Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA)

 - Class of 1957

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Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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THE '5 7 GREENBA CK Editor EVELYN HEBERT Associate Editor BARBARA LAIRD THE GREENBACK STAFF Business Managers ANNETTE A DA MS LA URIE PEDEA UX ANNE RA ZEY Sponsors MISS PAUL MR, KINCHEN Members MARTHA I. BURRIS EVELYN DAVIS RUBY FISHER SHIRLEY KENNEDY JUDY MCCLELLAN CAROLYN ROBERTS LORETTA SCHUM DONNER SHERIDAN I the Greeuback edltor of 1957 offer my smcere grautude to the people who have helped to make our yearbook possrble to our farthful adverusers who were wrllrrrg to advert1se ln the Greenback to our prmclpal Mr Butler to our sponsors Mlss Paul and Mr Kmchen and to the patxem and hard workmg staff We are proud to present to you, Lhe students of P H S our flmshed product We hope that you w11l enjoy the cherrshed memorres and recollecnons as much as we have enyoyed pre senung them to you X . . . U e r -- ' I 1 ' v v 1 : ' . . . ., l 2 xi si x le. if YI' '-Y """""'lv- E Greenbac lr Staff .alres great plea Ur Caflllg thrs e 1957 Greenbac I7 bo pat nee oyally and long years e ped t In se Of fa alre P rrhful servrce oncbatoula Hrgh Sclzoo the QUGSI of Its kin For UZIS Pro 1111 th we d 95 eenback ii' -Q, edrcate to you tlze . 'X egfefifi' Th f Se in 'Ely dedi ' ', rl: lf, F0 0 e W ee M, 1 e gig .. ,, ,., S . I . 1 ref , g"'-fnzq' ,N , 45. 'N Y . Mnuf Aw M. Qs fx 1- 'r' g, , 'K 4 -f a, 'K . . "' if ,, wi f ,Sk I -53. """"""'- ----Q.-......,-. 7 , H Z' 3-31 X . .fy y Xi' 1 Q s "if 5' ,T -V F 'W 3 1 ' .9 fs 5 t jg 5 .V V ef 1 L. " 9' f J 2 ' 2- , . hx .N v ff .f .M,f3g Yi 1, . 1, 9 5,14-mi, .gl qw . 'mf -5' ' 52? HY! Zf',ez7:e? 3 " L .PJWKQI ' L"'g,,"' ' .V I , ggg 'Y W E BUTLER , .4 NJ . 1 se , , I ft ,f MRS. MARION SCHULTZ Supervisor . 'v--M ADMINISTRATION Jw' , ' te Aj' L A T , . ,Jn , .Aft . .f 4 Q.. - 0 .tel ,Q,,5, 7' ' ' uv ,IYN RAYMOND SCHAFER Resident School Board Member ORIEN PERRIN Resident School Board Member MRS. MARY LULA HUTCHINSON Secretary MR. MARSHALL C. KINCHEN Business Manager ff' fam .. as-gx WX Qu" x 7 X X CHARLES VAN VRANCKEN Elementary Principal 'fl -va .mx . ,. I "NT" 1' x x J wp mi.. ...I ,ff .L - DOROTHY FORREST Home Economics MILDRED FORREST Civics URSULA GAUDE English EUGENIA HEBERT Home Economics JAMES HUTCHINSON Agriculture WILLIAM JOHNSON Science HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY OW' -.rf '?"""' Mi 5 I fbrcaow X .Q f"xJ ULU 9 . a 'Y SKI? , . If H s i ' A W is ,--I . .! I"f,f'?f1J 'rrp If- f R-il if t MARILYN BANKSTON Math VIOLA BEALL Commerce MARGARET BISHOP English I. E. BODKER Boys' Physical Education HELEN BUTLER Math L. E. FLETCHER Science f-5, rv' IV! ""',f IW? If 'I-if-I7-"N JOHN KILPATRICK Industrial Arts MARY KINCHEN Math ONIE ORDOYNE Girls' Physical Education JOYCE PAUL English VERA RATLIFF Vocal Music HIGH SCHQOL FACULTY ii vu ' ' AJR 'ix cl 1 : ,--. lyk I A A u f 'E+ -.' I i' , I 55 ,,, i is Vw IU' N--Y' I. V. SHIEL Coach Social Studies X IQ' 7 X 'vm I 'id' ,Mi A N gf 'S......as by '43 fi N. G! 911' 1-'J ELMER SMITH Insuumental Music DORIS SWEA TT Commerce Social Studies DAISY TUCKER Spanish Social Studies GLADYS VANVRANK Librarian DIANA WEBRE English Speech OUR GIRL FRIDAY gj 'ff1'?3fis F MM! Q iifs O 'fl 'T ' f' z':...x:, .:. . AWA. iqwg 1 i , ,, - ........., .,...-,...,... . ,H I,Yil1Tfl 6 , i'zff 5f ,, z ,, A a kzhvgj J fA,,,!1v '1 1LQ Q, l9N .J5f'!f!x4Ct'.Z 0-'QA fri? fqfq AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' 0 nossmw Semor Class Favorites DOROTHY SNELL WILLIAM MATHES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS and SPONSORS - - WILLIAM MATHES - - - LARRY MILLER - EVELYN HEBERT - - LORENE LAVIGNE - - - SHIRLEY TI-IREETON - - - - JIMMY ACHORD - - MRS. URSULA GAUDE MR. L. E. FLETCHER MRS. MARY KINCHEN MR. JAMES HUTCHINSON MRS. MARY HUTCHINSON CLASS MOTTO Today we follow Tomorrow we lead CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Rose and Silver 5naPd'380n f'J?'. "if -"'1?' '-I 's......4P' ,uns 419 ACI-IORD, IIMMY When fun and duty clash, Let duty go to smash. ANDERSON, RONALD With the girls he's rather shy, But he's really a fine guy. ANTHONY, ALLAN 1-le's always fun to have around As a "Greenie" he won renown. ARRETEIG, JOHN Hold the fort, l'm coming. BARDWELL, CARL Through all the coming days We'l1 remember his funny ways. BARNES, SIDNEY Neither loud nor boisterous is he But kind and friendly as can be. L --4' .... of BOUDREAUX, FLOYD Thou art a gentleman and a scholar, sir. BRAUN, RAYMOND Never a sorrow, never a sigh, Everybody likes this little guy. BRIDGES, DARRYL If everyone worked as hard as this would be a better world. BUTLER, KING In the backfield he was a star, The best athlete in school by far. CORE, CHARLENE A beauty in our school this year With the Wavettes she did cheer. COX, DOLORES In the Wavettes she did her part A cute girl that has a big heart. BATES, JOE Known by all, disliked by none. BAZELL, NELLRENA Sedate and sweet, At 1ife's game she'll never cheat. BENNETT, VERNON A handsome lad that's always gay, He's president of our F. B. L. A. BEYL, WILLIAM With the softball team he did play He never had a gloomy day. BICKFORD, JOHN A good football player this year - The opposing team he did not fear BOLLIN, MARGARET A pretty little colleen, As sweet a girl as you have seen. if 11' 1"""" CRANE, HENRY I have only begun to enjoy life. CRAWFORD, ESTHER A new girl in our school this year We're really glad she came here. DAVIES, DIANNE In sports she won great fame We will always remember her name. DISHER, BEN An athlete - it is a fact - At football, basketball, and track. DUPLESSIS, ANN An enthusiast in softball, And she's liked by one and all. FABRE, ALLEN They laughed with unconcealed glee At his jokes, many jokes had he ng QQ. v v 0 'xg 'sl' K. QQ' 315.01 lf? ,ilfvk-'7' ' Q 'wav 5 'Win' ,X Q- , FAIRBURN, BETTY She s sweet and nice With a touch of spice FENDLASON ALMA A schoolmate who s nice to know She II do her best wherever she will go FELDER MATTIE Here's a girl with never a care, As a cheerleader she did her share. FISHER, ANNETTE Voted by the students a beauty, She cheerfully goes about her duty GRANIER, P. C. A member of our school band Always there with a helping hand. HANDLEY, DONNIE For P. I-I. S. she did yell, This little elf did her job well. r? ' 'W' HOOVER, RUTH ELLEN ln the band she did playg To the top she'll find her way. HOWES, CLARENCE Everyone thinks this lad is swell ln all ventures he'll do quite well. HUTCHINSON, LUCY Here we find a quiet brunetteg On her work her mind is set. JENKINS, JOYCE The Wavettes will remember her n For she was there at every game. JOHNSON, BETTY This senorita gave her all To Ponchy High's duty call. JOHNSON, KENNETH ln all things he tries to please, Though full of wayward tendencies. Q3 -it I 1 -far HARTNER, HAZEL A disposition that's bright and sunny And a gift for being naturally funny HEBERT, EVELYN She is this year's Miss P. H, S. As editor of our annual she is the best HENDERSON, DAN ln everything he did his bit With his schoolmates he is a hit HILL, NORMA JANE To be with her is never dull, We all know she is quite a girl. I-IOOVER, CHRISTINE Sweet and nice and kind of shy, With everyone she rates so high I-IOOVER, Louis Blessed are they that go around in circles, For they shall he called wheels. 