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X X iw ly- , H .L 4 , VIV ' ' Y 'F "4 R' -'Q-gm-""-'34-f gr' I A4 -ff'-1.531 1211? 1:L:5,.:- g if 'PLL' FlE'51J-T " "x-.:.z .. ... ' ' --'-.TE-"',:".4i ,-.z-. ..' ' :"' L, LQ I 4 I 1h3':t2:.:1:-F-2 2 1-1" Atiigg- . Pi:-j-,gf'- --f -Qjofgl 5f,51,'-....i-L. .45-'l,-...T.1."'-.,.f ,. ,.:g1t::.z::s:':-z.. :.:.r: V+ 1 1 A 1 n n I nw v 1 I i UH -sun. ..u-...Ldllll , nli.-nnnllnna f I 1 H 2 'A' " 3: --fu H ifsgl gie liifw lf , ' '. -'K F F ll F l : 1" . af- "'f'4H':hw. E ff 51' 55331 '-w. 1 +1 -S' .ll ' 54:5 42 , 2 ' el-gt'- -. lm 3-55 1 Q 'Wal ' '- v -. 322- :li 'f :. JJ: fn- 12-.M '- f gli' my - :-.5 min I 3-2 , - - ? aff Seems . , --we .eq we 'q ' ' X l vw-leii'f Q 5225 4:52-1" mil ,-f ogg s f x gl ,li , f--snr -. ' f 1.: fail Sal- mil lgl1ll1Mla'i-l,.'ll?'5 lvl , 5-11 Eloise. l. V. W gggag f Eh n , if ' Siva? ll 'N 1 Freshmen ng, 4- X5 'i5Q1f'rom :g....f,ip... Q l K " Sophomoxtes f,....3'7QNg5,,1JX,1f3Qf,gg1uatlona3.3:.., 1 , QQ,2,':i165iS Juniors ..p.r1O-12, lil Q Homecoming , f , 361381 Eighth 20-21 J'QSweetheart Dance 40-413 Seventh 22-23 ,Play ...l.'42-43 Elementary 24-2825' .Spanish Trip 83 . W. A l n no 'W i f 2 e Q- on l . a n i l l n Football .................. Girls Basketball ..... Wrestling ............. Boys Basketball ..... Volleyball ., ....... . Cross Country ..... Golf ............,....... Track ..... Q ......... Cheerleaders ..... Dull Team ................ 46-47,'l ll N.. ligiilgflfflhorus ..... Jewtbw, .. ,gf6s+1o 4s:493sw' 'ol15LI11QlI-Iigh Music 50551 FFA 72-73' 52-53 'FHA ....l74-75 54-55 Student Council X76 A ....... X 56 Annual ....,... 'Tlx 57 Paper Staff FIS 58-59 APep'Club 79: 60-61 X 5 Oral 'Interpretation .:?.lQ. X. 80 62-63' Honor Society ....'.... o ,wg 81, Junior High Sports 64-66 l l ' as 7 'lf K' ff l o Annual,Staff Extras . ........ .... . .... 44,148 1 f K Y 4 , 'I . K Faculty ....... ............. .... 29-321 ' ' 1 ' 'Q YITI' Trivia ............ ............... .... 34, 35'f f I r April's Benefit .... ........ .... ..... 39 1 N, Honors 8a Awards .... . .... .................. S2 , . A f ' ,f . f X 1 N! Y K ffl' v , l l 1' v l 1 3-blk Q . A 1 - X X n l 4 x siiisz 3 ggi. wifi' Egfajzji '11, 'ffri-,iff-az 1226122 1. fa K, -'sys fe? Ex? ,, H QQ s sfzeeg xx X X X -mfg W 1.mvw':, w,9s3'srsQsy-'rw 3-ff:1:WWfi'f' rr XW.3?45EQ2'L'X ' X Jw M ww WWW N m+QQqgN,,x r 9 ' , ' ' "L"'"'JTW'Qffiw-ELI!N ,N 'N ' X QRWMIQSWwwwitiwhi ' ' wr,H-f1wwv'W:N " ' H:ww',rwwfweww I ' rr ,, W 'Wi in ww 1 ' r r Uri - X rr1rrgwwwWarrant,Q9wr , N- , ,rwrwwwqmqW,---, X X w , 1 , ' , x ,f"V3Qi+?W5W'F"'W ' " , N fliliw 'N ,, 7 ww,Mwxwwwwwbf W J ,, Y H ,ewwwwrwwwwwcr.,., :N W ' v 1, W. H ,N N ,N WWWGJWENE'WYPMW'ffX A , ' 'V ' f " X Ftisbma X ' V , 'X , ,, J ' 0 We xr A , N A, rx . N V A M , ,, . . Q , ' ' M K ,Y 'www , M , ,, d t it 1 e ' M M began 11'1 k11'1 GI'g3I' 611 HS W6 62lI'IV1Q ,5 ,..,, . V , V , V' 'mr,iygaf at understand our manuals of letters a - --fff fi W2546zsikf5 1 ' f , '1 , K' 1 1' ri X Z 5 .r.,,,, A ' QV, f , a s V I MO A K, . . 25,11 n s and our too 0 pencr s and QQMO1' 25, ,V awww, A . PM ,,,, ,,,, A , . ,,,. , ,,,, . :,WwW?: W n r rnto a Wmnle new world Wlth ourata a eas t as 'f ,-Wifi' ' . 2,,lE?'f, we ' f f -," ,, ' ' f . Zi I ' fl: 'wif in as as them, n rgzht mstructomls rr nn s I' "-- fgwf4.,j?' "Q: ,,. - ' . Af' ,L"" ' 5' H V Nl- f .kL, if K fl. ' A I s t nt T ,,,, a it ','L H . , I 1- Q ' , f r ' ' -' ZZ A " A ' L ' H - - ,, , 1 , J e r lg there 'V '.'- ,V " . , Y , f f -- - A a 3.11 W ZW t t as IIOW ss - V - r ts.s ,,,, V , , . W fk.- V .. V ' '- I ' 1 . ' f ' ' . --Vf ll , K .. l h if ffiif .fe ,. - f f f 'i rfrrdii ' JIDIUB xfB55Ef3ii5!5Sf5X7?e -'ff t Ae-e' " , P z I , , ,, H -, H , K ' ,,"f'21 ' s rno V entu WOW ' ' ' A ' ' : , f W' , 3- 1 J anaa s E " ' ' ggggj' QQ. " X' A H U f , 3' a O t as 4 ' " at H - ' p H " z ' H " , W Q1 t 5 4 --" 'fu il, ' - - W If k r I W ',"S2fZ"' 'H 'n f K f' ' K H ? fn , 7 ,, ,W ' , 5 , , k"' H, , . Aw' 2 Wi", :ff HW 4 1, i:fxi'f'ff1sffJW45?WV'f'W,: 15? 3 1 N ' A W' i I i 1 a ' Q5 i ,Q ,M "ttt ' "" as rf n , rr- 5 r L H ,,r ,,r,,s1- ,,,r f 1 Wr,,: fl , , ,,,, ,s,, Z 11, ,ss,,rE , as vw 1, , ,aan -.,.-,. f.s..-Ws. ,..., . .,,., WM. a,.,.,,g, W..,,,:,,,,,,r,.,.,.W,.,4,,.,.,,,,, 7 :fg if," QV'fl3.3gjQ, r r Zsselntradu-able!! af "" y'6""2 1' ""?' 20 w 5mi3T3?11e:sa seM4faf1.1aeQr L. kv fi is 6 l Freshmen Begin a A A Lb Chris Almond Brian Benney ,vu K Jason Berens Darin B uskohl Lisa Ertz Tom Even Miranda Fleming Vicki Foote Reed Friese Travis Friman 4 Freshmen 'inn ew Venture 5 B A lfgg,,'-f ezgi e,,s, . en,s ,Q A oo, r I ',- ' r. , Ss. -1 'J .. V? A ' i 3 V- . 5 r 3 ei is 'L Q1 W ., . V ,, as y ' j A ,r, ,,,V, ,Wil ',, I-srl 3. 7,1 7 Ji, V, ,iq W ,, fr: 1' :rim ff k f,... El , ' flligi f -55, H' , V Are Kelsi Gunderson and Karen Merrill learning basic "ironing" 0 'iburningn techniques? 'Nw if i Brett Meadors plays with fire. AJames Pesicka's shades apparently fell victim to an overly ambitious artist! 4Some days are just made for freshmen. These girls wanna have fun. y i x '7 Robb Jensen demonstrates his foot- ball throwing expertise. Besides "studying to be sophomores" as Joe DiLeo put it, just exactly what do freshmen do? Well, most greenie-weenies do exactly the same things as the upperclassmen - they play sports, play in band, act in the play, and goof around. However, with the exception of goofing around, freshmen are relatively new at most of these activities. With time and energy to spare, freshmen are just one step closer to earning their wings in '88. Kelsi Gunderson Kathie Hanken X X W is A- . X X Xa it , E 5 Q ri Tim Ha ugrud Robb Jensen Jared Koller Eddie Konda Kara Lathrop Lee Mahoney 1332, Cindy Marsh Brett Meadors Freshmen 5 Karen M errill I hope this was a dress-up day for Vicki Foote. James Pesicka i iiioo X p r r p oi W A 'i . W ii 'KKI K' r ' if - -' 'ff VK.: f ST M' vi "':i: ' i,, K ' .'-. e as is I r. .'i1 " r-r X f V oq. . . 1 .,,k ,'.. , r A r s, , are iiio iii , :,,e., Y. .:- A-5 ,J , - . A . . , , .. - - - if L... . 4 -, . 2 ' el e r m K s - pl is - ii i - -2 X i 9 " . . . w 3 is 5 t , , Q i f -:.f -- ,.,i -Q.. .Q M x. . - . , 1'-5 Q gf v ix , N Q ,I 5 ,Wx Q Q Q As, W Ng .59 lf, K 1? Q P X.. K , 4 Q A K fy bg Q Q Mi Q A, Y at . it , ,, :S P Q as R X 'H f rl' ' in 5' we S5 X wh . Swv in r at M' af f F V . W .N-in .Q .1 3 K-1 . - 9 5 A ,ei 'g K . Q ii -'UQR " ,. .J X- ' 22: e. sir? r BMJ . 5 f r L if A' ' ii -f - '53 '. I r ., if f G .. 7 s .S is ff ff' E fe E . W 4 X- 1 rw 91 4 , X X wx H - , Q A I x 9 it ,Ya as X Q J if X -2 ., ri, , Q is f ' Q' .PS r S ' if Y Q x x A , 5 l 5 is ,N Q Q X is Q -x 2 ab A wr K A l NM? ' K E S ix A S gi Q x X? . Y si .. rg? 1 S , iioo srrr This picture shows life as it really is: the do'ers, the watch'ers, and the "behind the scene helpers." is f--fA 4 . A- - 1 I C11 lick Muller Rob Rezek Valarie Schmit Michael Tiedeman Robert West Rachelle Nelson Faith Ro Wenhorst Debbie Sh umaker Chris Train er -ig: fm- My 'W is Y 5 'fgssswefxgss i,ii6i:.ffqz2 nge: fm- ,M 1, , ,i,.. W: 'W ::m:.,,,,,.: ,Mr mf 1:M,.:: W is HH si. rs, ,M ,, .. V ,....,,,, A... , ,, ...,,, r.,,,,.,s,,ff.::wr-is ' ' ii- fi: - , --ii L, ---,,,,, Xl skis si .5 Q Sim Wifi , if guy si E ig, , :,1,.,f,,r rm r.g55:,.5 ,, .. ,, ,, ,,,,g,.fP3 'sl 1 5 s in Q M li l 5 5 suis l s Q' : .:,,,:!5 Ziiifiis '5i'?ETf?.-5 E5 W 555 '5fH:i,Ur 1 i-ani, .sim fiiiii' -S552 sir! 7 'X K7 -il ' li?"