Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA)

 - Class of 1988

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Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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aff , Ji x 1 f V f I 1, W" 9 5 f F Q 5 4 5 f' 2 J IHIMSLERWMW lillllillilllli fffgfg Cf UU 4 ' S 2 Student Life a.r'V Q tiff ' g5Zl'Z!!Zl7ZEZNZff glfllflff Q! -4 I 9 . 7., ,N Matt, Mike, 8L David do The CONGA! Dwight, Jonar, Jason 84 Gary wonder, "Are we having fun yet? Ya ull W . Meghan asks Jennifer, "WhaT was Thai?" Chris in aciion! Waich out Robert, Spencer 84 Adam, Mr. Klipp Amy, Michelle, 84 Sheila, The "Three Muske- Teers". i says Tha'r's a "No, Noi' Sfudenf Life 3 1- .2-? Nw,-1 - 3' L RS: 'Q . X' 2 'E 1 M I .............., I af N Y L gigs. wi' K. Al -Q my iw 31 H summlral 'li' mm 5' 'I W'- v uf" may Surf's up aT La Jolla and Pacific Beach, and The crowd's hanging ouT aT GrossmonT CenTer. Cherry Capri Suns are a musT aT lunch. Parkway's PaTrioTs IisTen To The hoT- TesT music groups and The cooIesT Tunes. gwgrgigrf L91 Top 40 Music Groups: 1 Oingo Boingo, 2 Depeche Mode, 3 U 2, A New Order, 5 INXS, 6 Big Audio DynarniTe, 7 Squeeze, 8 Echo and The Bunnymen, Q The CuIT, 'IO The Cure X T 2 f 2 .. iw.. 2.-. . .... i . T X T T .. f i "" ' . cccc . he - . -' ' 5 A " .,k5:f'.i" " 'O VM. :6S::.:,-h::5- Eiiffv-X212 : I :-- 1 'rv . 'EEEQQEH '-::. - :rEi1'.:.- cs- fr .... , X f, .. ..., A ...RS--xr, 12, - vw., ,,... , ..:: f ..:-1 .. if-1-X. .... A ...... ..X .., in .. . Sf WEE: 1 - ff RES.. 5---Q..,.: 4 .... K, i -.TS . .fig if' K. K . K . --rr . . 1 'X f .... A A . - -. - . if B T B To OST -1-ff - 3515! .f-.-I.. Q, T ,Q 1 T Q p T T ' T 8" 'fifrniff' '-ffeess., K .T 2 ..... K ..... " v---- T CharloTTe Russe T . . --.. ,.... C rrrr ,rrr . T T' - K- kkhk . . ' ' T X f.. eiifliix' ' ,.g... , ,.. S . T 6 STudenT Life like . . S, .X 4.51-is as-wr O .... We ,. rrr.. r 'Ss r-BEAVER1iiik.EE.sT57iiiifis-.. X !?5rf2f2'2f!islieiigfiieifzi 21222122 .. ff, ...M ..,:... in .--fr'-1:5--wg. ,,.- ... X ...,,, w,,.--...K ...M .... r,.......... K if 'T - . ........ 'feggsfry X--2: 'T .fs rw fgsfssfx. , .z if .., -z en.-. . ...QQ . .. f ,.. W,-e , ... .Q .... . .. K . ...g f A---- ---- A ---- - ffm .. S-v+E2wf4s3iififz?K1 ,Q 2. -f...-...r...auw.w -..:.2-2.f......f .-.N .... sis? -If' .... - er Nw- Bfisifaif- rsfsiiigggzigkggg igigmegggg: SLT.iE..5. iE K as T 7..g3!AW.Q.1---.s..Ssf.....-WT Iv ,f ..--Rf.. .... T w . -"' . ,,.. . A T X SHOP TIL YOU DROP! I7"i1 o . .,. .fv,., .c-31 .--1 -.1 -. ,: 4 A . Q s..-jf,-e.-5 s .,.f. . O .es.o,,,..,5.,. 4 . ' . A "'...u.-.-.SA . .- r .-.. -x .-,-, ,-...sq w -,. 4 . , -' 7' . - ' ,'.-gag.-.'o,w 9-35 ' ' -1 , ' 'A -as--.'.'fef Q o - , '--.5 A ' - " ' inn!" ' 1 '. 4' ' 0 9.43,-, ' .1 X13-KMQQN K'7'1' , - . of ' O 0 35. F 'f....7zv:: in ' "a",o'f . QL .-'QM 1' -3,351 v w, 4- xxx? L4.nVA4 uMn N5 -vgvvxinla , . Ouioip 1 'boom 'Dubbm 9 Fl 0 15014 9 e Y ,,,... K Capri Sun's lookin' better than ever. TOP 40 BEACHES Y 4. La Jolla 2. Pacific Beach 3. Maui A. Waikiki 5. South Mission 6. Del Mar 7. Cardiff 8. Newport Q. Huntington 40. San Elijo l C WIPE OUT! N196 3 Dwai says thumbs up for Grossmont Triplex. ,.,. gy b 3 Q . y A Q P an ' XJ ci 1' rr' . 47. r Q I lll 1 IH' 7' 1 42: Q I . .tl W D 4' Carrie, Maija, 84 Tony call 94X to request a song. X 'F A Hot Spots: Grossmont Center, The Beach, Tracy Tarlov's Candy Bowl. Parkway Market. Family Fun, Grossmont Football Games. Texaco, 7-44, Parkway Plaza, WalIow's Student Life 7 ff' may 'inf ,Iggy r Wk? rr Q r - - rrrr 1 S-U-U-U-R-F F-E-T-T-T-I-S-H O WWUW Hold on To your hour Porkwoy s eorned Their srripes. MW, H Spiro and Dave wearing earrings? In 4988 Parkway's PaTrioTs kepT up wiTh The laTesT fads, as always! WheTher iT was wearing our acid-wash jeans while dancing To U 2, or wearing our G-oTcha shorTs while skaTing To GrossmonT CenTer, or maybe puTTing on our Keds and jamming ouT The door, we were cool! We always wore SwaTchs To make sure we goT home in Time To waTch The Cosby Show or Growing Pains. Wi !H"'nn-'T lil , Y 1,,... 5 . , f JV' e Huw L4 I "V, - A yn A L J TTS i'iIiIiliiiJ""T' "Tr .T ' T rr STudenT Life Q 1-.1 55 "o 21, +3 53 -O' Q2 'WlWi0IW Ronit Gecnter SL Editor UEIU UU DDU of- MZIVZNZZIZAZZI ff f fm Chest Bottlcelll Lob Tech O, 4 4 ...-..Y... j Jdson Eskndge Student I D I CnoIeAnne Cook Student ID Edutor J Q, WE t ,,,, 'tt M' Gino G-idcinto Cf1fiS Goble ASB. A.S.B. 1 Dovid Huish A.S.B. O XO!! Rygn Kqfgokg d owoi Kimball Jeffv Kirtland An Ediiof Editor 'N Chief Lab Tech gigrgiifgff 090 we Z Shannon LaSalle Llane Lapp Student I D Student ID Editor Billy Leitner Student Life Jill Rothwell A.S.B. Editor This year s Annual Staff is the best one ever! We have been working really hard to bring you the best yearbook yet! Do you , know how hard it is count- ing picas and getting all ' " 3 you unhappy humans to smile? Well lt's all in a day's work. Spiro Preovolos Student Life I X ' Mrs. Conrad Annual Advisor Tony Sciarrino Student l.D. Peter Willson Student Life I Q Angie Rogers Student l.D. - Maria Gates Carrie Lintvedt Student l.D. '81 -' as Al-7 Nom. PM ENTOQ Safie Taheri Copy Editor ' J .J Lab Tech 'QU W ix Y A 3 w . .12 'ls -v-'QI K :.:. f ,. , tl 19 A m. az 3. Q W M' LUN' mm 'Q T W4 rf E . ag , If 'xiii :fi -- 1:53553 5133 '32 2,1 I 1 ? ., 4.5, ,W , EW-W, 5 E W1-13541 : 'J ' ' f 5?:.'wf' . af , , N Vi 'wh iii K 5. .lt Q 459 f ' :fa M ifiag ' 'W -W We .-, 4 '+...,, -T- . Nbx vi'-k a,r fu 0 i f 'i y ffl lQ.'S'T'fW-'2.:w::'r'r - , TiQwGw,4i5PN'0"5'FWQ, 5 -?..l ARM ii 1 H 4 . W NS' Q ui ' 1:2 ,wg 4 ZUZVZIZSZUZRZVI GGCUCZIEQFUL-5 img? QQ in-a J f Mr. Fox discusses The loTesT wiTh Nicole, Josh, CdThy ohd Joy. 14 Advisory On Holloweeh, There wos o schoolwide dssembly in The quod during Advisory closs. Everyone IeT Their bolloohs go free os o symbol of Pdrkwoy Middle School's commiTmehT To o heolThy life sTyle! N " A. Parkway says NO To Drugs! RoberT, Shawn, Ward, John, 84 Chris have Mr. Dean for Advisory. 14 7113, 'Tw h, W T U Dennis, Dawn, Jacqueline, Lana, Rhodelia, Joni, 84 Cheryl lisTen To Mrs. Dirksen Talk abouT STudy Skills. This year is The firsT year of PKMS. gParkway Middle choolj We've h a d m a n y changes. One of Those changes is ThaT now every sTudenT has an Advisory class. This class is noT To do homework in, Though many sTu- denTs wish iT was. This class is sup- posed To Teach you, among oTher Things, beTTer sTudy skills, com- municaTion skills, self-awareness, decision making, 84 culTural aware- ness. Everybody's House is deTer- mined by Their Advisory secTion. Mrs. Peckham reads The bulleTin To her advisory group of ghosTs 8a goblins. Advisory 45 16 EPR F3 ' ' fxfiTl5"f- - uw, War, .. wa, V X952 XA A 1 if-1 ,SQA WW ?!H ! fi N , mi, .un ggi ..,x.e-' A .4 ,, 'iff' .f ., .W ,f 3 3 fi! :lf I yn-0' f-'iw wwf,-,,,. , QF' Q.. Gina and Carrie join The Bad Boys Club! Baby Boomers SKATE on DIE Joi' HOUSS ROCK -'n ' ' ,. . ' AVI: W ,V e M ,.,, 'ilk 44 gp I A 4.,, 4 gh H -1 2 6 gf ' s wf? M f 1 4 .,,Vk f in I The Monsfer Squqd 81h Graders dress-up for Halloween Kirk Cameron Fan Club Ryan 84 Dominic dress up as the MacKenzie brothers. Travis ! Thgf says GIRLS!!! Revenge of the Nerds part 3 Halloween 17 4494 Email 252 ,.,,u g a, ,Wy . M, Nu' f ' A fa fi M .W M 'Q 34 'W 0 2 an 7 Q- 37 gq 'M nan ff- ff 'W We '?N,4e i 4'F'Zz'gAgsgHgHgAgcg1cf , ww E , . .f . T "" ui V A I v . 4. . W g . 