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INFORMATION CENTER CHAMBER of COMMERCE 400 E.WASHINCTOII ST. tgjj- ‘ j V(, v’’ ' •it.. •-•r t ' V. v f- ' ■.i ■•’• ' . 1 -— f ' - •- •-. ' if ' ■. ' ' i, ■■■ ' ' PEThRSBURG HiGH SCHOOL LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER ' %s ■,-v - . ' • i. , ' V V •■ ' •• A iili ' i ‘ ' T; .... ., ' -., t. -.v: .- PETERSBURG HIGH SCHOOL L|0r;Aiiy MpniA CEN ' F The 1973 Missile Staff Presents " The Road Not Taken " 1973 Missile Petersburg High School Petersburg, Virginia Volume XVIII IN DEDICATION Richard Mr. Richard Pegram, a vital part of P.H.S., is known for his Bruton Heights philosphy which he acquired while teaching at Bruton Heights School in Wil- liamsburg, Va. This philosophy is to gain ten new friends as soon as possible, give of yourself and ex- pect nothing in return, and teach them to love and learn. For this, he became known as " Pal. " While serving approx. 27 yrs. in the P.P.S.S. he has become Adminis- trative advisor to the Senior Class, member of P.H.S. Booster ' s Club, Rep of P.H.S. administrative Staff to the city of Petersburg ' s Beautification com- mission, and Assist. Principal. His greatest activ- ity outside of school is with Gillfield Baptist Church where he has served as an active Layman and Deacon for many years. He is also Pegram a member of The Athletic Advisory Council of Va. State College, where he is an avid follower of their entire athletic program. His hobbies and special inter- ests include sports, people, his two grand- children, his daughter and son-in-law and his wife, Mau- delle. Mr. Pegram means many dif- ferent things to the many people that make up this school. Perhaps the most mean- ingful is a quote from Mr. Sublett - " I can truthfully say Mr. Pegram has meant more to me in my life than any other single man I have ever known other than my father. To be in his presence day by day is truly an inspiration. " The members of the 1973 Missile Staff do hereby dedicate this yearbook to our " Pal " , Mr. Richard Pegram. Theme 4 Choices are Before Us Theme Academics Gentry Joins Science Team Top: Jerome Batts, Mary Harvey: Center: Verena Moore: Bottom: Janice Gentry, Mildred Dupriest, Grace Norbrey Top: Eldrich Hammond, Letitia Franklin, Charles Harkrader: Center: Gerald Andrews, Charles Williams: Bottom: Ronald Jolly Academics Academics Vocational Students Acquire Practical Skills Top: Robert Jolly, George Umberger; Center: Violet Walthall, George Aguirre, Bottom: Harry Austin, Theodore Slater Academics Academics 13 iSi:s0B «X5‘««»§f«f ««5 i A A A ‘ sitiiiff iSi:s0B iMBimm Top: Ann Lyons; Bottom: Joan Hall, Elizabeth Hugate Academics Academics 14 English Department Expands By Four Top: Elizabeth Lanier, Marie Maniego; Center: Elnora Harrison, Lessie Ciayborne; Bottom: Ron Featheringil!, Barbara Miller 0 Language Courses Provide Variety Top; Cindy Nelson, Ralph Stronach; Center: Allison Brower, Walter Pittman; Bottom; Martha Broughton Academics Academics Musgrove ' s Paintings Featured At Bland Top: Ken Craves, Mar- guerite Clark, Patricia Wells; Center: Anna Lou Mus- grove, William Richardson; Bottom: Patricia Winston Smith Promoted To Assistant Principal Top: Jimmy Sublett, Frank Smith; Center: Robert Kil- bourne, John Curling, Rich- ard Peg ram; Bottom: Mr. Sublett and Mr. Pegram Academics Academics Administrative Aides Top; Joe Caldwell, Harriett Wilkinson; Center: Doris Gray, Jean Whitmore, Barbara Ivey; Bottom; Joan Zaruba Academics Academics History and Government Top: Nancy Downey; Center: Reese Tucker, Leon Adkins; Bottom: Mary Niebuhr 21 PETERSBURG HIGH SCHOOL 1972 FOOTBALL SEPT 8 THOMAS JJffWSOH HOME HOME IS MlAOOWBftOOK 23 MA HESTtt »fCM£ micxothian PfilfKE GEOtGE 1 3 COtCWIAl HPOMTS THOMAS OAU Top: Mildred Caldwell, Josephine Frederick, Wayne Wawner; Center: William Forester, Ronald Lewis; Bottom: Joanne Beck Academics Academics Top: Margaret Syme, Norman Jenkins, Leon Hariston; Center: Robert Powers, Robert Davis; Bottom: Stanley Barber Teachers Elated Over New Equipment Top: Edith Townsel, Helen Brooks, Darlene Blake; Center; Mary Hohanness, Nancy Inge; Bottom; Vivian West Academics Academics Efficient Office Skills Are Their Goal Top: Lula Lawson; Center: Jeanne Holland, jo Anne Norman; Bottom: Van Caldwell Industrial Arts Academics Academics 26 Top: Treva Cilliatt; Center: johnny Bray, Isabelle Daniel; Bottom: Mary Marshall, Percy Davis Academics Academics Top: Audrey Butterworth, Bernice Lott; Center: Geraldine Maclin, Rhea Dodge; Bottom: Nadine Payne, Beulah Scott More Counselors Required This Year Top: James Aldredge, Frances Morgan, Mary Bailey; Center: Canzata Turner, Kathrine Warner; Bottom: Georgia West, Dorothy Worley Academics u 30 E 0 ) •D ro u Math Department Expands Fall of 73 Top: Annie Mickens, Ellen Moyer; Center; Mr. Alex- ander and Mr. Batts, La Rose Murphy; Bottom: Katie Whitfield Academic Academics 32 Top: Robert Budlove; Bottom: Richard Zaruba, Andre Terrangi Top: Carl Peal, Jo Ann Kiser; Bottom: Stella Johnson Brenda Belfield Academics Activities House of Representatives Front Row: F. Smith, P. Walker, R. Greene, W. Jones, R. Polk, G. Coleman, P. Williams, C. Griffin, R. Chambliss, C. Wiggins, G. Smith, Y. Hayden. Second Row: G. Walker, P. Robinson, L. Richardson, P. Jones, S. Clark, T. Braden, T. Hampton, H. Miles, B. Ridley, T. Levenson, C. Droddy. Third Row: D. Harvell, L. Davis, G. Rainey, R. Miller, D. Chapman, M. Pegram, C. Woods, D. Washington, A. Hill, L. Kizzie, K. Hale. Fourth Row: Mrs. Hollins, J. Dugger, B. Cole, C. Pope, D. Dow!, G. Lindsey, O. Dent, C. Nedrick, S. Lewis, M. Haase, M. Reames, P. Shell, R. Fisher, M. Spurlark. Fifth Row: Mr. Batts, C. Hoge, A. Venable, R. LaFever, j. Tash, K. Smith, M. Chandler, R. Robertson, D. Kelly, K. Madison, D. Wolfery. SCA promotes Activities Senate Front Row; B. Poole, M. Perry, E. Jackson, F, Wilson, A. Edmonds, C. Woods. Second Row: N. Simmons, M. Spurlock, D. Parham, G. Burgess, A. Bolling, A. Fisher, P. Jones, R. Jung, D. Thompkins. Activities 36 NHS Honors PHS ' s Distinguished Scholars The Senior Class Members pictured here represent some of the most prominent intel- lectual images at Petersburg High. Front Row: M. Cohen, B. Cole, Mrs. Frederick, D. Bell, S. Keller. 2nd Row: D. Aziin, J. Giles, D. Warren, M. Bowles, S. Robertson. 3rd Row: B. Poole, V. Robinson, A. Bolling, K. Cornet, D. Wells, E. Norris. 4th Row: J. Pace, R. Atkins, M. Ende, S. Moser. Quill and Scroll Honored for Journalistic Talents Front Row: M. Ende, D. Warren, J. Pace, Mrs. Best. 2nd Row: A. Maclin, D. Aziin, B. Cheely. 3rd Row: V. Robinson, D. Wells. 4th Row: K. McCoy, M. Pegram, J. Giles. 5th Row: R. Savoy, B. Cole, D. Bell. 6th Row: P. Kaplan, R. Atkins, S. Robertson. Volunteer Students Keep Library Operating Smoothly Library Staff Seated: C. Silver, P. Davis, D. Eldridge, C. Winfield, N. Blanks, D. Kaleyta, N. Andrews. Standing: Mrs. Dodge, B. Fish- er, Z. Barlow, B. Sutherland, J. Truner, D. Cook, D. Smith, M. Baugh, M. Hicks, V. Williams, Mrs. Maclin. Projection Crew Left to right: M. Thompson, R. Lewis, M. Hanks, ). Barnes. Clubs Clubs 38 D E C A and DECA First Row; K. Tassell, C. Weaver, D. Dowl, I. James, M. Brockwell, L. Tyo, P. Clarke, M. Light. Second Row: j. Matthews, T. Hairston, S. Roberts, B. Talley, L. Dawson, B. Mar- tinez, j. Cole. Third Row: j. Venskus, T. Hampton, R. Edmonds, C. Walker, E. Bell, M. Griffin, M. Pitmon, M. Daghita. Fourth Row: j. Allen, D. White, B. Collins, W. Bailey, C. Clemons, A. Anderson, M. joftman, L. Plummer. Fifth Row: A. Robinson, D. Sand- ers, E. Sharrett, T. Murrell, j. Walker, C. Cunningham, D. Bulcher, Mr. Williams. Sixth Row: B. Jones, A. Venable, L. Lewis, K. Bordon, D. Williams, L. Foster. V I c A Foster High Standards VICA Front Row: M. Berry, D. Seaborne, D. Lee, B. Ridley, D. Stevens. Second Row: G. Cahall, N. Santiago, M. Gurry, R. Bell, I. Morgan, K. Richardson, H. Jefferson. Third Row: W. Marshall, T. Garner, C. Lee, H. Jackson, B. Childress. Fourth Row: W. Vaughn, D. Kelley, D. Washington, B. Ogburn, G. Snyder, J. Scott, A. Veneable. Fifth Row: A. Mayes, E. Stevens, M. Ronee, D. Maywalt, R. Wilkerson, H. Jasper, R. Redman. Sixth Row: W. Wiggins, G. Basbone, J. Doucette, Mr. Austin, E. Raines, T. Rukes, E. Watkins. 39 m .S ' M ■ ' ■ ■■ ? L ? • t 1 1 1 ' ?! ! ■ 1 f 1 i 1 . 1 j j ■ f” ■ li FHA Opens its Doors to AH Interested in Domestic Affairs FHA First Row: D. Maclin, D. Eldridge, R. Williams, C. Phillips, D. Burnett, P. Burnett. Second Row; Mrs. Cilliatt, A. Garris, K. Greene, F. Smith, A. Jackson, M. White. Third Row: Mrs. Franklin, j. Harris, P. Winnie, D. Hall, D. Clarke, B. Gandy. 1 1 Emergency School Assistance Program strives to improve relations ESAP Seated: P. Shell, C. Cumby, C. Edmonds, F. Cole, M. Walker. Standing; C. Hoyle, R. Smith, T. Antozzi, S. Siedow, Mrs. Duncan, Mr. Vaiden, Mr. Caldwell. Clubs Clubs 40 Future Business Leaders Prepare for the Fast Moving World of Business Mrs. Jackson delivers speech for FBLA Installation ceremony. FBLA First Row: J. Mason, R. Nicholas, D. Arney, V. Cox, F. Ferrer, R. Ritz, j. Morgan. Second Row: Mrs. Quarles, R. Garris, C. James, D. Lastoria, J. Marshall, R. Benitez. Third Row: C. Brown, M. Fields, G. McCanns, N. Newsome, W. Vaughn, L. Davis, R. Williams, C. Coghill, P. Washington. Review Updates Students with Year ' s Events Front Row: D. Warren, A. Maclin, B. Cheeley, J. Pace, V. Robinson, D. Bell, P. Boswell. Second Row: D. Massey, B. Scott, B. Cole, L. Richardson. Third Row: L. Williamson, S. Robertson, D. Wells, M. Ende, K. Cornett, L. Hersh, P. Shell. Fourth Row: B. Zatcoff, K. FHale, F. Wilson, M. Pegram, D. Dowl, P. Braye. Fifth Row: R. Flanford, R. Butler, B. Poole, L. Davis, O. Dent, Mrs. Willcox. Robertson, J. Pace, D. Warren, Mrs. Willcox, D. Wells, M. Ende, B. Cole. Donna Wells contemplates on what her next Review article will be. Activities Activities 42 Varsity Club Assists in Athletic Events Front Row: L. Walker, J. Street, P. Boone, L. Davis, FH. Branch, J. Pace, W. Talley, W. Johnson, K. Smith. Sec- ond Row: I. Bullock, B. Gilliam, j. Goode, C. Smith, E. Fisher, M. Lewis, G. Johnson, A. Goode. Third Row: R. Price, O. Miles, H. Miles, S. Taylor, J. Anderson, B. Wilson, R. Bell. Fourth Row: Mr. Hayes, H. Asbeil, G. Zabner, P. Peebles, W. Nunnally, J. Harris, B. Chambliss. Fifth Row: T. Antozzi, M. Ende, J. Winfield, A. Dance, A. Ceter. Sixth Row: G. Walker, A. Talley, C. Phillips, M. Fultz, M. Malone, L. Reese. Chess Club Seated: L. McCrickard, R. McDonald, R. Hollis. Standing: M. Colen, M. Miller, J. Wilson. Art Club Adds Beauty to School Officers Front Row: Mrs. Mus- grove, S. Fiardy, B. Zatcoff, Mr. Craves. Second Row: B. Brendle, Mrs. Winston, D. Branch, Z. Barlow. Third Row: D. Bland, B. Silverman, J. Tanner, R. Wards. 43 Front Row: B. Brendle, Mr. Craves, R. Ward, W. Nedrick, R. Polk, Mrs. Winston. Second Row: K. Churn, D. Kelley, H. High, j. Tanner, P. Mallory, Z. Barlow, W ' . Jones, K. Lowe, Z. Boston, Mrs. Musgrove. Third Row: S. Hardy, R. Roy, D. Bland, D. Branch, L. Hersh, B. Sil- verman, B. Cordan, L. Williamson, A. Anderson, C. jame, L. Richardson. Activities Activities 44 Spanish Club Explores Customs Front Row: V. Crocker, D. Chamberlain, C. Woods. Second Row: B. Lowes, P. Walker, C. Talley, R. Chambliss, K. Green, F. Phillips, G. Coleman, T. Gregory, A. Stewart, W. McKinnon, W. Peterson, A. Webb. Third Row: R. Jones, E. Smith, D. Massey, R. Williams, W. Payton, V. Barnes, C. Lowe, Z. Boston, S. Dalton, T. FHairston, L. Jackson. Fourth Row: M. Thompson, D. Morgan, L. Walker, L. Har- vanek, L. Davis, A. Bolling, L. Edmunds, J. Boziman, T. Bolling, M. Taylor, A. Burrow. Fifth Row: B. Hawkins, E. Hanford, D. Cook, R. Spivey, C. Mayton, K. Madison, S. Moser, N. Simmons, K. Graminny, J. Walker, D. Overbeck. Sixth Row: M. Massey, G. Teaster, A. Lobaugh, B. Sandidge, O. Beloate, T. Levenson, D. Cavanaugh, L. Talley, S. Ridout, R. Fisher, K. Hardy, Mrs. Nelson. Latin Club Studies Roman Culture Front Row: E. Edmonds, B. Giles, Z. Boston, C. Hoge, C. Griffin, J. Giles. Second Row: D. Wilson, E. Wilson, D. Pond, L. Talley, S. Ridout, Y. Gomez, R. Jackson, M. Gilliam. Third Row: R. Miller, N. Owen, K. McCray, L. Jackson, A. Garetts, R. Reams, C. Walker. Fourth Row: S. Murray, V. Jones, B. S cott, M. Haase, D. Moseley, H. Asbeil. Fifth Row: Z. Hanks, M. Morgan, S. Bland, J. Smith, D. Lemons, B. Kizzie, R. Holmes, J. Pegram, J. Brown, O. Zachman. Traditions Examined by French Club 45 Front Row; D. Warren (Vice-President), B. Scott (President), D. Thompkins (Secretary). Second Row: B. Randolph, C. Ruffa, L. Hersh, D. Duncan, J. Wright. Third Row: M. Pegram, K. Elledge, J. Angell, K. Hale, B. Poole, M. Spurlock. Fourth Row; J. Thread, L. Richardson, C. Stith, S. Lundy, D. Powell. Fifth Row: B. Cheeley, J. Walker, V. Sturdivant, P. Winbush, C. Walker. Sixth Row: N. Pearson, A. Maclin, C. Chambliss, D. Peterson, E. Pegram, R. Holmes, J. Giles, L. Davis. Seventh Row: R. Harris, C. Runion, D. Wells, K. Cornett, M. Smith, B. Kizzie, J. Chambliss, E. Watson, P. Shell, B. Jones, K. Garner, B. Wyatt, N. Williams, M. Scruggs, F. Lewis. Eighth Row: K. Peters, T. Giles, M. Moore, M. Ende, D. Coyle, D. Aziin, S. Redmond, E. Slate. Activities S 46 Band Rouses PHS Spirit . . . Front Row: F. Walker, B. Scott, E. Watson, A. Edmonds, P. Boswell, B. DrumFieller, D. Kelly, C. Williams. Second Row; E. Norris, F. Hawkins, V. Williams, D. Bland, E. Relaford, W. Payton, M. Pegram, F. Perry. Third Row: M. Andrews, F. Lewis, K. Lowe, Z. Barlow, V. Bond, C. Perry, R. Greene, L. Jackson, L. King, D. Alston. Fourth Row: A. Washington, D. Chambliss, M. Perry, F. Aquino, A. Ceter, M. Ellis, C. Bartlett, R. McKeever, J. Williams. Band Officers: Ethel Norris, Student Director; Bettye Scott, Woodwind Coordinator; Jesse Williams, Percussion Coordinator; Francine Hawkins, Assistant Librarian. 