Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN)

 - Class of 1947

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Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 17 of 68
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Page 17 text:

CLASS HISTORY Qne of tne most outstandsng events sn Powell Hugh Hsstory occurred sn September T943 when the graduatsng class of l947 enrolled as freshmen After months of besng the source of a msghty uproar sn the halls sn thesr search for classrooms these ssxty two greenhorns settled down e solfsng to do thesr best to make thesr hsgh school caree a successful one For our leaders we chose Msss Suddarth sponsor Kelly Black pressdent Fred lennsngs vsce pressdent Betty Bart lets secretary treasurer Our candsdates for Ksng and Queen of the carnsval were Davsd Aultom and Ruby Vandergrtff We partscspated sn a magazsne contest sn whsch Mary Kate Stooksbury and Betty Bartlett recesved awards lor besng the best salesmen Dursng thus year we were grseved by the death of one of our members Helen lAlexanderl Sharpe We struggled along day sn and day out fsnally com pletsng our freshman year and becomsng sophomores Mr Fowler was cnosen as sponsor and Fred Jennsngs became our new pressdent Othe offrcers were Betty Bartlett vsce pressdent and Barbara Brsght secretary treasurer Our basketball games sn whsch some of our members partscspatcd were an rnsosrsng actsvsty dursng our scpho more year We att nded the games ana pep rneetngs rootsng for our Panthers and gsvsng them our loyal sup port When the annual carnsval rolled around our class took an actsve part sn supportsng ou chosces for Ksng and Queen Fred Jennsngs and Barbara Brsght They won thsrd place sn the contest Marrs ge work and other schools took away many of our members sncludsng Helen splcszser Ruby Bowen Peggy Ksrby Msldred Lsnkous Ruby Va de grsff Buddy Faulkner Jsm Burgess George Davis Upon entersng our Junsor year the remasnsng thsrty one members began taksng a bsg part sn the actsvstses of the school Our fssst great ach evement was that o be comsng the wsnn r sn a magazsne contest from whsch w acqusred enough funds to provsde tor most of our expenses throughout the year Our second vsctory was the popu Iarsty contest Fred Jennsngs and Betty Bartlett were supported thoroughly by the entsre class and by our loyal saonsor Mrs Patte son We had reelected Fred as pressdent along wsth these Betty Bartlett vsce pressdent Dorothy Hscks secretary tre surer Edward Hawksns reporter Howard Nsx sg. atarms Howard a navy veteran happened to be a new addstson to our class The clsmax of our Junsor ye r occurred when we served as hosts to the sensors at a formal banquet held at Whtttle Sprsngs Hotel sn Aprsl Srnce the sensor class colors were sponsored by the sensors Our candsdat s other oftscers those of the rasnbow we carrsed out the rasnbow scheme sn our decoratsons and program Featured on the program w s a sks rs Trsals an Trs ulatons sn tne l o Sensor whsch was ensoyed by every student cnd teacher present Dursng the year we lost four more classmates Lucslle DeFord lNow Mrs James Oentryl lmogene Ksng Iren Keck and Edward Dew An evensng of sun aboard the Lake Queen and a trsp to Bug Rsdge Park brought our actsvsts s or that year to an en Upon or return to school sn September we found ourselves a cooperatsve group of twenty fur members Wc w re saddened by the thought that our stay at Powell wa almost over but the compensatsan of besng dsgnsfsed sen sors partly made up for thss feelung To gusde us through the trsals nd temptatsons of a lsfe of a sensor we chos as our sponsors Mrs Patterson and Mrs Coker who we knew would be the only persons able to endure the task Fred Jennsngs who had don such a nsce sob sn actsng as pressdent dursng the two ye s be fore was elected to fsll the offsce agasn He was to be assssted by the followsng Davsd Aultom vsce prestdent Mary Kate Stooksbury secretary Barbara Brsght treasurer Edward Hawksns repo ter ln the frrst term we lost t o oromsnent members Do othy t-lscks who transferred to Oak Rsdge Hsgh School and Carolyn Taylor who mov d to Elszabethton Tennessee There were many events on our school calendar for thss year ln the fall ca naval our candsdates for lf na and Qsseen Davsd Aultom and Mary Kate Stooksbury togethe vvsth the class and sponsors were kept very bJsy sn ord r to rasse money Davsd and Kate who became rcnncrs up made a v ry mce looksng couple Our usual basketball games offered us each week at least two nsghts of fun A school bus took ou Panthers and rooters to games at oth r schools The games were attended by large and actsve crowds and contsnued untsl February We have yet these thsngs to look forward to besna the guests of the sunsors at the annual sunsor sensor ban quet the sensor play several parttes commencem nt week actsvttses As our hsgh school career ss comsng to an end we hate to leave our teachers and classmates at Powell Hsgh u our our pa ents teachers prsncspals and fellow students w o as had a part sn helpsng us prepare to meet the problems of th world we are happy that we have adanced thss f r toward success sn ltfe We ssncerely thank everyone sncludsna PROPHECY As I Betty Bartlett arrsved on my trsp back from the moon sn my space shsp whom dsd I fsnd at the asrport but Mary Ellen Brown who ts now a stewardess for the You Take Em Up We Brsng Em Down Asrlsne Com pany? She had lust made a stopover en route from New York to Dallas Texas As we wese talksng our thoughts wandered back to the graduatsng class of 47 It s ems that Mary Ellen had been keepsng sn close cont ct wsth each one and therefore she was abl to tell me of the suc css of each member CONLEY FORTNER the brsllsant wsde awake h tory student ss now a celebrated senator sn Washsngton DOROTHY OENTRY better known as The Fsgcre ss now a famous Powers Model MARGARET RICE has sust been promoted o the poss tson of chsef egg scrambler and coffee maker at the F un tasn KELLY BLACK rs now edstor of the Dasly Blow news paper Therefore he keeps tn const nt touch wsth cfWllY Smsth and hrs lug of corn squeezsns - , , , - . a I, Th- d b s -sse ra , 1 ' IF ' 1 - X . T . I I Q . , , , V I s 2 s A I I I I I - . 9 I ' I4 V I ,. e s I , . . - , . A . , a fs . . , , c , . A I A - , s , , . Q . , . . , . - 1 ' - V' ' ' I . ' : , - 7 n ' f f . A . ' V ' I I I I I ' F W , . r . . , , . , , - Q. I . I I l V , . ,. ' , A ' : . - , , . . , , X. J ss '. ' I -'H I I I -' V - O . . , - L . . . s I - T . C , . Q D c , e , , . . C , ' . .V c, , U . , , . I I I I I ' 2 , ' 2 I A - - . ' . ' ' b U , s , I , l - . A . . , , - . , , , V . a f . ' h - P I I I I - ls- - I I ' W , , ' ' 4 '. , . . . N . . . .. . X . 1 Q - 3 - c .

