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 - Class of 1954

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4 ag! A . ' H '- s 4 .,-. -. V f X -. . - 1- vi -+ wf'.',,'fX ,, - tbagoh no W 1' T Je' 'K nv N. ..w 7b9f Q' 2' - '7 - -I I os? , 4' 1196351 if ,ffl W0 'VJ XX I N --1--5 of' n 'yi r - 1 , Q f s-' 9 ,ff r Mb S G 5 F - A Q., oi? N.7f'5,Y 3 omxgqxib .L Q. 4-PJ f V 'x' ,JZ ' N H 09' wk P GK MQ. 5 fx nv ol ' , 6' UU' ,XX JL :axial yi -1' ,L ,av A W , 0 ,Jr Jr? I It rmu Ifglkf. V ll E Q iJ'P4 AVA 1 rv '1 IQ' .5 ' L 4 bf , Wu 'E cf' - wx' .r 5 l-is N' ' ,sv ,J 'gf I ' 3 2 5 L J , w'A'5fQfV -QW 4 W '04 .J . tk All P nj-' ' ' If N ig rj' fb ' j' -f' 0 , '21 me X 1'-1,1 , 'Wy if gf gy V J' Aff K 0, J, X 2 ' If! my f 1 Q gy ,.,2'Shf 'gr' f A QAM frfigj, lj I- 1? V 'DJJ Q Ra, V Q if f2 ii7,if 4 Af' thigh? flgjyfl I -iff? 'iff' bfi' I V A ,. , 0 , ff ,jfi,,.0 M P 0 2f'7 1f fif1!, A My ? ,ffej if ffl IJ 9 A ,gig If ' , ' 41 ,,.A ff Rf M11 1 fffx A' ! x ,,.-' - ' ,jf . A-fi' Y im 1 Ap? ,,, T57 f' . ' ,D M ' . A-fly N ' I . ' .' j v ' I u x, Wray , f 3 9- K X VV 'S Jf, :E C , l, I-7 . L 6633 it ,P 3.3 ,wif ' M - E fp le. QKWLQJ xx ',.W'Qf4 fx. I Nr! v ' I - t - N E ix, W., . im? .4 fjllvygf j,?5f'k,X gf Evy ,MI K3 , fx Aw '. Ali' 1 750'-1 '5 gi,5f5P1q fi' gg PM ' 'f I ' ef- 'v f ff ' 'Q f . . . fy iM ,,5 '3'fU A riff 5, V ,f ,f,,,i! . My in ,jj X 4 V . M ' 'qv va -if-'Lx VII. If M4113 if f ' x Q ,. lj! :iff LN! Oy . E .. V L, - ,-,-, ,,,,if-- -,,l.,.-':... . , , . -- ff- , W , -4 i- -, f' ' Y If 1---' ffknm z .qfd fm- f 944 M 'W ff- 51 r Lg . Na ly w A1 .Q L TIF' if Cf ,ff X, f gf ,W s - , -.J x w lm' . 1' 1' x -- 1 N. -Y Ai.-yi L of f 41 ' . J , xf. f my ff: 3, ' QVUX I N if , df J . A Jw 'ir V Jil NOK? 4' pail 11, '49-1 '91 fc, 11 K X L ' . N11 fir ff wig kd I. 'A U' J l X d 'Xl -HIL f' I 4 11,1 ' J , Q M JR zfxf W: fi 7 We! - if My iw .Q D I ff fi V . 7 QL N' 'ig fy fi , U X afk' A In QQ! i al feaguv -2. 5675, , F f pl ,ef bash jfizff-foam My 5. If-VLC' fv KMw.7b7aWs goongf Lgfgceit fx .. ldiffhfx-mu MV' SEV the -ABQ Jnfjm Su .Atal 7-fig?-?jgS,,3fil1a12:50Mjy'ktlrl'a:',bG5'rB+ 7-ya l 2 ' I - 'H p01-K ' a57,?J'iZ3f5,:v.zt ..As'1'f++f 0 fd diff Jfff , . F2tw2',f'D,, ' ' f 1 aj , WJ my My 'fmt 4 mwjd LUN 3 I 4514 D 6 f wi 55,3 1 In at, ii2?fnL:Zf, iafqiadv 'il X -if MQW , Qf!'-: ,f-3.4 N WWW !'g?'S'S7'f.,o?4 4 Q lb l rg-rf . ,ff - I .fwQL L p-15, 4,35 -:,k.- ,3l,g,-1 ,,.ll,',,-,A J.- ,A L, A y. ,f ?Q'41'filfU ff6'f,a'if,-'f.- -2, I A7-,o'nA.'-'J?'ffPf'5ff 4V-i1fA.f'1,f., if --A 1,-fl,-Lwpp rw Q.,. N ' ,K L' ' 'rw S7 --'JJ ,n,A, f H. -' '1 ' vylrj, E, al' 14 1 ,M r ,A V X i Q , 5 1 1:1 . 4 , 'E ' ' '3 3' 1 1 ff ,Q , , 4 ,, A f lm LQ, 1 ! if-3 ' l I HA 'Yr 1 X V ' iv X 1, V N I' 4 ' Q I if in 6' l ! 1' , 1 'V' I ' X isp' hu-. 3' J M . L1 fi X Qin, I G ' 1 ,P '44 . 4 f,m.,f, vu I 1 .1 il 1--'- Q1 fa -gf ,, N i , v 'Sfmt V I I l ri KK W jX 1 E it Ir. ik x 4 , , q -I 1 'Y 5' ' Ju., L 5 li' . ,fl . ' Q51 ' s ' mr' J A if fin 5 , V 1 xg' , , ' 'Mi 1 5 I mecbcafion WE DEDICATE TO DES MOINES. . . . .the capital and largest city of our State, this yearbook. Des Moines was established in l843. In the last one hundred eleven years it has grown by leaps and bounds. Through this growth it has become the focal pointof the greatest agricultural region in the world . Des Moines is the insurance center of the West, forty-seven companies having their home offices here and one hundred others main- taining branch offices and agencies in the city. It is known for its printingland publishing establish- ments which produce such magazines as Look , Better Homes and Gardens and Su ccessfu l Farming and over seventy newspapers and periodicals . 'Its public school system is excellent. Its friendly inhabitants continually work together for greater civic improvement. Des Moines is the home of many churches. Moreover, it is the home of our own. dear Open Bible College. We are proud of this great city of ours. DES MOINES. . .WE SALUTE YOU! Marc! of L-izbirecforfi FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT TORIGHT: Wilbur M. Cornman, Gordon B. Fran- cis , Gerald Vriezelaar, Robert J. Haynes, Neal Gail. BACK ROW, FROM LEFT TORIGHT: C. Russell Archer, Laverne Uackj Card, Frank W. Smith, Elbert Dougherty, Calvin Loper. 3 Y- B ROW R0 FT hi LEP TORIG TTORJ 5122, Bob GUY' 511 ,- 8011: ffl, Cb 1101: 8021763 E pl'i1Dl'qieCbtel lllllllllllll STHFF ' 'Ure CYD Roy Dwyer, Charles E. Bechtel e Glbsopwell M 17, WV. Q91-en Faculty advisor. . Eclitor . . . Assistant Editor. . Copy . Layout . Photographer . . Promotion Manager Advertising Manager 4 1954 ONWARD STAFF 1 o Charles Bechtel . Roy Dwyer Maxine Kersey Alice Gibson Vivian Tosten . . Bill Flint . . Bob Bush Bob Primrose I I .pf , W-,H , W gg- ,xx ,.. XJ 5 .jg 1 'kxym NNW 'H' ' ii.!iN'fiw:4- f Q ' if 1 X, ' ul . ' D fx px , '. Vg . ' ' x '- A ' , x K I L N , . 'Q Y 4 ' X' .gyfafwmen J 3 , ,g I XX Executive Vice President C. RUSSELL ARCHER It , ,ii- M. 1' M' in' 'ff President FRANK W. SMITH Dean of Education JAMES S. MASON Registrar CHARLES E. BECHTEL Office Manager MARGARET PETERSON Director of Practices RONALD R. SMITH LAVONNE A. ARCHER Music C. RUSSELL ARC Bibl HER e, Theology, Pract ics WILBUR M. CORNMAN Bible , Theology CHARLES E. BECHTEL Bible, Histor y, Sociology GERALD H. CROOKS B usine ss ROBERT I. HAYNES Bible, Theology SN 'S GORDON B. FRANCIS Greek LULUBELLE L. ISBILL Missions JAMES S. MASON Bible, Theology, Greek, Psychology VIOLET MURRAY Librarian DELIA KLEIN Music Theory WILMA MASON Missions, Japanese DOLORES RAINEY Spanish FRANK W. SMITH Theology EDNA SHOLES Sunday School Methods, Visual Aids RONALD R. SMITH Bible, English, Philosophy Q74 .EIL v . 5-5. ' f , P. 1 52- 25, X n ', s x I J az ' Vll ,S 21' mg ,f. , v- g'-CH Mig w .. L if E ,N . EEF' ' , if Y fix --Lj,gS' xlil , , 4 ? Wink 5 ffl 1-5, ,... , R- b L .1 1-it 'H ff 'Q J! X P 1 - ff 1-gm 'Ag 4 p -f 1r- , f I .Af -A Q-A .li 'iff we-Q1 . 25 ,JF 'Is' iw' ,J 5 .v- -1 ,-HT.: 1' . , 4 'FI TL' Z. 1 A ' 1 ' ' um!! EM' ' l ZZQIQ5 5 'fu ' . .. 3 '1 ' 7 SVN-.E' w'g. f!ff:'? f'::f3 ' J., - f +T.1l ff , 1 1- T ,. Q-1 bfi 1 va--s - u Q-v +-v 1 + ' f !!'ll'!!l!ullll!ll .Nu I n h e . n n. l ui XE I b .1 W-.e -..