1 I 0'9- 'be L ,ns 1' sl f:-f C3 LAVlNGNE, LORENE She is quite an athlete, A sport like her you ought to meet LAVIGNE, WAYNE lf he has a penny, he flips for two Win or lose - he's never blue. LEBLANC, MACKIE For personality he's our boy, Being "B" team coach was his joy. LEE, LEON The quietest we've found as yet, He never works himself into a sweat LESAICHERRE, FRANK Frank is really brave, For he played tackle for the Green Wave 'U' ex 11' MOTICHECK, MABLE A homemaker she'll be someday, She liked to work in the F. H. A. MOTICHECK, TOMMY Laughter is the best medicine for any disease. MURRAY, EDWARD Seemingly quiet, but he's a charm He'll probably settle down on a farm. MCCRORY, GLADYS She worked hard on the Cypress Bark This little girl is quite a lark. NEWMAN, DAN Quiet, thoughtful, and reserved. NEWMAN, MARY GRACE She's really tops and so polite ln classes she is very quiet. MARCOTTE, RONALD Ronald is always very loud, But he's well-liked by the crowd. MATHES, WILLIAM Co-Captain of our football team, This pick for Mr. P. H. S. we mean. MILLER, LARRY A popular cheerleader at P. H. S. In all his work he did his best. MILLER, MERLIN He'll always lend you a helping hand One of the future farmers of our land. MORGAN, ANTHONY Plays when he works, Works when he plays. MORSE, DONNIS A high school special - always neat One like her just can't be beat. inf Sdn .5 ..44 l ODEN, MARY ELTON ln the band she did her share Never a worry, never a care. PEDEAUX, MILTON On the football field he played guard, And in the F. F. A. he worked hard. PITTMAN, EUGENE At football he has made good Always does just what he should. Pocini, GAIL A real nice girl is she, Noted for her interest in D. E. REYNOLDS, RITA FA YE Now there's a gal wlio's everybody's pal. ROBERTSON, DEANNA Editor of our Cypress Bark this year, A business woman, it is quite clear. li ..,-4? -1-av' ,Q-C5 ,,m,. Q 45 Oh: '-O4 5' -'-s. 'hw 'E-'L' -...f 19 - A-"S" ROBERTSON, JACKIE Quite a football player here we find That and girls were always on his mind ROBERTSON, IO-ANN Home Ec. prepared her for future life She'll make someone a very good wife. SANCHEZ, WAYNE Another member of the F. F. A. Another farmer, that is to say. SAWYER, JANICE In her work she's always neat And what she starts she'll complete. SCHUM, LORETTA Just to know her is a treat, No other one could be so sweet. SIBLEY, ELOISE Another worker on the Cypress Bark Some lucky guy will get her heart. 1 1 .js fx :uf THREETON, SHIRLEY F. H. A. Rose this year is she, The nicest girl there ever could be. VERNEUIL, STEVIE As a debater he rates high, He'11 be a great orator by and by. WELCH, JOANNE With everyone she's quite a hit A cute little miss we won't forget. WELLS, DOUGLAS He works in a radio shop, And in this field he'll reach the top. WHITEHEAD, BOBBIE NELL She manages circulation for the Cypress Bark As a friendly girl she hits the mark. WRIGHT, ALBERT I How can one person know so much? WK' 'U' 41' -.111 1? 1----.Q SMITH, LEROY In the band he won acclaim For this reason we recall his name. SNELL, DOROTHY Captain of the cheering section She came out on top in many an election STANGA, MARION Our high school band she did adorn By blowing on her "Greenie" horn. STERKEN, BARBARA Sports is this gal's line, And she does this work just fine. STICKER, PATRICIA She always has a great big smile To hear her sing I'd walk a mile. STI LLEY, RICHARD As a center he sparked the team This little guy is on the beam. and, -1 WILLIAM MA THES ANNETTE FISHER BEN DISHER LORENE LA VIG NE - " ' . f " xx BETTY FAIRBURN LEON LEE VINCENT VERNEUIL GAIL POCHE EVELYN HEBERT LARRY MILLER T5 ' .ve r Z I E L ,Vw -Eftg V A V ,.., L -gi . Bw- eilv' 4x ., ,A F LOYD BOUDREA UX CHARLENE CORE 'WY Y v ...- MILTON PEDEAUX JO ANN ROBERTSON DEANNA ROBERTSON ANTHONY MORGAN BETTY JOHNSON RAYMOND BRA UN -:lil ! ,fcgfuiwv BOBBIE NELL WHITEHEAD LORETTA SCHUM IU' is ll L- as JUNIOR C LA SS OFFIC ERS and SPONSORS President -------------- GLENN SCOTT Vice President ----------- JOHN JOHNSON Secretary ---- - - MARGARET BOHNING Treasurer ----- - - - KENNY DOMINGUEZ Program Chairman ' - ------ RUBY FISHER Sponsors ----- - - MRS. EUGENIA HEBERT MR. WILLIAM JOHNSON MISS JOYCE PAUL MRS. DAISY TUCKER MISS DIANA WEBRE Junior Class Favorites ELIZABETH WATTS JOHN DAHMER ADAMS, ANNETTE ADAMS, ROBERT ADAMS, VESTA ANDERSON, ELLEN ANDERSON, LESLIE ARNOLD, CHARLES BAHAM, BOBBY BAHAM, SHIRLEY Ts C3 f WY , . is A "" as ,,. , 4, I E Miglia Y! 7 5 4 1 4 , an sr 7-4' ,, Y, 1 ,J fi J- A A Hr, BALLARD, PEGGY BARRINGER, MERWYN BARRON, MELVIN BARRON, RALPH BENNETT, SONNY .lf- X s . BERTEAU, SHERWOOD BOHNING, MARGARET BOTTOLF, BEVERLY BOURGEOIS, GAYLE BRUNET, ROLAND BRUNNER, TOMMY BUSBY, WALTER BUSH, ELORA . 45 f iz, II I I 1 l NS? ml .1 I ., ' ,Im If S , ,., , 'NWI L ,MI , A Y X I E NI z.Jf?9f"' DAROUSE, JIMMY DAVIS, EVELYN DELAUNE, ANNA LEE DELAUNE, ERNEST DEVALL, HELEN DOMINGUEZ, KENNY DUGAS, ERNEST DYESS, ANNIE RUTH CRANE, BRENDA BYERS, JAMES CARPENTER, HUGH CARPENTER, ROMALICE CHARBONNET, HAROLD CHAVERS, PATRICIA COOPER, SHIRLEY COUNIES, EUGENE COUMES, RUFFIN 'Ii . Q 3 f CRAWFORD, JULIA A I- V EGNEW, EMMETT ERNEST, ELLIS EZELL, ALINE FAIRBURN, LEONARD FISHER, RUBY FOSTER, IENNETTE GAINEY, BOBBY GILL, PERCY ,, I i' Nt . 2 I., f y , QR ef l fhbs. 'Z X A if xxx. - Af f lr , t X I f QR. 1 kg Xjx X- , ' 'S gif GORDON, ANN GOUDEAU, GEORGE GREGOIRE, BOBBY GUILLGRY, BILLY HANO, ERNEST KX ff' 4 X I 3 I I Yr 2: I X 2, ,I A l . 'ak X' J I -'f'V I N ci-,I M I sg D x QI ,, -MN 1, QS' a ' P if 440' hal' all ....,,,u HARRISS, EDITH YVONNE HEBERT, CONNIE HOLZWORTH, FREDRICA HOOVER, EVON HOOVER, VERA HOOVER, VICTOR HUGUET, WAYNE JOHNSON, JOHN P' any as . 5 1 J ., , J. I I U Ljpw wg 5+ if I at Q A LAIRD, BARBARA A E fi LAMBERT, IESSIE 1' ,fvf lf" 415 5 ',',- --,,-an., A-iti LINDSEY, JOAN MCCAHILL, ROBERT MCCLENDON, ELAINE MCCRORY, FRANCES MCCRORY, LEE MASCAIR, DARLEEN MEADES, JOYCE MEYERS, MELVIN LARPENTER, SUE I.EBI.ANC, BARBARA LEE, ANITA i f f ' kg! B 'r as :lm 2 4. IOINER, MELVIN IOINER, SONNY JONES, CATHERINE JUSTICE, VIRGINIA KLIEBERT, JANICE KLIEBERT, LARRY KOERIN, IRMA KRAEMER, DANNY i Z 5 I K fx my ,Nl 5-.J X 1Q'sa-1 X A ""' I 'T' ,I J an 'XI' J ix I' MILLER, VAL M1xON, SUE MURPHY, WANDA NIEHAUS, JERRY l SA. W' 1 I g.QSQl.P'lQ. 44 ir "3 9 QM .I .V 4, , NIEHAUS, RUSSELL ', r K' PALMER, THOMAS 'f , I ' PARENT, CLIFTON 4 PEDEAUX, LAURIE " -A 'Iv' I ' L ffl.