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Gre« ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC Lll 3 1833 02218 7592 Gc 977.202 F77pdr 1971 Portage Middle School.. C Yearbook 3 i ¥, 0 1 m Co ino v ' -2270 PORTARAMA 1970-1971 Besides excellent attend- ance at school sporting events, students also sup- ported such events as the Fish Fry, Talent Show, Spring Concert, and the Chili Supper. Throughout the four seasons, students participated and involve- ment proved to make this, the Year of the Ram one of the best in Portage ' s his- tory. CONTENTS Administration 2-6 Academics 7-18 Activities 19-32 Students 33-56 Sports 57-63 Conclusion 64 The quiet exterior of Portage Junior High School hid the active existence of lively stu dents, faculty, and staff. Day to day life in 1970-71 at this school is presented graphi cally in the following pages. Portage Junior High couldn ' t do Dr. Hugh Kariger, Portage ' s principal, made final decisions on all activities, and in general kept this school year running smoothly. Mrs. Carol Pugsley was half of Portage ' s fine set of guidance counselors. She helped stu- dents with their problems, scholastic and so- cial, and was co-adviser for Student Council. and the people it without Mr. Richard Cira rendered his services as one of the guidance counselors. He also handled the problems of rescheduling students when they made class changes. Mr. Floyd Middleton, assistant principal, was Dr. Kariger ' s " right-hand man " as he handled administrative problems and took charge of many details to keep Portage a well-run school. Portarama Portage Junior High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 10 Inside people make Portage tick " " ' " I ' Whether they worked day or night. Portage ' s custodians did an efficient job of keep- ing the school clean. Left to right are: Nolan Allison, engineer; Hilda Linnemeyer, matron; Adolph Frankenstein, custodian; ClifTord Ramer, custodian; Carl Haas, head custodian. To unknowing students, the " lady up there " really did have a name — Mrs. Barbara Rush. Her daily jobs were to call the tables of hungry Rams for lunch and to dismiss them when lunch periods were over. Mrs. Gladys Squires, the school nurse, took care of students as they came to her with medical com- plaints. Miss Mary Jane Smith, Portage ' s speech therapist, helped students overcome their speech difficulties, with regular weekly vocal exercises. and provide vital service 1593174 Portage ' s cooks provided efficient ser- vice and good lunches to keep Rams going through the long day. Left to right are: Easter Dunlap, Wanda Hart, Ma- donna Gaham, Audrey Swihart, Pauline Snyder, Genevieve Booher, Maureen Butcher, Katherine McCray, and Ruth Loomis. Portage ' s efficient Mrs. Bertha Scott performed secretarial and bookkeeping duties. Mrs. Carol Patton, another of Portage ' s secretaries, spent busy hours in office ac- tivities. Mrs. Dottie Collins handled attendance records for the school, typed and duplicated materials for teachers, and in general provided valuable stenographic services. Miss Mary Lynne Kinsler, psychometrist for the Fort Wayne Community Schools, made weekly visits to Portage to test students ' educational capacities and emotional adjustments. Convocations arouse spirit Students showed their enthusiasm for their teams during a pep session. Student Council president Phil Hershberger posed with Can- o-Sweets drawing winners, Barb Bowen and Phil Gutman, as other officers John Greenler and Penny Ress looked on. Mrs. Meese led the varsity choir in entertaining