?5?f 255125551 r S S iii? 2559552 .iii WE? Q , fgifzwfii-::s'fzs, :sw :rg 5 5595? if 'I asv 'mf V Q geffme:1f+ms,is2 .vii I 1 f :xiii , 1 'H 'f " gig? 55E':EE.if?:f:E?:fTi,'fi.,-, ..i"::55'FWEiiffltiigjfggggq,,5fjL5I2Q,ff' Not Pictured JoeDiLeo 4Freshmen officers: Robb Jensen - Vice Presi- dentfSecretary!Treasurer, Val Schmit - President, and Travis Friman - Student Council Representative show their class that teamwork and support make good leaders Mark Brown chills out on Day. Sophomores flew through their second year of high school by having a great time all year. Their fun includ- ed writing research papers, dissecting specimens in Biology, selling candy bars for their class fundraiser, and be- ing the only class to have sixteen dink slips for the third nine weeks. Jenny Kasten, Deann Even, Amy Pietz, Cory Jensen, Scott Keeley, and Darrin Smith had the great pleasure of being the waitresses and waiters for the Juni0rfSenior Prom. This past year has been an incred- ible experience that none of them will ever forget! ' "" .- f ff vPresident - Darrin Smith, Vice-President - Paula Viet, Secretary!Trea- ,urer - Tricia Poss. Andy Andersen Terry Berens Darren Boomgarden Mark Brown Mike Chaney Tony Edgington Deann Even Jenny Heim Ka thy Ihnen Brian Janzen 4'tA', squared plus UB" squared equals "Cf squared. Sophomores 7 .Mg , W f nl ' Q si ,wi 4 Q y its ,.V,,X , syt kiwi' ggi it Q N' XLT is Ylx ok EE V s kk k -, L i t 'iris 1 ii I E5 Q24 i r Q - - ::'h W' N sl r""'i Yes, Scott Keeley always looks like Terry Berens is working diligently as this in the morning! he always does. '-,vim Dawn Jennings grunts out a cheer dur- Jenny Kasten prepares to "strike" ing a pep rally. 8 Sophomores great fear into the heart of a junior. 4Punch servers, Darrin Smith and Amy Pietz take a break and pose for the camera. as Dawn Jennings Cory Jensen Julie Joffer Kerri Johnson Y df . :Ss K? . kwa' A :X we s . 1 -X Jenny Kasten Scott Keeley Mindy Loewen Dana Marsh Kari Muller Dede Nelson PDiane Zard, Michelle Will, and Kathy Ihnen take time-out from the busy homecoming field day festivities. Monica Nelson Amy Pietz Tricia Poss Troy Schmit Darrin Smith Jessa Varns Paula Viet Michelle Will Diane Zard vSophomore girls show their class spirit during the softball game. I N x stt, is 3 Wk YM X A V! -1 M635 . R K :il ,. 13,1 Situ. L4" , in l E 3 Q Pac-Man requires intense concen- Andy Anderson and Dana Marsh tration. are busy creating in Drawing and Paint- Juniors Prepare for a Landing Way to bum, Kev! Juniors rapidly moved into the year by organizing their an- nual fund raising for prom. Last- ing two weeks, this magazine sale was a success. After the big magazine sale, the Juniors fully concentrated on their required courses. During almost any day, you can find them in American History, English III, and various other classes of interest. With their hectic schedule, trouble was far away, sometimes! Anoth- er thing on the Junior's mind was their future plans. They worked throughout the year keeping up their grades. In the last semester many prepared for ACT's while others prepared for summer jobs. The Junior year overall, prepared them for their landing next year as Seniors. ii? 10 Juniors Jenni Burns Mark Christensen Ron Heibult Tammy K uck Jann Carlson Leo Even Holly Hertel Annette Larson J 1' L' The definition of e Junior Dogpile. U 'e 'ndstmm Jason Luke :Wm www A f my 'mwa?wa'Wss k2mwE J Q N 4 Q W- I V i ", VE ' i V of ' 2 N w. ? 1' W .4 , Sim If Kevin Marsh y iv", 4 Q 1 if 5 i 5 1 3 2 W Sheila McBride i Jeremy Meyer Wendy Mielke Junior class officers: Tonya Petersen - President, Jer- emy Meyer - Vice President, and Annette Larson - Secretary! Treasurer help shower up the Junior year. Not your day, huh Nikki? Juniors are learning something? Derek Muller Da vid Petersen Ton ya Petersen Lynelle Roeder Mariah Schoffelman Laurie Schriever i 4'What do we have for homework?" Juniors 11 Nikki Smith Janelle Thietje Lori Tiedeman Cristina Trautman Joe Wolff Chris Turner L" 1..5: .::, -M m """' f 4 f 3 Q2 my x: . yas q MY W' N X 'Q N, XX i Y: x if xx Wx ,- ' ,fix K, X x -'Z "kin XM X XL: 5 ' X ' X H ,' X , X .fig S .X if K H' X 'xx , xx ix 4 3 xg 1 f xi L , X rx xx awk Ragen' and Cagen, 12 Juniors Juniors finally on top of things. Kevin Marsh and Leo Even practic- ing the art of homework. W Prom lmost Paradise A tropical setting complete with leis, a grass hut, and palm trees under a mass of red, or- ange, and yellow streamers was "Almost Paradise' for PHS jun- iors and seniors and their dates. The class of "89" arranged for their version of a luau banquet at the steak house at which prom go'ers were served an elegant meal. Tonya Peterson gave the welcome, followed by Mike Poss with the thank you. Rita Hus- man read the class history, and then it was on to the dance! At 9:00, the grand march took place. This annual prom event offers a chance to introduce PHS students and their dates to their awaiting public. "Celebrations Sound System" provided the music, and everyone danced the night away. After the dance, most prom go'ers went bowling and out to breakfast. It wasn't unusual to see people cruising main at 5:30 a.m., 'cause that's when many people got back! All in all, the night was "Almost Paradise." Adding the finishing touches to the hut, the juniors scatter the grass around. Wifi! f W swf Lori Tiedeman tries to figure out how to work the stapler. Five in the Knut" hut. Jenni Burns and Jeremy Meyer patiently Wait for the next streamers. Prom 13 Waitresses: Amy Pietz, Jenny Kasten, and Deann Even Waiters: Darrin Smith, Cory Jensen, and Scott Keeley ...we , .i. Q Tonya Peterson gives the welcome. Seniors and Juniors enjoying the evening together 14 Prom Rita Husman read the class history. Mike Poss gives the thank you. J g5L'-9"- The junior girls anxiously wait for their food. Slow dancing, swaying to the music. K'Praying For A Party!" Students let loose on the dance floor. "Dirty Dancing" Couples dance the night away. Prom 15 Graduation I ,W ,, L,. , ,m W -, , un wsu M as C . Class of 1988 Valedictorian Salutatorian Class President Jason Chester Michele Crist Mike Poss "We Have Come This Far" "Bridges Yet To Cross" "Retrospect of Schooltime Memories 16 Graduation -. 3 , V '- ff f I , wwf ' ,f ,ff fs ff 4, ,v',-6353.1-f J 'M . V v uf A .- "ff . - if' - 4. ,-f-- s " , J' f . . 'J 1 F a W: gf 1 f A If ff ,f , 4 , S ,fd W T-if f ,rr .w.xMf 3 f fl. ,.' I I, M, ff..- .aia as slap-'EZ- Susan Rae Andal Jason Harold Chester Terry Dean Fluit 16 Seniors Kenneth J. Berens Darwin Ray Boomgarden CLASS of EI GH T Y- EIGHT T Michele Mary Crist Tracy Lee Heibult Harlow Jeffrey Hertel Rita Marie Husman Stacy Jo Leininger Brett Lee Levene CLASS of EIGHT Y- EIGHT Gary Lee Lindstrom Kevin Douglas Mahoney Carol Lee Merritt Kurtis Mielke Timothy Miller Seniors Seniors Jerrice Suzette Nelson Michael David Poss Mary Anne Rezek CLASS of EIGHT Y- EIGHT David John Richter Jeremy Ray Schmidt Michael James Smith Jeffrey Reed Trainer s Final waited Moment Mrs. Froiland helps pin on Michele Crist's flower. On Sunday, May 29, twenty- three seniors gathered to experi- ence the end of their high school careers - graduation. An elabo- rate stage was set for the occa- sion, decorated with purple and silver, and the motto 4'Every exit is an entrance somewhere else." Mike Poss, Jason Chester, and Michele Crist presented their speeches, "Retrospect of School- time Memoriesv, "We Have Come This Far", and "Bridges Yet To Cross" respectively. Af- ter the presentation of the class, and the presentation of diplo- mas, the Class of '88 threw their hats in a celebration of