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THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY 10 1 k H I AN Published by The Students ' Association of Piedmont College Demorest, Georgia i) i; ii i r i t i ii i The students of Piedmont College, representing only a small group of his many friends, treasure his sineere devotion, cherish his wholehearted cooperativeness, admire his colorful versatility, praise his self-sacrificing goodness, and delight in his unrestricted friendliness; therefore, we dedicate this YONAHIAN of 1940 to PROFESSOR A. R. VAN CLEAVE. ft ft I F (I It K W I) I! I) Here ' s your 1940 YONAHIAN. In it are reproductions of familiar scenes and faces which identify Piedmont College; in it are repre- sented feelings and attitudes which also identify Piedmont. In compil- ing this annual, the Staff has kept in mind these factors and has striven to produce a constant reminder of the activities and spirit which were a part of Piedmont in 1939-40. CAMPUS SCENES t h e Yonahian 1940 « » f A CULT Y MALCOLM BOYD DANA President Carlton College, A.B.; Hartford Semi- nary, M.A.; B.D. W. BAXTER SMITH .p.. ; a.m. Registrar ; Mathematics RUTH C. STONE B.S. ; A.M. Dean of Women CORIAN STAMBAUGH B.S.H.E. ; A.M. Home Economics W. SILAS ROBERTS A.B. ; B.S. ; M.S. ; PH.D. Chemistry ; Physics RUTH FORD ATKINSON A.B. ; A.M. Mathematics HOMER W. STEVENS A.B. ; A.M. ; LL.B. J LL.M. Sociology ; Economics MABEL S. PERCY A.B. ; B.B.L. Elementary French C. LISLE PERCY A.B. ; B.D. ; M.A. History EARL KENDALL CARTER A.B. ; A.M. Advanced French; English A. R. VAN CLEAVE A.B. ; M.A. Education FAYE BRATCHER B.S. Commerce J. LOUTS MARTENS A.B. ; A.M. : PH.D. Coach ; Biology t h e Yonahian 1940 I II II i I S i I! I i I B I1.EY M. WADE Ogden College, A.B. ; Indiana University, A.M.; Peabody College, Ph.D. f ALAN T. JONES A.B. : B.D. Religion ; Philosophy INEZ BROWN n.s. ; M.A. English and Speech GRACE M. KEENEY ' oice ETTA S. ANSTED Dietitian JAMES R. TAYLOR Treasurer KATHERINE REYNOLDS B.M. Piano and I ' iolin EDITH H. VALPEY Librarian NINA M. DORMAN k.X. College Nurse MARIE BORING A.B. Assistant Registrar LAUNAH JUSTUS A.B. . Issistant Treasurer ALDA HALLFORD Dormitory Superz ' isor s i; mm; r i, i s n OFFICERS Thomas Harris President John William Pittman Vice-President Winifred Welden Secretary J. R. Smith Treasurer Hilda Arnold Mavsville, ( Ja. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Cabinet 4: B. S. U. 4. Vl Conrad C. Bishop Georgiana, Ala. B.S. University of Tampa 1 ; Abraham Baldwin 2; Perkinston College 3; Piedmont 4 ; J. S. Green 4; Boxing 4; Boxing Trainer 4; Tennis 4. Viola Prudence Bleckley Rabun (jap, ( la. A.B. Rabun Gap Nacooehee 1, 2; Piedmont 3, 4; Gamma Chi 4, Vice- President 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Drama Club 4. Axx Stripling Boyd .... A.B. Miami, Fla Piedmont 1, 2, 3; Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, President 3; Class Secretary 1, Treasurer 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, President 3, Cabinet 2; Debating Club 1, 2, 3, President 3; Drama Club 2, 3; B. S. U. 3; (Jul Staff 2, 3; A. W. S. 3; Vice-President, Students ' Association 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3. Jasolene Carter Toccoa, Ga. A.B. North Georgia College 1, 2; Piedmont 3, 4; Gamma Chi 3, 4. Seniors Seniors Flora I rim: Crump Demorest, Ga. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Theta Zeta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Assistant Librarian 3, 4. .Margaret Eugenia Echols Milledgeville, Ga. A.B. G. S. C. W. 1,2; Piedmont 3. 4; Gamma Chi 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. Frances Ellison Clarkesville, Ga. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3. 4; A. W. S. 4; Basketball 4; Torch 3. Lucius L. Free Mt. Airy, Ga. B.S. Piedmont 1, 2, 3; J. S. Green 1, 2, 3. Victoria i; Ham is Clarkesville, Ga. Piedmont 1 , 2, 3, 4. Thomas G. Harris Millen, Ga. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-President 3, President 4; J. S. Green 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 1, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4; Owl Staff 4; Travelli Scholarship 4. Grace Long Waycross, Ga. A.B. Southern Union College 1, 2; Piedmont 3, 4; Theta Zeta Phi 3, 4, President 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4, Cabinet 4; Executive Cabinet 4; Music Appreciation Club 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 4; Owl Staff 4; Drama Club 3, 4. Madge Lee McDowell Saluda, S. C. A.B. Franklin Springs Institute 1,2; Piedmont 3, 4; Theta Zeta Phi 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4, Cabinet 4; A. W. S. 4, Secretary 4; Drama Club 3,4. Nixon Arthur Moseley Demorest, Ga. B.S. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Protropian 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Class President 3; Treasurer, Students ' Association 4; Y. M. C. A. 1,2, 3, Cabinet 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4. Dakotah Mozeley Clayton, Ga. A.B. Rabun Gap Nacoochee 1, 2; Piedmont 3, 4; Gamma Chi 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Folk Dancing Team. Seniors Lakotah Mozeley Clavton, Ga. A.B. Rabun Gap Nacoochee College 1,2; Piedmont 3, 4; Gamma Chi 4 Y. T . C. A. 4; Folk Dancing Team. Emma Nelle Nunn Jefferson, Ga. A.B. Young Harris 1.2; Piedmont 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. Grady Oliver Royston, Ga. B.S. Franklin Springs Institute 1, 2; Piedmont 3, 4; Protropian 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Biology Laboratory Assistant 4. John William Pittman Fitzgerald, Ga. B.S. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 2, Vice-President 4; J. S. Green 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 4; Owl Staff 2, Business Manager 3, Editor 4; Drama Club 3, 4, President 4; Titcomb Scholarship 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities 4. Lois Pitts Cornelia, Ga. A.B. U.S. Piedmont 1936; Gamma Chi; Debating Club; French Club; Cornelia Club. Noel Purceli Demo rest, Ga. A.B. Franklin Springs Institute 1 ; Piedmont 2, 3. Thomas H. Riden Bostwick, Ga. B.S. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Executive Cabinet 4; J. S. Green 1, 2, 3, 4; Yonahian Staff 3; Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4. George F. Rodgers Dublin, Ga. B.S. Gordon Military College 1; Piedmont 2, 3; Protropian 2, 3, Critic 3 ; B. S. U. Council 2, 3, Vice-President 3 ; Drama Club 3, Treasurer 3; Travelli Scholarship 3; Ozt ' Staff 3; Photo Developer for 1940 Yonahian. Clyde L. Smith, Jr Washington, Ga. B.S. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 3; President, Students ' Associa- tion 4; Protropian 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 3; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3; f ? r Staff 3, 4; Yonahian Business Manager 3. Editor 4: Debating Club 4, Presi- dent 4. J. R. Smith Clermont. ( ia. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4; Protropian 1 , 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, President 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; B. S. U. Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, 2, 3, President 4: Y. M. C. A. 1.2. 3, 4, Vice- President 4; Ministerial Association 4, Vice-President 4. Seniors I )i ii. Thompson Cragford, Ala. B.s. Southern Union College 1,2; Protropian 3, 4, Critic 4, President 4 V. M. C. A. 3, 4; Basketball 3. 4; Softball 3, 4. Harrington Ward Washington, Ga. B.S. S. G. T. C. 1 ; Piedmont 2, 3, 4; J. S. Green 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Glee Club 3, 4, Quartet 2; Yonahian Staff 3; Owl Staff 3; Music Appreciation Club 4. Marie Waters High Shoals, Ga. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3; Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 3 ; Y. W. C. A. 1,2,3; Protropian Sponsor 3, Secretary to Treasurer 3. Winifred Welden Griffin, Ga. A.B. Piedmont 1, 2, 3. 4; Class Secretary 4; Theta Zeta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, President 4; A. W. S. 4, President 4; Glee Club Pianist 3; Assistant Dean of Women 4. 