47 . . At Home and Away Front Row: J. Preston, T. Hairston, L. Jones, S. Floranz, P. Robinson, A. Dance, R. Martin. Second Row: H. Asbeil, D. Webb, J. Porter, C. Woods, B. Chambliss, C. Winfield, D. Thompson. Third Row: P. Smith, A. Lewis, M. Phillips, C. Walker, E. Relaford, B. Davis, P. Farley, R. Lewis, J. Bozeman, D. Jefferson. Fourth Row: D. Buffkin, L. Jones, J. Win- field, L. Parham, J. Harrison, T. Scott, Mr. L. Tynes, Mr. W. Pittman, Mr. R. Stronach. Band Officers: Ralph Stronach, Director, Walter Pittman, Assistant Director, Theodore Scott, Drum Major, James Har- rison, Brass Coordinator, Pamela Robinson, Librarian. Activities 1-2-3 . . . Look at PHS!!! Ready and raring to go, the Petersburg Cheer- leaders illustrate the technique used to en- courage our athletes on to victory. Top to Bottom; Head, D. Warren. Second Row: A. Maclin, C. Lindsey. Third Row: M. Whitaker, N. Pearson. Fourth Row: R. Bar- boza, A. Relaford. Fifth Row: R. Spivey, N. Beaseley, J. Creech, L. Richardson, R. Williamson, K. Madison. Sixth Row: Mrs. Beck, M. Tanner. Seventh Row: F. Heath, B. Wyatt. Front Row: M. Hicks, P. Shell. Second Row: D. Kelley, D. Pond, S. Murry, C. Edmonds, R. Fisher, S, Dent, L. Bub- litz. 49 PHS High-Stepping Majorettes Do Their Own Thing! Encircled: K. Byus, G. Stith, F. Wilson, B. Cheely, C. Winfield, E. Clanton, M. Reese, D. Tompkins. Center: W. McKinnon (Head), B. Cole. Activities Activities 50 1973 Missile Staff N. Santiago, L. Cahall, K. Newsome, P. Coble, K. McCoy, C. Walker, S. Keller, E. Slate, B. Poole, M. Reames, W. Laderach, R. Atkins, M. Pegram, D. Aziin, R. Creene, J. Ciles, B. Ridley, B. Prude, P. Kaplin, T. Scott, N. Pearson, R. Savoy, L. Davis, C. McCann, L. Hersh, D. Brown, L. Williamson. N. Pearson and S. Kelley prepare their material for the deadline. Activities Activities 52 Science Club: Today Explorers, Tomorrow Scientists Front Row: H. Asbeil, T. Bolling, Z. Boston, T. Kirkland, R. Spivey, B Brendell, L. Miller, S. Rideout, M. Pegram. Second Row: E. Jackson, D. Thompson, G. Triester, M. Williamson, D. Peebles, W. Peyton, j. Kirkland, C. James, E. Watson. Third Row: V. Robinson, L. Jones, W. McKinnon, T. Hairston, G. Bradley, B. Cole, D. Bell, R. Robertson, D. Duncan, B. Anderson. Eourth Row: C. Winfield, V. Jones, L. Williamson, T. Thompson, D. Noise, G. Vaughan, L. Talley, P. Shell, K. Madison, L. Hersh. Fifth Row: A. Bolling, B. Phillips, J. Giles, J. Chamberliss, D. Alston, R. Holmes, W. Edmundson, R. Manor, B. Whitmore, A. Adkins, Miss J. Gentry, M. Tanner. Sixth Row: G. Zabner, B. Kizzie, D. Walker, M. Ende, F. Hecker, E. Hanford, C. Sloan, T. Antozzi. Christmas Project of Special Services Club Aids Many Needy Families Front Row: C. Epps, H. Brown, C. Blanks, C. DeWitt, M. Lee, N. Andrews. Sec- ond Row: B. Richardson, D. Jackson, E. Watts, S. Pugh, G. Sauneuf, L. Shands. Third Row: R. Hamlin, C. Bellew, J. Lane, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Prince, C. Droddy, H. Davis. Fourth Row: R. Lawson, S. Wesson, M. Coghill, W. Alston, C. Craw- ford. Forensics Club Works for Efficient Speaking The Forensics Club was suc- cessful in district, regional and state competition. Seated: F. Heath, C. Ruffa, B. Wyatt, K. Cornett. Standing; Z. Boston, M. Spurlock. Front row: B. Poole. Second row; D. Bell, V. Robinson. Third row; K. Cornett, B. Cole, C. Jones. Fourth row: E. Watson, P. Braye, A. Bolling, P. Williams, K. McCoy. Fifth row: E. Watson, M. Gilliam, L. Davis, Mrs. Frederick, C. Wade, T. Bolling. Southside Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association Activities Activities Add Variety to School Life! 55 T3 O c i —i7 O D Sports 56 Right on Wave Tackle Glenn Johnson pursues an opponent. 57 7 — 3 Season Robert Hanford finds the ball downfield. Street and Bullock show Midlothian how the defensive works. PHS 0 35 49 7 13 14 0 12 9 Record Opponent Thomas Jefferson 31 Meadowbrook 0 Manchester 0 Midlothian 0 Prince George 0 Colonial Heights 0 E.C. Glass 29 Dinwiddie 6 Hopewell 3 Sports Sports 58 Wave Spirit Goode races down field to tackle player. Smith scrambles to score. Stays Alive 59 Ln ■o O t J Coach Wawner shows Oliver Dent how to drive. Walker and Hanford display quick Wave defense. 60 I ) o Q- c 1 Wave Does More Than Win After taking a pass from Smith, Dixon sails up field to score. Smith looks for receiver. 61 Merriweather and Johnson watch Green stop opponent. Johnson breaks up important play. Walker assists Street in tackle of T.D. player. Sports r " i— -roHm7 C ) ' ro 62 It takes Petersburg men to play good Basketball. 63 Back row; O. Beloate, M. Howard, M. Malone, M. Fultz. Second row; R. Ro- binson, J. Threatt, W. Nun- nally, R. Walker, G. Johnson, G. Phillips. Front row; E. F ollins, B. Wilson, S. Taylor, M. Thompson, N. Kerns. Sports Sports 64 62 Thomas Dale 32 91 Midlothian 71 84 Manchester 55 68 John Marshall 57 81 Hopewell 68 89 Prince George 28 95 Dinwiddie 51 94 Meadowbrook 38 60 Colonial Heights 44 88 Thomas Dale 54 91 Midlothian 69 89 Manchester 52 73 Hopewell 72 90 Prince George 34 90 Dinwiddie 45 67 Meadowbrook 38 35 John Marshall 34 41 Colonial Heights 29 65 Sports I — I — Sandy Lewis awaits the judges decision. Showing defensive maneuvers, undefeated Ben Chambliss proves to be a worthy opponent. Sports W T R E E A S M T L I N G Trying for a perfect pin, Robert Bell takes his opponent to the mat. Preston Boone demonstrates skill and talent in a take-down. To A. Geter wrestling is a serious business. Undefeated Again Sports Sports Central District Championship 70 Top; E. Terry, M. Lewis, M. Moore. Bottom: K. Smith, A. Goode, T. Parker, R. Bell, P. Boone, J. Anderson, B. Chambliss, A. Dance. 71 T. Parker does it again! 52 Hopewell 3 54 John F. Kennedy 15 54 Douglas Freeman 3 42 Thomas Dale 13 37 Spotsyllvania 24 43 Colonial Heights 11 50 John Marshall 6 50 Manchester 6 36 York 27 37 Hampton 19 49 Dinwiddle 5 34 Meadowbrook 16 Sports Sports 72 Team Members Enthusiastic Despite Scores Efforts shown by First Baseman Benett. Phillip ' s proves a good left fielder. Carsley swings for the mighty Wave. 73 Stretching, Brockwell makes remarkable catch. Record Opponent Hopewell 0 Thomas Dale 2 Midlothian 8 Dinwiddie 4 Meadowbrook 9 Prince George 2 Colonial Heights 1 Manchester 8 Dinwiddie 10 Midlothian 8 Hopewell 4 Thomas Dale 0 Meadowbrook 5 Prince George 3 Colonial Heights 5 Manchester 4 It ' s a long stretch as O.J. Slate catches the ball for out number three. Sports Sports 74 Golf Team Does Well Back Row; Coach Budlove, Burton Hersh, Steve Bach, Ken Cianniny, Farley Shiner, Mark Ende. Front Row: Jesse Grumpier, John Pace, Bary Zabner, Bobby Clark. Coach Bob Budlove shows Jess Grumpier the proper way Keeping his eyes on the ball Bary Zabner delivers a per- to swing a club. feet shot. Players Display Individual Talent 1972 Golf Record PHS Opponent 141 2 Hopewell 31 2 131 2 Prince George 5 21 2 Meadowbrook 151 2 8 Midlothian 10 10 Manchester 8 15 Golonial Heights 3 51 2 Thomas Dale 121 2 4 Dinwiddle 14 11 Midlothian 7 5 Meadowbrook 13 1 1 2 Thomas Dale 1 51 2 51 2 Dinwiddle 111 2 131 2 Manchester 41 2 14 Golonial Heights 4 51 2 Prince George 111 2 101 2 Hopewell 51 2 3 Thomas Dale 15 51 2 Dinwiddle 121 2 51 2 Meadowbrook 121 2 10 Midlothian 8 61 2 Hopewell 111 2 11 2 Prince George 161 2 131 2 Manchester 41 2 121 2 Golonial Heights 51 2 Mark Ende displays good putting habits. Sports Sports 76 Back Row: John Harris, Danny Wyask, Donald Jung, Tim Antozzi, Thomas Hairston. Front Row: James Harrison, Bruce Silverman, David Duncan, Doug Taylor, Calvin Jones. tttiiii Student Life Student Lite Veronica Jones leads the cast of “Music Man " in song. 78 Audience Held Spellbound by The train in “Music Man " is filled with a cast of great actors. Prof Hill and Cast of " Music Man " 79 Student Life Student Life Mock Election Held at PHS 80 Randy Atkins, John Pace, and Bert Poole listen as Arthur Edmunds delivers speech. John Pace delivers speech in favor of John Schmitz. 81 Seniors Attend Government Workshop Girl State representatives; Kim McCoy, Bettye Scott, and Maureen Williamson relax upon returning from Radford College. P.H.S. was represented at Boy ' s State by Arthur Edmonds, Bert Poole, and Leonard Davis. Student Life Student Life 82 ' ' 1984 " Presented at PHS Bert Poole, Donna Small, and Robert Walker meet in the office of the Ministry of Truth. Bert Poole takes time out to mend his clothes. Student Lite Student Life Students 84 -t eoTc Prepare For the Future Maureen Williamson puzzles over a routine. Roberts Spivey escorts Allen Brown. 85 Pep Rallies Sparks School Spirit Ethel Norris directs pep band. Student Life Student Lite 86 Cheerleaders and Majorettes Exchange Positions Carl Goode is escorted by Anne Maclin across the field. Denise Warren displays skill as a majorette. Cheerleaders lead Wave fans. Student Life Student Life 88 Optimist Club Honors Seniors The Optimist Club recognized students at P.H.S. who displayed special talents and characteristics. Awards were presented to Anna Bolling, Citizenship; Kim McCoy, special citizenship. Shirley Hardy and Barbara Zatcoff, art; Everette Relaford, Music; Bert Poole, scholarship; and Ronald Walker, ath- letics. PHS Homecoming Queens Crowned 89 Donna Wells, Miss Football Sweetheart, and Wanda Jones, Miss Homecoming smile radiantly. Contestants for Miss Football Sweetheart are Darlene Bassett, Karen Tassell, Donna Wells, and Nancy Pearson. Student Life Student Lite 90 Diane Matthews Reigns Over Junior Ring Dance Top: Diane Matthews, escorted by Frank Smith, is crowned Ring Queen. Bottom: Students enjoy their long awaited Ring Dance. 1973 Marks the Year for Queens Joanne Street represents P.H.S. as Miss Christmas Seal. 91 Left: Smiling, Sharon Todd escorted by Matthew Weaver accepts her crown at the Senior Prom. Right: Lela Hersh wins Junior Miss Talent Award. Student Life Student Life Seniors of ' 72 Display the Latest Fashions 92 Senior girls model enthusiastically for the student body. Left: Dave Minton and Lin- wood Ridley show good taste in tuxedoes. Right: Nathaniel Blackwell dis- plays the new look for young men. Top left: Rosemary B. Jones makes a perfect model. Top right: Ruth Hill, Tommy Hairston and Kim Miles think its a nice day for the beach, left: Sandra Powell and Ronald Powell comment on the fashions. Student Life Student Life The Chorale Presents The Christmas Program Student Life? 95 Top left: Mr. Sublett speaks to the student body. Top right: Bert Poole and Mr. Pittman entertain us. Left: Anna Bolling is intent on what Miss Bailey is saying to the Seniors. Student Life Student Life A Day in the Life of Students Study and Work 97 Student Life Student Life 99 Q DJ j CJ _J CO CO LU CD Seniors 100 Meet the Leaders of the 1973 Senior Class Alexander Anderson John Anderson Judy Anderson Michael Anderson Senior Class Officers: Left to right, Secretary, Kim McCoy; President, Anna Bolling; V. President, Veronica Jones. Martha Allen Robert Allen Dorothy Alston Tim Antozzi Susan Arney Harris Asbeil Randolph Atkins Debbie Autrey Debbie Aziin Kenneth Bader Barry Barber 101 Robin Barboza Patricia Barcliff Gloria Barnes Charles Bartlett Gerard Bashore Jean Baugh Thomas Beckwith Deborah Bell Robert Bell Mary Benitez Arthur Berry Donald Bish Carolyn Blakes Kathy Blakes Nell Blanks Jerome Blunt Seniors Seniors 102 Bob Boisseau Susan Robertson poses to consider a problem in English class. Quincy Bolling Linette Bond Patricia Bonner Karen Booker David Boone Preston Boone Theresa Braden Gilbert Bradley Denise Branch George Branch Henry Branch Pamela Braye 103 Barbara Brickhouse Marie Brockwell Charles Brooks Larry Brooks Bonnie Brown Wadesworth Brown Ikego Bullock Jerome Burge Donna Burgess Concentration is very important thinks Gilbert Bradley. Sharon Caperton Gerald Carsley Roy Carter Benjamin Chambliss Seniors Seniors 104 Carolyn Chambliss James Chamliss Milton Chandler Betty Cheely Patricia Christian Kathryn Churn Richard Claiborne Seniors Enjoy a Successful Year Jean Cole 105 Now what do i do? Asks James Giles after figuring on the slide rule. Reginald Copeland Kathy Cornett Ida Cox Vicki Cox Charles Coyle Debra Coyle Samuel Crawley Sherman Crews Michael Crocker Joyce Crumpler Milton Curry Mary Daghita Seniors Seniors 106 Adrian Dance Walter Dance Deborah Dash LaFawn Davis Leonard Davis Linda Davis Louis Davis As We Reach Our Appointed Time We Lynn Dawson Oliver Dent Janet Dewitt Joyce Dixon Shirley Dicson John Doucette Dorothea Dowl Tamara Downey Iris Drew Shelia Droddy David Duncan 107 Morris Edenburg Arthur Edmonds Cary Edwards Diane Edidridge Reflect on the Past . . . Michael Ellis James Embry Vergina Emery Debra Emory Mark Ende Geraldine Felder Francisco Ferrer Audrey Fisher Elijah Fisher Mary Fisher Steve Fitzgerald Michael Flowers Seniors Seniors 108 Seniors Pause to Unwind Diane Matthews dances to the music of " Burning Bush” at the junior Ring Dance. Benjamin Ford Sandy Frazier Morris Fultz Beulah Candy Shelia Cannaway Katherine Garner Roxanna Garris Diane Gee Arthur Geter Gloria Geter James Giles Debra Gilkenson 109 Barry Gilliam Patricia Goble Carol Goode Barbara Gordon John Craves Louise Graves Mary Graves Students Listen Attentively Harris Asbeil and Fred Hecker find Physics very complex. Barbara Gray Odell Crier Marvin Griffin Richard Griffin Betty Greene Levy Greene Seniors Seniors 110 Romona Greene Arthur Edmonds in his