- -..- -Jllfl'N1l 'f' ? 'I ZH HIIII IIIIIFN3 FMIW LMI i ' 1 ! 1 'FWF' ., ,LJ g. -:Lit Ill Ili fl Ill ll! ' lnlln-Y. 'f 1, 4, - V Y YY , - :QV III 'I'l'lIA ' u I .gn K ll nm k mv f, ii , f -,. 2-L R: ' ll 5 IIll l ff 1 'H , ll 4 EN! 577 ET-731 X ' '1 -1 -Y I uni: vx ll 5 in EQ 'ff ,., ll 5 mi ,L ,Wil H Wu WW ii J..., NIV L 1-. ' :qi-'W - - Ti X MJ MIN Y 314, 'Q' T Nik ll BJ 'J' 'W w lunar -S IOHN BOOK B. A. English Bible D. S. Music Director IIXMPCJ 6861 Perri Class Scripture - Philippians 2:16 DON BRYAN B. A. English Bible President WILLIS DIXON B. A. English Bible 14 AL BUSH B. A. Religious Education English Bible D. S. Treasurer N i L LOUIS PROCK B, A. English Bible 671144 o I9 4 Colors - Green and White 1 -. H Q- 'i ' . n v I imw ' RUTH BRYAN, D. S WILLIAM BROWN, N.S. DELORIS BLAIR - N.S. Secretary .IOYCE CARROLL, D.S. 15 KENNETH EHRAT, - N.S. Treasurer FERN GARBISON, N. S. 3 WILLIAM KOON, N. S. CHARLES FAIRCHILD, N.S. Tre as urer CLARENCE LAUTT, N.S. 16 LYNETTE HUFF, N. S. PAUL LEAMING, D.S SN T DAVID MITCHELL, D.S. KENNETH PIPER, D. S. EVERETT PETERSON, N.S. Pres1dent CURTIS RUBY, D. S. 17 ROGER PFADENHAUER, D. S MARTHA RUBY, D. S. GERTRUDE SMITH, N. S. WALTER SMITH, N.S. I . Y - efsa gf-47:-5 TE . - ,,,, l In N r RUTH STOAKS, N.S. Vice President ROBERT STUFFLEBEAM, N. S. 18 REX STOAKS, N. S. VIVIAN TOSTEN, D. S. Secretary EDNA WHITE, N.S. IRENE WINTER, N.S. GILBERT WIDMER, N. S. KEITH WINTER, N. S. Night School President 19 YULA WIDMER, N.S. WILLA ZIMMERMAN, N.S 66 xy x -3' '1h!Ei!h-1- lv 1 Jlofakng Z7.,,'fA 574, 'mmf of can Justin Martyr. . . There is no people, Greek or Barbarian, or any other race, by whatsoever appellation or manner they may be distinguished, however ignorant of art and agriculture, whether they dwell in tents or wander about in covered wagons, among whom prayers and thanksgiving are not offered, in the name of the crucified Jesus, to the Father and creator of all things. ' Yes, Stephen, Augustine, Luther, Wesley and'many others have carried the gospel to all parts of the world . There have been martyrs, there have been heroes and there have been failures - but the word of God has unltimately been propagated victoriously. During the past three or four years, the message of the Lord has been heralded in various places by members of our graduating class. Many services were held in iails and in nursing homes - street corners have listened silentlyas we have repeated Christ's words. Though we are leaving school we do not want to forsake the preaching of God's Word - now and forever we are WORDBEARERS . Paul has given a charge that cannot be misinterpreted: Holding forth the word of life, that I may reioice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain . Philippians 2:16 ---jf'---'-' n-L zo AI Bush ------nm1m4.' ay 3600! yuniomi BOB BUSH I came here to study, not to be distracted by women. ROY DWYER We all like him: we just can't help it. ALICE GIBSON It's nice to be natural - when you're naturally nice. ELMER GLOVER Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. GLORIA HALL So little done, so much to do. GEORGE HEBBERT Generally speaking, he 's generally speaking. DAVID HUFF Study is a pastime, why overdo it? DARLENE KLOPPING Music is well said to be the speech of angels. JANET OSTENDORF To be late or not to be late, that is the question. DEAN SCHAGER 'Beware - I may do something famous yet. 2' I ., Er 1 OW n 's ' H url V ' u IT. ' ff, x 'I 4' 'Y v 1 A' ,.. ' Ay, . ,- -. 5 ,LAQJ-Q' ,- .- I. ,. 22' ,Q H-new-:, V 5I1Q1:gSvgf'!! 'V - , I ., UNUW i lip Nm L M 3 L .WMVZL Y '. ,lg ww in ,mu n -.'-. - , wfwi lf ' n' 3Jni:Fl'- , x . 1 1 F I -213551 fp yt , . 1 iam L u Hp 1. L+' H12 . VN ,. 4 4 W' - W1 I 'P f-,nn '51 1 . ' v JJ ' - TH ,fi- if . Q, , ,iff ' A W rr :'7'f2'. , Aki? .uw Jn -fit , -','.'Hl , ,liL rf ST- . ' -A A. x,I 1 .X r, .T 1 . r 1 rv x . L , I ...':-'-'x ' ' X. I L 2 . if yi .. ... 3 '1'..L1 '-:f'5L'5 52 if 'J:if. X4 1.31.3 Q','V fue V - H f 'P ' '-Q., ,x -W , A , U ,,-Q. Y Y L,:t.f . , ' . 1'-1 'QTL ,JI . Flu! ' x ' 'H' V E if i '. 1 V' x , dif- 5 .. A. N. . -' .' fav ' a ...-fu' , ' 19, . ig H Emi? , , If sw Fai' . ' TQ-. 6: '- .I,,..j'Q.' ' X ba X H, 'E , I ' I YH: 1 .1111 :HM x NN, x 5.5 M, V' .1-H .Z-2.22 -' in I. -,.f, wr J-3. r.-5,::..-I., -V 'mega Q' :N 'V . . V - .191 .uifh 5 Y V SSW. HY ' -, 'II ' , H 'NM .. . ' I M .Q mfg' 'J '4' , ,jg-4: ' - ... ... ' , 32 .. 1 f.1-L52 f . , ... .G '... ' ., 5 , -' rigfrf' X We X I ff' -U -32. . , . f ' -.5 .V x.13L,' A i Y :K ., .'QFg..' 5 ' -4 u . . '... '. if-.lj - f' . . 'if'7'- -Wi l ' ' ,il ,Q . A , W. x HN ' H W WV ay 3400! DUANE ANDERSON I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. DEREL BEEBE In every thing give thanksg for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus con- cerning you. PAUL BIRDSALL Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own under- standing. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. DOROTHEA CAMPBELL I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. . f v ' A H I Ef,.'!3'.-LQ' 372' 42-f PFA IJQGA' IW ' H+- A ,. u HARRIET CASHMAN - secretary :iss -:,1:s,,1 H it-if But se e k ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. JIM GROEN - Vice President Casting all your care upon Himg for he careth for you. BILL FLINT - Treasurer Therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. PEGGY FLINT - Day School Secretary For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. PAUL HEBBERT Search me, O God, and know my hearty try me, and know my thoughts. RAYMOND KEPPLE Tha t the y might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Cl1IiSI whom thou hast sent. I WAYNE KELDERMAN ' For the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest. MAXINE KERSEY Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send and who will go for us? Then said I, here am I, send me. 3,9 0I'l'l 0I'2:5 VERNON LOSEE But what things were given to me, those I counted loss for Christ. PAUL MITCHELL - Missionary Secretary, D. S. Iam crucified with Christg nevertheless I live: yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. IOHNNY NEWTON Pour out your heart before the Lord. PAUL PERSELL Ask, and it shallbe