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 - Class of 1935

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746 Q az ! O35 PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ,. ffluzffc 5L?1zfAcm11 C, offs PARKLAND, WASHINGTON C C Tc' WC 'C lt is our earnest hope that the following pages may truthf fully perpetuate the lite at Pacific Lutheran College, and that we may catch, as it were, on these pages a true glimpse of the happiness of our taith, of the appreciation of our priya ileges, and ot the sincerity ot our purpose. May we here ima mortalize these priceless days of glowing youth, ot exuberant fellowship, of stern teachings. ot strengthened faith, and ot moulded Christianity Qjbvlrx-'X J' f Vblof Pm WW, My all 9, C I zcafwn We, the students of Pacific Lutheran College, humbly ofa fer this, our Saga in dedication to those giants of faith vvho. through endless trials and ma- terial blockades, have fostered this College, have Watched it with fearful hope and infinite trust, have dedicated it to Christian service. have consef Crated their Ovvn lives to the furthering of that service, and who. by sheer force of deter- mined love, have brought it down through forty triumphant years of Christian education of jy7'CCCl'li l.Cll The staff members wnsh to thank the fol lowing for Thour Coop eration IN publushung the T935 Saga, the ad- munlstrafron, the sfuf dents, and the buseness friends. Prof N I Hong and Mr Ludvug Larson. advusers, Mr j, Frank Muller, of the johnsonfCox Companyg Mr Leonard Brown, of the Tacoma Engravung Company, Mr Ted MO Infyre. of the Assocuafe ed Photographic Sere vuce, and Mr and Mrs. F, H Krug, of The Hart- sook Studio CIZZHIIZJ ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES . 05? 'ini ,- M Xwf S xx 1 N N an I c .3 v Q v Forty years In the vvllderness facIng many de pressmg condItIons have passed stnce the lay Ing of that cornerston Yet PacIfIC Lutheran cf l College stands today as the home of many ChrIstIan soldlers treadmg the path that leads to a happy eternIty Yes Ctod has answered the fervent prayers of those courageous men who strove to establtsh thIs InstItutIon of ChrIstIan learmng In a world of dlscord and turmoIl l-le has rIchly blessed theIr cause and we who reap the benefIts thank our Cod most slncerely p8ClfIC Lutheran College has an enrollment of nearly three hundred young men and famous for the Cholr of the West whose sacred melodtes have won the hearts of many The athlettc department boasts lunIor College league champIonshIp The Normal Department produces teachers of a hIgh order men and women who are traIned leaders and IntellIgent and consecrated workers The school constantly endeavors to promote the hlghest Intellectual development of Its students to gIve them a sound relIgIous traInIng and to surround them wIth such character buIldIng Influences as best vvIll ftt them for a useful ltfe ID home church and state The faculty Includes men and women of broad traInIng and successful expcnences who are loyal to the school and devoted to theIr work Each one of them takes a personal Interest In the IndIvIdual students who come wIth an Intense dcsIre to learn and Improve themselves The natural beauty of the campus has been enhanced by the efforts of man and presents much of scentc value And so p3CIflC Lutheran College calmly and tradItIonalIv courageous faces the future PresIdent O A TIngelstad whom the college loves lS an excellent executwe who wIth the generous help of the Board of Trustees IS pIlOtIng Our shlp as It soars Into the years to come We agk our Heavenly Father as dId those sImple pIoneers to bless us rIchly that we may retaIn our Instltutton of ChrIstIan learnlng where we face the problems of our cIvIlIzatIon wIth confIdence and dete mInatIon I 0 ' - 7 7 e. . 6 16 l I , . . I . I . , . . A 1 I I L 3 . women. who are beIng traIned mentally, phvsIcally. and spIrItuallv, Its FYWLISIC department lS K K X . , . . , , . , . . , Y . Eflltor Asso ware A tsltres Classes Arlwletlcs School Llle Artlsts Pers nv Typrsts Af'lx.lsCr Bus ness Manager Cnrculwf on Vlinagcr lrculwtlon Sf C rc s Aflsertuslng Manager Adxerflslnq Solnclrors Accountant Arlwser -CQ 'Q '-J S XC v 41 I wtf C2565 EDITOFUAL STAFF Thelma Danlels ltorg Helen Holtcwmp jwrnes C 'Illan E clxnFl4lo1C' E elxn Swerson Francls Archlvold Bertrorn Nflvhre F CHC' Flrnt Ellen Bcrwstrorn flu Muz Hirrv Crlbbo rn Eldon Anderson ludnrl-1 Benson Valborg Norlw Corhwrdt Pflueger Arnold Anderson Roberta Tornson Louise jackson :ne Banson Elrmlnctlw Fr Professor 'Sl I Hong BUSINESS STAFF lxolznrl Svmnson Wlllnim Pflueger Alrli olwnson lrene Orlcll lone Madsen Cllfford Mesforrl lrwn Armfur Vern Knutzen Erllng Lwrson Frntlwlof TWC! Mr Ludvug Larson Xl. 1 5 NJ l . f ' 4 ' 'i 4 4 ' - P , AV , x . I 'M N o . -Q K , 6, V ' ' 'T' 1. F fl' rf. ,, .q fl f 5 1-X SI'.'Xl'l Amr n 1 rms,-,l sll.,.N..,.1u,.,.,.ls,,xl..1N..l,l ra.-M... ,l...le..., If - sn.-Nll. A1..2r.,...r Oda-ll. N--rlw, lkloml. ll-'rprwnn -Xzrnuur, Nlvrz. Turrvsnxw Hon J Ilmt. l'rns. 'X :Xn.ln-rs.-n. l.ul-1. l .Nunivr rx, lflm-,gv'. Kr -n r CQ EC N -----v- . X 1 r. . C r H - - - .S , ' ., -N ' . f , - r C - 7 7 4.1 r- . X ' , . , l L ' , . lw o .,ls ----- - A . . - ' F 4 ----- - EI X ' , . 5 :IS - - A - - - - - - - l w A ,,,,,YY, 5 K L C A Jll l gr - - . I , H ' . H , L ,YV,,Y,A, ' ---- 1 1 , , ' 4 C7-4fJmznz,fw film The founders and buulders of Pa crtlc Lutheran College may he llkened to a chosen people who under a Mose 0 thetr own entered the llt rr r lr Search of 1 promusorl lwnrl Tl Q tt I CO L Cr ml 1 labors ot others has been COt lXCfllYWg e wuldernesg Itself to land frost glortous prornlse sotr tual sense Small groups ln corn paratlye usolatlon have Set up ther own tabernacles and schools une oahle of Independent surylyal a rl tht wll derness has become 1 grayeyurrl t rn ny hopes Y the Spnrlt ot th lr common Chrlstlanlty surytyes and we thelr hears feel that we may my thut the Lord has gulded by nlght und by day As lcattered groups 1 e grwtluxlly lJCCOl'Y1IYWg one may WL not after forty years ln the wllrlerness rheertu ly mnrl courageously t cc 1 prornlgrrl lmt together? O A UNCELSTAD l t vw lt n 'aw x 4 1 t all ot th 5 D ple, tog 1th V f th tl L th ln a . ot Perhaps thus Is Stlll more true tn fl n - ll l VW X 1 1 . o a A et 0 , . r . . ' . , 1 ,N A . - . 1 MQL Hr 1 acn fl P 5 BARDON M A Soc alSc ence ALVARl BEoK M A Hlstorv Economlcs lon leave MRS ELIZABETH BONDY M A French German MRS ADA DAPPER B A Rhysxczl Erlucitlon for Women IOSEPH O EDWARDS B Mus D rector of Musuc VICTOR A ELVESTROM A B FILICJ Agent Pl-llLlPE HAUCE M A Deun Reglsfrar Edo wtlon Psychology PAUL R HICHBY M BlOlOgIC'll Sclcnce N 1 HONG A B Pnnclpal Hugh School Dwlslon Engllsh VIVIAN IOHNSON M A Normal CUDCYVISOV Educatlon MRS LORA B KREIDLER Dean ol Women Art E ARTHUR LARSON A B C Swedlsh r J 1 C X M. Lf N!! rj T, lx-Xfgl 'l TX A 1 I A nw.-.1 Kr.-ull.-f, ,l.-lr..k..,. Isl-,ral .rm-l Aw. g x.,:u..:, ls.f.1.l.r HM.,-.-, limp, I-.1l.....lx 1u.l..,,. ,rf ls.-.le Im-p.-f llx.-rr l I c , F I L T I . F LUDVIC LARSON Business Manager E THEODORE NELSSON B A Dean of Men CLIFFORDO OLSON A Dtrgctor of Physucwl Educutton FLUECER A B B Chnsttanuty Phulosoohy PAULA PREUS A B Field Agent ton leave-1 W RAMSTAD B A C Chemistry Mathematucs W D KEITH REID B A Commerce I-XfLlTX HCM It C-EO RENEAU M Huston O I STUEN M Mathemattcs Norse MRS LOUIQE S TAYLOR B O Asststant Regustrar Engltsh Horne Refattons E TINCELSTAD M A Edrtor Pacufuc Lutheran Her Lattn History a A TINCELSTAD C T Ph President XAVIER M A C T Lrbrartan Latnn Rt xx I Ptlueger. -ILAYTQLL.-Olson, Ra-mean, Rvui fx Xaxtt-r. Stu.-n, U A 'IAm,1vlstad. Ramsmd. I' Txnyflsml I'1.n.n.n.'f .Y LJ I. la F , . ph, P P , . ., , C. T. ' A. . , . T. ' ' I ' H ' , , . , 1. U. , . .. XRVH LUX l 1 u erm 1 u ,l The Board of Control has thts ar rrled on Its dutues tudent self government an: calf- L in ttnent to student Interest and we are O e of th Boar s or acttvttes thts ar was e onslderatton ot a pp Saq Last year tt had een declded to adopt the poltey of publtshtng the Saga only once every two years The Board however dectded that stnce the Saga occuptes such an trnportant place tn student lute 3 l93-l 35 Saga should be publtshed A vote was asked of the Student Body and such unantmoug support was lndlcated that preparatuons for the publlcatton were lmrnedtately undertaken Acttng for the Assoctated Students the Board of Control sent Mtlton 'Xlesvtg and Roland Swanson to Seattle on December l to represent the Pacttuc Lutheran College students at the P ctftc Northwest Regton ot the Lutheran Student Assoctatton of Amertca Also on the fnrst ot March they sent Wtlltam Ptlueger elected dclegat to the Nattonal Comentton of the Lutheran Students Unton held at St Olaf College Northtteld Mtnnesota Agatn thts year the Board ot Control sponsored the trap to Mount Tacoma whnch was enjoyed by fatty or more of the students The Board gave tts support to the Saga when tt sponsored the Saga Carnlval the annual fun ttesta undertaken for the purpose ot ratsung funds tor the Saga So well has the advertlstng departrnent of the Board of Control done tts work that Governor Clarence D Marttn was here wnth a group of dugnttarles from Olyrnpna to crown the May queen tn the annual May Day festtvltles on the campus The Board s made up ot representatlve students trorn every department of the College an l-llqh School Its ofttcers are those ot the Assocnted Students Those who have so success fully gutded the work ofthe students thus year are president john Van Leuven vtce presudent Thelma Danlels secretary Mary Nash treasurer B rtruna Myhre s mor representatlve Evelyn lrwtn sophomore representattve Eleanor Raudeoaugh frtshrnar representattve Mabel l-leggem l-ltgh School representattvc Harry Crtbbohm conarntsstoner of adverttslng Cltfford Mesford commtsstoner of athlettcs Eldon Anderson I tl I I W , , 4 l l VO' . Ol .I RUl fx' :I .' Xfm I.-t.'.t-tt, l5.w,v,s N,sl. Xl-.f-rv H tt Q Xl.s:.vf Xzxeittgmrt lfttm, ll. tdvlttuglt, H--g' 1. Gr ltlwltm ye ca H ot f 5 - t e i 1 the conslderatton ot thtngs per- 5 it L lf. , n Q 1 a' A mat V ye th c . t V33-l-T' aa e 1 b , r . ' N V T e c 1 ' , - a 2 . 1. , C . l , C 3 A 1 1 . . 1 1 g L , Q 3 Q 'X a . ' 1 1 . K ' K , 1 4 1 , I . 3, 1 1 ' K . l 'UH' rl 'H 'I' 'f 1' fff. 1 ' 1 4' 'pk 01 'f:,f,1, ff 11,41-,fr 2 A I ' - ' -,., 'ff'-I ,7 4ii AAL .,f,,f+. 1, 7 , 'fl' fl' 'KL4'-Q ,lv f'fQf l?Z441,fl. V 1 V, ' ' l fd-04 T '7 - 1 . f Q1'4'3 Y ' fxjfffl-,tAe L-Lfplg3,,K I ,fi A , f4i , V AJ: A hx f fv4x.,z,,f 10,0-A AX fy 03 if jfz H' 4,1444 si CA Yixlhr, ad xg I f-. . f7'4 - Z7-'W V Xw' -ga, X' xv C4 ' EP Y - ' 'pr-, , M jr ff' ' J, Y x - H ' 1 ff 4 1 A ix E? gi J A 'LQ 43 MJ ' . ' . ' 7 4 ,I ST v jf A 'Q' 1 ' ' ' ,IJ - -'1 ,4 K A .. dy , 4, , 4 ll xn. 1 K 1-' J V CI. I I - , W AV I nk J wg! If H '75 , y - fn' n Z 446.4 If Y 4.- 1 , 0. 'Sv Q X L fm W Yr 1 w , VN! x A V v F if 1 w ' nb X. 1 TW 'EJ vc: 1 w- Q . A J M 'M'fl:k-i k:lX1'1'Kf X N- Es -' L1 Al AL, M' A A v fN,l,x k T, N rv ' L ' 'v 'V 5 TV' 'F' ' ',Vwrw,4v sr ' , g' H' v, I H 'ww gv,m'm.1Yrw4 'mm 5 'a,.xg.1r'gf xe.f that 4, '1'v'7 ww L nv.. A ' 11 Km mn. ,r.,:,'-1, 1' . in ,Lf r ,gwM VWf'7.1f ,Liv z M Cv xr ,V '. , M ' f L.,er,m,,C.1,q O'g..r ,z wg rw rw nw, f ' 'sl rr, , A . x gv OH 'w- 'WVR ' .uv R Vw? M mv, 'H pw' 'wht SM K', ,, ,, - ' - Nw, ,,r 'flu' ,VM M, lv Tum, 1 ' ' ' L xl' LY' f Y : ' .,' .'lXY 'HJ JA' ' ' YV v, -. . ' yy , ,' l, Q, , V, L ,. 1 It 1 I , rkw x4 1 rw- vv-' v 4 wr - r - , v rv . J - ', , ' ' l NX ' , ' . , . ' V I ff ff' ' f rw f' . --i .-.Q r, 'mf W ., 3 'X' iv ' . , , , + ' Frm, '., 5.,. .',:.,m -- ' , ' K' 1 ', 4' V P4 , ,..,L.,, ,-,.,,,,l 1, b f4l.,,, ..,, 14 'r.fv: 1 , ,' ' L 'Z ' pr. '.W. ,x.: ., T fu- ITU, Lw,',11'-gfn r 1' ' fv ff ' 'Jn ' ,xm x fe :, IVA.:-1 WW .x P4 L ' V1 ' 1' - ,i F' ' .1 f-1' WA .-.haf 'gg 'J 5 1 1 ,my W ' ' bv , .Q ,xi N4 A, HN !'pT r E.e'1,,v'W wr' fwi- YM' v w ,' v V, ,' 2 1' ' f ' .W Www rf. ',.r..Yv Fw. F, e' ' , J 1' L4 K... f ' ff The Q, Y f LJI UV:-1.-. ,'2 T1 , ' -'M VA-'.-.,v Ar, V111 '1 'f . Y, nat' hor F' X, ,Lmu -,' 1,1'P',' r' x, . 