Orville Wright Junior High School - Kittyhawk Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1965

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Orville Wright Junior High School - Kittyhawk Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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'X , T e A -mf, .. WRIGHT JUNIOR HIGH, scHooL - 1965 LG fc .f , - ,z 13351 gi ii . Viz- Elgw 5? E ix I4 H3555 V. VW44 fp2'4'2df7f, fu? , W M L LX!-f N QQ . Cs., K, . L , I ,r Lf J 1' Q ,'A K I fa? f K . 'K' I f . C 016,77 , ES eOSxNSON 1 X K 4 N W.. XX, Q m at AN uNRi5L' , ' ' Nlow A Q, ww 'f' ck TYACRQ' ar fi: L C I n , ' ,5',h fl., .V f,,,' Tome ' BQNNXQ -:NLG ' I m Ld' f ' 5 k rf ','. : -L Ziqscysk . f ! 1 , vLC,K- K L L My QQOO G Lili fd' f ' L 'Rwlfff - ,. JI K Xin' ff' '55 .L ac . M fgf M.DxUT ' , . 5 .,.c, .jgg ,SKC bc!! V7 ' -' r V KZLAL A ,!, ,- Y f ' C., Y ff C414 Cjckc rx p ,V ' Lf 'Q' 1,644 777217 - W f'l, X cf- f ' .LL fl ,i 7 X JL , , Jw ,QW TYWLDD' Q 3 KS! JJUQJU 5WQ, fMf57M'bf77fU!1 UQ? NVQ Qc M AGJXYL , ever 1 W3 fra-xtsa-f J f Ayflfl f A ww Wzfawf mmf WWW 1770329 T144 7J97fQ ww J, WDM Avy ,ww Wm wwf WW xv. Rv nfraywpzg W 'PW fwvfy Q J' only ypofl M724-Q 567' WWW? 5,6 V QX it ' pp ?f5W1fW W4+ IIITWIIIIIIIII The Orville Wright Junior High School faculty and student body can be proud of the accomplishments of this 1964- 1965 school year. We have displayed loyalty to our school by trying to concentrate more on our class work and by participating in social as well as, extra- curricular activities. Some of our faculty mem- bers and students have received outstanding recognition for themselves thus bringing honor to our school. We should strive to obtain a higher level of scholastic achievement to obtain the ability to manifest better manners and good sports- manship. Thus we would be showing gratitude for all the privileges and advantages that are available here at Orville Wright Junior High School. ORVILLE WRIGHT JUNIOR HIGH TULSA, OKLAHOMA VOLUME VI Y vii 0.4-lam .,,, . QY'l s,fvfw'l f . Q HI M X. A L M ' f vfA -A Awww ff-am, A- .7fV,,A Hwy! W , Aiwa H A ,ivl. ,, V 'fr lgn 'B N T TABLE OF CONTENTS . .... STAFF CLASSES . . . ORGANIZATIONS OPPOSITE PAGE. Mrs. Robinson recerved the distmguished Freedoms Foundatlons Award for 1963. The Class- Ifgr N 5 ACTIVITIES . . . fs, f In V 5 0 Iss I I . A room Teachers MedaI is awarded for forthright teaching of the American Way of Life Wr- N'-1 , 2.435155 ' 'Adj Mr. Coffey PRINCIPAL PrincipaI's Message Within this Kitty Hawk we have compressed the story of an- other rewarding year in the history of Wright Junior High School. I hope this story will strengthen our friendships and deepen our appreciation ofthe many opportunities offered here at Wright for growth in knowledge and strength of character. Mr. Domingos ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Coffey, Mr. Domingos, Mrs. Doane and Mr. Kirkman. MRS. DOANE 7TH GRADE COUNSELOR , 1 , MR. KIRKMAN STH and 9TH GRADE COUNSELOR BOARD OF CONTROL: Charles Bartlett, Linda Patton. Claudie Robinson, Billie Moeller, Ed. Coffey, Eula Berlin, Sue McBride, Gladys Evans. and Roger Moore. The Orville Wright Faculty CHARLES BARTLETT Boys' Physical Education IA MES BRAY Mathematics HATTIE MAY BURY Mathematics RUTH CLEMMONS Mathematics DEL CRAFTS Art JUANITA CURTIS English WILLIAM DUNCAN Mathematics GLADYS EVANS English JOE GARNER Social Studies HUBERT GIBSON Industrial Arts BONA GORDEY Mathematics if f H ', ' - English 5' 'Us S 7 V, 3 ,,-, 51 '.'L -' mg' ' f as 1 Mft, E A 1 in ,,-, 9 tx Y, H KAY HARTZOG English CHARLES KELLEY Drafting, Printing, Crafts RUTH LAWRENCE Vocal Music DOLORES LAY Homemaking DALE LONG Science DUKE LOUCKS Instrumental Music LESLIE MARKS Mathematics SUE MCBRIDE Girls' Physical Education JUDY MCCORMACK Spanish BILLIE MOELLER Social Studies IACQUELINE MONROE Girls' Physical Education ROGER MOORE Science ELIZABETH NELSON Typing IA MES NORMAN Social Studies LINDA PATTON Speech BEVERLY RESLER Latin, English MADELYN REY Science DONALD RIDDLE Social Studies MELVIN RIGGS Boys' Physical Education CLAUDIE ROBINSON Social Studies GENELL SMITH French, English, Soc. St. SADIE SORGE English LUCILLE STUERMANN Social Studies EVLYN WILLIAMS Library ..g.... I ,, A ,W N vt-ran . , yi' UW? Mrs. Cox Mrs. Berlin Office, Maintenance and Cafeteria Staffs ' 1 in 't'. fQ'f???4i b fi! A SQ wE,'-M1125 OE If an Z 2 'A ' ' 5 3: ' . 'E s'-- ir f L, if '55 2 , - . , 'sr l , S PE? fl f e gf! f ',-ir I- ' i O A rsra 'Vg 7 A A reerr f l- - ' - - ' ' sres ., V 1 A A A X , , r' - ' - . :Qs - - g Qyf, , -. Q ,M . ' 11 igig.-1,5 ':. ' JL Q2 - ri ff . ,egg 5 . ' ' 't' if ' X I . - . 'b g-V ' . ,. 4 ' Az' Nuff' r ,:- s -A ,, r 'sz - ' -:,: . I K Xl l i? , ,, H- 7 Sf 'f 'U . Yes, , J v-i s ' ' s it s ,f f 935, AQ: ' as 'W1 -S EQ i 'X H K - , 1 i f X' - . , , 1 it O iiii W 47 , f fl ii sf V aff 'f 5 if I af. 7 f - r !T.l' !i?iil?f75f53 ii, 'M if 'i in - r ' ' i, 'P . 1 E s l ggi- 'fill ,O ,O , Q D-ESQ . g , :IN tt, if Q gg, Q'--:T-wh-.. , ,O ' .J , L :,,,,-- affffaqsi - ' , fr ,sl - 1.1.5, . 5 A It X H: ,,,4,f Y. ,E 4 ' A 1, ii A Vit: K W .. 'Mfr in Afgagvra- ik 1 L i 3 . ,aa MAINTENANCE STAFF Philip Cannavan, Alton Jacobs, Don Williams, Jack Bell and Charles Caywood. 