Pekin High School - Pekinian Yearbook (Pekin, IL)

 - Class of 1940

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Pekin High School - Pekinian Yearbook (Pekin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 17 of 28
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Pekin High School - Pekinian Yearbook (Pekin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 16
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Page 17 text:

SENIOR EDITION Page 15 Student Council Heads Many Projects During Year Fall Enrollment May Rise Camera-Shy Seniors Alta Rose Rusher Library Cadet. Harley Smith Hall Cadet. Jerry Mahoney "H. -'I. S. Pinafore.” Football. B.felt et ball. Varsity Club. Othelia Hansconib t.irl Reserves. Girls Club. Hall Cadet, Ualier. Gilbert Tebben Hall Cadet, Photography. Eleanor Davis Girls Club. Girl Reserves. "Naughty Marietta,” Hall Cadet. Concert Orchestra. Jess Bong Dick Fisher Betty Zaayenga Blanche Zaayenga It is quite probable that the September. 1940, enrollment will soar to a new high—a new all-time record for PCHS. There’ll be 248 seniors graduating, there are 185 students enrolled in the 8A class at Junior High, and there will be about 32 students graduating at the South Pekin Grade School this spring who will attend. With these and the students from other districts there will be approximately 270 entering students. These statistics undoubtedly show that the group coming in next fall will more than make up for the seniors lost this term. Helping make PCHS a "bigger and better PCHS" is the aim of the Student Council, and this year, under the capable leadership of Harry Zimmerman, president, and the advisership of the deans. Miss Edith Gramlieh and Mr. Mason Grigsby, the council has well fulfilled its purpose. It has carried on a number of entirely new projects this year, in addition to its regular duties, that have made PCHS even more up-and-coming as a democratic educational system. Probably the biggest project, and the most welcome one to the students, this year, has been the introduction of a student activity book. School productions, sports activities, and numerous other events of school interest have been flooded with loyal Pekin High activity book holders, and school spirit has definitely taken a jump to a new high. Honesty and good citizenship have become evident through the council’s efforts to organize a lost Girls’ Club Renders Service to Students and Faculty Boys’ Club Group, Headed by Ohlinger, Undertakes Many Hew Projects During l939-’40 School Year (Assassinated Press Bulletin) —SPECIAL! This year’s Boys Club is dominated by P.C.H.S. aristocrats! Among them are Student Council president. Dean McXaughton, and his two male opponents, John Caster and Jim Diehl. This year’s prexy, “Bud" Zimmerman is on this "printed plane.’’ along with this year's B. C. president, Ed Ohlinger. And there are many more, too. as you may easily see. The boys have done a fine job this year on the numerous projects undertaken. Among these are outfits for the cheerleaders and uniforms for the usher squad. The club also sponsored the Faculty-Intramural thriller. Then, too, you probably were "filled with Christmas Joy’’ when you gazed upon the fancy tree set on the roof of the school by the Clubbers. Almost all of the members will agree that the club is worthy of the school's support, and President Ohlinger went so far as to say, “Everyone should belong.” and that "all its projects have been so worth-while that the school should furnish halos to the members." A fine group of boys is coming within the eligibility limit, and the club will possibly increase in attendance this next year. Loyal Girls Club members are the girls above, each doing her best to be of service to the school. Heading this active service program is the cabinet, elected by the entire club. Lois Sommer is president: Harriett Zimmerman, vice-president: Pat .Moore, junior representative; Jean Rogers, sophomore representative; Jean King, freshman representative; and Nita Mae Allison represents the incoming freshmen B’s. Aiding the cabinet is the council, comprised and found system. The “Lost and Found" has aided many a student —watches, chemistry books, notebooks, and all of those “little, easily-lost articles" that give a guy or gal many a headache art-turning up “not missing” since the council has started its “Lost and Found.” “A tree PEKIXOIS for every I student every Friday" is another j of the newly adopted projects of j lie Student Council. Remember Del Harter, Jack ! Raymon, the snake man, Geoffrey O’Hara, the musician, Haitsma. the aviator, and Helen Hiett? The council arranged these lyceum programs, too. The Annual Student Talent Show, managed for the second time this year, may become a semi-annual project, now that the council has found two shows successful. Undoubtedly the council has worked this year, but there has been fun, too. In October it was the district convention at East Peoria, and in the spring the state convention in Carbondale. Members of the council also visited seven neighboring schools. of Bernice Sanders. Dolores Bas-co. Jessie Frazier, Eleanor Galbraith, Mary Alice Renter, Mary Ellen Thomas, Janice Coo| er. Ella Mae Williamson, and Mary Stowe. And then there’s the adviser of the girls. Miss Gramlich. The Girls Club has had its “finger in the pie” more than once this year. It has sponsored the matinee dances, served monthly teas to the faculty, presented the school with its first girls’ issue of the Pekinois, served tea to the school board at its monthly meetings, and sponsored the annual Senior May Day. Since the Girls Club is really a service group, it has co-operated with all school organizations. Most of the “big work” is done by committees, but all the girls are required to do some bit of service for the school, and therefore become better known by the students and faculty alike. Left to carry on and uphold the work of the Girls Club next year is the newly elected cabinet with— President—Pat Moore Vice-president—Dolores Banco Junior Representative— Edith Simoncini Sophomore Representative — Vera Pearl Green Freshman Representative — Wand Six

