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(2r€M mMmiMii 3 1833 02218 7600 C3c 977,202 F " 77por 1972 Portage Middue School. „ C Yearbook II PORTARAMA Shape of the Future ^v-^ ' ' 4s. I know no way of judging of the future but by the past. You can never plan the future by the past. (?) The future is important to everyone, and with this year- book we hope to remember the past, to be able to bet- ter t he shape of the future. a " ^ -5 ' ■^ CONTENTS Page Administration 2 Academics 5 Activities 15 Sports 27 Students 37 PORTARAMA 1972 Portage Junior High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 1 1 oi* Administration Shapes Dr. Hugh Kariger, Principal of Port- age Junior High School, heads the administrative staff. Just sitting in the classroom, the average student probably doesn ' t realize that without the admin- istration. Portage wouldn ' t be able to function. Dr. Kariger, who has been prin- cipal here since the school open- ed twelve years ago, has shaped Portage by helping students and providing effective guidance in school policies, Mr, Middleton, once a teacher here, later returned to become asistant principal and help shape the future of Portage, Besides these two men, there are also many other people who help to make Portage the fine place we feel it to be. The secretaries, the nurse, the counselors, and other office peo- ple all contribute their share to guaranteeing that the future of Portage Junior High School is a bright one. Mr. Floyd Middleton, assistant principal, provides administrative leadership. ihh^zoir/ Life at Portage Mr. Bell watches over the cafeteria during the four lunch periods. Mrs. Simmons performs secretarial duties in the office. Mrs. Scott, office secretary, also keeps the complicated financial records. Besides aiding in counseling, Mr. Cira also helps students with schedules and class changes. Helping students with personal pro- blems and class schedules keeps Mrs. Pugsley busy. Helping students with speech difficul- ties is how speech therapist Miss Grant spends her days. Mrs. Collins keeps records of at- tendance and does other office work CUSTODIANS (left to right) —A. Boese, C. Haas, K. Kroeber. COOKS (left to right) — Mrs. Hart. Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Swihart C. Ramer, H. Linnemeyer. Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Stark. Mrs. Gaham. Mrs. Snyder (cafeteria manager). Cooks, Custodians, and Volunteers Help School Run Smoothly Large group of cafeteria workers are needed to help serve daily lunches quickly and efficiently. The cooks and cus- todians provided a valuable service to the Rams this year. The custodians work- ed hard each day to maintain our school. The cooks slaved over hot stoves daily to feed hungry Rams. The cafeteria work- ers gave up part of their lunch period to help the cooks. With- out these people, the school couldn ' t have run smoothly. Shape of: David Didier John Edwards Karen Egley Don Gebhard English Social Studies Mathematics Typing Latin Health }gma0\ nita Heins June Hoylman Sherry Johnson Pat LaFontaine Language Arts English Mathematics English Publications Phys. Ed. French Teachers Prepare Students for Future Chris Lindlev Mathematics Social Studies Neal McKeeman Mathematics Don Reynolds Don Schaffer John Septer Richard Shepherd English Phvs. Ed. Language Arts Social Studies Health General Business Isabel Warfel Vern Werking Alton White Jeanette Wilson English Science Shop Home Ec. Spanish Audio/Visual Rams in varsity orchestra prac- ticed hard to improve their musical sicills. The orchestra performed for many programs during the year, but the