- n WX A A 1: I I Q f X PEPITONE, RITA MAE PERILLOUX, ELLIS if "' POCHE, MARTHA ' Q PRITCHARD, VAN R K RAIFORD, ALONZO X I ROBERTS, CAROLYN 1 ROBERTSON, DAVIS . v, '1 ,Q , 5 .i an E A , H ROBERTSON, JOI-IN gg I Y. N IEA J ROBERTSON, LEVI f .. Hi Og I - L T, N' -I- l ROBERTSON , WILKIE RODRIGUEZ, JOE BILLY SAVOY, BETTY ROSE SAVOY, GLENNELL 'S' Y. 'v:"'37 ,R-way f' xk xf SCALIA, CAROLINE SCHUM, HENRIETTA SCHUM, VERONICA SCOTT, GLENN if ., V. , I r 3 Q , ' i, -L A 3 ' Q f SELLERS, MARGARET .Q ' - V A S' A SHELTON, LEMUEL 4' wx A s1MON, LESTER I , LLR l , WR SMITH, JOY 'fi Q LYNN-5 I ,L A A E' me f A lj ' T L L STANGA, SHELBY , 1 X - Af TANNER, WENDELL 9 f' if .. LOTT, EVELYN TRAYLOR, LEE ROY - 2? .,.,R fs f'S 9 ' + r as TUCKER, ROGER L -w Tv- I - , .3 h TUCKER, TOMMY K., ' K' v '23 ,. v , j C J P 5' .A 54k V. 1 1'Hf4XJA'f?'1-'I ,QC 0 X X ,A YYYL " WR be 52, A rj l X X VERBURG, IEANETTE N, Y- VICKNAIR, RONALD -5 ii ', Y' VINYARD, EDLENA ' VINING, ROBERT --f """ ' WATTS, ELIZABETH WELLS, CARL WILLIAMS, DOLORES YOCHLM, TUNE in 2,1 ' , , Ls 3 fm- W R ii W AY TE .f',,4fL F W fillrafl 1' i gf 'Jo a . if 'mgir' Q 9' ,o' gf f 9 5 4 xjifw 0' ff? N soPHoMoREs I Q sf-XV Qi, ,S P . R? Sophomore Class Favorites SHIRLEY KENNEDY WHITNEY ROBICHAUX SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS and SPONSORS President ---- ----- P EGGY HILL Vice President - - - - DAVID FENDLASON Secretary ---- - - SHIRLEY CARTER Treasurer ------ - - DWIGHT ROBINSON Program Chairman ------ SUSAN MOLLERE Sponsors ------- MRS. MILDRED FORREST COACH J. V. SHIEL MRS. DORIS SWEATT VIA WIMLE SOO! Adams, Helen 4 fi . ,ga Adams, Jerry "' 3' " A ' , Adams, vema 'rr , ff-gy, 1 Alexander, Mary l li3:wf'lA J 4-w"M 8. ' Anderson, Jerry Mae Armstrong, Mary Ann A , 6' K Ballard, Beverly elf, 3 .fv 4 1 Ballard, Dewayne N-Y K M. is-d' N A :fx rw E , Q N ff A 5 1 6:8 - 711,511 .,f,,f i A ,V f,i-f Ballard, Joseph r gl -5' -Z' . -5 , Bardwell, Sarah 'Ss L Q A , Barnes, William ,V P5 1' B x -af . 'a :iv V: ",- , 'kf il I 11 7 ,- Bates, Charles ,, , Y Bell, Earnestine "" fl-:yi 5, "' Bennett, Richard M, ,K 2' ' x Berseygay, Patricia ff A l , kr. mai. Y R Q l l ' J J- 1 fra Blount, Mildred rl. X ' Blount, Wanda Bohning, John f ' 4 Q I ly X Booth, Winston fi ' -We -- Xu WN' iff- fr fybgfnzsa 5' f"'SY' A A Q: :nga 'Q xxjtjf ' fl . ,f as B 'ff r lla' - Y-:vm s- '- ' J Bourque, Wilton 9' 5 an rg' Brand, Claud if h A i, Brescher, Annette ,QQ 'I K ,A f Brown. Maligan i A P ,- A ,,f.-Q ,. arf Av, s ""-J . ,XA - t ,- 'S ' 8.7-f me and wh, t '7ts 'N wg, 4 . I 5 , A , f -4 - 1 0 ev ejyw-. f 'rv K+ s 5 I i 'M X' is wif Delaughter, Edith Derks, Elaine Dominguez, Thomas Duplessis, Troy Edwards, Catherine Edwards, Katherine Effler, Johnny Ezell, Ronald Fabre, Harold Fendlason, David Fisher, Alice Fletcher, Sharon C arter, Shirley . -AK hy, on Castjohn, Lena M n .C ,,,U?fCiruti, Yvonne B Clark, Linda Cleveland, Murray Coates, Billy Coates, Cecil Coates, Robert was ii In :ni l ' L A312 1' ani PHOTQN n.. I o A vallabh Q 'GF Q 5-0' 3 .1 1 , -2 wa Forrest, Jeanette Gainey, Carol Gazaway, Larry Gatlin, Leche Hall, Jesse Harper, Ollie Hart, Gaynell Hebert, Bonnie ng WE I rg" 1 ,S E 11 f PHOTO N0 AVAIIABLE fi . S 34 V559 9 S Q li 1, 8 --1 A 3 9- e1 N. 01" ,x, 2-- ' Hebert Ruby Lea H111 Dave H111 Edrth Z 'Z' at at an lvl use 'ST W.,- if U f . -l.,.f 'Y 'U f f fn H111 Larry H111 Peggy Hoover Iudrrh Hutchrnson Edward I arrell Barbara Jones Carl Kennedy Shrrley K1tchens Dennrs Klrebert Bobby LeBlanc Ceclle Lee Dewey Q! '22 ay' ' 1- PHOTO Not Avaliable ,air 5 QT... , 'P-A I I . ' 'ar 4' 'P ' . ' gf' as ' is .1 K Q. 'H 1 4' :K A in r .cl - pq I-fl , ,g i 1 n ' , y K i . MQ . I A li . '. Q' .....A.' ' 1 fig' K I xr- H . ' x , Zl' 'H Q31 X x K7 .4 ki E R1 I any u -2 -mr: sl. 4: ' '- A , N T 2.1 - 1 ' v 5421-of cg 4 - ' . S' , Kirby, Caro1 1 fe 1 'X 5 R ' -JA 77 , v jr . 3 5 iw I 1 ,Q pn' as . ,I I ' lr J 'CLP In 4 X. 1 ,., I rv V S " ,v ,, ' WW .ar . I fs 3 ,9- ! , ildlxhumi McIntyre, Phyllis McLaughlin, Travis McMurray, Mary Anne Millet, Carol Ann Miller, Winona Mollere, Susan Morgan, Amy Morgan, Marie Morse, Carolyn Motichek, Elsie Motichek, Juliet Murphy, Thomasine hu., f--,.a-vs -Cn' McClellan, Judy McCormick, Billy McCrory, Sylvia di Lee, Bobby Linton, Jean LeSaicherre, Lynwood Lilly, James Lipps, Frank Matthews, Frankie McCahill, Dorothy McClellan, Ioan " f I Ulm I s . ,JL 'QR as A Q ww .lv Nai ls 7 'l f 1, 1 .Jai f,SS'Kgs ,J' at 'P'-lr Q ...L .. 'Ke X A v in as xx ' 1 in X 112: Q .fi ' ,aw Q.: 0 C JSP- fffnx U 0 Navarre, Travis Newman, Bobbie Jean Newman, Leona Norwood, Wayne Pardue, Jane Perilloux, Travis Piediscalzo, Frances Pregeant, Patricia 'Z' ,M-' ' , . fi Ni' tr- fy ' Tia- fini 3 -'GB un., ,-. KY . f tw. Prine, Patsy 'RR :x Raborn, Robert fvll, Raiford, Annette N I fu-M R i 41' A PE' . gy" , i xx . V. xl 1- ,. it R l f,:x'w-"' i , at W za .' 4 , 'Y 'QL' sr 1,11 X A I Lfrtik flf' A - n V --. I I if ii, A1 Yxhkxxvfe ,V ,, , M V his s if' . 1 1 'Pd ,lvl 3 ,, Jon. 'La O, fi 4 v gf? r -www- left Razey, Anne Reynolds, Dorothy Ridgdell, Anne Robertson, Douglas Robichaux, Whimey Robinson, Dwight Schilling, Linda Schilling, Rosetta Schwartz, Peggy Scott, Lucille Settoon, Carlene Shaffer, Linda it S X I it I ,ar '36 1'-'N 'FQ' Travis, Betty Jean Traylor, Jimmie Traylor, Piney Rose Sheridan, Donner Smith, Billy Stanga, Robert Sticker, Fay Sticker, Ray Stilley, Fay Thompson, Glen Trabeau, Berna Dell Turnage, Wayne f , 3, fl 6 Q f ' Ward, Marie f Q Q Z ,kr i if ' Watts, Allen ,fir-QM' S Watts, Charles X iii , U , H", Fw. y 1 f. E, . '- 1 Q It I' N ,L i " f M3 f if 2 , , f m i , weus, Gerald if I' 3 5 2 ' me f Wells, Lyle . ' X 9' , F ,r Winch, Sherian 1' "" Q f s E Wingfield, Carolyn W Q f N i'-"R mme. AM g .5 U , VA 2 V 'QW'--U-v N ' ,ewan-V VJ Q.. f I r - if 1 Vs W.. Q . 1, I If ' N A O A fi ' Wolfe, Eugene Woods, William Wright, Ronnie Yent, Jack XQQUHQ ATMu,, UEA.PlH X ff ,f it vi Y 1 L 4 1 K1 ' 1 ,diy Freshman Class Favorites CHARLOTTE CRAWFORD KELLY ADAMS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS and SPONSORS President ----- MARY BARBARA MIXON Vice President - - MARTHA JEAN BURRIS Secretary-Treasurer - - CARL CLEVELAND Reporter --------- CYNTHIA BATES Program Chairman ---- NADINE SNELL Sponsors - - - MRS. MARILYN BANKSTON MR. J. E. BODKER MISS DOROTHY FORREST I T 'I A Adams, Kelly Adams, Wayne Alexander, David Amold, Glenn Babin, Rita Fay Ballard, Elsie Bankston, Jimmy Bates, Cynthia Berseygay, Sylvia Berteau, Audrey Berteau, Sharon Borer, Florence Bowman, Gary Bowman, Joyce Bowman, Patsy s, '- jq. B a '54 - K ' f , - inf' , -'A , if Y B X ,W ibfdh ., 211' dx fn 'S ...rf Y 'lj Jog fav 4 h ' gin!! Q 'S O fv'x is 1 A y ' J- A as -75' X , K Q5-I YW" . f f DJ ,V fs u I B QW .C '3 x I jf 5 fa- r' A f v' I1 Af 1 Bradford, William Braud, Charlene Brescher, Charles Brescher, Janice Burris, Martha Chavers, Mike Clark, Paul Cleveland, Carl Coates, Kay Compton, Gloria Core, Fay Core, Kay Crawford, Charlotte Crawford, Davis 9 ,iii nz Q 3 E J m .., X, l' - A 5 0 lp '1 1. 