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 - Class of 1943

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'W -' A.AfT!q?, yw , I L '- -. gig' .,g3,Q5153.f,f,, 'A ' f A ' 5- 'f ' -' - ' .A . -lf. -V' '5 A if --A?-A ..Aff,'f P-ff A23 '-'FW' f'-' ' ..f' . MA- - 1 59 f ' - A 1? ffl? ,S lf fix ,gg A .,,w.nQw'5fyE5qAE3- ' 1 .. '- lfi?.?5 ' A, 1. A A. V' ' 'H 'IA , If-Aj, - 1 -Av ':?'g,2 'A 34--ar 1, 'A M' -' Lfxgfq,-sqt,', e.w ' ' 4. 5sA ?',4 .k'.'A21gAA A 7,-fA ,ja -g Aff? A f A A A - . -Us A A-AAfAA-aifw . . : AS A-A.2AAAmA1fe+-ff., - .13 ' - 'WW -' wf- 1- Af'f . 's.' ., AfA-.' ,2EfA?'.1i 4j-'gi 'ffiw-, ,L 4..-.uv 5. 4. 4. . fx.. kA ' xi i - .' ff v.A- W W v.1 . mr',' ykg,lligmgkgjgglpmg:Af?Qwf,5rq'V in , 4, , ,Z ., 9 ...AA-lag ,J . . w s ' z1'4If, out C0l4fLl4fLdlfL6g6'C QV V XQXC3 Q OXQQEOV 40 xc? 60 -Q SCHOOL SONG The Open Bihle Institute if rmzrchifzg along. Stztmzfr hott doth flee fly we Jhozzt 1'edemptio11'r Jong. By ,Dwyer and faith and fruit in Gott' We COHQZIQI' every foe, few: it ozfr victory A5 ozzzuartf we shall go. Domzing the helmet of mlwztiofz, Clotheti in the armor of the Lord, Trzzitixzg the Jwom' of the Spirit, WE,7'6 out to ,breach GOD'S WORD. Star by star the service Hag of O.B.l. has continued to grow, until at the present time we have twenty former students represented on our Roll of Honor. To those who have gone forth from out midst, leaving family, friends, and the comforts of home, in the defense of all those things we cherish, we ptayerfully dedicate this issue of the r'O7ZZL'lZi'61i.H Birchmeier, LarVal ..........USA Bradshaw, Herbert ............ USM Cater, Forest, .................... USN Clark, Roscoe M. ...........r.. USA Clark, Walter R. ................ USA Cooper, John G. ................ USA Crooks, Keith ........ Gay, Milo ........... 2 .........USA .........USA 'ff ounehfit is xx 4:42-sw 11, H. L fn.. SERVFQQHF' ti' .. Mgr.: Portwood, James Redmond, James Reem, Dorothy .. .,.....USN WAAC Richards, Lotus ....,.. ....... U SN Jacobs, Howard M. ............ USA Simons, James ...... ........ U SA Jarvis, John M. ....,.......,... USA Shumstn, John .......... ......, U SN Morken, James A. Owings, Harold .. ........USN ......USAC Vestal, Eugene . Welshcmns, Leonard .,.....,.. USA REV. AND MRS. JOHN R. RICHEY Prerideuf Elllgfiflhf and C0-Fofmder HISTORY OF O.B.I. Witlm a burden for souls and a vision for trained pastors and teachers, john R. and Louise H. Richey began classes in the First Church of the Open Bible at Nineteenth and Crocker, in Des Moines. Through the years the enrollment grew, until a new building was needed. No structure which was suitable to meet the need of the school could be found. Finally, at the Annual Convention of 1938, the founders again took the leadg they presented the idea of building our own building, and gave the initial donation. The spirit of God moved, and in that one meeting ample funds were raised to begin the work. Through depression and prosperity, prayer and sacrifice, working and giving, O.B.I., students and faculty members have carried on the building program, until today the hrst floor unit of our building stands equipped and paid for--a 317,000 dollar memorial of the grace of God. The Open Bible Institute not only has made progress finan- cially, but the Lord has blessed our school spiritually as well. A God-given faculty, and students with consecrated talent and a genuine burden for souls, comprise the real O.B.I. In a brief history like this, one cannot tell the qualities and characteristics of the students, their trials and victories, their joys and triumphs, which go to make up the ever growing spirit of the Institution. We anxiously await the time when the Lord, Himself shall unfold tot us the completed story of the actual growth of the Open Bible Institute and its far-flung outposts. Until that time we shall faithfully occupy till He comes. We shall take the burning of the mortgage and the estab- lishment of the new Victory Building Fund as tokens of even greater spiritual conquests as we march ONWARD to glorious VICTORY in CHRIST JESUS. Co Ogqafv 1' ,fc-aaa: 9 s L . . 4 f 4' .!f1q74'22Eiz1f j' ' , . 'f ,af:?::'gr53:5g3gE- j Z f?f:f'Q1 iii? f ' E Jigfz -33? ' 3 REV. FRANK UV. SMITH, Preridefzt Outstanding in both name and reputation, Rev. Frank W. Smith has established a fine record as President of the Open Bible Institute. His passionate love for souls, and power in dealing with men bespeaks a hidden life of prayer and communion with God. Vitally interested in the deeper meaning of God's Word, he packs every class session with diligent, method- ical delving into the Scriptures, and has been used of God to enlighten our spiritual understanding. Holding high the standards of Christian living, Brother Smith consistently encourages the students of O.B.I. to walk steadfastly before God, and spurs us on to give our Rev. FRANK W. SM1T1-1 Prefidefzl REV. LUCILLE IENKINS, Dean of Women Her friendly smile warming the hearts of all those she contacts, Sister Jenkins serves O.B.I. faithfully and effi- ciently. Although her duties are many and varied, we have never found her to preoccupied to share diiiicult student problems. Many a boy and girl in Dark Africa has found Ma jenkins a source of unfailing inspiration, but her light of love shines no less here in the Homeland, where her efforts for the Master have been equally fruitful. We are indeed privileged to have Miss Jenkins as a member of the O.B.I. Faculty, and we pray that she may continue with us-until God reopens the door to Africa. best efforts in the Lord's service. Sid REV. LUCILLE M. JENKINS Dean of Wornen REV. R. BRYANT MITCHELL, Dean The ministry of Rev. R. Bryant Mitchell, Dean of O.B.I, is as far reaching as the span of the most extensive imagination. His life is given to the preparation of Youth today for Christian service tomorrow. His colorful descriptions and homely illustrations enliven even the most difficult subjects, and his classes are perme' ated with interest and enthusiasm. How our very souls throb with mingled joy and amazement, as he digs deep and vividly unfolds before us the unsearchable riches of God's Holy Word. His self-sacrifice and deep interest in problems of practical living have endeared him to every heart and have inspired us to develop the same sterling character. 0551 Ceta REV. R. BRYANT lVl1TCH ELL Dean MRS. HELEN FLOWER, Regirtmr MRS. HELEN FLOWER Re girtmr As faithful as a clock and just as essential to everyone at O.B.I. is our registrar, Mrs. Helen Flower. Her kindly disposition and cheery greeting is as much a part of school life as the air we breathe. Unperturbed by the usual last minute rush of students around her, she capably performs her many duties. Habitually saying little yet doing much, she has won the love of all and has greatly blessed our school. Ever ready to offer an encour- aging word, she has proven to be an inspiration to us to press on toward the High Calling in Christ Jesus. Sister Flower is a friend to all, and a faithful example for the Christ she loves and serves. K K . Q Officer, REV. FRANK W. SMITH Chairman, Open Bible Standard Churches. Pastor, First Church of the Open Bible, Des Moines, Iowa. President, Open Bible Institute. Public Ministry, Church History, Doctrine. REV. R. BRYANT IVIITCHELL Dean, Open Bible Institute. Missionary Representative. Pastor, Editor. Christology, Prophecy, Bible Forum, Pas- toral Methods, Revelation, Musical Evangelism. REV. F. RosE SMITH Co-Pastor, First Church of the Open Bible. Des Moines, Iowa. Evangelist. Sunday School Evangelism, Typology, Pentareuch, Teachefs Training, Anal- ysis. REV. LOLA LEE IVIITCHELL Central Division Missionary Secretary. Evangelist. Missionary Methods, Public Spealring, Homiletics, Prayer Life, Holy Spirit. REV. VIRGIL L. WISCARSON Pastor, Calvary Church of the Open Bible. Healing, Apostolic History. REV. ORA M. BROWN Evangelist. Pastor. Scripture Memory. Q I 1. i minin az .4 REV. MiLDRED E. NELSON Co-Pastor, Church of the Open Bible, West Des Moines, Iowa. Radio Pastor. Personal VC'ork. REV. T. LIVINGSTONE Bnoorcs Pastor, Ft. Des Moines Church of the , Open Bible. Practical Evangelism. Mnranntha. Mus. HELEN FLOWER Registrar. Book Room Manager. Correspondence Course Secretary. REV. LUCILLE M. JENKINS Missionary-Returned. Dean of Women. Mntrnn. Bible Composition. REV. LULUBELLE ISBILL Missionary-Returned. Editor. Assistant Co-Pasrot, First Church of the Open Bible, Des Moines, Iowa. History of Missions. REV. O. RALPH ISBILL Missionary-Returned. Co-Pastor, First Church of the Open Bible, Des Moines, Iowa. Secretary. Cultism, Orchestra, Musical Director, Bible Atlas, Cross. 