windsor, N. Y. Retired WICKIZER, PHOEBE 1112 Linden Street, Scranton, Pa. Practical Christian Work WRIGHT, MRS. EDNA COLEMAN MILLS West Street, Arcade, N. Y. Housewife CLASS OF 1921 BATDORF, MRS. IRENE WENRICH 305 Newport Street, Tampa, Florida Children's Work CHILDS, MRS. KATE THOMPSON Lyndonville, N. Y. Pastor's wife ELLIS, REV. CHARLES 20 Roberts Street, Johnson City, N. Y. Business FEYRER, MRS. NELLIE MONTGOMERY Deceased FEYRER, REV. JOSEPH Wilson, N. Y. Pastor ' FINEOUT, REV. L. E. Deceased FORTRAN, REV. RICHARD 1703 Riverview Drive, Endicott, N. Y. Pastor HOAGLAND, MRS. RENA FINCH R. D. No. l, Whitney Point, N. Y. Children's Work and Housewife JAYNE, MARION Laceyville, Pa. LOW, ELIDA Children's Home 6350 Main Street, Williamsville, N. Y. Teacher LUDINGTON, MRS. LULA COLE Maine, N. Y. Housewife NORTHRUP, MILTON Deceased PATTERSON, MRS. MARY ALICE NESTOR Bible School Park, N. Y. Asst. Dir. of Students' League of Many Nations PETERSON, MRS. MARTHA ROBERTSON Odessa, N. Y. Pastor's wife SAWYER, MRS. OLIVE GREY 150 Main Street, Oneonta, N. Y. Nursing SHERWOOD, MRS. FLORENCE BAXTER Triangle, N. Y.' Practical Christian Work SPENCE, MRS. INEZ HOOVER 1140 S. Utica Place, Tulsa, Okla. Housewife WECK, REV. MARTIN Madrid, N. Y. Pastor WILLIAMS, MRS. RUTH SHERMAN Findlay Lake, N. Y. Housewife WIMER, MRS. LILA THORNTON Killawog, New York Missionary on furlough CLASS OF 1922 ADAMS, MRS. JEANNETTE GRIFFITHS Rockville, Maryland Pastor's wife ATHERHOLT, BESSIE Deceased ALUMNI BEAN, MRS. MAIDA BLANCHARD Elim Bible Institute, Lima, N. Y. Registrar BROWN, MRS. ELLEN BAILEY Sevilla Hotel Second St., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. BROWN, REV. BURGESS Sevilla Hotel Second St., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. Hotel Clerk CHILDS, REV. FLOYD A. Lyndonville, N. Y. Pastor DOUGLAS, REV. ALAN Afton, N. Y. Pastor COULD, REV. RALPH E. Berkshire, N. Y. Pastor LAISE, MRS. LUCY GREEN 16 Kendall Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Housewife LAWSON, MRS. INEZ DORNE Address Unknown LOWMAN, JEFFERSON 117 Standart Street, Syracuse, N. Y. Evangelist MILLS, REV. C. W. K. Sparta, Mich. Pastor PETERSON, REV. DUTTON Odessa, N. Y. Pastor SABINS, MRS. MABELLE STEVENS Towanda, Pa. Pastor's wife SEYMOUR, MRS. LINDA THOMPSON Bangui, B. P. 74, Oubangui-Chari, French Equatorial Africa Missionary SMITH, DELIAI-I Address Unknown SMITH, REV. FRANCIS 13 Woodland Ave., Fairmount Park, Johnson City, N. Y. Pastor SMITH, REV. FRANK South Hill, Virginia, cfo Dr. J. H. Turner Pastor TRUAX, REV. CLYDE W. 218 Elmwood Ave., Elmira Heights, N. Y. Pastor WHITACRE, EMMELINE 6 King Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Office and Church Work CLASS OF 1923 BABCOCK, MRS. GEORGIA SMITH R. D. No. 1, Burlington Flats, N. Y. Housewife BEERS, HERMAN Clarence, N. Y. Pastor BEERS, MRS. HERMAN C. Clarence, N. Y. Pastor's Assistant BERRY, HAROLD F. 136 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pastor BLACKWELL, MRS. IRENE WHITCOMB 1181 Ridge Road, Webster, N. Y. Practical Christian Work BRAINARD, IRENE Providence Bible Institute, Providence, R. Dean of Women CARPENTER, REV. A. C. Deceased CARSON, MRS. ANNA REYNOLDS Address Unknown CATALDO, REV. D. ARTHUR Box 204, Prattsville, N. Y. Pastor COOPER, MRS. HARRIETT PARKER R. D. No. 1, Morton, Miss. Housewife CUMMINGS, REV. SILAS Address Unknown DAVENPORT, REV. BESSIE DEEMER Reynoldsville, Pa. Housewife and Church Work GEIGER, AGNES 158 Brookside Ave., Amsterdam, N. Y. Evangelistic Song Leader HALL, REV. RUSSELL 22 Grant Street, Utica, N. Y. Doctor HARDY, REV. C. W. 425 Herrick Street, Elmira, N. Y. Pastor ' HAWVER, REV. LOREN C. West Edmeston, N. Y. Pastor HERRICK, REV. FLAG Deceased 64 HERRICK. MRS. HAZEL 7 Liberty Street, Oneonta, N. Y. Nursing HERZOG, REV. WILLIAM 427 Hanley Street, Gary, Ind. Pastor HILL, REV. O. BLAKLEY 101 Maple Avenue,'Wellsvi1le, N. Y. Pastor HOWLETT, REV. W. C. Deceased HOWLETT, MRS. W. C. Address Unknown JONES, REV. ELIAS Portland, Pa. Pastor KELLAM, LEONA Deceased LIETKA, MRS. EFFIE GERWIG Deceased LUSK, REV. WARD 234 Lynwood Ave., Elmira Heights, N. Y. Pastor MILLS, REV. RAYMOND Deceased MOYER, ESTHER Address Unknown RICHARD, VRS. ISABELLE I-IICKS Judson Avenue, Woodbury, Conn. Housewife and church work RICKETT, REV. WILLIAM 31 Parker Avenue, Cortland, New York Supply Preaching ROBBINS, MRS. ANNA DUNNING 234 Chapman Place, Elmira, N. Y. Housewife ROBERTSON, MRS. GRACE HARTER 225 Main Street, Spencer, Mass. Housewife ROBERTSON, MR. HARRY 225 Main Street, Spencer, Mass. Business RUNDUS, REV. AMOS J. Munden, Kansas Evangelist SCHIELD, REV. BARNEY Webster, N. Y. Pastor SEYMOUR, ARTHUR Deceased SHERMAN, MRS. LEONA SLAGHT Dryden, N. Y. Housewife SHOEMAKER, HARVEY P. Turnwood, N. Y. Farmer TAYLOR, REV. JOHN Deceased THAYER, REV. FREDERICK New Haven, N. Y. Pastor THAYER, HELEN 21 Arthur Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Business WILBUR, DIDA SHIRLEY Deceased WIMER, REV. THEODORE Killawog, New York Missionary on furlough YOUNG, MRS. ESTHER MOON 202 Herrick Avenue, East, Wellington, Ohio Pastor's wife CLASS OF 1924 ADAMS, REV. WILLIAM B. Rockville, Maryland Pastor ALDIN, MRS. JESSIE CARROLLE 1102 Wilson Drive, Llanarch Hills, Pa. Housewife BABCOCK, REV. EARL R. D. No. 1, Burlington Flats, N. Y. Farmer BARNES, NORMA 1008 Delaware Street, Scranton 2, Pa. Sunday School Work BOEHLE, MRS. MARIE KNESPLER 5208 E. Bellevue Ave., Rt. 4-Box 60 Tucson, Arizona Housewife and Bible teacher CHILDS, MRS. MICEALA GOMEZ 2419 Chilhuahua St., San Antonio 7, Texas Mission Work CHILDS, REV. ERNEST 2419 Chilhuahua St., San Antonio 7, Texas Mission VVork CUFF, REV. C. E. Deceased CUFF, Mrs. C. E. Address Unknown DAVENPORT, REV. HOWARD Hartwick, N. Y. Practical Christian Work DENCE, REV. ALFRED Corinth, N. Y. Pastor DENCE, MRS. EDNA SIEBERT Corinth, N. Y. Pastor's wife DEWEY, MRS. GLENN Mainesburg, Pa. Housewife FALK, REV. ILOF Blue Point, L. I., New York Pastor FREDERICKS, REV. RAYMOND 1203 West Avenue, Medina, N. Y. Pastor GOULD, REV. JEROME J. West Haverstraw, N. Y. Pastor HARVEY, RUTH PARLIMENT 553 Chenango Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Housewife and Radio Ministry HAWKS, REV. WILLIAM B. 1007 E. 3rd Street, Merrill, Wisconsin Pastor I-IEPPE, PAULINE Address Unknown HILL, MRS. IVALOU HOWLAND 101 Maple Avenue, Wellsville, N. Y. Pastor's wife HOOTEN, MRS. ESTHER MONNELL 8 S. Nanticoke Avenue, Endicott, N. Y. Child Evangelism Dir. of Triple Cities Area JACKMAN, REV. CLIFFORD Antwerp, N. Y. Pastor LAIRD, MRS. LELA PARKER 309 So. Rogers Ave., Bartlesville, Okla. Nurse LOCKETT, VIRGINIA Charlotte Amalic, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Child Evangelism Fellowship Work MALLERY, MRS. WEALTHY BARTON R. D. No. 5, Susquehanna, Pa. Housewife MATHEWSON, MRS. LENA HALM RL D. No. 4, New Castle, Pa. Pastor's wife MURRAY, REV. DAVID Arltport, N. Y. PURRIER. REV. HOWARD D. Deceased RAMSDALL, GRETCHEN 307 Forest Hill Drive, Syracuse, N. Y. Mission Work SPEER, REV. CLAIR Address Unknown STAFFORD, MRS. RUTH EASTON 107 Lincoln Park Drive, Syracuse, N. Y. Housewife STILES, MABLE Address Unknown TAYLOR, MRS. MAY BEST Deceased TINKER, ARTHUR 24 Union Street, Cortland, N. Y. Business VAN VALKENBURG, MRS. ELOISE CROFT Deceased WATKINS, REV. BENJAMIN R. D. No. l, Medina, N. Y. Practical Christian Work WILCOX, BESSIE Address Unknown WILSON. MRS. IZORA BASH Address Unknown WOODGATE, MRS. MILDRED FARMER 254 Wellington Avenue, Rochester 11, N. Y. Housewife CLASS OF 1925 ANDERSON, REV. GEORGE 1137 Plum Street, Noblesville, Ind. Pastor ANDERSON, MRS. ESTHER BLANK 1137 Plum Street, Noblesville, Ind. Pastor's wife BENNETT, MRS. ESTHER MARMAROFF Box 248, Buffalo, Missouri Housewife BONTER, ETHEL Address Unknown BURTCH, REV. OSCAR FOSGATE, HENRY E. R. D. No. 2, Greene, N. Y. Business GREEN, REV. ARTHUR J. Box 56, Northfield, Mass. Supply Preaching HABEL, REV. ERNEST Meridian, N. Y. Pastor HALL, MRS. FLORIDA DONY Deceased HAM. REV. GORDON Peekskill, N. Y. Pastor JONES, MRS. BLANCHE SCAIFE Deceased JONES. MRS. LILLIAN SCAIFE BURTCI-I R. D. No. 2, Otego, N. Y. Assistant Pastor KALTRIEDER, MRS. ELSIE Box 438, Mayodan, N. C. Pastor's wife KLINEPETER, MRS. RUTH G,ATI-IANY Toccoa Falls Inst., Box 67, Toccoa Falls, Ga. Bible Teaching KOFAHL, REV. WESLEY Somerset, N. Y. Pastor LIETKA, REV. GEORGE A. R. D. No. 4, Wellsboro, Pa. Pastor LUCY, REV. RALPH J. South Canaan, Pa. Pastor MICHAEL, MRS. HELEN E. RICHARDSON 2 Elm Street, Oneonta, N. Y. Housewife MILLER, MARIA Franklin, N. Y. School Teacher SELDEN, MRS. ELLA HEYDEN 55 Wardman Road, Kenmore, New York Housewife and Practical Christian Work SENSEBAUGH, REV. FRED 201 Smith Avenue, Nedrow, N. Y. Pastor SLOAN, MRS. JANE BAYNHAM 155 W. 21st Street, Erie, Pa. Pastor's wife SPILLER, MRS. GEORGETTA FISHER Rochelle, Georgia TRUSCOTT, REV. SAMUEL 1706 Monsey Avenue, Scranton. Pa. Pastor VOGEL, MRS. MINNIE SAUNDERS Address Unknown WINDER, MRS. MARETA CHURCHILL 139 Main Street, Geneva, N. Y. Pastor's wife WINDER, REV. EDWARD 139 Main Street, Geneva, N. Y. Pastor E YOUNG, MRS. FOREST WAID Orrum, North Carolina Pastor's wife CLASS OF 1926 ASELTINE, C. M. 910 Dakin St., Lansing, Mich. Practical Christian Work BODA, REV. HARVEY A. I. M. Gethumu, P. 0. Thika, Kenya Colony, British East Africa Missionary CLOUGH, REV. RALPH J. 43 Lincoln Ave., Johnson City, N. Y. In Business and Lay Preacher CRETSER, REV. EARL 425 Robinson St., Binghamton, N. Y. Supervisor of Music at State Hospital FALK, MRS. LOUIS G. 65 S. Gates, Kingston, Pa. Pastor's wife FALK, REV. LOUIS G. 65 S. Gates, Kingston, Pa. Pastor FORCEY, ORRA MARIE Address Unknown FOSTER, MURNA Deceased HUDSON, REV. CARLTON Address Unknown KINDY, ETHEL 962 Morrison St., Niagara Falls, Ont., Can. Office Work KNIGHT, REV. C. R. Millport, N. Y. Supply Preaching LEWIS, REV. NATHAN Box 242, Webster Springs, W. Va. Pastor MILLER, EDITH M. Franklin, N. Y. Working in T. B. Sanitarium MOSHER, MR. ARTHUR R. D. No. 5, Amsterdam, N. Y. Farmer NOFTZ, LUCILLE Address Unknown O'DONNELL, MRS. LEONA YOUNG Box 79, Blanchard, Pa. Housewife PATTERSON, REV. MARION C. Bible School Park, N. Y. Vice-President of P.B.T.S., Director of Students' League of Many Nations RHOADES. MRS. MABELLE WEST Deceased SMITH, REV. ARCI-IIE R. D., Friendsville, Pa. Pastor STRAW, REV. GEORGE Charlotteville, N. Y. Pastor KTROH, MRS. BEULAH JORDAN Malibu Lakeside, Agoura, Calif. Pastor's wife THOMAS. MRS. THOMAS G. 257 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell, N. J. Pastor's wife THOMAS, REV. THOMAS G. 257 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell, N. J. Pastor WHEELER, REV. CLYDE Lanesboro, Pa. Business YOUNG, REV. FOREST Orrum, North Carolina Pastor YOUNG, REV. HOWARD 202 Herrick Ave., East, Wellington, Ohio Pastor YOUNG, MRS. EVANGELINE MOON R. D. No. 1, Meadow Brook Lane, Vestal, N. Y Musical Evangelist and Housewife YOUNG, REV. JOHN W. R. D. No. 1, Meadow Brook Lane, Vestal, N. Y Evangelist, Youth for Christ Director YOUNG, REV. RUSSELL Address Unknown YOUNG, MRS. RUSSELL Address Unknown YOUNG, MRS. RUTH STRAW Coshocton, Ohio Pastor's wife YOUNG, REV. WALTER Coshocton, Ohio Pastor CLASS OF 1927 AUER, MRS. DORIS GRIFFIN Wamers, N. Y. Housewife BANKER, REV. ALFRED 408 Oakland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. Pres. of Greensburg Bible Institute BODA, MRS. ELNORA KENNEDY A. I. M. Gethumu, P. O. Thika, Kenya Colony, British East Africa Missionary BODIE, LENA A 19114 St. Charles St., Johnson City, N. Y. Bible Clams Teacher DIX, REV. JUSTIN R. D. No. 6, Binghamton, N. Y. Supply Preaching HABEL, CLARA Rexford, N. Y. Practical Christian Work HAGLUND, MRS. HENRY N. 230 So. Church St., Mount Pleasant, Pa. Deceased GIULIANO, REV. HENRY . BUTLER, REV. GEORGE M. Capt. 215th A.S.U. Pastor's wife Adams, N. Y. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. HINSKIN, FLORENCE Pastor Chaplain in Army Deceased CHENOT, MRS. MARGARET PRICE GIULIANO, REV. NUNZIE P. HORTON, REV. HOWARD cfo Peoples City Mission, Lincoln, Neb. First Church of the Nazarene, Norwalk, Conn. Himrod, N. Y. . . . , E 2 in , I , . SHERMAN GOETZ, REV. ERNEST JONES, REV. CLARENCE Cressona, Pa., Schuylkill Co. 412 Maple Ave., Alma, Mich. R. D. No. 2. Oteso, N- Y- Evangelist Pastor Pastor FESER, MRS. B. MCCARDELL I-IALL, FRED LYKER KNAPP, LEON Deceased R. D. No. 1, Chenango Forks, N. Y. Deceased FESER, REV. WALTER R. Coatsville, Pa. ' Pastor Practical Christian Work HILL, REV. LEON Address Unknown 65 MOSHER, MRS. RUTH PHILLEO R. D. No. 5, Amsterdam, N. Y. Housewife NELSON, MRS. LUCILLE PIM Deceased PARMELEE, REV. GEORGE 41 Greenwood St., Canisteo, N. Y. Pastor SCHMITT, MRS. GERALDINE THOMAS 18 St. Cyril Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. Housewife STORY, MRS. ALICE M. OSTERHOUT Morris, N. Y. Housewife STRAW, MRS. BETHEL WITHERITE Clymer, Pa. Pastor's wife TEACHOUT, REV. ROBERT 27 Duane Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. Supply Preaching TIFFANY, MRS. LOIS VAN AVERY 295 Elizabeth Lake Road, Pontiac, Mich. Pastor's wife TIFFANY, REV. FREDERICK 295 Elizabeth Lake Road, Pontiac, Mich. Pastor VANDENBURG, MRS. W. RICHARDSON 6 Bradley Ave., Brattleboro, Vt. Pastor's wife WILCOX, REV. HILDRETH 1860 Gilmore Ave., Vancouver, B. C. Pastor CLASS OF 1928 ALLEM, MRS. HELEN MILLER 34 Park Ave., New London, Ohio Pastor's wife BAKER, MRS. HELEN CORNELL Holley, N. Y. Housewife BAKER, REV. ROBERT 105 Carolina St., San Antonio 3, Texas Pastor BENNETT, DR. JOSEPH G. Box 248, Buffalo, Mo. Osteopath BISSELL, REV, RAY 712 Rosella Ave., Akron, Ohio Pastor CARLSON, REV. HENRY W. 2107 N. Gleat Road, Alexandria, Va. Pastor COPLEY, HILDA I. Bible School Park, N. Y. Director of Christian Education, Instructor at P.B.T.S. COWLES, MRS. EDNA ELDRED R. D. No. l, Marietta, N. Y. Housewife and Bible Club Work CUSHING, REV. LAWRENCE 61 E. Penn Ave., Carlisle, Pa. Supply Preaching ELLIN, REV. GEORGE Deceased ELLIN, MRS. GRACE Box 232, Woodclift Lake, N. J. Teaching School FISHER, REV. CHARLES Address Unknown GAGE, MRS. LAURA MILLIAS Worcester, N. Y. Active Christian Work GILBRIDE, REV. W. A. R. 161 Girard Ave., Plymouth, Pa. Pastor ' GIULIANO, MRS. HENRY Deceased GLENISTER, MRS. GLADYS ROLLAND Poland, N. Y. Pastor's wife GLENISTER, REV. FRANCIS W. Poland, N. Y. Pastor GORDON, MRS. MARGUERITE GRAY R. D., Bloomsburg, Pa. Housewife GROW, REV. LAWRENCE C. Union Ave., Westport, Mass. Pastor HUBBELL, MRS. ROBERT D. R. D. No. 2, Arkport, N. Y. Pastor's wife HUBBELL, REV. ROBERT D. R. D. No. 2, Arkport, N. Y. Pastor LEAVENWORTH, LURA B. 904 Laurel St., Elmira, N. Y. Office Work MASLIN, ROBERT Deceased MASON, REV. ALBERT Deceased McCULLOCK, MRS. WALTER 9th Ave. 8: McClure St., Munhall, Pa. Pastor's wife MCCULLOCK, REV. WALTER 9th Ave. 8: McClure St., Munhall, Pa. Pastor ALUMNI NICHOLS, MRS. ELSIE BANCROFT Hawaiian Islands Chaplain's wife ROGERS, NAOMI Star Route, Canton, Pa., cfo J. Rogers Business ROYS, MRS. EMMETT L. Naples, N. Y. Pastor's wife ROYS, REV. EMMETT L. N-aples, N. Y. Pastor SANFORD, MRS. IVA MAE WHEATON 33 Church St., Fairport, N. Y. School Nurse SEARLS, REV. LEON 124 Huntington Ave., Boston 16, Mass. Pastor SINGER, REV. MILO 19 Hughes St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. Pastor STRAW, MRS. HELEN WITHERITE Charlotteville, N. Y. Pastor's wife TOOMBS, MRS. SELINA ELLIOTT Benton, Ontario, Canada Missionary on Furlough VELEY, REV. ERNEST Manlius, N. Y. Pastor WELCH, MRS. SARAH DEPEW Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada Missionary WETZEL, MRS. OLIVE CHASE R. D. No. 2, Watertown, N. Y. Pastor's wife WILCOX, MRS. LINA KNAPP 1860 Gilmore Ave., Vancouver, B. C. Pastor's wife 'S CLASS OF 1929 BAKER, IOLA 226 Riley St., Dundee, Mich. Practical Christian Work BAKER, REV. JAY R. Holley, N. Y. Practical Christian Work BOICE, REV. FLOYD 625 S. E. 7th St., Hialeah, Fla. Pastor BOUTELLE, EUGENE Rt. No. 1, Box 223A, Fox Lake, Wis. Practical Christian VVork BRAINARD, SARAH Deceased BREWER, MRS. ETHOL WILCOX 1 Rhea Terrace, Fairmont, W. Va. Practical Christian Work BURT, REV. C. DOUGLAS 5010 Broadway, R. D. No. 2, Lorain, Ohio Pastor CODD. MRS. BEULAH SCHLOSSER 234 Kimhark Road, Rochester, N. Y. Housewife CONGDON, MRS. MARY MacWITHY 259 W. Corning Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Housewife DRAKE, LOLETA Naples, N. Y. Practical Christian Work HAGLUND, REV. HENRY N. 230 So. Church St., Mount Pleasant, Pa. Pastor LEONARD, MRS. AMY CONGDON R. D. No. 2, Mohawk, N. Y. Housewife MATHER, MARVIN R. D. No. 2, Mayville, N. Y. Active in Jail work and Gideon work NEWLON, CHAPLAIN ODUS Soldier's Home, Bath, N. Y. Chaplain in Soldier's Home NICHOLS, CHAPLAIN FREDERICK In Hawaii Chaplain in Army PATTERSON, MRS. 'MYRA MILLER COBURN R. D. No. 2, Lake Ariel, Pa. Pastor POVEY, MRS. MAE LAMB Address Unknown RIEDER, PAULINE L. 14 Wilson Ave., Amsterdam, N. Y. Music Teacher SAIGH, JULIA 4807 Washington St., West Roxbury, Mass. Mission Work SLOAN, MRS. HELEN HACKETT 1504 E. Washington St., New Castle, Pa. Housewife SMELTZER, JOSEPH A. 5330 Darrah St., Philadelphia 24, Pa. Welfare Worker SMITH, MRS. GLADYS REDFORD Tompkins St., Cortland, N. Y. Housewife 66 SPEEDY, MRS. LOIS TAMPT Address Unknown STRAW, REV. CLAYTON Clymer, Pa. Pastor TILFORD, ARCH Lawrenceville, Pa. TILLINGHAST, ROBERT R. D. No. 1, Millport, N. Y. Business TRAVIS, REV. LEONARD 444 Indiana Ave., McDonald, Ohio Pastor VAN NUSS, MRS. ELLEN TRAVIS 1625 Wealthy St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Housewife WATTLES, MRS. ELSIE ALDRICH Locke, N. Y. Housewife WETZEL, REV. JOHN C. R. D. No. 2, Watertown, N. Y. Pastor YAXLEY, MRS. GRACE RUHLMAN 1324 Cleveland Ave., Mt. Vernon, Wash. Pastor's wife CLASS OF 1930 BEALS, MRS. ALICE SILVA Miller Park, Franklin, Pa. Active Christian Work and Housewife BOLT, REV. OREY 245 Church St., Indiana, Pa. Pastor BRUCE, EDITH Binghamton, N. Y. Business CORWIN, MRS. MARY DENTON Sand Springs, Okla. Pastor's wife DALE, REV. PAUL E. Monroeton, Pa. Pastor DIN, MRS. LEFA MOON Bilastur, M. P., B. M. R. cfo P. M., India Missionary ELDRED, MRS. LUETTA BAKER Star Route, Honesdale, Pa. Practical Christian Work GILDERSLEEVE, MRS. GRACE EWING Union Springs, N. Y. Practical Christian Work HOWELLS, REV. HAYDEN Deceased HURLBUTT, REV. C. J. Gorham, N. Y. Pastor KENNY, ROBERT EDWIN Address Unknown Pastor MILLER, MABEL 3054 Myrtle, San Diego 4, Calif. MOON, MRS. GERTRUDE MILLER Address Unknown MOON, REV. LESLIE Prattsburg, N. Y. Practical Christian Work NEWBY, MRS. CATHERINE FORGIE 235 Victoria St., So., Kitchener, Ont., Canada Pastor's wife SCARBERRY, MRS. Rosa DENTON I R. D. No. 1, Box 282A, Redlands, Calif. Housewife SESSIONS, AGNES 155 Warwick Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Bookkeeper and Child Evangelism Work SPURR, MRS. MARION COON Bible School Park, N. Y. Culinary Department SPURR, MR. VERNON 90 Perth Highway, Amsterdam, N. Y. Bihle Conference Director, Youth Worker ULRICH, MRS. LETHA BAKER 514 Ocean Ave., New London. Conn. Housewife WADE, MRS. UNA CRISLIP Otsego, Ohio Pastor's wife WALTERS, ELVIRA Locust St., Martinsburg, Pa. WITHERITE, KATHERINE 910 Cemetary Road. Clearfield, PH- Working and Bible Club Work YAXLEY, REV. D. THURLOW 1324 Cleveland Ave., Mt. Vernon, Wash. Pastor YOUNG, REV. WILLIAM B. Box 226, Orlando. Fla. Bible Conference Work CLASS OF 1931 ARMSTRONG. DONALD Walton, N. Y. Farmer BAKER, REV. CHARLES R. D. No. 6, Susquehanna, Pa. BENEDICT, FRANKLIN VICTOR Deceased BOSEY, MRS. ALICE SELFE 3917 5th Ave., South Bethwood Terrace St. Petersburg, Fla. Buyer for Store BROWN, MRS. WAMUL ROBERTSON 3110 Layton St., Pasadena, Calif. Evangelist, Trained Nurse CHAPMAN, REV. HIRAM Clarkson, N. Y. Pastor COLWELL, MRS. GLADYS ADAMS 509 Pennsylvania Ave., Plymouth, Ind. Wife of State Rep. of G. A. R. B. CORWIN, REV. DONALD Sand Springs, Okla. Pastor NNE DUNLEAVY, JEA 1196 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ont., Canada Practical Christian Work EISMAN, PETER Deceased EISENHART, MRS. HELEN RUHLMAN 511 State St., Sedro Woolley, Wash. Pastor's wife EISENHART, REV. ALBERT H. 511 State St., Sedro Woolley, Wash. Pastor FYE, WALLACE 579 Hooper Road, Endicott, N. Y. GAGE, MR. PAUL Sidney, N. Y. Working GARDINOR, DOROTHY O. Bible School Park, N. Y. Pastor, Welfare Worker I-IAZELTON, BELLE Berwinsdale, Pa. JOHNSON, ELMER Address Unknown KEEFER, BEULAH Box 118, S. Byron, N. Y. Teaching School KILMER, MRS. ESTHER DIXON R. D., Wheelerville, Pa. Housewife MacKELVEY, CHAPLAIN CHARLES Chapel Hill Road lI70AJ, Atlantic Highlands, N. J. Chaplain RASMUSSEN, REV. LESTER 1640 N. 20th St., Springfield, Ill. Pastor SEELEY, ROBERT 0. Plainfield Ave., Stelton, N. J. Pastor SHADE, MRS. LUCILLE BIGGS 155 Warwick Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Child Evangelism Director for Central N. Y. TOUCHIE, WILLIAM E. 