Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 40 of 56
Page 40 of 56

Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 39
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Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 41
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Page 40 text:

Lolila Boysen, leave my dirly ski panls lo Carol Harmon. Brian Collins, leave lhe sevenlh grade lo lhe mercy ol lhe leachers. Nan Dame, leave lhe sevenlh grade lespecially Lynn l-lolal- ingl my abilily lo gel in lrouble. Julie Edelin, leave my green eyes lo lhe school cals. Jerilynn Ganials, leave my place al lhe apple machine dur- ing lunch lime lo Joan Radanich. Nancy Grah, leave all my losl pencils lo Mimi Case, il she can lind lhem. Bruce Hancock, leave my hair lo Mr. Sherman lor lumbling mals. Michele l-larrer, leave my abilily lo pass noles in class lo Charlolle Kimball. Richard l-laelele, leave my TV sel lo Waller Allorler. Bob Hecocks, leave my nalurally curly hair lo Connie Cook. Jack l-lughes, leave my demerils lo David Ramel. Carol Knudson, leave my blonde hair lo Bonnie Willis. Ronnie Kooyman, leave lhe eighlh grade lo Roger Brooks. Pal Lemire leave my booming voice l?l lo Kalhy Slallord. Don McMackin, leave my glamour books lo Roberl Boyle who doesn'l need lhem. Dick Miller, leave my abilily lo sneak lood in class lo Ted Brock. Pal Moore, leave len pounds lo Diane Halslead. Judilh Nicolaysen, leave my abilily lo do homework by lele' phone lo Wendy Shuey. Dorolhy Poller, leave my abilily lo gel delenlions lo Pamela Braly. David Rhoda, leave my hair lo Mr. Boyce who really needs il. Carleen Rogers, leave my lreckles and dimples, lhal l don'l have, lo Jan Miller. Bob Newman, leave my worn oul deserl bools lo lhe sand. Sleve Unnevehr, leave my exlra hair lo Mr. Boyce. Kaly Baker, leave all my polalo chips lo Granny Goose. David Dail, leave all my chewed oll lingernails because ol lhe Conslilulion Teal lo Bob Welch. Mike Baird, leave my bad grades, lell lo me by Bill Granl, lo Sam DeFranco. Bill l-larmon, leave all my excess lo some lhin sevenlh grader. Phil VanDall, leave my sponge lo Millon Blake. Sylvia Bolman, leave my colds and snillles lo anyone who wanls lo gel lhem. Mall Brolhers, leave my lasl name lo Roos- Joan Clark, leave whal is lor isn'll lell ol Mr. l-lesler's old pencil lo Bill Brailslord. Tina Clark, leave a parlicular melhod ol grading cilizenship lo Challin Soule. Gary Coe, leave my perlecl allendance record lo a hermil. David Coker, leave my abilily lo lalk more and say less lo a parrol. Carolyn Cullen, leave my abilily lo acl crazy in Room IO lo a beller aclress. Gail Fiske, leave my brains lo someone lired ol lhinking. Sharon Gillespie, leave my nickname lshrimpl lo anyone. Mario Guarneri, leave my lrumpeling lo Gabriel and lhe gavel lo lhe Sludenl Council. Del Hullon, leave all my boy lriends lo lhe lonely hearls club. Alberl Johns, leave my eye loolh lo anyone who wanls lo see whal he is saying. Carol March, leave my corny iokes lo Diane Kerslen. Lindy McLain, leave my nickname "Windy Woo" lo a Chinese New Year. Don Minor, leave my abilily lo slice in goll lo any poor lriend who lries lo beal lhe game. Joyce Noble, leave my lasl name lo my leacher. Julie Noller, leave some chewed up linger nails. Randy Jamieson, leave my lenor voice lo Mr. Wacks. Judy l-lopkins, leave my abilily lo slrike oul wilh bases loaded lo some sevenlh grader in Slanley School. Bill Brown, leave my round llal-lop lo some square. Mike Baird, leave my bad grades, lell lor me by Bob Couranl lo Bruce Fraser. Terry Scheller, will my award winning poslers lo lhe Arl lnslilule. Lynn Solomon, leave my ambilion lo gel slraighl A's lo Susan Kronke. Carl Brown, leave my seal near lhe door lo someone wilh long underwear. David Dail, leave lhe answers lo lhe Conslilulion lesl lo anyone who gels my book. ,Joe Tracy, leave all my chewed up pencils lo some eager beaver. , Judy Ageno, will my abilily lo wave hair lo Don Davidson on lhe day his permanenl wears oll. Diane Traverso, won'l leave anylhing, l'm laking il all wilh me. Carolyn Archer, leave lhe bus drivers lo lhe lnlernalional Speedway. Don Davidson, will my Toni kil lo Bill Caldwell. Millon Blake, will my seal al lhe drinking lounlain lo anyone who hasn'l showered. Dana Cook, will lhe snacks in my desks lo Janice Fowler, who eals all lhe lime. Noel Jones, leave my giggle lo someone who likes homework. Don Morlon, leave my 535.00 mill in Mr. lsola's ollice. George Mulks, leave my Semesler's work lo Mr. Tibbels. Marsha Nicolel, leave my seal loo ollen. Kalhleen Mossollo, leave len pounds ol collee and lilleen dozen donuls lo lhe leachers. Marilyn Cook, leave my semesler's work lo 'lhe exhibil in lhe waslebaskel corner. Belly De Franco, leave my abilily lo clean my shoes during one ol Mr. Klein's leclures lo a hillbilly. Sally Spoll, leave all my broken relainers lo Johnny Wilmer and Karen Fernslon. Kalhy Shurllell, leave all my copied papers lo Diane Hall- sled and Barry l-loward. Mike Rugg, leave my eslale in lhe corner ol room 8 lo any- one who is willing lo clean il all. James Bollo, leave my physique and abilily lo play lour- square lo Jim Twomey. Carol Laslrucci, leave Mr. Klein lo his lavorile zoo. Susan Snow, leave all my hall-ealen sandwiches lo Diane Schick. Richard Williams, leave my raresl possessions, rulers and pencils, lo lhe pooresl sevenlh grader. Belly Theile, leave my bollle ol peroxide lo some olher semi-brunelle. Philip Van Dall, leave my sponge lo Millon Blake. Bill Harmon, leave my big appelile and big "cpu" lo some skinny sevenlh grader. Jud Carler, leave my red hair and freckles lo Mr. Comer. Ricahrd Neddersen, leave lhe milk machines lo Reno, Ne- vada. Granl Shuey, leave my muscular body and alhlelic abilily lo Mr. Kreger. Judi Baker, leave my A in spelling lo any sevenlh grader who will buy my book. f