favori- tes were usually the Christmas program and the Spring Concert. The orchestra also participated in the NISBOVA contest and did a good job. Instrumentalists Keep of The camera finds band member: off guard. What beat are > ou directing no«, Mr. Parlette? Mr. Parlette explains advanced orchestra technique. Up With Changing Forms Music I Ram band members go into action at a basketball game Mr Parlette conducted the band with successful results this year. Through- out the year, the band performed at the Christmas program. Winter Concert, and the Spring Concert. Many mem- bers of the group participated in NIS- BOVA contests, either in ensembles or as soloists, and came up with good ratings. Musicians Shape Skills f? f^ ^ f*^ f^ f^ a Varsity Choir sliapes up vocal activities. Officers for the year were S Underwood, K. Zakhi, D. Slinson, S. Elkins, B. Goldsbv, and S. Hinton. The choirs and Stagehand had a success- ful year. The choir members participated in Nisbova and came up with good ratings. The Stagehand performed in it ' s own Nisbova contest and received a second rating. Each group per- formed for school events, such as the Christmas concert. Spring concert and others. All the Rams in these groups v\orked on improving their basic and advanced skills in music. Each group had favorite sections that they liked to perform. Musical Rams participate in State Band Cadet Choir members post with Mrs. Meese. Officers in chairs, left to right, are M. Miller, R. Wagnor, A. Belcher, D. Pelz, B. Miles, R. Chavez, G. Bonifas, L. Collier, C. Moore. D. Lindeman. 10 Rams Look into the Past and Future With History and Math Freshmen Rams look on as Mr. Denny explains how to solve an equation. Mr. Denny chats with seventh grader Frank Hackett during math study period. Mr. Berg and class discuss opinions on U.S. history. The camera catches seventh grade Rams while they think about geography in Mr. Edwards " class. Seventh and eight graders have learned many facts about geography and history, as well as advancing their know- ledge in mathematics. Their teachers led them in group discussions and the students had fun working on special projects. Ninth graders worked on improving their algebra skills this year. They worked mostly on solving equations and organizing story problems. All in all, the shape of the future became a little clearer as social studies and mathematical skills were examined. Baby Rams work hard on their as- signments while Miss Lindley looks on. These seventh grade geography students are busy . . . posing for the photographer. 11 Shop and Home Ec Improve Skills Eighth graders learn the tech- nique ' , of making their own clothes. Taping the sides of card- board houses proves strenuous work lor these ninth grade girls. Melita Krieger shows proper steps in la\ing out a skirt pattern. Home ec girls make ginger- bread houses lor the Christmas Holidays. Home ec classes tried their hands at mai < ing their own clothes. Eighth graders were required to mai < ;e a stiirt, while ninth graders were able to make a T- shirt and a dress. While cooking, the girls prepared different meals and snacks. Shop students spent the year working on projects. The\ were able to make objects that would be useful in the home, such as book racks, memo pads, lamp bases, etc. Students finish their projects dur- ing shop class. gerhread house : lor the holidass Eighth graders not only learn \Mlh wood and metal, hut also h tr]Cit\. Eighth grader; in drafting clasj Ted Jenkins and Terry Weaver start working on projects at the foundry. 