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x X H ,, . ..,. --.. ...-..-....... 'f.2Aaa4f -f:w-11:aLM:1'. M. Pre outing the e fe nd e T S 0. 3 714 edema of 52 Q -Q ,gf ,JS I , :'J . '6Earnestly contend fl momzow for the 'A1 S 4 5 Yi W ' '----Q- once delivered S SN to 5 K 3 the saints X if Q . 5 s li? K X. . Q Q X4 5 5 1 ' N Nw' :.,.:.,:::,::a,2,1' S X ei - I-j,.ff1355,:. N XX 5 .l:: l -' fs? P .!...m.xxxxx R 5 ,.., XrXXXyN555x.,.gX,iszggk -4 .. 41,:.g,, 1. -, .1 ' 'i?'riPf1:E2'I?'52:Eiiz'-5if5.SfE1'.:1'e?'eiiis' isis 5:15 aEasis'fsis2s :2s2s1.f'.:5f',:s' 5555555 2' 4 r'-firssgs ., J issgl IN ' 4-7 as Sw EQ it N JET? ,Q sf I 1 Ea Q. if S '1 Q F 4' 5' ' ' N an Q22 4 ' g . ' gm ze ' .s .. xv .si 5 asfi A x . X Vg Xxx we - S-11f2'ii2515'3fiiigiifgigei if Q 'vs xx l .Q .5 5 N .A.-. :.:::::,, xx: if 5 ...WL if ' - le, 1. : EE gs Q X: T Q X z z:-g5't7:7:7g5: in Y -4.- '-H1QS:'ree512eisfiifi2222252525255 X XX X R xx S : X X X 5 S, f x X A I ' 1 C Q Q Y Uude 3 ik D Qbscfiaata this Gnwazd to Loud guidzgooh - - - the HIILY BIBLE Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that need- eth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truthv V CII. Tim. 2:15D N . ., 2 The Bible N This book contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners and the happiness of be- lievers. Its doctrines are holy, its precepts are binding, its histories are true, and its decisions areilnmutable. Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, practice it to be holy. It con- tains light to direct you, food to support you, and comfort to cheer you. I t is a traveler,s map, the pilgrimls staff, the pilot's compass, the soldier's sword, and the Christian's charter. Here paradise is restored, heaven opened and the gates of hell disclosed. Christ is its grand subject, our good its design and the glory of God its end. I t should the memory, rule the heart, and guide the feet. Read it slowly, frequently, prayerfully. lt is a mine of wealth, a paradise of glory and a river of pleasure. I t is given you in life, will be opened in judgment and be remembered forever. It involves the highest responsibility, will reward the highest labor and condemn all who trifle with its sacred contents. -Selected FRANK W. SM1'1'H, President R. BRYANT MITCHELL, Dean Um Zzemliae Stagg The executive staff of O.B .I . is the rudder that channels the energies and abilities of the students toward God's will for their lives. In order to accomplish this end, the individual members of the faculty must be filled with the Spirit and led by God into this avenue of service. They must know by experience the reality and power of the Gospel and realize the potential importance of each student to the ministry. We believe that our teaching stag meets these requirements and are con- fident of God,s plan for the future. -Don Smith GRANT Mooms, Regislmr Ev1s1us'r'r P. F UL'roN, Dean of Personnel X 1N'I,xmAN SMQITI-I, Asst. Registrar Mlmmmzn STILLSON, Secretary to the Dean OUR TEACHING STAFF W e are labourers together with Cody CI Cor. 3:95 LOLA LEE MI'rcHEI.L R. BRYANT M1'1'c:HELL FRANK VV. SLIITH E. J. FULTON PAULINH FULTON 0. RALPH ISBILL LU1.Um2I.1,lz ISBILL G. H. Cnoolcs EvEII1z'r'r P. FUI.'1'oN ' I XVILBUII M. CORNMAN XVILLIAM SLIPI- Dn. R0'zI2II'r B. BAILIIMAN CALVIN B. LOPEII DoI.0nIzs RAINIQY ALLAN WOOD V'- , i I MII.nIIIcn S'rILLsoN SHIRLEY ANDERSON EDNA SHOLES GRANT MOORE DAN DowNEn Student Council C'-walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are calledn Eph. 4 :1 ,... I A. f y . I ,. 'HY g,.w...vV 17 Hi U. .1 . lr .H 0.- I7 LTU if- ki- sf3, Wwfg lfy I SWS? gg? .... ,gap W he ' 3? 'Sta-Z1- EZE':'':3ieie2i: ::,:lze,fF'f ' . ' 1 , V 3 :sas2a:eE2.:-' - , fo - -:a:::':.- .1,..L'f 'E::::i1 '::?a:::ff- X - 5 -. ,,,3,,, ., .. V ' ff . . 2'---ffl .3 , . -..,::,,,.,,,..- hm-L-::,.: . J' 1 ' - ' ' - f12!:II,:5 , 1 - wc- 4g:.... H.- , . gg... ,. - - v - - V 1 . , A , . is ,. T , , I.. f Q .J .. - - P1 ..f'ff 3 -aff , 1 K . m -V Q .. -v ' , . f... -- . .- ' 2+-:f Q I gg. vwgvi .3 1' ,J ,. , 'vzz E' ',j. I 1 3 H 1 . , - ' ' Q- - 'fn ' U. L . -: lit :I ',:1 Lf'4.-fig? 3-V '51-'31, 2.. ' Ev f. ' ' i ,Q5!1i2YW.t5Q .,- f'9'?1f'51U ' Wr f g -f 1 '1rgw?fz5:J,:--wen, . - . , HQ 2.5.4.-fgf.f.. . .- 3 'iEg1?fQ?1-T'f.,f:1:':E f , 2' 1 53:15. 'QEW '. 'f M ew 1 . -,-- V ' ? 1,.V3L,.-gQ'F,'.. ' 1 2'-ia1??lf2,,g f'Qf-f - ' ,.,., . Z,iQ5g,Q - 'ff ,. -- We fY' ' ,.,. I .- . . ' is Q 4 , . r' gS3's W 1 4 1- F U. . 3. .... ' . , i'.E ,'1E, ,. .9 --,Hffp .1 Q Y V.. - -. . 'i 1? 'V JW? ' 9 vrfga -'11-H -N - kv o' ' W. - ' -- 1.172 , Y. .5 , --, . 1, gr ff F ' - ' ' V . -.Q li .-Aw ' '2,-f -6:fz...5w wf A 1292 ' V ' V 1: ,155-Vigp,-3.n' - -' - . , .fs-I -M224 1' 'Kf -' . ,fi - L 2 f ' .'G'l': J K Q- I 'i mf K , 'J - f 1 I 5. , , , I ' ' i F. Zxktzlx' . , N 3. N .71-Q-. . M. - . -Q, V v -' ' , ' ' r 2' -21 ,,- A . . f . f - -E: V. ' . . V - 5Iii5,:g,::js-V.:-:-IV 12:1-T, 'N ,4 . K '- 31:22 5,15 ' A H r 'L ' . , ' ' ..,., . - - . 1 . A' W. :Ti ff. -, .-,M - . .. A . v,:, 315 Ql.. .., .... z N I A 5... r. I ,L . me EEQQ .,.,,,, I :,. 9 ,A I H 32. A 1, 5 ,I . 1 t I :' Qitff . . I I ' , :gm 1 , ' . L , , f , '- 1 4 ' . - Fx' A - u:I: . :-: 1 .1 WEE.: ZlE'::-,E-:1E' 'r:-:- ? 'Ii1:- A. fa: ' I - - A f -. V 's 14 -NM ' - - . if ,V . ' .2 . A.. - 7awtt'd Zena NORMAN CRONK ALFRIEDA BUCZYNSKI Class treasurer. Vfw,PlffHfdf 1f1 , dass 7,,.es,5,l,,,,,t' nursing home captazrl, 'vmrsizig home. Mt fu aff practical 'work captain, S. S. officer. pump e e cal am. ananual sta,0', student trip C ROBERT NEWBERG MELVIN SODERSTROM Quartet, chorus, glee club. trurzsfer from B.S.I., Livmg Efndoqvqnent IDUIILYIIU, Oreyvvl- quartet, yearbook staff, transfer from N.C.B.I., Minneapolis, Minnesota Not pictured : AUBR EY SMITH Class president, Overcomers' president, FORES1' CATER transfer from S.P.B.I., St. Petersburg, Florida S. S. teacher, Ovcrco-mera' president. choir. nursivzg Iiomc. VERNON WOOD Class treasurer, S.S. teacher, county! ,farm mission, transfer from L.I.I7'.E., Los Angeles, Cal. The Open Bible Institute is a member of the Accrediting Asso- ciation of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges. During the past year O.B .I . was approved by the U. S. Department of Justice for the education of non-quota foreign students under section 4-e of the U. S. Immigration Act. Also an increase of 575 books has been made to the fast-growing school library. 