Page 39 text:

I. I fi I X C' 1444 Zlliiln I, Brad Olsen, leave my lasl flakes of dandruff lo a snowslorm. l, Rebel Palm, leave Mr. I"lesfer. I, Nadya Roegiers, leave lhe hole in lhe bollom of my desk lo anyone who needs a weak excuse for losing homework. I, Jim Roos, leave my bike lo any leacher who can use il. I, Peggy Schevill, leave my Toni home permanenl lo Mr. Boyce. I, Jeff Schwarck, leave my frowns lo a prune. I, Susan Schwalka, leave my black and gold cal lo lhe Shrine circus. I, Debbie Smilh, leave my gifl of gab lo Jonalhan Jensen. I, Vaughn Srnilh, leave my quiel ways lo a boiler faclory. I, Paul Teachoul, leave my F's fo lhe alphabel soup. I, Kalhy Tesman, leave lhe localion of my room lo some eighlh grade recluse. I, Saundra Thurslon, leave all lhe shorl boys lo lhe girls in lhe sevenlh grade. I, Sally Young, leave my red-haired, even-lempered leacher lo Barbara Palalino. I, Tom Mann, leave my abilily fo perform a double somersaull wilh a full lwisl, and s+iII land on my back lo Tom Brooks. I, Kalhy Finlay, leave lhe Conslilulion Tesl lo Bill Powell. I, Michele Angelo, leave my nick name "Machine" lo a meal grinder. Marge Williams, leave Mr. Isola lo lhe June Taylor Dancers. , Jeff Neighbor, leave lo any lover of good music, my base viol. I, Judy Murphy, leave my place by lhe door lo Cherie Sharp. I, Mary Gardiner, leave my abilily lo gel lo class by 9:25 lo Linda Anderson. I, I-lealher Thurslon, leave my wallel full of piclures fo Linda Bargones. I, Lee Wendelbo, leave lhe public address syslem lo Charlie Ward. I, Bob Davies, leave my place on lhe floor as a "spoller" dura ing lumbling fo Don Phelps, I, Gary I-Ienderson, leave all lhe balls I have marked, and losl, lo lhe sevenlh grade. I, Pal Flinl, leave my abilily lo peel an apple lo Margo Corona. I, Tom I-leiser, leave my Panlher Palrol Cap lo lhe cleaners. I, Jane Lowman, leave my abilily fo run lhe 50 lo Ricky Layne. I. I.uzanne Lang, leave Mr. Baylis fo Linda Bargones and Adele Broginski. I, Frances Kyle, leave my apple cores and orange peels lo Karen Ferslern. I, Joan Robinson, leave lhe sevenlh grade boys lo D'Ann Chrislie. I, Norila Jones, leave a fragmenl of my ald violin wilhoul regrel lo Mr. Meeder. I, Kalhie Brobeck, leave my abilily lo come in lasl in all run- ning exercises lo Tom Kirby. I, Skip Nelson, leave my 62 demerils for I6 weeks lo Barry Howard, , I, Gene Pinkley, leave my running abilily lo Peler Read. A PROPHECY David Dail-I predicl fhal lhe road going lo lhe lop of lhe hill will nol go over for al Ieasl lhree years. Reg Barrell, leave Mr. Baylis lo some lucky sevenlh grader. Kurf Lundblad, leave my bands lo anyone wilh slraighl leelh. Carolyn Schuller, leave lo lhose brave sevenlh graders who follow me, my class noles. Paul Scholberg, leave my place on lhe demeril charl. Mark Schullenhel, leave my abilily lo . . , no I'Il keep il. Barbara Smifh, leave my abilily lo day-dream fo Susan Kronke. Mickey Wilber, leave my used flash bulbs lo anyone who can use lhem. Irene Waschmirlh, leave my leelh lo lhe