given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened unto you. BOB PRIMROSE - President For since the beginning of the world men have not heard .... neither hath the e ye seen, O God, beside thee, what He hath prepared for him that waiteth for Him. BILL RICHARDS And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge. BOB THOMAS Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my meditation. EVERETT TINDRELL Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. GLENNA WIDMER Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. DON WOOD Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess be- fore my Father which is in heaven. DIXIE WOODS Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. CHESTER VAN BLARICUM fNot pictured, Nay, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. ay 3400! EDWARD ANKER West Des Moines Open Bible Church West Des Moines, Iowa DAVID L. CALEY Denver Revival Tabernacle Denver, Colorado PAUL CLARK First Church of the Open Bible Waterloo, Iowa GLENDA DeIAYNES Burlington Open Bible Church Burlington, Iowa DAVID DETTMAN Foursquare Gospel Church, Marinette, Wisconsin BOB DUNHAM - President Fort Des Moines Open Bible Church Fort Des Moines, Iowa RAYMOND GOWING Church of the Open Bible Parsons, Kansas BARBARA KELLY Metropolitan Bible Church Denver, Colorado IACQUELYN LONGSHORE First Church of the Open Bible Des Moines, Iowa IOANNA D. R. MARTIN Foursquare Church Marinette, Wisconsin gI'26AI'l'L2l'l JOY MITCHELL - Vice President First Church of the Open Bible Des Moines, Iowa CLAIR ODELL Marshalltown Open Bible Church Marshalltown, Iowa IRENE PFADENI-IAUER - Secretary First Church of the Open Bible Burlington, Iowa QUENTIN B. QUINER First Church of the Open Bible Des Moines, Iowa HERBERT H. RICHARDS First Church of the Open Bible Des Moines, Iowa MARGARET ST. JOHN Open Bible Church Toledo, Ohio ROY VAN DYKE Pella Open Bible Church Pella, Iowa MARTHA MARIE YAHNKE - Treasurer Bloomfield Open Bible Church Bloomfield, Iowa JAMES ZIKA Fort Des Moines Open Bible Church Fort Des Moines, Iowa 27 Hgh 5300! jre5Amen JAMES A, BENSON Open Bible Church West Des Moines, Iowa EDITH FUCHS Evangelical United Brethren Ellendale, North Dakota MILDRED MORRIS Full Gospel Tabernacle Patterson, Missouri HAROLD POPE Casper Tabernacle Casper, Wyoming EVENLY STONE Casper Tabernacle Casper, Wyoming HOWARD STONE Casper Tabernacle Casper, Wyoming DON WESTER Open Bible Church Bloomfield, Iowa CLAUDE WHEELER Bethesda Chapel Rock Island, Illinois FRIEDA WILLIAMS Highland Park Open Bible Church Des Moines, Iowa DERALD RIDGWAY fNot picturedj Open Bible Church West Des Moines, Iowa laianzi if -A-U M -4- '- If -,riflfff wfx- - f. N . ,v-4 .... --X - . W . ,-..f5x,f'w.1-- . 5 xx- . x 1 1 xN:: xf- V'--in-7 -,, -- - . v,' 'r ' . ,, - . w.- N - , ,,,...J -' - 1.7 --:-rf. L' Ei -. '- Af . ..L -,A.lV.1- 1-4, L - 4 ,jAY - - ,.- , ,.? M Y - 1 , --' , -A,,. 'y,,.9-,Y YV , Y V,-... Y . ,. rw-. .. .Tx wg ' -MQ - w--T 1-,H ,,- ,' ' ' . NA, --f1,4'- . -. -. W., , M... .. V!-.Aww sf- .-. W -V -V - V , I A . ,' A - H . vl '- .-. 1 f' F V V. , , , V - , . , K-, sg , x - M Y ' w Y ' W ' ,ji 125:- - EV T 1 ' 7 I ' ' ,T 1 'U Y! 32 5 .ff -. . 1-f', : - . '.- 1 A. .- A , . H 'B J - -11--M 1. nfwrff' -fyffr ' . -:gt ,ja 'f ':f-.15 'V 'Jr-.. W0-1 0 , ...Mg .... 3 1 's ' 5 ' r ' Y,- - , .'.:,...f3' - ,- f-.AQ 1..::', . ru - .v, x ufiic irecfor --X-'H-,,,,.. ...f- X 'x N X x A xx 1 l Y x L ,,,,,,,f-f x X u R' ' ARCHER LAVONNE A' 30 FIRST ROW:Jacqueline Longshore, Joy Mitchell, Irene Pfadenhauer, Joanna Martin, Martha Ruby, Glenna Widmer, Martha Yahnke, Joyce Carroll, Alice Gibson. SECOND ROW: Vivian Tosten, Gloriann Hall, Roger Pfadenhauer, James Zika, Curtis Ruby, Bob Dunham, Ray Gowing, Glenda Delaynes, Darlene Klopping. THIRD ROW: Jim Groen, Paul Birdsall, Paul Hebbert, Paul Clark, Roy Van Dyke, Paul Mitchell, David Caley, David Dettman. 'H - . lr -' ..,.. -,-.1 --r11y:. f .2 4 1:-,:. ' 'Y:,,l 1: Z. . ' la ' ,.-,' i S y 15:1 F, gf MUSIC , H Q' , lv:-fr. P il y ff ' -5 --r -'sw r ' .Nil -'X ,,,:j.f I Today, more than ever, music is a popular means of expression. For this reason it is important and effective in the preaching oi the Gospel. O.B.C. is fortunate to have as Musical Director, Mrs. C. R . Archer, under whose direction many fine groups have been organized. One of the newest members of the musical department is the Men's Chorus . They have made many appear- ances throughout the State and have sung for Youth for Christ and over TV. We have a splendid School Chorus and several groups as those pictured here . Among other groups are the Gos- pelaires Quartet, who traveled on a Mid -west Tour last summer, vocal trios, duets, solos, ancl brass ensembles. ' Betty and John Book, Irene Pfadenhauer, Paul Mitchell. 31 W all Bob Primrose' ne Keldetm . 5,1069 n DonW00d' vm 3, 0 BIT, is orud odlae airea 'tr FRONT ROW: Bob Primrose, John Newton, Wayne Kelderman, Bob Thomas, Jim Groen, Paul Heb- bert. BACK ROW: Bob Bush, Dean Schager, Paul Mitchell, Duane Anderson, Roy Van Dyke, P a ul Clark. 32 V I .grefilzman rio 'X JOY Mitchell Joann 3 Martin, be n e Pfadenha Her P6166 l'0Lll0 Ray Kepp le, Jim Groen, Wayne K 33 elderman, Bob Thomas rumlaef jio I . GQQCH b Thomas' nm REV KGPPW' B0 fring roula Barbara Kelly, Joanna Martin, Darlene Klopping, Wayne Kelderman, Curtis Ruby. 34 FRONT ROW: Bob Thomas, John Newton, Bob Bush. BACK ROW: Paul Hebbert, Roy Van Dyke, Jim Groen, Paul Mitchell. Eastefdaf ,df OKC' Inspired by a nucleus of Former high school players, O.B.C. was repre- sented for the first time by a basketball team . This group of Fellows organized a team, appropriately named it the Kollege Kernals and entered the Senior Church League here in Des Moines. We are extremelyproud of the fine record they have attained this first year in organized athletics. Charles E. Bechtel served as coach and Paul Mitchell was team manager. This athletic competition affords an outlet for excess physical energy and teaches aggressiveness, cooperation and fair play. 35 . .742 CON, 7 ll eI'0l'5 .!4l'lC! xyefeg SAQ OKC n cfion SCHEDULE 51 Our Savior Lutheran 36 Calvary Baptist 34 Easton Place Methodist 43 R . L . D . S . 