the day. f rx We X X is . .... ' ,,.... . i 22519 T . VK 'A N. .. f . Q HES 1. ' . .. ... . The Seniors awaiting the processional. Junior escorts Annette Larson and Leo Even leading the way. Terry Fluit and Tracy Heibult make their way down the aisle. NINETY-EIGHTH COMMENCEMENT EXERCISE SUNDAY, MAY 29, 1988 2:00 p.m. CLASS MOTTO Every exit is an entrance somewhere else CLASS CGLORS Silver - Lavender CLASS FLOWER White Rose Graduation 17 ,4 I 1 1 , i 5 I w 1 1 v l 4 i A 1 1 i fl 1 -1 I V :fkk miw' H WW 51X 1 -wwwfwwww Q 3 E Preparing for Next Landing Jason Andersen i DeDe Brown Chris Buseman Jolene Carlson Connie Chaney Adam Foote -in . if Wyatt Gillespie Gaylen Hansen Jeremy Heim Chad Ihnen 20 Eighth Grade Eighth graders found them- selves juggling a busy schedule with academics and extra-cur- ricular activities. A few of these activities included football, bas- ketball, wrestling, cheerleading, and track. In the fall, the class of"92" ar- ranged a dance for the seventh grade. "The Graveyard Bash" was the theme for this freakish bop, which was appropriately put on during the Halloween season. As the students were taught Earth Science by Mr. Sattler, Jerry Zebell managed to find time to take a "shorty twenty minute nap. So, Jerry, what ex- 'xx actly Was Earth Science? Jason Andersen prepares for thi Kristen Froehlich tel-is dew' ....... v""f Tricia Heibult i Jerrett Jennings s trr '.., Q tn rr The eighth grade doing what they do best . . . looking over someone else's houlders. Dawn Johnson Kyle Jones Travis Volz, Connie Chaney, and Chad Ihnen :now that when your picture is taken look Mark Kasten Karla Leber Karmen Leber Tamra Merritt Misty Neuberger Amy Schmidt rusy!! 4Jerry Zebell takes a break from his drawing. VA future generation of rulers hard at work. Lori Stark Jason Story Travis Volz Jennifer Wiebersiek Jerry Zebell Not Pictured Mark DiLeo Eighth Grade 21 th rade Enters Pre-flight Jeremy Berens Margaret Childs Da vid Even Jason Hanken Dawn Boomgarden John Ebeling Laura Froehlich Robert Hermann Travis Calvet Michael Erickson Joann Gill Kristin Janke Kent Johnson Jamie Koller Jennifer Krumbach 22 Seventh Grade As the seventh grade entered preflight, they didn't know what to expect. They found out what responsibility was and what competition against other schools was like. During the year, they discovered that they had to study for tests which meant taking home their school books. Some of the comments from the seventh graders about their year were that "it was fun", "I really enjoyed the dances", and "I liked the organized sports and competition." They enjoyed their preflight year and plan on having more fun as years go by. Seventh graders enjoy their time between classes. vValerie Plucker and Dawn Boomgarden trying to outsmart the new coke machine. ,af Q-'U X E i 3 ,ff tw for unknown objects. ,av The lunch room is filled with excitement as the seventh graders check their food N Amy Turner is baffled at her 7th grade assignment. Shane Leininger Stacy Letsche K orena Mahoney Jason Marsh Robert Meadors Q W, T vl"'-,544 Valerie Plucker Audra Preheim - i i Eric Schoffelman Amy Turner 1 Laura Froehlich is surprised as she finds out she cut the wrong piece of wood. Anthony N ugteren Clin t R un ge Jared Varns Seventh Grade 23 Fifth Grade Row One: Kevin Andersen, Ra- mona Christensen, Michele Krumbach, Troy Moulton, Paul Muller, Jessica Pre- heim, Jason Schulte, Natalie Volz, JoAn- na Weibersiekg Row Two: Kaylyn John- son, Samantha Meadors, Stephanie Meadors, Jeremy Luden, Stacy Ihnen, Wesley Nugteren, Taya Hansen, Mi- chael Schumaker, Jeremy Viet, Mrs. Dykstrag Row Three: Melissa Ernster, Brienne Dykstra, Melissa Gunderson, Vicki Schmit, Kelly Richter, Billy Hoff, Lee Runge, Jason Benney, Tennille Lar- sen. 24 Elementary Sixth Grade Row One: Eric Hortness, Jason Konda, Mathew Schoffelman, Jason Mark, Jenny Almond, Jami Meyer, John Nelson, Sara Even, Row Two: Cari Jordan, Brian Ernster, Brandy Stark, Heather Chester, Paul Hansen, Jason Bridges, Josh Berthel- sen, Mr. Jim Huber: Row Three: Drew Duncan, Karen Haugrud, Paige Burns, Mike Van Hove, Angie Pesicka, Michele Larson, Jonathan Marsh, Devon Storyg Row Four: Bill Sedgwick, Jolene Leber, Eric Meyer, Mike Halverson, Tricia Bus- kohl, Chris Jefferis, Carl Preheimg Not Pictured: Dawn Mallak Fourth Grade Row One: Janel Konda, Jodi Fri- man, Jeffrey Sedgwick, Nicole Story, Christopher Hermann, Timothy Konda, Stephanie Christensen: Row Two: Jill Shumaker, Ryan Schmit, Bryan Kroger, Jeremy Gallas, Melissa Plucker, Debra Smith, Stacie Krumbach, Mrs. Hintzg Row Three: Jim Even, Derrek Sattler, Jeremy Mark, Kyle Mielke, James Childs, Brad Janzen, Jason Olson, Row Four: Erin Meyer, Amy Hagemann, Maria Leber, Julie Jefferis, Nikki Wil- son, Tonya Fincher, Delle Brown. Third Grade Row One: Stacy Nowak, Travis Moul- ton, Jackie Overgard, Matt Froehlich, Kristy Krumbach, Robert Zuniga, Sa- mantha Schmitg Row Two: Jamie Ber- thelson, Nicole Fincher, Joshua Elcock, Dustin Hovde, Wade Coffey, Erica Kraemer, Dean Evans, Mrs. Petersen: Row Three: Jeff Erickson, Nathan Nol- gelmeier, Paul Janke, Matthew Viet, Louis Zuniga, Tom Morehouse, Dawn Dubbe, Chip Gunderson 'H 1 'f Second Grade Row One: Miranda Smith, Brad Kro- ger, Dustin Schneider, Shaun Lowry, Tracy Koller, Row Two: Mandy Pluck- er, Layne Hansen, Jessica Marsh, Kelli Krumbach, Justin Smith, Row Three: Mrs. Hermann, Crystal Ford, Joe Lar- son, Jessica Jones, Corey Mellegaard, Tara Larseng Row Four: Jessica Fischer, Justin Gillespie, Adam Wirt, Beth Buckman, Eric Quick: Not pictured: Dustin Heaton Second Sz Third Row One: Laura Nelson, Jennifer Edgecomb, Jill Jordon, Nathan Miler, Estelle Wentzel, Laura Haugrud, Brian Chicoineg Row Two: Mrs. Volz, Travis Davis, Nathan Buller, Damon Dykstra, Steve Bossman, Allison Jones, Joshua Rowenhorst, Row Three: Jason Galles, Curtis Nielsen, Gretchen Deutsch, Stephanie Misar, Jessi Vogel, Beth Nowak, Matt Rand . Z' x , , 1 ,qi W1 Elementary 25 First Grade Row One: Cody Zebell, Jana Kahl, Dustin Haase, Britt Petersen, Matt Konda, Row Two: Jeremy Elliot, Cas- sidy Hovde, Charity Rowenhorst, Den- ver Fincher, Ms. Dieken, Row Three: Justin Marsh, Amanda Knecht, Chad Anderson, Adam Hales, Darren Lind 26 Elementary First Grade Row One: Curtis Childs, Mark Her- mann, Jason Jefferis, Eliza LeLoux, Melissa Barker, Row Two: Jonathon Rand, Mark Edwardson, Steven Friese, Stephanie Morehouse, Jaime Creegan, Mrs. Sissong Row Three: Jeromy Bertsch, Billy Weegar, Jason Erickson, Niki Luden, Eric Gill. Kindergarten Row One: Michelle Schneider, Amanda Sattler, Sarah Hogg, Carrie Keller, Jeeifer Quick, Cindy Gundeson, Nathan Wentzel, Jessica Runge, Row Two: Duane Plucker, Kimberlie Ernst- er, Rebecca Spahr, Rebecca Nugteren, Joshua Kraemer, James Shumaker, Jodie Mark, Mrs. Wirtg Row Three: Amber Dubbe, Dawn Berens, Eric Schulte, Rebecca Elcock, Shana Letsche, Toby Larson, Benjamin Good Kindergarten Row One: Sarah Wirt, Max Masters, Samara Muller, Daniel Miller, Katie Overgard, Rebecca Bones, Jessica Sher- ardg Row Two: Mrs. Wirt, Angela Edge- comb, Travis Tieszen, Mary Kahl, Rox- Anne Will, Ashlie Knecht, Ryan Sieler, Michael Zuniga, Mrs. Merrill, Row Three: Derek Heeren, Justin Heimdal, Annie Chicoine, Jeremy Davis, Christo- pher Daniels, Shannon Bieber, Katrina Kraemer Teacher's Aides LaJean Smith Joyce Merrill li 'ri tag , 3 1 Chapter Room Mary Mahoney, Aide Charlene Sattler Librarian Bonnie Eitreim Resource Staff Dianne Gause Wendy Hansen, Aide Corn-Belt Cooperative Michaelene Preheim - Speech Clinician Connie Sholten - Pre-School Teacher Cheryl Tieszen - Pre-School Aide Elementary 27 Flying Through Elementary 1 ' A IQ LI 4- 2 ,- at ,,, , Q .aw ,g- I :,, v 4. it if '1 wi M- lf an :Q sz.