4 x I '1'fl, R1 5 v A . Q .5 1 N. L of rg! be Q K N Jw 1 ft E Q , 7 Jr! ,X 1 1 iw lf L ' Hanna, Trilby Fay Heap, Clifton Heinrich, Carol Hill, Audrey Hill, Winford Holden Hoover, Hoover Hoover Hoover Edith Darwin Doris Ann Hilton Mary Hoover, Patricia Hopkins, Ruth Hoyt, Evelyn James, Betty Sue Joiner, Judy Davis, Albert Davis, Troy Dillon, Elmer Drude, Shirley Dugas, Fay Duplessis, Alfaro Duprey, Ronald Eady, Erlene Everett, Barbara Felder, Billie Fletcher, Sherilyn Forrest, Frances Gardiner, Freddie Goudeau, James Hamaker, Chris 4' 1 40 'Ei hh if F " , 5 ug ff,-y,r1.f4'a1lU Jones, Beverly Jones, Jimmy Jones, William Keahey, Sharon Keahey, Patsy Kent, Dianne Kevlin, Eddie Kraemer, Sandra Kraft, Larry Kraft, Valley Kuhn, Thomas Laird, Dickie Lavigne, Lucille Ledeau, Betty Lessard, Ronald M , 5? Q .M fs: 'iw .6 f 'Q f . X W f 'Q N334 ,Q I Q A lx n 1 v . fn y - X-F .J , P I if .Q , i ,ra M Ha- 'X A'-1 , in in 1,9-Q t' J M y' -,K 'Qi' , Q 5 J .. 47, -1 2 ' ...w I r tg. i If f, iff-J 'I EVQPI 'aj Aa Ly, af Little, Joan Lott, Evelyn Lucas, Tommy Mollison, Kay Marasales, John Martin, Kathryn Meades, Stanley Meyers, Franklin Meyers, Julia Mlxon, Mary Morse, Wanda Nicholas, Skurly Oden, Robert Ott, David Parks, Tomolyn Rottrnan, Gerald Rottman, Velma Ryan, Veronica Salmon, E. L. Savoy, Jeannette Schatzle, Elaine Scharworth, Evelyn Schilling, Nancy Schum, Simon Scott, Carl Sheridan, Don Sibley, Virginia Simpson, Howard Smith, Marie Snell, Nadine E 15 61 gif '2 I qv. U X ,S V V ' , , - -1' r f ' fljjnf WMM' -..- ,a N 3 Q ! Ab Payne, Davis Pepirone, Dorothy Perrin, Jimmy Picou, Patsy Pierson, Elizabeth Poche, Bryant Poche, Elaine Poche, Jean Rawlins, Douglas Richardson, Carlon Roberts, Larry Robinson, Barbara Robinson, Jimmy Rodriguez, Lynn Rose, Charles 'O' 50 ZW, H ' f um L' PHOTO NOV AVAILAIU I Q' 4 . Zigi? X I :O Tanner, Richard Threeton, Lucille Traylor, Nan Triplett, Pam Tumage, Douglas Turnage, Dickie Vicknair, Sidney Walker, Joanna Wall, James Watts, Josie Wells, Edith Wells, Tommy Whittington, Raymond Williams, Betty Wilson, Elaine x i y nf, , , .1 in You mmvrvbmvl museum Inn. ass Nll 1 0 'flin- ' s ' . 'f7-I -'.-fJf'74f1.f1a",,Q 14' U 1 ..- - if f, fr' 1 ,C i, - f f I f Y ., , "K ! A' ' 1" I , ,,,.,,, - W, , ,. 7 ff, Y, az, 4 fwvlw' f' U- . Q 1 .a 'if--f'f'ff,f f71 ,, I - V ,-'V, ,Aff ' ' 1 !I,. . .1 "ff z, Z. .- f ,74 5 1,4 4 .-'H ,.,1'QL,.' ' If ,. t . f' t , -.t V .Z-41 QQ, 9' xA NWN HlSIoY-" f gf ,410 IZ ff ffffi J ON Q", uf Y X 1 ik- ' " , I j 'VJ - ,iff Wi! 146, 1 4 if J - 'X 47 ' X . f fy' N -fy A , -4- - fp! lj., jf, Ml 7 1 gl ' X Q 4. f N 1. 1' vi .. 1 I ffl! j' 1 '04 f jf ' 1' ' ' ' ' f fi I, J ff, J If if , Z2 , 5 1 ,X i , X J , J ,I ' I I .ry ' I f-4','x ' f ' f 1 - . l jk J ,f 3' , I, J - 1 km 'hx f fa xj r 44 4 t I P A ,g Shfffv " " ' J ' A f 'D ' ,, .5 I 1 X A XX. : 5 1 ff -.74 . - F O 1 4 " IJ ' 1 1 "' Q f 5 . 1' 0 ' 4 x fl X- when X Lg rg -af V L 7457- S . 1,5 ffgfga, V Mi, JV me Miss P. H.s. K l EVELYN HEBERT Selected by the student body as the most representative of the standards and ideals of Ponchatoula High School. K, k f Mr. P. H. S. WILLIAM MATHES Selected by the student body as the most represenrarive of the standards and ideals of Ponchatoula High School. .1 -C .Q Most Bcauuful Glrl DONNIE HANDLEY ws J PICTURES INC WESY COAST Svuowos BUWBANK cAuFoRmA I 'I I P N l if -xl, .mlm ,- TAB HUNTER 4 J A 5 ANNETTE FISHER MARY BARBARA MIXON MQW LWLUD' wif ,M Vfvwfix, T BEAUTIES CHARLENE CORE JOAN MCCLELLAN ww LORET TA SCHUM ., A ' .,,- gy 1, . Q,,K,x13g.3.gk5. Q ,F 4 Ax Q . 0 F 0 Q, x Most Handsome Boy JOHN BOHNING vfz, Q 'Sf Best Dressed Girl A ll Best Dressed Boy RUBY FISHER MERWYN BARRINGER X sl' X'-Cr' J' Xl yr-' 3 I Best Girl Athlete Best Boy Athlete ELIZABETH WATTS KING BUTLER I C6N'T GET STBRTEI k.," "" Z f, 3 . W A S 5, Q WQWWW ', x -1... x 5' I . Q .qw XKA X "xx Q ,f XR F J 1 i J: I "IB W' g 1 N JUNIOR HIGH PERSCNALITIES -J' 1723" MARY BETH BODKER Most Popular Girl WAYNE PATTERSON Most Popular Boy PAT GAINEY Prettiest Girl FRANK MIXON Most Handsome Boy if..-"""x VIRGIE GIVENS Best Dressed Girl DONALD SCHIRO Best Dressed Boy Eighth Grade F avorites WILMA CORBIN VIRGIL ALLEN 19? . xt . kJ. Q 9-, at ,R I' P-P11091 Qiv""3,' by L . 3 . 1 ' R., .rf 46-5 334' hs N Seventh Grade Favorites MAXINE CRANE DANNY RAY FISHER JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY VIVIAN GRANIER Math Reading PEGGY JACOB Reading Occupations La. History MILTON LAVIGNE American History Math Physical Education COLMAR STARKEY English Spelling La. History AGNES BALLARD Math La. History Physical Education A. I. BODKER Science Health La. History AUDREY BODKER Science Health Math LANDYS BROCK Math English Spelling EIGHTH GRADE Adams, Judy Adams, Larry Allen, Virgel Anderson, Madelyn Anthony, Betty Baker, Margaret Barringer, Brian Bazelle, Dianne Bennett, Mildred Bigner, June Blount, Shirley Bodker, Mary Beth Bonicard, Jerry Booth, Johnnie Lynn Bottolfs, Reggie Bourgeois, Linda Bourn, Billy Bryant, Donald Ray Carter, Donnie Carter, Linda Carter, Marvin Cave, John Clark, Elbert Coates, Coy Coates, Hollis Corbin, Wilma Core, Leroy Corkern, Harold Cox, Pat Davies, Michael Decota, Glenn Delaune, Cleveland Douglas, Tommie Drude, Charlotte Drude, Edwin f X' tl. 'S x gi Y fl F 5 :iii x ,J .Q vf f' wi! vga auf f , .fa ,C an 'T' 9 Adams, Janice L M as as -A fs. as mr- -Ns.. , f F5 sk ri K sims: f . 'V . ,r JS V - J iff fr if l YQ 4- , . 'Ir V , 1 K . ,,,, ,iq 5 fy- ,N ,LM ' V1-54-.g. .,.., it .l . ,-, , PNOVIEVAM , N i D. NOV AVA 1. 1,355 1' - ' ef! '9 ss, S Ar like - 433 - ' 1 , X X X , . if Ya. I X y Eg K VOC IUSY L ,,,, ,f - ' xnnrnuvu nnoq-no QB -il H0079 N01 AVAILIIII ,nn 1' Dykes, Rosa Edwards, Byard Everett, William Fayard, Sherry Fletcher, Carlotta Fletcher, Eddie Fletcher, Leslie Fletcher, Luther Fendlason, Norma Freeman, Tempie Gabler, Adelaide Gates, John Gainey, Pat Gaude, Aimee Gazaway, Robert Gill, Glenn Givens, Virgie Goodman, James Gordon, Frances Heaps, Robert Heinrich, Yvonne Henderson, Donna Hill, Lucille Hill, Marie Hill, Nancy Holland, Mack Holmes, Dorothy Hoover, Evelyn Hoover, John Hoover, Rita Jenkins, Annie Mae Joiner, Dorothy Jones, Shirl Kelly, Brenda King, Lynn Kuhn, Albert Laird, Jean LeBlanc, Genieve Lee, Edmond Lee, Elwin Lucas, Margie Magee, Caroline McCaa, Catherine McCahi11, Wilson McCaroll, Eugene McCaroll, Julius McClendon, Ellender McCrory, Carol McSwain, Catherine Meyers, Edna Meyers, Lionell Meyn, Russell Miller, J. W. Millet, Marion Mixon, Frank Moore, Patsy Morgan, Carolyn Morgan, Frances Morgan, Ruth Nell Newman, Bilbo Newman, Ralph Nickens, Sherry Payne, Barbara Parker, Mildred Peltier, Vesta Picou, Lela Poche, Linda Railey, Richard Reid, Eddie Reynolds, Laura , s,.,,,', Q V X . ,Vw . , . 