12 Phys Ed. Sciences Prepare for Future Dissection of the frog is great fun for Steve LeMaster, Dave Rinehart, and Dave Silletto. Insect hours Mike Clark examines the internal struc- tures of the clam. Students listen carefully as Mr. Am- stutz talks about frog dissection. A jump ball leads to exciting moments in this gym class game. This eighth grader shows perfect form for doing a handstand in gym class. Sandy Smith ob- serves protozoans in Biology class. John Seabold and Mark Spears eye moving ameba and Paramecium. Biology Students learned the life cycles of insects and animals. Science classes spent the year studying chemical reactions, stars, and earth sciences. Physical education classes work- ed on basketball, volleyball, and track. Both the boys and girls worked on the equipment which consists of the balance beam, the uneven parallel bars, and the horse. 13 Working with the medicine ball is not only fun, but is also good exercise. Rams Show Interest in Language Classes Mr. Didier looks on as Latin stu- dents Linda Markey tries to translate the paragraph. English classes in all grades and language classes in the 9th grade were kept busy reading novels and studying plays. They increased their knowledge of different coun- tries, authors, and poets by making notebooks and writing reports. The 7th and 8th grade students en- joyed the spelling bee competition, while all the grades had the op- portunity to compete in the Lions Club speech contest held in April. Bulletin boards done by ninth graders help decorate halls and classrooms. lis parlent Francais. (They speak French.) Seventh grade English student puts everything he has into plav Seventh grader Dave Kessel tries to scare photographer away as he snaps this class- room photograph. Mike Mills gives undivided at- tention to Mrs. Warel ' el in seventh grade Lnglish. Freshmen take a break after working strenuously on their literature. 14 SHAPE OF: ACTIVITIES Tk 15 Students Join in Service STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES — lel ' t to right (seated), Mrs. Pugsley secretary C. Stanley, president E. Peters, vice president G. Hershberger, Mr. Cira; (standing) 1st row, B. Litchin, D. Evans, T. Huntley, B. Russell, B. Harman. L. Novitsky, R. Falilsing, T. Cross, T. Parrish: 2nd row, C. Harriss, L. Kelley, M. Johnson, P. Prader, V. Humbarger, S. Morgan, P. Ress, M. Gaskins, P. Gutman, M. .Arnold, D. Paris, D. Peters, C. Jenkins. These Rams were this year ' s organi- zation for serving the school and fellow classmates. They were all chosen by votes from the respective students in their homerooms. The Student Council President, Vice President, Mr. Cira, and Mrs. Pugs- ley led in decisions for the school, along with the cooperation of the Representatives and Alternates. This year ' s Student Council gift was our school mascot painted in the center of the gym floor. STUDENT COUNCIL .ALTHRN.XTES - left to right (seated). Mrs. Pugsley, C. Stanley, E. Peters, G. Hershberger, Mr. Cira; (standing) 1st ROW, M. Hunt, R. Chavez. B. Miles, C. Baker, T. Hoffman, K. Heiney. 2nd ROW. P. Duffy, I. Frankenstein. C. Stackhouse, L. Newhart. C. Chase, P. Schrader, C. Todoran, T. Chase; 3rd ROW. B. Barber. M. Hunter. A. Gensic. M. Magers, V. Humbarger, W. Keim. C. Mills; 4th ROW. B. Windom. E. Starks. R. Martin, J. Sills. to School Mrs. Carol Patten smiles over the shoulders of Port- age office workers, left to right. T. Anderson, D. Essex, D. Williams, B. Windom, P. Worman, C. Hough. Not pic- lured are B. Carrion, E. Hayes, and W. Cole. Members of the library club provide invaluable assistance to Mrs. Radatz and Mrs. Ditwiler in making the Portage library run smoothly and efficiently. The Banking Club conducts business weekly, with volunteer workers C. Black (standing left) and V. Holman (center). Not pictured is D. Moore. 