1 fi ., .1 t W A A. , um,,yMv..f-Jalan, Gonsalves Flahive Beach Marquez Fuller Goble Ryan Swenson Mulier Long Tachlquin Auli Hlavac Cowser Record Zwibel Carroll Fredricks Foggiano Fuller Mafhews Ward ,G ,L. ,G T J. M M M M R. S. J. S. A H S. Angulo Sciarrino Giacinio Sciarrino Shepard Cabel Kell Sousa Adams C-edalanga Smith Looney Klippel Bargholz Lake Putnam W Arms R. C D A K Tally Prafher Olson Rogers Daynes Linivedi . Miller Oriman Dawsey Subleile Longsfreth L. Rodriguez Hill J. Roihwell Flares Hancock Marinesi Bolhcelli . Fogelsfrom Hord Weldefi Bonifacio . W Wira JOTTTGS , C, Grant Sway . J. Walfher M M S A S C J. J. P. G G A, Fajerman K. S. D. . Amy J. Wynn P. Garauno T. Angulo J T. Srnilh S Ml T. A J. C A E. J. C V D V K L D J. K B A C J B D Trohier Evans Wright Goble Williams Barnes Schweer Zasuela Rider Hollowall Cabigao Frosi Bollengier Campbell Kugler Lange Leeper Roche Clarke Firsch G-onsalyes Anderson kg sb ,f v ff 1. . I 1 f.,,,,fr ,M ld J. Hansen K, Hackelf J. Renie A Williams I Russell V, Firsch H. Ouihler J, Wright G. Gabrielson D. Najor Jamie J Bresnick M. Sianley S. Krnc M Kilbride T. Wayne C. Rodriguez J Smiih S. Chiicuii J Culberlson J Ballaw T. Troiiier 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 Gibson Anderson E. Erpelding RUSSGII M. GGTGS Moon Leilner Thomas ' Rledl Edrozo Tachiquin Grace Malsack Saloufakos Chessman Robinson Escobedo Eizonas Thompson S 11415451 -wg Z, A f fag!! l 1 President Vice Presidenl Katherine Deynes Moll Villoescuso 4,,.v'-v-M Secretory Treasurer Gino Giclcinfo Billy Leifner isg iff, T EUMFHS M2 we Advisors Mr. Weckerly 84 Mr. Deon. Eleciion Day! 20 Purple Triumphs ii R President Vice President Maija Gates Jason Eskridge L5 fi ff 7 2 ,K gan MMM , ,,, M Secretary Treasurer Alex Newton Traci Ross Advisor Mrs, Conrad ROwdy Reds hcve Spirit. Red Bulls 21 ff Q, me iii NAU Ei gi Presidenl Vice Presidenl Ryan Niles Rodney Rambo 54, CII is Secrefary Treasurer Cindy Clarke Jane? Borg 4. in Ei 22 Golden Apes 'xx Advisor Miss Thompson Blue 81 Gold Eleclion Assembly CD CD eff f'?f'g" li gQ-1-3141:-li' - President Vice President Jeremy Gotlieb Karen Hackett 'Wi , VN STV Secretary Treasurer Jennifer Schweer Jill Dawsey Advisor Miss Swan Go Big Blue! Blue Dynasty 23 President Tommy Daynes K r 1 c i i 0 i L I Vice Pres. 151. Semesier Adam Villaescusa i L D dale Secretary Treasurer Nichole Edrozo Judy Ridenour 24 Orange Empire Advisor Miss Thompson ' Orange gets ready for Their first dance. f i Gi iiliiil wi I f E itiliil iii? Advisor Miss Ericksen President Matthew Moyer Secretary Monica Vanvleet saggy -sash A Vice President Sara Hastings i PQ, Treasurer Derek Potter Greens collecting toys and food for the holidays. Green Hornets 25 BUILDER S CLUB Coach Cherry, M Newcomer, L. Bollengeir, D. Kimball T. Swoy V. Escobedo, M. Gates, Ross J. Mooney, K. Kennedy Smith, C. Fletcher E. Francis, Aguiar J. Aguilera, A. Aguirre Daynes, A. Rogers M. Brody, Lintvedt S. Thacher, C. Cerda Tuaileva, A. Aguirre G. Dean, Martinez R. Rambo, A. Castaneda D. Goff J. Mathews D. Grondona E. Huddleston, J. Hull, J. Kugler, Miller, B. Mulrooney, J. Navarro, Newcomer C. Oldfield S. Oram Overman, E. Peterson, R. Poland, Riler, J. Rogers, C. Rudy, A. Tonerud, L A. Valdez, l. Watkins SCI-ANTS CLUB, Mr. Dean, Brenden Magill, Mendy Ross, Jason Nobiensky, Kurt Board, Jenny Michalowski, Miss. Erickson, Nate Hall, Brennan Cassady, Chris Rudy, Mahan Missagheih, Paul Watters, Angela Salofakos 26 Clubs 84 Organizations WM PROJECT STOP Dana Anderson Julie Heldring CholeAnne Cook Cathy Gastauer Carrie Lintvedt Heather Outhier Tony Sciarrino Laurie Matavosky Candace Keller Chris Stephens Gina Giacinto JoAnna Looney Heather Scheidt Dawn Burroughs tune Eady Lon Kim Randles, Matt Brody, Selina Forte, W ade Heather Wynn, Nocole Zizzo, Lori Bonot, Kelly L-x. C.C.C. Judy Ridenour, Jodi Carlton, Gitta Meeder, Brenden Magill, Ben Hodson, John Decinelia, Mike LaPan, Mahan Messi- gieh, Julie Carlton, Angela Saloufakos, Stella Saloufakos TEACHER HELPERS Shannon Klippel Cecilia Tachiquin Liane Lapp Heafher Ouihier Jenny Miller Carrie Linivedf Dana Anderson Bobby Godsil RoniT Gechier Twinkle Difona Veronica Escobedo Tamara Cowser KrisTyn Carroll .M ,.. ,i:' s ' . :,: ,. . . ia-E ii- i if . in , -- 2 5 . is i is . I xg : ..,f" Lik E T ' QS E sw . 3 2 gigs ...ik .X 11 2. X' 1 gs.. The sTudenT assisTanTs are a greaT help To The Teachers and sTaff aT Parkway. MoniTors collecT absence cards, Take hall passes and counsel- or's requesT slips To sTudenTs, deliver absence lisTs To Teachers and help people when They come info The office. Library moniTors help check ouf books and reTurn Them To The shelves when They are checked back in. They deliver and pick up A.V. equipmenT and Take films To The bus affer school. Teacher help- ers Take roll, check papers, sTraighT- en supplies, and help sTudenTs wiTh classwork as well as run errands for The Teachers. These jobs are open To 8Th graders and lasT for Q weeks. OFFICE MONITORS: Danielle Didick, Krisfyn Carroll, Tracy Tarlov, Amy Alvarado, Doug Jacobs, Elaine Whife, Danielle Longsfrefh, Shonna Hancock, Annie Lam, Shannon Klip- pel, Veronica Escobedo, Bobby Godsil, Chad Gronf, Bryan Fuller, Mark Schell, Karen Gorby. THZEMPZFZRZSI LIBRARY MONITORS: Kelly Mafhews, Sara Vo- ladolid, Vanessa Firsch, Andrea Lake, Carrie Gerrish, Shawn Coad. .,...,... Clubs 84 Organizafions 27 MUZNZUZRI H011 gl I 8TH Grade: D. Anderson, G. Angulo, E. Ault, D. Broz, L. Bruhmuller, H. Burd, J. Coin, C. Castro, C. Cook, T. Cowser, K. Doynes, R. Decottignies, M. Dilgard, J. Dirks, K. Discenza, T. Ditona. J. Eady, R. Edrozo, T. Eizonas, M. Foggiano, R. Foster. B. Frazier, C. Funke, C. Gastouer, R. Gechter, D. Ghianni, C. Goble, L. Horrah, J. Heldring, L. Henderson, S. Hockett. P. Hoft, T. Hume, R. Kataoka, M. Kefalos, S. Kett, D. Kimball, S. Klippel, R. Konold, I. Kurta, A. Lam, L. Lapp, B. Leitner, C. Lintvedt, J. Looney, C. Martin, E. Messina, M. Mezzanotti, B. Miller, M. Missaghieh, K. Moran, J. Newbold, B. Nguyn, H. Outhier, S. Overstreet, S. Parent, J. Piebel, J. Plunkett, S. Preovoios, C. Rand, F. Reid, K. Robinson, A. Rogers, J. Roppe, T. Ross, C. Stephens. S. Super, T. Swoy, S. Taherl, S. Turner, L. Uribe, M. Villaescuso, K. Wantoch, E. White, P. Willson, N. Zizzo 7TH Grade: J. Aguiar, J. Andrus, T. Angulo, T. Arroyo. J. Ashe, M. Bivilacquo, E. Blaisdell, J. Bonifacio, J. Borg, J. Bresnlck, P. Brodsky, G. M. Caporale, S. Ceplinski, T. Davidson, N. Dixon, P. Engstrancl, A. Fajerman, M. Farley, J. Funke, R. Gedalanga, C. Gish, B. Gonsalves, J. Gotlieb, D. Grondona, K. Hackett, K. Harken, J. Heinrichs, C. Hulbert, M. Huovila, T. Jaw, K. Kennedy, K. Lange, B. Leeper, J. Lessard, B. Little, Y. Lizalde, T. Lockwood, H. Markman. J. Matthews. E. Moon, B. Mulrooney, D. Najor, J. Navarro, J. Palmer, H. Peckham, E. Peterson, J. Pollock, E. Prendez. R. Rambo, D. Riedl, B. Ross, I. Russell, K. Sacco. J. Shepard, T. Smith, E. Van Genderen, M. Weaver, W. Wira, C. Zedicher, M. Zinns, D. Zwibel 6TH Grade: A. Armstrong, S. Bailey, D. Beeman, W. Bowen, L. Brown, D. Bustorcle, K. Carpenter. N. Cricler, T. Daynes. S. Dow, A. Earle. J. Fare, S. Fisher, M. Flahive, J. Haslett, E. Helland, K. Kefalas, M. LaPlante, K. Malan, A. Maley, C. Marks, N. Martineau, J. Michalowski, E. Mudse, J. Niaman. D. Nelson, W. Patterson, J. Polesky, D. Potter, A. Rabinovich, V. Richards, J. Ridenour, C. Rodriguez, M. Ross, J. Rothschild, B. Russell, T. Sacchetti, W. Steele, G. Stewart, K. Strobl, C. Sublette, D. Tarkowski, S. Thompson, J. Tom, L. Tran, T. Tucker, S. Wilson, B. Witham, M. Young, S. Yount 28 Clubs 81 Organizations 1 5 Q 2 E S 3 E s 5 i l Q i . E gzyigzgagmgfgngsf HW fHfRl4fl7LEf HIE DIME? HW gegnggngff e l Q I i fw- M v 30 Journalism Nb A FS ck kilo ,gm K Marcy Adams Amy Alvarado Knstyn Carroll Katherine Daynes Justine Eady Tracey Eizonas Amber Evans Cathy Gastauer Carrie Gemsh Chad Grant Shawn Griffin Jennifer Hansen Shannon Klippel Ryan Konold Jennifer Mc Murray Bryon :Miller ' Jennifer Miller Michael Murray Heather Outhier Scott Overstreet Kim Randles Chris Riedl Jeff Roppe Ryan Smith Tiffany Swoy Paulyn Taganas Tracey Tarlov Mrs. Dirksen Q s + vp: Qing . A xkt, I t . S ,. -. K ? 665 .:,. f S Q if '. R . , is I Qttttb I Q 4 yi -. -Q - " :Nm A . V ve . Q Q ,., N it i ig Koren 84 Tiffany "1 Julie' i8c WW V2 ff I A 2 f :of Q Lo MW 4 Spiro, Bully 84 Pefer Dove 35 Best Friends 34 WaiT, we sTill have To QeT our plcTure KaTherine's playing SanTa This year! Will The real JoAnna please sTep T 32 A.S.B Pizza aT your service! Erin, Ryan, Nicole 84 STephanie making Their masks. 'I' V 'MM ,,,.,,M "Is Thor The right shoe John'?" Lori hos her running shoes on! --A X r mi r x'Show some manners Heofher ond Poulynf' ., l IT's Moijo! "GeT ready To Toke off your shoes 7Th graders!" A S B 33 P RPZF I I I Mosl School Spiril Nicesi Smile Most School Spirit 'E Lony Brookshire 81 Rochel Goins Biggest Fllri Billy Leilner Angie Rogers ' if 1: mf. cr . li "" - RSV . . 1 . . W ml I Jason Clborowskl 84 Michelle FOQQIOHO Am I L. S ' S Most Fun To Be Wim S iie S ircc . is cccc . . . 