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itn ' ini ' ipfiWiTif.fi ' JB ' - ' C LIBRARY 3 1833 02502 9536 Gc 977.202 F77por 197J Portage Middle School (Yearbook) V Portarama PORTAGE FORT WAYNE, IND. Vol. XIV CONTENTS Faculty Students Sports Music 9 10 8 24 7 40 58 66 This book is property of: mmBm mm. The time is ours, the day is ours, a memory to remember and share-an ordinary day, a very small and special part of a seemingly ordinary year. " Call back yesterday and bid time return " . (Shakespeare) We give it back to you, plotted out and retraced— each path as we walked them together. Beginning with 8:10, we reconstruct our day ' s typical journey . . . the school drones a low murmur as the halls begin to fill. A vague reluctance to face another day vanishes as a friend ' s smile greets you with the promising news of a new day. First period books are brought forth while some industrious student finds a spare minute to study in an empty classroom. A good book awaits you in the library. Crowded halls begin to clear as students ramble to class. A rather lazy first period comes, hopefully followed by another great day. But for now, our day begins . . . ' :W- P He was a humble man who loved his work, found a pleasure close to the land, dedicated his life to his family, and worshiped his God devotedly. 1865235 Dr. Hugh Kariger Principal Richard Cira Counselor Sandra Haiflich Afs ' t Principal Carol Pugsley Counselor C :S. - - r %: jM B r m T jKil ■■ ■ ' - " A , S i ' ' " V. S - ■ i Hh 9 L ' ■ % " WM i - ' • m ■Ml i M ■. « J M I S ' M:W!f rm ■ii HMHfflH S i ■ Vf ii . ti • ' .-.V V f Jack Berg English, History James Brown Science, F. Biology Robert Denny Algebra, G. Math David Desper Math Ruth DeHaven Art David Didier English Bruce Frankinburger G. Shop, Ind. Arts Donald Gebhard Gen. Bus., Typing Valjean Harker History, Soc. Studies James Hultquist Math, Soc. Studies Sheri Johnson Math, G.P.E. Beth Koeneman Home Ec, Clothing Julie Larson Home Ec., Foods Pat LaFontaine French, English Chris Lindley F. Algebra, Math John McLaughHn B.P.E. Mildred Meese G. Music, Choir Charles Murray Science Donald Parlette Orchestra, Band Thomas Pearson Biology, Health Robert Pugh English Donald Reynolds English Dick Roe Special Ed. Mildred Radatz Library Judy Rugman G.P.E. John Septer English Sue Simler Math John Skinner F. Biology, Health 1 . ■ ■kr jP T M SPbB P x i S ' ' iJy w S ! f y.JW Qb W0 J2g:i- ' m M Barbara Stahl F. Biology, Science Norma Sterling History, English Isabelle Warfel English, Spanish John Weicker History Vernon Werking Science, Soc. Studies Alton White Ind. Arts, Drafting John Broom Instrumental Music Dottie Collins Secretary Sue Grim Secretary Pat Montes Secretary Luana Haskell Aide Marva Thorn Aide Ephraim Smiley Aide student Council 8:20 The election of a student council proves to be a welcome break in the first month of school. An early morning convocation gives each candidate the opportunity to campaign for votes, and gives the voters time for consideration and decision. Candidates plan skits, paint signs, and write their all important campaign speech, realizing only one slate will be the winner. Donna Roger Debbie Bob Linda Sue Greg Black Blaine Bloemker Bollenbacher Bonar Bonar Bonsib Tina Doug Kathy Bruce Roger Bowen Boyles Bradtmiller Braun Bremer Charles Brown Charles Brown Jesse Compos Don Carrion 8:40 At Portage the biology classes set the pace by taking a " get to know the specimens " attitude. The ninth graders in Mrs. Stahl ' s class are engrossed at the sight of a clam. Mrs. Stahl instructs as students begin to disect. Each year, collecting insects is an important project for each biology students. Catching a Tiger Swallowtail is a real accomplishment, but watching a Viceroy fly through a hole in the net is an agonizing experience. The outstanding collections this year belong to Kathy Stanley, Bernie Finken, Cheryl Perry, Cindy LeMaster, Judy Buell, Deanna Duquid, Dave Nelson, Dave Murray, Amy Ress, Val Shrock, and Tom Clendenen. 