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Text from Pages 1 - 44 of the 1975 volume:

I I ri, f ADDING GH!! PLEASANT HILL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1974-75 T:-ible of Contents Dedication .... ..... School Life ..... .... School Clubs .... .... Dances ...... , ...... .... Sports .............. .... 7th Grade Pictures ..... . . . . 8th Grade Pictures ..... .... Faculty ............. .... DEDICATION We dedicate this annual to our parents and mem- bers of the community who have helped and sup- ported our school district. HEY! AREN'T THESE THE GUYS E DR. HOWARD 5 THEY SURE ARE . . . Our superintendent for three years, Dr. James Howard, was principal at Trent and at Pleasant. Hill Elementary School a few years ago. He graduated from Springfield High School and has a Doctor of Education Degree from the University of Oregon. J WHO RUN THE PLACE? MR. BRENHEMAH Mr. Brenneman has been principal at Pleasant Hill Jr. High for five years as of this year. He has earned a Masters Degree from the University of Oregon and has taught at Dallas and LaCreo1e J r. Highs in Dallas, Oregon. H OH! New rnini-courses were offered to the students of Pleasant Hill Junior High School. Classes in sew- ing, girls basketball, macrame, girls shop, knit- ting, and even a course on different people of the world, were but a few taught by our enterprising teachers. The most popular course proved to be the one in leathercraft. Many beautiful items were made by the students. 4 THAT SCHEIIYIIIT, DREIAMIN' FACULTY AND THEIIR 11- CDRGANIZATICDPIS . . . ADD use TO Juruolz HIGH! 5 .F 'Q lv ',- -V: , Student Body Officers 6 Publ' ti ica ons ....... '7 Spirit Organizations 8 9 Model Car Club. 10 F. H. A. .... 10 Dances ..... 11 SHALL WE RETIIZE TO its ff THE SENATE CHAMBER? This year's Student Council was one of the better Councils this school has had. They put out a supreme effort on the magazine sale, and it was a shame that many of the students didn't cooperate, reaching only 6392, of the goal. But that didn't stop them. All of the mem- bers put out a great effort. Kent Boles really worked hard to get things done, and you can thank him for having our first dance. STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting: President David Lemke, Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Kilgore Standing: Secretary Mary Boehland, Vice President Liz Chambers Treasurer Margie McLeod. Back Row, Left to Right: Mike Watkins, Angela Bowman, Maureen Slusher, Sheri Pasley, Ken Sprague, Steve Storz, Brian Miles, Kent Boles, Andy Hoflfman, Kevin Morris, Debbie Whipple, Chris Steinback, Mamie Arnundson, Lester Watkins. Seated, Left to Right: Phil Good, Liz Chambers, David Lemke, Kevin Kilgore, Margie McLeod, Steve Cagley. f .a fa --':'LxY1x H2451 xi-?Q xx, x M ,, xxx xxx 1 WW' Z ix , N x , K IN 21, x V gf I 'I J., .5 K -. , l, ,1,, Q, Wi. fisiffix , ,a,, 1. wax- rx fp' , A, - xxx X x , , xxxx W x .:- ?g ' , .-x, -Y ..x:xfexxfx-- wwsxf 1 ur T 5E uh, Maw.. ' f X M ng. 3 x - 1-. gif yr- if Xbiha 'ZF' - My 1' ...L ' 'ur-'.. - Qmfgl ' W ,, xx? .-A. . Y .