Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA)

 - Class of 1971

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Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1971 volume:

- xi NL... V 1 ,FU en-- -fri, gn-fx'-ug TI' f-gg v , V - , ,. G.,-J'T!,V,H -I xl!-,, , , . ' ., . 1 W 3 n Av .V , -1 -51-. . A K JZ Y 591 I -'f',1'1r4f5lL '?'Mf'!'LSVii-3 -I' fl pdf .Fil Nj--HN Gx'k.N,VX ,gy A I ' .. X , A . Y JLJUQY mn pf h gf X Y X H V X. r Y Lf'-'-X Q ' 'w -v, I GM. X Q C, -QQ 4917 X Q Ref Q JO 12. , W J fN 2:2f2QMg0L gf fafag' b W, , , a G 9' J 47 I Q- ' WZM 34 X y OBDXO-R3 QF0L7bxps9mb4 VW ilk, ' Off? 5 XX-5 QN O17 AL! XOXQ S C765 543,39 ,QAA 4Ubsxekxf9g4 X3 ibbf' Q55 wg wggw ZUBQJQJQXK QF Qjaq! 05220 fab .ON 5, f b ' DL Q3 X NOG' Q0 N qi '- V in fu, V I Q V A - I D i www ,iq I , Qf 5 Jf , -- 4 N W MW ',' AQ fAq . I A355955 Q ' r ,,I:rJL . . . i D , 'I' L-4. .r-,.11,,, -Y Z Lf. -2,3 --.:.-Q ' ' '---1,-v.. .. , K . ' -,W 'F ., 5, jf!7i! .f. Y X 0 A kyav, Q, 'Q' ?,OLJL,.gp' fag Y ,, NW + G QT Dim ,T QQQSQQ 3 XOMH W 5 539,aQQdNA3u0S 'ggi x fi QQQQ 'Z,jZVfdP Gif? 7K5l0ff'W yegef E 2 2,153 f6Zg6??Z'?f29viQ05z 2 XX X52 V22 U gf Q Q Qs S g W , 3 Q EX Z5 P si 5 bg 3 'H?L.F.CT1.R A 're IWX X Q VQOM SQQQJH CUW6, NCQ, Or I Q Qf -+560 fl I 'I -1 FO X f bw Q K 'FU Q Ofmcfk um V f. fl! if I , NF .13 U DQ 'P mf l 1 wcmk -vo Xi: L QQM me, 44 IMO QQ' Q5 QD X 6330359 3707? fyfwi 3' N952 --k85'1EggQvWY'7 QW bffsfsw-f-xg'9f 6 N Nkjxiv-XSQ Q, :ffyqbu-SQ: 3. -1-14, El QOQLC . C QkjQ-vxwklafg NWIRE A-M69 5 5 '54 EQ V33 266.1 6 'CYLWQ-Q QQLCX-NSXQSO Ejbbgf-ClGQS C3:SEx WTS! ww CW gf? WUEJJQ 2 w yu 6 6 H3Q2+3+j2,SH f-1550 gdb ml gg 9 Q35 gigmg Li! g-XX Q sq 'G 7' GQQU 00522-SGacg5T-WQ fouxf 00 WI TH GIUQT OFREED OM OF THOUGHT.. . There can be no such thing as wisdom, And no such thing as public liberty with out freedom of speechg Which is the right of every man, As far as by it he does not hurt or control the right of anotherg And this is the only check it ought to suffer And the only bonds it ought to know. Jaw, Ndmmis Wstwmww olwwxisyiotmwomiouojb. INLWQ-UJDUJQQUQ, Epmdwgx WE DEDICATE OUR TENTH ANNIVERSARY I ANNUAL TO ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, PAST AND PRESENT, WHO, BY KEEPING A CONSTANT VIGIL ON TRUTH HAVE STAID THE? COURSE OF THIS GREAT LAND, AND IN SO DOING HAVE LEFT US WITH AN UNPARALLE HERITAGE. IT IS FROM THIS BEGINNING THAT TH PARK PATRIOT WILL ADVANCE. vgjhboowvxlfzjicbl IPGTQQJ Wi by , Loup! X'-farm' 'Q f I ee' 4-4 gif Si '2 'w-. 