1' his 619' - N , 4 . i' 1 ' . am? ,. 1-- i -T - .- -rr Q .. . g. I or. ? . 1 STUDENT COUNCIL Left lo right, bark row-Gus Block, TreaJzn'er,' Carl Hart, P1'e.ri- lt.'L'PkGtM M'ddI-- P 1 1 en , ouis roc , ran oore. z e 1010 jerry outs er Virgil Ellis, Florence Ketchum, Marie Wood, Marie Christensen Serretary, Noble Noe, Keith Hume. Front row-Louise Smith Naomi Bacon, Ifhifd'-P7'8.1'idE7Zl,' Emma Lee Youngs, Marian Smith Deloras Baird. l R nE v E I 1. 1. ET OT A P S Q L 1 qsppf-...n-hs. ' -J - . FIM . I, ,V .L ' h M . 1 , 5 l - P I It ' . 3 ' 2.-. -, x ak ,I 2 E .l . , , . A ' I ' . E ' L 1' 4 :A I Kia! 1 if 1 ' ' G, . 'A ' ' UQ fewlf: ' ' ' '.,.,, ,. '-www... .f nf: S-I'-u,'-YA---.+ I. cgygyg .Th ,Q 5f.g,1wf15,w.Qs2fg. .f-weZff5b.f1,3Q,,gg,,5,. - - . . , A-A-. A 1,1 . , -. 1 Q 1- - 'gf' '-:ff-HL.. .tg , ,- L., 1 1.11, E- HT . ,. - ,, , , .' 1,-1, pl., A Ci45Ql kH:f.,l'H':LiL, J H25 -N . K '??eQ::vM1:?5ff'bC.T,-'gi K5 :, A ,. +4 .P Q. -,fgb-,,,,:,,p:,?..m.,vcg5,1L,-5. ,. 5. - 1 I V. N -v--' gQqt., A. .,: '- in ' I ' F5-A ga? ziglfia -'f-35: 51. -, 3 J x' 1 ' ,, r - yn, - 1. 'w13EEVeQ ' J ?'gi s 1 1 'I 4 -. WSH ' kr A. N V M J ww- ' ,. ...,m.2LhIq 1 Q ..-. ' ' 5,- ,: 'f'0lN'v2v1w3f '-vw.-- , M R Q: -. 'u. ,a . ,j ig ...,4'1s.j ' . 1 . -,ig Q .., w x .: 'H , .K 4 ' . , --, 1 ' 41 'df F in Y 3. in ,E -ZW' 'Z '. .5 1 -,V -'ji 14 . F: -fi 'fur . .L - S ': 4 wa .eff .Q L A .Q r .f . FE 321 if Q! ..a. QE ,1L.' .Hi lfk fi? fy ui I AP df. 5,1 P 'J gggt. . WMA?- 'Tl-. NW i 0 0 0 1... W? , .:,3:f.g,gq,gQ7:-3-I-f . . -.. 43 ea' F1 -- ':. tk - Auf Qztnm if 'kill ,H 3 tif Jw ' A2 li kk Now thanks be unto God which always causeth us to triumph in Christ. II Cor. 2:14. We are called to live for Christ victoriously! We are called to labor joyously! We are called to triumph gloriously! Not in defeat, not in monotonous drudgery, NOT SOMEI-IOW . . . BUT TRIUMPHANTLY! Ours is not the edge in an occasional skirmish . . . Today, we claim the victory flag, tomorrow it goes to the enemy, but a constant, glorious, decisive triumph. We are Alway5 to triumph in Christ. This always reminds me of the all things that work together for good that we read about in Romans Eight, and the rejoice in the Lord ALXVAYH we read about in Philip- pians. Things may seem dark-hurdles may seem high-obstacles may seem insurpassable, but Thanks be unto God which always causeth us to triumph in Christ. The darkness is only a background against which victory will shine in bold relief, the hurdles are only proving grounds for the grace of God, and the obstacles are but stepping stones to glory! The meaning behind the word triumph is victory marchu or marching to music. Oh, the song of joy that springs spontaneously from the soul that keeps in step with heaven! Have you ever seen soldiers marching-singing as they march? It does something to you. You almost feel that you must fall in and march with them. You feel the beating of the tempo in your feet-in your blood-in your heart! Oh, that's what we're doing! We're marching to music! Not dragging our feet, not run down at the heels, but triumphing gloriously! Victory is wonderful! Success is to be desired! Triumph is glorious! But where is the road that leads to certain victory? But thanks be unto God which giveth us the VICTORY THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Paul said, I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST which strengtheneth me. Here is the blessed secret- Jesus and I ! The disciples were but miserable failures until they learned to put their hand in His hand, then we read, The Lord working with them. Not somehow . . . but triumphantly! 1 cannot do it alone, Cowfuzl and uwyzofzrd and weak, The wzwer run fmt anal high. I change with the changing sky. The fogr cloxe chill arozzncl, Today .ro mfe and hrfwe, Anil the light goef on! in the rkyg Tonzorrow too weak to l'1 y,' Bn! I know that we two Bn! He never giver in, Shall win in lhe end. Anal I know that we two shall win, JESUS AND I. JESUS AND I. Cieialf ,rc VIRGIL J. ELLIS DELORAS BAIRD MARIE WOODS Prerzdeni Vice-Prefizlent Secretary MMM mnIf.4fSEN10RSl s-n-f GUST BLOCK Waterloo, Iowa. Class Treas., 1: Violin Trio, 1: County Farm, 1, 2, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: S.S. Supt., 2: Overcomers Pres., 2: S.S. Teacher, Z: Choir, GRANT H. MOORE Treazrzzrer VERNITA BLOCK Waterloo, Iowa. Class V.-Pres., 1: Girls' Glee Club 1: Girls' Trio, 1: County Farm, I, 2: Street Meetings, 1, 2: Stu- dent Group, 1, 2: Ovetcomers' V. 3, School Treasurer, 5. Pres., Z: Choir, 1, 2, 3. NEOMA BACON St. Louis, Missouri. County Farm, 1: Choir, 1. 2. 3.2 Class V. Pres., 1: S.S. Teacher, 1, 2: Nursing Home, 1, 2: Over- comers' Pres., 1: Street Meetings, 2, 3: Spanish, 3: School Vice- President, 3: Librarian, 3. ROGER HARTZER Des Moines, Iowa. County Home, 1, 2: Overcnmers' Treas., 1: Orchestra, 1, 2. 3: Choir, 1, 2, 3: S.S. Teacher, 3: Overcomers' Pres. 3. MRS. ROGER HARTZER Des Moines, Iowa. County Farm, 1: S. S. Teacher, 1, 2, 3: Choir, 2, 5: S. S. Supt., 5: Childrens' Church, 3: Over- comers' Dist. Sec. Treas., 3. LORRAINE VEZERIAN Pasadena, California. County Farm, 1: Student Group. 1 : Street Meetings, 1 : Book Room 1, 2: Choir, 1, 2, 3: Radio Choir, 2, 3. LAR VAL BIRCHMEIER Bloomfield, Iowa, S,S. Teacher, 1, 2: Summer Prayer Meetings, 1, 2: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Street Meeting Leader, 2: Student Group, 2g Tent Meetings, 2: FAWN L. NATIONS Denver, Colorado. Spanish, 3: Printing of Roll Call, 3: Pastor, 3: Street Meetings, 3: Piano, 3: Orchestra 3: Student Group, 3. fGratluation deferred while in the armed services.l VIRGIL NATIONS Pichat, Oklahoma. Orchestra, 3: Spanish. 3: Print- ing of Roll Call, 3: Pastor, 33 Street Meetings, 3 : Student Group, 3. A E. DALE WENOS MRS. JAMES SIMONS Moline, Illinois. fTransferred from So. Calif. Bible Collegel Editor, 1' Radio, 1 Pastor, 1: T.B. Camp, 1: Quar-I tette, 1, 2: Mission, 1, 2: jail Ser- vices, 1, 2: Visitation, 1, 2: Over- Waterloo, Iowa. Class Sec., 1: Student Pastor, 1: Visitation, 1: Church Orchestra. 1: Band, 1 3 Street Meetings, 1: Evan- gelistic Group, 1: Trio, 1, 2, 3: Pianist, 1, 2, 3: Co-Pastor, 3. comets' V. Pres., 2, Annual Staff, 5: S.S. Teacher, 3: Overcomers' Pres., 3: Choir, 1, 2, 3. JAMES R. S. SIMONS Newton, Iowa. S.S. Supt. 1: Class V.Pres., 1: Overcomers' Pres., 2: Choir, 1, 2: Radio, 2: Jr. S.S. Supt., 2: Song 10 Leader, 2: S.S. Teacher, 2, 3: Pastor, 3. 'clfteidt 614 MOTTO-Not Somehow, hut T1'izmzphrmtly.' COLORS-Refi, White, SCRIPTURE, Mark 16:20- Ami they went forth, and ,tvearheci everywhere, the :ng with them, and corzjirming the word with signs DELORAS BAIRD Sioux City, Iowa. Girls' Chorus, 1: Overcomers' V. Pres., 1: S.S. Teacher, 1, Z: Nur- sing I-Iome, 1,25 Overcomers' Pres. 2, Student Group, 2: S.S. Supt., 5, Class V.Pres., 33 jail Services, 3, Librarian, 3. VIRGINIA EVERSOLL Knoxville, Illinois Piano. 1: S.S. Teacher, 1, 2, 3: Spanish, 3: Street Meetings, 5: Librarian, 3: Trombone, 5, Stu- dent Group, 5. VIRGIL I. ELLIS Des Moines, Iowa. Overcomers' Pres., 13 Mens Chor- us, lg S.S. Teacher, 1, 23 Choir, 1 0 3 j-Iil Serv'ces I 7 5 1-I I 1 I. I-. - Radio, 2, 33 Street Meetings, 3, Annual Staff, 33 CARL W. HART Otturnwa, Iowa. Summer Prayer Meetings, 13 Street Meetings, 1, 2. 3: Annual Staff, 1, 2. 