Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA)

 - Class of 1958

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Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1958 volume:

I.. I . CQ :Y -,,' . x A -,.. . .- L,., ,, L' :TL '16 , . -.1 . ,Ayr 4 I s Q 35' '- ' , '.' l . I X - -I 4.4 , Y' 'Y gf 4' qv: .I'. . In ' " H T - . '."s-X ' PS. 11 .4 ,f f' . . ' 0 I ,t I ' N 5 .,L" .1 I' xl Wi..-1... 5 N -rl 1-,.k' ,Fj- ,- ,4 . 1 , A . ., 3. ,X 'X . . . "V-4 . xh, ,.. .g.7I I si 5 v 5, . .Vg X L , 484 Ir' . " 1.1. A , L.: , -. r , , I Q, -fl - ...Q 1, r K , ks' x if . J, ,rvn 'fran in A 4 . I . . X .o .4 .J 1, 'v x.' . .."l .,' X .. 'Y 1 .. llc- , K.f xx sh . i -K . lk, -.bjzygfv rr 'I NV., . 5: 1 'sd Je wg-feg'f, ',Q',.,, 1 ik: .VM I, 1 4 -1 f ff ' 1 THE GREENBACK 1958 EDITION COmP116d by the Staff PONCHATOULA HIGH SCHOOL Ponchatoula, Loulslana ASSOCIHIC SHIRLEY KENNEDY Editor ----------------- ANNE RAZEY -.af - -.. - fir. - Tf. . -.1 - 1 - '4- nh- .f -' . 4. ':,-.tg -5.41-r .,-..,- iq.. .':'?gZf: . I 651515: -525552 3:"" -:::.- . . . . -. 354-,-., --::.-.'. 'iii :r-: 45135 ,I . -'in . ' -'. - 1-:-rg. gzgzg: .,-.g. . -,-P .p., .- i:11:2f :gif '-555.-P 'ff1::: ?-':::.' In thrs, the slxteenth edltxon of The Greenback, the staff has tned to preserve 1n word and PICILIIB the 1957 58 term at Ponchatoula Hrgh School We have worked to capture blts of each SCIIVIIY sports organlzatlons classes, and assembhes 11 the thmgs that make P H S the way xt 15 today S1nce II would be xmpossrble to mclude everytlung xn this one book, we hope ll can be more l1ke a key whxch w111 unlock your treasure of pleasant memo ues of hlgh school as you knew xt If thxs purpose is accomphshed we have not worked III vain THE GREENBACK STAFF Editor , -3:-:gz THE S T A F F BUSINESS MANAGERS Annette Adams Laurie Pedeaux Donner Sheridan SPONSOR, Miss Joyce Paulg EDITOR, Anne Razeyg ASSOCIATE EDITOR, Shirley Kennedy, BUSINESS MANAGERS, Annette Adams, Laurie Pedeaux, Donner Sheridan, STAFF, Martha Jean Burris, Evelyn Davis, Ruby Fisher, Judy McClellan, Libby McCaa, Elizabeth Pierson, Carolyn Roberts, Claudia Tanner. IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Louise Parker .,. ' X 9 P f A . 2. .. E . S , J 4 3 rw x . K' X- i 2 I 5 . X W . , K F If ,K , F' Y i A : A I . ' 4 25 54 gl' ggi 1? . A ' 1 'iii ' - Q, N W - + . 3. ' J' - z '- Eg :E ' ,H O gs ag? www, - 'sf ' ,.- 'al LL -, , K K Msfgi I , Q 1 4 11421,-1' - - A xvzm, , - " Q., 'u.,, V , "- ,L--1.7,-,, ,MQ V , . 45 'lf+.'f3Z OUR SURRCUNDINGS A Gymnasium ' 16193 exemenwy Bm Home Ec Building all ,W ,Ui U ' in X 1 si A , in R AS , , r . T. ,.,g. L A A , L '5' y if N fr ag ig is Q Q 5 Q -e ,. .4 ego LJ ! 4 , ,f le' 1 'X XJ? f If 1. ,X . Pg: wx. W Qfzw c , gig, Y, 2 . '-, .Egg H , ' ff- X! ,sm i, vga fm-f ,:mff if, ,K QB' 'swf r L, ,, V . S? ev? A . 2 .XX 1 1 Q I 1 L- l 529,31 ' J 5 A., an M l Y? .., V , if ' , fi HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY L. E. FLETCHER B. A. , Southeastem Louisiana College URSULA GAUDE B. A. , Northwestern State College EUGENIA HEBERT B. S. , Southeastern Louisiana College JAMES HUTCHINSON M.S. , Louisiana State University VERNON JOHNSON B. S. , Southwestern Louisiana Institute WILLIAM E. JOHNSON M.E. , Louisiana State University MARILYN BANKSTON B. A. , Southeastern Louisiana College VIOLA BEALL B. S. , Southeastern Louisiana College MARGARET BISHOP A.B. , Winthrop College, S. C. JAMES E. BODKER B. A. , Southeastern Louisiana College DOROTHY FORREST B. S. , Southeastern Louisiana College MILDRED FORREST B. A. , Southeastern Louisiana College MARY KINCHEN M. A. , Louisiana State University ONIE ORDOYNE M. A. , Peabody JOYCE PAUL M. A. , Louisiana State University I VERA RATLIFF B. M. , Mississippi Women's College IAMES V. SHIEL M. A. , Mississippi Southern ELMER SMITH B. M. , Southeastern Louisiana College 'I HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY -s "1 tg P' DORIS SWEATT M. A. , Peabody DAISY TUCKER B.A. , Newcomb GLADYS VAN VRANCKEN B. S. . Louisiana State University GILBERT WADE B. S. , Southeastern Louisiana College DIANA WEBRE B.A. , Louisiana State University B. " if Q I Eureka California MOMENTS TO REMEMBER 'Q 1 iW'fff""""xw Those sophomore days that flew so fast The year we left assembhes last We wrll have these moments to remember As Junrors we were glad to share Wrth semors rn thelr last affarrs We w111 have these moments to remember And the present drsappears The laughter we were glad to share W111 echo through the years When other nrghts and other days May frnd us gone our sep rate ways We w1l.1 have these moments to remember The games we won were lots of fun The ones we lost never made us glum We w11l have these moments to remember The rallres and the dances too Spread happrness and sprrrt too We w111 have these moments to remember Tho sophomores turned semors And the years have drsappeared The memor1es we ve had and shared Wrll stay throughout our years With our Alma Mater in our heart We 11 go our ways but never part We w1l1 have these moments to remember Janet French Qs sf 0 ?f'Jn"15'-'3 5, '55 X sb' fn 0 Ka' 455' , ,..::,, is ?.. V. N wi x k .. f.iF:f5 7 is "'-V-'lllq E 2 ..,, M i i' 40M .f QQ ir Q Q Q Oh?.... J .v wwaaww 'iN ' ffm . i 5 i , Q Z' K 5, Q 'S fp SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Ursula Gaude, Mrs. Mary Lula Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary Kinchen, Mr. L. E. Fletcher. ANNETTF ADAMS No gems, no gold she needs to wearg She shines intrinsically fair. Thomas Bedingfield ROBERT ADAMS Why all this toil and trouble? William Wordsworth VESTA ADAMS I am a handsome man, but I'm a gay deceiver. George Colman ELLEN ANDERSON A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty. ..""'l Rudyard Kipling CHARLES ARNOLD SHIRLEY BAHAM When I think, I must speak. PEGGY BALLA RD MELVIN BARRON SONNY BENNETT SHERWOOD BERTEAU Q A proper man as one shall see on a summer's day, William Shakespeare Do you not know I am a Woman? William Shakespeare The busy bee has not time for sorrow. William Blake If silence was golden, I'd be Rockefeller. Author Unknown Character is what you are in the dark. Dwight L. Moody fe Youth is wholly experimental. R. L. Stevenson MARGARET BOHNING A kind and gentle heart . . . To comfort friends and foes. Oliver Goldsmith GAYLE BOURGEOIS One thing is forever goodg That one thing is success. Ralph W. Emerson ROLAND BRUNET The world is as you take it. An English Proverb WALLY BUSBY Thou knowest him well, the god of sleep. Geoffrey Chaucer FLORA BUSH Never say more than is necessary. Richard Brinsley Sheridan JAMES BYERS Here's to the pilot that weathered the storm, George Canning l HUGH CARPENTER A nice unparticular man. Thomas Hardy PATSY CHAVERS Men interest me not - not much. Author Unknown EUGENE COUMES 'Tis good to be merry and wise. John Heywood JULIA CRAWFORD Great men gain doubly when they make foes their friends. Edward Lytton JOHN DAHMER Love is like the measlesg We all have to go through it. JIMMY DAROUSE Yotmg fellows will be young fellows. EVELYN DAVIS How noiseless fall the footsteps of time. William Robert Spencer ANNA LEE DELAUNE The still small voice is wanted. Jerome K. Jerome Isaac Bickerstaffe William Cowper r ERNEST DELAUNE The scholar is the student of the world. Ralph W. Emerson HELEN DEVALL We never know, believe me, when we have suc- ceeded best. Miguel Unamuno KENNY DOMINGUEZ Let the world slipg We shall ne'er be younger. William Shakespeare ERNEST DUGAS Youth is full of pleasure. William Shakespeare ANNIE RUTH DYESS Push on - keep moving! Thomas Morton EMMETT EGNEW Slow and steady wins the race. David Lloyd fs. A 'W 5"'w no moto WZ A ,Q I LEONARD FAIRBURN If t foo susv fs: ,, - W gr . -za, ,gran ' A ELLIS ERNEST ff? We would, and we would not. -Q gi William Shakespeare SSW V ,Ugg X ALIENE szm. L' 'R Great souls suffer in silence, Don Carlos Schiller 're V ig, ii, s 2: lfxfiff The world is a wheel, and it will all come around right. WM - if?