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Q 2 ,ff E Yuba, Wins Righi Sugrue and . as 5' , VICTORY RESTS W Qm'13gpig?:.gmynrgggiglgfoxggtxon I: .gi S D a r t a n S L a pjf:i3D1:iiL2:g2HPLACER ELIMINATE Egjfjgrf Og 9""" : e stare Chql g oml' In I .mmmmw .Finally En E.PIacer Victories . mfs i to Tomnament1xt!e0efa?1m9 ggzfing S Kcgv Iinx L 3' we Modes 335 XnFinaXsSa1uIdHY '9 , Baffle Sr mal 5 M8100 3- C-6 ' :3:2:'f.?:'E.E5.'.i':'.ii'."Ef55Z1e?'.?.L2..i'A,'Zii These Men Sh 2NapaDrops 5-Game To 3.161 LHTIUN Apartans gf 1 Plac H E diQTga am ald- d 355.23211 fm uaxaguog ug ueg umoq s FD , F D4 3 2: 5' f .l .IQK Q33 H 99 , -':'Sfsa i V no 'Ill Q y Ewk M-'Eg-5 Ln ,d -ug, U 3-E Q, if .ICJ Ap-2,11 il 'C' Cl , O 33 1+ .L . SH .117 H .45 --W N .A . ,frzr2gE9UU,rp,IS3i'! 3z1fAggaIHq!Q vb U V . qirsg sflffesfnpallfgag' v Q 6206 -f!gf1Jfzs1,zi,,'ggo10 -' L. ' A ' Q ann' Deaf " j 45P1l'g.1'I'70k9,""5?f-fgffg 650, 8,5535 gkiawf, - It 0' 6 H F . Q eh- 5, +93 resno E va Q E700 5 xx . .mq wa f mis: V 'M Q' m H 'JSOUI ll ll- Z 2 F32 P ,. 0 A all ed f 5 5 E E Il! Sgpfaggr an .amp acer Spartans Vallejo V ua. 'I' 52,1 kc 'lille DelealSaracens QD 6 a e1oRedskm - Vg T Q' hy- I 'WS am? , C , Spartans In Cfqn 0 ll'lC ll8 TOS t an hamps lomg Casaba Won ,,,,,,-1-:nfo J Dar ans C' Shine Tohishf Tournament ppm Are Fairoreu C 5 Luwsn ,lunLrl nr mm M 15 lstunsnuwmn " f Hedcll N 93.0 l ?.?,S' l ,QQ . 1 I S' no ,zixfljb iv E- . ' Q? p Aronson -4 4 live Deleals'mifQif23f2 5 ,Q Vallfuo 1.-Q00 S 2, S2 ' f e- 91 Q' -I LA I 3 EE 99 211. CD at db. 0 6 3 7'g,5 I 5 "'CJU'o CDE' 'z :'-' 52-25? 5-5 S5212- ....: ,,-im... 552- 9-'U' we 01 wr.. QW: 'EL2' '4'-I 1 F gp H uit.. ellonqg l l l Ah q4li?? 0g?g3 rv-'ew---,-'il rl Lead Placer to Vlctorles ml mm, '57 '-'-1: Sensational Spartans gs 'EE-'ljl Hn Casabm Title Race gg Z EE onferen k fi l -l a la., . -am JC FIf6M RACE 70-54 THE PLACER PHOENIX DEDICATION The decision to dedicate this 1950 edition of the Placer College PHOENIX to Coach Harry Aronson and his victorious basketball squad was made on Monday following the successive vic- tories over Stockton, Long Beach, Grant, Visalia and Menlo in the state junior college champion- ships at Modesto on the final four days of the preceding week. For Placer College, this championship victory was the event of the half century. Placer College was the toast of the athletic world. No faculty member or student will ever forget the joyful enthusiasm of that great Monday morning rally when the team was acclaimed for its success. It unified the community behind the college with an enthusiasm that should be of lasting benefit to both. Even the Governor of California, Earl Warren, took cognizance of our victory by attending the Lions' Club banquet in honor of the team at the conclusionfof the season. The PHOENIX staff wishes you to live forever in the history of this school. We humbly dedicate this book to you. . Captain Billy Kolak Charles Hawkins Prino Santini Dick Alvari Fred Besana Ron Leineke ' James Sugrue Larry Brewer Harry Aronson George Goto Harold Ruggles FOREWORD g Another year has almost passed by in the history of Placer College. For those of us who were fortimate enough to be on hand, it ,will be a year of pleasant memories. There should be no doubt in the mind of anyone that "school days" are the happiest in an individual's life. The value of a thorough education is ever-increasing. We came to Placer seeking further knowledge to prepare ourselves for future days when we will take our place as citizens of various communities. Without some sort of an education, the average person feels lost during many phases of life. Going to college is a voluntary process. We came to this institution because we had a desire within ourselves to grasp new ideas. ' Upon graduation from here, many of us will transfer to higher institutions of learning, while others will seek immediate employment. No matter what decision we happen to make, we should always keep in mind the fact that the knowledge attained at this school gave us a start on our long journey of life. We have set a foundation for the coming years of success at Placer College. Our athletic teams have become stronger, the activities more numerous, and the enrollment greater. In a very few years a larger number of students will be attending this institution. When this time comes, we can look back on our days here and compare the two by turning to this edition of the PHOENIX. May the past pictures of Placer and the friendships with our fellow students and instructors remain with us throughout our lifetime. ' Steve Barooshian Editor BOARD OF TRU-STEES I . f '-Jinx I ff X way !! Paz- 114- ,mimi .5591 ey , WESLEY HASWELL Qs" MRS. MARIE SPARKS PRESIDENT WILLIAM D. BETHELL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDEN T X- IJ HAROLD CI-IASTAIN ,A , ,N A- sn, 1-., ,.f. . 