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Gc 977.202 F77por 1966-67 Ml INDIANA COLLECTIOR ORTAGE Junior High 1412266 Contents Page Faculty 2- 6 Academics ' ' - Sports 13-20 Student Pictures 21-42 Activities 43-35 1967 .- ; m. - ' HJ I B .▲. H HB m . A IBH Mrs. Carol Pugsley is guidance counselor. She is alwai on hand when anyone is in need of help of some sort. Under the guidance of Dr. Hugh Kariger, our principal, Portage has maintained high academic standards. Mr. Nick Karanovich is stafT assistant this yeai at Portage. He also helps students with an problems that they might have. Mr. Karanovicf is the advisor to our Student Council and is aisc engaged in many other activities that benefit us. THESE PEOPLE HELP MAKE PORTAGE RUN SMOOTHLY Every day Portasi;e ' s cooks fix us a nourishing lunch, to keep us going through the rest of the day. The cooks are from left to right, Ruth Bowers, Wanda Hart, Thersa Frederick, Easter Dunlap, Betty Pettit, Audry Swihart, Doniva Gaham, Juanita Movvery, Genevieve Booher, Ruth Loomis, and manager, Pauline .Snyder. The custodians are at Portage from early morning to late at night, cleaning the building for us. Also they take care of jobs that need to be done in the building. These people are Bob Mossburg, Glenn Daugherty, Hilda Linnemeyer, Carl Haas, and Carl Carpenter. rs. Gladys Squires, Portage ' s nurse, is always on hand to take care injured students. In the picture she tends a scratch on Terry )berts ' hand. There is hardly ever a moment when you can find our two secretaries, Mrs, Nora Anderson and Mrs. Bertha Scott, idle. Without them it would be very hard for our school to run smoothly. Donald Gebhard Math LydiaB.Gowdy History Jane Hoylman English Publications Elizabeth Hughes Study Hall Attendance Clerk Edna Johnson Math Social Studies Gordon Klopfenstein Adjustment Room Norma Sterling Social Studies Developmental Language English Emily McKeand Phvsical Ed. Neil McKeeman Math Elizabeth Szegedy Developmental Reading English 5 Richard Mattix Social Studies History Citizenship Vern Weri-nj Science Social Studies Home Arts Audio- Visual ALL IN A TEACHER ' S DAY Mrs. Collins is the clerical worker at Portage. She helps the teachers with paper- work and does other jobs for them. Future Basketball Star? Busy Day for Cooks TTil tT !?i8imjiniJ IHI bp BHhSS? !!! ' Ssk. i feto H lBHMvBC Pi n| | 1 0 4. ' ' i ll Sorry About That Teachers Sing Along Another Sleeping Student 1967 c M LIBRARY . . . Rams browse among the shelves in the library. . . . offers many new and exciting books this year. Mrs. Radatz has contributed much time and effort to the welfare of the library. STUDY HALL . . . provides time for finishing assignmsnts for ninth grade students. In Mr. Werking ' s home arts class girls enter in hammering contest. T. Werking watches as this girl learns how to hammer in a nail Shop students learn drafting under Mr. Smith ' s super ision (ib Bowers teaches these girls the funda- mentals of sewing. TOURING AROUND WITH . . . D LANGUAGE Ar. Didier ' s Latin lass did projects to lelp the pupils inderstand the lan- ;uage better. The lupils are explaining heir project as Mr. idler listens. Mr. Ransbottom and some 8th graders look at their string drawings done in math classes. The two 8th grade classes ran a contest to see who did the better drawings. itizenship students listen as Mr. Mattix xplains how to prepare income tax forms. Jerry Rufkin, former drug addict, spoke to students of Portage about his past experiences. He explained the dangers and told us what he went through when he couldn ' t kick the habit. .