5 1 1 9 3 z the PATRIOTS present TEN YE ARS of PROGRESS 1961 to 1971 Our 1970- 71 Tenth Anniversary Annual PARKWAY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL La Mesa, California OUR ADMI I TRAT MR. GARTH I-IANCHETT-PRINCIPAL 1 ' Q X X Mr. Hanchett Pa I'kVV8Y'S first Principal , Z , - , .X . 1.2 . SE R 4 if is 5 N S wet' ...SEE 5 8' -'x X Jzyf ,- . 1.- , Mrs. Bassett Mrs. Bereuter Mr. Black Miss Bullock fx .Q ws 1, izu s z . WH 3. W x ww 1 .5 Mr. Burdge Mrs. Carter Mrs. DeWaide Mr. Dunn W ei J y 9' e eff! X MIS. Flickinger 'A , ...V 43 M-f2.....f Mr. Jarrett Mr. Hamilton K.: - lk - M r. Hayes Mr. Hopkins Y ..,. Aix Mr. Leffler Mr. Manaugh Mr. Medina Nr: -A .gi sr - - Aa f . 9' , . Mr. Miller Mrs. Nelson V 5. Phillips ' Miss Phillips PATRIOT ' TEACHING TAFF , :vae.awx' A 'Wa 1-f 1 is as f Wig Q5 Y X J ,,: W J ., , -:U is .A V V, sw i W5 :mx , Eg A., X M Q Q 1 Q EJ in we 3? I Y' X W 1 s if M M ,.. N R . wif X. gs is 2 M Mrs. Schraeder Mr. Schwuchow Mrs. Seeley Mr. Shaffer f , A MW .. ' X wwf , Z s-e aurus asus! e se f 5 M , M . 2'11: B5 gg - ee s , a h ::' :ff 5 gg 'lg ' .5 5 Miss Sim ione 5? , 33' Mr. Sm edsrud 51 Mr. Soop Mr. Sorensen M Mrs. Sunderson Mr. Taylor Mr. Trigueirc Mr. von Bergen Miss Vvalsh Mrs. Wilken Mrs. Wissner Mrs. Youngberg Mrs. Pohle Mrs. Prill fav s s 755g is gf - , is heme? Q : R Z M ,.h, , -.1' :L if -1 and , h L was-155 p I 5 :gl sis Q V Mr. Rose Mrs. samovm- . . .to teach youth to make a life, in the sense that a life is useful happiness and well-spent leisure. Mr. Lexa - not shown William Allen White, a patriot NE 1, QS S HOUSE OF THE LOS TOROS RUJOS .4 15. 'S ,I Iii. MQ. QN'q'fXef'f'Cg,,'?. 1 ' ti5' li,g.,r A5-W ,mQq.n':'A5sv - -K , D w Q1 J . if Vi- ix Q A I ' 0 H E , A ' wi-i5-r'1f -'H-2 ' W E K 4413+ -eHE-H'51!se'-:Ez-'E- E PM Lizh L' lags 1 I n-Jug P Q fig YE- E, 1' N4 fri ' a HOUSE OF THE PURPLE TRIUMPHS E71 I REGULARS-8th GRADER Z 'i 11 1 ' I have learned that success is 4 to be measured not so much by ' the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which y he has overcome while trying to succeed. A A uh. Booker T. Washington, a patriot , in ilxl ' V4' lii 'f s ' Q Anthony Abatecola Mr. French-Sth Grade Counselor GW A yn cheson K LW' 55425. s l 2 hg ill ii A if i.' i s 21 Vg iii' '9 ' 'f Qi f 'il E Q14 4' 41 Q - w 4 at M .e ., x re- 1 4 Q 1 4 I 4 I Lynn Acheson Ken Adams Paul Alberty Virginia Anctsmann Donald Anderson 'll 41 4 jean Anderson Barbara Andreen Cindy Antiste Lynne Aramendia XX . Archie Archuleta , , 'YF' ' A k i f' ' W l - f . . -1' e ' Q. , J i H , ,, A 4 J , i J i 1 f , , . , x i i QL 'xi 2 B ? B an 25551 3 if Sharon Ashley Kathy