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'14 it -X, g ,Zz ,J Pcmiher Staff BUSINESS MANAGER EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR 3 CLASS ADVISOR MRS JACOB ASKELAND B A Concordia College Moorhead Minnesota Hobby Reading MR JACOB ASKELAND A B Augustana College Theologlcal Seminary St Paul Minnesota Hobby Ftshmg bUPERlNTENDI-INT CLAYTON SCHMIDT A M North:-rn State Teachers College Umversxty of South Dakota Lxie member oi SDEA L lff! Professxonal Certxhcate Admmxstratxve Certxhcate Hobby Flower growmg f 'Q MR C HUCKENPOEHLER B Science University of Minnesota Member of SDEA Hobby Fishing and Huntxng J fO!f MIL TON HORSTMAN Chorus Panther Hx Llfe Panther Staff Unwersxty Exam Basketball Class Treasurer Grandma Gets Going ii' DUANE NILES Chorus Male Quartette Panther Hx Lxfe Busmess Manager Panther Busxness Manager Sub Drxve Basketball Carnxval Kmg Class Presxdent The Closed Door Bolts and Nuts Grandma Gets Gomg Class Vxce President JOYCE GERMAN Chorus Z Panther Hx Lxfe Grandma Gets Going Umversxty Exam Cnrnxval Queen Class Vxce President G V- V Ku- -. ,- - - V --W ---W - JOYCE CANFIELD Speaking Choir Panther H1 Life Panther Staff University Exam DONNA RUSTAND Chorus 1 2 3 Panther Hi Life Panther Sta!! University Exam Grandma Gets Going LENORD KRUEGER Chorus Panther H1 Life The Closed Door Grandma Gets Going University Exam Basketball Class Vice President Claes Treasurer Z .......................,, ' ............. 4 - ---------------- 3.4 ......... ....4 -'--------- --H4 " ' " ......... ..4 ' ' ............. ....3 Panther Staff. ..... . ........... . . 1 U ........ L+. M., ,P 'P re..e A .P V 4 If WILLIAM CHILSON Chorus Panther H1 Life Panther Staff The Closed Door Grandma Gets Gomg Unxvers :ty Exam Basketball Z Chorus HOWARD HUNTER Panther Hi Life Panther Staff Unxversity Exam Grandma Gets Going S LAVINA HOVE Chorus Sextette Panther H1 Lxfe Associate Emtor H1 Lxie Assocmte Edztor Panther The Closed Door Grandma Gets Going University Exam School Wmner TB Essay Class Presxdent Class Secretary Z ALMA BIEL Chorus Panther H1 Lxfe Panther Staff The Closed Door Grandma Gets Gomg Unwersxty Exam Class Treasurer CHARLOTTE DI Chorus Sextette Panther H1 Lxie Editor H1 Lxff- Edltor Panther The Closed Door Grandma Gets Gomg University Exam School Wxnner TB Essay DAR Representatxve Class Preszdent Class Secretary -ill ,Y Semor Class Hzstory ln 1947 fwe gxrls and s1.x boys entered Peever l-hgh School as Freshmen We were Alma Brel Wmlham Chzlson Charlotte Dzrks Darlene German Joyce German Mxlton Horstman Lavma Hove Howard Hunter Lenord Krueger Duane Nxles Donna Rustand and Ronald Lexseth Ronald soon decxded that h1gh school wasn t for h1m and dropped out The boys who went out for basketball were Mxlton W1ll1am and Duane We a belonged to the Mlxed Chorus Lenord and Charlotte were Carnlval Klng and Queen candldates of the Freshman class The waxtresses at the Junlor Senlor banquet were Alma Lavlna and Donna As the hrst year brought much success we declded to contmue the cllmb to hzgher learnmg We were glad to have Mav1s Chr1st1ansen who had transferred from Wilmot jom us At a class meetmg m the begmnmg of the year the class offxcers were elected President Charlotte Vice Presxdent Joyce Secretary Mavis and Treasurer Alma Lenord Duane and W1111am were agam members of the basketball team Duane and Lavma were chosen Carnwal Kmg and Queen cand1dates When the next year rolled around we were all back 111. school agam Th1s tzme as Jolly Juniors We were happy because our class roll was boosted to fourteen by the commg of Jeanella Argo and Crerghton Lew1s However Cre1ghton stayed wlth us only a few weeks and Jeanella dropped out later m the year Duane and W1l11am were agam on the basketball team We all sang m the chorus and Jeanella and Charlotte were members of the Sextette The Carnival King and Queen candldates were Lenord and Mavis The class offlcers that were elected are as follows Presxdent Lavma Secretary Charlotte Treasurer Lenord and V1ce President Duane I I , . I , 1 1 1 1 . . - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . , . , . . , , . ll . Y D ' . . . . . 1 ' 1 I 1 .. 9 I " 1 I 1 1 1 - v 1 - . . . . . . 