-Mso he told us how he over- came his addiction. CONVOCATIONS FOUND ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL Varsity cheerleaders lead students in a rousing yell during the foot ball pep session before the Jamboree. The Jamboree is held at th( beginning of the school year to kick offthe football season. Students listen as Mr. Parlette directs the Portage band during the annual Christmas progran 1967 CHEERLEADERS BOOST SPIRIT Portage ' s varsity cheerleaders have provic much enthusiasm at football and baskett games during the year. The varsity cheerlead are: BACK ROW: Becky Miller, Janet We raub, and Dorothy Long; FROXT ROW: i ternates Deb Flaig and Cindy Lawson, a Nancy Snyderman. Linda Black is not pictured. The reserve cheerleaders have cheered very enthusiastically at the home basketball games of the reserve team. The eighth grade cheer leaders, pictured clockwise, are Claudia Thomas, Rene Watters, Judy Crothers, Beth Nelson, Chris Meyers. ' Becky Bierman, Debra Chrzan, Pam Lipp. Nicki Swank is in the center. The ninth grade girls ' extramurals meet every Monday night. In against other schools in basketball, volleyball, and track. The extramurals the girls learn to work as a team and compete girls are under the supervision of Miss McKeand. MANY GIRLS FIND EXTRAMURALS AND INTRAMURALS CHALLENGING L V The extramural girls listen, as Miss McKeand points out past mistakes for an upcoming game. The eighth grade mtramurals meet on Tuesday, and the seventh They compete m volleyball and track playdays during the year. graders meet on Wednesday night of each week. They also work Miss McKeand and Mrs. Egley supervise them, to improve their skills in basketball, volleyball, and track. TOP ROW: Gary Morningstar, Clyde Dickey, Steve Cavell, Charles Dunbar, George Kariger, Coach Johnson. SECOND RO H ' ; John Hoffman, Ron Burley, Earl Richard, Terry Bierman, Randy Brumbaugh, Rick Chamberlain, Scott Irmscher. FRONT RO Dennis Bruns, Willie Simmons, Bill Kratzert, Gary Lawsor Emmett Evans. Varsity Rams Give Good Show on Hardwood Portage Opponents The varsity Rams showed a good display of shooting this year. Above Steve Cavell, Clyde Dickey and Rick Chamberlain are shooting layups during games this year. 40 Harrison Hill 39 40 Northwood 29 29 Weisser 27 44 Fairfield 37 36 Aboite 28 28 Lakeside 31 39 Bishop Dwenger 42 38 Ben Geyer 43 60 Central Cath. 54 45 Memorial 58 37 Kekionga 48 35 Northwood Tournament 36 8th Grade Rams Reserves TOP ROW left to right: Coach McKeeman, John Dunbar, Mike Deiser, Lorenzo Cannon, John Mitchell, Mike Gomez, Bruce Pronesti. FRONT ROW: Leon Underwood, Alan Wittenberg, Dan Johnson, Dick Wilkin, Kim Richard, Gary Van Allen. RAM RESERVES n S fl 1 « TOP ROW eh to right: Coach McKeeman, Leroy Dunbar, Kent Buesching, Eddie Lewis, David Fulkerson, Kent Loomis, Bruce Pronesti. SECOND ROW: Tom Rathert, Tom Bier- man, Dave Hamilton, George Grecnler, Bob Ecenbarger, Jerry Miller, Randy Smith. FRONT ROW: Melvin Cannon, Brad Stevenson, Dave Johnson, Brian Brown, Kevin Kerris, Terry Kundysek, Tom Smyers. 7th Grade Rams Reserves . v Js The ninth grade football team, for the 1966-67 season, is as fol- lows. BACK ROW: JefT Jacobs, Melvin Tracy, George Kariger, Steve Cavell, Jerry Sparkman, and Coach Cira. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Kreigh, Joe Pronesti, Earl Richards, Gil Latz, Willie .Simmons, Tony Poitres, Don Beacraft, and Coach Ransbottoir FROXT ROW: Duffy Nanna, Ron Burly, Bill Kratzert, Gar Lawson, Rick Chamberlain, Gary Kelly, Mike Conrad, am Dave Snyder. Mr. Cira gives varsity a pep talk at half-time during the Weisser Park — Portage football game. FOOTBALL Portage Lakeside 21 Portage 19 Franklin 39 Portage 6 Fairfield 6 Portage 9 Ben Geyer 6 Portage Weisser Park 7 7th, 8th, and 9th grade football managers. STAXDIXG are; Richard Beck, .Scott Irmscher, and Steve Bunch. KXEELIXG are; John Theye and Harold Hurst. 