5-v 'r 'fx' ' ' VW' , 'fr' Mrfnl 5'V Nur 1r'1Fx.m VM 3 xx, in r F Mumr ,wi QW' IA 21' ,V .xr-rr NMHM Kun' 'r 2 F'.'WgV'r T rg Lx!! , r f' ,NUM-..' ' 1' 1 MQ , Cfrwrwrn- f .lf fb., vw, ,J ',r ,'vvN, fl UTI' TM! pm, ',1'fVf'I A ' 'wt 'i,L7fVMA Y, r ffmr.a'trr1.i? rw -nj 1' ,r ' M v vig 'i:r1 Y r' fi 'V' 1 O f'1vx.w'1- vm- ,x 'fm 1,1 nf' u CM' ,v .gm Mn A., Nm i,u1r 'r'tv, 'M' - 'r YM .gr 1g' ' tr, , M ' 1 'V ,,1, ,. gn-f, f ,' . ' h, ,-vw, 4 ' X 3 fl ,g J! C-5f1,11Cf1 1111111 1 th 1-11rr1 Qr1 1117777 15 1rgg1 1rm1 r Us 1 11111 111.111 D31-1 SQ , 1 1 1 LVWVTKX HS 1rL1SL1Lr 1111 H1gh School gflf 111115 'are Comp11t111g 1 most gmac ve 1 h1sl1eLr1 FTTWVTV XCHYQ s111ce there has been 51101 1r1 ac we C 155 E er1r1 111 O 1 HC 1 LS L Sl r11or were 11111111 11 V111 CQ workers 1r1c11hE r 11d 11135 qreath appreo., e Or 111 1 ,N 1 1111111 D1 1 Q 1 1 '1 15 rhg- C1155 511059 r th R611 1s 111115 r ost bdpre Chr s1m15 1ac1t1o11 the1 ,bffsehteo 1 Chapel program HRV 1 VM L 1 ur1r1 E xear Q samor 11r1r1er par 1 helm YT Febr11.1r1, S1111 t at ts 14 1 nterhpted th l-l1g1 bchoo 1X1Sl The gre1ts11cces5 lfV7'1ef5SSUTf.h 111 11 1 1 11111 1 f 1 1rr1111 wg 1101.111 15 11 5 K1 1 11111 m1111 rLr11e11111Qr1he11015111115 coftzp 1r1dc1O11ghr1uts semen there Q 5111: 111 V7 115151 1 lt1 thrpe h111r1Q 11'1eh111ersh1p1r1 the College Cho r WHL r 1 1111 1 thc Orchgxt 1 Th1 N1oor111Q 1Vl1st Cl11rr1er1 three r11uv'1l1L rs ot the C 258 l gg 111 Athll t Cs warg 1er1 pop11l1r TYTWOYWQ them tour bemg rr1e111'1erg of the 1-hgh School 4411111 Tm 1 1 1 If 11 TL NN we C s 11711 Q 1 111 11151 xgyg 11 11 ' C1 1 e 111c crosmd 1111 tooth111s 11111 the r'r1c1mta111s 110 L7C1OV lfl 1111 chosen HS the C1155 111 111111x 1 s 111115 not 1 1 1 IUVL s 111 tc str11e tor qrQ1ter pcrfnctl 11 h1s1ee11 the r hope 1 1114 r 11 111rum'1t hu teen in CXHVYTDIC tothe 1-1 gh School and e1er1 to the Co1lege Cwdeo '11 the Chr1x1 111 st111111r11s set 111 the1r tL1Chers thu 11111 seen the 111ue of moral and YTWCVTYH1 1 1111 11 1 1 1 Lr1 1. ah 3111 1 1 r1 LS re1 lhsgt 1 Q V1 lu 1lc 11tc Chr1511.1r1 ed11c1t1o11 ha5 gwcrw them the coL1r1g11 1 face 1he1r prohlems khowmg th1t C1011 s th them 1r1o 11111 l1tt then over the dupest ruts Though the1r p1ths lead 1h d111erer1t C1lTCCT1Ol'1S no somor w11l torget 11 C1111 L11ther1r1 o 1 e h11e crossL1 1111 t1oth11ls 1 f11r11111s 11111 1 J- . 0. 1 1 ' 1 L C . 1 H Q7 f , .3 . 1 b 1 I yeh' , - . I HIC111 WHOOI, 111111 l XIIS 111-51.-1111, l'1111- 11.1111 l1-1::111 0 X ' 1 1 1 X XV. . 111 1 . 1 111e111, N1 . P 5 V 110--1, 3 410111, Elm.. 1 . 1, c 0- 1.11 ,.111c1lX1'111. F ' 1 . '. 1 ', 1 A' 1 ' 4' . 1 . . 1 . egg. 1111 'ar 1 . 1 . 1' . ' ' I L 1 1 1. r1t g t .ll .t1t1f,th1- 111 k, . .lg ,. . 5. 1 -rg .-5. 1 11' .11 tho ree 1g 11 thc- ter 1 1th th .110 e Jt ers, . N1 1401 -1 . thwr . Q 1 ' 1 1 C I L . , ' : 'Q . 1 . 1101: an 1 th1 heat g 1er1:1 g th ' Th1 ' 1 - t , 1 ' 1 . 111.1 1 lf ot1 1111 . 111 fy 1 T . 1111, 1111, . 1, r1'pet111v11111 SL1Cf 1 1g, Classes Th 11 th .1 th 1 S. g.1 C. .1 5 14 . ' 1 4.1 1:he1 ,' T11' 111m 11111111 1' .1.111l . 1 1 x . ' . 1 L 1.1 1 l1A.'1llT t11el'.1 ' .1111 1 1 r. 1 . H ,. 1 - 1 1. . 11r11le 1110 new oh the 3.1 a 51.111 Orw s.c11'or recewcd .1 supportmg role 111 the raduatm 13 - S E C11 411 ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 . . K . L . 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Drama fjlulv: Rlax li'-rlxal ALVIN THOMAS MOE 'l'.noma, Xlfaxlxuvxgrurm lalwral Arn. BERTRUM MYHRE laxoma. Wlaslxlngton Lllwral Arts A S B. Trras and Frvxlmman Rn-p. fflmrr. Claw Plax. Dax lloxsi Drama Klub. l'rv.u and Prnw . la-ru-rnwnl lflul-. Nloarmg Nlasl, lim Mgr . Saga: 'I'--nnu Team MARY PRISCILLA NASH lrldax Harbor. Xwaxlxxngtorm Normal A S. Il.. Ser. and Sopla Rep , Llxolr: Clan Plax, Asfl. Drrmlor: Drama Club. Sn-I : l. D R 1 Nl:-non Smurtv: Pvp Clulx Prm and Yue- Pnw . Soplxomon- fflau, Prvx . Yollvxlwall. W' A A 1 Yue- llrvs: L-II l.:-arlvr. MILTON LUTHER NESVIC Snaitlv. XYaxlxlngro:1 Lrlwral Arh kfjluolr: Clan lllaxi Dorm lfnlon. N'1cefPrvs1 Drama Llulv loolballg lNlnsmn Soul-ui Nloormg Klan. .-Mxorrarv lzdnor and lfclxmr, RUTH NEWBERC 'l'a:oma. Whslmnngmn Normal, D R G: Drama Club: I. D R ALICE NOLAN l'a.oma, Vfaslnngmn Normal. Baseball: llasln-llwallz D R. G. Trvamg Gull: l. D. R: Soplmmorn- films. V101--Prnw: Yollmlvalli W' A. A HERBERT STORAASLI NORGAARD l'v--rru. 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Su' -5l'rraN 1 Drama fflulw. Yxu'-Prnw and Troma . Frvmll Club: Svnmr lflaw. Trvas LILA RUDD Portland. On-gon Normal liaskvtlmll: Class Plan D R G. Drama fllul-. Group la-adm-r: l. D R. Sm.: -Pl-p Cllulw man K. . Talmua. Wlasln IDA M Parkland. Sm-r . Vo Ion-IN VAN lawma. Xxfasln I Debate: Drama 'vnmr flaw. X'lu'Prnw1 Snplumxun- Claw. 5' 5:-. ln-aw: 5 YUIII-rI1.1II XY A A IUNET RUNBECK 'r..l..m. vc'n:I,.ngr.1,. Nrmml. D. R. G. xx..-Vvf.-L.: cs.-.1 mr 1 D R . xx' A A LYAL H. SANDERSON Parkland, Xxvaslxlrxgluru Normal llaxclfallg llaslcetlvall: Dax lima: Football: l.--rrvrruenl Clulw Mrnmn Somew SHIRLEY MARIE SAVAGE Talmna. Xxfashxxmgtun Normal lfawlvalli liaslcetlvall: D R. G. Sm . Drama filulfi Gulf. lrllkxng, l. I3 R.: Yollvxlmll: XY' A A. ROLAND I-IILDINC SWANSON S4-attlr, Wawlxlnglnxn. Lulveral Art-, ffhmr: Clam Play Du-lwatc-1 Drama Club: Dorm llnmn. Vne'Pres.. Frrslxman Claw. Yun-Pr:-xg Nlussxnn Soul-rs. Pu-N: Saga. Hunnexs an f,1uulatmn Nlanagvr: Srnmr Class. Pr:-s ALICE CENEVIEVE SWINEHARTA nglun Normal D R Cn ACDALENE THOMPSON XYasl11rxgtnl1 Lllwral Arts. liaakrtball: D. R. U Drama Clulwg L D R: Nllwmn Smwtvg Swummmg Clul Iles-ball. LEUVEN nglon Normal A. S. li. Pres.: Claw Plavi Club: Swimming Club: YI-II Lvadvr. MARTHA IANE WILLIAMS Tamma, NXv'as.h1ngton. Normal Clxoxn Class Plavg D. R G: Drama Club: Frvnch Clulv: I.. D. R.: Moormg Blau Saga: XV. .-X A PICTURES NOT INCLUDED SYDNEY CLASSO Parkland. Vfaslxlnglon Normal llawball: Dax' Iinug Trnms 'll-am. HERBERT HOPP 1,lun-lxaluxwlaslxxngton l.xlw-ral Arn liamlg Dax' liovwl Gvr- man fjlulv: Maxaman Suu:-rx LYELL C. KREIDLER Parlclaml, Vfffulmnngmn. Normal. MABEL E. MATTISON 'I'nmrna. Vffaxlmnngtorx. Normal. OLAF L. ORDAL lirlllnglmam. Wlmlmlngtnn. Normal 1 1 ' jfrfv' fm ORLANDO ASPER 514 'I' I'auIrIauuuI. W'aNIuuuugunuu Hugh Suhuml I5awIuAII1 I'mxIwuIu.uII: IDM Iinun Ile-Iuatr IIuuIu, IIugIu SuIuonI. Su'rpv.1uuu.ll.'Xruu1w. Iuuuuu C Iuulu VERNER BITTER Ilaumna, Vifuxluuuuptnuu I'IugIu SuIumuI Illx Iims. Ilvluauv So .zu-uu Pu-N , lbmuuua I IuuIu. Cru-ruuunuu I IuuI' IIugIu S-In-ual. I'ru-x g Imuul I IIuI' ELIZABETH MARIORIE DAHL Iraul. Nlunruuwuura Hugh Sulmol Iirnku-tIuaII. f.Iuuur: Ilvluale' fIuI'. I3 R ca 5 Drama f,IuuIu, I'rr'mIu fllulu. Yum' I'rf'x: in-run,u'u fQIuIu. I, I3 R 1 Muuumu Suuuuvtu. Sc-num Llauk Su-4 1 Yuullvu Iuall ORWOLL DAHL I'arIcIauuuI. W'aNIuuuug!uvuu IIuy1Iu SuIuuuI Iluu Ilmuxz Ilrnnua fIuuIu. fmIL Suuuuuuuuuuug f.IuuIu. 'Ikrmul fIIuI' MELBA FENNEY I'arIrI.1uud, Wluluuuupluuvuu Hugh S 'uuml Ihxka-uI-aII, Iiuuuur Tram. IPs'I'uau' f,IuIN. ID R G 1 Ilrauna f,IuIv1 I rvnulu f,Iu5: I I7 R 1 NIuwuu:u Snfuclu. INIunruuug NIMH Svnunr K,Iau. In-au . Yuullu-ul-all HARRY CRIBBOHIVI Spnkanv, Xvaduungton I'IugIu SIIunmI A S IIA Hugh Srhoo Rvpl I'IanuIL I'naskP!IuaIIg fluuurg flaw RIM: I7rIuatv fIIuIw Dorm l'nuong Drama Cfluulug Us-rman Club: Ivlusxunul Snuwrvg Nlfmruuug Mast. Oruhu--tra. Saga: Su-mor Clan. Pu-N.: Suum mung ffluul-1 'Ikmut ffIuI VIRGINIA LOU HARRIS Ilarklauuui. W'aNIuuu1gumu I'IugIu Sulmuwl, I7 R Cu.: I'r4-nfIu fIuuIu: I, ID R PAUL LARSON I,arI:IamI. Vfaxluuuugtoum Hugh SuIumuI I3mNkvtIu:aII. Ilax Iiouw ALDA NASH I'urtIauuuI. L5rrguuu I'IugIu SU:nnI I'u'p f,IuuI' LESLIE IVI. POTTER Iarnuna, X'i'.uIuungtr-vu Hugh Sulmnl Ihu Huw: IU:-Iutv I IuI'H. NORMA PREUS Parkland. W'ashuu-ugmn Hugh S4'IuuwuI Cluuvurz ID R G .K Grr- man f,IuxIx Pr:-N: I-'Iuglu Srhnol. Yuuv PM-N . I.. ID R . Svuumr Flaw. X'uu'efPruw. XX' A :X LLOYD THOMPSON Parkland, XY'asIuunguon Hugh Sulmuul. Iiaxku-lIwaII1 Ifhuurl Ilau' Iiuuxg Du-hair Club, Yuro-I'ruw: Golf Tramp I.0tu-ruuuvuu ffIuI'H: Swummuuug CIUI'-: Trout K,IuuI' PICTURE NOT INCLUDED ERLINC M, LARSON Tacnma, Whxluuuugrouu Hugh Suluuml I5:umI. Dau Iicwn IM- Imu- CfIuuI': I7mm.u fIuuIu: Mumruuug NIMI1 Uruluu-xunz. Sam. Sax Quxntrtt' 2 SOPHONIORI S N in rl rm xt 4 A 4 rmnn r .1 Contrnulng thelr partlc patron ln the vartous ac tuvutles whuch they began as freshmen members of the sophomore class have been outstandtn tn stu ,, dent lute at Pacltlc Lutheran College Beiause of 0 J i their sprrtt of cooperatlon and good sportsmanshlp members ot thus class have been among the leaders When the sophomores organazed last tall otflcers elected to head the class for the year were Harold OConner presudent Ellne Benson vuce presudent Valborg Norby secretary and joanna Manousos treasurer Mlss Vlvtan johnson Normal Department supervlsor was chosen class advlser Soctal events ot the class tncluded Sweethearts party glven ln the ColIegC gym lanuary l8 Wuth loanna Manousos and Marte lohnson as hostesses the atfatr proved to be very enjoyable Under the general arrangement of Eltne Benson the class also pres nted 1 program for chapel exercuses The Cholr thc Orchestra the Delta Rho C-imma the lvllssnon Soclety and the Pep Club drew many ot thelr ofttccrs and members from the sophomore class Two members ot thc- group were on the College Debate squad whlle others took wctlve pwrt ln the Drama Club as group leaders and ofttcers ln athletlcs both the men and women made an excellent showlng Srx sophomore women served on the councll of thc Women s Athlehc Assoclaflon as nfftrers and managers two of these recelvrng recognutlon by betng placed on the honor team for therr outstandlng playtng ln basketball Football men elected Harold OConner co captaln of the team for next season because of has teamwork The Chrlstnn envlronment has strongly ntluenced the sophomore class to develop stronger Chrustlan character and a broader Chrustlan vtew ot lute lt lS the hope of the class that sensors they wall continue to brlng honor to the school by truly representlng the splrlt of Chrust an a way that men may see thenr good works and glorufy theur Father whuch ts ID heaven In MIX fu XJR , 5 ll I Rt 11 l . l- -'LH-ls NU X, OT uuvr. Snr lr-rg, N pl. l' - . llc pzstmm. K:-lwt Ron I l' Olson. Nl dst-n. YH!-ill. l lJllrZl'. fkralt. l'rxv Kon 9 Taser. Gott, Nlartln, Hulson, llrvllw-ll-ns, .lnlmsory rxrclxlrold. llruxmvr I C - . L , 5 , QS ,V 1 7 1 A . . c , . , 4 - 9 1 , .N . I Q, c 4 . , 1 , 1 f . , 85 We W6 rfrlwlfljlljllld 'lylfw' QLGJW' qt x uL.L.rur rru a sr uw au v ntnsnn s s a It Has.:-mp Solve Bnl tm Thompson Torrt nn 1- l 1 r or nn nn rrz n n rt an ldnrelu tm H Lette x rll 1 r an 'rn n ea o zu, ue, r :lp musk l rxr Ham ul r 4 t am -X Jnrxn rtlur l rm nel apptalrn e rnr 1 rl n 1 In url ern rl r1n1 Stu nuutn S ur un A group of yery llyely and enthuslastue freshmen werr wdmrtted to Pac fre Lutheran College on September ll 5 and strange as rt may seem they remalned equally C enthuslastrc throughout the school ye Almost Im medlately they were subyected by the upper classmen to 1 serues of lnltnatron tests when they entered the diy ind eorm students organ zatlons When all had become fairly well acqualnted they held a meetlng at vyhrch the presldent of the student body preslded and class offrcers were elected joe Mltchell was chosen prestdent Chester Solre yrce presrdent Hazel l-lagerup secretary Emmett Thompson treasurer As the presldent drd not return to school the second semester Chester Solle the yacc presldent took hrs place by a unanrmous clwss yote and Ralph Bolstzd W s elected yrce president Besrdes berng promlnent rn scholarshrp the freshman class members partlclpated rn y1r ous eutslde wctryrtles The Chorr counted as members seyeral freshmen The class was lsea well represented In the orchestra the debate society the Moorung Mist and the Saga well as ln the Mrssuon oclety and l. D R ln almost eyery fleld of actlyrty one wou fn l a freshman as 1 partlelpwnt After mu h drscusslon the class el cud d to break the monotony of the month ot tytarch by sponsorrng 1 k tl party whrch ull clwss members attended Cares and worrros were tossed wsnrle tor an eyenung of enroyment and fun The degree of ucce ww marlfed by the fayorwhle comment of the students the followlng 'ylonday As the school year closes the members of the treshman class kneyy they haye spent 1 tr wr pe irnun n 1 O Ce In elr ear S they Cwrry wt them to t Cl yzcwtlon preclous nd fond memones of trmes spent toecther I x s X t . f X - I 4 fcvflg X . l f ' , ll ' 1 . fy . , 1 ' X l- y -' - U , ,e Juan .