Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN)

 - Class of 1946

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Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 17 of 64
Page 17 of 64

Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 16
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Page 17 text:

SENIOR CLASS HISTORY School as a sheel of paper whate On whach each class that comes' must wrate Its word or two and then comes naght Four years ago we who were th n excated and be waldered Freshmen found ourselves runnang hather thathe and yon an the hallways of dear old P H S After we came fully acquaanted we elected Mass Masterson as our sponsor Class offacers elected were Charles Overton presadent Jam Matchell vace presadent Roy Tapton secretary and Lena Evans treasur r Our nomanees for Kang and Queen of the Harvest Festaval that year vere Kathleen Mays and Snooks Scarbro who held thard place an the cont st After our struggles and headach s wath fanal exams we parted hopang to see everyone the follow ang semester After three months of w ll earned vacataon we ad vanced to the wase group called the Sophomore class The dasectaons an Baology equataons an algebra and cookanq sessaons an Home Ec managed to k ep us all an a wharl That year we elected Mr Haworth as our spon sor and re elected Charles Overton and Jam Matchell as presadent and vac presadent Other offacers were Lena Evans secretary and R W Byrd treasurer Our canda dates for Kang and Queen Fred Compton and Lena Evans won thard place Thus passang the half way mark an our search for know ledge we bcam brallaant Junaors After assemblang we elected Mass Armstrong and Mrs Coker as our sponsors Our offacers were Ralph Sl arpe presadent Flon7e So ey CLASS We the Senaor class of Powell Hagh School an taae y ar of our Lord nan tecn hundred and forty sax beang of sane mand and sound body and desarous of bequeathang our propertaes and memora s do hereby attest and establash thas our last wall and testament thus declarang voad ll former walls made by us To the Junaors w leave the dagnafaed appearance whach they must hav before becomang Seno s next year They wall also be entatled to all the raghts ancl pravaleaes we have enaoyed To the Soohomores we le ve our h nrtfelt sympathaes As a result of prast exp racnces v1e are able to fores e the traals thy must und roo an order to have peace wath next years Senaor group How ver we hooe that they wll be ahl to gran end bear at We leave to the Frshmen the sacred desks and bat tered lockers whach have so nobly borne our abuse and rrastreatment foa tne past four yars To all who hope to become Freshmen next year we leave the confusaon and dasorder that wall be the rs through out thear farst term an hagh school vace presad nt Flossae Dew secretary and Fonda Hal an treasurer We found ourselves to be a very co operatave group The haghlaghts of our .lunaor year were the crownang of Flonze Sorey and Elsae Clabough as Kang and Queen of the Carnaval and the formal banquet whach we gave the senaors at Haghlands Grall Durang thas school year we lost four of our classmates Mary Anne Herrel who loaned the ranks of marra d folk R W Byrd and Davad Shape who entered the Navy and Roy West who aoaned the army Upon absorbang suffacaent knowledge our class then made up of tharty two members b came the senaor class of P H S We became very susceptable to that dread disease known as senaor atas After survavang at we organ azed our class re electang Mrs Coker and Mass Armstrong as our sponsors Ralph Sharpe presadent and Flonze Sorey vace presadent Lena Evans and Bruce Mayes were elect cl secretary and treasurer Elsae Clabough and Flonze Sorey surprased us an the early fall by announcang thear marraage We found our selves an for another surprase when lren Maze bade us Good by and marraecl Eugene Weaver After struqglang through mad term exams we occupaed our tame lookang forward to th annual Junaor Senaor ban quet and rnakang our plans for graduataon The end of the year as here and our haah school career as at an end lt as wath regret that we leave our classmates and Powell Hagla School at as wath aoy and apprecaataon for those who have helped us so that we now have advanced one step more toward our seccess an late WILL Our sancere gratatude goes to our sponsors whose ef forts made at passable for us to caccomplash cv rythang we undertook To the faculty members and all othe school personnel we offer our apprecaataon for all they have meant to us as Instructors and as true fra nds We thank them too for the enaoyable memoraes whach wall always be ours Our wealthy estate of personal belongangs we do he e by dastrabute as follows among the faculty and student body I Maraora Brown leave my antel' ct al ab laty to Myrtle ox l Jack Cooper leave my husky bualsl to Kelay Black I Mary Rhodes leave my athl tac abalaty to Faye Lamb I Marae Fann leave my neatness and popularaty to Carolyn Taylor I Vaolet Satterfaeld I ave my sally gaagle to Dorothy Hacks I Snooks Scarbro leave my bass voace and abalaty to get along wath teachers to Lynn Morgan . A . D . - 1 ' S- 1 ' 1 , . Q ' A . , .. ' ' r -" 1 f - 1 '1 ' . 1 . . . be- M I - ' , , 1 , 1 - I 1 . . . . 1 1 1 1 : . - C H ' . I - . , V J ,. - v I , U . .. .. . . . - - . ' - 1 E . 3 , . - - . I - . 1 1 - ' ' . I , -- - . 1 a. . . aa - . ., . ,, . ' U 1 1 . ' , ' . S ' ' fs , aa .. - 1 Q- - . . . - .. . V , - . . - . - ' e - - I . 1 ' 1 L I H ' 1 1 ' . 1 1, ' .. ' ' .. . , . , .. a. . . , . , A . . , , .. . ' D - . . . A H X , C , .. 1 . .D . . ., , . . . . f fs 1 1 sf- . . . .C v - 1 1 Q , . . . . . . . , o , . . . . . . f f . .J . . ' 'Q ' 1- aa a H A . I ,, , .- . o,, , .a , , . C fx n " . .. e ., a . 2 . . , l ' -1 1 1 ' aa A - . ' V 1 ' a ' . .. . . Q J E , . , -. . 1 1 - a . . . . . X D ' 1 1 t' . I ' 1 1