1 ' ' t a , 1 % The eighth grade football team is: BACK ROW— Syl Engelmann, Mory Deiser, Craig Le Clair, John Dun- bar, Pete Chemerenko, John Mitchell, Dave Milligan, and Coach Smith. FRONT ROW — Dan Chandler, Mike Emmons, .-Man Wittenberg. Mike Ruthsatz. Dan Johnson. Paul Benjamin. Cliff Heatherington, and manager, Bruce Pronesti. TAKES FALL SPOTLIGHT th grade fdotball team — with 1 win and 2 losses, was coached this season by Mr. Gall and Mr. Ransbot- tom. The coaches are looking forward to a winning season for the team next year. i i B , f n . n C, r f m .. ATHLETES LEARN THE ART OF SPORTS I n n i S f - a n ; WM4 1967 NINTH GRADERS . . Louie Aguirre Beth Alfeld Joe Alvarez Steve Archer John Atkinson Debbie Avery Jack Baker Kenton Baker Ron Baker Glenna Barrand Johnny Beaver Richard Beck Don Becraft Ronnie Bell Terry Bierman Linda Black Dan Blough Debbie Blough Robert Boger Sue Boger Vicki Boissenet Debbie Bonsib Tom Borne Herb Brandt Jolene Brown Linda Brown Billy Jo Brubaker Randy Brumbaugh Dennis Bruns Neil Bryson HEIR PORTAGE DAYS . . . Pat Bubb Carol Buchwald Steve Bunch Ron Hurley Melody Burns Carolyn Basse Max Byrd Dawn Carter Steven Cavell James Ca zares Rick Chamberlain Teresa Chandler Lana Chilcote .Deborah Christman Douglas Clapper Patricia Click Nancy Cochrane Katrina Colby Jeff Collier Pete Collins Mike Conrad Peggy Conrad Earl Cox Steve Crismore Jerry Crothers John Crothers Gary Dancer Jayne Darby Debbie David Carolyn Deck ARE ENDING A Kathy Deiser Virginia DeRose Clyde Dickey Don Doswell Kenny Draper Joan Drummond Diana Dudley Raymond Dugan Charles Dunbar Lynn Dunfee Don Durnell Mike Durnell Steve Durnell Mike Edwards Velton Ellis Debbie Evans Emmett Evans Kathleen Felger Bruce Ferry Max Fey Pat Fincher Rhonda Fisher Virginia Fitzwater Debbe Flaig Mike France Roger Franklin Julie Fritz Vic Frye Charlene Fuhrman Alberta Garcia ;enior high creeps closer Lynda G arcia Carol Good Cynthia Goshorn Mark Goss Jane Hackett Lisa Hamilton Julie Hardiek Frank Harris Steve Harris Sandy Harshbarger Pamela Hart Keith Hathaway John Helmke Jim Hill Cheryl Hitchcock John Hoffman Tammy Holloway Pete Honeycutt Mike Hood Carol Howell Bill Huffman Steve Huguenard Harold Hurst Kathy Hutchens Scott Irmscher Betty Isaacs Jeffjacobs Mikejaneway Ed Jarboe George Kariger WHEEE-HERE WE GO Patricia Keller Gary Kelley Susan King JoEtta Knox Mary Kowalenko Bill Kratzert Rebecca Krause Norma Kreider Mike Kreigh Janet Krotke Terry Kumfer Gil Latz Cindy Lawson Gary Lawson Mildred Lay James Lewis Eric Lindquist Charles Linn David Locker Dorothy Long Roxanne Loveless Wayne McClure Mike McKeeman Carlotta McKinley Debbie Magner Joe Martinez Robert Mast Daniel Mickley Becky Mil ler Frank Milligan O SENIOR HIGH AND . . . Kathy Mills Henry Moor Jim Morr Janice Morgan Mary Morimano Gary Morningstar Delores Morones Rita Morones Gary Moore Vicki Mundt Russell Myers Dorel Nanna Jim Nelson Patricia Newhart Greg Nix Dennis Norris Bill Norrish Mike Orr Diana Osterman Chris Ostrand Douglas Paschall Darlene Peake George Peppas Linda Phillips Anthony Poitras Morisena Poore Joe Pronesti Dan Quickery La Verne Ransom Mark Reed BEING UNDERCLASSMEN AGAIN Earl Richard Phil Rizzo Nilsa Roman Mike Rose Ernest Rust Susan Ruttenberg Cheryl Sanders Linda Scheidler Steven Schoen Sandra Scott Alex Shiriaev Joe Shomo Roberta Shrock Willie Simmons Theresa Skelly Karen Smith David Snyder Irene Snyder Nancy Snyderman Jim Solga Jerry Sparkman Ruth Speck Doug Stephenson Celeste Steward Jim Strasburg Susan Sunderland John Theye