12 Judy Deanna Paul Sylvester Steve Dorothy Tim Duehmig Duguid Edsall Essex Esterson Felger Fink Bemie Rex Mike Andy Jim Dave Karen Finken Fisher Forkert Fowlkes Frankewich Frebel Free 13 Between the agonies of mispronouncing a French word to getting your finger caught between the keys of the typewriter, ninth grade students have their share of morning problems. As the typewriters sound their famihar " ding " , the echo of " Bonjour " comes down the hall from French class. W Michael Ron Dianna Pat Rob George Warren Hicks Hill Hofmann Holman Hood Hoover Howard Bill Shawn Ovean Bob Tom Hutchens Huttsell Johnson Johnson Johnson Colby Keeney Ruth Kerns Andrew Kathy Chuck Anne Joan Mike Cindy Kettler Kowalenko Kuhn Lahmeyer Landrigan Langston LeMaster 9:30 The sound of music penetrates the morning air, as Kathy Stanley, Darcy Autenrieth, Dave Watters, Michelle Denton, and Lahapa Waiwaiole on the saxophones give their touch to the melody. Roger Blaine gets down with the tuba and Tim Gaskill on the drums keeps the beat. In another part of the building, Patricia Holman strikes at the Pinata made by the Spanish class. Filled with candy, it hangs from the lights to celebrate Christmas Mexican style. Terry Newsome and Mike Moran wait anxiously to see if the Pinata will break. In the front of the room, Tim Stackhouse and Clark Yoquelet seem more interested in their Spanish dialogues. Dave Kathy Linda Dave Terry Sam Jim Murray Murray Myers Nelson Newsome Norton Omo 9:55 No day is complete without a test. Today the test is over Romeo and Juliet. Colleen Tonn tries to decide who killed Mercutio. Was it Tybalt or Benvolio? Melinda Moore explains how Romeo was to see Juliet again after his banishment, while Tim Green takes a break. Pam Sills, answering the final question, feels frustrated. Bob Woodruff figures he ' s passed a difficult test. Jerry Greg Marti Beth Randy Steve Debbie Outlaw Owen Pari.s Park Parker Parker Paul I Paul Perez Mark Pattv Cheryl Kim Mare Perkins Perkin.o Perry Perry Phelps Don Pletcher Kevin Lorri Diana Linda Michelle Beth Melissa Porter Porter Prince Ouickery Quinn Raber Ratliff Jeff Mike Jeff Tammy Diane Sandy Jeanine inehold Rininger Roby Roe Rogers Ross Russell 10:20 It ' s 10:20 and English classes are off to the Performing Arts Center. An interest in drama is sparked by the tour as students are led from the green room to the gallery, from the make-up- room to the stage. After seeing the sets and props, and visiting with the cast and stage hands, many students return to enjoy the performance of Remember Mama. Pat Keith Donna Glen Curtis Jenny Val lyan Samuel Saylor Scoles Shepard Sharon Shrock John Pam Wendy Denise Jerry Minnie Paul Silletto Sills Simerman Smith Smith Smith Smith Kris Dave Colleen Pat Jim Earline Wendell Toam Todoran Tonn Torres Tracey Tubbs Tubbs Miss Rugman ' s gym classes decide to have a fun filled day in the snow, building snowpeople and having snowball fights. Kim Perry, Cindy Le Master and Pat Holman cool Nancy Thomas, while others just smile for the camera. Others find sitting in the snow the best bet yet. The girls break into teams to see who can build the best snowperson (women ' s lib), and which team can do it fastest. All in all it is a fun snow-filled period, and the girls really enjoy it. As for Miss Rugman, she gets bombarded with snowballs all day. Nick Tyler Greg Tyson Nanc Darrell Chen Dave Bob anGheluwe Vaughn Waggoner Waldren Waldrop Priscilla Watson Judy Bob Wittibslager Woodruff Julie Wright Clark Robert Yoquelet Zehendner 23 :: V student Council 25 10:50 Eight grade history classes use the media center to work on subjects ranging from Neanderthal man to Neil Armstrong. With nine thousand books available to students, there is a wide source of information. Today, Mr. Marker ' s class is preparing reports on the American Revolution. Patricia Mitch Kim Kevin Scott Galen Vicky Allen