- f , , e Hun I W lt-. ls ln, ll k . lvltn, A -l l , Nw. XY' tts. Fr so r A , -, s 'A , s . S lls. Suanswn. D Andf' s 1. Nl - Nl Rom. f To N: vrvrk, -Xfrnsi mg, llbvgl el. Ktulwlnn l ' ' - , r ' Rl mlm, W' mans Tuffrwsnn. 0.54-ll. Gro- Ru rm Pl' e. 'lrsn , llrnson, l' rs n. H. w- H -ew, ll.: rn-tt fx' n v me 11 y, Nrls-rr ewlw, J ,1.-lt.W.,l, H.. e L ppt. I- , ll-4 Kel rr, To Y.-east, H yt . p, K . r, '- ty W' ms. l mtl lwans. Rl st. -X -n.r. Nlefkulln 'l, K l . R. u 4 I-:sh--r, -'anssn-n. Rn ren. -K , Slot sun. Cr 1 sry -ell. Stunt, lhlv, Slrlst-1, Larsen. H. lm . l wle. Ht-nel :ksun St 4 U, f Arn. K r , fy -se e 1 t . 7 7 V , 5 - ' 1 BV ' f I l ' ' 4 a L e , . , f . A . l , 1 . e C5 Q 1 S . , , ld C , , 5' C e W l e ll l H r I 1 , 'N Y 4 . Q T fe ' c . V ' 5 S5 n S - ' , f ye. rn pre t tallt Ie. g, a d thet, l Cls l th h 1 t , 1 ' th W . h r 1 vo ,- s HU F' mc: mr mr S nr lr llc. ul fi lon to be remembered bv the Hugh c ool F r the I tlm ln fourteen ,QQ vewrs the student bodv organuzed Vcrner i,1 cf Lf ttcr was electer ores dent Asslstlng h rn were Norrna Preus vlce orcsldcnt Fredenka Schlanbusch sccrctarv trmsurcr unc O lavdc Asa sue at srrn Under the dlrectlon of these OlllCCV5 thl stul ents h c 1 covnollshcd more thls vc r that as been done at anv other trnc snce li l t ru r tlnd 1 group so hlghv lrnbl r wr h the coooeratlve solrlt Through thelr own ttcrts th orf Nl ed 1 s et tr whuch had remarkable succcss The Debwtc Club though not verv wctuve hus orornlsc Thr lf ndwntlng booth t the S ga Curnlvul ged u Hlgh S horl tld t rnost popular attractlons Thtg vear ha been known ws the 'ruggle tor lndcoendencn a nurnacr the Hugh School organlzatlons had bcen so rnerged tnto those of thc College that thc orcscncr ot 2 secondarv school here was seldom noted The endeavor to secure rccognltlon hws rnet vvltn growung success Thus through thelr represfntatlve on the Board nl Control the H gh School students recelved appolntments to scveral lmoortant rornrnlttccs wh lg cthcr stc lp t rem lzatlons have coooerwted wlth them to brlng thls wbout thelr value n e College clubs rs ot o O 1 f L wr 1 nc 1 1 the Orchestra all clzlm H gh School students ws mcrvfbcrs hllc rnanv l l n the Dram ub The French und German Clubs wr' cemoosed wreelv ot Hleh chool students a etlcs hoth boys and gurls are promlnent helng very wctlve n golf an basketlml c gurls basketball and vollevball teams took second plwce ln lntr rcluss cornpr tltlnn 4 V, L 'T ' uf l l J L, f f 1 '1 f fu , 1, , . 3 .F ' n I Hllrll ,V UI lx ra .' 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A v n CIA c t . 1 Hx, -S H ln thl H ' C , w . l c d L . l, Th elffivfffeg XIUOIJINC1 Mm I I lx 11 I 1 pr 1 r 1 1 Ov the twentx nntln flaw of October lo'-I Ed1tor Palm. HL1fY'c'wI1l int Busmess Nl-In wager eoree Cooper ctI 1 L L f J I 5 r Cuitex L I DuIuI1S Cl e 5 'NIO r1ng 5 I3 per na ween C1rr1et O vt I1 Q1 1 rnwr c 1 me 1n4 LA incl s1r1CCr1 1 it n U ms 1 ma S Hmong UL I UVVI3 ISFTW and bo well nate tlwex floated and nusuerer n the 1de1Is of the College 1tse na the paper nn not onlx tx n r cite warns n eners P I p 1 1n neartg et the exer nerr-25 wg rc e Ot stuoentg 1nltr1Crtr15 Ct Punt C Lutneran Col ege he 'N t nil NCWSDADLV Cr IICW x IGI V 5 nfl 1 r une the 'Vloonnq Mast 2 n1t1onsl honor r1t1ng ot Second Clwss un l tne r1t1nQs were F1rst C 155 S tear e cor reg asf as een e ITCL ox 1 1 SN r on Q Q33 1 piper 1n the elpaotx of sports e111 or The xanoos wgmstants to the emtor we L mssoc 1 0 tors C an 0 curnp el 1 ron tea mu ec 1tor EIL anor Hao e sports eel1te ul eos 1 Ll 1lc1 reporters Eldon Anrlerwn Katlwrtn Andu on Ir enl Ln r rn L nw in e s r 3 Harm L,r1'1luc1wrn 'vlilvel Heeqern Courtnet Kmg Nlanwn Kohler lone 'Vlmsen Rntwert Vartn Russel Erxe Robprf Nlonion Valncrg Norm F? lurta Tornson Lenorc XV1tl1rn1x Herbert Hopf Nlelln Eennet wsper onnson lmn Larson Nlwry Mwclmr Aqneg Vlonn Norma Preos Nlurqwret Rorem mtg n ns 11 I nw 1 Q e mon actl 1 1 I-lon 5 rtrtm lx wrr x m '1 wurmg vu '4sg1sTe w vile Cn msttedt assmtant DLISIVWCSQ mwnmcr L H31 acksun C rC1l1t1en rnmqger Margar AT C L1 3 1611 saws in mn r 1 N 3 1 dmes l 1 1 lxLrt151ng r'r'13r112CrS in ultx SHA IW 1 1 l1,,.V,, T A - 11.-111,-Lf., 1, 314111 11111111-1,11 X1 11. 1l,.,1.-1141, x.-Nw. H1-1 .11 ,I 1.1.11 11 k.11.1.-1 Nl.-up lor: mt- 51 11 ' I :.r R.1.1 l'11' I- I'--1.1 I--11:--'1 I li -- xtt KI .51-11 Il llvrxwrz -X l11l1:1w11. Ilw.wt:1111u ix 1:I11t1t. K -X1-Jvrwzx, l 'Aft in 1- 5 I lulfz-1.111 Hn 1. Il1ni.111.1, NI win. l.vw:1 lr'1x N11 r- S -I11l':1x1111 Rt11rn1 Nl. 13:11- I .1:-11-.111 II1 .11-::1 l l .lv I 'X-N 1.-rw-11 A f 1 I Y 1 . , f- l . 1 kk ' I N ' M f ' f 1 1 A . o I g , 13 ,J lg 1: A, f 1 ft 925, . he. tn I r r .e I Nlast Tm' A tw Xnie L 1 . 5 n 1t ,Len 1 K lkffl meg r 'Xt talent, I stu, 1 t' tm t in OCC L3 1 . QIUV DV 1T1Cn 4 f t ' .Artftts 'JVYTQEHE act . tes So nel. nate 1t5 taroog umtors and staftx earned mer tne aciepterl wlealg of modern 3 .l , . ' 3. . '- 1 1 1 4 II, T t ' f. A ' eol. if A A f' A rl I1 I . but als., xon a Lee the ' Q 1 . 11' C I- . . L ' I I ' Q I I . T 'A 1o . 1 1 rl Ser 1Qe et the Nat. ml Scholasttc P e 5 fXss1,-atO1. IH l93Q, I. 1 I fr I I . I X . Inl933,l93-4,1 Cl 932 . ' I. Tn, - . th N1 1k NIL IW b rl I N1 lT'Wn Ne 1g who wo kecl th1 I Ex-,rl 1 C L T 1 4 L 1 ' Y X . etc e,- H 'IH H lt. ,, Ha: H350 I, t I . It . I4 I r. Pa Pr .etl1tor1aI wr ter, Pa I H1. I Ing. . I . 1 - s1, 1d1th B ,311 Elle Eergst C . Thr I D, 1 l l El zabetlw F11,. I C . I Q ., I. I . ..,. . 'i I - , I ' , I . . txp , EI1 e Be if Ei . Tol CI on, Ann Iolw I. ltt .1 It ser, Nlr N I g e 1 'X I I .11 tof1nus an.n,3r nt the '93-1 5' Nl 1 11 Mast A5 . rl I 1 Cl - cl ..g.11.1Il Loot Cr t, 1rc ltt .., t. t, Icl Delwcll aul I. C1ll1.11, .1 1 I 4 .I g 1 rl Iac ntltwvr. Mr O I u 1 lun, u W I l 1 t1 tt 44461 AKWGMQZ7 5171144 1174 f O Edwards the Orchestra has spent an enjoyable and TC 5 T l profrtab'e year Thls organtzatlon ts comparattvely new having been started only a few years ago The Orchestra tncludes as a part of tts annual acttytty performances a e hool yents we xar o c y uncttons Dunne the past year tt has played for the State Carden Conyentton for the Park land Parent Teache Assoclatton tn the presentatlon of the play Babs as well as for some of the chapel serytces lt also performed at the Football Banquet and the I'-lomecomlng festlyttles lf 8CCOmDanted the Drama Club s presentatlon of the Operetta Cherry Blossom and eltmaxed thus year s actlylty by play ng at the commencement exercrses The tnstrumentatton of the Orchestra Included thlrteen pteces ptano two trumpets tuba mellaphone two clartnets trombone a d flye yuolt s The personnel of the Orchestra lncludes slx muslctans from Tacoma Thelma Danuels Eugen Burgoyne Laura Hauge Marlowe Mead Levyrs Hunter and Eyelyn Syyerson tvyo from Everett Washlneton Ralph Bolstad and Stanley Ford and one eacr from Spokane Auburn Arltngton Washrngton and Pendleton Oregon l-larry Cnbbohm Harold OConner Emmett Thompson and Eldon Anderson respecttyely The mann obtecttye of the Orchestra ts the muslcal adyancement and encouragement ot the members and the creatlon of mustcal rnterest among the students tn eeneral The Orchestra though small well able to render muslcal s lect ons of h eh roer a fl receuylng favorable comment among both the students themselyes and tlne resrdents of the communtty The organlzatton ts fast becomtne part of the student lfe at Paclflc Lutheran College and under tts present efftctent leadershlp and ywlth the contlnueo co operattcr- an loya ty of tts members t can look forward to yet greater acnteyements lt L group of well tratned muslclans and boasts of berne represented tn the Tacoma Pn lharmont Orchestra by one of tts members Leysrs Hunter -. . . 'N - . '.V , s 1 4' Q 5 , - as Q' , . 1 T... I ' . 1 1 lx' tt I Stu.-rs.-n l. 't-. . Ha rc-r. 'ltlrn-sdal, ldtanrds R. tl ' l ,u -tm, QT! tum-rr ,fXrt.l4-r-tm Xlr. -ir lord. C-r 'almltm T 5 ,f' ff , X , . 3 J f X, ' ' ' I ' J l Under the careful and able dlrectton of Professor loseph C . . I c 7 I ' . , C C .t th sc e . as ll as at l us tftc f , f . , Q - . r , c Q ' ' V t 1 .. .. y s - , . ., , 4 VW V7 . '3 ' .... t. , V . . , Q 3 L t , , 1 , C C x I V L N , x . , . . ts a . . 9 2 'V e ' , nx ts . 1 V 4 ' . ' v 1 s 5 C l V t . . . . ' ' . ts New new a e V V, , X V . I . c . xtte One of the OLlT5l3V1Lllf'lf, aetneltles t studen s cv A Paettle Lutheran College has completed another een successful vear Notwlthstandlng the tact that thus xear s debates were I agaln non decuslon the squad has worked dlltgentlv preoarrns, 6 fi verv eftectlxe arguments Pom a el s ot nnterested a 1 alert mrnded vobng men and women Professor P Ptlueeier debate coach chose a mtxed group ot elght students to comprlse the Pactfle Lutheran College debate squad These voung people sturllerl the questlan Resolved that the nattons should agree to prevent the lnternatronal shlpment et arms and munrttons ln the flrst debate of the vear a m xed attlrmatuve team consrstlng of ohn Van Leuven and Margaret Rorem was host to the men s negatlxe team ot the Unlxersrty of NVHSDIUQTOU whlle Thelma Daniels and Ellen Bergstrom debated the men s atflrmatuve team of the Un eersltv From Whltworth College of Spokane came a men s n gatuxe te am vwhleh our men s altrrmatme Ohn Van Leuxen and Delbert Breseman encountered ln a meet wlth a worneh s team from D attle Paertle we saw our gtrls attrrmatlxe team H n l-loltcamtu and Margaret Rorem actlon Thus debate took place at Parkland followlng thus meet Vern Knutzen and George Broekway tourneyed to Seattle to ubholcl Uruxersrtt, of Washtngtcwn ealletl a return debate with Vern Knut en and George Broekwav agaln upholdlng the n gatlxe and ohn Van L uxen and Delbert Breseman the atflrmatlfe The se son tor the men s teams closed wlth a debate with MT Vernon lU'l Of COHLEC As the ttnal meet ot the season the women s team traveled to Aberdeen for a clash wtth the Grays Harbor luntor College teams champtons ot flat N rthwest lunlor Colleges Thus once agaxn Paelte Lutheran College feels she has been able represented by her debate squad and IS now awaltlng the next year wrth tts new QUCSUOYW r w mu t mv In r man Q1 T A9 4. an 3 Ill All Del e , ' . ' ca the 1 T t K , X L T X X . ' e I W L X 7 y V f L , r 1 A s ' 1 nc I L K , W s x s Q s 1 K s I -t K F s . , t i a f. 1 s Q e ' ' e 4 ' T ' X e e ,H 4. T N lr --Ce 1 'H ' ' r , K K s I s 1 s . 'f K a s , e , e , e ' 1 ' ' et 1 ' I ' ' 1 1 r L , K e K V . . t K a . K . I' ,K 'e . . A' ' e .. , ele 4 . 'K - x tn the negatrve srde ot the questlon agalnst a strong .attlrrnatlxe team of Seattle Paclfre The t r r t I '. . 1 ' za I N L . . X e . -, e l e C - K 1 - X . . . X 2 a ' , e e 1 ' 1 1 . L , , l L K ' X e , .a o , ' A , I 1 e e ' X t T T' e e 1 A ' e ' ' l5l'li-'ell Ht xr I Ru vu. Ptllldpvr. K1 x, llvrplrt-rn If rt I Il. r-ls. Y. 1.1-uwn. li r-sf . . llrmkum. Htvlztnmp . ,, , ... , - C9 ? , .r .wlrf ,l To create tnterest rn the l.terature, the cus' toms. and arts ol the French people, as well 7 I as to promote lnternatronal trtendshlp and C 1 understandlng. the French Club, Le Cercle Francais, holds nts posltlon among the lan- guage students of the campus. Le Ccrcle Francais also unltles the attempts toward better unclerstandrng of the language. the pronunclatlon and drctlon, vshrch make the study ol the language far more profttable and lnterestlng ln aclrlrtron to thls, rt, maln purpose, the Club serves as 3 social group, holdlng tts partles nncl gatherlngs for the pleasure ot the sluclent borly as well as tor nts rnernbers. Untler the gultlance of lvlrs hltzabeth Bontly. Instructor, the club, durung the Chrustmas holrclwys vlslted the cadet shlp cznne D' Arc ln Seattle Thus vlslf provldecl a most unter cstlng nnslght ntn thc actual lwlng hwblts of the French people Sexerll other entertalntng and tnstructme gwthertngs hnc bun held wlth outstandrng guests as speakers Messelun lnstructor of French n thc Lincoln Hlgh School Tacoma spoke on toms and Mrs P Pflucger spoke on Thc Mir ln Cris ln New Orleans Both contatned an abundance of local color and lett a rastlng lmpresslon on the wudlencc Mrs Angele French Cus ot these talks mtnds of the Ofltcers rt Lc Cerclc Frwncwws arc electecl at the and of each semester for the follownnz term Thosm holtlnrg, otlrre for thc fall wc c ounna Manousos preslclent Eltzabeth Dahl wce prcsldcnt Eleanor Hwukc secrctarx treasurer Those serwng clurlng the sprlng semester were Ellen Bergstrom preslclent Qomolw Rust wce preslclent Eula Mae Colt secretary treisurer ? 