415 x,-'S CAFETERIA STAFF ROW 1 - Betty McNulance, Pat Jones, Madge Kelly. ROW 2 - Ora Mae Johnson, Mildred Russell, Alva Met- calf, Ruby Gravitt, Verna Sharp. Row 3 - Mildred Robinson, Lucille Epps, Eva Anderson, Pauline Brooks Lucille Patton. Q mmm. 23323 nun 3113 tuna s sown ZWJA WWMM l 1 V T., ,Tn H, , XXX ' X XX XX 'XIIW ,-Q 'N X X Abelson Cheryl Adkison Allen Ioygpe Allen Robert Allen Cgghy A ndrews Cherie Annex PEXXi11i2:f A nsteth Jeannie Archambo Linda Axley Betty Bailey Janet Bailey Ilavidmg aker Janice Baker Sheik Baker X Kathy Bankoff Billy Banks Sherre Barbee David Barker Gail Bentley Jeff Bigby Donna Billings Ann Bloomfield Lloyd Boldt Charlotte Bonner Gary Bonner Larry Bookman Randy Borror Chris Bott Fay Botts Paul Bradford Mike Brady Steve Brill David Brown George Brown Jeff Brown Virgil Brown Jim Bryan Lana Buckingham Patricia Bundy Lynn Burgess Carolyn Byfield Buddy Caldwell Doug Calhoun Joe Campbell K, if fr 'un W- A 'dr ' ff ig 'va .Nl rv E ,,-I-5-, QM 1 g . ff' ,WWW My-.. A 32W K mum.,-f Xb J -n, ,L ri ts ew i W .M H -N Q ,Q W Q Mm .1 fda, 'H ' at ., tryl L 3 W D . M ' L A ' fi 1 5 ,' I . In . EN Q LV flow,- TM' 'Y The classes of Miss Curtis presented Romeo and Juliet as part of a ninth grade assembly. Ninth Grade Enioy Shakespeare Play Kay Carlton Norma Carpenter Karen Carr Bobbie Casper Caren Cates Kennetha Chastin Claudia Chaver s Ronald Cherry Randy Christensen Sherwood Christman Betty Clark Linda Clore David Cockrell Kathy Conine Tom Conner .ff if r r. 4, M S fa- all we ,, IT' fa is K t . , . - We 5 - , f 1 ?e5ETs,.. . , W 1: we as M' 3 5' fa ' 'Mr r -'lm g . :F 41 4? 5? mmzbqs, r A I C' I , ,, , H, . Q., 'L gr ,wp--,.g,1fr: ,rf , ..,z raw , 'K 'N - U an I H ? 3 is L,.,v af, 1. P S, fxsslva , .. . f 'Ig E i ,yt ave Q 1 , . L Ana gn f .- .. .. gang, At 3. ' if Cathy Conway David Cooper Wesley Cooper David Cowden Sharon Crabtree Karen Craig Shirley Cundiff Nancy Dailey Stephanie Dale Shelly Dalious Edward Davies Lynn Davis Glenda Davis Paul Day Jenny Day Steve Deal Cyndi DeBrucque Denny Delk Daryl Denbow Steve Denzler . , yrr, if 'A !..3 , A ,gi if 2 . ,,,x 1 J 5 'Mr ' fijgfw S S J' 5 . ga' 5,19 ' . I3 SQ ,JQQQSHW K' kiwi , Yvliyf xlif' uv!! Q mail ? Xb' l'?'i'.H1!i 9- fg Q Jacqueline Devine ml ff 'l . f., Lynda Dickerson - In Diane Dimit 5V,, 7 V Z H an Jack Dobey 1 P' ' - Sara Dornaus Q ,Q Wig . Randy Dorsch Carla Drew Mac Duncan Larry Dye Devora Dyer f K ,gi rid? f lla HL H W5 K 1 mas., -391 yaia if' 1 V ffm. A ' 1 51 f 2, ' W, , ,2 ogg, r Hsz n i :Silva ffm, . - ' vig, W ' ff, , . Mu ,Q , 'E rg -'M-an fr:-A , 57 . W, f, Q 55, - !'V Judy Edmisten Cathy Egan Jan Eisenbies Mike Elmore Vaughn Endres Marellie Erickson Barbara Evans Judy Farney Barbara Fisher Paul Fleming Kenny Fowler Jackie Frevert Tonya Frost Raymond Gardner Joyce Garvin Robert Gasnier Carol Gasser Janet Gesin Linda Gibbon Gary Goen Lynn Golden David Goldish Marsha Goldstein David Gooden Kathy Goodnight Megan Gore Nancy Gorham Kathy Graham Marie Graham Richard Grant Qua- y S at J Q. jf' sa, x 'X ' yi ar.. ,G 'N ,i 'f 'nr' wit vw, .F I p- my U.. ,gf 'R Vx fu he 'P' ,.-- ,P 'UI if 1 fs 4 45 g 4 4 we iw ' ,is x ?.s,rf1 w,7 I , , .fa 1. X55 1, , 4 L xt Q - 'M 1,3 if f -5 4 J in Judy Edmisten, Mr. Duncan, and David Vale pose before approximately 6, O12 cans of milk to be given to the Bables Milk Fund. Mr. Duncan's homeroom contributed 648 cans. Ninth Grade Top in Babies Milk Fund Judy Greene Randy Grigor Becky Groh Linda Gruhn Mike Haley Steve C. Hall Steve M. Hall Anita Hanson Janet Hardy Don Harlow Nancy Harn April Harris Debbie Hays Carolyn Heller Cathy Heller l , -x 99 J f jr, Q. xr Na 'Six Q55 4 'ca 5 it t-2Q if 1 W. im J ii, -I E57 aff reraee ff 'gy sativa? ' X xr, rr- , , F W 'SQ' ' Five girls were chosen by the ninth grade homerooms to compete for Miss Krttyhawk 1964 65 The finalists were Susan Hill. Cathy Andrews, Susan Short, Boo Janus and Nancy Wightman Ninth Grade Girls Compete for Mlss Kittyhawk Bill Henderson Mike Hensley Susan Hill Vicki Hill Diedre Hladky Mike Hobbs Torn Hoffman Milton Holcomb Vernon Howard Marilyn Howe Roger Huckett Bill Huckin Karen Jacobs Steve Jacobs Beverly Janus 405 X , f' , A 'Ylw Ge . X K f A' Q W 'fr 5, ,. ., I gg as ssk, .Y V re Ben Johnston W Greg Johnson Jacqueta Johnson David Jones Jan Kelly Bob King Jim Kirk Walter Kirk Karen Klar Jane Knoblock Rick Kramer Carla Lair Linda Laird Sheila Landreth Vickie Lawrence Nlnth Graders Practice for Concert Roger Huckett, Larry Scott, Mike Elmore Freddie Mundt John Kirk David Grant Steve Wilkins and David Renfroe practice My Fair Lad Terry Lazenby Judy Lemley Kevin Leonard Betty Lile Marsha Limb Vicki Lindley Paul Long Paul Loveless Charlene Mackey Rob Maddin Ronnie Magnusson Sarah Maples Ron Marshall Lynn Mason Richard Mason Charlene Mercer Richard Merrell Wesley Miller Billy Mitchell Robert Mobley Sharon Mooney I ack Moore J an Moore Donna Morgan Chris Mudd Eric Mueller Freddie Mundt Kathy Munn Mike Munson Beth Murphy E' 5 If -1:45, fa' J 1. vi' 4. . ' 89 -aff-'19 , L ,s1, N- if I E N Z ang, 4 it Y , 3- V v, ff I Y-Ms... 1 I, ' an v ,I 'Wai -1 Mr. Walter Garrott presented Harletta Thomas and Jeff of Today. GE Ninth Graders Chosen Pat Murphy John Musgrove Marilyn Musser Janet Myers Dan McAbee Herb McCain Bill McMahon Carol Nafe Bill Nation Jesse Nelson Nancy Nelson Karen Newman Barry Newsom Alan Nicholson Skipper Nicholson T I, 1-qpmonr Brown with the coveted Masonic Award for Student Students of Today X ,,,,r M , nr nr J snss ., J s if , e gpm: M l . .. if .'.'-fs , sg Q L '-, -. liz: aiu' gg as -bg, vi I y Q , R. - .... . H ,L JF? 'AL ,z fiifi Sifuig, 751' : Q, :I . . ' tv if 5 ! H' ' 4 Q- ss. or . . M . 1 1 'V 4 , 17 fa gg K Q. hr i ii nf, M K , 'Y g1i l'f an Q. ' 'Sm 5 J We as J 'QV QC lf? X we L Joyce Allen, Janet Hardy, Carla Drew, Dale Ross and Bill Henderson are a few of the students that sur prised Mr. Hartsell with a farewell party. WWW Ninth Grade Students Bid Mr. Idelia Nickell- Lynn Nickel Mike Niles Jim Norman Tracey Norman Jay Norris Jose Nunez sany o'Nei1 Tom Ortenburger Philip Pack Regina Palmer Doris Parker Joy Parrish Annette Pass Brenda Patton ls Am ' 9 'if ' - if:sm:svfsrsgff,-- E Q55 ,r.,, ,wb . if 17,1 Hurtsell Farewell ,ga . ,1- 1 r ,iw rf- ,Nj I. W It Q: W LSEEQSV' W its xt Qi L' 'nr N we A s fi W n . A ' Y , V, in i ei' P P P P is 5 y ix- ' - r, ' Dorothy Pedigo Sue Perigo Joe Perry Mike Perry Bill Peters Susan Peters Vicki Phillips Gary Pickens Kathy Pinkston Peggy Pope Allison Porter Tom Presley George Ratliff Jess Ray Ronald Reese T. J. Reese Charlotte Reheard David Renfroe Gloria Renfrow Grant Riggs Robert Riley Tim Roberts George Robinson Debbie Rose Mike Rose Carl Ross Dale Ross Debbie Routh Maurice Ruble Dennis Rudd l .1.- sm ,Q .5 ,sf 'm A ,S gg , at 0 X ,V A A ' , ll?-. 