-1-, rrf' Benjamin Disraeli RUBY FISHER How sweet and fair, she seems to bel ,FS 1 v Author Unknown 1 I NM Shown QE.. I A ' BOBBY GAINEY A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart. William Shakespeare PERCY GILL I have never wished to cater to the crowd, for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know Epicurus ANN GORDON Nothmg IS ever achieved without enthusiasm Author Unknown GEORGE GOUDEAU And why I m plump the reason I tell SQ fx If fr Absent PHOTO NOT AVAILANE -nr-4' Who leads a good life is sure to live well John O Keefe BOBBY GREGOIRE Each man for himself Geoffrey Chaucer BILLY GUILLORY The world knows nothing of its greatest men Author Unknown EARNEST HANO To do two things at once is to do neither. Publilius Syrus EDITH YVONNE HARRISS I'11 not budge an inch. William Shakespeare FREDRICA HOLZWORTH The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. William Shakespeare EVON HOOVER Nothing is more beautiful than daintiness and truth combined. Author Unknown Men of few words are best men. WAYNE HUGUET If there's another world, he lives in blissg If there is none, he made the best of this. Robert Burns SONNY IOINER Life is short, so make it snappy. Author Unknown CATHERINE JONES A person with ideas leaves the people who are only interested on the bottom step of the ladder. Author Unknown IANICE KLIEBERT Striving and willing to work for myself and others. Author Unknown VERA HOOVER I strive not for gold, but for friends. ,f Author Unknown MATZLTI v1cToR Hoovta William Shakespeare LARRY KLEIBERT Let others do the labor, I'l1 do the rest. Author Unknown f" A IRMA KOERIN The wave of the future is coming, and there is no fighting it. Anne Morrow Lindbergh DANNY KRAEMEI You ain't heard nothin' yet folks. A1 Iolson BARBARA LAIRD I agree with no man's opinion. I have some of my own. Ivan Turgenev SUE LARPENTER Making friends is her delightg her aim is to be polite, Author Unknown BARBARA LEBLANC A penny for your thoughts. Author Unknown ANITA LEE A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. Edward B, Lytton DARLENE MASCAIR A man! A manl My Kingdom for a man! John Marston ELAINE MCCLENDON Let love have his way. Claudian FRANCES MCCRORY A11 for love and the world well lost. John Dryden 4? LEE MCCRORY He was the noble promoter of social reform. RENE MCLIN May you live all the days of your life. JOYCE MEADES Often seen but seldom heard. VAL MILLER There is no royal road to Geomeuy. fs t"'P' Simon Bolivar --4? Jonathan Swift ' Author Unknown Eucud 'jf SUE MIXON Folks are better than angels. Edward Taylor WANDA MURPHY A quiet, sincere, very likable girl. Author Unknown JERRY NIEHA US Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. William Brighty Rand LAURIE PEDEAUX Each man 's belief is right in his own eyes. William Cowper RITA PEPITONE Not exactly a man hater. Author Unknown ELLIS PERILLOUX If people would listen, I would tell them some- thing. Author Unknown I '95 wr- i to MARTHA POCHE ALONZO RAIFORD CAROLYN ROBERTS DAVIS ROBERTSON JOHN ROBERTSON I have not yet begun to fight. Iohn Paul Jones LEVI ROBERTSON And isn't your life extremely flat, With nothing whatever to grumble at? W. S. Gilbert WILKIE ROBERTSON Every dog hath its day, and mine has been a fine one. Borrow JOE BILLY RODRIGUEZ They told me to cheer up, things could get worse. So I did. And they did. Author Unknown CAROLINE SCALIA A caress is better than a career. Elizabeth Marbury VERONICA SCHUM Variety's the very spice of life. William Cowper I know the sunshine shall follow the rain. Author Unknown Happy and from care I'm free: Why aren't others content like me? Author Unknown Women and elephants never forget. Dorothy Parker There is a history in all men's lives. William Shakespeare 1 an 4-dw Q GLENN SCOTT Bom for success he seemed, With grace to win and heart to hold. MARGARET SELLERS She's here - I heard her giggle. LEM SHELTON Still water runs deep. LESTER SIMON It's easy to be brave from a safe distance. A .niv- -'C' PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Emerson Author Unknown Author Unknown f Y? Aesop JOY SMITH Mischief lurks in those brown eyes. Author Unknown SHELBY STANGA It is work which gives flavor to life. Amiel WENDELL TANNER I used to run from the ladies, but now I've learned to dance. Author Unknown ROGER TUCKER O how full of briars is the working-day world. Shakespeare IEANETTE VERBURG 'Rifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle. Michelangelo ROBERT VININ G Life is itself but a game of football. Author Unknown ff' EDLENA VINEYARD Without music Life would be a mistake, Author Unknown ELIZABETH WATTS A rare good sport, tender and true, The best a11 'round in our crew. Author Unknown CARL WELS I was a man who had many friends. Author Unknown DOLORES WILLIAMS And when he is out of sight, quickly also is he out of mind. Thomas A. Kempis We cannot learn men from books. Benjamin Disraeli IJNNX ,ft I 1 WI!! f N COULD THESE BE SENIORS? 'tail' ANNETTE ADAMS ELLEN ANN ANDERSON SHIRLEY BAHAM PEGGY BALLARD SONNY BENNETT GAYLE BOURGEOIS WALLY BUSBY PAT CHAVERS JOHN DAHMER and ?? HELEN DEVALL KENNY DOMINGUEZ BOBBY GAINEY ANN GORDON EDITH HARRISS FREDRICA HOLZWORTH COULD THESE BE SENIORS7 IRMA KOERIN BARBARA LAIRD ANITA LEE DARLEEN MASCAIR VAL MILLER WANDA MURPHY LAURIE PEDEAUX CAROLYN ROBERTS JOE BILL RODRIGUEZ VERONICA SCHUM MARGARET SELLERS IEANETTE VERBURG EDLENA VINYARD CARL WELLS JUNE YOCHIM ff' ,ff ass ever' '. g Nfkh XX, -V. 1':f'A'5 'A g e' , Lp-igiz f T-,r Mvsfbfif Ji? ,G Q I, 3.4 1 an xx, . L 1 .P QQ . fs' -H f ,A s ' S X ' W A H , . A A s A ' " ' ' if I ' 'fl f sl., 19. '48, . f ' ' K xh y I Ax! lx ,sxsx .K , A ka is-I , , xi, , . I 4 JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Marilyn Bankston, Miss Dot Forrest, Mrs. Eugenia He bert, Mr. William Johnson, Miss Joyce Paul, Mr. Gilbert Wade, Miss Diana Webre. fl si' dv- -6, ,, gil? Sa JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Whitney Robichauxg Vice President, David Fendlasong Secretary, Anne Razeyg Treasurer, Elaine Derksg Prom Chairman, Shirley Kennedyg Reporter, Shirley Carterg Program Chairman, Judy McClellan. ADAMS, HELEN ADAMS, JERRY ADAMS, VELDA ALEXANDER, MARY ANDERSON, JERRY MAE ANDERSON, DWIGHT ARMSTRONG, MARY ANN BALLARD, BEVERLY BALLARD, DEwAYNE BALLARD, JOSEPH BARNES, BILL BARRON, RALPH I xx' V44 A gxw'4?K1fbX, rv A . 