'Address Unknown VALENTI, MRS. SARAH S. CARTER 1003 Lawnton Terrace, Glenolden, Pa. Practical Christian Work WALKER, REV. HARRIS Address Unknown WATTS, STELLA 128 Plymouth St., Norwich, N. Y. Child Evangelism Director for Chenango Co. CLASS OF 1952 ANZALONE, REV. MICHAEL J. Box 54, Niagara Sq. Station, Buffalo, N. Y. Evangelistic Work BOYCE, MRS. JOSEPHINE GREY 38 Rose Ave., Patchogue, L. I., N. Y. Pastor's wife CHRISTEN, REV. DOUGLAS 365 Division St., Hornell, N. Y. Pastor COLWELL, REV. ALFRED 509 Pennsylvania Ave., Plymouth, Ind. State Representative of G.A.R.B. CRANDALL, REV. LOUIS Ames, N. Y. Pastor FISH, WILBUR 40 Aldrich Road, Columbus 2, Ohio Evangelist FORD, GERALD K. cfo Mrs. F. W. Ford 106 W. Hamilton Ave., Sherrill, N. Y. FRITZ, MERTON L. 32 Miller St Seneca Falls N Y HAYDEN, MRS. RUTH STORM 2125 Center Ave., Bay City, Mich. Pastor's wife HAYE, MRS. ELEANOR ROWE Springville, Pa. Housewife HUNTLEY, IMRS. GLADYS EGGLESTON R. D. No. 1, Cincinnatus, N. Y. Housewife , KLINK. REV. GROVER B. 20 Front St., Binghamton, N. Y. Evangelist KNIGHT, DR. ALLEN R. 95 West St., Newburg, N. Y, Pastor MANLEY, NELLIE A. Bible School Park, N. Y. Instructor At P. B. T. S. MILLER, WALTER S. Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico Missionary MITCHELL, FREDA Springville, Pa. Practical Christian Work MOODY. REV. STANLEY 502 Central St., Endicott, N. Y. Supply Preacher MORGAN, MRS. MARIAN WATTS M. R. No. 98, Binghamton, N. Y. Housewife ROYER, MAE Apdo 10, Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico Missionary SCARBERRY, MR. JOHN R. D. No. 1, Box 282A, Redlands, Calif. Practical Christian Work SHADE, REV. HENRY E. Address Unknown SKELTON, REV. GAVEN B. 2916 German St., Erie, Pa. Pastor SMITH, STELLA M. Y. W. C. A., Williamsport, Pa. Practical Christian WVnrk SPRINGER, HARVEY H. 5170 So. Broadway, Box 30, Englewood, Colo. Pastor STAMIX, HELEN Deceased SWAHLIN, ROSE 26 Griswold St., Binghamton, N. Y. Practical Christian VVork WASSON, ROBERT L. Wellpinit, Wash. Missionary to Spokane Indians WIGDEN, REV. LAWRENCE Box 2, Naples, N. Y. Evangelist CLASS OF 1933 TULLER, CARLIN Address Unknown VOSBURGH, REV. RALPH Cameron, S. C. Pastor CLASS- OF 1934 ABBOT. MRS. MILDRED CONRAD 4336 Sixth St., Baltimore 25, Md. Housewife BARKER, WILMA M. Grover, Pa. Pastor BENNETT, FENTON S. 18 Oak St., Towanda, Pa. Pastor BROW, REV. GEORGE 109 Erwin St., Boonville, N. Y. Pastor CHALFONT, REV. GILBERT 1655 Waynesburg Road, S.E., Canton 7, Ohio Pastor COSSEY, MRS. VERNARD L. Address Unknown COSSEY, MR. VERNARD L. Address Unknown COSTANZO, ROSE N. 114 Willow St., Dunmore, Pa. lflforking DAVIS, ANITA Address Unknown DAVIS, MRS. EVELYN THOMPSON Africa Inland Mission, P. O. Kitui, Kenya Colony, British East Africa Missionary DeGRAW, REV. BERNARD Union Springs, N. Y. Pastor FARGO, MRS. DOROTHY BARROWS 21 N. Main St., Liberty, N. Y. Pastor's wife FARGO, REV. HARRY 21 N. Main St., Liberty, N. Y. Pastor FORD, MRS. GERALDINE AUSTIN 238 Conklin Ave., Syracuse,-N. Y. Housewife GATHANY, MARCELLA E. Bible School Park, N. Y. Assistant Matron GLOVER, LILLIAN B. 17 Edwards St., Binghamton, N. Y. Working HOLLISTER, WINIFRED 87 Park Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. Practical Christian Work JOHNSON, MRS. MARY McLOUD 718 16th Ave., N., Seattle 2, Wash. BARTLESON, MRS. DORIS LEECE R. D. No. 4, Box 481, Alexandria, Va. Housewife BOYCE, REV. GERALD 38 Rose Ave., Patchogue, L. I., N. Y. Pastor CIMINO, REV. DOMINIC J. 1722 Forest Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. Founder and President of Southern Bible Institute HECKART, MRS. MARY BURRIS New Tribes River Camp, Pastor's wife KEEPER, BRUCE R. D. No. 3, Catawissa, Pa. Practical Christian Work KUMMERER, MRS. RUTH HUSON 4208 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia 40 Pa Pastor's wife KYRK, REV. GEORGE R. D. No. 1, Moscow, Pa. Pastor LEONARD, MRS. VIVIAN MITCHELL West Groton, N. Y. General Delivery, Colusa, Calif. JOHNSON, REV. FORREST E. ' 718 16th Ave., N., Seattle 2, Wash. Pastor KNORR, MRS. MAE COON 2 South St., Fort Plain, N. Y. Pastor's wife LORENZ, MRS. OREN A. 14 Thorndale Ave., Buffalo 10, N. Y. Pastor's wife LORENZ, REV. OREN A. 14 Thorndale Ave., Buffalo 10, NI Y. Pastor LUSK, EVANGELINE 95 Monterey Ave., Highland Park 3, Mich. Mission Work MOTT, ESTHER M. Deceased RASMUSSEN, MRS. ANNE MONTAGUE 101 Clearview Homes, Savannah, Ga. Evangelist's wife RASMUSSEN, MR. ALVIN 101 Clearview Homes, Savannah, Ga. Musical Evangelism Housewife MAZZOLLA, JOSEPH C. R. D. No. 2, Moscow, Pa. MILLIRON, HELEN E. 25492 College Ave., Elmira Heights, N. Y. Business NEWMAN, REV. JOHN F. Address Unknown Pastor ORTEGA, THOMAS 118 So. Ave. 59, Los Angeles 42, Calif. Missionary to Indians POOLE, LAVERNE S. ' lst Baptist Church, Havanna, Ill. Pastor POSTEMA, HENRY 926 E. Navajo Road, Tucson, Ariz. Working RANDOLPH, N. GIASULLO 1325 E. 4th St.. Odessa, Texas Pres. Oxford Theological University RIFFLE, MELBOURNE 115 Wagener St., Penn Yan, N. Y. Pastor R MARION D OAKLEY '.o llx lufli 1 a u lil l . - ' , ' ' . I0 ' O ' ' 0 'I 12 Staver t., ersey ore, a. ' I IX ., - -. HS if ' 1 - - Box 100, Conklin, N. Y. Pastor's wife Office Work ' SELLECK, REV. ELWOOD SELLECK, MRS. JEANETTE HERMON Pastor's wife GRIFFIS, REV. PAUL Box 100, Conklin, N. Y. Pastor, Bible Conference, Radio and Television HALL, MRS. BEATRICE MOON Address Unknown 22 Haricon Ave., Warrensburg, N. Y. Chiropractor STIVERS, GERTRUDE E. 134 Chapin St., Canandaigua, N. Y. Mission Work 67 22 Haricon Ave., Warrensburg, N. Y. Secretary in Welfare Department SICK, MRS. LOUISE RITTER Castile, N. Y. Store Keeper STEVENS, ASA CARLISLE Address Unknown STROH, REV. W. GAVIN Malibu Lakeside, Agoura, Calif. Pastor THAYER, MARY Route 1, Box 121, Woodbine, Ky. Home Missionary THURSTON, MRS. DOROTHEA SNEDAKER 154 Oak St., Binghamton, N. Y. Housewife VAN BUREN, REV. JAMES G. Central Christian Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. Pastor VEGHTE, MRS. HELEN REIDER R. D. No. 2, Johnstown, N. Y. Public School Teacher VOSBURGH, HAZEL Deceased WALKER, MRS. IOLA MITCHELL Address Unknown WEYHE, REV. IRA 718 Spring St., Olean, N. Y. Pastor WHEELER, REV. CARL Ferndale, Wash. Pastor WILSON, MRS. ELLA JENDRICK 31 North St., Plymouth, Mass. House Work YOUNG. MRS. LUELLA WEYHE Watsontown, Pa. Housewife CLASS OF 1935 BAKER, REV. JOHN J. Manlius, N. Y. Pastor BAKER, MRS. LUCY SKINNER Manlius, N. Y. Pastor's wife BOHL, MRS. GRACE JOHNSON 10 Duncan St., Millburn, N. J. Housewife BURLINGAME, MRS. LEVIA OSTERHOUT 895 Watson Blvd., R. D. No. 2, Johnson City, N. Y. Housewife CHATLOS, ALICE E. 100 Austin Blvd., Island Park, L. I., N. Y. Real Estate Business CHATTERTON, REV. JAMES W. 2418 Cleveland Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Working COPP, WAYLAND J. Address Unknown DEAN, MRS. MARIETTA WRIGHT Rockford, Mich., R. D. No. 1 Pastor's wife ESTRADA, THOMAS N. Chamal, Tamps, Mexico, General Delivery Missionary FORD, MR. LAWRENCE J. 238 Conklin Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Pastor HARMS, REV. ALVIN A. 516 Wells Ave., N.E., Knoxville, Tenn. Pastor KELLY, LAURENCE B. USS Cascade CA. D. 161, clo Fleet Post Office, New York, N. Y. Navy Chaplain KNORR. REV. WILLIAM M. 2 Main St., Fort Plain, N. Y. Pastor LITTLEJOHNS, MRS. JAMES H. A. I. M., Niangara, Congo Beige, Africa Missionary LITTLEJOI-INS. JAMES H. A. I. M., Niangara, Congo Belge, Africa Missionary OSTERHOUT, REV. DELMAR RAY 195 E. First St., Corning, N. Y. Pastor OSTERHOUT, REV. EDGAR 7121 Lathers, Garden City, Mich. Pastor PURNELL, MRS. DORIS HEISTMAN 185 Franklin St., Plymouth, Pa. Pastor's wife PURNELL, REV. RICHARD 185 Franklin St., Plymouth, Pa. Pastor ROADARMEL, HAZEL A. 567 Upland Way, Drexel Hill, Pa. Photography and Practical Christian Work ROSS, STELLA Ngenda Mission, Ruiru, Kenya Colony, British East Africa Missionary SEIBERT, REV. ROGER O. Richburg, N. Y. Pastor STRICKLAND, MRS. EVA 612 Jennings St., Endicott, N. Y. Housewife and Part-time Preaching ALUMNI WHEELER, MRS. FLORENCE RUI-ILMAN Ferndale, Wash. Pastor's wife YOUNG, MONTGOMERY ROUSH McLean, N. Y. Practical Christian Work CLASS OF 1936 BROWN, REV. CHARLES G. 222 High Street, Germantown, Philadelphia 44, Pa. Pastor CAMPBELL, MRS. FRIEDA RICE R. D. No. 1, Athens, Pa. Housewife CHAYET, ZELLIC GEORGE Bible School Park, N. Y. On League of Many Nations CONFER, MRS. HELEN J.'BARNER 51214 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, N. Y. Housewife DEAN, REV. PAUL I-I. Rockford, Mich., R. D. No. 1 Pastor DeBOER, REV. ROBERT 345 Beard Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Pastor vDeBOER, MRS. JEANNETTE BLINK 545 Beard Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Pastor's wife DeGUZMAN, MR. MINO A. , 3126 No. Park Ave., Philadelphia 33, Pa. Pastor ELLIS, MARY A. 250 Birchwood Ave., Elmira Heights, N. Y. Practical Christian Work GEENS, MRS. MARION MUNTZ Nunda, N. Y. Housewife GEMBERLING, HELEN Putney, Ky. Missionary HAHNLEN, MR. HAROLD 2149 So. Third St., Steelton, Ea. Pastor HAMILTON, MRS. FLORENCE WINNIE Nelliston, N. Y. Pastor HELMER, REV. STERLING C. 167 Water St., Waterville, Maine Pastor HOLDEN, REV. DAVID 110 Plummer St., Sayre, Pa. Printer-Pastor-Radio work HOLDEN, MRS. ELEANOR STURDEVANT 110 Plummer St., Sayre, Pa. Housewife-Director of Child Evangelism HOLDEN, REV. FRANKLIN C. Deceased HOLDEN, MRS. NORMA COON Otego, N. Y., R. D. Store Clerk, Child Evangelism KLINEPETER, REV. JOHN lls nst Box 67 Toccoa Falls, Ga. Toccoa Fa I ., , International Evangelistic Work KROOSWYK, REV. DELBERT 2936 Highway Ave., Highland, Ind. Evangelistic work KUMMERER, REV. CLAUDE J. 4208 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia 40, Pa. Pastor MILLER, KENNETH 627 Lincoln Ave., Scranton, Pa. Working NEWCOMB, MRS. VELMA GRANT Avis, Pa. Housewife NORMAN, REV. BURT V. Address Unknown PHELPS, MRS. ARTHUR D. Box 1124, Burdett, N. Y. Pastor's wife PHELPS, REV. ARTHUR D. Box 1124, Burdett, N. Y. Pastor PHILLIPS, MRS. DAISY FATUM Address Unknown PHILLIPS, REV. 0. Address Unknown SEIBERT, MRS. THELMA WRATTEN Richburg, N. Y. Pastor's wife SHIMEL, EMERSON Bradford, N. Y. Pastor SHOEMAKER, MRS. DOROTHY WEYHE 10253 N.E. 64th St., Kirkland, Wash. Pastor's wife STEVENS, WALTER Address Unknown WALTZ, MR. HAROLD F. 549 Ward Road, North Tonawanda, N. Y. Working, Practical Christian Work WETHERBEE, REV. RICHARD B. West Edmeston, N. Y. Pastor 68 CLASS OF 1937 ABBOT, MRS. CONSTANCE GARRIGAN 15 Mitchell St., Norwich, N. Y. Housewife ARDARY, REV. CORA V. 400 James St., Pastor Curwensville, Pa. BAER, MRS. ENCIE YOUNG Box 481, Flagstaff, Ariz. Missionary to Indians BAER, REV. HAROLD Box 481, Flagstaff, Ariz. Missionary to Indians CARLSON, REV. ROY C. 16 So. Chestnut, Cambridge City, Ind. Pastor cARLsoN,1Mgs. SYLVIA SHIREY 16 So. Chestnut, Cambridge City, Ind. Pastor's wife CHATLOS, DOROTHY cfo William F. Chatlos, Box 485, North Miami Beach, Florida Secretary CHATLOS, RUTH 318 Peterson, Fort Collins, Colo. EDWARDS, MRS. FRANCES BARNES Box 102, Waymart, Pa. Pastor's wife EDWARDS, REV. RUSSELL A. Box 102, Waymart, Pa. Pastor ENGWALL, KE NNETH 182 So. Allegheny Ave., W. Ext., Jamestown, Pastor FERRIN, REV. N. Y. FRANK O. 4110 Hudson St., Salem, Oregon Evangelist FULLER, REV. MERLE N. Highland Lake, N. Y. Evangelist, Bible Conference Director GORTON, MRS. FRANCES KYRK Swan Lake, N. Y. Housewife GREEN, REV. ELGIN L. 20 Center Road, Shirley, Mass. Pastor HAKES, MRS. HELEN R. D. No. 1, Douglasville, Ga. Pastor's wife HAKES, REV. LENNON E. R. D. No. 1, Douglasville, Ga. Pastor, Teacher HARDING, IDA MAE 415 So. 15th St., Philadelphia 46, Pa. Office work HARVEY, MRS. MAX H. 122 Della Ave., Lancaster, Ohio Pastor's wife HARVEY, REV. MAX H. 122 Della Ave., Lancaster, Ohio Pastor HOSTETTLER, MRS. HELEN NADER 212 N.E. 26th St., Miami, Fla. Practical Christian Work Jrrrras, REV. 20 Madison Ave., Endicott, N. Mission work KALBACH, MR CLARENCE C. S. ALICE SPATZ Highland Lake, N. Y. Deputation work for missionary KALBACI-I, REV. RAY M. Highland Lake, N. Y. Deputation work for missionary to Phi KEMMERER, REV. ELWOOD Box 54, Unadilla Forks, N. Y. Pastor KENYON, GLENN Brooktondale, N . 