Denlal Survey. Caroline Daniels, being of sound mind, leave Room 7 lo lhe "lucky" souls who gel il nexl year. Judy Courlrighl, leave my abilily lo make faces and noises lo Dini Miller. Jim I-lunler, leave my view of lhe cows on lhe hills lo Peler Ginsburg. Palrick Gilmore, leave a slighlly used desk lo Mario Albo, Mike Finn, leave my place in lhe Red Slalion Wagon lo lhe nexl person who comes lo early morning classes. Cindy Rasmussen, leave Mr. Boycels charm, affeclion, and grey hairs lo lhe sevenlh grade girls. Sylvia I-lowes, leave all my books lo Marilyn I-Iinde. Carolyn Cook, leave all my lesls lo Mary Rodden. Eddie Lee, leave-I hope. Bob Merriam, leave my abilily lo cook lo any fulure chef. John Olivas, leave my abilily lo do calisfhenics lo Mike Bigler. ,Susan Henry, leave all my unfinished homework lo Jan Miller. I-lilary Brown, leave all lhe blackboards I have wriffen on, and all lhe chalk lrays I have emplied lo Judy Bauman. Joe Cayling, leave my abilily lo shool ricebirds wilh a shol- gun fo Mr. Isola. Tim Rowe, leave my abilily lo calch poison oak lo no one. Don Kidd, leave my laugh lo Jaspar Allara. Frank Feldman, leave Mr. Baylis' jokes lo some sevenlh grader. I-lella Dulra, leave my emply peroxide bollles fo Jill Rankin. Judy Davidson, leave-for Slenderella. Allan Nilmeier, leave my demerils lo be passed on. Margarel Bodfish, leave my weallh of debls and morlgages lo lhe whole sevenlh grade who will have lo unife lo pay lhem. Sue Tharp, leave lhe eighfh grade lo all who wanl il. Palricia Rahmeyer, leave my used golf club during P. E. lo Randy Corsi. Bonnie McLaverly, leave my used locker combinalion fo Mr. Rosel. Susan Jensen, leave my abilily lo nol lo slay mad al any- one for longer lhan five seconds lo Anne Laurenson. Valerie Silva, leave my sense of humor lo my ex-feacher. Bob Connolly, leave my seal by lhe drinking founlain lo some poor lhirsly sevenlh grader who fakes my place. Dale Garrison, leave all my chewed pencils lo Suzy Gloy. Gerrie Olsen, leave my knock-oul abilily lo Joe Palooka. Barb Champion, leave my familiar lolions, lipslicks, combs and nail files lo Hazel Bishop. Pally Brown, leave my abilily fo be a good cilizen lo Mr. Sherman. AI Dahlsfrand, leave my mill lo lhe P. E. "rag bag." Vol I-Ioward, leave my place al lhe penally lable lo Ray Haywood. Chuck Blue, leave my lea parlies wilh Mr. Comer lo Tom Easlerbrook. George Kimball, leave my abilily lo gel "you know whaf" lo Bill I-Iilger. Joe Moore, leave my old eraser slubs lo Dick Slark and Randy Thaman. Susan I-lighlower, leave my heighl lo Joanne Chrislie. Lonnie Anderson, leave Dr. Lamberl a new rug in place of lhe one I wore oul. Bob Bailey, leave my abilily fo look oul 'lhe window long enough lo painl a piclure lo Keilh Thrillkill.

Page 41 text:

Hefdmg Z .,.. I 4 f f' -mv g V 3 r V Qi f -P iii f 'R - Fir? v Zvi I R was I' y y Q . 5 8 . 'Mil Q? 0 " . vi Ss Y -A'A' K X 1 52' -" '7.f f M " 'f' - A - ffffslriifw S 'IQ qi, P+ -...L-:.,,,., in-QA gig,

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