John Thomason Carol Tolliver Melvin Tracey David Turner Ann Underwood Rosalie Vorndran Jan Wade Teresa Walsh Carol Ware Ted Watson Mark Walters Darla Webb John Wehrle Jane Weicker Janet Weinraub Vickie Wetzel Gail Wheeler Thelo White Tom Wilkinson Guy Willis Douglas Wolf Kristina Wolf Norina Woods Pal Dhaliwal Carolyn Biglow Francine Williams Doug Wolfe Sandy Shull 8lh graders Gloria Aguirre Betsy DeWolfe Denise Adams Linda Adkisson Peggy Aker Robert Al-Janabi Deborah Allen Amy Archbold Mary Atkinson Eric Battrick Patricia Beach David Beaver Linda Beineke Jesse Bejarano Noema Bejarano Paul Benjamin Carol Beutler Rebecca Bierman Marcia Black Mary Bodigan Debbie Bodle Lois Boyd Sandy Brickley Don Brown Richard Brown Deborah Brownlee EIGHTH GRADERS TIRE, Diane Bruns William Burgo Debra Burley Greg Burrell Valerie Buschey Rita Busching Jody Bushey Sue Byerley Sheri Byrd Lorenzo Cannon Jesse Capps Major Caudill Nancy Cazares Danny Chandler Peter Chemerenko Debra Chrzan Karen Chrzan Craig Collier Dan Cottrell Tim Cramer Larry Crismore Judy Crothers Jeff Davies Steve Degrandchamp Mike Deiser Morrie Deiser Jeff Derrickson Danny Dillion Sandra Dillion Jane Duemling John Dunbar Randy Dunfee Becky Durnell Tom Dykes Richard Ealing Kenneth Elkins Perry Ely Sylvester Engelmann Pam Feasel Chris Fensler Eddie Ferguson Mary Ann Fisher Jeff Fishrnan Mary Alice Floyd Robert Foster Ann Frebel Rene Fry Frederick Fryback :)F BEING MIDDLEMEN Sandra Fryback Karen Fulk Mike Funk Dan Gage Bill Gaham Kathy Glass Kathy Glisson Mike Gomez Vera Elaine Gordon James Grieser Perry Gross Gwen Gwinn Arnold Hakey Charles Hamilton Cindy Harkless Cathy Harmon Lana Harrison Tom Harriss Glen Hart Eric Hayden Fred Heredia Cliff Hetherington Cynthia Hill Patricia Hogue Frank Hollen Sharon Hollen Joetta Hood William Hood Bruce Houston Jerome Hull Larry Hurst Janet Hutchens John Igney Doris Isaacs Delilah Jackson Jill Jacobs Mikejacobs Dan Johnson Tammy Johnson Bill Johnson Jacquelyn Johnston Joyce Keener Kenneth Kellems Dan Kennerk Debbie Kimmel Debbie Kitzmiller Kathe Klopfenstein Leo Knuckles AS EXPERIENCED RAMS Phil Koher Olga Kowalenko Ronald Landin James Langston Danny Lay Craig LeClair Doris Leshore Johnny Leshore Douglas Lewis Pamela Lipp Scott Loveless Jim McCann Greg McClure Debra McCombs Danny McCormick Susan McCray James McKinley Diana Martin Betty Medsker Chris Meyers Michael Meyer Kathy Michael David Milligan John Mitchell Melva Mooney Rickey Morrison Patricia Moyer Edward Nast Beth Ann Nelson Janice Nelson Dave Nuttle Gary Getting EdOrr Mark Oswalt Phil Palmer Louie Palomo Nick Palomo Michael Patterson Rebecca Payne Jacinta Perkins Marcia Phillips Brett Pohr Marrietta Prine Bruce Pronesti Mike Ramer Stephen Raymer Carolyn Rice Mitchell Rice HEY LOOK FORWARD TO . . Kim Richard Sharon Richardson David Ripke LeRoy Ritter Terry Roberts Dave Rockey Paul Rogers Maritza Roman Jessie Rose Kevin Rowe Doug Russell Mary Russell Art Rutherford Mike Ruthsatz Jose Sanchez Lydia Sanchez Grant Sanders Kathy Saylor Anton Schmidt Mike Schroeder Ricky Shanks Wallace Shoaff Sharon Sipes Lynda Skelly Douglas Slack Sally Slagle Darlene Smallback Etta Smith Marjorie Snawder Dean Sonier Kerry Springer Gary Squires Marion Stam Sharon Suder Tim Sullivan Nicki Swank Odett Tamez Jimmy Terry C-laudia Thomas Lorraine Thompson Chris Townsend John Treesh Kevin Trim Tom Uhrick Sherwin Underwood Joan Valentine Gary VanAllen Debby Waldrop NINE MONTHS AS FRESHMEN Randy Ware Randy Watters Rene Watters Debbie Weaver Donna Weber David Weisbach Cynthia Wells Bobby Ray Wheeler Robert White Tenney White Daniel Whitman Dennis Whitman Steve Wickiser Richard Wilkin Danny Williams LaRay Williams Ronald Wilson Stoy Wilson Kenneth Wine Alan Wittenberg Bonita Woods Michael Wyatt Bob Zimmerman Regnal Meade ' rtage students listen intently as Mr. Parlette directs the band the Christmas program. SCENES IN RAMS YEAR Doug Stevenson and other students are getting on Bus 46 after the school day ends at Portage. At the annual Christmas program, Portage ' s orchestra performs. 