'Y. Working KROOSWYK, MRS. ELEANOR KLAUB 2936 Highway Ave., Highland, Ind. Evangelistic Work LINN, REV. SHERWOOD 160 W. Orange St., Shippensburg, Pa. Practical Christian Work LONG, ROY Y. to Phi R. D. No. 1, Sunbury, Pa. Practical Christian Work MEADOWS, MRS. ALBERTA COPLEY 335 Main St., Pastor's wife Bellwood, Pa. MILES, REV. CHARLES D. 911 First St., Baltimore 25, Md. Pastor OSTERHOUT, REV. EVERETT V. Covington, Pa. Pastor ROBINSON, LOLA MAY Bledsoe, Harlan Co., Ky. Home Mission ROSNER, REV. 124 Staver St., Pastor ary JAMES E. Jersey Shore, Pa. nl l lippinf lippinn SPENCER, MRS. MARJORIE COMPTON R. D., Wellsboro, Pa. Housewife STEPHENS, MRS. PHYLLIS STOROZOW R. D. No. 1, Apalachin, N. Y. Housewife TRICKETT, MRS. LOUISE WASHBURN 4511 2nd St., N.W., Apt. 6, Washington ll, D. C. WATTS, REV. EDWARD G. 2324 Riverside Dr., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. CLASS OF 1958 BAILEY, REV. LAWRENCE Box 282, Berlin, N. J. Pastor BEGAY, JIM Box 69, Winslow, Ariz. Missionary to Indians BEIDELMAN, NELLIE M. 209 Madison Ave., Elmira, N. Y. Field Director of Child Character Association of Elmira BROWN, MRS. LOUISE CRAIG 163B No. Oxford, Los Angeles, Calif. Housewife BROWN, KAROLYN 30 Luzerne Road, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Office work CLANCY, REV. WILLIAM Box 211, Wellston, Ohio A. S. S. Unio Missionary CLAWSON, EL!lZABETH 58 So. Central Ave., Columbus 4, Ohio Practical Christian Work COLLINS, REV. EARL E. 9 Kent St., Westfield, N. Y. Pastor COOK, VERA Paxinos, Pa. 0Hice work CUMMINGS, RICHARD Address Unknown DUESPOI-IL, FLOYD W. Limestone, Pa. Pastor EASON, MRS. ETHELYN PIERCE R. D. No. 1, Apalachin, N. Y. Child Evangelism ELLIS, REV. CHARLES W. 1317 Scottsville Road, Rochester, N. Y. Pastor EVELETH, MRS. VIVIAN A. WHITE cfo Harrison Construction Co., Box 147, Elizabeth, Pa. Housewife FITZGERALD, MERTON Trumansburg, N. Y. Salesman FRANCISCO, ELMER M. Box 3, Black Creek, N. Y. Pastor GATHANY, REV. R. LEO 7 Church St., Randolph, N. Y. Pastor GOSS, REV. GERALD A. Collinsville, Va. Pastor GREEN, MRS. ELGIN L. 20 Center Road, Shirley, Mass. Pastor's wife HATHAWAY, MRS. RUTH E. WHITNEY Box 497, Mulvane, Kansas Housewife HATTEN, HELEN Louisville, Ky. Jewish work HUGHES, REV. JOSEPH L. 2401 So. Millard Ave., Chicago 23, Ill. Pastor HULL, BARBARA 715 E. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. Children's work LEHMAN, MRS. CAROLYN WIEMAN R. D. No. 2, Box 321A, Burlington, Wis. Housewife LUPPOOL, MRS. MARGARET BARNER Veteran's Housing Unit, 314 W. Main St., Endicott, N. Y. Working MEADOWS, REV. GEORGE 335 Main St., Bellwood, Pa. Pastor PAGLEY, MRS. MALINDA WALKER R. D. No. 2, Corning, N. Y. Pastor's wife PIPER, REV. ELMER RUHLMAN, REV. JOHN Bellevue, Wash. Pastor SCHWEINFORTH, MRS. DOROTHY KEECH R. D. No. 2, Ballston Spa, N. Y. Housewife SHOEMAKER, REV. C. C. 10253 N.E. 64th St., Kirkland, Wash. Pastor STAPLES, MRS. RUBY ZEIGLER 712 Union St., Farrell, Pa. Pastor's wife STAPLES, REV. EARL 712 Union St., Farrell, Pa. Pastor TWINING, IDA Room l, 312 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, -Canada Child Evangelism Work WARD, MRS. RUTH RATZLAFF 146 Harrison St., Johnson City, N. Y. Housewife WETHERBEE, REV. HOMER R. Unadilla, N. Y. Pastor WHIPPLE, MRS. DORIS COON 90 Perth Highway, Amsterdam, N. Y. Housewife WHIPPLE, MR. GEORGE M. 90 Perth Highway, Amsterdam, N. Y. Working WHITAKER, MRS. LOTTIE DAVIS 72 Mill St., Delevan, N. Y. Housewife WHITAKER, REV. S. ALBERT 72 Mill St., Delevan, N. Y. Supply Pastor, Evangelist WHITNEY, MRS. CARRIE GRIFFIN Address Unknown YOUNG, JOHN H. Linden, Pa. Practical Christian Work CLASS OF 1959 ABBUE1-IL, MRS. EVELYN M. BUDDELL 221 East 9th St., Chanute, Kans. Housewife ABDALLAH, REV. ALBERT W. 2018 Spring St., Pittsburgh 10, Pa. Pastor ANUSZKIEWISZ, PEARL 2410 LaSalle Gardens, N., Detroit 6, Mich. Home Mission Work BASTRESS, MR. GUY ' R. D. No. 5, Danville, Pa. Pastor BLACKLEY, MRS. MARGARET STOUT 321 Second St., So. Amboy, N. J. Pastor's wife BROWN, FRED M. Address Unknown BUZA, MRS. DALLAS LANE Box 6, Custer Park, Ill. Housewife CAMPBELL, MRS. LOUISE FRENCH Address Unknown DEGVILLE, REV. EDWARD H. Cajon 522, Cochabamba, Bolivia, So. America Missionary DEGVILLE, MRS. MILDRED BELL Cajon 522, Cochabamba, Bolivia, So. America Missionary FAULKNER, REV. MELVIN G. 55 Wentworth St., Reidsville, N. C. Pastor FLECK, MRS. ELOISE JACOX 747 Roosevelt St., N.W., Warren, Ohio Pastor's wife FLECK, REV. JOHN 747 Roosevelt St., N.W., Warren, Ohio Pastor GAMBLE, REV. JACOB H. 13 So. Harrison St., Easton, Md. Pastor GATHANY, MRS. MARY WHIPPLE 7 Church St., Randolph, N. Y. Pastor's wife HAHNLEN, MRS. EVA TEMPLE 2149 So. Third St., Steelton, Pa. Pastor's wife HAYES, WILLIAM F. Address Unknown HILTSLEY, WENDELL S. R. D. No. 1, Altmont, N. Y. KALBACH, REV. WILFORD L. Corner Third Ave. Kc Garden St., Haddon Heights, N. J. Bible Conference and Radio work KROLL, FRANK M. R. D. No. 1, Fombell, Pa. Pastor LEIBY, REV. EARL L. 165 E. Bridge St., Oswego, N. Y. Pastor MARSTELLER, REV. ANDREW J. 299 Elm Street, Struthers, Ohio Assistant Pastor McELWAIN, MRS. RUTH YOUNG Randolph, N. Y. Housewife McGONIGAL, MRS. H. L. Reynoldsville, Pa. Pastor's wife McGONIGAL, REV. H. L. Reynoldsville, Pa. Pastor MINNIGH, PAUL T. 4306 74th St., Bellemead, Landover Hills, MORGAN, MR. CLIFFORD M. R. No. 98, Binghamton, N. Y. Working NELLIS, MARJORIE F. La Fargeville, N. Y. Nurse in Armed Forces OSTERHOUT, MRS. LOUISE ARDARY Covington, Pa. Pastor's wife PHILBROOK, MRS. MABLE GUY Address Unknown ROSS, MRS. MILDRED MEISER Southdown, Kentucky Home Missionary SHRECKENGOST, REV. MILFORD Odessa, N. Y., R. D. No. I Evangelist SHRECKENGOST, MRS. N01 RHODES Odessa, N. Y., R. D. No. 1 Housewife SMITH, WILLIAM T. Address Unknown SNYDER, MRS. EMMA SCHIECK Brisbin, Pa. Pastor's wife SNYDER, REV. ROBERT L. Brisbin, Pa. Pastor THACKER, DOROTHY M. 811 Ninth St., Alpena, Mich. American Sunday School Union Work WAGNER, REV. GERALD G. R. D. No. 2, Linesville, Pa. Pastor WALTZ, MRS. EVELYN KELLER Md Madison Baptist Church, Madison, W. Va. Pastor's wife WALTZ, REV. H. ELDON Madison Baptist Church, Madison, W. Va. Pastor WATKINS, REV. MERLE D. D Mission Evangilique, Bangassou Oubangul Chari, French Equatorial Africa Missionary WESTBROOK, REV. LEROY 101 So. Atlantic Blvd., Alhambra, Calif. Pastor WINTERS, MRS. MABLE SCUDDER 427W W. Diamond St., Butler, Pa. Housewife YOUNG, K. EVELYN 191 Sunset Ave., Island Park, L. I., N. Y. Working YOUNG, REV. FRED E. 314 Linden St., Camden, N. J. Pastor - YOUNG, MRS. SUE SHELLHAMMER 314 Linden St., Camden, N. J. Pastor's wife CLASS OF 1940 AMEIGH, REV. MAHLON K. 260 Stafford Road, Fall River, Mass. Pastor BAILEY, MRS. MARY LOIS UBER Box 282, Berlin, N. J. Pastor's wife ' BARHAM, HOWARD L. Box 1404, Salisbury, N. C. Pastor BEUTER, MRS. DOROTHY CHENEY Houghton, N. Y. Evangelist ROSS, MRS. ANDRUS DENTON Eucaliptus, Bolivia, South America Missionary ROSS, REV. VINCENT Southdown, Ky. Home Missionary Pastor Teaching 11U'Rl,, CRRE1. Box 64, Naples, N. Y. ' Deceased Pastor HULL, RUTH N. 715 E. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. JACKSON, REV. HAROLD W. New Tribes Mission, Pennsylvania Boot Camp, Box 148, Jersey Shore, Pa. 69 BURGESS, MRS. LYNELL CARTER 475 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. Pastor's wife BURGESS, MR. HAROLD 475 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. Pastor CAGWIN, HUBERT C. R. D. No. 1, I-Ioward, Ohio Pastor . CLEVELAND, REV. LEROY 501 E. 46th St., Indianapolis 5, Ind. Pastor COMPTON, MRS. ALICE RUTH ROSS Corfu, N, Y. Housewife DALEY, GENE A. 1024 N. Washington, Enid, Okla. Pastor DERBY, REV. ROBERT E. 35 W. Bacon St., Hillsdale, Mich. Pastor DICK, PAUL E. 649 Berryville Ave., Winchester, Va. Pastor ELLIS, MRS. FLORENCE ROBINSON 1317 Scottsville Road, Rochester, N. Y. Pastor's wife FITCH, F. RICHARD, JR. 119 Tidball Ave., Grove City, Pa. Pastor GEARHART, REV. ROSS E. Box 478, Newark Valley, N. Y. Pastor GEARY, MRS. BESSIE MAE GORITY 26 Payne St., Springvale, Maine Pastor's wife GLUNT, MRS. ANNA J. ABDALLAH 535 22nd Ave., Altoona, Pa. Beautician GREEN, LYNN K. Sabinsville, Pa. Pastor HARDIE, HELEN E. CSALLIEJ 291 Nanihale Place, Honolulu, T. H. Christian Work, Oflice Work HEINEY, VERDA M. WA820l863 Co. B, W.A.C., Bn. 8064th A U, A.P.O. No. 503, cfo Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. In Armed Forces HENDERSON, MRS. ETHEL CARMAN Chenango Trailer Camp, Chenango Bridge, N. Y. Housewife HILL, MRS. SUE K. COPLEY R. D. No. 1, Crooked Creek, Pa. Housewife LASHBROOK, MRS. WANDA LEE WORK 968 N. Bosart Ave., Indianapolis 1, Ind. Housewife MARSTELLER, MRS, ANDREW J. 299 Elm St., Struthers, Ohio Assistant Pastor's wife MAXWELL, REV. ARTHUR N. New Straitsville, Ohio Pastor MAXWELL, MRS. ARTHUR N. New Straitsville, Ohio Pastor's wife McCLOUD, JOHN M. 16 Willow Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. MILES, CORA MARIE R. D. No. 1, Hagerstown, Md. Children's Work MILLER, REV, ROBERT A. 74 Safford St., Madison, Ohio Supply preaching 84 Masseur PAGLEY, REV. ANTHONY R. D. No. 2, Corning, N. Y. Pastor POLLINGER, MRS. DORIS CAMPBELL 2142 Stearnlar Ave., Long Beach 4, Calif. Pastor's wife POOL, MERLE R. 518 N. Reed St., Joliet, Ill. Pastor PURGASON, LUTHER S. 280 Barnes St., Reidsville, N. C. ROSS, REV. RAYMOND E. Eucaliptus, Bolivia, South America Missionary RUSHING, MRS. HELEN HARRIS 310 N. Lanza Court, Saddle River, Rachelle Pk. P. Housewife Oz, N. SANDERS, MRS. DORIS FENTON 1547 West Byers, Denver, Colo. Working SAWYER, FRANCES L. Bible School Park, N. Y. Instructor at P. B. T. S. SEELEY, MRS. GEORGE M. 7 Mill St., Sidney, Pastor's wife N. Y. SEELEY, MR. GEORGE M. 7 Mill St., Sidney, Pastor SHELLENBERGER , REV. WAYNE J. 132 So. Cherry St., Pastor SHELLENBERGER, 132 So. Cherry St., Pastor's wife N. Y. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. MRS. WAYNE J. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ALUMNI SKIDMORE, REV. GEORGE W. B. Deceased SPATZ, KENNETH I. 2707 Mark St., Providence Terr., Norfolk, Va. Working SPATZ, RUTH E. . 49 Paterson St., East London, C. P., South Africa Missionary under Child Evangelism STINE, MRS. MARGUERITE HAUSER Phalanx Station, Ohio Housewife TURNER, REV. HERMAN McGraw, N. Y. Missionary on Furlough IVATKINS, MRS. LORENE REAK Mission Evangilique, Bangassou Oubangui Chari, French Equatorial Africa Missionary WESTBROOK, MRS. MARGUERITE MILES 101 So. Atlantic Blvd., Alhambra, Calif. Pastor's wife WHILDIN, MRS. GLADYS RASMUSSEN 329 Granada St., Ontario, Calif. Housewife ' WILT, REV. LLOYD PAUL 17 Sayles Ave., Saylesville, R. I. Pastor ' WOLFE, REV. HOWARD E. 119 Second St., Northumberland, Pa. Pastor WOLFE, MRS. HOWARD E. 119 Second St., Northumberland, Pa. Pastor's wife YOUNG, CHARLES E. Linden, Pa. CLASS OF 1941 BACH, RAYMOND Box 126, Smithfield, Ohio American S. S. Union Missionary BAKER, PAUL E. R. D. No. 1, McClure, Pa. BRYAN, REV. HENRY A. 149 Baer Street, Huntington, W. Va. Pastor BRYAN, MRS. ISABELL ABDALLAH 149 Baer Street, Huntington, W. Va. Pastor's wife BUZA, REV. ROBERT F. Box 6, Custer Park, Ill. Supply Preacher CARLTON, MRS. ARLENE NEWTON Bob Jones University, Greenville, S. C. Secretary CARPENTER, MRS. JESSIE RUSCHER 14 E. Williams Street, Waterloo, N. Y. Pastor's wife CARPENTER, REV. CARLTON F. 14 E. Williams Street, Waterloo, N. Y. Pastor CHRISTIAN, REV. HARVEY 4240 N. Haven Avenue, Toledo 12, Ohio Pastor CLAYPOOL, REV. CHARLES G. Bethesda, Ohio Pastor CLEVELAND, MRS. MARY BETH FREDERICK 501 E. 46th Street, Indianapolis 5, Ind. Pastor's wife CRIPPEN, MARTIN H. 62 Burdick Avenue, Johnson City, N. Y. Postmaster at Bible School DANIELSON, REV. WILLIAM Dryden, N. Y. Pastor DEARBORN, MRS. HELEN MORRIS Buckeye, Arizona Pastor's wife DINANT, EDMUND J. 115 Hawkins Blvd., Copiague, L. I., N. Y. Pastor I DUMVILL, MRS. ELIZABETH BOYD 268 So. West End Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. Practical Christian Work ERNST, REV. ROBERT E. Box 68, Wyoming, N. Y. Pastor FITCH, REV. OWEN D. Lowellville, Ohio Pastor FULKERSON, NELLIE E. Valleduper, Magdalena, Apartodo Aereo 105, Colombia, So. America Missionary GAULT, CLYDE E. 104 E. Main Street, Sykesville, Pa. Pastor GAULT, ERNEST LEE J. Deceased GREINER, JOHN Deceased 70 HARNISH, MRS. AMOS K. Newfield, N. Y. Pastor's wife HARNISH, REV. AMOS K. Newfield, N. Y. Pastor HOI.LOPETER, MRS. NELLIE D. WRIGHT Elkton, Mich. Pastor's wife HUBLER, HELEN C 1460 Ogden St., N. W., Washington 10, D. Office work LASHURE, DONALD B. Guilford, N. Y. Working LEGANT, MRS. MARION COOK 265 Grand Avenue, Johnson City, N. Y. Working MORRIS, REV. LLOYD, JR. 1721 Weller Avenue, La Porte, Ind. Pastor NEWTON, MRS. HARRIET MAXWELL WHITE ' 1920 Adams Street, New Castle, Pa. Housewife O'DONNELL, MR. CALVIN B. Box 79, Blanchard, Pa. Practical Christian Work RICHMOND, DENZEL West Clarkesville, N. Y. Practical Christian Work ROSS, MRS. PHOEBE HARRINGTON 636 Midland Avenue, Syracuse 4, N. Y. Housewife SAMPSON, DORIS M. Box 213, Towanda, Pa. Ofl-ice Work SCHOONMAKER, HAZEL ANN Address Unknown SEIDERS, ALMA E. 2212 So. Second Street, Steelton, Pa. Oilice Work SMYTHE. BEVERLY Taylor Hollow Road, Collins, N. Y. Missionary to Indians SPACI-IT, LEONARD S. 305 Sth Avenue, Juniata, Altoona, Pa. Pastor SPENCER, MRS. VERNA BELLE YOUNG West Danby, N. Y. Pastor's wife STERE. MAXINE M. 637 Early Road, Youngstown 6, Ohio School Teacher STOUGHTON, REV. HOWARD 1315 W. Street, S.E., Washington, D. C. Pastor TAYLOR, MRS. LILLIAN PIERCE W. Main Street, Richmondville, N. Y. Pastor's wife THOMAS. MRS. DOROTHA SISCO 198 Conklin Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Housewife V ' VEDDER, MRS. GLADYS SCHOONOVER Taylor Hollow Road, Collins, N. Y. Missionary to Indians WAGNER, REV. FELIX 2nd Baptist Church, Lancaster, S. C. Pastor WAGNER, MRS. JOSEPHINE WELTON R. D. No. 2, Linesville, Pa. Pastor's wife WEYHE, LOIS L. Bryan University, Dayton, Tenn. Teacher and Registrar WHITNEY, REV. KEITH L. R. D. No. 1, Monroeton, Pa. Pastor WILSON, BERNARD cfo Cohen's Store, Jacksonville, Fla. YOUNG, VESTA I. M. R. No. 95, Binghamton, N. Y. Bible Book Store CLASS OF 1942 BERGSTROM, KATHRYN J. 122 Wylie Street, Jersey Shore, Pa. Practical Christian Work BITTENBENDER, MRS. RUTH HALLMAN Box 998, Bob Jones Univ., Greenville, S. C. Housewife and Bible Clubs BOLES, REV. HUBERT Box 5, Woodland, Pa. Pastor BURNS, MRS. DOROTHY CALDWELL Box 38, Worthington, Pa. Pastor's wife BURNS, REV. RALPH Box 58, Worthington, Pa. Pastor CAMPBELL, HELEN R. 901 Croton Avenue, New Castle, Pa. Working CHENEY, REV. DONALD H. In the Army CRAPSER, MRS. PAULINE T. 64 Susquehanna Avenue, Tunkhanncck, Pa. In business DUMVILL, REV. PAUL S. Address Unknown ERNST, MRS. GLADYS CAGWIN Box 68, Wyoming, N. Y. Pastor's wife FOSTER, MRS. JANE W. CARPENTER 34 West Avenue, Arkport, N. Y. Pastor's wife GAMBLE, FREDERICK J. 954 Franklin Town Road, Baltimore 16, Md. Pastor GIBBS, CHARLES W. 2420 N. Webster, Indianapolis, Ind. HENRY, REV. W. DEAN Box 472, R. D. No. 9, Akron 19. Ohio Pastor JACK, REV. GERALD Emmanuel College of the Bible, 930 National Road, Wheeling, W. Va. Student and Youth for Christ Work KARLSON, MRS. NAOMI SIGWORTH Route No. 2, Box 309A, Naperville, Ill. Evangelistic Work KIRCHEN, MRS. MABLE WALLS Rt. 5, Box 542, Pregon City, Oregon Housewife MARTIN, MRS. ALFREDA ENDERS 1287 Jonai, Tochigi Shi, Tochigi Ken, Japan Missionary MILO, MRS. LaDELLE DAWSON 30 Evans Way, Boston, Mass. Children's Work MINTZ, REV. MELVIN D. 119 January, Murfreeboro, Tenn. Pastor MOORE, MRS. RUSSELL C. Box 525, East Brady, Pa. Pastor's wife MOORE, REV. RUSSELL C. Box 825, East Brady, Pa. Pastor NADER, REV. FREDERICK J. E. Long Avenue, Du Bois, Pa. Pastor NEUBERGER, MRS. LAVERNE R. BOSSLEY Jelfersonville, N. Y. Housewife PAGE, SAMUEL A. 28112 Exchange Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Radio Announcer on WNBF PIERCE, AUDREY 0. 40 E. William Street, Coming, N. Y. Child Evangelism Work ' POLLINGER, REV. HAROLD W. 2142 Stearnlar Avenue, Long Beach 4, Calif. Pastor ROBB, MRS. ESTHER GATHANY 5803 64th Avenue, East Pines, Riverdale, Md. Pastor's wife ROBB, REV. KENNETH C. 5805 64th Avenue, East Pines, Riverdale, Md. Pastor SANDUSKY, WILLIAM F. 414 Cornell Avenue, Connellsville, Pa. Practical Christian Work SANNER, MARILENE R. Christian Service Centers, Inc. Box 1, Gulfport, Miss. SCHRECKENGOST, MRS. JOHN D. 215 Pennsylvania Ave., Clairton, Pa. Pastor's wife SCHRECKENGOST, REV. JOHN D. 215 Pennsylvania Ave., Clairton, Pa. Pastor SHALINE, WILLIAM E. Richland Center, Wisconsin Pastor SPENCER, REV. VERN E. West Danby, New York Pastor ST. CLAIR, MRS. FLORENCE BROWN R. D. No. 2, Sunbury, Pa. Housewife SWITZER, JAMES C. 1112 W. 14th Street, Spokane, Wash. Pastor TAYLOR, REV. CHARLES W. Main Street, Richmondville, N. Y. Pastor TURNER, MRS. MILDRED LINCOLN McGraw, N. Y. Missionary on Furlough VAN BUSKIRK. REV. REYNOLDS S. Burnettsville, Indiana Pastor CLASS OF 1943 ABDALLAH, REV. GEORGE 1423 Oakwood Avenue, Akron, Ohio Pastor ACKERLY, REV. ELLIOTT E. Bible School Park, N. Y. Instructor of Music at P.B.T.S. ACKERLY, MRS. JEAN KARSCHNER Bible School Park, N. Y. Housewife BOLES, MRS. DOROTHY LYNCH Box 5, Woodland, Pa. Pastor's wife BRENNEMAN, MRS. RUTH B. KELLER 83 W. Frederick Street, Millersville, Pa. Housewife BUNZEY, BLOSSOM 435 N. Main Street, Herkimer, N. Y. State Supervisor of Home for Mentally Deficient EVANS, MRS. CONSTANCE ROCKWELL R. D. No. 2, Gillett, Pa. Pastor's wife EVANS, REV. GEORGE R. D. No. 2, Gillett, Pa. Pastor EVANS, ULA R. Rawlings, Md. FITCH, MRS. GRACE AUSNEHMER Lowellville, Ohio Pastor's wife FREDERICK, BETTIE R. D. No. 4, Amsterdam, N. Y. School Teacher GARDNER, HELEN J. Bible School Park, New York Assistant in Matron's Department HUSTON, MRS. ESTHER M. HOTALEN 1531 Baird Avenue, Camden 3, N. J. Housewife JACK, MRS. GLADYS ESTABROOK Emmanuel College of the Bible, 930 National Road, Wheeling, W. Va. Housewife JACK, NORMAN R. 107 Westlake Street, Horseheads, N. Y. Factory work JOHNSON, SADIE RUTH 78 State Street, Struthers, Ohio Practical Christian Work KELLEY, WALTER R. R. D. No. 6, Binghamton, N. Y. Working LEVIERE, REV. RAYMOND R. . Address Unknown LEWIS, MRS. DORIS SAXBY R. D. No. 2, Great Bend, Pa. Housewife LOWE, DANIEL R. 406 Sykes Avenue, Greensboro, N. C. Pastor MacARTHUR, BETTY 111 E. Seneca Street, Oswego, N. Y. Director of Music and chi1dren's work MAUST, BETTY J. 2829 Beechland Avenue, Baltimore 14, Md. Working MOOREFIELD, MRS. ROWENA SWITZER 97 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, N. J. Housewife and Children's Work MOOREFIELD, REV. EMMETT B. 97 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, N. J. Associate Secretary for N. A. for India Mission NADER, MRS. SARA L. SIGWORTH E. Long Avenue, Du Bois, Pa. Pastor's wife NEWSOME, JOSEPH C. White Plains, North Carolina School Teacher NUNNEMAKER, MR. GLENN 67 Boulevard des Etats Unis, Le Vesinet, Seine et Oise, France Missionary to Africa PHILLIPPI, ELMER J. Deceased PIETROPAULO, CARLO Huntington, W. Va. Musical Evangelist PINKERTON, GLADYS M. 117 E. Frederick Street, Lancaster, Pa. Working PLANTHOLT, MRS. MARIAN BENTON 982 Nottingham, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Housewife REYNOLDS, MRS. MAUD HIBBARD India RHODES, MARY LOUISE WILSON, MRS. MARY ELIZABETH DIVIL 1010 E. Willetta Street, Phoenix, Ariz. Bible Club Work WOLCOTT, MRS. MAXINE BARNETT Attica, N. Y. WOODRUFF, HAROLD A. R. D. No. 2, Endicott, N. Y. Practical Christian Work RIFFLE, REV. RICHARD Concrete, Wash. Pastor STEWART, MRS. EVELYN FULLER R. D., Wellsboro, Pa. Housewife 71 STOUFFER, VICTOR C. R. D. No. 1, Olean, N. Y. Pastor SWAN, SARA LENORE Bible School Park, New York Assistant in Matron's Department TAYLOR, MRS. FREDERICK R. D. No. 1, Lake Road, Geneva, Ohio Housewife TAYLOR, MR. FREDERICK R. D. No. 1, Lake Road, Geneva, Ohio Working THOMAS, MRS. NORMA GRIFFITH 59 Wise Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. Housewife TUBBS, REV. ROY L. Box 424, Daggett, Calif. Pastor VARNER, WILLIAM S. 3822 