'f- '- V .flo VI , Q-'L 'A FP' 'H JN 3' f F' -f.Z"i X55 -, Fw' ,E fn" .. ' A , lj L pr: , f- 1' GUY GILCHRIST, JR 'A .::-T A' mvm Jomzs ADMINISTRATION AND OFFICE STAFF GORDON ARLETT Dean of Men and Evening College Principal "ROZ" CREMERIUS Secretary to Registrar lg.: fn, KATHRO FRANK Dean of Women W " n,- ,- 1.-..f . ,-' HAROLD WEAVER President BLANCHE N EWBY Attendance Clerk EARL CRABBE Registrar IULIA SCOTT Secretary to Evening College FAC ULTY FRONT ROW, left to right: Gordon Arlett, Harold Cox, Harry Aronson. SECOND ROW: Kathro Frank, C. B. Madeley, Pauliene Bond, Elma Young, Robert Lawrence, V. E. Daley, R. D. Richardson. THIRD ROW: Floyd Wilmoth, Otto Fox, .Tohn Erickson, A. M. Akers, I. E. Carner, Earl Larson. FOURTH ROW: George Morrill, E. S. Stoddard, Bruce Denison, Dr. J. Gordon Sewell, Harold Weaver. Missing .Faculty are: S. M. Barooshian, Clifford Brau, Laurence Brewer, Earl Crabbe, Lois Hatch, W. C. Higman, Elmont Lane, G. A. La Plante, Helene Lee, Dorothy McBride, Kenneth Reinertson, H. H. Rollins, Collan Walker, Howard Woodside, Robert Corbett. IN APPRECIATION No educational system can be better than the members of the instructional staff. Because our faculty is spread over such a large area, it was impossible to get the group together. However, in other pages you will see many members pictured with their activities. Placer is fortunate to have capable men and women on the staff, and fortunate in the fact they not only know their subjects but know how to teach the subjects they have mastered to the students. SS' STEVE BAROOSHIAN ? NOLA NEGUS AUDREY POWELL EARL PYE K .. 'grim BOB FORD KEDREN CASTRO STAFF SHIRLEY COOK DONALD JOHNSON . PHOENIX Editor ------------- Steve Barooshian Assistant Editor - - - -Audrey Powell Pictorial Editor - - - -Earl Pye Sports Editor - - - - - Nola Negus Business Manager - - - -Bob Ford Sophomore Editor - - - -Kedren Castro Head Writer ---- - - -Shirley Cook Art Editor -------- - - Donald Johnson ARGONAUT STAFF BACK ROW, left to right: Don Wiggins, Kedren Castro, Shirley Cook, Shirley Rom, Henry Gietzen. FRONT ROW: Steve Barooshian, Nola Negus, Audrey Powell. D i V FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Lou Di Giordano, Karlon Donahue, Duane Weaver, Audrey Powell, Jeanne Roberts. BACK ROW: Don Edgar, Peggy Tsuchida, Miriam Collins, Wayne Shrope. - FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Duane Weaver ------------------ President ------------------- Wayne Roberts Don Edgar ------------------- Vice-president - - - - - - Vivian Frederickson Audrey Powell ------ ------- S ecretary -------- ------- J oan Leavitt Peggy Tsuchida ------ ---------- T reasurer --------- ------ B ernie Stone Mary Lou Di Giordano ------ Commissioner of Social Affairs - - - - - - -Hazel Bell Jeanne Roberts --------- Commissioner of Women's Athletics - - - - - - Erline Oliver James Scott ---- '- - - - - Commissioner of Men's Athletics - - - - - - Paul Dickey Sheldon Van Duzer - - - Joe Hume -------- Karlon Donahue - - - Wayne Shrope - - - Miriam Gollins- - - .Toe Simon ----- ------- SergeantatArms ------- - - - Post Graduate Representative - - - - - -Sophomore Boy Representative - - - - - George Goto - - - - -Joe Hume Sophomore Girl Representative - - - - - Shirley Queen - - - Bob Meinyer Freshman Girl Representative - - - - -Joan Richardson -Freshman Boy Representative ------------- L arry Brewer FRONT ROW, left to right: Erline Oliver, Hazel Bell, Wayne Roberts, Paul Dickey, Joan Leavitt, Shirley ' Queen. BACK ROW: Larry Brewer, George G0t0, , Vivian Frederickson, Bernie Stone, Bob Meinyer. , EPISODES IN 1949-50 LIFE 5 Y AT PLACER COLLEGE SPARTAN GRADUATES 4 ! EJ 22 ,E I 1 yl1-lf--l- 'VX ' x W wco I k, 411. Rf .P N 5 W ly. ' -'Z:'P-4-5 L, E P -41 55 ig . .15 xii. N I 5 G MALCOLM ADAMS CLYDE ADE HAZEL BELL ANITA ANDRES DAVID BARNES sa- , STEVE BAROOSHIAN ,- -- w ' JOHN BENNETTI MARGARET BUHER KEDREN CASTRO i p'95 KENNETH COLT HQ- JERRY CARTER RAYMOND CHIOSTRI RAYMOND COOK SHIRLEY COOK RODNEY COOLEY ADRIAN CORDONI HOWARD CRISPIN IEANETTE COSTA DICK coRToPAss1 DALE CRAIG KARLON DONAHUE JAMES DONNELLY Q, I, U , "NQE ,y' 'F' A A 9:-2 'Q A -1 .51--'Q :LF X ' E1 94211. f va, -af A .. H,-'L,L'.:G-:MQ 1 4 ',1Iln -, K f. r 4 'v 'a 'Q , 1 GEORGE DOUGLAS DON EDGAR MARCELLA FISCHER v ,V 4- I - 7-.x ' , . vw V ,li I ,ggi ' f -37 DON FOWLER Z6 . , 'E qi ' ' CHARLES ENSMINGER JACK FORRESTER HENRY FRANEY EVELYN GASSAWAY BRUNO FREDIANI 1-. LARRY GODWIN JAMES FUJITANI E, ROBERT FULLER ROBERT GRAY CONRAD GRABOW JOHN HALL WILLIAM GROOMS THOMAS HARTE A -1'-ff M- . V Y- , I if .J --:Ii ,almzn ' ' 7'7" . MILTON HEANEY wi - v v M' ylggl. -, 1. 1 ' 1 . , HAROLD J' AC OBSON JOY JOHNSON - I WILLARD HAMILTON LILA HANAMOTO HARRIETT HUNTLEY FAY HUTCHINSON LESTER JOHNSON GLENN KLINGLER 'HI CHIFUMI KOJ' IMA 1 5 .f,:lfj.0n W W- 3: U,- "1-P-'." v" . S' 'N .-' -l , . . 3, .. -, 5- 11. .4 1" .- " 'l GEORGE MANDICH .TOAN LEAVITT KENNETH MASUDA VINCENT LERA KATHLEEN MCCARTHY DON LIPPERT KENNETH MCBRIDE SAM MCNUTT ROBERT MEINYER u:r,.fx' .. : r- THOMAS MEND ENHALL DELBERT MILLER 3 v' v , .if . an ' , SUMIKO MIYAMOTO BARBARA MINKICINEN NOLA NEGUS :af-1 'W CHARLES NEGUS EALRLENE OLIVER TERRY O' BRIEN ' . A x KATHERINE MOELLER IV! 