-1: A .. Y., ' x -il - -L... ggwxxx xx: x gang:- Z 1 ,fx-E. 2'IF3, xx x Q '5- ,, .,p,. sv' n .- 5 x J Wd Q' l .WI x -xw sig! . x ,: .. I Q--L., N V, :x , -- 15 xx, -. ' imxl- .. - 71,b ' V 7 ' Z! M :M N - - J . .. E -...J '. W , 1' 'x ' 8 U W ' ,Q f x rf x- , -'J 1 x 4 . .x ' , M Lvifmf- ' f, ,, ---F x gpg.. 11? N, pg.1g,.!? jig? X . 'fix 'xfpl gy: , -x l x x-L-r , . ,- ' -' f if 51- 'ti ft - 1: ' V , Q P if - . H Vx x 5- 1 xx - . m !.-xxxxxi.,- xi i xx - V , ,. A f V ' ' xxx x ,.x , '1 '25ff -Y . I! -ii- Aixglg Q .i f 5, g,.L-x- x '.gxx1.41-ai-Q22-x'i39F1-L 3 N-f '- W x Q 3-'I ,Q---W RALLY' Sth Grade Allison Church Susan Wright Julie Woods PEIP CLUB 7th Grade Lynette Slusher Angela Bowman Janet Faught THE RAIYIS HAKIE . . . Left to right: Brenda Nice, Liz Chambers, Lisa Nail, Cathy Sloat, Rhonda Bryant, Maureen Slusher, Shelley Berg, Angela Fenley, Mamie Amundson, Karen Baltzer, Margie McLeod. AND MUSCLE FOR SPORTS' TIME! Lettermen's Club This year's Lettermen's Club went very smoothly with Mr. Neher acting as advisor. The club's many activities included a December bottle drive with the group picking up approximately 55 dollars. The club plans to earn enough money for a sauna in the new gym. CURKIE9 FOR HALFTIIYIE . Dance Team We are the people who entertain you during halftime at the basketball games. We tried out in front of Pep Club. There were lots of girls who tried out but only twelve were elected. Our advisor is Mrs. Wiggins. Kneeling, left to right: Sam Marcus, Eric Paapanan, Rick Lewis, Dennis Standeford, Andy Funke, Isaac Babbs, David Luce. Standing, left to right: Dan Melhorn, Bryan Smith, Jeff Sheffel, Mark Peterson, Ken McC1usky, Kris Newman, Steve Cagley, Mike Ward, Dale Gransbury, Kevin Cumjford. HGV! HOW DID YOU GET YOUR GLUG . . . . . CIN MY CAKE BATTER? The Home Economics Club is an organization developed for the purpose of providing experiences that broaden the home economics program and help the members im- prove personal, family, and community living. This year's Model Car Club was suc- cessful with art teacher, Mr. Prich- l ard, supervising. Mr. Prichard said, There was a lot of action this year with an average of about 10 to 12 people per week, and the kids were building everything from Superstocks to Rail Dragsters. Even Mr. Prich- ard got into the act this year by building a 1957 Thunderbird. The Today's People Publishing Company was formed last year to publish books written by the seventh grade class. It had started as a mini-course. One book, THE BEST PRESENT by Terri Pyron, has al- ready been published. Erik Stowell Liz Chambers Q Bryan Smith Kevin Kilgore Randy Klohn David Lemke DID I HEAR YOU SAV . . . u.. M E 1 :F uh In W .g. , 5' in O LCT'9 DANCEH7 gig- r e 1, pp- as y , e E.. -A - Q -5 , YQ 0' f 5- ' Bfjf' 'M ' xs'T'a.1 ' . if , Wg rf AV ' 1 1 , F 1 ' V- - W1-fTwW'3 -1 ., ' i Y' ' ' A 3 . Q , V arf 3+ iff Q, - g . 6 A - 3 N , v ' WV ' 'li -- , 5329 , ig K 'fi f , ' , if ' 'Lv V f' .. !5: ,E L?I'f . ., f 'If' .-'mg 617.51132 i 'il 'AI I P V'-f f ' W - '-I 31- ' . -1 'i'1:'-197.1-:-i 159' . . 