'NI ,N ul c 1: t wrunmr XX1l nm 1 N1 ,U x H x l v :lx -4 l , s I , r K L , K I X K ' 1 W K . . l F , C, F ll ' 2 4 I 1 1 . L 1 X K 5 . . 1 , ',,s, I I I ' 3 , c , , l ,C c sv l , ,Vu V I I K K l J, l Rl .' ll l l l'li Kun I llt tix, ll. kr, Gull, lin-r wtrom, Nl.ll1-ulsus. l5.l l, Rus . l' I '- . -l U l. s. film! K '11 f lNl.dsrn, thrlfl- s.lll..l.lsl.s.l-. xl.-H..-H, ram.-rr. lhlrlt-. liars.-ll, 1 w'll:.wl, 1n....l.r., c, lc ll c l'rns, flower. l-k1t.Vn.a, knlxlcr. Ilrrr.-stlnl, lim- Nl, mm, Unpll, ll.1,1rr p, Vltwllnstm R ll 1' Gmrstlmtlk. l---mn-x. l' H v.l.l1m'. Run, Ian-r. lk ltlur rl ng, I--lm-t-rr ll'n.l:'.Lsmv. Rt-1-121 .wwf rl.-V N IXl 1 I4 fllnllll' WTC II! un l' I x 1 1 rr nrt Nlurun fi ,L Correspondrng t the French Club rs e German Club whose obgect rs to comblne the stud of German lrterature vvuth an understarzdrng of the modes of lrfe of the L German people Throughout the past wear thus club has taken more uctme lnterest ln the affarrs of the college than exer before Under the competent and Interested gurdance of Nrs Ellzabeth Bonclx rnsructor n German the German Club whtch styles rtself er Deutsche Verern has sponsored motlon plctures of travel and lufe n Germany skatlng parttes and luncheons each of whrch was attended enthusnstlcallv by students and faculty Perhaps the most welcome speaker aopearrng before the German Club was Dr F W Mensnest of the Unlversrty of Washlngton Dr lvlersnest rs a recognlzed wuthoruty on Germany and German movements He ns also the author of se eral textbooks whrch have from trme to time been ln use rn our German class rooms here Dr Meusnest 5 subject thls year was The German School System Dr Warren Tomlrnson of the College of Puget Sound spoke on The Polrtrcal Satuatron rn the Saar Basrn and Mr Klass of the North German Lloyd and Hamburg Amerlcan Steamshlp Lune presented a travelogue entrtled We Meet tn Germany In keepung with the Gcrmanlc atmosphere 1 llnden tree was planted rn the background of the beautrful rock garden recently added to our campus The ceremonres were conducted n German and Engllsh These varred actlvutles wlth several Cindy sales and skatrng pzrtles sponsored lorntly by the French and German Clubs have blended themselves unto perhaps the most successful year rn the hrstory of Der Deutsche Verern The offlcers who served durrng the fall semester were Norma Preus presldent Vlrglnla Davrs vrce presrdent Mary lvlachle secretary treasurer Durrng the sprung semester they were lvlary lvlichle presldent Margaret Rorem vsce prcsrrlent ind Gertruclr Brunner secretary treasurer x ll lrlltxl-X. lll'lS Kr!! f lfvndx. iz .Xltlrr-un, l l.l1l,1r, IMI--ttdrulcsorx, vlaht, l'rv.:s ll s. Nlull-. ll '. Rm ' , R lwxk K. 11 I Gul- ulzm. Flu tlzwun. Ptslwr. St :nn li St rn' ll ffl, Ulolznson. C' lla' , , . K u F Pflurev. -X -Xml-'rstu Hxldtlrzw, Hvpp, R Spur. XML--r. l llrmdx, flxllulxn. Dann-ls. Suls.-r 7 4 K O A X th Q 4 . ' c . Q r r l . ,A T l 1 K , 3 r , 'AD ,U G 1 ' 4, l , - 1 s l l , ' K r ' . r 1 ' Q 1 X r , , ' , T. 1 ' m X K X I TROUI' CLUB nutun 'Nxt 1u,, rl ur I ,ul at Taklng hold of an opportunlty to utlllze a hltherto undeveloped resource namely Closer Creek that eran College haye thus year organlzed a unlque club tlse Trout Club so called because tts purpose IS to tlsh for trout the gamest of all fl h Thus club has the followlng charter mempershlp Bertrum Vlyhre Sydney Classo 1 P Pflueger l-lar ld Ntlssen Vern Knutzen George lanssen Ernest Haugen Ernest johnson Lloyd Thompson Paul Schlermeyer Verner Butter P R Hlghby Paul R l-llghby ts presldent of the club George anssen ylce presldent and Ernest Haugen secretary Members must quallfy by belng students at Pacltlc Lutherm College and haxmg flshlng llcenses To show the nature ot thelr sportsmanshlp these anglers haye a rule that tn stream tlshlng no eggs shall be used tor balt thus glylng the flsh a faur chance They flsh by castlng usung for balt lumbrlcl terrestres wlth a Spanner and flles They also go trolllng ln Spanaway Lake They angle for all klnds of flsh but only trout count ln scorlng Competltlon for honors n the club s keen une l prlzes were glyen to the Catcher of the blggest tlsh lwlth wltnesses and to the member holdlng the largest score Scores were based on the cutch made one day ln each week Th s day IS called Fleld Day and IS selected at the beglnnlng of each wcek by the flshermen Sunday scores do not count nor do scores, wlth Cut wltn6SS6S Thus club funds tts most actlye se son from the mlddle ot Aprll through Mm and durlng September October and November lts BCTINQ protect besldes that of tlshlng IS to d99D9Vl the stream so that larger hsh may enter Thls work started on Campus Dm ntll take mam years but Mr Hlghby ls ot the oplnlon that tor the present there are as mans ffsh here is IY the mountaln streams and larger ones too so that the Trout Club wall hue mips CVWIONGUIQ seasons I . A ' K - A . l lrr. H. 'l-rx. Glmsso, Sclzw uv - A 'lvl , blulxnsun, vl :ssrn Z A runs through our campus, sportsmen of Paclflc.l.uth- l 1 , 3 . . l . , . , , o ' ' ' - ' u I u li I P , I g , . . I I . A I . l f - l ' - 1. . I x.' Q w N ,Q lcla Q, mf or vafyffly IDR-XXleX CLL li ln 1u,,n un r xc-r agtrup Imax mr XXxll1am Rorem 1 an ll u mn LL ul A 1r1 mndrl li Hn n nr on X ma wt: a k on 'Nix re try, Ir n or wul l M arg on 1 t Bonds lxsher u tn ny, X wt xrlu 1 um ott n un on uunsnn ut on o an unner Pri Lun c arson u 1n on 1 r ull 1 1 ratx nn urru on Nagel n 4 -X olm on Cnrlbho m 1 nm 1 nr un an mn hump on XX xrlxrou R Amie-r on Holt amp Ru I Tolwla on Suerson w n un r n wt Nl rgur mu n x L on uw ut mp, tn lun. xne Symth hlartln xl ut L x 'I lu mp n n Solis- Hau en That the work of the Drama Club has steadlly Improved thus year IS the oplnlon of Mr Kelth Read club advlser We have T had better houses he says and are better off ttnanctally there has been more enthustasm ln our club work and the production of our plays has steadlly Improved The Drama Club began the year wlth the followtng otflcers presrdent Bertrum Myhre vlce prestdent Louese jackson secretary Vlrgtnla Boen llbrarlan Eleanor Raudebaugh treasurer Lloyd Rott Durlng the sprung semester the ottlcerg were presldent Arnold Anderson vlce prestdent Lloyd Rott secretary Ellen Bergstrom llbraruan ludlth Benson treasurer Stanley Ford The group leaders for the tlrst semester were Arnold Ander son Eleanor Raudebaugh and Lula Rudd Succeedlng them ln the sprlng were Thelma Danlels Ellen Bergstrom and Eldon Anderson Raymond Retd was the stage manager throughout the year The Drama Club contlnued the practtce of gtvlng three one act plays monthly The plays were pudged and rated by three protessors ln order to provtde opportuntty for the many slngers ln the group the club presented a Chrlstmas cantata Good Wall to Men and ln the sprung an operetta Mlss Cherry Blossom Ele nor Raudebaugh and Arnold Anderson dlrected the cantata whlle Mr Kelth Retd supervased the operetta with Mrs Louuse S Taylor Mrs A H Dapper and Ellen Bergstrom asslsttng The tollowlng plays were p esentecl Be a Little Cuckoo More Than a lvltllton Ghost Hunters Sauce for the Gosltng Elmer The Touchdown Prose Preferred The Ambltlous Guest The Pampered Darllng The Ghost ot a Freshman The Orange Colored Necktte Now Don t Laugh and The Green Christmas x KQV l M f l Kun I Nl. .stump H. -- l-rm.-n, Ar nur. To rt-sdal. Kell Kon .' H '- . I. H , j sq . Xl.ds- IJ.'l-, Kl , llc --m. luljn. H. ku Cfss, H- 4 ss , l' -X A-s 4 ' ua Rt . jr s . . 'h . ll- rs ox . lf tl. .-Xml:-rsun Rudd IF. 1-lss Nl- l-- , Sn-lls. lXl Nl sm Kun : .-X -lnlnson, Ness, '. ', , .-Xrr s u t, X . ts, fXl .l, l XX' ll. s, Cl '. l- lin- s , Ols . M, .I l , H s . X' g , Hr . ' ls. elf. l.. , S . s . D :Xnd'son. Od' . C . s. T s .' fx'-t . I N . W h , rl jolmson, Haavtk. Lxpps. Huttlu-on, Xml:-r. .-Xrnc. linlstad, Xlan Lvuvt-n. Strnl-Q-rg. Norhx. Hake-nsud. Gorrschalk. l'- -t. lXlll-. ffkl tl. D s. St -. l 'l' s . H . '. , s . 1 . N. Q . . . Kun 5 S :A s . G 11 st t.l!, . u '.. al. KI l- , Ns-vw, R N1 N r. H' ll '. Tn 'L lr vu' . C' . . l'rvv. Clvllnlan Imrsun, Olson. l'll-mirnksmt. R4-nl. XX' lltl vgvr. G Ptl -wr Arfhlwoltl. S 'nrt-, l ' l sw ,' , g , mer p uu un 1 ur u x uu Nuu Xl Membershup un the Pep Club uncreased greatly over that 0 last year and consequently the actuvutues of us organuzatuon have unfluenced school lfe to a greater extent Marshmallow roasts poetry gatherung anc partues as well as meetungs ofa more seruous nature have made up the program of the members of tnus club Busu ness meetungs were held semu monthly often n the d g hall followed by socual hours Each fume four gurls acted as hostcsses e offucers of h club or e a scmf r we pre uc n Mar ar r vu presudent Mary Nash secretary treasurer Helen l.ulua fre chuef Eleanor l-lauke The offucers durung the sprung semester were presudent Louuse ackson vuce presudent Kathryn Anderson secretury treasurer Roberta Torruson fure chucf Paulune Kuhn The Pep Cuub fulls the need for socual lufe among gurls Iuvung un the dormutory and promotes cooperatuon and good feel ng among them Durung the past year ut has sponsored a slcatung party and together wuth Delta Rho Cuamma a Thanlcsg yung druve to help a needy famuly and a Chrustmas party Especually unterested un the Pep Club are members of the Dormutory Aux uluary made up of wuves of pastors and of faculty members They hive helped to make the dormutgry more Cheerful and home luke for the gurls who luvc it the school Among other tn ngs they have furnushed the fudge kutchcn and raduo room A bulletun board un the hall on the thurd floor was a new contrubutuon of the Pep Club thus year whuch enables uts members to communucate more easuly Here are posted bulletuns announcements and buts of poetry the members wush to share wuth one another Plants and flowers are often left on the staurc se balustraoe for all the members to enuoy By means of an unter club councul dormutory gurls and day gurls have cooperated more fully than ever before Sharung actuvutues and fruendly ruvalrues his en1bled these clubs to make valuable cortrubut ons to school lufe I IX ll l n. A ' Nl u -. v ' F' t U ' Nu. ,J i X x -, xx fx-J I 1 7744-- u l 1 P ' Pl P K ll'li K uu .' H. rt . H. ukf, Kulu cuuur ,Ir-luuwuu Kr.-uufiu-u, Inks.-uu K 'Xml' su-.uc 'lx-uuusu-uu. 1, 1,1 Muu 3 llruulru-nu, H.utu,.' IH Auueiurfwuu llueuw. Qutuz.-, ltwturruuup. Ruusu Wuuluu.-t. txt.-11. ' Ihukt-uusu.u.i Kuu. r Ne-ss ex I.-Quuuwuu flu-qu1u'l1x.S -I.-Quuuv.-uu lsuuwuu, Iiuuuruul Htu.i.luuu,' luuuu, ls rr, S.-its .'.-I T f' f s , th A ' ' , 7 . , -L . 1 6 9 ll - , u - :nun 1 , , Th t e f th f.Il H ,-ste 'fre tus le t, u gr et C aft, ce- . L ' - . 