17 Clubs Take Shape ART CLUB (seated) B Both, M. Moore, D. Kory P. Hyde; (standing) K. Young A. Pape, S. Hackelt, R. Kel laris, Mrs. DeHaven; 3rd row M. Kelly, M. Oswalt, K. Cor nelius, D. Klosterman; top G. Gouty, M. O ' Keefe, M Magers. Many creative minds existed at Portage, plotting the shape of the future. They helped, worlced, learned, and had a good time in general. The Art Club met during period 5b in Room 254. Mrs. DeHaven supervised creative activity during the year, as the students worked with burlap, acrylics, felt, and other materials. Mr. Werking kept his crew busy as the Audio-Visual Club performed the duties of running projectors, setting up lights, and operating public address systems for various programs. Room 101 housed this year ' s Typing Club, a group which met to learn basic fingering and typing techniques with Mr, Gebhard as their adviser. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB — gathered around their advisor, Mr. Vern Werl < - ing, are members of A/V Club which met weekly for instruction. TYPING CLUB - with Mr. Gebhard (front left in picture) are seventh and eighth graders who met weekly to learn typing fundamentals in preparation for future class work. 18 to Form New Skills Members of the two combined knittmg clubs pose with Mr Lindley, who also sponsored a club. Bowers (left), who was assisted by Mrs. Simler (right). Not shown is Miss CHEF ' S CLUB — (seated) G. Baker. G. Huber. M. Spears, D. Alvarez, T. Jenkins; (standing) B. Cross, T. Weaver, B. Buschev, D. Paris, G. Hershberger, E. Peters, R. Rifkin, S. Sanders, K. Darby, M. Duray, Mrs. Wilson. Chefs T. Weaver, K. Darby, and B. Buschev ponder the results of their cookie-making venture. Members of the Knitting Club (top picture) were kept busy as they knitted many items of practical use. The club had two sections, beginners and ad- vanced. The newcomers were led by Mrs. Bowers, and the old pros by Miss Lindley (not pictured) and Mrs. Simler. Mrs Wilson had her hands full as she headed the chefs Club and the Junior Cooking/Club, both of whom learned funda- mentals of cooking and tried their luck on a few delicious experiments with new recipes. junior cooking club — (clockwise from lower left) L. Suter, P. Langslon, Mrs. Wilson, R. Dixie, C. Miller, L. Lambert. 19 Singers and Instrumentalists Bring Eighth grade vocalists combine their voices to perform at concerts and talent shows. Ensembles composed of seventh and ninth graders lend their voices to harmon > and blending. Soloists provide e.xtra entertainment at school functions. k\ I 20 Back Many Firsts From NISBOVA The Portage music department was very well represented at NISBOVA this year. New vocalists added extra harmony when the Portage singers brought back 13 firsts, 10 seconds, and only two thirds. The instrumental portion did just as well in their NISBOVA com- petition. Altogether there were 18 firsts, 11 seconds, and three thirds. This was one of the best years in Portage history for the annual entry into Northeastern Indiana School Band, Orchestra and Vocal Association competition. String ensembles perfect their techniques for NISBOVA competition. Instrumental ensembles take time from the band and orchestra for a performance. to prepare music Ben Both, ,Ioe Langmeyer, and Gary Baker per- form the number they entered in NISBOVA. Instrumental soloists work hard to improve their techniques for concerts and talent shows. Rams Benefit from Chess, Mr. Broun ' s CHESS CLLB met regular l > on Wednesdays during 58 homeroom. Chess proved to be such a popular pastime at Port- age this year that three clubs were formed. They were geared for beginners, learning the basic moves and strategv under the direction of Mr. Septer, and advanced players, directed by Mr. Brown and Mr. Anderson. These interested students had weekly com- petitions. Mr. Anderson directed the CHESS CLUB uhich met on Wednesdays during 4B homeroom. Mr. Septer headed up the seventh and eighth grade CHESS CLUB uhich convened on Wednesdays during 5A homeroom. 