Aunan Marcia Axelrod Gordon Axelson M Pai Judy Baker Wilbur Bales Mike Balsley Evelyn Bandes h Debbie Barber Daniel Barck Ray Barnes Wynda Barnes if E-ww I Yvonne Baer Debbie Bailey A 31 'aula Barnett jim Barney Stephen Bassett Mark Bauer Cathy Becktei Kenneth Bennett Barry Benson David Benson Douglas Berg Nancy Biddle Michael Biggs Barbara Bitter Mike Bjorstrom Ian Blanc Robert Blaney Susan Bliss ,fe-HN Aw -. -M. -:I M J 'aw iw in ,fi I . EQ NOW 4lll-p. W nf' ff it-Sa Q B ' D , 1 uw 5' B M52 Q13 . , r y B.. A f .f C i B Q 'B ' 3? in Brent Boller Lisa Bridenstine Allen Brule Scot Buckles Wayne Burdick Marie Cardell raeiwf janet Boyer Mike Boyd jerry Bradley I2lm2S Brady Becky Brandon Sue Brawner jing Brooks Terry Brothers Tammy Brown Craig Brown Camille Browne Michelle Brou11la Mike Bryant Eugene Burch David Caffey Brian Carlson ll 1 .APHGB1 . 'T Mike Campbell Annette Canfield Roland Canfield Andrew Carter Paula Caprio N Kim Carter Debbie Cartmel Robert Castine John Castleman Joe Cavaleri , ,X 'jp . ' ,lk - .. , A X , V . , qw. ' ' K M . ... ,1 l N 22 H4-1 Wx Shun- obert Chambers Donald Chapple Steve Cherry arry Condra Laura Conrad Alan Conrad Katherine Cirelli Donna Cobb I James Cook Martin Cookston W 1 in lt' 1 Mike Colsell Jane Cooley Connie Connors Sue Cooper e Cheryl Copher Cathy Cork jeff Craven Carl Crawford Cory Crowell jeff Culp Michael Cummings Mary Curiale Carol Curl ' Anne Curtin Clint Curtis Vw N X I 'Q Www O' Q gm.: - ' f-nfl' ' WN' , ' . rin -piers K W ' ir is .., x he wg., qi-1 1 :. N 1- fr ae Dearmon Lory Daddario Steve Dahlheimer Richard Daniel Dennis Daniels Lori Davis Michele Davis Mich 1 ,serve ,rl I 1 My VA M W Li I V L M i 4' X if 1 ' ' re - Nw ii lx 1 4m. ,E Nancy Dehring Adriene Dickey james Dixon Diane Demara John Destout Richard Dewey Sue Donovan Daniel Doren Brien Duncan Marylou Earley Bruce Eckel Pamela Edison Bob Eigelsbach Debbie Eikam Lxsa Emery Dana Engle E , f Lssbw N55 Yi Fiiif? -fur fig-jg Kgs.: 5525 wie- V in iw -r QE: . . . :?F'5f' ' M951 ' , L. Ae I 4 f . 3 E E Wendy Dempsey Carey Dennis Rick Dennis Mark Drew Aaron Drysdale Carma Duarte 5' ya ,, Q J J, ,M 2 Karen Eldridge craig Elliott Eric Evans Aedan Faber Danny Farth Rick E,-b Kathy E1-ler jim Fletcher Mark Fletcher Paul Ford - -Vg .ff-sewn bmw ai- -,,v I vI.', Vlii QEIV I I Q ' I is X TI QR :' D ff-A ggf 1 if .fb L1 s ii Q i D ' W i ::.Q: Q ii D ig i , I G , .M n i 1 J . - 'i 3 vw 5 xx J 1 G . my In :Y it Q M ,,: kv ,ff ' '. - '? wk. 2 A Q Q W . M aa- A . 1 ----'A f r i X . 