1 ik ' if 3 77' 12 1 we '-1 JM W' firm QW fa if s 1' fr-'lm in 51:2 ' 35313 ii ts.. ??f1'gnZ - 1 I ' 10 7 'Mix' as is :Ute as X A VW, i ft fi- . 3' , ,- N X . . fs, A P ' Q 0' fs ff? . 1 EPMI ' fm :six K ff-sniff ix is Doug Calhoun, Jeff Brown, and Vickie Phillips. student councilofficers, wish Mr. Coffey and Mr. Domin- gos a Merry Christmas in behalf of the student body. Christmas Assembly Honors Mr. Coffey and Mr. Domingos Theresa Rush Allen Russow Becky Rutledge Sherry Salle Lloyd Samuels Jim Sanders Cathy Schwend Larry Scott David Scruton J an Scurlock Rob Searcy Ruby Sellers Jim Shackelford Linda Sharpe David Shibley Hwy, . . AW' ' we 43 9r T 5' . I We .' 1 s z '- M M 1 ffl V HMM , , T7 ., 3.2, :M K : k f Ili C ., 1 V K -was ,uf W V. M ' iw 1 . A k K 1 fr zry. 5. 0 .9-51. Wm . 1 f-re fl W K D, A Susan Short Diane Sikes Steve Simmons Larry Smith Montie Smith Steve Smith Steve Sortore Paul Sowers Wayne Sparkman Sally Spellman .Tim Spence David Spielman Steve Spyres Steve Squire Lynne Stanley Vivian Steele Jim Steinmyer Brenda Stockton Jackie Stockton Pam Stone Joyce Sullivan Kem Swyden Janie T aylor Mike Taylor Richard Taylor Louise Teague Chris Tharp Harletta Thomas Scott Thom as Lynda Throne l up ,. I , MQ, Yin ' v, Tx QW, 5 .. 'W- 3 My -N-N., .Q , ,i , N. T J J yyc ,, ,- I s -um, I tw-., ,.... f :Y dl! gi L .3 :. L, it 'ik ii we pi' X rm f H 4 ' T i or ii J Q fxwml 2 rf' Us W A -L V V ,,., , 5, me J L If fw. y E ..V- f , fy, A Mimi? M if ,a U N- X 1 Q H 7 V f 1' ,. , My F . 1 ,k,, J . .a ...wwf Q Nw- : - , iitr T QR- I We K 'wwf' A 5 my ,, 27 J. , i Tr-aft. K -.Z ,vyrk I ag rf 4' xii? ,r,:, A T S , gk --yr f kgsyik 2 3-1. a f , ., L 7 ' W if N . 3 X J L In a climax to a unit Footprints on the Sands of Time Annette Pass explains why she thinks Dolly Madison left lasting footprints. Attentive listeners are Mrs. Sorge, Steve Smith, Ronnie Magnusson and V1rg1l Brown Donna Thurman Charles Tompkins Pam Townes ,4- . . ,uww Mrs. Sorge lnspires Ninth Grade Students Annette Travis Sharon Turner David Vale Carol Vanzant Jody Waddington Matt Watson Sandy Webster Danny West Rex Wheeler Eugene White Randy White Donna Whitney 3 WN g an ,fum ? ff? frm 1-af' X We li YU NlkQ,,,.. .f 5 . ,vi Mrs. Nelson's first hour typing class test their skill on a speed assignment. Typing Attracts Many Ninth Graders Steve Whitney David Wiegand Ron Wiggins Nancy Wightman Steve Wilkins Newell Williams Terri Williams Christy Wilson Mark Wilson Karen Wolcott Lee Wolford Pat Woods Kathy Wozencraft Carol Young Shannah Ziemer W W it t Xsrl fs? Q A H i 'sf if rir p 'Y , 4 F to , 4 ' Lf 1 M1 S mem H 1 A if I 2 th Q x. X 1 V K l s Q i E Q as tkrr My H ' ..1 :A w me ati s ef s fg - Zig wife sv Q V 1 ,L H A ' Scott Abbott jane Ableson Christine Adkins Kathy Adkins Arlen Allison Robbie Anderson Sharon Andrako Io Ellen Anello Dick Ansteth Shelley Arlen Dawn A rmstrong Robby Armstrong Chere Ashby Steve Bagwell Robert Bailey Mary Lil Baker Steve Baker Margaret Ball Valerie Bankoff Kitty Barkley Nelda Barnes Don Bauer Becky Behling Barbara Bennett Y. awk ff me 'aa Xyeahh A The eighth grade elected Martha Spielman, Secretaryg John Savage, Presidentg Gary Colvin, Vice-Presidentg and Barbara Bennett, Treasurer. Officers Lead Eighth Grade Through Year W wt fr , W. W' I. . 'R' iq., .H r. r , Q ,. it ,,.. if, M w ? iV,'7F,: ww, 'Tillie I k .1 af i gjmgg , 'Ur , l at H Mx vs we K Q, W 'Q It ww K W 5,5 ,: 'V ,Q A ,f 4-ns Af 'V Hana, .r is V3 S ' H MQ Q E mary S 1. 5 11 w Q ,, lv 3 2 3 K iv f-,gk , 2 71? I f' T931 Uk ff:'g'?r,iWZ. 1f-,gttvgj we f '.fwPZ' i 1v'y1v1,se we -fr 1 -1114 .. E ,- Tiff or t xiii t, Jr. 1 sims aw- if as Reed Bentley Barbara Billings Mark Blackburn Mike Blackman Kay Blackwell Steve Blazer David Bond Jerry Bond Duane Brown Steve Brown Bobby Bruce Bill Brunton Byron Burke Teresa Burke Jean Burnett Jack Burns Joan Butler David Cameron Chuck Carnagey IoLynn Carroll Kathy Cary Pete Cary Bill Celcer Diane Clark Mary Clark Charlie Cleary Billie Click Sharon Coburn Joel Cohen Joyce Cohenour Gary Colvin Debbie Combs Marlene Compton Freya Conger Kent Cornwell Karen Cottrell Dick Councill Donna Covert Carol Cox John Crabtree Linda Craig Darryl Crews WWF if F ws.. f if 1 ' J If r Q 1 Wk it X if 'fly vs 9? ju V' A 5' , at Qi 1 4 u Q 2 1 . , Q , , 45,,,,! , th - , V - . I img fig M Q :iii-5 I ,, 1 -ai, is av, s H A1 'Ta wr, r- -. wir... in aw Www Nw ,J Q 'ram ki' 'V ,pug -gy M, Q .. -new -i, 30 F va xpx 'W . 5 X V ,ku b IQI Z H T f s 1 Q r ' A . g Ee -' at 2 it 7, s , . e ii . Q ki , ' K ' x Marilyn Cullen Jean Cullinan Mike Cushing Doug Darnustettcr Diane Davidson Caroline Davis Cindy Davis Debbie Davis Cynthia Day Vivian Dean Margaret Deaton Debbie Deglcr Mary Deisenroth Linda Denny Priscilla Diaz Vicki Dirck Loyd Dixon Connie Doane Larry Dunn Nickie Dunning Gordon Eaton Mary Eaton lilleu lidwards Lynn Egan Gary Eidson David Ellenburg Barbara Erwin John Evans Terry Evans Nancy Exon Gwen Fellers Debbie Fenimore Nancy Ferguson John Field Cory Fillio Jane Fisher Julio Fitch Robert Flint Andy Floyd David Ford Barbara Fronch Frank Fuss 2 491' fr ilk? 11 5 I 3f,fs,?1, 'M rf. . 5 Q Apr: 'YY :avi I x K Xa! f f 19 'ax . V WK' Laliiwss. V I lr Q' V. . raw-'Q nj : .. -Q , - fr V iff, r 'W mn ,walk 2 v 'fly WUNUK v mag x am., .Y . 2 am L , , ,X A Q, .. ' U, ,v- s Y -F A si K Q v if .54 J' I KQAKQQQ lr '- ,X 3 ' , h iii- 1 'i J, -.. 2 .1 'fs' ff , ag Q af. an Tommy Hull, Gary Glass, Mary Rush, and Bobby Bruce are fascinated by Mr. Moore's rat. Science lnspires New Interests for Eighth Graders Michelle Gardner Gordon Garrett Brad Garrison Marsha Gelwick Betty Gibson Karen Gile vi,p3'7'fT, R-vi' gy ',3fi,71ix?i. Y'Q Charles Gilman Gerry Glasby Gary Glass Jo Glenn D'Anne Glidden Mark Goff Wanda Goen Fran Gooden Terra Sue Goodno Robert Goodwin Dick Gordon s he .g Elena Goldsmith if 'C 'li' X W W M Judy Gorham Steve Gosnell Bruce Graham David Grant 47 1 64 p Ian Green Gary Greene P M K X Linda Craig, Mark Werre, Vickie Stroud, Wanda Goen, John Field, Kenneth Jennings and Glenn Stroud work on their handicraft assignment. Handicrafts Popular With Eighth Graders Sherrie Hadley Vickie Hall Jimmy Harden John Harden Carolyn Harper Susan Hart Tommy Havins Sally Hay David Hays Kristy Hazen Christy Henderson Nancy Hensley Mary Herndon Charles Hickok Carolyn Higgins Judy Hinton Jim Hodgson Kitty Hoebel Kathy Hoffman Randy Hollingsworth Steve Hollis Janis Holloway Susan Holmes Pam Holt my a .354 , , 1. 