-"x V. I' f "" V , , 2:31 it "C" Band. Row One: Melissa Ernst- er, Brienne Dykstra, Vicki Schmit, Mel- issa Gunderson, JoAnna Wiebersiek, Stacy Ihnen, Kaylyn Johnson, Michelle Krumbachg Row Two: Jeremy Viet, Stephanie Meadors, Jessica Preheim, Bundle up good and warm kids! Ramona Christensen, Taya Hansen, Jer- emy Luden, Mike Schumaker, Sa- mantha Meadors, Natalie Volzg Row Three: Mr. Mark, Kelly Richter, Wesley Nugteren, Jason Schulte. 1,2 buckle your shoe . . .. . . vSixth graders reach for the sky in physical education. Parker's Elementary picked up speed and took off into the new year starting with their clas- ses and of course, recess. Gaining more speed, the grad- ers soared through the rest of the year, taking time out to sing and play in the band for their family and friends in winter and spring concerts. Once obtaining a steady pace, they glided into a fun, exciting day of field day. As they began to land, they passed through the Great Plains Zoo. Also in Sioux Falls, they toured a local hospital and the Pettigrew Museum, while an- other field trip was taken to Prairie Village in Madison. With other years to look for- ward to, elementary students are approaching one take-off at a time. 28 Elementary Jonathon Rand, Curtis Childs, and Eric Gill using their cre- ativity in making their valentine boxes! Superintendent 8 Dr. Darrell Salter A J E R lfkl Mr. Wallace Hortness Business Manager Mr. James Vogel General Uffice Secretary Mrs. Jeanine Miller Secondary Principal 3 Controllers O f Flight Elementary Principal Mr. Robert Hermann Grade School Secretary Mrs. Connie Schmidt School Board Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr s. Judy Pietz . Fred Plucker Robert Hales . Robert Merrill . Dennis Chester' Administration 29 Even though our educators at PHS torture us with hackneyed lectures, excessive homework as- signments, and arduous exami- nations, most students would have to agree that our teachers soar above the rest. Instructing us on everything from account- ing to welding, our teachers are preparing us for a successful fu- ture. To find out why they stay in this profession, we asked them the following question: What do you like most about teaching? PHS faculty shows teamwork at the benefit for April Christensen. IENJOY. .. I O I Flymg Phil Bjorneberg Social Science . . . it when the lesson clicks and the kids en- joy learning. Gayle Cooper Science . , . the challenge in- volved in teaching, but mostlylenjoy the stu- dents. 30 Faculty H1 Roger Deutsch Social Science being able to help young people prepare themselves for the fu- ture, Gayle Hoover Science , . . the participation in the molding of the minds, bodies, and spirit of young people. h with the Facult S I i , Craig Peterson Guidance . . .getting to know the students and their likes and dislikes. Bob Sattler Science . , , the students here at Parker. They Want to be taught or are at least Willing to try. Cynthia Froiland English . . , the variety ofper- sonalities and happen- ings all which make each day unique. Gary Kropuenske Physical Education . . . the opportunity to see the growth and de- velopment of the chil- dren 's skills. Clarke Hoover English . . . the enthusiasm of young people. I like to think I 've helped them to become successful in life. Dave Fuller Art it when the stu- dents art projects turn out well and they like them too. Y of is-....d - S.. Mr. Bjorneberg and Mr. Ollerich catch some Mr. Hoover, Mrs. DeVries, and Mr. Peterson, Critiquing the students per rays while Mrs. Flyger plays with the camera. formance at field day. Connie Flyger Business . . . the students be- cause of their enthusi- asm for life and of their dedication to learn, Diana Gough Vocal Music , . . the variety of clas- ses that l teach and working with the kids. Irma Bossman Mathematics . . . the impossibility of ever becoming bored because teenagers are our constant compa- nions during the day. Terry Mark Band . . . watching the young musicians grow and improve their talents. Jill Christensen Ma th ema tics . . . the challenge of getting the students to learn the material. Joel Ollerich Agriculture , . . teaching the kids something new and watching them use it to improve their lives. Vera Jean De Vries Resource Room . . . the challenge each day in the RR - any achievement means a great deal to me. I..lA Deb VanHove Home Economics guiding the stu- dents to discover knowledge and skills, Karen Garry Resource Room . . .seeinga student get good grades after struggling for so long. Faculty 31 Af' --uv Y' dll VIUVI Z Mimi K x V i V L , V 5 K r ee' , X50 ox? Q Q05 Q' vJerrice Nelson and Tonya Petersen et on the top with their fads. REQ, L56 I 00. 'f Q66 xg-QQ: x0 nuevo cbooxvggleeg Q5 gdb 4' O9 'P '49 -439 fa? 6 ksipkugcb 5 0' '55 iq' O LAL' Keeping in fashion with "guess" jeans are Jenni Burns, Amy Pietz, and Jenny Kas- ten. 34 Trivia Group George Michael UZ Def Leppard White Snake INXS ob' 0 1001 Cgofgciig mb' eifat awe Q OQSNQ 09 Q Q some 960056 9 Q14 04950 X 900 Y ggi? Q61 91' Jason Luke's Camaro tops the list as one of the favorite cars to own. fa , 0 0 fi? Q' 4? O00 Q 06 G47 62949 'P' C29 020 0 27 O- Q6?' 1250! ob. Q' QOJQZQQQZQIOQ5 Q06 005 aio' 06560 Q S1 0 46 GJ QQ, L29 01535 Students drink approximately three cans of pop a day. Nikki Smith, Tammy Kuck, and Susan Andal display their fa- vorite pop. OO GG Trivia 35 n.Nw 5 s H x 4 i I x,m...NN,,.,,,...q,RQ,W,..N4q.,f,,,. ,,,,, .NANW ,,,,,,, ..qm,.m ,,,,,,., W.,.W..,, n,.N M .,M,,, ,.,..WW M,MA,.,,J W. M,m,,N,,,,,.,, N.M,,.,, ,.,,,,,, ,..,,.T-.MW ,,,,., ,,,V,,l.N. ,,,. , WAHM WAY: 1f,R.K,.. ,w.,x.,x,q...U...fW,,.h. ,.,., M,,, M. .WW M,M,, W ,,.,M WY,,,.,.. n,., .,.,, , ,WW .,,,. W ,,.,,., . ,,,,.,,, A ...F ,,., . ,.. ,,,., W MW um,,.,, W ,m-..,...W,,W,,.Q...,..,,J.,..m,H..,...,,.2..,,4 3 ? a Z 5 E 5 2 Q 5 E H Z S 5 2 E Z 4 E 5 1 5 Z 3 i ? 2 H ,, , ,, ,,,, A ,,,,.,,.,,., .,,, N,,,,,,n,, , ,,,,, n,,,.,,., M N,,,,,,,N,,,r,,,, , N,,WM, .,,,, .,., A r i , J y Q lx y y ,i rl SN Q A H H H fu W 1 2 E 5 N 2 3 V Z 2 Er 2 by a Q 2 w W if T 1 ? 4 S w f 6 Z 2 2 l W f 2 V 2 5C 5 2 5 2 1 7 X Y -wwfJu,wMf1 H www, wwwW-urwmwvwvn www ,,v.,H,.::.,f,:fLf:1-f ff - , 1 , ,V ff-Yaggfiffasglff -,. , , 1 s 1 1, uw -, 1:.JVY7f,-4' mam1:Mfm.-,1wmv,vwuwwwwnrwhmwwwmsshw-,fw -ws N-zu.-Ju F frm- 1' x , - we iirizxlwziwiny v ,f., Q. ww'wwA:ww:.,ffvf.frL+::-M-5.4, 1,mmLn1,wwfwvwwwwwurmwwrfwrnrruww E 2 S E E 2 E i E i 2 5 3 1 S 'E E 2 s 1 5 3 3 i 2 5 5 H 1 u 2 Z U 7 ! U Z 2 5 2 s 3 1 1 5 v E 3 i 3 1 5 E 2 wu.gmw.,fm1WmMmmwwmMMmwA - Y Sfi.HuWffDMWww,,4f1a2+gQm!1g,,wnmnfwfnwfukwufnmfmmmwfwMww,i.wsQ:QHm:,1-Lffsmywww.Mww1hs.:2.1gQw5z:xf iQp1i.:Hai,mmWWW4,.1.1:gm-2geig,mf.1.f:mfWWWww.WWWwwfwwwwwwmwlwMfmwwkyffzw-Mm1.-mmm 2 4 ,NE 0' V YW rv 4 ,,f . ""wA,v99' 5 4 A qasxgSm,m,,nMkw:SQ5QL 'W W QV, . , H , ,,MW, f My 1 H - " F115 g 645,-"5 a-'?,"'4m to v-q is Xi., VXLL .. 