1, 1 , ,f :J .I 4 I' L: Y , , . If fm n Y 5 c 'V V L 'l, ' 'n fl l 2 l - ' '- L- Y 7. sv- . V V1 V V ' '1 It V - V K 2gs:saii., gsgg1 ' ' jf .3 , f ' f -f ,h 5 A 1 - ng y, if my We had five dances this year. Some students came to dance while others came to enjoy the music and company. We had to put some effort into decorating and finding chaperones. Two guys were our disc-jockeys for most of the dances: Kent Boles and Sam Marcus. They were helped by other people. 11 , - TI.-CK ,:',:j.g , ll!! , ,ff X-X 1 . L.- , 5 X ,ilkmfkgg 3 ' . 5 H S, 1: -'T Q' ' x24 2 J, -:LN fs QQA. .tif Ir' if ' I '4 IJ!! 1 NNN- J ' -If -X-ff 1 M M, I j. .. K -P 'wr -c, . 1. .. FN QQLPN -,la ,,,.,,-Q 51 .z-,. . A, ff' w EIGHTH GRA DEI l FOOTBALL i fe i ,I I e 1 ' hifi' Ml' ' '2f- . Q 13- v l x y e e f 1. L . if l A4 kwa' After getting off to a slow start, the eighth graders really came back to defensively shut out the last four teams with the last three games ending 22-O. Their finest effort was against Elmira when they held them to minus yardage. This year's co-captains were Mark Peterson and Henry m Curry. Top Row, left to right: Coach R. Neher, David Luce, Ed Meyers, Randy Klohn, Jaime Hardisty, Darren Papenfus, Bryan Smith, Mark Peterson. Middle Row, left to right: Kent Boles, Mike Mole, Lester Watkins, Tony Mills, Mike Evanson, Ken McClusky, Jeff Sheffle, Dan Melhorn. Front Row, left to right: Steve Jenness, Dennis Standeford, Steve Cagley, Kevin Curniford, Mike Ward, Henry Curry, Randy Laisure, Jeff Mayers. SEXIEHTH GRA DEI FOOTBALL Kneeling, left to right: Kevin Morris, Joe Moore, Kenny Sprague, Dee Evans, Bill Winterstein, Allen Foy, Bobby George, Phil Ziebert, Duane Mathews, Dale Pannier, Craig Evans. Standing, left to right: Coach Anderson, Brian Miles, Mike Watkins, Jeff Brown, Brian Long, Dale Gransbury, Mark Dorman, Scott Bohanan, Nathan Lowry, Rick Lewis, John Nikitins, Jim Breazeale, Assistant Coach Berg. This was truly one of the most outstanding teams in the short history of 7th grade football at Pleasant Hill Jr. High. This was a team characterized by dedication, courage, aggressiveness, and enthusiasm. If any game exemplified this team it was the first game against Elmira. After being stlmned by a 60-yard pass on the first play from scrimmage, the first time we had been behind this season, we relentlessly ground out a pair of second half touchdowns. The last drive of some 60-yards consumed almost five and one half minutes of the clock with the goal line being crossed with but 21 seconds left on the clock. Pleasant Hill 20 Pleasant Hill 6 Pleasant. Hill 12 Central Linn 0 Philomath 0 Elmira 6 Pleasant Hill 0 Pleasant Hill 6 Pleasant Hill 16 Central Linn 0 Philomath 20 Elmira 6 14 EIIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL 271 Front Row, left to right: Randy Middleton, Sam Marcus, Jeff Sheffel, Jack Gates, Isaac Babbs, Middle Row: David Luce, Steve Cagley, Ken McC1usky, Lester Watkins, Mike Ward, Kent Boles, Mark Peterson. Back Row: Dennis DeWitt, Bryan Smith, Randy Klohn, Erik Stowell, Kevin Cumiford, David Lemke, Coach Neher. Pleasant Hi11's 1974-'75 8th grade basket- ball season turned