'lt ' t 5' J if a ff Qgiirg fi Y- 'M rx-3 SX o it K , if 1, 4 L Kas f S., My -f at W ' 5 M 2 3 of 3 lx' 1, il -,ii is M 'H ws- lr Q-vw.: W 21,92 is ami, iff? 3 J. .,,,.f mr, V fr ,rss e-var 2 '15 1 is 4 s if s v . I U C .if iii? 3 5..ogg at L 195' Qizggalitgj wif ann 'Gsm W as Q se r i Q i 0 Larry Howe Steve Howe Beverly Huckett Tom Hull Paul Husted Barbara Jacobs Tony Jacoway Richard Jarboe Duane Jeffers Kenneth Jennings Robert Jennings Jennifer Johnson Patti Johnson Rex Johnson Vicki Johnson Sam Johnston Jim Jones Susan Kahn Margaret Kierig Robert Kinney Kathy Kirk Karen Knott Wayne Kruse Crystal Kuykendall Jim Lamberton Vicki Landreth Gary Langston Camille Lannon K. C. Law Leslie Lawrence Phil Lile Charlotte Lindley Joe Looney Sid Loving John Luker Samra McBee Marty McLain Jan McDaniel Ted McGalliard Beverly McGeehon Cherry Mclntosh Brenda McKay QW' e ,r sawn' Wav- all Nh. r , 1 f fa X , W.. zz ,N Ag A if E K his K AL 0' ,er V gf. , gag 5 f , Ti , ,X . 1 'Z Zii dll Q 1 Q ' e 4: 71 ks .. fi ' 1 Q 2 I M Z ,vw 1 W! ,, ...s s , ew, if I RQ if if Q ! 2 s. Ns, .Q V 1 J R5 x Q A S+ 2 5 - xws l 9 J J. RQ 1- uk, . fn, , A F W ,1 'J .' . ry Q Mix x , l MX X Q law . . S ,---,N Miss Jolene Haynes Student Teacher from T U discusses color with Jean Burnett Joyce Cohenour Debbie Fenimore, Andy Floyd and Phil Smith Eighth Grade Art Students Enioy Student Teacher Mary McMahon Sharon McPherron Gordon Macklin Scott MacLean Mike Magill JoAnne Manes Debbie Marquette Jeff Marquette Annette Marshall Jackie Martin Richard Mason Sherry Medlin Pete Miller Steve Mirkin Bill Monnet Carolyn Montgomery David Montgomery Larry Mullins Laura Mussun Shirley Myers John Neerman Bob Nelson Donna New Dudley Newman Curtis Newton David Nicholson Penny Niland Mark Niles Peggy Norman Eric Nunley Maureen O'Connor Kristy O'I-Iara Jane Ortloff Sid Overturf Lee Owens Iliana Perez Paul Peters Kirk Peterson Steve Pettifer Mark Phillips Io Anne Pilfold Brad Pilkington Mahlon Pitt Sondra Pittman Mike Pogue Nancy Porter Chuck Posten Glenda Potter Robert Powers Debbie Power Rodney Price Harry Profitt John,Raney Francis Reid Margaret Reinke Beth Revell Kathy Rhodes John Richardson Pat Richmond John Ridenhour Kenny Roberts Greg Robinson Janie Roelofsen Rick Rogers Bruce Ross Jim Ross N Bs. H as s ' , ,.. as A wg, x mir! I' 5 f 5 B V 2? W-s....a Ya it it wwf 'rv'- 5 .f ms ,fm . ,W N. Mary Rush Tommy Rush Billy Ryan Lucinda Sanders Ronnie Sandschaper Rex Satterwhite John Savage George Saxby Bill Schoonover Paula Scott David Scruggs Carolyn Shepard Robert Skinner Cynthia Smith Lee Smith Mike Sowers Martha Spielman Suzie Standridge Linda Stites Delia Strange Glenn Stroud Vickie Stroud Betty Stuart Monica Stunkard Rick Sturner Chuck Sullivan Susan Swanson Greg Swyden Judy Tanner Janet Taylor Linda T aylor Burt Thompson Dana Thompson Tommy Tibbitts Nancy Tipsword Marilyn Trask Sharon Travis Dick Turner Nancy Tuttle Jane Vale Charolette Vanaltenburg Randy Van Deusen Roger Vernon Dennis Vincent Beneva Vines Robert Vines Raymond Volentine Teresa Wages Larry Wagnor Brent Waguespack Laura Waid Richard Wait Dana Walker Robin Walker Susan Walker Sim Walker Debra Walkinshaw Sherry Ward Gene Warfield Randy Weems Mark Werre Steve West Debbie White Charles Whitlock John Whitney Scotty Wieczorek Benita Wiehe Belinda Wigal Gail Wilkerson Doug Williams Tim Williams Joe Willits Dennis Wilson Diana Wilson Barbara Winford Shannon Wojtysiak Ricky Wood Pam Wolf Bill Wooton Ricky Wright Scott Wright Robert Wylie Faith Wyse Shelly Young an ,. - 'W 1. X .-mx ure. Qt! Ak ,Q ,mf ,ka r --f-syggi ,S 2 , asm: - 'afar 4, at qmzaf Q, ji ', K5 .w4,.,,,v...., Y . x, lxfmg. .Q-+5 58? x X U ds fr EM, Q94 i W 'mx' xx . K MW--w -. , . 1, si Y is ' V AW' K , n 1 x 3 an WEN ? ,t v.,5 ...R. , W EW? E5 is H HQAU5 E i'lW?rif a iii r .- 4 , 4 Y ff v H E5 if 432 5 + 1 . Sf .f. ,: new , ,ni-':-qwafi ,, M an MM? eye 3 silt' t-itvt '.bA ,ff -' - ar 1,, Vernon Abbott Layne Adams Mike Adkison David Anderson Lee Anderson David Andrews David Annex Larry Archambo Sheri Arnold Mary Axton Elaine Back Beverly Baker Debbie Baker Saletha Barr Joe Bartlett Lance Beard Mike Beatt Tommy Beaver Betsy Behling Pat Benning Catherine Bever ,Cynthia Beverly David Billings David Bender ly - 'f9f' ' L34 ff ffl' XL- V' - 'E ,ag Y ,gag m fg, Mawr? ' -R-,yf gerax Z, ee. wt re 'Z Q K -11 1 Q 'sa f , 1 J. ai in ,Eu W. W. r. 7, 4 rf in 32 Q are 'Q . X a 2 1 Sherry Wood, Vice-Presidentg Joe Bartlett, Presidentg Ann Lively, Treasurerg and Susan Savage. Secretary. were selected the seventh grade officers. Seventh Grade Elect Popular Officers W5 QQ .4 B r Sb' n S U ,ng r r! it A ,,rtr r ' sw is F a-'W 'F R f 'Z' - ' r . .: Q' et. 1 in '1 i7f,fr 1 . f ' mt ig r ' n 1'-2 '57 4 . fi , ' - - . .-,- fs. .-:::zeagy,.,'i.,-ga if 2 it as is K xg r M, .,:::,r ? X 4 r L X W R X it fs Ted Blackburn Elaine Blank Adrian Bleeker Peggy Bott Jeff Bradley Becky Bray Mike Brewer Forrest Brokaw Laurie Brumbaugh Ann Bryant Richard Bryant Bill Bryant Steve Buckingham Dennis Bundy Kenneth Bundy Julie Burnett Deborah Bush Martha Butler Mike Butler Spencer Cagle Steve Caldwell Chris Campbell Jerry Campbell Wayne Campbell Carolyn Capehart Dana Carlisle Alan Cathey Pam Cavanah Carl Chaves Pam Christenson Les Clark Merilee Clark Jeana Clements Kim Cochran Colleen Collins Mike Collins Connie Conine Roxanna Cootes Janie Corlett Trudy Cowart Carl Cox Charles Cox S s 2 ef: an V aff ? 1 lyl c 'xy A fr , 'iff ' 'fluff ' 7 V f?if233'r'f aa M 3 itrfgk ua hiss 1 . 