1 . u - . . , l 1 ' Y . Q 1 K ' , . ' l , I T . I . L n . C X' l I W . . C - u . C L T . u . PHY 'ur -- The oftcrai organrzatron th rc IUC O rn ns crormttory t O L 1 rx Unr cc pIQtLr1 on of Its mOst cccsstm wars n J r 'YH' I ' ww Inn u I IH tha sc 11 v n t I rngrn qw YIM partrcnpantg tor ye crm TI'TTf4LAj.,II thus orggnrzatcnn thc rnpn ut thy riorrnrtcfm Coopsmte wrth the Dean 0 Ln n msrnt Irs no ind In solwng Othcr problqrng of dormrtory L rs U11 1 vw S Q whuv thy nw n ot I cirurrnxtory tglt It mcnsswry to h vc vu as f . rn 1 rr xx r wntuct wrth TI 'Nlotabm among thp zchrewments ot the Dorm Unror Lro tht organtz rg of a ttrg Q rtmcnt C If rf 1 sat of ruILS und rcgulztro 'Ur thg nun and the, QstabII5hment 10' rrh sr frrmr J S were trret urmcr rugu ar cou Urofuluri Two rt Q sfc 2 Iwturrs sprang tht Untcmn vure thy slmtang Dirty it Kun wr n rm 1 tr vnhc wtra nwtg the mgmpcm c Pep C uh Tha In mulch rncpt nqs are heIr1on x Tuesdax min na wt vwhrch trmc the tvusrness of the organt utron rs brought up und rirscumnd They, rncptrngk ntfrr Oppnrtunrtte-5 for the dmc-lop nt rt carzrs z s mut n O frnuur r tm tg thc electrofw O tiers Th axncutrux tr r thz first sgrnutcr were Eldon AIWLIVVSOIW grpgndcnt Roland Swan n n KOH wnnfr CCF! arx rn vu C Osgph N :tc L scrgeint at zrm Fmncrs Arch' rl an, Erneg I-Iauggn frrc ch gt and issrstart Ott Cen tor the seccand Snmegter warg Clrtfori Ivhstf prnsrdcnt Rfut Prgw wie president Arthur I-Iaawk Secretary treag Urcr H roar' Nr suw rzmnt at mg Lstnr J c an rfror I-iw on hm ch Lf an 1Ss:St1nt Mr huw rg NLI55rJn D EW t IU mu h crurt rs mae for hrs splendr 1 Cooperdtt n vw th tht mg t Q torm tgrx, rn rha wg I 3 thg UJIILQL Lnioxa .1 bk JNIIIOIZN LNIU 1 I r 1nII I ,nr on I Rohan 1 1 I fo! -5 ,I , , K . . rgt e 'S . nts f the- 1 1 X C J '- I1 , Dfrnrtr, - on, has su ' . I prr - rw Ig Iwttmr IL-IIf:w',h gr nmormg, thc rIc1rr'n sfudunts. IH +' ll g gc'mmI n ty I hOOI att. rs .znrt IH slxurigormg pnrtms whrch WIII It Q I hf I chu, ,f I I I arg to 5 . I x , N . , N , K , 1 , f IVI' I I aanrngc Clplr , f I ' l,f- Th :nr 'J CJVQCIWIZCKI IU 'Z . ' - er thg f - 1 L f 3 1 wwf 3 my -ft sr-It RC L- Ing Imh whrch ruifhrrng tht-ett.1L-mg ntqg qrggr Q I thy mir rrvrstmtrmr ruI thu sfhmrrl - r l A 14 'WI g ' ark LI- pa r . the t1rmUIatc'n I I 1 . . ns. 1 , I 1 ' Ot . , Cwurt In whtch tho - Igreakrng the 'lg tvry r,1Ic ' - 'I ' It rf s' A -A in th f r utxtqmtrng r It I 'I ' wud In ' ' I . ht-r.1 I Q I Rmllcr I' wk, A :I thg Do R.lIy, K I h - - I -II A I It thi ' I me I mrrrnrrlg I! I- my Th- tar --I g fwfr- Q., H I rg tom' .1 - I of ff , ,, I , . r, , I I 7. V I I ' Q L , so , vru-prvawic t, Hn II OC 2, 5 't -t -I, r -r, I - 1 h -II, H I -L -I gg k MCM K ,4 f -. . ,I , 4 w 'N ' , , I . vm- -K 4 I YI I A , , I , I I ,. , . A '. I 2. sc, H -. -ar , Chl X 'fvIr- I CI CI ' rf I g , I 1- If ci Tm T ' .Q 1 ' , L-.r O 'X -w C 'I I L O r ' -P 41 th ' gklrx 'Iv T I 1 I ' DIC 1 X 4,-' tl ,ff Q r I II. ' ' X H ,'N' 14 ,' l I'I.L..g.vr. Suhr 5'.r.uw-nun -Kumi-:-I--I. Ihwxak I-nd N11-vu, I pr-. Stixwfrm-wr. Sr 4.1 in ut Q I':.,gI1, II. ' :ry .-XrtIvIwwI,i I'v-he: Kmrffxz, N'--my I II,u.g--rv, Num. II. GrIIrImIun K v 4 :Inu II'-rxdrr-In-wrt, 'A NIAIIN, IImx11g7-ww C11.I1I1rz III:.1-mr II.v1.I,,I.:NK. Ilml-uri. H.IIi.m-- hh xt 7 'Mm-. Rv J, w.f.iLn,g I'I.1:v-rv, Crrrxux-tu-dr, LYC mm--' I.I-vu .k Umm. f r ' - A .'. i A S ? - A 1 ' Q I f I .x .I I Q - - :--rf my WX xx Ou a urr u un n n 4 Xllnuu mvur R r r' y, n n uu nu g 1 X 1 lr on r1u r uu vu um R nu 1 1 Dwnuul Hung u nuklu t nu 4 nu uuuun nr a,,u all u uuxu url ramp on li ry, In u D1 an u u 1 uu IX url Vfuth unterest un Q and enthusuasm uncarryung them J fa C forward Delta lho C a m m a gurls have made theur organu atuon one of the mayor clubs un school thus year Composed of all day gurls thus group unutuates and completes protects wuth a vugOr and abuluty whuch uustufues IYS place among the school s most umportant organuzatuons Because of uts varuous actuvufues many gurls are called upon to serve on commuttees thus provung theur abuluty to cooperate club actuvu u S ! Delta Rho Gamma started the year wuth followung offucers presudent Gertrude Stenberg vuce presudent Ellen Bergstrom recordung secretary Rachel Flunf correspondung secretary uduth Benson treasurer lone Madsen The offucers for the sprung semester were presudent Bergluot Vogan vuce presudent Amy Culbert recordung secretary Maruan Peterson correspond ung secretary Louuse Wulluams treasurer Louuse Hendruckson Mrs Esther Davus was advuser Plans for a Red Cross Room whuch were started last fall are now beung consudered by Mr Ludvug Larson busuness manager of the College lt us hoped that such a room wull be a realuty by next fall Together wuth the Pep club the Delta Rho Cammws sponsored a Thanksguvung druve and a Chrustmas party The club also made up a Chrustmas basket The observance of May Day whuch was unutuated last year was successfully repeated thus sprung under the auspuces of the day gurls The house party was another successful feature held at Horsehead Bay Lodge To encourage a hugh standard of fruendshup school spurut and cooperatuon among all students us the purpose of thus club If lx um 1, 4 , , uvuuux mum 4,-suxut. gl' K- H I H Won. Gm-s. ul Yfullu mx lruzuu. blunt, Tm 1-sill. Kullvrs Kuppl.l-uu, llulsorts fXl.1.lwn, -l llv so . IDM-A . . sus. .-Kr u . oem. l-'l-'.,frutl1suuu, Xltvnn. Suu u'lu.u!. llucluu tl fx'-'u f Pruuuls. 5' rn. ll. s, Cl'u l.nd, Yhlt' N Ols . Nl vlulmson, Nlx .l. lit' gl '1m. fax lhlul. Nluuustm, A vt tl Xldlule. l'v.1rsun. l'ruus. u 'K Kun 9 Tungvlsrad. Rudd, Saxngux :X lnlunmzu, l'ruu-uu, Kuhluuuuu, llmru-tt. liuuuuwrr. Nlullrr. lmursnn. ltuuutlux Huw. lkvnuwx. . 'v, Nluff ll u , S. vrmuu, Gulluu-rr. Rn J-lu. glu, llr vu fr' uu J ,-Xsg- l.uu vw, XY. s. I, XYvll.1s, C' t' Tlu s , t- us ut. .ll-, lx lle-uson. Nwlwrui, lullwr, l'vtlu'rsnuu. Nxuzu-l, Nurln, Stu' lwrul, l' ' 't e V 7 , L f ,f ' 1 . L Xl Orgwnnzutlon ns the key note t success con 7 5 certcd actlon as most Lf powerful and co opera ! tlon IS foregone attarn r-went These adages are Constantly proxed IH ll all-cs f C mpus llfe a d In partlcular by the Day Boys u The Days Boys Club rs 1 comoaratryely new organvzwtlon composed ot boys who ltye futsrde the school dormltory Because thls group constrtutes the rnnorutx of male students at IC 1l lC.f1Y'l College t uence rs felt 1 lcllvlt es Its Durposf, as not only to he DVOVYWOTC the lflertdly relatuons between students whuch Characterlzes all orqanrzatrons at Paclfrc Lutheran Collegn but also to synchronlze and dtrect the 2CTlxlfl9S of lts members lnq the llrst month of school the Da Oys Orgirtlzcd mtg an Hctwe C u At C frrst megttng Arnold Anderson wus elected preslclent and Lloyd Roll secretary treasurer One of the outstundung events of the year was a party sponsored lotntly wlth the Delta Rho Gamma ln the newly torrned lntrumu al ball lmgue the Day Boys were represented by two te ms one of whleh the Hmsceds cwptw ned bt. Pxul Larson won the champronshlp of the llrst hall of the SL wson Rolxrt lvlzrtln was lender of tloe Dm tearn known as the C Ty Sltckers Thus wctwyuty tlom has dong much to weld tho oreanlzmltn lntc .1 cornpict wnd smoothly runn ng unlt Thts Club rs potentrally strong and wrth the conttnuwtlon ot tnterest Lvtdenceo thus past fear Should xeeornpllsh much to uphold tts trudutrons of Paert C Lutheran College x t lr tt mt 4' tn an lm S urn t opp Ol 1 1 Il A pt lmmp on Il rlt nn r r - t O ' , , L I Y - ll All ll , ' a wr o a . n , l ' Cl b. ' 1 V Q 4 4 A 1 . f ' g K , K , peclf Ltt fr -, lSlY1fl H In .ll 1 l . ' lp L 1 s sv K l 4 f D Du! I , - 'y B L ' 1 1 l ln Th s L . my s s . L I f , V L , r , , s s - 1 f . . r . H. , L I f I e . . 4 W , r M ' r s . E xl E L K 1 I I l 4 , ' l , . - , I f A 2 , . . . , r I D K , V l, I t ' ' X Q . ll-XX V035 Ill'li I , ra 1' Stlzfmlmstlz, X .tn l..-lun-n, Stars. X'or:4u. Drnrllvstllfls, Nlnnmlsns, .' Stmrlt. XY pllUl'pl1'Y. lxlflflln. lrtr fx' rt ' -Xr'nsr:m:,g llr--tkual llurgv nv, Sulsrx. lnrsrll. Su' tv, R W 1. H 1 vr. Hr sr au. Pl N .QI . G l':2u--,wr .F-' tt F P l.vs.m 1,-wlrt-:tt rl-wntlt, 'I .1 rl H C .suns H tztlus.-rt, ID. lvl. lil tr. . s rr T s . lNl,io'r1t..L,X.1'v'-r rf -1 iff HlR 'X 5 L YR llll Rll0RXl-Xl X 11 ur 1 1 111111111 1 1 11,5 1 , ut 1 .1111 linrg rn 11 1 L r 1.ar1 11 L gn 1 nr 1 11 ra -X nt Haprlp 'N Q A114 1 111 ln 1 JJ? The Lutheran Daughters of the Retormatlon vs one of the many organuzatuons at Pacutlc Lutheran College whlch brnng the student unto actual contact wlth the work of the Lutheran Church Thus organlzatuon lS 1 branch of the Womens Mlssvonary Fcderatlon As such t has a four told purpose to help the women studr nts lewrrf to knew Chrust as thclr personal Savuor to be 1 means through whlch thelr rc lrglous lltr may flnrl cxpressuon to acoualnt them wuth and tram them for Cnrlstlan servuce IU thc church and to unlte the socletles of the younger women lnto cooperatlve efforts In the church Monthly meetlngs were held throughout the school year at the homes ot the faculty wlth the taculty waves as hostesses Many protects were successfully carrled out durrng the school year by thls group At the begmnlng of the fall term a receptlon for new members was held an the college receptnon room Durlng the Chrlstmas season boxes of glfts were sent to the Pirkland Chlldren s Home In Everett Washlngton and to the Lutheran Deaconess Hospltal an Chucago A a natlonxl project the Lutheran Daughters of the Retormwtlon are helpnng malntaln the mlsslon at Shushmaref Alaska A Mothers and Daughters tea IS gnen annually At thus delughtful event held ln the college dlnlng hall the mothers of the members are teted Ruth Haugland and Rhoda l-lokenstad were the delegates to the con entlon of the South Puget Sound sectuon of the Women s Mnsslonary Federatlon held an Tacoma At the conventron of thus same group held at Mountarn Vuew Rhoda l-lokenstad and Valborg Norby represented the group and presented a pwper entltled The Arm nd Oblect of the Lutheran Daughters of the Reforrnatlon on our College Campus Rhoda l-lokenstad and Valborg Norlby were delegates also to the conventuon of the North Puget Sound Womeng Mlsslonwry Federatlon held wt Everett Washlngton Offrcers of the Lutheran Daughters of the Reformatlon were Rhoda Hokenstad president Margaret Craft vnce presldent Frederlka Schlanbusch secretary and Bernlce Hauge treasurer IVIX I J X ff r l, if V L 19' 'QF llvl sf l -X 'GHTf . Ol H ' 5 . ' lON Run I H Olson. S1fa11sv11. K -Xml:-1w11. lmvs. S l 1111. S1l1l.111l111s.l1 ll,y, f1.1lt, ll11kv11-t.11i. Qual--I l ll.u,31- N1 su. D fXx11l'rsn11. l'urr1s1111, l5.l1l Kun f Run-111 ll'.ltltllx1y. ll rn. Vl.11ksu11. N.slX l'urr1'stlt1l. 'll1u111ps1111. Brunner. lrlls. lludrrro. lVl1vnwr1. l..1rsu11 luntlw' 5.11.1132 fNul.111 lx' 11 1 Nagvl. lim-, ll,1111.1r1l, 5 -lul111s1111. l.1x1gx11-ss R s. Hvlr1 p. ' 'st vm. N-1lf'r'. Nulw, S '. Sh- lv-rg, X11-.1-1, ,l'v11 lsl..l. R.: smtl, Udrll Nu -I lrou-11. A. ,11l1.L,., p -U, , tp, 1- 1 , ,1 vl1lms1m, H lt-, c,..ttN.l11k, lu- 1.-1, st .-I., mt... 1'.-r,.w,,, l'1.1rs111v, lvlm. ll.-,',4.-:- . . . A ' ' 1 - 3 1 I . f l . , . S Q 1 1 r . a , C K nr tr, - One ot the many unteresttng socretres at Pactttc Lutheran College whteh afford the stu dents an opportunrty to take an actlye part an the work of our church ts the Mtsston So etety Thus group whlch meets bl weekly rn the college rerreatron room has tor tts purpose the study of that tmportant part of our Church work mlsslons and musstonartes lnterestung papers on thus subject are prepared by members of thlg soctety and presented at the regular meetrngs Students of thus organrzatlon lead rn the regultr deyotlon at each meettng and xartous rnembc rs often render musteal selectlons for the program 155 C11 'CClcl ettngs ot th Mlsston oelr y re not howexer devoe en lrey o the study o mlsstons but are partlx deteted to the dtscuss on of the mary yrtal problems that confront the Chrrsttan student Ret P Ptlu ger and other members of the college faculty lead tn these drscussrons and gulde the members rn answcrlng the many questrons that may arlse As an aetwe part ln the mrsslon work of our church the Nllsslon Soclety supports a box a a boys Chrrstlan boardlng school rn Madagascar It also takes an tnterest tn the horne mtsston tteld of the Church Durung Thanksglvtng and Chrtstmas baskets Ot food were dns trubuted among the needy ot the Cornmuntty The sponsortng ot the motement known as the Poek t Testament League as another mayor protect of the Mtsslon Socrety The group has also been tnstrumental tn organrzrng a local Pocket Testament League whlch encourages each member to carry a Copy of the New Testament Vwlfh h m and read from lt dallx The Mtsslon Socletx has been under the eadershtp ot the tollowrng ottteers Eldon Ar-tder son Ntarfraret Craft asper ohnsan Eleanor l-lauke Dorothy Anderson Paul l-lxuddlng and Hazel Hagerup SMUN N04 1 ret t tug new ua nl am u H 0 YI IXX l U H1 lp,p,lIH ll 'I l OH r tr t t S an eau ts -X tt M56 s AJ VVLL'5'vof XJ MX O O O l ' ' 1 T C L ' ' Me e S ,rt .a - . l tad X t I t r f . I 9 . 1. . ' ' , 1 A X ' rl . O 1 , H L . , , I , , 5 Q , L s . , .. ,. H . , le l , -. . . , , . . . fXll,'.' J j ll IH Amt. .' H,tll-- lltgt-ramp. ff-rt, l':I1.---:. I xml.-fs.t.t. wl QI.-une.-tt. D axthir-,-tm. lwan-, OJ-til. T.t-.ww Itttflttm Ly... r t ,l..rt.,e.t.t la.,t,.,,, H. ll t Q .lt-4 H 1.. p, ll st. A -xrt.l.tfs.-.e Xt't:m..., I-It.-. cl lm...-,1.-t Am. I fx 'lull s rt. lm .-tt H. tarll. K li-.l.i.l:t,4. Kl . H vtr- , ll--k-wud. Nl Al...k. Amt. 4 li.-.t.lfttks.w l', Itsltt- . xx' Ptl .rw Ht .g-tt, St.. Olk.-rt. Grrlala rm. N.-et-Q. . f .- fi f, l J I , . - :Mtn wm- I R wud A 4 Q 1 r gl 'X N L1 rm nl w v Q w LVL it V Nxx AA Lv xt u 1 r L L L 'V' X 1 Tr XA 1 B rgor NL 14 x 4 N llllllll v ww Tl JC H NN It N N'-v xk Drcswdarwt O wg wr f sw WH 1 J YVCAN4 N W ni. L w Q ,si 6' ,J 6 . v' K -H f K ,' A -r-Fifa , Wi, Hm. xw,X- k .'