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XJ-wAoMJ. .LGA- QJQMQLMM, F 9x,lfv-vx.A,Lq, vw 14,111-ry ' ' MV ' jyani-Jlfvzt U6 ' - 9-'J-EA.o-A.1.dL1:,4i..9 ' ,cL.xg,,,,,,1L V9 W., wuymwapdi. haf. Mug-,lf ,QJLA,,,1,,9W,fruWnJ:iykaAM.a,a.4f4101vva.1i1iQsA43 C9,'XAQdakiJLl, Mme ,L ,W4,4- QILMJJ eq? A vv.,,A.,fv AJ-kf3.jf KQ,J,',": .MAiA 5-',vQ guna a.,.fQ7i1 nrhgi 1441. 5-' Jig-.1,..l 4,41 " ' , f f Mfvgf' ..1,,,LLrvLJ. -7' Nw? Qui' wwf,-41,1 14.1.5 ,Q-M QW - f Ll J' I N wth MMU, tm . QM,,pU.:W-J QAM, nw. mX,:,75,,-.raw D701-,L., M,-yn, -1 M,....,g , A , , f ' ' '11 ,014 ifd 5,11 Afxff, :Lib gfff,l.A.,,1 1. win. iqzmfmim ,J fl., 5 W ' V ' ' ' V VVVWWVV fxflkf QAVAAXK ftfx 'X' M' ' " M rkufwwaf. 1 A Auf, .. O F 0- -L: VN. fu.,-JK MVQM LCA-vgf, l4'.v...f, ,NMI vu, '1c,C,,MX.,v .Lx ,A Xi, -lLf,LM1 J x 1 QLAMVQQAQ YA ,9,i,m,: fqf X., 'Q P2 M--MJ I f f X K -' , L' U. 41 ff. -,4 ,,, ,Mm .W-.,.,.,f N 'V-fl-.kfgvi 'IH f , f J' UQLW-f ffkiw Q1 vvlMAf'7fJ1,,L,I' lfuiu 'L A fA-A-.fwv.flfL.Lf,,,9f,,kA,,0,Q4 7 , A A?-'L1'f'lFTL1J MMM- 4,11 xv 1-QJ f' ' 1 6 ' M ' f -X f ,,-vp QML4., if - 17 K X 'O Aff im. Cm,vvQ1,xt, ul ,. , MA1 M L . , , . if I A. W wtf' MM, A I ,fvf'ufvJ4f'CGfw,fmxf M-,Ji L N f Q f AN-fum N. , ' ,- V 6' - f 1 ' , J,,v...X,-LQ ,1,cN:' J . I AAL W ,W A4 .551 XZALLLL1 W X Y twhyli L-A kk V. ,tA,,ij, LJ' Lfn..,a,h 0 xm,L11..L..! Lg, -A ' " AA. Mu ' ' ,N MMV 1,1,u,4N X. U fy , Lwfw. lfv-M-J FHM ,fe Lk, ,L.,1M,,., 3. f - 'J A, ,' If 1 4.9 fxilbaxfwf-.fn 1, f ,fy-4, ..fvg.-Mr,WL,W , vvm, A 9 ., ,, ' ' ek, Qtdfv-In A- PV-fu. 7 " ' ' -' p.A-,L 1, J , MVM1, Ov 1. x 1 4fua4,vCJ3, f . A , . f wh V'fw4,A..,,X L, ,-Lmsyf :kc ,A VL .e , ' . D' Mb, ,JwU,,..L.A Qmf,.u. Www., ' K P . , . x C ,.,-U QM 1,-MLK , f. L, W n,mf,v1,f LMJXLVL - ' QTLJY My k uf. 1. 'f Al. -,wav ,W LL! ,fx-fm,.,,,. ' ' ' 1 ,, A, L- Q-.,-,,:,ifg Lag 411.41 LwMU..,'Z-fi. c qt r 144 A . ,An c 415-I mv' -ff f -'ML-fw. mTf,LA4r.: , Zkffvgfuuf 5 , V CM FVWAAAZ in V ' ,L La. AA' Lv-L1-,.A,.,i,.3 Qiffifi n4,Y ufvmxu ,VV-4..vv-wxzg ,T L L49 Mg fwhfxlo, YLVJ. uvwL40.Mf-LA,.,, fw,xL,x,, 4244A ,,W.JL,,f, 'ifwnA' f, . -. A V . V - +0,v.a,,.M4.e.A,i SL- 'JAJQAH1-1 ,4,-f-rjffuruif, 1,-, fl I W A X ' -'CL Lui ' f ,L-.Mf MLM f, A-. I I Sfwvvfbi k""""'f'i'5fj Vffufy- 5, v-QA. 51", wha A,v-n,-qfJ'lJ-01111711 5xwNv3 JUL .. ,,vf,vE.1 Q L L: fi, 6 'L+' Lfnfdyfid EMM Mu -3,1-fw ,YM rm IAM! g4Afyz,f,w.u,X,? Q hmMV,1lx1,L vvm'lA. I 1'Lyw.M,, Ss,A,L0vqrVg-Ivvsjfjbfvlkr .. M - U fWAJfilij'LWWW2'WW'w-Q"Lgj1N'M rv-NL I, U J RANK, N . , V-'Z'-197'Lm7.fvwlm.x' mandllw ,,Qf,..L' p-now :cJ2x,.'X'N4xAf-x5,L"71+4.fxf.-L f , , 'Sf- J pgyko-gA:L7-M-SLK xahltafbrw-L W, Mir E S fa ig if f i x WWA ss N P N 9' X ir ig N .11 i 'W' 'D WE PQESENT: 922 N ff X., A Characters we knew, gremiins who have harassed us, Fun we've had, activities we've enjoyed, and a resume of a trembiin' year -:- Till! SENIOR EDITION Page 2 Veni, Vidi, Vici-as Caesar conquered, so does Miss Lela Lockett win the friendship of all the pupils who have known her. Coming from her classes, day by day, are future lawyers, doctors, ministers, and even future presidents. Miss Lockett is pictured above with The Honorable Everett M, Dirksen of Pekin, one of her former students. I-ler classes, ,as well as supplying the student's vocabulary with a vast store of Latin words and phrases, bring in current topics, humorous anecdotes, and various subiects of interest. Miss l.ockett's vast store of knowledge, when put to use by her sparklinff personality, presents a mixture of refinement and culture that is seldom equalled, and rarely, indeed, is it ever surpassed. Peg 3 SENIOR EDITION v. v -V , TI-IE CLASS OF 1944 IN REVIEW The impressive strains of "Pomp and Circumstancen assume a sol- emn significance as We, the Class of I944, march down the aisle to receive our cherished diplomas. The call to arms for World War II has necessitated the drafting of several of our classmates prior to graduation, therefore, our ranlcs have been somewhat depleted. The absence of these stalwart youths will be sorely missed, as, under peaceful conditions, com- mencement is generally conceded to be "The Night of a Lifetime." I-Iowever, the liberties these boys are striving unrelentlessly to de- fend malces their absence justifi- able. Many of us will don the lchalci or blue upon graduation, and we will try to bring more glory to the I944 class. I find it difficult to express my undying gratitude to all the stu- dents and faculty members who have lent such splendid support to the Student Council. In my inauguration speech, I stated that the gavel would be powerless without your complete cooperation --that cooperation has been pres- ent in all its glory. To the new Student Council president, I sincerely wish all the luclc in the world. I feel certain you will receive the same whole- hearted support which was ex- tended to the 1943-44 council. Last, but not least, to all those who will continue to bear the Chinlc banner next year, l say, "Keep our standards high through- out the ages, long live the colors we esteem." Jack Rosenberg, Student Council President. A 1.91 tfxcx Q ' Qt S., X , ffvgf -.-- A45 X - -: , - --v Q 5 O..-f Q' !g,h nv lf, ,Q ,SE L , fgxxxx-X. QQQ :fi -AXMA " 'Z , he-e I --nu ,1 wg, ,,, --- ,X 'lla 'BCT I 1 K if M7 551 v, I 'I II .ham- I!!':ERi,QX IA!! UI I ---In II a.: If :., I um E322 " SNATCHED BY GREMLINS FROM THE I ,NJ GRAouAnNG CLASS - zu -... .'. I f -MMA .rqnrll llnllll, I I I , iiii FM' Ill 119. IIIJE' Ill' I is! IY .-557 ll ' 'Ill W HARVEY ANDERSON I LUMBERT BETSON I JOHN BOLAM I LESTER CHACE ROBERT EHRHARDT EDMOND ERPS WILLIAM GETTMAN ' LEWIS HOWARD CALVIN JANSSEN ARTHUR McCABE JORDAN MOTT WILLMER OLSON GERALD OLTMAN GEORGE PETRI ROBERT ROSS JACK SARFF RICHARD SEELYE ROBERT THOMAS KKK 14 ,A x f"N Q 11,07 YNY X X A ,, If S II f I I" IH' I II' -I f I I I II - -:FAN KX -.ff,4:'.s-..- Lol-A QW 'I 'N II ' 1 ,Off l- N 'M Qx ' 'fi 'AR III! 1.... -,, In A541 'Ga In ,W f ,gms 1 ,, IEW' r: fgfff' fiP-- A ' " , -- ,.