'ARA M A KATHLEEN NUNN DAVID MORRIS PHILIP OAKES A Ni '17 LLOYD PEAT BERNICE PETERSON HELEN RENKEN DOROTHEA ROBINSON AUDREY POWELL SHIRLEY QUE EN PETER RIOLO JOY DELL ROBINSON EARL PYE JEANNE ROBERTS MARIE RODAS WAYNE ROBERTS I , JOHN ROTH fb -rw RICHARD RUDISILL HOWARD SCRIBNER WAYNE SHROPE , .. W VICTOR SIMPSON GENE SLIGAR AL- SCHWEIGERT LESLIE SMITH GERTRUDE STEINLE fi I- 've 'B' DON TIPTON ' 'R PEGGY TSUCHIDA 'Eh QP KIYOKO TAKAYAMA ROBERT TOWERS fx Tv, -it , FREDERICK VON FLUEE DUANE WEAVER , . DONALD WIGGINS GEORGE WHITELEY LAURA WILLARD ETHELGENE WILMOTH KENNETH YOSHIZUKA BOB YOC UM JOAN WRIGHT ' Q HOWARD WILMOTH CAMERA SHY This year Sophomore pictures were taken on the campus. The editors regret that several members of the class failed to respond for appoint- ments. The student council this year decided to try the experiment of hav- ing pictures taken here and developed in Kansas City. We hope this book will be such a success the system will be repeated with no pictures missing in 1951. l 4. SOPHOMORE W CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW--Lloyd Peatg Jeanette Costag Shirley Queeng Karlon Donahueg Howard Wilmoth. SECOND ROW--Steve Barooshiang Bob Meinyerg Richard Cortopassig Wayne Shrope. FIRST SEMESTER Y SECOND SEMESTER Howard Wilmoth .... . . . President ....... Lloyd Peat Richard Cortopassi ....... Vice-Pres. ..... Steve Barooshian Shirley Queen. ..... . . . Secretary ....... Jeanette Costa Wayne Shrope .... . . . Boys' Rep. ...... Bob Meinyer Karlon Donahue .... . . . Girls' Rep. ...... Shirley Queen POST GRADUATES Somewhere between Kansas City and Auburn is a picture of Placer College post-graduate students intended for publication in this book. The editor regrets inability to publish the picture of the group, which was very active on the campus under the leadership of president Joe Hume, vice-president John Vassion, and secretary, Miss Mary Lou Michael. The Sophomore class wishes to express its appreciation of the contributions of the post- graduates to the success of the college during the year 1949-1950. IFRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right--Mary Ann Shambergerg Miriam Collinsg Joan Richardson. SECOND ROW--Hugh .Tamesg Larry Brewerg Bill Court. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Larry Brewer President Bill Court Virginia Pease Vice-Pres. Duane Frink Colleen Hinz Secretary Mary Ann Shamberger James Scott Sgt. -at-Arms Hugh James .Toe Simon Boys' Rep. Larry Brewer Miriam Collins Girls, Rep. Joan Richardson FRESHMEN FROSH CLASS OF "51" PRETTY QSCENERYD Q"---.. I .iii "Q -' -'nil QQ pr-5 W 'ffix.n U' if? THE DEACCN MOLLY PIONEER SPIRIT 9 GX: we 61 5 FRONT ROW, left to right: Norman Phillips, Harley Resh, Bill Durfee, Tim Smith, Leland LaFai1le, Bob Sinnock. SECOND ROW: Travis Daniels, Chris Piches, Bill Court, Bill Donnelly. THIRD ROW: Collan Walker, Gregory Colt, David Juarros, Dick Cortopassi, Don Edgar, Bill DeBe1l. - PLACER A CAPPELLA 'CHOIR A The choir is one of the outstanding units of Placer College, not only this year, but for many years past. Collan Walker is in his second year as director of the group. For years, the members have added to the impressive Commence- ment at Placer College, when degrees are conferred. They are well known throughout the area for their Christmas programs. Their appearances at baccalaureate services have been well received. They have entertained at churches, hospitals and before service groups throughout the area. They have been acclaimed at music festivals. Officers of the organization are: President, Ken McBrideg vice- president, Don Edgarg secretary, Joan Richardsong treasurer, Anita Andresg sergeant-at-arms, Pete Riolo. The accompanists are Anita Andres and Yvonne Goulart. MODERN ORCHESTRA ,-.. --,- -- I 4 irggi iviewsli lq4hll45!:: :gnu In as lie... , A R :rim , .7 f 1 y ' H: A Pas. J X kg R FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Alkire, David Juarros, Anita Andres, Ray Chiostri, Herb Nitta. SECOND ROW: Chris Piches, George Major, Howard Scribner, Bill Court, Kent Wilson, Dick Cortopassi. The Placer College Modern Orchestra, directed by Elmont Lane, has played at many im- portant affairs during the year. Some of the most notable are: the fashion, welcome home rally for the basketball team, a show at the State Theater and Placer College Day. BAND .,. '.ll I QP few , .. lb' FRONT ROW, left to right: Anita Andres, Herb Nitta, Betty Dyer, Florence Bisson, Yuriye Mori- moto, Phyllis Houseman. SECOND ROW: David Barnes, David Juarros, Kent Wilson, Chris Piches, Bill DeBell, Dave Duxm. THIRD ROW: Ray Chiostri, Dick Cortopassi, Ken Colt, Glenn Klingler. FOURTH ROW: Howard Scribner, Bill Court, Garland Shinn, George Major, Steve Barooshian. One of the most essential organizations the campus has is the college band, directed by Elmont Lane. The band has done a fine job of arousing spirit at all home football and basketball games. .V .cm A- - i-I ." V uk.. L, fl, 'F- ' .. I Q A I X by IX 3 ,V rg' " Q Af 4' fin' 5 I I at!" 0 vw 3 L L ' - I f SUNSHINE GIRLS I HAPPY IN LOVE 'P fffvg f' Qu I 5 'I 1 Q P WESIP. 