for a special student convocation. " Guts " was the theme for Mr. Schaffer ' s impromptu pep talk. " Oh Holy Night " was performed by the ninth grade French class, directed by Miss LaFontaine. " Hark the Herald Angels Sing " took on a new sound as the Span- ish class sang during the Christmas program. Modern Mathematics Mr. Neal McKeeman This year of the Ram brought a lot of changes in the math department. The ninth graders had more of a choice in selecting the type of math they wanted. Algebra provided more of a challenge in equation and problem solving. People who selected fundamentals of algebra were given the background needed to take the second half of the algebra course next year. In ninth grade general math, the students learned to fill out income tax forms, work an adding machine and cash register. Be- sides solving story problems, they did string drawing and geometric design. Mr. McKeeman works on problem while students pay close attention. Mr. Denny explains a ratio problem while students attentively . . . watch the camera. Mr. Bob Denny Miss Lindley demonstrates the solution to a seventh grade math problem. Miss Chris Lindley presents new theories The eighth grade learned more of the prop- erties of numbers. They also got into more difficult geometry and fractions this year. Seventh graders began their introduction to geometry, constructing geometric designs with a compass. They also spent a great deal of time studying angles. All grades worked with new textbooks this year. Mr. Dave Desper Mrs. Karen Egley Mrs. Egley ' s seventh graders listen as she gives math in- struction. Mr. Desper conducts a session of eighth grade math. Mrs. SueSimler Mrs. Simler returns a recalcitrant student to his seat, in preparation for her eighth grade math class. Practical Arts include Shop and Home Ec. Mr. Dwight Alvis For the first time in Portage ' s history, the boys got a shot at home ec and girls at shop. Industrial arts students shared a year with Mr. Alvis and Mr. White. Mr. Alvis taught the funda- mentals of electricity and me- chanical drawing to his students while Mr. White ' s group worked on metal and wood. Also they had to learn the tools, and to design their own projects. Mrs. Bowers and Mrs. Wil- son shared home economics students this year. They al- ternated the cooking and sewing, each of them taking one course for one semester. Mr. Alton White Mr. White ' s shop students watch as he demonstrates an intricate procedure in construction. Mrs. Bowers demonstrates correct techniques of bathing a baby, using a lifesize baby. Mrs. Jeanette Wilson Mrs. Virginia Bowers Miss Dorothy Lahr Miss Lahr gives Robin Masterson some helpful advice as she pre- pares to shoot a basket. Rams develop new skills in Gym and Art Mr. Max Amstutz In addition to teaching health, Mr. Schaffer teaches physical educa- tion, including warm-up exercises to keep in shape. Mrs. DeHaven gives critical advice to students in her art class. The art students also provided services to the school in making posters, backdrops, etc. throughout the year. Mrs. Ruth DeHaven A study of the English language Mr. David Didier Mr. Berg corrects papers in preparation for his next period ' s class. Mr. Didier lectures his English class on the fine points of proper punctuation. Mrs. Hoylman ' s English class displays surprising industry for the first thing in the morning. Mr. Jack Berg The English department had a very interesting year at Por- tage. Ninth graders read GREAT EXPECTATIONS, ROMEO AND JULIET, and THE ODYSSEY. Eighth and seventh graders also had " novel " experiences ... the eighth with BANNER IN THE SKY, accompanied by the film version, " Third Man on the Mountain, " and the seventh with TREASURE ISLAND. All grades also read other forms of literature such as short stories, plays, poetry, etc. Mrs. Jane Hoylman enriches lives for the future ■•I i 1 Mrs. Srilata Katre Eighth and seventh graders had convocations to determine representatives for the JOUR- NAL-GAZETTE spelling bee. All three grades could ex- press their feelings on any topic of civic betterment through the annual Lions Club speech competition. Besides struggling through book reports, the students of all grades learned the struc- ture of the English sentence through sentence patterns and relationship of words within the sentence. Mrs. Katre, an exchange teacher from India, explains customs of her country to her Portage English students. Mr. Dan Tannas Mr. -Tannas supervises as his students work on a composition assignment. Mr. Ray Bishop I i Mr. Bishop ' s class listens as he explains a difficult point in the literature anthology. Library, Study Hall, Dev. Reading contribute to Ram abilities Brian Kennedy checks out Joe Snouffer ' s books as Mrs. Radatz observes. Student helpers assisted Mrs. Radatz and Mrs. Ditwiler during class periods and instead of study hall during the school year. Mrs. Janet Ditwiler Mrs. Mildred Radatz Study hall supervision absorbs Mrs. Ditwiler. This was her daily obligation, in addition to assisting Mrs. Radatz in the library. Mr. John Septer Developmental reading students are instructed by Mr. Septer. Both Mr. Septer and Mrs. Mitchell helped students increase reading skills through daily classwork. Tomorrow ' s citizens learn of yesterday ' s world Students in Mr. Edwards ' geography class work on maps as he keeps track of them. Geography of many different countries is covered during the year. Students in Mr. Shepherd ' s history class learn of our country ' s heritage. Mr. John Edwards Mrs. Sterling discusses history with one of her eighth grade classes. The Sertoma award this year was won by eighth grader Ben Both. Science classes study Mr. Tom Pearson Mr. Pearson ' s biology students find dissecting can be a problem as they con- sult him about what to cut up next. Mr. Max Amstutz Biology students learned more about animal life and how to recognize their calls by having their teacher, Mr. Amstutz, imitate them. Mrs. Barbara Stahl Mrs. Stahl ' s science classes learned the basics of many different types of sci- entific fields. the surrounding world Mr. Vern Werking I Seventh graders learn many interesting new scientific facts from Mr. Werking Mr. James Brown Mr. Brown teaches his students science through discussions, experiments, film- strips, and movies. Mr. Johnny Gorman Mr. Gorman shares his accumulated scientific experiences with his seventh and eighth grade students. Ninth graders discover foreign languages Rick Deitch swings anxiously at Spanish , class ' s Christmas pinata. fK- 5nS Miss Cheryl Stiller This past year Miss Stiller and Miss LaFontaine taught Spanish and French language and customs to ninth graders. It was an en- joyable and unforgettable year. Miss Pat LaFontaine French students listen as Miss LaFontaine demonstrates correct pronuncia- tions. Mr. Don Gebhard As Mr. Gebhard taught his classes the arts of typing, the students were able to write business letters, do tabulations, center information on cards, and do general school work. Mr. Gebhard gives Debbie Baumgartner helpful hints in typing. Solo Club members spent many hours after and during school to