3: Class Pres., Z1 Tent Re- vivals, 23 Student Groups, 2, 3: School Pres., 5: Practical Work Class Pres.. 3. JOSEPI-IINE BLACKBURN Waterloo, Iowa. jail Services, 1: Summer Prayer Meeting, 1, Girls' Chorus, lg Choir, 1, 2: County Farm, 1, Street Meeting, 1, 2, 5, Student Group, 2, Spanish, 5. BEKNICE FRYMOYER Capt., 5. MARIE WOODS Rock Falls, Illinois. Choir, lg County Farm, 1: Street Meetings, 1, 2 : Convalescent Home 23 Orchestra. 3: S.S. Teacher, 3g 5 Class Sec., 3. ETI-IEL BRUNHAVER Sheldon, Iowa. County Farm, 1: Summer Prayer Meeting, 13 Annual Staff, 1: Or- chestra, 1, Z, 5: S.S. Teacher, 2, Ottumwa, Iowa. Girls' Glee Club, lg Street Meet- ings, 15 Choir, 1, 2: Y.P. Worker 2 4 Student Group Services, 1, 2, 3. Tent Meeting, Zg Street Meetings. 2g Church Pianist, 23 Church Or- gariist, 5: Spanish, 3: Music Cap- tain, 3. DONALD FRYMOYER Bloomheld, Iowa. Street Meetings, 1, Choir, 11 Overcomers' Pres., 21 Student Group Services, 2, 3. LAVON LAKIN Denver, Colorado. Choir, 1, 2: County Farm, 1: Girls' Chorus, 1: Accorclian, 1. 2, 3, School Sec., 2, Class Sec., 2, Bed Side Ministry, 2, S.S. WILMA M. MOORE Iowa Falls, Iowa. S.S. Teacher, 1g Choir Leader, 15 Overcomers' Pres., 1, Street Meet- ings, 1g County Farm, 13 Choir, . Q. iii' 1, 2, 33 Student Group, 3g Librar- . ian, 3. Street Meetings, 2, 3: Spanish, 3. - GRANT H. MOORE Decatur City, Iowa. Street Meetings, 1, County Farm, '13 Choir, 1, 21 Class Treas., 2, 3, S.S. Teacher, 2, 33 Student Groups 3. Teacher, 2. 5: Orchestra, 2, 3: VIRGINIA CHRISTENSEN Waterliuti, Iowa. Girls' Chorus, 13 County Farm, 1 3 Student Groups, 1, 2, 55 Choir, 1, 2, 3: Street Meetings, 1, 2, 3: S.S. Teacher, 1, 3: S.S. Sec.- Trcas., 2. ALICE juon Dayton, Ohio. Street Meetings, 1: Girls' Chorus, 1, 23 Orchestra, 1, 2, 5, Student Groups, 2, Choir, 33 Children's Church. 3. OPAL THATCHER Iowa Falls, Iowa, S.S. Teacher, 1,'2, 33 Chitlten's Work, 1, 2. 3: ,Y.P. Worker, 23 Asst. S.S. Supt., 3. RUTH BRADSHAW Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. Teacher, 1, 2, 5: Young Peo- pIe's Worker, 2: Street Meetings, 25 Jail Services, 2, Co-Pastor, 3. MABLE RICE Des Moines, Iowa. Overcomers' Pres., 1: S.S. Teach- er, 2g Street Meetings, 23 Church Pianist, 1, 2, 3: Church Soloist, 1, 2, 3. 11 ,Blue work- Amen. rg! 'CSV nw' ez edinfa KJUNIORSJ NOBLE NOE, Galatians 2:20, MARIAN SMITH, I Corinth- ians 15, LOUISE SMITH, Matthew 6:55, KEITH HUME, I Corinthians 15:58. GENEVIEVE CARLSON, Revelation 2:7, EVELYN BAKER. Psalms 54:7, CLINTON BAKER, Jeremiah 55:5, MONROE JARVIS, Psalms 121:8. EVELYN LELACHEUR, Deuteronomy 33:27 3 BETTY HAND, Proverbs 4:12, LOUISE SCI-IMIDT, I Corinthians 10:13, NORMA VANHOOSER, Isaiah 48:17. BEDA JACOBSON, Psalms 91 :-4, NANCY PORTWOOD, Joshua 1:55 JAMES PORTWOOD, Isaiah 52:12, PETER PETTORINI, John 1517. CHARLES EDWARDS, Hebrews 9:28, WAUNETA GOODE, Romans 8:28, ROSE CROZIER, 2 Chronicles 15:7, PAUL MOEDE, JR. Isaiah 40:4. KENNETH MCGUIRE, Numbers 25:19, KATHRYN THOMP- sON, Matthew 717, MARIE CHRISTENSEN, Psalms 84:11, BURTON WESTERGAARD, Collossians 1:27. MAXINE RAINS, Mark 11:24, WII.LIAM REAMES, Proverbs 5:6, DOROTHY PARsoNs, Psalms 5:12, LEO DEPRENGER, Psalms 55:22. ,., VIVIAN BAKER, Philippians 1:65 ROBERT NEWBERG, Pro- verbs 516, FLORENCE NEWBERG, Psalms 119:105g Rox- ANNA HEUER, Philippians 4:15. GERTRUDE BAKER, Psalms 121:75 VIOLET PRUSSMAN, John 16:25, MARJORIE HURST, Joshua 1:5g LAVERNE BIRCHMEIER, 2 Thessalonians 5:5. 12 I 07: Utd .4 KFRESHMENQ GERALD PONTSLER, Kewanee, Illinois, FLORENCE KETCH- UM, Waterloo, Iowa, EMMA LEE YOUNGS, Waterloo, Iowa LOUIS PROCK, Des Moines, Iowa. ROBERT BUDDING, Pella, Iowa, IVLILDRED KERSEY, Des Moines, Iowa, KATHLEEN WOBBEMA, Sheldon, Iowa, CHESTER TI-IATCHER, Iowa Falls, Iowa. LYLE ANDERSON, Broadus, Montana, NONA ANDERSON, Broadus, Montana, HUGH ANDERSON, Broadus, Montana, HELEN JONES, Batavia, Iowa. GERALD WEBB, Sioux City, Iowa, DOROTHY GARWICK, Fort Des Moines, Iowa, CAROL RICHARDS, Ottumwa, Iowa, LOTUS RICHARDS, Ottumwa, Iowa, I EUGENE V. JORDON, Fort Des Moines, Iowa, NORMA JORDON, Fort Des Moines, Iowa, ALICE FARRINGTON, Henderson, Iowa, MAX NOE, Des Moines, Iowa. GRACE GORSETH, Custer, South Dakota, ROSETTA STORE- SUND, Des Moines, Iowa, MABEL STORESUND, Des Moines, Iowa, ERNEST STORESUND, Des Moines, Iowa. E SMITH TERPENING, Galesburg, Illinois, ESTHER TERP- ING, Galesburg, Illinois, BEVERLY SCALE, Des Moines, Iowa, RICHARD DECAMP, Eagle Grove, Iowa. ROLLIE CLARK, Waterloo, Iowa, GERALDINE PURING- TON, Waterloo, Iowa, LOLA MCCULLOUGH, Hot Springs, South Dakota, HAROLD CARLSON, Des Moines, Iowa. JAMES REDMOND, Des Moines, Iowa, PHYLLIS REICHELT, Custer, South Dakota, ALICE CARLSON, Brookings, South Dakota, VIRGIL CARLSON, Brookings, South Dakota. 13 '1 JOHN COOPERf Es Moines, Iowa, KENNETH HARTZER, Des Moines, Iowa, LELIA ROUNDS, Des Moines, Iowa, HAZEL HARRIS, Des Moines, Iowa, HAZEL URQUHART, Pierre, South Dakota, ELAINE WILSON, Des Moines, Iowa, EDNA BREEDEN, Des Moines, Iowa, ROBERT STAUFFER, Des Moines, Iowa. FOREST CATER, Des Moines, Iowa, WANDA CATER, Des Moines, Iowa, ANNIS OZMENT, St. Louis, Missouri, MAR JORIE JONES, Brookings, South Dakota, BETTY LOU HEMKER, St. Louis, Missouri, WILMA JEAN ALTER- MEIER, Madrid, Iowa, GERTRUDE GILBERT, West Des Moines, Iowa, RALPH WILSON, Des Moines, Iowa. N01 Piczwed-MR. AND MRS. DONALD RUSSELL. I 'CL VJ fdai . . . CHRISTIAN WORKERS-We are grateful for our first year of Bible training in O.B.I. God's blessing hasrbeen upon us, as we gathered each Friday evening for prayer and study. We pray that we may press ever ONWARD for our Lord. EDITH SMITH, BETTY LOU WATER- .. HOUSE, LAWRENCE BROWN, LUCY O CAMP, DALE RANEY. 2 . 'i 4, L l IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Two glorious, profit- able years are now past. Together we have learned to pray, to trust, and to labor. Thanking God for His inurnerable blessings, we look forward to the coming year-and VICTORY! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS - Having corn- pleted our first year of preparation, we are now ready to press on to greater spiritual conquests. Our earnest prayer is that God will bless every effort as we march GNVUARD to VICTORY in His name. 14 , 'M 4 IE .F 1 Ji? 3h ., ., fix I . 1 ' Q- .' fig. , I ' ' ..cJ. f,- 3 ' ' , I r . f ,iii I ' f 'z .' IM- Psrabarm., 0' 5 QA 1 7 , 1' f 5 'ka' lg, I Q , r K N4 13 3 1 f w Q ff ' 'fsff fb! .r wx ' ew' 1 A l ' E I , 1.1, L , 1 1 2 , pI,1y5i 2,,' M Eff v H , J. S K 4 v 2 5 2 If . 5 2 ' .1 ' 5 E s -' ' I V7 ii' ii I , X 5 ' 5 X5 5+ r ig I ' NU -'M' H ' .fa-f' , ' ' -. X2-if hw-n.,,. . Huw! ,iQil?Nf555,24f.if'5!zr SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Wherever God's work is carried on, music plays a vital and important role. The Open Bible Institute makes every effort to take all talents, great or small, if ' Y 1 r '- jjigfrn me and use them for the glory of God. As usual, our school is blessed with fine vocal talent. A! Quartettes, trios, and other groups carry the Gospel in - song to all parts of Iowa. Those wishing further development in their musi- cal interests may take advantage of both individual and class instruction on Tuesday nights. We are proud of our Hue orchestra under the cap- able leadership of Rev. Ralph Isbill. It has ample op- portunity to play at various times for special church and school activities. REV. O. RALPH IsB1LL Mfz,riral Director Miss ETHEL BRUNHAVER School Pimzixt GIRLS' TRIO-LORRAINE VEZERIAN, Sap:-army MARIE CHRISTENSEN, Aliof ULA MAXINE RAINS SIMONS, Semml Sojsmno. ,hprafm MARIAN SMITH Czmtmlto 16 CHARLES EDWARDS UJERRY ' PONTSLER Eleriric Sllmnixb Guitar -Wflpbafff PETER PETTORINI Elertrirr Hawaiian Guitar BOYS QUARTET- JERRY PoNTsl.ER, Fmt Tenorp Mfxx NOE, Semngi Tenarg JAMES REDMOND, Bm-lfomn' Louis Pnocx, Ban. Vmcn. CARLSON ns now barirone m the absence of JAMES REDMOND, who is now in rhe Navy. PIANO CLASS-BETTY HEMKER, MARVIOIIIE JQNES, DOROTHY OZMENT, ROBERT BUDDING. TRUMPET CLASS-jfxmns REDMOND, RALPH Ismu., Imrrurlor, Mxinnnn Kmzszzy, LYLB ANmsx1soN. LORRAINE VEZERIAN C 0 nlmlta ADVANCED PIANO CLASS-Le!! lo right, back row: Louisa SMITH, ESTHER Tun- DALE WENOS PENING, SHIRLEY NEWBERG. Fmrzl Raw: FAWN NATIONS, LORENA BROOKS, Imrrurtor, Tfflllf ROSE Cnozlfn. 