5 I I' NATURE BOY BUFFALO BILL H COMFY LITTLE GIRL FK, HAPPY I as " x1:.,' I . r STUDIOUS fr 52"'ff A I 4 Ll r UQL Q, H?" ' 1 .- ,S L , IL .l v- UMM ' GOOD' LEAVE Us BE SPANISH CLUB -"'- ve.. The Spanish Club was organized for scholastic and social purposes under the direction of George Morrill, Spanish instructor. Activities included a trip to San Francisco"s Latin quarter, a dinner at Casa Nello's in Sacramento, and a swimming party. Leadership was assumed by president, .Terry Lienaug vice-president, Ken Coltg secretary, Mary Lou Di Giordanog and treas- urer, Harriett Decker. GERMAN CLUB 'Tl-m L-7 Meetings of the German Club were held under the direction of Mrs. Charlotte Madeley. The main social event on the German Club agenda was a Christmas party. Officers were: presi- dent, Roy Doig vice-president, Lloyd Peatg secreta.ry, Bernice Petersong treasurer, Lila Hanamoto. DRAMA The Drama Club has put on two major productions in the past two semesters. The Fall play was "Importance of Being Earnest." The Spring performance, which was combined with the Community Players, was Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night." The officers for the Drama Club are as follows: Wayne Shrope, president, Duane Frink, vice-president, Joan Leavitt, first semester secretary-treasurer, Hazel Bell, second semester secretary-treasurer: Doris Lorenson his- toriang Arthur Akers, director. ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA .,-5,jx,, Alpha Gamma Sigma, School Honor Society, under the supervision of Kathro Frank, has a total membership of fifty students. The Society sponsored two scholarships, one for a high school senior entering Placer College and another for a graduating Sophomore going on for further education. They have carried on many activities during the past year. Their officers are: Wayne Shrope ' President Anita Andres Duane Weaver Vice-president Philip Oakes Bernice Peterson Secretary Celeste Bisson Chifumi Kojima Treasurer Lila Hanamoto HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club under the direction of Pauliene Bond is a newly organized club. The first officers of the club are: Shirley Queen, Presidentg Eileen Auer, Secretaryg Fay Hutchinson, Treasurer. The club has sponsored candy and cookie sales. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club under the supervision of John Erickson, has held meetings for the purpose of giving the members a more practical knowledge of the commercial field as applied to the business world. The officers are: President, Primo Santini Vice President, Audrey Powellg Secretary, Jeanette Costa. . W ' X ,X 5" . ' 5 Alb. Boys will be boys Geologists ? Yosemite N .IV Ha! Ha! Please! Rest Stop OFF FOR THE GRAND CANYON Twenty-three students and three administrators checked in at' the bus which left March 29 on Placer College's greatest trip of the year, a 2500-mile trek into the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Instructor -Floyd Wi1moth's group visited four states in the ten-day jaunt to study the geology of the West. Earlier in the school year a trip was made to Yosemite by the geology students. :KO f 1 Q X , . Of -ig 5 N' W.A.A. VS' The W.A.A. has been active this year under the guidance of Lois Hatch. They have had three play days, Basketball, Volleyball, and Swimming. The W.A.A. has sponsored two dances. Bob Fuller was King of the Ski Slide. The following girls have served as officers. First semester: president, Jean Almang vice-president, Betty Steinhauig secretary, Fay Hutchinson. Second semes- ter: president, Earlene Oliverg vice-president, Mary Lou Michaelg secretary, Patsy Klamroth. PEP CLUB The Pep Club was responsible for maintaining school spirit and stimulating a spark of enthusiasm around the campus. Members of the Pep Club marked off rooters' sections for games, petitioned for several busses to games away from home, and presented rallies for the Student Body. Betty Steinhauff was president of the first semester, and the second semester club was under the leadership of Mary Lou Michael. Mrs. Lois Hatch was the advisor. CHRISTMAS CHEER DANCING IN THE DARK DREAMY SET 'EM UP mf E E' ' x MR. AND MRS. JANE COLLEGE ik 'm THREE .TANES AND A JOE 1 OH! L YELL LEADER4 Bob Fuller and Joan Leavitt are to be commend- ed for the way they handled the task of stimulating the student body at assemblies and rallies and for the way they led the howling, excited crowds in background sound effects as the Spartans com- peted in a full sports pro-, gram. wwum HONOR ATHLETES The Block "P," men's athletic association of Placer College, again sponsored the all-day high school tournament held in the Agard St. gymnasium in Auburn. Pictured below, FIRST ROW, left to right: Cliff Frazier, Bill DeBell, David Barnes, Dave Wong, Pete Riolo, Don Edgar, James Scott, Tony Kosinski. SECOND ROW: George Williams, Joe Simon, Bruce Wilson, Clyde Ade, Bob Yocum, Bob Meinyer, Steve Barooshian, Roger Montre. THIRD ROW: Bob Jackson, Tom Hooper, Phil Oakes, Jim Sugrue, Charles Hawkins, Duane Weaver, Mal Adams, Bob Askins, and Coach Howard Woodside. T y i., up 5-21 li ? I Y ' V ' W ' I, , , . , N EY 1 s " 31" .Q X ,. I ' ,jail r'4- W if I A . . "lf -L-.,, .