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siisn ii ii »ti mmU Vke Jl liMile Published by the Students of Petersburg High School Petersburg, Virginia 19 5 9 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Introduction , 4 Ded ication 6 Faculty 9 Seniors 1 1 Who ' s Who 29 Juniors 38 Sophomores 46 Freshmen 52 Activities 59 Sports 79 Advertisements 99 Conclusion ... . . 123 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSOCIATE EDITOR SENIOR SECTION EDITORS ACTIVITIES EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER .. CANDID SHOT EDITOR . FACULTY EDITOR WHO ' S WHO EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR GIRLS ' SPORTS EDITOR . CIRCULATION MANAGER ADVERTISING EDITOR BONNIE TIPTON . MARTHA ROMAINE SUE GORDON KENNY JORDAN MARY STEWART BOOTH CAROL WINFIELD RUSSELL WILL MARTHA NOLDE BEVERLEY SHANNON JO ANN OVERBY BILLY CRICHTON NANCY BRANTLEY PAGE JONES MIKE CAMERON FACULTY ADVISOR MISS FRANCES EVANS ENTRANCE TO HIGHWAY 59 Going to new homerooms Registration three LIFE IS A HIGHWAY All over our state new roads have been constructed to facilitate travel. Citizens of Petersburg are especially conscious of the Richmoud-Petersburg Turnpike, a new highway linking our city to Richmond. As travel is an essential feature of American life, the Missile staff has chosen a comparison of highways and school life as its theme. The class of 1959 arriving at Petersburg High School entered as ine.xperienced travelers just beginning their journey. Traveling the highway through the four years of high school, they faced and conquered what seemed insurmountable barriers; they rose again with hope for the future. As they continued their journey, there were many attractions which brightened their way. Though their steps may have detoured from the road, the senior travelers always returned in order to achieve their destination. The purpose of the 19.59 Missile is to present the pleasant mem- ories of friendship, the obstacles that have been overcome, and the milestones that the seniors have passed. four . . . i e is a highway and its milestones are the years.” Joyce Kilmer five DEDICATION “We may not all be scholars, but we can all be ladies and gentlemen.” This is the familiar code by which the late Mr. Ed- ward B. Smoot lived and taught. For more than fourteen years Mr. Smoot dedicated himself to the students of PHS. He not only made chemistry fascinating to his students, and brought biology to life for them, but taught the importance of an indi idual . . . his beliefs, desires, and ideals. After ha ' ing Mr. Smoot for a teacher, one knows not only chemis- tr ' or biology but that there is much more to life than learning derived from hooks. Mr. Smoot’s devotion to young people did not end at the close of the school each day, for his afternoons belonged to his students as well. A vivid illustration of this is the work he did with the PHS tennis team. Every afternoon in the spring and fall, he could he found at the tennis courts playing with and coaching the hoys of the team. A man deeply respected by his students, his friends, his fellow facidty members, a man worthy of this respect, a man who will ever he remembered by those who knew and lo ed him for his generosity, his good humor, his kind patience, his influence for good, though he never realized how much he did for others. It is to Mr. Smoot, teacher, coach, friend, Christian gentleman, that we humbly dedicate the 1959 Missile. six Mr. Edward Bagby Smoot seven Ad ministration Russell B. Gill, B.A., M.A. College ot and Mary, Uni ’ersity ot Virginia James W. Sutiieklaxd, B.A. Randolplr-Macon College Construction Engineers eight LANGUAGES, SOCIAL STUDIES, AND MUSIC Seated: Alice II. Taylor, Westliampton College, B.A.; French, Hhtory, French Club Advisor. Lelia W. Doan, Westhampton College, B.A.; Latin. Laura A. Meredith, Longwood College, ILA.; Latin. Jean- nette Tucker, Peabody College lor Teachers, Uni- versity ot Illinois, East Carolina College, B.S.; Vocal Mu. ' iic, Glee Club Director. Standing: Clehimond Prizer, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, B.A.; Geograi)hy, History, Square Circle Advisor. Addinell W. Li.oyd, Grove City College, Bachelor ot Literature; Civics, Circulation Start ot Missile Advisor. R.ylph Strc ' nach, New Eng- land Conservatory ot Music, B.M.; Instrumental Music, Band Director. Gladys E. Wilkinson, Long- wood College, B.S.; Sjxinish, Junior Class Advisor. COMMERCIAL AND OFFICE SECRETARIES Seated: Grace Boswell; Secietary. Jane Lee Reynolds, Aveiett College, B.A.; Mary Washington College, B.S.; New York University, M.A.; Advanced Graduate W ' ork, LTniversity ot Virginia; University ot Minnesota; Bookkeeping, Gnidance Director. Doris J. Curlin, Secretary. Standing; Frances Browning, Kentucky State Teachers College, Bowling Green College ot Com- merce, B.S.; Typing. Nancy Inge, Longwood Col- lege, B.S.; Stenography, General Business. Ella Cordon Rowe, Mar ' Vashington College. B.S.; Of- fice Practice, Stenography. Helen Brooks, Long- wood College, B.S.; Typing, Stenography, Goober Pep Advisor, Typing Start Missile Advisor. , iATII AND SCIENCE Seated: Kathryne Bentley, Lander College, A.B.; University of Richmond, M.A.; Chemistry. Hayden Cw.yltney, William and Mary College, A.B.; Algeljra, Plane Geometry. John Leete, Randolph- Macon College, University ot Virginia, Colorado State College, Madison College, S.S.; B.A.; Science. Helen Moyar, Madison College, Longwood College, B.A.; Plane Geometry. Janie Wood, Westhampiton Col- lege, B.A.; Algebra, Arithmetic. Standing: Mr. James Sutherland, Randolph- Macon College, B.A.; Physics. Patsy N. Newman, Madison College, B.S.; Arithmetic. Lillian Bur- nette, Maine State reachers College, Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S.; M.A.; Biology. Kay O wNBY, Westhampton College, B.A.; Biology. Geor- GLY West, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, A.B.; Algebra, Arithmetic. Burton Alexander, Univer- sity ot Virginia, B.A.; M.A.; Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry. nine ENGLISH AND LIBRARY STAFF Seated: Gladys Spencer, Mary Washington Gol- lege, B.S.; Columbia University, B.S.; Library Science; Librarian, Library Club Advisor. William J. Sheri- dan, Atlantic Christian, Chowan College, A. A.; B.S.; Englisb, History. D. Pinckney Po i’ers, University of Virginia, B.A.; M.A.; English, Weekly News Advisor. P ' rances Evans, Longwood College, B.S.; L niversity of Virginia, M.A.;, Missile Advisor Frances Morgan, Longwood College, B.A.; English, Guid- ance Director. Standing: Lucretla Litchfield, Marshall Col- lege, B.A.; English, Senior section Missile Advisor. Mary E. Holloway, Westhaiupton College, B.A.; English, Petersburg High Review Advisor. Rhea J. Dodge, Mary Washington College, B.S.; English, Projection Crew Advisor. S.yndr.y R. Murr.yy, State Teachers College, B.A.; English, Senior Class Ad- visor. Katherine Warner, Madison College, B.S.; English, Guidance Director. Edwin M. Betts, .1r., University of Virginia, B.S.; Speech, English, S.C.A. .Advisor, Dramatics Club Advisor. INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS Front Row: Aubrey T. Pennington, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S.; University of Virginia, M.Ecl.; Woodworking, Metals. Benjamin L. Bains, Richmond Professional Institute, B.S.; Distributive Education, Distributive Education Club Advisor. Mary E. Bailey, Madison College, University of M ' isconsin, B.S.; Home Economics. Cheerleaders’ Ad- visor. Patricia Harrell, Madison College, B.S.; Home Economics, F.H.A. Advisor. Robert Biliter, Eastern Kentucky College, B.S.; Woodworking. Second Row: William L. Gentry, East Ten- nessee College, B.S.; Metal, Auto Mechanics. Ed- mond B. CoNGDON, University of Tennessee, East Tennessee Teachers College, B.S.; Printing, Diversi- fied Occupation, Diversified Occupation Club Advisor. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND COACHES P ' ront Row: Robert Churn, Randolph-Macon, B.A.; History, ’arsity Baseball; , d ertising Staff Advisor Missile. Ann ’ANL.iVNi)iNGiLA.M, Madison College, B.S.; Physical Education, Girls’ Hockey Girls’ Softball, Girls’ Basketball. Jo Ann Kiser, Madison College. B.S.; Physical Education, Health, Assistant Girls’ Coach. Frank Teass, William and Mary Col- lege, B.S.; Physical Education. Intramural Sports. Second Row: Robert L. Kilbourne, Emory and Henry, B.A.; ’arsity Basketball Coach. Carl R. Howard, Emory and Henr ' , B.A.; History, ’arsity Football Coach, Monitors’ Ad ’isor. M’illiam King, Unixersity of ’irginia, B., .; History, ’arsity P’oot- hall Coach. Lmj Linta, Kansas State, B.S.; Physical Education, Health, Junior ’arsity P’oothall Coach. ten Senior Committee Left to Right: Janies Grossmann, Vice-President, Senior Class; Mrs. Sandra Murray, Senior Class Advisor; Robert Berry, Member-at-large; Edward Price, President, Senior Class. eleven Mary Elizabeth Anderson General Man’ . . , crazy ’!)out football, Steve, and Virginia Beach . . . “Lovin’ you” . . . transfer from Crewe High in ’57 . . . dislikes boys who take you for granted . . . wants to be a teacher at PHS . . . goes wild over steak. SCA. 11, 12; French Chib. 11, 12; Missile, 12; Who’s Who, 12; Wcckltf News, 12. Albert Wayne Anderson Scientific “Butter” . . . craves football and shrimp . . . goes “ape” over Nancy . . . “yea-ah” . . . loathes bad jokes but is full of them . . . camping at “The Meadow” is great ... a certain ’47 Plymouth occuo:es his time. IV Football. 10; Kev Club, 10, 11. 12; Varsity Football. II, 12; Varsitv Club. 11, 12, Secretarv, 12; SCA. 12; Who’s Who, 12; Weekly News, 12. l EBECCA Deane Andrews Coinnicrcia “Deanie” . . . long pony tail on a cute little majorette . . . likes french fries, sorority meetings, and baton twirling . . . “Have ou ever” . . . riding in John- ny’s white Mercury . . . wants to get “hitched.” Band, 9, Majorette, 10, 11, Head, 12; Odd Girls, 9, 10, 11. Treas- urer, 9, 10, Vice-President. 11; Missile, 11; Review, 11; Who’s Who, 12. Jean Marie Andrews Commercial “Jcannie” . . . wants to become a teacher . . . “nuts” . . . crazy ’bout sewing, reading, and foot- ball . . . quiet brunette who takes to the books . . . “leave me alone, I want to watch this tele- vision program”. Librar y Club. .9, 10. 11: Home- room Librarian, 11, 12; FHA, 1 0 . 1 1 . Dorothy Louise Andrews General Louise . . . pet peeves; crabs and stuck-up people . . . wants to be a surgical nurse . . . en- joys embroidering and hockey . . . “How about that” . . . “Pete” puts her on Cloud 9. Hockey, 10, 11, 12; Ba.sketball, 11; Monogram Club, 11; Weekly News, 12. Richard Franklin Archer, Jr. General “Junnie” . . . keen on drag rac- ing . . . Shelby, hamburgers and hunting are “cool” . . can’t stand nosey girls and books . . . wants to “get out of this joint” . . . goes in for lazy living . . . Stands on the corner and watches the girls go by. Projection Crew, 11. Wilma Mae Ashley Com mercial “Will” . . . wants to be a « ec- retary . . . crazy about fried chicken . . . collects popular records . . . football games are the most . . . “dig my dancing Daddy-O” . . . loathes hillbilly music and unsociable people . . . “Really”. Commercial Club, 11; T-Albright Iri-Hi-Y, 11. Nina Maybelle Atkinson Commercial Nina . . . curly head with band on the brain . . . likes to read and play records . . . ambition: to become an airline hostess . . . “Aw. heck” . . . enjoys book- keeping . . . boys who are late for dates are all wet. Band, 9, 10, 11, 12. twelve William Quincy Avery Commercial “Billy” . . . chip off the old block . . . wants desperately to graduate . . . boating, sleeping, and pie really rate ... a real gone comedian . . . “That s nice” . . . Civics is fun . . . anything to do. DO Club, 12; Band, 9, 10, 11; Pep Band, 10, 11. Sylvia June Baber General Sylvia . . . loves sports and talk- ing . . . crazy kid . . . wants to be a secretary . . . i et peeve: people who can’t take a joke . . . warm smile. Basketball, 10, 11, 12; Softball, 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club, 12; Missile, 12; Who’s 0io, 12. Libby Len Bain General “Len” . . . Adores history, Willy, and going to college football games . . . ambition: to be a laboratory technician . . . swell singer . . . says “Geeks” . . . full of pep. Glee Club, 11. 12; Odd Girls, 9, 10; K Warner Tri-Hi-Y. 10, 11, 12, Secretary, 12; SCA, 9; Home- room Librarian, 11; Dramatics Club, 11; DO Club, 11, 12, Chaplain, 11; French Club, 10; Who’s Who, 12. Milton Harrison Barnes General Harrison . . . hates homework . . . quiet type . . . mechanically in- clined . . . football fan . . . enjoys movies and racing . . , likes to eat . . , college bound . . . hopes to be an electrical contractor. Crater Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12; Auto- mobile Mechanics Club, 11, 12. Anne Paige Beasley Commercial “Squeaks” . . . looking forward to being a private secretary and getting married . . . “short stuff” . . . despises Monday tests . . . . . . loves badminton, shrimp, and i opular music . . . “By gosh”. FHA, 10, 11. 12; Library Club, 9, 10, 12; Homeroom Librarian 10 , 11 , 12 . Robert Branch Berry’ Scientific “Bobby” . . . loves girls and football . . . big tease . . . going to be a Naval Officer . “Sounds like a winner” . . . ex- pressive eyes. Varsity Club, 11, 12; Glee Club, 9, 10, 11, 12, President, 11, Boys Quartet, 11, 12; Cockade Hi-Y, 11, 12; Monitors, 10, 11, 12; SCA, 11; JV Football, Basketball and Baseball, 9; Varsity Football, 10, 11, 12; Junior Committee, 11, Senior Committee, 12; Stu- dent Evaluation Committee, 11. Nelson Wayne Beville General “Turkey” . . track star . . . craves eating . . . loafer . . . basketball and football enthus- iast . . . hates to wait for girls . . . wants to finish school . . . tall joker. JV Football and Basketball, 9; Varsity Football and Basketball, 10, 11; Varsity Track, 11. Gene Franklin Biggs General Gene . . . aiming high to be a jet pilot . . . favorite expression: “Sharp” . . . drawing is hobby . . . despises homework . . . football and swimming fan . . . tall and lanky. thirteen Jacqueline Page Blankenship General “Jackie” . . . strawberry l)londe hales getting up early on Sat- urday mornings . . . cute . . . wants to he a model . . . plans to attend John Power’s School in Washington, D. C. . . . sorority meetings and football games rate high on this senior’s list. Goober Pep Club, 11, 12; Odd Girls Club, 9, 10; DE Chib, 11. 12; Monitors, 11, 12; K-Warner Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11. Maky Stewart Booth Libera! Arts Mary Stewart . . . plans to at- tend Mary Washington College . . . pert blonde . . . bridge player . . . great cheerleader . . . horseback riding . . . tops . . . friendly . . . full of pep . . . loves hamburgers. Glee Club, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble, 11, 12; Monitors, 10, 11; 10. 11, 12; SCA, 9, Alternate, 9; JV Cheerleader, 10, V arsity Cheerleader, 11, 12, Head (Cheer- leader. 12; Scpiare Circle, 9, 10, 11 , 12 . Katherine Louise Bowden General “Katie” . . . smiles . . . trans- ferred from Seattle, Washington . . . loathes short boys . . . per- sonaliU . . . loves football games . . . wants to marry a West Point graduate at West Point Chapel . . . “You ain’t funny enough”. G lee Club, 12; Dramatics Club, 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 12; Moni- tors, 12. Paul Elwood Bowle.s Scientific Paul . . . tall, dark, and hand- some , . . driving an “Okls” . . . tops . . . college bound . . . hates people who are never on tinu ' . , , ])ersonality plus . . . liked by all. Varsity Football, 10, 11, 12, Captain, 12; Varsity Chil). 11, 12, Treasurer, 11, President, 12- Key Chil), 10, 11, 12. Treasurer, 11; SCA. 10; Weckli News, 12; Who’s Who, 12. Brenda Ann Bowling General Brenda . . . french fries are great . . . likes baby sitting and football games . . . brown eyes dating David is swell . . . de- tests hearing anyone fuss . . . transferred from St. Joseph’s in •56 . . . cute . . . wants to fin- ish school . . . great talker . “Well, Wow!” Kay Brenda Bragg General Kay . . . crazy about sports . . . swimming is great . . . loves that fried chicken . . . likes to dance . . . homework is the least , . . wants to do church or social work . . . “Oh, gee”. Softball, 11 Co-Captain, 12; Basketball, 11; FTA, 9; DE Club, 11; Pep Club, 12; Moni- tor’s Club, 9; Girls’ Monogram Club. 12; Glee Club, 9; FHA, 10. IVANO BrAIDA Genera! “Ivan” . . . wants a degree in engineering . . . favorite subject is math . . , cute . . . friendly . . . wants pizza pie . . . hates the lack of time for sleeping . . . great mg-cutter . . . likes to read . . . favorite sport is swimming . . . personalitv plus SCA, 11; Who ' s Who, 12. Nancy Carol Brantley General Nancy . . . cute . . . detests noisy eaters , . . hopes to be- come a nurse . . . winning smile . . . “Oh, pain!” . . . football games tops . . . likes Latin . . . fried chicken . . . the greatest! Band. 9, 10; Pep Club. 11; Mis- sile, 12; Review, 11; Basketball. 