3? ri! BATES, CHARLES BENNETT, RICHARD BERSEYGAY, PATSY ff ., lj' A ,.,J. X I J 41' 5.3 ff A ,Q by M J W' :QS ff 'GN Wvfiix f' 'rx 6 m1 'Q-,gg ,ls- 1 Lf' A 6 Lk E1 ' 'A . J BLOUNT, MILDRED BLOUNT, WANDA BOOTH, WINSTON BOURQUE, w1LTON BRAUD, CLAUDE BRESCHER, ANNETTE BROWN, BUSTER BRUNNER, TOMMY N 'K I 2:75 iiesi 5 L! fs " h XA f 'M lr xx, 3 K Q A Q s -X nr- I xv-vu DUPLESSIS, TROY EDWARDS, CATHERINE EDWARDS, KATHERINE EFFLER, JOHNNIE EZELL, RONALD EABRE, HAROLD EENDLASON, DAVID FISHER, ALICE FAY Cox, MARVIN DELAUGHTER, EDITH DERKS, ELAINE gf-nl . .. ' .. 'Q A Q V N I I 1 :N-59 Dix Q'- 19' 5 r ,mx 1 CORNEILLE, CLYDE CoRTEz, ROSEMARY COUMES, RUFFIN CARPENTER, ROMALICE CARTER, SHIRLEY CASTJOHN, LENA CIRUT1, YVONNE CLARKE, LINDA CLEVELAND, MURRAY COATES, BILLY COATES, CECIL in in FLETCHER, SHARON FORREST, JEANETTE GAINEY, CAROL GATLIN, LECHE GASAWAY, LARRY GRAHAM, WILLIAM HART, GAYNELL HEBERT, BONN1E 'T fi 'Q No Photo I AVAILABLE ,am 1 i "' at t "" f "'k HILL, DAVE HILL, LARRY HILL, PEGGY YOO BUSY 4'-v 2 . A, J-A Q 1 , A PHOVO Nav Avmlubl 'ffl' V553 1'3. PNOIO N01 AVAILABLI pn. v Q Z, ws ' A Q t LX J .4 'fy R HOLT, BONNIE HOOVER, JUDITH HUTCHINSON, EDWARD HUTTO, BYRON JERRELL, BARBARA JO1NER, MELVIN KENNEDY, SHIRLEY KIRBY, CAROL KITCHENS, DENNIS KLIEBERT, BOBBY LEBLANC, CECILE Y A 'N pi E 4 LEE, DEwEY LEE, BOBBY LESAJGHERRE, LYNWOOD LILLY, JAMES W ,Y , LINDSEY, JOAN ff 'BZ' LJPPS, FRANK M MCGAHJLL, DOROTHY 43' MCGAHJLL, ROBERT YR X A A, . K Y J! f . W W' f 13 MCGLELLAN, JOAN M MCCLELLAN, JUDY " MCCORMICK, BILLY MCLNTYRE, RHYLLJS Y . A-B 'T' A f I I" 'Q 1 MCMURRAY, MARY ANN , 1 MARTIN, GLEN 3 ' ' MATTHEWS, AMY X 'F 5 K' ,,., , tp, A-A X , 1-Q I 4 . " 'Y t im N . In MATTHEWS, FRANKIE MEYERS, MELVIN MILLER, w1NONA MILLET, CAROL ANN MOLLERE, SUSAN MORGAN, AMY MORGAN, MARIE MORSE, CAROLYN ,fb NOYP:N?L?ABLE Lf A E ,S A 'K if' f' X V A . ,,, , I W- 2. 'D 613 ,A 'Mir fi Q 3 .S A 5 J MOTICHEK, ELSIE MOTICHEK, JULIET If MURPHY, THOMASINE NAVARRE, TRAVIS NEWMAN, BOBBIE JEAN NEWMAN, LEONA NORwOOD, WAYNE PALMER, TOMMY J '34 Ms MMMM A MW, WI PARENT, CLIFTON PERRILOUX, TRAVIS PIEDISCALZO, FRANCES 'Q 9? I PREGEANT, PATRICIA PRINE, PATSY RABORN, ROBERT RAIEORD, ANNETTE RAZEY, ANNE REID, STANLEY REYNOLDS, DOROTHY RIDGELL, ANNE ROBERTSON, DOUGLAS ROBICHAUX, WHITNEY ROBINSON, DWIGHT SCHILLING, LINDA TRAVIS, BETTY JEAN TRAYLOR, PINEY ROSE TUCKER, TOMMY TURNAGE, WAYNE WATTS, ALLEN WATTS, CHARLES WELLS, GERALD WELLS, LYLE WILLIAMS, TOMMY woLEE, EUGENE woons, WILLIAM YENT, JACK AAEE A k , r Q 3 H ' ., ., .l5'i V .Rx A 15 ax ' . ..amz ' x P? STICKER, FAY STILLEY, FAY THOMPSON, GLENN SGHILLING, ROSETTA SCHWARTZ., PEGGY scoTT, LUCILLE SETTOON, CARLENE SHAFFER, LINDA SI-IERIDAN, DONNER SMITH, BILLY STANGA, ROBERT .,.a.. ,, , 7 N, 'l K' Q ,WA ,1 if? A-ff v J '4 fn 15? 'rf ' I H, Kp Q F - yn?" - -. bw 'x xg QQ 1 K' if fi? 5: 2' .bf 48' ffl J :I 'gg . A ,y 5' at ffhrf ns-""'1'- f 0 SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Viola Beall and Mr. J. V. Shiel -qi-'09 'iv' -A .Kok 'IH WQ J' 1 4 . I 4 1- 'hge , q,,, Nl' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Kelly Adamsg Vice President, Carl Clevelandg Secretary-Treasurer, Velva Ann Bickford Program Chairman, Martha Jean Burrisg Reporter, Eddie Layrissong Parliamentarian, Clifton Heapg Sergeant-atfArms, Lyn Rodriguez. Adams, Kelly Adams, Wayne Alexander, David Arnold, Carol Arnold, Glenn Babin, Barney Babin, Rita Faye Ballard, Elsie Gail l K f' . 4... uv 13 ' T f X A Bankston. Jimmy Bates, Cynthia Berseygay, Sylvia V3 1 as . 'U 'T . 1 , 1 v uf H ef' A l it K... fi 'Q Berreau, Audrey Berreau, Sharon Bickford, Velva Ann Borer, Florence Bowman, Gary Bradford, William Brann, Iris Braud, Charlene Brecher, Pappy Brecher, Janice Burris, Martha Jean Chapman, Daniel Absent NOT AVAILAILE PNOYO Davis, Troy Dean, Ethel Dillon, Elmer Dugas, Fay Duplessis, Joe Dupuy, Ronald Eady, Erlene Felder, Billie Jean Fletcher, Sherilyn Forrest, Frances Gardner, Freddie Glover, Voyle Chavers, Mike Clark, Paul Cleveland, Carl Coates, Kay Compton, Gloria Rose Core, Fay Core, Kay Coumes, Patsy H? Goudeau, Jimmy Hamaker, Chris Hanna, Trilby Harris, Helen Heap, Clifton Heinrich, Carol1Ar1n Hill, Audry Hill, Winford PS r f If 1 l -.Q J e"'xfiv,,c MJ 4 .Q '62 K AA Hoover, Doris Ann Hoover, Eugene Hoover, Hilton Hoover, Mary Hoover, Pat Hoyt, Evelyn James, Betty Sue Joiner, Judy Jones, Beverly Jones, Jimmy Keaghey, Patsy Keaghey, Sharon ,I I -pq Lott, Evelyn Lucas, Tommy Marasales, John Martin, Kathryn McLin, Ronnie Meades, Stanley Q Mixon, Mary Barbara Mollison, Kay Oden, Robert Ott, David Parks, Tomolyn Payne, Davis r... Kent, Diane Kevlin, Eddie Kraemer, Sandra Kraft, Larry Kraft, Valley Kuhn, Thomas Laird, Dickie Lavigne, Lucille Layrisson, Eddie Ledoux, Betty Lessard, Ronald Little, Ioan fi fs If Pepitone, Dorothy Perrilloux, Floyd Perrin, Jimmie Picon, Patsy Pierson, Elizabeth Poche, Bryant Poche, Elaine Boche, Jean Raiford, Dorothy Rawlings, Douglas Richardson, Carlon Roberts , Larry fr: fc X I, ,si yy 0 Robinson Barbara Robinson Jim m ie Rodriguez Len Rose Charles Rottm an Gerald Rottm an Velma Savoy Jeanette Scharworth Evelyn Schatzle, Elaine Schenk, Gary Schilling, Nancy Scott, Carl ,J-.. wg 4 ' ,f na rw. is Avuum: ZLKX fl X N ex Triplett, Pam Turnage, Dickie Turnage, Douglas Vicknair, Sidney Vining, Melvin Walker, Joanna Watts, Josie Wells, Edith Wells, Tommy Williams, Betty Wilson, Elaine Young, Karen Sergern Ruth Ellen Sheridan Don Schum Simon Sibley Virginia Simpson, Howard Smith, Marie Snell, Nadine Stanga, Claiborne Sticker, Wayne Tanner, Richard Threeton, Lucille Traylor, Nan ngwneergg 5 S 5"""No more 111 'Q' 3 155 5 E M L If 1 1 wk . I 3 Z 2 fs , X1 , M' i A ., -N . L,Ws A, 5,5 v Mig, 95 va' , g , ,w w ,.,.f. ... .v... ,Bn ui F' 2 5 , ,Ei , , X , f' 5. ,wi FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Daisy Tucker and Mr. J. E. Bodker ov fig ll FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President, Frank Mixong Vice President, Pat Gainey, Secretary-Treasurer, Patricia Robichauxg Program Chairman, Caroline Magee, Reporter, Donnie Carter, Adams, Janice Adams, Judy Adams, Larry Allen, Virgil Anthony, Betty Atchison, Virginia Baker, Margaret Bazelle, Dianne Bennett, Mildred Berseygay, Rita Blount, Shirley Bodker, Mary Beth Bonicard, Jerry Booth, Johnnie Lynn Borne, E. J. ff' J, ,T V34 t - , ,W i J X 4' if g I T .Y Y I X 5' ts N D 'ff Y ,, 4 I N ln' if B yum!!