- ,Q-zffflf ' "ESS: Q R., 41' H? falwfff ' x ,x:':::El:-J-'gy fffrli, Y M -Kiki, SOLIDLY BEHIND THE CAUSE OF THE UNITED NATIONS 5 SEN OR EDITION HONOR STUDENTS IN HONOR SOCIETY DECORATED BY THREE WARRIORS IN SERVICE THE PILOTS KNOW THEIR BUSINESS LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE By Jo The old gremlin hag rubbed her gnarled hands together, and in her thin, cracked voice, she said to me, "Very well, my child, I shall gaze into my crystal ball and read for you the future destiny of these seniors of the I944 graduating class of Pekin High." From the futures she related to me, let us take an imaginary trip and learn of what will come to pass. As I arrive in the city, I decide first to buy a newspaper. This article is obtained from that thrivg ing news company owned by Rosenberg, Johannes and Schmidt, Inc. I see on the bookstand, books of various types, by Irma Rau, Billie Jean Allen, and Joe Connelly. These people have made a place in the world I know. Glancing hur- riedly at the front page of "The Press," I scan a writeup of a new stage success, with the star, none other than Mary Jean Dimler. Down in the corner on the same page are the Court Notes. I notice that Attorney Portia Dor- man has charge of the case of Schaller versus Mattheessen. Swish! What's that as I step out into the street? Mary Han- sen, paddle in hand, is chasing her little son, Richard, who has just thrown a baseball through the window of the Guthrie and Fabry Clothing, Hardware, Drug, and Secondhand Shop, Inc. on Capitol Street. Richard, however, is lead- ing his mother a merry chase, and SENIOR EDITION Page 6 I won't wait to see who is the winnen Advancing into the night life of this teeming metropolis, we go first to the Bijou theater, where Helen Miller, the lady manager, remembering me as an old friend, gives me the choice remaining seat in the house, aisle I, row 2, seat I3I The feature attraction is en- titled "The Mysterious Marine" or "Have You Seen C. A.?" starring Melvin "Tyrone" Thompson, and Merla "Veronica" Hundt. The car- toon is one of the funniest ever seen, and I revel in amazement, another class of '44'ers made good -the animated life skit is by Eugene "Mac" McDanielsI Having enjoyed this bit of movieland, we wander over to the Tumble Inn where we find Alan Weber and his Million Dollar Music-Makers giv- ing the local yokels a thrill with his one night appearance. The man- ager, of this place of frivilous liv- ing, John Sommer, remembering me, shakes my hand, and makes me welcome. Upon checking my hat, I seem to see something familiar about the hat-check man, and then it comes to me, it's George lftner. The head waiter, Don Al- bers, shows me to the best table, and I sink into the comfortable chair, for an hour of enjoyment. The floor show has a girls' chorus, and Eilah Vogelsang, Wini Kalb, Bonnie Singley, Carol Dennis, Har- riet Walkington, are a part of them as they trip past in colorful costumes of the Latin-American countries. By this time, I am worn-out, but I resolve to stop and have a ham- burger. The nearest joint, is "Co- lette and Eddie's" "the best and biggest burgers in town" is their motto. I have just time enough to grab a bus for my destination, and I find Jack Sarff doing an able job of driving aforesaid vehicle. Finally, as I snuggle down among the blankets, sooo sleepy, I re- member, I forgot to ask the old hag what the future holds for mel Page 7 SENIOR EDITION 7-m 1' i s at I La l I 'Z " ll I ill l 4 . .J e Q' Rose Adcoclc Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Re- serves. Quite as .invert a Mfrs, Ax ever looked in a looking glasrr. Wilma Aclcoclc Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Library Cadet, Girl Reserves. An artist at heart. Bette Alls Band, Student Council, Girls' Club, Girl Reserves. Generally speakinn. shes generally H1l!'l1.lCl'fl.fI. Billie Jean Allen Forensic, Quill and Scroll, De- bate, Pelrinois Stall, Band, Girls' Club, Orchestra, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society. When she 'reaehex fame, "Doe" will he her name. Jenness Allen Variety Show '43, Student Counf cil, GAA, Girls' Club, Girl Re- serves, A Cappella Choir. llrr aetion ealm. Wilma Ambrose Band, Orchestra, Girls' Club, Girl Reserves. Happy go lurky, jolly and gay, Always randy for 'work or for play. Charles Arms Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Capt., Hall Cadet. "Bucky" Lfr ai merry lad, Always laughing never nad. Joan Ashley ll's a friendly heart that har: plenty of friends. ' Mary Baker Student Council, Girl Reserves. Ever loyal, mrer true, To rr'haterre'r task xhe has to do. Elizabeth Barnes GAA, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, "The Moclring Bird," Girl Re- serves, A Cappella Choir. Of manner gentle. Of ayfcrtion mild. Raymond Bennett Band, Student Council, Hall Cadet, National Honor Society. He jokes with the girls, he jokes with the boys. And out of life he gels many joys. Dick Berger Hall Cadet. His cheerful disposition han won many friends. Q 1 fl. 'CP ll l ll . Ll I f ' '3 il? t Q ' I K it ll ' llll,ij-, Lum Betsorr Manager ot Football and Bas- lcetball. N He may he "Lunmiie" to you He noir' ri-eairs Navy Blue. Helen Bishop Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. Rad hair that lzermnes hc'1'. Dorothy Black Student Council, Girls' Club. Do you. know what this girl's got? P6?'l'S0'lQ-llrlifjl plus, that's Dot! John Bolam Band, Jazz Orchestra, Orchestra. Varieties '43, Boys' Club. A 'man with a great future. Miriam Bond Girls' Club, Lost and Found Cadet, Hall Cadet. Always looking at the bright side of life. Wilma Booten Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Re- serves. Wilma Booten. prim and neat In 1'eff'1'f'nce to dancing shr1's hard to beat. SENIOR EDITION Page B Phyllis Bowen Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Rc- serves, Assistant, Varieties ol i'44." Blonde bombshell. Mary Jane Breaden Girls' Club, Girl Reserves. Once a friend Always u, friend. James Bruce Band, Drum Major, Varcly Show oi '41, '42, '43, Student Council, Orchestra, Movie Oper- ator, National Honor Society. We'll a'urays 1'l"lllCHlbPT him shvutin' dawn James Field. Jack Buerlcle Jack and his Model A Ford- - the inscpa-1'able pair. Francis Burnham National Honor Society. The girl with looks Knows her books. William Callaway There is a, lad who has curly hair IIe's fond of a lady tall and fair. Y Lf L,- l 1,1 ll fill Page 9 SENIOR EDITION f,Q1 K. ' 1 L ' , II ig ll J 5. 