10, 11; Softball, 11; Wcekbj News, 12. fotirleen Lewis Ralph Branzelle General “Sniff” . . . likes reading and football . . . “crazy kid” . . . wants to retire at age twenty-five . . . hates work . . . loathes get- ting up early on Monday morn- ings . . . favorite pastime: sleep- ing . . . hopes to graduate . . . DE is this senior’s favorite sub- ject . . personalitv. DE Club, 9, 10, 11. Vivian Brewer Commercial “Viv” . . . has a radiant smile, makes everyone happy wlien she flashes it . . . can talk a blue streak, which by the way, is her favorite pastime . . . she says, “Oh doggone it.” quite often . . . especially to teachers who give homework on weekend . . . to graduate from PHS is goal at present. Virginia Carol Bhockweli. Commercial “Jenny” . . . quite a little homemaker, loves to sew and cook . . . among her favorites arc fried chicken and french fries . . you’ve got it made with this crazy chick if you don’t call her Jenny Caro! . . . quite a “rodder” in a car . . . college is next step in Jenny’s life. Homeroom Librarian, 11; Girls’ State, 11. Cableta Ruth Brown General Carleta ... is a transfer from Stanberry High in Missouri . . . too bad, fellows, this gal is al- ready taken . . . she would like to become a good wife for her husband. John Michael Cameron Scientific “Mike” . . . nice guy . . . wants to go to University of Virginia and take up engineering ... a bug on chemistry . . . but, “Don’t let that get out” . . . wants more school dances . . . has winning personalitv. Glee Club, 11, 12; IIi-Y, 11. 12; Missile, 11, 12, Busines ' i Mana- ger, 12; Weekly News, 12. George Colin Campbell General “George” . . . loves to loaf, and study hall is his favorite subject . . . to join the Navy and learn Diesel mechanics is ambition . . . says “yeah” to football, sluimp, and reading Westerns. DO Club. 11, 12; Projection Crew, 12. William Jordon Campbell Scientific “Bill” . . . finite witty . . . has a terrific sense of liiimor . . . loves to get teachers’ “goats” . . . hates to get up early . . . as bad as “Li ' l Abner” about pork chops . . . history and foot- ball rate high on his list of fav- orites . . . gets a kick out of tinkering with autos. Madeline Montrue Caudle General “Mady” . . . real fiend on alto sax, which she plays very well . . . comical . . . “Hot dog you all, I swear” . . . wants to teacli instiTimental music . . . the band is really the greatest . . . well- lik ed by everyone ’cause of her deliglitful personalitv. Cris ' -Wood Tri-Hi-Y ' , 10, 11, 12; Band, 9, 10, 11, 12. fifteen Joy Ferne Clark General “Boo” . . . seen down the river, boat-riding all summer swell gal, with ])ersonality plus . . . detests pop quizzes . . . wants to be a school mann ( ele- mentar ' ) . . . favorite expression, “HELP”. Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12; Glee Club, 11; Missile, 11, 12; Square Circle, 11, 12, President, 12; Monitors Club, 10, 11, 12; M eeklif News, 12. Bernard Stanley Clarke General “Stan” . . . comes to us from Christ Church School this year . . . going to Richmond on week- ends rates high . . . after high school conies a career in forestry or music for this cutie . . . very flirtatious . . . collecting guns, football, and eating barbecues arc “sharp.” William Lloyd Collins General “Radar” . . . adores girls but can’t stand the stuck-up and ])ris- sy ones ... could cat steak and french Iries and shoot the breeze forever . . “Can that trash!” . . . likes to go to Spanish class . . . really goes for sports; es- pecially football . . . wants to be an All-American. Albert Verty Covington, Jr. General “A. V.” . , . loves history, es- pecially the Civil War period . . . enjoys finding relics of that particular period . . . “real cool man” . . . goes for steak with thick gravw in a big way but piobably won’t see too much of it when he joins the U. S. Navv. JV Football, 9, 10. Wesley Vernon Creasey General Wesley . . . wants to be a me- chanic so he can soup up those slow cars that he just can’t put up with . . . tinkering with cars and french fries head his list of the greatest things in life . . . cars aren’t the only things he likes; football and math come next. DO Club, 12. William James Crichton, HI Scientific “Billy” . . . thinks homework and staying at home is strictly for the birds ... as far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing as good as fried chicken . . . fu- ture chemical engineer . . . “Go on” . . . enjoys basketball and English. Crater Hi-Y, 11, 12; Missile, Sports Editor, 12; Chemistry Lab Assistant, 12; Weekly Netvs, 12; National Merit Examination, Semi-finalist. Betty Carolyn Copeland Commercial Betty . . . pop quizzes and Mon- days are just too much f or her . . . will be very disappointed if she doesn’t end up as a doc- tor’s wife . . . hamburgers, mu- sic, and shorthand are tops on her list’ . . . “Bubble Eyes”. Librarv staff, 12; Typist, Re- view, 11. William Morton Davis General “Bill” . . . would die if there were no football . . . likes to eat spaghetti and sleep . . . can’t put up with Richmond editors who won’t give PHS a backing . . . “Adios”. Key Club. 11, 12; Varsitv Club, II, 12; French Cluh, 11, 12; Weekly Nen)s, 12; JV Football, 9; Varsity Football, 10, 11, 12; TV Baseball, 9. 10; Varsitv Base- ball, 11, 12; TV Basketball. 9. sixteen Warren Earl Delk General Warren . . . baseball, water- skiing and swimming are tops . . . detests teachers who give too much homework . . . “Get out of her, man” . . . collects Civil War relics . . . main am- bition is to be a draftsman. JV Baseball, 9, 10; JV Football, 10; Crater Hi-Y, 11, 12; Pro- jection Crew, 11. Maurice Edwin Downing General “Ned” . . . outdoor type . . . would like very much to grad- uate ... a football fan . . . those rainy weekends get him down . . . hunting and fishing attract him . . . enjoys spending his time at Colonial . . . likes history . . . “Clown”. Charles Olin Durnette Scientific Charles . . . likes people but some adults get on his nerves . . . being a nuclear physicist would make him veiy happy . . . taking it easy and watching wrestling on TV is a good way to pass time . . . music attracts this boy . . - very active in schools in Colorado and Nevada . . . bands . . . operettas . . . plays . . . wrestling champion . . . orchestras. Band, 12. Eloise Levon Elliott General “Vonnie” . . . stuck-up people and homework over the week- end infuriate her . . . chocolate cake makes her drool . . . wants to graduate and get married . . . likes to sing and collect pictures of friends . . . basketball and football infatuate her . . . “Say, wow!” DO Club, 11, 12. Wallace Dean Elliott Scientific “Ricky” . . . “Teachers who give too much homework should be abolished.” . . . girls and football attract him . . . wants to graduate . . . swimming is good exercise . . . likes English . . . “Too much, man!” Weekly News 12. Donald Neal Ellis General “Donnie” . . . detests homework on week-ends . . . baseball is a great sport . . . has a knack for drawing . . . takes to swim- ming . . . wants to be a com- mercial artist . . . likes me- chanical drawing . . . fried chicken is great . . . “Oh! Why not?” Weekly News, 12. Gerald Francis Ellis General “Jerry” . . . good looking . . . liked by all . . . thinks Clare- mont Street is a good street to be on . . . great football player . . . wants to go to Universiity of Richmond . . . football, bas- ketball, and baseball suit him fine . . . lazy people get on his nerves . . . “Beat Hopewell!” Varsity Football, 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity Baseball, 9, 10, 11, 12. Co-Captain, 11; JV Basketball 9; Junior Class President, 11; SCA, 10, 11, 12, President, 12; Varsity Club President, 11; Key Club Vice-President, 11; Cock- ade Hi-Y. 11. Earl Thayer Ellis, Jr. Scientific Is often called “Singe” . . . likes math ... is interested in becoming a chemical engineer . . . surf fishing attracts him . . . enjoys reading and watch- ing TV . . . detests homework . . . is skilled in building models. Band, 9. 10, 11, 12; Weekly Netos, 12; French Club, 11, 12. seventeen William Allen Emory General “Liiejack” . . . dislikes stuck-up girls ... all .sports really rate . . . likes to eat . . . wants to date Marcia Spero . . . quarter- back . . . “ Vlio, me?” . . . girls are the most. I ' Football, 9; Varsitv Football, 10. 11, 12, Captain, 11; JV Bas- ketball, 1(); Varsity Basketball, 11; Varsitv Baseball, 11; Var- sity Club, ' ll, 12; SCA, 9, 10, Alternate, 12. Herbert Theadore Fischer, 111 Scientific Known as “Sonny” . . . detests homework . . . likes chemistry . . . working on his car fasci- nates him . . . interested in studying chemical engineering at VPI ... is attracted by football and baseball . . . Math is great . . . steak and french fries make him drool. Monitors. 10, 11; Glee Club, 11, 12; Projection Crew, 10, 11, 12; Missile, 12; Weekhj Netos, 12. David Willis Gammon Scientific David . . . winning personality . . . can’t stand broken ankles at football practice . . . hojies to be a medical missionary . . . cats and reads . . . “In order to succeed, vou must have faith in God” Key Chib. 10, 11, 12; SCA, 10, 12; Junior Committee, 11; Re- vi ' w Reporter, 11; JV Football, 10; Varsity Football, 12; Who’s Who, 12. Walter Ray Gardner General Ray . . . hamburgers and foot- ball are just tops . . . “thumbs down on talkative girls . . . enjoys listening to a radio . . . higlicst ambition is to be a mil- lionaire . . . “Good night!” . . . fun to be vutln James Paul Garner Gerieral “Tiny Jim” . . , pizza and girls are his cloud 9 . . . hates not hearing from Mary Jane . . . wants to have his very own business . . . “Oh, Hello!” Crater Hi-Y, 11; Weekhf News, 12. Betty Jane Georgel Com mercial Betty Jane . . . pet peeve is homework on weekends . . . . thinks watching TV and football are the greatest . . . ambition is to be a nurse. Library Staff. 10. Elizabeth Susan Gordon General “Sue” . . . sparkling smile . . . liert blonde . . . quiet . . . Vir- ginia Beach is really the most . . . partial to fried chicken and swimming . . . hates getting up early , . “Revolting!” Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11; Goober Pep, 10, 11, 12; Missile, 11, 12, Senior Editor, 12; Glee Club. 11. 12; Monitors, 11, 12; Weekly News, 12. James Trammell Grossmann Scientific “Trammell” . . . what a per- sonality! . . . can’t stand girls who won’t talk on dates . . . water sports are the very tops . . . loves sporting around in a Corvette . . . often says, “Is that right?” Cockade Hi-Y, 10; Monitors, 10, 11; SCA, 10, 11, 12; Key Club, 9, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, 10, President. 12; Vice-President of Senior Class, 12; Senior Com- mittee, 12; JV Basketball, 9; Swim Team, 9, 10, 11. 12; Cap- tain and co-captain; Weekly News, 12; Who’s Who, 12; Pro- jection Crew, 12. eighteen Dale Brian Hagner General Dale . . . came from West Seneca Central in his junior year . . . “homework could be ban- ished” ... a whiz at history— it’s logical . . . wants to be a history teacher . . . likes dancing and tennis . . . “Oh, no!” Crater Hi-Y, 11, 12, Secretary, 12; Remexv, 11, 12; Glee Club, 11, 12; Monitors, 11; French Club, 11, 12; Vice-President, 12; Weekly News, 12. Peggy Marie Hamlett Commercial Peggy . . . our gain from Fann- vilie High School . . . boys, dancing, and collecting records head this girl’s list . . . “mean boys have got to go” . . . foot- ball and home economics are tops . . . this future secretai ' v loves fried chicken . . . “Yeah!” FHA, 12, President, 12. Charlotte Ann Hardy General Charlotte . . . Littleton High School’s loss, our gain . . . the world could do without people who push and shove . . . this future airline hostess loves swim- ming and dancing . . . bowling, cooking, sewing, run close sec- ond . . . chow mein is the great- est . . , goes steady with George. Sandra Lael Harris Scientific “Sandy” . . . iJeoiDle v ho make fun of her car should get lost . . . a future teacher . . . reading and talking ... a big flirt . . . “Oh, you know what I mean!” Review, 9, 10, 11, 12, Associate Editor, 11, Page Editor, 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, Vice- President, 11, President, 12; Hi- Y Council, 11, 12, Chaplain, 12; Monitors Club, 10, 11; Dramatics Club, 10, 11; Missile, 11, 12, Activities Staff, 11, Circulation Staff, 11, 12; Who’s Who, 12; Gold Blazers, 12; Weekly News, 12 . Larry Thomas Hill Scientific Larry . . . our gain from Em- poria High School . . . “girls who get mad over nothing have got to go” . . . this future pilot likes baseball, football, and pret- ty girls . . . Chemistry is great . . “Oh, rats!” TV Football, 10; Crater Hi-Y, 11; SCA, 12; Cockade Hi-Y, 12; Who’s Who, 12. Anna Rachel Hoffman Scientific Anna . . . getting up early is for the birds ... to graduate fiom college will be great . . . reading, dancing, traveling, and horseback riding are tops . . . “Gee!” Monitors, 9, 10, 11, 12; Dra- matics Club, 10, 11, King of Hcai ' ts, 11; Glee Club, 11, 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y. 10, 11, 12; Ink- well, 10, Business Manager, 10; Review, 10, 11, 12, Managing Editor, 11; Missile, 11, 12; Weekly News, 12; SCA Alter- nate, 9; Pep Club, 11. Claude Ernest Inge General Claude . . . homework ought to be abolislied ... to be a mill ion aiie is his dream . . dances, cars, hunting, fishing, and football fill this guv’s time . . . “I can’t help you!” Weekly News, 12; Varsity Foot- ball, 12. Willie Aubrey Jones Commercial “Jon-esy” . . . road-hog driv- ers ought to be suspended from driving ... a history fan . . . liarticularly Civil War . . . it’s logical ... to travel is ideal . . . football is great . . . hunt- ing and fishing a close second . . . “That’s the way it is!” JV Football, 9, 10, 11, 12; JV Baseball, 10; Library Staff, 9, 10; Projection Crew, 9, 10; Auto Mechanics Club, 11, 12; Glee Club, 11. nineteen Katharine Scott Jones Liberal Arts Katharine Scott . . . singer, dancer, pianist, and tennis en- thusiast . . , does so many things well . . . wants to go to Mar ' Baldwin . . . “Oh. Pete!“ JV Cheerleader, 9, 10, Head JV Cheerleader, 10; Varsity Cheer- leader. 11, 12; Squ are Circle, 9, 10. 11, 12; Missile, 10; Glee Club, 10. 11, 12; Junior Com- mittee. 11; Evaluation Commit- tee, 11; SCA. 10. 11; Weckhf yews, 12; Who’s Who, 12. Elizabeth Muriel Jones Com mcrcial Muriel . . . real cute girl . . . wants to he a secretary . . . has beautiful eyes ... is musically inclined . . . pleasant to look at and to talk to . . . says “Gollee” . . . is active in her church . . . would sing a song for pizza pie . . . football games and reading are fun. rilA. 9; Glee Club, 10, 11. 12; MUsilc, 12. Ethel Page Jones General “Jonesie” . . a fried chicken and strawberry gal . . . wants everything perfect . . . aims to be a M ' illiam and Mary grad- uate . . . perky and cute . . . “Gee— tanks!” JV Cheerleader, 10; Varsity Cheerleader, 11, 12; Goober Pep, 10, 11, 12, President. 12; French Club, 11, 12, Secretary. 12; Mis- sile, 11, 12, Circulation Man- ager, 12; Monitors Club, 10, 11; Weekly News, 12. Kenneth Michael Jordan Scientific “Kenny” ... a good person to have for a friend ... is inter- ested in everyone . . . intends to be a civil engineer . . . “Yeah, Man!” ... to wait on a slow girl would be his last wish . . . enjoys bowling and dating . . . very intelligent. P p Club. 11; SCA Alternate, 12; Missile, 12, Editor, Senior Sec- tion; Chemistry Lab Assistant, 12; Weekly News, 12. Michael Francis Joyce General “Mike” ... a motorcycle fan . . . nice looking . . . not too enthusiastic about studies . . . likes girls and study halls bet- ter . . . “Son of a gun” . . . “gonna be a cit ’ Wyatt Earp” . . . works after school . . . has a friendly smile. Eleanor Kevan Liberal Arts “Butch” . . . very quiet . . . “Let’s do away with Spanish verb blanks” ... is interested in cultural happenings feels a call to teach English . . . beautiful smile . . . sum- mertime is swimming time . . . loves to talk about her baby brother . . . good creative writer. Band, 9, 10; Swim Team, 11; Weekly News, 12; Missile, 12. Caroline Saloma Lewis General “Carol” . . . fun to be with . . . going to do whatever she de- cides to do . . . has prett ’ brown eyes . . . likes partying . . . “I can’t believe it”. Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12; JV Cheerleader, 10; Varsity Cheer- leader. 11, 12; French Club, 11, 12; Glee Club, 10, 11; Monitors Club, 9, 10, 11; “Crimson Wave in Review”, 11; SCA, 10; Mis- sile, 10, 11, 12; Review ' , 9, 10. 11, 12; Pep Club, 11; Gold Blazers, 12. Cecilia Ann Martin General “Ceal” . . . big flirt . . . loves Hi-Fi . . . insincerity makes her angry . . . transfer from Pacific Grove High School in California . . . wants to help other peo- ple . . . can dance and sing so well . . . success in her future . . . the word for pecan pie is “delicious” . . . goes in for base- ball . . . “Old Buzzard”. Glee Club, 12, Double Sextet, 12. twenty Nancy Paige Matthews General Nancy . . . pretty . . . wants to be a psychologist , . . hates for Wayne to work late on week- ends . . . likes pancakes . . . football is a favorite sport . . . “Woo child” . . . likes Virginia Beach in the summer. Odd Girls, 9, 10, 11, 12, Chap- lain, 10, Treasurer, 11, President, 12; Review, 11, 12; Missile, 12, Assistant Editor of Senior Sec- tion, 12; K-Warner Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12; Who ' s Who. 12; Gold Blazers, 12; Weekly Neivs, 12; Girl’s State, 12. Jean Carol Mayes Commercial Jean . . . hopes to be a secre- tary ... “I care too much” . . . enjoys talking on the phone . . . stuck-up people annoy her . . . likes shorthand class . . . ham- burgers are tops with her . . . rock ' n roll fan . . . favorite teacher: Mr. Churn. FHA, 9; Missile, 12. Robert Edward Mayes General “Bob” . . . big flirt . , . wants to be a rich bachelor . . . “Don’t panic” . . . hates stuck-up girls . . . crazy about Colonial’s fried chicken . . . thinks California is great . . . favorite sport: base- ball . . . likes wild parties. Crater Hi-Y, 10; Cockade Hi-Y, 11, 12; Football, 11; Baseball, 11, 12; Varsity Club. 12; Glee Club. 12; Home Room Librarian, 10; Who’s Who, 12. Judy Ann Metcalf Liberal Arts Judy . . . likes to write letters . . . “You know it too?” . . . plays clarinet in the band . . . hates homework on weekends . . . enjoys band class in the morning . . . sorority meetings . . . active in church work. French Club, 11, 12; Missile, 12; Band, 10, 11, 12; Weekly News, 12, Co-editor, 12. Jack Craig Miller, Jr. Scieniijic Craig . . . “Darn!” . . . crazy over hot-rodding and working on Chevy . . . wants to move to California or become an engineer . . . likes physics, golf, drag racing, and loafing . . . hates bulky autos and homework . . . goes for those big juicy steaks. Glee Club, 9; Weekly News, 12. Charles Richard Moore Scientific “Charlie” . . . likes swimming and driving . . . lionor roll stu- dent . . . hopes to be a million- aire . . . reads in his spare time . . . enjoys pliysics and math class . . . “Nasty lu-eak.” Monitors Club, 11, 12, President, 12; Missile, 12; Cockade Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12; Projection Crew, 12; Swim Team, 10. 11, 12; S CA Alternate, 11; Weekly News, 12; Y-Council, 10; Homecoming Com- mittee, 12; School Evaluation Committee, 12; National Merit Examination, Finalist. John David Meade General David . . . hates to get up Mon- day mornings . . . loves basket- ball . . . main ambition: to get out of high school . . . cheese- burgers, french fries are favor- ites . . . talent for knowing lots of people. JV Basketball, 9; JV Baseball, 9; Varsity Basketball, 10, 11, 12; Cockade Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12, Secretary, 10, President, 11; Hi- Y, Tri-Hi-Y Council, 10, 11, Vice-President, 11; SCA, 10, 11, Vice-President, 11; Missile, Q, Review, 10; Key Club, 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 11. 12; French Club. 11; “Crimson Wave in Re- view”, 11, Cary Dana Moulton General “Red” . . . pet ])eeve: ton much homework . . . wants to stay in Navy for twenty years . . . keeps muscles in shape l y weight lift- ing . . . loves to play football . . . thinks listening to records and English are tlie greatest. French Club, 11, 12; Footl all, 11; Weekly News, 12. twenty one Mary Ellen Nunnally General Man’ . . . dislikes stuck-up peo- ple . . . enjoys eating, reading . . . " I told you so!” . . . am- bition: to graduate . . . likes basketball, band, science . . . sweet, likeable person. Band, 9; Cris-Wood Tri-Hi-Y, 11; Basketball, 11; Weekly News, 12. Jo Ann Overby General lo Ann . . . thinks more people should enjoy living . . • to be able to attend William and Mary College . . . enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and fried chicken . . . favorites are historv and literature . . . “Great Day!” . . . looks forward to homecoming . . • transferred from Saigon, Viet Nam in 1956 . . . well-liked by fellow students. Monitors, 11, 12; French Club, 11, 12, President, 12; MUsile. ] 12, Who’s Who Editor, 12; Goober Pep, 12; Pence Tri-Hi- Y, 12; Review, 11, 12; Dra- matics Club, 12; Who’s Who, 12; Weekly News, 12. ClIAULES WiNDLEY PaKKER General “Charlie” . . . hobbies: girls, sports, girls, cars, girls . . . ‘‘No joke” . . likes football. SCA, 9, 10; Band, 9, 10; Glee Club, 11, 12; Boys’ Quartet, 11, 12; Projection Crew, 10, 11, 12 Missile, 10, 11, 12; Review, 10 11, 12, Associate Editor, 11 Editor, 12; Key Club, 10, 11 12, Treasurer, 12; Crater Ili-Y ' 10, Secretary, 10; Monitors, 9 10, 11; Varsity Club, 11. 12 1 ’ Fo()tl all, 9; Varsity Football 10, 11, 12; JV Basketball, 9 Varsity Basketball, 10, 11, 12 Varsity Baseball. 11, 12; Tennis, 9, 10; Who’s Who, 12; Weekly News, 12. Joy Peele General Alice Joy . . . wants to be a success in music or creative writing . . . doesn’t like people who l orrow pencils and don’t give them back . . . plays tlie piano . . enjoys tennis, ping- pong, and surf-riding . . . plans to go to college. Glee Club, 10, 11, 12, Accom- panist, 12; Girls’ Ensemble, 12; Review, 11. 12; Home Room Li- brarian, 11; Missile, 11; Weekly News, 12. Rebecca Linwood Myers General “Becky” . . . doesn’t like teach- ers who give too much home- work . . . can play that clarinet . . . favorite pastime: sorority meetings . . . wants to be an in- terior decorator . . . enjoys foot- ball games . . “Oh, thrill!” Band, 9, 10 il, 12; JV Basket- ball, 9, 10. 11; French Club, 11, 12; Weekly News, 12; Missile, 12. Vivian Beryl Newcomb General Vivian . . . pet peeve: limited time on the telephone . . . likes being with a certain boy . . . wants to become a secretary . . . fond of French fries, English . . . “Crazy!” . . . football games are great . . . has a likeable per- sonality . . . nice gal. Commercial, 11; DO Club, 11, 12 . Ronai.d Ray Nicholas General “Ronnie” . . . can’t stand stuck- up girls . . . enjoys swimming, skiing, races, listening to records . . . wants to be a lab techni- cian . . . favorite subject: girls . . “O, horrors!” Glee Club, 9, 10; Crater Hi-Y, 11 , 12 . Martha Abbott Nolde General Martha . . . favorite pastime: talking, eating, sleeping . . . “Oh. Pete!” . . . wants to go to Mary Baldwin College and to become a kindergarten teacher . . . thinks there aren’t enough dances . . . likes music, paint- ing . . . cute. Review, 10; Monitors, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, 12; S iuarc Circle, 10. 11, 12, Chaplain, 12; Pep Club, 11; Glee Club. 11, 12; Girls’ Sextet, 12; Missile. 11, 12; Weekly News. 12. twenty-two Mary Ann Peebles Liberal Arts This cute and peppy j;irl hates carrying books . . . she loves fried shrimp, sewing, cooking, and dancing . . . wants to be a director of Christian education. Dramatics Club. 9, 10, 11; Re- view, 9, 10, 11, 12, Page Editor, 12; Missile, 10, 11, 12; French Club, 11, 12, Treasurer, 12; Glee Club 10, 11; Pep Club, 12; SCA Alternate, 9, 10; Inkwell, 10. Walter Wilson Pittman General “Pittyhall” . . . has a smile for everyone . . . can’t stand stupid girls and prissy boys . . . wants to become a band teacher . . . “Tina” is his main interest . . . “Get on the stick!” Band, 9, 10, 11, 12; Cockade Hi-Y. 9, 10, 11; Monitors, 11, 12; D. C. Club, 11, 12. Nancy Carol Poole Commercial “Moo” . . . this cute brunette detests homework . . . can al- ways eat fried chicken . . . collects stuffed animals . . wants to become a secretary . . . favorite pastime is looking at television . . . “Crazy”. Vivian Lee Poythress General “Doodle Bug” . . . simply can- not stand snobbish people . . . ambition: to graduate, get a good job, find the right boy and get married . . . main interest is Jerry A. . . . hobby is amateur photography . . . “Good Heav- ens!” Missile, 12; Glee Club, 12. Frank Powers Liberal Arts “Flowers” . . . hates girls who try to be bossy . . . simply adores Italian spaghetti, girls, music . . . ambition is to get through college. Band, 9, 10, 11, 12; Drum Major, 12; Cockade Hi-Y, 10, 11; Key Club, 10, 11, 12; Mon- itors Club, 11, 12; Dramatics Club, 11, 12; The Glass Men- agerie, 11; Missile, 12; Weekly News, 12; Bell, Book, and Can- dle, 12. Edward Y oung Price Scientific “Ed” . . . this bright, likeable boy wants to be a millionaire and probably will . . . main in- terest is Judy Gay . . . likes tyj)ing . . . “Terrible”. Senior Class President, 12; Key Club, 10, 11, 12, Secretary, 11, Vice-President, 12; Cockade Ili- Y. 11, 12; Monitors, 11, 12; SCA, 11; Varsity Club, 12; IV Football, 10; JV Baseball, 9. 10, Varsity Baseball, 11; Who’s Who, 12; Weekly News, 12. Wayne Young Price General This happy-go-lucky boy fumes when a girl makes him wait . . . his ambition is engineering . . . loves girls and building models of plastic . . . English is favorite subject . . . “How about that!” TV Football, 9, 10; Crater Hi-Y, 10; SCA, 11. Ruth Carolyn Pride General Carolyn . . . this cute, perky gal doesn’t like moody boys . . . her ambition is to be a beau- tician . . . collects records for a hobby . . . loves French fries and boat riding. Glee Club, 10. 11; DO Club, 11 , 12 . twenty-three Linda Lee Proffitt General Linda . . . dating Billy is the greatest . . . really has fun at stock-car races . . . has a nice smile ... a basel)all fan . . . oh, those awful Monday morn- ings! . . . sees her future pound- ing a typewriter ... is often lieard saying, “You’re telling me!” FHA, 9; Library Staff, 10; Mis- sile, 12; Review, 12. John Frederick Beid General John . . . transferred to PHS from Heidelberg, Germany, in his sophomore year , . . has a lot on the ball . . . nice look- ing . . wide scope of interest . . . girls . . . Scouting . . . hoi)es to wear the Cadet Gray of West Point . . . “What’s this jazz?’’ JV’ Football, 10, 11; Varsity Football, 12; Monitors Club, 12; Weekly News, 12. Donald Abner Richmond General “Don” . . . “down with home- work!’’ . . . would rather spend his time in the company of a rod and reel . . . good looking . . . (piiet . . . likes to read . . . football is great . . . the field of Naval Aviation beckons . . . fond of saying, “Extraordinary!” . . . a real swell guy! [V Football, 10; Library Staff, 10; Weekly News, 12. Roberta Lee Roi.lison ScUntific “Butchie” . . . fine leader . . . likes football . . . high ideals and liigh siiirits . . . will attend- Mary Washington College . . . “You’re being cruel!” SCA, 9, 10, 11. 12, State Sec- retarv, 11; Southern Safety Con- ference, N. M.. 11; NEA Com- mittee, 12; M.G.A., 11; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, President, 11; Monitors Club, 9, 10, 11; Stjuare Circle, 10, 11, 12; Swim Team, II; Glee Club, 10, 11; Missile, 11, 12; Revieiv, 9, 10, 1 1; Weekit, Netvs, 12, Co-Editor; Who’s Who, 12; lunior Red Ch-oss, 9, 10, II, 12; SAR Award, 1 I Martha Madison Romaine General “Roman” . . . good sense of luimor, sews her own clothes very nicely indeed . . . can really blush . . . enjoys telephone con- versations . . . waiting for some- one who is late gets her down . . . will major in home econom- ics in college . . . favorite ex- pression, “Caring!” Review, 9, 10, 11; Missile, 10, 11, 12, Assistant Editor, 12; Weekltf News, 12; Square Cir- cle, 10. 11, 12, President. 11: Monitors Club, 10, 11, 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 9. Mary Catherine Roof Liberal Arts “Cathy” . . . very friendly . . . personality plus ... a whiz at writing poetry . . . bridge player . . . active and attractive . . . plans to become a medical tech- nician . . . “For Heaven’s sake!” Monitors Club, 10, 11; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11. 12, Secretary, 10. Vice-President, 11, President, 12; Pep Club, 11; Square Circle, 10, 11, 12; Cockadette, 10; Mis- sile, 9, II, 12; Glee Club, 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Ensemble, 11. 12; Weekly News, 12, Co-Editor; Who’s Who. 12; Junior Red Cross, 12. Hill Rose Scientific Hill . . . St. Stephen’s Episcopal School . . . our gain, their loss . . . back seat drivers should have to walk . . . hunting, fish- ing, and building Hi-Fi equip- ment rank high . . . nothing like tennis . . . commercial airlines sliould look out for this future pilot . . . steak is the greatest . . . “How ’bout that!” Marion Herbert Rose General “Tater” . . . can’t stand stuck- up girls . . . likes spuds— it fig- ures ... a real football and baseball man . . . not much im- pressed by any school subject i)ut Physical Education . . . likes to ride around . . . says “Whoa, there!” JV Football, 10; Varsitv Foot- iiall, 11; Varsitv Baseball, 12; Varsity Club, 11, 12. twenhj-four Louis Anthony Hosenstock, III General “Bus’ " . . . wants to attend col- lege . . . thrilled over guns and boats with Me rcury motors . . . enjoys typing, reading, and swim- ming . . . loves that fried chicken . . . “Check that!” . . . hates inquisitive girls . . . would like to study law . . . likes to attend the Key Club conventions . . . enjoyed being a lifeguard during the summer. Key Club, 9, 10, 11, 12; Mon- itors, 11, 12; Cockade Hi-Y. 11, 12; JV Football, 10; Y Swim Team, 10. 11, 12; Missile, 12; Weekly News, 12. Wilfred Kenneth Grey Rowlette General “Mousey” . . . blue eyes . . . tall one . . . fascinated by a certain girl named Linda . . . to be a State Trooper is his am- bition . . driving hot rods is the greatest . . . “Loose like a goose” . . . spends his time toiling at a local grocery store. Band, 11. Linda Leigh Sadler General “Sad” . . . pet peeve is girls who talk like babies . . . friendly . . . crazy about pizza, tennis, and swimming . . . counselor at playgrounds during the summer . . . favorite subject is English under Mr. Powers . . . ambition is to become a nurse . . . plans to attend the Medical College of Virginia . . . favorite expression: “Great!” . . . Roland’s for her. Wallace Michael Saval General “Moose” . . . wants to become a lawyer . . . crazy about French fries . . . dramatics, football, and algebra are great . . , “Good night!” . . . loathes tests on Monday . . . claims fried grass- hoppers are very tasty . . . goes for post-rehearsal parties . . . women are a favorite subject . . “Okey Ace”. Cockade, 9; Missile, 10, 11, 12; Review, 11, 12; Glee Club, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club, 10; Weekly Netvs, 12; Who’s Who, 12. Mary Dona Scarbrough General Dona . . . pet jjeeve: people wlio say they are going to do one thing and do another . . , wants to be a dentist’s secretary . . . favorite subject is short- hand . . . loves listening to good music and dating Bob Leigh . . . transfer from Lawton. Oklahoma . . . personality plus . . . “No lie!” French, 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 12. Steven Lee Scarbrough Lee . . . Dona’s twin brother . . . wants to be a mechanical engineer . . . dislikes brothers and sisters . . . loves sleeping and football . . . swimming, cars, and chocolate pie rate . . . fa- vorite subject is chemistry . . . Lawton, Oklahoma, transfer . . . a wliiz in chemistjv class . . . “That’s right.” Joyce Evelyn Sessums General “Runt” . . . can’t stand stuck- up people . . . has a sweet smile . . . ambition is to get out of school and get married . . . loves fried chicken, creamed po- tatoes, and football . . . favor- ite subject is vocal music . . . “Sliute”. Library Club, 11. Beverly Elizabeth Shannon Liberal Arts Beverly . . . pet peeve; those dull parties . . . likes swim- ming, French fries, and playing bridge . . . favorites are chem- istry and English . . . loves to read . . . horses and cheerlead- ing rate high . . . wants to grad- uate from college. Sciuare Circle, 10, 11, 12, Chap- lain. 11, Vice-President, 12; Var- sity Cheerl- ader, 11, 12; Mis- sile. 11, 12; SCA Alternate. 9, Representative, 10; Weekhf News, 12 . twenty-five Claiborne Randolph Sherman General “Randy” . . . pet peeve: girls . . loves steak and football . . . interested in magic . . . favorite subject is band . . . pastimes are eating and sleep- ing . . . very attentive . . . can really play a saxaphone . . . “Real gone”. Band, 9, 10, 11. 