2 :1x,g 1 K Y , ,IA SAX f --D - Q' '22 '55 37,965 , , Q M 4:5 w K- ' 1, Row One: Jeff Hertel, Cory Jensen, Travis Friman, Tony Edgington, Robb Jenseng Row Two: David Petersen, Da- vid Richter, Scott Keeley, Leo Even, Reed Friese, Andy Andersong Row Three: Mike Poss, Jeremy Meyer, Tim Miller, Joe Wolff, Brian Janzen, Mike Chaney, Row Four: Jeff Trainer, Terry Fluit, Brett Meadors, Jason Luke, Brett Levene, Gary Lindstromg Row Five: Susan Andal - stats, Robert Sattler - As- sistant Coach, Gary Kropuenske - Head Coach, Nikki Smith - stats. Phea ants Strive for Victory The 1987 Football team began their season with eager anticipa- tion that one continued to gener- ate enthusiasm and interest throughout the season. The Pheasants provided many high- lights, including the defeat of Gayville-Volin, and an overtime victory over Irene, one Week af- ter the Cardinals upset the sec- ond ranked team in the state! Parker also played an exciting Homecoming Game against Al- cester. On offense, running back Da- vid Petersen rushed for 1,211 yards on 192 carries and caught 22 passes for 45 yards, to yield 98 total points. Quarterback, Mike Poss threw 114 passes with 46 Football 45 completions totaling 786 yards, including 9 touchdown passes. Receiver Scott Keeley also had 158 receptions. Defen- sively, the leading tacklers were Mike Poss and David Petersen. They each earned "Ace of the Week" honors from the Argus Leader. Dave was also included on their "Elite 45" list. Many records were broken as another sign of success. Petersen set marks for the most carries in a game 1367, and season f192J, most yards rushing in a season 112115, and the most points in a season C98J. Poss set the record with 11 passes completed in a game, and also teamed up with Petersen for the longest pass and catch from the scrimmage Q87 yardsl, in Parker's history. nv' " :Jw , . Q , ff X5 1 e. ii i V 'wma 2 1 2 ,,.. J ' , 55" Q I 5 6 I it R ' 2 Football players earning recognition were Scott Keeley - Crash course! Honorable Mention, Mike Poss - All-Conference, Dave Peter- sen - All Conference. Nice catch! PHS e l sl r if ceeory iqffhgyg eieb ,155 28 Garretson' tlle , 8 Hurley eelr cill s 20 Gayville-Volinf 5 Q tr,i 20 Alcester J ttet'ee I 15.57, 'o,' 2 20' m Wakollda fr V tt,,. 14 L K Centerville V. 5 ij jjfflg ,'.i r 32 rrrr Irene i leri i 26? r Niborgl q iiere i oeri f e T s iie Hey! Did you see that? ,.ie....:eri.rro:o .,:L A :o,r , ..r.r .,,,ii Pheasant offense - set to attack. Football 47 In the closing days of August, the girls' basketball team donned their practice uniforms and high tops for yet another season. On September 3, both the ju- nior varsity and varsity were vic- torious in the opening game of the season against Salem. Throughout the year, the girls had many close battles with the area's toughest teams. The Lady Pheasants proved how competi- tive they were when they defeat- ed Marion in the District uchallengei' game to earn the privilege to compete in the Re- gion Tournament. At the end of the season when the totals were in, the team's record was 9 wins and 14 losses. J errice Nelson was the leading scorer with 214 points averaging to be 9.7 points per game. Coming in a close sec- ond was Stacy Leininger with 212 points which is 9.2 points per game. The leading rebounders were Paula Viet with 196 and Jerrice Nelson with 192. Averag- ing 4 assists per game with a to- 14 nters with a Victor v1987 Junior Varsity Row One: Kathie Hanken, Amy Pietz, Mr. Bjor- Two: Tricia Poss, Cindy Marsh, Val Schmit, Jenny Kasten, Karen Merrill, tal of 87 was When the ast lg top was taken off and the uniforms were all packed away, the team, Coach Christensen, and Assis- tant Coach Bjorneberg, could look back at the season with pride. With the help of the fans directed by the cheerleaders, the girls and coaches worked hard to prove to everyone that they had what it took to be seriously com- petitive and soar into success in the years to come. ' -. Stacy Leininger races a Raiderette for the ball. Y Ileberg, Monica N6lSOI1, Lisa Ertzg ROW Deb Shumaker. vG0ing up St1'O1'1g is Jerrice Nelsgn, an .,... -Q .fm r -V WMM -. A-1-1 ,wmwww M. f . rm.. . m Q .a wp Wm Q... . ff :I- ,..- .1 Michele Crist shoots for two. .4 f C ff V J, we. 'iifqhmw gmg Ijg . K .. C ,,,, ,. ' ,, . w :V , U . C, I y . ,,,f A "" Z ,Y 'sig , , f H ff 9 wc, af' , mx Y 1-'AMR Q1 ..,, V 'H I , f Jiakf C, M S. fi W 4 , ,,,, C N M- f ,W Receiving Tri-Valley Conference Honors were Jerrice Nel- son - All Conference and Stacy Leininger - Honorable Mention. WE einle iie 48 Salem 47 ecanisrota l S N oinr 45 f LLLVVL Beresford C CCVVL C Q11 54.Qtpiiilipiviikivrley 599, 43 1 39: p K 49 iinnoiii ifiiiflnelbester N s 27 '-'i "Harrisburg 1-ll'L e,,' ' 1,e4',, i EQHQGTS K V .ii" , Tri'Valley Chrilerence nanlent V, , .. ,,,. ' 47, ' C:Hurley 1 E52 S iAlQeSver. up iin eiiii C at '62 T54 iiiii lln i - , nnnn 1 pq: 30 eerceei S H" T 38 C T Wakohdlfiiiiiiifilttflii ll'r L Q , 4515: T Bridgewater f 'f or Centerville ' 1" Cy itt I ,1 58 CC 47 ,, ii, ,. 53 ,,, . Irene ,,,, 5 I ,1 .tii irnnnl eie 48 42 Viborgr: Akr-, CE zyr , I C .C CC ...C 55 Garretsbnc ' w,,,- fx,-75s A . i -,i- District "" Zi' 1 E517 -I M9599 ' iii,iii if 36 V'k,, i ii K .."k ::':: Q ig, 42 S Brian oor water ennen 46 :asa4,C lrii vswasa 929 1'l I 23 f C lMgWmHbunmmeQ5MQ. iiri eir neeiCe Cere 1 C C CCC ,i,, ,... , t Anssian v eeii taa S 764 3 C61 s 'i'. K 6 ,,f1,Hwgf v1987 Varsity Team Row One: As- sistant Coach Bjorneberg, Michele Crist, Jerrice Nelson, Stacy Leininger, Coach Christenseng Row Two: Julie Lindstrom - Student Manager, Amy Pietz, Annette sgsmaa asa sau Paula Viet reaches for the tip. Larson, Tonya Petersen, Laurie Schriev- er, Paula Viet, Monica Nelson, Jenny Kasten, Tricia Poss, Wendy Mielke - Student Manager QRRHE li! 4355i X!! T L The wrestlers were soaring as they proceeded to take on the opponents that fate had set for them. The team came back strong with eight Wrestlers re- turning for head coach Gary Kropuenske. PHS Wrestlers had an outstanding season racking up an eight and four record, in- cluding the 100th victory for Coach Kropuenske. The Wrestlers were hot when GITCI' CII it came to the end of the season, especially at Districts, when wrestling well means winning. At the District Tournament, five of the nine wrestlers made it to regions. From the Regional Tournament, four of five ad- vanced to the State Tourna- ment. Unfortunately, three of the four Wrestlers Were beat out in the first day. Only one re- mained. Terry Fluit went on to the Mat the second day and proudly took eighth place. Some results of the past sea- 1 son are as follows: most pins, Terry Fluit with 24, most Wins, Terry Fluit with 30, and most takedowns, Robb Jensen with 36. Looking back at the season, the wrestlers appeared to be fly- ing high. 'Q ,. f V4 ss Turning his opponent over, Terry Fluit goes for another Jason Chester escapes from danger one more time. pin. "A" Team. Row One: Jerry Zebell, Tom Even, Row Two: Nikki Smith - stat, Robb Jensen, David Petersen, Co- rey Jensen, Susan Andal - stat, Coach 50 Wrestling Kropuenskeg Row Three: Coach Sattler, Leo Even, Jason Chester, Terry Fluit, Lee Mahoney, Scott Keeley. L, ,, . H K ,nr ' ,f,f gg., f..f-.f. E KE,N,,Egf.:,,g,,,,,,m'n'g f,,,,1e,1,,--mi - - , of--, ,,-, - .,,--,-,, KW..5-,,,,,,,,.,w:.151.7-fm, t J,tl y r1ra .til 1 . li ' iytt I r i- S J .eyi if , T res. rrle 'dit J Jlets ' J ittl J Big J f A is ,sarisrn s tstr States LJ At the State Tournament, Terry Fluit receives his eighth With his opponent on his back, Mike Chaney receives a vic- place medal from the cheerleaders. tory. David Petersen strikes again! 