.'--- I 'vw NH1- TQ :KK , , 5 Q , .L ,- X , . , Q' T: JH -,.QQ swYH MLA' rm., Fri 'LASR .HMI .sl T In . Qulx' ,flgl-,f ' y vu, gtk V fx' A Q,,,A,v 0 vw mf C meg? f .xt Ffa' 'Q LUN Q mn !'XJ.!.f: wx gm., L 1 ' 'Pr XV J 'r H- f-L,gvwv'kTLwK-T.1' L Hu Q WX 1' D-f mr Mmxa 7. ', grmM,.1tL, ' Var 'f L T uw L lhgf .lu , .Ex ' PAK ff LL.NNr.1rw fx: .uiamn JYYmnfL1f tim- Rl nm ' 1- qw Q1 H A f'fVYQAHJ7L'L1Lll'Hl TMf'XLmi,1f T www!! nm H12 Nun 1' ff thx wmv' l'.HH1un'Y Lwwmg tm w.xNM wt H N .iw ng Pm Lx .wrt M C ivmgvw nw. fb 'NW 'Um M Ku tu f LW 'N vw U wu.f xx Tr tl . im U4 HM' CUHQQQ OW. H. gs,-' ' ,L png iwwt LT Hu Aw 'wwf ,Xww Arwrw, maui x1 Tru 'umm C' '37 y-.ffi-X .sv 'inmx' 1 1-:Lux mf? fmvt- K :My L A N Haw 'L'kgm:'x1- ' F, ',,r',-. 11,1 guqffq, A :mm ,ye Nm Uv igqmr vL:w,q.1 uv' m '4 Lf A fwffvvimf' ..fww'k'.L- '. .ww mp Nu 'I Vugi Vw im v'L,z--TA' '1 .,.1.' '.w- 'mx .KL T H-, Lx' fr Q 'M ' 1' L-.'4 'Y f' '4 U' ',L:'f' ' I 'M ' W fx ' rw C wg- CFGCC , riff 'R UNL H'Tr ' IH, fL f Y QV ' ' UF! XAN' ' LQ if , .1.4Q'w'L'kT' ' ' , A YUM WL 'f,'LVw, f 'H 'J Y N' ff .L 1 1 cn X rg-, Fr. am '., S 1, T' ' ' X 1 H MN-X M LW' A NYU Ax .4fw'1V 1 .13 T .: mw5' '- V111 ?z'q'ILrKL rwfu, ,fffff 1 PM ,1w1vnfw, IJZLY1 Th XL .Www n. ,Q an ' ' PM 5 vw' rg! ,LM .HL XxN.1T4v Fw im C Y' W 3' . f41'1fWL,V1 g.l'Y'fL'V,VVW YJ 1:,,Hn-zu.-L, Si,w1 K-YYVMV' jffirwr 53 LVM V' W i'fT Fav? -121 'r- TM 'ff-.,V'.'r1 H1 Lv' YVLH-n Mx. fn 1 'MPM' x h Fm1?'WFJf1r1t ,', wi 1' U Mfr W 1. .ymfl P PVM.r'Ljvr, Mlfndfx reyu-,nrvI,1Yw.1 U ' Awwf'w.HIxc1r11I7WL fwmnll HH Ur ard fr, Vxfff .xv f wwtwk -,ff rr TUX nw thy Qflhwgn t.u'f OU 'ara ff r 15-1 5 ,nm - N V Xa! L1,WC'I,S'w. 'SL ,Lrg pm smut, QL,:1w, Kr flux, fy Bw rgmrx, Hs Mm TMJ ug 52. , 'L ' NV'WE,f'rT '4 mar fy C7-4ffA!gfzC, My 'nm '11 N, C CLIAHX! L IOHN FADNESS Fun' returned for h s fourth wear of cornpctltlon 1ncl 5 1 ro mtng center on defense coulrln t be lDC1TE! 7 MARVIN HANSEN 1m plmcc r 1 rc c t to 1ncl n11ny tlrncs pulled C Cl1cs out O 1 tough xxlth hrs cxccllcnt punttng SHELDON MOE As 1 qu1rterh1ck there w1s nonc better n the conference th1n Dutch Opposung te1m w1s most unc1nny HAQOLD VOTAXV Succf vnerch1nt 1ncl ln1ll c1rr r rl lux w H1l Althotgh tnpurerl the st ln c1mc t mu wt 1 1 swow 1 L sc1 O lS prom 0 H1 MN1S capt1tn of thc eh1rnoton Cl1du.1tor sc1u1:l NE IACK O ne olaveft hrs posttton 11 end lke a xeter1n tg eng 1m :tty snaggtng passes were 1 gre1t asset to thc te1m Gene wall lac returntng next ye1r 1nd grCaT thtngs are expected of htm SELL FRYE Thus vms Mutts second NCWT o colleen rump tttlon 1n4l shower mm remarlmble 1t t1cklc Lmsttuon utt x th t HAROLD O CONNER Bucky was one of the f1stest backfteld rncn on Coach Olson s eleven As co captaln elect for next tall he should 1ccornpltsh great thtngs R BERT MARTlN on 1 ed 1 J1r1 ur: mr Llift post non He had a knac getttng through the opposmg Itne 1nclgr1l:lJung the lnll c1rrtcr before he got st1rtecl I Ill I ' X-i fL' ' 341.2- '. x'xEE, 'l'l4'Q1:f' . .TN b-gm. , 1 'fa-A , -.414 gf , p 1.11.51 L W Olson NM H . '11 hrs vc v lest nt gun l past vw.. 1 ' th tc xhole' A -W 4 . 1 , , f 1 ' t 1 X - 1 ll Hts ablltty at calltng the rtght plavs at Thr r'ght ttrY1Canfl.1tltndtng the weakness tn the , Ml ,K . . , lf- C c' as L l' L hr part of the sensr , he ,1 1 h gh tl 4 T '-rg th- lo I l f. tl CE --fe . l . , H h ht . 1 .1l1I for RUS n ' l w ', C' 1 ll . - 4 . - ' Nl wtll return ne tfaIl.1sC.1ptatn of Q Inc, O -- B l ' pl.y' . l. gg- ga fat Q l Y lfof J mmm I f ED SVINTH The :ron man of the lane was none other than Ed Though quute a lrght man and outwelghed ID almost every game the opposltlon had a hard tame pushlng Ed around He wall be back next fall wlth two years experlence HAROLD 'XJILSEN In thus has flrst year of college competltlon Blssel proved hlmgelf most capable He had flght and gm and very few opposlng backs ever got around the left flank whlch he was defendlng CHESTER SOLIE Although qutte llght Chet occupies the halfback berth well Chet also hws two more Years of competltlon left PAUL HVlDDlNl Paul was 1 xery plucky guard Llght but gritty he was a tough man to push out of the way LAURENCE GRENIER Crenler was a new man at the game but Dlayed excellent ball at the guard posltlon OLIVER LUDLOXV Short Lut wlth plenty of welght and power Pug was always there when there was any ground galnlng to be done He wall be back agaln next year to hold down the fullback berth FRANCIS ARCHBOLD Archle was out the fnrst part of the season wlth a bad Shoulder lnlury but ended up strong Archre was shnfted from quarterback to end and played the posltlon very well He IS returnung next year lllf l 7 ! 7 Cap Ha old youu I 2 l Q .. .. nr xv -ru' Q T - 'ha-6 I aterIaI strong mserms well exam L s year enabled the PIQIIIC Lutherwn College gntlstus to corn plete the most successful season In the hIstory ot the InstItu X tIon After gethng ott w the hlghs pm ec IadIators smashed through the sewson vwth IIIL I sswe wctorues mer mrml s e es the NI: rthwfs anI ou two defeats I L he nel I tlcs L I I I s s throughout the whole gwnm the Clad It rs Nl II t r I I nu Int wllovvu t e hoxs from MCWIIIIII L ,D our 'M Itheruns DT I r ca I ond quarter the powerful ,lamat r In I W1 rough Intl swmfvg Ig 1 In for 1 touchback Ind two counters Ing the Worst Ira It gg I on JIV son s If rr svvIrn Jef my I anapIons ot Uncle Sam s II ct The qohs fl mu m I res nley Ford reserve Ind as she sect for thp nIInI er I Iuroknn tIn 1 Gene lack frst stung end was out for 1 fam Ielfs wI+h a nc IV sur The tollowmg week CI the C-lmuators Im lu It th WIUYTIIWQ rcIlIIrnn to stzv Unbequn r the rernmnder ot the season The h ghh tc I B I n h N I rn I II W ss downed In the score ot 5 it the Innuzl Horneconmnv I 2, rn W I Is hrI n o LI WI nessed at I.IncoIn howl A halt e I s I Inv Im rth but 1 ang c 1 JI fk VY I Lutherans rl I4 sql- I 'W N. x F- ' P3 I A fo lj- ' ,- N ' ' 4 4 I 1 ' sa .- T.. L .ggi I I 'x Q Iv l , I. I UU I I3 XI I lx In I' NI-s. gg I md SI 'IH' III s-'-- l Ip' X -II III I I :I'- s XII ' -- I III- XII---I II' I ' XIIIII-Islm I'tIIII-,gm III.-um-' -X'II-I-all Il.---IIH X Ir' Ilaxw- XI'IIII If II lull' I..I1II-- IIII.'l II' II I fl-I. lWIsuII II:--II-Ir IIIIIIIIIIII- N.l.I-IZ-IM 'IIIII-III NIIIIH--II Il' 'II.1's NIIJII NIIIII NI-:I'II M , I I ' , .as as Im -Il Int cfmch. thl L K I I I I H I s I I I 1 1 to a slo start. I ' - I 's I Q L Lf l C I , , I I I I ers Inn- pre I 'I coll gg ot 1 I I t I I I t ' I , Un 'I -I 7 'II :I that hr I scIII.II1. rwnwtzf se-1, nm III, wt fx A IIIIpoIIs grI'I tIIr The Season s IIIIIIIIII was lx th tht -III' Ig L 'wtf 7 III II Il f'XIttII ugh IIIII ng thu LIIIQC I I 1 f- I II :I I 'II IIILII fxxa :I thL QIIIs I rlt tht' ga Q I I I 'I h f , I IIIH te 'ushI I1 sf',rI T: LI f I ' IV I seo e Irne early IT thv sec . - F I. or Inu ruI.R. I, th ' I I :II I LInfIQIII Ink Tak I H 'I In ot thx- su. s I CII h OI ' I I yn wa' ' I I I I th- Ch . I ' 0' e ', N WL ' fh h II wer than our scIIIIIII.1rIcII1s I ult. Sta . H 1 ' , WI I ' I VU' f It LII the scasfm WIIII I ' I.,ur. and I . I K II I I' 'we II I II I I Ikle aIn ' -eo , I ' I I ' IY II 1' Q I I ' to I f II ra II 44 II Q Arn r r II I-len' I f-I I I I I 4, Tha 'D Q III, th- mc t I III g no 1 ur T I , t I tIrn the sfrrm trwrfrl 5-2 In Iawr ot thc I s n'I thc No I I If II -III-p,,nI1I tm OIC: Iner, stellar halt-Im, . put IIIII gn fe on IQQ Im th- La.. 5 I1 The vtctorlous march was contunued wtth a 6 O wm over the Army at Ft Lewts The boys got off to a very slow start but a long pass from Moe to O Conner tn the thnrd Canto gave the Cladtators sux pomts and vtctory The soldlers were entlrely outclassed but managed by some mystacal power to hold Coach Olson s boys to one touchdown Once again the powerful Lutheran grldsters took to the road and thts tlme returned wtth a vtctory over Albany College members of the Northwest Conference Some very ntce broken fueld runnmg was done tn the part of Moe OConner and Votaw The Albanltes were slmply swept oft thevr feet by the trick plays and passlng offense and defense of the Lutherans The boys had found thetr stnde and were not to be stopped BCGT The fnnal two games were walk aways St Martnn s College crumbled under the attack of the Lutherans 25 6 The victory was a revenge over what took place last year when Hal Votaw versatule halfback was carrued off the fueld wtth a broken ankle ln the fnnal game of the season the Clladlators utterly swamped the boys from the University of Brutush Columbua However as thas was the Canadlans furst year of the great Amerucan sport they dnd very well ln spute of thelr unexpertence Sept ct Oct ct ct NOV NOV Paclflc Pacific Paclflc Paclftc Pactflc Pac-ftc Pacuflc l 934 SCORES Lutheran College Llnfleld Lutheran College U S S Maryl d Lutheran College Belltngham Lutheran College Fort Lewls Lutheran College Albany Lutheran College St Martin s Lutheran College Unuv Brltush Columbna C 'f umu-r going nrou tl ll S. S lKl.lrxlam.'l's l-ntl! ,H Lmrnln Html . 30 2 O . 6 O . , . in . l 3 5 , O . 20 6 , . , O . 27 26 ,,,, , IO 25 . ' , . l7 Sl . l l 5 Pv- fvx L LC ig-Q dis Af' Q LBJ Yi X Y X T' X W 5 'T X ,f ce Y 7 ru x ,I 'I , V ' V X' ,A,ko x x 2 5 xg ' 4 I ,fix 4 I-C 41-C A J-4-af, ,Y LC I FJ'-. V I X-V, sw- i,f- -v' , .-.' H ' .Q 2.1 V f I 5' mr A. .1 v, ' :M . I 17 0 1 . 1' .ef 4.J' 1'Lm1f-1-'Y 1 -r 'L ' ' ,,, , 1,1 , I, ' ,,, ., ,N X, TM Yu ,r rw-.1 Y V M, . 4' .1 v . X w ' my ' V 'f' I' V 1 .I . Q r v' .' 1 ' .:' 1, I . ff fx -Q. R QI ','Oi , V: ' , - 1.1 ' xv ' ' A mf rf H v - rw- WJ' Dun' A. V .4..4. T X' wr g '- ' rx RN-7, E3-ff. 'Q Tr X Sn , - ' , ng: ,: 1. 1, ' ' , .x , ' J --4 or ' I . 1,1 1 v -- L-4 k. , - x ' ' I 1 , 5 . x ' , . 5 , 4A L4 . ' . .,. ., I . I . . 'A V' ,J I j . H I' fi Q?'EV'ik if y f f m X- 11-, 'w ' W X f s ' :.t mr' .fm '1 Q. .' - .' ' .Hx y Y me L f ' Q .xx ' ' Mi A Qtr up .1 XL 'r ' ' x. 4 um ' CN VTLVH NL I I S Lss mor ol L tons L St L tn 1 Jn 1 L f 1'ssLs n COVMLVLVWCL ol Co1ch Otsons hoLpstLvs fi 5 XL R F C U N ns n to SLS s xL1r s ec rtton o thL Lot cr 1 DVONLK1 to be 1 htgh scortng ootftt ronntng through thLtr contLrLncL schLLtLtIL unLtLfL1tLL1 md o tm, up 211 Jotnts 1n 1seragL o 31 oonts pu g1mL Thts was shown LNLVW mum cL1r L Ln thL LothLr1ns r1n op 11 3 Jornts or on s L r 1tn1 UL .lm L W 1+ L NQrthwLst to ,-if pOtnts 1 re L L thetr Lontuenc C 1mptonshtp tt L1 Lran o L L 1gatn ret1tns ssLssLon ot thL coxLtLc' cop gtmn V1st XL 1r by thL Y1ktm1 Ch1mhLr t Comm CQ tc w nf1Lr jorttr r rt LVCFNCL si OC rw ust xx n 1 ttm or tLr to g1tn oLrm1nent possLsston ot tt Some of thL men who were outstandung for P L C and who f7T3lil t possuble for suih W e mottonam fnL season 1rL tt st of all Com ack 1LtL1rah cLntLr who sLt thL scortng p1cL for thL conterenu Cena scored 193 potnts n the L,1rnes n whtch he oltwo an 1xLragL ot tnts a game Thts ts a ew record tor the font renee 1nL 1 m1 or res ot L sch rts to shoot 1t tntoTL1rL SCBSOVIS Anothu htgh scortng CvI1C1l1TOY thts YLHT was ShLIL1on MOL itmtnutwz torwtrft who ILct the onfgrencg I1st yLL1r utch 1s lL1Ltur1g hug L n m1tLs r Q pounts to thL ttme he dropped out of school tn 1nL11rs n 1dnLss threL year etterman HT ss,L.1rd ptmmfi put n wtnntng the Cup hL 1 1 sr opperi out f Choc L tr s Ml r J off thn h1ckbo1rL1 Among the 4rLshrrLn who pt1vLd outsttmttng tn!! 1711 who L1 1 1 grL1t 1L1I tn hdprng to Mn the cop for thetr Aum1 Vl1tLr ts Haroitt Ntlsen towLrtng fLntLr who bLsLctes qLtttng the ftp oft Lonststently from opoostng centers deo thL season vwth 1 pLrsr1n1I tot1l t 1 Dofnts to take sLcond pl1cL tn the unduvtdnnl ,cornng mu Two rthLr rook1Ls who m1LtL good are ChLster SGML 1nd f'XrnoNrtTOmn'1Crxtk Both boys 511111141 rLm1rk al x LM I seaso i t much towart wtnntng the Cup W 1-Lf f f jf' . X L X . 1 , , ' ' A Il V , ' I 4 V , . I . 4 'x I MXNBI IVXII I- L Nr- L-s.t-- NLHL MLK 'N L-L11 I L,t1--- Xmt- IL r s :'w'L A In-5 .9 :L ' 1LtxL' U.sL11: t '.L-1.'- U4 L '-1 ltuwk tv' -11 Xu' L1..' -X:tLf-rww ' 1,'L1' I':Lx,- fl.msLvx. Nm.-tx Li ri 14 11,3 to PL1 tL5 Lot . 1 Col 15,0 tts sL1cL n LLL C .L lor C Mg BL1skL-ttmll champ tmp, tm th 1 Lztg ot WL1sh Etc l wttt ought Yvtns L1r1 1 nt- , 7 e '1 L 1 1 1 Ln. L 1 1 L Lose! the: ,Cheri We 1 th the seL1son's rr-com of T' vw ,L1Lt'f s 1 Th: 1L' 1 t 1 h-an ,tt .1 QOL L L1 1ff 1 1 L .c1t1Lt wh' 1 1 L L 'fx L t .1 sL1L1s ' t1tL1l,L1xeL1L, L 33r1otntsg 1r 5. 