1 l I l I l I Ill l 4 . , Peggy Campbell Cool and serene our Peg always rwenis. Lester Clfiace Student Council, National Honor Society, Hall Cadet, Secretary- Treasurer ol Freshman A Class, National Honor Society. Genius burns beneath hir: 'red hair! Robert Cliipman When he xayir something, it's worth xaying. John Combis Silence is pure wisdo1n's bent text. 23,-,CAJWIJT Tommy Conn Student Council, Secretary ,rea urer ol Senior B Class, "Mock- ing Bird," "Sweethearts," Boys' Club, A Cappella Choir. Ladies Choir c. Joe Connelly President ol Senior B Class, Stu- dent Council, Basketball 4, Track 3, Boys' Club, National Honor Society. For all we know. he 'may he a future Red Grange. '7 Ruth Cruse It's nice to be natural, when ymfrr' naturally nice. Wilma Jean Cummings Iifffirienry ix mwrythiny, Carol Dennis Student Council, Girls' Club, Vice-President ol Junior A Class, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society. Ifadianre xtreanix from her glow- ing pr-rrumality. Marie Depeugh Hall Cadet. You, can always cmmt an Marie Lu ronie out on the top. Bill Devault Band, Track Manager. His friends fall him "S1woky" Not berause he plays hoaky. Marilyn Diehl Tliespian, Student Council, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Secretary- Treasurer ol Freshmen A Class, Girl Reserves, Talent Stall, Les Enlants, Varieties ol "44," Na- tional Honor Society. Always a quirk reply Her mirth will never div. JL. .K my I2 llli, I , ' 3 fl ua' h 'lik X I l,i T9 Bob Dillon Hall Cadet, A Cappella Choir. Tall, dark, and handsome. Mary Jean Dimler Quill and Scroll, chestra, "Growing Family Has One,' Eve," Girls' Club, ot '42, '43, lst Thespian, Orf Pains," "Every ' "Ever Since Variety Show State Speech Contest, "H. M. S. Pinaloref' "Moclring Bird," "Fire Fly," "Sweethearts," Cheerleader, Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir, Tal- lent Stall, Pekinois Stall, Vari- eties ol "44." A ininiatuw- "Ethel Bari'ymo1'e." 9,11 'f".P rf if , Student Council. 'F 1. hs c rim' r if aug ll a. y ing Robert Dini P5 r r Portia Dorman Quill and Scroll, Debate, Peti- nois Stall, Girls' Club, Varieties ol '41, '49, '43, '44, Lost and Found Cadet, Girl Reserves, Les Erilants. We'll always remember her-4 "Just Chattering by Portia." Wilma Droclcelman Girls' Club, Varieties ol '43, "Mo:lring Bird," Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir. She's su-eet and fair' With blonde' wavy hair. Lillian Dupage Long, lovely and brown, ller hair' has real renown. SENIOR EDITION Page 10 Don Estabroolc Track Manager 3. Did you know I'm from 'way down smith-of Pekin. Doris Ertmoecl Girl Reserves, Commencement Pageant '43. Loved by teacher and friend We know she'll come to some good end. Charles Ehrett Movie Operator. A Iafugh in his eyes, A smife on his lips. Robert E. Ehrhardt Pelcinois Stall, Student Council, Hall Cadet, Boys' Club. The seriousness of mind that becomes a gentleman. Edmond Erps Hall Cadet. Quiet and unassuming. Bob Fabry "One Mad Night," Variety Show ol '42, '43, Football 4, Moclring Bird," "Sweethearts," Boys' Club, A Cappella Choir. Though the world be of turmoil, toil, and strife, There"s never' a dull mofnrent in Buck's life. fi' vt El ' , ., li ii ' Z i ,JJ 1? 'Q 3 Us Page II SENIOR EDITION H71 C 0 , L , I '. I, In F 1 rl 5 Zi , Norma Lee Ferguson Pelrinois Stall, Band, Girls' Club, Orchestra, Hall Cadet, Les Enlants. Cooperation is her name. Roseline Fogliano Shehhails from that torrrn, South Pelczn With eyes that shine like a bearon Margaret Ann Freidrich Thespian, Pelrinols Stall, Varieties ol '42, '43, "Moclring Bird," A Cappella Choir, Talent Stali, Talent Stall Editor, Les Enlants, Girls' Club, National Honor Society. 'Tis the song she sings, and the smile she weafrs, Thurs making the mmshiore e. erynrhere. Marian Gearen Hall Cadet, Girls' Club. If "Silence is Golden," sIie's twenty-four carat. Merle Gerdes Band. A light hearted lad and free of care. Dorothy Glass Girls' Club, "Moclring Bird," "Fire Fly," H.M.S. Pinaloref' "Sweethearts," A Cappella Choir. With eyes and hair That none can compare. Geraldine Gregg Hall Cadet. A most cheerful person to have around. Herrmine Groen Varieties ol '43, Girls' Club, "The Moclring Bird," "Sweethearts," Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir. The men are fond Of the short and blonde. Lucille Guptill Hall Cadet. Here ix a girl With many a preeirnui curl. Robert Guthrie Debate, Football I, 9, 3, Traclr I, Tennis, Goll, Wrestling 3, Cheerleader, Talent Stall. Hey, Dov. have you heard this one! Darlene Hageman Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Re- SCTVZS. The tasks of everyday Sho meets in a. quiet way. Le Vonne Hainline Thespian, Varieties ol '4I, "Growing Pains," "The Christ- mas Apple," Student Council, GAA, Girls' Club, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society. "Good afternoon, WMBD." Qfirf Q ' K? fl, I llIl,i r I I lil! 4' ii? Ellhi ' ' 3 Mary Ha.nsen Quill and Scroll, Varieties of '43, Girls' Club, 'Ilhe Mocking Bird," "Sweethearts," Girls Reserves, A Cappella Choir, Pelcinois Staff, Varieties ol '44, Hall Cadet. This 'darling lass really has class. Gerald R. Hasty With wavy hair He rharrns those fair. Wilma Hawlcins Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. She's merry ami' guyl In all that she does say. Margaret Ann Heilcen Girls' Club, k'Tl'1e Moclring Bird," A Cappella Choir. Always kind, always. neat, In ejiciency she's hard to bent. Nina Hendershott Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. Pretty as I pibture. Shirley Henry Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Re- serves, National Honor Society. A drhmormi crowns her third finger, left hand. SENIOR EDITION Page I2 Clifford Heiser Movie Operator, Hall Cadet. Tom Sawyer' of '44. Nelda Hilcl Girls' Club, "The Moclring Bird," Uniformed Usher, Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir. Who said, 'Gentlemem prefer blomirs-?' Thad Hill Student Council, Movie Oper- ator, Hall Cadet. Nevcr a dull 'n1ome'nt. Wiletta Hilsabeck Hall Cadet. South Pekin fC7l.'t be heat! Marilyn Hinlcson Hall Cadet. A lrraiys winning. Sara Hinshaw 'Ilfvery Family Has One," Ilall Cadet. Pretty and sweet. Ng? L,- li fl, f f fl! iyil i I I5 - ? Page I3 SENIOR EDITION ir- c I 4, L f l 1,1 if ' J Q A-4 ,. 