14 .mini! n, i s s OFFICERS Collie Seymour President Thomas Parham Vice-President William George Purcell Secretary Barnett W ATKINS Treasurer IS .i 1 1 ions Mary Jam-: APPLEBY Naomi Barrett Lloyd Bowers Winder, ( la. ( ' irnelia, Ga. R03 r st in. ia. Sam Brabson Leo Burgess Homkk Cantrell Demorest, Ga. Eastanollee, Ga. . Cornelia. ( ia. Bonnie Mae Carpenter . Demorest, Ga. Johnnie Cash Bogart, da. Julian Cash Mt. Airy, Ga. Burton Coley Bowdon, Ga. Wilonell Collins Blairsville, Ga. Louis Cox Lebanon, Ga. Louise Duck .... Dadeville, Ala. Sam Flint Mt. Airy.Ga. Bex Fricks, Jr ersvillc, Ga. Betty Gardner Ikma Garrison l.NES H. KDV Jacksonville, Fla. Milan, Ga. Demorest. Ga. t h e Yonahian 1940 16 .1 1 I II I! N S. J. Hartsfield .... Demorest, Ga. Mrs. S. J. Hartsfield . . Demorest, Ga. Melvin Haynes .... Clermont, Ga. Bettv Held . Reba Holcombe Dan B, Jordan Wyanet, 111. Alpharetta, Ga. . . Molena, Ga Marion Lord .... High Shoals, Ga. Thomas Parham . . . East Point, Ga. Hilda Payne .... Danielsville, Ga. Lorena Payne . . . Danielsville, Ga. Ainsworth Purcell Woodbury, Ga. William George Purcell . Commerce, Ga. DUBRIC RlDGWAV . Collie Seymour . William Sharpe I )ewey Rose, ( la. Dewey Rose, Ga. . Clanton, Ala. Rex Stambaugh b vrnett w atkins Vik(;ii. Welborn Demorest, Ga. Lavonia, Ga. Clarkesville, Ga. Ei i ts Wilkinson Mary E. Wood Toccoa, ( la. Richmond, Va. s ii i ii ii w ii is i ; r lass OFFICERS George McFarlin ' resident B. W. McRae Vice-President 1 iiiu Rizer Secretary Handsel Morgan Treasurer t h e Yonahian 1940 18 N II Ml llll II I! K s Mary Arnold Louise Baker . Thais Barrett Maysville, Ga. Clarkesville, Ga. Charlotte, X. C. Sybil Bennett . . . Gainesville, (la. Edna Blanchard . . Thomson, Ga. Tom Brabson . . . Demorest, Ga. Ruby Brooks . . . Covington, Ga. Brabson Burrell . . . Clayton, Ga. Charles Clement . . Demorest, ( .a. Robert Craddock . Washington, D. C. Mazie Davis .... Toccoa, Ga. Joe Deadwyler . . . Waycross, Ga. Charles Drake . Odell Dyer Marie Elder Braselton, Ga. Demorest, Ga. . Demorest, Ga. 19 S I) I ' II (I (IMS Holmes Foster W, J. Goodruw Ida Hallford Cornelia, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Toccoa, (.1 Ollie Mae Hallford . . Toccoa, Ga. Edna Henson . . . Demorest, Ga. Thelma Huckaby . . Woodbury, G Charline Jenkins Edna Jordan . Bobby Lokey Doerun, Ga. . Comer, Ga. Demorest, C N. A. Long .... Waycross, Ga. Ruby Lott .... Shawmut, Ala. James R. Manning Jamesville, N. Geor ge McFarlin . . . Toccoa, Ga. B. W. McRae .... Morven, Ga. Handsel Morgan . . . Buford, G t h e Yonahian 1940 N II I ' II llll II It K N Li iKii.i.K Payne X iim i 1 ' erry Edna Poole Ashland, (la. Winder, Ga. 1 lomtT, ( la. Lorraine Ridgeway . . Winder, Ga. Mahew Rizkk . . . Quitman, Ga. Claudine Robinson . . Jefferson, Ga. Bleckley Ryals . 1 [eyward Sayer Lois Suddeth I )emorest, Ga. 1 ewey Rose, Ga. Winterville, Ga. ? red Tillman . . . Headland, Ala. Constance Van Nostrand, Atlanta, Ga. Frances Walton . . . Danburg,Ga. Arnold Ward . . White Plains, Ga. Albert Welch . . Montague. Mass. Alta White .... Lithonia, Ga. NiKs mm cliss ii - OFFICERS Kdmond Garrison President Robert Lyon Vice-President Helen Pruitt Secretary Ron STEWART Treasurer t h e Yonahian 1940 f ii i; S II u i: Loyce Bagwell ( lainesville, ( ia. Katie Batson Demorest, ( la. Albert Berry Oxford, Ga William Boone .... Maysville, ( ia. Enoch Brown Jefferson, ia. Geraldine Carter Toccoa, ( ia. ( Ji ' iiKi ,i. Chambers Homer, ( la. A. J. Davenport . . Braselton, Ga. Cornelia, Ga. Kathryn Ellard . . . . . Cornelia, Ga. Edmond Garrison Jefferson, Ga. Peggie Garrison . . . . Clarkesville, Ga. Virginia Garrison Cornelia, ( ia. Emily George .... Oxford. Ga. Marjorie Hardman Colbert, Ga. Frances Haulbrook . . . Maysville, Ga. Sydney Heixdel . . Cornelia. ( ia 23 I I! I: N II M H Doris Hendrickson .... Demorest, Ga. Marjorie Hopkins Powder Springs, Ga. Joh I Iii i - Demorest, Ga. Mary Jackson Miami, Fla. Patsy Kimsly Cornelia, Ga. Roscoe LeCroy, Jr Carnesville, Ga. Robert Lvox Waltham, Mass. William Maddox Toccoa, Ga. Grace Malcolm Madison, Ga. Carolyn Moore Ambrose, Ga. Tom Nunn Maysville, Ga. Bettv Osborne Monroe, Ga. Ray Osp.orxe Monroe, Ga. Annabel Payne Danielsville, Ga. Dorothy Pratt Columbia, S. C. Gertrude Presley Baxley, Ga. Helen Prcitt Homer, Ga. Hill Purceli Jefferson, Ga. t h e Yonahian 1940 •1 I ' I! i n mi i: Richard Rhode Arcadia, Fla. Ruth Ritchie Demorest, Ga. Billy Scott Jacksonville, Fla. James Sii aw Madison, Ga. King Sherrer Crawford, Ga. Gladys Smoot Woodbury, Ga. John Stambaugh Demorest, Ga. Evelyn Stephens Demorest, Ga. Roy Stewart Baldwin, Ga. Charles C. Tate Frank Tolbert . Dorothean Tyner Cornelia, Ga. . Maysville, Ga. . Crawford. ( la. Harrison Voight . . . East Cleveland, Ohio Cola Mae Wakefield .... Bowman, Ga. Joe