portrayal of Senator McGovern captures the interest of the audience. Alfred Hall Brenda Hall Theresa Hampton Robert Hanford Marlon Hanks Shirley Hardy Linda Harper John Harris President Nixon is portrayed by Bert Poole. Sylvia Harris Walter Harris James Harrison 111 Linda Haskins Melvin Haskins Phyllis Hawkins Charles Hedges Thelma Heiser Lela Hersh Earl Hill Wayne Hill Ronald Hinton Raymond Hodges Marsha Hoffman Robert Hollis Roosevelt Holmes Janet Houp Matthew Howell Clifford Hudgins Seniors Seniors 112 Kenneth Hughes George Ingram Alice Jackson Maurice Jackson Milton Jackson Hoyt James Harold Jefferson James Johnson Sandra Johnson Wallace Johnson Angela Jones Barbara Jones Calvin Jones Charles Jones Darlene Jones James Jones Frank Jones Eldridge Jones David Jones Larry Jones Lamont Jones Milton Jones 113 Sylvia Jones Veronica Jones Wanda Jones Wanda Jones Paul Kaplan Suzanne Keller Pearl King Donald Kirkland James Kirkland Donald Kirkland Two students mull over their test answers. Seniors Seniors 114 Frank Kreicar William Laderach Barbara Lanier Patricia Lascelle Debra Lastoria Laura Lawrence Randy Lawson Alinda Lee Charles Lee Cora Lee Time For All Things — English ! Vanessa Kitt Boris Kizzie Samuel Kizzie m Seniors Await Graduation 115 Dale Lee Mary Lee Mary Lee Michael Lewis Robert Lewis Sandy Lewis Yvonne Lewis Gayle Lindsay Debra Lyons Anne Maclin Vernon Madison Janet Marshall Elizabeth Martinez Gary Martinez John Mason Denise Massey Diane Matthews Martine Mayfield David Maywalt Seniors Seniors 116 Kim McCoy Kevin McCray Keith McCrickand Sharon McDougall Robin McKeever Robert McKeever Wanda McKinnon Stephen McNeely Cecelia Merritt Ardee Mickens Headacko Moody Charles Moore Tyrone Moore Irene Morgan Joan Morgan Thomas Murrell Del Mushaw Ronald Myrick Josephine Nelson 117 After class, Pam Braye finds a few moments to enter a serious discussion. Wayne Newsom Rosetta Newsome Ronald Nicholas Diane Noise Ethel Norris William Nunnally Stephanie Olds Wilbur O ' Neil Robin Ovens John Pace Garland Parham James Parham Seniors Seniors 118 Leonard Davis feels that even difficult subjects like Physics can be fun. Seniors are Stanley Parham Charles Parker Nancy Pearson David Peebles Willard Peet janet Pegram Marian Pegram Paul Pender Susan Perkins Carol Perry Delmar Perry Linda Perry Delores Peterson Terry Peterson Dedicated to Class Activities 119 Gonzel! Phillips Steven Pierce Margie Pitman Louise Plummer Parker Plymaie Donald Poland Albert Poole Kenneth Pope Gale Poulson Santa and his 4 (?) reindeer find time to appear at the senior basketball game. Debra Powell Louis Price Reginald Price Susan Pugh Seniors Seniors 120 Deborah Pulley Stephen Raines Melvin Reames Linda Redwine Larry Reese Annette Relaford Eleanor Relaford Everette Relaford Ruth Richardson Ricky Ritz Shelia Roberts Robert Robertson Susan Robertson Donald Robinson Ronald Robinson Vanessa Robinson Michael Rowe Cindy Ruffa Larry Sanchez Theodore Scott Delia Seaborne Sherry Shaw Roger Shepard Donna Skerritt Donna Small Bradford Smith Curtis Smith Didn ' t they ever teach you guys that you should never fight? Donald Smith lames Smith Seniors Seniors 122 Devotion Linda Smith Ronald Smith Sandra Smith Michael Starr David Stevens Ernie Stevens Rudine Stevens Cathy Stith Vanessa Sturidvant Warbra Sykes Allen Talley Debbie Talley Whether it be Fun or Work 123 Douglas Talley William Talley Richard Talmadge Jo Ann Tanner Carlton Taylor Debra Taylor James Taylor Donna Wells believes correct note taking is important. Seniors Seniors 124 Kenneth Thweat A metal work student creates a masterpiece. Beverly Toombs Cheryl Traylor Leslie Trejo Patricia Tucker Valerie Tucker Robert Tudor June Turner Lindo Tyo Everette Vaughan William Vaughan Synobia Venable George Walker Alma Walker David Walker James Walker 125 Custino Walker Michael Walker Ronald Walker Wanda Walker Avis Washington Denise Warren Barbara Warren Gail Ward Danny Washington Mervin Washington Christine Winfield finds working in the library a great pastime. Seniors Seniors 126 Versatility is a Doraleen Wells Kathy West Michael West Mary Whitaker Edward Watkins Carleasse Weaver Donna Wells Charles White Debra White Mary White Williams Wiggins Bonnie Wilder Margaret Wiley Senior guys contribute their time to one of the senior fund raising activities. Characteristic of Seniors 127 Bobby Williams Corine Williams Dinah Williams Jesse Williams Joyce Williams Shelia Williams Valerie Williams LaVerne Williamson Linda Williamson Maureen Williamson Lestine Wilson Russell Wilson Carl Winfield Christine Winfield Dale Wolfrey Wilton Wolfrey Carolyn Womack Gwendolyn Wooden Gail Woolard Seniors Seniors 128 Gregory Young Jerry Young Neal Young Cary Zabner Barbara Zatcoff Seniors Senior Superlatives Typical of the outstanding student are Arthur Edmonds and Anna Bolling. Bert Poole and Donna Wells turn to the dic- tionary to increase their knowledge. By showing an appreciation for music Annette and Everette Relaford exhibit their talent. Kim McCoy and James Giles take time out from being depen- dable to have a bit of fun. Senior Superlatives 131 Representative of congeniality, Bettye Scott and Tim Antozzi take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to hold a conversation. Maureen Williamson discusses with Leonard Davis a few of the events which helped them to become most versatile among their classmates. An ability for clowning around is one of the many reasons why Christine Winfield and Harris Asbeil were selected the most unforgettable. Modeling one of the many fashions that helped them to win the title of best dressed aj-e Nancy Pearson and William Wiggins. Seniors Seniors 132 Senior Superlatives Carlton Taylor pause to practice a cheer. Hike 1, Hike 2 . . . Gwen Wooden poses to smile as she waits for Curtis Smith to pass the ball. Audrey Fisher and Allen Talley find being the class flirts a great hobby. The camera catches Susan Robertson and Ronald Walker in two of their better poses, showing why they were voted Best-looking. Activities Increase Seniors Importance Seniors Seniors 134 The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth. Then took the other, as just as fair. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for the passing there Had worn them really about the same. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads onto way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and — 1 took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. From The Poetry of Robert Frost edited by Edward Connery Lathem. Copyright 1916, (c) 1969 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. Copyright 1944 by Robert Frost. Reprinted by permission of Holt, Rinehart and Winston, inc. 135 Eventful Year Includes Senior Basketball Game Seniors Seniors 136 Senior Directory Alien, Martha Jean 1501 Valor Drive 9th Grade: SCA, 11th Grade: FBLA, 12th Grade; LPN Training Alston, Dorothy Wilkins 715 Jones Street 8th ' Grade: Band, 9th Grade; Band, Tennis, Choir, Science Club, 10th Grade: Band, Spanish Club, Pho- tography, 11th Grade: Spanish Club, Photography, 12th Grade: Dramatics Club, Art Club, Choir. Anderson Jr., Alexander 325 Jones Street Art r-ioh, D.E.,iV Football, Art 111, DECA Club. Bish, Donald Franklin 522 N. Dunlop Street Stage crew of Carousel, and Bye Bye Birdie. Brown, Bonnie Bishop 1915 Albermarle St. K-Warner 8th Grade:, 9th Grade; K-Warner, Glee Club, SCA, 10th Grade: K-Warner, Glee Club, Slakes, Carolyn Ann 530 Halifax Street Blakes, Kathy Ellen 404 St. Mark Street 10th Grade: Homeroom representative, 11th Grade; Ring Dance Committee. 8th Grade: Photo Club, 9th Grade: Photo Club, JV Football, 10th-12th Grades: Varsity Football. Buck, Priscilla Ann 7 North Burch Street Bullock, Ikego Garfield 452-A Harding Street 8th Grade: JV Football, JV Baseball, )V Track, 9th Grade: |V Football, JV Baseball, 10th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club, 11th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club, 12th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club. Anderson, John Edward 1119 High Pearl Street 12th Grade: Wrestling: Varsity Club Anderson, Judy Kay 19 North South Street Anderson, Michael Morris 1007 Melville Street VICA Club Antozzi, Timothy Buscher 1650 Fairfax Ave. 8fh Grade; Basketball manager, JV Basketball team, 9th Grade: Monitors Club, Science Club, lOih Grade: JV Basketball Team, Monitors Club, Science Club, Pres- ident, Sophomore Class, Varsity Tennis Team, 11th Grade: Review Reporter, Varsity Tennis Team, ESAP Council, 12th Grade: Science Club, Review Reporter Varsity Club, Varsity Tennis Team, ESAP Council. Arney, Susan Elaine 2210 Buckner Street 8th Grade: Tri-Hi-Y, 9th Grade; Pence Trt-H-Y, 11th Grade; Member of FBLA, 12th Grade: Treasurer of FBLA. Blanks, Nell Viola 2129 Bishop Street Junior Class Committee-Chairman. Blunt, Jerome Boisseau, Robert Weeks 1148 Northampton Road Boiling, Anna Louversia 1403 Halifax Street 8th Grade: FTA, FHA, Choir, 9th Grade: FHA, Choir, 10th Grade; Glee Club, Pro Musica, lllh Grade: Class President, Chorale, Pro Musica, Spanish Club, SCA, 12th ' Grade: Class President, Science Club, Forensics Club, SCA, Chorale, Spanish Club, National Honor So- ciety. Bond, Linette 10 Gloucester Circle 8th Grade: Basketball Team. Bonner, Patricia Sharon 1 137 Augusta Avenue 8lh Grade; FHA, History, 11th Grade: Spanish Club. Asbeii, Harris Raymond 2023Van Dorn Street 8th Grade: Band, Basketball mgr., 9th Grade: Science Club, Latin Club, Business Staff of Missile, 10th Grade: Latin Club, Drama Club, Missile, 11th Grade: Latin Club, Missile, Wrestling mgr., 12th Grade: Varsity Club, Latin Club, Science Club. Atkins |r., Randolph Gilbert 002 Northampton Road 8th Grade; SCA, 9th Grade: |V Football, 11th Grade: Missile Staff, National Honor Society, 12th Grade: Mis- sile Staff, National Honor Society. Autrey, Deborah Sue 2229 Buckner Street 10th Grade: Girls Basketball Team, 11th Grade: FBLA, Aziin, Debra Jean 2029 Colston Street 8th Grade: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, 9th Grade: Latin Club, 10th Grade: Latin Club, Forensics, Dramatics, 11th Grade: Yearbook, Art Club, 12th Grade: Yearbook Editor, French Ciub, National Honor Society. Ballou, Betty j. 2619 Baxter Road Banks, Barry 1044 Pointer Street Banks, Larry L. 337 Canal Street Barboza, Robin Lynette 726 East Bank Street Varsity Cheerleader, Science Ciub. Booker, Karen Loftin , 641 Sakar Drive 8th Grade: Choir, 9th Grade; Oioir, 10th Grade: Choir, Drama, President ' s Physical Fitness Club, 11th Grade: Drama, Spanish Club, Chorus. Boone, David 454 Mingea Street 10th Grade: JV Football, Wrestling Team, Varsity Ciub, 11th Grade: Varsity Club, DECA, DECA Basketball, 12th Grade: DECA Club. Boone, Preston Ellis 503 S, Dunlop Street 10th Grade: Wrestling, Varsity Ciub, Jr, Athletic Com- mittee, 11th Grade: Footbail, Varsity Club, Jr, Athletic Committee, ViCA, 12th Grade: Wrestling, Football, Varsity Club, VICA. Bowies, Lorraine Elizabeth 936 Rosewood Terrace 8th Grade: K-Warner, 9th Grade; K-Warner, 10th Grade: FBLA, SCA. Braden, Theresa Diane 122 North Old Church Street 8th Grade: Concert Band, History Ciub, 9th Grade: Marching Band, FTA, Concert Band, Script, 10th Grade; Marching Band, SCA, 11th Grade: FBLA, 12th Grade: COE. Bradley, Gilbert Lee 1637 Darby Drive 8th Grade: Basketball Team, Hopewell High School Band, Dinwiddie High School, Spanish Club, Bardiff, Patricia Denise 222 St, Mark Street Bartlett, Charles Thomas 711 Halifax Street 10th Grade; Varsity Ciub, Band, 11th Grade: Band, 12th Grade; Band, Branch, Denise Renee 1824 Ferndale Ave. 10th Grade: DECA, 11th Grade: Art Club, 12th Grade: Art Club. Branch, George David 802 Farmer Street Bashore, Gerhard 1655 South Crater Road Batts, Diane Regina 908 Shepard Street Branch, Henry Lee 1142 Commerce Street 9th Grade; ]V Football, 10th Grade; Varsity Football, Varsity Club, 12th Grade: Varsity Football. Beckwith, Thomas Stanley 1956 Coggin Street 8th Grade: J,V. Football, 9th Grade: j.V, Football. Bel!, Deborah Ann 923 Patterson Street 8th Grade; Science Club, 9th Grade; Science Club, Latin Ciub. 10th Grade: Science Club, Latin Club, 11th Grade; National Honor Society-treasury, 12th Grade: Science Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society- Treasurer, Review, Forensics Ciub. Beil, Robert Clifton - 617 S. Adams Street 9th Grade: |r. Athletic Committee, 10th Grade: Wres- tling Team, VICA, 11th Grade: Wrestling Team, VICA, Varsity Ciub, 12th Grade: Wrestling Team, ViCA, Var- sity Club. Braye, Pamela Elaine 1600 Youngs Road Seove A.merican High School: 9th Grade: Chorus, pianist to Choir, 10th Grade; SCA Secretary, SCA Rep- resentative, Pep Ciub, Chorus, Yearbook Staff, 11!h Grade: Honor Society, Pep Club, Chorus. Brickhouse, Barbara Ann 2206 North Whitehil! Dr. 11th Grade: Library. Brockweil, Virginia Marie 1722 Dupuy Road 8th-12!h Grades; Distributive Education Clubs of America. Barnes, Gloria Fanfeila 512 Mistletoe Street Benitez, Mary Rose 518 Bellevue Avenue 8th Grade: SCA, 10th Grade: FBLA, 11th Grade: FBLA, 12th Grade: FBLA. Brooks, Charles Henry 10th-11th Grades: VICA. Brown, Horace W. 913 Chesnut Street 526 Hannon Street Berry, Arthur .Morris 936 Laurel Road 8th Grade: JV Football Captain, SCA. 9th Grade: ]V Brown, Ronald Leeandrew 321 S. South Street Football Captain, SCA, 10th Grade; Var,s!ty Football, Varsity Club, 11th Grade: VICA, 12th Grade: VICA. Brown jr., Wadesworth 612 S. Jefferson Street Caperton, Sharon Rene 808 Cameron Street 10- n Ih Grade: FHA Carsley, Gerald D. 935 Hinton Street Member of PHS Varsity Club. Carter, Roy Lee 837 Rome Street 12th Grade: D.E. Chamberlain, Donna Jean 245 North Carolina Ave. 8th Grade: Dramatics Club, Latin Club, 9th Grade: Dramatics Club, Latin Club, 11th Grade: President of Spanish Club. Chambliss, Benjamino Carols 412 Burne Street 9th Grade: Science Club, 10th Grade: Spanish Club, nth Grade: Spanish Club, Wrestling Team, Varsity Club, 12th Grade: Varsity Club, Wrestling Team, Band. Chambliss, Carolyn Rochelle 14 School Court 8th Grade: Dramatic Club, Science Club, Band, 9th Grade: Dramatic Club, Choir, Science Club, 10th Grade; Choir, French Club, 11 th Grade: Junior Class Day Committee. Chambliss, James !2th Grade: French Club, Science Club. Chandler, Milton 157 Shore Street 3th-11th Grade: Projection Crew. Cheely, Betty Rose 2041 Fort Rice Street 8th Grade: Pence Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, 9th Grade: Tri- H-Y, Treasurer, Glee Club, 10th Grade: Art Club, P.H.S. Majorette, 11th Grade: Art Club, French Club, P.H.S. Majorette, Ring Dance Committee, Review, 12th Grade; Art Club, French Club, P.H.S. Majorette, Homecoming Committee, Review Reporter. Childers, Barbara Anne 1704 Darby Drive 8th Grade; Art Club, TIth Grade: French Club. Christian, Patricia Irene 1842 Crimes Road 10th Grade: Pep Club, I 1th Grade; Pep Club, Squad Leader. Churn, Kathryn Lynrie 1805 Brandon Ave, 8th Grade: Jr. Art Club, SCA Representative, 9th Grade: Paiette Club, 10th Grade: SCA Representative, 11th Grade: Ring Dance Committee, Make-up crew for Music Man, 12tn Grade: Typist for Missile, Art Club. Clairborne, Richard Lee 1046 Halifax Street Clanton, Esther Delorise 1409 Ferndale Ave. 8th Grade: Home Economic Club, Choir, Modern Dance Group, 9th Grade: Horne Economic Club, Choir, Modern Dance Group, lOth-TIth Grade: Choir, Alternate for P.H.S, Majorette Squad, Senator for junior Class, 12th Grade: Alternate for Majorette Squad, V.O.T. Clarke, Paula 321 St. Matthew Street 12th Grade: DECA Coates, Melissa 2241 Warren Street Coghill, Cheryl Louise 14 Gloucester Street FBLA. Cohen, Michael Robert 184! S. Westchester Dr. 11th Grade: Vice President ot the National Honor So- ciety, Chess Club, 12lh Grade; Vice President of the National Honor Society. Cole, Brenda Ann 47 Corling Street 8th Grade: Glee Ciub, Girl ' s Ensemble, Chess Club, Science Club, Concert Band. 9lh Grade: Glee Club, Science Club, Concert Band, 10th Grade: Science Club, Dramatics, Concert Band, Review Staff, lllh Grade: French Club, Concert Band, Majorette Squad, Review Staff, 12lh Grade: Science Club, French Club, Forensics Club, Concert Band, Majorette Squad, Review Staff, Chorale. Cole, Jean Marie 354 Summit Street I0th-12lh Grade: DECA Club. Collins, Michael Angelo 407 Willcox Street 9th Grade: Art Club, llth-lith Grade: VICA. Compton, Mildred Ann I 1 10 McKenzie Street Conrad, Cecil )r. 2135 N. White Hill Dr. Conrecode, fdward Joseph 2323 Richmond Ave. Cooper, Rudolph Franklin Jr, 514 Webster Street 8th-9th Grade: Science Club, Band, Copeland, Reginald Alphonso 627 Gilliams Street Cornett, Kathy Ann 2222 Colston Street 8lh-9th Grade: Class Secretary, Missile, Jr. Tri-H-Y, Odd Girls Club, Variety Show, lOth Grade: Drama Club, Forensics Club, Glee Club, Review, 11th Grade: Review, French Club, 12th Grade: Forensics Club, Review, National Honor Society, French Club. Coyle, Charles Edward Coyle, Debra Kay 12th Grade: French Club. Cox, Ida Mae 405 E, Fillmore Street 405 E. Fillmore Street 304 N. Old Church Str. Cox, Vicki Lynn 2217 Fort Rice Street 11th Grade: FBLA, 12th Grade: F8LA, Crews, Sherman Lemont Crews, Tim D. 337 Hurt Street 2335 Anderson Street Crocker, Michael Leroy 512 E. St. Andrew St. 8th Grade: J.V. Football, 9th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Club, 10th Grade: V ' arsily Club. Grumpier, Joyce Ann 1235 W. High Street Curry, Milton Pettis 1440 Weaver Ave. 9th Grade: Baseball, 10th Grade: Baseball, Wrestling, French Club, lllh Grade: Baseball. Daghita, Mary Louise 10th-12th Grade: DECA. 123 Central Park Dance, Adrian Theodore 1008 Patterson Street 8th Grade: Wrestling, Varsity Club, 9lh Grade: Band, 11th Grade: Wrestling, Band, Varsity Club, 12th Grade: Wrestling, Band, Varsity Club. Dance, Walter Forrest Dash, Deborah A. 180f) Brandon Ave. 1605 Hak un Drive Duncan, David Wayne 1819 Chuckatuck Ave. 9th Grade: JV Football, lith Grade: French Club, Tennis Team. Davis, Arthur Theodore 607 S. Adams Street I 1th Grade: Choral Music. David, LaFawn Davis, Leonard H. 914 Halifax Street 8th-9th Grade: JV Football, Basketball, lOth-llth Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Science Club, 12th Grade: Captain of Varsity Football. Davis, I inda Vernell Davis, Louis A. Basketball. Dawson, Marilyn llth-12th Grade: DECA 804 W. Washington Str. 804 W. Washington Str. 462 Pine Ridge Road Dent. Oliver Mack Norman Jr. 511 Windham Street 8th Grade: JV Baseball, Basketball, Glee Club, 9th Grade: JV Football, JV Basketball, 10th Grade: JV Basketball, Varsity Football, 11th Grade: Varsity Foot- ball, FBLA, Jr. Class Day Committee, Jr. Ring Dance Committee, 12th Grade: Varsity Football, FBLA, Varsity Club. DeWitt, Janet Rosalind 11 14 Savage Street 8th Grade: Glee Club, FBLA, 9lh-10th Grade: FBLA, Glee Club, 12th Grade: Modern Dance Club, DECA. Oicson, Shirley May Diggs, Virgie Diane 10th Grade: FBLA, 12th Grade: COE 454 Harding Street 1429 Halifax Street Dowl, Dorothea Denise 518 Irving Street 8th Grade: FTA, Dramatics Club, History Club, FHA, 9th Grade: FTA, French Club, Drama, History Club, FHA, Science Club, 10th Grade: History Club, 11th Grade: Pep Club, Class Day Committee, Drama, DECA, t2th Grade: DECA, Photography Club, Journalism, His- tory Club, Review Staff. Downey, Tamara Yvonne 9th Grade: Glee Club. 1758 East Blvd. Dixon, Joyce Brenda 1222 Bland Street 8th-9th Grade: FHA, Art Club, Spanish Club, 10th Grade: Spanish Club. Drew, Iris Delores Droddy, Shelia DECA. 1106 E. Booker Circle 834 W. High Street Dugger, Rosa Dale 222 S. Chappell Street 8th-9th Grade: Latin Club, Art Club, 10th Grade: Art Club. Edmonds, Arthur L., Jr. 927 Shields Street 8th-9th Grade: Marching Band, Concert Band, SCA Slate Workship, 10th Grade: Pep Band, Latin Club, Class President, 11th Grade: Concert Band, Marching Band, SCA (VP), Boys State, Forensics, VFW (1st Prize), Pro|ection Crew, 12th Grade: President ot Class, Forensics, Concert Band, Marching Band, SCA State Conference, SCA District Conference. Edwards, Cary Donell 30 Corling Street Ende, Mark 1865 Westover Ave. 8lh Grade: Basketball, 9th-12th Grade: Colt Team, Var- sity Club, Latin Club, French Club, Review Staff, Na- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. Eldredge, Diane Lillian 12th Grade: FHA (President) Embry, James Columbus Band 428 Harding Street 1319 Talley Ave. Emery, Vergenia Ruth 1508 Oakdale Avenue 9th Grade: FHA, Pep Club, 10th Grade: Afro American Club, FBLA, 1 1th Grade: VOT, 12th Grade: FBLA. Emory, Debra Ann FBLA: I Ith Grade. 2136 S. Whithell Drive Ferrer. Francisco B. 2016 Bishop Street 8th Grade: Class Vice-President, Football, SCA, 9th Grade: Band, FBLA, lOth Grade: Monitors Club, Cockay Hi-Y, llth Grade: Public Speaking, FBLA, State-Treasurer, FBLA-V ' ice President, 12th Grade: Mis- sile Statf-Sporl Editor. Fisher, Audrey B. 1465 Halifax Street t0th-12th Grade: FBLA, SCA, FHA. Fisher, Mary Jean 12th Grade: Science Club. Rt. 8, Box 196 C-31 Fitzgerald, Steve Russell 60 5 Hinton Street 8th Grade: Basketball, 9th Grade: Jr. Varsity Basket- ball. Flowers, Michael Conrad Fogel, John Dale 1405 Ferndale Ave. 2028 N. Whitehill Dr. Ford, Benjamin K, 737 Court Street 12th Grade: Wrestling Team, Projection Crew Frazier, Sandy Elliot 2123 Van Dorn Street 8th-12th Grade: Band, Latin Club, Ring Dance Com- mittee. Fultz, Morris Timothy 151 Virginia Avenue I0th-I2th Grade: Basketball, Varsity Club. Candy, Beulah Lee 12th Grade: FHA. Cannaway, Shelia Mae Garner, Katherine Marie 1488 Halifax Street 831 Halifax Street 27 Corling Street Garris, Roxanna Elaine 515 Harrison Street 8th Grade: FHA, 9th Grade: FHA, FBLA, 10th Grade: FBLA, Spanish Club, TIth Grade: Choir, VICA, Spanish Club. Ceter, Arthur Lee 742 Halifax Street 8th-12th Grade: JV Football, Wrestling Team, Jr. Ath- letic Club, Varsity Club, Concert Band, Class Repre- sentative, Pep Band, Marching Band. Ceter, Gloria D. 12th Grade: FBLA. 742 Halifax Street Cilkenson, Debora 18 D Woodmere Drive 8th Grade: Jr. Tri Hi-Y, 9th Grade: Glee Club, Concert Band, 10th Grade: Concert Band, 11th Grade: French Club, Library Staff. Giles, James Williams 1225 Hinton Street 8th-12th Grade: Basketball Team, Latin Club, SCA, Science Club, French Club, Missile Staff, National Honor Society. Gilliam, Barry Keith 1026 Bolling Street 10th-12th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Club, Projec- tion Crew. Coble, Patricia Anne 431 W. Washington St. 12th Grade: Missile Staff. Goode, Carl Matthew Jr. 1641 Talley Ave. 10th-12th Grade: Football. Basketball. Baseball, Chess Club, Varsity Club. Goode, James 627 Harding Street Cordon, Barbara Ellen 14 Seaboard Street 9th Grade: Glee Club, 12th Grade: Missile Staff, Science Club. Graves, John Napoleon Jr. 517 S. Dunlop Street Craves, Louise Virginia 304 St, Luke Street 8th-9th Grade: Pep Club. Craves, Mary Frances 821 Marseilles Street nth Grade: Latin Club, 12th Grade: FHA. Greene, Betty May 1058 Nottoway Street Greene, Romona Dale 51 Corling Street 9th Grade: Concert Band, Choir, 10th Grade: Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Marching Band, SCA, 11th Grade: Marching Band, SCA, Chorale Jr. Ring Dance Committee, 12th Grade: Missile Staff, Marching Band, SCA, History Club, Science Club, Latin Club, Crier, Odell Lamotto Griffin, Marvin Jr, I1lh-I2th Grade: D.E. Griftin, Richard Alphonso 125 S, Dunlop Street 325 Harrison Street 325 S. Jones Street Hairston, Thomila Carvetta 827 Farmer Street 8th-12th Grade: Secretary of Class, Marching Band, Dramatics Club, Industrial Arts, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Concert Band, Review Staff, Publication Club, History Club, Science Club, DECA, Pep Club, Various Plays, Polygon Club. Harper, Linda Florence 12lh Grade: D.E. 1014 Willcox Street Harrison, James Arlie 924 Willcox Street 9lh-l2th Grade: Pep Band, Marching Band, Concert Band . Hall, Alfred 12 Gloucester Circle Hall, Brenda Yvonne Lamone 105 N. Burch Street 8th Grade: Art Club, 10th Grade: Health Club, Pep Club, 11th Grade: Library Club, Spanish Club. Hanford, Robert Stuart Jr. 518 Hinton Street 8th-12th Grade: J.V. Football, J.V. Baseball, J.V. Basket- ball, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club. Hank, Marlon Hollis 541 Mabry Street Hardy, Shirley May 341 Spring Street 8th Grade: SCA, 11th-12th Grade: Art Club. Harper, Gloria Allen 606 Virginia Ave, Harris, John Walter 1411 Custer Street I0th-I2th Grade: Varsity Club, Tennis, SCA, French Club. Harris, Sylvia Annette 12th Grade: FBLA. Harris, Walter Lee Haskins, Linda Lyons Haskins, Melvin Steven 1341 Shepard Street 1518 Lincoln Street 1230 Hinton Street 119 Graham Road Hawkins, Phyllis Crenda 132 St. Matthew Street 12th Grade: History Club. Hecker, Frederick George 116 Marshall Street Jones, Bobby 612 W. Carter Street Lyons, Debra Carol 1 !19 Hinton Street Hedges, Charles Stanley 668 S. Jones Street 10th-12th Grade: Spanish Club, Chess Club. Heiser, Thelma Suzanne 9th-11th Grade: Art Club. Heller, Thomas James 479 Graham Road 1607 Louisa Street Hersh, Lela Faye 1722 Arch Street 8th-12th Grade: Glee Club, Cold Blazers, Goober Pep, Student Cheographer, Majorette, Review, Circulation, Missile, Art Club, Variety Show, French Club., Science Club. Hicks, William Wayne 2023 Colston Street 8th-9th Grade: Basketball, jV Football, JV Baseball. Hill, Jerome 1336 Lincoln Street 9th-10th Grade: Art Club, Monitors Club. Hill, Hazel Mae 12th Grade: FBLA. 1336 Lincoln Street Hill, Wayne Stephen 1451 Ferndale Ave. 8th Grade: Science Club, 9th Grade: Latin Club, Band. Hinton, Ronald Hodges, Raymond Reid 111 Terrace Ave. 1923 VanDorn Street Hoffman, Marsha Womack 718 S. Sycamore Street 8th-12th Grade: DECA. Hollis, Robert James 549 N. Azalea Road 11th-12th Grade; Chess Club, Hopkins, Andrea Susanne 1109 Beazley Street 8th-10 th Grade: FBLA, Pep Club, FHA, Art, Choir, Speech. Holmes, Roosevelt Willard Lee Howell, Matthew Library Asst. Hudgins, Clifford Jerome Hunt, Jacqueline Lisa 1224 Grant Ave, 1713 Hawk Street 886 East Bank Street 830 S, Jones Street Ingram, George Thomas 3104 Greenwood Ave. 8th-10th Grade: JV Baseball, JV Football, Varsity Foot- ball. Jackson, Alice Mae 12th Grade: FHA. Jackson, Maurice Jackson, Milton Alexander James, Hoyt Fulton Jefferson, Harold L. ICT. 1207 Grant Court 409 Byrne Street 409 Byrne Street 1875 Fairfax Street 1111 Floyd Street Jones, Calvin Carlton 1028 Patterson Street 8th Grade: JV Football, lOlh Grade: Spanish Club, 11th-12th Grade: Tennis Team, Band, Pep Band, Con- cert Band. Jones, Angela Vanessa 508 Mingea Street 9th-11th Grade; Modern Dance, Spanish Club, Jr. Ring Dance Committee., Charles Stribling 1636 East Tuckahoe St. Jones, Eldridge Lorenza 724 Boilingbrook Si. 9th Grade: Science Club, History Club. Jones, Frank S. Jones, James Edward Jones, Larry Taylor 9th Grade: Latin Club, 10th Grade: DECA, 1638 East Tuckahoe Street 142 Si. Mark Street 3 Ross Court Jones, Milton Dean 837 Fort Henry Street Jones, Wanda Gracine 920 Patterson Street loth Grade: Art Club, Band, Latin Club, 11th Grade: Photo Club, 12th Grade; Tennis Club, Modern Dance. Jones, Wanda Lee 1113 Pointer Street 8th-9th Grade: Science Club, Choir, FHA, Class Day Committee, French Club, 10th Grade: French Club, 11th Grade: Ring Dance Committee, 12th Grade; Class Day Committee. Jones, Barbara Jean 912 