1 . - Ks sg. X x ..-.dir X N mwxk Ye I S F if x kg .. F . ,... X L ...X ii .. K is it 1 tr f - i ie- i . -Y New 4 MM -:fi I . -i i .ms - Y., 3 x N A , L' : N-' kg :S K . ... ll.. . i .ggi . 5 if 'W' ... .Q Shyesf Chris Goble 84 Trocy Torlov Shyesi 34 Purple ,Triumphs Jesse Newbold Lori Horroh Best Dressed Preftlest Eyes Best Dressed W Ryan Hnssem ifwf 1 ' 1 E i 2 , BesT Athlete Dominic Morimesi S Marcy Adams Lisa Alaniz Amy Alvarado Emily Andrews Wendy Arms David Bacon Sara Bae Derek Ballisli Mario Becerra James Benner? Mike Benz Ruben Bernal Shelly Biggs Kurlis Board Jon Boslick Chesi Bollicelli Lany Brookshire Jay Brown Vicki Cabigoo Lori Cahn John Cain Angie Camacho James Carlson Krislyn Calloll Brennan Cassady David Cedeno Kalhryn Celum Lisa Chaney Jason Ciborowski Shawn Cood Chris Cook Tamara Cowser Arwen Danciu Kalherine Daynes John Decinella Roberl Decollignies Nicole Di Giuseppe Mall Dilgard Jelena Dirks Gabrielle Dodd Ward Donley Tim Donohue 36 Purple Triumphs 1, F F. X: Y Ne -. mg. , I . A E . 5 ..xL xxi N' sl? as S ., Bl' Fifi ". i x X l l i E l 5-ms.. f ,:s 1 .Y I X? X Ll Q 5 s X s , ' R if k m s is .. sf, .E sf is SDS hx X XXX 2 N F .. ggi XX X si A FX X.. dk iii an "fs F E: Q Q 5 .I A sf:-fi Er R X sw Q s2:lS2sze:ffrl?lS45 5' X 5 Q Cesq B' s 4 vgils x ii ss K GSE fs 55125 if gi g l . X K Y" Y A as 1 Sis sf-- .. E ws- , C-W -S I., . ,- , . ,, X I as A y 5 sa f se img ' X QQ 5 J 5 5 si S 5 x i gg -le X .. s Q RR mm, Q . .s"., E., . B., -- , L gi: 1- .ig N i N X X X f Q X 3 X is 5 -N . , E 1 , I 62,5 B, . -- . Y Q 3 -- ,X A C. E X :- an--QQ Q A ,, is . 3 ' N rkk x 4 -,-:' as h"k stFw?mRgfE? Q?iQ3 W . "':'. ' ,- X N Q. .,2' ziq s ss s s s I ig X 5 I . s X of Debbie Kessler has be n ci swimmer for about nine years. Three years of that has beeh competitive swimming. She belongs to the Heartland Swim Association, and has won many awards and contests for her talent. Debbie believes in never giving up. She says, "lt's better to have finished last than never finish at all." N we " ' i i as Q imma- Ps EQ F N ss Vgitigtf T 4 ii,Qi' V J J - efsmffss ww -:..s - X W? f i 5 sf ' Xi-ff -W 5 5' - s me X is E si s K i X S Q sir ,K X 1 X Ns Rx k. 3: : , ss? s Q-we as , Q? F ,Q X W i S s xsif E 5?iei?Ef A , "si " X ffkgii imma: gg,-5-ss ess Jim Drew Kelly Duncan Veronica Escobedo Tracey Eizonas Amber Evans Vanessa Firsch Daniel Flahive Michelle Foggiano Richard Foster Matt Friend R Kim Frost Eva Garces Cathy Gastauer Rohit Gechter Carrie Gerrish Dominic G-hianni Gina Giacinto Jeff Gifford Chris Goble Rachel Goins Karen Gorby Chrystal Hallsteine Brian Hammer Jennifer Hansen Lori Harrah Dawn Hearne Julie Heldring Lenore Henderson Joshua Hill Ryan Hissem Sally Hockett Malika Hollins David Huish Phillip Ingram Corey Johnson Mike Johnson Kim Kaiser Zachary Keith George Kell Candace Keller Debbie Kessler John Kilborn Purple Triu mphs 37 Mah' Klienick Erik Koski lngrid Kuria Andrea Lake Caihlene Lanlz Mike La Pan Shannon La Salle Alelhea Lash Billy Leilner Carrie Linlvedl Cameron Lofgren Kenny Loncar Domenic Marinesi Russell Marinesi Cassandra Markland Tod Mc: Guffie Jennifer Mo Murray Healher Means Gilla Meeder Eddie Messina Benji Meza Andy Miller Jennifer Miller Jenny Miller Josh Milion Roberl Mineo Tony Mireies Mike Murray Jesse Newbold Colby Newcomer Jason Nobiensky Russell Orlman Scorl Oversrreel Nick Pappas Joe Pallerson John Piebel Derek Posohmann Spiro Preovolos Chris Rand Paul Razaghi Chris Riedl Lelicia Rivas 38 Purple Triumphs 51 . X? A M M V 4 A ' Z SM 7 ,W ,WMS ' ' 223 9 " 5 ff M ' 1' " r , f- f, ,Q ,ww I ., W 1' N' , ' 4 'il ' .. 77 ' Y, ' 'E 5 lg ' K, 2 gi? V V ' E V ' ' " ' 5 ff- A i M, ' if , 1 iii , ,,,,. ,.., J Z 4 . w e ,I W - H 1" J- 5, J .,,, ff Y f ' A Q I E M - A - V , I lg, ' ,I W - f . '-W' . H f fi' 4' ' V ,, r V J! , 'ff ' J lyll . i my . , is 1 - ' i s W X- .V N , V VI V V . 5, 5 all U , , ,, . C . "'-- "-- ' V,,, es 5 f N"' M .. J, f ,, f ff .. v ., ,L . B151 VA ' irq V , I ' 'fs'-if 1 QQ' is J E 2,1 ff M ,B l J., ,., if 1 g 5 H As i V ,,,,, Ingrid Kuria player here She has volved for " hal c wciy To is i Zsgiool, V f'i' 1 o , f K' Wh fi f Time " r I She AVV '- F Qygood as Martina J, someday. si ,fl You can be To be W G Q Tl as 1 I f , 1 ATP fs ii ,M V, ,,,. , . -, .,v fl Ya' 4,1152 X 41,4 .A-- , VV IV A s 'Sl is 1 it 'Lb 'gf if 5 A V, 2 K T l g fm ' 1 4 2 rf? , is , zz' ! X 5 T an fl ? v" A 1 Mfg' 'W , mmf 2 5 ,,, Sheryl Tuaileva has been dancing Polynesian style for over eleven years. When she lived in Hawaii she danced for her fa- ther's shows. She has won two trophies in competi- tion and hopes she can be as good as her aunt in Hawaii someday. Good luck, Sheryl! . y 1 f, :ami X wa W"n...,- , A J, Q 1 1 if f 'z 4 W V, .M .J Q W V VVV if ,IVV gs at gf W 2, 232 :MD- s if 5 I' - :JZ 1- 0 ' ' L A . Angie Rogers Jill Rothwell Amy Runnion Angie Runnion Claudia Salas Brian Salzman Mark Schell Tom Seubert Ryan Smith Tonya Spencer Wayne Stein Chris Stephens Stacey Super Tiffany Sway Paulyn Taganas Tracy Tarlov Jason Thomas Alicia Totterer Sheryl Tuaileva Shawn Turner Art Ulloa Matt Villaescusa Melissa Wade Josh Walther Paulus Wang Kenny Wantoch Tobey Wayne Scott Waynert Ryan Wheeler Brian Wilcox Nathan Wilder Misty Williams Aaron Wisley Kyle Youngflesh Jeff Ziccardi Nicole Zizzo Purple Triumphs 39 IME I M051 SCh00l Spirit Nicesf Smiles Mosl School Spillf 'iff gp J ,ly W .I r Healher Oulhier 8a Shawn Griffin Biggest FIirT Peter Willson A, 'V W 3-vf 141 fa '41 f M 5' M: ' 4 wfrei if IQ E Dwai Kimball 81 Mike Williams Mosl Fun To Be With Maija Gales 1 ghyesf Amy Nelson 84 Alex Newton Shyesf Richie Darrough AFTWGFWGG BGVQGY 110 Red Bulls Prettuest Eyes Best Dressed Richie Long z. ...L :E s.f"'f ggX, . ...E t .... - X'1.4fI'o-nun-o-og-fer H8 nee. . 1 me ,wx it Best Athlete Jason Eskridge Red Buns M Siepnonie Alexonder Dond Anderson Kyle Anderson Tiffdny Anderson Gino Angulo Dominic Arredondo Erin Aull Song Boi Pouline Boker Joson Bdlmos Amdndd Berger Jdckie Bone Dennis Boudreou Ryon Boyd Adron Brollen Don Broz Lowrence Brumhuller Heolher Burd Dovid Cobol Jodi Corllon Celeslind Coslro Rofoel Cerdo Amy Clemenls Jon Conklin Don Connelly Cnoleonne Cook Amy Cooper Cnoris Cosgrove Scoll Cruz Brion Cypher Billy Dokouris Donielle Didiok Ken Discenzo Twinkle Dirono Brion Drogilis Junsline Eddy Rochelle Edrozo Adron Ellis Joson Eskridge lvldrk Elchings Michelle Feiock Lorry Findohl 42 reed Buns is XX X.:..XX,, , r X x X 5 X X A . We I gl X .. Si N YW? X if 1.-,' .r..s2gaSS,2s2 , , .. X , zz, Www., . ,f.: - .. 6 X gk -F e X 'iii 5 A X X as K' SS.: -X, - ss, ,ss A qu-X, , L X. .X N Q X i-sf :fs-ss., C ,,.r .. .. h Q i U dh X, N if X is I. f X ,Xi ...,,... K XX. ' is I ' A fi ! .CQ . 3 A Q R- 5 CW .Sires X X " ' 3 X ss r s A -V A if X, 5Q sss A --Q A A -. ,A:5i...12g: Xa. T Tiiisff. r :4s . X 1: 5 'X ' A f. X X 'N' 'V' A 5: ' :S .gh x U A 25235 s .- ....X.....X... , XXxX..rX..- iss 3335? ii ir. , ilr: fi EX? X A s Z .KJ fx X xx s.X Xi .3 X . x v K A . X ' W 5.X B 155 i .X ,X X . X sX -X X. X. 'gE.,Afr Lk' K Sgr Us X. nt 'N is X .. . 'ry 7, . Q R .HX A i .J-as .f...- -. K X 1 i f X rr s X S13 , X3 ,L X ff K w X Q Y is A X i K XX 2 nk V sv. .. . .... 55 X' sei: X' :LSB X5 ' . .Vff ' Xi ss- ,Y sp: . N- an sims' f E' N 3.15 Er f:-Ls Q QW X f, wwfiggg F-'X ,ua-Q ix:- ' .sieiigaf -f r msg 1 .X .. XX. X X X L? X NX Q 41, X l i Y X . X ... ,X X : xi f i Q.. X as X ,Q X 1 -, . 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Last year they went cruising on their yacht for 6 months to places including: the Panama Canal, Mexico, and Miami, Florida. This year she and her family went to the Virgin islands for 8 weeks. Stephanie and Thomas say when they are under water they feel peace and com- fort! Their advice is, "Never go scuba diving alone!" So they won't miss out on school, Stephanie and Thom- as take a tutor along on these long cruises with them. Red Bulls 45 H or n f l I Most School Spirit Nicest Smile A Most School Spirit Paige Engstrond 84 Mott Kilbride Biggest Flirt .2 .s A S . K Qs i ,Srl S K Ryon Niles M' if - a,,wf,35- is iw dbh S 14:61 , A -X F52 1. gi. 