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QesO iLLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRAI 3 1833 02218 7576 r ' Gc 977.202 F77for 1969 Portage Middle Schoou. r Yearbook D wVVO iflw- jimto men wan i eao .2210 Meet Sam the Ram. He was the donation of the 1969 Freshman class to the posterity of Portage. Sam received his name in a " Name the Ram " contest, which was originated to stimulate yearbook sales. We hope that, in years to come, Sam and Portage will rise to even greater glory than during this year, which is pictured in the pages to follow. INDIANA COLLECTION Port; 1968 Dr. Hugh Kariger, principal of Portage, has the fi- nal word on the many activities of the school. He is responsible for the entire school — teachers, students, and everything connected with administration. Another difficult job is interpreting rules and plan- ning student programs, which takes both time and energy. All in all, Or. Kariger is one man Portage couldn ' t get along without. rama 1969 CONTENTS Pages Introduction 1-4 Academics 5-12 Activities 13-26 Sports 27-36 Faculty 37-40 Students , 41-63 Conclusion . 64 Portage Jr. High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 8 Unobserved but Necessary Mrs. Collins, an important person in the halls of Portage, worked hard as the educational clerk assisting teachers with typing and duplication for classroom use. it ' s not all work and no play for Mrs. Collins as she won the Elks Club Golf Championship for 1968. Mrs. Squires comforting an ill student Mrs. Squires, school nurse pictured above, checked students for various diseases and helped those that were injured. Mrs. Rohrbach was well-known to Portage students as " the lunchroom lady. " She took charge of all lunchroom activities which included keeping track of table monitors and the lunch line. Mrs. Parlette accompanying vocal and in- strumental groups at the Christmas pro- gram The cooks preparing for the busy lunch hour 15023 1 Students Active in English, Languages Brad Stevenson and Scott Stauffer giving their impression of Romeo and Juliet Language arts, 9th grade English, and de- velopmental reading are the different phases of English studied at Portage. They are de- signed to help students improve their reading skills, reach a better understanding of litera- ture, and increase their grammatical ability. For the first time, German was offered at Portage, the only junior high in the city to have such a class. In addition. Portage has classes in French, Latin, and Spanish. Portage ' s first German class in its historical singing of " Stille Nacht " and " O Tannenbaum " Comparison of short stories by Sandy Krouse Student watching intently as Dave Hamilton and Randy Smith give their impression of " House of the Grape- vine " " Aha! I caught you! " says Laurie Hoffman to Marc Frankenstein in a skit for English class shop boys displaying techniques of planing wood Home ec girls modeling clothes supplied by local stores Home Ec, Shop — Practical Skills Attractive cookie house As apprentices learn to become masters, so the Rams learn skills to help them in later life. Boys learned carpentry skills that will be of advantage to them in the future. Girls were taught the basic skills of home man- agement to insure them of a good home later on. Is it soup yet? Jimmy Wheeler improving his vi ' oodworking skill Diane Brewer, Glenda Howell, and Francie LeShore carefully dissecting a frog Mr. Amstutz and Brad Stephen- son as Brad proudly displays his insect collection Seventh grade students gathering around Mr. Cloud as he performs an experiment End results of freshmen ' s hard work — finished insect collections Many phases of science are offered to all grades at Portage. In general science, students learned by making experiments. Dissecting was done in both general science and biology. All biology students, while studying many branches of biology, were required to make insect collections. )im Wheeler and Mike Brockhaus using their skill in general science class Science, Math, and Social Studies Learn by Doing Math and social studies are an important part of the eighth grade curriculum. Math students used compasses and string to create unusual string drawings. Eighth grade students studied yester- day ' s history and learned through living today ' s. ]-■ -g 9p ? e ' . 