-A 0'75llH , ,-5 Bottolf, Reggie Bourgeois, Linda Bourn, Billy Bowman, Sandra Brann, Charles Braun, Kevlin Bridges, Terry Carter, Donnie Carter, Marvin Cave, John Clark, Elbert Coates, Coy Core, LeRoy Corkerin, Harold Cox, Pat 'ii fl. Fletcher, Leslie Fletcher, Luther Freeman, Tempie Gainey, Pat Galaras, Marvin Gates, John Gaude, Aimee Gill, Glenn Givens, Virgie Goodman, Jimmy Gordon, Frances Grear, Betty Hanna, Robert Heap, Bobby Hebert, Douglas Davies, Michael Davis, Earl Decota, Glenn Douglas, Tommie Drake, Charlotte Drott, Adam Dugas, Gay Duvic, Leonard Dykes, Rosa Mae Edwards, Byard Eleser, Deanna Fayard, Sherry Fendlason, Norma Fletcher, Carlotta Fletcher, Eddie f 0 ,fs V- ni ...al Heinrich, Yvonne Henderson, Donna Hill, Lucille Hill, Nancy Holmes, Dorothy Hoover, John Hoover, Rita Faye Hoover, Evelyn Howes, Randy Hutchinson, Dianne Hutto, Shelby Jenkins, Annie Mae Joiner, Dorothy Kelly, Brenda Kevlin, Zanda 4315 I?" sv. Ji J rr '1 L Raimi .Z King, Lynn Kuhn, Albert Laird, Jean Lavigne, Percy LeBlanc, Genevieve Lee, Elwin Lee, Edmond Lucas, Margie McAllister, Carline McCaa, Libby McCahill, Wilson McCarro11, Julius McClendon, Ellender McCrory, Carol Magee, Caroline ,Q 1 gsrfi 'W' 2-fx I 1 .1-Q K 1 J, .J ,, N. ,vm Payne, Barbara Peltier, Vesta Perrin, Beverly Perrin, Peggy Poche, Linda Poche, Rufus Pregeant, David Pusey, Nancy Reid, Eddie Ridgdell, Ronald Roberts, Frances Roberrson, Minnie Robichaux, Patricia Rodriguez, Patsy Rogers, Judy I U5-4 4 41121. Martin, Allen Mayfield, Bonnie Meyers, Lionel Miller. L W. Miller, Leonard Millet, Marion Mixon, Frank Mollere, Johnny Moore, Patsy Morgan, Frances Morgan, Ruth Nell Newman, Jimmie Newman, Ralph Nickens, Sherry Parker, Mildred ,I "S 33' x"' Rose, Allan Rottman, Merrill Rottman, James Sanders, Michael Saucier, Charles Savoy, Beverly Scott, Billy Sellers, Jody Settoon, Allen Shaffer, Imogene Sheridan, Randy Skelton, Wayne Spriggs, Michael Stephens, Gene Stewart, Alice abt.- x X ' 4 5 R f Strahan, Roy Strickland, Bobby Gene Succow, Dickie Turnage, Celestine Turnage, Ginger Vicknair, Russell Vitter, Shirley Ann Voss, Donald Voss, Tommy Webb, Tommy Viv Wells, Elaine Wells, Roland Wheeler, Beverly Williams, Frances Weinberger, Frank Wright, Jerry , ER L55 51.11,-XBETki W,-XTTS mlwnfd b5 in fmmgurbx-.1j. L15 UW :wir rfprgsfmauw X-I the sraazqgrds ZiZl.fldC31S ofPo11c:k1at0u1a H1521 Sczzuwl. J 7' mf-v1 A .wir fir-Q www? ,KF -ww ,N 5 V 5 MR. P . H. S. GLENN SCOTT Selected by the student body as the most representative of the standards and ideals of Ponchatoula Hrgh School. J.. - 1 MUST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Pat Gaincy ERNIE FORD B305 SUNSEY IOULEVAFD nouvwooo ze,cAuronmA HOkLVWUOb 1 9347 V October 28, 1957 Hin Anne Rene! Greenbnok, Editor Ponchetoule. High School Ponchetoule, Louisiana Deer Anne , Kow nice it ues to hear from you end what l ' treat it wu to receive the pictures of your :ix beautiful girls but what A chore it was to pick the 'Host beautiful g1r1.' They are 111 no lovely that I hope I haven't offended anyone by the one I have picked, beoeun ea I say they ere all eo pretty. O ein thanks I0 much for your invitation to noe eg judge your contest end my warmest personal reglrde to t of the echool end Hr. you and the other studen a Butler your Principal. 3 Cordially, A " arf-xirzj L ff' A-fp'I'enneueo Ernie Ford L., '1'EFodh HU" Annette Adams Ruby Fxsher 3 Fredrlca Holzworth Il Mary 5 1 W A gegigwf Y Q Qksis as Vg, nl sax xx NX fl ,tt hui xc 5 xxxsr 53 ,Mn 1"-xx' JN MOST HANIDbOME BOY Douglab Robutson Selpcted by thc Student Body 41 3 M QT- X WI. ' ' Mi, ff ffxil Q Swim? A L 'Wi' Y x 'Q 'QKM A- og, ef a - f-1'-'b ibkiw-if Qz- f - N ,- .. :iw Q , . n s v .", , u ' " if 3C 4' Q 7- '. ik X HQ, 'N ' :fs ' ' ' "'-Q . .rs -. ff ." - 1 .- k QP' . P f , If U V1 X 1 K, A . 5, A H V ' :LL Qs! - ,.Q ' fl 7 Q rv--IQ BEST GIRL ATHJEITE BEST BOY ATHLETE Sharon Fletc e P E Dwight Robmson Q :W 'Qi' BEST DRE BEST DRESSED BOY ssED GIRL B'11 Rodnguez Shirley Baham joe 1 I Aka 'E an - is QQ V. is frm-, -xx irq 2 R ,M -. 5, in " fa. -h .,f"' 3 'F Y 0, . ,. .J 3-fi 1 4 5 ww. Q52 0 iy .1 PP 'L Y "9 K X it if A YZ .f ' 1-W-1 JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES Erghth Grade Shariee Miller Danny Ray Fisher Seventh Grade Peggy Jo Hemphill Edward Bodker PRETTIEST GIRL Charlotte Forrest MOST POPULAR BOY William Faller BEST DRESSED GIRL Betty Lott BEST DRESSED BOY MOST HANDSOME BOY Wayne Patterson MOST POPULAR GIRL Mary Duplessis Donald Schrro JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY AUDREY BODKER M.A. , Louisiana State University LANDYS BROCK B. A. , Louisiana State University . l AGNES BALLARD B. A. , Southeastern Louisiana College A. I. BODKER B. A. , Southeastern Louisiana College ff' VIVIAN GRANIER PEGGY JACOB B. A. , Southeastern B- A- . S0l1IhCaStern Louisiana College I-0l1iSi3l13 College BLANCHE KEVLIN B. A. , Louisiana State University MILTON LAVIGNE B. A. , Southeastern Louisiana College , Q Nw? - X 25 A ,sw ,QQ M xv: L A 'zfgwgs - NW S Mfg f Q i , I fm 1 ' f fs: , fx 'J' A. fifiififv , .NZEJLT ' ' , H znews E I wif XFN 'I ,Mu 4 1 F? L.,g, ,Luk Y, 52 ,, if?f'f. F' 'Y WW J aw 4 Na, , 171 TLV ' - " ,QE-if , Q3 ' 2. . slim. E A iff. Y. . ,A 7 :sf Q 5 , j fy fwfr, Q? lg Sw 7"v W 1 15' ' V f' zgigugg 4 Y x .B Ni, hi 1 A "N 'ff A .1 .4'?"W N Q fy.-1, ,I Q.. kjfiy M gpm gg: Q.: vb. i I. k li: -1 I. A X x . 5, X' K ! . gli ' , Q Q ff if ,.Pb-'L W 4 as 44 Kg my LX, , , '- 4 . , , 4 . W . A-,. v-. 1. S ' - " '.,.N.1i21'.s.x. Vi, .. , , , f 'fig 1, , , .. , 1 if-,-.a. . K ,- ., , , ffff 2 ggi!! n ,f W , ' af' Y A " ' f' inn I . , . - 1 3 A .v -x ' rl NRM Y Q , hi. .ci Y' X e W, -1 f'.'ff?3s9 sf I ' ,H 7 I r 5 I fi ask ,-if i, .iwgvrf-yr -12:21 1 ' ,f QN Qgnsf , 3? My . Tfflfg Q -k 5 4 . N - - 'Y 'X , . ' ' ,fm sr, fl 32.5 Sf n sk gg ' xl Lk, , ii? ' fi . ' ff: 'T' ,. f' K Joey Starkey Vester Starkey Claudia Tanner Argie Lee Thompson Pat Thompson J W Toney Johnnre Traylor Mary Traylor Navarre Traylor Kay Trrplett Margaret Sue Varnado Betty Fay Walker Robert Walz Dranne Wax Rose Mary Wells Bernett Whrtehead Barbara Yent Beverly Adams Kenny Adams Melvrn Allen Harry Anderson Evelyn Ballard Norma Ballard Davrd Bankston Edwrn Bankston Glen Barnes Carl Bassemrer Glorra Bennett Donald Brgner Edward Bodker Truman Booth M, ' 1 wg, Ali ki' Vs fi , 4 ws X 1 Xl" x 3 4 5 Qai- 91' IV' 1' K 17 1 N I '3' Donald Boudreaux my i .J . 4' p f- A A at x 4, - 1 . TE ' N Q7 Q :XA N ' H ,1 fl ,5 - 2- , 5 4 A . I 5, " T 'fllrf as ff B "-is B T fer as . i . ' 'N ,, 4 Y f - , , - 1 XX A Q srl 3 as ' 1. ' W , N-fx W 1 W lk 5 R 't f 1-'Mm 2: 'fr xr- 1 or A 1 A . : gm n L .Q Q L , 4 ' . jg ,- ah ' I mmm fr: , ' Atllllllll , . ' A J- " . ' ' 1 1 '41 is Y- 'rg' f . A V. , 'X ' 1 ' l Y . X X-Q -.A ' ' lk ' f ' 9 Y "3 .g r H . . A I b J 'X fr . khrk 3,5 K S by 3: ..,. . ., ,il hir, tl J ? V , , , V 4. A Q ic 'A I . 1 45 P ' , A , ' f N - V ,A 1 A S , , T Q:-W .A ' 1 4 Q 'f " ' A Q 1 V A Y 5- 1 av ,, 0 Bonnie Bourn Harvey Bourn Elliot Bovia Dianne Bowman Robert Brookshire Ann Brunner Kenny Burke Fern Carpenter Luther Coates Ronald Coates David Cowen Louise Creel Clarence Davis Robert Davies Larry Dominguez Terry Dupuy Jerry Dykes Glenn Edwards Donald Ellzey Glenda Ernest Oscar Ernest Annette Ezell Robert Fabre Stanley Fabre Alton Fairburn Annette Fairburn Shelda Fayard Karen Ferrage Ella Rae Fletcher Linda Sue Fletcher Frances Freeman Bob Gatlin Joe Ella Gatlin Nancy Gatlin Wallace Gatlin Josephine Gehegan Mary Ann Gueldner Margaret Hall Junior Hanna Linda Harper 17 33-A K' E-sig 1 "-is Jw. A a LV f 2-71 hives A .1 A I .J KW-, , .