2- . ' 1 . . . . . . . . . ' 1 1 , a o ' ' 9 1 9 " 9 - We began our SGHIOI year wxth eleven members Darlene and Mavms dld not re turn to P H S but Joyce Canheld a transfer from Browns Valley jolned us Our class offxcere thls year are Pres1dent Duane Secretarv Lavma Treas dates elected Ca1n1val Kmg and Queen of 1950 Congratulatlons Joyce German and Duane N1les Most of us are contmumg doing chorus work and Lavma lb also a member of the Lnrls Sextette thxs year Lenord and VN 1ll1am are renresented on the basketball team thxs season u Q Q, . , , U I a ., K ., Z . V, S , , . Q - urer, Miltong and Vice-President, Lenord. We were very proud to have our candi- . . . h . y A -. , . ., . Class Prophecy This all began on a hot summer afternoon Ln 1960 I was comlng back from Hollywood to v1s1t my old hometown of Peever and to see my classmates of 1951 I got off the plane m Aberdeen and bought myself an old car that I could use drwe around in as I left my Cadrllac m Hollywood I started on my way to Peever presently the motor coughed and sputted and fmally died Nothmg that I could do would make rt run agam I decrded to flag down a car and ask for help The frrst car I managed to hall down was a 1960 Nash Torpedo To my surprrse I saw Bmlly Chrlson sxttmg behmd the wheel As we drove we talked about our days together rn Peever Hrgh Bllly told me that he owned a large theatre m Watertown and that he was domg very well We drove to Summlt to see Joyce German Bally sard that she was marrled and her husband Arden was rxmnmg a garage As I was walkmg down the street I saw a big ugly lookmg fellow prckmg on a httle old man Presently a tall handsome gentleman to mmd hrs own busmess but the brave young man who was none other than Howard Hunter knocked the culprit down When I asked my old classmate of P H S what he was dolng now he replled that he was marrled and l1ved m Summ1t After we had talked for awhlle I sard goodbye and he ln turn wrshed me luck m my actmg career Once agam I started down the street wondermg rf I would meet any more of my frlends fxghtmg Anyway I hoped not Joyce and Arden were lwmg m a small brrck house on the outskirts of town When I knocked on the door Joyce answered She mvrted me to come 1n and I had lunch wrth her and her husband They wanted me to stay for the nlght but I was U1 a hurry to get home as I hadn t seen my parents yet I left the house and agam started walkmg As I looked up I saw a truck coming down the hxghway It was Lenord Krueger another pal of mme Notrcmg that I saw ' to man stepped up and told him to leave the old guy alone. The tough character told the him he stopped to talk w1th me He told me that he and his wife Beverly were l1v mg in Peever and that he was working for a large truck line He asked if I was married I had to confess that unfortunately I wasn t but I hoped that someday I would meet the g1rl of my dreams He asked if I would like to r1de with h1m but to our disappointment we were not heading the same way so we said Goodbye and went on our way As I walked by Summit High School I began to wonder what old P H S looked like now Suddenly my thoughts were broken as I heard someone call my name I turned and there to my surprxse stood Lavina Hove looking out a w1ndow I walked over and she told me she had gone to college and became a teacher While I was talk mg with her a baseball came flying through the window She had seen the boy who threw lt and she called him quickly and punished him I told her goodbye and left I began walking out of town and toward home It was getting near evening and I was very tlred and overcome by the heat of the long day After walking nearly three miles I looked back and saw a big limousine coming It stopped beside me and there was Milton Horstman I asked hun how life was treating him and he sa1d that he was enjoying himself He said that he was living in Szsseton and owned a very good garage He had marrled a lovely girl and they had a cute pair of twins When we came to my stop I got out of his car and thanked him for the lift As soon as I started walking again I began to feel very d1zzy I must have famted because I suddenly found Alma Blel and Donna Rustand by my bedside in whlte uniforms They told me that I had suffered from heat exhaustion and must stayg the hospital for two days They told me that they had gone to a nurse s tram mg school together and were now registered nurses in the new modern hospital in in Peever I was very proud that two of my schoolmates were in such a worthwhile profession thinking about the pranks we used to do when we were going to high school. My hrst v1s1tor was Joyce Canfxeld another