17 g',I,f,5,, ,1.f' I , si , ,, 1 i zu 5, aft QM., qfegs-,.l.a,f.ia,q,.,g,.,.,,,-,,, ,, LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARY el BEDA JACOBSON Head Libmrian GRACE GORSETH Baokfaanl Clerk TRAVELING BOOK For the benefit of those living outside of Des Moines, the Traveling Book Nook is taken to all the conventions and on student tours, making Gospel literature available to many. 18 Q? X . . . lflfie L 514,66 LVLJLOI4 CARRIE HARDIE LIBRARY- One of the biggest private libraries in the state, many of the best fundamental books available today and supplementary volumes along the lines of literature, art, psychol- ogy, languages, and science-all are included in the new library recently purchased by the Open Bible Institute. For twelve years God miraculously kept these volumes for us. When they were available, we obtained them at an amazingly low price. God answered another prayer in supplying a donor, Mrs. Carrie Hardie, to make the foundation payment on the books. The library now bears her name. Many students have been kept busy dusting, sorting, boxing, moving, repairing, and reclassifying the 2000 volumes. Beda Jacobson has been appointed leader of a regular library staff, and the library is now open to the public. Students and alumni have already found the books an invaluable source of information. d.46 BOOKROOM- Stop, shop and save! at the O.B.I. Bookroomf' For the whole fifteen minute recess period students are scurrying, rushing about try- ing to have their need supplied. A pack of paper, please, UA Chris- tology syllabus, Please, I must have a pencil before the second bell rin s. gThe Bookroom has long been successful in supplying the student's needs but has now gnovwn and is operating under the name of OPEN BIBLE PUBLISHERS. Recently it has moved from the school to 1812 Crocker Street where it can justly expand to meet the growing de- mands of the public. NOOK- Booic STAND, 1942 CONVENTION O Y S S E R V I C E PROF. FRANK L. HILDRETH B. A., M. A. To fill the need of those students and alumni attracted to the vast Latin American Mission field the Spanish course was offered. RADIO- You are listening to the Open Bible Hour -So begins another broadcast presented each week by the First Church of .the Open Bible, over KRNT. This broadcast formerly known as the Back Home Hour presenting the full gospel in word and song has attracted a host of regular listeners. Students have helped in filling the 'af regular radio choir. The past year has seen the birth of another Open Bible broadcast, The Little White Church in the Valley, presented over KSO by the pastors and young people of the West Problem X has been answered! At the beginning of the sec- ond term our Dean asked all the students to join with him in prayer for a special unspoken request which he called Problem X. Two months later excitement ran high among the students when Brother Mitchell told the story of how God had overcome seeming impossibilities and had solved Problem X by provid- ing a 1941 Mercury station wagon for use in student evangelistic With much rejoicing the faculty, student body, and two of the donors who were present, surrounded the beautiful car. It was e gr f. I ..----t H , W be . 'A' lax ' .1 g' t E e ' Des Moines Church. 9 aY5+' - ,--, -: -1 is'Fqf'!lhi. N. fr - -t i- 4r:'e ' f ' V: ' V 1 Vier 1-1' :l a 9.24 1 'ff 'jr 'lt 3 , 3 fl? f' f i - 1- A-.A ., .. ,Q .H-ll : x - Y . I f 'Q ' ff. s-.T'7'T1 ills .55i'g. F'fi-ii' ,HL , W,-MQ .. ry -L.-V -- Sh.-maffewi'--.--'li.-, 'H A - - i Ji: ISI!-1: . if-ts -,.-, k ' ' 'Y V' ,-ITN, Ili 1 W01' - dedicated to the Lord, and named jonathan which means given of God. We thank God for the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Goode, and Mr. Goode's employer. Problem X wonderfully shows how all things work together to them that love God. mum! S. S, CLASS-Little souls are nevertheless souls and they are even more responsive to the XVord of God than older folks. O.B.I. students have great opportunities in pre- senting the gospel in Sunday School classes, and reap gratifying results for their labors. Over thirty-five O.B.I. students are actively engaged in S.S. work. CHRISTMAS CARDS -Every Christmas season O.B.I. students have sold Christmas cards and calendars. This has provided ad- mittance into homes with the gospel, and has also been a source of revenue always used to make some needed improvement in the school. This year two grand pianos were purchased with the Christmas card money. TRACT DISTRIBUTION - Going from house to house, O.B.I. student teams played an important role in introducing the Amer- ica to Prayer crusade to the city of Des Moines. An appropriate tract and a timely word of testimony often prepared the way for a needed word of comfort-or the sal- vation of a precious soul. BUILDING FUND - Nothing is more practical than the ministry of giving. Stu- dents have learned to combine work, study, church work and also giving. During the p.ast year students have given an average offering of 55150 per month and it is largely through students' efforts that the mortgage will be burned this June. STUDENT PREACHING-Many O.B.I. students began preaching in missions and smaller churches long before graduation, and many opportunities are presented for evangelistic work. In several cases students have accepted pastorates even before gradu- ating, literally fulfilling the school motto, PREACH THE WORD. STUDENT TOUR--Last spring a repre- sentative from each class and three alumni representatives made a student evangelistic tour, visiting churches in six states. Souls were saved, many were encouraged to an- swer God's call. In every respect it was a beneficial and successful undertaking for God's glory. MILITARY SERVICES-During the school year the students have had several opportunities to minister to th armed forces in U.S.O. Centers, at the West High War Training School, and also at the NVA AC Victory Center. Music, messages from God's Word, and the serving of refreshments have been excellent means of presenting the Gospel to those in uniform. Those participating have caught a glimpse of the spiritual need among the Service men and women and feel that many will long remember the Gospel seed planted by their efforts. NURSING HOME - Each Sunday afternoon O.B.I. stu- dents meet for visitation in a local old folks' home. Only eternity will reveal the results of the words of comfort brought to those who are bed- fast. Wt NATIONAL BIBLE SCHOOL DAY- Every year the churches of the Open Bible Standard set aside one day for the observance of National Bible School Day. This day is dedicated solely to the presentation of the challenge of Christ's Call, and the recruiting of new laborers for the Master. Student groups are organized and sent to a large num- ber of outlying churches to take complete charge of all services. Through this means of practical evangelism, students demonstrate the bene- Hts of Bible School in the experience of a young Christian's life. This year, because of gas rationing, we were limited in the number of churches we were able to visit, As an alternative, Brother Crooks' recording machine was obtained, and records were made to be sent to all the churches not accessible under present conditions. In the churches that were visited, students took complete charge, teaching Sunday School classes, conducting the morning services, Overcomers' rally services and in several cases the evening evangelistic meetings. The Lord's presence was manifested in the salvation of souls and in the reconsecration of many lives to Him, in many cases for full time service. National Bible School Day proves beneficial in tying us more closely to the pastors and those working on the field. We always return with a more vivid realization of the work we shall face when we shall join them. If conditions permit, we hope to promote another National Bible School Day next year. IAIL-Students from O.B.I. go to the city jail with an interdenomi national group each Sunday, In the past year nearly 150 men were ff f converted, proving the power of the gospel to ex en the most degenerate ali? hiv' 'W Q- in A 11 V ' , - A Iv '. 