Portola Junior High School - El Toro Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA)

 - Class of 1972

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Portola Junior High School - El Toro Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1972 volume:

EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA o R T 0 L A J U N 1 0 R H 1 G H AN INTRODUCTION TO THE BAY Eric Bassham Do you really need an introduction to our bahia, the site of numerous historical events, past and present? The blend of inpouring runnels and vintage pools makes the current speed swift and deep through the Golden Gate and past the shallows and inlets where the tidal life washes on the shores of man and nature. The delightful island parks are unpolluted by the urban auto rush but are within easy reach of the tired, harrassed, anxiety-plagued city-dweller. There exist bay shore shops with honest handicrafts for the mass-produced buyer. The tidal life, whether human or animal, can be seen co-existing with highway nets. The tiny crabs surviving the power equipment of the humans find more homes in their marinas, and a driftwood art work by the side of the freeway symbolizes man's invasion of the bay and its conquest of him. Portola is shaped by and reflects the bay's moods and hidden deeps. The bay shall always be broadcasting its message of calmed activity to the denizens of Portola. The bay will be a focus of common interest as long as it continues to exist; science and social studies classes delve into its mysteries, and poets and philosophers ponder its secrets. And foggy memories of the bay and its Portola shall ever percolate into life.HOPE Hope ... Visions of the future Memories of the past gathered together in goals and dreams of love for each other hoping ... Dina and Barbara 2DEDICATION dedication DEDICATION dedication DEDICATION dedication DEDICATION dedication D E D 1 C A T I 0 N d e d 1 c a t i 0 n D E D 1 C A T I 0 N d e d 1 c a t i 0 n D E D 1 C A T I 0 N d e d 1 c a It's impossible to describe in words all of the remarkable characteristics of this man. Yes, he’s Head Counselor. He is also a person who is genuinely involved in every facet of Portola’s life. Ask him about anything that relates to our school, and he can give you an answer. A friend to the students, an advisor to the faculty, and with an uncanny awareness of the community, this gentleman in many ways deserves the title, Mr. Portola. "Truth of the situation" appears to be his guiding light. It is with these thoughts in mind that we take pleasure in dedicating this yearbook to Mr. George Norikane. 3YEARBOOK COMMITTEE Sponsors: MR. DAHLSTROM, MR. DIMARTINO No one can ever thank good editors! MR. D and SANDY WOOLF Chief Editor DINA GRIFFITH Editor a n d BARBARA LEITCH Editor WINNER OF THE YEARBOOK COVER CONTEST JANICE SAKEISECOND PLACE WINNER EL TOROPortola's 1971-72 school year is quickly coming to a close. The year has been kind to our school, and has blessed us with many productive experiences. I sincerely hope that the efforts of our faculty, staff, and classified employees have made their mark on our students, and hope that during succeeding years they can look back and say they were greatMR. FOO MR. BAGNES VICE P R I N C I P A L - HEAD MR. NORIKANE MR. DIMARTINO MR. KOLLEWE MR. McGEE MRS.THE FACULTY Art is nothing more than the shadow of humanity. ... Henry James Mr. Dahlstrom Mr. Bossi Mr. Clark ART DEPARTMENT CREATIVITY creativity CREATIVITY creativity CREATIVITY creativity CREATIVITY creativity CREAT1 BUSINESS EDUCATION Go to your business, pleasure, whilst I go to my pleasure, business. ... Whycherley Miss Minas Mrs. Hobdy KNOWLEDGE knowledge KNOWLEDGE knowledge KNOWLEDGE know ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ledge KNOWLEDGE know edge KNOW! Mr. Walker Miss Morris Mrs. Gabel Miss Dornan Mrs. Pedersen Mrs. Krock Miss Phelan Mr. Tollen Be a philosopher; but amidst all your philosophy, be still a man. ... David Hume The history of the