Arnold Baade Babb Badders Bailey Barber Vickie Dave Melinda Jeff Jeronu ' Michael Blaine Bloemker Bohrer Bohrer Bone Bostic Bouey Debra Michael Lori Ricky Greg Maria Mary Campbell Campos ChanHler Cartwright Clark Cohen Cole 11:05 Home Ec students demonstrate to Lindley Elementary students the importance of eating nutritious foods. The cast of characters includes Miss Corn, Miss Bread, Miss Chicken, Peter Protein, Candy Eater, and Muscle Wonder. Mmm! Sounds like a winner! The program is a real success as it gives sixth graders an idea of what foods help to build strong bodies and keep them healthy. For Portage eighth graders it is an exciting way to spend a class period and a fun way to learn an important lesson. Byron Kandy Connie Randy Tim Connie Michelle Collier Collier Conrad Cook Cowan Curts Denton Tim Jeanette Julie Candy Holly Brenda Terry DeRoche DeRose Derrickson Despos DeWolfe Dowdell Dunbar 28 ||l|i.ipBj» mill ' : Michelle Jeff Debbie Joel Marvin Darlene Karlene Feasby Fike Fisher Fisher Flanery Fletcher Fletcher 29 11:15 Ram scientists experiment with the hypothesis Zx- QJ,+ T (y) = CH 10„. Chuck Holt, scientific genius, proves the above equation. Mr. Brown supervises the amateur scientists as they record the results of their experiments. In the gym, enthusiasm builds confidence in the mighty Rams. Cheerleaders hope the spirit will carry through to the ball game. i: Julian Dennis Tony Linda Tammy Tammy Janet Galvin Gensic Georgi Georgi Gibson Giessler Glenn Ann Grabemeyer Jeff Grate Kelvin Green Patty Green Terri Guilhume Carol Hafner Kim Hatcher 30 Crane Heam Kim Debbie Karen Janice Pandora Penny Beth lurley Huss Hyde Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones 31 11:30 Second year Rams are forever busy. Somedays are routine, writing reports, taking tests, or pointing out Istanbul on the map. Other days are unusual. A police officer comes to class to explain how to " cope with cops " . A field trip is planned and students set out for the Wayne High School Planetarium. Whatever the activity, routine or unusual, eighth graders are involved students. Bill Laura Carmille Loretta Terry Joe Ed Lawrence LeShore Lewis Logan Lytal Makers Marti lV . Gordon Lee Angie Danette Verdia Susie Kim Martin Martin Masterson Mazelin McCarter McCombs Mespell Kelly Teresa Frank Jeff Joyce Mike Cheryl Miller Miller Mills Moore Moore Moore Mornings tar 33 11:50 With the bang of the hammers and the whine of the drill press, eighth grade students enjoy a semester of wood and metal shop with Mr. FYankinburger. Dropping your project just before it ' s due, hitting your thumb with a hammer, breaking a saw blade and getting a face full of sawdust are just a few of the hazards in shop. Getting an A+ on a project makes it all worthwhile. Vickie Beverly Dale Maureen Phil Vernon Susan Parrish Paul Payne Perry Peters Peters Peterson 1865235 Mike Susan Luvern David Lisa Susan Johnny Rarick Reich Reynolds Rhodus Richard Richard Richardson 12:00 The day is half over, but the activity at Portage continues. In music class it ' s time to sing a chorus of " Candy Man " . Down the hall, Mrs. Simler tries to explain decimals to Ann Grabemeyer. As the last few notes are sung and the last two problems solved, students begin to look forward to the lunch break. Bruce Kelly Renee Jenny Melanie Sharon Kandix Saylor Schoeph Schroeder Schwartz Scott Seabold Serovey Ricky Stalling Donald Stephens Janet Stephens Ronny Stephens Becky Temple Roger Warfield Tony Washington Janice Wasson Linda Waterson V i j .. . 