Marcy, Omaha, Neb. In business ' WEBER, ELIZABETH 4441lf2 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Office Work WECKLE, RFV. ROBERT G. Cass City, Mich. Pastor cLAss or 1944 ALLEN, MAE M. Mission Evangelique, Ippy, Oubangui-Chari French Equatorial Africa Missionary ANDERSON, MRS. MILDRED ZEIGLER R. D. No. 9, Box 132, New Castle, Pa. Housewife BARACKMAN, MRS. ELLA HAYES Newfane, N. Y. Pastor's wife BARACKMAN, REV. FLOYD H., JR. Newfane, N. Y. Pastor BLOSSOM, REV. GORDON C. 210 W. 2nd Street, Belvidere, Ill. Pastor CALLEN, LLOYD T. R. D. No. 2, Belle Center, Ohio Pastor CLARKE, MILDRED U. Bible School Park, N. Y. School Nurse CLAYPOOL, MRS. LEONA SHEARER R. D. No. 2, Worthington, Pa. Housewife CONN, MRS. DANIEL L. Bible School Park, N. Y. Librarian CONN, MR. DANIEL L. Bible School Park, N. Y. Supervisor of Men's Manual Work and Assistant in Men's Department COOGAN, REV. JOSEPH F. Deceased DAVIS, MRS. LINDA CHILDS 31 Cave Street. Lockport, N. Y. Pastor's wife DILLENBECK, LOWELL G. 1020 Taber Rd., Philadelphia 11, Pa., Apt. D2 Minister of Music GRAFTON, MRS. HARRIET M. DARROW 2631 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington 6, Va. Housewife HENRY, REV. BROOKS N. First Baptist Church, Dunbar, Pa. Pastor HESTER, MRS. DORIS A. WHIPPLE Apt. D-3-I Covert Apts., Columbia, S. C. HOAGLAND, JOHN H. Bible School Park, N. Y. Maintenance Staff HOWARD, E. JEANNETTE Unadilla Forks, N. Y. LINGELBACH, REVUCHARLES W. Baldwinsville, N. Y. Pastor LUDWIG. EDITH R. 207 E. Front Street, Oil City, Pa. School Teacher MILLER, MRS. GENEVIEVE SHRECKENGOST R. D. No. 1, Venus, Pa. Housewife MITCHELL, MRS. BERTHA R. AYERS 14 E. Pulteney Street, Corning, N. Y. Children's Work POND, EVELYN G. 18 Wallace Road, Bin hamton, N. Y. Practical Christian Work RIFFLE, MRS. CLARA RUHLMAN Concrete, Wash. Pastor's wife STEPHENS, MRS. VIRGINIA J. WHITE ' 49 Main Street, Tariffville, Conn. Housewife STEWART. REV. LEWIS J. R. D., Wellsboro, Pa. Evangelist STILES, MRS. MARION WADHAMS Lake Shore Dr., Lake Ronkonkoma, L. I., N. Y. Youth Center STILES, MR. CHESTER L. Lake Shore Dr., Lake Ronkonkoma, L. I., N. Y. Youth Center STROUP, WILL'IAM L. Cresaptown, Md. Pastor SENSEBAUGH, RANDOLPH D. R. D. No. 2, Wellsboro, Pa. Pastor SHENEFELT, MRS. ALBERTA C. KALBACH 3703 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, Pa. Pastor's wife STANLEY, LOUISE M. Smithville Flats, N. Y. Practical Christian Work TUBBS, MRS. FERN DeWITTIE Box 424, Daggett, Calif. Pastor's wife TWINING, RUTH F. Sprigg, W. Va. Home Missionary VAN GORP, MRS. ALBERT 7437 Chestnut Avenue, Hammond, Ind. Pastor's wife VAN GORP, REV. ALBERT 7437 Chestnut Avenue, Hammond, Ind. Pastor VEALEY, MRS. ELLA T. FICK 58 Hamburg Avenue, Sussex, N. J. Housewife WATKINS, MRS. MARIAN E. CALDWELL 3593 S. W. 17th Street, Miami, Florida Pastor's wife WATKINS, REV. FORREST H. 3593 S. W. 17th Street, Miami, Florida Pastor WECKLE, MRS. MARGUERITE FUHRER Cass City, Mich. Pastor's wife WHITNEY, MRS. WILLA MAE BENNICK Blodgett Mills, N. Y. Pastor's wife WHITNEY, REV. CECIL G. Blodgett Mills, N. Y. Pastor WOODFORD, PERRY L., JR. Box 131, Ithaca, Mich. Pastor YATES, MRS. THELMA I. REYNOLDS 917 10th Street, So., St. Petersburg, Fla. On Faculty of Trinity College YOUNG. MRS. ALMA WHIDDEN Le Tourneau Tech, Box 2807, Longview, Tex. Housewife CLASS OF 1945 ABDALLAH, ALEX J. 510 Twelfth Street, Altoona, Pa. Practical Christian Work ALDRICH, REV. SIDNEY S. R. D. No. 2, Frostburg, Md. Pastor BALDWIN, REV. WAYNE Eden, N. Y. Pastor BALFOUR, DONALD 152 Jackson Street, Smith River, N. J. Pastor BASTRESS, MRS. GUY R. D. No. 5, Danville, Pa. Pastor's wife BAYLIS, MRS. ELIZABETH DUNSON Box 123, Toccoa Falls Inst., Toccoa Falls, Ga. BILLINGS, REV. HAROLD J. 104 Bank Street, Batavia, N. Y. Pastor BILLINGS, MRS. BETTY UBER 104 Bank Street, Batavia, N. Y. Pastor's wife BOOTH, DAVID S. 256 Forsythe Street, Girard, Ohio BRAID, MRS. DOROTHY COBB Port Crane, N. Y. Pastor's Assistant BRAID, REV. DAVID E. Port Crane, N. Y. Pastor BULLOCK, ELEANOR 247 W. 72nd Street, New York 23, N. Y. Jewish Missionary BUZZARD, MRS. GERALDINE BISH Distant, Pa. Housewife CARTER, S. FELTON R. D. No. 1, McLeansville, N. C. CROSBY, MRS. VELMA FULLER Box 85, Millerton, Pa. Pastor's wife ALUMNI EGGLESTON, HERBERT C. 924 N. Wheaton Street, Wheaton, Ill. Stock Broker FREDERICK, LILLIAN M. R. D. No. 4, Amsterdam, N. Y. GARDNER, MARY E. 302 Elm Street, Struthers, Ohio Missionary on furlough GEARHART, MRS. SILAS R. D. No. 2, Glenn Campbell, Pa. Pastor's wife GEARHART, REV. SILAS R. D. No. 2, Glenn Campbell, Pa. Pastor GLICK, MRS. BETTY LINDERMAN R. D., Lindley, N. Y. Housewife HAMPTON, FRANCES 107 Jefferson Street, Fairmont, W. Va. Home Missionary HARRIS, W. LEROY Conneautville, Pa. Pastor HAYDEN, H. HAYWOOD Baptist Parsonage, Burlington Flats, N. Y. Pastor JOHNSON, MRS. FRANCES E. THOMPSON New Milford, Pa. Housewife and Nursing JOHNSON, REV. ROBERT L. 127 Water Street, Gowanda, N. Y. Pastor KESTER, REV. BURTON G. Vineyard Hills, Wheeling, W. Va. American Sunday School Union Work KMETKO, ANDREW 1807 Treadway, Cleveland, Ohio Pastor LINDVALL, MRS. ELLA J. KINCAID Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S. C. Student MARSHALL, MRS. ELEANOR M. BUCHANAN 30 Ruede St. Gratien CSeine et Oisel Sonnois, France Missionary to Africa McCRACKEN, MRS. PEARL TUBBS Kerrmoor, Pa. Housewife MORGAN, GLADYS R. 247 W. 72nd Street, New York 23, N. Y. Jewish Missionary MYERS, DOROTHY J. Dosso, Niger, French West Africa Missionary MYERS, ELIZABETH Mid-Liberian Mission, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa Missionary NELSON, MARTHA L. 107 Jellerson Street, Fairmont, W. Va. Home Missionary NEMIRE, MARY R. Manuelito, New Mexico Missionary to Navajo Indians ROGERS, MRS. VIVIAN LAUX Jenners, Pennsylvania Pastor's wife ROGERS, REV. VICTOR S. Jenners, Pennsylvania Pastor SCHULER, MRS. MARY CARTER Avella, Pa. Housewife SMITH, O. LILY 143 Valley Road, Clifton, N. J. Secretary in Mission Oflice THOMAS, MRS. JEWEL JOHNSON 717 Haws Avenue, Norristown, Pa. Pastor's wife TUBBS, CARTHA C. Kerrmoor, Pa. WHITE, BEULAH M. Bhongir, N. S. Rlwy., Hyderbad, Deccan, India Missionary WHITMAN, GEORGE P. 117 Waterford Street, Edinboro, Pa. Pastor WHITTENHALL, MRS. FRANCES S. VARNER 110 Orchard Street, Horseheads, N. Y. Dental Nurse WILLIAMS, MRS. RUTH E. SNYDER 136 Alexander Street, Greensburg, Pa. Housewife CLASS OF 1946 ACKER, ELEANOR Grethel, Ky. via Harold Floyd Co. Home Missionary BAKER, MARY R. Mission Evangelique, N'Dele par Banqui, Ou Bangui-Chari, French Equatorial Africa Missionary on furlough BALDWIN, MRS. LUCILLE WIGHTMAN Eden, N. Y. Pastor's wife 72 BELKNAP, MRS. MIRIAM CORNELIUS Box 43, Saltillo, Pa. DAVIS, MRS. LILLIAN GUITSON R. D. No. 2, Meadville, Pa. Housewife EARLE, KATHRYN San Fernando de Atabapo, Territorv Federal Amazonas, Venezuela, S. A. Missionary FONES, MRS. DAWN CARTWRIGHT 4 Dorset Drive, Virginia Hills, Alexandria, Va Housewife FRANTZ, MRS. IDA BELLE WETZEL 227 N. Manning Street, Hillsdale, Mich. Nursing FREDERICK, JEANNE R. D. No. 4, Amsterdam, N. Y. Office work GILBERT, SEYMOUR M. Glen Aubrey, New York Pastor HENRY, MRS. NADINE CARLISLE First Baptist Church, Dunbar, Pa. Pastor's wife HOHN, ROSALIE Box 9214, Charlotte, N. C. Rural Children's Work JOHNSON, MRS. EDNA EMERY 127 Water Street, Gowanda, N. Y. Pastor's wife LEE, LOIS E. Bible School Park, N. Y. Superintendent of Laundry LOMBARDY, MRS. ALMA JOHNSON 1111 - Sth Street, Lorain, Ohio Housewife MYERS, LOIS Box 9214, Charlotte, N. C. Rural Children's Work NIXON, MRS. JOYCE WILLIAMS 54 Second Street, Geneseo, N. Y. Housewife NUNNEMAKER, MRS. GLENN 67 Boulevard des Etats Unis, Le Vesinet, Seine et Oise, France Missionary to Africa ODOR, ELIZABETH 302 Elm Street, Struthers, Ohio Missionary to Africa OLNEY, MARIAN 208 Scottwood Avenue, Elmira Hgts., N. Y. Dental Receptionist PHILPOTT, RUBY E. Box 66, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa Director of Child Evangelism PICKENS, LETTIE M. Box 4033, Bob Jones Univ., Greenville, S. C. Student PLATNER, HELEN 12 Burton Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Church Organist POTTER, MRS. MEDORA WI-IITLOCK 525 N. Franklin Street, Danville, Ill. Pastor's wife RENSTROM, MRS. DOROTHY MCGARVEY 650 Mansfield Avenue, Englewood, Colo. Housewife RUHLMAN, DOROTHY Mission Evangelique, N'Dele par Bangui, Oubangui-Chari, Afrique Equatoriale Francaise Missionary on furlough SANDELL, WALTER 302 N. 77th Street, Birmingham, Ala. Pastor SMITH, MRS. DORIS BROWN cfo Rev. Ralph Smith, Curwensville, Pa. Housewife SOUTHARD, MRS. JEAN STANLEY 3502 E. Main Street, Endwell, N. Y. Housewife STEPHENS, MARY L. Box 2015, Juneau, Alaska Child Evangelism Fellowship Director THOMAS, REV. LAWRENCE 717 Haws Avenue, Norristown, Pa. Pastor THOMPSON, VERNA Hunt, N. Y. Practical Christian Work WESTOVER, BETTY Box 36, Collinsville, Va. WILCOX, MRS. BARBARA BAKER 247 Sol Harris Road, Ypsilanti, Mich. Housewife WYANT, MRS. FRANCES SIPES Box 241, Ford City, Pa. Housewife CLASS OF 1947 ADAMS, MRS. GLADYS DANIELSON 178 West End Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Nursing ANDERSON, HELEN L. 11992 Lyon Street, Butler, Pa. Child Evangelism Work BERRY, MRS. THELMA WARNER 1 Adams Avenue, Johnstown, N. Y. Working BURNETTE, MRS. RUBY HELEN JOHNSON 2116 Boswell Road, Raleigh, North Carolina Housewife COBB, MRS. MARTHA MILLS 200 Russell Avenue, Liverpool, N. Y. Bible Club Worker DENCE, A. MERRILL Corinth, N. Y. Evangelistic Pianist FLEMING, MRS. RUBY CUMMINGS Box 109, Morrisdale, Pa. Pastor's wife GILBERT, DORIS A. 60 Rue des Cerisiers, Colombes, Seine, France Missionary GLICK, THEODORE Canton, Pa. Evangelist GODLEY, JAMES E. 3418 Parklane Dr., Parma 29, Ohio Pastor GROSSMAN, MRS. MARDELL H. EAKINS Roulette, Pa. Pastor's wife GWYN, MRS. WINIFRED HOLDEN Medina, N. Y., R. D. Housewife HOCH, MRS. MARIE G. DINGHAM 325 E. Walnut Street, Perkasia, Pa. HODIL, ESTHER ELAINE 6045 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, Ariz. Children's Work KELLEY, SARA JANE 3708 Fourth Avenue, Altoona, Pa. Practical Christian Work KRUEGER, REV. RICHARD R. 7 Ashton Place, Glen Rock, N. J. Evangelistic Work LEWIS, MR. JOSEPH W. New Alma Coal Camp, McCarr, Ky. Pastor KINDERMAN, MRS. DORIS MAHLA R. D., Ischua, N. Y. Housewife McK1NNEY, REV. CHARLES W. 407 Linden Avenue, Monongah, W. Va. Pastor MEADOWS, ARTHUR G. 1831 Madison Avenue, Huntington, W. Va. Pastor NEWTON, MRS. RUBY I. CRANDELL 5455 York Road, Philadelphia 41, Pa. Church Secretary ONEY, VENICE MAE Roxanna, Ky. Home Missionary RAMSIN, DOROTHY C. Box 2, Moscow, Mich. Rural Home