5 I Four State participants were David "B" Team. Row One: Tony Nugter- Three: Jared Koller, Chris Almond, Petersen, Terry Fluit, Robb J ensen, and en, David Even, Row Two: Adam Foote, Kenny Berens, Mike Chaney, Tony Jerry Zebell. Eric Schoffelman, Terry Berens, Row Edington. Wrestling 51 excel next year. Mark Christensen led in points with 360, averaging 19 points a game. Brett Meadors led rebounding with 128 for a 6.7 average. The Pheasants, as a team, shot 40? from the field, led by Meadors shooting 45'Z1 and Jason Luke shooting 44'ZJ. The Pheasants lost four sen- -Qlthough the Parker Pheas' iors: Jeremy- Schmidt, Dave am S boys basketball team Richter, Brett Levene, and Jeff d1dn't progress as far as their Heftel. dreams would have allowed, They were coached by Gayle they had a learning season and Hoover and assisted by Dave expect to use their knowledge to Fuller. u it 1 d S p e I. it e I1 C e David Richter looks for the open man vMark Christensen goes up for the Parker's defense holds tight. shot. D 5 ,V . A' L1 w..,. V ,L V A I f i ' I A .f F214-79 V ::?l .EB' 7 ' af ",, . 2 Q.. 'fs' 1, 'Q f ' 1 iig finxrnjb 32 .af ., .v 1 4Us:. 30 4 ' .fx i.,k Q f ,ff "3 f. f , ' ' .L M i H 7 My t 1 Q kj a .,f.f 5 3:51 9 E E V Pfgli ss.. J, 12 if 14 JU .34 , EB e'ri 2 Junior Varsity. Row One: Darrin Row Two: Coach Fuller, Andy Ander- Smith, Troy Schmit, Mark Brown, Jason son, Brian Janzen, Darin Buskohl, Jim Berens, Jeremy Konda, Tim Haugrudg Pesicka, Reed Friese. 52 ' Boys Basketball PHS 46 47 42 43 50 43 53 56 44 54 41 56 62 56, A Jason Luke jumps for the ball. Darrin Smith fends off the opponent. TEAM A nnnn lnng A ,lr e HEM, it .k', r-kLyyk Beresfordfj 'A.: A V 61 Gayville-Volin 43, H Freeman Academy 45 ' A Salem' ' 65 56 Aleester., ' , Cena-M1116 '73, Garretsdnff 1 belief m..i . A A , .'44 Marion ' B Viblffg Harrisburg L' f S Camstota V A49 Bridgewater A if 61 51' . .... 60 50 62, if 440. f Wakonda ' , Iii, Conference Gayville-VOHI1 , J . S 44i i4,,, ,mm i:1..L,i4.iiii:.Wii S , , M83 A 1 Vxborg f 3 ,ri I S Alcester 4 m District Emery 55 rii- 150 Record 1-18,5 J' Varsity. Row One: Karen Merrill - Manager, Andy Anderson, Darrin Smith, Jeff Hertel, Paula Viet - Managerg Row Two: Asst. Coach Fuller, Jeremy Schmidt, Dave Richter, Brian Janzen, Derek Muller, Coach Hoover, Row Three: Brett Levene, Jason Luke, Brett Meadors, Mark Christensen, Darin Bus- kohl. Boys Basketball 53 The Parker Pheasants united with the Marion Bears to create a high flying season. Co-opera- tion was the key to the successful record of 18-7-1. Hard work, hustle, and determination were "bumped'i among the girls to de- vise an exciting, memorable year. Even though volleyball is a team sport, individual perform- ance is always geared towards the winning of a match. Jerrice Nelson led the team with 149 serving points, over 400 spikes of which 72 were kills, and well over 400 sets of which 66 were ace sets. In order to set up a bump, set, spike, an awesome serve re- ceiver was needed. Annette Lar- son snatched up the job with 100 serve receives and 271 digs. Monica Nelson led the squad with 88 blocks and 37 of those were aces. The fearless team needed un- ending assistance before, during, ump To and after the matches. The packing of uniforms, the taking of stats, and the washing of the unbearable uniforms were the unlimited jobs performed by the statisticians: Wendy Mielke, Lynelle Roeder, and Joe Wolff. The volleyball team was coached by Ron Nelson and Jill Christen- sen. Coach Christensen com- mented about the good season - "The Parker-Marion coop in volleyball was a good thing for both schools. The girls made lasting friendships and a special bond developed that led to even better team work on the court. The girls worked hard on im- proving their skills. The hustle and aggressiveness they played with during the season resulted in a fine record and an enjoyable year for everyone involved." Monica Nelson starts off the bump, set, spike strategy, as Amy Pietz and Kendra Tieszen fMarionJ await to re- ceive it. A , "ffl .z.-sta ,iw--f-iii stag?.Q15,,.2at,15?gEffa!wi-Qgnmifs-ft!Irig. fmpfwz 125- 2 Varsity. Left to right: Kendra Tieszen, Laurie Schriever, Kathie Hank- en, Miranda Fleming, Michelle Jensen, Deb Shumaker, Amy Pietz, Jenny Kas- ten, Tricia Poss, Annette Larson, J errice 54 Volleyball e Nelson, Monica Nelson, Cindy Marsh, Coaches: Jill Christensen and Ron Nel- song Student Managers: Wendy Mielke, Joe Wolff, Lynelle Roeder. L 52,my:-,,,r,,g'ge1,W jgssfgji 'f!',gyf, ' 353 viggg fi, rf! fi 1-.,"i :iii +'Zsg5',vi" 5' ssimz flliyfg sflilvlifp g:fS?fY'i25Z.s4Lts2w,nl L y, , ' -iu- I 1 - w.f1'Eir'gisrawsz-Fgsezsiggssiz, asm- ff - f ifiaw-:e,14' aweigiwtsqizizg :gi L5 .1 1 1 .-,,' ..-., f tl.- . .-:- Q ,f... Q- f.,, .N -..,.,. -.,,,f.. .. ,' .fffesif'igstgfiggiE-ga-VJ-,ggfis35yff-si,aggS,i:i, H L -u.1 1" f'ii' -11'.1 i"'-- ...... Q it--..,.3Q5zborg,,,, ,..... .,,.t.,.Q,...5,.isi., ,.s,arrg,3,...t f l"' i.- c" -lu 1 f.l"' 2 ii" 4' it if .u': Iuu ,--- .ll..t . 'lst 5 92 is :'iQ a '--.u I i" , 2 .'.- igqsstgsglE221rfiifii3if-figsmifiiifisssizg 455125 1 --" ie 1 Exim-, 7 5 ,V "k" X H 'EEF-:"fE5Q5,i: .fl:'rQ5Hi:- 51 5- f 'M ' llsst 5x1--.ggi-sis -- c f w, vi- 1. - f it 2 s ffwfl fi:.512+'-fiig1Q-sm? iii ?'1if5,gg2 1-,::m:::vf " . e :iizr-fm .lfvsse-ffflffiif? ,??rr5'---Ji-5'-55' iii? Ii":Ef M' 'tf2f,..ii"1g5 ligggggws ,,,... . ,,,, f.. .. . . M :Wa - . . ,5Q:21i5gg.3Lgg:wg53g,-5512455521..Es:gggzgliggs-'Jrg5fr:3f--.Mgt-2.1,gffff--.ikgizfasvs ,,,, 21w:2iwfi':fifff:2...f aint? m .,,, Annette Larson follows through for another perfect serve. Jerrice Nelson concentrates on anoth- er ace serve. 5 I u s Amy Pietz sets it up for the kill. "B" - "C" Teams. Row One: Julie Ptak, Faith Rowenhorst, Laurel Globke, Taunya Herlyn, Dana Marsh, Vicki Foote, Jolene Carlson, Tamra Merritt, Amy Schmidtg Row Two: Danielle Sweeney, Deb Shumaker, Miranda Fleming, Tricia Poss, Cindy Marsh, Kathie Hanken, Michelle Jensen, Val Pluckerg Row Three: Linda Wharton, Korena Mahoney, Meg Childs, Kristin Janke, Tanya Schmacher, Tricia Heib- ult, Jennifer Pullman, Coach Nelson. Volleyball 55 C Troy Schmit runs in stride with his teammate Jason Kippes CMarionJ. OMS ULPH ' sss T ssss 5 ie VMeet r sss F Salem s sss -.., rp' L .. e- , u1fE",,,.,ss ,pi 'M 'rv-hs' .. ' ., N., S ,A is ssss J t... . fm we J Q ..c,- V, 11, ist lst 2nd lst 3rd Bhd ?Baltic invitational, 5 J n QQ: sss,s nd Tst ,asm W. ,ff f W,,r..:aQs'fg, fi, - ss Bth it ,, .ffasw:w,--yt:s22s,,z- yy -.tfg:fp,fy,g1 gfrqgg ff ii?..sg5:a2swLZQ:s 1r..:.fs:-Y In 1987 Parker tried some- thing different, they co-oped cross country track with Marion. Parker wasn't the only one to benefit from it, Marion benefit- ed from it more, for with Park- er's help they strengthened the team enough to qualify for the state cross country meet in Hu- ron on October 31. When at state, the team fin- ished a strong 8th place. Troy Schmit and Mark Brown from Parker, Jason Kippes, Brian Fitzgerald, Tim Tinter, and Chris Hruby were the Marion runners. During the year, Jason Kippes, Troy Schmit, Brian Fitzgerald, and Mark Brown made up the tough varsity team. In fact, they were so tough, the team collected four first place trophies, five second places, and two third places, with Troy Schmit placing eleven times. vRow One: Tim Tinter, Darrin Smith, QPJ, Scott Lengerock, Josh Kippesg Row Two: Chris Hruby, Mark Brown CPD, Jason Kippes, Brian Fitzgerald, Troy Schmit QPJQ Row Three: Coach Nelson, Chris Engbrecht, Charles Muller KPJ, Jason Hanken KPJ, David Fitzgerald, Susan Murray. sf ,A W, 1 'fi f-if .: Mark Brown runs 56 Cross Country to the top. -ni in I-,--.inf-l..iw,1Q:l-ui PHS students had a new op- tion this year: golf. A co-op pro- gram with Marion was started to give Parker golfers a chance to show their skills on the golf course. The team exhibited great