graduate of 1951 She was now the Wlfe of a mxlllonazre and hvmg 111 Slsseton She and her husband Kenneth I-Illlburg had two lovely chlldren who looked very much llke thexr mother After I was released from the hospltal I bought myself another car There was one of my classmates that I had to see yet As I was drwlng down highway No 15 I came upon a beautiful farm newly bullt Allen Jarman was the name on the mall box I drove 1n as I had known hmm from my h1gh school days although I had not gone to school w1th hlm I stopped and asked two llttle boys lf they knew where Allen was They saxd Daddy s m the house I knocked on the door and xt was opened by Charlotte D1rks who had graduated wlth the class of 1951 and was now marrzed to Allen We had lunch together and I had to hurry aw ay because I had an appomtment ln Hollywood the follow1ng day , . ' 1 v . . , , . ' 1 - as v - vu - , . . , ' Class W111 We the Senior Class do hereby on our last days Ln the presence of the Peever Hlgh School puplls bequeath Alma Bxel bequeaths her front seat to Ronnie and her glft of gab to anyone of the Junlors who need It Joyce Canfzeld bequeaths her abxlxty to get away wlth eatlng candy U1 school tlme to Keemo B111y Chnlson bequeaths h1s extreme quxetness to Pat who seems to be 1n need Charlotte Dlrks wlshes to bequeath her big bundle of love letters to Bev The heart glven away ln them IS fraglle so handle wlth care Also her Job as Edltor Bev as she Mllton Horstman bequeaths hzs ab1l1ty to tell jokes and flxrt wlth the glrls to Arden Lavma Hove bequeaths her ab111ty to study to Valerza and also her wh1spermg ln Englxsh class to Beverly Howard Hunter bequeaths h1s four years of fun m hxgh school to any one of the Freshmen who W111 make use of them as he has Lenord Krueger bequeaths hxs good time laughmg and h1s ab1l1ty as a basketball player to Ronnle Duane Nlles Flash bequeaths hls job as student manager to Pete and h1s n1ck name to Harley Donna Rustand bequeaths her back seat m the Senlor row to Elmer Wren and her ablhty of note wrxtmg to Valena . . . . . of it. . . . . . . . to Joyce German bequeaths her giggles to anyone who can use them as effectively I I Freshman Class Dean Kempton Rxchard Hermman Edgar Johnson Constance Askeland Denon Geybgr Shirley Nerxson Bobby Grmde Dwayne Johnson Edean Landmark Freshman Class H :story There were twelve Freshmen an P H S thxs year They were Edean Landmark Shirley Nernson Marlon Sutton Arlas Rustand Dale Wren Kenneth Gr nd D Hernunan Constance Askeland Edgar Johnson Dwayne Johnson and Delton Gerber We were all very dxsappomted when Marzon and Dale dropped out leavmg only ten The boys who went out for basketball this year were Edean Kenneth Dean Richard, Edgar and Delton Kenneth was on the fxrst Ixve until he got sxck then Edgar took his place Shirley I5 one of the three cheerleaders Shirley and Edean were chosen Carmval Queen and Kung candxdates of the Freshman class Their officers are as follows Presxdent Dean, Vxce President Shirley Secretary Edgar and Treasurer, Edean 6 . . . . : , ' ' , ' , , , i e, ean Kempton, Richafrd ' I I l Y ' , . . I I F ' ' ' 1 ' . ' ' - ' , ' : . s .J -was l' ,..,.p Sophomore Class Audrey German Lyle Chapin Wallace Hortness Lapomm Gerber Roland P0115 Velva Horstman iff av I umor Class Mr Huckenpoehler Amos Oneroad Verlyn Owen Arden Johnson Pat Darrington Ronald Aker Harley Nnles Beverly Gnnde Valerm Cooper 'Elmer Wren 'Not ln Pxcture Sophomore Hzstory When school began m the fall of 49 seven green Freshmen chmbed the steps of Peever H1gh to begm thexr hlgh school career They were Lyle Chapm Wallace Hortness Velva Horstman Roland Pond Roy Crooks Audrey German and LaDonna Gerber Before long these Freshles forgot about bexng scared and green and began make places for themselves IH P H S Soon Lyle 'Wally and Roland were on the basketball team Wally and Roland rnakmg the flrst fwe LaDonna was one of the g1r1s who trled out for the Sextette and was chosen Audrey and Wally were the Freshman carnlval Queen and Kmg candzdates At a class meetmg at the beglnmng of the year they elected thexr class officers Treasurer Roy They began thexr Sophomore year wxth one fewer member as Roy Crooks de cxded not to come back to P H S wlth the rest of the class Ramon Renvllle who had transferred from Denver joxned the class for a few weeks but soon dropped out The offxcers who were elected are Presxdent Audrey V1ce