Page 16 text:

SENIOR EDITION Page 14 ROW I Leona Robinson Girls Club. Girl Reserves, Yarn-•T.-ift. Library ( n let. National Honor Society. Robert Stephens liaml, I’ekiuois Staff. French Club, Hall Cadet. Irene Tassart Girls Club. French Club, Girl Reserves, Hall Cadet. Melvin Meisinger Hall Cadet, National Honor Society. ROW II Homer Schaefer F. F. A., Caller. Marybeth Habberfield Girl Reserves, Yarncraft, Library Cadet. Johann Walkington I'ekinois Staff. Quill and Scroll, Girls Club. Girl Reserves, Hall Cadet, "The Mikado." "H. M. S. Pinafore.” Evelyn Weber Girl Reserves. Yarncraft. ROW' III Tresa Peseaglia Girls Club, Hall Cadet. Rex Super Track, Rasehall. Hall Cadet. Mary Louise Vaughn I’ekinois Staff, Rand. G. A. A.. Girls Club, Girl Reserves. Library Cadet, Hall Cadet. Eldon Thies Football. Track. Wrestling, Varsity Club. Photography. ROW IV Lloyd Jefford Hall Cadet. Jeane Schad Girl Reserves. Robert Tapping F. F. A. Phyllis Wooddell “Rachelor Rom.” G. A. A.. Girl Club, Girl Reserves. Yarncraft.

Page 18 text:

Page 16 SENIOR EDITION Annual ‘Rhapsody in Black' Marks Up Another Score m 9r. wmu Time: November 17 and 18, I}»:{! Place: P. (’. If. S. Auditorium Event: The annual RHAPSODY IN BLACK Music! Lights! Places! Curtain! . . “Speedhall" Wilcox, “Zeno-bia" Dieiil, “Fluff Guy (and the ‘Les Enfants’ make Debut Twenty-five members of the Freshman - Sophomore dramatic organization. In's Enfantes have completed a most successful first year. Practicing for plays they presented for the Thespian Troupe occupied most of the group's time this year. Jim Richards. Hetty Jean Saltier, and Wayne McGlinn took parts in “Red Carnations.” givin gtheir effective dramatizations for the Thespians, and in a true “drainer of the hills.” Jack Hackler. Dawn Pabst, and John Houston had roles. For their own group's entertainment, members Wilma Neuman, Earl Holland and Wayne McGlinn presented a farce. “Whose Money.” One of the top-notch programs of the year for the freshmen and sophomores featured recordings of Raymond Massey's stage version of "Abe Lincoln in Illinois' along with interesting facts about the picture of the same name. I little wig that wasn’t there). ' "Casanova Callahan, “Granny" Niovar, and “Bubbles" Lutticken as the famous dead men I mean ! end men. and John Caster, “super dumb” interlocutor, are in evidence. Making up the boys’ choir, sing ing “Ol Man River" and "Kentucky Babe," are Vernon Lewis, Hill .Mayer-Oakes, Angelo Karn-gianis, Merle Hlackahy, Everett Walbert, John Westrope, George I Zimmerman, Clare L-ilij, Harold Yocum, l«arry Becker, Jim Preston, Forest Hughes, I .oil is Schim-uielpfennig. Jim Hush, Douglas Wade, Vernon Kitterman, Harry Williams, and Hob McDonald. The three balladiers—Forest Hughes. Charles Timm, and Everett Walbert, sing "On the Road to Mandalay.” " I Poured My Heart Into a Song.” and “Until," respectively. as the show moves on. In Part II. "Over the Rainbow" is the general theme, with the Jazz orchestra dressed in nursery rhyme costumes. In the opening cone, Mary Woods, as a poor working girl. sings “Stormy Weather.” Larry Becker’s singing “The Umbrella Man" brings on a group of eight tap dancers "Singing in the Rain.” As the scene changes again, ‘Best ’39=’40 Thespians’ To Receive Drama Awards Bone, Art Department Head, to Model ‘Oscars’ Activity book holders who voted for the best Thespian girl and boy selected two students outstanding in major productions this year, from a group of over 30 candidates. M iss Hcllyn Cooper, class of 1940, was elected as the girl who has done the most outstanding work in dramatics this year, and Hill Richards, also from this year's graduating class, was chosen as the most outstanding actor among PCHS boys this term. Miss Cooper played prominent roles in both the all-school play. "Stage Door." and the senior class play. "Bachelor Born." New Idea of Double Casting Works in Junior Play June Mad, junior class play this year, inaugurated the doublecasting system for plays at Pekin High School. Friday and Saturday evenings. February 9 and 10, equally en- King Cole, portrayed by Hobart Browne, appears singing "01 King Cole” and a call for "Little Boy Blue” is sent out. while "Jack and Jill” entertain the king with their tap dancing. The stage is darkened. and with a loud crash of thunder, a beautiful ballet enters. Then, in the grand finale, Mary Jane Al-mone takes Mary Woods “Over the Rainbow." with the entire choir forming the background. The curtain falls, and another annual ‘black-out’ is past! tertaining performances were done by casts headed by Lorraine Lewis and Helen Parsons as Penny Wood, and Pete I’bben and Kill Mayer-Oakes, as Chuck Harris, glider-minded beau of lively fifteen-year-old Penny. Supporting casts for both evenings were also double-cast, and excellent characterizations were done by Dolores Basco and Shirley Dennis as Mrs. Wood. Jim Diehl and Vernon Lewis as Elmer, Gerald Maloney and Hill Nelson as Mervyn Wood, and Barbara Traub and Wilma Hayes as Effie. Especially adaptable for a junior class production, the play featured the trials of adolescence as discovered by Penny and Chuck, and how their families were affected by their “growing pains." Debate Team Has One of Most Successful Seasons In History; Receives High Rating in National Contest This season has marked the most successful one in the Pekin debate club's history. For this school an almost unheard of feat was accomplished this year, when the debaters, under the capable tutelage of Coach Nelson, traveled to Terre Haute, Indiana, to participate in the National Forensic League National Debate Tournament. There they received an excellent rating, or one slightly above the average of the other championship teams, winners of the Forensic District tournaments. gathered at Terre Haute. In this state there are two N. F. L. District tournaments. Northern and Southern, and in the entirety of America there are some 'oventy-five. each sending one or two teams as entries to the Indiana National. The distinction as to whether one or two teams enter depends on the number of teams in the district. If twelve or more are entered, two teams, first and second. are sent to National; if less, only first placers are sent. Pekin went by virtue of their second at the Jacksonville District. All season, some seven tournaments have been attended by the Pekin debaters, either by first or second teams or both. These tournaments were held at Lincoln, Jacksonville (District). Wesleyan, and the Terre Haute National. One of the four members of the A division squad, and three members of the B division group will probably make up the ’41 team. They are John (’aster. Jack Hack-lor, Bruce Brisendine. and Hob Heckman. The graduates are Dick Hell, Hill ()l crlr. Browning Jacobs, and Betty Hornan. Next year Mr. Nelson expects to have a fine group of students sn his team, and says he would like to complete his outfit with a humorous declamator, original orator. a group of actors for the one-act play contests, and all the others who will make a full group. He states that he has already reserved some hotel suites at Washington, D. C., the scene of next year's National.

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