out to be very successful, with such people as Randy Klohn, Bryan Smith, Kevin Cumiford, Mike Ward, Lester Watkins, Dennis DeWitt and many others on the front line. In addition, with people like Jeff Sheffel, Sam Marcus, and Randy Middleton in the backcourt, theteam had great depth. Coach Ron Neher was acquired from Powers High School. The guys were looked upon by opponents as a real tough team. SEKIEINTH GRADE BASKGTBALL Front Row, left to right: Andy Funke, Bill Michelson, Andy Schrenk, Kenny Sprague, Duane Matthews. Middle Row: Dale Penegor, Rick Lewis, Dan Parr, Paul Burton, Jeff Gielish, Phil Ziebert. Top Row Coach Hall, Jim Breazeale, Brian Long, Scott Stinson, Mark Dorman, Brian Miles, Mike Watkins. The seventh grade basketball team got off to a fast start, beating Oakridge 29-13, St. Mary's 30-18 and Harrisburg 31-16. But then a fine shooting Elmira team dealt the Rams their first loss, 43-33. The Rams bounced back to dump Philomath 37-27, but then dropped a close 24-21 decision to tough Junction City just before presstime. Rick Lewis, who is perhaps our best all-around player offensively and defensively, heads up the group who have been starters most of the season. Lewis plays at left wing in the team's double-stack offense. Other starters include right wing Jim Breazeale, an excellent shooter and rebounder, point guard Ken Sprague who sets up the offense, postmen Brian Miles, Mark Dorman, Scott Stinson and Phil Ziebert and wingman Duane Mathews. ' Reserves include Mike Watkins, Paul Burton, Dan Parr and Dale Penegor at the' wings, point guards Bill Michelson, Andy Schrenk and Andy Funke, and post man Todd Prodan, who was lost for the season with a broken thumb. Jeff Gielish plays at both the wing and post positions. The squad is completed by our excellent manager, Brian Long. KIGLLEVBALL 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Left to Rightx' Barb Bantz Linda Morris Linda Wilson Alicia Brown Sheri McGregor C. Linn 2 Oakridge 3 Philomath 2 J. City 3 Elmira 2 Creswell 3 Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill -new - 7th Grade Girls Volleyball Standing: Ann Spies, Pam Nice, Shelley Berg, Susan Jones, Janet Faught, Keely Zysett, Debbie Whipple, Pam Greenwood, Kim Fox, Margie McLeod, Julie Schluckebier, Danell Walker. Kneeling: Valerie Mathews, Cara McKelvy. C. Linn 3 Pleasant 'Hill 0 Oakridge 3 Pleasant Hill 0 Philomath 0 Pleasant Hill 33 J. City 3 Pleasant Hill O Elmira 1 Pleasant Hill, 2 Creswell 2 Pleasant Hill 1 + by forfeit , 1- 'Jr at M ,bw E' ll ' ' fi ' ll' nl 1 l't5:?QT: ,El ,fa in This year, the Cross Country team had a very good man, Randy Middleton, who broke and reset the course record which was held by Jerry Breazeale with the time of 9:03. The runners run 1 112 ini. and Randy ran it in 8:44. if if ., -iw: Ki- The 1974 Cross Country team had a very successful sea- son. The team's first meet was against Lowell. Pleasant Hill won 19-47 with a very fine showing by runners Randy Middleton and Sam Marcus. The second meet was the Gilchrist Invitational with Randy Middleton again showing his stuff taking 24th place out of approximately 150 runners Pleasant Hill went on to win against Central Linn, Phil- omath, Junction City, and Elmira. We beat Creswell by forfeit and then later on lost to them at the Creswell Invi- CROSS' COUNTRY tational . V! Top Row, left to right: Randy Middleton, Eric Paapanen, lVIr. Dobratz, Wes Maloney, Robert Wagfnon, Jeff Lande. Front Row: Issac Babbs, Danny Parr, Andy Funke, Sam Marcus. 