2 Union Park Baptist 47 First Evangelical United Brethren 49 Grandview Lutheran L EPQJAHQQFL of any price. . . Dr. Kiepi O'Manio ..... Dignity . .Um-m-m Good ..... She proposes - Again. . . . . Experience - The best feacher ..... Severing old . JusT keep laughing, sporty . ties .gnifiafion Sure Cure .... Th Pancake make-up ..... . ' .Down toEarth. . . nothing wrong with me Easy cloes it .... little reward . .It's no laughing matter .... ere's .A I 1: lx i 1- f '. 'UM f F,,m,,.,F111 -,., --XF -. 1f?:: , , V-iayjvja-ii 1, glfQIQ5Q1p545js13 ,n7g,t5 '1!,'gfi rw' 1, A-aff '., -J X 'K l:,',..., :F F2 L will iff if-WFT'-' 3 as 4 . 411. ' . X fl ff Q -A - Q 53 1 .V ' 'f -1'- ' '- 2 ,V :A-7 ,1 .W ig' 1 g f YJ .-.a f- 2 1? S pg Q1 ff: 1 . ' A JY A YY V , .1 M 5-,I J gn Llc 'J C ' -- xv pq Lu- f wf vi. F. - - -S L ZZ! U 44 ' . J E H' ,r ' 1'- . X1 'ref' yr, ' ,, 2, . 1 L r-1, K 4 Y! TY, I' , Y . ' :A Y. 1' r ,:. kr I'-V ' , Y' A , XF? ' QI -glfhi il y. :gy ' I' , 'lf' 'gQ1l Q ' I' ,Q . I ,rf F 'Ang I VY L . ff' v'v1.1'. , , , Li 'i i' 1 J gg' . :Z J i 'QE' , I I , xl' , .,, F4-1 E5 fs- 3 ' ' , xl , . 9 l A .J',,.sf, X in -q v ' gmt? 4, 1 A A x IT Qwj sy' A ,ul H-Q pk - f ,. YA. ' ,E , ll :' 'l g' ,wvjvxy JN t , . f 4, riff. YW 111 , , . - ,-x , - --f , f - . HR 1. , -V 5 Q as n Ev fir WI 'ew A ' .Iw- 1, .tx 4 .7- , 5 X, QQWQ V f I N. fr 1 ru! 53,3 M -m!?lE?Th .Q .siuvlenffs Barbara Kelly IBM Machine Operator Iowa-Des Moines Nation Bob Primrose Mailing Clerk Preferred Risk Insurance Ralph Watts Hardware Salesman Mon tgomery-Wards Paul Hebbert Sanitation Engineer Open Bible College .X W , - al Bank Company . . li it I I il Il if WP Maxine Kersey Secretary Open Bible College G. wilifed Flint Salesman Eastman Kodak Stores David Mitchell Dairy Worker Anclerson-Erickson Dairy Paul Clark Printer Inspiration Press 52.4, 'fzqd V4 066 UWHWUHIUH FHCUlTU UUHRTETTE SCHUUL CHOIR ..,.i-11- ,xdrfid C4115 u - H 1,..- Nag :-si H i - .A . 1 , A 5 .. ,JF--.3'L,3 2fY1 'i'f19fF . , gg. ' A ., M ,W .-.N ..-.V , ,.,.J.M X E T1 ' ' .- 5' Q, 'H ' .. --17: f . N ,Lg KM' A NY M'-1, ,mzwhf V f.cgqenp,'....., N. --,g,..,'.', , 4, . ,. ., ,W ' , 4.3 4 V 15- 71 Q. . Q -I Af. 3-...PV ' 4 ... - .-L,,,,... . - '- 5' ' -A AY- . '-' Q - L' 'nn-1 N, AS- - ' 4. , - f - M' E V Y Y iddionary romofion .Af Open Bible College is a school with a Missionary past, a Mission- ary present and a Missionary Future. In the past our school has trained and sent Forth many consecrated, zeolous, successful Christians into Foreign Missionary fields . At present we have twenty-eight alumni who are laboring for the Lord in uttermost parts. Five of our alumni are engaged in opening a new region, French Guinea in Africa. Open Bible College sends partialsupport to a number of our graduates. Every Saturday night we have an established prayer service, dedicated to Missions. In the future we can forsee many more who will go forth and dedicate their lives to evangelizing the dark foreign continents. We are proud of our Missionary heritage . 'DM COITLG' 0717.2 fl Je CENA.. Tom and Helen Clark and little Andy iust returned from a three- year term in Liberia Africa. They are receiving gifts presented by Rev. and Mrs. R. Bryant Mitchell, Gen- eral Chairman of Open Bible Standard . R. B, J' clark, ?1rMf,Cbe 0117 Cla kll, Lola f L ' find ' Mir J' Clar 011611 Ir, ' Heje 11 THE IILHHH tHlllllll-HUHUIIED BU UBI! Mrs. Walter S. Clark, Paul Clark, Helen Clark, Tom Clark, Lavonne Archer. 47 vs v. . .- -9 Q. if lr l56l0I'l6lI'g OIIOI' 0 Ethel Brunhaver . . . Africa Wilma Moore . French Guinea Lowell Chandler . . Jamaica Ivan Morton . . Jamaica Wilma Chandler . . Jamaica fKay Morton . . Jamaica Tom Clark . . . Africa Eddie Outhouse . . Chile Helen Clark . . . Africa Naomi Outhouse . . . Chile 4 I Jacob Collins .... Japan Phil Rounds .... Japan S Bertha Collins .... Japan 'Shirley Rounds .... Japan 'Wanda Fane . . Jamaica Trenton Staton. . . Jamaica Naoma Hale . . Africa K Thelma Staton . . . Jamaica 'Paul Hartman . . . Cuba 'Verl Sterns . . French Guinea Lavonne Hartman . . . Cuba Shirley Sterns . French Guinea 'Lucille Jenkins . . Africa Evelyn Thiederman . . Java 'Peter Kizner G . . Argentia Robert Welsh .... Africa 'Grant Moore . French Guinea 'Evelyn Welsh .... Africa Norma Van Hooser . . Africa 3 3 :Q M : V ' fl 48 COUNCIL OFFICERS President ........... . . Richard Sydnes Vice-President ..... . .Donald Crawley Secretary-Treasurer .... . . Eva Mehls Assistant Secretary-Treasurer . . . Laveeta Smith Trumpet Call Editor ........ . Mary Barfield COUNCIL MEMBERS Ethel Conard Marvin Barfield Jean Cross Albert Bush Violet Murray William Selix Helen Selix Russell Sims Ruth Williams Roy Woods 710 O.B.l. Graduates ............... i933 - l954 Graduates are Pastors, Evangelists, Foreign and Home Missionaries, Businessmen, Nurses. They are workers in Churches, Schools, Factories, Offices and Homes. Officers, Council Members, Reporters and the Trumpet Call Editor are responsible for month-by-month activity. All graduates receive Alumni and School publication, the Trumpet Call and have opportunities for Life-Time membership plaques. Each receives an annual Birthday card . Alumni Office has address lists, records, pictures, and an individual file for each graduate. Going Forward With O.B.C. S2,500 Gift to O.B.C. by June Convention O.B.l. Alumni Association HARVESTERS, 1933 Anderson, Alma Ayresman, Beulah Bain, Gladys and Leroy Bump, Alice Carter, Iona Lyons Cornish, Elsie Crane, Gladys Dowell, Flora and J. A. Edwards, Dorothy and Dan Ervin, Helen Ehlers Etheredge, Daisy, , , Deceased Hampton, Emily F. Hatfield, Emma L. Heck Anna Jenkins, Josephine Jenkins, Lucille, , , Honorary Keller, Leroy Labertew, Paul Lyon, Eldon Lyon, Laura and Keith McKeeman, Gilbert and Genevieve McMurray, Harriett Martin, Marietta Stilwell Mehls, Eva Ballard Mendenhall, La Von and Robert Moon, Delmar ,,,, Deceased Morris, Edith and Burt Muelhaupt, Lois Shepherd Peterson, Helen M. Pray, Oren Rhyand, Gertrude Gaumer Smiley, Marjorie Harn Thompson, Roy C. Truitt, Clarence and Amy Vawter, George Wallentine, Harold Wise, Fred Zumbro, Gwendolyn Brown OVERCOMERS, 1934 Alexander, Nellie Baumgardner, Rufus Chiaramonte, Carmella