12. Carol Ann Slaughter Commercial Carol . . . pet peeve: stuck-up people . . . loves French fries, hamburgers, and typing . . . wants to be a doctor’s secretary . . . likes to sew and read . . . tennis and playing records rate high . . . sparkling personality . . . “Sure you do!” Librarv, 9, 10, 12; Review. 12; Missile. 12. Betty Lou Smoot General Betty Lou . . . swimming, sleep- ing, and water skiing are great . . . wants to be a brain siu- geon . . . really goes tor T-bone steak . . . physics is her favor- ite .. . witty . . . very am- bitious. Hockey, 9; Pence Tri-IIi-Y, 10, 11; Y-Swim Team, 9, 10, 11; Square Circle, 10, 11, 12; Week- ly News, 12. Sallie Marie Spain Comm ereial Sallie . . . listening to records is for her . . . very quiet and shy . . . wants to finish school . . . pet peeve: having to wait for someone . . . loves to go to football games . . . typing and basketball are great . . . spag- hetti is one of lier favorite foods . . . “Who, me?” Basketball, 10, 11, 12; Softball. 9, 10, 11, 12; Review, 12. I Donald Osborne Spatig Scientific “Don” . . . dislikes giggly girls and homework intensely . . . detennined to get a good Ford . . . likes cars, motorcycles, and football . . . favorite subject is woodwork . . . real cute boy . . . nice personality . . . “You don’t know, do you?” Weekly News, 12. James Frank Stone Scientific “Jimmy” . . . great sense of humor . . . wants to graduate from college . . . likes to hunt, fish, and play football ... a good eater and sleeper . . . hates ’58 Fords without radios . . . has a tremendous grin . . . loves that solid geometr ' . . . “like heck!” Cockade Hi-Y. 11, 12; Pep Club, 11; Weekly News, 12. Uno Tayl or General Uno . . . hates to take things easy . . . wants to become a pilot in the Air Force . . . likes photography, model planes, fish- ing, boating, swimming, and sleeping . . . algebra is his fa- vorite subject ... a real nice guy . . . very smart . . . “You said it, I didn’t”. Missile, 12. Bonnie Juanita Tipton Liberal Arts Bonnie . . . real sweet girl . . . has a nice personality . . . wants to graduate from college . . . let’s do away with weekend homework . . . likes Latin . . . “Charge!” Missile, 11, 12, Editor, 12; Weekly News, 12; Review. 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 12; Who’s Who, 12; SCA Alternate, 9; French Club, 11, 12. twenty-six Joan Constance Tomlin Com mercial Joan . . . deplores Monday morninjj tests and egg plant . . . her ambition is to be a secre- tary . . . collects stamps and pictures of movie stars ... is partial to baseball and stock car racing . . . likes shorthand . . . an adorable girl . . . “Oh, good golly!” Library Staff, 10; Homeroom Li- brarian, 11; Dramatics Club, 10; Commercial Club, 11; Missile, 12; Review, 12. Joyce Anne Tucker Commercial “Plum” . . . despises tliat week- end homework . . . likes listen- ing to rock ’n roll music and boys . . . her ambition is to graduate and become a secre- tary . . . enjoys those football games ... a real pert person- ality . . . very talkative . . “Golly!” Missile, 12; Review, 12. Terry Raines Turner General Terry . . . thumbs down on too much homework . . . has an ambition to be a history teacher . . . likes tennis and television . . . favorite subjects are history and civics . . . very nice person to know. Library Staff, 9; Projection Crew, 9; Glee Club, 10, 11, 12; Re- view, 10, 11; Monitors Club, 10. 11; Crater Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12. Joyce Faye Tyner Com mercial “Tinkerbell” . . . can do with- out conceited people . . . has a desire to many a millionaire . . . collects foreign dolls and photo- graphs . . . crazy about French fries, steak, and the Rainbow . . . is partial to shorthand . . . cute . . , nice smile. Commercial Club, 11, 12; Mis- sile, 12; Review, 12. Linwood Durfees Tyner General “Bo” . . . can’t stand stuck-up girls . . . homework on week- ends . . . running out of gas at desperate times . . . works in Colonial Store . . . likes ice cream . . . football . . . racing . . . study hall ... is Joyce’s brother . . . would like to grad- uate . . . “Why shore!” DE Club, 11, 12; Projection Crew, 11. James Durwood Varnier, Jr. General “Jimmy” ... is thinking about going to college . . . likes to ex- periment with electricity . . . works in an electronics shop . . . enjoys football . . . swimming . . . hunting . . . water skiing . . . . English . . . steaks . . . and French fries . . . wants to be a jet pilot . . . cute . . . “Good golly!” TV Football, 9, 10; Review, 12; Cockade Pli-Y, 12. Barbara Anne Vest Commercial “Squaw” . . . collects records . . . wants to be a successful secretary . . . has pretty black hair • • . likes baseball . . . shorthand . . . French fries and liamburgers . . . homework is for the birds . . . favorite pastime: to sleep, eat, and go . . . “Well, ril be jumped up!” Band, 9. Lloyd Elon Wall General “Poochy” . . . enjoys working on cars . . . looking at women . . . study hall . . . pizza ])ie . . . drag racing . . . auto me- chanics . . . wants to have a good job . . . likes those foot- ball games . . . good-looking . . . “Wliat’s alt this left-handed jazz?” twenty-seven Linda Francis Wells General “Lin’ . . . ambition: to be a lab technician ... is training to be one at the hospital . . . is thinking about going to M.C.V. . . . likes milk . . . Mr. Cong- clon . . . “All teachers are nice” . . . biology . . . chicken chow mein . . . ice skating . . . hates having to get up early on Sat- urday mornings . . . Monday morning tests . . . sweet smile . . . . “You know”. Odd Girls, 9, 10, 11, Secretary, 11; Band, 9. 10; DO Club, 12. Richard Mitten Whitchurch, Jr. Commercial “Jack” . . . cute . . . hopes to graduate . . . “Fll probably be the first graduate of Colonial Heights Higii School!” . . . likes to sell automobile parts . . . keeping track of baseball play- ers . . . all food except pizza . . . wants to be in retail busi- ness . . “Who, what, when, where?” DE Club, 11. 12. Russell Alexious Will, Jr. General “Russ” . . . great photographer . . . matli must go . . . plans to go to college ... a real friendly l)erson . . . collects Civil War relics . . . hopes to be a Meth- odist minister . . . likes baseball . . . football . . . ham sand- wiches . . . history ' . . . biology . . . “Ye gads!” Crater Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, Vice- President, 11, President, 12; Missile, Staff Pliotographer, 12. Carol Hohson Winfield Liberal Arts Carol . . . can’t agree with peo- ple who don’t like to sing . . . ambition is to become a full-time Christian educational worker . . . really goes for Southern fried chicken, sorority meetings, and swimming . . . sold on English from Mr. Powers . . . delights in singing in the Glee Club under tlie capalde leadership of Miss Tucker. Cdee Club, 10, 11, 12; Review, 11; Missile, 11, 12, Pliotograpliic Editor. 12; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 1!; Weekly Neivs, 12. Leslie Gerald Wright General “Jerry” . . . dislikes getting up early . . . fattened by ham- burgers and French fries . . . football, baseball, and basketball fan . , . favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing . . . plans to be a millionaire . . . “That will be the day” . . . collects old guns, swords, and other weapons . . . thinks mechanical drawing is the most. JV Football, 9, 10; Library Staff, 10; Projection Crew, 10; Crater Hi-Y, 12. Sallie Burt Wright General Sallie . . , doesn’t like boys who can’t dance, boys who arrive late for a date, being punished for coming in late the night liefore . . . wants to become an airline hostess . . . loves to dance, read, and talk on the phone . . . fa- vorites are French and English . . . “Ah, get serious!” Cockadette, 9, 10; Missile, 10, 11, 12; Glee Club, 10, 11, 12; Monitors, 10; Pence Tri-Hi-Y, 10; JV Cheerleader, 10; Varsity Cheerleader, 11, 12; Square Cir- cle, 9, 10, 11. 12; French Club, 11, 12; Pep Club, 11, 12; Week- ly News, 12; Who’s Who, 12; Swim Team, 10; Librarv Staff, 12 . Rethalee Alice Wyatt Commercial “Ree” . . , has an interesting hobby of collecting puzzles of scenery ' ... a favorite sport is football . . . doesn’t get along with girls who talk all the time , . . would like to become a typist . . . enjoys eating ham- burgers . . . television, reading, and baking rate high . . . trans- ferred in 1956 from West Vir- ginia . . . “Smile and the whole world will smile with voii.” FHA, 9. twenty-eight ' ' Champions Of The Road " Roberta Rollison Best All Around twenty-nine ' Champions Of The Road ' " IVANO BrAIDA Most Intelligent Bonnie Tipton Most Intelligent thirty ' ' Champions Of The Road " Jo Ann Overby Most Likely to Succeed thirty-one ' " Champions Of The Road " Larry Hill Best Looking Nancy Matthfws Best Looking thirty-two ' Champions Of The Road " ' Sylvia Baber Most Athletic thirty-three Best Dancer Sallik Wright Charles Parker Most Versatile Deanie Andrews ED ' ARD Price Most Talkative Sandra J Parris W ALLACE SaVAL Biggest Flirt Mary Anderson Bob Mayes thirty- four Cutest Jackie Blankenship Claude Inge Best Dressed Katharine Scott Jones Paul Bowles Best Mixer Cathy Roof David Meade Wittiest Libby Bain Jimmy Crossmann thirty-five 4 " ■ih " ‘ ‘c£.tl G° 1 Gr " G - G-GG “ " • “fm. ' G (U„ -v i+ " G ’ thirty-six CONSTRUCTION AHEAD No matter what itinerary a traveler follows, there are occasions when he reads the sign: Constrnction Ahead. The highway may, therefore, contain rough passages necessitating careful driving. In their high school career, the freshmen, the soph.omores, and the more experienced juniors may reach some points when completion of the journey involves difficulties. With careful attention to the best procedure, each undergraduate can advance successfully on his route. thirty-seven I " TOURISTS " Junior Committee Miss Wilkinson, 31 1 Advisor; Miss Moyar, 3L Advisor; W ' ayne Beville, 31 1 Committee Member: Sam Johnson, 3L Committee Member; William Emory, 311 Vice-President; Jennie Maddra, 3L Vice-President; Bobbie Roberson, 3L President; Troilen Gainey, 3H President. Not Pictured: Nancy Agee, Mhryne Childs, Janice Colwill, Carol Elder, Marie Emoiy, Robert Eubank, Carol P’aison, Larry Holland, Larry Jetterson, (dair Ketchem, Barry Kirkland, Robert McFadden, Robert Moore, Caroline Newman, Lloyd Perkinson, Patricia Porter, Raleigh Powell, Robert Smelley, Benny Stewart, Thomas Williams, Robert Wood, Timothy M’ood. JUNIORS Ayscue, Barbara Baird, Anne Allen, Wayne Alperin, Henry Bass, Brenda Beck, Jeanette Andrews, Carol Atkins, Kenneth Belcher. Joyce Bishop, Wayne Atkinson, Richard Avent, Bonnie thirty-eight Blankenship, Wayne Bowery, Barbara Brennan, William Brown, Carol Burnett, Orhiss Burton, William Butler, Carolyn Call IlN.s, Dana Carroll, Sandra Carsi.ey, Claire Carson, Donald Carter, William Castle, Edmond Cawthorn, Carol Childress, Linda Cleaients, Patricia Cody, Brenda C oGLE, Carter Cook, Ronald C osTLEY, Carolyn Counts, Anita C sEH, Jo Anne C uLLOM, Patricia Daly, Frank Daniels, Sandra Davis, Carol Davis, Nancy Dayvault, William Dorsk, Brian Nowlin, James thirtij-rdne Eames, Dorothy Edmonds, Freddy Edwards, Linda Eeder, Love Fearnley, Peter Finney. George Flesiiood, Lee Ford, Barbara Ford. Haroed Fowler, Jesse Francioni, David Fuller, Dwight Fuller, Mary Ellen Fulp, Victor Gainey. Troilen Gammon, Elizabeth Gay. Emma Gay, Joyce George, Susan Gerry, Janice Girhs, Mary Ruth Giles, Linda Gill. Russell Graves, Edwin- Gray. Wayne Green, Joyce Groom, Donna Gunderson, Suzanne Gunn, Barbara Gunn, Haroi.d fortij G unn, Henky Hall, David FIanah, Hixie IIahrele, Constance I Iahhis, Jainoe Harrison, Carol IIarhup, Richard Hatch. Wayne Hathaway, Dennis II UPT, Edward Hawkins, Leta Hawkins, Monty Hellman, Max II oGwooD, Judy Humphries. Gloria Irvine, Barrara Jacobs, Li.oyd Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Dean Johnson, Sam Jolly, Patricia Jones, Robert Jovares, Helen Juer, Mary Kafka, Gail Karpiak, James Keeter, Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Gordon Kilpatrick, Grover forty- one King, Beunard King, Kenneth Kitchen, W. J. Kvasnk.’ka. Jerry Ledeord. Robert Lewis. Dorcas Lewis, Eli.en Lewis, Ginny Gibb Lockett, Jane Longstreet. Ghristine Lync:h. Patricia McDonaed. Bruce McEwen. Gharees McEwe.n. Mari ha MacXaih, Ei.izareth Madura, Jennie Magee, Robert Mann, Thom AS Marek. Rebec:c:a Matney. Jack Mati hew s, ,Syi. 1 A Mu HAEi.s, Janice Mil EER, Dean Mizeeee, Garoi, Moore, Sh vnnon Moore. Susan M oi N I l ORD, M RY Muneori). Jeanne Myers, Kenneth X iAEiRAE. Norm A |j N forty-two Nunnai.IvW Diane ()DEN EEOEH. JaMES OzMOHE. Judy Path-vm, Brenda Paxton, Mary Payne, Aeeen Pearce, Gloria Pearson, Nora Perkins, Frances Perkins, George Pittman, Marie Pond, Lennie Poole, Eleanor Poore, Wendell Pritchett, Diane Pritchett, Kay Pritchett, Kenneth Procise, Marcia Puc:kett, Diane Randait., Virginia Reeves, Shirley Redmond, Kay Richardson, Shelry Riley, Carolyn Rorerson, Robert Rorertson, Randolph Rollison, Sandra Rooks, Carolyn Royster, Rose Rudy, Jerry forty-three ► Ruffin, Patricia Ruffner, Clifford Sandford, John Saunders, Allen Saunders, Brenda Senegal, Robert Sheffield, Barbara Show, Betsy Simmons, Cecil Skinner, Barbara Smith. Elaine Smith, Sarah Snider. Francine S oWDER, XoRMA Spain, Ashton Spatig, Susan Spero, Marcia Steger, Herbert S zARAMA, Patricia Tatum, Edward Taylor. Elizabeth Thigpen, James Thomas, J. V. Tisdale, Christopher Traylor, H. B. Traylor. Joan Traylor, Xancy Traylor, Sandra Tross, Patricia Tucker, Patricia forty-four Vaden, Betsy Vaughan, Ann Vaughan, Claiborne Vaughan, Donald Vaughan, Kenneth Vaughan, Laraine Vaughan, Peggy Vaughan, Sandra Vest, Ryland V osHALL, Donald Wade, Elaine Wall, Helen Watts, Louise Wells, Margaret Wells, Thomas Wetherford, Betty Jean Whitaker, Russel Whitehead, Linda Whitmore, Diane Wiener, Karen Wilder, Susan Williams, Mildred Woolridge, Thomas Wrenn, Sonny Wyatt, Edward Zatcoff, ' Allen forty-five " HOT RODER5 " SOPHOMORES Adams, Linda Adehhodt, Phyllis Agee, Nancy Andrews, Charles Andrews, David ANI)RE • s. Honnie Andrews, ’AY ■E Archer, Johnny Archer. Joyce HaDGLEY. IklNNlE Hailey, Jimmy Hales, Donna Barnes, Elsie Beasley. Marvin Be( K. Skipper Beville, Carolyn HLA t:K. Jean Blick. Marik Bohannon, Suzanne Boisseau, Barrara B fiwMAN, Douglas Bran( H, John Branzei.le, Estelle Brewer, Ann Brinkley. Bor Bristow, Jimmy Britton, Jack Broc:kwell. Gary Brown, Leonard Burgess. Bili.y BuiUiESS, W ' lLLIS Burnette, Janet, CJloria Butler. Thomas Campreli., Bill Cashat, Steve Chandler, Jean Cheeley, Wilson Childress, Linwood Clark. Judy Clarke, Lou Co(;le, Carol Cole, Anne Coleman, Katherine Collins, Elaine Collins, Pat Comer, Georgia C osTLEY, Cameron Cotton, Lucia Crowi er, Sarah Curry, Laurel Curtice, Bucky Curtis, Barry IVAlton, Jimmy Davis, Patsy Dickerson, Donald Douthat, Bobby Dunnavant, Nancy Dyer, Margaret Eanes, Cei.este Edwards, Margaret Eley, Caroi.yn Eley, Richard Ellis, Heath Emory, Sandra Eubank, Jimmy Feil, Peter Finch, Bill Ford, Bonnie Forman, Lynn Fuller, Gene Georgel, Newton Gill, Herbert Gettings, Peggy Goff, Wilmer Gordon, Ronnie Grossmann, Sam Grajewski, Eddie Hall, Eddie Halloway, Earle Halloway, Peggy ' Harris, Bobby Harrison, Dianne Harwell, Doris forty-seven Haupt, Norma Hawks, Brenda Hawkins, Earl Hicks, Wanda Hill, DenxNls Hixon, Cris Hocgood, Barry Hogwood, Geraldine Holley, Jimmy Hoi.loway, Amanda Holloway, Nancy Ho erton, Kenneth Howerton, Patsy Hudgins, Kenneth Hughes, Louise Humphries, Carol Jamison, Sandra Jenkins, Jerry Jenkins, Nancy Jordan, Tommy Joyner, Charles Kai ko, Donna Kail, Jim Keeler, Anne Kennedy, Vonda Kidd, Marvin Kidd, Tommy Kirkland. Benny Kitchen, Brenda Kvasnicka, Barbara Lee, Tommy Leigh, Linda Lundie, Jean Lundie, Leroy LuxNsford, Patty Lunsford, Cene Lynn, Jean Mancjum, Mann, Richard Mann, Susie Manson, Dick Marek, Carolyn forty-eight Marek, Nancy Mahoney, Greg Marshall, Phyllis Matthews, Berkeley Maxcey, Linda Mayton, Janet McCann, Herbert Mercer, Linda Metcale, Bucky Mimms, Frank Moore, Allan Moore, Bobby Moore, Daryll Morton, Elwood Murphy, Carter Murphy, Jan Musgrove, Thomas Nichols, Kenny O’Berry, Carolyn Pannei.l, Jimmy Parcells, Billy Pastore, Fletcher Pegram, Tancy Perkinson, Joe Petzoit), Earl Phyllips, Gwynne Powell, Jimmy Powers, Jimmy Pritchett, Faye Pritchett, Sylvia Pugh, Gerald Pugh, Bobby P uLLY, Elaine Quin, Hillrie Baeger, Melvin Ramsey. Herbert Repak, Billy’ Richardson, Brenda Robertson, Van Roper, Sally Rott, Stanley- Rowe, Pagie forty-nine Ruffin, Becky