0.3.1. is on the march! Q Class Scripture: Jude 3 ,Class Colors: Powder Blue and Dubonnet RALPH. JOHNSON V. P. District O-uercomers, evangelistic groups, jail groups, Second Avenue Mission, radio quartet, Happy Five. MARLENE PETRAK Librarian, Trumpet Call, class secretary, accordion. nursing home, choir. DARLENE STROME Librarian, nursing home. choir, school chorus, student group. MILDRED EILTS Jail group, class secretary, transfer from Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, Alta., Canada u ARVILLA SNYDER Girls' trio, class vice president, captain jail group, student trip, nursing home, school chorus. CHARLES KING Happy Five, class treasurer, men's chorus, orchestra, radio qua-rtet, student tours, Second Avenue Mission. EMILY REIMAN Librarian, S.S. teacher, jail group, class vice-president. BOB BRECHTEL Jail, usher, nursing home H i-ways and Bi-ways, S.S. teacher, Y.P. head usher. MARILYN COON Librarian. nursifng home captain, chair, Overcomers' missiovzary rep'resc'ntative ZONA CROSS Nursing home, girls' trio school secretary, librarian, pianist, Trumpet Call. ROBERT DUPREY S. S. teacher, church choir, Hi-Ways and Bi-Ways, W. D. M. Rcstorium. PAUL MAHAFFEY Quartet, choir, class treas., Second Avenue Mission, radio choir, choir director. JAMES HOWIE School chorus, nursing home, church orchestra. Ufiifzcl yawn cgtaclentc---Qzacluatin 7953 AVONNA LEE MITCHELL Vice president, school and church organist, Hi-Ways and Bi-Ways, Librarian. stuclerzt trip. DON LYON Trumpet trio, Four Sharyfs quartet, Happy Five, orchestra, corrzet teacher. DON SMITH S. S. teacher, lwqfs club, Day School president, District Overcomcrs' pres Hi-Ways and Bi-Ways captain. JOHN CHASE Class 1lT98id6'Hlf, 0'U8TD011b6T8' yzresizlent, Merfs chorus, S.S. teacher, D.V.B.S. director. DONALD ANSLEY Claes treas., Onward staf, Trumpetecr editor, evangelistic meetings, rlursi-ng home. AL BUSH Trumpet trio, school trips, school treas., Armual staff, Mews chorus, Overcomers' president. DON CRAWLEY Trumpet trio, School chorus, Meri's chorus, Annual staff, orchestra, School quartet. RONALD SMITH Radio quartet, Dist. Overcomers' officer, usher, S. S. teacher. Sagoof gzacfuafsa JUNIOR ELLIS S. S. teacher, church quartet, OVCFCOIHCFS, Pres., N. S. Pres., Hi-ways and Bi-Ways, Home for Aged PATTY PARKER Girls' Trio, jail group, choir, N. S. secy., Trumpeteer statl', S. S. teacher. NORMA BASH S. S. teacher and secretary, Ovcrcoiners' V. Pres., N.S. Vice Pres., editor of church Overconiers paper. DARLENE BEEBE S. S. teacher and songleader, school chorus, young peo'p1e's military correspondent, missionary prayer group. WILMA KERSEY' S. S. teacher, S. S. secretary, school chorus, songleader, Y. P. president. 0 HERBERT MAIRE S. S. teacher, choir, jail group, nursing home. LAVERNE HARCEY N. S. treasurer, Overcomer president, S. S. teacher, usher, nursing home, Hi-Ways and Bi-ways. WILMA PETERSEN Northwestern Schools, S. S. teacher, youth evangelisnl class. BESSIE SNITCHLEB S. S. teacher, girls' dormitory house matron, student trips, nursing home, church choir. class officer. PERCY SNITCHLER Boy Scout master, Boys' Crusader Club leader, student pastor, usher, S. S. teacher, Men's Glee Club. FERNE HAND Choir, missionary prayer group, Hi-XVays and Bi-VVays, senior class secretary, jail group, librarian. O DAVID MISHLER S. S. teacher, senior class treasurer, church orchestra, usher night school pli1I1lSt. BEVERLY COCHRAN S. S. teacher, Overcomers olliccr, church secretary, choir. FRED GIBBONEY' Sunday School teacher, church choir BEVERLY JONES Annual staff editor, nursing home group, jail, missionary prayer group junior class Vice President, Overcomers' ollicer. JEAN MURRA Librarian, church orchestra and choir, jail, nursing home, S.S. teacher IVAN ROGERS S. S. superintendent, S. S. teacher, Overcomers president, Freshman class president, choir. O ROBERT SHEROD' Sunday School teacher, nursing home VERL STERNS, SR. N. S. president, S. S. teacher, usher adult Overcomers' president. LAWRENCE WILSON Jail group captain, student pastor. O 'Senior students not graduating with the ,52 class. ay Sagoof Sopgomo 'Lea RAY SMITH God is able to make all grace abound. WILLA JONES Wait on the Lordg be of good courage. DONNA FAYE LYON Bat seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness. PHOEBE ANDERSON All things work together for good lo them that love God. I JOHN BOOK Ye have not chosen me, but 1 have Chosen you VVILLIS DIXON Beloved, now are we the sons of God. WILMA DIXON Be strong and of a good courage: be not afraid. I BETTY DAVIS For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. DARLENE KENDRICK He eareth for you. O HARLEY KENNEDY Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. O DICK KINNEY Let the words of my month, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight. TED NEWTON But God is faithful. I HELEN NORRIS Is anything too hard for the Lord? ROBERT RODE . He that overcometh shall inherit all things RUTH MUSGROVE 1 am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit. O ROBERT McCOY In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ. O JOHN HECK They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. DONALD BRYAN Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters. O LQHOY CLARK Truly our fellowship is with thc Father, and with His Son, Jesus Christ. JEAN CROSS O I am crucified with Christg nevertheless I live. ELMER GLOVER Beloved, now are we the Sons of God. O MARY GORI-IAM Nay, in all these things we are more than cozzquerorsf' BILL HEARRON . Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in tlze work of the Lord. EVERETT KOCHHEISER He is my refuge and my fortress. DAVID MITCHELL . I will uphold thee with the r'gl1t hand of my righteousness. FEI IX MORALES . 1 can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. MARGARET SMITH God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. JAMES VAN HOUWELINGEN Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth. FLOSSIE WILLHITE Be thou an example of the believers . . . in conversation. I Jwggf Asczgoof guniou WILLIAM MATTHEWS Not by might, nor by power, but my Spirit. GRACE ALTEMEIER I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. EDVVARD BENDER I can do all things through Christ. MAXINE BURGETT But my God shall supply all your need. DELORES BURGETT Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only. ISLA HAYS Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. MAXINE MCCOY He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. DENNIS MUNYON Delight thyself also in the Lord: and lie will give thee the desires of thine eart. FRANK POULSON If God be for us, who can be against us? O MARY LAUDERBACK I K Whats0ever He 'saith unto you, do it. ALBERTA MARSHALL All things are possible to him that believeth. HARRY RUSSELL Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us. FRANK MARSHALL While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. ROBERT BASH My help cometh from the Lord, which mode heaven and earth. JOAN COLLINS That I may know him. . .' IJUANE COLLINS All things work together for good to them that love God. DON BARTON In God have I put my trustg l will not be afraid. JANE BARTON Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness. HAROLD KLAASSEN The Lord is my rock and my fortress. ANTONIO OLIVEIRA Lilceable STANLEY GIBSON Cultural MAE PARISH Progressive DAN LE LA CHEUR Nonchalant FERN GARBISON Amicable TED BEVER Quiet MARY BLACHLEY Purposeful JOYCE CARROLL Congenial DARLENE CHAMBERLIN Resqmn sible CHARLES FAIRCHILD Hearty LEONA GERRINGER Friendly WAYNE GODDARD Reserved DARLENE KLOPPING Genuine CLARENCE LAUTT Earnest HAROLD MATH EWS Shy MARILYN RICE Natural SHIRLEY SODERSTROM Qualified BARBARA STANDIFORD Willing ay gcgoof qzagnzsn MARTHA RUBY Consecrated ALICE GIBSON Cheerful LILA MAC KABEN Serious INNIS BRIGHT Stately CURTIS RUBY Simxere ROGER PFADENHAUER Likely EDDIE DE COU Jovial ROY DWYER Alert MILTON ELEFSON Calm LEONA GOSSETT Pleasant DWIGHT GOWING S tudious GEORGE HEBBERT H 0117721 BONNIE MEYER Blithe JANET OSTENDORF Damure LYNETTE PETRAK Winsome ROB ERT STUFFLEBEAM Industrious RUTH TOSTEN Capable VIVIAN TOSTEN Ambitious Q Not pictured : BOB BUSH Crmscientious DAVID HUFF Faithful PHYLLIS WOLFE Steadfast 'zaagmsrz Scgoof I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will malce known my words unto you Pnov. 1:23 KENNETH EHRAT RUTH STOAKS . . . REO BETTIS .. . DELORIS BLAIR . . . DELMAS BRAY RUTH DATEMA .. JOHN DATEMA EDNA HEMMINGER VVILLIAM KOON . , WALTER SMITH ..... GERTRUDE SMITH .... GILBERT WIDMER YULA VVIDMER . . FORREST LOVETT EDNA WHITE . . . KEITH WINTER ...... IRENE WINTER . . Willing . . . . Settled Siudious . . . Quiet Aspiring Active Jubilanl .... Happy Slauzzclz Desirous Diligent Aggressive Fervent Inspired Bashful Resolute Striving REX STOAKS .......... Loyal CORA LEE WHITNEY . Sincere EVERETT PETERSEN .Steadfast PEARL NVHITNEY .. Confidenl KATHLEEN GIBBONEY Seeking STANFORD RALEIGH Scholarly BARBARA DWYER . Energetic DEAN SCHAGER .... Friendly O Noi Pielurcd: JAMES MCKEAN .. Determined CLARENCE GARMON .. Hoping ARTHUR REESE ..... Constant Udzizfian clflfozfiszb. dfaii CHRISTIAN WORKERS and PART-TIME STUDENTS Norma Shadle Geneva Gildemeister Roxane Berggren Marvel Munyon Barbara Schnepp Lydia. Wilcox Naomi Lovett Charles Willcox Barney James Loyd Kirkman Not pictured : Florence Nunn Doris Blanchard Frances Howie Bernice King Helen Wood Erbelle Sterns Laverne Rawlins A challenge and need has been answered through our Friday Night Christian Workers, Classes. Interest is mounting and those desiring a greater knowledge of the Bible have been richly re- warded. cam ? W liar: ? ll' Q Za 0. Z, 7. ARKANSAS Cross, Jean So.D. Smith, Ronald Jr.D. Ruby, Curtis Fr.D. Cross, Zona Jr.D. Smith, Walter Fr.N. Ruby, Martha Fr.D. Matthews. William JKZN- Datema, John Fr.N. Snyder, Arvilla Jr.D. Datema, Ruth Fr.N. Sterns, Erbelle PT. OREGON CALIFORNIA Davis, Betty So.D. Sterns, Verl, Sr. Sr.N. Dwyer, Barbara Fr.D. Stoaks, Rex Fr.N. Book. JOHN S0-ll Beebe- Daflele SLN- Dwyer, Roy So.D. Stoaks, Ruth Fr.N. Lyon, Donald Jr-D- Garbison, Fern Fr.D. Stufflebeam, Robert Fr.D. LYON. DOIUIH Faye 50-D- COLORADO Garmon. Clarence Fr.N. Tosten, Ruth Fr.D. Newberg. R-Obert SLD- Au vi B tt 'HD Gibboney, Fred Sr.N. Tosten, Vivian Fr.D. Eilfzs ' Mifdrzd .I,r'D' Gigboney, Kathleen Fr.N. Van Houwelingen, SOUTH DAKOTA ' . ' ' ' Gi son, Alice Fr.D. James So.D. gui- Dfjg h. S0-3 Gildemeister, Geneva P.T. white, Edna Fr.N. Goddard- Wayne FLD- 0 ef Y 'S r' ' Glover, Elmer So.D. VVhitney, Cora Fr.N. Howlev James 'HYD- FLORIDA Gorham, Mary So.D. W'hitney. Pearl Fr.N. Kennedy- Harley 30-D- Hand, Fei-ne Sr.N. willmer, Gilbert Fr.N. LG L21 Cheer- Daniel FLD- , Harcey, Laverne Sr.N. Wiclmer, Yula Fr.N. , Ygefbrey gf'-2' Hays, Isla Jr.N. Wilcox, Lydia P.T. WASHINGTON ' ' ' ' Hearron, Darlene P.T. Willcox, Charles G.W.C, . Hearron, William So.D. NVilsun, Lawrence Sr.N. Norfl' Helen SOD' ILLINOIS Hemminger, Edna Fr.N. Wi ter, Irene Fr.N. guglsh' N316 ERD' Bryan, Donald So.D' Howie, Frances P.T. Winter, Keith Fr.N. C ager' Gan RD' Crawleyv Donald Jr-D. James, Barney C.W.C. Wood, Helen P.T. WISCONSIN D I R b t S -N. Jones, Willa So.D. Wood, Vernon Sr.D. ' ggggcliavgggene KANSAS Eli-fson, Muon Fr.D, Heck, John So.D. H' man- oy C' ' ' D? CDU- Edward FLD- Standiford, Barbara Fr.D. Kinney, Richard So.D. iilalixgifefl- Halfiold tt Dixon, Willis So.D, McCoy, Maxine Jr.N. oc e'S?r1 Vere 0' ' Dlxol- Wilma So.D- VVYOMING Mccoy' Robert So.D. Koon, William Fr.N. Ellis: Junigr Sr.N. McKean, James Fr.N. Lauderback' Mary JUN- GOWIIH-Z. Dwight Fr.D. Chamberlin, Darlene Fr.D. snirchler, Bessie sr.N Lovett- Ff-ffesf FLN' Jobnion' Ram? Jf-D- Hebbert, George Fr.D. Snitchler, Percy sl-'N' llglfgitef- ggflllt cg:-Ig: Wllllilte, Flossle So.D. Klopping, Darlene Fr D. Soderstrorn, Melvin Sr.D. ' ' ' Soderstmmr Shirley FLD Marshall, Alberta Jr.N. MICHIGAN NEW y0RK Marshall, Frank Jr.N. IOWA Mathews, Harold Fr.D. Rode. Robert So.D. Rice, Marilyn Fr.D. A1 J N Meyer, Bonnie Fr.D. temeier, Grace r. . Michael, N-Vayne Jr,D. MINNESOTA ATlSleY. DOHalCl JI'-D M' hl , D 'd S .N. FOREIFIV STUDENTS Bash, Norma Sr.N Miieheexll, Aavlaiinna Lee Jlr.D. Chase- John -ll'-11 I Bash, Robert So.D Munyon, De nis Jr.N CANADA Be der, Edward Jr.N Munyon, Marvel C.W.C. MISSOURI B k Alf d S D Berggren, Roxane P.T Newton, Ted So.D UCZYDS i. Tie 2- F- - Bernatz, Eugene Fr.D Nunn, Florence C.W.C. Musfove' Rgtll S0'D Gil-75011, S18 iley FLD- Dettf, Reo I Ostendorf, Janet Fr.D Parker- Patflcla SLN- Strome, Dar.ene Jr.D. Bla 1 y. M' r. P r , E tt F .N. lslairfbelorifiry li'f.N. S:.N MONTANA JAMAICA, B. W. 1. Blanchard, Doris C.W.C Petrak, Lynette Fr.D. -, 4 , , Bray, Delmas Fr.N. Petrak, Marlene Jr.D. M8'cKaben' LMI FLD- Ilrlght, Innls Fr,D. B , i .D ' . . 1 , Bxiziiii 155353: 25,1 ifiiiiini-iris, Row 5:3 N---if-S-A H10 -C WEIRD- BRAZU- gggietkl Maxme Ezlleiiglti, lgli.-:nicord Jones' Beverly SHN- Oliveira, Antonio Fr.D. ii-:1-5,11-1-:,':,'ss, is-3 isa:-fs:,: N---H -N--A . - - e. . . goflllfan-Dlfffffly gheiid- GROEPEPS OHIO HOGOTA, COLOMBIA, sn. 0 IHS, 3 E Q w fnl , el' ru e r. - Collins, Joan Jr.N. Smith, Donald .Tr.D. Anderson, Phoebe So.D. Mm-ales, Felix So.D. Coon, Marilyn Jr.D. Smith, Margaret So.D. Mahaffey, Paul Jr.D. Cronk. Norman Sr.D. Smith. Raymond So.D. Murra, Jean Bucher Sr.N. .. Q f 1 an ur , .HGH , AQ, r A -F F' 4? , Upikig V, W vw f 232.12 J J' ..'.3 '. vii., 1 . 1 ,- A Am dw- Y, S-, 1 .1 I , P . 11 2 gg .Q wwf: I , cg 43 ' f Hi , f . 353.-w.,, 1 X. X iw S- 1 , . mv ' -' A .,,,,r ming 31 UQ.,-4 W gf, Director EVERETT P. FULTON C pen Bible Institute has been well blessed with musical talent. Its students are afforded many opportunities for an out- let in such a field. Student tours, week-end trips, radio programs and local cliurcli par- ticipation are among the var- ious types of ministry in music. DAY SCI-Iool, 0c'1'ET'1'12 AVONNA LEE M1'rc:HxzLL-01'ga11isl l V O. B. I. School Chorus Living ndowment tlulent Group The Living Endow- ment is an investment in the eternal lives of young people. It is io- day's investment in the very young people who will build tomorrow's mission stations and churches. No college in America is able to operate on the income derived solely from tuition. Auxiliary funds are needed to keep tuition low enough so that worthy young people will not be de- nied a Christian educa- tion. The Living Endow- ment fund meets these necds. In this plan each donor gives a dollar or more a Ill0lltl1 to the O.B.I. Living Endow- ment Fund. By doing so, he receives a certifi- cate of memhersliip in the Living Endowment Fellowshipg he receives the school paper and other school literature. Over three hundred parents, alumni, stu- dents and friends, have already rallied to this challenge since last October and are con- tributing regularly. Our need for 1952 is one thousand subscribers. YVill you be one? 1 I PRACTICAL WORK GROUP CAPTAINS MISSIONARY PRAYER GROUP NIGHT SCHOOL NURSING HOME GROUP Accordion Students with Genevieve Carlsen, teacher Guitar Students with Ralph Johnson, teacher Voice Students Zoa Pearl Park, teacher Night School Librarians Technician Everett Kochheiser 'Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. CI Cor. 10:31y Day and Night School Piano Students - A Day in the Life of Our Student Body President . DON SMITH OUR STUDENTS AT WORK Jack of ull trades -nmsler of II few. HTV1lGlSOCl78I' thy 11111111 find- elh lo do, do it wilh Ihy migI1i. Eccles. 9:10 8.961 er Bu IQPWMP xsiwoler, Tcfumor 1 Pray!!