Johnson, Marie Scalf Labertew, Vera May Wixom Lyon, Hazel McMurray, Thomas J. Mosier, Earl Parsons, Beulah Piper, Raymond Sandy, Dr. A. A .,,,, Deceased Sandy, Blanche IQ!! Cuff Smiley, Robert Snider, Pauline Renner Sterns, Erbelle Scalf Strachan, Mildred Nelson Sturgeon, Gertrude Ellis Sylvester, Charles Warner, Bertha ,,,, Deceased Weins, Gladys Welker, Iowa Allen Welshons, Leonard Wise, Hessie Mae ,,,, Deceased CONQUERORS, 1935 Armstrong, Iona Brown, Chester Clark, Rhea Hamilton, Leon and Marie Hedges, Vetha ,,,, Deceased Hodge, Frances Brown Johnson, George Kristianson, Mabel Mosier, Mae Nelson Nelson, Mabel Nichols, Alice Snider Parr, Hazel, , , , Deceased Persons, Lillian Nelson Pletcher, Gerald Rothrock, Sadie Schultz, Clarence and Sophie Volk, May Wemple, Orland AMBASSADORS, 1936 Bearlac, Daisy Mae Martin Breon, Raymond Dagase, Audree Dougherty, Elbert Elefson, Evelyn Hirsch, Katherine Williams Isbill, Lulubelle Lowe Johnson, Carl Johnson, Elsa ,,,, Deceased Kristianson, Albert Kristianson, Roy Lager, Ellen Kristianson London, Lillie Morris, Jessiehelen Fields Nelson, Helen Parsons, Gladys Pilkington, Fern Murphy Pletcher, Ruby Miller ,,,, Deceased Pope, Russell Ross, Bertha and Glen Spray, Rose Stracke, Carroll Sutton, Edna Thiederman, Evelyn Tucker, Lura Wallentine, Delbert Willis, LaVanche Woodman, Ruth Wardell, , , , Deceased WAT CHMEN, 1937 Birkinbine, Blanche Stewart Brown, Mabel Cheney, Helen Ward Dexter, Ruth Ellis, Reed Gabel, Iola McLaren, Marie Miller, Sherman Modrell, Laura Mae Cloud Riles, Herman Schaff, Phyllis Vestal, Marie LOWER LIGHTS, 1938 Bergstrom, Eula Burke Binns, May Bowles, Maggie ,,,, Deceased Brooks, Thora Card, Louise Gates Eubanks, Mildred Leicht Flower, Helen Long Gunderson, Gladys Morken Harvey, John Henderson, Lillian Riden Isbill, Ralph Kelderman, William McMains, John Morgan, Gertrude Morgan, Myrtle Murray, Deloras Murray, Violet Hartzer Samo, Wilma Flower Shay, Dorothy Carnal Terrill, Flora Longerbone Wallentine, Deloras Perkins Wood, Rosa and Carl KING 'S VOLUNTEERS, 1939 Ackerman, John and Verna Birkinbine, Kenneth Boat, Lester Clement, Pearl Cornman, Wilbur and Madalene Hewitt, Grace Gilbert Smith, John Welshons, Orvel Whisler, Lisle Williams, Ruth Cornman Woodin, Mildred Tegland VICTORY, 1940 Akeright, Virginia Blackburn Boyd, Maxine Byers, Lillian Davidson, Frances Flower, Marlen Goding, Clara Goding, John ,,,, Deceased Gunderson, Edwin Kizner, Peter H. Lamberson, Lula James Longerbone, Charles Mahugh, Jeannette Elwood Outhouse, Edmund Fletcher, Maxine Pottinger, Gurena Gunderson Raleigh, Doris Mitchell Redmond, Fern Schweiker, Ada Smith, ' Richard Tousley, Theron and Hazel Vestal, Eugene Willcox, Lena Mae Cremer Wilting, Mary Lee Lamberson BU1LDERs, 1941 Baker, Raymond and Ruth Bales, Allen and Martha Barnhart, Frank Chandler, Ralph Crawley, Albert and Catharine Griffin, Gertrude Groen, John Hays, Delphia Hobbs, Albert and Frances Huffman, Hiram Hume, Marie Hurst, Frances Lee, Abraham and Ida Meier, Leona Morris, Leonard Piper, Charles Rainey, Ethel Sholes, Bruce and Edna Stithem, Violet Stracke x REA PERS. 1 942 Albert, Ernest Barnhart, Florence Bloomgren, Alice Camery, Marlys Burfiendt Christopulos, William Conard, Earl and Ethel Cooper, Edith Truitt Crooks, Gerald Crozier, Archie Drain, Susie Fall Eberly, Ruth Tuller Eliason, Victor and Norma Sydnes Hartman, Paul Haynes, Elizabeth Pottinger Jarvis, Anna Ruth Ash Lamberson, Lonnie Langness, Hazel Goodman McKinley, Arlene Beck McMains, Beulah Morgan, Verl Olmstead, Ruth James Owings, Harold and Nellie Thacher Palmer, Pauline Parris, June Jasinsky Pottinger, Robert and Helen Quick, Dorothy Reem Ruthledge, Mildred Bloomgren Ryan, Daphyne fOuthousej Smith, LaVon.Towers Sydnes, Theresa Vaughn Thelma Wood Wilcox, Evelyn CHRIST 'S CRUSADERS, 1943 Block, Gust and Vernita Boyer, Alice Judd Bradshaw, Ruth Brunhaver, Ethel Ellis, Virgil Frymoyer, Donald ,,,, Deceased Hale, Neoma Bacon Hart, Carl Hartman, LaVon Lakin Hartzer, Roger and Violet Hosier, Virginia Christensen Knight, Josephine Blackburn Lanferman, Bernice Frymoyer McElvogue, Mable Bice Moore, Grant and Wilma Nations, Virgil and Fawn Pontsler, Marie Wood Simons, James and Ula Foster Smith, Virginia Eversoll Thatcher, Opal Vezerian, Lorraine Webb, Delores Baird Wenos, Dale WORLD EVANGELS, 1 944 Baker, Clinton and Evelyn Birchmier, La Verne Black, Gertrude Baker Black, Vivian Baker Camp, Violet Prussman De Prenger, Leo Edwards, Charles Goodard, Roxanna Heuer Hasty, Maxine Rains Hume, Keith Hurst, Marjorie McGlothlen, Wauneta Goode McGuire, Kenneth Martin, Helen Morrison, Corinne Newberg, Robert and Florence Noe, Noble Pettorini, Peter Poush, Isabelle Noe Ross, Betty Hand Smith, Louise Smith, Marian Smith, Marie Christensen Staton, Trenton Thacher, Arthur Thompson, Kathryn Van I-looser, Norma Westergaard, Burton Wilson, Lucille McDonough TORCHBEARERS, 1945 Anderson, Hugh and Nona Carlsen, Genevieve Carlson, Virgil Clark, Emma Lee Youngs DeCamp, Richard Edwards, Elaine Wilson LaFary, Harold Lamendola, Kathleen Wobbema Lawton, Grace Gorseth Loper, Calvin McCullough, Lola Myers, Gertrude Gilbert Neubert, Grace Noe, Max Pontsler, Gerald Reames, William Russell, Donald and Mable Spencer, Florence Ketchum Stuchis, Albert Terpening, Smith Van Pelt, Geraldine Purington Vander Velden, Lelia Rounds Voshell, Clifton Vriezelaar, Gerald Webb, Gerald Wettelancl, Beverly Scali Whisler, Goldie WORLD WIT NESSES, 1946 Albers, Berniece Anderson, Lyle and Deloras Crawford Birchmier, Charlene Gates Bunkofske, Darlene Hatch Card, Maxine Gates Carlson, Marcella Wallentine Chandler, Lowell and Wilda Close, Jeannette Collett, Leonard and Delora Day, Evangeline Duncan, Wilburn Edwards, Walter Ehrat, Glen and Mary Gowan, Le Roy Heller, Helen Jones Hinton, Alma Johnson, Clyde Kelly, Clyde and Mary Louthan, Thelma Lowe, Sadie Bergeson Olson, Wilma Jean Altemeier Peters, Ralph Powell, Ethyle Sheppard, Mabel Sydnes, Richard Thatcher, Chester Thorn, Marjorie Albers Van Duyn, Harley and Thelma Wolfe, Eleanor GOSPEL HERALDS, 1947 Bethard, Bruce and Hazel Birchmier, Lar Val Bower, Charles Byers, Jane Card, Loverne Uacky Carlsen, Harold Chandler, Gordon and Eleanor