Rust, Ronnie S ciiARK, Ronnie Seymour, Dorothy Sheridan, Marcella Siegel, I ou Skelton, Ronnie Skelton, Rosa Skipper, Barrara Skoland, Lorna Slate, Shirley Slauuhter, Dianne Slaughter, Linda Slayden, Wayne Smith, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Smith, Patsy Smoot, I ee Snead. Jimmy Spain, James Spain, Virginia Spencer. Billy Spero, Stuart Sprayberry, Janice Springfield, Ronnie Stangeland. Kathy Starr, Marii.yn Steinberg, Shelia Stevens, Jeannette Sthreshley, Sam Syme, Nancy Tatem, Meredith Thayer. Lesi-ie Thompson, Dorothy ' Pitmus, Claire Titus, Ann Toler, Faye Traylor, David Trayi.or, Susan Tudor, Mary Jo Tuc:ker, Dei, ores Trust, Ivan fifi ' j Unger, Bette Vaiden, Ruth Vaughan, Brenda Vinson, Johann Waller, Martha Warren, Jerry Wells, Cindy Wells, Donald Whitaker, Carol White, Barbara Whitehurst, Jane Whorley, Grace WiLKERSON, Gayle Williams, Brenda Williams, Diane Williams, Glorias A. Williams, Mickey Williams, Kandy Winfield, Ann Wingerter, Peter Wright, Kathy Zeiginfuss, Margaret Wright, Mike Not Pictured: Anthony, Donna Blick, Dennis Creasy, Marie Edgerton, Wayne Ficolore, Vincent Fisher, Jerry Garris, Braxton Gibson, John Hargrave, Sharon James, Bill Johnson, Billie Kelly, Jerry Kincaid, Jerry Knowles, Malcolm Lele, Kenneth Meadows, Calvin Nugent, Roger Paige, Donna Wells, Jerry fifty-one HITCHHIKERS FRESHMEN Akins, Vernon Aleen, Gertrude Anderson, Donaed Andrews, Louis Andrews, Margaret Anthony, Donna Archer, Annette Archer, Grace Archer, Wayne Arpe, Asheey, Mary Ayers, Charees Barakey, Basheer Barksdaee, Peggy Bass, Wayne Baxter, Bii.ey Bei.cher, Diane Beecher, Shireey Bei,e, Bieey Best, Wayne Bjorklund, Mary Ann Blair, Alex Blank, William Blankenship, Annette Bohhit, Delores Bragg, Susan Branzelle, William Briggs, Barry Britton, Ann Browder, George Browning, Freeman Burleson, Linda Butcher, Kuby Butler, Herbert Carroll, Lois ClIENAUI.T, ’lRGINIA CiM burke, Mary C i.ARK, Mary Ann Clements, Carolyn Clements, Robert C oGHiLL, John C oTHRON, Jean fifty-two Crichton, Jeanie Crowder. Becky Crowder, James Curtis, Lisa Cuthhert, Margaret Dai ion, Kay Daniel, Wilma Davis, Helen Dilday, Tommy Dillard, James Downing, Philip Drake, Donald Duke, Billy Eanes, Bohby Eanes, Gary Elder, Billy Elder, John Espelund, Dale Farrer, Mark Ferguson, Molly Lou Fink, Louise Fiohentino, LeAnne Ford, Rohert Ford, Warren Foster, Faye Francioni, John Garvin, Tommy Gay, Peggy Gee, Mike Gee, Wayne Gill, Johnny ' Gorgel, Mary ' Grammer, Connie Griffin, Bill Griswold, Susan Guill, Jane Gunn, Tommy’ Hargrave, Jimmy Hartman, Richard Hawks, Beverly’ Haynes, Roger Heath, Donna fifty-three Hicks, IIomilk Hobbs, John Hoi)(;es, Wade Holt. Kay Hobne, Marvin Houciiens. Toni How LETT, Jimmy Huciies, David Hu:;hes. Mac Jac.kson, Edward Jac;kson, Gl{)ria James, Byron Jarvis, Ollie Jeeeerson, Louise Johnson. Hettie Johnson. Carl Johnson, Eddie Jones, Bo Jones, Jones, Millie JOVARIS, 1L)BERTA Joyner, Keith Keeter, Ka ' IHLEEN Keeton, Carolyn Klemish, Terry Knoble, Josie, Erank Kyle, Janie Lake, Roland Lamm, Jackie Long, James Love, Shirley McF wen, John McCeever, Tommy McXeil. Jerry Maddra, Annette Maitland, John Mallory. Rena Mann, Ann Marsh, Herbert Mktiaels, I Ierhert Min e I R ! •: e . N a n c y fifty four Moore, Donna Moore, Randy Morriss, J. T. Myers, Bennie Nobees, Mary Lou Nugent, Roberta Nunnaeey, Rose Orton, Howard Parker, Robert Parrish, Lin Parrish. Rose Partin, Danny Pearce, Cooper Penley, Howard Perkinson, Jewele Pilout, Becky Pond, George Poole, Michael Poole, Rosemary Powell, Nancy Price, Ari.ene Prizer, Biel P uLLY, Diane P uEEY, Norman Rainey, Daryl Rappaport, Linda Redmond, Wayne Roberts, Arthur Robertson, Howard Robinson, Danny Rogers, Caroline Romaine, Patsy Royall, Carole Rudy, Rosemary Ruffner, Rene Russell, Pat Saunders, Carolyn Saval, Susan Scarborough, Boze Seay, Jimmy See, Frances Shelton, John fifty-five Shelton, William Sheriff, Peter Shields. Jim Slate, Eleanor Smith, Carol Smith, Carolyn Smith. Craig Smith, Linda Smith, Pat Staples, Gladys Sprouse, Bessie Spencer. Jerry, Bonnie Stone, Sue Stoneman, Allison Talbott, Claudia Swann, Sidney Storey. Carolyn Talley, Chip Taylor, Richard Taylor. Tony Tipton, Kay Thomson, Tommy Thomson, Bonnie Townsend. Aubrey Traylor, Douglas Tuc ker, Earl Uzzel, John Turner, Bill Tucker, Larry Vauchian. Becky Vauchian, Robert Wade, Mary Evei.yn Wall, Doris W ALK, Paul W ade, Ray W’ AI.L, FA ' ERETT W LLS, Ida Walker, Marie Watkins, Barbara W are. Nancy W ALKER, Sammy fifty-six Watkins, Jerry Welch, Leroy Wellons, Gwen Wells, Barry Wells, Billy Wells, Jean Wells, Michael Wharton, Sydney Whitt, Nancy Wicks, Gene Williams, Leo W ii,iAAMS, Veronica Winfield, Joyce Winnie, Dennis W ooDFiN, Boland Worley, Diane Worley, James Worley, Janet Wright, Betty Ann Wright, Cleve Wyatt, Paul Wynn, Ronnie Zatcoff, Cheryl CLASS OFFICERS President - - Mark Farber Vice-President Robert Vaughan Committee Memljers Cleve Wright, Rosemar ’ Rudy Not Pictured: Bagget, Lala Bailey, James Beale, Guy Blick, Gerald Butler, Terry Carr, Thomas Dewell, David Dickerson, Harriett Fisher, William Fletcher, George Holcomb, Ella Johnson, Robert Jones, Bobby Kinker, Lonnie Lester, Delores Lloyd, Harold Lockett, Happy McQueen, Peggy Mayes, Joyce Rayhorn, Brenda Seay, Carroll Sthreshley, Jimmy Wawner, Tommy Williams, Alfred Vestall, Tyrone fifty -seven Jerry Ellis, SCA President; Mr. Etlwin M. Betts, Jr., Advisor; Kenneth Pritchett, ' ice-President, SCA. Construction Projects In preparation for cnr journey through life, a spirit of cooperation and an nnder- standmg of onr fellov ' travelers’ problems are necessary factors in well adjusted living. The e.xtra-cnrricnlar activities of Peter.shnrg High ;5chool have been expanded in re- cent years. At present there are group organizations with a broad range ot interests. 1 he work or all gioups functions through the Student Cooperati e Association. Peters- burg High School feels justly proud of its activities program. 0 A,ssembi.ies, Concerts, and Pl.vys 1. Brainy Da ' id Cainmon witli Latin trophy. 2. Charles Parker sings to Linda Edwards in Glee Club Concert. ■ ' 1. Bantl initiates first place winner. 4. Lee Fleshood, Key Club Sweetheart, Gloria Greenbean. .5. Leads in the “Glass Menagerie”— Frank Powers and Joy Arrington. 6. Bouncer Bonnie Scharr hustles disturbers Bill Davis and David Meade. 7. Curta ' n call “Pell. Book, and Candle”— Jerry Kvasnicka, Susan Griswold, Frank Powers, Susie Mann, Grover Kilpatrick. S. The trilling ensemble in spring Glee Club Concert. 9. Reading Clinic ushers— Doug Bowman, Charles Parker, George Perkins, Kenny Pritchett, Edward Price, Lee Fleshood, Johann Vinson. 10. Dur press reporter, Bobby Rob- erson. 11. Marcia Piocise and Frances Perkins initiating Donakl Anderson. 12. Mixed epiartet Christmas Concert— Katharine Scott Jones, Sally Roper, Charles Parker, and Bobby Roberson. 13. Johann Vinson receives Freshm in Con- test Banner from Mr. Betts. 14. Mr. Stronach takes bow at Spring Band Concert. 15. Jo Arn Overby poses as Souther.! Belle oi Iritiat ' on Day. 16. Frank Powers in a meditating mood in “Glass Menagerie’. 17. Pxewacket in Susan Griswold’s lap in “Bell, Book, and Candle”. IS. Newspaper reporter, Bobby Robeison, observes men on tbe street, Charles Parker and Kenny Pritchett. 19. Ushers Jerry Ellis, Johnny Emory, and Jerry Rudy taking a break. 20. Bobby Roberson pantoininir.g “It’s in the Book”. 21. Boys’ quartet in spring Glee Club Concert— Billy Carter, Jerry Kvasnicka, Charles Parker, and Berry. 22. Frank Powers and Susan Griswold as Shep Henderson and Gillian Holrovd. 23. Girls ' Ersem .le Christmas Concert. 24. Jerry Ellis presents Mr. Gill, principal, varsity jacket. 2.5. W ' itcfi Susie Mann and W rlock Grover Kilpatrick. 26. Girls’ Se.xtet— Leta Hawkins, Linda Giles, Greg Maror.ey, Betsy ' aden, Martha Nolde. 27. Glee Glub Christmas Concert curtain call. 28. Attractive set of “Bell, Book, aixl Candle”. 29. Episode in- volving Key Clulrers, Pete Fearnicy, Bobby Roberson, David Meade, Sam Johnson, Ronnie Scharr, and Benny Kirkland. 30. Musical accompaniment by several band members for the Glee Club Coneert. 31. Mr. Russell Gill, principal, presents Roberta Rollison DAR award. 32. Shelia Steinburg and Johann Vinson helping with the reading workshop. 33. Academy Award songs sung hy Glee Club in spring concert. 34. Joy Arrington and Frank Powers as Julia Haydon and Tom M’ing- Ifeld in the “Glass Menagerie”. 35. Jerry Kvasnicka and Susan Griswold in “Bell, Book, and Candle”. 36. Van Robert- son as monkey in Key Club assembly. 37. Another scene from “Bell, Book, and Candle ”, with Susie Mann and Susan Griswold. 38. Ginny Gib Lewis leads the Glee Club in one of their songs. fiftij nine T H K Missile Staff Editorial - Photographic First Row: Mr. Raines, R. Will, K. Jordan, B. Shannon, M. Roinainc, R. Tipton, M. S. Rootli, j. ()verl)y. Cl. W ' infield. M. Noldc. Second Roiv: C. Root, B. Bowery, J. Clark, S. Gordon, S. W’ildcr. Third Row: Miss Evans, T. Gainey, S. Harris, B. Ayscue, X. Matthews, D. Ruckett, F. Powers. Fourth Row: C. Moore, B. P ' ord, P. Rntiin, B. Taylor, L. Hawkins, J. Metcalt, E. Kevan. Fifth Row: B. Ford, M. MeEwen, N. l)a i.s, J. Javoris, R. Myers, NT A. Peebles, ’. Poytliress. Sixth Row: C. Andrews, G. Maddra, S. Rollison. Seventh Rote: R. Rol)ertson, k G. Lewis, J. F’owler, L. N’auglian, J. Gi‘rr ' , P " . Snider. Eighth Row: R. V ' aden, G. Ruftner, J. Powell, M. Jner, j. Miehael, E. Poole, J. Lynn. Officehs; Editor-in-Chiel Bonnie Tipton Aeti ities Editor Associate Editor Martha Roinaine Stall Photographer . Photographic Editor Garol WinKeld Gandid Shot Editor Photographic Advisor Mr. Benjamin Baines lAicidty Editor Senior Section Editors. Sue Gordon, Kenny Jordan W ' ho’s Who Editor . Senior Section Advisor Mrs. Lncretia Litchlield Advisor Mary Stewart Booth Russell M ill Martha Nolde .. Beverley Shannon Jo Ann Overby Miss P ' rancc ' s E ans sixty The Missile Staff Sports, Circulation, Business, Typists First Row: Col. Lloyd, M. Cameron, F. Jones, J. Tucker, B. Crichton, Mrs. Brooks. Second Rote: F. Perkins, D. Lewis, j. Clark, S. Baber, M. Jones, J. Tyner, M. Pittman, J. Tomlin. Third Row: S. Harris, K. Bowden, N. Brantley, A. Hoflmann, C. Slaughter, L. Proffitt, J. Chandler. Fourth Row: iM. Anderson, R. Hannah, M. Williams, M. Precise, M. Caudle, N. Atkinson. Fifth Row: S. Wright, H. Fischer, D. Atkinson, W ' . Gray, L. Rosenstock, E. Wyatt, B. Ir ine, L. ' hitehead. Sixth Row: B. Rob- erson, E. Graves, S. Johnson, M. Hellmann, B. Jones, B. Dorsk, S. Mann, C. Parker, Mr. Churn. Officers : Sports Editor Billy Crichton Advertising Editor . Circulation Manager Page Jones Advertising Advisor Head Typist Joyce Tucker Typist Advisor Circulation Advisor Mr. Addinell Lloyd Mike Cameron Mr. Robert Churn Mrs. flelen Brooks “Click-click”. That little noise is heard everywhere around school as one of the photographers for the Missile takes pictures of the various types of acti ities. After the pictures have been taken, staff members go to work so that we can receive our Missiles in the spring. Preparing the Missile is often difficult, but the people who do the different jobs strive conscientiouslv and endeavor to make each year’s Missile better than that of the previous year. sixty-one Student Co-Operaitve Association ( Spring ) First Roic: Mr. Betts, T. Houcliins, S. lloper, P. Hale, A. Atkinson, C. Seay, J. Ellis. Second Row. R. Rollison, C. Cogle, C. Grammar, C. Koyclale, M. King, J. Lockett, G. Hogwood, S. Beck. Third Row. D. Gammon, B. Kirkland, V. Robert- son, J. Andrews, R. Poole, R. X ' anghan, B. Myers, S. Johnson. Fourth Row. B. Jones, G. Perkins, B. Berry, B. Roberson, S. Glarke, W. Kitchen, W. Anderson, J. Elder. Ofticehs: President Jerr.v Ellis ' ice-President Kenny Pritchett Secretary Bobby Roberson The S. C. A. may lie called the capital of P. II. S., jicst as W ' ash- iiigton, D. C., is the cajiital of the Phiited States; for the Student Clo-Operative Association forms the core of P. II. S. Through the S. C. A., many problems are solved, not only those of the home- rooms, but also those of the school as a whole. A representative and an alternate are chosen from each homeroom to represent that homeroom in the meetings, so that every student has a x oice in the S. C. A. Delegates from P. H. S. are always at S. C. A. conven- tions, and onr Student-Council rates very high in the state. The S. C. A. sells programs at our games; this year, an additional project was the selling of decals for the cars. Student Co-Operative Association (Fall) Left to right (secited): G. Ro al, G. Wright, B. A scue, Mr. Betts, J. Ellis. K. Pritchett, J. Maddra, B. Grillin, G. Eanes, J. N ' inson. Scc- ond Row. G. Sea ’, T. Gainc ' , J. (bossmann, G. Talbott, E. Slate, . Robertson, B. Kirkland, R. Rolli- son, G. Gogle, S. Bohannan, P. Rnl- lin. Third Row. M . Best, ID. Gam- mon, M. . nderson, B. ' aughn, W. J. Kitchen, S. Johnson, T. Seigel, G. Perkins, L. Hill, R. ' est, G. Pearce, S. Beck, D. Bowman, W. Redmond. Ad isor — Mr. Betts sixty-two Weekly News II S: . , ll V . ■ ■ i 1 B yU’i yri j Left to Right: B. Bowen’, T. Gainey, J. Metcalf, Mr. Pinkney Powers (Advisor), C, Roof, R. Rollison. The newspaper article is finally finished and so is the senior who has written it! He has worked hard, but his reward will come when he sees his “masterpiece” in the Sunday newspaper. He will then sit, reading it over and over, noticing how wonderful each sentence sounds. The V eekly News tells about the activities car- ried on at P.H.S. during the week, giving the students’ opinions of these activities, clubs, sports and assemblies. These seniors do a good job and deserve a lot of credit. Shhh— don’t disturb! The “secretaries” of P.H.S. are in a con- ference now, and to disturb them could cause the “boss” to become very angry! These “secretaries” are girls who are members of the Commercial Club, an organization composed of the girls who are interested in secretarial work. They are distinguished by their sweaters with the club’s emblem, which they wear on the days that the club meets. Commercial Club First Row: M. Blick, J. Cliancller, ]. Lundie, L. Adams, P. Collins. Second Row: M. Zieginfuss, M. Pro- cise. F. Perkins, S. Baber, K. Red- mond, D. Kafka, Miss Inge. Officers : President Jean Lundie Vdce-President Linda Adams Sponsor Miss Inge sixty -three Library Staff Firsi Roic: M. ’ells, A. Branzelle, M. Edwards, A. ' aughan, J. Mim- ford, J. Chandler, S. George. Sec- ond Row. S. Wilder, L. Elder. M. Procise, Beasle ' , B. Copeland, R. Hannah. Third Row: M. J. Tudor, B. Show, E. Gammon, M. Ziegentuss, C. Wells, A. Cole, J. Archer, C. Slaughter. Mrs. Spencer. Fourth Row: J. Hogwood, K. Cole- man, B. Williams, S. Randall. Fifth Row: L. Burleson, E. Smith, B. . Iarek, M. Tatem, K. Dalton, P. Romaine, M. Blick. im mmn People are eterywhere taking out and looking at books or in the reference room! How will the hbrar ' e er sur i ' e this home- room period ' : ' Don’t woita ' , though, the efficient librart- staff has everything under control, from the stamping of passes to the check- ing out of the books. These members work in the libran ' in the morning, during homeroom period, and during study halls to help the students find books and references, thus eliminating waste of time. The machine buzzes, grumbles a bit, and then a mo ie of Thomas Jefferson, Mount Wsuvius, or anything else our teachers have been able to find, comes on. More fhan likely, the Projection Crew has played an important part in our being able to see this mo ie. The members of the Projection Crew ha e such duties as fixing a broken machine and taking mo ie projectors to the rooms all o er the school. These boys do a great job with xery little thanks. ¥ Mlt Projfctiox Crew Fir. ' it Row: J. Reid, J. Hawks, B. Formaini, L. Jefferson, S. Browder, J. Erancoini, A. Peterson. Second Row: Mrs. Dodge, J. Crossmann, J. Elder, H. Marsh, R. Taylor, K. Joxner, L. Moore, A. Browder, S. Spero. Third Row: H. Fisher, K. Kirkland, D. Drake, M. Horn, J. Britton, F. Browning, K. Xiehols, M. Cameron. Fourth Row: C. Par- ker, R. Robertson, D. Hill, D. Mil- ler, B. J ames, Price. C. Moore, S. Swann, J. Bristow, B. Parcells. F h i Row: B. Matthews, X. Pul- ley, B. Brinkley, B. Curtis, R. M il- liams. Dfficeus: President Jack Britton .