1 1 - ' 1 ;;- -J ■ String drawings done by eighth graders shown to advantage on bulletin board Students listening as Mr. Denny explains a com plicated math problem Nancy Fishman and Nancy Frebel acting out a scene from past history, the Constitutional Convention, in Mrs. Gowdy ' s class Mr. Ransbottom and students examining string drawings Athletes, Creative Minds, Find Enjoyment in Eighth graders Mike LoVett and Dave Butler dis- playing hardwood skill Many students enjoyed classes that aren ' t really like other classes. Art and gym are examples of fields where students tried to better their skills. Typing, a new class offered for freshmen, taught skills to help students during the remainder of their school careers. Eighth graders Lisa Brenn, Julie Smith, Cheryl Miller, and Cindy Allen enjoying rhythmetics in gym class Students making use of new typing class offered this year Jim Wheeler, Steve Swihart, Greg Hart, and Jeff Line trying their hands at artistic skills Dave Fulkerson putting finishing touches on his work and Serious Students These Classes Freshmen indulging in studies in study hall Carl Snyderman checking out books for fellow students Becky Georgi assisting Charles Neville with the card catalog Students browsing among new paperback books in library Portage has many facili- ties to help Rams become better students. The li- brary provided an excel- lent opportunity to read for enjoyment or to use as help in classwork. Mem- bers of the Library Club greatly helped in the efficient running of the library. Supervised by Mrs. Dit- wiler, study hall gave freshmen an opportunity to finish their homework. Library Club members provided vital help to Mrs. Radatz and Mrs. Ditwiler Convos Create Diversion Winners of the candy sale prizes, in order of their finish, are D. Kendall, B. Jones, P. Gonzales, J. Emmons, and R. Coe. Mr. Casso came back to Portage on Veterans Day to inspire stu- dents with his speech on " The Meaning of Patriotism. " These five people, finalists in the spelling bee, are C. Central High School Band brought an atmosphere of Snyderman, J. Pelz, C. Workman (champion), S. music. Knox, K. Ward. Mr. Richard Athey of NASA ex- plains technicalities of aerody- namics and space flight. Faculty All-Stars look worried as the mighty Varsity scores again an d again. Student Council: 1968-69 Serving on the student council, students provide a youthful voice in the run- ning of Portage Junior High School. They also plan rec- ord hops, convocations, and help with the numer- ous chores of school and P.T.A. The president of the 1968-69 student council was Randy Smith and vice president was Marc Frank- enstein. Nancy Fishman served as secretary and JoAnn Flaig was the only member at large this year. President Randy Smith and Vice President Marc Frankenstein congrat- ulating each other on their newly- elected positions LEFT TO RIGHT— FRONT; Mrs. Pugsley, M. Parra, S. Scheidler, L. Fair, N. Fishman, R. Smith, M. Frankenstein, J. Burkett, J. Nelson, Mr. Pearson. MIDDLE: M. Lovell, C. Snyderman, S. Richard, E. Gres, J. Flaig, D. Berry, C. Harsh- barger, T. Lipp, J. Dowling, K. Klopfenstein. BACK: D. Campbell, S. Hawkins, C. Martin, L. Cooper, C. Haynes, K. Loomis, S. Snyderman, T. Holloway, R. Watters, P. Fisher, NOT PICTURED: S. Williams, D. McCormick. LEFT TO RIGHT— fRONT: Mrs. Pugsley, B. Jones, C. Jones, N. Fishman, R. Smith, M. Frankenstein, M. Abbott. SECOND: B. Rizzo, B. Chamberlain, B. Kennedy, P. Gonzales, R. Rondot, L. Fritz, C. Dusend- schon. THIRD: E. Spears, T. Kennerk, C. Miller, B. Stephenson, T. Kundysek, L. Harter, L. Brenn. BACK: N. Frebel, L. Hoffman, C. Weaver, J. Spears, B. Al- Janabi, C. Greenler, D. Fortriede, T. Cruse. Y-Teens, which is sponsored by Mrs. Francis Patterson, is a nation- wide club which provides a change of atmosphere for people who are confined to the hospital and engages in other philanthropic activities. They also sponsor parties for the me mbers and their friends. President of this club is Violet Garland, with Eliza Evans as sec- retary, Carolyn Gutierrez as treasurer, and Avis Simmons as devotion leader. Y-TEENS (left to right)— fRONT; M. Loyd, N. Wolfe, V. Garland, W. Woods, E. Evans, 2nd ROW: A. Simmons, B. Breidert, E. Curry, E. Mitchell, K. Williams, C. Jones. 