1412266 Many students are lined up waiting to pay their money for a 1966-67 yearbook. In the picture Julie Fritz is very efficiently taking Tom Borne ' s money. Students are waiting in line to receive their candy during the candy sale in November. Randy Aker Jeffrey Al-Janabi Dave Arnett Robin Arnett Sue Arruza Bob Avery Carolyn Baker Marna Baker Herbert Banks Rickey Barrand David Battrick Mike Baugh Sandra Beaver Debbie Becraft Tom Bierman Robin Bischoff Stuart Black Eliyn Boedeker Barbara Bowen Kirk Breinfalk Laurie Brenn Diane Brewer Gearldene Brock Richard Brock PORTAGE WAS STRANGE TO Mike Brockhaus Brian Brown Carolyn Brown Walter Brown Randy Brunson Kent Buesching Kenneth Burget Margaret Burget Lora Burtch Kathy Butts Charles Butz Diana Campbell Melvin Cannon Patty Capps Patty Cazares Becky Chilcote Michael Coe Penny Coleman George Conner Jeanne Conrad Patty Cook Lynn Cooper Donald Cox Candy Creason Diane Crismore Linda Grossman Peter Cruze Maria Dancer Roc Dawson John Derose Kenneth Dixon James Dominguez Gary DuHn Leroy Dunbar Bobby Ecenbarger Michael Eifrid Joanne Eldridge Cindy Elkins Paul Elkins Ann Escosa David Etzcorn Eliza Evans Susan Falsing Terry Fey Shirley Fincher Rose Fischer James Floyd Michael Ford RRIVING SEVENTH GRADERS Marc Frankenstein Michael Frey Mike Fugate Kathy Gaham Pamela Garcia Vicki Garcia Charles Garland Violet Garland Mark Geiger Becky Georgi Susan Gibbons Becky Gongavvare Charles Gonzalez Patricia Good Charles Goodsell Ellen Greene George Greenler Donald Greider Elaine G res Bonnie Griffin Steve Grimme Sandra Guerin Frank Hagadorn David Hamilton Christine Harliless Terrv Harmeyer Timothy Harpei Deborah Harris Jerry Harris Camilla Harshbarger Gregory Hart Shelley Hawkins Gregory Haycox Colby Haynes Shirley Healey Randy Hermes Thomas Hill Molly Hinton Konnie Hipshire Lauri Hoffman Charlotte Hogue Terry HoUoway Dallie Hood James Michael Howe Glenda Howell Kathryn Huber Vicky Hyde Donald Jackson SEVENTH GRADERS FIND Davidjaneway Kristinejarboe Davejohnson John Johnson Judy Johnson Bernice Jones Cheryl Jones Peggy J ones Jamesjuricak Joe Keller Deborah Kelley Heather Kerr Kevin Kerris Edward Kessel Gary King Mike Klimkofski Tom Klimkofski Danny Klinger Howard Klinger Neil Koher Terry Kundysek Cheryl Lahr Gary Michael Lasley Shelley LeClair James Lee Rhonda Leeper Edmund Lewis Valerie Lewis Jeff Line Michael Linn Kent Loomis Luella Lovell Mary Loyd Jerry McCormick Gary May Darlene Medsker Duane Mespell Candy Miller Jerry Miller Terry Morningstar Susan Myers Valerie Newhouser Teresa Nicodemus Savas Nieto Jenny North Donna Nunn Nancy Nuttle Wesley Nuttle :hanging of classes Mary Osterman Sheryl Ostrand Larry Patterson John Perkins Rita Perkins Susan Perrine Linda Pettibone Glanita Printup Douglas Pronesti Pamela Pyle George Quickery Caryn Raney Gwen Ransom Tom Rathert Cheryl Richardson Larry Ridgley Dennis Roberson Thomas Roberts Janie Rockey David Roe Douglas Rogers Billie Routt Jeff Russell David Sapp Michael Schoen Joyce Schooler Bonnie Schroeder Vickie Shepherd Jeff Shoemaker Gary Shurgott Avis Simmons Deborah Smith Edward Smith Jennie Smith Randall Smith Terri Smyers Tom Smyers Mike Smyser Patricia Sowles James Spears Bart Spiller Deborah Spillner Scott Stauffer Bradley Stephenson Gregg Steward David Strasburg Larry Strasburg