5 3 'fi iv ' 9 Wh.. m I vga MQ, ' la. gt X - ,.f:, ,,ra:4,.: 1 K .i, 'fv- a if 1 ing X QL 1- i w 5 f I , 'N 1 L I it J , L 'f 9 ' g s t 1 Q 5 'i - .:-Q eras, , s frf :- 5--,5 X1 rg? f 'Q yi E? .E -kg. S , it L. 5 fi. Bill Westerman 1S showing his classmates how he illustrated numbers which are perfect squares using arrays of dots. Seventh Graders Learn Math Can Be Interesting Terry Crofford Jerry Cross Elaine Cundiff Rick Cunningham Billy Davis Donna Davis Marty Davis Shirley Day Kerry Delk Melinda Denton Debbie Denzler I amie Devine Pixie Dillon Gwen Dopp Jerry Durham Steve Eaton Joseph Eddy Lynne Edwards Orville Edwards John Eidson Laurie Elliot David Elson Garry Ensing Io Lynda Evans Karyn Everson Sylvia Ewing Greg Eustice Deborah Fholer Kirk Fink Kathy Fisher Linda Fisher Charlie Fitzpatrick Robert Fleming Paul Flippo Margaret French Bill G albraith Jim Garrett Kathy Garrett David Giles Larry Goad Richard Goforrh Sue Golden Deborah Gorsuch Kristy Goss Barbara Gowans Mary Gowans Alex Graham Mary Graham Teresa Green Alice Gruhn Arleen Hagin Skyler Hagler Gary Hale Bryan Hammond Carol Hansel Kevin Hardin Larry Harger Barbee Harris Susan Hartsell Roger Harris Stuart Harvey Joe Haynes Ellen Henderson Jackie Higgins Paul Hill James Hillman 7 g ag ..,,,:, A V 52 . H . J , y r f l rw 6.13, rs' in NJA 3 3 fa s. .5 X gk 5 xx f 'rr 1 7 earl 'K . V 1: , , ,:.V , F, Wg, .,,, 24- g 0 . 1 4 f Y, s ,,., ri :it 'f fafii' .... - f- fr ' ' i-ii ' W. 5, i r .ra i l A . i 'if or V ,,,'f,.N I Y i N'-awk X 23' H- 5 'W A 5, Q 1 ' 'V J 'A ' .' H ' N lx kg, R 's Q 9 Peter Hladky Peggy Hoffman Ruby Holcomb David Holiway David Holland Mary Holloway Mary Holmes Mark Hopkins Ricky Howard Kay Hoyder David Huckin Steve Hull Gayle Johnson Susan Jolley Eric Jones Gary Jones Kathy Kemm Charles Kennedy Mike King Kristie Kirkland YI? wr... af .A W is IH Seventh Grade Homemaking Classes Honor Parents Skyler Hagler and Kathy Garrett serve Mrs. Lay at the Christmas Tea for the parents and teachers. Julie Burnett and Jeanette Smithen assist. Mr. Gibson demonstrates the safe way to use a power saw to Ted Blackwell, Gary Ensing and Jim Wescott. Seventh Grade Industrial Arts Class Susan Knoblock Margaret Kramer M Karen Krause 23 Diane Kurtz R Marilyn Kuykendall ff Laura Lamphere Cindy Leeper John Lenoir Michael Lester Alice Litchfield Ann Lively Mike Long Jeanette Loosey Greg Lovett Debbie Loving Jim Luker Gary McCurdy Steven McDaniel Mary McDonald Kenneth McIntosh l Linda McIntosh Pam McIntosh Chris McMahon Deborah McMil1en Lee McMorries Tim McNulty Thomas Mainard Jeff Marlow Pat Marquette Tom Marshall Cynthia Martin Jean Martin Robert Martin Susan Martin Wayne Martin Sammy Mason Vance Mason Tom Matson Fred Matzdorf John Meek Kathy Mehlhorn Michael Mielcarek Lisa Mitchell Lindsay Montgomery Marilyn Montgomery Cheryl Moore John Moore Sharon Morgan Marilyn Morris Helen Moulder William Moyers Linda Mundt Ray Munson Jane Murphy David Mussun Rickey Nagy Audrey Nicholson Dennis Noyes Cecilia O'Nei1 Joyce Parke Janice Pattison Carol Patton 9 5 W f if if 3, ' x 'X if 38' ' fs, aff 4 to 5 iz 5 r Q Mum IVA,-QKAS 'K z 'C' W0 Mrs Lawrence discusses some of the most popular operas with her sixth hour seventh grade class. Music Popular With Seventh Graders Jimmy Paules Maria Perez Christine Peters Bill Petree Preston Phillips Mike Posten Vicki Postier Cheryl Presley Thomas Pruitt Diane Pruner Mike Pyles Gary Quinlan John Rahmes Mary Rahmes Linda Ramsey Scott Randall David Reed Debby Renfroe Bruce Riddle Renee Riggs ,,,: 5 ,A ig g y if - .W bW'.39 i X S Mary Rahmes Margaret Kramer B111 Bryant Jeanette Losey and Gary Jones make final notes before presenting their topics for discussion. Speech Class Offers Variety for Seventh Graders Les Ritz Sherrie Rivett Joe Roberts Mary Robinson Steve Robinson Jimmy Rogers Nedra Rogers David Rooks Ricky Ross David Rudd Sylvia Russell Penny Ryan Sarah Savage Susan Savage Preston Schaff Steve Schooley Selby Schwend Linda Scott Ronny Secrest Sandra Shaffer GN David Sharpe Jim Shelton Gary Sheridan Susie Sherrill Gerald Shipman Tommy Shipman Kim Shore Janice Sikes Robert Silvert Susan Silver Jamie Simmons Roger Simmons Mike Slankard Debra Sloan Janet Smith Will Smith Jeanette Smithen Barbara Southard Joe Spann B. J. Spellman Mike Staley Debbie Stanton Frances Stevens Terry Stewart David Stockton Saundra Storts John Story Susan Strange Shelley Stunkard Barbara Talmadge Rhonda T ankersley David Tanner Gerry Taylor Rhonda Taylor Robin Terrell Harlan Thomas Kathleen Tidwell Kenny Trotter Michael Turney Gordon Van Pielt Russell Vernon Robert Wales Charles Kennedy, Carl Chaves, Selby Schwend, Margaret Kramer, Barbara Talmadge and Pam Christensen listen as Mrs. Williams illustrates how to ,use the card catalogue. Seventh Graders Learn to Use library Hal Walker Elizabeth Wall Elaine Walter Robert Walters Julie Walton Claudia Warden Danny Weaver Iames Wescott Bill Westerman David Wharton William White Greg Whittington Gary Wilkins Debbie Williams Marilyn Wilson Sammy Wilson Morgan Williams Sherry Wood Patricia Woodall Richard Wozencraft Cynthia Wright Janet Yeager Richard Young Paulette Zajic Q. K S 3 eil: 'M-v, -X , .,, Air? IR . WRT v W1 asa, as ,5Pi ' l ri if ,, 6 , S ff? lflr Xi 5 1 A W E W., .., -f I AA it ' is 'Q x' i f, 9.5 J' f Lf A W 2, Www 5 , Ja , UPL? UAWS ox mr lNx: Students from all over Oklahoma attended the state convention at Nimitz. Student Council Members Attended State Convention The Wright Student Council elected Jeff Brown, President, from each homeroom and a few members-at-large. Doug Calhoun, Vice-President, Vicki Phillips, Secretary and Students provided housing for councilmembers from other Cathy Heller, Treasurer. Mr. Joe Garner is the sponsor for schools in Oklahoma for the State Convention held at Nimitz. the group. Again this year, the council sponsored the Babies Milk Fund. The Council is composed of one elected representative if-V ROW 1 - Steve Hull, Bill Galbraith, Vicki Phillips, John Ridenhour, Nancy Wightman, David Huckin, Pam Stone. ROW 2 - Julie Burnett, Barbee Harris, Marsha Gelwick, Cathy Hel1er,Diane Dimit, Susan Hill, Nancy Exon, Scotty Wieczorek. ROW 3 - Jim Steinmyer, Nick Moyers, Barbara Fisher, Jeff Brown, David Spielman, Jane Ortloff, Mark