1 1, t N hzlone thotr f1puonLv1ts, who Loctontezt sum Lt thL strongL1st sn1L111 rL1HL1gL- tL1L1nm Ln thL- As L sLVt at 1 e hL , Pacfq l. th1 C Mtgx L L DC-. 1 11, , 1. -L -L L L,-L' CY17fhQ L L - rt the 5 Cohege Co t1 1 A h 1 - ttL cor: thrL1L sLLccLssLLL1 es 111 L . K L , L K .X L 1 L L L L .h , l L I V s L L i L L L 5 K s Wfpo L n L L11 L tL Lrkt, the 'T Th1 on L 1 1 -1 1 1 L 1 D WL 1L t1.1 1 L 1 thLs1LeL1 wtth HAI' ,up - IL L 1 loh FL '1 , 1-1 I L A -L , L '1 L1 bug L 4 1f.1re ne Ll J fir in s WN t':enr0HL1t C P S FL I Wa 11 y L1dL1r't qt rL1trIevu1g the hall , L L1 L 1 L Y L Lv ' tt L k 'L 1 'L 1 A , L 1 , LH 1 ' L 1 . L xL o If 1 '1L 1 1 L 4 1 L L 151 W1 .1 W L n Lmr rim' 'CL 'Z ln looknng back on hrs team s total pounts as compared wlth those of has opponents Coach Olson expressed hlmself well satusfled wrth the performance of has players and thelr record Next year may see eyen greater tnungs from the Cladrator casaba wuzards suncc upon theur play 'lurlng l933 sea on of the untor College Conference wlll depend whether or not they gun p rmanent possession of the Yak ma Chamber of Commerce cup The Clads have won It twnce and must wan It a thurd tsme before they car- call It thelr own Paclftc Pacrftc Pactfrc PacxfnC Pacnfvc pECllIC Pacuflc PaClftC paClflC PHCIUC Pacrf c Paclflc Pacrftc Pacltlc Paclflc Pacrfrc Pactfrc Pacrfrc Pacrfuc Pactflc Pacrfuc Paclfuc 1934 3 HOOP SCORES Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHe e CoHege CoHege Conferen Crays Harbor l C Ballard Lutheran A U Brrtrsh Columbua Oregon Tech Oregon Tech St Martlng C ntralla C Ya :ma l C Ellenslaurg Norr-nal Mt Vernon Seattle College Ya Ima I C Seattle P clf c Ellensburg Normal Seattle Pactflc Clrays Harbor I C Belllngham Norm I Mt Vernon S Mattln s Seattle College Bellungham Normal U Of Brltnsh Colurnbn ce Cmmes l fllmtlut t-rs nl .1 :Ast putt l..' N .r1: mme. f c ' T 'T ' c , f L S s I Pacufrc Lutheran College 59 Centraltn l, C. S Z9 . , 49 .C ,l-l , 57 . 58 . 29 A ' ,-ll e 1, , V 46 lc . . IS , . L 29 1 Z-fl 46 k , . 33 a 1 ' K l9 L 33 22 , . 24 a 39 . 37 t. ' ' g 39 - 26 1 3l , 1 803 It For those who are unable to par tlcupate In any malor sport OppOl'lur1lTy IS given to QFITQY elther tennls or golf These two 5 mlnor sports have had a declded place IP the athletlc program ut Paclflc Lutheran College Eacn year tournaments ve conducted to tluumlne the school champlon and the varlous tmms to represent the College P L 1 tmp t tl 5 present Competlng wlth varnoug yunlo college-5 ln the State Not ull of tht scheduled matcheu have been played but to date the Cladlator squads hwve done very well consldertng the ttme they have to practlce and the weather The golf team made 1 very good start by trounc ng the hlghly rwted squad from the College of Puget Sound Although playlng an very bud weather the Cladlator5 were wble to conquer the Loggers ZO 4 They were not however qulte so fortunate rn the next two return matches vvlth the same opponents dropplng both by very cloee scores On the flrst road tr p the Clads won a declsrve vlctory over Aberdeen but dropped the remulntng three gwmw by slum margln There are stlll 1 few games remanrwng on the golf schedule und we are Confldent that the boys vvlll come through ln great style The tennls squad started out very slowly loslng three matche-5 an 1 row but flnally came out of the cellar to wan the last two Luke the golf team the tennls sou d has x number of matches left to play and we know now that they have hut thelr strlde they wall be 1 tough bunch to beat The members of the golf squad are Orwoll Dahl Alvln Lehmann P ul Prpus Lloyd Thompson Ray I-nllnderlne ohn Stuen Harry Mefformlck and Eugene Burgovne ThL tennls team comprlscs Bertrurn Myhre A 'Vlwnousos Sydney Clwsso Eugene Burgmne mtl Harold lohanson l I x . l . .VY l X . . ' l . 1 ,, 4 t t lx :. ', Nl :mluux Nlthft lt-Frm-on llt.r,:ut'w' Sanz' ' llmuvpx.-rx lhlzl. Nltl .nruvtx llvnLll-'l'-- l':-'ze , an 0 Z T 0 f . L l . l X x x 1 N . . L - H -. H 1 1 X P C hw C1 eed. an l at . r ' C . L H . 1' , Q L t 1 ' , x 5 l V L T Pl , 4 l K K T L , I , 1 , ' f Q I . , I , 1 X. A L X , L , . 1 , a L v 1 t l L . i . , ' 4 , A N , ' , c , l L . K X f' , . Q 1 x K 1 fl Yxft HIC H SC H001 Slsl llvXl xt nrt o 1 tv ll Hlltpn A fc-game! fvmlefgaff nw ecau the new rultng adopted hv the etclerq of the untor College Conter nce t ls tr whlch erwnts but three w ars l toctl lx wr Q .nt tl ua s an o legc 1 hlffh se ' squad was torrnetl and coached bw Prolqs or A N vrtltu' Thls cnwblccl the undergraduates onlx to get plenty ot play but slso exo rlence ln como tttlon 5 well dtd very well ln thls season s play meettng teams from other hlgh schools n th 5 NICIVWITV as we ts xarlous rnclepend nt teams ut of uteen amps olive t e buoy Clladl tors won s x and t wen whlch rs xerv sit stzctor, t r thelr l st vc Such teams as the Stadlum unc Lrncoln rcsuv s thc Kapow ln Hugh School wrrrl the Bremerton Methorltst formed the ODDOSltton COACH Olson shculd keep hls evc on some ef tnese to ngsters whg ln a few yearg may become the nucleus ot the College xarsltv Next year DVOmlses to be a b g wear for the Hugh Bchool boys is thanx of thus war s lettcrrner are eturnlng Pwcutlc Luther n College Bellarrnlnc l-l S Ptclflc Luthcrun College Ltncoln RLS mc-5 p1ClflC Lutheran College Washlngtcrw l-lardvw Pzcltlc Lutheran College Lacey Firm Dwlrv Pacific Lutheran College :tad um Reserves Pzclflc Lutheran College Kaoowsln p3ClflC Lutheran College Kapowsln Pzcltlc Lutheran College ov Paclhc Lutheran College Ov Pwclllc Lutheran College Parkland Trlnltw Church Pwcltlc Lutheran College Bremerton Methodtst p1CIlIC Lutheran College Bremerton lvlethodlst P1ClllC Lutherwn College Sownaww A C if V ,fy 3 pf LVN WW ,ff X l I 5 S rrl lv V 'vi ,, 1 v ' 1 13 l Q Q 'ff J' X X' I' .fl ,, ,, , I ' , ,lif1.. l lllllfvwrlt. Xl-f trsrnvtk Xa wr. l.nrs-rn. K' trlr lm, Start-, 'Ihtl wpsnn, Ptlut-gvr H tfstm, -Kew, , v- a Stltlnnlrustln Ra st.ul I 1 V ll' 1 1 1 X 7 Lf C B . se of , 4 In , ' I A e , h ye. , , 4 'Q ru 'on t e sua t lar ll Cl I C I fx -V K O - hoo, . , X s X P.. , . , 1 - not . g , K L 1 l Q a Lrke the-lr older brothers. the P L. C varsltv, the voungsters from the l-llgh School Dlvtston l' x l l 'lf L , 1 e . O th X g. N L cl, h ' . a , l ,L los se 1 . I . 1 . mf rr lf rar . ' - - e , . s , . 1 . ' l ' - L : -- ti , H IO . ' t fl -14 ' ' Q ll . Q Q 23 'r . are 22 K Q 26 1 . . V 25 20 ' : X H r 23 . I6 -lO . 3-l 26 t li R V -ll Q 3-l R 36 L H H 29 4 . f ' 25 . K t lit 45 K . t If 1 H 26 1 . t - 3x . Q . . I9 -11 u A L , K Qi Q- u ' - if M 33 6 , t -4 J I J N Q, C. -x if LX Y C ,wx . my IV LJ! v . W l 0, 3 71 - M V as F XIINS XNSLNIXIQN I lr I Ll L LTWKHOLIMIIOII The purpose of the Men s Athletrc ASSOCKGYIOU 11 Pacllrq Luthfrm Collegr 5 to rqrsg rm tandards of athletlcs to promote 2 spl lt of goorl fellowshnp 1 tf t foster more mtl batter zthletlc actlyltms Thls organlzatlon whnch had not been functnonnng clurlng the list veir or two wis thls vear retlyed and has made real progress We hope thwt thls Club may not only contlnue to functton but grow ID power and strength ln the years to come lt can clo wry much toward the fosternng of better sportsmanshlp and more stncere fellowshlp among the men at Paclfuq Lutheran College At present thus organlzatton numbers twenty sux lettermen of whom flfteen are letter men ln football elght I0 basketball sux ln golf two IH tennts and two are managers The club lS headed thus year by Gene lack prestdent and Hal Votzw secretary treasurer Thts year the wearers of the P L C emblems hate sponsored yarlous thtngs for the purpose of ratstng money so that gold basketballs may be glven the basketball squad who for the I st two vears have won the Washlngton State lunlor College Basketball Champlonshlp A basketball game was sponsored between the Day Boys and the Dorm Boys the Dormsters ernerglng the yrctors As thelr second project the M L A sDonsored a skattng party held durtng the las part of Aprvl Members of thus organlzatlon are football and basketball Fadness Moe Votaw ack Nnlsen Solle football l-lansen Frye Oconner Svunth l-lxnrldung Crenler Ludlow Archbolcl Martnn basketlnll Ford Tommerylk tennus Burgoyne Myhre golf MeCormsck Preus Stuen l-llnderlre Thompsrn managers Anderson Norgaard I I t xp '9- -' , - ' ' -Ai li rn t , , I In ' ' n , -X l'llll'l'l1 ' l W ' fx' rt .' Klum' St-ml-. Oftwltrttrr, Xt-rw. ,l.1.k, S. hit-:wrt Nt-:.r.nui lhu-.-v .R . ' l'v--tts llltl. 'l'lwxupsnv, l'w,:r,gm:x-- Xzui--:slut Ntlst-rx. l t.', ltrlrmmrn H r. C Htl.ltlm,: 5.-lr. Imnmtrvk Nl.--v Xrrvrlt-rltll Cllassn. Nlxlm- lorel. RIA .t:r'n.L q ' I U O C ff , - - - I .4 ' l .. ' t Q I .r I 1 l L 1 s 1 X , L r 1 , . n o ' - K - X L I . . , K 1 , . Q L . 1 1 ' H . l I Q X l ' L t . . , 1 1 K , L , , 1 , ' 1 Y 4 ' , B C . , l 1 5 , . , , L rf. t , 1 I ' . - ' , . . l . l f w Q Q 1 . . . . ' , I . , , . , '- Q . , , .L ll' , l4 f XX ONII 'N S -KT HI I TIC XSSO4 l-X I ION I I 1 ll l Lf 1 1 v 1 r Ol LII ffl l cf'7!ff0Llcl 1011 ery rl partclpatlng HT athletlcs at p8CllC Luther College autornatlcally become a nacnll er of the Wcm la s Arhletlc Assoclatlon Tlne pu oose ot thls orqanlzatlon I9 to promotc health ldeals true soc rtsnaanshlp and to forth r the lntercst ln athletlcs tor glrls The follovx lng serxed as of cers thls year Qhoc a Hokcnstad presldent Mary Nash ylce pres dent url th Lnstlra s rctary o nna Manoosos treasurer H len Llla geant at rms Q ln r orter wlth Mrs A a er Sl a e LJ atlon clreclar as a Xl r The CTQIBHWQ' abpcllnted thc tollowlng manaeus to rrange the deta ls ot each sport Valborq Norm basket ball Clcrtrude Stenbcrg xclllcwball ane Wllllams track Margaret Craft qolt Enld Hutson tcnlals l-lazcl lnlagcrup ard Ellen BCFQSTVJYTT hlklng and Bergllot Voqan basebal Fur the IITST tlme n ts hlstory the school Wlll award athlr-tlc letters to 2 rls These wlll bc eamcd by a oolnt system tlxc hundred polnts belng requlrcd for a letter They arc ayallable ketb yolleyball baseball track teranls Holt hlklng and posture Among the 8CflxlTlLS sponsorcd by the Womens Athletlc Assoclatlon were two cxm rollcs conslstlng ol rclay The prlncloal exent gym demonstratlor' qlxen work undertaken durlng marchlmg and turnbllng o basketball wlth the races games and rctreshments ot the year sponsored bx the Women s Athlet c ASSOClBTlOH was the on the ewenlng of March lb IS was exhl ton of a ot the year and conslsted of folk dances clog dances tap dances To close the eyeralrlg the Day and Dorm glrls plI3xCd a scrappy game Outslders as MICTOVS Il .-'Q V-, mn-1' I I s 1 l 11 I 1 o O -Y K A . 4 1 . hr Q fl' H I' XII- 'X ll ll.ppvr pllvIvsw.1l lldlltarlull lns!rL1tur.I'-allzrson I.ll1n. Ill-nsoll. lalllk-zxstatf NAM NI.m.lws lint HI ll ' 'xX:lIl.llls Xvugall. Stvllwrg. Nnrla lil-rptrnm Hqzvllp frat! . 1' Q' i V I I I ,l 9 ff I I l I ll' . I .fha .. - -I Ex 'gl I I M I l an 5 I , I , il . C ' I L , - I fl II ' - c ' I - l ' I I B '.ecaI,IaI I . 'Le l.,serI-I-a ,Rachlliltt ep , H DIpp , ohv cIl d C l t , I, Id se I . I a I I a Ia I . A l I I ' , I - I . a ' , I , lI . Q I , R , . r 1 l I f, , xl , . lla bas all, , I I , I , - R , , x I C 1 , I , ' I , I I A a ' Th I an bl l ll the t I I , I ' . Jvlqx C IRI S BASRI THAI I lu lu u ,ng Because of the close and keen COmDeTutuon the charnpuonshup I for the gurls basketball teams was left undecuded The Hugh Q Q Xe 6 School and Second Year Nor mal teams tued for furst place each wunnung the sarne nurnhcr of games Never before has such enthusuasm been shown for basketball among the gurls at Pacufuc Lutheran College Because of the number of par tucupants It was necessary to choose tvvo teams from cach class Each game dusplaved 'two scrappy hard fughtung squads playung for the sport of the game as vvcll as for the honor of Wlflfllmg The teams were chosen from the games played durung class peruods The frve teams Rhoda Hokenstad presudent of thc Womens Athletuc Assocuatuon were Hugh School for wards Eluzabeth Stuen Norma Preus centers Alucn Boe Vurgunua Davus guard Erederuka Schlanbusch Melba Fenney Furst Year Normal lorwarrls Eleanor Hauke Helen Lulla Helen Holtcamp centers Thelma Ness luduth Benson guards Hazel Hagerup Edna Tolauason Second Year Normal forwards Ruth Proven Gertrude Stenlaerg centers Valborg Norby Enud Hutson guards Edna Kelsey loanna Manousos Thurd Yead Normal forwards Aluce Barnum Vurgunua Mahncke centers Shurlev Savage Vurgunua Boen guards ane Wulluams Evelyn lrvvun Luberal Arts forwards Rhoda Hokenstad Irene Odell centers Paulune Kuhn Muldred Monson guards Thelma Danuels Anne lohnson lt us the custom each year to choos an all star or honor team from all the gurls par tucupatung un basketball durung the eason Each membe of the team us chosen for the follow :ng qualufucatuons sportsmanshup faur play and abuluty to play the game Mrs A H Dapper chose these gurls for the all star baskctball team of l93Q forwards loanna Manousos Second year Normal Eluzabeth Stuen Hugh School centers Valborg Norbv Second year Nermal luduth Benson Furst year Normal guards Erederuka Schlanbusch Hugh School Mglba Penney Hugh School The followung players were guven honorable mentuon Eleanor Hauke Enud Hutson Thelma Ness Vurgunua Davus Hazel Hagerup Aluce Boe Rhoda Hokenstad and Edna Kelsev la S . Q A t a ' T - Fw 1-'fa' A li.