'giggggg 5 1:55 , is i .si1WQf.,5s1 - at Cindy Clarke Mike Trosh 84 Jessico VonLue Most Fun To Be With Shyest Dennis Copley 84 Allison Holi Shyest Jeff Novorro Eileen Bclutisto A6 Golden Apes 'si-sffiefhf i1ij2i??'E I7 Sl Best Dressed Prettiest Eyes Best Dressed 3 lliir Mari Brookshire S wv sss Jacqueline Ward 84 Vincent Curran :Riff Amy Williams 81 Patrick Roberts Scott Pollycutt 5 F515 fs as-D ' Best Athlete Megan Zinns 84 Ariel Fajerman Best Athlete Trisha Smith Rodney Rambo G-olde Jason Aguilera Tricia Angulo Thomas Ausderan Dennis Bacon Jennifer Baldwin Jacqueline Ballow Eric Barnes Eileen Baulisla Kalhryn Bazoian Connie Beach Todd Bell Tammy Bernard Richard Berrian Lana Bisharal Edward Blaisdell Aimee Blaksley Lori Bonol Janel Borg Robin Boucher Paul Brodsky Mall Brody Mari Brookshire Dawn Burroughs Julie Callery Sheri Ceplenski Cindy Clarke Joseph Cohan Hillary Cole Dennis Copley Vincenl Curran Joni Currier Travis Davidson Krislina Dornich Jacquelynn Ellioll Paige Engslrand Ariel Fajerman Selina Forle Julie Funke Rhodelia Gedalanga Dan Goff Karen Gordon Rebecca Green A8 Golden Apes s-R E , kt tb .:v.,.-, E 1 if l X Xwii ig' R sw X X Qs, X S, X 2 B X X X x - as ' is :S -3' ., If lu. ,Q . i f - j f YES J, sk ii E I I so X - 5- 112 wins. S 5 2 ' A W . ..,,..l 1:---W, ss --44 3 6' ,f . X N, .gs ,,ll.....Q 2 -351553 - -n if -S 1 ' f iz ' , 1 j EB ::H,,.:.N:..L . 1 is ,QS A .. W F l l A '. l 'N x 572' ' . 5 5 xl B c f X fs 3551.1 C . vi -I is 2 "'ff'N " i if X i C F- ' 5 il. . A ii if . ., r ki x,,N, , E. . ,, E E, If D' A , Sy ' -, SCS' N . k' SE? S5 ss if 563 1 if , 1 A 'D J Y sllll is is l 3 3 I 'sf 3 5 if R at E z, i' Q s X 3 Ei sis K, 5 ii i is ' ii"' , G. l l. Hs, if I s as -sf f . ' 2 " grew EXNSSBMQ js 5 is SK X X 'sv-wi Vs l T N We Y 1. - sis is N' XXX ks X S 5 f 4 f JP E3 F EE! g 3 JN 5 r gr X MQ S X s. iss? SW Qs is -C ss , ll... 35' ' X Nw - Lana Blsyharq? and Karen Gordon J 'involved 'eighllfyedrs and Lana J lliy f bothsbelgnglo differenl organizaflons, they have The ""Hqve'ffQn anidlglvqays smile!" Bolh Lana and Karen Xgoad aiglseiqylemzhersi someday, Good luckl i gb , if if Hs wif? " l .V X AW sf . f' . : ' 4- -' l . ,. 1' - if i msg ,Q E . N . L W, ss - A ., in .. 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QWX 4 ff air, as fy f ? , AM of Z it ig at X i n ri 'x 4 1 , A- x Mxxa n David G-rondona Alison Hall Korie Hancock Kelsey Harken Katie Hawkins Brendan Heath Kyle Hendry Doli Hindi Michelle Hlavac Christie Hord Cheryl Hormel Eric Huddleston Jason Huddleston Chris Hulbert Jon Hull Minna Huovila Jerome lngrande Patrick lrish Toby Jaw Alicia Johnson Chris Johnson Nicole Jones Michelle Keller Matt Kilbride Jason Kugler Kim Lange Richard Little Jason Locke Christine Lupton Brenden Magill Ada Manlove Krista Marquez John Martinez Johnathan Mathews Tobin Mc Donald Loralie Miller Johnathon Mooney Josh Mudse Brennan Mulrooney Jeff Navarro Amber Nedden Jeremy Newcomer Golden Apes 49 Ryan Niles Eric Noel ScoTT Oram ScoTT Overman Jason Palmer HeaTher Peckham Jim Pollock ScoTT PollycuTT Ryan PoTTs Rodney Rambo ChrisTine Rhodin PaTrick RoberTs BreTT Ross Michael Ruiz lsaac Russell STella Saloufakos Kelly Schadeck HeaTher ScheidT Lenny Sciarrino Jill Shepard CourTney SmiTh Jennifer SmiTh Trisha SmiTh Andrea Sousa Michelle STaich Amanda Thomas Robbie Town Michael Trask Adam Tonerud Joshua Truchin Aaron Valdes Jessica Vanlue Jacqueline Ward Paul WaTTers Melissa Weaver Nancy Weber Amy Williams Paul Williamson Moses Willis Karen Wilson Jennifer Wisemen Kim WiTThofT Ben WriQhT Brian Zeis Meghan Zinns 50 eoiuen Apes is isss ,mx .... 1, ills . s 'L . 1s s l .:. 3 s ',,, -A ss. . S -as ' i"' S .,." T S sss fs 5 V . k,. yiy T , .,,,:"' it .",: X 3 rrr TQ -" x s K F T , - ,r .k l 3 r ' X Q l N T if .. if Y' :.., QEEE E.. , K ll. A - . .7 been skiing for 8 years. His faTher, an experT skiier, inspired CourTney in This acTiviTy. UnforTunaTeIy, T y CourTney can onrys pracficesffofa shogf Time each year t5'uT and have 5 " 1-'V f 1 -X S F. N, ,Ss s if has Tw. Lana and Tricia Take Time To PIG OUT! Courtney, Chris, George, and Ben decide ping pong is a great afier- Iuncn sporfi Q -ei f sf is s ,si is wi' AW S 1: Mygyfwif 3 f .l A Jennifer 84 Paige do anoiner assignmeni for Miss Erickson. WE Cheering for GOLD Miss Thompson? Golden Apes 54 Bl ll f NA Sflf Most School Spirit 1 Nicesl Smile Mosl School SDW 'C'-o Kelley Rookey 84 Aoron Novorro Biggest Flrrl John Emerson Jodi Bresnick George Sierro 84 Sfocy Chilcull Most Fun To Be Wifh 1.. Shyesf Sheilo Pourshcrm 84 Joson Hanks Shyesf Shown Everhorf Julie Rouskcl 52 Blue Dynosly Best Dressed UUHV IVUUU 5 Prettiest Eyes Best Dressed ei...--... 'XX5 EM Jill Dowsey ff -5? f Karen Hockett 81 Billy Quirk Best Looking Jon Heinrichs " i, f "f f f ,W gui , ii, J fl 9 1 . J y Jennifer Schweer 84 Jeremy Gotlieb if y y Most Likely To Succeed 1 My 1 4 X W 4 5 TN 5' Best Athlete Yolondo McClung Jamie Lessord 84 Jondr Bonifocio Best Athlete D b' D't O Ie I Om Blue Dynosty 53 Jake Aguiar Michael Anders Jared Andrus Gilberi Archulela Sandra Arroyo Tanya Arroyo Jason Ashe Keiih Au Roberl Avila Slephanie Bailisli Mischa Bevilacqua Michelle Blumen Celesie Bobryk Jonar Bonifacio Jodi Bresnick Tige Browning Mark Caporale Jon Chappell Tim Chasiain Jason Cheney Slacy Chilcull Kevin Churchill Robbie Coddingion Dominic Crisiini Jennifer Culberlson Karen Dame Jill Dawsey Doble Diiona Neil Dixon Allison Dyer David Elmore Jenel Emahiser John Emerson Amber Espinoza Shawn Everharl Mailhew Farley Daniel Ferguson Daniel Finch Manfred Finke Carl Flelcher Derek Fleicher Roberi Flelcher 5A Blue Dynasiy ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,ii,,, ,, 2-,,i,,,,J. ,,, A , i i l lil l l li i,liiilii,iiiii ii li" ill . ,lliii Jiwilyi,iglijii,XXi,Xli,illil'iu",, i w Wi l wi" 'li'il,ili,ii,iliiilll"' ' iwliiiilimlimil,,,lii'lll,lii,iiii,N il 1 li 'llli ilili lllil l l ll ilfl i ill l ll lf ' ' l I iiililll llllliily My , iw-, XlilliiiilillXii F lil 7lliii ,i i dmiwllili , i i i ' N"l',llllrf:iig ' W il,,l,1J iiiiiiiiQ1gM'!! -' WH f i lill A 1i"'l"' llii ' "i" 'iilll'llEEQpiiii"'ii Xylilglliiililiyilliili iiiyii lil ll' ii ' is lililif l li illili 1 'ia 'ill ' fu H ' Wifi! -i , i- XX X 'rg gil L " ' ' " ri -1 EJX limi , wi i, in ,, X i,i,,,y ll "ic i 'ii' l ii , Ulu air ' ssiiii Q i l.,rJ,1 l s ll iiiii li--i i' llr i ll lil X ,X illi ll H il lllillilli3i'iilll ' L ' M"i1r?'i il l l iflgrpvi '--'l Q ' , l ,iii ,XXXQ g X ii, ii l im lm ililwilli ii il iilliili , l gil i in i H i V, 'X il 'i iii! 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He is in 71h CTG- arT since The lst Some of Jonarg J supporters are his n Mrs. f i V l i i ilr li N WME JW ,XX li ,,,, ,,,, lfil 1 iii iii' ' llll l 'iii li" 'mil-N' will iii + if F 'iir ygrli' iii i iiimw ' 'X X i I JR t .Q ,. y -it . " gy, ,Egg 5 2 2 i S ill ig Q Q L J , .- L ,xu l .I . Li . , qab, - J. uno.- sz fs! . . ' '- x M U f. sssfi , M: , - is .. r ' if U' K is s I L in O l s l QI Q, A . xy ' ix Q ' Q sr B Q' S Ps 5 5 .. I gk E S- S X qi "" 1 5 l 2 st y S 3 A X -- -s S B E ? 2 , S ' . rt' ,. ,. TFT? V 2 ' -I I f - ft' Q X X X T R St together ond both hope instructors in the future is very proud of winning in o Rodeo Happy Michelle and Alone. :ggi -f --, -, X, fr X WV K' FEESSE ill : ff 1' Xi J 1 . , , sf X. ..., , . gs., fix ' " 11 x Y , ,: N A Si? 1, A f ' ' Q ' l 1 . S ' ,L "" , X , r,. s si , . 4, . ' K 5 ,ag V ' . 6 .. . K, , L N . J 3' , iNX :Qs ks A 1 . f F - .. sit ' ., i Q ' it er . L X X C' X X X L .3 ....,.. . I o r S ,A .L we , . r X .Lf-5 .. Aegis- , 5: ,vs f .. -ere: uf- s s 6? K . 1 V52 'sm F-, , -tt tlt. i XX ke Ns- E 5 .w 'Q XX s 5 . .S ...., ,ki X Rss X 1 3 X D ,,:: E ss X A gi iii vt f S . 2 s.. V NIS it Av, 'S :f..::. 