22 Language and Reading Skills Rams had different tastes in their choices of clubs, as was observed by the foreign language groups - French, Spanish, and German — as well as a displayed interest in im- proving reading skills. These Portage students joined weekly with their various instructors for advancement in their elective fields. Miss LaFontaine ' s FRENCH CLUB met each Monday. Mrs [k-ms taught reading skills to her READING CLUB during weekly meetings. GERMAN CLUB was directed by Mrs. Boggess in learning German customs, language and song. The SPANISH CLUB, sponsored b\ Mrs Warfel, enjo\ed films records, and pictures during Its stud\ of the Spanish culture A M^ w ^ 23 Publications Changes With Future Changes added a new per- spective to the shape of life at Portage, and the PORT- ARAM A staff also changed with the redistricting. The staff found it challenging to produce a memorable year- book for new, as well as former, students. The PACKET staff changed many old standards for newer features and presented Port- age with eight well-rounded issues of a paper that cover- ed all phases of school life. f) ^rt ARBOOK STAFF (lelt lo righl) FRONT. chiel photographer S. Morgan, co-editor N. Raney, co-editor H. Miller, copy editor L. Markey. business manager R. Rifkin; BACK, J. Seabold. G. Huber, S. Sanders, B. Cross, advisor Mrs. Hoylman. G. Hershherger, E. Peters. Not pictured — layout editor M Oswalt \^P\PtR STAFF (Icll lo risiht) FROM S Morgan chicl pholographcr S Sander^ sports editor. E Peters, editor in chiel J Seabold leature editor, P Prader, neus editor. B \CK, C Hough, W keim, A. Gensic, B Both, B Cross, G Huber M Arnold, Mrs Hoylman. R Rifkin, G Hershberger. M. Zacher, M. Starks. S. Parker. M. Kelly. JOURNALISM CLUB (left to right) FRONT. P. Norton, T. Chase. N. Beadie, J. Grose; 2ND. .1. Mabe, J. Do«ling. C. Bolinger, C. Fishman, C. Chase. B. Templeton. Mrs. Hoylman; 3rd. L. Novitsky. T. French. T. Cross. K. Stephenson; 4TH, S. Wolever, B. Harman, B. Litchin, C. Kratzert, L. Newhart, K. Marciniak. A. Watters; BACK, D. Whipp, K. Auer, M. Tyler, D. Hermes, K. Litchin, P. Gutman, M. Gaskins, S. Stewart. Shape of: \f. ' ^■■w., i? -* ' ^ ' » ' i ' ^p ' i 27 Schaffer ' s Smashers Tie Northwood for City NINTH GRADE BOTTOM (left to right). T. Belcher, J. Chase, D. Jackson, G. Huber. D. Cutigni, G. Hoover, D. Mudd; SECOND, J. Mabee, B. Hoy, G. Hershberger, M. Spears, C. Underwood, J. Klimkofski, D. Williams, B. Windom; THIRD M. Felger, T. Tracy. J. Langmeyer; V. Torrez, D. Rinehart, E. Peters, J. Allen, W. Cole, D. Georgi: BACK, Coach Bo Denny, D. Paris, managers T. Jen- kins and J. Theye, Coach D. Schaffer. This vear the Porljge varsili foolbjll squad made school hislor > ihree limes SCOREBOARD — 9th RAMS OPPONENT 9/30 — 20 Jefferson 10/7 — 28 GeyerO 0/14— 16 Fairfield 8 0/21 —48 Miami 0/28— 14 Lane 6 11/3 — 54 Franklin Fans gather at a home game to edge Rams on to victory. Don Williams makes a Portage touch- down which will lead to victory. 28 Champs; 7th Wins 3 and Loses I 8th SCOREBOARD RAMS 9/29— 12 10/6—0 10/13-8 10/20— 14 10/27 - 14 OPPONENT Jefferson 22 Geyer 18 Fairfield 8 Franklin 50 Lane 42 »ir:ia-E;-.,. .