Missionary REARICK, J. GRACE Calvary Baptist Church, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Children's Work REESE, JAMES, JR. East Lynn, W. Va. Home Missionary RHODES, MRS. MARGERY EMPET R. D. No. l, Kingsley, Pa. Pastor's wife ROBB, MRS. RUTH SWANSON Marion Center, Pa., R. D. No. 1 Pastor's wife SEYMOUR, MRS. RUTH FREIBERGER 3903 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Housewife and Nursing SHAFER, BERNADINE I. Deceased SUTTON, LOIS L. New Milford, Pa. Pastor SWANSON, MRS. AGNES GALLEY 215 Walnut Street, Painted Post, N. Y. Housewife TUBBS, MRS. JOHN 55 Chamberlain Street, Wellsville, N. Y. Pastor's wife TUBBS, REV. JOHN '55 Chamberlain Street, Wellsville, N. Y. Pastor WARREN, RUTH B. Box 2, Moscow, Mich. Rural Home Missionary CLASS OF 1948 APGAR OSEPH P. , e , at . cfo C. B. M. C. Child Evangelism and Personal Work ASHLEY, MRS. SHIRLEY SHAVER 133 Garfield Place, Syracuse, N. Y. Housewife BLACK, MRS. MARY LOUISE SPAUGH Address Unknown BROOKS, REV. EDWIN M. Box 252, Endwell, N. Y. Pastor BROWN, ROSA M. Susquehanna Valley Home, Binghamton, N. Y. BROWN, WOODROW Bible School Park, N. Y. Instructor at Practical Bible Training School BULLOCK, MRS. JOHN R. Apache Junction, Arizona Home Missionary BULLOCK, REV. JOHN R. Apache Junction, Arizona Home Missionary CARLSON, ELLEN M. Covington, Pa. Practical Christian Work COBB, MRS. BETTY BRYANT Sconondoa Avenue, Vernon, N. Y. Pastor's wife COOK, JOHN H. Beaver, W. Va. COOK, MARION J. cfo Canadian Presbyterian Mission, Jhansi, M.P., via Bombay, India Missionary CROSBY, REV. EUGENE Box 85, Millerton, Pa. Pastor DAYTON, HARRY W. RCT SU Btry, 191 Arty. Bn., Ft. Devens, Mass. In Armed Forces DERSHAM, JAMES F. Addison, N. Y. Pastor DUFF, MRS. LOIS MAE COOK R. D. No. 2. Houlton, Maine Missionary Candidate to Philippines FATUM, MRS. JI-ZANNETTE HEUCHELE Rhinebeck, N. Y. Pastor's wife FLEMING, REV. M. DALE Box 109, Morrisdale, Pa. Pastor FOCHT, VERA 631 W. 15th Street, Tyrone, Pa. Practical Christian Work GOEN, MRS. BETTY SALTSMAN 712 N. Main St., Mishawaka, Ind. Practical Christian Work GROSSMAN, REV. ROBERT Roulette, Pa. Pastor HERMAN, REV. ALLEN B. 1404 Pacific, Brackenridge, Pa. Pastor HINGLE, ELVA E. 22V2 Floral Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Practical Christian Work HOAGLAND, MRS. CATHERINE FEATHER Bible School Park, N. Y. Housewife JARVIS, MYRTLE L. Q Apt. 1-A, 2413 Mira Court, Cleveland 9, Ohio Assists in City Mission work JOHNSEN, KENNETH Apartado 2240, San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. Missionary JOHNSON, IRVIN Distant, Pa. Pastor KEMMERER, HOPE S. 58 Pennsylvania Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Deputation work for Indian work KING, NINA 1394 Wayne Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Blind Rehabilitation office work KIRBY, MRS. HELEN COLLINS Piedmont Bible Institute, 716 Franklin Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. Ollice Work LANDIS, MRS. VERNA 131 Pittsburgh Street, Uniontown, Pa. Child Evangelism Work LEWIS, MRS. BONNIE CAMMACK New Alma Coal Camp, McCarr, Ky. Pastor's wife MATTHEWS, MRS. FLORENCE VICKERY R. D. No. 3, Geneva, N. Y. Pastor's wife PITCHER, DOLORES I. Box 86, Warren Center, Pa. Practical Christian Work PITCHER, ELMER Middlebury Center, Pa. Pastor REESE, DOROTHY Missionary to Indians SHOSTAK, HELEN 168 Washington Street, Newburgh, N. Y. Church Missionary STRAUB, CHARLES R. Hinsdale, N. Y. Pastor 73 SUESS, SGT. PAUL U. S. 51059430, Hq. Bty., 259th AAA Gun Run Fort Tilden, Rockaway, N. Y. In the Armed Forces THOMPSON, NADINE A. Box 372-100 State Street, Providence Bible Institute, Providence 8, R. I. Student TOMLINSON, MRS. SARAH JANE THOMAS 82 Daniels Street, Toronto 14, Ont., Canada Housewife VAN DENBURGH, MRS. ELIZABETH E. POTTS R. D. No. 2, Montrose, Pa. Housewife VISSER, DOROTHY L. Address Unknown WILKINS, ARLENE N. 317 13th Street, Port Huron, Michigan Practical Christian Work WILLITS, GERALDINE E. 211 Wylie Street, Jersey Shore, Pa. Home Missionary WITTER, MARGARET M. R. D. No. 2, Columbiana, Ohio WORTMAN, DOROTHY J. Bhongir, N. S. Rlwy., Hyderabad, Deccan, India Missionary WORTMAN, MARGARET R. Bhongir, N. S. Rlwy., Hyderabad, Deccan, India Missionary CLASS OF 1949 BEAVER, HERMAN 50 Willow Street, Minneapolis, Minn. Practical Christian Work BENNETT, ROSEMARY Maison De L'Evangi1e, 1 Rue Georges-Sorel, Boulogne, S!Seine, Paris, France clo Fred Ridgers Missionary BILICH, HILDA Susquehanna Valley Home, Binghamton, N. Y. BOWSER, JOY B. R. D. No. 2, Worthington, Pa. Practical Christian Work BRAUNBECK, ELWOOD, SR. 7 Granella Street, Hampton, Va. Business CAMPBELL, ALLEN 6 Treava Street, Belmont, N. Y. Pastor CLARKSON, MRS. RUBY FAILING 58 Ackley Avenue, Johnson City, New York Store cashier COBB, REV. WENDELL Baptist Parsonage, Sconondoa Avenue, Vernon, N. Y. Pastor COLWELL, FLOYD Windsor, New York Returned Missionary CULP. EVELYN R. D. No. 1, Canfield, Ohio DAVENPORT, MRS. ALICE PAYE WRIGHT 1744 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Va. Housewife DAVIS, MR. OWEN E. . R. D. No. 2, Meadville, Pennsylvania Supply Preaching DETWILER, GOLDYE The Ohio Messianic Testimony, 655 Forest Avenue, Avondale, Cincinnati 28, Ohio Mission office work ENDSLEY, MRS. MARIE BRUNNER Troupsburg, New York Pastor's wife FORSE. LEO Harpursville, New York Pastor GAY, MRS. ROBERTA WITTER R. D. No. 2, Bremen, Indiana Practical Christian Work GRIFFIS, ALLISON I R. D. No. 3, Sagerstown, Pennsylvania Pastor GWYN, MR. EUGENE R. D., Medina, New York Working HARRIS, MARGARET E. 1 U Boite Pastale 343, Fort-de-France, Martinique, French West Indies Missionary HATHAWAY. CARL Box 497, Mulvane, Kansas Pastor R REV. DARRIS c o n e . 1 Pastor HAYDEN, MRS. EVELYN STUPER Baptist Parsonage, Burlington Flats, N. Y. Pastor's wife - HEFFENTRAGER. PAUL S. Bally, Pennsylvania Pastor HEMENWAY, HELENE M. Bible School Park, New York Teacher and Assistant in Matron's Dept. HINDERER, GEORGE MILTON Central Baptist Seminary, Kansas City, Kans. Student HUGHES, MARGARET Faith Indian Mission, Red House, N. Y. Missionary to Indians KNAUSS, MRS. NELLIE GOODRICH First Baptist Church, Killawog, N. Y. Pastor's wife LATTER, BETTY JANE Whittemore, Mich. Practical Christian Work LINEBAUGH, DALE E. Worth Baptist Church, R. D. No. 1, Jermyn, Pa. Pastor MCKINNEY, MRS. BETTY TOWERS 407 Linden Avenue, Monongah, W. Va. Pastor's wife MIHAILOV, SADIE 1941 Second Street, So. Santa Monica, Calif. Child Evangelism Work NIXON, MR. LEWIS E. 54 Second Street, Geneseo, N. Y. Art Student OSTRANDER, ELVAJANE 205 Cleveland Avenue, Endicott, N. Y. cfo Ralph Transue Factory Work PIFER, MRS. LAURA JEAN DOUTHITT R. D. No. 1, Knoxville, Pa., Tioga Co. Pastor's wife PIFER, MR. WALTER E. R. D. No. 1, Knoxville, Pa., Tioga Co. Pastor RHODES, MR. ALAN R. D. No. 1, Kingsley, Pa. Pastor RITCHIE, REV. WYMAN Cossayuna, N. Y. Pastor SAKURA, GRAYCE T. cfo Mrs. Takeneka, Showa Cho 5 Cho, Sakai Ski, Hamadera, Osaka, Fu, Japan Missionary SNYDER, F. JUNE Thomas Indian School, Iroquois, N. Y. Housemother in Indian Chi1dren's Home SOWI., AVIS MARIE Bethel Children's Home, Box 619, Jackson, Ky. SWANSON, MARGARET Westchester Hall, Grasslands Hospital Valhalla, N. Y. Nurses Training TODD, LEWIS A. 23W E. Main St., Canisteo, N. Y. VAN HART, BETTY LOU Box 102, Conklin, N. Y. Accepted Missionary Candidate to Puerto Rico WALKER, MRS. BETTY MIX Nichols, N. Y. Pastor's wife WALTON, M. ELIZABETH Bethel Chi1dren's Home, Box 619, Jackson, Ky. WARREN, MRS. ONILEE WHEATON 1533 N. J. Ave. No. 2, Manor Park Apartments, New Castle, Delaware WHITMORE, PHYLLIS Susquehanna Valley Home, Binghamton, N. Y. WHITNEY, MRS. JANETTA SMITH Box 133, Harper, Kansas Housewife WHITNEY, MR. WENDELL H. Box 133, Harper, Kansas Working and supply preaching WOOLCUTT, ROSEMMA Apt. 1-A, 2413 Mira Court, Cleveland 9, Ohio City Mission Work CLASS OF 1950 BABCOCK, THERON C. Cresaptown, Md. Practical Christian Work BAKER, MRS. FRANCES PRYOR R. D. No. 3, Greenville, Pa. Housewife BOGGS, MRS. ROZELLA SHOEMAKER Address Unknown BOWLER, MRS. WILMA BARNES M. T. I., Nyack, N. Y. BRINK, MRS. HELEN BELFORD 320 Laurel Street, Philipsburg, Pa. Housewife CARROLL, MRS. NANCY PETERSON 503 Hampton Avenue, Greenville, S. C. CORBETT, MRS. CAROL WATKINS Mid Liberian Mission via Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa Missionary CORBETT, MR. GENE Mid Liberian Mission via Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa ALUMNI CROWE, CALVIN 1044 Seventh Street, Santa Monica, Calif. Child Evangelism Ofhce DENCE, WILMA 24 Mitchell Street, Binghamton, N. Y. City Hospital Nurses Home Nurses Training DERSHAM, MR. DAYTON 1613 D Street N. E., Washington, D. C. In Navy DURR, MRS. GRACE LEONARD Kirby, W. Va. Pastor's wife GILBERT, MRS. CORNELIA MOODY R. D. No. 1, Wysox, Pa. Pastor's wife HALL, DONALD E. 506 Jackson Avenue, Susquehanna, Pa. HANDYSIDE, EDNA 274 Volk Rd., Webster, N. Y. HENDERSHOT, HOMER N. Bethel Children's Home, Box 619, Jackson, Ky. Home Missionary HILL, BEULAH R. D. No. 3, Vestal, N. Y. Evangelistic Work JONES, GERALDINE R. D. No. 1, Seneca Falls, N. Y. Working KELLER, RUTH E. This-Side-of+Heaven Children's Horne, Kasilof, Alaska Missionary KESTER, MRS. ALICE RAE PLETCHER Vineyard Hills, Wheeling, W. Va. Housewife KNAPTON, MRS. ROGER Box 27, Bethel, Kansas Pastor's wife KNAPTON, MR. ROGER Box 27, Bethel, Kansas Pastor KNAUSS, REV. KEITH E. First Baptist Church, Killawog, N. Y. Pastor LANCASTER, WILLIAM Ferndale, Wash. Deputation work for Japan LEWIS, LORRAINE Kermit, W. Va. Home Missionary LOWE, REV. LOYD A. S17 Franklin, Yakima, Wash. Pastor LUNSFORD, MRS. JOHN T. Quincy, Wash. Pastor's wife LUNSFORD, REV. JOHN T. Quincy, Wash. Pastor MAJOR, JOANNE R. Osteopathic General Hospital, Dumont, N. J. MASON, MRS. KENNETH L. Lopez Island, Wash. Pastor's wife MASON, MR. KENNETH L. Lopez Island, Wash. Pastor MASON, ORMAN W. Kingsport, Tenn., Scott Co. clo Rev. Martin Perry Home Missionary MATHEWSON, MRS. LOIS BUNDY Meta, Ky. Home Missionary MATHEWSON, REV. IVAN Meta, Ky. Home Missionary MATTHEWS, MR. AUSTIN C. R. D. No. 3, Geneva, N. Y. Pastor MATTISON, ELVIN K. 116 S. Walnut Street, Fenton, Mich. Pastor McM1LLEN, RICHARD Bambari, French Equatorial Africa Missionary MORGAN, MRS. DENSIE MITCHELL R. D. No. l, Olean, N. Y. Housewife MORGAN, MR. LEWIS E. R. D. No. 1, Olean, N. Y. Working MUTHLER, HELEN LOUISE 12 So. Chestnut Street, Mill Hall, Pa. Working and Bible Club Work PETTIGREW, MRS. ANITA F. HILL 41 Octavia St.