world is the record of a man in quest of daily bread and butter. ... H. W. Vanloon Mr. Fadelli Mrs. Studams Mr. Tierney Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Schneider Mrs. Pulido Miss Campbell Mr. Brooks Mr. Christos Mr. Moitoza sent PAST present PAST present PAST present PAST present RY DEPARTMENT present PAST present PAST p r e HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT When a man is no longer anxious to do better than well, he is done for. ... B. R. Webster Mrs. Studarus Mrs. White Mrs. Lamson DUR h o 1 a BONJOUR h o 1 a BONJOUR h o 1 a BONJOUR h o 1 a BONJOUR h o 1 a BONJOUR h o 1 a BONJOUR h o 1 a BONJOLR kNGUAGE DEPARTMENT Language as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God. ... Noah Webster 9 Mr. Gallo Mrs. Newman Mrs. Bart ram Miss AronMATH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Jefferson Ambition is our idol, on whose Mrs. Miller wings great minds are carry'd Miss Smith only to extreme; to be sublimely Miss Lancaster great, or to be nothing. Mrs. Siladi ... Southerne Mr. Winston Mr. Sutton Mr. Whiting Mr. Eldridgc Mr. Buechner Mr. Ferrari NUMBERS rhythm NUMBERS rhythm NUMBERS rhythm NUMBERS rhythm NUMBERS rhythm NUMBERS r h y t I MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Lord Mrs. Cox Mr. Franson Music is the greatest good that mortals know, and all heaven we have below. ... Addison Music is the medicine of the mind. ... John Logan JOGGING running JOGGING running JOGGING running JOGGING running JOGGING running JOGGING r u n PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mrs. Garcia Miss Ostiguy Miss Gunderson Mrs. Rockeman Mr. Murr Mr. Yasuda Mr. Rodich Mr. Williams Mr. Schneider 10Mrs. Mitchell Mr. Prager Mrs. Kalmar Mrs. Parks (absent) To read well, that is, to read true books in a true spirit, is a noble exercise. ... H. D. Thoreau There is an art of reading, as well as an art of thinking, and an art of writing. ... Isaac D’Israeli MENTING experimenting EXPERIMENTING experimenting EXPERIMENTING experimenting EXPERIMENTIN' Mrs. de los Reyes Mr. Kennedy Mrs. Yaffe Mrs. O'Hara Mr. Perry SCIENCE DEPARTMENT HATING appreciating APPRECIATING appreciating APPRECIATING appreciating APPRECIATING apprec SHOP DEPARTMENT Men wonder, and that is the seed of our science. ... Emerson What art was to the ancient world, science is to the modern. ... Benjamin Disraeli Mr. Thomsen Mr. Jelinek Mr. Higley Presence of mind and courage in distress are more than armies to procure success. ... Emerson 11Mr. Stevenson "Menia" Akin M. Hunter J. Rinaldi M. Peck R. Medina H. Gagnon T. Langford R. Graves L. Moershel G. Conlin L. Hilliard C. Wills L. PerelliR. Myers R. Young R. Garcia H. Garcia F. Radosevich F. Paulhus J. Mitchell J. Romero A. DeCourten CUSTODIANS MISSING TEACHERS NEW P.E. DEPT. PICTURES Mrs. Buckles Mr. Kamb Mrs. Knudson Mrs. Larew Mr. Lessler Mrs. Luck Mrs. Parks Mr. Seraphin Mr. Shaw Miss True Mr. Yost Mrs. Zane GIRLS' P.E. Mr. Murr Mr. Rodich Mr. Frazier Mr. Schneider Mr. WilliamsI have really enjoyed representing Portola as president this past year. I'd like to give special thanks to Beverly Mitchell, Christine Endo, Gail Maderis and Mr. Bagnes who have helped to support me this term. Being a part of the student executive council has been a fulfilling experience for me. xjCjiJuUK lyiaOCciLuJ STUDENT 0 O V E R N M E N T You can only govern men by serving them. The rule is without exception. ... Victor Cousin The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government. ... Thomas Jefferson That wise government, the general friend, might everywhere its eye and arm extend. ... Robert Southey UP AGAINST THE WALL! HERE COME THE NINES!ADVISORY 122 Adachi, Themy-Jo Addison, Carlos F. Aguilar, Rose Marie Alan, Denise E. Allen eitl . Allen, R. Dean Allen, Timothy Allen, Veronica F. Allison, Dale Allums, Ava L. Alvey, Leona C. Amaral, Bobby R. Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Terence R. Anderson, William E. Andre, Sue Andronico, William J. Anduiza, Richard A. Anquino, Rafael F. Armstrong, Norman Arndt, Kay L. Bailey, Scott Bailey, Sharon Bailey, Timothy F. Barba, Sharlotte Barksdale, Sylvia V. Barocio, Deborah Barrow, Mark A. Barsamian, Peter Bartlett, David Bassham, Eric A. Bcacham, Teresa M. Bell, Andrea D. Bell, Brenda Bell, Eric Bell, Gregory A. Bell, Janie A. HMM ADVISORY 124Bell, Michael D. Bcltram, Juanita E. Bezayiff, RoseMary Blades, Danny Blake, Curtis N. Boatner, John Burdick, John Bowman, Douglas H. Brewer, James M. Briggs, Anita Brown, Derrick Glenn Brown, Duane 3rown, Wendell Brumbaugh, Gail W. Buechler, Dann Bundy, Michael K. Burdick, John C. Burgess, Shirley Butler, Carolyn A. Cain, Gary W. Caldwell, Karin Calhoun, Sheila HMM HMM HMM ;arlson, Russell Carr, Reginald Carr, Vicki C. Carrillo, Carolyn L. Cascio, Martha R. Cassell, Cheryl J. lastell, William M. Castillo, Andrew A. Chan, Henry Chan, Sanford Chan, Tallis Y. Chiang, Arthur hinn, Randall C. Clarkson, Linda Ann Claxton, Dennis Clay, Anthony Clayton, Diane Clott, James ADVISORY 128 HMM HMMCohee, Elizabeth Colby, Steven Collins, Ronald W. Commcrford, David W. Compiler, Cindic Lee Conway, Ann S. Cooper, Jeffrey Corbett, Karl B. Cosby, Carol L. Coulas, Paul Douglas Cromartie, Barry Paul Davidson, Hazel HMM HMM ADVISORY 129 Davis, Anita Louise Davis, Laurel M. Dealba, Anita M. Deitos, Sonya Delamare, Mary E. Dellacort, Debra A. Delph, Kevin M. Demby, Denise Deschamp, Darlene A. Deville, Simone Diani, Renee Digrazia, Thomas P. Dimmick, Kevin W. Dito, Maria Teresa Dobbins, Rachelle Doss, Leroy Downey, AbbyL. Drewrey, Cynthia Dubno, Anna M. Edwards, Cynthia L. Ellis, Gwentolyn D. Endo, Christine Y. Endo, Jeanne Eng, Mac W. Epperson, Carol M. Erickson, Carl Waldea Evans, Richard C. Eygcs, Perry W. HMMADVISORY 130 irrior, Ricky R. Fussct, Rhonda Feathcrstone, Edward Ferguson, Kimberly A. Fernandes, Kathleen M. Fernandez, Manuel A. elds, Ronald D. Figuera, Ricky A. Fiorentino, Michelle Fitch, Lisa M. Fitzpatrick, Maria R. Flamm, Kathryn iletta, Steven R. Folliard, Sally Forcum, Anne Ford, ElaineJ. Foster, Jeffrey L. Fountain, Claudia M. iser, R. Lori Fredericks, Janice L. Freeman, Debra Freer, Scott J. Fret land, Teresa M. Friedman, EricJ. edman, Sandra M. Frye, Lorraine M. Fujikawa, Michael Garrison, Roberta J. Gay, Laurence Gchling, Karen tman, Brenda 3emani$, Claudia Gentry, Richard George, Tim Giangrasso, Susan T. Gibson, Kim L. HMM HMM Gioia, JohnGill, Linda Gilmore, William Gioia, John Gladitsch, Daniel W. Glaspie, Linda Gonzales, Luz M. Gorman, Patricia Ann Green, Jack D. Green, Robert Greer, Allen Griffith, Dina J. Groat, Michele L. Gross, Jane A. Gulley, Eloise Gutierrez, Manuel Halford, Steven Hamilton, Alan S. Hammond, Eric H. Hammond, Robyn Hardin, Dennis Harris, Gregory R. Hatcher, Sharon L. Hatcher, Walter Haycock, Steven Hayes, Gary L. Hazemoto, Debbie Hazen, David A. Henderson, Kathy M. Henri, Marianne J. Henry, Audrey Henry, Tom L. Hernandez, Antonia C. Herrera, Nancy Ann ADVISORY 152 HMM HMM I think that apple got to the substitute She didn't give us any homework. 20ilbum, Kimberly G. Hill, Tanya E. Hirano, Jeffrey M. Hiromoto, David S. Hocrtling, Kaihryn Hopkins, Cynthia G. luerta, Timothy R. Hughes, Christopher A. Hung, Rosie J. Hunter, Yaahn Hutton, Craig Ikcgaki, Lori K. nada, Bruce Yukio Iodice, John K. Ishikata, Raymond T. Itow, Richard Jackson, Darryl Jackson, Kent ackson, Vincent Jacobs, Carole J. Jacobson, Eileen Jaekle, Deborah James, Ronetta E. Jang, Denise F. esfjeld, Katherine L. Jimenez, Kathleen hnson, PeggyJ. Johnson, Reuben Johnson, Robert D. Johnson, Terry T. Johnson, Walter H. Johnston, David W. inston, Gary Jones, David Jones, Doyle Jones, Laura Joseph, Jill N. Kaldunski, Donald S. ADVISORY 210 hmm ADVISORY 253Kalm, Debbie A. Kami, Beverly G. Kasso, Janet Katsura, Neil M. Kawakami, Lauren K. Kaya, Kevin C. Kell, David A. Kelley, Sinoda Kessler, Scott King, Phyllis D. Knight, Daniel Knudson, Dennis A. Ko, Debbie Komori, Dennis T. Kovar, Druscilla