'fiiii 1 ss Q , in ,,, L . ,. ' , H :Sins . E 'i ' y 1. K ' s Qin . .F . l , xv -ein i sfsigrig , N, K so , . B L L X rr. , 5 YY ' E -PQ 1. N 1 W7 .Qi Q eeee Q 2, or 4 - it 'YN' ips Crystol Flores Eric Frdncis Chris Geerdes Shouno Gibson Shem Gifford Clint Gish Brion Gonsolves Greg Gorby Jeremy Gottlieb Chorlotte Gregson Koren Hdckelt Norine Hon Joson Hdnks Phillip Hoyes Tristino Hoyes Jon Heinrichs Audrey Hernondez Billy Humphries Jennifer Ingrom Koikhushru lronoi Russell Jdckson Eric Johnson Kyle Kennedy Alcnd Kilborn Dionne Lorson Bobby Leeper Jdmie Lessorcl Stocy Lewis Yvonne Lizolde Trocy Lockwood Rdchel Luslig Ncitosho Molsock Lourelyn Mdtovosky Jennie Matthews Willicim Mdttid Yolondo Mc Clung Kevin Mc Gowen Kristino Mcintosh Denise Mc Kenno Monique Mc Loren Toylor Merrill Gobe Metcdlf Blue Dynosty 55 Joel Miller Emily Moon Catherine Moose David Moreau Michelle Mouber Dahlia Najor Aaron Navarro Jason Neeley Danny Newbold Chris Oldfield Deanna Olson Gene Papa George Parkinson Erik Peterson Sheila Pourhashem Cris Prather Eddie Prendez Jodi Putnam Billy Quirk Jeremy Randall Dena Riedl Alex Roacho Dwight Robinson John Rodgers Tiffany Rodrigues Kelley Rookey Julie Rouska Chris Rudy Ariel Ryan Kristin Sacco Joe Salvatore Jenifer Schweer George Sierra Danny Simpson Jay Smith Michelle Smith Brandi Stack Tyson Stevens Todd Strongosky Kim Swenson Robin Tally Dan Taquino 56 Blue Dynasty E ts' G A .. ts ,Q ri' Q' S B E F Q .. . . iii li: Y A T p H .- --':. . 1 P. ' x . 5 2 X 'W' is a synchro- . She belongs to Synchro Team. has won many a He-Man and Improved on the Tearn gl-ler advice to you is. mind set on working and have fun!" N X 1 I .. ,lqhb is is J ":1'ff ,:,,: , ,E5:t . Q k4,., W 'I is s, Q : M' , Lynnda Tedokon b J f-' 1- C 1 15 David Toci 1 , K I Eric Van Genderen r r 'Sw-G' Wflfkins 112 ' -PQQ J 1 ss i. g Heather we-iammqn J ' m J 3 M-sw Q-- :sw -W xi., H U s A---" --v.:::: 1 2" "., ' "u' Gary White ff - ' David Wiese C J 1 C Chris Wilder s A - J J . Zach Williams . il" k,--- is 5 Misty Williamson ii w QQ , f gg Wendy Wira , s Cyndi Zedicher Dawn Zwibel L :I Q us3"'1, 3? W 1'0" We got spirit, yes we do! We got spirit, how 'bout you? ii Jill, Jennifer 84 Jeremy take 5 to show their house spirit! D ' ' I f 0 ' ' I I V 0 V 4 ' o 1 Jill and Cindy PIGOUT to win the 7th grade Ice Cream Blue Dynasty 57 I I W , Most School Spirit Nicest Smile Most School Spirit Phil Arobio 84 Amy Soiz Biggest Flirt l Derek Potter Eliko Von Houten spencer Lyttle at Allison Ewing , Most Fun To Be With fs A A - s it Shyest Jeff Roybould 84 Down Nelson Shyest 58 Green Homefs Steven I-Gm Adrienne Armstrong 'xg Q. if ,sry ii rv gy Ng its f is 8 Hxiln is ' X 11 UHV 45110 S I' Best Dressed Prettiest Eyes Best Dressed N U0 U F Ricky Morsholl 84 Shonnon Shelton Best Looking Kgri Blifch Ronson Shomoun ,B it Sord Hastings Sc Mott Moyer , N Most Likely To Succeed ,f y 'M 1 , fb 3 "1 ,' , if f I - y ,W W fx, V V Q 1, f Jap- V, 4 WLW1 , - . Best Athlete Sdrd Fisher 84 Jimmy Rothschild Best Athlete Robin Geig Russcli Bloom Green Hornets 59 Chris Alexander Belhany Anderson Phillip Arabia Adrienne Armslrong Laura Armslrong Cindy Bagaso Shannon Bailey Suzi Bahri Jeremiah Baker Shane Baldredge Aulumn Bargholz James Beavers David Beeman Joseph Bendick Kari Blilch Russell Bloom Palricia Brellon Danny Brown Lori Brown Dexler Buslarde Mellissa Cabal Joseph Cameron David Campbell Julie Carlion Damien Carr Devin Cheesman Samuel Chilcull Brandon Collins Nicole Coslello Nicole Crlder Jessica Cromer Chad Cruz Eric Cypher Kurl Delamaier Jon Durrell Paul Eady Ashley Earle Roman Epperl Andrea Evans Allison Ewing Jeffrey Fare Jessica Firsch 60 Green Hornels 5 we "Fir: N2 X X X X 15' OW S X Nr .- A :Q . ' :- S i X ss X Y 5 'Ku 5' Se 4X- G , l5i,se,XJXX, 5,seX.,X,,, XiiXXili ' ,,,, ' ', ilfi X lli i 'X iii 1 l i A IX ll li- lil.. yi V f.XKli,il' ' i 5 VX X' ii X i l ' X XXX l X X , .. ,X i X l X X eb. X l ill ykiswi X X X W -l W . .. A , . www:- ik X .J " I'X '17 I' ,li,"i?Q my i 1 , EX X iii :X ' XX 'ill I iw' i -'XWXX 1 X,i X 'Jy XXX XX i XXwmMw"""YT xx X ,,,,. MX XXX X i X ' li X ii NU""'l' lil' Xi, X XX , ' Xillilil iX XX , I X 5 i M l Q X 4 ' X LX ' 'X ,K M 5lllliX.XXiiX. i X' 81 7Th, or if ge og fronf off ' ooln 34 . W if. I v Y 559515 . :ravi elpin Xp X-s 2 ' 'r newii 7 fs. ,J imi 4753! 'V' ' V I as jk N o3Xyli'XiWw XX iiiwX-ww is , X will g W In ' if ,gp Xl X'X'Xg. X iX WlW""X ,XXX X' X W f WW' "' "" X 'XXXXlXikXX3Xw1ii -will w , W' ci 'XXX X , X A Sl Xil ' iX' WX iXii1X'X""i l ' "il ima' W X lX X' XV ' 'fr , gl l ' Ill ' X X "" """', XX XXXXX ' ' N , w'NN X' 'lil M- XX 2 rim XXXSXpfXJ?gfllXU 'gi 'iwlii ' iili""iiiwiH ' XX XXXX M .X Xi" ' vf' -X gm- il ' ll. l 'nxw ' ,X X , A VX is , T. 5 XXXXX X , X , Qiilyl' X' iX Xi X ' ' X illli i X 9 ' ' wil, 'Q A XXX' XX' ' ' X51 51 'lim i ii, Xii'XX' 1 X 5'5" X X ig I X'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXiiiw'wXX-wsiwxgii WX- ,gi 'WX 'l l'?E:lXYX'llllll,ffXi ill X. if 'NXX E-" ' Xm liiw ill my X X X" ' X XX"i X 51 ' ,, Eli 'X lim X X ix 1 K H-up 'l iiiiiim XX XXXXX X XXX-Yi-X ,wi X i 'gig L 4 i,gg"'i :gg XX ,. NX iiiii "lil W XM 2 ,fi mf' ,X l Q Xyi M W ix li li K i 'i ,X X l eelfelfi li' 1 XL' lm ll Q44 Lx' X 'B iii JW fi l' 'X X X X ii ' X , N ' X X'i iiii X, 'l' X X yl,iXiii'XX , MW W X' X ! f X X' X iii .V W' "5 1 X' ASW Soro Fisher Melisso Flohive Chris Fleei Jennifer Fronklin Gregory Friesen Ginger Gobrielson Wendy Gofes' Geoffrey Geory Robin Gels Jusfin Giffens Sfeven Goebel Jim Goins Mike Golden Sherry Goulet Colin Groin Rukhsono Hofeez Chris Hondley Jusfin Hosleff Soro Hosfings Brion Hofhciwoy Dono Howkings Loro Heimburg Morgon Hill De Shonfel Hylonder Ben lngrom Ryon Irish Eloino Jimenez Emi Juhosz Sfephonie Keener Slefonie Knowlfon Bobbi Kresnik Susie Krnc Duson Kurfo Sfeven Lom Michelle Lo Plonfe Aoron Lee Christine Liffle Spenser Liifle Spencer Lyfle Sfocy Moderios Joson Morkell Gobriell Morfinez Green Hornets 61 Rickey Marshall Richard Melena James Merritt Andrew Middleton Joyel Miller Hather Miller Eric Mireles Matthew Moyer Bryan Muramoto Thomas Mutter Dawn Nelson Shane Nelson Myleah Newcomer Lisa Ohlund John Oram Lisa Perlmutter Naomi Poe Josh Polesky Tracy Posytan Derek Potter Jacob Pugh Jeff Raybould Melinda Ross Jim Rothschild Ben Russell Nicole Ryan Tiffany Ryan Amy Saiz Sergio Salas Angel Serrano Ronson Shamoun Alan Shoikhet Jason Stein Jimai Stokes Jennifer Storm Kerry Strobl Carrie Sublette Sonia Thacher Jason Thomas Joshua Thompson Tracee Tucker Elika Van Houten 62 Green Hornets 'W J 65 W M K fy! ' W-... 1 1. V. .. if .f .. is 42:45. Coach Cherry is a mem- ber of the Kiwanis Club which adopted our school. He, and the Kiwanis, sponsor the Build- er's Club here at Park- way. This club is a service club that works with the community on projects in La Mesa and Fletcher Hills. The canned food drive is just one example of the work they do for others. . - W , Q ' .. ' X Eva, -- M- " mx XX SI- fs W X 5 X N Q A QRS T , a n ' 'REQ na 4 : zz:-K . gs gi i 5- - ' w ii X xx X X X, -'if' X X x Q xg , wx 9' ' S .4 , 522333 B' 2 x " 3 - W . mf X , LR .zz -.:: : :sa wr- f - gi, i XX 3 f Q XX Q N si is S XXX xx X r 5 .5 . NWN T X 'Yi J . L, .. .Wg X fi S my ,X v Q 9,5 Q, ' xx in . is K , . ,f Mi L: . K A r , ' B, , M w f if X - X T K M 3, A A-X gy ' - 8 xfaiisisf-. ww- X - X. 5 Eifvlx - ?'PiigNqQzsz?fSf l- -i nur' , ,, . gf' X lx-Q e 5 - f MQ. " 1 i I g K. l1's The Mean Green Wrecking Machine! Billy Van Raaphorsl Monica Van Vleei Billy Vickers Rosylynn Wang Brian Wangler Linda Weber Dennis Windes Julie Wrighi Daniel Young Thai Cabados Dedra Hallowell Calhy Palomarez A ,.G.:2' O . 1-ffwlQi il Fg , . 1 , , 'VA" XV M lcll .ff 4 x,s ' .c'::f -ix gk V. A 1 RQ A N-qi. 5 1 I ,Wg , N g .,glr X gy Q A is , .. NI! Y "' 1 'N . I RA . I f 447 in I . E: .i is 'rl . N 1 r I my L -T A im . L KA , L ' ! rc:,,,l W X x .Q ,..,. . was Ricky and Mail gel ready To go home from camp. i Green Horneis 63 0 fe A1 16 5 MWAYE Most School Spirit Nicest Smile Most School Spirit F 5 i Vs rl.,-Q" iv Robert Hills Jeremy Reol 84 Angelo Robinson Biggest F fi , W Brion Smith 81 Forroh Honshciw 5 4 Most Fun To Be With , 5 i z Nichole Edrozo ' Q wk 5 .f 4' F' Shyest Keith Kemp 84 Keren Carpenter Shyest 64 Orange Empire Russell lvloson Stephanie Yount wf...,.., 1 MLUDENI' sf N000 5 Best Dressed Pretfiesl Eyes Best Dressed ww I Trevor Swank 84 Robin Einblnder Best Looking Soro Thompson Adom Villoescuso - J 2 hx . ,.,, ,. 