Choate, Arlene Collett, Delbert and Rosamond Coomer, Ollie Benton Dingeman, John and Eleanor Downer, Betty Lou Ademeit Erlandson, Alice Fisher, Irene Lore Grossman, Ruth Halsey, Ronald and Ruby Houghton, Lois Atkinson Howard, Donald and Wilma Jones, Earl Kent, Beulah Morgan Lacey, Bonnie McGhee, Janett McGuire, Wilma Wassmann Martel, Ida Newman, Jean Ebert Oiler, Ralph Olson, Orville Orman, Ezilline Phillips, Adolph Reames, Ethel Pitts Ried, Ellen Root, Ardetta Rounds, Shirley Newberg Rourke, Geraldine Scott, Grace Terhune Smith, Lavetta Sponsler, Gladys Nordman Stewart, Agnes Gatwick Storesund, Mabel Teachenor, Lillian Teachenor, Margaret Vance, Elaine Noe Whitney, Ray and Cora EVANGELS OF THE CROSS, 1 Baker, Dorothy DeLaHunt Boot, Elmer and Jeannette Boyles, Russell Bradshaw, Herbert and Glenda Brown, Neil Bryan, Harold Clark, W. Rollie Coborn, Gerlad Coleman, Norma Jean Sanders Collett, Gayhart and Eloise Collins, Bertha Kewley Crouch, Harlan and Chloe Eilts, Viola Fane, Wanda Ford, Mildred Gail, Neal and Marcella Gentry, Lorene Herrmann 948 Mae Harris, Hazel McNeley, Sue Melnic k, Margaret Merritt, Shirley Norton Morton , Ivan and Katherine Pergola Norton, Gussa Orman, Parker, Ray Otis Portwood, James and Nancy Pergola Potts, Chester and Donna Ames Prock, Louis and Estelle Jordan Rose, Frieda Huffman Scott, Vilma Zook Sims, Russell Spencer, Jesse S piers, Barbara Clark Stark, Vester Stickle, Harry Stoughton, Vern and Rose Marie Bacon Sydnes, Lugene Morain Thomas, Harold Thompson, Charles and Mabel Tucker, Jean Spencer Welch , Evelyn Smith Welshons, Donald Williarns, Justine Riggs PIONEERS, 1 949 Bast, Eugene Bechtel, Bever, Blake, Camp, Charles Margaret Scoville Raymond Robert Case, Ruth Clark, Dobrins Duncan Thomas ki, Carlynn Johnson , Glenn and Mary Edwards, Robert Eibey , Jacquelyn, Laughlin Elwood, Helen Grimm, Frank Hills, Marion Hoyt, Valletia Jones, Joanne Gabel Lamendola, Nick Mead, Bernice Rasmusson Mozena, Dwayne Newmann, Charles Newmann, Florence Peterson, Margaret Portwood, Ardella Schmidt, Maxine smith, Leslie Snook, Donald Sporer, Russell and Maxine Stems, Verl, Jr. Thorn, Raymond Van Steenis, Donald and Violet West, Elaine Overton Wetteland, Stanley Wood, Edward and Betty Davison Woods, Roy and Lillian INT ERCESSORS, 1 950 Ady, Harold Ansley, Arthur and Lois Atkinson, Richard and Beverly Crozier Baccus, Jack Barfielcl, Marvin Collins, Jacob Dresselhaus, Milton Duprey, Mary Lowe Eibey, Delbert Elliott, Darlene Foster, Gene Fox, Charles Frank, David Fulton, Everett Gail, Paul Gentry, Ralph German, LaVon Haynes, Robert Hill, LaVerne and Wanda Huser, Beulah Lawson, Joseph and Arlene Mahaffey, Juanita Downer Malmin, Leaf Means, Clarence and Elma Michael, Mary Moriarty, Margaret Redmond Mouw, Frances Mozena, Donna Sterns Portwood, Ellenora Richards Redmon, Darlene Blair Remier, Ella Deen Rounds, Philard Russell, Merle and Vada Rutledge, Arnold Schanink, Marilyn Riley Schmidt, Robert and Margaret Selix, William and Helen Sterns, Shirley Gorham Urquhart, Mary Clark Vance, Louise Crawley Welch, Robert SOUL WINNERS, 1951 Back, John Barrick, Eugene and Evelyn Boyer, Helen Adams Brenneman, Bertha Buczynski, Alfrieda Carlton, Ardella Carroll, Dwight and Grace Carroll, Harvey and Kathryn Cater, Forest Cave, Jack Cronk, Norman Ellis, Elaine Finch, Doris Harding Frank, Arlene Genuy, Lawrence Hanke, Don and Flossie Hofer, Edith ,,,, Deceased Huddle, Audrey Klobnak, Margaret Goodman Lambertson, George Leonard, Marcel Lewis, Lois Rains McGuire Conrade and Mary Morch, Delmar Solum, Marvin Sponsler, Gail Steven, George Stoner, Dale Vance, Edward Walker, Raynold Weed, Rosilee Wood, Vernon DEFENDERS, 1952 Bash, Norma Stapleford Beebe, Darlene Brechtel, Robert Cochran, Beverly Coon, Marilyn Duprey, Robert Ellis, Junior Hand, Ferne Harcey, LaVerne Hebbert, Beverly Jones Howie, James Johnson, Ralph King, Charles Lautt, Zona Cross Mahaffey, Paul Maire, Herbert Michael, Wayne Mishler, David Murra, Jean Bucher Murra, Mildred Eilts Parker, Patty Petersen, Wilma Petrak, Marlene Reiman, Emily Rogers, Ivan Snitchler, Bessie and Percy Snyder, Arvilla Soderstrom, Melvin Sterns, Verl, Sr. Strome, Darlene Wilson, Lawrence MARANATHA, 1 953 Anderson, Phoebe Barfie1d', Mary Gorham Bender, Edward Chase, Bernice Chase, John Clark, Mary Crawley, Donald Cross, Jean Dixon, Wilma Dye, Cony Mae Hays, Isla Herron, Bill Hearron, Darlene Heck, John Jones, Willa Kennedy, Harley Kersey, Wilma Kinney, Betty Allan Kinney, Richard Landwehr, Avonna Lee Mitchell Lyon, Donna Faye Lyon, Donald Marshall, Alberta Marshall, Frank Mathews, Bill McCoy, Maxine Morales, Felix Munyon, Dennis Prieto, Antonio Raleigh, Stanford Rounds, Vernon Russell, Harry Smith, Donald Smith, Helen Norris Smith, Margaret Smith, Ray Willhite, Flossie Homecoming, Day Skit 4 Yebwavj . 195A 53' B ds ? atevi bhauan S10 Qcxobet , eh to ith Bi 1953 OSC - 54 OBC M Cn as Chor 54' OB C Welc omes the Mortons Home From Jalna ica - March, Marflh' 1954 V- ' T. Fire 5 5 ,1- 1. 1 side Fellowship - Oct I-954 ober, 1953 FORWARD and ONWARDSFL UPWARD by MRS H,E.CA 5v?W1'FPfJJu,m f+Jl0 J A A i,,.r4 rorwarqlay onwar'clabUpward striving fcrown winf- Forwnrcl fonwa u w . b1 - f ,f + -MUD JJ if . Out in 'Che aojainesk Sin . ye 5104416 LORD LGS been caHa'n1j5h'nH,-5WorJ6olmef, ff -U JW4'wf'3'WJ 'W Alumni -sjo forwarcl- jo Onward ... 