5 Zi . Joyce Holmes GAA. The incessant care and labor of her nzind hath worked 'many iz rnathenrmtical problem. Phyllis Houston Girls' Club, Girl Reserves. Speed and efficiency combined: Phyllis will 'make a super srfcretary. Lewis Howard Few words he spoke 9. f But yet he played his part . . 1? b Powe es' "The Moclcing Bird," "Sweet- hearts," A Cappella Choir. When he speaks, you listen. Merla Hundt Ouill and Scroll, Thespian, De- bate, Pekinois Stall, President of Sophomore A, Junior A Class, "Ever Since Eve," Student Council, Girls' Club President, Girl Reserves, Les Enlants, DAR Award, National Honor Society. What a. perfect pin-'up girl she ,psy George lltner Thespian, "Ever Since Eve," "Every Family Has One," Movie Operator, FFA, Les Enlants, Quill and Scroll. Always working forward, but enjoying it as he does. Calvin Janssen Hall Cadet. "Honest Abe." Diclc Jefferson Band, Baseball, Talent Stall. National Honor Society. Dick is popular with everyone. Peppy, Oh! just lots of fun. Marjorie Ada Jirinec Girls' Club, "The Moclring Bird," A Cappella Choir, Varieties ol '42, '43. Blessed are the congenial. Mary Jirinec GAA, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. Always a smile, never a, frown. Anna Bell Johannes Pelrinois Stall, Band, President ol Junior A Class, Student Council, Girls' Club, Orchestra, Adver- tising ol the Pelrinois, Girl Re- serves, Talent Stall, Quill and Scroll. Her crowning glory in her hair. Charles Johnson FFA. Never do today what can be done tomorrow. dl . , V . '17 14 A i K qi 6, , I 5 I . il 1 lll, I V T 3. fl ut' I K lr, I l,i T? Don Johnson Forensic, Hall Cadet. Modest and roy Brut oh what a hofy. Ray Johnson Varieties ol '43, 'iThe Moclring Bird," "Sweethearts," A Cap- pella Choir. Height does"n't rreressarily 'make the mari. Ted Johnson Forensic, Debate, Band, Student Council, Tennis, Jazz Band, Varie eties ol '43, WBIS, Orchestra, "The Moclring Bird," "Sweet- hearts," Nat'l Forensic, National Honor Society. Ted and Dorsey, one and one. Winilred Kalb Quill and Scroll, Vice President ol Sophomore A, President ol Senior A, Pelrinois Stall, Student Council, GAA, Girls' Club, "The Moclcing Bird," "Sweethearts," Cheerleader, Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir, Talent Stall, Varieties of '43, Roclrettes, Na- tional Honor Society. Dimples in her rhin Devils are within. Edweidyne Kaufmann Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. She's just merry all the day and will 'nrakf' troubles fly away. Elaine Kepner Debate, Band, Girls' Club, G.rI Reserves. She-'s happy and good Does all that she should. SENIOR EDITION Page I4 Joann Kern Band, Girls' Club, Girl Reserves, Varieties '44. A pretty girl is always in demand. Gloria Kinder Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. A frierrd always ,faithful and true. Jay King Boys' Club. He ner-er speaks unless he has something to say. Madalynne Kitchell Her dark locks are ehiried by many. Robert Krpan Hall Cadet. Rush on mad world I cure not. Clara Kuntz Thespian, "Every Family Has One," "The Moclring Bird," "Sweethearts," Varieties ol '43, Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir, Talent Stall, Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore A Class. She possesses :me of God's great- est gifts, the ability to make others happy thru herself. YV -Q, 4lll J lli 4 I 55? Page I5 SENIOR EDITION 1--R ' 1 , L ' '1 9 1,0 ,. f if if iii l if f Qu 5 ' i r sf' friffffif Ronnie Lakin Football 4, Tennis 3, 4, "Fire- fly," "Sweethearts," A Cappella Cnoir. Ifrzhust and strong Ilr"ll 7ll'if'T yu 1r'1'ofnu, Bob Lashbroolr "Sweethearts," A Cappella Choir. Frorii his plane hc'll never part For thr"r0'x winyx rm his hea-Vt. Lois Leitner Hall Cadet. She's the quirft kind whose 'nfrturrf nrwr vurwr-r. Ruth Lohnes Band, Girls' Club, Vice-President ol class, Orchestra, Varieties of '43, Hifi' good looks tain' Ihr' rrnwn Nary do you :ue her frorrrvr. Colette Lowman Thespian, Band, President ol Senior A Class, "Every Family Has One," Assistant-director ol "Ever Since Eve," Talent Stall, Student Council, National Honor Society. Arr rrffwvr.-irmit as rhanipaignr. Jo Lyon Quill and Scroll, Pelcinois Stall, Editor of The Pekinois, "Growing Pains," Girls' Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Talent Stall, Varieties ol '44, National Honor Society. llrr' d.r,rk I:4'a.:1ty 4"rir'hants many. Rose Marion As sweet as her name implies. John Mattheesen Band, Student Council, Movie Operator. Brttm' rrwn than I have lived, But I doubt it. Lorraine Maurer Pelrinois Staff, Adv. ol The Pc- lcinois, Band, Orchestra. Neat glowing, ami, ahvm, I guess "Ideal," best de.iu'ribv.rr "I,-vin." Arthur McCabe .-I'nr-Iuws .-Iwrigh, My Iloys. Jean McCartney Hall Cadet, Uniformed Usher, Girl Reserves. Thr' "hen-it" in frivndx. Eugene McDaniels Pelrinois Stail, Student Council, Lost and Found Cadet. Every artist is first an amateur. . fi 5, u ll ' l lll,i . 