5 H , 1 -- ' - ' 1. - ri.: -. ,171 .f '. X - , E ink, V , .' 25:57 . -' Inf. J - - . Y . , if ' 1 R , :rf ' - -4 . Mi . 4.- n- - . ' ' '. 9, . .. ,, , ,aff--,Z?' -f'?Qi-r- , f ' ' . C' 1 A J. in W, ha-nsbvlfl jf - 'fl N . 3.1 nf dm7AM ,Lf.-Q . -1 Q 4, '-n4fiiQ94f'2i?j9f .wH in-. .5 ' baggy. f ' ' .4 . 'i.,3.i'fws, ., '42-, f-f -' , --wa M, '-avg . E .maya .PM-..l:f,923:3g5f. ' F, -ffv!vfr.f,,,..4Q,fj.,n,.,,4, ,M . -1. 5, . ' '. .,,, jgg4,5f'1ixr .ring - fm -nf' JH.-. ..-. -gzighia . . 11. J is-' , V ' '-Q ' v,..'1-U, - L. ' , r 1 P a,ff:s ' H. ..- 4. f ' . ' Aw . - f ' -. . ' - q,,3 V., A..,,'q,.. pn . -1 7. , -sf ,Lf 'W ' ' ' ug., ' N J rg..r1L-17' A ' ' ' 'ufiigwp ff . 5' V, , W , ,,,,.,.7 JJ- - ' 55 xi . w. 'i - . 'r' . -'-2 ' -ff ' fb. 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C 'U' c W' De, SQANDAHD - reilzwe mam: 195' ,h?11t1bgbI-I for P452 'M-1 you? 1 ' year. 37' H15-.'Q11.Iv L59 111:92 fad bla 1 f..f0hsr..f'ZfXf P are I1 on in Op 1' Elem, -1 'Lp dj H ff 0.704192-3 - I Mo inns I I ' 5 I 0 I P-11, 'Wye Su., I1 for G8 1.9 O Q C' . your Goo , aivud T 'l01Q.e.'I 21. tivo ff f 492,59 .',' We 71 veg? . ..,7:.,,J,,Mf'? gf if H aww M, .1 I f. :Lf ' f ' H: J C7417 ff! f, Yo, 4A4??7'0W,5f3' ' . fp.. ,W mf f A-by X Iii., 41' .A ky! if J I - ' - 4 A ,J , 4 5 , fr ff! I -' V r9'f,ff fffidfL A ' 4 .f Q, 1 f - f ,. ,- I.-.,4.f. pf- Al,Uff1,4,llf H . LV .I I ,lflftj 'TF Q4 In f2'?'D!-cyl Q, - I. ,L . . pu if V, ,nj fwll . f fff-' . g.. J . ,,f'1 f ..,. UI' ' . 1 j,gg.g5 . - V f IQYLVUI V - k dj' , fbuibgf 1, - I - . uf .U f K ii, f' . H I 7 W M4,f..' f 4,440 , I A 4- A 4 ,fl U, , ., . f r , . kj.LJ 'f , J. I L.ff.lL':'Jt cv 1' I Ll .1 .Q 1' 'I flfv , .f . - .Luv ' ,J Vf - , ..,.w- ' ' ' ,, , nz' jj - I .- f4.'1f'I '1 '4'w' I I A -,I K!!! ' . Jkt! RUC' 'WLM 1 , -..f ' f' ,-1.1- I , , A- -f ' V I 4 . 5, V. IJ -A L f f -. V f,CY,.f,.. f .I I JL 4 .Z K a I 'AgI u t4'j R' ,-1 1 I iff-'J LX! ff I . . , l .gf-.7 ' I , ,. 'glfvfzidf fl - . K Y-,X My 7,.v,- 1 A , ,,L,,ff.z,4':..,f. VL K K I V .X . fi - . , I , ,- ,Aww . , I 'Q-,4xg41'fhf' A ' ' ff ,... LV fini! II J. ,-I I 'ZA ,IL lv I 1 I f ff-l'l'!iI ' FMA! M W: I -ali-' gfylft,-41, 5' .nf- 1 ' . ff 4, I 'M' I li fc Lfffq' I A' . .- . '. .3-f' ll A A 1, ' K I i f'-'fi-, 'I 'I ff' I' ,f' QLfV l'y , Lf l'4L'd'x4T' , ' . ,71.1f f 'f?' , . I If H I I ' 5-'Lf 'i' I A, J .tffi ' yi. 'I' . . Invcff L ' . , uf M1 ,I Aga if? I Q- fam! f? flip 1.4 -frli !f v-' Q IL , ,Jiffy df A ai U1 lb' L f I J In, J. 'I , , ,Ml -- ' ' - .Q 2,1 ' IL ' ,, ., .JM UT. V .riff - N uf W .A ,ypnkww I I 1. '1 ' ,. ,iff . 441-1- -f ,L W- I flgfjya' I ' X !77Zeg1'6,l,:J f . ' ' ' 7 . 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JENKINS '53 MRS. CARL WOODS '38 CARL YVOODS '38 Liberia, W'e1t Africa Liberia, lWe.rt Africa Partloefzozz, Al'kdlZ!d.f PCI'lfl76l70lZ, .Al'kc177J'tl.i' limi! FLORA LONGIERBONE '38 Vortex, Kentucky THORA BROOKS '38 Trace Creek, AIIJJOZZIZ O. RALPH ISBILL 38 Sllllidlfrl, Dutch Emi Indiex LULUBELLE ISBILL '36 Szmzalrfz, Dutch Emi Indief A N O'bLE, 'f Jumofe TlMe ffm 'H uw N ',w?1?, m, Y V254 ,MISSIONARY FRESHMEN Miude gi u.. ff,, w, , ,M .lm ,M ' , -wr , w ,J S 7.0 LQLJ - riff, Buzz ME. MISS Bi! If ,vii , ar gm Q Cowgness Meegrs 1. 1 W'-5 PM-3 , . , 'V Hffiiiib ' 'xxx ' 6 , V W V WM71s5iQ1 N I vw , ,, ,,, , in , , , ,Qui-I J ,,,,Qm11N:W W3 z ' , 5 A M 1 - ' 11 V I f gw5i'5425 - M f M , , , 'H saw ' . - 4 Q f? uf spew v ess .5 .hs- ' LFS www! .',. .ii X ',-5'W'ME:zQ,1 .. T .. , 3 vw, ' FY GRANdMA? Schqol 7- The Fein T inf' ,ps I. pg + -.Sf WSG 1 ubiNaFF Rh-WGS WAA c mn PARTy 'Fm P12 X' 5+ NJ :F Bod: Y- ii! 'K Il Z-Q., fhafzml QM ALUMNI COUNCIL Szfmrdiwg, left ia rigbf-MARIE MCLAREN, RUTH CORNMAN, MILDRED Teo- LAND, JOHN MCMAINS, ERBELLE SCALF, GLADYS BAIN. Seated left zo righl- EVA BALLARD, Secretm'y-Trearznfer,' WILBUR CORNMAN, President, CHARLES LONGERBONI3, Vice-Preridezrl: ETHEL CONARD, Arrirtant Serretezz'y-Trefzmrer. HARVESTERS, 1933 Anderson, Alma-Des Moines, Iowa. Ayresmen, Beulah-Gibson City, Illinois. Personal work, house to house visitation. Bain, LeRoy and Gladys-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastors, Four Mile Open Bible Church. Gladys is serving on O.B.I. Council this year. Ballard. Eva-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. Teacher, Radio Choir, O.B.I. A.A. Secretary and Roll Call Reporter. Cornish, Elsie-Des Moines, Iowa. Choir President, Radio Choir. S.S. Secretary. Crane, Gladys j. Goodell-Des Moines, Iowa. Dowell, J. A. and Flora-Des Moines, Iowa. Mrs. Dowell, Pianist, Margaret and Rose Mission. Erwin, Helen L. Ehlers-Des Moines, Iowa. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Dan-Des Moines, Iowa. Brother Ed- wards, Treas. First Foursquare Church, Des Moines, Iowa, and S.S. Teacher. Sister Edwards, charge of Women's Prayer Meeting. S.S. Teacher, Music. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Ross-Des Moines, Iowa. Brother Ed- wards, Radio Choir. fflitheredge, Daisy. Hampton, Emily F.-Duluth, Minnesota. Working with children Mission work. I-Iatheld, Emma L.-Des Moines, Iowa. Heck, Anna-Des Moines, Iowa. Jenkins, Josephine-Des Moines, Iowa. Kellar, Roy-Des Moines, Iowa. Lahertew, Paul I-I.-Des Moines, Iowa. S. S. Teacher. Lyon, Eldon-Cambridge, Iowa. S.S. Supt. and teacher. Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. Keith-Cambridge, Iowa. Brother Lyon, S.S. Teacherg Sister Lyon, Church Song Leader, S.S. teacher. Lyon, lone Kyle-Des Moines, Iowa. Martin, Marietta Stillwell--Fort Wonh, Texas. McKeeman, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert-Liberty, Missouri. Pastors. McMurray, Harriett-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor Vanclalia, Iowa Four Square. Mendenhall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert-Des Moines, Iowa. ihlvfoon. Delmar L. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Burt-Des Moines, Iowa. Muelhaupt, Lois Shepherd-Des Moines, Iowa. Parks, Gertrude Gaumer-Des Moines, Iowa. Peterson, Helen M.-Des Moines, Iowa. Pray, Oren-California. Smiley, Marjorie I-larn-Shenandoah, Iowa. Radio and Evan- gelistic work. Thompson, Roy C.-Le Grande, Iowa. Pastor Friends Church. Truittk Mr. and Mrs. Clarence-Des Moines, Iowa. Evangelistic wort. Vawter, George R. Wfise, Fred A-Des Moines, Iowa. Wallentine, Harold-Boone, Iowa. Pastor. Zumbra, Gwendolyn Brown. HOVERCOMERS, 1934 Alexander, Nellie-Evangelist. Baumgardner, Rufus-Des Moines, Iowa, Chiaramonte, Carmella-Des Moines, Iowa. Ellis, Gertrude-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher. Labertew, Mrs. Paul-Des Moines, Iowa. Lyon, Mrs. Eldon-Cambridge, Iowa. S.S. teacher, Asst. Pianist. McMurray, Thomas J.-Des Moines, Iowa. Mosier, Earl-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. Supr. and teacher. Nelson, Mildred-Wes: Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor, West Des Moines Open Bible Church, O.B.I. teacher, Radio work. Parsons, Beulah-Des Moines, Iowa. Piper, Raymond-Goshen, Indiana. Sandy, Mrs. A. A.-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher, County jail work. 1'Sandy. Dr. A. A. Scalf, Erbelle-Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra and church pianist. Asst. organist, O.B.I. council member, S.S. teacher. Sealf, Marie-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. treas., choir, Radio choir. National Sec.-Treas. Open Bible Overcomers. Smiley, Robert-Shenandoah, Iowa. Evangelistic and radio work. Snyder, Pauline Renner-Madrid, Iowa. Music. Sylvester, Charles--Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 'cWarner, Bertha. Weins, Gladys Welker, Iowa Allen-Des Moines Iowa. Welshons, Leonard-Ottumwa, Iowa. Pastor, Radio, Central Division Supr. Open Bible Standard Churches. 'l'NXlise. I-Iessie May IA! Home Wilb The Lord. Sf'- CONQUERORS, 1935 Armstrong, Ionahjamacia, New York City, New York. Pastor. Brown, Chester-Des Moines, Iowa. Clark, Mrs. Rhea-Des Moines, Iowa. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Leon-Glendale, California. Hedges, Veatha-Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Johnson, George-Des Moines, Iowa. Kristianson, Mabel-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher, choir. 'I.aParr. Hazel. Nelson, Mabel-Wlest Des Moines, Iowa, Missionary on furlough Nelson, Mae-West Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor, Radio, O.B.I. A.A. Council Member. Nickols, Alice Snyder-Des Moines, Iowa. Persons, Lillian Nelson-Overland, Missouri. Musical Director. Pletcher, Gerald-Gallup, New Mexico. Pastor. Rothrock, Sadie-Des Moines, Iowa. Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence-Des Moines, Iowa. Tegland, Geneva-Des Moines, Iowa. Wade, Frances Brown-Des Moines, Iowa. Wemple, Orland-Ione, Califcrnia. Volk, Mrs. May-Des Moines, Iowa. AMBASSADORS, 1936 Breon, Raymond-Des Moinnes, Iowa. Custodian, O.B.I. Music. Daase, Auclree Ross-Uravan. Colorado. Doughtery, Elber:-Winheld, Iowa. Pastor. Hirsch, Katherine Williams-Chicago, Illinois. Isbill, Lulubelle-Des Moines, Iowa. O.B.I. teacher, Orchestra, S.S. teacher and Asst. Supt, Vice-Pres., Central Division Overcomers, Radio Work, Asst. Pastor. johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl-Des Moines, Iowa. Kristianson, Albert-Ogden, Iowa. Kristianson, Ellen-Boone, Iowa. S.S. Supt. and teacher. Kristianson, Roy-Boone, Iowa. Pastor, London, LillieWDes Moines, Iowa. Martin, Daisy Mae-Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra. Morris, jessiehelen Field-Fresno, California. Murphy, Fern-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor. Nelson, Helen-Howard, South Dakota. Parsons, Gladys. Pletcher, Ruby-with her husband in pastoral work in Gallup, New Mexico. Pope, Russell-Mason City, Iowa. Pastor, Northwestern District Supt. Open Bible Churches. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Glen-Des Moines, Iowa. Sister Ross, S.S. teacher, religious Christian scrap books for hospitals. Spray, Rose-Des Moines, Iowa. Evangelistic work. Stracke, Carroll-San Bernardino, California. Sutton, Edna-Des Moines, Iowa, Thiederman, Evelyn-Mason City. S.S. Supt. Tucker, LurafDes Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher, Evangelistic work Wallentine, Delbert-Burlington, Iowa. S.S. Supt, Willis, LaVanche-Des Moines, Iowa. O.B.I. A.A. Council member. S.S. teacher. ffWoodman, Ruth Wardell IVATCHMEN, 1937 Brown, Mabel-Norwalk, Iowa. S.S. worker, Choir leader. Cheney, Helen Ward-California. Dexter, Ruth-Des Moines, Icwa. Personal work, Asst. S.S. teacher. Ellis, ReedfPortIancl, Oregon. Gabel, Iola-Des Moines, Iowa. Church pianist, S.S. teacher. Roll Call Editor, O.B.I. A.A. MlcI..aren, Marie-Des Moines, Iowa. O.B.I. A.A. Council mem- er. Miller, Sherman-Denver, Colorado. Pastor, South Carorna First Christian Church. Modrell, Laura Mae Cloud-Ottumwa Iowa. Riles, I-IermangChicago, Illinois. Schalf, Phyllis-Des Moines, Iowa. Sec. Y.P. Stewart, Blanche E-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher. Vestal, Marie-Des Moines, Iowa. Church Deaconess. LOWER LIGHTS, 1938 Bergstrom, Eula Burke-Los Angeles, California. Mis- sionary Secretary. Binns, May-Des Moines, Iowa. Bowles, Maggie-Des Moines, Iowa. Brooks, Thora-Zion, Missouri. Missionary. Carnal, Dorothy-Des Moines, Iowa. Flower, Helen Long-HDes Moines, Iowa. O.B.I. Registrar Gates, Louise-India Missionary. Gunderson, Gladys-Eagle Bend, Minnesota. Pastor. Harvey, John-Ankeny, Iowa. Isbill, Ralph-Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra Director, Church and O.B.I., Church Sec. and Treas., Radio Work, O.B.I. teacher, Asst. Pastor. Kelclerman, William-Leighton, Iowa. Pastor. Leicht, MildtedfChildress, Texas. Longerbone, FloragVortex, Kentuckey. Missionary. McMains, John D.-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher. O.B.I. Council member. Morgan, Myrtle-Sterling, Illinois. Musical Director. Murray, Deloras-Wappapello, Missouri. Missionary. Murray, Violet-Des Moines, Iowa. Riden, Lillian-Ackley, Iowa. Pastor. Samo, Wilnia Flower-Des Moines, Iowa. Music. Wallentine, Delores Perkins-Burlington, Iowa. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Carl--Jasper, Arkansas. Mission- aries. PA! Home Wfitb The Lord. 28 I KINGKS' VOLUNTEERS, 1939 Ackerman, john and Verna-Goodhope, Illinois. Pastor Berkinbine, Kenneth-Des Moines, Iowa. Boat, Lester-Des Moines, Iowa. Asst. Pastors, Four Mile Open Bible Church. Clement, Pearl-Des Moines, Iowa. Asst. Pastor, Bethel Tabernacle. Cornman, Rutl,-Des Moines, Iowa. Choir, O.B.I.A.A. fotuitcil, S.S. junior Dept. Supt., Young People's eater. Cornman, Mt. and Mrs. Wilbur-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastors, Urbanclale, Iowa. Brother Cornman District Supt. Central Division O.B.S. Churches. O.B.I. A.A. Pres. Gilbert, Grace-Evangelist. Smith, john-Eagle Grove, Iowa. Pastor. Tegland, Mildred-Des Moines, Iowa. O.B.I. A.A. Roll Call Reporter. Welshons, Orvel-Burlington, Iowa. Pastor. Southeast Division District Supt. O.B.S. Churches. Whisler, Lisle-Midland, South Dakota. VICTORY, 1940 Blackburn, Virginia-Waterloo, Iowa. Byers, Lillian-Des Moines, Iowa. Boyd, Maxine-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher, Child- rens work. - Cremer, Lena Mae-Cttumwa, Iowa. Elwood, Jeanette-Ames, Iowa. Childrens Work. Flower, Marlen-Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra. Goding, Mr. and Mrs. John-North Platte, Nebraska. Pastors. Gunderson, Ed-Eagle Bend, Minnesota. Pastor. Kizner, Peter H.-South America Missionary. Lamberson, Mary Lee-Little, Kentucky Missionary. Longerbone, Flora-Vortex, Kentucky. Missionary. Longerbone, Charles-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor, O.B.I. A.A. Vice-Pres. and Council member. Mitchell, Doris-Evangelist. Outhouse, Edmund-South America Missionary. Pletcher, Maxine-Des Moines, Iowa. Choir, Radio Choir, Music Director Childrens Dept. S.S. Pottinger, Gurena Gunderson-San Diego, California. Redmond, Fern-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. Class Sec., Choir. Smith, Richard-Fremont, Nebraska. Evangelistic work. Schweiker, Ada-Des Moines, Iowa. Co-Pastor, S.S. teacher in charge of Overcomers group. Tousley, Mr. and Mrs. Theron-Pella, Iowa. Pastors. Brother Tousley divisional president of Overcomers. Vestal, Eugene-Des Moines, Iowa. Service of our country, Australia. BUILDERS, 1941 Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Ra mond-Hornick, Iowa. Pastors, Bales, Mr. and Mrs. Alllen-Des Moines, Iowa. Radio Choir. Barnhart, Frank-Seneca, Nebraska. Pastor. Chandler, Ralph-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor, Saylorville, Iowa. Crawley, Mr. and Mrs. Albert-Des Moines, Iowa. Brother Crawley, Asst. Pastor, S.S. Supt., choir, church board. Griffin, Gertrude-Little, Kentucky. Missionary. Groen, john-Sheldon, Iowa. Pastor. I-lays, Delphia-Des Moines, Iowa. Pastor. Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Albert-Kansas City, Missouri. Hurst. Frances XV.-Des Moines, Iowa. Hume, Marie-Des Moines. Iowa. Huffman, Hiram I-I.-Brookings, South Dakota. Pastors. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham-Swea City, Iowa. Pastors. Meier, Leona-Salt Lake City, Utah. Ivforris, Leonard W.-West Des Moines, Iowa. Piper, Charles H.-Sterling, Illinois. Pastor. Northeast division district supt, O.B.S. Churches. Raney, Ethel-XVest Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra. Sholes. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce-Omalia, Nebraska. Pastors. Stracke, Violet R.-Des Moines. Iowa. REAPERS, 1942 Albert, Ernest-Sterling, Illinois. Pastor. Ash, Anna Ruth-Des Moines, Iowa. Beck, Arlene-Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra. Bloomgren, Alice-Galesburg, Illinois. Bloomgren, Mildred-Galesburg, Illinois. I 1. Ruth james, 2. john McMains and S.S. Class., 3. Hazel Goodman, 4. Erbelle and Marie Scalt, Nellie Owings, Maxine Pletcher, 5. Edith Cooper and Anna Ruth Ash, 7. Earl Mosierg 8. Gurena Gunderson Pot- tinger and son, 9. Susie Fall, 10. Blanch CMomJ Sandy, 11. Beulah McMains and S.S. Class, 12. At 1942 Fall School Opening, First Church of the Open Bible, 13. Gurena Pottinger, Mable Kristianson. 