4 A K 2 . G V, , :ID I 4 A Sail 1-Sv 3 2 if ': 7 i' ,'--' Q 5 ' :G .. ... my :Z -- I 5 ' h -t V 153. I 'QA - A C .Q alia u W 4 .v v A -fist ,,.: h .-:, 8 X Nam' i J Q Qu V nise Foster Paul Foster Scott Foster Elizabeth Fowler Susan Fowler Roswitha Fox Mike Franey an Frankhouser jeff Fredericks Steven Fredrick Linda Free julie Freebern Sandy Freitas Lisa Fronberg onna Gallagher Cindy Galloway Cynthia Garcia eleste Gavin Marjorie Gayle Lauralee Gehrke L1 .'. Air wifi W Q1 4 ,grfiir ASE Bob Gartland Miriam Genser Deanna Garza Mike Gent Tracy Gage Shari Gainor Sharon Gates Mike Geraty y y, John Gagnon Diane Galbraith Lisa Gatto John Gibbins S -. S 1 5 1' .K N W 1 1, in ' f-kk 9 :.1 ,.,1 9,3 Mi, if ' , . . 'if 145 '1,k.iiz R vkfk V S .a ei ' . ' 'H i .3 I- ' 51 A ' 1. 'sv ' s V 15 if - Kim Giles Tim Gill Ricky Goldberg David Gonia Frances Gotkowitz Ron Gregorich Sharyn Griffin Cathy Grubbs Cathy Guard -Michael Guzzo Terry Hahn. Cliff Hanes Leo Hall Roger Hallum David Hanson Tamera Hardesty Daniel Harris Roy Harkins Connie Harris Chuck Hattersley Lisa Helgeson Micheal I-Iemenway K S I f -:A 5, ,, 3 f is f 55 Q' '5ia43w. vers-als .251 l A we 'N ,, 4 7, - A-.1 :Cx C ii - 14,3 ix . i r l j? I .iz H Q 'P . Viggo , 1 F at r - ni' ' ix if ll jackie Hawkins Vicki Hayes Hugh Hicks Pam Hicks Eric Hektner Kerri Henderson Bryan Hester Peggy Higgins Renee Hildreth Richard Hilterbra F, -r A, , 'vas' ill' ,,:, ' . y i - i'i' C i yi ,-'if f :' 1 f 21- C 2? :Z C C 'V ' ..f5:4rmlf K X ,.: 'QF Erik - ,.x::,--, J '1 1,-:H '-- C i - i 5 ii' ,. YL v A Sw 552 Q 15 19 53 5 E 1 Q X xi X as .ZF Q 5 Sf ,iss i V5 1 : I .,x:,NZ K r 2 y for D d K i A S i i ix? S 3 . ,,k , D .r Meer-f A uw ea H Q M- 'D arg? X.-ff l v. rr sive' f .i X ,,.-5-. l 'QL1 W R' Randy Hinton jim Hogan Mike Hohlweg Mike Hohnes Millicent Holmquist Diane Hoover jamie Hoover Cheryl Honz Steve Hopster David Howe Robin Hooten Bruce Hoover Kathy Howser Shirley Huffine Stephen Huffine Alan Hubert Cindy Hungerford Eva Hunkel jim Hyde -,H H , , , Kari Jaffe Beckie james Teri Janson jan johns Ralph Johnston David johnson Gary johnson Kenneth johnson Ronald johnson Mitchell Jones Sandy jorgensen fii h R t,,,. . x S R H S ' F 'ffm-fiilg' of A ,. rv if K f if S t ig, 54 EM 1 i w N? W ,, in , Q3 g ix Kim Kachigan Dennis Kammers Pat Kerig Lori Kiesling Danny Lachenbruch Ronnie Lack Cathy Lang ' Leah Larsen may iw N Q 2- Kr, 5' .QV Y '- , 'I J I ? ?: f 'B LM f ' fa 5 .5 igg f Xb. -.f -,,,.....-.