W ATKINS Lavonia, Ga. Mary Watkins Ball Ground, Ga. Muriel Watkins .... Ball Ground, Ga. June Welden Griffin, Ga. Hazel Wilbanks Glenn Williams Clarkesville, ( la. Birmingham, Ala. 25 ! J 1 1 ■ ft- } . $ } WI m + t h e Yonahian 1940 26 r; Commons I lull . . . Courting on the steps . . . study hall from 7:30 to 9:30 . . . feasts . . . coffee making . . . quiet hours . . . club room . . . visiting alter eleven . . . " You know you aren ' t sup- posed to be visiting alter eleven " . . . rolling bottles down the steps . . . " Go to your rooms, " iris. It ' s bedtime. " . . . " II ho knocked out that screen. ' 1 " . . . hair rolling . . . " Turn off your radios. It ' s study hall, you know. " . . . parties in the parlor . . . boys ' pictures . . . signs on doors in rooms . . . clamoring doun stairs when the mail or malt conns. t h e yon ah an 1940 -8 COMMONS HALL 29 i {) i; i) ii i , l t h e Yonahian 1940 30 Ford 1 1 (ill . . . Thumping steam pipes and razzing alarms . . . the j:- ' rush for j o ' clock breakfast . . . rash to meet (lasses . . . are photographers . . . dark room . . . domestic inclination, as seu ing socks or washing clothes . . . swiped »7 bulbs . . . blown lusts . . . gang-ups and bull sessions . . . blaring radios and midnight coffee . . . open all night . . . curbed service . . . original music and " barbershop " harmony . . . screaming trumpets and ringing guitars ■ ■ ■ broadcasting. 31 Campbell Hall . . . on the hill . . . love seats in the yard . . . Iron porch light always just " burned " out . . . piano playing . . . bedroom slippers sliding and clanking up anil down the hulls all hours oj the night . . ■ hair rolled up . . . leasts galore ■ . . early-morning cold showers . . ■ tap-dancing tiller midnight . . . twenty-eight girls on one bed . . . bed fulling . . . talking in the hull into the wet hours . . . boys whistling for certain girls . . . girls scrambling when mail comes . . . smell oj boiling coffee . . . writing letters home . . . some studying . . . birthday parties and un-birthday parties . . . flaring housecoats . . . fun! . . . Campbell!! wiq ' -v t h e Yonahian 1940 32 CAMPBELL HALL 33 n r i r i! i: u 1 1 1 11 1 u the Yonahian 1940 34 . hurried dinner . . . a rush to i :jo " lab ' . . . physics, inorganic chemistry, organic, or " quant — it ' s an afternoon of work any way you look at it . . . urged on by a desire to solve tin unknown . . . examining the mystic contents of the reagent shelves . . . sensing to some degree, by sight, odor, or taste the significance d the reactions we provoke; unbalanced by unbalanced equations , queried by un- explainable phenomena : still learning and learning to learn that we don ' t know anything . . . instructed by one who leaves an indelible mark of Orderliness ' nil cleanliness on each student . . . led by one ivho has given his life to training students . . . we complete the afternoon s work. IT Work ri the Yonahian 1940 36 37 Arounc 3 T II K C il P I! S 39 Fill WITH Snow II t h e Yonahian 9 4 4-2 Wit THE STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Clyde Smith President Edna Jordan Secretary Ann Boyd Vice-President Lorraine Ridgeway .... Vice-President Nixon Moseley Treasurer fr-JSr-i SMc EXECUTIVE CABIJVET Grace Long Tom Riden Elizabeth I [eld I! k KTT W VTKINS M vry Jane Appleby M Mil w Rizer M vt Jackson Joi Watkinj President and Vice-President of the Students ' Association serve as ex-officio members. t h e Yonahian 9 4 it p t f - i ii i: ministerial ilii; OFFICERS First Semester Collie Seymour . J. R. Smith . Leo Burgess . S. J. Harts I- 1 1. id President Vice-President . Secretary Secretary Second Semester S. J. Hartsfiei.d .... President Melvin Haynes Albert Welch ice-President Secretary THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENT Ml UNCI L OFFICERS Winifred Welden Madge McDowell Charline Jenkins W ' i nifred Welden Madge McDowell Frances Ellison Elizabeth Held Reba Holcombe Bonnie Mae Carpenter Charline Jenkins X i im 1 Perry Edn I [enson Mary Jackson June Welden Evelyn Stephens I ' ■ K I I ' Y G Mi I ' NEK .Miss Rcth Stone Mks. r. f. Atkinson President Secretary Corresponding Secretary Nol in picture 45 Illl« HliUM III II II OFFICERS Billy Pittman .... President Mary Jane Appleby . Pice-President Ribv Lott Secretary Gecrge Rodgers .... Treasurer Rex Stambaugh . Property Manager E. K. CARTER Director " Pulling the Curtain " November 1 1, 1939 Three One-Act Plays Presented by the PIEDMONT PLAYERS APRIL 13, 1940 All plays coached by Piedmont students and members of the Drama Club THE RED LAMP Coached by B. W. McRae THE RECTOR Coached by VlOLA Bleckley THE SINGAPORE SPIDER Coached by MaheW Rizer ( Also presented before the Kiwanis Club of Cornelia) t h e Yonahian 1940 46 Tin: iiiiiimu mi: OFFICERS Ann Boyd . ' resident Clyde Smith 1 ' reside nt G JORGE McF RI.IN . 