5,:: s 5 ' ss.s so sssss I srrs Q s 2 A E Nicloe Gomez 81 Tommy Doynes 7 K Most Likely To Succeed i i ss Nl' Yssr 1 rrrr l ' ' is Qs ' 3 Vss' "r'1:r11 .. ,i, s r 1" , ' ' """'f Q2 ,, If - 4-umm, with I ,, Wm. B951 Athlete Jenny Micholowski 84 Greg Sfeworl BGS? Afhlele Kcifie Molon Curtis Robinson Orange Empire 65 Monica Adams Abraham Aguirre Mari-Ann Alvarado Mall Anderson Jennifer Anderoni Kyre Benfon Brian Bishop Wendy Bowen Jusfin Bowles Tara Browning Andrea Buono Robert Camacho Karen Carpenler Alejandro casfaneda Charlie Cerda Michelle Charleboix Johneii Chessman Joe Coe Geoffrey Conklin Joshua Cooper Becky Cough Jodi Danielson Sfafnie Davis Tom Daynes Joni Dela Pena Melissa Douglas Sandra Dow Nichole Edrozo Robin Einbinder Emily Erpelding Krisfina Fogelsfrom Vanessa Freund Roberl Gales Nicole Gomez Michael Gonsalves Meiko Gossar Farrah Hanshaw Chris Harkins Erick Helland Tiffany Helmich Mark Hill Roberf Hills 66 Orange Empire 'H f K ,piss l sa S 5 1 'X sig ml 7' fs :I wfgl fi ss.. :ss J Q X x X 2? i sx V. E. s an X J " as C is X s. lfli fglml' E ing 2 Q f i . . X '- cfs L .f X iss si 153 s 52 E Q! 1 xi X' s ' - fi - " Ni ,.'k ' f o 1:4 ,,,A, H an " M . W J 1 fl ,, ,MA K mgnr., , ff ' 2 gf V-4 all ? ... .f fs sf . NW g 3 5104 2 'l 3' -13 mm? News luu Shelbi Hormel Jane Hruzo Jennifer Huizingo Deven Hyss Daniel Isabella Craig Jelsovsky Katina Kefalas Majay Kell Keith Kemp Aimee Kessler Alan Krause Bartosz Krawczynski Darcy Kuhlken Aimee Lachman Michael Lang Scott Lanners Prudie Lo Medico Robert Luddy Craig Lux Kate Malan Annamarie Maley Christopher Marks Natalee Martineau Russell Mason Jennifer Michalowski Elicia Mudse Jeff Naiman Thomas Nelson Dionne Pachek Whitney Patterson Jennifer Pledger Rodney Poland Aaron Prather Debbie Price Shane Putnam Allen Rabinovich Jeremy Real Jennifer Record Vangie Richards Judy Ridenour Yvonne Rider Joel Riley Orange Empire 67 Angelo Robinson Cormen Rodrigues Lorelli Rodriques Edword Rowlond Rowlins Ryon Toro Soochelli Angelo Soloufokos Joseph Shomoo George Shields Somiro Shirvonion Roghib Siol Brion Smilh Williom Sleele Gregory Slewdrl Nicole Surrol Trevor Swonk Almo Tdchiquin Joime Toronlino Dovid Torkowski Ticino Toylor Soroh Thompson Joseph Tom Timolhy Trollier Dung Truong Uy Truong Alexis Tyler Brion Tyler Adom Villoescuso Nolhon Welden Doniel Wilder Adili Willioms Joshud Williomson Soroh Wilson Bloke Wilhom Thomos Willig Julie Wynn Slephonie Youni Chris Zosuelo 68 Oronge Empire -W ffrr 1 ,,,,.., ,.., , ,.,.,,,,,,,,, ll,. 2 E.l Vnggi p s s W W ' X l , f in if , " 1 '7- 2,,,.f wc is ' V wif ,iis 1 aria: WJ! an 2? f is wk . Am Zi 2 2 WN 2 r T rrrr wzzffs ,, ,W Klgff f , ' " 41 f' 4 .z .iiiiizm .- lf R Vangie and Tara enjoying lunch. lgmermwffg 5 ua 4. X .QKQXQVMQ f 'eb M ff! ' 'Q K 55 'QV 'Q Smile pretty for the camera. W " gggeagfl 1 A 1 I MM, 4 s f Q ww . Aelissa is relaxing belween The Trees al camp. Orange Empire 69 See what I made al camp? 'Usa T ' a i 1 l - f gtflllge. sp - 'i v y v. ll. fs. h GeT a real girlfriend Timl Susie Takin' a break. 70 6Th Grade Camp This year The 6Th graders wenT To camp during OcTober. Ther were many acTiviTies including The TalenT show, a dance, olyn pics and an all-day hike. Some crafTs sTudenTs could do were working wiTh rocks, clay, and making a mini-forresT. Some classe They could Take were Animal Tracking, ConservaTion, Indian Lor and Biology. On The all-day hike, The 6Th graders learned c abouT planTs and animals naTive To The Cuyamaca lVlounTain On The way back home There were a few Tears, buT cerTainly nc for The food! Overall, The 6Th graders had loTs of fun! Thai's Rockin' Down The House xcsxaelsflols we x l2oberT's Cool, MIWIY EEMWEH5 --ny ECT it UP! Shane finolly gets something he con sink his teeth into. v . V' 4 , A -4 t e thought he got owcay from doing chores. oth Grade Comp 74 I PERIOD 2 FOOTBALL J. Eskridge, B. Fuller. M. Becerra. D. Bacon, D. Hannabarger, K. Loncar, D. Jacobs, B. LeiTner, T. Gebase, R. Marinesi, B. G-odsil In The 8Th grade boy's All STars no one Team dominaTed The resT in games. Period 2 won in fooTbalI, pe- riod 5 won in volleyball and period 6 won in soccer. To be in All STars you had To show a loT of efforT and con- cenTraTion and be ouTsTanding in your sporT! 72 All STars PERIOD 5 VOLLEYBALL A. NewTon, Nl. Villaescusa, L. Findahl, B. lVleza, J. Newbold, M. Kefalas. M. Friend, J. Piebel PERIOD 6 SOCCER D. BaTTisTi, J. Nobiensky, B. Dakouris, J. Timmins, J. BenneTT. K. CarTer, E. Kell. J. Walker. S. Preovolos. R. KaTaoka. D. MarTinesi, R. Hallman. A. BraTTen ,l PERIOD 3 FOOTBALL ' 4 L. Henderson, J. Dirks, A. Rogers, S. LoSdlle, J. Honsen, H. Wynn, T. Swoy, S. Tuoilevo, D. Kimball, J. Heldring PERIOD 5 VOLLEYBALL C. Young, M. Ruiz, D. Heorne, C. Gregson, L. Uribe, A. Nelson In 8Th grode girl s All Slors period 5 did The besl They won 2 gomes including volley boll ond boskelboll Period 3 won fool boil Mrs Dudley ond Miss Bullock Inspired The winning leorns Bolh period 5 ond pe nod 3 oppreclole ill PERIOD 5 BASKETBALL L. Uribe, M. Ruiz, C. Young, A. Nelson, J. Miller All 3105 73 Tricia Angulo, Jill Dawsey, Tricia Smith, Kelly Rookey, Meghan Zinna QBRJ, Mischa Bevilacqua, Jodi Bresnick, Kris- tin Sacco Tanya Arroyo, Jenny Mathews, Tiffany Rodri- guez, Nicole Jones, Amber Nedclen, Alison Hall, Janel Emohiser, Jennifer Culbertson 7A All Stars U qw Welling lrlllrllri To be picked for All Stars, the girls must pass a test in that subject with an average grade. In Ms. Bullock's class girls must run the whole way without stopping. Of course you must be good in the sport you are chosen for. So for this year the 7th grade girls in per. 7 have won 2 out of 3 championships, one in flag football and one in basketball. Period A won in volley tennis. 3 . A V Y, 'HE' . A , gi, ,, f. IME., ' A vi If M I . W' f' . , I V iwqw .. ,PWM .L V V A. W W .,,,V,,, ".,:I 1 ., 5 V J, ffff .g s gf za, ze... ,K ,V L. . I V K, , W , , ..., , V, M .N QW? ,,,, , -mtvyng I I, H 9 V 3 i em flu -- ' Tricia Angulo, Tricia Amith, Meghan Zinns, Mischa Bevilacqua, Jodi Bresnick, Selina Forte my gagfignlngff EWU IMWE FOOTBALL ALL-STARS William Maieya, Audrey Hernandez, Russell Jackson, Mike Trask, Jeremy Golleib, Jon Heinrichs, Chris Johnson, Mark Ca- iparelli, Eric Van Generin, Rodney Rambo, Dennis Copley, Travis Davidson , ,. 'II .7 W V, ' Q i , ,,,, M. z fm ' ., , fm, 1 we i, ii ,, .. H ,Q , ,zz-,, gf yy ,,,, W A W5- A-fi, Add 'V Y I if M32 ,ff - ,ha ,M ,fi ,,.. ,, A V. ,,,, , f3gW ,--, Q W WW--m,nHQ'MyM N vfi f f f, " " T M s fm N W-T37 w77fN1'W'ff' .Q 4 , A ' , J 'lf ,L , , K Egg ,. Q ,,. i V , lil, W 3 A ,W 0' :fu-' A ,"l' A -- , ,X . , fi I it wa ,'f, -' 'mf M I' : 7 f , ,g ,,,, H f:.fE+. ' 'A 7 4 I v ii "" f.,f, ,,l::.y,.iie .f.. ,,-, f, f , , 2 my , ,,y: - ' 'H I , ,rx g , LVLK , .k,, L , , ,, I, ,. k 1 . , Maw? .X ,Z MMU 3 , Wf if . 5, ,f . W -M , -' 1 W , ,.,,. - 4 5 ' fff- ,,,l , 0 ' g, Q 'fy , ,,,L, L - I ' , , f A J., , K ,i ,er ,, ,, .gg W , I ' , ' , if nj 1 , -1, -ii ff T , V Q Z X V , ,,,, .4 s A A X, V ' 2 1 , ...ia G , g ,,, A Q if l We sig, y , i l , L l . , . . SOCCER - Dennis Copley, Mike Trqsk Qodney VOLLEY TENNIS Rodney Rambo, Jon Heinrichs, Rambo, Isaac Russell, Russell Jackson, Audrey Chris Johnson, Audrev Hemondez' Dennis COD- ernandez, Robbie Coddingion, Chris Johnson, '9Y, JerernY Gofleib ddie Prendez, Jeremy Gofleib, Travis Davidson, AH Stars 75 avid Moreau 4 i-V, ,, 8Th GRADE COURT - SCOTT Pareni, Mali Villaescusa, Lany Brookshire, Alex Newion Tony Sciarrino, Ryan Wheeler, Ryan Boyd, Lori Harrah, Gina Giacinio, Tracy Tarloy Jennifer Hansen, Angie Rogers, lvlaija Gales, Kaiherine Daynes 7Th GRADE COURT - Jason Hanks, George Sierra, Rodney Rambo, Ryan Niles, Jon Heinrichs, Israel Waikins, Jill Dawsey, Tricia Angulo, Amy Williams, Alison Hall, Kelly Rookey, Jennifer Schweer, Siacy Chilcuii oih GRADE COURT - Greg Siewari, Adam Villaescusa, Tommy Daynes, Jon Dur reii, Ricky Marshall, Mail Moyer, Trevor Swank, Jaime Taraniino, Amy Saiz, Kari Bliich, Sarah Thompson, Nicloe Gomez, Sarah Hastings, Allison Ewing fi rssl , 1' is Q fs 4 2- QS ,X Kung Vnlloescuso Dutchess Soroh Hoshngs Duke Tommy Dczynes WWMW, IWNWPWSQW ,fy jx JK E H. N J M , , v 7 2' 2' M 4ZL ,W : M , W 'mfs V 1, 4, W 'N 2 gk J 1 f EK X , M' n ff Beginning Band D. Bacon, A. Bargholz, D. Beeman, T. Bell, J. Bendick, J. Bowles. C. Brown, A. Buono, S. Chillculr, J. Cohen, J. Conklin, N. Crider, J. Cromer. D. Elmore, R. Epperl, V. Freund, J. Garrison. B. Gonsalves. F. Hanshaw, C. Harkins, D. Hawkins, D. Hollowell, D. Hylander. D. Hyss, R. lrish, D. Isabella, K. Kefalas, D. Kuria, T. Lockwood, S. Lylle, A. Manlove, A. Middleton, L. Miller, J. Raybolcl, Y. Rider, E. Rowland, G. Shields. A. Shoikhel, D. Simpson, J. Slorm, J. Taranlino, A. Tyler, P. Wang, P. Wang, S. Watson, C. Wilder, S. Wilson 