30 ufawqr- ALUMNI ASSOCIALI in Wikk memories of 0.3, 1, qu R. B. Mitchell General Chairman CONGRATULATIONS WORDBEARERSU CLASS OF 1954 The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. . . Ps. 19:7 N F. W . Smith Vice-Chairman G. H . Crooks Secretary-Treasurer WE WELCOME YOU INTO THE FELLOWSHIP OF OPEN BIBLE STANDARD CHURCHES UPEII BIBLE STHHUHHB CHURCHES O. R. Isbill Missionary Secretary 851 Nineteenth Street Des Moines 14, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WORDBEARERS CLASS Tune In to Open Bible Time I ro:oo - 10:1 5 Monday thru Friday Station KBUR i. Twelfth and Locust I l Burlington, Iowa Hnsr CHURCH .UF THE' nvfn mme Burlingron's Friendly Church H 1 V I ll w Hllll 1' WH! o w 11 , Nw fx W4 u U1 umm, I W ,, 3' HONORING U U I I U Roger Pfadenhauer Glenda De Jaynes Bob Thomas Jim Groen Bill Flint Peggy Jones Flint Irene Pfadenhauer U S O l O YOUTH MARCH ONI CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or 541 May God's Best Be Yours As You Labor For Him. Rev. and Mrs. Cye Coller Pastors GHURCH 0E THE UPEH BIBLE PELLA . IOWA HONORING: Wayne Kelderman Roy Van Dyke PREA CH THE WORD CONGRATULA TIONS W ORDBEARERSU of 1954 FIRST IIHUHIIH UF THE UPEH BIBLE Nineteenth and Crocker Streets Des Moines, Iowa Frank W. Smith, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO WORDBEARERS CLASS Therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word Acts 8:4 K.W.D.M. - II50 - on Dial 9:00 A. M. - Monday through Friday HIGHLHHII PHHH CHURCH UF THE UPEH BlBlE 3100 - and 2nd Avenue Rev. and Mrs. O. R. Parker, Pastors I Congratulations. . . WORDBEARERS! Ye shall be witnesses unto me. GHUHIIH UF THE UPEH BIBLE Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Donald Hanke, Pastors CLASS OF 1954 Our Prayers and Best Wishes Go With You Into This Great Work FUHT HES HIUIHES UPEH BIBlE IIHUHUH Congratulations Wordbearers Revea1 don't conceal Christ Ii0SPEl THBEHHHBLE Norma Van I-looser Genevieve Carlson Harold Carlson Lyle Anderson Deloras Anderson Delbert Collett w l . THE HPEH HlBlE lEHIPlE 68th and Douglas, Des Moines, Iowa And Its Pastors Rev. and Mrs. W. M. Cornman Congratulate 6 Wordbe arers Our Graduates Stand With Youl Neil Brown Bill Hearron Florence Newman Hazel Langness Gerald Coborn Ronald Halsey Harry Stickle Donald Welshons Charles Bechtel Raymond Blake Robert Edwards Darlene Hearron Beverly Cochran LaVon German Mary Michael Wayne Michael Margaret Klobnak Donald Van Steeuis Rosamond Collett Ruby Halsey Wilma Kersey Violet Van Steenis Ollie Benton Coomer Ida Martel Jack Baccus Roger Hartzer John Dingeman Hazel Harris Jacob Collins Violet Hartzer Eleanor Dingeman Ellen Reid Forest Cater Darlene Beebe Russell Boyles WE THE MEMBERS, FRIENDS AND PASTORS, Rev. and Mrs. D. B. Anderson Congratulate the Class of '54 HlElHUPHlIlHH BIBlE HHUHHH Y ENN , .V NN i . H H I l UTTUHIHIH FIRST CHURCH UF THE UPHI BIBLE Second and Jefferson, Ottumwa, Iowa l Congratulations Class of H Not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord. I Home of HICKORY GROVE CAMP Five Miles South of Ottumwa Youth Camp, July I9-2.4 Adult Camp. July 20-Aug. 8 Inspirational Vacational Recreational U Rev. and Mrs. Jack Card. Pastors. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 CHUHCH Uf THE UPEU BIBLE 305 E. Boone Street Marshalltown. Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Luther A. Kepple, Pastors PHHIRIEVHLE CUUIHIUUITU CHURCH Congratulates The Class Of 1954 Onward and Beyond F r Hg 0 I Christ and Souls yt ll P - U C rov. II .30 , as 5 2 Rev. and Mrs. Glen Ehrat. Pastors. Prairieville Illinois Congratulations Wordbearer Class Preach Amazing Grace I CRLVRRH CHURCH Rf THE CPEH RIRlf Rev. and Mrs. E.D. Kretzinger, Pastors Penn and Buchanan Streets Des Moines. Iowa Congratulations to the Class of '54 The harvest truly is plenteous but the labourers are few FIRST CHURCH Cf THE CPER BIBLE 8th and Jefferson Waterloo, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Gerald Vriezelaar D Congratulations to the Wordbe are rs Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints WEST DES IHUIHES CPEH BIBLE CHURCH Rev. and Mrs. Earl Lee, Pastors Congratulations T Wordbearers H E H I G H C Rev. and Mrs. H.E. Crouch Pastors SUHSHIHE 0.B.S. THBEHHHCLE BETHHHU CPEH BIBlE CHURCH Southeast Eighth and Allen Des Moines, Iowa Congratulations to the ' Wordbearers Rev. and Mrs. Orville Olson. Pastors Welcome To The Harvest Field CIIIIIIES CCSPEI CEIITEIT Congratulations Class of '54 Your diploma is the key that unlocks your field of endeavor - use it wisely in the fear of God. Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Kelly BIIIIIIIIEIEIII CHUHCH IIE THE UPEH BIBIE Congratulations Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever. Heb. 13:8 CHUHCH IIE THE IIPEIT BIBIE 702 East Court Sioux City, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Elbert Dougherty, Pastors Congratulations Seniors! Congratulations Wordbe are rs Whoso love th instruction loveth knowledge. Proverbs 12:1 CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE 23II S. 23rd Street St. Joseph, Missouri Rev. Leo Simmons, Pastor Clarinda, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. R. S. Jones, Pastors Omedeto Gazaimas fCongratu1ations from the Land of the Rising Sun j. My 530 Japanese High School girls join their English Bible teacher in sending this congratulation to you with prayers for many souls in the Master 's Harvest Field. Peggy King Congratulations from n Wordbea rers CEfIlHHl DIVISIUH BUHHU UF IJIHECTUHS Superintendent ..... Secretary-Treasurer .... Sunday School Representative . Youth Representative .... North Iowa-Minnesota District . . Central Iowa District .... S. E. Iowa-Missouri District . Illinois-Wisconsin Disuict . . Western Iowa District . . . Gerald M. Vriezelaar . . Robert J. Haynes . Leo DePrenger . Cye Coller . . Charles King . H. E. Crouch . . , Jack Card . . . Calvin Loper . Elbert Dougherty Class of 1954 Congratulations Greetings from HARDING PARK RAY AND LQVONNE WALKER CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE 1002 First Avenue 1450 W. Second Street Ottumwa, Ia. Silvis. Illinois Rev. Roscoe Morrison, Pastor End of your search Congratulations Seniors For a Friendly Church DIXON OPEN BIBLE CHURCH FIRST CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE DiX0f1. Illinois Hopedale, Illinois Rev. Gene Foster, Pastor y Rev. John Chase, Pastor -J CONGRATULATIONS WORDBEARERS The Newest Church With The Greatest Challenge EIBST BHUBIIH UE THE IIPEH BIBIE CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS BHUBIIH IIE THE IIPEH BIBLE Sterling, Illinois Rev. Calvin Loper, Pastor CONGRA TULATIONS to the WORDBEARERS BHHBIIH UE THE IIPEII BIBIE Mason City. Iowa Charles King, Pastor Congratulations Wordbe arers IJHIITIIITIIIII IIPEII BIBLE INSTITUTE Congratulations to the Class of 54 IITEITEIJITHS Publishers of Better Homes and Gardens and Successful Farming Magazines Congratulations Graduating Class IIHIIIIIIEIVS IIHUSHIJE FUR IIHHIST Edna Sholes, Director Laura Brink, Instructor