-.iw f Q Cwcaptain Turner Co-Captain Edgar ' wg McElroy Trophy Winner George Updegraff SPARTAN IGRIDSTERS Riddled by injuries and hard luck all season, the Placer gridders under Coach Howard Woodside and his assis- tant, Harry Aronson, were unable to win a conference game. Led by Co-Captains John Bob Asking Turner and Don Edgar, the Red and White played inspired football, but the opposition always proved to be too strong. Dave Wong The highlight of the season was the Spartan upset of the College of Sequoias at the Grape Festival in Exeter. Playing heads up football all the way, the Placerites downed their opponents 12 to 7. George Updegraff, end, and Pete Riolo, halfback, were responsible for scoring Placer's points. George Updegraff was voted the most valuable player on the squad. The former Alameda High star was also high scorer for the Spartan cleat team. 01, A ... ilu e.,a.h.r el W V p V 1 5 V V,,9',, EQ " V Y A I, 8 I I if- 1 . P .1 1 1 v 1 ,N If is 1 lc 1 '. , H ,,, I ii Lax: ------ , I ,- VI ' f ,,," , "' h U UFQ9' Y ' JF? 'f 'I ?"f?'M ' r - 'W' " ' S TARTING LINEU P Left End, George Updegraffg Left Tackle, Joe Gingerrich Left Guard, Bill DeBe11g Center, Bob Yocumg Right Guard, Clyde Adeg ,Ai 4 W' rf? v ,f if x.. I V1. -N . 1',,: .V -1 f X , .. -N 'fx Right Tackle, .Tohn Turner, Right End, Joe Simon, Quarterback, Ray Fryg Right Half, Don Edgar, Left Half, Pete Riolog Fullback, Jerry Pickering. seq.. fefyv-. avg, H .. , 1 .Lx 1 V x gl V 45- gf , yfs ' :ff . f J '- L - J ' ' 1' . 'el ' V 'N , I' 1 . ff, ii. 25-fl A V QV VV MZ.. 'Q 4'-.. WV if v v N' ff ' " Q. .R - mi he if -R - ...s ., .N V V V I'-V, V 4 . --...wg . fq ' , VV w -5 V ,V V Hg -ix, ,gp'f"iffv-..:,,?f.g'gfr 'gf-fy f : , U"-""'-'-1 rf: , f-t-egg, , 1' ,Q .v r .V - ,. ,, ,. ' if 'E 'ia ""f' 'Q A T' 5. 54 . , George Goto Charlie Hawkins Bill Kolak Pictured left, Bill Kolak was given the hon- or of being captain by his teammates, who re- cognized his ability and l driving force to keep the team in the ball game. i E lx ,R , X x, :V T Coach Harry Aronson CASABA CHAMPS Placer College put forth the classiest basketball team in its history this year. They proved their exceptional ability by taking the state cham- pionship at Modesto in January and copping the Northern .Division of the N.C..T.C.C. Playing a tough schedule, Aronson's cagers, captained by veteran guard Bill Kolak, recorded 33 wins and 7 losses. They scored a total of 1875 points, while the combined opponents tallied 1432. Additional highlights of the season were the personal honors involved. Lanky .Tim Sugrue, who racked up a total of 579 points, took scoring honors. Sugrue was selected on the first all-Northern Division J. C. team. He was also selected on all tournament teams at Modesto and the Region II, held in Sacramento. George Goto, credited with 338 points for the season, was selected on the second team All-Northern J. C. Division. He won the respect of many during his play at the Modesto Tournament, at this time he not only secured a place on the all-tourney team, but was voted the out- standing player of the entire tournament. Dick Alvari scored 377 points. He was selected on the first All- Northern Division J. C. team. The usual starting five were: Charlie Hawkins and George Goto, Forwardsg Jim Sugrue, Center, Bill Kolak and Dick Alvari, Guards. ' . 5 - Y I .9 . Dick Alvari Jim Sugrue Fred Besana Spartans at work CAGE Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College Placer College CONFERENCE RECORD Santa Rosa J. C. Marin J. C. Vallejo J. C. Napa J. C. Sacramento J. C. Grant Tech Santa Rosa J. C. Marin J. C. Vallejo J. C. Napa J. C. Sacramento J. C. Grant Tech Yuba J. C. Yuba J. C. Against Santa Rosa 1 P- H-qi 4 rv 1-. s V' .f n I Q P, .I Manager Lera 'CJ Primo Santini .v 'r -f.. I Larry Brewer Tony Kosinski Bob Jackson Ron Leineke K, HM I-filly of Honevill J int. U 1 School? ef e 0 non I nn uw m DHS 5 goal to 8 E8-I mf urnamemf Whilht are victories ova ,ke-1, N' the caaaba clay ' " '- c I Gpgn 5 , 5 5 ...Be magwsw, F-4.5 Exp agar I 19 Q gg xx U' 8 org Dwxtdtagb '55 U16 Y as 'US in 5, Ty' 'Hen' VJUAAIIUI. i Koluk. captain and zu Us Dick with a H-lu vuuxnuu ' - an-v-I A . . fro, Ca1Yria31a7'LC'-ggcliugi . hnniglons of M0desbo's twelit' mnsons 1 gg quapnffj :T cn 'E rn BVO kAY rx S E xg 8 5 D111 U 'S . xx ' 5 5,5 :venimz con me hugo M08 George Mand1ch was the-.. C an 4,-5 t not been for polio. hc might. have, The A Meer l .ua :een playing instead of wamchinz- n meh' 3 He is a special pal o! Placefs Billy-will we bv Q5 5 I Kolak. Tony