1 it -President A I AR1 Jane A PPLEBY Ri cord ; Secretary A. R. Van Cl E WE Coach C. L. Percy Coach The State Debate Champions, (i. S. C. W. I )ecember 2 ¥. W. C. A: OFFICERS ANN S. BOYD . . President Winifred Welden . President Betty Gardner, lice-President Lorraine Ridgeway . Secretary Naomi Perry . . Treasurer CABINET Marion Lord Thelma Huckaby Betty Held Grace Long Madge McDowell Ruby Lott Y. M. C.A. OFFICERS Thomas Harris J. R. Smith . Collie Seymour Tom Parham . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer CABINET Handsel Morgan Hen Fricks, Jr. Albert Welch Burton Coley ■ Nol in picture t h e Yonahian 1940 48 The KAPTIST IK T UNION COUNCIL J. R. Smith Tom Parham Mary Jane Appleby George Rodgers George McFarlin Mahew Rizer Marie Waters Ruth Stone, Adviser The liLEB CLUB 49 ywi Billy Pittmax Editor THE W Piedmont Boys Lose Opening Game; While Girls Easily Trim Habersham " f ' " v,. SENIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIORS Intramural Sundinc 0 -° a .BASKETBALL oP . V 1 KOI ND-UP n y Gamma Chi Literary Society Will Present sy Sophomores i„ „ Their Anniversary Program December 9l .?« tfP- IN THE WEE HOURS - by I 0. sleep , S v« : le« " • " ' •• Hallowe ' en , , . B- ;lr, m;iJ Success Music Appreciation Club Formed Rex Stambaugh Business Manager the Yonahian 1 940 50 STIFF George Rodgers Yews Editor Mary Jane Appleby Society Editor Sam Flint Sports Editor Lorraine Ridgeway Feature Editor Clyde Smith ilumni Editor REPORTERS Thomas Harris, Betty Gardner, B. W. McRae, Grace Long, Glenn Williams. SPORTS STAFF George McFarlix, Edna Jordan, Mahew Rizer, Ruby Brooks. Charles Drake Associate Editor the mum Clyde Smith Editor Lloyd Bowers Business Manager ji v v JA 1 fe i L| 1 Staff M vry Jam-: Appleby Handsel Morgan Edna Jordan Kathryn Fain 53 Charles Drake TV rilNTI ZKT.l Nil LITERARY SOCIETY Motto: " Knowledge is the Golden Key to Success. " Flower: Chrysanthemum Colors: Black and Gold Ann Sullivan Mascot m Miss Corian Stambaugh Sponsor OFFICERS First Semester Grace Long President Ruby Lott Vice-President Betty Held Secretary Mary Jane Appleby Treasurer Second Semester Winifred Weldex President Reba Holcombe Vice-President EDNA Hexsox Secretary Ruby Lott Treasurer THETA ZETA PHI Presents BLACKBERRY WINTER By Hubert Hayes PIEDMONT COLLEGE AUDITORIUM Saturday, April 6, 1940, 8:00 P. M. THE CAST Aunt Jenny Boone Grace Loxg Lora Boone Naomi Perry Dessie Thais Barrett AKin Benny Fricks Fed Edgar Dorm a x Wanda I ' arris Mary Jane Appleby Page Alexanda Charles Drake Lizzie Betty Gardner Pudge Marilyn Bratcher the Yonahian 1 940 54 55 PMITMIPIM LITERARY SOCIETY Motto: " Knowledge is Power. " Marie Waters Sponsor E. K. Carter Honorary Member OFFICERS First Semester J. R. Smith . Lloyd Bowers . Mahew Rizer . Thomas Parham President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Duel Thompson President Nixon Moseley .... Vice-President B. W. McRae Secretary Dubric Ridgway Treasurer THE PROTROPIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Presents LUTHER E. BUICE and DORIS MOORE Piedmont College Auditorium February 24, 8:00 P. M. • PROGRAM The Two Grenadiers . . R. Schuman Hear Me! Ye Winds and Waves. Handel (Air from the opera " Schipio " ) The Blind Ploughman . . . Clarke To The Evening Star . R. Wagner ( Tannhauser) Nocturne F. Chopin 1 ( lp. 55, No. 1 ) The Open Road 4mbraise Shipmates O ' Mine . . Sanderson When I Have Sung Mv Sunns . Charles I )nna " ... McGill To Spring Edvard Grieg (Op. 43, No. 6) Deep River Burleigh ( 1 ' Man River Kern The ( Ud Refrain .... Kreisler the Yonahian 1 940 It 57 liunn cm uiiiiiin society Flower: Pans) Motto: " Carpe Diem. " Mary Dana Mascot Colors: Purple and Grey Mrs. Ruth Ford Atkinson Sponsor OFFICERS First Semester