18 MAT GIRLS There were seven girls involved this year in Mat Girls. They were trying to raise money for a partial scholarship to send one of the wrestlers to a summer wrestling camp. The responsibilites of Mat Girls include going to the meets, keeping match scores and team scores, and also keeping time. Most of all, the Mat Girls supported the team in general. Front Row, 'left to right: Linda Wilson, Ann Spies, Barb Bantz, Kim Fox. Top Row: Janet Brewer, Val Proden, Alicia Brown. Bruce Getchell Q85 poundsj, Bob George and Wes Maloney 11011, and Erik Land 11651 form-1 ed the nucleus of this year's combined seventh and eighth grade wrestling team. Coach Bill Neal feels Maloney was one of the most improved members of the team. He's not too strong yet, but he's learning all the moves, Coach Neal said. This was Coach Neal's first year as the wrestling coach, and he felt the team showed continued improvement throughout the year. Coach Neal does not believe in keeping team scores at a match. He just believes in matching two wrest1er's abilities. WRESTLING Front Row, left to right: Eric Paapanan, Bruce Getchell, Craig Evans. Middle Row: Robert Wagnon, Joel Parker, Doug Hamm, Dee Evans, Jei Gaetz, Lael Pruitt. Top Row: Wess Maloney, Arnold Chord, Russell Wood, Bryan Friedemann, Erik Land, Rod Wood, Dan Melhorn, Gordy Sharp. 19 N s A l A SEVENTH GRADE - I V15 Mi A . . N. Kristie Abby Brian Allen David Allen Peter Anderson Jimmie Awbrey Scott Bailey Karen Baltzer Penny Barker Barbara Batson David Baszler Shelley Berg Jack Bergeron ' s X Mary Boehland Scott Bohanan Bruce Bondurant Angela Bowman Jimmie Breazeale Jeff Brown . . , 5 SQ r K t Q Rhonda Bryant Paul Burton David Cain John Chamberlain Margaret Chronister Bobby Coleman Cwih a 'V Kelly Connelly John Elliott Allen Foy Ao v. ' ,, Dale Gransbury s . ,Ea Wilma Crabtree Craig Evans Ed Francis Angela Green N Debbie Davis Dee Evans Andy Funke Pam Greenwood Wade Doak Mark Dorman Mark Dunlap A, . M I. H Y W ' .4, X ' , x XV - ., . 'Z' , 11.49 Janet Faught Laura Flattum Kim Fox wi' W Ki ' R 55.4 Bobby George Jeff Gielish Phillip Good Teri Haaby Doug Hamm Kathy Hammond Andy Hoffman Heidi Hook Matt Huss Rhonda Jackson Susan Jones Lisa Kilday ,gi ,A ,. no . if A no L i 'TZ 1 Cory Kilgore Linda Kilgore David Lay Rick Lewis Mary Lickiss Craig Linson . , v ' LX X, .