- ,W '1 -' Q-W , : . ' -' Q59 A ,,. H n ,ii J i v A T" A KL :gig ff lim-'T , 1 - 0 eg A- 'W 'T',.."'1,:1 f ' .' -' - E ,f ..a'f,M, N iw f A5 ,S -wdme.a'smn1, M LgQJ:,agwQii5sfv yfefwifhiiisigkgj Q ' 3 A - , 1,1 I. W CW 5' y -wan A W' :if in , ., s"w'1 2 ff ' Ns ' v' M -' .44 ' 45, K7-,f W J 4, :WG E' mfg!! ,Sit r 'Qt L , -use 4 , A . fihj 1 3 X .. - is M , if ff ' 'F if is . wif Q' h. A "L ,A 3x.3!'Li'?!f3fls f -f' J ,rt is -sw Y- i iki -Q , ""'iY 111 f A 1, 'F 6 5 wi x 3 - ' A L0 STT3' as T 3 F 9'p'.rf .s L 'S' A.. ,fig F I r 1, is Y ' NH IA Q" Q 4- 1 . L4 -1 J, W N' 'X ' fv- A F. J li -1' 5 . pm. sv'- Q.. ,H f Jimmie Newsham Shirley Nicholas James Parent Larry Perrin Beverly Picou Kathy Powell Gary Randall Beverly Rawlins Lois Reid Robert Reynold Maudine Rodriguez Carol Sue Rose Alice Rottman Larry Saltzman Charles Savoy Scarlet Scarle Sandra Schaffer Charles Schawarth Hubert Schexnayder Donald Schiro Catherine Schmidt Maureen Sellers Fay Shaffer Larry Shaffer Lynn Sheridan Lorali Sibley Dorothy Simpson Robelia Smith Bunny Snell Eugene Stevens Wayne Strickland Elizabeth Stroeker Dorothy Stubbs Glenda Tanner Larry Tanner Joyce Timberlake Glenn Tolley Mavis Tolley Roy Traylor Keith Triche Richard Thompson Brenda Van Pran Marilyn Voss Norma Wax -1, Alice Fay Wells - 'VY X. 1 Howard Wells ' Wayne Wells 7 Y ' W ff' Randolph Whittington ' " " x y K 0, K A 3 Doris Williams ' 4' , -. 1 '- -V r gf . . , 1 Ethel Williams M 1 I .. Q4 K 'I nr - V 1 ,g "X ' I Xi ' 1 Jim Williams Robert Wolfe Billy Young 'F Bobby Young N -3 I x -I 5" "' ?i 3 M JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: President William Faller, Vice President Scarlet Scarle, Secretary Peggy Jo Hemphill, Treasurer James Castell. SPONSORS: Mrs. Ballard, Mrs. Granier, Mr. McLendon. MEMBERS: David Bankston, Rona Ballard, Edward Bodker, Kenny Burke, Donald Ellzey, Danny Ray Fisher, Linda I-lender son, Patsy McClellan, Shariee Miller, Beverly Picon, Claudia Tanner, Margaret Sue Varnado, Ber- nett Whitehead. MARGUERITE CLEMENT B. A. , Southeastern La. College EVELYN DRYER B. A. , Duquane University RUBY FAST B. A. , Southeastern La. College ARABELLE FENDLASON B. A. , Southeastern La. College MARJORIE GIBSON B. A. , Southeastern La. College RUTH GIVENS B. A. , Southeastern La. College VIVIAN HARPER B. A. , Southeastern La. College MA UDE HENDERSON B. A. , Northwestern La. College MARION KIRCHBERG B. A. , Southeastern La. College DOROTHY BONICARD B. A. , Southeastern La. College B.A., Southeastern La. College B. A. , Southeastern La. College ' 1 B. A. , Southwestern La. Institute :Q . ' .-gt" sb 5. -lixi' . et., sf Bt' 5 5 ' 4 A HERMAN MCLENDON B. A. , Southeastern La. College EDITH MARASALES B. A. , Southeastern La. College MARY MULLER B. A. , Southeastern La. College 4 VADA PARKER M. A. , Louisiana State University ' SEX: "" 'Qi M as ,Cs A 4' rw Q f ' A 1 Ex if I f in ' -'Tr Al 1 A V If 1 ' 'A y h ,M s , 5 R' 'Q If . ' I A rw , gf! 1' ' 1 5 ' Ab. 'y I Y K X, I f 'J ., in "Lg: " I' l AURIL PHELPS M. S. , Louisiana State University VERA POYNER B. A. , Southeastern La. College BOBBIE PUSEY B. A. , Southeastern La. College CLARA ROUSSEL Southwestern La. College HESTER THREADGILL M. A. , Louisiana State University MERTIE TRELLUE M. A. , Louisiana State University CATHERINE TUCKER B. A. , Southwestern La. College NEVA VAN VRANCKEN B. A. , Southeastern La. College EDITH VARNADO B. A. , Southeastern La. College 'li 5 Q -"3 QQ El Q QQ JI ACTIVITIES 95- 'T' Q' -l 1 I 1 'x - ., . dx. N 1 I JUN A Q' -, 1 Jf, pg .R ' sf - , , ' , fm yfg, 5 , X M iv, fp- . 7 . xg? ng Q, WV 'A g 1 wa, f '- . r 1 - -s A -X Ex M 'A jN'V N qfVi.,3f. ,Q . Q4 K, ini ' Q' I f A I .'q. 5 n. X . , J X.. . 3 ,w Wa' IIPII OFFICERS: President, Dwight Robinson, Vice President, Joe Bill Rodriguez, Secretary, Sonny Joiner, Treasurer, Leche Gatlin. SPONSOR: J. V. Shiel. MEMBERS, Virgil Allen, Charles Bates, Sonny Bennett, Charles Brecher, Terry Bridges, Wally Busby, Carl Cleveland, Murray Cleveland, John Dahmer, Peck Edwards, Johnny Effler, Bobby Gainey, Thomas Kuhn, Eddie Layrisson, Frank Lipps, Val Miller, Marion Millet, Jimmy Perrin, Levi Robertson, Len Rodriguez, Glenn Scott, Billy Smith, Bobby Stanga, Wendell Tanner, Sidney Vicknair, Tommy Wells, Tommy Williams, Robert Vining. I GIRLS' LETTER CLUB OFFICERS: President, Elizabeth Watts, Vice President, Margaret Sellers, Secretary, Shirley Baham, Treasurer, Jeanette Verburg, Reporter, Donner Sheridan, Program Chairman, Sharon Fletcher. SPONSOR: Mrs. Onie Ordoyne MEMBERS: J. Adams, M. Alexander, C. Bates, P. Berseygay, M. Bodker, L. Bourgeois, M. Burris, P. Coumes, C. Crawford, E. Derks, C. Drake, K. Edwards, P. Gainey, A. Gaude, T. Hanna, E. Harris, E. Holden, R. Hoover, B. James, D. Kent, Z. Kevlin, E. Lott, L. McCaa, J. McClellan, C. Magee, M. Mixon, T. Parks, R. Pepitone, P. Perrin, E. Pierson, J. Poche, N. Pusey, C. Richardson, P. Robichaux, F. Stilley, P. Triplet, S. Vitter, J. Watts. ,Nf- F ,-N 0 QX Df.CLUB OFFICERS: President, Roger Tucker, Vice President, Ellen Anderson, Secretary, Ruby Fisher, Treasurer, Annette Adams, Historian, June Yochim. SPONSOR: Bill Johnson. MEMBERS: Vesta Adams, Charles Bates, Sonny Bennett, Patsy Chavers, Ernest Delaune, Jimmy Darouse, Ellis Ernest, Leonard Fairburn, Billy Guillory, Wayne Huguet, Irma Koerin, Bobby Lee, Lee McCrory, Laurie Pedeaux, Lester Simon, Glenn Thompson, Ronnie Wright. KEY CLUB OFFICERS: President, Wally Busby, Vice President, Dwight Robinson, Secretary, Eddie Layrisson, Treasurer, John Dahmer, Reporter, Wendell Tanner. SPONSOR: Mr. Charles Odom. MEMBERS: Bill Barnes, Charles Bates, Roland Brunet, Carl Cleveland, Murray Cleveland, Eugene Coumes, Kenny Dominguez, Troy Duplessis, David Fend- lason, Eddie Kevlin, Danny Kraemer, John Marasales, David Ott, Jim Perrin, Douglas Robertson, Whitney Robi- chaux, Glenn Scott. CYPRESS BARK STAFF EDITOR: Veronica Schum. SPONSOR: Viola Beall STAFF: Mary Alexander, Ellen Anderson, Shirley Baham, Evelyn Davis, Anna Lee Delaune, Elaine Derks, Helen Devall, Janice Kliebert, Barbara Laird, Barbara LeBlanc, Elaine McClendon, Wanda Murphy, Tomolyn Parks, Rita Mae Pepitone, Patsy Picou, Martha Poche, Caroline Scalia, Roger Tucker. FUTURE NURSES CLD-B ' ' ' ' OFFICERS: President, Carol Kirby, Vice President, Peggy Hill, Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Adams, Reporter, Rosetta Schilling, Scrapbook Chairman, Yvonne Cirutig Projects Chairman, Shirley Kennedy. SPONSOR: Mary Hutchinson. MEMBERS: V. Adams, M. A. Armstrong, C. Arnold, B. Ballard, G. Ballard, A. Brescher, L. Castjohn, K. Core, R. Cortez, E. Dean, A. R. Dyess, S. Fletcher, C. Gainey, E. Y. Harriss, A. Hill, J. Hoover, A. Lee, F. Matthews, J. Meades, S. Mollere, K. Mollison, A. Morgan, M. Morgan, F. McCrory, P. Mclntyre, M. A. McMurray, B. J. Newman, C. Scalia, L. Shaffer, F. Sticker, F. Stilley, B. I. Travis, K. Young, S. Carter, J. Kliebert. 