Patterson Street 8th-9th Grade; Home Economics, Choir, Band, 10th Grade: Library, FBLA, 11th Grade: Sec. of |r. Class, SCA Rep., DECA, Library, 12th Grade: DECA, FBLA. Johnson, Sandra Jacquelyn 858 Miller Street 9th Grade: Dramatics Club. Jones, Sylvia Ann 1064 6th Street 9th-12th Grade: Band Missile Staff. Jones, Veronika Darlene 1201 Halifax Street 8th-12th Grade: Science Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Chorale, Photography Club, Drama Club, NDEA Council, SCA, Review, Ring Dance Com- mittee, Ring Dance Queen Committee, Class Vice President. Kaplan, Paul Eugene 2041 Van Dorn Street 11th-12th Grade: Missile Staff, Financial Editor, Wres- tling Team Manager, Jr. Ring Dance Committee. Keller, Suzanne Joyce 3348 Lancelot Road 9th Grade: Marching Band, Concert Band, French Club, nth Grade: Sec. of National Honor Society, French Club, Science Club, 12th Grade; Missile. King, Aubrey Lyndon King, PearJ Elizabeth Kirkland, Donald Wayne 525 Shore Street 150 Clayton Street 94 Shagle Ave. Kirkland, James Robert 1624 Lamar Ave. 9th-12th Grade: Science Club, Latin Club. Kirkland, Johnny Becher 1728 Buckner Street KirkJand, Thomas Whyte 1728 Buckner Street 8th Grade: JV Football, JV Baseball, 9th Grade: JV Baseball, 10th Grade: Spanish Club, 11th Grade: Spanish Club. Kitt, Vanessa Dale 214 Liberty Street 9th-10th Grade: Science Club. Kizzie, Boris Lydeil 1317 Montgomery Street 11th Grade: Wrestling Team, Latin Club, 12th Grade: French Club, Latin Club, Science Club. Kizzie, Samuel Clay 1317 Montgomery Street 8th Grade: Art Club, 9th Grade: Ind. Arts, 11th-12th Grade: VICA Kreicar, Frank Latimere 328 S. Crater Road Lanier, Barbara Jean 1220 Baylor Lane 8th Grade: Choir, History Club, 10th Grade: Spanish Club, 12th Grade: Science Club. Lastoria, Debra Rose 1850 Berkeley Avenue 10th-12th Grade: FBLA, 11th 12th Grade: V.O.T. C.O.E, Lawrence, Laura Lee 349 Summitt Street 8th Grade: K-Warner, Tri-Hi-Y, 10th Grade; Library Worker, FBLA, 11th-12th Grade: FBLA. Lee, Alinda Ruth Lee, Cora Mae 471 Byrne Street 7 South Foley Street Lee, Dale Frances 1488 Halifax Street 10,11th, 12th Grade; FHA, 11th 12th Grade: Lee, Mary Elizabeth 39 Crater Ridge Apt. 9th-12th Grade: GAA, Drama, Modern Dance, Art Club. Lewis, Annie Hill 626 Pegram Street Lewis, Robert Anthony 843 E. Bank Street 9th-12th Grade; Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band. Lewis, Sandy Leon 503 Mistletoe Street 8th-12th Grade; JV Football, Varsity Football, Basket- ball, JV Basketball, Science Club. Lewis, Tony Michael 228 Little Church Street Lewis, Yvonne De-Carlo 343 Canal Street 10th-12th Grade; FBLA, History Club, Modern Dance. Lindsey, Gayle Veronica 1029 Farmer Street 8th-12th Grade: Home Economics, Spanish Club, Cheerleader, Newspaper, Science Club, History Club. Maclin, Anne Wilson 1578 Brandon Avenue 8th-12th Grade: Glee Club, Girl ' s Ensemble, SCA, Oklahoma, Cold Blazers, JV Cheerleading, Carousel, Varsity Cheerlead ing, Ring Dance Committee, Review, Square Circle, Variety Show, French Club. Marshall, Janet Sue 11th-12th Grade: FBLA. Marshall, William Ward 12th Grade; VICA. 21 35 Warren Street 2005. Bishop Street Martinez, Gary James 2235 South Whitehill Dr. 9th-10th Grade: JV Football, VICA. Martinez, Elizabeth 8th-12th Grade: D.E. 2235 S- W ' hitehill Drive Massey, Denise Lynn 314 N. Carolina Avenue 8th-12th Grade: DECA, Class Board, Spanish Club, His- tory Club, Review, Science Club, Chorale. Mason, John Randolph 10th Grade: FBLA. Matthews, Diane 12th Grade: V.O.T. 1 10 Pine Street 1621 Halifax Street Mayfield, Martine Clennis 612 S. Adams Street Mayfield, Ronald Lee 664 Gill Street Maywalt, David Charles 732 Jefferson PI. 10th-12th Grade: VICA, Golf. McCoy, Kim Denise 33 D ' Arcy Street 8th-12th Grade: Class President, Art Club, SCA, Forensics, Girls State Delegate, Senior Class Secretary, Senior Class Editor of Missile, Co-chairman of Ring Dance, Co-chairman of Band Committee, Candidate for Junior Ring Queen, History Club, PHS repre- sentative to Tam Council. McCrickard, Keith Thomas 443 Forest Lane 11th-12th Grade: Vice-President, Chess Club, Pres- ident of Senior Class, Science Club. McDougall, Sharon Grace 109 Seaboard Street McKeever, Robert Allen 1040 Acomack Street 12lh Grade: Marching Band. McKinnon, Wanda Renae 1012 Rome Street 8th-12th Grade: Majorette, Spanish Club, History, Dra- matic Club. McNeely, Steve Roy McPhearson, Jackie Allen Merritt, Cecelia Ann 8th-10th: Glee Club ' . 2241 Walton Street 2210 V ' an Dorn Street 204 N. Carolina Avenue Mickens, Ardee Marie 404 Wythe Street 8th-9th: Marching and Concert Band. 10th: Marching Band. 11th-12th: Marching Band, and Honor Society. 12th: COE. Moody, Headacko Lee Moore, Quotina Devon Moore, Tyrone Michael Morgan, Irene Veronica 11th-12th: VICA. Morgan, Joan 11th: FBIA. 115 Shore Street 215 N. Jones Street 215 N. Jones Street 1201 Melville Street 804 S. Jones Street Murrell, George Thomas 530 High Street 8th: Science Club. 1 llh-12th: DECA 10th: FBLA. Mushaw, Del Burnett 1114 Halitax Street 8th: Safety Patrol. 9th: FHA, lOth: FHA and President of Homeroom,! 1th: Glee Club, 12th: Tennis Team, Special Services, Varsity, Art Club, and Science. Myrick, Ronald Glen 9th: Movie Projection. 408 Wythe Street Nedrick, Constance Ann 857 Miller Street 8th-10lh: Dramatices Club, 11th: Art Club, Class Day Committee, Ring Dance Committee. Nedrick, W ' ilma Sue 857 Miller Street 8th-9th: Choir, 8th-10th: Dramatices Club, I’th Art Club. Nelson, losepliine Ann 1J15 Beazley Street 10th: DECA. Neverson, Jerome 1211 Hamilton Street Newsom, Kathryn Ann 2210 Anderson Street 4ih-10th; Marching Band, Concert Band, Carousel, Bye, Bye Birdie. 10th: Girls Basketball Team. 11th: Music Man, FBLA, Girls Basketball Team. 12th: Missile. Newsome, Rosetta Jacqueline 620 Gressett Street 8th-11th Grade: Student Council, SCA, FHA, FLC,. Newsome, Wayne Thomas 1127 Appomattox St. Noise, Diane 723 Lee Avenue 8th-12th Grade: Home Econ., History Club, Science Club. Norris, Ethel Maureen 506 Byrne Street 9lh-12th Grade: Marching Band, Concert, Stage Band, Chorale, NHS, Missile. Nunnally, William Conrad 7 N. Old Church St. 11th-12th Grade: Basketball Team, Varsity Club, Spanish Club. Plymale, Parker Lewis 2128 Bishop Street Poland, Donald Keith 9-C Woodmere Apts. 11th Grade: Spanish Club. Poole, Albert Harrison 1758 Monticello Ave. 8th-12th Grade: Class President (8), Interim Council Secretary, SCA Representative, SCA Senator, State SCA Projects Committee Chairman, Stale SCA President, Inter-Club Council, French Club, Latin Club, Forensics Club, President (12), Central District Oratorical Cham- pion, Optimist State Oratorial Champion, JV Basket- ball, Series of Plays, Review Reporter, Missile Staff, Re- cipient of 1st Principal ' s Award, Ring Dance Co- Chairman, National Honor Society, Boy ' s State, Na- tional Merit, Cockcade Hi-Y, Treasurer, Latin Tour- nament, State SCA Elections Committee, SCA Work- shop and Conference, Coordinator ot Homecoming Activities, BYDE Teenager ol the Year, NASC Confer- ence. Pope, Kenneth Lee 528 Cameron Street Poythress, Robert Carter 1610 Monticello 11th Grade: Spanish Club. Powell, Debra Rene 1416 Ferndale Ave, Rilz, Ricky Lee 1515 Westover Ave. 10th-12th Grade: History Club, Spanish Club, Wres- tling, Missile Staff, FBLA, Student Advisory Committee, Data Processing, FBLA, ESAP. Ruffa, Mary Cynthia 1734 Powhatan Ave. 8lh-12lh Grade: Gold Blazers, Science Club, Square Circle Honor Society, French Club, History Club. Sanchez, Larry Phillip 2146 Fort-Rice Street 11th Grade: Spanish Club. Savoy, Rio Arneese 822 Wilcox Street 11th-12th Grade: Missile Staff, Home Room Repre- sentative. Saunders, Gary Lee 939 Farmer Street Schmidt, Deborah Jeam 220 Summit Street 10th-12th Grade: FBLA, VOT, COE. Scott, Bettye Patrice 853 Shepard Street 8th-12th Grade: Glee Club, Pro-Musica Ensemble, Marching Band, Concert Band, Latin Club, French Club, Science Club, Drama Club, Stage Band, Ring Dance Committee, All-Regional Concert Band, SCA, Review. Orr, Carlos Andre 834 Withe Street Ovens, Robin Elizabeth 138 Summit Street 9th-12th Grade: Glee Club, Chorale, Latin Club, Ring Dance Committee. Owens, Theresa Ann 1136 Farmer Street Pace, John Thomas 634 Jefferson Place 8th-I2th Grade: SCA, Varsity Football, V ' arsily Colt, Varsity Club, Secretary Varsity Club, Review, National Honor Society, Latin Club. Parham, Betsy Marie 22-B Corling Parham, Garland Benjamin 1209 Hamilton Street 12th Grade: Band. Price, Louis Randolph 775 Myrick Ave. 9th-nth Grade: Marching Band. Price, Reginald Randolph 916 Cameron Street 8th-12th Grade: JV Football, Jr. Varsity Club, JV Foot- ball, Varsity Club, Varsity Baseball, French Club, Wres- tling Team, Varsity Football, Ring Dance Committee, Class Day, Missile Staff, Honorary Club, Pryor, Thomas Candy Jr. 1324 Baylor Lane Scott, Joyce Marie 1316 Rome Street 12th Grade: VICA. Scott, Theodore Stanley 942 Hillside Dr. 9th-12th Grade; French Club, Marching Band, Concert Band, Drill Team, Varsity Basketball, Stage Band, Pep Band, Spanish Club, Missile Staff. Seaborne, Delia 629 Cressett Street VICA. Pugh, Estelle Delores Pulley, Deborah Jean 8th-1 Ith Grade: Latin Club, 102 Filmore Street 437-A Halifax Street Setzer, Paula Renee 841 Cameron Street Gibbons High: 8th-11th Grade; Library Cn. Drama Club, Glee Club, Forensics. Raines, Stephen K. 540 Clinton Street Shaw, Sherry Myrick 1176 Melville Street Parham, Stanley " Zeke " 120 Virginia Ave. Pearson, Nancy Sue 1947 N. Weschester Dr. 8th-12th Grade: Cheerleader, Latin Club, Missile, Busi- ness Manager, Jr. Ring Dance, Fall Festival, SCA, French Club. Peebles, David Lee 203 S. Jefferson St. 9th-12lh Grade: JV Football, Varsity Club, Wrestling Team, Art Club, Science Club, Spanish Club. Peet, Willard Charles 1662 Brandon Ave. Pegram, Janet Elaine 127 St. Matthew St. Pegram, Marian Marie 717 Federal Street 9th Grade: Chorale, Marching Band, History Club, 10th Grade: Marching Band, 11th Grade: Chorale, DECA Treasurer, Missile, Junior Ring Dance Committee, 12th Grade: Marching Band, Assistant Editor for the Missile, Review Staff, History Club, French Club. Pender, Paul Edward 504 North Carolina Avenue 8lh-12th Grade: Varsity Club, 9th Grade: Art Club, Reames, Melvin Glenn 2040 Buckner Street 8th. 1 2th Grade: JV Football, SCA Alternate, Stage Crew for Play, Decorating Committee for Ring Dance, Decorating Committee for Senior Prom, Missile Staff, Cockade Hi-Y, Drama Club, SCA Representative. Redwine, Linda Diane 1234 Hilton Place 8th-IOth Grade: Spanish Club, FHA, Science Club. Reese, Larry Theophilus 1013 Wilcox Street Varsity Club. Relaford, Annette Maria 450 Harding Street 8lh-12th Grade: Chorale, Pro Musica Ensemble, Plays, SCA Summer Workshop, SCA Open House, Cheer- leader, Ring Dance Committee, Relaford, Elena Carol 1 364 Rome Street 11th-12th Grade: Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, Chorale, Play, Rhodes, Vanessa Deloise 706 Commerce Street nth Grade: FHA. Richardson, Kathy Bernetta 525 Pegram Street Shepard, Roger Clayton 1127 Augusta Ave. 12th Grade: Varsity Football. Siedow, Clareence Andre 104 S. Blvd. Spanish Club. Skerritt, Donna Elizabeth 2123 Bishop Street 8th-IOth Grade: K-Warner, Tri Hi Y, Glee Club, Mod- ern Dance, Science Club. Slaughter, Dolores Ann 120 Slagle Ave. Small, Donna Kay 1740 Buckner Street 8th-12th Grade; Glee Club, Pro Musica, Drama Club, French Club, Forensics Club, Series ot Plays, Miss Crimson Wave Finalist, Homeroom Representative, Na- tional Honor Society, Review Staff. Smith, Bradford Albert 916 Priam Street Smith, Curtis Orlando 854 Apperson Street Smith, James Bernard 1014 Rome Street 8th- 1 Ith Grade: Jr. Varsity Football, Projection Crew, FBLA. Perry, Carol Nadine 23 South Burch Street 9lh Grade; Concert Band, Chorale, Spanish Club, 10th Grade: Marching Band, Spanish Club, 11th Grade: Marching Band, Junior Class Day Committee, 12th Grade: Marching Band, Circulation Staff for the Review. Richardson, Ruth Ella 209 Terrace Ave. 12fh Grade; VICA. Ridout, John Everett 2046 Fort Rice Street 9th-11lh Grade: JV Football, Spanish Club. Smith, James Lee 1316 Halifax Street 8th-11th Grade: Latin Club, Band, Science Club, Histo- ry Club, Chess Club. Smith, Jerome 10 N. Ole Church St. Perry, Delmar Lee 605 Plum Street Perry, Linda Marie 1106 Shepard Street Peterson, Delores Faye nth Grade: French Club, French Club. 1114 Hilton Place 12lh Grade: History Club, Peterson, Terry Cassandra 729 Kirkiham Street Phillips, Gonzell Chambliss 9ih-12lh Grade: Baseball, Grade: Basketball. 930 Lee Avenue Varsity Club, 10th-12th Pierce, Steven Leon 518 St. Mark Street Pitmon, Margie Leona 1 lth-12lh Grade: DECA. 2121 Jackson Court Plummer, Louise Ethel 10th-12th Grade DECA. 13-B Woodmere Drive Robertson, Robert Bolling 914 S. Blvd. 9th-12th Grade: Play, JV Foolball, Spanish Club, Science Club. Smith, Ronald Lee 101 S. West Street 8th-11th Grade: VP Of Class (8), Band, Asst. Secretary SCA, Interim Council, Wrestling Team. Robertson, Susan Rutledge 325 Greenwood Drive 10th-12th Grade: Mod. Dance, Play, Nat. Honor Soci- ety. Robinson, Donald Payne 1 I I Walkover Ave. Robinson, Gertdell 1146 Commerce Street 9th-10th Grade; Music, Home Ec. Smith, Sandra Odessa Stevens, David Matthew 1 1th Grade: Varsity Baseball. Stevens, Ernest Lee Stevens, Rudine Rebecca 349 Federal Street 109 Culpepper Ave. 5 30 Wythe Street 748 Wilson Street Robinson, Ronald Wayne 111 Walkover Ave. 10th-12th Grade: JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball. Robinson, Vanessa Theodora 15 31 Halifax Street 10th-12th Grade: French Club, Review Staff, National Honor Society, Forensics Club, Science Club. Rowe, Michael Anthony 542 S. Azalea Rd. 11th-12th Grade: VICA. Stith, Cathy Marbella 1125 Pointer Street 8th-12th Grade: Science Club, 10th Grade: Latin Club, 11th Grade: Junior Ring Dance Committee, 12th Grade: History Club. Stovall, James Roy 1629 Circle Drive 9lh Grade: Basketball, R.O.T.C. Stroud, Raymond Linwood 4 Salem Street Sturdivant, Vanessa Ann 1204 Savage Street 8th Grade: Debating Team, 10th-12th Grade: Art Club, Drama Club, Review Staff, French Club. Sykes, Warbra Debbie 1723 West Clara Drive Talley, William Henry 1663 East Tuckahoe Street 8th-9th Grade: J.V. Football, 10th-12th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Club, Concert Band, Pep Band, Music Man, Stage Band, Ring Dance Committee, Review. 