Pres1dent Ramon Secretary LaDonna and Treasurer Wally The same three boys Lyle Roland and Wally are on the basketball team agam thls year The Sophomores are proud to have LaDonna as one of the cheerleaders LaDonna and Lyle were chosen Sophomore Queen and Kmg candxdates for the 1950 carnwal Audrey also smgs m the Sextette th1s year We are expectlng to hear more of this group when they r turn as Juniors next year . . , to as follows: President, LaDonnag Vice-President, Audreyg Secretary, Velvag and ' 3 ! i . I . I umor Class H zstory We all remember when school began m l948 how scared those elght Freshmen looked as they came mto assembly that mornmg They were Amos Oneroad Patrlck Darrmgton Harley N1les Ronald Aker Elmer Wren Valerxa Cooper Beverly Grznde and Arden Johnson Later Arlen Crooks who had transferred from Slsseton jomed them All of the Freshmen sang Ln the Mixed Chorus and Beverly and Valerxa were members the Glrls Sextette Amos was the only boy of the Freshman class who went out for basketball that season Thexr Carnwal Kmg and Queen candxdates were Arden Johnson and Valerxa Cooper Beverly was elected one of the cheerleaders They began their Sophomore year even more successful than their past year for now they had one more member m the1r class Verlyn Owen who transferr d from Flandreau All of the members from thezr last year s class were back wzth them agam thzs year Amos Verlyn Ronald Harley and Pat played on the basketball team durmg therr Sopho more year Amos Ronald and Verlyn were on the flrst five Beverly was agam elected as one of the cheerleaders for the school Ronald and Beverly were the Klng and Queen candidates for the Sophomore class Everyone 1n the class sang ln the Mixed Chorus and Beverly and Valerxa agam were mem bers of the Sextette At the beglnnlng of the school year 1950 the n1ne Sophomores of last year were back wxth us but they had now been promoted to the Junior Class The Jumors are an energetic class and lf there IS any mxschmef done around the school you can be sure that they had some part m It Amos and Verlyn were on the basketball team and Beverly was agaln elected as a cheer leader Beverly and Arden were the1r candidates for Carnlval Kmg and Queen Beverly and Valerxa are stlll members of the Sextette 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' of f 1 . . . . 1 1 1 o ' . , . . . 1 1 1 I ' . , , . . . . . . . v . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .iwhm ? vw Dorman Hansen Earl Hove Rxchard Crooks James Tuff Ottmar Krone James Hutchins Mr Marlow Severson Luther Askeland Helen Nebben Glenn Knutson Larry Crooks Helen Azarskx Boyd Hansen Theron Pond Arvnlla Rustnnd Eugene Erxckson Elnora Hutchms Karen Anderson Barbara Azarskx Rae Mane Pond Mary Ellen Hortness Donna Pame Elsze De France Robert De France, Robert Azarski, Mrs. Madsen, Eldon Kively, Timothy Crooks, Roger Pegerson, Ralph Sutton, Jerry Flannery, Gene Tuff, Gary Pederson, Avis Wren, Judy Karst, Donna Ness, Joann Erickson, Kay Erickson, Elaine De France, Karen Karst. ' . .f 1' , ' 5.4, I 1 1 1 5 A . if if J Peever Panther Bobby Grmde Coach Huckenpoehler Dean Kempton Lyle Chapm Delton Gerber Bxlly Chxlson Roland Pond Edean Landmark Wally Hortness Edgar Johnson Lenord Krueger Verlyn Owen Amos Oneroad Cheerleaders La Donna Gerber Shirley Nerison Beverly Grinde. The Hzghlzghts oi the 1950 and 1951 Sports Basketball In reference to last season s basketball games the odds were agamst us conslder ably Lack of helght and confidence has been a dxsadvantage for our teams In the ml t1a1 part of the year the Peever Panthers d1d lose many games but bemg defeated only made the Panthers feel like workmg harder and mspzred more teamwork In the later part of the season the Panthers were more successful wmnlng over the New Effzngton Tlgers once and over the Slsseton B team twxce These games were very excltmg The teams seemed to be very evenly matched and the scores were very close After the game played wlth New Effmgton III whlch the Panthers were victorious one of the students on the team became 111 H15 departure was mlssed greatly by all h1s teammates and coach He drd hrs best rn all the games played before his xllness We gwe much credxt to a good sport Bobby Grmde After h1s xllness Bobby be came student manager for the team The Panthers were very proud of thelr new suxts whlch are whrte satln wrth blue and gold trmm These outf1ts arrwed m