--f- az W fi . K z Cindy Katan Lori Kennedy Steve Kenniston Paula Kenyon Cheryl Kemp Steve Kitch Karen Koch Evans Kontopuls Bruce Koptionak Heidi Kraus UM HW 1: X if I Mark Larson Tom Leland Mark Lemons Ron Lewis ' Carol Liddiard Cheryl Linn Edythe Lit:t1e1ohn Roberta Logan Cindy Long Rick Lowell Megan Lucas Susan Lukens Daniel Lusteg Eric Lyons S52 5 Q r f L25 5 f 5 l .1 k Sm Q: XY! ASW g i ' -ani K X 'H Q, - , Eif- Q .,,,,. it iw it ig , fa f is ik- 'HY 'ik 1' 'wr like McAbee Leslye McAllister Mike McCarthy Marlene McCauley John McCloskey athie McCrary Faye McDonald Sandy McDowa11 Bill Mclntosh Susan McKerney fi 4? Cynthia McDonald Richard McCoy Bill McNutt jim Manos Denny McLain Larry Mandel Christine Manzella Marci Malmin iebbie Marsh Chuck Martin Patti Martin Debbie Martinez Barbara Marx james Maschmann Sandra Matosian in Matula Phillip Meares Maatin Medearis Victor Mehuron Jeff Metcalf Marilyn Meza Belinda Miller 3 ir..-f l K' 5 3 L, v , Si- V ' , , .955 L, ' X 1335 ,X . 2: 1 K ix 1' g Ez 5 . 4 nr zz xt' 4 we ' iw L we XWWL' Q I Q 1.35. Q? 1 5 X 5 d . :Q . or on .n sgw - Q 54 rgiiivlggarrizf ' 5 NSR? wr T ' n m i , if f S ra me... J Xx X f, Q' 5 -v ' f 1' X Sf X Ir , V-1 S wsf'Q5-2, .FQ .4 1. S- -I. : , Y ,JF 11m Mlller Kxrk M111er Steve Mxlhgan Patncxa Morley Carol Morton Karen Muehlezsen Davxd Nxchols Scott Northcote Ellen Ochoa Monte Ochoa Robert Oleary Loxs Ohver Kam Parker V1ck1 Pans V ef rv--sk Nt. XXI Q 'rg' Howard M111s Carol Mme: Cory Mltchell Theresa Moell Gary Murray Marty Nealon Sarah Nxcholl Susan Nzcholl smug xshakdvsxk mi::i0 was 2 Bradley Olson ' Ruth Pascarelli L .'a'1: .-...--- vw-.. x uny xauucx' Lvuuuacz rauuef Ben Pastore ' Tracy Pastore Rudy Pata. Susan Paulick 1 .. H ..,,,. V A. 1 X was X W F P5 lraar izv Lo 5 - ' if I 51' .:,: fvy. hifi f rr :.: 1 F' , r o a r .,,r Sf? 'o 535 Q ,.,:, h-me . u r,l - ' , 4. .:,::. Q Q -1. 255. Q 'f 4 fr .1 VJ 1 . In I 5 i-:i':.' - aQ+m - Q3 KKQEQL T : n g - Q H . I. yn . . ,. . . rry Riemer Nitaleen Roberts Melinda Roden Pamela Rogers Charles Roller g' .- K. K K I . : ,,..'- E K t .5 . , P e gl 1 ss I w. R ' ' ' ,AA . ' A Q . 5 N, K X gg, S I 1-MJ K eeee C 1 R he eee fr 5 , 1 '-s' ,1,. ss K .. , A , Ab nit., ' ' ,X ' . V when :g l .,-gm, . ,-1 , ,- A .w . F 3' 9 3, , 115 , Q ..l5fIfI5f- 'N ' i 4. '-wa' is .ix , '5 ' s ' rf el 'P . S as ,. -L. -1 ,. Q H M 3 , ,, , , . - gs - e e. X 4 s ,qs- ,f w A X s. X 4 x ww-P 4' 1 Paxton Myra Penny Brenda Perry Diane Peterson Linda Peterson Steve Petix Gary Phares Piccus Karen Piemme Sue Pleasant Carol Pollard Steve Pollard Charlie Prokop Cindy Quillin Bob Rappoport john Ravalli Scott Riddle Tina Riddle C Annette Roney Don Root Je anne Ramsey Rene Rand D .. ak ,- I .1 , K mf. , - Y ' , , ' 5. . C -f CH-.