78 Band Jelena 81 Kelly wail for The show To begin. gi5Z,4ZNZl7f Jon, Mall 81 Mike are all Tuned up. Jon Ward and Zach Take Tween numbers. a break be Wi Jim, Ward, Jon 84 Jon: Expert Saxophones! E Debbie Kessler practices for her performance. Josh gets into the music. Mr. Nordal Advanced Band: R. Bernal, J. Bostick, J. Cain, A. Camacho, J. Carlson, D. Cedeno, N. DiGuiseppe, M. Dilgard, J. Dirks, W. Donley, B. Drogitis, K. Duncan, R. Fletcher, I. Georgescu, D. Ghianni, C. Gish, K. Harken, L. Henderson, S. Hockett, A. Hyss, P. Ingram, F. Isabella, T. Jaw, M. Johnson, Z. Keith, D. Kessler, J. Lessard, S. Lewis, J. Looney, C. Rand, F. Reid, J. Rogers, A. Ulloa, M. Wade, J. Walker, M. Wallace, J. Walther, Z. Williams, C. Zedlcher Parkway Middle School is very proud of this year's band. In the La Mesa Spring Valley School District 48 students were placed in the Honor Band. The Honor Band is made up of Middle school students from ten schools in the G-rossmont area. LMSV students made up 6896 of the group. Parkway led all bands with 2'l members equalling 2896 of the group! Way to go Parkway!!! Art, Jeff 8a Clint warm up before the show. Band 7 Q T. Anderson, K. Anderson, G. Boker, R. Boucher, J- Collery, R. Cerdo, K. Domich, P. Eody, M. Eichings, A. Evons, R. Fosier, R. Geis, S. Hancock, J. Hosleii, J. Heimburg, B. Horion, A. Lom, A. Lee, J. Miller, R. Miller, D. Nojor, J. Puinom, P. Rozoghi, C. Rhoden, L. Rivcis, L. Rodriguez, J. Rousko, A. Runnion, A. Runnion, A. Soioufokos, S. Soloufokos, B. Scrlzmon, A. Souso, N. Surroii. J. Torn, M. Wodley, E. Whire, G. Whiie. URUHESTRA . Miss Childress Annie 8a Julie ore sei. Mork's olmosi os big os his boss. Who's 80 Orchesiro hiding behind Thor violi F HVI' RTA IVMHW Nendy Arms, Jenny Baldwin, Michelle Blumen, Janet Borg, Mari Brookshire, Dawn Burroughs, Vicki Cabigao, Lisa Cheney, Dan Connelly, lamara Cowser, Joni Currier, Gabrielle Dodd, Derek Fletcher, Shauna Gibson, Charlotte Gregson, Kathryn Hawkins, Dawn Hearne, Kyle lendry, Malika Hollins, Chris Hulbert, Candace Keller, Michelle Keller, Connie Lancaster, Yvonne Lizalde, Laurelyn Matavosky, Denise lAcKenna, Scott Pollycutt, Cris Prather, Heather Sheidt, Lenny Sciarrino, Anne Shields, Jennifer Smith, Brandi Stack, Mendy Stanley, Chris Stephens, Craig Stevens, Nancy Weber, Amy Wendell, Karen Wilson, Wendy Wira, Jennifer Wiseman, Nicole Zizzo, Dawn Zwibel. The Winter performance was fun for these boys. f-.. ,.,, A..k Rehearsing Outside before the show. Entertainment Company 84 Parkway Middle School's Principal, Mr. STrickland, and Vice Principal, Mr. Klipp, make sure The sTu- denTs keep in line and be- have. They keep busy Taking care of The school and making sure every day goes smooThly. They feel The change To a Mid- dle School is for The beTTer and The spiriT here aT Parkway is fanTasTic! IIFUATA7 .lf C: s 139 Our Principal, Mr. Sirickland, and Vice Principal, Mr. Klipp. keep an eye on The siudenfs al lunch ITZMW f Mr. Hopkins is The 6Th and 7Th grade Counselor. Mrs. Garcia is The 6Th and 8Th grade Counselor. To- geTher, They're here for The sTudenTs. They lisTen To your problems, con- cerns, and ThoughTs. They'll share all of your feelings and consider any ideas. They Think The sTu- denTs have posiTive aTTi- Tudes and will go far in life. 82 AdminisTraTion 4, ,, . 1 You can lean on our Counselors Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Garcia! vlrs. Merkel, Mrs. WeighTman, Mrs. Hansen, and Mrs. Zawalnicki, Take a break from Their busy schedule. w,.,,..WM,m..m. T Parkways Nurse Mrs Edwards, is ready To help sfudenfs in need of care. Mrs. Peckham, our Librarian, holds up one of her favoriTe books. Mrs. Peckham loves reading books. She has been our school's Librarian for The pasT Two years. You'll never find her sleeping on The job. She checks ouT books and reshelves Them when They're checked back in. She keeps The books in order and buys new books she feels The sTu- denTs will really enjoy and have fun wiTh. These ladies work behind Their office desks Typing papers, keeping records, and answer- ing The Telephones. They help sTudenTs wiTh Their aTTendance cards, perrniTs To leave cam- pus, and answer oTher ques- Tions The sTudenTs mlghT have. They are always busy organiz- ing and filing memos for The school, and ordering supplies for The Teachers. Mr. Powers is our School Psychologisf works wiTh The Counselors and kids. NQW :li X. 0 0 ill' I X Y Q '55, ig 2. E ij, fr? Mrs. Bloom CorefArT Miss Bullock P.E.fSociol Science QMLALKZILNZZJI 1 A CHANGE Ul.l.Ll.!.L! No Tolking during Business Hours Mr. Soilol Mike lokes o look dl Dionne's poper while Joe dislrocis her. Audrey seems dislrocled by The cornerd in Mr. McAIexonder's drafting closs. Mr. Burdge ' Ag T' --Q I' '-s ' :Q " gg 5, " Q: .. ,. s . Jiisgrfxfiggg X ., , x y y Mrs, Conoris Coref Music 811 Clossroorn Acliviiies Mr. Cherry P.E.fE.S.S. Miss Childress Music f Sociol Science lThis year Parkway has made a change. We are now Parkway iMiddle School, Instead of having trimesters, we have 9 week quar- lters. In these O weeks, we have a choice of many different courses. ' Here are some examples. 6th Graders take Computers, Science, sc A Stages, Foods, Art, Music Appreciation, or Instrumental Music. 7th Q Graders take Art, Drafting, Fine Arts, and Skills for Adolescence, or f Q' S Spanish or Music. Bth Graders can choose between Music, Spanish, '3 f k 'X P Annual, Journalism, or Computers, Art, Shop 84 Home Arts. We can , , A M S' get ,ii also be Office, Teacher, or Library Monitors. Of course everybody . ,M takes Advisory, English, Math, Social Science, Science 84 P.E. - -X - i s? Mrs. Daniel Mr. Dean Speech Science , IYNK fn Oh No! Mr. Dean's on the loose! -5- - Boy, Aaron! You really know your science. 71 fa M 0 0 iw N " . - :. 000 5,1 1 ! .0040 Mrs. Dirksen E. S ,S . f Journalism .11 -' 5'-:Fw-E 'K i - ri' ' V '3 A , .. . M? "5 Mr. Dresselhaus CorefScience A. is 1 S Mrs. Dudley P.E.fFoods it . Miss Erickson Science X p Classroom Activities 85 Mr. Foersler Jr 5.5, ll? M sf V WZ wr -.f,..g,.' ' Z Q 1 J' vw , 'f-7ai,.1w"' MTM ' " ,r f Q KW f 1' f F- .5555 - f--- f 1 A Mr. Fox English Miss Fullon Morh gAZElAZUZEfMzlZL'l.S'f Soy Cheese Mr. Wcilersl Do I look Bored? nw: Joson ond John pulling up The pinolcis for Miss Thompson. Mrs. Ho emonn E.S.S. Molh 86 Classroom Aclivilies Mrs. Hood Mr. Ho bolle CorefSToges E.S.S. Molh "Study hard!" is what everyone's parents say, and Parkway Middle SchooI's teachers say it too! But studying does not have to be boring. Our school is full of spirit. The teachers are as spirited as the kids are here at Parkway. Our teachers make a hard assignment a iittie easier by putting fun in it. Remember Mr. Weckerly's Courtroom, and Mr. Fox's Strong Statements? Our teachers may give us a lot of homework, but hey, it's for our benefit. Way to go Parkway teach- ers! i i X X M Mr. Kent Mrs. Kjoiler E.S,S.fA.S.B.fP.E. MathfComputers Mr. Lamping Core f Science Q 'E I - ...i, 1 ssi 'lt' ex Q Q' K 1 'W gs 1 -S is as C How many assignments are YOU missing Peter? Aiex! Can't find your skateboard? r 3 wb' Do you understand the assignment Candace? sf 'X ' Mr. Lloyd E.S.S. X Mr. McAlexander WoodsfDrafting Mr, Martin Math Classroom Activities 87 WEEE 'R is :Ei 1 - 'R 1- QE ss 1? sf sg 3 if QQ QE? pig Q 2 X qi iss X if-pf N sf, N ' .- N X x S R Mr. Nordoi Bond Miss Nudin ReodingfMoth?E.S.S. Miss Piper E.S.S.fMoth Mrs. Prokop ReodingfMcithfE.S,S. 88 Classroom Activities i Q QNX EX sx. XX f f ff ' -- it :E::JEff ii-1 ' ' 1 N' 55: S-Xa,-X '- D .... ,s asus s"' -W5 5335 ' ef ,,,. Mr. Saito Hey Twinkie, ore your eyes getting sore looking ot oil your pictures? Whot's for lunch Scott? 'Z' Nsxfsrx xsx YW Q N xx Trevor ond Oz put the finishing touches on their Croyon Paintings. M.. .. 52:51, NX Y, X X SIE. ' i"Ni7?E:. 