• d isor Mrs. Rhea Dodge si.xty-four I m F. II. A. First Row: C. Butler, S. ' aughan. M. Edwards. Second Row. A. Brewer, D. Seymour, A. Cole, A. Beasley, J. Whitehurst, A. Price, J. iVIountlord. Third Row: Miss Patricia Harrell, L. Leigh, L. Bag- gett, R. Butcher, W. Ashley, N. Ware. Officeus; President - Peggy Hamlet Vice-President Carolyn Butler Treasurer Margaret Edwards Secretary Sandra Vaughan Advisor Miss Patricia Harrell “Towards New Horizons” is tlie motto of one of P. H. S.’s most wortltwhile girls’ clubs. This club is the Future Homemakers of America, a club to which any girl who has taken home economics may belong. The girls work together to promote better personal, family and community living. The F. H. A. is a national organiza- tion with many purposes including emphasis on home and family life. The girls take an active part in local, state, and national proj- ects, and this year they worked hard ' n the F. H. A. Rally, Did you see the greasy face, beaming with pride, from under the old car that has just been rebuilt? That face, most likely, be- longs to a member of the Auto Mechanics Club. This club is made np of hoys who have either passed an e.xam for entering the club or are taking an Auto Mechanics class. The members read v arious magazines about cars and discuss their findings with the other club members. The members learn to take a motor apart and to put it back together, a feat which would be quite difficult, if not impossi- ble for most of us. The Auto Mechanics Chib makes it jmssible for the boys to become better acquainted with their cars and really to know what makes them run! Auto Mechanics Club First Row: H. Alpeiin, C. And- rews, B. James, R. Eley, Mr. Gen- try. Second Row: J. Uzzle, H. Barnes, B. Brinkley, J. Archer. Third Row: E. Morton, M. Knowles. Officers : President Bill James Vice-President Richard Eley Secretary Charles Andrews Treasurer and Sports Director Hank Alperin sixty-five Altos and Basses First Rote: K. S. Jones, L. ' aughan, C. Royall, C. Clements, B. Boisseau, M. ’ells, C. Roof, M. Jones, L. Clarke, C. Winfield, B. Taylor. Second Row: R. Vest, W. Gray, C. Harrell. B. Patram, S. Rollison, K. Bowden, G. Lewis, J. Stevens, G. Carsley, S. Wilder, D. Kafka, L. Thayer, H. Fisher, J. Kvas- nicka. Third Row: S. Johnson, K. Nichols, J. Gibson, B. Roberson, D. Carson, C. Parker, B. Collins, B. Ma es, E. W ’att, B. Berry. Glee Club Behold the song birds of P. H. S.! These “twitterers” make up the Glee Club which is a club composed of people interested in learning and singing music. Each year, the Glee Club presents two concerts; one at Christmas and one in the spring. The mem- bers work hard before each concert, practicing often, so that they can produce sounds pleasing to their audience. Often the Glee Clnb is asked to perform for smaller groups, such as their program at Fort Lee this year. SopR. xos AND Tenors First Row: M. Nolde. L. Ilav.kins, J. Whitehurst, B. ’adcn. K. Cole, L. Bain, L. Jefferson, L. Giles, L. Whitehead, S. Gunderson. N. Pearson. S. Gordon. Second Row: G. Martin, B. Gunn, B. Bowery, l. S. Booth, A. Hoffman. L. Edwards, Peele, S. Spatig, J. Gerry, J. Green, S. Roper, L. Elder, B. Saunders. Third Row: D. Atkinson, B. Carter, E. Graves, B. Jones ' , D. Hagner, M. Gameron, R. Taylor. Girls’ Ensemble, Sextette, and Boys’ Quartet The “baby birds” of P. H. S. are known to all as the Girls’ Ensemble and Sextet and the Boys’ Quariet. The members of these smaller groups are also members of the Glee Glub and play an important part in the con- certs, as they add “spice” and variety. They often sing at luncheons and meetings out- side of school. Row: C. Root, B. Patram, M. S. Booth, L. Bain, A. J. Peele, L. Vaughan. Second Row: C. Winfield, K. Jones, V. Lewis, M. Wells, L. Ed- wards, C. Martin; L. Jefferson, Accompanist. First Row: K. Jones Accompanist M. Jones Section Leader J. Whitehurst Section Leader L. Whitehead Section Leader Miss Tucker Director Not Present: P. Ruffin Secretary L. Edwards Accompanist Second Row: C. Martin Librarian and Section Leader S. Wilder Treasurer and Scrapbook G. Lewis President B. Wyatt Newspaper and Section Leader B. Carter Section Leader B. Patram Section Leader B. Gunn Librarian L. Jefferson Accompanist 1 First Row: B. Avenl, S. Harris, J. Clarke, M. Peebles, B. Boberson, B. Cill, C. Parker, T. Woold- ridge. B. AsNciie, C. Biley, E. Poole, S. Spain. Second Row: S. ' ilder, B. ' aden, T. Gainey, T. Mann, B. W ' ill, C. foy ' ief. A. Peele, S. Ma.xcy, G. Maroney. .M. Nobles, S. Gunderson, i . W’hitt, Mrs. Mar ' Hol- loway (Advisor). Third Row: PA . ' nidcr, K. Myers, B. Ford, P. Buffin, J. N’inson, B. Bavliorn, D. Scar- brough, J. Overby, G. Bandall, B. Unger. C. Storey. Fourth Row: II. Steger, B. Taylci, B. Tipton, B. W ' yatt, A. Hoflman, J. Chandler, B. Jones, M. Hillman, J. Elder. Fifth Row: A. Saunders, ’. Fulp, S. Moore, S. ProHit, C. Slaughter, J. Tomlin, H. Marsh. Sixth Row: C. Harrell, W. Saval, J. Stephens, J. .Munlord, A. knighan, F. Perkins, B. Poole, S. Leigh. Seventh Row: J. P’ovvler, J. Kail, C. Buttner, D. Carson, J. Berrv’. Eighth Row: S. ’harton, M. Bjorkland, D. Bt)bbitt, S. Griswald. Ninth Row: J. Jenkins, H. Ellis, S, Jamison, H. Juer, A. Counts, , I. P ' uller, S. Moyer. I’liK “Re ' jf.vv” Staff “E.xtra!” E.xtra! Read all about it!” The Rcvieics we’ve had this year have been the best yet! The Review, our school paper, is made jiossible through the hard work of many staff members. There are editors, rejrorters, and tyj)ists, with each one playing an im- j)ortant part in produeiug our j:)aper. The Review contains news and items of interest to students of P.II.S. LiTEH.VHV Sl ' AFF isditor-in-Chicl Charles Parker Managing Editor Bussell Gill Page Editors Mary Ann Peebles Bonnie Avent Bobby Boberson, Sandra Harris Feature Editor Jndy Clark Exchange Editor Barbara . syeue Artist Tommy Mann Pliotographer Bussell t ' ill Business Staff Business Manager ... Business Assistant . dvertising Manager Advertising Manager (areulation Manager Carol) n Bilev Sallic Spain Tmnmv- W ' oolridgt Tommv ' Lee Eleanor Pooie sixt { -eight Key Club Left circle clockwise: E. Price, J. Grossmann, D. Gammon, Mr. Chum, C. Parker, B. Roberson, P. Eowles. Center: Jenny Madeira. Back Line: P. Femley, J. Ellis, W. J. Kitchen, G. Perkins, j. Rudy, F. Powers, D. Carson, L. Fleshood, S. Johnson, K. Pritchett, B. Kirk- land, D. Meade, D. Bowman. Third Row: R. Gill, B. Davis, R. Vest. Second Row: W. Anderson, L. Ros- enstock, B. Spencer. First Row: R. Scliarr, J. Powell, V. Roberson. Officehs : President Jimmy Grossmann Vice-President Edward Price Secretary Bobby Roberson Treasurer Cli aides Parker Chaplain David Gammon Advisor Mr. Robert Churn I wonder how many locks the “key” in Key Clnli would un- lock . . . Id ' obably not many metal ones, but surely one of the most significant in the world; the one in which friendship is the most im- portant thing. The Key Club’s motto, “We Build , tells in only two words the purpose of this club. The members strive to promote not only friendship, but also sportsmanship and honesty. To be- come a member of the Key Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, yon must be not only voted in by the club members, but also approved by a faculty committee. A Key Club member must have good grades and be a person who will uphold the Key Club’s good standards and show qualities of leadership. This year the Key Club sponsored buses to the basketball games in addition to other projects. “Go around the pole” is an e.xpression you’ve probably heard if you’ve tried to sneak by without going around it. The Monitors Club is composed of about twenty-five selected students who as- sist in preser ing orderly procedure throughout P. PI. S. They do a good job of keeping the halls in order and the stairs from confusion. The members work in the cafeteria with the students to keep order and keep the cafeteria clean. The Monitors also assist Miss Rey- nolds in giving vocational guidance and achievement tests. The .Monitors are distinguished by crimson and gold arm-bands which have been brought into use this year. Monitors Club Left to Right: J. Clark, E. Price, B. Ford, R. Berry, M. Romaine, J. Reid, E. Poole, F’. Powers, S. John- son, V. Lewis, J. Overby, S. Wil- der, D. Puckett, M. Mountford, C. Moore, S. Gunderson, L. Vaughan, J. Gerry, A. Hoftnran, L. Rosen- stock, W. J. Kitchen, S. Gordon, T. Gainey, F. Pritchett, J. Blankenship, G. Kilpatrick, B. Saunders, R. Gill, M. Nolde. Officers: President Charles Moore Advisor Mr. Bob Floward sixty-nine Varsity Club First Row: P. Bowles. Second Row: Mrs. Barney, W. Beville, W. Anderson, Mr. Gill. Third Roiv: B. Dayvanlt, L. Flesliood, B. Berry, J. Ellis. Fourth Row: B. Burton, K. Pritchett, G. Perkins, W. J. Kitchen. Fifth Row: PI. Ford, B. Collins, P. Fernley, B. Smelley. Sixth Row: J. Nowlin, B. Roberson, E. Price, G. Finney. Seventh Row: D. Meade, C. Tisdale, F. Edmonds, J. Sand- lord. Eighth Row: M. Rose, J. Rndy, T. Kidd, C. Parker. NintI) Row: R. Ilarrup, D. Bowman, B. Kirkland, J. Emory. Tenth Row: E. Hawkins, B. Davis, B. Mayes. Eleventh Roiv: R. Scharr, W. Hatch, J. Smith. Officers: President Paid Bowles Vice-President Wayne Be ille Secretary Wayne Anderson Treasurer Bob Berry Chaplain Kenny Pritchett Sponsors Mr. Gill Nlrs. Barney It’s a touchdown! No, a basket! No it’s not, — it’s a homernn! Oh well, it really doesn t matter which one was just accomplished because, if yon are a boy lettering in any of the major varsity sports, yon are probably a member of the Varsity Club. The members of this clnb have crimson jackets to identify themselves from other chibs. The Varsity Chib’s main project is participating in the school acti ities. This year the members presented a night program which was enjoyed by all who attended it. When all the bright colored “pinnies” are on hand the girls are in the field or on the court ready to play, the game begins. All of the girls from P. H. S. participating in a major sport may be in the Girls Monogram Clnb. This clnb was organized for the jmr- pose of promoting better sportsmanship thronghont the school and for arousing more interest in girls’ sports. This is a fairly new or- ganization, but every girl who is a member does her part to make this a stronger clnb. Monogram Club First Row: G. Kafka, S. Moore, F. Perkins, K. Redmond, J. Chand- ler, B. Cody, S. Slate. Second Roic: Miss X’anLandingham, S. .Matthews, D. Slaughter, G. Whorley, D. Whit- more, S. Baber. Officers: President Kay Redmond Secretary Brenda Cody Treasurer S K ' ia Baber . ' Vdvisor Miss WuiLandingham seven! 1 f W iWf II 11 If Dramatics Club Officers ; President Jerry Kvasnicka Vice-President Grover Kilpatrick Secretary Susan Wilder Treasurer Jessie Fowler Sponsor Mr. Edwin Betts, Jr. t- f V - ,, The lights go out; the audience becomes quiet, and a play spon- sored by the Dramatics Club is about to begin. There are only a few people on the stage, but if we were to go back stage, we would see many more. The Dra- matics Club is made up of people interested in acting and learning about the sets, backstage work props, costuming, make-up and|, lighting. Each year the Dramatics Club sponsors two plays which are enjoyed by all who attend. Sitting: S. Saval, A. Winfield, M. Starr, S. Griswold, S. Por- ter, M. Paxton, S. Slate, J. Lundie, S. Smith, D. Bobliit, L. Maxie, T. Taylor, J. Whitehurst. Kneeling: L. Rappaport, B. Maroney, R. Rayhorne, P. Hall, D. Katka, L. Addanis, S. Zatcofl, B. Vaughan, B. Irvine, R. Poole, L. Mercer, S. Mann. Third Row: S. Steinhurg, G. Eley, T. Pegras, B. Ruggin, E. Pooie, J. Gerry, K. Holt, P’. Saw- ers, G. Rufiner, J. Fowler. S. Wilder, J. Kvasnicka, B. Kilpatrick, R. Rufiner, B. Barkley, L. Smitli, J. Overby, S. Moore, B. Bowery, B. Jovaris, .Mr. Betts. Gast of Glass Menagerie The Mother Her Son Her Daughter The Gentleman Galler Arlene Wice ... Frank Powers ... Joy Arrington Hampden Smith Gillian Holroy d Shepherd Henderson Cast of Bell, Book, and Candi.e Susan Griswold Miss Holroyd Susie Mann . Frank Powers Nicky Holroyd Grove Kilpatrick Sidney Redlitch Jerry Kvasnicka l Sl ' ]T—f ;);)£ ■ ri lil. left to riglit: Majorottes B. Hawks, E. Lewis, C. Be ille, B. Bass. L. Ma t ' ' , B. Szaraina. (k B;uKla!l. I XSET— left, lelt to riglit: l rank Bowers, Drum .Major; Deanie Andrews. Head Majorette. Ll ' ’l‘”r SIDE— jue c lion: W. Bittman, .M. Beasely, T. i ' .-.t. 1 " . Bastore, B. Jones, J. Holi’os, .A. Hollowa ’, . . Ba ne, E. Ilollaiid. d ' . Ellis. B. Manson. B. C’.arriss. ). d’liigpen. Fouitli lioic: J. L nn. ’. Spain. E. Leigh. L. k ' ink. C. 0 ' Berr . D. Moore, Win. Burgess, ’ni. Caoweier, M. I ' dirher, W. Bedmond, K. King. Third Row: B. X ' anghn. S. Britehett, B. N ' aiden, B, Unger, K. Bedmond, D. Whitmore, L. Hughes. Second Row: M. Pr ecise, J. Metcalf, B. Mxers, . tkin- son, P. Clements, S. Daniels, L. Jetterson, J. Holly. First Row: J. Mimford, N. Syme, M. Ciithbert. RIGHT SIDE— Fourth Row: R. Stronach, F. Powers, T. Longstreet, J. Powers, B. Pugh, C. Joyner, B. Vaughn, P. Lake, B. Baxter, T. Gaiwin, W. Burgess, J. McNeil, R. Williams, R. Wynn. Third Row: T. Williams, R. Sherman, H. Marsh, H. Ellis, C. Durnett, L. Childress, A. Talley, B. Hawks, B. Matthews, W. Prizer, E. Tatum. Second Row: M. Caudle, J. Michael, J. Black, J. Bailey, D. Anderson, M. Waller. First Roiv: H. Juer, D. Harwell, P. Howerton, C. Harrell, S. Stone. Mr. Ralph Stronach, Director; Walter Pittman, Student Director; “Happy” Juer, Librarian. Goober Pep First Row. 1’. Jones, A. 15aircl, S. Cordon. Second Row. D. Groome, C. Clements. Third Row. D. Puckett, S. Spatig, S. Taylor, B. Bass, B. Saunders. Fourth Row: S. Traylor, II. Jovaris, J. Overby, J. Maddra. D. Moore. Fifth Row. A. Maddra, C. Storey, K. Bowden, M. Wells, Mrs. Brooks. Si.xlh Row: B. Keeter, C. Costley, R. Hannah, N. Marek, C. Eanes, S. Rollison, L. Vkmghan, N. Davis. Officehs : President Page Jones Vice-President Ann Baird Secretar ' -Treasiirer Sue Cordon Advisor Mrs. Helen Brooks W -4 Jp|b Social Clubs You mean you don’t understand all the sweaters with the odd designs on them? These are the symbols of the three girls’ social clubs: Goober Pep, Odd Girls, and Square Circle. These clubs have arious projects which they carry on throughout the year, although they are mostly for pleasure. Last year the projects in- cluded repairing the trophy case, buying pictures to put around school, and buying a microphone. Odd Girls O Counter clockwise: R. Skelton, J. Clarke, C. Seay, E. Slate, E. Lewis, J. Harris, P. Porter, P. Szar- ama, S. Cnnderson, L. Skoland. G Cannier clockwise: G. M aroney, J. Csch, J. Mnntord, N. Matthews, R. X’aiden, B. A ' scnc, Miss 0 Mihy, S. Steinberg. Officers; Fall President Nancy Matthews Secretary Rnth kiiden Chaplain Shelia Steinberg Treasurer Barbara Ayseue Ad isor Miss Ownby Spiing President Xanc ’ Matthews Seeretarr Suzanne Gunderson Chaplain Carol Royal Treasurer Eleanor Slate Advisor Miss Ownby scventii-four Square Circle Square, clockwise: C. Root, S. VVrigtit, D. Lewis, P. Ruttin, V. Lewis, L. Edwards, R. Ford, M. Dyer, L. Clarke, B. Boisseaii, K. Wriglit, S. Bohannan, B. Kvasnicka, K. Strangeland, J. Vinson, T. Gainey, B. Ford, B. Vaden, B. Taylor, M. Spero, B. Smoot, R. Rollison, K. Jones, M. Roniaine, M. Booth. Circle, clockwise: Mrs. Prizer, S. Roper, B. Shannon, M. Nolde, J. Clark. Officers : Fall President Joy Clark Vice-President Beverley Shannon Secretary-Treasurer Sally Roper Chaplain Martha Nolde Sponsor Mrs. Prizer Spring President Katharine Scott Jones Vice-President Betty Lou Smoot Secretary-Treasurer Pat Ruffin Chaplain Kathy Wright Sponsor Mrs. Prizer French Club First Row: M. Peebles, D. Plag- ner, J. Overby, P. Jones. Second Row: F. Snider, D. Scarbrough, N. Davis, C. Riley, S. Traylor, M. Pa.x- ton, B. Avent. Third Row: S. Wright, B. Tipton, B. Ayscue, S. Gunderson, B. Patram, M. McEwen, K. Weiner, T. Gainey. Fourth Row: M. Anderson, B. Vaden, B. Taylor, B. Myers, B. Bowery, M. Wells, L. Vaughan, J. Metcalt, J. Gerry, S. Moore, D. Groome. Fifth Row: C. Ruitner, B. Ford, P. Ruffin, D. Lewis, S. Wilder, S. Rollison, PI. Jovaris, E. Poole, B. Johnson. Sixth Row: J. Fowler, D. Meade, B. Bur- ton, B. Carter, T. Mann, B. Sen- acle. Seventh Row: G. Moulton, T. Ellis, S. Johnson, E. Graves, H. Steger, R. Gill, J. Kvasnicka. Eighth Row: B. Roberson, Miss Taylor, B. Davis. Officers: President Jo Ann Overby Vice-President Dale Hagner Secretary Page Jones Treasurer Mary Ann Peebles Advisor Miss Taylor “Parlez vous francais?” If your answer is “oui”, you are prob- ably in the French Club. This club is made up of all the students who are now taking French or have taken it. The club’s purpose is to promote better understanding of the French language and its jieople and to arouse interest in the language among the student body. For the projects, the members try to add French qualities to the room and to help other clubs in buying a new trophy case. seventy-five a: « m Y-Couxcil