Hopkins, Susan I-Iartsell. ROW 4 - Barbara Talmadge, Linda Gibbon, Les Clark, Susan Short, Doug Calhoun, David Cockrell, Rex Wheeler, Mr. Garner. Rob Searcy, Jan Eisenbeis, Steve Hall, Carol Nafe, Bill Banks, Karen Carr are a few of the Wright students that filled 250 friendship boxes. Junior Red Cross Filled Friendship Boxes The Wright Junior Red Cross officers have been President, Bill Banks: Vicc-President, Steve Blazer: Secretary, Jan Greeng Reporter, Paul Peters and Miss Juanita Curtis is the sponsor for the group. Each homeroom elects one representa- tive and one alternate to represent them in the organization. At the close of a successful membership drive in Sep- tember, the representatives, and alternates enjoyed a coke party in the school cafeteria. Other activities have included filling boxes for children overseas or in hospitals, and presentation of a program and serving refreshments at the Children's Medical Center. ROW 1 - Dana Carlisle, Sarah Savage, David Nicholson, Susan Savage, Jeanie Archambo. ROW 2 - Joyce Parke, Barbie Southard, Mike Elmore, Sondra Pittman, Cathy Beverly, Donna Whitney. ROW 3 - Janet Hardy, Jan Green, Judy Lemley, Robin Terrell, Byron Burke, Jim Wescott. ROW 4 - Mary Lil Baker, George Ratliff, Mike Niles, Jack Moore, Bill Banks, Steve Hall, Robin Searcy. A' ifir f Y ii , , , Civitan postmen Bill Nation, David Baker, Vernon Howard and Bill McMahon accept Valentine from Diane Clark and Barbara Fisher. The Southwest Civitan Club sponsors Wright's Junior Civitan. The club is composed of eighth and ninth grade boys. The club sold fruitcake and candy to raise money for community service proj- ects. Again this year the club processed the Christmas and Valentine mail. Q Junior Civitcm JUNIOR CIVITAN ROW 1 - Gordon Garrett, Bill Nation, Walter Kirk, MattWatson, Bill Henderson. ROW 2 - Paul Day, Larry Scott, David Baker, David Jones, Lloyd Samuels. ROW 3 - Vernon Howard, Carl Ross, Jim Norman, Bill McMahon, Fred Mundt. J Ts A INCORPORIITED The K-Club battled hard but the Faculty won 48-40. The K-Club is sponsored by the Utica Square Kiwanis Club. ,Membership is limited to 25 eighth and ninth grade boys. These boys, under the leadership of Mr Norman, follow the by-laws of K-Club International which stress scholarship,lead ership and citizenship. U5 5 4? The K-Club Qc j . W ,go The K-Club conducted a rummage sale earlier this year with the enthusiastic assistance of the student body. The student body and faculty enjoyed the spirited basketball game between the K-Club and men faculty members. ROW 1 - Kevin Leonard, Jim Bryan, John Savage, Robin Powers, Bruce Ross. ROW 2 - Larry Bookman, Randy Dorsch, Jeff Brown, Larry Dunn, Sim Walker, Jim Steinmeyer. ROW 3 - Richard Taylor, Bill Mitchell, Mark Phillips, David Cockrell, Daryl Denbow, Dave Spielman, Mr. Jim Norman. ROW 4 - Phil Stepp, Randy Grigor, Arlen Allison, Tommy Hull, Randy White. BOYS' GLEE CLUB ROW 1 - Dennis Wilson, John Cleary, uerry Glasby, Doug Darmstetter, Scott Wieczorek, Sidney Overturf, James H111 man ROW 2 - Peggy Hoffman, Accompanist, Bruce Graham, Steve Squire, Mark Niles, Gary Eidson, Rex Johnson, David Ford, Steve Brown. ROW 4 - Lloyd Samuels, Rick Sturner, Ricky Wood, Paul Long, Dick Turner, Ben Johnston Raymond Gardner, Mrs. Lawrence, Director. The Vocal Music Department Presented The music groups performed several times during the year, but the most outstanding per- forrnance came in April when the group pre- sented their Annual Spring Concert. Selections for the concert were worked on throughout the year. One of the more popular numbers of the concert was the duet of Dennis and Diane Wil- son. The highlight of the Christmas Assembly was the beautiful solo by Becky Groh. Mrs. Lawrence f K 2 5 t l S 5 S i - 1 j J 'S f r 4 A A s., . ? I A W y rf 3, if 'ili Rf rssi 4' R if ' ' ' + ' , H W 'Al A y - ' sr 1 5 , 5 ' , i t B ,, it , X LLVX J V ::' if 1 f K ..a. im ,,a.,....1....,.L rssr il? MH L. .t . ... is r GIRLS GLEE CLUB ROW 1 - Marilyn Trask, Dorothy Pedigo, Jan Kelly. Glenda Davis, Janet Myers, Diane Wilson. ROW 2 - Shannon Wojtysiak, Kathy Pinkston, Betty Stuart, Regina Palmer. Cindy Davis, Dawn Armstrong, Janice Sikes, Paula Scott ROW 3: Sherry Ward, Charolette Reheard, Sandy Webster, Carol Young, Barbara Evans, Janet Gesin, Jenny John- son. Shirley Cundiff. ROW 4: April Harris, Jan Green, Carolyn Montgomery, Karen Thompson, Judy Gorham, Glenda Thompson, Vivian Dean, Donna Thurman. ROW 5: Kitty Barkley, Annette Pass, Connie Doane, Karen Cottrell, Brenda Johnson, Margaret Ball, Becky Groh, Jo Glenn, Chere Ashby and Mrs. Lawrence. A Variety of Musical Programs ,N-NJ Ben Johnston, Becky Groh, Dick Turner, Dennis Wilson and Diane Wilson enjoying sing- ing informally for Mrs. Lawrence. ROW 1 - Robert Gasnier, Mary Eaton, Karen Klar. ROW 2: Bob Flint, Sam Johnston, Mike Taylor, Sherri Hadley, John Whitney, Carol Gasser. ROW 3: George Ratliff, Paul Day, John Musgrove, Steve West, Mike Rose, Wesley Miller, Bill Nation. ROW 4: Chuck Sullivan, Steve Hollis, David Hays, Carolyn Harper, Robert Jennings. Randy Gooden. ROW 5 - Drummers - Dale Ross, Alan Nicholson, Joe Willits. The Instrumental Music Depcurtmeni ni ROW 1 - Rob Maddin. Tonya Frost. Sylvia Ewing. ROW 2 - Sherwood Christman, Linda Ramsey, T. I. Reese Norma Carpenter, Farley Fleming, Vicki Johnson. ROW 3 - Carolyn Shepard, Sherre Barbee, Lee Smith, Marilyn Howe, Caroline Higgins, Carol Vanzant, Debbie Hays, Dana Walker, Frankie Bailey. ROW 4 - George Brown, Susan Walker, Kathy Adkins. STANDING - Jeannie Archambo, Kenny Roberts, Robby Arm- strong, Tommy Tibbets. i 6 5 Q 'S K ADVANCED BAND ROW 1 - Roger Huckett, Larry Scott. ROW 2 - Ricky Wright, Frank Fuss, Mike Elmore, Freddy Mundt, Jim Kirk. ROW 3 - Buddy Caldwell, Steve Whitney, Gary Bonner, Scott Thomas, Jo Ann Pilfold, David Gooden. Steve Wilkins, David Renfroe. ROW 4 - Lee Owens, Bill I-Iuckin, Wayne Sparkman, Steve Spyres, Paul Bradford, Larry Archambo, Pat Murphy, Vernon Howard. Mr. Loucks - STANDING. Not Pictured: Mike Hensley, Dick