^*«r.s^ EIGHTH GRADE — BOTTOM (left to right), B. Edwards (mgr), P. Harvey, G. Murphy, G. Ryder, S. Cook, M. Johnson, D. Landrigan, P. Freeman, Coach N. McKeeman; SECOND, S. Leeper, K. Gaskill, P. Frebel, D. Chrzan, P. Gutman, T. Chase, M. Finken, A. Norton; THIRD, G. Parrish, A. Green, K. Lilchin, M. Hershberger, D. Richey, D. Kusak, G. Stevens, G. Allen: BACK, J. Sills, B. Miller, R. Georgi. G. Shepherd, R. Coe, K. Fadus, R. Watters. The eighth grade football learn had a disappointing season this year due to many injuries. The team coached b\ Neal McKeeman lost four and tied one. The seventh grade, however, had a great season, scoring a total of 60 points and holding their opponents to 10 points including two shutouts. The Portage offense was only held scoreless once, in the last game with Miami, played in ankle-deep mud. The team finished the season with a record of three wins and one loss. Terrv Smith Anthony Green Honorarv Most Valuable Captain Player s.l.«3^3 & Greg Shepherd Most Valuable Lineman SEVENTH GRADE — FRONT (left to right), R. Culpepper, D. Kessel, D. Pelz, S. Vaughn, R Bloemker, A. Wilson, K. Coker, T. Home, D. Raney, D. Culpepper, B. Miles; MIDDLE, T Haines, T. Ornas T. Osborne, J. Green, T. Cross, E. Starks, M. Curry, B. Boussom, J. Cady, D. Lindeman, J. Grose; BACK, M. Rush, J. Gensic, S. Sims, D. Miller, T. Beck, D. Peters, B. Russell, C. Strawbridge, M. Yeiter, B. Curts, V. Veale, K. Stevenson (Mgr), Coach D. Reynolds. It isn ' t just luck, but hard work that leads to a city cham- pionship. 7th SCOREBOARD RAMS 10/1 — 28 10/8 — 26 10/15 — 6 10/22-0 OPPONENT Franklin KeriongaO Fairfield 2 Miami 8 29 NINTH GRADE — FRONT (left to right) J. Theye (manager). M. Landrigan, G. Hershberger, B. Windom, C. Underwood, B. Wattley, K. Stevenson (manager); BACK. W. Cole. E. Peters. D. Georgi, M. Arnold. D. Baker. D. Williams. Coach N. McKeeman. This year ' s varsity Rams had a very good season, winning eight and losing only four in regular season play. High scorers for the varsity were Don Williams and Willie Cole. Eighth graders had a disappointing season with an uninspired record of one win and seven losses. The outstanding team for Portage this year was the seventh grade. This years ' s Baby Rams galloped to a city championship with a 6 and record. They won all their games easily, and gave Portage ' s shape of the future a promising form indeed. Basketball □ " 1^ " ^ TMn RAMS 11/22-41 12/2 - ' 47 1 2/9 — 56 12/14- 64 12/16-47 12/21—46 1/6-55 1/13—55 1/20—50 1/27-38 2/1-38 2/3-48 2/8 - 46 OPPONENTS Jefferson 35 Lane 44 Northwood 43 C. Catholic 42 Snider 44 Fairfield 37 Geyer 57 Lakeside 53 Miami 31 B. Luers 37 Kekionga 58 Franklin 44 Kekionga 58 (tournament) i ' ^*m-^ 4, ^ is 30 EIGHTH GRADE — FRONT (left lo right) P. Gutman, M. Johnson, T. Underwood, J. Williams, D. Chamberlain, A. Green; BACK, Coach D. Desper, M. Hershberger, D. Kusak, K. Litchin, C. Roth, R. Georgi, D. Chrzan, T. Smith K. Gaskil, J. Merz and J. Sills (managers). t ^ Future Hopeful SCOREBOARD — 8th RAMS OPPONENTS 11/23- -30 Jefferson 55 12/2- -38 Lane 45 12/9- -29 Northwood 31 12/16- -51 Shawnee 34 12/21- -49 Fairfield 51 1/6- -45 Geyer48 1/18- -29 Lakeside 38 1/20- -45 Miami 53 SCOREBOARD 7th 12/10- -43 Geyer 38 12/17- -54 Northwood 25 1/7- -49 Franklin 28 1/14- -48 Miami 36 1/21- -65 Fairfield 31 1/24- -59 Lane 28 SEVENTH GRADE — FRONT (left to right) B. Boussum, A. Belcher, B. Russell, H. Sims, C. Strawbridge, K. Coker; BACK, K. Stephenson (manager). Coach D. Desper, R. Culpepper, J. Stengel, T. Beck, E. Starks, R. Weber, D. Peters, T. Haines, D. Pelz, D. Culpepper, Coach N. McKeeman. 