3rd ROW: C. Gutierrez, Rosanne Watters, Roxanne Watters, J. Patterson, V. Lewis, M.A.Williams. Various Clubs Benefit Portage SERVICE CLUB (left to right)— Sue Heldt, Paul Hughes, Cindy Martin, Becky Gongaware, Kirk Breinfalk, and Mrs. Scott. Helping Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Anderson in the office was the main objective for members of the Service Club. These students relinquished valuable study hall periods to give the secretaries this much needed assistance. Mr. Edwards sponsored Banking Club, in which Port- age students were given a chance to save money through- out the school year. Worke rs Cindy Engelmann and Debbie Shaw collected savings en- velopes every Tuesday morn- ing. BANKING CLUB workers Cindy Engel- mann and Debbie Shaw receiving savings deposit from Portage student Bob McFarland Rams Learn Different Crafts BOYS ' COOKING CLUB (left to right)— FRONT; Bob Ecenbarger, Melvin Cannon, Colby Haynes, Tom Kennerk, Don Shepherd, Mike Howe. BACK: Mrs. Wilson, George Creenler, Tom Roberts, Bill Shew, Jim Spears, Gregg Steward. NOT PICTURED: Terry Harmeyer and Dave Johnson. Everyone enjoys making things and this holds true for the Rams. Three new clubs provided a place for this pastime. Mrs. Wilson ' s Boys ' Cooking Club was very popular with the male con- tingent, especially the athletes. During the year they learned to make bread, doughnuts, pizza, and ice cream. Knitting Club members, under the direction of Mrs. Bowers, mastered basic knitting techniques during their weekly meetings. Lapidary Club, sponsored by Mr. Anderson, made ornaments and dec- orations from stones and metal. The boys work hard toward the end result — perfect doughnuts! LAPIDARY CLUB— fRONT; Pam Stengel, Jeanne Hilgemann, Mark Ostrand, Richard Sayler. BACK: Mr. Anderson, Brian Brumbaugh. KNITTING CLUB— Mrs. Bowers, Kathy Wickiser, Mary Black, Teresa Swihart, Jacklyn Woodruff. DRAMA CLUB— While not producing many plays for public consumption, Drama Club members learned basic principles of acting and stagecraft. This year ' s sponsor was Mrs. Sterling. Rams Display Talents in Drama and Art Clubs ART CLUB— As in past years, the popularity of Art Club made it necessary to have two sessions, one meeting on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. Under Mrs. Wellman ' s supervision, members ex- hibited their artistic talents in many fields — ceramics, pottery, and papier-mache, for example. PACKET STAFF (left to right)— FRONT; T. Rathert, M. Coe, E. Boedeker, editor-in-chief T. Kundysek, E. Cres, R. Smith, Mrs. Hoylman. BACK: A, Simmons, F. Hagadorn, M. Frankenstein, C. Creason, V. Neuhouser, D. Hamilton, C. Weaver, D. Rifkin, J. Johnson, S. Haw- kins, S. Stauffer, C. Jones. Not present: K. Huber, D. Johnson, L. Lovell. Rams Work Hard to Produce The Packet Staff consisted of volunteers who gave up their study hall to produce our monthly, four-page newspaper. Assisting Editor Kundysek were: Mike Coe, sports editor; Ellyn Boedeker, feature editor; Randy Smith, news editor; and Elaine Ores, assistant editor. This year ' s yearbook was bigger and better than ever. With the exception of some group pictures taken professionally, all the work was done by 9th grade staff members. PORTARAMA STAFF (left to right)— FRONT; Marc Frankenstein, photographer; Lori Burtch, assistant editor; Candy Miller, editor-in-chief; Laurie Hoffman, layout editor; Greg Haycox, sales manager; BACK: Tom Rathert, photographer; Sherrie Ostrand, layout; Shelley LeClair, copy editor; Randy Smith, photo- grapher; Mrs. Hoylman, adviser. JOURNALISM CLUB (left to right)— FRONT: Mrs. Hoylman, Mitch Abbott, Janet Nes, Maria Parra, Carl Snyderman, Eric Russell. BACK: Cynthia Kendall, Rick Nes, Roger Coe, Nancy Wolfe, Cindy Engel- mann. Tana Amsden, Tim Mayclin, David Harman, Neil Bussard, Ann Cox, Mary Black, and Brian Kennedy. Not present for picture; Mark Leiendecker, Barry Lawson, Nevin White, Jeff Wolever; Good Paper and Yearbook UPPER LEFT: Yearbook staff swamped with orders UPPER RIGHT: Top executives confer on problems of year- book LOWER LEFT: It ' s not all work and no play LOWER RIGHT: The best and quickest way to get it done MM ' n fi ilaaikiWtig Ji Q ' ' - ' fc " ' , , , , :lJ- ' 4$kZ ' ■ ' ' . ' . The varsity choir, consisting of ninth and eighth graders, sang under the direction of Mrs. Meese. Rams Sing Their Way in training to become members of the varsity choir next year was the cadet choir. The ninth grade ensembles sang together for their last year at Portage. Through the School Year The eighth grade ensemble (left) prepared them- selves for the big event of the year, the Nisbova Contest. Some of the vocalists were accompanied by a re- corder group. (Left, below) The Portage Patriots (below, left to right) Cheryl Jones, Leroy Dunbar, Eddie Lewis, Mike Frey, Kathy Snyder, and Avis Simmons, sang patriotic songs for special programs, such as the Talent Show and the Christmas convocation. The Halls Were Alive . . . Orchestra There are three main instrumental groups at Portage. They are the orchestra, band, and stage band. President of the orchestra for 1968-69 was Brad Stephenson, and Shelley LeClair was vice president. Serving as presi- dent of the band was Elaine Gres, assisted by vice president Lynn Cooper. The band, orchestra, and stage band per- formed at the Taleret Show, the Spring Con- cert, Christmas program, and various P.T.A. meetings. Band With the Sound of Music Stage Band NISBOVA CONTESTANTS organ- ized into groups to participate in contests for ratings from the Northeastern Indiana State Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association. Groups ranged from soloists through septets. Ensembles Soloists Musicians Prepare for NISBOVA n f 1 vJ w A ' M: ' W Trios Quartets Portage students of all grades, pictured above, diligently worked during and after school hours, to improve their musical ability for the Nisbova contest. Seventh graders learned music through government program 89-10, which pro- vides instruments free of charge. Recorder Club was new this year at Portage. Cheryl Miller, Cindy Allen, Nancy Ecenbarger, and Kathy Trammel were the first to learn how to play the recorders, under the direction of Mr. Butz, not pictured above. Guitar Club members strummed away as they learned new techniques from Mr. Osborn. Radio Code Club members learned vari- ous secret codes to relay on the trans- mitters they made as part of the club ' s activi- ties. Various Activities Occupy Students Tana Amsden and Ann Cox, under the direction of Mr. Denny, actively debated issues concerning today ' s problems in Student Round Table. Reading Improvement Club members, Debbie Wet- zel and Jeff Duray, under the direction of Mrs. Boggess and Mrs. Eickhoff, learned new reading skills for future use. Audio-Visual Club members repaired, set up and operated movie projectors and other necessities that were needed for classroom learning. chess Provides Challenge Tuesday Chess Club Steve Burson and Lavon Snyder study- ing their moves Rhonda Leeper getting ready to take Michelle Frey ' s king Chess club through each school year has a ladder tournament. Then in March they be- gin a double elimina- tion tournament with the winner having his name inscribed on the Portage plaque and receiving an individual trophy. Thursday Chess Club Intramurals Popular The ninth grade girls ' extramurals met every The seventh and eighth grade girls ' intramu- Monday night. They learned to work as a team rals met on Tuesday nights. They chose teams and competed with other schools in basketball, and played seasonal sports among themselves, volleyball, and track. with Portage Students Intramurals was a popular seventh period with the Portage boys. Sponsors of this activity were Mr. Athan and Mr. Cira, ninth grade; Mr. McKeeman and Mr. Ransbottom, eighth grade; and Mr. White and Mr. Amstutz, seventh grade. A variety of activities were en- joyed by the boys. Included were flag football, basketball, softbali, and track and field events. Varsity Rams Have Successful Season 9th grade football team (left to right)— FRONT; G. Dulin, B. Avery, T. Kundysek, T. Rathert, M. Cannon, F. Hagadorn, M. Frankenstein. MIDDLE: Mr. Rans- bottom, T. FHarmeyer, L. Snyder, M. Howe, C. Hay- cox, D. Johnson, D. Rifkin, Mr. Cira. BACK: R. Smith, ]. Spears, M. Wolfe, J. Williams, E. Smith, E. Lewis, L. Dunbar, C. Haynes, T. Roberts, G. Greenler, not shown; D. Hamilton. Most Valuable Player Co-Captains Varsity Rams in action against Fairfield Leroy Dunbar Dan Rifkin John Williams This year ' s varsity had a respectable but rather disappointing season. After grabbing last year ' s city title, the Big Rams had to settle for a tie for third place. The eighth grade also played well this year and finished third in the city race. The seventh grade had a successful season with a 2 — 1 record. Sept. Oct. Scor eboard 18 Geyer 0—0 Kekionga 0—0 26 Franklin 7 — 7 3 Geyer 0—27 10 Weisser19— 14 17 Fairfield 0—6 23 Kekionga 34 — 6 31 Harrison Hill 13— 12 ama © «r 8th grade football team (left to right)— FRONT; M. Finlayson, S. King, D. Hayden, C. Bussard, D. Hood, J. Emmons, D. Eifrid, R. Walters, B. Lawson, J. Cole- man. MIDDLE: Mr. Athan, T. Cruze, E. Spears, K. Mabee, D. Butler, D. Beaver, S. Snyderman, T. May- din, T. Kennerk. BACK: M. Lesh, D. Miller, E. Wineke, C. Slack, B. Newhart, M. LoVett, P. Watters, G. Loomis, J. Fritz. Reserves Finish Third in City While Baby Rams Start Winning Ways 7th grade football team (left to right)— FRONT; ). Hagadorn, S. Heiney, K. Butler, B. Rizzo, L. Ehinger, S. Williams, R. Campbell, K. Klopfenstein, L. GoVan, P. Brown, S. Burson. MIDDLE: Mr. Osborn, D. Huff- man, B. Chamberlain, D. Clendenen, M. King, E. Bone, J. Greenler, N. Bussard, S. Bowens, S. Ransom, J. Wolever. BACK: C. Snyderman, D. Miller, D. Bonifas, M. Borton, J. Steller, B. Ruby, P. Hershberger, M. Slatton, C. Litchin, D. Gillie, P. Gonzales. The hitting gets tough 8th Harrison Hill 12— ( Geyer 6 — WeisserG— 13 Fairfield 20— 18 Kekionga 12 — 6 Northwood 19—7 7th Lane 6-0 Lakeside 26— Harrison Hill 0—6 Portage Rams Hit FRONT ROW: Bob Avery (manager). Bob Ecen- barger, Terry Kundsek, Tom Smyers, Melvin Can- non, Danny Rifkin, Frank Hagadorn (manager). BACK ROW: Leroy Dunbar, Mark Wolfe, Eddie Lewis, John Williams, George Greenler, Kent Loomis, Coach Rex Athan. Girls Infiltrate Hoosier Pastime Flying high Scramble! FRONT ROW: Shelley LeClair, Valeire Lewis, Molly Hinton, Camilla Harshbarger. MIDDLE ROW: Kathy Butts, Judy Johnson, Terri Smyers, Gwen Ransom, Jennie Smith (manager). 6 AC C ROW: Coach Dorothy Lahr, Laurie Hoffman, JoAnn Flaig, Val Neuhouser, Candy Miller. Hardwood 1968-69 8th FRONT ROW: Kippy Smith, Malcolm Finlayson, Alfred Curry, Dave Butler, Dicky Miller, David Hayden, Greg Bussard. BACK ROW: Coach Neal McKeeman, Don Miller, Michael Lovett, Bill Newhart, Matt Hunter, Gary Loomis, Barry Lawson (manager). 7th FRONT ROW: Skye Heiney, Eric Russell, Stanley Richard, Ken Butler, Carl Snyderman (manager). MIDDLE ROW: Sam Williams, Dave Huffman, Phil Hershberger, Mark Leiendecker, Brian Chamberlain. BACK ROW: Coach Neal McKeeman, Neal Bussard, Craig Litchin, Bob Ruby, John Greenler, Steve Ransom. 9th Grade 8th Grade 7th Grade Portage Oppon ent Portage Oppoi lent Portage Opponent 11 21—54 Fairfield 29 11 21—28 Fairfield 27 12 6—37 Weisser Park 30 11 26-39 Harrison Hill 22 11 26—45 Harrison Hill 22 12 13—41 Ben Geyer 22 12 5—44 Weisser Park 35 12 5—44 Weisser Park 45 1 10—26 Fairfield 25 12 12—34 Memorial Park 44 12 12-32 Memorial Park 36 1 17—24 Kekionga 40 12 18—55 Central Catholic 57 12 19—38 Lane 24 1 24—33 Harrison Hill 21 12 19—26 Lane 19 1 9—46 Kekionga 38 TOURNAMENT 1 9—25 Kekionga 27 1 14—29 Jefferson 26 1, 31— 28 Northwood 36 1 14—55 Jefferson 16 1 16—26 Ben Geyer 30 1 16—59 Ben Geyer 36 1 23—47 Northwood 55 1 21—58 Bishop Luers 45 TOURNAMENT 1 23—42 Northwood 32 1 31—33 Jefferson 34 1 30—35 Franklin 49 ( denotes overtime) 2 4—49 Lakeside 46 TOURNAMENT 2 11—41 Harrison Hill 29 2 13—39 Kekionga 47 Portage Cindermen 1969 track team Track is a well-enjoyed sport at Portage, as shown by the large turnout every year. Portage teams regularly place high in city ratings. Portage track stars in action: left, Leroy Dunbar over the hurdles; right, Tom Roberts over the crossbar. ,jm Portage Athletes Display Top Form In these shots, the Rams show why they have been among the top three teams in the city. cheerleaders Back Rams