improve their voices for the most important event of all — NISBOVA contest. The NISBOVA contest proved fruitful as 21 first place and 4 second place medals were brought back. Choir members score highly at NISBOVA ENSEMBLES Ensemble groups sang at various activities throughout the year, under the guidance of Mrs. Meese. Such events included the Talent Show, the Christmas program, NISBOVA, and the Spring Concert. Under the direction of Mrs. Meese, the members of the varsity choir performed at many Portage activities throughout the year. This year ' s president was Sandy Shrock. Secretary was Roberta Boling, assisted by Hazel Gordon. Head librarian this year was Jeff Pelz; serving under him were Debbie Baum- gartner, Don Shepherd, and Kay ToUiver. Sergeant-at-arms for the year was Sam Wilhams. Choirs perform for special activities The cadet choir plays a major part in the musical training of Portage students. It trains members for varsity choir as eighth graders. Presi- dent this year was Nancy Beadie. Secretary was Cheryl Hatfield, with Sarah Stewart as assistant secretary. Piney Norton, head librarian, had in her group Beth Linker, Gary Mann, Michelle Parnin, Kathy Terry, and Lisa Williams. Sergeant-at-arms was Dennis Terry. Cadet choir, as all other vocal groups, was directed by Mrs. Mildred Meese. Directed by Mr. Parlette, orchestra members practiced all year, and competed for medals at NISBOVA and various other contests. Schools in Por- tage ' s vicinity also enjoyed their guest appearances. Ensembles, orchestra, and band Many members of Portage ' s musical or- ganizations got together and formed string ensembles. They performed at NISBOVA and for other programs throughout the school year. The Varsity Band performed at such events as the Christmas pro- gram, spring concert, and also played at athletic events throughout the year. The band was led by Mr. Don Parlette. Band officers for the year were: N. Bussard, captain; J. Snouffer, 1st lieutenant; G. Baker, 2nd lieutenant; M. Spears, 1st sergeant; D. Berry, social chairman. add music to Portage ' s halls Mr. Parlette directed his wind in- strumentalists in forming ensembles and perfecting their playing. They brought back a record number of medals from the NISBOVA contests. Mr. Parlette directed the Stage Band through a successful year, as they appeared for convocations and special programs. Mem- bers of the band put in long hours of practice (with some good times thrown in) and enjoyed the applause that was the product of their effort. Eighth and ninth graders made up the stage band roster. Veteran and new musicians entertain Portage students Also under the guidance of Mr. Parlette were the members of the seventh grade training band. These aspiring musicians prac- ticed in groups and individually, all with the hope of becoming members of the varsity band when they are in eighth grade. with after school activities SPANISH CLUB Miss Stiller, Portage ' s Spanish teacher this year, taught seventh and eighth grade students a small part of the Spanish culture and simple Spanish phrases. MATH CLUB Mr. Denny helped the students in the Math Club improve their skills in math, while other students helped each other out on hard problems also. ART CLUB The Art Club worked all year in helping make settings, posters, and just doing what they wanted. CHESS CLUB The students in the Chess Club were helped by Mr. Anderson to improve the plays and to compete against other students. Journalism attracts student interest JOURNALISM CLUB This is the future newspaper and yearbook staff composed