Ann Boyd President Marie Waters .... Cue-President Lorraine Ridgeway Secretary Charline Jenkins Treasurer Second Semester Marie Waters President Viola Bleckley .... rice-President Lorena Payne Secretary Thelma Huckaby Treasurer GAMMA CHI LITERARY SOCIETY On Its Nineteenth Anniversary ' resents DANGER— GIRLS WORKING Piedmont Coi December g, [939 CAST OF Arlene Day . Selena Barnes . Grayce Johnston Rosie . . . . Hannah Williams Phyllis Deering . Claudia Vanderme Mrs. McCarthy Lulu Ann Smith Miss erne . Ray Cartwright Directed by Mr. I .lege Auditorium 8:00 P. M. • CHARACTERS . Carolyn Moore Lorraine Ridgeway . Marion Lord Edna Jordan June Welden . Lorena Paynb it . Ellis Wilkinson Loyce Bagwell . Thelma Hu k b (11 vrune Jen kins I )orothean Tyner £arl Kendall Carter the Yonahian I 940 58 50 j. n. am Mil ' : is in society Motto : " Excelsior. " Mary Jam-: Appleby Sponsor J. L. Martens Honorary Membt r OFFICERS First Semester Billy Pittman .... Barrington Ward Ben Fricks, Jr Hob Craddock .... result ' lent Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Thomas Harris President Ben Fricks, Jr Fire-President BaRNETT WATKINS Secretary Hob Craddock Treasurer THE J. S. GREEN LITERARy SOCIETY Presents J. T. PITTMAN, Pianist Piedmont College Auditorium November 17 8: 3° p - M - • PROGRAM Sonata, Opus 27, No. 2 (Moonlight) Beethoven Adagio sostenuto Ulegretto Presto agitato Sonata Apassionata Beethoven Allegro Andante Allegro ma non troppo Fantaisie Impromptu Chopin Nocturne in F Sharp Major . . . Chopm Etude in Thirds Chopin Revolutionary Etude hopin Reflections on tin- Water .... Debussy Tlie (iirl With the Flaxen Hair . . Debussy Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 2 . . . . Liszt t h e Yonahian 1940 60 %4Tfc o r, a. a : j . 61 r- f t h e Yonahian 1940 ( ii nki.i. k 1 1 1 us. Special Edward Roy, Senior Demorest, Ga. Helena, Ala. LeRov C. Brown, Senior . . . Clayton, Ga. Wesley Lawrence, Junior . . Middleton, Ga. J. C. Land, Senior . . . . Mrs. J. C. Land, Junior Canton, Ga. Canton, Ga. Jesse Smith, Junior . . . Ball Ground, Ga. .Mrs. Jesse Smith, Junior . . Ball Ground, Ga. Fred Perkins, Junior Canton, Ga. Mrs. Fred Perkins, Junior . . Canton, Ga. John Marvin Hood, Junior . . . Sautee, Ga. Dennis G. Howell, Freshman . Eastanollee, Ga. 62 I! II Ilk HIIIS (P e •» ATHLETICS J 1 a n £5 o r o 11 j [ 9 L ' 2 i | 7 d b M li 3 li 5 J H A v H iH Hc t9W£b A 1 1 f am ' f3 ' EJhl p Jli While the Piedmont team cannot see many victories as they look in retrospect upon the 1940 season, they can see a team that was always fighting ; a team that played ball for the sake of playing ball and that was not defeated by their losses ; and a team that in most games was able to hold any opponent to a close score during the first half. But the 1940 season was certainly not without its thrills — remember our 26-25 defeat by Young Harris, our 49-42 defeat by Monroe Aggies, and those exciting first halves of nearly every home game. The wholehearted support offered by the student body to the team indicates that the team did have something to offer. Mahew Rizer, Bobby Lokey, John Huff and Glenn Williams were members of the team, and played in several games. However, they were unable to stay with the squad throughout the entire season. Mention should be made of Tom Brabson, John Stam- baugh, Edmond Garrison, King Sherrer, Albert Berry, and others who were valuable as substitutes and who prepared themselves for successful participation next year. t h e Yonahian 1940 64 RIDKN — Tom has for tour years been a prom- inent figure in Piedmont basketball. This year he was second only to Thompson, both in the number of points scored and the number of quarters in which he played. He scored 92 points in 77 quarters. Tom was also verj valuable to the team as a leader and co-captain. Tom Riiif.x JORDAN — Dan made himself essential to our team by his fast breaking, hard playing, and by his ability to shoot goals, especially by taking a ball from the back board. Credit should be given Dan as one of the members who held the team together. PURCELL — Ainsworth was a dangerous man un- der the goal, and was always in the middle of the play- ing. FRICKS — " Benny " reached his height against N. G. C. on the Dahlonega court, ami always played a hard game, being