Mark Suder A NEW EXPERIENCE Steven Swihart Donna Tatum Velvie Taylor Charles Terry Susan Travis Loretta Underwood James Vaughn Gunnar Veale Jamina Vranjes Stephen Vroom Ricky Waldrop Denise Walters Nancy Ware Denise Warner Christine Wasson Rosann Watters Roxanne Walters Cheri Weaver Robert Weaver Debbie Wells Gregory West James Wheeler James Wilkin Edward Wilkinson John Williams Gary Willis Malcome Lee Windsor Norman Windsor Michael Winget Laurie Wittenberg Mark Wolfe John Wynn Jacqueline Verger Mary Zabolotney JoAnn Flaig Davidjuricak Pamela Kirk Elizabeth Lytic Nora Male Sherri OswaU Lavon Snyder Mark Wolfe Vickie Anderson FROM PREVIOUS YEARS A DAY AT PORTAGE The dav berins with a boom! A bit of relaxation at the end of the day. The rush to classes! STUDENT COUNCIL 1966-67 GOVERNING BODY OF PORTAGE JR. HIGH 1% !i 4BI ( f scy Council Gathers Around President, Gil Latz rhe Service Club members ire very useful to Mrs. Ander- ion and Mrs. Scott, filing lards and performing other ime-consuming tasks when he secretaries themselves are hort on time. banking Club workers collect ;avings envelopes every Tues- lav morning from conscien- ious Rams. RAMS ENJOY CLUB ACTIVITIES Checking and filing cards and stacking books are just a few of the numerous jobs our Library Club does under the super- vision of Mrs. Radatz. 1 tx Squeaks, Squawks, and Screeches . . . blend together under the direc- tion of Mr. Par- lette, to become music that has won distinction for Portage ' s instrumentaHsts. SOUNDS MADE INSTRUMENTALISTS 5Y HARDWORKING ' ROVE WORTHWHILE The Varsity Choir, which meets every other day, performs at many functions through- out the year. Members receive choir pins at the end of their third year. Mrs. Meese is director for all vocal groups. THEIR VOICES LIFl I The Cadet Choir is in training to join the Varsity Choir as eighth graders. This year the group meets as part of a general music period, and performs in combined concerts and special convocations. Solo Club meets during activity period on various days. Members work on numbers for NISBOVA contest and talent shows. They are interested in learning voice techniques and developing poise in singing alone. Stress is upon developing natural voices. The Triple Trio is a group which has been formed for three years. The group consists of eight girls and one boy, who are all ninth graders. This year they entered the NISBOVA contest singing ' ' Today . NSONG The Ensemble groups perform for many of Portage ' s programs. Once every year they perform in NISBOVA contests for awards and medals. CHESS CLUB . proved to be so popular with students this year that it was necessary to have tv nights reserved for chess. This year the clubs were under the guidance of Mr. Frey ar Mr. Septer. .ijf DRAMA CLUB this year has presentee four plays to our schoo body. The members have learned new acting skills and the art of presenting plays in front of a group This year the advisers were Mr. Didier and Mrs Rigdon. This year ' s Art Club has enjoyed creating many fine projects which help them understand and fully appreciate art. This year ' s adviser was Mrs. Weilman. STUDENTS ENJOY TYPING AND ART CLUBS Under the direction of Mr. Gebhard, members of the Typing Club have worked hard to learn the art of typing. This club met on Friday, but practice during the week was necessary. GERMAN CLUB. This club is to help studen interested in German, learn common practii phrases of the German language; to get j ' quainted with the country ' s history, geograph traditions, and way of life. The club was spo sored by Miss Szegedy and it met on Tuesd: evenings. SEWING CLUB. Students ir terested in learning the art ( sewing