Officers: President Jennie Maddra ice- President Bobby Roberson Seeretars- Donna Grooine Chaplain Sandra Harris First Row: Mrs. Lee Fulcher, D. Groonie, J. Maddra, S. Harris, Mrs. Mary Theiirer. Second Row: D. Puckett, P. Clements, C. Mizellc, G. Pearce, S. Itollison, L. Bain, L. Edwards, B. Ford, J. ' inson. Third Row: Mr. John Leete, R. M’ill, B. M ' yatt, R. .Atkinson, S. Johnson, B. Carter, Nir. Root. Y-Counxil On Monday nights if yon are early for yonr Hi-Y or Tri-Hi-Y meeting, looking through the glass into a room at the YMCA, yon will see a meeting going on which yon may wonder about. This is the Y-Conncil, a group composed of the officers from each Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y. The Y-Conncil meets to discuss the problems that may arise in the Y-clubs, and to keep the groups organized. This year, with the heljr of the Y-Coimcil, for the first tinre, a homecom- ing dance was held. First Row: S. Wilder, T. Gainey, D. Lewis, S. Roper. Second Row: rs. Pritchett, J. ’inson, L. Edwards, S. Harris, B. F ' ord, E. Smith. Third ow: B. Ford, C. Lewis, B. Ta lor, D. Scarbrough, B. ’aden, A. Hofiman, , K asnicka, L. Hawkins, B. Saunders, J. Clark, P. Ruttin. Fourth Row: . Tipton, B. Johnson, S. Carroll, S. Moore, M. Anderson. Penxe Titi-Hi-Y Officers: President N ' ice-President Secretar Treasurer Chaplain Sponsor - Sandra Harris Linda Edwards Bonnie Ford . Elaine Smith Johanne hnson Mrs. Pritchett sevenlij- six i i K-Warner Tri-Hi-Y Officers: President Sandra Rollison Vice-President Jennie Maddra Secretary Liliby Rain Treasurer Donna Groome Chaplain Diane Puckett Sponsor Mrs. Mary Theurer First Row. Mrs. Tlieurer, D. Groome, J. Maddra, S. Rollison, L. Bain, D. Puckett. Second Row: F. Perkins, E. Gammon, S. Spatig, S. Love, M. Ferguson, J, Ozmore, C. Costley, J. Plarris, J. Munford. R. Johnson. Third Row: K. Redmond, A. Maddra, B. Vaughan, M. McEwen, N. Davis, B. Patram, A. Vaughan. Tri-Ui-Ys The Tri-Hi-Y’s are girls’ Christian organizations primarily for the jinrpose of sjneacling Christianity throughout tlie home, school, and community in which we live. The chibs give the girls a source of becoming better acquainted with and more friendly to one an- other. The girls’ projects not only help their own clubs, but serve the community as well. First Row: Mrs. Fulcher, C. Mizelle, P. Clements, G. Pearce. Second Row: Amanda Holloway, C. O’Berry, N. Dunnavant. Criswood Tri-Hi-Y Officers : President Pat Clements Vice-President Carol Mizelle Secretary Louise Hughes Treasurer Gloria Pearce Chaplain Carolyn O’Berry Reporter Joan Traylor Sponsor Mrs. Lee Fulcher 1 i M sevcntij-seven Cockade Hi-Y Officers: President Bobby Roberson Vice-President Sam Johnson Secretary Ryland Vest Treasurer Dickie Atkinson Cliaplain Bill Burton Spomors Mr. Bob Howard Mr. Ed Linta First Row: D. Voshall, P. Fearnley, S. Johnson, R. Atkinson, L. Rosen- stock, J. Odenwelder. Second Row: S. Beck, M. Cameron, H. Steger, C. Moore, G. Perkinson, B. Davis, R. Pugh, B. Collins, ' . J. Kitchen. Third Row: E. Graves, T. Kidd, B. Mayes. Hi-Y’s Tlie Hi-Y’s are the boys’ Christian organizations. They meet on Monday nights at the Y.M.C.A. and work with the Tri-Hi-Y’s to better the community. They have worthwhile projects, done for people and groups outside their clubs. The boys know each other through the Hi-Y’s and strive to spread Christianity throughout the home, school, and community. First Row: C. Andrews, B. Crichton, B. Carter, R. Will, B. Wyatt, Mr. Leete. Second Roiv: R. Gordon, C. Ayers, 1. Musgro e, H. Barnes, K. Nichols, II. . lperin. Crated Hi-Y Officers: President Russell Will ice-President Terry Turner N ' ice-President Billy Carter Secretary Dale Hagner Treasurer Grover Kilpatrick Chaplain Binky Wyatt Sponsor Mr. John Leete scicntij-eight 1 9 5 9 CHILDREN AT PLAY ' arsity Baseball Team Front Row: Jimmy Kuska, Wayne Hatcli, Jerry Ellis, Cliris Tisdale, Ed Price, Jimmy Smith. Buck Row: Manager Richard Ilarrup, Boliby Roberson, Rill Davis, Tommy Kidd, Bob Mayes, Charles Parker, Harold Ford, Freddie Edmonds, Marion Rose, Ryland Vest, Billy Dayvault, Manager Ronnie Sharr. J. Baseball Teant Front Row: Lee Smoot, Jimmy Smith, Wilmer Goli, Van Robertson, Russell Whitaker. Second Row: Allen Moore, Billy Spencer, Bobby Doutbat, Tommy Mann, Monty Hawkins. Third Row: Coach Paul Jordan, Manager Jimmy Powell, Dennis Blick, Bennie Kirkland, Bob Senecal, Kenny King, Billy Reipak, Dee Hartman. The J. V. team under the guidance of Coach Paul Jor- dan finished their season with a 4-4 record. The pitching load was held down by Monty Haw- kins with a 4-3 record. The batting honors went to Allen Moore with .356 average. The J. j: layed their best game against W akefield by beating tliem 22 to 8. Some of the outstanding J. play- ers were: Hawkins, Moore, Tommy Mann, Billy Spencer, Lee Smoot. Scores: PUS 9 d’bomas Jeflerson :3 22 Wakefield S 0 Manchester 3 3 Hopewell 1 6 Chester 5 2 Midway 21 1 Thomas Jellerson 6 3 Hopewell 1 Dg i i Varsity Baseball The Wave varsity baseball team finished their season with 8 wins and 9 losses. The team was led in hitting by freshman Tommy Kidd at .291, with Chris Tisdale second at .279. The pitching load was held down by Chris Tisdale, 4-4, and Freddy Ed- monds, 3-2. The team, composed mostly of freshmen and sophomores, showed real promise for the future. They went into the season with only two letter- men, Tisdale and Jerry Ellis. They showed their ability by defeating Hopewell twice. Scores: PHS 8 Midway 4 0 Hemiitage 2 5 Wakefield 4 2 John Marshall 9 4 Thomas Jeflerson 3 6 Dinwiddie 2 2 Manchester 6 0 Hermitage 7 2 Thomas Dale 1 2 Hopewell 1 5 Thomas Jefferson 1 3 Prince George 11 2 Thomas Dale 3 3 Hopewell 1 2 Highland Springs 12 0 John Marshall 7 3 .Manchester 4 X ' arsity Basketball Team First lidtf : Rohc ' ison, Bill Burton, Captain David Meade, George F ' inney, Chris Tisdale. Sccottd Hate: Harold Ford, Byland Vest, Jerry Body, Charles Parker, Dean Miller. Third Row: Coach Boh Kilbourne, Freddy Edmonds, John Sandtord, Wayne Hatch. Two points for Vest Meade fights for a rebound Junior Varsity j. V.’s 84 Varina 57 j. V.’s 42 Higliland Springs 63 J. V.’s 50 St. Joseph 52 j. V.’s 54 Mancliester 23 j. V.’s 53 John Marshall 24 J. V.’s 74 Thomas Dale 17 J. V. ' s 27 Thomas Jefterson .... 39 J. V. s 48 Hopewell 46 J. V. s 52 Manchester 44 J. V.’s 55 Hermitage 35 J. V. ' s 31 Highland Springs .... 29 J. V.’s 58 Thomas Dale 16 J. V. ' s 62 Varina 36 j. V. s 32 John Marshall 37 J. V.’s 38 Hopewell 40 J. V.’s 69 Victoria 24 J. V.’s 46 Hermitage 34 J. V.’s 49 Thomas Jefterson .... 58 First Row: Fiel, Moore, Douthat, Smoot, Ford, Kirkland. Second Row Wade, Brockwell, Pannill, Seigel, Kidd. Third Row: Gofi, Rott, Dalton. The Wave Junior Varsity finished with a record of 12-6. High lor the season was Jimmy Pannill, strongly supported by Lee Smoot. Kaljih Wade, Bob Jdonthat, Bennie Kirkland, Pete Fiel, and Tommy Kidd played good ball. Tbe team was one of the best in several years. The Ninth Grade team finished with a record of 8-3. The top scorer was Bennie Myers with an 11.1 average. Other top scorers were Byron James and Dee Hartman. Billy Elder and John Mc- Ewen also played good ball. First Row: Lockett, Uzzle, Hartman, Traylor, McEwen, Jarvis. Second Row: Micheals, James, Seay, Mvers, Elder, Ayers. Ninth Grape Ninth Grade 29 Amelia 54 Ninth Grade 51 Emporia 28 Ninth Grade 33 Amelia 52 Ninth Grade 39 Emporia 22 Ninth Grade 51 Wakefield .... 50 Ninth Grade 61 Brunswick .... 33 Ninth Grade 37 Midlothian .... 41 Ninth Grade 42 Hopewell 37 Ninth Grade 53 Brunswick .... 32 Ninth Grade 66 W’akefield .... 47 Ninth Grade 40 Midlothian .... 35 eightij-threc UAYN!-: HATCH JKKKY iUJDY CEOHGK ITWEY RVLAND 1 ' ;ST HAnOLI) FOHD Coach Bub Kilhoume Burton (c ii.v a jump Miller hits jump-shot Varsity Basketball Tlic 1959 Varsity Basketlxill Team, composed most- ly ot Juniors, finished the season with a record of Iweive wins and nine losses. This record is the best one that the Crimson Wave has had in several years. The S(inad, coached hy Mr. Bob Kilhonrne, and under the capable managership of Wayne Gray and Bill Shelton, and trainer Jimmy Powell, showed plenty of hustle. The Crimson Wave finished in fi ' th place in the Central District standings, and defeated Douglas I- reeman in the quarter finals of the Central District Tournament at the Richmond Arena. Three players on the team are members of this year’s graduation class; David Meade, the captain of the team, Charles Parker, and Dean Miller. The squad was led in scoring by Bill Burton, who averaged 20.4 points per game. Bill was the second highest scorer in the state Group I scoring, and he was selected for the 1959 All-Central District Basket- ball Team. Chris Tisdale received Honorable Mention in the Central District, Bobby Roberson, P’reddie Edmunds, and Ryland Vest showed plenty of promise. The team xrlayed outstanding ball all year, and prospects are good for next year. Scores: p. If. s. 69 Varina 75 p. H. S. 54 Plighland Springs 49 p. PI. S. 43 Manchester 42 p. 11. S. 57 John Marshall .59 p. H. S. 61 Thomas Dale 26 p. PI. S. 52 Thomas Tefterson 57 p. H. S. 53 Plopewell 63 p. II. S. 57 Manchester 44 p. PI. S. 62 Hermitage 45 p. PI. S. 47 Highland Springs 34 p. II. S. 60 Thomas Dale 47 p. PI. S. 84 Varina 53 p. 11. S. 49 lohn Marshall 50 p. PI. S. 65 Plopewell 70 p. PI. S. 74 Victoria 49 p. 11. S. 55 Hermitage 56 p. II. S. 37 SuHolk 36 p. II. S. 68 Thomas Jefferson 59 Tournament Scores: p. PI. S. 54 Douglas Freeman 52 p. H. S. 43 Plopewell 52 p. PI. S. 68 John Marshall 72 P.II.S. fights for a re-bound Edmunds lays one up Manager John Shelton Roberson shoots Manager Wayne Gray Ai«iTY Football Team First Row: B. Davis, B. Dayvault, B. Smelley, B. Berry, J. Ellis, P. Bowles, L. Fleshood, M. Knowles, C. Parker, G. Perkins, E. Hawkins. Second Rniv: G F’inney, W. Anderson, S Beck J Kitchen, K. Pritchett, V. Bobertson, B. Senecal, L. Brown, T. Kidd, B. Kirkland. Third Row: B.’ Myers ' . A- Moore, J. Beade, W. PMrd, G. Moulton, D. Hartman. Fourth Row’: j. kail, J. Gil], D. Traylor, M. Hawkins, B. James. Junior Varsity Football Team hirst Row: B. Cooke, B. Elder, B. James, R. Ford T. Mus- grove, j. Matney, J. Wells. Second Row: J. Dalton, B. Myers, j. Gill, C. Smith, D. Hartman, J. Kuska. Third Row: T. War- ner, G. Fuller, N. Georgel, L. Parrish, PI. Traylor. Jayvees Coach Ed Linta’s Jayvees finished their season with a one win three loss record. The best game of the season was played when they defeated Emporia. The leading scorer for the Baby Waxes was Bon- nie Cook with 43 points. Some of the upcoming players for ne.xt x-ear’s varsity xvill be: Lin Parrish, Bennie Myers, Jimmie D’Alton, and Nexx ' ton Georgel. IV 26 6 Bkcohd: Emporia llopcxvcdl Highland Springs ' I’homas Jcllcrson 6 19 . ' 33 32 ci hly-six t 6 Clockwise from top: Managers J. Powell, E. M ' yatt, D. Bowman, j. Fowler. riglit: Headcoach, Bill King; Assistants, Howard, Ed Linta. Captain, Paul Bowles. Varsity Football Coach Bill King’s Waves finished their season with a record of three wins, four losses, and three ties. The season was one of the best in recent years. It inclnded some closely contested games. Ihe Vvaves will lose only six out of sixteen of its “horses”. The line will be in full force next season with the following lettermen: Bob Smelley, Bob Senecal, George Perkins, George Finney, Lee Fleshood, Mac Knowles, Van Robertson, Kenny Pritchett, W. J. Kitchen, Tommy Kidd, and Jimmy Nowlin. The backfield will lose three out of four starters with excep- tion of leading scorer, Earl Hawkins. The backfield will have four lettermen with alternates Buddy Fisher, Billy Spencer, Jimmy Bailey, and Monty Hawkins. The Waves also have a good back, Ronnie Cook, who punted late in the season; therefore, we can expect a good season next year. Earl Hawkins was the top scorer for the Waves with forty-three points. Also the team will lose Jerry Ellis, Charles Parker, and Paul Bowles, three lettermen and top scorers. After eleven years P.H.S. beat Hopewell 7-6. Earl Haw- kins sparked the team by gaining 216 yards and making the decisive touchdown. The Crimson Wave was losing at the half, but fought back in the last quarter by scoring a touch- down and the extra point. Outstanding players received Central District recognition. On the first team, All-Central District, was Billy Dayvanlt, cen- ter. Honorable mention went to Bob Berry and Mac Knowles, linemen; Hawkins, Bowles and Parker, backs. Scenes from Thanksgiving game with Lane lligli School. MACK KNOWLES, tackle BILL DAVIS, suar l JOHN MARSHALL 25 PRINCE GEORGE 0 THOMAS JEFFERSON 13 HOPEWELL 6 HIGHLAND SPRINGS 13 C;HARLES FAIIKEIL halfback FA LI. CRI |I TOP EARL HA) I CHARLES I PAUL BOS BOBBY SI BILL DAV AL LT, center JKBHV BOBBY SMEI.LY, end ON RS Points 43 31 18 12 WAVE P. H. S. 0 THOMAS DALE P. H. S. 7 MANCHESTER P. H. S. 13 HERMITAGE P. H. S. 13 DOUGLAS FREEMAN P. H. S. 0 LANE 13 7 40 13 19 KAHl.. HAWKINS, halfhack KENNY PHIT(;HETT. {.EE Fl .ESHOCtD, tackle BOH BERBY, guard GEORGE PERKINS, end Golf Team Front to back: George Finney, Sam Johnson, Tommy Butler, Gon oshall, Lou Siegall, and Charlie Ayers. The Golf Team is coached hy Robert Biidlove. The team practices and plays its home matches on the Lee Park Golf Course. The team had a sched- ule of five matches. The team had only one let- terman from the previous year, number one man George Fin- ney. The others were new- comers and lacked e. perience. The four lettermen for 57 were No. 1 man Finney, No. 2 man Sam Johnson, No. 3 man Tom- my Butler, and No. 4 man Don Voshall. PHS 1 1 Lane 7 SV 2 Douglas Freeman 9V2 4 Lane 14 5 Douglas Fr eeman 13 3 Christ Church 15 Left to right: JeiTy Rudy, Leonard Brown, Charlie McEwen, Pete Feamley, W. J. Kitchen, Charles Simpson, William Emory. Tennis Team Thronghont the entire tennis season, ine.xperience marked the pla ’ of the tennis team. In th.e 1st match, Christ Church nosed out a ictory 5 to 4 on the home court. Although 6 matches were scheduled, only 3 could be played because of rain. These were climaxed hy a win over a fine Thomas Jef- ferson “B ” team, 5-3. Jerry Rudy, in his second year as number 1 man, showed up fine in his matches and Leonard Brown and Pete Fearnley showed marked im- pro ement as the season con- cluded. ninety INTRAMURAL SPORTS Scores: Clockwise: Susie Maun, Sally Spam, Mary Jo Tnclor, Diane Harrison, SyKia Baber, 13rencla Ciocly, Sandra Emory, Beggy Gettings. Elsie Barnes, Co-Captain Kay Bragg, Elaine Pulley. Center: Co-Manager Kay Redmond. Coach Ann ' anLandingham. Not pictured: Co-Captain Barbara Carlisle, Julia Kidd, Sylvia Matthews, Diane Slaughter, Mary W’ykle, Co-.Manager Frances Perkins. PUS 5 Thomas Jefferson 6 Dinwiddle 5 John Marshall .... S Thomas Dale .... 4 Hopewell 5 John Manshall .... 2 Thomas Jefferson .5 Hopewell 3 St. Catherine’s .. 34 24 13 20 25 8 20 2 17 Girls’ Softball The lettennen tor the 1958 softball season were: Sally Spain, Svhia Baber, Brenda Cody, Kay Bragg, Julia Kidd, and SyKia Matthews. The Wavelets won one game: the Hope- well game. The score of this game was 5-2. Many of the players were new and the team lacked e.xperience Kay Bragg and Barbara Carlisle were co- captains; and the leading hitters for tb.c season were Jnlia Kidd and Barbara Carlisle. Girls’ Hockey Scores Jolin Marsluill .. St. Catherine’s ... Manchester Collegiate St. Gertrude Thomas Jefterson Hopewell Left to right: Mollie Lon Fergnson, co-nianager; Gail Katka, Syhia Matthews, co-manager; Mar- cia Procise, Shirley Slate, Francis Perkins, Shannon Moore, Kay Redmond, Louise Andrews, Dianne Whitmore, Diane Harrison. Not pictured: Lola Baggett, Carol Smith, Ph ilis Marshall, Helen Wall. Co-captaiiis for the 1958 hockey season were Helen Wall and Louise Andrews. Other letterinen on the team were Dianne Whitmore, Gail Kafka, Frances Perkins, Marcia Pro- cise, Diane Harrison, Shirley Slate, and Kay Redmond. Although the team won only one game, the record showed improve- ment over last year as indicated by the fact that PHS held its opponents to lower scores. However, one of the weakest points of this team was not having a pushing, scoring line. At the tournament held in Rich- mond, Helen Hall, co-captain and center halfback, and Shirley Slate, goalie, were selected on the first All-Star Team. ninety-three First Row: Joyce Gay, Diane Slaugliter, SyKia Baber (co-captain), Helen ' all (co-captain), Diane Harrison, Pat Newman. Second Row: Peggy Gay (co-manager), Peggy Vaughan, Mary jo Tudor, Sally Spain, Janice Gerry (co-manager). Third Row: Garol Andrews, Johann ' inson, Brenda Cody, Elsie Barnes, Marie Blick, Barbara Skipper. Fourth Row: Miss Jo Ann Kiser (coach), Leslie Thayer, Louise And- rews, Barbara Skinner. “Looks like someone wants that hall’’ “j. ' .’s iiard at practice” Girls’ Basketball At tlie Itasketball tournanieiit held in Bichmond on March 7, Helen Wall, co- caj:)tain and forward, was chosen to play on the first team. Other honors went to Peggy Vaughan, guard, who was chosen for the second team, and to Diane Slaugh- ter, guard, who received honorable men- tion. The Wavelets showed great imjtrove- ment in their 58-59 season and finished the season with a 5-5 record. Girls who were lettermen from last year are Helen Wall, Diane Slaughter, Sylvia Baber, Peggy Vatnghan, and Joyce Gay. Girls receiving letters this vear for the first time are Pat Newman, Sally Spain, Diane Harrison, and Mary jo Tndor. ScoHE.s: Petersburg ... 