-5WsSwQrseus4:1w'W -- l 3 FQ? teve Rees Ron Remer 1m Re olds Wllham Rhea Vll11l2.TI1 Rmhards 935' jg .-,. , T wg C s.,, qQ vb - 5 Y H a ere- me X rs? -W -- H' W- S 1 ' ii? '--- ,. Debbie Ruegg Rusty Ruff Mark Ruyle Corinne Russian Tim Schaefer Rene Schmidt Debbie Seeling Roy Seibert Steve Semonious Rose Sharp Steve Sharpe Alan Sheldon David Short David Shultz I xiii, ' . , S wif? Q bf 5 , it YU if wt - , - S M fhff' 2 Rik iii ? f 1 .. S a Steven Shepei-sky Robert Sherrill Michael Shev anie Sibbison Ste S'1 bergjay Sinkes are A or g S, E' E i S i g,Q a af , g Becky Smith Chris Smith Kristal Smith Carol Solano jil Sorensen Cathy Spence Richard Spencer Yolanda Stark Lind Stazenski jo Ann Steele joy Stovall Lynn Strahle Penny Strand Barry Strandberg Blaine Stratton Lisa Streeter Charles Strode Mark Stulce jim Sullivan Tracy Sullivan Nathan Talbott Harris Taylor y 5 S pf Suzanna Sparks George Speck Patty Stegall Gaylene Stickney Chris Stokes Russell Stolnack David Stone Karen Stonecypher Kathy Taylor Patricia Thomas E srismxig N ly Q 5 L N' 'D 'il 1 ,:i'S 1 5:7 A C S f 3 y -f t,, .p .V 2 Si, ,yyi 1 a'X 'ee S S We ,grief ga.. if if Q Y ff ? p il L p, 5 A , I S X is yie Q 5 I ii .Iwi ,, A .1.: . x Y Q 5 'F W X g we E S-L ' Sa E92 3 r 7 5 W 47 Q 5 ' sw if my Qld We 5 X 1 'A lxiffw Si-ik Hi X rg x we S A A if M- FQ W ag 5 Expat J Q, William Thomas jay Thompson Tim Thompson jane Thomell Mike Ticknor Chris Tomlin Steve Torchia Sean Towne Chris Trantalis Tom Tratnyek Dianne Tripp joey Tromburg Ronald Tuck Brian Twohey jackie Tyler jacquelyn Tyler Bill Unmack David Van Arsdale Karen Vallely Paula Vicklun jennifer Wallaceglirry Walton :X .4 'Q ,551 X .1 , T ,ii, ,.,-:1i: T i 4 ..-,.::i 2 , Q as 8 F joe Villarino Larry Vinti Scott Vinton Donna Waldemar Eileen Walker Russell Ward Daniel Watson jeff Watters Antoinett Weaver Peter Weintrau Wi we . X Q' M Q 'i we -Q Y xl? w P ww ARE 'Q X X3 5 J-gi 5 E 3 E y ,,. ' fi .A . My x E fi ik Q ls M45 ,X X so Q Tom Wells Ward Wendling Cris Widner jim Wieboldt fdia Woolm an Beth Wright 'yan Wright Bob Yates relyne Yohe Barbara Zumwalt if n an 5-so E Tari Wessies Judy Westby Barbara White julie Wilde Benny Williams Brian Williams FUI. or ,. WL. Heidi White Debbie Williams Linda Wilson Tamara Wilson -WW -. H V .,,4x.11 janni Whitsett David Wilson Susan Wilson john Woods Lisa Zwick Tracy York Gordon Zimmer john Burgos Rosemary Horn I 'hav ex? 'rr ' . Q W 'i l o f ' Q Q 2 gs biaa-i V s V V l. ', -V my ..,: is K h -X ' 4 1 ' i 2 A ,, Q ' l -o 151 ' H1 5,537 as-O '1 6 1k W ..f C .r Q 'hw SHEIEIWEIW 'EIIYIO OIDVW HQIVLLS 'IVf1SIA'OICIf1V PARKWAY PRESS STAFF Sf . Wi . A A , '- If K o 1 . Q ..,. 3' PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB fi A' X Q 1 A 1 1 PARKWAY JR. HIGH 9W9 pork plaza dr., lo mesa, california 9204! x. O Q Pa s-xx: IO CLUB AND STATION WAGNAP R ATEUR AM PATRIOTS' EXECUTIVE STUDENT MEMBER Patriots' student government in the good old days ar' fx. we fmt J Q at ,,,, T to M, h -X A 'Qo-- . -' J, . - to K N 1 . K -. xigi 1 , K hx K: an: Ml xx , ' R - to at W 3 'M ff -9 6 Q HOUSE OF THE BLUE DYNASTY Ytaqj in 'LA .E gf ri Vfj, 'Lg K ' e 45fqE SV 'M 1' Q , f 1 HOUSE OF THE EGOLDEN APES If 1' 'S ff .- 1 a x ' A. Q gy- :fi .eFy3,Q,g.,gift'i. 1 'E' im v ,rl 1 1 1 1 1 .. ,j Y if J- 9 Ssffidf all ft H gm X 1 s A I Q E ,S - Q: 5, 1 , ' gif. Ji, an mega si ww OLU TEERSJI h GRADER '.. A ' ' 2 ' L -V I 'g . I L is ' ' I V a g e' 5Q ,,f! 'fat . Q -j as f.'...'f 1Z2 f g fl C y A 5 A ,, .ag s.. A se - so -- ,,,A.z C ' 1. - . S35 ' f . e , fir B .:.,, , Et! ' I ' V . .-'V1: ll A e it mm' :un K , ' 1 A I k lk I A A eeess N C A W A E at so , . i 1 V N ky vtz V Q . A - K A C 3 --QL Y ' , ,V W l' --:., N i w- QQEI E ' C xg Q ri 5 kr. , - C- SX A - Q ,. ' :,k 4 sv , F i N Mrs. Brobst A fl z . l la a W ol A C Counselor A will . M K -' .wr v I 'HY .d l'-S u. Nancy Adams Pam Adams Terry Allard C Catherine Charles Mike Nicky Alvarez John Andrasko Robert , Baker Armstrong Armstri Bmce Ashley David Atwater Archuleta Cindie Beach Deanne Ball Brenda Bam Bob Bandes Steve Bassett Robert Annan Kathy Beavers julie Beecxr ' Qg'g: J K-321 Ballers jerauld Bel-mari Patfiela-3 A A C John Bernitz George Richard Laurie Bissell Hqglmljlake Beiswengel' Kab Benefield Shelly Berglund Robert Blea Bingham Birchard Charles Mark B jorst Christine ' Karen, Blake Frank Blank Iohn Blasko Lee Ann Torn Bonnet Matt Bowman Bradford Cathi Brady Brimicombe Pa1i1fBri11k h Arlene Bruce, A A Roger Brule Brundege Wendy Buck Stacy Buckles jan Buddingh Gene Burkb .1.e,2EQf' 91 -,2 '-' '.- 4... iw' 0 Valerie Burnett Linda BuSch Jill Bussy Monica Caballero Daniel Campbell Jeaneen Campbell Vince Cappelletti Adolpho Carrera Barbara Carroll Marita Carlson , Jo Ann Carr Robert C astleman Denise Christian Lisa Ciampoli Ronnie Clagett Brenda Clifford Richard Condon Vivian Conly David Conrad Becky Coplin Karen C osner Michelle Coulson ii Michael Coulson Edgar Cook jeff Crawford Stacey Culver Carolyn Curtis Dennis Curtis Eileen Cusenza Ann Dahl Dean Dauben Theresa Davis Lora Davis Melanie Demos Misty Dennett Erin Dennis Joni Dexter Cecilia Diaz Betty Dickison Roger