in Action The main obje ctive of the cheerleaders was to promote school spirit, which was done very well this year. They worked diligently throughout the year to perfect cheers which were well received by the fans. Signs were displayed throughout the school before games, and this year ' s cheer- leaders introduced the " spirit can. " When the lid was re- moved the fans responded by cheering, which stopped im- mediately when the lid was replaced. Varsity cheerleaders (left to right): JoAnn Flaig, Cancy Miller with Di; Gwen Ransom, Laurie Hoffman with Cam Harshbarger, and Lori Burtch. Varsity cheerleaders promoting school spirit by means of a spirit can. " Cheer for Reserve cheerleaders (top to bottom): Terri Lipp, Emily Weicker, Lisa Brenn and Debbie Le- Clair, Nancy Fishman, and Wendy Woods. Seventh grade cheerleaders (left to right): Sandy Strawbridge with Cindy Kendall, Susan LeShore with Rona Compton, and Jane Nelson with Janet Nes. On floor: Paula Smith and Maria Parra. Rousing school spirit being led by re- serve cheerleaders. Faculty Dwight Alvis Max Amstutz Gerald Rex Athan Jack Berg Beth Boggess Shop Biology Anderson English English Dev. Reading Radio Code Cen. Sc. Sp. Ed. Phys. Ed. German Club Intramurals Lapidary Club Intramurals English Reading Club Virginia Bowers Richard Cira Dave Cloud Robert Denny David Didier Janet Ditwiler Home Ec. Phys. Ed. Science Math English Library Knitting Club Guidance Stud. Rd. Latin Study Hall Counselor Table French Intramurals ohn Edwards Karen Egley Martha Marvin Prey Mike Gall Donald Gebhard Soc. Studies Math Eickhoff Math English Math Citizenship Phys. Ed. Dev. Reading Chess Club Business Banking Club Intramurals Cheerleading English Reading Club Service Club Faithful cooks satisfied hungry Rams every day at lunch. From left to right they are: Easter Dunlap, Imogene Slagle, Wanda Hart, Audrey Swihart, Donna Graham, Thersa Fredricks, Genevieve Booher, Ruth Loomis, Martha Hunt, Myrna Porter, and cafeteria manager Pauline Snyder. Jay Osborn Don Parlette Tom Pearson Mildred Radatz Bob Ransbottom John Septer Health Instrumental Science Librarian Math English Science Music Student Algebra Dev. Reading Guitar Club Council Intramurals Spanish Chess Club Norma Sterling Barbara Thelma Wellman History Thompson Art English Health Art Club Drama Club Science Intramurals Cheerleading Vern Werking Audio-Visual Science Sac. Studies Shop Audio-Visual Club Alton White Shop Intramurals Janet Wilson Home Ec. Boys ' Cooking Club Cleaning up after the Rams, making repairs to the building, and keeping the schoolyard neat and clean were just a few of the jobs efficiently performed by our custodial staff. Left to right: Carl Carpenter, Robert Mossburg, Carl Haas, Hilda Linnemeyer, and Glenn Daugherty. As one of the office secre- taries, Mrs. Bertha Scott takes care of bookkeeping. She al- so orders the supplies needed for teachers and students. Mrs. Nora Anderson takes care of the grade cards and keeps records on all students. She also helps those teachers and students who need or want her assistance. Office Provides Varied Services As assistant principal, Mr. Gordon Klopfenstein is in charge of planning the con- vocations. He is also the head of the guidance department, and has charge of attendance and distribution of textbooks. Richard Cira splits his time between physi- cal education, guidance counseling, and program changes for Portage students. Each day Mrs. Carol Pugsley comes to school not knowing exactly what she will be doing. She covers three main areas of guidance counseling — personal, vocational, and Central academics. From Football Randy Aker Jeff Al-Janabi Rick Anderson David Arnett Robin Arnett Diane Brewer Gearldene Brock Mike Brockhaus Carolyn Brown Walter Brown to Track — Leola Brumfield James Bunch Lori Burtch Kathy Butts Charles Butz Gary Dulin Leroy Dunbar Bob Ecenbarger Cindy Elkins Paul Elkins From the Talent Show Dave Etzcorn Eliza Evans Gerald Faust Terry Fey Rose Fischer JoAnn Flaig Mike Ford Marc Frankenstein Mike Frey Dave Fulkerson Sandra Guerin Frank Hagadorn Dave Hamilton Christine Harkless Terry Harmeyer to the Spring Concert — Tim Harpel Debby Harris erry Harris Greg Hart Kent Hathaway Kathy