-' rg va vid fffamad Qfamecamdaq cmd ?7meaz'4 ' Dag WE DEDICATE THIS PAGE in fond memory of E D I T H H 0 F E R . . . one who loved and worked with many children to point them to the Saviour . . . Committee- MARLENI5 PETBAK EMn.Y REIMAN HELEN Noimis MAHIAN SM1'r1-i EDITH HOFER CHILDRENS FILE The Edith Hofer Children's File was founded in the memory of Edith Hofer to perpetuate her loving service in behalf of children. Edith graduated in the Soul Winners class, June, 1951. She passed away October 26, 1951, in her home at Downs, Kansas, after a short ill- ness. Edith was a great lover ol' children, and upon hearing of her home- going, many ol' her friends suggested that a children's memorial be estab- lished in her memory. This file was presented and dedicated at our annual Homecoming, February 22, 1952. Those who work in child evangelism, youth and ehildrenis groups, will find an assortment of valuable material from which to draw. There are numerous object lessons, flannelgraph lessons, D.V.B.S. plans, scrip- ture memory plans, musical stories, flash card stories, handwork sam- ples, attendance boosters, illustrated songs, etc. The above material may be checked out under the standard library procedure. Thus, materials are available to any workers who are unable to build up their own supply. Seen gediwl ide Scene aw Q nf V , fggw fI'l? M gigs f - .1 ,--V3.8 A A V 'als' 4 V M QP 'A af ,. -A .v M5 1U ni ya U? A..- ' F ncaa - ' QE: ?f'wr- J wuamwn A 5m.emH'Z 13,51 :Zh M. .-0 331 rqfipwewf dnJ:L,m:q Higwfwiy E1-x :mb- ' 'fm W-mEq aw Y-L4 J ,--et,- 4'-55.21 :vigmi:5.5,, ' 11 w:..'2ff'.E'li'.?,w ' , ..s -.::..u-wr, W' fob :nwr 'iff' is v- . wr nik: -.--1 . .Wm law um' 44, Q nwv ' c' Q Y 'Wim gdiiwiff- - - Klfuefcoma cy'-fomz fo Dm Jlfliiaionaziai Gun Wliaalonanq ze 3 ,,.- M ig.: I' 42 ' ' '- : . :ws 5 .. iz. .- x.:v,fA ,:e, 2.-- V L E :-'W 411:-: ,1. - f 15-::-f-4. -.1 .QS -H' 1 H W: gwiwf: 1251 5, - :gg ag 1:42 A .lax . , , .1,:1,'.E'I1,:. .x-,dQw.a THE CLARKS THE WELCHES ETHEL BRUNHAVER NEOMA BACON HALE Liberia Liberia Liberia Liberia NORMA VAN HOOSER LUCILLE JENKINS THE DOUGHERTYS GERALDINE VAN PELT Liberia Liberia Arkansas Weigchpec' Cal, LA VON GERMAN VIOLA EILTS PEARL CLEMENT VALLETIA HOYT Kentucky Kentucky ANNE MORRISON CB-S-I-3 Kentucky Oregon anon CROW THE MORTONS-Jamaica THE HARTMANS-Cuba itz, '3 31 4 ' - .iI?:-..1:5: f5rE.?5:5 , L- 'hz ,., 11? ws, -::s::.::.:::e::-s::-f:L'ea::- y - W! -,.-ms: '--.,:::- ff 1 Y?f1?:'.-22:5'55-I15?:5F35'i5H9?F: ' 4' 5'222225533-zfk-2Er:2zr::?' V . V, gli. :I-:Eg-Q 4 A- J:-:IH 3 f f ' SX ? , 1 Sf zz 69 , 'K ' 1 Q ' , A? ff 31, w 'Q 4- Qgwgwmwwwmwmw. M - ..1-:- :- QW ff' , 4 ,ij 3 4' 5 4 e ,ir 'Q x V 4 f W 'V , Y,,I xg ' Z ,, g-in ' '2' .- THE OUTHOUSES-Chile GERTRUDE GRIFFIN MYRTLE MORGAN, Kentucky THE FOXES-Kentucky .-ywmsmy , A ,.., , NYT? I ww N,,m , sw 111- A WMEWfi?f?W 9 efrsi gxwwarg i?mMw-wwwQ3W 'iff 1:4 r, ' -- gif 2, I - 5 ' B' 5' :..?ZE2:2,g? f'f E5 E. mEfQfg,il? .,., . Tri? N .1 .,., . ?QQ'i Awx- w PETER KIZNER THE COLLINS THE ROUNDS THORA BROOKS JG11G'I1' -74114171 Missouri Argentina 8 LOUISE SMITH THE ISBILLS--Missionary Secretary J u.-maica Not pictured: VVANDA FANE, Jamaica EvELYN THIEDERMAN, Java T WERE BRANCHING OUT! if Canada-Stanley Gibson ik Jamaica-Innis Bright 71? Colombia-Felix Morales ik Canada-Darlene Strome 75? Canada-Alfrieda Buczynski sk Brazil-Antonio Oliveiro These countries have been represented this year by foreign students entering OBT as God provides. OBI now is rated under Section llfef on training foreign students. This is one big step toward spreading the Gospel to every creature. gf 1 I ff . uv- ,vm I , f -c- 1 mx 1. 4 a qifisgi? af' 3 3 4 4, if ng. , QR. fXg.w?2nf-,, Mi km Yew '9 f aw! 'ffm iM Sf,f is- v Ks,-14 wvwygx 1 bw- ww ff ki wwf' xgiyga ft fm? 5' I 13929 Q fs 19224 xgfff in 65-'Rea 45 WW 'af fy wwf ww, .4 r ALUMNI COUNCIL OFFICERS I.Avli15'1'.ix Smrriel, Council llWl l1'lbCI' Louis P11ocK, President RUSSISIJ, SIMS, Vice-presidclzl Iiva MnH1.s, Secretary MAIKIAN Smrru, Assistant Secretary fNot picturedb MAuc.Anu'r PETERSON Trumpet Call Co-editor The School of Successful Graduates has become a reality rather than a motto. It is a fact! From the first graduating class of 1933, with its roll call of stout-hearted individuals, to the last graduating class of 1951, of which more than 75W are now in active work, there are laborers for God. Ot' the last two graduating classes, which totaled 86, there are now 6 missionaries, 41 pastors, 2 cvangelists, 14 Sunday School workers 6 continuing their schooling, and 1 in the Army. 0.B.I.,S SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES MOVE FORVVARD A detailed report given one year ago showed more than one million dollars in building accomplislied by O.B.I. graduates, to which many thousands of dollars could now be added. New churches have sprung up all over the nalion because of these Alumni. Missionaries, pastors, evangelists, Sunday School workers- Trained at O.B.I. I Appointed by God Inspired by the Holy Spirit VVorking together for the cause of Christ The School of SllCf'f'SSflll Graduates Louis PnocK Alumni President OUR F OUNDERS Rev. and Mrs. John R. Richey Pasadena, California Be not weary in well-doing. II Thess. 3:13 ROLL. CLXLL QF CL XSESES HARVESTERS, 1933 ANDERSON, ALMA--Des Moines, Ia. AYRESMAN, BEULAH-Gibson City, Ill. BAIN, GLADYS 8: LEROY-Des Moines, Ia. LeRoy-U. S. Army BUMP, ALICE CARTER, IONA LYONS-Des Moines, Ia. CORNISH, ELSIE-Los Angeles. Calif. CRANE, GLADYS-Des Moines, Ia. DOWELL, FLORA 8: J. A.-Des Moines, Ia. EDWARDS, DOROTHY 8: ROSS-Des Moines, Ia. EDWARDS, RUBY Sz DAN-Sumner, Wash. ERVIN, HELEN EHLERS---Des Moines, Ia. ETHEREDGE, DAISY-Deceased HAMPTON, EMILY F.-Los Angeles, Cal. HATFIELD. EMMA L.-Des Moines, Ia. HECK, ANNA-Des Moines, Ia. JENKINS, JOSEPHINE-Des Moines, Ia. JENKINS, LUCILLE-Liberia, W. Africa Foreign Missionary KELLER, LEROY LABERTEW, PAUL-Des Moines, Ia. S. S. Teacher LYON, ELDON-Cambridge. Ia. LYON, LAURA 8: KEITH-Cambridge, Ia. S. S. Workers McKEEMAN, GILBERT Sz GENEVIEVE-Arvada, Colo. McMURRAY, HARRIETT-Eureka, Calif. Pastor MARTIN, MARIETTA STILWELL MEHLS, EVA BALLARD-Des Moines, In. O.B.I. Alumni Secy.: S. S. Teacher MENDENHALL, LA VON 8: ROBERT-Des Moines, Ia. MOON. DELMAR-Deceased MORRIS, EDITH 8: BURT-Des Moines, Ia.. MUELHAUPT, LOIS SHEPHERD-Des Moines, Ia. PETERSON, HELEN M.-Des Moines, Ia. PRAY, OREN RI-IYAND, GERTRUDE GAUMER-Cleveland, Ohio SMILEY, MARJORIE HARN-Rock Falls, Ill. Co-Pastor THOMPSON, ROY C.-Menahga, Minn. Pastor TRUI'I'I'. CLARENCE 8: AMY-Des Moines. Ia. Evangelists and Supply Pastors VAWTER, GEORGE-Des Moines, Ia. WALLENTINE, HAROLD--Boone, Ia. Pastor WISE, FRED-Des Moines. Ia., ZUMBRO, GWENDOLYN BROWN-Bloomington, Cal. OVERCOMERS, 1934 ALEXANDER, NELLIE-Des Moines. Ia. Evangelist BAUMGARDNER. RUFUS CHIARAMONTE, CARMELLA-Des Moines, Ia. S. S. Teacher JOHNSON, MARIE SCALF-Des Moines, Ia. S. S. Treasurer LABERTEW, VERA MAY WIXOM-Des Moines, Ia. LYON. HAZE-L-Cambridge, Ia. S. S. Worker McMURRAY, THOMAS J.-Eureka, Calif. MOSIER, EARL-Des Moines, Ia. Evangelist PARSONS, BEULAH-Des Moines. Ia. PIPER, RAYMOND-Des Moines, Ia. SANDY. DR. A. A.