Kmalnnld -" ' 51153 E L?.eI21.?'v"' ,e..u..V 4 1 55:9 :aw V a 5 nge S prrf .3 ,Q teahf: charms GOOD A george Golgi Fred and set because coach Primo S210 ' Leineke es the player sho Brewer. F-Un the sportsmanship in the KY tournament. ,He also got s, bouquetx md RV-ggxes gfk , 5 XXX E WELCOME HOME, CHAMPS! , Kioggi V 1 N.. X. UTBBB I , A, xx 3 J. V. CAGERS The Spartan J'V's finished the season credited with eleven wins and six losses. Bob Jackson lead the scoring with 109 points, followed by Ron Leineke with 106. Larry Brewer racked up 86 points to finish third. Pictured above standing left to right are: Bob MacGregor, centerg Bob Jackson, forward, Hugh James, guard, Joe Simon, center. Seated are: Coach Harry Aronsong Richard Ruiz, guard, Roy Osella, guard, Ron Leineke, forwardg and Vince Lera, Manager. nf' K ski: 'gl M 1? ' ,Q A I., Z .Ei :,, C ' ' :ff Aw in xp x - .SWLV5 , Downhill S K I C H A M P S ' Led by returning veteran skier, Bill Durfee, Coach Earl Larson's snow' lovers came home with another N.C..T.C.C. title March 4 and 5, after being pushed all the way by Yuba College. It ' ' ' t onsists of Durfee Lewis Parker, Dick was Placer's fourth straight title. Coach Larson s earn c , Simpson, Vic Simpson, Henry Gietzen and Bob Ford. d l com- Durfee won the jumping event, and Vic Simpson the cross-country, in the indivi ua petition. S hools competing against Placer in the League were: Yuba, Menlo, City College of San c Francisco, Modesto, Marin, and Hartnell College of Salmas. Two meets in April will conclude the 1950 program. Action Against Yuba 230 lbs. of Dynamite g SPARTAN SLUGGERS P1acer's boxing team did well in their six scheduledmatches. Dan Kostenko took the heavy- weight class honors at the N.C.I.C.C. tournament at Modesto, winning the right to compete in the national matches at Ogden, Utah, on April 10th. Pictured below FIRST ROW, left to right: Gabe Manzano, Don Wiggins, Mits Hada,'Harry Harameki, Dick Simpson. SECOND ROW: Cliff Frazier, Waren Dominguez, Marvin Miller, .Vic Simpson, Dave Juarros. THIRD ROW: John Mehl, Dan Kostenko, Mal Adams, and .Tack Burford. me-" J if Af . ,Brit I ...! , V ' ' ,--5 -'LV Lf "W ,E ' ,l km 1- be gr -1 . ings' , 1 V .,g,1',.-f -'- 4-15,- . Koxak 'Gi Guinn -ln. 0114! Barooshian and Montre TRACKSTERS Establishing four new college records, Placer College got off to a good start under Coach Harry Aronson in a four-way meet at Yuba College, April l. Jerry Lienau ran the 440 in 50.7. Bob Jackson did the 220- yard low hurdles in 25.5, and Dan Kostenko set new marks in the 16 lb. shot at 43-l and in the discus at 120 feet. Cliff Frazier won the two-mile, Phil Oakes the javelin and Bill Kolak the broad jump. Other point winners included Steve Barooshian, sprintsg David Barnes, mile, Bob Fuller, broad jump, Lawrence Taylor, 440g Dick Simpson, pole vault. Other potential point men for future meets include: Bill DeBell, Ron Leineke, Tony Whatley, Dave Juarros, Mal Adams, Ken Colt, Dick Leeper, Charles Engvall, Jim Guinn, Roger Montre. Practice Makes Perfect iq-9?-. , 4 Whatley Takes Tape Action Against Chico all 1 hx D Oakes Toeing the Mark at Time Trials 1 Jackson .-'V Howard Woodside ' es ' . Cal N51 a195t CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDERS Coach Howard Woodside's baseball squad split a double baseball bill with Vallejo Junior College in Auburn April l to break into the win column in N.C.J.C.C. competition. how. AQ George Goto and Hugh James pitched Placer to a 13 to 6 win ir1 the second game. Dick Alvari and James pitched the opener which Vallejo won 7 to 5. Grant Technical College dovmed Placer 12 to 5 in the season opener, with Tom Green and James pitching for Placer. Two practice games were won from the California Aggies. Returning lettermen from the '49 championship season are: Bob Hayashida, Richard Ruiz, Primo Santini, Don Lippert, Tom Hooper, and Bob Yocum. Larry Orzalli, Ray Osella, Dick Alvari, Tony Lemos, Ray Testa and Everett Murch are good prospects. Larry Orzalli Riff' hx. lr Q t ' v Y Y - . .f.L'. ' ' -I 13- 'Q 3 .LC .. - . 3 Jw. ..' - "f ,:.,. f.:Y.fvf I 1 ,, ,, -ar. j "ah,- af. ""' ,B-5,1?a..i.r G' 4 - ,.,. 'g,'Qgg,.g wrt' P slew X A .fr y y as ffl , f , 1' " '77 , . ' 5 1, XE! .gf .x l .' 2 ' 1. 1. C-' . Q ,J LTA 'I I KY 'B r. V ' '. l' ,fire in fs ..- N, ,yi I XXX b ' , ' ' 1. . Ip : - .. if Q 5 , ' 5 , K y -Y -T ,,l:j.,k. -L . Q, X Ng ' 11 XX-1 - X Y' gi xxx 5X1 . i gf., J - J 'f .f at -' ' gf .i q A zip,-, lg-v 5 - I F . F, if , WX be -.-, it . , - f 4 4- V 1995- w -'P - .559 - 212, bu, 'W . :f.--" r w ' ' ff 'F Dick Alvari Don Lippert Tony Lemos Premo Santini J Close One ,.. - . -.0-L.-. u. n,- f,..fJv-'72,-1-1, if 1, ' 33 'v 5 .F' f 1 - . .., . . 35" - - ., -:ew - 'w':,. 90 11391:- ., 'lf-'-N A,-u Jvx ':'.'.-iulbl Q, -2- mai:-.f , g I 453 f o+- . '- .f, ,,,f!,f, ' Y ' 'li ' KX ? n"- gpg sglvf' W Tom Green X, '11 fn A , . X D A I. .14-W 'Z cs, -1- A r ' Wie? -M , 'AN-Q-'L .- -ez-..,-p o4...'f5- Q ms fn . f x ' .1 gf Q.: 1 e -' -V -.