9th-12th Grade: Spanish Club, |.V. Basketball, DECA, History Club. Walker, Wanda J. Walker, Michael Antonio 1235 Hamilton Street 520 Webaten Street Walker, Ronald Aton 317 South Jones Street 12th Grade: Varsity Club, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football. Talmage, Richard Lindamood 1948Matoax Avenue Tanner, Jo Ann 1857 East Boulevard 9th-12th Grade: Latin Club, Art Club, Cheerleader, (Varsity Cheerleader). Taylor, Carlton Rudolph 503 Federal Street 9th-11th Grade: Concert Band, Marching Band, DECA. Taylor, Debra Gaye 106 Goodrich Avenue 8th-12th Grade: Chorale, F.B.L.A., Drama Club, Pro Musica Ensemble, Junior Class Day, Senior Class Day, Carousel, Bye Bye Birdie, On The Night of January 16th, Music Man, S.C.A. Alternate, 1984. Warren, Barbara Jean Rt. 6, Box 406 Taylor, James Hubert 9th Grade: J.V. Baseball Tench, Randolph Luther Thomas, Karen Velima Thomas, Tony Renea Thomas, William Henry Thompson,. Gloria Jean 909 McKenzie Street 1814 Lamar Avenue 1130 Halifax Street 412 Rock Street 725 Halifax Street 313 Van Buern Thompson, Terence Gerrod 545 Halifax Street 12th Grade: Spanish Club, History Club, Science Club. Thompson, Thomas Ronald 31 3 St. Mark Street Thweatt, Kenneth Leon 1007 Augusta Avenue 8th-12th Grade: Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, Chorale, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Forensics Club, History Club, Pro Musica En- semble, Stage Band. Toombs, Beverly Sue 745 Hampton Road 9th-12th Grade: Bye Bye Birdie, Music Man, French Club, Art Club, SCA, Review Staff, Circulation Manager for the Review. Traylor, Cheryl Ann 311 Summit Street 8th-11th Grade: Glee Club, Carousel, Bye Bye Birdie, The Music Man. Warren, Denise Lorette 9 Dogwood Drive 8th-12th Grade: Girls Ensemble, Glee Club, Square Circle Honor Society, Variety Show, Varsity Cheer- leader (Head 12th Grade), National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Review (News Editor), Ring Dance Committee, Bye Bye Birdie, The Music Man, French Club. Washington, Avis Denise Washington, Danny Wash ington, Mervin L. 745 Harrison Street 516 Webster Street 535 Halifax Street Watkins, Edward Leroy 1014 Bolling Street 8th-11th Grade: Varsity Club, History Club, Science Club. Wells, Doraleen 809 Diamond Street 9th-10th Grade: FHA, Glee Club, FBLA. Wells, Donna Sue 534 Montibello Street 8th-12th Grade: SCA Representative, Latin Club, Soph- omore Class Board Committee, Bye Bye Birdie, The Music Man, French Club, Review Staff, National Honor Society, Ring Dance Committee. West, Michael Edward 943 Farmer Street Whitaker, Mary Eva 407 Shore Street 9th-12th Grade: FHA, Glee Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Varsity Cheerleader, White, Charles Bernard 659 Pegram Street White, Debra Clarke 601 Toll Gate Lane 8th-12th Grade: K-Warner Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, Modern Dance Club, Science Club, DECA. Trejo, Karen Mae 15 Jack Frost Trailer Ct. White, Joanne Denise White, Juanita Ann White, Mary Arlean Whiting, George William 512 Mingea Street 1327 Shepard Street 125 Liberty Street 27 S. South Street Trejo, Leslie A, 907 Laurel Road 11th-12th Grade: Art Club, Spanish Club. Tucker, Patricia Yvette 243 St. Matthew Street 8th-10th Grade: FBLA, Pep Club. Tucker, Valerie Yvonne 1219 Farmer Street 11th Grade: SCA Representative. Tudor, Robert Wayne 1752 Varina Avenue 11th-12th Grade; Spanish Club. Turner, June Sharon 9t.h-i2th Grade: COE. 534 Gill Street Tyo, Linda June 1660 Fairfax Avenue T1th-12th Grade: DECA, Junior Ring Dance Com- mittee. Urda, Edward William Vaughan, Everette Cornelius 410 High Street 173 Seaboard Street Vaughan, William Augusta 125 Goodrich Avenue 8th-12th Grade: Science Club, VICA. Vincent, Tim S. Venable, Synobia Jacqueline Rt. 6 Box 275 1418 West Washington Street Walker, David Earl 519 Elm Street 8th-12th Grade; Projection Crew, Spanish Club. Wiggins, William Henry 907 Shepard Street 12th Grade; History Club, Chess Club, VICA. Wilder, Bonnie May 121 Grigg Street Wiley, Margaret Kathleen 1863 Berkely Avenue 8th-9th Grade: Art Club, J.V. Cheerleader, Gold Blazers, Square Circle Honor Society. Wilkerson, Roy Emerson 11th-12th Grade: VICA. Williams. Bobby Bernard 9th Grade: Science Club. Williams, Corine Alfreda 9th Grade: Art Club Williams, Dinah Frances 414 Beech Street 600 Virginia Avenue 516 Federal Street 549 High Street Williams, Jesse Thomas 410 N. Carolina Avenue 10th-12th Grade; Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band . Williams, Joyce Ann 638 Plum Street 8th Grade: Girls Basketball Team. Walker, Custina Oemeo Williams, Michael Carl Williams, Rhonda Kay Williams, Shelia Laverne lOth-llth Grade: FHA. 2311 Sandy Lane 415 Elm Street 1168 Commerce Street 328 Shore Street Williams, Valarie Augusta 1201 Floyd Street 8lh-12th Grade: Concert Band, Marching Band, Glee Club, (Peabody), Marching Band, Concert Band (Pe- tersburg), Spanish Club, History Club. Williamson. LaVerne 468 Reservoir Heights 8th-12th Grade: Science Club, Spanish Club, Modern Dance Club, History Club, Tennis Team, Review Stall, 8th Grade Band (Peabody). Williamson, Linda Frances 558 High Street 9th-12lh Grade: Glee Club, Pro Musica Ensemble, Dra- matic Club, Junior Ring Dance Committee, Music Man, Art Club, Missle Staff, Review Staff, 1984. Williamson, Maureen Denise 846 Wesley Street 8th-12th Grade: Industrial Arts Club, Dramatics Club, Majorette, Miss Christmas Seal, Science Club, Interim Council, Virginia Girls State, SCA Representative, Latin Club, Spanish Club, SCA State Workshop, junior Ring Dance Committee, Homecoming Parade Committee, ETA, Junior Class Executive Committee, National Honor Society, Make-up Committee-Bye Bye Birdie. Wilson, Bernard Alonzo 936 Weaver Avenue 12th Grade: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. Wilson, Leonard Tyrone Wilson, Lestine Denise Wilson, Russell Simeon Wilson, Yolanda 708 Wesley Street 127 Mars Street 539 Mingea Street 437 S. Jefferson Street Winfield, Carl Micheal 1319 Talley Avenue 10th-12th Grade: Marching Band, Wrestling Team. Winfield, Christine Mae 702 Mt. Airy Street 9th-12th Grade: Marching Band, Majorette, Art Club, Junior Class Day Committee, Spanish Club, Pho- tographer Club, Chorale, SCA Representative. Wolfe, Connie Debora 935 Rosewood Terrace Wolfrey, Frances Dale 415 Beech Street 10th-12th Grade: FBLA, Junior Ring Dance Committee. Womack, Carolyn Yvonne 1529 Halifax Street 8th-12th Grade: FHA, FBLA. Wooden, Gwendolyn Delores 1704 Halcun Drive 11th-12th Grade: SCA Representative. Woolard, Gail Robin 623 Commerce Street 12th Grade: Drama Club. Young, Jerry Lament 111 St. Matthew Street Young, Gregory Sherrod 1022 Willcox Street Young, Neal Cromwell 1116 Beazley Street 8th-12th Grade; Honor Guard, Marching Band, Pep Band, Science Club, Concert Band, Senior Class Day Committee. Zabner, Gary Marcus 2204 Anderson Street 9th-12th Grade: Varsity Club, Golf Team, Football Manager, French Club, Science Club. Zapulla, Michael Vincent 1765 Oakland Street 9th-11th Grade: J.V. Football, Spanish Club. Zweig, Beverly Helene 1924 Burks Street 9th-10th Grade: Latin Club, Chess Club, Drama Club. Walker, James Edward 622 Harding Street Williams, Shelia Lynette 601 Cressette Street 10th-12th Grade: SCA Representative, FBLA, COE. Juniors Relaxation Relieves Tense Moments David Aldredge Evelyn Allen Carol Amabile Christy Andrews Margaret Andrews Angie Atkins Filmer Aquino Willie Barley Terry Banks Paulette Barboza Ada Bard iff Barfield Zelda Barlow Pat Baswell Junius Baugh Mary Baugh Nancy Beasley Calvin Bell Edwin Bell Bob Bennett Jean Benson Pam Benton Don Bland Nadine Bland 143 Rosaland Bland Marina Blouin Greg Blowe Danny Bolton Shirley Bonner Zelda Boston Ronny Brandt Billie Brendle Debbie Branch Linda Brickhouse Yvonne Briggs Debbie Bunkley Wayne Briston Cecelia Brooks Debbie Brown David Brown Brenda Bryant Charlene Burton Juniors uniors 144 Class of ' 74 Promises To Be Best Ever Lisa Bublitz Larry Byrd Jasper Buford Debbie Burnette Glenda Kahall Tommy Chambers Nikita Clarke Jeri Cohen Dave Buffhin Donna Butler Randy Bulter Karen Byus V ' ' ' VV ' A ' ' T Pat Cannon Charlotte Castle David Chambliss Ronald Chambliss Cherry Clarke Annette Clemens Carol Cohen Betty Collins Kathy Collins James Conrecode Rita Conway 145 Debra Cook Robert Cook Glenn Cooper Ada Bare! iff Charlotte Crawford Joy Creech Wilton Creighton Venita Crocker Juniors Juniors 146 Juniors Say Reach Out and Touch Vanessa Crocker Charles Cruise Ellen Dash Lenora Davis Wayne Davis Karen Drumgoole Tim Earwood Velda Edwards Denise Edmunds Reba Edmonds Kathy Eldridge Kirk Ellis Barbara Embry Nellie Evans Darick Farley Linda Favors Audrey Fields Mary Fields Sue Ford Patricia Franchok Essie Freeman Diane Gardner Annie Garris William Gee Juniors Junior Joanne Street is Miss Christmas Sea! Joan Granderson Ken Cianniny Tracy Giles Matthew Ciliiam Dianne Goode Alfred Goode James Goodwyn Amy Graves Bridget Graves Jean Graves Ronald Craves Lydia Cray Hattie Greene Pearl Green Karen Greene Thomaisine Gregory Cheryl Griffin Jimmy Gupton Kieth Gwaltney Francine Hawkins Brenda Hawkins Cleo Hatchet Joe Hackley Deborah Hal! Frank Hallmen Terry Hailoway Virginia Hardy Eddie Hanford Barret Harrison Stanley Harrison Barbara Hartman Janet Harris Debbie Harville juniors Juniors Study Earnestly To Reach Goals Felicia Heath Maurice Heath Norman Heath Norris Heath Marva Hicks Hilda High Peggy Hill Kathy Hodgekinson B. Hugland Eugene Hollins Melanie Holle Robert Holly Michael Hooser Carol Jackson Linda Jackson Carol James Irene James Andrew Jefferson Donald Jefferson James Jefferson C. Johnson Jimmy Johnson Beverly Jones Charlotte Jones Skills Developed For Future Years Cynthia Jones Emma Jones Janice Jones Junila Jones Karen Jones Jernando Jones William Jones Raymonde Jung Jim Keeton Doug Kelly Rosinette King B. Kizzie Charles Lamb Venita Landcastle Gloria Lanier Anthony Later Stacey Lazarus Garland Lee Patricia Lee Susan Lee Diane Lemons Bessie Lester Trudy Levenson Audry Lewis Juniors juniors 150 Juniors Patiently Await Ring Dance Freda Lewis Mary Light Ann Lobaugh Edward Love Kathy Lowe Sandra Lundy Diane Lutz Delores Macklin Kathy Madison Cynthia Mann Sandra Mann Ronnie Martin Debbie Mathews Jo Ann Mathews Ricky McDonald jimmy McKnight Brennan Merreweather Hal Miles joe Miller James Mitchell Alvin Moore Jimmie Moore Extracurricular Activities Interest Class of ' 74 151 David Morgan Sharon Moser David Mosely Tony Murray Adam Myners Ernestine Myrick Lynn Newsom Andy Pope Deborah Parham Catherine Parham Mary Parham Michael Parham Tyrone Parker Tommie Parker Shunta Pearman Angie Plymaie Elizabeth Pegram Jackie Pegram Shirley Pegram Betsy Perkins Joe Perkins 1 juniors Juniors 152 Class of ' 74 Collects Many Francine Perry Yvonne Perry Kathrine Peters Wanda Peyton Faye Phyllips Sandra Phyllips Glenne Plott Rosemary Polk Denise Pond joe Porter Veronica Porter Dorthula Powell Bessie Prude Frank Preston Carrol Price Carlos Puige Perky Puryear Call Rainey Beverly Randolph Kim Rose Reid Reams Susan Redmond Marie Reese Ronald Reese Donald Reynolds Kelvin Richardson Lisa Richardson Bonita Ridley Exciting High School Memories April Rubble Gwen Roberts Brenda Robinson Jackie Robertson Larry Robertson Pameala Robertson Donny Sanders Bill Sandiage Nancy Santiago Cindy Saterfield Gail S aunuf Nell Scarbough Cheyre Scott Monica Scruggs Steve Seidow Don Sexton Pat Shell Bruce Silverman Raymond Silvers Nancy Simmons Juniors Juniors 154 Sports, Studies, Fun Comprise Paul Singelton Edward Slate Brenda Slaughter Chris Slogan Brenda Smith Diane Smith i Eddie Smith Freda Smith Cennise Smith Kermit Smith Marie Smith Roberta Spivey Mike Stewart Steve Stewart Gail Stith Vera Stith James Street Joanne Street Annette Stuart Brenda Talley Mary Tanner Darick Farley Junior Life 155 Wanda Tarvor Karren Tassal Milton Taylor Mark Tetum Tim Thomas Danny Thompson Mark Thompson Sandra Thompson Debra Thompkin James Threatt John Trailer Dale Travers Tommy Tudor Gayle Turnamian Genene Turner Vivian Turner Linda Urda Loretta Uzzle Antoinette Venerable Joe Venskus Mary VIk Kelvin Wade ji Juniors Juniors 156 The Key Word is Concentration Craig Walker jane Walker Leonard Walker Patricia Walker Wayne Walker Floyd Wallace Pam Washington Danny Waysk Elizabeth Watson Cathy Weatherford Franklin Weeks Tommy Weeks Joel Weiner Barbara White Buddy Whitmore Charley Wiggins John Wiggins Beverly Williams Debra Williams 157 Artistic Inclinations Get a Chance to Develop Nadine Williams Rhonda Williams Robertha Williams Ruth Williams Salena Williams Roslyn Williamson Debra Wilson Faye Wilson James Wilson joy Wilson Randy Wilson Patricia Winbush John Winfield Pattie Winnie Kim Winston Freda Wolfe Crystal Woods Cleo Wood juniors uniors New and Old Friends, Good and Bad Times Linda Woods Joan Wright Bonnie Wyatt Perry Wynn Mary Ann Zapulla 159 juniors Juniors IF YOU DON ' T KNOW US BY NOW 160 