of seventh and eighth graders. This year they learned some of the general angles in producing a good paper and yearbook. NEWSPAPER STAFF SEATED: S. Burson, M. Black, C. Dusendschon, R. Coe, C. Kendall, J. Nel- son, S. Strawbridge, V. Hart, and M. Abbott. STANDING: R. Deilch, N. White, M. Leiendecker, B. Watson (editor), N. Bussard, E. Davies, J. Wolever, C. Harvey, K. Wickiser, and Mrs. Hoylman. Not pic- tured are Roberta Boling and Sabrina Wagner. YEARBOOK STAFF SEATED: C. Dusendschon, R. Coe, P. Hersh berger (editor), D. Kester, S. Shrock, and L. Duguid. STANDING: M. Abbott, T. Amsden, N. Bussard, J. Benson, L. Ehinger and Mrs. Hoylman. Not pictured are Ann Cox and Maria Parra. The Ninth Graders found Linda Barrera Priscilla Battrick MikeBauman Debbie Baumgartner Patty Beaver Jeff Benson David Berry Barbara Black Mary Black Ninth graders listen attentively to Elmhurst representatives during Roberta Boling convocation. Everett Bone Dan Bonifas the Year of the Ram . . . 15 3174 Neal Bruns Dave Buell John Bunker Harold Burget Steve Burson Neil Bussard Jim Butler Ken Butler Bob Campbell Debbie Caudill Brian Chamberlain Stephen Chasse Susanne Click Roger Coe Rona Compton Mary Cook Ann Cox Maria Cox Debbie Creason Dennis Cnsmore Janet Cnsmore Lmda Crum Evelyn Curry Evan Davies Terry Davies Linda Davis Richard Deitch Ronnie Dierkes Linda Doherty 35 Linda Duguid challenging and exciting . . . JeffDuray Chris Dusendschon Johnny Edgar Carlene Edwards Lee Ehinger Cathey Elkins Gloria Fahlsing Joan Fisher Mary Fisher David Fletcher Cindy Ford Terry Frewer Leslie Frye Tim Gaham Audrey Garcia Bill Gasper David Gillie Debbie Good Hazel Gordon DykeGoss Tom Grabemeyer John Greenler Kathy Gunkel John Gunn from football to track . . . Coleen Harvey Sandy Hatton Theresa Henderson Karen Hensley Phil Hershberger Jeanne Hilgemann Concentrating on a fresh assignment are most of the members of Mr. Glenna Householder Nancy Houser Dave Huffman Didier ' s ninth grade English class. Mable Hunter Robert Imel Sue Jackson Gary Johnson Randy Johnson Eric Johnston Danita Jones Carey Kemp Cindy Kendall Dawn Kester from insect collections . . . JeffKincaid Mike King Cindy Kline Kim Klopfenstein Ava Knox Terra Kumfer Michael Lewis Curt Linker Craig Litchin Members of this year ' s yearbook staff present a skit for the sales convocation. Maurice Lovell Eugene Marciniak Chuck Marley Ed Martin Phyllis Martin Rosalie Martin Robin Masterson Don Medsker Patricia Medsker Terry Mespell Rick Michael Earma Mitchell 38 to dissection and drawing . . . Rose Monhollen Minerva Moore Bob Moyer Amy Murchland Sue Myers Dave Nei Jane Nelson Janet Nes Rick Nes Bev Nix Jerry Nuttle Peggy O ' Connor Tom Poore Martha Prine Ed Quigley Debbie Ramer Larr Ramer Steve Ransom Stan Richard Kim Richey Barry Rizzo Kim Rodey Judy Rogers Margaret Rogers 39 from candy sales . . . Chuck Romano Dave Royse Eric Russell Teresa Ryan Alex Sanchez Alice Sanchez Jennifer Sauer Ned Sauer Rick Sayler Cindi Scheiber Rebecca Seabold Don Shepherd Sandy Shrock Cheri Sizemore Rick Slatton Becky Smith Beth Smith Carolyn Smith Jerry Smith Jim Smith Mick Smith Paula Smith Joe Snouffer Barbara Sowles to yearbook sales . . . ' Sharon Templeton James Thomas Pattie Todoran KayTolliver Debbie Townsend Chris Trice Betty Vroom Sabrina Wagnor Sandy Waldrop Freshman cheerleaders show imaginative thinking as they give a cheer for the candy sales program. It was a very good year. Stephanie Werking Debbie Wetzel Fred Whipp Nevin White Russel Whitehurst Kathy Wickiser Bruce Wilkinson Kathy Williams Sam Williams