23 Thomas Dale .... 19 Petersburg ... 27 St. loseph .... 15 Peterslmrg ... IS St. loseph .... fi Petersburg ... 25 Thomas Dale .... 39 Petersburg ... 13 Thomas Jellerson .. . .... 40 Petersburg . ... ... 20 Manchester .... 3(1 Petersburg ... 30 St. Catherine’s .... 29 Petersburg .... 30 Collegiate .... 17 Petersl)urg .... 2S John Marshall .... 35 Peterslmrg .... 31 Hopewt ' ll . ... 44 niucly-loiir ‘Sylvia outjumps her opponent “Will she make it?” J. Cheerleaders First Row: 15. Ford, L. Clarke, M. Dyer (Head Clieerleader ), B. Boisseari, Miss Mary Bailey. Sec ' oiul Row: M. Jones, R. Rudy, S. Roper, S. Bragg. Gold Blazlrs “Stand up and cheer, Stand up and cheer tor P. H. S.!” This is a song you are likely to hear if you look iu ou a meeting of the “Gold Blazers”. The “Gold Blazers” is a club, organized this year, made up of girls bubbling with pep and the desire to cheer the team ou to victory. To become a member, you must have been a finalist iu cheerleadiug try-outs, a representative from your home- room, or a cheerleader. Each girl has a gold Irlazer, and the girls sit together at many games and often participate iu pep rallies. Gold Bl.azers First Row: L. Edwards, B. Vaden, B. Ayscue, P. RuHin, D. Scarhrougli. Secotid Rote: T. Gainey, M. Peebles, B. Marck. X. Matthews, L. Hawkins, S. Spatig, S. Bragg, P. Lnnstord, J. Ozniore, M. R. Cinilnirke, M. M’il- liains, B. Boissean, B. Ford, B. Taylor. Third Row: Miss Moyer, C. Lewis, D. Lewis, P. Holloway, B. Crowder, S. Traylor. P. Jones, S. Baber, M. Jones, J. K le, T. Taylor, B. Kitchen, J. ’inson, S. N’anghan, S. Wilder, J. Lockett, B. Kvasnicka, Miss Bailey, S. W ' right. Fourth Row: B. Shannon, G. G. Lewis, M. Dyer, S. Roper, K. Jones, B. Ford, L. Clarke, R. Rudy, J. Blankenship, P. Collins, B. Saunders. Fifth Row: M. Spero, T. Pegram, C. Storey, L. .Mercer, M. Nobles, L. Burleson, F. See, S. Steinburg, S. ZateoH, M. McEwen, X. Powell. B. Bower ' , S. Harris, X. Davis, L. Curtice, S. Griswold. Officers: President Barbara Ayscue hce-President Pat Ruffin Secretary-Treasurer Dona Scarbrough Business Manager .... Betsy ' aden Pianist Linda Edwards Advisors Miss Bailey and Miss Ioyer 1. Who says vve weren’t nervous? 2. Too ambitions. 3. For all around scliool and all around service, Roberta. 4. Mad rush and good times. 5 . Public enemy No. 1. 6. “Smiley”. 7. Mr. Mhzzard. 8. Tire top brass ol the Fresh- man Class. 9. He came, he saw, he contpiered! 10. “No Time for Sergeants.” 11. IIa e press— will print. 12. W o- men drivers!!! 13. Pay up, or else. 14. “Thunder Road.” 15. Hoc est pessimum! (this is terrible). 16. Math just “ain’t” my subject. 17. Darn it, the glue won’t stick. 18. “Look” (how can you miss it?) 19. Ha e one? There re not as bad as they look. 20. Not enough— more? more!! 21. Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered. 22. Hurry up Pritchett, or we’ll never get you elected. 23. “Moonshine, moonshine to quench the Devil ' s thirst”. M ary Anderson J oseniary Rudy Barbara Ayscue Charlotte 1 lardy, Jinnnv Stone; Norma Jean Nevetral, Terry Turner; Page Jones, II. B. Traylor; Mary Anderson, Da id Slaw; Sue Gordon, Donald Fdlis; and Carol Winfield, A. V. Cov- ington. Carolyn Saunders Homecoming Queen Barbara Ayscue Nancv Matthews crowned bv Mr. Bussell Gill Barbara Ayscue, Diane Puckett, liarold Ford, Orriss Burnett Bett ’ Lou Smoot, Da id Gammon; Barbara Bower ' , Bobb Berry; Kath- arine Scott Jones, Gharles Parker; and Patsy Elder. IJiNG Dance, Homecoming Day Bing Queen ninety-cif’lil ninety-nine W ' c hope so. Because we have interesting jobs for “special” gals here at the telephone company. If you’re alert and like people, vou’ll like it here. The surroundings arc jrlcasant, the pay is good right from the start — and you ' ll have lots of opportunify for advaucement and raises. There’s a “special” extra, too. You’ll have that wonder- ful feeling of making an important contribution to your community. Come talk to us about telephone work. We’d lor e to meet you! The Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia " A good place to work " one hundred " ISothing Pretties Like Paint’ .... from Parrish PAINT HEADQUARTERS IN PETERSBURG Walter J. Parrish Corporation 13 South Sycamore St. Dial RE 3-9720 Everything you need to do a complete paint job’’ one hundred one HESS -JEWELERS YOUNG - HARRISON QUALITY FOR MEN 22 North Sycamore St. RE 2-7132 “The BEST for LESS” Watches and Diamonds 208 N. Sycamore St. RE 2-8131 Petersburg, Va. Compliments of State-Planters Bank of Commerce and Trusts Toted Resources over $237 000,000 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Interest on Savings — 3% on 1st $1, ()()(). 00 Member of P’ederal Deposit Insurance Corporation Flowers Will Speak for You A. G. SMITH SONS Florists Flowerirlione REgent 2-6111 1620 Dupuy Road Petersburg, Virginia RUCKER’S, INC. 2017 S. Sycamore St. Phone RE 2-7321 Peterslnirg’s Most Distinctive Furniture Store SPECIALIZING IN INTERIORS We Deliver one hundred two MODEL LAUNDRY Dry Cleaners J. PRINCE ROBINSON regent 2-4121 46-48 S. Union St. Here is hoping that you pass, But don’t pass by our office. Say it with REAL - ESTATE The - JOHNSON - Boys 11 W. Tabb St. RE 3-7817 C. F. SCOTT, Inc. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 14 East Tabb Street Petersluirg, Virginia Standard - James, Inc. “For Better Shoes” 124 NORTH SYCAMORE STREET Petersburg, Va. Compliments ol ROY’S GROCERY 46 Chesterfield Avenue Ettrick, Virginia Compliments of C. F. Lauterbach’s Sons Jewelers and Silversmiths 122 North Sycamore Street Phone RE 2-7802 Petersburg, Virginia Compliments of Charles Leonard Hardware, Inc. PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Compliments of WILSON’S CUT RATE FURNITURE STORE 127 West Bank Street Petersburg, Virginia “The little store with the big stock” one hundred three Blue Ribbon Super Market G. M. and J. W. KVASNICKA Props. 26 Halifax St. Phone RE 2-8851 PETERSBURG. VA. PIANOS— New and Used GONN BAND INSTRUMENTS REGORDS Bristow Music Co. 14 Eranklin Street “Sout isiV e Virginians Daily NeivspapeVn Crowing with the community for 94 YEARS ★ THE ONLY NEWSPAPER IN THE WIDE, WIDE WORLD I3EVOTED TO THE UPBUILD- ING OP THE PETERSBURG- COLONIAL HEIGHTS AREA. Frank E. Asb M. Wiley “insure wisely with the Wileys” Idione: RE .3-332 1 RE 2-2711 CANNON SHOE STORE Shoes for all tltc Family 126 N. Ss ' caniore St. Petersburg, V ' a. o)ic luiudrcd four Butterworth’s, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ! QUALITY FURNITURE 33 S. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Va. Walnut Hill Barber Shop Telephone RE 2-7631 415 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Va. Telephone RE 2-4256 1952 S. Sycamore St. RE 2-9689 R. S. TERRIE CO. INSURANCE 9 W. Tal)b St. RE 2-7517 Petersburg, Virginia John H. Cato, Jr. Wm. W. Cato Manager Asst. Manager Walnut Hill Food Service QUALITY MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS 1927 S. Sycamore Street Dial REgent 3-5758 HEARTY GOOD WISHES FOR SUCCESS! “THE BANK WITH THE CHIME CLOCK” Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. one hundred five FOR FARM -FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS Depend on GREENLEAF DAIRY, INC. RE 2 -7561 Walnut Hill Hardware Co. 2010 S. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Virginia PHONE RE 2-4029 “WE DELIVER” Walnut Hill Pharmacy 149 S. Sycamore St. Phone RE 3-7712 3-7711 We Deliver SPECIALISTS in EVERY Phase of Photograpliy since 1930 ROSE STUDIO 124- A North Sveamore St. OnimNS (over Stanclard-James Shoe Store) FRAMES MADE TO ORDER 115 North Sycamore Street PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA one hundred six with a modern flourish printers of " lUe Missile " smart type faces good typography clean printing modest cost PLUMMER PRINTING COMPANY, Inc. 122 W. Tabb St. REgent 3-7373 Petersburg, Va. WALNUT HILL CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS REgent 2-5639 1945 S. SYCAMORE STREET The Monument Mobilgas Station Henry Brigstock, Prop. S. 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COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION By R. G. MARTZ CO., INC. General Contractors Petersburg, Va. Harris - Breiiaiiiaii Compliments of Incorporated ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Colonial Heights SPORTING GOODS Drug Store, Inc. 717 E. Grace Street RICHMOND 19, VA. 135 Pickwick Avenue Phone RE 3-9822 KODAK SUPPLIES - COSMETICS Phone: MI 8-4796 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE one hundred nine ROSE’S REXALL DRUG CO., INC. RUCKER-ROSENSTOCK Sycamore Washington Streets Serving Petersburg and all PHONE RE 2-3535 South ski e Vi rgi nia for 100 Years Pcterslnirg, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF A FlUENO Give them a treat when they eat Compliments of CHEF’S JOY Fancy Canned Foods IHI !■ 1 tmm Roper and Company, Inc. Distri] utors 148 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia Petersburg, Va. Compliments of WINFIELD ALDRIDGE WALNUT HILL Insurance Agency Clip and Curl Shoppe Phone RE 3-9831 Complete Insurance Sendee REgent 2-7745 25 ' YTIIE STREET one hnndred ten Compliments of Brown Williamson Tobacco Corp. 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Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “The Old Reliable” Established 1887 Petersburg Furniture WISE WAY FOODS C. H. WILLIAMS, Owner Company, Inc. “Be Wise — Economize” HOME EURNISHINGS Top Quality Meats Oscar Winfield, President R. P. Winfield, Sec.-Treas. Fresh Produce - Notions 100 N. Sycamore St. RE 3-4402 98 Cliesterfield Ave. Ettrick, Va. one hundred thirteen 1830 1959 Sati olplj-llatnn (!IdUp0p Ashland, Virginia An accredited liberal arts college for men with a national reputation for the success of its graduates. Fox Hall Information may be secured from WILLIAM A. Robertson, Jr. Registrar and Director of Admissions one hundred fourteen Penney’s ALWAYS FtSST OUAlTTYf Where Southside Virginia SHOPS SAVES STAN’S Exclusive Stylists 5 N. SYCAMORE STREET Petersburg, Va. RE 2-6386 Wlffl m M mm mm HfP QUALITY ENGRAVING ore nowhere more essential in the high school annual. good engravings has been a primary regsd plant os the engravers f Petersburg Engraving Service offers the conscientiou: staff the finest in quality, service and workmanship PETERSBURG ENGRAVING SERVIC 124 A N. Sycamore St., Petersburgp Vn Builders Supply Company of Petersburg, Inc. Manufacturers and Dealers ‘ Everything to Build With” Factory and Office Dial REgent 3-7822 222 - 232 N. Market St. one hundred fifteen BLACKWELL SMITH DRUG COMPANY “Prescription Specialists’’ CORNER WASHINGTON AND SOUTH STREETS Telephone REgent 3-4242 Petcrsl)urg, Virginia RAINBOW DRIVE-IN Fried Chicken Italian Spaghetti Specializing in Pizza Pie CURB SERVICE Phone RE 3-6919 3631 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Va. 1T(? cater to Private Parties and Banquets Let us be your stationers POWELL - COLE STATIONERY COMPANY, INC. 1 1 N. Sycamore St. PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA “Everything for the Office” ALSO ARTIST SLIPPLIES Compliments of DYER’S YELLOW CAB Compliments of Sollocl’s Clothing Shop Featuring Young Men’s Wear one hundred sixteen DRINK IN BOTTLES Petersburg Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. 1417 West Washington Street Petersburg , Virginia PETERSBURG’S FORD DEALER Foud Thundehbihd New Ford Cars — Trucks Lincoln Cars — English Fords Farm Tractors and Implements Esso Products — General Tires PETERSBURG MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 35 Years Your Friendly Ford Dealer CORNER MARKET AND WASHINGTON STREETS GLOBE DEPARTMENT STORE, Inc. EXCLUSIVE READY-TO-WEAR one hundred seventeen BUSINESS MACHINES AND PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES S ' Open Evenings till 8 P. M. regent 2-3121 15 North Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE L. W. T. BULIFANT, Inc. 38 Franklin Street Petersburg, ' irginia Compliments of .. . A FRIEND one hnndred eighteen 1855 1959 Serving Southside Virginia for over 100 years " PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY The most important ihing in this store is something you never see. What is it? It’s your pharmacist’s professional knowledge and tech- nical skill. It takes years of study in college and then he must pass the state board of e.xaminers. He must have a knowledge of many sciences. Get better acquainted with us. Trade with us. We can be relied upon in all circumstances. Dial RE 2-4312 or RE 2-4313 - Two Listed Phones 130 SOUTH AVENUE PETERSBURG, VA. one hundred nineteen HERFF- JONES CO. Manufacturers of Petersburg High School Class Rings for 1959-60 Furnished through MARK E. HOLT JEWELRY STORE James L. Heck Box 4735 Richmond 29, Ya . University Styles . . . . 1 I Sidney unger FINF MENS WEAR 22? N. sycamore ST. Carter Real Estate Co. Union Trust Building Petersburg, Va. T. S. BECKWITH CO., Inc. STATIONERS OE PETERSBURG RAY’S AUTO SUPPLY YOUR SEIBERLING TIRE DEALER REgent 3-7621 CHEVROLET 4 ASTER CHEVROLET SALES, Inc. Chevrolet — Cadillac one Iniiidic’d twentij OOD GAS SERVrCE MAKES WARM FRIENDS CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! Although now you are graduates, you can do a great service for the rest of us, if you never cease to be students — looking for opportunities and ways to cherish the American system of free enterprise and to im- prove the American way of life. You can be thankful for free schools in a country where you are free to worship and work and think and talk as you please. This is your heritage from the people who built America. THE FUTURE is pretty largely in your hands — you must be vigilant and active to combat the evils of socialism, government domination of private industry, and all the “isms” that destroy democracy. We de- pend upon you to do a good job. The Petersburg and Hopewell Gas Company Francis K. Godwin, President The Friendly People OOD GAS SERVICE MAKES WARM FRIENDS one hundred twenty-one W vfy wm jHf 4B BB i ' Bi J " j»... " ' : llB ■ a ‘ ■ P® iH i4 Bij !| m|HL ,- JPPM ' 1. 1B2 Our Roads Diverge A familiar sight to travelers on modern highways is a clover leaf. This intricate pattern is a symbol of the diverging path the seniors will choose as they leave Highway 59 from Petersburg High School. As each goes into the new route of his profession or voca- tion, the experience gained in traveling the high school area will prove a valuable guide for the future. Band — Pep Rallies 1. They really add spirit to the games. 2. Even the cheerleaders hula hooped. .3. They cheered so hard they lost their heads. 4. A few e.xcited cheerleaders before the Hopewell pep rally. 5. Mac, our band mascot, and Deanie. 6. M ' al- ter, our great student band director. 7. Our little mascot, Lynn, can’t quite keep up. 8. Future Dorsey band. 9. What’s the big joke, girls? 10. Deanie, our high stepping head majorette. 11. Mary Stewart, a vivacious head cheerleader. 12. “We’re behind, but don’t worry, we’ll win. 13. “5c — 10c — 50c a dollar.” 14. Miss Bailey, our peppy sponsor. We couldn’t get along without her. 15. Mr. Stronach; band director, par excellence. 16. Stand up and cheer! 17. We didn t forget you, Bobby! 18. The prettiest legs on the prettiest majorettes in the state. 19. Before-game jitters. 20. The big brass of the band. 21. With the help of the J.V. cheerleaders, they cheered the team to victory over Hopiewell. 22. Brenda and Pat struttin’ their stuff. 23. The majorettes made a good showing at the University of Virginia. 24. Peters- burg High Rockettes. 25. The color guard caught off-guard. one hundred iwentij-three AUTOGRAPHS one hundred Iwenly-four AUTOGRAPHS one hundred twenty-six AUTOGRAPHS ‘i: .. AUTOGRAPHS one hundred twenty-eight mmmt ssm il " -!! iii i m m liii I ; ’ ' •, -M.

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