-- V " 13.1 1 G G e- W e S, !7Ui, at -H X gr- qt' l - "X - fe W wtf. -- ' I' x .. 57' in Q 1-1 - . A 'Q' ' " "Q: P' - M Everett Murch Roy Osella Ruiz 1 'QT-. .O ' Q--"fe-'ff , 1'. V' - . . v'?"1 5 pf ' A - 'ff Cf, fvsefgaa TJ: w" Ls' mf? J.. ' Q 'Qty' ..- , , .M f . I .A , 'fy ' J 3555 "sg f , 'BX ' wfgfw ' 37 Y vs 4 1, 557 ' M ' x "9" A v' -ef' , .. ,,., .:-:fel 4 Ray Testa f.. - .S -Hifi .1, v.,..... , 'I , .Q I .xi , J:- .. 4 - 5 ..: ..., i W .J ,Ao 'itz-, x g '.-, ' ,J ' 1-J I ' I W, FJ K f H f y I '- . W I X , - nn x er A - QNX Y I Y M7! 5 .Toe Simon I NOT PICTUR ED Ed Majeski Bob Yocum George Goto Richard Ruiz b Bob Hayashida An-'TL1 ,, J" 5, all H A ' 'ff ' Elf 4-Q . , ' :L . n A I n G In, , 'X ' Y if h H ' Hugh James .5-g.HLg " ' - 4 vigil 'iii X.. -- T . Sl I , . W A 'iff' W1 A if G. ? -7 mr ' 'X 'r . 'Y' fur 1 ' L 7g f V . ' ' . Tom Hooper Pictured above, FIRST ROW: Harold Ruggles and Lloyd Morris. STANDING: Coach Cox, Garland Shinn, Bill Buckley, and John Hall. RIFLE TEAM TENNIS At press time, the tennis team- had not held any confer- ence matches, but made fine showing in sets against Chico State and Sacramento Junior College. Members of the team were: Harold Ruggles, Lloyd Morris, John Hall, Don Johnson, Bill Buckley, and Garland Shinn. Harold Cox served as coach of the team. The rifle team, under the supervision of Lois Hatch, did well in their matches this year. Pictured above are: Joan Wright, James Miller, Helen Renken, Walter McMillin, Bob Billing, Harvey Goff, and Lois Hatch. L ' ' fi- ., A1 ,- I I P-'If K J' . , v ., 1 QP rv, Y :sw-Q-w .N ,. W---i' X--af.--.2 - A : . u-..f.w .Al iyx. , mph. :ff I t I 'i r"-,. Q ,, A eta I , 1 .ja all 'Qi SEL Being elected Business Manager of this issue of the PHOENIX has brought much satisfaction inasmuch as I have met many of the town's business men and women. The business men and women of the Placer College District have made possible this year's PHOENIX and I give my sincere thanks and appreciation to those who purchased ads. b 0 -01,4-' +!+2'.+. Bob Ford f'fTTETf:'ff"Q1 'XKPIWFF-FlE.1 :"1 " .. PE.,-: . l.--F1'fl,yg xii ng: 'JA-':5:,.'. ,, ,L-,VJ . . A ,B J' 5'4.5l'fff-gflif'-'QIAZ' 11 A elif' 1 li. f -v . .V -,,.-J. - ,?,-f-7'g..'a'-1, ,- . -6-1: 1 .Er t - If'3:"+ '+m " fe51f13'.' ' ' ' 'A .5-. P .iz If ' A "iii 1- ' - ' -, 'Q-zjllf ' ' u 1 ADAMS ELECTRIC COMPANY elerlriral ermlueling A UBURN AUBURN GROCERY mens - vegcublcs fruit-groceries CARVETI-I MOTORS cbfyrrn . rl,-,milf mu .mi sm-iff "Across from Court House" Auburn Phone l0i0 Compliment: uf FOOTE'S FLORAL SHOP Phone 160 ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmobile-Imcrnaeional Truclu ramplele lulnmoliw urwkf AUBURN IOURNAL "lf il'x prinling we Jo il" COLLINS MARKET Quality Food Items Phone 300 or 301 FREE DELIVERY FORD'S SERVICENTER - H udmn - l080 High Srreer "Your Sztinfaexinn ii our Plume" h f h ld HQEEMAN 1-IQTEL E . . , ANDERSON STUDIO AUBUR:I'lL"'g '12R"ggiAPANY TED COSBY -'A Home A..-A rm... nm.,-1 HI High SUN. Phone you fuel oil - stove oil - diesel oil AUBURN CALIFORNIA AUBURN AUBURN. CALIFORNIA Dan Baum: A. W. DIAS ANN ARBOR BAKERY Hman on.1'urN AUBURN PAINT Gt SUPPLY CO. Art and Holvby Supplies Pontiac Sales and Service Goodyezr 'Tires HARRY S. FULLER Jeweler HU U"f""' WW sw High sm.. mm Lincoln wry Phone H C e n r r a l S q u a r e l'l"""'l'l' AUBURN ' Auburn Auburn, California AUBURN APPLIANCE FURNITURE AND CENTER EARL BAILEY BOB DIRRIM DRAPERY CENTER "Admir01" Richfield Agent plumb... ...I H.....,. Thf Bjifxtf-'j,Q'jLQ1"f,rQ3'l, DUPM 908 Llncoln Way phone 919-W Auburn Auburn 750 Lincoln Way Phnnclll-lj Phone 6'-IOJ AUBURN AUBURN AUTO PARTS, INC. Machine Shop Service Oornplere Pam Line BANK OF AMERICA Complimenlx al DOBBAS AND CLEGG Licensed Real Esrarc Brokers Complete Insurance Service DAVE GORDON cleaning and dying AUBURN IIID Cleveland Ave. Phone 510 BOREL DORER'S HALL'S PHARMACY EAUTY SHOP Qners FLOOR COVERING SERVICE , , I A AUBURN B 9 L4 , A hl Til Auburn's prcscnpnun specialist D Ib Orum P I1 0 I1 9 5 2 0 mocum g1cn:5u:IBIhz5s' Cups!! qunliry - :accuracy - service 'my 1226 Llncoln Way A U B u'R N Annum mm Roseville sum PIM' W1 ' HANCOCK STORE AUBURN BOOTERY "Your Family Shoe Store" lxllonr YI IW BOSVVELLS INC. Home Appliances "We ull only Ihr bex!" AUBURN CALIFORNIA DOUGLAS DRUG STORE Expert Prescription Service Auburn California Hardware - Furniture - Crockery Mining Supplies New and Second Hand Phone 280W Auburn AUBURN DRUG COMPANY Dependable drugs and prescripeion service CAPITAL STORES "Saving Money is :I Capiul Idez" DUNCAN MOTOR CD. Buick 61 G.M.C. LIOLSCLAW FEED AND FUEL Hay - Grain and Mill Fccrls ws Elm Sum Phone 291 c. A. num, Ph., G. Auburn 510 Mlgh st., Phone 999 , ,,l,,,,,,,, , FLQYD' S compliment: of AUBURN FLORIST Phone 44l 893 Lincoln Way ALVIN F. CARVETH Agent and Bruker "AlI lines of Insurance SUGARPLUM CAPE BAXTER'S RESTAURANT Fine Food . . , Moderately Priced barbara hudson auburn's smart shop for women JANSEN