-Deceased SANDY, BLANCHE-Des Moines, Ia. SMILEY, ROBERT---Rock Falls. Ill. Pastor SNTDER, PAULINE RENNER-Madrid. Ia. STERNS, ERBELLE SCALF-Des Moines, Ia. Pianist: S. S. Teacher STRACHAN. MILDRED NELSON-Tacoma. Wash. Co-Pastor STURGEON, GERTRUDE ELLIS-Des Moines, Ia. SYLVESTER, CHARLES-Central City, Ia. WPARNER, BERTHA-Deceased WEINS. GLADYS WELKER, IOWA ALLEN-Des Moines. Ia. WELSHONS, LEONARD-Dayton, Ohio Pastor: Pres. D.B.l.: East Div. Supt. WISE, HESSIE MAE-Deceased CONQUERORS, 1935 ARMSTRONG, IONA-Springfield, Mo. BROWN, CHESTER-Waterloo, Ia. CLARK, RHEA-Patterson, Mo. Pastor HAMILTON, LEON Sz MARIE-Glendale, Calif. HEDGES, VETHA'-Deceased HODGE, FRANCES BROWN--Des Moines. Ia. JOHNSON, GEORGE-Des Moines, Ia. KRISTIANSON, MABEL--Boone, Is. LaPARR, HAZEL-Deceased MOSIER. MAE NELSONRDes Moines, Ia. Evangelist NELSON, MABEL-Des Moines, Ia. Evangelist NICHOLS, ALICE SNIDER-Des Moines, Ia. PERSONS, LILIAN NELSON--Overland, Mo. Co-Pastor: Musical Director PLETCHER, GERALD-Albuquerque, N. Mex. Pastor ROTHROCK, SADIE-Des Moines, Ia. S. S. Secy. SCHULTZ, CLARENCE 8: SOPHIE-Des Moines, Ia. TEGLAND, GENEVA-Los Angeles, Calif. VOLK, MAY--Des Moines, Ia. WEMPLE, ORLAND-Ione, Calif. AMBASSADORS, 1936 BEARLAC, DAISY MAE MARTIN BREON, RAYMOND-Sioux City, Ia. DAGASE. AUDREE DOUGHERTY, ELBERT-Parthenon, Ark. Home Missionary ELEFSON, EVELYN-Eau Claire. Wise. HIRSCH, KATHERINE WILLIAMS-Lombard. Ill. ISBILL, LULUBELLE LOWE-Des Moines, Ia. O.B.I. Instructor: Nat'l Miss'y Pres. JOHNSON, CARL-Des Moines, Ia. JOHNSON. ELSA-Deceased KRISTIANSON, ALBERT-Ogden. Ia. KRISTIANSON. ROY-Muscatine, Ia. Pastor LAGER, ELLEN KRISTIANSON-Boone, Ia. LONDON, LILLIE-Des Moines. Ia. MORRIS. JESSIEHELEN FIELDSA-Morro Bay, Calif. NELSON, HELEN-Wells, Minn. PARSONS, GLADYS-Des Moines, Ia. PILKINGTON, FERN MURPHY-Des Moines. lu. PLETCHER, RUBY MILLER-Deceased POPE, RUSSELL-Casper. Wyu. Pastor ROSS, BERTHA 8: GLENvDes Moines, Ia. SPRAY, ROSE-Des Moines, Ia. STRACKE. CARROLL-Bloomington, Calif. SUTTON, EDNA--Des Moines, Ia. THIEDERMAN, EVELYN-Indonesia Foreign Missionary TUCKER, LURA- -Detroit, Mich, Pastor WALLENTINE, DELBERTkWest Burlington, Ia. S. S. Teacher WILLIS, LaVANCHE-Des Moines, Ia. WOODMAN. RUTH WARDELL-Deceased. WATCHMEN, 1937 BIRKINBINE, BLANCHE STEWART-Des Moines, Ia BROWN, MABEL-Norwalk, Ia. CHENEY, HELEN WARD-Des Moines, Ia. DEXTER, RUTH-Des Moines, Ia. ELLIS, REED-Portland, Ore. GABEL, IOLA-Des Moines, Ia. Pianist McLAREN, MARIE-Des Moines, Ia. MILLER, SHERMAN-Denver, Colo. Pastor MODRELL, LAURA MAE CLOUD RILES. HERMAN SCHAFF, PHYLLIS--Des Moines, Ia. VESTAL, MARIE-Des Mbinw, Ia. LOWER LIGHTS, 1938 BERGSTROM, EULA BURKE-Inglewood, Calif. BINNS, MAY-Des Moines, Ia. BOWLES, MAGGIE-Deceased BROOKS, THORA-Fredricktown, Mo. CARD, LOUISE GATES-Waterloo, Ia. EUBANKS, MILDRED LEIGHT-Amarillo, Texas FLOWER, HELEN LONG--Seymour, Ia. GUNDERSON, GLADYS MORKEN-Wells, Minn. HARVEY, JOHN-Ankeny, Ia. HENDERSON, LILLIAN RIDEN-Montebello, Calif. ISBILL, RALPH-Des Moines, Ia. Missionary Secretary KELDERMAN, WILLIAM-Leighton, Iowa S. S. Supt. McMAINS, JOHN-Des Moines, Ia. MORGAN, GERTRUDE-Republic, Mo. Co-Pastor MORGAN, MYRTLE-Little, Ky. Home Missionary MURRAY, DELORAS-Phoenix, Ariz. MURRAY, VIOLET HARTZER-Des Moines, Ia. Alumni Council SAMO, WILMA FLOWER-Des Moines, Ia. SHAY, DOROTHY CARNAL--Des Moines. Ia. TERRILL. FLORA LONGERBONE-Campton, Ky. VVIALLENTINE, DELORAS PERKINS-West Burlington Ia S. S. Teacher WOOD, ROSA AND CARL-Wayton, Ark. KINGFS VOUNTEERS, 1939 ACKERMAN, JOHN Sz VERNA-Bradford. Pa. Pastors BIRKINBINE, KENNETH-Des Moines, Ia. BOAT, LESTER-Des Moines. Ia. CLEMENT, PEARL-Sprague River, Ore. Pastor CORNMAN, WILBUR Ka MADALENE-Des Moines, In Pastors I-IEWITT, GRACE GILBERT-Annapolis, Calif. SMITH, JOHN-Aledo, Ill. Pastor WELSHONS, ORVEL-Tujunga, Calif. Pastor WHISLER, LISLE-Midland. S. Dak. Pastor WILLIAMS, RUTH CORNMAN-Ramona, Calif. Co-Pustor WOODIN, MILDRED Ta.GLAND-Kennewick, Wash. VICTORY, 1940 AKERIGHT, VIRGINIA BLACKBURN-Waterloo, Ia. BOYD, MAXINE-Whittier, Calif. BYERS, LILLIAN-Des Moines. Ia. DAVIDSON, FRANCESMDes: Moines. Ia. FLOWER, MARLEN--Seymour, Ia. GODING, CLARA-Hot Springs, S. Dak. GODING, JOHN-Deceased GUNDERSON, EDWIN-Wells, Minn. KIZNER, PETER H.-Argentina, S. Amer. Foreign Missionary LAMBERSON, LULA JAMES-Moline, Ill. LONGERBONE, CHARLES-Des Moines, Ia. MAHUGH, JEANNETTE ELWOOD OUTHOUSE, EDMUND-Chile, S. America PLETCHER, MAXINE-Des Moines, Ia. POTTINGER, GURENA GUNDERSON--LaMesa, Calif. RALEIGH, DORIS MITCHELL-Des Moines, Ia. REDMOND, FERN-Des Moines, Ia. SCHWEIKER, ADA-Des Moines, Ia. SMITH, RICHARD-Norton, Kans. Pastor TOUSLEY, THERON Ka HAZEL-Lodi, Calif. Pastors VESTAL, EUGENE--Des Moines, Ia. WILLCOX, LENA MAE CREMERgDes Moines, Ia. Children's Worker: Alumni Council WILTING, MARY LEE LAMBERSON-Green Forest, Children's Worker BUILDERS, 1941 BAKER, RAYMOND 8: RUTH-Des Moines, ln. BALES, ALLEN 5 MARTHA-Des Moines, Ia. BARNHART, FRANK-Brookings, S. Dak. CHANDLER, RALPH-Des Moines, Ia. Evangelist CRAWLEY, ALBERT KL CATHARINE-Galesburrr. Ill. Pastors GRIFFIN, GERTRUDE-Little, Ky. Home Missionary GROEN, JOHN-Parsons, Kans. Pastor HAYS, DELPHIA-Des Moines, Ia. I-IOBBS, ALBERT 8: FRANCES-Whitewood, S. Dak. HUFFMAN, HIRAM-Brookings, S. Dak. HUME, MARIE HURST. FRANCES-Boone, Ia. Evangelist LEE. ABRAHAM 8: IDA-Maryville. Mo. MEIER, LEONA MORRIS, LEONARD-Des Moines, In. PIPER, CHARLES-St. Petersburg, Fla. Pastor RANEY, ETHEL-Des Moincs, In. SHOLES, BRUCE 81 EDNA-Grimes, Ia. Pastors STITHEM. VIOLET STRACKE-Dunning, Nebr. REAPERS, 1942 ALBERT. ERNEST BARNHART, FLORENCE-Brookings, S. Dak. BLOOMGREN, ALICE-Galesburg. Ill. S. S. Teacher CAMERY, MARLYS BURF'IENDTvDixon, Ill. CHRISTOPULOS, WILLIAM--Salt Lake City. Utah Evangelist CONARD, EARL 8: ETHEL-Des Moines, Ia. COOPER, EDITH TRUITT-Beloit, Wise. CROOKS, GERALD-Des Moines, Ia. Secy. Tx-eas.. O.B.S. Churches CROZIER, ARCHIE-Des Moines, Ia. DRAIN, SUSIE FALL-Edmonds, Wash. EBERLY. RUTH 'FULLER-Des Moines, Ia. ELIASON, VICTOR 8: NORMA SYDNES-Des Moines, O.B.S. offices HARTMAN, PAULMGuanajay, Cuba Foreign Missionary Ark. Ia. HAYNES, ELIZABETH POTTINGER-Des Moines, Ia. Co-Pastor JARVIS, ANNA RUTH ASH-Ottumwa, Ia. LAMBERSON. LONNIE-Moline, Ill. LANGNESS, HAZEL GOODMAN-Kirkland, Wash. McKINLEY, ARLENE BECK-Midland, S. Dak. Co-Pastor McMAINS, BEULAH-Des Moines, Ia. MORGAN, VERL-Republic, Mo. Evangelist OLMSTEAD, RUTH JAMES-Rock Island, Ill. OUTHOUSE, DAPHYNE-Pasadena, Calif. OWINGS, HAROLD 8: NELLIE THACHER-Portland, Ore PALMER, PAULINE-Des Moines, Ia. PARRIS, JUNE JASINSKY-Des Moines, Ia. POTTINGER, ROBERT' Xz HELEN-Pierre. S. Dak. Pastors QUICK, DOROTHY REEM-Princeton, N. J. RUTLEDGE, MILDRED BLOOMGREN-Hopedale, Ill. Co-Pastor SMITH. LaVON TOWERS-Aleclo. Ill. Co-Pastor SYDNES, THERESA-Madrid, Ia. VAUGHN, TI-IELMA WOOD-Wayton, Ark. WILCOX, EVELYN-Los Angeles, Calif. CHRIST'S CHUSADERS, 1943 BLOCK, GUST Sz VERNITA-Brookville, Ohio Pastors BOYER. ALICE JUDD-DeGratT, Ohio BRADSHAW, RUTH-Des Moines, Ia. Pastor BRUNHAVER, ETHEL-Liberia, W. Africa Foreign Missionary ELLIS, VIRGIL--Portland, Ore. FRYMOYER, DONALD-Deceased HALE, NEOMA BACON-St. Louis, Mo. Foreign Missionary on Furlough HART, CARL-Hardin, Montana Pastor HARTMAN, LaVON LAKIN-fGuanajay, Cuba Foreign Missionary HARTZER. ROGER Ka VIOLETfDes Moines, Ia. HOSIER, VIRGINIA CHRISTENSEN-Waterloo, Ia. KNIGHT, JOSEPHINE BLACKBURN LANFERMAN, BERNICE FRYMOYER-Ottumwa, Ia. McELVOGUE, MABLE BICE-Des Moines, Ia. MOORE, GRANT 8: WILMA-Des Moines, Ia. 0. B. I. Registrar NATIONS, VIRGIL 8: FAWN-Baxter Springs, Kans. Evangelists PONTSLER, MARIE WOOD-Kewanee, Ill. Co-Pastor SIMONS. JAMES A2 ULA FOSTER-Peru, Ill. Pastors SMITH, VIRGINIA EVERSOLL-Dallas, Tex. THATCHER, OPAL-New York, N. Y. ChiIdren's Worker: Nurse VEZERIAN, LORRAINE WZEBB, DELORES BAIRD--Hornick, Ia. Co-Pastor WENOS, DALE-Charleston, W. Va. Mission Work VVORLD EVAN GELS, 1944 BAKER. CLINTON 8: EVELYN Pastors, Columbia, S. Car. BIRCHMIER, LA VERNE-Upland, Ind. BLACK, GERTRUDE BAKER-Vermillion. S. Dak. BLACK, VIVIAN BAKER-Pierre, S. Dak. CAMP, VIOLET PRUSSMAN-Dayton, Ohio D.B.I. Faculty DE PRENGER, LEO-Stockton, Calif. Pastor EDWARDS, CHARLES-Macon, Georgia Evangelist GODDARD, ROXANNA HEUER-Des Moines, Ia. I-IASTY, MAXINE RAINS-Perry, Ia. HUME, KEITH--Long Beach, Calif. Evangelist HURST, MARJORIE-Boone, Ia. Evangelist McGLOTHLEN, WAUNETA GOODE-Des Moines, Ia. McGUIRE, KENNETH-Des Moines, Ia. MARTIN, HELEN MORRISON. CORTNNE-Zion. Ill. NEWBERG, ROBERT At FLORENCE-Galesburg, Ill. NOE, ISABELLE-Davis City, Ia. NOE, NOBLE-Des Moines, Ia.. PE'I'I'0RINI, PETER-Rising