R. Kubota, Agnes H. Kuhre, Kathlyn R. Kwong, Wendy Langlie, Sandra A. Laster, Aliesa Lavine, Conetta Layson, Roque E. Leacock, Kevin Lee, Gayle Leitch, Barbara A. Lewis, Larry L. Lewis, Rory R. Lichtman, Jeffrey A. Lindberg, John Litja, Harry Lochhart, Chris Lovasich, Robert M. Lowe, Tracey Lusk, Jerry L. Lutirell, PaulJ. Maarschalkerweerd, William Maderis, Ann Marie Maderis, Gail J. Maia, RickJ. Mallory, Mona Marsit, Martin, Charles J. ADVISORY 254Martinez, Mitch Martuscello, Michael Mashy, Mona Mason, Desiree Matsui, Karen C. Mayeda, Joyce K. Mazmanian, Bobby McGee, Robert J. McGee, Wayne Keith McGlory, Phyllis McGuire, Reginald McKenzie, Don Mecklenburg, Karin Medina, Dominic E. Mehta, Samir Meier, Carol J. Mcllander, Alison Mellander, MarkD. Mcshack, Carla filler, Charles Miller, John Miller, Raymond A. Minard, Stephan R. Mitchell, Beverly Mitchell, Kathryn vlitchell, Elaine Mitchell, Patricia A. Miyamori, Elaine N. Mock, Leisa Y. Montoya, Clara M. Moore, Anthony Lee loore, Deborah L. Moore, Nancy Moore, Sharon L.Moppin, Lcrry D. Morita, Nancy G. Morris, Keith B. Morrissey, John M. Munk, David C. Naccarini, Michael E. Nance, EricC. Neslon, Kenneth J. Nelson, Scott R. Newton, Charletta Nidevcr, Brian Nomura, Pamela Novaresi, John J. Obrien, Colleen Odlin, Kenneth V. Oliver, Andrew Onate, David M. Oneal, Robert G. Osterholt, Scott E. Oswalt, Ed ware Over, JoAnna K. Overholtzer, Jan C, Overholtzer, Nancy J. Oyama, Lois K. Paiva, Kent Pangelina, Gilbert J. Papucci, Renzo Parker, Fayme D. Parker, Kathryn Pataja, Anita M. Paulsen, Carolyn A. Perez, David Perry, Jeffrey S. Perry, Ronald Peters, Jeffrey J. Peterson, Daniel P. Petitti, Dorothy L. Phillips, Freda Phillips, Linda M. Picetti, Adriano P. Piper, Steven A D V 1 S O R Y 3 2 0 ADVISORY 259 HMM HMMPolk, Janet Prado, Francine L. Pressler, Karen Preston, Debra Price, Anquinette Prydc, Steven E. Purdy, Randy Quon, David L. Ratilaincn, Tapani Raymond, Gregory P. Teddrick, Pierre Reed, Tullious Reichle, Jim Reyes, Louis Y. I’m your substitute and my bite is worse than my bark! ADVISORY 440 Jone, Steven Rissanen, John Rivers, Margaret Robinson, Agnes L. Robinson, Brooks A. Robinson, Valerie D. ckwell, Kenneth W. Rodriguez, Eduardo P. Rogers, Paul Romero, Richard A. Rompel, Wade D. Rose, Deborah ss, Phyllis Karan Russell, Willene Rydman, Michael Lee Sakai, Janice K. Salgado, Ronnie R. Sanders, Karen L. ntiago, Susan L. Sanui, Lester Sarkis, Dorine Schachischneidcr, J. Schiffmaicr, AnneF. Schmelzcr, Margaret C. HMM HMM HMMSchneider, Joel J. Schooley, LauraS. Seppanen, Ronald J. Sergent, Freddie I’m not about to make that detention! Shahan, Sandra Shamim, Maryam Shaver, Gregory Shields, Willie Shoepe, Richard F. Shoesmith, Scott Silverman, Nathan D. Simpson, Gwendolyn Sindel, Gregory Skinner, Julie Skundberg, Kevin Slaughter, Danny M. Smart, John B. Smith, BrendolynB. Smith, Darryl Smith, David C Smith, Dinah M. Smith, Leslie M. Smith, Ray E. Smith, Shelia V. Souza, Billy Manuel Spencer, Robert L. Spivey, Gregory Stern, EnidJ. Stewart, Mike John Storch, Maria V. Stradford, Jeffrey Studabaker, Diana L. Sullivan, Judith I. Sweat, Susan C. Takei, Dawn Y. ADVISORY 200 Drat! Late again! ADVISORY 559 HMMTan, Winston L. Tate, Ira L. Taylor, Kimberly Thomas, Clcnnes Thompson, Margaret H. Thompson, Patricia A. Thompson, Patrick J. Tipton, Thomas C. Torvik, Leslie E. Touriel, Jay Townsend, Ivye Trujillo, Carl D. Tsukiyama, Gail A. Uchihara, Tracy Uejo, Karen L. Uratsu, Diane M. Urone, Ronald J. HMM HMM Valdez, Samuel J. Vanamburg, Jon Vanhcuit, Jon R. Veal, Elizabeth A. Venzon, Cynthia J. Verarde, Barbara Vest, John Viera, Robert Villasenor, Kathy P. Vollan, Vanora T. Vonhof, Kent V. Walker, Stanley Walker, Theresa L. Wallace, Kathy Wanzo, Clovette M. Warner, Karen A. Watson, Kathryn L. Weirich, Karen Weisscnbom, Edward J. Welden, Barbara D. Welter, Marianne Wenzel, Anne E. Wcrson, Lissa ADVISORY 563I just got a swat. 28 White, Howard S. White, Jana White, Marian E. Whyte, Nicholas