especially good on defense. Duel Thompson THOMPSON— Duel has been one of the very best guards in the history of Piedmont. He led his team in number of points scored and also in the number of quarters in which he played. He shot 151 points during the season and played in 84 out of 92 quarters. The manner in which Duel can handle the ball, break toward the goal, and his spectacular shots made him a favorite with the Piedmont supporters. Jordan PURCELL Fricks Tmi BERT W ATKINS Bishop Moseley Brown BOYS ' n.iskmuii TOLBERT — Frank, starting off as a green freshman, has unquestionably improved more during the season than any other member of the team. W ATKINS — " Little Joe, " by the appearance of his hair, made the Hiawassee supporters laugh until they saw his accurate shots, and felt the consequences of his close guarding. BISHOP — Conrad was a good guard and, aided by his favored left hand, was an important factor in the team ' s passwork and deception. MOSELEY — Nick was a good defensive guard and was especially good on making his long shots loop through the net. BROWN — ■Enoch, though his basketball playing was interrupted by boxing, made himself valu- able to the team, especially by his successful technique of shooting goals. Piedmonl vs. North Georgia College the yon ah an 1940 Piedmont vs. Rabun Gap College 66 Jackson accredited herself well, and named as guard and Mary players of the tournament. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL The Piedmont girls ' sextet was one of the most formidable in North Georgia. Before the onslaught of their sharpshooters bowed Habersham, Rabun Gap, Reinhardt College teams, Monroe A. and M., and various high school teams. The only college teams able to defeat our girls were Young Harris and Hiawassee. On a three-game trip to South Georgia our girls met three of the strongest teams in that section — South Georgia, Middle Georgia, and Norman Park — and emerged with their record unscathed. Then our girls went to a basketball tournament in Piedmont, Alabama. Tin ' s sea- son ' s record was not so impressive that they plunged into this tourna- ment to win. The Piedmont team won its first game, but in their second fray they lost a real thriller by a two-point margin to the team that won the finals of the tournament b a 14-point margin. So Piedmont to her further credit Ruby Brooks was Jackson as forward for the 12 all-star JACKSON — Mary was a freshman, but was one of the best for- wards Piedmont has had. When near the goal she was a er accurate shot. Alary was the high scorer on the girls ' team, scoring 175 points during the season, and was co-captain of the team. BROOKS — Ruby was equally good as guard or forward, but, play- ing most of the season as guard, she was one of the most consistent players Piedmont has had. Ruby was co-captain and played in more quarters than any other member of the team. Brooks 67 Jordan A I (HIKE Ellison Ritchie URLS ' BISKETKILL JORDAN — Edna was one of our most consistent players. She played most of the season as guard, yet played forward long enough to score 123 points and to be second only to Jackson in this respect. MOORE — Carolyn was especially good on offense, and was one of our most valuable sharp- shooters. ELLISON — Frances was expert in the manner of handling the ball and her long shots were good enough for two points nearly every time. RITCHIE — Ruth was an outstanding guard, and made herself essential to the team by her depend- able playing. POOLE — Edna, as guard or forward, was always in the middle of the playing, and fighting for Piedmont. WILBANKS — Hazel, though a freshman, was a very consistent guard and made herself impor- tant in the first line of reserves through her defensive ability. Mention should be made of Dorothean Tyner, June Welden, and Emily George, who served as capable substitutes and cause us to look with optimism on the 1941 season. POOLE Wll.i: x KS t h e Yonahian 1940 Piedmont vs. Hiawassee College 68 off to iiu: iiiiuiK i;miu;n After several weeks of intensive training, denying themselves desserts, chopping wood, and going to bed early, Dynamite McFarlin, Cyclone Brown, and Trainer Bruiser Bishop left Demorest for the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament in Atlanta, February 12, accom- panied