BENNETT' S Congratulations Wordbearers Groceries Meats REV. AND MRS. LEO DePRENGER Ice Cream Bakery Goods Open Bible Church 855 Nineteenth Street Winifield' Iowa Proud of your '54 Onward? So are the photographers! I Yearbook Photos Courtesty of BILL FLINT AND WALT TORY Photographers 722-18th Street PI10f1e 3 559I Wedding Pictures a Specialty COAL - COKE STARBRA ND MICRO-FILTERED Home Heating Oils INDUSTRIAL FUEL OILS for COAL - OIL - GAS GHHBUH BUHL CUMPHHU HHDEHSUH-ERICHSUH DHIHU Extra Quallty You Can Taste 2229 Hubbell Avenue PHONE 6 3172 Congratulations Seniorsl mHG'S PLUMBING BUWPHHU No Job Too Large or Too Sma1l 3509-70th Street Phone 5-4109 Congratulations Wordbearers Sod At Its Best Delivered or Laid 28 Years Experience BERT HEWTUH Congratulations Wordbe arers Class of '54 J. EVEHETT HUUHHEISEH Preferred Risk Auto . . . Berkshire Life Insurance Be assured of no risk . . . with Preferred Risk 715 Savings and Loan Building Office 3-5318 Des Moines, Iowa HHUHEW'S STUDIUS 822 Walnut Street Phone 4-4956 Des Moines 9, Iowa Copy Work - Baby Studies Weddings - Graduations In Appreciation of Your Friendship and Patronage BUECKEH REXHll DRUGS Prescription Store 1901 Cottage Grove Des Moines, Iowa Phone 3-5359 Congratulations Seniors Masonry Work By a Christian Man DEB CULLETT 4140 53rd Street Phone 9-1825 Paints - Varnishes - Brushes - Wallpaper AIMS Mafefials sAReENT's CAFE AND DRIVE DEVOE 8t RAYNOLDS CO., INC. The First American Paint Maker Qualify Has N0 Substitute 913 Walnut Street Phone 4-5261 Full Course Dinners - 654: and Up Des Moines 9, Iowa CATERING SERVICE Congratulations and Best Wishes SANDWICHES COTTAGE GROVE HARDWARE Open Daily from 10:00 A.M. 1909 Cottage Grove Phone 3-0820 1711 Forest Phone 3-9335 UPEI! Leaf wid ea Ar uccead. Protect Your Future as you Build lt- Consult a Competent underwriter . Suite 214 - K. P. Building Sixth 8: Locust . Phone - 4-7245 Emily W. Thompson lnsurance Counselor If religious books are not widely circulated among the massesin the country. . . . . I do not know what is to become of us as a nation ..... If truth is not dif- fused, error will beg if God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancyg if the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature willg if the power of the Gospel is not felt through the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degration and misery, corruption and darkness, will reign without mitigation or end. ---Daniel Webster BIBLE PUBHSHEHS 1812C,0.,ke,St,eet DGSMOMS Iowa Q ORDER A FAMILY H 5 PACK FROM YOUR n W IE. LY fn DEALER HP U-rev sr inf 'ef all irlmnf 1 .-J-,'ml 'yj gl I llggr V. 'All A if 'MK 4 A 7-UP Bor1'LlNG co. JlM'S CON GRA TULA TIONS SENIORS I BARBER THE FIRST FEDERAL STATE BANK SHOP 2401 University Phone 5-3121 Des Moines, Iowa 1922 Cottage Grove CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WORDBEARERS IIHHHIBEMIII When Chamberlin Does it, It's done. right. Des Moines Branch Office, 2304 University. Phone 5-1 197 Branch Manager...... ....... . . . . . Paul H. Labertew JOHNSON'S TOYS S I and up GIFTS 542 and IOC Notions - Hardwares CONGRA TU LA TIONS WORDBEARERS COTTAGE GROVE SHOE REPAIR MASSEY BODY SHOP BODY AND FENDER REPAIR 2126 Cottage Grove Phone 3-9166 Res. Phone 7-0768 RYAN PARKING COMPANY zog-8th sneer 520 -8th Street 575-7th Street 800 Mulberry Hit-S Office equipment, ZIMBLEMAN AND HAMILTON HOLLEY'S HAS IT! Heating COYHP-any Armstrong Coal, Gas, Oil Furnaces IOO E. Grand Des Moines 2203 Cottage Grove ' IOWA SOUND SERVICE ADAM'S BARBER SHOP IQII Cottage Grove 1204 Grand Phone 4-4428 Greetings . Grads I HUIIII IJHIHU IIUHIPHIIU Richer Tasting Milk Builds Strong Bodies At Your Door or At Your Store Congratulations Wordbearers CLO THES SHOP LUGGAGE, INC. Real Savings 514 Locust Phone 4-9629 We Invite EQ. . . Visit Our Hammond Organ Studio Hear a Hammond before you buy STUHER NHHU GUWPHHU H. C. Olson, President 919-21 Walnut Street Phone 4-6238 CRISPIN DRUG COMPANY Congggliations 22nd and Cottage Grove KARP AUTO PARTS, INC Phone 4'2237 1425-27 Grand Avenue HUGH BROTHERS Iowa's Largest Office Outtitters Printers - Stationers - Bookbinders 4th and Grade Des Moines Congratulations Wordbearers M' W' TOMSON QLSQN SEWING MACHINE Auto Parts and Service COMPANY 2321 University Avenue Igth and Cottage Grove Phone 5-1479 Congratulations FAIR s. KULLANDER Wordbwers 2nd Floor, Kresge Building HARRIE'S WATCH SHQP Des Moines, Iowa . 1161 -24th Street Des Moines YARHAM BRAKE SERVICE NELsoN SEAT covER COMPANY Scientific Auto Repair 1209 Kev WaY g45..6th Avenue Des Moines, Iowa Congratulations EIIIE DEIEIIIIUII SERVICE UE IUIUH 412 E. Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa Frank T. Goode, Proprietor MEET YOUR FRIENDS IN THE IEH RUUIII ' SPECIAL MENUS ' LUNCHEON, AFTERNOON TEA IN PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS ' FASHION SHOWS ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY ' SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR PARTIES IN OUR CLUBROOMS vu--A--L. ll efd CUUL... CHEST HIIIIIHTUHE GULF HIIHS Army Post Road and Fleur Drive Open from 1:00 to Midnight Phones 8-9035 Fun for the Entire Family fSpecia1 Group Ratesj For Pleasant Relaxation fto Twelve or Morey Popcorn - Pop - Candy - Soft Music When You Entertain - Give Your Friends the Best Be Host to Them - At Cool-Crest Save for Your Future Securityl Plan for Emergencies - Save a little each week At DES IHUIHES SHVIIIGS and loan association Insured to SI0,000 Current Dividends The Oldest in Des Moines QF fffffy Jldfyyffjgfjf fp M ,DMWX QZMJMW arg X Ji W , W ffwffi .N My 4 2. . ' AN lf 7 I 11 wwf if V 3150... Mm! ' Q7 1 ' J, if ' I ' 3' 5 'P .fQ'!,,i?LpJ 1-'J K nm Hub ' ' , f ' VN' up ' 1 vig' Y up bo Mr - JAX 'J - wr any 5 ' 'f , 9 f 35515 vznnnooxs

Suggestions in the Open Bible College - Onward Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) collection:

Open Bible College - Onward Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Open Bible College - Onward Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Open Bible College - Onward Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 49

1954, pg 49

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