A. Wilcots, Janice C. Wilder, Luana D. Wiles, David K. Williams, Gayle M. Williams, Gregory B. Williams, Ronald Williams, Sheryl R. Wiffiford, Douglas Wilson, Evan H. Wilson, Terry L. Winzer, Iarvin Wisener, James C. Wong, Constance D. Wong, Stephanie L. Wood, Beverly Woolf, Sandra Wooton, Paul A. Yano, Colleen E. Yoshisato, Randall Young, Larry Yow, Terry Zcnoni, Robert T. Zettel, Robert C. Zia, Schcherezade Zuerner, Richard L.AND THE EIGHTS ARE E A 0Aaronian, Michael Adame, Laurie N. Addison, Charisse Adranly, Muna Affolter, Sharon Aiello, Carol A. Albright, Alice Alexander, Gayle Alexander, Lori Ann Allen, Anthony Allen, Victoria Allums, Charles Alston, Michael C. Anderson, Charles W. Anderson, Paul L. Aronovici, Andrina Asazawa, Jody Bakker, Alan Barba, Elizabeth Barnes, Vickie Barnes, Zabeth Barquis, Victoria Bartlett, Guy Bartlett, Robert E. Bartlett, Steven Bartlow, Robert E. Bassham, Glen Bates, Brian Baton, Vickie Bean, Ernest Bcckley, PaulC. Bell, Thomas C. Beltram, Eleanor Bennett, Mark Bentz, Julie A. Bernard, Deanna Bernstine, Carol L. Bernstine, Diane R. Berry, Deborah R. Bersin, Adam S. Bert, Patricia A. ADVISORY 123 HMM HMM HMM HMMADVISORY 125 ryant, Patrick A. Bums, Audrey Burton, Charles D. Butler, Brenda Cable, Pamela Cabral, Larry F. Bilyeu, Lisann M. Blackburn, Marilyn Blackwell, Girselda Blake, Charles G. Blake, Diane D. Blake, Vicki R. Blakeley, Kevin Blakely, Dewayne Blaurock, Andreas Blodgett, Ernest V. Bluitt, Carol Bohanon, Earic Booth, Scott J. Booth, Vicky A. Bostic, Sonja Bowman, Daryl Boyd, Lafricda O. Bradford, Terrance Brandt, Neville R. Breazeale, Robert D. Breckenridgc, Darryl Bridge, Philips. Brinklow, Janette R. Bronkcn, Gail A. Bronson, Jacques D. Brown, Anthony B. Brown, Denise M. Brown, Elfrida Brown, Gwendolyn Brown, Kevin J. Brown, Melody E. Brown, Roderick D. Brown, Sylvia A. Brown, Jack H ADVISORY 153Camacho, Jesus Campbell, Annetta Campbell, Wayne A. Canesiro, Raymond L. Canto, Irma Carmichael, Donald Carraway, Rochelle Carter, Charelse E. Cash, James Castell, Terri M. Caya, Thomas J. Chambers, Ray Allen Chan, Dcbora Chang, Robert A. Charter, Michael H. Cheit, Julie E. Christensen, John Christian, Linda Chuning, Denise C. Claxton, Laura L. Clevenger, James L. Cole, Alicia Cole, Sharon Collins, Elizabeth A. Conn, Sheila S. Connick, Arthur R. Connor, Michelle Conway, Kathleen M. HMM HMM HMM ADVISORY 155 Cook, William Copper, Arthur Copeland, Debra Ann Cotton, Lisa D. Crcer, Leslie Robin Creer, Ray A. Crespan, Steven Crew, Bobbie Jean Cruz, Suzanne M. Cummings, Pamela Y. Cummirgs, Robin Currie, Denise A. HMMaisey, Terry K. Damm, Steven Dangerfield, Edwin D. Daniels, Karen Daranciang, Diane Darnell, Deborah as, Robin K. Davis, Charles V. Davis, Debra Davis, Denise R. Davis, Glcnnard A. Davis, Sandra K. :alba, Lisa A. Dcbosc, Elise M. Deffebach, Mike Dcgruy, Herbert Delacampa, Patricia Dclamare, Denise 1 Delehunt, Anne Deming, Sherri Delehunt, Anne Deming, Sherri ADVISORY 158 HMf I wonder if he’ll notice? ennis, Bernard Devers, LeniseC. Dias, Robert Digrazia, Flora A. Dimick, Laureen Rita Dimmick, Sharon R. ne$, Karen A. Do rough, Susan C. Dorton, Rachael Dossman, Doris A. Douglas, Raphael Doung, uthit, Wendy L. Dowell, Deirdre A. Draeger, Harold A. Drewrcy, Dubno, Ava Dufour,Dye, Ruth Arlene Eberhard, Eric S. Edwards, Patricia Ellis, Debra Elmo, Kenneth Elmore, Patti Lynn Ely, Kirsten Eng, Joyce Ping Faby, Deaundra Faggett, Teresa Faison, Billie J. Fara, Donnctte Faulkner, Sco Feathers, Carlo , p. Feay, Susan K. Felder, Eric Feliciano, Elenesjr. Ferry, Kris M. Ferry, TroyJ. Ficklin, Yolanda J. Fitzgerald, Debbie Foletta, Susan Fortich, Omar S. Foster, Crystal Foster, Eunice Fozdar, Vahid Fraire, Cynthia Frazier, Danny R. Frcderikscn, Karen M. French, Stephen R. Fricke, Margie Lu Frisch, Gary B. Frost, Douglas A. Fujita, Kay M. Gujita, Larry Ganoung, Collette M. Garcia, Pauline Garrett, Timothy M. Gatewood, Arlinda ADVISORY 201ighan, Alexandra M. Gee, Julia A. George, Deryl