Liner, George Saxby. Presented Many Outstanding Concerts ADVANCED ORCHESTRA ROW 1 - Anita Hanson, Phil Ansteth, Jack Moore. ROW 2 - Karen Gile, Gordon Garret, David Montgomery, Stanley Harris, Becky Rutledge. ROW 3 - Jean Martin, Gary Greene. Linda Dickerson, Barbara French, D'Anne Glidden, Steve West, Dana Thompson, David Cameron. ROW 4 - Rob Allen, Mike Cushing, Roger Vernon, Frank Fuss, Judy Hinton, Mike Sowers, Duane Jeffers. Larry Archambo. ROW 5: Mr. Loucks and Bill Wooten. INTERMEDIATE BAND FRONT, CENTER - Pat Behning. ROW 1 - Gary Hale, Bryan Hammond, Steve Schooley, Jackie Higgins, Jim Garrett, Robert Bailey. ROW 2 - Barbara Gowans, Jerry Campbell, Mark Goff, Joyce Parke, John Story, Steve Gosnell, Robert Mobley. ROW 3 - Mike Blackman, David Holiway, Joe Spann, Debbie Degler. STANDING - Dick Ansteth, Ted Blackburn and Mr. Loucks. Not Pictured - Dick Council, David Long, Eric Nunley, Jim Instrumental Music Classes Popular Wit 1 BEGINNERS BA ND ROW 1 - Mary Holmes, Mark Hopkins, Gary Quinlan, Jim Rogers. ROW 2 - David Sharp, Preston Phillips. Morgan Williams, Charles Cox, Gary Ensing, Karen Knott, David Annex. Gary Wilkins, Francis Reid. ROW 3: Peter Hladky, Vernon Abbott, Kevin Hardin, Ricky Young, Suzanne Jolley, Russell Vernon. Hal Walker, Kim Cochran, Alex Graham, James Rooks, David Stockton, Sam Wilson, Paul Hill. STANDING - Thomas Pruitt, Kenneth Bundy, Mr. Loucks. SEATED - Kenneth McIntosh, Charlie Fitzpatrick, Marty Davis. Not Pictured: Mike Slankard, Mike Pyles. INTERMEDIATE BAND FRONT, CENTER - Rex Satterwhite. ROW 1 - Christine Adkins, John Neerman, Kathey Kirk, Larry Howe, Gary Greene. ROW 2 - Richard Goforth, Arlen Allison, Mike Haley, Jeff Marlow, Rick Wozencraft, Pat Marquette, Mike Turney. ROW 3 - Scott Abbott, David Binder, Ronny Magnusson, John Richardson, Jim Lamberton. STAND- ING - Mike Collins, Vance Mason, Randy Weems and Mr. Loucks. eventh, Eighth and Ninth Grade Students STRING CLA SS ROW 1 - Lindsey Montgomery, Karen Krause, Jo Lynda Evans, Kathy Kemm, Les Clark, Julie Walton. ROW 2 - Saundra Storts, Forrest Brokaw, Audrey Nicholson, Bob Silvert. Sue Golden. Cheryl Moore, Deborah Gorsuch, Sharon Morgan, Laurie Elliot, Alan Cathey. ROW 3 - STANDING - Mr. Loucks, David Andrews, Tim McNulty, ROW 3 - SEATED - Gherry Taylor, Colleen Collins. Not Pictured: Alice Litchfield, Debbie Loving, John Rahmes. n I 3 4 X i N STAGE CRAFT HOMEMAKING ROW 1 - Skipper Nicholson, Mrs. Patton and Bob King. ROW 2 - Teresa Wages Pat Murphy and Carl Ross. Sharon Coburn Many Student Assistantf 5297? wyf-:ef we as 'SJMQ7 1.5231 :SSN QAM ifztt 122 I is A ssEMBLY A SSISTANTS ROW 1 - Stevie Dale, Lynn Mason, Lynda Dickerson. ROW 2 - Cathy Heller, Kathy Bankoff, Marilyn Howe. ROW 3 - Megan Gore, Janet Hardy, Harletta Thomas, Debby Hays, and Mrs. Sorge. ASSISTANTS CAFETELUA Ass1sTANTs Valerie Bankoff. Jane ROW l - Frank Fuss and Jim Jones. ROW 2 - Mahlon Pitt, James Vale and Beverly McGeehon Norman and I-'BUY DYE' Render Service fo School if f 1 9,1 'Tor AUDIO VISUAL ROW 1 - Vance Mason, Steven Moore, Mike Collins, and Dennis Eidson. ROW 2 - Danny Weaver, Sidney Overturf, Bill Wooton, Roger Harris and George Robinson. ROW 3 - Doug Williams, Mike Cushing, Robert Mobley, Bill Huckin and Mike Slankard. ROW 4 - Lloyd Samuels, Rickey Grant, Andy Floyd, George Ratliff Rex Johnson and Mr. Long. 2' t .S . -:.:, .',1: - NURSE ASSISTANTS ROW 1 - Annette Travis and Gail Bentley.ROW 2 - Linda Axley, Sally O'Neil, Susan Short, and Lana Buckingham. Sfudenis Guin Useful Experience The student assistants enjoy working with Mrs. Berlin, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Bail and Mrs. Wil- liams, At the same time they are gaining val- uable experience. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Nancy Wightman, Stevie Dale, Theresa Rush, Kathy Munn, Megan Gore, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Berlin, Barbara Fisher, Linda Sharpe, and Marsha Limb. Yr LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Nancy I-larn, Glenda Davis, Dee Dee Semple, Carol Young, Cathy Schwend, Montie Smith, Jan Eisenbeis, Doris Parker, Brendalohnson, and Mrs. Williams. Dollfins Presented Holiday Show This year's show wasa colorful presentation of the holidays. The girls spend many hours before and after school preparing for the show. The sponsors of Dollfins are Mrs. McBride and Mrs. Monroe. Cyndi DeBrucque, Tracey Norman, and Anita Hanson W' h and Pam Stone. ROW 2 - Diane Clark, ROW 1 - Margaret Deaton, Barbara French, Bverly Stuart, Benita ie e, d Jan Moore ROW 3 Claudia Chavers Marilyn Musser Susan Hill Debra Sloan, Susan Hartsell, Judy Hinton, an , - , , , Anita Hanson, and Melinda Denton. ROW 4 - Barbara Jacobs, Harletta Thomas, Jane Knoblock, Judy Gorham, and Cathy Heller. YEARBOOK STAFF: Steve Brill, Sherre Barbee, Marsha Goldstein, Paul Fleming, Carolyn Heller, Janet Hardy and Cyndi DeBrucque. Kitfyhcuwk Finally Completed by Yearbook Staff Seven students under the sponsorship of Mrs. Crafts pro- duced this year's yearbook. The cover design was created by Skipper Nicholson. Paul Fleming led the group as Editor. The staff is indebted to Coach Rrggs Mrs Cox Mrs Berlin, Mr. Coffey, and many others for therr wrllmg assls I8.1'1CC. IM V V V- - - 43 ,,:-At, .t if 151: vw. sf sb . ,, ? i tt,,, y Paul Fleming Carolyn Heller Steve Brill 1 Marsha Goldstein Sherre Barbee Cyndi DeBrucque Vt if ' dl W , -Y' Janet Hardy IIITIUITIES Susan Short Nancy Wighiman Cathy Crowned Miss Kiftyhawk Cathy Andrews was crowned Miss Kittyhawk by Paul Fleming, Kittyhawk Editor. Susan Short and Nancy Wight- man were her attendants. Escorts were Randy Grigor, Jeff Brown and Carl Ross. Leslie Hull served as flower girl and Elaine Loveless as crown bearer. -...qv Carolyn Heller, Kim Swyden, Judy Greene, and Carolyn Byfield look at Jose Nunez, the dead Caesar, as Greg Johnson delivers Anthony's famous speech. Ninth Grade Presented Shakespeare Assembly 5 nl , . V Jacqueta Johnson, Steve Wilkins and Stevie Dale watch anxiously as David Goldish and Ronnie Wiggins