3 In vi' 5 H King, Mary Frances we ., .aug ' , dlllll. E L? moto 'fs Nu! Avnilnbla J 1 a'. E , f f I bl Milf ' 'Q-Q "N ""f'? 43 11 -f"7 I. Qi 119 ..4u more Nu! Available U a 'N 0 'Q 6. AVMLAKI Robichaux, Don Rodriguez, Patsy Rose, Allan Rottman, James Rottman, Merrill Sanders, Mike Saucier, Charles Savoy, Beverly Scott, Billy Settoon, Allan Schaffer, Imogene Sheridan, Randy Smith, Terry Stewart, Alice Strahan, Roy Strickland, Bobby Succow, Dickie Terhorst, Laverne Terhorst, Loraine Trabeau, Judy Traylor, Navarre Turnage, Ginger Voss, Donald Voss, Tommy Webb, Tommy Welch, Elaine Welch, Marion Wells, Elaine Wells, Roland Wheeler, Beverly Whittington, Sandra Winch, Linda Winebemer, Frank Woods, Harold Wright, Jerry Achord, Linda Adams, Andrea Alexander, Ted Armstrong, John Baham, Beverly Ballard, Brenda Ballard, Rona Barnett, Peggy Barron, Brenda Bishop, Kenny Babin, Johnny Bovia, Elliot Bowman, Melvin Bradford, David Brandow, Alonzo Brescher, Edmond Brookshire, Robert Carter, Harvey Castell, James Cave, Neil as B. .f s ' rw. dw? ni lets t. I 00 IUSV t 4 V v i A Nu sn. .fa x ,ww .-.ev N: . sf . ,ms 1 t J t .H Q. 4 s -Q W Ai 'E' ' KN in ' KL sggvf ,sl C - K -if X ,Q C 1 Q? if F-,, , s'l"" ,ny . v ?f1',:smB,::2Z.x,x'?: ff dis ' i 1323 'nin- SEVENTH GRADE .I ,2,2 f CRX is ,BX f HIOYO NOV KVIMQI wg" 'Pg' .Jr -1 A il NOV SHOWN W , Clark, Mavis Coates, Carol Ann Coates, Ronald Compton, A. C, Cook, James Corbin, William Corneille, John Coumes, Lottie Bea Cowen, David Crane, Maxine Crosby, Vernon Cutrer, Nettie Ann Cutrer, Roy Darcey, Helen Davis, Edith Davis, Robert Disher, Raymond Duplessis, Mary Dyess, James Dykes, Jerry it H0070 ll' AVLIAII Ahudwbnrd. J Q il 'xml Q ri, W -'Y l li 'VFW Gordon, Linda Granger, Troy Gregoire, Laura Bell Griffin, Betty Gueldner, Margaret Haas, Eddie Haggard, Charles Hall, Charles Hamaker, Pat Harper, Larry Hayden, Martin Hickman, Virgil Hill, Nolan Holland, Geneva HO11iday, Janice Hoover, Sylvia Hungate, Harry Hutchinson, David Jackson, Jane Jacob, Larry Joe fx .V -" sl .-,, a ff x Q i E, ,S . 4 . ,.a pta -H , X9 1 ft If 'E' g f PHOTO NO' AVIKA-I Ann-an wlnwwvndv H, ,ur H0010 ntl 22 Edwards, Sallie Sue Egnew, Robert Ernest, Oscar Ezell, Darrell Fairburn, Barbara Faller, William Fayard, Shelda Felder, Lynda Fendalson, Robbie Ferrage, Karen Fisher, Danny Forrest, Charolette Forrest, Earl Fowler, Claude Fuscia, Marie Gainey, Lois Gardner, Kenneth Gatlin, MacArthur Gatlin, Nancy Goodman, Frances Jarrell, Jo Dixie Johnson, Jo Jo Jones, Sidney Jordan, Jimmie Nell Kirby, Steven Kuhn, Katherine Lee, Gerard Lee, Harold Lilly, Charles Lindsey, Linnie June bott, Betty Martin, Carolyn Ann Martin, Troy Martin, George Mashon, Linda Mathews, Larry Mattox, Geneva McLaughlin, Doris McMahon, Margaret Meyers, Ruby 01 aft PHOTO NOT AVAIIAIII v . I bk' il FLW ' ,Y f I IHOV0 NO' AVAK-Ill! Meyn, Donald Meyn, Jerry Miller, Shariee Mitchell, Rebecca Mitchell, Walter Morgan, Charles Morgan, Herman Navarre, Mary Alice Neihaus, Norma Neihaus, Norman Neihaus, Paul Nicholas, Shirley Norwood, Shelby Jean Ott, Donald Parent, Richard Patterson, Wayne Pedeaux, Carol Ann Perrin, Larry Perrin, Phyllis Phillips, Millard Thompson, Argie Lee Thompson, Patricia Threeton, Joseph Toney, I. W. Traylor, Johnnie Traylor, Mary Traylor, Ray Tregle, Glen Triplett, Kay Vanpran, Brenda Varnado, Margaret Sue Walker, Betty Ray Wax, Dianne Wells, Rose Mary Whitehead, Bernette Williams, Doris Wingfield, I. E. Yent, Barbara Ann Poche, Ray Prine, Patrick Reno, Charolette Ridgdell, Jean Rody, Robert Saucier, Carol Ann Savoy, Alfred Schafer, Darleen Schaffer, Larry Schmidt, Catherine Schiro, Donald Sheridan, Gwendolyn Simmons, Helen Smith, Clyde Smith, Dorothy Smith, Margaret Starkey, Vester Strickland, Wayne Tanner, Claudia Tanner, Glenda 2 To nvzff v., ,- P - , gig I 350 unwn ELEMENTARY FACULTY VERINA BOURGEOUS Second Grade PEGGY CAMPBELL Second Grade KATIE CLARK Fourth Grade fr 6 1-ji f--QA 0' A, -nv DOROTHY BONICARD Sixth Grade MARGUERITE CLEMENT First Grade EVELYN DREYER Third Grade RUBY H. FAST First Grade ARABELLE FENDLASON Fifth Grade MAIORIE GIBSON Second Grade RUTH GIVENS Fifth Grade VIVIAN C. HARPER Third Grade MARION KIRCHBERG Fifth Grade HERMAN McLENDON Sixth Grade 3 'I K. EDI TH MARASA LES Sixth Grade X f N XX J " . AURIL PHELPS Librarian VERA POYNOR Second Grade BOBBIE PUSEY First Grade CLARA ROUSSEL Fourth Grade HESTER THREADGILL Fifth Grade MERTIE TRELLUE Sixth Grade CATHERINE TUCKER Fourth Grade NEVA VAN VRANKEN Third Grade EDITH VARNADO First Grade L1 MARY MULLER Third Grade LOUISE PARKER Fourth Grade VADA PARKER Special Education Qi' ORGANIZATIONS 3 1 P. H. S. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS--President, Sue Mixong Vice President, Ruby Fisher, Secretary, Anne Razeyg Treasurer, Larry Miller Parliamentarian, David Fendlason. SPONSORS--Mrs. Ursula Gaude, Mrs. Mary Klnchen, Miss Diana Webre. MEMBERS--Vernon Bennett, Beverly Bottolf, Charlotte Crawford, Dianne Davies, Annette Fisher, Norma Jane Hill, Fredrica Holzworth, Shirley Kennedy, Sandra Kraemer, Thomas Kuhn, Elaine McClendon, Mary Barbara Mixon, Whitney Robichaux, Joe Billy Rodriguez, Glenn Scott. 4 D 1 r ' :musk . li ,.a.,.. 107' E 3 E V Y gg, . 1 M .34 4 ' 159:33 if W we M-' fa. + 1 ' 1. 1 1 . ,' - g , I' I 4 ' I 1. M." My 4, 1 I an A As I I kb kg A4 s " . ' I A s 2 K ' s x is X . Q 5 . ' '- .J- T1 K A . K - . , 2 , . . ..f I . K. I fs 4 6499 V L' aw -7 W! EE' ,k, 4 1 I' FP x V A K- I x Q "" 1' I 'I , 5-4 '.L,Av', Ill Sl ill at Wil Ni lil ri QQ!! C' lx, 'K -ig! 'HOU' p..JJl4 GIRL AND BOY STATERS Vincent Verneuil, kenneth Johnson, Loretta Schum, Patricia Sticker, Shirley Threeton. f1' "1 in 810 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS--President, Shirley Threeton, Vice President, Dorothy Snell, Secretary, Margaret Bohning, Treasurer, Carol Millet, Parliamentarian, Peggy Hillg Historian, Carolyn Roberts, Reporter, Jane Pardue, Song leader, Betty Johnson. SPONSORS--Miss Dorothy Forrest, Mrs. Eugenia Hebert. MEMBERS--H. Adams, E. A. Anderson, J. Anderson, M. A. Armstrong, E. Ballard, E. Bell, P. Berseygay, S. Berseygay', S. Berteau, F. Borer, A. Brescher J. Brescher, M. J. Burris, F. Bush, L. Castjohn, L. Clarke, C. Core, F. Core, K. Core, A. L. Delaune, S. Drude, F. Dugas, B. Everett, B. J. Felder, S. Fletcher, F. Forrest, J. Forrest, A. Gordon, T. Hanna, G. Hart, B. Hebert, C. Hebert, C. Heinrich, A. Hill, E. Holden, E. Hoover, P. Hoover, R. E. Hoover, B. S. James, B. Jones, S. Keaghey, P. Keaghey, D. Kent, J. Kliebert, B. Ledeaux, J. Little, E. Lott, E. McC1endon, S. McCrory, P. Mclntyre, M. B. Mixon, K. Mollison, M. Morgan, D. Morse, W. Morse, T. Murphy, W. Murphy, D. Pepitone, P. Picou, E. Pierson, D. Reynolds, R. F. Reynolds, C. Richardson, A. Ridgdell, J. A. Robertson, B. Robinson, V. Ryan, C. Scalia, N. Schilling, R. Schilling, L. Scott, E. Scharwarth, M. Sellers, M. Smith, N. Snell, F. Stilley, L. Threeton, P. Triplett, B. J. Travis, J. Verburg, J. Watts, I. Walker, D. Williams, E. Wilson, J. Yochim. GIRLS' LETTER CLUB OFFICERS--President, Elizabeth Watts, Vice President, Shirley Bahamg Secretary, Dianne Daviesg Treasurer, Joyce Jenkins, Program Chairman, Margaret Sellers. SPONSOR--Mrs. O. Ordoyne. MEMBERS--Mary Alexander, Cynthia Bates, Martha Jean Burris, Elaine Derks, Ann Duplessis, Katherine Edwards, Sharon Fletcher, Edith Yvonne Harriss, Dianne Kent, Lorene Lavigne, Judy McClellan, Mary Barbara Mixon, Mary Grace Newman, Rita Pepitone, Elizabeth Pierson, Carolyn Roberts, Donner Sheridan, Barbara Sterken, Pam Triplett, and Jeanette Verburg. 