Gerald, Georgette R. Getman, Carolyn E. Gill, David irdano, William J. Gipson, Tommy $son, Kim M. Gok, Joni Goldsmith, Jennifer E. Gomez, Vincent Gonzales, Jose A. Gonzales, Sandra e, Victoria L. 3orman, Frank J. Gray, Arnold Green, Sharon Griset, Denise M. Groscnheidcr, Brian nau, Nancy 3uess, Lee A. G undry, George Gwinn, Kathleen Hall, Billy F. Hamilton, Kirk D. isen, Kim lanssen, Janet E. Hardin, Susan Harper, Edward Harris, Claudia Harris, Gina ris, Linda Sue 1 arris, Steve Harris, Veronica Harris, Yulanda Hartman, Cynthia Haskins, Lenny P.Hastings, Dexter Hastings, Robert Hawkins, Denise Hawkins, Dennis Hawkins, Patricia A. Haynes, James W. Hazemoto, Linda Henderson, Cheryl Henderson, Sheryle Hernandez, Annette L. Heslip, Cornel B. Hcwett, Kirk A. Higgins, Lori Hill, Lawrence Hinton, Charlotte J. Hinton, David Hod gin, Terri Holmes, Larita R. Horn, Charles Hood, Marla S. Hoyer, Bryan H. Hoyle, Murray Hubbell, Karen Huerta, Donna M. Hunt, Andrew Hunt, Gregory Ichinaga, Daniel Imada, Nadine Rikie Insell, Henry S. Irwin, Laurel A. Irwin, Louis Jacko, Ricky Jackson, Christopher Jackson, David S. Jackson, Greta V. Jackson, Linda J. Jackson, Renee Jaramillo, Michelleefferson, Michael Jensen, Barbara Jensen, Darrell Jeung, Stephanie K. Jimenez, Therese M. Johnson, Cindy hnson, Gladys E. J ohnson, Lori K. Johnson, Scott Johnson, Vanning K. Jones, Barbara A. Jones, Dale nes, Donald Jones, Rickey Jones, Warren Joseph, Linda J. Judge, Janet Jung, Leland D. ng, Tina S. Kaldunski, Deborah A. Kaplan, Judy Katayanagi, Gail Kelley, Cynthia R. Kcrncr, Kert H. yton, Keith Kibby, Anthony King, Albert King, Betty J. King, Curtis King, Rodney James tka, Michael Kloski, Paige Knight, Yvonne Knighten, Ben Koide, Roger T. Kovar, Aaron J. rbota, Nancy H. Kuh, Anthony ADVISORY 205ADVISORY 256 Lacy, Evette Langford, Ricky D. Lauher, Donald G. Lee, Albert Lee, Brian P. Lee, Catherine A. Lee, Debra C. Lee, LaurieS. Lee, Lenise L. Lee, Yolanda Lcitch, Nancy S. Lenoir, Brenda L. Letchworth, William P. Lewis, Michael G. Lewis, Sharon Faye Lillard, Chyrell D. Lind, Kenneth Long, Carl V. Lott, Latonya D. Lowe, Douglas Lowe, James Lucero, Charles J. Lueckel, Susan Diane Luevano, Gloria M. Lum, Heine J. Lum, Valerie A. Macbeath, William Macomber, Ann M. Macon, Valencia M. Macs, Emily A. Maes, Eva M. Maia, Kimberly A. Mandoriao, Alberto J. Mandoriao, Dorothy G. Manis, Terry Martin, Gary L. Martinez, Anthony R. Martinez, Richard G. Mass, George A. Mattox, Deborah McCaulie, Roy ADVISORY «:Day, Trevlyn K. McDowell, Kevin McFadden, Orlandes McGee, Daryl McGill, Remonia McGlory, Lawrence sGraw, Romero Mclntryc, Corrine McLean, Anthony L. McMillan, David McMillan, Renee McNeill, Danny cVea, Anthony T. Mercer, Gary L. Merrida, Michael A. Mcspelt, Marks. Messerer, Michael K. Miller, Ann ller, Daniel L. Miller, James Steven Miller, KathrineJ. Misa, Rossana Mitchell, George R. Mitchell, Larry tchell, Nancy Anne Mitchell, Richard D. Molica, John H. Montgomery, Robert E. Moon, Elizabeth A. Moore, Diane ioore, Eileen D. Moore, John A. Moore, Julie Ann Moore, Valerie L. But - It is my history book! HMM HMM HMM pin, Linda D. 'ioresco, Rodney W. Morgain, Melvin R. Morgan, Daryle j Morley, William E. Morning, Kerry D. ADVISORY 260Morris, Eddie Mulder, Angela K. Murray, Brian M. Myles, Anthony Myres, Rossilan Nagase, Joey Nakae, Leslie F. Nakano, Ronald Nani, Steven L. Nash, Tim Navarrete, Filis Nelson, Ronald A. Nelson, Walter Nemcc, Michael L. Nevotii, Michael E. Newton, Ricky L. Nichlos, Kyra A. Nicks, Curtis R. Nicks, Johnny R. Niizawa, Jill Nishita, Ann Nita, Glenn M. Nixon, Jessie May Noble, James Nordahl, Michael D. Nunley, Pamela L. Olivito, Jeanette R. Ong, Michael D. HMM HMM HMM Ough, Jennifer A. Paddock, Gerlad Pair, Michael J. Paiva, Vicky S. Papkoff, Jessica B. Parker, Zoe A. Parks, Sandra R. Parmeter, John Patterson, Betty Lou Patterson, Kermas A Percoats, Rodney Perez, Joanne ADVISORY HMMrry, Ricki F. Pervoe, AltorisG. Phillips. Gail E. Phillips, Linda