31 Rams Active in Spring Sports n ' iM SCOREBOARD GIRLS ' BASKETBALL lAMS OPPONENT 27 Fairfield 15 29 Keliionga 9 19 Franklin 14 27 Lakeside 36 16 Lane 27 The ninth grade girls basketball team enjoyed interschool competition. Members were chosen from intramurals groups, and played five games. They ended their season with a 3-2 record. Mrs. Bishop coached the team, which was managed by Leslie Raymer. On the team were Sally Hinton, Marty Kelly, Kathy Mays, Debbie Kloslerman, Annette Bostic, Nancy Raney, Alice Fuller, Mau- reen Magers, Sarah Underwood, and Cindy Krouse. Both ninth grade girls and boys en- joyed playing volleyball. Each intra- murals group had teams, from which members of the school teams were chosen to play other schools during a very abbreviated season. On the girls " volleyball extramural team were Sally Hinton. Marty Kelly, Avonn Harris. Kathy Mays, Nancy Raney, Sandy Elkins, Annette Bostic. Val Hum- barger. Vic Humbarger. Debbie Stin- son, Bonnie Carrion, and Debbie Klos- terman. On the boys " ninth grade team were Derek Paris, Reggie Hill. Darryl Jack- son, Don Baker, Mark Spears. Willie Cole. Gary Baker, and Greg Hersh- berger. The team placed second on the city, losing to Lakeside in the final game. Eighth grade volleyball team members were Mark Hershberger. Terry Smith, Phil Gutman. Denn\ Kirkland. Dan Landrigan. Mike Johnson, Da\e Cham- berlain. Dave Chr/an. and Kent 1 it- chin. 32 Cross Country and Wrestling Shape of athletics o Porlage s nin ih grade ltos-. counlrj lean finished ihe wit 5 second places. one first, and a nflh pb ce in ihe cil\ meet. Two ru nner . M. Arnold and G, Bak r. finished in the lop 1 en The > e enlh jnd eighih gfadc en ded he season \^uh one firs on e second, two thirds. dnd d third place finish n (he cily. uiih G, Gro e ih e onl > eighth grader m he top ten. Porlage s va sity wrestlers Hnished ihe season with five win s, Ih ee losses, and one tie. Our wrestlers had a good city m she wing in the with Waller Brown a ne A cily champ in the 145 sound weight class. Gar > Baker and Reggie Hill took second. Dave Cutig i third, and Greg He over ourth 9TH CROSS COUNTRY - FRONT, G, Baker, C, Simerman. B, Wattley; BACK, Coach D, Desper, J, Cline, M. Arnold, M. Clark, D. Baker, M. Landrigan. Waller Brown makes a pin to city in his weight class. 7TH AND 8TH CROSS COUNTRY KNEELING, T, Springer, D. Kirkland, Coach D. Desper, P. Huffman, M. Fink. L. Williams; FRONT, D. Chamber- lain, K. Jellison; BACK, G. Grose, T. Underwood, C. Roth, L. Raber, K. Kelley Gary Baker clasps a victory on his way to placing second in the city. WRESTLING TEAM - FRONT, T. Smith, G. Baker, R. Hill, J. Hayden, J. Chase, C. Simerman, D. Cutigni, Coach D. Schaffer; MIDDLE, G. Huber, G. Hoover, B. Sanders, D. Rinehart, M. Felger, M. Duray, B. Cross; BACK, W. Brown, S. Sanders, M. Spears, G. Allen, T. Jenkins, V. Torrez, J. Langmeyer. Rams in Intramurals Shape ' i» A large percentage of Portage students par- ticipated in iniramuraU during the school sear, getting in shape for Ihe future. This activity u as provided for bo\ s and girls in all grades, interested in athletic fun and skills. The ninth gradti met on Tuesdj) and Thurs- da\ during 5B home- sponsored b > Mr. Mc- Keeman and Mr. Denn\. and the girls b\ Mrs. Bishop. Eighth graders met on Monda > and Tuesda > . uith Mrs. Bis- hop and Mrs. Johnson advising the girls and the bo\s being guided b > Mr. Amstutz and Mr. While. 