31555 Qsfrs-saws! 1 ig M s - 5 ss 2 L N ss X ArtsfMothfScience s . i W s Mr. Schwuchow Science lhat's a Core Class? A core class is a 6th grade class, taught by ne teacher, that includes Reading 84 Spelling, Language, Math, :Jcial Science, Health 84 P.E. and even more! With Parkway's new 84 Jlented teachers the oth, 7th, 84 8th graders are making the switch J middle school smoothly. arkway's not just a school of all work and no play. We also have a .Amber of exciting activity classes. For instance: there's Mrs. Con- :d's Art 84 Annual classes, Mrs. Dirksen's Journalism, Mr. Nordal's Sa liss Childress' Music classes, Miss Thompson's Spanish, and Mr. Ma- Alexander's Shop just to name a few. Here at Parkway we believe i blending hard work with fun. 1' 5-7 ,..--' :,-arf' auf" ,,.-so-1' -sv un un.. 'EU' N.- 7th Graders take a break at lunch. S . :swiss--as . 4 " N ...qsfm Q- .f SN . .,.. N R XX is , x X v x X X we s s,,s...:. XX NS' x Q as gg x 5 Miss Swan Miss Thompson Core f Science Core f Science Mr. Lamping is a happy camper! Jason, George, Derek 81 Brian all try to finish their projects in wood before the end of the quarter. Q, 5? S ,L . Vif.. i Qkk. 'IQ ff ':-. Miss Thompson Spanish f English Mr. Waters E.S.S.fStages Mr. Weckerly Social Science MQ x X X X 'Uk as C sf . . E-F 212 we -. Q' K .. - ff: asf: Qs... 5 "'5"4: f -Q ss as Mr. Zoffel E.S.S.fMath Classroom Activities 89 TfHfB ,...,,,,Nn Mrs. Bloom 5 K Q ,,,. 2. s 'hu Mrs. Bloom 81 Mrs. Hood get ii iogeiher . Mr. Hopkins goes for o drive with his parents. as X 'V X E I mi X X NT xg X 1 i ' Q . ss K E K :Ex 2: s - f . Miss. Bullock s K . f rr.. fwggii 'Q 4 , 1 , si y sv s Q. s,.i . ,VM .. Miss, Childress Vik -as ii Mrs. Dudley Miss, Erickson Mr. Fox 90 Tedchers - 2' x :K hiss? . Ks Q? xx . si Mr. Deon, Mr. McAlexonder, Mrs. Merkel 84 Mrs. Gorcio Wolk 84 Run for fun. 'Z N A 'ss wb' . ff ,..Q.. .sf1'fi ssss X QSM . .: . ls. HHS IS AVE Mrs. Mr. Munger 81 Mr. Strickland having their morning coffee. xx Garcia Mrs. Hood S Mrs. Kjoller is our computer expert. Mr. Lamping, Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Bloom, Mr. Munger 84 Miss. Swan relax af lunch. , ,..,,. V I I ,il f , V ai, ff H in ,,,.. A . V 5 Mr. Klipp W KWH, Miss Nuding Mr. Riedel Miss. Thompson Teachers 94 STUDENT Mrs. Thompsorfs 7Th period Thinks disecfing worms con be such hard work. when ore They 1e-aching in P.E'? N ' -- " 51, . H X L-:-:. ii it -5, , AmmAA KZII1 1 M vXQALL ?KK'k11 QXX Q M d ff V Y, Wm: ky - S '- + 58 2- 3:2-. : , 15Xf ,fax Q "'Y -2 . 1, I RPN- 2 . - . M - . I . E iik - V H b I X i n M kk"k' E E - 5 odd o, do ' W d I W' mm.. . 'rv H - 4 ' ,iv ., m1ii. "' 5' A Vgzk Wa. fx A .,,h A VVVKAK ..L... , ,. ,,,.,,,w, L A ,, . , . . ' ' 9 Gmc 5 hovlng O Blg MOC Ancck! Who s gonho wosh oll Thus sfuff. l'm doing This for bond! Q2 Student Life X .f' ff qyxg .ASX Z Harley rocks out! The school year 4987-88 has been a new ex- perience for us all. Each year brings aboul new and exciling changes. New friends, Teachers, and classes. This year has been an especially differenl year because of The new blh grade houses. This year's 8fh graders will be The firsf graduating class of Parkway Middle School. . N . . D :X I 5 And you fhoughf shop was only for guys!! A ' V 4 ,Q ku' L N ffl ,ver-4 L11 Claudia gels down 84 funky! Mr. Klipp. ll's nol righl To chew gum! is L, 22' lllll lilly . Q WEEE r C , Ill ? 941 STOf'f These seven ladies are The aides aT Parkway Middle School. They work wiTh The classroom Teachers You may find Them in The office making worksheeTs, grading papers, and ordering films . . . or in The library checking ouT books . . . or even in The pro-lab helping sTudenTs work Through difficulT assign menTs. :ff if M Y W 24 9 W 4 ff T 'Zvi' , if f a ji 1 f f M ,Q , 8 Q 1? li , Q if , W . if A V g .J,3,.,m M ,, , r 1 . 2 iw , T Q X. 1 Mrs. Guffey, Mrs. LucaTourTo 84 Mrs. Sarabia, Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Behan 84 Mrs. FoTi. PHS N lllf What would we do without the cafeteria workers? the custodians, the campus would be a Gil, the Head Custodian, is hard at work! The custodians here at Parkway, Mrs. Bowe, Mr. Howard, Mr. Riedel, Cnot showny and Mr. Trujillo, clean the entire campus. They clean the auditorium, and thanks to them our lunch room isn't messy or the tiniest bit dirty. They do a lot for the stu- dents at Parkway Middle School and we appreciate them. Mrs. Will, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Gregson, Mrs. Bowbren, Mrs. Bubbs, and Mrs. Hernandez serve school lunches every day. They prepare our meals and make sure there is a good supply of Yummy desserts. They serve lunch "a la carte" or by the com- plete menu. f-'Ffa 5 v , X7 , N. ii 'ii gm .ra I-'P 'r I 0 ',f'7?v - Staff 95 Gina Angulo: JL KD LH Best Buds SS EA CM LC Good Luck Next Year ALL My Frenz URGRB 2 ST lt's Almost Summer! Wanna go Shoppin? Movies? Boy Watch'n Purple Rules! IK U Made '88 GR8! JE U Were a GRB Friend! l'll C U Pguys! You R The Best! l'll Miss Ya Wendy Roya Holmes- 2 My Frenz KL SB RD KG etc . . . I Luv U All NN Pinky Aever Frenz Bopyope 2 All My Frenz, I Had Fun This Year! Especially 2 IK KD GA CH DK JR RG TD SS VE WA U Guys Made It Fun! WA BfFfF! Wanna Go Shoppin at Grossmont? I'Il Always Remember Knott's in Feb. Membr TrashcansfDinnerfRad? CIH is the Greatest! Love Ya! JZ KD WA CK MA LA CF JC CG BL TH AN CH RN TM Had Fun in Science! Especially JZ 81 KD "Softique" Had Fun in Ath per. P.E. KIT all of U! C-Ya in Hs l'lI Miss Ya "Safie Taheri" To Me Spuds Sushi Mike Angie Kim Andi Jeni SC BK TC GA, Beach, Luv Ya Tons. TT, POOKI 2 My Best Buds! ESP CM! ILY SS TD ND CG DH EA CF EW JE Tnx A Being GRB Frenz ILY Stacey JM 2PLL TT JM TI DD Sc All My Other Frenz VE 2 Have a Great Summer!!! Frenz A Ever Sara V. 2 Annie. Amanda, Heather. Stay in Touch 84 Have a Great Summer. SYS gy 2: All You Studs 84 Studettes. Esp. TT LH AR KD TR ST per A PE Has Community Socks. Plz Dis- perse! You're a Veg-JM Barbie 84 Rockers OUIJA! LeLe-Yum Hashbrowns Luv Ya Maija 2: Iguana, Cocaroach, Polar Bear 84 Slug U Guys are the Raddest! FfF Luv Hippo I Mems WXDH SP RK 84 BL Best of Times! Davey 8x the Jrs. GG JS KD 84 LH - I'lI Luv Ya Always! Great Nites At Dave's 84 Family Fun Center! Favorite Word "Sweet as Pie" Frenz Aever - DH SP RK BL GG JS KD LH MG AR TT ND AE TR AV MV JE CB TC HO JH CG PW RK MM DS TS LS DN 84 JR. Hope to C U Next Year JS 84 GG - Hope 2 C U In Summer. Luv U All A-ever Chris Goble. Bobby Godsil 2 My Frenz - Had a Good Year!! 2 KCL RD HM CR JH lLuv U Guys Keep In Touch 96 Memories Jason E. GF-MV,TS,TH,RD,BF,BW,AN,DM,SP, C U at GHS SL-Helix Scks! JI Have fun in 8 Miss Ya Heather Outhier- TR,KD,HL,AR,8A CL YOGA MAN A ever! DK,RG,CL,SL, I'll Miss Ya In HS. Best Buds LH TT GG TR KD TC AA CL RG DK LL AR ST RE TS MF HB CB JH Luv Ya! 2 All My Frenz TT TR MG LL AR CB TC HB MF RG DK Luv U All Dude TS ST GG RE The CL IC Aever TT Airhead DH Furfur Moby Drems HO BXB A evr Wedgy Bunch Frt Blossoms Rule MV Ur The Best I'lI Never A get U Luv U A ever U Guys are GRB Nok Em Dead in H School KIT Luv Always Lori PS. CG Keep Using Crisco Please Dis perse. Lori Harrah Thanx 2 My BFS LH GA KD - BB DK CM 84 All The Others! To: JD I Luv Ya Always Jo Lo To The Frenz l'il Miss, Maybe-Sid's Luv Mrs SMS RG JR HW DL AC LC CK Luv MrS.H. LARU- CC MV 2-LH-l'll nevr Aget u 8a The Time We Shared I Luv U Aevr U Mean a lot 2 Me! ILU LH 84 JQ. Danielle L-Call Me In The Summer 84 Maybe You Me 84 My Frenz Can Go To Java Luv Amy C. Amy NeisSn,to:DA. Hope Ya Get EN! To iviy Best of Frenzg JR DA CC AC MR.M, I Luv U! Dana Anderson: Julie 84 Dana PBXF A-ever!! To: JH,AN,CB,JR,8c All My Frenz, I Luv UI! Rohit G. 2 DI MT DE MK 8L DM. I'LL MISS U 2 JR CC DL TD AN DA 84 All My Buds UR The Best 2 Diapper Lil-iowdy! Slurpp Pssst! Radder Hand- Shakel Luv U Loads! BFF Jill R.: 2 All My Frenz- We've Had a GR' Yr.! Good Luck!! 2 AN-GWF! We've Had Fun! Luv JR VV Twink 2 All My Islander Buds-Luv Ya Forever 2 Howie U R Still My QT!!! ILUfF!!I Travis My Lil Frnd, FXF!!! RG Hilo Poochie JR DO U Hv Any CHP S+ X?? AD TW 3 Stoogz in Science Class! SMR 87" Wht Cn I Sy Bt "Oh Wow!" Shortie I'm Tllr! Pom Pom Ya! IDUBDLY! Hi Frenz! Thanx A Bean So Sweet- MS84CC8cESPfKC UR GRB! Miss!! ByePky Hi SPUDSI I-leather Wynn I I PW- C U Next Yr. Everybody Hey BL DH SP MK MM RK AirK-at Juke MstrEd Taco CG-It Was Fun - To All of iviyyiirem. DB MA eo oe KG JE KL ree ss DH cskwjkb ce ss tnanusirguvz Jen M. What A Fabulous Class! I Wish You Luck 84 Love! You Are All Shining Stars! Ms. Garcia

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