Phillips, Nelvia Pickens, Glenda ;rce, Jane M. Pieroni, Gary Pirtz, Doris C. Pisciotta, Rosemarie Pleasant, Lynn M . Pollin, Elizabeth C. rter, Charles Prather, Michael Preston, Lawanna Price, Ingrid Pumphrey, Kristina S. Pyle, Amy tel, Donna Radosevich, Matthew V. Raffanelli, Tony Ramsey, Robert ADVISORY 301 ella, Cheryl R. Rapplcy, Christie Reddrick, Evonne M. Reed, Darryl Reed, Mary Alice Reed, Michele ichle, Judy Reichle, Nancy Reitter, Janet Repass, Steven J. Revels, Vanessa J. Reyes, Eric ymundo, RaphelC. Richards, Terrilyn Robbins, Anthony G. Robertson, Jocelyn R. Robinson, Deborah D. Robinson, Jimmie R. HMM HMM HMM HMMRobinson, Lamar Robinson, Deborah L. Rodriguez, Richard T. Rogers, Veda Rompel, J ay W. Rorem, Rebecca M. Ross, Barbara Ross, Robert Rozancc, Marybeth Rule, Marion L. Sam, Tina M. Sanchez, Susana D. Sankovich, William T. Saunders, Vivian Scharetg, Beverly Schipani, Wm. Rick Schmiege, Bret D. Schneider, James K. Schniewind, Melissa M. Schulack, Dana Jean Scott, Dennis Scott, Derrick D. Scott, Jesse K. Scott, Joellen L. Sedano, Sandra M. Seifert, Carol Sheehy, Barbara A. Sheperd, Flora J. Sheridon, Kathleen Silva, Antonio A. Simington, Donald Simmons, Kent A. 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Blumcnfeld, Eve Blumenfeld, Thomas Boatwright, Tanya Bolden, William Bonilla, Jesse Bostic, Malinda Bourgault, Shellie A. Bowman, Sharon J. Bradley, Yvette M. Brandon, Thomas H. Brooks, Charlotte Mae Brooks, Gregory Brooks, Pennsanclla Brown, Anthony J. Brown, Cleveland Brown, Karen E. Brown, Keith D. Brown, Linda Bruner, Rosetta Bryant, Cynthia M. Bunch, Tanya Burdick, Ruth E. Burling, Danette Burt, Deborah Butler, Sharon Calhoun, Donnell HMM Shucks! They won't let me take Home Ec.! ADVISORYlalloway, Donita Camell, James J. Camell, Kenneth Canamorc. Steven E. Canepa, Mark E. Cannon, Virginia :ard, Ginger E. Carey, Vanessa Carlino, Jack Carlson, Peter Carter, Kimberley E. Carter, Pauline L. ascio, RossJ. Cassell, Deborah J. Chambre, Marianne Chan, Dennis H. Chang, Grace W. Chang, Helen H. Ihapman, John A. Chapman, Kenneth E. Chenevert, Dwayne Chin, Michael Clay, Eric Colburn, Robert H. olby, Claire P. Cole, Harold Collins, Dorothy L. 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Nelson, Eric ADVISORY 209 HMMIson, Patty K. Nelson, Susanne Nemec, MadelynC. Noble, Letrcse M. Novakov, Anna Nugent, Dreux F. kley, Diane Okada, Carrie D. Okamoto, Dean Olson, Cynthia A. Olson, Maureen E-. HMM o, David A. Ono, Julie A. Otterstrom, Kathrin 1 Ough. James R. Overall, Diahana M. j Pair, Lisa C. ,mer, Pamela Pangelina, Andrew Pangelina, Jose J. Papucci, Claudio Parker, Charles Parker, Lannic A. ten, Duane E. Patterson, Cheryl D. Patterson, Glenn A. Pena, Maria G. Penoleton, Charles M. Perkins, Patricia L. rodin, John C. Pervoe, Michael D. Polese, John W. Pozzan, Mary A. Preuss, Edward Price, Karen E. 'de, Katherine A. Purdie, Ross K. Quinto, Maria Raleigh, Kenneth Ramey, Paul Ramirez, Anthony ADVISORY 255Reynolds, Ramond Reynolds, Tammy L. Reynolds, Terrie Richardson, Peter K. Richardson, Warren Rivers, Beverly Robertson, Willie A. Robinson, Arenoso Robinson, Katrina Robinson, Sarah T. Robinson, Sheila Robinson, Valarie Rohrer, Jeffrey C. Rosario, Reynaldo R. 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Strand, Laurel Surratt, Frederick Switzer, Laura Takahashi, Michele Takei, Tonia L. Talton, Gozetta Tenaka, Linda A. Tapia, Marvin S. Taylor, A. Veronica Taylor, Steven D. Tcmpclis, Daniel S. Thomas, Dannie R. Thomas, Mathaline Thomas, Steven P. Thomas, Terry L. Thompson, David W. Thompson, Winthrop L. Toohey, Michael R. Tuan, Bertrand Yu-Hao Turner, Chauncy L. Turner, Gwcnda Turner, Helen Laura Uchihara, Ronn Uhrig, Colette A. Vamis, Andrew R. Vandorn, Nina A. Vanhook, Danny Vann, Glen E. Vanselow, Kathy Varela, Obdulia M. Vidal, Erick J. ADVISORY 562 HMM HMM HMM 60ADVISORY 602 te, James White, Reginald White, Timothy W Whyte, Robert izant, John Vinzant, Joseph Vollan, Leora L. Vonhof, Lisa