9-'tl r K l r fl K lll,i ' 3 Don McMullen Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Boys' Club. This handsome athlete can never be beat. Arthur McSchooler Band, Varieties ol '49, '43, O:- chestra, Jazz Band, "The Mock- ing Bird," "Sweethearts," Boys' Club, Les Enlants. A friend indeed Is a friend in need. Glenn Meyer FFA. His quiet nature seemed to be tuned to each seasonhs harmrmy. Paul Miener Movie Operator, Hall Cadet, Boys Club. "From the Halls of Montazumaf' Helen Miller Secretary-Treasurer ol Senior B Class, Varieties ol '43. Gay, 1'o1'satile, charming. Mary Mills Band, GAA, Girls' Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer ol Junior B Class, Girl Reserves. She's cute as a. rose With plenty of beans. SENIOR EDITION Page 16 Paul Moorhouse Thespian, Band, Wrestling, Vari- eties ol '43, "The Moclring Bird," A Cappella Choir, "Sweets hearts," Les Enlants. For he's a jolly good fellow. M arie Morrison Lost 'and Found Cadet. She's prim as a puritan In all she does. Jordon Mott Handsome as Tyrone. Leotha Nance Always gay With a lovable way Betty Neill Orchestra, Girls' Club, Girl Re- serves. That calm possession of herself. Mardell Norman Student Council, GAA, Girls' Club, National Honor Society. Always smiling, never crying, Always trying, never srighin-7. i i- R. O , L ,. I will li, rg ' 4 I f Zi l , Page I7 SENIOR EDITION ,- 1' I 1 Lf , i rut lil C. , ,s v Helen Oberle Girls' Club. The studies she's always rhasin' Whirh shows r4!:e's had flood 1'!1iXi'IL'. Wilda Oedewaldt Lost and Found Cadet. Good things rome in small par'l:am's. Willmer V. Olson Football 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 Lost and Found Cadet, Secre tary-Treasurer ol Senior A Class, Boys' Club. Dynamite romf-r n small parkuyex. Ed Olt Basketball l, 9, 3, 4, Boys' Club Football 3, 4. Will hr' he our future mayor? Alice Oltman Cilrls' Club. l"rir'ndly, srrret, and ever natural. Bernard Oltman Movie Operator. He's snappy in every line' As in the Pvkinois you will find. Gerald Oltman What a trumpet player! Mildred Oltman "The Mocking Bird," Girl Re serves, A Cappella Ctroir. She's rich becarune she owns a a million dollar smile. George Petri Band, President of Junior B Class, "Every Family Has Onef Student Council, Football, Ten- nis, Varsity Club, Secretary- Treasurer ol Freshman B Class, Boys' Club, National Honor So- ciety. Hi, Ya Sailor! Roland Petri ' Thespian, Student Council, Vice- President of Junior B Class, Boys' Club. Snapshots here, Snapshots there Pete takes snap.-rhots ei'erywhere. Shirley Petrie Thespian, President ol Senior B Class. "Every Family Has One," Student Council, Girls' Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Hall Cadet, Library Cadet, Girl Re- serves, National Honor Society. A real sweet lass That's got plenty of clans. Charlotte Phillips GAA President, Girls' Club, "The Mocking Bird," Girl Re- serves, A Cappella Choir. Une of our peppy all-'rouml girls. iii n P ltr ,l lllllg I fl 1 ul' l 'qt I I,i T? Bette Lou Pierce Ttiespian, President ol Fneslnman B and A Class, "Every Family Has One," GAA, "Ever Since Eve," Girls' Club, Mllie Moclring Bird," Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir, Les Enlants. Tiny as ai queen bee. Dewey Portuto Basketball l, Football T, 9, 3, 4, Boys' Club. Hot shot of the hardwood. George Psinas I wish the fellow who invented 'work would hare finished il. Vivian Puterbauglw Student Council, Girls' Club. Hall Cadet, Library Cadet, Girl Reserves. She is gentle, she is shy, Yet in our minds, She ranks quite high. Irma J. Rau Band, Girls' Club-, Orchestra, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society. Efficiency and brilliance personified. Mary Lou Reardon Girls' Club. She's at the top of our list of true friends. SENIOR EDITION Page 18 Phyllis Reinhard Girls' Club, "The Moclcing Bird," Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir. Little she may be but Eficiency you can see. Dean Riedlinger A genial disposition makes -its owner many friends. Betty J. Riviere "The Moclring Bird," A Cappella Choir. Music is her great feature So she wants to be a piano teacher. Lloyd Roots FFA. Pekin High's gift to the farmers. Jack Rosenberg Forensic IVice-Pres.l, Debate, Varieties, '41, '42, "Growing Pains," Student Council Pres., National Honor Society, Uni- formed Usher, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Club Pres., Tennis 2, 3, Capt., 4, Quill and Scroll, Na- tional Honor Society. He seems to find time for everymaeg In truth, he is a loyal PCHS son. Robert Ross - Student Council, Basketball. Football. He always played a good game, steady, and sure. fi ,- ,' I I I I .M A' Ip r f I J fl 4. J 5 EP Page 19 SENIOR EDITION Y 7' .i l I 4 1 ll i l ' J fJ -? -X 5 ? Dale Runyon Thespian, Band, "Every Family Has One," Student Council, Traclr, "Sweethearts," Talent Staff, National Honor Society. He lives in Mamito: That's where the girls go. Jack Sarll Track 4. Six foot two, With eyes of Irlue. Marjorie Saylor GAA, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. Natural curly hair That is so rare. Thelma Schaefer Girls' Club, A Cappella. Has she not treasure. who has friends? Joe Schaller Debate, Cross-Country I, 9, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3, 3, Les Enlants. Smne may Iarugh and some may talk, but I do both forever. Stan Schmidt Student Council, Basketball l, 9, 3, 4, Football Freshman 2, Var- sity 2, 3, Traclc Freshman l, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Varsity, Social Room Cadet. Well, Stan, here's goodbye To our football star so spry. Lester Schrieber FFA. Quiet, handsome, tall I can not list them all. Robert Schumm Quill and Scroll, Pelrinois Stall, Student Council, Boys' Club. He hax sports in his head and not his feet. Katherine E. Schuttler Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. Tall and stately. lliirinely fair. Dick' Seelye Band, Jazz Orchestra, Varieties '41, '42, Hall Cadet, Boys' Club. Harry James the Second. Mary Jane Shaler Girls' Club, i'MocIring Bird," 'Sweetheartsf' Girl Reserves, A Cappella Choir. A manner ever pleamtng. Paula Siebens Thespian, President