JeffWolever Shelley Wolfe Bob Wood t» n 1 ' ,11 ' J Jackie Woodruff Randy York Timmy Bergman Denise Bruce Dan Clendenen Terry Davis Connie Frisby Leon Govan Skye Heiney Brian Kennedy Susan Leshore Cindy Rodey Gary Gephart Brenda Ginder Brenda Goldsby Manuel Gomez Larry Gonzalez Judy Jenkins Ted Jenkins Cheryl Jennings Dana Jennings Wendy Keim Linda Kellems Linda Kelley Jennifer Kelly Jim Kellogg Verne Kendall Randy Kirkland Maria Kish James Klimkofski Maureen Kunkel Karl Lahmeyer Lisa Lambert Michael Landrigan Joe Langmeyer Mike Lay Steve Le Master Mike Lewis Todd Linker Lowell Loomis Melanie Lorman Linda Markey Jim Martin Steve Martin Cheryl McCray Robert Menefee Mary Mettert Lisa Miles Randy Miles Holly Miller Kanda Miller Kathy Miller Linda Miller John MiUigan Elizabeth Mills Charles Mitchell Sally Monhollen Gavin Montgomery Tara Montgomery Steven Morgan Carol Mullen Jan Munson Lome Myers Marlene Nagel Bill Neumann Nancy Raney Leslie Raytner Penny Ress Barbara Rice June Richard Marlene Richardson Martin Ridgley Ricky Riflcin Bruce Riley David Rinehart Rick Rivera Rex Roark Norman Robison Peggy Rodebaugh Albert Roe Becky Rogers Martha Rogers Pamela Ryan ill Sanders Robert Sanders Scott Sanders Lynn Schorr Andrea Scott John Seabold Vicki Shanks Clyde Simerman Jim Sims David Smallback Eddie Smith Linda Smith Terry Weaver Vicki Wheeler Jeanene Whitlock Deedee Whitman Richard Wilkinson Denice Williams Johnnie Williams Carol Wilson Robert Wilson Jack Woodruff Carolyn Woods Paula Worman Dan Wright Diane Yeiter Kevin Young Lydia Zabolotney Mane Zacher Karen Zakhi Alan Eldridge Baby Rams master their first year at Portage Kevin Adam Greg Allen Jerry Amsden Frank Anderson Gillis Arend James Arnett Doug Attkisson Jantina Baade Brenda Bachellor Audry Baker Brad Banister Keith Barclay Bev Beaver Sherry Beck Kevin Becraft Pamela Belcher Karen Bennett Michael Benson David Beutler Connie Black Robert Blough Cindy Blust Lisa Bosaker Cheryl Bruce Janie Bunsold John Bunting Robin Bunting James Burget Cindy Burley Viola Burnett Barbara Byers Ricky Capps Micki Castle David Chamberlain Ted Chase Dawn Christlieb Maxine Christman Kevin Christy David Chrzan John Cline Ronald Coe Shawn Collier Gary Curry Frank Curtis Vicki Curtis Michael Darby Barbara Darling James Darling Katherine Dixon Paula Doty Brady Edwards Robin Egley Norman Elkins Nedra Elston Michael Engle Dave Estes Chris Evans David Fisher Bob Fisher Katherine Fletcher Angela Gaskill Kent Gaskill Mardi Gaskins Richard Geist Randy Georgi Janet GiUie Greg Gordon John Gouty Dwayne Gressley Dwight Gressley Gary Grose Velda Groover Sue Gulker Phil Gutman Barbara Harman Roosevelt Harrison Patrick Harvey Cheryl Hatfield Michael Hitchcock Tony Hofmann Steve Honeycutt Joyce Hough Jon Householder Freda Howell Donald Hrabowski Marquitta Hughes Katherine Hulse Melissa Hunter Lance Huttsell Joyce Jackson Sheila Jeffery Kevin Jellison Claudia Johnson Michael Johnson Bryan Jones Ronald Jones Michelle Jordan Barbara Karn Sheila Kehrt Denny Kirkland Kathryn Klug Diane Knox David Morningstar Su«an Morningstar Yvette Morn Michael Myers Verne Myers Jonny Nash Loretta Robertson Wayne Rodebaugh Danny Rogers Diana Rogers Katie Royse Mary Rush David Rybolt David Saylor Ronnie Sensibaugh Glenna Shepherd Gregory Shepherd Skipper Shookman Pam Shull Zelda Shull Pauline Sizemore Lonna Slatton Larry Smethers Ruby Smith Susan Smith Terry Smith Linda Smyser Carol Sowles Janene Springer Came Stackhouse Sarah Stewart Kenny Straight Paul Sweazey Terry Taylor Theodore Taylor Debbie Temple Dennis Terry Kathy Terry Dave