A. Walker, Barry Walker, Gregor lker, Jennifer Wallace, Albertina Wallace, Donavon E. Wallace, Sharon R. Walls, Charlene Walls, Gary R. :ner, Sylvet P. Washington, Deborah Washington, Portia J. Washington, Wilma Wasson, Jaimey Watson, Walter F. )b, Sandra Denise Webster, Debra Weeks, Catherine D. Welch, Leslie Wentworth, John S. Wenzel, Stuart W. iscls, Ronnie G. West, Dean West, Pamela J. Westling, Karla Nancy Wheeler, Brian Wheeler, Rebecca D. 61 I wonder why the neighbors always seem so annoyed?Wickman, David L. Wilhite, Victor Williams, AntoneK. Williams, Bradley A. Williams, Camella Williams, Cathy Williams, Deborah Williams, Eduardo Williams, Eric Williams, Kenneth Williams, Vickie Williamson, Stanley Willis, Marcie Willis, Melissa Willis, Vickie R. Wilson, Berton C. Wilson, Debra M. Wineman, Darrell Wing, Elaine F. Wood, Natalie Woods, Savannah Woods, Victor Woodson, Keith Woodworth, Margaret Woolf, Billy Workman, Yourlanda Wright, Michelle Yamashita, Michael Yip, Kurt Yoshii, Judy A. Young, Laiania R. Young, LyleJ. Young, Roderick W. Zamanian, Glen 62SORRY ABOUT THAT! OUT OF ORDER! Lind, K. Luz, G. O’Neal, T. Taylor, B. EIGHTS NINES Chulack, P. Osazawa, J. Plummer, K. Smith, S. Venturi, L. Wilcots, D. Henderson, B. Lindquist, L. Mario, B. McCathy, T. McFarland, H. Mclnnis, J. SEVENS We apologize for any pictures not represented. Yearbook Committee R]Ah l££ DEBATE CLUB SPONSOR: Mrs. BoughtonGYMNASTIC CLUB GAA GAAvnuuu. mi. juiiiuuLr 9th GRADE BASKETBALL TEAMMUSIC FEDERATION OFFICERS SPONSORS: Mr. Lord Mr. Franson SPONSOR: Mr. Lord JAZZ BAND STRING O TO 0 1 m c —I TO SPONSOR: Mr. Franson MUX OX DOORK DOXT LBAX OX DOOUSADVANCED BAND SPONSOR: Mr. Lord, Mr. Franson 'JTERMEDIATE BAND EGINNIN0 BANDCHOIR OFFICERS SPONSOR: Mrs. Cox JGIRLS CHORUS SPONSOR: Mrs. CoxOFFICE HELPERSEIGHTH AND NINTH GRADE SCIENCE CLUB SPONSOR: Mr. PerryLEUKEMIA SERVICE CLUB SPONSOR: Miss Phelan 76INTERNATIONAL CLUB SPONSOR: Mrs. Pulido Mr. Foo ngxicAtf Jvmf VCr PEANUT THE VISTA SPONSOR: Mr. MoitozaLOS SABIOS SPONSOR: Mrs. Pattiso 78STAFF MEETING HIT THE BALL - 7th GRADE SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS SCIENCE FAIR JUDGES SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS SMILE! 7980Play it again! Sounds great! Let's hear the drum! 81OUR MIGHTY BASKETBALL TEAM THE DONS! 82 ACAL CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS! Dean Allen, Richard Evans, Scott Bailey, Erk Nance, Jim Reichle, Renzo Paducci84 yVV o5DRAMA — PERIOD b AND 7 Nathan Silverman, Scott Freer, Jon Van Heuit Jon Van Heuit, Mary De La Mare Dennis Claxton Barbara Welden, Druscilla Kovar, Beverly Mitchell, Sherry Zia I Valerie Robinson, Vicki CarrLIFE THE DREAM A tiny world suspended in a clear dimension, A miniature sun radiating in a lonely space pulsating energy, slowly, taking form ... A fragile world, trembling at the slightest touch Waiting to be born, maybe to die ... Waiting for the careless accident that wipes out the tiny life within ... L. Kawakami A dream of a thousand years ... a dream, that has been dreamed so long, that it is worn ... Many lives have depended on this dream - and - many lives have died because of it A dream of love. A dream of peace. A dream of joy. A dream of a thousand years that maybe someday will come true and won’t have to be dreamed anymore. Beth Veal WONDERING Why Did you come into my life bright and burning and then turn out to be wax like everyone else? Carol Epperson BIRD The winged soul soars, every movement; perfect. Swift as thought, delicate as a golden moment, poised in a cascade of blue ... Floating above the mists and tendrils, of time ... forever a free, a wild, creature of the air... Lauren Kawakami 92PORTOLA CHEERLEADERS PORTOLA POM-POM GIRLS 88 IDRAMA — PERIOD 6 AND 7 Tom Tipton Gail Baumbaugh, Rich Mair, Jeffery Stradrom

Suggestions in the Portola Junior High School - El Toro Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) collection:

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