CHEVROLET COMPANY AUBURN Compliments of OBLER'S ELECTRIC SI-IOP AulJum's Record Shop RANKIN KREAT2 Aubum's finer department stare SULLIVAN TIRE SHOP .IOHNSON HARDWARE "Your community value store" j. C. PENNEY CO. AUBURN CALIFORNIA I. J. REEVES Compleu Auzo Service Dodge Truck:-Dodge-Plymouxh THE UNION ICE COMPANY 900 High Srreez Auburn. Califomia jUNKER AND SCHULL Ford Salcs and Sen-ice Phunc 940 - Auburn v PLACER COUNTY BANK Auburn, California follow PLACER COLLEGE in :he SACRAMENTO BEE Compliments of VIRGINIPJS PLACER COUNTY STEAM , , LOUIS F' KLUMPP LAUNDRY SAFEWAY STORES, INC- WADDLE'S MARKET harness-1-saddles-:-luggage I 835 Lincoln Way sgiggihzizgxt V ' A b - C H . Auburn, California AUBURN Auburn, Cal 1 f orn 10 " ""'- " """' Complimrulx uf Gvflvlimclm of SIERRA MOTORS WEE LAD AND LASSIE KOFFEE KUP 5..,4,1,.k,r PLACER GAS COMPANY no Elm sunt I60 Cleveland Ave. A'-'BURN lnriwrmcruforru Auburn. California PI-ACER GI-A55 AND BUILDING BILL SMITH'S GROCERY RAY WELLER BOB KNOX SPECIALITIES co. mr W vmra Shel 1 Stat i on '-complrrr Glm Service" crwrarr . vrsmbirr . Bezr . vine "Gi" H'PPi"'1'v Give Jewelry" AU 5 un n us Sacramento sr. riwrrr 1281 H01 I-inwln Vw . AUBURN . AUBURN Aubum , p 1 Q 1,0 SMII I Y'S DONUT SHOP MARTIN S DRUG STORE "' " 'M Campy u of The Rcxall Store AUBURN PLACER LAND CO. General Insurance "Have you rried one of Smixryk Home made parse" U64 Lincoln Way Phone BH AUBURN WESTERN AU'I'0 SUPPLY MARTIN'S IEWELER'S Home of :he Placer class ring PLACER MART-CARDINAL STORE SPORTSM AN 'S TRADING POST Ouzdoor and Indoor Sports Equipment Phone 9llj Auburn WOODS ICE CREAM SHOP 828 Lincoln Way MONARCH FOUNTAIN All kinds of sandwiches-ice cream-milkshakes Velma Clzali-lain PLACER MOTOR PARTS 501 Commerdal Screen Plum: 44 or 4I Mu-bin: xbaf xervic: SPROUSE REITZ COMPANY send: Complimenu PURITY STORE Auburn, California MONARCH ICE CREAM FACTORY AUBURN PHONE 716 TI-I E STU DENT UNION AT PLACER COLLEGE Popular Prices w e Grant Y' CONGRATULATIONS BASKETBALL TEAM AILID Turning Point' In Le- COACH HARRY ARONSON. PI f vi f i . ' W'l'j,jis Finally l ace c or es t Tomnamgnnllleoelaglmg Qgzgwfngg KQV Jinx D V lake Modes 235 lnFlni1lSS3ll.llll5Y lg , Biffle maLEMBlll0 ut-gli ' 2f2Tf3,f'Zfi'EIZZ"FifZ Z1e?'.f,'3.lg,2Zi1 These Men Napa Drops PER Hn'-F ll We--gLH I fsmnans Elendold I A L EE .5-5 ndiild Plag 3 w-555' Q Menlo 5 3 gtziig 5 sf' lxgl, EE 55335 ' ew-14 M-1811 R S-'cb H'-in gp :'?a"-age? r-al-114 :W A , 0 2 lexus, A A Q fm, vi W igJf'g7if0,m5Z,,'2fp DJ f A sm PPM' ll Ulm ' A p ea s uf --mg --, , F unrvp 5151132 egg 33131051 . I -ysaq S! APPR! PQLIDS Q i? . S LM qs,:,'1, 110010 1 Q35 490611 Q 'Rf 5H1egapE'3l A - 10. -21, ' 111141. We ofebfvb A L 0 0 Q' .0 Q F by 1' Gr., 9493 pggng Z Q llfe ul Z Z 3 2: -E B 5 Placer lrounces A 0 2 gif E svuba WinsRighl 5"9"'e and A Q to .E - , i A 'Z E- To Play For Tulle S D a r t a ELIMIN ATE E 5 artan Cham was . 1 E Pl P ps , acer Bpartans Vaneo 5 T- ace, , ff:fQffw6aWf'?15fgllefeafS 1 3 valre10RedSkin ink-Q S' 2 mens Dfw Game? ,spartansln CIcranTo Csnchhtle I-05 I n Champs Tomg Casaba w,,,, m..,'Uflt0 J4 Da' ami 55912 Tvnishf Tournament I-PM Are Favoreu C 5 Lawn! :HM-F M 3 553 fuusmmnnn m Ei E A Q Q ,BI 1, K 5 :, E: . gf L: - -Q GNN 5,5 pAronson Five Defeatsigj ' vein? SWS Valbw J, AQ, 0 T 1 e- 2- E59 6 g ...Q 0 F94 CD IT 0,0 No' 4 A ma' 0 3: .13 3:5 U y "ddr Wb '5'E-iw 3:3-OCDQ' mammal!!! agweff -1- cuz- Q, 3 51 ' '4 il -'I' CD lf, he hong Bggtgiolgjg 5' 4 I uri Lead Placer to Victories f 99 Q43 ,ll Sensational Spartans Qt ."d5' ':,j i Hn Qasalm Title Race 5 2 255 onference ff- - -: :..rQ " 'Pia'-:'Eg ' Z ,JC FROM RACE 70-54 FE 2 'A ' ' - V U 9 - -- .... A. .,. . . , 1 P A t . , , , . , -M, M V 4. t . V , A ' ' A 1 . , .4-1. h-NNN 1. . -,.-.ffl-:Q-.'.f ,. .V - xx Alf' r 1 ,+ ei A .+ L' -.fx ,xv Q 4 '7. ' L J ,'l'1:f'A :f1Q:3.. ' . z . , P?'+1:212jf.2?::5,-'igfTQfg'J3gs:l,.?.::'.1 , : '5:H'g,. , ,I 3 - - , - , .I 4: -- .I 4. :gli -? 'ff I-f','f,.-.1 V , , . , V , , r ' , -. . ,, ..,--L--.......A.... ..-Y -. ... ....-.. , .D ,Q -5-,J ,'fAfi1'-1- -LA M ...,- ...... W . ,-.JJ ,A ' 4 -A-v:-rp ig, -A JJ, F: J: wmv -: ' 11' bil J 'l 1 i 1 l AQ , in ii 1, ,I .ag ill ' in .,A, in 54. it IE: -323' W... rf: T .- .aa .- f 53? in 3 2 F w 4 -X V 1 .ff.:: nf- R L4 P ' r 3 k 1 r 1 w w

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Placer College - Phoenix Yearbook (Auburn, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 56

1950, pg 56

Placer College - Phoenix Yearbook (Auburn, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 34

1950, pg 34

Placer College - Phoenix Yearbook (Auburn, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 47

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Placer College - Phoenix Yearbook (Auburn, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 56

1950, pg 56

Placer College - Phoenix Yearbook (Auburn, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 60

1950, pg 60

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