14. Fern Recl- rnond, 15. Flora Longerbone, 16. Brother and Sister Albert Hobbs and family, 17. Ethel Conard and S.S. Class, 18. Josephine Jenkins, 19. Or- land Wemple, 20. Pearl Clement and Delphia Hays, 21. Edmond Out- house and wife, Marlen and Helen Flower, Daphyne Outhouse, 22. Jean- ette Elwood, 25. and 24. Orval Welshons and wife and part of their church choir, Burlington, Iowa, 25. Robert Smiley, Leonard Welshons. Burliendt. Matlys-Dixon, Illinois. Christopulos, William-Haweysburg, Ohio. Pastor. Conard, Mr. and Mrs. Earl-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. Classes, Four Mile. Sister Conard president Overcomers, Board member Cooper, Edith Truitt-Des Moines, Iowa. Music. Crooks, Gerald-Des Moines, Iowa. Sec. and Treas. O.B.S. Churches, Inc., Orchestra, S.S. teacher. Crozier, Archie-Des Moines, Iowa. Supt. S.S., Orchestra, Asst. Pastor. Eliason, Mr. and Mrs. Victor-Fairburn, South Dakota. Pastor. Fall, Susie-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher, Orchestra, O.B.I. A.A. Roll Call Reporter, Church nursery supervisor. Hartman, Paul-Marshalltown, Iowa. Radio Wlork, Pastor. Goodman, Hazel-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. Secretary, Vice-Pres. Young People. jasinsky, june-Des Moines, Iowa. james, Ruth-Dunning, Nebraska. Asst. Pastor. Lamberson, Lonnie-Des Moines, Iowa. McMains. Beulah-Des Moines, Iowa. S.S. teacher. Owings, Harold--Alaska. Sewing our country in the Air Corps. Owings, Nellie Thatcher-Des Moines, Iowa. Orchestra. Palmer, Pauline-Des Moines, Iowa. Asst. Pastor, S.S. teacher, Y.P. leader. Pottinger, Elizabeth-California. Pottinger, Mr. and Mrs. Robert-St. Petersburg, Florida. Pastors. Reem, Dorothy-Fort Des Moines, Iowa. Service of our country. W.A.A.C. Sydnes, Thersa-Slater, Iowa. A Tuller, Ruth-Omaha, Nebraska. Helping Brother and Sister Shoals in Omaha. Smith, LaVon Towers-Eagle Grove, Iowa. Asst. Pastor. Vaughn, Thelma Wood-Partlienon, Arkansas. Wilcox, Evelyn-Des Moines, Iowa. EQQ. Nmous . A Ads ' P' T51-l r-1'w 6 ez K L Wennyf IN vlefffbomg Y gW Q h 'Q QV i Q Q W1 ,vj Af f.Q5lQ , :V ls,Y4i!fl' ' 4 Y-Q: Q - Q !'!x,.:, , '. ,fi I M z fg N ' ' ' T' I ? ' ga ,MQ L . 'A Q, H . ' 13-F pn ,w ah F' . ..E Q-,nh 7 , 'Q' Y Tim-r Smile if Bemsfnl g1Ll5F,4s .Ill gl M it J0?9f Jumofes Wim 7 l greetings Students of the GPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE from the FIRST CHURCH of the OPEN BIBLE CFirst Home of the Open Bible Institutej 19th and Crocker Streets Des Moines, Iowa We pray not only for you, but for them also that believe through your Word. HPREACH THE WORD Frank W- and F- Rose Smith O. Ralph and Lulubelle Isbill Pastors Asst. Pastors O.B.I. NONW ARD M ARCHgv CONGRATULATIONS At the command of .Jesus Christ 'fighf fha Good Pighf vf Pllifllu Eph. 6:11 i o Church of the Open Bible Holley Springs, Iowa 706 East Henry Street Rev. and Mrs. R. D. Baker, Pastors Mt. Pleasant, Iowa GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF '43 Church of the Open Bible Corner of 5th and Handcock Streets SEDALIA, MISSOURI Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Vriezelaar, Pastors A BIG GOD BLESS YOU TO THE ' CLASS OF 1943 Keep rlae SUNSHINE in Your Hema' C. Russell Archer, Pastor LaVonne A. Archer, Co-Pastor Sunshine O. B. S. Tabernacle 1437 East 22nd Street Des Moines, Iowa J H 1 I Mark 4:14: The Sower Soweth the Word. I Cor. 3:6: God Gave the Increase. God is confirming His Word with signs following in . . . BATAVIA Come and enjoy the blessing of God with us Rev. and Mrf. Kenneth Rory, Parlour i CONGRATULATIONS 0.B.I. Open Bible Tabernacle in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida Rev. Robert and Helen Pottinger Pastors CONGRA T ULA TI ONS OPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE -- ALUMNI and ONWARD STAFF from CB7ZZ7'lll 731'-vz'sz'07ml Board of Open Bible Standard Churches DIVISIONAL OFFICERS L. E, Welshons .... Dizfiriofzal Sllp6l'il2fE776!Bl7f R. Bryant Mitchell .,.,,,..,.,,,,..,, Deniz, O,B,I Trenton Staton .,.I.,......., 5'er1'etary-Tv'ea.rm'er Theron Tousley ........,, Ozfercmyzer Preridefzt DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENTS A Orvel Welshons ...I, ............,... S omfhenrt Russell Pope ...,... ,,,.,,,,,. N grrhweyf Charles Piper ....... ., ..,. ....,...... N ortheafl Wilblir Cornman ..............,....,.,,,,,,,,, Central The Lord if good, 61 Ilrofzghold in the day of trouhleg and He knoweth them that trzzyt in Him. Nahum 1:7. Sioux City, Iowa Church of the Open Bible 702 Court Street Q ServicewTUESDAY, THURSDAY, SUNDAY Q Radio Program-KTRI, 5:30-6:00 a.m. Rev. and Mrs. Trenton Staton, Pastors GREETHYGSANf7CONGRATULATYONS to Graduates, Students and Alumni CALVARY TABERNACLE Des Moines, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. V. L. Wiscarson, Pastors CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1943 and GREETINGS TO YOU STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF OPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE Des Moines, Iowa Prank the W01'd XXXXXXNIIIUU X X X X SX sxxvaoun Z i S H I jj'12,f'Z,'.Z1j N E 2' x E , -gzfzzzz: I WH Z X A ,,,, S - 5 j, :E 2 - 'ZR W mf.. --'- -- . E : Q comme mme Qu XX X XXXWXXIIIXXXXW The Memge of we open Bible In Honor of Students from Our Church Who Have Entered the Service from O. B. I. Army t Navy I LEONARD LOTUS BUD .k RICHARDS VVELSHONS Ottumwa Church of the Open Bible 2nd and Jefferson Streets Rev. and Mrs. L. E. Welshons. Pastors God's Community ONWARD Open Bible Church CHRIST'S CRUSADERS We extend the hand of welcome to all. qjrgdch the Ilford, Congratulations to the Christ's . u Crusaders, Class of 1943 SQYIOYVIIIC Isaiah 58:1 Community Church Rev. Fern Murphy - Rev. Martha Johnson Pastors Rev. Ralph Chandler, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CHRIST'S CRUSADERS Au Alumni LEROY and Chzzrfh GLADYS BAIN 3700 East Sheridan pmmm Des Moines, Iowa F O U R M I L E CONGRATULATIONS To the Gf7'dfL,Z.6flZ6.Y of B. S. T S. + We are standing back of you in prayer that God will open a door of service to you. V- ,D Q no. I , Rv.FankW7.S ih Fifi-wif,-Jilrfgaflflli Ff11tZ1fzzl 15 He tha! mlleih yozz, S C5i'f f? ' mr who aim will do iz. + OPEN BIBLE STANDARD - 1 C H U R C H 11 S, In C- 854 Eighteenfh SUCH Rev. Roy 12. Summa Des Moines, Iowa Rev. R. F. DeWeese Conference Rep. Conferenre Rep. CONGRATULATIONS WE CHRIST'S WELCOME CRUSADERSH YOU In Open Bible Institute Alumni Association ' PRAYING AND PLANNING WITH O.B.I. :., CHRISTS CRUSADERS t,., N f ' N M61 - - N EUBER I - - CJTEICC 25:31,.1-I5fj:,5g:jE125E5Egg2S5 435251552342:2f5-55EgZ-ig55a45- - :ESQ .,,.. 145-I-2233'1::.5:5:5:5,5:zI +592 -1 V ' V'.NA, Box 1143 U.P. Station - Des Moines, Iowa ' H GREETINGS GRADUATES AND STUDENTS of THE OPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE Little White Church in the Valley KSO Saturdays, 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. West Des Moines Open Bible Church The Nelson Sisters, Pastors i CLASS of '43 Just One Life, 'Twill soon be past, Only what's done For Christ will last. BETHEL TABERNACLE Corner of East 17th and Walnut Des Moines, Iowa Revs. Bradshaw, Clement, Hays CONGRATULATIONS 0.B.I. New fields for Christ and a Bountiful Harvest is our Prayer The Church with the Warm Welcome FIRST OPEN BIBLE STANDARD CHURCH Mason City, Iowa Rev. and Mrs. Russell E. Pope, Pastors CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '43 BURLINGTON Church of the Open Bible Broadcast Over KBUR, 1490 Kilocycles Sunday 1 130 - 2:00 Rev. and Mrs. Orvel Welshons, Pastors 5 f- Q0 Mdg7Zwf the Lora? fwizfh me and let us Exfzlzf Hz'i' Nafzze togezfhef. Psalms 34 : 3. WE PREACH CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED Rev. and Mrs. Charles Piper, Pastors J. . FIRST 306 CHURCH 5th Ave. OPEN Sterling BIBLE Illinois -I 58 CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING CLASS OF '43 I Thess. 