34? "Z bib- H.. Fw 2-F' 1.5 s-if-Q 'ks I aS5e'6x 'Glyn S9 Ro se C0911 WF M A K 595 berts is Ro C O, CIO W 'B' . we I 7 ned rose 3' 2 ' ., 19 E v,- E2 jf Q Z . Q fz 1 Q 490 100 N5 W HO FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President, C. Roberts, Vice President, C, Millet: Secretary, M. Bohning, Treasurer, A. Ridgdellg Historian, J. Verburgg Parliamentarian, B. Hebert, Reporter, P. Coumesg Song Leader, J. Watts. MEMBERS: H. Adams, J. Adams, E. Anderson, M. Armstrong, M. Baker, M. Bennett, A. Berteau, V. Bickford, M. B. Bodker, F. Borer, L. Bourgeois, S. Bowman, I. Braun, A. Brescher, F. Bush, L. Castjohn, Y. Ciruti, L. Clark, F. Core, R. Cortez, C. Drake, F. Dugas, G. Dugas, R. Dykes, E. Eady, C. Edwards, D. Heser, B. Felder, C. Fletcher, S. Fletcher, F. Forrest, J. Gainey, P. Gainey, A. Gordon, F. Gordon, F. Hanna, D. Henderson, E. Heinrich, L. Hill, N. Hill, P. Hill, B. Holt, D. Hoover, J. Hoover, P. Hoover, V. Hoover, B. Jones, D. Joiner, P. Keaghey, S. Keaghy, B. Kelly, Z. Kevlin, J. Laird, G. LeBlanc, B. Ledoux, E. Lott, C. McAllister, L. McCaa, E. Mc- Clendon, P. Mclntyre, C. McCrory, B. Mayfield, K. B. Payne, V., Peltier, B. Perrin, P. Perrin, E. Pierson, F. Roberts, P. Robichaux, B. Robinson, P. Rodriguez, Schilling, L. Scott, M. Sellers, I. Shaffer, J. Smith, Mollison, P. Picou, J. Rogers, N. Snell, Moore, M. Morgan, W. Murphy, S. Nickens, Poche, N. Pusey, D. Raiford, D. Reynolds, Savoy, E. Scharworth, N. Schilling, R. Stewart, F. Stilley, L. Threeton, B. Travis, P. Traylor, C. Turnage, G. Turnage, S. Vitter, J. Walker, F. Williams, D. Williams. FARMERS PARLIA MEN TA RY LAW TEAM Larry Hill Lyle Wells Larry Gazaway Troy Duplessis Johnny Effler F. F. A. SWEETHEART COURT Cynthia Bates Bobbe Holt Martha Jean Burris Bonnie Holt Shirley Carter Mary Barbara Mixon Patsy Coumes Anne Razey - . s . . . . N . - Pat Gainey Carlon Richardson FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: President, Troy Duplessis: Vice President, David Fendlasong Secretary, Larry Hill: Treasurer, Johnny Effler: Reporter, Allen Watts: Parliamentarian, Leche Gatlin: Sentinel, Tommy Wells. SPONSOR: Mr. James Hutchinson. MEMBERS: J. Adams, W. Adams, D. Alexander, D. Ballard, J. Ballard, M. Barron, R. Bennett, J. Bonicard, R. Bottolf, B. Bourn, G. Bowman, J. Byers, D. Carter, M. Carter, J. Cave, P. Clark, C. Coates, L. Core, C. Corneille, M. Davies, E. Davis, T. Davis, G. Decota, E. Dillon, T. Douglas, J. Duplessis, L. Duvic, E. Fletcher, B. Gainey, F. Gardner, J. Gates, L. Gazaway, J. Goudeau, R. Hanna, B. Heap, C. Heap, D. Hebert, D. Hill, W. Hill, J. Hoover, M. Joiner, S. Joiner, J. Jones, D. Kitchen, L. Kraft, V. Kraft, D. Laird, E. Lee, E. Lee, R. Lessard, T. Lucas, R. McLin, S. Meades, L. Meyers, J. Miller, F. Mixon, T. Palmer, A. Raiford, D. Rawlins, R. Reid, L. Roberts, A. Rose, J. Rottman, M. Sanders, G. Schenk, S. Schum, D. Sheridan H. Simpson, W. Skelton, S. Stanga, G. Stephens, R. Strahan, B. Strickland, R. Tanner, D. Turnage, W. Turn- age, D. Voss, T. Voss, L. Wells, R. Wells, F. Weinberger, J. Wright. . 5 Sz, Q Slexgwsgf wg E F W ge W N , Q . 1 Q , f'f R. A , is X . We Q , gf 'Q E' ' 3 Q 'f , in ' 1 , ,P , 5 . Eiga, MS if 2 3j?4fi.,,,,e Q 15 x l l Y 4 WW-mari: ,pf "M-f , , -1 Q1 :Q N 4 1 f'W a f gf , '1 ' ' Q . , I A .1 , 'Q 4 1 ' my f w 3 gf 1 2 53 r 1. ' " - 'Q 4, J X 223' , ,271 -, ' , ' 1 4 ' ' . ' Jil, A' 4x bi ' wif, ' 'Uv' H V V? Aa X NVE V Y 5 J' :N 1 1,7 figs y K , A att 1 ' ' N Q 1 X fiie, ,3 P4-f' , ,Q ' T' I - . kb w-9,51 ' fd sa x"'- iffy x ' " A X ti 5? "5 W H ,, 1, ,f 5 W, 'A . Q Q A I ' , X ' 1 " ' L: 5, A 5-2' ' 9 N 4' ' J VIAXT A ' i s M 2 W 'V P iw 'L K 5 -' 3 . --s 5 A . F: -4 - " Qu. F? ' . - 5 v fx x 'wx wa if ,L M N3 ' '1 5 N ax! I M, A A A , X is , I s . ss-iw Q " Fm" ' Q. ., x KA , L1 , ,N V4 I , Q ! 1 V Q ,gl Q2-x, lA Q ' .ig g,1 i,1 b""---W 'vii -iv li? ' - ' ' I ft ,Q Eg LHYHV f-1 W 3, Y YY V1 VYYY - L. SP if ff fp-A w"5 I .vsp oOi'+ , 35 .'k TU ,g N.'!l..ll, . 'fx ig is 2 1 I xi 4 . , QA K sH1RLEY KENNEDY iff School Reporter WILLIAM MATI-IES SHIRLEY THREETON CITIZENS OF THE YEAR 1956-57 Yea! Greenies YW.. Kwai l 7 4 55 ' ' f H W D he -44... f ' ,ns Ui'-u-.e....,, ' M LU NCHROOM WORKERS Left to right: Elizabeth Yent, Gladys Edwards, Marie Gueld- ner, Myrtle Arnold, Viola Spriggs, Letha Freeman, Amelia Hoover, Pollie Barnes, John Yankauskis, Clara Belle Moran. JAN ITORS Fletcher, Lee, and Toney BUS DRIVERS Back row, left to right: George Smith, Robert Jenkins, Bill Murray, Collins Bonicard, Jesse Coates, B. A. Ridgdell, Howard Moore. Front row: B. A. Hollis, Edgar Traylor, Andy Rakocy, Felder Kennedy, Earl Bardwell, Elerie Lavigne. Not shown: William Mclntyre. B WRHQRMFK WMWGSQQHCWBWW isiwml- iz-v ffhl I 3wii'i.-me Qt! xg Y' 1 I J s 1 -s Y. f 1 i I 1 f 5' 'ai Eg 4 s , wr xls . x F' Q F f . : X cn 5, -af af I f ff fc ' N,-7 'lx' .Ai .Q1' hfxff" Q1 s .km .f Q -nO K , .1- int effi- -A . .3 1 Y E x ' 1 I .21 3 -mf 7' . . I Q' , ,UH at 1 Qfx E . ' 3514 is G Q Nxggixyf' is 'isa 1 X v ' 'A F Fl 1 I 1 w A in 7 f , s . , U - 'Q m 'fffailf 2' HMI! M, Y., Q T -QI 2 er.. v my o f 'fm .Gr -.7 1, 5 Q I n , . Q S. is I I 4 1 . x ggi? , W A. ,, , I, M ul' 5 sy ,K A .lv x ' K ' iff s-5 M P "' Q 63' . . 5 Q XX e i r V' QQ Q.. is vs- v .K id. T0 GO rw ' N 'X 5 X. Q -'ik Q A 7.1 12 ff 9 if' A? W 8 vi 'X w. W. A ,A ,Ak Q3 E n TEN! 1, jx , W . awww 'L Q, sr M. ' , ,K .., . L YXQ36 ooze 'D i oted D . C '-'fri oacb of HIEIYGAA ea!- jf Akslry QW' All D1stnct Fust Team G11 all Cagln A11 Dxstnct Fust Team A11 D A11 State Fust Team lsmct Fu I T s eam All State Second Team A11 State aw? Honorable Mention Xx 7 Vtiff All Dlstnct Second Team d7"""H' QMJ-15:2 777"""" ,X 45 All Dlstnct Second Team VARSITY PLAYERS WHO DID NOT LETTER A11 D1str1ct Second Team cfx9""'gQQQy ywwj J imnv pcvuwt. 2J,,6Za. nf-1411! MMV, dw X-fDL'vMfii. h9""'V""V -cr-3, Qjwzfnflfs X JB ,geek W4 KWWL Sl-mdik Y ffwy QM Mm M wdfdnwb QOCWMMML ZA ZQMJZWJ WAVETTES OFFICERS: President, Shirley Baham, Vice President, Fredrica Holzworth, Secretary, Donner Sheridan, Treasurer. June Yochim. SPONSORg Diana Webre. MEMBERS: Mary Alexander, Martha Jean Burris, Elaine Derks, Edith Harris, Bonnie Holt, Carol Kirby, Dorothy Pepitone, Jean Poche, Carlon Richardson, Carolyn Roberts, Pam Trip- lert, Jeanette Verburg, Betty Williams, Dolores Williams. ' BAND CLUB OFFICERS: President, Danny Kraemerg Vice President, Kenny Dominguez, Secretary-Treasurer, Elaine McClendon Program Chairman, Amy Matthews, Sergeant-at-Arms and Parliamentarian, Ralph Barron, Reporter, John Mara- sales, Scrapbook Chairman, Peggy Ballard, Historian, Libby McCaa. SPONSOR: Elmer Smith. MEMBERS: J. An- derson, B. Babin, R. Babin, J. Bankston, M. Chavers, L. Clark, E. Coumes, P. Coumes, R. Coumes, R. Dupuy, T. Dupuy, F. Dugas, E. Ernest, L. Fletcher, C. Heinrich, S. Heinrich, D. Joiner, R. Joiner, P. Keaghey, L. Lavigne, J. Little, D. Mathes, J. Matthews, S. Mixon, C. Saucier, R. Sheridan, R. Thompson, E. Vinyard, E. Wolfe. ?-e:r:f-,. 5 M EERLEPSDER Af ORE TT CYRBXPYI Banos Linda Claris CharleS Btesciltii Pirtsy C0um es Shar 09 STQCMSXOH Na,-1ci,ySD1?g3S a c ' - Mail! Bat h Warts E13 in e ming iizabe' Wells E Carl W aus RIPPLES CAPTAIN: Josie Watts. LT. CAPTAINS: Freshman, Judy Adams, Sophomore, Nadine Snell, Junior, Shirley Ken- nedy, Senior, Margaret Sellers. SPONSOR: Diana Webre. MEMBERS: A. Adams, H. Adams, M. Baker, C. Bates, M. Bennett, S. Berteau, M. B. Bodker, M. Bohning, F. Borer, L. Bourgeois, S. Bowman, I. Brann, A. Brecher L. Castjohn, P. Chavers, F. Core, K. Core, R.Cortez, P. Cox, C. Crawford, E. Davis, C. Drake, K. Edwards D. Eleser, S. Fayard, C. Fletcher, S. Fletcher, P. Gainey, A. Gaude, F. Gordon, D. Henderson, Y. Heinrich, N. Hill, B. Holt, D. Hoover, R. Hoover, A. Jenkins, B. Jones, C. Jones, B. Delly, D. Kent, Z. Kevlin, B. Laird, J. Laird, B. LeBlanc, C. LeBlanc, B. Ledeaux, E. Lott, C. Magee, D. Mascair, J. McClellan, J. Mc- Clellan, C. McCrory, P. Mclntyre, C. Millet, S. Mollere, K. Mollison, M. Morgan, S. Nickens, L. Pedeaux, V. Peltier, R. Pepitone, B. Perrin, P. Perrin, P. Picou, E. Pierson, N. Pusey, A. Razey, F. Roberts, P. Robichaux B. Robinson, P. Rodriguez, J. Rogers, V. Schum, I. Shaffer, J. Smith, A. Stewart, F. Stilley, B. Travis, C. Turnage, G. Turnage, S. Vitter, E. Wells, E. Wilson. Par f. 