potential finishing first in the Region IIIB Meet. The fx Pheasants sent one golfer, J errice Nelson, to state this year. Eight students from Parker par- ticipated: J oe Wolff, Mike Poss, Rob Rezek, Tim Haugrud, Mike Erickson, Adam Foote, Darrin Smith, and Jerrice Nelson. Fore - ,f w --sm, .fswsswf 2: ' , ' --ff g , 75 A f ff -mtssm-, HQ: --.f :ff if i'..i tt, fi. , Q 'J ig, me i Hiksfbfl 5 it s ' Zfizith s 1 J t , T "" sexi 'f' i W -'75 1:53322-5451?l2gf15+lfH1em,:ssi25h.saw as W 'f5fff'W ff 1-if Eifiiimf f9:"Wr?S'gEE, .5 jiri? Eifglirlli , 1 s , Mike Poss putts for par. - ' . ,K W V . ",, 1 A , aass lslil 1 rrrsii r ,4r t we ,gag f,,,ghg:':,:f i ,V ,,, WA M ,gf ,V lg' ' 5: - fs f t ,i 'Eg . ' 'mamml af , , , J, -. Joe Wolff looks confused. Jerrice Nelson warms up with a prac- tice swing. Q X and 4' Varsity. Row One: Chris Engbrecht, John Witkop, Mike Erickson, Chuck Hruby, Darrin Smith, Tim Haugrudg Row Two: Matt Wentzel, Todd Schlun- sen, Joe Wolff, Tim Ellefson, Jarrod Christensen, Brad Hruby, Mike Poss, 45 3 . W r A' '23 aa! we Clay Schaefer, Scott Tieszen, Adam Foote, Row Three: Coach Pete Schmitt, Corey Langerock, Jeremy Luke, Kyle Weber, Jane Ptak, Stacie Schaefer, Jill Berg, Julie Ptak, Rob Rezekg Not pic- tured: Jerrice Nelson, Wallace Walther. Golf 57 Trots to the Finish WWW Derek Muller leads the pack. Kerri Johnson coming out of the blocks, held by Brett Mea- dors. vPacing herself is Val Schmit. him on. -J rwkfq Deb Shumaker hands off to Paula Viet K I , , 7 ,, N N,--"f my M , s4,, A , . ,I V. ,,--,,. Q ,,,' , ,, , ,,, f ' A195 e it A I i t s r- we " 13225 .. " ' f'i'?'3-M M i r '-h- ' ' 'L ' fi 2-Eff' MMM: :Mm .W ' 'A ' A g ,V , A N f 4. ve 'micfeifkw A fu , N ,. M 9 fu Wp,, eff ff? 'Y' if 2, Q Q4 wg - , A M ,f 1 at ' sv L- , in f 1 ' Sc iff' , . W 3 9, Q gl far-1 5' 2 2 -.W 4' 4 Z L- A VW ' D M Kevin Marsh holds down the Hcamplf. .r X., . , NS-is David Petersen races to the finish while Jeremy Meyer and Michele Crist cheer On a cold March 7th of 1988, the PHS track team began their grueling season. From the very beginning, the athletes were taught that hard work was es- sential if they wanted to "fly" by their competitors. Because these kids put in 10025, they reaped many medals and honors in the conference, region, and state. For instance, the boys' 400m re- lay team, which consisted of Derek Muller, Jeremy Meyer, Mark Christensen, and David Petersen, broke the school record. This same relay team placed second in the state track meet. The boys' medley relay team broke the conference record. This year, was the first year for a new event for the girls - the triple jump. The school record for this event now stands at 31 feet 11 inches. Of the 17 boys coached by Mr. Roger Deutsch and the 12 girls coached by Mr. Phil Bjorneberg, nine advanced to the state track meet which was held on May 27- 28 in Sioux Falls. Both the girls and boys team were very young and all were ready to fly into the next season. irr srr, r-.sirrR rtirtsiirt fsw2zz1i??.?-f114!hrf9Qi .es 8 ff littr sff. 1 fQ9'4ihfl- ttte atrr pi i..r.itt tl1:lr6i5Pff??5'f ssi eir.. :VITEK ' s Place 2:1 1 , - ard.: .GOHDW efr.R e1ayS i,ti J 8 3rd 2i.2rQ3gr21ig9,itg,yi11e,Ratary Relays ,4thj,QJ Relays p- . -2nd 5353-Tii?Va110yConference 5th 1 gthcf gggilrfeiiegggInvitationals 1 . 1 . y 1 1 is ' ' t 3114 kV,,Az.k,k Q k,.k i ,V A K A ABoys Track Team. Row One: Troy Schmit, Robb Jensen, Andy Anderson, Mark Brown, Cory Jensen, David Peter- sen, Scott Keeley, Tony Edgington, Darren Boorngardeng Row Two: Coach Deutsch, Dave Richter, Reed Friese, Chris Turner, Brett Meadors, Mark Christensen, Kevin Marsh, Jeremy Meyer, Derek Muller, Dana Marsh - Manager. vGirls Track Team. Row One: Stacy Leininger, Michele Crist, Monica Nel- son, Wendy Mielke, Kathie Hankeng Row Two: Coach Bjorneberg, Val Schmit, Deb Shumaker, Paula Viet, Cindy Marsh, Karen Merrill, Lisa Ertz, Kerri Johnson, Not pictured: Dede Nel- son - Manager. Y-ugh ' NNW and State Track Meet Participants. Schmit, Mark Christensen, Jeremy Row One: Paula Viet, Michele Crist, Stacy Leiningerg Row Two: Troy Meyer, David Petersen, Derek Muller. Track 59 R Hard work can describe the cheerleading season. The cheer- leaders were busy with their cheers, routines, stunts, and making posters. They also used their talents for pep rallies. At the beginning of the year the girls basketball and football cheerleaders and their advisor Mrs. Bossman, went to a cheer- leading clinic at O'Gorman. They learned a couple of new cheers and chants, and a new routine. The cheerleaders were invited to Nite City for pizza and a style show for dinner. The cheerleaders enjoyed their season and hope that their contribution helped with the success of the teams. Boys Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders. Jenni Burns, Tonya Petersen, Michele Crist. 4Football Cheerleaders. Kari Mul- , ler, Deann Even, Carol Merritt, Lynelle Roeder. Jenni Burns and Michele Crist take time out to show us their pearly whites! 4Holly Hertel and Lynelle Roeder roar up the crowd at the bonfire following coro- nation. if in oar Up the Crowd fr K Q-...M--.....,K' ' x 'WN Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders. Michelle Michelle Will and Dawn Jennings cheer as Kari Muller is dis- Will, Dede Nelson, Dawn Jennings, top: Kari Muller. tracted by the exciting game. lm W , 1 ,M .,... . f,, L..,: VJ o ,y , K . .f1:', 1- f ,L o J ,nnn 1 I llgll H t, ,,,, M t. , f bmw M n,sn 32 X fi I I Holly Hertel, Jann Carlson, and Dawn Jen- Gilfls Basketball Cheerleaders. Holly Hertel, Dawn Jennings, Jenny nings lead the crowd in a cheer at a pep rally. Heim, Jann Carlson. vAs the Pheasant wrestler struggles to pin his opponent, Holly Hertel, 'Wrestling Cheerleaders. Jann Carlson, Deann Even, Holly Jann Carlson, and Deann Even urge him on. Hertel . 'mmf' "D" fdown then upjz Nicole Smith, Hertel, Tricia Possg "T" vfup then Ihnen, Jessa Varns. Dede Nelson, Dawn Jennings, Michelle acrosslz Jennifer Heim, Jann Carlson, Will, Dana Marsh, Kerri Johnson, Holly Vicky Foote, Faith Rowenhorst, Kathy Theyire Up on Wings .rr fi Q, S ' 'fill ,- -we im nu- ,. .FQ in xl -f,. 'li' Q 1 V 1 Vkkrr , at . .1 W I Drill team members setting the pace for a great flight. Michelle Will, Dede Nelson, Tricia Poss, and Faith Row- l enhorst practice enthusiastically for the show. vDrill team advisor, Ms. Froiland. vMoving through another spectacular performance. Aixam, .. ri 62 Drill Team Sparks were flying as the Parker Pacesetters flew through the fall and winter season with five performances. For home- coming, the fourteen girls rocked to "Girls, Girls, Girls," by Motley Crue. They also did an altered version for a girls' bas- ketball game. At a boys' basket- ball game, the team strutted their stuff to Billy Idol's "Mony Mony." The Christmas routine, corn- plete with pajamas and teddy bears, was done to "I Saw Mom- my Kissing Santa Claus," with the help of Tonya Petersen and Joe Wolff as Mommy and Santa. Of course, the girls didn't put out such great performances without hard work and 7:30 a.m. practices, which were not a fun part of drill team. However, their advisor, Ms. Froiland, and their captain, Jann Carlson, made the work bearable. Kathy Ihnen and Dawn Jen- nings agreed that "The highlight of the year was going to Sioux Falls to buy shoes." During this excursion, nine of the fourteen members crowded into Holly Hertel's car and cruised to Sioux Falls. Between shoe stores, they raided Chi Chi's, Baskin Robbin's, and Burger King. This has been a