5:17- Pray rritloozzi ceayifzgf' Winfield Open Bible Church Rev. and Mrs. Elbert Dougherty, Pastors C071gf'1ztz4lfzfz'om' TO THE GRADUATES of the CLASS of '43 Rev. and Mrs. O. A. Streepy, Pastors Galesburg Ukelele Band Uffzfzozzfzczbzg the N ew OPEN BIBLE BOOK STORE 1812 Crocker Street - Des Moines, Iowa Located directly opposite the First Church of the Open Bible Q A complete line of Bibles, Books, Plaques, Church Supplies, Sunday School Helps, Gifts, and Gospel Novelties. Q Visit the Open Bible Book Store-We specialize in mail orders. Write for a catalogue. This is your Official Bible Book Store 113' 'il' 1? Also we are happy to announce the RECORDING STUDIO adjoining the Book Store. Come in and record your favorite hymns. TALKING LETTERS to the boys in service our specialty A selection of SACRED RECORDS will be available We also are equipped to make transcription sfor RADIO BROADCASTS GREETINGS O.B.I. ALUMNI FACULTY STUDENTS CLASS of '43 SWEA CITY GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. and Mrs. Abraham Lee Pastors CONGRATULATIONS O.B.I. from Calvary Open Bible Church 25th and Ames Streets Omaha, Nebraska Rev. Bruce and Edna Sholes, Pastors Fort Des Moines Clzzzrclz 0 f the I .EN III 'BIBLE are - 1116 Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa e f if ' - 4 mwlr A Rev. T. Livingstone Brooks C07zgmlzz!afion.f Christ s Crusaders Onward to Victory Not somehow, but ........ TRIUMPI-IANTLY TRIUMPHANTLY! TRIUMPHANTLYP' Lorena Hornshuh Brooks R First Church of the Open Bible 8th and Jefferson Streets Waterloo, Iowa RADIO GOSPEL CENTER Broadcasting Over KXEL 50,000 Watt Station, 1540 Keys Monday through Friday-6:30 to 7:00 a.m. CWT Thursday-9:30 to 10:00 p.m. CWT Sunday-5:00 to 5:30 p.m. CWT Rev. and Mrs. Charles M. Leaming, Pastors Casebeer Heights Chapel, branch church of the Open Bible in- WATERLO0, IOWA Rev. Eugene Miller, Pastor We join in greeting O.B.I. Students, Faculty, and Prospective Students. Ca CONGRATULATIONS lvary Gospel Tabernacle Church of the Open Bible flncorporatedj S. Jefferson and Green Streets at Patterson Blvd. ' DAYTON, OHIO Rev. and Mrs. W. Crawford Jones Pastors THE CHURCH THAT IS- iiai: I ig-,gig if, g.:- . ., :E 1:-::.::--S, ,ulz 1, .......,..............,. V 5 , .. .,.,,,,., '6 . 1555155213.2.3351f-.p:Z.s:42hgf' eg-3.-t.-:gg-g::2:.-.:':g:::L-Z: :Qi ' .55 Saw '1: ,E:.A 'ar j M1 ,, .... ,5'T-- f ,W Q MUSICAL g FRIENDLY i L' Q SPIRITUAL I is x ggwgf. , , g PROGRESSIVE TU NE IN! The Sunshine Program Sunday morning, 9:30 - 9:00 WING Congratulations GREETINGS CHRIST'S O' B' I' and CRUSADERS FACULTY Urbandale Church of the Open Bible Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur M. Cornman, Pastors 68th and Douglas Des Moines, Iowa 2000 Permanent Wave Customers a Year Can't Be Wrong Compliments ALMA'S BEAUTY SHOP ' s V 507 Capital City Bank Bldg. 14 Q Window Shades Q Venetian Blinds Compliments of Q D1-ape!-ies and SHELL SERVICE STATION Q Curtains Murl Springer Comer Eighteenth and Crocker 1338 Harding Road - Phone 5-2171 FREE TUITION We helped these girls through O.B.I. by granting free tuition for 100 subscriptions each year to the Open Bible Standard Messenger. This offer is still open for new or enrolled students. Soldiers' subscriptions accepted. Write editor for de- tails. P g 854 18th Street - Des Moines, Iowa Josephine Blackburn Alice Jlldll STONER INVESTMENT CO. 1213 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa arms suvnuzs ausmtss rummune I L +5+ QBIHI si ns -Kg wnn v Q. AT Footwear fm' All lbe Family FIELD SHOE COMPANY 508 Walnut Street Des Moines, Iowa Byron Vanderhorst SKELLY PRODUCTS Tires - Batteries - Accessories 6th and Douglas H640 Us in the War Emergenay Avoid peak hours so that war workers can be transported- Ride between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or after 7:00 p.m. Save with a weekly pass-Only 31.25 Des Moines Railway Company Capitol City Printing Plate Company Iowafs Largest Exclusive Printing Plate Manufacturers PHOTO ENGRAVIN G - ELECTROTYPING - STEREOTYPIN G NEWSPAPER MATS - CREATIVE ART WORK 191 2 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa Phone 4-0159 C 0777 pl im emit 0 f P. and C. DRUG STORE Corner 19th and Cottage Grove The Store Wbe1'e the Slzzdenix Meet CONGRATULATIONS and BEST VVISHES FACULTY GRADUATES STUDENTS of 1943 BROWN BODIES, INC. Des Moines, Iowa J. V. Brown, Pres. Buy-Rite Cash Food '01 , we Cate, C- E- Nicholson and C- Nichols A ..,. 4,.,,, -A-'f 208 Euclid Phone Z-1978 fo Where the Best Is Bought for ess , ' Buy your week's supply at these 'i' O3:nd?l:,le low prices j V U Ln S Il A :51E3 5E5S5E :E:E 5:Ia .. ' :':': g' I .. in NIELSEN GREENHOUSE -- if p'A'4' . 5 QQ .1..- 'Ui 'i'5'A 'ff:f:ffif9' Music 1900 High Street Phone 3-0101 I : ,V ,..v .4,., X .. i Iijffggiiiv F10wffff-'k- Plfffff-f STONER PIANO COMPANY , 912 Walnut Street C0l71fJfi77I6l2l'.Y of KNIGHT'S BAKERY iff: LO' 0 STORA Open All Night - 1903 Cottage Grove ,ll s A M oREPAH?gG ' Hd X ' ' A1 ' 9.1115 A ,,.,oe1 of BUY 3 15 ol A3 cteiui suukn 'X LOZIER FREE CALL QUALITY 3E22Q'3A H FLOWERS ron and Ava nm salma Ave. Usiggffg 'i'RS N 519 East Locust - Phone 4-5289 .R N NOE SHEET METAL COMPANY Furnace Repairing - Installation All 'Types Sheet Metal Work Air Conditioning 1317 Lewis, Ph. 4-8837, Des Moines, Ia. CREW BARBER The Biggest Little Shop in Town 1622 Crocker Street - A. W. Moline Specialties Company NATIONAL - STATE DISTRIBUTOR Nationally Known Lines if Creative Advertising and Designing Original Religious Plaques, Mottos, Slogans. Flags of All Nations for 'Churches and Sunday School. Write for Special Prices 217 Securities Bldg. - Des Moines, Iowa Phone 2-1027 or 4-2415 Compliments of SARWIN STUDIOS Photographers for This Annual EXPERT PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOS KOCH BROTHERS Printers Stationers - Oflice - Outfitters B. J. Bristoll, Vice-President Des Moines, Iowa 315 Kresge Bldg. Des Moines, Iowa , 'ffl M Call for my .W?rQ runs u Q IZ ' for . . 1:51 --:-r. Tfznfzng Storage 'ii Phone 4-1112 Our bonded messenger will call for your R. L. SCOTT 85 SONS COMPANY 1803 Maple Street Des Moines, Iowa - Phone 6-2316 furs in Des Moines. Or, if you live outside of Des Moines, anywhere in Iowa, please send us your furs for stor- age EXPRESS COLLECT. Our Large, Exclusive FUR STORAGE VAULTS protect from moths, fire, theft, heat. Your coat will be secure in freezing cold storage in our large storage vault, watched over by Younkers' own expert furriers. for valuation Storage S3 to 25100. FUR SALON: SECOND FLOOR, west YOUNKERS Compliments of Iowa Paint M 3I11l1:21Ctll1'1l1g Com pany Queal Lumber Company Helping Build Des Moinef' Des Moines, Iowa For Cl C l--Efii ' tS ' '- ' ean oa clen ervlce hh V. Petted, D. D. S' DIAL 4-4111 DENTIST 804 E 't bl B 'ld' Carbon Coal Companv qw a e ul mg 408 Sixth Avenue Phone 4-0711 - Des Moines, Iowa P R E S O ITII-I E N W N A T R E D D S T B A F Y F LOUISE SMITH AND MARIE CHRISTENSEN .........................,....v.......................,........................... Co-Editor: DALE WENOS .,...,....,,.....,....,..,.,.,....., Copy Editor PAULINE PALMER ................ Aclvertifing Manager PHYLLIS REICHELT ..................., Am. Copy Editor VIRGIL ELLIS, LOUIS PROCK, CHARLES EDWARDS CARL HART .....,,,,,...,.......,...I...,..,.,. Salex Manager .........,...,.....,.......... A.rfl.I. to Adv. Manager CLASS OFFICERS .....,.... ...Ann to Solex Manager BETTY HIIMKER ...,...,........................ Photo Clerk PAUL MOEDE .,........,,.....,....,................. Art Editor FLORENCE KETCHUM, I.I2o DEPRENGER, ALICE VIRGIL CARLSON A ND HAZEL URQUHART Art Edilozur CARLSON, AND GRACE GORSETH .......... Helpef-.r REV. LUCILLI3 M. JENKINS .....,.... Forulty Adzfifor . , . . , ..1x. - ..- ..... , -.,.. ... Y . .-..,..... ,.-,M..,.N..-,,'....,...Ag...,,.Y.,,:. ,,, N. x L -SERV ' 'H 's A f 1 1 . w I 1 1 Y 'J ? v x Q Q? 5 5 .1 x i 4 A U 'I 9 4 T 1 w if , L...-fi

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1943, pg 14

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