-uumuu, xl. ut-tus.-s. Sr .-ut, Stllauul-uus.uu, Nuluusu. lfvuuuaa' i 0 S zz s as as 1 - ' c c X ' r . 4 , 1 1 f c I ' ' R 4 Q 4 1 S l, ' A xc f Y l C ' K. chosen by Mrs. Dapper, physucal educatuon durector, Valborg Norby. basketball manager. and 2 . , Q K , , . . 2 . e A , , , . - . . 9 , .r ' Y . , , , . , fu' 'uuuu l. PM S all ul anu rr tt au, ru a n la , The Furst year Normal team captured the champuonshup tutle un volleyball Much en 6 thusuasm was shown for thrs sport wuth approxumately one hundred gurls tryung for the teams Gertrude Stenlnerg volleyball manager and Mrs A H Dapper chose the followung teams Hugh School Norma Preus Aluce Boe Melba Fennev Cunhuld Larson Frederuka Sqhlan busch Gertrude Tungelstad Vurgunua Dasus Eluzabeth Stuen Helen Olson and Agnes Lunde Substututes Charlotte CO tschalk Eluzabeth Dahl and Dorothy Hayward Luberal Arts Rhoda Hokenstarl Anne lohnson Evelvn McCullough Ida Thompson Irene Odell Muldred Monson Thelma Danurls Tr-resa Sells Hedvug Dahle and Karen Hvuddrng Substututes Bernucc Hauuge and uane Bergheum Furst year Normal uluth Benson Louuse Wulluams Mary Crass Edna Tobuason Thelma Ness Elsue Barrett Eleanor Hauke Hazel Hagerup Helen Holtcamp and lean Armour Substututes Kathrtn Anderson Helen Lulua Paulune Watts and Louuse Hendruckson Second year Normal Enud Hutson Marue lohnson Gertrude Stenberg Edna Kelsey Valborg Norby Ruth Froyen Bergluot Vogaru Ellen Bergstrom Neva Olson and lone Madsen Substututes Eleanor Raudebaugh Elune Benson Eula Mae Goff and Margaret Craft Thurd year Normal Vurgunua Boen Vurgunua Mahnclce Nancy Burnett Lula Rudd Aluce Nolan Maruorue Meade Slaurley Savage lane XVuIluams Louuse jackson and Evelyn lrwun Substututes Aluce Barnum Dulue Quale and Mary Nash Because ot theur cooperatuoua good sportsmanshup a d ahluty to play the game the followung were chosen as honor team members Ruth Froyen Edna Kelsey Second year Normal luduth Benson Thelma Ness Elsue Barrett Eleanor Hauke Hazel Hagerup Furst year Normal Rhoda Hokenstad Anne johnson Thelma Darauels Luberal Arts Honorable mentuon was guvcn to the tollowung Valborg Noroy Gertrude Stenberg Enud Hutson Marue lohnson Second year Normal Evelyn lrwun Maruorue Meade Lula Rudd Thurd year Normal Lou se Wulluams Furst year Normal Frederuka Schlanbusch Hugh School llllt W N X VK , 1 . u l 5 3 a f ' Cullrll X'OI,I.f: ' All llu-uusuuuu H. Ll-4 luulauusnuu. li. l-ls, lla u- , H. rv rv. Ku-lst-u lrunu-uu. Nvss, Hrku- t ui . - L I as fl 0 lf Q 6 . , , . H . 1 I . , , . , 1 , Q . . - u . I L W , , ' , , c . , D l . A l ' ' c Q . . u' u 1 u' For the furst tume un the huS tory of the school baseball was untroduced to the gurls at Pacufuc Lutheran College fi Q as 1 mauor sport Turnouts 5 for the class teams were held durung the regular class peruods For membershup on the baseball team a gurl wull be awarded one hundred pounts toward her athletuc letter To determune the champuon team the funal game wull be played on Fueld Day After the last gafnc has been played an honor team wull be chosen by Mrs A H Dapper gurls physucal educatuon durector The members of thus group wull be the most outstandung players from each of the class teams Eufty extra pounts wull be awarded to each honor team member One of the most untergstung games of the sea on was played on Campus Day between the faculty and the gurls The followung teams were chos n Hugh School Eluzabeth Dahl Melba Fenney Norma Preus Aluce Boe Vurgunua Dayus Cunhuld Larson Agnes Lunde Frederuka Schlanbusch Eluzabeth Bernuce Hauge Muldred Monson Irene Ooell Teresa Sells Roberta Torruson Thelma Danuels Rhoda Hokenstad Karen Hvuddung Anne johnson and lda Thompson subs Hedvug Dahle and Claruce Myrah Furst year Normal ean Armour Elsue Barrett luduth Benson Hazel Hagerup Eleanor Hauke Louuse Hendr cksen Helen Holtcamp Alda johnson Helen Lulua Thelma Ness and Paulune Watts subs Mary Crass Mabel Heggem Olga Hugo Agnes Mohn Edna Tobuason and Lows Wulluams Serond year Normal Elune Benson Ruth Froyen Enud Hutson Marue johnson Edna Kelsey Valhorg Norby Neva Olson Eleanor Raudebaugh Gertrude Stenberg and Bergluot Vogan subs Gertrude Brunner Margaret Craft and lone Madsen Thurd year Normal Aluce Barnum Marguerlte Bodrero Nancy Burnett Evelyn lrwun Louuse jackson Vurgunua Mahncke Maruorue Meade Mary Nash Lula Rudd and lane Wulllams juz Nlaumpu-r Yuuuznn - 9 ' O ci c Stuenl, and Gertrude Tungelstadg subs: Charlotte Cottschalkland Helen Olson, Luberal Arts: ' - l 3 I V . . U I . l T I m1y,nr Y Under the new program of the Womens Athletuc Assoc atuon the gurls at PaCuflC Luth i eran College are showung much unterest I l X track a new mayor sport untroduced here T us us tne turst tume that glfls have had a chance to partucupate un events of that type A class competutuon schedule consrstung of ten events has been arranged Each class wull be represented by eught members each ot whom may enter three and not more than four events and every gurl must partucupatc un that number to receuve one hundred pounts toward her letter not been chosen up to thus date There us every unducatuon that strong squads wull be formed from thus wealth of materual To determune the champuon un each event 3 Fueld Day w ll be held near the end of the school year At that tume the tunals un the baseball and tennus tournaments wull also be played off The tollowung events have been scheduled un the low hurdles one wull be chosen for form and another tor speed Therc are two uumps a hugh and a broad uump and the runnung and the hop skup lump For the baseball throw one wull be chosen for dustance and another for accuracy The relay race wull consu t ot four members from each class runnung the half mule There wull be two dashes the one hundred yard and the fufty Mrs A H Dapper gurls physucal educatuon durector us coachung the gurls and ane Wulluams us the track manager Next year track wull be an outstandung mayor sport for the gurls wuth 3 more complete program planned fun M. '.'ul1u.uuuut 9 , I , . 'C ' ' t ' c f , . 6 h ' Because of the late start and the abundance of materual from whuch to choose, teams have 1 , I 'f 'erm 'n S COLL AN5 HNN S ll A aa e uaun ul on 1 am 1n 1r,, or u axu u au 1 1 reu Hag rut Q 1 Q 1Zg,WuQm,, Colf has untroduced to Pacufuc Lutheran College many new and enthusuastuc players Wuth the beautuful eughteen hole course lyung ,ust off the campus the gurls have a wonderful op portunuty to play at any tume The Women 5 Athletuc Assocuatuon has rented a set of clubs that us avaulable to any member of the group The class teams were chosen accordung to the hugh scores played durung the season The champuon wull be determuned by a match play Accordung to Margaret Craft golf manager an honor team wull be chosen after the tournament The teams are Hugh School Eluzabeth Stuen Norma Preus Frederuka Schlanbusch and Vurgunua Davus Luberal Arts Teresa Sells Anne lohruson Irene Odell and Audrey Ann Dale Furst year Normal Edna Tobuason Thelma Ness Hazel Hagerup and Helen Holtcamp Second year Normal Marue lohnson Gertrude Stenberg Bergluot Vogan and Margaret Craft Thurd year Normal Vurgunua Boen Louuse jackson Mary Nash and Lula Rudd The champuonshup for the turst team sngles and doubles un tennus has not yet been decuded Many gurls took an actwe unterest un thus sport and the class teams were chosen through a ladder tournament The champuonshup wull be determuned by competutuon between the members of these class teams En1d Hutson manager of the tennus tournament announced the followung teams Furst year Normal sungles Louuse Wulluams and Eleanor Hauke doubles Helen Lulua and Mary Crass Second year Normal sungles Enud Hutson and Valborg Norby doubles Ruth Froyen and Elune Benson Luberal Arts sungles Irene Odell and Rhoda Hoken stad doubles Paulune Kuhn and Bernuce Hauge Hugh School sungles Vlfglnla Davug and Ehzabeth Stuen doubles Frederuka Schlanbusch and Melba Fenney ffly 111151 I P' 1 Ll- , -Y GIRL, Q ' ..'I '.'.'l.' MS Huuu 1 H ug. Yfull s. H s . l-'r1uu1-uu. Hwlu- p. St- lu- '. N lu . I5 s, Llua, H k-. Odrll. P s. u1- u. N1-ss Kun I S1111-ru. l3:ul1- S1-lls, ll1-rusuuu. 'IS1-rruson, lrlnkenstad, Ymzan, Ru1l1l, H111-uu Nash, frnlt. jackson, 'I'oluuas1un, S1lulanl'u-1h Q . Lt A , l CQQZIUUZZA 1 5 ll I-rl 1,3 . X--Xnjxx lO- ' ' .f ,fl-1h'f5:ll - . ,Q S ' I N. Q. -Y l A e 'ff 'l 'la 'e fl ll l sl - i . 'ix f fu - 'qi ,. U . L... nfs., 1 -. wx, , www . 5' px: F465 ld . . . ,,.- ,, ,, - .. .4.,...f bv'-P .JJ -Dr, I. C K Proms, Dr O A Tungelstad, and hrs Excellency Gov, Clarence D, Martm Z+CIVE the ksd his bucycle, Mr. Edwards, -Wake up, Tobyl -Bob, Arnie, Osten, Emmet---the lvlndnughf Song weShowmg off, joel Ge-Queen Thelma and her court 7?Football co-captaun-elect Mutt Frye. 8-Everybody eats-May Day. 9-Armstrong, the snake charrner. Three cheers for Mr. lacksonl Queen Thelma ascendnng the steps of Old Mann. Stuen and Davns-Ywo of a kund T Lcww HLmrcr's clock, 2---'Helen and Nosy, Inc. 52, 3---Chorusters at Mt, Angel. 4--Afhnkmg we wal! go. 5-fclarnce. how DID you? 6-gl'-ielen and Rosle--on the sude- walks of - - 7-'ff-Coffee+Campus Day' 8-just Rammy. 9-v Hnghby-The Sportsman, IO--Volly, Vern, and Rosle-Yell team, I I-Homeward bound, D I . ,lx IJ, I2--Workmg? Ag., S .N .T . Ei 119. gm ..-- .1 b Comg place? Chuch thc tum tirru-r Ye ed Happy BWSU7 Campus Crew What's the matter. Rott? harmless, Up tn the a r, O5tQh9 Nurhh f -amt Mestorti Ray and Pgulrrnc VoIIy's He Heats through the atr?Prexy Van Leuven. Wee Three' Old Glory P K 's Nuzzy ami Dahlc Master Drcnlycllms Princess NIJ Vomw and has 1950 Ballet rlfj r- 44, fy ws Q3 g k..,. ' LQ- 4 Yours Trwx, the swap cdlector, ' 1 1 ,, Y, Jxd-Jfsw. Y .J Asrorfa - Wawtrng for the bus 5'Clwx around the Corner. loaf- mg, -Pak'--Max Dav fThrce's a crowd, Keith Wharf Elnora working? 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' x XX JAJA TACOMA LUTHERAN CHURCH DIRECTORY CENTRAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Bethel Lutheran Church Immanuel Lutheran Church GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH LUTHER MEMORIAL CHURCH OUR SAVIORS LUTHERAN CHURCH ST PAULS LUTHERAN CHURCH TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Am Luth TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Parkland BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN CHURCH FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH ww NCREASINC raumbCr Of Qrmama II COMHHC IIOIQIU5 reflect The merits LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD X I I -1 ,v .T f ' I X' ,U,,,,,,qpV.f-.l . , V.. ll. L - 4 A -T - -' 7. 4 ' a - - I ,,,.... .,...., . , If I V, I X l Q, , . . Mm, , X ,EVUIVEFV V 3, 5, .. ' I I C K K I V ,,l . :su 15 '.kI.II.Jg g: -, ., Q. 4, J, , , JL' ,b ,. A ' Q X 1.,'4,J . ,I ,' E , ., V, 4' I I ' . -in-' Y -T-' ' - ,yu at 9 v I . - '- ' N IIE, an M JV- A riff tr wg L r x h N . k R I 1. N H ba. ' ' I f N' JJ--O Of v 'VA If ,li V-'4'.,L k I, ,, CTO! JI ,f 'I Q l lfffff X lf-1-III .fflml ,,.. I yr A , Q I - .' I - ' wfff ,A I E I .I Xxx - A - 7 -lr I I ul ' ' I ' A . F - N . . , ' .'.. .f1 I!' Isllfm I . 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Suggestions in the Pacific Lutheran University - Saga Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) collection:

Pacific Lutheran University - Saga Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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