Page 16 text:

,Ufri CAROLYN TAYLOR 'T ,-'Hin My J ref' r THELMA LOVELACE She rs as good a she s Daughter of Mr and Mrs Lovelace Route l Knoxville Tenn src Cl b 3 4 Home Economrcs u l2 Mrx C orus 3 4 Class Fluy 4 ELIZABETH MORGAN The blush ts beautlful but rs some times inconvenient Daughter of Mr and Mrs Jay Mor gan Route 2 Powell Statron Tenn Home Econornucs Club l 2 34 Span rsh Club 34 Music Club 34 n Club Treasurer 4 4H Club 4H Club Secretary 2 Mlxed Chorus Chorus Class Pla 1 SARA PRATER only noble to e goo oughter of M nd Mrs Prater Route l Powell Statlon Tenn A H Club l 2 Home Economlcs Cluo l 2 34 Musuc Club 3 4 Mrxed Char 4 C a Pla MARGARET RICE Forguveness rs better than revenge Daughter of Mr a d Mrs G C R ce Routel Knoxville Tenn Home Eco mtcs Club 1234 St e Show l 2 Class Play 4 Whatever rs worth doing t all worth doing well Daughter of Rev and Mrs Judson Taylor Ellzabethton Tenn Home conomtcs Club Spams u 34 C l2 Music 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Beta Club 4 ARMENDA SEXTON end ed IS frren deed ughter of Mr and Mrs W exton oute l Knoxvt e enn Home Economrcs Club l 2 3 4 Music Club 3 Mixed Chorus 23 Spanrsh Spanssh Club 3 4 Class Play A

Page 18 text:

PROPHECY ARMENDA SEXTON rs now head of the stock room un the If You Grab lt Youll Be Sorry fuve and ten cent store THELMA LOVELACE us starrung un the current movue Back to Beaver Creek co starrung wuth Bumph ey Ho gart the new sensatuon of the theatrucal world MYRTLE COX us now owner of the Pretty Palace whuch us a beauty shop H r slogan us can be lufted I t BARBARA BRIGHT has funally caught her man some fellow stumped hus toe un the last Sade Day race She dud very well at that sunce thus noted Broadway movre durector BILL GENIUS HURST has funally come Into sunce he rs the frrst person who has ever found a that wull argue back wuth hum MARY KATE STOOKSBURY us now furst lady of the na tuon sunce her marrrage to Davud Aultom who was recently elected presudent of the Unrted States EDWARD HAWKINS rs now a great success sunce he took over the sound effects for Walt Dusney He can now umutate Donald Duck better than Donald humself FRED JENNINGS us now a very promunent physucuan but much to our dusmay we fund that none of hus patuents Parntung If a f e It seems Hawkuns m n us a hus own mulepost ahve to tell of hrs care for t OPAL LEWIS has really made a success sunce she has taken over Joan Davus raduo show SARA PRATER has come unto heu own as a dress de sugner The slogan of her shoppe us A Drape for Your Shape Wuthout Red Tape Although CLYDE LETSINGER has ftnally decuded to sette down he stull lust has to whustle at all the gu ls LIZABETH MORGAN us now un Floruda wuth her hus band She has made a great success as a bathung beauty It seems that CHARLES BROWN who us now a great preacher cant fund a church un whuch to preach sunce at me last one the congregatuon took the words of the song Theres a preacher un the church and he wont do rught s ruously and therefore they ousted hum HAROLD ANDERSON lust couldnt stay out of thc navy Maybe hes after the Admural s daughter FAYE LAMB us now a great Pnysucs teacher It seems that Mr Armstrong left her wuth a group of boys who dudnt h ve a teac er You can well umagune my pleasure un hearrng about all my old classmates before startung on my next tup whuch wull take me to Mars LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Class of 47 of Powell Hugh School beung o sound mund and dusposung memory and consuderung the un ordaun publush and declare thus to be our last Wull and Testament Furst We declare th t all our lust debts uncludung funeral expenses be paud by our executor who wll be named later un thus wull Second To the faculty we do hereby wull and bequeath our srncere gratutude and apprecuatuon for theur splendud assustance and guudance throughout ou years rn hugh school Thurd To the student body we bequeath our left over energy and our perseverance Fourth Upon the class of 48 we bestow the following personal possessions I Fred Jennungs leave my good looks and my way with the women to Ralph Matlock I Opal Lewus leave my never ceasung conversatuon to Ruth Compton I Armenda Sexton leave my pleasungly plump Iugure to Mary Heuser I Charlue Brown leave my abuluty to grow a mustache to Blll Harbun who cant seem to grow one I Barbara Brught leave my bottle of peroxude to Doro thy Moore I Myrtle Cox leave my tantaluzung eyes to Lous McBee I Kelly Black leave my fune he man physuque whuch was wulled to me by the late Jack Cooper to Colvun Gen I Betty Bartlett leave my lovely vouce to Bull Gul eath I Davud Aultom leave my contunual loafung to Robert Mann I Faye Lamb leave Mr Armstrong and h physucs class to Betty Lou Dyke ue Hu bestow he st m ha oll upon G Evans Holloway I Harold Anderson leave my passuon for hustory to Thelma Scarbro I Ihelma Lovelace leave my shyness to Bob Cox IHe aunly needs ut I I Clyde Letsunger leave my cleverness wuth the women to Arvun Brown Margaret Ruce leave my atomuc energy to Sue Baker Edward Hawkuns leave myselu to Betty Jo Turner on ey Iortne Ieav my tal tales to Don C uuu Eluzabeth Morgan leave my knowledge o Spanush Edmondson Dorothy Gentry leave my neatness to Hazel Edung t Bull on Sara Prater leave my dugnuty and quuet dusposutuon to Wulson Nux because she really can use ut Mary El en rown I ve lastly we do hereby appount Prof H J Fowler as sole executor of thus wull hereby revokung all former wulls be quests and devuses of wh tever nature by us made In wutness whereof we the graduatung class of 47 have here unto set our hand and seal thus twenty seventh day of May rn the year of our Lord nuneteen hundred and forty seven Wutnesses Senuou Class of 47 M s Jas F Coker Mrs S B Patterson ' are ' l hem. I I I M . ,. . . I C . ,, GC I I , . , .I V ' - we'l Iif it! I I" ' ' ' ' - . I . I ' I ' a h . I ' ' I ' I I, Bill' rst, t re ot y ir E. I - . . certainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, 1, Mary Kate Stooksbury, Wull my heightuu to Duxue I I A . , , ' : a ' , I . I ' I I I I ' ' ' ' , I cert . II I A 1 A 1 I . , I . . I II , I ,, , .. . I, I , I u 3 ' ' I, C I 'A f, 3 u umuu Kgs, ' . l, ' , 5 ' I I I II It U O A I . It I ' I I 1 ' I I . . . . . I ' I I, I B , ea I . I , , I D I I I . I . . . 1 I V ' I I T , , - 1 I ' I I u try. , ' , A 1 r I - T ' I I I I I I5 ' I' . . .

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