'xv GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL COACHES: William Johnson, Onie Ordoyne. MANAGER: Mary Alexander. TEAM: Dianne Davies, Elaine Derks, Mattie Felder, Sharon Fletcher, Edith Harris, Joyce Jenkins, Lorene Lavigne, Evelyn Lott, Mary Ann MacMurray, Tomolyn Parks, Jean Poche, Barbara Sterken, Fay Stilley, Elizabeth Watts, Josie Watts. P H. S. 32 Mandeville 35 Loranger 37 Bogalusa 45 St. Joseph 35 Mandeville 31 Covington 33 Amite 54 Reserve 34 Thibodaux 52 Hammond 50 Bogalusa OPPONENTSCORES P. H. S. OPPONENT 37 59 Covington 32 41 39 Chesbrough 37 38 34 Pine 49 22 49 Amite 30 31 23 Loranger 26 47 33 Hammond 48 35 51 Thibodaux 28 15 33 Reserve 20 19 47 Covington 30 46 45 St. Joseph 47 46 BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH William Johnson. TEAM: Allan Anthony, Wally Busby, King Butler, Murray Cleveland John Dahmer Thomas Kuhn John Marasales, Val Miller, Dwight Robinson, Glenn Scott, Roger Tucker, Albert Lee Wright Mandeville Loranger Bogalusa Behrman Mandeville Covington Reserve Thibodaux Hammond Bogalusa St. Am ant Hahnville Slidell Gonzales Thibodaux Southeastern Behrman SCORES OPPONENT P. H. S. OPPONENT Independence Mt. Herman Osyka Hammond Spring Creek Hammond Chesbrough Reserve Hammond Independence Hahnville Independence Southeastern Covington Hahnville New Iberia 35 W if 1, X Q , " IF H Q D L ,- i K -' ig I 3 b Q A 4 Q 5 ap S ig mg gig 'P -,,, i, ,Ti ..,, K 1 ,wg fig? 3 4 , " ' W R ' WA ' if -Q,, Lg z Q lag , , wg M 3, wa Q I . lx -5 Q is 4 5 I J if " f X B 5 Q 'i L1 is . t 1 ' 5. L m 2 y 'A if 2 1 I .sf 5, 1 5 3 3 f W . we 41 WW- . mv '- H j 55954 fx,,, . A ' --Mm 3, M- '-1 , mg X - 1 - Q, , .LW- L 5 'L m f . 'H 1 3 ' J mr W km' sfqi fel? S '65 9 Wx' , " ' fi if , , r W x :mb X - ' W w 1 ' 7 , . ,, . in Q5 I :Q ? Q ' - iq .4 fix N5 K A 4 ,.,, Nm f 4 ' N fig , Q ,. f Q ' W X I 1, jf A X . 521.gif L' M! A A , Y Q W f-f , ' xx ,X new if W, MEMORIES OF THE FIRST GREENBACK Thlrty two years ago the Semor Class of Ponchatoula Hrgh publrshed the fust edrtron of our annual edrted by Hattre Earnest lt was the only edttron unt1l 1942 Let us glrmpse mto that early GREENBACK and see what thmgs were ltke around P H 9 when Mr C C Prttman was pnncrpal back 1n 1926 Tlus GREENBACK had a secuon devoted to l1st1ng all graduates from 1912 to 1925 The f1rst graduatmg class 1n 1912 had exactly one member Sad1e Akers Sulhvant but by 1926 the senror class had grown mto a large group of 32 ln th1s class we fmd the name of Wtlltam Edward Butler Of hlm tt was sard It LS better to love what you can not have than to have what you cannot love A look at the Class Horoscope shows turtner that ms mckname was Brlly and hrs favoute express1on How do you lrke them apples'P Hrs ambmon later realrzed was to be an athletrc coach but the class prophecy foretold for htm a lrfe as a ratlroad man whrch also came true to some extent Another secret revealed by the Horoscope rs Brlly s hobby whrch was strangely enough gomg to Hammond Personalltres elected that year were Prettrest G1rl Rose Hoover Most Handsome Boy Alonzo Rarford Most Popular Hatue Earnest and Peggy Yokum Best All Around Hester Burns and Kenneth Rlchardson WIIIICSI Wtlhe Earnest and S arlet Creek Branch Best Athletes Lucrlle Marmrlhon and Wrll Ed Butler Most Intellectual Bermce Edwards and Peter Ebrecht Other famrhar names we fmd III h1gh school at th1s ttme mclude Charles Van Vrancken and Hester Mollye Burns now Mrs Threadgrll but then better known as Toots1e edrtor of the school paper The Radro then rn 1ts thud year It was m thrs same year that the Home Ec Club was organrzed and the school cafeterla was then four years old It reported that durmg the year da1ly sales mcreased from frfteen quarts of soup and frfteen loaves of bread to twenty quarts of soup and thtrty to forty loaves of breadl Sports were then as now h1gh on the l1st of Ponchy acttvrttes Coach Jack Vaughan headed a successful football team wluch lost Just one game all season The lmeup was headed by Ponchatoula s own Four Horse men W1l1 Ed Butler Young Rrdgdell Peggy Yokum and Kenne h Rtchardson Captam Butler called Ponchatoula s gndrron Phantom was h1gh pornt scorer ln the state tn 1925 Other boys athlettc teams were basketball and track also under the drrectron of Coach Vaughan Gtrls sports mcluded basketball and tenms Thanksglvmg Day 1925 saw Ponchy s fust Homecommg A crowd of 2500 watched as P H S defeated the Bogalusa LumberJacks Thus ends our Journey mto years gone by as we close the last page of the lrttle paper back annual Though ll bears lrttle resemblance to the GREENBACK of today rt has served well 1ts purpose of keepmg fresh the memorres of 1926 1 . . , ,s. - 1 . . . . 1 . . . . . . . ,, ' 1 W . ' ' . , . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . . 1 1 - U 1 1 1 . . , . N ' 9 I 1 11 . - ' 11 n - ' - - ' 11 ,, 11 5. ' 11 ' 11 ' 11 ' we - 1 f 1 1 . 1 1 v ' - ' - 1 11 - , . 11 - - - n vv , - ' 1 l 1 L ' 1 H , . . ,, . . . . , . , . . . . 4 , . . . . , . . I 1 1 . 1 . . 1 5 1 17' ' Mm! f - .QQ-Iviili . ., V. M M235- zzz, , 7 W ,sm we w g g 7 1 L- ,Lew iw Hx fi r 'Siva fi .,. Q , A 1 'Sv -J , s 1 WHAT IS A DRUG STORE The DRUG STORE IS but one un1t 1n a complex pattern of buslnesses and profess1ons, all of wh1ch serve the needs of the commun1ty But lt 1S umque 1n that pharmacy 1S both a bus1ness and a profess1on A bus1ness bu1lt on serv1ce to the s1ck cannot be restr ct d to usual "bus1ness hours " The need for med1c1ne and slckroom suppl1es usually 1S 1mmed1ate and urgent In t1mes of w1despread 1llnes s, the twenty four hour day seems all too short We are ready, day communlty 4 W6 W D4-QAQMACY :Nc Compl1ments of LOUISIANA CYPRESS LUMBER COMPANY or night, to serve the pharmaceutical needs of the ' Q I RX Phone 6518 Ponchatoula, La. Drug 7491 Zi""'?i ., -i Q S PONCHATOULA BEACH Sw1mm1ng Danclng C1ubP1cn1cs T.. Comphments of TOM WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LC BUILDERS SUPPLY STORE H1 Way 51 South "Down by the Locornotwe Ponchatoula, Lou1s1ana. COMP LIMENTS OF YOUR X-OCDCDLD PROCESSING 8: WAREHOUSE CORP Ponchatoula, Lou1s1ana COMPLIMENTS OF FOOD CORPORATION Ponchatoula, Lou1s1ana if Comphments of R M HENDRICK HERFF JONES CO Class R1ngs Best Wxshes for a Successful Year L G BALFOUR CO Box Zll Tel 2 0370 Baton Rouge, La Class Rmgs Inv1tat1ons D1plomas and Covers Medals Trophles A F1ne Company Servlng a Flne School BOB GRANT "GOOBER" MORSE Cornphments of GATEVVAY MOTOR COMPANY Phone 7049 Your Fnendly Ford Dealer fy e Comphments 0 Yourlkheaa' ? 