Sun, Ia. ROSS, BETTY HAND-Puerto Rico Husband with U. S. Army SMITH, LOUISE-Jamaica, B. W. I. Foreign Missionary SMITH, MARIAN-Des Moina, Iowa O.B.I. Asst. Registrar: Alumni Officer SMITH, MARIE CHRISTENSEN-Des Moines, Ia. Co-Pastor: Music STATON, TRENTON-Toledo, Ohio THACHER, ARTHUR--Dallas, Texas Pastor THOMPSON, KATHRYN--Des Moines, Ia. Pianist VAN HOOSER, NORMA-Liberia, W. Africa Foreign Missionary fOn Furloughj WESTERGAARD, BURTON-Boone, Ia. Pastor WILSON, LUCILLE McDONOUGH-Downing, Mo. TORCHBEARERS, 1945 ANDERSON, HUGH Xt NONA-Ankeny, Ia. CARLSEN, GENEVIEVE-Des Moines, Ia. Accordion Instructor CARLSON, VIRGIL-Des Moines, Ia. Sacred Studios Ez Book Store CLARK, EMMA LEE YOUNGS-AEugene, Ore. DeCAMP, RICHARD-Des Moines, Ia. EDWARDS, ELAINE WILSON-Macon, Ga. Evangelist LaFARY, HAROLD-Des Moines, Ia. LAMENDOLA, KATHLEEN WOBBEMA-Des Moines. Ia LAWTON, GRACE GORSETH-Springfield, Ore. LOPER, CALVIN-Des Moines, Ia. Pastor McCULLOUGH, LOLA-Nampa, Idaho MYERS, GERTRUDE GILBERT-Des Moines, Ia. NEUBERT, GRACE-San Luis Obispo, Calif. NOE, MAX-Jefferson, Ia. Pastor PONTSLER, GERALD-Kewanee, Ill. Pastor REAMES, WILLIAM-Clive, Ia. RUSSELL, DONALD 8: MABEL-Clear Lake, Ia. Pastors SPENCER, FLORENCE KETCHUM-Leesburg, Fla. Co-Pastor STUCHIS, ALBERT-Des Moines, Ia. TERPENING, SMITH-Mokane, Mo. Pastor VAN PELT, GERALDINE PURINGTON-- Missionary, Weitchpec, Calif. VANDER VELDEN, LELIA ROUNDS Des Moines, Ia. VOSHELL, CLIFTON-Des Moines, Ia. VRIEZELAAR, GERALD-Waterloo, Ia. Pastor WEBB, GERALD!!-Iornick, Ia. Pastor WETTELAND, BEVERLY SCALF-Des Moines, Ia. Alumni Council WHISLER, GOLDIE--Midland, S. Dak. VVORLD VVITNESSES, 1946 ALBERS, BERNIECE ANDERSON, LYLE Sz DELORAS CRAWFORD Pastors: Macon. Ga. BIRCHMIER, CHARLENE GATES-Upland, Ind, BUNKOFSKE, DARLENE-Albert Lee, Minn. CARD, MAXINE GATES-Ottumwa, Ia. Col-Pastor CARLSON, MARCELLA WALLENTINE--Des Moines, Sacred Studios: Book Store CHANDLER, LOWELL Ku WILDA-Winfield, la. Pastors CLOSE, JEANNETTE-Pasadena, Calif. COLLETT, LEONARD 8z DELORA--Burlington. la. Pastors DAY, EVANGELINE-Osawatomie, Kans. DUNCAN, WILBURN-Dunning, Nebr. X Pastor EDWARDS, WALTER-Rock Falls, Ill. EHRAT, GLEN 8: MARY--Rock Falls, Ill. Pastors GOWAN, LII ROY-Magnolia, Minn. HELLER, HELEN JONES-Dunning, Nebr. HINTON, ALMA--Des Moines. Ia. JOHNSON, CLYDE-Edmonds, Wash. Pastor KELLY, CLYDE 8: MARY-Custer. S. Duk. Pastors LOUTHAN, THELMA-Des Moines, Ia. LOWE, SADLE BERGE.ON -Yvet Dcs Moin's, Ia. OLSON, WILMA JEAN ALTEMEIER-Des Moines, Ia. Co-Pastor PETERS, RALPH-Streator, Ill. Pastor POWELL, ETHYLE SHEPPARD, MABEL--Des Moines, Ia. SYDNES, RICHARD-Des Moines, Ia. Asst. Pastor: Alumni Council THATCHER, CHESTER TI-IORN, MARJORIE ALBERS-Moscow Mills, Mo. Co-Pastor VAN DUYN, HARLEY Ka THELMA-Algona, Ia. Pastors WOLFE, ELEANOR--Grand Rapids, Mich. GOSPEL HERALDS, 1947 ADEMEIT, BETTY LOU-Pasadena, Calif. S. S. Worker BETHARD, BRUCE Ka HAZEL-Hot Springs. S. Dak. Pastors I BIRCHMIER, LARVAL-Portland, Ore. BOWER, CHARLES-Ottumwa, Ia. BYERS, JANE-Des Moines, Ia. CARD, LOVERNE 1JackJ-Ottumwa, Ia. Pastor CARLSEN, HAROLD-Des Moines, Ia. CHANDLER, GORDON Sz ELEANOR-Antioch, Calif. Pastors CHOATE, ARLENE--Waukegan, Ill. Co-Pastor COLLETT, DELBERT Sz ROSAMOND-Des Moines, Ia. Delbert, Alumni Council: Rosamond, Pianist COOMER, OLLIE BENTON-Dayton, Ohio DINGEMAN, JOHN 8: ELEANOR-Des Moines, Ia. ERLANDSON, ALICE-St. Petersburg, Fla. S.P.B.I. Instructor FISHER, IRENE LORE-Des Moines, Ia. GROSSMAN, RUTH-Des Moines, Ia. HALSEY, RONALD 8: RUBY-Dayton, Ohio HOUGHTON, LOIS ATKINSON-St. Petersburg, Fla. HOWARD, DONALD 8: WILMA-Elkhart, Ia. Pastors JONES, EARL-Seneca, Nebr. Pastor KENT, BEULAH MORGAN-Ci'estviexv, Fla. LACEY, BONNIE-Des Moines, Ia. MCGHEE, JANETT--Lineville, Ia. MCGUIRE, WILMA WASSMANN-Des Moincs, Ia. MARTEL, IDA-Meridian, Idaho NEVVMAN, JEAN EBERT-Ottumwa, Ia. OILER, RALPH-Sioux City, Ia. Pastor OLSON, ORVILLE-Des Moines, Ia. Pastor ORMAN, EZILLINE-Des Moines, Ia. PHILLIPS, ADOLPH--Des Moines, Ia. Pastor REAMES, ETHEL PITTS-Clive, Ia. RIED, ELLEN-Des Moines, Ia. Children's Work: Alumni Council ROOT, ARDETTAA-Waukegan, Ill. Pastor ROUNDS, SHIRLEY NEWBERG-Tokyo, Japan Foreign Missionary ROURKE, GERALDINE-Des Moines, Ia. SCOTT, GRACE TERHUNE-Waterloo, Ia. SMITH, LAVEETA-Des Moines, Ia. Children's Work: Church Secy. SPONSLER, GLADYS NORDMAN-Ottumwa. Ia. Co-Pastor STEVVART, AGNES GARWICK-Des Moines, Ia. STORESUND, MABLE-Des Moines, Ia. TEACHENOR, LILLIAN-Arlington, Calif. TEACHENOR, MARGARET-Arlington, Calif. VANCE, ELAINE NOE-Des Moines, Ia. S. S. teacher WHITNEY, RAY 8: CORA-Des Moines, Ia. EVANGELS OF THE CROSS, 19118 BAKER, DOROTHY DeLaHUNT-Waterloo, Ia. BOOT, ELMER A JEANNETTE-Des Moines, Ia. BOYLES, RUSSELL-Kansas City, Mo. BRADSHAW, HERBERT 8: GLENDA MAE- Evangelists BROWN. NEIL--Des Moines, la. BRYAN, HAROLD-Adel, la. Pastor CLARK, BARBARA-Seattle, Wash. CLARK, W. ROLLIE-Eugene, Ore. B.S.I. Instructor COBORN, GERALD-Geneseo, Ill. Pastor COLEMAN, NORMA JEAN SANDERSfMemphi:s, Tenn COLLETT, GAYHART 8z ELOISE-Fairfield, Ia. Pastors COLLINS, BERTHA KEWLEYfTokyo, Japan. Foreign Missionary CROUCH, HARLAN Q CHLOIPMason City. Ia. Pastors EILTS, VIOLA-Little, Kentucky Home Missionary FANE, WANDA-Jamaica, B.W.I. Foreign Missionary FORD, MILDRED-Stockton, Calif. GAIL, NEAL 8: MARCELLA-Marshalltown, la. Pastors GENTRY, LORENE HERRMANN-Lincoln Park, Mich. Co-Pastor HARRIS, HAZEL-Des Moines, Ia. Children's Work HUFFMAN, FRIEDA-Sheldon, Ia. McNE,LEY, SUE---Des Moines, Ia. Childrerfs Work MELNICK, MARGARETfBrooklyn, N. Y. MERRITT, SHIRLEY NORTON-Mason City. Ia. MORTON, IVAN 8a KATHERINE PERGOLA- Foreign Missionaries, Jamaica, B.W.I. NORTON, GUSSA--Oakland, Calif. Nurse ORMAN, RAY-Des Moines, Ia. PARKER, OTIS--Des Moines, Ia. Pastor PORTWOOD, JAMES 8: NANCY PERGOLA- St. Petersburg, Fla.-Evangelists f I POTTS, CHESTER 8: DONNA AMES-Mt. Pleasant, Ia. Pastors PROCK, LOUIS 8: ESTELLE JORDAN-Des Moines, Ia. Alumni President SIMS, RUSSELL-Des Moines, Ia. Alumni V. P. SPENCER, JESSE-Leesburg, Fla. Pastor STARK, VESTER-Batavia, Ia. STICKLE, HARRY-Eagle Grove, Ia. STOYUGHTON. VERN Q ROSE MARIE BACON- St. Louis, Mo. SYDNES, LUGENE MORAIN-Des Moines, lu. THOMAS, HAROLD-Des Moines, Ia. THOMPSON, CHARLES dz MABEL-Cedar Rapids, Pastors TUCKER, JEAN SPENCER-Cedar Falls, Io. WELCH, EVELYN SMITH-Liberia, W. Africa Foreign Missionary WELSHONS, DONALD-Port Chicago, Calif. Pastor WILLIAMS. JUSTINE RIGGS-Sheridan, Wyo. Children's Worker ZOOK. VILMA-Waterloo, Ia. Children's Worker PIONEEHS, 1949 BAST, EUGENE--Haymarket, Va. Pastor BECHTEL, CHARLES-Fremont, Nebr. Children's Work BEVER, MARGARET SCOVILLE-Des Moines, lu. BLAKE, RAYMOND-Fremont, Nebr. CAMP, ROBERT-Dayton, Ohio D.B.I. Instructor CASE, RUTH-St. Louis, Mo. Children's Worker CLARK, THOMAS-Liberia, W. Africa Foreign Missionary DUNCAN, GLENN 8: MARY-Onida, S. Dak. Pastors EDWARDS, ROBERT-Des Moines, Ia. Music Ia. EIBEY, .IACQUELYN LAUGHLIN-LaCrosse, Wisc. Co-Pastor ELWOOD, HELEN-Roseburg. Ore. GRIMM, FRANK-Lexington, Nebr. Pastor HILLS, MARION-Des Moines, Ia. HOYT, VALLETIA-Little, Ky. Home Missionary JOHNSON, CARLYNNfDenver, Colo. Musical Director JONES, JOANNE GABEL-Ames, Ia. LAMENDOLA, NICK-Des Moines, Ia. MEAD, BERNTCE RASMUSSON-Des Moines, Ia. MOZENA, DWAYNE-Bradley, Ill. Pastor NEWMAN, CHARLES-Ottumwa, Ia. NEWMAN, FLORENCE-Pasadena, Calif. PETERSON, MARGARET-Des Moines, Ia. Trumpet Call Co-editor: S. S. class PORTWOOD, ARDELLA-Tampa. Fla. SCHMTDT. MAXINE-Washta, Ia. SMITH, LESLIE-Des Moines, Ia. Drake Univ. student SNOOK, DONALD-Ottumwa, Ia. SPORER, RUSSELL 8x MAXINE-Des Moines, Ia. Pastors: Russell, Alumni Council STERNS, VERL, JR.WFreeport, Ill. Pastor THORN, RAYMOND-Moscow Mills, Mo. Pastor VAN STEENIS, DONALD 8: VIOLET-Clive, Ia. Alumni Council: Pastor WEST, ELAINE OVERTON-Perry, Ia. WETTELAND. STANLEY-Des Moines, Ia. WOOD, EDWARD Q BETTY DAVISON- Pastors: Ventura, Calif. WOODS, ROY K: LILLIAN-Des Moinw, Ia. INTERCESSORS, 1950 ADY, HAROLD-Ashland, ohio Pastor ANSLEY, ARTHUR Xa LOIS-Valley Falls, Kans. ATKINSON. RICHARD Ka BEVERLY-Brookings. S. Pastors BACCUS. JACK-Edgerton, Wyo. Pastor BARFIELD, MARVIN-U. S. Army COLLINS. JACOB-Tokyo, Japan Foreign Missionary DRESSELHAUS, MILTON-Venezuela. S. Amer. Foreign Missionary DUPREY, MARY LOWE--Des Moines, Ia. EIBEY. DELBERT-LaCrosse. Wise. Pastor ELLIOTT. DARLENE-Plover. Ia. Pastor FOSTER, GENE-Macon, Ga. Children's Worker FOX. CHARLES--Little, Ky. Home Missionary K Dak. FRANK, DAVID-Swea City. Ia. Pastor FULTON, EVERETT-Des Moines, Ia. O.B.I. Dean of Personnel GAIL, PAUL-Des Moines, Ia. Alumni Council GENTRY, RALPH-ALincoln Park, Mich. Co-Pastor GERMAN, LaVON-Wolf Coal, Ky. Home Missionary HAYNES, ROBERT-Des Moines, Ia. Pastor HILL, LaVERNE 8: WANDA-Atlantic, Ia. Pastors H'USE-R, BEULAH-Des Moines, Ia. Children's Worker LAWSON, JOSEPH 8: ARLENE-Des Moines, Ia. MAHAFFEY. JUANITA DOWNER-Des Moines, Ia. MALMIN, LEIF---St. Joseph, Mo. Pastor MEANS, CLARENCE Ez ELMA-Bellville. Ohio Pastors MICHAEL, MARY-Des Moines, Ia. MORIARTY. MARGARET REDMOND-Des Moines. MOUW, FRANCES--Sheridan, Wyo. Children's Worker MOZENA, DONNA-Bradley, Ill. Co-Pastor PORTWOOD, ELLENORA RICHARDSfMiami, Fla. REDMON. DARLENE BLAIR-Mediapolis, la. Co-Pastor REMIER, ELLA DEEN-Rock Island, Ill. Y. P. Worker ROUNDS, PHILARD--Tokyo, Japan Foreign Missionary RUSSELL, MERLE Sz VADAWDQS Moines, lu. RUTLEDGE, ARNOLD-Hopedale, Ill. Pastor SCHANINK, MARILYN RILEY-Madison, S. Dak. SCHMIDT, ROBERT Sz MARGARET-Mason City, I SELIX, WILLIAM Sz HELEN-Des Moines, In. Alumni Council Members STERNS. SHIRLEY-Freeport, Ill. Co-Pastor URQUHART, MARY CLARK-Pierre, S. Dak. VANCE, LOUISE CRAWLEY-Dixon, Ill. Co-Pastor WELCH, ROBERT-Liberia, W. Africa Foreign Missionary SOUL WINNERS, 1951 BACK, JOHN-Mansfield, Ohio Co-Pastor BARRICK, EUGENE 8: EVELYN-Acampn. Calif. S. S. Workers BOYER, HELEN ADAMS-Eugene, Ore. BRENNEMAN, BERTHA-Wayland, Ia. S. S. Worker BUCZYNSKI, ALFRIEDA-Des Moines, Ia. CARLTON, ARDELLA-Tampa, Fla. CARROLL, DWIGHT 6 GRACE-Broadus, Mont. Pastors CARROLL. HARVEY 8: KATHRYN- Evangelists CATER, FOREST-Clive, Ia. Student CAVE. JACK-Mt. Sterling, Ky. Pastor CRONK, NORMAN-Des Moines, Ia. Student ELLIS, ELAINE-Des Moines, Ia. FRANK, ARLENE-Swea City, Ia. Co-Pastor GENTRY, LAWRENCE-Lincoln Park, Mich. Co-Pastor GOODMAN, MARGARET-Des Moines, In. HANKE, DON Sz FLOSSIE-Des Moines, Ia. Pastors HARDING. DORIS-Detroit, Mich. HOFER, EDITH-Deceased HUDDLE. AUDREY-Branchton, Ontario LAMBERTSON, GEORGE-Des Moines, Ia. LEONARD, MARCEL-Forest City, Ia. Pastor McGUIRE, CONRADE 8: MARY--Stockton, Calif. Asst. Pastors MORCH, DELMAR---Des Moines, la. RAINS, LOIS-Burlington, Ia. Children's Worker SOLUM, MARVIN-Des Moines, Ia. SPONSLER, GAIL-Ottumwa, Ia. Pastor STEVEN. GEORGE-Greenville, S. Car. Student STONER. DALE--Waterloo. Ia. . Asst. Pastor VANCE, EDWARD-Dixon, Ill. Pastor WALKER. RAYNOLD-Green Rock, Ill. WEED, ROSILEE-Des Moines, Ia. Artist WOOD, VERNON-Des Moines, Ia. Pastor In 21. PHOTO STAFF MEININ SODIiHS'l'ROM DAVIIJ HUFE DAVID MI'I'cHEI.I, MAE PARISH WfXX'NE POPE PROMOTION IRAY SMITH ALFRIEDA BUCZYNSKI AL BUSH BEVERLY JONES BOB NEWBERG LYNETTE PETRAK JANET OSTENDOEF YOUR ANNUAL STAFF JOHN HECK, Editor DoI.oIIEs RAINEY, Faculty Advisol COPY and MAKE-UP ALICE GIIssuN MAE PARISH MIXHLENE PETE.-KK RUTH TOSTEN TONY OLIVEIHA MARIAN SMITH Q Welcome to our Fellowship. D E F E N D E R S Faith of our fathers .V living still I n spite of dungeon, fire and sword. Oh, how our hearts beat high with joy Whene'er we hear the glorious word: Faith of our fathers, holy faith! We will be true to thee till death. Faith of our fathers! we will love Both friend and foe in all our strife, And preach thee, too, as love knows how, By kindly words and virtuous life: Faith of our fathers, holy faith! We will be true to thee till death. -Frederick W. Faber OPEN BIBLE STANDARD CHURCHES 851 19th STREET - DES MOINES 14, IOWA E. J. FULTON, General Chairman F. W. SMITH, Vice-Chairmen G. H. CROOKS, Gen'l Executive Sec'y 81 Treasurer O. R. ISBILL, Missionary Secretory j72fs1r2' s . . ' H STTIT Wm 'J-4-Q. V M9 ig x ,S' uf 1 fl Nsf .4 N- , P-'J ,lxx 4-'F-E? Eau- - I 1 4, i-20 ' I G ni- ' T-T Congratulations. 2 -LTR 'SIA' Wix E fr., fin' 'V I f , 1:5 ,yW' E ,i . 2 f T D E F E N D E R ss f 0 1 3 MY 5 . bt . 1- .J I pass through this world but once . . any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass again this wayf' CHURCH OF THE QPEN -BIBLE Nineteenth and Crocker Sfreets Des Moines 14, Iowa REV. cmd MRS. FRANK W. SMITH, Pcusfors REV. ond MRS. ROBERT FULTON, Assistants CHURCH OETHE .OPEN BIBLE Bl11'l111gIOl'1, Iowa y Congratulations to the Class ol 1952 Rev. and Mrs. L. A. Collett, pastors ' Class of '52 A PLACE IN THE HARVEST AWAITS YOU! 'cl must worh the works of Him that sent me 'xw f' , while it is day: the night cometh, when no ' man can worka' 'M' Uohn 9:43 ml A CENTRAL DIVISION ' Of OPEN BIBLE STANDARD CHURCHES , .-'. Frank W. Smith, Div. Supt. - ' kat- - g-- CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS of '52 The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are fewm FIRST CHURCH of the OPEN BIBLE Sth and Jefferson Waterloo, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Gerald Vriezelaar 4 ' ' 'S v A-1 d'-EY A-' -7 Y 'vii -Y i7 +'-'- A L - Y 'v'Y ' E EAGLE GROVE CHURCH of THE OPEN BIBLE mga QBID-faslgiuncil Qllgurrlg uf the fair Congratulations. DEFENDERS! S: wiki '.-2.1, 'S-Iv ' .--4-,sin f:-119 WFM.-.P-6'SE2s. 'W.-,-3:,.1.':1a'::e--. ' ., ., x.4.-mme. w+1::51:':':-:ff,-13:1-1:-:av 51- 1, Lloyd W. Meyer, pastor Always remember: ...ifGodisin your plans ' make them Juanita Meyer, coepasior A B I G ! ll E Y H H I - . A .wg K H -,v A i, iii g, , iAv, ON TO ULTIMATE VICTORY CLASS OF '52 CONGRATULATIONS A Place awaits you in the harvest field-F ill it and be happy FIRST CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE 411, Mason City, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Crouch -:-' 'vi' , ,KJJY rr- , - v Y Y E-- ,- , CONGRATULATIONS . . . DEFENDERS NGO ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel fMarIc I6:I5I FOUR 'MILE CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE REV. AND MRS. A. W. PHILLIPS, pastors Telephone 62-3281 OPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE Salutes Its Sister Schools- BIBLE STANDARD INSTITUTE ---- Eugene, Orego CALIFORNIA OPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE - - Pasadena, Cal DAYTON BIBLE INSTITUTE ------ Dayton, Oh: ST. PETERSBURG BIBLE INSTITUTE - - St. Petersburg, Fla Workers Together With Him III Cor. 6:'II T ' - ii T-Af 1 J ,sir-.'- ,-4 ,+ f -vi f if W- ,Jvff if f Y.:f - YV Y, .ve-E if CONGRATULATIONS DEF ENDERS He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seedy shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bring- ing his sheuves with him. Psa. 126:45 FIRST CHURCH of the OPEN BIBLE. Inc. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Rev. and Mrs. A. O. Ramseyer, Pastors 4 A -r' ' ' -A' AA' 'A'nf ' - '-' -- TO THE CLASS OF '52 The pastors and congregation A of the ' , Fort Des Moines Upen Bible Church bring you congratulations and sincere wishes for an 'abundant harvest in the Master's Vineyard Rev. and Mrs. R. J. Haynes -- Pastors H ' 7 A 7 'JH 4 Y A7 -H - A-Y A Q '-'JH A' -lg Congratulations . . . DEFENDERS! CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE WinHeld, Iowa REV. and MRS. LOWELL CHANDLER, pastors M A M sl, AAAA Greetings. CLASS OF '52 Many of our church young people have graduated from O.B.I. and are busy in the Lord's Vineyard today. God bless you, everyone I A T B , , ,TL Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lordf, Gcrlesburq Open Bible Church Rev. and Mrs. A. M. Crawley, Pastors '-f 'Zn-V 'A -- ,f, .vi Y ir Y Jvrv -S v .-Aw g t ie Jie Church of the Onen Bible Hopedale, Illinois X MHAVE FAITH IN GOD if CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS of '52 1' Rev. A. Rutledge Congratulations Defenders! HEarnestly contend for the faith which .was once delivered C O E Ol S O unto the saintsv OI'I1IIl.U.I11 CI e rf . ll5 E. 32nd Street Cour? Rs Moines 1' West Des Moines CONGRATULATIONS! 1, Open Bible Church REV. and MRS. D. HANKE, Pastors REV. and MRS. EARL LEE, Pastors CONGRATULATIONS to the D E F E N D E R S But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus SWEA CITY GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. and Mrs. David Frank ,,, Y-. Y YJ-, -- ,- - A lv- Y CONGRATULATIONS DEFENDERS HThou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Theei' FIRST CHURCH of the OPEN BIBLE 618 3rd Street South West Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Charles Thompson 73 -fi if if, ,Y,- Y., ,rf L Our prayers will follow you. Defenders NGO, work today in my vineyard Allan Wood, pastor CALVARY CHURCH of lhe OPEN BIBLE Penn and Buchanan Streets Des Moines, Iowa GREETINGS DEFENDERS Class of '52 MO give thanks unto the Lordg for he is goodv VANDALIA CHURCH of the OPEN BIBLE Rev. and Mrs. Russell Sporer, pastors g - A I -r,'. CONGRATULATIONS DEFENDERS The fields are white unto harvest OPEN BIBLE TEMPLE 68th and Douglas Rav. VVILBUR M. CORNMAN pastor Des MOIHCQ, Iowa Go ye into all the world and plwfflvlz the Gospelf Y' ,-i- ' : ,' -.i ' ,' s Y-,-. 4-g ,M ,r,', ,-4 ,' Y -A 4 -7 BETHANY OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Southeast Eighth and Allen Des Moines, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS to the D E F E N D E R S Rev. and Mrs. Orville Olson, pastors Congratulations, Defenders Preach Amazing Grace !', OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Bloomfield, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. E. D. Kretzinger, pastors God Bless You, Graduates Preach the Word! Marshalltown Church of the Open Bible Rev. and Mrs. Neal Gail, pastors , i AvAw 4 g g vga ' 'Ag ' -'mr' - --' S-- Congratulations to Class of '52 ll Whose loveth instruction loveth knowledge. Church of the Open Bible lr CLARINDA, Rev. and Mrs. Ben Nelson, pcxsfors GOD BLESS YOU, ' GRADUATES ! 1 Open Bible Church ALBIA, IOWA Rev. and Mrs. Leo Simmons, pastors -r,', - ', Y-.',' if l l l Proverbs 12:1 l l nowA ' l l ll 'l l l He- -l l l r A I l 1 r w l l 1 HE lVII'l'CHEI.LS - 20 Years Ago fix, f. r if fl 2 'B f 1579-essgg WUQ97 ,v,,,fQa,,.-sg.-X.,bffw,.,,,,U.,,3.,sNf..,fyQ..zWw.l .vw -'-- wo., s.:w.s-, C, f , X '.,. - . .,,-fs - 1. , . , -' V ,f , . Q 'Q X X - ' Q,--uf-.,.f naman-jrri, 2 sk vvsfrs-fv e',.f,..,? :,:..:'-.,f..- W... Af V 'N '7l 'Y ' .4 , -fe-K.-1?f':.,1 - - I ' - , -V 4 fl- M21 ,ziis,fg,x4 - favs'-sf.-s-ss, -f 'e , N , - X M:-wwmf5'iZf:mfl?'2-'-f 2f f'LiZ.i.s.Wsis'.-JeQQ?Q',. 051Q?3N2'l 'si,iZ'f-'.sS?,s:Ws-Q., fi me ,:.: '- : '. . Q, , ,, s F B. 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'jf' -. f I .i ' ,'l,lfW'i, 1 Q W- :aim ' ' .',.' ,,.,. ,,,e. , 2, ,,,,!,,, , SUNSHINE CHURCH of the OPEN BIBLE 2130 Easton Blvd. Des Moines, Iowa 5,1'F ,' 'E '.-, ' ,A T- Rev. and Mrs. Calvin Loper, pastors -Y-I Y' ,Q ,-,A,- -,-7 , is ,1-v e V r GIFTS TQYS 1 56 M Q SKELLY'S 81 JOHNSON'S 81 wc Up CAFE NOTIONS HOUSEWARES 1 1 1 H HA- T- H: H H HAH 1: Skelly Shelton 1 1, HA Good Meal is a A Pleasant M emoryv , 1612 SIXTH AVENUE 1 Phone 3-9506 1 1 N N, wl 1. STUDENTS AT PRAYER THE HAMMOND ORGAN LEADS ii? STONER PIANO CO. 919-21 Walnut St. Phone 4-6238 Chu rch Model H. C. Olson, Proprietor Home of STEINWAY PIAN OS - HAMMOND ORGANS CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES Q' COTTAGE GROVE HARDWARE 1909 cenege Grove Telephone 3-0820 T T T T TA-tr if TT TTYTT -J TN, If Used in Office or School N See - HOLLEY 1+ N School Supply Co. 1 v 1 'IO0 E. Grand Avenue Q Des Moines, Iowa GRADUATES . . . To serve the present age My Calling lo fulfill: O may it all my powers engage To do my Mastefs will. -CHARLES WESLEY Y J-- -V - , .F ,M J-: ,-Lv' , -v-, --- W- --1-' , 'fx ' COMPLIMENTS of MRM FOOD STORE D.A.SMITH The Store Where Students Buy Phone 4-5871 G'The Place To Meet Your F riendsn BOECKER REXALI. DRUGS Prescription Store 1901 Cottage Grove Avenue Phone 3-5259 Have Your Doctor Phone Us AT 'Af i7 'A AT --A ' r 1 1 YY f A-A. ' V ' A-T f i ,' 'Q ' ,Fj- - , 4 t 1 A GRADUATES PRAYER FRESH FISH 1' O touch my lips with fire divine, 4, Here am I,' send me. ' 41 The dross consume, the gold refine i o Here am I,' send me. 1 4 Over mountain, plain, or sea, ,t 81 W I Here um l,' send me, 'i 1 G nut Street , I'll go to the end of the earth for thee It Here am I,' send me. 1 1 1 Qi , CONGRATULATIONS to V 1 CHAMBERLIN 11 CHAMBERLIN COMPANY OF AMERICA 1 Formerly Chamberlin Metal Woulhar Strlp Company 1 f 1 l Des Moines Branch Oineez 2304 University, Phone 5-1197 Branch Manager .,.....i.,i,.., ..... H . D. McRoberts li Assistant Branch Manager A ,. ..... Paul H. Labertew 1 It -1' - in 5-1 Avi Y ,Y ,':,1-nz-, -g ,g ,- W- i w Neon Show Cards ly 1351 East Twelfth Street 1, Des Moines 16, Iowa 'i Outdoor Bnlletins Truck Lettering 4 1 zoA PEARL PARK I , Singer-Teacher I S Lessons Include the Family Ted Bever Harley Kennedy Il Ed Bende Dan LeLaCheur I The John Chas s The Bob MCC ys I, cGF0r Everything in Mu5iC,, The Ch I sFo rchild E e tt P te 1' The B II Hea o H ry Russell 9-lo Walnut Street George H bb t V I Sterns James Howie ,I Des Moines 9, Iowa 2521 Kingman Phone 5-8941 1' , I I NIATTRESSES I LAIVI'S HAVE YOUR INNERSPRING REPAIRED Also Cotton Mattresses Rebuilt 4' C All Work Guaranteed - Free Estimates N CHANDLER MATTRESS CO. 'I One Day Service H9611 Sl11JillgS 2O'I'I Forest Avenue Phone 5-6134 514 Locust Phone 4-9629 I BIBLE SCHOOLS SPECALIZE .... so D0 im We Are Especially Equipped to Serve the Printing Needs of Pastors and Their Churches 7 ' . 851 NINETEENTH STREET DES MOINES 14, IOWA ANDERSON - ERICKSON DAIRY EXTRA QUALITY YOU CAN TASTE 2229 Hubbell Avenue 13110116 6-3172 - ' J 75-ff, , Y CONGRATULATIONS! ' SOD AT ITS BEST Delivered or Laid - 25 Years, Experience BERT NEWTON 725 S. W. Lacona Phone 4-6835 -7' 4 g ' ' 'Af 7 T 7 'J' 'li' V vANcE's GROVE CAFE SI-LELLASERVICE .f-. 923 20th ' Washing and Greasing W Service Calls and Motor Tune-up A Friendly Welcome to All 1, Beaver 81 Douglas Ph- 5-9994 Des Moines, Iowa me v sAcnE D we :::s :a:easg-Q., e:.., .,,. J 3- ,V :'- , , ' ' A U CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES 04, 4' S llfks A55 of C 5 2 E EEG? o r .rt og' 1814 CROCKER STREET, DES MOINES 14, IOWA . . I i ,, I 1 1 . .xv .Ly-. 'Lf' fig. ' -. :-,:- - . ' 4.-.u.4:-9...-.-.,. 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Suggestions in the Open Bible College - Onward Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) collection:

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1952, pg 6

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