trme to wear for our games 1n February and for the Sub D1str1ct tournament We played two games ln the Sub Dlstrzct tournament The f1rst game was w1th the B1g Stone Llons who defeated our team The second game was wxth the New Effmgton Tlgers who were defeated by the Waubay Dragons The Panthers were agam defeated by the Tigers but they were good losers and good sports Let s say that Lady Luck just wasn t wxth us The people of the communlty parents cheerleaders and pep squad have really boosted thelr home team Even at the games that were played when the Panthers were defeated the people of th1s communxty went to the games and really cheered for the boys Next yea s prospects are good Lenord Krueger and Billy Chzlson are the only Semors on the squad the past season I I - g . . 1 . . . . . u u '- . 1 1 . - .1 n - . . . . n 9 . . . ' - no fl ' - - Aa ll s ' 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q . . . . . . . , . ' 0 aa O1 . . , . . s 1 p . . 1 . . - . Coach MR 1-1UcxENPoEHLER Coachmg a group of boys IS a responsmbxhty one that any coach IS proud of domg Mr Huckenpoehler has really worked wxth the boys He gave the boys a lot of courage to get out there and play thexr best His job has been as tough as you fellows who play the game One of the thxngs that makes up a good game IS the bumld up from the coach just before you go into the game Mr Huckenpoehler stated at one game that the best Chrxstmas present the squad could gwe hzm was to wm the game Th1s the Panthers dld when they won the game aga1nSt the New Efflngton Tlgers by one pomt Much cred It goes to our wonderful coach Mr Huckenpoehler Ciher Sports Another athlet1c sport to take place wlthln the next three months 15 track Mr Schmxdt would llke to have as many boys take part Ln thls sport as poss1ble Mr Schmldt also seems to be very mterested m havmg a football team With the co operatzon from the students th1s should also be a big success Cheerleaders The spothght shznes on our 1950 and 51 cheerleaders as follows Beverly Grmde LaDonna Gerber and Sh1rley Nerlson Thzs year has turned the spectators eyes on these three charmmg and attractwe cheerleaders Thelr 0Utf1tS consisted of blue corduroy sklrts gold wesklts and white satm blouses They had many new yells and they put a lot of meanmg mto them Their support to the team has helped amazmgly at all the games Many comph ments should be given to our cheerleaders - . - ... . . , - . . . .. n . - I . . . . . . , . . - . 1 a Q ' . . . 9 . . . . . , 7 I ' 0 1 1 n . . - . . u U 1 Bxg holt 1 ,gum DfOl'1t Basketball Scores Diff 30 xr JTO ill 5 JA IUURN ilxir .J I I New wa K ??3"J,'w W X mifffff iQL2ff'fl Ifwglg, Cuz' rf .,.,.. 75 ..., .7 l"8 FQJSI Lv ...,., S4 .... . RV.l!ITTi1I'. , ... .5-'4 .... P3 l lr- fx15jT1'..,v11'.. ..., Si. , ... . . .A Rs ...., .,.. Q, ll-1 LQ f1',,....., New Eff? . VJ .. N .3 F1 f- elm' W ., . ,. HU. . , b11z'zi:111' .x.,, . ,NI . 1 A 7 ' -f'...,...' fmt? 1l?fi'Mf'1! , Viv .. , ff ui iff X -.'1 A1 . .. V- . .x Xgfil X Y I A ,L 1 I L -'VJ lx gy 'Z l' li-U. Ifhkflf Vflll, i'1.1ffk4lf-.xIvf,-flE 1' Elan. mn- , .,V. . l ..,, L I ' '5 L--YS' '.2i'1v vlnur. "f , ,.. ff Q h hx tR'kJI4.'QiL1f'Li gamut' l.I'I1U'f1 xi 'Ju IHA: iff I L: rxmzzurr' SUIT -M fn :N lvg-J KC 1' Y :A fl TJ I' ' ' -. .. .. fl? ...... ' Z If-4 Iyffw Fjifi mlou. , .6'7. ,. . . 4 X? .pw 3 ,M........, Girls Sextette Beverly Grmde Charlotte Dxrks LaDo G nna ex-ber Valerm Cooper Lavma Hove Au drey German TOP ROW Richard l-lermman Edean Landmark Dean Kempton Lyle Chapin Harley Niles Bobby Grinde Ronald Aker Wally Hortnes-s MIDDL Dwayne Johnson Connie Askeland Delton Gerber Pat Darrington Duane Niles Velva Horstman E ROW Mrs. J. Askeland Edgar Johnson Arden Johnson Verlyn Owen Amos Oneroad Rev. J. Askeland BOTTOM ROW Shirley Nerison Joyce German Charlotte Dirks Hove Beverly Grinde Valeria Cooper Alma Biel La.Donna Gerber Audrey German -wr' Muszc ACf1V1t16S Reverend and Mrs Jacob Askeland are ln charge of the M1xed Chorus and G11 ls Sextette th1s year and are doxng a very fzne Job We are plannmg on two muslc festlvals to be held m the sprmg There w1l1 be one at Blg Stone on Apr1l 7th and the other at Wllmot on Apr 11 27th lhese festlvals are for the smaller schools only These are Peever Blg Stone VK1lmot Summxt and Corona Last fall the var1ous d1rectors met and declded on the songs to be sung by the mass chorus There will be numbers by smaller groups and