Juniors Sophomores 162 Petersburg a Big Change? Robin Fisher is one of our enthusiastic J.V. Cheerlead Ben Anderson Nancy Andrews Jayne Angell Gloria Archer Pam Arrington Allen Avera Verhonda Avery Louise Baker Charlotte Banks Cheryl Barboza Scott Barfield Herbert Barnes jasper Barnes Suzanne Barton Gladys Baskerville Darlene Bassett Alma Baugh Polly Beasley Jean Benson Vanessa Berry Keith Bishop Rose Bishop John Blackburn Othelia Blackwell 163 Enthusiastic Sophomores Enter High School Sophomores stop to chat. Celestine Blakes Wanda Blalock Sandra Blanton Doug Blouin Willie Bolden Valerie Bond Bryan Bouldin David Bowen Joyce Bozeman Linda Branch Carl Bridgeforth Clementine Brooks Richard Brooks Debie Brown Carolyn Brown Helen Brown Jamie Brown Keith Brown Lindsey Brown Vanessa Brovv n Ernest Bryant Lisa Bublitz Debbie Budlove Katherine Buggs Donald Burch Gloria Burgess Patricia Burnette Audrey Burrow Linda Burrow Becky Burton Sophomores Sophomores 164 Sophomores relax in the sun. Barbara Cain Bonnie Campbell Butch Carter Deborah Cartwright Marc Chambliss Deborah Chatman Eric Clavo Cynthia Clemons Bernard Coleman Glynice Coleman Michelle Coleman Jewel Collins 165 Young Faces Replace the Old Elizabeth Crenshaw Wayne Crews Vivan Cruz Fredrich Cunningham Carlton Curry Wyatt Curtis Grace Dailey Harry Daghita Kathy Dagon Betty Dance Michael Blackwell appears very studious. Anita Conkle David Cox Laura Crawley Sophomores Sophomores 1 66 Sophomores Are Burdened by New Responsibilities Scott Daniel Michael Dash Miles Davidson Clara Davis Stanley Davis Sherene Dent Debra Dewberry Nathan Dickerson Debbie Diggs Deborah Diggs Ronald Diggs Ursala Dillard Deborah Dobie Rose Downey Audrey Drew Larry Drew Carolyn Droddy Kathy Droddy Janice Dugger Anderson Ediow 167 Christine Edmonds Wanda Edmondson Linda Edmunds Yvonne Edmunds Alan Elliott Cindy Epps Pleasant Epps Rosemary Epps Belinda Evans Paul Farley Brenda Fisher Robin Fisher Steve Floranz Cindy Ford Lavelle Foster Kim Franklin Jeff Gerald Wallace Ceter Audrey Cholson Mel Gianniny Burnetta Giles Sandy Gill Samuel Golf Yita Gomez Marcial Goode Pafricia Goode Ronald Goode Wanda Goodwyn Anita Gray Teri Greene Sophomores Sophomores 168 Activities Enhance Sophomores ' School Life Sophomores enjoy Christmas program. Donna Griffith Sidney Grizzard Brenda Guthrie Linda Hackley Kelly Hale Brenda Hall Bobby Hammond Zarah Hanks Brenda Hannon Kay Hardy Ollie Harper Kim Harris Rose Harris Tina Harris Karen Harrison Ronald Harwell Glenn Hathaway Linda Hawk Sabrina Hawks Yolanda Hayden James Hayes Linwood Hazelwood Martin Heidorn Karen Henshaw 169 Ann Hill Linda Hill Carmen Hoge Regina Hollarson Joyce Holloway Doris Holmes Bobby Horne Dwayne Horne Joe! Howard Patricia Howard Vernette Howard Peter Howcraft David Hunt Paula Hunt Jackie Hunter Cynthia Jackson Eurgentine Jackson Leroy Jackson Reginald Jackson Rene Jackson Sophomores Sophomores 170 Sophomores Enjoy Leisure Time Robin Jackson Sandra Jackson Cindy James Gerald Johnson Marc Johnson Connie Jones Janice Jones Jerry Jones John Jones Letaz Jones Melvin Jones Mountcastle Jones Pam Jones Shelia Jones Valerie Jones Valerie Jones Vanessa Jones Vickie Jones Debbie Kaleyta Micheal Kates Diane Kelly Brian Kilpatrick Bonnie King Debbie King Larry King Janet Kengery Nicky Rolesai Cynthia Lamb William Lambert Patricia Lee Patrick Lee 171 Anthony Lewis Bernard Lewis Eva Lewis Kenneth Lewis Mary Lewis Patricia Lewis Barbara Love Freddie Love Joyce Mason Valerie Maser Wayne Masson Richard Massenburg Pat Massey Cheryl May Diane Maitland Ln O T3 3- O 3 o rD Steve McAra Gai! McCann Bruce McCormick Rita McGuigan Sam McLioyd Gary McNealy Bernard Meade Geneva Miller George Miller Jo Ann Miller Renee Miller Belinda Mingia Sophomores 172 Mark Mitchell Linda Moody Bernard Moore Darcel Moorefield Marieene Morgan Sylvia Moss Nancy Motley Sonia Murry Mark Muse Danny Myler Debbie Myrick Gloria Neal Charlotte Nelson Juanice Orr Norma Owens Even sophomores need their rest. Leon Parham Nathaniel Parham Sandra Parham William Parham Florence Parker Danny Payne James Peerman Jackie Peat Janet Pegram Debbie Perdue Betsy Perkinson David Perry 173 Sophomores Undertake Difficult Studies Joseph Perry Karen Perry Mike Perry Carolyn Peterson Wanda Peterson Mark Phillips William Phillips Harold Pierce Cheyrel Pillow Margret Poke Gail Pond Norma Pratt Frank Preston Wayne Price Arnetta Pulley Reginald Pulley Elmore Rainey jenny Renkees Ronald Revish Barbara Ribbon Brenda Rice Paula Reid Priscilla Richardson Susan Ridout Billy Rogers Shirley Rollins Chansta Rose Sophomores Sophomores 174 Ronald Roy Gloria Ruffin Cherry Runion Patsy Saunders Stephannie Schidt Margaret Scott Valancy Seabolt Sharon Sechrest Alba Serrano Randy Shaw Kim Sherrick Mike Shockley Nancy Simmons Chuck Sloan Debra Smith Carolyn Smith Francis Smith Gregory Smith Margaret Smit h Millie Smith Patricia Smith Tammy Smith Theresa Smith Valentine Smith Sophomores Get Along With Upperclassmen 175 -a o 3 o ro Ronald Snow Vickie Sprouse Harvey Spurlock Linda Stallings Carolyn Stanley Brenda Starnes Linda Starnes Mary Staszyvishi Kim Stevens Vanessa Stevens Carla Steward Mary Stith Annette Stuart Beverly Suber Lisa Talley Sheila Talley Wanda Talley Allen Tatum Gwen Thomas Kathy Traylor Mickey Traylor Jean Tuchan David Tuck Brenda Tucker Sophomores 176 Students Respond to Enthusiastic Teachers Robert Walker chats with Mrs. Musgrove. Branda Tucker Herman Tucker Melvin Underwood Patty Vaden Gail Vaughan Wanda Vaughan Anthony Venable Mike VI k Barbara Walker Gloria Walker Larry Walker Laverne Walker Barclay Walthall Alfred Washington Brenda Watford Evelyn Watkins Earl Watts Vanessa Weatherington Audrey Webb Darlene Webb 177 Ln o " O 3 " o 3 o CO t 5 Class of ' 75 Promises to be Successful Diane Weeks Debbie Wells Steve Wesson Ricky West Andre White Brenda White Elnora White Giynice Coleman Deborah Wicks Carolyn Williams Gail Williams Howard Williams Jacqueline Williams Patricia Williams Reginald Williams Sandra Williams Stanley William Vickie Williams Billy Williamson David Wilson OJ o E o XI Q. O Ln 178 Elizabeth Wilson Pam Wilson William Womack Tracy Wood Ernest Wyatt Pattie Wynn Fred Yettes Bunadine Young Denise Zachman Class of ' 75 Looks Forward To The New High School _ Key H A. Offices B. Auditorium and music rooms C. Cafeteria D. Classrooms E. Classrooms F. Lockeroom G. Library H. Gym I. Maintenance 179 Q. Q LO j£ 180 " O Quality And Service White Auto Stores, Inc. Auto Accessories and Home Appliances T.V. ' S-Stereo Componets 4215 Hundred Rd. Chester, Va. 109 S. Sycamore Petersburg, Va. J.T. Morris Sons Funeral Homes Petersburg Hopewell Petersburg Ford STANDARD — JAMES For Better Shoes PICKWICK FLOWERS GIFTS 30 Pickwick Ave. Colonial Heights “If it is an Occasion, it calls for flowers. " Washington and Market Streets 732-9233 GARRETT CARD AND PARTY SHOP " When you care enough to send the very best! " Featuring the area ' s most complete selection of: Greeting Cards Party Goods Candles Stationery and Notes Gift Wrap Gifts Bibles Bridal Accessories Wedding Invitations Hallmark Books Peanuts Characters-featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang Photograph Albums Hallmark Albums Also: Russell Stover Candies Free imprinting on Christmas Box Cards Two Locations: Downtown-11 North Sycamore 733-5429 Walnut Hill Plaza Shopping Center 732-6166 Bank Americard Master Charge Ads 182 8oir Wm. H. Talley Sons Inc. Insurance and Financial Planning 148 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia Phone 733-2011 Service Since 1905 T.S. BECKWITH COMPANY INCORPORATED Stationers of Petersburg PITTSBURGH PAINTS CENTER Wythe Jefferson Streets Paints Coatings, Stains, Varnishes, and Brushes For Home, Institutions, Industry I— 183 Q. In 1972, People were concerned about Reliability, Clean Skies, and You. We Believe There Is A Future For All In America. Your Gas Company Is Helping. The Long Road To Clean Energy It All Starts Here And Now 198? 1978 1975 1973 1972 Gas, Clean Energy — For Today and Tomorrow The Friendly People (y xn I— ?oCH Z lA) 184 First Federal Savings And Loan Association of Petersburg Branch Office Colonial Square Colonial Heights MARTIN OLDS On The Boulevard In Colonial Heights LOVE ' S WAYSIDE FURNITURE " Furniture of Distinction " On west side of Rt. 301-2 miles South " Drive the extra two miles — you ' ll be glad you did. " ROSE ' S DRUG COMPANY, INC. Petersburg ' s Finest Cosmetics and Mens Toiletries Departments " Your Cardinal Drug Center " Corner of Sycamore Washington Sts. The most popular place in town. EAST SIDE GRILL 840 Wythe St. A.B.C. On and Off Phone 732-9777 William Lanier, Jr., Prop. Air Conditioned Petersburg, Va. Walnut Hill Plaza POLPH’S? 185 ICE CREAM 748-4790 " Homes of Personal Service” Gould Funeral Home 214 N.. Sixth St. Hopewell 458-6377 Raymond A. Gouid Agnes M. Gould ffplnntol JSittrTBl Ifhapri Jnt. A X. tiaU Colonial Funeral Chapel, Inc. 3935 S. Crater Road Petersburg 732-3442 Raymond A. Could Kenneth A. Souls 186 lyi -D LAFFOON ROBERTSON 25 W. Washington Street Custom Framing ASH WILEY INSURANCE “Insure Wisely With The Wileys” Telephone 1954 S. Sycamore St. 732-2711 Petersburg, Va- 23803 “Where Service Begins With The Sale And Never Ends " The Home of the Perfect Diamond Now Two Stores To Serve You Paraham ' s Texaco Service Tires — Batteries — Accessories Lubrication — Washing 1 15 N. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Virginia Cavalier Square Hopewell, Virginia BUTTERWORTH ' S Southside Virginia ' s Leading Home Furnisher 100 N. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Va. Free No Money Delivery Down 245 E. Broadway Hopewell, Va. Convenient Terms Compliments of YOUNG — HARRISON Men ' s Clothing Store 22 N. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Virginia UNION FINANCE $ HEADQUARTERS Make Southside Virginia ' s oldest and largest savings institution, Petersburg Mutual Savings and Loan Association your dollar headquarters. You earn the highest dividend rates permissible by law on insured savings. A variety of savings plans for individ- uals, groups, and organizations are available. Accounts are insurable to $20,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. Petersburg Mutual Savings and Loan Association makes available millions of dollars annually to those wishing to buy homes in this area. Be sure to con- sult any one of their loan officers for your home purchasing plans. Four convenient locations, drive-in facilities, and helpful, friendly savings specialists are waiting to assist you. Main Office: Franklin Adams Walnut Hill Office: S. Sycamore Walnut Boulevard Downtown Drive-In: Washington Franklin Colonial Heights Branch: Boulevard New Castle Drive. Compliments of Ads HARLOW— HARDY CO, INCORPORATED " Everything for the Home " Downtown 17-19 W. Washington Street 733-4444 Lum ' s Serving Southside Virginia For Fifty Years 1923-1973 C.F. LAUTERBACH ' S SONS Jewelers and Silversmiths Member of American Gem Society 122 North Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia RE 2-7802 Globe Department Store Incorporated Exclusive Ready-To-Wear BULIFANT INSURANCE CENTER 32 Wythe Street in Petersburg and Branch Office; 1003 Boulevard in Colonial Heights Local Representative: Reed Schweickert P.O. Box 3206 Richmond, Virginia 23235 Herff Jones Products: Class Rings-Caps and Gowns-Graduation Announcement Personal Cards, and Related Accessories-Medal and Trophy Awards- Club Pins-Yearbooks-Diplomas and Certificates- Fund Raising Ideas Ads 190 “O Petersburg ' s Teen Shopping Center and Headquarters For Fashions Downtown Petersburg Colonial Heights Walnut Mall Hopewell Lela Hersh Wanda Jones Meet the Members of Jo Ann Tanner Robin Barboza Kim McCoy It ' s more than ships at sea . . . It ' s a plan for tomorrow! It ' s an education! it ' s a great tradition ! Sailors Have More Fun! For Advanced Training And Education For Your Future After Graduation; GO NAVY! Contact Your Local Navy Recruiters — BMC Charles W. Whitmore BMC Ted L. Beasley At the Post Office Building Petersburg, Va. 23803 Phone 732-6971 Mon.-Fri. 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Congratulations Graduating Class of 1973 . . . ' Progress -Sub CAT Bank Of Virginia Central Member of Bank of Va. Co. Drive-In Windows Open All Day Ungers lil 20 Franklin St. Dinwiddle, Va. 732-5111 469-2461 Ads 192 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1973 . . . BLAND FUNERAL HOME Home of Personal Service Mr. William N. Bland, Sr. Mr. William N. Bland, Jr. Air-Conditioned throughout 137 Harrison Street, Petersburg, Virginia 732-7841 193 Potted Plants, Cut Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Funeral Designs Bridal Bouquets BLAND FLORIST Free Delivery — Phone 732-5319 Air Conditioned 7 Halifax Street Bertha Hamlin Petersburg, Virginia Asst. Manager West End Barbecue 702 West Washington St. “To take care of your hair " (Also Custom Wig Styling) ANN ' S BEAUTY BAR 15 Halifax Street Petersburg, Virginia 861-9834 Graduates! Plan your future with United Virginia Bank It ' s a Full Service Bank. This means that United Virginia Bank has everything you ' ll need in your future accounts; Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Installment Loans, Christmas Clubs, Vacation Clubs, and people Who are well qualified to help you grow financially. Come in and visit one of our convenient offices SOON! United Virginia Bank Auto Bank Monroe and Tabb Citizens Office 147 N. Sycamore Washington Street 1104 W. Washington Walnut Hill Office 1935 S. Sycamore Ads spv 194 Chr ysler Plymouth Imperial Cricket In New Location 800 E. Washington St. Petersburg, Virginia 732-3811 Ted Curry Motors Flower Mart J. Zuckerman Company Dividend — Paying Insurance Phil Kinsey — John Oakley 210 N. Sycamore St. Phone RE2-7911 Petersburg, Virginia JCPenney 195 Q. i i Walnut Mall Petersburg, Va. " We Know What You ' re Looking For " (The Values Are FHere Everyday) Penny ' s Fashion Board A Firm With You In Mind For All the Tomorrows, Make the Right Choice Today! A Complete Real Estate Service Residential Commercial Industrial Rentals Shopping Center Development Lawrence " Larry " E. Novak G.R.I. t]tb00ir re !ty Cal! For Appointment f ||0X 2305 E. Washington St. Petersburg, Virginia Phone 732-6700 An Adventure in Good Living Farms Acreage Property Management Residential Appraisals Investments 2114 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Virginia Phone 526-3838 Ads 196 WALNUT HILL PHARMACY, INC. “Professional Pharmacists " 1949 S. Sycamore St. Phone RE3-7711 “We Deliver Anywhere” For A Real Deal On A Fine Car Visit Your 21 West Washington St Petersburg, Virginia MASTER SYSTEM BAKERY Fincoln Mercury Dealership We Have A Car In Every Price Class And Expert, Personal Service Open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wedding and Birthday Cakes Our Speciality Comet — Capri — Montego — Cougar Monterey — Marquis — Fincoln — Mark IV Window Sticker Prices start at $2259. Petersburg Lincoln Mercury, Inc. Ill N. Market St. Phone 861-2204 City Savings Bank And Trust Company Downtown 144 N. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Va. Walnut Mall 2128 S. Crater Road Petersburg, Va. New Office 20815 Chesterfield Ave. Ettrick, Va. Phone 861-9881 197 Cl LEWIS HOUSE OF BEAUTY Mrs. Pear! H. Lewis, Prop. 32 Halifax St. Petersburg, Va. " Our Success Is Measured By Your Satisfaction " CONNIE HACK AMERICAN American Motors Automobiles British Motor Sports Cars Genera! Motors Trucks KENT ' S FURNITURE COMPANY, INCORPORATED Petersburg, Virginia " Dependable Furniture Since 1897. " The Home of the Perfect Diamond Now Two Stores To Serve You 115 N. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Virginia Cavalier Square Hopewell, Virginia Enlist now, go on active duty after you graduate or no later than six months. Check into our guaranteed school program guaranteed in writing prior to enlistment. B.M.C. William R. Bowen, USCG U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Office Richmond, Virginia Phone 782-2861 Ads 198 FIND YOURSELF in the U.S. Air Force AIR FORCE MEN AND WOMEN— a national re- source. Ever think about it that way? The superb technical training and experience obtained in the Air Force prepare our airmen to take their place in so- ciety as useful, productive citizens. Air Force service results in a maturity ... a poise ... a confidence that is hard for today’s young person to obtain otherwise. And Air Force skills have a civilian appli- cation — or are readily adaptable. Air Force Today. Industry Tomorrow. Contact: Master Sergeant Robert Davis Post Office Building Petersburg, Va. 23803 Phone: 732-9367 RE3-7269 Specializes in Motorola Greene ' s Television Sale And Service Import-Export Roy J. Greene 51 Corling Street Petersburg, Va. 23803 RUCKER ROSENSTOCK Walnut Mall TODAY ' S ARMY WANTS TO JOIN YOU Training Education Free Medical Dental Care Free Meals — Free Housing 30 Days Paid Vacation Retire Young Training Assignment Guaranteed in Writing Before Enlistment Reenlistment Bonus Paid Up To $10,000.00 SEE YOUR LOCAL ARMY RECRUITER FOR DETAILS . . . U.S. Army Recruiting Station P.O. Bldg. Franklin Adams Sts. Petersburg, Va. 23803 Aldredge, James H, Guidance Counselor Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., M.Ed. Faculty Data Brower, Allison F. Macalester College, B.A. French Gentry, janice Mary Washington College, B.S. Physics Alexander, Burton F. University of Virginia, B.S., M.A. Triganometry Sudlove, Robert E. Driver Education Richmond Professional Institute, Gilliatt, Trevd Indiana University Family Living Aguirre, George Electricity Professional Electrical Industrial Institute Butterworth, Audrey Reading Craves, Ken Ceramics Richmond Professional Institute, B.F.A. Adkins, Leon P. New York University, A. 8. Andrews, Gerald K, William and Mary History Plumbing and Heating Andrews, Keith Virginia Polytechnical institute, B.S. Austin, Harry W. King College, B.A. Baggett, Jean Catawba College, B.A, Industrial Arts. ICT Coordinator English Bailey, Mary E. Senior Guidance Counselor Madison College, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed. Batts, Jerome C. Virginia State B.S., M.Ed. Biology Caldwell , Joe R. Worsham College, M.S. Caldwell, Mildred T. Virginia State College, B.A. School Coordinator Government Caldwell, Van Genera! Business Prairie View, A M College, B.S. Carter, A.F. Auto Mechanics William and Mary University, Virginia State College Clark, Marguerite University of Utah, B.A., M.A. French Clayborne, Lessie D. English Virginia State College, Columbia University Curling, John B. Assistant Principal East Tennessee State, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed. Daniel, Isabelle L. Hairston, Leon T. Virginia State College, B.A. Hall, Joan C. Longwood College. B.S. Government English Hammond, Eldrich Related Mathematics Knoxville College, B.S., Virginia State College Harkrader, Charles j. Virginia Military institute, B.S. Harrison, Elnora E. St. Paul ' s College, B.S. Math English Harvey, M.E. Biology Hampton Institute, B.S., Virginia State College, M.S. Home Economics Hayes, Robertne H. Virginia State College, B.S. Hohanness, Mary C. Longwood College, B.S. Industrial Arts Sookeeping Barber, Stanley R. Voorhees College, B.A. History Davis, Percy L. Virginia State College, B.S. industrial Arts Holland, Jeanne R. Marywood College, B.S. Office Services Beck, Joanne H. Mary Washington College, B.A. Government Davis, Robert E. Benedict College, A.B. Geography Hollins, Elva Morse Virginia State College, A.B., M.Ed. Student Services BelfiedI, Brenda Elizabeth City University, B.S. Physical Education Dodge, Rhea j. Mary Washington College, B.S. Librarian Hugate, Elizabeth S. Radford College, B.S. English Best, Mary B. Mary Washington College, B.S. English Downey, Nancy V. University of Richmond, B.A. History Inge, Nancy Longwood College, B.S. Typing Blake, Darlene H, Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S, Office Services DuPriest, Mildred A. Madison College, B.S. Chemistry ' Jenkins, Norman E. Randolph-Macon College, B.A. History Bray, Johnny E. A M University, B.S., Virginia State College, M.S. Mechanical Drawing Featheringill, Ron English University of California, B.A., University of Toronto, M.A. Jolly, Robert E. Virginia Military Institute, Old Dominion Drafting Briley, Cynthia C. Virginia State College, B.A. English Foerster, William East Tennessee State University Geography Johnson, Stella L. Physical Education Shaw University, Virginia Commonwealth University Brooks, Helen H. East Carolina University, B.S. Typing Franklin, Letitia K. Virginia State College, B.S. Home Management jolly, Ronald L. Distributive Education Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S. Brougton, Martha C. William and Mary University, B.A. French Frederick, Josephine Kansas State College of Pittsburg, B.S. Speech Kilbourne, Robert L. Emory and Henry College, B.A. Athletic Director Faculty Data Kiser, )o Ann Madison College, B.S. Physical Education Payne, Nadine B. Concord College, B.S. Reading Tucker, Reese H. University of Virginia, M.Ed. Geography Lanier, Elizabeth W. William and Mary College, B.A. English Peal, Carl E. New York University, M.A. Physical Education Umberger, George R. University of Maryland, B.S. Elect ronics Lawson, Lula H. A T State University, B.S. Clerk Typist Pegram, Richard W. Assistant Principal Walker, George S. University of Virginia, M.Ed. Algebra Lewis, Roland E. Virginia State College, B.S. History Perry, Shirley R. Virginia State College, M.S. Child Growth Walthall, Violet K. Dixie Hospital School of Nursing Health Careers Lyons, Ann Longwood College, B.S. English Pittman, Walter W. Band Warner, Kathrine Guidance Counselor Madison College, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed. Maclin, Geraldine Virginia State College, B.S. Librarian Powers, Robert Cornell University, M.A. Government Wawner, Wayne History Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S. Presley, W.N. English Maniego, Marie V. Virginia State College, B.A., M.A. English Prince, Katherine G. Special Stidies Wells, Patricia S. Virginia Polytechnical Institute, B.A. Spanish Marshall, Mary K. A T State University, B.S, Home Economics Quarles, Marotyn R. Virginia State College, B.S. Data Processing West, Georgia W. Guidance Counselor Martin, Lula Home Economics Richardson, William J. Virginia Stale College, A.B. French West, Vivian H. Hampton Institute, B.S. Typing Mickens, Annie M. Virginia State College, B.S. Math Ridley, Odessa L. Virginia State College, M.S, Geometry Willcox, Shirley University of Virgirtia, B.S. English Miller, Barbara L. Virginia State College, B.A, English Scott, Beulah R. Temple University, M.Ed. Reading Williams, Charles A. Distributive Education Virginia Polytechnical Institute, M.Ed. Moore, Verena T. Biology North Carolina Central University, B.S., M.S, Slater, Theodore R. University of Tennessee Machine Shop Williams, Jesse C. St. Paul ' s College, B.S. Building Trades Morgan, Frances E. Guidance Counselor Longwood College, B.S. .Smith, Franklin L. Assistant Principal Wilkerson, Harriett B. School Nurse Petersburg General Hospital School of Nursing Moyer, Ellen M. Longwood College, B .A. Geometry Stronach, Ralph H. Band New England Conservatory of Music Winston, Patricia B. St. Augustine ' s College, 8.A. Art Murphy, La Rose Virginia State College, M.Ed. Math Sublet!, Jimmy F. Principal University of Richmond, B.A., M.S. Whitaker, Russell E. Virginia Stale College, M.Ed. Placement Officer Musgrove, Anna Lou Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Art Syme, Margaret P. Mary Washington College, B.S. History Whitfield, Katie C. Virginia State College, B.S. Algebra Nelson, Cindy S. Spanish University of Illinois, B.A., Ohio State, M.A. Terrangi, Andre C. Claflin College, B.S. Physical Education Young, Doris R. Longwood College, B.S. Algebra Niebuhr, Mary Towsen State College, B.A. History Thornton, Gloria English Elizabeth City State University, B.S. Zaruba, Richard Western Kentucky, B.S. Drivers Education Norbrey, Grace Virginia State College, B.S., M.S. Biology Townsel, Edith P. Virginia State College, B.S. Stenography Norman, JoAnne W. Longwood College, B.S. Typing Turner, Canzata B. Guidance Counselor Salute to the 1973 Missile Staff Advisors Editor Assistant Editor . Business Manager Financial Managers . . . Head Photographers . . Assistant Photographers Academics Editor Class Section Editors . . Activities Editor . . Sports Editor Photography Editor Typists Assistant Class Sections Mrs. Elizabeth Hugate Mrs. Mary Niebuhr Debbie Azlin Marian Pegram Nancy Pearson Paul Kaplan Melvin Reames Randy Atkins Bill Laderach Gail McCann Tim Earwood Edward Slate James Giles Kim McCoy Debra Brown Suzanne Keller Rio Savoy Fran Ferrer Lela Hersh Kathy Churn Romona Greene Barbara Gordon Pat Goble Theodore Scott This is it . . . the 1973 Missile. This has been an enjoyable year for me because most of the staff was dedicated and hard- working. Adding to this was the fact that the staff got along well with each other. My greatest thanks to Mrs. Hugate and Mrs. Niebuhr for their understanding, advice, and general support. I also want to thank Mr. Sublett for his advice and help with the dedication. To the staff, my thanks for your efforts and time spent in the Missile Room. My great appreciation to Marian for her choices and decisions that make a successful yearbook. Credit must go to the class section editors — Kim, Debra, and Sue, for their dependable and outstanding work. Also, much credit goes to James Giles for his hard and undying work on Academics. I ' ve never seen anyone work that hard! Thanks also go to Rio for her great work with activities and to Fran for his work on the sports section. Thanks to Kathy, Romona, and Barbara for lending their typing ability and time. Pat Goble spent many strenuous hours on the Senior Index. Great credit must be given to Melvin and Paul for soliciting the majority of the ads and to Nancy for working with layouts in addition to her work as business manager. The photographers work was essential. A yearbook does not exist without pictures. 1 wish to thank Mr. John Perry and Hunter Publishing Company for their invaluable advice and patience. Also, special thanks to the many businesses which support the Missile through ads. I wish the very best of luck to the 1974 staff. I sincerely hope they will be more organized and produce a great book. With cooperation and hard work it will not be a hard task. Good luck. Debbie Life Offers No " Instant Replays " Theme iJi . »« ♦«■ » 1»M. ■ 11, »♦■ fe, ».dMw i ?H « »■ » aF at ' -- - ' ' ’ ♦ ??? li. »-«« -F tWt. 4 F ' S« ' ♦ ♦• « ' -F»- ' ».j[ ,t 4MJ 2iJs((fl jj(5pK i » aiJtiv -♦ ' 6 ♦v« ' i k- J - ‘ « ♦M ' « I a gy fSla iSTOt p ' ' f+ K« !!■ ' ♦ ♦ ♦ ■ » i? «■ i. •♦♦ ■ « »■» V. ' k I I ■ e- ■ x. • Winston-Solem HUNTER PUBLISHiNG COMPANY • North Corolir ' O CHARLES R. PERRY, Regional Soles Manager Charlottesville, Virginia JOHN PERRY, Representative

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Petersburg High School - Missile Yearbook (Petersburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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