34 Physical Abilities 1S62007 35 Cheerleaders Promote School Spirit The rearrangement of the school boundaries provided Portage with unexpected benefits as it brought new talents to the Portage cheering squad. Three new members of the varsity cheerleaders added extra pep during the pep sessions and at the var- sity games. As a change this year, they helped promote spirit at the wrestling matches as well as the football and bas- ketball games. New eighth grade cheer- leaders and an all-new seventh grade cheerlead- ing squad has followed the example of the var- sit\ squad b\ adding new spark at the games 8TH: FRONT, B. HAR- man, M. Hunter, P. Crooms; BACK. C. Williams. K. Yar- man, B. Barber. 7TH: FRONT, C. Fishman, K. Heiney, C. Moore, C. Chase; BACK, K. Auer, F. Lewis, B. Litchin. 36 Shape of: Students 37 Freshman Prepare for Future Vicky Boyles John Brown Terry Brutton 38 Randy Chilcote James Clark II may be insect collecting to their teachers, but it ' s still a " bug hunt " to these ninth graders. Kittie Cornelius RitaCuellar David Cutigni Kevin Darby Paul Diehm Ruhcrt Doheru Jerome Dowdell John Dudle\ Mark Duffy TomGaham AdelaGalvan Eric Gebhard Nancy Raney advocates a female point of view in her campaign for student council presidency. 40 Angela Gensic Don Georgi Brenda Ginder Brenda Goldsb > Manuel Gomez Larry Gonzalez Michelle Harris 1 ^tlTi riii inH " ' " " ^ ' ' ^ ^ CarlaHarriss Edward Hatch JeffHayden harthlccn Hayes Greg Hershberger ginald Hill Sally Hinton Kris Holley Kim Holman Sara Noopingarner Greg Hoover 41 Vicki Humbarger PamH\de Chris loannou Darryl Jackson Tina Jackson Kim Jellison JuJ) Jenkins TedJenkins Cher\l Jennings \cnd\Kcim Rachele Kellaris Linda Kellems Linda Kelley Maru kcll\ Siierr > Kenned) Randy Kirkland Maria Kisln Jim Klimkol ' ski Debbie Klosterman Ja > Koonu Cynthia Krouse VarsilN cheerleaders practice yells in the corridor. Kris Holley and Sue Hackett stand with Marcia Starks kneeling. Annette Bostic behind her. and Cecilia Poitras hidden by a pompom. 42 Kathy Kumfer P ^f Maureen Kunkel Karl Lahmeyer Steve Morgan solicits prospective voters in the Student Council campaign. \i^ \y^^ < Mike Landrigan Joe Langmeyer Karen Lawson Mike La\ Debbie LeCoque Steve LeMasler Joanna Massaria Kathy Mays Robert Menefee Mary Metterl , Holly Miller Kathryn Miller 43 Debbie Munson Jan Munson Lorrie Myers Debbie Myhre Marlene Naael Bill Neumann Olivia Perez Toni Per td Peters Don Pinnick Cecilia Poitras Palty Prader 44 Clyde Simerman Dave Smith Doug Smith Eddie Smith Lionel Smith Mike Smith *5 Ed Peters and Gred Hershberger rela\ after winning the student i-ouncil election. Curtis Underuood JohnVasquez Juaniij \ asuuez Liz Walker Jack Ward Allen Washington 46 Robert Wilson Bob Windom Deanna Wijick Jerome Woods Jack Woodrufl ' Rex Woodruff Carohn Woods Hi, Paula Worman Dan Wright Jamts \S right Kevin Wright Jackie York r, » ' ■• hr Kevin Young L > dia Zabolotne > MarieZacher Home ec girls put together flower display for American Edu cation Week. 47 MikL- Baker V\ ilier Brimn DougChandler Jackie Fowlkes Beronica James Martin Hoppel Rod McDonald Kanda Miller Rhonda Williams Ninth grade students learn the basic techniques of typing. Mr. Denny gives his undivided attention to Val Humbarger problem as fellow students look on. 48 Eighth Grade Experiences Change in Daily Routine Kevin Adams Maria Aguirre Greg Allen Dawn Alles Jerry Amsden F-rank Anderson Gail Brown Carlotta Broun Herman Brown Mike Bunsold John Bunting Robin Bunting 49 Cindy Burley Charlene Burns Pam Burns Barbara Byers Irene Byrd Janet Cadv Kalhy Fletcher Tim Fletcher Ethel Fowlkes Jay Fox Putter Frebel Susan Free 50 Paul Freeman Tom French DaMon Frey RiLk Gaddis Kent Gaskill Mardi Gaskins Vikki Holman Jo

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