Huber Vicky Hyde Dave Janeway Krisjarboe Dave Johnson Ninth-Grade Rams John Johnson Judy Johnson Bernice Jones Cheryl Jones Peggy Jones Dave Juricak Jim Juricak Dorothea Karn Debbie Kelley Charles Kennedy Judith Kester Deborah Kimmel Pamela Kirk Mike Klimkofski Tom Klimkofski Danny Klinger Howard Klinger Neil Koher Sandy Krouse Greg Krumwiede Have Worked Hard — Patty Kumfer Terry Kundysek Jim Langston Mike Lasley Danny Lay Cynthia Martin Gary May Cwen Mays Duane Mespell Candy Miller Terry Morningstar Susan Myers Valerie Neuhouser Charles Neville Teresa Nicodemus and Have Jennie North Nancy Nuttle Wesley Nuttle Mary Osterman Sherrie Ostrand Dennis Roberson Tom Roberts Janie Rockey Douglas Rogers Jeff Russe Succeeded . . . Joyce Schooler Bonnie Schroeder Vickie Shepherd Jeff Shoemai er Avis Simmons Deborah Smith Edward Smith Greg Smith Jennie Smith Kay Steed Brad Stephenson Gregg Steward Dave Strasburg Larry Strasburg In Achieving Mark Suder Vinnie Surface oe Sutton Steve Swihart Donna latum Their Goals. John Williams Roger Wilson Lee Windsor Mike Windsor Mike Winget Camilla Harshbarger Greg Haycox Donna Nunn FaustinoTalamantiz Roxanne Walters Behind the Scenes at Portage •jU :;,.j; ,. yr,; - ' - . t. School spirit at its best Personality at Portage— WLYV ' s Bob Barnes Parents walking their children ' s paths to gain a glimpse of life at Portage in capsule form Student council officers giving undivided at- tention Ingenious freshmen performing original skit to get annual candy sale off to a flying start Eighth-Graders Can Look Backward and Forward to Life at Portage Bobby Al-Janabi Cindy Allen John Alvarez David Atkinson Lonnie Baatz Mike Baugh Dave Beaver Tom Benya Joan Black David Blough Nancy Bollenbacher Shirley Boone Bill Bowers Barbara Breidert Lisa Brenn LouAnn Brown Sharon Brugh Bryan Brumbaugh Patty Buell Helen Bunker Arthur Burget Kenneth Burget Edward Burgo Jean Burkett Tina Chemerenko John Chilcote Dave Clark Judy Clarke Jerry Coleman Penny Coleman Scott Collier Kevin Connett Marianne Conrad Dennis Cook Kenneth Crismore Fred Crum Tom Cruze Alfred Curry Jim Curtis Steve DeGrandchamp John DeRose Teresa DeRose Walter DeWolfe Rick Dillion Michael Dixon m Dowling John Drennon Ron Durnell Linda Dykes Nancy Ecenbarger Dan Eifrid Jeff Emmons Cindy Engelmann Bruce Evans Sue Evans Luana Fair Male Finlayson Pam Fischer Kathryn Fisher MaryAnn Fisher Jody Fritz Lujean Fritz Gene Fry Dewey Fugate Timothy Garland Joe Goble Sandy Fisher Nancy Fishman Art Fontenette Nancy Frebel Kathy Free Michelle Frey Arthur Gonzales Cindy Gonzales Chad Goss Sandy Gulker Carolyn Gutierrez Janet FHackett Charles hiamilton Chris FHannan Jeff Hans David Harman Linda Harter Dave Hayden Sherr Hurst Wayne Isaacs Gray Jackson John Jarboe Donna Jenkins Earl Jenkins Valerie JoJnnston LuAnn Jones Sandra Jones Douglas Keim Jenny Kelly Tern Kelley Betsy Helberg Dave Hood Paul Hughies Rod Hughes Peggy Hull Matt Hunter Tom Kennerk Earnie Keplinger Chris King Steve King Steve Knox Randy Kohlhepp Frank Kumfer Kay Ladd Lisa Lambert Jim Landin Debby Langston Sally Langstroth Barry Lawson Debbie LeClair Mark Lesh Leslie Line Narda Linn Tern Lipp Gary Loomis Kathy Loomis Michael Lovett Susie Lubbes Bill Luce Ken Mabee Darlene Magner Robin Malone Susan Markey Jesse Martinez Janet Mast Larry Mast Tim Mayclin Dan McCormick Paula McCue Rob McFarland Chris McFeeters Janet McFeeters Janet Meade Darlene Medsker Dean Messick Beth Miller Cheryl Miller Don Miller Joy Miller Robert Milligan Darlene Mills Keith Miser Carol Mullen Diana Mundt Linda Munson William Myers Madonna Nagel Jeff Nei Shelby Neuhouser Bill Newhart Gary Payton Keith Peters Tim Phovemire Tom Poore Pamela Potts IdabellePurk Sue Pyle Marilyn Quickery Charlene Quinn Joyce Rector Larry Reitman Debbie Richardson Rick Ridenour Diana Rinehart Nancy Rodebaugh Mary Rodriguez Albert Roe Beverly Rogers Rita Rondot Peter Ruttenberg Shirley Scheidler Bob Scudder Roxanna Shatzer Keith Sheets Ruby Smith Vicky Smith Kathy Snyder Sanford Snyderman Eric Spears Marcy Spiller Lana Starnes Wesley Stotlor Cathy Stradling Elizabeth Szabo Teresa Tackett Renee Thompson Pam VanBuskIrk Stanley Vaughn Kathy Ward Janie LaVern Warner Phil Waterhouse Paul