Toam Christine Topp Eugene Torrez Eva Torrez Rita Townsend Catherine Trainer Dave Trainer Scott Trout Tina Tucker Eric Tun Pat Tyson Fred Underwood Titus Underwood Selma Vaughn Robert Vranjes Fred Walls Mike Ward Beth Wasson Anne Watters Robin Watters Rosie Weber Diana Whipp Lee Ann Whjtacre Dean Whitman Donald Wilkerson Clara Williams Lisa Williams Ronny Wilson Richard Wyatt Kim Yarman Tom Young Don Yount Melissa Johnston Left to right, BOTTOM ROW: B. Watson, R. Slatton, B. Jacobs, J. SnoufTer, N. Bussard, D. Bonifas, C. Litchin, D. Gillie, B. Chamberlain, assistant coach R. Denny, head coach D. Schaffer. SECOND ROW: L. Govan, S. Williams, T. Grabmeyer, J. Smith, J. Greenler, P. Hersh- berger, D. Buell, D. Huffman, B. Rizzo, manager J. Hagadorn. TOP ROW: Manager R. Coe, K. Butler, M. Lewis, M. King, S. Chasse, J. Pelz, B. Campbell, R. Saylor, J. Baker, S. Burson, manager E. Davies. New coach sparks varsity DATE PORTAGE OPPONENTS 9 25 6 Lane 14 10 1 14 Geyer 12 10 8 6 Weisser 14 10 15 20 Fairfield 10 21 10 29 6 Kekionga Harrison Hill 8th 22 9 23 Harrison Hill 9 30 28 Geyer 6 10 7 10 14 10 19 10 28 2 6 6 Weisser Fairfield Kekionga Franklin 7th 14 14 10 2 10 9 10 16 8 22 12 Geyer Fairfield Memorial Park 2 6 20 Honorary captains: Phil Hershberger and Dave Buell. The year 1970 saw a new head coach putting the Portage varsity football team through their drills and leading them into their games. Mr. Don Schaffer rose from Harmar School to give the school spirit a boost. Another new face on the team was Dave Buell at fullback who finished 2nd in the city for points scored. The spark was Phil Hershberger, who started at quarterback. In summary the varsity team had a great year. Offensive player: Defensive player: a ' Left to right, BOTTOM ROW: Assistant coach— R. Bishop, manager L. Loomis, J. Chase, G. Burson, J. Williams. D. Rine- hart, J. Mabee, T. Tracy, J. Klimkofski, G. Hoover, T. Brutton, Coach N. McKeeman. MIDDLE ROW: manager, D. Avery, R. Sanders, J. Langmeyer, S. Sanders, C. Underwood, G. Hersh- berger, M. Spears, J. Brower, M. Felger, J. Hayden, B. Cross. TOP ROW: B. Wattley, G. Huber, T. Jenkins, J. Allen, J. Woodruff, E. Peters, D. Georgi, B. Sanders, E. Gordon, L. Smith, C. Mitchell, T. Belcher. Honorary Captain Greg Hershberger Most Valuable Player Lionel Smith Most Valuable lineman Ed Peters Left to right, BOTTOM ROW: Coach D. Desper, N. Elkins, T. Smith, D. Kusak, R. Reader, G. Allen, A. Lloyd, M. John- son, P. Gutman, D. Rogers, Manager T. Taylor, Coach J. Brown. MIDDLE ROW: T. Chase, J. Reichard, T. Young, R. Coe, D. Chrzan, M. Hershberger, K. Mills, B. Mazelin, F. Walls, J. Woods, D. Chamberlain, B. Jones. TOP ROW: S. Leeper, K. Litchin, R. Walker, D. Georgi, G. Shepherd, B. Mil- ler, R. Harrison, R. Martin, M. Hitchcock, A. Norton, D. Wilkerson, R. Mills. The name of the game is Ninth grade basketball team, left to right: FRONT, Jim Haga- dorn (mgr), Sam Williams, Dave Buell, Stanley Richards, Eric Russell; MIDDLE, Dave Huffman, Neil Bussard, John Green- ler, Phil Hershberger, Brian Chamberlain, Jerry Smith; BACK, Coach McKeeman, Steve Ransom, Jeff Pelz, Rick Slat- ton, Tom Grabemeyer, Craig Litchin, Mike King (mgr). Coach Neal McKeeman action, boys, action! Coach Dave Desper Eighth grade basketball team, left to right: TOP, Coach D. Desper, S. Sanders (mgr), E. Peters, B. Sanders, D. Georgi, D. Baker, B. Avery (mgr); MIDDLE, C. Underwood, G. Hersh- 9th 11 24 — Northwood 45—59 12 1 — C.C. 45—40 12 3 —Franklin 52—46 12 10 —Lakeside 35-37 12 14 — Luers 58—38 12 17 — Geyer 50—41 1 7 — Kekionga 60—65 1 14 —Lane 45—48 1 21 —Memorial 42—44 1 26 — Weisser 35—53 1 28 —H.Hill 59—44 2 3 .