1 - r Dave Watson Miltxjn White Dona Williams Dave Wilson Irma Wilson Robert Woods Theresa Woods Sara Kathy Keith Tim Vema Karen Worman Wright Wright Wright Wright Young 39 4- Student Council 12:30 Lunch is always a welcome break in a Ram ' s day. It is time to visit with friends, exchange a few jokes, and ask about Mr. Murray ' s science test. If you need a pencil or a notebook you can buy it from Mr. Cira. With all the conversation and activity going on, students somehow find time to munch a hot dog and down a carton of milk. Jackie Evan Bob Tom Gerg Kermit Freda Bennett Biteman Btoemker Bodigen Boleyn Boleyn Bonar Tim Chad Jerry Robin Mark Joanie Teresa Bowen Brock Brown Brown Burns Byrne Campbell i i Scott Chris David Jennifer Ellen Jane Randy Carpenter Carter Cartwright Cast Chamar Christman Chumley 1:00 The new attraction in the media center is not a best seller or a hot magazine, but bean bag chairs and cushions. To stretch out with a book or magazine is a new fun experience at Portage. More than a place to relax with a book, the media center is used for research and serious study. Today, Dave Watters and Steve Cross are looking for an interesting book. Others are looking for facts about foreign countries. If you ' re having trouble, Mrs. Radatz is an eager helper. Labeatria Tim Easley Edgar Steve Elkins Debra EUer Deborah Eloph Tony Esterson Camilla Eva ns Joe Pam Tim George Greg Penny Janet ' abini Feller Fey Fields Fike Fink Finker Brenda Fisher 1:45 The gym is always a center for activity. Each period brings a new group of students to test their gymnastic skills. This period seventh grade girls are especially enthusiastic. Moving from the gym we come to room 107 where interested students inspect the new V.T.R. Richard Forkert Danny Frye Gerry Green Ken Fumiss Tom mi Gallops Terri Gibson Lisa Harper Mark Goble Kelly Hart Bill Good wtWe«i « ' -IK . Ralph Hart Larry Tina Mark Lonnie Rhonda Fraser Calvin ioward Howard Hunter Huskey Ingersol Jewell Johnson 2:00 For the first time seventh graders have the opportunity to take French for one semester. They learn colors and numbers, how to tell time and identify articles of clothing. Most fun, however, are the board races when it ' s time to review. The modern language laboratory offers the students additional benefits. With headphones in place and tape on, it ' s time to practice correct pronunciation. Ron Bob Langston Leach L r Bill Corese Dave Rick Tod Michelle Lynda edger Lee Lesh Leslie Levy Line Lockwood Bob Sandra Bob Nayoka Paul Andre Shannon McCray MeGhee Meredith Miller Mills Milton Mitchell 2:20 Seventh grade math students show tremendous enthusiasm in class this year. The yearling Rams left their elementary days behind and have graduated to more advanced mathematical studies. The Baby Rams have formed a " positive " attitude toward math this year. Einstein would be proud! Mike Moore Laura Morrison Will Nash Amy Nelson Teresa North Tammy Northcutt Jim Orr Jeanette Ray David Reibs Dale Rammert Jacquelyn Reynolds Dennis Rhodus Becky Richard Denise Richey Dean Chris Chris Greg Brenda Kim Ridenous Reis Roby Roeback Rogers Rollins Randy Rothgeb 2:30 Seventh graders take lessons from Mrs. Larson on how to take proper care of a baby. Brenda Fisher and Jennie Wirstpus show the camera how to bathe the baby. Kim Rollins and Jennifer Cast show us the proper way to hold an infant. Now that the baby is dressed, it ' s time to go for a walk. Penny Fink and Teresa Alder show us how to wrap the child. ■g Dan Ryan Jeff Sabree Kenneth Saylor Beth Schwartz Linda Seabold Mary Silletto Kenneth Sims Brian David Randall Robin Marvin Laryn Anne Singleton Slatton Smith Smith Smyser Spaw Springer Randy Teresa Diana Brenda Tammie Tim anDyne Vasquez Vaughn Vest Waggoner Waldren Coming to the end of the day, seventh graders have a busy schedule. In music class Bobbie Dixon gives a little smile of joy after looking at the clock. Home Ec students watch the clock closely. After cooking and eating a snack, they still must do the dishes and clean up. Alexander Graham Bell they ' re not but the seventh graders try for a successful experiment. Marie Elana gives a smile as she comes to the end of the dav. David John Dave Merrilee Rick Twinda Kelly Wasson Wasson Walters Welling Whipp Whitehead Wickerham Mary Betty Andy Dan Amy Bridgette Rolanda Williams Wilson Wisto Witzigreuter Wolfe