sololsts and the mass chorus w1ll smg the songs we have been practzcmg In the fmrst festwal at Bzg Stone Cxty the smaller groups vocal and mstrumental w1ll perform m the afternoon The evenmg program w1ll be an the form of a concert presented by the better smaller groups and the mass chorus made up of muced choruses of the schools represented The festwal at Wllmot will be an evenmg performance only Chrrstmas Party On the evenmg of December Zlst all the students gathered at the schoolhouse for a Chrzstmas party The east room had been beautxfully decorated by the decoratlng commlttee m red and green streamers mzstletoe m the doorway and a pretty Chnstmas tree At 8 O0 there was a short program The Chrlstmas story was read by Reverend Jacob Askeland and Mr Schnfudt and Mr Huckenpoehler gave us mterestmg talks There were numbers by the Gu-ls Sextette and Quartette and a lovely p1ano solo Connxe Askeland The group sang several Chr1stmas carols togethew also After the program we all played games and gathered around the plano and sang unt11 lunch was served After a dehcxous lunch had been served by the lunch comm1ttee, the glfts were opened. As the party broke up and we started home, we all agreed xt had been a very enjoyable evemng . . . .2 M . " l ! 9 Y ' l 7 I . . . Y . 9 I . I . by 0 I I I . Arthur Elliot Sally Elliot June Elliot Ralph Elliot Grandpa Morse Grandma Morse Evelyn Dobson Irving Lowell Chet Barrows A traveling salesman His wife Their daughter Their son Sally s father His wife Her daughter A rich young man A poor young man Milton Horstman Lavina Hove Charlotte Dirks Lenord Krueger Duane Niles Alma Biel Joyce German Billy Chils on Howard Hunter Arthur Elliot is a middle aged traveling salesman who makes an excellent yearly income but not nearly enough to compete with the extravagances of his family which consists of his wife Sally, his pretty young daughter June and his young son Ralph Sally has absolutely no idea of the value of money and the two children think their father is an unending source of supply On many occasions he has argued and pleaded with his wife to economize but heedlessly she continues to spend Her account at the bank is invariably overdrawn and things come to such a pass that Arthur realizes something must be done to curb expenses Spending the summer with them are his wife s father and mother known affectionate ly as Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa is a lovable old cuss who is addicted to the habit of sending for a sample of everything he hears advertised over the radio Grandma is the sensible member of the whole family and in despair Arthur turns to her for advice She suggests that as it is August first and he is just beginning a month s vacation that he write himself a letter saying that his firm has fired him The vacation will give him a legitimate excuse to remain home from his work Grandma believes that this news will make the family more considerate of Arthur and his finances, and perhaps Ralph and June might even go to work to help out. 'But when the letter arrives and Arthur dis- closes its contents to his family, they are indignant that all their fads, fancies, and pleas- ures must be curtailed. They are the epitome of selfishness and inconsideration. Synopsis oi The Senior Play Martha Dobson. . . l u . . .. A neighblor ....... . . .Donna Rustand So Grandma suggests a more drastic move on the part of her son-in-law. He must "disappear" from home and leave them entirely to their own devices. W ith Arthur "gone" and all charge accounts cut off, they come to their senses. Ralph, the son, gets a job and is saved from becoming an idler. June applies for and gets a position as English teacher in a high school. And Sally! What a change comes over her! For when Arthur returns home several weeks later to announce that he really has lost his job, he finds a household that is realy and willing to work shoulder to-shoulder with him. And his gratitude to Grandma knows no bounds for setting his house in order. A smiling and happy Grandma retorts: 'Al may be seventy years old, but nobody can beat Grandma once she gets going." 