Page 16 text:

WHO S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS BRUCE MAYES Handsomest Boy FLONZE SOREY MARIE FANN LORETTA MCBEE RALPH SHARPE Boy Wtth Best Personality SNOOKS SCARBRO LENA EVANS Girl Wtth Best Personality NELL RUTHERFORD Neatest Boy Neatest Gtrl Baokwo In Lazfest Boy Lazlest Gul ELSIE SOREY ..,...,., , ., .Prettiest Girl A " " ' " I

Page 18 text:

We Flonze and Elsle Sorey leave our marnage llcens to Fred Jennongs and Barbara Brught I Douglas Webster leave my tenor twang to David Aultom I Fonda Holland leave my sw aters to be wo n by Margaret Rrce I Don Fenton leave Don Fenton to Elsre Bray I Ralph Sharpe leave my abllltxes athletic schola tlc and otherwlse to Clyde Letslnger I Allen Henser leave my physique that I got from Hlan Ladd to Paul Reed I Bonnie Owens leave my grace and manners to Ar menda Sexton I Mildred Roop leave my llpstlck to Imogene Ixmg I Flossle Dew leave my haxr do to Irene Keck I Wullle Ruth Cannon leave my knowledg of Spamsh to Ellzabeth Morgan I Br ce Mayes I ave tte rest of my bottle of halr orl to Bull Hurst I Kathleen Mays leave my cute flgur to Dorothy Gentry I Loretta McBee leave free access to my frct on Inbrary to Lucille Deford I Jlm Mrtchell leave my good behavior and quiet nature to Edward Hawklns because Ed has a real need for these qualities I Kyle North leave my super sales talk Io Calvrn Gentry I Margaret Hayes leave my book llow to Stay Short to Mary Kate Stooksbury I Nell Rutherford leave How to Becom Tall In Ten Lessons to Mildred Brock I Lena Evans leave my nuc vouce to Vrvuan Rhodes I Joyc Green leave I y cccent to whomever IS able to use It I Hazel Fake leave my long eyelashe to Sala Prater I Marne Cooper leave my Englnsh Books to tvary Ellen Brown I Ted Beelcr leave my mechanlcal genius to Conley Fo tner I Chrlstrna Wilkerson leave my qux t dlsposltlon to Betty Bartlett Lastly we hereby appomt Mr H .I Fowler as sole executor of thus wrll to b made effectuve on the 23rd day of May I9-46 Knowing has famrllarlty wnth the law we feel that he IS most capable of handling the aforesad endow ments effrclently In wttness thereof we the graduating class of 46 affrx our honorable seal In the presence of the subscrnbung wat nesses of thus wall at the request of the testators and IH thesr presence and In the presence of each other Wntnesses Sensor Class of 1946 Mrs Jas F Coker Mass Amy Armstrong PROPHECY Dear Dlary Today .luly I9 I954 I Mxldred Roop have turned back your pages to refresh my memories or the dear ole class of 46 I am grateful to you Friend Diary for remand mg me of what my classmates are doing and have ac complnshed September 5 l947 Tomght my good neighbor polrcy was carlng for the twins of Mr and Mx Flonze Sorey lEIs1e Claboughl whale they attended a danc October 25 I947 Today as I ate a sandwich at Millers Grill whom did I see but Douglas Webster clear Ing off tables whale wamng for has future wife to frnlsh hugh school? November I8 I947 Kyle North us now president of the Marilyn Shoe Store Loretta McBee us has only clerk December I3 I947 Today I recenved a letter from Captaun Bruce Mayes saying he was expectung a furlough soon February 3 I948 Ive learned that Fonda Holland has frnlshed her beauty course and IS now working at the Double Snooty Beauty Shop March 6 I948 Wlllle Ruth Cannon has been ep pornt d Red Cross Supervisor for Knox County May ll I948 I had the pleasure of buying a ham burger from Ralph Sharpe at his own restaurant un Powell July 6 I948 Marne Fann IS servung the public In one of our largest department stores whale waltlng for her on and only to flnlsh hrs vlslt wlth Uncle Sam September I3 l948 The form r Nell Rutherfod now a soldners wufe rs happy In thenr little log cabin IH the panes November I I948 Marlorle Brown has returned to college after a brlef vrslt wrth her parents December 29 l948 Bonnie Owens has taken the 'ob of caring for the cnldren at an orphans home February 6 I949 Snooks Scarbro Rlcward Burton and Don Fenton are now servlng In the Army of Occupatuon ID Japan . . . n . 1 1 ' 1 1 I , 1 1 ' fs L i. 1 1 v , , - .1 . , 'X . .. . . 1 1 V ' 1 1 ' A 41. - D , C , .I . T f- ' 1 1 1 " . - I. . .1 - 1 - , 1 1 -9 ' I I . 'I . , 4 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' f . . . . ,. I I . . . . I ,F . .. 1 1 N- 1 1 F ' ' ' ' S ' . . ' f ' ' 2 . o 1 I ' ' . I . , I , U , .. I : I A A I V - . . ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . 1 1 ' ' , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' . ' c ' I ' . ,X . - 1 1 ' . I , I, 1 1 1 . . -F i . . . A , J. , ..- . . 8 - , . . . . , T T Q 1 1 1 v F 1 1 ' 1 I T , "' . I , , - 1- . .. . , 1 .. .. . I I 1 1 ' 1 , ' .

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