by Coach A. R. Van Cleave and Dr. Bailey M. Wade. McFarlin lost his first bout on a questionable decision to a Golden Gloves veteran who had been champion in his weight division four out of five times. Brown lost a hard fight. Bishop won his bout, but received an injury that made it advisable for him to withdraw before his next fight. We are looking forward to a more exten- sive boxing program next year. Bishop Brown M Farlin Go i! i s i; i; 1 1, i, St in i Pitcher Riden Infielder J. Watkins Catcher Pittman Outfielder LOKEY Pitcher, Infieldcr This year, for the first time in four years, Piedmont went in for baseball as a regular part of her intercollegiate schedule. The team was made more impressive by the pur- chase of such amounts of equipment, including new uniforms, as had not been known at Piedmont for a number of years. At the beginning of the season it was apparent that our material was almost totally green ; only a few of the boys had had any experience in college baseball. Riden was the most experienced candidate, while Williams, Lokey, Jordan, Pittman, Rizer, and Hood were not totally inexperienced. However, after a few weeks of practice and a number of shifts in the line-up, a promising team began to develop. Williams Outfielder, Pitch er THE MoSI IKY Pitcher ] IlKlll Infielder Yon a hi an 9 4 Bishop Pitcher Rizer Infieldcr 70 TOLBERT Inficldcr Bkkkv Outfielder Jordan Inficldcr B. Wat kins Pitcher Nunn Outfielder, Catcher Rudiseal PUR( K.I.I. TENNIS t h e Yonahian 1940 72 Advertisements The Yonahian staff appreciates the attitude of those firms whose ad- vertisements are found on these pages. Such cooperation has helped not only the staflf, but the college as well. The help of these advertisers has been directly responsible for a closer approximation of the ideal yearbook which would represent Piedmont. With this help we have been able to produce an annual that is better, both as regards quality and in other respects. Everyone connected with the college is obligated to help those who have made such a contribution to the interest of our college. Our advertisers expect cooperation from the college; it is only fair that we should cooperate with them. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS — ♦ ♦♦and Snapshot! The staff wishes to express its appreciation to all who have helped us with the publication of this book. Our efforts have been rewarded by the interest and the support that the students and faculty members have shown toward the annual. Special thanks must be given to George Rodgers, Jack Goodrum, and Barnett Watkins who through their professional and unprofessional serv- ice and advice have aided the staff. This group, along with Charles Drake, the staff photographer, have made and developed all the snapshots found in this book, and have given their time and equipment in furthering the interests of the annual. 7 BUY YOUR . . ! Watches Alarm Clocks J School Supplies Hosiery and Notions J : at ! 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J. ANDREWS ' resilient Piedmont . Ilumni Association I ' icc-Prcsideni Southern Educational i . Issociation 82 mi ii i, i: i i) i) ii e - Piedmont College DEMOREST, GEORGIA Malcolm Boyd Dana, A.B., M.A., B.D. President Piedmont otters four years of standard college work in a distinctly Christian atmosphere. A limited student enrollment guarantees individual instruction and closer contact between faculty and students. J SUMMER QUARTER Six weeks June 10-July 19 Five weeks July 22-August 24 FALL TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 16 For full information address Bailey M. Wade, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Dean PIEDMONT COLLEGE Dkmorest, Georgia 84 s .mn I ; n 1 1 1 r- »»»---. .......-....■■■.■. ...... Photographs for the 1940 Yonahian Made by Whitehall Studios 86 Whitehall Street ATLANTA GEORGIA For additional prints writt to us direct. i 86 WTO-MOOS BlflAVIWS CO. 5 -119 LUCKIE STREET ATLANTA GEORGIA SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating • planning layout and design ' typesetting printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing ... Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PIIINTINU • LITHumiAI ' HINn • ENURAVINU ATLANTA

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