ol Junior B Class, "Every Family Has One," "Growing Pains," "Ever Since Eve," Student Council, GAA, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, "Sweet- hearts," Library Cadet, Talent Stall, Les Enlants, National Honor Society. Ever true to the Naavu Blue. .dr i K l r I ill I 3 .Pal uf I K 'qi I l,r T? Bonnie Singley Varieties '40, Student Council. Girls Club, "Firefly," "Moclring Bird," "Sweethearts," A Cap- pella Choir. South Pekin Pin-Up Girl. Helen Sisler Hall Cadet, Library Cadet, Girl Reserves. The tresses of A Helen of Troy were ne've'r lrwelzer. Wanda Six Forensic, Debate, Orchestra, Student Council, Gris' Club, National Honor Society, School Treasurer, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society. Courtesy, wit, and r-harm. Betty ,lane Smallwood Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. She's quiet and peareful. Donald Smith HGDCLQOTIIQ' is, us' handsome does. Robert Smith Band, Student Council, Movie Operator. A chemist indeed is Robert Dean SENIOR EDITION Page 20 Ronald Smith Forensic, Secretary-Treasurer of Junior A Class, Les Enlants, Hot Stove League. Hamdsome, smart. what a whiz! He's got personality, that "Biz !" Margaret Ann Snowden Forensic, Band, Student Council, Girls' Club lCouncill, A Cap- pella Choir, Talent Stall, Na- tional Honor Society. A lie she will never tell, This quaint little southern bell. Dorothy Soldwedel Student Council, Girls' Club, Variety Show '43, "Moclring Bird," "Sweethearts," Girl Re- serves, A Cappella Choir. My heart belongs to the Army. Kay Soldwedel Hall Cadet. Slender, tender, and tall. John Sommer Band, Student Council, Movie Operator, Talent Stall, Les Enfants, National Honor Society. There is 'no pride on earth like the pride of intellect and seien e. Russell Sorenson Silence is pure wisdom. ff?-5 'ii r Q' ya 1 iff H r y i 5 5 3' Page 21 SENIOR EDITION ' 0 , Lf , i li I , A IQI ii l . Grace Stauthammer Student Council, Hall Cadet. l'I'fn when the world's down, You ne'r'r see Grairz' with a frown. Arlyn Stevens Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves. ller dark loelcn Are the envy of many a girl's hent. .lack Stovall Double trouble! J-jfrl'l'l'f 1 Bill Strickladen I ' "Growing Pains," "Every Family Has One," "Ever Since Eve," Varieties ol '43, and '44, Base- ball 9, 3, 4, "Firefly," "Mock- ing Bird," "Sweethearts," Art Editor of The Pekinois, A Cap- pella Choir, Quill and Scroll. An artist in his 0Il'7l right. Ralph Taylor A real sport, an all-'rourirl Hood fellow. Robert Thomas Pekinois Stall, President Fresh- man A and B, Sophomore A and B, Junior B, Basketball, Football, Wrestling Manager, "Sweethearts," Boys' Club-Vice President and Secretary, A Cap- pella Choir. Our loss, Army Air Corp's gain. Melvin Thompson "Sweethearts," Boys' Club, A Cappella Choir. Shorty's slogan: "The world was nudr' for fun 'ami frolir'." Betty Lou Trumpy "Firefly," Varieties of '43, '44, Always willing to lend a helpirlll hrmrl. Robert Vanderwater Track 3, 4, National Honor Society. llv's a, super-trairkniarz Helen Van Dyke Varieties ol '41, Girls' Club, Uni! Formed Usher. Quiet arid dark-hairrd our ideal Helen. Dick Velde Debate, "Ever Since Eve," Golf I, 2, Wrestling I, 9, Les Ene lants. Ile sparkles with humor Robert Vetter A temper dom not always no with red hair and freckles. .fi , fr IQ? I I t ' lllll, I .fl uf l R lil W l l,i T2 Betty Vogel Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Uni- formed Usher. "Oh, for the gift of pub." Eilali Vogelsang Band, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. Girl Rcservcs, Talent Stall. Vitality is her middle mime. Mary Mae Volk Quill and Scroll, Pelcinois Stall, GAA, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves, Varieties ol '44, The ability to cultivate friends is he1"s. Alicemae E. Wagenaar Hall Cadet. 'Tis' true that she is much inclined To chit and cha! wth all mankind. Marcella Wagler Student Council, Girl Reserves, Yarncralt Club. Did you ever see her frnrrn? William Waldmeier Band, Varieties '43, '44, Viie- President of Senior B Class. Football, "Firefly," Boys' Club, "Sweetl'iearts," A Cappella Clioir, "The Moclring Bird." llc used to buzz by in a Model-,-I Gas 'ratirminy mime-he walks today. SENIOR EDITION Page 22 Harriet Wallcington Quill and Scroll, Pelrinois Stall, Student Council, Girls' Club, Li- brary Cadet, Adv. Manager ot Pekinois, Les Entants, Varieties of '44, Editor ol Senior Issue. You can see why they call her Hedy. Sally Wallinger Pelrinois Stall, Girls' Club, Adv. of The Pelrinois. An all-'round uood gal. ls our Sal. Allen Weber Thespian, Band, President Sopti. B, "ML F," "Growing Pains," "Every Family Has One," "Ever Since Eve," Varieties '41- "Maritania," "Firefly," "Mock- ing Bird," "Sweethearts," Boys' Club, A Cappella Choir, Talent Stall, Les Enlants. Hamdsome anda smile so pleasing, Plus personality and voice of gold Is his to ever hold. Ruth Weimer Student Council, GAA, Girls' Club, uSweettiearts," "The Moclc- ing Bird," Girl Reserves, A Cap- pella Ctioir, National Honor So- ciety. Beafuty plus brains. Wilma Westervelt Girls' Club, Hall Cadet. She should be a Powers Model. Pat Wieburg Band, Girls' Club, Girl Reserve, National Honor Society. Success to our Patty is due Because she's what you call "true blue." we 'i l T J yi i Q? ,ST . Page 23 SENIOR EDITION ., 1, I , I III I Il! fill ,. 'J ,J -? 