-A t. G San Francisco, Calif. P , Practical Christian Work RITCHIE, MRS. MONA LOU KLINGER Cossayuna, N. Y. Pastor's wife SCHOONOVER, KARL Kerrmorr, Pennsylvania Pastor 74 THOMPSON, WILLIAM 3518 W. Shakespeare, Chicago, Ill. WALKER, MR. EDWARD Nichols, N. Y. ' Pastor WARREN, CLARABELLE 716 Columbia Street, Elmira, N. Y. WATSON, H. SHELLER R. D. No. 2, Savona, N. Y. Bradford Baptist Church Pastor WEYHE, PHYLLIS R. D. No. 2, Gary, Indiana Practical Christian Work WRIGHT, REV. WARREN R. D. No. 2-Bath Road, Penn Yan cfo M. Switzer Pastor YOUNG, WILFORD E. 301 Dudley Street, Dunmore, Pa. Pastor ,N. Y. -CLASS OF 1951 ACKER, LOIS 207 Madison Avenue, Elmira, N. Y. Child Evangelism Work ALLEN, MRS. BERNICE VAN SANT 1810 Sweeley Avenue, Williamsport, Pa. Practical Christian Work ALLEN, MR. JOHN L. 1810 Sweeley Avenue, Williamsport, Pa. Practical Christian Work ASHLEY, MRS. ALICE WEST Box 22, Ripley, N. Y. Past0r's wife ASHLEY, MR. RICHARD F. Box 22, Ripley, N. Y. Pastor BLOW, BETTY JANE 46 S. Duke, Lancaster, Pa. Child Evangelism Oflice Work BLOW, MRS. MARJORIE M. WILKINS Ulster, Pa., R. D. No. 2 Housewife BROUGHTON, MRS. ELEANOR WITTER Lindley, N. Y. Pastor's wife BROUGHTON, MR. WILLIAM Lindley, N. Y. Pastor CAMPBELL, MRS. MARGARET BONNER 7 Pennsylvania Avenue, Charleston, W. Va. Housewife DERSHAM, MRS. LOIS WATSON 1613 D Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. Housewife DITMARS, SHIRLEY ANN 92 Park Street, Gloversville, N. Y. Director of Christian Education for Fulton Co DOUGLAS, MRS. JUANITA FITCH cfo Baptist Bible Institute, Cleveland, Ohio Housewife ENDSLEY, MR. VIRGIL Troupsburg, N. Y. Pastor ESHLEMAN, WALTER Z. . John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Ark. Student HILL, BARBARA M. R. D. No. 3, Vestal, N. Y. Evangelistic Work LITTLE, HAROLD C. Horseheads, N. Y., R. D., cfo Charles Little Deputation Work for Africa MARTIN, EDMUND 215 Whitmores Avenue, Jermyn, Pa. Working MAYO, DEVERE Beaver Meadows, N. Y. Pastor McCRACKEN, KENNETH E. 438 Wilson Street, Jersey Shore, Pa. Pastor MELTON, MRS. HAZELENE QUEEN 110 E. Franklin Street, Evansville, Ind. Pastor's wife MIHAILOV, MARY EDNA ' 1738 Park Road, N.W., Washington 10, D. C. Secretary and Bible Club Work MIHAILOV, MILDRED Central Union Mission, 1738 Park Road, N.W., Washington 10, D. C. Children's Work MIHAILOV, RUBY v . 1041 2nd Street, So. Santa Monica, Calif. Child Evangelism Work NEAL, ELIZABETH J. Bethel Children's Home Box 169 Jackson Ky NEGLEY, MRS. DOROTHY L. JONES ', ' 3401 Zeta St., Weirton, W. Va. Pastor's wife NEGLEY, REV. MELVIN H. 3401 Zeta St., Weirton, W. Va. Pastor ROBINSON, RUTH V. 7135 S. Eggleston, Chicago 21, Illinois Accounting Department of Scripture Press REESE, MRS. CLEORA SCOUTEN 745 Washington Avenue, Jermyn, Pa. Evangelist's wife SAMSON, EDITH Ames, N. Y. Children's Work SHAVER, PHYLLIS Nurses Home, Wilson Memorial Hospital, 33 Harrison Street, Johnson City, N. Y. Nurse's Training SILVER, MRS. SALLY NEMIRE Box 355, Hallstead, Pa. Church Work STEVENS, MRS. DESTA MIHAILOV R. D. No. 1, Milan, Pa. Pastor's wife STEVENS, MAYNARD L. R. D. No. I, Milan, Pa. Pastor TILLEY, MRS. EVELYN L. KILMER Bible School Park, New York Pastor's wife THWING, LEONA M. 168 Park Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. Working and Mission work VAN HART, MILDRED Box 102, Conklin, N. Y. Deputation work for Puerto Rico WEALE, RICHARD J. R. D. No. 4, Binghamton, N. Y. Young People's Work WEINSHEIMER, HERBERT Wheaton Graduate School of Theology, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill. WILDSMITH, NANCY 400 Willow Street, Lebanon, Pa. Child Evangelism Work WILKES, ARTHUR 411 Fifth Street, McDonald, Ohio WILSON, ELAINE 379 Coolspring Street, Uniontown, Penna. WIMER, MRS. ALICE STUPKE Bible School Park, New York Pastor's wife CLASS OF 1952 ARNOLD, RUSSELL W. Cadis, Pa. Pastor cf BENSON, JOHN L. 618 jackson Avenue, Susquehanna, Pa. Evangelistic Work BERKHEISER, WILLIAM John Brown University, Box 614, Siloam Springs, Ark. Student BOYTIM, MRS. VIRGINIA OLIVER R. D. No. 2, Naples, N. Y. Pastor's wife BOYTIM, RICHARD Ingleside Christian Church, R. D. No. 2, Naples, N. Y. Pastor CAHN, H. JANE 325 Sheppard Ave., W., Lansing, Ont., Can. Student CAUVEL, FRANK 218 Norman Street, Franklin, Pa. Working CRAWFORD, ROBERTA 36 James Street, Homer, N. Y. Working CULVER, DONNA M. C. 53, Warren, Ohio Bible Club Work DAVEN PORT, Trailer Park, Housewife DAVEN PORT, Trailer Park, Working DAVEN PORT, Reynoldsville, MRS. SHIRLEY STRONG Kent Avenue, Endwell, N. Y. DUANE Kent Avenue, Endwell, N. Y. KATHLEEN Pa., R. D. No. 2 Practical Christian Work DIR, PATRICIA Susquehanna Valley I-Iome, Binghamton, N DUNN, RAYMOND Lyndonville, N. Y. Deputation work for Migrant Work DURR, HERBERT Kirby, W. Va. Pastor ELDREGE, MRS. RUTH PIERCE 201 E. Franklin Street, Endicott, N. Y. Church Work GILBERT, DAVID E. R. D. No. l, Wysox, Pa. Pastor GRAYBILL, HERMAN H. Richfield, Pa. Evangelistic Work HAUSER, DEAN Humphery, New York Pastor HOUCK, FLORENCE Baptist Bible Seminary, 305 Main Street, Johnson City, N. Y. Student JARVIS, HAROLD 41 Mechanic Street, Prattsburg, N. Y. Pastor JONES, KATHRYN M. 5800 Ridge Avenue, Memorial Hospital, Roxborough, Philadelphia 28, Pa. Nurse's Training MARGESON, MRS. CLARIBEL SMITH 92 Massachusetts Ave., Johnson City, N. Y Working MIX, BEVERLY Newark Valley, N. Y. Church Work NELSON, ABNER FRANK 112 Daryagunj, Delhi, India Native Evangelist OLDS, MARGARET 155 Tompkins Street, Cortland, N. Y. Deputation work-Home Missions PERRY, PATRICIA Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, Texas Missionary candidate to Mexico REESE, ALVIN A. 745 Washington Avenue, Jermyn, Pa. Evangelistic Work SEEFRIED, JAMES 303 Pacific Street, Franklin, Pa. SUTTON , PATSY Box 619, Jackson, Ky., Bethel Children's Home TOBEY, MRS. BETTY J. GARDNER 34 Sturdevant Street, Johnson City, N. Y. Practical Christian Work TRUITT, ELVA R. D. No. I, Mahoning, Pa. ZOOK, RACHAEL 14 W. Howe Street, Seattle, Wash. Office Work 75 Retreat Report A LTHOUGH the weather was damp and foggy on the morning of October 6, 1952, the spirits of the Alumni, students and faculty of Practical Bible Training School could not be dampened in any way and the 1952 Retreat started off with a bang . Expectancy and anticipation of the greatest spiritual blessings were at their highest and because of the tremendous multitude of prayers that preceded the opening of Re- treat, the Lord did not fail us. The opening session at 10:30 A.M. on Tuesday, October 6, was introduced by Dr. M. L. Lowe, President of the Alumni Association, and main speaker was Rev. Kenneth Robb, pastor of the Baptist Church in Riverdale, Maryland. His message was from Ne- hemiah's prayer in the first chapter of his book and was iust what was needed for the opening of the 1952 Alumni Retreat. Every afternoon, there were missionary speakers who presented some real challeng- es to us all, not only to go, but to pray and to help supply the missionary needs. As never before, we realized that doors are being closed to the Gospel everywhere and the fields are white unto harvest but the laborers are few. Betty Myers, Class of 1945, spoke on Tuesday afternoon of her work in Liberia. We praised our Lord with her that she did not have to learn a new language in that country because English is the trade language. How much easier that is for a missionary. We should pray much that the Lord will quicken the minds of those who are on their way to difficult fields where it will be necessary for them to learn a new language. lt was interesting to hear of the work of Dorothy Reese, Class of 1948, at the Faith Indian Mission in Red House, New York. What a needy field that isl Praise the Lord for the souls who are being saved there. Dr. E. Schuyler English, widely known Bible teacher and expositor, Editor of Our Hope , The Pilgrim and Editor-in-Chief of The Pilgrim Bible , as well as the author of numerous books and booklets,and Vice- President of the International Child Evangelism Fellowship, was the main speaker this year. We were greatly blessed as he opened unto us the Word of God . It seemed as though the windows of Heaven were opened and literally myriads of blessings were poured upon us. Dr. English, inhmost of his messages, spoke to us from Paul's letter to the Philippians. lt was a minute study of several favorite portions of this great epistle delivered in an unusual way. The original Greek lan- guage was expounded as well as precious thoughts given to him by the Holy Spirit. On Wednesday afternoon, a lively missionary service was presented. Rev. William Lancaster, Class of '50, and Mrs. Lancaster, a Prairie Bible Institute graduate, gave a stirring message on the field of Japan for which they are preparing. In the same meeting, Dorothy Ruhlman, Class of '46, who is a missionary to French Equatorial Africa, spoke of the great need there and how Christ is fulfilling it. She also showed colored slides of her work. The last day of Retreat was highlighted by rich blessings from the Lord. Dr. English spoke in the morning session concerning the New Standard Revised Version of the Bible. Both Mary Baker and Dorothy Ruhlman had charge of the last missionary service. They are co-laborers in French Equatorial Africa and Mary Baker's message was a real challenge to our hearts. Three things stood out in her message, that UD We should know God's Will, Q21 We should do God's Will, and Q31 We should delight to do God's Will. More colored pictures were shown of their work and an exhibit of African trophies were available for examination. Dr. English 's last message on The Rapture of the Church will always be remembered and the truths hid in our hearts till Jesus comes. lt was the climax to a very precious three days. Approximately 200 Alumni and friends attended the sessions and all were blessed beyond expecta- tions from the ministry of the Word of God and fellowship with those of like precious faith. We all de- termined in our hearts to serve our Lord better by His Grace. 76 :fx 'gf- Yx K PF?OCi..QH'1!NG CHRWET v . ,,.,-.,-- lnuznq, A 'NSN X - .PGGY HQNLIIIYQS IPO 1 . . f 1 N w N - x , . r ' 1 :1i,w'-Qi, Lgjwgfvi-4:64 wliizixif my , +1 'dC'Sw,,4i,- -1. .imsw b..fa.,:'.' :A -if p. ,g E., . x Q- :V 'X ,, .'-:' ' A! -5 ,N -'ibm ' 'rsh Jaff l ' Fifi: ' ., J f 'W'-5-'?f- 1 .Q-' V ' ,,,, . 1-N ff- ww ' A . . , . .fs -,--. , , - . ,A n .F AJ- -.KFJH Lv1:'.,.f - ., -.,- ' ' W: ' ' 'if'!El'3-Ili:-Ya ' V . fy-:Q ,.. M . Ai ML xf:'Vf ga? ' .ff J X f X X df -ff 'hm 'r 3 f XQ X S lg FV-YTI.. L L L X I F K xF ffl X ! XX Jr X EEN ,ff , Eii ' fi'?53 f 1 .4 R H . vm Jxxlffgx 3 ,

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