- L .ni .1 af Brian Long Nathan Lowry Nancy Luttrell Duane Mathews Valerie Mathews Margie McLeod ' w A Taxi A .1-J ' V ' n N . , f .1 Laurie Mclntire Cara McKelvy John Mc Murren Lori Melby Bill Michelson Brian Miles Lisa Minton Melanie Morris John Nikitins Qi, IV Dan Parr 7, E Kevin Moch Wes Moloney .V '4 X, X. I 1 l V f Mary Mussen Jodie Nama Jody Ohren Eric Paapanan Dale Penegor Ellis Penselin Don Moore Mark Nealon Sheri Pasley Charlene Plueard Joe Moore Kevin Morris Pam Nice Jennifer Niems 5 fdx Dale Pannier Suzanne Parker , - 'ffl 42.4 .451-uw Todd Prodan Phyllis Robinson Mike Rogers Kim Rudolph Andy Schrenk Mark Silsbee g M i glitch Tammy Smith Ann 'Spies Carolyn Sanders A hand' To bOlD'N'l' HAVI Vll il A NIU Darren Simons axx . 'go git Jiwaaa Q22 af ' Q, .. 'I Q, . ,. his , 'W rf 4 J Ken Sprague as Qs , 11:453- Janet Sanders Tim Schley Julie Schluckebier li UM .4 0 'N 32344 K Lynette Slusher Cindy Smith Leslie Smith A, - Na+ sN!55i3i.1 Gary Staples Christy Steinback Misty Steinback Photo not Auilalle ij ' t, N.. Hx. , .QP . ' '35 Wendy Stephens Marlene Stewart Scott Stinson Marci Stroup Jane Strub Stormy Tyler f 9 1 1VIike Watkins Robert Watt Debbie Whipple John White Holly Whiteman cz' W , 4 -4 X, Q, ,fn X no ,' -1 o il h -15311 , !'g.i1hlN?q-KI I' Q Bill Winterstein Rod Wood Russell Wood Sandra Woodland Tony Yorganson Mona Zettle Philip Ziebert Keely Zysett 25 Cathy Allison Mamie Amundson Tom Blaton Kent Boles .4 ll :K Laura Burton Steve Cagley Allison Church Tom Cordon EIGHTH GRADE Ahlhll X Jerry Anderson Isaac Babbs Barbara Bantz Sharon Barr AM Barry Braisher Janet Brewer Alica Broum Jeff Burton Teresa Campbell Holly Cantrell Liz Chambers Arnold Chord Kevin Cumiford Henry Curry Dennis Dewitt Tracy Ellsworth X 1. Mike Evanson Angela Fenley wi' Y' l ,xl Jack Gates Bruce Getchell Mark Hawkins Cindy Hepner Nicki Hunt Steve J enness 'N LEM X ' ,fx , 3:9 l A ' : ve'-1' W, QF , I . 5 - . 1 . M , e.f..E-1 l I .,- , Richard Flattum Holly Foster Bryan Friedemann Jeff Gaetz 'B 1 l Us x 'i' f 1 Lori Glade Annette Grant Dee Grimm Jaime Hardisty I -IV, . Y '. 1' -4 -1 I-i G if ' Kathleen Hitt Daryl Hober Mary Hoffman Tim House Randy Huss Skip Johnson Eric Keepers Shannon Kesey 27 JQH 3 ' ..n ' ,1. ,Len L 'wi 5 K , .A -Jw K .- .- .....-,- - Zane Kesey Kevin Kilgore Cindy Kirk Jeff Kirk Randy Klohn Darren Koch ,A , 2 'Q Randy Laisure Erik Land Jeff Lande David Lemke Mark Linson Sheri Longobardo i Q 'x David Luce Sam Marcus Kim Mathews Jeff Mayers Ken McC1usky Darrell Mr-Gee Sheri McGregor Philip McLe11a.n Dain Melhorn Ed Meyer Ron Michael Lee Ann Middlebusher 28 in -if . '1 a Randy Middleton Tony Mills Mike Mole Lloyd Montgomery Debbie Moore Jeanette Morris Linda Morris . I, iffy, Joel Parker Lael Pruitt it , Kim Murray Lesia Nail Kris Newman Brenda Nice Daren Papenfus l x l .x , Bruce Payson Alan Peet Mark Peterson Pat Phillips Val Prodan Absent when pictures were taken 3 G . ,Q -L l ig fi fv, ' M fl P ' - ff x N 5 X 4 'el , ' --V Terri Pyron Robert Ridge Tereasa Ross Donna Ryker Lynette Seuell 29 Gordy Shdrp Jeff Sheffel Tawndy Shelley A ig . 5 xr. Cathy Sloat Maureen Slusher Bryan Smith Chris Smith Leanne Smith Rob Smith Wayne Smith Dennis Standeford Terry Stephens Steve Storz Erik Stowell Leah Thomas I P 'i 31 ll WRX ll Lori Walker Mike Ward Lester Watkins h ' ' N W S l mu xl xmv l 1 I Dianne Tooker Frank Tucker Robert Wagnon l L J Danny White Linda Wilson Julie Woods Susan Wright Dena Schneider 1 A x ' N . , X53 f. H Randy Yow Andy Zettle Keith Dunlap Velvet Lowmau Ken Moch f Tho BUSY c 54 Of' ,g . 