'Q 5 1 Kenneth William He's quiet an u. church mouse At srhool or at his hour-se. Delmar Wilson Why worry? It"s not worth it. Marge Witt Student Council, Girls' Club, Hall Cadet, Girl Reserves, Tal- ent Stall, Secretary-Treasurer of Senior A Class, Varieties ol '44, No farirer apparition has been REQVII. Maxine Woods Girls' Club. A glowing smile is hers. Betty Lou Yocum Girls' Club, Girl Reserves, Hall Cadet, A Cappella Clwoir. Personality Plus. Bill Young Student Council, National Honor Society, Movie Operator, Boys' Club, National Honor Society. He may be a future President. Maxine Zimmerman Band. A dainty litt'e maid, xhe'n So prim, so neat, no nire. Wilma Zimmerman GAA, Girls' Club, Girl Reserves. Tall and slim, and full of rim. if xt 'A 9 "cs Q. My f 'atil .4 w Abs, 3 - GREMLINS SABOTAGED THESE PHOTOS Don Albers Band, HMoclring Bird," Boys' Club, A Cappella Choir. "Oh, boy, is she invert! Who, why my girl Pete!" Harvey Anderson Forensic, Thespian, Debate, "Lost Horizon," Boys' Club, Student Council, Movie Operator, Uni- lormed Usher. When' there? a will, there's a rvay. Bill Dinlrel Modern as a P-l,0. Bill Gettman Hr' speaks to all With ar sfour easy drmrrl. Robert Garing Movie Operator, Hall Cadet. His height becomes him. Bill McLeod Football 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Boys' Club, A Cappella Choir. Block that kick ! SENTOR EDITTON ACTIVE NOISEMAKERS REVEL AT GAMES . 5 ' 1 , ' 1' ' I T .1 wg PIGSKIN BOMBERS SMASH THROUGH EUR SUCCESSFUL SEASON X x -A E.. tw, . . xx gc 25 Samoa somciw- A ' A ' ' , , CI-IINKS ESTABLISI-I BEACH!-IEAD AT URBANA -:- RETREAT AFTER BITTER FIGHT HCAGER COMMANDOSH 2 CONQUER QQ TEAMS 3 X A ,P T SENIOR EDITION P 3 TI-IE SURREY WITH TI-IE FRINGE ON TOP MAJOR GENERAL IN CI-IARGE OF GREMLIN CORP SWEET MANDY gc Q7 SENIOR EDITION UNCLE SAMS VICTORY GIRLS LIEUTENANT GENERAL IN CI-IARGE OF GREMLIN CORP V-V-FOR VEGETABLES SENIOR EDIT!ON Page 28 MILITARY PCI-IS BAND MR. CLARENCE ROTH, Director ORCHESTRA n 99 SENIOR EDITION CI-IORAL MIXTURE BLENDS MUSIC 2 "Av x. Q 5 HEARTS WITH HARMONY PRODUCE SWEETHE XPTS ,J I un., VARIETIES O 31 SENIOR EDITION DRAMA PRESENTS Lights! Curtain! Action! EVER SINCE EVE ONE MAD NIGI-'IT ACTION! CURTAIN! LIGI-ITS! SENIOR EDITION P BERKELEY SOUARE LI FE WITI-I FATI-I ER Page 33 SENIOR EDITION 4 i ,, ,r"?if1 JV I . k :fx Xi 1 GIRLS' CLUB COUNCIL PCI-IS SERVICE GREMLINS THOMAS IS TOPS AS SENIOR ADVISER I-Iis Former Assistant, George Petri 'V Miss GRAMLICH Lieutenant General Ior time Girl Gremlin Corp r I I I Ill g L I I 1 kb 2, Q2 Boys' CIuIo Piloted to I8 Successful Missions by Thomas -.. v-K' -. SENIOR EDlTION P11323 TALENT OEF Tl-lE PRESS Talent bursts lorth, hot olt the press, lull ol FU-IS talent. Master- pieces ol high school literature by future Steinbeclcs, Poes, Parlcers. Ready To Serve, Ever Dependable, GRE Go l-liking Along gs , Q? ,V rr .I 5 . W . , . , r , Q r r gc 35 SENIOR EDITION MR. JOHN KELTNER Speech is what makes his world go round. TI-IE GREM LIN LEGISLATURE 1 Q-1' 1 Jr-5' Yu C92 1' 'is' 'Li' GREMLINS OF DEBATE 157 Z F.F.A. WAGES WAR ON HOME FRONT INSECT PESTS ll' IS PATIIGTK T0 VGRK IN A SNR! FJ, f tif'f'a!te CLA H --Q LEARNING TO EARN, EJ11-irieplei EARNING TO LEARN L. . -. ' TNI' NCIUMIIT SHVIS FH! NMI TMNT SENIOR EDITION Page 36 FLICKER FLASI-IBACKS! Movie Operators Bring Ro mance, Comedy, and Educa tion to CIasses of PCI-IS ws EFI I I I III II?- 3S 1-E . Ti L 1 37 SKNIOR EDIUON THEM GREMLINS BEDEVIL INKSLINGERS 'N INTERCEPTED .IAM SESSIONS SENIOR EDITION P SENIORS AS BABIES LOOK STRANGE TO GREMLINS Page 39 SENIO 1 ,W g x R EDI TION School Days, School Days, Now that the end of our school days have corne, we like to rem- inisce over our first days in school. Let's go back to the days when pigtails and short pants were the style. Speaking of short pants, re- member when Ronnie Smith came running into the class rooms, just after the last bell had rung, in his knee pants? . . . Then that mean little kid, Bill McMullen, now a tough Marine, stuck Harriet Walk- ington's pigtails in the ink wells . . . Well, well, who's that run- ning down the hall? Why it's Dear Old Golden Rule Days! Bobby Guthrie, looking for the paddle so he can receive his pun- ishment for talking without raising his hand. Don't worry though, it's a daily occurrence . . . There goes Phyllis Houston after a glass of water. Nothing to get excited over-Chuck Burson just passed out while reading the English les- son to the class . . . There's the morning recess bell and Joe Schal- ler, as usual, is passing ou ' anonymous notes, signed "The Skull." He was better known in those days as Pekin's Dead End , . Q, .f ' I' 14 A ' , W, - N figs 5' gl Kid . . . Just as the recess ends, Mary Mae Volk is found standing in the cloak room giving Roland Petrie, the school's outstanding basketball player, a pep talk be- fore the big game . . . Sitting in the corner is Stan Schmidt, the most bashful boy in the town. lf a girl even looks at him, his face turns all shades of red. lMy, how times have changedlj . . . Eddie Shane and Phyllis Bowen are right cliummy over there sharing a back seat, tossing amorous looks back and forth. Young love! . . . The much awaited noon bell just tolled and they're off! Yep, there goes Bill Waldmeier chasing Bette Lou Pierce home again. lStill the same old Bill.l . . . Puppy love affairs are evident also. Here come Bud Weber and Maxine Arnett, hand- in-hand . . . Gracious sakes, there's Shirley Temple! Oh no, upon tak- ing a second look, we see that it's only Arlyn Stevens with a new Shirley Temple permanent . . . As the noon bell rings, we see Junior McLeod and Ed Olt comparing muscles . . . And in this corner, we have Irma Jane Rau and George Iftner arguing over who is the greatest brain child . . . School was dismissed early today because Bill Strickfaden had to get ,Ls home before dark. jHe was afraid to be alone in the dark in those days!! . . . By now the puppy love era has struck the schoolday sweethearts. Remember when Jo Lyon and Ralph Taylor were sim- ply "bugs" about each other? . . . Sara Hinshaw and Tub Thomas were the most talked of steadies in the grades . . . Sally Wallinger was all ready to go on her first date to the co-ed party, and Bob Vogelsang stood her up. That was a tragedy . . . Another romance that was in full bloom in junior high was that of Joann Kern and Ted Johnson. They'd sit in band together and blow sweet notes back and forth . . . Marilyn Diehl went to the co-ed party with Dick Jefferson, but he didn't stand her up. Mrs. Diehl was chauffeur . . . Donnie