3-, The 1950 Carmval On October 27th the school carnival was held at the Peever audltorlum There was a program presented by the grade ter wh1ch the VBIIOUS concessmns were opened for busxness The hxghlzght of the evenxng was the coronatxon of the Kmg and Queen who were Duane Nxles and Joyce German The proceeds of the carmval were used to purchase new basketball suits and help fmance the film program I 1 is school at the beginning of the evening, ai- I- o Jw Q 9299 vi... Gomg places Del '7 7 7 What s the matter Duane Havmg fun Joyce 7 Smxle pretty gn-ls Workmg hard " 9 9 " 'P Look out you mxght fall Alma Caught Ln the act Fr1ends"' Hx Ve1va" Watch It Red"' Good catch"' Chums" Smxle Lenord"' Havmg fun? " 'P .av 'W WGN arise W9 MSN! -ng, I f r . . gy' 4574- V K e gf , ' K 1 . fu' . W V. ge fi ff Q ' W' iliifq M A . w hi . - o o -K i . N , Y, D E' Www . s . 'S sf Y , , Y . . A ll IQ, i o w I K I .g K z 1 ' . ooyol . . ,, lo e 1. ' , . . . a. ' 2. ' , ? v 9. - ..e 3. - , . ? v lo. ' , 4. ' , ' Y ll. 5. ' ,,... nz. ..: 6. , ' , 2 13. ' , 7. ' .L 14. ' . . . U , M Whore are you golng Love' that man' ' Thy good old days"' Bev and Bob"' The foursonxcn' Juqi Ronnie "' Txrcd gxrls 'P 9 '7 VK hat s tlu matter H The Hlgh School Ford CRANK All the Junxors and Seniors after a qumz ln Internahonal Relatlons WHEELS Faculty HEADLIGHT Prof Schmldt CARBURETOR Leonard Krueger WINDSHIELD Elmer Wren ACCELERATOR Howard Hunter HORNS Donna Rustand and Alma SPEEDOMETER Harley Nlles GAS Enghsh III Class EXHAUST PIPE Valerla Cooper BRAKE Reverend J Askeland SPARK PLUG Wally Hortness CHAUFFEUR Lyle Chapln NUTS Freshmen BUMPERS Sophomores CUSHIONS Pat Darrmgton MUFFLER Mr Huckenpoehler RADIO Assembly before roll call GARAGE P H S Blel OIL--Duane Niles Alumni of P H CLASS OF 1950 Maman Wren Mrs Wayne Barry lwmg ln Peever Emll Niles Worlung at Lloyd Fredrlckson s store Peever Stanley Bxel Home at present CLASS OF 1949 Ardon Grlnde Workmg ln a creamery 1n Wilmot Norman Sundhe1m Working ln Harold s Garage Peever Paul Anderson Attendmg Northern State Teachers College Beth Gerber Attendmg Northern State Teachers College Wxlma Rustand Attendmg Mltchell Busmess College Carmyn Currence Mrs Stanley Halselde bookkeeper 1n Harold s Garage Kenneth German In the Army Elame German Mrs Merlm I-lern1man teacher of a rural school Agnes Chrzlstlansen Mrs Curt1ss Tuff llvmg 1n Peever Merlyn Horstman Home at present CLASS OF 1949 Bxlly Babb Lwmg 111 Huron workmg at Armour s packmg plant Bennle Bzel Home at present Shirley Hove Teachmg a rural school near Peever De1or1s Kuehn Mrs Wmton Martmson, lzvmg m S1sseton CLASS OF 1947 Arlene Schrader Teachmg a rural school, lwmg m Peever Quentm Gerber In the Army ln Korea Stanley Hortness In the Army Avis Chilson--Working in the office of the Otter Tail Power Company. Craxg Schmxdt Domg graduate w ork 1n math at the Umverslty of W lsconsm Arlene Oneroad L lvmg near Peever Delorls German Mrs Clarence Lew IS, lwmg near Rosholt Harold Horitman Home at preQent Cl ASS OF 1946 Cfliclys Drowclal Ivlrs Froko, 11Y1f1g Ln Rapld City South Dakota Leroy 5undhfrim--Attendxng Northern dtate Terarhers College. Qqufog 'XV lx 5 1 il, ,YA X , , , -f 'af V - .QW 3'.1',V?V ' 2 I Q ,ff N, , ,- -N Valley Equipment Co AUTHORIZED DEALERS JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT PHONE 2 BROWNS VALLEY MINN ESOTA Backer Enterprises BROWVNS VALLEY MIND ESOTA VALLEY THEATRE Northwest Fmest Wlde Rance Sound Washed A11' Coohng System Phone 17 The New VALLEY BARREL Curb SGFVICC Lunches Candy Ice Cream Root Beer Phone 180 LEO A. BACKER, MGR. --- BROKVNS VALLEY, MINN, Brooks Body gl Paint Shop 24-HOUR - WRECKER SERVICE - 24-HOUR POINTIAC Sz WILLYS - SALES Sz SERVICE GLASS FOR ALL MAKES OF CARS IINSTALLED WHILE YOL VVAIT CALL 103W SISSETON S D COMPLIMENTS OF Victoria Elevator Co PEEVE S D , Y N COAL - GRAIN - GAS - OIL CONGRATULATIONS TO PEEVER HIGH SCHOOL J F Freclncn GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL ELECTRIC Sz CROSLEY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PROPANE GAS RETAIL 85 WHOLESALE PHONE 12 VV PEEVER The Roberts County National Bank MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORAT SISSETON S D ION - , S. D. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '51 Tekakwltha Clmlc S1sseton S D J Bregel Optometrlst D Peabody M D P Nolan M D R Sorbel D D S Lanclsberger Creamery 8 Produce NVholesale Dealers In Fancy Butter Eggs Poultry And General Produce Packe s of Wluetstone Valley Butter Eggs Sz Poultry Slsseton S D Consplunents of STEVIQ Bros , Inc S1sseton, S D D. . , ' P. . , f . . B. . , . . E. A. Misterek, D. D. S. Farmers Union Coop Assn Farm Supphes Petroleum Products Electmcal Apphances Phone 94 S1sseton S D North of the Clty L1m1ts S1sseton S Slssefon Livestock Sales Pavillon Telephone 360 Tollefson 8a Hellxug Mgrs Bonded 81 Insured Sales Conducted 1 00 P M Every Thursday Greetmgs To The Senlors Class from John Ohver Myrtle Marlys Cab V1ola LaVerta Delmar At Swenumson Drug s r- l . V I o ' Af , o I . . I I I I ' I I ' I r -A o c 4 Q s s gf ,-, , un, vrv, - , ful: ., . ,,,, Y , , Y - - f"- 4- 4- A-WWW -- -Af---v-A -4 A Congratulatwns Peever Hlgh School PAVEK S STORE Auto Hardware 8x Electrlcal Supphes Sporung Goods Housewares Apphances 85 Records Dhone 228 W Joe Pavck Owner J C PENNEY CO The Fam11x Store S1sseton S D Kelvlnator Apphances Sewmg Machmes Hemst1tch1ng Button Covermg Button Holes Phone 218 Slsseton S D NURTH AMERICAN CREAMERIES Beverages Ice C1 earn Mgr Leo George Phone 10 Slsseton S D 'J HANNASCH APPLIANCES A 85 C VARIETY 50 10C 1 00 8a UP The Store W 1th Over 10 000 Items A L Torness C D Pr1or Slsseton S D CHRISTIANSON GRAIN C0 Dealers In Grams 85 Fuel Phone 127 Slsseton S WEST SIDE GROCERY Grocerles Meats Vegetables O K Tasa Owner Phone 168W S1sseton SILVER EXPRESS TRUCK LINES Overnlte Serv1ce From T'vV1I'1 C1t1es TW1l'1 C1ty Address 1000 Eust1s St Phone Nestor 8801 Home Off1CG Slsseton S D Phone 175W 1- 17 H - 7- 7 ' 2 . 1 L - . . , n s A . 1 I r n n , - . . ,- . - , . l - - 1 - - - l in RICK 8a ROY'S Cafe Grocery Station Gates Tires Tubes Batteries Phone 141W Sisseton S D FARMERS UNION GRAIN TERVIINAL ASSN Phone 431 Peever J N Pederson HAROLD HORTNESS IMPLEMENT McCormick Deering Farm Equipment International Trucks Phone 111 Peever Harold Hortness Prop INTERLAKE MILL 85 ELEVATOR Grain Seed Feed Coal Grinding Cleaning Mixing Phones 164 177 Browns Valley Minn Gas 81 Oil - Tires - Auto Accessories - Shop Service Where Your Dollar Buys More MARSHALL WELLS STORE Browns Valley Mlnn ROY MILLER MOTOR CO 'Vhnneapohs Mohne Farm Machlnery Dodge Sz Plymouth Cars Browns Valley M1nn SCHIEFELBEIN IMPLEMENT CO lnternatlonal Farm Machmery 85 Parts Ph1lco Crosley 8: Internatlonal Refmgerators Phllco 8.1 Crosley Radxos Phone 110 Browns Valley M1nn C E McGOWAN LUMBER CO H A Dunham Mgr Bu1ld1ng Matemal 82: Fuel Peever S D , . . 1 . . . . - .. , . , . . - a . . , . , . . SISSETON GRAIN CO Graln 85 Coal Mgr Andrew Lex IS Phone 21 Slsseton FOIXDER REPAIR SHOP General Repalrlng Guaranteed Vx ork Cars 'I rucks T1 actors LaVerne Fonder Phone 3-17 S1sseton ullan H Pearson Prop Phone 22 S1sseton LYNCH S FOOD SKOGMOS Phon 122 Browns Valle, Browns Valley . . , M7 PEARSON DRUG CO. J " . H , . 2 - ' OKERLUND SEED CO Phone 116 S1sseton WILSONS BARBER SHOP Phone 27 S1sseton VELLENGA MOTOR CO Ford 8z John Deere Products Phone 292 S1sseton DOWNTOWN TEXACO Phone 45 S1sseton SISSETON GREENHOUSE 85 NURSERY Phone 64 J L Solnar Prop Floral Desrgns A Spec1alty BOYD S CAFE PLANTS AUTO SHOP S1sseton S D NELSON S Racho Sz Photo Serv1ce Phone 396 S1sseton Cut Flowers - Plants 8a Nursery Stock Phone 34 Sisseton METZ FURNITURE CO. SISSETON CLINIC Browns Valley, Minn. Phone 160 Sisseton I BAER HARDWARE BENIDT CHEVROLET CO. Phone 209 Brow ns Valley Phone 182 Sisseton VALLEY VARIETY FARM SERVICE STORE Browns Valley Mlnn Phone 72 S sseton LES DIIYO STANDARD SERVICE RUSTAND S PRODUCE Browns Valley Phone 63 PGGVGI' S D v 7 v 1 1 - ' 1 Q 9 , , . . - WLM- , ,,,. .Ig NELS HANSEN PORTER CHEVROLET CO Phfme 631 Peever W11mot Phone 2971 L H McKENNA DFugg1St W11mot S D HOIWELL DAIRY D1a1 2 17 1 Wllmot WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR I-IELPIIVG MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE . 0 1 , . . I Y . 1 1 mph.

Suggestions in the Peever High School - Panther Yearbook (Peever, SD) collection:

Peever High School - Panther Yearbook (Peever, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 58

1951, pg 58

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1951, pg 62

Peever High School - Panther Yearbook (Peever, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 30

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Peever High School - Panther Yearbook (Peever, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 52

1951, pg 52

Peever High School - Panther Yearbook (Peever, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 32

1951, pg 32

Peever High School - Panther Yearbook (Peever, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 50

1951, pg 50

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