wrestle in a scene from As You Like It. DHYY1 Denbow and Becky Groh portray Romeo and Juliet. The Foreign Language Department Presented CI Delightful Assembly BUGS 'M conomnx The delightful foreign language assembly was A crowd of senoritas watch as Jeff Brown, the brave mata- directed by Miss Smith, Mrs. Resler, and Mrs. dor, made pasos at the fierce bull. McCormack. The Hunter, Sim Walker, protects Little Red Riding Hood, Debbie Combs, from the Wolf. The trees are Scott MacLean, Gene Warfield, Darryl Crews and John Raney. The play was given in Spanish. Speech Department Presented Pinch Me Steve Hall and David Spielman present ai corsage to Mrs. Patton for directing Pinch Me. Kevin Leonard and Ronnie Wiggins refuse candy from Steve Hall. Bobbie Lou Casper and David Spielman Becky Groh because they had put pepper inside some act out one of the scenes from Pinch Me. of the pieces. :mul Sara D01'I1auS. Becky Groh. Janie Taylor. Marilyn Stevie Dale, Beverly Janus, Bobbie Lou Casper, Musser, Joy Parrish, Ronnie Wiggins and Kevin Leon- Sherry Salle, Jacqueta Johnson, Steve Hall and David ard performed in the second assembly. Spielman performed in the first assembly. Help keep Wright clean! Please, Mr. Domingos! Brill you're so rank! Entirely Over Our Mental Ability No, it can't be! What a pa MONROE'S LEA DER CORPS ROW 1 - Margaret Deaton, Teresa Wages, Montie Smith, K. D. Law, Karen Klar and Diane Wilson. ROW 2 - Vicki Landreth, Jackie Martin, Kathy Kirk, Margaret Ball, Christy Wilson and'Iuc1y Gorham. Leader Corps McBRIDE'S LEADER CORPS ROW 1 - Sheila Landreth, Caroline Higgins, Linda Craig, April Harris and Cherry McIntosh. ROWsf2f-,J an Moore, Beverly McGeehon, Mary Rush, Tracey Norman, Annette Pagssi ROW 3 - Susan Hill, Marilee Erick- son, Jenny Day, Carolyn Byfield, Sheila Baker. ROW 4 - Harletta Thomas, Lynne Stanley, Jane Knoblick, Carol N afe, Gloria Renfrow. Speedball Mr. Dennis' Homeroom: ROW 1 - Carol, Benita, Sherry, Jenny, Cindy and Marilyn. ROW 2 - Linda, Marsha, Kristy, Jo, Vivian, Elaina. ROW 3 - Charolette, Judy, Mary, Nancy, Marilyn, Pam, and Debbie. Eighth Grade Intramurals The Faculty and K-Club basketball game. Volleyball Mr. Dennis' Homeroom: ROW 1 - Benita, Cindy. Sherry, Jenny and Charolette. ROW 2 - Marsha. Vivian, Kristy, Linda and Elaina. ROW 3 - Jo, Pam, Marilyn, Mary, Lil and Judy. aim-2.3 gr gg 'S , 1 s::ts5z:21,gzs3g:raaQr,-,was W1 Ma.mfr.W- '--v ' mfawggwwrlfrlif, wr-W my fam M3555 Mas, ,HW , me SHS' 2 1 555-SRHW '18 vfifiki sagggfiwrggsgl I :alma my f 35 4 X K R F f -rl , , - all . 21' J 5 3, mu: rv ' Ar if Ol' 1- Flagball Mr. Mark's Homeroom: ROW 1 - Bob. Randy. Rick, Darrel and Gene. Row 2 - Paul. Chuck, Sid, Bobby, and Sim. ROW 3 - Steve, Brent, Richard, Robert and Robert. The boy's volleyball champions take the game seriously. .50 Grade Intramural Champions I gwf 5155 K L, ,U gat K ki A Q L .fs ' L mf ,. 1 Inf , A Q K 2 -., ffl ,W X s 3 W , H - rv. :J 1 L 1-,S JK of L L , ' rm , ,,,grgfaf ,sf-532. , f rrrr w W 2 , W '..,,.s?f:-??1 s-ww 'TX ' ' Q r f ' . 5 2 A five? . ' ' L'r' ' ,, - - fa 1 I A L 1 2 ' ,ffiswiv ' ' - 5' s ' , vt 1-, ' , Y , - 1.-,fy -',' lgi f Z L V Z ' N- fa, ,, 'W ,, ,,. I - I arrr - ,aa' L 1 . eff F f . - -- -'59Zlf5?lf5LV- 7551, 029-5, . , L f 1 '.a, f V1 'TAGS fWE:L'i:h .. 3 if 4 M, 'Ui 'fx' .E ,J ,rffpf 5 ,T -:' SPEEDBALL - Mrs. Lawrence's Homeroom - ROW 1 - Vicky, Claudia, Nancy, Sally, and Sue. ROW 2 - Sharon, Becky, Susan, Judy and Iacquetta. ROW 3 - Karen, Harletta, Jane, Christy and Marielle. 5 an rc, V p l ,Q-L R 4 he L L if f 3 h f L L 3 M , A C hhrxr f h ' V A S . f E ,sm of 'fr s's V E1 i L ' RRrr S S q , ' I , X. 5 ,XM - Z .. -..-. . if : ,X ,ggi-2 H ffri .ff In 1 rs C hhLshh fs., ' 2 .1, I 1 rs R W 2 5 C FLAGBALL - Mrs. Lawrence's Homeroom: ROW 1: MIXED VOLLEYBALL - Mrs. Robinson's - ROW 1 - George, Don, Richard, and Robert. ROW 2 - David, Marsha, Cathy, Lynn, and Carolyn. ROW 2 - Phil, David, Ronald, Randy, and Rod. Jack. Greg and Eric- .ffus11ffrfzgL-wr -wears-rgfywfrsglaxfgwswraa- rgsf2lfsiH'? WP' I 1 z .. ' 'gf V - ,,h, L .,.A I., -7,h.. L, -M., -f-7-fwf-V :wwf I, ,?,r.,xLV., Vkkr 5 . 1 ,.-,L'fe-,r,,f',,f,41f , . W, ML., sf. ,en ,gkrrtigi K Q A 0 3 S G L K , L. 1 Q I ,A Q r 5 rg, X ' 1,5 r . r'ff1f ,1:wg::g.,:, sf ' ' ' f 'fl , ' aiziglif 1 QQ J ' ,,e?m'TSsiQ,1?lLRwa59r.2iw . A- rr-w.i.-gil . 1- . 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' K5 Q 1 .S z F -L ' if E3 i if PQX.xlrf , -'53 , ir, ii 1 ,rm ., ROW 1 VOLLEYBALL - Mrs. Lawrence's Horneroom: ROW 1 - Mac, Tom, Eric and Kim. ROW 2 - Phil, Steve, - Sue, Karen, Nancy and Vicki. ROW 2 - Nancy, Greg and jack, Linda, Christy and Becky. ROW 3 - Judy, Harletta, VOLLEYBALL - Mrs. Robinson's Homeroom: Jane, Sharon and Marile. Some of the students in the first hour gym classswimming laps. Seventh Grade Intramurals VOLLEYBALL - MRS. HAND'S HOMEROOM: ROW 1 - Martha, Diane, Colleen, Cecelia, Sherry, and Peggy. ROW 2 - Ioly, Kristy, Gwen, Lisa, Debbie and Mary. 'W by W 3 V as ,, it I , Hr i I ' A rv-. ws 7 i an if i , sw, aj 11 , ', 5 vi? F: YW f. 1 ' ILY - -- fi r.f,-' 2 :fk ' -zzw-, i .wr- E ,r i LL, Rt rr r SPEEDBA LL - MRS. HAND'S HOMEROOM: ROW 1 - FLAGBALL - MRS. RESLER'S HOMEROOM: ROW 1 - Peggy, Martha, Colleen, and Pam. ROW 2 - Cathy, Gary, Hal, David, Wayne and Mike. ROW 2 - Ray Diane, Cee Cee, and Sherry. ROW 3 - Jo Lynn, Robert, Les, Chris and Tim. Kristy, Gwen and Mary. A NT A my QQ MAA Wdgwiomhp Autographs X xfwwp sfo me Ufffw, M WMM , Sify igfjgigl imc AME gh, mcgcjgg WNW , W-11- mmf, 4 ,www W - W by fbi fm My XM, f Q5 p0 QW? 7 MQW, xwkw Ja eww MMM, WMM ibm MQDMOM WDP gwmtlljwgl f W W of ffffwfqwffw' ,0iM,jf,ff0'Mf jfwzfgwg W fomvg Quai T ilhjw fjXfj5M,,,Jf6L7f QMQW wzwu iii V h Sz 3-X WP' x WWW Q-EQHESQ, MQW is SE ga 1 E ' , X N ' ' MD 1323555552 , 0 Autographs ZJQMQQZQ MK Z Wg ydw UVM? WMM 95, Jffwa UW I W Autographs W? off, if ZMML Qdvfvawfw 19 363.4-I 311+ X vffx WNQUWJWAX y gkixffa' 6 7140, J 1 ZZZLCZM Jw, ww 432561 AMJZQQQZLQ Xwzfzifo Q47 Wwfwwb ,B X65

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