91 N Us DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS President Larry Miller Vice President Evelyn Hebert Secretary Lorene Lavigne Treasurer Donnie Handley Program Chairmen Laurie Pedeaux and Betty Johnson Parliamentarian Milton Pedeaux SPONSOR Miss Diana Webre MEMBERS A Adams V Adams S Barnes R Barron C Bates C Bates S Bennett M Bohning B Bottolf G Bourgeois P Chavers G Coumes D Cox C Crawford J Darouse E. Davis E. Delaune E Derks B Disher A Fabre L Fairburn M Felder S Fletcher D Henderson D Hoover, R. Hoover, W. I-luguet, J. Jenkins, K. Johnson, S. Kennedy, L. Lavigne, C. LeBlanc, B. Ledoux, F. Lipps, J. Marasales, C. Millet, M. Mixon, S. Mixon, D. Morse, J. McClellan, J. McClellan, B. McCormick, L. McCrory, M. Oden, J. Pardue, D. Pepitone, E. Pierson, J. Poche, A. Razey, R. Reynolds, A. Ridgdell, D. Sheridan, L. Smith, N. Snell, B. Stanga, M. Stanga, N. Traylor, P. Triplett, E. Vinyard, J. Walker, C. Wells, E. Wells, and E. Wilson. 3 '..a1 fi 4 I I IQ rx, T K I Nl .4 c kv, M 'M " . vm fgyx .vg- S 4 v X V 1 , N dv., I '- Ai' l Qj' , HPF Q x '7 ' I fi, ,v W - f 554, ni Q 3" 424 Wt: fu A ' Ha H Q wi l , 9' 'Q A "' I 15 -f. WX 'url is "3 F 1 41' m ' ' . I M :lux ' SALLY ROBERT WILLIAM MATHES NELDA PARKER CITIZENS OF THE YEAR 1955-56 COOKS Etta Lee Clara Moran John Yankauskls Amelia Hoover Elizabeth Yent Marie Guildner QNOI Showny Pollie Barnes Gladys Edwards Letha Freeman Mrs. Murphy Lena Gates 1 E P -A F PA RLIA MENTA RY LA W TEA M Davrd Fendlason Lyle Wells Troy Duplessls Larry Hill Dewayne Ballard Johnny Effler Larry Gazaway we?-ep-li. IANITORS LEE and TONEY CANDID CAMERA gpm Elvis? Spanish Club Banquet Holiday Spanish Style Aren't they cute? ,SQ :SQ-2 ' 4 x : 3 5-.M J' E- T0 PLAY ""'2 19' fm if Q7 .-3 - gf j . 4- kid - ,T 65-rr X-1 L ,X "2 rx 9 'O ,L -mehr I ' 'ce WIN K 'l L x I' ,3'iW v 5 " gli' i B' 'A 'A " .ak H - Q 2 ' 'L ulilrf- BS Q ffwkffn ,xx WAI.-Afgfrs V ,C,fv ,x OE,--.' Inlel-' 'F X w -.S L!-T, h J Q-.3 2, . 'iz--5 L? I n-xy ' 5 f 'E' .A,-. A' 4' f lg., Q ,, A L .X,:L M 1 , . A J 'f fx M f 'S C x 2' fm" ff xy at , Q ti 'lf-, ,M ww KwMwwWv m ,Q V Lk , . f, .,,.s6 iiAIT ,, L ,tw il x D Lf V9 W .' 4 , fi x nggff ,Sw ' Q . .Q , A 4. -i - ,pr J , gf ,fx H 7 ff -. 2 ' . , b :"' ' Q A ,1Vfx'xif1S. '!Sa.li , Q '. L, k' X -mfr "vin HOME DS T0 G0 Li -NX QQXHZ5 Q31 QW CIT' -"' """' u ff' J f N., ,... , .414 . , , , f 71414 f- f-.. ff gi? -A , V g iw X XA I, ,A STL. Q X m ,, KY-'i..vf' ' V 116' ! W v L M xg' 'PJ z LL Qi' X 1 S' KJ ' X Ll' "" 3' I 7 gl 'Lf , ' Q.. 'HE' H51 I 2 fi f' n ' v Q. ' Ei W! W Wi? 3 . M Z m A , q .Q .-N f' ' r-D ' S S ay 252 ,:: E . ' 1 Ni .V . .' ,, 1. , jg' f wt .W- 4 V P f s Q I ,9,,a' f x gif! - W I "'?Mz . " 'M A Q 7 Y - K my 7 X - 4 : ' Qi , x -. ' 'FQ' , V yy if? - X M g' K 415 '74 jr it ' if ' i N V V, X n Q -., kk , Kx V F! ,Q ,ft if f 0 l Ek' Y' 1 XX K Lb, Q, '1,mwn1 ' . 1 7. K, M ,K v V K V ,J HA fx' V +1 AV! M Wm f, Ny' X " ' f- f f.: 'V ' Y A . V Mf' n5fL1 f - A ' .1 Xi-fH'?m.Ln'f'3.'L ' -ev- ' 'Q ff infi- -.'F- P ff '- 2. 'z 1""er ,. .. , , N, , ,Nw ,, 9 CHEERLEADERS Ralph Barron, Elizabeth W :,f.,'A'.: .A 9 ' ie. " I I i - . ' 11 '. D 'ii is 1- st x . I ' Q 0 Ei 5 ,R 1 S 'U .PJ 4 .e atrs, Larry Miller, Donnie Handley, Carl Wells, Mattie Felder. " .1 I' Q. 3. 3: .Q 15 i 'F IS E ' , . " ar x I 5 ' 'ff Q 9 j S- 9 25. sa , 3 '23, 1,2 Q Q Q A fy ', ,, gig , ss CH n S ' Q 4 . ' ' P3 2.1 1 - 'J Q D rr ,EV I PEP SQUAD OFFICERS--Captain, Dorothy Snell, Lt. Captains, Ruth Hoover, Annette Adams, Shirley Kennedy, Nadine Snell SPONSOR--Diana Webre. MEMBERS--F. Stilley, D. McCahil1, G. McCrory, M. Motichek, L. Huthcinson, M Bollin, C. Hoover, M. Poche, R. Reynolds, J. Brescher, G. Hart, T. Murphy, A. Brescher, C. Settoon, C Edwards, M. Bohning, I. Smith, L. Pedeaux, B. LeBlanc, H. Devall, J. Pardue, E. Derks, L. Castjohn, R Schilling, H. Adams, M. Morgan, J. Forrest, E. Pierson, S. Mollere, P. McIntyre, D. Hoover, F. Core, J Poche, S. Fletcher, K. Mollison, M. Sellers, E. Harris, D. Kent, P. Triplett, C. LeBlanc, E. Wilson, S. Berteau I. Walker, K. Core, J. Watts, F. Borer, R. Pepitone, C. Richardson, B. Travis, P. Pregeant, M. Mixon, B. Ledeaux, S. Keaghey, N. Schilling, E. Wells, D. Pepitone, P. Hoover, C. Crawford, C. Bates. Xa WA VE TTES OFFICERS--President, S. Baham, Vice President, F. Holzworthg Secretary, D. Davies, Treasurer, J. Jenkens, Program Chairman, J. Yochim. SPONSOR--Miss D. Webre. MEMBERS--M. Alexander, E. Anderson, M. J, Burris, P. Chavers, C. Core, D. Cox, R. Fisher, J. Gainey, V. Hoover, C. Kirby, C. Millet, P. Picou, A. Razey, A. Ridgdell, C. Roberts, D. Sheridan, J. Verburg M. Ward, D. Williams. BAND OFFICERS--President, K. Johnson, Vice President, S. Verneuilg Secretary-Treasurer, B. Sterkeng Program Chair- man, M. E. Oden. MEMBERS--W. Adams, J. Anderson, M. Anderson, I. Babin, R. F. Babin, R. Baham, P. Ballard, J. Bankston, K. Bishop, M. Chavers, C. Coates, H. Corkern, G. Coumes, D. Cowen. K. Dominguez, R. Dupuy, E. Ernest, W. Faller, L. Fletcher, P. C. Granier, C. Heinrich, Y. Heinrich, H. Hoover, J. Johnson, K. Johnson, D. Joiner, P. Keaghy, D. Kreamer, L. Lavigne, J. Lee, I. Little, J. Marsales, M. Miller, S. Mixon, L. McCaa, Elaine McC1endon, Ellender McC1endon, L. McCrory, M. E. Oden, W. Patterson, T. Parks, R. Rody, C. Saucier, D. Schaffer, D. Schiro, R. Sheridan, L. Smith, M. Stanga, B. Sterken, S. Verneuil, E. Vineyard, E. Wolfe, R. Coumes. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 4 52 N COACHES William Johnson, Onie Ordoyne. TEAM- -Shirley Baham, Yvonne Brescher Dianne Davies Elaine Derks Sharon Fletcher, Edith Harriss, Joyce Jenkins, Gail Kraemer, Myra Kuhn Lorene Lavigne Carolyn Roberts Barbara Sterken, Emma Todd, Jeanette Verburg, Virgie Vicknair Elizabeth Watts H OPPONENT P. H. S. OPPONENT Amile Bogalusa Destrehan Hammond Reserve Woodland Mandeville Hammond B0gH1l1S3 Covington Hammond St. Joseph St. Joseph Amite COVingt0I1 Greensburg Mandeville Amite RCSCIVS Chesbrough BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM COACHES William Johnson, Gerald Furr. TEAM--Allan Anthony, King Butler, Edgar Charbonnet Murray Cleveland John Dahmer, Ben Disher, Mackie LeBlanc, Val Miller, Dwight Robinson Glenn Scott Albert Wright. H OPPONENT P. H. S. OPPONENT Independence Springfield Amite Reserve Destrehan Bogalusa Reserve Independence Mandeville Amite Southeastern Kentwood Bogalusa Newman Hammond Ridgewood, N Berhman Baker Covington Hammond Southeastern Berhman Mandeville Covington Enon Woodland wir . .P S 'f ' 'S if' K R' - f ' Q. ' sf Q l vi. A 1' rs so 1 ri i 1 1 X' I , 5 ,c , 'Xl ! n tx Q f ,K -E X ,if in A S VG ,ff A nf . ag rl f f l. 4 at L A -1--M A, S A X A I it A J X7 li GIRLS' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM COACH--Onie Ordoyne. TEAM--Sharon Fletcher, Edith Harris, Charlotte Crawford, Tomolyn Parks, Frankie Matthews, Nadine Snell, Jean Poche, Dorothy Snell, Josie Watts, Carol Heinrich, Fay Stilley, Donner Sheridan, Shirley Baham, Elizabeth Watts, Lorene Lavigne, Rita Pepitone, Vera Hoover, Elaine Derks. BOYS' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM COACH--J. E. Bodker. TEAM--Albert Wright, Emmet Egnew, Vesta Adams, Jerry Niehaus, Val Miller, Louis Hoover, Danny Kraemer, Bobby Gainey, Lee McCrory, John Arreteig, Leroy Smith, Mackie LeBlanc, Billy Beyl Roland Brunette, Levi Robinson. 55 9 ' 4 7, . x '5 F . . . f- -- W 1 ' ' P. M' X i 6 ' x Q as : 7'-5 , is W 7 pg ld G' ig fi! L"..4 bn 'sg P' elm' .: 'W l' c"1 iff 4 ff M fix?-1.g,'L+f f ' 1 gk l Q M3-A, 'T' ' 15, 15 2 s 33 k 1 -msfvvz. am-91 ,nie -. Wim w V fy 1 X ,R '-2--mfs, K N , H 1 , , um- - V we ' J if qv I V M M ' " QQ 9? ww i MISCELLANEOUS Is speech class that dull? F,B,L,A, Installation Ceremony. I, fi Entertarnment at F.B. L. A. banquet. Everyone enjoyed the Sno-Ball A hungry looking bunch. Energetlc volleyball players. UNEY BURNS A HOLE IN MY P00 rf. wxi'f 1 sf wa -f-,, l1 Art? viii if :+ 1!,s!"ef 24 41, AW .gg 7K 1 ,A 1 - t 5 Q- we 4 WAYS TO SAVE A DIME ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILL Shui' off your refngerafor for a week Your food wlII spoil buf you II save a dame s wor'rh of elecfrlclfy. Mass 20 of your favorlI'e half-hour TV programs You II muss severaI evenmgs of enferfaunmeni' bui' you II save a dume s worI'h of eIecI'rlcl+y Donf :ron Dads shlr+s for a monih He II noi' be happy buf you II save I'en cenfs on 25 shlrfs Hand scrub 30 fubs of Iaundry Your cIoIhes won I' be fhe same bu+ you II save a dlme s worfh of eIecI'rlcuI'yI When you compare convenience wufh cosI' don+ you agree +ha+ 'rhe money you spend for eIec+rlc service gives you more for your money I'han anyfhmg eIse an your 'famlly budge+7 LOUISIANA POWER 8: LIGHT CO Helpmg Buuld Loulslana Comphments of LOUISIANA CYPRESS LUMBER COMPANY Best W1shes for a Successful Year L G BALFOUR CO Box 2.11 Tel Z 0370 Baton Rouge La Class R1ngs lnv1tat1ons D1plomas and Covers Medals Trophles A Fme Company Servuug a Fume School BOB GRANT GOOBER MORSE 'Q-qi 1 -Q-BQ in Compllments of R M HENDRICK HERFF JONES CO Class Rlngs WHAT IS A DRUG STORE The DRUG STORE is but one unit in a complex pattern of businesses and professions, all of which serve the needs of the community. But it is unique in that pharmacy is both a business and a profession. A business built on service to the sick cannot be restricted to usual "business hours." The need for medicine and sickroom supplies usually is immediate and urgent. In times ofwidespread illness, the twenty- four-hour day seems all too short. We are ready, day or night, to serve the pharmaceutical needs of the community. CIA-tl2l2LJ'I-I-I'S DHAQMACY I NC Ponchatoula La Rx Phone 518 Drug 7491 SUNSHINE ICE CREAM CO , INC I Q , c +1 ,l.VL'1Z JN- 1 ,tv M14 Y fit Cbflvc N1-1 rx! COMPLIIVIENTS OF LA! f f WMV L' GQCDLJDP-4 I L.L. P OOD CORPORATION , -J P onchatoula LOUIS land ! ff ,J A-.v'f ww "N -L ha-4 QOMPLIMENTS O1- VCD LJ I2 FOOD PROCESSING SL WAREHOUSE CO Ponchatoula, Lou1S1ama K f , A A xi A 4 I " L ' I 1 Q. J 6 I A f Pl s RP J J 1 3L 5- '-'4 2 -3' .-,- 'ff V. 4:13-I AM.: f A ij? Lf, "'1'4A'x,t, ""k-I s f. '7 . E I 'V fm ' A Q W. f f ! sf bf 9 L., I x- ff R A 1 1 rv 7 . Y' : , X if wgff L' O ' fx AQHA 1 v fu" ' A I LI, -fy V 7 5 WM ' E 9 .,1"l' A ,V L rf cf? Q f1"N'VI,, 2 Q 1 .V ,wjL' ROV N . . V , IX ,U 4 N 1-'vu X JY f f ., L, UV., .X yi in 2 O .5 ,fu 'Oil' a'j'fr"f-' X5 Y fix' ALP! JFK' f G QS 'Q J '1 lb' g nfl, 'f ,f 1 ,' Lf . Q , ETX ' :jk 5 I 6 Q QLIH I' ' ", 1 . If . . 1 71 NA 9 , f . N Q , ,,2,. ' if .Q X Q .P 4 Q 5 v,!,.,,5 ,Sfjgu L 1" ,fN,f--UW' , ' I L' n H ' Y . v I I ' Jr ' 3 'K x I' 1 VV, X M N x X s E ' D X R. ' , , I XI k -Q I I gl .I , I X Q . , pl 1 I I I I Com plimenfs 'll ' ' of ,V , ,XM p I !I I II il g n I . II, ' M I KI , , I I I I FLORIDA PARISH LUMBER COMPANY LOUISIANA TIDEWATER RED CYPRESS ComplImenI's SELLERS MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmoblle x, N Xlsal Xjx EN N RNS WRX +6315 VIQX YQ For lnClIVIdU5l Needs or Team Supplles DENNIS WELCH LAND OF SPORTS BOGALUSA LA HAMMOND LA IPlay More and LIve Longer GET YOUR Leon Edwards ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY Ponchaloula LouIsIana Wholesale DIs+rIbu'ror of vw , Qi Xxx ' ' , RI ' I Q Y S, l x N I' lx, VI wx is - I II x ,LQ x IX' A I I Ki Q' E I ' V . N K Rx VV I l Kg X: . X I U ix Xi. x EJ Qi tw xxx N - . 4 l I. Xl Q:X lA'x 1 I. -, . .I . - Xu Xxx I I N -X kv I N ' Ji IF., V -.il-I 5 FE, I If C mpliments of Tl-4E MENE STORE Compliments of GATEWAY MOTOR COMPANY You re money gf w Xfz, DRUDES HARDWARE PHONE 26bI PONCHATOULA LOUISIANA , TTL I un fonomonfu 'T Your Friendly Ford Dealer 1 :Li-5 . I Complnmenls ' of Q aff 1 XX lx . I I Complimenfs of FANNALY'S FINE FOODS, INC. Compliments of PONCHATOULA LUMBER COMPANY INC PONCHATOULA LOUISIANA Coca Cola HAMMOND COCA COLA BOTTLING CO LTD HAMMOND LOUISIANA BLUE BONNET CREAMERY INC zoo s +h Cyp Ph sa H a L I . SouII1ern Pine Lumber Complimenfs of , . ou ress Sfreef une ammon, a. Cornphrnents of SMITH GROCERY CO HOLMES X: BARNES LTD 502 St Ph1l11p Street Baton Route La D1str1butors of B1rd Roofmg Monarch Fmest Foods Gladmla Flour and M1xes He1nz 57 Var1et1es Wh1te Goose Self R1s1ng Flour Dubon Canned Goods Llght Loaf Plaln Flour Nutrena Feeds Super X and X pert Ammun1t1on Wether1ll Pa1ntS DONC I-IAXTCDLJ L.A BEACH Sw1mrn1ng - Danc1ng - Club P1cn1cs DIXIE CANDY COMPANY Wholesale D1str1butors 301 South Cypress St. Hammond, LOU1S1aDa : I . K '-S I' I ' Q-'. . . . Q I Q I Congratulations to the 57 Sen1ors From BOHNING 81 COMPANY Ponc:ha+ouIa L Save wlI'h +he Ponchatoula HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION Curreni' Dlvndend Ra+e 3 per Annum EACH ACCOUNT INSURED UP TO SI0000 BOB FARRIS STORES INC Aufhorlzed Dealer GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 20I Eas'I Thomas S+ Hammond Loulsnana COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLETE LINE OF SEAFOODS K C STEAKS FRIED CHICKEN Manchac Hn Way SI PHONE 3804 Manager PAT WOODS Complnmenfs of HI HO SERVICE STATION OLD TIME BARBECUE Hlghway 5I and I90 Phone 9I I8 HAMMOND LOUISIANA Comphmenfs of HOTARD 81 GOODE Phone 472 PONCHATOULA LOUISIANA 7, , 6. I . ' ' MIDDENDORPS L. BUILDERS SUPPLY STORE H1 Way 51 South Down by the Locomotlve Ponchatoula Lou1s1ana OLEIXI S DEPAR TMENT STORE The Store Wlth More Style Sav1ngs Serv1ce Cornpllments of HOLSUM BAKING CO Cornplunents of lgwfnazafaow POINCHATOULA LOUISIANA MADE HERE ENJOYED EVERYWHERE . .1 so - sl 1 I ... ... ... ... ... Q. . v Y s Compllmenfs of BOOTSY S ESSO SERVICE STATION Deal Wu+h fhe Wheel J THIBODAUX JR Owner PONCHATOULA CLINIC INC I55 Soufh Fnffh SI'ree'r DR COLLINS P LIPSCOMB GLENN T SCOTT DR JOHN S SCARLE AIR COOLED MOTORS CO Ponchafoula L Phone 445 HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS LAWNMOWER SERVICE Besf Washes RICHARDSON S HARDWARE COMPANY Be Sure Insure Wu+h THOMAS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, INC Home Off1Ce 107 North Cher y Street Hammond LOUIS ana SAIKS The SI'ore 'For Men Phone I569 HAMMOND LOUISIANA CompIlmen+s of H J LEONARD CO DIsI'rabuI'ors of CONOCO AND GOODYEAR PRODUCTS CompIsmen+s of OLIVER TREATED PRODUCTS COMPANY INC Hammond Louusuana I I ' ' DR. . W. . , ., - ' , a. I L. A. MOLLERE, Prop. . ' I. I . ' i Complimenls of McCLELLAN'S FURNITURE STORE Ponchafoula, Louisiana DEPENDABLE SERVICE nw I sToP 0 e AND EAT AT ii Tl'lE GATEWAY HOTEL Phone 7523 Ponchafoula L PUGHS FLORIST Say nl' wifh flowers FOOTBALL d PROM CORSAGES We sell low because we grow Complimenfs of RITZ THEATER Hammond Louisiana Complnmenfs of Qwimeza WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Ponchdoula Louisiana M E MATHES PU LPWCOD Phone 325 Complumenis of I4 Blossman 6. NC of PoNcHATouLA K Hi Way 5I Phone 762.5 Ponchatoula Phone 2032 Hammond BEST WISHES Tanglpahoa PUBLISHING COMPANY INC Publishers of +he Enferprise gg+f+hla an 7 A. R. , I 5 1 'N N, f . l . -- Published in +he sfrawb - rowin cen er o e HIMEL AUTO PARTS Wholesale Au+omo+nve Supplues Tools and Shop Equlpmeni' PONCHATOULA LOUISIANA Compllmen+s of LAMP S GROCERY Phone 497 WE DELIVER PONCHATOULA LA JOHN SEXTON 81 CO The Nahonal Cham Wholesale Grocers PO Box 5448 DALLAS 2 TEXAS PURNELL S PRIDE ulclc Frozen Frying Chlclcen TASTE THRILL OF THE DEEP SOUTH CompIlmen+s of A wus r asv ova rv Hammond Louuslana For Prompl' Delivery Call 487 Dependable Prescrlphon Service PONCHATOULA LA Complumenfs FORBES FURNITURE INC Hammond Loulslana Phone I3I For ihe Sake of Your Heal+h Eai' Fresh Frunfs and Vegeiables WILLIAMS AND SONS Phone 475 and 278 HAMMOND LOUISIANA . . Q. 0 0 I ! Q ENNEY Q of . Complamenfs of GABRIEL BUILDING SUPPLY CO A., My eooo fcorrpr.-EE Besi' Wishes From THE COFFEE POT Give Your Car Longer Llfe JOHNNIE S SERVICE STATION PONCHATOULA LA Phone 283 I Compllmenfs of HARRISS DRUG STORE We FIII Any Docfors Prescrnphon PHONE 7280 NIGHT 7868 ff' rw Complnmenfs of NW Q5 7 f 'QW 0' al away! ef. EEE? Compllments of ST GERMAIN S GROCERY 8: MARKET H1ghway 51 Ponchatoula La Phone 590 We Del1ver Quahty Foods -E-Qgifzef-5 55-Q Q- Thlck Malts TP Sundaes Ice Cream Cones xjqx South S1xth Street D Ponchatoula x CQLMEIQ C FURNITURE STORE Ph11CO Te1eV1S1On Ph11CO Refrxgerators Ph11CO Rad1OS Phxlco An' Cond1t1oners Phone 427 Ponchatoula If Af ' Q - Awfbly A " lj, l . fd ' WT, T? I I D I - IA'f'If' 13 " IL fe ffm Qwrw. 4 CQ ff' ' ' :iff I -.QE..- Frff D .L S OC.. 0 I A K 1 .5 A' .. . kv R . - h .J Je, Compliments of DENNIS IQOTTMAN INC. Dealers in Fresh and Frozen Sea Food Manchac L HOLDEN'S SERVICE Z4 Hour Wrecker and Taxi Service vw Best W1shes From CI HIOTEIE GI l..l. P ULPWOOD DEALER Ponchatoula Best of Luck From I Q HCDCJVE-:1-2 5 MACHINE SHOP and 1-ICUCUVFIQ Q CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IIWPCQIAL SHOE STORE Hammond LOUIS 1ana Naturallzer Shoes for Lad1es F1orshe1m Shoes for Men Buster Brown Shoes for Ch11dren Compllments of VVI L..I.l,AlV1S MEAT MARKET 04 East Charles Street Hammond La Compllments of SHELL SERVICE 355 W P1ne D1a1 7050 Super Shell W1th T C P Shell Motor O11 9 E C ongr atu1at1ons CwC DOLDYP-AT? SERVICE STORES Hammond La Phone 2010 or 2011 IND A A. ' 1 P- I 'S A -Complimentsof Compllments of In Ponchatoula 12065125 Shop at TTCULJGI A39 Mc I NTVQE PHARMACY SERVICE STATION Prompt Serv1ce East P1ne Ponchatoula Prescrlptlons Flued F11ms Developed Phone 36 1 Phone 9621 From BEQNEES GARAGE Ponchatoula HAVES VERYFINE ICE CREAM From Da1ry Products Produced 1n Tang1pahoa Par1Sh Elm Street Phone 352 Ponchatoula Good Luck STORE Dry Goods West P1ne Street Ponchatoula Cornphments of SUPERIOR PRODUCTS INC QAJ JCRI FI? Q crnss SERVICE East P1ne Street Ponchatoula , La Comphments From the GUARANTY BANK 8: TRUST Member Federal Reserve System and Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Each Deposltor Insured Up to S10 O00 00 x I C .I .G I-HNSQNS K- v WA --O CO. JXA FABRIC CENTER 101 S Cypress St Phone 1075 Necch1 and Elna Sewmg Mach1ne Dealers We handle a w1de var1ety of mater1a1s and not1ons and do expert work of covermg belts and buckles Best w1SheS From EALJIVIEFQS FOODS Crystal .Tell1es and Preserves Ponchatoula and New Orleans Lou1s1ana FEIQQANTS HOM ADE Enjoy the Best H1 Way 51 West Ponchatoula La GENE E3 BAKERY SNACK BAR Cakes for Weddlngs and Spec1a1 Occas1ons Compl1ments of A I-IAIQPEIZ PRODUCE Hammond, La For Drugs Prescrlptlons and Sundrles Shop at FAGAN S WALGREEN AGENCY Hammond La CI-IlI1?12V S POTATO CHIPS Manufacturers of Potato Ch1pS Corn Puffs Roasted Peanuts and P1g Sklns ff' O l I I I ex 1 8: L5 - 99 Malts, Sundaes, Cones, Cups U , . v , . . , I , . I 9 31 wiki KML ,1 ' .1 f ,,,,4fL-M1 . f 4 f S Q ' , I l , p sf f ,mf , , Ae' .4 x f 1 - 1 a . Aff'-fi. Wgf' 2' I , , f , , .. ,nf If ffk 1 ,f Q, a V , w 1 V' x . Q ,,, ' f . X , , 'fr ,gf J I 'ff 3 M., r L.. fx lb M. - "", A , 1' ' ' ' , - M 1' ., ' L' 1 . f1's Q 4. K K,,,V.' .fd J. , S Q4 5 V E gf, 1 S, J K ' ff -ff ,DIL ,f 1 X w-um. X K A15 . .Ti 44:52 -V, ,,..Y. 5V.4 " .4 - 'ff f E - ., -," 1 EN, A iff" v gi: L ,EL VT'-V., --4, 'i 4,-,525 xg-.1 L4 0,1 .5 -f L' . if -iff H, --. , VA. 'frm .V f-f, , L T'-Z 5 - 4 f 7.334 5'5"-x13 .WH . '.-1, fi? -.5 'Q 3"-S675 g.,:::'?1 1 r--fx. T, wzlx hi A gig- . ,.f'f " 5.1 1 Yflfi f---ls' Lfitv - Ffi-ij, 'ggigf F., ,H ., f. f ii f-: F QI :.- A: rf 53- , 3.4 .. :nf-' 'Lg 1 pi?-Fx 1 'Hof r . S ,L E:ff. .Y 1. Y ,F if 1 Lfkp, Fla- ' r-.V , Z.,- Fa- K

Suggestions in the Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA) collection:

Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Ponchatoula High School - Greenback Yearbook (Ponchatoula, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 30

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1957, pg 35

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