Woods Woods Anna Yoquelet Roger York Lisa Young Tony Young 55 2:55 DISMISSAL A MOMENT OF JOY . . . It ' s 2:55 and a smile says that the day is over. For most it ' s head for your locker and hurry to the bus. For others it ' s a walk home with friends. As the hall clock approaches three, remaining students head for their clubs. For a few moments longer, the day goes on. 56 jf : r " J CAFETERIA WORKERS Credit is due the faithful cafeteria workers. These students give up a part of their lunch period each day to help serve meals, sell milk, and clean up trays and tables. They deserve the thanks of the entire school for their valuable service. LIBRARY AIDS Checking out books, returning books to the stacks, and writing overdue notices are just a few of the library workers ' duties. Each year students help with the circulation of more than twelve thousand books that are checked in and out of the media center. AUDIO VISUAL AIDS When a class needs a movie projector or tape recorder, you can be sure it will be delivered by one of the audio visual workers. These students help Mr. Werking to keep projectors and recorders in good repair, and manage to keep tabs on eighty different pieces of audio visual equipment that circulates throughout the building. 57 CHEERLEADERS 58 9 Row 1 D. Fletcher, K. Westerman, T. Clendenen, J. Aguirre, T. Ridenour, W. Tubbs, D. Gracia, M. Barnes, J. Frankewich, Row 2 C. Keeney, M. Cobb, J. Almond, C. Yoquelet, A. Fowlkes, D. Nelson, R. Hood, J. Outlaw, R. Hill, Row 3 Mgr., J. Barnett, D. Frebel, M. Starks, D. Vaughn, R. Dickey, T. Green, R. Morrison, R. Blaine, Coach, R. Denny 8 Row 1 R. Mudrack, Fisher, M C. Heam Eaton, T. Coach, D Peters, F J. Moore Warfield, R. Stephens, D. J. Smith, T. Smyers, J. :. Shifflett, Row 2 M. Brewer, , M. Arnold, D. Thomas, J. Washington, T. Lytal, Row 3 Reynolds, R. Holland, P. . Mills, J. Brown, R. Stallings, l?i - ' iaEiKiSi Row 1 P. Mills, K. Cobb, M. Moore, R. Barrett, B. Bloemker, B. Good, G. Fike, S. Thomas, S. Stephens, M. Cutingni, B. Spice, Row 2 Mgr., M. Rarich, E. Frankewich, B. Ledger J ' Sabree, S. Elkins, S. Cross, D. Watters, C. Chumley, R. McCray, M. Payton, B. Meredith Mgr., C. Forester,Row 3 Coach, J. Weicker, G. Boleyn, R. York, C. Springer, D. Slayton.M Hunter,D. Lesh, S. Auer, K. Boleyn, T. Green, J. Brown, D. Kimmel, Coach, P. Watters ' Coarh. R. Talley 61 B A S K E T B A L L Row 1. Mgr., W. Tubbfe K. Baker, D. Toderan, J. Outlaw, Coach, D. Desper, C. Shepherd, Mgr., T. Gaskill Row 2 B. Barber, R. Hill, S. Norton, R. Dickey, T. Newsome, M. Starks, R. Morrison. M. Rifkin 9th Grade 62 8th Grade Row 1 C. Landrigan, P Kelly Row 2 C. Barlow, T. Cowan, R. Warfield, T. Georgi, M. Arnold, - R. Stevens Row 3 R. Stallings, P. Peters, R. Holland, J. Pike, C. Heam, Coach R. Denny 63 c I T Y C H A M P S WRESTLING Wrestling is fast becoming a major sport at Portage. The popularity of wrestling can be seen in the increased number of student participants and in the increased number of supervision of Mr. McLaughlin, Darrell Vaughn, Jim Almond, and Bob Waldrop captured city titles. Members of the team are: Row 1 M. Moran, M. Barnes, B. Waldrop, S. Heller, S. Esterson, Row 2 N. Tyler, J. Frankewich, D. Fletcher, R. Farker, Row 3 J. Almond, D. Garcia, D. Vaughn, D. Murray, R. McCombs 64 Volleyball GIRLS SPORTS Gymnastics 9th Ensemble 9th Ensemble Swing Choir VARSITY CHOIR 7th GRADE CHOIR SOLO CLUB 7th Ensemble 8th Ensemble 8th Grade Choir I N S T M R U U S M I E c N T 1 A L Cadet Band 7th Strings 70 VARSITY ORCHESTRA • ' . li Stage Band VARSITY BAND PUBLICATION STAFF Between the dawning realization of deadline and the fun of putting together a music convocation, the Portarama staff laughs, writes, photographs, cries a little, and prays a lot. Under Mr. Didier ' s direction, the class learns to plan layouts and put pages together Through trial and error, the PORTARAMA is now ready for you! I

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