Albers and Wini Kalb had a "backyard romance" while play- ing kick-the-can on the North end . . . A silent romance existed be- tween Pat Wieburg and Bernard Gltman in younger days , . . An- other first was the time that Le- Vonne Hainline received her first box of candv from Ronnie Lakin . . . Tommy Conn made desperate attempts to date Marge Witt, but she was too busy with upper- classmen . . . Remember when X t his i ftrv Mary Hansen moved to Pekin and caused the riot among the local Romeos? . . . Heard around the corridors of PCHS were southern drawls of southern belles and gents from 'way down yonder in South Pekin . . . Speaking of South Pekinites, PCHS adopted many athletic stars who have received their basic training in the big little city to the south, namely, Dewey Portuto and Don McMul- len . . . Last, but not least of the South Pekinites, is Don Esta- brook, the esquire kid, with his zoot array of the latest fashions . . . Shorty Thompson's antique Buick will long be remembered by all of the fellas and gals in and near Pekin. If it could talk, it would probably tell many interest- ing tales . . . Paula Siebens actual- ly went with someone other than Guy Ricci when she was in the lower grades. Remember how all of the girls envied her when she dated big Johnny Rebuffoni? . . . Moving to Pekin in the latter part of the last year in PCHS, was Bill Dinkel, a guy that always had the latest fads and the loudest com- binations . . . Many new names and faces have come and gone from PCHS, but we go on remem- bering them and these people grace the pages in our book of memories. All have made up one swell class of '44. I, Lorraine Maurer, will my long- unbitten fingernails to Betty Sold- wedel who can sure use them. I, Bob Guthrie, will my educated feet to Jimmy Meisinger. I, Colette Lowman, will all my earthly possessions except Ed Shane to anyone in PCHS that wants them. I, Sara Hinshaw, will my ability to feel ill at opportune moments to Shirlee Soldwedel. jgl, Ronnie Lakin, will my sup- posed speed to Butch Trenti to add to his qualifications for a place in the backfield on next sea- son's football team. l, Anna Bell Johannes, will my beautiful voice to Ilene Ozella. I, Clara Kuntz, will my parking spot on the east side of school, to anyone who can find a car and gas. I, Bud Weber, hereby will the Iowercrats the power to become uppercrats. I, John Sommer, will all of my many girl friends to the persons who want them. X I, Bill Strickfaden, will my car, flat tires, empty gas tank, and all other incidents to anyone of "the gang," who is capable of keeping it on the street with seven other fellows hanging on the outside. I, Betty Trumpy, will my seat on the bus lwhen I get outl, to my niece Mickey, who will be an incoming freshman. B-I, Bill McLeod, will my letter 7' 'll ,J L. a t 1 I A I I I rl I l 4 . -c " ,.P'1f,.fi":'f',.1f41'xf.'f,.f" rf- 'aggx-of f SENIOR WILLS sweater, question mark and all to I, Ed Olt, will my muscles and athletic ability to little Lee Wil- liams. I, Bill Dinkel, do hereby be- queath my opinionated character- istics to whomsoever may suffer from an inferiority complex. I, Powell Hughes, hereby will m broad shoulders to help bear the burdens of next year's wrestling squad. I, Joseph Connelly, will my foot- ball "experience" to Bob Jenkins. I, Peanuts Velde, will my yearly trip to Oak Knoll to any incoming freshman who can meet the quali- fying standards. I, Don Estabrook, do hereby will my unique way of catching forty winks during class time to a fellow, up-and-coming South Pe- kinite, Bill Ingersoll. N, Tommy Conn, do hereby will my Frank Sinatra voice to Frank Trenti, who loves to make the girls swoon anyhow. I, Eilah Vogelsang, will my fuzzy hair to Dr. Phillips. I, Betty Lou Yocum, will my quietness and ladylike behavior to Donna Maurer. I, Wini Kalb, do hereby will my social standings, good or bad, in PCHS, to my protege, my little sister, Donna, who probably can take them over very easily. I, Billie Jean Allen, will my abil- ity to debate to Paul Pallmer. May he gain more knowledge for his now empty brains. I, Portia Dorman, will my red hair to anyone who wants to be- come a lawyer. I, Mary Hansen, will my ability to tap dance to Pat Starcevich. May she make the most of it. I, Mary Mae Volk, will my sun tan to Jo ce Winkle. I, Carol! Dennis, will my position as first in line, at every GR potluck, to any lucky person who feels the necessity for more food. I, Wilma Ambrose, will my mammoth vocabulary, to Henry Stockert. I, Jo Lyon, will my ink-slinging my girl, Charlene Jones.,,-UW'-'II L , ., 54, , .. SENIOR EDITION Page 40 M I . .Q Elm' n I X I , ll ' lllI,i' 3 to Jim Smith. May he keep the presses rolling. I, Bob Schumn, will my clish-pan hands to Jack Lowman. I, Merla Hundt, will my rides in Shorty's I996 Buick, to any fortu- nate girl. I, Helen Miller, will my love for horseback riding to Marilyn Janns- sen. I, Hecly Walkington, will my street to this daily run up Court institute of learning, to Sally Ann Burke. I, Margaret Ann my ladylike manner, disposition, my love of mankind, to Betty Schmidgall. I, Bucktooth Fabry, will my taci- turn nature to Orville Sauder. Friedrich, will my charming I, Pookey Miener, will my daily noon rides out to the Hines' resi- dence, to whosoever hath the tires. I, Betty Pierce, will my height to Wilma Dean Poebel. I, Bob Krpan, will my slight and undernourished physical being, to Porky Cramer. I, Shorty Thompson, will the yel- low daffodils in my radiator cap, as a gift, for Mr. Thomas' desk in room 4. I, Irma Jane Rau, will my chem- ical formula for angel food cake, to Verla Fawer. I, Joanne Kern, will my artistic ability to Phyllis Hoffman. I, Dewey Portuto, will my pot- shot eye, to Freddie Hodapp. I, Dick Berger, will my cheerful, fun-loving personality, to Bob Haynes.

Suggestions in the Pekin High School - Pekinian Yearbook (Pekin, IL) collection:

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