Dierking Charlene Dipietro Mary Drbousek Stephanie Dreebin Jeff Drew Minnette Drysdale Manny Duarte Tammie Dudley ' Raymond Dunican Craig Dunker George Dymalski Bruce Earnest Dfayid Eckert Steve Edwards Sue Edwards Fred Eldred Larry Ellis Paul Engel Neal Ernst Matthew Escajeda Thomas Escajeda Philip Eucker Philip Eyler Mike F aircloth Wasyi Fatala Cathy Faye Leslie Fellows Dan Ferreira Eric Fletcher Robert Focht Susan Fox 1 Lynette Fraley Donald Frank Larry Free Clark Friedgen Gloria Fulton Scott Gage Danny Gagliano Tommy Gaia Lu Ann Gallo lor Garcia Laura ,Gardner Mathew Georgeon Matt Geraty joel Geudtner . Kelly Giles Ron Gilmour Robert Gonia Edwina Goodell Michelle Gourley Lori Graham Robert Griffin Cary Griggs Nancy Grube Frank Guasti Ken Guire Billy Gurner Janie Habel Lynn Hagemann Linda Hall Cary Halligan Cathy Hansen Mary Hampton Angela Hampton Nannette Hardin Greg Harless Phil Has-Ellison Charles Hawkins Tomi Lynn Hawkins Griff Hayes Sheryl Heidenreich Marci Helmstetter David Henderson Robert Henderson Suad Hermiz Stephen Hillis Keith Hilterbrant S cott Hinnrichs Becky Hinton Joris Hitt Michelle Holmes 33 Donna Holub Mark Hon! Patricia Hoover Donald Horn Pat Horn Kim Hoss Jim Howser. Roger Howes Kirk Hunley Patricia Humphrey john Ireton Cody Isbell Bill Ivey Sarah jackson Deann Jacobsen Kristi jaffe Charlie james Timothy jameson Gregg Jensen Doug Jett Tammy johns Kathryn johnson Terri johnson ,jenny Johnson ,N V I . if ,J 'NF' , ,S S In in fm-af Q W 1 sf 3 . ,xl 'QM ,, 1? , Judy Johnson S andra Johnson Matthew Johnston Russell Jones Shelly Jones Rod Jones Eva Judson Mary Jungman Michelle Kampf Gordon Keiser Susie Kelly Kathy Ketterer Kandi Kihm Louis Kimbrough David King Sheri Kingsley Jim Kinney Kim Kollman David Koos Karyn Korieth Kathy Kreeger Betsy Krerners David Kubanis David Kupfer George Kvaas Kathy Labrecque Leslie Ladd Jackie Lake Scott Lancaster Gentry Lane Robert Landgren Douglas Lang Mike Langston Allison Lamb John Lasko Stanley Laughlin Mary LeDuc Scott Lents Bill Lewis Scott Lewis Joseph Lynch Bonnie Lindsey Gerry Loehr Linda Lopez Eric Lundy Nancy Lusteg Beckie Luther Candis Machado J imp QC -. 1' A 1' N a. iy icev R f V w 'X 1. 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Suggestions in the Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) collection:

Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 8

1971, pg 8

Parkway Middle School - Parkway Patriots Yearbook (La Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 25

1971, pg 25

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