were able to do so i this year ' s Sewing Club whic was sponsored by Mn Bowers. The members wer taught sewing skills and som embroidery work. MATH CLUB. This club was open to any students who wished to work on mathematical puzzles and ideas not us- ually studies in the daily math classes. It was under the guidance of Mr. Mc- Keeman and it met on Tuesday eve- nings. UDIO VISUAL this year was under the guidance F Mr. Anderson and Mr. Werking. These men elped the members learn to take inventory of the ew machines and train the teachers once again ow to use the machines. DRAFTING CLUB this year was open to all boys in all three grades. They learned to work with simple and complicated tools. Some interesting things they made were end tables, nail punches, checker sets, and pen trays. We had a new sponsor for this club this year, Mr. Smith. CLUBS GIVE A VARIETY OF INTEREST TO STUDENTS The SCIENCE CLUB met each Thurs- day throughout the year. The members did science projects which they entered in the Science Fair for awards. The winners went to the Regional Sci- ence Fair for higher awards. The weekly sessions included demonstra- tions, movies and talks about special areas of science. This year the spon- sors were Mr. Pearson and Mr. Nichols. This group of freshmen spends one hour every other day working very hard to produce a good yearbook. At times they have to work a httle harder, but they don ' t mind because they know it will pay off in the end. Pictured here are: BACK ROW: photographers John Hoffman and Scott Irmscher, layout editor Jayne Darby, Pat Newhart, Lisa Hamilton. FROXT ROW: copy editor Debbe Flaig, assistant editor Debbie Bon- sib, editor-in-chief Becky Miller, sales manager Pat Fincher. YEARBOOK AND PAPER STAFF This group supports the school with its wonderful paper. They too spend many hours working to produce a better paper. The publications are advised by Mrs. Jane Hoylman. Pictured are: BACK ROW Tony Poitras, Richard Beck, layout editor Sue Sunderland, photographers John Hoffman and Scott Irmscher, assistant sports editor Tom Borne, copy editor Ruth Speck. FROXT ROW: feature editor Julie Fritz, sports editor Randy Brumbaugh, assistant editor Nancy Snyderman, editor -in-chief John Theye, news editor Joan Drummond, editorial editor Vicki Boissenet. Mrs. Hoylman gives useful information to Becky Mil- ler and Pat Fincher concerning sales of the yearbook. OMBINE FUN WITH WORK JOURNALISM CLUB This group of ambitious students spends one period every week after school in learning the fundamen- tals of how to work on the year- book and newspaper. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Jane Hoylman. YEARBOOK STAFF FINALLY RELAXE As the school year comes to a close, the yearbook also closes its covers. During the 1966-67 school year the Portarama staff has tried to put out a yearbook that provides pleasant memories for everyone. All of us on the staff have worked diligently during the past year compiling what we hope is one of the best year- books yet. Even though it took much time and hard work, it is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences one could have. A lot of people have helped to make this yearbook possible. It would be too hard to mention all of them, but the ones who contributed much of their time are Deb Bonsib, Jayne Darby, Deb Flaig, Pat Fincher, and the school photographers Scott Irmscher and John Hoff- man. Lisa Hamilton and Eric Hayden also contributed much to the staffs work. We hope you will enjoy your yearbook and it will always hold memories of your days as a Portage student. Becky Miller Editor-in-chief AUTOGRAPHS- 1298

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