6 HARDWARE Phone 2661 Ponchatoula, Lou1s1ana. Comphments of MAC MITCHELL, owner Comphments of 6:11205 SHOE STORE Hammond, Louisiana , 1:5 I of 0 51.22 fn: f ' P - 1 DIQLJI JL-5 I -5, FANNALYS MILK CO Complunents of SUPERIOR PRODUCTS, INC Comphments of VV ITBEC K STUDIO 112 East Thomas Street Hammond, La JOHN SEXTCIXI Xe CO The Natlonal Cha1n Wholesale Grocers P O Box 5448 Dallas 2, Texas I 1 Distributor of Sealtest Dairy Products Comphments of I-ICJLJXAES X EAQNES LTD Baton Rouge, La D1str1butors of HCIIIZ 57 Var1et1es Dubon Canned Goods Monarch's F1nest Food Eat Fresh Fru1ts and Vegetables VVI LLIAINAS AND SONS Phone 475 and 278 Hammond, Lou1s1ana M6464 IN HAMMOND WE APPRECIATE OUR PONCHATOULA CUSTOMERS The F1nest IH Malts, Shakes, Sundaes, Dnnks and a Complete L1ne of Extra Good Sandw1ches Comp11ments of CCDLNAEIZ FURNITURE STORE Ponchatoula, La For the Sake of Your Health I For Ind1v1dua1 Needs or Team Supphes DENNIS VVELCP-I LAND OF SPORTS Bogalusa, La Hammond, La QP1ay More and L1Ve Longerj Get Your LEON EDWARDS, Wholesale D1str1butor ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY COCA COLA COCA COLA BOTTLING CO , LTD Hammond, Lou1s1ana Comp11ments of F-EI LH: YQCOIXHXIE-I-' CREAMERY INC 300 South Cypress Street Phone 58 Hammond, La I Ponchatoula, Louisiana Q D Congratulations to the '58 Seniors From BCD!-IIXII NG X CCNAFDAIXIY Ponchatoula, La Save Wlth the IDONCHATCJULA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION Current D1v1dend Rate 470 Per Annum Each Account Insured up to S10 000 Comp11ments of HOLSUM BAKING CO TEAMWORK You've heard the express1on It takes teamwork to get a Job done And that all 1mportant 1ngred1ent 1S electr1c1ty There are many examples of teamwork among the over 1700 employees who make up your frlendly electr1c serv1ce company Together as a team they make 1tPOSS1b1C for you to enjoy the many advantages and convemences of e1ectr1c serv1ce and at a cost that makes It the b1ggestbarga1n1n your fam11y budget LOUISIANA POWER 8: LIGHT CO "Help1ng Bu1ld Lou1s1ana" I a must in our business of serving you with cheap and dependable fywfwfwfff CLINIC, INC. 155 South Fifth Street DR, COLLINS P, LIPSCOMB DR, GLENN T, SCOTT DR JOHN S SCARLE Compliments of H. J. LEON A1213 CO, Distributors of Conoco and Goodyear Products Compllments of 1-BCJQTEQYS ESSO SERVICE STATION Deal W1th the Wheel W J THIBODAUX, JR Owner Compliments of T-'QITZ THEATER Hammond Lou1s1ana SAI KS The Store for Men Phone 1569 Hammond, Lou1s1ana IVI E IVILXTI-IES PULPWOOD Phone 325 Compllments of l 'I A R BLOSSMAN INC 'f-41 of Ponchatoula H1 Way 51 Phone 7625 Ponchatoula Phone 2032 Hammond Be st W1shes 70 4 if M PUBLIS ANY, INC Pubhshers of the Enterprlse Pubhshed 1n the Strawberry Growmg Center of the World I no ' 00 9 '- I .. 'if , - ff 2 L-HIVIEL. AUTO PARTS Wholesale Automotive Supplies Tools and Shop Equipment Ponchatoula, Louisiana HOLDEN'S SERVICE Z4 Hour Wrecker and Taxi Service 6 486 Compliments of CT AFQQIF I BUILDING SUPP LY Compliments of HAQQISS DRUG STORE 'We F111 Any Doctor Prescription Phone 6433 Night 7280 For Prompt Delivery Call 487 JACNKCSCUIXI C2 REXA LL DRUG STORE Ponchatoula, Compliments of PENNEY nwns nest oumuvf Hammond, Louisiana. Best Wishes From UMW W! PULPWOOD DEALER Ponchatoula Compliments of 1?-CD1-Qlzilzb FURNITURE, INC Hammond, Louisiana Phone 131 IJ - A C0. ' . . . 'S Il Dependable Prescription Service La. ' ' Compliments of 1406-g,l:1dE5 IVIQI NTYQE SERVICE STATION East Pine Ponchatoula Phone 361 In Ponchatoula Shop at DOUG LASS PHARMACY Prompt Service Prescriptions Filled Films Developed Phone 9621 Good Luck I--I I N SON S STORE Dry Goods West Pine Street Ponchatoula HAYES DAIRY PRODUCTS INC HAYES VERY FINE ICE CREAM From Dairy Products Produced in Tanglpahoa Parish Elm Street Phone 352 Ponchatoula Compliments From the GUARANTY BANK 8: TRUST Member Federal Reserve System and Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat1on Each Depositor Insured Up to 510,000 00 Best of Luck From I-ICJCDX! EDS MACHINE SHOP and I-IOCDVEIQS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY EDDIES SHELL SERVICE 355 W Pine Dial 7050 Super Shell W1th T C P Shell Motor O11 1 E Compliments of CJCJODV 1:10112 SERVICE STORES Hammond, La Phone 2010 or 2011 D 1 I CO. - l Compliments of Congratulations I . For Food and Entertainment CAVE TANG I P onchatoula, Louis iana I . PEQIQANTS HOM-A.DE "Enjoy the Best" Malts, Sundaes, Cones, Cups Hi-Way 51 West Ponchatoula, La. DLJDn.EYfs TV CLINIC Phone 6551 Compliments of VVI-I ITNEY5 VARIETY STORE Compliments of fmfmfmh RED AND WHITE STORE Ponchatoula, La Compliments of QI:-I I F123 MO TOR COMPANY Oldsmobile ORIEN PERRIN PRODUCE zagifw? I? In 1' 'Leigh 'fill III' 1 1 Phone 7289 TJS OU TBOARD SERVIC E Sales and Service Homehte Chain Saws 720 W Pine Phone 6909 T J DENDINGER I nf f , - I I I O P' ,f "' 'ff ' 'ML' XX! r I NX - . , ' -.ma I - '-1 In .N I . IX '15 - ' :,,..u-Us " ! L V --Q P -:L "'1'1'L'ms1' ' ' "iw ' , 1 ' I O DLJC-Fl-IS FLORIST Say It Wlth Flowers Football and Prom Corsages We Sell Low Because We Grow Phone 6541 Best W1shes WWZQW4 W HARDWARE COMPANY Comphments of UAH NIEHS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Ponchatoula, Lou1s1ana Stop and Eat ,1 Hot? THE GATEWAY HOTEL Phone 7523 Ponchatoula L Comphments WW- RXWUW I' ,COFFEE 4 k THE I Best Wlshes I PONCHATOULA From FEEDQSEED J Complunents of Gwe Your Car Longer L1fe lVlc:Cl.El.L.ANS FURNITURE STORE N N lg S Ponchatoula, Lou1s1ana SERVIFE STATION Ponchatoula, La Dependable Servlce Phone 2831 I I v In w, T T l i at E K l 9 It I 5' I T - - Txicxx' . . - gsvol - 71 - Q91 ' I of N SW A T 6000 ea - my ' . , I V. ,lf X 4 N - -I 1-7 1 1 , Ill x X - l l A I l ff? . l qu, I- I- I. .I I I I at I I llV113E12IA1L. SHOE STORE Hammond, Lou1s1ana .Tacquehne Shoes for Lad1es Florshezm Shoes for Men Buster Brown Shoes for Ch11dren Comphments of I-ll I-IO SERVICE STATION Old T1me Barbecue Hrghway 51 and 190 Phone 9118 Hammond, Lou1s1ana HOTAQD GCDODE INC Most Everytlung 1n Ready to Wear Few P1ece Goods Phone 6472 Ponchatoula Lou1s1ana Comphments of QCDSSIE INC App11ances and F1ne F urmture Rad1o and Te1ev1s1on "Everyth1ng for the Home 1500 W Thomas Phone 1967 1QLJ'-v51-I Lp FIRESTONE STORE INC 222 East Thomas Street Phone 814 815 Hammond, Lou1s1ana "Ro11 on Green Wave Comp11ments of BAOQGAN L.l NDSEY Hammond, Lou1s1ana "Best W1shes I: VV VVOOLVVOQTH Hammond, Lou1s1ana DIXIE CANDY COMPANY Whole sale Drstnbutors Hammond, Lou1s1ana X' , . - - ' II O ' Hammond, Louisiana ll or 2 1 ' U I ' ll I l Compliments of DATE NCDTTE LUMBER COMPANY, INC, Pine and Red Cypress Lumber Wholesale and Retail Hammond, Louisiana GREEN WAVE BOOSTERS Ponchatoula Cutrer's Grocery C W Mixon Ponchatoula Dry Cleaners Crawfordls Super Market St Germa1n's Grocery Dau-Y Bar W3-SI'-e1"S Plumbing Air Cooled Motors Co Dr Magee Edward B Dufreche DT Kormker Edwards Store Inc DI' Schanzbach McKneely's Funeral Home Gene'S Bakerv P1cou's Lumber Co Burris Dry Cleaners p C Gramer Hammond Bob Farris Store Inc Central Rexall Drug Store Louisiana Stationery Walter Antin The students ofP H S wish to express their sincere thanks to the advertisers and boosters backing without which an annual of this size would be impossible O I . . O ' 0 0 . , , O I I I . Q 0 I I I - - for their splendid c ooperation and financial I The lui Nklrbooll Au IAVLOI M OR PU I ING COMPANY Dlll I if Y 5' Wa. I .. , 'W ,X 4 13 '- 5'-'?.,-,nv 4 -1 f, - M, , ,-gz.,,,'fh K. L,yg.,i P ,f ilw hfulf I 4 ,vu . 5 .f' ,,l ng.. 5,2 L '5 f :VE '4 A 1 ,f I ' 3 . 1 U M132 W' 5 A Hz? f "E ' A- W , 1. 1' 11933 5145" WEA .fy 1 if M52 -5.71 16235 -.1 Wi Jw? 1362 'ibij 5- 452 -1 ' - 25 'lg l','l A .L u-a"??l? n' 4, El

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