5. ' Lrwg, X Ausrm wuen V ' V' l K ncrunes wins N mga: i Quiaduaihllt Warren Oliver Rhema Clausen Mrs. Alvarado My l. J. fi .,, Language Arts ' 1 Spanish 1 1 J 1355.31 LX:',!M., . fell' If ll ,ff-' 5 fu ,' 1 1' . , ,fl il :jiri fi! - 1, 'Tlx-1 . if F l J 11740 f - vs ,fl 5 ' ' l CHU ' A ,, .' f .rg ' iff' .IQ j- ,f f f 1' 1 .!. , i . . 1 1 1 -' , -, 1 f. f fi if Lf A - R-was I ff 1 f 1 1 ,. ..f,. v ' -. 1. .P iff lsl'..' .1 . X 1 3, J ' l .... Ji flyig-z5LAnder,d6h . a iyistglggf ' Ni, 71.1, s. U: T.,Dlj.E1 .1 ya- f 'V . fx .- 1 11 uf: I, juli' 16: J Mrs. Stutz Math Mrs. Barton Girls P. E. Health Mrs. Olsen S. U. T. O. E. Home Economics Mrs. Brewer English Publications Mrs. Paige Aide Mr. Darling Science Counselor Mrs . Wiggins Librarian Mrs. Diment Drama Language Arts I. , N QQFACULTV . .. 1 i7 V. an hymn V., N.. 1' ff Not Pictured: Mr. Kodera Mr. Steinberger I-Q if l .. v H l. i. Mr, Dobratz Science Mrs. Gustin Secretary Mr. Welch Band Mr. Hall Math Shop Mr. Neher Boys P. E. Health Miss Haynes Aide Mr. Prichard Art Mrs. Jackson Social Studies Language Arts Miss Cooper Aide Mrs. Lowry Aide x X 25, N lyagxp 1 Z CQKQ 90 JS Q QQUS C910 MCM gn 531,05 EM 626638 TEQEQQQ YO Y x ' 0 Sh f , XW 13 0ANwfi!3ecavL5Q if W' ic7Q9QZ?5 Og Sdwxilwirg MMA f W PX QZQA 95' QA , f I O LX YQ-xx vp DY QQ AA f C A ll!! 9,9 Qfp E Wi Cf q 3, C7 Q Q ' 7 79 A A 5 -5. 1 A af v 1 S M Q- ,Xxx +9fN L15 ?2w5lfZZfELQUz9C'i W ' SML 5LQx9?Qf7 .gi- lt , . '. J x lx rg' ,ff LW I Q, if 1 X wgj 5, N . 'Q lj Xgj' EX 5. Q A x-,X N , P- f X ' ' 'F ,B X ,ki V v ' . if xixx, ' 7 X fx. x xg s X XX N U xl X K, . N X5 X fs. Xglx NJN Q -X-f?K::, ., Q3 L X 34 Q, , M .x V Xl YTID ink? ff C9f fx ' x X uxfg ,V XXX- df: 'rf' yr If ,A-xy , ' F, XXV I K 1 , I 1 , .N - Q U 4 , Q Q5 Al? 0 D fy 11 . A l Y 3 1 X 5 mr! x ., 'X-A 1. , A if Q26 D Kggwxi M52 K Q32 4 wgffd fm 6? 5 ,,gf?O5jr 2 ,f2ib4Z2 -TSE 6? Q 'sy 43637 94. 6 QXQUQS Cumd vw! MCU-if C fjk-,L QQ XOJJV +6xyGvs p'3Lf2cUQ i'55U. H kQ12,v-QNTM KAY 5CLfUX3 +?fu+ vow 3- Liidx -C Wk KQJ ,ffZ77 ff!! 5 UWB 1 3 5fTW,x my W . lf. ,gf 3 XVYQB VCWJH MA QJ'?bf9 99JV'Y10Wfwn HUD Quia xjppm 'WU D060 ww wmv, mt Umm poet? 'QVYOQ WMOPDVBOQ. 'avfl gq 'QQNSS M QQ io O Q' YU WA X Q f Q5 Q52 QQ? QUQWQ5 QU , N Q N fo ,, Wx X S fx Q 590 X MW 5 ,Z ' A M Qfgrw ffkj TL , X -W 'rn W W X, N C Jr M ,L C ie I U wx 4 Cf Z r R62 f .X WW , MW W MQ M..- Wea 459,50 f N0 mow Qvwgmf f 116906 QW' 935- C8044 fn ikgnah LAVLC . O1 Li? QQ 6 W Eywglv L3 ZUXWWK W 7 Sax U Q g 3 QM RQM ,SX As Io' Q w CL Q, YL X if f mb fx 4 U Q Q LDV L X ,X . QQ Q' JL! b , !A, 1 7 Ox Y ff 4 NLW N . .Q . X ,X f K PQ HA .XJ Oxogbi K- LF' XX XBUJ V KSJL X xy XQQQ ' gf ff J ESQJ glymsi lii5f I AX ' ,U f fbgguyjfwx w5f,k ax! Lf! Q3 Qi Q6 937 ES E S OZ- G35 SOJXQC7 Bs . 9 6 XG Q S f Q 91 Q fp ,Q 5 2, ik 5 'P' 3 1 ff? 'X Om v,bQ ix if VJ , ,G O C U' .-5' Q1 1 0 M1 gig, no Bfx xc be ,, wif Q3 if Gy 0 -4 KJ' 0 Nd of W SX Q3 552 Sgdxob 5 Pu 0 Q6 MMA 'L K 4 D I' QITP! q ' Ps XC? 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