fun and successful year. Dana Marsh, Holly Hertel, and Kerri Johnson are moving to the beat. vThe girls are ready to roll. AWorld beware, they're ready to fly. v0ne, Two, Three, Four!! Junior High pirit Football. Row One: Shane Leininger, Jared Varns, Jamie Koller, Jason Ander- son, Jeremy Berens, Kent Johnson, Tony Nugtereng Row Two: Jerry Zebell, Mark Kasten, Jeremy Heim, Rob Meadors, Jerrett Jennings, Adam Footeg Row Three: Eric Meyers, Kyle Jones, Eric Schoffelman, Jason Marsh, Wyatt Gilles- pie, Travis Volz, Coach Fuller. ' The Jr. high football team's flight ended with a 2-4 record, losing many close games in the last minutes. The players were fourth in the Salem invitational tourney for the first games of the season. With the freshmen, the guys avenged last year's only loss, beating Alcester 33-14. They then came back to defeat Salem 44-12. Also, the boys had some very close games against Wakonda and Centerville. Wyatt Gillespie lead in rush- ing yards, with games well over one hundred yards. Travis Volz lead the passing attack while Jeremy Heim, Kyle Jones, and Mark Kasten were on the receiv- ing end of the passes. son, Connie Chaney. School spirit was soaring in the junior high sports, with sev- en cheerleaders leading the flock. The girls, under the in struction of Mrs. Eitreim, worked hard and enthusiasti cally to support our young ath letes. They completed a success ful flight, saving our school spirit from a crash landing. Three cheers for our cheerleaders!!! 64 Junior High Girls Basketball and Football. Amy Turner, Jolene Carl- Boys Basketball. Jennifer Krunbach, Connie Chaney, Joann Gill, Not pictured: Lori Stark. vGIMME!!! 4 i I , Experience Gained 'X 312 wx K x F Row One: Valerie Plucker, Amy l Schmidt: Row Two: Kris Janke, Audra l Preheim, Jennifer Krumbach, Margaret , Childs, Korena Mahoney, Row Three: Kristen Froehlich, Tamra Merritt, Kar- 'Tm open," yells Kent Johnson's teammates, as he is cornered by the op- ponent. men Leber, Jennifer Wiebersiek, Tricia Heibult, Karla Leberg Coach Deutsch. Meg Childs puts up two, as Audra Pre- heim wonders Uwill it go in." Row One: Clint Runge, Kent John- son, Travis Calvet, Shane Leiningerg Row Two: Jared Varns, Rob Meadors, Jason Marsh, Mike Erickson, Jason Hanken, Jeremy Berensg Row Three: Mark Kasten, Jennifer Wiebersiek, Kristen Froehlich, Jason Andersen, Row Four: Jerrett Jennings, Mark DiLeo, Jeremy Heirn, Chris Buseman, Travis Volz, Wyatt Gillespie, Coach Deutsch. Junior High Basketball 65 Jared Kyle 3 ?'i?1LQf 5 Qkd2K.fff 44 ....avr"' to the Beat f ff fi 3 W' f ' , ' V VE Mig ZZ, , .. - A, J n 3' 'Q' - M9 'Q 5' f , , ,f , W at , ,,,, .. .,, 4 ., f r f , H " M 9' A 'f , Q 42' O I 4. 7 24 0 the chorus Jomed and started many performances. performed at music contests at and Freeman, the Dinner, and f v .M ir' A Row One: Jennifer Merritt, Connie V I Buse K--. vDeann Even Boomgarden Ollerich working hard at the AP' ff? , 14' ' 7,5145 1' f wx the alll A73 631' Y Pxetz 6 "9' hke Kas en, cole fe" xr' of a meetl soup A-M K 4 :J f A ,i2:' V my E 'NWA- Amy Pxetz and JOY -Mu A Mrs. Shumaker and Mrs. help m the clea 'Amy Pietz for -if xx' x, YR' ---...N.....,,,,,,,,,, 5 'HS- Q 5 fi if Amy Mary Reed oe AJeremy Mey abxhtles BI, Six S div? ,xxx X , ix 'X '-gsm. X5 X, wi, the Nation gathered house for ored by in the J errice 18, the .. gf' Stacy Terry nette Larson, Keeley. n these individuals entry into the underwent intense by a faculty commit- responsibility it was to who was worthy of an honor. Each applicant to fill out an application which contained their qualifica- tions for the National ciety. In this one must demic a good ors for NHS Jeremy an NHS adviser, Mrs. Clarke Hoo- banquet was a success forward to Mrs Hoover presents Jas - .-if i Jerrice Nelson Mary Janelle Thietje recite the values of the looks on, Wendy register. al mini If if ifsfll, Effffi , , ,: V ,Le-ffgz5-'efaef-zgeffrzmawew. 'u,e5:,5J-einen., ,ww w uit, iifwegme ,W-,,w'5x,,.w',3.i-Qu, wg.-,Q ' 7 , k ggi-gygg fagig-Q - 2, ,. , N ' , Z, ,,gifL2f!i? 215525252 3353543RWM?MW-3i"51?GtiiS:iw,15ftivfLw'1'agG A 'a Y, - , " " t'f2'i:-iififi ff?" L, f- t ' ,H it ff '. 'nf E! ,. W , i ' 1 - ' f i i-i2 Y 5 3- F' Q .ifi 03 st ,ml fn :, rw l - ' " 2 lie" fi? '12, STE' 5325 it le 'i' W, M' 'V' we 'ml WN' N' W A :fa K- - 7 'iff 1-'-7-51i'?5l1:I5SZEl2':Z5EiEf?-3?Eff5uH314533327515-.MSi'WFW-11Ui,fi.2'f-iiQ'7ixlvi ww-vw we 1-J or F fm .N Y 3 L1 Z , .- L i t Hurley Parker n 1. i State Auto l Q Bank n Supply i P it Hurley, South Dakota 297 -NAPA 238-5255 Tom Sedgwick Sid'S Farm SHDD15' Wieman Land D Heating - Air Conditioning S AuCti0n CO, Wiring - Plumbing Backhoe - Trenching Marion, SOUtl'l Dakota Hurley, South Dakota 648-3111 7 p lana it Al's Studio Sz Camera, Inc. y -mf, BGHHGYS Repair Photography r g " P Mafifm, South Dakota - Hurley, South ,Dakota i 648-3501 238-5358 Dr. John S. Chicoine QW? Dakota Heritage i Chiropractor State Bank i Parker, South Dakota 455 L 297-4431 Chancellor, South Dakota 1 C - f Eichler's Clover Farm Ergringggrrjggt t Parker, South Dakota g y L 297-4497 Dolton, South Dakota 648-3771 i F 01 C n First National Bank 3I'II16l',S 1 0. ' P k , S thin k t i Chancellor, South Dakota r ar er Ou l a 0 a i 297-4425 I Dr. Roland QRonD G. Good Hilltop Nursing Home V Va' D V M ' x ' 0 1 s 1 g Parker, South Dakota Parker, South Dakota i 297-3358 297-3490 Ads 85 ' Home Federal Savings Pioneer Memorial Hospital 0 B Parker Office 7 7 parker, South Dakgta VIDOTQ, South Dakota 297-4479 326-5161 4 mv J It M ' S 4 Ra 7 DD C 0 U N T R Y Marion, South Dakota J U N C T I 0 N Deals You'll Like From People You Can Trust 648-3604 Kaufman Eye Clinic 4 Jack Roth Insurance Parker, South Dakota Parker, South Dakota 297-4499 297-4747 Kitchen Cafe Schoenemaifs Trustworthy Lumber Parker, South Dakota Parker, South Dakota e 297-9,741 297-4813 7 4 Charles Stratton 4 M Sz H Drive Ili H Ford Sales Sz Service Parker, South Dakota Parker, South Dakota 4 297-4851 ' 4 Marion Grain Company Terminal Grain Corp. Parker, South Dakota Marion, South Dakota 297-3941 297-4432, 297-4436 The New Era Viborg Drug Bruce J. Bormann Viborg, South Dakota Publisher 297-4419 326-5211 e Parker Bake Shop Woumaws Parker- South Dakota Freeman, South Dakota 2974466 ,925-4510 Parker Feed Q 9 and Seed Q - FEED Parker, South Dakota 86 Ads ge H- e Parker P use 8z Loung , Parkerhouse Steakho P White Pharmacy, Parker i n ce P l B 8x B Automotive, Marion L ' ' P t P P , , Bultena Service Center, Lennox L l r P P J t Concrete Materials, Parker ' ' ' L P f at P DeCou's Jewelry, Gifts, Antiques, 8z Flowers, Parker e i P t , Ferrellgas, Inc., Parker ' ' Flowers by Bob, Lennox , Jorgensen Brothers Trucking, Hurley Kelley's Bar, Parker P Marion L 8: L Motor Supply, Marion Interior Design, Marion Alan N. Overbaugh, D.D.S., Parker Parker Paint Store, Parker Parker Pheasant Hairstyling, Parker, fPatricia's Flower 8: Crafts, Parker P The Pizza Ranch, Lennox h Pump 'N Stuff, Viborg A1 Reeder Insurance, Parker ? Smith Office Machines, Lennox , Spomer's Market, Hurley , VanDeRostyne Insurance, Parker Wally's, Parker X h flAdS Pav BMRDQDICJUQ, 1,:Q,5,4 Cb'C0vPDWfU 5,4 SowQB'kmM l,Q,s,4 Cwaiww 5,4 JQDOVU3 7,a,3,4L WWE 5,4 FH-H, 33,4 OHSDCW 49 Difwb WM 1,955 OJuuwlfiU7Hy 3,5 Tldjlhwallcnozleortg .,3J4, Uwmef 35,4 Bmw l,a,5,4 firm-LL0frrL0r?lwf jj Q! 4g CMM, A 1 sys f93A0 fjjagi Rm f,a,5,4L GESLMU f13f5L 5wfXUwoUbJwU7, 44 ZDLLwx 4- flwulwnuflg Cwudxdall 4 W I I I P C M.uzcsuNr:. vp w N A 4 1 1 4 I I

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