—Fairfield 37—54 TOURNAMENT 2 9 —Geyer 50—43 2 11 —Memorial 51—67 berger, M. Arnold, L. Smith, M. Spears, M. Landrigan; BOT- TOM, B. Wattley, J. Brower, G. Baker. -Franklin 46—34 -Weisser 53—43 -Geyer 31—32 -Kekionga 39—29 -Fairfield 37—15 H. Hill 44—36 SCOREBOARD 8th 7th 11 24 —Northwood 32—45 11 25 - 12 3 —Franklin 44—23 12 4 - 12 10 —Lakeside 28—55 12 11 - 12 17 —Geyer 51—39 12 18 - 1 7 —Kekionga 49—42 1 8 - 1 14 —Jefferson 37—42 1 15 - 1 19 —Lane 46 4) 1 21 —Memorial 42—50 1 26 —Weisser 40—69 Seventh grade basketball team, left to right: TOP, Coach N. McKeeman. J. Theye (mgr), B. Banister, T. Taylor, G. Shep- herd, R. Harrison, R. Georgi, F. Underwood, S. Leeper (mgr). Coach D. Desper; MIDDLE, T. Underwood, T. Smith, K. Gas- kill, M. Hershberger, K. Litchin, D. Chrzan, T. Young. P. Pe- conge, M. Johnson; BOTTOM, G. Gordon, D. Chamberlain, P. Gutman, D. Landrigan, C. Curry, J. Woods, B. Mitchell, M. Darby (mgr). Cross-Country, Wrestling enter Portage ' s sports calendar Cross-country runners: TOP, Coach Max Amstulz, M. Arnold, J. Thomas, D. Baker, W. Rodebaugh: MIDDLE, D. Landrigan, M. Caudle, M. Landrigan, M. Duray; BOTTOM, K. Stephenson, E. Russell, K. Darby, G. Baker. Cross-country and wrestling were new inter-school sports for Portage this year. One wrestler, Leon Govan, took the city championship in his weight class to get the sport off to a good start. Wrestling team: FRONT, K. Butler, T. Davies, B. Rizzo, S. Burson; MIDDLE, E. Davies, M. Leiendecker, B. Campbell, S. Chasse, L. Govan, J. Baker; BACK, Coach D. Schaffer, C. Taylor, B. Jacobs, F. Whipp, J. Snouffer, R. Coe, K. Klop- fenstein. Cheers encourage teams What would sports be without cheerleaders? The girls who led the yells spent much time with their advisers, Miss Lahr and Mrs. Egley, perfecting ideas to increase school spirit. Ninth grade cheerleaders: left to right, Cindy Kendall, Maria Parra, Linda Duguid, Pam Arnold, and Marcille Wattley. Eighth grade, cheerleaders: Tina Fos- ter, Brenda Goldsby, Marcia Flowers, Renee Harter, Sue Hackett. Seventh grade cheerleaders, clockwise from lower left: Mardi Gaskins, Melissa Hunter, Nancy Beadie, Linda Smyser, Kim Yarman, Barb Harman, Cindy Kratzert. As the Year of the Ram draws to a close, we are all looking forward to the bigger and more exciting challenges, the future bring, but are not forgetting our pleasant memories of the past. We, the 1970-71 yearbook staff, have tried our darndest to capture these moments for your pleasure in this PORTARAMA. The staff . . . Mitch Abbott, Tana Ams- den, Jeff Benson, Roger Coe, Ann Cox, Linda Duguid, Lee Ehinger, Dawn Kes- ter, Maria Parra, and Sandy Shrock . . . should be commended for coming through with their fine efforts when they were most needed. Neil Bussard and Evan Davies, photographers, did a good job of getting a variety of pictures, something the yearbook would definitely not be com- plete without. Also not to be forgotten is our advisor, Mrs. Hoylman, who kept the wheels turning. Last, but not least, our artist, Chris Dusendschon, deserves many thanks for his artistic designs on the cover and throughout the book. All in all, whatever the future may bring to you, we on the staff hope that this PORTARAMA will bring back many pleasant memories of this, the Year of the r HECKMAN BINDERY INC. SEP 93

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Portage Middle School - Portarama Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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