Walters Rick Watters Paul Watts Emily Weicker Jeannie West Jerry West Mary Wilkinson Eddie Wilson Eddie Wineke Lois Witte Bobby Wolfe Nancy Wolfe Wendy Woods Carol Woodward Cheryl Workman Becky Young Dan Fortriede Sherry Kirkland Lanetta Leach Christmas bulletin boards were provided courtesy of eighth grade art classes, brightening Portage ' s Yuletide halls. This montage was prepared by the Portarama ' s industrious photographers. Cn Seventh-Graders Look Forward to Future Years at Portage Mitch Abbott Tana Amsden Debbie Arnett Steven Arnett Pam Arnold Richard Bailer Jim Baker Mike Baker Sharon Barnett Randy Barrand Priscilla Battrick Michael Bauman Deborah Baumgartner Patty Beaver Jeff Benson Kerry Benya David Berry Tim Bickford Phil Brow n Tony Brown Denise Bruce Neal Bruns Harold Burget Steve Burson Neil Bussard Ken Butler Greg Campbell Robert Campbell Doug Castle Deborah Caudill Danny Bonifas Chris Borton Mark Borton Mike Bowen Sherman Bowers Liz Brewer Brian Chamberlain Stephen Chasse Dan Clendenen Roger Coe Chuck Collins Ann Cox jfj jJ S ff ' Maria Cox Rona Compton Debbie Creason Dennis Crismore Janet Crismore Linda Crum Evelyn Curry Evan Davies Nina Davis Terry Davis Harry Deaton Ronnie Dierkes Jeffrey Duray Chris Dusendschon Carlene Edwards Lee Ehmger Jim Eifrid Cathey Elkins Susie Fey Joan Fisher David Fletcher Cindy Ford Terry Frewer Connie Frisby Leslie Frye Tim Caham Bill Gasper David Gillie Denis Glisson Pedro Gonzales Debbie Good Hazel Gordon Dyke Goss Leon Govan John Greenler Rick Groover James Hagadorn Mariene Halsey Marjorie Harmon Carol Harriss Valerie Hart Coleen Harvey Sandra Hatton Skye Heiney Terrie Henderson Karen Hensley Phil Hershberger leanne Hilgemann Dave Hollen Mike Hollen Russ Holocher Judy Honeycutt Mary Hood Clenna Householder Nancy Houser Dave Huffman Robert Ime Bill Jacobs Eric Johnston Randy Johnson Jeff Kincaid Mike King Cindy Kline Kim Klopfenstein Ava Knox Caria Knuckles Steven Linn Craig Litchin Morey Lovell Dale Maddox Chuck Marley Patty Marlowe Phyllis Martin Rosalie Martin Robin Masterson Debbie McLemore Don Medsker Patricia Medsker Terry Mespell Ricky Michael Dick Miller Earma Mitchel Bob Moyer David Nei Martha Prine DaleQuickery Debbie Ramer Larry Ramer Steve Ransom Glenda Reed Willy Rogers Chuck Romano Bob Ruby Eric Russe Richard Sayler Rebecca Seabold Stanley Richard Barry Rizzo Augustine Rodriguez Suzanne Rodriguez Connie Rogers Margaret Rogers Don Shepherd Sandy Shrock SherrieSizemore RickSlatton David Smallback Jim Smith Mickey Smith Mike Smith Paula Smith Joe Snouffer Carl Snyderman Barbara Sovkfies Cindy Spillner Pam Stengel David Stotlar Faith Stotlar Sandy Strawbridge )im Stuller Rose Sutton Teresa Swihart Patty Todoran Kay Tolliver Debbie Townsend Karen Turner Victoria Veale Sabrina Wagnor Sandra Waldrop Judy Walker Vickie Ward Kathilynn Ware Kay Wasson Bill Watson Marcille Wattley Kay Wells Stephanie Werking Vickie West Debbie Wetzel Nevin White Kathy Wickiser Bruce Wilkinson Kathy Williams Sammie Williams Jeffery Wolever Jeff Wolf Paula Wolf Shelley Wolfe Jacklyn Woodruff Debbie Wynn John Bunker Lorrie Ferguson And So Farewell . . . Creating the Portarama this year was a lot of fun, in addi- tion to quite a bit of hard work and, occasionally, long hours. Although there were times when algebra or French home- work seemed more pressing, we on the staff have tried to make this yearbook one that will be more enjoyable for you, the students of Portage. For her helpful suggestions, we would like to thank Mrs. Hoylman, who did much of our wor- rying for us. Everyone on the staff— Lori Burtch, Laurie Hoff- man, Shelley LeClair, Sherrie Ostrand, and Greg Haycox— deserves a lot of praise for their hard work. We are also very grateful to our photographers. Marc Frankenstein and Tom Rathert, not only for the many pictures they took but also for the several pages and unique picture layouts they designed. Many thanks, too, go to Diana Campbell, who designed and did the excellent artwork for our cover and division pages. We sincerely hope that you will derive much pleasure from this, your 1968-69 Portarama. Editor-in-Chief 7 HECKMAN BINDERY INC. SEP 93

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